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|JI OT TrVA "mfim
WBfiBTiX flflYIIM mm BBflgBn
s—wsji—siassawwr '
mm* immm mm w
m nmm *w top "Hi
Bftflgi;' nwwnn imMfi, i
NOBTH VA»0()»Vfi#, 8.C., FBlflAY, P0TQB«.* ty UU8.
NBlffBE 47.
Mayor and Aldermen
itwer Series of
Grave Allegations
The several suriuus allegations levied
uguinst the eily cuuucil'by Ur. William Knuwles were on Wediiesiluy even
ing 11,in bed oflt in Hie presence uf uue
of the biggest iii'.u'iiililie:, uf ratepayers in the city's histury. Since Wed
neulo.i of lust week, when tlie sume
charges were liruuglil up preliminarily
the chief topic of cunvcrsutiuu among
thu ciii/euii uf Nurlh Vancuuvor has
nmiinilli been the 'ducuineut uud its
contents bearing the signature uf Mr.
Knuwles. The public meeling in I.ur-
sun's Pavilion wus culled under llic uuk
pices of the lucul Hutepnters' Assu
.-mlinn, sii Ihut Mr. Knuwles should be
uin.1.i.,i the pruper opportunity uf sub
slant iuling bis charges uml uu the
other luiii'l lltu meinbera uf Ihc council
a 'lomc of pulverising these uilega
The cliuir wua occupied by lhe preai
dent uf the Association, Mr. II. C.
Wright, ulio, despite lhc naturally disturbed character uf lhe eireumstuuecs,
kept the meeting fur the must purl or
derly and considerate. There were
certainly moments of intense heut, the
must isriuui period uf the kind being
occasioned, uot by difference of upiu
mn lietween the ratepayers and lhe
city in i hei a, bul through thc council
being divided against ilself un u cer
lain uu|..irt.ini point./
N't ii.n   lliially   thc IllCCtiug  WUI usked
fur iu ' i ru ion uf opinion ui to who
l ti ur u government audit ahuuld be re
ijucaleil nol a single huml was held
up iu futur uf Ibis step. Au uincnd
uiei,t, t iiiiun ily moved and seconded
thai Mr. Knowles be cordially thanked
fur the time he hail devoted lu the
whole mutter, discussion of wnich hud
served lu clear Ihe utmusphcrc very
considerably ami bad 'served olber useful purpuses, was favored by a lurge
percentage uf lbc in.ding
Thc allegations laid by Mr. Knuwles
were dealt with seriatim.
Haywood Park;
"A" -Thul Mr. J. I'. Fell un
behalf uf the I.onsdale lim entered inlo an agreement with the
1'orporutiuu uf ihc i'ily of Nurtb
Vincuuver; Ihis agreement provid
ed, lhat lhe eily on ili part should
construct a ruad Iiirougli Ihe properly, iiul du i,ii.iin work of
clearing upuu thc raid property,
when these worke were completed
the Lonidale Kslale uu ila pari
was lu convey lo. the cily fur
park purpose! a parcel of lumi
whicii comprised I.' acres more or
"II' -Thai Hie cily uf Norlh
Vaiieouter, iu fulfilment uf Ibe
aforesaid agreement cunstrucleil
Ihc said ruad and performed Ibe
iigi. ci wurk uf clearing.
"(.'"-Thai ilis Worship Mayur
W. II. May, reported lu the cily
cuuucil, lhal In bad pccompatiicd
Mr. J I'. i.H un a fuur uf ipapec-
liuu uf Ibe roatl, and clearing wurk,
' lhal Mr. Fell had eiprcsied hii
satisfaction aud accepted Ibe
worka done aa performance aa Ihe
( rily'a pari uf thc agreement!
" 11" -That tbe cily council of
IVil, instead of suing the Lonsdule
Kslale for apccilic performance uf
Ihe agreement, diil unlawfully aud
without lhe knowledge ur consent
of Ihe ralepayera, sell or eio|iaugo
Ihe aforeiuid HI acres, more or last,
lut Ihe HV; acrei more or leu uow
known aa Heywuud 1'ark, and fur
Iher caused tu be handed back
tho original agreement belween Ihc
Lonsdale  Kslale ami  llic cily.
"K"—That   thc  difference   in
value between the 11' acres afore-
mid, and the tu, acres aforeiald
l(e between twenty and forty Ihou
sand dollars.,
lu Ihli relation Mayor McNeish stated lhat he had beeu a member of lbe
ii.nioil of I'l'i".  l'""' 1911 and  i:h"
When lie heard of thii charge being
made, be immediately asked tbe city
engineer lo get sll (lie available data
and draft accurately the two map!
whieb wer* now displayed un une ul
tbe wills on I'"' Faviliou.   The mayor
cipliiued Ibe situation by meant of
these maps.   One condition upon which
Mr. Fell was willing to deed tbii laad
to tbs «ity was that the city ihould
construct a ruad through the park
whieb ahould lie .1.'diluted for road
purpuses. The area uf the entire para
in. lodiii," this road wua 11.117 acres,
Ihe area of the road being '■' l!l acres,
Tlioioloiv tlio Urea for urinal purl: pur
puses wus .'' .oi acres originally.
(In sume reprctsup|atluns mude by
lbe parks committee ami tbu cuuucil iu
11)11 it was pinpo.i'd, when grading iu
I). L. Glil! was. iiiiiiiieio e.l that it might
be u guud thing tu have thu purtiuu
uf laml Immediately weat of Hamilton
Aveuue for park purposes. The iug
gcatiott wss then made by the Lousduh)
Kslale that tills piece of land should
be luken in trade for a part uf the for
mer i-.ii I.. There wai absolutely no
level Iuti11 for thc cuiiHtrucllun of .Ham
ilino avenue ami it was almost impos
:-iIde tn make u street there,uud it was
prupused lliut Ihe area uf the pur
shuuld be eili'iidod cast tu include this
pruperty and that thu west boun-
dary uf Ihu purk should be tbe on
liuml road which had previously run
iin" ;,"li the park. Tlte area of the
park, in cousei|ueiicc uf this urrange
ment, il 11.118 acres for park purposes
us ugaimt .v.',u a, iu". loun, ih, a dif
fereuce ou the rigbl side uf an iter,
and « fraction.
The deed fut the park had uever
been liiiinle.I lu the cily by the dunur,
but Ihg muyur did nul ilm.I. (his fit
l.sni .■ ihe cily had taken a slightly
lunger limo than spocillcil for lbc ne
coiupliihmcut of their aid* of the con
tract. It hid beeu ..tilled Ilml this
nin niiii,n uf urigiual urrangeutuiils
luid resulted in a loss tu the city of
I'ln.nnii or lio, nm. The .layer rl<
ruled tbe idea of auy live acres iu this
vicinity being 'worth such au amount
Tbe inoi,nni paid by Ibe city fur u
school sile iu Ihe neighborhood wus
11:',ilUD, Ilis wurship cuuteuded lhal fur
luul. pnrpMei the preient laud is infinitely preferable from every sluud
poiul lu Ihc original tract.
Tlie muyor considered lhat il would
be cxlreuicly pour policy ou Ihe city's
part tu sue lhe Lousdale Kntut ■ in
tnis connection, considering lhe nature
uf Ihe holding" uf lhat estate alum'
Shuuld lhc city ut auy lime wish lu
Continued on page 1, col. 3
Ferry Finances in
Flourishing State
That Ihc cily ferrlci arc mure than
self supporting, deipite the high stun
■ Inni uf lhe service and lhe cheapness
Ihereuf, was clearly evidenced yesler
day uflcruuun, when Mr. II. li Kemp
seerelary treasurer of the company,
presented tu Ihc buard uf direclurs a
report of rcieipls and disbursements
fur the three mouths ended May Ili,
by which il was shuwu that a ucl pru
lit uf aimust UMO had beeu tnu.lv dur
ing lhal quarter. Thc receipts fur the
period were U},11A aud the expend!
turn U9fll.lt, added to which there
waa UfitlM l« be allowed fur depre
'ulioii iu lbc talue of Ihe vessels ami
olber assets of lbe company A profit
uf ♦'■■..iuu M remained.
Al a later ilagi of the meeting Ihe
board received a copy uf Ihe reiolu
liuu poised by the cily council slot
iug that Ihil body on Ihe muliuu of
Alderman l)i, I,   iu nodi .1 l,.i   Md iiiiini
Ililil, had  reiolillneloleil   lllll   the  i|01ill
h'uiiiiiiis be Ihr name ai Ihose ncclkiary
to compete for aldermanir honors. Thia
moons lhat in addition lo pollening
one ahare of atock in tbe company tbe
candidates must own five hundred dol
Ian worth of land in Norlb Vancouver
unencumbered by mortgage or other
charge. The action of Mr. Kemp, the
secretary, in forwarding a copy of the
resolution to Ihe memberi of the board
befure the meeting wai endorsed, and
ba wai initrucled jto interview tbe nol
i. iim to And whether the qua!ilea-
Hum could be railed In conformity
wilb lbc I'liiiipiinies' Art of Ibe province. A special meeting of the share
holders will be held neit Tburiday'to
discuss tbe question.
' Interviewed by Mr J. ti. Sabin i.n
council ion with Ihc ducal decorations
uu lhe fairy wbarf the board adhered
lu Its resolution of laat week declining
to isiume responsibility ltl tbe issu
tape Of Inatractlou let tbt rsrrylng
uut of tbis work.
Pacific Great Eastern
Ry. Purchases Howe
Sound and Northern
CHIEF   OBSTACLE   TO   P.   0.   E,
Mr. D'Arcy Tate, chief counsel of
the l'acillc (treat Kaalcrn Itailwuy
1,'uinpuuy, in'un interview yesterilny
uflcruuun, uutliuud tu a representative
uf tho Kipress the particulars uf tbe
iigrceiiienl arrived at uu Wednesday, by
virtue of which hii cumpauy becomei
Ihe owuer of the buiineis uml assets
uf the lluwe Sound uud Northern liml
way ronipunv. Mr. Talc paid a very
high ml. .io tu the akill uml peraever
ance of Sir llicburd Mcllride, premier
uf the province', tn whom it ia mainly
Oiling     tllUt     a     '.Uuce:    l.ll      I ■ I ,il I III' I ll 'I
uf negotiations waa readied. Mr. Talc
stated that l'remier Mcllride bad been
in consultation wilh lhe dirccluri uf
Ibe Howe Suund und Nurlberu Ilailway
tympany, following which u meeling of
bulb parlies was arranged ul lhe
Premier's ulliee in Vieturiu un Tne,
day allcriiuun. The negotiations prov, d
i' " pii'iiiiiiuil nature, occupying Iwu
t fcrn uu Tuesday uflcruuun and
'•tuning, uiiii when adjuuruiucnl was
iniiin uu agreement waa yet in sight.
Thc l'remier, huwever, wua not to Iiu
discouraged, and another conference
was called fur Wedueailuy uftcrnuuu,
at which aume progress was made, uml
at the evening session whieh followed
an agreement was reached ami u mem
man,lorn drawn up embodying ils sal!
enl featurei.
Tho l'acillc Ureal loi inu Ilailway
agrees tu purchuse Ihe entire asscls
ul' Ihc Hoi'.o Suund and Nurlberu Hail
way I'ompauy, as a guing cuueeru, iu
eluding charier, right uf way, upliuns,
lolling stuck, i iiiiiiiu is, prupcrly, fruu
chisel uud goodwill. This includes
thirteen miles uf railway line iu a, luul
operation, lugelher wilh Hie tvuterfronl
ami ulher really owned by the II. S
li N. at Newport, iu addition to this
the I'aeilie Ureal Kuslern becomes thc
owner uf ull Ihe tuwu luls in Ncwpurt
which ilill nn.am in lhe hands uf Ihe
original luwnsllc cumpauy lu the nuui
ber in all uf MO. Thc cousiderulioo
agreed upuu ia iu eleess uf une million
dollara aud the l'acillc Ureal Kaslem
will lake pusscasiun thirty days fruu
lhe dale uf the memorandum, ur uu Nu
iember Uih, llllli.  '
Discussing hia company's plana, Mr.
Tale staled lhal Ihc l'acillc Urcst Kail
eru will begin cunslrucliuu at tbe end
of thc prescnl Iiuc uf railway ou the
Cbeakamua river furlhwith upuu lhe
, iniipb inoi of the inn ni Head
■i'oii i.-i ■ fur constructing have already
been established at Lillouel, aud a
uud camp will be established near
Uml' em lnl., fulluwiug which .0, no
liun will be carried un in bulb direc
Huns frum Ihcae Iwu puinti. Mr. hoi
lell has been at Lilluoct rur several
weeks and plant supplies aud men bate
beeu rushed in us rapidly ai puiiible.
Mr. Tale declared that hii company
had originally mien,led lo eitablish its
headquarters on Iho Nurlh Shore, hul
Ihe dilli, niiii s which bad arisen wilh
lbc diitrict uf Weil Vancuuter hud
■ iiliipelleil lliem tu aller Iheir plans,
whereupon they had inlendcd calab
bailing lliem uu Ihe l.'bculiumus, but
here Ibeir plaus bud again been dis
arranged Ihruugli Ihc prulungcd ncgu
nations which had been fuuud neces
sary with the Howe Souud and Norlb
em limlwnt Headquarter! hid, there
fore, Icon rilabliihed at Lilluoct, iu
order lo break gruuud aud get cunitruc-
tiuu under way.
Aikcd wbat effect thc purcbue of
Ihe H. 8. k N. would have upon thc
proposed change of route to run via
Seymour river, Mr. Tate promptly re
plied lhat tbe Seymour river route had
beeu a huml mi e.l aud tbat he hid lhal
ilay Issued instructions lo roll! tbe
parly at prescnl in tbe held making a
rccoonaliauee of tbat route.
lo response to a question witb refer
eurc to the probibililiea of conilruction
os the link from Norlb Vgnruuver In
Newport, Mr. Tale itated thai the
lurveyi uf that section were now pref
ticilly completed. About two weeks
■gu there bad remained a gap of only
eight milci to complete, and hs bad Ap
doubt Ibat that work was very nearly
completed nl prwtai.   tfl was unaWi,
however, to make any positive asier-
timi with regard to the comiiiciireineiit
of com,miction pn this suction, partly
because of the difficulty over the route
thruugh West Vancouver, which is nol
yet adjusted, und partly because h|»
cunipuny waa carrying ou iuvestigf-
liutts fur the purpose, if possible, of
limling an alternative route which
wuubl sliurlcn Ihe distance from New
pqrt to North Vaneunver. Mr. Tlte
doi'lined tu give any information ss tp
the probable locution of that mute,
because matters were as yet iu'their
Continued on pago t, col. 6
West Vancouver
Purchase of P.G.E.
The report ur the municipality calf
mule lakeu by Mr. Ueurge R Webater
independent assessor, • ihuwi Ibe fo|
lowing llgures, vii.: I'roposed route of
P. (I. E., 11)15,1111; route proposed by
municipality, j:iiiii,;,.ii;
Proporty Owners' Civil Engineer's Bo-
Mr. I'. li ' iirlwriglil, the "ivil en
gineer employed by thc pruperty o-vu
ers, reads as fulluws:
Thc railway company have unions
tdiluted the ilillieuity or maintaining a
I", iiiiun eipused lo severe wave in tmi
it would be economy ou lbc,part of
Ihe company to build on the lucsiiun
proposed by Ihc muuicipal cngincr,
eveu i I.md.I same coil considerably
mure. The cast uf conitructing I'. (I.
K. railway uu ruute propoied by uiuul
eipulily Ihruugli actual seilled dislricl
would l,e in my estimation, *fl?,8I>0.
The ens! of proposed railway route
will eicei',1 eust of Ibal proposed by
muni,ipul,li by (Ii'.i.iiijii mode up ali
fullowi: »
i'o t uf municipality lucatiot
as per cilimile  i 07,fifiC
Add cuil uf Irulli I'.UK....   i "mu
Protection frum ua      wwo
Approach Mart road      infill
Deduct municipal location —   07,860
lu favur uf municipality .. ♦ ini.mw
Cost uf right uf way, allowing Hut land
is some value:
Municipal route U2l,t69 as.agaiual
cosl uf I'd K ruule flQ.uYid, shuwlng a
eusl uf 121,800 in eiceaa uf ruute propused  liy  municipality.
Mr. I'urlwrigbl concludes by saying
Wesl Vaucuuver will, io my opinion,
remain a place cbictly of reaideuces and
lhc ■ .imiiinm of waterfrout always re
main uf great importance.
Ilccvc Nelson consider! thii repurt
bears uul Ihil statement in this mailer
Opening Debate
The initial debate uf Ibe newly ur
guni/cil Nurlh Shure Literary and He
baling Suciety tuok place very success-
fully In Ihc publicity rooma, Esplanade
Wcsl, oo Tueiday eveuing, Ibe proil-
doni, Aid. M, Kin-, presiding. Tbe dl
•irsbiltly uf Hume Huie lur Ireland
was voirrd by Mr. A. I.'amerou, ai
leader of Ihe affirmative, and others.
while the attacking forces were led by
Mr. 3 F. Scoulcn. The diicuiiluu af
lerwardi waned furioui and interesting
ami augured well from every sliud
point for thl future success of tbe so
eieiy. Upon a tola being taken it
wai rendered very plain thai, io far as
the North Shore ii concerned, Ireland
will not be given Home Huie for some
time lo come. Neil Tueiday'i meeting of the loclely will be devoted Ip
impromptu ipcechei ou miscellaneous
subjects. All those in search ef au
interesting evening are recommended
to auomblo at the publicity roomi at 8
o'clock slurp.
Hev. Ronald Msylood, tbt janfet,
will rwfort the servicea in It. An
drew's church on Sunday. In the morn
ing the lu-bjecl wti) bt "W*W «H
ipoiilbillty'', In ibe evening "'he
Uriel MWuttl."
^mn mwmmamM'
Second Narrows Bridge
Situation Discussed at
ttMtthtjt Citizen,
Despile complaints of delay aud
uther tol.eie, of public wcariucis in
reganl tu Uecuud Nurruws bridge af
fain, the meeting held under the aus
piece uf the lucul Huurd of Tunic in
I .an.on', I'm iinni lasl eveuiug evhlon
ed clearly that thc general intereat in
ihe situation is as keenly alive as ever
ami that tbe citiieus uf the Nurlh
Shure still have every faith iu the mun
now in charge of the pruject.
The fuct that tbe pruvisiuual direc
toriiie uf llie bridge, the Shipuwuers
auil Shipmasters' Assuciatiutis, and the
Vaucuuver Huard of Trade were well
represented in addition tu the ,inuiiii.~
and public builii .■■ of thc three inunici
palitici ol Ibe Nurtb Shure ruddered
Ihe meeting a uulahle one iu Ihe histury
Of budge mullets.
The abacticu uf Miyur Fiinllay uf
Vaucuuver, who wai eipected tt) al
tend, was explained regretfully in u
letter read by lbe seerelary uf tbe
buard, Mr. .Ih Wy lie Dunaldiuu, who alau
read lu the meeting a letter Indited by
lhe Hon. F. L. Carlerfollun, M.I'I'
which will be fuuml iu nuulbcr eulutnu,
After a few introductory remarks
from Mr, Aleiumler Smith, president
uf tbe board, Mr. Kdward Muhun,
chairman of the ii I. T. k 11. Co., de
'lined Ibat Mr. Carter I'uttuu'i Idler
bad put praclically everything iu a
nutshell. The speaker proceeded lu
speak uf Ihc past In nm uf Ihc bridge
negotiations. He mentioned lual lhe
type uf bridge chosen after careful
Inquiry ami consultation with eiperti
watt une cuusiitiug uf railway tracks,
tramway Hacks, twu ruads, and eight
fuul sidewalk. II had ilsu beeu de
tided that the i-rnlge ahuuld he a
swing bridge. Nu charge wuuld be
m.iile for vehicular and pedestrian
traffic. Dealing with Ibe linmcei of
Ihc , umj,noi, Mr. Mahuu ilslcd lhal
Sir John Wolfe Harry'a urigiual SI
iiniuii- uf the project was 12,Vli,,nut),
while thc amount iu view il the pres
enl mumeiit wai |l,i'il:',nun, which lefl
Ihe sum UUWl lo be obtained
Referring lo lhe prevalent com
piiniit- uf delay, Mr. Mahou argued
lhal conaideriug Ihe magnitude uf lhc
project Ibii delay waa not remarkable.
Mr. Mahun gave a resume uf the
complications thai had ensued in re
gard tu thc width uf thc bridge ipan,
Ibis mailer having been referred from
department lo department, and a de
iision ilill being awaited. This decision wuuld probably lie knuwn early
neit yell.
Public nulling, had been held al
whlcb il bad been luggcslcd tint the
provisional director! ahuuld resign and
lhal municipal representative! ibould
lake Ibeir placet. Unfortunately there
wai a legal difficulty in the way, wbicb
il li hoped wuuld be reunited on Ihe
passage of Ihe IMfm bylaw. Mf.
Mahon eiplalued lbe technlcalily which
demand! Ibe ownenblp of ti per rent-
uf Ibe company'! slock before con
trolling interest cau be secured by the
municipalities. If the municipalilies
cbote Io appoint otber director!, Mr,
Muhon assured thc meeting that Ibr
preient bolder! would give Iheir iuc
ceaaors all lbc assistance they could.
Mayur McNeiih, who wai the neit
iocs Iter, mentioned lhat to bii know!
edge any delay tbat had been occaiion
ed had not been the fault of the direc
tonic. He thoroughly eodened every
thing Ibat Mr. Mabon bad uli.
Beeve May characterised the bridge
question as a very burning and neces
sary one. He bad seen by Ihe papera
tbli Ihey had opposition, and cipresi
ed sorrow thnt at. tbis late hour tbeir
hrolhcri acrow lhc Inlet bid seen It
to oppoic the project. They had bad
plenty of time in'lhe put for opposi
lion. He believed Ihlt he voiced the
opinion of the peopt* when be uid
that thi mmey volti tm tint bridge
waa going iulu tbe bridge, and not intu
lucks and dams, us their opponents hud
Mr. 1. (I. Kolth, speaking us "unu
uf the much abused directors," assured
the meeting that the directorate
throughuut bad been eudeuvurillg tu
do their best. They were all imbued
with the idea uf wul.mg fur Ihu bene
lit uf both lliu mniii and' llie sou!Ii
shure. Nunc euuld suy il had beeu fur
the hcjiellt of the D 1. T. ,' ii. Cu.
Tbu iinfoiiiinaio thing was Ihut the
"I'pn.inuii hud occurred, ua iu busing,
"under tliu licit." The munictil Hie
Huilwuy I'liiiiiniisioiiii, bud given n
decision in their favur, the uppusitiuu
had commenced misrepresentation,
Mr. Keith urged the city tu gel ila
HI per ecu), uf lhe 2!i ppt cent, of Ihc
stuck uf tbe cunipuny liy vuliug favur
uldy un toe pending byluw, und tbe
present directors would very willingly
"lie duwu."
Mr. J. Y. McNaught believed Ibul by
keeping u id ill' upper lip uml liy guing
ahead they wuulil win out, us they had
duuc iu the past un all other points.
Mr.' McNaught attended lu retuurks
inn,le ul the lasl ineeling of lbe Vun
couver li".ml uf Trade, and eipresscd
hia surprise thul u bridge uf Ihis I.m,I
shuuld be regarded us such un obstacle
tu iiaiigaiii'ii The speaker suiighl lu
disprove this contention in regard lo
must i-iioiu uf water trallic discoverable
uu Hurrard lulet. Huw wuubl tiicy
eruwd llic Irullic lhal is oflen experienced on Sunday thruugh u lock such
ai hll been suggested. He did nut
see why Ibis shuuhl be dune fur tbe
benefit uf a lillle municipality wilh
a lulul ussciaincut uf UfiAOMO. "A
better   cuursc."   Ibo   apeuker   added
Coutluucd ou pige II, col 3
Mr. Thomas Shepherd
Municipal Clerk of
The locul public will be interested
lu loam thai Mr. Thuinus Shepherd,
wbu fur ubuut Ihree years capably nil
ed Ihe poiitioD of city clerk for Nurlh
Vancouver, has obtained appointment
in a similar rapacity in Ihc municipal
ily of Ksuuimalt, Vancouver Island Mr
Shepherd's friemls uu lhc ilorth shore
will wnli him every coulenlmen! and
prosperity in bia new surrouudiugs.
Local Bank Clerk Sues
Bank of B.N.A.
Mr. (.'. I'. Aibmorc, a teller iu the
Bank of lirilisli Nurlh America in Hits
cily. recently left tbe bank's employ
afler giviug a mouth's nolice. Mr.
Asli'nme had entered thc bunk's ter
vice in Kugland, signiug a cunlrucl fur
three years. The three years were not
up al lhc lime he resigned, so the hank
refuted tu refund lu Mr. Aabmure tbe
♦ Ino which he claimi lo be due bint
fur lellcr'i riak money uud arrears of
ulary. To collect il, Mr. Aabmure eu
lered a iui! in tbe county courl iu
which his counsel, Mr. Muulgumcry,
yesterday contended that under lite
Masters and Servants Arl Aihmore waa
• niifli'I to leave on giving reasonable
notice iu ipitc of auy cunlract.
Tbe bauk replied with a counter
claim for UM for lhc alleged breach
of ' i.iitr.ii i. Mr. H. V Held, K.C., con
tending liteMhc Mislcri and Servants
Act wai not meant lo apply lo ipcclal
rliwei like bank clerks, wbo were sl
ready under Ihc bank acl, which pro'
tided against special rontradi being
broken. Hia Honor resirved hia judge
menl un tbe inlererting point uf law.
Judge Mclnnet of yancouver presided.
In the early hours of ibis moruiug
Mr, W. fl. (Ireen, of 17th alreel wetl,
wai rudely disturbed from bis slum
bers and was surprised tu liud a good
sired racoon peering at bim through
tbe window. Mr, fJrteu prucurod bis
gun, slid Into the night air aod pui a
audden end to the im ror of tbe 'coon'
which' wis now' on Ibe roof of Ihe
bongalow. Tho intruder is nuw In lhe
b»jn.ds of % tiiidc.rmisl.
What Is the grcilest acrobltic.feitf
fm t mn to nvolve in bla own mind,
'   1
■ |
1 Bank of Montreal
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Capital (paid up)   .   $16,000,000'
Reierve    ....   116,000,000
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Mt, Crown Bldg., lit Streot Manager
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•t.ta am.
■i.m vm.
tM VM..
11M       .
liM fM.
9M '
li.lt AM
12.46  AM.
Answer Allegations
(Ooiitlnuid from gage 1)
It uw
♦ imetw "WU
aatima. Omtattt
mmwwwwmt     -""|> "f
earn   §*M9*Uf * *
9*9w   m9mmr*w9  r9*f
Tlm Ubli iiibjawt to tbteti without
extend its liinils, at) It undoubtedly
WOUld, Iho bettor thu feeling lietween
lha city ind Iho Lonsdale Katate the
mors easily and satisfactorily, In view
Of tbo circumstances, would matters In
this regard lie arranged.
Aid' Biss wilful oj?s*rpts from the
minutes showing thit the councils of
paat years »nd of tho present year
made every effort to socurn tim dood
to tba parti' Tha aldermen considered
tlie present tract more suitable both
ai IS am*, and location.
Heave May repeated his assurance
of last week that Mr. F«)' had oi
preased himself ai entirely lutlsfloii
with the carrying out of the city '.< part
of the bargain. Th* reeve moutloneil
that towardi th* snd of th* ysar lir.
fell wlihsd to subdivide corlsiu pro-
party In 11. I,. 562 and Mr. llaues, as
engiueer refused to sign some of the du
eiimeiita pertaining thereto. Mr. llaues
won his cue iu tbe law suit which
followed. Tbe reeve emphasised bii
opinion tbat Ihe titne given the city
to complete Hi share of the contract
waa not considered lu tbe ossenee of
Iho contract. The speaker again dis-
associated himself entirely frum the allegation laid against the council ui
eept where his name waa ineuliuned.
Aid. Hick considered much of the
talk in this connection had been irre
levant, lie strongly conteuded that
the park aa now cunstituted wai a great
improvement ou the original purk. Thu
cily hud not |>:>i,l oue cent for thia
purl, area, therefore tba city would no!
lie mill,,',I if the whole park waa given
away. As a mailer of fad the change
of urrsiigeinculs was mule on the re
I'Oniineinlulion nf Mr.  Hancs.
At this poinl Mr. Knowles rose. "Sit
down!" said Aid. Dick in alentorian
tones. "I'va got Ihe Hour now." Aflor
u brief dialogue, intcrspenud with
shouts from lhe body nf lhe lull, Mr.
Knowlcs luul,  his seal.
Heauniing, Aid. Diek aaid that the
lllll council and engineer gol instead
of a hillside street grouml for ruad
area right up on the level aud an acre
in i..idu..ui for park purpoiei. "What
theu," he derlared, "duel this man
mem by coming here and making such
dirty iiisinuatiuusf"
Mr. I'i. il. Ilridgman, speaking frmu
the point of view of the Lonsilsic
Katate, aaid lhal lhc suggestion of Hie
change cam* frmu lhe Lonadale Kslale.
It was lining hi Ihil lhc park wuuld lie
larger iu area if the llm land was
taken ami lhe high laud was given
back. Answering a question by Mr.
I'hilllppo, Mr. l'u.i,-i,...I. slated lhal
lhc i-reek which runs Ihruugli hia park
Is 16 feet wide approiimately. Speak
ing as a ralepiyer he considered the
creek was very valuable for park pur
posca, ami would suggest lhal the ad
me uf Mr. Mawaon, thc laudaeape el
perl whu is uuw in Vamouver, mighl
be obtalued ai to the best ways uf
adding tu the beauties uf Ihc park.
The value uf Ihe laid did nol come
intn Ihe question, the apeakcr contend
ed. The pruperty uiual lie euusidereil
uuly from n atamlpuint of park pur
puses. mm.
Aid. Irwin said lhat he had 'leemed
lhc change advisable because, firstly,
he did nol think'it a good thing that
a park should lie cul inlo Ihree piecer
ami hue a public ruud running through
il, aa Ihis park hid origiuilly; ami
secondly, llie cliirietcr of Ihe soil for
park purpuses did nul appeal tu him aa
being lultable, being uf gravelly and
Sllill)'    Imiii,ul;,,i,    111    lliul    BOclioU   UOW
deluded, Ile believed lhal Ihe eoun
iii of lllll acted wisely iu accepting
the prescnl posacssiuu in preference
tu the uid one.
Answering Mr. Knowlea, Aid. Irwin
'pnuiiiiii.nl whether in the eveut if su
iug the Lunsdule Kstelc, which he
would regard aa bad policy un lhc
lily's part, the cily would be surceiiful
aiure uo money bad been paid for Ihe
The preiident  then announced lhal
lhe next . luii»>' v.'ouiu lie coniidered.
Olty Bonds:
Thai Ihe eily council have mum
I. 'lml coiiaiileralile retlcenco ai lo
Ihe price per cent, roaliied by Ibe
sail of city bunds; and lhat thc
nielhud adopted, aud approve^ by
the council  for the sale of* tht
bondi wai unwise,
"''piling to- Ihil charge the mayor
denied  emphatically, that   there  had
been auy  reticejartf diipiayeih on'   ji
part or on tbe council 'i in regard to
the aale of th* city'i bondi. -If tk*
ratepayeri would not trouble to read
lbe newspapers tbey could not eipi'i'l
to keep iu touch with tbe city'i li
nanees or with what trampired at the
couucil meetings.   Hii Worship referred the citizens to the iwu* of the Ss
presi dated February 271b, which contained an article two colomni in length
embodying in full a report of tba sale
Have You Heard
-..m .„ .....  (".rr'""!'.''* ►"  Tr"'""  ,•*"
ratepayers wsro entitled. Tlio Bliyor
quoted tbs following oitrsd from this
report, the estraot being part of the
aeeouut «eudsW"by-(b* utaa*0*'-.#l4
Ihe city clerk, Mr. Hhoplierd, pf their
negotiations in thl east:
'•Messrs. Stimsou t Co submitted a
bid of UM and interest for th* ontiro
block of dehouturos And AS lastyoir'i
debentures woro sulil at 1)6.80 for the
60 yeurs and 06 fur tho 20 yoars the
80 ym deliiiuluros predominating or
a Lliu basis (yield to tbo investor) and
Stimsou A Go's, offer mm roughly u
4.611 basis tho offer was accepted by
tbs mayor. ,    -
'•lu accepting this bli) it is to ba
noted that tb* difference between Mns.
srs. Mliinson A I'o'»• bid and 'bat bf
Amelius Jarvis A Co., Is somo 113,000
and besides wo would not biro to pay
the half year's inlerest falling du.
ou the genoral dobeulur** on March 1st,
amounting to about 610,000 and as a
premium ou the debentures we will receive about thro* months' accrue.) intereat amounting to lit or seven thou
sand dullars. If the debentures had
inu'ii sul.i at tbe (.uiiin price as last
year we would bave got about five Hum
sand less llmu that offered by Mesiri.
Stimsnu k tio."
Au argumout tjien ensued betweeu tbe
unu ni and Mr. Knuwles un the prevailing conditions of the debenture market
at certain poriods. Mr. KiiuwI-m also
mentioned a clause which he believed
lo be in the Munieipal Clauses Act restricting the espouses incurrei by dele
gatiuus. Tu this the mayor retailed
that thero was no such clause iu Ihc
current issue of the act.
Ilis worship sluled Ibat to his kuow
lodge North Vaiicuuver cily was the
ouly municipality in the entire province
ur even in the Dominion, lo dispose of
ils di'liciiiinc.* ily.-. year al an adenine
of last year's prices.
Aid. Foreman then made reference
lo a detailed statement which Aid.
MrHac hid asked for regarding lhe
sale uf Ihe liumls—as lo hew Hie,
were sulil ami tlieir purchasers. Tho
mayor at the lime had evaded lhc quel
liuu and Aid. Mcllue Ihuughl lhal such
a iniiin. i.i ahuuld be forthcoming
"i.i-li.i il has nul been prudured, gen
lli'inen," suni Ihe alderman.
"V, Inn Aid I '.ii .nin n says is false
and wilhuul foundation," the mayur
retorted. ' 'ham. then fullowed for set
eral minutes, during which sundry
shunts came from Hie body of :he hsll
sume demanding lbc withdraws! of tbe
last remark. Aid. Foreman himself
mounted Iho plalfurm declaring that
he v. mil.In 'I he railed a liar by any
man, let alone lbc mayor, while from
Hie uther side uf the hill hurried Abl.
Nl. Hue When Ihc geueral uproar Lad
subsided Aid. MrHac waa heard cor
ml.nulling whal Aid. Fur i'iiiu ii had pre
linualy allied, adding lhal lhe council'l
policy in the sale uf bunds had been
rendered • failure Ihrnugh Hie use of
a middleman.
Aid. Irwiu llu'ii weut carefully iulu
lhe details  pertaining lo   Ihe wile ol
the city's debenturei, ai reported  iu
connection  wilh  last  week's meeling,
and 11,in lml.-.1 l,y reading a Idler from
Mr.   W.  Godfrey,  manager  from   lhe
Rank uf Hrilish Nurth America, Vau
cuuver, in which the writer expressed
llic  folluwiug opinion:     "With refer
i'iiiu lo Hie price at which Noilh Ven
couver   soil  iti  debenlurea    namely
H.68,  uclt  for   l'v.   ili'li.'i.iui.'.'.   I
wuuld say tint  I  have been keeping
closely iu Inn. li this year with delicti
ture sales on tbis cuait ami elsewnere
iu  Canada  ami   1   Ihink   there  ii  no
duiil't   that  yuu  gol  an  exceptionally
guud price.   In fail municipalities who
couhl sell debentures at all this year
were pretty lucky, as the market bai
been one such ua hia uever been icen
before in Canada, I am sure if you consulted east.ru bouses tbia upiuiou would
be confirmed."-
Council Miitlngi:
'That  Ibe rity rouacii  of  1012
bave ou many occaiioni on Ineir
regular meeting nights caused lo
be moved, aud carried, a motion
adjourning tbe laid meetings; fol
lowing the withdrawal of the pub
lie and  tbe preii repreienlilives
from Hie council chamber, the coun
cil have proceeded to trsnaact buai
uess and pass   resolutions   which
bave been entered upou tbe recordi
■a minutei of tbe council,
"B"- Thit buiineu purporting
lo In transacted afler the paulng
of iucii motion of adjournment ii
utterly void. ,
The Mayor, in contradiction of tbi*
charge, conteuded there were thinga
which tbo council ia bound to diicuu
in committee of tbe whole, in some
caeca saving the city comiderable lumi
of money by ao doing. He denied,
however, tbat be bad made any prac
lice of including Ibe preu, but admit
ted tbat be bad on one occasion said
gaai'mmpially "Out you go, Ililliam"
to a representative of the F.sprew,
who wa* chatting lo one of thi aldermen in Ih* council chamber after adjournment H)e woribip did Ibii becauae the mewl,,',* of lln. council wore
going to diicuu affairs pertaining to
tbe private financial Units of certain
individual*, which would clearly be bet-
t«| uupubli*b*d.   11* did not do It ia.
mt  VMHi,iB»,»en  rHP  plan ru  .......     ...
bill llwiya Msen OH tbi pleasantest
footing witb Mr. milium, whom hi Invariably called bis "fut frlsnd," hi)
ttu4.h»^iU't»M-.ud-thlu, lik* »K»d>
pencil. His worship would Ilka lb*
imnoui wbo Ptt forward tbm alligations to call ittontiou to iomo of tb*
nefarious deeds dune behind those
"clnsed door»'"
Aid. Foreman roid extracts from
minutes referring to nutters which
euuld easily have boon diacussoi| in the
preienco of ratepayers.   '
Aid. Diek corroborated thl Msyor's
remarks, adding that i|| Iho ovoiil of
any legal action pending it would In
absurd tu discuss affairs in public, seeing that publication nf the discussion
Would provide tho opposing purl ies with
the council's amimfiiilimi. Tho alder
man voiced Initaneo*, ons of which
pointed to t saying to thl city of about
Aldirmiu IiiUruUd in Contract:
"A" Thul an alderman wai a
member of a firm which wai financial ugeni for a lumber company
having a cuutract fur Ihu supply
of sidewalk material to the city
of Nortb Vancouvar.
"H"   Tliui uunl Inr member of
tbo city council was cognisant of
Ihe aforesaid alderman's interest
iu the ildewalk cuutract, and in
stead of reportiug tbo samo to the
council did 'iin.'"' accounts which
showed this inieresl lo be returned
and further adviied that tboy be
collected through another channel.
"C"—Tbat the aald alderman
duly received Iiii ibare of the 7
per ceut. cummiiiiun hii firm nf
ceived as agenti to the lumber company.
Upon  the preaideut   inviting   Aid.
Fraier  to reply  to  thii charge,  Mr.
Knuwles objected to the alderman lie
ing so styled.    Ho waa ei alderman,
seeing that since Ibe beginning uf the
year ho had heeu silting iu tho council
chamber in defiance of Ibe law.
Aid. Fraser replied lo litis charge iu
practically  tbe iame  terms  ai  were
-.j .   m.......u.i   «n'ie    ...   p'nin.u,
again referred to tbo frank, straightforward mmm In which tbo airtoiman
had answered the allegation. Tbo
w»*lina>i»ppliiiil»d loudly >whan'sAldi
Fraser left fhe platform.
Wra*W   TfnWff   TfWttW   WtTT*    TifffwrnprffW
HA."—Th»t tbo ritopayors b»vu
been kept in ignorance pf tho progress or otherwise qf the negotiation^ W"l> tin Provincial Oovernment regarding tbo lands comprising district lost Nui. 866, 667,
Uin, infill, tbo right to purchase
Which WI|S secured to thu eily uf
North Vancouver by tho apt of Incorporation.
"B"—Thnt a largo expenditure
qf money has been mala upon I
partial construction of a wuter
Works irheme for tho operation nf
which absolute pgssesiiun of ihe
ufiireinenliuued IiiiiiIk is iieeoss"y.
"O"—That  const ruction   work
upon such a leliume Is unlawful
uuiu ■•   thu  provincial   board   of
health approval has lieen previouily obtained and no uutittcatinii of
such approval being appliod for bas
been published.
Once again, in answer to this chatgo,
Ihc Mayor expressed the view thai if
Iho ratepayers did uut read the newspapers they could nut expect to hear
uf the progress or otherwise of affairs
connected with the eity.
Aid Dick assured lhe meeting that
everything thul could be deno had beeu
ilnne by the ruuiieil in this relation.
The charge was absolutely untrue. Settlement of the question now retted
ouly in Ibe hands of Iho government.
The Mayor supported Ibis assertion,
siuling that the cuuucil now only awaited a reply from Premier McBride.
Bock Contract:
"A " Tliui an alilormon has in
iinini.nl tu certain individuals that
he is the owner of lhc laud upuu
which the quarry is siluated, ami
had lun; ml slime lo a relative.
Concluded ou psga 3, col i
Saturday Snaps in
the Grocery Department
8 lbs. Finut EuUro Township Buttir for  61.00
9 lb*. Tt», our spicial Bland, for li uu
3 lbs, Mocha and Java Oolf**, f rash routid and ground u ro
quired for  61.00
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Appl**, Snows, v*ry In* quality, per bat      61-60
OrtngM, pir doxeu    2fic
Citron, per pound        4c
Ouaba Miloni, etch     .ii,,-
Highland Potato**, An* quality, no wute, half ssck, 60c, nek . .86c
(lead Brtad Flour, par 40 lb. sack 61-60 and 61.76
Boyal HouMbojd and Boyal Standard Flour, per sack  |1.66
Muicitel BlUlui, 8 Ibi. for       86c
Prunn, 9 lb*, for       'gfit
57 Lonsdale Ave.
Tli. North Vswmmv* horn* of "Cmpb«U CUhlm" Diamonds
Intrinsic vslue, actual worth, dollar lpt dollar worth la In every
Itam vi sell.Wlth buying fscllltles that are acknowledged to hi
supsrlor to thui possesssd hy any wholesalo lirm In Canada—
With ratal! counoct1|(p!i r continent wide—with tba advice of
siporta and svery posslbls assistance to enable us to glvi you
Uu baat value, is it any wondsr tbat tha uame BfBKS standi
alons in thi diamond markets of Oansda? BIBKB' i|uallty--
BIBKB' reputation for fair dialing bli built up our diamond
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
Grorge E. Trony, Mmiging Direclur
Haitingi and Granville Streets   •   -   Vancouver, B. C
Job Printing at the "Express"
i     ———■—" i
The Commercial Union Assurance
Co., Ltd.
Of Loudon,
PAID $4,250,000
Quickly and promptly on account of ths San Francisco earthquiki aud hrs.
Bow many Companies could do tbia?
IU asseta amount to |116,000,0O0
A postal will bring our rspreaenutlvi
Best-dent Ageut
11 Lonsdalo Avsnus and Oapiiano Oar TsrmUiui
Phouii: Lonadal* 167. Oapiiano 161.
Photography for Amateurs
Wi have so far gone through seven)
Of the priiitiug processes of photography apt) it will perhapa servo a useful purpose If WS give some littlo con
•fiiifttiPD to tho highly Important swY
je,t nt mooting *\\A 'riming not
prints. Tn a very large extent this
IS iiiiiiiiiii' Ino province pf most nlnu
lour pliologmphers wlm nro eonlenl to
leuvu this part pt tlm business to the
i'liimi'i niton with the most dire ro-
Thu i.iiiinblo framing uf phqtojffajiliB
cannot ho too closely studied on ac-
eniini of the ease by which a photo
graph mny bo spoiled iu its. artistic
effects by had framing and mounting.
To begin with, slip iu mounts are vury
rarely suitable. They aro uaually made
With ugly burden and are uot wide
enough   mi   the   margin   to   idloolr.ol.i
display the photograph. The print will
nnt iio Oat, ami nothing luukt worse
than a print slipped in a mount ami
allowing au unequal turface.
Many photographeri are afraid of
tackling tboir own mounting, having
an idea lbat it is a difficult operation
and oue that requires great skill, ll
is simplicity itself and a great uniuunl
uf pleasurable occupation can be de
rived iu the lung winter evenings by
mounting uue 'n prru'j, either in an
allium or on boards.
All lhat is required is a put nf pusln,
a good still' brush ur straight edge, u
sharp knife, a piece of glass ami sume
id.tiuu," paper. Muunti may bo pur
chased very cheaply either iu what is
knuwn as art paper or malt boards,
Thu latter ii tu be preferred on ac
count of ill ..lill'ino", and freedom frum
Trim lhe prints tu the required size
and suuk thctn in clean water fur about
ten miuutea. Tuke I hem nqt and lay
Ihem flat uu the glass, one on top of
Ibe uther. 1'ress thc hlutling paper uu
tbem and squeeze uut ali the superlluuus
water. Hip the brush in thc paslc and
spread it over the back uf Ihe print.
Take up the print by one corner, flrst
and lay it dowu ou the mount. I'ress
Ihe blotting paper ou top ami rub geu
tly but (irmly all ovor until the print
firmly adheres to thc mount. (A roller
sqeo/iT ii very baudy for tbis purpose).
Leave the print to dry naturally until
dry enough tu be put under pressure
v. iiliuoi risk of sticking. Tbia will pre
vent tbe mount frum curling.   A good
North Vancouver City
Price Lilt ii now ready for Subdivision of
BLOCK 11 A,  . D. L. SS0
on Quunsbury Avenue car line
Size of loti 50 fI. by 121 ft. all cleared
The North   Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company
limited liability
Wortli Vancouver Agenti for
Phone Seymour 6266
IUUUSSWH1..I ».,iimiii mmmu »
method, to idopt ia to buy p Ipita
mount It W Ot the stores (tboy are
III AOtit tiie) und pmuut as many prints
un the Sill Wi|| ulluw, trimming tliinii
dp is p to tho requirei] size nlftf moot-
ihf' ¥w. ,1 ehn bo obtained, in a
S..It v#r|«(y of shiilos to suit any
kind of photograph ant) I great dual
depend,! upun llm Unlit nl' lint individual in tho tr.is.l. (or otherwise) ro-
lilill  111Itiiui'd.
As a gcqeral rule grey is a color tf)
bo avoided, uiul yet inch is tho cussed-
uess pf human nature, that most people
will go' for groy nine limes put Of til).
Most photographs are printed iu a
greyish tono and it will easily bo seen
that tu uso a grey mount thu grey touo
of thu photograph Is intensified pud the
whiten luuk chalky ami tlio whole
print hua a washed out chalky appear-
Grey is only luitable for very delicate priuli inch - ai photopraphy of
children with a white background or
very'delicate seascapes.
(lenurully warm browns or greens
will be i,ii,ii,i to give thu best results
ami the urtiatic appearance can be iiu
proved by multiple mounting whicii is
duiiu by parting uuu ur more suitable
tints lietween the phulugraph and Iuc
niuiinl su as tu loun u margin all ruund.
('uro shuuhl be taken thai these in
tcrvi'iiing margins are cut perfectly
square uml harmonize buth wilh the
print and wilh each uther.
I'nh'i,:. uuu ii a guud lott,'ht or
writer titles should be left severely
aloue. A priut may be perfectly
iiniinii,■,I and utterly spoiled liy bad
lettering on the mount. If tilling is
suitably dune ami not loo aggressive
It may easily be mudo lo add lo the
charm uf lbc print.
Titles Miould in nil ease be written
ou a mount unless Ihey aptly convey
Ihc full meaning uf the .picture, nur
ahuuld u very ubviuus title be used. Fur
instance, there is uu purpuse to be served in writing "FISHINU" underneath
a phulugraph wheu it ii plain In he
seen the subject of tbe picture can be
duing nulliing die but fishing. Nur
shuuld "SI NMI I Mo ANI) SHADOW"
be used on a landscape whieh anyone
muy seu is a photograph uf auch a sub
ject. I',,oln in titles ai well as iu
subjeel sliuiilil be Ihc aim and the
liile shuuld "lit the picture'' or he
left out.
Freak mounting was an ahumination
which was very much in vogue a lew
years ago. A pliologruph wuubl be
■duel, un a Visit- inoinii i'i Ihc lup
corner wilh ahuitl 1 imb murgin un
one side ami at the tup. The elicit
was never guud and though one ocei
loiiiilli sees auch bud laalc displayed
lhe i:i-lii,m has almost died onl as il
deserved lo du.
There ia uu uecctiity to mount the
phulugraph eiuclly in thc centre uf
lhe mount. Very often a good effect can
be secured by mounting the pbulo
graph wilh an equii margin al Ihe
lop aud sides, leaving a wide margin
al the bottom Here, again, a greal
deal depends upuu Individual taste aud
also upon lbe pbulugriph wbieu inu-i
be left lu (lie discretion uf the uperulur.
Ovals and circles are nut as a rule
Ihc must arlistii'i and shuuhl nul .he
used only in exceptional eases ami
uuly in exceptional eircomilances. A
lillle lime ind Ihuughl ii amply repaid
by the liual result, and many a pleas
uoi Iuuu may be ipenl in trying thr
iniooi arrungemenls uf one's pic
Fussiiiess ibould be avoided al all
eosls uud tiinplicily be lbe aim. The
must aimplc 1111111111! arc generally tiic
must artiitic ami effective. Let lbc
phulugraph apeak fur itself aud do uoi
embellish It by sny ornamentation es
"I'i It be a very line line preferably
black. While lines shuuld never he
allowed eapci'iilly ou a dark mount
They are ilwaya objectionable aud
cannot be got away from- Tbey arc
Ihc oulitaudiug feature, detract from
the prlul aud force their allenlluu uu
Ibe eye iu au mutating aud inarllalic
If any photographer is suQlricully In
lerciled sud will lend a print lu lhe
writer he will bave pleaiure lu mount
ing it ia what he ronildcri a tuil
aide manner. Ouly three printi will
be dono, io firit come, lnl served
Framing, wc will leave until nest week
us space ii full.    .
Wbat about that competition! Tbe
limo will be cstended aod tba competition will close on Monday
ueil. For conditions seo tbe Bsprstt
of two weeks'ago.
Hear Sir; Wbat cauiei negatives lo
turn up at tbo edges, at tbey do lome
limes I i'leaie aniwer in your column!
and oblige.   Youn truly. U P.
The Canadian Bank
of Commerce
• —
Capital $15,000,000   Best $12,500,000
North VnwMwer Branch Now Located »Hb«
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Inlereslis ullowtdl on all deposits of $1 and upwaydi.
j. a. fobstbe     	
M, I'.—Your ipti'Miim ll iiiiineivliiil
vague. I lake it yuu mean what ia
kuiiwu aa frilling. If so, It is caused
sometimes liy the sudden eitromo
cliaugea in the aolutiuui uiod, ami
uaually uccuri in the warm weather,
Use au uiiii fixing bulb, whieh burdens
the films' and prevents frilling.
Faults in Negatives.—A supply of
this useful little booklet ia to hand
frum the publishers. A copy will be
mailed lu uny wbu will take the truuble
tu apply fur uuu and enclose a twu
cent stump, (let oue; yuu mil find it
very useful.   A limited supply only.
Dear Sir: What ia Ibe best way to
-loiul,.| ildi-. of films wilbuut a pruper
devcluping inni,/ Alau huw shuuld
tbey lie dried f I'leuse answer lu
yuur culiuus and oblige. Yuurs truly.
X. Y. I,
X. Y. Z— The way lu dcvclup a roll
nf films wilbuut a tank is tu procure
an iii'liuniy deep developing dish
rather larger lhan tho size of the Hint,
nay a 1x6 lut i.ijfil film.. 1'se plenty
uf Ihc develuper; the dish should be
iiluiiil three purls full. Auothor dish
shuuld he idle,I wilh water ami be
baudy. One more diib fur the filing
lnlli shuuhl he ploecd fir enough away
su as uul tu splash intu the water or
Unroll ""' "lm ""''"'"' •""■'t'1"' 'u
each baud, run it thruugh Ibe water
fur uliuul a miuute, and theu tranafcr
tu Ihc developer, uml euuliuue thc tunic
motion from end tu end until all the
ucgulives are fully developed. The
same operation fur the filing bulb, ami
iIi.i, v.n' li fur an Iinni iu running waler.
Tu dry, get Iwo letter clips and fast
en on each end, Hang Ihe rull up by
one fur enough from lhe wall so as uul
tu coine iu contact. The ulher acts as
a weight and prevents the film frum
rulliug up.
Mayor and Aldermen
Answer Allegations
(Continued from Pagi t)
Have You Heard|
Holroyd Paull
"H"—That at a ineeling wheu
li. V. Tucker, al a later date the
urigiual contractor for lhc supply
uf rock, waa preaenl, members of
the council did advise him lu go
ahead wilh Ihc wurk uf clearing
lhc quarry site, aud to order Ihe
necessary mai liinery
"C"—Thll aume time ifler this
inccliug Ihc council welt lhruu|(h
lhe furm uf tailing for tendera fur
Ihe -upply uf rock,
"II"—Tbii Ine contract waa
fur Ihe supply uf rock upun spec!
led atreela In ipecificd quanlitict
at |.. iin I ralea per yard, but Ihc
. oooi il, iii.load of cauiing tbe rock
fur lueal impruveutcnl wurk to lie
assessed agaiusl thc froutagiog
prupcrly al Ihe pricei ipccilcd In
the ooiilriol, did unlawfully aud
without due authority cause Ihc
aiiewmcot |o be made al a differ
eat rats.
"K" lhat t reporter wbo
showed a ditpotitiou to enquire lu
to aud report upou certain phases
of Ihli rock contract, wu turn
mariiy removed from bii poilliuh
ai reporter at Norlb Vancouver.
Mayor McNeiih uid lhal be wai OOI
aware that there wai an alderman iu
tbo council wbo onn.'ti a dullar'i wurlh
of thii proporty.
' Aid. Dick believed thai the stuleiuent
was intended tu refer lu him. It was
absolutely false. The man whu laid
the allegation did uot knuw what hu
wus talking about auy morn thuu lie
did iu euuitcctiun wilh any uf tne olher
Mr. Knuwles staled thst anmeuue
named II. W. Diek wua in receipt ol
i"'.uli' uf IO cents per cubic yard, ol
ruek frum lhc quarry.
Aid. Diek maintained, huwever, Ihul
uu member of his fumlly were inter
ested in this properly.
Thu Muyur disclll&ld any instrumentality un lbe part- of Ihe council
in bringing about the removal from
niii. •■ uf u Nurth Vancuuver pressiuuu.
There wus, laid Aid. Uiaa later, an in-
lianie s»t;»ra a reporter of Ihe "Sun"
hud iui,.i ihut lhe tares of Norlli
Vancouver had gone up ,'lir per eenl.
Aid. Diek bure this uul, adding that
Ihc reporter had staled litis befure lhe
levy hud beeu r.ia>lc. All thnt the
couucil knew wns lliul, after this lind
been contradicted in the council chant
her the aaid reporter hud appeared nu
Mr. Knuwles theu formally moved, u
reaulutiuu urging the necessity uf a
government audit.
There was, however, some difference
uf opinion ss lo whether, assuming
that il «i-he,I, the meeling wuubl be
wilhin ils rights in passing such a re
sulutiuu in Ihe ubseuce of io many
ion p.,-,,■! • uf the eily. Due speuker
euusidereil lhal if the mailer was. lo
lie pressed it slioobl be dune by meant
of a plebiscite. >
Mr. In,"f.l, ■ i.ii,,I that lie believed
he hud doue hia duly aa a rilitcu, uud
had dune uo mure Ihun his duly. Sume
may bave Mid that he mia merely acck
mg ulliee liiio'll, but he assured lhe
masting lhal wua mil in hia utiud.
Kioiiluiilly Mr. Colin I' Juvkauu
moved an amendment. He considered
lhat u public audit uf Ilus kiml wuh
not guod for the eily, uml was alsu ci
pn,sue il shuuld uuly l>e undertaken
ur asked fur where very serious de
linquencici arc auapcrlcd. While Ihu
ucccsiity uf these question! being
thrashed uul hod been msde apparent,'
Mr. .lu. l.'ini did nol Ihink Ibnl auy
thing bad heeu brought up fu juitify
■ .i. li au extreme step us litis. He, Ihere
fure, moved au amendiiienl lhat Mr.
Know.es be thanked fur Ihc trouble
ind work be bad undertaken iu lue
public inieresl. The wurk he And dumbed undoubtedly been irduuus, and
the Mayor knew, and the aldermen
knew, thai Ihere hid been mmy in
tiuuiliuua mude thruughuuf the < ity
Tbe speaker cuuaiilcrcd lhal lhe coun
cil'a practice uf holding icrrcl temioiis
hid invited these lusiuuitiuui Al Ihe
Mine time be did nut believe Ibal Ihere
bad been auy deliberate wruugduing.
Mr. ('. II Mordcu tecunded Ibit, add
tug lhat lhc Mayur ami council shuuhl
alto be thanked for the slrtigblforward
way In which Ihey had met Ibrie in
siuuiliuna. Mr. Morden believed Ibll
the itmoapticro had been rendered •
whule lut clearer ia conacqueuce.
Mr.   Knowles'   inolii"   WU  s.-i mulcl
by ii i. i'billipo.
The preilileul then submitted Ihe
motion and tbe aincmlnirul to tbe mecl
ing asd the latter wis decisively car
Wi Ml allowing an axcaUent Um of SUrllog Mlvar Mi Plated Wus,
nothing hut tha big but grids of Ooodi.
Our low eipuuai anabls us to mark our priest much Wow Uuu who
pay high rani*.   A compirlaOB wUl prora Uila to you.  Su our windows.
Tb* Store of Quality
ami Iiow Prkm.
191 IMOND VttMtff
m •rowH vAwmrm
■ * • • • i . * fi
Publiibid Twasdiyi and Mdaya by North Mori Vtm, Limitad.
Ratal pf BUuStsrlpHOut-On* ym, llfit. lip mouths, 60«.  Thru mouths, BBs,
United BtMnW'Iofolin, W-00 p*r yoar.
Advertising Bats* WW ll* quot*d on Application.
Tbi Bnprssi li divolsd H tk* Intoriiti tf.lM Nortb Bhon of Burrird lulit
axeluilsoiv.   It constitutes an advertising midlum of ixeiptlonal value for
riaehlng fn a thorough aud alreatlvl »MOsr tha population of North Vioeuuvar
Olty and l)|itrl«t. tivtry effort is made lo glv* advertisers Ihi most satisfactory
All changes in contrast advartlssmsats ihould bl in tha prlntsrs' hands not
later than Hia. m. Honday and S p. m, Wednesday to ouiun lussrtion in tbs
following Imui.
North ttnttpyv, 9 0.
Octobtr ll, »1»,
Although the moetlug held laat even
ing to discuss matters pertaining tu
Second Narrows Bridge was not productive of anything nsw ih tbi way of information, It w*i notable for the
ilraiglitforward ilitemeiit of their position by thoae repreieutiug practically all parties who have taken a hand iu
tho oiiiisidoriition of thii project. I'rob
nidi Hie sule eicuptlon iu that parti
inlui was fuuml in Ihe fact that there
'was no representative of the 1'anadian
I'aeilie Iluilwuy pii'si'tii to lot out the
views of that company with refereuce
to the bridge.
The icpii"' oiiitn.■.'. of the Vancouver
si,ip,muei:.' Aasueiatioti ami of the
Vancouver Shlptuaiteri' Assueia|iuu
wure giien every oppurtunity tu make
tlte mosl of Ihose groundi upon whicii
Ihese organization! were opposing-the
construction uf the bridge ami they
were certainly giveu cluse attention
and ii respectful hearing. The speak'
ers, upun behalf uf these organisations
placed particular emphasis upou the
. fart thai Ihey were nut up
po'i'd to the construction of a
hridge at Secund Narrows, Imt ai
men elusely iutefeited iu navigatiun,
ihet wished to be heard in order, il
possiblu lo procure a structure whieh,
iu all particular! wuubl be acceptable
lu navigatiun interests.
Inusmuoii as it is clearly recognised
that mitigation haa first right iu in
■ inn, ,"■ of this kind, lhe juatiee of
the p.,,niuo of the shipmast|trs ami
shipowners as staled above/ must be
freely admitted. At the same time,
us was clearly impressed by II II. Hie
tens, M. I'., it musl be remembered lhat
it it essential lhat due regard be bud
fur economy In the disbursement of
public funds nul Ilul il muil be ihown
Iho governinenl lhat every effort haa
been mude tu prueure a suitable bridge
upuu the must economical bsiie coin
puttble with the rnsuuuhlc require
iiienls of ilm siluiliuii. II is, therefore,
but fair lo ttale lhat il is mil permit
sable fur Ihe shipowners mil Ihe -nip
masters lu insist un estrivigant de
niuo.I- ur upuu features whuse effect at
to mnl would he prohibitive. II it
easily understood that thc represent!
Uvea uf Ibuse Inlerrsti would be highly
grutitled could the/ tei'ure a structure
such lint ull 'in.sc- uf (riffle wuuld
be .,l.i, lu navigate lhe Secund Nar
rows, with the nine freedom ai if Ihere
Here uo bridge there whatever. Tuo
reiult, if 'iu h ideas were lo prevail
would be thai iu the muil liters! tense
there Would "he nu bridge there, wlill
ever.'' Having reuuuuccd ill ubjec
lion to the abtlrirl proposition of I
bridge al Second Nirrows, il ii furly
"iii:..i,ni upon ill parties to manifest
u   Hilllllguest  10  i online   lll.ll,-' !   ,'s   lo
'ogge-iioo- lhal are practicable.
I pon tint basis it would appear lhal
the opiuion of tbe firm of Hir John
Wolfe llutiy and 1'irlneri, perhapi lbc
mosl  eminent iud csperieueed  bridge
I I-  in Hie world   in opinion ar
rived al afler the moat careful per
uunl examination of the iill of tha
iii.lg. and ila surr.niii.ling>, and au
opinion which it ll uaderilood baa the
coiicorri'iiie of other eminent Ariiii of
bridge engineers ihould be •■ copied.
Thai opinion it lo Ihi effect thai of all
the variuui types of bridgi which ire
known to science, ■ swing bridgi would
br Ihe moil lutlabli it Second Nar
rows all Ibiugi considered.
The point! made by II. If Bteviu,
M.I'. were both lugieal and forceful and
of il» iu all, (here wu uot one thu wat
boiler taken tban that lo tbe off., i
(hit tbu speedy looirurliou of a bridgt
connecting the norlh and aouth shorts
of Ihe Inlel sl Second Ntrrowi ia un
Iterative. Now il to hippint lhal Ibe
plant for a awing bridge having two
spans of Iwo hundred fut tub tie in
Ibe hamli of Ihe Domioioa government
and |f approved, reottrurtion c*n com-
iiji'iieo practically al once. If, however/ the government iom-liiilm that a
•pas of 226 fut unit be imiited upon
thii alteration would rauu leu delay
than any otber lolulion of Ihe diffi
rujty it prsunt mil iug which Could
I* luggeited.       *
fl la, therefore, I* In tepid that tk*
government will finally dispone of tbii
natter at » viry etrly date I* «rd*r
Ibat Ihe romptny m*y proceed wilbool
fear of further interruption wjth Ihe
unwary arrwgotSMl* looking I* l
rail for te»4»r* for th* ewtruction at
tbe bridgi.
The reaching of an understanding
between the l'acillc (Imil Kautorn Railway inonipuny and the Howe Sound an.i
Northern ilailway Company for tho
purchase of the assets and business of
the hitter by ilia former, offn'tivoly
remuvoi the major c*oie of the ilulay
Which had been eiperieuced in Ibo
oiiiiiiiioin em.ml ,.i .'uo,lno inn of Ihi'
railway from this city to Fort (liorgu.
The miluemo uf Ibis iiiinsi.'i ii nnt,
however, confined lo the negative oil,, t
thus noicd inasmuch as it confers very
positive lii'oelits upun the i'aeilie Ureat
Kastoni nol only by placing them in
possession of a Railway system cover
ing some nine miles of their maid 'IIM',
fully equipped atld ill operation upou
a paying basin, but what is of greater
moment frum lhe standpoint of rapid
railway eouatrueliuit, il places thai mil
way ■ -uni'nn> in pnsieiiiun of a ays
lent of transportation which will afford
i In in easy and convenient access tu
Iheir line uf construction, all ulung the
way. The cuustruclion uf a lute ruad
ulung the right of way frum Hrurkcn
dule will render an easy mailer lhe
■lii 11 lm i mt uf men, plant and supplies
In all puiuls ulung the line of con
structiou. Thia one alroke of diplo
o.i" i entirely rhuugea the complexion
of things, gives Ihc i'ucifii' Oreat Kast
cm complete cimiiiiand uf the situatiuu
and placet that cumpauy iu a must
advantageous poiitiuu relative to the
fulfilment of the assurances giveu the
public ae lo the rapid eointrueliuii ami
early romplctiun of their liuei, Tbe
annuunieinenl, appearing lu an inter
view wilh lhc chief counsel of the I'uei
n Ureal Kuslern in Ihii issue, 10 the
effect lhat the transfer of thu Howe
So,imi and Nurlberu lu his cumpauy
will be fulluwcd iuimediktely by au
energetic pulley of , onstrii, lion will be
received with widespread latiifielion
and wilh runfbleul aulici|ie!ion of a
sustained policy uf vigorous railway
The fuel lhat Ihis dcsinble iuu
• uininalioli presents yel another in
•lame uf Ihc persunul interest and lhe
"iiiiioiin,hug ability of Sir Klehard Me
Hi i.l.- will be duly appreciated, uut unly
by the reiideuts ind prupcrly uwuera
nf the Norlh Shore, bul by ill section!
of the province in which the value uf
tbii railway to thc province and th
imperative necessity fur itt rapid com
pillion is rightly on,loisln.i,I
lu auy mom iiiii gain which may
have accrued lu Ihem through Ihis
Iransartiun, the ownen of the Howe
Sound and Northern Bailway have
reaped Ihc justly earned heneflti frum
their enterprise and Iheir faith in lhe
future of the proviuee ai pioneer ami
hum fid" nilway builders, whu con
-no, led iheir lines without auy gov
eminent aiiiilauee iu any form and
whu developed Iheir liutiqeai to a pay
ing bun
this nature usually orluiiiato..
. Thpse reports have uuw boun run to
earth Hid tlie city has emorgoi) most
creditably from in ppilwr. ssi. g sllill'
tinu. Aro tlioreinot, llPWOVir, lessons
pf a salutary nature which might ht
learned from an oxporiuuco pf Ihis
sort*   It is diflicull (o avoid thl SOU'
elusion thit wrong conditions exist
sninowhori! in • llm ennimuiiity, whun il
ll possiblu fur extravagant repurls aiul
unfounded suspicions of tills nulure to
gain (hit eireiilnlinn nmi I" m-umno
Ihlt illflnonoo Which prouipit»tuji such
an experience pt that thruugh wliieii
tho ratepayers havu jutt passed. II
would appear that there must lie pu
unfortunate disposition somewhere ill
tho body municipal, tu readily enter
tain Insinuations against the civic ad
ministration and uguinsl Ibuse ratepayers who Occupy seats at tho city council
board. If thii disposition exists, il
is needless to say that It mint lie con
lined iii ii vury small cfrulu and that il
duoi not at all represent lhe altitude ol
the great body of property owners to
a/aril ilmso of thoir fellow cltlsoiis,
iilioui, by their ballots, thuy eluet to
care fnr their interests al the council
board. It may be declared without the
slightest degree of beeltuuey, with rof
ereuce tu thu greut body uf rulepuyer;
of thit .ily ,t lm r once thuir munieipal re
presentiilites aru elected, the ratepayer*
repose in thoye representatives every
eunliilemu, entertain fur them every re
sped, gnd are willing tu accord Ihem
luyal tuppurt in ull thoae ailtnluiatrnlive
acta whieh the cuuucil in its wisdnm,
may perform. This it lite unly ground
upon which lhe ratepayers ean hupe tu
liml al their command, the services ol
those uiii'io' their felluw ratepayer!
who are the best qualified tu assunn
"iniini uf civic affairs. It is, tbore
fore, tu be Imped Ihut Ihc lust vestige ul
Willingness   lu   elite lluili   UnjUtt   IllSpi
cuius will disappear frum ull quarter:
ami that in futuru irrcapunaiblu rumor*
which may seek tu gain circulation
will be dismunlcuunceil everywhere
and enepuraged iinwbere, in the cum
muiiily. '
10,000 cprds of dry Or wood for anlck
sale, Price per odd cords, 11.711. Bps-
ulal quotations for largar quautittst.
out Wood, 18 Inolm, ♦»,«. 19 Ipebn
MM' C, 0. P,
DnStt md Yird—Mill ind Lomdale
Plumi |9P.    P, 0, poi liil
Lodga Western Boss, No. 886
MeoHngs of this lodge are hold In
tbo Knights Of I'ylhiai Holl, coruor of
Clieslerllebl meuiio and Fourth street,
on tbo first ind third Fridays in ouch
inoulh, ut 8 o'clock p. m.
t'omniiinieutinns and upplicatluus for
mumboribip to bs addroasud to Harold
|,eoi, ss.rotary, P. 0. box 2211. Ifi 7-13
fn all Oountrlia. Aak for our inventor'* Advlur. Marlon A Marlon, III
Unlvirilty Strut, corner St. Cuthirlni
Strut, Montreal, Canada, and Waih-
Ington, D. C V. 8. A.
Vancouver Buiineu Directory
SPROTT-SHAW Business College
336 Hunting! St. W.
C«nad*'*'Ort*t*tt W**t*rn School
K. J. S|irntl, II.A., - -Muiiafiei
A aaliafielory lerniinulion of au
imbroglio whieh contained elements
wlneh might have caused regrettable
developments from • civic point of
view, wu reached un Wednesday even
iug, in Ibi reiolullou whieb wu adopt
ed by tbe muss meeting of rilepiycrr
with reference lo Ibe category of ani
mi,.It, i-ioii. levied agaiuit thl city
council and individual membera of Ihe
council, and which were brought pro
inincnlly lo the etlenllou uf Ihe rate
ptytn by the timely action uf Ihe etc
cutivi of Ibe KiL'piycri' Awoeiltlon.
Thc >lliuiiimoo< decision of lbe mil!
meeting wu to the effect tbat while
appreciating Ibe action of the eiueu
Iiv* in reducing thm Indefinite reports
lo deluil' form iud bringing tbem uu
der clou scrutiny, the ratepayer! were
uevertheleii of opinion Ibal Ihere wat
no ground for any farther proceedings
-Thii dciition wu raw-bed at t reiult of
I most ittcntlve listening to Ibe Infer
miliun given aud explanation* made
by the mayor and memhtn of lhc
clly council end after thc closest quci
liouing aud fullest diicuwion upon the
pirl of tke ntrptyen. fho final vote
in Ihlt !| wu unanimous, leavei «l»o
lutidy no room to doobt that th* rile
ptyert war* fully salir-fled thll Ihe
pr*u»t-civic adutiuiatraliou ronpiret
tvpifhii ffitf. fhm tl Lamer yarn
ot wilb that of any other clly in the
province and that thus wl* no tub
itauliil buii of faet for any of tbo
runwrt which had unfortunately gaiued
Hon. F.L. Carter-Cotton
on Bridge Situation
Al lhe outlet uf lasl night's im
portimi bridge meeling the seerelary ul
Ihc Huurd uf Trade, Mr. Ilunahlsun.
read aloud the fulluwiug idler fruni
lhe Iluu. F. I.. Carter I'ul tou. I.uml
and prolon,'ed applause frum lhc entire
mietiug followed upuu Ihe reading nt'
lbc communication.
Vancouver, M. (!., Oct. Dili, llll:'
Dear Sir;-
I huve jusl rceeiveil yuur Idler ol
ilh instant, which wui addressed lu
Ihe Vaucuuver Club instead uf to Ihc
tbovt address. I am afraid lhal I shall
nut iw ull' In attend the meeting lu
iu,mow eveuing, ai the short notice
will not give mc time lo puilpoue u
previous appointment.
Vuu will -i.uiItl■ ■ huve read the re
purl uf lhe meeting yesterday uf the
Vancouvar lluanl uf Trade ami uf lhe
discussion which tbcu took place ou
the aubject ef the bridge across tne
I mi Narrows. The mailer will uguin
he euusidereil by Ihe buard al a special
meeling nett week. The quesliun to
i very gnat citeul scents tu me lu
settle down lu a quesliun of lime. Il
communication across lhe inlet ie lo
he mule within the nasi live years tbe
plau of a bridge musl lie adopted and
in imu takeu al ume in.lhe preliinin
om n I was under the impression Ihlt
lhe discussion which hu ctliuiled over
five yeirs bad seilled Ihia. (Hunting
for Ihe iako of arguuicul all inul the
opponents uf the bridge bring againal
it as a menace lu navigation -which
personally, after studying lbe queitiou
for ...in-, I do not believe it will be—
we bave ilill iu ilurrard lulet a bar
bor far superior lo'lbc condition* on
the M.i-ei lim or Hm i„l Channel,
ami somehow navigators iu Ihese ports
handle In amount of tonnage safely
■nd eipeditiuusly Ihil will nut be
reached iu Hurrard lulel fur '19 yeart
al Ihe muat sanguine nhulaliou. Wheu
il ia, Ihere will be opportunity lo lake
up Ibe dam and lhc canal project, al
though iu regard lu Ihe latter i do nol
Hunk it la likely that thoae inlerealed
in Hurrard lulel will ever agree lo •
canal frum 1'itt river Ibul will possibly
bring witb it uuiu' ul Ihe conditions
Ihlt mike dredging a continual ueees
•Ily on Ibe Fruer river.
Vancouver, North Vancouver aud Ibe
lurroiiudiug districts demaud direct
railway rommunication wilb Ihc north
•ro territory u speedily u possible.
Communication acfosi Burrard inlet i.
tba flrst link is tbe chain, and It icemt
to me to be scarcely a sagacious busi
ncu iiii'lhnd to delay the consirucliuli
of the bridge while we are inveiligal
lag certain theories the accuracy uf
which hll yet to be established.
Yjpre truly,
Yorkihire Guarantee ft Securiliei
Corporation, limited
440 Seymuur Sited
R. Kerr Houlgate - ■ - Manage!
All North Vancouver p*opli iti al
Kitlfer I'linl Block or Hastings St.,
oppoiitt thi niw pint office. IsKinard
will bii te* by Ibi puund
11   ('. 1 nisi  tt. Mini in:
I"""   um I'ull;
2.00   pm llall)
11:16   pm     lull)
I "It   M. I'I 1 I.l.
10:00  um     Iiully
HUS   pm     Iiully
fim   tiui'iii
10.00  11 in   and   (.10  pm Hull)
liSS am   . Thiiradu)' und Hatunlay
I'll!       I'IIIIII.       in i'l III        IMI
11:00 pm :'ui ui, lu. s
i'liiiu.   in it in   ANII   i.mini
10:00 |. m Wednesday)
foil n nun   n 11, nu I lis nt i t
AHD in in  in I s
I'i on i> in V, ■ dn, > ,l,i i s
I'll!       I III It       IIMSITI       lllllll
I*uve  Weilmlmlcr    1:10 am
!J..u    Wed   and Friday
I.ui,   i'l,llmm. I. 7:00 um
To. I-    Thm ii  ind Sul
Iti u io Tuesday, lor Victoria, cull
Illy ul it lion,io Mutii.  Island, lloin-
Buy, I'mi Wuihlngion, ilunurallui
t„,i    nui. io me Cove,  Hev. i   I'olm,
I'ulfui d and Sidney Island.
Kur   ralea,   n-ii-ivuiloni   and   ill
uiiii.i    in!,,,ii,uin,o   apply   to    i
"OK,   I'll)    1'alleliuer   AiiciiI.   Ill
.i.lluss   Hi    or  if   W.   llltiililK
P A . Vancouver
  I '   '»  -'!
100 Per Cent.
Pure Paint
i '"
WB QUABANTBB th* IttrHft-ltNMllir 100 Par Cent. Purs Pslnt
(•xcopt a fow dark shade* that cannot ba prepawd from lead and
slpo), to hi mad* from purs caruouata pf lead, puro oslds of slue,
wltb coloring mattsr lu proportlonuta quaiitttlti nscossary to Disks
thai! roipectlv* sbsdis and tint*, Witb pure linseed oil and turpsll-
tin* drysr, and to hi sntlrsly free from waUr, benslns, whiting
and sdultiratloni, aud sold sitbjsct to chsmlcal unslyili.
• Th* Martin Smour Oo. Ltd,
Thll ii tht only Paint to guiranttid bscauss It li tha only
I'UBK PAINT on tb* mirkit.
■    in ii  i^i
90 Lonidale Avenue     Next to P.O.
First Clan Dwelling House for Sale
Ws luvit* Under! for the purcbaio of now eight room aud base
mint dwelling house on Boveutimth Stroit, near Boulevard en Lot 'li,
Block 16a, Diatrict Lot WW, 60 ft, by 167 ft. Tbo building 1* a very
lubiuutlal ona and hss nil modern couvonlonces.
TBNDBBS stating pilce aud termi of psymajit, accompanied hy a
marked chtiiu* for 9 psr emit, of offind prico must hs delivered to us
hire not liter thm Saturday, tb* llth Imt.
ijbi btghiit or any uudir not nscswarlly accepted.
The Burrard Development Company UwH
17 Lonadala Avenui
North Vancouvsr
Phoui i!7
We Study Printing
We make a feature of preparing printing lhat ii profitable lo
our palroni.
We study type fares and effects
lo imure attractive arrangement,
and we believe you will appreciate
our handling of your work.
From a card to a huge poster
or an illustrated catalogue we will
give you a figure or our advice.
A Double Ender
50x 175 ft. on two graded roads, 17th St, and Yorkshire
Crescent, close to Fell Ave. carline, and sll cleared and
nearly level. A snap at $2,000, TD«-«hir4 cash, bal. 6 #nd 12 giootha
oiiic* Vbmn 179.
Bs.i4*«i« phon* *M
V, 9, m mi,
—m—        1 . 1 —1
/ Mfi.l IHU IM WltN&It-S 1 UINfc
Thi Ant deposit with which ypu, begin a savings Account, is as important an
event |i tho Uylng of .bo cprmr-stoHs of a fine bui|d|iig.Ynu are laying lhe
cnrnor-stuuo of yonr position In the world, of ypur dr, |e of business acmisln,
•UPe, pf eventual aueeess.
Pan you afford tt postpone that first deposit!    '
British North America
.   76 VMfi |ff awiftHl.  Oapim snd Surplus Ovor «7,6Ofl,00fl.
Tw» Officei in North Vwwtfww, Ctorotr of kiwwWn Avo
and E#pl»n»4o. Upper Lwdal* Avenue, near 14th Strop)
Electric I
10 Days' Fros Trial
flolves tbo Suwmsr Ironing Froblsm
For 1812 wo vu ulforiitg a "liolpulut" uf tho 61b sue, suitable fur
geueral bouaohold use, fur 14.60. This iron is liinilsr lo ali " iluipninis"
oei'l'i thai the upper surfuee is unpolished.
' "  .
Second Slreei Eaat, Norlb Vancouver, B. C.
Possesses lhe finest roof garden on the Pacific Coasl.
Band concert every Friday evening from 8 lo 10.
Hot «nd cold water in every room.
European Plan only $1.00 a day up.
'   Weekly Ralei $3.00 up.
Meal Ticket. $5.00.
L. REDA, Proprietor
Business Osntlsmon's Popular Lunch Place.
Breakfast 8.00 ts 10.00. Lunch 18.00 lo 8.00
High Tea 6.00 till 7.30.  Afternoon Teas.
Short ^Orders specially attended to.
, pp peha|f of. the flnni'ca committee
(!uiincillor fiUptsburgor ropurted, at the
regulur session of the districl council
pn Tuesdiy, (hai till several upplica-
linns fur Iho pusiliun of diatrict assess-
Ur hud lioon carefully considered, witu
IhO result thai |ll|l I'mnmillei' recom
mended Ml. Phfrloi ft. flfltm for IliO
pusitiuu. At a liter etsgo of Hie session a ballot was regularly taken anil
Ur. Farrow waa duly declared appoint-
od assessor for the yoar Ullil.
New Ferry Ttnnluoli
Ou motion of ''min-   Merrick  the
COUUcil  decided   lu accept   llic  idler  ill
Mr. Wliiirlnii to give fourteen foet on
Ibo eait tide pf blocki t'l ami 81 in
I). L. I'll, running from the waterfront
north' to Murine iiriie, fur tlio pur
pose of incrusiing the width of thc
itreet eiidu, for tho purposes uf pew
ferry wharves ami terminals. The
lluiird pf Works will attend to the de
iiuiu of the transfer.
Municipal Statistics
lu response lo a letter from l-i I! mil
tl. lluwe, manager of the Greater Vun
couver I'roiiress Club, reipiesliiig thai
III bu provided wilh muuicipol sfati"
tics for publicity purpuses, the reeve
wis i'U|ii'"i.'i to bave sain* complied
and forwarded to Dr. Kowe.
Eitimatei Be Ballwwy Bout*
Additional time wai given to Mr. tl.
T. Webiier in which In complete the
gathering of estimates' wilh reference
lu the pru luil, le eusl uf railway right
of way thruugh tho district alung Ihe
route proposed Ijy thc cuuucil.
Application* for Water LoU
Upun the repurt of lhc district engineer the iippln iiiiun of John Hart for
a tinier lot in fruni of bind, I, II, I,
fli, wua approved, provided the own
er give une hull roud allowance aloug
tho bluck, froul the walerfrunl tu Mn
rims Drive.
The application of llnrty Muselow
fur u waler lot in frout of iui -A, I).
L. .'..il was approved ou the same termi
ill 'accordance wilh the engineer's re
Tbe application uf W. .1. Irwin for
a waler lot iu front of Iota ii end II,
block .'II, D. L. 666, end thai of A. B.
Hillings for a water lul in fruni uf lul
it, block .'II, I). L. 666, aa per letter
I from Ihc deparlmenl uf murine uml
fisheries, was referred lu lbe engineer
tu report.
ilu motion of (luun. Olntiburger the
i balanc* of 1888,00 on llic cuul ract price
i uf lhc inuiiii ipul hill wns urdcred paid
j as  was also au account  for exlrua
! lillluuiilllig tu llltf.llll.
Au invitation limn lhe Nurlh Van
I couver Hoard of Trade lo Itceve and
Cuuucil lo attend a public mecliug on
TmrriuTri Temnai nnuiff WR| fgf >H»
discussion of hridge pnd other mstfers
Wis tee spied'
W. Anstin Brown, secretory nt (he
ed»»lttw ff»r thi reception of tho
Pnke.of Uonwugb, advised tint tin
district's proportion qf uno-sixth pf
lllU expenses uiiiuuntod fp I'llll.11. This
amuunt was ordered p*jf|.
a loiter fm w. w; toftww »M
referonco tp damages to his property
(Iwugli e|)»wie of rnodwsy wm IH
Pom|Ci!)»r Iky »#l granted aunthur
w**9 in which to Mni'i. hi' hr-liw
piuviiliitg fnr clearing 10 feet wide
through niibilivisiuna.   "
The Pi»c. 8e#r( wWeh tki BrltW
SSllori wear under llielr liruiid eullnrs
ataipis for * sign of mourning 'or UtA
- " .      '
VANcoiivkb'B j,|V|j WIP
The Panama Theatre
fjpi Iho Whole Family
Hurling Matinee Mondiy, Sept. llllh
8  Hhuwa  Niyhtly—7:30   und   81)6
16c, 86c, 96c.
Matinee Daily at t-ltt aud 86s
TO liBT FireiJWHip
Diitrict of North Vancouver
Applicatiom will be received by |bc
iinder.iigiied up to the HHh inul for
the position uf police 'unstable to tbe
district, of Nortb Vancouyer. Applicants
In write with particular! of experience
anil ipialilieilions. Njngle iiiun prefer
red. Hulury offered fit por nioiilli wilh
allowance for uuiforni.
(Signed)      JOHN O. FA1IMKH,
0. tf. 0.
P. 0. Boi 1780,
Nortb Vancouver. 1610
. hfo rilief ht, pi yet been tAiti\o*A
iu thu mutter of the'ilmlng,iliortiijp
of eosi on t|ie iforfh Shore. T|i*i |s
po coal whoever ip the hands of the
local deiien, neither iioe,i tim* »ppiir
to bo any itmnodiate proapoet of tlm
famine being rcljovpil. Yesto'rdsy thp
inaltcr was taken up with |Ioi|. F. L.
cipitmdlqtipp, provincial pftffnff for
this riding OOA ho |t once undertook
to do ail within bis power to ilml a
remedy, tfr. Pnt.on iscprdingly wired
particular* at ouce to -premier McBride,
and this wire w||l be fqliowed promptly
hy i letter, setting out the e»cf con
dii inns *t the present lime. It |s boiled thit through the intervention of be
government a suflleieiit supply tan be
aisured to prevent  serious  iticnnveiii
ence locally pending the settlement of
tbo str|ka at the mines after which iro
further dlfflcul.y |i inticipated.
I'nrrie uf  Edinburgh  employed a
iiierniiiiiii'i.'r lu the troalmeut of ty
plloi.l    I'i'ler    palli'lllli    Willi    til*    eiiM
■louche ua early as 187. lie wai
ridiculed by bit Qermsn contompor-
arici *s an instance of medical decay
in Kuglish inciiiciii,'. The flrst
clinical application of the thermoiiie
ter waa made liy Baulorius of I'adua.
Ho invented a thermometer upun at
the end. After being held by the
paticut it was pluuged intu cold wa
ter. Hoerhuvc taught the importance
pf the iinini.iniciiT. lie llaen (1701
Iiih) must be given the houor of iu-
trpduciug thc thermometer into cur
rent use at the bedside. It was uot
until umi tu 1670 tbat it came iuto
general uie.
New York State bas abandoned tbe
use of public driukiug cups.
BwgllflW, 8 NW»i op «»r lliu, IP
minutes walk from ferry, facing Iplot
and Stanley Parli. Reaionable rent to
careful tenant*. Apply P. Q. tint 1818,
North VMCPHV. fi ll
In pursuance uf on assignment dated ' '
August 88th, 1818, tu the undersigned,
parties Indebted to tbe W. IL Btouoy
k Cumpauy aru liereliy notified to pay
tbe smuuuts due It 'ho oflice of the assignee, W|lson k Petty, spile 8, DePeek
lluilding, 886 Hastings street West,
Vsncouver, H. tl, at the earliest possible movent, wlto will Issue receipts
for samo.
Assignee. .       '-
Pbons Seymour 1734.
In Uli Mstt*r of Tb* LsouardSslo
Company, Asslgusd
The creditors having given linporalive
instructions to collect all Olilsiandilig
accounts, parties indebted tu Iho abovo
"Th| Leonard Hale (,'umpail)," are ro-
quistod to call aud settle their indebtedness forthwith. This cau lie done by
either celling at the store, 88 Luusdulu
Avenue, Nortb Vaucouvor, to the mun
in charge, or at the office of Wilaun k
I'erry, Assignees, 33,6 Hustings Street
West, Vancouvor.
t.f. Assignee,
The l'u iiiiiiiu Theatre nil. i ■ the Fruuk
lin I Company Ihia week in Ihe exhil
araling musical farce, Madam Xcuse
Me, introducing tbe famous lii.li Hose
Tbis bill la full of snappy songs, Ind
is a complete whirlwind uf merriment,
winding up with guud dames and com
cdy iltuulions wurlhy uf lite i'auama
fuvorilcs, im luding Mr. Frank Karle
in une of bii Inimitable songs and
dances, a sextette by Miascs Haymoud,!
Muuili'iille, Id, ti (uii Bernard,, and
Messrs. Burton and Burni, whieh is
one of the biggest bit* in these popular
players' repertoire, and "Vancouver
fur'Mine,''' au illustrated soug by Miss
Kuymuiid nnd chorus, assisted by tbe
audience Tbia number hw bt'cn ape
■dally written aud computed (fit thii
production and ii dedicated tu The
Huni ii -. i'luli and Ihe Livewirea of
lhc metrupolii of Britiih Lulumbla, iu
all come and Join in Ihe ehorua. Bear
in mind all next wecli at Ibe popular
family pliybogie.
Nortli Shore I'ro** Limited is
prepared to enlcrUin proportions
for a luan lo be ulillinl 'li Ihu con
siriiiiion uf a buildiug fur novj-
paper un.l printing purpoiei, tl' be
erected uu lut 10, block 167, D. L.
211, being Ihe nurlh west corner of
First slreet sud lingers avenue, this
city. Full piniieiiliiis liun- be ul,
laincd by applying tu tbo ugdor
iil-iii. II. MilitDKN,
Diitrict of North Vancouver
Nolice is hereby given lhal Ibe re
gular ineeling of Ihc council will bo
hold on Friday nest, Ihc ll|h inst,
at i..'W |'.fn. inatcad uf Tliursduy, on
ing to the public meeting re Ine Seeund
Narr«wi Bridge, culled for lbc Hltb
Dated tbli 81b day of Ocluber, lull
(Signed) W. II. MAV,
FOK BBNT—6-rooiood houae. Apply
8117 tfoilu road weal. II H
FOB BKNT- 3 roomed house on Utli
slreei. Apply  Hi!! Ml, (Ircc!  coil.
BOOMS FOlt  BKNT   Housekeeping;
and single. 811 8ml alreet caal. I.f.
■ ,
FOK  HUNT- Two  S! room  eollagea,
wilh waler 68 and III. A. Smith k I'o.j
FOB HKNT Two nice lurge fur j
lushed beilruoma, Apply )W) ((uncus-l
bury Avenue. IIM
FOB KKNT -frowned flat near
ferry, fin per mouHi. Apply Warbujn
Its Piano House. t f
TO HUNT   UU per month, furniah
ed -■ roomed modern liunguluw,    open
lire place, elc Hiluuled uu ilil atreel
wesl. Apply Bux A116, Kxpreu Office.
16 Hi
FOK KKNT- Furnished soils, bed
ruum, silling ruum, kitchen uml bath
room. Decorations ntul furniture new.
No other roomers A,lull. unly. 'all
before 8 p.m.   illl HHh SI. K.     II HI
.. TO KKNT-''heap. New il roomed
bouie near ferry. Apply Bus AIM,
Kxprcai Oflice. 816
FOK HKNT Desk room wilb use uf
pbone, auililde for public ilcnographcr.
Apply 87 Lonsdale Avenue. 16 10
FOK KKNT A bouse ou IQIh slreei
and Boulevard; also'shack, suitable fur
couplS. Apply F. Booth, plumber.   If.
TO KKNT Warm, newly furniihed
rooms, rcaiouable rale, 126 Sixth slreei
west, flrat block from Lumdale. 16 10
r !
FOB BKNT-Iroomed modern hou
m*, 6 minutes from ferry. Bent |16
per moulh.    Petri k Boult. I'boua 188.
__—      ■■ if,
K)B  BKNT -,- 7 roomed  bouse, til
mudern ind up lu date, wilh hot wa
ter heating. Apply 836 6tb street eait.
tOV HKNT Five and iii roomed
houici, ill conveniences, 86tfa itreet
•Od Juuca, 680 and lit pet month. Ap
ply E»rl»nd, 8th street sud Hendry
An, N. V«juuMiv«r. ill
POll KKNT < uliiiiinl Aparlmeuls,
muil, i" i,,in in,um .1 suites, heal, disap
pearing beds, elc. Allowance made lu
suitable Icuaul lu luok afler furnace.
Apply J. Hicntsen, 787 SI. Andrew'*
i'bouc Kill. If.
FOK SALK Some furniture, eb,eap.
Small heater, elc. nol used, ♦:' 188
3rd ilrccl weil. IM
FOK SALK Apples, (Iriveusleiu,
alio apples for winter slock. Keene,
lilh slreet and St. Ueorgc. fil
Villi SALK-Three ponies, weight
about 800 ib. e*cb, well broken lo **d
die aud harness  J. A. McMIHsu. I 11
FOK SAf.Fr First das* cordwood,
»l nn pc; cord. Special prices on large
quantities. I'bone 847. 88 10
FOB BALK- Fin! growth flr wood,
64.76 cord, c.o.d. Kscsvatlng and heavy
hauling apply John L'ampbell, 887 6th
street west. Phono .1,61. 31 10
FOK BALfl-Tborougbbrcd S. 0. W.
foghorn (,'ockercls, IS tub. Apply' T.
ll.  Hue, ifueen's street  wast, Third
Building from north corner Lonidale.
FOK Ukli^4l*mh:'t**i tormi, r*our
roomed modern house, close to car;
|760: 8 rooms, good localiou; 61060: I
ten, 8168. Apply U. I. Thompson,
(,'«lr. snd Lynn V*»l«y Bosd*.    UM
FOK SALK- Furnace wood, lir alalia
■I. 1. Durau, pbune 66. Leuve orders N.
V. Lumber I'o. office. <   811
FOK SALK-Salurday uuly, ipiiulily
of good, suund mixed keeping apples,
Wilis, for 11.01). Keene, cor. lilh slreei
and Sl. Ueurge. II in
FOII SALK Bargaiu-Frena I'tm
era, 6x1, earrici 60 filmi. Alsu 10 carriers' for i/, plalei, good Icuie—achro
malic, with portrait attachments, ('an
shuw photos. IIO ouly. P. I), tiox I,
Lynn  Creek.
FOB SALK-A rhauce lo bu^ cheap,
nearly new range wltb reiervolr. Solid
oak Imll im li, new bed room euile wilb
springs, one folding bed and one while
enamel bed wilh spring. Nigh chair
ami baby's chair, one piece of lind.mm
12x13 feet, alio kitchen ulcuiili. Ap
ply 836 Oth itreet rail, I.f.
WANTBD-Boy. Burrard <'lg»r Co,
■ut. J<on*d(le and Kiplanade, upilairi.
WANTKD Oeucral servant. Mri.
Wolfs Merton, 367 JOIh slreet K. I'bone
86g. ILIO
WANTKIh-Fosliiop, bousowurk or
plain cook by reliable good Japaucse.
Apply Japaucic Osrdop. 16 10
WANTKD-Millinery snd drcsirosk
ing at home, or out, by Ihe day 68, Al
(orations, also plain sowing. Box AHI,
Kipress. 1110
WANTgD-Work by middle aged
wpman as working housekeeper or nursing of any kind or care of SO invalid,
one or two children S|e not objected lo,
would like to sleep home sl nights.
Wsg;*s pw month *60. .Apply jtl ft*
strut **9: l.W
WANTKD--Furniihed room fur gen
lletiinn, hrcakfusl preferred. I'rivdc
family. Kindly slule terms. I'. 0. llux
1871, North Vuncouver. 16-10
WANTKD Listing of lots and acre
age in Lynn Valley. 1'curce Bros, cor
tier I'cinpscy and Lynn Valley Koada.
I'. 0. Bux 68, Lynn Valley.       16 10
WANTKD Piece of property ' to
rent, site about 30xrju, located on 1Mb
alrctt between St. Ucorge'i ami Lous
dale Aveuue, to erect a factory ou. Ap
ply Boa 1876, Poal Oflice, Norlb Van
cuuver, or Kxpresi Oflice.
I .OUT Sel of plana by Ihe '-he.
Icrfleld school. I'leaae reluru lo Ki
pr*n Oflice. 16 in
I.dn'I' iilu.l.. tau and while wire
haired Foi Terrier puppy. Bcward lo
Under. W. V. Milne, cor. JOtb and
Moody, North Vancouver. 16 10
LOST HcUccii Mb street aud
Urand Boulevard and til. Ague*' church
a pair of gold rimmed eyo giaitei wilh
mull chain attached. Finder please re
turu lo 688 nth itreet weit and receive
First clasi drcsimailng tnd T»ilur
ing, 410 Koilh ro»d we»l.   Fit gu»r
indeed.   ' |3 10
i'rivtle lessons in French, Uerman
•pd Knglisb. Apply £68 Keilb Bosd
foil. UU
lady   wishes   pushtion,   few   hours
dtily, light bouse work, cooking, tie,
Psrticulsrs Boi AI47, Kipress Offlco.
, WW
.'.lmii time ion ns ou vacant or im
proved pruperty. Star Loau Company,
618 liailinga, Vancouver. t,f.
tibiinncy Sweep ordera iai.cn at
Nurlh Vancouver Transfer Co's. oflice
11  Lniiadile.   I'bone  07. Ill
For due watcb ind Jewelry work go
lo Ueo. Somerton, tbe new jewelry (lore
un :'ini streel.
. MONKY, TO MIAN Mouey loaned
ou diamonds, jewelry, lm- SlSr Loan
Co, 818 Healings, Vanrouvir.       I.f.
SNAP Ou Western avenue, 36x164
feet, half block from I.onidalc car, for
II100 on terms For particulars apply
160  161b slreet weit. 16 10
Bookkeeper ■ want! work iu spire
lime, would keep iei of book*, look
(Iter ui,minis, general office wort,elc.
Apply K, 1'. 0. Boi 8186, Norlh. Vsu
Authorised sgent for Singer Sew
ing Mscbine Compsny in. Norlh Van
rouver. J. J. McAlcccc, Dry Qoodeasd
denls' Furnishings, corner First und
Lomdalo Avenue. t.f
When needing coil or building tup
plies, call up phone 466, North Shore
Coul A Supply Co, Kickhsms wbarf.
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Ibst country to lie io honored. Dairies
ii i Welshman by birth and a Irainp
by preference, having lived lbe life
for many years in America snd Bog.
land. Ms Is minus s foot, ths ;*
suit of s stolen train ride. After years
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bmom nwrowi
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The speller esplsiue. tint under tne
Navlgalile Witters Aet Sn *|ipllP»Hfli|
d Candi
jocularly, "would be to hw op the
iniiuicipulity." Dealing with lhe suggestion that had been put forward
favoring s vertical lift bridge, Ur.
McNaught suiil thnt Bir Join) Wolfe-
Barry, who wns the lust word In bridge
huihiTng, hud psver known ihis kind
of bridge to set satisfactorily- It either
stuck up itt thu air or ruinaiiiutl down
when it wss required tu go up.   The
speaker urged tbo meeting tn piss u
resolution which Would strengthen Ilr.
Steveps' bunds when hu went dnwn to
Ottawa. ■•
Mr. 1'irsklne, president pf Vuncuuver
Huard of Trade, Atltfftj that the
altitude of the board bad beep rather
magnified- l*ek pt ml evideneo hsd
been the reasuii for the board'* rsaolii
lion in this regard, tbey had merely
'.-. luhed tu have before tbem alternative
plain in order tu form an intelligent
.den uf what would really be the host
form of link lietween the two shores.
It would not inipodo the buildiug of
the bridge lo get alternative plans.
The board was just as friendly towards
the project as anyone pise.
t'apt. Worsnip, president of the ship
owners' Association, wished th* meet
ing tu thoroughly itmlerslund (hat be
was not personally hissed in oue way
Of the .other. Any opinion lie hail given
had been that of a navigator and a
iihipnwmir. It had been suid thit tbe
iippiiailinii had arisen at the eleventh
hpur. Sii or seven months ago the
Ai.ioi uiiiuil bad asked for plaus of
tho bridge. They had only received
them two weeks ago. Consequently it
waa only recently tbat they could intelligently offer any criticism.
Capl. Wursuop tbeu mentioued the
enormous volume of1'water which had
lo pass llirough the two uarruw dian
ncli. of Hurrard lulet. I.ui inen could
nut uuderstaiid thc difficulties tu unci
gatiou this occasioned.
Tit* opposition of the aaioeialiun
was based upon the view that I lien
were WByt of obviating dangers which
were nut obviated by thc present
nl,unu The captain gave instance!
where much trouble hail been caused
through Ihe advice of nautical men
being disregarded. The association
was,asking that a vertical lift bridge
ibould be provided-
(In Ibe ipicslioii pf the span, the cup
lain -luted lhal he'woubl rutner see t
inin Iiiui verticil lift bridge than twu
USD-foal spans wilb a swing bridge
uver it. 'i'lie height of Ihe bridge abuve
high wuter mark was auuther mutter
of contention. The usaoeiutiou would
rather see lhe height "ill feet lhan 46
led, as at present, ll tuiglil seem a
mall difference, but it made a greal
difference in navigation.
The eaptaiu concluded wilh the re
iiiuiii lhal he was uut voicing hia own
opinion uuly but lhat expressed by Ibe
majority  of  thc shipowners.
I'apl Mei-.uri. a member of the
-!i i mu 111 ' Assueiatiun, voiced the
opinion nf hia anaueiation, which waa
"PI". ' .1 lo the present ityle of bridge.
Mr. II. II. Steveui, M. P., aaid thai
lie was very plum..I indeed with Ibe
whole spirit of thc mealing, and com
piiincnteil Ihe speakers and audience
■■I I..- iii this respect.
Al the niitsei the member congratulated Nurlh Vaueouver on the preient
signs of prugresa, which was almost re
markalde in Ihc absence of railway
Mr. Steveni referred tu the happy
couiuinmatiun to tbe uegotiatioui be
twecu thc Howe Sound end Northern
Bailway do. ami the I'aeilie Ureat
Kaitcru ilailway i'u, which would uow
Capital  Paid   Up    '    U,000,000
tmtrst aud Undivided ProJt*    $3,600,000
Total A***t*      ovtr U6MQMQ
. T 0 provide a
flay" Ii
*      regular i
i igajnit * nuiiihle "Kiln)
not the only reason for
  Mviiiir    A bank account
five* you Ihe fcellna of Independence
and iccurliy that keeyi your mind tret
from worry—ibat muket you bitter
able to meet lhc world on ao even
fuollOR and (o lake advantage of on
I'lnnjiilHei thii cynic yuur way. *
Open your account al llic Hank of
Hamilton, where courteous I'lUclenl
banking icrViee ll provided for llic d'.
imiii Of aiuull. n« well a* larirc, account!
Lat ua ciiilaltt our Dafety Denoilt tiux
Hfylem ttenlal modern*.
•'. «. IIKSVKII, Altai,
tatip Vanulvei
Is expected to IM* before th* mariuo
ami fisheries department and the At'
partmont of miMie worki- The roll-
wsy epniniiiiion In view pf tbii fact
tithed to keep in hsrmpnjr wllh He
government *"A therefore referred the
application tn these twp departments
under tin set stitod.
The (dins Uii htm forwsrtleii to the
department of public wurks sbout the
IDth pf September, *nil were rpe nlyo'l
by that ilepiirlnient in the preiem e nf
Mr. Stevens himself who urged 'he
spoody consideration of them.
The department, sccoriUpg tp sue-
torn, submitted the plana to it.-; unpin
eor, after which they were forwarded
to the government resident engineer,
Mr. Worsfold, in New Westminster. He j
wss uow ih s piiaiiiun to ity tbst
the report of this engineer wss even
now on its wsy to Ottawa.
lir. Hlevens considered Ilml tbo great
est possible expedition bad beeu used
su far as tbo government waa concern
ed, seeiug that the publio works department did not receive the plans earlier tban about Sept. HHh.
Referring lo the government subsidy
to the V. W. k Y. Bailway (lo., Mr.
Stevens stated that beforo this sub
sidy cnu|i| lie secured it would lm lie
cessary fur the railway department iu
sign tbe agreement iu this connection
Thu H. I. T. A H. (Jo. must enter inin
tin'-usual subsidy agreement, aaid the
speaker; Slid have their plans scrutinix
cd by this department. Mr. Stpveps
pi mnii.cd to mniic every persons) If
furl to ensure the ciiusuiiiinulioii of
Ibat agreement at an early date.
Touching upon the width of the
bridge spun/Mr. Steven* submitted In
the meeting that it woultl uoi be
right for a member ef parliament to
attempt to uie his influeuco in direct
opposition to Ibo opinions expressed by
government engineers. The member
believed that in tbii. relation a com
promise wuuld be reached since he un
dersluuii lhat the company was willing
tu extend thc span to Ililli feet. There
was uuly one question whieh euuld now
possibly delay tli* coustructiuti of Ihc
Already |he height nf the bridge had
been agreed upon, au ndditiunal ive
feet being conceded by Ihe company;
tbo matter of Ihe spiu seemed on e
fair way to satisfactory settlement, io
that it was uow tbe. duly of the' H. I
T. k 11. (,'o. lo deinouatrate to tbe
puldic Ibat the bridge wai economically conitrueted, that every possible re
source iu tbis relatiun bad been considered.
Mr. Stciens alluded to thc fad that
Ibe district of North Vaueouver alrcudy
raised HfDMO towards the bridge (of
whicii a uuiu ni the new municipality uf
West Vaueouver has assumed the re
apuniihility of IttMO) while the cily
bsd rsiied ouly 1100,000. _ The member
urged Ibe absolute iiecenity of the
pasiagc of the civic by law for au additional tf>0,IIO0. I'crsoua'lly, be did not
thiuk tbere would be one diuenlieut
vote. Ouce this waa doue the appoint
ment of the pruper and liual board uf
director! cophl follow at an early date.
The in ember concluded with au car
ucst a --main e that be was prepared at
all unu . to further uegotiatioui in re
l.iii.ui thereto to thc fullcat extent of
bis puwer.
Thc in,i-iiuii wai theu invited lo ply
the speakers with question!. Toero
waa, however, apparently very little
ground left uncovered by those wbo
had spoken i'apl. McMillan rose and
entered iuto diipute witb t'apt. Wor
•uop and Capt. Stewart al lo the navigable dtlliculliea obtaining in the
Secoud Narrow* ai compared witb tbe
•lilin nl11. s experienced iu other waters.
Sir.   I'i.   II.   ilridgman   sought,  bew
wettnerproor rwrn
|»  'I'        I'.. '••:,
"Vra w nisJllF idlNim HI"
•cwiQmy sf puJntlnf wpwd Mill
pf your house yiitix paint th»f. protect*
and preserves \\)l WPd for *»»• fangf
est time at th* |»Wt|t cq»t. You
should, therefore, be particular to get
liim, mill
—..ill I* IUM I lllll Util I'
i. UMiiUullr Sanljli Mvirli|.
I..I ii.., nk.r p.i.i. Trr (i.
Pilnt th* willi tpA cilllng with tbs ssnitsry, wubibli,
duriHs,iconomic.lM-LkAT WALL COLORS. |6
sbsdis-^uil right lor silistk stmcll duoritlvi iffccti.
S. E. BUELL, North Vancouver
would ouly result in ineffectual delay
"id   .-uuu.-. loss to the public."
This resolution was carried with a
lnnd  unanimous  "Aye".
A vote of thanks to the gentlemen
who had attended and  addressed  the
meeting brought the proceedings |o *
termination. >
Full niciisiire, "pressed duwu and
running uver," describes the contents
uf Tlte I'liii! Magazine, Seieutilie Fur
mer nmi I'linadiun ('itiseu, fur 'r.i.,
The editor deals witb the (Jovcmnr
General's Western tuur, Dansdiau ver
sua 1'iiileil Statei fruit, the pulato ean
pet plague, etc., and thc contributed
articles are lengthy and extremely in
leresiing. Ainongil these are a full
report of The daiiadian Foreitry condition held iu Victoria, B. 0., laat
month, au exhaustive article ou irrigation ami forestry in Egypt, Soudau,
India, Ceylun, Uuima, Java, Australia,
New Zealand, I'hilippiuei, Formnia,
I'liina, i'urea ami Japan, by Mr. Win.
I'l'iirce of I'algnry, Alia., Irrigation
Lessons from the Old World, by Sir
William Wilcox, and The I'uuliry in
dustry of liritish ('olumbia, by I'rof.
M. A. .lull of Mscdunald ('ollege, t/iie.
Tbe lluini Department snd Ihe usuul
Ottawa Idler cuinmaud Ihc usual in
teres!, and thc photo cugravingi are
numerous ami beautiful.
Tenders Wanted
Wanted Tendera for putting iu stolid
foundation. Apply J. W. H*hcr. luild-
er aud cuulraetor. 1" 10
assuredly upon up tbe great hinterland
of Ihe Norlh Shore. ^vW to sum the matter up in"* ilale
Hi. Hlevens reminded the meeting
lhat last muter be had brought up
the matter of providing a civic centre
for thc city. He still wai of the same
opinion, tbat a clly situated on audi
a site should look well after ita cow
merrial, industrial ami artistic inter
cell by housing- tbem iu buildings thai
were uot mere baudboxei.
Tbe member outihcllcd Ihc bridge
•ituatiou by remarking that ronnoctioo
between tbe two ihorei must be pro
i idcil   ami Ibat ipoedily.
He wai torry that the opposition
which turd ariicn did oot occur a yesr
ago. He agreed, however, tbat the
position of then gentlemen wai very
properly explained ny the fact that
tbey bad only recently leeeivcil plans.
Mr. Stevens itated thai at the nut
aet of things he had biinaelf advocated
lhe employ west of an engiueer to go
into tbu nutter of * dam in order to
prevent tho matter possilily obtruding
itself at a late date.
The Imputation bad beeu made tbat
(be Dominion (lovernrncnt was to blame
for the delay—not by tbe directorate,
but th* belief wt* in the atmosphere.
He wished to slute tbat the Dominion
Lonsdale Theatre
October 16-
oieiii to the effect that no bridge in Ihc
world 'iiii'l be swum to aa kbaolulely
safe, while Mt J. Loutet submitted tbat
if necessary, tn(*auie conditions would
have to apply to ibis port a* in Ibe
case of ntsay olber ports nunieli that
vessels would bave to wait for cub or
How tidei a* the caic might be.
i'apl. Hti'viarl, oii behalf uf llu
Shipmaster!' Auociation, wised lhe op
porluuity for aaiurjjig tbe meetiug that
to bia owu knowledge the Auociation
wai in no way backed up by the (
1'. R. or auy olber corporation.
Eventually the following resolution
wa* moved by Mr. K. il. Hr'.lguiin
and -ccoinlcil by Mr. H. (!. Wright:
"That at a public meeting held lu
Nortb Vsncouver on tb* 10th October,
Iillil, it was unanimously resolved
"Tbat whereas it ia imperative tbst
connection be made between the uorth
aud south shore of Hurrard lulet for
railway, tram and vehicular traffic;
"And whereas tbe application of the
II. J. T. * II. tio. ii now before the
government to conilruct a bridge mit-
able for theie purpoiei;
"He It, therefore, resolved, Ibal we
request a speedy approval of these plans
fron tbe Miuiiter of I'ublie WorW aod
Minister of Marine ssd Fisbcrici io
thst construction mty be rommeoieil
Sl sn e»r)y date;
"He it further reiolwd |bst i* th*
'Oplpion of thl* meeting* consideration
of (ASMway 07 otksr such whane*
P. G. Ei Railway
Purchases H.S.&N.
Oontlnusd from psgs 1
iuitiai stages with respect thereto. He
admitted, however, tbat thc West Vau
couvcr situation was a considerable
factor in the situation in this regard.
Discussing thc progress of negotia
lions as to thc route through Wesl
Vsncouver, Mr. Tate observed that
Chief Kngiuecr I'allaghen of bii company had completed their data with
respect to the probsbi* coit of the
route desired by hii company a few
dayi ago ami that lbc data were uow
iu the hanili of (be Minister of Hail-
ways In this connection Mr. Tate ex
plumed Ibst in seeking 10 run tbeir
Hue sleng tbe foreshore through West
Vancouver bis company did not claim
any foreaburc rights or appurtenances
thereto ■ Their engineers bad carried
out a' thorough system of loundingi
along lbc foreihorc, with tlte result
tbat tbey were enabled lo declare poii-
lively thai there,would be no difficulty
in building wharves wherever desired
liy the properly owners slong the
wsterfront, uursidsgtbe rigbl of w»jr of
tbe railway company. 'Thii had becu
doue along the line of tb* Qreat Norl'.i
uru ut Seattle, uml also ulung Ibe lino
of the Grain) Trunk ni Prince iiuperl.
Thia wuuld, of course, interfere with
the direct access iif lite pruperty owner
to tlm wharves, ity crossing the railway
line, Imt ucccss could be nud by means
of lhc public crossings at thu streot
ends. The railway would be willing
in auy case lu gran! every roasnnablu
conihlerslion lo property owners in
thii mailer. Wilh referenee lo tho
permanency nf tbe railroad bed if built
between high and luw wuler, Mr. Tai"
had lal.i'ii thla inul tor up speeilleuliy
with their engineering department, and
Iheir chief engineer, Mr. Jnhu t'lilla-
ghun, hud assured him Ihut u trestle
euuld be built ulung llle foreshore at
Wesl Vuncouver which .would stand
any weather or olher conditions I'ur a
period uf eight yeurs, by whicii lime
the cumpauy hoped tu have lhe right
ui vni filled iu.
Turning to bum,cial matters, Mr.
Tute vouchsafed thu infurigutino lbat
bis compauy has nuw in the bank auf
in n ni funds lu answer all purpuses of
energetic conitructlon for lhe remainder uf ilm yeur, uud urrangemenli bave
been coinpldcl for u furlher large re
iiiiiiiiiii c on or ubuut December 1st
which will bu eusily sufficient lu carry
mailers along full bluet until Spring.
II is conli'lciilly expected Inul unci.'
Ihu immense harvest uf lhe prairie
pnn im es is harvested and moved lhe
money markcl will become easier and
thai lbc large uinounl of debenlures
sud other securities nuw lying un lhc
hands of Hie brokers will become absorbed, thus preparing the way for
much easier liinnicing on Hie part of
great undertakings such sa lhe I'ueilie
(Ireat Kaslern. .
There wus every prospect thai too
cuergetic policy outlined in Ihc press
by Mr. J. W. Slewurl, president of Ihe
I'm iin- (Ireul Kaslem, wuuld be realized and lhat thc entire line would be
cuiiiplei.il wilhin Iwo years' lime, ll
wai Ihe aim of his company to have
their line completed and in operaliun
before Ike completion of the Hues of
the (Hand Trunk l'acillc und Ihc t'unuf
dian Norlbern railways The affairs of
tbe I'iiuii. Ureal Hasten) ure in Ibo
naiids of men wbu are rcroguiicd *s
mining the very ablest railway builip ~j
en on tbe continent, men who ure uow
carrying out railway contracts uf Ihe
largest magnitude iu different purlieus
nf lbc eonlineiil and whn may be depended upon lo carry lhc I'aeilie (Ireat
Kail cm  project  to suncsifui rumple- .
lion wilb lbc greatest possible cxpedi- '
Teudcn for a Cltl, Site are wanted by
tbe above compauy. Must be centrally
and suitably located    Scud full parti  *
■ darn of location, i'rice and terms .n'
scaled envelope marked "Tinders for
I'lub Kile,'   'to Kccrettiry North  V»n
■ oiiver dull Ltd , I'. Q. Hox iOtO, Nurlh
Vancouver, uu or before October Willi,      ■'-
1012.   The lowest or any lender not
necessarily acceplcl II II
We have some good, inside buys;
also good acreage listings Lynn
Valley Sub-division.
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McMillan & reid
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B,p»lr|R»,B^..|(jnj,t?te, prompt-
(Ultimate! Fnrplehod Free
in,'ii.iiiim;  coNi'iuri'iiit
e A.M.I.E. k B.
Iritostjon, arslnsas, lovdi, plana
ssd ipMtfioaliona. Septio tanks asd
hou** dniiMgs a ■peoiaUy. P. 0.
Box Ut, Utl itreet west ol Bewick*
And goneral Commission Merchant, 19
l.ouidile Av*., North Vsncouver.
Phone 381
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Nortli Short, ADVERTISE io the "Express"
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and Paperhanging
f, 0. Vet Ull Moss IW
Reports Approved
Thl following rsjwH nf coniiuitteos
wore adopted hy tho eity council at the
last regular meeting:
Ho lettor from L. Bods, recommend'
ed thst th* opinion of (be city solicitor
hi obtained as to ths host metbud of
carrying uut Ibo raaeadaiuliing pf nne
bluck east and Wilt of Lonsdalo avenue
from gutter to gutter whilo macadam
iziug the balauce pf th* street 80 feot
wide, as already arranged.
i}t loiter from 9, a Vytt asking (pf
sidewalk on 18th street between 'lunes
anil Mahon aveuue, recuinmeiided tint
this sidewalk bo Isid down and constructed of useij lumber from Lonsdslo
Bi letter from A. West, assistant
city engineer, asking fpr an Inereaso
of salary of ISO per month. Becom
mended that tho matter bo taken up in
committee of the whole.
tit |ett*r from Poors A Boult, on
behalf of Ur. Schell, asking fpr s side
wslk on cast side of Mahon avenue,
from oth streot to lot 1, bluck mi, D.
I,. 271. Bocoinmended tbat this be done.
Be petition from B, Young and oth
ers for tbe construction of wagon road
on !!llth street between St. (leorge's
and St. Andrew's avenue. Tbe clerk
waa instructed to intimate tbat tbo city
li not tbo poisesior of north of 2tih
Be lotter from tbe Pioneer Bakery
Ltd. asking for crossing to bo plseuii
on 8th aud Mil itrcets for better ac
ceas to the Pioneer Bakory. The chair
mau intimated that thia work had been
In connection witb the comprint
tbat Howes Proctor and Company tyere
ruuning tboir traction engine aud trucks
over the uewly macadamized ami fj lei
portion of Lonsdale avenuo, Ibe city
clork was instructed to write Ibis I'nn
tu see that tbeir crutbed rock is taken
iu by uuiiili,'i route.
Waterworki Committee—
Be letter from A. M. Wost aakiug
for an iucrcnao iu Hilary. Moved by
Aid. Fraior, iccoudcd by Aid. Bin tbat
this matter bo referred back tu tbe
committee of the whole.
Board of Health Oonunltt**—
With reference to the suggestion
contained iu Ihe report that a 'rate
shuuld be ubtaiued from the undertakers
for the burial of persons whose effects
arc insufficient to puy for same, it wa*
iii"i,',l by Aid. Dick, seconded by Aid.
Irancr, ami resolved Ibat the liunrd uf
llcullh iiliiiiliic,I such a rigbl.
Letter was read from the city soli
i ilur suiting tbat it was necessary tu
get the consent of ripariau owners lu
the diversiou iuto a norm aewer, or
otherwise of auy creek runuiug throupii
the cily. Thc clerk wai instructed tr
gol a petition drawu by tho city solicitor to bo signed by riparian owners
of Ihc creek running iuto the Inlet
bctweeu Lousilnle avcuue and Cheater
Be letter from N. Vancouver brunch
of Victorian Order uf Nurses. The
clerk was directed to write to tbe As
sociatiou asking for a statement of
their objects.
Flninc* Oonunltt**—
lie'iittimend tbtt tbe city tiicuor
report to council tbe ownen of the
Isnc in block 110, I). L. Hi-
rlccoinrueud Ibst letter from wardens
of parish of St. Agnes bo referred lo
city solicitor.
Hci'uiiiinenil that letter from J. P.
1,'n .li bo replied to to tbe offect tbat
tbe couucil will give no letter autborit-
iug bim lo print tbo building by law
Imi that he can obtain a copy from the
cily ball if he requires one.
Kcciiuiuu'iiil tbat city treasurer reply
to a latter from 0. A, rjtlnion k Co.,
ro pouiblc future iwuci of bonds giv
ing (II information possible.
li'.Tiiiiiiiicii,! that iu p/bpoacd by law
for purchate of 160,000 additional
shires in Burrird Inlet Tunnel and
Bridge Co. Ud, the city lolicitor pre-
pare iicccssiry validation clauara to be
inierted in stnie In reference lo for
mer ferry by law for purcU*** of 1100,
ooo ibsrci is 1'se compsny,
Firki snd Osastmr flontnilllss
Mr. Perry King sppMred before the
Bosrd in lupporl of hii letter regsrdlng
lb* grsding of plot in the North Vtn
couver cemetery belonging to the Km-
terntl Order of Kaglci. Bocominerdcd
lhal Ihe engineer prepire ciliuialc of
the cost of fencing the Uve urea whlcb
bsve recently been cletrod snd that
he also prepare s tub division plio of
the five acrei above mentioned.
Be letter from llarrou Broi. regarding difficulty of communication with
tbe cemetery superintendent, recom
mended tbat s telephone be installed
in Mr. Orsnt's bouse snd tbst in the
telephone directory the number br
pltced among city numbers under tbe
heading "Cemetery Superintendent A.
October 16
* W9 fwfWWJ
New Homes
TMW9 cbarrnlng young kittens bad sll ftf* gti.n m Js_* awl
Krolyn mourosd tb* loss of tbs kltftm almost aa much aa W*|.
"M ma Ml m a Httls story,'' said daddy.   "Bsssls Brlgbt.y*.
was s bandsoms blsck puuy wltb very Isrg* *blnlnf goldsn syss.
"BmiIi wss lbs mother of tbrte bsudiom. kll*iis.  fff men blsck snd
m m fm,om mi nmm um* *» th*t emu u
"MM moilIff'Iff tbtpt In ths bsm In s bos lined with soft carp*
mt Hi tttmWl rtWrsss brought a isdy lo |opk st ib* kittsns. Ths lady
admired tbs llttlt MMWl pi H«s» rsry wiicb. Then they want swsy. But
that night, when HomI* wept back to her bos afler having besu lo th* bouse
for bsr supper. Ibe grsy kitten wae gun*.
"A day ur ki nft*r Bessie's uiuiter cams out nilh s lolly red fsctd man
Tb* stronger picked up one nf tb* little black klttena-tba om thst waa blsck
ss Jet frnm tbs Up of Ita tons to Iba oud of Its funny little tall.
." Tb* tiry thing for tni llttl* glrir bt tirlalmtd, with a plssstd isugb.
"Ipf that night tba llttl* black kitten wsi gun* wben Bessie csmi bsck
from supper.
"Sb* had on* bsby Itft-tbs little blsck sad wblt* on* with s polka dot
under Its chin, snd sb* watched It jealously.
"On* duy Bessie's psrUculur friend, Msslcr Prank, brought os* ot bis Utile
boy chums out to tbs bsrn, and tba cbnm fell In lore with Polks Dot Tbm
nigbt Polks Dot wns gone.    .
"Several daya passed, snd ons morning si Bessie wsnderad down lbs rpiul
Iba noticed s romlllsr looking klttin sleeping In lbs sun on tbi terouda ul s
pretty wblt* home. Like t tbut llessl* wn* over Ih* fern* and In a mllintr
bod Polka ,)ot lo bsr montb sud wai carrying her bum* to tbs barn
"llessl* wss'not pleuicd wbtn sb* found lbe kll luu was full of stories
about tbs dsilgbtful time* It bud had in II* new borne.
"Tbat nigbt lbe blsck kltlen was gone agaiu, nud when Bssili wtul aniiind
tn tba while bouse tba next day Polka Lot run Inside.
" 'I don't wsot to go horn* sny mors.' tbs kllteu culled. 'Blackl* Ilr** |uai
down tb* wsy with a dear little girl, snd lllll* Uny Cunt lives with n nh*
lady s illli* further slong. Tbsy g*t creniii nnd 0*b and sll sorts of good
things tbst they uev*r got wben they lived In tbe burn, and they each bur* a
nice cushion or a rug to slsep on Instead of sn old box. Wbeuevei Ibey feel
Uk* going out tbey bars s lovely gurden to run In snd soms on* to pluy wltb
Com* to see us «b«n»ier yoo Ilka Mamms Bessls. bul nubs of ns kittles Is
going bsck to ths barn.  We ar* burning to lose out otw folks too will.'"
Mr. Wall of Duval Boad is buildiug
eileuiively tu bii residence.
Born—To Mr. sud Mrs. Bobt. Beid,
on Oct. 10, iu Harbor View Sanitarium,
a sou.
Mr. Olaf Oicr of Kilmer Boad bas
purchased the bakery aud confectionery
Iiiii.iiic.ii of Carson Hro*. of North Van
A full practice of all memburi of
tbo Lyuu Valley football team will
be held on lbc Boulevard Park at 1.80
u'clock Saturday afternoon.
Mr. and Mri A. Jones of Nurth
Vancouver arc uow rcsidiug in the new
reiidence constructed by Mr. Vf. l.luyd
corner of lloskius aud I'eler roud.
Miss V. A. Dizou, 11.8c, has loft Mr.
aud Mrs. Karle Waguoruo's, Suu Koad,
to take up hor dulici at Western
Scbooli Limited, Shaugbncuy Heights,
Mr. and Mrs. llaioley of Cedar Cot
lage sre now residing iu tbe Merchants
Truit aud Tradiug Co's. block, Ceutre
road. Mr. Haiulcy ia running the new
meat niirkct and bai a proiped of a
good buiiucss in tbo uear future.
Work baa commenced on tbe clear
ing of Peters road for erection of pules
for thc B. D. Klectric, Applications
for light having been made by real-
dci,tu for .-"ii"' mouthi, the eleariug
is beiug carried oul under lbc lucul
Councillor Wcilovcr ii negotiating
with the local manager of the 11. C
Klectric Bailway for a oue fare tariff
for l.ynn Valley from Fromme Hoad lo
car terminus. The company haa for
some time pait been charging two
farei to the Iridic pauing Westover
road. A passenger getting on tbe cat
ono block cut or weit of Westover
road Audi be bat to pay two fares eveu
if he ridei only threo blocki. Mr.
A. 0. Perry, thc local manager, ii taking up the situation with thc officials of
thc company.
Notice to Ladies
"Isxtons Dress Form" i* Worth
Many Tlmei its Ooat
Kipecitlly lo the womtn who makei
her own dresses. Th* "Sexlone Droit
Form" It in oisrt reproduction of
your form snd il msde of materials
tbst aro |)A>oit indestructible, and suf
Silently deiible to allow for a free pt*
of pint without fear of damaging the
form. C\
Save* sll the monotony .of trying on
or sttempting to It yofriclf snd being
a atationary figure i> is much easier
to fit than lhc living body sud gives
better results overy time. Once you see
the form you'll consider the coit s tri
le. Mra Metzger, local representative,
wlU dwuouilwte Friday ssd Saturday
al "Tbe Vogue" tit Lonadsl* Ave.,
North Vancouver. II U)
' Bcccut eiplurstions Indlcsle thst
(Alas ba* coal fields containing ssore
fu*l thsn those of sll other rountrif*
la lit math} combined.
The Y. P. 8. 0. E. of St. Andrew's
l'uisbyteriau church met as usual ou
Tueiday eveuing, October bib. A very
thoughtful address on the subject,
"Humility," was giveu by the pastur,
Mr. Mel.ood, after wbicb tbe regular
.'oniocratiou tervico wu held. The
society is making plaus for tbe furo
iihlitg of a room in tho new church
which ii uow being built, corner of
.uphill atreet aud SI. Georgo'i aveuue.
Ou We,Inu,,lui next, in an endeavor
lo inlroduco better music ou the Nurth
Slture, tbe Lonsdale Theatre bai been
engaged by Madame Noriniulou, wbu
with the aiiislance of .1. 1). A. Tripp,
pianist, and Holroyd I'aull is puttiug
un a concert of eicopliuual merit.
These three artistes aro so well kuown
aa to nil,.id comment luperfluus, sud
judging by the rapid inlo of ticketi
Ibe public appleeiato lo the full tbe
■Iiniiiii uf this concert. Misi Delia
.luliie ten will be al Iho piano for ac-
cntttpaninieuli. Tbe dale is Ocluber
Iiiih, aud tbe timo ii mui ibarp.
Sometime, Somewhere
SftmntNi lOuWh'ere, In the ot, mil
"-'litis, —" ■  >'
Wille. m o good tp ptful every illi
Al cfPton'i book is balanced, sp t«
A balance perfect como tlmre mi)''
ami will;
This, then, oof solace, when the way
|S durk
Ami   on'!  10'fOWS  me  sro   called
IP ibsre ,•
As cumi' Hud's sunshine in llic slortn-
tossed Ark,
'Twill  ciiiiic  in US ."uilieliiuc, entile
Sometime, someivliere, in this world or
thc neit,
And, in some way, a perfect equi- /.
W||| como to souls by troubles now
Aud all our griOls^.flud compensating joys;     Vs
Go ou, lirove beartM doing what you
l.ii e'u   burdens,  as  they  come,  to
fully boar-
Fear notl  the justice that is duo n
Will all bo yours sometime, somewhere.
—The Fruit Mugaajiie.
Coal mining rlgbla of lhe Domiuion
In Manitoba. Saskatchewan and Albcr-
i. the Yukon Territory, tho North-west
Tcciliiiili'S and In a porllon of the ni"
vlnci of Brlllih Columbia, may he loai-
cd for a term of twenty-one yeara at
an annual renial of |l an acre. NOI
more Iban l.ilO acrei will be loasod to
"lie   I'l'l'll'nnt
Application fur a leaso musl ho made
hy ilu applicant In peraon to Ibe Agonl
or Nub-Agent of the dlalrlct In which
Ihe rights applied fur are sllualcd.
In iui vi'j'cd territory the lund must
bi dcacrlbcd by t.ctluni, or legal tub-
dlvliluns of icclloni, and In uniurvey-
ei territory tho trad applied for iltnll
be italic! out by Ihe applicant hlm
Ktcb tppllcitlon must be accompanied by U Ul of 11 Which will be ro-
ruiiilcii It the righli ipplled for ire not
sTiiiiuidc. but nol olherwlie. A roy-
ilty iliall be paid on the merchaiilablo
output uf thi mlno it the rate of flvo
centi per ton.
The perion operating the mine iball
furnlib tbe Agent wllh iworn rcturni
accountlug for the lull .inutility pi
merchantable coal mined snd pay tbe
royally tbenop. If the coal mining
rlghtl are not being operated, iuch return! ihould bo furniihed at least once
a year.
Tbe leisi will Include the coal mining
rlghl* only, buj the lessee may be per-
milled li purcbue whilcvor available
lurfice light* mty be coniidered neceuary for lhe working of the mine al
■he rale if III in acre
For full Information a. iillcolli'i.
Ibould be nude lo Ihe Iccrelary of the
Depirimcnt of Iho Interior, Ottawa, ur
to my agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion
w. w. conv,
Deputy Minisler ot the Interior
N.   II■■ flniuihoriicd   publication   ot
Ihli   idvcrllsriniiit   Will   not   De   paid
for. »»
to figure out how much time your
Clerk* wute each day in walking to and from the telephone?
' on the counter or desk will prevent it.
Only 5 Cents Per Day
for either a "Wall" or "Desk" .et
Call up the Commercial Manager
Britiih Columbia Telephone Co.,
Wettern Dominion Luul k Investment Co.
Wllh Whlcb to Incorporate
^ Bevwi, (Jor- A Eliot, Limited
Mor* Vtmvmni Bwaoli; 17 Loasisl* Atsiws, oppo^t* tmt 0«c*.
RspnssnUiv Lym Or***: Um Ulnm LiSmliei.
In our n*w Port Mooiy Sub4irlsl^ on Ibp V*mlmi Trw* V-m.
L<** tram lut***'* *
i. nrwssvw ass nm •■«»
A pleasant informs! Atnit was held
In the gymnasium of No. fl lire bull on
At tlio bridge meeting last ovening a
resolution was moved by K. It. Brldg-
mmmykmatf*naming,  mie -w»i-th* *s»'^ifas^'BTia BPnBriiTeit'fty-"A; « riflfHHT
sugural of the winter season of dances
wbleh the olHcinls uf the lire depart-
iniiiit hope to ^liold overy Thursday
evening right through the winter
months, Through tho courtesy ot Fire
i Chief FindUy, the gymnasium of Nn,
fl Ore hs|l hss been set apart for the
use nf the members of the ■lopartmiiiil
and their friends who will whilo way
the long winter evenings on the "light
fantastic toe," The lircniun of No.
fl boll nmi' done yeoman seryjnecUsr-
ing away the gymnasium and put, in
somo bard work, waxing the Door and
gum) times lire iinlieipaleil. Duiiciu,!
ci)ii]ii|iiiicui| at 8 o'clock and dances
included "(Irauil Murch ant) Circassian
I'irelo, two step, wull/, minuet, srbut-
llsclie, military two-slop, lancers smi
Ihree step,    closing   with    the    home
waits. Mr. Walter Qraham ably pr»
sided as master of ceremonies and the
mimic was supplied by Mr. Handy (Ira
ham. About UU persons attended ami
the dance broke up abuut 10.1.1 ali lb"
dancers declaring they had spent
vory pleasant evening.
the eity eouueil bt lOljneste | in ppt be
ture the ratepayers the ♦5t),0t)ii Hridge
Bj-law at (he earliest pnasiblo date.
This wnttw.'wrlod unanimously
The Boys' (Hub of Bt. Agues' th-psk, '
wore the guests of the vicar nmi' Mrs."
Pes ou Tuesday evening nt SIS IDth
street when s jolly evening was spent.
The football teain lu connection with
this club will plsy a practice match
with Hie Hidgeway school team lower
row inuruing.
The Cheapest Buy on the
Avenue is the S|/2 of Lot 34,
Block 228, D.L 545. Price:
$3,000 on very easy terms.
See our list of Norlh Lonsdale
213 Lonsdale Avenue
Morning! Subject "Sitretigthef
Iteiniiins"; evpiilng, "Hope"!
Sunday school wili hold ils aiiuunV
at uuin p.m. aud will be addreisei
Hev. I. W. Wliilamion uf Vancouvi
Parents aud friends are cordially
To Mr. and Mrs. Truinagne, I'cH
i son, Oet. iiili
To Mr. and Mrs. Wiekens, lllll'
slreet east, at llarbur View Ksnitaiiiiin
a son, Oct, 7th.
tonight. A large attendance of members is requested as Ipiportant bgllyoss
will he (Wonted.
tut mnuifij if mu nw^ its
ulliciating pastor, Hev. John Simpson,
S quiet wedding wis solemnized when
Mr, Thomas Locke of North Van, ouvur
was uniled to Miss Ilutli Augusta Richardson of t'luiuiiigluii, M'ss. The
couple will reside in North Vancuuvur.
The wedding luuk place in Vancuu
ver ou Wednesday of Mr. (Jhurlos Wil
rli| Mop, of North Vsncuuyer, smi Miss
Hbiilvu I'ldith niiii.'-'.cii. The Bev. ,1.
W. Wpodslda performed the eereninny,
tbo bridesmaid being Miss Minnie
KirMirid. ind the Hroonisiuon Mr. Wm
* brother
On Mun.Inv, October ith. at
lun View Sanitarium, tn Mr. uml
A. M. 0. Wiekens, a sun.
Duriug tbu absence of Mr. J. II
tingle h, ilr. Oeorge Ford will drill tbe
Boy Scouts.
Mrs. Alf. Snow of 216 5th slreet east,
hus left for Winnipeg whore she will
spend a few months' visit.
iff. II. 0. Knight has rented for a
short period the residencu of Mr. 0, ii.
Burmeilsr, ailuatcd on 16lh streel
llev. Honald Macleod will conduct a
(laelic lervire iu First Presbyterian
church, Vancouver, ou Sunday aflernuon
at i- o'clock.
Mr. J.  A. Forstcr, manager of the
Canadian Hunk of Commerce, lefl last
niglil fur Han Frauciaco, where he pur
| poses enjoying a monlli's vaealiun.
annual meeting uf the SI. An
and 'ali .iiniinii society will lie
The Monarch Malleabli
Everybody knows the Monarch. If you intend
purchasing.a Range this fall, it will pay you lo investigate the Monarch. It costs less, lasts longer and
hums less coal or wood than any other malleable range
sold in North Vancouver.
Patterson & Goldie
Pbone 88 " 105-7 P^planade Weit
Four Roomed Modern House on Moody.
$250 cash and $30 a month,
Apply 104 Esplanade, )Vest
Loctl Agenti tm Vrttltb tbaaiii Hone Umittte Co,,'London Awirsac*
ff* wiH U tUt-ti te hat* littlng*; *Uo kossss lm ssl* er wet.
■   .. V. 0. tm uw
The funeral or me isrrTMrs. fl. Hogg.
Hsplsnade west, luul. place nn Wednes
day, the large crowd unending testifying lo thu pupiihirit. uf the deceased
lady. Thu pallbearers were nearly ali
■lid friends from l'urlagela-1'rairie and
im liiile.I .lames Kadie, Vaucuuver, .las.
Marshall ami Thus. Stephens, Nuw
Westminster. The flora) tributes were
many stnl beautiful.
Ml Million Spent
Fspding Adoption of Bfflirai S. b»ws
"TtjpiTtli .rtVJticsi, iwiijiiiminsi
Distributod Funds Itt ImnAtm
Houss Hoot* in November
Belief in Ottawi That Policy of Bor
dm Oovoriimeiit Will Oomniend It
self to all Classes in Oanada
Tbe announcement that purliuinetit is
lo be summiined fur sume time lu No
ii'inlicr ineuns thai befuru lung lhe
l'u uple uf Cunuda will huve liclnre litem
the result uf Ihu ilelibcraliiina nil nil
luuk place in London during lhc pusl
summer between representatives of ihc
CuiiSiliun and Imperial governments,
Tbe luiiiii ii govcritmcnl is lu uunoitnce
its n.i.al pulicy, ami is tu make lhal
aniiuuttecinetil, aecurding to proper cun
-niiiiiiiiiiii practice, ou the ..our ol
, ariiaiueiil, in the hearing o Sii the
peuple through their representatives.
Thai lhc pulicy lo be im mum. e.l will
fully realize the eipertatiuiis uf those
■ niui.lum.. "lm believe lhat I'anada us
a liritish iniliiin shuuld du ber purl
luward Hrilish defence on thc seas,
seems lo lie more tliau prulnble. ll is
ulso lu lie safely assuiged that in whul
ever prupuMi-,,lic government makes
lo parliament there will lie no dimiu
liiiuii uf i'.nullum iiiiluiiuuiv and uut
in. nli. e u. iiiiiinlii '> position as a greul
self governing lloniiiiluu wn.. u Ihe
The llofilen goveritmenl has sought,
and it is believed, has found, a solu
ti ii of lhe navy problem which is ul
Mice .'eiiup ul. li, lhe needs ul Ihc ll.nc
"■i."i■■inni with the increasing dignity
and importance of the llominioii, and
a uuiiili recognition uf the loug years
ul service freely given to I'atiuda by
the mulher cuunlry iu the maintenance
ul pr.'al fleets fur lhe protccliuu of Ihi'
as well us olher portions of the empire
of Oralis. Ilntuin.
All of th* provinces liave nop signed iigri'iimeiiti with *he Dominion government Ity which thoy Will receive
tbe subsidy vuted last session hy Ptr
liiiinciii. Whon 'tlio new administration
clinic into "lliec It VIS fo|t that S
bruml policy for the IicIIuiuh'iiI pf ag-
rieultum in (lawuls' through cu upors-
liun pith lliii prnviuciul gnveriimonts
.•.hiniiii ho iidupii'il. It was felt that
nothing iii this dlrootion ppubf be pm
->LMrly tlono until a geueral survey pf
tfis, agricultural conditions in Uuuodu
had linun mai|u.
Tn make this survey ami to report
geuerul policy, IJ. II. James, for
deputy minister of agriculture
lano, a man of nn.luiiiii ci stand-
tho agricultural world, ami with
II knim ledpe Uiul OlpOriOIICU which
liuily dis bim for sbch work, was
ppninli'i! commissioner.    He is nl pro
sent cuuu, cd nu preparing his report,
ami il will be ready by Iho .opening
■if parliament,
Imiiiedliti AtsisUiice
Huwever as Mr. James' report was
nul ready lasl session, it was derided
to give immediate assistance to agriculture by 11,Imp tlte sum of |!ru(l,l|illj
to this cause by way of a graut to the
provincial governments nu a population basis. Tbo graut was tu bo ex
ponded for the csuse of sgriculluro according to a plan approved liy the
Miuialer uf .Agriculture. Now Hums
wick was lhe iii.ii pruviuce to fall in
line, Ihey have ail heartily fulluwcd
and taken up the plan with enthusiasm
Th* Distribute
'i'lie following labia Ijk luw piucb
each  province  receives!
Ontario       Uli,imi
l)ueber            |.'i.,18i-|ll
Nova Heotia         :U,2_..-|fi
New Hrunswick         !!-l,i'ill!l.l):i
I'riuce Kdward Island....        ii.u_li.ii:!
Hrilish (.'ulumliia        _i,3:n.7ll
Manitoba ,r        lll,T19,Uf)
,'iii-l.iii. liev.,iii        MiPnfti
Alberta           .ll,luH.II."i
Klectric carpets arc Ibe latest In
• entiiin fur the healing of rooms, the
'osl for one ruum being cslimaled III
i halfpenny au hour.
Hump ia pi ul.a I di ibe wurst eiicniy
tu fuwls, but cold winds are a very
good rival. Fowls will nut lay nud
muke progress when Ihey have to face
thoae hump wiuda, and it would pay
llic fancier who wishes for luccers to
provide shelter' under these circum-
stun, c As lu thu nature uf tbis ihul
ter, il may consist of a douse hedge,
ur u screen uf canvas, or of a proper
shelter shed. The latter is minutely
lhe best, and il will pay fur ilself in
excellent results lit a very short time.
A very peculiar thiup lhat yuu have
probably noticed is lhal fuwis seldom
uunl themselves of Ibeir roosting
place iu the daytime, and the shelter
shed i suggest is iu no way like lhe
sleeping quarters. It may, indeed, be
u ruugh ami ready as oue likes, so
lui,| as il is wind pruof on Ihree sidei
ami upeu lo tlte suuth. If a perch ur
Iwu are pruvided, Ibe birdi will appro
dale lhe alteution, whilst it ii in
excellent plan to lift the household
a-In.- iu lhe shelter shed.
Make a Note of Next
Wednesday's Concert
Work Boots
Th* **i*on I* now approaching wheu Uu wig* tuner muit
b»v* dry f**t. Uor* ilcknsas Is csu**d by wst leet tban any other thing
you can think of. Ws bavs tbe lergMt stock of M*n'a Work Boot* In S
0., ringing In blight from I Inch** to 10 Indus snd ln pric* from 11.86
to |l'.i.0(), midi hy thi for*nio*t iho* n*nuf*cUir*r* of the world, »uch ss:
Day'oot, Oot*, Abnui, Lickf*, W**tou, William*, Ob*rboolUir, Slater,
HcCrudy, Etc, Etc., all of which ara 01/ABANTEED SOLID LBATHBB
Genu in snd look Uum ovtr.   Then srs 70 stylss to **ltct from.
Our B*p*lr DipirUnmt is In foil swing. Oood* left In th* morning
in flnl*h*d the time it/t.
Everybody's Shoe Store
Be prepared for
the cold and miserable weather by
purchasing one of
our heaters
We have thirty
different styles {q{
both wood and
coal and every one
is guaranteed
Give us a tri
paine & McMillan
Don't Take Chances!
Business men aud business homos
srs usually Judged by the printed mat
Ur tbey scud out. .     I
Oau you afford to tike chances with
your priiitiug when good work in this
llu* cut* little, If suy, mors.
We Do Good Work
First  Stroot   East,   Nortb   Vancouver
To Succeed in Buiineu YOU MUST Advertise
are removing
to Lonsdale Avenue, two
doors (rom Esplanade.


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