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noeth yo9oowm, 9 0; mm**, mourn w, m
\    I. ,■ i n
Ut. E. L. Bordtn, Prtmltr ol tht Dominion of Canada.
Thr cabinet selected by the newly elected Prime Minister and which wai
formally approved by Earl Grey, Governor-General, last night, is as follows:
R. L Borden, Premier and President of the Council; Minister of Finance,
Mr. W. T. White; Minister of Customs, Dr. J. R. Reid; Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Martin Burrell; Minister of Militia, Col. Sam. Hughes; Minister
of Justice, Hon. C. J. Doherty; Postmaster-General, Mr. F. L Pelletier;
Minister of Public Works, Mr. F. D. Monk; Minister of Marine and Fisheries, Hon. J. D. Hazen; Minister of Railways and Canals, Hon. Frank Cochrane; Minister of Trade and Commerce, Hon. Geo. £. Foster; Secretary of
State, Pr. J. W. Roche; Minister of the Interior, Hon. R. Rogers; Minister
of Inland Revenue, Mr. W. B. Nantel; Minister of Labor, Mr. T. W.
Crothers. Messrs A. I.. Kemp, Geo. H. Perley and Senator J. A. Lough-
eed, Ministers without portfolios.
In connection with the lint announcement of the personnel of the cabinet
which is to control the policy of the new government, it will be of interest to
re-read the platform which was announced by Mr. Borden, previous to the
elections at which he was returned to power, and the policy therefore, which it
•is anticipated lhat the new government will proceed to carry into effect. The
platform was as follows:
1. A thorough reorganization of the method by which the public
expenditure is supervised. The increase in what is known as ordinary controllable expenditure from $21,000,000 in 1896 to nearly $74,000,000 in 1911
is proof of extravagant e beyond any possible defence.
2. The granting ol their natural resources to the prairie provinces.
3. The construction of the Hudson Bay Railway and itt operation by
independent commission.
i   The control and operation by the state of the terminal elevators,
nary encouragement for establishing and carrying on the
• permanent tariff commission.
assistance towards the improvement of
1 tzwcUtf&i"
|      fntrij/fi'/f 1
Tho operator'! duliet ore to entwer
colli aud mako conncotiont ni rapidly
at poitible.    Convoriulion witb   you
Would ini'\ ilnlily block nlli.'l   culls jutt
at urgent at yourt.
So tbo operator it trained to uio
certain let phrases relating strictly
to ber work. Any question! out-
tide ol ber (unctions must neccttar-
ily be referred to people having in
obarge ipecial claiict ol "irregular" inquiriot.
A minuto'i coutidoration will tbow
that unlost tbe operator1! duly were
uniform practically tho lame in ovory
cill—tbo could not potribly give Aid,
tubtcrilicrs lire service tbey demand.
■■ail delivery.
provinces for the purpose of
education and for the
policy uid adminislra-
control of our own
'- affording no just
'Val jn the auton-
$m* _-*>.
B. fl. &'■  "   "J
Witb t Iui tbe future Mri. Cook
pul hat goci   to mike lite
at .
81. Cbarlet	
(top <• MWI MU*
Peat, Corn ipmneA by Capt. Foro-
(new ica/venue extending 104
Wront immediately
Eggl, itrictly l^f WM IQ)d yM,
Meypolo Butlori H It understood
Rice, Knott Ja^' tim bat been
Oranget, iwtet aK«~an purcbaied
Frith ground Coff» "•» ago lot
He ii a clearly
Tbt roU, a*™** m
(lame to tmmw*"** tot** van-
uom. m ,om mnjti ^ ^ m
Deal Quietly Completed — H. H, Stevens
Makes Discovery — Vendor May Fail
to Deliver,
The fact came tp light on ftiiurduy
lmii through inquiries made by wire by
H. H. Steveni, M.I'., tbat lome weekt
ago tbe Ottawa government completed
the puri'lium' of a property for pqit
office purpuses in this city. Iu looking
ufii'r the intereits of bit constituency
Mr. Stevens tout a telegram to tbe Department requesting tbat the matter
of the purchase of a post office site at
North Vancouver bo bold in abeyance
until ho had had opportunity b acquaint liiiin.i'li witb all the rehire
nii'iiin of tbe situation. In reply! Ur,
Stevens receivod a telegram from! Mr.
Hunter, deputy minister to the erect
that a sito for a post office hod been
purchased some weeks ago from Br.
Ingram. Further inquiry elicited tne
information from Dr. Ingram, who ro\
sides iu Vancuuver, tbat be bad sol<l
four lots on First street eost to the
Diiiniiiiiin government at a price of
(00,0011, 'that an initial payment had
In'i'ii made thorcun, that the docutneuts
had beeu duly executed by him and
wore thon on the way to Ottawa if
they bod not ulrcady reached thoir destination and lhat he was daily expect
iug that the balance of tbe purchase
price would come to hand. With n;
gard to the reason which led to the
purchase of his property, Dr. Ingram
understood that the government wished
to procure a frontage of not leu than
one Iniii'lii'il feet and inasmuch as ho
was the only individual who Owned an
unbroken fronlogu of that magnitude
in that vicinity, his proper^ had been
Au inquify in Ihe offices of tbo post
office authorities iu Vancouver proved
barren of results. Tin' poit office inspector is at present in the east ami
bis assistants had up knowledge of the
transaction, neither bad be access to
any records which might provide any
iufurmotion. lie wu of opinion thtl
if auy recommendations were forward-
ed to Ottawa witb reference to tbo
matter tbey would havo proceeded
from the office of a fesleral outhorily
iu Victoria.
_____    '
A further endeavor to secure inform
"linn frum local sources provod like
wise I'm iin. Tbo officers and members
pf tbo local executive of tho Liberal
Allocation discloui any knowledge of
any negotiations for this particular
property and all ciTorts have thus far
failed to discover the intermediary
through whom tbo proposition was sub
initiil at Ottawa.
luasmut'h as the purchase of this
perty defeats the.endeavors of ty city
couucil to soil the present city kill property lo tbe government aud/fiiasmuch
as the general public uniUyni condemning the purchase as uusuifoble, there is
every probability thut/lie matter will
not lie allowed to rein until full information has been ytutained ami made
public as tq llie/ini'un.H by which the
ited and it is like
eriniii -tlint the most strenuous
courts will J6e made to induce the newly \onstitatod governmcut tu prevent
this pruporty at a permanent utsi office site for this city
A/nearly os can he ascertained the
fcrty purcbused  it lots .'IU
42, block Dili, I), I„ 111,
situate on First street cast of Louidalt
avciine. MrAlnmes Fugler, who until
recently wus tie owner of lots 'ii and
40, in the aliovy group upun being in
tervicwed, staled that Mr. Ingram hod
not purchased his property outright
but hod a conditional agrccniout for
ils purchase. Tin- conditions upon
which the transfel is to take place
have no reference th tho price, but re
fcr to the substitution of certain pro
portion hy Dr. Ingrnni. for thoio which
Mr. Fugler agrees to well. Up to the
present lhoso condition have uot been
fulfilled uud Mr. Fuglcr Mules empbat
ii-nlly ilml unless they ore nut complied
wjth he will not complete tbe transfer
of his pruperty. Frum this'statement it
would appear that although the deal
has been completed as between Dr. lu
gram ami Ihe government, there is i
probability (hot difficulty may yet arise
witb respect tu the ability uf tbe von
lur to give full title fo the properly.
JfOR SAMHfirit growth dry wopd
(or $4.50 per cord, I It. O. MoDade,
Phono 83 t.l.
FOB BAM3 OB TO L)3T-flovou-
roomed house on Ilml ttreet west of
Mahon, convenincoi Apply oa premises. i:i m
FOB SALE-Frotb milk from local
herd of cowt. Sight qugrtl for $1, delivered. Apply Nortb Vancouver Hut
Bud Dairy.
FOB 8ALE-0ue block from Lonidale cor line, $360 cash, balance ovor
18 niuiithi Palmer k Mcliwaino, 36
lionsdolc Avo.  Pbone 110. tf
FOB SALE-33 foot lot, cleared,
graded, splondid view, second block
from Lonidale car line, $160 oath, bal-
mis-e over 18 months. Palmer t Mcliwaino, 36 Lonsdale Ave.   Phone lio.tf
FOB SALE - A bargain. Caih or,
termt. Two cottngoi on 20th itreet.
Vory detirablo location, fivo minutes
from Lunsdule tohool, three minutei
Iron) car line. Bendy lor oocuponoy
about October lit. Apply B. W
Eaton, Nortb Vancouver Coal ii Supply Co.    Phono 178. t.l.
WANTED-Wo have money to in-
voit in clpio-in North Vancouver pruperty. If you wish to sell call and
givo ut your listings. Pointer £ Mc-
ilwoine, 30 Isousdolg AVe.aphoue UO.
*      «.' ~ 88-10
Property ByLaw Rejected
The results of Saturday'! voting on
tbo six bylaws submitted by the council
to tho Nortb Vancouver ratepayers
read as follows:
Hylow No 180—To roise by way of
loan llii' sum of $30,000 for waterworks
No. of balloU iuued   606
For the ByUw   622
Against the Hyl,uw   H
Spoiled and unmarked balloti .. 19
ByLaw passed.
ByUw No. 181—To raiio by way of
loan the sum of $3,1100 for the purpose
uf maintaining the Fire Department:
No. of balloU iuued  $04
For tbo ByUw   i)17
Agaiuit the ByUw   It
Spoiled aud unmarked balloU .. 14
ByUw paucd.
ByUw No. 18*—To raiio by way
of loan tbe iuu of $1.1,260 for school
Np of balloti iuued Hi
For  Ibe  HyUw    ..6011
Agaiuit the ByUw     70
Spoiled and unmarked Ullott .. 1$
ByUw passed.
ByUw No. 183—To ralie by way of
loan tho ium of $$8,000 to purchase
real properly for corporate purpoiei:
No. of btllois iuutl   $04
For the ByUw   36$
,   Against  tbe  ByUw    247
Spoiled and unmarked balloU ..   6
ByUw rejected. i
ByUw No. 184—T» raiio by way of
loan the ium of $16,000 for the purpoie
of making, prrtorving and rcptiring
roadt and itrcoU ia Ike eity, including
tho construction of the new lidowalks:
No. of balloU issued $06
For tbe ByUw   686
Against the ByUw   .......... fJ
Spoiled and unmarked bglloU ..   8
ByUw patted.
ByUw No. 186—To ralie 1>y way of
Joan tbo turn o' HMO lor the prtter-
valiou of public health:
No. of balloU iuued   $0$
For ti)* Wow    82$
Against the ByUw     70
Spoiled and unmarked UlloU .. 10
ByUw patted.
H. H. Stevtus, M.P. WU1 Addrcsi Lo
col Bupporteri—Local Problem! to
Be Dltcuutd.
All mcmbcri of Iho N. V. Conicrva
ine Association and also all local sup
purtors of the party are invited te at
tend the meeting lo bu bcid iu Ursen'i
pavilion uu Thursday evening te meet
tbe newly elcelcd representative for
Vancouvor riding, Mr. II. Ji. Stevens.
Tbe gathering will have tbe opportun
ity tu hear Ihe address fronj Mr. Sic-
veils and to discuss issues ef local importance from a federal point of viow.
Mr. Stevens leaves in a few days to
;i - -111111' bis duties at Ottawa and tbe
approaching meeting will afford a
most desirable opportunity tu place
him iu full posicssiun of the ftcU relative te the needs of this portion of
bit large conitituency.
Express Classified Ads.
J. Unlet and North Untdalt
Get Uat Loutdale Pharmacy Phone 3V
MONEY TO LOAN on approved property. Agrccinvuli ol tale purchased.
C It. Hickman, (38 Untdalt.    39-1*
Or. J. C, Norriton, dcntiil. Pott
Uncinate, Chicago l/uivortily. Boouu
6 and 10, New Post offioe blook,    ti.
Tbe City Dye Workt hat eiUbliih
ed a branch cor. Ei|danade E. ud
Umdale. Fint clais work at moderate rates, cleaning, dyeing, plotting
and repairing.
9 C. Ifvery and board atablaa -
Light rigt and Indies' taddlt bottm
for hirt. Stabling lor bonet, Oen-
oral delivery and (teavy loaning. IB.
Tlumni, 4th itroot went.    Phont 847
Tht Truth itudenU elan will meet
every Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock at
the residence .of Mri. Gallagher, Keith
road, near Bidgeway. SUdenU detir
Ing hijfber ipifitua) un^pblmept ate
cordially Igvjtod to WliiA- tf
IpimH VQB UjWf-knahf Wptt-
m Cottle, yipxteta kvpaue. tear
Umdale and 24th ttr»»|, Nortli Vat
cpuver. w-n
WANTED-Dressft.lng. Thoroughly experienced iu good class work.
Udics' tuiU a specially. Miuet Bae,
Suite 3, Keith block, corner Fint
itreet. 10-10
WANTED-Girl to look after  two
cbildron  aud  help  wilib   bouiework.
1 lood wagci.   Apply at bungalow, N.W.
corner of Fint street and St. Audrew'i
We tpccialize in North Vancouver
prupcrly and with to list properties
direct from owuen. SCANDINAVIAN
INVESTMENT CO., tii.'.'v Cordova
Street west. 1010
WANTED - We hmdlo butineu
chancel, real culoto, insurance, loam,
purchase agreements of sule. Jf you
want to sell your kuuio ur your butineu call and givo ui particulars. Wo
can get results. Uuiincw is good.
Palmer k Mcllwtinc, 30 Umdale Av*.
Phone UO. 2810
Bright Humus, double or ilugl.o, witb
board.   663 Uusdalc Avenue.        10 8
Comfortable front room  for  root,
furnished.   110 Upper Keith Boad.
BOOMS FOB KENT    Housekeeping.
218 2nd ttreet eait. 17-10
FOB BENT-Furniihed tuite, mod
em, private Apply 237—4th itreet
tut. Hill
TO KENT-Furniibed roomi, board
optional, or light bouickeeping, tuite
4, Boicobcl, Mli tnd ('licilerueld.    8-8
FOB BENT-Bevcn roomed home,
furnace, fully modern, gardoo. Eighth
itreet, good view. Apply C'ojooial
Apartment House, 8th itreet eut. tf
FOB BENT - Five room bout* on
N. W. corner ol lit and Oh-terf-d.
Bent $30 per month. Canadian Fin
anoieri, Ltd., Bank ol Hamilton Bldg.
Til BENT-In Orptvanor l-odge
luite* of five roomt, cpmltllng of two
lieslrooiiii, ono large living room, kitchen, bath room and pantry (jutt com-
pitted) alio two roomed cottage, fur
Dished Apply A. L. BonaJd, 314 6th
itreet Weit. if
LADY -Cerji«ed wiihei pupili for
pianoforte and theory. Ttrmi moder
ate.   Box kit, F.ipreu Office.      $11
ABT OJ,A8SR»,-Durlj>i On winter
monthi Mlu Aijull IpMronlieO hy
Kn«JJih and Foreign BoytJly) wl"
hold clttaet In II. K0piun4'i Softool,
Mabon Avenue. Oil and Water Color
Painting. Pen Pointing, ijlnftjnelion.
pjtfihlng for Book Plain, tie. Pxlvtl*
leitont hy orrongtmtnl For ttrmi,
etc., pliaat apply Poat Ofle* M* II".
Norlb Vancouvtr. IMI
1$  'I    '    Dl .' IMH'II    '»
IflMOlq lorn it I per tent, oa lit*
wortpje income ptantttf at ey mlffrto
two Worki of Utidalt kit.
IBWIN t Blli,IN09 «. fM If...
,i i, ■-■■hh>iWii|iix_,4U    '
Complete Short Story by J- P. Holland.
The only V>le»I'-nt °' B la,8°i com"
forties! room, furiiisliesl in tho vugun
of tbo Qeorgiuu poriiid, und guarded
from Ihe tun by closely drawn lilimls,
was gg elderly man, kunwn in (bo
neigbbnrliuiiil of his home as "Obi
Roger", Imi whose surname, by here-
ditary right was Trossold. Concerning
bim a multitude of opinions were expressed, the majority of whioh, lot it
be said, were scarcely flattering. Gentlemen who had business dealings with
him were without exception unanimous
in their confessions. "A more nm
i "ii l. in mn. old devil," quoth oi|c|i, according to Ilie peculiar extent of lilt
vocabulary, "If hot never been my lot
to encnuutur, and 1 Jiray to heoveu
that the future holds nothing worse"
As o matter of fact " cetiUnkerout"
wus quite o lenient epithet. Oout, and
other chronic ailments, had mode eld
Trossold os irritable os be had once
been sweet-tempered, while, in consu-
quence uf the deplorable death of his
yuung and charming wife, his hair had
become prematurely grey, hii brew
deeply furrowed, hii eyei sunken, uml
his mouth strangely cynical. Indeed,
be was uu longer the friend of all men
ps he had ouce boon. Bittor experience hod taught him to regard his more
fortunate brothers with an envy he
mode uo attempt to roureal.
ilis daughter, Kim, who bore in nature and iippeiiruneii a  wonderful  re
.' 11jI.i ... .■  to  her mother, const it ute.l
Trossold's one solace iu life, ami uf
this possession lloger savagely slcclarcil
his fellow men would willingly deprive
him. "To Inin who both must bo
given," he quoted in the bitterness uf
bis wrath, "while I, who have littlo
enough tu hold slear, eon he Idwfuliy
rubbed uf even that littlo." It was,
however, unreasunaiile uu tho uid gen
lli'iiii'ii's part tu imagine fur a liniment
that as limid Mini' a yuung girl us Kna
Tii.-iil.l would leiii.-iiu u11s.iI. ■ for
her father's mere whim or convenience
in the course of her visits to friend's
houses, several estimable gentlemen
bad fallen victim! lo her charms ami
had even ventured to question old
Buger on the bestowal of bis dough-I
tor's hand in marriage. Each hud
been priuiinplorily tent about hit business with a parting injunction, couched
in characteristic ternn, td bide hi'
time in patience till %e fair Sn*
should reiii'h tbe' eage of discretion,
"at which date," Treuold would tar-
rustically add, "the matter thall bo
reconsidered—provided tbat neither
party had. in the meantime succumbed
to a fractured heart." A week nr a
fortnight usually sulHcod to heal the
wounded vanity of those poor thwarted swains, ami Kna, in ber heart of
hearts, felt grateful to her father fur
thoir curt dismissal. "For the future," she inwardly vowed, "I iball
■iiiidiiiiii.il avoid all intimacy
with man," which resolution tho most
conscientinusly kept—till Philip Fair
hurst was proiented to her. Then her
vow niottered littlo—and Philip Fair-
hurst mattered much.
There is no necessity to Introduce
into this itory the ordinary fuels of a
true increasing friendship, SuHieo it
to say Ibat a mutual understanding
aruse between Philip Fairhurit and
Kim Trcssnhl which gradually developed inin tho most exemplary kind of affection. And 'twas only when news
nf Iho mailer came to tho eon of old
lloger that Hie course uf their iuvu
was in any way hampered. The uid
gentleman gathered that things hod
ruacheil uu ailvunccil stage ami be was
genuinely alarmed. Ilu wroto Philip
a brief note, asking him to call at
Tress'nld Hull at his earliest cuiiveni-
cnee, ami it wus awaiting Ilis arrival
that we found old lloger when Ihis
Itory opened.
With noiseless tread, a iivoricd footman presently entered and approached
Tl' .""ll'I ':■    'llllli.
"Muster Fairhurst is in the parlor,"
ho announced. Tressuld grunted a
command uml Ihe servant rotored.
In a fow liniments Philip himself
erosseil Ihu polished floor of Iho apartment und bowed rcspecjfully lo tho
elder mail,
"I sin at your service, Master Tressuld," he suid.
Old Kogcr did not trouble tu tckiiow-
[ledge the salute, lint pointed ti) a
high-backed choir on which Philip,
Without further »ilo, Mt himself, fttt-
sold commenced all tuch interviews, as
thit in tbt same manner.
'fj nm informed, sir, from most reliable sources, that my daughter aud
yourself have funned un undesirable
intimacy,   Do you admit  Ihall"
Though Philip was a littlo surprised
»t tbe blunt way in which the mutter
waa approached, ho was outwardly
calm and replied iu like terms.
''The intimacy I gladly admit. Whether It bo undesirable or un roots in
the nature of your regard. Tho udjoc-
tive at presont merely represents your
prejudiced opinion, and to that you are
quite ontitfod."
This exchange of views, candid and
straightforward on both sides, lufficod
to show that the verbal contost which
was to ensue would not be au unequal
one. Old Boger, let it bo said, w|is
secretly pleated that his daughter,
foolish Ihuiigli her behaviour hud-bcen
bad at least chosen a fellow with the
courage of his convictions. Philip had
ulsu mure than his shuro uf gnud looks
and his frank blue eyes and determined
mouth did not displease Trossold. Nevertheless, in the lottor's opinion, the
follow before him wus a robber of his
world's goods and os such he must be
"1 wish you to know," Trussold
recommenced, "lhat my datightor, Kim
Trossold, is to possess no sweet heart
till she has reached an ago of wisdom,
She is now only twenty, and to think
nf serious love at her time of life is on
Tho old mnn pousesl, and Philip suited thu upportunily.
" "I'i.. uoi mi:I\ of serious love thai
Kna and I ore thinking," he said,
hut also uf tho moro suriuus liuml of
matrimony. It will perhaps ustunisli
yun Iq bear Hun we are quite rciolvinl
In wed ai speedily os we can arraugo
Tressold, in tlio enormity of bis rage
lurned very white; then the blood rush
ed lo his head ami Iho color relumed
threofuld. lie spluttered and gasped
ruse to his feel, forgetful of his gout,
and wilh his clenrheil lift simile Ihu
table wilh such tigur (hot the glasses
un tho sideboard rattled fur several
"Ily the Kurd, young man," he
llninderi'd, "perhaps,  vou  will loll mo
North Vancouver Business & Professional Cards
lloumi 10 and 11, Pander Cbamliari.
hll Pender Street W.    Phono 34M
and l.unsdala Avt., Norlh Vancouver
Jtesidcnce, cur. i.nnsdnlt   Ave.   and
■-''.'ml ..is,-i, North Vancouver,
li I "I  VI IM\
Percy B. Howard JJ. .1. Pterin
City Auditor.
Auditors nnd Accounlanti
fit I'ender Bt, W.      P. 0, Hoi M3»
i'bone mi Phono 183.
Vanoouver      Norlh Vancouver
V12 6th Street Eait North Voncouvir
Phoni 373
nil I.Mini* AMI) mini.
Fineit tablet and cutt ii (bt City
*   i- i-
III.I. I.Mil-Ill-.
Pioneer Iluriotbocr - Carriagt Worki
lliii.l.s  AND  -IIIIUIIIII.
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Cor! Lontdalu and Ut.        J'bonc 143
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Stationery, Confectionery, let ('ream,
Soil IJrinkt, Fountain Uriaki, Tobacco
Light Lunchoi, Fruit
loudalt md (th Phone 316
bt* dlicoverid Ihi I'ltt ol l>Jt"ir lu
be Pretturt on ntrftt—tluptlDg the
Vamt, < arrr»U Which produce ftac-
nonti ictir'ly   w. jibtntt thi vtw-
•r Current! by removing tht Prttture
—mi health It reilorcd    R  3. Irwln.
Dr. of (,'Mrspraotio,   III   loih
glint, rlatto Vinaower-
lin' New lllock on Lonidale Aveauo
near the Perry Approach
wu built by
(ienernl I'onlraoton
' ..ni ij. i.n. fur reinforced rnmrele
. "i. ii,e mui Huweriug in all iU
brunches; house ronnei linns a spe
.■ally.    r.imini,-  furuiibod.
Office: 20 I.mu. .Lib- Ave.        J'hune T>:T
Pressed Brick Mantles a Specialty,
i'huiie 1,119
A. 'M'l.
W. Craib
In Cuurrcto, llrick and Wood.
Hill    I  M.IM I lis
A.M.I.E. * S.
Irrigation, (Iralntgi, liveli, plait
and ipecillcalii.nl. Septic tanki and
houae dininaga a ipecillty. P, I).
Hoi 344, J6th itreet watt ol Hawicki
V. M Hbarii. Hlu.l H I., Hiss.I Imi
Mun Kna Klc, Archl and Civil En
glnttr. Pioiii, clivtijont, ttciloni.
report!, nieclllcailoni, tttlinalei, tic
for til clotiei ul work, Traclnui. Blue
Vrlnli. Map Mounting. Uf lower
Kellli  lis..ut.  Kail. Nurlb  Vincouver.
Frith and Smoked VIM
Livt and llrcuod Voulliy
Vcgetabiltg Deliviry twitt daily
PboM 240 131 Firtt Hum
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let (or Itraily UN
I'bone Vd     I/JN8DALE AVKJfUE
rmmiim iphuh
Studio »var Baak  B. H, I.
I'*adal» tad Ktidaaad*
l'|l lu 'llll.'     MlllllHTV
Mosiortao Hatct
Keith Block    83 Loutdali Avt.
mu vm   I'l in i.
I,oini,   Inveittneuti    and    In.urincc
Room -'».', .'i.i'.' i.i.unill.  St., Vancou
ver, I). ('. Phono Mkit).   Land llagii
try work t hj«-< i.ili>.
mvv mini..
Saw Filer und Grind-, All kindt ol
hand, croti out and liuck tuwt let
and tiled at shortwt notict. II  I "in
'Inls' Avenue, North Vancouver,
High-clau l.ndie.' and Gtnl'i 'Inilorisg
Phont mi
Mb Slrect E. (ailjumliig wusl ul lluu
lovtrd)   Norlh   Vancouver
Pinl Clou woik suits  l.a.ll.s ..wu ii si
Urlnli in.'Us  on
Nil —llrrM-iklua la all Ua kraal Is -a
Tl   II III ll~    ..II -II   ,
Spacialty: Children'! lmauaa at-own
bom.  Ttrmi, ttc., apply (ienetal
eva a. Mcdonald
Ttachtr of PIANO PLAY WO.
For termi, ttc., apply Monday
and Tburiday.
Wt Jtltk II. IT.
!•!...»<■  TIM
If your watch >topp_g or goiag irrt-
gularlyf Sit
Tht North Vajwouvtr Kipert
aad pioaMr Jtwellor
4UJ  l **.•**!*   A.V_UIM
"~T   rfwmawmmmm   nm^mmpmaw
wbetbfli ftMCirw d»»gbl»r=-whtlhtr
or no, at her father. I hivt iny wnrd
|n hey actions!"   f
"tim merely eogperotofi JJnjt»i nitty," reipmided Philip.
"Mtttyl" JrmolA eebned.
'' Aye, for I cannot think her »afo in
the company nf » man at violent and
Ill-tempered at yourself,"
Tressold hud never buforo heard hit
temperament to frankly described and
the novelty stuuiiod him fnr tbt mu-
ment, Pblip quietly awaited the effects of hit aiidaeiout words, apd wu
not surprised to see the old guiitlemun
almost speechless wltb wrath. When
at last ho did regain control of hit
voice, his words eelloeil through the
room like a clap of thunder
"Du you think," ho roared, "that
you will advance your cauie by offer
ing bore uml now an intuit of tbp
most  important type!"
Philip regarded him in mock stir
"Really, sir," he answered, cooly
and deliberately, "I wai not owore
lhat I had over aiked you for tht bind
of Mistress Tressold. As mutters uro
already arranged between Ul, that
would bo spills' a tuperduout formal
I mil p n I de of speech, Tressuld almost
tore the bull from itt socket.
"Show Master Fairhurit tho door,"
hu ordered the footman, who immediately I'litcrcil; then to Philip "I fnr-
bid you any furthor conyorso with my
Philip bowed witb great tplemnity.
"I wiib you good-day, tb," he sajil
then turning to tha footuitu, rmutrk-
oil "I am lorry tu give you thii extra
And thus he quitted Treuold Hall
with the ponioiiablo conviction that he
had at least " impressed "old Bogtr,
even if it wore in a ninnner mil etloul-
nt..I lo further liis suit. Treuold him-
self, though thoroughly iunfouude.1 by
Ihu fellow's oiiirugeout impudence, un
lertained a meaking osliuiroliuu fnr hit
iiiini.-ing candur.
"There's certtinly loaothigg il
him," he admitted fa hiniielf, when
his wrtth had slightly aimincred. Thin
os his thoughts wandered back to tbt
cause of Philip'i visit, bit eyt flatbed
again ami bit brow darkened.
"Damn himl" he ttid loudly, and
the   wish   ei lined   through   the   great
riiniii in a way which distinctly comforted the wither.
I'ai.l li's-iuird wot indeed t living
proof of Nature't tutctptiliillty to
union- Uo had beon emlowcii with
tbe physical deUili which go to moke
t linn.I- Mine man, but these postciiioni
hid been shamefully abused, Hii
iiiiigiiili.'i-nl dark eyei Hashed only for
Iho seduilimi of the inuocunt while hii
iligiiiiie.l hctring and immaculalo
grooming were attractive for malicioui
rcaioni only. In convoriation, bo
seemed tu be au idle liittncr and the
i|uintescnce of sincerity. Only Ihe moro
minis' diicerncd tbo under nature of
(be man, ami Ena Tressuld wat for.
iiinuiilv  one of tbett.
Remrd regarded Miilrcu Treuold ai
ho would a coitly gem, aud u tucb be
-might to puueu ber. He did not trouble tu uhiam ber father't unction to
hit tuit, but wuoed her-in tome ie
i ludcl port mn of the Treuold estttc.
II wis hit custom lu intrude upou her
presence when ihe loait espectod or
• b -ii.-.I bim, and bit mctbodi icrved to
occentualo the ilitlike, which iht in
slim iiv.lv felt toward! him. He had
repeatedly profewed hii undying lavt
(prtrtice bad rendered him proficient
in the art) and bad tevcral timet io-
li.itcl her hand In marriagt, but on
each occation bad received a negative
reply. Henard, bowtver, brooked no
■ i.mat Ho intended from the Hnt
Ihot Miilreu Treuold should become
his wife, he hod Ibat mil always in
view, tud il, be declared, should jut-
lify whatever tncani hi chuu tu ad
Ou thii ^particular evening, iumedi
tlcly ofler Ibo inlorview prtviuutly recounted, Heuard bad decided to make
une more effort to achieve hit purpoie.
lie bid bidden, thtrefore, in the .bad
uw of t hedge which ikirted the etteti
and wu awaiting with impatience tbe
arrival of hit victim. Jt wu her cut-
torn, he had learnt to wandtr through
tbo ground! at about tbat hour, and
he roniidcred tho lime and place both
lilting and romantic. Ilndtr tbete cjr
cumtUncci, Muter Henard'i faellngi
can bo well Imtginad and bit iiupn
ration! rtadiliy ronetivtd, wbtn
bit point of vantage hi ditctrntj
tpprotcblng formi of Kna Treus
a mole companion. Henard
muri'uitr, that tkt Ittter'i »,n„
tied tbt girl'i waiil, and tbafu|
wu  pillowed   on   bit   brow' Hues
m,    . j , Jul 16-S
The two engrwed in euiiv/|.„,m,
.•ceded iu within a few f ^
ard'i omliuib, then tloppiUlw In
—       „       Ur ur  lu
le port.    Twos Ena wjf„i is „
"Philip," tba uid, ">■   VM
lliongh loflly ipokeu, )'• under-
i    .11 j • >  iii*'uii woler.
of a third perion), "'inerac, on.)
you wh and ar. wiltp'^
lot my uke, tben, (the i-IIJu or
, ,      .      „  wbleh     Un-
iliUnce to otter."re audi...ir.-.i
.ought hi. in a Indira
"Think wbat if. f>rm onl lo
,   ,   ., Iliereor, iuu) to
retponded   H«'  y/ei Ibere/or,
"Uke all into
pltdgt yourulf
"Yu, ym," it
WOrks   isf   Die
UeoJarcid Ig be
UP  of i
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II   _ -f-
' 1-/14/t^/, 7-
i>// /
Tho operator'! duliii are to aniwor
caiii and make connect iom ai rapidly
ni pouible. (iinvi'i soil um witb you
would inevitably block other calls jutt
tt urgent ai youn.
So the "p. i is11si ii trained to uio
certain tot phratoi relating ttiiotly
to ber work. Any i|uciliuin out-
tide ol ber lunctioni muit necotiar-
ily bo referred lo people having in
ohargo ipooial clntica ol "irregular" inijuiriot.
A niinulo'i contidurtlion will tbow
Ibat union tbt operator'! duly wtro
unilorm pnoticully the tune in ovory
call—tbe could not poilibly give Al.l.
aubtcriberi the torvice tbey deinond.
%___.   mmnrnn-
thb aymum mo
A loriom outbreak nf tbii insect in
Middleit. county, Ontario, bat been
reported to tbf diviiion of Entomology,
find jt it important tbat farmers in nil
parti of Psntdt should have tonic
knowledge qf the ligniAcnuce of. this
pent, iti lift hittory ami meuiit of pro
vontion and control. Jn a recent circular ittued by the Bureau of Kutomol-
ogy of tbo United Btatei Department
of Agriculture it ji itated_ that "few
iuiecti bavo earned tucb eiiormoui po-
euniary lotioi at hat the Chinch Bug.
No other inteet native to tbe weitern
bemltphert hu spread itt devastating
bordei ovor a wider area of country
with more fatal effect* to the ttaple
graint of Nortb America tban bu tbit
ont,". It it ottimatod tbat tbe louea
due to iti ravagei in tbo United Statet
during tbo but sixty yeart considerably
excoeded ♦350,000,000. While tbe
Cblncb Bug hai net yet depredated
crops in Canada to any lorious extont
and tbere ii uo cause for alarm or fear,
novertboleii iti early recognition anil
treatment in the caae of local outbreak! may rcault in the prevention of
comiderablo louses to tuch crept u
wheat, corn, oats, barley and rye, ihould
the iniect spread.
Although tbit insert ii a native of
the North American continent it up
peari to have migratod into cuttcrn
Canada from tho south. It wai drat recorded at doitructivc to wheat iu Nortb
Carolina about Hit following tho war
of Independence; the Britiih soldiers
wore accordingly blamod for its pretence. It now niTiir.-s iu abundanco in
tho United.Btatoi and is found from
tbe Atlantis' cent outward to Color
ado and northward to the Great I .alien.
The adult Chinch Bug incuaurea one
fifth of au iiu'h or less in longth; it ii
blackish in color witb white upper
wingi each bearing a conspicuous
black ipot. The winter ii puasod in
tbe adult itago under rubbish of all
kinds, fallen leaves, itubblo, grail
and brushwood. In tbe spring the fe-
mull's dopoait tbeir oggs near or on
tbo turfaee of tbo ground either among
tbe roeti of cereals or grans or iu tbo
leaf ihoaths of tho plants. Kucb fc
male may deposit upwardi of live bun
sired eggi which hatch iu two or threo
wceki. The youug larvae are yellow-
iib in color but ioou become red an 1
later a bright vormilliou. Tboy are
similar in sbtpo to tbe adultt but are
wingleti. In most of the iufcitcsl re
gioni of tbe lluited Btatei tbere are
two aunual generation!, but iu northeastern Ohio tho flrst brood docs not
fully develop until tbe licginniii,r of
Heptombcr ami there ii no indication
of a lecond brood. It would np|iOM
therefore, in Cauada that wu ba- e ouo
brood only iu tbe year, and 'he O'lults
of tbii tingle annual generation hibernate Tbo priucipal injury i« apparent
iu Auguit and Boptcniber. The insect
inflicli Ihe most damage nu wheat,
barley, corn, rye ami oils; it al.o nt-
inntly iiifeila timothy incail.wa n< in
;!i,i cuo of the proe'.t outbrn.l'
The best methoi! of prevention. M in
the case of numerous inse-1 Jicati*, is
clean cultivation and dtanlinou auo-.t
Ibe farm. By clearing awny uud Imni-
ing rubbish, hruihwood, etc, clo'juing
uji 1'i-ni i . and in othor ways destroying
the hibernating places ef not only these
but other injurious imccts most valu
able work ran be accomplished. Where
timothy meadows or paiturci arc attacked, u in tbe present instance iu
Uiddlcicx county, remedial measures
arc difficult to apply owiug lo Ibe ex
tout of the area now permanently laid
lown. Burning them over during the
whiter will do ionic good but many of
tho hibernating bugs will escape.
Natural factori may play a considerable part iu determining the ubuu-
ilniice or scarcity of chinch Bugs. The
two chief factors are meteorological
condition! and a fungal diieue. The
latter li dependent upon tbe former
for ill oflicacy. Bcvcre winter weather
doei not appear to affect tho hibernating adulti when the locality ii au et-
poicd on. Coiiiiiiuuus rain during tbe
time of batching ii fatal and is important in tbe natural control of the pott.
Ou account of tbe dry weather wbicb
bu prevailed during tbe put summer
tbo outbreak will probably be more
scrioui noxt year unleti continuous
rtint in the spring dettroy tbt young.
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Phone 6286  -   -  543 Pender Street, Vancouver
North Vancouver City
CLEARED LOTS 50 ft. x 147 ft.
In BLOCKS 15, 15a, 16 and 16a. D.L. 550".
PRICES: $7 50 to $ 1000 according to location.
TERMS: 1-4 Cash, Bal. 6, 12 and 18 months.
ACREAGE in District Lots 546 and 550
In Blocks of from One to Four or more acres.
PRICES: from $2000 to $3250 per acre
TERMS: I-4 Cash, Bal. 6,12,18 & 24 months
The Grand Boulevard extends through this property
The North Yancouver Land and
Improvement Company. -X
■ 4
mum vmowm... ■■■m'tm aowmm
Published Tueidsys anil VtiAtifby Nprrts 8hP» fim,' UO)itf>A.>
Jl»t8i tt Subscription :-Onp ypar, IIM- Six japnrtt, ffPp,  Thw inpiiHii, p,
United States and Foreign, ftM ppt ym-
,  Aivsrtislng Bates W1U it Quoted on Application.
Tbe Express it devoted to tbe interests of tbe North Short ol Burrard Inlet
picluuivoly. It constitutes'an advortiting medium of exceptional vuluii for
reaching in a thorough and effective manner the population of North Vaneouver
Oity and Diitrict. Every effort it mado to give advertlieri the most satisfactory
All change! in contract advertitementi abould he in tho printers' bandt not
later than 10 a. pi. Monday and 5 p. m. Wednesday tp enturo iniertlon in the
fallowing issue. • ,
North Vawonvtr, B. 0   ...October 10, 1611,
Tbe information which was made
*~\ public tbit week to the effect that somo
•weeks ago the government at Ottawa
hail purcbaeoil a lite on First streot,
somewhat oast of I.onsdalo Avenue, fpr
post office purposes, has givou rise to a
storm of protest from all quartern.
This protest is based upou two reasons,
lirst because tho proposed site ie considered altogether unsuitable for post
ui   purposes  and  secondly  because
should it lie used for tbat purpose, tbo
purchase defeats tbe negotations whicii
had been proceeding between thu city
couucil ami Ottawa looking to the purchase of the present city hall site for
thu purposes of a federal building.
Thu exact location which lias been
purchased is understood lo be lols ,'lil,
40, II uud It!, lllock 155, I). I.. 'Hi.
situated (ilh lei't) east of I.ousslale
Avenue, on the north sidu of First
It will ul once be noted thai these
arc all inside lots and thul uny building
erected thereon will be dependent for
light upon the front uml tbe rear of the
, «»• building, a feature which must be considered a serious defect in any public
building, fur reasons that are apparent,
to all. Further, a building erected on
tbis liis1 wuuld bo dependent for its
architectural attractions, entirely upun
the front elevation, which will ut once
be rcciigni/.eil as a serious handicap.
II wus reasonable lo suppose Hint u
buiiiliug ,iv,ir.| in Ibis city
by the Dominion Government for federal purposes would be a structure of
sonic architectural pretensious un<l une
that wuulil ronslitute au uutstuiuling
feature uf tbe city from tbis stand
point. Tbe Utillutlon of the site under discussion wuuld remler the reali/.'.-
lion'of tbis expeilation impussible, because of Ihe fact thai the site will nol
permit uf the architectural effect thai
il desired.   Again, Ibe erection of a
perinunciit pott office builsling un this
site wuulil mean that  the great  bulk
of citittni wbu frequent tbe pust office
wuuld lie compelled to walk a comid
erablc dlittuce from l.uusdale avenue
to retch Hie iilliic, a fact which implies
in llii' count of time, a great deal of
inconvenience tu the general public m,.I
win' li is ail the more inexcusable be
cause it is absolutely unnecessary. II
may further be observed that the W
lecliun ul' an inside site, removed from
the chief higliwuy of travel fur a post
office site in North Vancuuver constitutes an unfair discriuiinatiuu agaiuit
tbis city, in tbe face uf whicii every
public minded citizen should enter hit
most vigorous protest. If the neighboring cities of Vancouver, New Westminster or Victoria be called lo mini,
it will be seen that lu each of'tlic.e
instances tbe federal building is one of
Ibe foremost structures iu the 'ily .imi
il liluateil on the most prominent curlier tbat could be procured iu tbe heart
of tbe most frequented sections of the
city. In tbe estimation of those who
have the best interests of Nortli Vaueouver at heart there Is no reason why
unjust discrimination should be derated agaiuit tbe city iu thii particular
hy relegating it to the second rait
clans with a federal building in a loca
lion that Is half a century behind Ibe
Thit act upon the part of tbe outgoing government at Ottawa is ai' the
more difficult to uin'etstauil, because it
bean every evidence of having been
deliberate ud intentional." There wat
no hatti) ncceeaary at tp tht purchase,
neither wm tbore any lack pf ipforuia
' tips in the Department of tin Foot
Dtatter (Iineral at to the other and pre
ferable totei that were available. The
Depart«tut wu fully aijviicd ef the
faet IM tW city Ml iHt tepid be
ngicmtei u I pool elite till, tint it
wat in every way a iplendid location
and that it was generally accepted by
tbo eititent at largo at the very apot
at which the federal building ought to
bo built, the city hall property afford! ovory facility for the erection of
post office building which would
measure up to evory reasonable expectation from' an architectural or othor
point of view uud whicii would in
every reipeet place North Vancouver in
tho companionship of thu most modern
and progressive cities in this important
Iiiii.iiiiii.Ii as this regrettable error
lias been committed iu tho
purchase of this unsuitable
uml unacceptable site, it ii tp tbt
utmost degreo desirable tbat the matter lie prevented frum pruceeding auy
further and that evory uffort be mado
lo induce the incoming government to
abandon this property as a prospective
pust office site, cither disposing of it
as sunn us this cau bo dune upon a
business basil, ur using it for some
purpose other than that for which it
wus purchased. At the same time it
is imperative lo the interests of North
Vancouver that Ihe government be induced to purchase the present city bail
property while it is available for a federal building.
The keen Interest which wus taken
by Ihe rnlc|>aycrs in Ibe money bylaws
which were submitted uu Salurduy lusl
is clearly evidenced in the fact that the
Intal vote polled was much larger than
any yet recurded upun a similar occasion
namely 84)8.
Thtrt are in all appruximately .i.nun
voters upuu the municipal lists of the
ity and of those a total of 011 was
polled at tbe mayoralty contest iu
January lasl. The hlgbest vute polled
for ulileriuen upon that occasion wai
fit, for ferry director fill), for icbool
trustee 6H) and for any uf the five
money bylaws submitted at that time
■vm. Some uunli lis ago when a bylaw
was submitted tu authorize the closing
of the Fsplanaiiu the total vote polled
was about 100., From the above' Ag
ures it will be seen that the tolal of
li'iti voles polled on Saturday lasl repre
scuts a very large poll creating a record
in the case of bylaws submittal to the
ratepayers during the progress of the
civic year ami comparing most favor
ably wilh Ihe void recorded on similar
bylaws submittal even at the lime of
the annual civic electium.
The one bylaw of the iix tubinittc.i
ou tJaturdty to which the lively interest
uii.iiiti sis'il by the properly owners wat
attributable wai doubtless bylaw number IMI, to enable the city "to rain
by way of loan the ium of ♦lill.iiiiu for
Ibe purpose of acquiring by purcbatc
bits I and 2, block .11, and loti 4, t
mil 6, block .17, I) ]„ f.4!i, of which bylaw ltl volet wcrt polled in ftvor and
247 against, live ballots being spoiled
Although this poll ibowi a itnight mu
jorily in favor of the bylaw of 101!
voles, tbe sUnuiive vote fell tbort of
the necemary three fifths majority by
ten voles, for which reason the bylaw
law failed to carry. Ail of the othor
bylawi were ratified by large major
Al it invariably the case, opinions
will doubtless differ somewhat as to the
chief cause which militated agaiuit the
sues ess of bylaw number lilt, but Ihere
will not be any wide diiteut from the
statement that the primary tnuit wai
uot tbat tht property owners are event
to thl purcbatc ef further acrwgi
tracte within tke city limit, fpr civic
purpoiei. We are convinced that when
the ittue before the ratepayer! it not
confuted, they art (joitt'prtpand te
Mhetiea additional acquitltioni is thit
respect,. Neither wm Mb* Mmt ot tV*
bylaw duo in tbt main to the tut that
the property owners considered tho price
Ot whlej) ir wet prppoul to purellMe
the property unrpstionably high While
it w»a PPrtolnly mui ut ui liud by P WtiOO
pf the ratepayers thtt tbo price wai an
outside price, yet il il equally .dear
that this pf itself would not havo exerted sufficient influence to defeat tho
bylew.        j
While the two reasons above ment iuued were factors ill tho discussion whicii
the bylaw in question created, yet thero
it h eoii.'i'iiiiini of opinion to Ihu effect
that tho element which weighed most
heavily against tho bylaw, was the im
preition Hint found lodgment in the
minds of niauy ratepayers, that some
where amongst the motives which
prompted tbe proposition to purchase
the property tboro lurked the covert
purpose of using the property at tin'
permanent site for the city bu|l. Whether this impressing was m wus not well
founded, it inuloiiiahiy existed and exerted a pronounced influence qpon the
vote. Had there been a clour cut issue
before tlio ratepayers upun tbo question of a eity hall site or hud the impression in that respect tu which refer
onto ii made ubove gained general credence it cpn ..uls be concluded that the
negative vute wuuld have been very
much larger than it was,
Tho one conclusion which appears to
bo plainly assertal through the ml
veno verslict on byluw number 1811 is
tbat Uie ratepayers are i'uljy convinced
that wherever Ihe city bull may ultim
ttely located, the situ for that cditlce
shall be fouml sumewhere on "Ihu face
of iho bill."
It it uuf.irtuiiute Ibal lliruugh ihi-
confusion uf the issue, Hie city shuiibi
have failesl to secure possession of pruperty ip desirable as Ibe une in question
fqr many civic purpnses and oue tho
value uf which a decade hence would be
appraised al several limes Ihu price for
which the byluw made provision.     |
10,000 cordi of dry fir wood for quick
tale. Price per odd cordi, $4.50.
Special quotation! for larger quan-
tiliei. Cut Wood, I .un. he $,.00,
12 inches, $3.25.   C & D.
I Hln c and V,inl I -Iiii and Lonidale
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snulh eait quarter 617, near icliool and
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A number of good level loll near
Municipal Hall, for j.um each. I'uy
menti spread over five yean.
Ill Diitrict Lot film.
A selection of double curncn for
largo bouici near Ibe ilnulevard.
Alexander Philip
Inturanct Broktr.
Club Block, Etplanide,
Phout 10,
Telephone 276
New Harness Shop
A branch of An Vancouver
Harnett Co. hat been opened jn
tht prejMiti of the C. M. & N.
Coa) and Supply Co., comer
I'-iplanadt and St. George's Ave.
A full itofI of tnf clan harnew
and horie fitting! will be carried.
A (specialty will be made of repair work. Pricei will be the
tame at (how in Vancouver.
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ar Moody ATe»ue,  only fWllM.
Oopd termi.
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EDGE TOOLS AND FILES.     ::     ::     u
)n high ground, entirely free from ravin tt aud only a block and half
Irom carllut.
Price $350 each
On ttrmi of $60.00 cub and tye balance In 0, IH and 18 moutlu.
Tutu Iota only want steins to till at tlie price.
For further particulars ait
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The North Vancouver Trust Co., Ltd.
Ki'tl   l.Hliilt and   Financial Agtatt.
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Norlh VwpuveF, Mnii F. Bpr-
rymait, Propritfresi, Jwl open? 1
with new stock comprising full
range of Fall Millinery. Inspection cordially invited.
House Connections
Notice to Property Owners
of North Vancouver
Ai tho main drainage lyttom !■ approaching completion wtoeg to notify
proporty ownori Iimt wo aro making
arrangement! lu undertake ibo lowtr
I'siiiniviiiiiisi ou ilis' varioui private
pruportiei at a rcaionablo coit to ull
llioio wbo dcairo to avail thomielvei
ul early drajuago facilities. Having
curried out tlio main drainago tyttem
for tho city council and having the
neceuary plant and skilled inbui
uvailablo wo aro in an exceptionally
Invoroblo position to carry out tbe
private houie drainage at a moderate
coat to property ownori end wo ihall
In' plouaed to furniih ottimatet And
plant if ncoeetery to carrying out thin
riioit etiential work in uccunlanu with
Ihe city rogulotioni and on muit Dp
ludute principlot of mndtrn laudation.
~^—" i
Macdonell Gzowski &Co.
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■t^^^m I
on Hastings Street
East-D.l. 208
T<      '   i '   i
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wm maw ^ew * ' .''... . ■.        . .      '
$4^)  CASH, BAUNCE 6, 12, 18 AND 24 MONTHS, or
Interest Z per cent. Payable Annually
We are clearing and grading 20 feet in the centre qf.,eacji>8tfeet so youcWwiild immediately.     These lots are nearly all level, a
few have a slight slope to the south.   We will be pleased to show you this property at any time.
Preparations are being made for the extension of the carline (rom the present terminus on Hastings Street
11-2 miles East, This Fall or Early Spring
S. F. MUNSON, Broker, 333 Pender St. W.
(Continued from page two)
old, "I bave my eyei wills' open, ami
um still |srs'|>ur.'i| lu uu will, you, even
tonight as you suggest."
"I.i .iin 11ni.. dear on.'," lie saiil,
"you iill mc lliul your father us a
rule retires at ten I"
"Usually about top, Philip."
"He reuily tben ul one u'cluck, attired for a juoruey iu Ibe I.n,", i cluuk
you bave Stand in tbe window uf
your boudoir. How many candleskave
you tborol"
"Two, Pbilip."     .
"If all lie well then light one only,
placing it on yiuir window lodge. If
ull be nut well, light bulb su I muy un
"1 will do tbat, Philip."
"If," continues! tbe young mun, "II
may be the light of one caudle only I
shall ace—and please (lod it may—I
will hasten through these bushes ami
will nuii'' benealh yuur window. You
imi'.I then creep aoftly down the stairs
und into the drawing room, stealthily
unfasten the French window and join
mc un tbe terrace, leal wc be beard. I
shall wear a heavy cluuk and buud in
cue SOUIO drunken villager bo reeling
homo. A closed in carriage witb frosb
horses ami a trimly groom will await
us at the wicket gate. Hy daybreak
we shall have reached Tollton and
shortly Inter—"
"Philip, I must leave a letter for my
"Why, yes, tell bim Ibat as Philip's
wife yoy will scud him our address so
be muy corns ami see you, ami, as J
think he will, forgive us both."
"Ob, I hope so," Kna answered
wilh an involuntary sigh. Thcu, feeling ugaiu the reality of the niuuicnt,
she changed the sound to' an cicluina-
lion of relief.
"Al lusl," she murmured thankful
ly, "I shall be placed beyoud the persecutions of Muster Kcnard."
"Thank Heaven for that," respond
od her lever fervently, ami with these
words he kissed ber once and was
"(Inly for a few hours," Knu told
herself, "then I shall bo with him
uguiu und for alwuye."
Hln' lifted the flower he had given
her tenderly to her lips ami breathing
au earnest proyer for the success of
their enterprise moved slowly towards
the In ui-iv
Five  minutes  to   the    hour!   Km
Trossold- drew her c|oak closely ruuud
bor and, witb the semblance uf u shudder, placed a single lighted caudle in
bor boudoir window. The flume flick-
orod for a inoiueut, then seemed tu
suddenly realise tbe imporluuce of its
'lliu i' and burned brightly and merrily.
It was ju.il as she had done, Kna
thought, when making up her mind lo
carry out this plan. When Pbilip
bad first explained to her Ibo nuturc
of it, she had felt afruiil, then hud the
light of love*grown stronger uml more
confident, till now it shone wilh n
brilliance su certain uml su lasting
that it loomed tu illumiuule the whole
world ami burnt through the one fruil
siring which bad tied her lo bor hume.
Hhe had Ibat night cumpuscd a lung
epistle lo her father and this lay uu
her I,mi,imi table where be would find
it in Ihe inurning. Then she wuuld lie
gouo—perhaps forever, but with
Hark! What was that I Solemnly
from tho old church tower Ihe first
hour of tbe morning wus proclaimed,
uml a trice later, Kna heard tbo Hofl
crunch of gravel on Ibe terrace below.
Wiping away Ibo mist wbicb bad ga
tborod on the window pane she glunc
od quickly down and through the night-
gloom  discerned   bor   lover's    form.
Philip hud come then ami was wuiting
for lur. .'-lu' must not lose a moment.
Picking up the satchel which contained her few necessaries she blew out
the light ami softly crossed the room.
A board on the luiuliug creaked au.l-
il.lv uml her father, being a light sleeper, she thought for un instuut ull wus
lusl. With her heart in her mouth sbo
listened intently but beard only thu
sound of ber own irregular breathing.
Stealing cuuliously down the carpeted
sluir's she reached tbe drawing room
in safety ami music for the French
window. Unfastening Ilie catch wus
the work of a moment. Quickly uud
silently the window opened and Kna,
with a ■ mull sigli of relief stepped out
mlu Hie night uir.
"Philip!" silie whispered, Suddenly
feurful lest she only dreamt she had
hccii his form on the tcrrurc. in answer tu her summons, u strong arm
wus placed around her waisi, while a
voice bushed her lo silence and she
kuew il wus her Philip in Ihe flesh,
Not a worsl was exchanged as the
Iwo doukesl ligures crossed Ihe Juv.ii.
Worming Iheir wuy through the shrubs
whicii lo Kna's frightened eyes hud
assumed the must grulcsi|uc shapes,
thoy reached the wicket gate through
which  they passed into the road  be-
wind. Here tbore awaited Ibein a clos-
iui in carriage, just as Philip bud arranged, with one solitary liguro neatest in readiness on Ihe box. Kun had
unly time to notice lhat there were
two horses haruossod to the vehicle
when Ihut strong arm pushed her firmly but gently iuto tho worm interior
uf Ihe coach. Mis' heard Philip
breathe u word of instruction to tbo
ni.'iu on Ibe box and Iho next iustunl
his form wns beside her and the journey had commenced. The girl heuvesl
a lliunkful u;:ii und rested her Watty
head on her lover't shoulder. Hurely,
she imagined, in the scclusiou of the
carriage there wus uo longer need for
silence. It wus evident, however,
that her companion did uot Intend lo
speak, so after u lupse of a few min
ui'",, she broke the stillness wilb a
whispered  "Philip."
No answer was vouchsafed her and
she concluded that be oither had not
heard her, or wus dozing afler his ex
crtions. Mm amused herself by listening lu the thud of the horses' hoofs
and Ihe continuous rumble of Ihe car
flags wheels. Then she suddeny ho
ilin ,-.'lii herself that Philip had never
told her'whither he 'would tuko bor so
to satisfy ber curiosity on this point,
■ho bent sightly forward and asked in
a louder tone:
"Won't my Philip tell mo where wo
are journeying lol"
As she concluded her question a
lumbering gipsy curt (ravelling in the
opposite direction passed their window
am) Ibe litful light utlucheil to Ilie fore
part of the vehicle pierced the iuter
ior of the coach. It was but for tl
moment, but iu thul moment Kna beheld the face of her companion und,
with a stifled scream rose unsteadily
to her feel Instantly ber wrists were
seized in a grip uf iron aud a voice
which she knew only too well, answer
cd her innocent query
"Where Philip Fuirhursl would havo
nl.11. you is ' Minis his own affair.
Where yuu ure going wilh Puul Ken
ui'l is Ihe only thing to be at present
At lirst Kna -cuuld only porsuuih'
horsdf that il wus ull a horrible night
inure. Mum. however, Iho siguilii um "
of Kcnard's words dawned upon her,
ami she turned upon her captor in a
storm of angry scorn.
"Vou flendl"
Kcnard   smiled   agreeably.
(To. be continued)
tie clon Sundays. J'bono 334. .1.
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Time-table subject, to chanvt without notice.
Company not liable for dolayi, accidental or otherwiee.
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AU Otiort Ddivarcd Promptly.
Tbe Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
From Liverpool
to Lonsdale
Miscellaneous   Impressions
Long Journey,
(By "IAN HILL,")
In   a
HI Ewlw-c Em*
wwW   9*mwwmmmwwmww    ■■ ■ i
At Itiinniiiki, which is a little summer
resort on the south shore of llm St,
Lswronce, the business of landing and
embarking (bt (tanadian mails took
pliu'ii From the dock of tha "Lauron-
tit" we wero able to see the pilot's
boat shoot out from liimmmki and
skim towards our liner like u toy terrier
making for a great llnuii. The pliira itself is 180 miles northeast of (jueboc,
has a population of 4,000, and possess-
es a Roman Catholic cathedral, three
convents, schools, county buildings,
two banks and a few industries, Out
of its 4,0110 inhabitants, however, we
only had the pleasure of seeing the
pilot ami a few frieuds or relatives
who wero aboard with him He brought
the little craft alongside of us quite
easily, for our engines wero taking a
few minutes rest and the lea was «»
nihil as a mill pond. Then the mails
were lowered to him and the Kimouski
Iiiiii.lin given ill exchange. Hullo! A
murmur passed like a feu-de-joio along
the double line of spectators. An accident had happened—email, inasmuch
as it would not affect the destinies of
Canada, but full of deplorable possibilities in an individual sense. One
mischievous letter had escaped from
the outgoing mail bag, had dropped into
the sea ami was Boating merrily back
to the old .-..iiiil ry! Wh.mr was itt
Tbe pilot looked worried, but shook bis
head. It was plainly useless to try
and effect a rescue. So he steamcii
away hack to Kimouski, leaving us to
concoct sundry I'omedies and tragedies
round the theme of a lost letter.
We approached Quebec in the moonlight and left again in the early morning. So that the ancient citadel figures
in my reminiscences bi little more than
an array of twinkling lights. 1 was on
deck iu Iho morning suuliglit however,
and just caught a rapiil glimpse of the
city's splendid appearance. It has
been said concerning Quebec that the
traveller may tbere contrast the Can
a.la of early days—as instanced in the
quaint village of Sillory or somo oher
French Utiitiliin homes!ceil, wilh the
eitreme modernity of Montreal, tbe
commercial, financial ami shipping centre of the Dominion. I have been told
that had we been let loose from the
ship we would have visiles! the historic biiiilelicl.il. upun which French
and Hiiiis.li were in turn victorious,
seen for ourselves sume of the difficulties which beset the path of the earliest
explorers, disported ounelves amid
harming lakes, woosls ami mountains.
Thus sin I informed concerning the pro
vluce of Quebec, so lhal I don't at all
wonder lhat the city's lights winked tt
ut so persistently ti if to imply "You
lun'I know what you're missing by
visiting here overnight." As it hap
peued, there was a passenger on hoard
who was, in himself in historical en
cy.'b.paedia I understand that there
> passenger of this kind on every
liner. He made euiiatint reference to
a most cihauitivc guide book which he
poisessesl and could rap oul staccato
facta i hus i-nnne any place that we
touched. Someone, for instance, was
ul,...lit in i ii.I i.i enough to approach him
on the tubject of Quebec's historical
fame. "Qucbcrf" he exclaimed tfor
/nn.hi, "why yes, of course! Founded in
1608 by Chainpliiii. First viiilcd by
Jtcques (.'artier in liW, when II was
an Indian village called Stadarona
Fell Into the hands of the Kngliih in
1620. Kettored to Ihe French 16:12.
t'tplunl by Wolfe, 1760. Auicri. aim un
tuccciifully nits si j.!.. I Hi rapture in
1776, Preeent population—" "Thanks,
very much," interrupted Ihe inquirer.
"I've got lo tec the purier tbout
chtnglng my money"
While we wero still moored along-
lide the wharf at Quebec, the whole
second claia company wu herded into
tht taloon for sume mysterioui kind
of namination. Thit, we understood,
wu om ef Iht necessary formalities
of emigration lo Canada. A trio of
uniformed officials ut Importantly at
a table itrewn wilh documents, while
puienger afler pesiengcr stepped iuto
the limtlighl u it were and unburden
ed Ihe lecreti of hll or ber soul It
mty be that the luxury of the crossing
and the coiutaut attendance that had
been danced upon us by steward! had
Itft ut unusually icnsitive to brusque
liens. At uny rate the snappish queries
Of Ihe official- with many -bullous .Ini
not tndtar bim to our memory. He had
apparently been trained to regard all
thl tbip's juiruns 11 either possible
undesirables, persons without visible
meets of tuittunre, or individuals
with no reel right to inhabit Ihe same
planet u an emigration inspector. The
sudden question " Howinm Innoiiey \ '
yergotf" seemed lo haflr a number of
unfortunates wboic rings alone wert
sufficient guartnlee of opulence. Ont
or 'two Htinei metaphorically spread
thtir feathers tnd murmured some fib
ulous tumwhirh at once satisfied tbe
curiosity ef thote eg board wbo had
been dlirumdng the qurstiou en voyage
and who were new teated near enough
te catch tht ladlei' reply A ftw ap
peered to regard tht proceeding u t
kind of French revolution revival, and
approached the dread table with pale
facet, Others seemed fp bt suppressing
laughter, and PR* maiden had the Minority to giggle outright when compelled
to skittishly inform the examiner that
she wst "going to he married."
Ah, well, it wat much ado about nothing to far as tlie majority of lit
wuro eoueornoil, for, St it turned out,
most nf ut hsd tbe necessary money
and the necessary health and were gra-
ioiisly allowed to proceed to Montreal.
Tbit we did, snd the kaleidoscopic
beauties of tbt St. Lawrence quickly
sweetened our humors into tbe following philosophy that after -"> everything
il for tbe boat in thit belt of sll possible worldt and even emigration of-
n'curs have hearts like tbe rust of ut—
only tbey don't care to advertise tbe
To bs continued
Hit Honor the Lieutenant (lovomnr
has been ploased to appoint as commissioners for taking affidavits,in the
supreme court John Foster of, Mitcho-
sen for the Esquimau Electoral District; Percy Hyng Hall of Victoria for
the Victoria Electoral district; and
dames Edgeworth Duruml of Qordon
Head, for the Stanich Electoral District
Notice it given iu the current II. C.
(iii/utio that a general meeting of the
membera of tbe Britiih Columbia Shipping Co. Ltd. will take place in Victoria on Nov. 3rd for the purposes of
having an account laid bofore tbem
showing the mauner in which the winding up of tho company's affairs.have
been disposed of.
Notice it alto given that tbe Canatla
National Fire insurance Co. of Winnipeg has been licensed under the D.
ti. Fire Insurauce Act to trauiact iu
British I'olumbia the business of fire
Notice is given that all applications
to parliament for private bills shall
be advertised in the Canada Gazette,
clearly aud distinctly stating tho nature nmi object of the application. A
smilar notice shall be publisbod in
some leading newspaper, all sucb notices to bo published at leut once a
week for five consecutive weeks.
The provincial government of Britith
I'oliiiiil.iii give notice that thoy will
make an application for two cubic ftet
of waler per second from tbe stream
(lowing  dowu  Vedder Mountain.
Certificates of incorporation bave
been granted to the following: Hus
woll Egg and Poultry Farm, Ld., Fra-
ser Valley Investment Co. Ltd., Qillos-
pie, Hart A Todd Ltd., Johnston A
Thompson I'o. Ltd., I.aw Financial Co.
Ltd., Nanaimo Theatre Co. Ltd., Technical Manufacturing A Supply Co.
Ltd., Victoria Home Construction and
in.i ■mis'i.i Co. Ltd., Victoria Hottl
Co. Ltd., Victoria Shingle Mills, Ltd.
Notice ii given tbat the Mercantile
Truit Co. Ltd. of Vancouver, hu ap
pointed Mr. F. O. Noble u liquidator
for the purpose of closing up thl
niinpiiiiy's business tnd tbo crcditotl
of the time company are requested lo
meet at the liquidator's office, 47 Exchange Building, Vancouver, on Octo
ber Hid at .'! o'clock.
■■ Hii Honour tbe Lituttnant-Oovernor
in Council hu been pleued to appoint
tbo Honourable Albert Edward Me-
Phillipt, K. C, President of the lit
ctutive Council; tht Honourable price
Ellison, Minister of Finsnct; Chtrlet
Henry tiugrit, of tht City of Victoria,
Eiqulri; aod William Harold Malkin,
of the City of Vancouvtr, Esquire, to
be Commiuioneri undtr tht "Public
Inquiries Att" for tht purpoie of en
quiring into and riporting upon tbt
operation of tbe " Assessment Act.
lini.t," Wilb respect to its practical
bearings on tht imam ia! requirements
of tbe i'rovinct.
Tht tald Commltiloniri will hold
Iheir meetings on tbt dale, snd at tht
places mentioned hereunder, namely:—
Victoria, tt tht Executive Council
Chamber, Parliament Bulldingi, Monday and Tueaday, 86th sod 26th
September, at 10 a. a. At the'Court
House or the Government Offlct at tat
following placet:—
Nanaimo, Wednesday and Tburiday,
27th and 2Mb .September.
Vancouver, Friday and Saturday,
20th and :toih September,
New Westminster, Monday, tnd Oe-
Bevelttoke, Wiiluesdey, tth October.
Golden, Tburiday, 6th October.
I'ranbronk, Saturday, Tth October.
Ftrnie, Monday, Oth October.
Nelson, Wednesday, llth October,
HoMlind, Tburiday, 12th October.
Grind Forks, Friday, 18th October,
Princeton, Beturdar, 141. Octobtr.
Mirritt, Monday, 16th October.
Kanloont, Tuesday, 17tb Octobtr,
Bumnerland. Tburiday 1Mb October.
Penlieton, Friday, SWtb October.
Kefowna, Saturday Slat October
Vernon, Monday, SJrd October.
It is requeued that all pumas uio
ire interested in Uu matter eforeeald,
and who dstirt to be heard, will not
fall to be prttent at the meetings ef
the Commiiiiontri.
Trtaeory Depertaeat.
llth aepUbtr, Ull. MM
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Nortb Vanoouver.
1 fra
Head Oice:
HAMUrTOI District at IJprfo Vwfoiver,
* Rrttsw to patootlit tot wnttMMt
pf ibt nark at Dim l*mm
r ¥       mtpt pf unit Bead (Wf»tl ««*
ral.lna l.j wat tl l<«f*l Il«(l«lT»-
mriit n»i,s»tiir*s »l» mm at
si(Ml,ooo «e provide aott tf tot
am tt eaifttot eat 10* •»!•
I '   nork, *n4 to •>■"« end last
)        me Local imnrovswul wis «r
Tea reuulreil Iff Br»v|de for Ibt
narwtnt oi tPtfnmmm to
aeeomolate .  8lnkl»» tun* «"
■sr *m th* m* o*h*mm
WHEPEA8 the West Oapllsno District LocSl Imuruveiiioiit W»Jf, UM.
tvus iiiiaauil by the Coifnc)! of (he Dl»-
(rlct pf North Vancouver IP, provide
for ascertaining- the lond to be. bene
fitted  uml   tho  proof-'
received by luch lan
Of    liiillelll
I inin the
IWeet) trim the oust tanlTut. the t
llano Hlver
ment   of   Keith   Road
...u eait bunk of tho C1111-
iv.ililvvardii  IP  While Clll
inn i
r  nlicli lain'
m the salt,
rer weetwut'il
L'ltV by Ine deviation, entenilon, and
" iii of the inline und clearing lo
sVldth pf II foet end by afad
a,  ditching and  macudamlilng  the
sumo tp a width between the tlttchci
of thirty feet and bridging i.'upllnno
River with a steel hridge on concrete
, iLuiiilalliiii and eruetlng lultahlo brld-
) Iii over the creeki alpng Ihe rPute.
' 111 of which work li herelnufler re-
terreil to as "The Improvement of (he
•aid Trunk Itoad"; and to provide for
ilie proportion of owner* of such land
necessary to petition fat the carrying
out of luoh work a* a Locul Improve-
5,1.1. and that tho coit of the iame
ay be aliened and levied hy a uncut rate upon the lands uenulllteil
therein' u» therein provided and hereinafter let forth. . . ,
AND WHHltHAH It wai narrated In
•aid ByLuw that the eitlmated coat uf
luhl Improvement work wua 1200,000,
that th... cpuncil had agreed to
submit a ByUw lo the Electors Of
the Dlitrlot for authority tp expend
from tbe general fundi of the municipality on laid work the mini of 1*0.-
000, and the 1'iuvIiicIiii Government
haa iiitici's) in make a grant of 1(0,-
000 towards the lame, anil Ihut a balance pf 1100,000 must be railed by
loan on the lecurlty of a loan aesees-
iiieiii over (he aroa hereinafter specified to provide for carrying out the
luld Improvemenl of tlie said Trunk
AND WHERKA8 by said Local Improvement ByLaw 11 Is provided that
the lands to tie henelltteii by the carrying out of the said Imiiroverricnl of
Hie said Trunk Road are Ibe following
District IAIs, all lying West of the
Cuullano River and wffhln the Munl-
cliiullly of Norlh Vancouver, via: Dts-
Irlct Lots IM, 410, 654. 686. 666, 66,
168, 659. 682, 68J, 771, 7)2, 778, 761.
71], 7(1, 776, 7(1. 793. (06, (11, 816.
816 (17. 879. 884. 8(6. 886. 887. 888
(((. (HO, 9(8. (40. I036.li! llll Incluiive
(but excepting Dlslrlcl Lots 1140 find
llll), 1246. ifil, 1ISI, 1(48, Ull. llll.
1498, 14(4. 1496 and 1496 Inclusive, und
part of 1). L 764, hereinafter all referred tp as "The Weil Capilano Local
Improvement Diitrict," and thnt the
ratio of luch benefit for each District
Lot ihall he according to tho ratio pf
Ihe total auHe.'iHiiiciil of ouch District
Lot rolpecdvcly. Irrespective of Im
provomcnli, ns shewn by the revlicd
Asseiiinenl Roll of the District for the
year 1110, and tho benefit of Ihe *ev-
irnl Pstrls of each District Lol. shall
'lo of value of
oral |i
be ace
.jcordlng lo Ihe ruth
each part on the Aneiiment Roll for
each succeeding year.
AND WHEREA8 a petition has been
received by the ('ounctl dated as to
ench signature and signed by the re-
R Isl.'led and iissesH.'.l owner*
aiding more Ihun three (lfihs
of tne value of • Iho land*
In the said West Capilano Local Improvement District as shown by the
last revised asicijment roll of I
Municipality. (th*iroporllon speclflei
> K...!s.~..i   ByLuw
ll)   Sold  liOco) Miprnveroenl
and beng a ma.lMt'y In number of the
person* shown hy iho lasl revised Assessment Roll of Ihe Municipality to
be tbe owner* of the landi affected by
Ihli ByUw. aaklnir lhat the ssid lm-
provement of Ihe laid Trunk Road be
carried out al a Locul Improvement,
and that the ium of 1100.000 ho railed
by Debenture Bondi to hi liiuod on
the security of Ucnl Improvemenl
Rales lo bo levied ovcrtsnld West Cup-
llano Local Improvement District to
pay In pari for Ihe said Improvement
work as hereinbefore narrated.
AND WHEREAS Ibo amount of
debt which this ByLaw Is Intended to
create Is (100.000, snd the same Is being creeled lo provide a fund for the
Improvement pf Ihe said Trunk Houd
under Local Improvement plan.
AND WHKHEAH the umount to bo
raised annually by spools! rale for paying the debt and Interest under Ihli
ByLaw li (6.666 bclni: 1(61 for linking fund and 15.000 for Inieresl.
AND  whkiikas  the vulue of Ihe
whole land and Improvement Or rial
properly  rateable  under  ihli  ByUw
according to Ihe list revlicd Alien-
ment Roll of the Dlilrlcl li (1,879 .16
AND WHEREAS the debt I* creolcd
on the aecurlty of ipcclal rate! scl-
■   tied and levied by Mils ByLaw. and II
Is guaranteed  hv Ihe credit  of   Ihe
whole municipality.
-'\the Reeve ond the Council of the Cor-
\oratloi) of Ihe Dlslrlcl of Norlh Vnn-
lUVir in Council assembled (wl(h Ihe
sent of Ibe Eleclors of (be suld Ills
let) U follows:
fl.   Authority  Is  hereby   -riven   the
suncll to carry out Ihe work of Loll Improvement of loll Trunk Road
i before described all id Local  lin-
,/rovement Under and by virtu-- of Ihe
/Mid Wei Caidlano District Improve-
i, . mint ByLaw, 1010.
!!   \ I.   II iball be lawful fnr I he Council
> ralie by wu> "' 'osn from any per
\n or perioni. body or hallos corpor
(a um
llVlM. end In cause loo Slime io
• "oThc Bank of Briilr-h North
*" nf tlie laid r.
relic by way of loan from any per-
ir persons, body or bodies cor
indir Debenturei to b>> Issue.
unfit provided, s sum of money
oxcMlng In the  whole  the r,um
j paid Into I
f incrlcii to Ibe credit
iotaihn for (hs purpose above rcclled.
11. Debenture Bonds of the Corpora-
Ion to he designated "The West .'nn
anp Local Improvement Dchenlur;
binds" lo an iiinniini not esecedlng
the said lum of (100.000. In whole in»v
lie Iuued by Ibi peeve ,*»d the nerti
of Ihe Corporation In lirmk nf the
Municipal Cliuiei Acl ond Acts amend-
n tbe same and of this ByLaw In
urns as may be rciulr.d but no, smile debenture bond shall he Tor s
'    Each af Ihe
jrcslVr sum lhan (1.000 -
said Debenlures shall be signed by the
said Reeve and Clerk and scaled with
'he Seal of tbe Corporation
■fl. The sa)d Debenture Bonds shall
Mar Interest at a rale not cucrci Inn
five ner cent, iter nnnum tinvsole half
yearly al the flfsl day nf February and
the first dsy of August In each
and every year during th* currency of (he said debentures or ony part
of (hem. There shall he ol Inched to
the Debenture Bonds Coupon! signed
by tli. Iti'i'vn for eoch snd every p»y-
ment of Inler'SI that mny become due
i. Ihi
V by
I  me
IjJ—Part West of Oap-
75—Annua) Rate
(10 and west 80 acres of
in—Annual Rate  
it          •:::::.
I ::::::
Saturday, thp 14tli day Of October, 1911,
between the hours of 9 p'clock a.m.
and 1 o'c pok p.ni. within tho fpllow-
Ing polling places, vis,; Tho Lynn Valloy Institute Hul|, the Church Hall nt
curner of Lonsdale Avenue and
Streot and ,ut Iliillvluirii, Weal
all |n ibe District of Norlh
■, mid that John p. Furiiier
il Wen uppo pled RetumlnK OiUcer
io taho the votSi qf such Electors with
tho usual pinvoi'ii In that behalf.
By order of Die Cpdncll,
oil- .;....
: 068— 	
0(4- '  .-
nr,r, ......
10((— ..:...
toil- ......
ion-   ■ 	
Hi ::::::
I      •   ::::::
lit ::::::
1       ,»E
!8?J=        • ::::::
1080- ...•!.
10H   ■ 	
Hit :::::
1 ] 08—Hovornment Unds
(Not assessshlc)
1109—Annual Rate
81 10
16 ((
DWriot of North Vancouver.
A IIVI.AH tl raalilr Ibe lorporallon
Of tke District of Nerlk Vancouver to false by »» of Ivan tke
lin pf 1100,000 fpr ,trt,- „Bt.
WHEREAS It Is deemed expedient
by tho Council of tho Corporation of
the District of North Vancouver to
raise by way of loun the sum of 8100,-
000 to be expended In the maintenance
and oonitiucllon of street! In the suld
Ami WHEREAS the amount of the
debt which This ByUw li Intended to
created! the laid aum of (100,000, und
the iibji'.'i fpr which the suld debt ti
created IS Iho maintenance and cun-
iiiriicilijii uf itiools us aforesaid:
AND WHEREAS |t will  ho neces
sary Lp raise unnuully by apeelal rule
"    idlul su
Interejit^ at 5 per cent, ai hereinafter
.Jtul Hum nf (60*6 tbr 'fifty years
fpr the repayment of the suld loan and
eoiiTitruotipn pf houae or building con-
nectipna, ylt)) soiycrs:
No lioilse sewer jiipo shall havo a
less fal| than 1 to 40, union special
permission is grouted in writing by
t|io (luiiiieil.. Said pipes between the
iron pipe, lo tbe connection of the.
public sewer to do of the boat quslity
stainlaril ealtglasod vitrified clay sower pipe, nnd shall bavo a diameter of
not less (ban i inches. AH pipes shull
lm sound Slid well burned throughout
their   tbiekneaH,   imporviniia  In   innis
lure, with a clear ring, smooth snd
well glnzoil on interior and exterior
surfuces, free from daws, cracks, blis-
lers, Are chock* or other imperfection*.
The pipe* must bo so laid in tho
trench that after ibe lewor is completed, tbe interior surface thereof, shall
bo to a true ami oven grade.
In mskiiig the joints, a gaikot of
oakum or hemp, freshly dipped in cement grout, must flrat lm uied and
packed into place. Tho joints shall
afterwards ho tightly packed full and
bevelled off with mortar, composed pf
one part by vplume of atipreved Portland cement to one part by volume of
approved sand,
All joints shall no made water tight,
ao tbat tbey will stand a head of Hi
foot of wator, whon toatcd by tbo
Plumbing I nspecl or at tbo owner'a,
plumber's or contractor's expenio.
By order of tho (luiincil:
1110—Government Land
(Not assessable)
till—(lovcrnmcnl Land
(Not  assessable)
llll—Government Lund
(Not alienable)
1113    Annual  Rule         4(1
1114—Government  Kami
(Nol oeleiiatile)
ini-     ;;     „"     •;,
1182    Annual   Rati         (.21
UK-      16.88
1184—Oust Und H       „
I lit.   .Mm iiiil Rale       Ill
1117- '         fj
llll- vf ......     410
uio-     JJS
iui-      ,           ni
llil-Govt. Land
INol assessable)
11ll-Annual Rate        < •'"
1114-       f-If
Illi-         J
nil-     ti
1117—GpvI. Unit
(Nol  asscsssble)
1139    Annual  Role        4 30
1 Mill 41-
1816 -
1 18 4- "
4 20
4 20
4 20
.AND WHEHEAS the value of tho
it ode rsteabie property In the said
District, according ip the last revised
Asseasmclii Roll uiiiisiinlii to (s.8«:i.:i:ii:
AND WHEREAS ItiouKgiegate of the
Dehenluro Debt ot the Municipality
teipspt for work* of locul Improvement) Including tho loan hereby authorised, umount* to (643,000. - ,
THEREFORE tlio Reeve und Council
of the Corporation of the District of
Norlh Vancouver In Council assembled
I wltb Uie assent of the Electors of Ihe
Diitrict duly obtained) do hereby enucl
al  follotfi:
1. it iball be lawful for the council
for the purpoiei aforesaid to borrow or
raise by way of loun from uny person
ur persons, body of bodies corporuie
who may be willing lo advance the
same upon Ihe credit of the Debenlures
of this Corporullon hereinafter provided for a sum or sums of money not
exceeding In the whole the sum of
s 100.000, und to cause the sume to bo
placed In the Bank of British North
America to tbe credit of the Corporation for Ihe purpose aforeialu.
I. Debenture Bond! of Ihe Corporullon to the amount of (100.000 in the
whole muy be Iuued by the Reeve
and Clerk of l|ic Corporullon In terms
of the Munlclpul Clauses Acl In sums
as may bu deilred. bul no single Debenlure shall be for u greater sum
than One Thousand Dullurs. Each of
said Debenture Bonds shull lie signed
by Ihe Reeve and Clerk und ihull he
sealed with Ihu Seal of the Corpoiutlon.
1. The suld Debenture Bonds shall
biar Interest at u rate not oxcccdlm;
live psr cent, net unndm. payable half-
yearly on the 1st day pf February und
ihe lira! day of August In each and
every yoar during the currency of said
Dobcniurei or any of them. There
shall be attached to the Debenlure
Bonds Coupons signed by the Reeve
only for each and every payment of
Inlerett thai shall become duo and
such signature muy bo cither written
or itamped.
4. The laid Debenture Bomli ihall
us to principal und lntereit be payable
al Ihe Dlilrlcl Municipal Office. North
Vancouver. B. C, or al Iho urlnelpul
nlllcc of Ihe Bank of Brltlin North
America In the Clly of Toronto, In the
province of Ontario, or al the principal "in. ■' of the suld Bank In the City
of Montreal In the province of Quebec
The suld principal sum shall be mude
payable hy the Corporation ut a date
nol later ihan fifty years from the 1st
Jay of Augusl. 1(11.
(. There ihsll be raised und levied
annually by a special rate on ull rale-
Iblo land or real properly In the Dl*
trict the sum of 1(61, for Ihe purpiou
of forming a sinking fund for Ihe pay
ment of said Debentures when they become duo, and the sum of 81.000 for the
payment of the Interest at the rate
aforesaid to become due on such debentures during the currency thereof,
and that In addition to all other rules
to be levied and collected In the suld
District .during the whole currency of
the said Debenlures or uny of lb.-in
(. This ByLaw may be died for nil
purposes as "The Streets Loun ByLuw
7. This ByLuw shall come Into effect
on the day of Ihe dole of Ihe registration thereof In the offlce of Ibe counly
court for the District of North Vancouver-
Passed by the CouScll on the 261 li
dav of September. 1911.
Received Ihe assent of the Elector*
at an election held on the 	
day of  1911
Reeonsldered und finally adopted by
the Council and signed by Ihe Reeve
und Clerk and scaled with the Corporate Seal on the day of
Oity Clork.
SEALED TENDKR8 morked "Tender
for Sewer" will be received by the Clly
Clerk of the City of Norlh Vancouver,
up to 12 o'clock noon on Monduy, the
23rd duy of October, for supplying all
tbe materials und conslrucllng upd
completing a Sanitary Sewer with lot
connection* un Esplanade und Crescent
Street from Bt. George's Avenue to St.
David's Avenue, and on Secopd slreei
from a point 300 feet casl of 8t. Andrew's Avenue to St. Duvld's Avenue.
All Ihe above mentioned work to be
carried out according lo plans, profiles, cross sections and speclllcatlons
prepared liy tlie city engineer. .
All tender* for Ihe work must be
made on forms of tender supplied hy
the clly engineer.
A cheque for 6 per cent, of the
illinium nf lender mual accompany
euch and every lender.
A bund of 26 per cent, of the amounl
of the contract will he required.
Separate lenders must be mude fur
euch work ubove mentioned.
The lowest or uny lender not necessarily   uccepled.
City Engineer.
Clly Engineer's Offlce,
North Vancouver, October 6, 1911.
The sold West Capilano Improvement
ral* or las shall be and Is hSrohy levied
and charged for Ihe period of Mty
years ss a lien or charge payable olnng
with and In addition lo and is forming
part of the annual Ileal Estate Taxes
paysbje for and oul of Ibe Slid Dl*
trict Lola rslpectlvely lo Ibe uid Cor
Muiitliiii But II IS hereby provided
that in evint of any of ini.i Dlslrlcl
Lols being now or hereafter subdlvl.l-
ed then Ibi total livy for luch Diitrict
'.i.l will be divided and levied nnd
form a lien or charge upon the llffcrcnl
parli thereof according to thl rcipcc-
tlvs value* of sueh parts on the assessment roll for the year In which
such levy Is made, and a certified cony
of laid petition aad of this BvLaw
may bs- rcglsterrd In the Lainl Registry Offlce lu the ('Ily of Vsncouver a*
a charge or Hen against tho Said Dlilrlcl  Lols.
Tbe debt hereby cnalid li crcal-
' nd
i;i.iti nilii   OF  THE   DISTRICT   OK
TAKE NOTICE thnt the above ll
Irue copy of Ihe proiioicd ByLaw upon which the vote of the Municipality
will be luken wllhln Ihe polling Pluec*
at Ihe Lynn Valley Instlfuie Hall. Ihe
Church Hall ul Ihe corner of I.onsdule
Avenue and Queen Street and ut Hollyburn. West Capilano. ull In Ihe Dlslrlcl of Norlh Vancouver, on Sulurduy.
the llth day of October. 1911, between
the hours of 9 o'clock am and 7 o'clock
Relurnlng Officer.
for   Mir,   I uliir.lt)
i» —
Ihe security of the s*Jt
. d luch signature may be cither writ
cn or stamped
The sild Debenlure Bonds u to
[pal and lntereit shall be pav-
I tbe Dlslrlcl Municipal Office In
, Vancouver. B C. or el the prln-
/ office of Die Bank of British
Ih America in Ihe (.)()' of Toronto
She Province of Ontario, or al Ihe
lielpnl office of Hie Hid Bank In Ihe
V or Montreal, In On Proflnce of
fii i"'s'. and Ihe ssid principal sum
all he made payable by tke Corpom-
m al a dale not later ihun fifty
ur* from tbe lirst day or August.
6    For the purpose of forming    s
I sinking liini lot the payment of said
I Debenlures al roalUrllv and lor pay-
Linenl of the Interesl Ihereon
\omes dtie. amounting   said
und and Interest   10  (6.861.   I....
icrebv assessed and levied over and
ibove all plber rates and lase* Ofand
rssin each Dlslrlcl Lot In Ihe said West
'iipllane Local Improvemenl District.
t iletlnrrl by sold BvLaw. tho annuel
sum specified and xel opposite    each
sucb  Dlslrlcl  Lot  lo be  known    as
"Tlie    Well    Capilano    Improvement
Ilnle." Which siim shall be payable oul
ut and from Ihe said several Dlslrlcl
Lots as follows, vis.:
li  L 1(7—Annual Rale  I
for pay-
is It be-
Ihere is
apllano liiiprovismenl Rate l.tiled
.jvlcd as herefnbefor. atovlifi an, .
li guarantied by Ibe Municipality al
.   i cited ft,
purposes a* "The West Ca||»Spo.Dl!
Thl! By-Law
Irlcj Iipprovemcn
and ihall lake elTecl
fpr ill
■ as "The Weil Copllspo pie-
iprovenienl Loan ByUw. 1911"
II lake effect on ino (lay of Ihe
Mini it
rillll.IC NOTICE li hereby given
but the vole of the Elector! of Ihe Dlilrlcl of North Vuncouver will ho taken
pn "Tbe Kneels Loun ByUw. 1911."
on Suturday. Ibe IIlh day of October,
iill, between !bo> hour! of 9 oClpck
and 7 o'clock p m wllhln Ihe fol
Church llui!
Avenue and
a m.	
lowing polling places, vli: The Lynn
Valley Institute.ijul!
at the corner of l.onsdat
Queen slscct snd al Hollyburn, West
Capilano. ull In Ihe Dlslrlcl of Norlh
Vancouver, ond that John G. Former
has been appointed Returning Officer
lo lake Ibe voles of the RIcclPrs with
the uiusl powers In lhal behalf
By order of Ihe Council.
SEALED TENDERS, superscribed
"Tender for eleurlng und grubbing sllc
for rrovtpclul University. I'olnt Grey,"
will be received by the Honorable the
Mlnluici of I'ublie Works up to 18 o'clock noon of Friday, October 20ib.
IIII, for Ihe clearing and grubbing of
llfty 160) ueres, more or less, of land
fnr the site of tbe I'ruvlnclul University, I'olnt Grey, known us Lot 3014,
Group I, New Westminster District.
.d- ■ in. .'ii.ui- contruct and forms of
tender may be seen at the office of G
K. McLean. Esq., landscape architect,
Fulrfleld Building. Vancouver, und the
Department of 1'ubllc Works. Victoria.
Mr. Md-.in will point out lo Intending bidders the location of land to
be  cleared.
Each lender must be accompanied by
an accepted bank cheque or certlllcule
of deposit on a chartered-hank of Can
ada, made payable to Ihe Honorable
Ihe Minister of Public Works, for a
sum equal to len (10) per cent, of his
tender, which shall be forwarded If the
parly tendering decline lo enter Into
contract when called upon to do so,
If ho full lo complete the work
contracted for. The cheques pr certificates of deposit of unsuccessful tenderers will be returned to Ihem upon
the execution of Ihe contract.
Tender! will nol be comldcrcd unless
made out on Iho forms supplied, signed
with the aclnal signature of the tenderer, and enclose.) In Ihe envelopes
The lowest pr any lender not necei
«uillj  accepted.
I'ublie Works Engineer.
date of the registration lliersof In the
irt fpf
Tossed In Ihil Council pn Ihe lllh
oftlce of Ihe Counly Cou
Irlcl of Norlh Vabcouvi
the Pie-
day of September
Received lire assent of Ih* Eleclors
ai an election held on Ihe
day of 1I1L
Reconsidered and Anally adopted by
Ihi Council nnd signed hy Ih* Reeve
and Clerk and leslcd with Ihe Corpor.
»le   Seal   OS   Ihe dsy   Of
or Ibe proposed
Ih* Vote of the
Irue copy
on whir
.will she
on which 'hi
shove ll a
lyfjiw up
en wllhln the Ol,
Lynn Valley Instil
lurch Hall at ine cornli
Avenue and Queen Street
ins corner Oil
yburn.   vfeet Capilano, ill In  Ihe
Piling pis
lltute ltr.ll
I Loos
and a
I'i i.nilin. in  of 1'ubllc   W.i. lis.
VI. l.ul... B. (.'., Ilh October,
lei of North Vaneouvir, pp Su
of October, ""
it I o'clock
urdal, Ibe 14ib day
belwsm Ibe hours oi
aad " o'clpc;
o m
4'-'?!   '".
flivsr Connj-ti-Ui
mmmm•     ■«-,   i i.i|i   mown*
PlIHlll! NOTICK if hereby given
Ibst sli owners of real property front
ing or abutting upon a street or lane
in which or under which a main or
common sower Is laid are hereby re
quired to connect any building or Dft-
miici upon such property with sueh
main or common sewer.
Permit! may he onlaiiwd from the
Plumbing Inepecto: at bis ollcs at the
City Hall between tbe hours of 9 a.
m. ind 10 s.m. and 1 p.m. and 1 um.
1%i /ojjowlog regulations goysin Uie
The Bank of Irltiifc North America
Capitol Paid Up. $4,866,666. \\mm Fund, 42,652,333
■"■."■"     ■' ' '       ... i'   i :
% Ojfiffpi jn NMi Vancouver—2
UPPER LONSDALE1 AVE. (nw Fomteenih Street)
Saving Deposit* of $1.00 and upwards received.   „
Interest allowed at current rates.  •
Banker's Money Orders iuued.
J.STEPHEN    .....    r    -    Manager
50 FT. LOTS, $70 CASH
Balance Quarterly, over Two Years
Price $350
Every lot on an open graded road, east of Seymour
Creek, Nurlli Vancouver. Building* being erected ou the
property now.   Telephone and electric light available,
Gall or write smi got maps snd full particulars. When certain
developments sro uiiiiounce.1 iuu few weeks yuu will bo too late.
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
Will take deed of good building lot
w cub paymsnt on s 10 room house;
new; sU modern. Saajr terns on
Wa solicit a trial bid 011 vour Orders small ur larito '
1I7c have a few splendid building lots, each 49x139 feet,
within 5 minutes from the Car terminus and School.
Two splendid roads to the property, and near the Capilano
River. Price $500 each, Corners $600. One-third cash,
6 and 12 months. These are excellent residential lots, and a
good investment.
John Alexander & Co.
" "■
j — 12 — 786
Ijoo cash. 6, 12, 18 mouths.
213 Lonsdale Ave. TH. 47
Cor. Nye St. Tel, 87
Province ol Britlab Columbia
NOTICK is hereby givsn lhat ail publio Highways in unorganized .districts
and ail Unto Trunk Hoods in orgsnii-
«d  Districts an siitysii bet   widi,
snd have a width of tbirty-ihrss leal
on each side of tho mean straight rea
In lias of ths Unveiled road.
Minister oi ?iMo forts.
Dop_tmo»t oi Publio Works,
Victoria, 9 C, iui, Ilk, WlllwWW
300 Feet of Waterfrontage with crown
Suit, known ■*
■Race Shipyard!.
Term* to auit pur-
chaaer.   AddIv
ewmai^wminW'W mmaf
Direct from trtim, 500 tons
New Wellington l-pp now
on hand, we sirongly advise consumers to get in a
supply before d>e rain comes.
ProwjoJ delivery guaranteed,
jr^ |/8 fw prices.
56 sUflidaJe Avepe. 1
A Government Purchase on First Street-
Council Pronounces Site Unsuitable.
Tho premier f on turn of last night's
session of the city council was a discussion relating to post "llleu improvements for North Vancouver, Tbe aubject was Initially raised by Mayor Mc
Nuisli, who made un aiiiiouiiepiiioiit ti
the effect that thero had been a rumor
in tbe eity that a situ for a now post
offioe had buon-purchased for .shi.hihi
Ilia Worship read a letter from Mr-
11. II. NtuveiiB M.P. eoiillrming this
rumor. The mayor went on to explain
that ho brought thie matter forward be
cause thoy were all insure that the city
hall had boen offered to the Dominion
Government for the purposo of a new
pust iinii'ii ami now, it appeared, a sito
had been purchased somewhere along
first i.iii'i'i. lie wished to denounce
it most emphatically as being the most
unsuitable place. Thoy would be bettor served with the post office where it
was, oven with one wicket only than
on first street. In tbo mayor's opinion it was in every way regretlulde
that such a thing should havo boon
done. Perhaps the government did not
buy Ibis property before it went out of
power—that the peoplo did not know—
.iur u government like a city council
|wiis iii power technically until its successors look office, liul in any case it
was not a party affair. A pust office
was for the convenience of overybody
und he believed that each party would
denounce such an unsuitable purchuse.
Nu one could truthfully say that it
wus suitable. Tho mayor advocated
the passing of the strongest resolution
possible, whether the deal had boon
consummated or not, sn that it could
be forwarded lo the authorities at Ottawa.
Aid. Kittson pointed out that if the
purchase had been consummated they
might he capable of preventing the
government from using the site for a
post office.
A I.l. Ilemlerson said that he thought
the mayor's suggestion a vory proper
one. He submitted that tho resolution should be carefully drafted on tho
strongest possible lines of protest. Afterwards, he thought, a petition might
lie sent from North Vancouver, also as
strongly worded us possible; also they
might give those iu power a little history of the cily hall site. Tho petition
ahould be backed by the local member,
Mr. Stevens.
Mayor McNeish suid he had beard
many reports us to where the sito was
and was still unaware of its siss and
locality. He called upon Aid. Dick for
Aid. link denied any definite knowledge on the subject. He hud received
no Intimation but hud simply bvard it
ii,mull ■I that u purchase bud been made.
He presumed, however, that they woul.l
he lots '■)'■>, ID, 41 and J'-', situate about
SOU feet from Ijonsslalc Avenue. These
hail been the properly of Dr. Ingram.
For ;:',ii,iiiiii such a purchase was not unreasonable, but Aid. Dick agreed that
Ihe cily hull site wus a better one.
Aid. Kiss could not understand how
Uie mailer bud gone through without
the knowledge of the authorities here.
Aid. Smith said Ihut someone had
evidently siiggeslesl Ihis properly to the
government, The government had not
found it out for itself. Whereupon
Aid. Dick immediately pointed oul that,
lie would get no commission on any
such properly us this, if that was whut
Abl. Smith meant,
.Aid. Henderson said Diet he did not
think uny such thing was implied.
Aid. Dick considered the remark had
u tendency that way.
Aid. Henderson moved that the mayor iu conjunction with the cily clerk
prepare a strongly worded proteit
ngaiusl the purchase of the site for a
post office und that it lie forwarded to
Ottawa together with a petition from
the residents of the .city which, through
Mr. Btevsns, should be presented to
'lie authorities at Ottawa.
AM. Kitt.-un seconding, suggested
that a clause be added to tbe effect
lhat if the property had been purchased
Ihe council' strongly objected to it*
utilisation for a post office.
It was decided that a protest be prepared pn these linos, to be submitted
io the council on Thursday evening.
During the transaction of oilier mat
ten the council wu uked to |«w a
resolution submitted by the Uetl Op
linn League of 1). 0, to the effect that
it was desirable that the council nave
power ou a petition of 18 per eent. of
the iileciors, to submit I bylaw to the
electors in the form of a plebiscite, giv
ing the council power to reduce liquor
licenses ill the municipality oii a majority vote of the electorate at any municipal election.
Two motions were forthcoming, one
tbat the question be referred to committee, the other tbat it be filed. Tbe
mayor hsd to give his casting vote and
decided in favor of it being Died.
The secretary of the hoard of achool
trustees wroto as to giving !1H feet off
the Lonadale school site tp mako 22ml
slreei a width nf lili feet ami aiSatcd
lhat the question would come before the
trustees at their regular meeting on the
,11th iust.  '
The city engineer rocommeuileil that a
12 foot sidewalk he constructed on the
suuth side of first street from l.ons
dule Avenue to the Impress Printing
Office, also that a similar one be constructed on 1st street from Lonsdale
Avenue to Ilie west side of lingers
Avo. Both ninii.'is. were referred tb
the board of works.
Mr. Hancs also advocated the construction ul' a new 6 foot sidewalk on
the west sule of t'hesterflehl Ave. from
Ifie Esplanade to First street. Tbe pres-
ent 4-foot sidewalk which had been
taken up during (lie grading of ('lies-
lerlleld Ave. was too old to be rolaid.
Tho cily clerk of Vancuuver wrote
concerning Iho harbor improvements
for gruuter Vancouver, slating that tbe
members of the Improvements Commit-
Ico bad ou the 27th ult. resolved that
u committee of two, from each municipality ami Board of Trade iutereated
iu harbor improvement* be appointed
to devise means and ways of bow best
lo bring about the developments and
management of our harbor* and the adjoining water frontages.
The mayor ami Aid. Smith wero selected to represent tbe council.
The provincial secretary wrote, saying that a hearing would be granted
before   the   Lieutenant (lovemor    in
I'Olllll'il   Oil   Vie. I in "-.III.,   Ill''   llth   prov
inio iu Ihu matter of the itice Uke watershed.
The question of planking the east
side of Lonsdale Avenue from tbe waterfront to Third street so that it may
ho used for traffic during the winter
wu* referred to the board of worki.
The Burrard Inlet Tunnel 4. Bridge
Co. intimated that tho city of Nortb
Vancouver would be allotted one thou
suinl shares in accordance with the
council's application and that a certificate would be iwuod on receipt of
Hi per cent, of the par value.
A letter had been received from tbe
i'u nnd mn Pacific Ilailway Co. acknowledging the receipt of a plan and specification* of the proposed railway and
slating that this plan has been banded
over to their engiueer.
The session terminated with the hearing and discussing of oue or two minor matter*.
the jwijeal wprld of Pnqx)* The
university grants degrees in ipt*ic and
a diploma of licentiate and tit* local
examinations incnlioiioil above sre pre:
paratory to these important lest*. Van
couver is, naturally, une pf tlio iinivur
•Hy'a examination centres, their representative across tbs I libit boiug kfr.
ti. & Hubiiisnii, K*q., II.A. nf the Midill
university college. V/ouhlbo candidates
should bear In mind tho namo pf the »oc
rotary, howuv/ir, who Is ths personage
to write\ijiir full information, Mr.
(!. J. Ilelhllllll, Ksq., (Iriilivillc Street.
It il impossible to describe in full
the curriculum of this institute. It
must suffice tn say that it embrace! all
thp tributaries of muiii'sl art, thep-'
retical and practical. They must assuredly he a very alutruce form of
stuily which yon seek for vainly in tho
syllabus juat issued.
No one can dispute, after glancing
through its official syllabus, Ibat the
Miiiill University Conservatorium of
Music ia doing most satisfactory work
and that so far aa the institution is
concerned the divines! of arte is being
tm thoroughly nurtured in tbe region
of Montreal. Th name McOill baa become a household word in the west,
uml ha* the samo *iguil)cauce in miui
cat affairs a* it ha* in business connec
Hon*. Tho sin-cess of iti inctliosis ja ei
.■mplili.'d in Ihe fad tbat the number
of undergraduate* hai iucreased during
the pusl session, several degree* of
Mus. Doc and Mu*. Hue being confer
red on candidate! at the convocation
on May 12th.
What particularly concern! tbe mu-
si.'iilly inclined of Nortb Vaueouver ia
the fad that Ihe local examinations
under the conservatorium'• auspice* re
present a kind of "Open sesame" into
'       ', i  il
$3,500 to Purchase Agreements of Sale
on close in property.
50 ft, U on Second Slre_ - r $2,100
50 ft. U on Third Stwet - - , 3,750
7-Ro«?» Howe m 1% Street  - $40 per month
Otme Questions bs Will Balsa In Par-
Mr. II H. Stevens, M.P. was present
at a liuiupiel under the a^apicea of the
Vancouvor doneervative Club on Friday evoiiing, and in Ihe cour*e of an In
lereating speech, touehod upon sundry
suggest ions that be wubl make to the
liuiiiinn.il government for the solution
of certain problems that concerned
Vancouver as  a  port.
"I am bent on making every effort
to acipiaiul myself uith tho need* of
the constituency I repreeent bofore I
go to Ottawa," declared Mr. Slcveni.
"There are.urgents problems confronting Ibis city uud dittrict which bave
linen neglected by the prior governmiit.
Fint, there is the big i|uestion of harbor improvements Mr. Hordeu will
have a splendid opportunity for con
itruetive statesmanship iu connection
with tho great ports of Vuncouver ami
New  Westminster.
Necessary Improvements
"I may divide Ihe neceiaary work
of harbor improvements into four div
isious, the North ami Houth Arms of
Ihe Frascr river, False Creek ami I lur
inni Inlet. All these great harbor* re
quire immediate attention, both from
National and Imperial point of view
The Panama canal will be opened in
some Iwo years, and then Vancouver,
using lhal namo in it* largest uud
moat comprelieii*ivo sense, will be in
active competition with other ports of
the coast for the carrying trado of the
Mr. Bteveiu emphasi/cd tho fad
tbat it wa* imperative ihut .the great
harbors of the Vancouver district be
put into shape for the work of a great
commercial base. Vancouver was the
western gateway and it* future was,
therefore pregnant with import to the
whole empire.
Mr. Steven* continuing, referred lo
tho dredging of Ihe Frascr river, de-
daring that much time ami money had
been spent uselessly iu the matter II,
advocated the appoitment of expert
engineers to survey Ihe river ami form
some decisive plan of operation for the
removal of the sand head* at the
mouth, and tbe general preparation of
tbe river for the accommodation of
ocean going  veaacl*.
Mr. Hleven* next dealt wilh mat
ter* relating to False Creek. "The
puit of Vaueouver," he laid, "ha* at
tho present lime less available harbor
accommodation than almost any other
port in the world at all approaching il
in importance. In a very short time
our commerce will have increased lo
such an eilcnt that it will be imp's-
.-lisle to care for it in llurranl Inlet
and tbe coaeling vessels will have, lo
lind iiorliorag. elsewhere. Tbii ii
where tbe importune of False Creek
lies. It il of paramount importance
tbat tbii barbor should be |>/c|>arcil at
once for the handling of tbe big coast
trade of Ui* city and diitrict."
Concerning Hurrard Inlet, Mr. Hie
veil* laid there were many improve
inenl* that would have to be made for
tbe accommodation of sbippiug. Tbe
member described it as a "very vital
On tbe subject of Indian lands and
reserves Ur. Hlovciis nprciied uo sym
patby with those who tried lo make
the Indians believe lhat tbey rightfully owned Ibe province. He believed in
jestice being done to the aborigines
of tbe country, but it was absurd tu
lead tbem lo think that they owned
such great stretches of land.
Speaking in conclusion on tbe naval
question Mr. Steven* declared "We
caunot have successful imperial federation unleai the means of defence arc
under tbe control of one governing
body I believe lliul there should be
one imperial board, and that Canadian*
ihould have representation on il.1
UU WVhlMkOU (ODD tm OTtVm)
Moan _tt
W^*swwfmf   m* *
I. 9. 9m M;
Oil Oct. 1st to Mr, aad Mrs. Wm
(arncgie, a son.
Oct. Mb, to Mr. md Mn. Frank
Rayey, corner of Fifth and Chester
Avenue, * sou.
Oct. Kb, to Ut- and Mn. Olivia,
(salvia Owe, i daughter.
Local Who Qtwm Um tl fpt**Mto
to ftoot ef ftttlw twrcMrYW
Build Modiru Sawmill on th. Bin.
Mr 4 MoAlllsisTot tin North Vancouvsr Lumber Company bags bean
granted by thu department of Wwi""
and Fiiliorioi a lews of two hundred
feet of foreshore fronting on the Indian mission. The laiwolioM begins ut
the western line of Bowieko Avenue
or at the extreme saiteri) boundary of
the reserve anil extends along ths fore-
shorn fof a distance of 800 fast. Tho
distance from high water mark to low
water mark at thla point is shown on
tlie plan accompanying tha leaso a*
XI. 17 chaim or approximately 11100
foet and contain! in all ten apros of
tideflati. The lease is granted in' perpetuity at a stated rental per month.
It i* Mr. McAllister's intention to pro
ceod at unci' witb the putting in of a
foundation of piles and with t|ie tree-
lion and installation of a modern 'saw
mill plant willi a dry kiln and a|l the
accessories necessary for the manufacture of all description of dimension
ami linisliing lumber fqr liiiih|iiig pil>
po«e*. The capacity of the mill will lie
.iii.iiiiii feot per day ami when in full
operation the plant will afford occn-
pulli.n   for   fill   lunula.
I. '     .<•'
The Theoaopbicai Society meet* in
North Vancouver in Ito.mi 18, Aberdeen
lllock (over the post ofllco) ovory Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock Attendance ii entirely free and csrriei uo
obligation* whatever. You are invited.
Theoiophical atudy and questions,     tf
Miss Katie ami John Moir are viiit-
ng Mr. ami Mrs. M. T. Himpson, llllh
Mr. A. Nelson of tho Nelson Menu
im i in iug Co., i* enjoying a week '* out
ing with a hunting party on Texada
Mn. Kdwy A. Morden, 185—6th
•trout cast will receive on Thuraday
afternoon. Mn. L. M. McKoe of Winnipeg will receive with ber.
The general meetlug of the Norlh
Vancouver tenuis club will bo held iu
Mr. Alex. Philip's largo room on tbe
P.»plauuilc tonight at 8 o'clock.
Mr* Arthur Davie*, cor. 4th and Mahon will be at home the 2ml Wcdnea
day of thi* mouth and ovcry second
Wednesday for tbe oeaaon.
Mr. II. Scott returned to town a few
day* ago from a lucceaiful hunting
trip on Texada. Mr. Scott report, a
good deal of rough woatber but excel
leut sport.
Mn. (Dr) Iv A~M*rtin, 5.18 Untitle Avenue, will receive from i.'iD lo
8 p.m. tomorrow (Wednesday) and
thereafter ou the iccoiid Wednesday of
each mouth.
('barged wilh having been drunk and
disorderly William Preston pleaded
guilty before Magistrate Kealy yesterday  morning and  wa*  Sued  Sf) and
coit*. '   ,
lu connection with the 1. O, Q. T.
a social will take place on October
18th in the Japancne Tea Harden! A
concert ami then other attraction* are
being arranged
Thia evening au "al home" ii to be
held at the residence of Mn. II. W.
Young at tbe comer of 15th sired and
(Iruml Boulevard in connection witb tbe
Indies' Guild of Bt. Agues' church.
John Maitera aad Henry Mailers
ways tbii morning lined fill and costs
or one month in default for having
been drunk and disorderly in tbe public itreet.
Bam. Nicolicb while working on
Lonsdale Avenue ia tbe employ of
Mown. Btewart k Thompion, wa* the
vidim of a Masting accident M Bat
urday. He sustained iujuric* to fact
and hands and wu treated at tba bo*
The weddigg will take place quietly
tomorrow of Miu Katie Moir of Port-
ob.dln, Scotland, and Mr. lot McCrln-
tile of Nortb Vancouver. Tbe partlei
intend making their boms on Bt. Andrew'* and 18th avenue. Miu Moir
arrived ik IM eity yesterday and ia at
present lha pust tt Mr. snd Mr*.
Simpson of I8tk it/eet wut.
Tbi Kgig.li oFPytbiai Social (Hub
has /completed arrangement., for the
eAfmmp (taction of tba season in ths
totaPot i Aaaea wbicb will be held In
tb/ Horticultural Hall on tbs svesing
of Friday, fhi Llth last, from nine to
fwaive o'clock. Jai programme is in
tbo baud, of * capaMi and energetic
loor committee in whose bsndi sll ar-
rangemsati will^ be completed to tfes
•WflNt ijUtell, ' The committee co»-
•ja|« of I. Badger, preiident, k. Wheeler, ijecrntary and Mauri. K. Melville,
M. McMillan and Farcy Booth.
1       I
ii i     i '.'
Mountain Goat,
Deer, Bear,
Our stock Of WINOHBBTEB, 8AV-
other Rifles has baen carefully sslictsd
and ws bavs (be calibre but suited
to your particular requirement. Everything nssdad by the practical huuter.
PAINE & McMILLAN,     Wm n
TO BENT-Oroom Oat, Hf Lousdnlc
Avenue.   Apply Mimic Store. tf
Mr /■ Veiteh, Capilano, will ling at
the morning service in Knox Presby-
leriun church on Sunday next.
Muyor McNciih am) City Clerk
Shophord leave today for Victoria lo
bo present pi tbo Anal hearing of the
liiee Uke dispute which will take
place ou Wednesday. Tho diitrict of
North Vancouver ami Ihe H. C. Electric
will also bo represented.
Editor Express:
I wiab you to allow me a little space
in your paper to contradict the report
in your lusl issue re the Capiluno work
msn. You stated that the grievance
laid by a delegation of four workmen
from the Capiluno district was the cutting of their noon hour down lo half
uu hour, lo allow the men from u dis
lance to leave off work earlier in tbe
evening. This is not tho caae ul
though it may have been represented to
you that way. We do not leave off
work any earlier than usual. The only
person it benefits i* the forcmun in
charge. Tbe men who come from lown
would rather start al the usual time
und have the regular hour for lunch.
The only thing that wa* correct i* the
fad lhat the iiieu were not consulted.
Hoping you will rectify tbi* mistake.
I am, air
According lo the census uml alalia-
tica monthly the following waa the
per cent, of sin inla nl condition of live
slock in Hrilish Columbia for lusl Au
gust. Horses, U8.XI; milch cowa,
UI..17; olher cuttle, llfi.UI); sheep, •J-li.l'.l;
•wiue iis.li
NOTICE ia hereby given tbat tbe
purlncrahip heretofore existing belween (leorge (Ircyhum Palmer and
■lunies Millwiiiiie carrying on buaineu
ua Brokers under the stylo or firm of
Palmer k Mcllwaino has been disiolv
cl by mutual content Tbe buaineu
hus been lukuii ovor by .lamei Hell
waine and will be continued by bim for
hia own account
.1. MelLWAINK..
ill!   l.olisiluli'   Avenue,
North Vancouver, II. C.
211th October, IUI I. 18 8
Vie solicit ttic biufncs. or lr.uufactiutn.
Hus:i siren, isnil olIseisi ssiisi up lire IhodrUabil-
ily uf having their ruicut jju.iuc» inmedrd
!>)'Expert!, I'u.liiuliisiiy advice tree. Cba.gci
inoderale. Our Inventor'. Advl.cr «< ut upon rennet. UaitonsUatliin, Kcg'st., New York li/.
Sti'« Us.i.iBJ-.fT and Wsuhlnnlon. acts*-
Anronl Motlnl a .tatrti ml
qnlcklr MOW—II Our niiliilnn '
CcvmoHTS Ae.
•petal a*
uMmm, vii so* oW in *
Scientific American
A tumUousflr UliutntMl vMklr.   lutnt ,'
cnlaUoO of aur a.-iejjtinc Journal.   Term.
nuau, s>■» » rw. team team- wis
and '
New Year
Largs   Books of   Bamplss   to choose
Prices front |1.16 per down, printed
mjlh your own name and greeting.
ORDBB BABLY and savs disappoint
ment u favorites run out of print.
Nortb Shore Pre**, Ltd.
NORTH VAMCOUVER,      -     B. C.


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