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I Railway Construction in 60 Days
Premier McBride Makes Important Announcement
Pacific & Great Eastern
Railway Will Begin
•I Construction at Once
On the Completion
of Plans
During tbe course of bis spoech at
Kamloops on Wednesday ovening, Pre
mier McBride mado specific reference
lo tbat portiou of his great railway
policy which deals with tdo construction of n Hue of railway from North
•Vancouver to Fort Goorgc, in eenuec
tion with which he made tho gratifying
statement that ho hoped to seo actual
building operations begun on tbis line
within sixty   days.   The tenor of the
Premier's remarks lipou that occasion
is reported as follows:
'"The Premier then proceeded to ro
fer to (be proposed construction of the
Pacilic ami Great Eastern from Van
couver to Fort George.   There was, he
said, still a very large part of tbe In
terior absolutely devoid of trtusporta- j
tion.   Tbe new road would, be trusted,
be   undor  construction  within  sixty.
days and It would be pushed with tbe
nftnost expedition.   It would givo an j
opportunity  to thousands  upon  thou
sands of people to find new homes au I,
would form purl of another great Canadian highway aud biud the entire community of Cauada closer together. The
building of Ihis lino would uot cost au
.acre of land except wbat was used for
right-of-way and would not involve
a cont of tbe people's money except
as u guarantee.'1
Interviewed later, upon behalf of tne
Express by our special press correspondent, Premier McBride stated tbat
be bad been positively assured by the
builders of tbe line, Messrs. Foley,
Welsh and Stewart tbat tbey are now
working upon tbo plans for tbe road
and that tbey intend to push tbo same
to completion at tbo earliest possible
date, further that immediately tbo
plans are finished, they will start con
struelion ou tbe Pacific aud Groat
Eastern Railway. Foley, Welch and
siev.ari havo further given tho premier their opinion tbat tbese preliminaries will all bo disposed of and that
they will get started upon actual con
structiou within sixty days.
Tbis is tbo best of good nows,for tbe
North Shore, providing, as it docs, tbo
positive assurance that barring unforeseen occurrences, earth will be flying
within two months upon that railway
system which will provide tbis side of
the Inlet with tbe actual fulfilment of
the loug deferred hope for connection
with the great trausconlinental railway systems aud wbicb will mark the
practical commencement of tbat era
of rapid and tremendous development
whose result will be to make uf the
community on tho North Shore one or
tbo foremost industrisl coinmorcial ami
manufacturing seaport centres ou the
Pacific coast.
Suit Against Municipality Involving
The Whole ol Diatrict Lot 813
Claims (500,000 Worth of District Property
r  -» qifltmZ
Yesterday morning a writ wu issue 1
on behalf of Mr. Charles II. Temple,
against the municipality of North Van.
couver. The suit involves over |6'Hi,
000 worth of district property Mr.
Temple, through his sulicilors, Messn
Taylor, Harvey, Baird, Graut k Stock
ton, claiming the entire prupcrly in
D. I. 8)3 ou the grounds lhat be was
awarded the properly by a crown gram
in May, IMII, and thai it was improp
erly scircd and sold by Ihe municipality
of Nortb Vaueouver al a tax sale on
October 6, It'll, and later passed into
the possession of Ihe various defend
The defendants cited in tbe case arc
lhe Corporation of Norlb Vaueouver
J. F. Buss, Percy Ward, Charles M
Buruioetor, Hans von Oraevcnllr, 11
P. I'urdie, J. 11. Griffiths, J. R. Gos
ling,, .1 Kitsaka, George li Turner,
Thomas Pomoroy, Sarah M. I .cadi,
Mary Prober!, Ada (Islander, Helen
Beal, F. Bydcr, C. Franklin, A. Gold
ateio, W. C. Franklin, /. W. Thompson.
Alfred Birch, B. Dunucll, bessie O. U.
. 1'alk, A. P. Birch, Evelyn b. M. Pal*,
Alex. Thompson and Alex. O. Johnson.
Tho defendaut, John Fernier Boss, Is
tho man wbo purchased lbc properly
from the municipality iu 1803, subdivided it into lown lots and Md il lo
Other co defendants. The plaintiff else
claims rigbl of action against otber de
feiidanls whose names arc unknown to
bim, but wbo are possessed of portions
of lot OU.
According to lbe statement of claim,
Temple became owner of tbe properly
w i i.h measures 176 acres, by a crown
grant on 'Msy (, 18(11, Tbis crown
grant he registered on October 6, INI7,
the day tbat tbe Norlb Vancouvor mu
niiipslity seised tbe properly ti pul
It up for salo to satisfy a claim for
taxes. Tbis sale is objected lo on s
•core or more of technical grounds,
one of tbe most important being tbat
tbe municipality aold tbe property to
Tbe statement of claims sot forth
tbat "The alleged sile of tbe said 1).
h. 818 by the defendant corporation
to itself for alleged arrears of Uxea,
costs and expenses of lax uie, wu and
is unlawful, wrongful and without lc
A host of legal objections to tbe
£cged uie Is Instanced relating to
I Jurisdiction of tho council to al
gal jurisdiction, authority or excuse."
thorite a uie. ll Is claimed that Ibe
courts of revision for thm years
were not .constituted of tbe members
of the council u required by law
aw did the members of tie court Hit
the oath before tbe clerk of the municipality, u required by law. It is
further claimed lhat tbe municipality
during tbe yeara IMU to 18H7 did nol
pus a bylaw levying sny rate or rates
on Lol 013, ami that if it did aucb bylaw is null and void u Lol 813 was out
aide the territorial limits of tho defoud
ant mum. i| aliiy at tbat dale.
It is also clainio lhat no bylaw
waa puaed by the couucil authorising
tbo sale and that if a by law was pus
ed 11 is null and, void because it was
pawed at a meeting held outeide the
limits of ihe municipality. Tbe legal
ity of tbe alleged by law ia contealcd
on the ground thai only one day elapsed
t between its introduction and final ral ili
cation. The legality of the uio is also
attacked on a variety of technical
grounds, one being that Iho uie was
held outside the municipality and an
olber lhat tbe reeve aud couucil pro
cured the lauds al lhe ulc without
competition iu bidding, aud that Ihey
unlawfully included tbe collector'a com
mission of five per cent, in fixing the
charges against Ibe property.
Tbe plaintiff claims for a judgment
declaring himself to be tbe owner of
Ut 813; Ibal tbe alleged aale is null
and void; Ibat all deeds of and sub
■equal lo October 21, 1800, be struck
off Ibe books of Ibe registry office; an
accounting of tho mesne profits of tbe
lands; damages, an account, an Injunction and coats.
"Mr. Fugler's report showed thai III building permits had been issued
iluring the month of February, the tolal value of sume being 863,488. The
total for the lasl two mouths amounted lo 8108,108. The total for January
and February last year was (18,700. The former returns show,'tborefore Sao
per cent, increase over Ihe latter."—Iteporl Of Council Meeting, March (tb.
Traffic Receipt* for th* Monti qf tth-
ruary, 1618.
Slngl* or return   88870.00
(6 for 88c) '. 8800.00
(30 for Si '"I)    640.00
(70 for HM)   8080,09
Mxintbly Puses  138.00
Vehicle Ticket*  v.. 880.00
Freight collected   i 811.00
Freight Prepaid   0.(8
Cub  farea,  rents, advertising
receipt*, etc  804.40
February, 1810 04J10.4O.
February, 1811  -87461.66.
B)BN   To Mr. and bin. H   C. V.
Htll, 6th street wut, aa- March Otb, a
The regular monthly meeting of the
Lynn Valley Katcpayere' Association
ia advertised for Weduesduy nest
Work is now iu progresi on Ihe eon
structiou of the Lynn Valley Mel lio
dial church. J. W. Baker is the coo
Thompson aud Stuarl have the cou
trad for clearing ami grading the pro
perty adjoining the H. (,', Kleclric Ily.
Co. ear barns.
Mr. (■'■ W. Nelson of Frederick road
is now pndor treatment in lhe llurrurd
sanatarinm. Mr. Nelson has lncn mt
fcring for somo lime.
Tbere is still room for members iu
Ihe newly formed choral society and
especially is this the case in the con
tralto section.   Previous to the weekly
Ion "Preaching lo the soldiers in camp
on the march and just before tin but
tie," for which he was generously ap
pluudi'il by both young and old
All young people ure cordii'lly iimt
cl In ullend the meeting iu Si An
drews' Presbyterian church every
Tuesday eveuing ul 8 p.m.
Hon. F.L. Carter-Cotton
Unanimously Endorsed
Great Enthusiaim Marks Conservative Primaries
Delegates Elected for Nominating Convention To-Night
The primaries of North Vaueouver
Conservative Association for the elcc-
tion of delegates to tbe nominating
convention for Iliehmonil riding, which
will be held in Vancouver thia evening, were held In the Knights nf Py-
thins Hall last evening. Mr. 8. II.
Sehullz, president, occupied lhe chair.
Tho proceedings were conducted under
the rules promulgated for all primaries
within ils jurisdiction by the Richmond
Oonlrnl Association.
The prealdonl called fnr nominations
for twenty delegates and for live al
termites iu response lo winch ubuut
forty nominations were promptly forth
coming. As lhe counting of Ilie ballots
involved Hie tabulation ul' mure lhan a
Ihousaud voles, the Interim wus occupied by stump speeches, the lirst ol
which, lifter brief remarks by Ihe pre
sideul, wus provided by Mr. Makofaki.
of Lynn Valley und he ill turn wa-.
followed by Messrs. Oeo. II. Morden,
Mayor McNeish and lleeve May.
The results nl' lhe bulbil showed lhe
following members elected us delegates;
A. H. Steueey, R 11. BiTdgmnii, M, 8.
McDowell, 8. I). Schulli; W. C. Ulu.l
win, A. T. Kennedy, William McNeish,
il. S. Shepherd, (!. F. Foreman, K. A.
Peers, li. (.'. Hiss,, II. S. Arnold, li. Fow
cell. T. A. Allan, Ueo. II. Morden, Kd
A. Morden. 01.dl. Smllh, A. )•', Crick
muy. 1). McLellun and.J. Wylie Don
aldaou The I'ullowfiig were elected
us alternates: Messrs. Joseph Fee. Boat
Peers, John Cameron, Percy King and
(.'.  A. Lindsay
The president huving deelurcd Ihe
ubove duly elected u resolution wa..
moved by Oeo. II Mordcu, seconded by
W. C. (Hudwin, that this Association in
regular session ussemlded desires lo
place, on re unl ils high regard for lhe
present member for lhe riding, Hun.
F. L Carter Cotton, lo express ils upiu
ion lhat Mr. I'ollon is lhe nghl and
proper person for uonnuotion us lhe
party candidate for llichiiioiid lit Ih
approaching elections and to reijueM
Ibe delegates jusl elected, lo be guided
to, Ihis resolution iu their action ul
the convention. The resolution was
curried unanimously uund upplause liy
a standing vole
- WANTED-A good strong girl to u-
sist in kitchen. Apply Scotch Tea
Booms, Esplanade West.
WANTED-20-foot lot west of Lonsdalo preferred; prico and terms must
bo reasonable. Box All, Expreu
Ollice. 188
Family of two want room with or
without board in private family or
lirst ohms boarding house. Apply Box
A(l), Express Office 8-8
WANTED—A situation us housekeeper liy widow with child aged 7 or work
by tlie duy. Apply Box A(6 Expross
Office, s
WANTED—Junior saleslady for dry
goods, store. Apply The Curry Co., 147
Lousdulo Avenue. 13-3
WANTED—By experienced man,
house cleaning, window cleaning and
ull kinds of janitor work. Can be well
recommended. Apply Hruokdalc Lonsdale Gardens, Norlh Vuncouvor.   10-8
WANTED-To exchange two 33 ft.
lots iu Block 8, 1). L. 704, "railway
belt" for similar size lots iu North
Lunsdule.   Hope HI 12 8-8
WANTED-Quict, elderly woman to
act as'nurse sewing maid (good bouse
keeper kepi) Smull wages, good house.
Apply "Ualldeue" Oth street west. t.f.
WANTED Small gasoline engine
complete. Cash. Address Frank V. Alice, lied Caravan, North Vaueouver.
P. O.   .
Agreeinenis for Sulo discounted.
Money waiting. Lunsdule Itcalty Co.,
.i.'IO'Lunsdule Aveuue. I'houo 317.   tf
BOOMS FOH  HENT   Housekeeping
uml single.   818 2nd street east.
FOH BBNT—Comfortable rooms, Ire
laud, Foreman block,  1st street west.
TO KENT -Furnished six roomed
huuse for six moiillis from 1st of April.
Apply 248- nth street east. t.f.
FOB   HENT   Six   roomed • modern
house ou double comer wilh good garden.   Apply James Blake, corner 14th '
and Chesterfield. . 18-3
FOH HENT Five roomed house, corner of lllh and Chesterfield, balh room,
heater uml large cook stove, t-.l moutb,
Apply   Miss   I'ower,   Kith   wesl,    be
I w cn   I .mi' dul,   and   I In slerlicbl    8 .1
Mcssr:. V Allun uml Thomus Me
Ewcn relumed home Ihis morning after
a sojourn of several months in Southern
Mrs. D. Evans, cor. Mahon Avenue
and Fourlh street, will receive ou Mon
day, March lllh, for the last time this,
Dog owners should decidedly make a
note of the heavy line wbicb may lie
imposed upon Ihun should Ihey fail
rehearsals oo Tuesday uigbls a half I lo purchase or reuew Ibeir "lags." lie
hour ia devoted tn sigbt reading from j fiance of tbis by law is punishable by a
6 to 6.80 to wbicb all residents are ad
milted whether members of the choral
society or not.
A primary meeting for tbo nominal
ing of delegates for Ibe Conservative
eoaventlon lo be beld at the Vancouver
Conservative Club tonight, was held
In the institute hall lut evening. Tbe
meeting wa* full of enthusiasm and
tb* following were elected as dele
gates: Messrs. J. Duval, Harry Thump J
son, E. V. Stuart, J. Barker and B.
Whipps, alternate.
A de*ign*tlon service wili be beld iu
Knox church on Monday night at 6
o'clock in connection witb tho up
pointmont of th* Btv. Mr. McAuley lo
tbt work In Lynn Valley. Devotional
exercises will bot conducted by Bev. B.
Macleod of Norlh Vancouver, Principal
Mackay, OD. will address lhe congregation and Dr. McLaren will address
lb* minister. A hearty invitation is
extended to sll to attend this Inlerest
ing service.
9,V,9t\.j%  '
A large number of young people at
tended tbt C. 8. Meeting on Tuesday
evening, Mr. L Frascr, chaplain of the
soldiers in South A/riea, |av* a lecture
fine uot exceeding 6)00.
A meeting will be beld in Ibe ' jmrcb
Hall, Norlb Lonsdale': ou TiigtAiy, lbc
12th at 8 p.m. for the formalin of a
Conservative Association and lo arrango a iinniiiitie.' for Ibo provincial
campaign. All Conservatives cordially
invited in attend. L 8. Eatgn, eccre-
lary pro tern. 12-3
Mayor McNeish yesterday morning
sentenced a man named John Mclntyre
to sixty days' imprisonment in default
of payment of a fine of 620 and costs
for drunkenness in the Indian reserve.
His Worahip pointed out that It was
men of Ibe accused's stamp that caused trouble among tbe Indians.
Mr. 1. V. Clark of Port Hope, Out.,
was a caller'at the Express offico pp
Wednesday. Mr. Clark has been look
ing over the in hi wltb a viow to invest
monl aod ha* joined tbo rank* of tbe
optimistic properly owners of this city,
He  bU   been   engaged   i»   Ilie   11IITI 11 III ile
buainoaa in his b.»me town for madV
years, but tho west looks so good to
bin} tbat tbere Is a strong possibility
that he will move west to lake iff
i bis permanent boat here btfort long.
FOB SALE. Modem six roomed lur
lushed bouse on .llth slreei, Iwo blocks
from car—a l^r'gam   Pbone llu. 12 'l
FOH SA'LE ISO u.res, llm) per
acre. Lot "i'l, Seymour Creek. One
third cash, balance 1, 2 and il years
W. J. Pascoe,'433 Bichards Slrect, Van
couver, B. (,'., Telephone Bey. ((21130.
12 3
FOH SALE Beautiful view lol,
cleared level aud In grass, I8lb slreei
close to Lousdale, 6800,' ', cash. Sec
Mrs. Haggarly, C33 Lonidale Avo. 6-4
TO HENT -Choice modern suite* ou
3rd street. Apply Alex. Smith k Co.,
North  Vancouver.     Bents 61700. I.f.
FOB BENT   Warcliousc, First street
E., Mt. Crown Block, 80(8), line en
trance on leuo at 620 per month. Ai
ply to Lett k Perowne, 3)6 Bichards
St. -    88 3
(lei il nl luiisilnle Pburmaoj' Pboue 211
FOB SAMJ-Vicw lol, Keil'i road.
No. 10, block 24-1)03-61800- 1 .'I cash,
tO tl, frontage. Apply V. O. Box 66.
Vancouver. 8*3
you desire lo sell your business or pro
perty of any kind call or writ* us,
w* >h*ve client* for close in acreage
for subdivision. We can get results.
Mcllwaine k Delbar, 8 Jours lluilding,
407 Hastings St. W„ Vancouver, B. fi..
FOB SALE- Double comer Sib and
Chesterfield. Price 65,001),' good terms,
^ppl^owncr, P. O. Box 1822.
FOH SAJiK—Two splendid note" on
I8tb street, UWxIIo In lane. 2% blocks
from Boulevard sud car. 61,6'lf), its
cosh   (i, 12.   Box 1773, Expreas Office
FOB SALE -By owner, 610,000 worth
of cJose in Norlb Vancouver residence
property, below cost on good terms;
must sell. Address p. O. Box 8223, or
Phono L12S, North Vancouver.    20 3
FOB HALE in whole or la part,
1,000 fully paid up shares In Burrard
Cigar Company Limited for.6760 (par
value 61,000). No other alock can be
purchased. Terms to arrange, (llll
eiffi Oep. C. Walker k Co., No;U>
Vancouver. if
ll C. Livery and Board stabltt -
Light rigs and ladies' asddle bonus
for biro. Stabling for boriea. Ocn-
•jul delivery and heavy learning. H.
Dumas, 41b streot west. I'bone 847 t.f.
land Clearing and (Lading l.ui>.
Peto Andruss, Oenural Contractor. Sewer counoctlous a specialty, basement
and olbor excavating work undertaken.
Estimates free. 887 St. George's Av*.,
North Vancouver, post office box 8883.
The North Vancouver Dye Works
44 I<onsdalo Avenue, gusrsnle* to do
u good work at cheaper price* than
you can possibly get lu Vaacouver.
(live u* a trial, tb* result wlU speak
for itself    Phoji* 107. K.
Frank I'oihiil, General Contractor,
2it* street between St. Oeorge and
St. Andrew's Ave., land clearing, grading, excavating. Foundations, cement
work a specialty. AH .work goaran
teed. Estimates furnished free. Givo
me a call. V. Q. Hot 2366, North VH.
couvtr, O. P. |   188
The New Municipality
Quarter Acres on MARINE DRIVE
at $1000 each, fifth cash   '
Two acre blocks close to waterfront at
$2500 per acre
Five acre blocks overlooking English Bay
from $50fr per acre
And Corner Marine Drive and Marr Rd., Dundarave
66x136 cleared lol, Ht. Andrew's aud UStb facing aoutb, $1850. One-
third, li, 12 and 18.
67xlU cleared lot 25th (Boulevard) aud St. George's, 62300. One-
third, 0, 12 and 18.
Kins 111 cleared lot, 25th (Boulevard) aud Bt. Andrew's, 61760: Oue
quarter, 6, 12 und 18.
17x157, cleared, few yards front Lousdale aveuue car, (1,500, Oue-
third, 6, 12 and 18.
Palmer, Burmester & von Graevenitz, Ld.
PHONES 71 and 16.
ESPLANADE        -        Five Minutes Walk (rom Ferry
Conveniently-situated FOURnROOMED HOUSES.   For
lull particulars apply to the agents—
Bank of Hamilton Building.
These comfortable , well planned houses are uow ready for oeu
pinion and provided with luauy conveniences such as window shades,
kitchen cabinete, clothes lines, garbage cans, electric tilings, enamel
led baths, W. Ce., cement wjlks, ete.
Will Change that Old Store Front
Dickinson & Son, Ltd.
P. 0. Box 1719.
Phone 222
TAKE NOTICE tbat tbe Council of the Corporation of tho City of
North Vaneouver inWnds to carry out tbe following works of local improve-
mini under section 68 of the Municipal Act and intends to assess the linul
eost thereof upon the real property fronting or abutting thereon, and to be
i.. i.i'iiit. ■! thereby, and tbst a statement showing tbo laml* liable to pay
the said assessment and the names of the owuers thereof, so far as can be
usocrtnineiMrom tbe last revised assessment roll is now on tie iu the ollice
of the Clerk of tbe Municipality and is open for inspection during ofice
Stroet Work
St.  David's from Crescent Street to
Third Street    macadamizing
St. Patrick's from waterfront to 3rd. "
St. Andrew's from waterfront to 3rd "
St.'Ocorgo'a from waterfront to 3rd. "
lingers Ave. from Esplanade to let ,. "
Chesterfield Ave. from water/rout to 3rd "
Mahon Ave. from Esplanade to 3rd.. "
Esplanade aud  Crescent  street  from J
St. George's to St, David's .... "
Esplanade from  Forbes   to   Lonsdale
Avenue  ,  "
First street from Forbes to St. David's
Avenue   "
Second Street from Forbee Avenue te
St. David's Avenue   "
Third Street from Queensbury to Uew
icke Avenue        ' "
Lonsdale Ave. from 18th atreet to city
limits   ..."...„ '..      '   "
Lonsdale from waterfront to llllh Ht. "
Lynn Valley road and Queensbury Ave.
from 3rd street to eity limits ,.,. "
North Vancouver, B. O., ^
Vebrmiy »», Wit.
* 1800
J 800
1500   '
1 200
20 '
.  Acting City Clerk.
Pvery stnrnt' tbst (ravels over the
Wkiun wlilub illvWo;
Nuw World and Old leaves In its
wake some sailing ship abandoned
by Mr or«w, s»yi the Toronto MgiUnd
Empire. As a rule these dreaded derelicts are of wooden build and laden
With cargoes of lumber. Often tbey
have carried costly cargoes under every
sky with eredit to themselves aud pro-
lit to their owners, hut the lucreasing
infirmities of age bave caused tkeip to
engage in the lowliest forms of ocean
tmpy h« bell, which yvas in good or
der. Two days subsequently sbo strand.
e4 on Formosa. Flvo bundrod tuns ol
iitni|«hail b)
fire nnd portions of hor saloon men
still |n good condition.
Ships which have boon ubamlonei'
mom tiiOP OAeu in their cbreer are no
unknown. In Novoinbor, 1888, thi
irun ship Puneqw, stranded close to
Dunkirk Harbor during henvy weather
The crew sought safely on sjioro, Bin'
the ship afterwards lloato|l. Bjlgiui
fishermen boarded the derelict, obfilin
ed tbe services of a tug, anil took hoi
carrying.      Under tbe   adverse influ- to Terneusen, thus ensuring for ihem
ences of a careering cyclone these gal- ">hl"> »»lvsgo t'»ymont which oould um
lant craft meet their fate. Tha savage
sea opens wide their straining seams
the pumps clatter as tbey may, are
quite uuable to cope with tbe ingress
of sea water; and tbe disheartened crew
seoks safety in a paesing ship at the
first opportunity. Thus it happens
that many a lumber-laden sailing-ship
drifts deviously at tbe will of wind
and current, a menace to safe navigation, until ber bull is riven into fragments liy tho combined forces of Aeo
lua and Neptune, or reaches land after
a solitary drift of many weary leagues
of sea.
Quite naturally, the Nortb Atlantic
holds   tbe record   for drifting   dore
liels, inasmuch as it is the great ocean
highway   of   tbo   nations.     During
the five years 1887 to 1891 not fewer
than 867 derelict ships wero rcportod to
the tben Hydrographer at Washington.
Captain (now Admiral) Kieharilsoii Clo-
vor, United States navy, aa in evidence
between tbo fifty second meridian   of
west longitude aud tbo east coast   of
Nortb America.   Of tbis largo number
383 were identified by name, and the re
mainder were either capsized or battered out of shape.   On an average tbere
were about twenty derelicts drifting in
tho Nortb Atlantic at any instant, and
tbe life of each was one month.    Tbe
Washington Hydrograpbic oflice rocei
ved reports   from   shipmasters   under
every - flag, setting forth the appear
ance and the geographical position of
every derelict sighted duriug the pas
sage across, and this information is pub
liabod iu the weekly Hydrograpbic Km
ieim.-   und   the  monthly   pilot    imu
which are freely distributed among na
vigators  visiting  American  ports  by
the branch otlicoe of tbat department of
the United States navy.   Tbo Hritisb
Hoard of Trade also furnishes shipmas
ters in United Kingdom  with similar
printed   mi..illinium   and   the   Hritisb
Meteorological office aud the Deutsche
Neewarto have followed suite by gra
phic  representation on  their monthly
Pilot charts of tbe Nortb Atlantic
Many derelicts disappear within a
few 'lays of abandonment liul some
driff several Ihoosauds of miles before
tbe eud romes A ycesel left to ber
fale near New York, for example, may
drift southward wilh the l-abrador
urrent until uot far from ('ape Halter
as. Tbence she lluds a way into the
relatively warm water of lbc Hull
i-in.iin, and may eventually drift ashore
ou the west coast of Europe. Should
Ibe derelict happen to get lu to Ihe Sar
gasso Sea, au area iu mid Atlantic of
light winda and variable currents made
memorable by lhe pen of Julius Cham
hers, sbe will probably travel iu a cir
clo for a long series of daya.
Metal ships are seldom left derelict;
hut there sre not wanting remarkable
derelict drifts even of this class.     In
October, 1876, Ihe Hritisb iron I ur.jii.
Ada Iredale was abandoned, witb her
coal cargo buruiug fiercely, when -.'..nnn
miles  east  of  the  Marquesas  Islands,
South Pacific.       Hbo moved    slowly
westward   with  the    soulb  equatorial
rurrent,  traveled   2,600   miles   in   24)
days, and was tli. n picked  up by a
French warship, which towed    her to
Tahiti.     After the fire bad died out
the bull was repaired;   she was fitted
with uew masts and rigging and has
,'ier since been kuown as tbe Annie
Johnson of Sao Francisco, California.
On ber being boarded some time ago
sbe waa still doing well, and quite a
handsome   vessel.    The   British   ship
Minimi-nil',   anoih, r imu    vessel,   was
left under similar conditions about 660
miles  weet of Lima,  Peru, io  dune,
1881.     She drifted   ashore   ou tbe
Island of Henna 241 days Ister, unit
for  repairs  aud  bad  travelled   l,itM
miles in tbe interval.     Hi December,
1892, the big four-masted British ship
Honresfoid was abandoned, also witb
coal cargo on fire, wben in 8 deg. N.,
118 deg. W. a week later she was ^bled; but nothing more wu beard of\er
for just three years, whon ine American whaler   Alice Knowlcs    reported
having passed tbe derelict io 9 deg. Is,
lit deg. E.    Her ultimate fate ia un
known.    In April, 1882, a similar vu
ael, the Falls of Afton, was precipitate
ly abandoned while on the way from
OUegow to Calcutta witb a valuable
cargo.    A few daya later she was pick
cd up by a French vessel and taken
to Madeira.    Since tbat time sbe has
liad many succeasfu) voyages; but the
then master suffered severely under tbe
Undlng of a court of enquiry.    In May
11)02, while bound from Australia to
.California, the metal ship Faunie Kerr
WM left, witb her coal cargo on fire
to 20 deg. N, IW deg. W.      Nearly
twelve months later, near Formosa, the
derelict wu boarded by the chief oil-
leer of the steamship Volute, who look
have beon legally claimed   had    Bin
reached a Froueh port.     In 1807 tbii
vessel, while carrying timber    fron-.
Puget Sound to Australia wont ashon
not far from ber destination. She agalr
floated off after her abandonment; und
ouce again a tugboat earned suh'Bgi
by bringing the derelict into port uu
injured.   In October, 11)05, the Swedish
wooden barque Orion, suit laden, wui
picked  up  by  the steamship  Hxotoi
City and   brought to   Hulifai, N S
Her chronometer, charts, Jhlp's papen
a lino library uud seamen's effects won*
all ou board, together with a sullicioncj
of food.   Later on it wus discovered
that the crew bad previously heeu ini.
en off the Orion by the steamship Et
ruria.   She was placed under llm Brit
ish flag, converted into u barquontlno
renamed the Marion C. uml resumod
sailing.     Towards the close of 10116.
however, this vessel wns again uban
doued, and lhe United Stutes ship Leli
anon, which had been out lo search fnr
this dangerous derelict, emled her eg
islenco by tbe aid of torpedoes, ubuut
800 miles east of Sandy Hook, Ihe en
trance to New Vork hurhor.
Bather  umusiiig  incidents  crop  up
occasionally  wilh  leaped  to derelict
ships.    The Ueruian steamer Fursl Bis
marck collided with the French sailor
Louise,   At once the crew of lhe latter
clamored  in  lie taken  oft' what   they
deemed tu be a siukiug ship und were
accommodated.     Thereupon un ollicer
and some sailors from the sleamer of
fercd to hail the derelict iu lhe nearest
purl or perish in the attempt. The vol
unteers wsre successful, and  received
inn thousand murks  for salvage ser
vices rendered.     In lsui the Portug
esc barque Para, with a curgo of lum
bor from Penascola wr Trouvillo, was
abandoned by   her  erew   near  Scilly.
They took refuge ou the British steam
er Bourbon, which promptly put a vol
untcer crew on board and Ihey liruuglil
her safely  to  Falmoiilb       Not   lung
since the iron steamer Tyr was ulmn
doned iu a sinking condition iu    llu
North Sea.     A fishing vessel collided
with the derelict, ou hoard uf which
lhe crew leaped, only to.discover Ihul
they had not gained Ibis compulsory
exchange. Forthwith Ihey launched one
of the siukiug steamer's boats   which
bad beeu left behind by her origin,
crow and wore eventually rescued liy u
passing vessel.     lu  18-11 the sailing
ship John Blake was abandoned by her
crew on the coast of Cuba.       Wluh
making for  the  nearest  land   in   tin
hoals Ihe shipwrecked men men sight
ed      another      derelict,      the      Two
Two Friends, stranded on a. shelving
beach.    Tbey succeeded iu gelling lur
afloat, sailed ber to England ami were
awarded a goodly sum for salvage  re
er qn tlm ISth day of March, llll.
(!) (live the names and addresses
of any riparian proprietors qr licensees
who or whoso lands are likely to be
alfected by the proposed works, either
piiriami.Sf^'vrnf J;
West Shore and Northern Land Co.,
;id., Vaneouver, August Nelson, Eagle
(Signature)   THOMAS
Harbor, B. _.
0.   Address)
City Clerk.
City   Hell,   North
Vancouver, B. C.
■rchy given that in up-
made under Part V.
.illciitlon will, „_
of the "Water Act,  iiiiiii,"  to obtain
r licence In the
Division of >   ninii'ii'i
(u)   The name, address and occupation 0," "
TAKE NOTICEIhatAlloePearceH»a-
well, qf Vancouver. B. 0„ married woman, Intends to apply for permission
to. niicubuit-llli following flesci-lbBd
lands: Commencing at a posl pliuiled
at the south-east corner of T.L. No.
ItHI, tbence West SO chains, thenee
soulh SO chains, thenee east 10 chains,
thence north 40 chains, Ihence east 411
chains, to water's edge, ttience norlb
40 chalna along shore to point of commencement, containing I8() acres mitre
or less.
10th January, llll.
dii of thu applicant—Corporation of
the  Cpy of North Vancouver.
er'a Certificate N
he  Cil
(If ti
ur mining purpoaea) Free Min
(b) Tlio name of tbe lake, stream
or aourco (If unnamed, (no description
ml I'Ui, Lake,-elevation uf liOO feel
ibuve  Howe Sound.
(c) The point of diversion—At outlot of Lake.
(d) The quantity of water applied for (In cubic foot per second) ....
(e) The character of the propoaed
worke—Dam lo he constructed across
iiiiiii of lake.
(f) Tho premises on which Ihe wa
tor Is to he used (describe same)—
■'liy of Noilh Vancouver.
(g) The purposee for which the
wator Is lo be ueed—Domestic and
Municipal Purposes.
(h) If tor Irrigation describe thi
land Intended to be Irrigated, giving
II) If lhe waler Is lo be ueed for
power or mining purposes describe Ihi
Place where ihu waler la to be returned
to aome natural channel, end the difference In ultiiiidi between point of dl
vurslon und point of return.	
(J)   Area of Crown Land Intended to
be occupied by the proposed works-
160 acres.
IK) This notice was posted on the
■ inli day. of .Lum.ui. 1011, and application will lie made to (be Commissioner ou tho llth day of March, 18'.!
ll) Givo Hie ii.uu.-ii and addresser
of uny riparian proprietors or licensees who or whose lands aro likely lc
be ii..I., by the proposed works
either above or below the outlet—Jas
1 Muii...ll 132 Humor Street, Vancuuver; West Bhoie & Northern Land Co
Ltd.. Vancouver; August Nclaun, Eagle
Harbor, B. C.
Hii i,.sun, i    THOMAS HHEPHEHD,
Clly Clerk
Clly   Hall,  Norlh  Vancouver.
TAKE NOTICB that Robert Duff
Klnmond. of Vancouver, B. C, occupation, broker, Intends to apply fqr per-
Jilsslon to purchase the following
escribed lands: Commencing ai a post s
planted at the south-vreet corner of
Lot numbered (7, thence nortb 10
chalna, thence weat 10 cnains, thence
south so chains to waters coge, thencr—
eaat following water's edge te point of
commencement, containing ISO acres
more or less.
10th January, llll.
TAKE NOTICE that Billot Aleiander
Haswell of Vancouver, B. C, occupa
Hon, broker, lulenda to apply for put
iiiliiidoii to purchase ine roliowtng de<
scribed lands: Commencing at a post
Zi\t $tanl)adn
THE STANDARD le the National
Weekly  Newspaper of thu  Dominion
of ' . u. si.,      || i, national In all Hi
ll usee the most expensive engravings, procuring lhe photographs from
all over lbe world.
Its articles are carefully selected and
lis odllorlfil policy Is thoroughly
A subscription (o The Standard
coma $2.00 per year lo any address lu
Canada or Great Britain.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montreal Standard Publishing Co.,
Limited, Publishers.
The lliMiinliiiici, aud Area of tbe Mu-
Commencing at a point in Burrard
Inlet, .li..i. in 2.300 feel duo south from
lbe   eouth-west   corner   post   ot   Lol
266; thence doe north 2100 feet to salt,
souili-wesi cornor posl of said Lot 'ISS.
Ihence 2610 led, more or less, lo th<
:.. i lis v.i-.ii   curner   or  said   l.oi   261,
thence northerly through Lot (51, 114J
feet more or less,  to  the soulh-wcsl
oilier posl of I.ol 609. thence easterly
along lhe nurlh boundary of Lot 6Sj
-610 reel, more or Idss, to tbo iionn-
casl corner post of Lot 662; thenee nor-
thinly along (he weal-boundary of lol
iill. 1714 feel moru or less to Hie north-
WcSt   cornel' posl of Lot  611;  tnence
'iiiiieily ulung lhe norlh boundury ol
I.ol 616, 2610 feel more or less, lo the
in i Hi eust   corner   poat   of   Lot   Sit,
ibence easterly along the norlh boundary of Lot 616, 2610 foot more or less.
io  lbe  ninth-oust corner poat of Lol
616.   Ilicnco easterly along  tho  north
boundary ut Ibe nonhmost portion ol
I.ol  616. 990 feel moro or less lo Ihr
nm Ih-,-nut corner of said porllon of Lo
616. 990 feel.more or less lo 'he north
isiitii   corner   nl  said   portion,   thence
southerly ulong tl)u cast boundary of
suld   I., nl. in..1.i   portion   of  Lot   116.
.1060  feel more or leas, to the sooth-
weal corner of Lot 2026. thence easterly
along lbe north hoondary of lhe south-
iinisi porllon ol I.ol 616. 2970 feet more
"i i.'Bs. lu the iiorth-eust corner of sold
south-most portion of Lol 616. Ihence
southerly  aloiiu lhe east boundary ol
I.ol 616. 2310 feel more or less to the
south-eafll   corner   posl   of   Lot   616.
ilicnco westerly along the south boundary of l.ul 616. 3360 feet more or less
lo the souili-west corner post of Lot
616.     Ihence    soulherly    along    the
wesl   boundary  of Lot  662.  8640  feci
more or less, in the. Bouth-west corner
of l.ul 663. thence easterly along   (he
hoiiIIi   lioondury  of Lol   661. 660  feel
more or less, to the north-cast corner
posl of Lol 276. tbence southerly along
the east boundury of Lot 272. a distance of 1919 6 feet, to Ibe norlh buundnry of Ilinl part of said Lot 271. the
properly of John Hendry, thence west-
ily ulong tlie north boundary of tin
planted about 20 chains south of thu
north-east corner of Lot 21, and at
the corner south of tho aforesaid corner, thence norlli 60 chuins, more or
leal to corner of T, I.. 38251, lliencn,
eaat 10 chains. Ihence soulh 60 ehulnni
thence wesl 60 chains io point ot com''
mencoment containing 100 acres more
or less.
Sth January. 1912.
TAKE NOTICE Ihut l'eter Roy Crufh
of Vancouver. B. ('., occupation, lumberman, Intends lo apply for permission to purchase Hie foliowlug described Jiiiiiiii; Commencing ut a past plunled al Ihu wnii i'u edge, at lbc northwest curner of pre-emption 2111; Iheiicu
north 10 chains; thence west 10 chains;
thence aouth 80 chains; more or less
lo water's edge, Ihence eust following
shore line to point of commencement,
containing 320 acres more or less.
llth January, 1912.
TAKE NOTICE lhal Cora King, of
Vancouver, B. ft. occupation, splnsier.
Intends to apply for permission lo purchase   the  following  deacrlbed   lands.
Commencing at a post planted uboul 33
chains east of the point of commencement of T. I.   30926. and alongsl
surveyor's poBl  bearing  number
thence  north  60  chuins,   thence  cast
10    chains,   thence   south    16    chains
thence west 10 chains, to polnl of commencement, containing 820 acres moru
or less.
..... . Agont
llth January. 1912.
* a
properly of lhe said Hendry (o Ihe earn
In,miliary of
Lot 271. thence soulberl
tlong Ibe suld ensl boundary of Lol
271. lo lhe high waler mark In Bur-
raid Inlel: Ihence In the same line
southerly 600 feel, und thence westerly
In a straight line lo Ihe point of commencement, tin1 said iroct of land com
'•rising Ilie following Iota namely: 266
271. 27*. 273, except Ihe porllon there
of belonging lo John Hendry, llic east
erly porllon of Lol 652. and Lols 617
548. 619. 560. 644. 646. 546 and 61*. and
Hie iv. i.'i Indian Reserve, all iiiu.it
"d In Group One. New Westminster
Dlslrlcl. liigelllcr with Ihe foreshnr.
In front, on Hie norlli shore of Bur-
ninl Inlel. ns comprised wllhln the
"ild boundaries of lhe Cliv of Norlh
Vuncouver; the said Iracl of land being
liuwn mi i in.si or plan of (lie said
'Ily of Nnilli Vancouver deposited ir
Hu. Land Ilcglslry Ofllco ut the Clly of
Approximately the number of In
! .ii.ii.u.'i'   :-l\    ih.-ins,mil    16.0001
it)   Tlte place of the 'imposed rescr-
ulr for storing -Dick Lake
il)   The means by which It Is proposed lo store Ihe water - Natural sloragi
by use of lake and dom
lu) The ares of tho reservoir site
oi- silos ul cub fool In depth above
1   fool   above  outlet    lit
TAKE NOTICE Ibul George Verdler
of Vancouver. B. <:., occupullun, Umber
cruiser. Intends to uiiply for permission to purchase Hie following dcecilb-
ed lands: Commencing at u post plnnlcd
40 chains soulh of the nurlli east cor-
er of T. I. 28261; Ibence easl 40 chalna
Ihence norlh 80 chains. Ihence wesl 80
chains. Ihence soulh 10 chains, thence
eant 40 chains, thence soulh 10 chalna
lo polnl of coniineiicenienl, contalr'/ig
480 acres more or less. /
Ith January, 1912
Take Notice that tbe Council of the
Corporation of the City of North Van
couver intends to construct as a work
of local Improvement a sanitary sewer
on tho weet side of Lonsdale Avenuo
from Iho waterfront connecting wilb
the sewer laid ou the soulh side of
First slreei, under section it of tho
Municipal Act and intends to assess
tho dual cosl Ihcreof upon the real pro
perty fronting or abutting Ihereon,
and to bo benefitted thereby, uml that
a statement showing the lauds liable
to pay the said assessment and lb,c
names of the owners (hereof, so for as
can be ascertained from Ihe lasl revised Assessment Roll is now on file In
the office of tho Clerk of Ihe Munici
pality, and is open for inspection dur
lug office hours.
Tho estimated cost of the work is
♦8,400.00 ,of which |l,o6fi.«i; ,, |0 bo
provided out of the general funds of
» * II 11    .Mi'lii l;
NOTICK le hereby given Ihul an application will be made under Part V
of the "Water Act, 1109," lo obtain a licence In Ibe Division
Of                           District.
(a) The name, oddroaa uiul occupation of (he uppllcaJil Coipoiulloil of
the Clly of Norlh Vancouver.
(If for mining purposes) Pico Miner's Certlflcate No.
(b) The name of the lake, stream or
source (If unnamed, tho description ll)
—Outlet of Dick-Lake.
(e) The point of diversion-Outlet
Of Dick i■■•:■■•
id)   The quantity of water applied
r (In cubic feel per lecond)—Four,
(e)   The character of (be propoae<
worse -Small dam at outlet of Lake
18 9
21 I
22 1,
23 I
.26 3
28 3
26 6
26 6
27 6
27 7
27 9
28 1
tbo Muuicipnlil
North Vancouver, B. C.
February 27th, 1912.
\(y Clerk.
(f) The premlneS ol) wbleh (ho wa
ter Ie to be us*) (describe name)—Clt;
of Norlh VencluVcr.
(g) The plfpaei for whlcb the wa
ter Is to be uied—Domestic and Muni
Irrigation   describe   Ihi
clpal Purpoiei
(h)   II  fo/ lrrl«e
land Inteuda)  to be Irrigated, giving
acreage ... .1	
(I) If thel water IS to be used for
power or mlalng purposes describe Ih.
place wherrnlie waler Is lo bc"Vcluni-
ed to aome natural channel, and tin
difference In-altitude between point ol
diversion and polnl of return 	
(J) Area of rown land Intended lc
be occupied by the nroposed Works. ..
(k)   Tbli noilce was posted on thi
-  sf /anu>ry, lllf yid app^ca
Tolal 803.4 acre feet.
M.uiiff capacity 21S.90e.000 gall.
(v) How It la propoaed to acquire
the lond necessary for the purpose—By
(w) Approsllnatcly the number of
acre feet Intended to be Impounded—
801.4 acre feet.
(x) Whether It le proposed to low-
or Ibo water In any natural lake or
standing   body  of water  unl  Jf go
II), The anticipated extent of the
o be ad-
By con-
(2)   Tl
."iuu ii
Competition for New University Build-*.
Imi to be Erected at Point Orey^
Nttr Vancouver, British Columbia.
The Government of British Columbia
invite Competiliyc Plans for tbe geuerul scheme and design for the proposed
new University, togotber with moro detailed Plans for tbe buildings lo be
erected first at an cstimatef cost of
Prizes of $10,000 will bo given for
the most successful designs submitted.
Particulars of tho competition and
plan of site may be obtained on roqueet
from the undersigned.
The designs tAo sent in by Julv
JUL 1012, addtosscd  to 7      h
TBfi Uim&Th OF EDUCATION,        I
JParliamont Buildiugi,
Victoria, Britiib Columbia.
(I)   The ini'iuii propoied lo be adopted to lower, aid refill
a smell tunnel.
(2 The nature 1|l dimeter In
di'inll of the Worke proposed to be
constructed to provide for the discharge and penning back of tbe wa-
Ur-CoagtrtjotfM 'of a tm." ™
M f''
MMMMI _m ,   .   ...
"Tf    TTTTT"fr~T T1 f    fTTTl
•mm* i
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"Not on Sunday."
notice. I'liini'iniy
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Leave Nortli Vancouvar
Time Uble tubject to etiMit witbodt
delays, accidental or otherwise.
1      ■	
Lleutanaut-OoloMl Discusses on 0»»
mm tfotmot    .     r
Llout. Col. Hamilton Mwrltt, pf
Toronto, recently ililatcil on '■ Canadian
Defence," with tlio object of cun
vlneing bis audience that a bettor
lytom nl military cervlcj) 'could In
evplved, and (bat It wai to a better
sorvico that we owed tlio tag that
iimiii'ii ovor ni tuiiiiy. Ho ii'i'i'ri-.'ii to
ivnrilii ii|iuii.'ii by Lee, Cpnnai) Poy|e,
and Buskin, in prqve tbat tbe prevailing apathy ot tbo people to military
service wai absolutely uujustiliablo
All history proved that it wus to the
liuniy, the in'ii'iii'iiyiiiK and tbe
valiant tbat empire was giveu, and
not to those wbo placidly retted be
hind the naval and military loreei ol
another couutry, tl Canada waa doing today. .He itld ho did not wish to
crillclso any branch of our prosout
militia, but ratber wanted to ascer
tain It tbere was not really a bettor
system under wbicb our men could
be trained. "Ia Canada worth de
fendingl II a defence Bjstoui uoces
saryl" asked tbo ajioaker. He then
roforred to tbo dofonces of a country,
as tbo rosorvo funds of it, in the same
way tbat a financial, institution always
maintained a rest fuud, in caso of
trouble or a rainy day. There might
nover arise a need for them, but they
were mine tbo less indispensable. He
said that it was ouly tho fact that
Qormany knew that adequate defence
forces were ready lo oppose ber, that
sbe eousidcreil it tho best policy to
rotreat from Agadir. It certainly war
not from any altruistic motivo that
she did not push forward iu ilml
business. Ucriuauy and Japan bavo a
lii'lmiir policy of expansion, aud they
both wero each day addiug to their
national armament, and taking ad
vantage of every opportunity to in
crease the site of their respective iouus
of iniliii'iii'i' No one imagined* tbat
tho preparations which were going on
in these two countries of a warlike
nature were fur the purpose of keeping
invaders away from tbeir shores or
territory; the real motive was too obvious.
"Now tho great question," said tbe
speaker, "is, bas Canada a sullicienl
force available for tbe defenco of the
country!" He contended tbat sbe bad
not; its basis and its numbers wero too
small. The old Frcuchllauailiaiis bad
a compulsory military service such as
all countries except Britain and tbe
I'nited 8tatcs had today. This system,
which was an cxctlleut one, and prov
idcil adequate protectidli for tho early
French settlors against thoir blood
thirsty enemies, the Iroquois, was in
stitulcd by Ihut master military mind,
Frontcnac, and was so complete and
perfect tbat tbe British after ihe fall
of Quebec, did nol chaugc il. lu 1808
both Upper and Lower Canada adopted
tbe same system, and in 1812, when tbe
war broko out betwocn tbe United
Slates and Ureal Britain, tbe invaders
fouud evory man in Canada trained in
military service, so mucb'ao lhal Ihe
Canadians gained thirty three victories
over tbeir American enemies. The
systoni continued iu both Upper and
Lower Canada until confederation,
when it bad degenerated inlo a farce
iu all parts of the country except Nova
Scotia, where tbey seem to have kept
tbo system iu a healthy condition.
At the mis' of confederation, we
required tbe adequate defensive
system, and yel today all we have
is the militia system, wbicb cau
scarcely be described is adequate. The
colonel then told at some length bis
experience in Switzerland,!where tbey
havo a citizen army, and be said Ibere
was entirely lacking iu that' country
any feeling Ibat the whole business
was issinissi.il ij, and lhat il was use
lm, aa some were prone to regard the
manoeuvres of the militia iu this
Every ono there regarded their mil
itary duties aa a part of tboir duty to
their country, and the consequence of
tbii attitude was a genera) military
efficiency of tbe people, in connection
wltb tbii tbe coloucl gave some ilium
lotting figures as follows, comparing
tbe military status of Switzerland,
Unad^ and Australia:
Canada   Australia laid
Pap.   ...7,081,849   4,4M,000 '3,320,000
Itjt in Switaorland iq 1010 m iti,
DM msii«.»B.4 In c»hk)i ti,t$i md,
and ip Nova Scotia iq tha daya above
referred to, 81,000 min.   In couchi-
rangei          66
■      ,
Bile clubs      M
Members ot
clubs ..   27,06-1
•—On# in every village.
The cott in various countries was
alto compared, ibowing the smaller
coat per bead aa tbo force increased
in bulk.
Tba total military expenditure por
capita of population in Switzerland
wai $2.48, In Canada, .80, In Nova
Scotia before confederation, .33. Tbo
total military expenditure per capita
of tba militia in 1910 in Canada wai
1119.(0, in Switzerland 117,60, and in
Nova Scotia before 1867, wben tbey
bad tbeir vary officiant system, waa
12.60. Jbl entt ot tbe headquarters
attf in Switzerland was W) 7,177, as
against »169,3«0 for Canada, for the
aame year,   fba strength of Ibo mil-
sion, thi oplonil suid that afttr close
observation of the varioua lyitomi iu
vogue- in E»ropa, bt wai itrougly ip
favor pt a return to tho old Frouch
method, wbicb edited In this country
before tba Eugliib occupation, $c
explained tba ideaa and motives pi the
Canadian Dofonco Loaguo, which aimed
tp givo training to ipan wbicb would
bo uioful to them, whether tbey went
In for a military career pr not.
Lou Offered for a Msn Bong
Iu tbe course pf t serial ttory writ-
leu ipecitlly fpr tba "& O. Western
Catholic and antitlad "A Daughter of
Vancouver," tbe author pnta the following remark into tbe mouth of one
of his character):
"They are laying Dell Claoiscus it
thinking of building at North Vancouvor, but I don't teo wbara tbe custom for tbe bote) will come from, but
my husband and Mri- Frith both be
iove in Nortb Vancouver. Tbey aro offering loti on tbe waterfront for a
Certainly there wai a nursery rhyme
of a yduug man wbo aang for bis supper
and it is just possible that waterfront
property bere is obtainable by voealis-
ing. At present, though, lott on the
wtterfront aro valued at about $l,00t)
a front foot wbicb ii equivalent lo
twice tbe amount Caruio is charging
por song.
j of Commerce
r ■■   i   ■
New Branch of the Bank located on the
Eiplanade, near Lonidale Avenue, in tht
premises formerly occupieHJiy Patterson,
Goldie ,& Clark. /
lntereit paid on Savings Bank Deposits of
One Dollar and upwards. Withdrawals
may be made at any time. Small deposits
Capital $11,000,000      Rest $9,000,000
J, A. FOBBTEB, Manager Nortb Vancouver Branch
Mahon, McFarland & Procter, Ltd.
CLEARED 50 ft. Lots in Blocks 226 and 227;
$900 and $1000      14 cash, 6,12, 18 months.
50 ft. Lots in Blocb 230 and 232a; $650, $700
and $800 1-4 cash, 6, 12 and 18 months
Phone 6286
543 Pender Street, Vancouver
Contrary (o the usual practice lhe Assessment Notices foi
1912 have been sent to tlie registered owners of property
according to tlje Land Registry records!
Up to the preient, purchasers have been in the habit of
notifying the city authorities that the property had'ehanged hands
io that notices of assessment and taxation should not go aslray.
This form of registration of owners has heretofore been deemed
sufficient for city purposes, but owing to a recent decision the
city council is advised by its solicitors to recognise these owners
only who appear on the records of the Land Registry Ollice.
Unfortunately a great many never register their deeds or agreements.
The North Vancouver Land and Improvement Company
has received numerous assessment notices for 1912 for property
which it hu sold and which has since changed hands two or three
The Company, therefore, desires to notify persons who have
purchssed from it that they should take steps to ensure notices
of assessment and taxation being sent to them so that they may be
come aware of the value at which they are being aucued and
pay taxei u they fall due.
Tbe  North   Vancouver Land  and
Improvement Company
Limited Liability
.   . *
< m
tf i titif't) minif'
Puhl|sh«4 TwHayi and Prldayi by North Shore Press, Mmlted.
Bates of Bubserlptlnni-One year, HM.  Sto months, 50e,  Tbree months, 85c,
United States and Foreign, $3.00 per year.
Advertising Bates Will Be Quoted on Appllc
Th* Kxpress is devoted, to tbe interests of the Nortb Shore ■fSurrsrd Inlet
exclusively. It constitutes an advertising medium of eicoptiflial value for
reaching in a thorough and effective manner tha population of Nortb Vancouver
City and District, Every effort is mailij to givo advertisers the most satisfactory
service. »   ■ .   '     ,
All changes In contract advertisements should be In tba printers' bauds nol
later than Id a. m. Monday and l p. in. Wednesday to ensure insertion iu the
following issue,
length of H!(i,sS(H miles and containing
127,6:13 miles of ■ conductors. Th»
Fnini'li' companies, only two in number,
do Paris a New York and tha Ho-
elate Fruucuiso dns Tologhaplioa Sous-
iMnrins liiivu eighteen cables, with a
total length of 7,948 nautical miles.
Tho most, important of the private
ciimpnnies is the Eastern Telegraph
Company whioh operates savgnty-ftve
cable;, with a total length pf 25,347
The total number of cables in the
world Is 1,168, with a total length of
1<10,344 miles uml 149,103 miles of conductors. This is not sufficient io reach
lo tho moon, but would extend (pior,
than halfway" there.—Chicago Journal.
North Vancouver, B, 0,,
..March 8, 1913
The auspicious beginning which mark
ed the provincial tour of Premier Mc
Bride and Attorney-Genera! Bowser a'
Kamloops Wednesday evening baa in.
doubt sounded tbe key note which will
everywhere predominate throughout
their entire itiuorary.
In view ef tbo policy of "passive
resistance" which appears to have beer
adopted by tbe Liberal .party, relative
to the pending election*, the presonl
tour of the Premier cannot strictly
speaking, be termed an electiou tour.
It la not a tour designed' to combat
the effect of a well organized and
strong attack upon bis government and
its policy by bis political opponents,
but rather a campaign which has for
its object tbe elucidation from lhe pub
lie plutform and in tho presence of the
electors, of tho details of those prodigi
one developments which are involved
in Hie government policy as embodied
in legislation enacted duriug tbe ses
siops of the legislature, recently terminated. The several features of tbat
policy urn so manifestly designed to
promote the best interests of tho pro
vime upou a large scale and in the
broadost scusp, that the more intimate
ly the citizens are aci|tiainted witb its
details, the more cordial and universal
will become Ihe support accorded the
- The broad and statesmanlike view
which Premier McBride takes with ro
fereuce to tho outlook aud the duty
of the government wilb rospect thereto
is evidenced by bis statement at Kam
loops to tbe effect tbat the policy of
the government as to railway expansion
was not merely provincial bul Cauadi'
ou ami Imperial, aud further that the
i ..I ...i in. wesl including Hritisb I'oluin
bia was iu Ihe march of great events
and the government must be prepared
to meet those events with courage and
determination. The policy of the gov
eminent, upon which the present ap
peal ie being made lo the couutry, bears
His iiiiiiii.-iiiI..alii.' hall mark, in every
feature of it, of having been conceived and framed in the selfsame broad
ami enterprising spirit which the above
terms imply and as such will appeal
with irresistible force lo the uiilitaui
spirit of Ibe west as represented by
the public minded and progressive cil
irons of ibis great province.
The Premier made a pronouncement
during the course of bis speech which
referred lo lbc probabilities of actual
railway construction upon tbe Nortb
Shore of Hurrard Inlet, which will be
received locally witb the greatest gra
titration. Afler referring to the
benefits to lie derived by Kamloops
from tbe construction of the C. N. B.
lines, the development pf tbe Nortb
Thompson valley and tbe coustructiou
of lhe railway line from Kamloops to
Vernon, the Premier declared "1 trust
to see the Pacific aud Ureat Eastern i
roilwey under construction within six
ly days." Inasmuch as the actual
commencement of railway construction
is llic one remaining essential to Nortb
Shore prosperity this announcement
will prove peculiarly acceptable locally
and its realization will not olily con
firm and substantiate all those anticipations of rspid developments upon
which have beeu bssod tbe iuveilmenl
of lhe very large amount of money upon
lhe pari of the purchasing public which
has been made upon tbe Nortb Shore
within tbo paat two or three weeks,
but will justify the continuance apd the
yet further enlargement of sucb Investment.
to be ablo to adduce such incontro
i i'i i ibis evidepce that concurrently witl
the activity ip the realty market, thori
is in progress a strong and rapidly In
creasing movement in the important
matter of the construction of dwell
ing houses ond other buildings through
out both the city and the district. The
demand for dwelling houses has fm
iiiun) months, been greatly in udvanei
of the supply. The prodigious ineruasi
iu tbe tolal of building permits pro
videa positive assurance that u mnn
advanced stage of civic devolopmenl
has uow been attained, namely au ere
of extensive and rapidly incrensini
activity in the erection of busiuesi
blocks and dwelling houses for the ac
oiiiiuoilatioii of Ihe great tide of pop
ulatiou which has now set in Inward
Ihe Nortb Shore ami which will con
|inni' ir ever increasing volume unu
from Deep Cove on thu I'u i to Horse
shoe Hay on the v, r.i there strelcbei
a commercial and industrial city sec
ond lo none in the province.
Last year, at this particular season,
the prospects were considered eepwlall)
bright for a year of unprecedented ac
tlvity iu building circles, but irufor
tunatcly the carpenter's strike inter
vened Inter to destroy those prosper!)
and to render actual results decided!)
lean. This year, however, according
to the testimony of the uctual ligure.'
the prospects are at least six timet
as big as they were lust year and al'
conditions are of ihe most favorabli
iiiiiui' for the realisation of ull thai
the figures portend with a wide margin
to the good.
auicKur iron couohs, couu coma,
it mnryefii *>, m-,
Mllll'll   \ AM III Ull.
Auattvt'a   rrr.li) it-i-liu
mn Hoad—Se.rylceii...Morning 11.00
..veiling. 7.30.   Adull Bible Claai,
Juiiuiiy School, 2.30.    f.P.8.C.B.,
Prayer Meeting, wed-
in Choir Fra ulse.
Rev. Konald Macelod,
The Hritisb Columbian in a recent is
sue, comments editorially, us follow,
with reference to Westminster's build
ing record for January;
'New Westminster's building renin
( i January stands out very prominent!)
iu ihu returns for Canadian cities. Ni
clly of the same population can slum
a greater tutal in building permits i>
sued than the 8IS,Ubll rrulited lu llm
city. North Vancuuver comes nearer'
with ls.y.s.11. Begins't total for Janu
mi ia 33,180."
Inasmuch as our highly respeclc
neighbor upon tlie hanks of tbe Eraser
having attained the conslderbale 8gi
of upwards of lifly years and claiming
we understand a present population ol
sixteen thuusund, considers ils reeorf
enilueutly satisfactory, the roinparisoi
must assuredly place North Vancouvei
i most favorable light, iu view "ol
tbe fact that this city will this sum
mer celebrate bul the Iiiiii anniversary
of its incorporation am! claims a pop
illation of about eight thousand.
my, ut 6 p. in.
neaday,   ul   6  p.
''rldu... ut S p.m.
it. iiin.li.i i uiin-u- ''ui-tier of 01ti and
ii. George. Bunday Service!, 11.00 a.m.
md 7.30 p.m. Sunday School and Bible
'luss. 2.30 P.m. Senior League, Mun
Juy, 6 p.m.   Prayer and Pralie Service.
 ■■  ii.....  6 p.m.     Junior   League,
I'liursduy aflernoon at 3.30. Pastor,
VV. C. Schlllcher.
SI. Aguei Church — Corner llth
tnd HiiiiTivnnl Morning at 11 a.m.,
evening ut 730 pm. Holy communion,
.list Sunduy In month at I u m.; flrat
md third .-ui..I.n.i ut 11 a.m.; Sunday
ichool ut 300 Bill. Kev. Thomas K
Rows, vicar.     1
Salvutloo Army.—Lonsdale Avenue.
-i.i,.:.. services, 11.00 a.m., 3 p.m. and
146 I'in Tuesday, 6 p.m.: Thursday.
s p in. Children's Service, Wednesday.
I p.m.
iiuiiii.i    (bunk Twelfth   and   Bt
is'.si,..■ Servlcei at 11 a.m. end 7.30
p.m. Sunday Befool snd Bible Claae al
130 p in. Pruyor and pralae service.
Wednesday at I p.m. Pastor, Rev. A.
I. I'rosser. lllh and 81. Oeorge
SI. J"bu Ikt Evaagell.il, Ilh and llth
Holy Communion. I a.m. Morning
Prayer 11 am. evening Prayer, 7.10
p m On ll)e in si linn,in; In the month
tbere will be a aecond celebration ol
lie Holy (Communion at 11 a.m Rector
Itev Hugh Hooper.
si. lidmuud'a i albollc (kurek, Mahon
Avenue suinl..;..- Miism, I a.m. Sunday School. 2.80 p.m Hbsary llenedlc
ilon und Sermon, 7.11) p in
Iii.II.i.i t ilhulle liftrill ol SI. I'luVl.
Vluss. 7 'iO a m . Sundays    Pallor, Rev
R   Ti
7 :;0 a in .
um,   Boyi'
Choir prac-
p.m,   H. Van Munitsr
SI.   Tkouaa.   8   a in    evrry  Bunday
\.. i'i llrsl Sunday In month.   110 a.m
lust Sunday In monthi   11 am., Matlne,
.n.iii. und sermon, lecond and fourth
Sunday    Holy Coinmunlun and sermon.
ilisi und third Sundays    Vicar, Rev.
r  V.  Howe
l'i.»l,,l.-rlau  i'kurrk—SuiiUayi.  11  a
m   and 7 30 p.m.  Bunday School and
iiii.i.s t'luis 2)0 p.m  Tefchere' Trailing   Class.   W.dneida* 7.10      Prayet
iuiilng.    Wednesday* f
'lull Thursday 7.30 p.m
Ice.  Friday, I
81 A . uuslor
Uiikmllii I kurek, — 8»rvlc«s every
lunda) evening In (hi new church, al
1 o'clock.
I',r.n,iniau I'kurck.- -Woralilp. Sun
Juys. ll im Union Sunday School
130 i m Prayer meeting, Tuesday I
n tu Teucbei i Training Class Friday
7 30 i> in l< Van Minister. UA, pallor
si. i i.,.., in'.. UagllcM)—Holy communion, 111 Sunday In month, 11 am
veiling prayer, every Sunday. 7.00 p
i.i, ilie. Wednesday, 110
rlhur E   Druce. Vicar.
ilng i'i
choir   11
Kev.  Ar
No more satisfactory evidence can
be deeircd tbat North Vanrouver-is
entering upon a period of solid aod
nils-taut iu! growth and of rapid pro
gress as well tban tbat wbicb was provided b)1 the report of Building lusper
tor Fugler, aa eubmltted to Ihe rity
council at the regular session on Mon
dsy evening. The building permits
issued during the months jif January
and February, lllll, totalled |U,780,
while the total for tbe two correspond
ing months of 1W2 attained the splen-
. did proportions of 1102,19$, or approx
imately live and one-half times ai
Tlie period of great activity which
is now bfing enjoyed with reepeet to
North Shore real estate la * vetf
healthy token and ou which of ilaelf
means • very great deal to the entire'
community, but it ia highly gratifying
Tlie conspicuous success which Muyoi
MrNeish aud City Clerk Shepherd ac
coinplisbcd at Toronto wilh reference
to selling Ibe lnl:: city debenlures i
brought uut witb striking clearness by
the report frum I. im. uuder date of
March 6th, wltb reference to the al
tempted llolatlou of tbe Canadian gov
eriiineiil loan of £6,0|>O,0QO and the Vu.
couver eity loan of 11,000,000. Ninety
per cent, of tbe Vancouver loau, ac
cording tu the reporl wea lefl oo lbc
underwriter's hands. luasmurb as
Toronto, Montreal and Winnipeg will
be iu tbe market with loans lo tbe neai
future, tbe outlook Is uot very bright
for tbe reason that Vaueouver, having
been first in the field will naturally
bava fared relatively lhe best. Fa. i
iuch as these will enable the ratepayers
to appreciate more correctly the great
value of the servicea rendered by the
mayor and Ibe city clerk In efferlinii
Ibe opportune uie of Ibe debentures
of the cily of Nnrlh Vancouver at a
price actually iu advance of that pro
cured lut year.
140,344    MILES    OF   SUBMARINE
Tbe various government! of tbo world
own together 880 rabies, having a total
length of 14,480 miles and containing
21,10) miles of ronduelori. The French
government, wbicb takes tbe lead as
to lengtbwof cables, bu 3,440 miles lu
fifty-four tibUst. As to ntitaber the
Norwegian governmeut rumes first Willi
5,461 mites of conductors, divided
among 115 cables, having a total length
«f 1,688 Bile*.
■ Private eom>paniee to thr number of
twenty eight own lit cabiee, having a
Paper the World
Irnm »ur •<«■■ U of uew Wall Papers
so it ecime. Every day aome am
deeign arrivee to fill the vaeanoy
ol thoae rl.iswl out.
Handaome Will Papers
ere hate la endless variety. Jut
tell uur ealeensan lor what room
)'iu want the paper and he wil)
»Siw you juet the pattern yo» ars
looking lor.
To  chouse from our stock is a put
sure, lo pay our price ia amy.
W. H. ST0NEY & CO,
117 Lonadale Avenue Phom 141)
50 ft lot  " Third Street
Weit of Power Houie,
One-third cash.   A safe and «ane buy
Phone 37, Norlh Vancouver, B, C,
30 Day Trial Offer
If you have never tried a
and would like to do so
„   Now is Your Chance
Om. .,.    i -
The Auto Strop Razor
is the Best made
Try one for a Month, if you
don't find it so, return to us
and get your money back
mmaammmnmnmm  i     i i
90 Lonsdale Avenue      Next to P.O.
Close to C.P.R. Route
We can offer for a few day* only, some choice
loti at Uie price of $500 each, on termi of one
third caih and the balance in 6 and 12 monthi.
For further particular! ol the above and other business and
leiidential properties iee
Phone 70 15 Lonidale Ave. P, O. Box 1816
Support Home  Industry
and Build up North Yancouver
Seymour Lumber Co.
..   * LTD.
Hive their mill operating in the mountain and can give
of ill kind* of Rough, Dimemion and Kiln Dried Lumber
Moulding ind Finiihing Lumber.   Second to none.
Office: Corner Sutherland Avenue ind 17th itreet.
Tike Queembury Cir (Yellow Label).
, I have houu) yory fine bulling total,
It will pay ypu to My op» apd build
p bouse tor i»li oi fan yonr own
imi imi.
Two op \lth flteet cleared in D. h.
650, ♦1,600 omili., •
Oun  on  116th  »(rtii)t,  Boulevard,  iii     V
d. ii, ut, mot.
Two on St, George's roud (double
comer) cleared, both {or H,tM.
Three on atith itreet in 1). L. 646,
$000 each.
Two on 10th streot, near Lomdale
Avenue, $1,500 each.
One on Larson Avenue, D. h Hi,
One 25 ft. lot Snd itreet, In O. h
874, $8,|60.
All on special tcrina to luit llmno
wishing to build.   Apply to.
Alexander Philip
Financial Broker
Office Phoue 10        Houie pbone 867
NOTIOK is hiTclij- given that at the
next mceliug of the Board of Licensing I'liiiiiimi ii.nri.i for tho cily of North
Vancouver 1 shall apply for a bottle license on 1st streot cast, lot 7, block
166, 1). L. 274.
Dated at North Vancouver the 16th
day of January, 1912.
NOTH'K is hereby given that the
undersigned intends to apply for u.re-
^ tail hollle license at tho neit meeting
iof the Board of Licensing Commissioners for tbo City of North Vancouver,
Premise! now being erected ou lots A.
B aud C, subdivision of lots 16, 17, IH
and 10, block 156, District Lot 271,
North. Vancouver.
Dated this Uth day of February, 191*
C. H. WiUON.
Vancouver Business Directory
III MM Ml  i HI. I I Ll. .1.
SPROTT-SHAW Buiineti College
336 Hailing St. W.
Canada') QraaUit Western School
a. J. Sprott, B:A., --jMuniKir
Yorkshire Guarantee & Securiliei
Corporation, limited
440 Seymour Street
R. Ktrr Houjgatt - - - Manager
All Nortb Vancouvar |»opU wt at
LEONARDS'       i
Kitbar Flack Blook or Hastings St.,
opposite tbe new poat uSiot. l^onard
sails bis t*a by tht pound.
TAKE NOTICE that at the next
sitting of the Board of Licensing Commissioners of the City of Nortb Vancouver, I) Henry Lurson, intend to apply for a retail liquor or bottle licouaej
for tbe premises kuown and described
as Number Ono Uundrod and four (104)
Esplanade West In tbe City of North
Vancouver, B. C.
Dated at North Vancouver this lilt
day of January, 1912.'
' Notice ia hereby giveu that the undersigned intends to apply at the next
statutory sitting of tbo Hoard of Licensing Commissioners of tbo City of
North Vaucou<er for1 the issuo to bim
of a retail bottle license for and in respect to premises to be creeled and
situate on lot 7, block 156, District
Lot 27-1, iu said City of Nortb Vancouver.
Dated  this  iMr.l   day  of  January,
A BARGAIN - 50 x 170 ft.
i* •■■■„-■'.-
Cleared, on 17th Street, adjoining D.L 265
for $1500, on ea»y terms.
62 LONSDALE AVENUE    p.o.h«i8si vimm     NORTH VANCOUVER I
John Aspell & Cos;
Rents collected and repairs, renovations and connecting
of drains superintended.
. Listings solicited for houses, itotM, flats, offices pf other
property for sale or to let.
Bank of Hamilton Chambers,
North Vancouver
Phone 438.
Tba builneu which awaited tho con-
eiiloratlon of the district council last
ni|;lll  Inuli  iirilirii'.-tll;.   tlie I'irlll Ot COt-
ri'spiinileni'i'.       Iti'iivu   Mliv      prOBldod
ovor a council of flvo, Cpun. Bridgman
being tin abieptoe.
A letter waa road( and referred to tbe
iii'linui board) from tho Seymour and
North Arm Batepayers' Association
embodying a resolution passed by that
body to the effect tbat the school tYos
toes be asked to consider tbo adviia
bility of at onco making proviijon for
two icbool Bites eait of tbo Soymour
and tbat sucb lites ibould not he 1
tbau five acroi eacb-
Tbe city clork appriied tbo council
by lotter tbat Tuesday uext at 7.80
had boon appointed ai tho time and
dalo for taking up Lynn Valley Water
diitrict maltors.
jyflSr Get Your
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In our Crockery Dcpt. wa arc juil opening up a largo shipment of Flower Poll
ud Crocks.       I i All Sisei
128 Lonsdale Ave.
North Vancouver
Phone 335
Owners -Palmer, Burniester & ion Graevenitz, Ltd.
Commencing March llth
A Feature Booking of tbe Playlet, from England
"The Lady and the Parson"
From Manchester, England
The Latest Photographic News of the World
The Best of Photo Pictures
»     ■
Om Performance Nightly. Doori open 8 o'clock, Commence %3Q
Matinee Saturday, 2:30.       Box Office open 10 to 12 ajn. and 6 to 7 p.m.
PRICES-lSc. and 25c. U-WSsk
- .        '     • ••
The deportment of Imliaii affairs
wroto stating that an tlio Oapilnnp, In
dian reserve js within the limits of tho
(Municipality of North Vancouver there
wuulil appear uo ijpubt thut the council alioulil papa a by-law authorising
tbo contraction of tbe road through
the n'Hi'rvi'. If tbe municipality
would pan tbli bylaw the right of way
migbt bo acquired under the authority
of au order in poucil and without a
surrender from tbo Indians. On the
motion of Coup. Ward it wai decided
that tbe clerk ibould be Instructed to
prepare a bylaw accordingly. ,
Tho usual quantity of appeals for
minor Injuries and necessities wore
doalt with, tbo major proportion, boing
roferrod to the Board of Worki.
I'. Duval dosirod tho opening up of
a road from Centro road to lot 1, block
», I), h. 8023.
J. W. Hopo Bought tho clearing of
Robinson avouuo so that proper access
would bo afforded to residences located
H. A. iiiiili.i'i asked for tho extend
ing and opening up of Jackson avenue;
T. Turner besought the opening up of
a road to property on lot 7, block 1,
D. Ii. 597.
B. Thompson Tinn petitioned for a
sidewalk along tho Evelyn road frum
fn. is ,'..'.,11,1 road to Uoskius road,
Three persons asked for the opening
up of a road from Frederick rood
northward to the nortb tide of lot 10.
block 14, I). I. 2023, also for a side-
Iv Adumsou desired a road to his
property ou lots 20 and 26, block I, D,
i,. 007, whero lie is intending to build.
,\li '.i'ii.1.1 Pbilip, on behalf of tbe
Seymour Lumber Co., asked for a roud
from tbo bead of I.onsdale avenuo lo
the company's factory in block (', I).
L, "U6, a distance of 600 yards.
Both B. W. Scott and T. C. Ncill
sought tlie opening of 23rd street eusl
of Lloyd's avenuo.
Mr. A. Q, Berry, local manager of
the B. t'. Electric Bailway Co., intimat-
1 Hint IliO installation of arc lamps
on Centre rond and Dora,u Hood, l;n-
lerwod roud und Ralph road, would be
completed as soon us possible.
Mr. W. A. Macdonald, K.C, wrote lo
ho effect that he proposed to hold the
first meeting under the commission ou
Tuesday, March 12th in tbe county
court jury room at tbo court house.
Vancouver, He considered it would be
more convenient to at first bold ull lhe
meetings iu the sume building as Ihe
registry ollice. Later on, a meeting
or meetings might be held In North
Vancouver nt Borne point to be leloclod
Couu. Loutet voiced three motions,
all of which were unanimously carried.
He firstly announced that lie had inter
viowed the management of the B.
I'. Electric railway on the ijucstiou of
iii'inling the Lousdale avonue line.
Tbe company did uot consider that tbe
developments iu North Lonsdale just!-
1 such an undertaking. Couu. I.oulcl
suggested that tho council should write
to the compauy offering to take them
on a personally conducted tour through
lhat region. He thought they might
do this weekly uutil they got some sut
Coun. Loutet also stated Ibat tbore
was a unanimous desire in North Lonsdale for a post ollice, the most suitable
location being the corner of King ami
Lousdale. Tbo council ondorsed the
necessity of the scheme.
Thirdly, (.'oun. Loutet suggested thai
lhe Patterson Manufacturing Co. be invited to experiment with tbeir road material "Tarvia" on two WockB on Lons
dale avenue on the condition that tbe
owners of front property pay half the
On tho motion of Couu. Ward,
the streets in tbe east half of I). L.
"tl wero given the names of Duchess
Avenuo, Boyal avenuo, Conuaughl eve.
I'mcess avouuo, Regent's avonue and
St. Kilda's avenuo.
It was resolved ou tbo motion of
Coun. Nelson, tbat tbo provincial government pe. urged to expedite matters
connected with Ihe West Capilano In
corporation Act.
A numliiT of lenders for work were
bold over uutil tonight, tho meeting
being adjourned for tbat purpoie.
Oblef Davin' MnntWy Report
N. Vi YACHT own
At tboir annual general mooting ou
Wednesday nigbt the North Vancouver
Yacht Club elected tbe following officer!:
Commodore—J. B. Paine.
Yjce-commodore—H. C. V. Hall.
pear-commodore—H. F. Duko.
(ipt.   II. von Graovenitz.
Vice enpt.- Wm. Shakespeare.
Sec.-Treat.—J. W Fonner.  .
Executive—E. Adamion, C. O. Heaven, B. W. Evans, Capt. Harris. P.. Mc
Hon. Membera-J. 1. Woods, E. Ma
bsn,f. W. p. London, /. P. (fell, Capt.
Cat™, k. G. Parry. Report* of tbe retiring boar.d were received and adopted.
The police pommliiionors comprising
lhe mayor, AM. Foreman and Mr. J.
II. I'uine, iind in regular session yesterday morning, Chief of Police Da-
vies submitted his report fpr February
which was as follows: Oomplainti received from citizens, 45; topofti of
constables, 81; business placet found
open, It; Inquiries for missing persons,
9; warrants executed, 1; mmmonsoi
Borvod, 4; articles found on the atreet,
11; articles reported lost, f, alrcot
lights reported not burning, 6; thefts,
3; police court cases, assault, 0; drunk
and incapable, I); Drunkard's Protection Act, 1; ilii'i'i. i, plumbing bylaw,
1; waterworks bylaw, 2; vagrauey, 2.
Tbe pound-keeper roportcd the detention prior to claim of 1 bom, one white
Indian pony and 13 dogs.
It now becomos necessary for tbo
commissioners to obtain a new site for
a pound since Capt. Cates has intimated by letter that ho wishes bis property ou 4th street to he no longer
usod for that purpose.
Tenders wero received from firms desirous of supplying tho local force with
new uniforms. After careful examination of patterns, etc., the commissioners
accepted the tender of E. Laurin of 1st
street west.
Splendid ptrogrwiiM-pm aim t\f.
tl»t|-Atfj«cHy« Program
Tho .concert ontertaiuiiiout to Ot
pp Wednesday evening next under tho
auspicca of North Vancouver City Baud
promises to create a new standard for
local entertainments of tbis nature.
Mr. Leonard Wty from Vancouver
who bas recently recoivod iuch high
I'licuiiiunis from tbo Vuncouver public,
will be heard for tho flnt time In this
city. Madame Phillips Ib well and favorably known to Nortb Vancouver au.
diencos aud will be received witb acclaim. Tho cornot solo in "My Rosary" (Nevin) will prove a real treat.
A march composed by I r. S. D. Schultx
of this city alia entitled "Tbo Charge
at Dawn," in cdnimemoration of Paar-
debcrg, played by\tbo band, will be one
of the features oft tho evening. Mr.
j Percy Ward likcwrae has a vocal jnalo
quartette in training, which of itself
lis positive assurauceithat tbe audience
: will be fuvored with f|msl enjoyable so-
1 lections from this aoutee. Tbo niom-
i Ith. of Ihe Band are sparing uo effort
lo make this function a conspicuous
success and they are fully deserving
tbat tbeso efforts ihould be warmly
Bccouded by tbo general public in the
way of a full house.
82 x 135 ft. on 21st and Moody
"  $2350
$400 Cash, 6,12, IS, 24
UO Esplanade. Phone 227
Lots in Blk. 1, DI. 597
40 x 132
Dm' illih Caah, balaucc 6, 12, 18 and 24 mouths.
The proposed improvements lo Capilano Road will greatly increase tbo
Tt» 87        R0A0
TAKK NOTICE lhat Ihe Council of the Corporation of the City of North
Vancouver intends i. construct the several works of local improvement on
the slreets and avenues let forth in the schedule appearing below between
the points therein sel out under section OH of Ihe Municipal Act and intends
to assess the final eusl thereof upon the real property fronting or abutting
thereon, and lo be benefitted thereby, uml thul u statement showing tbe lands
liable to pay the said ussessinent and llu- names of the owners tborcof, so
far as can be ascertained from the last revised Assessment Roll is now on file
iu the office of the clerk of tbe Municipality and is open for inspection during
office houn.
Forbes Avenue  Macadamizing frum Ksplauade to 10th
Street  I 5400
Ith Street  Macadamizing from Mahon Avenue lo
'St. Androw'i   6400
St. Ocorge'i  Ave.. Macadamizing from bib to 10th Street     6400
Keith  Bead    Macadamizing from Lunsdule Avenue
to Quconibury Avenue       7200
Lllh Street   Macadamizing from Keith Boad to Bl.
Androw 'i 41 venue 	
16th Streot  Macadamizing from Porbci to Quoeni-
bury Avcuue ' a .'..
41 h Street  Orading to permanent grade from Ma
hon to St. Andrew's Avenuo 	
]3tb Street  Orading   to   permanent   grado   from
Koilh road to St. Andrew'i Avo. ..
15th Street ...k—Orading   to   permanent   grade, from
Forbes Avenue to Quecnsbury Ave,
S:. Oeorgo's Avenue.Grading fo permanint grado from Sth
to J ut Ji itreot     14400
.Orading from permunenl  grade from
3rd to J f.l li ni reel .......:	
.Orading   to   permanent   grado   from
Lonadale to (juconsbury Avenue
St. David'a Avenue.Storm lower from Burrard Inlet to
' .. rfcith rpad	
Lonadale Ava. ■■■...Sanitary aewer Imp .waterfront lo lit
Street  i	
Forbes Avenue
Keith Boad ...
North Vancouver, B. fi.,
March tth], WW.
.«ty dark.
ft 6.
THE EXPRESS .NORTH VANWW Vftft, fl, u WW**] w^f^™'
1836      THE BANK OF
TIIC   PAlfRNQAlfR RUBY:--Con1liiuul
alon may bo a m#n of prlnoj]
honor and still succeed
There aro many strange facts about
Il.h.tii. ''8'°"'1-^ mbieh "° *"l° **** 6t9t s'tpsd
78 Years la Bualneaa.  Capital and Keierva Over 17,600.000.
fs paved with thrift—saving regularly and systematically a
portion nl nun's income, ami depositing it in the {Savings Department of the llinili of British Nm th Aiiii'iicu. lin.- jt will
pe absolutely safe, will be at your call whenever yon need it, and
will be mounting tip steadily with Interest added twice a year.
One Dollar is enough to start an account.
Two Officei in North Vancouver, Corner of Lonadale Ave.
and Eiplanade. Upper Lomdale Avenue, near Uth Street
North Shore Locators
I .	
Block 12a   D, L. 550
' Cleared Lots fronting on the carline
and Grand Boulevard, $900 up.
One-quarter cash, 6, 12, 18 mths.
The Up-to-date Grocery
Mr. A. Arcand, the Manager, will be pleased to ite all his old
customers and alio lo welcome many new ones, and assures them all that
no effort will be spared upon hii part lo please his patrons.
We solicit the trade of all builders who appreciate
High Grade Goods at a moderate price, and the
prompt and careful filling of orders, which our large
slock and long experience in business makes possible.
Burrard Sash & Door Factory, Ltd.
Seven roomed house, lira-place, stone
basement, full size lot. All In lawn and
garden, one block weat of Grand Bouie
vard on crest of tbe bill. Facing loutb
wltb splendid view of harbor. Price
$4,300—$1,000 cash, balance to suit pur
chaser. Apply Box 2256, Nortb Vau
Contractors, Builders, Storekeepers, and Employers
ut I'd only to pbone 321 to bave all .vacancies filled. NO OHAROE
to EMPLOYBB or EMPLOYEE therefore there !• absolutely no nt
eetally to utilize employment Agencies in Viucouver, aa a courploti
lilt  of all  causes  of  workers li kept at tba
Phone 321.     14 Lonidale Avenue.
W. B. HOOD, Bacretary,
Feed Grain
and Ground
At we have now in operation in our new
warehouse in North Vancouver a thoroughly
up-to-date feed grinding plant, we are in a
position to supply />ur North Shore patrons
with the best quality of these goods at prices
as low as can be obtained anywhere in Vancouver.
Prompt deliveries our specialty.
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
Phone 4
When t entered tbt .room Hilt WM 	
landing on one lido qf tjie door, pt, mit myielf tt anything  that  wwill honor *»<• -   - -"-„-,- . „,,„._       _
olaily »a fl Wa bad waved atftt To-bull mite' "ro~ rsdlcnltmi; trot;this aifr-ga dmrmrmr.' tHimnl, »U'»lM- 'TT.f. unj..,t..d or'nalS
make way lor me, meaning to depart passionate, bl»bstrung girl bad ttld j forward conduct and upright dealing, mo " U"W"BI><1 or e*,'m
- . ...    ..... ... ._...,. _k„..k. ■..„*! m. , ^ W|nB)ng tl)e ,,0^,1^0, w* re,p,tt lie t Hy, pf tbeffit
ol those with whom b« Vo]Ai liltor- A fly will wapl tt tbe top of a win-
ooune, will carry a detective farther dewpa-ne, fly bapk to the b'ottpm and
alqng the road tp success In » g|vsn ,_._■ up g-g, ' ugrdly ever does It
undertaking than any otber moana be W\ ^, "'", ?_™ ' * ' "
-..„ IkZaT   ruuniv  In mv oalllni . W Of OOi W' iojfl-
iii'im ni'i'iiti'li fur food always with tbe
M aoon as I bad entered. But ibe only tbs truth when ibe Earned me
did pot. Initead, tbe lnatant I proa- tbat ibe wu In dead earnest. My
led tho threshold, ibe advanced quick- dilemma was muat perplexing—and
ly tt lbe door- She turned tbe key, Irritating, too. Could iba be mtAe tt
thou withdrew It Iron) tbe look, and understand tbat It I expoied my band
baetened tt a cbalr on tbe ilde ot tba now, beloro tba Iuue wai rlpo, lbat the
room farthest away from ma. disclosure might vork Irreparable lu-
I oould not repress a s»ll»-deplto' JW» Wop)d she oqmprebend that
my amaiement at tbeie proceeding,- *wV » •»"«•, f;»M mmedlately
when I reallied that the chair w»a Wv«i the guilty Inside their defences?
placod between us «s an object of de- Could lhe be made tt aee tbat It waa
fence. Bhe stood, very ereot, behind butter fpr her lover to endure a tern-
It, ber band tightly holding tbe back. p«rliry Inconvenience, than to be left
She waa prepared with a weapon of [n » 0°' "0,> where fj «ould never
offence, alio, eor now ber rlgbt hapd be freed from reproach! Perhaps so,
T- w- ■ but only by ibowlng her where her
father itobd. I scarcely need point
appeared, lor tbe tlrst time, from a
fold of her gown; I waa startled tp aee
tbat It beld a small, shining revolver.
Por the Him time, too, bar ha»e| eyes
met mine, and tbey burned wjth a
light which, considering the manner of
my reception, I wai not ilow In ascribing lo a Hate of mind bordering upon
"Hu I am a prisoner," I said.
"You are," she replied. Sbe clipped
ihe words lu an uncompromlilng way
which promised that I wu In (or a bad
quarter of au hour. Where , I.i the
world was Genevelve? I wondered.
Out Miss Belle went on at once, eying
me steadily with a hard, stony look.
"I ihall get to tbe point at once.
bow Impossible sucb a   choice
ind In her present mopdl
"Where Is Mlu Cooper?" I ssked at
She abruptly clutched tbe band tbat
bald tba keys, io that tbey clicked
"Nevor mind," ihe flared at ma, witb
a itamp of ber foot.   "Obey ma."
"And If I don't?"
And now ibe levelled tbe pistol at
im. She throw back ber bead and
ber Dpi curvod.
, "I'll shoot," sbe announced, In a
tenia tone.   "8o help me, I'll tboot."
For a momont we confronted each
other, I utterly nonplussed, every line
It all depend! upon you, whether or  onhaVlri's Vum bMatiitoa relent-
no. you leave .hi. room alive.  It will yUSMf
"Miss Fluette," I tried to reuon
wltb her, "you are beside yourself)
Pray don't do anything you'll regret."
But she stopped me. Her voice wu
buisli and atralned.
"Qet up out of tbat cbalr. Do u I
may adopt. Honesty, lu roy calling
us In all others, Is the boil policy.
But tbere aro certain subtle Intrusions, often illlllcult to ilolluo, which
mo more poton tban tout-prlnti and
thumbprints A man's wordi, tor example, are often of tar leu Importance
tban bli manner of uttering tbem. A
man'i nationality li tbe stump by
whlcb lm iii'i'iiiiDS bli status among
bll lellowi, and everybody In untitled
to Hi'iiu It thut be may weigh and consider and Judge. Honee a man's surroundings bear a thouiand tokens of
bli character; for bim to try to obliterate tbem, to keep tbem bid, li not
to be frank and open, and tbat In It-
•elf Invites suspicion.
My wile object in entering Alfred
Fillet tj's stillly, I In Tel urn, WU
prompted by a hope that I might absorb something of Iti iitinmphere. I
did not know llm man. Here wai tb*
placo where bo spent, bli leisure houn,
where ho unbent and bocame bli nor
mai iclf. it were Indeed strange It I
failed to gain aome concept of hll
I leaned against a wlndow-culnt,
and surveyed the room wltb much
Interest. From the appearance of the
books on iho shelves—they were worn
from use, but their coating of duit
evidenced neglect—I gathered tbe
Idea ihut the master of the houie bad
once been a buoklsh man, but tbat of
late be inni grown away from iuch
pursuits. Here and there on tbe wide
tqpped writing table were letters and
be for you to cbooie, and I think you'll
choose the wiser course. I'm In dead
She wu, whatever   her   purpoie;
there waa no gainsaying that.   1 wu
profoundly curious to learn wbat tbat
purposo was.
"May I sit down?" I uked, calmly,  ""ghould I continue tt humor ber?-
She mads an Impatient gesture with  (0r further parleying wu wholly out I "W™ »>»!m»-im«« "»•= '="»•- —»
tbe hand that clutched the chair-back  0f the question    And If I wrote any-  'mi'm ln llt'1" »""' wl1"8 Q,ller ,et
-the   hand   tbat held the door-boy.   ,|,lDg g[ m u wou)d doubtless bave  '"" n"rt '"""*" ven nelveA UD lnd
But there were two keyi In her graap,   k, m, hor critical Inspectlon-and
I observed.  The (lowing sleeve of her  gj,0 )nt0 bar possesslon-belore she
dressing-gown disclosed a momentary   wm]|,i y|,,|,| ull |m.|,
glimpse ol whlta, rounded arm.        |    i bad to decide quickly.   I started
"It'i useless-useless (or you to play   ^ ()lgkg ray heg0i gnii bangl-the
pistol blared rlgbt Into my (ace.
Heaven knows where the bullet
went; I only know tbat It missed me.
Next Instant I was too busy to think
about bow narrow had been my escape.  1 sprang up aglley enough now
.      .....   ,.  .I~.   In  .old,   III,
(or time. I want to know why you
have permitted Royal Maillot to be
railroaded io Jail"—ibe flung the word
at me—"and permitted a anake like
that creature. Burke, to go scatblras.
"But, no, I don't care (or your nm
Uves.    You kuow   Hoyul   to   be In-
sun behind them- ip that its fays will
reflect on tbo tiny |l1'1'1'11- Yet a blind
hen, for which this reason does not bold
alwayi manages to get tbe inn behind
hijr a|so whon she scratchoi.
Gat] liardly ever lie with tbeir foot
to the Are. In mqst cases tboy lie in-
stoad with their left side turned toward it. But dogi invariably lio witb
their foropaws to tbe Are.
A inouso in''iiinil.li :i Oorfoctly safe
load supply, sntteient for a meal ey
twb, to enjoy tbo perilous pleasure! of
iu unlimited store. It will hido near
lhe food and come out to nibble wbou
is It hungry ,tor it Is not true that
a nnnum rum to iti hole at the flnt
FOB BENT—One suite, furniihed,
alio one unfurnished. Jiateit Improvement!, with heat and telephone,    t.f.
and wu only juat In time to eaicb tho
As 1
nocent.   Between tbe two wbo werol d„ob|n. „guro before It fell,
ln that bouse Tuesday nlght-Boyal, J\ ■ BU,,portlng arm round ber,
open, frank, mul manly;    Alexander P    ' / ,umb|e,j gBOut her face aud
Burke, sly, secretive; and a coward hef ,h0ulders.   Her eyes were
If ever tbere wai one.   Wbat lort ol .     .   h     brl)W wgg ggthjrcd In a
Intellect have you that It should make fro    'hcr ]iaa_we/e pinched Bnd livid,
iuch a choice   between   theae two? .    'A {Smm   She bud not faint
Babl    You're either bue-ln league (J_wg, I10, w|,0|ly unconsclous-lor
with tbe crlmlnals-or a tool." .          ,„„ „M\nt rorth a feeble el-
Sbe   stopped   for   ibeer   lack   of ™   ^ b ,   bl,r,elf.   i eued hor Into
ii'i-ii and |..i|i,'in were heaped up and
scatlercd about In the most darellfl
disorder. The Ink-well and blottln'f
pud were scrupously tidy, but he never
troubled lo clean hll pen! after using
them, or even to place tbem In tba
pen receiver.
To me, nil this argued a man wboae
moral forces were undergoing a slow
but certain deterioration; and wltb
a man lu Alfred Fluotte's position, and
with bis is i,mobilities, tbe possibilities were manifold and ominous. Hll
conscience silll bad a voice tt ralae
In ium. ,.i ugainst meddling with bli
niece's heritage; but ba remained
deal to lbc voice. He could ittop to
villainy; but he wu not io calloul to
wrongdoing but that tbe itooplng
hurt. Alfred Fluette needed a Jolt—
somebody to bring bim up wltb a
short urn -and I reiolved, having the
means, to be Die one to do It.
As my glance   roved   hither   and
breath.  She stood staring at me with   !.,. .k_ir Lhind which she had been -- r ....
-" '- "-"- -• "--   ^g'iK which she now sank  thither about the room, It wu audden-
all the dignity of an outraged queen,
and lor once in my life I wu ao astounded that 1 wu at an utUr loaa
(or words. I sank Into a nearby cbalr
—without her permiulon—and (or tbe
lecond or so o( tbe pause, my thoughts
flew like lightning.
limp and silent. Her chin (ell (or
ward upon her bosom, aud now and
then her shoulders rose In a racking,
gasping sub
She let the still smo'tlng pistol drop
Into my hand, Somewhere below I
could  hear Genevieve calling  wildly
ly arrested snd held
On the writing-table, among a
thousand und one odds and ends, wai
a memorandum calendar. It wu ln
nowise different (rom scores of other
csleiidars; ibe dale displayed wu today's, and In Hie blank space below,
written In a large, llrm band, appear
ed  a  noiiniiin.
But .this memorandum contained a
Wben Miss Fluette wu carried from
tbe Page library the,,prevlous day hor g"d"Mroe"'one~poundlng away upon
condition promised a long alege of 111- .
ness; Dr. Ue Breen had conllrmed my N'    , „,   tb,   gey,   from   Mlai                                       •.._..„.
own lurmlse with a declaration to ibat ""' tjP' .       ' gnd Won had  most peculiar word.  Somehow aa my
effect.   Why, then, wu lbe uo. at tbli ■*".JM Zmmn.   The cries  eye encountered It, a thrill ran through
moment fn bed, with Genevieve car- ^ne/l nl'   hid Teased, and I sur-  me.   I could aot define It; the tbrl)
Ing for ber?   I had an engagement »* P°"St  thMrooiTol malda and   was wUbout perceptible meaning, bu
with Genevieve;  she wu   expec.lqg 5^, ..wnU chattoftll OB the lower   I felt/hai the odd word should tall
at eight o'clock.   Mlsi Belle's appear- ....,    . ... ,b() iliCOnd itory ball had
ance Indicated lhat sbe had prepared
(or tbis meeting wltb the utmost
baate—ibe had probably risen and
donned dressing-gown and slippers
altar 1 had rang the doorbell. Wbat,
tben, bad sbe done wltb Genevieve?
I was noi In the leu! Irlgbtened
by ber display of Ibe pistol. To tell
the truth, It was only wllh much difficulty tbat 1 kept from laughing.  Still,
stairs and lu tbe second story I
been attracted to their wurce. Then
t hope cime to me tbat the ihot bad
passed unotlced.
Well, It transpired tbat Genevieve
wu locked In a room on tbe second
floor, much to the amaiement ol tbo
lerviuli, none ol whom, 1 wu thankful to lurft, bad hewd Ihe abot.
Genevieve bad, though, or I wu very
mucb mlitaken In the cauie of her
I did io.     The girl wai plainly so   ,)g.oroui effort to attract attention and
overwrought that ihe wu (airly (ran   b„ BreMDt (reniled appeali (or lome
tic, end It would require the utmoit   0i, ^ breg|( down the door.
circumspection on my part to keep I    „0b   please, pleue don't wait (or
her (rom precipitating matteri belore   ^ j^.» ,be'wu lm.porlunlng tbem.
laomctwdy came.   Tbe  women lo'kl,   ..}>rttg jD iha.dqor—only hurry!"
' I landed, would then need tbe assist i    "Evtrythiu^s all right, Mlas Coop-
ance ol a man; but (or the preient ' #r» j cg|ied.   A little cry ol rellel
"her condition demanded tbat I be at   cg^M jrom beyond the closed portal.
leut considerate. 	
Bo I concluded lo burner bar.
"What Is It you wlib -me to dot' '
I Inquired, uot forgetting my dlgnl'y.
She waved Ihe Insignificant wtapon
toward a writing desk.
"There are pom and Ink and pa
per," she said, her vole  iremuloui
wltb luppressed parslon.  "1 went y u
to write down a plain, slralglittorward
declaration thai Royal Malllol li In
iiiniiii   and  then follow II wltb  the
reuoni why you know him lo be In
nocent   for you have those reasons.
Doubtleu It will Included an etpoiqe
The couucil of the District of North
Vancouver invite applications for tho
position of Constable. There are three
vacancies, ono for a man tu take share
in general patrol wurk, and act as
Chief, at a salary of (0(1 per month,
ami a half-yearly allowance of $16 towards cost of uniform, aud twu fur or-
11 i un ry constables at 111 per mouth, and
half-yearly allowance of $16 os above.
Apply before the Mil '.lm i, stating
I'iri mu* experienco to /
District Municipal Office,
North Vancouver, B. 0. Ill
"I have the key," I addod.
The lecond key whlcb Mlu Fluetto .
had bed wu tbe one, and I bad the  tender I ght to the blue eyei.
mo something. Tbe word wu odd, In
lact, that I feared 1 could not remember It. So 1 copied It upon tbe back
of an envelope, thus:
Immediately under It bad been written: "10 o'clock."
Further speculation on the matter
was Interrupted by Genevieve coming
downstairs. 1 stepped Into tbe ball
wben I heard lur, and she at ones
joined me. We went Into the living-
Her beautiful eyes wore round wltb
wonder,'ber sweet lace filled with concern; but before 1 entered Into any
explanations, 1 turned to ber and bald
oul my arms.
"First," I whispered, "I want tt
know whether It Is real."
She I'liugbi her breath sharply; tha
color came quickly to ber checks, a
bolt ibot In a Jiffy. Genevieve ran
itralgbt tt me and threw herself Into
ay arms.
Whatever ll wu ibe meant to lay
In ber first overjoyed transport, remained unsaid; (or I unceremoniously
clapped a ..and over ber mouth, picked
her up and carried her bodily buck Into tbe room, and slammed tbe door
upon the gaping aervaaU.
"They don't know," I aald.  "Go up-
u, n,o •um.. „„,..     ii  ...  -.    .     stairs to Belle; she hu fainted.  Tho
^.Ir^ol^iLZ^:,^' '* ,Ut   aiploilonwu accidental, and no one
line lor auch a dlacloiure.1
The amazing effrontery ol the pro
poul made me gun. Suppoie I were
to tell ber Hut I believed ber (atber
to be the guilty man? Ilea vena and
earth!   Here wu a pretty pan!
"Mlai Flueltc," I uid al leng'b, very
gravely, "iuch a declaration from m
would bave no more weight Iban Hit
ibeet of paper Ulclf. The matter li
entirely out of my hinds. Fur her
tban to procure the evidence necea-
wry tt convict the guilty, 1 bave no
Influence whatever."
"So!" Her Up curled and ber eyei
Bashed "You would weave a rope
about Hovers neck!"
"I would not," I emphatically disputed. "If Royal Maillot wu Inatru
mental In Felix Page's deitli. he wu
ao Innocently.  He don't know now—"
She broke In, leasing with Intense
eagerness acroaa tha chair-back. ,
"Then wby li be In prison?" There
wu a note of triumph In her voice,
u If she bad me cornered     t   —v
"Mlu Fluette," 1 replied ufneit.tly,
"will you listen to ma tor p few win
utes? Believe me, there ia no occa-
•loo for tbli deiperata manner-"
"I am desperate."
"Perhaps. I understand yonr feel-
In gi; you and Mr. Maillot bave my
deepest sympa—^
She cut me short with a rap of tha
wu hurt." I wu still holding her
in my anna. "God bleu you!" 1
whispered at bar eat. And then-
Wall, even the exigencies of a memoir do not require that I ibould aet
down what occurred than. Genevieve,
bar checks aflame, broke from my embrace and ran out of tha room. I
board bar light steps upon the stain,
aod then toe door tt the room wbicb
>hiid coma near being the acene of a
tragedy, opened and closed.
Oinivlive'i Minion.
Almoit at one* a aununona came
from tha upitalrs room (or Mlu
Bslle'i maid. The rut of tha lervanu
were dlamlued, and Genevlove signalled over tha baJuatera tor ma to
A vei? old man, cheerfully garru-
loua, who announced tbat ha wu the  Knowles Swift, to have" acted ao reck
butler, took me dowMtalrs. lastly.  Tbe very idea of a une man
"Tba   drawing-room—llv.ngroom—  creeping through that dark hall and
If you're of a mind to smoke, air,  up tioae dark alalrs, and plunging ln<
put ber hum!., confidently Into mint.
"What has happened to you?" ahe
uked, standing away from me and
staring wllh perplexed solicitude at
tbe teaMmouy ol Sludger's barbarous
surgery. I had forgotten all about the
red-hot poker.
/'A mere scratch—a nothing," I
mado light of It. "I'll toll you all
ubuut it wben the time comei. There
are too many other thlngi to ba dis
poied o( first."
"But—you bave been wounded," aha
persisted, now thoroughly alarmed.
And so I had to toll her about the
night's adventure, wbicb I did, (or tba
most part sbamclacedly enough,
It WU a delight to watch the different expressions flit acrou her lovely countenance, to see them mingle
and blend and give away to others- -
wonder, amaiement, awe, horror, terror—I can't begin to name them all.
A icore of times sbe Interrupted me,
but It wu alwayi a welcome Inter
i nn' inn.     •
"Stodger'i a trump,". I concluded.
"Think of him Jumping up from a
sound sleep and (browing himself Into
tho thick of the fray, without one
second's hesitation."
"Y-c-s," ihe agrud, but there wu
no enthusiasm In her tone. Then she
turned warmly upon me.
"I'm thinking, though, tbat you've
been gifted with mighty little sense,
SEALED TENDERS marked "Tender for St. David's storm sewer" «|
be received by the city clerk of Nortli
Vancouver up tu 12 o'clock uuuu uu
Monday tbe ISth day of March, 1012,
for supplying all the materials nmi
constructing and cuniplotiug a storm
sewer with catch basin connections ou
St. David's Avenue, frum tho water-
(runt tu Keith ruad.
All the above mentioned wurk tu bo
carried uut according to plaus, profiles,
r.oss sections aod specifiratiuns pre
pured by tbe city engineer.
All tenders for the work Must, be
mails on the forms ul tender supplied
by the cily engiueer.
A cheque for 6 per cent of the umouut
uf the tonder must accuuipany each
and every tender.
A buiiil of 26 por cent, of the amount
of tbo contract will be required.
Tho lowosi or any tonder not ueces
sarily accepted.
City Engineer.
City Engineer's Office,
North Vancouver,
Feb. 27th, 1812s 16.1
to he know aot wbatl" She eyed me
"But I did know," I protested meekly.  "Jt wu the dtagtre,
There wu a wlemn rebuke In the
alow shaking other head.   "A man
WW.)   •»».
Mr. Fluet.te's study." He Indicated
each of the rooms mentioned with a
little flourish of the band.
Although I am sot a smoker, the
word "study" arretted my attention.
I Indicated my preference.   The old
man InetanUy clapped a band to one  swears ao," ahe alghed,   "when   he
«,». mm, w~... .,        ,        .„  m, ml, leaning toward me, shouted  does anything awkward, like that"
olsto" upon"the"c'bair-I«ck;'T looked   Into my tim, Tioy?"   So I deotded     I remained discreetly tllent
to aee the thing go off. the   mfttsr   tor  myself by striding     However, she wu too much oxer-
'•We don't want sympathy," aba uid  Iowa the hall to where t door atood oltfed over my "wound"—u ahe per
through her totto.  "Wewaat jnalioe.   Invitingly open, tilted in calling the loretoh on my
~i,...,?.. „,„.n ia..   n- „„„. >k— i   Now perbapi you may consider it cii^ek -and the loss of the ruby to
to bave been the ant duty of a tra- encourage any levity. Honestly, at
dllional detective to take advantage tbat nulment I cared not a wblt for tbe
of thla opportunity, and perhaps you ruby. ' Besides, there were consols-
rnpy be right. However, I believe 1 lions which I need not record, it wu
can aasort, with aome meuure ot real—very, vary real; and I wu the
authority that a man to my profee-
And justice we'll bava. do over there
ml write!"
She Imperiously Indicated the desk.
Waa a wan ever caught In aucb an
abturd predicament I fwu truly sober (WW. jt ww resolved wt to oo*
dor for I.onsdale Avenue Sewer" will
be rcceivqd by tbe City Clerk of the
City of Nortb Vaueouver up to 12 *
o'clock noon On Monday the J 1th day
of March, 11M2, for supplying all tbe
materials and constructing and com
pletiog a sanitary sewer witb lot connections un I.onsdale aveuue between
tbe waterfront aud First streot.
All the1 abovo mentioned work to be
carried out according to plans, profiles
cross sections and specifications prepared by the city on(rineer,
All tenders for tho work must be
made ou forms of tonder supplied by
tho rity engineer.
A cheque for 6 per cent, of the -
amount of the tondor must accompany
each and every tender,
A bond of 25% of the amount of the
contract will be required. <
Tho lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Oity Engloeer,
City Engineer's Office,
North Vancouver,
Vtb. 27th, Ull. hi m
. The International Sunday School Lesson. First Quarter. Iiosson X. Hark
1:89-16. March 10, 1812. Jesus  tbs
.The scone of Jesus' tireless activity
is at onco transferred from |ho pub-
Unity nf tho synagoguo tp tbo swoot
privacy of tho homo of tbo chiofost of
of |bo apostlos. What 1'otor had just
seen of the Master's ppwer in his own
home—a low, consuming, fatal fever.
This domestic miracle will produce no
such sensation as tbat wrought ib the
synagogue) but lovo for His disciple
■table character ai well ss sympathy
for the sufferer, loads Jesus tp givo tbe
mini und lunch ul' ;,„„■.'.-.     What God
does la well doqu. Nn tedious convalescence follows the breaking of the fever.
As a token of gratitude, tbo sick woman instantly rises iron) ber eoueh
and prepares a savory meal.  All un
consciously |be gives a convincing evidence of tbe perfection of hor euro at
the iame time lbj> refreshes tbo Muster
Him fpr tho overwhelming exaction!
of tbt curly evenjng.For scarcely was
the meal finished before the street In
front of Peter's houso was converted
Into a hospital. That miracle in the
synagoguo bad beon a silver boll whose
nptes of hope had sounded in evory
shadowed heme,   in obedience to its
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North Vancouver Business & Professional Cards
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li.llillllil.i     Build*
Auditor and  Accountant
10) Lonsdale Avenue. 1'. 0, Bos -107
Norlli Vuncuuver. l'hono 137
I'ercy   8   H"»»"l
II    i    i, 11.1.
i'lty   Auditor
Auditors    ui"I     An.sni.lni.lB
H2& Peniler si    vv       v. 0   Uos  llii
I'hune iiii I'lione IH
Vancouver        Norlli Vancouver
Mil AHV I'l HI H'
I'll 6th Stiust Eaat (furtb Vancouver
i'bone 273
t 111 Al I. VMM M.S.
Pionoer Horsosboor -' Carriage Works
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Street.   General n.nair wurk.
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Plans Executed       1   Kitimatoa Oivon
Centre and Hill Road
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General Contractors
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cleaning and pressing. Charges moder
at., work guaranteed. Cor. J.onsdnli
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, 1	
A.MIX I- 8.
Irrigation, drains*, levels, plans
and •|icnlii'»lioiis. Septic tanks sand
houae drainage a sjodally. V. 0.
Pox Hi, I6lb atreet wjst ot Bawieke
And general Commif ion Merchant, it
Lonsdale Ave, Nortli Vancouver.
.  m-
TKACHKBI   (II till I!).
Specialty: Children's lesions at owu
home.    Terms ' etc., apply General
Lynn Valley Temperance Hotel
North Vane uver
On tba car line. Hoarding meals.
Oood eciommodation /or working men.
Contractm' men bearded. By. Eastcott,
• " mm
encouraging call, whon tbe setting sun
l|ad 'absolved tho popple from their
oyer-strained notions of Sabbstb pb-
IJim whose sovereign power had bad
inch a conspicuous exemplification.
From ouo sufferer's mat to another
Jesus walked in tbat hastily-extern-
porizml liiMr-bauso under the stars. Nor
did ho desist as long as tbere was n
tiny sufforor on any mother's gentle
bosom. Now wo know bow Capornum
was liiii'd to heaven in point of privilege. No other city bad such a perfect
exhibition of Jesus' power. In a single night every malevolent demon was
expelled, evory diseased person made
whole. Tbo mm that wont down on u
sick and suffering city rose upon one
healed and happy. Yet aee onco more
the inveterate powor of sin. Those
mighty works produced no gonoral or
lasting faith in Jesus. Capernaum's
doom wub desorvod. Cfnt fairly bears
tbo Master'b stern fiords still waking
tbo echoes of bor desolation, "Thou
shalt bo brought down to bell.'1
Tbe Teacher'i Lantern
Tbo glittering fragments of tbo marble synagoguo which tbo centurion proselyte built greet the eyo pf tbo mortem traveler. Fragmonts pf tho conventional twisted follago ornamentation
can still bo tracod—muto reminders of
the sentence of death Jesus passed upon tho recreant city. Mark'a spirited narrative describes Jesus going to
tbe synagogue as soon as tbe doors were
open. Ily common consent Ho took the
stand ami uttered words tbat bad the
principle of life in tbcm. lie quoted
the prophets as if He Himself was fore
shadowed in their message This
quality of : di iu "i'Hivi'iic.'iii made Jesus
different from the conventional teacher.
"I say unto you!" "I am the way,
door, vine, shepherd, truth, life, rcsur
red ion I" "lief oro Abraham was 1
am. " The vulgar wit that is forever
tossing its insane jibes at tho "Mn
theriuluw" here has it srobuko. It
is one that bad that relation to tho
chief of His disciples, wbo is the object
of the Musters' loving solieitude. That
•' .-i'i i'isi iii Capernaum is Jesus' wbuli'
life iu miniature—attendance ou the
synagogue; sermon, expulsion of-demon
beneficent deed iu Peter's home, heal
mi' "i ull sick folks brought at sundown—ull closing with His lonely vigil
in the solitary placo. Wbat a tireless
toiler! Whal human life was ever
packed with greater industry—aud all
that He ministered and gave Himself
for others I
Mosaic from tbe Commentaries
One of the busiest days in tbe life
of Jesus, but only 11 specimen of ninny.
In Ills ordinary preaching Jesus was
"(loud news." Miracle in Peter's .house
is pruuf and example of His contiun
ous power to bless the bogie. Multi
tudc came for healing at sun down be
csuse of tho heat of tbo day—because
tbe Sabbath euded then snd because by
Ibat time fame of tbe day's miracles
had beeu widely 1 j.ir.i.i In cominuu
ion in the solitary place Ho sought re
frcsbmeut after the Hrst two strenuous
days of His public ministry. Going to
tbo next towns to preach Uo did more
for the Kiugdom iban if He bad re
n.il1.i.l ouly tu beal. Lcprously leisurely eats up its victim in ono long,
remorseless meal. The first buuness of
Ibe church is to call men to repentance.
Its uext business is 10 imitate Jesut
111 improving tbo physical conditions ol
lhe people.     '
Analyses kud Key
Jesus in the home of Peter.
A domestic miraclo.
Perfection of euro. Evideneo of it.
Illustrates Jesus' power to bless tbe
The street a hospital ward.
Every patient cured.
t-in's mi derate power illustrated.
Jesus 'failure to produco faith.
Capernaum's doom desnrvod.
Young People'1 Devotional Service-
March 10, 1013. John 1:1-16 Christ
Tho minister prayed "God bleu my
people as they shall stand in Ibeir pulpits tomorrow in nursery or kitchen,
111 shop or store. May tbey preach well.
May their sermons bo tboir pure con
.11 .iiiun. tboir patience and fortitude
their gladness and hopefulness. May
Ihe 'amen' to Iheir sermon be the imi
tat ion of their example by thoae witb
iiliqiii Ihey are most closely aasociatcdl
Kcitb road west (old location) road
will be closed /rom wost boundary of
II. L. 666 westwards during the con
structiou of trestle in I). L. 666 until
further notice.
District Engineer.
Shim Gum
My clothes are at the Capilano
Laundry where yours ought te bs.
Flat work for 85 cents' Apt. Bough
dry, 4c lb., wet wash, te lb. Drop us
a card and ws will call for them.
P. 0. Bw mt
For dnly 11 down and $1
weekly you can buy the
CANADA'S PRIDE MALLEABLE .BANOB, reservoir or waterfront complete titled up. See tbe
BANOB. They ' lut a
Prompt Delivery.
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No job too biiiuII. None too large.
Our services arc at your disposal night or duy,
We've severed our connection witb
"Tho Light Brigade"
The "Wild Charge" they mode
Postal Addreas:
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North Vancouver
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Voncouver. 80-3
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chicks.- tU». i9emJoe,.hypn 'J
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uml ferry, lady's gold watch witb fob.
Monogram B. M. V. Reward. Phone
HAS ur leave st Kxpress Ollice.       8-8
LOST- From the Wallace Shipyards
1.1.1. Iwh slicks of timber 8x111x00 feet,
lir. Finder will please notify the
abuve and receive reward. t.f
Engineers Department
experience of waterworks and sub die
iiion plans.     Apply personally to
Districl Engineer.
fith March, 1012. t.f
JWI Oaimrt W»H 'a» Mto flan
The regular weekly meeting nf tin
ferry directorate took plsfe yesterday
afternoon, Muyor"AfeNeisb presiding
over a full attendance of tho board.
A letter was received from tho department of mariue and fisheries refusing to Bauction tho provision of a suitable vessel wherein the harbor waster
of Vanoouver might kpep the Tnlet froe
of floating debris and drift wood. The
letter quoted section 36 of tlie regulations governing those piattorB, and re
ferred to'the probability of owners'
marks being on the floating timber In
Tbe Board decided that the department evidently did ^.understand the
conditions existing here, seeing thut il
Ini-ion was seriously made to driftwood
being branded for identification. Apparently thoy .did nut properly conceive the kind oNebris Manager llcnrd
had had to roinovo'.from tho propeller
of the ferries,
Mr. II. O. Wright introduced Mio to
pic of advertising a question which
evoked from Capt. fates tbe truism
that if thoy didn't ad«erUee\mine
would know they were Iho-u XJha
Board decided (with symptoms of
thusla'sin) tbat Ihey musl cotltinue to
advertise tbeir time-table.
Mr. Wright then intimated ilial be
had changed his mind on tbe matter
of bringing the cars on lo Ibo wharf.
He did not, ofter consideration, think
it advisable to do so ill view of the
amount of traffic that would toevltab!}
tbo wbarf and probably become
congested iu time tu come
The Hoard decided that Mr. II. L.
Retd should be retained in solicitor tu
the forry compuny.
A communication came to hand frnm
McDougall, •leuktns Englu 'ri, lu the
effect that three of lhe ISI fuel nil tanks
would bo completed today e"'l in r'ldi
ness for teslin/. The boai i expressed
satisfaction hu I Manager lluar-1 wil
lest the threo tanks this al'lirnoon.
Copt. Cali-s made nteicicc \„ Md
Irwin's suggestion at l.nsl Monday -
oun.ii ineoli i ...'it the capl \n- "I ibi
■ irii'S be empowered to shi.w somo con
i.irct'on wlun 'lie street ra.'S fn!l'l',v
, few momenta to connect with tl"
ferries. The Captain pointed'- out the
impossibility of such u course. Tbej
had their schedule and if the cars were
not there at the appointed lime, lbc
gates must close ami the Imal pull out
without delay, 'flic Hoard wos uuau
minus in the matter of adhering strict
ly to tbo schedule, ths Capilano car.
being instanced as most erratic ll
was suggested Ihul tins complaint
aliuuld be taken lo Ihe proper quarter
A special session is lo he held on
Monday when several uiullOr's of nn
portance will bu dealt with.
Socialist Meeting To-Night
if. P, nim-aBi.iiailmnl
the Socialist p»r|y qf U, 8., wllljao'
ture lu (he Er of P, Hell, eorner of
I'lie.iterlielil Avenue and 4th "truut at
8 o'clock tbis evening. Mr. chase
boars tho distinction of beiug the first
mayor ^ver elected upon tbe Socialist
lii'l.m in the U, H. He is considered
oue of the bust speakers in American
lecturing in all the chief cities of the
II. S. also iu Victoria, Vanoouver and
Nanaimo, B. 0. In view of the Industrial unrest all over the world and the
alarming growth of the Socialist vote,
iu overy country, it will bo Interesting
to beur the views oi one high in tbe
circles of what Is considered the greatest political party the world has ever
known, l .'"li™ are invited to join tbeir
husbands in attendance. Admission
Ferry Oates Again Prove Their Value     jjbeRALS ELECT DELEGATES
The theory that Calamities never in
eur singly was home out on Wedncs
dav »Inn Lonsdale avenue wss the
scene uf Iwo runaway accidents. The
firsl rebellious steed wss one belonging
in Solomon Harris, an .expressman of
Vuncouver. It was attached tu a rig
uud was seen to start away from the
curlier of First street Bnd Lousdale,
where it had previously been standing
quiell)-. ll commenced at a leisurely
gallop, hut subsequently increased speed
and made savagely fur the wharf, where
il came into collision with u horse and
ng belonging to K. Hills, a purveyor of
milk. One of Ihe shurts of the rig
pierced the side uf Mr. Hill's horse,
ami a considerable quantity of milk
wu? spilt in consequence of the impact.
One of the ferry gales, which were
happily closed, brought the runaway
lo its senses,
This was on Wednesday morning. In
the aflernoon of the same day, jusl
when the 5.30.ferry was disgorging its
passengers, tlio animal attached to a
rig bwned by P. Burns' took it iuto its
bead to earner down tbo avenue at
a reckless pace lu ihis instance the
olficisls on the wharf lowered the mid
die gale with oil possible speed aud into
this the horse crashed. Had not immediate action been taken, the aunuul
would doubtless have bolted into a
group of arrivals witb very serious con
It was noticed tbet neither of the
runawuys—both of which had started
sway while standing- had tbe custom
ory weight attached.
Norlh Vuiicoiiver Liberal Assoeialio'i
met lest night in their primaries for
the appointment of u candidate for
Bichmond ruling. The chair was ucci
pied by Mr. M. H. Martinson, president,
who in a short speech emphasized the
desirability, from u parly standpoint,
of an active campaign during the ap
'preaching elections. Ho »us sup
ported by Mr. A. Philip, Mr. W. L.
Iloult und others. The following de
legates wero then elected lo the eon
volition: Messrs. M. B. Martinson, Juhn
Uwson, John McAllister, Jus. Hain, W.
Meteolf, J. MacEwan, J. Hay, T. 8
Brown, A. Pbilip, A   Iv Wughorue, .1
'lv Hcunlon, U. .1. Phillipo, W. L. lloull
T. MacEwan, It. J. Fowler uml Orvan
|Shoemaker. In order to ensure a full
attendance of delegates at the conveu
I um six others were elected as aller
'nates.   They ure Messrs.  W.  Moir, '
Carthew, W. ,1. Wilson, Alex. Smith, Vf.
Oreen and A. VI. Sargent.
James Wickcrshuni, delegate from
Alaska, issued tbe first newspaper al
Fairbanks, using a typewriter for thr
purpose, and so greal was the demand
for copies ut the unique publication
that they sold tat H apiece. He re
ccived a number of letters one day
containing various items of Important
news from tbe United (Sates and the
idea of publishing a paper was sug
gested. Wiekershuin sited ss editor
publisher aud couiposilor.-Argoiiaut.
33 Foot lot, block 17, D. L. 286 on First street  ,. .13,800
Double comer, block 8, D. L, itt    $8,600
60 Feet Third Street, block 21. D. L. m  12,100
100 Faet Third atreet, black 21, D. L. 273  11,800
100 Feet in block 136, D. L. 271         *6,6«0
thorn HH V. 0. Boa 2318
Agenti (or London Aaturance Co.
I        SI I ' '■'
We have ■ good (election of Homes (of Sale or Rent
Longfellow's handwriting was a
hold,* frank, black hand.
Napoleon's handwriting waa not only illegible; it 1/ said that his letters from tlcrmany to Josephine were
at llrsl taken for rough maps of Ihe
icuts of war.
.Charles Dickens' handwriting was
very minute, aud his habit of writing
willi blue ink upon bluo paper, wilb
frequent ioturliueations and cross lines
made his copy a burden alike to com
posilor and proofreader.
A reckless compositor ono day wont
to Jules Yauiu and besought him to
decipher, some pages of bis own man
uecrlpt. Thu great man replied that
hu would rather rewritu than attompl
tu read over again what ho bad writ
But no penman, either American or
foreign, could havo been worse tban
Horace Greeley. "Good gracious," ssid
a new compositor lo whom a "take"
uf tbe editor's copy had been handed,
"if llelsha/.-iir had seen this writing
ou the wall he would have been more
terrified lhan he was."
A machine fur felling trees Jibs been
invented in Berlin. The principle of
the Invention is thst hy pulling an or
dinnry steel wire rapidly backwards
uiul forward around the' tree to be
felled sufficient heat is developed by
lhe friction to bum a smooth grume
through lhe stem uf tho tree. The
American Consul General iu Berlin
-iivs ii.in the inventor illustrsles his
invention by means of an ordinary
sleel wire about a yard in length whicii
Is provided wilh a single handed grip
ut each end, which be pullt rapidly
backwards and forwards around a cbair
or table1 leg, tbo wire thus burning u
groove into the wood. In actual tree
cutting a smooth, tensely drawn steel
wire, having s diameter of .030 in. to
111 iu, and a length about twice the
dismutcr of the tree, is placed around
Iho stem where the cut is lo be msde,
uud is fastened Bt cseh end by means
of easily manipulated clasps to the two
ends of a long steel eablo ur hawser
leading lo the rapidly transportable
electric puwer machine. In the case of
the harder wood varieties a wire with
side projections is substituted for or
Unary smooth wire, and iu some cases
a cable or two mure wires is used. Ku. h
of thu Iwo ends of the power cable or
hawser paises, at tbe machine end,
ihruugli eyes In each eud uf a double-
Brined lever, frum where they are
brought together aud passed through
lhe hollow shaft In the centre uf Ihe
lever, afPer which they are wound up
together upon p pulley or windlass
With a "rank. In thll way any 8la«k
In tha eablo way be taken tip ,am| tho
cutting may be
regulated. The double-armed lever pf
the power machine is driven backwards
and forwards upon its central shad by
means of a driving rod from ait eccentric wheel which rotates by motor power. Tbe power cable and the wire
aro thus pulled backwards and forwards
at tha rata of 16.4 ft per second. In
cutting down trees lhe eablo Is chosen
long enough to make It possible to place
tha machine out of reach'of the falling
Bev, Dr. Spencer, Supt. Local Op
tiuu, has just returned from attending
tbe National Prohibition Congress ro
cently held in Toronto, and reports
tbat It was a large and enthusiastic
Congress throughout. Tbe work of
tbe Dominion Alliance waa outlined
with a view to Provincial and then
Dominion Prohibition. Mr. ft. H,
Cairns, uf ch illi wad,, and Mr. W. J,
Paris, of Vancouver, were elected
Vlce-Presidente of tbe Dominion Al)
iaace, and Dr. Ernest Hall and Dr.
Spencer Members of the Executive
After tbe Congress Dr. Spencer visit
ed his former pastorates and received
a hearty welcomo by large congregations and in. ii.ii. in Ontario. He reports that great interest in Britlsn
Columbia ia in evidence in every place
visited. Many expressed Iheir deter
niiiiation to come to this land of Sun
shine, Showers and Flowers.
His Honour the Lieutenant Governor
in Council has heen pleased to appoint
William Alexauder Macdouald, of tne
City of Vancouver, K i'. a Commissioner under the "Public Inquiries
Act," to examine the records of Ihe
Laud Begistry offices fur the Vancou-
ver Land Begistrstion District uiul the
New Westminster Land Itegislruii"'
District, anil to ascertain to
what extent registration has
been effected of the subdivisions ol
lands granted by the Crown sinco tne
passing of the "Und Act Amendment
Act, 1806," and what lots and blocks
of land comprised in such subdivisions
have been conveyed to Ibe Crown in
sccordanco with the requirements or
the said Act aud "An Act to ainomt
and Consolidate the Laws affecting
Crown Lends".;
Aud further to enquire iuto the re
gistrstion of any plans of the subdi
visious of tbe said lauds so granted by
tbe Crown aud Ihe conveyance and al
ii'iiaiiuii uf any portion of tbe lands so
subdivided and the manner and cirrum
stances in aud under which the said
lands so subdivided are beld by tbe re
gistercd owners or by the applicants for
registration thereof.
The rommieaionsr will hold bis Arsl
meeting at the County Court Jury Room
io the Court houso at Vancouver, ou
Tuesdsy ,tbc 12tb day of March, in
stent, at 10,30 o'clock in the forenoon,
of which all persous interested aro
hereby to take notice and govern tbcm
selves accordingly.
Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Secretary's Office,
Sod March, 1012. 121
New Spring Goods Arriving Daily
Frank W. Slater's
in all tha Naweat and LaUat Shapei     ^
■»»♦»%>%»»%»»»•*%»<• -%wmm
Wood-Paige Shoe Co.
Uml Crowa Black.      Next Baak oi Unreal     Opp. CHy H.U
 J& i_
We are Exclusive Agents
——— -n— ""■
in this Territory for
"      I ■    I" I'' ,1, l I II '
BMABT'B    (0)    HAMMBBS    AND
Bach of these linos are conceded to
be the standard of the country. Ou>\
stock Is all bought from representative
flrnis. Some of these Hum we are
compelled to aak a little more fer be-
cause It cost) money to manufacture a
bigb grade article.
paine & McMillan
Phone 12.
Wholesale and Retail Hardware
TAKE NOTICE that the Council of
tho Corporation of tho City of North
Vancouver iutcuds to construct us a
work of local improvement the extending or prolonging by filling in of the
foreshore in front of and on the line
of liewickc Avenue and Pell Avenue in
front uf a portion of District Lot 265,
and the construction uf hulk heuds nr
retaining walls ol the ends uf the fills
opposite tho end uf Gewicke Avouuo
and Pell Avenue aforesaid, under section Ht) of the Municipal Clausos Aet
and intends to assess the, liual eust
Ihereuf upun the real property fronting
nr abutting thereun, and tn he benefitted I hereby, uud that a statement
showing the lands liuble tu pay the
laid uis ■> -hiu-ni and thu names uf tbe
owners thereof,'so far as can be ascer
lainod from thcNaat revised Assessment
Holl is now on til.' 'Ik. the Olli.-e of the
Clerk of the Municipal™ and is open
fur inspection during office hours,
i    \
Tbe estimated cost of tbo wurk Is
119,000, of which $11,600 is to be provided out of tbe general fuuds uf tlie
City Clerk.
Nortb Vanrouver, B. C,
March Sth, IHI!,
Tbo Vogue Millinery Parlors, Masonic Building, Lunsdale Ave., will be in
gala attire Wednesday, March 13th,
and following days with all tbe new
and pretty things the ladies love in the
way of millinery. Plowers will be greatly in evidence, foreshadowing tbeir
popularity tbis coming season. All
are welcome to call aud inspect. 12 3
Tenders wanted for the laying of
4,600 lineal feet uf plank walk in Districl Lot 852 and 842 (Park Crest).
Plans and spccilientiuus cun bo seen at
Ihe maiu office of the J. P. Crawford
Company, 26 Lonsdale Avenuo, Nortb
Vancouver. Lowest tender' not necessarily accepted. No tenders accepted
later tbau 6 p.in, Muuday, llth March.
Preference will be given to residents
of Lynn Valley. 8-3
10,000 corda of dry Ar wood for quick
sale. Price per odd corda, »l.76. Bpn
clal quotations for larger quantities.
Out Wood, 16 Inches, H-'it. 13 inches
HM. C. 0. D.
Office and. Yard- -Mid and I-onidale
Phone 190.    P. O. boi 2432.
Have Your
Filled by fe
■ ■<
North Shore Drug Co,
Druggist, 116 Eiplanade West


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