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Volume 11
North Vanoouvbb, B.O., Tuesday, March 21, 1911
Number 4
The Trial of tlie Ferry
With bunting flying,, bind playing
and chairs ol the nine hundred or a
thousand plsasure seekers wboaccom-
ganlod her as gue.li the new firry
boat No. 8 conspicuous ss the latest
and most up-ts-date model of her kind
in oxiilcnce today, at 2.46 p.m. steamed away Irom the North Vancouvor
wharves on tho maiden trip on Saturday last.
This boat, the latest creation ul Ihs
Wallace Shipyards Limited, in the first
snd only boat built on the, coast, I av-
Ing a steel bull. The seating arid
general accommodation for pussengers
•omewhal oxceodt 800. The engines
develop some 60 hone power more
than the liiter bout tho til. George,
und the is also speedier by a Couple
ol knots. The saloon and cabins urs
richly finiihed in rod beam ami red
birch which shows up to perfection in
ths white painted background of native oodur. The dimensions of tho
suloon are as follows: 16 feet length,
42 (set in width and 10 foot high. Perorations in beautiful scenes from the
Canadian Rockies effectively embellish
otherwise vacant spucos of tlie interior.
With I'apiiiiii Sprapbln ut tin wheel
guiding Iho powerful hulk in tho vuy
it should go tlio lower inlet wns circled in oxcellont style, No. 3 receiving
salutes Irom tome of Iho itnullor craft
which wero mot on tho wuy, and then
llie course wai laid through ths Second Narrows and up tho North Aim
for teveral miles.
The day wai almoil perfect for tho
trip, a light hare which in the morning had rendered objects at diilances
over 60 yardi almost inviiible, had to
a great extent diauppcarod by the
tun. ol Ihe start cud though ninie ol
the parly aver thut on the bout a
■light lia/e wui diicornuble, it did not
affect Ihe viow of thoic whole epicurean delight is solely in dovauring
the icenery and drinking in the freih,
pure ul Unisphere,
Tlie Norlh Vancouver Cily Bund (ur-
niihad selections througbnut the trip
and sided at times by those of the
paiii-ngeri who were muiicully inclined.
Refreshments of every drsciiplion,
guns of the culinary art, were served
on long tsble., a lu cafeteria, or cutcfa
a. eoich cull style, on tlio main deck,
and ice cream wu. iliipemul with the
•amc diircgard of quantity ihut wow-
lialli may be had in Winnipeg.
The iodic, refreshments were carefully looked after by a ipccial contniittio
chosen by tho ferry directorate. Thii
committee consisted of Mrs. I sny,
Hri. W. Graham and Kin M Bark-
lay. Mr. Walker of the Pioneer link-
cry did the entering which wns completed in a highly intisfuctory manner.
Thc lorvioc loo, .implied by Mr. Walker is worthy of mention ui expedient
exporionced and cleanly, throe requii-
itci ol Ihe p. .to. t tabic d'hote.
Diitinguiihed gucili present wen
aa follow..
Mayor William McNoish, President.
deist Williams, Vice-President.
Petal    I 'US,.11
('apt. Thomas Kiokhum
.1. B. Paine
T. M. Herd, Manager
11. E. Kemp, Sec.-Trea.urer.
Aldermen Rogers, Kirkput rick,
Campbell, King and Crowe of Vancouver ; Reeve Pound, Councillori
Third, Dickinson and McDonald of
South Vnmouver; Acting-Rcovo Allan,
Councillor lawson wjrh Aldermen Mc-
Rac, Bin, Smith, Henderion and Kit-
lion of Norlh Vancouver wore present.
Mr. Sootl, editor Newt-Adeertiier, A.
Buchin, mintger Bink of Hamilton,
Vancouver, ,1. C. Keith and Mr. Alex.
Philip, the loiter1 president, of lho
Board of Trade, olio enjoyed the trip.
Captain (Josie snd Capl. Dowo, tbo
former the guiding bsnd that took out
ths SS. North Vancouver ond SS. St
George on just such sn expedition as
tbs present ons, were on board. On
leaving th. boat a hearty cheer from
tbs throats of thost who hod lieen so
royally entcrtairicd wot given for Mayor McNci.h, A. Wallace tnd tht forry
Specjtl mention ol Ibe efforts of Mr.
P. (arson whose facility in entertain-
ing and concern (or the welfare of tbo
feminine portion ol Uw party wot to
thoroughly appreciated.
to choose between the tesms, Play
followed play with ligbtning-iiko rapidity and toward the latter part of
tho second hulf ths North Vancouver
players mude horculsan efforts to at
leust oven the icoro.
Tho prune itarted at 2 p.m- on tbo
Brockton Point grounds. The Ant
goal wai made by North Vancouver.
This keyed thoir rivals up to ths scoring point and in sevon more minutes
of play Henry icored tbo second goal
for tho homo club. 1-1 at lho end of
the first half.
Shortly after the commencement
of tho second hulf a disputed goal
made by North Vancouvor caused a
few minutes diversion, but was not
allowed by Referee CardinuL
After about live minutes play Bor-
wick, following a clean pass from Rhodes shot accurately from Iho 26-yard
line, cinching ths game for Vuneouver.
Tlio latter part ol tho half showed
some groat hockey and more than
oiieo the visitors looked dangeroUB.
iluun, Burwick, Henry, Wainwright
and lliiyliehl wero (he stars for Vancouver, while Muridon in goal, Army
luga, defence, Baylin and Montgomery of the half lino und Mci'her.ou ol
the forwurds were conspicuous for
their work in their respective divisions. II.oelier ,v i'ui,hn.dl roforeed
to tho complete sutiifuction ol both
As this is the third eonieciilive year
the championship has In on won by
Vuneouver, thc Prior cup remains per-
iii....ei.iU   the properly   ol lho Club.
Thu I un ms were '■
Vancouver—Maitland, Stevens, Cur-
rie, Dean jr., Kicolls, I'ndcrhill, Rbo-
dei, Berwick, Henry, Wainwright, Buy-
North Vuncouvor-Muriden, Army-
tuge, Woraley, Montgomery, T. Hindis
(Copt.), Ilumphiii's, McPhenon, Cameron, P. Buylisi, Bommington, Mac-
Tho insurance on the nowierry has
boon n win do.I lo the firm of Evani,
Coleman It Evans ol Vuneouver at u
-'! per cenl. rate
Two Inebriates, John Hill uud Geo.
Thompson, appeared before Mayor McNci.h thii morning and pleaded guilty
to being drunk and incapable. Kuch
wai lined 32.BU and colts.
Mate Babcock who hui lervod in Iho
capacity of chiof officer on ths SS. . t
George for a number of yean, is loir,
ing tho mi in •' at the ond of th
month. He intendi visiting his borne
town in Newfoundland which he hui
not icon for over 18 yean. Hii mother
who ii pait thc three icorc und ten,
will probably roturn with him lo the
In tho police court this morning
Thoinus Black of Vuneouver was lined
12.60 lor .li iiiil.enn. .i Mayor McNcisb
Hind' a few eaiii tie 11 in ii i" n concerning the fuel of cili/ons of the city
across the a inlet unable to procuts
spirituous goods on the Sabbath thcro
coming over here for it. Hii Wonhip
prnmiied Black a much beuvior penal
ly il ho ihould come before him a ace-
ond time.
Miaa Gludya Kirklund, whose charming piano playing Cuplivutod those
who attended the band concert on Friday at lho Horticultural hail not only
did henelf justice but i olio, lul great
credit upou Mrs. Huime lor, whose
pupil ihe ii. Although Miss Kirklund
it only 16 youri of ago and the tuition extended to her by Mn. Burmci-
ter has embraced a period of slightly under fifteen months, tho rare
exhibition of loleitt'displayed would
hove done justice to a pianist of many
season, .landing.
The championship ol tbe British Columbia hotkey league which lakes with
it tbt Prior Cup wit woj on Saturday by lbs Vsncouvsr Cfub after e
bird fought game witb their rivals
Iron across the Inlet. Tbt clou scon
2-1 in a measure tells till ills, lor
throughout tit gome thsre was little
Contractor John Disrrtnn, jr. loit
lull evening lor Sacramento, California, to be absent (or some days.' Mr,
view of ' securing plans and
speiiliouiions (or a number of,
uparlmeat houses wbich be intends
lo construct oa loti at Victoria Park
and Eighth Avenue. These bousci will
be built lor the accommodation of
upwardi of eight families, steam beating, .electric lighting, modern plumbing, elevators, etc., will be a (ew of
tlie inducements embodied in Un houses (or tne householder.
Mr. Dierrion'i son, wbo hoi been in
Saoromonlo (or some yoari, ha. built
these bouses there with great succesi
end they are comidorod among (bo
most up-to-date in dial city. Residents of North Vancouver will await
wilb Interest ism result ol Mr. Dior-
ssen's mission.
City Council Meeting
Application for License for Amusement Park
Tlio City Council mot us usual on
Monday night, Muyor MoNouh resuming tlio eliuii which has boon ably and
efficiently filled by Aid. Mcltao during his ubsenco.
A motion tbat tho minutes ol tho
preceding meeting be adopted was car-
Correspondence    wui   then   read:
Tho first communication wus Irom
Hompill Brothon, amusement promoters, regarding a license for the construction of an a in linemen i park to
embrace iconic railway, merry-go-
round, shoot tho chutei, etc., the
structure to be erected on grounds
owned nt present by ,1. C, Koith aud
known us the (.onidnlo Gardens. Mr.
Ilcmpill being preient, asked the privilege ol speaking. Ho defined the project and submitted plum, cost of park
to be $260,000.
A letter from J, 0, Keith re Hemphill Bros, was reud witli regard lo
leasing tho Lonsdale grounds he wished thc privilege ol closing ihut portion ol th.- P.splunudc going through
thc property. Tbo louse being grunted
lor a term of five yean. Mr. Keith
observed thut il hud been hii original
intention tu have thi. property for a
railway terminus, this was still his
wiih io he would not consider soiling
Iho grounds.
The Muyor formed a commit lee of
himself nnd Mr. Henderson to consider
thc mutter uud confer with Mr.
Norlh Shore Locators ltd.—Bt open
ditch currying.sewage running south
BU feel west of Chesterfield Ave. and
then adjoining a street ditch running
eoit to i n.  i, io, l.l Ave.
Indian Hoarding School—Re request
for cily to in.i,11 two-inch pipe on
in.mi of Keith Roud lo connect with
hoso which is to be placed in St,
I'...iI',  school for fire protection.
Ward, Burmoilor 4 von Graoveniti
-Asking thut boulders in front of
their office be removed.
Robt. Currio Esip—Application that
tith street be opened between St. David's Avenue and St. Andrew's street
in  he il alenil   lo  build.
Wm. 8. Viyiun—Applicglion for damages due to bloating on l!fth street
md Muhon.
Benion and Gladwin—Application lor
opening of lane in block 07, I). I.
United Slates Fidelity Co.—Stating
that ui sunn io. provided with Copy
of contract! Iwing entered into by
cily with Messrs. Romuno and I'lnlo
for the construction of slorm icwcii
they were prepared to oxocule thc
bonds on beliulf of the contractors,
guaranteeing completion of contract.
T. W. .lay—Tenner for engine room
and porch ceiling for $210.
Muhon, McFurland k Proclcr— Re
telephone und electric light wires over
north half of lot fil, block 166", ll I,.
274. Thii mutter will lie taken
up when advised by Mr. Hodden, owner, who ii In England.
Bank of Humiiton-Sluling thut the
general munuger would have (0 be
consult nl  regarding the transput!   ol
poles over lho north oast portion if
tlie bunk's properly on Lonsdiilo Ave.
uud hi. i street,
,1. •!. 'I In.nip...ui — Recomtnoiiding
thut the examination of the septic
tank on 10th stroet east lie altundod
to al once.
Western Engineering Co.— Slating
t hat Sloan) roller oidel'ed by city win
ship|uil from I m d. on I on Murch Mil.
which would ensure ils arrival hero
oarly ill Muy.
North Vancouver Bourd of Trade—
Resolution: Wuter supply in Lynn,
Ciipiluno und .Seymour Vulley dangerous for citizens ou account of pollution from logging operations etc. and
urge provincial government to withdraw these hinds from private ownership und convert into u national park
reserve. Copy of resolution to be
forwarded to local, eity and district
councils' of adjoining.townships.
Office of City Treasurer- Be further
temporary loan lly-Luw to lie poind
by Council,
City Engineer—Recommended that a
meter lie placed on water supply pipe
of the Seymour lumber yards,
W. Thome—asked for contract ol laying iron pipe for cily.
I'ily. Engincor—Asking thul   tenders
be called for supplying following :
IBli cases % p.c. powder. IflO coils fuse
HS) feel iu coil, fill boxes large   siml
cups IHO in box.
C|f> Engineer- llocoiniiu mh.d thul
steps lie token lo uc.piiro Miiin.u
Ave. uud Forbes Ave. street ends from
Mi. Muhon to carry Eiplunadt out to
deep wuler.
The Mayor Appointed Aid. Ilendei-
sou und himself to see . thul this
be done.
City Engineer Advised that Garden
uud Taylor, land surveyors, be employed to survey Lonsdale Ave Improvement from 21 it itreot to city
limits, also I-th street widening fr m
Mahon Ave. to Si. Andrew's, and. alley opening improvement on cast side
of Lonsdale Ave. from fclh street I >
tho cily limits.
City Engineer— Recommends that the
B. C. Electric By. be ashed to move
some 12x12 iu. limber which ii on 3rd
street, also the removal ol Iheir Irucki
from Ihe side ol ibil strait to Ihe
I'ily Engineer—Mr Fugler commenced work this morning, asks thul list
ol registered plumbers be furnished
our pI.mil..i . alio Ihut Bylaw No
:l'J be amended so that city workmen
lie employed on sewerage connection
from lot line to sower.
City Engineer — lu clearing lam
three blocki on each lide of Lonidale
Avenue finds thai private owneri control purl of this propelh ; wishes lo
be directed as to whut to do.
City Engineer—Locol impiovomcnt ro
storm seweri on lUth avenue, $111,600.
city ol,me. $3,610, Irom ravine west
of .folio. Ave. to city limits
City TrCfliurcr- li.Conimcn.hd that
o lomporury by-law for $76,0011 be
City Clerk—Re Lonsdale Ave. widening  time  appointed I'd days for   ex-
I'l'iinnnls were flouting und Union   lacks Hying,
Dccki gliiloncd -.'.hii,   with the fast coming day,
Whon with shipmuitor'i touch and fair maid with le-ni..
I ilid from my cradle and Honied sway,
North cloud ilmpcd or fog-laden, wind blowing or fair
Rising or linking with each changing tide,
Patient I wait till the moorings aro lifted '
And I shull steam out on the Inlet untried.
I can lough in glee at Ibo ilorm unti whirlwind
For I'm perfect and finiihed in every pari,
Never a beam but the ilauiichctt would answer
And nnver s touch but witb skill and srt,
Millions uro wailing to come at Ire bidding
From east and from west nt m • whittle1! call
Will gather to ride on my sufoguurdod boiom
Boauty and innocence, love and nil.
Sorrow and gladness my great heart will shelter
The good and the ovil alike may ull rids,
The veriest thief and tbe best of (ur country.
Funerals and wedding cars stand side by irdo.
Lilt's all before mi though noriow it may be
Reaching at farthest from sliore i.nto .hore,
What doth il matter if woll done I he labor,
Be heard whon the final excursion is o'er,
Life is t ferry boat, all the world passengers,
Unceasing its journeys (or one and (or all.
Always deporting but never returning
Each must respond to the Ferryman's oil),
piiaiion of consideration of  damages
S. Humphreys lie application from
holder, of agreements of salo ol properly iu North Vuneouver to alter existing mime on ussciimeiit roll wiih-
e.l to know how to proceed in the
Muyor McNoish mude a fuw remarks
Ind me the commit toe of lho whole was
"Doubtless," suid the Mayor, ''you
huvo been wishing lo know Iho result
of my trip. I can only suy that everything ii very iiitiiluelory. When tho
other dolcgatcs return now development! may bo expected. Tho ilalo-
mollis ol the press with regurd to lho
-nil.-.nl; arc pructicully correct," iuid
Ihe Mayor, "but a certuin amount of
urrungcmciili will huvo lo bo ooni-
plotod wilh tho V. W. k Y. Railway
before Iho iithiidy ii fimilly turned
over to lho Burrard Inlet Tunnel and
Bridge Company."
In connection with new public buildings for North Vancouver there are
some negotiations now under way und
lho conclusion of inch was merely u
matter of time. He was very pleased
thut the city hud not forwarded lho
13,000 for lho extension of 8rd shed
through the Indian Minion al boiler
terms hud been offered the cily by the
government uflcrward. Ho had seen
the patent for the right-of-way uml il
was satisfactory.
Mr. I ni -on having presented a request to the Council thul be be allowed to address that body a motion
wns Iukeii lo thul effect.
Mr. Larson said thul soveral limit
he had applied to the council 10 bevo
the street in froul of ins residence
Improved. His properly was
llie one blight spot in n vista of liar-
nn and defaced nature. Would Ihe
Hoard gel lite contractors who wore
working on the Esplanade to push lho
work right through.
Mr. Henderion moved thai Mr. Larson's suggestion bo adopted, Suid
Mr. Henderson : The Esplanade ii naturally Ihe first itreet we should consider us to improvement, thii mailer
hoi stood loo long in il is."
The Muyor anurcd Mr. Lorioit thul
ns early ai tomorrow the matter
should be attended to by himself in
Ihe further Temporary l.oun By-luw
for $76,000 win panned by tho Council. Another by-law for the widen
ing of 18th Hired from St. Andrew's
to Mahon Ave. win also approved.
Architocl Hope rcprciciilcd that in
the speciliculiotii for the now lire bull
that lho omisiion of plastering on tho
wiilis of the dormitory hud beon made,
the additional cost cntujlcd would bo
about (tfOO.   Accepted by Committee.
The architect wm iiiitiurlod lo consult  city wiring iuipcctor as to wiring of building.
The application ul W. B. Lees for
two 'in. supply pipei for opu timiil
house on Southwell comer ol Eigblti
itreot and I heiterficid Avenue.
lily Engineer recoininoudod thut
lour | inch supply pip. s Ik initnllod.
Il.i   wus udopied by committee.
The mayor iiupiircd if this uiouiuro
wai not a little drailic but Aid. Henderion informed, bini Ihut il wai not
only tho wish of llie fire and light
commillce, but of Ibe whole cuuncil.
Engineer rccouiinoudcd ihnt $4,696 lie
puid contract on ol icwcrago conit ruction.   Thii was approved by Ihe committee.
Ciirninillco recommended droit ol
chairman as lo duties of auditor.
Mr. Percy S.   Howard  spponlod auditor al a salary of $10 per mouth.
Cily Engineer report, ihat dim
age of now fire hall building on 13th
street ha. been completed ut u coil of
$120 and recommends that the fire
chief be notified tbat hit services will
mil bo ii'.pni.d alter lho end of Ihe
tbo following parlies tendered for
walerworki supplies I
Paino It McMillan
B, I'.. Equipment Co. ,
I,el son k Burpee
Robert ion, Godson k Co.
A. d. Fonytb Co.
These louden wore referred to the
city engineer for tabulation.
The following plans were approved :
Block 2I8A, I). I, 644, block 3(7, D.
L. 646 and 646, block 23«, Q. L 616,
bloc* 231 A, I). I. 6461
Block 182, D. I, 860 wtt rejected.
North Vancouvor, B, C.
Rev. B, .1. Douglas of Chjlliwnok
will conduct Ibe services in Ibis churoh
morning and evening. Tbt Sacrament
of the Lord's Sapper will be dispensed in North Lonadale Presbyterian
ohurob on Sobbst* afternoon at 2.30,
Rev. Mr. |<ookbort of Bunds, street
| church, Vancouver oftcvUting,
Sir Chas. Hibbert Tupper
Program lor Friday Evening's Meeting
Arrungomonts are now complete for
tho meeting to be held on Friday
evening in Larson's pavilion which
will bo addressed by Sir Charles Hibbort Tupper upon the proposed Reciprocity agreement. Members of the
local Conservative association will us-
.-.-..,|,I,. at tho pu. il"ui ot 7.16 p. m.
and headed liy Norlh Vancouver city
bund will march lo Ihe ferry wharf to
meet tho forry leaving Vuneouver at
7.26, upon whioh Sir I'hniIon Hibbert
Tupper, accompanied by Lady Tupper,
will arrive. The procession will immediately return to tho pavilion whoro
res.onablo  limo will bu allowed   lor
ihe     audience     |o     .1.     ,l|i|,le     b, l..|e       the
meeting is culled to order. There will
bo about thirty icati upon Ihe platform for which ticket! are being provided. Tho two front rowi of seats
in thc pavilion will be reserved for ladies, of whom il is expected there will
be a largo number in attendance, The
prospect of listening to an address
from Sir Charles Hibbert Tupper upon this very important public question has ollrtictod very wide intereit
both here uml in Vancouver and the
pavilion will be luxed lo iti utmost lo
nccominodutc the audience.
Banquet to Premier
Tbo compliuultury liumpiet lo be
given Hon. Huliurd McBride ul Hotel
North Vancouver on Tuesday evening
of next week ii arousing a groat deil
.1 intercut locally and give, every as-
surince ol being u giool suoccsa.
.Should the premier find il convenient
o ucccpt tlio invitation lu roach lho
cily early in tho uftcruoon. uirunge-
111.ails have be.n made for a special
cur to convey llie purtv lint out to
Lynn Valley, then buck to the city
and out to Capilano ichool where automobiles will bo in waiting to continue the Irip to Canyon View Hull
where a light lunch will bo providid
alter u visit Ilus been mudo to view
|Vho beauties of Second Canyon. Returning, tho party will reach the city
in ample lime for prepare,mm lot
ihe grand humpie! ul half null cl.ihl
o'clock. Ticket! huve been iisued for
the huij.pu'i and arc now on sulefiom
uny member ol the committee und to-
morrow will lie available .it several
itorei throughout the city.
At a special meeting of the city
council on Friday ovening Mr. J. W,
Fugler wus uppoinled building and
plumbing iuipcctor for this cily ut a
solan of $100 a month There were
67 applicalions for the position and
out of lln. number the engineer recommended % for consideration.
Tlie now appointee, Mr. Fuglor, is u
pioneer resident of Norlh Vancouver
and ii well known ai an export
Mayor McN'eiih, Aldermen Smith and
Henderson, Forry Directors Larson,
Williiiiiis und Kickhain, Munogsr
Heard and Mr. Philip, preiident ol Ibe
North Vaucuuver Board ot Trade,
held a confluence wilh Mr. Lulled
general kuporinlondont of tho 0, P. R.
v. -.1 ei day morning iu regard to sn .
overhead bridge acron the company's
track ol Ihe approach to ihe Ninth
Vancouvor ferry dock. The delegation were ihown plnm of the propoied
subway giving the outlet ou Cat nil,
struct with branch connections to
Evans, Coleman I. Evans ond John-
sou whorl. A rosdwoy was shown
running eastward but no provision
was made for an, outlet ot Ihe JfyrU)
Vancouver ferry. Mr. Busied miiuiut-
od that any subway direct Irom the
lerry wbarl would hsve' to Is ion-
slructcd ot the oxpcnio ol .he Ferry
Co. Tho matter of o temporary over-
bead bridge wo. diiousScd anl any
construction of Ibis nature *ill hnvo
to bs at the expense oi the Ferry Co.
(Express ipccial correspondent)
Mr. Rcbcile it building o bungalow
lor Mr. Oiler on Kilmer Road.
Mr. Mitchell ii clearing hii lots on
Campbell A, vo. on which his new houn
ii to be built.
Mr. WiHdnton ol North Vouovoverii
clearing bis lot on Cwilro Road beforl
building Ibil summer.
Mr. Gordon Griursm is about lo
leave on i trip sett I o visit fail Barents (or a #M»ti Pf two. 1*0
The following official notices appear
In the current issue nf ths British Columbia Giuotto t
Vmlr Electoral Distriot-W, B. Mrfi-
nno of Vi.ii.. '
Vancouver City Eloolornl liisiriol-
Bontaguo B. Saundoi.'i, It. It. McLennan,   Junto!    Mel illinium,   Will.   FiltllCIS,
W. E. Morrison, Robert Pitch, Henry
Yeorly, W. (i. Davidson, .1. B. Brent.
C. Skating, C. ,1. Cameron, A. T. Es-
sory, W. Donagliy, W. 0. Scott and
.lame! Raid, ull of Ihe city of Vancouver.
Duwdney Electoral District — Nnrris
Winoh, C. II, Crose und P. W. Hughes,
all of Minion; C, J, Clorihus, of Nic-
onioii; T. Graham, ol Pamberton Muu-
dows; Ralph Siddill, of Deroohe,
Bevelstnke Electoral Hiulriet dohn
Lowia, of Wigwam i Timothy Rlordan,
Thomas Gillispio, ,1. P. Forde, and
William Ainulio, all of Revelstok.,
lliclimond Electoral Distriot — Joseph Bauer, ,,f I'cml.orton Meadows,
Crnnbrook Eleotoral Distriot. -Goo.
P. Tiidale, of Wycliffe.
Grand Forks Electoral District-
Titos. R. Powers, John McLaren, David Evuns, Frank II. I'ulton and Chul.
A. Mix, nil of Grand Porks.
Maurice 1). Baker, of Ymir, MD,, 0,
H., to lie a coroner for Ilia province
of British Columbia.
Wynioud     Wolvertoii     Wulkom,    ul
Ladyaiiiith, to be a notary pulilic.
Henry Osborne Alexander,   ol  the
C|ty ol Vancouver, S.M., barrister-ot-
low, to be official guardian.
The resignation   of   Mr.   Robert   E.
Brett of the oily ol Victoria as   justice of the Peace Ium been ticcuptod by
the Lieutenant-Governor.
The formation of tlio Farmers' l'"1'"
rie Institute has buen authorized   by
the department ol Agriculture.
Deportment ol Works-
Tenders ure culled for tlio supply   ol
fuel fur public buildings.
Tenderi for Iho erection''of thellam-
iiion.l and Kuludon school homes  ure
The   assignment   of   the   Silverdale
Sawmill Co. ol Silverdale, B. C, D.
Blocks 226, 227 and 230.    Subdivided into
Lots 50x114 feet.
For l'lans, Price List and Particulars, apply to
Phone 6286.
Corner Pender and Seymour Street, Vancouver, B.C.
aLJ_l^l^.t   t   t   l   I   i   a   |   t   I   I   t   a   s   a   s   t   .
|| A  GOOD  PROPOSITION   for either the
ii Homeseeker or Investor —on   7th  Street,
jj just west of Queensbury carline, only $1200
: Third cash, balance easy.     Good View.   Good Soil.
ii Martinson & Co.
J'/wne 173. P. O. Pox 71
TTWrt"™ "r*i"j"i"i"i"y"n*7 "Trm .
You'll Make Money Here!!
Anyone who will give thii invest
ment opportunity serious comidoru-
lion for a few minutes will reudily
•eo .|uick aud ho, 1 prohli accruing lo
tho pun hn... 1 of
Boulevard College
Extension Lots
Lot   1     tOTeOU
Loti il, 3 und I  each  676.00
Ul 6     700.00
LoU 6 ami 7  both   1,960.00
Lot 8        878.00
Lot. 9, 10 und 11   Sold
UU Vi und I'i    Both Sold
Lot ii    950.00
Lot. 16, 16 and 17  each   876.00
Lot 18  Sold
Nolo (he Icnglb of these lot*, iome
of tbem being I If. feet to u lune.
The sdvantngia of Hit., lot. fur business or ri'iidsnce purpose, are apparent ou tho plan attained liereto.
It i. tho closest mi line properly tu the north ol the Grand Boulevard (whioh ia emliif.ivcly.Tor high diss residence!). It tlto fur.. Ht. dohn'- College mid groundi and for the... nn on alone it will be a centre of mm.
imporluino. Boulevard citen.iun lots are within th. cily limit, and huve all tb. advantage* and convenience, uf
other eity piojairly. To close out every lot in inoid time we have undcrprimd them, to that you will have lo
hurry to get any. ('.insider ulao the Urma whi'h are much esiier thin uiuil: I.i cu*b, balance in 6, I'I, 18,
und ill month, at 6 per ..nt. per annum.
431 Granville Street     VANCOUVER, B. C, Authuriied Capital    12,000,000.
II. -d l'-iui..    Imuran...      Mon.y lo Loan.
Jmt*m .16 f4 L()nwlaie Avenue( North Vancouver.
Lo.nl Manager.
W. Turnbull oI'ArbbottsIOrd, B. 0, nnd
W. P, White ol Vancouver, B, C, |s
The  following  applications have l.oon
made i Wuler records, A. I.- Mollugh,
lor u record on Two-Mils Creak;
Donald Mol.sod, for a record on Salmon Crook, and thu Ocean hullo Co.
for a record on Link river.
Licenses have been grunted to the
following extra-provincial companion:
Canadian Chewing Cum Co., Coop-
or'i Crook Limited, Economical Cui
Apparatus and Construction t'o. ol
Toronto, Frederick Stourni st Co. of
Canudu, ilolin Brown k Son Limited,
Kutifmun Utibllar Co., Louis Uro-
tliors, The McDonald Manufacturing
Co., McAlpine l.'i. h.o.l .on t'o,, Brims
ii Rankin Limiluil, llaiidiill and
• i..Im on. Limited, Suymour Arm Emit
Lande Ltd., Sheet Metal Products Co.
of Cuundu Stone Limited.
The following compuiiio! have I men
duly registered ai extra-provincial
companies: Hoyt Molal Co., .lohn Vi-
Unci Co., L. A. Nori'i* Co., Mulleuiilo
Iron Hunge Co., Triumph Electric Co.
I'oiiilii'iiio.i ol incorporation havo
been grunlod to tho following compun-
ies to 0|ierale in Britiih Columbia :
Ariiiitrong, Ward uml Bell Ltd., enpi
tal $50,000, Casiiur ilydruiilic Mining
Co., Ltd., capilal 1100,000, Coronation
Mine. Ltd., capital 8500,0011, Dominion
Construction Co., capital *30,00tl, Dominion Weil and Lumber Co., capital
.660,0110, Eruier, Ploskett Land Co.,
capital 106,000, North Pacific Power
Co., oapilul OTI.OOO, Publicity Pros!
Ltd., capital 810,000, Steamboat
Towniilo Co., capitul 8100,000, W.
I'order, Engineering and Supply Co.,
capitul 860,00(1, Wottom Canada Home
Builder* capital 850,000..
Under Ihe head Dominion orders-in-
Couiieil appears un application from
the I'Vuser llivcr Lumber t'o. for
booming privileges ou Pitt lifter.
Ilegulationi governing coal mining
on Dominion lands Ihe intiie being extended to foreil reserves are sot
The dissolution of parlnorihip of the
Philip Ciitueniii k Co. of Norlh Vancouver ii recorded,
Notice ii given of the voluntary
winding up of the Westminster Frail
Puokiug Co.
(Celobrutod  Scottish   Vocalist)
Pupil of Signor Edoardo Galli of
Milan. Diplumai, Royal Academy and
Hoyul College of Mttiic, London, Eng-
lund. Will tuke pupils in North Vuneouver two duy.'. por wcok.
1016 Granville Slroet,
Vancouvor, B. -C.
Lot 18, Block 35, D. L. 550, $1150. Cub $450, balance 6 and 12 month*
LoU 54 and 55, Block 166, D. L 274, $13,000. Termi to arrange.  Near Lonadale I
the sbov. lots tr. among tat belt buy. ia North Vsneouver, and intending investor, will aervt their own
interest, by invwtigating. Wt bsvt tbt ..elusive isl. sad slao s large liat of other lots in the City. It it
bt your own interest to cell aad inspect our list bafors deciding.
Real E«tate Agent*.      Financial Broken
Head Office: 405 Hastings St. W., Vancouver, B. C.
Branch Office* in Europe:
Berlin, Germany      '
J /in don, England
Paris, (france
BriiUh Columbia Branch Officeli .
. lonadale Ave,, North Vancouver
1111 UoverniiKiit St., Victoria
Tenders Wanted
For North Vancouver Property
Tho   following   properlioa   belonging
to the eilule of the lute George Hut-
ton uro olfereil for aule by lender.
Comprises Lot .12, in Block I6& Subdivision of District Lot  271, Norlh
Vancouver,  being'a 80-foot lol   on
thc I'-plumule ut the N. E. corner of
St. Andrew'. Street.   On thii   pro-
party,(Jure ure two bouici und out-
liuil.lni ■-. ul prossnl lent..I lor   --.'I
per month.   No Ionics.
Compriies   ono lot having   60   fuel
fronlago   on   Eiovcnlh   Street,   and
known a. Lot 11, Block 80, Subdi-
viiion  660,   North Vuneouver.     On
Ihia lot ii Heeled u frame collage at
tircioul rented for 89 per montli. No
Compriiei  three   iplentlid   loll sarh
having  a  fronlago  of 60  f.ot    on
Tenth Slroet, und ure practically ,,11
cleared und graded, of which one lot
is lho 8, W. corner of Tenth Slroot
and   St.   Andrew*!,   and   known  as
Lots 8, 9 und 10, iu Blook !»7, Subdivision of Diilricl  I ,,t.  numljercd
'ill und 549, North Vuneouver.
Tenderer, can tender for any of
Dion. Iota singly or for tbo Ihroc
lota together.
Comprise. u fractionol lot in Block
91, and being approximately 17 fret
wide by 100 feet deep, faring Eighth
Street, nnd ja more particularly
known snd dosoribod as Lot 1 of ths
re.ubdivi.ion of JM. 2 to II Blook
91, Diit riot LolsSl'j and .374, Map
1833, North Vancouver,
Comprises two loti, and ars described as I»li 23 und it, Block 16, Sub-
division 169, North Vancouvor,
These two lots are each 80 by 112
feet ond form a double rainier. They
li. eloie to lho proposed new Second
Nurrowi bridge and to (be waterfront.
Tenderi may he put in for the
whole or sny portion of each of the
above parcel..
Sealed tenderi marked "Tenderifor
Huston Eitate Property'' will be received by Ptroy W, Cborltion, od-
iniiiiiiiinioi ol |)ie allele, up to aud
including April 1st, 1)11.
Terms of |iurohaae on all properties to lie one-third cash, I Minus
payable in 6, li and 18 mouths; in
tercet seven per cent.
The highwt or any lender not noc-
eetarily accepted. Address leaner.
438 Pender Si, W., Vancouver. B. C.
We are'clenring out all our Ludies' ami Gliild-
ren's Footwear, and in order to do so in thu
shortest possible time Imvu niade jirieus lower
than tlie cost of manufacture, as follows:
Ladies' Patent Blucher, gun metal tops, regular
$4.50 lines, now $>2.85
Ladies' Patent Oxfords, gun metal tops, regular
$4.25, now   $2.65
All lines of tan, ox-blood and chocolate, regular
up to.$4.00, now $1.85
Dull finish Kid Oxfords, blucher cut, regular
$3.75,-now  : $2.45
113-115 Lonidale
North Vancouver
Why pay 1350.00 for rough uncleared Lot. when we cult .ell you
the very bail cleared Lot. without u itono on them, level in a talili
and Into gruia. Been cultivated for ten yeun, liluuted on Cenlri
Road, being the' belt Roud on the Nortli Shore snd one block from
tin Car Line, School, Chinch and .Store; have city wuler, iltctri.
light and telephone.
Prici |360 to 1400 each. Torino 1)00 eaih, balance 6, PJ and II
month.!. Thou; loti will bring al leait in our eitimution 100 per
cent, profit on the amount invested within ii« months. Buy i|illck,
they are going fast.
P. 0. Box 172
North Vancouver
"     ■■
North Vancouver City Ferries, Limited
•6.2CI a.m.
7.30  "
8.30  "
8.16 "
10.16 "
11.16 "
12.16 p.m.
1.16  "
2.16  "
3.16  ",
4.18  "
6.00  "
6.40 "
6.20  "
7.26 "
8.16 "
9.15 "
10.16 "
11.80 "
Lstvi luuiiis
'6.46 t.m.
•8.00 "
•8.60 "
0.46 "
10.46  "
11.45 "
12.46 p.m.
1.48 "
2.41 " •
3,48 "
4.40 "
6.20 "
6.00 "
6.46 "
7.48 "
8.48 It
9.48 "
10.48 "
12.16 i.m.
1.00 ia.
tuvi North Vst.
I.m Notts Via
'6.46 a.m.
'6.20 a.m.
7.60 "
•7.20  "
8.60 "
•8.20  "
9.46  "
9.20  "
10.46  "
10,18  "
11.46  "
11.16 "
12.46 p.m.
12.16 p.m.
1.46  "
1.16 "
2.48  "
'   2.16 "
3.46  "
3.16 "
4.40  "
4.16 "
8.20  "
6.00 "
6.00 "
6.40 "
8.48  "
6.20 "
7.46  "
7.26 "
8.48 "
8.16 "
9,46 "
9.16 "    .
10.46 "
10.16 "
11.46 "
11.16 '■'
12.46 i
* Denotes not on Sunday.
This Tims 'labia subject to Change without noUo..
West Vancouver Motor Launch Service
Launch "West Vancouver," Ciptiin Fiodlay
Licensed tor 35 psasengen
H.ofeaM, cdTwfe,
'very V.y faecal tuntley
71° »m. 8.00 a.m.
9'Ooa.m. it.00 i.m.
11.00 i.m.   . is.oo a.m.
13.15 p.m. 1 ' ii.oo A.m.
15.00 p.m. 16.00 p.m.
17.00 p.m. |fj 00 p n,
"JOo p.m s.lurli). Out)  8..QQ p.m.
,      9. JO a.m sunt.) Srhrduli  10.00 am.
'3-15 p.m  " •        if 0.1 p.m.
'7-oopiD  "    .       17.45p.iB,
'8-3opm  i, ..'...aa.oo p.m,
IHagii Fwt Hi, Two TlckiU 28c,
guickeit route Irom North Vancouvei to the distriot liayopd
Capilano River. Launch "Wist Vuiconvtr" makes connec-
tiopt, without fail, with the (erry ateamcrs Irom North Van
couver, ai per above schedule.
ii» the expiot, north Vancouver, ». c.
Highest Values in Plain
and Gem Set Rings
There ii no line in which value is more expressed
thin in "BIRKS"' rings. In fineness of outline
and design they are simply speaking the personification of perfection. Nor is pur stock limited to a
few designi. We can give you exactly what you
may desire and if we have not got it in stock we
can make it, having every facility for doing so
neatly and quickly. Just here we might say there
are scarely any limitations to the producing facilities of our Vancouver factory, which is the largest
and most modernly equipped manufacturing plant
of iti kind in the west. See us for special work in
rings and jewelry.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
Gto. E. Trorey,
Managing Director
Jewelers and Silversmiths
Hastings & Granville Sti.
Rath:   h uu  per  and  up.   Special rates to families
and   lo regular   boarders.   .   . '.   .
Finest Roof Garden on Pacific iou.il
SieiiNii Slum,   -   •   •   -   NORTH   VANCOUVER, ll. C.
We opcrale the only pap-
ded furniture and piano
moving van in thc city. . .
N. V. Cartage Co.
1 lonidale Avt.
i'iio.M .       mi
When you deal at thc Lonidale Pharmacy you
get exactly what you ask for al the tight price.
Tl    Sjiccial attention paid to prescriptions and family
recipes.       -        -       -       -     . -
*|   We carry a complete lii.c of Stationery and Drug
Telephone L 29
A. I. TYSON. !'...„
Cor. Lonsdale & 8th
Parkdale Finest Alberta Butter 30c. lb.
May Flower, Spring Brook or Ayrshire Rose 3 lbs. $1.00
5 IU. of good Tea        .        .        .       -.-       1.50
5 IU. of better Tea 1.75
5 IU. of the best Tea    -      -      -      -      -        2.00
Corner First Street and St. George
120 Second StrtMi East. Telephone 206
Conveoience to North Vancouver Merchants
W*i Is Your Own Town. Your OraYri SotialU
Excavation work bus bson coromenc-
od on tho addition to thu Cily llull.
Owing to tho mil uru of tlio ground
quits u largo amount of oortli will
havo to bo removed boforo hard pan
is rosebud.
A Literary Column
Somewhat About Honks
and Writers
Will Honeycomb is imlilitril to un
old friend It, II. ll. for hi. Irunilution
of tlio following |ioeiu. in |irosa Irian
lho French of Mudiimo Judith Ouu-
liiT. 'liny aro ovidoully iui|iirtid (>y
a piclurcupiu country comparable lo
tlm luiiil wu iivo in.
Tlio hour frost Inn covered lho lieci
uud in my imuginiilion 1 liken tbem to
tlio powdi red Im'. ;i nl v.,.ni..,'. Ah I
iiu.'.i ut Iho Iroea through my window
1 begin In poudor ' ' * ond thin
rcllection comes ti|i|iermost in my mind
"Hun, without woman, is like a Iris
■tripod of ils loliuui..." And so, to
dispel this gloomy doling which Im
iiumhi mo wilh my lu. uth 1 (race my
thought on ih,. hour frosl,
Snow hai I,dim r. ul ly in tho tnrth
like uu oilmen , cloud ol buttorllies.
The laborer hai just Iuid down hia
iipu.li', antl ho In I. thut inviiii lu
cordi nr. tigbtonilig ur. in.d hii hi lot.
He ii pensive nnd Nnil, for ihe .,'iirtli
win wont lo bo hii friend ; und iu Ut
joyous spring,  whon he planted  the
Iliad {full of hopu for the future), ihi'li
diieloied ho hii moit scored th.iuglils
lo the eurlli. And now lho need (,or-
ininiiled, und I.- I -.-li. 1,1 hii il.ou.-iilH
bloHioming in lull flower. II it now
the sarin Inn hid horiolf under u mini'
tie of mow, uud lie in lileul uud sud.
On the 1111111)111 of n mountain I hi: lit
Irotl Hluiid with their ihuggy liennch-
oh, cold uud utistcro; ut their I. el n
holt ol liiiie-iiiii... flowers havo out
spread Iheinielvei on the fresh gruia
The Inile flowers liogin lo cuin/mr...
their bu,Jit rohcH with the soluble
gormoiili of Ihe lir treea, uud tiny
slruiiihtwny burst out laughing. And
tin.. Iirighl-hiiad butterflies joined wiih
Ilium in their mirth.
Hut one winter's morning by chime.'
I looki.il ut the mountain uud auw
thul thu lir trees, ull covered with
mow, were still standing lh.ru, itrnve
nnd dreamy. And thou 1 belhouirhl
un .li of the little mocking flower, al
ihe fool of (lie moiinliiln und I look
ud und lo I * ' • no truce of lln
Important Notice to Parents
Commencing pupils for the prini.nv
division., of the public school! will I
received uud unrolled on Moiiduy, 3rd
April, To fiieiliiiite urrunyemenfa  foi
additional clan, the School   Trustees
raqustt  thul   nuiuci und oddrcsie.  ,
nil now pupils   I. ii.e,,   of enrolment
bo suliiiiiiieil lo Icocliori of the s"
end schools without delay.
GEO. ('Asll'llr.LL,
Seerelury.      H-'A
NOTICE i. borcby gjven that nl the
nexl lilting of the Board of Licensing
Commiiiioiier. for thu City of Noilh
Vancouver, wu, the undersigned, intend
lo apjily for a holul license lor orein-
iiei niliiule on loli Ti und-'itl, block
IM, di.trict lot 'ill, hirst slrtot, In
lho laid City of Ninth Vmu-uuver,
geo. i). ikmer.
Dated at Vancouver, Vurch lllh, IVII
(July 1st, JIllO)
Province ol British Columbia.
No. MA (1910)
This is to certify lliut "THE
i.ml...n;.,I nnd li..1,1 • .1 to carry in
business within tho Province of Bril-
iah Columbia, and to carry out or affect ail or any of tho objocti of llit
Company to whicli tho logialative authority of Ihe Logiiluturo of Britiih
Columbia extend.,
The head office of tho Company ii
situate in the City of Montreal, province of Quebec.
Tho head office of lho Conipany in
thii province ii situate ot lho City of
Vancouver, and William Ernest Burns,
whole address ii Vancouver aforesaid,
islho attorney for the Company.
Tho amount of the capital of the
Company ii Fifty 'Ihmi.mid Dollari,
divided Into One thousand shares,
GIVEN under my hand and
Sea) of Office at Victoria,
(Ii. 8.) Province of British Columbia, thii ninth day of February, one Ihouianof nine bun-
drod a«l eleven,
Registrar  of Joint Stock Companies.
Tho objects (or whioh this Company,
has boon oitahlisluid and licensed aro :
(I) To I'.vp.ni to tlie Dominion of
Canada thu munufiicl.urcd products ol
liiei'lui and other Ml..- mlnural substances, und in particular luinuco lining, gus retorts, ...I... oven blocks,
bricks, tiles, pities, biitlis, itiiiilury up-
plium.i:s. ventilating uppliuncos, and
other like urticlus.
(tl) To curry on bitsinuss within lho
iuid Dominion us gonora] buildurs und
contractors, ileeol'iitou, uud munufuc-
i in ei „ of or deuleri, in ull and building requisites uud iu ull such products
and articles us uru mentioned in puru-
gruph 1, .      '
(3) To parry on uny Other buiinuii-
oi whether miiiiufnutiiriug or otherwise, which tuny seein lo thu.Cninpuiiy
ciipnblu of buinif conveuienlly curried
on in connection wilh titty ol the
alloys p.. iin.I Objects, or culcuhit-
ui diruelly or indirectly, to unhuncu
thu vuliiu of or render pnililuble, uuy
ol Iliu Coiiipuuy'i properly or n. hi
(4) To upjily for, purcliiiiu, or otherwise ucipitru uny puleiils, brevets
d'iuvuntioti, licenses, coneessiom uud
the liku conferring, nn exclusive ui
non-exclusive or limited riuht lo uss
or uuy secret or oilier iiilormution ui
to uny invention whioh may snow, capable of being used for tiny of the pin-
p.ei'.i of the Company or the afiuu.si<
lion uf which muy seem ciileitluted di
roclly or Indirectly to" benefit Ihii
Company, aiul to Use, exercise, develop or grunt Hocuses in respect of, oi
otherwise turn to uceouill the propel-
ty right and'information so acquired
(h) To purelinse or iithervvisu ut..
quire und undertake ull or uuy purt
of thu business property and liabilities
of uny 'person or Company enrryinu
ou uny business whicli I liis Company
is authorised to parry on or iioiscss-
eii of property suilublu for llie pulpites of too Company
|li) To enler into uny nrrunueiiieiil
wiih uny government! or authorities,
supreme, iiiiiuiciiiul, local or otherwise
nnd to obtuiii (rum uny such government or authority ull rights, calicos-
lioiu nnd privilege, tlml muy seem
eoiuliieivu lo llie Company's object I
or uny of I hem
ii) 'In cnler into tiarlnorifiip, oi
into any arrangeineut lor sharing pro.
Ills, union of inloieiti, co-operation
joint adventure, reciprocal concession,
or otherwiss W'ilb uny person or Compuny currying on or engaged in or
about to curry on or cnguifO in uuy
biisineii or trutlllictiolt which this
Company is uulhorireil to curry on or
oiigugo in, or un\ husjneii or liun.i
action eupuhla iif beiiiii cwliHlcd s.i
us directly or indirectl) to benelit this
Compuny, nnd lo take, or otherwise
acquire, dimes or slock in, or locuri-
lie- ol. uml to subsidize or othurwiie
uniil ni/y inch Coiiipuiiy, nnil lo shll.
hold, iu issue with or without guarantee or ollieivvise den I wilh such shuroi
..toil, ol securities
l>l ti.teiully lo li'iiehnio, liihe or
l.'.iu,' in exelninse, Idle, or oil., iviie
ue pun: uuy leul i.r | r«. luil pi - erl>,
mid ui'.j ni.ht.i ot piivileijui which the
(oliqinnj lu.iy Ihiiil n.cos.iii} i.rson
vciiient with Veferei n to unj i I the
ubjccli "i capable ..( living , ■• 111 u|sj)\
denlt with in collection wilh any of
the Coiupu'iy'i piio'ity ii rights f. r
the lime being, uml in pmllculur uny
land, buihlii.gi, usuuirnli, lii'unies,
linloiili, plunls, mucliimry, thiol
linrgui, rolliiig-iloeL, uml ilock in
I nid,
i'i) To sell the 11i1d.1t11l.11iL; of Ihe
Coiniiioiy ol uny |«nt lln reul for such
I'ousiileiutioii in the Coiiipuiiy muy
Ihiuk lit, und in puitieiil.il fur share.
or debenture., debenture stock or nth
or securities of any olliet (oiiipuny
having objecti altogether or In purl
similar to those ol tin. Company -
(Hi) To promote uliv I oiiipuny or
Companies lor the purpoie of uciprir-
ii.e ull or uny of the properly titthti
uud liiibililii - ol the I oliquiliy or lot
any other putpo e which tuny icc'iii
directly ol imlirnllj calculated lo
hen.'lil  this I ompui.y
(II) To invi I ni. I ile.il wilh th<
moneys of the I ,.mpm,} nol immcili
uiely required in iucIi in.uun-i m muy
fruin lime lo lime he ileteimin.il.
(IV.) To h'liil money lo sueil pel Soils
uud on niih tortus us muy semi a»|«,-
ilieni, uud in pnrlieulur to cuitomers
of uml persons linviuu, dealiiigi wilh
the Company, uiuttt, give any guarantee or indemnity a. muy seem ex,
(13) To raise oi borrow, or secure
lho payment of uiniicy in such mun
tier uml on inch lenui us muy seem
i.'xpeilienl. nnd in pnrlieulur by (he in-
iuo of debentures or dobontuto itock
v. heih. i   perpetual  or otnerwlie   and
rhillued    01     Hot    ihuued     upon      tin
whole or uny purl of the properly nnd
righla ol the Compuny both lirassul
and fuluie, incjudlag ils uncalled tap-
itul, and lo redeem, purohtso, or pay
off uny such sscurilits.
ill) To druw, accept, indorse. His-
eounl, oxecule und issue bill, of exchange, promissory nolei.dolieiiliirci,
Mill of lading, w.oiio te and olhor
negotiable or Iroiiiferable iuilriimenli
Or   lei ill ilu
(16) To lemuneiulo tiny pnrtic. for
aorvicc. rendered or lo lie iendured in
placing or aiiiiling lo place any
slimes in the Company's .npitiil ol
any debenlurei, debenture I'nok, or
other lecurilics of lho Compuny,or in
or about the fmmillion or proiiiolion
of the Compuny or lho con hut olils
(16) To do sll or any of iheslu.vr
things io any part of Ihe world mid
either ai prinapuli, agonli, liusliei,
I'luiinleiin.i or otherwlst, and rilher
alone or in conjunction wilh oil.ni,
end cither by or through egtatl, sub-
conlraclori, fruiluei or olhorwiio.
117) To sell, iuqnove, niainji, de
velop,    eiehnnge,     elilllinehi.e.     (rale,
mortgage, djipoio of, lurn n . i.
or otherwiie iieul wilh nil or nnyisrl
of lho proporty or ri((hla of the Company.
(Id) To do all such other tliingiai
aro in. ul. i.lul or ronijucive U) the ut
lainmenl. ot* Ihs above object• i.ndso
that tho word "Company" In Ibis
Clause .hall be doomed to include any
partnenliip or other body of peisom
whether incorporated or nol ou'orpor-
uliid, and winiher domiciled in the
Ifniled Kingdom or eliewhars, or I M
Ihul the objects ipeeifinl jir\ c-ich of
the first two paragraph! of this
I'louse snail except whan otherwise ex
pressed in sueh paragraph be in no
wiie limited or restricted by inference
lo or iolorenot from the I arm. oi any
other paragraph or ths name ol tat
At Vancouver Prices.      Sole Agents for North Vancouver.
North Shore Locators
We are placing on the murkut   a   block   ol   17   loll, on the
lound l'...ul. .....I hi elision.  Theic lots ure high nnd dry, wilh
uu iiiisiirpussrd view, two blocks from iliu preiunl cur lino, sue
1111136, partly cleared. Prices from jii.'.n to tJUM. Terms-1-6
eush, biilmice, 3, C, !i, Vi, 16, li, 'il und 'Jl months.
Corns in und lei ui show you over Ihii property.
No. 8 Lonsdale Ave.
Phone 123
luiiiri Iimsdiile .mil Second.
Phone 235
Amongst the new arrivals for spring we have
some exceptional value in Pongee Silks, at prices
whit h will compare with any store in B. C.
Pongee, even weave, good weight.    '2C,r
24 inches wide, our price...  J JL
il I 'ongce, al a value never bclorc oUcrcd  C f\
tciiuver, 34 inches wide, our price  -J V7L
No. 2.   -Natural
in Noilh Vancouver, i'i inches wide, our price .
No. J.—-Natural   Pongee, very fine closely woven, strongly
ii. .i,iiiioii.li.I lor summer dresses, 34 inches wide,
oui price	
Place Orderi for Your Spring Suit Early for
prompt delivery.        Satisfaction guaranteed.
will be on exhibition daily
from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the
B. £. Electric Railway Co/i
office, 50 Lonsdale Avenie
The Gurney-Oxford Steel Top Range
nieaits a marked laving in
luel ana {letter Inking n stills.
'Ilic "CHAiNCELI.OK" not
only does its work UETi'iiR
oilier Range*...
We can dcoioutlraic to you
(he whole Superior Chan-
collor principal ol economy
and efficiency in ten minutes.
Is it not worth that much
ol your time right now ?
The J. D, Fraser Hardware Co,
Phone 58, 133 Lonidale Avenue
] *•*■)
;Nqsth Vancouver
B. C.
Published Tuesdays and Fridays by
North Shore Press, Liuitid
Oqa year, li.on
atTaa or iubscsiption
Bit tiioiitbi, 60c.
Tliroe months, 36c,
United Status and Foreign', |1.60 par year
Advurlimntj Kates will ba quoted oa application.
Tht Eiiireas Is devoted to tht interests ol tht north Shore of Burrard Inlet
eicluaivuly.    It constitute! an advertising medium of ascantional Value for
- lopulstion tf North Vancouver
vertisers the most satisfactory
All changes in contract advertisements should bu in the printers' hands not
later than 10 a.m. Monday aiid 6 p.m- Wednesday to ensure insertlen In the
fallowing issue.
W«b,ll«,tUIJ , |1  VllllOII.IIIDD     N.l     BU.UIIiai,,,     ...VU.UI1I
mailing iu a thorough and effective manner tlie popul
Oity ana District.  Every effort is msde to give advorti
North Vancouver,   B. C.
March ai,  ign
HI ll 3.
Tlie number  ol riluons   who  wero
preient upon the initial trip of "North
Vancouver Kerry No. 3" on   Saturday
last ...ul.I not fuirly bo computed at
his than ono thousund.    (II this large
number ull but a   very email , fraction
impeded   Ihe   interior   of    the   now
steamship   tor   lltu   lint lime,   iip.ui
tbat occuiion,       .led iny  from   tho
highly en. i,iiiih.ioi,   eotiiiuenti heard
upon ull sides, the ruiull guve rise lo
naught but sentiments ol the   highest
gratification.    The   bom   i. a    mint
commoilioui    vend    every   uviiilahlu
portion of space being utilised lor securing ihe inimniiini capacity. 'Hit op-
pointmenti ore iucIi a. lo provide m-
p.-iioi   accommodation lor both vehicular and passenger trullic.    The spacious   uud cotnforluble suloon   on   ihe
first deck ii u most pluming   feature
of tlie vessel.     It ii of large proportions, eirelleiilly lighted und with provision  for tlio fico   .'ii. ii I.it i.m   ol air
with, uu   discomfort,    Tbe    fiiiiihing,
whih not eluborute il decidedly   nisi.
fill   and the   gciicrul   effect    ii    very
pl.aiing.      Tlie   murhinery,   although
now, worked on Sutunlay   in a   well
nigh 11,-iti, i  manner,   the ulnence  of
vibration throughout tho veuel   being
psrticulurly noticeable.    The   motion
ol the steamer us it ilid io .uioolhly
through the wuler gave a very grille
lul impression  of comfort,  lufety und
ipeod,   The boul ii u 11. -nl In her designer! uud her builders and a    mint
notable acquisition lo   the  equipment
of North Vuneouver City Furries Lim-
tod.     The   j I.    ,n.  -li.. I    ii   greatly
heightened Irom the fact thul   North
Vancouveritei    ure   able   lo    deelai.
that   the    vessel   it   altogether     Ihs
product of locul indiiitry, huving bees
deiigned   in the   offices   of the   ferty
compuny, built on Ihe North    Shore
uud lent out in running order without
' previously   leaving   the  hod   yaids.
When llie new nouinor is placed    in
commiision tho doyt of iuconveiii.iicc
in trovolliiig on the local furry   service will be nt un end.    The ncesiity
for up.,l,,,i.,-  for the accommodation
afforded by the system bus passed and
the lime inn arrived when there Is not
only no diindvuntage aituched to travelling to and Irom North Vancouver,
but when on I In contrary the Iripbai
become a positive pleuiure and nn am
viibli suet of health, rcttluluass und
enjoyment, tin buiefiti of which   fell
hi largest .hare lo thoie who patron1
im the lurry regularly und most   fie
To those who may have bun following ths development of the case in
lavor of trading nt home, whicli
we . hsv. I.e.ui endeavoring to
make in the neric. of articles of which
this is ono, it is now jn order to submit the following observation, numcly
every tingle item of home shopping •
an appreciable factor in tbe right solution of thit important problem. It
it strikingly trus with respect to thii
niul!"!' thst there sre no Irilles. Just
aa every brick in the largest wall Is
necessary to tht .trenglh and tolidity
of the wholt, so every item oi shop-
phk, consistently done at bim>, no
mitt* how small ths actual mm Involved, conltjbutos its share to Uu
turn of genwiil jjpsperity snd helpt
to confirm Ik. eomm%dsble habit
, tf trading st horns.
This is   tssentisily a  co-optrsliv.
tsMUr snd  like .vary  othsr  intti- prise,
lution which depends for success upon tlie hearty co-operation of many
individual., the highest luocess is to
be attained only upon ths bail, of
everybody doing hi. full shiiro all tho
time. The olfeciB will fall short ol
the ..pi. ...led results that might be so.
curod just in that proportion to
which some who might help, decide to
withhold their support. While it is
freely and cordially ooncoded that
each individual is a law to himself or
to herself in this matter and is at perfect liberty to do juit ai be or lho
may please, ut the sums time even
those who may not have been ths
moil ardent supporters ol thu trade-
at-home idea will be diipoied to give
kindly und oven fuvorablu consideru-
tlon to an appeal made to them in
lho right ipirit and upon reasonabls
In ull mutton of u couuhunity nature, univeriul co-operation is absolutely neceiiary lo the well being of
the whole. This ii clearly setn in
matteri of law and order. If a condition of affairs ihould exist under
which certain individuals were ullowcd
lo break the law with impunity while
others were compelled to strictly comply witb tbe law, then ths violation
ol tho law upon tbo part ol ihe privileged individual, would throw ths
entire system out ol baluncs and
would constitute a menace to the wel-
furu und the pen', of the commuaity.
Tho only tubitiiniitl basis upon which
peace and prosperity mn Im built ii
ths impartial enforcement of tbs law
witb reipect to all purtiei. Tu lie
more osplicit, lor the proper promotion oi public heultb ths municipal
gov..lion.-ni may decree Ihut no well,
.hall lie ,ill.,w..I, hut thul ull resident, muit take their supply of wuler
for domestic purposes from tho civic
waterworks system. Now ihould uny
resident pcinsl in using water irom
com..'., held to In contaminated and
disease result ui u consequence, then
th. welfare und health of lho entire
community ii endangered, not alone
becauie of tho presence of thut well
with its impure water but in a more
formidable manner by ths presence of
ineiiibris of lbs community actually
it in hen wilh ihe very disease which
the proper protection oi the Wales
•upply wa. designed lo prevent.
Now while tho intereili involved in
truding al hums are of a diffortnt nv
tur. from those involved in tin above
illutiration, they are, neverlhsleis, ol
a lupremsly importunt character in
their sphere and the nuciily for uni-.
verial co-operation is quite us vital
to th. highest success as in ths in-
ilunrs to which reference has been
mode. If, .ay seventy five per cant.
of th. resident, ih th. community lend
their co-operation and ulway. endeavor lo do ths very Isst poinble itom
of their shopping in their home town
but the remaining twenty-five per cent,
give but indifferent .upport and rsgu-
lurly do a greater or lesser amount of
their shopping out of town which
might be done ut home, then at lea.t
two major result, must follow, in the
fir.t place the home town i. imp ever-
isbad by ths amount of money spent
elsewhere, wbich might have been placed in circulation at home, to the com
mon profit. This in itself is a very
momentous rousiiiernlion but the Second result i. even more harmful namely, the twenty-five per cent, who habitually trade out of town become a
strong fore, making steadily and per-
si.Uutly in fsvor of out ul town shopping with all its detrimental offsets.
Tbsir influence which might become
a potant factor making for cohesion
for internal .trenglh and (or increased
prosperity locally, makes rather for
disintegration, lor weokncsi and lot
imp<!V«ri«riinent locally snd contc-
asaetly ths buyer who tsvet a small
amount individually by buying st out
out-ol-town     ..tsbUthsuBU,
loses a great deal mora than he gainst
through the detrimental influunco exerted on his home town linsneially
and through ths general lower tons ol
values which attends inevitably upon
the course whicli lie follows. Trading
at home is constructive/ it builds up
while truding out of town is destructive, it places an obstruction athwart
ths pathway of local progress ind development.
Ollici I'luiiiii 10       House Phone 267
Ileal   Estate Agent and  Conveyancer
A blook of choice residence lots on
the liinii.l Boulevard.    Tbs cheapest
on the market.
Two lots on Third Slroet, blook l&T-
•u,3fi0 each.
One lot on Third .Street west, 60x140
feet, only $3,800.
Two lo(s on ; cv, ni, -nth .Street east,
each 50x150, only 11,650.
Two,lots on Fifteenth street west, 60s
160 feet, only $2,800.
Those und many olhen on his lists
will beiii  investigation.
New office, CLUB BLOCK, Esplanade
133 6th Street East North Vancouver
Phone 373
Nolary Public
I..iiiiis,    Investments    and    Insuranto.
Boom 207, 632 Granville St., Vancouver. B. C  Phone 8109.  Land Registry work a specialty.
Phone    1%
North Vancouver
Coal and Supply Co.
Dealers in Coal, Brick,
Sand,   Gravel,   Lime,
Cement   and   General
Builders' Supplies.
All   Orders   Promptly
Pilled and Satisfaction
i ni,ii,mil.I     Prices on
Office: Lonsdale, near City Wharl
Warehouse:      Forman's Wharl
Thc Royal Bank oi Canada
Capital 16,200,000.
IP s.-i v..-,, 17,200,000.
Total Aisets $96,01)0,01)0.
A gcnerul banking business
traniuclcd. Savjnus accounts a
apcciulty. Account! of firmi
and individuals lolicited.
Norlh Vuneouver Brunch.
Bank Office in N. V. Club Block
A. Campbell Hope
C. A. CAL.
358 ht Street East
Phone Bllil
General Contracting
EXCAVATING,   CLEARING,   GRADING, Etc. Estimate! Given.
MacLennan £• Andru»»
Keith Boad, coat of St. George'. Avc-
nut, or P. 0. Box 134
Free delivery to all parts ol
Lynn Valley at city prices
No order too small to fill
■       ■    .i     ii   »r l ■ »■"■.■ HS» USs-fM ■    '■■.
iU Splendid Lots
Three Blacks Irom Lonsdslo Avo.
Price to ensure quiok sals only
$300 each-easy terms
Speaking of Snaps; how is this one?
Double Corner ol Fourteenth St.
and St. Andrews for $2600 £.3.
Pierce & Hall
Next to Palace Hotel
Phone 110
FOR ABSOLUTE PROTECTION write a Policy in the
Commercial Union Fire Assurance Co., Ltd.
ASSETS! $94,900,000
Sole Agent
Agreement, ind ('untried drawn q. ... Central
of every de.cription "n0ne   '3'        Conv.ysnd
Something good (or the small buyer
Price $275 each
$75 cath.   Balance very eaty.   Call and tee ut about thete
Phone 70--P., O. Box 97
The Merchants Trust & Trading Co.
PAID Ur CAPITAL 1100,000.00          R. THOVPSON TINN, Mssfslst Dlraclu
 BRANCH OFFICE i 34 OU Broad St., Uoloo, Eujlaiid.	
Building Lots at Snap Prices
in Block 90, D. L. 550 for $950.   $350 Cash;
Balance 6, 12 and 16 months.
In Block 82, D. L,550 lor f 1000.   $350 Cash;
Balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
Also a block in Upper Lonsdale lor $5250.   One
Quarter Cash; Balanced, 12 and 18 months.
Already subdivided into 24 lots.
North Vancouver, Trust Co., Ltd,
(UU Inki.er * W.rd)
219 Lonidale Avenue,
Phone 44
Campbell Realty & Investment Co,
I/)R SAI.E-Ownor oiu.t sell largs
roomy house, all m.slorn, comant /validation, lance, fireplace,- f/MO cash.
Close to car-line.
The Ca«h
Staple and Fancy Groceries
Freih and Smoked Meati
10 lb. Back s/s/C
Large Tina
l'g  2 tins for lBo
2'e 2 tins for 25o
3'b 1 tin for 15c
New Zealand Butter
3 lbs. for  $1.00
Potatoes, per sack,  •   $1.95
3 lbs. Lonsdale Blentl
of Tea    ■--   -   $1.00
3 lbs. Best Empress
Coffee    --.   -   $1,00
Russet Apples, per box $1.85
Sharwood's Chutney,
qts.       SOc
Captain White's Pickles SOc
Pure Castile Soap, per
bar      25c
driver's Fruit in Syrup
from      35c
You can depend upon the
quality and price of our Meat
Rolled Oats, Tibs, fur    25c.
Ayrshire Rose Creamery
Butter,   -   -   3  His. $100
anions, per duy.    -   -   20c
Maggis Simps. 5c. per tililit
Phone 40
1111 Lonidale An
LOW SEA, Proprietor
ttl.m. toS i' in
First'claas Meals ajc.
Commutation Tickets, <i mtsls
Rooms for Kent at taoderatt run
I. O. ()  P.
North Vancouver I.odgo, No. M,
meet, .very 'I'hursduy evening, corner
l.unadule Avenue and Fir.t .treat, tl
8 o'clock. Visiting Ijrsl liruo cordially
invited lo attend. A. T. Kennedy,
N.O.; Thus. S. Nye, rec.-sso.; J. H.
Pilling, P.O., (ln.-.ec.s ('has. Nys, r*.
0., trios.
TfcLBPHQNE 89. P. O. 30X „4
Fully Equipped
to plod over too dewrl or iuf.r banger and taint li Mr. Camel. W.'n
not built that w.y. What ws want It
tbe real thing.
You Get Real Paint
When Buying Here
It will >tand the blazing .us ol ti.
Sahara or the blaii. 0| Cook't North
117 feudal* ftmitM TriE EXPRESS. NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
Spring will soon be
here when you will
require new Linoleum
for your kitchen, etc.,
a new Carpet for
some other room. A
good assortment of
patterns to select from.
Prices a. little lower
than elsewhere. □
Eilim.t.i Gladly Furniihed
Note our Prices:
Kitchen Tablet    $1.75
Kitchen Chain       SOc and 65c
"       "        75c and $1.00
Dining Chain 75c up
Iron Bedsteads from	
$3.75 up to $35.00
Mattresses, full size, Irom $3 up
Springs, lull size, Irom $2.25 up
Dressers with bevelled mirrors
$8.00 up to $45.00
Lace Curtains, Curtain Net and
Maddrast Muslins lor Curtains
111  li asaSl
V.   I
Seed Potatoes
All   our Hi.idi ure  sp.ciully seluotad uud  i, i.,1  to comply   with
Seed Control Act,   In buying lueds don't overlook i|Uality.'1
Wt olio aorry u lull line ..I FERTILIZERS
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
LONSDALE AVIiNUli.        At Perry Landing.
The Place Where Everybody Goes
Gem Theatre
i tj Good Pictures Good Singing
&*::: :::  Good Music  ::: :::
Programme  changed  Monday, Wednesday and  Friday.
Adulti 10c ''"l.'SZZ.**' Children 5c
60s 147 ft. lot, half a block west of Lonidale Avenue
Price $3000, $1000 cash, balance 6,12 & 18 month.
Ward, Burmester k von Graevenitz
Ths now grocery stors recently r>j
td at Hollyburn under thc manager
skip ol Mr. Craarer, is doing nj our-
Pfiting buaincM taking into ooniidrrn
Uon tbt start timt ol iu instsAnunt
Every article desired by tbe faousewile
is at hand and the procuring I., those
who have hitherto been compelled to
piirdimc their grocerica at a distance,
ia a great convenience.
An excocdiiigl) pretty little liouil
wedding touk pluce iii afternoon at
half-punt one at the residence ul Ml.
nnd Mn. J. Currier, llurtrulu, wuen
Mill -M.'iv Muriel, Heeond daughter uf
thc I..ie J. T. n.iin.nn. Esq., lor soma
thirty yean surveyor of I'uiioiiii fur
tliiiiwn. and Mr. Bartram, hcciimo the
i bride ol Mr. 1 Thomas Lculey lica-
neily, ol North Vancauvcr, II. C. Tho
ceremony was performed by Bov. tt.
A. Mcilroy, puitor »l Slowurton I'rci-
liyteriun ohurcli.
The drawing-room Was very prettily
trrangod, a large bank ul pulm, f.iui
nnd cut llowori being ut ono end, tjo-
fiire win, ii tin., bridul purly stood.
Mn. W. II. I'...111,in played Mendeli-
luhn'l wedding march .. Ibo bride en-
tarad the room wick her brother, Mr.
furrier llurtroin, who uflcrwnrdi gave
her away.
Tiie bride win preceded by nor two
little nieeea, Mim Murgnret and Wu.
i.ouiic Bui I rmn, Linking very iweol
und dainty in pretty white lingerie
in el,... with vvi.'iiil,.. ol lilici ol the
vulloy un their pretty luir huir, and
currying little baikeli ol pink roses
mid liliei ol lho vulloy.
Folluwing tlii'iii eume Ilic brides-
muid, Miu (iweinlolyii Hurl nun, sis
tor ul the bride, who looked vary pretty in a lovely gown ul pule pink silk,
liiiiul I'liiliii'ideied, ,i black velvet pie-
lure lint' wilh willow' plumei and |rink
latin roiei, mid wearing the grooiii'i
gilt, u liandinmo pearl sunburst and
gold ehain. yho olio carried u shower
bompicl of frisk roies. Then follow-
ml Hie bride, who looked very graceful and prdly in her travelling dreii,
u lined'..me cadet blue lady'a cloth,
with a blouae ol French embroidered
ailk, und a corded ailk but ol the aomc
ilmdc, with willow plumes,'aud going
awuy, woro a lovely set ol ermine Lira
tbe gift ol thc groom. Mr. ('harlot
A. Wood lupportod tho groom aud lo
him thc groom preienlod a lovely gold
watch chain, ol small nuggen joined
together wilh little gold linki.
Alter the ceremony a imall reception
Wai held, only tlio immediate relatives being present, lira. Burl run), mo-
ihcr ol the bride, being hundioui.ly
gowned in black .ilk, wilh t cortogt
bouquet ol violets, and a black bat,
trimmed with a large bird ol pom
The only other guests present were
tbt bride's brotheri, Mr. Ghsrlcs
Hartroro, and Mr. W, B. Bartram, ol
Ottawa, Mr. John R. and Mr. Vivien
Bartram ol Toronto, and Mr, and
Mrt. Otrald H. Brown, oouiini M tht
Mr. und Mn. Konnedv   left   by    hi  ■
3.20 train   lor   New   link,   unl   i   m   ,|
there lo California, wlnrc thy    v ill
,"■!..I  llie next  three uiuiitlii    lefoic
going to I lien home in Sorib \ itirou-
vor, 11. C.   -Ottawa Free ! rent.
Mr. II. IL Dick retinoid on Sunday
afternoon born Dominion ' ily, Man
loba, where he wai nil,mini, tbc fun-
oral nl hii brother, Ihe fuci 'I mis-
furl un.. rarely cumin.1 linjy ii iliu--
tralerl in Mr. Dick's uiili.. no .1 ihe
death of another lirotlicr in In l.rn
Canada while .till in Dominion i'ily
I'lani prepared and I stimuli, given.
llllii'e :  1107 In,mu. on Ium  I'M..
I'hone H'll
Beiidunee,.163 Kigbtlt Ave. K.
North Vancouver.
TENDEBS will be received by lbs un-
ileriigncd up lo the 22nd duy ol
April, IUII, ut h p.m. lor the purchase
of Block 27, Subdivision ol I ol No
All, liroup I, New Victlmiii'l.r Dl.
Irict, liluuldl in llie City of Vanoou"
vsr, and being the site ol llie old I'ro
vinciiil Court Home. Koch tendci
muit bo eiiid,, I'd in n regltttrtd let-
tor and inuil be nddrcued to the un-
derilguod and plainly luuikul "Tandci
lor old Vancouver Coun II , , iii(.,"
and mutt lie accompanied by an or
ceptod die<|iii! lor ten par cent, ol has
lint payment ol the putehaie money
Hoymenl lor Ibe propel ly will be nc-
copied in iuitolincnls ol oiicuuuiIit ol
Ihe purclinac money. The (In! of such
inalolmtnti to be paid within lliiily
days oiler Ibe acceptance ol Hit lender, and (hi other throe rnnuslly
thorealler, wilh Inltreat ot tlio rolcol
6 per cent, per annum. In the .vent
ol the person whose lender i. occspl-
ed (ailing lo complete the tn t instill-
ment within thirty duvs of lit nulim
ol such accordance llie sale to him
will lie cancelled uud hi. I en per cent
doposil forfeited. The ebiqutt ol un-
iiiccesilul lendereri will bt returned.
Tho higheil or any tender will not
neceiinrily be sccsplcd No i ononis-
aiom of any kind will be allowed.
Minisler ol Lands,
Doportment ol Londi,
Viotnria, II I .
March 70., 1911.
■ sas>
The Commonwealth
First Complete Showing ol New
Spring Goods.
W.DICK, Prop.
47 & 49-HASTINGS STREET, EAST- 47 & 49
"Dm l...w umI and Hat ll U
todycnl •lefllilnl.ln'■»<•/>/»-
Bali witti Kalobvw llri..'
Culm I
How In Heal
If IHsrlHlft
Colon fully
In mn
/■nt /IihiIUI
Thi old lllliloDP d die. ruclcd an r i-
..nilrvini;  nwtroIruuWt-
Tblnk how economkolly and easily yoa CD nuke old or failed pirraonts look
lite new, nn matter what the matcrioli are, ills, lisle, Hum, wool, cvilou ot
mixed.   Fust colors, no rlppifisr, no cracll'g, So odor.
.is* ht FftEB BOOKU T antl Cosor Cati mi
m. 8. McDOWKLL
B. O. WJCOMMUN 6, W, lie Hoi. BK
Have You  Read
"The Last Chance?"
Thii ii the last chance you will have to purchase
loti in "CAPILANO PARK" at the old price.
The carline exteniion through the property,
which will start in June, hai increased the value
of all adjacent property, and the owners have
notified us of their intention to raise the prices of
the unsold lots, bui as there are very few lots left
we are nuking a special effort to dispose of them
before the end of the month and close up the estate
Price of lots $ 150—1 IB cash and the balance
Half-acres $500 to $575. 10 per cent cash and
balance over two years, a
Did you ever have a chance to purchase property
on a carline extension at the prices at which we
are selling?   Nol   Well, Do it Now.
Phone 19S6     134 Hastings St., W
4-1 l-M 11 M"I"l.|uM"l"l-l"l-H-H"l"l-H-MI l-M I IWmMAWHMMMMAA+H+MM'lW
North Vancouver City
Lots in Blocks 9, 9a, 15,15a, 16 and
16a; District Lot 550; now on sale;
Acreage  in  District Lots 546 and
550; subdivided into blocks of from
to 22 acres.
The Grand Boulevard Extendi
Through Thii Property.
For Plant, Price list sod Particulars, apply to
The North Vancouver Land and
Improvement Co. w.uy.
Corner Pender snd Seymour Streets.
Vancouver, fa. C
Phone 6266
Louis Joseph Vance
Copyright, IBM, by th. Bobba-M.rrtll Co.
^AmT safeguard our property. ¥«
in perfectly Justified, officer."
"Tirana you, ma'am. And would yot
mind giving me your certs, please, al
ll you?"
"Certainly not." Without besltatloi
tba woman took a little band bag fron
ths aeat of tbe carriage and produces'
a card. Ber son likewise found nil
can and banded tba officer an oliloni
"I've no carda witb me." tbe imerl
can told the policeman. "Mr name
however, is Philip Klrkwood, snd I'd
Maying at the Plena."
"Very good, sir; thank you," Tbi
man penciled ths Information In till
Utile book. "Tliank you, ma'am, and
Mr. Hallam, sir. Sorry to have detained you.  Good morning."
Klrkwood helped young Hallam into
tbe carriage, gave Mrs. Hallam his
hand and followed ber. The man Id:
cles shut tbe door, mounting tbe bos
beside tbe driver. Immediately tbey
were In motion.
TUB American got a filial glimpse
of the bobby, stsnding In front
of No. 0 li'mgnall street and
vviiti-iiing them witb an air of
profound uncertainty. He bad Kirk-
winul'n sympathy therein, but be bad
little lime to feel with blm, for Mrs.
nullum turned upon blm very suddenly.
"Ur. Klrkwood, will you be good
enough to tell me who and what you
Tbe young man smiled Ida homely,
candid smile. "I'll be only too glad,
Mrs. nullum, when I feel sure you'll
do as much for yourself."
She gave blm no answer. It wss ss
If she were choosing words. Klrkwood braced himself to meet tbs
storm, hut none ensued. There was
rather a lull, which strung Itself out
Indefinitely lo tbe monotonous music
of hoofs and rubber Urea.
The carriage stopped before a house
with lighted window.. Bcclcs Jumped
down from the boi snd scurried to
open the front door.
They were returned to Craven street I
"One more lap round thu truck I" mused
Klrkwood. "Wonder will the next
lake me back to Bermondaey Old
Stairs."   "
At Mrs. Ilollain's direction, Eccles
ushered blm Into tbe smoking room,
on tbc ground floor in tbe rear of tbe
dwelling, there to wait while sbe
helped her son upstairs and to bed.
Ue slgbcd with pleasure at firs!
glimpse of Ils luxurious but Informal
couiforta and threw blmaelf carelessly
Into a heavily padded lounging chair
dropping one knee over tbe oilier aud
lighting the lust of bis expensive
cigars wilh s sensation of undiluted
gratitude, ss one coming to rest In tbc
shadow of a greut rock In a weary
land.   Ue was very sleepy.
Through Ibe halls, on the stairs
there wero liurryluga and scurrylngi
of feet and sklrln, confused with inur
muring voices. Presently, tn an ad
Joining room. I'lilllp Klrkwood heart)
a maidservant wrestling hopefull)
wilb thul most exasperating of mod
crn lime saving devices, the telcphoni
at countenanced by our Bngllth cous
Ins. Her patience snd detcrmlnatloi
won bis upproval. but availed nothing
for ber purpose In the outcome tbi
telephone triumphed, snd tbe malt
gave up the uiiriiuul contcat
Later s butler entered tbe room, s
tbort und sturdy fellow, extremely II
It ease. Iiruwlng a small Iuburet I'
Use side of Klrkwood's cbalr, hi
placed ihereon a tray, deferentially Im
parting (he Information tbat "Mrs
'Alliiiii 'as thought 'uw u Mr. Kirk
wood might care for a bit of aup
ptr." •*
"Please thank Mrt. Hsllsm for me.'
Klrkwood's gratified eyea ranged tbi
Laden tray. There were sandwiches
biscuit, cheese and a pot of black cof
fee, with sugar ond cream. "It wai
very kindly thought of," be added.
"Very good, sir; thank you, sir,"
Tba man turned to go, abaffllui
soundlessly. Klrkwood wu euddenlj
Impressed witb bis evasiveness. Bvei
since be bad entered the room bis
countenance bad aaamed turned from
tbs guest
"Eccles!" be called tbarply li a ran
Tbe duller hilled, Uiuudentnick
"Ye-sl, a-elrl"
"Turn round, Bcclss. I wist • look
it you."
Kcclet faced blm unwillingly with a
stolid front, but shitty eyes.   Klrk
wood glanced him op ind down, grinning.
"Thank you, Eccles. I'll remember
yon now. you'll remember me, too,
won't you) Vou'ro a bad actor, aren't
you, Eccles?"
"Yes, sir; thank you, lir," mumbled
the man unhappily and took Instant
advantage of tba Implied permission
Intensely diverted by the recollection of Eccles' abortive attempt to stop
blm at the door of No. 8 and wondering, now tbat he came to think of It,
why precisely young Hallam bad deemed It necessary to travel with I bodyguard and adopt such furtive methods
lo enter Into is wall u to obtain what
wu asserted to bt bit own property,
Klrkwood turned active attention to
ths lunch
Thoughtfully ha poured himself a
cap of coffee, swallowing It hot and
black u It came from tht silver pot,
then munched the tandwlchet.
It wu kindly thought of, thlt early
morning repeat. Mrs. Hallam seemed
more and more a remarkable woman
witb each phase of her character that
she chose to disclose. At odds with
him, sbe yet took time to tblnk of bit
creature needs. Women, he propounded gravely, sn queer. There's no telling anytblng about tbem.
One of the most unreadable spec!-
tuens of tbe set on which be pronounced this highly original dictum
entered the room Just tben, and be
found himself st once out of his cbalr
and his dream, bowing.
"Mrs. Hsllsm."
The woman nodded and smiled graciously. "Eccles has attended to your
needs, I hope? Plesse don't stop smoking." She Sank Into un srmchslr on
the other side of Ihe hearth und. prob- |
ably by accident, out of Ihe radiua of
Illumination from the lamp, sitting
ildewlse, one knee above tbe other, ber
while arms immaculate against the
umber background of crimson.
She was very handsome, Indeed, Just
then, though a keener light might huvo
proved less flattering.
"Now, Mr. Klrkwood?" she opened
briskly, witb s second Intimate and
friendly nod, and paused, her pose receptive.
Klrkwood sst down sgaln, smiling
good nstured appreciation of ber unprejudiced attitude.
"Your son, Mrs. Hsilam'*—
"Ob, Freddie's doing well enough.
Freddie," sbs explained, "has a delicate constitution and bu seen little of
tbe world. Such melodrama u "tonight's Is spt to shock blm severely.
Wa must msks allowance!, Mr. Klrkwood. I tblnk," tbt tald deliberately,
"tbat It It time we cam. to tn under
Klrkwood agreed—"In," affably.
"I purpose being perfectly straightforward/ To begin with, I don't place
you, Mr. Klrkwood, You are an unknown quantity, a new factor. Won't
you please tell me what you aro endure you a friend of Mr. Calendar's?"
"I think I may lay claim to tbat
honor, though" to Klrkwood's way of
seeing things some little frankness on
bis own part would be essential If tbey
were to get on "I hardly know blm,
Mrs. Hallam. 1 bad tbe pleasure of
meeting him only thlt afternoon."
She knitted her brows over this
"That, I assure you, ll tht truth," bs
"But I really don't underttend."
"Nor   I,   Mn.   Hallam.     Calendar
aside. I sm Philip Klrkwood, American, resident sbrosd for some years.
a native of San Francisco, of s certain sge, unmarried, by profession s
poor painter."
"Beyond that? I presume 1 mutt
tell you, though I confess I'm In
doubt." He hesitated, weighing ctn-
dor in Ihe balance with discretion.
"But who are you for) Art you In
George Calendars pay?"
"Heaven forfandl" piously. "My
sole interest at the present moment la
to unravel a moat entrancing mya-
"Entitled 'Dorothy Calendar,1 of
course   You've known her long?"
"Eight hours, I believe," hs admitted gravely-"leas this that, In fact."
"Miu Calendars Interest, will not
Buffer through anything you may ull
"Whether they will Cf no, I aee J
mutt swing l looser tongfe or you'll hi
showing ma the door.''
The woman thook bar bead, amused.
"Not until," tbe told blm slgniflcsnlly.
"Very well, then." And he launched
Into in tbrldged narrative of the
night's events U hs undentood them,
touching lightly ■ bit own circumstances, the real poverty which had
brought blm hack ll Craven strait by
wsy o/ FrognalL "Aad there you
have It all, Mrt. Hallam."
"It la ao like Calendar," .bs exclaimed, "to like Um thit ou mm haw
foolish It wu to <rust-no, not to
trust, but to believe-that hi could
ever be thrown off the scant once hi
got note ti ground. So If we suffer,
my aoo and 1, I ihall havi only myself to tbaakf
Klrkwood waited la patient itteu-
tion Ull the chow to continue.   Whan
the did, "Now for my call of thi
easel" cried Mrs. HaUbjb and, rising
(To hs oontiiwsJ,
Why Pay
Excessive Prices
Can Supply you with
and all
Household Requisite!
at a Lower Price than site-
"Small Profit, snd Quiafc Rstsrsi"
Phone 184
and Corner Granville and Sat/tb.
Specials for
Thia Week at
Tea, all dandard brands 'it, fie lb.
Coffos,   routed   or   ground   to
'  order   W to 40c psr lb.
Choose, all makes    '... 90o up
Corn, Ileum sad Crsam psr eta 10s
Tomatoes and IVai, larg. iin
Cans     II).
Glow or Com Starch, 1 lb. pak. ...Ic
llcintz Pork and Btans, par ctn . llji
Pintappli in larg. tin    lit
Imported   and   local   Jams,
■lelli.i, par jar  lit
B. k K, Rolltd Oats, a taok ,abt
flour,   .it lb.
 I1.W snd 11.78
Eggs, local, new laid, arrivt
weekly  I dot. Mo
Hoyal  Standard
Butter,   Star
Box    ....
Crsamtrv,   Mb.
Mspls Syrup in Mb. Tins
Lilly White Syrup, 10-lb. Ua  J*a
Kaitini, choic Sesded, I post Ma
Sugar, B. C. but, psr sack 41-0*
Table Applet  11.78 ptar bog
Baniau par dot Ht
Oranges, large Novels ... Vie psr dos,
Figs, Sal. New dried  4 tbi Ml
Honey in comb  Mt
Cream Sods Biscuits psr lb  IDs
Gold I sal I,srd 10-lb. ptll  4)i«
Frttb tvtry dsy-
Milk, Cream, Buttsrttjlk, Brstd,
Ctkss, Piss.
VtgtUblss u ItUuct, caulilowir,
csbbtgs, carrot, turnip at laws*!
eUadard prion,
Ashcroft potatoes
Blag up Ts). IM tad wi trial o**4s
prices on Swift's Ham. antl Boson ate.
out   given  Irs* oa tvtry HM
to git t chance oa
Port ingsbw. TtfR tOTRp.fi. NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C
RY-LAW Ifp. 168.
A BY-LAW to i'liulile tho Corporation
ol tbo Oity of North Vancouver to
raise by way ot loan tlio sum   ol
jj6,000 lor school ptirpqaos.
WHEREAS tho Board ol Trillions ol
Nor|fi Vancouver Oily School District
have prepared a deluded eitimula ol
the turns required lo meet .pocinl or
sxtrfordinary  cxpomus  legally  incur-
mills by tlto lliiiinl, which uiliinulo ii
U follow.!:
Esfimuto ol special or estrautdinnry
oxpaidituru lor 11111 :
Grsoing   and surfacing   of
IJl.uilulii, eiilii.l l net inn Ol
sidewalks aud erection of
boundary fdiicoa at Lous- i
dole ichool on lot. 'J, 3, 8,
add 0, block 206, D: L. 616
ileliiuval   ol   duliiliu',.   hoUBO,
prtparation ol new Bite lor
name, wilh addition of baac-
im ui lloo r druinuga, etc....
Kietlion ol 'ciglit-i'noiiiiid lire-
lironf i.i'lniiil I un i. ie oh block
li, D. I. 660    '
, 46000.00
AMI Will'lil',\;- tho suid cititnuto
wu. Iuid before tlio City Council und
duly considered by the aaiil Council
ana Iliu aaid nun above mentioned
wai ti un 11 \ rojoctod und disutipruvcd
by the said Council on the olh duy
ol February, 1011.
ABD WHEREAS Iliu Acting Mayor
of the City has since Iho rejection r.nd
disapproval of Iliu Huid eiliniule, to
wit',' on tlio 28th tiny ol February,
1011, received from Ihe Secretary ul
the laid Bourd of .School Trustees, u
writtou request that the iuid acting
Mayor lubuiil lor ihe uiiuut ol thu
Elocton, in |ho iiiniinei prescribed li\
Section 00 ol the "Municipal Clauses
Act" a By-I.aw authorising ihe   pio
lulled expenditure nnil il necessary the
railing ol tho moneys required to do
fray Tlto aumo upon Ihe credit ni the
AND WHEREAS it ia aoooisury
that lho auid money bo raited upou
the credit ol Iliu Municipality.
AND WHEREAS the Council Iuid
authorized the luliinisiion of ihii Bylaw to llie electors:
AND WHEREAS for the payment of
mi.ui-.i on ihe di bin i ui,.-. propoicd
to bo issued under thii By-Law, und
lor creating a linking fund for ihe
payment of the sui.l debentures when
due, it will lie necessary to ruiso by
special ralo in uddjllon to ull other
rates, each year during the currency
ol such debentures, the sum uf ti,-
601.36. whereof »2,30U is to bo raised
annuity (or th. payment oi interest
during tho currency of auid debentures
and I'lole'lfi in be raised ininuully for
tht purpoie pf rieiiliiiij a .inking fund
(or payment ol Iho duhl secured hy llie
mill d.'li.'iitiiii'ii the seme being mude
payable ill fitly yean from Ihe dote
AM) WIIKIil-'A:- it order to ruiee
th| .aid yearly aum uf $2,1.01 .36 for
intoreit Slid linking (und, an equal
.|Hcial rato on the-dollar will lie required to be levied on ull Iho rnieuble
roll properly in tlio suid City ;       '
AM) WHEREAS thc whole rateable
real properly in lho suid I'ily According lo tlio lust revised .,   ,    n. m roll
is p,«wM« i
AND WHEREAS the uggregato of
the cxiiling debenture debt of the
corporation is 8776,670 (exccpl for
worki ol local improvement und fur
nil.ml purposei) of which none of the
piim ipul und intereit ii in urrcur :
TliERF.FORF, tho Muuicipul Council
of tbc Corporation of the City ol
Nortli Vancouver, with- the anient ol
tbo clcelon of the city uf North Van-
couver duly obtained, cnucli ui follow! :
I. It iliull lie luwliil (ur the Muyor
ol lho City oi Norlh Vuneouver and
the ('ily Clerk (or ihe purpoie afore
•aid to borrow or raise by way of
loan from any parion of periom, li
or bi
Irom any parion uf persons, body
lodici corporate, who may bo willing to advance Ibe suiiie upon the credit ul the .b'lieiiiui.■: hereinafter men-
lionud ol tho corporation, u um ul
monoy not exceeding in the whole the
turn ol 846,000 and In cause lliesuine
lo be placed in the Hunk uf British
North Aineii.ii at Norlh Vancouver,
to tho credit of tho City (ur the purpose above recited, and iuch moneys
•hall bu used for that purpose only
'.' Debentures of the Cily not exceeding in amount the sum of Forty
Six Thoueond (846,01)0) Dullur. muy
be iisucd by the iuid Muyur and I'll
Clark in tormi of Iho Muuicipul Claui-
oi Act'in tuoia oa may be desired, but
not let. I him Olio Thousand (11,000)
Dollar, each. Each of the iuid debenture, shall bo ligiied by Iho laid Mayor and City Clerk, and the City
Clark ihall affix Iho Corporate Seal
ol the said Cily ol North Vancouvor,
3, The di'lieniuii,; ihall bear date
tht 27th day of March, 1911, and
shall bear intoreit at Ilic rate ol five
ptr cent, per annum payable hull
yearly on tho 27th day of Soutoinbcr
and the 27th day of March in each
and every year during Iho currency
o( the tald debentures or any ol thom.
There ahull bo attached to lho debentures coupon, signed by tho Mayor
only lor oaoh ana overy payment of in-
tared that may become duo, and audi
lignolure may be cither written,
.lamped, printed or lithographed.
4. Tht laid debenture, a. lo principal and interim! may be made payable at tho Bank of British Norlh
America at North Vancouvor, Toronto or Montreal, Cauada, or at tbo
•aid Bank in the City ol London,
England, at par of oxchange and the
•aid principal sum (ball be made
I my able by the City at a date not
later than fitly yean Irom the date
upon which thu By-Law lakes total.
6. . During ihe whole term of the
currency of tho said dobcnlurca a apodal rate on the dollar shall be levied
snd raised etch year in addition to
all other rates on all the rateable
real property in the city and sufficient
to pay the inlcrcst, upon the said
debenture, and to create a nuking
fund (or the payment ol the principal
thereol when due, subject to any act
or enactment respecting the same.
Bush iipeciuI rate, small bs inserted in
the Collector's Roll or Rolls and shall
be payable to and collected ny the
said Corporation in tho aaino way as
olhor rates in the said roll or rolls,
huvo ns hereinafter provided.
6. In order to provide lor lho rates
Bat out in nuiiigruph (6) uml siibjoct
us iiior.'.'iuiil, i here shall bo raised annually by special ruto during tlio currency of tho snid debentures the sum
ol 82,300 lo provide fur tho puymoiit
of mil ie .i tlioretiii und the sum of
8301.36. to provide for Iho repayment
of the principal  thuroof.
7. Thu nruocodi of tho suid debenture,  iliull  1)0  upplh'il   US  Inline.:;   end
not otherwise :
(a) Iu payment of tho coat of lite
pusiing of this lly-luw and tho issue
end   sell'   of   tllO   di'lu'lil ill e     lli.nl:    rC-
(eiie.l to und ull expenses cuimoctud
with the said loan.
(b) In recouping the suid corporation for such sunn as havo been expended hai luiii.h'i until tho proceeds of
tho sale of the suid dcbenturci becomo. available.
(c) To curry out tho purpose ol
this By-law as above set out.
8. All moneys arising out ol tho
eiiiinul apeciul rate hereinbefore provided for 'inline fund shull lie invested by tho Counoil ol said Corporation
Irom timo to timo us thc luw itiiecti.
0. No rebuto shull bo allowed on
tlie speciul rulos to be levied undor
this lly-luw.
: 10. This I'- I eiv ahull take afloat on
tho "Mi day ol Hunch, A.I), HUI.
11. This By-Luw muy bo cited for
ull purposes us "Tho City ol North
Vancouver Schools Extraordinary
Expenditure Loan By-Law, Mill."
I'll- .mi by the Council ou tilts li'lli
duy of Murch, A.D. 1011.
Received tlio assent of (ho electors
ul the City of North Vuneouver ut un
elect inn fur the purpnso uu tile
day of A. 1). 1011.
rtoconsiilercd liy tho Counoil nnd fin-
'II'. iidupti.il, signed by tlie Muyur "mi
I'ily Clerk und sealed   wilh
purule Seal un the
ul A.D. IUII.
TAKE NOTICE ihul the above li u
true oopy of the proposed By-Law upon which Ihe vote ol the Kleelors ol
the Municipality of the City ol North
Vancouver will bv taken within llie
Cily Hull, Norlh vancouvor, B. C, on
Suturduv, the Twciilvhllh duy ol
Murch, A.p., Hill, between tho hours
of 0 o'olock a.m. and 7 o'clock p.m.
City Clerk ond Reluming Officer.
PUBLIC   NOTICE   is   hereby   given
Ihut tho vote uf Ihe Kleelors of   ihe
('ily of North Vancouver will lie taken
on the 26th day ol March,  III   'between the hours of '.) o'clock a.m. uud
7 o'clock p.m. on "The City ol North
Vancouver Schools Extraordinary Expenditure  Loan  By-Law,   1011,   ond
that within llie Cily Hall, Norlh Vancouver, ll. (', nnd thai Thomas Shepherd has been appointed Returning III
licer to lake tlie voto ol such Electors
wilh the usiiul powers in thul buliulf.
Ily Order ol the Cuuncil,
City Clerk.
BVM.AW No, 167.
A BY-LAW to enable the Corporation
ol the City ul Norlh Vuneouver to
raise by wuy of Loan the sum ul
820,000 to purchase reul properly
fur Corporation purpoae..
WHEREAS the Cuuncil nl the ('ily
ul Norlh Vuneouver is applying for u
license iu use Rice Luke us u nuturul
storage reservoir.
AND WHKHKAS the Council desires
thul Ihe water shetl shull bo protected ami for that, purpose it is necessary in connection with the undertaking and works prVpusod to acquire by
piircliuso the lands in llie immediate
vicinity uf the luko situulcd n Dia
11 id Lot 8th:
AND WIIKKKAS u poiition signed
by the owners uf mure I linn niiclcntb
of the vuluc ul reul property in tbe
City (u. shown by Ihe lust revised os-
..'ssnieiil roll) ha. beon prcaentcd tu
tho Council requesting them lo introduce u By-Law to authorise them to
borrow lho sum of Twenty Thousand
(820,000) Dullurs lor the purpoic ol acquiring by purchase blurks three |3|,
(our (4), five (6), iix(6), cloven (11),
twenty-two (22), twontylhrce (23),
twonty-lix (26). twonly-sovon (27) and
twenty-eight (28) in District i Lot
Eight hundred and fifty-five (866)
comprising an area, of 60.36 acres mure
or loss :
AND WHEREAS for Ihe payment of
intorcst on lho debentures propused to
bo issued under thia By-Law, uud for
creating a sinking fund lor tho puy-
iiiei'i ol the aaid debentures when duo,
il will bo necessary to raise by special rate in addition tp all other rales
eacli year during tho currency uf such
deles,tine  .       the      all,,,     ol     91,131.02,
whercol 81000.00 is to bo raised annually lor poymonl of interest during
the currency ol said debentures, and
8131.02 is to be railed annually (or tho
purpoic ol creating a sinking fund (or
payment ol the debt secured by thc
laid ih-beiiiiiii's. the samo bains made
payable in filly yenn from lho dalo
AND WHEREAS in ordor to raiio
lho laid ycurly ium ol $1131/12 lor intereit and sinking fund, an equal ipccial rate on lho dollar will be required to lie lovied on all the rateable
real properly in lho laid . Municipality i
AND WHKREAS Iho wholo rateable
rool property in lho said MunivipiJily,
according to the lait revised usresi-
mtnt roll it 8V,W8M&0;
ANP WHEREAS tho aggregate ol
the existing debenture debt "f the Corporation is $775,0711 (except for works
ol local improvement and (or school
purposes) ol which none of tho principal and intorcst is in' arrear,
THEHEI.OUH tho Municipal Council
of fhe Corporation ol tl|e City ol
North Vancouver (wit|i the assent ol
the ch'ciur.'i of tho City oi North Vuti-
ooiivor duly obtained) enacts as follows :
(1) It shall lie lawful for thu Mayor
ol tlio City ol Norlli Vancouver and
tho City Clerk, lor tho purpose aforesaid to borrow or raise by way of
luan from uuy person or persons, body
or bodies corporate, who may bo willing to advance tho same upon tho
credit of the dobonturos hereinafter
mentioned of tho Corporation, sum uf
money not exceeding in tho whole the
sum ol Twonly Thousand Dollars
(820,01)0) and to cause the samo to In)
I'I,.ml in tho Bank ul British Norlh
America, at Nortli Vancouver, to the
credit of tho City (or tho purpoic
abovo ii'ciicd. and such moneys shall
bo used for ihat purpoae only,
(2) Debentures ol tho City not ox-
cooding in amount tho sum oi Twenty
Thousand Dollari ($20,000) may be ll-
•tied by tho said Mayor and, City Clerk
in ns in. nf ilu Municipal Cluusos Act,
in .'iiiiuii as may bo desired, but nut
leas than One Thousand Dollars (81,-
000.00) ouch. Each ol thc suid debenture, shall bo signed by tho aaid Mayor and City Clork, und tho City Clerk
shall affix thereto tho Corporate Seal
ol the said City ol North Vancouver,
(3) Tho dobonturos shall boar dalo
the twenty-seventh day of March, 1011,
and .hull bour interest ut Ihe rate of
live per cent, per annum, payable bull
yearly on tho twenty-seventh duy ol
September und lho twenty-seventh duy
uf Murch in ouch and every year din
ing the currency of thu said debentures
ur any of them. Thcro shall be attached to the debentures, coupons
signed by tho Mayor only for euch
uml every payment of interest thu
muy become due, nnd such signature
may bo uilher written, stamped
printed or lithogruplicd.
(1) Thc said debentures as tu principal and intereit may bo made payable at tho Bank uf British Notlh
America nt North Vuneouver, Toronto ur Montreal, Cuundn, nr at the
said Hunk in lho City ol Loudon,
England, ut par nf exchange, nnd the
said principal sum shull'hc made payable liy the ('ily at a date not Inter
Iliuii fifty yours from Ihe .late upon
which this By-Luw lakes effect.
(ii) During tlto whole term of Ihe
currency of the said debentures a special rate on Ihe dullur shull be levied
und raised each year in addition to nil
other rates un ull the ruluublo real
property in the Municipality sufficient
lo pay the interest upon lho suid debenture nnd to create a ainking fund
for lho payment ol the principal
thereof when due, subject tn uny .-■ i,
nr enactment respecting the Berne.
Such special rule shall be inserted in
the collector's roll ur rolls and shall
be payable lo nnd collected by the
said Corporation in the suino way u-'
other rales in Iho snid roll or rolls
suvo as hereinafter provided
(6), In order to.provide lor tho rale
set out iu paragraph |6| und sulj ci
as aforesaid, there shull be ru:so.l annually by apeciul rate during the currency uf Ihe suid debentures lho sum
nf $1,000 to provide fur the payment
of interest thereon, and the sum of
$191.02 to provide for the repayment
of the principal thereof.
(7) Tho proceeds ol the snid debentures shull bo applied as follows, and
not otherwise:
(a) In payment of the cost of Ilic
pulling ol this By-Law nnd the issue
and sale of the debentures therein referred to und all expenses connected
with the suid loon";
ill) In recouping the said Corporation fur such sums us have beon expended hereunder until the procoudsof
thc sule ul the said debenture, become
(c) To curry oul the puipuscuf thii
By-Law us above set oul.
(8) All moneys urising out ol the
annual special rale bcroilibcfiro   pro-
iileil for sinking fund ahull ho invisled by the Council of said Corporation
frum time lo lime us the luw directs.
(0) No rebuto shull be allowed in
the special rutos to be lo.'icd undor
this By-Law,
(10) This By-Law shall luko ifhcl
on lho tweiilyievoiillrtluv '■' March.
A.D., i"ii
(11) Thii By-Luw muy l.o cud for
ull purposes ua "The Rice I uko By
Low, 1011."
Passed by lho Council on tho 'Ilir
teeuth day ol March A.D. IVII.
Received tlio assent uf tho Klectori
ol ihe City ol Norl|i Vancouver "lan
election for tho purpose on .no
duy ol A.D., IVII.
Rc-coiiaidored by Ihe Council und finally udoptod, signed by tho Mayor,
and City Clerk und sculed with tho
Corporate Soal on Iho day
ol A.D. 101).
BY-I.AW NO. 1(18
TAKE NOTICE that tho above is a
Iruo copy ol tho proposed By-Law upon which thc voto ol thc Kleelors of
lho Municipality of the Cjt,y of North
Vancouver will bo taken within the
City Hall, Nurth Vancouver, B. .('., on
Saturday, tho Twonly-fillh day ol
March, A.I)., JVI1, bolwccn thc liuurs
ol V o'clock a.m- ond 7 o'clock p.m.
City Clerk ond Returning Officer.
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby givon
that lho volo ol the Eleclort of Ibo
Oily of North Vancouver will be laken
on tho 26th day ol March, lill|,'bo-
t.wcon tho hours of V o'clock im. and
7 o'olock p.m. on "The Hire Loko By-
Law, JST1," and that within lho W
Hall, North Vancouver, B. C, and
that Thomas Shepherd has 'been ati
pointed Returning Officer to luko !)»'
voto of aiirll Elect on with tho usual
powers in that behalf.
By Ordor of the Council,
. Acting-Mayor.
.    '     Cjty .Clark,
A BY-LAW lu enable tho Corporutiun
ol tho City nf Nurth Vnncuuvor to
ruiso by wuy of hum tho sum ol
88,0011.01) fur lho purpose uf carrying out ultcriilinns on uml mid;
||ons to tho Cily Hull ami fur
Mating nnd furnishing' tlto buildings.
WHEREAS in order thereto It will
bo necessary lu issue debentures 0f tliu
City of North Vnnonmer (or thu sum
pf Eight Thousand ($8,000) Dullurs us
horuiiiiillor provided (which is the
umount ol the debt intended to bo
created by Ihii By-I.uw), tlio proceeds
of t|io snid Debentures to bo upplied
to tho said purpose and no nther
AND WHEREAS n petition signed
by the owners of more limn onc-tonlh
1-101 of (he value of reul property in
lho Cily (us shown by the last revised
assessment roll) bus been presented lo
tho City Cuuncil request ing them to
introduce u By-Law to authorise them
lo borrow the sum of *8,000,HO („r lho
puriioie ol currying out ulterulions ou
und .additions to tho Cily Hull umUor
heating uml furnishing liie buildings.
, AM) WHEREAS for the payment ol
interest on the,debentures propused to
be issued under this By-Law, ond fur
Creating a sinking fund lor the payment nf lho said ilolienlilies when due,
il will bu necessary lo raise hy special
rati; in addition io all nllii.r rales
euch year during the ruironc) of such
debentures, thc stun of $162.11 whoreol
U00.00 is lo bu raised aniumllj (,„
payment of interest during the currency ol suid debentures, mid i:,i.l\ is to
be raised annuiilly (,,r i|M, purpose ol
creutitig ii sinking fund lor piivmenl of
llie debt accural] by the laid debentures, the sumo being mudo pnyplilcjn
(illy, yours   Irom the dale liorool:
AM) WHKHKAS in order I,, ruisu
the snid ycurly sum ,,f )>lo'.'.ll fur ii»
teres! mid sinking fund, nn oqUal.spe-
ciul rule on Ihe dollar will be required in he levied ,,u nil 'the r;,l,nlili'.
real pr'nperlj in tlie said munieipulill
AM) WHKHKAS    whole rnletiblo
real properly in ihe suid Municlpulilj
according to the Inst reiisod assess
incut roll is 80.S'.is.6iU.60.
AM)  WHKHKAS  the  „.,,,-,, I
the cxiiling debenlure debt i,(lhi!Corporation is $77i/,670 li'.vi'ijil (,,r works
ul locil impiou'ini'iil and [ol sdioul
purposes! of whirl, i,,,,,, ,,( |tiV p,jn.
cipul und interest is in aitmt.'"
I'lll.l.'I'IMHK ||,e 'mmi.ipul' Com,
oil of the Cui'purnliuji n| iL ('iti ,,i
Norlli Vuiieuiiii'i' (with th,. usseui nl
the eJiil.iis ol the i iiv ul N'uril| Vancouver duly o'nl.iiinilj inacls us (ul
(I) It shull bo lawful for tin.' Muyur
ol the Cjly of •North Vamoujer and
the I'ily Clork, fur the purpose ufnru-
siiid 10 borrow or raise In way of
luan Irom any person m perrons, li'itly
nr bodies corporate, who may be willing to advance the same upon the credit uf I he debentures her, inulier men-
lionoil n| the Corporation, n sum ol
money not exceeding in the whulo lie
sum ol 88,000.00 and lo cnuio lho
siinie lu be tiliiccil in Ihe Hunk uf Hii
lisli Nurth America ul Noilh Vancouver, lo the credit ol lho Cily l..r the
ptirposo above .recited, and »ucli mun
oyi shull be used for that purpi sc
(2j   Dcbcnlurct ul the t'itj  n..|   ix-
iTi.iling in nniouiil the sum ,.( -   ISHi
IU) may be issued In   the - iid  Mayi.r'
nnd City Clerk in I inns nf th,. MeuH
cipul Clauses Act, in sums ,is my be
desired   but  mij  J,—; iInn, ijne '|'),i u  \
sand (41,00<l) Duller:: euch.     Kuch   ol
flic raid dcbcnliires shall be siiiieJ by
the said Muyur un I I'ily Ci.ru    cud
lho City Clerk uliull ullix  ihl'tu   llii'
Corporate   Soal   of the  suid ' .ly  of i
Nnrth Vancouver.
(h) In recouping the laid Porpori-
tinn lor such sums as have boon expended hereunder until tlto proceeds ol
the salo of the said dobonturos become
(c) To carry out the purposo ol
this By-Law us nbovo sot out.
(8) All iiiiuic. i urising out ol the
tiniiiiul special rato horoinhoforo provided for sinking fund shall b.o invested by tho Council ol suid Corporation
from lime to time us ihe luw directs.
(0) Nn ieb.it.■ shull bo ulluwod ou
the special rulos tu bo levied undor
this By-Law.
"(10)  This  By-Law shall toko  effect
on tho 27lh duy ul March A.D.. 10)1.
(II) This By-Law may bo cited lor
ill purposes ua "Tho City Hall Additions By-Law, 1911."  ' •
I'n:,'I-.I by tlio Council on tho 13th
duy of March A.D., 1911.
Received lho uimnt ul the Kleelors
of tho City of Norlh Vancouver at an
election fur ibe purpose on tho
tiny of A.D. 1911.
Reconsidered by tho Council und I'm
nlly adopted, signed by Ihe Mayor and
City Clork, and sealed with the   Corporate Seal on tlto day ol
A. P. 1911.
TAKE NOTICE Ihut lho above is a
true copy uf tho proposed By-Law up-
ou which the voto of the Electors of
the Municipality of the City of North
Vuneouver will bo taken within tho
City Hull, Norlh Vancouver, B. C, on
Saturday, the Twenty-filth day ol
March, A.D., 1011, between tho hours
of 0 ..vimI. ii.ni. and 7 o'clock p.m.
City Clork mid Rulttrning Officer.
l'KBKIC NOTICE ia hereby given
thut the volt of the Electors of lho
City of North Vuneouver will bo taken
on the 26th duy of March, 1011, between thc hours of !) o'clock u.in. and
7 o'clock p.m. on "The City Hull Additions By-Law. IUII," nnd ihut within the div Hull, North Vancouver, B.
C, and that Thomas Shepherd has
been uppoiiM*! Ucluriiiiig Olllcer to
luko tin' vote of such Kleelors with
Ihe usual powers in that liehulf.
By Oider ul the Council,
11I'D. W. McRAE,
Cily Clerk.
HV LAW No, Hill
(3)   The   debentur,. shull boar dolei
tho 27th duy uf March, I'll I, ,,:id shull'
licnr interest  nt  lie   rale nl live   per]
cent,   per nun um   payable   hill yearly 1
mi the 27th duy nf Septeinbei   r.i'id lho
27lli duy of March in euch and every
yeur during the currency ofilio   snid'
debenture or anv of them. I here shall
be attached lo the debenlure. coupons
signed by  the Mayor only, fur   e.eh
und  every   payment   of Intereal   that
nay  become due,    and  null   sii/nnluie
may be either written, alnuipid, iirinl-
od ur lithugmphcd.
(I) The suid di'liciiliiris in. to principal und iiiliTi.-l. limy bo mude puy-1
able al the Bank uf lirjlisli North
America, at Nnrth Vancouver, Toronto or Miiiiiii.il. Canada, nr at the
said Hunk in the City nf London, l\»u '
bind, at pur nl exchange, nnil ihe said
principal sum shull be made payable
by the City al n dale nut Inter than
filly years from the dale upuii which
this By-Low I ukei clfcct,
(6) During tho whole lenn of the
ci111 e111 > ol the Bnid dcbcnl urrs o special ralo ou the dullur shull bo levied
and lu ed euch yeur iu udilllion in
all other rates op all the rateable real
properly jn the Municipality eubVienl
to pay the interest upon the mid debentures nnd lu rie.ile a ainking land .
for tho payment of the principal I hereof when due,' subject to '
any net or cnncl inei.l respecting I no
"in.ie. Such special rule shull be in-
si'ili'd in the ,1'nlleetnr'i roll or rolli
and shull be payable I" ond collected
by lho Corporation In the sumo way
at other rules in Ihe auid roll ot
rolls, iuvo as hereinafter provided.
(6) In order lo provide for the roles
sol out in iiurugrupli (6) and subject
ai nfiiii'uiid, there shull be raised an
nually by special rate during lho currency ol the said dcbi'iiliins the sum
of $100.00 to provide lor Ihepuymi'ii!
Ill interest tfdorcon und the stun of
$62.41 to provide for lho repayment of
lho principal I hereof.
(7) 'lho proceeds of the said debentures shull be applied as follow, and '
not otherwise:
(a) In payment ol Ihe cost of tht
pusiing uf this fly Law nnd the is.uc
and sole of Ihe debentures Hi	
femd to and all oxpeuee. connected,
.with the laid I.oau I
A BY-LAW to enable ;,ie I'mpnii Con
of the t ily nf Nnrth Vuliciiiivci lo
subscribe    for    eighty    llitiusand
slum--  nl Due Dullur euch  in tlio
capital  stuck  nf  the Nurth   Vancouver City Ferries Limited.
Be   il   enacted   by the llavor   nnd
'Cuuncil of the Corporation of tho City
uf Nurth Vancouver in Cuuncil us.un-
lllad (with ihe usseui of the .'lectors of
the   city duly   hud und obtniiied ) as
1. Authority is hereby given lo tho
Muyur mid I lerk uf the Corporation
in sign, execute and deliver nn lehulf
nf the Corporation nnd lo seal with
the corporate seal an Indent me ul
Agreement between the Norlh Vancouver City Forrici Limited of the one
purl uud the I'ily of Nortli Vaiicou
ver uf the olhor purl in the terms ol
the schedule appended lu this lly-J.nw,
und authority is hereby givon tu tb
-,-iiil City lu eider lulu nnd agree lo
the provisions nl lho Biime. .Should
the works mentioned nnd set out in
the snid ngreemoul to be p. i fui und by
the North Vancouver City Ferries,
l.iiniii.'d be nol completed bof ro thc
1st duy ul .January, 1012, then ibis
Bylaw shall become null und void.
2. This By-Law may be cited for all
purposes in the "North Vancouver
City Ferries Limited Shares 1'urcbu.c
By-Law, Mill."
1'ussnl by the Cuuncil nn lho 1 fit li
duy of March. 1011.
Received the assent of lho electors at
nn election held for Ihe purpoio on
the day of
Rcconiiderod and linslly pussed by
the Cuuncil nf tho laid City ufNurt
Vancouver un lho day ol
THIS INDENilRK dutcd tbo
duy ol Nineteen
bundled and cloven,
FKHKIKS LIMITID, a body corporate h.uing ill Head Office al
the City of Vancouvor, B. C,
(Heieinnltcr   culled   lho   'Company")
and '
VER, a body corporotcd,
(Hereinafter called the "City")
WHKREAS il it ncoeuary for ths
comfort and convenience ol the dti-
rons ol llie City ol North Vancouver
lo provide a new itcamer lor the us
of lho Company, and lo provide a
wharl, ponlnoni and bridge! and dee
trie sign in connection therewith nnd
olhor equipment lor tlio Company I
AND WHKREAS il >i necessary tu
provide the sum uf Eighty Thousand
|*S".O0O.00) Dollars to be expended
Iheielm bv purchase nf eighty llinu
-niiel (80,000) .hares in tho capital
•tock of the Company ol the par value of Ono (.LOO) Dollar each.
1, That Iho 'ily •hsl) putsW
In.m iho Company eighty Ibousind
(80,000) hilly paid up nnd iion-atsrs.-
uble shares, in the cnpilnj jlucV ut tho
Cumpniiv at tho par value thereol, to
wit the .um ol Eighty Thousand
($80,1X10) Dullurs.
2. The Company agrees with the
rilv that it will on or before the )tl
day of January, )V)2, provide ft new
.learner Tor the Jerry icrvice from lho
City of Ni'iUi Vuiieniiver (,oJ.he''ity
of ytnciiuvor, and provide wharf at
Norlli    Vsneouver   with    pontoons,
bridges, buildings and electric signs
complete in connection witb the ser-'
vice ol {ho Nortli) Vancouver City Fer-
ries, l.imiled, together with all appurtenances thereto as muy bo found pec-
esssry or convenient.
3. Tho Coinpiiny further agrees
that tho said services ua set out in
tlio preceding paragraph shall be completed to tho ::ul ialucl inn ol tllO Cily
on or before lho 1st duy of January,
1012, und thul otherwise this Agreement shall be null and void and ol
no effect.
tics  hereto  havo  hereunto  sot  their
bunds ami seals.
in  tho   I'H" eliee  ot
TAKE NOTICE that the above is a
true* copy ol the proposed By-Low upou which the voto of the Electors ol
lho Mutucipulily ol Ihe City ul North
Vancouvor will be taken within the
Cily Hull, Nortli Vuneouver, B. C, on
Saturday, tho Twonly-liftli duy ol
March, A.I)., 1011, between lho hours
ol 9 o'clock a.m. und 7 o'clock p.m.
City Clark ond Returning Officer.
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given
that lho vole ol tho Electors uf tho
City ol North Vancouver will be luko
on tbo 26th day ol March, 1011, be-
tween tho hours ol V o'clock a.m. and
7 o'clock p.m. on 'oTIio Nurth Van-
couver Citv Ferries, Limited, Shares
Purchaio By-Law, lull." nnd that
within lho Cily Hull, Nurth Vancouvor, II. Oi, and that Thomas Shepherd
hus been appointed Returning Officer
lo luko lho vole of such Kleelors with
tho usuul powers in thul behulfi
By Ordor uf lho Council,
City Clerk.
This By-Law supplements lho By-
Law passed iu December Inst by which
the Council was authorised lo borrow
the sum uf $80,IS>tl.lll| iu subscribe lor
shmes in the capital stuck nf llie Furry Company.
ihe puriiuso ol this By-Law ii to authorize tie Council lu subscribe fur
thul amount uf shmes uud to set
down u time limit within which the
work tu I" aided by such is lo bo
completed. Must ol tho services huvo
ulreudy been completed, such oi tho
new forry steamer, Ihe wharf, pontoons, bridges, etc. 'Ihe work still re-
mainlng In be done mid tu In- aided in
part   by   Ihe   .-     consists ,,f im-
pruveiiieiils lu the whorl mi the   Vnn-
uuvor side uud 1st .laiiunry, l'.il2hui
been sel down iu* n rciiionablc timo
limit within which to cnniploto the
The Debentures hove already bcou
sold nnd (he purchasers solicitors   ink
for ihe passage ..I,this By-Low by the
Electors i... enable litem to report lu-
vorably mi the validity ol tho is.uc.
you want Bread,
Scones, Oatcakes
and general Confectionery equal to
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(Nost door to Everybody'eShuciloro)
Scotch Shortbread
and Pi
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I III   III    ■! W\   ssssstsssjl ,lut.s|iMiiss.i —SSSSSSS—SS—aa—
press Want Ads.
■ ■■ ' "     .  ' '    ■ ■ -
PRESSMAKIND. Apply LonsdolaA-
Uth street. 31-8
Young girl whnted Rs mother's help.
Apply Mrs. Chapman, 226 nth St. W.
WANTRD-Broody   Huns   ami   l,vo
poultry. N. V. Fish Market. 2I-1I
DOB HF.NT-Mr. 1'. Larson's  work-
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TO  LET-Furnished  room   without
board in private home.  Oood Im utioti
' and dose to cur line.  X. Y. /., Ft-
presa Office. tl
FOR SALK-Munure. Apply to N,
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Avenue. 27-il
FOR BALE—flood stable manure, K.
V, Fish Market, 1st street. 21-.1
i    cheap.  On view any timo. See I'm,.
k Hall.
Soiling EC'iS fur Sale-Bronte Wy
iiinl.itI. •. White Leghorns, Indian
i ...in. ■   C, K. Keeiie, Ihlli Strut.
FOR SALE-Cow manure lor thi
garden. Onu dollar per load. Colin
F. iliiekson, Lift .cut ii street, telephone
10«. Tl
LOT -One block front l.ouidule cur,
>l,-'i Easy terms. Mrs. Mcllwoine,
162 II,ii,I si reel east, Ith liouso Irom
Lonsdale. Hl-4
The firm ol Philip, Cameron k Co..
Financial Agents, has been dissolved
by mutual consent.
Mr. Philip will carry on the business
in his own name ami receive payment
ot all accounts due to  tho firm and
pay all debts duo by the firm.
To Owneri, Builders, Electricians and
TAKE NOTICE that tho Council ol
tho Diilricl of North Vancouver bus
passed u By-Luw regulating tho wires
and appai al us to be used for electric
lighting,  power,   telephone, telegraph,
n-iiiil uml all ui lei purposes in ihs
Iraniniisiion and use ol electricity
through, ovor und under tbe streets,
highways and lanes, and all interior
iuslulliitioni within the District ;
that under said By-Law it ia nuw imic-
ossnry to obtain a permit lor the carrying out of any suifa work and lu obtain inspection und upprovul by tbo
District Electrical Inapoctor of said
work. Aiiyune currying out any such
work without lint ubtuining such permit etc. will bu siiliji 11 tu a penalty
nut exceeding ONE III Mlllll) DOLLARS.
.liill.N ti. PARMER,
Jill C. M. C.
I uli' SALE l.urge Buuguluw, cloge
to car. Small .eush payment. Apply
Espress, Rot. 20. 21-3
POP SALE One block Iruin Lonidale our, Boulevard   Lot, 50 list Iront-
II!"' price (nH), eusy terms. Mrs. Mc
Ilwniue, 162 Third .licit suit, Ith
house from Lonsdale Ave, III
We will buy or exchange your ituVM,
ring., and household goods lor spot
cash. Turner's, 70 Lonsdul. Avenus.
Phon. 181.    7 X Bo. 213.
J. Louut and North I.otiduli
Eldir Murrsy Co. fits in.ur.na.
io Owners, Builder., Contractor! and
TAKK NOTICE thul iho Council ol
the Diilricl ol Nurth Vancouver hot
pulled u By-Law under which ii ii
noceiiury lo obtain a permit for all
BLASTING WORK within lho said
District, and thai said By-Law camo
Into operation on the 1st March,
1011. Any peis,ui Usui,.' eiplo.ivas fur
any purpose without Inning first obtained u permit will be luhjeot io a
penalty not exceeding ONE IK NDRED
HOLLARS (1100).
21-3 C. M. 0.
Taxed to the utmost as to seating
I'upiiriii and with numbers standing,
North Vancouver art lover, were
treated to thu greatest musical event
aver prodilosd.here on Friday evening
at the horticultural'ball when the city
band directed by Mr. R. l-lnuico, gave
the first of its public concerts. Mr.
('banco, who organized the band some
lfi months ago aud who has had Ihul
body under his direction during the
. above period, deserves a tremendous
amount ol credit for his efforts which
huve been crowned with suoh succets.
The perfecting and overcoming of
problems and difficulties which confront
him who wuulil iculo tlie heights of
hurmony uru such thut tho average
nut aider ciiiinot judge the various iit-
llill iillill     pi i'::i'lil I'd    liy    Ull    lllldi'l taking
of this proportion.
Mr. Chance ha. infused into his
company something more thun mere
teehniipie which is ill itself und by itself
the lii.iii- uf modern music, (or that
elusive, indclinuhle something which is
the greatest gift uf the musician seemed
to bo the ever predominant feature in
all the selections. One can imagine
he detects tho pirsniinlity present
Ihut gives the productions the ascendency over the mediocru.
I he dee,uaioni uf the hail wiib very
artistic, lilies, gerununis und art ficiul
palms, il,,able banked alung the loot-
lights giive almost u tropical effect,
uud Hugs nf our own und other lend..
were featoouixl in long deep drooping
purboliii from Ihe arch nf the itruc-
t ure.
After the applause following tho conclusion of the "Electorate" march nnl
the overture (bul|i rendered by the
City HumI) hud subsided u hush fell
upon the audience and Ihey awaited
with expectancy for the advont ol Ma-
dnniu Burke, who in her delightful
number "Tbe Grsen Hills ut Ireland,"
chuftned everyone.
This item wus followed by u very
pretty piano duel, "Qui Vive Galop,"
by Mrs. Burincstcr und Miss Kirklund.
Mr. Herbert .1. Cuve then rendered
tho --i'i" "Lily Muvournecn," a selcc-
REAL ESTATE AGENTS T„ke notice thul loll 'J and 10, Block 92, I).
L. ,',-r.o ii nuw nil the market.      21-3
C. 11. S. Duncan ol tbo City of Vancouver, broker, has been appointed attorney nf tho above-mentioned Company in Ibo pluce und itoad uf W.
Harry Wilton.
li..i-i ul Victoria, II. ('., thia ninth
day of Murch, 1011.
Regiilrur Joint Slock Compuniet.
Rooms 10 and 11, Pender Chamlisri,
W2PMd.r8trt.tW,       Phont 3461
Residence,  cur.  Lonidsli Av.   tad
92nd attest, Noith Vuncuuvsr.
are aow ready to till ill ordtri
for coal They will
carry a full line of building tup-
plies. Oet tbe best. They have it.
A trial order will convince you of
ibat. Get youy coal before ths
rainy tttsou sets in. Headquarters on corner of Eaplanade
ud St. George, North Vancouver.
Phone 269 Terms Caab
' Dumper uudieiirci enjoyed to the full
eit the reproduction ol tin Hutfulo
liinc. moving picture* of capturing
wild   ntiitnali in Smith   Africa by thc
'end uf tho lariet in tbe handa uf is-
pert cowboys at tho Gem theatre   o.i
I Friday and .Saturday evenings. On
Saturday   afternoon a largo iisseiiibi)
iof children went wild with onthusiaem
over the exciting ruptures.    .In   foci
| it was more lliun euthutiaim when
I he big ugly looking rhinoosrous sp-
p.'iu.-.| dost ul hand uml ionic uf the
, younger children ehnnged their mirth
to s,,unils inure serious.
Mr. Vi;iuii'i wai us jisiiiiI u good caterer in the way ul.looking to Ihe
comfort ol hit patron, and in ipilo'tif
the nnmis so inconvenience ws. ex-
IH'riencsd at any lime. Thc picture,
sr. now on their wsy .oat.
TAKK NOTK'K. that Mr. Fugler hui
been appointed Building, Plumbing
and Sanitary Impcctur lur the City
uf North Vancouver wilh duties coin-
inciiring March 2uth, 10)1,
The Duilders, Contractors, Plumbers
und Owners ore hereby notified to comply with the rcipiiremenls otlhe Cily
Building Ily law, Iho Plumlriiig und
Drainage By-Law, thc Soplic Tank By-
Law und The Sanitary Regulation..
The office hours ul tho suid Inspect
ur will be from 0 um. tu ID am. und
from 1 p.m. tn 2 p.m., Saturday alter-
noons excepted, und Mr. Fugler cull be
interviewed at my office during these
hours. i
All upplicutioni fur permit) under
ths above-mentioned By-laws muy lw
made during the said office hours,
Owiiori wiihing garbage removed
from thc alleys ol ihe rear of their
prctniiei .hull make application to
the Sanitary Inspector for tlio removal ul lame.
City Engineer.
City Engineer's Office,
North Vancouver,
March 2lsl, 1011. 31-3
128 Lonsdale Avenue
Spring will soon be
here when you will
require new Linoleum
for your kitchen, etc.,
a new Carpet for
some other room. A
good assortment of
patterns to select front.
Prices a little lower
than elsewhere, C3
Note our Prices:
KM* TiUm $1-75
Kitchen Chain       50c aud 65c
"      "   ...  75c tu* $1 JO
Disiag Chairs        75c up
Iroi Btdttao's Irom   	
(3.7$ up to $354*
MiltrtiMi, (ull tin, Irom $3 up
Springs, lull tin, Irom (2.2$ up
Drtucri wiih bcrcltfti wirrori
S8.W up (• $45.00
Hon Irom the opera "Lily ol K||:
limey. Notwithstanding the laat
that Mr. Cave has beon suffering from
I sever, attack of the prevalent cold
for the past lew days he sung with
th. same compass and rich notes lor
which he is so justly celebrated,
''Dreamland Serenade'1 was rendered
by the City Band.
The baritone solo "Silver Threads
Among the Gold!' by Mr. Vurnes to
the minor accompaniment of tho piccolos wus n momory to cherish. Mr.
\ ."i ue.'. responded to a hearty encore.
Numbers by Madame llurke und Mr.
Cave, including a duet which was ipiite
the event of the evening, "Homeo und
iluliet," a selection from the opera
Faust completed the vooul .program.
Tho pluying of the nccompuninicu'.
by Mils Henderson, Mrs. Burmestcr
and Mrs. ''ave, the latter playing for
Mr. Cave's solos, wui wnrthy of comment and left little to be desired.
Other -■ dl ''Iuinu by Ilic Hand, the fin-
ul one being "find Save the King,"
und the hull thut but a few moments
before held un appluiiding audience
now pmnvil forth into the night, each
und all endeavoring to voice the appreciation nf tho excellencies of the
uvoning's entertainment.
Work was started yesterday by the
district council on extensive improvements lu the new purk recently gjveit
tho district ut Lynn Vulley canyon,
The park begins iu the canyon immediately below Ihe present terminus uf
the Lynn Vulley Irani line and attends
down the creek nil butli sides to a distance which includes In ll tlio canyons of the Lynn, und comprises in ul)
upward, ul twenty acres, 'Ihe work
which il is intended tu complete ut
the present time includes the construction oi u switch buck loudwuy list;-
six feel in width frum the top ul the
sleep declivity ul this pu'nl tn the level of the oreek below, iind ulso the
construction nf le.irul roadways
through the pork in ditf. rnt directions. The plan includes tlirnw'ng u
siiapeuiion bridge iter ss the 1 iwer
canyon ut suine later dale. 'Ih.' park
urea will not be disturbed, but will
be left in iti natural itutc. Tbi. purk
will duublleii become ure ul themn.t
picturesipie spots and one of Ibe favorite resorts on the North Shore
The A. Farro
126 2nd St. West
Wiii'ii you dcul al llie A. Farro(ifo-
cury you (fet uxuclly wiiul you auk for
ul  ii' ih  price
Special Attention!
We carry  a  complete linn nf  Oro-
Ilaiibury it Evans llroad 'li for $1,110
We are in a position to
look after your requirements in this line. We sell
Stumping Powder,
Fuss and Caps. We can
quote you at a minutes
notice prices by the pound,
box or car; i.o.b. this city.
paine & McMillan
The Hardware Speci.liiti. Phone 13
McMillan'* Tea
b Good
3 lbs. for $1.00
j. 4. tv m. McMillan
We sell Columbia Graphophones & Records
Nearly new, Regular $60.00
I'ioiio Tuning, Reputing, ttc.
Shed Mlii., Small Instrument! tnd Accciiorici
443 LONSDALE AVE.       Phone 114
TAKK, NOTK'K thut the Cuuncil uf the Corporation uf the City uf North
Vancouver intendi tu early mil Iliu following worki uf local improvement
under suliiecliun {'2:2) section %l> ol the Muuicipul Clauses Act and intends
to asioii the hnul cost thereof upon the reul property bunting ur abutting
thereon, uud to be benefitted thereby, und thut a statement showing the
lundi liuble to puy the iuid usiussment uud the names of the owners'thereof, .0 fur aa can he uscertoinod fiomthe lust rovistd Assawrownt Itoll is
now on hie in the office of the Clerk of the Municipality uiju is up, n lor in
ijiection during office hours. ^*J
Wood block  rawing and/ooncrele
•idcwulki  „ ,r.	
Wuud block  paving und  controls
.Stone liluck paving  and  concrete
Wood   block   [laving   and concrete
•Sunilury sowor uud sewer coiir.ee-
tiuns  , 	
Sunilury sewer und sewer connections 	
Storm sower ...
E#Umates Gladly Furnished.
Lace Curtains    Curtain Net
Maddrass Muslins for Curtains
'iroding lu permanent tirade ,.
EanJuiiade   and   Crescent   Street from
Forbes to St, David's Avenue 	
First  street  Irom  Forbes  Avenue to
Ut. Dm id's Avenue 	
Lonidale Avenue from wuterfronl   tu
Upper Keith Koad  :.....
Lonsdale   Avenue  fium   I Uth  street  to
City Limits 	
llllh street  from Lonsdule Avenue to
St. Audrew's Avenue	
Villi street from lonadale Avenuo tu
St. George's Avmue ,,,.,	
St. Andrew s Avenue from 3rd  Street
to 8th Stroot  :	
Eaplanade  and   Cruicent   Street bom
Forbes Avenue lo St. David's excepting   portion   between   Kogora    ond
Lonsdale *	
Kii'.f Dtrwt Irom Forbes-A vsnus-te-
St, Dsvid'i Avenue  Grading to permanent grudc 	
Scond Street from Lonsdale Ave,  to
St. David's Avenue .(iroding lo pwnWcnl grado 	
Forbes Avenue from Esplanade to 3rd
Strstt  Grading to pcrmuii.nl orado 	
Malum Avenue from Etplonude to 3rd
Street  ,.,... ..,.- ■       Grading tu pirmuionl grade 	
Seinish Avenue Irom Esplanade to 3rd
OhcUrflel4 Avenue Irom wut erf rout to
3rd Street 	
Kogora Avenue from Esplanade to alley north tjsf lit itsoot  , Grading to permanent grade .,.
I,onidulc Ave. Irom waUirfroul to Upper Keitb Koad :  Grading lu permanent grade ..,
St.  George's Avenue from wuterfronl,
to 3rd stroot   Grading lu permanent -erode ...
St. Andrew'. Avonue from waterfront
to 3rd Street !	
St. Patrick'. Avenue from  waterfront
to 8rd Street 	
6t,   Dave's   Avenue   Inn   Crescent
Street to 3rd .tract ,'	
Grading lu porm.ficn! grudo .
Grading to porndnerii grndo ...
Grading to |iermuiieul grade 	
Grading |p jwrjnuiuuit grade "m~»»»
Grading to permanent grade 	
■ I'l'l.""
o^OO.OO   -
I 14,100.00
. 480.00
220 0)
North Vsneouver, B. 0.
March Uth, mi.


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