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 Iftr fapma
Volume U
Nohtb VwJQvyw, P.P., Fbiday, Apbix 7, 1911
NmubB» 9
Tho inimtlily meeting o{ tho polios
commiaaion was bsld yesterday morning in the oity hall- Ths report ol
tbe Chief pf Police wai read. It is
gratifying to note tbo scarcity on tho
records of oriminal charges and it
speaks wall for the oity that in tbo
lust month pnly ono thoft has boon
reported tq these guardians ql the
publio. The report ol the Chiel ol Police lor the month ol Kerch wss |
Complaints received and attended
to 44, reports ol constablos 61, places
of business lound open after hours 30,
enquiries lor missing penona 5, sick
persons attended to 3, larceny roporta
7, stroet lights reported not burning
6, fires attended by police 3, properties found 3, projierties lost 3, summonses served 4, wnrrania executed fi.
The following cuaca were heard iu
police court: Drunk and diiordcrly 3,
drunk and incapable 14, fulae pretence.
3, forgery, 3, attempt to ilioot (dismissed) 1, theft 1, seduction 1, vagrancy 1,. total 34.
Tlie matter of ssleotion of now over-
coala for the members 6f the force
waa brought up and it waa decided
to ptirchuae the article of clothing in
question at a price not exceeding iii.
Sumo little diicunion over a site
for a pound where atruy auimala
might bo confined occupied the attention of the mombers. A (uggcation
that part of Huhoii Park be fenced
and uaud for thia purpoae waa put
forth. The Mayor, howover, intimated that ho intended calling u a|icciul
meeting of tlie city council lo diieuii
tbii and othor mutton in Iho noar Intuit, io it. wai laid over until iucIi
time us wui convenient lor thoiniyor
to iii il with it.
It waa moved that the lorry director! Ik aiked to pay the oxpeiuci of
u |ioliccmun on the ferry whurvci, the
city lupplying the Uniform ai this ii
one place in the city whoro police prole,lion ii alwayi necessary in tlio
event of unforoieon circumilancsi,
nii.-Ii ai iiiTiiieiitii, etc. Tho ici|ini.i
soOmad reuionable ouoiigli ami' tlio
suggestion wua adopted.
tbat tba city obtain indemnification
from J, G. Keith or Hemphill Bros.
Irani damages in stopping the Esplanade. The object of this olause would
be absolutely to protect tho ratepayer, from any expenie connected therewith.
,1. C. Keith and Hemphill Bros, will
be approached on thii matter.
Aid. llundorion also pointed out
that under the act the oity was liable
to property owners lor damages caused by the closing ol tbs Esplsnads, as
legal advice, of tbe oity solicitor says
that the Esplanado wss never legally
mod. This question was efficiently
Aid. Biss suggested thut all legal
points be settled before s plebiscite
was taken.
Aid. Smith, as in former meetings,
opposed the cloaing ol the Esplanade
et all, and wished to know il Hemphill Brothcra would pay the expense,
of  the  plobiacite.    It waa    derided,
howovor, to allow thia matter to real,
Aid. Hi iiileiMHi then moved Ihat the
council make the nccoaaary provisions
to  clow  tho Esplanade in lavor   ol
Hemphill  Bros', proposition in   their
application to iMtnlilisli u While City
iii I,,a,'I.ile i..ii.leii..    A motion   to
that* effect was approvad.
A petiii.iu ajgned by about 66 cily
workmen lor asi incroaao in wagca
from 31 j oonta an hour to 3fi cents
was rcceivod und wua referred to tho
city engineer and bourd nl worka.
Tho in.ul,I..,'me plan ol 1). I.. 363
waa again before the council,
Aid. Dick pointed out that while
(he engineer wai couiciontioui In hii
lielief that the plan did not come up
lo the itandard requirement! he him-
self wua morally inclined to puse lho
plan on whioh hinged tho alternative
of making one good thoroughfare or
two narrower strode. He moved,
thcroforo, that lho general rulo of ro-
feiiing the plan to the ongineer in
thia instance lw sui|icnded and tho
council deal wilh tho plan in committee of lho whole. He felt that Dr.
Fell had been put lo great inconvenience by having thi. pluu bdd over so
long, and thought it unfair lltat the
matter bo delayed longer.
That Ihs building boom ia no mere
bubble to be pricked by the noodle
point ol timo is shown in lho unuaual
number - ol building pcrmite isaued
within the past week by Mr. Fugler.
Tho mipplcinisiled list give, thc owner,
locution and amount lor each one ol
Ihe proapeotivo buildings:
G. H. Whiteside, Koitih liood East,
dwelling, f 1,106. m
E. Tell,,nl, Keith ltoad Ea.t, dwelling, 1600.
F. St. John, residence on Wcatcrn
Avenue, 11,300.
E. W. (iurnott, 10th atreet mat,
dwelling, 11,600.
The i" uml for the now rectory lot
til. John's churoh haa been taken out,
tlio building will bo erected mi mIi
street and will coat in tho neighborhood of 11.000.
C, Dickinson, )3th street west, alterations to il welling, 11,0011.
G. ('. Walker, permit lor office on
l.onadslc Avenue, 1300.
W. M. Morgan, between I Uth and
Chesterfield, |600.
North Vancouver Cartage dp., lor
stables on 4th street west, 14,600.
II. C,-Snath, residence on llewicke
Avenuo, 1300.
'Miss Olmtwood, two dwellings on
61 h street west, 1600 each.
'!eo. Clerk, alterations on dwelling
at 4th itreet wet  $700.
.John Cameron, bungalow on 3011.
(treat, fJ600.      .
H. ('. Wiighl, bungalow, on 16th
itreot, $1,600.
John Witharl, bungalow on Chea
tnrfioid, between 14th end Ifilb aired.
J. C. Ktid, 6th itreet east, resi
denoa, $3,800.
North Vsneouver Cos! Supply Co,,
office corner Eipfsnado and St.
GejOrge Avenue, $300.
Permits (or the month of March
reached tbe very respeotahle total of
$104,360, snd by present indication!
April will far excosd this.
Mcssra. Hutchinson and McMillan,
real estate brokers, well known in financial circle, in Norlh Vancouver
havo taken a new partner, Mr. W. 8.
Collision, into their linn u. a rcult
of stcft.lily advancing business. Mr.
Compilon hai boon connected wilh
John Alexander it Co. ol thia city
previous lo lho obtaining ol the part -
mi ship On Mi nnIm- the company
mo veil into now office, at 63 Lonsdule
Two largo real oetato dealt, large
even lor Norlh Vancouver real estate
agouti, havo beon cloied during tho
past fow dayi. Mr. John Sell h il
piirchaicd Iho Tbompaon block Iro'm
Taylor, l.'-ith and Jardinc, tho own-
era, at a prico underttood lo be in the
vicinity of $36,000. Thi. properly i>
one ol thc moil volueblo in tho city,
and it. location noar th. ferric, now
tlie only meant of communication between North Vancouvor ond Hi. out-
aide world imuros il ai a ipleiidid
buriness location.
The Boyol Bank of Canada ha. so-
cured the northwest comer lots of
Lonsdale and Second street for a consideration of $30,000. It is underttood tbat promise, for tho use of'ths
Bank will bt erected there. '■
F«rry Directors
Mr, fi. Uuclinh ol the Hunk pf Hamilton wrote the directors stating tbat
fumoiia musicians, membera of the
Sheffield choir wore intending visiting
hero about May 16th or 16th and
wiihod to biro ons ol ths company's
boats, preferably the No. 3 in order
to accord ' tbe choir and others a reception. Tbe boat would bo needed
from ubout 11 a.m. until 6 p.m,
Tho secretary was inatructed to
write Mr. Buchuii acquainting him
that all the company's boats were
needed at that timo for their regular
pasaenger traffic.
A protest from Mr. H. H, Burroughs stating that ladies' cabin
priviloges wore being, violated by
Chinamen and tobacco users, both ol
which woro offenaivo to the ladies.
Tho matter was shelved.
From tho Vancouver Springs and Indian Hiver Park Company, B. F.
Dickon., manager—Applying to ihe directors (or ilocking privileges on the
West Vancouvor ferry docks at tbat
place, aa thoy wore intending running
a steamor from Vancouvor to Indian
lliiei, two .limbic Iripi a day in tho
siiiiiniei und ono in Iho winter.
The iccrctury wai initructcd to
writs t lie company giving terms of $30
per month. In case thia wai accepted the (acilitiei for docking would be
constructed by the company.
The manager wai initruclod to call
tenderi lor 13 life rafts for uae on thc
St. George and No. 3.
Thc matter of a city constable
for forry approach wui allowed to
It wai decided that the ropuiri nee
ciiury lor tho SS. St. George should
lie excculod noxt week liefore greater
increase in puiaenger traffic. The boat
will go off on Monday and will probably be back on the route again on
Tho question ol supplying blanket!
for tbo officori und men of the SS.
No. 3. wai given a good ileal of dii-
cunion. Mr. I.urson coneidcrcd thai
the men ihould supply thoir own
blanket!, but Mr. Williams objodod on
tho ground that such might contain
paraiitei, baccillus or olhor noxioui
und undesirable puiaenger.. A motion to tho iIF.-.t that blanket, be
purcliaaul for officcra and Iho engin-
eeis of the boat waa approved.
Mr. Hoard waa given authority to
make changee on the float lor the la
cilily ol landing puiicngori from I bo
Norlh Vancouver,
A resolution wa. pu.iod to aik thc
city council for an appropriation of
$160,000 hn Ihe purpoic ol building
another boat similar lo No. 3. end
lor whurl esteniion.
Two protest, from citiuti. were
brought sp by tbo Mayor, ono Irom
iroto citizens regarding tbe lerry pulling out when the carl un Lonsdale
wore in sight and the .ocoiid prolol
wai in lbs mailer ol the sunken pontoon! and lerry approach llolli protest, wore ihdvod by the directorate.
In tht dinner the bout left et per
»iIn.lulu and the conforming of thoir
service lo (he delayed car terviue ol
the B. C. CI,.inc waa not lo lie BOB-
■idrrod. A large clock would be in
stalled oi) tht dock, however, and the
boata would leave on lime irrespective of osrt or irate citiroiit. Mr.
I .moil obiorvsd that ho hoped Ilic
clock could be teen lor blocka and
bluest, thereby encouraging late pn.
sengtri lo herculean marathon effort!
boforo tbt wicket clond.
Ferry Company should bo produdivo
of some fishy ilorici if ho were ao inclined. Mr. Cook bus ibe submarine
telephone, an up-to-date accessory to
tho modern diver's nlflin. ol negotiating the aqucoua depth., inatalled
in hia costume. This was of great
assistance in tho present aa in former
inatancea as tho muddy waters ul the
Inlet envelop the diver witb an impenetrable blackness iu which even
largo objects are difficult to discern.
So tbs diver's assistant plays an
important part in tbo direction ul operations.
The large now store, and office
apartment building being erected on
tlio Esplanade west hy Contractor II
W. Young lor Mr. A. Balfour Ker, is
rupidly being completed. This erection will be a credit lo (he city. The
construction of coal bunker, and fa-
etlitiei for fuel iu connection ihould
prove a very valuable fool uro to Ihe
proijiestivc lessee, or those wiio cou-
aider renting. Aa furnishing of the
interior ia now well under way the
.tore, should be ready for occupancy
in a couple ol week, at I be moil.
Lynn Valley Church
Opening Postponed
Owing to the illness ol Mr. 11. van
Munilcr, the iniaiionary in charge ol
llie Lynn Valley Presbyterian church.
lho opening nervier, are |hih1 poind uu
til Sunday und Monday. Muy 7th an
hlh. In iliv meantime service! will be
continued in the Institute Hull, uud
next Sunday morning Dr. Taylor (mm
Westiniiiiler Hall will preach at 11
Tickets lor tbe banquet ihul have
already been lold will lie good lot
May Mh and i.m ilill Ik- procured
Irom (lie church worker.. Duly ., Inn
ilod number will bo provided lor. The
louvenir booklet ol Lynn Valley i.
now ou .-.ile ami mny lie bud al 36c
I In. edition ii limited ..ml a quick
.■.-'Ie ii ex|iected lor it.
Al Ibe timt ol going lo prett enquiry at tho office ol Dr. iiiompion
uliciltd tbe information that Mr. van
Minister wss no worse, il anything,
slightly I.-it,i. and il |», could hang
un for a day or two longer the
dinuce. would lie good for recovery,
the pneumonia having left Mm.
City Council
(Conlinusd from Tuesday)
Ths by-lsw govtrning the agreement
with Hemphill Brotheri and the oily
wu approved in ths first, ssoond tnd
(bird readings alter Alderman Dick',
amendment to the effect tbst in the
event tbst Hemphill Pros, did not expend $300,000 on tot. park then tin
Kipiuade would bt redeemed ajidre-
dediosted to the city.
AW, Henderson wished to insert •
dense for tn. agroatntnt to tht tftct
Flan, and srrangemont. have beon
recently completed for tbe construction ol a hugs wharf at tbe foot of
St. George's Avsnus. The wharf it
to bt expressly for the uw of the
North Vsncouvsr Co*| Company. J,. 8.
Eaton, F. M. Brtttey (nd G. II Farrow, proprietors and partners pf the
firm. Bunkers for sand and gravel
will bt constructed in connection witb
Ihe wbarl and it jt cstjmstsd that
the structure will cost jn tbt vicinity
of $3,000. Work will oommenct
shortly.   .
Msrjorit; tht little daughter of Nr.
Norman Dtys, broke her leg on Tuesday eiteraoon while playing in tht
yard adjoining tfae house, Medical c.
sistsnee was procured and th* lililo
girl by ltd advices wu doing very
Mr.. McDowell, Second stroot wtsl,
it in possession ;of posit ivs evidence
that tho North Shore conditio,, or.
ideal for poultry raising, in ths form
of three sggi of very Isrgt lit.. The
egg. meuure sis and one quarter la-
chea in circumference and aevea sad
one-hell inches around vis the apex
uid tht bsst of ths oval. Their mm
bincd weight it nine (nd I'l.-ee-qusrt'r
ounce.. The eggs wars wrig'id on Ihs
scales ol M. S. McDowell's diur, ilore
and were meuured in tbt ediim . .1
Special Meeting
of City Council
On the understanding thai the di.
I net council will lorego uny claim,
tbey feel thoy have againit th. ci!
ol North Vsneouver for tluinugv. don.
to Ibt Lynn Valley rood while Ihr
iiiHiilliiln.il ol llie laller's In inch »„
lur main wu going on, Ilic dty es
pressed their willingness lo open up
a through ilreet from the city limits
connecliiig wilh tin Lynn Valley roud
in the district lo l.on.dnli Avenue
the Bosrd of Works and engineer » I
bring a report and eiliuial. ol oust
on tin. piopy.ilion al next mreting
of ibt i,nun il
This tgrocmcirl wai enli-rrd into by
Acling-Heev* Allan and Coun Bridg
Th. uie lor the city's intake and
•weening Isnks are alleged to hate
been placed in load allowsnct on Ibt
iiniier.landing that III. ply sill
undertake to provide a i midway
through intake propsrly and lo guor
sntts to irnlfiiiinly Ihr district for sny
dsmtgt whidi might be incurred in
sny wsy. No objection will lw taken
lo tha city's sotioa.
The brisking of t chain wbich anchored one of tbt wing approaches of
thc lorry wharf on Thursday mad. it
necessary (or tbs Compsny to procure
lbs sarvioet of s diver to recover the
aomt fifty fed, of chain wbich wu loti
and lo retocur. tbt mooring, of th.
approach, Ul. Cook, wbpss sicsllsnt
work |n the raising of tbt lunksn pontoons sons tint ago wu .try com-
mendablt, was summoned and alter
about (is hours' work yesterday reports ths damage rspsirsd and tbt
chain rtcovtrtd. Tbs long aasoeie-
tion Mr. Cook bu bad with lbs Wf
ttry depths, Father Nsptun* and tbt
.Itch Nisi, «m ol Mr. J. Nest, president of tbt Lynn Valley Balepuyeri'
A.iociilion, met with a distressing *c-
aidant on Wednesday while In Um
warehouse, ol the American Type
Founder! t'o. in Vancouver While
waiting to be attended for tht good,
for wbich hs had been sent, be Msned
over the gale snd wu gating down
tbt thslt of lbs freight devator ,While
in thi. altitude the .levator descended' Irom tbe loor abo.t, hi. bead ami
shoulders being caught between tbe
gale and Ibt tdg« of Use slsvslor.
Fortunately for him lis" gtl* gsve
wsy under the pressure sad lew bom
Ibe grooves in which it rum, throw
jng Um bsckwardi upon tbs Door.
Tht employes of lbs tfsvetor wu »
lireiy unaware tbat anything unuisnl
had occurred until he uw tbs boy
buried outwards upon the Hour bleed
ing profusely. He wss givsn immsdi
sit attention tnd t dootor wu bat-
lily lummoned. Ht wu conveyed to
tbt gsnersl hotpiltl whtrt dost in
aped ion revealed no eeriou. complies
lions snd be will socordinvly bt shout
a#fjn m s abort tiass.
District Council
An application was received f:om
Mr. J.' F. Crawfoid lur clearing and
rough grading, uncleared bulanoo ol
rood between lot 1, block 6, lot 9, in,
block' 4, distrid lol 863 and 863,
known aa the Crawlord ltoad. Mr.
Crawlord offered to clear thia for $66.
Belerred to engineer for cstimulu.
The Lynn Volley Bolopoyer*' Atso-
elation put a communication leforo
the Board asking Ihat a ailo f^r a
fire boll bo purchased. In previous
yoan Lynn Valloy hui lulfcrcd considerably from luii'li and looal firei and
a In,' department ii urgently nooded.
Thoy alio wautod about' 1,000 leet til
lime and hoao reel. Tho Asaociuilon
exprcued their willingness to tisaisl
Iliu lire committee in thia mallei. Belerred to Acling-Boevo Allan lyr report.
Mra. Etbd J. Canj|ibcH, secretary ol
the Norlh Vancouver school bourd,
aiking that the ichool grounds of tin
Lynn Valley school be put in older.
The secretory wai uiilrticted to write
^i thc effect Ihut the work would
be iborlly commenced.
Conn Tboiupion in.ol,- u motion
thut n pile ilriving lest bu mudo at
tbo .ile ol Ibe lliiniluimo uhnrf with
a view to Ihe construction of th
.i,.ni. und ulso oi repairing il.e rc-
ci-ntly damaged whnrd at Hollyburn,
the en i ol lln - U--1 would be ap-
proximately $31.1, Kefcind to lln
ongiueer anil Hoard ol Work, with
power to act.
Mr. Campbell asked lho privilege of
aildrciiiug llie council for a fow minute., He Ininight forward the fact
thai a Mr. Hubbard, who wai build
iug a house in lot 76, I). L. 3161, re-
..ili.inid.si loli 136 uud 137, hud no
road whcrewilb to gel lumber lo the
ground and aiked Ihut iuch be
■ ■p. md licferred lo Hoard of Worki
und engineer witb power lo ucl.
Mr. heli and Mr. I,' E. Smith, both
readmit ou the Capilano Boad, complained that uulomobilea driven by
rcckloM Jehus bud caused great Con-
-leiiialiuii and some little icscnl
mint among lire inhabitant... Tbey
lubmilted lho Uamoi and numbers of
several of these drivers of lilt coils
and urgently rcpieslid the council to
act in Ihe mutter Hrfcrrn] lo the
police , "mini   n ii
Councillor Hridginuu moved the lol
lowing iisoluiion be forwarded lo Ottawa :
"Hhcrcee the Burrurd Inlet, I mn, I
and Bridge Company are applying loi
a subsidy for lho building of a bridge
uml railway op the North Shore of
Vancouver Harbor.
And whereas llie grunting and renewal of Ibo ■-ti.ut.-i to the V. W. k
Y. Hallway Co. bs. had Ihe cff'Cl ol
lying up all the waterfront on the
North Shore of Vancouver Hurbor,
And whores, the mid V. W. k V.
H.ulway during all tbe yeurt it hui
held ile charter has token no steps
wbalevet lo carry oul Ihe work in
connection therewith, in consequence
of whidi ibo cities of Vancouver and
Norlb Vaiiniii.il und the district ol
Norlh Vsneouver bave subscribed
slock in the llurrard Inlet, Tunnel k
Bridge Company lo tbo amount ol
HfiOJW, .
And whereas (be Hun.ml Inlet, Tun
nd k Bridge Company is s publicly
owned snd conliollod company in Ihe
interests, of e,l the people resident
tround Burrard Intel (mounting to
um one li,,11 ,,| Ibe province of Brit
usj Columbit,
And wheress the government of Ibo
laid province ol ilriliih Columliia hui
slrosdy granted a subsidy ol $360,000
toward tht building ol a combined
railway and traffic bridge across Ibe
Second Narrows ol Burrard Inlet,
And wbersu Ibe plan, ol Ihe Bur
ran) Inloi Tumid 4 Bridge Company
provide for a combined railway, street
car. vehicular and loot passenger
Aad whsrest tbs Burrsrd Inlet, 'Tunnel ii Bridge Co. tr. prepared (o com
menet operitioni jmmoditlely the Do
minion govirnmenl bu granted a sub-
Now. therefor., Ihis council wblcb
represent, the ratepayer, of tbe district of North Vsneouver, who have
unanimously by by-law voted $360/*.'
is stuck to Ibe above company Would
most strongly urge opon ths Dominion government I hi necessity snd ul
most imporlsnoe of granting without
any further delay a nHnidy tp tbt
Burrard Inlet Tunnel li Bridge Com
psny, snd Ibat a copy of Ibis rssolu
lion bt forwsrded to Iht High! Son
orsbf. lbs Frtmisr, Uie Honorable tb'
Minister of Bsilwayi snd sll lb* mem
bsr( horn British Columbis wtbtDo
pf &tBs»o»vi.''
Tho resolution,was unanimously oar
riisl by the Council.
Tbe engineer was instructed to get
osliinulet op the cost of t water wt
gon for use in tbo oity and district.
Mr. Brown was awarded tbe con
tract pi clearing tbo Westover Spaa)
Hoove McNinight ia now cm the rt-
turu journey from Scptland, H* will
atop over at Ottawa where further negotiations will take place between
Burrard Inlet Tunnel and Bridge Company and the V. W. k V. Uoilway Co.
in tho endeavor to arrive at an adjustment ol tbo outstanding matttn
between the two companiss rclativoto
tho Deppinion subsidy. 'Ihe V, W.
k Y. Bailway Company will bt represented by Mr. William McNeill who is
duly empowered to curry mutter, to a
coiicliniioii upon tho part of bis coui-
puny. Mr. McNeill will leave lor Ot-
luwu next woek.
i ii.uIe.-. I iiinlanigbt, a native of Indiana, who has boon working lor tht
sewer contractor., was tried before
Muyor McNcish uud J. J. Woods J.P.
tlm. murniug ou a charge of unlawfully obtaining u ium of money from tho
city. The prisoner pleaded guilty to
ihe cliurgo.
'Hy Treasurer Humphreys' evidence
•mut lo show ihat Cronkwright had
received some (16 moro' than waa com-
iug to linn Irom hia work and when
upprouched on tbo aubject alter ths
event by Humphries aud Constable
Prime lint denied tbe lucl and then
produced tho extra amount he bad
11 ei i id olid in;; 10 give it buck if 1)0
were ullowed to.
The Chid ol Police gave evidence lo
the effect ol liuding Ibo (mount uf
mouoy on the priaoner ut lho pobco
Cronkwright expressed his preference
for auiniuury triul by iho mayor, who
all el   lollli'leiiie   Willi   J.   J.   Woodl pro-
Ii, miu isl a sentence ul thirty dayi   at
bard labor,
Throughout Ibe trial th* prisoner
waa visibly affected by tba evidence.
Due could readily imagino that merely
u weak yielding lo temptation thrown
audduuly iu hi. way by the trtuurer'i
miitake wai rctpontiblo lor bis Ism-
poi.ny fulling into evil ways and that
bia unideiiieunor wu not a premedi-
lutod act. Whon lho eeutouoo waa
pronounced he broke down completely.
Two drunka were brought befort
ibo Mayor on Tuosday morning. One
of tbo men whoso proper name wu
Sliiiiiiggi.n, gave an ulioi wben
uiieitud. Ho bails Irom Ihe U. S. ud
has ipont Ihe moit ol hit timt while
i,join nine, on Canadian (oil behind
the ban at Woilminitor. Bt wu fined
$3.60 and cost.. Ihe aecoud msn
di.mie.cd witb a caution.
Lynn Valley Notes
(Express special correspondent)
11,,- work ol laying sidewalks on
somo of tbo principal itrests through
tho Vulloy In. been .tarted.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. I«wi» bav* r*-
inund Irom thin long stay silt and
intend taking up their residauo* in
Lynn Valloy again.
Frionda ol Mr. l'etir Lsrton, Ibo
popular hotel man and North Vsneouver booiler, will be glad to hem
tbat ho i. ahl. to return* bis business
affairs alter a very .ever* attack of la
grippe which bu confined blm tp tbt
house for soversl days.
An accident that narrowly escaped
having dissalrous result, to al least
one of Ihe participant, occurred yes-
terdoy afternoon wben Mrs. snd Miss
Parka of Vsneouver snd s gentleman
wsro driving on tho Capilano Boad.
Ibe borse luddcnly booeme frightsnsd
and bolted. Just nesx lb* school-
houst on tht rood the narrisgt wtt
overturned and ths ocanpents Urrowa
violently put. An *uto whioh luckily for those injursd patted by shortly dttr Uk aocidtsit sod rKsbed tben)
IP Ibo oily where Ihey wtrt teken to
tbe Ptlaot Hots) At lho timt of arriving Mist Fttrks wu ufloonsolovoi.
Medioal aid was summoned and tht
psrty wtrt **> to I*»v» fpr lb«ir
homes in Vsneouver last «veniiig.
The narrow ud rough oondjlioa pf
lb* Capjlup road wbicb 1* Oiflir
rssponslblo (or tbs awioW, wjU bt
improved shortly u plana to ibis
end are ppw being ocmsldsrHby ita
distriot eoundl. BIX
Lonsdale Estate
50'foot Lots (cleared) for sale in
District Lots   265 an(l   553
At the Terminus of the Capilano
Carline   in   District   Lot    607
One Acre Lots for sale in District Lots
132 and  129
For Price Lists, Terms, and Particulars apply
526 Winch Building, Vancouver, B. C.       Phone 2835
North Vancouver City
Lots in Blocb 9, 9a, 15, 15a, 16 and
16a; District Lot 550; now on sale;
Acreage in  District LoU 546 and
550; subdivided into blocks of from
I to 22 acres,
The Grand Boulevard Extends
Through This Property.
For Hans, Price Ut and Particulars, apply to
The North Vancourer Land and
Improvement Co. w.ur.
Cotwt PmtW and Seymour St/ecU. OFFICIAL AGENTS.
Vtuamm.kC Ifa* 62*36
tisssssasiasssissasstsssss     II * I ISieiSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSWItll ■>!	
Louis Joseph Vance
, r, 1B0>.  Uy th* Bobbs-M.rrlll Co.
habit, clustered round between lilui
antl tha windward rail. Of tltelr number ons stood directly before him,
dwarfing bis companions aa much by
bit air of cniiiiiinnd as by bia uocom-
iniiii belgbl mil. thin faced and sallow, witb hollow, weatherworn cheeks,
* mouth Ilka a crooked gasb from ear
to ear and eye* like dying coals, wilh
Which hs looked tbe rescued up and
down In ons grim, semi-humorous,
teinl-speeulailre glance. Id bonds both
bqge and red be fondled tenderly a
squat brandy flask whose contents bad
apparently been employed as a first
aid lo the drowning.
As Klrkwood's gsse encountered bis
tba msn smiled Hourly, Jerking bis
hsad to one side with a singularly da
rlslve air.
"Ill, qialeyl" he blustered. "'Ow
goat It now I Feelln' 'appler, elgh'i"
"Borne, (bunk you - more like a
drowned rat" Klrkwood eyed blm
sheepishly. "I suppose you're tbe man
who threw me that line I I'll bave to
waif till my head clears up before I
can thank you properly."
"Don't mention It." He of Ihe Ian
tarn Jaws slowed the bottle awsy with
Jealous en re In one of his Immense
coat pockets antl seised Klrkwood's
band In it grasp (bat made Ihe young
nan wines. "You're syfe enough now
Uy nyiito's Btrykor, Cspl'u Wllyum
Btrykt r Wol's Ihe row? Looklu' for
a friend V" lie demanded suddenly ss
Klrkwood's iilieiillon wandered.
"Yes; your passengers. ' I presums
they're boluw"-
A bush fell upou tbe group, during
wblcb Klrkwood sought Striker's eye
In pitiful pleading, and Hlryker looked
round him lilnnkly.
"Where's Silas Calendar?" tho young
Bran demanded ahurply. "I must see
bar si ones!"
Tbe keen snd deep set eyes of tbs
(kipper clouded ae tbey returned to
Klrkwood'a perturbed countenance
"Wui'ii' you inii-in' sbout?" b« da
manded brusquely.
"I uiust see Miss Gslendar or Cslen-
dar himself or Mulready." Klrkwood
paused and, gelling no reply, grew
native under Btrykers Inscrutsble regard. "Thai's why I came alumni," be
amended, blind to tbe absurdity of tbs
Statement, "lo see- er-Cslei/iar,"
_ "Well, I'm d—dl"
Blryker tnsnsged to Infuse Into bis
ton* s desl of suspicious contempt.
"Why?" Insisted Klrkwood. nettled,
bat dill uncomprehending.
"ll'yoti mean lo Ull me you corns off
from   wherever yoo did CODM frum
Intsndln' to bosrd tbU weasel snd find
a party nymed Caleudsr?"
"Certainly I did.   Wby"-
"Welll" cried Mr. Blryker, rubbing
Us bsnds together with an sir oppress-
Ively obsequious. "I'm sorry to tifu-
fiirin you you've coma to the wrong
(bop. sir. We don't stock no Calendars We're In th* 'srdwsra line, w*
are You might try licit door, or I
dsssay you'll ond wbst you w.nt st
tbt styilonrr's round the corner.
A giggle from bis sudlenrt sllmulst-
ad blm. "If," he continued acidly, "I'd
guessed you wu such s fool, blliiimy
If I wouldn't  ve let you drowndl"
Blag -i 11 d Klrwood bor* bis sarcastic trueulenra wlitiotit resentment.
"Cslendsr." ho stammered, trying to
explain "Calendar sald"-
"1 iiiru'l 'elp wot I'.lcndar Mid
sleblie   '«  did   myke   an   engygenielil
wilb yi»i au' you'vt gone an' went to'
forgot tbt dyU. Matoba lt'» I.nt
year's calendar you're Iblnkhi' of.
Tou, Johnny" (to a lout of a boy In
the group of (eeiiieni-"you run nn'
fetch Ibis gentlcmsn Wblttkcrs for
ului'leeii sis.   l/xik ahsrp, nowl"
"Hui" with su effort Klrkwood
mustered up i (how of dlgully "am
I to underslsnd," be (aid aa calmly a*
ba could, "tbat you deny knowing
Oeorge li. Calendar and bis dsugbler
Dorotby «ud"-
"I don't '*v« to. listen to me, young
man." For tht Um* th* fellow dls
csrded bis clumsy fscellousuess. "I'm
Wl|yum Blryker. Capfn Blryker. milliter an' 'art owntr of thlt wtsatl, so'
wot I say* 'er* Is Isw. We don't carry
no passenger*. D'ye understand w»?"
aggressively    "Tbcrt ain't no puuon
nymed Calendar aboard tbt Allythser,
an' never was, an' never will boi"
"What name did you say?" Kirk-
wood Inquired.
"TblS Ship? Tbs Allytlicer, registered from Liverpool, bound from London to llatilwerp, In cargo. Anytblnk
Klrkwood shook bis besd, turning to
scan tbt seascape witb a gloomy gate
As bo did so aud remarked bow close
upon tba Bbeppey headland tbs brig-
amine bsd drswn tbe order wus given
to go about. Fur Ihe moment he was
left alone, wretchedly wst, slilverlm.-.
wan ond shrunken visibly with the
knowledge Ibat he had dared greatly
for mulling Bui for the necesslly of
keeping up before Blryker and his
crew tbe young man felt that be could
gladly iiiivu broken down and wept for
sheer veiatlon and dlssppolntmcut.
Borne Hills while later Blryker sguln
approached blm, perhaps swayed by
uu uBsccuslomed Impulse of couipas
slon, which, however, be artfully con
reeled. Blandly Ironic, returning lo
bl* Impersonation of tbs shopkeeper.
"Nothlnk else we can show you, sir?"
he Inquired.
"1 presume yeu couldn't put mo
ashore," Klrkwood replied Ingenuously
In supreme disgust tbt captain allow
ed blm bis back. "'Era, you," be cull
ed to ons of th* crew, "tyke tbls swyc!
Tyke 'Im below an' put 'Im to bed;
give 'Im a drink hii' dry 'Is clo's
Mobile VII be bettar wben '* wykes
up. '0 don't tslk sense now, thsl's
sura. If you srsk ma, I sye 't't balmy
sn' no 'ops for 'Im."
fui prognosis of Caplaln
Blryker, bit unaccredited passenger waa not better when,
after s period of oblivious rest Indcil-
ulte In duration, he awoke. UU sub
lequeul sssuiupliou of listless resigns.
lion, of pscldc acquiescence Ip Ibe dictates of his destiny, wa* purely tie
i epllve thin Ice of despair over profound depths of cisspersled rebellion.
Uverbesd on tbt deck a heavy
thumping of hurrying fast awoke blm
lo keener perceptlvtntit.
Judging from tht incessant rolling
and pitching of tb* brlgintlne, tbs
crashing thunder of sess upon ber
sides, the eldritch shrieking or the gale,
■a well as from tbs chorused groans
and plslnls of esrb individual boll (nd
Umber In ths frail fabric tbat bouasd
his fortunes, tbe wind bad strength-
in.nl materially during but hour, of
f, i. 11'illness, however many tfae lat
lir mi.Uii have been.
A '"id nlgbt, certainly. Probably by
ihat timt ibt lllllt vessel wu In tin
middle of tht North set, bound for
The first color of resentment ebbing
from his thoughts left blm rather Interested than lulled by Ibe prospect.
lie found tbit bt wat ntltber plessed
nor dtsplesstd. fit presumed thai It
would be no more difficult to ralss
money on personal belonglngl In Antwerp than uny win,re else It hs* been
observed (list Ihe drat flower of civilisation la tbe rum blo*som, tbs nsit
Ibe i-oiiveiilbiiiiill,-, d II.mr ill- lis of the
money lender. There would be pawnshops, loan. In Antwerp, snd Kirk*
wood wu confident tbst tbe salt or
pledge of bit tlgnet ring, scsrfpln,
niilcbboi md cigar cut would provldt
blm wilb money enough for • return
lo London by third class, at Ibt wont.
Then- ui it. dl eveql* wtrt on tba
kneet of Ibe god*. He'd squirm out of
lilt troubles somehow. Aa for tbe
other mstter, tht Calendar affair, fat
presumed bt wu well rid Of II Willi
a tlgk of regret. It bad bstn a mod
milling mytitry, you know, and tin
wnniao Ui ihs caa* wu Mtrsordluery,
to aay ttwlsaat
Th* memory of Dorotby Caltudti
made blm sigh again. And ba ut up,
bumped his head, groped round until
bit hand fell upon ( doorknob, opened
tbt door (nd looked out Into tbe
blowsy emptiness of the •bfp's cablo
proper, whose gloomy confines were
made visible only by ths tiyi ot i
dingy and (moky lamp (winging violently In glmbali from ■ deck bum.
Klrkwood'i clothing, now rough
dried- ind wirped wretchedly out of
tbape, bad been thrown carelessly on
a transom ntar tb* door. He got up,
collected tbem and, returning to hii
berth, dressed st leisure, thinking
heavily, dlsgrunlltd-ln * humor u
evil a( lb* (fter taste of bad brandy
In hia mouth. lit bad B|ept away
Home eighteen or twenty hours, tu
fell stronger now (nd bright enoughs'ml enormously hungry Into tbs bargain
AbttrtcUdly, heedless of th* tut
tbat bis tobacco would be wtler
soaked und ruined, ht fumbled lo but
pocket* ror pip, us. (wlwb thinking
to soothe the pong* of hunger agulutt
brcnkf.it tlm*. Bia pock*t* wtrt
empty every one of tbem. He u-
ilmllittd tbit discovery to paUsnc*
and cut ao eye about Um room, to
local*, |f pcasiblt, ths missing, prop,
erty. But mughl pf bl* wu visible.
Bo bt ro*** *nd began g mot* pdo*.
taking aurcfa.
The cabin wu at one* tiny, low
celled and depreulngly gloomy. It*
furnliun «oa*J*t*d milnfi ia a tbelr
or two, (lipplatnenllng Hit transoina
and i"-■i.i'i.-i ns resting places, and a
center inbls covered wilh a cloth of
turksv ted, whose original aggressiveness hud bstiti ditrliiy moderated by
libations of liquids, principally black
coffee and burnt  offerings of grease
; and Inbiicco ash Might bulls sounded,
nnd. from the commotion overhead, Ibe
I wnlch changed. A Utile later the com-
pntiloiiway door slammed open and
Hlntt. nnd Captain Hlryker fell down,
rather than descended, the steps
u Uh.mi attention to tbt American
be rolled Into ths mate's room and
roused that personage. Klrkwood heard
thai Ihe name of Ibe second In commond was 'iiIiIih. aa well us tbst be
occupied the starboard stateroom aft.
After a brief eicbange of comment
and Instruction Mr. 'Oblis appeared In
ihe shape of a walking pillar of oil
skins, cspped by a sou'wester, and
went on deck. Blryker, following blm
out of Ihe stateroom, sbed bis own oilers In a Clammy heap upou the floor,
opened a locker, from whlcb be brought
fori It s Imt He and a dirty glass, snd,
turning toward tht table, for tbe drat
lime became sensible of Kirk wood's
"Ow, there you are, elgb, little bright
eyesl" be exclslmed, with surprised animation.
"Good morning, Captain Btryker."
said Klrkwood, rising. "I want to tell
liut Blryker waved ona great red
paw Impatiently, wilb tht effect of
sweeping aside and casting Into tbt
discard Klrkwood's Intended speech of
(banks. Nor would be bear blm further.
"Did you 'ave e nlct little imp'/" be
Interrupted. "Come up bright un'
siiillln', elgfa? Now I guess"-tbe emphasis msds It clear Ihat tbt captain
believed himself to bt employing an
Americanism, snd so successful was
bt lo his own esteem tbat ba could not
resist the templstlon to Improve upon
tbs Imllatiuu—"ua-ow I guass ytou'ra
abaout right ready, ben't y*, to bev a
drink, sonny?"
"No,   thank  you,"  uid  Klrkwood,
smiling   tolerantly.   "I've   got   any
I amount of appttlta."
"'Av* you, now?" Bbryksr dropped
| hia mimicry and glanced at tba clock.
j "Ureakfaet," bt anooonced, "will be
I served In tbe mynt dlnln' sslooo at
j eygbt a. m. Psuinger* I* rtquttlcd
; not to bt lyle it tybla."
| Depositing tbe botUe on tbs ssld ta-
I bis, tbs captain tetrched until be
: found another glau tot Klrkwood and
ut down.
"Do you good," n* inalnuatad, push
log tb* bottl* gently over.
"No, thank you,"  raltentsd  Kirk
I wood shortly, a little annoysd.
Blryker (stud his own glass, poured
out s strong man's dose of tb* Aery
concoction, gulped It down tod tlgbed
Tben, wilb * glunce at tbe American'*
wocbegont countenance, bs filled bit
Th* fumes of burning (bag thtrp
tned tb* tooth of desire. Klrkwood
stood It u long u bs could, then surrendered wilb ao "If you've got aoy
I more of tbat tobacco, captain, I'd be
glad of a pips."
:    An Intensely coutempUllve txpre*
(Ion crept Into ihe uptslns small Mu*
; tyu
!   "I only got ont othsr pypar of tills
{ 'ere 'baccy," he announced it length,
"an' I carol get oo mora till I gat*
'onie    I ilmply couldn't part with It
bunder 'trf i quid."
Klrkwood settled back witb a hopeless lift of bis shoulders. Abstractedly
Btryker puffed Ihe smoke hi* way
until be could endure tbt dtptivalioo
no lunger.
"I bad ibout  10 (hilling* ta my
pocket wbsn 1 csm* aboard, captain,
and a few other artlclaa."
|   "Ow, yu; so you 'ad, now yon msn-
i Hon II."
|   Blryker row, ambled iuto bis room
- (nd returned with Klrkwood'* poasss-
I sloris snd (  fresh  paps* of tisg.
While the young man waa hastily filling,  lighting and  faiballog tb* first
strangling  but  deleeubi*  wblff tba
rsplsln solemnly 'minted Into hut own
1'iilm sll ihe loose cbaags except lore*
large pennies.   Tb* latter b* shoved
over to Klrkwood In company with a
inlscellsncou* assortmant of irtlclei,
which tb* Amerlcsn picked ap pitc*
I by piece and began to bestow about
i bis clothing.   Whan through h* aat
hack, troubled and disgusted.  Btxykst
met bl* regard blandly.
<   "Anything I eta dor he loqoUed, is
tusve coocsra.
"Why, tbat* wa* a (Hack putt
'W'y, don't yon remember? Yotj
gave tbat to ma, 'count of ut 'ivltf
tyred y(r Ufa. Twu me tivowad yoa
tbat lint, yoa know."
"Ob." commented Klrkwood briefly.
Th* pin had been among Um most value bit and cherished of bit belonging*.
"Yu," nodded tb* captain lo rtmt-
Olsceuce. "Yoa don't remember? Likely 'i was th* bnady (login' ia yer 'aad.
You push** U Into my 'anda-almoat
wee pi n', >ou wu sn' set, (ex you,
'Btrykw,' you aw, "tyke tola ia trtsitf
inking of my gnrjehood; I wouldn't
libitult you/ you sex, liy hofferln' yoa
money, but tbi* I can lodst oa y*»
scceptbr, uf no refusal/ aay* yoa/'
"Ob," repeated Klrkwood.
(To ba ooatiaMsd)
 J aWa>»aa1aa>aaaaaaa»a|aa«iaaiasai II      .      I       u       I
will soon be in order, and this is why we send
to every home and to every soul in BRITISH
COLUMBIA, this message of the eastertide,
trusting that all may take advantage of the
opportunities, to which ti directs the mind,
upon this occasion of gifts and giving.
We are cffering many popularities in easier
lines which will convey to friends thc sentiment of t|ie moment, in a most appropriate
manner, and with that delicacy of refinement
ao much appreciated.
Our jewellery and sterling silver lines offer
a fine rauge of choice in popular gifts which
cannot lie excelled either in quality or neatness. We have also a line of cut glass vases,
from whicli handsome presents may be chosen
1   i  i i    n     ii i"
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
Jewelers and Silversmiths
•"TailHg Director Hastings fit Granville Sts.
Hie Commonwealth
First Complete Showing of New
Spring Goods.
W. DICK, Prop.
47 & 49-HASTINGS STREET, EAST-47 & 49
Parkdale Finest Alberta Butter 30c. lb.
May Flower, Spring Brook or Ayrshire Rose 3 lbs. $1.00
5 lbs. of good Tea 1,50
5 lbs. ol better Tea 1,75
5 lbs. ol the best Tea    .....        2.00
Comer First Street and St. George
Wby pay fKO.OO lor roufb uncleared Lot* whan we ua toll you
tin vary be., cleared Lot. witb oul * .ton* on them, level a* a tabl.
snd into grata. Bow cultivated for ten yean, situated on Ctatrt
Road, bains Uie beat llund on ths North Short tnd one block ttom
ths Csr lint, School, Church snd Store; hav. dty wtlar, .l.ctri.
light and ttlsplions.
Pries 1360 to WOO each. Term. 1100 cash, balanc. 6. It (nd 11
monthi. Thau lots will bring st Isatt in our estimation 100 par
cnt. profit on th* amount invested within six montln. Buy quick,
th.y art going fait.
P. a. Box 172 Nortli Van. ouver
, C. O' S. Duncan of (ho City ol Vsneouver, broker, bit boon sppointod at-
" tomsy of Uw abovo-msntioncd   Company  in  tb* pise*  and ettad  of W.
Horry Wilton. •
Dsttd at Victor)*, B. C, th,. ninth
dsy of Marob/ IVII.
Registrar Joist Stock Companias.
Pleasant Fields
oMHoIy Writ
Save lor my daily range
Among tho pltMtnt liohls ol Holy
I might dssnaJr. -Tennyson.
Second Quarter.   Lesson II, i Kings
VI; 8-17, April 9, I»U.
Next to actual defeat for a coin-
manding ofBoor is tbe humiliation of
bavlng his strategic movements anticipated by bis enemy. Here is s Bible
story ol bow a Syrian king wui put
to tbat confusion. II flenhadad said
ha would make an ambuscade or an
incursion tbe Israelites wero ready fur
either. Porsistoncy o( it proved it no
coincidence. Ho thought it result nf
troston. But his officers auis this ii
not work of traitor but prophet. "Ho
lelleth tbe kjing ol larao) tbo word.
thou epoakstb in thy bedebnmbor I"
Witb characteristic obtussness lbs Syrian undertook to cope witb omnipotence oa well aa omniscience. At break
of dsy tbe prophet snd bia servant go
to the top ol bill to pray. The even
ol tbe young man dilate witb wonder,
his cheeks blanch with fear. He' seei
the city invented with Syrians. Ha
criea "Alas my1 msster bow shall we
do ?" Ths prophet does not upbraid
his timorous servant. He bimssll is
loarloaa, hia faith aa immovable ai the
mountain on which be atandi. But
tbia triumphant courage was not born
in a iniimi-ni. It is tho evolution of
yean. Ho hui witnsssod the faithlul-
neaa of Uud iu tho aixty-lbroo yearn
in which ho haa held the prophotio office. So bo cun lay to hia cumpunion
Fear not lor thoy thut bo with ui
are more than thoy that lw with
them I" Thc prophet oaka for bis
acrvant wbat he docs uut need lor himself—Borne visible manifestation of di
vino power lo oSaot tho bravo arruy
ol thc enemy. The prayor is aitawor
od. The protective forces of pro-
viiionco for the timo take material
form. Brilliant and inspiring Ibo
panorama I Pictures of flaming char-
ioti with angel charioteers move before tbe wondering oyoi ol Ibe pro-
phot's servant. Seraphic guurdi
mun around tbo two whu itund so
dulencclcii on the muuiiluin-lop.
Again it is shown tbat tho union ii
tho real and the inviiiblo the mighty.
Bonhadad and his accrete diacovcred
ia a parable ol tho human aoul surprised that God can find it out. Ths
incident illustrates omniscioncc. The
Syrian in bit palace lying on hit
couch meditates his plana and lalki
in enliloijuay. Tho God who made the
ear hears him in Dstiinicui und communicator the king's purpose to Eliiba
in Samaria. Linnaoui placed over tho
door of hii lecture room tbc mutto
"Live guilcleis I God obiorvcs you I"
The slowness ol the heart to apprehend God i. lurther indicated by thc
next step taken by Iho Syrian king!
He sends an army lo make the pro-
phot n prisoner. Huving luarncd nothing in his failure lo ou|k.' with om-
iiiicienoe he now challenged omnipotent*), Thia effort to arreat thc pro
I'ln-i seta Imili at once the temerity
und impotence oi thu aoul in ill M'l
ogaiuil God. The limoroua acrvant
well   reprcsuiit»   aomo   boliovera   when
they fiatf tbeueslyas beleaguered liy
temptations and unfavorable condition.. Too much |itoralism spoils Iho
foreo ol this incident. Horace and
cbariota only represent the forces ol
providence and graoe whieb are avail-
ablo., Well, said Felix of Nola "Where
Grid is, a spider's web if ss a well,
where he is not a wall ia as a spider's
web." There is a foregloam nl ths
milli■ilium in tho jirnphot'a merciful
defence of his blinded onomios. He
ssid to the king "Thou shall not
smile thorn I"
SEIIVICE-April 9, 1011. Psalm
XIV: 1-7.
(Temperance taiaon)
It ia aaid to havo boon tlm hideom
custom, iu a certain African tribe thut
when u now bungalow wus to be built
for lho chief, pits were dug ut Ihe
four corners and mon lowored into
them to hold tho posts. Earth wm
Hi,ni i,liim-lli ,l in upon the unhappy,
vicliroi and they buried alive I So ll.e
king's Iioiiki, was built on iiumin
live.. Wu shrug our ahouldcra and deprecate audi inhumanity. Bul it in
nu open <|uvilion whether with ell
our lioni.tnl iivili/atiiin we uro rot
tolerating aomothing very like the
barbaric cuafom. Who will my wo
huve not a giant indmrtry limit on
hiiiniin Uvea ? Public conscience its
never lieforu ia entering Into nn lie-
counting with Iho trullic which bat-
lens on human blood.
To the i',miiHi-inn, ol Nortli Vancouver, B. C.:
I'lcuso toko notice thut on and oiler April 10, Hill, the U. II. ol Cm-
l„ni,i .. Locol ll.'ii'i. N. Vancouver, B.
C, will demand a minumiim rale uf
wage, uf Wlj cenl. un hour.
P. It.  'Mi'.',.
Hoc.-Sec. Locul 113."..
Norlh Vancouver, B. C.
Murch 21. Hill. 7-4
Ceil inc.led Surgical, Medical and
Maternity Nurses
For  Isrms apply  at  ths Hospital
1211. Strict East.
All new houses should lie piped lor gaa in order to aavc (he
heavy expenditure for thia run
vtnlence at a later date.
A BY-LAW fur obtaining Ibe opinion
of lho doctor, as to the datiratiil-
ity. of dosing tbc Kaplanade
through Lonadale Gordon*,
WHKHKAS application ha. been
made bv ,1. Cooper Keilli, Em.,, and
Hemphill Bros., Ltd., to Uis (oundl
of^jtho City of North Vancouver lo
pim« n By-Law fur cluaing tbc Esplanade, eocsllod, tlirough Lonidale Oar-
deni and thc snid Hemphill Broi. Ltd.
have agreed to oxpend at loail 1200,
000 in connection wilh lho providing
of an nniiiiement park al Lonadalo
Garden, aloretaid, if Ihe .aid Eiplsn-
ad6 bo io doted;
- '.AND WHKHKAS tht Mid J, Cooper
Keith Esq., hath agreed that ho will
without any payment therefor at th*
request  of  ths  Counoil  of Ihe "
City al any time allot Ihe expiration
of five yoara ufter Ihe dale of auch
closing, rododicate ua a ilreet the
part so cloned |u lho said Cily, ur at
lho expiration ul one your if the suid
Hemphill Bros. Ltd. Itil lo cxiwudllio
said sum of al leuat aJisi.OHO within
ons yi'in from the ditto of such dot
ing ;
AND WHKHKAS ii n adviialtle that
the opiniou uf the eleclori bo taken ao
ihat llie Cuuncil ol she said Cily may
know if il ii the duairo ul the aaid
doctors that (ho auid closing By-law
should be paned : <
NOW THKHKKOHK lho Mayor and
Council ol lho ''ily of Norlh Vancouver, enact a. follows :
1 The opinion of Ibe declora of
the City of North Vuneouver upon tbe
last reviled Volen' list al tu llie ad
viiubilily uf patiing a Ily law doting
Iho Esplanade through Lonsdale Garden, shall he token ut Iho C)ly Hall.
North Vancouvor, on Saturday, the
Eighth day of Apn'l. IVII, between
the hours of II o'clock in lb. ioroiiuon
and 7 o'clock in ihe allcrnoon otiaid
2 Tht form of liuilol lo bo tendered each eleotor at Ihe polling booth
at said dot-lion .hull be a. followi:
NOTICE is hereby given tbat st th*
next, tilting of tfae Bonn] of Licensing
Commiwioners for the City ol North
Vancouver, we, tfae Undereignod, intend
10 apply lor a hold license for promise, tituat* on lot* 37 snd 28, blook
166, district lot -211, Vint, itreot, in
tfae .aid Cjty of North Vancouver.
■'    OJEO. I). 14M0NT,    '
Dslsd *t ysnapuvw, March lltfa, mil
Are you in favor of doling tho  El- FOB; AGAINST,
plaoado through Lonadale Garden, f
and »ny elector in lavor ol dodng ol
the said K.plnnadc through said Lonidale Genital shall mark * cross in
the apace under the word "For" and
any doctor opposing the dodng of lho
said Eiplonade lirouyii Lonsdulo G»j
dona ihall mark * act. in the epacr
under the word "Againit."
.», Stcliont 61, 61, «8 to 07 indu-
live sad auction. 78 and 80 of the
"Munidoal Elections Act" shall ix>
followed in th* ttid vote in so fir aa
the sanw art spplicsbt*.
I. Mr. Thorns* Sfaepnord, clerk of
the ssid City is hereby appointed and
named rstumng officer for the pur
poee of taking sud) vol*.'.
6. Ttt* Maw shall bs
lor two imtmmt ia th* N
couver Express, a uewipaper publidi-
ed and circulating in Ihe i'ily ol
Norlh Vancouver, B. C.
6. Tbi. By-Law may be cited a.
tb* "Eaplanad* CJodng By-Uw,
1911." '
Passed the Couadl the 3rd day
ol April, lllll.
Bsconsidorcd snd finally posssd,
ngnW by the Muyor and Clerk and
staled with the Coriior.lo aeal un the
dsy of
We want your business, and if you
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Patterson. Goldin & Clark
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B. C. Electric Railway Co.'i
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olliei Ranges..
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The J. D. Fraser Hardware Co.
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The Hfd( (iiiiiHi-Kt. Milling Co., Ltd.
LONSDALE AVENUE.        At Ferry Landing.
Wc operate ihe only p*p-
ded Ituoituie and piano
moving van in bSe city. . .
I    N. V. CtwifW Oh
i    mum m
9twmmAmmmmmmkmmwmWkmmmm sm
Published Tuesdays and Fridays by
North Sho»h Prms, Uuk$v
OniyMr, fl.oo
bstm or soascairTioa
Sit monthi, 50c.
Tbraa months, He.
United States and Foreign, 11.60 per year
Ailvertiaing Bates will be quoted on application.
th* BxpresB is devoted to the interests of tba north Shore ol Burrard Inlet
ig|us|vely.    It constitutes au advertising medium of exceptions! talus (or
-■■pulatioii of North Vancouver
lu a tlioroiijjh and effective manner tba
District.  Every effort Is made to giv*
Ivtrtisers the most satisfactory
Al) changes in contract advertisements should be in tha printers' hands not
K later than 10 a.m. Monday and IS-p.m. Wednesday to ensure insertion la tbe
' loftpwlng Issue.	
Nprth Vancouver,   8. C.
Al'KII lljll
The (Otiial payment by the provincial government of over four hundred
thousand dollars, distributed in sums
averaging about ten thousand live
hundred dollars to the head of each
family of the Hongheea Indian reserve,
wbich was done on Tuesday of thia
week, marks what is really the closing
act ip a project, the agitation toward
the coniunimation ol which covers a
period ol upwards of thirty years.
The valuable tract of land with its
magnificent waterfrontage aud large
area, lying in tin- heart of the city ol
Victoria, hitherto known as the Song-
li.es Indian reserve, now belong, indisputably lo the government ol the
province ill llriii.-h Columbia. It il
the intuition to subdivide the property, reserving certain portions (or rull-
way purpoie. und lo soil ilia rviiiuin-
ilei presumably ut public auction ami
it is estimated thut by so doing the
government will clour ut least two
hundred and fifty thousand dollars ou
ISaywInile tliinsni ll.in
The completion ol tbia purcbuse fi mn
the Indiana ia important, not only
Irom tlie lad that it diapoaet of a
long .tending grievance at tho provincial capital, but alio in that it oa-
tshlishe. a precedent to which other
cities in tho province, similarly situ
stsd may appeal in tlie endeavor to
secure possession of Indian reserves
lying within their Imunduriei.
While tho government at Viotoriu
might possibly not be disposed to go
quite so far lo assist other cities al
it wai coniirlered advisable to go in
order lo assist th. capitul city, there
it, nevorliielcti, good rcamii tn conclude that sufficient asaiatunce Would
ba eitenrlul to other cities to enable
them to carry negotiation, to a sue-
eeuful cuncluaion in caiet ol approximately the earn, urgency. It ia certainly a logical inference from llie in
slum., under discussion that no difficulty would be met witb Irom either
tbe Dominion or the provincial gov
i-inii"ni with i. .p., i lo Ihe ulieimtion
ol tho lauds Irom the liidiam, or with
respn i lo th. payment ol ium. ol
Bi'inej in ' i—ia to tht Indians in order
to complete the trsiiiler. What thu
sovuriimeut. have been pleased to
agree to in tbia. instance in thi. particular they would no doubt consistently stttot to in lavor ol other cil-
Thi. may poatilily b* a case in
Which it would be advisable to get io
before th. rush and if tbe city or the
diitrirt of North Vancouver seriously
(WnUmpl.lei negotiation lor tbe alien-
•lion of any of tho looal reserves
from the present owners, it would be
good policy to .tsrt (be ball rolling
at once and to bs first, if possible, in
approaching the provincial govern-
in.it (or aatiitunce, inasmuch u il
would tppssr s sound hypothesis that
^ny sucb applications which may be
nods, will be dealt wjtb io the order
in whieb tbey sn received.
It it generally recognised tbst it it
impsrsUvs to tbs welfare and pro-
greet of tb* oity of North Vancouver
tbst tb* Indisn riservt lying in tbe
centre of sad dosing lor coouneroial
purposes s considerable amount of (be
watsrirontag* of tb* dty, should be
procured sod mod. svsileW. (or reei-
daotlsl sad coBiavtrelsJ purpotss. Tbt
opinion j* vary gsnerslly b*W, how-
*vsr, tbst tb* city is not is position
fiatweisily, to sesks thispurcha*. snd
st tb. sua* tie** to csrty mat tb*
msny. sst*at*>« mi ssnsotSv. publie
-srork. that *f* prsssiag (nr attsntloo
right sort and the time seems opportune lor approaching the provincial
government in the endeavor to enlist
their assistance in the city's lavor in
Ihis important mutter.
"01 all tho civilized nations in the
northern hemisphere Canada ia doing
Ihe least to treat the public timber
land, es a permanent unset."
Tlie above is an assertion which the
average Canadian citizen will nut find
pululcuiilc, and whidi, at first thought
he may feel inclined to resent, but
when it ia understood that it is the
utterance ol Mr, 11 II. KucHillan ol
the Dominion Foreal Service, tho luct
will lie rcci,gni/i«l that there must bs
good ground lor the ussortion and
that tho situation with respect-to tht
preservation ol forests in Canada is
such as to demand that plum shull be
devised and oxeculed upon a much
larger scale than has yet boon attempted lor the protection ol timber landa iu all parti ol the Dominion.
Mr. Macilillan states that during
1WJ the lot* through forest fires
throughout Canada amounted to
$210,400,000 and that thc total espon-
diturea upon tire fighting were $330,
000. Proceeding, be declare, that
there can be little doubt that this
total of fire low is much too amall.
In ths first place, the value uf the
limber destroyed is arbitrarily placed
at 11 per thouund leet, board measure, while ths actual value ol tfae
troea aa they stand in the lore>t
would average much higher than
this. No account is taken ol the damage done lo young growth, which,
while not now actually salable, will
iu the course ol a few yoara have con-
siderable value. 'An enormous a-
mount ol cordwood/ to quote the
word* ol tho writer, 'destroyed, in districts where it now has a value, and
in other districts where it will soon he
needed, bus neither been estimated nor
valued.' Many fires have undoubtedly
occurred in districts remote Irom present aettloment, and have destroyed
large quantiliat of timber which ulii
mutely would command a ready market.
In dose rdation.hip witb tht problem thut outlined by Kr. MacMillan
ia lb. report ol th. committee appointed by Ihe Canadian Fore.try Aa-
■ocitition tr, investigate the laws ol
thc Dominion and ol the various pro-,
viiicee concerning the protection ol the
forests from fire. The report dodurcs
thst tha people are ready for a »u-
pieii"- iUmi to get rid of the fir* evil
which threaten, to wipe out a large
portion ol tbs natural resource* ol tbt
Dominion, not only in timber but alio
in soil, Tbe report affirm. Ibat what
ii really needsd i* not legislation foul
rather the organisation of sn efficient
preteotive sarvic* cod that any legi-
flatioti wbich might foe enacted should
leave wida latitude ja making rule.
and deviling method., to tbe head o*
lb* fir. lervice, who witb bit assistant., intpwtor. and fire warden.—s
permanent orgsnixstioo - ihould for
mad* responsible (or th* tslsty ol aV
district* into wbicfo tbt country
ihould be .undivided. Tbt report ths*
proceed, to deal witb specific *xptd)
•at* which may foe adopted to prevail
fire* sucb u tb* construction of Watch
towers, tb* building of trails sad tele-
phons lintt, tb* burning of brush,
at*., on » sysUsattic basis, tb* pre-
tm mum* mwm- nmovn% % c.
 '! mmmmmmBWBmmawmmmmmBmmmmm
ml to fallow each train, ate., etc.
ft will bs noted tbat tha (ystem of
organisation denoted above Is prap-
tioally that which is already |n yogiuj.
in this provhw and whioh' »no> tb*
able administration of Mr. W. 0,
Gladwin of this eity as Chief Fire
Warden, accomplished such, excellent
.results last season. It ia evident that
the system in operation in British
Columbia is laid along the most approved lines and timt it requires only
to bs amplified and extended in such
manner us experience may dictate, in
order to develop into an organisation
representing the' highest attainable
sfjiciency. Inasmuch ss British Column
Inn now possesses one ol the largest
remaining timber areas in the world,
it is in keeping with the fitness of
things that this province should stand
in the van as among the province* of
Canada in the matters pertaining to
forest preservation. It is understood
thst the estimates passed at the session of the provincial legislature which
recently prorogued set aside a largely
increased appropriation lor purposes
ol forest fire protection and that tha
operations in course of prepare
tion for the coming season contemplate a great udvance upon anything
hitherto undertaken. There ia no department ol provincial interests mora
worthy tho most generous treutmunt
or a moat encrgotic policy than is the
protection ol our forcsta from the ravages of the Humes.
Angus J. Cameron
A.H.I.E. ii S. .
Irrigation, drainagu, levels, plena
and specifications. Septic tanks and
house drainage a specialty. P. (I.
Box Sit, 16th street west ol llowicke
Peachland Home and
Orchard (or Sale
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electric light available, fits') peach, 60
Apple, 70 cherry and 30 plum trees,
Mostly over 7 years old. Place in
good condition. Price only 13,500, of
which 11,000 ia in a mortgage. Apply
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Notary Publio
Loam,   Investments    and    Insurance.
Room 207, 632 Granville St., Vancouver, B. 0.  Phone 8209.  Land Rcjps-
try work a specialty.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Capital 14,400,000.
Reservss, 17,200,000.
Tottl Aissts 180,000,000.
vsotioo ol *p»rk* from losomotivet,
feossl .instilli*1' sjMitr to bt ol the  tb* inauguration of * bicyd* Ift pat
A gaasrtl banking business
transacted. Savings sccouats s
specialty. Accounts of firms
and individual* solicited.
North Vancouver Branch.
B(nk Office in N. V. Club Block
A. Campbell Hope
35» Ut Street Etut
General Contradlnf
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bath,   etc., fenced.   1626 caah,
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On and niter April 1st, 1911, we shall be located in ihe
New Keith Block on Lonsdale Avenue,
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Pierce & Hall
FIRE!    FIRE!!    FIRE!!!
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Commercial Union Fire Assurance Co.. Ltd.
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Also a block in Upper Lonsdale for $5250.   One
Quarter Cash; balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
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8 o'clock. \i nil.. Inrili.il cordially
invited lo nltoud. A. T. Kennedy,
N.U.; Tbo*. S.'Nye, rcc.-tec. ; J. H.
l'illing, p.0., fin.-KC.; ('has. Ny., J'.
G., Uses.
Fully Equipped
to plod over the dcierl or to.Ha hunger snd thir.l i. sir. CsbmI. W.'ra
tot built tbat way. What wc want 1*
tht rtsl thing. .
You Get Real Paint
When Buying Here
It will .land tbc Mating tun of tbt
Sahara or ibo bia.u 0I Cook'. North
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fe French Foulards
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Every lady longa to bav. wavy li.ir.
It ia now within tbi re(ch ol *v*ry-
oot. For torn* ytart cut hair hat b*ts
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PB0PP8ED    OpsiijG . PF ' PS-
Editor Express 1
Sir,—Tho serious nature Of the .pro
posul action ol lb* pity ppuopil f.o?
close tb* psplanade for 0 years does
not appoar to be *boroi)ghly understood, by tbe ratepayers.   Wi ,tePt
wliicb it it proposed to carry oUL immediately is ol a most uiius.iul an:
tup, and if a longer timo wors given
to consider the grave consei|iniiHMs
wbjcb will surely follow such u pro-
cocding, it is not unlikely Hint tbe
more thoughtful and far seeing pf our
citizens would emphatically protest
against it. It is well known how apathetic tbe public sentiment is in civic
matters which do not 1 ouch tbe pocket, but a little reflection will show
tbat the dosing of one of tbe principal thoroughfares will seriously bumper new industries which might contemplate coming to tho North Shore, as
there would be no means of. acooss to
them from tho landward side
Could anything bo more absurd ?
Wo spend thousands ol dollars in advertising our aplendid waterfront and
then at the first request Irom an
auitiBcmont concern, deal a i'«ithly
blow to a large part ol it by making
it inaccessible from any ' traffic
from ihoro. And what are we putting?
Nothing but the, most common sort ol
public playground which will lose its
attraction   for  North   Vancouvoritcs
liuiily nfi.'i being opened and which
will be a doubtful attraction to draw
thc iiium 1 , crowdi of plouiurc sctk-
ith which it ii expected will pour into town, The price ol waterfront property ia quite high enough jut now
und haa reuclu.il iti preient figure
without much to jmtify the incroeic,
and when il ii knowji to thu capitalist and lioada of buiineii limn, thut
tho moit important wuterfront limit
hai been cloicd, it docs not require u
genius to see that North Vuneouver
will receive a act buck compared wrlli
which the uncertainly regarding the
Second Narrows Bridge will be I,.nl.nl
upon aa trivial.
There are other - cities both on this
continent and in Kuro|ie where similar amusement ground, have been
atartod, and unlcaa immense eume ol
money are being apent on tbc beat
lorms ol entertainment and ipccial
facilities continuously afforded the
public lor viaiting them they moncr
or later languiah and inatead ol being
un advantage thoy bocomc a detriment to tbc locality in which they are
A moit uniocmly baato hui been
ihown iu dealing with iuch un im
portanl matter, but it ii nol loo laic
yet to urge every thinking man and
woman who hai tbc belt inlcrcitn of
our city al heart to comidcr the
doubtful jaatic. involved by doling up
Ibo Kiplanade.
Apart from tho fact thai property
the near vicinity will at once deteriorate in value, the boiiteroui
crowd, ol plea.urc .oekcri which will
occaiionally congregate at Lonidulc
Gardens will be a very questionable
attraction to tiic man looking lor in-
voalmunl in u well ordered town.
Youn truly,
Expert on Fireplaces and all
classes of Brickwork
All Work Gu.rsnlsfd
Corntr FilUtath St. and Msboa At*.
Editor Espress 1
Pear Sir,—I have oddrcssod the pn:
closed letter upon tho above milijcol
to every, member of tbe Board ond
also to Mr. Campbell, tbo clerk.
Will you kindly favor mo by iwblisb-
iug the same \n an early edition ol
your paper and I shall be much
Yours faithfully,
To the Members ol the North Vuneouver School Bourd:
Aa an architect I bave aeeu by tbe
courtoay of Mr. Campbell, tlto particular, lor the new .cbool .it Ninth
Vancouver at advertised in ihe prcsa.
1 conaider that a fireproof ichool cannot be built for tbe sum stated, $42,-
500 includiug architect's feci, leaving
the net aum ol 940,476 for tbe coat of
the building. Tbe conditions ataic
tho building must not exceed tbe lie
foro-mcutionod sum. In uddiliun, il
tho lowest tender on tbo plan of tbo
urchitcct whoio deiigni are accepted
exceeds hia estimate by fi per cent, he
will receive no remuneration and haa
110 further call on the achool bourd.
By cardul inquiry I have found out
that thu iiigbt-roomcd fireproof achool
building erected during tbo past year
in thc dly ol Vancouver hai cost oti
an average the ium ol (fiO.UOO.
Moreover, Ihe uilimtitei ol tbe Vancouver achool board for the ' current
yeur allow the sum of 957,000 for un
eiuln roumud fireproof achool building
to meet thc incrcusud price ol material und labor. If an architect, myaelf
for instance, should submit u design
und estimate according to information
of cost given by reputuble authorities
namely .-..u.i.ihi, 1 stand no chance in
llie competition il the conditioni as
printed arc adhered lo by your ichool
In,.11,1 Again, il I iiilnnil u design
which mny bu accepted uud itulctbul
it can be built lor the sum of M'i,l,i,
1 um telling u tcraporury liu uud finally lor calling lor lenderi the lowest
tenderi uboul 160,000, which usceudi
the ft-per cent, exceai stipulation ol
your board, I get no compcuautiuu
whataocver, according lo tbc conditioni and therefore, no matter which
way you look I get il in the neck
anyhow. I do not wiili to presume,
but I offer llie .uggwlion than an independent architect intimately acquainted with acbuol work ibuulil tr
■iit you in reviling the conditioui ol
competition and adjudicating upon
Iliu deiigni i.uluniiinl iuch ai lor in-
: i.nu,'. the architect to the Vancouver
school board and lome other Independent 'qualified man. May I further
point out tbat thc lime for lending in
dnrigm il inadequate. To give aicln
recti n rcoioiioble chance al least uu
other 14 dayi ii neocuary."
the STAPLE Department
72 in. Full Bleached, HeaVy Imported Sheeting, price........25p
|2ic Roller Tpwe|ing, strong and heavy, per yd IQc
36 in. Bleached Cambric, extra value, per yd. 10c
White Curtain Muslins, in dots and stripes, per yd.  10c
I2fjc Flannelette, 32 in., all colors, per yd IQc
• w«__________„_™ .  i
Button. Covered from your own material-all uie.
■ -    \
Brand new Sewing Macbine. alwayi on .ale al reduced pricei and much
lower thin quoted by canvaiiing agenti.
Keith Block Lonadale Block
Phone 93 Phone 263
132x119 on LONSDALE AVE.
Corner St. James     Lane one side     All cleared
Only $1000 Caih
Balance Easy —
$6,000 Onl>,1000C"h
213 Lonsdale Avenue       -       Tel. 47
Corner Nye - Tel. 87
Elegant New Styles in
The North
Have now a good
stock of
at Bottom prices. .
Prompt Delivery, '
tmmmWJwMmmW9mkmmtMwp 9  faiilaaJaV
300 Feet of Water-
frontage with crown
grant, known u
Wallace Shipyards.
Terms to suit purchaser.   Apply
Seymour St.
Spiring Suits
Priced to save dollars for
you and build trade for us.
$10 to $35
■ aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal
See th?m and you will want
to see how you look in them.
Try th im on-then you'll want
to own one. They are extra-
o. Jinary values, as you'll realize
when you see them.
11.-115 Lonadale Avenue.
West Vancouver Acreage
■——*■»——"'»——»—— ■   «aaaaaa»aa«sa»aa«a«aaa»«aasasa«B»sa»a»
•OMIT \/ICIX to West Vancouver will convince
SEEKER and the &HREWD INVESTOR that this is the
Coming District.
fl   For Large and Exclusive lists of Lots and Acreage, see
121 Lonsdale Avenue
HOLLYBURN g* M.Wwm nre express, mirn vajtcowwi, T
50 feet, half block
east 'of Lonidale
Ward, Burmester & von Graevenitz
Kates;   >a.oo  per   and  up.
and   to regular   boarders.   .
Special rates to families
finest Roof Garden on Pacific Coast
Skcond Strut.
When you deal at the Lonsdale Pharmacy you
get exacdy what you ask (or at the right price,
Special attention paid to prescriptions and family
recipes.       •       -       •      -   •   -
a complete line ol Stationery and Drug
We carry
Telephone L 29
A. I. TYSON, Pro*.
Cor. Lonadale 4 8th
One block from car line, 50 feet facing tduth (600.
cash, balaivie six and twelve monthi.
50 feet Facing South for $350.   (100 cash, balance six and
twelve monthi.   Adjoining lot just sold for $450.
C. t. LAW80N & CO.
Phone 70—P. O. Box 97
The Place Where Everybody Goes
Gem Theatre
r? Good Pictures  Good Singing
^::: :::  Good Muaic  ::: :::
Programme   changed  Monday,   Wednesday   and   Friday.
Adults 10c ^'atEr*"* Ouldren 5c
Mstinae   ev&y   Saturday 3.30 o'clock
Editor Espress:
I find that on Saturday nest Ih* 8th
last., we a* ratepayer* of th* City
of North Vancouver aro re.iue.ted to
render our. verdict by ballot ss to
whether or not tb* highway known
as the Esplsnsiis sbsU fa* dined ot
open to tha public ia favor of the so-
called "White City." I am not going
to daal wilb ths nitrite or demerit*,
il sny, regarding tb* Whit* City. 1
am only going to apeak of ths public
rigfatt, to a public highway which hai
bean registered -ss tucb aad that too,
without s shadow of s doubt. I regret
very much tbat tbs council rushed tba
lime of voting before we bsd time to
publish tbe Inn ttslui of our position so tbst ths ratepayers would fas
educated on what they were voting
for. The council hat the power to
close a street by by-law, bat by so doing they must make due compenution
for damages lu.lained thereby to owner* or occupier* ol, or other person*
interested in real property (Sec. 251),
but they can doss s (treat only in
the interest ol ths public snd not s In
vored few. Again tbey can Lease
city property for s term not eicesd-
ing twenty years, receiving (hereupon
the beet rent obtainable with provisos lor re-entry, or non-performances of
the covenant, therein contained.
Now it is the duty of the Council to foster and promote snd open
up all highways possible snd to keep
open sll .treet. dedicated for the
good of industries, placet oi business,
and residents, ao that we can attain
the prosperity we are struggling lor.
Sport, and pleasure will follow in tin
wake of proeperity every time, but if
we put pleasure snd sport before >
dustry snd buiinesi, we put the cart
in front of the horse. Again our
delegates at Ottawa urged . on the
government the need of eitending the
Eiplanadt in Iron! ol the Mission snd
w. alio urged on the provincial government the desirability ol o|ienlng s
better highwsy through Moodyville,
and yet soma of the aame delegates
are supporting the doling of tbe Mine
highway right in the midat of our
greatest induatry and butine*. inter-
all, than in th* fses of thst* fact, cm
again approach our governments
lor aid toward our public avenue*
when we have betrayed our truit.
Should our ciliwni be so unfortunate a. to render their verdict on Set-
unlay next to close tucb sn important highway and commercial avenue
they will rsise tb* highest monumental misctrrisgt ol judgement ihat wss
r registered against the Cily of
North Vancouver.
Tours truly,
you, want Bread,
Scones, Oatcakes
and general Confectionery equal to
135 Lonsdale Ave
(Nut door to Everybody'. Shoe store)
Scotch Shortbread
d Pi
Bruce & Co.
SEALED TENDERS on the prescribed forms snd accompanied by nuiti-.l
die. I ii* or csth for five per cent, of lb.
smount of tender will he restive.! by
ibe undersigned until 6 ;i.m. on
Thursday, 13th April, WU, fat tlie
clearing, griabiring and grading of
Frederick Boad from Fromme I'.r-ad
eaitwardi lo Centre Boad, l.ynn Valley, in accordance witb plan* and ipr
cificationi to be teea at thit ofliu'.
The lowest or sny tender in 4 iiur-ts-
tarily accepted.
District Engine, r.
DUtrict Municipal Office,
North Vancouver,
8th Mareb, 1911. 11-4
128 Lonidale Avenue
Spring will soon be
here when you will
require new Linoleum
for your kitchen, etc..
a new Carpet for
some other room. A
good assortment of
patterns to select from.
Prices a little lower
than elsewhere. □
Note our Prices:
Kfcfc» Tail*.   $1.75
ICtolwt OUn       Sfcwdtfc
"      "   .   7ScmJ$LM
Diakf Ckaira 75c ap
11 Wai  W%m9immmT»9     M*Fnwl ■ ■   ■
$3.75 ■> ta $35.M
IfbatTCatM, Ml UM, iTsna $3 is
%fw*tm^Wf *mm *wia>a  tMwwm  ftittm** w*j
Dresaers wo baTaaVal ■intra
Elutriate* Gladly Furnished.
Lace Curtains    Curtain Net
and )
Maddrass Muslins for Curtains
The k. Farro
126 2nd St West
When you deal at Ihe A. Farro Grocery you get asaetly what you a.k lor
at right print.
Special Attention!
Wt ctrry * complete lint ol Gro-
Ilanliury ll Evsul Bread 93 lot 11.00
lit il« iviIiAKnu
Telephone 276
NOTICE it hereby given that the
partnership horetolure existing between Edwin llirltiumiii untl John
Scott aa aaih and door manuluctureri
at North Vancouver hai thii day
been dieiolved by mutual conient the
laid John Scott retiring.
The said  Edwin Dickinson niiunies
all the liabilities nf the late firm ami
to whom all accounts are payable.
' Dated this 31st day of March, 1911,
PUBLIC NOTICE ii hereby given
that, under the authority contained
in icclion Ull ol the "Lund Act," a
regululion haa been upprovod by tho
l.ieiitonnnl-llovurnor in Council fixing
the nn i.i mum aulo price, of first end
accond-class lunda ut 110 and th per
acre, resimctively.
Thia regululion lurther provides ihut
the price lilted therein ahull apply lo
ull lunda with respect to which the up-
plication to purchase ii given favour
utile consideration after thii date, notwithstanding the 'Inii' ol iuch utipli-
nation or uny delay that muy huve
occurred in thu coniidcrution ol thc
Further notice ia hereby given Ihut
ull penniii who have pending application! lo purchase I.m.I. under the provisions ol lecliom III or IKi ol llie
"Land Act" und who aro mil willing
lo compluto iuch ptirclioiei under thu
pricea lined by the ufurcauiil regulglion
shall be at liberty lo withdraw auch
iipplioalioni uud receive rclund of the
moneyi depoiitcd on account of iuch
Mini.ler ol Lands.
Department ol I ai..t.-.
Victoria, II. C, >pril 3rd, I'ill    ,«
Plana, Specifications, Estimates
P. O, Box 27, Nmtb Vancouver
16 inch-13 ptr load -
12 inch-«3.26 ptr load
f.'oidwvod 16 per cord
Offie. and Yard :
Phone 190 P. 0. Pol 184
■TENDERS will b* received by the un
der.igned up lo the 22nd duy of
April, I'JI I, at 6 p.m. for thopurchuea
of Block 27, Subdiviaion of Lot No.
(tl, Group I, New Wcilmimtcr Hi.
trict, situated in the (ily ol Vancouver, and being Ihe aite ol Ihe old I'm
vincial Court Houie. Each (endei
muat be encloaud iu a reitiatcred letter and muit be addrcucd to tho un-
dcriigned und plainly in.nl.nl "Tondei
for old Vancouver Court Hou.s site,"
and must be accompanied by an accepted cheque (or ten per cenl. of lho
lint payment of the purdioie money.
Payment lor the properly will bo accented in initalmcnli ol ono-quurtcr ol
the pui.limn., money, 'llie firit of such
iiittalmtnti to bt paid within thirty
dayi altar the acceptance of the tender, end the other throe innually
thereafter, witb intereit at tht rataol
6 per cent, per annum. In tb. tvent
.ol tht per ion wholo lender it accepted failing to complete Iho firit imtal
ment within thirty duyi of tht notice
of  tucb  a.
will bt cancelled and hii ten per cent
tela to   him
Phone   198
North Vancouver
Coal am* Supply Co.
Dealers in Coal, Brick,
Sand,   Gravel,   line,
Cement   and   General
Builders' Supplies}.
deposit forfeited. Ths cheque, of un
auccsuful tendorert will bt retumod.
Tht highest or sny lender will *..t
neowearily lie accept ml. No commii-
lioni ol any kind will bt allowed.
Minister ol Lands.
Dspartmi nl of I mills,
Victoria, B. C,
March 7th, 11111.
All   Orders   Promptly
Filled «nd Satisfaction
Guaranted.   Pricea on
(Met: Lonsdale, near Gly Wharl
Warehouse;      Formans Whirl
■,. aulldl UU ft
w~. dwIiMlli
«i>Id;» osasactM
I upon ic-
, . York IJIi
Plana prepared and Estimate* given.
Qf as: 1407 Dominion Trust illdg.
l'hnne 2487
Beiidonoo, 152 Eighth Ave. E.
North Vuneouver.
Excessive Prices
wl.en =
Can Supply you with
and all
Household Requisite*
at a Lower Price than elsewhere.
my Mono i
"Small Profit, .nd Quick Return."
Phone 184
snd Corner Granville and Smyth.
Best Goods at
Bed-rock Prices
All lines of choice family
(Jroceriet*, also Fruits,
Confectionery, etc.
Satisfaction  guaranteed
or money refunded,
Our ini'lliiuls are receiving favor on nil uideu
ami business is increas-
lllg with great rapidity
Your orders respectfully
Telephone 126
Jno. Dierssen
Coupons given {re* on every
$1 50 order (0 gel a chance op
residential lot in Port Angelea.
v Tim mnnm wwm vancquveh, % c.
(ft C. (H8RTTB
Annofojlinentt } Hia'flonor tb* Jiiau-
tenaiit-Qovemqr of Hrrtltb Columbia,
has, recently appointed the following
oitisens of Vaaoouvar oity electoral
district to be oommissioners for tak-
i"(f tilliiliivile in the supremo court I
Montague 8, Saunders,. B. B. M«-
Lonnan, James Bcfllasban^-.Wm: Pil>
iioas, W. E. Morrison, Bobsrt Pitch,
Henry Yearly, W. Q. Davidson, J. ft
Uront, C. Skating uml C. J, Cunieron.
Miacellaneous appointments recorded
-Geo. D. MoKay, Vancouver, deputy
mining recorder lor oity of Npw Westminster, Arthur Serapson, Vsneouver,
ohiol constable, Vancouver police district, L. II. Buck, Vancouver, sbrvsy-
or in land registry office, J. Marshall
and A. Adamson, Vancouver, clerks in
land registry qffioe, W. L. Hunt,
Vancouver, junior clerk and typist in
legislativa HMry; An C»thb*rt,' *r
seesor and collector for tbe I'rince Bu-
part assessment district; P. Crummer
Vancouver, junior clerk fa land registry office.
Tbe midermootioned ofBcints bsve
been appointed (or tb* court houae,
Vancouver1: .1. Cameron, engineer, ,W.
O'Brien, fireman, J. Mcpherson,
watchman. •
A. H. Hemming and W. Thompson
are to fill petitions ol junior clork in
the tuprsma snd county court*, Vancouver. ' •
'% Hunnalla, Victoria, inspector of
Trust coiuoanica; ft (luvot, nsiistanl
inspector ot fruit pesli in tbs department of agriculture.
To bo government agcnlt- ft W.
Groin at lliirkeravillo, G. J. Walker at
Fort Gsorgs, E. 0. Lum (t Nicola.
J. F. Cnrponttr, assistant borticul-
turist in the department ol sgricui-
i    ^'T^rm^mmrmmmmgr--
iifea. epgtnaer.
ture. Q. P. Kapler, «(*i(tjnt e»gtn»er.
in tji* department of public works, fi,
ML Duncan, draughtsman iu. th« de-
partmeut oi publio works.
Allrad Eq>in fityl a|ipiW a pom:
misaiouer Under the Public Hurjuir-
ioe Act to omjuiro into iiiirilinitinn in
tbs nam* of Oha*. W. Oprby to pur-
efaasa lands embraced in lot No. l'HIl'J
group. 1, Knqtanay diilrjct.
Licensee have been granted to the
following cxtra-prqvinciul companies |
Edinburgh Life Aiaurance Co., capital
#800,000, Edinburgh, Scqtland; Nei-
hit Auid Ltd., capital 1280,000, Toronto, Out.: Bad Cliff Mill and Elevator
Co. Ltd., Bed Cliff, Alberta, capital,
iVrliliniti'n of incorporation have
been isiued tq the following oompan-
: Advertiser Corporation of B. C.,
Canadian Amusement t'o. I.I'I, nl
Vancouver, Columbia Colleries, Limit
Real Estate and Fire Insurance Agents
Agreements for Sale Bought and Sold
Loans Negotiated, Rent* Collected
Choice Properties for Sale in All Parts of the City
Phone 173 62 Lonsdale Ave.
P. 0. Box 72
Blocks 226, 227 and 230.    Subdivided into
Lots 50x114 feet,
For I'I.nn., Price List and Particulars, apply to
Phone 6286. Comer Pender and Seymour Street, Vancouver, B.C.
The Canadian Financiers
120 feet on Mahon Avenue
Car Line at $62 a foot
<J LoU 33 and 34, Block 112a, D. L. 271, 120 feet by
100 feet deep, only $7500,1-3 cash, balance 6, 12 and
18 months.
Oranvillt -Strut    VlHCOUVEB, B. C,
Ileal Kittle.    Inturasce
... S3,000,000.
Authoriied Capital
Mousy to Loan.
w*.«s*W. U Unidale Avenue, North Vancouver,    "if^
1 I    " I     u   ■-■»aaaaaa...«aa.aa.»aqaaa»aMaaaaaa»«»aaa»a». ,   li      a»aaa»aa»a»«a.
Lot IS, Block 35, D. L. 650, $1150. Cash $450, balance 6 and 12 months
LoU 64 and 55, Block 166, D, L. 274, $13,000. Terms to arrange.  Near Lonsdale
Uu above lot* are among tb* belt buy* la North Vancouver, aad intsndiag iavsstors will serve thsir own
iat.reiti by investigating. Vt bave th* eicluiiv* ial* and alio a luge lilt ol other lot. in the City. It 1*
la yent own inUr.it to c.ll sad inspect our list bstors deciding.
ALV0 von
Wr*****   p^w**mfiw   ar^j^taWf *•■• a aaitaiijivaa^    "' Wmfff "§
Head Office; 405 Hastings St Ws, Vancouver, B, C.
, LTD.
British Columbia Branch Offices:
4 Lonsdale Ave,, North Vancouver
Branch Offices in Europe:
Berlin, Gferrrjatiy
UU Government gt-f Victoria • • J^nfJoo, England
'  '        Ttlris, France    ,
al, Contractors' Material fft. Ltd.,
Grist Northern Hfltpl Cq. LWm Hume
Estate Trust Corporation Ltd-, B. A-
Miilliilliiinili Contracting Cq., Hri,,
Steamboat Kxteuaion Gold Miniw,
Ltd., Kluiimbont Mountain Mininu
Co., Ltd-, Stewart and ajofjley Ltd.,
liniviiiiiity Club l.id. o| Vsneouver,
Vancouver Springs and Indian.  Park
llivur Cq, Ltd-, Viinenuvcr-Qiiiianel
Navigation Co. Ltd., ('imn- ami' llnl
way Ltd., Motliorlode Sboop Creek
Mining Co.
A water record baa been granted
i'Inn. F. .Sodorling on Elk Biver.
Editor Eiprees:
Befcrring to by-law a'dvortlsad regarding thia matter ss a general approval ol tbe scheme was given by tho
Board ol Trade and I heartily concurred in it, I deem it necessary to oiler a word of ssplanatiou as I cannot
personally aupport the ichcme ss pro-
lentod by tho By-law. It waa clearly
atated to the Board by the promoter!.
1. Tbat only a temporary cloturtol
Eiplatmdo would be required and that
lull proviiion would be made lor nee-
oasary through trullie; and
3! That thcro would be no clemoiit
of a ili'iiuii nil/inn character - allowed
within tho grounds.
Tho bylaw proposed the absolute
doling ol tho Eiplunado with a back
lottor from Mr. Koith that ho would
reopen it under certain condition. I
havo the greatest postiblo rcapect for
any obligation Mr, Keith may givpin
the matter but u inle <ii tbo whole
gnrdena or tlto death ol Mr. Keith
might ao change the aituution aa In
make it a very difficult obligation to
enforce. 1 tun enough ul a Bcolobiunn
tn believe   in the   nl. .1 ex| I   by
WI111I we have wu bold."
I undent und that a part ol thu
■■i-liriin- ii the saliiblisbment of a dance
hall on (he grounde. Thai I consider
a very dnngoroui courie. Our ililicr-
I'ni lui'nl i.i|.iiiiuiiiinii:i have rn..ii] li
of dance gathering! lo aatialy Ihe
mini fuitidioiia among ua, but aa
thoy oro very much ol lho nature of
family gathering! the clement a ol dunger ure nut proton! to any extent ut
them. Those who know the character
ol Ihe general dance ball will lw the
in i.i to admit that tho condition!
there are very different. I am proud
to think that our city aimi at being
11 clean town.
At the Hoard ol Trudu mooting nov-
erui ol ua ventured to auggeat a dif-
tiiiiliy in getting an earning of th.W
lies day for thii idieiuo Irom legi-
liiniiii- and orderly buiineii. The pro-
moton thought they knew better uml
were prepared to give all ncceiiary si
siirnncoa but there ia nothing in tin
Bylaw lo prnvido any guarunlco or
protection. If the rea|Hinaibilily for
tbe decision on tbia matter ia lo be
Isid on the electors then tho clcctora
ahotild have had thc lull. 1 posaible
information laid befnrc llicin. Ou
Sajitrdny wc muat vole on the infui-
mution wc liuvo got in ofliciul form
and il ia nut enough lo aatiafy mo.
I am,
Ihe pnrliiur.hip heretofore exiating Ik -
tween ua, the undcriigned, ua real estate agohta in Ihe City of North Vancouver, in the province of British Columbia, ha. thia day lieen diaiolvcd by
mutual consent. All debts owing to
Ibo aaid partnership aro to bo paid
tq Henry Valentine Smith at the City
of Norlh Vancouver, and all claim,
against Ihe uml partneribip aro to be
proontcd to tho laid Henry Valanlinc
Smith by whom the samo will be settled.
Dated Ihis 27th day ol March, A.D.,
(Signed)  THUS, A. MAIM IN.
all persons having claima against
the estate ol Martha H. Holt, dcoeas-
rji, lata ol lb* City ol North Vancouver, ari required to rat by poit, pre-
paid, or dclivsr to Scbultx 41 Arnold,
solicitors lor tb* executor of tbe said
deceased, their names and addrc*sci,
sad (ull parlieulara in writing ol their
claimi and tho nature ol tbe security,
U any, held by tbem.
AND TAKE NOTICE (bat after the
1*1 of May, 1911, the executor will
proceed to distribute the assets of tlie
deceased, having regard only to the
claims ol wbich he then shajl h>ve
had notice.
jubst all parties indebted to lb* Said
■sat* art rtquirod to psy On
amount of their indebtetncis to ths
undersigned forthwith.
Dated thi* 2.11, day ol March, 1911.
Solicitor! (or th* Executor.
m-H Crown Bu#ng, SIS P*»der
Street, Vancouver, B- C. 2-6
The Merchant! Trwt & Trading Co.
PAID UP CAPITAL S1M.0O0.O0            R. THOMPSON TINN, M.n.,l0, DU.cfcir
 1 1 BRANCH OFFICE 1 34 Old Broad Si.. UodoD, Eniland.	
Bread!   Breads
Union Made.   Home Industry.
Bigger Loaf.   Better  Bread.
Don't forget our latest Home Made Loaf.
fttores: 71 Lonsdale'Ave. Cor. Lonsdale & fttli St.
SASH    doors    mouldings    brackets
We solicit a trial bid 0:1 your Orders small ur Urge
North Vancouver City Ferries, Limited
Issvs Vsacuvsr
•6.20 a.m.
7.80 "
8.30 "
".16 "
10.18 "
11.16 "
13.18 p.m.
1.18 "
3.18 "
fi ii
7.38 '•
8.18 a
».!» "
10.18 I
11.80 1
Isav* Nulh Van.
•6.16 a.m.
7.60 7'
8.60 "
9.16 "
10.« "
2.46 "
8.48 "
4.40 "
6.30 "
6.00 a
6.16 It
7.46 It
8.46 "
0.46 "
10.46 "
11.46 "
tsim North Van.     Lass* VaaMavar
•6.46 s.m.
•8.00  II
•8.60 II
9.46 "
10.3 a
Hit "
« ^
2.46   "
'6.30 a.m
•7.20 "
•8.30 "
8.30 "
10.16 "
11.16 n
13.16 p.m.
1.18 "
2.16 a
8.16 "
4.16 "
8.00 "
6.40 "
6.30 »
7.36 "
8.16 a
3.18 "
10.16 a
11.16 "
12.46 *.m.
6.16 II
7.46 "
8.46 "
3.46 "
10.46 "
12.16 s.m.
1.00 ....
'       * Danolea not on Sunday.
t tbi* Tim* Tsbls aubject to cbang. without notlos.
I ■«■■»
West Vancouver IVolor launch Service
i ..nun li "Wist Vain  -ivi.t," Captain Findlay
Licensed Joi 35 passenger*
7. jo a.m.
900 a.m.
11.00 a.m.
15.00 p.m.
17.00 p.m.
19.00 p.m..
9.30 a.m...
13.15 p.w...
1700 M	
18.30 p.m	
ty«r» »<v 1 actbt twndsy
Utia VaacoUTir
Clljr Firrlil' WU
oanilay Schedule
8.00 a.m.
11. op a. in,
10.00 p.m,
18.00 p.m
,32.00 p.m.
,jo.,qo a.m.
.14.00 p.m.
■ 'Uip.tn-
Two Tlckst* 'lie
Quickest ipiitt ftoa) Norlh Vancouver to the district beypfll
Capilano ftiver. tauncli "\VL*jst Vanconver" make* tbiMft'-t
lions, without fail, with thi tarry steamers from North V*n-
couver, aa per ipoye actwduh  .
*}*»*?*'>•   ' "r -      . 1 ■ i>mi*M*hi
M.1WWPJI' Express Want Ads.
WANTED - Ran to out firewood.
Waghorne, Boat Road Lynn Valley
or Bspres* 0(b>*. ■
WANTBD-Lady at businsss during
my wants quiet, room, not on oar-
line.  Bos 088 Eipresa Offioe.     , 11-4
Japanese Woman wants work, washing, eto, 18th street east. 1'. 0. Bos
Telephone N. 17-4
' WOOD FOR HALE-fiO cords good
.'dry fir. Apply Fred Hunter, Centre
Road, Lynn Valley, or Lynn Creek,
pott office.
WANTED-A lew purtiea to join a
syndicate who own a large tract of
choice Iruit laud in the Okanagan
Valley, fronting on the luko, A good
subdividing propoaition and a big
moneymaker with a quick turnover.
Apply Box 161, Espress Office.
FOR BENT >- Furnished houjslctep-
jng rqoms, 218 2nd street wet.    28-4
TO RENT-Twfr-room oottage, /or-
tier Moody and Eighteenth Stresls.
t'-iiiindiaii Financiers Ltd.
LOST- On 80th March pair ol Indian Runner Ducka. Reward. Fish
Market, 1st street, N. Vancouver. 7-4
LOST- Bunch ol ksys, on* bearing
number of 1806, Reward. Gapt Ohas.
dates, 4th street, North Vancouver 7-1
WANTED - Quotations for clearing lot 3, block 3, II. I, 273, Keith
Road, between Mootly und Queenibury ; also lot 4, Illock 4, 11. L. 273,
Keith Road, between Quouniliiiry and
Sulhiiiiniiil Ave. ('haa. Steele Realty
Co., 626 Pender Street Weet, Vuneouver. 14-4
LOHT-Bliuik and white Setter l'up
(bitch) at oar lerminu* Capilano Sunday afternoon. Owner 814 Haitinga
itreet. . Pbont 1077. 10-4
m nmm north Vancouver, a. c.
J. L*ut*t and North toasdal*
Elder Murray Co. In inaurancu,
FOR SALE - Oerhard Heintimati
Piano. Owner going eaat. Will sacrifice.  Boi B, Espress Office.
Fresh   Lettuce   for
Ktene, 16th street.
S«l>'.     C.   E.'
First class Cook Stove (or aale. Apply at 127 Lonadale Ave. 6-4
FOB SALE- ligge from thorough-
brnl While Wyandotte and White Lag-
home. Apply Mn. Edgar Hill, 2f»r.l
itreet and Lonsdale. 14-4
Thoroughbred Leghorn und White
Wyandotte egga for aale. Mra. II. ('.
Wright, North Lonadale, lietween Ititli
snd 17th.  Phone 32. 10-4
Miss Eva Bobden is prepared to
take 2 or 3 more pupils into hsr el-
ternoon preparatory school, For
terms apply Boi 319. North Vancouver. 24-4
W* will buy or exchange your stnvei,
range* end bousshold goods lor spot
eaih. Turner'., 70 Lonidale Avsnus.
Phone 184.    7 X Boi 218.
FOR SALE-Thoroiighlirud l.eglioni
and White Wyandotle egga. Mra. II.
O, Wrighl,   North   l.oiiululu, lietwovn
Itiih and 17th. ' Phone 32 ltl-4
C. S. YOUNG k CO., real eetate
I agente, removed lo room No. 10, Merchants Bank block, cor. Carroll anil
! Hastuigs, Vancouver. Specialty,
North Vancouver nroiiertv. Invite
FOB SALE Iii 663, ons lot .MU 17.
In block 4, lot 17. Price 1800. Will
tell agreement, 1626 oa.b, Have till
26th February, I'JI'.1. to pay rest. Apply J. A. I'illir, SS. Inlander, Port
Ellington, B. C. 11-4
Vancouver   properly,
lilting, of property lioueei.
I,OT-Ono block from Lonsdale our,
1476. Eaiy termt. Mn. Mollwaine,
162 Third street aait, 4th houit from
Untd.la. 84-4
i ' • ■
FOR SALE One block from Loot-
dale car, Boulevard Lol, 60 feet frost-
age, price 1800, eety term. Mr. Mo-
Ilwakii, 162 Third .treat ea.l, 4th
houie from l.on»dale Ave.
Mr. Philip bega to acknowledge the
following further euma for the fhineee
Famine Fund I
Rev. J. II. Hooper  12
Rev, W. C. Sohliobter  fl
'llieee eunn have been fui wauled li
the Vancouver treaiuror.
Ths SB. St, George while making
bar regular trips across the Inlet on
Tuesday evening met with) an sooident
to h*r steering gear just as the
North .Vancouver approach was r*a*li-
ad. Some little difficulty wat pxperi-
enced and time expended before the
big boat was got out of the dock to
allow ths No. 8, which hsd been waiting for'soma time outside, to get in
The SS. Nortli Vancouver moored
oloss by was put on at once, so no
delay or disanmlort to lerry patrons
was experienced. At ton o'clock th.
St. George was again on ths, route,
having been repaired in the meantime
by the Wallace Shipyards Ltd. ond it
speaks well for that firm thut the nee
osssary rspairs were an expeditious
ly carried out.
Mr. Jack Neat met with a bad accident in the city last week being
■truck by an elevator.
Mra. Wm. Qarrett, Vancouver,  wua
a visitor to Lynn Valley last Sunday.
Mr. J.l Roberts   has a contract   tu
erect a small bungalow (or Mr.   Wilkinson on Centre Road.
Mr. Thompson is about to erect i.
new bouse corner ol Doran and Centre roads.
Mrs. J. Roberts entertained a fow
frionda at a houee party in honor of
Mr. Roberts'  birthday  on Tuesday.
Mr. Campbell er. ia confined to hia
house with a severe oold, but is much
Mr. Hniileii ot Vancouver is about
to have hia Iota cleared before build
ing on Doran flood thia aummer.
Moasrs. Hunter and (liver ure clear
ing a tract of lund near Frederick on
Fromme Road.
Mr. V. Cross is huving Ida lota  on]
west side of Fromme Road all .lushed uml cloarud.
'Hie aouvonir booklets in conneotion
wkh the new Preabyterian church arc
now on aale al 26 otmta ond are the
beet production ever turned out irom
any preaa on tho North Shore.
Mr. Daniel McMillan left yeaturday
for a visit to his ham* in Alberta.
Mrs, (Pr.) New"W»r*i Viotorla Rpadi
will not receive ot) Tuesday next nor
again until further not in-.
Rev.   A.   M.   Hiiiiford   will preach
in  the  Methodist church on  Sunduy
morning neit nt 11 o'clock.
Mr*. J. Shaw and daughter who
have been viujling for the past three
months in Riverside, California, returned to their home in t he oity yet-,
Messrs, 0, Edniuii.il on ond W. Webster nf Aberdeen, Scotlund, who have
booil touring the United Stnlss, India, Japan and China since lust November, are guests wilh Mr. und Mrs.
P. Kellim on |he li.plane.de.
Mr. W. Ci. Milea of the Nurth Vancouver fire department, hue adviaod us
that the preauntutinn made tn Ex-
Fire Chief Donovan wua mudo by the
citizens of Norlli Vancouver only and
not by the citiaena and men ol the fire
department ua we were informed when
ths statement was publialiud.
Editor Eipreaa:
The Band Boya wiih lo kindly acknowledge the aplcndjd dmiutinn of
Mr. A. Wallace's cheque lor ti6, alio
Aid. Dick's cheque for (10 yesterday.
The band boya ore very grutelul for
thia usiiitanco ua their uniforms are
not aa yet fully paid for.
All other enterprising citiicus
kindly take notice.
Mrs. 8. P. Sohults and ton b»vs "returned from a sit weeks' visit to Southern California.
Ths pulpit of St. Alldrswfs i'Wlkf'
torian phurob will b* occupied by B*v,
W. L. Barnes ol Duncans, B, 0., on,
Sunday noil, morning and evening.
n Took
'lf\l 'Jii.1 isaw
Our tyring shipment has
just arrived from the factory, consisting of Rakes,
Spades, Shovels, Spading
Forks, Manure* Fcrto, Potato Hooks, etc. The above
are all full strapped and
first grade. Drop in and
look them over.
loom. 10 snd 11, Psndsr Chambers,
622 Ptndar Strut W.        Phona 3461
Rstidsnrt,   cor.   I.nnsdsls  Av*   aad
22nd .trsst, North Vancouver.
TENDERS are invited for th. leeae
of tho rest um ant privilege, ou tho
•teamtr North Vancouver Perry No.
3, Condition of lease und other pur
tioular. may be obtained from tbe un-
deraigned with whom tenderi muit be
lodged on or before April 12th, I'JI I.
Highest or any tender not neewttr-
ily scesptsd.
The regular leiiiimontlily dance ol
the Huplo Loaf Club will be held in
the lloiiii'iiliiiiiil hull this svening.
The music will be provided by Warners'    1 111 ■■■■ I'i"..'   oil lie:.ll',I.    Tile.",-   .1.111-
cc. havo proven very popular during
the louson und ure invariably attend-
ed by a lurge number ol devotee, of
the dance.
tb* estate of the Into EDWARD THOMAS I'OI.I OK, bu- of the City ol
North Vmn onui. Eitett Agenl, who
died on tbe 22nd day of Ftbruary,
f»1l. bat beon GRANTED to tho aa-
ALL CREDITORS snd ottwr. having
biuinw. pending witb th. laid deooss-
sd sx* requeued to **nd in p.rtleu-
' has* ot their several claims or of ths
basinee. in which tbey arc concerned
to tht undenigned on or before' the
14lb dsy ot April. 1211.
wiiJ-Fam s, beene,
P. 0. Boi 20,
Norlh Vsncouvsr.
l)*ted l.t dsy of April, 1111.        14 4
tVsw    Weetmintter    Lsad    Dittiict
Distriot of New Westminster.    TAKE
^^    titt Robert Duff Klmond of
tvtr, R, C. occupation, broker,1
to apply for pennieaion to '""
ta* /oTloi '
; et a post planted op tb*
owing oVriboi I
ltd on ttw
on the North
< Lot 2620, ibenot ws*t20	
or Us. to th. notlbwMt corner
\ SS80 i tfcanc. louth 83.70 ebtia*
l nortjUtt aoraer of 'Lot 2622,
I fast 81.73 chain* to Od souts-
* norm olUt M; timet north
lehals* ***** or Ism to ths south-
«**t *ot**r ot Im* ISM; tbsM. iu,
MM chaise mutt or 1st. to short of
Ws; tWs in • southerly djrsotio*
sJoag skor* <A Islw to pom. of coat-
Next Thursday will  see  the
"The Express" published  «*•
fl This is being produced under
an entirely new idea to B, C.
and will be an eye-opener to
every purchaser— ■
fl We shall have on)y a few
dozen for sale beyond our usual
edition. Adva1.ce orders may
be left at office and will be filled
in rotation.—■ =a=g=
'   •-iinrri       r     •      n-
NOTICE ia hereby given thul ull vacant Crown IuiiiIh nut uln-ii ly undei
reaorvo, ailuutctj within tlio bounder-,
iua of llie I ..in.I Heeoi.liii... Districts of
Caribou und Lilloool, and lho Earn-
loopi lliviaion of Yule Lund Record-
ing Dial rid, ere reserved from any
iilii-iiaiioii under the "Land Act" except by pre-emption.
BOBT. a. renwick,
Deputy Minialer of Land.
■Department of Lunda,
Victoria, B. Q„ April 3rd, 1211.  7-6
& mcmuian
The Hardware ScecialitU Phone 12
First Street and Lonsdale Avenue
McMillan'* Tea
b dood
i lbs. for $!.««
J. A. t> M. HcMILUN
New and Distinctive Styles
in High Grade Clothing
#|T An interesting display of all
11 the latest and best styles,
patterns and workmanship will be
shown for Easter week. This
clothing is built by the very best
tailors both on this continent and
MEN'S SUITS, 115.00, $16.50, $20.00,
$22.(30, $24.00, $25.00, $26.50, $28.00
MEN'S TROUSERS, $1.50, $2.00, $3.10,
$3.00, $3,50, $5, $6, $$,50, $7.50.    .
BOYS' BLOOMER SUITS, $47$ to $15
We have just received a large ahipmenl ol
Overalls which arc built to aland llie wear and
tew-   Every garment guaranteed.
Vancouver* horn* of "Silver Brand"
Collar* and Paabod/a Union Mad*
successors to


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