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 ®k IxprpHB
Volume 11
Nobth Vanoouvjib, B.O., Friday, Maiich 24, 1911
Nuratof 6
Board of Trade
Altar several minor communications
had bun attended lo by the Board, a
telegram Irom Mr. Pugaloy, minister of
Public Works al Ottawa, acknowledging with thanks the resolution ol tb'o
Board ol Trade endorsing the Dominion order to fly the Union .luck along
the international border wua read.
From Geo. H. Cowan, M.)'., lo the
effect that Mr. Pug.ley having beon
consulted wilh regard to post office
snd Inderal building here prumisnl to
provide lor the mine in the supplementary estimates within a poriod ol six
Mr. K. E, Hemphill, who spoke before the city council on Monduy night
addressed the Board with a view of
constructing an amusement park embracing shool-ths-shutes, scenic railway, merry-go-rounds nnd various oilier diversions, indigenous to Coney Is
land for i.uiiitiii'i recreation, und u
large skating and curling rink for winter spurt. This was to be carried
out in the Lonadale Gulden, now owned by Mr. ,1. C. Keith. Mr. Keith
wa. willing to lease these grounds tu
Mr. Hemphill and il only remained for
cily aiilhoritic. to endorae the project for it to be put through,
The closing ol thst portion of the
Esplanads which runs through tho
Gardsn teems to bo the only objection
tble feut un- in Iho affair.
Mr. llnlph Hemphill cspluiuud how-
aver, that it wo. their intention to
provide a highway through the
grounds and guaranteed to koop lho
•»me in good condition.
Mr. K. E. Hemphill omphuiizod tbo
moral aspect. No spoils frumontit,
btsts or other intoxicants would he
countenanced liy thu uiunugcnic.'ii.
It was his puipose to advortise hii
project lor a radiui ol at least fitst
miles. Th. 16 to 20,0011 electric lights
unod on the watorfronl would ulau improve the aspect ol North Vancouver
a. seen from the Inlet.
Mr. l'hilip tttted hit approval of the
project at a great udvertiacmant for
North Vancouver, a bonuniu to the
ferry directors, and a means of relaxation to re.idenls of both loxet.
lilt Board pound a motion giving
"Hemphill Him," computed ol K. E.
Hemphill, Kalph Hemphill, Stanley
Hemphill, 'P. S. Millicuu, Manager,
Charles McDougall, their hourly on-
dorielnenl   in the undei Inking.
Mr. W. .1. Irwin, Board ul Trade de-
legato rocunlly returned Irom Ottawa,
mad. t verbal report.
Mr. Irwin .laled tbat the primary
object ol tbo trip "Iho subsidy lo Second Narruwi bridge" wui now under
coniidcrntion by the government. Ho
wns unable lo alole unylhing definite
wilh regard to Ihii. Thc delegate.
had worked hard to imprest tho gov
eminent with the urgency of ihe i mil
lion. He titled positively the bridge
scroti tht Second Nsrrowt would be
buill und in Ike near future. Thcpuit
office snd the federal building ol North
. Vsncouvsr. Mr. Irwin quoted Mr.
Cowsn'i teller ro Mr. 1'ugilay ti
proof ol something having been done.
He did nol know wliotbcr bridge
will be mentioned in lupplemcnlary ct-
timolol. Id port ol entry ut North
Vancouver it remained lor the cily
lo, offer inducements to Esprrsi com
paniee to come here when th. government will do its part.
Mr. Pbilip tendered thank, to Mr.
Irwin who replied tb tht sffoct that
hs considsrtd time taken up Lu tho
service of his horns town was 'well
Ths plans fur Ihe proposed new
subwsy under 0, P. K. trick, ware
IWure the Board. Mr. l'hilip defin-
id tht natural advantages ol an
overhead bridge.
Mr. Wood slso expressed his epprov-
|l ol the subway project. From bis
Ixpsrianei of eubweyt in England
they wero a great faeilil y in relieving
aongesUd traffic. He also approved
ol a previous suggestion ol Mr. Hillings regarding ths overhead bridge.
, 0, H. Mordra was favorably im-
by ths C.p.E't. project fort
subway opening on Corral) .tree! pro
vidtd ths details of the street and
sidewslk leading from ths lerry
Intrsacs to Hal tubwty were properly
cared for.
Tht president and Mr. Hope
were appointed a coromiltoe to con-
tult the ferry directors re the subway
sud lo assist in svsry way possible.
Mr. J. F. 0. C, Wood raovod, mc-
ondsd by W. J. Irwjn, thai, a b?i'er of
thanks be lorwardad to Mr. Cowan,
MP., Kolph Smith M.P., Hon. Wm.
Tsmpltman, Hon. Mr. Pugtlsy, Hon.
Mr. Psttrson tnd Hon. Mr. Graham
(or oourtssy to ths delegstion.
Thi treasurer rsported 142 in tht
bank. Bills due to the amount of a
bolt Hsf wart passed for ptyssoal.
Mr, Philip suggested that ai the
Board ot Trade bad been niganiicd
an auditing ol uccounti was necenniy.
Mr. Irwin moved that Mr. J". 0. p.
C. Wood and Mr. Heaven act as auditors,  Carried,
Ths meeting then adjourned to Wednesday, 20th iu.l.
Dr. Spencer will speak in the Gem
Theatre on Sunday afternoon ot 4 o'clock on "What I taw in prohibition
od um in California." This is the lusl
mooting of the series. All aro cordially invited to attend.
The fulluwing are tbo apecilicalions
of Iho proposed "Whilo City" to bo
■ iiii-l i ii. 11,1 by llonuihill brothers un
tho Lonsdale Park Gardens aa pie
auntod boloro the Hum.I of Trade un
Tuosday night.
Spocilicutiona uro supplied by Mr.
Fred S. Millicun, ol New York, manager of Hemphill Bros.
1. Scenic railway, comprising tunnels, inclines, bridges.
2. Sbool-the-shutcs, whore bouts
ore run down an incline into a lurge
buiin ol wator.
3. Miniature railroad witb MID fool
of rails, double looped ul euch end,
and with icenery at intervals.
4 Merry-go-round, latest model,
four hones abroait, safety devices to
prevent  accidents ol uny description.
6. I'm h- swing, a popular plaything
of the east.
6. Automobile race, aiilomolnloi
running in a circular track and rcgu-
lutod from a towor.
7. High dive and baloon ascension.
8. Bathing houie. and beach for
aijuatio sports.
9. First class restaurant and ice
croum parlor overlooking Ihe water.
10. Band stand where a uniformed
bond ol twenty-live players furttiih
music ulioimuni and evening.
11. A show colled "Holes tour,"
whore people seated in a large observation pusienger coach ilurting from
Vancouvor make a circle of tho world
through lho medium ol tho moving
12. The land of the midnight tun,
an educational feature showing (ho life
of lho Eskimo und Ihe grandeur ol
Iho Aurora Borculii.
13. A neatly fitted' theatre wfaero a
correct reproduction ol Niagura Ful'i
may be iccn in motion.
14. Kationjammer Castle, an entertainment  lor  Indies  and children.
16. Thc (ryalul Mure, a a.-rii ul
mirrort placed in auch poaitiom Ihut
one gelt lost in a spuce twenty In"
16. The Blu. Grolto, where high
claaa vaudeville will bo scon.
17. Ice and curling rinks whore
hockoy teams and lancy ikuten frum
all part, will be brought by the mun-
ugement. A special floor I• .r cui.'cii
i. i applied
18. Picnic ground, witb punch and
Judy ahowa and royal marionette ahuw
for the little onoa amuicmont.-
19. Thc ground, will be laid oul
with beautiful asphalt walk, and fountains and beds ol dowers.
20. A Japanese tea garden.
21. A grand firoworks display once
a week.
It is tho intention ol tho Company
to run excursion! 'rom a radiu. of
two hundred mile, bringing in thou-
ssnds of it ranger, daily.
In addition to the abovt mentioned,
principal amusement., a number of
smaller one. loo numerous to mention
will bs added.
—, _
A ipccjsl informal meeting ol tbo
city council was held in Ihe cily ball
on Wednesdty afternoon. In addition
to the Mayor and Aldermen there
were present Anielius J or vis, Toronto,
snd F, W. Moore, secretary of Iho
Ontario Securities Corporation.
ll is not generally known just what
buihiou wai transacted at tht meeting. For some tune, however, Iho
city ol North Vancouver has boon considering the advisability of appointing a fiscal agent to bandit al) thc
city's bond, for 1911 and it is presumed that lomolhing of thi. nature came
Up on Wednesday.
Gentlemen of the high financial
•landing of Mr, Mooro and Mr. Jorvii
would do much for (lie furthering of
tfce microtis of a rapidly expanding municipality.
'Jim following is u list oi the building pcrmili ismed by Building Inspector Fugler since he enlcred upon
his new duties. Eight permits have
been iisued since Tuesday, un cvideuee
Ihut the North Shore is keeping puee
iu this lino. Thoy ure: Mn. Folii for
ei,iiiio,c on Esplanade, estimated cust
81,500, Mr. .1. Eliot, collage, 11,200,
Mr. Jul. Ilondei i,ii. cottage, {Ion.
Catholic ichools, double cot luge, S3,-
600, J. Mcllougull, cottage 91,400, A.
Decring, cottage on 16th avenue, 'ti,-
600, D. C. McKiuiiun, oottageun l"th
street, $1,800, Hugh McDonald, cot
luge, II,OHO.
The concert held under the nu.pieos
uf tho lii.'ul Mcthiidiit church un Tuesday evening presented by the eliulr ol
the Sixth Avenue Methudiit church uf
Vancouver wai thoroughly appreciated
by a largo audience.
Congratulations ure iu order lo Mr.
Wm. Hicki of Vuneouver, under whoso
leadership such successful results were
obtained. Tho choir waa composed of
over sixty voice., boIob, duola, ih.ir
uae. and rccitutiona wore included iu
the program.
The recitations by Miss Emily Heather aro particularly wurlhy of inc.-
lioii and were welcomed by bums of
well merited nppluuic
Thc ni.iii.ii'i mem expressed lluir
thunki to those who had contributed
to Ilic success uf (ho enlerlalni.'iont.
Proceeds will bo diverted toward the
organ fund.
Public Meeting Tonight
Sir Charles iiibberi Tupper addressee, a public meeting iu l.ursun'i pavilion thii ovening upon lho Reciprocity
Agreement now before the House ul
Commons ul Oltuwn. The Iwu front
rows uf scuts will bu reserved lor ladies. . Tho mo. i in. will begin ul eight
o'clock shnrp and Inasmuch us the im
purl mil issue litis attracted wide attention both hole and jn Vunciiuver,
il is oi peeled Ihut standing room will
be ut u premium in Iho pavilion lln
Considerable damage wna done
along Ihe waterfront yesterday by the
heavy .-I.,im uf the eiptlliux which
i..i'.-.I ull morning. The pontoons
which support Ihe approach In the
lorries were filled by the swell and
sunk with freight house and other
properly ot the terries.
A gang of men was al once put ut
the work uf raising llie duck under
the direction uf the Wallace Shipyards. The lerrici are nuw laking
passengers frum the tales wharf.
Tho wharf of Ibo Will Vnnrun.
ver Yacht Club ul the foot ol F-l,
George's Avenue broke louse from i »
moorings and blowing ash..re in pod
launches Ihe property of various individual's belonging lo Inc '"lu'o with
it lo ihe beach. Sumo little damage
was done lo the crufl and ami is
were busy nil nlteriiuun in hauling up
their bolungingi.
ihe Hon. Richard McBride hui ud
vised Ihe committee iu charge of ur-
rungemenli fur. his .visit lu North
Vancouver un Tuesday nest that il
will nol be possible for him lu gel
away frum the capital earlier ih.in the
3.30 boat on Tuesday oftoruoon and
eunsci|ueully he is unable lo ueeopt
the invitation lu spend the afternoon on the Nurth Shore, hut he will
arrive in good time for Ihe grand
bouquet in lho evening. Already tlie
large sale of lii'Uits hus u.sutcd the
fuel that Ihe premier will lw greeted
by a vary largo gathering ol guesti
when scats are ial.m at the festive
It  is hoped  that   mrnngvinenll euu
he completed to place North Vancouver Kerry Number 3 in eumliiiision on
}incuts   (with
per cent which
Sunday next,
lho cxcepliuii uf
the eontruct  stu
fur thirty d
completud  t
will   pu
lu be withheld
expected   to  be
when  the   bout
uiiioisiun   ol   Ihv
ihe  el.mill     Nurth
Vuneouver will bo given an overhauling imuieilinleK. uflei which lln
.1 earner St. George will bo placed in
lho hands.uf iNo shipyards to be put
in first class Condition lor ihe aum
mer im the
of Trail will con-
thii church morn-
Tho   B.   C.   Electric  oro about  lo!   Kev- Mr'  Mt's'"M
improve  the  olroody  excellent stuet jduct ini> l0™1'1" ''
car   lorvicc  by   arrangemoud  for u j "'ST a'"1 evening.
twenty   minute  service  to  effectively
hondlo the increased traffic which   al-:    Ald- W'   '■ W* '■ Ml't'oled lu rc
ready ii io noliceablc.  Between   five: luri1 lr"m """w» on Tuesday.      Hs c|mir „„• u|llT |lc„-j„g tlio report ol
and nix ifaouaand people wore curried) ""l^1 l" «*» »ock '* way ol Port- j,,.   K|„w|t,„ liulj ,fco (llm|,gll|   ,.„,„.
Only a ii .11 number uppcured iu
the liisliliile Hull on Tuesday ovening
in response to the cull ul Mr. W.
hiiiiwlei, superintendent ol the Union
Sunday Seliuul for the parent, and
blonds ul the ichulari lo difouu tho
litualiou rolutive to Sunduy School
mutters now thut thu now I'loibyleri-
uu church il ready for occupancy.
Mr. J. M. Froninio wui voted to the
by Ihe company't curs on Sunday
which it far away (he beat Sunduy
lor Iho  compuny this season.      Tin.
land whore he will .pond a low dsyt „)W)( ,,, M(   )(   Vll„ Hu„llM n„d a(t(,r
viaiting hia fumily, )M)ill(, /u||y a)»cu„ad in nil iti bttring|
Mn.   Chuncc,  wife  of (he  popular " >»"'<"" *"" ""l,k l>' Uc  '''" fflt
the   Vuneouver hotpitul thii nioniing
for goitre.   I.ulesl udvieel   from    (he
•comi lovorsWo indicolion thut   wheu „„„,)„,„,,„  wuf   0),lirutod   upon    ul  *>"""■' l,l0t *• uni"n •ohu"1 **Hi
but received no seconder,    Ou motion
of Mr,  W. Knowlci, iiHnnded by Nr.
hospital authorities uro lo Hie edeel '>' M,"'",.v'"* il *"« "»"ked lv "'
that (ho patient come through the up- "I'1 ""' °A» "' ""' ,,'">"1 of "•»■
nn early ."ae" "' "10 I'rcibyteriun church lu
move the Union Sunday School en bloc
U) Ihe now 1'renbylorinn church building. On million the meeting'adjourned al  9.111 p.m.
the eight swing aeuaun opens in cur
nest those numbers will be greatly in
Meeting owilehos will lie i"-.lulled un
the Lynn Valloy and Capilano routes.   watioil vwy ,UCC),„fu||y u„d
I tin    .-nnilinni' a.    tintir   liiii-n      a-niral trill      < •      .       ■      ■    .
In the pottos court on Thursday Edward Brown was fined 12.60 and coats
for drtwkiinossi.
Tfae company's new burn, which will
be constructed on Third street jusl
east ol tho present sub-station otad
barns, will have a capacity lor the
storage and cleaning oi twenty curs,
and thc work on the now barn will
be "lulled shortly.
Tho wild and beaiitilul icenery of
the Capilano canyon, one of the moit
charming ol nature1, worki in a land
ol awe inspiring mountain musses "nd
otfaaroal vistas, i. daily visited by
hundred, ol sightseers. It i. cstlmat-
ad (bat upwards of three thousand
people have crossed tho cable bridge
at the Capilano canyon during lho
post week.
recovery j. looked for.
At thc opening or tho now Presbyterian   ol. ui oh on Sunduy, April Vlh
Ou Wednesday evening lu.1. the Kale-
Tfae work ol raising the lunkon ferry approach at the loot of Lonsdale
Ave. is prngrcaring ro|iidly. A dWor
ia employed and early jn lho week Ibo
wharf will be oxpectcd to resume Hs
norma) scene of busy life. Team.
are being token core of as usual at
Cole.' wharl so very little inconvenience it being experienced by (ho public in conao«|ion with tht aaotient.
il ia cxpoctjd that Dr. i'ldgoou    wil'  payer. Asioeillion held   the  monthly
preach iu Iho morning at II o'clock.
Bov. J. S/ Henderson from New West-
min.lcr in Ihe uftcrnoonnt 3 o'clock
uud Principal McKay of Wool minster
Hall in tho evening ut 7 o'oluck. I hi
n ft ei in I,,ii service will bo Ihe Young
Pcoplo's service and all parents and friends IXo cordially Invtlod
to attend. Special muiic will lie
givon at each service.
In connection wilh tho opening the
Board ol Managori have uuihori/od
lho publication of a souvenir ol Lydn
Valley w|tf> which thc Exprcis Is now
engaged. This will bo lomothing of a
more artistic Jypo than has over been
produced lor thsl.'locajily and will
sliorfry bo on sale for 26c. Tho edition is atriotly limited but ordaraifor
copie. may bo bookod ahead on application to E. Wsffaorne,
mooting is the fn-lituie Hall. I'reli-'
dent J, N'onl waa in lho choir. The
mooring win colled to hear lho report,
of the i.annuli,e elected,at (ho last
goncriil meeting ou pork, and postal
facilities. Thoio reports were adopted
and u resolution passed lo ask the
council tu make an offer to the owners lor the purchase of s block on
Frederick Road for recreation park,
ll wui ulso decided to ask council to
open Kilmer road through from Hos-
kint west lu give acceti lo port offico"
only ono member voting no. Thi report from (ho commjttco lolerviowijig
Imped ur Greenfield wtt vary asUafoc-
lory, ouurontt* being given that Ihe
publio would bt ncoumniodattd to -far
as possible.
The  meeting  adjourned soon  after
10 o'clock to tht (Ml of ihe ehsfr.
District Council
Currcspuiidoiieo :
From J. P. Muyboo, ehaii uimi of tbt
ruilwuy commission ro death of E. T.
I'ollok by iiooid, nt >,u luiiied on C.P.B.
urussiug nt ferry, mutter will bo taken
up by C.I'.R. shortly.
From E. C. Perry wilh reference to
road in lots 41 and 32 in block Id,
D. L. 6111 and 607. Matlor rclerrod
lo Board of Wurki committee and
councillor fur wurd 3.
Thoniai Nye—Application (or clearing, grading, macadamising, concrete
work in district lot 7s4 to width ol
66 feel, ulao fur opening a street in
block. 18 and HI, where thcro art already three houses. Mutter vat laid
over. |
From K. Siimmersculea with legard
lo opening up a loud by hits -M, 24
aud 26 in block 30, I) L. M-Jti. ,>p
proved by bourd.
From Mr. Perry, B.CE.Ry,, ilating
ih.it lumps would be installed as ro-
guids previous order ol council.
I'riun Mrs. ('. Nelson, fur opening
ruin! near hits Hi uud 17, bluek C. D.
L. '-''Ut.    Approved.
Kioln Mia. Jennie Elton, application for water on lots owned by up
plieunl, 17, 18 and IU, block 4, i.uli
division 211211, nl.-,i mad lor tho ium.
property. Motion tu Ihe effect thut
thii bo done win poised.
From J. II. Johnson, inking tbat
sidewalk un Bth it red east ol boulo-
winl be extended us fur us Hendry
Avenue.  Approval.
Councillors l.uwton uud Thouipion
wero del..'.a. 1 to ice how Iho |ictition
for tho marine drive ii progreating
uud report ul  next meeting.
Mr. I'liiinuie bad cuinmuiiicaldl with
the bums' lu the effect that ho now
was in a poiition lo deliver lidownlk
miit(.-rinI In any i|Uuntily at Ibe direction ol Ilic council.
A million deciding to purchaio throe
uerei al McT'nviih I'aik at 1660 por
ucre wat polled.
Moved that when uny matter bt referred to committee Iho councillor ol
lho wurd coiicoruod bo included in tho
cumiuillec.   Carried.
f'uun. Luulul reported thul tbo engineer hud plum ulmoit ready lor locul iiupii.v.in.ni on Nye and King
Ihe matter of widening lon.dulu
Avenue wui iti., ii'sed Coun. Loutet
i.'polled statistics from D. L. 2U26,
uwneri uf 3,668 feet wero in favor ol
Mi, owners ol 120 favor 100 loot
■Ireel, owners oi 1U6 feet will go wilb
the majority. Tutsi 6000 loot, aboul
I,MS) feet tu hear from.
A spirited discussion between Coun.
I.outol und .\. ting Reeve Allan over
tho mutter louk place, when it was
im.dl.. do.id.il to sound ths owners
us lu Iheir fooling on the lubject.
Ou receipt of petition lor 100 fool
■ ii. .1 from D. L 786, tbo council oik
ed tho ouginuor to furnish on ostiuiala
of Iho cost,
i I., elurk was directed lo laks . the
uocoiiory itepi to secure seven ftet
from owner, on Lonsdale Avenue lor
tlio purpoio of widening Ihe ' Avanue,
Iho exponao nol to be borne by tbe
Main :
Blocki 13 and 14, in D. L. 2026 were
Loti 20 and 21 in D. L. 666 were approved.
Kaileru portion of D. L. 666 laid
Noithwoet portion of D. L. 666 was
uppi.a..I. sub)..I lo condiiion.
l.ui 9, blook 2, D. L. 2>«3 wui sp
proved lubject to oonditloai.
D. L. 691 was rsfsrqsl to tnglucsr
to report.
Part of D. L. 237 wat laid over.
South rail portion ol D. L. 663 was
referred lo plans' committee wilb power to set.
Lois II, 12, 13, Wu.t I, D. L. 627,
Block 16, D. L. 2013 tBpruvsd.
A rock crushsr oq*sstssm wagon
war. decidsd to bt bought by the
council at an iiliuiolcd coif of flO,-
Mew.. Buckiu k Buusll of Vancouvor, surveyors^ wsro Inilrurlod to
prepare loeation of. Capilonu Road
whioh il ropuilcd to bt V foot out
ol place,
Tho revenue by-law wa. finally
Mr. Harry Peers was appointed
road tax collootor.
Mr. CM, who has raotrdly toiMta
tho cosst from Brandon, Man., for
hi. health, )i lying in a svious condition el 81. Gorge', hospital. Mr.
(Tuff'i son ii a pronbient raol totals,.
broksr in Vanoouver. Start trouble with kidnly snd bro«chis| oon-
pliostjon. are understood U? bt Ihs
c.us. of Mr. f'4uf• lllswst. Lynn Valley Notes
i Still 'anoints addition to Lynn Val-.
ley, a baby girl to Mr, and Mrt. Barry Thompson, Centra lload.
Tha Inundation for, the new, municipal hall, corner ol Ij. V. ltond dhd
Promino Road is being oxonvnteil.
Mrs. Nngun and son of (.'hooiainui,
B. C, wore on s short wiBit to' rsla-
tives in the Valley tliia'wcok.
wore impressed with ths jmprovument
ol llie place,   '    -
Quits a number ol lots on th. ear
line near til, John's college are bang
cleared which Is a sign that many
houses will be erected this coming
spring and summer.
Miss Gladys Kirklund, pupil tifMi's.
Btirineater, N.V.S. ol Music, pbiyod ut
Mr, Clianoa's concert, Gladys is r«-
coiving many congratulations on her
."..vlloiii rendering ol her frionds.
There is a well foiindud rumor that;
a bank is to be built in Lynn-Valley Mr. and Mrs. .1. Bobests, Doran
at the corner ol Centre and Krudoriek Bond, gave a delightful home warm-
Roads. i»g to a number ol their friends lost
Sundoy being such a line day a lurge Thursday evening, a vory en|oyal)li
oruii'd   visltod the Valley  uud   many  lime being spent.
Went Vuneouver News
Mr- John Lswspn is installing the
"Philu system" ol poultry raising and
is having soverul coops erected lot
this purpose..
Mr. White has applied to the municipality ol North Vanoouver to have
the road opened up on the western
boundary of Distriot Lot 10611 as he
intends building a lino home in this
Mr. C. Mot-ricks is having the south
eiiui .piuriui uf District Lot 1080, containing lour and throe quarter gores,
cleared and levelled off and SS soon'
as there is sullicjout spaco oluared hu
will commence building a residence al
Blocks 226, 227 and 230.    Subdivided into
Lots 50x114 feet.   s   •'
For I'laiiB, (Price List and Particulars, apply tq
Phone 6206,
Comer Pender and Seymour Street, Vancouver, B.C.
once. This will make ||(o |h|r4 hams
iu this district lot as Mr. Smith awl
Mr. Crane have been residing there
lor some time now.
Many more applications lot ounip
sites have beon received by owners of
waterfront  property, in fact   nioiil  of
the available locutions have already
been talien and owing lo plentiful supply ol wator whioh cun bo had by
sinking a ws|l to a depth of sight as
ten feet many people intend to camp
on property which they own themselves in this noi|,'hburhiiiid.
Work has now been commonced on
opening up the newly located Kuith
road both east and west ol Nelson
Avenue There is a lurge number of
men ut work on this clearing and in
the weather has bean most favorable
groat strides hove already been mude.
This road is being opened up to the
wjdtli of 80 leet and whon completed
and macadamised will make ono ol the
lineal marine drives on the Pacific
coast. The newly located road avoids
ull ol tho heavy grades which wero
ono.of tho chief drawbacks of the old
The launch "Sea Foum" is now back
on the West Vancouvor ferry rub and
since having the new ongine .installed
tho results hove been moat satisfactory. Ths average tine taken (or the
single trip has been twenty-throe minutes ao it ia hoped that she will be
able to make tho round trip every
hour during the summer months. It
hoi boon decided to alter the time
table considerably for tha summer season und there will lie a more frequent
service on Sundays in order to accommodate the largo number ot pen-
plc who' visit West Vancouver .Inline
the woek end
New Styles in
Priced to save dollars for
you and build trade for us.
$10 to $35
See them and you will want
to see how you look in them.
Try them on-then you'll want
to own one. They are extraordinary values, as you'll realize
when you see them,
113415 Lonsdale Avenue,
jj A  GOOD  PROPOSITION  for either the jj
ii Homeseeker or Investor —on   7th Street, jj
jj just west of Queensbury carline, only $1200 j|
ii Third cash, balance easy.     Good View.   Good Soil, ii
Martinson & Co.
PkoHt 4f3,- P.O. flux 71
■HH .a'r'.'a'.'»''r ."."H"H,l,,lH-ix
(In Tuesday ut Lynn Valley tliorgi
Wall win brought holme .lustiest of
the Peuco .), .1. Wuuds aud C. !■'
foreman charged witjj wife bating
III) was given the option of paying
I600, with additional surely uf M00,
or fill duya in gruil. Wull rhino tin
hitter und is nuw reposing securely in
the Wcalmin.lor guul.
You'll Make Money Here!!
Anyone who will give (hii iovnt-
ment oppottunity teriout consideration fur a few minutes will readily
.00 .pin h and largo pioht. accruing to
tllu pui.|ia-ei  of
Boulevard College
Extension Lots
ut i	
Lola 2, 3 and 4	
Lot 8 	
Lot. 6 and 7	
Ul 8	
Lot. 9, III and 11
LoU I. and 13 ...
Lot M   	
 sack   676.00
,..*;    W.00
 both   1,960.00
 I*.-ill Sold
I ..I- 1.6, 16 and 17  each   876.00
Lot IH  Sold
Note tho length of these lot., lomt
ol them being 146 loot lo a lone.
Tho advaalog.i ol (hew lot. lor bu.in.esi or retidsne* puipoM. .ra apparent on Ihs plan attached licr.to.
It i. the ojosrtt car lis. property lo the nurtb ol the Grand lioulayaid (which is ci.lu.ivtly lol high tlas. ro>i-
donee.). ll ulso I,,.is St. John's CulNUi' und yrouadi snd for these i.s.oim liluno il will lie a centre of some
importune.. Boulevard exten.iun lots are within tb. city limit, and hav. all the advantage, snd convcni.nces of
olhor lily properly, To .h, • out ivory lot in mold tiau wo ban undorprb.il them, .o thst you will have lo
hurry to gel any dniidsr alio lbs lermi wbl'h or. much .after than usual: 16 csib, b.l.ncs ia 6, li, 18,
and 71 month, at C pu cast, pu  annum.
KB/ironvill. Strut     VANCOUVER l); C,
IU.I K«l«l..    Insuraact.
'I'. In ' on.  ait.
Auiiioii/»d Capital
.Mnmy  to Loan.
14 Lonadale Avenue, North Vencouver, jJKai u.nager.
ltuilwoy nion in Interior lliilish Columbia uro I'irculaliiia u pililiuli lu
Premier Mellnd. und tbo provincial
executive uiking for the appointment
of Ur. Thomas I). Cavon, U. P. P.,
(or i lanl.in..I., ai minister of railway!. Thu p. mi,,n in luvur of Ur.
t'uvun wus drawn up by tho ("run
brook members of lho Order of Had
Wuy Conductors, und has already received u wide circulation and stronu
support, it ia slat.id, among ruilwuy
men throughout lho province. The
petition iieii. that the decision of
Ih. government lu establish a department uf ruilwuys is viewed with pleasure, ui it also the policy ul tlio ail-
ministration ia selecting practical men
to luko elmi: ■■ uf portfolios. It goes
ou lo lay Ihut Ur. t'uveu'i election
in a constituency hitherto -11• -n. li
l.iberul, his gsnsral popularity und his
if. I..n... experience ill ruilwuy work entitle him tu the choieqjjtt the Premier for the new portfolio! The petition
was drawn up by Uuyur Hunt uf
('runhrook, a well known ruilroud
moit, und Hi. Joseph Jackson, alder-
man of Iho sumo city, ulso a railroad
mun, It Ilus been endorsed tiy the
llrotheihouil uf Kuilwuy Trainmen
Why pay .350.00 for rough
(ho vtry best cleared I.olt with
and into grass, lloeu cultivate
Koad, being the best Hour) on
th. Car Lino, School, ('hutch
light and telephone.
Price 1.160 tn 8400 each. To
months. Thest Ion will bring
..ni pi,.ni on the umount inv
they aro going fast.
uncleared Lots whon wo cm tell you
oul a ...tone on them, lovol ai a l.bli
I for ten years, situated on Csnlrs
tho North Shore and uno block Iron
and store; hav. eity wat.r,   slsetris
mis 1100 eush, balanc. 6, 13 snd 11
al hue i in our eillmatioD 100 ptr
cited within .is months. Duy   .puck,
l\ 0. Box 172
North Vancouver
Lot IB, Block 35, D. L. 560, $1160. Ca*h $450, belence 6 end 1? month*
LoU 64 ana 55, Block 168,0. L 274, $13,000. Termi to arrange.  Near Lonaiale
the alwv. lots art among (hi bsst buyi in North Vsncouvsr, and Intsadiag investors will servs their own
ust.rotti by aSVtttigstmg. W. bavt tli. ssduiivs nil sad alio a larg. Hit of other lots in (ho Oity. It Is
is your o»n Interest to call and inspect bur list bsfor. dseiding,
Real EaUte AgenU.      Financial Broken
Head Office: 405 Hastings St. W., Vancouver, B. C,
liritisji jJolur/iliia llruinli Office*:
4 J-oinwIah; Avh., North Vanjiouvar
111 i»ov«n»mp»tBt., Victoria
Branch Offitw in Europe:
Berlin, Germany '
I/union. Kngland
I'aria, franoa
Will Uark l'a|icr. at tho Annual Mid
Summer Tots.
Tho appoint ment hui been approved uf (ho following provincial educationists to act nt member, of ihe
bum.I ol exuminura (with tho inporin-
lend.lit    ol  .d.n all.,ii|   in     connection
with tho examination for corlihVutoi
ul public ichool teaehen at milium
mar . M;. Wm. P. Argue, Mist Dean-,
etle A.tjJ'unii, M. IJenii I'hodal, 'Mr.
Ptrcy 11. Elliott, Mr. J, S, (iordou,
Ur. .fowph h. Hem,i. Ur. David C,
Utile, Ur. Stanley W. Matthuwa, Ur.
K. II. Paul, Ur. Laausl Robertson,
Ur. (ioorgo I'.. Robinson, Ur. IC. il.
Russell, Ur'. S. J. Willis, and Ur. David Wilson, togother with tho following inspectors, who will act us sub
examiners to lake charge of the several examination centres throughout
the proline"' and murk candidate. In
reading: Uessra. George 11. Deonc,
John I), Gjllis, Thomas Isiilb, A.'K.
Hilloi, Donald L. UacLaurin, Jolin T.
Pollock ond Albert Hullivon.
(Celebrated   Scottish   Vocalist)
Pupil ol Signor Edoardo Colli ol
UilSn. Diplomas, Royal Academy and
Roya) Colleg. ql Music, Undon, Eog-
l.nd. Will tslu pugjll in North V,m-
couvsr two dsy. ptr woek.
10# Granville Strati,
Vatioouver, B, C.
North Vancouver City Ferries, Limited
Utvo North Via.
'6.16 a.m.
7.60 "
Lsavt Vtticouysr
•6.20 a.m. »
1.30 "
9.16 "
10.16 "
11.16 "
1116 p.m.
1.16 "
116 "
3.16 "
4.16 "
6.00 "
6.*0 "
6.20 "
7.26 "
8.16 "
9.16 "
10.16 "
11.30 "
3.60 "
9.46 "
10.46 "
11.46 "
12.46 p.m.
1.46 "
2.46 "
3.46 "
4.40 "
6.20 "
0.00 II
6.48 "
7.46 'I
8.48 "
9.46 »
10.48 "
11.44 "
Issvs Nortli Van.
•6.20 a.m.
•7.20 "
•8.20 "
9.20 "
10.16 "
11.16 "
2.16 "
3.16 "
4.16 "
8.00 "
8.40 "
6.20 "
7.26 "
8.16 "
9.16 "
10.18 "
11.16 "
12.46 a.m
* Denotes But on
This Tims Table eubjsct to ohsng. without nolle.
Issvs Vmceuvs
•6.46 a.m.
•8.00 "
•8.60 "
9.46 "
10.48 "
11.46 "
12.46 p.m.
1.48 "
9.48 "
3.48 "
4.40 "
8.20 it
6.00 "
8.46 "
7.48 "
S.fS »
9.48 It
10.48 "
12.16 s.m.
1.00 ».»
u >
West Vancouver Motor Launch Service
Laiinoli "West Vancouver," Captain Fiodlay
Licensed lor 35 passengers
It,'11)1.um Wli.it
(vtrr a«U (actbf twnl.y
7.30 a.m.
iy.uu a.m.
n.00 a.m.        ,
1315 pm.       1
15.00 p. iii, '
il.i.o p.m.
I>J »<> p.m ».turd.)t Bnly ...
930 a.m snnl.y », hr lul. ...
17.oop.rn         "
18.30 p.m        „
8.00 i.m.
ir.po i.m.
ii.no a.m.
14.00 p.jn,
16.00 p.m,
18.00 p.m
 43.00 p.m.
 10.00 i.m.'
. ...14.00 p.m.
• ...(7.4, pm.
Hingis Fare 16c.      Two Tiekits Kt,
Quickest route from North Vancouver to the district lityond
Capilano Ilivcr. Latuicli "West Vancouver" makes conotc-
lioqa, witliout (ail, with the Uity stcaman Irom Norlh Vin-
couvcr, as per above schedule.
V" TftQXPBRM, NORTH Vancouver, b; c.
■   .
Newest Type Faces
Best Quality Papers
Highest Grade Inks
Competent Workmen
(A combination not
beaten in British Columbia)
Insures good results
and perfect satisfaction
North Shore Press. Ltd.
119 First Street East  -  Phone 80
To Owneri, Builder., Electrician, and
TAKE NOTICE that the Council ol
the District ol Norlh Vuneouver bus
passed a By-I.ow regulating the wjris
ami apparatus to lie used for ilactrio
lighting, power, telephone, telegraph,
signal ami ull other purposes Tu tbo
Iransmiisioii and uso ol electricity
through, over and under the street!,
highway, and Lu»' . ami all interior
instullutioiis within the District;
AND Kl llllll.lt TAKE NOTICE
thut tinder said By-Law it i. now necessary to obtain a permit for tbo carrying mn ol uny stun work and lo obtain inspection and uppiovul by th
District Electrical Iuipcctor oi laid
work. Anyone carrying ot|t any tucb
work without lint ubliiiuiiig such |sr-
mil etc. will lie subject to a pen. li
not im e din.: ONE III NDRED DOLLARS.
•JI-3 0; M. C.
To Owners, Builder., Contracture  and
TAKE NOTICE thut the Council ol
ihu District ul. North Vuneouver bit
paised a By-Law under which it is
necessary to obtain a permit lor all
BUSTING vViillb wilhin thc laid
Dislrict, aud that said By-Law came
into operation on tho 1st March,
11111. Any p.-rioii using explosives for
any purpose without having In i obtained u poiinii will be buIij.cI to a
pen.<li nol exceeding ONE Hi NDKED
DOLLARS i.>mii.
34-8 C. M. C.
if. K \*\
One Dollar deposited in the Bunk of
lluinillon might iucun thu first step
tuwiird the accumulation of a lortunc.
Tho man who scorns the sngoidous
investment of his savings has yol to
hum   the im,  principles of fri|gnlily
and  thrill
Dcpnait mu: dullur tu day-begin to
piuvido again I old ago und liiiuticiul
C. G. HEAVEN, Agent,
Niittli Va'iictiiivi.r.
„ Iii?
Hoad i) Hi re:
Hot Points
For the Man
Ll urn's a clutter, to please Ilia
Qnkr at once a lyio "HOT
Tun days trial, toe lot asking.
-1. ,'.•*! pksasuri ami comfort on ironing day.
Qnly nun uu inaihit giuran-
ti.i .1 Im lv.ii years.
111 v.. i nuw, it will please Iter.
|^i ni, clean und economical.
"T*ty Din. now aii.l la ctinvTncot):
Specials for
TAKE NOTICE that Mr. Fugler h.n
been   appointed   Building,    Plumbing
und Sanitary inspector for tin     i ilj
of Noilh Vancouver wilh duti-s ,,a
moncing March 2utb, 1911.
The Builders, t.'onlruitors,  ITuiul
and Owner, .no hoi.lti loiiii...       -
ply with me iupiii.-m.nl. uf the   lit)      I   J"|io    yl/ fxfxlf    It 1"
Building    II) law, He I lambing     n.d     S-'»«»     TT t^CIs.    ai
I Ilruinugc I'i I aw, ll    S.plic T.iik Bi
Luw and Ine S.'iniluiy Heguiollii S
j    Hie olhcc hi.ur.i ui tie  ..ml lu pu-i
' nr will be frum 9 . no lu 111 a in and
1 iruin 1 p in. Iu 2 p.in    .-..l.jil.ii oiler
| nouns excepted, and Mr. Fugler cm he
| interviewed al  my olhcc during these
I houri.
i All application, for pennim under
the above-mentioned Bylaws n.i) l«
made during the laid othee h an.
Owneii nisliiiig gnrt'og' renond
frum Ihe alleys ut lho nai ul thcii
promisei shall make upplicalinn tu
ihe Sanitary Inspector for the nannul of same.
Cily Engineer.
City Engineer's Office,
Nurth  V'oluoncr,
March 21.1, I'Jll • i'M
B. C. Electric Railway Company, Ltd.
<■() Lonsdale Avenue.
Why Pay
Excessive Prices
when —
Can Supply you wilh
Stoves   '
and all
Household Requisite*
al a Lower Price than elsewhere.
'•Small Profit, and Quich Return."
Phone 184
sod Corner Granmlls and Smyth.
T.'t Midi the tOJUVM or UMafMtonnt,
Hoglv«rlio<ouVriwi!.iK.-I,r-Hit ailHfilil-
itjr or harlag UVIr raid I
Id/lUtxrU. fttunilnaiYMil.elite. Ctaign
- 'Vrttt. QmtUMtmttftkiilnti
cues). Marlon4ll.ifcn,*f»'d.. N « VtikUl
tit'.' M1«ricSli.a4WwM«.Hia SCVM
leu. ail standard brand. 26, 60c, lb.
Coffee,   roaaled   or   giound   tu
order   2.1 to in   por lb
I'liwie. all makes    20c up
, ('um. Beam aud Cream per eon    lo.
i Tomato.s and Pens, large i.i.e
Can,.     12,.
Gloss ur Coin bturcb, I lb. pck. ...6c
lleinlr I'ork and Boom, per eon ...Uj.
I Pinsapple in large tin I6i
Imported   and   lucid   Jams,
•lelliei, per jnr  16c
! B k K. Hulled OaU, a tack  2oo
Royal   Standard   Flour,   19 lb.
•   t<ock  II.80 ond II.iB
Eggi, local, new laid, mi rive
weekly   i iot. 68°
Butter,   Star   Creamery.   1Mb.
Bos     «.*
Maple Syrup in Jib. 'line  80c
Lilly While Syrup, 10-lb. (in  -toe
Haiiini, oboist leaded, 3 poki 26c
Sugar, B. C. bsit, por jack  11.00
Table Apples  11.76 per bos
Bananas per dot 26c
Oranges, largo Navels ... itio por do/.
Pig., Sol. Now dried  i Ibi 26c
Honey in iorob  .......«Wo
Cresm Soda BUcuil. per lb  Wc
Gold Leaf Lard 10-lb. poll 11.00
Fresh every da»-
Milk, Cream, Buttermilk, Bread,
('sits., Pics.
Vegetable*    si   loll ure,   cauliflower,
icsbbnge,   carrot,   turnip  at.   'owust
iisadord price..
Ashcrolt pntalon $2 per lank
King up Tel. 126 sad wt will cioote
price, on Swift'. Hams snd Bacon etc.
Coupons givon (res* oi every $2 60
ordsr to gat a ohanct on residential
lot ia Port ingslss.
The A, Farro
126 2nd St. West
When yuu dcul ,,t tho A. Farro Grocery yon gel osucll) nhul you ink lur
at right price.
Special Attention!
We .uny u complete line ol Gro-
Ilunhury IV Evans Bread 22 foi 11.00
61 til"
Trim Mams
Iiirutu .wialug a..11rli iuid dccrlrlloo ou
qnlrklr MCPrlnlo our .| it.len flpo wlielhoT SO
luTrtilleli I. rrur..Mf r.li'i.nl.li-   renimnnlr.
Uiiiii.itkil/ri.i.oicniiii HlNUI'.'uJt iiU'iiMUt
ICIlt/rfO. IJUrlt Bfl'lifr Iff pp-uinvralpntl.
I'ltpi.tl takt'il IMeUKli Wuiiii 11.111
iri.'tjl iittlcl, Villbout etiwap, lo lb.
Scientific America!!.
If Uluatralnl wniktr.   Isrsrs o>
- - i .-:,*ir-   jimmal.   nrai wt
I'rM, iKnute xrn-psJJ.  Sold by
A TwiKts..-,..
nilV   a el m.t ..-l.iilln.' J.iumal
I'-leI,   pit
j .SIIlOatMi,
MK»I SI, WaalilLiluo!
Woman Say*.
" Tho free Booklet and Color Card
taught me a lol of things worth
knowing about hurniouiiiug colors,
and a low (en cent packages ol
Rainbow Byes helped mo to harmonise the climbing coal ol living
and dressing well, with our stationary income, by dyeing a lot ol
things Iron my wardrobe 19 look
(rash aad stylish.
ass-Eel Lttkk
M l« tW frte Mb 11J C»V» »\f*J It
M. s. MoW/WF.l.1,
II. c, liUciiMMl N 6, 10, Ibo stow
-»— FOUR
Nokth Vancoiive«, B
|l4'fs» oi- t-cascHifTioa:
.1. Ono year '  w*l> fl.00
hitiuontlis   -       . -        .       .60
Three iimiitba     •        - .46
j. United Slatcij uml Kiintign,tl.f>Oneryt:ar
'    (0 rents imr inch each iueerlinll.
potion Nutuiks, Krc—tl.lK) pur inch per
(fStn .sn Tiniiwi N'oticss—IK) "lays, |6;
RQdayt, 17.60.
, {,(011. AlivsuTiaiNu—First insertion, 10
cents per line | each subs«|ileiit insertion, 6c. pur line,
BsintNii Nun..',,   is 1.00*1, Nswi Col
nit.is--|i| o   ..j- ,>,.rliiiu,ii.u:ll insertion
flosTascr Anv. uinr.iir.,\rs— Rates tr-
ranguil according In apace taken,
Allcbungi'91n o. utriiol uiiverliicineiita
■list In- in tho I......!- nt the printer by
, VTeilno. I ui.    [.,,.. I.,, i,.-iire [ill tiiiisticn
In the n. . i ii-.-iio.
Noktii Vam niivt.K, Mai. 24, 1911
The hearing ni the application of the,
city   of Vancoiiu'r for un additional
.   rooiiii| ,,i.... i... :. .i ■ uliio feet of water por second out of Seymoijr   Creek,
which win held thii week bus  brought
about 11 friendly  diirmsion of llie vuri
011. pi        of the preservation of Ibe
watershed on the North fchnre by official leprosiiiiativia of ull Ihe iniiniii-
• pulitiii iuteristud lr„ui whioh lar reuch-
ing  and very important remlu  muy
It ii a statement ,,. startling us it
|s true Ihut ubotil three-filths  ol the
pup ii 1, ,   of lliiri.-li Columbia al tlie
present lime, 1.. dependent for un ude-
quale supply uf pine water upon   the
great nutur.il reservoir comprised by
tbo hills   which   constitute  the northern boundary of the district of North
V11i1c.11.. 1    From thii inure, muit lie
drawn both now  und for tbe   future
the   wuler   which   ii   to   iupply   tho
needs   of nil   the ii.Unioipulillo.   clui-
I0111.    uboui   llurrard Inlet, uumely,
the   cities   ..I   1 uncouver    ui.d   North
Vancouvor m.d thu di.trict. ol North
Vancouver, South Vancouver, liuintby
Point lire*   uud  Itlrhiuoiid.      Anyoii.
who aeriou.iy cootidert thc lilustlon,
who  euileiiii.il   to e.liniulu  the    im
menae po|.ululi>in    b.... in the cuurut
.  of time will lie dependent  upon   thii
wolorsliod  Im   its entire iupply    will
arrive at a single bound al the c.n-
I'   elusion thul  it  i.. absolutely essential
that immediate ..tops be tuk.n In pre
'    vent the depletion of that supply, anil
alio   In   .-"   1. ni ml   il   und preserve
it    that    il.o   entire   resources    ol
thii   walerihed,   developed   to     lluii
high, -i    p..ml    of   efbeiency   will   tie
available for mooting the ihmumli of
the gigantic system which will ul 1
W*'t'ViliiIjJli,i  '.iiJ..I 'l.i.ii'in
First in order there arises Ibe matter of Ihe proper piotcction ol the territory   which ...in,.!)...   thit  ...liisldu
watonbeil.   Thii it necutury both to
preserve llie purity ol the wsler und
to the ......i.i.ini.. control of the entire
supply.   II the territory ovtr   which
this great volume of water p. •   « on
its way to tin several creak beds   i.
allow. .1   to be utilised lor   tirdinury
commercial and other purpotet, it ii
very ally to tee bow I lit water might
(leconie eontuminsltd und how thai sll
aiiursnce of it. purity  would b> <ls-
ttroyod.  The rigid protection ol   tin
wateralictl   uguinat  such  conlingenne,
ia vilul tu the health and ths safety
of the entire population whoie Inter-
ssts ara or will be involved.     Then,
again, the preiMurtion of iho limber
upon   the territory   included    iu   this
great   watershed   ii  eisoi.tiui lo    tbe
economic control of ami to the  ...!.
ipistenees of this water iupply.   ll is
true thul  those ninny millions of' fv.il
pi standing timber leprejront a mom-
(lory asset of immense value if uiili/t.1
(or coimnerciul   purpose., but, never
thelci very grave coa.idereti.ins ens-
bine to imprcti the fact Ihat ita value
is vary much greater 0. sn effectual
laturul saleguard lo thc walor supply
the many handled., of thouiand. uf
who will be dependent    up,,
|l, at no di.tnnl dais.    The reannvi
of  these  extenrfva  area,   ol timber,
witb tbc service of insitinabla  vslue
which   they rendtr in rttording   th.
Bulling of the snow would mssn tint
nsture's  cold  ttorogi  ressrvoirs-lb.
snow deposits" would bt tornsd lot
water mudi earlier and nwtth Btoft st-
h.a wnntd nlhsrwite oocur apd
would be carried tnth irreiistible
quickness down to lbs see-end lost.
Consequently it would be necessary to
provide by atorega, a .ufheient watei
iupply for this grsat population lor a
low water period extending over lay
three montht esch sunimet. On thi
other band by preserving tht tinner,
the mow would melt more gradually,
lbs lurlsce run of would bs ilowrr,
lots from eva|wration would In de-
creased to a minimum and the seep
agt would bs largely inereassd thus
prolonging tbt supply. Tbo flow
would slwtyt bt under much bet
ter control in every wsy and niitie-
qucntly ths dry season each yea/
would bt ihorteosd to s month 1.1 lis
weeks, thus very greatly limp'Kying
tbe problem of providing' ttoraga la-
cilitiet ol lufBcient capacity to enture
tht (set that an staple iupply ol.water would bs svsilabls lor .vary aeo-
lion ol the gigantic ayatem '.t al
Growing out ot th. discuwlon of
these momentous oonsidsratious bave
resulted severs! propositions which although yet In their preliminary Huge, ol dsvslopmsnt, neverihelett pro-
mist to become very live issues in the
sesr luture and to crystallite into
lubitantial results relative to tbit
great problem. It it proposed that
ull ihe muiiieipulitie. whoas wtlfsra
11 involved, combine'to tecurs oontrol
of thou tract, of laud and thoie timber ares, which sre necessary to Ibe
protection of tbe watershed and the
preservation snd economising of the
water supply. This il s very large
ioi.iiiici without doubt. It it etti-
mated tbat at the html oi Seymour
creek alone it would lit neceMury to
secure about eighty equare mile, of
territory while other areas proportionately large would be required in
different locations. There ut already
tinting proprietary rights in th. limber snd in Mm. ol the lend* which it,
would bt nsoasesry io purchase, .0
that the .um involved would present
u financial problem worthy even tbe
inimenM resources of these combined
municipalities. Following this it i.
proposed thai a schems be evolved
for Uu construction of s scries ol
large storage reservoir, along the lied
of the respective creeks. It is e.linr
ut..I that this could bs acoompllibcil
at comparatively moderate e.|>enu by
utilising tbs depresrioni wbich occur
along the creek courus. As sn iliu
Iranian of this it is stated thai on
l.ynn Creek slone by building a "liini
ocrou lb. mouth ol th. canyon, a
mighty miu of water, thru bun Ir
fuel in height could be dammed back
without any detrimental effect, to iur-
rounding territory. A third .uggu
lion the acoompludimtnt ol wbich ap-
|ieari to be fraught witb aomewbut
greater difficulties Iliuii either of the
foregoing is thst turns editable bum
ol apportionment ol the entire wsler
ni|iply be srrivsd st as between sll
Ihe muiiieipulitie. inlerotod. It 1.
even .uggeeted in tbi. connection that
it might lie s wise procedure to create
a i'oiiiiiii--iiiii to whom shall lie en-
1111-1..I Ibe .'..nil..I ol Ibe entire ws-
terahed together with the currying out
ol ths best scheme tbst can Im devil
i.i lor il. administration in Ihe coin
mun interut nl th. entire population
wbich i. destined to be dependent
The whole problem i. on. ol prodigious magnitude snd ol Ih. grsvsii
imporUncs and without doubt lbs
municipalities interested will show
themselves cspsbls of coping with.it
Ind effecting th. beat solution .1p.u1
an aquitabla snd enduring bs.ii.
might live. Should death ocour before fill all that had been paid in with
8 per cent, compound interest would
go to her hairs. It is certainly a
most attractive investment, and other
(athars or mothers desiring to set so
eiceHent sn example to their children
of any.ages may aaoertain full information pn thi tubjeet hy applying to
their postmsster, or direct to tho air
perintandant of annuities, Ottawa, to
whom all lattert go free nl pottage.
Peachland  Home and
Orchard for Sale
Sis and a hall acres of bearing Orchard near the town of Peachland,
with four-room cottage, phone anil
electrio light available. 600 peach, 60
Apple, 70 Cherry and 30 plum treet,
Mottly over 7 yeara old. Plata in
good condition. Prioe only 13,600, ol
which 11,1100 is in a mortgage. Apply
Financial Agents,
CLUB   BLOCK - North  Vancouver
Office Phons 10        House Phone 267
123 lib Street Esst North Vancourer
Phons 278
Notary Public
I.uun'i,   Investments   and   Insurance.
Boom 207, 632 Granville St., Vancouver, B. C.  Phone 6209.  Land llcgii-
try work t apocinlty.
Phone    198
North Vancouver
Coal and Supply Co.
Dealers in Coal, Brick,
Sand,   Gravel,   Lime,
Cement   and   General
Builders' Supplies.
All   Orders   Promptly
Filled and Satisfaction
tiii.ii.uii. il     Pricea on
Office: Lonsdale, near Cily Whad
Warehouse:       Forman'i Wharf
iIr Royal Bank uf Canada
Capital 16,2110,000.
BeiervM, ^,200,000.
Totsl Aiiels 196,000,000.
A lather with s view to encouraging bis young daughter, aged 20, to
purchase a Cansdjen Oovernmsnl sn-
nuily, so thst the mty havs an absolutely iur. income of 1300 a year so
long es shl msy livs from snd sftsr
the age of 66, offered to contribute
tlb s year for tbi. purpose il sh.
wsuld from ber earning, contribute
Ihe belsnce of the snnual premium nu-
oesssry to secur. the said annuity, sn
offer wbich Ih. dsughter readily accepted on sscertaining how small an
amount she would Im rsqirirsd lo psy.
Sfas found that by a saving of 12.27
a month, in addition to the 126
s yesr (or U.OB a month) lobe paid
by her father the annuity of 1300
woutd not only be secured, but tbst
it jvoald be petd (or 10 yssrs in ssy
svsnl to that should At die Wore
the. 10 yssrt expired ths annuity
would bt conlinusd (or ths remainder
of ths term to sash person st lbs
might dssss, thus insuring s poslUvs
return ol 13,000, but, as fast bsen .aid
with ths proviso thst should abstur
viva tha 10 yssrt l^e ssouity would
bt smitlsssd to bsrtsU to long uss.
A general banking buiinc
transacted. Saving, account, a
iptiiulty. Account, ol firm,
and individuals solicited.
North Vancouver Branch.
Bank Unlet in N. V. Club Block
A. Campbell Hope
358 lit Street East
Phoni Bll.
fleneral Conlractliw
IN0, Etc.  Fslimalet Oivio.
Had rnnan t> Andruftft
Ksitb Boad, east ol St. George's Avenue, or P. 0. Bos 134
— ,,
Fret delivery to all parti ol
LynTI Valley at city prices
No ordar too small to All
■ ■       i.i — ,. ^.i.—.. , ue...     .
«&' Frederick Road
". 1	
A fire took place on Wednesday evening.at the homo occupied by Mr.
Adams. /
When Mr. Adams, who has only boon out of the house an hour and a
hall, arrived back about nine o'clock, tha fire had gained such a hold thut
in spits of the efforts of the Fire Brigade, which arrived a few iiiiniiius
later, the building was completely gutted,
The house and furniture were insured with
Agents 1 ELDEB HUBBAY CO,, 17 Lonsdole Avenue. 'Phone 87.
Speaking of Snaps; how it this ono?
Double Corner of Fourteenth St.
and St. Andrews for $2600 £B»
Pierce & Hall
Next to Palace Hotel                   Phone 110
FIRE!    FIRE!!    FIRE!!!
FOR ABSOLUTE PROTECTION write a Policy in the
Commercial Union Fire Assurance Co., Ltd.
ASSETS: $94,900,000
Sole Agent
j\f racmtnU tnd Con(r«cti drawn
of every deicription
Phone 157
Something good for the small buyer
Price $275 each
•ssssssssfl Sssssssl HLisssstslsssWu-eJ
$75 cath.   Balance very eaty.  Call and tee ut about thete
C. E. IAW&0N & CO.
I'honc 70--P. 0. Box 97
The Merchants Trust & Trading Co.
PAID UP CAPITAL 1100,000.00          R. THOMPSON T1NN, Muaiias Dlwtw
 BRANCH OFFICE i M OU Broad St., U»d», Emlua.	
Building Lots at Snap Prices
In Block 90, D. L. 650 lor $950.   $350 Cash;
Balance 6, 12 and 18 moulds.
In Block 82, D. L. 550 lor $1000." $350 Caih;
Balance 6, 12 and 18 monlhi.
Alio a block in Upper Lonsdale lor $5250.   One
Quarter Cath; Balance 6, 12 and 16 months.
Already tuhdivirJid into 24 lots.
North Vancouver Trust Co., Ltd.
(UU lahsttr A Wsrd)
219 Unidale  Avanu*. Phone 44
CampbeU Realty & Invest
FOB SAI.fM)wnor mutt sell largo
roomy house, sll modern, cenunt foundation, (once, fireplace, filX) cash.
Close to csr lins.
Staple and Fancy Groceries
Freih and Smoked Meats
10 lb. Back"...,	
Large Tins., 25c
J.'g 2 tine for 15o
. 2'a 2 tins for 25o
3's 1 tin tor 15o
New Zealand Butter
3 lbs. for  $1.00
Sago, 5 lbs      -      •      26o
Split Peas, 5 lbs     ■      26o
Tomatoes, large size, 2 for 25o
3 lba. Lonsdale Blend
of Tea    ---   -  $1,00
3 lbs. Best Empress
Coffee    ....   $1.00
liussi'l Applet., per bux $1.85
Pure Castile Soap, per
bar    ..«•■•'-     25c
Chiver's Fruit in Hyrup
from      35c
You can depend upon the
quality and price of our Meat
Rolled Oats. 7lbs. for    25c
Ayrshire Rose Creamery
Butter,  -   -  3 lbs. $100
Lemons, per doz.   -   •   20c
Maggie Soups, 5c. per tabUt
Phone 40
1111 Lonsdale Av«
LOW SEA^Proprietor
MKAI.K AT A I.I. I It ill Its
6 a.m. to Spin.
First-class Meals ijC.
Commutation Tickets, -it mult
Kinniis lor Kent ai moderate ratal
I. O. ()   F,
North Vancouver Lodga, No, U,
meets svsry Thursdsy evening, corns!
I.onsd.la Avenue snd First strstt, al
8 o'clock, Visiting brsthrtn cordlslly
invited to stltnd, A. T. Kinntdy,
N.G.; Tho.. S. Nys, rtc.-sst.; J, H.
Filling, P.O., fin.-itc.; (Tin. Nyt, P.
0., tn...
Fully Equipped
to plod over the dsstrt or ml tr bu-
gw tnd thirst i. Mr. Caoel. Wt'rt
not built thst fss. Whet wt trsttt It
tht real thing,
You Get Real Paint
When Buying Here
It will tttnd the. blaring sua oi the
Sthsrt or ths bint, ol Caok't North
ir/Lonidila Phoati4« THE EXfTOfc' N'ORTH VANCOUVER, ft C.
A'Bt-LAW to enable tho Corporiitiuti
o) I bu I lit y of Norl h V Ulicoui or to
raise by ^ly, ol loan Ih. sum <tf
148,000 for school purposes.
fHEREA^ the Board of Trustees ol
Nprth Vuncouyer City School District
bare prepared a detailed esliroiiio ul
tht stints' re,|uinil to meal special Or
extraordinary  expenses  legally incur-
rtblo by llie Runrd, which estimate is
ai follows :     ,  ,
Ealiinnto of special or extruurdjnury
oxpertdilure for IUII :
Grading  and surfacing   of
pounds,    eopst ruction    ol
ijdawalks "and   erection   of
at  I Alls
Ie sch"ooroiiTi|s,2, 3, 8,
Id, block 2»,D. L 54JI
loval ol Janl|orY house,
r'      ■*""
preparation ol new lite for
ment  floor drainage, etc....    J.iu.uu
F.rtciioo ol .sjgbt-ffioined firs-
oof achooTliouao on block
flfD. L. 660" ■«MW»
AND WHEREAS tho aaid citimato
wis laid bef.iie the City ('uunoil und
dulv ' i-unsidoi i .1 by tho iuid Council
nun the iuid mm above mentioned
was finally rtjtcled uud disapproved
by tho .aid Council on tho nth do;
'  ol   February,  1911.
AW WHEREAS tbe Acting , Mayor
of the City baa since tho rejection i-.tul
diiupprovnl ol tho iuid climate,   to
wit, on tho  28th   duy   ol   February.
1911, received from the Secretary   of
the said Board nf Schubl Truiicoi,  a
written rcpic.l that tho iuid    A.-iinn
Mayor submit lor tbt a..enl  ol  the
-7-v    Kleelors, in the' manner preiciibod by
■■U.jjecliiin 68 ol the "Muuicipul (Taunt.
[ I   JJ^-a By-Law authorizing the pio
•J puled expenditure and il necessary the
railing ol tbe moneyi rc<|uirod io de-
Irsy the some upon llie credit ol the
AND WHEREAS it it nocosiurj
that tbt laid money be rained upon
tht credit ol Iho Municipality.
AND WHEREAS tho Council ha.
authorized the iubmi..iou of (hia Bylaw to lbs clc.i.iii..    .
AND WHEREAS for tht pnynirnt ol
intereit on the dcbenturci proposed
to bo issued undor this By-Law, and
for creating a sinking (und   for   the
payment of the laid d. bent in, ■. ullCil
due, it will be nccoaaury to raise by
•pociel ralo iu addiliuu lu all iniii*
rates,   each year  during tho currency
ol   IUCh    ilobelililies,    the     um   ul  ti,-
601.36. whereol 82,300 ii to be taiicrl
sunually lor Iho payment ol intorcst
during th. curroncy ofiaid debonturei
and (30) .36 to be raised annually lor
tbs purpose ol creating a linking fund
for payment ol the debt iccurud by the
laid debenture, tho tumc being innde
payable in fifty youri from Iho   dole
AND WHEREAS in ordor to ruiio
th. said yearly .um ol 12,001.36 lor
intsrttl and linking fund, an cpinl
special rate on lho dullar will be ro
ipni.il lo bo levied on oil lho rateable
i.al properly iu tho aaid City ;
AM) WHEREAS Iho fhoji rateable
real property in tho suid City according to the lost revised uiicisuiciil roll
il I'J.yJc.MiJ Ml ;
AND WHEREAS the ugureeule of
Ihe willing debentur. debt of the
curpuiuliou is f.ii'it.i'o (except lor
worki ol local improvement and for
school pui p..-.-i of '..In. li none uf Ihe
principal olid inteteit is in aiimr ■
THEREFORE th. Municipal Council
ol the Corporation of Ihe I'ily ol
'North Vancouver, wilh the oisenl ul
the tloctore ol the cily ol North Vancouver duly obtained, cnucli at fui-
I. It ihall be lawful for the Uuior
of tht City ol Norlh Vancouver and
tht Cjty (lork lor lho purpose ulorc
aaid to borrow or ruiie liy wuy ol
loan Irom any person ol puiioni, body
or bullion ruipoiiito, who muy be willing to advance lho smile Upon lho art-
dil of tht dcbenturci hoicinnfter men
tp.mil of the corporation, a sum ul
money not exceeding in the whole th.
tun ol 846/tlO snd to csusc thciaino
lo ht placid in the Bonk of British
' Nortli America at North Vancouver,
to the credit ol tht City lor thc pur-
post above recited, and iuch money.
shall be used for that purpi.se only
i.  Debentures ol  tbo  City not si-
Sceeding iu amount lbs sum uf Forty-
it Thousand (846,000) Dollars may
■ issued by lbs ssid Mayor and ('!
Clerk in lermi ol the Municipal n -,.
st Act in sum. ss moy bt doilrcil, but
tot let. than On. Thousond (4T.00UJ
I Dollari etch. Escb of lbs Mid doben
turte sholl b. lignod by the .aid Ma
yor snd City Clerk, and Ihs City
Clerk shall albs ths Corporal. Seal
ol th. said Cily ol Norlh Vancouver.
I, Ths debenture! sholl hear dole
|hs 271 h dsy "I March, 1911, and
shall bear inured at the role ol five
par oon(, per onnum poyohlc half
yearly oa lbs 27th day of September
end Um 27lh day ol March in each
sod every y.tr dururg the currency
of tht aaid debenture, or any of tbem
Then shsfl bt attached lo the diuVn
lurtl coupon, rignod by the Mayor
only for each sua .vory payment of in.'
teres! thst rasy becumc due. and audi
ngaslura rosy bs either written,
.lamped, prlslsd or lithogrsphtd.
4. Th. ssid debenture, a. to prin
opal io. inlerest rosy be made pay
sMt at ths Dank of Brlliib Nurth
America at North Vancuuver, Toronto Of Moblntl, C.nad., or nt (he
•aid Bank In tht ' ity ul London,
Knoland, st pu of eisaang. Ind th
ttuT principal   aum   .boll   bt   made
thereof whon due, subject' to .spy act
Or ehuolincnl respecting ' tjjp same.
.Such special rate shull,bo inserted in
the I'ullootor'.i Hull ui Rolls ami shall
he'payable to and pqltpctetl liy the
snid Conization in I In- samo way as
illior rales in lho saitl roll or rolls,
sJve as liei'iiiiiiiiler provide)}.
(|, iu uriliir to provide for Ihii rules
sot qui. in niii'ugraph (6) unit subject,
us ufurosuiu,. there shall bo ruined annually by apeciul rato during fliopur-
roncy ol, the said dtibulitunt's the tiiini
of $2,1)00 lo provide fur tho pnymunl
of interest thiiroon uml thu mini of
jafllalfi'ln provide for tho'kspuynioht
ui  tW   | lliioij.al   lllet'Ollf.
7i Thu proceeds of Um said debentures shall bo ajiplii.il us follows und
not otherwise:
u) In ilium.-ni .J the cost of thu
passing ol this By-law and tho in no
j ..n.l salo of tlio dobonturos therein re
foiled   til   U'l'l  all   expcie.ea   euiiiicoli-d
with tho said louu.
lb) In reeouping the slid corjioiu-
tinii for such sums us Iiiivq .boon ox-
penili'd horounder until the proceeds of
the sale of the .aid debentures lic-
CO/nuia uvuilablo.
(e) To curry 6ut thu purpoio ol
this lly-luw aS aim ie sot out.
8. AH ninneys nriaing out of thc
annual spatial rate heroinlief.ire, pro-
vide.l lor sinking fund shall bb Invented/by iho I'ouiioii ul suid Corporation
from time to time ub tho law ttlrerts.
9. No rebuto shu|| be uilowed ou
tho special rulos to be levied under
this By-law.
JO.1 This By-Law sholl lake efloot on
lho 27th day ol March, A.D., i'.Hl.
11. This By-Law may bo cited lor
all purposes as "Tho City ol North
Vancouver Schools Extraordinary
Espondituro Loon By-Luw, 11)11.
Passed by tho Council on tho E'th
day „l March, A.D. 1911.   .
Received the asaout ol the e'ectort
ol thc City of North Vancouvor ut an
eleeinni lor tho purposo on lho
' .of/       j     A-D. (oil,.
.considered by the "blinojl and Im
ally ado|ited, aigncd by ihe Muyor .ud
Cily Clerk and iculed with Ihe Corporate Soul on tho duy
Of                             A. 1). 1911.
TAKE NOTICE Ihat tho above it a
true eupy ol the proposed By-Law upon which tho volu.ul tho Elector! ol
tho Municipality ol lho City of North
| Vancouver will bo taken within the
Cjty Hall, North Vancouver, ll. C., on
Saturday, the Twenty-fifth day ol
March, Al)., 1911, between tho lioun
ol 9 o'clock a.m, and 7 o'clock p.m.
City Clerk and Returning Officer.
PUBLIC NOTICE   it   hereby   given
that the vote oi Ihe Electors of   lho
Cily of North Vuneouver will btlisten
on the 26lh duy ol Murch, 1911,   between Ihe hour. »f 9 "'dock n.ni. ond
kf o'clock p.m. ou "Thc City of North
Voucouvcr Schooli Extraordinary bs-
penditure   Ision   By-Law,   11)11,    and
Ibat within tho Cily Hall, North Vancouvor, 11. C*afld thul 'IhoinasShoj.
herd hn been uppoinled Returning Ql
Acer lo toko the vole nl such r. ocluri |
wilh llie uiunl powers in that bohulf.
Hy Ordor ol the Council,
City Clerk.
'BV.LAW No. 167.
.'"....J. hv' ths City  st  a date nol
,T During I** *H', "f"   *
7 olfir rales > all !%'*£*
ANIL WUEREAti ..the Mgregufi'of
tho I'Srsting ileboiiliiru debt uf llui Cor-
poration is S77fi,fi7ti (except for worlis
"if luciil jmprqvqment oil" f'ir iclionl
purpdses)' oi which none of tlm iniiiti-
pal and inftil'est is ill ni rear, .
TIIEUEKOHI'', tho Municipal (iniincil
lof the ('urpniflliun of the Cily uf
Nurth Vnnooiiver (wilh the listen) ol
tho ojoolrirs pf tho City of North Van-
eniivor duly ubtaiiiod) unacls  as  fol-
(1) It shall bo lawful for tlm Muyor
of (lie Cily of North Vancouver ami
the City Clerk, fur tho purpose afore-
suid to lionow or raise by way of
Ipan from uny person or pcrsoui, body
or bodies curporulc. who,may lie will
ing to advance the sumo upon the
credit nf lho debentures hereinafter
nouii.an.I o| th. Corporation, sum ul
money not exceeding in the whole the
sum of Twot|ly Thpuiund Dollars
i '■'.'• I. ni hi | and to oa lo.o lho samo In lie
plnccil ill the Bank of British North
America, ut Nnrth Vancouver, to tho
credit of tho Cjty for Iho purpose
above recited, ami such moneys i hull
l.o u ed lor that (.in i■■.. <■ only.
(2) Debentures ol Iho ('ity not exceeding in amount tho aum uf Twenty
Thousand Dollars ($20,001)) muy bo is-
"Ued by the aaid Mayor und City Clerk
in t ci inn uf i lie Municipal Clauses Act,
in sums as may bo desired, but not
lees than Ono Thousand Dollar! I$l.
'1100.00) each. Each ol lho said debentures shall bo signod by Iho said Mu-
yrjr and City Clerk, uud tho City Clerk
shall affix thereto tho Corporate Seal
ol tho suid City pf North Vancouver.
(3) The dobonturos ihall boar date
the twenty-seventh duy ol Mm eh, 1911
and ahull boor interest at tho.rato o;
live nor cont. per annum, payable hull
yearly on tho twctity-sovenlh day of
September ami tho twenty-aeventh day
of March in ouch und every year timing tho curroncy of the said debentures
Of uuy of then). Tboro ."hall be attached to .tho debentures, coupons
signed by Iho Muyor only lor ouch
and ei ei v payment ut intorosl t|ia
may become duo, and such aignaturo
may bo either written, stumped
printed or lithographed.
(4) Tho said debentures as tu print
.ipul runt interest may ho made payable at tbo Bunk ol Ilrilish Nurth
America at Nortli Vancouver, Toronto or M.uiiii-.-il. Cunudu, or at tho
"aid Bank in lho City ol London.
England, al pur ol exehungc, und ihe
laid principal ium shull bo made payable by Ihe City at a date not Inter
than fifty years from the Into upon
which this By-Luw lakca ollcet.
(5) During tho whole term ol the
currency of the aaid dobonlurea a speeiul rato oh the dollar shall be lovied
and raised each year in addition to ull
olhor rulos un ull the rateable real
property in the Municipality sufficient
to pay Ihe interest upon (he said do-
bent tiros and to croulo a sinking fund
for tlie payment of tho principal
thereof when due, subject to uny uct
ur enactment respecting the sumo.
Such i.p.oi.d rate shall bo Insert ad iu
the collector's roll or rolls uud shall
bo payable lo and collected by the
mid (orporntion in tho sunio way .
"or  rolls
A BY-LAW-to enable tlm Corporation
of Iliu ''ity ol North Vancouver lo
raise by way nl loan the sum of
j8,0t)0.|)0 for Iho purpOBO of currying out itltiirulioiiH nn anil additions to thu City Hull and for
. hotting iipd furnishing the buildings.
WHEREAS in tinier therein il will
ho necessary tu issue debentures uf the
A"itv of Nurth V'uiicuiuvor (nr thu sum
of Eight iiiuuiuiiid (tUm) Dullurs us
hereinafter pruvitled (which is thu
amount of the debt intended to bu
created by this Hy-I.aw), tho proceeds
uf the said Debentures to bo applied
tu the said purpose and no other.
NT) WHEREAS a pelitiun sinned
liy thu owners of more than utie-lenth
(l-lll) uf tlio value uf real property In
the City (as shown by Iliu last revised
assessment rull) has been piosented'lo
tho City Council requesting thorn to j
[introduce u Hy-I.nw tu million.o iheni
lo burrow tho sum ul .'•. .mm on fur Iho
purpose of carrying out alterations IM
and additions to the City Hull und fur
heating uml furnishing the buildings.
AND WHEREAS for the puytnent o|
interest on the debentures proposed to
lie issued under this By-Law, und for
creuling u sinking fund for Ihe payment ol the suid debentures when due,
it will bo necessary to raise by special
rate in addition to all other rates
each year dining llie currency of such
dobonturos, ll|o sum of ilo2.ll whereol
,i|on uu is to be raised annually for
pnuncut of interest during the currency of auid debentures, und colli is tu
be raised annually for the purpose of
crcallbg a sinking fund fur payment ul
the debt soeiirid by Iho suhi debentures, tho same being mudo payable in
Ally years   from the dale hereof:
AND WHEREAS iu order to raise
tho said yearly sum ol 1462.41 for interest1 und sinking fund, an oquul speeiul rulo on the dollar will he required lo bo levied on ull the nil.able
real properly Iu llie said niitiiieipalily;
AND WHEREAS Hie wholo rateable
real prujierly in the iuid Municipality
to the last  revised   ussoss-
tb] In recouping lho snid Corporation for such sums as have been expended hei eiinder until the proceeds otitic sale of the said debentures becuma
' iiviiiluh',0 :
io; Tu curry oul tbe purpoio of
iin.. Ilv-I.aw as above set out.
jh| All moneys ariaing out of the
annual special rate liercinbeforo provided for sinking fupd shall be invc.l-
od by t|io Council of said Corporation
from liiiio to timo as tho law directs.
(9)' No rebate shull lie allowed on
tho special rates to bo levied undor,
this liy Luw.
(10) This By-Law shull toko effect
un lho 27th day of March A.D., 1911.
Ill) This By-Law Hoy be cited for
all purposes us "Tho City Hull Additions By;Liiw, till I.*'
Passed by lho Council on tho 13th
day ul March A.D., 1911.
Received th"! aSSsnt oi thu Electors
ot the City ol North Vuneuuvcr at an
elect ion fur the purpusc un the
day ol A. D. Mil.
Riicoiisiilereil by tho Council an"l finally adopted, sinned by the Mayor and
City ('lork, and sealed with the Cur-
purale .Seal un tho day ol
A, D. 1911.
TAKE NOTICE that the ubovo is a
true copy of tho proposed By-Law upon which the vote of thu I leii,.is of
the Municipality of The Cily pi North
Vancouvor will bu taken within the
City Hull, North Vancouver, 11. C.,pn
Batgrday, the Twenty-filth day ol
March, A.D., 1911, between lho limn..
uf 9 u'ehiel, a.m. und 7 o'clock p.m.
Cily C|erk uud Returning Officer.
PUBLIC NOTICE, is hereby riven
that tho Mito ol Iho Eleclura ol lho
Citv of North Vuncuiiver will be taken
,.n'the 2iiih duy ul March, lull, between lho In.ui" of 9 o'clock a.m. and
7 o'clock p.m. on "The City Hull Additions By-Luw, IIH1," lind ihat within the City Hall. North Vancouver. B.
I'., ami that Tbomui Shepherd has
been appointed Returning Officer Iii
lake the vole ol such Electors with
Iho usual powers iu thul licbull.
By Order ol tho Cuuncil,
I.Ell. W. HcRAE,
City Clerk.
HY LAV. Nu. 169.
uont rut)
i is jti.b'WJiiw.rio.
A BY-LAW lo onablo tho Corpuruliou
of the Cily of North Vancouver to
r.iio by way of loan iho sum ,,f
|'io,i)00 to purchaio real properly
fur Corporation puipoioii.
WHEREAS the Cuuncil ol Ihe City
of North Vancouver is applying for ii
license lo uio Rice Luko us u mil Ural
sluiugo reel.nil
AM) Villh'Hb'AS Ibo Cuuncil desires
that tho water shod shull bo prutecl-
ill and for thai purpoie il it neeoi-
- .uy in eonneeliun wilh tbo undertaking uiol works pi,,p..-..I to iii'.pine by
purchaio tho laud, in tlto immediate
ilimitv of the lake situated ■ i Diilricl i.ul M:
AM) WHEREAS o .petition sinned
p. il-. ownoi. ul more than one tenth
of lho value ul reul property in lho
Cily lu. ilionn by tho last revitod aa-
sn.uielil lullj I a" boon pioseiil.il tu
lho Council lo.pu-lii.k' tin-in lo inlro-
Ju* u Ily I uw lo authorize thorn |o
boriow"the«iini ol Twenty Thnuiand
1120,000) |l„]lai - for lho puipuio ol 00'
uuirmg by purchase blucki three |3|,
lour Hi, fivo (6), lis (6), cloven ill i.
twenty-two 122), twciilythrco (23).
twenty six rii'ij. twenty".oion (27) and
twenty .mid (28) in District I nt
Eight hundred and fifty -fivo (Wi)
compriuug uu urea uf pn 116 arret inure
ur lou:
AM) WHEREAS lor Ihs payment ol
intoreit on the dcbenturci propuied to
bo isiucd undor thii By-Law, and fur
creating a sinking fund loi I lie payment ot th. iuid debenture, when duo.
it will be noeciury lo raiie liy spc-
epil into iii addilinn to all other rolci
each year during the currency ul such
dsbenlurci, tho turn ol- 11,131.1)2,
whereol 1)1)00.00 is to be raised annually lor payment of inleie i during
tho ouironcy of .aid debenlure, snd
8J3I iti i. lo be roiied annually lor the
purpoic uf cresting a liiiking fund for
pt/mtnl of the deb! secure^ by the
i.id dobenlyro., th. same being made
payable in fifty years from th. d.lo
AND WfARREAS in order to raise
ths ssid yearly .um ol $1131.02 fur intereit aud linking (und, an equal ipe-
cinl rate on thc dollar will bt required to be levied on all the rateable
iral piopeily in the ilid Munio-
AND f/IEREAS the whole rateable
real properly in the iuid Mu...
ncoidiiig lo   lho last /reviled s*res.-
uflicr rules in tho auid
lllvo 111  hiioinaflir   pn.iiihil
(6) In ordor to provide inr the rates
■ot out in painumph |6| and lulijict
as ulurosiiiil, 1)1,10 ahull bo ru sod annually by special ralo during the currency ol the said debentures tho ium
nl |l,000 to provide lor the payment
nf intoreit thercun, and the ium ol
$131.02 to provide lor Ihe repayment
uf llie principal thereof.
(7) The proceed, of tho said debenture, iliull bo applied us fullum, and
not otherwise:
(a) In payment uf the cost of tho
i pasting of thii Hy-'Luw and the innc
j and sale of the deliontuies I heroin re-
I ferred   to und ull expenses connected
with lho said loan ;
{    lb)   In recouping the snid t'orpora
I lion fur inch 1.111111 as have In en   o,\-
ponded hereunder until the proceed, ol
jlho sulo uf thu said dsbontutts be".inc
I mailable :
(c) To cany out 1)..- purposo oi this
: Hy-I.aw us above.i-id  (.lit
16)    All moneys  arising out of the'
annual special rule hereliibofiic   pro-
vidud lor sinking fund shull ho invi steal by the Council ufiuid jGurporailoti
i "in time to time ut the luw directs,
(9) Nu rebuts "hall bt ull.i.v'.l 1 n
the sliceinl rutoi to bo levied ti.ilcr
thia Hy-I.nw.
(10) Thii Hy Law ahull ttkl ilbct
un lho mi-nil e'.'onili day id Murch.
A.D., 1911.
Ill) Thi. By-Law may 1,0 cud for
ull purpoios u« "The Rice I .il.o By
Law, 1911,"
1'us.cd by tho 1 ..un. J on the Tbir
looiith day ol March A.D. 1911.
Received Iho aiicni ul the Eleitori
uf iho City of Norlh Yuiieou.'er rlun
election for lho purpoie on .110
day of A.D, 1911.
It. euiisiilered by Ihe Council und tin
ally adopted, signed hy the Mayor,
mid ''uy 1'loil. nnd sculcd .uth the
"'.apuialo Ssol on the day
ol All   I'D I
TAKE NOTICE that the above 1. 0
true copy ol lho proposed By-Low upon which tho vote "if the Electors ol
the Mann ipnhiy ul the City of North
Vancouvor will be taken within tlio
Cily Hall, Norlh Vouoouvor, H. C,,on
Saturday, the Twonly-lifih day ol
March, A.D,, 1911, between Iho hour,
uf 9 o'clock 0 in. ond 7 o'clock p.m.
City Clerk ond Returning Officer. -
PIJBLM: NOTICE, it heAiy aivou
ihat ihe vole of th. Electors of the
City of Ninth Vancouver will be token
up iho 261 h day ol March, 1911, be
iweou tbc hours of 9 o'clock a.m. Ind
7 o'clock p.m. un "Tho Rice Lake By-
Law, 1911,'; and that wyihin the (',1
ANT) WHEREAS the aggregate ol
the existing debenture debt ul iho Cur-
puriitiun is $776,070 (except for worki
of local Improvement and fur school
purposes) ol which none of the prin-.
cipul and interest is in ail'oar ;
THi.KEI'llHE the Muuicipul Coun
oil of the Corporation nf ihe City of
Nurth Vancouver (with ihe unseal ol
the electors uf iho City ul Nurth Vancuuver duly ubtniiH?"!), 1 nuols as follow. :
'(I) ll shull bo linfiil Im Ihe Muyor
of Ihe lily of Noilh Vancouver an.I
(he Cily Clerk, for the purpose afore
suid lo borrow or rai.o by way of
luan Irom uny person ur por.-uns, liody
ui budies curpornlc, who may be will- ',
Ing lu advance the lumc ut«m lho cm-
in uf the debentures hei 'inuftor men- i
tionul ol Iho ('urpiiralimi. a sum of I
A BY-LAW to enable ibe Curporilion
uf the City of Noilh Yuiimuvcr to
subscribe     lor    eighty    lbuu.su)
shures of Ono ll II..:  ouch in thc
ciipilnl  slock   of  ihe North   v. n
couver Cily Ferries Ijmilej.
Bo   il   i'ii.i.IiiI   by the Mavor   and
Council .J the Corporation uf the City
of Notth Vancouver in Cuuncil itirim-
blod (with (he ii.-.eiii nl the .-lector, ol
lho   city duly   had anil ulilatued ) pi
1.  Authority is hereby given lo the
Muyiir and  Clerk  of the Corporatiun
bridges, building, and electric signs
complete in eonneeliun witb the service ol the Norlh Vancouver City Ferries, Limited, tiigethcr with ull nppur-
lenaiiom thereto as may be lound 1100-
11   coiiiciiitnl.
3. Tho Company lurther .agrees
tiiut Ihe said service, ai set out in
the 1 r.c.Jii.i.' paragraph shull lie com;
p'lelcil lu lln.- sillisl.utinn of Iho City,
nn or Is-icae tha 1st duy ol January,
1912, and that otherwise this Agreement shull Ik null and void and of
nn died.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties   hereto   have   hereunto   set   ibirir
hands uud sculs.
in the pi. ■'■!..'.- of
TAKE +.OTHE that iho above it a
true copy ol tlie proposed Hy-I.aw upon whioh the vote ol the Electori ol
tin: Municipality ol ibe Cily ol North
Vancouver will be tukou within the
Cily Hall, North Vancouvor, B. C, on
Saturday, the Twenty lifih day oi .
March, A.D., I'.HI. Iictween the noun
ol 9 o'clock a.m. und 7 o'clock p.m.
City Clork and Returning Officer.
PUBLIC NOTICE i. hereby given
that the voto of thc Elector, ol the
City ol North Vancouver will be take
on Ibe 26th day ol March, 1911, between the hours of 9 o'clock s.m. and
7 o'clock p.m. un "The North Vancouver City Ferriei, Limited, Shores
I'm oh.,-.■ 'Hi 1 an. 1911," and that
within Ibe City Hall, North Vancouver, B. C, and that Thomai Shepherd
has lain ap|Kiiiiled Returning Officer
lo lokc the vole of such Elector, with
the usual |iowcra in that behalf.
By Order ul tho Council,
City Clork.
Thii I'.y I ..11 supplements tbo By-
Law p.i- nl in December loti by whioh
lho Cuuncil wat uulhorUcd lo uonow
tin- sum ul (dO.OOO.OO lo lubicribo lor
sharii iu the capital itock ol the Ferry I'unipauy.
I In- purmiac ol Ihii Ily Luw ia lo au-
1 h.uin- the Cuuncil lu subscribe lor
ihul umuiiiit Of "haie. and to set
■I..nn a limo limit within which tin
work to lie aided by such is to bt
completed. Moll ul the sen ices hav.
already lx-.ii completed, iuch ai tbe
new lorry ileumef, the wbarl, pon-
to.ilis. bridges, elc. Tbe work still ro-
luuiiiiuu In Ik dune and lu lw aided in
purl by the $"0,000 cuusists ul im-
pruvi-menli iu lho wharl ou the Vancouver side and lit January, 1912 bat
In .ii .el duwn ui 0 rcaiunoblo time
limit '..iit.ii, which lu complete  these
1 lie lieli ni 11.. huvo already been
-old und lho piirchusori lulicitprt ask
for the panagc ol ihii By-Law by lbs
Elm.us lu ouable iheni lo report favorably ou tbe validity uf ihetnue.
money nut oxeeoding in Ihe whole  lit        . , . ..       -  , . .,
aum "if tS,mwi nnil lo ranso the to »ign. excc.no and deliver uu letull
.amo lu be placed iu the Hunk olBil- «f the Cnrpur.it.on and to seal with
lish North Americo al North V'oncou I tho eurporuto seal at, laden utc H
ver, lo Ihe cretlil of lho Cily l..r I ho ] Agreement between the North Vancu-
purpoio above recited, and su.'h mun
,-s  shull   lie   used   lor   that |-'irpi si
|2|  Debentures of ll
North   Vancouver,' 81 C,,,
that 'lipomas S^pihord has hetn   If
icer to lekt
wilh iho utuo)
poinltdr4sturi   .    5
Vote ol iuch Mxim.
powors i» that behafl.
rBy Order i Ih. Council,
QB0. W. McRAE, *">
I'ily 11. u rx
eei.ilingin am.nnil lho sum ,.i *>■ .'X1;
00 may lie issued In tlio .'.I '.tin.,
and I'ily C)erk in lone of lie
eipal t'biuso. Ail, iii .mils ,1-
desired but not !.--» tl an unu ''I.i u-
sand (11,000) Dollars each, 1 nh uf
the suid dolieiii ui es shull be in I i.i
the suid Ma...a .111 ''.I.. ' 'Ie cud
the City Clerk I ill ul s llnr-tu lit
Cuipui'iile Seal ul lho said 1 '.ly ol
Nurth Vuncuiiver.
(3) The debenture lu'l 10 1 data
the 27lh day 1.1 M , . Mi I ,hail
bear ilitwul at tic .'. m 1 | ci
cenl. per annum paii.blo h 1 yearly
.in tho 27lh "lay ol Siptemlg!) and lho
'JTlli day ul Mnlch In each 11 1 1 oiy
year during the curroncy nf the mid
debentures ur mn of iheni. I lure sholl
bo ulliiched lu the ilclanluics C'llpulll
signed by the Mayoi only, fur each
and every payment ol intereal that
inuy beouim.. due, and such signal tiro
may bo either written, slumped, prinl-
11I ur lithographed.
(4) Tho snnl debenture, st to principal und Intersil may be moot pay-
able ul the Ifiink uf British North
Aiinilieii, al Noilh \ aiiconur, Tor'ui-
-1 u or Muiui.'.iI, Canada, ur ut the
said Hunk in the City of London, Epg
land, nl pur of exchange, and lho said
principal sum shall I. made payable
by4he '-ily al u dale not later Irian
idly years from lho date upon which
thii Hi l.uu lukes effect.
(6) During the whole 101 in ul thu
curroncy of the said deb-ntarcs a ipc-
rial rale on tho dullur shall be levied
and ruisod ouch year in additlun tu
all other rules on all the iiileabloreol
properly in lho Municipality sufficient
to puy lho interest upon lho Said debentures aud to acute u sinking fund
for the payment of tbc principal thereof whan due, subject to
any act or enactinonl respecting the
same. Such special rale shull lio in-
scried in tho Collector'! rull or rolli
nnd shall be payable lo and collected
by the Corporation in the iuiuo win
Si other rntei In tho snid, rull or
rolls, lave at hereinafter provided,
(8) In Order to provide for the rales
set out in paragraph (6) mid lUbjoet
ai aforesaid, tboro shell bo raised un-
nuolly by special rale during.Ihe currency of the .aid dcWit.uroe   (he sura
M  ni    the ptl
be    '
ver City Ferries limited uf the   one
pan  ami the I'ily ul North  Venrou
ver uf the other purl in llie tum-
iln: lohnlule appended tirthi. By-Low,
and authority ii hereby given (•.  th
il I City 10 oiii-r miu and ogre 1 ,
sions of the same Should j
Ihe i.",,.. m 11tlot11.1l and sot out in
'he said agr,'.'iii..|ii to I e is rformiil by
ihe N,,nh Vancouver City Erne.
I united b. 1 ot completed Uf ■ tin
1st day nf January, 1912, ti< .< ihii
By lr ,      dl 1     bio : ull mid road
2. This By-Law muy be cited for all
purpoae. a. the "Norlh* Vuneouver
I'ily Ferries Limited Share Puroha.e
Ily Law. IUII."
I'a -nl hy th, Council -ll lie I3lh
day uf March, IUII.  '
Received the atsenCxol the decturi at
an eleetii.ti laid Im il.o pur|H,ie on
the day ul
R.ii.ii-iihrul  and In a ly   passed  by
the Council <>f lb. laid (1(1 1,IN..11
Vancouver on the   , dsy
Tills INDENTURE daud th.
day ol Nineteen
bundled und cloven,
I'd ■ I WI. EN:
{•BRUMS MM I IT J), s Iwdv cur-
puttile  having   it- {load Ofnct ol
the I'ily uf Vuneouver, B. 0.
(Hereinafter   called   lho   'Con-
VER, u boilv curpiiroled.
Ill.i. uiail.r c.i'l.d the ' ' ity "l
WHEREAS it is n.i.s-oiy I,,1 lho
comfort und couvouienct ol the 4U-
rem ol the Cily of North Voncouvsr
lo provide a now alrumtr lor tho u.
uf tho I'l.'inpniiy. and lu provide a
wbarl, pontoon! ond liridue* nisi eloc
trie sign in connection therewith and
ulhor equipment lur the Compsny :
AM) WHEREAS il 11 noccssiiry to
provide the sum ul Eighty Thousand
l$80,(H».0O) Dollars- to be expended
Ihorofur In purchase of righly thou
smul (SII.(SS)) shores in th. cspitsl
stock ol tho 1 i.uipony st tbs psr rtl
ue of One ($1.00) Dollsr tech,
I. That tho I'ily shall purchss.
Irom   Ibe   d
you want Bread,
Scones, Oatcakes
and general Confectionery equal to
Compsny' eighty l'hou..ind
oTf^'m'io'myWi^^m^l^^ '""< v&'if 1,,:d
1,1 interest thereon iniii tlio'sUm ol
♦62.1) lo provide for lho ropaymonl ol
the principal thereof.
(7) The proceeds uf Ihe laid debentures shall bo applied as follows end
not olnorwiso:
(ot In payment of the  oust ol  the
po'stW (Pf Ihii By-Law mid the issue
ilc uf th. ilel.eiitoi/es tlitrtiin re-
uid ell .expenses connected
tha. sard 1-osn:
able share, in tht cspital stack ci tht
Cumpany at Iho par value thereof, lo
wit: lho .um of FJirbty Thuusond
(WflMl) Dollari-
2. Tht Company asMS' with th.
City that it Will on of M""
day of January, Ull9, inniviikf s Mil
steomtr for Ihe lerry service Irons llie
Cily of North Vancouver lo the City
ol Faosouvcr, -Iliad provide wtsrl .1
Norlii    Vin&imiut   trith   MBiooaf,
135 Lonidale Ave
I Nest door lo Everybody'! Shoe .lore)
Scotch Shortbread
Bruce & BIX
■ mmmmmmmmmkimimM
Tlio British Columbia Poi»ltr> Es-
1 hibition, to be held under the auspices
ol the Qritish Columbia Poultry Association, here next .laiiun'ry will be
the largest and most complete ol ils
hind eVer presented in this oily.
A lew extracts Irom tha minutes ol
the recent meeting of the Directors
held in the office of the secretary o'
the department pf agriculture on the
6th inst., 1011,'at Victoria will doubt-
lass interest poultry laneiiira and those |
who are concerned in poultry raising.
Extracts from minutes of directors'
meeting hold on January 7th, 1QU,
which were adopted as read:
lloport nl secretary regarding government grants 19 tha association and
establishment ol a government demonstration poultry plant was adopted
and the action ol ths government in
assistance in marketing poultry, concensus of fselins is that the noces-
slsy  nl the government  undertaking
1  '
Seed Potatoes
Ail  our mods are  specially selected and tested to comply   with
Seed Control Art.  In buying seeds don't overlook quality,
We ulso en y a lull line ol FERTILIZERS
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
LONSDALE AVENUE.       At Ferry Landing.
We sell Columbia Graphophones & Records
Nearly new, Regular $60.00
Piano Tuning, Heuairing, etc
Sh.et Muiic, Small lnitrum.nl. end Acc.<iori.i
443 LONSDALE AYE.       Phone 114
Phone 71
First Complete Showing of New
Spring Goods.
-J-- ■   ■
W, DICKL Prop.
47 A ^HsAJTWJS SJW8T, eAST-47 * 4#
50x147 ft. lot, half a block weit of Lonidale Avenue
Price $3000, $1000 caih, balance 6, 12 & 18 month*
Ward, Burmester & von Graevenitz
The Place Where Everybody Goes
Gem theatre
:f Good Pictures  Good Singing
**"::: :::  Good Music  ::: :::
Programme changed Monday, Wednetday and Friday.
Adults 10c ^^tz: **• Children 5c
iloniousl ration work in poultry  problems be lurther urged.
This reaolution WM (Wisd.
Score card lar judging eggs ut below wat adopted:
-a Quality ol yolk.
-3 Quality pf white.
-i Cleanliness and bloom.
-8 S|ss.
-6 Uniformity ol shape and color.
-7 Tosture ol shell.
At poultry shows and exhibitions
two eggs in each do.en shall be broken by the judge in selecting.
Copiea ol this method of snoring
were lorwardad to all socrotariea of
agricultural and poultry associations as ths standard.
Discussion regarding tha stamping
ol eggs lor ssle in the public mar-
keti lollowed. Heretofore, tha merchant has been in the habit ol retailing eggs supposed to be strictly fresh
that really were sold storage egga or
eggs older than reprtssntad. The new
resolution passed by the Association
compels the producer to stamp all
eggs sold to merchants with his
nanis and date ol laying ol said egg.
Finn lor not conforming to this resolution to be from 11 to ISO.
Resolved that all local poultry
shows held in the province and
all prizes and apeciuls under the control ol the Assoeiation be left (or
open competition.
Moved and seconded that all members ol the R. C. Poultry Association
bs admitted to the next annual poultry  show  on January 16th to 20th,
held ,here  on presentation    ol   their
membership ticket.
Dr. ft. D. Stewart oi Vancouver was
appointed  secretary ol tha provincial
show in 1013 at a salary of 1100.
lir. Lasceiles was appointed suuerin-
tumleiit ol the ehow wilh a .alary of
I'ri/ri offered will be at follows :
1st  prise,  IS ;  2nd  prise,, 11 ; 'did
prise, SOc.
II there are twenty entries or over,
1st prize to be 13, 2nd prize ¥2, 3rd
prist II, 4th   prize, 60c.; Sih prize,
II thirty entries or over are offered,
1st prize, IS ; 2nd,* 3 ; 3rd, W ; 4th,
|1; sih, 11 ; nth, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th,
prizes, a ribbon oach.
Entry fee (or all above classes 80c
Exhibition Pen—
1st prize, IS ; 2nd, 13 ; 3rd, 12, birds
entered in single classes not to compete in inhibition pen.  Entry lee 12.
Utility Pen-
Consisting ol one male and lour Ie-
malo, Ut prize, 120; 2nd, IIS; 3rd,
110; Ith, IB.  Entry lee 12.
All Rocks, all Wyandottes, all lidds
and all Orpingtoni may compete   in
the utility pen.
Egg and Broiler Production Pen-
Consisting of one mala and four female., prizes and entry fee lame   as
utlllty pen.
All Mediterranean and Dutch Claaaea
may compote in Ihia |ien.
Dressed Poultry—
Asiatics, Americans, English, Mediterranean and liut.'li may compute in
this class.
Drcsaed lowla muit lie shown iu
pain, lit prize, 12; 2nd prize, ll ;
3rd, SOc., entry Ice SOc.
i'rizet for egg exhibits in each throe j
claiici, viz. : Drown shell, while shell,
linled shell to be 1st, |3; 2nd, 12;
3rd, |l. Three entries are necesiary
in each cla»« before lint money may
be taken.   Entry SOc.
l'rizea for exhibition ..( pigeons and
other pet atock are as follow.:
1st prize to be SO per cent, ol entry
money, 2nd prize 30 per cent, ol entry
money.  Entry let 2Sc.
Thlt i grant of 11,000 be set aside
by the association (or tfae provincial
The coops ol ths Victoria Poultry
Association will be requdid (or the
Detail, regarding ipecial prises, judges, etc. are in the hend. o( the executive of the essocitlion and the secretary and superintendent.
The following judges heve already
been tclooted : Killer I'srvis, Wendell,
Idaho, Elmer Dixon, Oragon City, Ore.
D. O. 'frew, Lindaty, Ont,
J. 11. Terry WSS appointed judge
of utility claiies end poultry products.
'ins final resolution adopted by ths
eiecutive wss to this effect, Th it liis
assoeiation donate tin Vancouver
aiiociilion 1100 to be und n a prize
in tho proposed egg laying competition lo be held by thit body.
126 Lonsdale Avenue
Spring will soon be
here when you will
require new Linoleum
for your kitchen, etc,
a new Carpet for
some other room. A
good assortment of
patterns to select from,
Prices a little lower
than elsewhere. □
Note our Prices:
Kitcken Cbairi  SOc ud fie
"     «    .. 7fc**|fLfi
PW^CWn   ;:ftm
Iron Bediteidi Iran 	
$3.75 up to $35.00
Maltreuei, lull iin, from $3 up
Springi, loU iiu, fro* $2.25 up
Dreneri with bevelled minors
$8.00 up to $45.00
'I         ■     "«»!' •' "
ORDER     '
Estimates Gladly Furnished.
Lace Curtains    Curtain Net
Maddrass Muslins for Curtains
TAKE NOTICE thst the Council ol the Corporation ol the Cily ol North
Vancouver intends to carry out thi following works of local improvement
under auliacction (22) section 266 ol ths Municipal Clauses Act and intends
to uneia the final coit thereol upon the reel property fronting or abutting
thereon, and to be benefitted thereby, and that a italeinenl snowing the
landa liable lo pay the said usseaament and the names of lbs owner, 'thereof, an lar as can lie aacertained from Uie last revised Assciiinent Boll is
now on file in the office ol tho Clerk ol the Municipality and is open for in-
a|iectinu during olrice hours.
Esplanade and Crescent Street from
Forbes to St. David'. Avenuo 	
First street from Forbea Avenue to
St. David'a Avenue	
Lonadale Avenue Irom waterfront to
Uppor Keith Koad 	
Lonadale Avenue frum I nth atrcet to
City Limits ...,,	
l'Jth atreet Irom Lonidale Avenue to
St. Andrew's Avenue ..'.	
12th atreet Irom l.nnadule Avenue to
St. George'. Avenue 	
St. Andrew . Avenuo Irom 8rd Street
to 8th Street 	
Eaplanude and Creacent Street liom
Forties Avenue to St. Duvid's excepting portion between Rogers and
Lonsdale -	
Fir.t Street from'Forbes Avenue to
St, David'. Avenue	
Second Slreot from Lonadale Ave. to
St. David'. Avenue	
Forbea Avenue from Eipluuude to 3rd
Mahon Avenue Irom Eapluiiude to 3rd
Street  , 	
Senuah Avenue Irom Eaplanude to 3rd
Chetterfield Avenue from wuterfront to
3rd Street  „	
Rogers Avenue from Ktplaiiade lo alley north of let atreet  ,
Lonadale Ave. from waterfront to Upper Keith Road 	
St. George's Avenue from wuterfront
to 3rd .Inset 	
St. Andrew'. Avenue from waterfront
to 3rd Street  .'	
St. Patrick's Avenue Irom waterfront
to 3rd Street 	
St. David's Avsnuo Irom Crescent
Strut to 3rd stratf. 	
North Vancouver, 11. C.
March Uth, J»ll.
and  concrete
puving  and   concrete
Wood block
aidewulks ...
Wood block
aidewalks ...
Stone block paving sud/concrete
Woo.1   block   puving   and concrete
.Sanitary sewer and Bower connection!  	
Sanitary aewcr and sower connections .'	
Storm sewer
Grading to permanent grade ,
Grading to permanent grade
Gruding lo peinianeni grade
Grading'to permunent wade
Grading to |icrmanent grade
Grading lo permunent grade
Grading to permanent grade ,
Grading to permanent grade
Grading (o permanent grade .
Grading to permanent grade .
Grading to permanent grade
Grading to permanent grade .
Grading to permunent grade .
City Clerk.
I 14,100.00
Plant prepared tar) Estimates given.
Ofice: 1407 Dominion 'fruit Wdg,
Phone 24V7
VssUtwa, 162 Eight* Avt.
North VttMoMver.
Tenders Wanted
For North Vancouver Properly
building, at preaent rented (or   |24
por month.   No lease..
Tht following  propcrtiet  belonging
to the eatate ol the lat. George Hut-
ton are offered lor .ale by tender.
CompriM. Lot 32, in DMck Hi* Subdivision ol District Lot   274, North
Vtncouvir,   being i 60 foot lot  on
the Eiplinadc al tbe N. E. corner ol
St. Andrew'. Street.  On thi.   pro-
[rarty there are two houses and out-
Coraprises one lot having 60 (est
frontage on Eleventh Street, and
known at Lot 11, Illock 80, Subdivision 660, North Vuneouver. On
thit lot it erected e frame college at
present rented for %9 per month. No
(,'oinprisos three splendid loll sari
having a frontage of 60 leet on
Tenth Strut, and sre prsclictlly all
cleared and graded, of whioh one tot
it the S. W. corner of Tenth Slreot
and St. Andrew's, and known at
Lola 8, 9 end 10, in Illock 97; Subdivision oi District Lot. numbered
274 and 649, Norlh Vuneouver.
Tenderer, can I tender for sny of
these lots singly or for It. Ihrsa
lots together.
Comprises a fractional lot in Block
97, and being' approximately 17 (est
wide by 100 feet deep, facing Eighth
Street, snd |t wort particularly
known snd deesrihed at Lot 1 of tht
reeuhinviaion ot Ull 2 to 11 Blook
fimi 6-
i'omprisos two lob. and are d/scrib-
ed s. Lofi 23 sod 24, Block 16, Subdivision   469,    Nor*    Vsncouvsr.
These two Iota aro each 60 by 122
feel and form i double corner. They
lie cloae to llie proposed new Second
Narrows bridge and to the waterfront.
Tenders may be put in for the
whole or any portion ol each ol lho
above parcefa.
Sealed tenderi marked "Tenders lor
Hutton Estatt Property" will bo received by Percy W. rhar|sson, id-
mini.trator of the estate, up lo and
including April 1st, 1911.
Tei ma of purchaae on all properties to be one-third ca.li, beloncs
payable in 6, 12 and 18 months; Intel .nl seven per cent.
The highest or any tender not necessarily accepted. „ Address leniisrt
438 Pendor St. W., Vancouver. I). C.
TENDERS will be received by Ihs undersigned up to thc 22nd day of
April, 1911, at 6 p.m. lor the purcfaas.
ol Block 27, Subdivision oi Lot Ho.
641, Group 1, New Weitminiter District, aitiiated jn the City of Vancouver, and being the site of the old Provincial Court House. Eoob tender
muat lie enclosed iu s registers!! latter and rnntl be addressed to tie an-
dereigned snd plainly Worksd "Tender
lor old Vsneouver Court JWW »te,"
and muat bt accompanied by an accepted cheque (or ten per cent, of tb.
first payment oi the purchsu money.
Payroest for th. property will be ac-
oepled in by^tbwmli ol ono-quartor ol
the parcttstt woney.   f he first of such
CulannU to be psid within thirty
t after the acoeptsnee of the tenner, and ft« nm «*»»• «»«r#W
thereafter, with inttrttt st the r.l. ol
6 per cent, per annum. In tfae .vast
ol the per.on whose lender it accepted (ailing to complete the first instel-
nient within thirty dav. oi tht notice
of  such  acceptance the aall to   him
will be cancelled and bit ten par list
dcpo.it forfeited1.     Thi cheque, oi un-
•uccesslul tenderers will bt  returned.
Tfai highest or toy tender will   Hot
necessarily be accepted,    No con
tiont of sny kind will be allow
Minuter of Leads.
Department o( Lands,
Victoria, B. (!.,
March 7tb, I91|.
C. G. S. Duncan of the City oi \
couver, broker, hst been appointed
tornty oi tht above-mentioned Ci
pony in the place end iteid oi
Horry Wilton.
Dated at Victoris, II. ('., tbii sin
dsy of March, 1911.
Registrar .Joint Stock Companies.
it      I     .itssssaeesseiaaBBagassa
NOTICE it hereby
wat sitting of the '
Oommitsioneri for
Vancouver, wt, ths m
to apply (or « faottT
Ssitust. on lota i
djdrk lot 274
•avid Ciij   - r" '
Dated at THE express, north Vancouver, 8, c.
( '
Highest Values in Plain
and Gem Set Rings
There ii no line in which value is more expressed
lh«_jiL''BIRrCS'" rings. In fineness of outline
and design they are simply speaking the personification of perfection. Nor is our stock limited to a
few designs. We can giye yoiTeiactfy what you
may desire and if we have not got it jn stock we
can make it, having every facility for doing to
neatly and quickly. Just here we might say there
ire scarely any limitations to the producing facilities of our Vancouver factory, which it the largest
and moit modernly equipped manufacturing plant
of iti kjnd in the west. See us for special work in
rings and jewelry.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
Jewelers and Silversmiths
Qso. Mjggj^ Wnetor Haitingi rk Granville Sti.
Ratss:   fi.'iu   per   and   up.   Special rates to families
and   to regular   boarders.   . ".'	
finest Roof Garden on Pacific Coast
Skudnu STUMT.   •   -   •   -   NORTH  VANCOUVER. B. C.
H*  &•>' •      ' aSSl^''
.>....*.■■:    ,.    ,
..-..aA.^J      t>ll«N(
We operate the only pap-
ded furniture and piano
moving van in the city. . .
N. V. Cartage Co.
7 Lootdtlt Ave.
*|   When you deal at the Lonsdale Pharmacy you
get exactly what you aik for at thc right price.,
*J   Special attention paid to pretcriptioni and family
*J   We carry a complete line ol Stationery and Drug
Telephone L 28      A.,. tyson, p»,.      Cor. Lonidale & 8th
Parkdale Finest Alberta Butter 30a» lb.
May Flower, Spring Brook or Ayrshire Roie 3 Ihs. $1.00
5 IU. of good Tu  1.50
5 lbs, of better Tea   .,,.... 1.75
5 IU, ol the beat Te*  2.00
Corner First Street ud St George
120 8*w>4 Utmt E«t Tt^phoM 296
Convowace to North Vancouver MerchinU
A serious ftre flPPUrrerj op Tuesday
evening when the dwelling occupied by
Mr. Adams at the corner of Chesterfield Avenue and Bib streets was destroyed by fire. Mr. Adams was absent during tbo evening, being engaged In visiting his wife who is ill at the
hospital and on returning heart) the
crackling ol the flames and the windows ol the lioiiao lighted up. When
he opened the door the place was a
mass ol flames. The alarm was given
by someone who possibly in the oxcite
ment forgot tbat telephones woro iu
uie and ran from plh itreot to tho
liro hall during wbich time tbo flumes
rapidly spread.
pi less than five minutes from the
timo ol tho alarm Fire Chief Donovan
and his men were on tho scene of tho
fire and the streams from two hose
wore playing upon tbe blaze which was
soon under control. The shell ot tho
house still standing testifies to its
tinder box construction. It is presumed tbat the fire originated from. tho
kitchen stove.
Mr. Anders, tbe owner of tho building is in England at present.'
 :—i 1
In response to an item whion appeared in the Express a few wceka iyo
in reference to the propoicd aide of
tho Wallace Shipbuilding aite it) this
city the following waa rooeived by
Mr. Wallace laid woek from the Mobile
Progreaaivo Aatociation of Mobile,
Ala. i
Wallace Shipbuilding Co.,
North Vancouver, B. C, Canada:
Attention of Mr. A. Wallace
Dear Sir,—You are considering tbo
removal of your plant to larg'ir quur-
tars, but you have not ua yel considered Mobile, or any part of lid.- Gulf
aoclion as a place thul might be nf
nono profit to you than any oilier.
Under separate coyor wo are sending
you our "Factory Facts nnd Figures," wbich wo would ask that you
read, and at tho lame time wo would
call your ut t out ion to some fen i urcs
down here which will find inloruil
with you.
For iii.-.i,'iiuv, ihe), ia just uow pulling lho Alabama IcgialoturO a lull
wbich will exempt shipbuilding plant!
Irom ull tuxutiun, atutuineity und
couuly. li... . thii strike you us u
proper movoincnl, and ono which
wuuld attract you ?
Ueaidea this, tbo people ol Mobile
are willing to offer solid inducements
to iuch plant" ui yiiiu'ii.
And li. ule. ull these, there is no
shipbuilding plunt along tbie section,
which would give you un excellent
opening und since Mobile is uow the
cheapest coaling port ulong tbo Gi|li,
and will in two more yeura, be the
clicupoat coaling port in the I nil.il
Stale, ahipping ia naturally utlructod
Iliiu wuy, Mobile liui grown more lb.ui
any olhor port ulong the (lull. We
.hull bo glad lo tend you all comparative figure, .bowing this.
Not caring to go to too great
length in our first let tor, we shull ask
if you will nol let us bear from you
shortly and wo .ball promptly luko
this mutter up with you.
i '.no , etc.,
Important Notice to Parent*
(,'ommoncing pupils for the primary
divisions ul tho public tchools will b
received and enrolled on Monday, 3rd
April. To facilitate nrrungomenti for
additional clatt, tbo School Trustees
rcqucit that name, and nddrciict <
all new pupils desirous of onrolmenl
be submitted to teachers of tlio lev
oral ichools without delay.
I'.l'il. t'ASIl'DKI.l,,
Secretory.      24-3
us    i     'I
(July Ut, 1910)
Province ol British Columbia.
No. 884A (1910)
This ia to certify that "TBE
authorized end licensed to carry on
business within the Province of British Columbia, end to carry out or'air
(eel all or any ol ths objects of ths
Company to which the legislative authority of the Logitlaturt ol British
Columbia extends.
Tht head office of the Company is
situate in the City ol Montreal, province of Quebec.
The head office ot the Company in
this Province is situate at tha City ol
Vancouver, snd William Ernest Burns,
whose address is Vancouver sloreeaid,
j. tho attorney lor the Company.
The amount of the capital ol tho
Company is Fifly Thousand Doileri,
divided into One thousand share..
GIVEN under my hand and
Seal of Office at Victoria,
ft. 8.) Prolines o/ British Colum-
Us, thit nijulh day ol February, one thousand nine faun-
Begialrar o,
Tht objects (or which this Company
bat been established and licensed art i
(1) T« export to the Poniinion of
Canada tbo muiiutaclured products ql
firephtvy and other likd mineral substances, and in particular lui'nacs lining, gas retorts, coke oven blocks,
bricks, tilos, pities, baths, sanitary appliances, ventilating appliances, and
other like artiolos.
(3) To carry on business within tho
said Dominion as general builders and
contractors, docoruloia, uml manufacturers of or dealers, in ail and building requisites and in all audi products
and artiolos at are mentioned in paragraph 1.
(3) To carry on any other businesses whether manufacturing or otherwise, which may Boom to tho Company
capable ol being conveniently carried
on in connection with any ol tlio
above ipocifiod objects, or calculated directly or indirectly, to onhauco
the vuluo of or render profitable, any
ol tbe Company's property or rights,
(4) To apply lor, purchase, or otherwise acquire any patents, brevets
d'invention, licenses, concosiion's snd
tho like conferring, an exclusive oi
non-exclusive or limited right to use
or any secret or other information aa
lo any invention which may seem capable ol boing used for any of tbo [imposes ol tho Company or tha acquisition ol which may seem calculated directly or indirectly to benefit thit
Company, and to uie, exercise, develop or grant licenses iu respect of, ot
otherwise turn to account the property right and information so acquired
(6) To purchaso or otherwiso acquire and inuleri nl.i. all or any part
of lho business property and liabilities
ol any 'poison or Compuny currying
on uuy business which this Compuny
ii authorized to carry on or possessed of properly suiluble for tho purposes of tbo t'otnpanv
(6) To enter into any orrnngenietii
with uny governments or authorities,
supremo, municipal, local or otherwise
and to obtain from any such government or authority all rights, concessions und privileges thut muy seem
conducive to Iho Compuny's objecti
or any ol them.
(7) To cnlcr into partnership, oi
itilo any arrungemunt lor sharing.profits, union ol interests, co-operation,
joint udvonlure, reciprocul concession,
or otherwiso with uny person or Company carrying on or engaged in or
about to carry ou or eugugo in any
business or transaction which this
Company is authorized to carry on or
engage in, or any business or transaction capublo ol being conducted so
aa directly or indirectly to benefit Uiia
Company, aud to take, or otherwiae
uequiro, abures or stool, in, or aocuri-
tios of, and to subsidize or olhorwiio
assist uny iuch C.iinpuny. uud to sell,
hold, io issue with or without guarantee or otherwise deal with iuch share.
Block or i.'oniiiii ..
(b) tionerully to tiurchuao, tuko or
leuau in exchunge, liire, or otherwiio
acquire uuy roul or personal properly,
and any rights or privileges which the
Couipuny muy lliinK necessary orsou-
vehient with rolorence lo uuy of lho
objects or capublo of being profitably
dealt with in Connection with any of
tho Company's property or righla for
tho timo being, ana in particular any
land, buildings, casements, licenses,
p.iii'i.i... plants, mucliinery, ships,
burses, rolliug-alock, uud itock-in-
(!)) To sell the undertaking ol Ihe
Company or uuy purl thereof for such
consideration us thu t'ompuny muy
think fit, and iu particulur for shares
or dcbenturci, debenture itock or other securities of uny other Compuny
having objects ultogellier or in part
similar lo those of litis Compuny.
(10) To promote uny Company or
coinpunics lor the purpose of acquiring ull or any of the properly right i
and liubilitlei of Ihe Company or foi
uny other purpose which may seem
directly or indirectly calculated to
benefit thii, Company,
(11) To invest ami deal wilh th.
moneys of the Company not luiwedi
atoly required in such manner ob ma)
from timo lo lime be determined.
(Ill) To li'ii.i money lo such pcrion.
and on iuch terms us muy seem expedient, and iu pnrlieulur to customer!
of and persons having diallings with
tho Corapouv, und to give uny guur-
ni"' or indemnity as muy socm expedient.
(13) To raise or borrow, or secure
tho payment ol money in iuch manner and on iuch term" is may seem
expedient, and in particular by the is-
suo of debenture, or debonturo .tock
v. bid In i pi ipet ii.il or olhcrwiao and
charged or not charged upon the
whole or any pari of llie property and
rights ot tlio Company both preient
and future, includitig iti uncalled capital, and to redeem, purchaio, or pay
oft any iuch securities.
(It) To draw, accept, indorse, discount, execulo and issue bills ol or
cbungo, promiisory iiotci,debonlurei,
bills of lading, warranti aud other
negotiable or trantferablo initruments
or securities.
(18) To remunerate any parlies for
services roudcrcd or to be rendered in
placing or assisting to place any
shares in tbe Company'i capital or
any debenturct, debenture itnok, or
other securities of the Company ot in
or about the formation or piomnlion
of the Company or the conduct of iti
b mines.
(16) To do all or any of tho above
tliinga in any port of the world and
either at princtpala, agents, tiusicet,
contractors or otherwise, and cither
alone or in conjunction with others,
and either by or through agents, subcontractors, trustees or otherwiio.
(17) To sell, improve, manage develop, exchange, enfranchise, lease,
mortgage, dispose of, turn to account,.
or otnorwjse deal with all nr any tart
oi bos property or rights of the Company.
(IB) To do all such othSr things ai
art incidental or conducive to the attainment ol the above objects i.nd so
that the word "Company" in Ibis'
Clause .hall be deemed to include any'
partnership or other body of persons
whether incorporated or ijot incorporated^ and wnothor domiciled in the
United Kingdom or elsowherc, and to
that tlio object, specified in cvoh .ol
the first two paragraphs of this
Clouss shall oxoept when olherwbieex-
prossed in such paragraph bo in no
wise limited or restricted by reference
to or inference Irom 'k> terms oi any
otiwr paragraph or the name of Uu
- .".in....,
We want your business, and if you
will give ui a trial will |how you
that we have the goods, the pricei
and the best tervice in North Vancouver
Nails, Building Paper and Finiihed
House Hardware delivered on the
job in ihprt notice	
Patterson, Goldin & Clark
North Shore Locators
Wo are pluci'ug on tbc market a block of 17 loti, on tbo
Grand Doulovnrd extension. Thoao Iota aro high ond dry, with
un unsurpassed view, Iwo blocks frum the proiun»>cur lino, sire
JOxlHo, portly cleared. Prices from $6»() to $800. Torms.-1-B
cash, balance, 8, 6, !), 13,16, 18, 21 und H moulhi.
Como in and lot us show you over this property.
No. 8 Lonsdale Ave.
Phone 123
Gerner Lonsdale and Second. Phone 253
Amongit the new arrivali for ipring we have
lome exceptional value in Pongee Silks, at prices
which will compare with any store in B. C.
No. I .—Natural Pongee, even weave, good weight. O C
24 inches wide, our price.    J JL
No. 2.—Natural Pongee, at a value never before offered C A
in Norlh Vancouver, 34 inches wide, our price  JWL
No. 3.—Natural   Pongee, very fine closely  woven, strongly
recommended (or summer dresses, 34 inches wide, "7 C
our price   I J**>
Place Orders for Your Spring Suit Early for
prompt delivery.        Satisfaction guaranteed.
will be on exhibition daily
from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the
B. C. Electric Railway Co.'s
office, 50 Lonsdale Avenue
The Gurney»Oxford Steel Top Range
meant a marked living in
fuel and belter baking results,
.lie" CHANCELLOR "not
only docs ils work BETTER:
but AT LESS COST than
other Ranges..
We can demonstrste to you
tbc whole Superior Chancellor principal of economy
and efficiency in ten minutes.
It it not worth that much
of your time right now ?
The J, D, Fraser Hardware Co, I RWHT
7JBjslWrllW*ts»WlllllJ.i Ul'JUW'.llllJUte
Have You Read
"The Last Chance?"
' Thii ii the last chance you will have to purchase
loti in "CAPILANO PARK" at the old price.
The carline extension through the property,
which will itart in June, hai increased the value
of all adjacent property, and the owneri have
notified ui of their intention to raiie the pricei of
the umold loti, but at there are very few loti left
we are making a ipecial effort to diipoie of them
before the end of the month and close up the eitate
Price of loU $150-$15 caih and the balance
Half-acres $500 to $575.   10 per cent, caih and
balance over two yean.
Did you ever have a chance to purchaie property
on a carline exteniion at the pricei at which we
are telling?   No!   Well, Do it Now.
Phone 1956     134 Hastings St., W
,|.[.l.l.|.l.[.t.|.|.t»i..|ii|i I tt'H'H"WH
North Vancouver City
Lots in Blocks 9, 9a, 15, 15a, 16 and
16a; District Lot 550; now.on sale;
Acreage  in   District Lots 546 and
550; subdivided into blocks of  from
1 to 22 acres.
The Grand Boulevard Extends
Through This Property.
For Plant, Price Ud and Particular!, apply to
I      •
The North Vancouver Land and
Improvement Co. W>k>
began to pace Ibe room, bar slender '
and ruiiiiil.il  flgure swaying gracefully tbe wbile alio talked. I
"George Calendar la a scoundrel," j
abt aaid, "a swindler, gambler-what
I believe you Americana call a confidence man.   He hi also my lata bua-
band'a Drat coualn.   Soma years aloce
be found It convenient to leave England, likewise bin wife and daughter.
Mrt.   Calendcr-a   countrywoman   of
jours, by tbe bye-died shortly after
ward.   Dorotby, by the rnereat accident, obtained a situation aa private
secretary lu tbe household of tba lata
Colonel llurgoyiie of Tba Cliffs, Cornwall.   You follow mat"
"Yet, perfectly."
"Colonel Burgoyne died, leaving bit
estates to my son, some time ago.
Shortly afterward Dorothy Calendar
illsappenred. We know now tbat her
father took her nway, but then the
disappearance seemed Inexplicable,
especially since with her vanished a
greut deal of valuable Information.
She alone knew of the locatiuu of certain of the old colonel's personal effects.
"He was an eccentric.   One of his
l ii.huh.. Involved the secreting of
■.mu..ii, iii odd pluces. He had no
faith In banks. Among these valuables were the liurgoyno family Jewels
-quite t treasure, believe me, Mr.
Klrkwood We found no note of then
among the colonel's pupcrs and without Dorothy were powerless to pursue
a search for them. We advertised and
employed detectives, with no result,
ll ir-ciiis lljal lather and daughter
were ut-Motile Carlo at Ihe time "
"Beautifully cln uinstunilul, my dear
ludy," commented Klrkwood to his
Inner consciousness. Outwardly he
maliiliilnci! continently i pose of 111)
patalvt gitlltiililiy.
"This afternoon for the llrst lime we
received news ul tlie Culondara. Calendar himself culled upon me to beg
i loan   1 explained our illlhcully. ami
Capyrifht, 1908, by th. Bobbt-Merrill Co.
"And what," she demanded, witb a | reau of Information, be set off rapid-
geature of exaspuratlon~"wbut would
you advise!"
"Scotluud Yard," be told ber bluntly
"But It's a family aecret It must
not appear In the papers. Don't you
understand? George Calendar ia inj
"I can think of nothing else unlesi
you pursue I hem in person."
"But whither?"
"Tbat remains to be discovered. I
can tell you nothing more than I bave.
May I thank you for your hospitality
eipreas my regreta tbat I should unwittingly have been made tbe agent ol
this disaster and wish you good night
or, rather, good morning, Mra Hal
For a moment she beld blm under a
calculating glance, wblcb be withstood
witb graceluta fortitude. Tben, mill«
Ing that be wot determined not by any
uu ium to be v.i.ii to ber cause, ehc
gave him her hand, wilb a commonplace wish Ihat he might find bit affairs in better order (ban seemed probable, and rang for Eccles,
Tbe holler showed him out
"Well," appreciated Mr. Klrkwood,
wilb gusto, "she's got Ananias and
Bappblru talked to a standstill, al
right!" He ruminated over tbit for t
moment.' "Calendar can lie some, too,
but linrdly wilh her picturesque toucb.
Uncommon Ingenious, 1 call It Ail
the .'..line, there were only about a
dozen hits of tiling thut didn't fit Intc
her mosaic a little bit. I tblnk they're
all tarred with Ihe tame stick-ull bul
the girl. Aud there's aumotblna
afoot a long sight more devilish and
crafty than thul shilling shocker ol
madams Dorothy Calendar's gol
uliout us much active part In It aa I
have. I'm only from California, bul
ibcy've got lo show me before I'll be
Here it word against her. Those Infernal scouudreltl Snnichody's got t(
he on the girl's side, and I teem l<
huve drawn the lucky straw. Goof
heavens! Is it powlblo for a growi
man lo lull heeli over head In love b
Iwo short hour.? I don't believe It
It's lust in11 iest nothing mora. Ant
r'll have to huve t change of clothe*
before I can do tnytbing further."
He struck across town as directly
us might he (or St. 1'ancraa tlutlon.
It would utidouliti'dly be i long wilk,
but i aha were prohibited by hit tlralt-
eii.il means, and the buses were all
,ib, .1 und wouldn't be astir for hours.
He strode along rapidly, finding hia
wuy more througn Intuition than by
oliaeryaliuii or familiarity witb tan-
don's geography-indeed, wai scurca
aware of his surrounding!, for bul
bruin was big with One Imagery, rapt
In u glowing dream of kutgbt errantry
and • in.-iti i. deed..
Comer Pender and Seymour Street*
Vancouver, B. C
Phone 6266
»M M HfHW-M IIMM1H WH1. 1»H-W » W»H IHM \ 1H |»H« M f»I H*'»
t iiAi'ii-'.n xiii.
KlUK wool) ■.■....i.d Utile lima.
He bud not much to wasia
were be lo do that upon whois
doing he hud set his hcuri. It
Irked him sore lo have to lose Ihe In-
vuluulile Moments demanded by certain Imperative urrangeiiieiiia, bul hit j be wu ones more himself and a ban
ii.....■.   was such Unit all wa. con.um-! drcd timet refreshed into tbs bargain
ly dowu Qrey't Inn mud to Und tbt '
Aletbea before tbe tailed. Proceeding
upon the working hypotheali that Mra.
Ilallatn waa a polished liar In most
respects, but bad lold the irutb ao fat
ua concerned ber atatement to tba effect ihut ibu gladatont bag contained
valuable property, whose ownership
remained t moot question, though
Klrkwood wu definitely committed to
the belief tbat It wu nana of Mrs.
Hiillum's or her sou's, ho reasoned
Ihul tbe two adventurer!, Witb Dorothy und their booty, wouM attempt to
leave London by a water route la tba
ship Aletbea, wbote name bad fallen
from tbelr lipa at Bermondsey Old
Klrkwood's Initial teak, then, would
be to find tba needle In tba bayttack.
The metaphor la poor-more properly,
to tort out from tbt hundreds of vessels of all descriptions at anchor In
midstream, moored to the wharfs of,
longshore wureliouset or In the gigantic docks ibat Hue tbe Thames, that
oue called Aletbea, of wblcb bt wu
to deeply mired In Ignorance tbat bt
could not say whether the were tramp
steamer, coastwise paatenger boat,
one of the linen tbat ply between Tilbury and all tba world, channel ferryboat, private yacht (ateam or.sail),
schooner, four muter, iquare rigger,
bark or brlgunllne.
London bad turned over once or
twice and wu pulling tbt bedclothes
over Ita bead and grumbling about gating up, but the city wu aUll sound
asleep, when at length bs paused for a
minutes raft la front ol the Uanatot)
Houae tnd realized, with a pang oi
despair, tbat bt WU completely tuckered out
Witb a sigh tu surrendered to tbt
flesh's frailly. An tart/ cabby, cruls-'
Ing up from Cannon attest station oa
the off chance of finding louu ons
sstir tu tha city aside from Uw doves
ud sparrows, suffered tha turprlse ol
bis life wben Klrkwood baited him.
"Jump in, air," he told Klrkwood
cheerfully u soon u ha bad assimilated tbt letter's demands. "I know.
precisely wotcbar waste. Leave at all
to me,"
Tfae admonition wu all bat tuptr-
fluoua. Klrkwood wu unable lor the
time being to do aught else than resign hit fate Into asothsi'i guldinct.
Ones In lho cab ht slipped lrjstntibly
Into a nap and slept soundly on, U
rockiest of Ihe cai/a swift pact tad
continuum bouncing u Ot tht tuullgbt
giaring full In bis Uxed young fact.
He may bave slept twenty minutes.
He awoke faint wttfa drowsiness, tit-
gliag from bead to tot from fatlgns
and to distress ol a queer qualm Ut
the pit of bit ttomaxh, to lad tbt hansom at rest md thsdrivtr on the ttetv
shaking bit fare'with kindly dcttrnil
nation. "Oh, a' right," he aaatnted
rariily tnd by tbeer force of will
made himself climb out to tht tide
walk, when, having rubbed bit eyei,
ttntched enormously and yawned discourteously In the fact of tht cut and,
"eonllnnd Cord," lit l«W ha hluntly.
be promised thut Dorothy ihould send
ut the Information by the morning's
post When I in MhI he agreed lo
bring It himself after dlnuer Ibis
•veiling I make II quite clear?" she
Interrupted, u little tmloui.
"Quite clear, 1 enure you," be a.
Killed encouragingly.
"Blringclj enough, be had uot been
goue leu inliiuli'a when inj aou camt
In from u conference with our ...
in it.in. Informing me tbat at lu.-t a
memorandum Iuid turned upTJndlrai-
Ing tbat the lieirl.Miini would be found
In t uf. secreted behind a dresser iu
Colonel llurgoytie'i bedroom."
"At No, U I'rogtull street."
"Yet. 1 propoicd going there tl
once, but It wa. lite, and we were
dining at the I'leit wilb in icqualnt-
iin.-e, a Mr. Mnhe.id), whom I now recti! it t former Intimate of George
Culendur. To our lurpriae, w) tew
Calendar and bit daughter at a tabic
not far from ours. Mr. Mulrcady be
(rayed tome agitation at tht sight of
Calendar tnd told me tbat Scotland
Yard lied a man out witb t warrant
for Ctlendor'i irralt on old charges
for old takei lake Mr. Mulresdy beg
ged me to give calendar a word of
warning. I did so foolishly, It tecum.
Calendar waa it.tbat moment planning to rob ut, Mulrcady aiding and
aliening blm."
Tbe woman paused before Klrkwood
looking dowu upon blm. "And to,"
tbt concluded, "we have been tricked
and swindled. I can tctrcely believe II
of Dorotby Calendar."
"I, for one, don't believe IL" Kirk
wood tpoke quickly, rising. "Whuievei
tht culpability «f Calender aud Mul
ready, Dorothy wu only their hoodwinked tool."
"Hut. Mr. Klrkwood, ahe muat havi
known the Jewell were not hers."
"Yet/' be assented peiiively, bul
wholly unconvinced.
nailed i. nl.in uu hour.
Wllhln tbe period of a single hour,
then, he had ransomed hit luggage it
SI. I'uiicrus, caused It to be loaded
upon u four whceltr and transferred
to u neighboring hotel of evil flavor,
lint moderate tariff, where be engaged
a room for a week, ordered an luiins-
illaie breakfast and retired witb but
ia i.niglngs to his room.  He bad abav-
atlek. .el off hotfoot In tbe still dim
gili.i ring of curly day.
ily this time his caab capital bad
dwindled to tba turn of £2 lbs M.
und would have been much lets bad
be paid for bit lodging In advance.
Al King's Cross nation on (bt underground an acute disappointment
awaited him. Then likewise bs
learned something about London. A
sympathetic hobby Informed blm I bit
nu iruins would be running until after
0:30 uud tbat, furthermore, no buiet
would begin to ply until half after 7.
'.'It't tramp It or ctb |t, then," muted
'the young man mournfully, bit longing ga/e tcoklng t nearby cab rank,'
Just then occupied by a aolltary hansom, driver tomnolent on tht box.
"OlHi-er"-be tgaln addressed tht policeman, mindful of Uie English tx*
lorn, "Wben to doubt uk a bobby"-
"ofDcer. wben't blgb tide thlt morning'.'"
The bobby produced a wall wore
pocket iilmanoc, moistened a massive
thumb und rippled the pages.
"tendon bridge, 'igh tide twenl/
minutes arfler G, air," ht tanounred,
ulili t glow of Mllifacllou  wholly
pardonable to oni who combines tht
functions of perambulating almanac,
guidebook, encyclopedia asd conaerr-
er of the peace.
Klrkwood aaid aoUMtfalag beneath
bin breath, a word la Itself a comfortable mouthful tad wholesome tnd
emphatic. ' He glanced again at tha
cab and groaned, "O Lord, I Just das-' aboard
aeutl" with wblcb, thanking ths bu-  ptt'ntJ
Contentedly be counted S shilling, into
the cabby's palm, the far* mmed being one uml sir.
"The shilling over and tbovt tht
tip It for finding ma tbt wttermin
and boat," be atlpulated.
"Iilgbt ol You'll mind tha 'one a
minute, sir?"
Klrkwood nodded. Tbe man touched
bit hit aud disappeared Inexplicably
d uud changed his clothes, selecting a , Klrkwood, needlessly ittacbing blm-
serviceable suit of heavy tweeda, itout | aelf to tbe reins near the animal's
shoes, a fore sud uft cap and a ncgll-1 head, pried bit tense of observation
gee shin of a deep abadc, calculated at, open and became alive to tht fact tbat
lent to seem clean for a long time, he no.il Lo a quarter of London aa
Finally be had devoured bit bacon ind il range to blm ai had been Bernwnd-
iggi, ; nl| i d down bis coffee and bum, scy wall,
ed Ids uioutb and, armed with a stout     r„ n,iH day be cannot put u name
to It. Hi surmises that It wu Wap
plug. Ills cabby popped hurriedly
oul of tbe .nii.imi- to a tenement, a
dull vltagcd, broad tbouidered waterman ambling more tlowly after.
"Ncvvy of mine, ilr," tnoounced tbt
cubby,   "and   1   fust   ryle   waterman
Knowi thc river like a book, he do."
The nephew touched bit forelock
"Think you," Mid Klrkwood, tnd.
turning to the man, "Your boat?" be
aaked, witb thc brevity of wcarlneti.
"This wyt, sir."
At bit guides' bcelt'Klrkwood thread
ed the crowd tnd then descended
to t floating itage to wblcb a heavy
rowboat lay moored. Ia tht latter a
tei-oiid wttermin wtt tatted, bailing
•ut bilge wilb i rutty can.
" Tire wt are, sir," aaid tbt cabman't
nephew, pausing at tht bead of the
atepa.  "Now, when, t It to ber
Tbt American explained tersely that
be bad a mcaiage to deliver to a
friend who bad shipped aboard a vessel
known u tbe Aletbea, achedulcd to
Mil it flood tide, further thin wblcb
deponent averred naught.
Tlio waterman acratcbed hit head
"A ard job. air. Not ksowuV wot kind
of a boat the ore mykes It 'arder " He
waited hopefully.
"Ten shillings," volunteered Kirk-
woiid promptly-"!!) tbllllngt If you
gel me aboard her tutor, tht weigh.
anchor, 'it If I keep you out more
than to hour and ttlB you put me
After Ibat we'll mike other
(To Im ooaUiUtsWi
IfT    f^W    ^^a^aa«a^H|T^Bjr«j0 1 n
fe French Foulards
These Silks are all double width urn}
the designs are new and exclusive.
'|?|>b. pp||eq|ion is t)ie lurgest that we
ha'vVever shown.
At $1.50 a yard—Navy and black
foundation with while designs, pollen
dot, link, key, shadow check, rosebud
.and hairline stripes.
At $1.75 a yard—Foulard silks in pale
1 blue, old ruse, prunelle, while, 'black,
i reseda, kings' blue, elc, in a wjde range
of new patterns,
At $2.00 to $2.50 a yard—Foulard
Silks in individual dress lengths, handsome oojrtrs and newest designs.
At $2,75 ami $4.50 a yard—Bordered"
Foulaid Silks in nn exceptionally good
range, among which one may easily find
a ehoico in color and design. They are
in exclusive dress lengths.
Gordon Drysdale, Limited
575 Granville Street. Phone 3541
Vancouver Business Directory
v ..... i . ACCOUNTANTS
)19 Pender street, Vancouver
North yanfQUVtr
Kallethe's Bath
Corner. Hopier andl'endtr SI*.
i . '.     '      K
The only up-to-dale and reli-
ablt bath litiuae in British Co-
lw»M». .. .
. .   ...  • ... A
Wi cure where others full.
,' (Utiafaction guaranteed or no
»ay Plain hatha, electric Uth
shown hatha, .passage for hotly, icb1|> anojacc ,• electro therapeutic haljis a .specialty.
Graduate of Hcrlin, Germain
,<     sn f
Business Institute
jj6 Hasting! St. W.
'  Cmidi'i Grill.it Western School
R, J, Sprott, B.A., - -Manager
Buftlncn College
63a Seymour it., Vancouver
Day Bchool open all   the   year
round.  Night school commene-
ss September 8tb.
1 Read   the Express
on the Last Page
Uvery lady longa tn hav. wavy hair.
It ia now within ths reach ol evtry-
ont. For aonit year, cut hair ha. bten
permanently waved, but the proco.. it
hod to 1 j 11.1 ■ 1 ,.■ <» wai too tevtr. lor it
to bu u)i|ilir.l lo hair on tho head,
but now .cienco haa di.covcrcd a method by which the hair can hi waved
without injury tu hair or sculp. Tbe
wave will nut waili out and damp
weather will not effect it. Tho pro
ccsa Icavci llie hair toll nnd wavy. It
haa heroine the rage in 1'nria, London and all the lurge titles ol thi
blatei.  Special rule! lor one month
Any Information regarding the work
:w gladly (liven lq uny ludici who
call or write lo
MADAM!''. Ill MrilKKVS,
733 Ponder Street.
Groceries and Provisions
Wholesale und Retail
116 Hastings St, (downstairs)
Delivery Tuesdays and Fridays
NU'.MiR Rum mm
Sign and Price Markers
10 Fairfield Did.      Pone R327.
.olisliirr liuiiraiilrc k
Sffiirilii's riiriiiir.ilinii Ud
440 Seynitiur Street
It. Kerr Houlgate - - - Manager
All North Vsneouver peopl. est at
Either flack Block or Hastings street, opposite the new
Post Otlicc. Leonard sells his
tea by ihe pound.
cosiieci.li tr
Certllcited Surgical, Medics! and
Maternity Nurses
Nariss tut tat It AwlMtla.
'or ttrmt apply  st tht llmpltal
ISth fjtreet Kait.
fa** tl
T. H	
All new houses should be pip-
,ad lor gas In /orticr to tavs fht
luavy expeajditwi for this con-
laaltnce at a later data.
300 Feet of Water-
frontage with crown
grant, known as
Wallace Shipyards.
Terms to suit purchaser.   Apply
Seymour St.
Pleasant Fields
of_Holy Writ
Stive (or iny daily range
Among  tlm  ploaBnnt   fields ol Holy
I might despair. —Tennyson.
First   Quar'tor.  Lesson XIII-  March
36, 1911: Psalm cxliv: 15.
* ', REVIEW      J
Tho Millie aoatna to have au ovnlu-
tion ol its own rpnning parallel wit1
thul ol tho human race, so that pi
uguinat ouch experience or emergency
ol man, individual or collective, turns
up aomo pugo ol Holy Writ with warning, .-I,im el, encouragement, right to
tho point, So tho book nan never lie
effete. Tho ao-oallod .Old Tcstnmctlt if
really ovor now, and tho Now Teitn-
111 en 1 in turn can never bocumo old.
The principles bore irradiated are lu
dumontal to human lifo and so an
univoreally and perpetually applicable.
Tho patriota whoeo lifeliko portrait,
here appour are Iho impiring modcla
lor patriotiipi in every ago and laud.
Tho recreant apoBtates in high station pictured with |ihotogruphic fidelity are danger Bignala for the rulers
ol today. * * ' Jn this album ol uu
olden ago lho repuliive photograph ui
ltchoboam is followed by the more it-
tractivo one ol Jeroboam,- unhappily
murred, however, wilh Ilia iiloliim.
Hut againit- tho durk background ol
both etutida the uolilo and unsullied
lignro ol Asa, under which muy In;
rend thii legend, "He did that which
wui good." ' * * Now uppeurs Jezebel; Die female Judas lacnriot, the
Hebrew Lady Macbeth. Fierce mil
fanatjoal wua the blond that llowcil in
her yeihs. 1'iH «-ua the day lor boll)
Israel and Judah when Ahnb made
her li in i|uu;n. I'uitiH und penalties ol
that photos perpetuated themselves l.u
II tliiiuiiind years, lor under her me
ign inllueiioo positive idolulry was  '
tablishod.   '   *   *   a„ wonder ihut  ii
Hebrew   epic   Jelioshnpliat's inniic  is
linked In timt of Hetekiah'a, like Iin-
coin', lo V... (.ii. i..i.'.    He is einin.-tit
iiiii.ing iliii-e who have rul.d well (li ii
fellows.     He win un eleviidd   spirit.
"His lieiirl was lilted up in the wins
of the Lord."   lie 'win unaffected   b
lho current spirit nl idnliim. II.1 wi. I '-
oil  the inlluence ul  liis high  pusilii '
to   llie   ullermusl and brought    tub-
■tantial prosperity lo his kingdom.  '
' ' Over in (iilcad n noble apirii
was 1 .iiii 1 ji}'I;. 1 in.- 1 J..- impending ruin
of hii country. He communed with
Hod in his distress. "Is I here no remedy? dm i.ul the people be choline
ed '.' Will nut 11 famine bring them In
repentance,?" Believing an he pr. y
that il may nol rain. "Can he be Jehovah's meiieiigor to the court nf
Ahull-?" "H io ho is ready." Sn nl
hia own will, in mo of his own julg
ment, in normal manner, Klijuh bovine
lirucl's reform. ' ' ' History duel
not .iii,,1,1 , lublimcr example olluitli
than in the man who linglo-hand.sl
repaired the deseernli'd njliir un farms! and in siglit uf apnitalo liing and
people compiled wilh lour hundr.d
and fifty priests nl Haul ' ' ' The
scene on Carmcl had been grand, but
il was 1111 incident merely in the re
formal ion.   The trend ul three genera
tions could not be changed merely 'by
the poople vociferating "Tho Lord Ho
in God I" Savonarola Iwd to loam
tbo samo Totson twejity-flvp centuries
later in Flproncu. It was human for
Klijuh to bo shocked by the incomplete ohuroctcr of his relprmutlon. 'I ho
cowardly thing for him to huvo done,
however, would huvo beon lo have
djod. Ho did tho courageous things
whim ho put himaolf boyonl the reach
ol tbo murderous ipioon. * * " Ho
who looks upon the incident of Na-
hpth's vjnoynrd aa u merely personal
affair misses tha mark. There ia' u
lui-ger raisun lor jls introduction in
tho ancrod iinnula. It proves the mural worthlcsatittss ol Ihe dynasty then
in power and hi.tory tinea not uffonl
n mine genuine inilaneu of mart. I
dom than thut ol Naboih. * ' *
There is u. moral grandeur in the clou
uf Llijah's career which etui not lail
oi recognition. Tim prophet's end win
uniipio and filling, und no Btudied
phraie could have boen more appropriate than Eheha's unprcmcdltatuil
uscriplion lo thc ascending prophet. It
signilied that he was in himself great
er than any chariot and wus the nu
lion's strongest' defence. * * A little domcatic incident is shrined in 1
writing Ihut bears the ambitious title
ol "Book of Kings,." It is thai ol
Elisha restoring a child to lifo. Il
showed that Ihe prophel had
"A tear lor pity und a hand
Open as day lor melting charily."
" * * Drunkenness in a commanding
officer who has the life ol an army in
his hands, or in a ruler tu whuln lln
keeping ol the state is committed, 1
a crime in the Individual, u dissstoi
tu the multitude. Unfortuiialcly Mu
ii.nl.i.i'.. line is not vet extinct, lln
lho eve ol buttle lie was drinking |
himself drunk."
March 36,  1911 : Liuh l.v,i:l l.».    '
The west is the world's wonderland.
It   can   raise lireudiinils   for   unborn
nations, nut lu mention it. wcullhi of
mineral and  limber.   This great    .sec-
linn ihould be pre-empted at once by
the forces which mal.e fur good cili-
.cnsliip, among oilier.-, Ihe Churtb and
schoul.    It  lias ill race prnblems    us
J well  us   the'South,  Indian,  Morninu,
Jupaneac, t'liinese are only some elc
j menu in die polyglot population.     A
I little  done  rjulokly  will   mean   mure
1 linn much dune later.
the STAPLE Department
.72 in. Full Bleached, Heavy Imported Sheeting, price 25c
I24c Roller Toweling, strong and heavy, per yd IQc
36 in. Bleached Cambric, extra value, per yd  10c
While Curtain Muslins, in dots and stripes, per yd.-  10c
121c Flannelette, 32 in., all colors, per yd 10c
Bultoni Covered from your own mslerial-all alsei
Brand new Sewing Macbinei alwayi on isle it reduced pricei end much
lower than quoted by canviiiing agenti.
Keith Block Lonsdalo Block
Phone 93 Phono 263
The Bank of British North America
Capital Paid Up $4,866,666.    Reserve Fund $2,530,666
2 Offices in North Vancouver-2
UPPER LONSDALE AVENUE 'near Fourteenth Street)
Saving, Di.puhUri i)| 51.im ami iipvvartis'received.
Interest allowed at current rates.
liatikei's Money Orders issued,
Unlit offices transact a (teneral banking business
ami arc open 1111 Saturday ini:lil.
F. T. SALSBURY, Manager.
l'Lini, Specifications, Estimates
P, 0. Hox 27, Noitlt Vancouver
Expert on Pircplacu and all
ciaaiM of BricltWork
All Work Ouaraatttd
Corner WtsinUi St. sett MaW in.
The North
Have now a good
stock of
at Bottom Prices.
Prompt Delivery..
 1 r—
Esplanade, East
Wll.ll Tl HKEVS Hill li. ('.
A very import ulll lorwui I rnovoiiH'li! |
in tlie Held of i|iort ia tnarkod In the
iniji'ii'lnlioii by ihe |iro\ineiiil t'OVirn-
men! uf u first elan eonaitinineiit of
wild turkoyi, which luut-rior hilliide
Innl it ia^iro|)oiod to introduce into
various Ipcullliea on tht i.lnlid .,f
Vancouver and the m.iiiili.ini, where
climatic   and condition! |iroiniie me-
The initinl in-ahiiiiii.'iil 0/ wild
turkey, eonaiata ol two y.noiu coeka
nnd their mates, nnd these have now
i.uchcl the eoail Irom the alalioii ol
Breadi   Brcadi
Union Made.   Home Industry.
Bigger Loaf.   Better   Bread.
Don't forget our latest Jlonie Made Loiif.    5c louf.
Stores: 711 oiisddle Ave. Cor. Loiisdule & ftth St.
Dr. French in lown
Thoy will    lie
lorthwilh taken Io the no>eriiiuel)t'a
incubulion Utm near I'hilliwajck where
|ilita.an(a nnil |iartiid|iia are bred JO
replenish lho Jtritia.li I olnmliiu Gelds t
and ui* aoon aa they are old   eiioiid)
nd .trong oaoujrli lo lend for lhem- (
aolvv., it ii cviicctcd lh.it they, will
lie taken i.i Victoria nnd roleaacd
m.nii'wlicre on the aoulhern island pen-
insula, when, il ii expected that Ibey
will thrive.
No one nirdH lo be told,o( themir-
iti of the wild turkey in thi' uobleil
(Tilliie aoiijrhl by the bild hnnlei. It
i» 11 liume bird whine ttory ii Inter-
woven wilh that of llie milking ol
America, and liitnUnien Ihroutrhniil
I'.ii 1 :li Columbia will wiih il flood
luck ami that the welcome pioneers
may increase and multiply.
MiMKAKI, SAM k 1)001. IVIOHY, foot of St. Gcorot
We tolicil a trial bid on your Older, .mall or Itrgo
Fifth Street
Nt*r Lonadale Ave.     One Quarter Cash
''      ■»
121 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver, and Hollyburn, K*>u. R*d
Impress Want Ads.
:  WANTKfr-fliH to look alter boy ol
3, good  Wagat  and room'-il dairired.
0 Apply 380 Saoond .treat. 24-3
WANTJSIMiirl    lor   general   hoiiao
work- Mrs. W. IT. Parkina, 811 Seo-
; ond atreet. 27-S
'    Young girl wan tod ns mot lier't help.
Apply Mra, Chapman, MS nth Si. W.
WANTED-Broody   liona   ond   live
poultry. N. V. Pith Market,        H-'i
WANTED - Two bouiet in North
Vancouver not more than 13,600 eacli,
aroall caah payment, balance monthly
clients wailing. Haalett b Whituker,
I and 3, Winch lluilding, phone 6807.
DOB BKNT-Mr. P. l.uraon'e work-
thop ninl bout home. Apply Hotel
'North Vancouver. 24-3
TO LET-Fiunithid room without
board in privute hopie. Hood huiition
and close to cur line. X. V. /,., it-
presi Office, tl
FOB SAl.K-Liood milch Cow, Apply
phone loill, North Vuncuiiver.
First elnia Cook .Stove for aule. Apply at 137 Lonidale Ave. M
FOII .SAI.L-Muiinre. Apply lo N.
V. Trunsler und Llvory Cp,( l.on-duh
Avenue. 27-1
FOB .SAI.K—A line .loraey-Durhuni
Cow, calving middle ol April. Apply
to Mrs. 11,.ni ..It. corner fit it and til.
George, North Vuneouver.
LOT--One block Irom l.omdulo Our,
(476. Kiiay terms. Mrs. Mcllwaine,
lh'2 Third sM'act cast, Ith boutt Irom
Lonsdale. W ' M-t
FOB SALE—Cow manure lor ihe
garden. Hue dollar pur load. Colin
P. .Lu I.",,I,, Fifteenth sired, telephone
106. 3 1
FOK .SAI.K One block Irom Lonidale our, boulevard Lot, 60 bet front-
ago, price >'■"" easy lerms. Mrs. Sic
llwnin... 162 Third stinut euit, lib
homo from Lonsdale Ave. H-l
FOB HALE-Good stable manure. N.
V. Fill) Market, 1st street, 84-3
I.O.ST-Dlaok and white Setter ?up
(bitch) at tar torminm Capilano Sunduy afternoon. Owner 3)4 Ilaitlngt
atreet. Pbont 1077. 10-4
J. Leutit and Nortli Loaadohj
Elder Murray Co. Bra inturance.
Miaa Eva liobden i. proparwl to
take 2 or 3 more pupils into her afternoon preparatory school. For
torma apply Hot 319, North Vancouver, 24-4
We will buy or eichtngt your .tovei,
rangci and houaehold good, lor .pot
etih. Turner'., 70 Lonidilt Avenue.
I'hon. 184.    : X Box 318.
Booms 10 and 11, Pender Chambwa,
622 Ponder Street W.        l'boiit 3461
liosidence,  cor.   I.omdili Avt   toil
22nd .treat, North Vancouver.
The in in ol l'hilip, Cameron .'. Co..
I'in.ini i..I Amenta, hui boon . 11 ..... I... I
by miut,11 content,
Mr. l'hilip will carry on the buabieta
in his own num.. and receive payment
ol all account.' due lo the lirm und
puy ull debt, due by Ihe firm.
are now ready to fill all ordart
for coal. Thoy will
carry a full lint of building sua-
plies. Oat tht bait. They have It.
A trial ordar will convince you of
.hat. flit your coal btfura the
rainy ttaaon attt In. , Head
quartan on corner of BapUnade
and Bt. Qtorga, North Vancouver.
Phone 269 ( Ttrraa Caah
Tho program at the Qem for Friday
and Saturday eompriact u choicu selection ol Alma cboaeii by Mr. Viwiw
in parion with the tamo regard f.-r
moral rjualitiea, educational fenlurot
and healthy uniiiaoinenl Ihat bat ul-
wayt cbaraoteriied hit entertainment.
"The Unmnilod Letter," :'Tru«t lluat-
trt," "Mr. Jonah," "flit R|-
val Cook.," are all eorking good oom-
odiol and anyone afflicted with the
blttei it pretty sine lo forget their
own trouble, in their intoreit over the
ridiculous .il nation, present ed liy the
"A caae of identity," ia one o| those
thrilling detective drama. told
through the effective medium ol motion picture.. A picture that will
pleaiii the hoys, "A girl jn tils' Hur
raoka," yitugraph, a atirring tali ol
military life presented in it. many
phaeee. Tho beet picture in lho program in many reepocti,
The mntincr for children on Saturday afternoon will commence at 2.30.
Evening porformancca from 7.30 till
10.30 every day.
To the Contractor, of North Vancouver, II. C,;
1'leuie ink.' milieu Ihut on uud uf-
lor April 10, lull, the U. it. of Car
ponlori, Locul 1136, N. Vuneouver, 11.
('., will demand a iniuiiniuin rale ol
wugei ol oii| cents an hour.
p, It. Mcl.EAN,
llec.-Seo. Local 1136.
Norlh Vuneouver, 1). 0.
March 22,  lllll. 7-4
Notice to Contractora
.SEALED TENDERS on tht pre-
scribed lorm. und accompanied by a
i-.-i i ili.ii chui|iie, or caah, lor five per
■■■•ni ol tho amount of lender will ha
received until 6 p.m. on Thursday,
30lh Murch, IUII, lor grading tbe
North and .South IJovurnnient Boad
along east boiimluriea nl II. 1 1043
uud 1074, u distinct ol '-'u'"' loot ap-
proxiuiulel), in accordance wilh plana
uud -i'i. iin uu..ii lo be ,."'ii ut this
Thu lowe.1 or any tender not necei-
■ ml',  accepted.
.1. II. C080B0VE,
District   I n 'inn
Diftriot Municipiil iitin,.,
North Vancouver, 11. C.
21.1 March, 1011.
Tp Mr. and. Mil. Adams of 6th
street west, a tori.
To Mr. and Mra. Stockton, St. dor,-
rge't Ave., a daughter.
To Mr. and Mrs. M. Kelly, ltith
atreet, a aon.
Communion urrviru will bt bold al
North f.ontdala I'raibyterjun ohurcli
on .Sunday afternoon at i.'M) o'clock.
The service will bt eoiniuiiieii by Hoy.
Announcement!  Coal 11
The North Vancouvor Coal Supply
Co. bog to announce that thoy have
arranged lor a const mil supply of the
bait New Wellington lump coal und
art now in a poiition to till promptly
all onlera entru.tod lo them.
Alter Murch 31at ull coal dolivered
muat be paid lor on or before delivery. In eaaca where llui onlor is not
accompanied by the cuah customer,
will greatly ubligo by arranging to
leave the money for tho coal at lho
house. A map ii now on view at the
"Hie.' of the North Vancouver Coal ii
Supply Co. showing the cost ol coal
delivered to the various districts. .
While not wishing to work uny hurd-
thip on any cuatomera through this
atep it haa been found thut lho labor
and coat ol collecting so many  small
■ no    in..I.i   it .iii ,,Im, |,  neccasury
to run the coul buainoaa on a strict 1,
oash basis.
Thc North Vancouver Coul k Supply
Co. hope to bo able in the tieur future
to leiluiv Ihe price of coal, but nl tin
proaunt time whon so many rouds at
in such a bad condition lho coil <
teaming makes any reduction at pre.
tnt eniiivk  nut ol lho ipieation.
(Signed)     L. a. EATON,
F. M. BBE88EY. 28-3
Notice to Contractors
SEALED TENDEBS on lho prescribed (oi m. und aoaompaniad by u certified cheque or eush lor live por Mil.
ol Iliu amount of lender will be received until 6 p.m. on Thursday, 30th
March, I'JII, lor the lol lowing :
Clearing, grubbing and tirudin.. riuiit
ul wuy fur sidewulks in Allen Bond
Church .Street, Cumph H Avium-, Doran, Dovorcourl, Frederick, Fromme
and Wait over Bonds, iu uccordunco
wilh plans and speeiticulioui lo be
leen at this office.
'the lowest .nr uuy tender not neces-
•iml', accepted,
.1. II. t'OSGlioVE,
District  Engjnecr,
District  Municipal Office,
North Vancouvor, 11. C,
18th March,  IUII.
Mr. Lockbart of  Dundee itrtet Prct-
bytorian churoh, Voncouver,   anliled
by the sottion ol Sf. Awlrtw'f i
North Vanoouvtr.
We are in a position to
look after your requirements in this line. We sell
Stumping Powder,
Fuse and Caps. We can
quote you at a minutes
notice prices by the pound,
box or car; f.o.b. this city.
paine & McMillan
1 Thi Hardware Sp.cilliltl. Phone IS
McMillan'* Tea
is Good
3 lbs. for $1.00
J. A. 6 M. McMILUN
Af] [ The very neat, dreisy patterns in line imported wonted suits (or men, which we are showing have already created a great im-
W prestion among the lovers ol good clothing. These suits have been tailored by the best manufacturing tailors in Canada. Every
II care has been taken in even the smallest details; nothing but first-class has entered into them. We buy direct from ibe manufacturers, saving (he middleman's profit and buy and tell strictly (or cash, and for these reasons we can easily save you Irom $3.00 to $5.00 on
the price of your new Spring Suit and give you exclusive patterns al that.
Men'b- Suits, f 15, $18.60, $18, $20.50, $22, $24,50
$26, $2H..,0 to $36. The Vancouver Home of
Peaboby's Union, Made Overalls anil "Silver
Brnml" Collars - . .   . _ ■
Boys' Bloomer Suits $4.75$ to $15,00
Boys' Norfolk Suits $3.50 to $5.50
Children's Buster Suits $4.50 to $8.50
125 to 127--HASTINGS STREET, WEST-125 to 127
'  i


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