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The Express 1911-03-28

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Volume U1
Nobth Vajicouvi.ii, B.C., Tubsway, Maiich 28, 1911
Tbt Mayer and all the members ol
the Counoil were preient. Aid, IHck,
who lit! been iihtcnl Irom thi Board
lor tome weoki rimmed hit aoui.
('orreapoiiilunco wua read:
FroS) ''• ''""s inking periiiisiioii to
out etdtr on several atreoti In U. |„
Mo. Aid. Henderson culled the attention ol lho mooting to the lacl Ihut
this hud Iii en grunted Ur, Cook tome
timo ago.
from Geo. T. Hunter, inking Ihut
washout occurring Irom the runiit
ruins lielwcuti lot. If) und Hi, I'ho. t r-
lielil.   1)0   atleinle.l   t||   u|    once. 'lln
men.a  wna referred to the   Hoard oi
'■li binnou and llipioii, asking lluit
lidowulk by lot fi", block Hill, ISi cut,
and approach nurde ncroua lo bu Id
ing now in progrm in that hastily.
Referred lo Hoard ol Winks.
, (' were reCoivtd from
Mi.-. Fotlieriitghum inking that obstructions he cleared bom Ihe locality ol her loli ut the corner ol Keith
Koiid und Moody Avenue, also asking
lor water lor store and dwell ng, uud
lor uu ure lump ut Lite nloi.m iilm,.
oil corner.
Ill the mutter nl wuler it was moved thut lira. Fotfacringhuin should
make proper application to ibe city
clerk. The other matters were Ini.l
North .Shore Lncutort Limited, ask
ing v.Inn ullowniiee is lifting made lor
bind io bo cleared, in block ID, H. I..
616. Council s"r1ci-iilod to reply tbat
auHiciutit lunda were not nvuiliiblc ut
ilie timo owing to the Hresi
ol other public worki.
J, .1. Donovan, es-lire chid, suying
ibul ua Ihe ho..i.i hm! discharger! him
without the customary mouth's
lie would lliereforo claim hii wuges lo
the end ol the preient mouth, which
would be approximately VIA. A mo-
lion wui carried Hut thii be paid.
Norlli Vancouver Lund und Improve
ment Co., grunting Ibe city llie right
10 curry electric light nnd telephone
wires over I heir property in lot IV,
lilock 166, 11. L. til, providing it
would not interfere wilb Inline build
Simpson und White applying lor Iin
11 payment ol laying out well side
ol Victoriu I'mk.    Thii wui laid over.
From the provincial lecrct.ry re
ciiiiiiiiuiiieiiiioii ul the (Jovoruor-'.t'ncr-
ul ol Camilla .luting timt there wui
n move on loot lor a prcacnlulion lo
the King at the coronation by ail the
lleorgtt nl the K.iopirt.
The milter wai rtitrrod to Abler-
mun lieorge McKuo, duuiinim ol (he
finance committee.
It G. Smith, rsgiltrur ol lillei re
application ol Mayhcw et ul lo llie
city ol Nortli Vuneouver lor iiirvoy of
block! 7, .-, li. IU, SM, illi und i portion of Ion I.nke und uikiug thai a
plan ol 1). L S66 be filed.
From city engineer applying lor IHO
leet ol hole to lw uicd in Hushing
ditches on public ilrecli. Bourd
moved that some oi the old hole ol
the lire compuny be used lor ihii purpoie.
Cily Kngiirccr unking thai recent
plumbing and .druiliuge by-law lie a-
mended io thut roof wuler iioin build
ingi be excluded Irom interior military sonim Tliia receiveil the up-
proval ol tin- Hoard.
Cily l-'.ngineei lie aeplic tank al
liil 3rd atreet caat, aame ia unsanitary. A motion to tbc elect Ihut Ihe
owner be inalructud to udjuat Ihii
wu curried.
City F.iigincer—Building Inspccloi
Fuglar hua inipedod buildiag wbich ii
Iwing erected by W. H. !..■.-« ui llie
cornel ol Sth street and < In«t.ili.-l.l
Avenue which i. being built without u
permit, having been cominencud liefore
temporary building inipoclor waa up
pointed, ll wua ulao ipoiutcd oul tbat
a fire cacupe mu.t lie imt ailed on csit
and weat sides ol above mentioned
building. Thc Bourd ol Worki com-
miaiion wire instructed to notily tbc
owner u regard, tbt permit.
City Knginccr-ttc application ol
Ward, Burmettor and von (Jraovonitt
lor removal ol boulder, on their properly.  Th. engineer said that ht  uu
iniiiiiii I and "vent home" lubetituttd.
From II. M. Andera in u letter nf
pi ot eui against the terry ua lollowa:
We the following ratepayer! and
citizoiis nl North Vuneouver deem tbat
it ia expedient in the inlereita of
North Vuneouver and to the travelling public that unine intelligence
ahull lie miu '■! into the preient management ol lho lerry acrvice or thut
that tho auid mnnugoment ihull bu
With tlie Capilano cur actually at
real ut the fool of Lonidale Ave,, Ihe
l.ynn Valley ci.r tnrnni uitu I.ons-
dnlo Ave. und the I.i nail lu o r itself
in sight SS. St. (ictirjt I ft Ihe ferry
wbarl nl B.60 Sulnrdiiy morning when
u wall of one ininuru would huve al
lowed pusiiliters to etch tl o Ic ry.
The inconvenience of ., hull-hour wail
lo fill people is surely of Wire importance I bail* that Ibe ferry shall move
on .i pernickety Hchuilnlu and Unit
business mm ol North Vancouver
should Iiiho time nnd c sh |y ti >l
cartelling bout.
HA cull ol g, nib m n sinning hlioi
wus made at the lerry ollice bul man-
uger's ollice was closer] and the gener
nl ollice wus al o ibs d down st ir
Si.ned: II. SI. Mils,'II. W. II eve,
licolfrcy Kdwards, II. II. W.itson, /..
II. lloliiiisoii, Bayburn Inmo on, I
('. T. (roll, F.. II. llrid:inou, A. I',
Crickmay,  II my  ('. V/ri-iht,  8.   I)
Scbulli, J. K. McHae.
,. * .i
City ei II.i-. m: c.x.imill .1
sketch ol pioposid subway under the
C.I'.H. track, ul Cuirall striet, 1 do
not approve i,| same us tiny vyill in-
lerlere with irallic between lory boa'i-
nnd portion of city of \uinoiiier lying ,a.i of Cilumbia Axeiiuc und
ttrongly advocate level crossing. 11:
(erred lo commit tee ol whole.
From Mr. Huifoed, C.I'.H., ro con-
M tbut mn which I had with may n
nnd council referring to proposed au i
wuy on i ai i.i il alreet and did not
know when conferring with you thut
you had mude on application for ui
order permitting conalruclioii ol aub
wuy lor loot paiscngcri ul ' anal
.-iieet. I I in nl, provision ahould be
made lor vehicular truttic.
Thc plan which waa handed you
■lloWing 1.1 moms ol piopol d .-a way
ul Carmll street on the south lidool
the Company'! property, tlie subway
running eastward, along the compuny'. right-iil-way having nl.o an entrance to subway ol) south side ol
truck, lor loot pamngrr. near Col-
'nubia Avenue. The north lide ol
Iracka will have approach a Irom Ibe
eail and weit opening lo lubway being vicinity ol Columbia Avenue,
The C.I'.H.   <o.   upprom    of    lb,
'■eh.-uro und  11,im, i  city should coup
.-lute with Vancouver in build ng   the
Improvement expenditure lo dale
I liia yeur «f,Yi.lMi. proposed furl hi
expenditure    jb.ii.niii        Total     II,-
K. W, Oamett't petition lu bave
lane o|ieiicd up in St. Androw'l Ave.
lo Kidgowuy In block '■)>. II. I.. Wl.
wns referred In Board ol Works.
A hi. Henderson uakid the permission
of thc mayor to present sonio qiioi-
lions whidi bo had been asked to
bring to hia notice with ie md to tbc
delegnl oil's actual work ul Oil...', i
The ul.l.-i i.ii.ii mid thul be. wished lo
give Hie mayor tlie privilege 'il an-
.wiring the question! in public .r private u. lie wiahud.
Mayor McNciih . "Il ia well, Aid r
mun Henderion, timt I should have
•ome time lo answer llnie questions,
but I will give full uii.wei to Ibe
council at Ihe next meeting. Since
coming back I have faiurd ruuiuri
Irom various source, criticizing me for
nol milking u full report of our million to Ultima When I acquaint my
council with tbe pur Oculars it will lie
lor them to luy whether il shull lie
given to the public.
Aid. Mejtne, chairman ol tbc finance
eiiiniiiiiicc, moved that Aim Inc Jar
via of Toronto be appointed fiscul
ugent for Uie city of Norlh V'ancou
ver.   Curried.
Motion by Aid. McKac thut lurther
debenture! inuud by city should be nt
l{ per cent, instead ol 6 per cent, up
dor.tood that the boulder, had bwi j previously thii • luggettioii wai at Hk
mov d from adjoining properly lo
(heir present location. The mutter
wat left in tht bandi of the engineer.
City Engineer— Referring to opplioa-
Hon of W. 9. Vivian (o damage! iui-
lained to hit greenhouse by domett-
lion being carried on by the itrwt
contractor!, itopiration had been
made at tbo time of damage! to Mr,
Vivian tad n. did not think further
rsoaty ihould be paid Mr. Vivi.u.
Thii wai approved by the meeting.
City Fngineer—Asking thai plumbing by-law 'ii, Motion 40 be amended
ao that tht word "trip would be oil-
instigation ol AmoJiua Jarvia und was
approved by council.
Aid. IHck pointed out that he
thought ns there wul no protvc
(ion provided (or pure food in tfae cily
that an imped or should be appointed
mentioning tlie chief ol police', to do
Iho work in connection wilb hii other
durioi. Tho matter waa referred to
the police commission subject to the
approval of Ihe board.
Thc engineer was iuitru.t.d to draw
certain plana required by ihe marine
aad fiaherioa.
(Continued in Friday', i»wo)
One oi the lurgeal uudiiucei ever
gathered together in Ihii cily greeted
Sir Charltt iliblicrl Tupper on Friday
evening lull to list ul) to Ins address
upon the Heciprocity iamc and they
were well repuid for their attendance
by the lino infill and convincing
•peach to which they liitened.
II win ulmoil il o'clock liefore Sir
Charles Hibbert Tupper rose lo ipeak
after having been introduced by Mr.
fl, II. Moid, ii, the president dl the locul Conservulive Aliociulinn. He uc
knowledges! the kind reterencea I i bun
self by the cliuiriiiun and voiced bis
appreciation of the manner in which
the local aasociation had naked him in
come over. In times past be had ventured lo tui.e iisue with his party on
numerous mutters, in lacl be thought
il would be poor policy on the pari oi
any parte lo narrow itself down to ex
eluding free thought ev.n by its own
members, but in spite of this (ucl bv I
bud receiveil un invitation to cine to
Norlli Vancouver without being asked
hia poiition on Reciprocity ami i,o
limitation had born placed on him in
any way. Later on in the evening lie
said as a ma Iter of fuel he would nol
have accepted uu invitation to spe.ik
on tire subject under any other cii-
cuinstuneci because he wu. out of politic
III opening lite subject he propoicd
to discuss thc propoicd Heciprocity
Treaty not as a trade issue or in iliuii as to llie several issues, ilicludie;
wli.-.ii. lumber, pulp wood, fruit ami
articles of manufacture. At fiisi
thought this may be Considered extraordinary. Many have n desire lo gel
rich but the ipoaLor hud un abiding that line atato of huckstering
would paaa. It is nol ull we should
set our In.ills to. II that feeling had
predominated in yvara pint be ucclar-
od there would be no Vancouver and
no future would huve In en considered.
He intended lo dsicuss the proposed
issue from a national point of view.
The one cardinal po'nt wat not what
ii good lor a year nr tq. but lor Ihe
permanency of the Briti-h Consolidation in British North America.
Thii wai challenged first in the lime
ol Sir .John McDonald when he had
(ought against the idea thut'Canada's
future wus wrupped up In thai nl Ihe
Republic lo the South. -
Sir Wilfrid I.aurier, us reported in
"Thc Clobc" tf November lOTfa, I8"u,
speaking at Bolton, laid:   -
"Our object is, when there ia n Lib-
"oral ."bu iiiuii.oi ai at Oltuwu, to
"offer to the I mini Slabs thc (no
"entrance ol our territory to all
"American product", whether nalur-
"al or manufactured, provided tlio
"('niled Slntcs extend th" >aine pri
"vil(jge lo the product! of Canada.
"Thin involved thai we wou'd offer
"lo,Ihe American nation j:es
"denied to ibf n*i ol the world."
"Thje ia not a quilting ol unti
"ment, and lor my. part, I un firm-
"ly convinced that the iconomic in-i
"(oisft&ul Canada be with"
"l)n(jw, and it is on tin broad basil|
"ol continental freedom f Oudc
"llnil I place the 'quciliim." (Ap
The niilional policy had been ndnpl
od in 1879. A voice. Irom >hc audi
once naked the speaker if be will hire
at that lime, "wo, nal in VorieoUvet
but through tlio policy that ,«u ad
opted by the government at thut tim
I am ttuyik'uf that 1 um able lo bt
here today." An ovation followed
thit remark.  Many ohuugce had laVin
place since thai time however when it
wui thought the inicrcliungc ol raw, would be fairly mil by Can-
.oi.i It wai interesting lo note, he
said, in every instance annua-
lioniiti bad favor.d reciprocity while
imperialists hud oppoied it. He did
not wiih, however, lo cast any reflection on the Liberal party because of
ibis The import! and export! Ie
tween thii country und the United
Stales amounted lo »U.r>',M),fJ(», about,m in each case. it would
icem, he aaid, al first that un inter-
change ol product a Could be aaliifac-
torily   iiipb ii.d       Hut  what   was
.the objeel ol ibis treaty from the
I niled Stales point of view ? From
l&'.lo and later tbc almost pi. i ■ -in i >
success ol ihe t,l)i*),hi) p.ople lo the
north ol the international boundary
line in spile of thc tad thai a nvul
nation of some av,UiM,Olin borderul
Canada on the imiih besides having
iuch natural ideographical pniitiorii nn
ihe Norih American continent, at
Oucled the I niled Slates win, considered it bey ond credence that the Be
public should nol inonopol ■■■ all tltu
trade, 'fbia state of pr aperity in
Canada le.1 to invutigatii n by the
people to the south.
Uehai the i.,, i,l llie ( nil..!
Slates Senate ui the i.lutinni with
Canada in IS'-'O, Mi. Nimmo, who
made an exhaustive examination and
report itule.l :
911. "Tlie lorcgoiug fuels cmpliii
"lire and ure tn clue date the
"point which 1 have liefore I tiled,
"namely, that the I niled States is
"confronted at the north bv u gov-
"ernmi'iil which is llmrouulily com
"milled to n political policy involving u .participation in commerce
"which is e-ientially aegrctivt lo-
"ward American inter..!.. Thi. is
On real ipieslinn which we have
"to meet, and il must be determilud
"in order lo prllccl American thlpt,
" Aiiieiienii .-.a porti, and Amirican
"Iran.porliilion lines."
913. "In uu editorial notice of tin
"uaicmbling   ol ihe cnuner ial cm-
"forencc at  San Francisco, the Even-.
"ing Bulletin ol Ihut city .talcd the
nn ni of llie whole cart iii a tin-,
"gle purngraph. ai loll.wi:.
"Briefly staled, all the question!
"to be coniiderwl may be reiolved
"in ' In one. Wluit power ia to bave
"tbc commercial supremacy on that
"part of Ibe Pacific icean Imrdoring'
"the western aide ol Nnrth Amer- ;
"icn 'I" *
I'i.'.l li .. ni lo lie an liistinc-
"tive trail ol the Hriliah mind to
"lay deep schemes for aecuriie; com-
"ttardal udyantags, and ihi. trail
"in a high degfee cbaraci eri/ei the
"Canarlian people."
12%. "It .'iu-ins tu me thai out I
"of thii great debate ihe emcrirsnt'
"quest on   of   nili ial   duty   which)
"arise-    to    the    view    nl    till.  0001-
"mitlec und of ibe whole country, i.
"that of leltliiig an cffictuul bar-
"ri.r lo the desperate iffnrli m/w
"being made by the Canadian and
"British governments to divert conj;
"mercc from American transporlV
•"liin lines and frnin American oil-
"ics and By the A>vt force <4 sub-
"veiilion lo inlcrfere.wiril iboJiroocr
"course of our national develop-
"nnnl Any line ol policy which
"fuils In secure Ihe coniayrcial «u-
"premacy ol tbe I niled Stale, on
tie Norlh American c.mtiuent will
"fail lo meet the ju«t aspirojloni of
"thii 'prinid etpcdonl nation.'" i
The old question i.i the fisheries ws. ;
inlroilucwl add every effort WU ustd j
to cripple Canada's trade but through |
the influence and protection of tha
Mother Country at thu rTauue thu long
standing fisheries question had been
amicably settled.
Sir Hibbert quoted n very significant >diileinenl of I'li'sid.nt Tuft Who
had auid "wo ure now ut tho parting
ol the ways,"  No doubt the I'r. si.leiu til hii nation ul heart win n Im
made thc declaration that tho nation
should conserve her forests by secur-'
ing the   row material Ir. m Canadii.i
The people norlh of lljti IquI Ihoii
Jrawen ol water nnd liliwcra of wood
but   a   , haii ■■  hud  lu'icn  place and
I'n i.leui lull bud to ihl rm hit |)m-1
pie ihul a   great   nation , hud   now |
grown up, lliiif tn.d: and i-i.iiimcrcu,
hud developed und th ir Hade routes'
were becoming niimei-.u .     I hia   wnsj
surprising Iioin the fact that lln I'nil-
d SluU'S mill Alijsha,   run ihu'rg.'o-
graphical   positions,   sin uld     control
this great trade uf Norlli Aiuii'lca.
lb; Ann ric.ins'ui.ih: io .eer. I about
their  desire   to  grind tin- best   Iiein,
| .,,i  lo their hen lit.      Ihs    was
mil.iii,e I iu  ulltruncts Iioin pnimiti
■at  Amcrjcuiis.
"We   are   at   the   p. rling   il   tic
"We desire lo const nu h rests o'
"I . S. land exhau I our.-)."
I'AH  and KNOX-
"To control the win at i end
"grain, lasde.  To grind our cr. ps."
[■AFT It., Illinois bg sl.iture|
"ll   will   give   I .   S.   c  111 1,1   of the
"wheal innrkci, I. S. milling pint 1.
"will   bundle   the illour,oiitf',   uud
"stimulate, il
"to Ciiniuiii.'
"I-. S. wish lo bundle und sloie
"Canadian .i.m in titer mills tin.I
"elevators ami send it through I .
"S. ports, Now Vnrk, Ho Ion uud
"This policy w.ll pivvinl Inillerial
"Preference. Willi Inipiiial Filler-
"once where would lln: niarkcl ol I .
"S. be I"
The neccisily of I . S. nulls procuring Canadian wheal uppoir Irom   k
following 'cilniii'ii uf fuels of the sumo
"<liO,0OH,OU(l ore involved in Eng
"laud iu flour trade. Vi out ol 17,
"iHXI.ilflO quarter! of April .own
"wheal were of u type unknowti to
■'Hiiiish fields grown for llrilish
"markets. It is u course uh, ut just
"such us the British merchant
The great wheat producing alutes ol
ihe American centre, dedand Sir Hill
in 11 produce u wheal nol ro strong
in gluten. They require our wheat
(or tbe Uritiah market lor Hour.
NORTH WESTERN MILLER, January 8th, 1911-
"Wheul will flow into mills und
"clevuTors ,,( Ihe States lieW mills
"new markets sought abroad atld sr-
"curcd. V. S. prosperity increased.
"V. S. require lo secure addition-
"al Ireigltl carrying Hour lor I'. S.
"!'. S. Hon*! ireure additionul de-
"posita   and   greatly    enlarged   OX-
"change uccounta."
"V. S. puy rolls will increase."
"I . S. mills, machinery, baus, bin
"rels   und   oilier   mill supplies    in
"created.   More money circulated in
"I'. S.   l!. S. gruin elevotors, linns
"and nil subsidiary concerns ineieas-
"oil in I    S   and I'. S. reul estute
"generally   will  rise." '
And this, lie laid,'is lite feeling the
\in, 11- .ii politicians have with respect
io the proposed treaty which Mr
Fielding brought from Wa.hili i n.
In Hie 111■ 111. i oi tuition building
and speaking ol the east, west and
middle provinces it was hnrdlv likely
that iW),lJOO ol people could ladle
7l|,bUb,uiW or cVl.bW.OtW. The consequence! of becoming u part uf thc
i/real majority seemed apparent, The
f'unadiana had been forced into nation
building however, and succeeded to a
wonderful degree.
Statesmanship wui the ureal factor
in nation building, declared Sir Hi!)
in 11 ' Britain had not succeeded lo her present supremacy on account ul Iter geographical position.
It was Ihe splendid Slulcsiniinsiiip nf
ber people Out ol her weakliest the
United Stales sought to,lay claim lo
llie fisheries tigiiliisl the New Fngluiid
provinces, but through the slcaulait'
lieu ol England even In the fuce of
Charlton, oqe of Iho ablest  men in '
tho Liberal rankt and  whoso death{
wua a loll to Canada, u„id in speaking   ol   tho   rejection   of the   Brown
hi. In-i ie. Treaty in 1B03 :
"The lolly of this act can scarcely
"bu .overestimated. It chnngad the
"current ol great forces brought iii-
"io pjuy to counter purpose!, oo»-
"flict of iuterciti, cstritiineinnut,
"friction, and over-widening animus-
"ity. It changed tho face nl tlie hii-
"lory ol the North American Couliii-
"ent and I,fi tho votury ol Ilritih
"imperialism lo ihupk Hod wiih oy<j
"increasing lenor ua the wars went
"by for lho Inluous lolly that cloieil
"Ibe door in the face, of all advene,!
' "towards thu community of iiitvreal
"and pur|ioso und ioliijifltd yrar by
"year thu condition! that would ul-
"tiuiatrlv remitr union jiuposiihlc.
"Iliul the reciprocity traaty of I8tfl,i
"wilh mil conditions as Can-
"miu would have: grunted in 1818, or
"had Ihe Brown draft Iruiify ol IS7b
"beon . i.-l'li h J ii I e ntiiniil in
"force until tbe iircseiil- time. Can-
"atlii would lnivo- boon practically, il
"nol actually) a, part ol the l'nlle.1
"Slnius ul thjs inotiieiit."
Thai was, lit. idea of a Liberal
slnlislniin. mid Sir Iliblicrl.
Iti 1888 I'rerilpul Cluvelund bud
sunt u message to thu Sinuie uiying
live passing ol an r' seltle-
inenl, bul it was thrown nut because
il only bud r,friinci.' to the fisheries
quest Inn und il wul i, md it would
iiiake tin- iiilcroQUrea letwteutliu two
countries too pleasant, it being gcitcr-
ally thought thul CsjiuiIu wus, ul thu
mercy ol the I'tiitoi) ■ six ffionthi
in the year in respccl to tbe lluberici.
Hut, declared the ipC|ker. they ap-
liarcntly forgot about, the iuat and
west parts nl the Honifljjpn. I he tennr
nl itii'H hi  upon  ile' pari  ol Uniiisl
Slatoj legisluihrs WHS clearly   inanifist
in  their iillernnees in follow I:
"Cnniiila is al our mircy in ru-
"sped nf her commerce during six
"month, in the year."
"II nun intercourse Act put in lorct
"Canada will understand their com-
"incrcial proiourity de;ni)dt on tbt
"will ol Ihe I Hit nl Slotct.
"When  Canada  will  deteniiii.c   to
"conic into close and intimate com-
"mcrcial union with ui 'ibe w II do-
"oend on the will ol Congrats.' "
'I hi- wus proof llnil it wm in  Ibo
hearts of Ihe Americaus to bring Panada under their control and is clour
relation! wilb'their country. But coii-
t;i e .miu-n hud pointed out tbat lac re
lusul   lo   enter   illlo   an    agreenictit
would huve quite the oppoiito effect.   .
"Any interdict nn trade will maku
"tbo Canadian iioits 'what tbo un
"peliallsm    ol    Inn    inn     would   ligb
"It would alreitglhen and unify"
"the Dominion, build up Cunadian
"sea ports. Canada's main political
"weakness ui u nation liei in lack
"ol facilities Joi ci.mmcrciul inter-
"course between oust and west and
"in the facilities between her weat-
"ern porta and ihe I mini Mat. a."
"The fur sighted itutesuion of lho
"Dominion piupo.e to turn the
"trade ol the N. W. iuto Canadian
"routes lor ol coniulida-
"lion ol Hie I),.million
"their I'xpehiliiuiu ou i and
Thus il  wus feimd thai  ibil refuiul
would carry into effect that which wa!
ileal to the heart of Sir .Inhli McDonald, vir, imperialism and Ihe building
ol Canadian Industries und railway!.
The Conservulive purly, drclurcd Sir
Hibbort, hud never been beaten on the
national policy queltion,   lho country
under  Ihe  regime   ol  ihut party hud
i."".t tlie panic of  I -'io better    (bun
t any other country Iu the World und ai
I a result  the influx ol population    became ureal.   United Slate, ciluxna at
that tunc brought their money to Cunadian hunks for safety.
Mr   llonlon'i reiuluiiou, dune Uth,
"No ii.i'l.m iiiiiui ol tariff can be
"regarded as satisfactory which docs
"not provide such protection lo our
"labor, agricultural product!, inunu
"lacturei and industries at will If
"cure thu Canadian market lor ibe
"Canadian people."
Finunciul men invested ihuir money
in this country and trade and commerce expanded.  In 1906 Sir   Willrid
probable wur these iulcicali had been I Lniirier had .aid he wa. at good an
protecied and tho oullviui/ British 'advocate of protection at Dir John
douiaini had become c.menlcd logo McDonald und Ihe whole of Ibe coun-
Iber in .pile of temptation lor gain, try waa protpcroui. (aiiada Could not
During the Hecipmciiy period be-'wait, to great wo. tbo impclu. given
twocn' lihf uud 1866 Ihe province oljhor. Another trnnicontinonlal rail-
Novo Scotia bad enjoyed much prm |Woy-a govornincnl owned rnilwuy or
pcrity. Shipbuilding wui curriid on porhap.i, he lUggeitod, a railway own-
on a large icalc. But the United gj govcrnmont wai started m wludi
Stale, reaped Ihe moil bencfil. Ttda; million! wore sunk in Ciiuuli and wa-
proiiwrity to Canada win duo to pc-iterway» and through vurinui c|mnneli
culiar   conditj,'ni   exisling    ut    Ihul"
time because TA lil t It American compc-
inlcrp'rovincial trade expanded and
(rude wilh Britain incccaicd lho
lition in Hint induitry. Also llie]present government hui even nrndc
American war broke out und their In-]claim to more trade by reason plnre-
dualrie. went lo piece.. But Canada, fsroncc. In United State, teiw luoa
waa to bo punithed hy thc abrogation > Wat coiling them more. In I9»i 'U'
ol the treaty, tho Intention being to ] atnnding offer ol Reciprocity win WW-
bring" ihe Dominion to ils kneel be- ud ,,ff Ibe slntutee. In thii year Sir
csum of iti lyroputby wilh iheroulh.: Wilfrid had stated ns follow! in Oon-
But in ipito of an apparent Irieadly | foroiice with "Mr. Atquith
feeling lieiween the two countries dur
ing the former reciprocity ucriod Ci.n
ada Wai aver suspicious of ill neigh
bori. Thero was never in history, he
aaid, a case where negotiation! v.ere
going on between Km I und and the
United Slates that thc latter did not
fry lo lake advantage nf Canada and
so far a. he wai'concerned ho was al
wayi iiupieioui of any advances from
ibat quarter. Alter the war the Bo-
public grew very rapidly, cepcojn.H,v in
railways. In our need, he said, wc
fiiicm) into the Brown Fisheries
Treaty. But in their wlldrat dreams
not even Sir John McDonald or Mr.
Brown   bad   anticipated thc   prc.inl
So lor oi legislation can inlluiBrc
"trade' wo havo done everything
'■posaible to push our trule towarti
"the British )ioopje at against W
"American people,"
Then Mr. Anpiilb iulerpomd :
"May I ioy I "i'i ""I '" Ibeltaat
"diiuule thai? My object win pot,
"as 1 Ihink'I made rW in any
•Wo lo complain ol ibe < annoUsn
"prelarenco, ob the conlrary, 1 rt-
"cogni/e bo(h ill inlention and tl
"effect. My point wai that natural
"condition! wore iuoh thai 'I .was
"advisable thai Ihe , Americana
"ihould get Ihe bell of IL'
To  whicli  Ihe.Fnme  Vinitl et t»•
day  protperity   of^ the Dpminfon   of »p0nded "exactly" He wohl *ffa lift
Canada..' But in   thoac dork    lime* , .    .
Csnado haa' no alt<*nalivo policy. Mr. | (Continued on py 6) TH« BXFRRMt, NORTH VANCOUVER, B,' C
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' a f   p ' ' '   1
The Place Where Everybody Goes
Gem Theatre
Mr. |,/*a¥lil»»^ City Ban-
ipiBtim) at bit Roma-Town
A rocotit nunibor ol tha local paper
Sliolburno county, Nova Scotia,, contains the following item which will bt
read with intereit by our roirdaru:
At Lockeport on Monday evening
William McMillan, tho wull known mcr-
cliiint, and .hip owner ol tbat plaoe,
wai l|ie hoit at an elaborat. dinner
in Honor of Mr. Kllawnrth McMillan,
of tbe Arm ol Paine k McMillan, bard-
ware mi'teliiinia, qf (forth Vancouver,
I). 0, Thlt gentleman bat been visiting hit ptirunla it Lockoport alter sn
almctii'ii ol Id years and Monday evening1!. function showed itrikingly tho
eiteem in which ho ia held by the people of hit native place. Tbe banijuet
win hold at the Now Hillcreit hotel
'nnd a magnificent ropait wai let before thpte preient. In addition to thit
there wu much high data vocal and
iuid 1 iiiiieiiiul muaio and many capital
Among thoae preaont beaido tbe boat
and hii gueit wero; Muyor 11 li. I,.
Bill, Dr. T. 0. Lookwood, Dr. W. D.
Whitman, Thomea J. Locke, O.E.,
collector ol Custome Rugglot, J, 11
Frizzle, manager ol the Koyul Bank,
Principal Hirtlo, Churchill Looks, F.
W. Siithcihiml. dohn Swim, E. W.
Day, Fred II. liifrin, Oawald McMillan,
John McKay, .Stuitloy l.ocko, Frank
Churchill, lleim.oi Capalick, Colin
Itinger, John L. 1'ayiunl, U. F. <lum-
ieaon and otheri.
A'ter toniti had boon duly
to Ilia Mujeaty the King, Nova Suo-
ti.i Australia, 'lho Fiilicrio. and Tho
Learned i'rolaiiioui, William MuMillan
propoaod the health "Our Uueat" in
a few complimentary romirka tud Mr.
I ll.iw.iith McMillan wua heartily cheered   when ' he   roi. to   reipond.      Rl
thanked hia Iriendt for tin- nine,
und inured thorn that ho bad inner
forgotten Luckoport and iti poop'...
He referred, lo hit own
with chariicicriitic modesty, lint give
a clou aud inloretling aoouunt ol hii
ozperioncea ai a commercial traveller
in Columbia and tht Yukon, a
calling which be lullowed lor nva
yean. Ue give graphic deicripli mi
ol hi. ai it ii lound along th. *cii trn
trail. During the tvoning ul
lho ipcikcri look occuinn lo oxprott
then regard lor the gueat ol the cum
und congratulated him upon hia v.nil
doicrvod iiicccu
i . .        ii
Sir Charles Hibbert
Tupper, K.C.M.G.
For a name Tupper haa a moit determined Bound. I know a man called
Tupper who Uvea in a village in Lancashire ; Ht ii.n't bit real name, either
christian or family, but a soubriquet,
nr to speak more commonly, a nickname which the talk around havo fastened on hirh, uud bore's the reason
why. Home years ago luring at a
oat tie unlc in a ueurhy villago where
the iutile village toll got to discussing
hoi'soniunahip our Iricnd that
not only could he muster an etpiine
alceil, Inn thcro ami then annonncod
his imi ni ion ol riding u bull thu three
ur ao miles Home. And ho did.
Miijlic mime anccatnr ol the Tup-
pera who huvo carved oul u niche lor
tliemselvos   iu Canadian history   per
i. it mill      inline    SUch   del el mini il     leal,
und thereby won his name. Certain it
is us you loofc at Sir Charles, that he
bus niliciiii ,1 determination—grim determination if you like, but the si i outline nf the jaw are rolievul by tho
humorous, expression of the eyes where
..hint", forth a buoyancy ol spirit
which contrary polilicul gales have not
People who havo been wandering in
the puzzle maze ol tho reciprocity nt-
, nun in wore rcliovod to hear s voice
which spoke as one huviug authority,
und the vague fueling of unrest hus
itceii iiicccodul in lho minds of many
by u determination to light lho proposed reciprocity agreement tn tha
but ditch.
Sir i li.'ili■■' position calls to mind
mini her imperialist politician who, to
mo hii own words hits been "ploughing hii lonely furrow." Another de-
iiiiniiu.l mun of buoyant perionulity
und one wonders ahull wo aec the day
when these two nicinhnrk on a Hood
tide whicli loada on.
you want Bread,
Scones, Oatcakes
and general Confectionery equal to
135 Lonsdale Ave
(Mqyt door to liverybody'g Shoe itore)
Plana preparer! and Eatimatat given.
Ollice: 1107 Dominion Trait Bldg.
Phono am
Itosidonce, 103 Kighth Ave. E.
North Vancouver.
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Scotch Shortbread
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Adults 10c '•^L'ZXZ*'"' CWUw» 5c
The Commonwealth
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Spring Goods.
• t
W. DICK, Prop.
NOTICE ia hereby given thai at the
nett lilting ol lho Hoard ol l.iceniing
I'oniuiiiiioucn lor the I'ily ol   North
Vancouver, wo, the uitdciiigned, intend
lo apply lor u hold lieeti.e lor
iaei fit mile on loll 'J7 aud ii, block
166, diitrict  lot 'Jit.  Kin!  itrtel, in
the laid ('ily of North Vancouver.
llni.-I It Vancouver, Mulch Uth, IUII
i ii.di.nn. tho North Vancouvor mun
charged with having led ailray a thir-
I'Vn jew ..Id gnl named Mabel Mills
ol thia cily, waa liberated by ,lodge
Mclnnei of Vaaoouvtr Saturday n. lining. Hii Honor laid that after con-
littering the evidence and the aulhori-
lioi ihut had been nibmiilcd lo him,
ho could lake no other courts than
to diet lime.' ihe .in in.,,I
Bruce & Co.
Murk llcckwnrth lorleiliil hail in thc
police court on Monday, the charge
Iwing .hunk and incapable.
1'IJltK,     (iOI.D     MAMKAi'ililllMl
0, (,. S. Duncan ol the Cily of Vancouver, broker, but bun appoiiil...l attorney ol Ibo iibovi"itiei,lioind Com
pun) in tin |llac. and .loud ol W,
Horry Wilton.
Dated at Victoria, II. I'., tin- ij nil
day ol March, 1911.
lWgiilrar -loinl Slock ('unpaids!.
Tenders Wanted
For North Vancouver Property
Can Supply you with
, Heaters
and all
Household Requisites
at a Lower Price than elsewhere.
MY Mono i
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md Corner Granville ind Smyths
The A. Farro
126 2nd St. Wert
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st right prist.
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Wi carry * ooiapltta lint ot (ito-
Otnbury k l!*a»a Brtad 89 for %W
Phone   198
North Vancouver
Coal m4 Supply Co.
Dealers in Coal, Brick,
Sand,   Gravel,   Lime,
Cement   and   General
Builders' Supplies.
All   OMcti   I'rompily
I'illid and Satisfaction
(juarantid.    Prices OB    lV,
O&ce; LowdtU,MajQlyWUi
Warenouse:       Fwtw*. Wharf
TAKE NOTK!| tint Mr, Fugler hai
liei'tt, appointed Building, plumbing
ind Siniliry loiptctor lor lbs City
of Norlh Vinc.iiiver wilb dutin coin-
msneing Mircb !Wtb, IVII.
Tb. Buiutwa, Contrsctort, Plumber,
sod Owneri ir. hstsby notified to comply with tbt requirement! nl tin Cily
Building By-law, tb. Plumbing and
Dr.iniga By-I-sw, tbs Sspllc Tsnk By
Uw and Tbt Sanitary Hcgulillom
Tin offic* bourt ol thi nid Jnip.ct
or will he Irom 9 i.m. lo 10 t-ts. snd
Irom 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., Silurdsy sllcr-1
nooni ttosplod, snd Mr. Puglsr csn bs
iolerviswtd st my oms. during thco
All Ipplieiilimii lor |iermill undci
Ihi sbov«-montionsd By Iswi rosy bt
mid. during th. Mid oHic. bouri.
Owntn wisbisg girbsg. rttnovod
Irom tins slliyi st the rear ol tbair
prtmisM tbsll malts sppliestion to
tht Sinitary'InipsctoV for tht rstoov-
l| ol ISOM.
i'ily Enginser.
City Engii'w'l OAw,
North Vsacouvar,
Msroh iliu, 1911. »•»
Th.   lollowing   |ini|i' ilt.s   l„ I,ui,,ii„:
lo tho OHlalO 'i the late (Itorgl 11 ut
ton arc oflcreil lor aalo by lender.
Compriiet Lot ll'J, in Block Hit) Sub-
divi.ion of In tie i  Lot   371, Norlh
Vaiicoiivcr,   being u Ml loot  hit   on
(he Esplanade at lho V I',  corner of
SI. Andi.w'a StrocU tit, I Iin   pin
lull)  there aio Iwo houn. und out
iniihliligi til  prtstnl  rent nl lor   *JI
per month.   No Icuac.
Cotnpriici una lot huiiiiK 60 Lit
Ironlugo on I'le.iiilli Slnol, snd
known si Lot II, Illock B'J, Subdi-
vi.ion rv.'i. North Vanoouvtt, On
tbit lot ii ei..!,,| u fi um.' cottage at rented lol VI per moiilb. No
1 ompiii.ii llii.e iplendid loll tacb
having s Ironlsgo of 60 loot on
I.nili .-iii.'t, ami aio pun in ull) all
iliuiid and grudsl, ol which
i. Ih. S. W. corner ol Tooth Stroot
snd St. Androw'a, snd known at
I on 8, 9 and 10/ iu Block V7, Subdivision of District Loti numlisrud
'/It snd MU, Norlli Vuncouvir.
I,ml.iei« can lender lor my ol
UiSh lot. singly or for tbo Unto
loli togothor.
Comprist. • fractioml lol in Blook
91, md being approiimitely 17 (tot
widi by loo foot dcs|i', (icing l-.ighih
Stroot, snd ii mot. pirticulirly
known ind described a. Lot 1 of ths
1-MubUiviiion of Lola 2 lo 11 Blook
!)i, Diilricl Loi.fil'J and iU, Msp
IKW, North Vanc.uvii.
Compriacs two loli, snd art d.tcrib*
sd at LoU v:i and 21, Illock IC, Sub-
division 169, Norlb Vaacouvsr.
thst. Iwo lol. aro tarh M by IM
lost and forni s double comer. Tiny
li. doic Iii lho proposed now Second
Narrow, bridgt md to lho water-
Tendon m.y bt put in for Ibo
whole or anv portion of each of too
sbov. porocli,
Staled lender, marked "Tenderi (ot
Button EstiU Proporty" will be re-
oalvsd by I'eicy W. Cbaritaon, od-
iiiiiiialratur of llie ctlste, up lo and
TENDEBS will bo received by tho un-
deraigncd up to the '-'-'ed day ol
April,,l'Jll, al 6 p.m. lor the purcliuii
ol Illock -J7. Subdivi.ion of Lot No
511, i.i.i,i|i I, New Wcilminatur District, ailunled in llie City of Viincou-
vor, und being Ihe situ of thu old I'm
vincial Court limine. Kuch tondei
muit be eiicliiied in a t,, t letter und limit bo addrcaicd lo Ihe uu
dcnigncil mid plainly inuruud "Tondei
for old Vuneouver Court limine lite,"
and muit  lie iiecompuniuii by all    ao-
tple.1 cltoipio for ten per cant, of Iho
lir.I payment of the purchaio money.
Payment lor the properly will bo. accepted in iiiHlalmeiila uf ona-qUarter ol
the puidime money, Thu lint ol audi
inilulmonta to he paid wilhiu thirty
dun. alter the accept inc. ol Ihe tinder, and the other three titinuully
it. ,...n,i wiih intoreit ut the rale ol
li per com. per antiuin.   In the  ivont
il Ihe pet mm wlioao tender ii accspt-
ni failing to complete the lint inital-
i..' nt within thirty duyi of tin indue
til   inch   nccoiilinco the lala to   hint
Will  lie  e.iliielle.l   und   lit.   toll   |l.-l"   cent
dcpoiil hull tied The chupiea ol un-
iiicconfiil tenderer! will lie returned.
Tho I.i, I"'.i or uuy tender will not
nccoiiorily bo accepted. No commL-
liona ol any kind will lie allowed.
Specials for
This Week at
Tea, til atindard brindi    96, Sue lb.
Coffct,   routed   or   ground   to
order   SS to (Oc ptr lb.
Choeao, all iiinkei    20o up
Corn, Beam and Creim ntr ctn    10o
Tom.too. md Pelt, large alu
Can.     Hlo
Glow or Coin Stirch, 1 lb. pck, ...So
lleiniz Pork md Btma, par cm ...lDJc
I'innppli in large tin    IS.
Imported   md   locil   Jinn,
■ lilh.i, per jar  ISt
B. At K. Bolla.1 Ostt, a aick  ,'2U
Boytl   Stindird  Flour,   4.1b.
Hick  S1.SU aad 11.76
Egga, local, new laid, arrivi
Minialer ol Und..
Hi-pint nu ul ol I und-,
Victoria, B, G..
March 7th, 1811.
including April 1.1, IUII
Terms of purchase on all properties to bt one-third cosh, liflenci
piysbJ. in 6, 13 md III monthl, in
tsrsit seyra ptr wnl.
TTm hlghist or my lender nol att>
etisrily sMtptsJ.     Addreit len.iirt
m Pnosr 81. W., Vmoouvor. 1). C.
•• VIA'
ButUr,   Stir   Crasmtry,
9 doz. 6Se
cntauon oTfi, iSSmz tairii. TatS Ur
Cana.*, V* I jut, p«U|. pi.oaltl. BU^
au MVaualu. '
T?t aeflcn Hit bailt'tl or Kiaartcturtri,
r.„.lo«nint elh.ii wlm iMllrc tht adtrUaWI
ily « hlWog 111.If I'.lfat liu.lufl. li.iiMcln'
ljK»t«rU. rrtltmloiiyiivlcflrft. C'ltnti
Hratpfala. Omw Invaaia.'. tivlaa.	
i.iodrrila. I
.jural. Mlrt
Mr. fli.stMisMl
laluca. ll.UMclcil
;. tit.,,:,
s»al upon i, -
iitos u«.va4
Maple Syrup in Mb. Tint  Jilt
Lilly While Syrup, 10-lb. tla  Ato
Riiiini, choice lesded, 6 pcki Alt
Sugtr, B. C. beit, per tack  |1.M
Table Applet .11.76 par boa
Hnnmai per do< 96e
Oringn, largt Nsvelt ... 'iftc ptr doz.
Figs, Sal. Ntw dried  4 lb. 96e
Honey in comb  •■ *>c
Creim Sods Bi.cuiu psr lb  ,10o
Gold Isaf L.rd 10-lb. pill  4140
Fresh ivtry day-
Milk,   Cream,   Buttermilk,    Brtsd,
Caasi, Pitt.
Vsgstabit. is lettuce, ctulilowtr,
csbbagt, carrot, turnip at lowest
•ttadard priest,
Aahcroft poUlott f. psraiak
Blag up Tel. ISS aad wt will oaott
pricei on Swilt'i Hum ant) Baton ttt.
Coupont givta (tat oa tytry #940
loi i» Port AngsU..
v 1
-   t
"■ i
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Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
jewelers and Silversmiths
G,°' E' TMwa,|u, Director Hastings & Granville Sts.
Kaiis:   $3.00   pur. and   tip,    Special rales to families
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finest Roof Garden on Pacific Coast
Second Si nasi.   -
•   •   NOKTH   VANCOUVEK. B. C.
,'~ VviSliiii
We operate the only pap-
ded furniture and piano
moving van in the city. . ,
N. V. Cartage CO.
? Lontdtlt Avt.
PtlwNt Ml
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get exactly what you ask for at the right price.
*J   Special attention paid to prescriptions and family
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Telephone L 29      A.;, TY.0H, tnt.      Cor. Lonsdale k 8th
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5 lbs. of the best Tea    •      >      •      -      - 2.00
Corner First Street and St. George
fruit, produce; .
120 Second Stmt East. Telephone 206
Converjiencc to North Vancouver Merchants
guy In Your Owa Tows. Yew Orasri SstlcatH
Tha incorporation of Morritt pity ia
'Hie granting of an' auaycr'a
certificate to J, llichurdsoii Boa! in
Licenses havo beep grunted to tho
following antra provincial cumpanlo.:
A. A. Allan k Co., Vancouver, capital J800,000, Burbar-Ellia Ltd., Toronto, Out., capital $1:16,000, British
Canadian Lumber Co. Ltd., Moutroul,
capital $30,000,000; The C. A. Dunham Co. Ltd., Toronto, tint., capitul
8100,000; Cuniuuiuri Cordage Co. Ltd.
Mohtroal, Que, capitul 1800,100; ll.i
gen Shirt and Collar Co,, Ltd., Bor-
lin, Out., capital 140,000 ; HcFarlatid,
Son and Hodgaon, Ltd., Montreal, capital 1260,000; MoBuc liunufucturing
I'o. Ltd., Toronto, Out., capital Sid,-
iniii; 11. II. Smith Co. Ltd., St. Catherine!, capital $76,00(1; Bolph and
Clarke, Ltd., Torouto, capital $600,-
000; Wm. C. Mortimor Co. Ltd., Toronto, Oat., capitul $40,000.
Certificates of incorporation havo
been iaauod to Compuniea ai little.I
bolow : Adiiiint I 'nn, 11 net tun Co. Ltd.,
Vancouver, capital $30,000; Bailey-
TeHord it Co. Ltd., Vancouver, capital $30,000; BritiahC olumbia Sufcty
Powder Co., Vancouver, capital $76,-
000); Boll Development Co. Ltd., Victoria, B. C, capital $36,000; Cowich-
nn Bay Hotel Co. Ltd., Nanuimo, capital $30,000; Citizen! Truit Co. Ltd.,
Vancouver, capilpl $600,000 ; Etl'tcni
Loan and Invcatmont Co. Ltd., Von-
couver, capital $10,000; Evangelical
Lutheran Chrilt Churoh, Vancouver;
G. B. Aitoll, Ltd., Vuneouver, capitul $100,000 ; diiel, :,,)i Avenue llupti-t
Church, Vuneouver; Kettle Vulley Orchard Co, Ltd., Grand Kurki, 11. ('.
capital, $16,000 ; LcSour, Uill k Co.,
Ltd., Victoria, capitul $10,000; Nd:
ion Transfer Co. Ltd., Neliou, B. ('.
capital $60,000; Okuungon Weal Slin-c
Lund Co. Ltd., Vancouver, 11. ('., capitul, $66,000; I'eavine Lumber Mil: .
Ltd., Cronbrook, B. C, cupilul $60,
000 ; l'rincc IfiipcrtdNuhninio Collorie.
Ltd.," Vancouver, cupitul $1,600,1:00;
Slewur-McDonald-Tliompson, Limited,
Vancouver, cupitul $360,000.
Notice Im.'. been given of the uiiign-
ment nf (he I.incon Sawmilla Co. Lid.,
Lnnglcy Prairie, B. C,
('umpuniei recently   registered ai ex-
ti.i | .tn,'ml compunio. aro : C.   v.
Raymond Co ol Dayton, Ohio, capital
$300,001); Tho Leslie -luderc Company,
01 Now York, cupitul $80,000; Tint
M uh nt. y Electric Co. ol St. Louis,
Missouri, capital $40,000 ; Smith and
Bloxtom, ol Seattle, Wnih., cupitul
In u pumphlct recently inued Nr. F,
Churlun, chief of the depurlmeut of agriculture uf tbc federul government,
itutci that'there ii pructicully only
one autre of tobacco culluro in Brit-
i ih Columbia, viz., the Okunugun Valley, where, though Ihe industry bat
boon in existence only ten yeira, rapid
development haa been made. Mr. (Italian anticipated thul in the near future
tobacco culture will lie ono of the
main cropa throughout llie province
wherever good agricultural lauds nl
sufficient sire ure lo be found. The
pamphlet which ii full of detailed in-
f.n maitun with regard to lobucco
growing will bo lent free to anyone
applying lo Mr. Churlan as above,
The lollowing figure! shows Canada'•
trade wilh the t'nitod Slatci in re
cent yean;
ISOH-Importa, $1(0,736,111 ; wporti,
$97,806,653 ; total trade, $378,533,6«T
1007 (nino monlti)-Importi, $168,-
603,360; export!, $70,031,480; total
trade, $337,634,730
I'JUS Imports. $320,791,300 ; eiporli,
$113,630,600; total trade, $334,311,709.
1909 Imports, IKM,«fil,360 ; oipoit',
$92,604,367; total trade, $286,366,717.
19H1 Import., $239,070,649 ; export),
$113,160,778; total Irudc, $362,221,327.
(July lit, 1910)
Province of Brititb Columbia.
No. 364A (1010)    ,
Tbi. ia to certify that "THE
lllllllini/ed    and    lieeln ed    to  eal ly    CO
butineii within the Province ol British Columbia, and to carry oet or al-
feet all or any of the object, of tht
Company to whioh the legislative authority of the Legislature of British
Columbia extendi.
Th.   head   idliee   of   th.   Company    It
•ituato i6 tht Cily ol Montreal, province of Quebec.
Th. head office of the Company in
lliia Province ii situate at tht City of
Vancouver, and William Ernoil Burn.,
whoeo addrate i. Vancouver olorcoid,
ii the attorney lor th. Company.       ,*
The amount of Uie capital of the
Company if Fifty Tbouitnd Dollari,
divided into One thomond iharci.
GIVEN under my hand and
Seal of Office at Victoria,
dli. 8.) Province ol British Columbia, thit ninth day ol February, one thousand nine bun-
area sad eleven.
-      , D.>HITESIDE,
Btgi.trar of Joist Slock Companies
Tht objects lor which tbit Company
bat been patobliihoil und, licensed art:
(1) To export to the Dominion ol
Canada the manufactured products uf
liteeltiv aud other like inineful iuli-
itancoi, and in. particular furnace lining, gui rolorti, coko oven blocks,
bricka, tiles, pines, baths, snnitury appliances, ventilating appliances, and
other like article!.
(2) To carry on busiiiesi within the
said Dominion ua gouerul buildon and
contractors, decorators, uud niunuftic-
turora of or deulora, in all and building requisites and in ull such pruductt
aud articles ui aro meutioucd in paragraph 1.
(3) To curry ou any other buiiness-
oa whethor manufacturing or othor-
wiac, which may Beein to thc Compuny
capable of being conveniently carried
on in connection with uuy ol tbo
above .specified objects, or culculat-
cd directly or indirectly, to enhance
the value of or render profitable, uny
of Ihe Company*! property or rights.
(4) To apply for, purchuso, or otherwiso acquire any patents, brevets
d'inveutioii, licenses, concessions and
the like conferring, an exclusive or
noii-cxclusivo or limited right to use
or uny secret or other information as
to any invention which may seem capable of being usod fur any of the imposes of thc Compuny or tho acquisition of which muy icem colculuted di
roctly or indirectly to benefit this
Company, and to uso, exercise, develop or grant licenses in respect ol, or
otherwise turn to account the propel-
ly right nnd Information so acquired
(6) To purchase or otherwiso no-
quire and uudortake all or any part
of tho business property and liabilities
of uny 'person or Compuny currying
on any business which Ibis Compuny
is tinilniii/eil tu curry on ur possessed uf property suitable for tlie purposes of the Company,
(6) To enter inlu uny arrangement
with uny governments or authorities,
supreme, municipal, locul or otherwise
und to obtain irom uuy such gosern-
ment or authority nil rights, concessions and privileges thut mny seem
conducive: lo Ihe Company's object!
or uny of them.
(7) To enter into partnership, ot
lulu uuy arrangement lor sharing pro-
tits, union nf interests, cu-nperutiun,
joint adventure, reciprocal correction,
or otherwise with uny person or Compuny currying un or enguged in or
ubout to curry on or engage,, in uny
business ur transaction which thia
Company is authorized to curry on or
engage in, or uuy business or tram-
uelioti capable of boing conducted so
us directly or indirectly to benefit thii
Compuny, und tu lake, or otherwise
acquire, ahures or stuck in, ur securities uf, uud lu subsidize ur otherwise
nssisl uuy such Company, und to sell,
hold, reissue with or without guarantee or otherwise dcul with such shurcs
stock or sectu'ilies.
(8) Generully to purchaio, tuke or
lease in- exchange, hire, or otherwiio
acquire uny reul or personal property,
una any rights ur privileges which the
i , muy think necessary. or convenient with reference lu uny of the
objects ur cupuble uf being profitubly
doult wilh in connection with any uf
the Cumpany's property ur righla fur
the time being, and in particular any
luud, buildings, eti-iiiieiii... licenses,
p.'ti'i.i:., pluuts, machinery, iliiin,
barges, rulling-Btoek, and stock-in-
(9) Tu acll the undcrtuking uf the
Company or any part thereof fur such
cmiBiderutiuii us the Company inuy
think lit, and in purticulur fur shurcs
ur debentures, debenture slock urulh-
cr securities uf uny ulher Company
having ubjects altogether ur In part
■ nnil..i  lu those nf this Company.
(10) To prumotc uny Company or
companies lor the purpose of ucquir-
ing ull ur any uf llie properly right.
und liabilities of the Company or foi ■
uny ell,'i purpose whicli mny Bccm
.hi" 11-. or indirectly Calculated to
benefit this Coiiipuiiy.
(11) To invest .and deal wilh lh<
mi'ii.y ■ ol the Compuny not iiniiiedi
ulely ii pot ed in such manner us ma)
from time lo lime be determined.
(12) Tu land money tu such persuii.
und uu such terms us may seem expedient, and in purticulur lo customer!
ol and persons having dculinga witb
the Coinpunv, und to give uny guarantee or indemnity ns muy seem expedient.
(13) To raise ur burrow, ur secure
the payment ol money in such manner aud on such terms us muy seem
expedient, and in purlicular by the is-
suo ol debenture! or debenture ilock
whether perpetual ur otherwiio and
charged or not charged upon the
whole or any part uf the properly and
right! of the Cuinpuny bulh preient
uud future, including ill unculled capital, and to redeem, purchase, ur puy
"ll any iuch iccurilici,
(14) To draw, accept, indorse, dii-
e.nii.l. execute and inuo bill,, uf cx-
cbango, promissory uolci.doucnturei,
bills) of lading, warrund und other
negotiable or tranilorablo initrumcnti
or securities.
116) To remunerate any purtic. lur
services icinlii.-d or lo In' rendered in
placing or assisting to place any
, Inn e in tho Company*! cupitul or
sny debonturei, debenture I'nclt, ur
other iccurilici of tho Company ur in
or about the formation or promt.I ion
of the Company or the conduct of iti
(ic.) To do all or any ul tho above
thingt in any part of the world and
either at principal., agonle, tiuslcci,
contractors or Otherwise, and* cither
alone or in conjunction -wit)! others,
and cithet by or through agents, subcontractors, trustees or otherwiac.
(17) To Boll, improve, manage, do-
vclop, exchange, enfranchise, Icoio,
mortgage, diipoie of, turn to account,
or otherwiac deal with all or any tart
of tho property or righte of lho Company.
(18) To do all iuch ulher thing! ai
aro incidental or conducive to the attainment of tho ubovo object! i.nd to
that Uie wbril "Company" in tbit
.Clause .hall bo decmod to includo any
partnerihip or other body of person!
whothor incorporated or not. Ijjoorpor-
niod, and wnothor domiciled jn the
Ijnitcd Kingdom or elsewhere, end so
that tbt object, specified in c.ioh of
{the fir it two paragraph! of tbit
(blame thai) except wlicn otherwise expressed in tuoh paragraph be in no
,wi*o liroitod or-roitrictcd by reference
to or inferonoe from the torroi of any
other paragraph or the name of the
■S     'ISSISS...I IIISII    I        ———.SSSS—.I      .SUM ■■—   I ,        ■
We want your business, and if you
will give us a trial will (bow you
that we have the goods, the pricei
and the best service in Norlh Vsneouver
Nails, Building Paper, and Finished
House Hardware delivered on the
job in short notice.  <
Patterson. Goldin & Clark
North Shore Locators
He me pLetii; on ihe unit I.ri a liloi'l. of 17 loll, on the
Cram! lloulcv'urd extension. These lota ure high and dry, with
nn unsurpiiiscd view, two blocks frum the present car lino, lize
Iti.vldo, partly cleared, Prices Irom {630 to $800. Tcrnis-1-6
cash, balance, 3, 6, 'J, 12,16, 18, 21 uud 'il months.
Come iii und Ict us show you over this properly.      ■
No. 8 Lonsdale Ave.
Phone 123
Carner Lonsdale and Second.
Phone 255
Amongst the new arrivals for spring we have
some exceptional value in Pongee Silks, at prices
which will compare with any store in B. C.
No, I.—Natural Pongee, even weave, good weight. Q C
24 inches wide, our price   '.  J JL
No. 2.—Natural Pongee, at a value never belorc offered C A
in North Vancouver, 34 itfehes wide, our price  -/V/L
No. 3.—Natural   Pongee, very line closely woven, strongly
recommended for summer dresses,34 inches wide, !7 C
our price  .:      a
Place Orders for Your Spring Suit Early for
prompt delivery.        Satisfaction guaranteed.
will be on exhibition daily
from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the
B. C. Electric Railway Co/i
office, 50 Lonsdale Avenie
The Gurney-Oxford Steel Top Range
Phone 58.
means a marked saving in
In, i •■ ml littler baking results,
Ilic "CHANCEU.OK" not
only dues ils work HET'J'ER
but AT LESS COST than
other l.'.nii'
Wc can demonstrate to you
the whole Superior Chancellor principal oi economy
and efficiency in ten minutes.
-   Is it nol worth that much
of your time right now ?
• .
Hardware Co.
133 Lw44* Ay« tout
North Vancouver
Ptsblished Tuesdays and Fridays by
North Shore Pkkss, Liuitrd
a»Tts or subscbiwioh £
One year, 11.00 . Sii montbi, oOu, Three monllu, 26c
tlitileil Statee and Eoruign, (1.60 pur year
Advertiaiiig Hales will be quoted on application.
Tbe Exprem ii devoted to the intereatt of the north Shore of Burrard Inlet
exclusively. Itconatitiitei an advertielr.g inediuin of uxceutiunal .value lor
reaching iii a thorough and effective manner the population ef North Vancouver
Oity ana Diilricl. Every effort ii made lo give advertitert the moat attlalictory
service.   '
All cbangea in contract advertiiemente should be In tbe printers' lunula not
later than 10 a.m. Monday and 6 p.m. Wednesday to euaure insertion in tbe
following laaue, 	
North Vancouver,   ti. C.
March aB,  kjm
The hiuny liundruli who hcurd   the
speech upon the reciprocity issue, delivered in this cily on Friday evening
- list 1iy Sir Charles Hibbort   Tupper,
listened to a speech that will  rank ai
one ol the strongest uud nuist   able
deliverances yet hoard in any part of
Canada   upon   ibis   momentoue i|Uei
linn.   While the terms employed by tho
ipeukur were   ut all tiniea moderate,
the general tenor of tbe speech   waa
ol such a masterful ebuructcr that the
strength   of   the  whole  wus   but   enhanced by the utter ubsence of extra-
vagtint    lungitiige.   The   alieukcr   left
no uncertainty in  the miuda   of   his
Im.ii en.   with   reference to tho   viewpoint from which he auiiroaclied   tho
subject   in blind.     He   stated in line
i|itn mill language t In.t he viewed with
suspicion   uuy   upproach    from    tbe
United eitutes looking to closer commercial illation! with Canada.   Having beon lor many years u member ol
the Dominion House ol Commons, for
a considerable   portion   of which   he
Wai iu churgo of u portfolio in   the
government, Kir Chariot Hibbert Tup-
pat bad al   command    an    inlimato
knowl..In.'  of  the  dotaila  of the inner    relationships    between    tbe   two
countries for an extended period   so
that from personal knowledge as well
as from other sources he submitted to
bil bearers u muss of mulcriu!   carefully mi uu;',-I. logically connected und
built up by u master bund into what
every   thinker   must recognize   ai   a
strong  und  formidable cats   agaiuat
the ratification of tlie reciprocity pact.
Eliminating  In/in  his  arguuieui   thu
consideration of iliu probuble effect of
the proposed agreement upon the various Commercial interests involved, bu
curried his In,mi • wilh him In   thu
colisiderul ion of original ittlliieiices and
im,.1.oii.t.i..t cutises, iii order to show
thut such uu     " ■ in nt is  incompatible   from   the   Canadian   viewpoint,
with     sound    principles    of    statesmanship.
The' ipeecb was intensely Canadian
and thoroughly imperialist ie Irom Ihe
introduction to the splendid peroration. The intense interest wilh which
Kir Churls! Hibbert Tupper wua followed throughout liy (he large audience clearly allowed that bia heareri
wero conicioiii that they were listen
ing lo oue ol ' uinulaV foremost lona
ua well ua to on. ol her clearest,
itrongeil, laneit tl,inkers upon a
question ol the greatest moment lo
the Dominion.
Tbs ipeech never lor a moment developed even a euggestiun of the
grandiloquent, but il wai eloquent iu
the Irueit aud molt forceful sens, inasmuch ai it unmiitukeulily carried
conviction to Jiii bearers, confirming
thote who were already in harmony
with the speaker's poiition and carrying with him to hii own conclusions
many whose opinion! were ai yet in i
more or less indefinite form.
I       :	
'Mini "Not what a man makos, but
what hi keepi" ia tbat which really
counts in determining bia financial >uc
oast, ii a tinu honored truiim whoar
accuracy cannot be challenged. It ex
prstlM a trulb, however, which ii
quite at loratful in ils application to
the affair, of a community aa it'ia
to thou ol tht individual.   Tht ag
enviable end permanent prosperity—il
that money could be retained for
ho,ne circulation. In ordor to arrive
at the actual prosperity enjoyed in
this respect, however, by any community, that portion reprceented by
tlio amount of money aettt out of
town must In aubtructed from Ihe nun
of proapcrity which ia possible upon
the It.- i. of the whole amount of
money earned in the town or coming into tho town. The result may
show a lamentable condition of affairs
representing all the difference belwcen
hard times and good time, in the
home town. The power of money is
increased lo un astonishing extent
through circulation. A Ion dollar bill
spoilt ut home muy pay, say, one Ium
died iloll.o., in liabililiei by the time
it hai made the circuit from one to
another. If that ten dollar bill is
sent nut of town however, then with
it goci not only its face value but
also all tho helplulnosa whioh might
have accrued from its being plticed iu
local circulation. 1 Ins feature aerves
further lo imprcia the importance ol
tbi observation mude iu last week's
article iu this series that there are no
trifles iu thii home trade muttor.
Ihn money sent out ol town unnecessarily, whether to non-residenl families, lo ton tMi mail order houie., or
paid over the counter to out ol town
limn all makea for the impoyerlih-
tneni of Ihe home town not .uily to
the exact umoiinl ol tho money thus
loat but to the extent ol ill greatly
iucreaiod usefulness through lieing circulated Irom one to another locully.
Out ol   town   shopping   ennatitutee
lleoontly tha directors decided ibat a
directory should be published In connection with the forthcoming animal
report whioh will aoon lie off I ha
proas. The eocrotary hag been in.
nii iti-ti d to compile a directory ol pure
brad live ttook, whioh ia being bred
by all the members. I'hia directory
ihould be tho meant ol encouraging
ttook lalet throughout the province,
and at leutt it will be a mean, ol advertising. Blank foi um to be IllUi in
lor the directory have been sent to all
preient memben but should any one
desire to buoume a member, in order
that they may have their breed ol
itiiii'l, Hated in the directory they
ihould become a member ol tbe Association at once and eend in a litt of
the pure bred atook which they are
Alto aa a member ol the Altooia-
tion sny one ol these four agricultural Journal! are given gratli:
Farm and Dairy, Farmer*! Advocate,
weitorn edition, Farmer't Advocate,
custom edition, Canudian Farm.
When lending in membenhip lee do
not lail to el ate which paper youde-
liro. The annual membership lee to
Iho At,..oi tuiniii ia 11 und may be forwarded to Ihe Socrotary, department
of Agriculture, Viotoria,
Peachland Home and
Orchard for Sale
Kix and a half acrea of bearing Or-
chard near the town of l'eochliuid,
with lout-room cottage, phone and
electric light available. 600 Hutch,ft)
Apple, 70 Cherry and SO plum la-cs,
Mostly over 7 yeura old. I'luce iu
good condition. I'rico only J3,5O0, of
which 11,000 is in a mortgage. Apply
Financial Agents,
Ollice Phons 10
Nortli   Vuneouver
House l'honc %1
I'.'i 6th Ktrett Eist North Vancouver
l'honi »73
Notary Public
gregaU   amount  ol   money    earned rrtook fudging competition, will be oar'
in any average westorn community
or coming into that community from
*>*•* to wtak would be lound luftUa-
ant to tuslsin .vary Phaat   oi tha
a very .evore check upon the develop- I I-'""1".   lnvettintiili    and    Imuran*.
mast of the home town, it itultiiiei   llul"" *"' m 0r*"iville Sl" V",0"u-
its growth, it drawli il, development,   *«• B- C  Hums 8SW   Land Beg..-
it impedes ila progreta, it denies tho   try work » tttrectsilly.
local community all those great bene
tils which are to be had by menus ol
united union upon (he pert olilicit
note,   tn  enable the  home  town   t.
keep   whtit it mukci ui long   ai pot
sible   and    to    the   greatest   possible
The purchaser who spends ten dollari outside when he might have
.■.pent it inside his own (own must renounce all hope oi benelit Irom that
money beyond Ihe immediule ptirrbuso
whicli il , ti., i... whereas hail he placed
Ihut mnnoy at home it would curry
not only its immodinto results but a
succession ol indirect benefits of very
material value lo his local interest.
It ii not improbable that in the curie
of circulation that sumc (un dollars
might come back to him Irom some
debtor who would otherwise not havo
been in petition to muko puyment.
Certain it ia that all thus, .uina
which might Ik retained al home, if
giithentd up and uxpundud locally would
result in u general uplift to ull local
iniei. i:, in which all would iliure and
the aggregate lienoliti of which woull
ailoniih oven thi moit anient sdvo
cat«i ol loyally to local Intcreiti and
imtitutioni and would thoroughly
convince the moit skeptical tbat trailing at home ii one ol the greatest
poaaible mesna of promoting their
own interest!.
Capital 16,1)110,000.
Beiervei, 17,300,000.
Total Aiieti »9«,000,000.
A general banking business
trans,1.1, J Savings accounts i
ipccinlty. Accounli of firmi
ind individuals lolicited.
North Vancouver ilrineh.
Hank Office in N. V. Club Illock
A. Campbell Hope
'  C. A. cAL.
The B. C. Stock Brooders' Association baa been organized for lo'mo lour
yi.'uiH and during thia time it hat
Is'i'ti working ulong lines ol improvement in the live itock induilry of tht
province. It has endeavored*1n many
wayi to aiiiit breeder! ol pun bred
live itock and lo improve existing
condition! pertaining to tho induilry.
While ill primary (unction it that of
education-it has alto undertaken much
practical work. For the miulng year
it will unit in defraying trsniport-
al ion rhargea on pun bred itock imported into ths province, n well a.
itock shipped Irom point to point
within the provisos, to ill who sre
memberi of tht Awici.lion.
Among other tilings, it ii also providing (or ipeciil prize! it tbt leading
fill lain tbit year; tlto prim   (or
community intsratU ia »' aoaditloo ol' AsaotUtloa.
ried on under lis lutpiou ol tba si-
tootatioa and it it idvisabM thst sll
intending ooropetitori ia tbit competition ihould beoosM membsri ol  Ut
358 ht Street East
Pbont B112
Ckneral Contractinn
INO,  Etc.   Eilimitet .liven.
Marl niiiAii 6 AndrUftft
Keith Boid, eait ol St. OeorgVi Avenue, or P. 0. Box IM
A fire took place on Wednesday ovening i)t tbe bouse occupied by Mr,
When Mr. Adams, wbp has only been out of the house an hour and n
half, arrived bad. about, nine o'olook, the firo hud guined aueh a hold thul
in apite ol the offorta of the Fire Brigade, which arrived u few minutes
later, the building wait completely gutted. '
The home and furniture wore insured witb
Agouti: EI.DEB MUBHAY CO., 17 Lonsdale Avoiino.  'Phone 87.
i mmmmmmm\immmmt
Free delivery to all parts ol
Lynn Valley at city prices
No order too small to fill  I
 . 1 1,
*£' Frederick Road
Speaking of Snaps; how is this one?
Double Corner of Fourteenth St.
and St. Andrews for $2600
and very
easy terms
Pierce & Hall
Next to Palace Hotel
Phone 110
The Cash
Staple and Fancy Groceries
Fresh and Smoked Meats
10 lb. sack	
FIRE!    FIRE!!    FIRE!!!
FOR ABSOLUTE PROTECTION write a Policy in the
Commercial Union Fire Assurance Co.. Ltd.
ASSETS! $94,900,000
Sink' Agent
Afriiminta ind Contract, drawn        ,,, .,•. General
of .v.ry di.criplion rtione   ID/        Conv.y.nclng
Something good for the small buyer
Price $275 each
$75 caah.   Balance very eaty.   Call and tee ut about thete
I'lioue 70- -I',
U. liox 97
Large Tins  25c
J's  2 tine for 16o
2'b 2 tins for 25o
. 3'b 1 tin for 16c
New Zealand Butter
B lbs. for $1.00
Sago, 5 lbs      -      •  •   25c
Split Peas, 5 lbs     -      25c
Tomatoes, large size, 2 for 25c
3 lbs. Lonsdale Blend
of Tea    ..--   $1,00
3 lbs. Best Empress
Coffee    ....   $1.00
Russet Apples, per box $1.85
Pure Castile Soap, per
bar      25c
Oliver's Fruit in Syrup
from      35c
You can depend upon the
uality and price of our Meat
Rolled Oats, 71bs. for    25c.
Ayrshire Rose Creamery
Butter,  -   .  3 lbs. $100
Lemons, per do/,.   -   •   20c
Maggis Soups, 5c. per tablet
Phone 40
1111 Lonsdale Ave
The Merchants Trust & Trading Co.
PAID UP CAPITAL 1100,000.00          R. THOMPSON TINN, M.„.,i„, n„„ i„,
 BRANCH OFFICEi 34 Old B.o.d St., London, Ea.l.nd.	
Building Lots at Snap Prices
$350 Cash;
$350 Cash;
In Block 90, D. L 650 lor $950.
Balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
In Block 82, D. L. 550 lot $1000.
Balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
Also a block in Upper Lonsdale (or $5250.   One
Quarter Cash; Balance 6, 12 and 16 months. subdivided into 24 lota.
North Vancouver Trust Co.. Ltd.
(UU lalutsr A Wsrd)
219  Until tie  Avenue. I'lioue'44
LOW SEAJroprietor
MEAI.8 AT Al.l. HOURS- luK |, ni.
First-class Meals 35c.
('tin in it 1,11 hid Tickett, ii niealt
Kooms for Kent at moderate ratal
I. O. ()   F,
North Vancouver Lodge, No. 88,
mooti .vory Tliureduy ovening, cornsr
I..iiihiIii1o Avonuo and Fir.t strest, tt
8 o'clock. \ inline- In.-iIn.-11 cordially
invited to attend. A. T. Kennedy,
N.O.; Tboi. S. Nyo, roc.-ato.; J. H.
rillinu, I'.(j., fiu.-iK.; Clin, Nyt, I',
O., trial.
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
I'OII HALE-Owntr tniiet mil larg.
roomy honae, all, csmsnl loan-
dnii.,11, lute,,, fireplace, |M0 cash.
I'loan In car line,
TELEPHONE 80, , p, O, BOX 114
Fully Equipped
to plod over ths aWt or .uftr ban-
gar sad thirst 1. Mr, Canal. Ws'rt
not built thst wsy. What w. w.nt it
tha rial thing.
You Get Real Paint
When Buying Here
It will itand tkc bitting tun of tat
Sahara or tha blasts of Cook'i North,
117 Lontdtlt tkmift
<t ■
you need go to the city for your food supplies, as we can compete with any other house on a general
order, JUST NOTE THESE PRICES and compare them, and when you consider that you get
good service, quick delivery and fresh goods there is absolutely no necessity of going to Vancouver.
Our Famous Lonsdale Blend Tea -   3 lbs. 90c
(No tea can beat this at 50c per lb.)
B.C. Sugar        -      -       18 lbs. for $1.00
Early June Peas     -      -      -      2 for 25c
Com Starch -      .-      - 2 for 25c
Potatoes (Highland) per sack -   -   -   $2.00
Royal Standard Flour     - -      -   $1.65
Perfection Pastry Flour   - -      -      35c
Tomatoes (large)    -      - -     2 for 25c
Best Empress Coffee      - 3 lbs. for $ 1.00
These prices represent the general run of our groceries, and we sell
on the lowest possible prqftt foj,tcash.       ^ll^/,
W. B. HOOD, The Cash Store
II     sun ■ sun  n m
Reciprocity Meeting
(Continued Irom pigt 1)
"Not only have we done il by pre-
"ferencc, by Icgiiluiion, but we liuvu
"lorcod our trade iiyuinat the laws,
"of online and gco^ruphy. II wc
"were lo lollow the law. ol nuturc
"and geography between Cunndn tnd
"tht I int..I Milt,., the whole trade
"would How Irom muili to north,
"ind from north to south "
"Wo huve done tvorylhing possible
"by buihlinu cuiiuli und subsidizing
"railway! lo bring the trod. Irom
"west to oust, and oait to west in
"at lo briiiu trade into llriti.h diun
"ncli. All IIliu we have done, MOog-
"nizing Ihe principle ol the ureal ml
"vantage ol forcing trade within the
"Britiab Empire"
Thii wgw ti direct contradiction to
the presflil propoiuli, ,t,iti.l Sir 11 its
belt. One millioiii nl dollar! hud bun ipent on 'be lirund
Trunk I'ucirie, the cast and will route
and now it waa proposed to iul il .in
the middle mi operation g.nerullyal
tended with di.aitrotia results lo the
ends. From 18'JU lo I'JOu the mum -
in Canadian commerce had been ftS pi r
cent, igsin.t no per cent in the lint
ed Stale.. The oiodu. wui Irom the
Stale, lor the lirat lime in the hii
lory of Canada. 1 venture to lay, he
Continued, thai thii iircMit Ironly
ia tbe old irllul hand which in one
guiae or snolher ii ever trying to ll>
Ihe atari and itripci over our I und
It it an attempt to drive tht thin
•dgt of tb. wedge in. II tbi. reciprocity treaty ii pixid by tb. parliament ol Canada we will ao back to tbi
•lage of htwen of wood by lilting
thi creim from our country pus away
ily one I hing to t
iu, if I hii I i.i 11 !
from ua. There wai null
be ili.inklul lor, he suid, if thii pact
woro consummated, and that wul il
would drivt a nnil in the . olid, of Ihe
curie of tbc country—tht inuchinc ol
parly politics.
Tho talk ol con.nliiltilton Inn Iicvii
u (/rent otic. Since Ic47 il hui been
going on and without ill will lo Ihe
i/reiit republic lo the south.
li the lure of cold d,„ . its dullard-
ly work Canudiani will prove unworthy ol their history ami ol th- glorious lu iiint/.. which us members "I tho
llriliih Empire I hoy ihurc-an cinpiio
that ii nol only u niighiy power but
renowned for honor, juilice nnd ull
thul is belt in human affuirH. I huvo
nn abiding failh in the goodncai ol
my countrymen. I believe thul they
uru ready lo aink or iwini under the
olti Hag thai hai ihellerud in in the
pail ami under the Iin,' ol the great
ell empire the world bin ever known."
Muyor McNoiah in Moving Ihe vole
of thnnki mid every cloud hui a .1
ver lining. For the lost day or >o
ihe oily hue been plunged into dim
cully by the innileiii lo the wharf, but
thc silver lining Wul preieiilsd in lln.
hull loin. In by lln e.c.llenl sddrcii
just given. At thii time when (be Heciprocity treaty wui under diicuision
►ufli enlightenment a. wu. i/i'uu by
Sir Charles Ilibbcrl Tuiipcr wul moll
inlereiting and in.lructlvo.
I- > M.i'.oi Bay m.on I'.l llie motion
uud .aid il wai more ihun   ordinary
I pluiure to lie ptcienl    He paid a In
ling   tribute lo lite tpsuki*  for   the
clear and forceful manner in which hii
, deliverance, were given.
I   Prolonged applauie urcvttd tbe   un-
'inimoui n.liplion ol tho motion.
On Sulurduy ulternoon while work
ing at the coiiitrucliou oump ol the
Japanese Contractor Tkyo, at Lynn
Creek, a.laboring fapaucie, Youiii by
inline iccidentully met death by a failing in-- Youai, who had been Milling in tho proccn ol uijderciillinu fail
ci to clear when tin tree
lo fall aud ono of the lopmoit lirnncli
ce .truck him killing him instantly
The city police wero notified and tin
body wui ink.ut to llurron Broi.,
where an iii.|Ucit wai held on Saturday ulternoon by Coroner In, I.e..
The only witneai ol lho tragedy un.
ii fellow Jupancie Sutwki In name
Ilia ovidence wui ui lollowi : Deceased ind I were working together al
coulriclor'a cump ua ilulcd tutting
down a Ins, When lho large tree fell
it bit aguiuil another one and rebounded wilh great lorce .trikiug de
ccated on the hood killing Ium I wa.
ul.o elruck and rendered unconscious
for ionic time. On Ihii evidence thc
jury rtlurned a verdict ol accidental
attendance Aiiistunt Solicitor .lotion
together with M.< -i ■ Hurwull, Boiill
bee and Honti'uuilicil, roprciunting
Ih. city ol Vancouver; It. W. Harris,
ol Harris k Hull, representing Iho municipality of South Vuneouver, uml
Ur. Dotiglus, of Downer, Ik-id k wull-
bridge, uiiiilod by Engineer Donald
Cameron, representing the municipality ol Point Grey. After hearing what
various rcprcicntutiim hud lo any
the ( oinmiiiioner Iuid lite mutter over
pendine/ thc appoinlmcnt of tint new
wirier comminion by the provincial
governuicnl or otherwise Mill el lo
thirty duyi'. notice of uuy Billing lo
further coniidor the mutter.
were appointed, via., Mifi M. Harklo,
laic of the Uorris Vulley ichool, and
Mink .lone, of Nanaimo, holh for the
primary dupurtmeut.
.Mr. Ilennet reported thut tweiiti
eight new pupili hud hen enrolled in
Ihe val'ioui idiooli liuce Eaitcr. A
letter wus rend from Junitor• John
sou of Ihe Itidgoway Ave. school ink
ing for an iucrcaie in salary, luilinu
wbich be would resign. The rotigna-
lion wui accepted.
Tonderi lor the mo.inn nnd rcmod
dolling of tin- janitor*! coltagl at Ihe
north end school were opened uud the
contract win. awarded lo Mr. Ewtji of
No. iIt Vancouver lor Ww.
It win decided that application! foi
various schools in the city sh tld be
mule to the government, The incline, wus then adjourned.
of   the   ichor)!
IM'om'AHAIH.K       Mlltlll
One Doll.i depoiiled in tho Hank ol
ilimilion might mciu tho first ilep
toward tbo accumulation ol a lortune.
Tht man who icorni the iigidoui
iavoitmcnl ol Im tavingi hai yet to >
lurn   tin true principles ol liugslily
ind thrill.
Ilnpoiil ont dolltr lodoy-begin to
providt tgiinsl old ago and financial
C. G, HEAVEN, Agent,
North Vancouver.
Htad Oict:
City Trcaaurcr Humphrey, ii in lt>
csfpt ol a letUr Irom lir. V. A.
Hriggi, Im im ily of Viacouvor ind
now s( Chisng liui Slum, in whicli
lho doctor eipretici lentimcsti ol a
veiy pinning nature to ill pro Norlh
i' '-it        Hn'    let I-I    Ul   pUt     I'I'd.
at follows:
I sm s grest bsliiver is North Vancouver. I fasvi dons s lot lo sdver-
Iin the town and bivi done muob in
gotting nihil, to buy property there,
ind htvt the honor of hoping eomt
dsy to come bick to the dear boms
land snd build s borne in ths fincit
bit ot municipal esrth I know of any-
where on thii esrth tnd I have toss
not s hiiIe ol tbii "M tpbers.
North Vancouver losdi lbs osrtb, to
Isr ai I know. Duty calls tn* her.
juit now, but tome dsy I hop.
it least lo come ind rett owbilo ou
the tunny ilo|w ol North Vsncouvsr
Youri nnosrely,
A ipcciil meeting ol the icnooi , hmm U()|)j B Huunmniu|1( „ld ,,,
liontil waa held on Salurdty after- L,|,,Franks, an American, appeared
noon in Ihe Central school. The lull Woro Muyor on Saturday ou
board wai present witb thc exception a charge of drunkonpesi Fruuki wus
ol Mr. McDowell.   Two now    teacher. | fined SA.70 und I'op So both wilb eottl.
Her feel beneath her putlicoil
I.ike little mice Hole- in and out
As if they feared the light,
Hut, oh, the dunces such a wuy
No aun upon un Easier duy
Is half io hue u sight,
Tboit whole toito for dsneing
uud love lor music long lor lho relaxation lound in the pleasurable experiences ol the two slip, wultr, polka,
and oilier variulioni of tho pnilinio,
too numerous to mention, no doubt
uie expectantly swuiting tho 3lildny
of Murch, the date when lho ludtel ol
lho St. Andrew's nnd Caledonian Society nn.' giving their annual ball in
thc Nnrth Vancouver llorlicultursl
hull. Chiinco'i orchestra bu lieon
engaged by the society to furniih mu-
ale for the dm .. i. and n very ploai-
unl evening ia looked forward lo by.
young nnd old alike
Thi spptiaitioa ot tat city iA Vancouver for s record of 100 cubic fist
ofswttr per ncond on Stymour rivsr
csmt up for hssriog btlort Wstor
C^mmiMionir Plstcbsr at New Weston Mcasdsy.    Ttsrt mrt ia
128 Lonsdale Avenue
Spring will soon be
here when you will
require new Linoleum
for your kitchen, etc.,
a. new Carpet for
some other room. A
good assortment of
patterns to select from.
Prices a little lower
than elsewhere. □
Note our Prices:
Kitchen Tablet ..... (1.75
Kitchen Chair.       50c aad 65c
"      "        7Sc and $1.08
Dining Chairt    75c up
Iron Bedsteads Iron
(3.75 up to $35.00
Mattresses, lull size, irom (3 up
Springs, lull size, Irom $2.25 up
Dressers witb bevelled mirrors
, $8.00 up Io $45.00
Estimates Gladly Furnished,
lyace Curtains    Curtain Net
Maddrass Muslins for Curtains m
Tlm report'covering tbt building to-
Dalt orCanadjan nitiea lor 1810 has
b\\My been issued. Tbie ebuwa that j
Vantouver itanda fourth on the liat ul:
tba larger oitjea pf the Dominion,
while in the percentage uf     udvuuce.1
! over the previous year it itand8 ice-1
ond on tbs lint.
' The tutub are aa follow.: Toronto,
131,117,783,  increase  of 16 per cent.;|
Montreal, 416,816,859, im rouse u!   I'M I
per osnt^ i Winnipeg, 115,106,450,  in-!
• crease   of   63 per centf;   Vancouver,'
813,15U,:iti5, increase of 81 per cent.
Tnlnlit from uther Canadian cities
reported are as lullows : llumilton,
1)2,601,605; lliioso Juw, Sl.llnll,'i!«li
Ottawo, 13,040,01)0;   llo^inu,   S3,.tri0,-'
^066; Fort William, 82,381,12ft; Calgary, 86,580,1!I4; Siiskutouu, .3,'ilri, '
696; Edmonton, M,16!),I0li; Lath-1
bridge, 11,160,1)85 j- Victoria, .3,871,-'
095; Port Arthur, SI ,063,616.
Spanning of Bivert Join! City to
Mainland -Si. Lawrence Houiu ya.
Georgiun Bay Canal—Canada a
ijormon Stronghold—Ladies Object
tu Imported Wivei—Blood Train1
fusion Iti'i'iilbi Spark ul Life
(From our nwn oorreipondent)
Mutitreal, March-81—If the pick and
shovel men work aa hard when tbt
lime cornea aa the logielntori have
been doing lately the island ol Montreal will be ancient hiitory even tn
iIn- in, .in generation. Hill after bill
is being pie .miid tn the legislature
nl i im bee and charter ufter churtor ii
being miight aaking lor power and authority to build bridge! and tunnel! across tbe St. Lawrence i ni the
lliviere des Frairict Irom the   main
land to the; Wand ;oI Montreal, pi
courts tha rivers will itill' be there,
but'if the plana oil mature the crowing of them from the island to the
■mainland wil| be like crort'ng tbe
Seine Iron) nno district tn another
of Pai'ia.
No icttti than .even railww and q>
vitliipiiienl ciiinpunies want to get into the oity. Two of them would tunnel the river, the others would build
bridgoi. One of them bat conceived
the brilliant idea ol tunnelling the
whole iiland, palling under the itreeti
'from south to north, under Mount
Boyal and out gondne.-a knnwi where'
in one ol the baok parlthoi. The pro
motort are working likt mad to obtain the neceiiary content to atari
wurk.   Montreal needs niote   ways   ol
ciiiiiaiiiiii'iiiioiiN with the mainland to
the south ol her, but it is doubtful If
ih. ii quite ready to go into bridge
building and tunnelling wholciule
There ii lomothing behind all this m.-
Blocks 226, 227 and 230.    Subdivided into
Lots 50x114 feet.
Inn Plans, Price List and Particulars, apply to
Phone 6286. Corner Pender and Seymour Slreet, Vancouver, B.C.
it ii
jj A GOOD PROPOSITION for either the jj
ii Homeseeker or Investor —on 7th Street, ::
jj just west of Queensbury carline, only $1200 jj
ii Third cash, balance easy.     Good View.   Good Soil."::
\b  ::
11 -• fi    /> 02 LONSDALE   AVENUE
Martinson & Co. zTmm?!:L*,,
■f..l..l-t-fMl»l..l_t..r-fa.lMT..T..tMlaJ-t-*-' J
I P*v.
........ _ . . . .   .       *»yone  who will give tbia   invcal-
Y/all  II     Ma If A     IVlAnAV    H 4*1*0   I mm   opportunity   .erinua   ron-ider*
1 UU 11    ITiaiVC     lTlUllCJf     1 1C1 C   t   t    ti„n (,„ , hw mjnuU, W|||   rca.di|y
iflHsHtaWaaaanHKSSSBUHsBasSBSBBSSBll^HBBS>SSBVS^Hi and large I'i lo
thu | "i ol
140 feet on Mahon Avenue Car Line at
$53 a foot.
"X Lot 33 and 34, Block 112a, D.L 271,
>40 feet by 100 feet deep, only $7500
I -\cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
m Gronvillo Street     VANCOUVEB, B. C, Aufhoriied fcspital   »,000,000.
Ileal Eatate.    Inauroncc.      Monty to Utn.
TS*,*li.: 14 Unrfal. A.«ua, North Vanc»u.«.    WJIEJSL.
Lot 18, Block 35, D. L. 550, $1150. Caah $450, balance 6 ud 12 monlht
LoU 54 and 55, Block 166, D. L 274, $13,000. Termi to arrange. Near Lonidale
tie above lots are among the belt buyi is North Vsneouver, and intending investori will aerve their own
interest, by investigating. We hsve the cxclusivi uie snd sito a large list ot otter lots in tn. Cily. It It
Is your own intereit to c.ll and inspect our liet before dsciding,
Real Ertate AgenU.      Financial Broker*
Head Office; 405 Hastingi St. W., Vancouver, B. C.
British Columbia Brapcb OflfifSes: Branch Office* in Europfc:
4 L07.fM.ale Ave., North Vancouver Berlin, 0»rni»ny        »
lllf Government St., Victoria I^ndon, EngUnd
J'aria, France
tivity and excitement which tint public/ aa yot, has not been nhlo to fa*
them, ,
Heretofore Montreal ha. been looked
Upon an a nn;,nun,net champion  of the
1 it'oi'ijiuii Bay canal project, so that
it wua with aume. aurpriio that the
plana outlined by Mr, Henry llnlguut,
the oiport engineer, lor tho deveiop-
inenl of Cunuda'i water ways, wile r -
ceivod so heartily. Mr. Holgate. assert! that il the present tit, Lawfeuue
route were improved ui it would lit
ijuilo poiiiblo to iniprnvo it. it would
prove io much iiiperinr to the Geor-
t'ti'ti Day t 'anal rniitc ai tu render tha
ouniidurution ul Hint vast project entirely luperHuuui.
"For many years," auid Mr. Hoi
gale, "tha improvimliit ol tho lit.
I.swrenco cunul lyitum hus hen die-
cuiiod, bul not in iuch a way ai to
produce definite conclusion!. Nu copi
pruhcniive estimates und survey! have
been made 10 ua tn determine the
practicability ol increasing the capacity uf this route to Montreal uii audi
a iiculc as cuntomplutod fur the Geor-
giun Bay ('until, wilh lock. lifiO leet
long, 76 (oet wido and a inininiuiii ui
89 feet of wuter on Ihe sill. 1 think
the time hui cunio when audi n at wiy
of the Bt, Lawrence should he made.
and this befure we cninniitt ourselves
to heavy expenditures nn existing
Mr. II •• ulso made incident ul
reference to Ihe propused develupuiuni
of power ul I "in: Sniill rapids, says
the idea uf canalising tho river by
maintaining the navigation channel in
the ii.i i nnd eie. tut: .1.iins below ihe
'.on ni. t.ii'ii I., hud bean the dream ol
engineers fur many years.
Despite the facj that reciprocity duet
not  ilnnd   a   chunoo uf being settled
one wuy ur the other fur sumo  time
to   come,    t'aiiadian    industries    arc
booming, and there ie a leeling of the
uiuio'd  coaiiileinc pervading the    at-
musphere brealhed by thost who huve
money tied up iii Canadian  induatriul
securities.      The   lovers    dopr sainns
which hove |it.'. .iihd during tht past
twelve monlht in inch ilaples ai cement, iron und, aiheitoi ure nuw lift -
ing uud legitimate buiinvis is getting
back to a normal buiii again.     Thu
Amalgamated   Aibestoi   Corporation,
lor   instunce,   wbu.c annua)   meeting
wa. held la.l week, give promise   uf
good   time,   to come   by   uunouiic ng
thut, although the output from   the
mill, during the pull iee<un wus lurge
with a lessening of ihe coal of  production this yeur, due tu the   adoption of newer methods, uud wilh more
activity in lho trade thi. coming Union of which ligm ure nuw appurcnl,
the result! ul Ihe coining year    will
show   great improvement.     .In    I'.t.g
li.h   syndicate ha. purchased $300,0 II
tieiisiny liuinls nl tntit compuny    und
1:200,0011 more will probably ho   put
chaicd later on in thut the organ/1
lion now ha. the .tunc working enpi
Ial a. al the coinmeiicemciit ol ita operations,'hlus   in   Ihii   and
ulher industrial   compunici have great
confidence   in   the   future   no   matter
what the political uipecl.
On the whole ilidn-ln I stocks and
homls have never been looked upon
mora favorably Ihnn in.w. Ihe 1'.
Hums Limited ol Celguri, the great
ranchers und pucker! ul lite well,
have just made a million dullur boud
issue through the Dominion Sicurilici
They art lieing inupped up in record
lime, even bculing the oid record held
by thii inine firm n year ur so ugu
'or disputing of ita ufforinga. The
character of Pat Bum. himsell ii in
ihe meantime responsible for this.
People in the call think ui much of
the old piunecr and patriot aa tbey ,
do in tha weit where he live, and is
known. But il*. the rattling success
he hai mad. ol hii buiiuesi that
make, those who have money lo invcal anxious tn got iu »ilh him. 'Ibe
Hell Tcle|ihoii. ia also putting out.n
"tin i, issue, thii lime thruugh Ihe lln-
yal Sis-uriti.-s. Max Ait ken, I'unudu's
llritiih M. V., being the Ial her of it
im lo spi-nk. Mai ii coming back lo
home and glory ioon and Montreal is
preparing a brow band welcome for
Agents ol Mormoniim are active in
Montreal. Tbey aro distributing litor-
ulurc throughout the city. Tbey arc
endeavoring by personal inleronurie
to poriuade member! ol many church
et lo accept the doctrines ol tbe in-
called Church of .fcsui.
After aome csrsful sleuthing on tho
part ol mcmberi of a mluionary society ber. it bs. been learned thul
two elderi of the Mormon church have
been very tuwcttful during the pail
few monUu in getting .-unveils. Moit
of Mormon, .till practice |M>lygamy
snd are pulling up a lining fight n, I
gaintt tbot. who are attacking linn
nwlhodi sad nrgumenls in proiely
ting. Tbt Hon. Winston Churchill in
Uw British Houie of Cummolie bss
just ittrtsd sn invtetigatlon into tbc
wayi nf tbt Mormom throughout Uie
British Empire and Conadioni who
(ibjcct to ihem ore fyrniihing Idm
fitb vtlusHe information at to their
moveoHBl* in Canada.
Elegant New Styles in
Men s
Spring Suits
Priced to save dollars for
you and build trade (or us,
$10 to $35
See them and you will want
to see how you look in them.
Try them on-then you'll want
to own one. They are extraordinary values, as you'll realize
when you see them.
113-115 Lonidale Avenue,
Why pay 1350.00 for rough uncleared Lois when wt tan tell you
the vary beat cleared Lots without a'atone on them, level at s ttbli
and into gran. Been cultivated for ten yean, lituslcd on Centre
Koad, being thc licit Buad on the North Shore and one block host
tlie Car Lint, School, Church and Store; havi city water, sltctrit
light and telephone.
Price 1350 to HOD cach..'i'ermi 1100 caib, balsnc 6, 11 and 11
months. These lot. will bring at least in our eitimttios 100 per
cent, profit on the amount invested withiu .it months. Buy quick,
they aro going fait.
P. 0.!'.  ■ 172
North Vancouver
North Vancouver City Ferries, Limited
luvi Vmcouvn      UaviNerUVM. Ltlvt Ntrtk Via.     Uavt Vauaaytt
'6 'ill a.m. 'UM a.m. '6.90 a.m. '0.16 a.m.
7 30 " 7.80 " *7.a0 " '8.00 "
8 30 "               8.60 " '8.M " '8.60 "
.j.16 »              9.116 « 9.90 " 8.46 ".
K1.I6 " I0.« " 10.16 " " " 11.46 " 11.16 " "
1..I6 p.m. V2.ii, p.m. p.m. p.m.
1.16 " I.« "    . 116 " l.*6 "
•j.16 " 8.46 " 8.16 " II
3lt " " ,       ».!» " ».i6 "
III " i.iO it 1.16 a 4.40 "
5.00 " 6.» " M " ».80 "
6i0 " «O0 'I 6.40 " 600 "
,i,80 " 6.49 " 6^0 " «.46 "
7.86 " 7.46 " 7.96 " 7.46 "
,1.11 " 8.40 n 8.1» " 8.46 "
•1.16 it 9.46 " 8.16 " 0.46 " " 1045 " 10.16 " 10.46 "
ll SO " 11.46 " 11.16 " 19.16 a.*. s.m. 1.00 s.».
' Denotti not on Sunday.
'Init Time Ttbli lubjtct to cbangs without nolle,
l|    I I ——aa»aa..a..a.a»a.—
West Vancouver Motor launch Service
Launch "Weal Vancouver," Captain Findlay
Licensed tor }} passenger!
Ltani        ,' Isr.vii Vanceuiir Whirl Cllj hrrli.' Whirl
' I very »»u tier pi ftuod.y
7.30 a.m. 8.00 a.m.
y o.) a.m.       ' > ii.oo a.m,
11.on a.m. n.oo a.m.
13.15 pm."" 14.00 p.m,   '
1500 p.m.' 16.00 p.m,
17.00 p.m. \ 18.00 p.m
to, or, p.m. ......   .*,stuiss>i eoly  23.00 p.m.
y- 39 »•'» sawday ftchctulc 10.00 a.m.
13.15,,        11        14.00p.m.
.^""P-m .••••        "  '7ii»m-
1830 pni         „ ■      ,.».
Blnglt Part 16c.       Two Tickatt 96c.
 S-, ,  .
(Jutikest rogU from North Vancouver to the district beyond
Capilano River,    Launch "Woat Vancouver" makes connac-   ,
lions, without fail, with the ferry tte.amera from Nor»h Van-
"ii. ii.,is per alwve schedule.
~~»" '       »tl SJBISJ|S»IP»a.a»ai 111       , |  aaaaa»aa»   i nil
Nearly all qone, and perhaps you didn't buy.
We have a dozen left, and the first twelve
inveitori who get to our office with a deposit
get them.
You never had an opportunity to purchase property on a carline exteniion before at the price
we are offering loti in "Capilano Park" at,
and you never will have again.
Carline awured before June, 1912.
Price $150—$15 caih and the balance monthly.
Half-acres $500 to $575.   10 per cent, caih and
balance over two yean.
Phone 1956      134 Hastings St., W
North Vancouver City
Lots in Blocks' 9, 9a, 15,15a, 16 and
16a; District Lot 550; now on sale;
Acreage  in  District Lots 546 and
550; subdivided into blocks of from
to 22 acres.
The Grand Boulevard Extendi
Through Thii Property.
For Plant, Price Litt ud Particular!, apply to
The North Vancouver Land and ,
Improvement Co. w "*
Corner Pender and Seymour Strceti.
Vancouver, B. C
Phone 6266
iiimni hi i i, i i»i m ■ i u hhwii iiiiihhhiimiihihi
Louis Joseph Vance
Copyright, IMS, by tha Bobbt-Merrlll Co.
Tbe rata promptly turned bit back
to ball hit mate. " 'Art a quid, Bob, l(
we inits tbit gent aboard a wcssel
name o' Allytlicer afore tbo ayles at
tnrn o* tide."
In tbe boat tbc man with tbo balling
can turned up an Impassive couillo-
iiniit'c "t 'until down." He clinched Ilic
lini-Riiln and act about shipping tbc
twee pa.
Hows twinging downstream, the
bunt shot qut from tbe abore.
"iiow'n tbc ilileV" demanded Klrkwood. Ills Impatience growing.
"On th' lurn, sir," be was told.
For a long moment broadside lo the
current. Ibe boat responded to tbe
sturdy pulling of the port sweeps. Another in,intent and It was In full
awing, the wntcrmon bending lustily
to tbelr task. Ship after ship wns
passed, anil lit keen anilely lest lie
should overlook the right one Kirk-
wood searched their bows anil slcrnn
for names, which In more than one
cose proved hardly legible.
The Aletbea wns But of their number.
Iii the course of some ten minutes
the wn turmoil drove the boat Bbui'pl)
Inshore, bringing her up alongside an
oilier Driatlng singe. In the shadow of
toother tenement, both so like those
from which they had embarked Unit
Klrkwood would have been unable to
distinguish otic from another.
In the bows i Id Hob lifted up a sleir
torlati voice, summoning one William
In answer to the third ear racking
hull n man, clothed simply In dirty
shin.aud disreputable trousers, showed
himself lu the doorway above, rubbing
the sleep oill of it red, bloated counle
nance with a mighty and grimy list.
" 'Kilo." he said surlily. "Wol's lb'
'"Do," Interrogated old Hob, holding
the boat steady by grasping the stage,
"was Hi' party wot engyged yer larsl
night. Hill?"
"Parly name o' Allytbeer," growled
the drowsy one.   "W'y?"
Tarty 'ere't looklu1 for 'Im. Where
will I llnil Ihis Allytlicer?"
"Beat look sharp 'r yer won't find
'Im." retorted the one above. "*B wus
at anchor off How creek hirst night."
Klrkwinid's heart leaped ill hope
"What sort of vessel was the?" he
asked, hulf rising In bia eagerness.
"Urlgunllne. sir."
Aud again Ihe boat was flying down
In midstream, Ihe leaden wuler. shot
Vlllr gold of the morning sun. parting
liillenly beneath Its bows. Hugging
the marshy shore, tbey rounded the
Bhickwull point, the boatmen pulling
Inn.I Young William looked to Klrkwood  euughl Ills eye tnd nodded.
Klrkwood rose balancing himself
ne.nt,' i the leap and sway of the boat.
"Suniwhero's 'long o' 'ere."
From right to left his eager gltiiico
twept Ihe river's widening reach. Via-
tell were there in abundance, but no tailing vessel of any type.
Tlie young man's ll|is checked n cry
thut wus half a rob of bitter disappointment lie sal down suddenly.
"She's gone!" he cried In t hollow
The tired hottltncn cased upon their
oars, ami old Hob tlnud up In the
bows, scanning the rlvorscono wilh
keen eyes phlilrird by a level palm
The bout il rifted lltdlc.-sly with Ihe
Old Hi !> puiid. "Iiawn'l pec nuw-
lain' -o* cr"   lie resumed bis seal.
"There's no hope, I suppose?"
The cider waterman shook his head
"Tarn't aye. Might be round net'
bend - might be - pussln' Pu/dccl.
Point Is me un' young Wllyuui 'ere
-enru't do ton tnoro'u wo 'at We be'
wore out."
"Yet," Klrkwood assented, dlscouao-
lata. "You've certainly eurned jour
pat/." Then hope rovlvcd. He wtta
Very young In heart, you kuow. "Can't
you suggest something'/ I've got to
catch thul ship!"
Old Hob wagged bit head In slow
negation; youilg Wllllnln llflcd hit.
"There's u rylcwyc rum by Woolwich," be ventured. "Yer might tyke
trync an' go to Shcernces, sir.   Yer'd
be positive o' iun:do' 'ci- if the didn't
syle ofofo 'Igh tide. 'Ire a boat at
tdiecritct.t: mi' put out an' look for 'cr."
"How fur's Woolwich?" Klrkwood
demanded Instantly.
"Mile/1,,said the elder man. "Tyke
yer for live boh extry."
Young William dashed thc sweat
from his eyes, wiped bis polras on his
hips nnd lliled llie sweeps again to llie
wooden tholes. Old Bob was as ready
With an Inarticulate cry tbey gave
Till-: old boatman seemed Inclined
loward   optimism   when   the
bout  lay  alongsldo a landing
stage aj  Woolwich and  Klrkwood had clambered ashore.
"Yer'll inebbe tnykc It," the waterman Lid hltn, with u wcathcnvlsc survey of lire skies. ''"Wind's fteshcnln'
from the cusl'rds, an' that'll 'old 'cr
buck a bit; sir."
"Arsk Ih' wye lo Ih' Dorkyard sty-
shun," young William volunteered,
""lis lit' shortest walk, sir. I 'opca
yer catches 'cr.   Thank}', sir."
He. caught dexterously the sovereign Klrkwood. In ungrudging liber
nllty, spared them of Ids store of Iwo
The American nodded acknowledg
incuts and nil lens, with a failed smile
ilefirecilliig his chances of winning tin
race, sorely handicapped as lie was
He was very, very tired and In Id
heart inspected thut he would fail
i:tit If he did lie would ul least.lie
tilde to coiufi't'l himself Ihat It wat
in I fur luck of trying. He set lib
teeth ou'that cnvcnnnl In gi'lui deter
n.linttli'U Kllher there was a strait'
if tlie bulldog hid nl In the Klrkwood
hived or, else his infatuation gripped
him -more strongly than be guessed.
Yet lie surpciied something of Ils
power. He knew thai this was alio
gclher an Insane proceeding ond thai
Ibe lure leil him on wus Dorothy
f'nlondor, A strange, dull light glowed
In ids weary eyes on the thought of
her He'd go through lire und water
In her service She was costing him
dear, perhaps was lo cost him dearer
still, ami perhaps thcre'd he for his
guerdon no more Ulan a "Thunk you.
Mr Klrl,urn ill" at lho end of lire pus-
sage Hut that would be no less than
Ids deserts. He wot not lo forget Unit
lie was Interfering unwarrantably
The girl wus In her father's hands,
surely safe enough there—lo thc ens
uul mind. If her partnership In' Iter
parent's fortunes were distasteful she
endured II passively, without com
He decided Ihat it was bis duty to
remind   himself   from  time to  lime
that Ills main Interest must be In Ihe
giiine llsclf. lu Ilic solution of Ilic rid
die    Whatever should bcfull. he must
I look for no reward for bis gruiuitous
t and self ufipoPiled part.   Indeed, be
was till tail successful In persuading
I himself lit tl II was the fusclnalluii of
; adventure alone Ibat drew blm ou
A Imp' Inline native whom he presently encountered furnished minute
directions for reaching the I't.-kynrd
station "i the Southeastern a tl Chat-
barn railway, adding comfortable in
formation lo lite effect Hint tlie licit
castboiiinl train would puss through
In ten minutes If Klrkwood would
ntt'iid his pact lie could uiukc 11 easily.
Willi lime lo spare.
Klrkwood mended bis pace' accordingly, bul. contrary to Ihe prediction.
had no lime In spare at oil Keen at
he slofmcd Hie llcket grating Ihe train
was lliunderlng In at Ihe platform
Therefore o nervous ticket n ei i
passed hint oul n first class ticket Instead of Hie third class he had nsked
for, and.there was no lime wherein lo
have Ihe mistake reel 111 id, Klrkwood
plunked down Ilic fare, swore and
tprititcd for Ihe eorrlugct.
The in i coiiipurlinenl whose door
be perked vlolenly open proved lo bt
occupied and waa, moreover, not a
Hooking cur. lie received a Heeling
Impression of a wumuu't startled eyes
Haling into hit own through a thin
until of veiling, fell off Ihe running
bourd, slammed Ihe door and hurled
idm.'.i'if towurd the next comportment
Here happier fortune attended upon
his desire. The boijlke tcction wat
untenanted, and a notice blown upon
Ihe window gluti announced that It
wui "Second Class Smoking." Klrkwood promptly tumbled In, and when
he turned to slujt the door tho coachet
were moving.
A pipe Helped him to bear up while
llie Irolu wua making lis two other
stop! In thc borough of Woolwich. It
consoled him little that none disputed
wilh bliu his lonely possession of Uio
compartment, Ihat he bad ctugbt the
ShccrucKi train or Ibat he wat really
losing no lime. A sense of deep dejection hud settled dowu upon-bit consciousness, wilb a realization of bow
completely a fool't errand wat thii of
his. He felt foredoomed to failure.
He waa never lo set Dorothy Ctlendar
apln, and hit brain accrued numb
Witb dis':t|,|,.ilnimcnt. Presently 'be
toppled limply over on the cushion"
and fell first tsleep.
, Battling and awaylntf, tbt trail) left
Ibe town behind.
Presently be pot aside bit pipe tnd
flared blankly out at a reeling land
scape, Uie pleasant, homely, amlilut;
countryside of Kent A deeper melancholy ilnicd Ills mind Dorothy Calendar was forever lost lo blm. Presently tie toppled limply over on the
cushions and fell fust asleep.
I • ••• i •
After a long fline he seemed in real-
lie in I Iter hazily Unit the carriage door
had been opened to admit smnchody.
Ils smart closing bang shocked hltn
awake. He sat up, blinking lu confusion, hardly conscious of mure, to
begin with, ilnin that the train had
paused and was again In full lllghl.
Then, his senses clearing, be heenmo
aware tbat bis Bolllary companion. Just
entered, was a woman. She was seated
across from hltn, her back to tbo engine, In on ni i ii ml.- which somehow
suggested u highly nonchalant frame
uf mind She laughed, and Immediately her speaking voice was high ami
sweet lu bis hearing.
Beneath his'breath lire bewildered
limit said, "Tbe deuce!" and above It.
In a slnpelleil lone, "Mrs. nullum!"
She nodded In n not unfriendly fush-
lon, smiling brightly.   '"Myself, lir.
Kirkwoudl    Ueully   our   predestined
pallia  ua'  badly   tangled  Just   uow,
aren't Ihey?   Were you surprised lo
find me in here with you?  Conic, uow,
confess you wercl"
He   remarked   tlie   smooth,  girlish
; freshness of her checks, the scuse and
| humor of her month, the veiled gleam
; of excitement In her eyes of tbe changing sea, and suw ua well thut thc wit
dressed  for  traveling,' sensibly,  but
. with uu uir, and boil brought a amall
i hand bug with her.
|   "Surprised uud delighted," be replied,
! recovering, with mendacity to Intentional aud obvious tbat (ht woman
laughed uloud.
"I knew you'd bcl   You tee, I bad
the carriage ahead, the one yon didn't
take  I was su disappointed when you
Hung up lo tbe door aud away again.
Yon didn't sec mu hanging half out
the window to wuteb where you went,
did you)  That's bow I discovered that
your discourtesy   was  unintentional,
that you hadn't recognized me  by lho
| fact that you look this compartment
right behind my own."
|   She puused Invitingly, but Klrkwood,
' grown wary, contented himself witb
' picking  up  his  pipe  and  carefully
knocking out the dottle on lbs window
I   "I waa glad to see you," tbo USnned,
' "but only partly became you were you,
Mr. Klrkwood.   ThofJthcr and major
part waa because sight of you confirmed my own secret intuition.   You see,
I'm quite old enough tnd wise enough
to question even my own Intuitions.
For you are going to (Jucensborough,
aren't you, Mr. Klrkwood?"
"giieeirshorotiglii" he echoed blankly, ond, In fad. he wu al a leu to
follow her drift. "No, Mrt. Hallam;
I'm uot bound there."
j Her surprise wot apparent 8b*
made no effort to conceal It. "But,"
; the fullered. "If not tbers"-
"Olvt you my word, Mn. nullum,
I huve no inii i.i 1. ii whatever of going
to Queeusborough." Klrkwood protest.
,od.    ■
1 "I dou't nnilei l.imi-" The ncrwiui
drumming of a pulcnt leather covered
toe, visible is in 'Ui the hem of her
dtesi.  alone   liell.t. i d  a  lining  tide  of
Impal.lciicc.   "Then my intuition wa*
at  fault!"
"In this Instance, If It wat at all
concerned wilh my Intlgnlflcont uf-
folra. yet-most decidedly at fault."
"Very well, iheti! Now, Id ut ace-
where ore you boundF
Klrkwood looked out of Hie window.
"I'm convinced lit a rendctvuai."
Klrkwood 'smiled patiently it tbt
"It Dorothy Colendtr to very, very
beautiful, Mr. Klrkwood?" wilb a
trace of malice
ii.ieiiiiiii.iinij Klrkwood rood tha
Southeastern and Chatham's framed
ctrd of warning, potted Just obovi
Mrt. Ilolluin'i bead, to all tucb Incurable lunullct at ire poiscsscd of,,
t desire to travel on tbt miming
board, of railway ctrrlogct.
"You ore going to moot ber, trcnt
He gracefully concealed a yown.
Thc «I'lnnn's plan of attack took it-
othci form, "l.nst nlgbt, when you
told me your tlory. I believed you."
lie devoted himself to aupprcsslng
Ibe Icmi'lhigly obvious retort and tub-
cc'dcil. hui. though be left It unspoken,
tin humor "f It twitched the camera of
Id "i tttit nnij Mn. Hallam wo. ob-
•ervniil, so Unit her next attempt to
I'.-. Hut nut wot edged with temper.
"i t .'hn.-ii y>u an American, but (
gentleman.    It appear*  that If you
ever were Ibo latter you've fallen so
low Ibat you willingly cast your lot
I with lulcvci." .
Having cibauitod bit repertory of
rudenesi, Klrkwood took to twiddling
bit tbutubt.
"I want to atk you If yon tblnk It
fair to mo or my ton to leave ut in
Ignorance of tbe place where you tr*
to meet tbe thieves who itoie our my
ioo'i Jewel*?"
"Myt. llalluui," be aaid soberly, "II
I am going to meet Mr. Calendar or
Mr Mulrcady, 1 btvt no atturatwt of
tbat fact."
(To bt conlinusd) 'BIGHT
Express Want Ads.
WANTED-tlirl lor general hoilM
fork. Mrs. W. % Parkins, 811 Sec-
ond street. 37-8
Voung girl wanted na inntbor'i help.
Apply Hn. Chapman, DUS 6th St. W.
WANTED-Hoqio, with or without
board, private family. Box ISM, Van-
couver. 38-3
I iniii leintiii wishes nice ruom in private family cldae in, With or without
board. Apply giving terms to No. 36,
I.-1ne ;■ Office 81-3
WANTED - Two htiuaci in Nurth
Vancuuvcr not more than {3,600 each,
'tn:.II caah payment, liulunce monthly
clients waiting, Um.I'll & Whitukcr,
1 and 3, Winch Building, phono 6807.
r.OST Block and white Batter Pup
(bitch) at car terminus Cspilsno San-
day afternoon. Owner 311 Ruling.
.treat.  Phone 1077. IW
J, Lsut.t and North LobkUU
Elder Hurray Co. firs insurssce.
Mill Eva llubden it prepared tu
t a he 3 ur 3 more pupils into her ul
lernoiiu preparutury echool. For
terms npply Hut 319, North Vancouver. HI
FORS.\LK-C I milch'Cow, Apply
phone 1160, Nurth Vancouver.
First eluss Cook Stove for sale. Apply at 137 I idulo Ave. li-l
FOIt  SAI.E-Mnnure.    Apply lo N.
V. Trunsfer and l.lvery Co., f.on.tlut.'
Avenue. 3i-;
FOB 8AI.E-A fine .lereoy-Uurhum
Cuw, calving ini.ltlh- uf April. Apply
tu Mrs. Dongall, Comer Uth and St,
George, North  Vaiicoinif.
LOT-One   block fl-um Lonsdale,
1*176.     Eniy terms.     Mrs. Mcllivaine,
 J63 Third street east, Ith home from
l.unsdiilc. 81-4
FOB SALE -Cow manure for the
garden. Onu dollar per loud. Colin
F. J nekton, Fifteenth street, telephone
106. 'II
FOB S'll.i: One block Iruin I.ons-
dulo car, Butiliiviird Lol, 50 feel frontage, price iNHI, easy terms. Mrs. Ale-
llwuine, 163 Third street east, till
house from Lonsdale Ave, lt-1
the partnership herclul.ire exialiug l»-
Iweeli Its, the uinl.-i i "tnd, as real es
lute ugeiits in the Cily uf Norlh Nun
couver, in llie province of British Columbia, hus this duy been dissolved by
mutual content. All debla owing to
Ihe .ml pnrtnership are lu Im.' paid
to Henry Valentin. Smith ul theCiij
of 'Villi Vunc.xiver, uml nil claims
' ■{ llie ...nd p.'in.'! hip ..I. i" h
pressrod lu ihe said Henry Valentine
Smith by whom the same will lie set
Dated ibis 47th duy ol Murch, A.I)..
(Signed)  TIIOS. A. MARTIN.
Witness: I'i-.IKH STEWART.
We will buy or eichange your sloves,
range, anil houaebold goods for apot
caah. Turner's, 7U Lonsdale Avenue.
Phone 181.    I X Box 313.
are now ready to fill all orders
for coal Tbey will
carry a full line of building supplies. Oet the beat. They have it.
A trial order will convince you of
ibat. Oet your coal before the
rainy season sets in. Head
-Quartern on corner of Esplanade
and Bt. Oeorge, North Vancouver.
Phone 260 Terms Cash
TENDERS WANTED lor allsrstlont
to the huiement ul the two roomed
sehiiothuiise nn King .treel, North
Vuneouver, for the school Irljiteei of
the tliilricl municipality ol North
The lowest or any tender not necci-
.■■.oik  accepted.
I'I.ins and speciticulioni may Ik sun
at this ollice or with Mr. Thomas Nye,
North  Vancouver.
Sealed temien lo be lodged wilh th
architect not luter than noon on April
11. M. BARKER,
65 Uutchinnou Block,
31-3 Ponder St., Vancouver.
Notice to Contractors
SEALED TEN'DI'BS on the prescribed foiins and urcuinpanieil liy a certified clicpic or easli for five per einl.
ol the amount of lender .sill berocoiv-
i.i "until 5 p in. on Thursday; 3Hlh
Murch. IUII, for the following t
(Touring, urubbinu and i/ruding right
uf wuy for sidewalks on Allan B/iad.
Church Slrecl* < niiijj|»TI Avenue, Do-
d'un, Dovcrcotirt, Frederick, Fromme
und West over Howls, in ii'eronluniT
wilh plum and specifications to be
seen ul this office.
The luweal or ail) lender not tiocet-
earily accepted,
District Engineer.
Diitrir!   Municipal OJfice,
North Vuneouver, B. < .,
I8lh Murch, 1011,
iu the i onlrt ti -tu is uf North Vanc.u
ver, B. C. :
I'le.. . lake notice thul on and uf
ler April III, lull, the I . II. of Car
ponleri, Locul lld.'i. N. Vuneouver, It
I ., will demuiid u nuiiumum rate iA
wage! of 661 cent! un hour.
P. R. Mcl.EAN,
Ret. Sec. Local 1136.
Nortli  Vuneouver, B" C.
March ti,  HUI. 7|
I Ihe firm of Martin St Smith, reul
[estate brokers of North Vancouver,
'givo notice uf dissolution oi partnership The business will Ik ruiriul ou
bj Mr Mcrton Smith The arrest ul
Mr Murtin, iciiior partner of the film
| for .ill,-:'..| forgery ii given ui the Its-
sua fur the action.
Rooms 10 and 11, Pender Chamliiri,
m Pender Street W.        Phont 3*61
Residence,   cur.   Lonadali  Avt   snd
33nd itrstt, North • Vancouver.
-   Notice to Contractors
SEALED TENDERS un thc pro-
> scribed lunna uud accompanied liy u
certified cheque, ur eush, for live per
_-_cout. of thc amount of lender will lie
received until 6 p.m. uu Thursday,
80th March, IVII, fur gmdint the
North and South Government Bund
along estt buundurics uf I). I ll)-i:i
snd IDU, a ditlance of !WM fed ap-
protiinatoly, in uccordunc. with plain
sad specification to be tesn nl thii
'fhs lowest or any tender not neoc-
asrily accept«).    '
District Engineer.
In.tricl. Municipal Oftc,
Norlli Vssaouver, B. C.
3f.t March, IVII.
Mr.   Philip,   local   trc.l.rcr, begi
lu   ncknowltfliie   receipt     Irom Bev
•I. II. Hooper ul S60 collected by him
lowaiils  thii limit    The umount ha.
been   tent   forward.    The lolul ium
nuw railed here ii 1174.70.
Th. information hereto subscribed
with regard to land under cultivation
lor the purpoic ol railing cereals in
the inn tin-in heuiiNplii'i.' hn- been puli
liihod in Ihe latest number of the den
lui snd Staliilic Monthly. Though
tbe aum totsli of 1310 ihow s percep
libio decreaae over the iiimc figures
for tho preceding yesr, thii fact ii
explained by the weather condition.
nnd lack uf rainfall in Ihe pail year
The area under cultivation, bush
oil railed and yield per sere sre as
follows :
Wheat-Yield 3,33V,IKH bushel.; area
under cultivation 337,724 acre.; ivtr
age yield per acre 14.23 buifaeli.
Bye Acres under cultivation 106,-
376;' yield 1,647,712 bushel., svsragt
yield per acre 1646 bushel..
Btrley-Acrei 66,m, yield 1,336,401
overage yield 30.74 bushrli per .oft,.
Ostt-Acret 132,760; yield, 3,»lt>
134 buiheli; average yiefd 3V.47 bush
eli (ier acre.
Curn-Aeret, 137,424; yield, 8,784,
606 bushel.; average yisld 27.10 psr
Editor Express:
Sir,—Tfae mishap down st Ihe lerry
wharl, due to neglect in nnt having
the lid. placed on the pontoons and
thereby allowing the rough sua to enter and sink them, impels me lo call
attention to the carelessness and want
of forethought displayed in connection
with tbe ferry service.
It should nut require a serious accident in each .-is.- t» call attention to
defect.. Why did nut the authnritiea
move in tbe matter ul a luol bridge
over the C P. R. until a muat regrettable accident forced them In do lo I
Now we have thii linking mishap.
which, bul fur pure carelessness could
hsve been so easily prevented.
Moil passenger, will have noticed
hnw driven ol rigs are permitted lo
drsw up Ihe bliudi un Ihe St. Oeorge
before the boat lins come lo rest ut
Ihe wharf und lu start their horse,
and gel i In in out uucomlortalily near
the crowd,.I paisougurs and then tu
follow clone on their hull. Will it re-
pure ii runaway 1..1111 dashing into
the crowd with possibly lutul result.
o leach the authorities thut no one
bul an ..ill. i..l should lie allowed to
touch the blind, until the pusscngcrs
arc not only off the boat, hut cipcci-
ully bu the Vancouver .side with its
confined approach, ul least th rty oi
fori) yard, ahead if
Willi i,, .ml to the new wharf, why
were nol the cur Hack, pluc.d do.
iu Ihe ...I .'...It. near the ticket ollice
instead of right in the centre tilin'n H
the vehicle trullic awaiting ils turn ti
jo on Hi wharf ' If they had li cu
so placed and liy using the present
inn...I easterly gale ui un exit for
pusiKngers the latter could linn both
.me hy and reach llie curs without
ever having to no into Ihe roadway
al all while the wiiitiug vehicles could
line up in llie cent re until the off-coming ii.,tin hud passed mil, and rniiloV
ihen enter by the aume gute aa they
d» ul present, vis., the centre one
Ini- .uml.,. im iii would ulso solve
the problem ol n double exil, one on
each side of the slrocl which will bsve
tu be provided sooner ur luter.
Who ii ie«p,,i,.il,!e for ihe arrangement uf ihe sculs nu Ferry Nn. 3 ?
In the saloon no one can get a window seal without silling with hiiItjick
lu the view, and further, ihcre ii no
much woodwork where there ought I
be glau thai il ii vary difficult loget
a view at ull. Outside thc luloon r
euch end llie leal by the outside rut1
il alio placed su thut pusscugcri ure
forced tu sit with their buck, lo llie
water ami view. On both the large
boat! thii seat should Ik ehunged at
once before the Warm weather. Al it
li jd.ri-.-.! today nine out ol ten pin-
-.a.-j" are eilhcr kneeling oil ot
twilled round uncomfortable in their
endeavor to get a glimpse ofthuview.
fn ihe lower aide salouni there il the
same absurd arrangement on No. 3 n.
on the M. Oeorge, vi/., u long IkdcIi
down one side where one must sit
with one', fivt right in the gangway ot having the liii.l-lo-buck
seal, extended in width which would
give a clear paisugc wuy down the
side and the suluc uinoiinl of sealing
ffow much longer will il be before
the billowing mutters of detail arc at-
tended I,,'. ll, II. pi.mi. iwouIoIhis
on ih. pyramid cluster lights, i.'i It,
mining temporary lumps from poles
and i, pi.i, ii,.- same by pyramid
lamp.. ii) Removing two concrete
lump p..-i.   kit,:' on'the sidewalk
There are notices against .pitting,
but nothing done lu enforce this order, hciuv the u|:|si outer deck is ol
leu in u filthy condition due to toler-
n!in,/ tin. disgtiiliuu linliil
Ihe lateit uflcucc |a the placing of
udverliiing in,.it,i on the punul. lie-
tweui lbs window. We don't dislig
ure our private veliicle. or buul*, lar
lew ought we to spoil the appearance
ul our public boat- The ferry company ii a public concern, not a pn
vain company, ill object should Is-el
licinit lervice not money making Wc
should forego this source ol revenue
in ihe suine spun ai (iluiguw duel
wilh iti car nervine where Ihey rsfuie
to ditfigiire their atrwl con I ud
■ •ni",'in,ni- ullbough by doing ».,
they luw the opportunity of reaping
a very large revenue.
I huve already drawn attention tu
the unprotected itatc uf the npproarh
lo the ilip un the Vancouver aide
when there ia no boat in. How easy
it would lie lor anyone in foggy weather on th. way down lo SS. Norlli
Vancouver lo walk Ktrnighl .bead in
lo |he water. I Me a chain lull he a
provided, but is it used 7
In conclusion, 1 wish to point out
that our growth and proa|R>rily de
pend un an up to .Int.- furry service,
Ultll iuch being Ihe ruse we shoiilh UM
every effort to make it efficient in
every reipeclf Tbit nunnot lie .lone by
ignoring details
Youn truly,
March 27th, IVII.
Ilic Rebekab lodge give iioli.e that
1 meeting of I|ru! order will be held
on Thiirsdsy ovening at nine o'clock
in the Oddfellows hall. A full attend-
once it requested.
The election! nn Saturday at Ihe
cily hall resulted in the lolluwiug by.
tawa being passed !
The City Hull Addition By-Law'fui
$8,000.  Vutei fur 63, againit »•
The Rice Lake By-Jsiw for t3t|,000.
Vole, fur 66, uggimt 6
School    I'.t.l i      V- pi mill nn
By-Law Inr «6,00Q, Votet  for 61, a.
gaintt 10.
Ferry Shares Auihoii.-utiun By-Law.
Votes (ur 68, againit 3.
Mra. B. C. Bainafunl, Third street
eaat, will mil receive un Friday, nor
again until further notice.
Mr. E. McMillan, of the firm nf
Puino ti McMillan, returned yesterday
from a two mnnlhV trip In Nova
Scotia. His mot her returned wilh
There will be u laivw'ell social tendered Bev. C, II. Blunder, pallor ol
Ihe Buptisl church un W'nln winy
, ..'nine ul 7.311 u'cloc.v ul the church,
corner ol 61 h Itreel and St. 'leprus.
Mr. Bbinden is leaving ou Thuiaday
lur Arnislrong and Knttoi'liy where he
hui receiveil a cull tu become pnstoi
of the Baptist church. '.
Mr. Edward Vance, Mr. und Mr... W.
t'orbelt uud Miss B. Vance, ull Irom
Ilivervievv, Ontario, uud Mr. and Mis
lieu. Shurp frum llundulk, Ontario,
arrived Ihis woek with the intention
ol in,iking Ihis cily their [utare home
flic lirsl i, on..I is a brotlnr uud th
'Inc.; ludies are sisters uf Mr. firo W
Viince   uf   this   cily.      The    purly
tit.en hi with them Iwu eaihiads uf
.icltlers' ctficts included in nr
sixteen horaes.
Ou Suiiirdiiy illumingJtsl Thnnius
Alexander Martin, ui the linn nf Martin k Smith, 11..I estate broker!, wai
,irrcslffl fi,r uu ullcg'-d fuigcry. of u
lead uf bind tint i.i line, iniii i ■>, HHU,
Imtwet'ii 'Ihus, 11. Cuoini nf Toronto
ami himself for I lie sum of $1,600,
The buul iu ijiicslion is No. 13, block
126, I). I.. 271, group ol North Vancouver, information lid lo llie
arrest of Mr. Martin wus furnished bv
Mr. Tho.. Smith. At the houring un
Saturday liefore Mayor McNeish bail
wai lixe.1 ul SIU.INNI uml lull Iter hearing win adjourned unlit Tuesday at
'J u in. Al tin. hearing Mr. S. I).
Scliult/, who is Isting retained us Ie
gal aiiislatiee for Mr. Martin, moved
thai the cusc be adjourned till Thursday at 0.311 a in . Mr. Shull) having
had an understanding to this effect
with Mr. MeKie, prosecuting attorney
on the subject.
On Saturday afternoon Aciing-Beevc
Allan, Assistunl Di.trict Engineer
Hat 11 Mcl'hcrsun, Aldiiinnii, lleiider-
ion alio* ('oiinellhir Wnnl made a irip
of iuapeclion .mi  the   Lillouel   trail.
Aid. Henderson, chsirmun of Iliu
Boartl uf Wurks, inspected the prnjius-
isi sile of tin li"I Lumber 1 unipiiny's
mill ut Deep Cove, Some lime ago the
promoters of the B.sf l.umlier Company upplicd lo the cily for water lo
Ik used iu connection with their mill,
Ai everything wua found to be a. ic
prcicntod on Sutuiduy the wuler will
be grunt c.l bv I hi' city mi the return
The 'repairs on the Lillouel
trail le.iduiL lu the Nurth Van-
couver ' ■ ii" i " were inspect nl by I he
party and found lu be very luliifac-
lory. The cily will pay one hull ol
the e\|ieiii-e inciiirid liy these roptirt.
Al len o'clock un Saturday night
the wurk ul pumping out the pon-
Ioun. which supported the .liuctnrc
nf thc whurvea und lerry upproudi ut
the (out ol l.onailule Avenue wus Completer! and Ihe ferry bnula were Itnd-
ing their loads uf Sutuiduy evebing
sighlioeri al unml on .Ihe plunks
which a few |iuun before hud been
submerged lieneath the brine,
Since Ihe accidenl Munuger Heard,
who was in churge uf Ihe work of
railing Ihe dock hai scarcely left the
field ul operations. Crew, of men
bave been working night and day
which accounts lor the rupid ro|,uni of
things.tu their nnrmul state. Mr.
Wallace of the V, dl.,, Shipyards Ltd.
who wilh Mr. Heard directed opera-
lions was a clone second to that gentleman in ardour for Ihe completion
ul the wurk.
Announcement!   Coal! I
The North Vancouver Cual Supply
Cu. beg lu announce that Ih.y huve
arranged fur a constant iupply uf the
beat New Wellington lump coal and
an now in a position lo fill promptly
nil oideis cutilist..I tn them.
After March 31it all cual delivered
muit bo paid fur on ot befurc deli
very. In cases where the order ia not
accompanied   by   tht cstb   customer!
We are in a position to
look after your requirements in this line, We sell
Stumping Powder,
Fuse and Caps. We can
quote you at a minutes
notice prices by the pound,
box or car; f.o.b. this city.
paine & McMillan
Th. il   .d',' ue    i|le  i. iin, I'I,one   12
McMillan'* Tea
I* Good
3 lbs. for $1.00
j. 4. ii. m. McMillan
Wu hove ii'   i.M-i'nl a hhipitiuiil of thoM liii.-li i'Iiu.c inMtruitU'iilft,
Prices  $375 to $400
These inilruinentl ure ul the hiv/hes! order ol workmunsfiip uud pus-
*   less  llie folluwing distinctive features :
Ivory keys, copper buss itrili|{l which |rivo a inudi belter lone than
iron slriiiLts; silver-plated limine, pins will nol rust und cause strlnira
to brcuk ; brnss flaii|rci whicli tin nut swell in damp weather and
cause notes to slid,. Special process ol cruwuiiiLf sounding board
which makes the tune I.i Inn.' and prevents the piano uuing out uf
tunc ipiickly.    These instruments can only be obtained from
Warburnitz Piano House. Limited
443 Lontdole Avenue Phone 114
Seed Potatoes
All  onr units nrc  tp, oiully selected and tested to comply   witb
Seed Control Act.   iu buying leeds don't uverlnok i|Uulity,
We alio curry a full line nl FERTILIZERS
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
LONSDALE AVIiNUIi.        Al I'erry Landing.
——""   ■■■■■ui  —a—
* I
50x147 ft. lot, half a block wett of Lonadale Avenue
Price $3000, $1000 cath, balance 6,12 ft 18 monthg
Ward, Burmester & von Graevenitz
will I'le.dly ubliee by nrraniriiiK tu
leiivc the money fur the cnul ul the
house. A map is nuw un. view ut the
ollice of Ihe North Vancouver Cual k
Supply CO, showing the coat of cunl
delivered to lho vorioui diBtriols,
While mil wishing lu wurk any hardship on any customers Ihroinih (bia
step it hui been lound thut the labor
und cult nl collecting io many iiiiall
uccoiAlti mukes it absolutely uuceeeury
fo run thc coal buiineti on s strictly
eush basis.
Tho North Vancouver Coal k Supply
Co, hope to be able in the near juture
to reduce tbe price of coal, but ut the
present time wben ao many road. «r
in audi a bad condition the coat of
Icuniing mukes any reduction at present entirely out of the ijudiun,
(Signed)    I„ S. EATON",
F.  M.  BBESSEY. iH-'i


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