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1         .'" I'
|V( slnc^inn.   Tlje financial aid whieh
(IBIfBBAIi   BPamBBB   Of   UK
aiinii inisinl at a Kcunl winding,
Mignr Mitblaish waa promptly adi
The l'acillc Qreat Kuslern Railway
situatiuu wa* thoroughly discussed on
Wednesday evening when a representative conference took place In tbe city
hall among thoso present being tha
Hon. P. I,. Carter-Cotton, Mr. A. H. p.
Maetlowaii, M.P.P., 'Vancouver, Ma
yur McNeish, Beeve May, Keove Nelson, Aid. McBae, Alii. Foreman, Aid.
Bias, Aid. Dick, Coun. Bridgman and
Couu. Mathers of West Vancouver.
At the outset Mayor McNeish read
letters from tbe secretary of tbe Vaucuuver llounl of Trade, staliog tbat the
buard wuulil be represented; from the
clerk uf Vancouver, stating that iu the
absence of Mayor Fiinllay Aid. Bailer
hail been appoiuteti the city's representative, ami from Dr. McUuire, M.
P.P., C. E. Tisdale, M.P.P., ami from
11. II. Walton, M.P.P., each express-
iug regret at inability to kltepd.
In upeuiug the meetiug Mayor Mc
Neish briefly outlined the purpose) l'l
which the coufereuce had heeu culled.
The l'u,iiiu Ureal Pastern bill made
i .'iiiiii, prut mmm. relative to const rue
tiou uii the nurth shure, but compliance
with these provisiou) hail been delay
r,i ou lhc lean of the railway company.
It wat evident that tho matter musl
be pressed The importance of North
Vancouver demands these couditiuus lie
adhered to siuce Ibe industries iif the
uorth shore are being aerjoualy bamli
rapped because of delay in providing
railway facilities. In urder that this
meetiug might prove of service jt would
lie necessary,. to draft resolutions
wherewith tu make represculatiune lo
the provincial governmeut relative te
Iheir prevailing upon thc railway cnmpany to go ahead with construction
uu the north shore.
Beeve May stated that the basis of
hit previous utterauces uu this quesliun wat to be fuuml In actual fads,
iu the pledges wbicb the guvernmeut
had made ss tu their railway pulicy
■ luring the last electiou. Tbe uorth
shore was so well pleated with lhal
policy lhal nu opposition was offered
to the goverunieut candidate, which
ibowed tbe loyalty of the north shore
lo Ibe government. Thc case of tbe
uorlb shure is contained iu certain do
cuuietils whicii refer firstly, to the In-
corporatiou of tbe trm ol P. Welch,
Foley 4 Co., and secondly lo an agree
ineiil eutereii iuto by that lirm ami
the Pacilic Ureal Kaslem for railway
■ .:.' nu. imu of the P.U..K. llnei. Tbe
speaker recited the lermt of tbis agree
incut mciitionlug firstly the ruute of
Ibe railway, secondly, tbe time of Com
mcucemcut of conttructiou, thirdly,
Ibe locality iu which cumuienccmeot
ibould be made, aud fourthly, , unim
uauce of construction from that point
A diligent search of tbe agreement bad
failed to reveal any clause which pro
vlded for commeocemcot of construe
tiou under any rircuuntauces at any
point olher tban tbat designated as
witbiu ten miles of Vancouver. Notwithstanding its utmost efforts the pre
grass of North Vancouver had beeo
seriously obstructed through inability
lo obtain railway facilities, aud it wan
now proposed to ssk Ibe government
lo make the company act lu accord
ance wilb Ihe pledge uttered al Ihr
tba Pacilic Ureat Pastern bad received
in London bgd been obtained oa repr«-
eentatiiins made In the effect (bat Bur
mnl Inlet would be tba terminus of
tba now railroad. Tba financial world
expects Ibal tba word pf g government
■ball at al) timet ba found to ba ai
good aa gold.  Tbe whole transaction
wai,   lllt'l'i'l'nri',   lili'i,-il   upuu   lhe   gOV
eminent keeping ita promise.
Aid. Foreman declared Ile was not
al lugelher satisfied witb the govern
ment in respect to tbia railway policy.
The province bad relumed an almost
unanimous vote in the implicit confidence tbat the government would fulfil its pledges. The first sod was In
bave beeu turned on tbe Nortb Bbure
on July 1st. The Pacific Ureal Fuel
eru usked for a change of date and
upon its own initiative the ceremopy
waa postponed until Luhur Day. Labor Day had come ami gune and Ihe
first sod was still unturned. The
speaker considered tbat it was uow up
lo the government to tell why the railway company was not doing what hud
been promised. Coosiderablc money had
boen invested on tbe north shure as a
result of the railway policy of Ihe government and some effort should he made
to get the government to make the
railway cumpauy fulfil its pledgee. II,-
felt that the government wus open lo
criticism iu respect lo this matter.
Coun. Ilridgiuaii, speaking as presi-
dent of Ihe Board of Trade, Btolrd
that the pusitiuu of lhe buard was thai
il opectetl the pledge uf the govern
menl to be made goud, but llie board
withheld Judgment iu tbe matter pond
iug the premier's reply. The spcalie:
was of opinion Uiat North Vancouver
was being made a calspaw in thc mat
ter by tbe railway company. The government shoulil decide the mutter uf
the right of-way thruugh West Van
couver from the standpoint of the
good of tin1 province, even If this
meant a ilccisiun unfavorable to the
ditlrict itself. On Sept. L'titl. Ihe iinni
date with respect to the right ut' way
bad lieen prcseuted to the goveruuieul
but still no decision hail heeu hcmlcd
dowu. It appeared tu the speaker
that lbc policy of the government was
one of masterly Inactivity, ami iu the
meantime the uorth shore was suffering.
This policy was em,- of tlie govern
man!'a owu offering ami il should lie
carried out.
Beeve Nelion bail nu apolugies tu
offer either ou his own behalf ur uu
behalf uf West Vancouver. When Ihc
P. U. P. first ul.iiiiiir.i its ruute map
the district bad asked fur time to cun
lidor it. Tbe loin dusiun was come to
that thc route chosen by the railway
company was not a good uue for the
diitrict. Being asked tu provide ■
better uue, Ihe district had selected a
ruute wbicb, while not entirely accep
table to tbe council, wai hoped lo meet
tbt railway and tbe government half
way.   They claimed  that   Woit  Van
j ' ouver   Wit  I   residential   district   uml
' propoied lo protect its interests as
iuch, but ni,lmvore'1 lo meet lie rail
way company iu every reasonable
way.   The  council   had   submitted  its
i roule to the minister of railways who
had objected to the same as being im
Therefore lime had been giveu and
Iba diatrict bad produced iht opiuion
of aa expert railway engiueer, who
bad ihown conclusively Ibal tbe ditlrict 'a route waa feasible. The council underttood Ibat they had astur
uncos lhat if iuch pruuf was given the
route si'lei'leil hy tbem wuuld be ap
proved. Tba P. 0. P.. had ultimately
admitted that this roule wai feasible
c-eptlnatl on aam t
Tba diatrict council mat aa usual last
ovening, Beevo May presiding.
A latter wa> received from the At
tumey-Uuneral informing tbe cooped
tba| a minute nf eouueil authorising
the transfer oi certain road allowaucci
in tbo municipality for laml aiproprlat-
ed for road purpoiei bad guue through.
Regarding tbo problem of the riper-
iau rights, in Squamiih reserve uumber
three, Ibe secretary of Ibe iiidiau department, Ottawa, wrote ioforming tbe
council tliatesi letter bad been received
from Intpector Tyson to lhe effect
tbat ha bad lieen able to get a meeting ot the Indians, and that they were
vary decided iu their opiuiuu that tlii
per foot of frontage shuuhl lie demand
od for their riparian rights and that
if this was not accepted Ibe money
:ilii-ii.lv paid to the department hy Ihe
municipality shuuld he returned. Tbey
claim, however, thai the municipality
hud eut a number uf piles which Ihey
value at 11.16 each. The leller sug
I'l'i.ifil tbat the municipality should
makj! a liual offer of tbe total sum it is
willing lo pay for the riglit uf way ami
the ueccssary froutage.
Couu. Bridgman, characterising the
situation us still very uusutisfaetury,
moved that au application lie made for
tbo conveyance of Ibe property as ei
propriated, the question of the piles
to be looked into by the eugiiieeriug
department. In Ihe meautime Ihe
other portions of the work are lo be
gone ahead witb.
Tbe North liousdale Halepayers' At
.-orintion wrote drawiug Ihe council's
attention to lhe slate uf Mabun Ave.
during the recent raini.
Thp council was notified in a Idler
from Ihe secretary of the Nortli Vau
couver Halepayers' Aituciatiou of Ihe
i est iiuiu m relative tu lbe P. (I. K. situ
A petition wm received for an efc
lamp at tbe'parser of tynn valley and
Son Boad. Tbli waa referred |o fb»
An and ligbt committee,
Mr. A. I': Heaven, manager, of the
Hank pf Hamilton, wrote advising tbe
cuuucil tbat a wire bad been received
from tbe general manager authorizing
an additional advance lo the district
Of (80,000 on call at 1% per cent, sub
ject lu |be approval of Ibe hank '.■■ toll
films. Iii reply to a wire informing
lliin that tbe council wuuld not consider
leu tbau 00 net for their delientorus,
ihe general manager replied "no de
maud at 80, if tbey will accept sii,
net cable mis. Am sailing fur Kng
laud un Baturday.
On motion of i'oun. Bridgman it was
decided to write thanking the bank for
this letter and accepting the call at
i'i per cent., and further notifying
tbem iu regard to lbe debentures that
a further effort will be made lo get
the liumls snbl al Ml net,
Tbe Nurth liousdale Halepayers' As
soclation was represented by Messrs
J. Johnson, Miller ami Wilson, who ail
dressed the couucil upon thc matter uf
au arc ligbl un corner of King and
Chesterfield. The matter was left wilh
the fire ami light committee with puwer
to act.
The report of Chief uf I'olice Uflon
for November revealed the fact thai ii
prosecutions bad heeu instituted, ami ii
convictions obtained. There bail lieen
one ease of housebreakiug. The thill
outlined one or two of the more scri
out eases which have occupied lhc de
pint uu-nt'■■ attention recently. The
chief ami i Iwu eunslalilcs have beeu
swum iu as special cunatalilcs lu ucl iu
cooperation with lhe Wcsl Vancuuver
II was moved by j'uuu Ward and
duly aceuuded ami carried that a wugun
road be constructed alnng Ilridgiuaii
Avenue as suuu as lhe ilistricl recom
mi'tiilcil wurk uf that nature.
Mr. S. D. Schultz
May Run for Miyor
Ini,nnuiiiuil is lu hand fruui tu au
tborilalive source/ lhat Mr. 8. D.
Nediuli/, president of the North Van
euuver Conservative Auociation, will
enter the Held fur thc mayoral election
neat moulh.
While Mr. tiuhnli.- baa not ytl ren
ilered a definite derision in Ibis re
gard, bis friends bave reason to believe
tbat he will yield to tbeir persuasions
and cooteut lo bit uaine being sub
Bitted to the electorate.
Professional Ice Hockey
N. S. Literary and
Debating Society
On Tueiday aveoing tbe North Hhore
Literary aod Debuting Society entered
upon itt second teiaioit. Procecdingt
commenced wilb a business meeting for
Ibe discostion of Ibt tocicty's affairs
aud tbe electiou of uficora for the en
auing period. Tbeae were cboieu aa
follows: President, Aid, (1. W, Mc
Iter; vice president, Mr. 0. II. Morden;
secretary, Mr. I. II. White; treasurer,
Mr. A. Barclay; auditor, Mr. A. K. Anders. The president, in bit report,
touched appropriately upon the progress
of the society wbicb hat now grown
nuine-irally frolii about tva membera
to twenty, and tbii within a period of
about ail weeki. New memberi were
weekly beiog eorollad. The speaker
waa certain that the totiety wopid w*
tiay become a great factor in thc life
of tbe city, tbat ila work alone in turn,
ing out good ipeaken aud debaters aud
equipping itt members with tbe coo
Udeuce aod skill necessary lo Ihe sue
restful fulfilment of public potUieni
would be appreciated io tbe future.
Tbe balauce of the eveuiug was occupied wllh a farcical debate upon a
resolution lo the effect tbat mothers
iu law aa a class were a deterrent lo
connubial bliae. Tbe affirmative caae
waa submitted by Messrs. B. C. ilillisiu
aud T. V. Bowe, who, despite having
juuder a misapprehension .prepared a
tpeecb for the negative, delivered a
strung plea for the abolition of mothers
in-law. The opposition, however, led
by Mr. Q. ll. Morden and Mr. Percy
Ward, put up a atrong defence, and
tbe president, who was appointed judge,
eventually decided that the victory wat
witb the pro mothers in law. Home
excellent little ipeecbet were made by
other memberi of whom there wae a
splendid gathering.
Tbe firsl match of lbe seaaou in tbs
Pacific Coasl Hockey league will lake
place at Ihe Vancouver Areua on Tueiday eveuiug neit beginning at 6:3(1
o'clock. The New Westminster team
which wou the championship but sea
sou, will meet Ihe Vancouver team iu
what promitea lo be au unusually fasl
and hard fought initial game. Tie
Vaueouver team baa beeu strength
eiir.l'by the acquisition uf Pred "Cy
clone" Taylor, wbo is Mid lo be the
best mau lu tbe game in bis position,
while lbc New Westniintleri are fully
aa strong aa they were lul teaton ami
paaaiUy stronger. The loams have
been putting in hard, steady practice
for tha paat few weeks and may be e»
peeled to play a top notch game from
start lo finish. Tbe sale of tickets li
uow on al Godfrey't aud at (be areua
and tickets are guing very rapidly.
mswttrtmtn a
Mn. B. McO. (Ooloael)  Ourrle
The death occurred sa Wedneiday
evtnisg or Mrt. Mary Currie, wife of
Colonel B. McC. Curry of thla city.
Colouel and M's. Currie had hot re
cenily returned from a trip of over
a year through Oreat Hrilaiu and hti
taken up their residence la their home
ot tbe corner of Biitetotb atreat ud
St. Andrew'i avenut.   Mn Carrie had
not beeu io ruliust health fur several
years, but il was uuly iluring the past
few weeks that symplums uf a seriuus
nature manifested themselves. Notwithstanding all tbat uu.ii'1 puiutibly be
done,, she continued from Ilul lime
lo steadily decline until her decease
During a period of tweuly years' real
douce ttiviiiiil between Victoria, Van
cuuver ami this rity, I'uloncl and Mrs
t'urric had gained busts uf frleuds, all
of whom will entertain the moil heart
fell sympathy fur t'ulonel Currie in his
heavy bereavement
Thc interment will lake place al lu
yerucss, Scotland. I hen- will be a
abort service al lhe undertaking pai
Ion Of Messrs. Ilarrou Brothers toiuur
row uilerno,,n al ■(■■'in u'cluck, after
which Colonel Currie will lake his do
pariurc on bis sad juuraey by Ihc C.
P. K. to reach New York in lime for
Ihc next sailiug of lbc tlS. Celedoii
ian for Ulatgow.
Wedding Bells
The marriage look place al Ihc mausc
Hi filb ttreet eaat, on Saturday. No
veuiber 301b, of Mr. John Cogswell, of
I'onnahsquay, Wales, to Miss Dorothy
Millward of Bbyl, Wales. Thc cere
mooy wat performed by Kev, Konald
'Macleod iu lbc presence of Ihc iiiimc
Omit relative* of Ihe bride. Tbr
bride looked very pretty io a pale blue
sillt dress wilh bat lo match. Thc
happy couple will reside for Ibe pre
scut at SUB Kidg&way Avenue, North
The wedding took place on Sunday
of Mr. William Pcrrard Claphara, son
of tbe late John Arihur Clapbam of
Bradford, Kagleud, lo Mlai Mary (Iran.
Stall, diughter of Mr. Jamet Scull of
Winnipeg, Man. Tbe Bev. J. K. Uli
worth, M.i., officiated. Mr. aud Mrs
Clapbam have located ia Norlb Vao
couver until their new home lu West
Vancouver ii completed.
The wedding took place oo Tuesday
of Mr. John Keith Stewart of Ml.
Vtraoa, Waih., and Mist Opal Marie
Hieieo of Norlh Vancouver. The Hev
W. C  rk-hlirbler officiated...*,
The North Vancouvar hockey rloh
tomorrow afternoon engage! in a nuleh
with the Public Schools team. Tbe
getae it timed to commence at three
o'clock on the Boulevard ground, and
ihould bt, m "citing and well attend
ed oae.
Nn time Is being lost by those to
wliulu was entrusted Ihe duty uf ap
proaching tbe goyerwueut al Victoria
with a view tn securing Ihe enforcement
of Ihu Pacific Ureat Kuslern ugreenienl
as lo the construction of tbeir lines on
the Nortb Shore. Matters have moved
furward runsidcrahly since the meeting
uu Wednesday evening.' The clly rate
payers' assueiatiun ami tlie Board ol
Trade has each rceeiveil a letter from
the Minister uf Hallways ackuowledg
ing receipt of their letters of inquiry.
The letters briefly review the whole
situatiuu and intimate that the dead-
Jock existing relative to the right of
wuy through the ilislriet of Wesl Van
cuuver is accountable fur the delay.
Concerning this situation the letters
slute that the department ul' Kailway*
is not yet iu pusitiuu tu give a decision in tliu matter.
Pullowiiig the meetiug uu Wednesday
eveuiug  Iluu. P.  L, Carter -Cotton  uu
Thursday niuming wired the Minister!
of Kuilways requesting to be advised j
with legal.i |u Uie pn,bal,ilm,-. of a
decision being furthcoming at an early
ilale.   Thursday aflernuuii Mr. Carter
Cotton received the fulluwiug telegram
signed by Hun. Thunios Taylur, Minis
ter oMiailwuys: "He your wire even
date.   Chief   Kngiuecr aelviics  nut   in
a pusitiuu tu report.   Will do so as'
early as possible."
vised of tbo cuuteiits of llie telegram
ami immediately arranged with Hpn,
P. L. Carter-Cotton to meet a dele
gallon from the respective public liml-
ies at ten u'clock this mum iug. Thu
meeting ennveiled accordingly in Van
couver. There were present His Wor
ship Mayor McNeish, representing the
city of North Vancouver; Beevo May,
representing the diatrict of Norlb
Vancouver; i: II. Bridginati and J. Wy
lie Donalilion, representing tbe North
Vaueouver Hoard nf Trade, ami 11 C
Wrigbt representing the N. V. Katepay-
on' Association.
After thoroughly cunvassiug Iho situation in Iho liglil uf the comutuiiica
inni'. received frum the Minister uf
Hallways, it was decided tjiat a d lc
gatien he appuinted lu proceed lu Vic-
toria to urge upuu the Miuister tin.'
extreme urgency of this matter ami
that Iluu. P. L. Carter-Cotton be re
quested lu arrange au Interview with
the miuister ou Thursday, December
luili if pussiblc. The dclugutiou will
consist nf one representative from each
of the puldic bodies interested Mayor
McNeish personally interviewed Mayur
I'm.llm uf Vuneuuvcr, who has re
quested Alderman latter lu represent
the cily uf Vuncuuver un thc. dclcgs
tiuu. His Wurship ulsu interviewed
Mr. A. B. Li mm' , resilient uf lbe
Vancouver Huard uf Trade, together
with the seerelary, Mr. Ulau, and was
requetted lu briefly address the Buard,
at a meeting lu bu held un Tuesday
eveuiug ucxl in urder lu bring be uru
iinni the matter uf their likewise ap
pointing a representative on tin1 delegation. Mr. Carter Cotton is already
in communication wilh the Minister
with a view lo arranging a dak' fur
tbe reception uf the delegation.
N. V. Kennel Club's
First Show Tomorrow
The initial bench shuw of thc North
Vancouver club which will be held tu
morrow will be u Iwo point show. There
arc ltl) entries ami Iiu dogs will be
benched The club, instead uf bidding
the show iu the Horse Show anna
have secured the Pishcrics building un
the gruumls of Ihc Vaucuuver Kxbi
loiim, Aitaueialiuu, Hastings Park
where the hcnchci have undergone a
ilmriiugli disinfecting uud cleaning aud
every means bave been lakeu fur ihc
. mnl,,n uf tbe dugs. Visiturs will be
permitted lu lake their dugs away st
5:30 p.m.
Light rcfrcshmeuts will In; served tu
cxhibiturs aud visitors on the gruumls
and a liauqucl will be giveu lo the
judges al lhc I I. imi, Hulel, Peudcr
street weal Members md their frieuds
can obtain, tickets from the sr,relary
Some parti, ulsil> good dogs will be
seen at lhc show.
The Diitrict and
C.P.R. Application
Wiih no little emphatit, Betve May
ms ir reference latl evening at tho
dislricl session to Ihe last meeting of
the directors of Ibe Hurrard Inlet Tun
uei and Bridge Cumpauy, whereat Ihe
secretary, Mr. J. Y. McNaught had
been instructed lo wrile lo the miuister
of railways at Ottawa that all the
municipalities of Ibt North Shore were
opposed to the tppliittion of the C. P.
K. for approval of itt roule map oo
Ihil tide of tbr Inlet unless running
rights were granted lu ulher linee.
The reeve pointed out lhal tbe district
of Norlh Vancoover had merely boen
helping the cily lo obtain a tingle right
uf way from in weitern boundary lo
Ihe Indian reserve for all Hi railwaya
There waa not enough room aloog the
waterfront of Ibe rily for more lhan
one railway Hue, bul lhe diitrict more
advantageously situated, wis iu a po
"iiiun lo wrh„inr til liuu. Mr. 1 Y.
McNaught slated, however, that br bail
nit rvicAed many dislricl property own
en imi they bad protested against tbe
approval of Ihc application of the railway. The rbairmao, of Ibe board aud
Mr. I-' W. Mi Lean concurred In tbe
statement contained la Iht resolution.
"I told the inn-ling," aaid tbe reeve,
'Ibal we were nol iu my way going
to uppuet the C.P.B j. eppJiutlea. Ba
ther wc will welcome the C.P.B. ur
any ulher railway fur wc have plenty
uf ruum fur them lu run side liy aide.
Mayur McNeish suiil ul the meeting
that I was rigbl."
i'oun. Hridgmuii concurred with
everything the reeve Inul said ami dune
1'ulike the ilislriet the cily euuld nut
affurtl lu give mure linm une right uf
way. lu the matter thc city wia being'
given the districl's suppurl, bul il wus
certainly untrue that the districl was
uppusillg thc ('. P. It's, appli'allun ou
ils own account. Thc councillor then
moved the fulluwiiig resolution, which
wus sn umled by I'oun. Wind ami car
ried: "Thai this council muit request
Ihe Burrard Inlel Tunnel aud Bridge
Compauy lu correct that portion of
their objection forwarded to Ottawa,
'that Ihe diitrict uf Nurlh Vancou-
ver is strongly uppused lu the appli
cation of lbc (' P. li iiiilu.ns lbc com
pany grauls running rates lo other
railroads over their right of way,' Ibis
council having no iulcutiun uf uppus
ing lhc C P, l(. un these gruuuds; tud
Ibal a ropy uf Ihis resolution be for
warded tu lhc miniiler uf railways."
Coun. Ward, iu seconding, remarked
lhat it wu veiv regrettable Ibat Ihis
misrepresentation of Ibe district's al
liludc towards Ihc application should
have occorted.
Al Ibe meeting of Ibe ferry direc
ton yesterday afternoon it was tie
cided lu maintain a furly minute ser
vice ou illusions Day, tbe flrat ferry
lo leave Nortb Vaucuuver at 7:110 a.m.
After the buunl meeting a general
inccliug uf lhe sbaicboldert of the com
pany wu beld lo ratify the proposed
money by laws aud endow lhe action
of Ihc directorate rcgardiog reilnr
liana propoied in Ibe qualifications
oercatary for racinhcrihip iu Ihe buanl
of directora.
Mr. A. R. Steacy Asked
to Contest Ward II
Mr. A. B. Steacy bas beeu approached
by a delegation wbo arc detiroui tbat
he thall contest Ward II al Ihc forth
coming electiou. So far Mr. Sleacy
bu tome lo no absolute decision, Mug
iu doubl u lo whether, In Ibe event
of tltction period! of absence frum Ibe
cily mlgbi interfere wilh hit alderman-
Ic ofice. Interviewed tbit morning, Mr.
Steacy aid lhal in a few daya lime he
would  know  better  what  the fotoro
mnn'ineiils   of   himself   woultl   be,  and
woold tben be in a poiitluu to decide
whether be could reply favorably to hia
M ===
Established IIIT
Capital (paid up)   -   $16,000,000
ReieYve     ....   $16,000,000
0 , •
Savings Bank Department
North Vancouvar Branch t F, A. MACRAE,
Mt. Crown Bldg., lit Street Manager
Tha Faateat dame in the World
Westminster at Vancouver
Priees: Entire Gallery, 60 centa. Reserved Beats; $1.00.
Ice Skating 9 Beaalona Daily,
MUI Plioue 66 -
P. 0. Boa 1900
Factory Phone 128
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The North Vancouver Lumber Oo. having purchased all the asset*
ind plant are making a clearing out sale of all the old stock at greatly
reduced price for cub to make room for new stock.
Factory: Corner Baplanade and St. Oeorge,
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Building Supplies
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Sole Agents for North Vancouver:
Samson Fibre Diabolo Cement
North Shore Coal & Supply Co.
L. S. EATON, Manager.
Kickham's Wharf     Eiplanade Weit     Phon? 466
U.M  Mt.
e imetw "Vat
natlee. Cm,
Vautou -or
■in VM.
UM *
Mil A*
<M Brntlay."
tai liable for
Leave Nortb Vancouvar
•1.00 AM.       IIHD  PM
•til) IM
•tM 1.00
•7.00 IM
IM t.lf
1.00 4.10
•IM 4.40
1.40 •   1.00
1.00 1.10
0.80 1.40
1.40 1.00
10.00 I.M
10.M 1.40
10.40 7.110
11.00 IM
11.10 7.40   .
11.40 8,00
U.M VM.      0M
1.44 H.M
IM 11.44
12.46 AM.
Tlaw labia eabjeet ia etMge wlteoot
delays, eesldeotal or otherwise.
(Continued frontiptut'Vy%i:
lint iilijfi'lt'tl to it ou tlie gruunil that
tbey would have tp bity tlte property
invnlveil, Mr, D'Arcy Tata bail described il aa a reul estate scheme. The
matter was referreil liaek in order that,
tlie iiisirit'i anil railway company roigM
show tlm government what wouni he
the rtilativo eost of the two ronton,
ami nui'ii data had No In tha gov
itrnniiinl 'a liunils alnee Oet. let,,
Bo far West Viiiifinivi'i' Intel ,1,'iiie'
nothing to interfere witli tbo government' r »nyjng whieh rente should ho
itue-e-|,i,',l. Whon Mr, 'i'ii"' alleged that
West Vaueouver was holding bark the
railway scheme, lie stated what was
absolutely false. In point of faet
there was not itiueli difference lietween
tho two routes. The I'outii'il's ,i|,initio
waa let'-lti',1 hy two thirds of the |iro'
perty owners uf tbe district.
i'.ioii. Mathers of the West Vim-
couver I'uiiui'il, endorsed what the reeve
leu.i ealil. The council, lie said, had
lun,' all that it rould tin, short of allowing the railway lu take away the
waterfront of tlte district. lie was
nf the opinion that the situation was
simply lieing used as an eicuse for
Mr. II. O. Wright alluded to the advertisements which were claiming New-
purt lo lie the terminus of the new
Aid. Dick adopted a rutlier sympa-
thatic attitude towards the governmeut
un,l the I'. (I. It It was possible that
it was believed ut tlte time the pledges
were made that it woultl lie easy to
accomplish certain things, ami that
it wus tint expected that difficulties
would lie encountereil in raising the
nui i. iee-. money, If such a positioti
had developed ami suitunle assurances
given as to the cause uf delay, the
speaker did not llunl, that adverse criticism shoulil he directed at the government and the railway company.
Aid. Diek considered that if West
Vancouvar wuulil ask for a reeonvey
ance uf all riparian rights, taken along
the waterfront to individual ownera
they wuulil huve nu trouble in eecur
iug same, whicii woold do away with
llie chief objection lo the irailwuy
building along the waterfront. lit
could not just understand how if mon
ey was available for building from
I,iiii,,,ui it' was nut available I'ur Iniilil
iiig from Nurlk Vaucuuver.
| "im llriilgnian then moved that
the government lie asked, if the right
of way through West Vancuuver along
the foreshore lie granted, whether the
government ami the railway rumpaiiy
wuulil guarantee that the riparian
rights nf individual owners would not
In- disturbed, except wiiere the rail
way might liuy pruperty fur wharfage
nr similar purpuses. This, seconded by
Aid. Dick, was , niiif.l unanimously
The Hou. F. it. Curler I'fittnn said
that lie wuuld like definite information
as lo whether the minister uf railways
had agreed thai he woultl give Ilis de
eision relative tu tlie West Vancouver
right of-way, within a few days, if the
iulu was iu his hands, lu reply lleeve
Nelson said ii.m he understood that
as soon as the infuriiiatiuu was provided
lhe minister would tuke Immediate ac
Mr. Carter-Cotton, iu that case, stal
cl that it would l„- important to know
if any decision had lieen given, uud if
su, what it wus.   The government ha<l
 i the consent uf the legislature
to enter into a certain agreement,
wlierrliy work was to lie started iu
certain plaee hy duly 1st, 1918, aud
to lie j,!„>,', ulf,i oentinoously. It was
just as certain that their terms bail
not been fulfilled, and the governinenl
He en 'In in, could not take offence at any
representations lieing mude, pointing
oul the failure of the railway com
pany lo live up tu their agreement.
Tlir West Vm„ um, i situatiuu might
have something to do with this fuilore
fie would lie glad lo do all that he
I", -ildt ,'uiilil to bring tba matter tu
a satisfactory conclusion fort Norlh
Vuncouver. It was uiul inipnrtance
to the North Hliure that railway const ruelion should lie proceeded wilh as
early ami as rapidly as possible. He
had always eipected that the agreement
would be carried oul. If the minister
nl railways had undertaken to give
a decision it was advisable lhat it be
ascertained, if he was prepared
lo do ao, or whether be bad
derided lo liun,I the matter
over to tbe provincial executive for actioo. II waa poiiible that
tbe abaeuce of the Premier and tbe At
lurlu i 'li'inTiil bad delayed tho matter
somewhat, but tbe speaker, had no doubt
but that if tbe situation waa fairly
and properly placed hefore the govern-
iiient, the government would take steps
lo compel the railway company to
art. |u the provisions uf the part re
lativa tn tbe government guaranteeing
the railway bonds, the governinenl had
a vary atrong weapon witb which to
compel compliance.
Mr. A, 11. II. Macllowan, Ml'P. of
Vancouver, aaid tbat financially tbe situation waa eertalqly different from
what It waa expected it would he. Tba
reported financial arrangements ot Iki
P. 0. P.. la London nay not bava been
_ the West Vanoouver right-of-way the
price suggested might bava e4»sed'iome
delay timt the r|gbt'of.-w»y of four
miles of lbe road would cost |.'iili),oiiii.
It waa probable that the present movement might succeed w'tft 'be Vdljttble
help uud support nt Ut, Carter-Cotton,,
Other speeches ware contributed by
Meosra. William Knowles,, ,1. P. O'C.
Wood, P. Iiiirsnn unil nl Intnl.
it was then moved by Heave Nelson,
secondeij by Coun. Bridgman iMl unanimously .resolved that tbia nwtillg
of tba representative bodies uf the
North Hhore and Vancouver requests
tbe Hon. f. L. Carter-Cotton to ascertain whether tbe Hon. Thoa. Taylor,
minister of railways, inteuda to, sane
tion either route through West, Vancouver."
It was tben further moved by Mr.
0. II. Morden, seconded by Mr. if. p.
Wright, ami reiolved tbat Mayor Me-
Noish be ri'tpiesii'il to ask tbe public
bodies of the Norlh Bhoro and Vuu
euuver to each appolut two deiegatea
to, a coufereuce to be beld to carry
matters to a conclusion after Mr. Col
ton got the desired information from
Ibe Minister of Railways,
Bade Farewell to
Archbishop McNeil
The parish of Ht. Edmuud'e church,
North Vancouver bade law well op Hun
day eveuiug to Archbishop McNeil
who is shortly lo leave Vancouver fur
bis new seat at Toronto
After the evening service Mr. .1   11.
Hauler, nn behalf of the congregation
ailvanceel lu the altar rail and read a
vaieilirtory  address  to  his  (trace  in
which the i'."ii.lii,,,,,',-.   i- .|,,...... i,,u. uf
u.liuiruiiun fur the departing prelate
ami their gratitude for bis many goud
wurks since he came to Vancouver
archdiocese were voiced Tbey thanked
him for his virtuous counsel aud fatherly advice ami expressed Ihs npitiioti that
'Ood hail abundantly blessed his wurk
in the pruviuce
Vancouver's loss was Toronto's gain
ami Ht. Kelniuiiel's parishioners jlesired
to wish his grace (lodspeed on liis
journey and in his new sphere of labor
His grace, whu appeared tn be deeply moved, thanked ihem very sincerely
for their beautiful address ami wishes.
He took them rather more as an ex
pression of goodwill tbau a judgment
on his work. Ile knew they bad made
ail allowance fur him and given him
credit fur mure than he bail done.
Ht. It'lu,i,ud'.-. parish bad never given
liim auy tumble. There hail been no
disputes tu disturb him an.I to that
extent Hut peuple had proved a great
consolation. Ht. Kdmuuti'i hail grown
steadily in numbers, resources ami vir
lues. He was also inclined to think
thuy had now deeper faith. He had one
word uf advice to Ihem iu parting as
lhe result of his observations in Hrilish
Columbia.    Pur  the  future  they  musl
depend Oll I llelllsell es Slid UOt frOlll tilll
side. One thing troubled hun, vis.,
wiiere to get priests to carry ou the
He tliougbt of secularized homes,
■ uMutu'i uver lhc cuunlry, witli pic
lures uf waterfalls ami nature on the
walls, but uo pictures uf the Blessed
Virgin nr uf the Haints ur of Bible
scenes The homes of the present day
ditl not seem to breathe the spirit pt
reverence. Children were setll by parents to schools where the name uf dud
wus never mentioned, where il was for
bidden and the children grew up with
uot religion
Tlie lirst step to teach a child was
obedience to its parents. If it did not
obey Ihe parents whom it could sec,
Imi'. could it obey the (lott whom il
could not sect
. m.i mvuniiia i-iajeo
Hnt i
The Scenic Highway
Acraaa tka laallaral
'i'lu iiiikIi tickets io all parte tf Ihs
world ni lowaal ralea.
liu|iiilar roule lo llm
OM I'oualrr,
(kiu, art
Tha moat un-le-dale Iraln. service
between Vanoouvsr and tha KaOt.
For rates, reservations and all
further information apply to 3.
MOB, City I'uaieiiacr Agent, lit
Heellnas Hi., or If. W. Ult/)Hll:,
O.P.A., Vancouver.
I't.tuiit.lt.   raurck,
vlcsa: Morning, 11:00,
e..e, i. e.t.o.w -
Prayer Usetln
School, J;l«. y, P. SO. I.;'Tuea-
in. Prayer Meeting, Wsd-
I p.m. tibolr P/acilce,
p. tt. Ref. Ronald Mae|sod,
ajetkaUit <*wa»-Corner  ol Wall
and 81. Osorge.   Sunday .Services, lliOi
Bible'Slaae, l!|| p.m
Sunday Schuul md
Senior League,
nnnum s.-iu p	
p. m, Holy Communion, flnt and thlr-
Sundaya In month, at 11 a.m.; aeeomt
Sunday In munth, I a. m Hev. Samuel
Pea, U.A  Yietr,
•alratlon Army—Jionadale Ayenue
Sunday services, 11:00 a.m., I u.m ami
!:ll p.m. Tuesday, I |i. in.; Tliuraday,
p. in. Children's Service, Wedneeday,
n Dentist, pfcnreb^Twelftli and .St
lleorge.    Services at 11 a, in. and Tilll
p. iii. Sunday School and Bible Claaa
at 8:30 n. m. Praver and Praise Barvlee.
Wadneaday ut In. m. Paalor, Bev. A-
3. Proaaer, Twelfth and At. Qeorge.
ai. Jobn tka Nvaagellet, Might li und
Thirteenth. Holy Communion, I a. in-
Morning Prayer, 11 a. in. elvenlng
frayer, 7:80 p.m. On the lirst Sunday
ltl lhe month ihere will be a aecond
oelebratlnn nf' the Holy Communion
nt ii a. in.   Rector, Rev, Hugh Hooper
g|. UUiuuuil'a Catholic Ckurek, Sixth
and Maiion Avenue. Sunday—High
Mass and Sarmnn, 10 am. Sunday
School, 3:30 ii.m,. Uuaary and Bene-
dlctlprl, 7:80 p.m. Friday-l.uw Mass,
I   a. m.    Paator,   Rev, I
PartW.   Rev.  i   A- Belaid,
1:00 and UO u.m,   V. » Perrln, MA,
I'rluet In charge.
freakyleilaa ' Wrtrek-Bundave,   11
and iff p;m- Sunday. Soi(0oj ant)
a, ni. and 7:10 p.m-  Bunder School
Meeting,  Wedneeday,  I   p.m,    Jfi
(flay, 71|0 |i. in.  Choir two-
l.ee, Friday, I p. m.   R. Van Monster.
Hub, Tliureda
ea, Friday,
■A., paafor.
1,1 NN VAIiltltlV
Preekritrlaa Cknrek-Worehly, Sundaya, 11 ea. ip. and 7 p. in Sunday
Suhopl, l:|( p.m. PaeioV, Hev. A- Mao -
Aulay. ,
iieiboaisi Cbnreltj-Worelilp, sundaya, ii u.in. and f:00 p.m. Sunday
Subuoi, J:i5 p. in. Paalor, Ini. <J.
Faheley. .
I|,  lleweui's,   I.lltu   Valle)—Malllll,,
11 u.in Huaduy School 0.80 p m. I'lvet,
aong 7.00 p.m. Holy ilominunlon aecnujl
Sunday In niuiitti al 11.00 tun. rim-wet'
3. Thonpaon In obargr.
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Two blocks weet of Boulevard Oar. Plione 166.
By Keflex
Around this much vexed question
hunted discussions have beon raised
time aad again hy eulhusle»lic pliolo
pnipiicrn ou Iho one side and artists
or wouhl-he artists on. tl|o other.
The artist claims that np picture
whicii iaWRilueod liy mechanical means
can puiilbli bo artistic, whilst the
pliolographorf wlio is eipert in tlte pro
cess, claims that a process whicii can
givo i.u.-li admittedly artistic results
as photography umluubteiliy can, must
nf necessity lie an art.
Tho all important ijuoBtioii of '' dim
is art!" arises in Ihis connection, ami
on. referring to the dictionary it will
be run ii tl to read tbat "art ia*fbe em
ploynteiil nf moans to tlu accomplish
menl of some end directed liy knowledge uiul skill." If this is so, iud
wo musl accept tlte dictionary us an
authority, il follows as a matter of
fact lliut photography is an art.
The .siiiue authority gives the definition uf pliiitugrapliy uh "the arl nf
producing pictures of objects ou a client
i.ulli prcpurcti ground liy tlte act ion
of  light."
The painter claims that art must im
creative, that tbe liuml must he guided
hy the brain ami combined with artistic skill lie capublc of producing by
originality uml creative genius a pic
ture which tan never lie copied or re
pcaleil exactly iu overy detail; while
lie argues tIiut n pliotugraph can In re
produced indefinitely fruu oue negative
hy a purely mechanical process, tf
this were uil there was in the question
tlie painter wuulil bo perfectly right
mul justified iu his attitude, but for
Innately fnr pliiitogrupliy, this is nut
liven in pliolngraphy we are hound
lu aduiil there is free scupe for individuality ami fur artistic expression.
Were tliia lint so auy pliotogru|>licr
wuulil he able to turn out ,-■:,. il. the
saute kind of picture from a given negative supplied to liim. Thul such a
thing is impossible any photographer
of experience will uuly be too ready to
Let us suppose wc arc iu possession
of u good negative, capable nf giving
a perfect picture if properly inanipu
luted. We give the negative in turn
lo say twenty expert photographers to
print from, each one is to use (Ile same
paper and the sume developer.   Bliouhi
Waterfront Properties, District Lot 274
In Block* 171 & 172.
Business Blocks on Lonsdale Avenue
UU 104 11, Blk. 165.DL.274.  ' r- <*fcoj:.
South Half of Lots 1-4 inc. Blk. 166, D.L. 274
Modern Residences, Extensive Grounds
On Ottawa Gardena, Corner Mahon Avenue,
On Grand Boulevard, Corner Keith Road.
For Pricw, Termi and Further Particulars, apply lo
The North   Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company
Limited Liability
North Vancouwr Agenti for
a Limited
Phone Seymour 6286
Ntw Map af North VaKMver City ud Vicinity aaw oa Sale
wa gat twenty pripts idontieal in every
detaiit Far from it. There would he as
muny different prints as there wore
photographs. rUpeb iuuu wol||ij_wltllQUt
a 'lonlu impose his own individuality
or personality into his print, ami one
may almost go so far as to say oiic
could pick out each man's wprk provided wo wore sufficiently acipiiiiutetl
With tho individual work of each 0110.
Jnst as ono may know by tltuJiaml-
writing llie person who wrpte it, so In a
lesser degree a man's work may easily
bo picked out from his follows.
A wulk through any photographic
e luiiun, 11 of nolo will prove this. One
may easily pick out pictures by different workers in photography as eas
ily as run be done in puintiug.
The  photographer  of   today  brings
10 bear u great amount uf jtrtislie
sltill uml experience In order to pro;
dure tbo perfect picture ami whilst tn
sumo extent the purely inei'linuicii! ilocs
cuter iulu tho nperation, Ihu artist ie
skill uliuli is liruuglil to hear, from Ibe
clioo'slllg of the subject right Iiirougli
ei|ioMire; development ami printing,
flumps llic prutliictiun is u real work
■if creative srl umi a tiling of beaut)
Wli.'lel muny painters will nul agree
that photography is an arl, there ure
011 lhe other luuiil iu.11,t who regularly
use |.l i.i| li. In uiii liiein  in their
work. Mauy painters carry a camera
iu their oiiitil ami on their skelcliiug
expeditions will phulugraph lhc scene
Ihey arc engaged upuu uml thus see uru
n permanent roeord nf Hie actuul cuu
ditions of ii, in prevailing for-futur'
guidance iu finishing the picture.
Who can doubt, nn viewing Ibo work,
of I'. P. Norton, Akin Langilnn l'u
burn, 1 lias, liuppc, Alexander Keigh
luy uml a lul of other well known pho
tographic workers Huil Hie nioii.jiuliiinl
the pictures, so lo speuk, are erlists'
bii ininli skill is exhibited in produr
ing tlieir work thut the mechanical purl
of the process appears to he eulirclv
lost in the finished production su-l
uuly the artistic purl of the work is
boeli rapid prugress hus uf rciui:
yeurs been made iu pliulogrupliy with
its many uml varied new processes 'li.il
before long il will he futile to i|Uostlon
ils pluee uuu,,,, Hie urts. The heun
liiul oil process with its exquisite mer
xo liul like appoaraneo cannot luil tn
charm the eye uml captivate the lie
Space farbids the onlargonienl 1111111-.
topic, but sufficient has been said tu
show thut whatever shortcomings pho
lography muv buve hud in Hie pusl
owing to hul, of knowledge, today il
ranks high in the opinions of prominent
Workers us one uf the must beautiful
methods of artistic expression
Abuut that ciiinpeliliou. The rlos
iug date is Mun,lay mil, lice. lllh. I,et
us have a goo,I number of entries, nut
so lliut li for the sake of prize winning,
us frum 11 desire tu introduce a spirit
of healthy competition among lunil
The intrinsic vulue of 11 prize muv
not he great, it is the pleasure uf but
iug excelled .in a competition Hint is
the reel reward
There is yel tune lo complete prints
whicii '.in,il.l he sent to the Kxpress
office not later than Monday address
cd  lo " Keflex. "
II   W. Morrison:
Vou hsve cboseu e diHicult subject
Indoor photography is not easy, espo
iiully ul this lime uf the year, owing
to bail conditions of light. A subjeel
muy appear to be hi good light, lull it
it the active liglil whieb counts und
even though the ilay may appear lu be
vory bright there may lie only s vorj
low active light.
The exposure is fairly good ami the
printing just shout right and probabl)
us gooil as tuu he got frum the negs
live which is very likely a tbia one.
The pose of llle ligure is not the
beal. It would have been heller bad
Ibe sitter been more sideways. Die
bonk or magaxine is rather loo large
ami partially hides the face.
- The high light on the edge of the
book cover ia rather distracting ami
throws into deeper shadow Ihc liber
The magazine has ailed as a retl-. 1
or ami thrown ligbt on the face ami
this helped considerably.
The light from Ibe window is also
tuu high in tool'. Trim off.about %
ol an inch from lbe right ami I inch
from the lefl ami note Ihe resell. The
print woultl be belter enlarged ray to
txt, Ou the whole tho print is a decid
ed improvement on olher work you
have shown.    Keep it up.
Auto Balcsinen—Wby, my dear sir,
eveu uow we are working on oor ItM
model. i
Friend (who had bought a ear from
him before)—Nothing like gelling a
good start. You ought to get it lied
by 1980. I am still working no Ibe
IUH model I bought from you two
years ago.-- fuck.
* mnwfj      mytwmntmilte^wms.mWwnn      mwmtmmfkwm
of Commerce
..',.". 1 e. ..
Capital $15,000,01111   Rest $12,500,000
'"     -" —■■■■■!  ,. I....    I       I ,1        HIM-,-1-
North Vancouver Branch Now Located at tha
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Interest is allowed on all deposits of $1 and upwards.
 •    Manager.
to figure out how much time your
Clerks waste each day in walking to and from the telephone?
on the counter or desk will prevent it.
Only 5 Cents Per Day
for either a "Wall" or "Desk" set .
Call up the Commercial Manager
British Columbia Telephone Co..
Btovo wood, ltl In. 1316 per load,,
lam, UM. Prompt delivery.
Phoue (iiiii, office and yard. Corner
Ith sud Mahon Ave. t.f.
Important   Notice
Batepayors MUST roglster
their Deeds or Agreements or
Bale at the LAND BEOI8
B. O., ou or before Deceniber
utli, lul.', to entitle thorn to be
put on the aiuftal Voters'
Uat.        0. 11. PEAKS,
O r.i C.
Are You Moving
Wt- tin moling of ull kinds. Give us
a iiml. Wt, sl.-n han' heavy tcatns by
Ihe dty tijtnss ami baggage, or when
yon wunl Huml, rail or |tboin' Ili. Wr
nmi' a large stork of null wood lL'xItl
null lengths. Kumars wood a specialty
I'i,imi'l deliveries.
13 Lonsdsle Aveuue
Plioue 97. Wood cou.
In nil countries. Am* for our INVKN.
TOIt'S ADVJBKIt.wbkb will be scut free.
361 University tt., Montrial.
\ \ .nil w I. .-   I-IVK   WIUK
The Panama Theatre
For lbc Whiili, Family
starting  Monday, Nuv   '('lib.
tl  Shows   Nightly     7:311  sud   11:16
I fir, tie, lite.
Matinee  Daily et   II   Ide and  Hi
Jeweler and Optician
Ratal of Bubicriptlont-Oni year, »1.00.  Bii months, Ns,  Three months, Its
United States and Foreign, 68.00 par year,   ,
Adrsrtialng Ratsa WW I* Quotud on Application.
Tha Exprssa la dsvoted to tha Interaati of the North Bbort of Burrard Inlet
sieluilvely, It conititutei an advertising medium of sxeeptlnnal valua for
reaobing In a thorough and effective manner tbe population of North Vanoouvsr
Olty and Diitrict. Evsry effort Is madt to gtvs advertisers tba most satisfactory
All changes in eontraei advertisement! ihould ba in tht prlnttri' bandi not
later than 10 a. m. Monday and I p. ni. Wednssdsy to aasurt iniertlon In iht
following Isiue.
North Vanoouwr, J. 0,
........ i ■ i • •
December 6, 1010,
Although It eiiiiuni he said tbat any
actual results have as yet accrued in
the matter now in huml, of securing
tlie enforcement of tbe clause In the
agreemunt betweeu the goverument and
the I'aellle Qreat Kaateru Railway Hompaiiy, whicii calls for a commencement
uf construction st a poiut un tbe North
Hliure within ten miles of Vancouver,
appreciable prugress has already lieen
miiile, iiftfrlhfli'ss. The eommuiilea
lions which have already passed bu
tween local public' bodies (either
thruugh tlieir officers or through the
,",md offices of Hon. F. L, CarterUot-
tuu, member for this constituency)
have served to bring those bodies In
iiiiieh closer touch wltb the situation
ami tu place them lu position to make a
fair esiiimite of the difficulties hy
which they are cuiifruiited.
Tlte communication received from the
Minister uf Hallways by the secretary
delay lhe situation whieh has develop
ed iu West Vancouver relative lu thu
right uf way uf the railway Ibruugb,
thai municipality ami advises that Ihe
department is nut yel prepared lu give
a decision with respect thereto. Th
reply frum the Minister received
thruugh the effurts of Hon, F. L. Cir
ier I'nllon i'.u", iiiiii step further aad
stales that the Department is uut in
pusitiuu tu give a decision because the
chief guveriiiiieut engineer slates that
lie is uut iu pusitiuu tu report with re
fereuce tu the mailers touching the
right ul way which were referred to
The nest step upuu the part of the
municipal couneils and other puldic bud
ies which have the matter in band,
wuulil appear In be lo eiideavor to ascertain why the engineer is not in po
sitiun In repurt ami whether these councils and puldic bodies can be uf any
assistance lu bis department lu tbe
matter. Hu far as u,k"own at pres
sot, all parties have furnished the engineer's depart ment with all liifofinn
liun which has heeu -required. Tho
uniled effurts uf all parlies either
snuld or wuulil not Mi,-, i cl in ilisi'ov
■ in,i' a way out of the present prsdlca-
menl. If a way were found, then Ihu
Pmi,lim would be sulved, is fur lhat
particular phase uf il, but if un tbe
other hund these efforts revealed the
t.i, t that matters have rest-In-,l an actual impasse il wuuld then be necessary lu devils sume uther proesdure.
In the luul analysis, the Minister uf
Itailways has Ihe necessary au
llnuii) to lake the matter in
his uwu bunds ami make a
ruling which would lie binding on
all concerned ur (aa was intimated by
the liual member, st Ihe meeting ui.
Wellies.im eveuiug) the minister may
prsfer tu refer the matter tu the exe
eulive cuuneil fur lnml decision. iu
sillier event II is reasuiiable lo sup
pose that opportunity would be given
Hie councils ami public bodies or any
of Ihem, tu submit such sihlitliinsl
fails ami uifurmatioii as tbey migbt
desire, in fiinfsinplaliiin uf such ac
liun upon lhe pirl uf the government.
Ouce tbe location of Ihe right of way
Iiirougli West Vancouver hss been de
elded however, lhe wsy hss bul been
cleared for getting at the main proh
lam, It would lliin remalii for lbs
councils ami ulher public budies inter
esled to prevsil upon lhe government
to exert such Influence ss might lit
fouml neeesssry, to pnn ure immediate
purchase of that right of wsy sni im
mediate luiiiuieiiieineul of construction
upun the Nurth Hhore liy lbe Pacifle
Hresl I s.Jfin Hallway Company, a
Hinting lo llle spirit of tbe agreement.
Just wbal elilll.-ulties may beset this
portion of ths undertaking doea not yei
appear, bul iu any event, il would bs
wise policy for Ibuse who bsve the
matter iu hand to endeavor lo antlcl
pats every contingency, to prspsrs to
meet every argument sa fsr Bl possible
lml lo get in readiness Ibe strongest
possible rsie for presentation from
tbs ilsudpolnt of the interests, not
slons of tbe North Hhore, hot of tbe
lower mslnlsnd and of the province
itself, sll of wbicb ars closely iuterutsd
in tbi ■ uiisirui'liuu of tbst isetioa of
Ihs new rsilwsy Hats, which will con
uect Hurrard Inlel at Nortb Vancuu
vm with ths ksad of Hows Hound and
tbs iplendld country bsyoad.
The Cuiilur J.ei'lure before tliu lloyal
Hoclety of Art*, London, 1012, wns u
lecture on "The Meat Iuduilry," by
Mr. I.uuilun M. Douglas. Duriug the
course of tbe lecture Mr. Douglas gave
sonte late itatlstlcs witli reference to
thu meat induitry which convey some
idea of ill vastiiess. .In Europe alone
then art over 101,000,000 catile, lu
North Aiiiericu there are approximate
ly .mi.iiiiii.iiiiii; in Me,ml, America uliuut
i;i,iiiui,iitiii; lu Asia 97,000,000; in Australia 111,1)011,01111, and in Africa 1,-
The greatest market iu the world
for the purchase of meat is the i'nited
Kingdom, which has tbe greatebt con
, ti hi l ,t i mi of meat per head of its pnpu
lut inu, and it is reniarkahlii that while
the importation of meat frum overseas nnreuses frum year to yeur the
Hrlliab cattle populaliun remains prut
ty stationary al about Illi millions
i,',lll.,.ill  head lu (Ireat Britain uiitl
uf lite Nurlli  Vancouver Ratepayer ,
Aso.ci.liou, cite,, as the cam. of tftf-MMM N ll*  "cconlitig '» the
in, ie ulturul returns uf llll I j, of wliieii
it is computed tbat about '.'u pur cent
ur sumetbing under ,1 miliums arc
slaughtered yearly. Hut the ealtl-i
bundle.I are utilized aliniisl exelusiiely
frum tbe point of view of the mest pur
veyor ami not from that of tbe pack
ing huuse whieh has not yet developed
in the United Kingdom
lu Ihe Hulled Htales there aru ll.'IB
packing houses, many   uf   wliieii ship
tlieir products to  Europu ami  prion
pally tu Hrilish    markets.     Of .util
alune  they   hum lb- something  like  t
111111,111111 per milium, siiil while Ibis mun
her is coiistsiitly on the increase, the
exports   are   becoming   smaller    and
smaller, owing lo the increase of the
pupulaliuu uf the  United Htatea ami
he   lueal   demands.   While   the   meat
supplies frum Nurtb America into the
nilt>.l Kin,.,,Inin huve dwindled, Ibuse
frum Houtli America have increased
enurinuusly. Nevertheless, the packers
of Nurtli America endeavuur tu keep
their hnbl un the Hrilish trade, and a
nuiiii,,-r uf American puckers have re
eiitly,   ) leu-,.i   ll,lltll),llil(l   acres   of
laml ill Urn/it fur the purpuse uf ranch
ing cattle and uther livestock ao as
tu supply the increasing demands in
Eurupe im,I the Hritisb markets
A very large proportion of the mea
supply uf the I'nited King.low is illl
ported from uther countries snd the
lecturer gsve interesting ststistics as
lu Ihe sources uf this supply. Oreat
Itxit 141ri imp,iiis meat principally frum
the I'nited Htstes, the Argentine He
public, I'ruguay, Australia ami New
Zealand but the Argentine Republic
far „ui.iisiumes all-competitors, having
provided in lllll approximately 86 per
cent, of the beef thus imported The
tutal importations fur that year amnunl
ed to lfitifil hundredweight of US
pounds ur -e,wcnl,ui uver 800,000,000
puunds uf beef uf which tutal over
6,000,000 hundredweight came frum the
Argentine Republic, Australia comes
second with slightly over 1,000,000
hundredweight, and New Zealand third
wilh aboul  .'twi/iwi  hundredweight
ll is a must regrettable circumstance
that Oanada, imtwithstamllng her ail
vantageiius geographical location rein
tive to Oreal Britain, does not sh|re In
tbis valuable meat trade with Ibe uid
cuuutry tu auy appreciable degree. It
is moreover humiliating, from a nation
al point of view, that It baa further
to be acknowledged tbsl Canada, wllh
all her magnificent natural advantages
fur extensive cattle railing doei not
provide a auffieient amount of meat In
supply even Ibe needs of Ils owu pop
The manner ill which tbe live itock
Induitry in Canada hai been allowed
to languish is unu of Ihe moil unfor
lunate featum of Canadian economics
al tin preient time. Energetic slforts
sre now being msde to re establish the
induitry upon a permanent basis aud
lo promote ill development, lu point
nf fsrt, thll wsa one of tbs fsst urea uf
Ihe pisiform of tbe present government
during tbe elections and the success of
Ihe effort! which srs now being put
forth to implement the promises tben
Meads, ii a matter of prims import
snre In national affairs,
Tbs position wblWi tbe foreiti of
Hrilish Colunbls occupy lu tba.provincial seonony is iuch that tbsy msrit
purtant matter from whlcb wo take tbo
liberty bf making quotations, Wltbln
tbe eoiilinea of British Columbia elands
more than une half of al) Canada's mer
cliantable timber,
The forosts were last year protluotlvt
of un amount of wealth almost aufflelent to buy every morsel of food eon
trained In tbe province,
lit seven yeara the forests bave mado
muney  enough  to  puy   for  all   nimbi,
wharves ami bridges constructed
throughout Uie province , as public
Our forests are being out only one-
quarter as fast as tbey are growing and
without any detriment to lhe supply,
lumber, can be produced annually tu
tliu value of $100,000,000.
Tin) presort ut ion ami continuance of
our water poweri, irrigation advantages, soil fertility and stability and
an equable climate, Is largely depend
eut un Ihu existence of the forests on
the watersheds.
Tlie forests may lie said lo lie lhe
I.u, I Iuuu uf Hritisb (.'oluuibiu's devel-
opiiiunt, 1 stat ul Ihu ■■uuii' lime thuy constitute u resource e „n., ,,,, l. In danger
und "lm I   is uf all others, must liable
III   qllick     le     I I lll'l ,,,,
Fire cuu destroy In a single day Ihul
which ii hua required centuries to pru
ilueii and which (once destrnyuil) it will
require centuries In restore,      '
Fnr must cogent reasons, therefore,
fur thu pi,minium uf the welfare nf
ail Internals eirjuyed by the province
ami the people wbu dwell therein, it is
desirable thai "Forest Conservation"
be iiih.Ii' a household word nud witli
this umi iu view the government,
tiiruugh the furUHtry department is inaugurating  u   campaign^, of  education
in urder to udvuu Wrest I'ouserva
tion" tu that position which ii rightly
It'Hcrvcs iu the public Ihuughl.
The various liieuus adopted lo uc
coiuplish this end will Include a series
of lectures ou forestry subjects, iu (lie
public schools] u series of iectiires for
the gunerul public; an information bur
can al Victoriai tbe circulation uf fnr
entry buuks ihruugli the provincial Ira
veiling libraries; lhe dissemination uf
Information in pamphlet fnnn uud
Ihruugli the columns uf the newspapers, ttigelber with such additional el
pedlents as mny be suggested and
adopted frum time tu lime.
It is hoped thai lhe ultimate result
uf this movement will lie the crest lull
uf public opinion auch as will pluee
Hrilish i uluo,I,iu uu a par in Ihia re
gard with tlie foremost countries i^f
Europe un forestry, wbere Mcioutille
Management nf the furests lu the inter
esls nf the stale, ami in the promotion
uf tlie general welfare is a by wurd.
This movement is uue which merits llie
grealest encouragement uml the hearti
est co-operation upuu the purl uf the
public at  large.
Tendon are invited of lots or tracts
of land suitable for tbs erection of a
City Hall for the City of North Vancouver,
All tenders must bs made ou a form
to be obtained from tbo undersigned,
aud must be made by tbo owner or bis
Attorney authorised by duly executed
power of attorney,    ^
Tbu successful tenderer will be call
ed upon to give an option to tbe city
lit a form satisfactory to the City Solicitor until tbe necessary Hydaws are
passed. The prlue will he payable, 10
per centi within thirty days after tbo
pausing of the Ily law authorising tbe
purchase and tbe balance within nine
ly'daya thereafter.
Healed Tenders marked "Tender fur
(Illy llall Hite" must be lodged with Ihe
City Clerk, City llall, Nurlh Vuncuu
ver, bofore li p.m. on Monday, Decent
ber Oth, lllli!,
The lowest or any lender not ueees
sarily accepted,
il IB
City Clerk,
10,000 cords of dry Ar wood for quick
sale, Pries per odd cords, 11.16. tipn
clal quotations for Isrger quantities
Out Wuod, 10 Inches, I'lilti. 13 Inches
W.80, C. 0. D.
Office and Yard—Mill and Lonsdali
Phone 190.     P. 0. Boi 2432.
Vancouver Buiineu Directory
SPROTT-SHAW Business College
3}6 Haaliugs St. W.
Canada's Qrsstesl Weatern  School
U, J, Sprott, HA., - -Mmiagtt
Stop! Look! Listen!
The greslest millinery sale of thu
age. The Vogue is selling out at cost.
stink nullum,, millinery, gloves, bus
ier,v uml Christmas ^ifls. The Vogue,
l.onsilale avenue, corner uf lllh, Nurtli
Vancuuver. Ill 11
Yorkshire Guarantee & Securities
Corporation, Limited
440 Seymour Streel
R. Kerr Houlgate - - - Mauagei
All North Vanriiiivar peiipl* isi at
Either I'liul Uliuli ur Hastings Ht.,
opposits the new pust ulli,,, I.e,muni
sells Ins le .1 by the pound.
lliul. lei. I'l'lUNS
III Miinlioloi H.islttiii liitwiin and All,ci
a. lbs Vol,on Territory, the Nurtli west
T,.nli,nies and In a purtiun uf the pro-
elnos of Brlllsb Columbia, ma) ba It?used fur a term of Iwenty-una years at
an annual rental of tl an acre. Nol
mure than 8,680 acres will be leased to
une applicant
Application fur a lease must be made
by tlie applicant In parson tu ths Agent
or gub-Agant uf the district In which
Iht rights applied fur art situated.
In surveyed territory Iba land must
lis described by sections, or legal subdivisions of tedious, snd In iinsurvey-
td lerrllury Ibt Iract applltd fur ahall
bt naked oul by tbt applicant himself.
Kaeh application muat bt accompanied by a In ol IS which will bt re-
fundtd If tin rights applied fur sre uul
avullahle, hut not otherwise A royally ahall be paid on the merchantable
output uf the mine at tba rale nf ftvs
cants per tun.
Ttie persun operating ttie mine thall
furnish the Agent with swurn rtturna
accouuiing for ttie full tjuaultty uf
merchantable coal mined and pay the
ruyalty Iboreull. If tile cual inlnlllii
rights are nut being uperated, tucb rt-
1111 ns tbiiuld bt furnished at leasl mice
a year.
The le ise will include lhe coal mining
rights only, but the lessee may be permitted ti purchase whatever available
surface lights may lie cutiaidtrtd ntc-
essary fur tbt working of lilt mine al
tbe rate  if IIO an acrt
Pur full Infiiriiiutlon ... ,,n. uil..,
slo,old be made lo the secretary of Iht
Department uf the Interior, Ottawa, ur
to any agent ur Hub-Agent of Dominion
Deputy Minister ol Ihe Interior
N.   ti.—unauthorised   publication   uf
this  ailviiilse-iot'iii   will   nol   be   puld
fnr 111
Isand (Hearing and (trading Lots,
I'ete Andruss, (loneral Contractor, He
wer connections a specialty, basemen!
and otber escavatlug work undertaken
Kstimates free IUU 18th street west,
Nortb Vaacouver, post office bus l!.'ll)3
The Woman's Auxiliary nl Ht.
Agnes' church will hold their first sale
of work In the church hall, comer rile
and Boulevard on Weduesday, llccem
bor 4th. The sale will lie opened at
.1 o'clock iu the aflernoon by Mrs. De
I'eticier, wife of the Hishup uf Hie lliu
eesu, and will continue throughout the
afternoon ami evening. There will be
the usual departments and stalls as
well as 'in,,lies, home msde cookery,
dairy stall and tlsh pond for Ibe young
ar folks, lu tbe evening s programme
of vocsi aud instrumental music and
slosatiou trill bs rendered.
Christmas Presents
Let us show you oui'complete itock of
Such gifts combine usefulness wilh beauty and will lait
a life time.
90 Lonsdale Avenue     Next to P.O.
Xmas Card* and Calendar*
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very last thing, but shop now and get first
Best Selection.
Books, Toys, Dolls, Xmai Stationery, Etc.
J. E. Scouten's Book Store
(N. H. Book aud Stationery Oonipany).
iiu lit Lonadale Aveuus.        PHOHB Ul
Iiiun now on our specially will be high class French
Pastries such as Petite Fours Glaces oi ull kinds.
Come iind see our window on Saturday.
Give your order for Xmas. Cakes and Puddings early.
Job Printing at the "Express"
Dollar 50 Hat Store
MEN'S KATS, all styles,
Visit the above Store at
1029 Granville Street, Vancouver
In North Lomdale
An Opportunity
Close to an open road. 50 ft. lots $275 each, $23 cash sioifiomhiy
Also' half-acre lots from $500 to $650 each,   $50caih $20 monthly
OSes Pbons 173.
Residence Phoue S(W
V, 0. Bat mi.
%t Rabin Feuni
•heller at Ust
Why tbjr Uhvm
01 tbs Evergreens
Nevei Fade
JACK ud Drily* hid wlabed daddy to Ml tbem why thl tm* loat their
leaves svery ttll ud bad to grow Raw onea In the spring Instead of re
malning warmly covered ill year Ilka tha cedor trees In tba garden.   '
"1 will tall you i reaeon wbicb I onco read tn a book," daddy aald.
"Onoi upon a Unil, u tbi llttlt bird* wirt miking thair long Journey te
tbi pleaeant warm cpuutriee where bird* ipand tba winter, i little robin waa
left behind.  Ba bad I lima wing, and lama winged birds never can By (ar.
"Little robin looked about In tbe strange woods wbere. tired out, be bid to
itop. He crept up to a gnarled old oak tree whon brunches wired i buudred
fast into tba ilr. ,
"Tleeae let ma etay wltb you ||| winter: tb* little bin) pleaded. /Vour
lesvee will eheller me from the winter Wind*.'
"But tb* oik waa proud. 'Uo away/ ba anld 'I do got want tramp birds
Uk* yon about my branches
'The llttl* bird aped lu Ihe beerb tree, but tba beech tre* mid* believe
not to beur tba robin.
" Tba maple la to lovely, i'erltapa aba la alao kind,' tbi little bird aald.
And ba want to tb* maple tree to ask bar (or abetter. But tba maple tree
waa not kind.
"Hi taw 10 tba little slrenm along wbicb Iba wblt* blrcb treee gleamed.
but tbi blrcb** Mid tbat Ibey were not atroug euougb to lake lodger*.
"As tired ud sorrow fui the Utile bird alerted away on bla lame wing, a
dark, abaggy tree standing ou tba blllalopa called to bim, 'Bare you ara welcome Ul eheller, 111 tlu wanderer.'   It waa tba tall plue tree wllh thick needles
which rould turn uff tbe roughest winter wind.       -   —
" 'I, too, bav* • bom* (or you/ called tba tall, dark spruce. And tb* stately
radar whispered tbat l( tba little bird cared to live near tbe dwellings of mun
not to overlook Ita sheltering brancbae In tba garden.
" 'Aa (or ma/ railed tb* little Juniper, 'though I may not ba able to offer
abeltsr, my berries will provide you wltb lood to wbicb you ar* welcome ee
long aa you need t hem.'..
"And ao tha little bird ateyed wltb these kind ouea, ant avary morning
iht every evening be sang tbem a little aong of gratitude.
"Old King Winter beard It one day and learned tbe bird'* atory. Ba aald
te one of bis Wildest winds:
'"Uo out lulu tbe woods and atrip thoae unkind trees of tba leaves of
wbicb tbay ar* so proud, but the trees that bare been kind and willing to
shme wbat Ibey bad wltb tba unfortunate aball alwaya wear tbeir green
leuves all winter."' I
To Succeed in Business YOU MUST Advertise
■ ■»■■■■  e IMI    l     i lliJ m1,*i    ■      i      I    uil
6 room, modern furnished house, with
piano, 165 3rd St. East, for five months.
Reasonable to careful tenants.
Also new 3 room cottage with electric
light, bath, toilet and sink, back and front
porch. $12.50 per month, or lease one
year, $ 12 per month.
ni Mil.   1Kb MUH I
Passes Examination of   Royal   Aaid
amy of Music and Establishes a
London.—Tbe super-musical prodigy
baa arrived. Sbe la Mlaa Joan Lloyd,
and ber age ta 5. a Uny dot of a
gulden-halted girl, Mlaa Lloyd Uvea al
Hulli'iiud, Hounslow. II abe progreaa
aa at tbo rate aba la going, thla r»
nturkublu young musician ahould bi
t doctor at muaic at tba agp of IS.
Joan haa lust passed tbe preliminary eiamlnauon of th* associated
buunl of tba Royal Academy of Muh
lo—an achievement whioh, (or hei
age, la believed to be a worltfl re
•ird. Wben Joan entered (or tba aa
uininatiun aha wus only 4. The
mualoal tost, although vary simple to
grown-up pianists, ta one which ohll>
dren of H often have oonalderabli
difficulty In paaalng.
Whan Mra, Lloyd took her bib)
girl up (or the examination at the
Hoyul Academy of Music the officials
aud musicians pnsent ware obviously
startled al tha tiny competitor.
But Sir Ueurge Martin, the organ
1st of St. Paul'a Cathedral, who ex
amlnad Joan and gravely made notes
of her playing, took the cblld quite
seriously. She played acales, and
then, by ear, some almple airs Irom
iiriiiinnr, Cterny and flurlitt.
Sir Oeorge aaked Joan if ahe would
rare In play one ol the pieces again,
and the mile replied lhat siie thought
"lbat would do."
Some days Inter came the wunde-
(ul news titat she had passed. Sbe
bad received 120 points—twenty more
than elm need havo done to huve p't
through tho examination.
Joan tuld a reporter yesterday that
alle waa very fond of playing, and
"loved" practicing. Sbe practlcoa
one hour ami a half every day. Asked
by her mother to play acme lleeth-
oven music, Joun tripped to tbs piano
ami without any music played a simplified it iiilon uf one uf the ma iter's
Her liny fingers bad (he grealeat
itliili-iili) in stretching io pluy certain
passages. Naturally her touch I* extremely light
"My little girl has only been learning tho pliinn about nine nionthn,"
said Mrs. l.luyd.
"tilt,- bus been (ruined by Mr .Warm
er, lbe Richmond music leacber, who
la entirely responsible fur her sue
empty, and knocked at the door.
Tha door was opened by a man of
tba wnrltlng-claaa type, who Invited
the doctor to atep In wblla be struck
a light The doctor crossed tliu
threshold and wa* Immediately at-
tucked (rom behind, blow after blow
being rained on bla head with a poker.
I   The silk hat tbat ba waa wearing
leaved the doctor (rom the earlier
blows, but he waa sunn unconscious
| With several severe wounds un the
| As be sunk Into unconsciousness be
suw a man rush   by   hint  Jnto  (hi
| Itreet. A moment later somo men
wbo were paaalng oama In and took
him home.
i There la no doubt that the doctor
wun lured to the houae In order thai
lm might lm riibhuil. Doctor Campbell, who la in elderly man, wears
. two very valuable diamond rlnga and
' a gold watch,    They were uoi taken,
. tbe robber having evidently been eur-
prised by the men who came along
Uc street aa tba doctor collapsed.
Polico who visited the hnuse afterward found It empty. There was nu
patient and no furniture. Tho assailant's bloodstained poker waa In thi
A man of 'Tl and * boy were arrested in coiinectloii with the outrage, and Will he brought before tbe
magistrate on  Monday.
Doctor Campbell la progressing favorably.
Don't Take Chances!
Business   men   and   business   houses
ars usually Judged by tbe printed matter tbey send out,
Oau you alford to taks chances with
your printing when good work lu this
Hue costs llttls, If any, more.
We Do Good Work
First  Btrsst  Bast,  North  Vaueouver
Duchass of Bucklnghem and Chandoa,
the Famous English Painter
Robbery Believed to Have Been Motive, But Waa Not Ejected.
Dr. Murshall J Campbell, a Liver-
yuul ductor, whu Is vory popular a
oiling llie i»i"i peuple uf the Tuxeth
district, wus ihe victim uf a remark
ible outrage un Thursday night.
iliuoi  e o'clock a boy called at Ills
Same »(lhe Snega Ha Struck In His
Jeurney Through Life.
Tbe ordinary man walked Iuto a Unr-
let's shop and. pointing to a ties ut Hut
dowering plapt, aaked Ita price.
"That Duudeclmtiui ihirluium'i" ask
ad tbe florist aa nearly aa tbe ordinary
man understood hlm. "11 la worth a
Ba dropped In al bla physician's of-
ttl and requested Ibat gentleman to
tell what waa iba matter with mm
"Ob, you've Jusl got a alight iminl-
testation of Nasopharyngeal cumblotn
incrii.t." tbe docioi aald, or words to
tbat apparent effect
Tbe ordinary man (topped to look sl
an automobile, and tba agent aald:
"Tou aee, tbe differential hi set sl a
tangent to tba aaal^illalor, and that
brings Ibe ohlold paralleling chute lo
diametric connection wltb the swivel
Ing trunnion," aa nearly aa the ordl
nnr; man caugbt tbs remark.
Tbe ordinary man consulted bis law
"tV* will sppesl to bare tbe decision
reversed." declared tbe etlorney, 'on
tbe groundi uf lex Judlcalum nun con
(entire posse romllatua " At tenet tbat
la what lbe urdlnary man gathered
Su he became eo bewildered ovsr mi
way thlngi era told to ordinary peupti
tbat ba wus cureless when be crossed
tbe street ond wae run down by eo automobile being demonstrated by tin
ageot sod wss picked up and carried
Iuto tbe doctor's utiles aud celled Ihi
lawyer to make bla will, end letsr lbe
florist gol sn order
And. to pursue bim etlil furtber, Ihi)
carved on bis tiiunumsul. "Ilequlescul
In I'scs "--Chicago I'oat.
Standard ol Pirllan Beeuty.
"•Ireat care Is lakeu Iluu the I'.i I n
girl sbsll conform to Ibe rsrogutteu
alaodord of beuuly, win. n requires hei
to have a ry pi ess waist, a full iuoob
(aro. gsielle eyes end eyebruws Ibsl
meal." says a traveler, "list eyee
brows sud bslr must be blark ae ulgbl
ber lips, cheeks end gume as red et
bluud, bir skin sod teeth es white si
aluiotide eod hei back, limbs and Da
gets long II these coudltlotis an uat
urslly absent tbsy are supplied as fat
ae possible by art Persian women an
always painted, tbeir eyee darkens*
wilb kbul end tboir fingers slelnef
wltb lienoa"   t'blt ago News.
Cannon Bsll Trsss
One ol tbe most remarkable plants
In the world la tbe ceunon ball tree, u
be found In brlllsb (lulaua lbs nil
ural height of tbe tree rescju* ta
eighty or a bundled (set or eien tall
er. Tba fruit la a bard globblar, rap
sule, seven Inches or mors In diameter.
coiitslolng number* of lat, circular
seeds reUenlarger tben e dims II
resemble* I tblrly two pound (but, I*
browu In color aod very rough
•   flflrl
Eight  Thousand   Domestic   Servants
Have Left Liverpool Since Pint
of tha Vaar
Liverpool.—'Thls.iB the open door
ol England. Thousanda o( mon, women ond children from every part ot
Qreat Britain pasa out each month,
snd we never aee thorn again on this
It wis a i.iverptiol shipowner wbo
thua In vivid phraaa pointed out to
tbo repreaantatlvu of a Iiondon newe-
paper bow wide open England's front
door Is, as he stood wltb bim on
the Liverpool landing stage, whero
tbo background of "sky scraper" buildings and tlie Moraey elevated railway
give Englaud such a strong American
Tbey bad Jusl seen a airing of
brakes, such as uio uaed by bean
faaatara on their Jaunta awing down
through the main streets of Liverpool
to Iba iim if. Irom Lime atreet railway
elation, and his comment waa in sue-
wer to an Inquiry I bad made.
Eacb long wagunotto was crowded
with passeugers carylng handbags and
poit it,nnt en im 'iiit'i,' were men of
all ages, some bearded, but most
sturdy young men; and one brake was
paoked with thirty young 'women of
Iba capable-looking healthy kind lhat
Is so rare uow in domestic service In
London and oilier English cities.
"Are Ibey off for a day's holiday to
Ibo Isle uf Man?1' waa asked.
Off to Canada
'They are of) to Canada fur goud,"
Wua tlio reply. "Tbey aro C.l'.H.'s.
Better wages and work for ull who are
willing lu du It ara the lures that
aro drawing them from home
"We call Ihem 'C.P.K.'a bere You
will aee the Inlttuls on the side uf the
wagonettes Tbey are going Iii the
Canadian Pacilic Railway Company's
ateamshlps—many hundreds ut tbese
emigrants leave each week. There
la an endless stream of tbem; end nut
one lu a Iiundred cornea back, excopt
ou a holiday visit to spend money
among Ihe poor old folks al borne.
"Yuu ecu those girls. Tbey luuk
strong atld healthy and cheerful, don't
they? Matty of them come from
Scotch villages, where tbere ia little
prospect of a husband or remunerative work. Moat of tbem will be married wllhln a year of arriving In Canada; aome of tbem wltbln a few
A strong girl with a knowledge of
housework aud farm life finds many
Milieu.' and lhe emigration agetit wbu
ire working ao busily In Scutch asd
English towns do not forget to drop a
bint of matrimony wb*n tbey tall
them of (ha demand (or domestic ser-
vaula lu tbe weal.
'You will aee men ol 60, wltb (heir
Wives aud families —In eome cues
soicii or eight children among Ihe
emigrants passing through Liverpool
almost any day ol tbe weak
Depopulated Villages
"Tbis econatant drain on Iba old
oountry muat ba felt very soon Tbey
ire slipping away ao quietly tbat It
li not felt at Ibe time, bul I know
parte of Scotland that In (be lut flva
years bavs been almost depopulated
You can walk inlleo, from KUdonan or
Helmsdale lo tbe weatern aide, without meeting a aoul. -
"We are not only lowing tbs vigor-
oua young men, but the young women, wbo will be Ihe wlvea and moth-
are of tbe race. Tbey pasa out
tiiruugh tba opon door by thousands ■
down the Mersey and away asroaa tba
"Yu, emigration la very brisk Juat
now," admitted one of the shipping
agenti "At leut MOO domestic aar-
vants and farm laborers havu passed
through aa pueeugers, by ons lln* t
Ions, on tbsir wiy to Canada, alnca
the In ginning of ths ysar. Tbs total
(or tbe laat twelve moutba muat ap-
pioacb 60,040
s.i, week by week, tbs Salvalioa
Army, Doctor liarnardo'a Homes, end
the Emigration agents scattered u|
ami I, wn iba country are sbeoherdlbl
tic happiness op tb* dr aids ol tbi
Tbat is wby tbs brakes that drlvi
down through tbe atreeta of moneyed
Liverpool paat tlia great building* ol
commerce and followed by the bar*
(noted children, wbo ara ibe outward
abu of tbe underlying poverty, an
tilled wltb men and woman who an
leaving England never to return.
Fpr Pinl *( Peer Ha Aoraee to 0|w
Legal Aid to Qlrl
Vienna.-- Fran Leopuldlno Zach, i
pretty ynui.g woman, la being trloi
for having deceived a parish prlesi
near Vienna in order to get married
Being only 18, aba waa, accordlnj
to Austrian law, under age, and ra
quired tba 'consent of her father, He
however, relused lo give It unlaw bIii
indued i nr stepmother to agree. Tip1
the girl coniidered beneath ber dig
She declares that a police offlolal
told bar that tbi permission ol
any man who looked old enough ti
be bor father would aufflno. Takluj
(bis advice aorloualy, the young wo
man obtained lbc servicea of an elder
ly man In return (or * pint pf beer,.
After tba wedding tbe impostun
waa discovered and tbe bride arrest
Ha Evidanilr Was Net a Flayer ef Any
(irast Power,
II wu prubably lu 15(18 tbat Shake,
spaara first appeared ae Adam end si
tba elder Bnowell. end It waa probably
In lUOil Ibsl he drsl personated tin
ghost, beiug then thirty-eight yean
old, says Rrander Matthews lu thl
Norlb American Review He wss to
remain ou Iba elage ten or twelve
yeere longer, but there Is nu reusun to
supptwe ibst ibe parte ba played la
later life were any mora Impurlanl.
We do pol know what cburacters ba
undertook In the playa which he wion
altar "Hamlet." nur do we kuow wbal
parte be aaautnnt In tbe many pieces
by olber eutbure whlcb mode up Ibi
raperlury of llie compeuy. Tbut bi
couliuued lo acl wa need uot doubt
Fur Inilunee. be wea uue of Ibe per
formers III Ben Jouaon'e "Sejanus,"
probably produced lu MM oi 1003
But lbe absence ol speeldc Infurma
(Ion on tbia point Is evidence that he
did oot Impress bluiaelf upou his con-
temporaries ae au aclur of power. Ai
Uweo declared, "Tbe mere fad thai
we bear nothing or bla qualities ss so
actor Implies that (bar* waa nothing
above tba Una, ootblug memorable tc
be apokau of." Tba parte wbicb we believe Dim to beva played did oot "da
maud or admit various eicelleuclee."
Shakespeare may bave bad lofty his
trtoiilc ambitions, bul probably be wai
nol allowed lo grelify hia longings, and
certainly wa heve oo tradltiun or bliil
thai ba ever failed lu wbal be et>
templed In the ibeeter. Perhaps wi
are JustMed lo believing Ibul be nad
guna on lbe stage merely aa tbe easleel
menus of linmedlelely earning bis living, ibal be did nut greatly rare foi
acting nnd ibat be wae eattafled lu aa
aume lbs responsible bul suburdluutl
parte for which be waa beal tilled.
Tbat Leaded Revolver.
"And you didn't know It wu l*ededr
"No. Judge. I aw ear I didn't"
"But befun pointing It st Ua d»
mud, wby did you nol look lite Ul
barret lo aee whether or not It waa
loaded r
"Wby, Judge, Ibat would bave beeo l
fool thing to dol It migbt care si plod.
<al Ud killed ms"- Uouaton Poit
Drew e Crowd.
"I once woke up, If nol to Hod my-
mil famous, il lust to Ood myielf ai
trading cunsldirsbla mention."
"Hew waa thair
"I bid (alien aal**p ra * total strand* wlU my mouU wide epea."-
Waablogtoo Herald.
Belle ('holly lold ID* tell nigbt tkai
| »sa Iba hope of hia after yean and
Ibe chance of a lifetime Delle-Uooi
Wbal happened ifter tbatf BaUs-
W'bj bs ver; naturally embraced t*
opiairtunUy.- roils dsjftlUs Uecort
The whole ol our $30,000 stock of Furniture, Carpets, Houiefurnishingi, Crockery, Etc., Jo he practically slaughtered.   Take (hit opportunity
and purchase for cash al wholesale pricei, »
• ' ' -'■"'
20 Lonsdale Avenue    Phone 568
an application will be made to the Par
Hainan! of Oanada at tbe present session thereof by Hm Hurrard Inlet Tunnel and Hridge Company for an extensiou of time within which to commence
I'liiislrui'liiiii uf its authorised lines of
railway and bridge and tunnel,
DATED at tho Oity of Vancouver,
proviuee of Britiall nolumbli, thie BBiid
day of Novoniber, 18fD.
415 Winch Building, Vancouvur, II.
U.j Milii-iini'tt for the Applii-nul.
•I '
. I
is, the kind thai looks as though it really belonged to you.
Made from the very, best materials by skilled workmen-
there is no feature neglected that helps to make a really first
class garment and CAMPBELL'S CLOTHING is guaranteed to keep its shape
First lime you're over let us show you the patterns. There
are a lol of CAMPBELL'S CLOTHING wearers in
Norlh Vancouver, bul we want more.
CU A MDCD C The c,^,pbtl|,, clo,l,i"*Man
Lii AIVIDLKu « HASTINGS street, east
Ottawa Gardens
('oritur of i'lie.i,'iii, bl Avenue uiul
HUth Htreet, Nurth Vancouver
A private st'liunl for buys uf uevuii
ii.'it:. of tipii mnl upwards, Raster
term bOglm January ati li, jp^i.
Prospectus tent nu application.
I'. I). Address,
linii luul Vancouver,
Lodge Western Bose, No. 296
Meetings of tills bulge are held in
Hie Kniglils uf Pythias Ilull, curner ot
| I., .ie hi, i.i avenue and Fourth street,
uu tlm Ural uml third Fridays in each
montb, ut i o'clonic p.' m.
('oiiiniuiiicatiiins uml upplicatiuns fui
membership to hu addressee! lu liurnhl
Lees, secretary, P. 0. boi Iill,  161 Is
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North Shore, ADVERTISE in the "Express"
I inlcnil ut llic next reg.dur meeting of
tlif I,iccn.it' Commissioners for the
city of Nortli Vuncuuver lu apply for
uu Uiliel License lu in' known liy the
name uf lbs Arlington Hotel situutu
ou lols twenty seven iu bin, I. 1511, i).
I,. '.'71, in llie city nf North Vaneouver.
Hated Nuv, lllh, IUI:!. l.i I'J
There's Not ■ Poor Fabric Offered in Tbis Sale—Nor aa Example of Careless Tailoring
I lere's an unusual chance lo get your kind of clothes—the real Semi-ready garments,
labelled hy the tailors that made them—suits, overcoats, trousers.
A Genuinely Well-made Range
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gut,   That li wby we're making you tbia unusual offer.
A Beautiful Range of English
(Made from tlia Baat Scotch Twaeda)
Bemainber, when we oiler you a Betul ready garment at reduced
prlcee, It doeeu't mean a manipulation of price tickets. It
means tbat tlu price reduction ara offsrsd you to make a
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our Unu—but now we've made It worth your while—buy a little in advene* of your naada.
Better Not Delay-Come to the Old Address-519 Granville St.
Sole Agenti for Vancouver
II to account reueuiiiiiuj lur me insulin! in wbidi lamp chimneys will snap
at untoward tll». a. It aaema absurd
to attribute It tu iieologicul formation
of the ground, lint It ia a fact Ibat Iq
one liouse built on easily vibrating
made ground ih student lamp ohlra-
noye would crack loudly In tba middle
uf (b» morning wben llio trolley oar
came around Iho street miner half a
block away. They ware of tba beat
make obtainable, und wben the dealer
woe appealed to be aald be waa ur.
able lo prevent tbe aume Uiiun happen-
ini! In tba atore, wbere tbe cbluinaya
aloud on tba abelvea, qiiliu wit hunt
pressure fruni burner at tbe Imae.
The little, slender atudent lamp chimneys seem tba more liable to tbia sort
pf accident, and wban tbay bava "the
habit" it paya to buy thorn by tba huir
doaen or doaen. thereby getting tbem
at a reduction. Then put Ihem on tbe
Ore lu a big kettle of cold water nud
bring It to a boll. Tbe waler abould
coul wltb the cblmneya In II. After
tbia waab und luy them away uu' a
shelf, eacb wrapped in Boft tlasue paper, Tba treatment tougheua tbe glass,
and n clean chimney la always ready
In caae of amergoucv,
Not every young' housewife knowa
tbat a lamp chimney washed in soapy
water will never look clear. Held under clear runuiug hot water ond wiped
quickly and thoroughly there will ba
ao cloudinaaa when It ia lighted. Boft
old cheesecloth or ellkoliue makes tbe
most perfect cloth for drying lamp
chimneys, and generoua plecea abould
ba kept for tbat use alone.
A Fourfold Baa,
If you once have owned a fourfold
bag you will never again be without
one. Into tbe aepargte cotnp'artmeute
can go buttons, books and eyes,
thread and aewlng utensils and a
email piece of work, and tbere la no
wild bunting for tba article needed.
aa In a one piece bug.
These baga may ba made lu^ny
alia, but a convenient alia la made
from a yard and thrae-quartera of lira
lmii flowered ribbon with colored aatlo
edgea. Cut the ribbon Into four strips
of equal length, double eacb strip and
overcast tbe c,l,-.-.-. together to form a
email bag. Turu In the top to tlia
deptb of an Inch for Ihe beading and
run wltb a double line of sawing for
a casing.
Ilea two yarda of No. 1 or baby
aatlu ribbon for a drawstring, cutting
in separata yard plecea. Rip tba
etltcbee on tlio outalde of Uie caaing
lietween tbe line of aewlng and ruu
tbe drawstring through tbe outside of
eacb of tbe four baga, tying tbe eods
io a fluffy bow. Start the other draw
string at tbe opposite end wltb two
baga to eacb aide and mil 'around tbe
four, using the Inner elde of the cas
lug.  Tie ,'ini.i In a bow.
To tt'i'ii Ibo bogs from sliding on
tlie drawatrlng tack tbe two on eacb
elde together, running a stitch or two
In the frill just above the casing. Tbie
uiakes them draw easily on oue string.
Culinary Makeshifts.
For canning, preserving or luukliig
Jelly, underripe fruit la'preferable lo
that which Is too ripe. It not only has
a finer flavor, bul keepe belter end will
Jell more eurely.
A variation of mushed potaloea Is
made by boiling tttrulps with the pota
toee and mushing both together. Tbe
turnips should be put on lirst, as they
take longer to cook.
If there la cold chicken left from tha
roaat cut It iuto dice, mli with a cream
dressing, put In the baking dlsb. sprln
kle (be tup with cheese aud stuffed
olives aud bake In a quick oven until
liim crab meat for whlcb tbera are
oo shells le delicious dressed witb
Hollaodalse sauce uud served oo round
croutons. Bbreds of red peppers sprinkled on top Just es Ihe crub ie served
makes it more artlsUc.
Canned peaches left from one day'e
dessert are delicious put In Individual
deep pie molds and baked wltb stripe
of rich pie dough across the top. Put
a lump of butler In the bottom of tbe
dlsb and eprlukle aitgar snd cinnamon
oa lop of the peaches.
The Rabbit Hat.
Quite tbe most fetching bat designed
for young girla is Illustrated,    li  Is
railed "lbe rabbit bat" aud la a ere
Courteaey Ora Cna
iron Dtuuiitot wmtu
sMoo Mut over from tba famnue establishment of Lewis, Parle.
Tb* IUU* cap-Ilka creation l« of
brown pluab decorated with a lat rab
Mt eared bow of soft brawn rlbboe
British Pro-Consul floes Back ta Qov-
ern the Half Million Square Miles
That He Wrested From France at a
Tims Whep England Did Nat Want
It—Hs Supprssssd Both Slavery
and Oannlballtm,
"Ho served liis oountry with pillion."
Sn wrote ap illustrious Frenchman
ivlu'ii, five yoars ago, Bir Frederick
l,ii|!nr.| laii) '1'iwii Ills work in North-
irtt Nigeria ami wenl to Iluug Kong.
lie' goes back nuw to amalgamate and
'e.'.e'iii Nuiilii'iit and Southern Nigeria
-6(Xi,iiilfl square miles ol territory,
with a cilnssal population—our great-
iti tropical tletmiiitenoy alter India,
am), next to that land, perhaps the
iw.-ii rniiiiiiilii: of all our possessions.
It soeins iilini'..i too goou to be true
that tlte task of governing this vaat
niiiu.li.lui. .i umpire should tail to
liim. These things liap|ien mure often
In buuks thun in reality. He has bean
tuu fearless ul Dnwnlng streot and
its p.iiiiiiiie'iii officials, tun thoroughgoing in liis attitude towards both
political purlies, tun free with pen
nmi tongue in making his opinions
known In huvo ennuureged the hope
lhat lie wuulil receive this nubia vin
■ iit-titiini. Ho pitted himself against
nil tlie forces uf France to sect're this
itiysii'i-juiis land to Britain, and he
furcetl this territory intu the unwilling lap nf the l.inpirc.   And it waa
sia i ni in-uu h i mi, Aim
when lie had made it British, and uot
French, thut the publicists uf France
tinned ruuiid and eulogised him as
uie uf the greatest ul Britons, whu
.'uul fairly ami squarely beaten them
in the race fur nne uf Uie greatest
prizes remaining in Africa.
Hi career comprises matter enough
for a score of nuvele. Ile is a mil-
ture uf t'live ami (ieneial (Jurdon-
wlth the former's breadth of vision
anil Gordon's Hero; hatred of cruelty
ami wrung, Ins scorn uf danger, his
teii'terni'.,- fur tin.- weak and tlie oppressed Ile is (lie only lirilisli soldier who lias calmly made war in his
own iiuiiii' "These operations (against
tlie  Kmir of Niikutu)  have been de-
iiIt;. 1 upon by Sii Frederick l.iiganl,"
Mr A listen Chamberlain informed
Parliament nine years agu, and Parliament, tl,, unit it grumbled, yel ac
quiesced, simply because, although it
was a dangerous precedent, here was
s man whoso Tightness ami justice
Mere matched only by bis gallantry
anil clear-sighteeltiess. He lied his
way ai„l his war, und the result waa
that slavery, tlie scourge ami shame
,f the laml, wa.- smashed,"liter four
hundred years
Sir Frederi '. Lugard, a sou of au
li,,linii military chaplain, is an Uid
l" uu,..!. He entered tlie army at
twenty, ami within a year took pert
sn tlie Afghan War. He served in the
Soudan 'l--:,i ami Burma campaigns,
ami, li litii.k with splendid valor, waa
several times mentioned in despatches
before i-uii.ii, ■ iiis 11.8.0. A break-
down in health sent liim, as it sent
III.. !• ami Dr. lumcson, to Africa.
ft is curious Uiat Africa's sick men
havo been latter-day giants ol Dark
Continent ile sailed with nil) in his
pocket mill Ids gnu across liis arm,
smi hearing ol activities ut Messowah,
went thither, taking a deck passage
on a timber boat. Then be drifted
back to /..i./]i iii and look service
witli tbe Britisli Fast Africa Oo., lor
whom be struck his first blow st slavery in a hiililunl campaign against
tlie trailers in human flesh on Lake
Alter four years with Uie II I, A Co.,
he was appointed liy them Administrator of Uganda, ami it was due iu na
small ii..',, in,- Ui his eloquent and
forceful advocacy that Ureat Britain
retained her protectorate.
A wound whicii he sustained when
lighting the slave traders, succeeded
by many Intnl.hips and (ever, caused
htm to resign his Ugandan office and
to return to Knglund, wiiere he wroU
liis iiioiiuiueiilafwork on the "Hiss ol
tlte Kast African Kmpire," aujle a
classic. Returning to Africa, be wu
called In Uie standard of Uie Boyal
Niger Company, and accepted wlUi
avidity the conduct of tha strangest
iace lor Kmpire Uiat has ever been
run- I'lun"' was uut (or new African territory, and sho meant at all
cosle to 'f>iirl4la treaties wiUi Kieme,
King uf llorgl Tn make sure, she
started five .ItVinrt i.npedjtlonii by
as many routes. Luglrd uudeftook
single-handed to beat tin ui, and to
,,|i,-n up in;tiiiinii,,!, wlUi the King,
by virtue of whioh the rulers within
Iiis wide tloiiiiiiiis should treat with
(treat Britain rather Uien wiU) ha
Belle France.
Slavery no lunger uiista io Nigeria.
It bae gone, gone wlUi Uie cannibalism Uiat Bit Frederick suppraaa<ad,
and pow ha governs all, and wUl gov
arc nobly, without doubt.
looaaq I'lltvuiu i,u |fi mi mwuiiwim*, naif Is in (hose parts of the glubo where
(he winter Is lung, Hid wbere the snow
lies on lha ground for many months
at a stretch that spring ia, perhaps,
fully appreciated. In several nf theae
countries a day is sat apart aa I national holiday whan the winter snuw*
begin to melt, sud in many towns tlia
entire population assembles in the
principal square, where (hey perhaps
burn tha effigy uf winter, or. indulge
in smus form of national rejoicing.
Throughout the whole ol the wurki,
however, thera is perhaps no more
curious or picturesque nuatein than
that indulged lit by the Swiss uf Zurich, ana In other parts ol thit beautiful country, on tha approach ol
spring. By far tha greater portion pi
Switzerland ia covered with anow from
late In November til) about tlio middle
of April, and thus li is not altogether
unnatural that tha Swiss abould indulge In aome form ol rejoicing when
the valleys and the low-lying hills
become groen onoa mote.
Noxt to the Swiss -Independence
Day, winch is celebrated every year
curly in Auguat, the ''burning of
winter of Seohselauten Festival, aa li
is called, Is the greatest ol all Swiss
holidays. The most animated scenes
of rejoicing are tu ba witnessed at
Zurich, though Basle and other places
alsn take part in the (estiva), and
here frum early morning till late ai
night a scene of ceaaalass gaiety prevails. Thu streets are brightly decorated for the occasion, and at night
the sight which tits beautiful take
Zurich presents is one ol great beauty.
Tlte principal event of the dey, of
course, is the burning nf the effigy ul
winter — a well-built snuw man ul
gigantic proportions, known by tha
Swiss as Uie "Bogg." This always
takes place at the stadthauplats, a
large ntien space some littlo distance
from the cily end uverluuklng the
lake. Here, un the top ul a huge jiile
uf pine lugs, well saturated with ler
ami uther highly inflammable substances, the "Bogg" will presently be
placed, and burned amid the cheers
irom a thousand thrush).
But apart frum tlie burning of the
"Bogg" itself, there are other Intel.
eating incidents in the day which are
well worthy of mention. Chief amongst
ibt'sc, perhaps, are the Iwo proces-
siuns whicii take place during Uie
day, une in the murniug aud tlie oilier
in tiie afternoon The first of these
lakes pIlur immediately aftei breakfast, and is composed oi gatiy dressed
boys aud girls, whose duty it Is,
ainungsl other things, tu drag ths
"Bogg," seated un a specially-constructed vehicle, amidst a display ol
evergreens, thruugh tlie principal
streets tu his place of destruction Another interesting leeture of tilts pro
cession, tu,,, is a beautiful figure ol
spring, which is placed amidst an
aounaance of the linest (lowers which
tlte Iliviera is capable of producing,
and is drawn by a Uoujie ui buys and
girls some distattse behind tlia
"Hogg " The whule city turns uut tu
dee litis procession, and though the
"Bogg" ia perhsps Uie great attraction, yet "Spring' buds many admirers
Two Recipes.
Fur a Wedding- To one summer's
night add twu yuung peiauns. a beach
and a little propinquity Mis in one
lock ol wavy hair, an stout of delicate perfume end stir with a slight
breeie. Sprinkle tlie whole wiilunooa-
iigln and let alone lur the evening.
Fur Happy Wedded Life -Tu oils
woman add numerous kisses, each
supplemented witli "Yes, dear; I luve
you more than ever." Uis tliuruugh-
ly witli long pleased eipresslons at
sight uf new gowns and hats, and see-
sou with many remarks aboul "youthful apiiearance." Sprinkle liberally
with checks end buiibutis Icourtship
brand)    Du nut stir up.
Ths Luck ol a float.
A man once owned a line and resourceful gust ol which lie was very
proud. Uue day this goal lost cute
with liis master by swallowing a red
flannel slun winch was the pruperty
eif his owner. Angered beyond reason,
tlie man led the goal lo Die railroad
track and, tying tlie animal In Uis
ties, left him lo whet he believed was
certein death. Tlie goal was opposed
Ul capital punishment ami made violent efforts Ui release himself Irom
his bonds, lu (fits he was unsuccessful, but In .-inni.mg himself lis produced a violent ht of coughing, ana lie
cuuglied up tlte .but end flagged Ibe
A Tip te Tired Wives.
"Mrs. Blown never sits up to wail
fur her husband."
"No.   When she experts him Ui be
uut late she  retires early, sels tlia r
alarm clock at 3 u'clock, and wlun It
goes off she gets up and dresses and
is ready, rehashed and reproachful."
Sorrow apd Happiness.
Sorrow, witli his pick, mines lha
Iieait But he Is a cunning workman.
He deepens thl channels whereby
happiness may outer and hollows out
new chambers for Joy tu abide lo
when he is gone- Mary (Injiuondeley
A Qreat Territory.
Tha I.Wju mile survey across tha
great Australian deasrt lor Uia proposed railway between western and
southern Australia gives a hint of tlie
amount of unexplored territory Ul thll
island empire.
Wf#WW   999   9)  wWi
One ol Uie moot remarkable eihjbits
at tha Royal Agricultural Shosrwaa
a flue orop of mustard, whlcb kad
been grown on an ou door-mat on tbt
loot ot A In/use In Quaes VloWrla
sUast, London K.O.
•uHragette Losses.
Tha deiuag* dons to atore property
during Uie recent window smashing
campaign  of London  euffregeltee  ts
'%ially.ysUnieled at »»,iXW. tbe Interest seemed liko receiving sn ultra week's ppt each yesr, Thsy ill
bail to start once. fasa »o time 1") making your Initial deposit. One Dollar
starls an account in
British North America
79 Years lu Btiiiiiesa.   Capital and Btinilus Ovsr 17,600,01)0.
Two 6fflcM in North Vancouver, Comer of Lonadala Ava
and Eiplanade, Upper lonidale Avenue, near Uth Street
Electric Household Appliances
Christmas Gifts
All our appliances operate by connection with an ordinary
household socket.'
115 Esplanade West, North Vancouver,    Phone 66
Second Slreet Easl, North Vancouver, B. C.
Possesses lhe finest roof garden on the Pacific Coasl,
Band tiiiitnl every Friday evening from 6 lo 10,
Hot and cold waler in every room.
European Plan only $1.00 a day up.
Weekly Rates $3.00 up.
Meal Tickets $5.00.
L. REDA, Proprietor
Council Meeting
(70,000 Waterworks ftr-law to lie Bull
mltted at M"« Blsctloii
Municipality Will Shortly Have Telephone Exchange
A Good
Send your friends who are lnterssted
Ui tbs Nortb Shors a copy of
"The Express"
It will kssp them postsd on all
North Shore News and will only cost
$1 per year
Tlm municipal fathers of tbe ttlltrlol
ol West Vinii'iiuver met ii» usuul on
Tuesday afternoon in tbe municipal
ball, llullyhiirn.
I'i,il,:iltl'   t lit' most !,i||iiili,'iuil  iVnliiri'
qf ibe session was. wrapped up in a
iinini' of motion to tin' effect tbat a
by-law wooM. bo introduced »t tbe
next intuiting of tbe council to raise
by way of loan tbe sum of $70,1)00 for
a waterworks system for tb* municipality, At present a committee is engaged iu investigating tbe existing facilities for obtaining water. It appears
that Weat Vuneuuver will have n per
fiiitly satisfactory waler supply if ar
rengcinunta cau lie made successfully
fur piping it ilmm from tlte surround
ing bills. Numerous small lakes from
wbicb somu uf the streams runuiug
thruugh lliilliliinii ami Dundaravo de
rive wuter have been discovered, ami
il is liuliuvini that with little exponse
nuliirul reservoirs euuld be constructed. II wus decided ta have tbe engineer look iulu all pussililc sources of
wuler supply within the boundaries of
West Vancniiver, with a view of acquiring tbcm for the use of the municipal
wuler supply.
Telephone  Exchange  to  be  Installed
Another step in the right direction
wliieii the municipality is about tu
take will lie thc installation uf a I elc
phone exchange,
A letter was received from the It. C.
Telephone t'oni|iaiiy stating that the
material for the local exchange had
lieen ordered ami work would com
mence uu the cuiislrueliun uf the exchange liiiililing ami the installing uf
llic 1.1| ,e i.e i n.. us suuu as posible.
Sidewalking and Lighting of Wsst
The sum uf 110,01111 will'also lie
borrowed fur the buildiug uf sidewalks
ami a liyluw lo cover this will be Introduced at the next meetiug.
In reply to a eonuuunicatiuii from
lbc B.C.E.H. to that received at the
lust meeting of the board tu the affect
Ibat the company euuld nol proceed tu
construct a pule line Ibruugb West
Vuneuuver because tbe guvernnienl 's
line ulreudy occupied bulb sides of the
Murine Drive.
The municipal eugineor, Mr. .1. Iv
Carter, reported that, lo bis mind, no
lliiug .-I I in the way uf the Hritisb
ilolumbia Electric Kailwuy Company
using lbc government telephone line
running lu Point Alkinsun for lbe
stringing uf light ami puwer wires into
West Vancouver. A committee will
interview the British Columbia Electric
Haiiway Company ami usk them to arrange to pluee lights in the mini iti
On  the  ie, oiiiiiii'mhiimii  uf  the  cn
gineer, a clause will bu inserted In tb*
health bylaw now Ir course of pre-
paratiun, regarding the dispusal of all
rubbish which is nuw, according to
blub being fhrowit oij.tbe petHiA v»-
mt lot.
Tuiiiierii will shortly bocalled for tlte
grading uml inui'iitlainizing of a per
Hon Of Wh stroet. Tenders wili also
be called for a portable rock crusher
for llie municipal roads.
The application of Mr. Edward I'iere
for the opening of Taylor road frum
Pulton road was received uml the incoming COUIIcil Will be milted to U|IUli
tbis stretch of thuriiiighl'nre.
Road bonds to tbe value of $76,000,
In ileiioiiiiiiiiiiiim. of $500 are nuw being
printed am| mil be put up for sale
shortly. The uid bonds to the umnuiil
of $15,000 were disposed of to Uow,
Fraser A Oo,, of Vancouver, st tbe
rato of ninety cunts on Ihe dollar.
Au application for the renewal of
tbo license of the Capilano llotct was
referred to tbe attorney -general, ks
up lo Ibe present no license buard
fur this section has been authiiri/ed
The puiiinl byluw, the liy law fur the
placing uf lanes in II. I,. 2117 and thc
bylaw regarding the placing nf pules
within the ilislriet were ull adopted.
It wus tieciilod to locate a pound in
lhe nurtli half uf the suutheast quarter uf I).  I,.  10,12,
Conservative Club
Construction  of  Nsw  Building  i.'uin
Construction work bus started un the
now Conservative (Hull building in
Duudaruve for this section, aud al
ready tho frame work is up. The liuilil
ing is located uu lot 10, block '111, D.
It. 665. Tlie structure is .'HI feet by
llll feel.
The main hall uf the building is illl
feet Ity fill feel. Tin1 equipment of this
hull Ificludes a moveable stuge with u
raisetl circular plalfiirm iu lhe rear su
that the room muy be cleared ami
dances ami ulher entertainment) held
lhal require lurge lluur space. II is
the intention tu use the building nut
ouly as Conservative Club quarters,
but also as a puldic hall.
The liiiililing will have tost, when
completed, uiiiuil Sl,mill. Mr. .1. W.
McLean ii tha architect, ami the liuilil
ing is being creeled by Mr. II K
Wall of liuiularave. Officers uf the
club are Messrs. Jobn Alexumier, pre
sidciil, uml Mr. Todd, seerelary. The
flub now has about thirty members.
Nov. 6, IHIS.
Norlh Vancouver, II. C,
Thirty days after dale I will apply
for a transfer uf licence fur the Hey
iiiuiii Hotel, U. I,. 701, Municipality uf
Nurlh Vancouver, frum Jobn Mclnuii
lu Kenneth ll. Hliiisun
i'ii! ■    i.r. .i.
0 II
Editor Kxprcss! I
Pear Sir,—Ws mn witb frost intor-
est yuur eilltorlol In lsSU» Of 3rd iust.
and are heartily Tu §pcori| witb 1D0
in yonr coutentiou that recognition
sbould  be given by tho  under writers
for Die improvements whicii have been
ininli' wilhin the past few years'in all
matters persuing to Are protection.
Tlie only fault we have to ilml with
yuur remarks is that you hum uot givon Iho Underwriters credit for wbat
Ibey have done so far, nor bavo yuu
given them time to make allowance
for Iho in uie i ft en i impi ti vein en is you
mention, and in fgiruoss to them we
would ask you tu give publicity to this
in April 1011, tbu whole city was re
rated ami iu llccunibur, 10)1, tbu basis
ratu for frame dwellings wai reduced
from ..' cents to 00 cents aud a cor
responding roduction made un the
dwellings uf superior constrjietlou with
a minimum of fill centil.
The reduction recognised extension
of wuler u,um increase uf number uf
hydrants, erection and equipment nf
the new lire hull uml miner general im
Willi regard In mercantile buildings,
as these are ull specially rated frum
time to time and credit ulluwed for
existing conditions, wc have uu doubt
lliut all sueh luu i.l 11,, rated iluring the
pust yeur huve rceeiveil proper srcdils.
The uuly buildings wlm li may have
I,ceu overlooked ure those which were
rated iu April lull, ami fur wbieb application bus nut been made lur re
We venture tu say tbut this dues uut
represent any considerable value i'ur
we, in common with other insurance
agents in Nurlh Vaucuuver, are too
fully alive lu lbe interests of uur
clients tu overlook any possibility uf
securing il reduction iu rute when
same is warranted.
If any sueh buildings bave mil been
re-rated, the rcusuu must lie Ihul nu
Insurance is carried, ur Ibo insurance
is placid wilh nun unif companies,
Tlie improvements yuu claim arc the
new uuiu -truck, the new lire hall, the
Increased i,•,-, ii nf tin' lire depurl
menl, the iiddiliiinul hydrants uml bet
ler streets. Leaving mil uf cuusideru
tiuu ilie fint thut must uf the improvements have already been recognised
liy the Underwriters, we would puiut mil
lliul the growth uml expansion uf the
cily ami suburbs might eusily warriiul
Ihe increase iu lire hulls, lire depart
menls umi hydrants, without any reduction in rutes, uml abuut the uuly thing
lefl uu whicii lu make a plea fur a
geuerul re rilling is the slrrrl -inipruvc
We will leuve il lo you tu say whe
ther ur uul the city is in a condition
to usk the Underwriters to make a re
dm lion on Ihese grounds and may
say that the underwriters are prepared,
un retpicsi, in have au Inspection made.
Pear Hir,—Wb;  tbis agitation to
change tb* nana of North Vaucouyort
It has bean proved by experience tbst
ts a m»tt»r of principle, it Is wrong
to cbauge tbu name of any town, vii
lags, city or street unless for very ub
vioiis anil cogent reasons. In tbe present case tbore are no apparont reasons
for H change, and, I should suy, snvural
good reasons for remaining as we are.
First of all, tho name of Vancpuvpr
itsolf is fairly well kuown in most parts
of tbe e-it ili.'.i'd world and the implied
connection with tbo larger city is cer
tuin]v no diiiiidinniui;.- to the smaller
Then again, tbe city has, I believe,
raised loans in Kuglaud under its present name, and is uut unlikely to require more lit tbe future.
Would it be as easy to got iho public to subscribe for civic or municipal
loans on, the security of a placo whnio
name Is unfamiliar tu thorn I It must
nolffio forgoltou that thu investor is
usually a shy ami nervous bird and
there is frequently more iu a name than
some people think.
i bave oftcu beard intelligent cili-
xens (nut Including alilermeii or civic
officials) remark on tbo foolishness and
futility of changing tbu names uf Weil
minster Avouuo aiul I'm I. Drive for
infinitely less ouphomuus oues, especially when Ihu benefit derived or lo be
derived from Die alteration has nol
been made clear lo Ibo average Intel
New maps, too, aru nut printed evnry
day, ami iu the event uf an altcratiun,
huw sunn wuuld the new name appear
in the ullasl
Vuurs I'uitlii'iilly,
Tenders for Clearing
Tenders are invited fur clearing lul
6 and wesl half uf lol 0, block III, I).
I,, lit.   i un., ,.iui   on application, tu
J,  O, MacKKNZIK, EtUj.,
ililil He,inter Hired.
Empire Theatre
North Vancouver
Upder New Management
This Theatre will be devoted tu tbu
entertainment uf the public by the ex
biliitiiiti uf wholesome ami clcvaliug
pleturei uml shows, accompanied liy
guoil music uml illustrated songs The
new manager has connections with the
moving picture 'business in Vancouver
ami also in Vicloriu, ami his intention
is lo see that the public uf Nurth Van
cuuver eujuy llie best pliuluplay ex
Illiniums that can be procured Ke
member the Kmpire prugram will lm
changed ovcry day.
Admission, Adults llle, chlldrou 5c,
Open evenings, 0:30 lo 11; Saturday
ami   Holiday  Maliuccs, 2 tu 6, Mill
The gentleman on the tortoise
represents the man who does not
sovcrtitc—llic one wbo tries lo do
business u il wu done in lhc days
of lbe ullow untile or the oil lamp.
Arc vou in lhe glare of the dec.
Uie light   in the automobile uf
Modern M.ilu.M
Our Want Ads. arc high voltage
1 balteriu, whelher you want light
I or puwer. business publicity or
I competent help
KOOMH Hilt HKNT-Houae|<e«plog
sud single   ill iud street eut.     t.f.
FOK  KKNT -Double bedroom, wllh
board, ttl l.nii-iiitlf avenue.       10 111
FOK KKNT Four room Hal, Wl Isl
street east. Apply 10611 I'arkcs Htreet,
Uraudview. 1013
FOII BENT I roomed modern bou
iei, t miuutes from ferry. Bent fli
per montb.    1'eers * Hoult. I'lione 188.
FOK KKNT-4 roomed new,-modern
bouses ou Fell avenue, mar car lino;
fit).   U. MucKeusie. Phone 246. ilil
I  "~~—^———mm—mmmmmmm,
FOB KKNT-Two furnace hosted
brdrtiuiiis, board if desired sud use of
silting room witb open fireplace, near
tar lint. Boi 2483. au
TO   HKNT   .small   shack   and   back
shup.   1212   liousdale   Avcuue.      10 12
FOK KKNT- I roomed flat, modern
improvements, loth snd lluulevard. Ap
ply F. Iloolli, plumber. t.f
FOK KKNT- HI roomed huuse, ull
muderu, comer uf I Ml, and Itidgewuy.
I'll). Apply I'll, illle slreet eusl. 10-11
FOK KKNT- Furnished house, facing
Viciiuiu Park. Hii ruoms, bath, fur
usee, etc.   ilox  Alii,  Kxprcss.   10 12
FOK HKNT- 6 ruumed bouse iu frout
uf Palace Hotel. See K. s. Hanna, ilni
Hidden   Building,   10   Hustings   Hired
east. I.r.
FOK KKNT 8 roomed house, next
lo drug slure ou 8th and Lonsdale,
(20. Apply II. II. Millard, 758 Lous
dsle svenue. tf
I''HI   KKNT-  I room   uiotk'ru   bun
galUW,   completely   furnished,   lentil,   III,I
and cold water, electric ligbl ueai n-r.
Bcul (24 monthly.   Bus 162, Kxpress.
« 1012
FOB KKNT - Modern foruis'oed
aparlmcul of 4 rooinij beat; disappear
ing bods; piano; telephone, etc.; also
unfurnished apartment; aplendid view.
Colonial Apartments , Kighlh street
east, Nortb Vancouver, Require Apartment I.   Phone UOL.
TO BENT—6-room modem furnished bouse, wilb piauo, 10.1 3rd slreet
east, for Ave months reasonably to careful tenants. Alao new 3-rooui cottage
with electric ligbt, bath, toilet and
siok, back and front porch, $12.60 per
month or lease ooo year 112 per
mouth. Apply May and Hums, 60
Lonadala Avsnus,
terms, modern 0 ruum huuse, HHh street
block from Lonsdale, llil fectxHill. Fenc
cd and iu garden. Kent 122.00. Apply
Wuud St Hon, Everybody's Hhoe Hlore.
FOH HALK—Cook slovc. Apply ruum
:">, Thompson bluck, Luusdale Avsnu
FOK HALK- Rhubarb mills, besl im
ported English seed. ll. Hublswurth,
Harden avenue, Capilaiiu. t.f
FOK HALK First gruwth wood,
14.75 a cord. (). Mclladc, 146 8lh street
east. Phune 91. I.f.
FOK HALE Hplmidid utility sluck
H. 0, While Leghorn cockerels. Cor.
Muhon avenue aud HI. James Ht. 812
FOK HALE—A few very choice
Wbilo Leghorn Cockerels.. Apply 263
0th slreet west, North Vsncouver. t.f,
FOK HALK—Orgau, by Mason and
Hamlin, in good condition, fit. Huite
:i, Shrapnel Block, 1632 Lonsdale. 6 12
FOK HALE—<0 H, (,'. While Leghorn
Pullets, good utility strain. 120 17th
sired. Also aome choice cockerels.
,    UU
FOH HALE Pullets, Black Minor
cas, Barred Plymouth Hocks aud White
Hocks. Hlevens, 2lsl street ami Bridg
imui. ' 1712
FOB HALK Nearly uew 6600 Her
hard Ifeint/inaii Piano, for 6376. War
lm mil/ fiano House, 443 Lonsdale Ave.,
Norlh Vancouvsr. t.f.
FOH SALB-Obesp, large roll top
deik, safe aud revolving chair, complete
and all in 'inu condition, Apply 0. f.
Foreman, Boom 6, Absrdssa block, i.f.
WANTKD-Woman    to    take houn
washing. Apply Bux A167, Kxprcss.
12 12
WANTED-Young girl for light
hooscwurk. Mrs. Himpson, 12:1 1.1th
street cast. 12 12
WANTED-Uirl for housework. Bleep
OUt, Apply morning or evening, 237
Keith Kd. East. 10 12
WANTED -Tu start childreu's dene
ing class iu Nurlh Vancouver. Miss
Kidwell, 2184 Cornwall Htreet, Vau
WANTED-Room and hoard by
youug busiucss gentleman. Hlale eon
vciiicuces and terms lu Hux A170, Es
press Office. t 12
WANTED-Coutroeter for laud
eleariug, septic tanks, connecting sew
ers, teamiug, eordwuod hauling by cuu
tract or by, cord.. Apply 3. Vincent,
Norlh  Vaueouver. 2612
WANTED—Cordwood lo cut ou your
premises, at 61.26 a single cord, Iwo
cuts, special price for larger quanli
tics, Also a quantity uf 16 inch wuud
for isle at 62.60 pe/ load Apply 3. II.
Foster, 131 61b ilreel east. Pboue 671.
22 12'
LOST A lady's watch oo Lous
dale avenue Tuesday at 2:30 pin. Ke
turu to Burrard Cafe.
LOW On Lomdale, gold brooch, be
tweeu Victoria Park and 141b street,
ou Saturday, 30th. Findsr rewarded.
Apply Box AI68, Kipress (Mb*.   612
TO KXt AVATOHH   We will lake all
the 'uill, you    have.     Wallace Hhip
yards. i.f
Experienced wuman wauA. upstairs
wurk in hotel or ruiimiiig huuse. Apply
Bux   A IOU,   Express Office. 6 12
For iif, watch and jewelry work go
lo Ueo. Hutucrtou, Iho uew jewelry itore
at   143  I ..I: ..isI.-  Avcuue.
MONEV TO UIAN Muney luaned
ou tliaiiiumls, jewelry, furs. .Slur Luan
Co., 612 Hustings,  Vancouver.        I i
siiiiii lime Iiinm. uu vacant or im
proved prupcrly. Htar Loan t'oui|iauy,
612 Hastings, Vaueouver. I.f.
Lady living alone in small bungs
low on (jueeu streel desires  to share
expenses  with another lady.     Phoue
B.'IHI. lull'
Dressmaking parlors, Udies' Tailor
iug, evening guwus remodelled, reuo
vstieoi, elc. 118 Hecond Hired cut,
Ml, duur frum Luusdale. Ju 12
Furnace heated double frnnt room,
•■ingle room also bed sitting room, half
a liloek front lonsdalo. 126 bbjtfb
atreet Wesl, Nortb Vaucuuver.    612
HINUINU -Mr. Oscar Uptlty, voles
prodocer snd singing expert, uow attends at Warburoils Piano Co'a rooms,
Tuesday;! and Fridays, 28 yean' experience. Hlsudard Methods of Boyal
Academy, Termi oo inquiry.     VlVl
Will tho persuu who 'on nigbl of
Engineers' dame look away green silk
umbrella, crook handle, with gold facings, kindly return sane ami claim
wbst ii probably bis or ber own um
brelli, Norminlon, cor. 1911s and Ma
ton. 612
FIHEWOOD Fir stove wood 13 per
load, bark, i.'i per luad, lir cordwood
64.60 per cord Hox 8806, Phoue 306.
COD. Prompt delivery.
I in-.,.; limbing Parlurs, Mies' Tuilur
iug, Opera cloaks, Evening downs re
modelled, renovations, elc. Prices mod
crate, 118 Hecond Htreet Easl, 8lh
duur from Lomdale. 1612
B. O. Livery sud Hosrd ilablei"-
Light rigs aud ladies' saddle bones
for hire. Htabllng for bones. Qen
ersl delivery snd besvy teaming II.
Dumas, 41b itreet west. Phone 347 t.f.
Authorised agent for Hiuger Huw
ing Mm lm,f Cumpauy In North Vau
couver. 1. 1. McAleece, Dry Qoodiaud
(Jonls' Furnishings, corner Firit und
Lonidale Avenue. i.f.
Bailway sod Wirslsss Ooucsrus Short
of Ssymsn to Transmit Massages,
Witb new federal Isws in effect re
quiring railways aud ships to be pro
vided with more telegraph ami wire
less operator!, Ibere is a widespread
icarcity of men sud women to work
lbc kcyi. Tbe commercial telegraph
companies arc also feeling Iho shurl
sge. All sea going vessels aru UOW
required to rarry Iwo operators, wbere
ono wss deemed sufficient before.
Hfbouls fpt telegrsph operators are
Andlng it extremely difficult lo meet
Ibo demands nf all branches of tbe
service. The Morse Telegraph Oora
pany, opposite Ihe Orpbeum theatre,
S»tt|e, will gladly mail you, upou request, s catalogue outlining thl
courses for men sod women. Tbii ii
the largest ichool of tbs kind in ibi
Northsrsst. 6111
: 'I
Offlce: 86 Lonadala Avenue.,
North Vaneouver, B. 0.
Phona Ul.
Bunkers, Wharf ud Warehouse,
It. Oeorge and Esplanade,
Phona 178.
Keep Your Eye on
We have houses to rent ut all prlcsu, snd In every part uf llie clly;
also iiiuiii tiUBlness stands at luw rentals.
We ure specliillsla In managing rental |irii|ierlles fur hutli resident
mid uul uf inv.it ,,iiii,-ft Our ataleiuenla and remittances uru sunt
|iruni|illy uvery in,,nil, end, and nu detull uf this siictlal cluss uf
service escapes uur uttentlun.
fl  l.imsdelr  AfCBBt
111 n ru.  SI'KCIAI.ISTS
I'lie.lie-    185
Nurlh    let,,.nm..
North Vancouver Business
and Professional Cards
hi'l'ttlllliK,   itenuidellillg,   Kit',   I'iullijjl
. ly ulti-inlt'iT tu
1       ' ItllUtl    ■      I'ii l.l.'.l,'  tl     V lllll
Hill,MM,    ( IIM IHI TUB
tjfflre: lilchlnsiiii 4 Sun's Ksrlm-y, /SS\
plauade   I'liune  Sill. / \_,
Heeldencs; Allun Ituud. l.ynn Valley
I'. 0 lius iu, l.ynn 'i..i, fi,-,,,,
X4I7 /
ButldiUg    (,'ulltlai till
All classes at liuuses uml slur" liuild
iuga, office I,ti-.,,     ett-
4,'iii l.lli Htreet K.
Nurtli  Vancouver, II. t'.
625 I'ender Ht. W.        I'hune Hey. SDS2
A.M.I.E. b B.
Irrigation, drainage, levels, plans
and specifications. Septic tanks snd
huuse drsinsge s specialty. P. 0.
llui 'i4S, llith alreet west ul Bewicks
Cahlnet Maker and Oarpeutsr
Will „!,.<, iiiiIm' all kinds of wuud wurk,
repairs, ete.
Fourth Street and Sutherland Avanua
P. 0. Box aooa
for First class Work see
lit Secoud Street, near Lonadale
P. 0. Box mi
. Studio   ovsr   Hunk   B. N. A.
Lonsdsle snd Esplalsd.
N.V. Tinning h Sheet Metal Works
First Strsst Eut of Lonadala
Lowest prices and hest wurk guaran
teed un tinning ami sheet metal wurk.
All kinds uf saws lili-.l ami aet un the
shortest notice. Ijiwn tnuwers, kulvas,
budge shears and scissurs sharpened. All
Wurk guaranteed, tnoderate prices.
l!3S Lonsdsls Avenue
Phone So
n, il Lonsdale Aveuue, North
I'eleim't maker, picture fraincr ami
jut l,,i,u it.,ii. su,I re|iairi uf al! kinds.
Deiugm, ami estimates iuhnillt.il. Kur
iiilure luu.plii s,,l,I ami repsired. Phone
Aud general Commission Merchant, 13
' inii-,lalt- Ave., North Vsurouver.
Phuns 334
Is i,eur Welch Btupping ur keep, ig
irregular timet   if su, sea
I'iuiieer Jeweller, tkl 1 ..,,,-■ 1..I,   Avenue
Lynn Valley Temperance Hotel
North Vincouver
(In the car line, ituuiu ami linar<l
(Jood sct-uiniiintlatiuu fur wurking men
Contractor's men taken. Hiuglu meals
1818 II   BABTUOTT, Proprietor.
It will pay you to put a card in this column
If Not, Why Not?
Buy four OrocerUs snd Provisions at ths North Shore
Uiu.erjr, where you get ths very bsst goods at ths lowsst
prlcss.   (Uve us a trial and prove this for yourself.     Ws
don't tarry any gooda ws can't guarantsa.
A fsw of sur specials:
Oood Coffee at  , aiSc Ib,
Brooks Bond Tsa at !>. itt Ib.
Orsamory ButUr, Sic sr 3 Ib. for II mi
Boiled Oats,  uc 7 Ib. sacks
Applse, siUs-fain-y UM tad UM box
Oanuins Ashcroft Spuds  11.36 sack
All guaranteed to bs ovsr three Inches in tag th and tha
grower's  nsus  furulshsd with each sack.
Oood Ohllllwsck Spuds  Il.iw a sack
Orders promptly dsliversd.
lMh and Lonsdale
1. W. BBMV
A HV-I.AW lo eitSlilt- Iks (iirlinrulliiii
of ths Cltr ul Nurlk Vancuuver lu
simmiilcr tke iianiic-ni u| Debentures
In lie Issued Id the Nurlk Vaucuuver
Illy Perries l.liulleil, in ike eiteui
u| SHa.tMin and Interest Iherenu.
WIIWHISAH the Nurth Vancuuver
City ffetrlou Limited, hereinafter rut
ferred  tu  us  the Cotniiuny,  a  Perry
,■,,11,nun, In, t-im. wui'ku riiiu.lrui-li-i'l
partly wllhln und partly without the
In,ni uf tliu Corporation uf the City
uf Nnrlh Vuncuuvei'. thereinafter referred lu us tlie City), proposes to Issue
dehentures, payable lit forty years
from the dule un whioh the hy-luw
tulius effect, lieurlng Interest at the
rate uf Itvu per cent, tier annum to he
... um.,i ue h. ,, inuii,., nielltluned for
the uuin uf ; I i.unui fur thu puniusu fol-
IiiwIiik. thul lu lu auy:
Tu tuke u|i und cancel an Issue of
li. I., niiii,-.. uf the i'iiin|i,,in uf the
um,,.ini ul unu Hue,,ii,-ti und Twenty-
luiiiiel Thiiiisiiiiil 11128,0011) dullurs loaned |,iuuu,tut in By-law No. S9 uf Ihe
i'lty, lieliiu. schedule tu the Nurth Vuncuuver Furry Aid By-law Validation
Act, 1 u 10. sued .,, in iuuu ,. ium, al-
loutly ,- en,i unu , ,i by Ihe Clly pursuant
tu  the iiruvlsluns uf suld  By-law;
ANI) WIIMUIeJAH  thu  Cumpuny  has
rate of live per cent, per annum, tn
lie secured ua hereinafter mentluiied,
fur the sum ot 1187,000 for ths purpose
"Fur  the construction ot a new
Ud, modern ferry ateunw, with she)
hull, for the survlcii uf (he Com
puny between the auld Clly uf North
Vancouver and the City of Vancou
i..in. .i.n   tliu  City  tu guarantee   llle
nuilli, I.l    Ilf   sultl   ili In llllll, I      III, liiillii,
liiici-est, uu ui.-i, .-..nil  ulld II ts deemed
■ ,.. .ii. i.i lilill (he City .iiniiiii eumply
wllh sut'li i..i.....i uiii,, i tu the terms
unit  cundtlliiiie  hureliiuftcr  expressed:
TIIHItliFOUl'; the Mayur uml Alderman uf the i'lty, lu Cuuncll assembled, witli llic ussent uf the Hlecturs
uf lln.< sultl Clly iluly iiu.iii,,,i enact
us fulluwa:
1. The Cuiiiicll uf tlie City la heVoliy
- i   .i   un   i. i, .u   nf  lhe  Ulty   lu
Kiiiiruntci. thu iiuymunt uf the prln-
• uml uml im, i, „i uf ihu euld debentures tu lie Issued by Ihe Company fur
llle     |,n,|,,,..,■     nluu .mi,I     uml     |,,,..ui.li
us .Uuu ....i.l ibe m in. iiml uf
sultl debentures nut to exceed the sum
uf llll,MO, uml sume tu beur Interest
ul Ihe rule uf live par centum per an-
uuiu, uml the uutil Council Is hereby
empowered ltl uillliui-liie the execution
of suid guuruntee hy the Muyur und
tliu I'lerk uf the I'lty Ulld the ulltllng
uf Iiiu Curiiiirnte Heul uf the i'ily tn
uucli uiiuruntee The suld ileusnturet
siitill Tie subject tu the cuniiltlnii itiui
mt future Issue tlf debentures Issiieti
Ity the Cumpany sliull iiiiik In priority
unit unly thuui- iiuuranleed by the I'll)
sliull rank puil im.. ui with uuld debentures niii,,,in  lhe ciiiisunl uf lhe clly.
2. The nulil inn it., iii, u sliiill Ile coll-
slltutt-tl by endursemeiit wrlllen or
Minted nil t'lle buck uf euch nf the sultl
dehenlurea, tu the fultiiwliig effect,
"Ttie I'ui-ptiiutiuli ttf llle I'lty of
Nortli Vancouver xuui-uulues ttie
within debenlure uu it) piiuuipul uml
Intereat by virtue of the Kerrj Improvements Aid By-Law, mil, Nu.
1 uf suit) Corporation";
Ulld    (lie    euld    , I..I..;   . in, 1,1    sliull    lie
uiuiit-il hi the Mayor uml clerk uf ili«
Clly   ulld    .,ulmi    wiltl    (tie   I'm pillule
Seul uf the City.
3 Interest iiiilpiiliu shell he .,:!.,, I,
nl tu each of tlie sulil dehentures, and
there uliuli In.- tin eiiilurseiiieiit un die
buck uf each Interest coupun to tlie
i.,ii,.t.n.,   effect, ti,,,. i
"Uuurunleed i... tin, City uf Nurtli
Ami die suid endorsement sliull be
sIiiiiimI liy the Mayor nf the t'lly Much
.i,iiml.ii, muy Itu wrilteu. utumped.
printed ur llilin|<rii|ilied.
I llefuie tlif i mn.ii.ii, uuthorlsed
It) ilils By-law Is ulvt-n, u Trust Meed
HMuiiVtuI Ity lite Cuuncll uf llle I'lty
sllllll he executed Ity lliu Company
charging ull ttie properly nud usseis ul
On, Citiupuny i i.ui. unit future, und
lis uncalled capital, if uuy. wliii the
paymenl of tlie prlni-liiul uml interesl
nf suld debentures, ami ulsu un agreement belween Uie Cuinpany inni tin
t'lly satisfactory tu the Cuuncll uf tin-,
i'ii) ui.i ii ii agreement liy the Company in lm) si-mi iinnuiill) iltnliiK Hit
currency uf until dehentures mentioned
ill Htittuli llntt hereof, tilt, eillil uf
libit uo. Iiolna the .-.. mi iiiiiiiiui Interest un suit) ilelienliirea. uml ulsu during llm nli itiit) uf tuiltl debentures
lu place lit n chartered Hunk unnuull)
Un. sum nf -' ii-■ -. ei in |,i..i 1.1, u .-ml,
Ins fuml fin' ttie redempliun uf sultl
i, I., in in . . uml ulsu .uii.iiiein, uteres
muni (imt lu tlie event ut failure It)
tht- Cumpany tu pruvlde tlie uul,t sums
fm Interesl uiul hIiiIiIiik Iiiiii). sume
mu) frum iiiun tu ilinc lie pruvlded hy
Uir I'll) iiiiiI iii Uiul event Uiul lhe
Cumpany will issue lu the i'lty fur
uml In reaped nl siu-h sum nr sums
.te muy In- pruvlded by thu Cliv, un
, unu,,1, ni nim,iiiii III fully puitl enures
ttf   llle    ..I    u.ul.   uf   llle   Cuinpiiliy
S The iiinyliiK Inlu effect uf the
pllirtiustl  uf  llle  Suld  tleliellllires  shull
he rni ttiitei)  wltliln  twelve  months
fnim Iht- dute uf ..iuii. Illtit effect nf
this lly-luw uiitl shull lie completed
within I.... t.m ... e.'u. frum uml
Hfter Ihe suld dute unit I Ji lu liv-luw
Is passed upuu the express condition
thai i ,iiu,.   lu observe sm-h time liml'
■ huh rentier llie By-luw void
S \,ii...in is hereby granted in
the Council nf Uie City to usscss unil
It-v) fium time to time upon Uiu whule
iitittililt, pruperty wliiiln llu- CHy u sum
ur Hums sullit lent lu illsriiuruc tlu-
.ni ur in,inu, hereby autlinrlaed ur
uuv purt ur purls Ihereuf.
7 This By-law muy be cited fur sit
pui puses us "The Keliv Improvements
Alii Hi-l.nw,  IUII. Nu   ) "
I Thlu hi.... sliull come into et-
ten un Hie Itth duy of December, A D.,
Pussed by tin- Cuuncll uf Itu- Clly on
tin, ISlli duy nf Novsmber, AU.  hit
It...li.,I  llu- u.un.ni  uf ttii>  Klectors
uf Uiu city nt un rill liun held fur the
itiirpuse  un   lha
duy nf
A t). I'll!
tttiuiiinlfti-rt-tl. iiiliiieit'il end rtnullp
Pussed by Ihe Count II nf Hu- city sinned by the Mnieit und Clly Clerk slut
st-uleit Willi the Cuipi.i.ilt- Huil uf tin'
CU)- nn the
duy uf
A f)
HI 2
TAKE NOTICB tliut Ihe above is a
true copy uf the prupused By-luw upun
whiili Ihe vole uf the Kleelurs uf the
Municipality nf the City of Norlli Van-
cuuver will lie tiiki-n wltliln the I'lty
Ilull. Nurth Vuncuuver, B ft. on Saturday. Ihe Mth day of December, ISIS,
between llie hours uf • o'clock am
suit  1  u'cluck  p ni.
i'ily Clerk  und  Reluming  Officer
PUBLIC N'lTH'l-; Is hereby given lliut
the vule of lhe Electors mf ibe City
of Nurlh Vuiuuuver will he taken nn
lhe lllh day uf December. ISIS, lie-
iwun tin- bourn of t o'clock am am)
7 u'cluck |iin. un "The Kerry Improve-
in. nm Aid Bylaw Nu. I,'' und that
wliiiln Ihu City llall. Nurlh Vancouver,
B C. mid Ihul v. Austin Brown, I'lty
Clerk, has lieen uppulnli'd Itelurnlng
Officer tn lake the Vote of such Klei-
tors wilb the usual puwers Inlliui ho-
H> Order of the conn, II
City I'lerk.
A   111   I.AH    lo   i-u.llli-   Iks  I t,ru„,.lll„»
ul  Ikt  Clly   uf   Nurlk   Vsncouver  Is
fiuiraalee Ike faymeal ot llebem-
am la be Ueurd by Ike Nnrlk Vss-
rouirr Illy Frrrlfu, Mulled, lo Iki
SSlssI uf SIS7JWU sad Inlerest
WHKIIKAH    tbs   Nortb    Vsncouver
(Clly Ptrrlse Limited, hsrtlnaftsr rt-
ANP WHBItBAB the Company has
reuiieated tha Olty to guarantee the
payment of suld debentures, Including Interest, as afuruaaid, and it Is
deemed expedient that the Clly should
comply With such requeat, subject tu
the terms and cond|tlunu hereinafter
THBHBPOBH lha Mayor and Aldermen uf the City In council assembled,
with the assent of the Blectqrs uf thu
suld City duly obtained," KNA.T as
i The Counpil of lha C|ly is hereby
..iniiuii . ii nn behalf of lhe City lo
giiariinteu the payment nf the principal und intereat of Ihe aald debenlurea lo be leaned by thu Conipuhy fnr
the pui'iinse ufuresald, and payable
ua afureauld, the principal of said
dehentures nut tu uxceed the sum uf
1117,000, and same to hear Interest at
Ihe rate ot Ave per centum per annum,
and the said Cuuncll Is liereliy empowered tu ., hi ii,,i i , the execution uf suld
guarantee Ily the Mayur and the Clerk
nf the i'H, and the affixing of the
Curporatu Beal of the City lu auch
iHi.iiiiiiHu- The auld debentures shuli
lie iniiili., i tu the condition Ibal po
future lm.in- uf debentures Issued iiv
tlio Cnmpany slmll rank In priority
uiul only Ibuse guaranteed hy llie City
sliull i.iiii. "imi-l passu" with sold de-
lieiitures iililiuni the consent of the
3. The said guuruntee shull he constituted hy e-iiiliiiuuiii, in wi'tllttn or
iiflntert nn the buck of ench uf the
suld debentures tu the fullowlng effect,
"The Corporation of Iho City of
....iiii   Vancouver   i ■■    the
wllhln   debenture   us   to   iii'lnclpiil
uml   Interest   by   virtue   nf   "The
Ferry   luipruveinents  Aid   By-luw.
1S1I. Nu   2, uf said Corporation,''
And   the   said   endorsement   shull   be
■ii n..   bv llie Mayor and Clerk uf the
City   and   souled   with   the   Cui-iiuriitc
Seal nr the City.
3. Interest cnupons shull be ,n.,, I,
ed to eHt'h uf Ihe suid debentures, am)
there shall he un endorsement on tlu1
hack of euch Interest coupon tn the
folluwlnu   effect,   namely:—
"(liiuruiitt-cil  bv  the Clly nf
Ninth Viilictiiivel-."
And (lie suit) endursi'iiienl Hhull In-
signed hv Un' Mayor of the city. Hmti
slgniiliire muv ha writtt-n, slumpi'd
prllitetl or lllhogruplieil
I in ioi, ilie i nm nun u authorised
tiy tills By-luw Is given, u Trust Deed
unproved by the Cuuncll of the citv
shull   be   executed   by   the   Company
inn. n     ull  the  i ii     and  annuls
of llif Cnmpany uml Its unculleil i-niil-
itil. If nny. with thc payment nf the
principal nnd Interest of suld dehentures, und ulsu an ugreement between Uie Companv and the city sul-
Isfurlorv  tn  the  Cnuncll  nf the City.
.in.nun, ui i. , in, in Iiv llle Cumpuny
lu puy . im ..ni,uuii: during Ihe currency uf suld debentures mentioned In
-t.. 11 ..it One It.e.uif thr sum uf |:t i;iioo
lielng ttie :. ml  .uul Interest on suit)
debentures. Hnd ulsn iluring thu cue
rency nf sultl detientilrt'S tu pluee in i>
chartered ituiik unnuully Die sum nl
11620 IS In pruvlde u slnklnu inn.I for
tlie   redempllnn   nf   aald   debentures.
imt ulsu - .t.i I nt   ugreement thnt fit
ihe event nf fullure by the Company
lu provide the sultl sums for Interest
uml sinking fund sume may frum lime
tu lime he pruvlded by the City, uiul
In lliul event thul the Cumpiiny will
Issue tu thc City fur und In respect of
llie Hum ur sums us muy lit- pruviili'il
Iiv tlu clly an , nol v a I, • 111 uinounl In
fullv  puld siiures nf the cupilul slock
of (he Company
:.    The    constriicllnn    of   the   suld
ferrv    :.i n t     sliull    lie  culllllielicitd
wltliln twelve inontlis frum tbe dale
of llie coming Into effect of this Byluw, und slmll lit- ■ miii'l, i, ■! uml In
jerntlnti   wltliln   twenty-four   uiuiitlis
frum tin- suld dule: and this it luu.
Is piiusi'd upon lhe express condition
thul fullure In uhservc such Ume limn
shull render tlie By-luw  vnld
8 Aulhnrltv ts hereby grunted lee
Hi,. Cnuiidl uf Ihe i'llv lu usscss and
levy frum time lu lime upon tin-
whule rateable prautrly within tin
Clly a sum nr sums suHlcii-nt tn illm-
charge the dttit nr liublllty liereliy nu
il,.ni.. .1 or uiiv purl or uurtu Ihcreof
7.    By-luw No   202 of Die Cliv,  being  "The   Kerrv   linm .... ■ ,.,. i i   Aiel   Hi
Low, 1912." adopted und llnulh  missed
by the Council nf Ihe City nn Iht- Ihli
leenlli dav of Mny. AD. 181!. is lure
by  repented
This By-law may he cited for ull
purposes us "Tlie Kerry llilpiovi'ininls
Mil  Hy-Luw   IDII, No. I"
8 Tills Bv-law shall come lulu effect nn the lllh duy uf December, A
I).  1912
l'nsst-d by tbe Council of the Clly of
Norlli Vuneniiver nn the 25lh da) of
November   AD.  1911.
Itfielvt'd  tlie ussenl  of Uir   I'.leiliirs
nf Ihe rily nl an election held (nr the
mirliuse  on  Uie
.lav ttf
A II    1912
II,,,,I.si,I, tt',1 ii,I,n.l,,I III),I llllillll
iiitSHi'd by the Council of Hit City, h!|iii
ed Iiv lhe Muyur und City Clerk ami
sealed with the Corporate Heal nf the
Clly on Ihe
duv uf
A D, 1911.
TAKK NOTICE thul Ihe abovt Is u
true cupy of ttie prunused lly-luw upon
wbleh lbe vule of tile Klectors of lhe
Mm. i. nuiii - of the city of North Yun-
uuver will he tukeli wllhin lhc city
Ilull. Norlli Vuncouver. B C, on Suturduy, Hie llili day of December, 1912.
between tlie houra of t u'cluck um
und 7 u'cluck pm.
City Clerk und in mining Officer
PUBLIC NOTICK ts hereby given
that the vule uf Ihe Kleelurs uf lhe
Clly uf Nurlh Vancouver will he luken
un the Mth day of December, till, between the hours uf I o'clock a in uml
7 o'clnck pm, on "The Ferry Improvements Aid By-law, Nn. 2." uiul
that wllhln llie City llall. Ninth Vun
couver, B ft. and tbut W Austin
Brown. City clerk, has been e|i|iulnlrjl
lleturiilng Officer lu lake Ibo vute uf
tuch Kleelurs with the usuul powers In
that behalf
By Order of Ihe Council,
Clly Clerk
A 111-I, AW lo tSSfclt Iks Cursors Hon
Sl Ikt Clly sl Nortk Vnnrounr lo
gonrnutrr Ikt striatal al Dtktalurtt
la br leiurd liy Ikt Nurlk Vsafouvrr
Illy   Krrrlc.   i.toillrd,   Is   Ikt   nlrul
ul Mime ssd Isltrtsl Iktrtoa.
wiikkkah the North Vancuuvor
('Ity Ken itu Limited, hereinafter referred to aa ths Company, a Ferry
company having wurks cunttructed
partly wllhln and partly without Ihe
llmlia uf Ibt Corporallon or the City
of Nurlh Vancouver, Iberelnaftsr ra-
ferred tu as the City), propustt to Issue tli lielilutcs payable In  foi ly  ytuiu
from Iht dsy of which ihlt By-lsw
labea effect blaring Interest ol llui
rats of Avt ptr tent ptr nnnum to
be secured ss benlnufjer mentioned
for 'the turn of 126,000 for the purpoae
For construction of Terminal accommodation for ssid Ferry Company.
mttmmB ub un
Timothy Hay (new)
Clover Hay, (naw)
Alfalfa Ray
Crushed Oats,
Linseed Meal
B. 4 K. Chicken Chop,
B. t K Scratch Food
B * K Cracked flora
*)499 H   mltffi   WW*
Leu's Inaaot Powder
Swift's Beef Scraps
Brackman^er Milling Co., Ltd,
It Is cheaper to buy frames for your doors and windows
mode by machinery than to make them by hand.
We are in a position to supply many sties from stock snd
any elie ou the shortest possible uotlcs.
Our outalde frames include blind stop and casing.
Oall and get our stock list.
Dickinson & Son, Ltd.
.  lilti Hi) Beplauade Bast
P.O. Box 1719. Phone 222
1    Till-; ATTENTION of prisons tlestriUK in vulu nl tin, furlhcoinlna Hunl-
elpul Eloctlun Is liereliy called tu iim fulluwlnii Information:—
, Ths registered Owner und lb. regislered  Vendee  under sgrssmsnt  fur
bute liulii have the right tu have llielr naipes tippeur un the Vutors' List but
[he registered Owner tilune sliull huve the riglit to vule al uny elecliun unless
"' ',"..,";' ,"" '."' '"'f'"'1-' ""' ,lu> "f Elecliun by writing under tils ur her
liiinil llleil in ihe ultlce uf ttie undersigned, wulves ur it-nuunceB tils ur her
right in vule, in which cuse the Vendee shull be entitled tu vole provided
he ur she lius the requisite <|iiullllieutluiis uf u Vuler.
According lu it speclul resolution of Nurlh Vuiiiuuver Clly Ferries Limited
llic <iii,illilt-ulluiis iif u lilieiioi nf ihul Cumpany arc now the sume as llnise
of un AIiIl-imini of ibe Clly of Nurtli Vuncuuver. I'liiulliliiies for iliul position  must   be  mule  Illlllnil  BllbJeCIs uf  llle  full llge of  Iw'elll)-ulle  yeuis   win,
u'- not  ,ei...|n i  under uny luw unit huve  been  fur  Die peel  sii  n In.
neit preceding Hie duy of iioiiilnuiloii llie rtgltlerotl owners In lhe Land
i"i in. Odlee of lund or leul properly In tin, Clly of Nonli Vuncuuver of
lbe .nun ss.,-,I vulue III Uie lusl Miinlclpul Asseesmeiil Hull of r'lve Hundred
i|600) liolltirs or more over und uboVu uny reglsieieil Jiidgineiii ur cliurgu
uml win, uie otherwise i|iiullltet| nu tluiilctpiil voters
Tlie vuliug Hits year ta Ity Wurds, uf which lhe fulluwlng un- lhe boundaries
Wurd  I-Uu the Kust Junes uml Slulioii Avenues, uu  the Huulh. Nurlh und
West City lluiiniliirles
Ward 1
Wunl S
nn llie Nurlh Kellh Itoad, uu tlu- West Muliuii Avenue, un llio Eual
l.tilisdule Avenue, on llle Hinitli llie southern boundsry uf the ill)
nn  Uie Nurlh Kellli  Ituud,  mi  llie  Eaat HI   Andrew's Avenue, nn
the snulh, llie southern boundary of the city, on the Wesl Lonsdale
• in ihe North Keith lioud. on the snulh ihe southern boundary uf
till'   I'll),   nil   lbe   Went   Hi     Andrew's   A veil lit     on   lhe   Kust    Clly
In     .lulul
nn ilie Huulh Keith lluud, uii llie Wesl Ht  Ueorue's Avenue, uii Iht
Null ll   Ullll   IIU   Illi'   KilSl   CHy   1,1,llll,lm lin
iiii llie Nurlli Clly boundary, un the south Keith Itoud. on lhe eusl
Hi   Deinge's Avenue, oil Ihe  West Junes Avenue
nmll,lule  fur |lie  representation  ol U   Wunl  mid  nol  I,,    ,  Voter III
lliiil   Wunl eo long  uu lie  possesses  the utllel   iiu.ilin, ullooe  tm   uu   Aldeimuli
„f llle Clly
Nu lii'tioi shull he entitled to vole In mine lltaii one Ward.   A resident
Ileiii,I   Hhull   Vole   III   the   Wsld   III   Whit It   lie   ol   site   leSl.tt'S      A   llolll esldelll
elector shull  vule III llie Wunl In whiili he oi she owns llie I..1,1.1.1  umuillil
uf pioptilj     The vuliug place fur ull Wards Is lhe Cil) Ilull
The  ComI  of  Kevlslon  uf  ihe  Voters'  List   will  sit  In Hit  Clly  Hsll.
Nuiih  Vuli.ouver 011 Die  Iiiiii dn)  tif I let-em lie 1   1st!
Wind t
.1  1
Clly Clerk
Western Dominion Land & Investment Co.
With Which is Incorporated
Bevan, Gore & Eliot, Limited
Nortli Vancouver Branch: 67 Lonadal. Aveuui, oppoalts Post Oflca.
BapreaenUiig Lyuu Creek Zinc Mines Limited.
We hav. mouey for Agreements for Sale.     Nothing too larg. or tno
Eatimates Cheerfully Given        Telephone 208
210 Lonsdale Ave.      North Yancouver
We have some good, inside buys;
also good acreage listings Lynn
Valley Sub-division.
fl Lei us quote you rates on Fire) Life uul Accident
I'bone 434.
McMillan & rod
10 LONBDALB AVKNI/K arid'(lopitjoijs be'iclinifle'r eiureltaafi™
THBHlsFORIi! fbe Mayor and Aldei-
inen of the City In Oouncll asseniblud.
with the assent of the Electors of the
said Olty duly obtained, enaot as fp|.
1. The i'ooiii.ii of the Pity is hereby
uiiiiilii laud op behalf of the c|ty tn
auaninteu llm payment of Ihu principal mul lul ureal ur thu aald debuiitui-nii
in be Issued by Ihs Oonipapy fur ihe
purpose aforeaald, and puyuble us
aforeaald, the principal of Said dubeu-
tui-os nut to exceed thu aum of 186.000
and same to bear interest at the rate
of iiv,, per t-i'iitnm psr annum, and the
said i'ouncll |a hereby empowered lu
aulhurlsu the execution of uuld guarantee by the Mayur and the
fnerb nf tbe City and the
ulllxliiu of tbe Corporate Heal of
tbs ''li." In sucb r.iiuiuiitue.   The suld
it, iM'iiioi.'.'i shall be subject to the	
illilmi thai lin further Issue of uulieu-
tui'oa limioil by tbu Cumpuny shall rank
In priority and only those guaranlcud
by the City ahall mult purl passu Willi
said debentures without tin: cuusupl
of the Oily..   r
I. Tbe said lioiiiiiiiiut, shall be con-
iniiuii.i lis endnraemsnt written or
lit'lnied on Ihs back nf each of the said
,l,i„,mine:, to the following effect,
"The Corporation  pf Ihe City of
North    Vancuuver   guarantees   the
wllhin debentures us to principal anil
inieresl by virtue uf "Tne Ferry Im-
liruvenients Aid 8y-luw, ISIS, Nu. 8,
ol said Corporation."
and the aulil enduraemeiil ahall bu signed  by   the   Mayur and  Clerk  of uie
City  and  aealed  wilb   Ihe  Corporate
Bsat of Ihe City.
3. mi, i cu coupons shall be attached
lu each uf Iho Bald debentures, und
there shall be all uiiduracinent un the
back uf euch Interest ouupun lu llle
following effect, namely:
'Muaranleed  by  Ihe City uf Nurlh
anil the aald eiiilorseinent shall be signed by the Mayor of the City. Bucb
slgnuture may bu written, slumped.
printed or ■lithographed
I. Before the gnui-unice aothorlsuO
by thla By-law Is given, a Trust Deed
unproved by llic Council of the City
sliull bu executed by the Cuinpany
charging ull lliu property and assets
of tbe Company present and fuluru, und
Its uncalled oapllul, If uny, with Ihc
paymenl of Ihu principal and Intereat
ot suld ,1,1,,hi in ,n. uml alsu ull agreement     lee IU. ell     llle    I 'itlllpli 111     and    lllc
city, sutlsfucloiy to the Council uf the
City,    ..ii.ii,:    ugreenienl   hy   the
Compuny lu puy aoinl-unnuully during
the currency of suld debentures imu
tinned In section one hereof, Ihe still
of it, 800, being the suinl-unnuul Inlereal un ue.i .i. >. niiti.ii. and. alsu
■ lm inc. the current's iif said deben-
lures tu i-l " . lu u chtii'tci-eil Hunk, annually the sum of 1307.60 to provldu
u sinking  fund  fin   the redemption of
Sultl    del', IIIUI, u      UUd    ulSU    COlllullllllg
ugreenienl tbut lu the event nf failure
by Ihe Compuny lo pruvlde Ihc said
aums for Interest and sinking fund
same may from lime to time lie pruvlded by llie Clly for mid tn reined of
llle sum or sums us may be provided
by Ihc fit j- uu •, iuii., t. ni .,in.uui In
fully i ,,i,l shines of the eupital stork
of tliu company,
6 The count ruction of the said wurk
to be ..'I.:mn i' 'I by thc Compunv us
uforesultl shall be commenced within
twelve mouths frum the dale of tlie
m,i,in,. Intu effect of this By-law and
ahall be completed and In operation
wllhln in, nn f"iii monlha from Ihe
suld dule; and Ibis By-lsw Is missed
upon Hie expresa comlllloii that failure
to observe such thou limit shall reii
In llie By-law void,
fl Aulhorllv la lierehy granted tn
llm Cuuncll of Ihe City lo assess and
levy from lime to lime upon Ibe whule
rateable properly wllhln the Clly a
sum oi sum siifflcl.nl to discharge ihr
,i, Li or liability hereby uolhorlicd or
any part or parts thereof
1 This By-law muy lie cited for .,11
purposes ua "The FVitv liiiiirovemeiils
Aid  By-l.uw.   1018.  No   3. "
8 This By-law sliull come Into effect
un the 81th day of December, AD.
Passed hy tlir Council uf the city
of Norlli Vuncouver ou tile S6lh duy of
November.  A D,   ISli
ll.e.lt.,I   the  assent   of  the   l-lleiluis
of Ihu Clly al all elect loll Inlel fur tin
pm pose on the
day of
All. ISI!
Rerunsltlered, udoiitid and Ilnully
psssed by lllc Council uf Iho Cpy. signed by the Muyor ami Clly Clerk and
Mated with lbs Corporate Nuul of the
CHy on Ihe
ilay of
Afi   1SII
Nil-Hi>: tu i i.i.t urns
TAKK NOTICK lliul Ihs ubove Is a
true copy ■ I lln- nroiioscd By-law upon
which Ihs vou of lbs Klectors of the
Munli'lpallil of the Clly of North Vun-
tuuvsr will be taken wltbln Ihe ill)
llall. Nurlh Vancuuver, B C, un Saturday. Ihe Mth day of |i,,.o,i„i 1918.
111 wt i n Ihe hours of 8 o'clock a in and
i o'clock pin
CHy Clerk and Itetumlng OIBctr
PUBLIC NOTICE '« hepby given
ibsl the vote uf the Klectors nf the
Clly of Nortli Vuncuuver will be la ten
un tbu Htb day of Deceniber, IHS. between lhe hours of I o'clock >• and 1
o'clock pm on "The Fciry Improvements Aid By-law No 3/ and lhat
wllhln the city llall. Nurlh Vancoover.
U ti and lhal W Austin Brown, City
t'leil. has been appointed Hemming
Wnc.r lu lake lhe vole of such Blso-
lore with ths ususl powers In Ibsl
behalf ,   ,     „
By Order uf llm Council,
Clly  Cleig
si-ttu  to. aia
A   111    I  *»    IS   nt.l.lr   Ibe   I .iiittiiall'iu
uf Ikt i iii .if Nvrlk Vanteavti In
sslcr ini" tai rsrrulr ss Asrtt-
■Hlt "Ilk Ikr Hon.rJ lulrl Tualrl
iml H.lSa. iuuu fur Ikr yer-
ekin al .Pt,,. In Ikr etfltll slack
•f ikr uid i t.uiit.u,.
WHKIIKAH the Burrard Inlet Tun-
nrl and Bridge Company haa beon In
",|,.i„i,.i for Ihu purpou of constructing a letiiti trallic and railway
bitdgr in mas lbs Hei umf Nsrrows or
llurranl Inlet from a polnl In tbt Mil-
plilpsllty of Burnabf to a point In lilt
Dlslrlcl uf North Vsncouver and tht
construction of sellable railway worka
lo give connection with railway systems on Ibe Houlhern short of Burrard Ium and fur lbe opining up and
development uf Ibe Northern abort
of Burrard Inlil.
AND WHKIIKAH by By-law No. IU,
tht Cllr uf Norlh Vancouvtr was an
Ihorlwd lo • in-1 Inlo an agicainiifl
tar the purcbaae of ont thousand
ilOSS) shares of One Hundrtd Do lars
itltii Hi) retch In Ihe capital stuck of
Ibr Cm/ipany at and fur the prlct of
Ope llondicd Thousand Dullars
i|loe«00 00i on the terms and const-
tlona In aald Agrrcmtul aet out slid
nits, hul to and made a petition of Bylaw Numb" III;
AND WHKIIKAH Iht conditions sal
out In Mid By-lsw for III. rnmpl'ilon
e.f lbs suld work so lo bt carried on
havt nol bttn fulfilled:
AND WHKIIKAH crisis moneys havt
lirrn borrowed under Iht provisions
of Ibt aald By-laws which ll IS propos-
td lo rtpejl out of the moneyi 10 be
rslstd under tbe provisions ef Ibis Bylaw;
or ine Pity or Norm Vancouver duly
obtained, enacla as followa:
(11 Tbe Mayor and Oily Olerk of
the said Corporation ure hereby
authorised to sign on behalf-of
ths Corporutlon apd to tiltlx the
Corporate Beal to a certain Indenture' of Aki-uuiiioiiI made between tbe itm i jn ti imui Tunnel
and iirbtr." Cuinpany, uf the one
part, and the Cui-porutlon uf the
Clly uf North Vancouver, or the
other part, copy of wtilcli mil,I
agreement Is herein aitpciiuo|l uu
Schedule "A"; aulhorlty fm- the
Corporation to enter Into uml
to agree to all the provisions
Ibereof liulnn bei-oby given:.
ft) 'i'iiiu Bylaw shall eunie Intn
iipcriitliiii nn tbe date of llu iu-
a oelvlna the assent of the Ucu-
tenant eiiiieniiii In Council by
OrdeNn-Councll In thai effucf:
13) The works of the Company
must be commenced within 81
mopths from Ihe dato of the
assent of the Ideulununt Ouvur-
Aur t'n Council ua above mentioned find said bridge muat be
completed and ready fur Irullic
and al least two miles of connecting railways cmiipluicii before lbs lapse of Ave years
from the date uf Ihe assent of
thu Lieutenant Governor I ss
Council, and a failure to observe
such time limit shall render
this By-law void und of no effect:
(4) This By-law shall,luke effect'
upon Ihe Sflh day of December.
lilS, and muy be elicit for ull
purposes as the '''Borruril Inlet
Tunnel und Hridge Coinpuny
Bharea I'urehsse By-luw, III I!"
161 By-law Number lit, kuown un
the "Burrard Inlet Tunnel und
Hridge Cunipuny Hhartu Agree-
bent run liun, ii- i.i.-. into."
Is hereby repeuletl, suvo ns to
any Indebtedness Incurred umlei
the suld By-law, which shull be
taken to be und ahull be an Indebtedness fulling 'lue under
Hits By-luw ant) shull he repuhl
uui uf the ik'hutitiii't's Issusd
161 This Hi Lev shull receive Hit'
assent of the Klectors of the auhl
Corporutlon in the manner re-
'iuii ml by luw. hefurc the llnul
passing thereof
fussed by the Council lltlu lilll tint
of November, 1818.
Received the aasenl of ihc Klectora
on tlie
day of 101..
lie, iuu, iil.tuii   uml  finally   imsse/l   lu
upen    '..in., el    signed   by   the   Mayor
und City Clerk unit the Corporate Heal
alilxed tho
day uf !»..
Deferred   lu  111  Ihe   "Burrard   Intel
Tunnel   und   Kii.ii,   Cuinpany
Bharea   Purchase   By-law.
duy   uf III   tile
year  of our  Lord  nne  inuiiHiiinl  nun
inn,'it, 'i   unil
iii,n„:i   , ,i-.ii--.-. •   Incorporated as
a Railway Compuny by speclul  Act
of the  r.u ii.,,,., i.i  of i .iiiiidit
(herelnufler referred lu us the "Com
(hereinafter referreil lu us lhc "i'or
WHKHKAB (he Company  tins  beon
Incorporated,  filter allu.  for the pur-
poaea of undertaking the cuiislruclluii
of a Joint  liuill'   und  ruilwuy  brlilg
across   the  Beeoml   Nurrowu  of   Hm
i.n,i  Inlet  from u point In  the Muni
clpullty of Burnuhy tn a pulnl  In tli
Diatrict  of North  Vancuuver uml   the
construction of soluble rullway works
lo give connection  with   the  railway
systems on Hie Boulhern shore of Hurrard Inlet and for the opening op uml
development of Hie Nortlicin shore of
Iiiiiiiini Inlet:
AND WHKIIKAH llle whole of sultl
wurks are so situate us to heuelll Hit
said City of Nortli Vuncuiiver, uml the
',,, i"'luiiun hus ..,,... tu i.ui, 1.1 .
Fifteen hundred  11600) sliures of One
Hundred Dullars <li nn each Ju llu
capital stock of llle aald Company:
AND WHKIIKAH lbs pur vulue of
lbe said aharis ts ('uc liumlrcil ulnl
Fifty  Thousand  Dollurs   , il ,„ ,„m „„,
THKHKFOIIK the i'uinpuny hereby
agrcea lo allot to ttie Corporallon anil
lhe Corporation hereby agrees to sob-
scribe for slid pm. hum. from the Compsny Fifteen II nmll i 'I i I60U) : I..,, i.
or One 11 nmll,,I 11.,11.,,." 11100 00) euch
In the capital slock of tbe Compan)
at and fur llie said price uf One Iiundred and Kilt Thousand (1160,000 00)
Dollars: subject alwuya lu the terma
of Ihe An of Inoorpuitilluu of the
Cunipuny and Ihe Munlclpul Act unit
Amending Acts slid lu the following
conditions, namely
It) Tile umount of the pur value of
lbe said shares shull he due um)
puyable lo Hie Company in lorm*
of the Acl uf Incoiporalloii ol
the Company aftei (lie dule of
llie uaselll of tlte l.lcUtcnunl-
ant Governor In Cooncll lo Hit
111 i„u authorising the execution of lhls Indenture, and upon
payment of the pur vulue thereof
and In exchange therefor the
Company ahall Issue und muke
delivery Hi tlie Curporullun ot
Ihe Cerllllcate fur suid shares In
tbe cupitul stuck in u form lo
bv appruved by tlir aullcltuin lui
ihe Corporation
i j, The Mayor for the unit
being ahall he cx-ollldo one
of the directors of the Compans
In addition lo the number ut dl
lectors authorised by the Acl
Incorporating the rompuny und
shall have the tame rights, in I
vlleges und powers us tlie ofhei
.iii,'ium of Die "i 'i 'I'' ami
Ihc Company shall aCcepl such
llayor as u director uf 'he Coin'
puny ao long as the Corporation
la lbe owner uf the suld allures
(81   The   Company   aglecs   Unit   il
will  wllhin       from
lhe dule of lbe uaselll of llle
1.1,.uni...i.i iluveiiiiir In i'i,it,i, 11
lo aald By-luw. commence tin
work of "',,"ii i, m.i the sultl
bridge snd proceed ihclewllh un
ni ■ i dill as possible und will Ituvc
lhe said bridge completed unit
ready for traffic uml u rallwuy
e iiuiu i Hoy with llle shore line of
thr Clly of Norlb Vancouver ulau
completed  bofore  Ibe  expiry  of
 yeara from thc dale of
Ihr said assent of Hie Lleulcn
unt Governor In Cooncll lo aald
partita n.r.lo have hereunto
, i,one,I Ibeir Corporate Heufa to
br iiillxed tht day ami year llrsl
above wrlllen.
The   Corporate  Seal   of   Ihc
Burrard    Inlet   Tunnel   apd
Bridge  Company   waa  litre
unto nillji'd In the presence
The Corporate Heal of the
Curpurallun of Ibt Clly of
Norlb Vancouver wus hereunto affixed In Ibe presence
* :        MiTH i:  TII  ill i Til"'-
TAKK NOTICK Ibat Ibe above Is a
true eiuiy of lbs proposed By-law upon
which Tbe vote of the Kletiois uf Ihe
Municipality uf the t'lly ut North Vancouver will bo taktu within the t.lty
Hal). Nurlh Vancouver, B. ft, un Baturday. Iht Mth day of llerember, I»I8,
bal wren the houra of I- o cluck a.m
and 1 o'clock p.m.
Clly Clerk and Relurnlng Officer.
inn.b' NOTICK It hereby given
tbsl tbr vote of Ihe Klectora of the
Clly of Norlb ancouver will he taken
on tbe mli day of Deceniber. ISIS, bt-
twent thl hours of I o'clock am and
I o'clock p.m on "Tbs Burrard Inltl
Tumt)  apt Bridge Company Wares
.W. AUSTIN Wown,
City Olerk.
BV-I4W »0. mn
A  IH   1.1 H   tu inolili- tbt I .iiittiinlloii
uf lhe CHy of NuiTti Vancouver tu
raise by nny of loan Ike sum uf Dot
Hundred mnl I'lfl) TUuiiaunil Dullars Slllli.Uiin.nni tor lbe uurcksac ul
shares In "»■ caiillsl slock of Ike
Iiiiiiiini Intel Tunnel snd Bridge
WHKHKAB Bv-law No. 810 baa buull
pussed unilu'i i ini the Corporation of
the Citv uf Nurtb Vancouver to enter
Intp ana execute un ugreeiuent with Hie
Burrard Inlel Tunnel ami Bridge Cnmpany fnr Un' inn .'ii,,:,, of shares In file
cupitul atock of (be unlit Cumpuny:
- AND WHKHKAB It Is dualrnble lu
borrow the aom of One Hundred und
Ftrty Thousand Dollurs 1(160,000.00)
for tliu iiurposu of pui-cbusing unurea lit
Ihu ,.,idi.it stuck of the sulil Company:
AND WHKHKAB a putlllon signed
hy llie owners of inure Ihun oiie-lentb
In vulue uf reul properly In the t'lly
of North Viineouver (ua aliewn hy tlie
lust revised uHsesniuunt roll) huu been
presented ' lo the Council ,, ■ i,,, Ilni
tbem to- futi-iiilutit' such u  lly-law;
ANIl WHKIIKAH II will lie necessury
iu order to do so lo Issoe debentures
ot tlie Cui-poriilliiii for tlie sum uf One
Hundred and Fifty TIiuiihuihI 1)00.-
000.00) us hereinafter provided, which
Is Hie ui ... me of ,i, Hi Intended lo be
t-reuleiJ by tills Hy-luw; the proceeds
of suld ffglienfures to be apjdleil as
hereinafter set out;
AN|i WHKHKAB fur the puymenl of
Interesl uu lhe debentures prop,,sett lo
be i.nnu.'i under thin By-low nnd fui
'iiuiii.i n inii.in; ii,i,,i fur ihe payment uf (hit sume when due, II will fie
necessary Hi riflsu hy special rule. In
.i.ui lu io nil other rules, In each year
doting, the currency of (lie suid de
hclllores,  llic Sum of (7805.06, whereof
10 760.00 is lo lie raised i h    foi
pityinuiii of Interesl nurlng the currency of the nulil 1.1" :,i... unit
II116 06 to be ruised unniinllv fur fin
purpose of creating u sinking fuml
fur payment uf Ihe debt aecured by
tlie sub) debentures;
AND   WHKHKAB   III   order   lo   rulse
lilt'   Hll 111   lUUl'ly   ..UIO   Of   Se'.Ve;. IH,   fell    III
leii-nt uiitl sinking fond un ei|Uu) Special rule on tlie dollar will be rei|uli'e|l
to lie levied on ull tint rateable pru
perty in Die suld city;
ANH WHKHKAS the amount iif lllc
whule rateable real pruperty In iliesiiiil
clly, uceui'dlng to lbe Inst revised uh-
SsSSmunt    loll    II" I, "l   hi   tlu .It'll iu'e:',
AND UIIKHKAH llic uKgrt'ljUle uf
the , -i nm tlcliciiiiiic delti uf ibe Corpuratlon (except fut works of locul
improvement und for mliuul purpuses)
Is    tl .,,..-■ I ■ ,„,     ulltl    dues   Ilul   I'Xt't-id
twenty per cent uf the assessed vulue
uf the icnl property In the clly, according lo the lust revised ussessif.cn
mil. uf which utine of the principal
unit Interest Is In arrears:
NOW THEHEFORK the Muyor nnd
Alderman of Hie Clly uf Nurlli Vuu
couver In cuuncll assembled, wiih tlm
usHelll uf tile electurs of llle City uf
Nuilli Viiiiiiiiiver duly obtained, enacts
ua fulluws:
it) It shull lit' luu (til fur llle Mil) tu
of Hie auhl city of Nurlh Vancouver mnl llie City Clerk for
Iht- purpune ufuictiuii) lo burrow
or raise by wuy of luun from
uny i" i. un or persons, body or
bodies uorporule. who muy be
ilr,   advance the sunic upun
llle ffsdll elf llie debentures Ill'IT-
Innftt-r ineiiHuned uf tne corporation, u sum iifpnuncy -tint exceeding in tiic whole tlie huiii ol
One Iliiiiilri.il uml Flfly Tliooniim,
Dollurs 1)160.000 00). uml lurmi.tr
Hie mine lu tic pliift'd III Hit
Bunk uf llrlllnli Nuilli America
ul Nurtli Vancouvi i i, th,. rutin nf llic Clly for llif purpuae
ubove   li'i'llctl.   ulltl   nilttl-niuliein
nliull lie used fur ihul purpose
t'l) Debentures of lhe city nut exceeding In umount Die huiii ol
tine Hundred und I'm ■ TIiuohiiioI
Dullum ellOO.OOO Dill uni) lie Ih
suiil b) lln- ntthl Muyur ulnl
CH) Clerk In terms of I lie Municipal Act in Hums us muy he
desired, liul not exceeding one
'i I,..,, u.n Dollurs ill 000 00) each
or tbo euulvulelit expressed iu
puiinilH sfi'illng uf the I'lillid
Iiii. i ■ I, nu of (tlcul Ui llulil tuul
Ireland ol Hie vulue ■ ( II60 8-3
iu the pound sidling Knelt of the
nulil debenturei, ahull lie sign, el
l,t ihe mum Muyur 'uml ('111
Clerk, und Hit- Clly I'lerk ahull
.tlllx Hit- Corporate Heal of tin
Cil)   uf Ninth  Vnncuuvei
i.l) The debentures sliull beur dun
ths Sltb duy uf December, HIS
uml Hhull bear Interest ul the
,..,. ot I'i itt'i cent per unnuul
puyuhlt- hulf yearly un the SHIi
duy uf June uiul llic SHIi du) ut
December. In each uml every yeui
dining Hie currency uf Hie nttid
deluil lures ur uny uf n.i I,, There
Hhull be uii.,, I,,,i lo lln.,' debenlures coupling signed liy the
Mu.\or only for each und every
payment of Interest ihul mu)
become due, uml hijcIi slgniiiuic
muy be either written, stamped,
printed or lithographed
ill The sulil dehelilures us lo prln
uli'ui und Interest muy lie made
payable   cither  In   current)   m
lit    ,  -I'll', ul-  III    III    |"U,l|il  ■       I,   llll   .
ill lhc value ut (IM 3-3 lu llic
pound slerllng ut such pint r ul
places In Great Britain I'nlled
Binica of America or flic fiom
Inlun ul ''unudn ns muy he agreed
upun between tlie rorporuth-n
und llic holder thereof, und Ihr
snbl principal mini ahull be made
puvublc b) the Clly ul u dalt
md   luler  ihun  llfty   I6ei   yeara
I'i . ii the SHIi tlu) uf lie, t-lulu l-
'■ During ihc wholt term „f the
currency uf Ibe suhl debenturei,
ii special iiili- on Hit' d„ll,,i ahull
be levied uml mis, .1 t-lich yelil
111  .iilililliili  lu ull llllll I   rules   ,0,
iill Ibr i nli ii lit, rent pioperty In
the clly. und suflfilrui to pay
Hit- lll.lelesl Uliuli HU' snld de-
hcnlurce. untl to ereule u sinking fund fur tlie puyunni uf Ihr
principal Iheieof when doe. sob-
led lo any ucl or enactment respecting tbu ssinc Buch speclul
rate shall be Inserted In lhc
Culleclor's Roll ur Holla, and
sliiill be payable lo und collect-
< , ,1 by the suld Cuipoiiilloii In
tbe same way as olber rates In
Ihe aald Roll or Dolls save an
hereinafter provide!
IS) In order to provide for Ihe
ralea set out In herugiiiph (6)
uud subject as ufureauid. I here
ahull be mined annually by spe-
rlul rule during the currency of
lbc suld debentures the sum of
16.760 dO, to provide for Ibe puymenl tit lul'le.'il Ihereon, und tile
• sum of IIIHTOS for lbe icpiiy-
Went of llic principal Ibereof.
(7) Tbit proceeds of Iba sold dnben-
' lures shall be oppllctl aa follows
and nol  otherwise:
la) In payment nl Ihc mats of
the pssslng ut this by-law and
all expenats connected wllh Ine
Issue end sole of lbe debenlures
therein referfed to:
fit)   In recouping Ihv suit! Corponi-
llon for sucb sums as may have
been   expended    u,,,!, ,    By-luw
Nuinbcra 1)4 and for any lml, 1,1
i elm : u Incurred thereunder:
(c) In completing Hie payment for.
lbe sharea In the said Company
aa aboVe aul oul.
tl) All muncya ,,lining oul of Hit
annua) special rale bercinhefurt.
provided for sinking fond shall
Is  Invested  by the  Council   of
iffs, iiiui may ue oueu iui- uu
purposes as the "Uuinird  Inlci
funpel  and  Brlduge  compuny
Shares   Purchase   Luun   Bl'-luw,
(1|)   This-By-law shall receive tho
assent  of  tlie  Electors  of  the
suld I'ui'iiuMiluii  In the  >ii-	
' required by law befure thi) limit
passing ihereuf.
Huuinui by Hie Council Ifi Is 86tli day
of November, 1918.,
Roceivoil tin; assent uf the Klectnt'S
on lbe
day uf • 1013.
RocoiiBltlercd  apd  Anally  nossed   In
open   Council,   signed   bv   the .Mayor
and Clly Clerk anil the Corporate Suul
S nixed the
ay uf
TAKK NOTICK tbut thu abovCi* n
true copy of the proposed By-law upun
ii iiiui, thii vute of tliu Klectors of the
'lunil nn.in' of Ihe Clly of Norlli Vun-
,-,,iiv, i will be luken within the city
Hull, Norlli Vnucniivpr, R. C, op But-
lirtlii)', llie llth duy iif December. 10l|'
bctwei'li Hie hours of 0 n'cloclc u.m.
ami 7 u'cluck p.m.
Olty Clerk und Returning Ollicer.
PUBLIC NOTICK Is hereby given
that tbe vute uf Ibe Kleelurs nr lhe
(.Ily of North Vancniiver will be lukon
on tbe llth duy nf Decc ". (Oil,
between the hours of 9 o'clock u.m
and 7 o'clock p.m. on "The Hun m
Inlet i u.n I mid Bridge Company
HhurcH Purchase Loun By-luw. 1918,"
und llllll wlllllll the CHy Hull. Nurlli
Vuncuuver. B C, nmi Ihul W. Austin
tin ni iu Clly Clerk, bus bet-n uppolnteil
ll, mi nn ,i , nh,,: lu tuke lhe vole of
aut-ll Klectors wittl tlie usuul I'tiwer
lu ihut behalf.
By Order nf Ihc Council.
City Clerk.
Ing the proposed expenditure and If
necessary the raising uf the moneys
required lo defray tbe sume upon the
credit nf the Municipality.
AND WilKRHAB It is necessary thul
..ie sa|d mieiici be raijed upon the
credit of |he.Municipality
BV-I.AW  mi. m
A 111 I IU lu rnublr Ibr t Ily of .\iirlb
i,it,'„,iie, iu raise b) way of louu
Ikr huiii of Si t. nl. I It, Tkuusund
Dullara i«i;.-,,iiiiii.iiiii fur scbool purport's lu si'uulrluK by purcbast au
liddlliuiiul Nt-bool site ttlmlti Ikr said
HI*     >
WHKHKAB Ihr Board of Tiusleos
uf the NuiTli Vuncuiiver I'll v Heliool
Dislricl have prupured u detullt'd call
mult, of Hie sums ruiiuired lu iurei
.-ipeclul or cxlriiurilinury expenaes legally Intiiri uiiii' l,i lln- Bun nl, which
ratio uie Is us fulluwa:
Fur   ttie i.   nf
H, lioul   site   III   llie  Clly   uf
Ninth   Vuncouver,   HiIiIbIi
Columhlu    176.0110 uu
176.000 00
AND WHKHKAB (he snld mill,,uie
was tuld' before the city Cuuncll and
tluly considered lit (he mild eount-ij
uml Hit- suiil huiii iihovc mentioned wuh
iiiuiii. reelected nmi dlaappioved In
lhe sultl i'iiiii..ii oh llic Illi tlut t,rNo-
veinber. tOIS.
ANIl WHKHKAB lllc Mulol uf Hit
sultl Clly  loin since  llu- rejection uiul
ANII WHKHKAB Ihu Council has uuii,ml:..,I the submlsslun of this Bylaw to the electors:
AND WHKHKAS for the puymenl
of Interest on the debenlures propusud
lo bu Issued under this By-luw. and
foi' ' ti '.iiiiii: a sinking fund fur Hie
puyment uf thu aald dehentures when
duu, It will be emeu:.un tu ralae by
special rule In uddltlun tu all other
rules, each year during tbe currency
of auch delirium cu lhc sum of 13917.68
whereof (3376.00 Is tp be raised annually for the puymenl of interest
iluring the currency of sold dulienlurun
and (678.68 lo bo ralebd annually for
the purpuse uf creating a sinking fund
for payment uf llie ilebl aecured by
the anld debentures tbu same being
niatlu puyable In llfly years from 4he
Sllll duy of December, 1618.
ANIl  WHKHKAB In order to rulse
tbu .'"ini ie nil-, sum of (3617.68 fur interest und sinking fund, an uuuul spu-
clul rule un the Inline will he required
lo lut levied ull ull ilm raluulilo reul
propcrt)'  In the aald city;
AND WHKHKAB the whole rateable
ie ui i ii in Ihu said city, accura-
ing to tne lusl i'ii;.,,I assessment roll
Is (10,376.666;
ANH WHKHKAS Ihu aggregate of
lhc existing debenlure debt of lbecurpurullun Is (1,376.809 (except for
wurks ut locul Improvement und for
Hfhuul purposes) of which none of
the lumi.ui mul Inlereal la In ar-
TIIKHKie'UKK the Muyur uud Alder-
iin i uf llie Clly of Nortli Vanvouver
In eu. ,),, ii  , ..., ii.i I. ,i wllh Hie u ..iin uf
ll lecluiH of the t.'lly of North Vun-
couver duly ohlulned, courts us follows:
ui in Hhull he iiiwfiii fin' the mayor
of tbu cily of Nortli Vuiicoiiver and
ilu- clly Clerk for Hie porponc ufuresiild iu I,urn,w nr rulse hy wuy uf luun
lit,in uny person or persons,  body ur
■itillcH  tuipulnle.   Wiltl   muy   be   willing
it, udviince llic sume upon the eredfi
ui ihc debenlurea hereinafter mentioned uf ihc corporation, ., huiii uf
money uoi exceeding in Hit- whole thc
uiiiu of Scvt'iil) -l-'lvc ThollHulid Ilul-
Iiiih 1)76.000 00) ulltl to culls, Ihi., Hum,
iu l,c planed In the Hunk uf UiIiIhIi
Nuilli Alpcilt'ii ul Ninth Vuncuuver.
lo lhe credli of llie clli fur llic purpose ubove reclled. uiul such moneys
.siiull In- uaed fur Hull purpose only
(31 Hebcniures of the City mil ea-
ceedlng lu uiuuoiil the sum ufBeventy-
Five 'Hu i, ..,!.,I Dullars 1)76.00000)
muy be Issued by tlie suld Muyur uud
CH) ('Ink lu terms of the Munltlpul
Acl In Huma uujiiiiv be desired but nut
lean    ihun     "i*     TliiiiiHiind    Dutluis
il  uu,  euch. or Hie eiiulvuienl ex-
pi eaat d in iuiiiuiIh atcillng of Hie
Culled King dum of Hrcul Brltuln uml
1 It-IllIlti  nl   lilt:  vulue  of  II 86 8-3 lo llll
puund sterling Kuch „t Hie suld du
lientures kIihII ttc signed by Hie sultl
Muyur uml Oil) Clerk, uml lbe CH)
i'l, 11, Hhull ii Hit (lit- i'uii.,Ulllu Belli ul
Die Huiii City of Noilh Vuncouver
i3|   The ilt'liciiiurcH sliull bear tlitti
Hie  Slth tiny  uf  December.   1918.  ulnl
nhull  beur  inn hm  ut  Ihe rule of I1
per cent  jt< i milium puyuble hulf yem
I)   mt  lhc  2llh  il.it   of .lune. .und  Hi
Still   da.i   nf   December,   ill   each   uuu
ever) )i-iii   inin,,   tbe currency of Hie
mild ilti,, nm,, n or tiny of lliem   Tbere
nliull   le   attached   lu   the   debentures
coupons algiitil Ity the Mayor only fur
linii  uiul  every   puymenl   uf  Interest
lliut nni) ho uine due  uml sucli nlanu-
lurc unit  lie either wiitii-n. mumped
printed m  lithugrapbcd
11)   'Die suld debentures un tu prlnclpul mnl interest mil)   In- mude payable ut Hiicli p'luie or places to ureal
Iiiliiiin.  I'nlled  Stales  of America  url
In,mini,'!, uf Canada ns may lie agreed I
i mi:) ui mu suiu ucuuiuures a specie rate on tpe dollar shall be levied
and raised each year In addition tu all
other i.u.-H on all the rateable rSal
property In llie clly olid silfAcluut to
pay the Interest upun the said debentures and lu create u sinking fund for
tbu iminl,'in of the principal thereof
when due, subject lu any act ot enactment ruspcctlng- the same. Such specie rate shall l„ Inserted In the col-
lector'a Roll or Rolls and ahall be
payable to and collected b ylho aald
itii'iiorutloii In the same way as uther
rales In the sgld roll or rolls, save
as herein;,in,  provided-   ,
(6) ln order lo provide for tha
ratea aet uut in naragr»"h (6) and sub-
ftcl its' aforeaald, there shall be raised
ed eeiiiimiili py special rate during
Ihe cuii'm t of the said debunlu.ua
sum of 1673.68 tu provide for the
payment of Intureal tbsrcun and the
sum of (6786.86 tu provide fur the
repayment of ths prlnclpul'thereof.
(7) The proceeds nf the said de-
iifiiiiiicii ahall be applied as follows
and not uiliel Kin, :
lu) In payment of tbe cost of fbe
pusslng of this By-law and tbo Issue
and sale of the dobenturea therein
rcfciinl tu and all expenses connected
with  Ibo said loan,
(b) In recouping the sultl cuipoiu'-
Hun for such sums us huve been expended h,'i,'inni,i until tbu i i...'1'.i
bf lhe aale of thu aald debentures be
cumes available.
lc) Tii carry out Hie purpose of
this By-law ua ubovu Set oot.
IS) All iimiieis arising oul of Hit
ii,i,imi apeelul rale hcreflibefuru pru-
vlded fm- sinking fund shull be Invested
by thu Cuuncll of nald Corporation
ffom liuie tu time un tlie luw directa
10) No rebate shull lie allowed oll
lhe speclul rule to he levied under this
(10) This hy-luw hIiiiI! Hike effect
un the Slth duy of December, AD.
III) Thla l|y-luw may he cl led fur
ull purposes ns "The i'ii) ,,f Norlli
Vunctiuver School Site Purchusu lit-
luw.   1811."
I'uHsed by the Council on the S&lli
duy of Nnvt niliii. 1913.
Received the iiskcih  of the eleclora
of the City of Norlli Vancuuver at an -
elecliun  fur Hie |iui|toae on  the
day  of
All. 1918
Heconsldei'ed hy lhe Council iind'lln
ull) udopled, im in.I In  tin, Mu iui mnl
Clly  i'lerk, und seuled  with  the t'oi
lliilllli. Bcul  on   the
duy of
MITII F.   TII   i;i,l'.IT'(IIIS
TAKK NOTICK  Ilml  lint ubove Is a
true cop) of the proposed Hy-luw upun
which the vote of Hie Klei lui a of Ihu
Miinii iiulil, uf lhe ('In <<f Nurlh Vuu
cuuver will he tuini tvilliln Hit- Oil:.
Ilull. .'.mil Vaneuuvei-, B ti.. un But -
unlay, the lllli duy uf December. ISl'8,
between tlte huurs uf 8 o'clock a in
mul 7 o'clock p in.
I'lty I'lerk uud ltd inning Oltlcer
I'lilll.It' NOTICK la hereby given
I.ui Die vule of llie KledurS uf Hit:
I'll) uf Nurlli Viuicouver will be luken
un the lllh du., ur Deceniber, 191!.
between Hit- hi,tun uf It o clock a in
ulld   7    u'cluck   pill    un     "I'lie   Clly   of
Nuilli Vancuuver BiTiuui Bite I'iiicIiusc
II. l.ut 1918." ami thul .in.in Iht,
City Hull. Norlli Vulicuuvil. U 0, ulld
Ihul W. Austin Hi,,u ii  i'H) Clerk, hn
I,, .11    u|'| uii.ii ,1    Hi Imi,in,     I llllic I     lu
lake   On-   vole   Ilf   Hillli   Kleeli I »   with
Hie usual puwers In Hull  hi-liitlf
B) iinlel  of the Council
city Clerk
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Aguey ehureli on Sunday eveuing next
will be the Rev. P, A, P, Chedwlok of
Vniirnuvor, and prusldeut of the deanery Holiday -school association. ' The
vicar will prearli in the morning,
The homo of Mr. and Mrs, P, Kellas,
curner of Nelson and -'Htb street, was
on Wednesday night Invaded hy an
uiiuipei'lnd euiitingeut of friends, The
invasion was a welcume surprise, how
aver, and au eitremely pleasant oven
lllg ensued,
The premises of Woods' Mli on empor
ium un 1st slreet east are now graced
wilh the mast muderu and uttrectlvi
signs. Ileui'efurward the word "Bhoes"
in electricity will uiifailing attract the
purchasing public tu a sture which Is
In every way a credit tu the- city,
Mr. itiitlnrii'k Mackensle' of this cily
liiis'liwiirdi'il the cuutract fur the eree
lion of u huildliig tin bis recently pur
i hitHt-.l lot iii Newport. In this building   when   ruutpleteil,   Mr.   Mackenzie
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fer $2,100 on terms of 1300 cuh and
lib per mouth. This house Is nsw,
fully modern aud sstra good buy
Phoue 462 P. 0. Boi 'i'i'.ii
213 Lonsdale Avenue
held ami Sunday, in the old ehureli,
The pastor, Bav, Ronald Macleod, will
preach' morning and evening, Tbe
newly-erected ehureli ou the corner of
lOtb street and Rt, Qeorge'a avenue is
ta be dedicated on Sunday, Deo, llltli.
Mr. J, 0, Teevaus, formerly manager
of the Palace Hotel, recently returned
from a business trip to .tlio east ou
which he waa accompanied by Mra,
Teevaus, The family have now taken
up permanent residence at the comer
of 3rd stVoet and Bt. Patrick's Ave,
Mr. Teevaus has forn^ a company for
the carrying on of business in the
now hotel which Is just being 'completed on the corner of Keefer street and
(lore avenut, Vancouver. The hotel
will be kuown as the Hotel Htralford
ami lu all Its appointments will be one
of the most modem and lusurluus hu
lets In Vaucuuver. Mr. Teevaus Inoi
self will be manager.
There will be services at HtOlla.fti.
ami 10:00 a.m. un Humlay iu Ht. Juhn's
church, while at 11:00 a.m. the bisbip
of the diocese will condurt un unllna
tiuu service which Includes celeliratliin
uf holy communion, ami wili admit
to the ollice of dea'run Nurmaii tl.
Thumpsou, whu bas fur sume time past
been duiug guod work as lay reader at
Ht, Clement's church, Lynn Valley. At
the evening service al 7:30 the bishop
wili lie present to dedicate the organ
..., mu in.luilenI in the church, and
will preset), Hpeclal chural work will
be rendered by the choir al these ser
Keillor Kipress:
Permit tne through yuur eulumns tu
cipress my sincere appreciation uf ami
liiinil,- fur the prumpt uml effective ac
tiou of our lire brigade in responding
lo lhe eall to my huuse last Habbatli
morning, lint fur their gmnl wurk the
lire wli it'll I lien caused a luss of about
S'.'UO wuubl, in it very lew miuutes havu
slimed uur hums witli all ita cun
tents, I appreciate lhe Brigade's wurk
all the inure ss I was nnt then at lionie
to attend to my own interests. I am,
Too Late to Classify
FOII KKNT Mutlern S|isrtincuts,
furnished or unfurnished, iliteSppcer
tug l,e,l«, telephone ami hrst Included,
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tmm m 9, o.tm mm
The new Froinine black is being
equipped with hot water heating apparatus,
Mr, and Mrs: K. Dauby have returned
Iif the Valley and are residing iu Mrs,
It. Adams cottage, Mr. Dauby bus ilis
pnsiiil of Ills dairy In Nortli Vancouver,
The committee formed for dealing
wilh the relief''ifiinil fgr Mr, Johuson
ami family have called a meeting iu
ilne Institute Hall for Saturday eveuing at H;:io o'clock.
"Mrs..Oeorge P. V. Bruwn will receive In her new home, '.'.'l-l Htb street
ensl, Nurtli Vancouver, for the flrst
time Tuesday, Due, null, from II to II
and every second Tuesday thereafter,
Mr. J. Milton Mlnner uf kjurruy
ville, ll. II,, a late resilient nf tho Val
ley, met with an accident a few days
agu in which he sustained three free
lured rllis, according lu a ciiiiimuiiica-
liun received Ihis week.
Mr. end Mrs, (leurge Iluwker, lule
residents of the Valley, have return
ml tu the nurth shure, ufler spending a
few nomiii:, un Vaiii'iiuver Island uml
luiiMli' Fur the present Ihey wili
make their hume un the Raplanade,
Nurtb Vancuuver.       •
The Lynn Valley football team will
play Nurtli Lousdale on tlie iloulfvard
Park al l-'i.'IO o'flock Halurday after-
iiiiiin, December 71b. The following In
the lineup;H. Iinoglus, Hardy, Ilurllett,
llogite, Dul Iiiii, Burrows, I'urlnitl, Ait
kins, Mitchell, I'ur,lie, Marr. deserves,
0, I'it i. in-, II. K. Hharpe.
On Tuesday "evening a surprise party
numbering abnul twenty live visited
llie Iinme uf Mr. ami Mrs. Ilubl. Mu
geunls. Thc parly received a hearty
welcome ami a very enjuyable even
iug was spent iu games, rani playing
ami dancing, etc. A lunch was served
ami tlie visitors departed ut twelve
A meeting wan called un Tuesday
eveulug iu the Methodist church to
form s committee In make arrange
iinni' i", u i eu, iii concert for the Rev,
(', K. I'ul uiv A letter was read al llie
meeting  frnin   the  superintendent   of
llllnnlllll"   Ilf   IliO    Ml  I llll,MM    ell 'llllll llllillll,I,
Inforiniug lbe Lynn Valley cbureb that
Ilia mission Inuii,I wan willing ami
woultl give the neri'snary assistsnre tu
Mr. Fakely.
The Wuiueiis' Ausiliary of Ht. t'l"
nuiiii's have ;n i,it,|',ui a sale uf Wurk,
buinii ma,le candles ami cuuking iu lh„
Ht.  I 'lenient'«   llall  un  Thursday,   De
in Im- r 12, commencing at .'I o'clock iu
the aflcruiion. There will be a fish
pond, ami many oilier things nf an
amusing character Afternoon tea will
be served. The evening will lie luken
up by sn entertainment commencing al
t o'clock to ulu' I, everyone is iniilul
free.   A good time Is assured.
The t'lioral Hociely nest Tueaday
will give a concert of a high order.
The first pari will lie of a miscellaneous progrsm t'om-lutlinu willi a minstrel sketch, while tbe second part will
In- a repetitioa (by rei|iiesl( of tbe
l-liii "lei cn parle frencala" into which
bsve been introduced une ur two muni
ral iniini,,un, in, I,i.iiiii' the popular
soug, "There's nu plare nn eartli like
I,vuu Valley." This ia the llrsl time
llie chorel society liave appealed lo the
|,uiiii, for assistance ami the cuueert
promises to lie a very eurressful one.
About ID .'lu Wednesday morning a
disastrous Are broke nut and the home
of Mr F. ti. In ul Harold Koad, was
totally destroyed. The origin ef Ihe
lire Is a mystery, il started suddenly
smi spri'Sil no fant lbat nothing was
saved, The loral lire brigade were
ipiirkly un the scene but unfortunately
Ihey were powerless lo tio any good, as
the house was situated about 1,000
fret from the nearest hyelrant and the
brigade lot.I only 'i.vi feet of hose. The
liouse was a live roomed resilience, ami
wan valued at about $1,000. Mr, Duval
hail abuut Vllu iu rash in the house
whirh was also consi|med. The house
was insured for 11,000, bul lhe fuml
lure, clothes and rash were a total
luss. Tbe evening previous Mr. uud
Mrs. Duval's family enjoyed |bs merri
menl of a birthday party at their hume.
Mingle 'lasers, Hueialisls, Hrlsntiste
ami Hludsuts, Philosophers and Think
ers uf both sexes be al the li. P. llall,
ou Humlay aflernuuii, Due, Ililli, at
I:Ifi o'clock lo help lo start an Open
Forum. The meeting will br railed to
urder al ||M when everything per
talnlng lo this, thu most progressive
step In North Vancouver's menial tie
velopinent, will be fully eipleliied. No
admission feel No membership feel
No monthly duesl A cullsctioii will
be taken up lo pay tbe rent ami other
necessary espouses. Huhjert for ills-
, ie -ion to lie decided liy lbe meeting,
llring'a friend with yoo. llll
Tbe Nortli Vancouver Hand will
bold a specisl meetiug io tbe Drill
Hall, Ksplanade Weet, on Monday, Dee.
Mb, at tlOO p.m. Business: Annual
election of oflUere.
impress   special   rissa   tnstsry
Debate on Speech from Throne—Minister of Finance Develops Strength-
New   Senators   fpr  8,   0.-8econd
Narrows Bridge Approved.
Ottawa, Dec, ll.r-Tbe debate on tlie
address In reply to the speech from
the limine baa been in progress a wuuji
now and there Is no sign of the flood
of oratory abating, lb the meantime
the country it patiently waiting for
the naval bill aud it luobs as if it will
liave |o wait a full week yet for Premier Borden's announcement. The de>
imu' un the address Is oue of the few
opportunities when members can talk
ou any subject from Imperialism to apple culture without fear of treading
upon tbe rules of the bouse. Ucenae
to roam the wholo realnt of pojitics la
given. It Is a flue chance for new
iuuu,lu'i to inflict on the house maiden
speeches and for representatives with
grievances tu uir themselves. Full
iippurttttilty Of this privilege has been
availed uf this year and a dosen odd
liiiililing statesmen have i|uakingiy flrst
addressed Mr. Hpeaker. Hut there is
mure than this bshlitd the ieitgth uf
llic dcluite There seems little duubt
that the Liberals have been dragging
out the debate wilh a view to holding
up Ihu naval bill as long ss pussiliie,
.lust what their object is is nut clear
ur what Is tu be gained by such tactics is liur.i lo uuderslaiiilj but the lm
pri'Bsion in growing at the rapitul that
the I,ibi'iuI, are preparing Ihis sesnimi
tu systematically bluck business. If
the uavy bill dues nut come duwn until the em! uf neit week there la llttl)
p,,;.;.iliiliit uf lis passing befure Christ
mas, while it still han lu run the gaunt
let uf the senate nnd there are Liberals
at Ottawa who are predicting il will
never pans the upper house, tliuiigh il
tinea nut seem credible the senaturn
would dure Iruelrulu the will uf lbe
people an eipresaeel by lbe popular
It has lieen a eliaiual tieliale with
few spe, lie, of more Hum psaning in
terest. The uulstaiiiling speech of the
debate ao far haa lieen thai of Hon.
W.  '!'.   White,   the  fluencc  minisler.
The  ■ i'i i.l miuialer last session en
lalilislii'tl Inin",di as une uf the Iimt
i,I,ii|,i:. iu the houae. Ile enhanced
Iiis reputation by his opening speech of
this seeelon, Friend ami foe alike ail
mil tutlay lbat be is uue nf the big
men of the administration   many tie
lure that be in lbe biggest nest to Hor
leu. I',dn,,nl prophets arc predicting
thai as he gruwa in parliamentary ami
|..i.n,:,i experience lie will be the
oining man ul the (lonaarvalive party,
He has what a prime miuialer must
possess, culture, polish smi education.
He is au easy ami effluent speaker, a
logical id,iiifi ami quirk at repartee
Ile has the happy faculty uf making
the dullest facts ami Agurua inlerest
ing. Premier Hunlitn made a lull
ye whel lie picked the unknown Au
under as luceeosor lo Fielding. Mr.
While spoke mi cement, Karly in lhe
debate Hir Wilfrid Uurier charged
lliut the lun last summer wss eut in
twu for Ave months with a view of
influencing the Haskatcbewau elections.
The liuu i,,u minister 'a reply wss uue
nt the most cumplete ever heard in
lliu bullae ami he drove the opposition
leader ami his western liestenaut, Hon
Frank Oliver, into the position of either he was right nr admitting tbey
were speaking es defeuders uf the
,,'uiciit trual An Mr. While succinctly pm il, "I am afraid my honorable
frlam) (Hir Wilfrid) in not so much
interested iu the principle involved ss
lie is uu.iuuu for bis friend and poll'
leal adviser, Henatur Kdwanls, head of
lhc cement trust."
Mr. White ebuwed that lasl spring
there was a seriuus cement sburtagr
in the west ami piled up a formidable
array of documents showing how he
hail been besieged for relief ami how
serious was lhe 11iti. nil> He hsd made
a purnunal investigation ami llic ceiin.nl
trust hail admitted It wan unable lo
take care of the market. Under the
circumstances be did the only thing
he unil,I as a faithful publir servant
reduced the duly aa be was given
puwer by the slatule. If there wss
any political plot In regard lo the Haa
Liiie le.'Uiin eleclluua, then overy tuwu
ami city lu the weat was deep la it,
A Imui the ouly other interesting 'ea
ture of the debate so far has been Hie
admissions whlcb (Jeorge W, Fowler,
member for King's and Albert drew
from the Liberal leaders afler much
bantering and long twitting as lo tbeir
ntnmi on reciprocity. For over a year
the Conservatives bave been endeavor
ing to And oul just where the Liberals
Minnl. From tbe chieftain duwu tbey
have side stepped definite answers. It
look the sberp tongue of Fowler lo
drive Mir Wilfrid to bis feet. "We
are s united party," was Hir Wilfrid's
first answer.   The hero of the famous
Cord Wood
FOlt HALK Unlimited amount of
cord wood or stove wood, Thompson
aod Stuart.   Phones 411 aad Uii   tl
-mem When buying tool^
\&       " onemustbecare-
(ul in selecting the
Our tools will stand
the most.severest
test, and every
'rapga /JJRfil mechanic when purchasing from us will have both the Makers
and Our Guarantee. -   ■
paine & McMillan
wine, womon uifd graft upisiulu persist
eii ami united fur a definite ruply, ami
ilnully Hir Wilfrid replied, "I kuuw uf
some  Liberals  whn huve varied their
views upon reciprocity.   I am not one
of lliem,"    Mr. I'lignlcy ulsn uilmittcti
that hu was still a believer in rceipro
city, while Hugh llulhriu, one of the
Ontario holders, gave a nuiiiuwhat cryp-1
tic  aauwer  which  waa  interpreted  loj
iuchti lie atill upholds for reciprocity.  I
Hrilish  i'uiiiuil,in members have an!
fur alliiwetl the eaat lu monopolise the
■i'imi.    ',   II. Uarnard of Victoria, is!
the only coast member lu have spoken
and  his  speech  was  brief ami  vary
mil. li   to  the   pulnl.   Ile  assured   the
premier Ibal us far an the naval pro
punuls were concerned Ibey could nul lie
tuo generous In nuil Uritiah I'ulumbis.
Ile ulau draw attrnliun lu the way lhe'
fortifications at Kni|iiimalt have   heen I
neglected, and urged upon the miiilslsr i
of militia ami defence to at least re-
.■■letic llietn In the condition uf effect
Iveneas befure the Hrilish admiralty
mill,iiuv. control.
When the speech frum the throne
wus lend there wan cuiiaiderable sur
prise eipressed lliul while it was au
nouiieeil lull woultl be brought down
increasing the senate representation
uf the three prairie provinces uu men
linn was msde uf Uritiah l.'olunihia. I
Tlie members frum the cusat province
ut once objected to the goverument. It
is understood Hist it  wan tliuuglil  an |
amendment wuulil have tu lie mude tu
the Hritisb Nurtb America Act lu add
tu the numbers iu Hie upper huuse frum
It. (!. Further study uf the Hrilish
('iilumhiu Act liy which the province
came intu confederation has convinced
the guvernment thin will lie unnecessary
ami lirilisli I'ulumliia will get Ihree
new mniii,, i, making sii iu all. The
uther western provinces uuw have fuur
senators each ami they will get Iwu
mure apiece, making twenty fuur in all
from the went uml Increasing the lu
lai men,I,, i :., uf ibe red chamber tu
ninety nil. The Liberal majurity with
these it.I.Iiiiun." will still be twenty
two, though il is fast dwindling
Vuncuuver will be pleased to lesiu
that II II. Hlevens has, been taking up
the question with nW engineer uf pub
lir wurks uf the i*w bridge al llle Her
uml Narrows, ll will be approved willi
Iwu Inni,lie,t and Afty feel spaus willi
a clear height uf Afty live feel ami
placed at right angles tu the current.
The Inundations of the spans will be
stilli, lentil deep to permit of a mini '
mum , liiinn, I uf thirty Ave feet al the
lOWSSl tide.
Another mailer nf inlereal wbicb in
being lakeu up by Mr. Hteveus is Ibe
renewal uf the permit of the New
Kiiglautl Fish l'u. In ship Ash through
I'snaila wilbuut paying lbe eipurl lai.
Mr. Hlevens is putting op very strong
opposition smi willi every hope of sue
Baby Foods
Allenbury's, 80c a tin
Horlick's, Hospital Si/*, $3.25 bottle
Scott's Emulsion, 45c and 85c
Zambuk, 2 for 65c
Other Goods at like low prices
North Shore Drug Co.
59 Lonidale Avenue


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