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 *VOLUME 14.
M.  0.  8.  RAINBOW REQll
Sir Richard McBride, K.C.M.G., LLB, M.P.P.
Cablegrams from London yeiterday
make public the fact Ibat the official
iiuiiiiiiiucineiit of the King's birth'
duy honors includes tho conferring of
the order of Knight Commander of
the Most Distinguished Ordor of St.
Michael and St. Oeorge upon the lion.
Ilichard McBride, Premier of Hritisb
Hum   in   tho   city   of   Now   West
iiiionler. December 15th, 1870, Frontier
Mi llri.ii- pussed through Iho public and
yi schools of Ihe province and received the higher portiou of his edueat-
liun ut Dulhousic University, llsli-
fus, N. 8. (.'boosing Ihe law as hii
profession, he was called to the bar
in July, 1892. In Ihe year IM1S hu wsi
returned to the provincial hooio si
member for Ihe constituency of Dcwd
ney and then begun that politic*) career which has proven such a cunspicu-
huh success, which has conferred sucb
marked benellts upun Ibe province of
Hrilish Columbia and which givoi every
promise "I becoming one of Ibe notable
careers   io   lhe   history   of   CsuS'lisn
statesmanship, lu 1900 he entered
the government of the day having in
ing in charge the portfolio of Miuister
of Mines, lu lint he becume leader
of tlte Conservative party in lhe house
indj reconstructed the government of
the/province upon parly lines. Control
Imb lhe house itt thc hrst instance by
tho narrow margin of one vole, his ad-
ministration has displayed such dis
tinguisbed ability thai he hus been
honored by the ever increasing confi
dence of thc eleclors of the province
until iu the bouse as ut present com
,'oseit, there is uo opposition uml there
are but two members (Socialists) wlm
tre not out-sud out supporters of the
government. •
In his elevation to Knight Command
er of the in -in. i'ii. -in-' i Order of St.
Michael and St. George, Sir Hiehard
Mcllride has won well deserved honors
at the hands of His, Most llrurious
Majesty King Oeorge V. uml bus like
wise conferred aiblcd distinction upon
his native province, over whon1 des
tinies he so ably presides.
Wedding Bells
A ijuiet wedding seems to hi tbe
fashionable Hung in North Vancouver
ul present. Probably the limit \o this
reipcel was reached on Wednesday
lusl when a note was found tri the
oflice desk of Mr. T. (,'. Holl cou
lummy lbc laconic message "Will re
tun. iMoudoy double." Until tbis
.in,,, i ui unu I mn wsi rcceivol no
body wus swsre thst s wedding wsi
immediately pending. Mr, If-.lt ji the
president of T. ti. Holt Ltd. ei tbii
city, and his fcridc is understood o be
Mrs Francos Whyte of Vancouver. It
is further beliovod tbat the .loins
liou of Mr. aud Mrs. Holt ia lott
laud, Oregon,
The wedding took place on -Sednt-
day at the homo of Mr. and Mrs. 6.
Wight ou 17th street, of Mr. Thonsi
Harrow and Miss May Finally, both ft
Ibis city. The ceremony wai ptrlpipxii
by Ihe Kev. J. I), Oillaiu amid p Pnn
of Durst) dccoratioui, tbe effective mm
ot Heun. Simpson k Wight. Tk
br'dc, who wai given away by Mr. fc
Wight, wai tastefully gowned'and CM
ried a bouquet of while roioi anc"
mange blossoms. • Her bridcintaid wi
Miss Fitanaurice wbilo tho groom wi
Mile Winifred 1'anleu made her very
successful debut as a pianiite recently
iu Vancouver tu "a packed house, uml
a most i-iiil,'.!:ninii, audience.'' "She
displayed finished technique, uml uu
eveu command over her Instrument."
She studied four years at the Hoyul
Academy of Music, London, England,
under the best professors of piano,
harmony and singing. She gained two
bronze ntcduls and Iwo silver medals.
expectations materialize,
the lirst of duly this year will
,luli' inetuornlile in a double, trip
oven quadruple sense. It may wi
for instance un incident, small iu
Iihl significant uud historic in
ter- the turning: uf the first soil\ ju
ruilwuy construction by thu Pacific A\lu\
Oreat Eustern. Muyor McNeish Jm
nouiieeil this possibility Jig Tu%iay
evening ut tho weekly Jfteoting of the
Dominion Duy colebi*j0„ committee.
Au endeavor wauldfa 1,m,|0| 8aj,i hi,
wurship, to have^hut first soil turned
on duly lit, ttnjK if possible by Premier
""bile   nothing   had   been
arranged, owing in :  of
ripuls not having been  inter
the imiyor had received .milli
encouragement in the matter (o
further into it. He purposed, therefore, interviewing Mr. Welch, of
.Messrs. Foley, Welch A Stewart, who
would be iu Vuncouver ou Wednesday.
Ou Wcdnesduy his worship was leaving for Victoria, where he would endeavor lo sec the Premier iu this re-
Malinger T. S. Ilrown reported to the
committee Ihut liver ♦ 1,1011 hud been
collected mi far towards lhe relebra
lions. This practically consisted of
voluntary contributions, us no personal
ciiiivuss hud yet been slurted.
I wus urrunged that the days'
sports, under the chairmanship of Mr.
F. T. Salisbury, will include s 18-mile
marathon nice from the city hall out
lo the wuler works intake and return.
Five prizes will be ufferefl fur tbis, the
lirst being u (oil cup. Oupi will be
offered us the lirsl prizejn,.lUl the oth
er athletic events. Anotber item
which is designed to create a great deal
ol interesl is the tug of wur between
tbe police, firemen, li. ti. Klectric employees ntnl Ferry employees. The
marathon will slurt ul ID o'clock. At
llllllll lhe athletic events will start un
the Ksplauade, which ut tins lime
offers lbc best course for running iu
tbe   city.     Next   yeur,   huwever,   ll
Items of Interest
If you are wanting coul photic 188
Mayur McNeish left lust evening for
Vicloriu where Ile will ultetitl to lev
erul citv mutters.
North Shore Coul and Supply Co.
ure unlouding .'UIO tons of choice Wei
lington coul.  Phone 188.
Mrs. I- Kllingsen, accompanied by
her daughterin law, Mrs. S. Kllingsen,
lefl oo Wednesday for Florence, Wash.,
where they are visiting Mrs. .lohn Kl
lingsen uml old friends. They will be
away til'out two weeks.
Mr. Leonard Sule, while on his hou
eymoon trip, has been summoned bur
riedly home ou account of tho illness
of liis mother who wus stricken with
pneumonia less than u week ago. Mrs.
Sole's condition is at present consider
ed critical.
Tomorrow's game at Recreation
Park, Vancouver, should prove u closely contested and most exciting ton-
liul all tbe way. Lalundc will not be
on tbe Vancouver lineup on account of
the conditiou of his arm whicii has necessitated bis going to thc hospital,
find tbo New Westminsters, therefore,
inter tho areua wiih a good chance of
capturing a game on thc borne grdundtt
ol the MJnto Cup holders, a feat, which
might prove a controlling factor in
the roiling place of the hietoric trophy
pt tbe close of tio season. At the
e time Con Jones is in position lo
place an nil ilni team in the field and
the pace muat be fast and furious
wfcich will enable their opponents to
tale tbem into camp from tboir own
(rounds   Ticketi arc noMr ou sale at
supported by Mr, I. A. Uugland*.
and Mrs. Qarrow, af tor i brief botuylfloAl rey 'a and now tbat tho weather
moon, intend taking up resident* Ip] Mflmisos to bo ideal, a record crowd
thll city. j   J Wmi.
The N. V. City /land purposes giving weekly concerts on tbe roof gar
den of the l'alacc Hotel on Saturday
evenings, Ihe llrsl of which will be
given tomorrow. This is a good plnco
for tbe dispensing of bind music t
it can be beard at a great distance
mayor assured tho committee, Maiion
Park would have recreation grounds
second to none ou the cuast. At tho
recreation park in tbe forenoon a
baseball match will take place hutweon
North Vancouvar und a tenm tu be sc
lected. An attempt will be made to gel
one of the coast league games ou in
the niii-iiiinii.
A communication was read frum tlte
commander of 11. M. U. S. Rainbow
expressing regret thut, us the ship
would be iu northern waters, North
Vancouver's Invitation to be present
on Domiiliun Duy could not be accepted.
The Hoy Scouts will ligure very eon
spieuously in the day's events. Mr.
,1. II. Knglisli repurted thut between
mn ium lilill would tube part. There
will be a troop competition fer tbe
Henry Kves' cup and nine silver
ine,Inin. for which skill iu building a
18-foot bridge spun live feet high, re
lay race, HIU yards, and scaling u wull
ten feet high will be some of the tests.
A challenge cup douatod by Mr. Eng-
I ish-lull-WU be contested for ol similar lines.
I in it ■ inin-1, i It. Chance intimated
that the music committee were eudca
coring to urrunge for lhe presence ul
outside tuleui. Mr Chance furthe;
called the meeting's attention lo llu
difficulty Con Jones is experiencing in
securing a suitable ground for lacrosse
matches ou the expiration of his pres
eut lease. Mr. Chance urged the up
I'uitllmcnt of uu inllm. mi inI committee
to wail ou Mr. Jones and invite him
to inspect thc recreation grounds of
Nortli Vaueouver.
Muyor McNeish remarked lhal a
portion of Muhon i'urk wus steadily
being created info the finest uml lurg
est sports ground uruuud the Inlet.
His wurship and the publicity
missiuner wore uppointed as a
in it Ice lo interview Mr. Jones in Hi
ubove relation.
Mr. Salisbury suggested lhe persuod
iug of a number of business men lo
support the erection of u club house on
Million I'urk, as this wuuld be essentia
to tlie establishment of an athletic usso
ciation, which wunl I introduce boti
lacrosse uml butccbull.
WANTKD-Slashing and clearing by
contract. 0. A. Swnnsoit, Lvnu Creek.
P. 0. n-7
WANTED-Young lady to help in
store. Apply The Leonunl Sule Co.,
First and Lousdale. 21-0
WANTED-Window and office cleaning or bouse cleaning by young couple.
Apply Box A8I, Express Office.     117
i uin.   -
WANTED-A girl for light house
work, a few huurs daily. Apply Mrs.
J. ll Fieldhousc, eor. 28th unM St.
Oeorge. t.f.
FOB .SALK   Settings  of Mammoth
Pokin Ducks. Prise strain. Pbons IN.
FOR HAI,I-; .sellings of Eggs ud
day old chicks from prise bred 8. 0.
White Leghorn, Partridge Wyandottes
and Huff Orpingtons. Un. J. E. Lis,
Lynn Valloy Poultry Yards, Dempsey
lioad, Lynn Valley. Leave car it Centre Itoad. Postal address, Hoi Ulli.
N. Vancouver. if,
WANTED-A first class bookkcep
er, residing in North Vancouver, inur-
ried mail preferred. Apply stating ex
perience,' referenda uml salary expected.   Box A83, Kxpress Office. Ill li
WANTED-Slonugrapher for part
lime only. Will puy sulary on basis
of time employed and give use of
muchine, etc. Host locution in cily
for public stenographer. Apply P. 0.
Box 2517, City. ISO
WANTED--Dressmaking by the day
or would take work in. Udics' tailored suits, dresses of every description,
lllousc ronovationi. Oood fit 'aud work
guaranteed. Sixth street west, comer
l.onsdule.   P. (I. Hox 1891. llll i
FOR SALE -Three   smull   couuters,
cheap.   Apply 17 Lunsdule avenue. 11-0
FOH SALE- One second huml riinge,
good us new. Hurguin. I'ull llllll HI.
Oeorge Avenue. 21 ri
FOK SALE—Marine gasoline engine,
complete, $7U; or exchange for station
ary.   Frouk Alice, Windsor roud wost.
FOR SALE—8tatiunary gasoline eu
ginc, cost ♦,'IOU, sacrifice for $05. Ap
ply F. A. Mande, Doran Houd, Kust of
Centre, Lynn   Vallev. Ilf 0
lukeu over sole charge of Ihis branch
and iu a few duys lime will, wilh his
father, have become a resident of the
new municipality.
The morning service in the Norlh
Lousdale Presbyterian church—curner
uf 27th ami Chesterfield avcuue—will
ini.e the furm of a baptismal service
with Dr. Pidgcon of Westminster Hull
conducting. At tbis service a cradle
roll will be inaugurated. A special iu
citation is extended to ail children uud
parents.   Next  Sunday at   II uni
Major II,'iiiuiii of fhe Austruliun
service, who during Ihe past few
months hus been ut Ottuwu conferring
with the pu: i miu.eni regarding null
fury matters, ami is uow returning
home per SS. "Makura," is ul present
puyiug u short visit to his brother,
Capt, H. S. Iluiiiiiin. a director of thc
North Vancouver Coal k Supply Co.,
Ltd., at his pretty home on Chester
field avenue.
The reputable firm of Bennett. Bros,
hus secured one of the uew stores on
Second street west—number 110, to be
accurate—which premiici they will
shortly occupy us first class gents'
furnishers.' Their stock will comprisj
;■ liiumi everything whieb North Shoi
mascflllfllty requires and' demands.
The Woman's Auxiliary of Sl
John's church will hold their summer
sale of work in thc Parish Hall on the
afternoon of Wednesday, Hub of June,
plaiu und fancy work and home nmade
dainties. Afternoon tea. Admission
free. In tho evening at 8 o'clock a
first cluss entertainment will be given.
Admission 25 rents. 180
Mr. lt. Bedding has joined the partnership of Paine & McMillan, hardware
merchants, in tbeir Hollyburn busin.on,
known as tbe West Vancouver Stores
ft Trading Co., Ltd.  Mr. Bedding hai
A ipecial meeting of tlte HI. Andrews
Slid Caledonian Society v.n- held ou
Monday evening for tbe purpose of
completing arrangements for the Hcol
tlsh amateur spurls to be beld iu tbe
recreation purk ou Hatunlay, July 27th.
These will be thc first Highland aitta
teur games cer held in North Van
couver. A feature of the sports will
be a football matcb, for which a cup
has been offered.
'OR BALE OR RENT A feut house
21x17, block front Lonsdale, water con
H'uicut ami stove included. Apply Hox
A78, Express Oflice. U 6
FOR 8ALE-A first class garden of
vegetables ou Victoria Park easl with
the option of renting the ground for
another season. Apply .1. Dierssen, Colonial  Apartments. i.f,
ROOMS FOR BENT-Houiekeeping   ,.
and single   218 Snd itreet cut.
street east
Rooms,    172    Third
liieal.tii i  if required.
FOH   BENT—Suites,   housekeeping
rooms. Apply Hex A82, Express Office.
FOR RENT—Iroomed modern houn,
5 minutes from ferry. Peon it Boult,
Phone 188. t.f.
TO KENT- One furniihed Hat with
ini' t improvements. Apply Colonial
Apartments. t.f.
FOR HKNT 0 roomed modern house,
furnished, llth uud Boulevard, ♦JO por
month. Apply owner, J. II. English,
"0. K," Grocer,
FOR HKNT- Three and turn roomed
suites, Mt. Crown lllock, Fint f|
Kust. Apply ut lluilding or to,
Browne, Ut Richards Street.
FOR  KENT    Newly furnish^ root
iu private family   I'i per week.    OtM
block   front   car.   Apply   I'.   0
2221,  North  Vuncouver.
FOR    RENT   L'ufuruiib
rooms in modern house. Few
from eur, 411 per month
Knight, llll ah street and
FOR HALE -House, snap, Htth slreei
and Ht. (leorge's Avenue, 0 ruouis, ce
moot basement, piped for furnace, lot
33x1110 to lane, fenced in and garden.
Now rented »22.1i0 per month. Price,
♦2,01)0, ^250 cash, balance gtt month
at 7 per cent. Owner, Box 1815, cily.
FOR 8ALE-8th street E, lol 7,
block 99, I). L. 050. Lovely 6-roomed
bungalow just bcipg completed, lias
every modern convenience, splendidly
finished off. Built for the owner. Close
to Ridgeway school. Fine view of Inlet, Hay aud Mountains. Price ♦i.OOd
♦ 1,000 cash, mortgage ♦2,200. Hub,, •
0, 12 and 18. Apply Jf. H. Millard, cor,
Mb aud Lousdale. Phone 171. 21 0
stock consists of excellent lines of Jew
dry, watches, clocks, silverware unu
iui glass. His prices will favorably
compare with any house in Canada.
FOR RENT   Furnished hoSi
suite, cheap. Nu objection to chi
lu private family on ear line, Cal
Road,   111   minutes   walk   frum
wharf.     Box A82.
(lot it at I.onsdale FbannMy Ph
Ice, Ice Cream, Buttermilk, htjjL
Cream and Butter, Purity Creamery, JM
Secoud street west.
If you have any pruperty to
want quick 'results, list it wit;
Robertson and Seymour.
Lee Yick & Co., general uierchi
171 Second Street Weat, North Vj
vcf, B. C.   Employment Office.
If you have auy property to sell ind
waut quick results, list it witb Short. J
Robertson and Heymour. If.
Furnished Rooms, wilb or without
board, 202 comer Hi. Oeorge 'it item
und -,'tli slreet eait, Nortb Vamouver.
Mothers' Hay will be observed in Ihe
First Baptist Church bere next Sunday
morning, Everybody is welcome and
in nf lie ia, a re urged bo bo preient. All
attending arc aaked to wear a while
iluwer. Subject "A good mother." In
the evening the aubject Will be "Refuge,-" On Monday evening the pai
tor will speak to tbe young people on
"Salt Lalfe City and tbe Mormons"
The public aro invited.
Mr. Oeorgo Somorton, who hai been
connected with tome of tho best jewelry firms of the eait and is an expert
in engraving, watch repairing, diamond
setting, etc, has transformed the prem-
isci 100 Second street into a Ant-clan
up-to-dale' jewelry store, fitted with
solid mahogany and embellished wltb
British plats mirrors. Mr. Somerton's
The Norlb Vsncouver corps of Field
Engineers now holdi twu drilli week
ly, oue ou Tuesday and another oa
Friday evening, in the temporary Hall,
lairiou's Pavilion. The advisability
is, however, being considered of bold
log only one drill night per week dur
ing the aummer months. Enrolment of
recruit* hai all along ihown a steady
increase and it ia hoped that thc
detachment will have reached 1011 when
the Hon. Col. S. Hughes, minister of
militia, visits North Vsncouver within
tbe next few months
In' the police court on Wednesday
morning befure Police Magistrate Hug
gles, M. Cali was charged wilh selling
liquor without a license, or, in popular
phraseology, "operating a blind pig."
Threo witneuei testified to the purcbaa
log of liquor on Culi '•■> premlsea. on
Sunday nigbt. Tho case was adjourned, together witb two other like charges
against P. Berto and T. Santo. A Jap
wai fined ♦! and costs for riding a
bicycle on the sidewalk, wbilo threo
boyi, similarly charged] were deprived
of the same line and given a mete
warning incidentally. 1'hjlip Stables
wai rendered $1 leis through leaving
bis rig on Lonidale avenue tbe whole
of one nigbt without a light. Felix
Bhni and Cbrii Birkcnmals wero fined
♦(and costs for penciling dogi whole
tags bad not beep renewed.
PIANO-JIildu Bees, late of Leipiie
Conservatory, Oermany, wiihea pupils,
nth street lit block weit of Lonidsle.
I-'ii.d class gardener wsnls cngige
incuts by day. Hardens laid out, lawn
graded, etc.    Boi A70, Exprtai QtHf,
' m
Ladies  'and Children's d.
moderate charges Mri. launb
sou Road or Boi 1800, North
Two modern Oroom houiei, 9*111
rosd, near Boulevard. Very chlfp lot
quick sale.   L, F. Holts, 117 Unitil
w<tB»-         f  |
B>0. Livery snd Boi
Ligbt rigs and ladies* |
for hire.  Stabling for
eral dolivery and heavy ,ti
Dumas, ith itreet west,
Und Clearing tnd Grading
I'cto Andruss, Ooneral Contrac
wer connections a ipcclabi/, I
and other wcctvtting workitJWl
Estimates /roe. 027 St. OjS3Lr
North Vancouvar, post otWSlon
Do you want to sell y-,^
have clienti wtlting to
prico ii right.  Liit ivit„iM*»d
Oreen A Walsh, 104 tnd
For   cabinet   making,"
picturo   framing,   Fronct.      -
painting, glaring*general Jo tS
and repairs, seo or phont qjt
121)6 Lonsdale tvenue,
ver.   Personal attention.
Bank of Montreal
Est.bli.hed 1817
Capital (paid up)
Reserve     •   »   •
Savings Bank Department
North Vancouver Branch) F. A. MACRAE,
Mt, Crown Bldg., lit Street Manager
We have a nicely furnished 6 Room
House, centrally located. Can be had
on a day's notice. Rent $45.00 per
110 Eaplanade.
Phone 227
Twenty-Seventh Street
lllock frum Lonsdale Avenue, Ilil  I'l.  lnl  facing iniiili.   I'rice
for a quick sale ♦600.00 cash.
D. L. 204
Several e,,,,,! bits i lune tu waterfront,   i'rice uuly (loO-ilil csch,
on terms uf oue quarter caih, hulum e ti, I- uml Iff montbi,
:.  E. LAWSON & CO.
' k)Ve represent the London & Lancashire Insurance Co.     A
eOiiinl Board Company,   if you liave anything to insure we can
do it (or you.
Phone 70 15 Lonsdale Ave. P. O. Box 1816
Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
)ur Pricei are right,, and deliveries prompt
North Shore Coal & Supply
North Vancouver Branch
Kickham's Wharf
Phone 488
Vancouver Brand)
Johnson's Wharf
i'lione 9145
Dealers in
Domestic, Steam and Blacksmiths' Coal; Coke, Ijiiic,
Cement,  Plaster,  Sewer   Pipe,  Agricultural   Tile,
Common   and   lace   Brick,   Sand   and   Gravel.
L. S. EATON (Phone 405)
Mgr. Noilh Vancouver Branch
Vancouver        i Leave Nortb Vancouver
2.40  I'M
6 JO
'fret w Sunday."
ny Mt liable for
'6.110 AM
12.20 P.M.
tm   .
2.20   VU
12.46 AM
Time Uble subject to ononis without
delays, accidental or olhennio.
"Alss, how many yeurs anil hours
havo jiassM
Since  human   forms  have  round
this table sate,
Or lump, or taper, on its surface
■ I.- in i ii I.. I hear the sound nf time
lOltg   |Ul..n',l
Still  murmuring  o'er  un,  in   Hid
lofty void
Of I lit*.1 dark  archoi,   like   tho
Of those whn lung   within  Ihuir
graves havo slept."
—"Ort-a: a Tragedy."
In thu inuiilh of. August, IO, Ihere
time  lu Vub' ti yuung mini and  his
wife,   Tint couple were goittool-lookjng,
hud ovldeiitly boon accustomotl lu good
aocioty uiul spoke like peoplo of uul
turn, ami, whul mis botttfr Ihun till iu
stiino eyes, Ihey hud in ucl money, They
lunl wilh Ihem ti girl uf aboul sovon—
sweel, protty iiiui  petito,   a   perfect
fairy, with lovely eyet ami Ijghl hair,
und such winsome ways!   Thu mother
wus a must engaging conversationalist.
She lunl travelled in Europe wilh her
fullier mul motber and hsd a wealth
of Old Country aiicciloto*oiiil scenery
In toll nnd describe.    They gavo the
mini,- of Gregory, mul claimed tu lun.
riiiiu- frum a smull eily in the interior
of New York State,    (legory bought
a  cabin  on  the second   Ilul  buck  uf
Vale which belonged tu Mr. Mi-Huberts,
ti   Scotch   gentleman,   who,   wilh   his
wife, occupied ti larger uml better eut
fage neur Ihe I'uurl  House.   'I'lie lire
gurys furnished their home neatly tuul
comfortably with such articles as they
were able tu procure ut flic Hudson's
Hay store, then managed by Mr.  Al
lard, chief trader.    He wus a French
Canadian inul une uf Ihe best friends
I ever lunl.   John Kurtz, Hugh Nelson,
Wulter (lludwyit uud myself, ail form
er    San    Knliieineiiii.n,    lm,I   n.i t n rn 11.
crystallized ami   forme,I   u  Utile  club
ur sel uf uur own, to which we admit
ted Mr. Hilcy,' the lawyer fruni  Aits
truliu, uiul a few uther kindred spirits.
The Gregorys, when they lirst 'came lu
the camp, were reserved aiul "ullish"
in maimer, aud seemed lu shrink frum
observation. H became aci|uinted witti
llunl in rather an odd muitncr.    The
wuter supply uf llu-  inhabitants  was
cotiveycil frum the river tu Ihe huuscs
iuiU*   stores   in   buckets     Tlte   In,lum-
were found  very  useful as  water car
ners, uiul every morning uml evening
u   bucket brigade  uf  natives  was  eu
gaged iu packing water frum tlie river
to tbe people whu lived uu the benches.
One morning, very early, I  win busy
outside my pluee when I suw Mrs. Ilre-
gory, in a loose wrapper ami without
her crinoline, currying a huge pitcher
in her hutiils, puss down  towards the
river brink.    With nu object save the
gratification ul a nuliirul interesl which
a    pretty woman "in    her    ligure "
arouses in u yuung fellow just uul uf
his teens. I  wat.luil her as she cure
fully picked her wuy uver and around
llic boulder* un lbc bar, and when she
had lille,I the pitcher and sturt.nl back
I still kept Imr in view,    iVovv, I wuuld
gluillv   have asked   her  peruiissiun   lo
gel llu- wuler fur her, hul us we were
not u.ipiainti',1 I feared Ihul llic offer
might be regarded tin un impertinence.
The lu,|)  was treading lur way aluug
the ruck beset path when suddenly her
foot   slipped   uiul   down   she   went   nn
her knees, the pitcher breaking uiul the
water spluslnug uver her.    1  tun  inlu
tiie  lent  uml, seizing a  luwel  aiul
bucket, flew  down  the trail lu vvhci
the lady, vvh/i had  risen  tu her feet,
ni uii'l ijreuelieif aiul looking very woe
begone us she gutted ul  the wreck ol
Ihe pitcher and ruefully surveyed her
drenched form.   I handed her the towel
as I pttsse.l, uiul running on lo lbc river
iiii.-'i the bucket.   When I returned s,
hsd used the towel tu sume effect, but
lhe dress of thin material, wet llirough
uud Ihruugli, clung closely tu lliul sel
oft" her shapely figure.   She blushed like
a red, red rose, and as I approached
sbe stammered furl It a few words uf
thankfulness, mlin,i.',  "Whut  shall  I
do for some  wulerf    Charley  Is  too
lick  lo come himself fur il, and  Ihe
Indian carrier did not call lasl ntglil."
1)1 Why," I said, "I filed litis bucket
for you, and if you will permit me and
will walk behind me (I did not think
■he  would  be pleased,  with  the  wet
dress hanging closely lo her fnrlii, to
walk in front) I will curry it lo your
, "Oh! think yuu," she suid; "I am
more than obliged for your kindness."
At Ibe time of which I write a lady
who should have appeared in t nl'llc
iu a habit that fitted closely to her
Agurc end a shirt waist would have
been looked open with smpiiiuu, at
least. Tlte aim of fashion was to hide
oi much of tbe female "fi-im dlviac"
oi possible. Thc women „■. iluu period
actually wnlliid about iu wire cages,
wbicb bung suipoudcd from their
waists and concealed the outlines of
their bodies aud limbs Hcntovc the
pan of a circular birdcage md retain
the wiref Mt »tnl yuu will have a vory
fair id«of the article our mothers
ami "«M I hem I., moved about in IdliS.
Today Wt object would mieni to bo to
■how aWiuch uf llu- ligure -m possible
by draWfg the skirts closely nin ul the
hips tMJ wearing a waist nr short
in. K.1 Ml1 never took kindly to ino
crinuliBJ-you hail to take tio in tch
on IruMj dive me tho close lUtiug gnr-
incuts■|'d tho nlimi jacket or waist in
prel'erKt'O. Hail the present style pru
vailedlf hen the charming Mrs. Qtegaty
Upset (ii'11 W»to» over hcrsc'f oho would
have Puid no reason lu blush or walk
iielniJl tne up.the slope. I inhiun's dictates would h»ve silenced Mn. Grundy.
I uftclu wonder wltat the ubl lady
wuulil Jsuy now.
lu * few minutes wo reached the
cabin.I The littlo girl, with her htiir in
cnrl p/ipers, wns iu lhe kitchen uud ini
inodlj»'°ly '"'ne up and pul hur hand
ronfljiliiigly in mlno. Wo wore friends in
un iVij:'i I inquired if I could du
iinylhinJflnitcTy assist, bul Mrs. Ore-
gory declined ailV further aid ami 1
withdrew. \
Thai aftcrnuun tho\lttle girl came
to my cabin with a uute itfum her motber nsking me if I would yuiniuon it
doctor, as her husband sccnicil\ery ill.
I eulleil in Dr. Fi for, u near noigdtbor,
nmi in a day ur two the patient V'ns
about uguin, apparently us well us c
When the couple culled wilh llic links'
girl lu llninl, mc lufllpv assistance, wc
hud a good laugh over the hruken
pitcher incident.
Of course, Ihe Gregorys joined our
lillle club and, eiptaily uf course, Ihey
proved lo be uiuoug ils musl valuable
ami interesting members. Hot It cot,Id
recite very well. KurU could sing and
play the violin. Nelson was lin- pool
aster, and got off' sume very clever
things. Kelly and Ihe few remaining
members did littlo parts, while I mis
expected to contribute the Joe Miller
isms or jukes. 'When winter evenings
set in uml snuw luy uu the ground, uml
Iho cold bin in tuuifd llirough the .deep  he wns whut Iho ladies '.would call "a
the fuming and raging pt the Minim
King. Abl those wore pleasant evenings. Tboy wore not tho ploaBitntest
I ovor spent, for thero was jn store
for ntc iihiiu.ii a lifutjmo uf sweet com
.paiiionship with uno who, though gutic
bofore, is not lust, uml who only passed from earth tu henveii ti brief while
Tho winter of 1858-fil) slipped rapidly
away, and tho upt-itig fouml un all alive
and as buppy as possible, under tho cir
cumstanees of remoteness frmu thu uul:
er world and a suiniitinies short supply
of wholesome fuml. The (Iregnrys hud
biicninc the must pupttlur penple in the
village, und fj)"'. lillle girl- Mue. Jiulilh
—was Welcomed everywhere. I niinied
one of my claims "I,illle .liuly" in
her honor.
Oue evening Nelson and I were uettl
cd uu .i "i n.l.- bench in fruni of Hie (Ire
gory   cabin,   conversing   upon   sunn
topic of Ineiil inlerest—perhaps it was
the latest murder, or tlio last robbery,
or the most recent gold "Hud." Whut-
ever Ihu subject tuny bavo been mul
ters nothing now, Stilt as we llilki.nl I
observed un ubl genllemuii inlviin. p-
up Ihe bunk.   When he reached llic top
he hulled for n moment, lo Tile. ,i| uu
the mugiiih'ccn! puiiuruma uf snow   luil
hills  whicii  stretched   far  nwnv   inlu
space un ull sides.    Then he strolled
along  until   ho ctime  oppositu  In  us.
Addressing Mr. Nelson, ho asked if he
would direct hint lu Yule Creel;.   Nelson puiulcd in the direction uml  Hi
ui'l gentleman, bowing, politely, passed
on.   Tho uext day 1 met hint on lhe
main  slrect   walking listlessly  alnng,
gtuing  ut the  stores, lhe cabins ami
the rushing river alternately.   An Injur
nr su afterward I found myself seated
the sume table wilh hint ul Power's
)).   We sunn struck up uu acquaint
ami my \ is u vin fold mu Hint hie
name V'a*.Merrill, lhat he was a resl
ilcnl   ofV riiilu'lelpiiiu, und sufficiently
well lo-iloVlu travel for pleasure,    "I
um not riclk." I"- added, "bul  I hnve
enough."    \
I.cl mo doaWibc Mr. Merrill for a
moment, lie w\n tall and apparently
sixty yeurs of \tge. Ilis htiir was
snow white uml hot Woro a full while
beurd close cut. Hit was drosscil as a
gcntlcuiuii nf the |)s'rioil iu clothes
of fashionable muke.   'Taken till iu till,
the shinies of ovesing began tp gather
we counted our catch ami found that
wo had a dosoit plump trout. On our
way in 1 proposed that wo shoulil present Mrs. Gregory with tim catch, ami
tho proposition was iiiiuimonsljr adopted. Morrill was not acquainted with
thu Gregorys, but whon I mado tint
presentation Mr. Gregory iavitoii lis
inside-, and the ice boing thus broken
tho newcomer was inmioiliatnly ac-
enpted iih a welcome guest. From tbut
time on tho intimacy grow, ami it was
au iilmie,i daily occttrroiico for the
couplu tu receive a fuvv trout or u
brace of grouse from Mr. Merrill or
myself. Our little club continued lu
meet nt tlm different homos ami hail
ti gnud inne generally. Mr. Merrill,
having joined us, mlilm! much to our
enjoyment and pleasure by his cxiptis
ile playing uu thu little and inn rendition uf sume of the old sotigs in u luw
ami sweet tentir voice. Wu became
very iniiili attached to liim, and ah
Ihuugh each week ho would announce
Ihul next week he would leave fnr
lluine, hu lingered on mul uu mul be
iiiiiii' more und moru Intimate al the
"Han't you sec what's the ntutkerl"
usked Hurts one day, as we wore dis
cussing Merrill's pruluugeil stay,
"I 'tn sure I can'I," said I.
"Well, I'll tell yuu, then, lie's
gune uu Mrs. Gregory."
"Nottsonie," I returned. "He's an
uid luun and she's nut more thun
twenty two ur three."
"I don't care, lio's gune uu her,"
insisted KurU.
To be continued
Ditl yuu ever ntiticc that when a
mun has a goud crop tie usually Hike,
all   the  credit  tu  himself,   but   when
thu weather!
crop failure he blames il uu
recesses of the canyons and moaned
and shrieked about our frail habita
linns like a thousand demons loosed
from the infernal regions bent un dc
touring us, wu only piled higher lhe
logs iii fhe lire-place, and. us the ruddy
Humes cast a warm glow over the lillle
parly uf friends, we bade dotiuncc to'
nice limiting uid gcutlcnifln."    lie ox
plained that he wus travelling fur his
heulth, uud being un ardent fisherman
had  already  made  a  slight, acquaint
ance   with   the   Iruiil   iu   Vllle  Creek.
The following uticriinoii I'uutid us I'olli
casting the Ily in lhe creek. Ulcrrill
caught  Iwu f.sh tu my one. uni vvhctil
10,000 cords of dry dr wood for quick
salo. Price per odd c6rds, 14.78. Spe
clal quotations for larger u.tiautltlcti.
Cut Wood, 16 inches, (3.26. 12 Inches
9M. C.O.D.
Office and Yard -Mill and Lottida
190.    P.O. Box 2432.
Residential Properties
Lots I and 2, Block 36 $3,200
Lots 17 and 18, Block I4A  $1,300 cad)
Lot 19 and 20, Block I4A (double corner)  $3,200
Lots 9 and 10, Block 79 (double corner)  $2,500
Terms 1-3 cash, Balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
The  North   Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company
Limited Liability
North Vancouver Agents for
Phone Seymour 6286,
1*9 ft
'. ',
ing New in
Parisian Jewellery
We have on view a consignment of tbe latest Parisian
Jewellery tbst Is "Just out" lu the fashiouablo French metropolis, This is positively tbo highest grade of PASTE
Jewellery that la manufactured. In workmauship, appearance
and' finish lt Is equal to tho best Platinum from which it cannot bo readily distinguished. This Jewellery was selected
personally by Mr. Oeo. E .Trorey during bin roceut visit to
Paris where ho found it exceedingly popular.
Wo show this Jewellery ln Brooches, Bar Pins, Nock
laces aud Bracelets. This Is tho real thing for evening wear
aud Is Inexpensive enough to suit all cttstoiuors.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
George E. Trorey, Managing Director
I laslings and Granville Streets   -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
New 7 room aud basoiuout bouse, well located un Seventeenth
Street. Price m nun  Terms to arrange.
li room House and Basoiuout ou Turbos Avcuue, Price |3,II00.
Oue third cash, balance to arrange.
The Burrard Development Company Limited.
(Successors to Kblcr Murruy Company I.i mi led)
Brokers 17 I.onsdulc Phono 117
te Ws Lynn View
Lots from $325 to $500 per lot.
Termi, $50.00 caih, $10.00 per month
*   I In m lots are one block Irom car line in Lyon Valley and
nn c and level and high.
f| Let us t|Uotc you rates on I' ire, Life and Accident
McMillan & reid
Phono 111. 10 IiONSDAl.K AVKNIiK
I   I
I i
Returned from Hire
to be Sold on Easy Payments
1 HALL k SONS PIANO ' 12011
Tbo above Instruments are lu as good condition as when uew.
Warburnitz Piano House. Ltd.
i r
WB     i       i  it        i i
Coal & Supply Co. Ltd.
Coal, Brick, Lime, Gravel, Sand, Plaster,
Cement, Lath, Sewer Pipes, and
General Builders' Supplies
Wharf: Foot of St. Ceorge'i Ave.   Phone 178.
Office: 56 Lonidale Avenue., Phone 198.
West.Vancouver and
thejtFerry Directorate
"Fifty ot Sixty Automobiles—Pet-
baps More" to Cross tlia lulet—
Otber Vehicular Traffic to be Siu-
fot Two Hours on June 24.
Thu regular sossion of tho ferry
directorate ut the company's ofneos
yi'stiTility iii'ieiiiiiuu was not remarkable for any innovation, transaction,
or ilisiMissiiiu. Mayor McNeish pro-
siiloil over n full attendance of the
Du hi'luilf of tho council of tjjo municipality of West Vuncouvor, Council-
lur (lintzburger and Councillor Merrick
tiililri'sscil thu directors in connection
wilh tho malting uf sumti arratigciiiotits
with the furry cuinpany fur thc use of
tho wliolii whorl' at which the boats at
present plying botween Vancouver ami
West Vuncuuver uro accustomed tu tic
up. While tbo "Hen Fount" only was
running half hour trips thc trunspur
tatioit company did not require very
much splice, but. soon them would be
threo limits running all the time autl
more whurf wuulil accordingly be re
The mayor observed that at it recent
meeting of the liunrd the iffuiiager hail
heen authorised to go ahead with Improvements to the west side of tbe
whurf, iiiui it wns mentioned at the
tinie that nccuiiiinodtttiou fur thc West
Vancuuver ferries could afterwards be
Councillor Merrick reminded the
Hiounl tliat the municipality might be
ulilc tu secure a suitable huut in a very
sliurl lime, uiul the situalioti wuuld he
liun rendered difficult, for under pres
cut ciiiulitions, with the N'orlli Ann
Sicnuudiip Company's bouts tying up
ul lhe suulli etui of the wharf, a higgc-
lnml Iiiun Un' Hea I'uiiin wuuhl nut be
iihl,- lu gel in or uut,
Manager Heard produced thc wharf
map, shutting tbo ferry company's
properly line sud ulher points of do
tail, inul uver litis thc direclurs and
delegates pored until Mr. W. ti. lliul
win reminded the meeting that the
\isitors were Ihere to Inform thc
liunrd that lhe West Vancouver inuni
ciptilily required the whole wharf for
ferry purposes, uml it was simply up
lu the board lu gu inlu tlie matter ami
iiinii,' Ihem the best ufler they could,
ll was therefore decided that thc mat
ler should receive Ilie consideration uf
tlie dirccturulc uml a reply shuuld he
forwarded tu the municipality befure
lite council's next meeting.
Having concluded his duties as t
i uuiieillur, Mr. (lint/.burger proceeded
tu address the board as an automobile
enlhiisiu.il. Ou June llltb, he suul, llic
Vnm inner Automobile Club was lu re
ih'im- ii \isit from certain members uf
the .Scuttle Automobile Club, ami it
wns the desire uf thc Vuncuuver club
tu show tlieir visitors, among other
things, the beauties uf the North Hliure
lie tvns certain that they wuulil all
appreciate the Capilano rule. There
would he in ull nliuiil ,01) ur liD autumn
hilt's perhaps more--and Mr. Uiatx-
burger thought that fhe board would
iprpe lhat this would be an excellent
udvertiscmenl fur the Nurth fhurc.
The direclurs recognised this, aud con
culled Mr. Henri nu what might lie
,b,ne 'flic manugcr suid lhat it would
be pussiblc to. curry fifteen cars in
une trip, lul there was still thc regular
Itnilii to luh»- inlu consideration. It
was cvcntuully agreed thut the only
feasible wuy wuuhl be tu have il pub
li.lv announced Ilml between the huurs
ul IJ and 2 un Monduy, June L'lth.
all vehicular trallic would be excluded,
in order tu accnmiood&te the twu autu
inul,ile clubs during those twu huurs
Asked concerning lhe return trips, Mr.
Ilinl/.hurger suid that they would
probably "struggle" some might not
return until even the last boat, so vie
Inuiied wouhl they be by the cliurms
of the Nurlh Hliure. The arrangement,
therefore, would unly apply to one trip,
front Vuncuuver tu North Voncouver.
Considerable attention was then
given lo the mailer uf giving publicity
lu this arrangement. The board was
unanimous in u resolve tu economize
ill newspaper advertising ss far as
possible. It was implied that the ferry
lime table wus daily poked away in a
corner where very few people wuuhl
notlco it, bul this fuct did not const!
lule un argument, agaiust thc cum
puny using lhe same space for a few
days for calling public attention lu
Iho above iunovatioii. After quite au
umount of discussion, it was.decided
lhal the clerk should draft a carefully
worded advertisement and that it
should In: inserted in thc five paper/
ui the place of the regular' time tabic,
The manager reported that the use
of oil fuel ou number three had commenced un llic mli. During tho last
threo days all tbe steam required had
heeu gcuerated by oil fuel. Ibo number three, however, bad not tioon operated ou oil fuel a sufficiently long limo
lo enable au accurate statement beiug
given of tho cost under oil; but the
judications aro.tbat tbe cost will be
between 19 por cent, and W per cent,
less than coal.
ifbp work of re-tubing number one
was now underway.
Tbe board agreed'to grant free transportation to a company of Boy Scouts
who w|H be crossing tbe Inlet on
Dominion Day, on conditiou tbat they
bohavo themselves witb decorum autl
aro In cbargo of an adult ollicer.
Major J. P. Fell wrote asking for
porpotual free trausportatiou for all
officers of tho Sixth Rogimeut uf Canadian i'i i-i '1 Engineers, at such times
as tbe ojlicors might hu iu uniform.
Thu buard, however, did .uot feci iljs
posud to immediately graut this re
quest, Mr. Boult describing it as
"ratbor a tall urder." Tho matter
was laid over for a week's consideration.
North Lonsdale
Ratepayers Meet
At a meeting of the Nurth l.unsilule
ii.n. ,ni-.. i ' Assuciutiutt, held in North
Lonsdalo Church ruum, u letter frum
the District Cuuucil was read iu reply
to charges against engineering wurk
in the district. The reply wus nut
considered satisfactory, uiul after u
lively discussion it was decided tu usk
the cuuncll to meet a cummittco uf tlte
association and go over the ground.
Twelve- members were elected tu
serve un the volunteer lire brigade,
the lire ami light committee uf the
council to be asked to supply .certain
ileficietiics in lire, equipment.
A cumplaiut frum residents in ljucoii
road for a better water supply wus re
ferred to the districl council.
The question of the extension of the
Luusdale avenue cur line wus liruuglil
up uml it was decided thai lhe council
shuuld be asked fur information in
this connection.
Heverul new members joined the assu
ciatiou, whicii is nuw in a very Hour
ishitig run ili 1 io ii and which, with meet
ings to he held every month, furttis tin
besl pussiblc medium which ratepayer-
can assist iu furthering desirable
schemes of improvement, ami conimuu
scale their wishes to Ihe district au
The inventor of tlte folding umbrella
IS   111,I,I,llttl,        A    Jn'mn.ie,     III   (lie   (lll'l'll
pluy, "The Knights," written by
Arisluphatics in the liflh century B.C.,
apparently refers lu a folding purasul,
uud sunshadei. of litis character ure rep
resented uu antique (Ireek vases.
Tho Human ladies adopted the para
sol frum the Greeks, as is shuwn by-
various passages in the works of
Human writers. The purasul was usuul
ly carried by a sluic. The stick wus
made of bamboo, ami the cover was
turicgateil fabrics. The use of Ilie
purusu! wus nut cunfincd tu wuineti
The puet Clamlioiius complains that the
effeminate Rouiau youth uf the period
(JUS) B.C.), instead of carrying oil
Sabiue virgins, curried sunshades
lu the middle ages thc umbrella wus
a mark uf runk and liutiur. After tin
year 1170 a gurgeous umbrella was
always carried befure Ihe Huge uf
Venice, whether thy sun was shining or
From the fuct that Leonardo, da
Vinci, in the yeur I6I1U, used lite word
"tcut" iu describing his newly invent
ed parachute, it is evident thut lhe um
brella was then unkuown in Italy, in
France the umbrella, ur parasol, was a
rarity, ond an object uf ridicule u-
lale as Hit.
Al,,,ul litis time |niiu ■,,I begun to In
used iu Italy. The Knglisli traveler.
Thumas Corvale, in IUI I, wroU' thul
Ihe Italian nobility tarried silken
screens resembling smull thrunc cun
epics, fur protection agaiust Ihe sun
Tho parasol was carried even ou horse
hack, lhe stick being fastened lu Ibe
rider's leg. r The idea found favur in
Kuglund, and a parasul was carried
un thc slagc in a play produced in lhe
year 1910.
From the way iu which Hie pbilosu
pher Locke, iu describing a visit tu
France in 167G, speaks of the parasol
carried by French ladies, it is evidcut
that tbe parasul was still almost un
knowu iu Kuglund.
The description of Robinson Crusoe's
umbrella in Defoe's famous work,
which was published in 17111, pruhuldy
did much to make thc umbrella pupular
as a protection against both sun and
About tbis time rain umbrellas made
thoir first appearance in F.nglaiul iu n
similar way, by being rented by the
hour to students at Oxford and Com
bridge. The umbrella carrying student*
wero laughed at, but not otherwise
molested. Subsequently the pbllan
tbropist, John llanwoy, strongly advo
catcd tho use of the umbrella, and
never appeared in public without a
large and gaily colored umbrella, which
be bad brought from tbe Kast. He attracted crowds, aud derisive opithets
were burled at him from tbo windows.
Hauwoy's force of character and im
perturbablo calm wero required to
make tbe umbrella popular. 'Others bo '
gan to follow bis example, and, sl
The Canadian Bank
of Commerce
BS   EDMUND   WALKER, O.V.O. LL.D. D.C.L. President        •
Aast. General Manager. . General Manager.
Capital $15,000,0011   Rd $12,500,000
Temporary quarters  of  the Norlh Vancouver Branch,
Esplanade West, near Lonsdale Avenue.
A General Banking Business Transacted
Interest paid on Savings Bank Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards.   Withdrawals may be made at any time.
3. k. I'OHHTER     Manager.
West Vancouver
Choice Homesite Property, close to lhe Government Road, and overlooking lhe sea. Mosl suitable for subdivision.       D.L. 1082, N.W., 1-4
$1350 per Acre; 1-3 Cash
D.L. 1100,'S.W., 1-4
$800 per Acre; 14 Cash
' And Corner Marine Drive and Marr Rd., Dundarave
North Shore Locators
Block 12a    P. L. 550
Cleared Lols fronting on the carline
and Grand Boulevard, $900 up.
One-quarter cash, 6, 12,18 mths.
Ihougb Iiis umbrella was luun 'Srna
lured in lliv journals, thr pbilaiitbrop
ini hi Ins ul.l age Iiii.I tin' satisfaction
uf seeing many umbrella*, used in Vun
•Ion liy lint fellow townsmen
lletwocii Kill and IM.'I miij Kniieb
uuii uls wire granted for iiuproicimnts
III   Ul),Iif'Ilil."       TIlCSC   . ll'l urn    III. ill'll'l
mnliri'lla isuer. telescoping umbrellas,
uinliri'llas combined Willi upetu pit-nj,
ami wrillng implements, an,I nn the
auluinatii umbrella, ulinli upi'ii* when
a I,nil:,I, is |iri'.ssi'i|, ami wlmli is rr
garded as a novelty luday ■ P. M
e'cldbau    iii "liic liarti'tilaul.r."
A Southern congressman tells a sir,;,
uf an ulil negro in Alaliama wliu, in In-
bargaining, in always afraid Dial be
may gel "tlie worst of it." On on,'
ur. ,'lMini, it appears, Ilus age,I darkc;
winl of Ut a rail' lbat lie had pastured
all summer, ami asked wbal be owed
for tbe pasturing.
"I bave a bill of il" agaiusl yuu,"
said Ilie farmer wl,, bad undertaken
Ibo tare of tlie animal, xmi. if you
are willing, 1 'II take lbe ealf aud tall
it   'Ml' t
"No, ssb!" (ironi|'lly exclaimed Ibe
negro, "I'll do uolbing like dat. liul,"
be ii'l'li 'I. after a panic. " I '11 tell yu.t
what I will do—keep Ibe calf Iwu
weeks longer and you tan liave II."
MMII'SIS UK (Oil, jii mm.
i.uul i..mini. hi.i.in of tlio Dominion
ni Miiiillntia. Music,itcliewan and Albor-
tii the Yukon Territory, tbo North-west
T< iiti'iI,r unit in ii I'Milon of ths pro
v 11.. i' uf ftilil. I, t'l.luuiMa. may bs loss-
id fur ii tv nn uf twenly-ons years sl
un .,i i,u.il rental of |l an acre Nol
mun Hun t'.tco acres will bs llasad to
une .iiidlcint
,\|,|,li,nii'.ii fur a Ictie must be mail
by llle ni'i'lli utit In person to Uie Agent
nr Kill. Am in ul lite dlslrlcl In wntch
tl.. iltibt* applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must
I... .iirallied by sections, or legal sub-
dklrluni uf ri'itluni. and In unturrey-
i'l territory tlie tract applied for shsll
tic stalled oul by tho applicant hlm-
Ksch application must be accompan-
In) ly a fee uf Is which Will be refunded If ihr Hunts applied for sre not
available, but not olherwlss. A rot-
.illy shall be paid on Ihe merchantable
output of Ihe mine at the rats of Srs
• i nt* por ton
The peraon operating the mine ahall
furnish tho Agent witn sworn returns
■ ui,uut for the full quantity of
mi rclmitnliff coal mined and pay the
royally thereon If Ihe cool mining
t Ikblo are not being operated, such returns should be furnished at least ones
a year
The le isr will Include Iho coal mining
rights only, but the Irsiee may be permitted n purchase whatever available
surface tights may he considered ntc-
essary Tor the working of the mint at
the rale  if (to an sere.
For    full    Informsllon    application
should be made to tbo iccfatary of the
Deportment of the Interior, Ottawa, or
to any agent or Hub Agenl of Dominion
w. w. coity.
Depot;. Minister tt lbe Inferior
N.   ll    I'nnuihorlsed   publication   of
this advertisement will not bt paid
A Good
Bend your friends wbo srs Interested
In Uio Nortb Hhore a copy of
"Th^ Expreaa"
It .wili keep Uiem potted on ail
Nortn Shors Ntwt and will tall coat
$1 per year K i
Puli|isbeil Tuesdays am) Fridays by Nortb abort) Press, l.iniitud.
Hates of Subscription:—Ono year, ♦100.  Hit months, 50c.  Throe months, tte.
United States and foreign, $2,110 per year.
• Advertising Bates WU Ba Quoted oa Application.
Tba Ei|>ru»» |s devoted to the interests of the North Shore of Burrard Inlet
eicliwlvuly. It constitutes an advortisiug medium of exceptipusl value for
reaching in a thorough ami effective manner the population of North Vancouver
(lity and District. Every effort is made to givo advertisers the most satlsfaatury
All changes in contract advortisenionts should be in the printers' hands not
later than 10 a. m. Monday and ii p. 111. WmlueHilny tti cnsum insertion iu tho
following issue.
North Vancouver, B. 0..
 June H, 1012.
Ily including tlie Premier uf Hritisb
1'"llunl,in in lite life of lluwe priiiiiini'iil
I'uiillililllln,   Upon   wlllllll   lbe   lllllll,lui
iuu,,,,.. of ilm Hrilish Sovereign were
this yeur bcsluwcl. King Qeorge lias
not only fuvnred Hir Bicbard Mrllriili'
wilh an earnest of lbe fact
Unit Ibo conspicuously able services
whieb be bun rendered as lbe bead nf
lhe government of Hritisb Columbia,
are appreciated ul lbe heart of the
Klbpire, Imt lie lilts likewise honored
Hritisb Columbia witb lbe ussiirnncO
that tin,, province occupies 11 gratifying
position in Ilie regard nl' Ibe King its.
i" IL us ils rightful place in tho per
speotivo nf tbe governmeut which guides
Iho destinies of the Hri.tisb Empire.
In accepting Ilie honor of knighthood
at the hands of the King, Mir Hirluinl
Mcllride, while attaining a distinction
whose possession is a laudable Ultibi
tion upun Ihe pun of an) Hritisb cil
iJl'll, bus likewise manifested the fuel
Ihut be is conscious of the honor which
in therein implied, Inr bis native pro
v|nco to whose interests be is sn faith
I'lilly devoting lbe energies ami aeli
vities of his notable career.
Tlie reception with which the un
noiiucement uf these luiiiuts bus lieen
uiei, already slums conclusively Ihul
tbe entire body of lirilisli t'olumbiu
citizens is unanimous in congratulating
.Sir Bicbard upon his ktiighthooif and
iu wishing thut be may long In: spared
lo enjoy the distinction which is Ibere
by conferred.
If is worthy of note lhal Sir Hiehnrd
Mcllride is Ihe llrsi l'remier of Unl
lib Columbia to receive this honour
frnm the throne, a fact wbicb indicates
lhe growing importance of tins pru
vin,,,' us 11 factor ill tbe Kmpiri It
is lery lilting that Ilie. firsl recipient
of these honors should be 11 Motive
sun nf Hrilish Columbia und one whose
sigutil services to the pnn nice so justly
entitle him to the distinction which
lie bus attained
From the standpoint of ».inilili.
town planning iind designing the new
towns which are springing up in llu
Wesl possess 11 mosl enviuble ailvun
luge uver the older towns and cities of
otber portions uf file world, ill that
llui are in position, lo decide all the
esseiiiinl points of eily buildiug, in tin
light uf modern conditions and rri|tfif'
incuts, uml 10 incorporate in Iheir plans
sUell I'lnnmiulin aa will meet tbe de
inamls of present conditions and of
future progress.
There is uo feature of the present
•da) eily lo whieb this fuel more for
ably applies than lo the problem of
uiv streets, and more particularly to
those streets which ore destined lo be
lulled upon to accommodate the more
congested sections of lhe city's popu
iiilion inul traffic
A cross sectiuu of such a slreei in
11 modern city, witb reference lo the
works of a permanent character, whieb
it must accommodate for tin- well
being uml the convenience of the,coin
Inuuit) ul large, readily reveals the do
iruluhii of r|meious streels iu Ibis
aspect. Whot with witter pipes, storm
sewers, (military sewers, elcclric light
ami power wires, telephone wires, gat
pipes, atreel car tracks, etc., etc., t
eily strcj't of lbe prescnl day, when
it  it completed,  is on  Intricate uml
uislly   urruugen I   of   great   public
works, whose tnaliltenance in goml or
der Is essential to the welfare of tbe
coininuuily. Eor this reason streets
of spacious width are advisable, iu
order to permit of on arrangement of
these essentials such as will render
I ham readily accessible, with the least
possible iiilerfefoocc with vehicular
and other trallic.
Modern tendencies in the important
mailer of architecture, in lbe business
districts of present day cities, emplui
since strongly the need of slreelt of
liberal width. Tbe conetrurtiolt of ex
Tellingly ),i|(U buildings for ollice or
otber purposes wbicb ie characteristic
of prevailing metbodi calls for a care
fol consideration of the alreel width
which ie desirable for health and safe
ly, where tbey are situated. The com
purulivcly narrow street whieb would
iidinif of. ample light and air for all
, ,MV|ruso» where Juw buililingi ore Ihe
rile, would manifestly not be adequate
from 11 bygenie polnl of view in thiwu
tedium iu which the streuts aru shut
iu and the sky is wldl-nigh shut out
by Iho towering , height of "sky
simpers'' oil either side. The highly
Important matter of fire protection fur
flier enforces lhe necessity of wide
streels under such conditions. Even
with buildings of moderate height 11
narrow stroot practically invites a conflagration, Inasmuch us a hnl fire will
readily leap Irom one side to the oilier;
bul a broad stroot gives the lire light
iug force a fair chance of confining
even 11 liercc blaio wil Inn well dolincil
limits. The street, however, which
could fairly ids iui in be a broad slreei,
as for lire protection, when ilnm.c.i by
buildings Ihree or lour storeys in
height, contracts to a decidedly nurrow
strut nl  th,. buildings rise lo eigiit
or twelve or mure storeys. This fad
renders il necessury for us In revise
our opinions of what really constitutes
a liroinl cily street today from the new
point iif lire protection.
The complicated nature of lhe Irulli,
which'lbe leading st roofs of u modern
city ure called upon to provide for serves
lo indicate again lbat the cily which
is to measure up tu llio besl sluiidards
of city (dunning, in new of future de
udopuicitls, must be chuructcrized lit
streets of ample width. A few years
ago lue vehicular trallic upon those
streets wus confined lo street cars,
wagons, buggies und other vehicles, all
ilruwii by horses. Conditions today,
huwever, lire vastly different, iiuis
iniiili as while the horse propelled vehicle still remains, we have now tb,'
lusl (liming elcclric tram, demanding
double Inn l.s instead nf „ system of
"turn outs," for lbe accommodation
uf the Irullic We lune also lbc swill
motor .ur ol nil styles, the ponderous
and slower motor truck, the bicycle and
Ibe motor bicycle. These changed con
•liliuim mean not only tout street traf
lie is uf u much mure complicated nu
turn 1I11111 formerly bul also thai it
mules faster, uud il is very greatly 11,
creased in volume, The passenger
motor   car   of   ilsell   bus   greatly   in
.loaned   the 'llllillll,In  lor  llic Uei ollllllll
dulion uf vehicular trallic because very
man) business ur professional men, whu
would use the moans ul public , uu
\cyanic undor fiiriner conditions, now
own and operate then own automobile-,
with tho i.niilt Unu i|„, number of
motor 'urn 111,(1-0 in,roam's ier) rap
idly. Thm process m destined |o do
velop indefinitely. Therefore tin pruh
bun present id by the street I ru.Hu in
busy dislrii Is demands even u.,u thul
llu- streets be of Increased width.
What the conditions uml llic do
mauds of the future uui) bo it is im
possible lo surmise Thoso tendencies
wlneb bine developed ul bile years
ure yel in their incipient stages ami
Ihey will doul,tiers continue to develop
iu many dirccliotta inul lo incalculable
proportions us time goer on. If such
be Ibe ease, then il is evident that tin'
slreet Ibat was uf ample width fnr all
purposes 11 general),ui ago cannot be
considered in Ihut light under condi
lions ut Ibey exist today, and const'
i(tieiitl) lbc exercise of an over cautious
spirit with reference to width of
streels in cities now in process of build
ing will be found detrimental lu the
interests of those ritlci iu the lifetime
of tbi'.ncxl generation.
With reference tn North Vancouver,
it bar long been rrcogni/ed as an un
ii'iiooiiii circumstance thai llic Esplan
il.td ami Eirrl. street, each of which ir
one hundred feet wide wetl of Eons'
dule avenue, are only eighty feel wide
eusl of thai Iborgttgbfare. If any
slept could lie taken toward making
these slreei,, or either of Ihem, of
a uniform width of one hundred feel
throughout, tucb action would certain
ly be in the public interests Speaking
broadly, Norlb Vancouver can make
no mistake in following a general pul
icy favorable lo streets of spacious
width throughout, and any action that
uin be taken during the early slags* of
lhe city's tlovelopmcul iu lbc practical
application of tuch a policy will be
found, in Ihe light al future yeart, lu
be in the best intereiti, of the city,
inasmuch as all indications poiut io
the conclusion that il it Ihe city which
provides streets pf exceptional width
today thai will be found pollened of
slreets of sufficient Width under condltioni as Ihey are destined to ■oblsin
in tlie future.
Wu curry 11 full lino of. builders'
supplies.'Norlli Shore Coal i. Supply
Co., I'lione 488.
Vancouver Business Directory
111 n  Miss Clll.l.l'tttltSI.
336 Iiastiiius vSt. W.
Canada's Greateat Western School
IJ. J, (Sprott, II.A., - -Miiimnei
llllll, lis'l'i'l'r..
Yorkshire Guarantee & Securities
Corporation, Limited
440 Seymour St reel
U. Keir Uiitiliiiitc Manage!
iii'fvrti 11 »ms
All Ninth Vancouver people cat al
Either bluck lll.uk nr Hustings Sl..
opposite the new (inst ntbee. Leonard
sella bis ten bv the pfnind.
Do you waul lo sell vour lot,'
huve funds uniting fur gnu,I buy,, 1
us yuur besl gross ptiie uud term-
Canadian Financier.-., llunl, ot' Hum
Cabinet   Maker
Will mob rltike all I.
nil  Carpenter
nl.- of wood work,
repairs,  etc.
Fourth Streot and Sutherland Avonue
P. 0. Box 2006
MfUTII   VAM'lll I I'i.'
Enquirers class meets con  We,|
lay evening ul X p 111  Elementary -i
and questions. t Vn , uio coidittllv m
cd lo attend.    II00111 Hi, Aberdeen 1
ing.   Tlicomiplnciil fr.o library.'
MIHTll   IIM ill Hill
SI. Audri'H's I'restiilciliiii I finieU,
Kellli lli'.id Siivtcei.. Mi,mini. |) ,c,
evening, 1M     Adult Ulliii   ilus.   1; ;uj
Untidily Sciiuui, : .to  y i' >: 1' c   'xu,.»
Ju),   III   I   ||   III       fi.i . , 1     Mr, III „     Weil
m winy, ut * |, in i'luin I',,,, i|,,.
Fii.luj, .,1 it |. iu |(, v |i. ,,.,|,1 ;.| , 1,.,1
It. II nl     I   I,,,,, I,      I',,,,,, ,
and St. lieola. Sniuli,, ti, I 11,
i und 7.30 |' in Sin,,,. , S.
Hll'l, I'lunn 1 .III |, m Sunt, I
M"li'lui. li |. I" I'i,,.. i ,„,
vice. Wi.lii, m]„j > | i„
League. Tliuisd.i, ..fl, i i,,,,,ii
Puilor, Vi  c  ti. inii, lo o
SI     lanes'    , Lurch    r.mi.i
,io,l      Roiil, v.n,I      Sou,I.,,
Noriilnu    I'ijmi     II    ,i in
Sd I  2 30    .   Kvi-lllllK   I'M
l> m Holl I'oion.union Ilinl „
Sundays in mouth ul 11 ., u
Sunday In niunili   - .■ m    it, ,
Ken,   M   ,\ .   VI. .11
lo hupi'i' promlsos ou Esplauadn, to
Don't Forget
Ibul when you do papering this
year thai wo 'arc still hern with a
fur bettor lino ul much better prices.
W. H. Stoney & Co.
Ill Ksplauade Welti. Phono llll
(neal tu Patterson, Ooldio A t'liirk)
NUTH'K    IS    hoi, by    given    lilill     111,
Board ut infinitum to consider claims
for ivorlt mil null) iierformed und mu
I, iiuis sup idled In connection with the
colisli notion of tlm Mldivuy k Vernon
It.illu.ii will further consider ull such
clulm* ns huve In mi duly lll.il uml vurlli. II
An.' claims  which  have mil  nli,ml.
Iicoli   SO   liled   ulld   Velilli'd   ll)   Htilllllol)
ili duration oi otherwise should lie
tiled wllh the mulct signed without de
'Hi,, Hoard will consider nil claims
r.o ii, luu] i-liyslcul win I, lierfol'tued
.ilul go.idu ulol muti-iliilu snjildlod lu
"iiiui i|,,i, wiih ifie Bitr vey Iiig. local Iiig
,i "lilulolii: of i-IkIii of wu;. li.l wo, u
ll,,, I,   i'i, , I,  uiul  Vein,in
li   F  UIIKKN
Sccletaiv  for  llle  llounl
,,l,li,ui*  Hox  111.  VI, lorln,  11   ''
I'l,,,in Fin nu,ui I Iiiln, Simpson Hros
lunl.hug minors. Hill Fifth Aie. Wcnl.
Vaneouver, It C. Kuipiirc Simpson, Isl
house eusl of Lonsdale, Mli, slreet. Iv
liuilites free. 216
Win. Hurrill, I'eler Houd, I.vnn  Vull.i
I'nglisli   certificate,   Kslimali-i   given
u|   II,
Silvalluu    4 mi)    I.ol
Sunibi)  sol vie. s   IJ tin ,
7.16    |     III        Tllon, I. ll      S
» f m     t'lilldii-n's Si iv
I |i in
(llKirgc    Soi n.
l> in    Sundui
ul 2 30 p in  I'i  .
Wednesday ut * i
I liuich
I '.
...In       ui,d     Sl
II   u  ii.   oui)  T 111
ulol   lllldo   t'lum
ml I'i.,in,- Si i vl. o
I'.islor   |i, (   a
J   I'rosser. Twelfth uml Sl.
SI. Joko Ibr liiaimcllsl, Klghili un I
Tlilrleenlli Huly I'uoiinuiilun, « ,, u,
Morning Prayer. II u in Cienln;
Prayer, 7:30 y ui On tlie nisi Kuiulii'
In Ilie muiitli iluiv will In o son,ii,I
celebration   of   ihe   lloli   ('ouiniunloo
ul   II   U   III      Ho. lol,   Hoi ^lllKi,   l|o„|,IT
SI, i u.i.iiiiu - i .ihullc I bureb. Slmli
and Million Avenue Soiul.i.v -llluii
Mass uml Seimun 10 u m Suuda"
Schuul.   1 HI   p. in     ItoSul i   unit   Iluu.'
ill.lliill.    i.U)   |'   III        Kllllll)      Low    :.l,,
lum. 1'asioi. Hi v .1 A It. ,|.ii,i
0, M I
Indian l albullc I Inn, I, „f Sl. I'uul'.
Mail. 7:30 a lu . Sundays pastor. II, .
B   PcyluHn. i) M I
I brt.llsu     Science "Klmli, ile) '
t'licilerllebl   Avenue   'feci wren    I'mii
leenlli ami Klfiiriiili streets)    Sumliiv
Services ul  If u in    Testimony   M, cling. .Weilm-siliiy   > 00 )' in
il, Tiiimiiis 8 a in, every Hiindui
..'■i-i first Bunday In nionth' 8 :,o
a.m. mu itoudiiy In inonlli II u in.
Matins. 1.11,11,1 uiul Sillnon. lecond ullll
foui tti Bunduy. ilu)) t'oiiiuiiiiiliui ami
Pennon, (list und tblid Sundays Vlcur,
Rev. T. K  Howe.
I'rrsli)lrrlsii ibuc.li Sundays, II
a.m. und 7:30 p. in Sunduy Sctiool uml
Bible i'liiss, 3 i30 |i fn Tciichcf*' 'I'i ii in
Ing Class, Wednesday,' ":M Vraya
Meeting. Wcdnetdu), 8 y in lloy*'
Club. TbOriday, 7:10 p.m. t-'liolr Practice, Friday, I p. lit. 11. Vun Munslgi.
M A-, pastor.
f.VKfi VAI,I in
MrlbuSlsl     I bureb -Worship.     Snn-
ays,  11 a ni.Aund 7:00 p.m.    Uundav
School.    2:1C    p. m.     1'iisloi.   Itov    c
I'rrsl„irrl.« l bureb -Worsliln, Sundaya, 1) a. in uml 7 |, m Sunduy
Brnool. llll P.m. Pastor, itev. A. Moo
Auloy, •..
, SI.  I Irmrol's,  l.ysn   Vsiljrj —M..Iinn,
II a.m.   Sunday Set I 2 M pin, BVen-
Koog 7 00 p.m. Jl.oly t'uinmunloiiiieeiifid
Sufliluy Jn month at 11.00 u in Norinub
3. Tbonpsuii Ii) charge
Itetiiilil'iil Alberta fjirin iu t'algurv
districl, Ihu m res, llll tillable, 19 acres
iilliMit'-d. ul,,, :t nmi ion* buy crop, new
I'nrniniicl huuse, irrgJtn, range, elc,
lum! pour new ruilruads conncetiiig
a nil i algury Meal Incut iuu for dairj
uir-es und grain, i'rii-e ^-ti', (ror ucre
;\ -o!i|- Would exebange lor bouse uud
lol Appl) owner, Mr Walsh, lit- lud
,ii.ei. I ml
I line iii,'UJU cash ami wish to buy
II   I,oil,llllg   site   hunted   as   'lose   in   II.-
|,,i-.'i,lo  lor  lhe money,   Lul   must   be
i,ii loot or mure in width.     I'  0   Hox
l.-.i.s, .Vurlli Vancouver,
'    *■
TAKK NOTH'H Ibal no meeting of
lhe council will ho hold oii Thursday
next, Ine llllll fjiitl. The next rcgulur
meet nig will lie held on Tliursduy, flic
UOI ll  nmi.
JOHN (1. FAHMKH, i' M.i'.
Tbere is in lhe Cily Pound une
brown pon.v which will be sold by pub
lie auction at noon, Tuesday, l-*tb
,, ; . ul tlio uiv hall, if nul claimed
before then?
Our Shipment of Prosser
-:- Racquets is Here -:■
90 Lonsdale Avenue      Next to P.O.
NOTICE is hereby given lhal any person posting
up any Advertisement or Sign, or printing anything
on or otherwise injuring any of the poles or posts of
the BRITISH COLUMBIA ELECTRIC RAILWAY CO., LTD., is liable to a penalty of $100
and costs, or one month's imprisonment, according
to the Company's Act of Incorporation, and will
be prosecuted accordingly.
B. C. Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
R. H. SPERLING* General Manager
Job Printing at the "Express"
Palace Hotel
Second Slreei, Norlli Vancouver, B. C.
RATES:   $100 pei day up.   Spa iui
rales In families mul lo tegtilm hoarders.
t  I
begs lo .iiiiiuiiiii i' ihut he will
At Terminus of Capilano Car Line
immediately.   1^1 us liave your listings of Capilano properly.
Notary Public, Real Estate, Insurance and Conveyancing.
50 feet in Block 29, District Lot 273, near Ridgway,
for only, $2,850, 1-3 Cash; Balance, 6, 12, and
18 months.
62 EONSDALE AVENUE     po.boiw,  vbem m     NORTH VANCOUVER
j V
THCIANKOF     1912
■ '   '   ■'
British Nnt America
7ti Yoan In Btuloeii.  Capital and Reserve Ovtr 17,500.000.
A Complete Banking Service
Collections maiie in any part of Canada. Negotiable
paper discounted. Money advanced at reasonable terms to
finance your business. Local and foreign Drafts botiKbt and
suld. Money transmitted by Money Order or Telegraph
Transfer. Utters of credit issued payable in all the leading
cities of the ,wor|d.. t
We invite ytttti ar.iiminl.
Two Officei in North Vancouver, Corner of Lonidale Ave.
and Eiplanade. Upper Lonidale Avenue, near Uth Street
Five roomed house, large rooms, modern,
and two roomed cabin rented, standing on
double corner, 100 feel by 140 feel, Jones
and Sixteenth Street, facing park. Price
$6,600;   cas(i   $1,800, balance   arrange.
Owner, Box 1788   North Vancouver
The New Jewelry Store
is Open for Business
Watch and Jewelry Work, Diamond Selling      v
Jeweler and Optician
106 Second Street
i .
i I
tt li'lnlt   .Mllll i:
Yor a l.lri'UHi- In Takr and I.r Wntri
NuTH'K In hereby alVoll Uiul Till'
Mum. l|.iilll,l nf Weal Vuiuuuver will
ui'l'lj   lm   ii  IIu'Iiul'  lu  tulir  ami   une
IHO  i lll.li    (I'll   |ll'l   SOClllIll   uf   WUtl'l'   utlt
ut t'recti which fluw. In a north-
lie   I. il.    .III.illull   through   ll    I.    Ililf
iiiiii . iii i.t f i-s Iiiiii finale Hurliur In
Hum   Sound    Tin-  water  will  be  ill-
Vellr'l li'.il   111)   llll.llu' .Unl  Will III' uni il
Iiii iniiili unil purpoaea tin lliv lunil
ilrm ill., il ns Tin Municipality of Went
Vun. "iii'i r
'I'iiiii iintl.i wu. ousted on llii'iiiuunil
mi Hi. Iiiiii ilu) ut Muy. I tf) 2 Tin' up
nli...iii.ii will In. llli'i) In lliu "i«" ut
il,.   Uut, i  Iti'iui'ili'i ut Nvw WosIiiiIii
t,),,,, iIi.iib   muy   bi'   llli'il   wltli   lliv
...I'W.il. i  It.nuilli ul Willi llii' t'ulnii
liuilil    nf   Winn    llliilils.    Parliament
llulllllKlt'     Vlrt.illll.   fl    C
thi; mi Nii'ir.w.rrv ok wkst
f   Hiilili.il     Agent
1'i.r • Morose lu Takr .uil  I.r ttalcr
NllTII'K l» hereby ulvi'li Unit The
Muni, liuill)  uf West Vancouver   will
,i|i,,jj i  Hennas 10 lake ulnl u.i' 100
i utile fill pit ai'cuml ol wuliT out uf
Crtek '.'.in. ti Bows In u south-
luaii'tli direction tliruuali l> I. HU
N Vi V uiul I'liiptlra Intu Kaalc llui
imi lu Hum Sound Tin waler will III'
diverted iiiui llii' Inlulii' uiul will Iiv
umnl fui Muni. Ipul purposes on I lir
fuml ili'.irllu'il u. Thr Munlili'iillty ol
Wmi Vumouver
Thii. unit.i wus iinlliiii un the around
„ll Hi, lllli ilu) of Mu). 1*12 Tl"' ap-
ili. .in.i uill In lliiil In ll't' "HI''1' "i
il„   Willi i Itnut'lii at New Wulinln-
lilejii lions muy lie Bird Willi I lie »aW
Wnlrl Iti'inlillT ur Willi Hie Comp-
iiiillii   uf   Water   lllghls.   Parliament
H'lil.'il'i:       VI. I.'Il.l.   It    ti
Anuu* McAllstor, Aiienl
12 7
Kur ■ license lo more or Tea Hack
;.Iiii.i. 'imi".
itunli'lluilli) ui neat »
|,l,)v tin n license In Hu
rwelve  Tlmuauinl  acre.
.    -*
hereby given Hint Tin
uf Weal Vuiuuuver will
lure ur pin luiiil
Twelve Tlmuauinl ncrc-ieol of wuler
from   ilreek, u alrcuui flowing In u N Vi iilii'rtlun und eintilylnii
Inlu Howe Hound, near Kajjle Harbor
llii waler will be aloret) In a re.er-
vulr of ll':i.00(1.000 gullolis eapaelly. Imlll
ur tu lie Imlll uf Hill lake, mul will lie
used for Munlelpal pulpulea aa author-
lied liy Wuler nocuri%J*o   "B,cf
i.i. .1. ■ No ... or urroor u notice nf
implication for u lleen.e to take uiul
uae wulor. punted lierewltli. tm tin. land
tW-rllii'd   n«   ll.   1.   III.   New   Welt-
li.ilinli I .
Tliia liuilil' waa posted on Hie around
mi the ICHt day of May. Iill Tlte up-
. hiniimi will fee llled In tlte oflll'f of
llio Water neeorder al New woalmln-
" Objections nmy lie «led wlllt tlie laid
Wuter   Recorder   or   Willi   lbe   t?omp-
trailer of Water  Bights,  ParlluBienl
l.tulldlngs. Victoria. B. C.
0. Ilunnan. Agent
wtnii NOTICB
Kor a Urease lo "lore or Pen Bar*
NOTM.'K la hereby givan tbat The
.Mtinlelpallty of Well Vancouver Will
upply tor t license lo Itore or pen
Imrh Kevcnl.v-flvo ncro-feet of water
fi um   Creek, a atream flowing In a aoulh eaaterly direction and
implying Into lluwe Hound near Kagle
ilm bur The water will be lloreil In a
leaet voir of 20.000.000 gallom capacity, built or lo be bull! af thla lake,
ung will be uaed for municipal purpoaea aa authorlirtl by water Record
tio   Wuter  l.lcrnae Nu     tn
iiiuiii u notice of uppllcullun for u II
cense lu tuite und uae wuler. posted
herewith, un tlte lumi deaorlbed utt l>
I.   llui, New   Wi'iliuliialer
Thll nutlce wuh pouleil on Hie (iluniul
oii llle lllli duy ul Muy. 1912 The application will lie n I "I III lhe oillii' uf
ilie Wuler Recorder ul New Westminster
OliJecHonu muy Iiu tiled with tin- mild
Wuter Heeurder or with lliu diuiip-
lrolli.i   of  Waler   Itluhi      Purlliiim<nt
liuiiiiiiigH vii'ioii.i. n ti
Angus  Mt'AtlHtii.   Agent
Vour supplies fur cool con lie fi 11 <•■ I
liy tlie North Shore Cool 4. Supply I'o..
I'liune Ikk.
Tho public arc hereby warned that
Mr. Ii. B. Eaton baa no further official
connection with the North Vancouver
Coal ft Supply Co., Ltd.. aud thnt no
traniactloni made by Iiiiii In lite name
ol the company will be lccogntzed.
There i> no connection between thin
company and any other of a similar
name. IX •
Tenders aililremi'il lo the Secretory
of Diatrict School Board, West Van
couver, will be rceeiveil up lo noon of
June lath, for school silos! averaging
front Iwo If!) lo live (ii) acre..
A. CRANK, Herniary.
(J. I*ux)
Udloe' and Oenti' Cleaning,
Preaalng and Ropolrlng
a Specialty
120 Second Street Eut   '
Tendon will be rceeiveil up lo Id
a.m. Moinluy, June liltlt, for eleariug
part of District l.ol« 6'il anil 266.
North Vancouvor, containing one hun
ilrcil acrei, more or lea*. Full purlieu
Ian und specifications to be olituineil
on application at the Lonadale I t r, t.
Office, tit Wlnc)i Building, Vancouver,
B. C, Telephone Heymour 2k'16.    2111
I. 0. 0. X.
Ambition Lodge, I. O. 0. T., met as
usual lunl Weiliiemtay evening al ft
o'clock in tho Salvation Army Hall,
and aftor being opened in duo form
by lincf Templar, Bro. Board, oonslil
orablo buolneii wai gone into. There
wero lliroc oandiilatci up* for initiation.
A committee wa. formed lo gof up on
ice "cream social ami a program which
will be worthy of any North Vancou
vorito'i attendance.
Joint Meeting Van-
couver and North
North Sboro Deolalqn Will Be Bonder**
Probably Monday—Iu the Moau-
tlmo Propoaed Improvements Are
Being Fully DUtcuoied
t'l'iliiin iililerinen am) nlliciiiln of llm
smith altoro i in .nl tint Inlet uu v.'e.l
nemlny evening uml conforrfnl with"
thu city eouncll of Nortb Voncouver
tin iniilier.'i relating to tliu underground
ninl overhead approaches to tlio Vancouver i.'iiuiiiii' of tbo ferry service.
Tlm visiting iiiii hm h iu ■ woro Alilorman
MeSpiiilden, Alderman White, Aider-
mun Baiter, Alilermuti Hepburn, AM-
eriiitin I'lnriglit, Hngineor Kollowoi und
Assislunl Unginoor Froncoy. Tboy
were roceivoil ul^he city holl lyy Mayor
McNoinlt, Alilirmou Dick, Alilormon
Mcllue, Alilormon Biss, Mj. W. C. Qlatl
win, lliipl. Dates, Mr. II. II. Wright and
Mr. W. L. Boult.
A mayoral greeting having boon ex
touiloil to the visitors, o lorge plan
embodying all the proposed improve
incuts wus presented for ciinsiilerutiun
Mr. Fellnwes uml lite Vuncouvor older
men explaining fully lhe many points
of ilefuil which woro nol immediately
perceptible. Tho scheme comprises
.milium connections between Alexander
ninl i .null Hlreels uml the ferry land
lug mid the wharves ulung the wuterfroiil uu either side of the landing, up
proximate eust of which Mr. Felluwos
■tilled would tie $150,000. The jilmis
providu lliut u subway twenty-five feet
in width sliull run from o point uypu
nite the forry landing to n poiut iu
Aleraiiilor slroet. The vehicular sub
nay will commence ul the eud of I 'ur
roll street uud will run on u decline
eust on the soulh side of the (I. I'. II
trucks until stillicieiilly luw tu cms."
directly nurlh under the Irucbs, coming
lu the street let el uguin with brunches
runuiug oast ami west. The (.'. I', ll.
hus agreed lu give n forty-foot roadway
running irom tfie ll. 1'. It. depot eust
to Iho II. T, I', dock. This will be used
I'or freight  purposes.
The nverhooil liridgo, whicii is t
|in'niun io l>e taken up later, is pro
posed to slurt ul Aleiander street bo
I ween Muin street und (lure avenue,
running north uver the I'. I'. U. Iro.ks,
nilh opprooehei eusl uud west. The
western upproaelt will run lo Iho ferry
binding ninl the eastern approach to
lhe New Kuglund Fish tlompaiiy's
whurf. This project will necessitate
tlie purchase of two lots botween Muin
nlret'i und tlore avenue, unl the scheme
is ul pri'soiil considered Ion expensive
on uecount of pruperty ilutnugc. The
cost of the petleitrian ond vehicular
subway will bo uppurtiuucil against the
cities of Vuncouver und Nurth Van
couver uud the ('. P. H. by thc lluil
vvnv I'oiuitiission sitting in Vuncouver
next mouth. The proportion' ussoHscil
Iho ti. V It. will fee liorno by the cities
on cither side of the Inlel to offsel u
concession grunted the city with re
speei lo the Harris-Georgia bridge.
Alderiniin Hurler explained thut lbc
plun befure the meeting W'us the. une
Ilnully ilm i.Imi upun with Ilie sanction
of the Norlh Vuncuuver committee us
boing the mosl practical uud feasible
put  forward.
Alilormon Irwin reminded Iho meet
in).' of the lease which lhe ferry cum
I'tiiiv hud from the (.'. F. It. he be
lievi'il fur L'Fyeors, three o( which hud
expired Had Iho ferry board exum
uml ihul lease us to its tenure I Aid
ertnun Irvviu Ihuught the C. V. It
shuuld be n).;,in.i. In i doiiuitely on this
point. II was u mutter thut should I.e
closely gone into before the city coin
nulled ilself lo heavy expenditure.
"The plun we huve just seen," suid
lhe uldertniiu, "appeals lo me us being
satisfactory. The proposed subways
uppeor to be adequate und will prob
ably be mi fur many years."
Alilcruiun Forcmuti shared lhe sume
view The plun loomed lo lliut very
reuHuntilile. ile wus fully sulisficl
lhat tho matter hud been gone into
thoroughly by lhe Vuncouver council
und  engineering  ilepurlinent.
Alderman Dick, while nut wishing lu
reflect upon Iho plun, spoke upun the
Importance of having mme time to
examine il thoroughly and in ilcluil.
"While I appreciate," lie laid, "Iho
hard work of the council and engineering tlopartmont of Vancouvor, ami
while I rcolir.o that possibly there is
placed before us lonighl ono of tbo
best lufewny propositions, ut present
1 can't soy J know it. I cannot gel
up und rod off a great harangue ami
say what a good thing it ii without
looking properly inlo it." Alderman
Dick impressed upon liis hearers tho
furl, that bo waa by no moans ad
vonoly criticirlng or doubting Ibo
• iinnii lei of ihe plan, lie merely
wished for time to go iuto'lti many
points of detail.
Alilorman Mcllae waa in agreement
with thii view.
Alderman-Bin expressed plcusure
that Ihey at laat loomed to be getting
nearer te tbe end uf litis subway busi
ness. Ue considered witb Alderman
Irwin that the ferry louse was a matter fa be eirefully looked into.
The mayor agreed tbat it was well
tbet tbli matter had been apoken of.
The ffrry board would look iuto it
before many mere days had elapsed.
They were fortunate, added ills worship, li| being goveruetl by such luws
ft I hev bad III I 'iiniidii, fur under I lune
Jawi tbo Bailway (loinmissionorii had
absolute power. Tbere was never any
need te four being abut off from tbe
city te tlte south, for the government
would nui ("iiiui mn li a thing. The
mayor bail been familiar with the
viiiiuiiii plapa tl|at had lieen put for
ward, and bo jtail no hositulion in pro
nouncing as nnttelaia tho one tbey bod
beforo them that night. It would be
remomborcil that Judge Moboo hud
deni nl.mi a l:: I'nni subway os being
onjy'a makeshift.   Now the plan be
fore ili-'iii  '"mi I a subway twice
that width, a subway 110 feot wide.
Whon a 2li'foo! stibwuy becume cun
gcHtcil, us the muyur htipeil it would
Hornet into, hu felt cortoiu the different
authorities would favorably consider
Increasing ils size.
Aldortnun Dick inquired' what the
propurtion of the cost Nurth Vuncuu
ver would huve to bear.
Thc mayor explained thut I hot was
a iuu in i entirely out of their hutiils.
Tho Bailway (lommissioners were supremo in Ihut relation.
Mr. II. I'. Wright, us o ferry director,
cinphasuci! the necessity uf these iui
provement! al ony cost, even if Norlh
Vuncouvor hud lo puy the whule.
Eventually arrangements were made
with Mr. Fellow os lu have u duplicate
plun sent over to the north shore uu
thurifies on Thursday, so thut the eoun
oil and the ferry diroeturuto might gu
thuruitghly into the question uud study
the |'l,ni iu detail ut Iheir leisure. The
muyur remarked Ihul if possible a liual
docisiuu might bo rendered on Monday
The young people ol the Mothodiil
cbureb held their regulur monthly mis
sionury meeting Monday with I'rosi
doni I.. Osborne ill the chuir. Service
wos opened by singing that rousing
missionary hymn "Jesus shall reigp
where'er lhe sun," afler wlneli Mr
ycblicfltor loud in pruyer. Lesson wus
roud by T. Murlitisou, from tlte -Dili
chap, of Acts, being i'flul's uccuunt of
his conversion and cull lu foreign min
sionury work.
Mrs. I'!. Mordon gave a delicti' ul
address on the beginning ut the Wu
mens' Missionary society in the l-'nil
ed t'tuie and Cunudu, giving o descrip
liun of iiow the work was curried on
both ul houie uml abroad.
Mrs. rjrhlicbtor followed wilh a ro
port of the Women's Missionary con
volition reacutly iield in Victoria. Tbe
report, though necessury sonu-vvliui slu
tistical, was nevertheless decidedly in
[creating telling of how ionic of llio
brunohes though few in number were
strong in purpuse und others who were
both strong in number u
doiug. The add.
were very muoh appreciated by tin
Ij'Ugue. Mr. I, Beach wus eloeiml
to the oflice. of missionary vice presi
dent with thc well wishes of the so
ciely. Thc ineeling wos brought to a
close with the eustuinury benediction.
Do not be in too muoh of u hurry I"
have the boy ''make u full bund'
Voung muscles ure nul strung enuugli In
itand the severe strum pul upon thetu
by heavy und long sustained labor.
Tho liir.'iiliennn Hulel in Vancouver
wns lost nijfht the venue of un inter-
"sting ami ottjoyublo banquet in honor
uf tho Veterau Firemen's 211th anniversary. The bill of fure wus u delicately
unique production, the sevorul courses
jng represented pictorially instead of
riptivuly f)N is tlte case with most
menu curds. The place of honor wtts
occupied by Muyor Fiinllay, who wus
supported by Fire l.'lticf llorlislo und u
iniiili.' lum. h of old timers, among whom
were A. M. Tyson 18811, G. W.
Uchctky 1885, 8. N. Natnyc 1880, .1.
Kirkpatrick 1880, tl. Thomas, 188D, li.
II. Iiciitlicr<|alc 18811, .1. A. Moruit 18811,
,1. II. Unriliuer .lulinsun 1880, Joseph
lloskin 1874, Johu Ilrown 1880, (I. L.
Behnson 1882. Other notable guests
were Messrs. P, Larson, .1. N. Iluwiy,
W. P. Fiinllay, J. McAllister, M. Mc
fleer uml A. Linton.
The North Vancouver l.uwn Tennis
llluli tomorrow crosses the lulel for Iho
purposo of meeting the Brockton Polnl
(Huh on the llrtiekton I'uiul courts. The
guinoH will commence ut iwo u'clock.
tho following plovers being chosen lo
represent North Vuncouver: H. B. and
T. M. Itttyliss, A. Voung, uud W. Mere
ditlj, uml K. .1. II. I ar.liinill mid F. A.
umber uud purpuse were
dresses  01   buth   ladies
We have a few eheO|
tt.'ouuil Narrows liridgo. tt'»
lhe cheapest ..ltd finesl lol
\uiuouver, us Ihis sect'oii ■ in ■ ing
rapidly yuu will have In uurtv lu ■<
i tiro one ur inure of these. I'riees from
tiuu uml up. (loud forms. Heurgiu
Heal Kstuto Co., iiii render Street W„
l'hono  Hoi.   01l.il, :'HII
Bennett Bros.
Will Shortly occupy thc premiiei at
110 Second Street, East
Mens' Furnishings
and  Clothing
Watch THIS space for iulure^nnouncementi
Tooke'i   '
Shirti* Collar*
110  Second  St.,  East.
mwm ^^
A Made-in-Canada
Do not uia Liquid Sulphur until
you read tb« booklet. Oo not
accopt tlio bottle without It contains the booklet and medicine
Sulphuo oilers lu liquid ioiiti greatest harmless genu destroyer known.
Most convincing letters over printed
toll of wonderful euros of Oockran'i
Sulphur Compound.
Poison Settles in the
Weakest Part of
the System
That's why blood, skin,
rheumatism, and stomach
troubles develope. Sulphuo
is a form of nature's best
germicide and disinfectant,
and provides just proper
qualities for restoring perfect
Sulphuu is pioi mg Iho great modi
into ut' lhe age.
The new Liquid L'ompouud of Mul
I'litir is proeeediiig entirely un ils own
re. (ird of cures, nnd those who write
tollers o! praise for Hulpltuu lo I. V,
l.'uokrant, Sulphur Springs foliage,
Killtionils, It r, will I.o glad, indeed,
to tali, wilh ut Inr" wliu ure adlictfil
ninl relate l»> mouth llio story of
their euros.
It in sale lo nay that no remedy was
c.ir doluged with sueh u flood uf ap
preoiativo letters lis has boon received
al the Sulphuo offices. Hnly a small
fruition of these hus lieen gtien tu tho
pulilie newspupor space l.eing mule
Kheutuali.Hin, Idood disorders, stem
uih Iroul'lo, skin diseases, diabetes,
goitre ini'l all such ulllii'tlons huie
yielded l.y the hundreds-oven llioui
uiid.n I'ltorc Sulphuu. Nu case of
rheumatism ha- heen Itnuwn lo last
after Sulphuo has had a chance to
permeate the syntetti i'u obtain tho
desired results you must study tbo
(■".'ilil uoi olnpaiiy nig eoch bottle ol
Sulphuo and follow the directions lo
lhe loiter
Doino Nature's Owu Bcmedjr
t'litiiuioii seine is the hosis of Su!
linn,'n success, fur il in I'utne Naturo'i
own germicide und disinfectant. Mul
fiiiun i loanses thc system of impuri
ties ami gives the Iduod a ebanco to
liuild up uml restore the affected
parts. Tin* poison in your system,
due in all probability lo improper
sewerage', has spread fhruughuuf the
lunil und settled in lbe weakest part
uf the structure,
That accounts fur tonsllitis, ronliu
uully upset stomach, breaking out of
Iho skin in pimples, or more serious
eruptions uml a multiplicity of inter
mil disorders. The buuklot will show
you why and huw a thorough cleans
ing must be given thr system.
Sulphuo la becoming more ami moro
a necessity in ovory household.
Tor Bole by All Drugglitf, 4-oi. 60c,
l« oa. li.Dt), or Suid Direct to
Send  for a  I'i oo  I look let   That Tells
All   About f.'oekram'i  UJseovcry
ami How uml Why 11 Brings
Hack Health aod strength
suiiilni.. la mil sulil br suj.ale trim
huuse lo fcousi-. t'ea be kef al drag
slorm out) or at .11) Coaler flrf.1
3)2 Water St.,  Vaacouver
'     :
■    .
Mn I
i       'i
Would he like to know all about the North Shore?
nt %
Send him a copy of our
Day Prosperity
For sale at this office, wrapped, ready for mailing at
Fifteen Cents a copy
Order Early, the Supply is Limited
' -  ■ ••'■'.
————»■■   ii   !'■
We invite all those who intend building a new home
to call and iee our display of doori which
we have on hand. We have a large
auortment of the latest
patterns apd solicit
D call from
Dickinson & Son, Ltd.
P. O. Box 1719.
Phone 222
We have a Large and Exclusive List
D.L. 265 and D.L. 273
Phone 24. P.O. Box 1820
North Vancouver Business
,. and Professional Cards
ii ( m ,vj wis.
Iiiduroin o Uuarauteo  liutnlit ]
Auditor mul  Accountant
lnl Lum.lulu Avonue. I'. I), llux •1'itr,.: "i'M« ruL\   Nulling luo largo or I
Norlb Vuncouvor. l'lioue i'ii. •»»"•   KstimaliM  givon.
If  vuu   wunl yuur garden  flie.l  oi
luiwm laid uul, seu
I'rlrr   li'iwl,   l.yuu   Vulley
' Hi' will give vuu u guuil jul. uf u reus
 ■ ■ :    I'lans uml Kstiuiales furnisbcil free.
I'urcy  ti   llowuiJ ll   j    Perrln  llo|iairiug,  remodeling,  cts.,  |irouijillj
''">'  Aodllor. utteuded lo
111 I'ender si   W      I'   u   Hux 22361 Lynn Valley, B. C.
I'bone SS37 flume in     !    .\Fi.in Hoad ueor Weslovcr. I'. I). I:....
Vancouver        Nurlli Vuiuuuver      I jij  |..U|, ,-tevg  ]). r
liiifllnr.   aua   Acruuulaula
0. A. Oil.., B.C.S.A.
I786 Chesterfield Avouue,
North   Vancouver
I'luli.' HIIJB
1 Ami gcucral Couiuiission Merebanl, 111
Lousdale Ave., Nurlli Vancouver.
I'liune 621
Undcrw6od'* Barber Shop
'     I'EEBV WHAB1'
III   It  i.n.Hlllin
_-I ; 1 ■	
ISurrcsaor lu  Wallace k Scull,  Third
Street.   Oenoral rfipelr work.
A. Wallace's services navo heeu re
Ml  Mllll!  -
|    My   ilullies   ure   ut   Ilie   l.'apilauu
Laundry    where   yourn   nuglil    lo  be.
i Flu I   work   lur  .'I.'i   inilii   do/.   llougli
dry, I. Ih., wet wuili, .:. Hi.     Drop ue
a card and we mil call lur Ilium.
V. 0 Uox aHH2
Plumbing!      Plumbing      Plumbing
I'onlractors, Oiw.cr.-. crl fixed up
Willi join before Imr in material. I'm
ligurea. Jobbing carefully  ollendi'd fu
Hit SUecl, I, Block West of Lonadule
Iiinii. n    AMI   >l  l 11" m   in
Booksellers and  Stationers
(lar. I luimliili' and 1st.        l'bnrv 113
' AM I.K. A 8.
Irrigation,   drainage, levals,     plans
end tyeciii, nn.ul Septic tanks and
Ihiiiso drainage a speeialty. 1'. 0.
!'•"> 'HI. Iidb slreet weal of Bewicks
i>l" i .... li M'lir li
,-i„di,i   over   Bunk   B. N. A.
Lonsdalo and KmiiaAado
1 ill linn
I Il.n. IIIH   ,mis
High i In n Indies'aud fjenla' Tailoring
llopolring   and   Alterations.  I'loauing
ami Dyeing iu ull ils branches. All
Wurk guaraui.-i J.
Ill First .-ii.i'i Wesl. I'lione S!0i
TMlllKUl  iMtail ).
Specially: I'liildrcii'«  Lessons  at  owu
home.      Terms, elc, apply Ueuoral
' I'lans Liei iili'd      if    Knlimali'S (liven
Ceutro and MIU Boad
Lynn Volley, B. 0.
91 •' '
■I !>->ll S II-
N.V. Tinning & Sheet Metal Work*
Firat Btreet Eut of Lonidale
Lowest pricos and best work guarun
teed on tinning aud sbcel metal work.
The New Blortk on l-onedale ivcaut
'        near Ih/ Kerry Approach
*„■ built by
ficiwol I'nnlraotors    •
• r-
I. Craib   I W. Craib
"iMllMrrOBB Arfll BIULDKKti
In 1'ilr.rete, Brick and Wood.
On the rar line. Boarding, meals,
Hood n.iiiiiiiiioilalion tor forking man.
i niiiini lurn' uii'ii bearded. Hy. Kaslcol',
All kinds of laws tied and set on lbe
shortest notice. Lawn mowers, knives,
hedge shears and icloion oharpenod. All
work guaranteed, moderate pricei.
Ilia* Lonadale Avenue Phone hu
Tbo Editor " Expreas."
I should like, with your permission,
to lay before your readers somo opinions on civic problems wbicb I truut
aru not inopportune. ,
First, In regard to au extension of
tbu suweruge system. In Junuury last
few .people seemed to approciuto tbo
lipcewity for a rapid extension of lateral sowers to deal with thu unsanitary
louilitioii uf tbo moru congested portions of llm city. Now as tbo hot
weutlicr is rendering the overflow, or
seepage, frum septic tanks'very uhvious
tu one's olfui'tory orguu, it is generally conceded Ihut It Is must desirable
to have lliesu extensions, but wo are
liilil llieri) is no credit to proceed with
the work, coiieonuontly another yeur is
to |hin» during which we uliull Iiuv r
un enlarged risk of disease, wbleb may
be traced lo this source, (iruiited thai
those extensions cauuul lie proceeded
with Ilils yeur, lhe situation cau be
mitigated on those streets where
sewers have been laid uud connections
brought lo lbc lot line, under locul
improvement bylaws; if lbe council
wuulil tuke action under section llll,
sub section l.'IU, uf the Municipul
Clauses Act lo compel owners of abut
lin;.' property lo connect witb the sew
er within u specified time. In many
places one muy nole the overflow of
drains info Die slreei, uml iu uue case
oul u  lhe    in ni nl I.
Second, lu regard to the Indian Ke
son e. The city council took action
at I ill n imi asking for permission to
purethise ami received u reply tu tbe
i'ITj;i'r^tl»il Iheir application has been
I'lu.ml liml on file, ciu fur so good
Nuw, a commissioner is in British Cut
uiuliiu investigating the question as
lu nbelbcr tbo reversionary rights iu
Indian reserves belongs lu the Dum
iiiiun government or flic Provincial
Km eminent. Would il nol be wise tu
Inlu' .mull liiiiilii ul Vicloriu us will
re, pry tin- city lirst iiiiinii' of purchase
in .une the commission finds flint the re
ii-r-Hinary nulils belong to tbe Prov
nu c unil not ti| the Dominion!
Third,*iu rcgurd lo u city Imll site
This in u ijucstiun winch presents some
lilll'iillics, uut least of which is that
various folk in vurious purls uf the
city are liublc being liumug—to imug
me Ilml ine particular portion uf flic
. ii.i iu which they ure interested in
einplialirally Ibe only site for a citv
Imll; niii,ni'i|i:eiilly, the uuestioii is b
iii.ii' tu In' niuile one of acriinuitious
ilebule, uiul if pul fu u plebiscite may
nut riniill in lin' besl selection of a
site being mude. Now, why nut bring
in u iiiun whu lias no material interesl
ni ilie city, free from suggestion of
prejudice by reason of property owner
ship, and un expert in city planning
line Inin commission lo go full} into
Ilie ijucsliou of a civic centre, und let
us ull be bound lo accept Ins couelu
Fuurlli, Million I'urk. '-In mis park
Norlli Vuncouver bus an un.net which
if properly conserved will be of lirsl
iiiiporlume in llic future as a breathing
n|.ji.i uiul beauty spot right within the
nli. The 'lunger is lliul piecemeal
«.. Iiemi's ol ulicnalioii, uud clean sweeji
ing nil ul lbc forest grow Hi will un
dull limit ll.. purk urea und militate
uguinsl .i proper nulurulislic Ircnt
im nl ntiuii Hie i outour and forest cou
In m.u uf tin park indicate lu be de
siniili- Itrluii anything inure is done
AT llic liul, lit us buve a complete
m Iniln' i.l' liiiiliticiil und opening up
drnfled bi un expert in Ihis profes
-iniilil ui lather urli.nlii line
Canning Fruit
durs In ..'inning, sngur is nol the
"hooping" powor us in preserves; ii n
the entire exclusion of air I'loui Ihe
fruit Unit preserves il, and wilb fins
fact iu mind II will be seen Ihul greul
care inusf be exorcised lo have all Ilie
jam in perfeel condition. I'urchase fur
tlir purpose a glass jar, Inning u glaai
or iinini lop, wilb a rubber, ilmi
oogbly cleanse lhe jars, aud if Ihe rub
hers have been used before aud seem
hard or woru, gel new ones. I'arlly
llll Ilie jurs wilh wuler, place llic rubber in position, and pot on lbc top
securely. Then turn lhe jar upside
down und Id il remain iu Ihis position
at leust llw minutes. If uny waler
oozes oul, the jar is imperfect und
should be sel usidc for some olher
work that does not require lhe cxclu
sion of air.
Fruil. -The fruil used should be Arm
and us large us can be obtained, ex
•tubs KAIinue lltusTHILONGI
Jn nil Countries. Aek (or uur Inventor'! Adviser Marlon k Marlon. 1(1
University Sired, eorner Bt Catherine
Utreel. Montreal, Canada, and Weening ton, I). C„ U. ti A.
cept in the case of strawberries. With
thew tbe smaller tbe better, and tbo
wiltl variety makes better jam. All
other berries ehould bej^tm and large.
Pick tbem over carefully, removing
any that aro crushed or overripe.
Dp not buy either too ripe or bave
been too long picked. Blackberries, uo
matter bow fine or of what kind, uro
never satisfactory or appetizing when
To provent discoloration all largo
fruits should bo thrown at onco into
cold water aftnr being peolod uutil
When ready to begin canning, get
tlio jurs uml place the rubber iu pqsi
tiou ou the top of each jar, witb the
top that hus been tested by tbe side
of thu jar. Do not mix tbe tops, us
onu that is true to one jar may uot
fit the noxt, this being purticulurly the
caso When the screw-top is used.
Place thc fruit in the jars as soon us
it is prepared, shukiug euch jur lo fill
the interstices as closely as possilde-
tbut is when quinces, pours ur uuy ol
Ihe inn,ri fruits aru used. Berries
must not be packed closely. If pears
aru used, turn some of the pieces with
the core side out, us it adds lo the
effect when finished. When peaches
are being prepared,ilivo or six of Hie
pips should be distributed llirough each
jur, for they improve tho llavor. The
pips ure removed before the fruit is
sent to the luble. dust us the fruit is
laid when the jur is filled, so it should
remain all winter, for there shuuld be
no furtber handling uf il.
Tne Cunning.—Place the sugar iu a
saucepan un the stove, with just enough
boiling water to dissolve il. When
thoroughly melted ullow it lu cool a
little and tbcu divide the syrup among
the jars u spoonful ut a time. If after
all is distributed it does not fill Ibe
jurs fund, il seldom does), add enuugh
lukewarm water lu each jur lo fill it
and loosely screw on the lop. If Ibe
glass top jur is used, pul the glass in
position, bin du nut luck if, for If
steam is nut permitted lu escape the
jur may burst. Have in readiness u
deep porcelajn kettle wilb an wide a
bottom us pussiblc; set the jars closely
together iu this, und Ull the kettle with
warm, but not boiling wuler, to within
uu inch of Ihe top of the jurs; Iben set
the whule over lhe lire lo boil. If the
preserving kettle is nul lurge enough,
lbe boiler should be uied, Do not al
low lhe waler to boil loo fasl. There
is no danger uf the jars cracking if llic
water is allowed lo heat gradually und
boil gently.
When the water bus bulled fur tin
miuutes, remove lbe cover from one
of (he jars, and if flic fruit can be
easily pierced with a silver I'urk, and
each piece seems softened tiiruugh, il
lius cooked enuugh. Ten miuutgs arc
usually sullicicnl for berries tu boil,
but more time is necessary fur lhe
lurger uud more solid fruits. Muke
sure thut the fruit is thoroughly cook
ed; thou set Ibe kettle buck where II
will not boil, und sci ure un Ihe lop
of cadi jar us tightly us possible in
order lhat tbe jurs muy be more con
voiiicntly lifted out Then, wrapping
the bund in a dry towel, lift a jur uut
uf thc water, luke off lhe tup uud pour
in boiling water until the jur is over
lluwtng, then quickly adjust lhe top
uguin fur a liual fasteuiug. Treul euch
jar In Ihis manner, and invert I hem
all for a final lest as In oir tightness
If any syrup oores out ufler a jur bus
cooled, llic fruit cun be saved only bi
turning it into a saucepan, and, wliu
boiling, placing in u perfect jur, un in
llic old method uf cunning; but thin
will never be necessury if proper iurc
be exercised in the lirst instance. It
the leak  is detected  while the jar is
null hot, it cau bo agaiu filled witb
boiling water and scaled aftor .substituting a new rubber or a different
As • the jars cool, if .tbe screwtop
variety is used, endeavor to tighten
them for the purpose. On thu following day, when the jars aro perfectly
cold, tigbteu tbe tops more if possible ami tben set tbem in a cool,
dry place as free from a strong ligbt
as possible. Do not bundle them after
tlnjy are once set nwny, as uny shaking
of the jars is likely to be followed by
fermentation of the fruit. Fruit can
nol iu tbis way will uot go to pieces;
on the contrary, being cooked in the
jar uud not bandied when in a break
ing condition, it remains ns whole iif
when put in tbe jur.
Canned fruit should always be open
ed two or three hours before it is
needed, us tbe flavor is much liner
when the oxygon, of which it has been
so long deprived, is thus fully re
The umount of fruit necessary I'm
each quart jar is ns follows;
Cherries       8
Raspberries    '.   ii
Strawberries  ;...  In
Whortleberries       ,   fi
Quinces     Vi
Smull sour pearl   (whole)   Ih
Peaches     il
llurtlclt peurs     s
Pineapples        h
Siberian crab apples    In
Plums      In
llipe currants         In
Muiilreal  Weekly  Witmn-
Alcohol a Cause of
Mental Breakdown
The Stale  Churilies   Aid   A.-m), iuliun
uf  New   Vork   has  published  u  nluli
ment cuncerning insanity which ought
lu  bave   wide  circulation, aiul   who h
must   certainly   do   wry   much   g i
This ducumeiil points out the relation
ship of paresis lo diseases lhal i nine
from immoral conduct, and afhr going
inlu sume detailed explanation, il
"The number of patients having
paresis or 'softening of lhe bruin, ml
initleil lo slute hospitals during Ibe
year ending'September .'HI, Illln, w;m
liillf men, or 17 per cent, of nil men
admitted, and -iii women, s per cent,
of all women admitted.
" Another group of menial diseases
is due directly lo lhe habitual une ul
ah oliul Alcoholic insanity muy In
liruuglil  uu  by Ihe regular use ul  ul
est medical authorities without teeming
to prcacb.
"In tbis day of keen competition .
overy mun needs tbo highest possible
development of bis mental capacities.
Not ouly is the highest mental development impossible iu the presence
of tbe continued uso of alcohol, but
impairment of the mental faculties
is likely to follow. Tbe children of
those uddii'k'il tu alcohol often start
in life wilh morbid tendencies er mon-
tul defects." —Extract
Is sometimes a very dull day for tlie
growing boy. One Sunduy afternoon in
the early spring, in passing a farmyard,
wo saw a boy engaged In throwing
pebbles ut a knot bole in the barn,
which, while uu exercise in dexterity,
is uot u very exciting or imporlant
pastime. The lad looked bored, ai
indeed be wus, and we could not avoid
lhe reflection lliut here wus a case of
misplaced energy which must incvil
ably lead eventually away from tbe
farm. Sunday is usuully rcgunlcd ss
u duy of rest, bul to too muny that
means u day uf deadly inertia. A wise
man hits described rest as a change
of work, unu it is us natural fur a
growing boy lo bq us active mentally
uud physically upun Sundays as upon
secular duys. Therefore, it iH the duly
uf parents.or employers to provide him
with an outlet, having in mind, of
course, the demunds uf lbe duy.--Farm
Sonic men arc so short sighted thai
Ihey send the buys to school only wlien
there is nothing else for them lo do
This is not fair lo lhe buys nor to thu
community. Schuul days ure suu/i
mer inul there should be us few breaks
ns possible.
olUra OUUuno ygicu. is cinti
eveu   in   'moderate'   ymiilih
uul producing intoxicaliun. The , Inn,
relation between alcohol and lusainl,*
has only recently been full) ii-ali/ed
Statistics as lu the number oi cases in
whicii alcohol is Ibe direct lUUse noes
sarily \ary in diflVrml localities. Fully
:ii) per cent, of lhe men und lu per
i'u 1. uf the women udmillcl I,, tin
stale hospitals are sulL-ring from um
dilions due dircctl) nr iiulirmily In
alcohol So marled m the cflm t ui
ul. ul,ol upun lhe bruin and the none
tissue Ilml it helps to bring about a
number of menial breakdowns in uddi
lion  In the lib nlii.il.   ilisainlies. "
Alcohol is a pni-oii. A lung nencs
uf careful tests performed by ciinncnl
aullionlies show Ihul even small
quantities of alcohol may lower the
mental rapacity, and ilml it lakes
niiich longer thun ts usuall) supposed
lur  tins elfin I   lo  wmi  off.
This is no) a lenipcruii c Inn I We
ure dealing only with sricnlilii In-Ill is difficult, however, lo ,|ulc the
facts as now ugri-ed upun by the high
Eiir fttanburti
THE STANDARD Is tho National
Weekly Neuspapir of llio Dominion
of Canada, li is natlonul In all Its
ll ui es tli.. most expensive engravings, procuring Ihe photographs from
nil on r Hie world.
lis nrlnlis are carefully leleclcd and
ns ,ii,ri i.,I policy Is thoroughly
Indi pi ndi nt
A Biil'Bcii|iliun to Tlie ,'■;.: il.n 11
n. in (2.00 per year lu any addrcie In
I'.innd.i nr (ircnt Hrlluln.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montreal  Standard  Publishing C*,
Limited, Publishers.
66 YKA"
Trade Mams
Anjotit) imdlflf | ikrlr-h mi J drier h'tlnn Wij
iinlrKif MWtnln nur opiMntt fnt "nitthur sn
fi li p
..   ciijrr
ipnt frfd. warn iftncj •vJMrutMlML
fJrtlrKlf MWtMrf ivtf (iplfilnn ttl
iMTpitM"fi ll prnMMj tiKifrifftlifn   r-'mmonlr*-
MonH.rtci);r'in0g>>iihJ HAKDBOCK "til'slfnU
ppnt tr*t>. UidrM tsrvcy iur»»-«HnfMi
r*fr.titi tarn throuih Mmm k Ua
lj>rrtaj notttt, wil hnut olinrfp, la US
Scientific Mean
A Iinnd*m>HT liliuini^O »m*1j. ItyigfW dr-
puUh-in of nli/ »<-t#nl!fl< (<mntiJ. fthM for
Ctniflii, p li * yw, po*l*f* l't*l*Jd. Fold bf
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$1 down, $1 per week
The l.ynn  Valley  Ratepayers' Asm
ciation  beld   Iheir   regular     iiie-mnly
nieeliug in the Institute Hull un Wed
ui'iday evening    Mr. T.  Allun presnl
cl over a lurge    altenduucc,  though
i there was lillle business transacted. Kid
I Inning ihe im,n.il approval of lhe miu
I utcs of the precious inrTling, corres
piindence was read from lhe ll I'. Tele
phone Compuny m reference to inslal
ling u telephone sen ice in Lynn Valley
Malleable Steel ftanJjl\\Liu wlli'1' ^."<*p**i s,uI"1 "iuI	
On ilie easy paymenl plan of Ono Hollar down and One Dollar per
week we are offering one of lm "best Malleable Sleel Itang'S on Ihu
Canadian market.
Made of besl Hussiao Blued Sleel cold rivettcd on malleable lUel frame
—it is absolutely indestructible. Impossible, lo warp ur crack and uo
stove putty in the joints lo fall out at ony time,
Supplied  with  waterfront or high elevated copper reservoir.
Patterson, Goldie & Clark
Phone 88
107 Esplanade West
Tlw Valley's New*
A ion of 'Mr. Q. B. Birch, Froinihe
Road, fell down an olovator shaft at
ilm Consolidated Optical building on
Hastings streot last woek, Ho was
takoil to tils Vancouver geiiiirul huspi
tai unconscious. Hia father, gliding
that tho boy had not* returned home
at the usual time, mado inquiries at
the North Vancouvor pulieo station ami
tho police Iciiiiii'.l of tbo hoy's whereabouts. Whon the boy was admitted his
name ur udilress could not bu uncertain
|The application of Mr. T. A. Ken
nek for un hotel license iu l.ynn Valley was heard by the license enmmis
..i.in.i.. u.-eve Muy, Coun. Westover,
ami (Inmmissinnor ,1. 0, Keith in Iho
municipal bull, Lynn Valley, on Wed
nesday. It was thrown nut for tho
reason lhat lhe advertisement in tli'J
paper showed lhe premises lo lm in |1,
I, MM while the petition which had
been signed up gave I). I, Mill, The
upplirunt wns permitted In withdraw,
llenewals were granted liie Canyon
View and Seymour Holds.
The olliciul opening of the new ten
uis courts nu Allun Knud will—by per
mission of lhe weather clerk -take
pluee tomorrow afternoon und evening.
The special features will be the Inspec
tion of thut portiou of the district
hitherto unexplored, lie dispensing uf
afternoon tea, uml Inter iu the even
iug, when lhe dim twilight casts
her spell over man and maid, nr tn be
more correct, over those Hint ure spell
nidi', coffee ninl delicacies, and us twilight is chased oh* lhe held or courts,
ami the older members uml friends
wend tlieir liuppy steps homewards with
lbe children,.leaving those happier ones
of the happiest age blissfully to them
selves, Ihere will be dispensed !
The W. A, of SI, element's church
intend holding u special eiiterluinnicnt
iu Ihe Institute Ilull on Wednesday,
.lune lltitli ut 7.30, This eulerluinmeiil
is neither a concert, u sociul, u ball, a
bampiel, farcical, dramatic or operatic
but if one only attends—and the price
is only Illi cents -lie will be guessing
before the end. Ont thing is cerium
so lur us things cun be certain in ur
uncertain world ami" mon1 uncerluiti
age—thai is, lhal Ihu rccenllv formed
l.yuu Vulley Choral Society will uuil.i
ils debut ul Ihis cntertailimeul, in.l
will udil to lhe harmony or discord ol'
the evening on more Ihun one occasioli
lhal is if any one is brave enough
lo slay for u second hearing Ilul su
us not In frighten uny one und thereby
cause him to stay uwuy, il may be
inciiliiiii.nl Ihut olher tilings besides au
initial performance of u newly formed
unl partly trained choral society will
lake place und some of these will be
more (liun good enough to compensate
fur all the discord* of lily. Uunl lor
gel Wednesday, June '.'lilh, commencing
al 7.30 p.m., lustitutc Hull.
tion uud bettor accommodation for a
post 000*. The matter was recommended to go through th* local Conservative Association tf) Ottawa whioh
has boon dons and Mr. J. Barker has
boon recommended for poit master. A
long discussion WU hold relative to »
fire apparatus, It being decided to ro
ciiiiiini'inl to the council thu purchase nf
r hose and building, A volunteer urn
brigade was formed consisting of I'd
members. Messrs. J. V. McNaught, J
P. Crawford iild t'.L. Thompson woro
appointed delegates to meet tbe lister
llutopnyors' Associations of tho muui
eipulity regarding the interests of the
district In general. Mr. .1. Y.
McNaught asked for an explanation of the prescnl pr excessive
expenditures of the water works do-
p. iiu ''in Councillor Woatovcr gave ■'
iuu -I'teion answer lllll informed the
association that a general nutting
would bo called beforo the election on
iho bylaws and data of thu different
departments pul before-the ratepayers,
A further recommendation was mado
for Ihe council lo move a portion of the
big tree of Lynn Valloy to the muni
cipul bull us a relic of Lynn Valley
West Vancouver Ferry
Laws and Restriction* Render Pur-
chasing Suitable Graft Difficult—
Municipality May Boon Have Telephone Service.
The West Vancouver council
Tuesday afternoon adopted the report
ol" Reeve Kelson and Councillor Mer
rick, who lasl week visited Seattle and
Tucoinu In inspect Ihe steamers it bud
been though! feasible In purchase for
imi. I nil.iiinii purposes between Van
couver and the municipality.
Tiie report lubmitted by the reeve
uud councillor slated that, accompanied by Mr. J. A. Mucfuriunc, u
competent boileruiuker and engineer,
Ihey bad thoroughly inspected several
nl owners, ami on their return tbey
were accompanied by lbe owner of a
steamer they had decided to purchase.
They consulted the iuspoetor of
steamships ot Vaueouver, giving him
ull particulars, ami they fouml that
the restrictions and luws regurding
boilers, etc., in Canada were so much
greuter than in the United States, that
the boilers uf the steamers impeded
do nol till the requirements of thc Can-
adieu laws. The committee, therefore,
could only report progress, and ask for
further time.
Councillor 11 mt/burger informed lbe
council lhal be was opposed to gaao
line launches for ferry purposes, but
thul in view of tho difficulties that
were being experienced iu securing a
suitable ferry boat, he thought lbe
wisest course would be to purchase a
gasoline launch that would temporarily
hll their requirements. They would
then have lo apply to Ihe ratepayers
for money to build one or more suit
ulde ferry boats, which would probably
be siillicieul for all traffic for thc next
five yeurs.
lleeve Nelson also pronounced himself uguinsl gasoline launches, but ad-
milled that Ihey seemed to represent
the only possible method at the pres
eni   nun' of obtaining immediale  im
provement of tho present system.
suJTplfW"Tile ordered und worl, would      The question of a telephone service
commence on receipt of same. Further   lor the new municipality again arose
correspondence was ruud from the posl    duriug   Tuesday's   meeting.    A    few
al aulliorilti* regurding u central posi ] weeks ugo the council applied to the
Special for a Few Days
TRIPLE CORNER on lvfh Street.  Hiu-  219 feet  by   167.      Price,
118611. Terms $660 cash, 6, 12 and 18 months.
We have ouly a fow lots now left in 761—* beautiful homesite within
two blocks of Lonsdule Awniie for t'116. Terms 6D* caih, (, 13
and 18 months.
Jf you have a bouse to Rent, or for Sale kindly give us a listing.
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BLUE" POPLIN SLIPPERS, regular price
$3.00, for
While they lad
Wood-Paige Shoe Co.
Phone 393 Mount Crown Block, Opp. City Hall
B. 0." Telephone Oompiny for a tw
vlos, tud w*r* luformed that If fifty
subscriber) could bo obtained fbe com
liauy wai willing to instal. It was expected on Tuesday that that number
would bo secured, uml the company
would be written to accordingly.
Weit Vancouver Council
Tbo regular meeting of the West
Viiiiciiiiver council took place in tbo
school house at Hollyburn on Tuesday
afternoon, Reovo Nelson presiding.
Tho clerk, Mr. 0. H. Poakc, read a
lettor from tbe North Vancouver Buard
of Trado asking the council to confer
with tlm i huiii il. of ihu city and district of North Vancouvor with a view-
to iiiliciully Inviting H. I.'. 11. the Duke
of (Jonnaught to visit the North Hhore
during his forthcoming itinerary.   Thc
COUIteil   decided   tO   leave  till!  lnlli I 'i   ill
the hands of Koeve Nolsun.
Tho reeve ami Councillor Ointtburgor
were delegated'to consult with Roeve
May concerning the securing of lhe
maps and plaus relating In the West
Vancouver municipality without further ib'biv.
It wus decided on the Huggestinu of
i'iiuii. lilm Merrick Ihut un accuunl sub
uuii. .i for the Duiiiluruve lloat should
bu referred to tbe ilistricl of Nurlli
Vancouver, the council nf whicii should
be usked to confer with lleeve Nelson
iu relation to thc settlement of same
A further letter was read from tbt
district eouueil of North Vancouver
slating lhal that body hud appointed
' niiin illnr:. I .mil el and Westover as' a
committee tu meet sitnilur committees'
from the city and municipality aud ,
into tbe question of I'apilauo liridgo.
Hcevc Nelson, Councillor Uiuuhurgcr
and Councillor Hay were chosen us thc
council's representatives nn this coin
The council, in reply In a dcpulatiou,
resolved to cuntributu tun towards the
Dominion  Day celebration fund.
At Wcdui'mluy uiuht 'a meeting of
the Bchuol trustees u letter was read
from Ihe council of the district of Norlh
Vancouver asking Ilie board lo
reconsider its decision iu regard lo the
attendance of district seboul children
st tbt city schools and permit them to
attend until a diitrict school is built
in tbo loc»l|ty in wbicb these ch||dr*n
reiiide The lettor was Uid ovor for
Tbe toacbers' reports procl*l|nod tho
enrolment of tho month to be 841 in
the public schools aud 2li in the high
ichool, total BUS, this constituting »
record for any one month.
. Tenders for the construction of tho
proposed addition to tho Lonsdale
achool woro opened and considorod, and
tho ''miiini'l awarded to Messrs. Foster,
liuniiii ami Fostor at au adjourned
mooting on Thursday morning, tho successful tender being »4.lli>H, The Mc
Haiti lliiil11.;'I I'uiui'iiiiv secured the
electrical work in Ihis connection,
thoir eninnate being $21)4.110.
Norlb Vancouver will break iuto Ilie
lacrosse situation nt Recreation I'mi.
tomorrow afternoon. The Ridgeway
public School twelve of this city will
pluy a mutch at one o'clock with a
team of Cun Jones' hopefuls. Tliegume
will commence ut one o'clock sharp.
The locul club will be represented Iiv
the following lineup:
(loul--I.ee McMillan.
Point—Bert tiros*.
lumi Poiut—Thco. Larson. .
lit defence--Albert Craig.
2nd defence—Victor McRao,
.'lnl defence—.lames Beuneti
I'enire—It, Stephens.
.'Ird homo—Qeorge Arcaml.
2nd Inline—Hoberl Paige.
Isl home   W. Hell.
Outside home—Louis Hods.
Inside hoiire   Herbert   Murilen.
Fourth   Streot,   Wednesday,   June
llllli, 8.30 iliarp.
Wiiiintied Cardcn. Piauist
Heb n il.nli Icy, Elocutionist
Ulll.i   1"'' 'nil.   I'i 'I'll iMn
Reserved  Seats 60c.     Admission 26c
Tickets at Warburnlti Plauo Houso,
Lonsdalo Aveuue
And at Uio Hill
124 Second street NORTH VANCOUVER Phone 467
All New.       No Old Stock.
Fine assortment of Flower
and Garden Seeds in packages.
Sweet Peas by the oz.
These   come in  Mack,   White,
Lavender, Pink and Red or mixed.
Special Lawn Grass,  -   50 cts. Ib.
Selected White Clover, - 65 ctt. lb.
North Shore Drug Co.
P. S. THOMAS, Phm. B.
Druggist, 116 Esplanade West
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