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Volume 11.
North Vancouvbb, B.O., Fbiday, Mabch 17, 1911
Numbei 3
l .
Hon. Richard McBride to
Visit North Vancouver
Grand Banquet to be Tendered the Premier
on Tuesday, March 28th.
The Hon. Richard McBride, premier
ol British Columbia, will he a visitor
at North Vancouver on Tuesday,
March 38th, the guest ul the locul
Conservative Association. His hoped that the Premier will mako it convenient to arrive in the city early in
ths altemoon in which case a trip
will be taken out to Lynn Valloy at i
to Capilano.  In tho evening a grand
banquet will be tendered Premier McBride at Hotel North Vancouver, Tickets for ths banquet will be available
to tho public and will bo on salo at
local al ores and from tho committee
curly nest week. Arrangomonts for
the banquet are now well advanced
and all signs indicate that it will
prove one ol the moit nolublo lunc-
tioni of tho kind that lias yot boon
held at North Vancouvor.
Acting-Heeve Allan prciidtd and all
tbt councillor, were present at last
evening's mooting uf the district council. The session was, as usual, a
lengthy ono, among ths principal
items ol business being reports from
Ihe councillors Representing wards 3
and 4.
Correspondence wus read'.
Prom Dickie and Dellock acting (or
Chiol Mutliias nl the Capilano Indian,
referring to the Indian offer to d;a-
poae ol a right ol way through tbo rc-
sorvc to tho district lor road purposes
' at llie rate of $600 an acre, It was
pointed out that this quotation was
separato from any payment that
would be duo the department at Ottawa. It Was loll in the hands ol tbe
reeve und clerk to take up.
From F. C. Gamble, public works
engineer acknowledging a resolution
Irom tbo council re the construction
of a bridge over Lynn crock. It had
been referred to tho roud superintendent lor a roporl. Tbo matter ws. laid
over for discussion.
nun F. F. Bustcod, gonorul aupt.
C.P,B. dated Irom Winnipeg, acknowledging district's letter re a crossing
at ferry approach over their truck.
Ho gave the assurance that tho milter would bo taken up wben he returned to Vancouver shortly. Filed.
From lho Board ol Trade, subjoining i copy of a resolution recently
pawed by the board. It had reference to urging the government to
create a national park reserve along
the Capilano, Lynn and Seymour ri-
, vers for the purpose of protection and
purification of the water in t'nise
streams. Il wus received and the
council evidenced its willingness to Cooperate in any way.
From W. E. Burns, solicitor, staling
I bit be bad atteuded Mr. Fruncis with
,,. (erenci. to the acquiring of liis water
tl~ Vi at Deep Cove by tlie municipal-
jly Mr. Francis, lho ownor, was
away 1B California and llie brother
bad no authority to uot lor him.
pr()nj    Davis, Marshall   and McNeill
on bebal ' °' tum °' ,m) ownw' "D
Lonadale    Avonuo north, dating  that
tho propoi ty °*n'>" »"m0 lim **"
held a mo •"« a"d thc vol° ,l","i
13 for 100 Ic ol ""^ " '"' " '""'' ^v'
tber it eppea "d tl,ot BB"ut *> '"r
cent, who huu ' bcon "olicillld l»V0MlJ
100 leet. Thitv wa» in "' '" *"' "nd
At tbc propertj ' «>»">«» Ui "Mn"
plied with tht cou "Oi''1 "'•'lu«»t » lh°
widening ol the av tnut the latter wss
asked to conaidor I «• »»tt« "• ,"on
as posublo to relie. '• the hardship ol
dslty lo tbc owner i » 9( '" 78e-
U was agreed to ro| ft "*** Ml» >»at-
ter was now being dee W w''u-
^yr-rom J. P. Criwlord ' * ('°- WM
council whit was th. b •»t »°urss to
pursue in petitioning: i W ">• loc»'
improvsmsnt ol Lynn ) WW, B""
-Irom Hastings ortsk to si *• MjW
D. L. 8*4. It wit resolved io M Mr.
Crawford to give en oipla.oation «
what tho property owners wurfted
From J. MoNiry, lltb tlret* em'
isking payment for clearing boultvtrd
in front ol lolt 10-13-681. Inferred to
tbt tnginser. e*
• From Ches. 8. Podton, F. Toppan
sis) F. H. Girling applying lor sidewalk connection, on 9th s'irovl in 0.
I. 663.
Oa motion ol Conn. Bridgman it
was referred to Uu Board of Work,
with power to act and tbs clerk wis
instructed to notify tht city that the
diitrict ii about to conttruet a stvas-
walk on 91b itrstt from Sutherland
Avenue to Hendry Avenue with tfco request thst tbt oily connect wilt tbe
weit end of this with.
From Mrs. flraoo While asking for
tbe opening ol t road to lot $ end *
Mock 1, 1). L. 10(9.
Bsferrad to Ibe engineer U, renort.
From i. Blunlisb, asjking for s rood-
way to bt opened aad ctcirsd to per
mit of building material being taken
in for tho construction ol two bungalows on lots 8 and 9, block 18, D. !,.
563. Bof. to tho Board nl Worki and
From W. Huxlable requesting a road
constructed through blocks 14, 15,10,
I). I, 3088. Bof. to tho B. of Worki
und ongincer.
Au uccount ul $33.73 for boulevard-
ing Irom W. H. Davison was roierre.l
to the engineer to report.
From Misa Sadie Peers tendering her
resignation to take effect on March
31st.  It wss accepted.
Coun. Bridgman reported that tire
B. ('. Hic By. Cu. wai ngr. cubic lo
placing ol arc lights ut tho corner
of tho Lynn Vulloy Boad und Frederick, Centre, Wcstover und Hoskini
Boads. It wai resolved lo uutborizo
tho installation.
Bo doing away with tlie Iwo car
lure. Mr. Bridgman iuid ihat Mr. Perry, local manager, had taken it up
with the head office and their unawer
wai that it would bo impossible to
entertain the idea. They thought they
were doing well by giving the settlers'
tickets. II tbc limit nl lho 5 cent lares
was to be extended it was questionable where it would end in the event
of the lino being extended a hull mile
or so lurther on.
In respect tu the providing ol parks
and public pluygroumls in tlie several
wards Coun. Bridgmuu suggested that
u by-luw lor $60,000 or $70,1100 bo put
to tho people (or the whole sis wards
uud thut each councillor bring in an
estimate of colt of a park area in hii
ward to be mude u part ol tbe general by-law. Thii wai put in the form
of u motion and paiicd.
In rogurd to tho widening of I.oi s
dale Ave. Coun. Loutet who wai d
tuilod to report ou thii mailer ut
last meeting iuid thut between 60 uud
70 per cent, ol thi owneri Irom th.
north boundary ol 1). L. 801 to tho
now park hud doclured ihemielvci in
lavor ol tbo 80 fool .treet. In fact
ho fell lure tbat by nost meeting ho
could get 100 per cent, togclher wilb
free gronti of laud iiccciiury for tho
widening. From inquiry circuluri nut
out and inquiries made il was understood that tbo owners effected on
that icclion would be willing lor tlie
work to be commenced from the loulh
end und taken ui far uorthwurds thii
■caion us thc wind's appropriation
would permit. Other owner! wore
preient at tin meeting particularly
Irom I). L. 786 who wero in favur of a
100 foot street. Tho reeve laid this
wai the nuiin slice! in the diilricl
and il Iho people woro willing lo muko
it 100 leet ho thought that on account
ut its prominence their wishes ihould
be coniidored ii well.
Coun. Loutet slid emphatically thai
Ihe principal owners would sot sign
up lor Ibil.
Coun. Ward considered it only a lair
busincu proposition that those representing the 80 feet and those ths 100
feet should send in petiiioni signed by
their respective supporter, to the council at its next meeting so that tbe
matter could be dealt with in an in
tolligvni manner.
Coun.  Loutet Ihought  tho council
hovld accept bit report but the sug-
gi slion of Coun. Ward was put in thc
for W of a motion and paiscd.
Be .the widening of Queen itreot
Coun.. Loutet isid he hid couiuitcd
the solicitor whose opinion wai that
a byl.»w would be necessary.
Clerk Farmer thought it could be arranged by some other proceodur.e and
the miller was referred to him and
tho councillor from Ward 3.
An invitation was given every councillor to attend tho conference witb
tbo Vtn.cou.ver authorities at the Cap-
«W>"| tbs following day in connection
iwttb tbt widening of that road at a
lurther tttrtotion for tourists.
'Uw following plans, woro puascd:
lots 1 and 8, Hook "C" D. L. 786,
•lot 41, blocks 3 and 9, I). L. 631, lot
3), V- I 3087, blocks 6 to 9, D. I.
863-3, partly approved, east portion of
I). l„ 813. and south east quarter pT
P. L. 553. A plsn of part of ll. L.
337 was laid over, plans oi blocks
and 13, il. L. 704 wai referred to tbo
committee of tho whole, plan of blocks
4 and 6, D. L. 3003 wis referred to
the solicitor, and a plan of the oast
portiqn ol I). L. 653 was referred to
the plans committee.
The revenue by-law was introduced
snd read three times. Tho ruto is
18i mills not instead of 30 mills net
as before published. This error wus
duo to milling tho Capilano and Lynn
Valloy wator rates ol It mills each
together, whoress tho rate will bo
charged separately to the respective
wards, Tho taxes become payable on
May 1st and tho time lor robato closes on July 16th.
The pound by-luw waa introduced
and laid over.
Several tenders woro opened lor tho
construction of Main street through
D. L. 304 and H. E. Gruuon's lender
lor $339.00 was accepted.
North Vancouver ii having a record
month, al least so fur as building i.
concerned, ulreudy permits have roach
ed the very creditable total ol tffl,-
000. Acting Chief of Police Duviei uf-
rnin.1 Ihat v. it bin a very lew days
plum within hii knowledge will I. oil
thii figure to $80,000. A number ol
line icnl, ue.; will be constructed
shortly ut Harbor View. Oue ol the
locul uichilcct» hai tires ly .l.-i. ns
completed lor hounea in oilier portions
ol the city.
The new buulovurd, which i being
opened up by Muh.iii. McFiirl.urd end
Proctor, contractor!, is progroiiing
rapidly. The process ol rough eluding lias been practically complc'cl.
Don't lail to hour Madame lions i
K. llurkc ut llie concert, Horlicultur.il
hull, this evening.
Thc dunce to lw given by the Si.
Andrew's and I'uledoliian Ladies' Society in tho Horticullurul ball ou Friday the 31.1 but, is bene engurly
looked forward to by those who lave
a liking for lho light fantastic, tiueiti
aro given the privilege ol donning the
conventional evening coilumi or lh.it
ol the masquerade. Music fuinislud
by Chance's orcbcilru roquiici no comment and ii mllicii'iii gum mil.' tln.l
in thii department there can bo
litllo room lor criticiim.
The ladies of tho society who h.iVe
i.peiit ....inc biilc time iu .muring
ibat thii affair might be u luccoss,
have remlved thut inasmuch as March
cum. iu ua u lamb io shall il go oul
like a lion in a whirlwind ol solid
healthy enjoyment.
Within tho past week- a now firm ol
istuto brokers has boon organu-
styled tbo North Vancouver Real
.iilivln Co. Insuranco and Loans, sublessors to E. T. Pollok. Tho new
Arm is under tho direction ol Aid. B,
C. Diss. Me.'iiiiu. T. L. Harrison und
F. B. Hurrison, tho latter being widely known us lho jinrtucr nl Mr. I'ollok, Following a' low improvements
in tho matter of office facilities, ct:.,
the company is now at the command
ol its clients. Office, two doors from
pout  office.
Sir Charles Hibbert Tupper to Speak
The regular mooting ol (lie lurry directors wus held on Thursduy.
Mr. Humphreys, representing the
North Vancouver hockey club, brought
a suggest inn before the bourd thut ua
tbe trial trip ol tho new lerry claahed
lomowhat with the cliumpioiiship game
North Vancouver vs. Vancouver at
Brockton Point on Saturday a largo
number ol tho hockey cnlhusiusla were
v.i.-1.11.,. to iici.c il.e trip also, would
Ibo lerry peoplo pick up Ihcao sight
loen providing u launch was utilised
for tho purpoae ol getting them
aboard. This tho bourd decided to do
if the launch wul not laid than 3 p.
in. ..ih. i vvi'.c ihey would pick them up
op the return. •
Munuger Heard i,mail..,1 ihul ionic
I HID invitation! hud been inucd for
Ihe trial trip.
A number ol tended fur the insurance ou (lie new bout were received,
four being ul 1) per cent. The final
decision ou the mutter wns laid over
until t apeciul meeting on Friday
Munuger ilenrd uud Mr. William.
were uppoinled u coinniilloc to interview llie police comniisiion wilh
regurd lo protection for the company's pulruna on Ihe wbarvel, also
wilh regurd to the exprcsa sluudi on
Alexniider st recti, Vancouvor, about
which muny complaints have been re
ceived ol lute.
hie ihim tkip
An event much looked forwunl toby
music beers will take pluce in tlie
Horticultural hall on Friday evening,
when the Norlh Vancouver City Baud
under (lie direction ol Mr. B. Chance
puli up the muiricul event ol the season in their •cmi-nniiunl concert. It
will be rememborod thul ul u concert
given by tho Bourd ol Trade lull season this band creeled u very luvorable
improiiion. Mr. Chuncc nsiures us
thut the inquisition ol Ircih talent,
combined with a hard winter's practice will embody u production ol mu-
steal genius slid technical skill thai
will be hard lo tqual. Tbt belt v.,-
enlists on either side ol Ibe Inlet have
lent their names tnd talonlt lo render ths entertainment i perfect one.
On Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock
tho North Vancouver Ferry No. Swill
whistle lor ill departure Irom tb"
Wallace Shipyard! wh.ul ou the n'h-
ciul trial trip.
The course luken will be up Purr.ml
Inlet uud thu lime occupied from leaving lo reluming will be about i.ur
houri. Tho North Vuncou-cr t ily
Band hui been engaged to ptovide n
musical pii.giuui.
A luncheon will Ih' imcJ on long
lubles sot the whole length "I He
driveways To thii will lie u.lilsd
.very facility lor the full enjoyment ol
thc 300 or US) guests who will be
Mr.   H.   V.   Baker,  who  hui lor a
number ol yeuri successfully tilled tho
position us manager ul the lintel
Norlh V'uiiouuver iu ihn cily, hai in-
unci.d hii i\iii.in i ol resigning el
nn curly dulc\ Mr. linker is due
u greal ileal ..f V.l I lor the n m n i
iu which ho c. inlu.VI llie office II.'.is
of Ihe hotel ami \i- genial milliner wu. a source ol pleasure lo lho
gueiti of ihul hoilcly Mr. Ilskor'i
•uccciior is Mr. C, C, Watson, who
has been managing the Canyon Visw
hold ut the Second Canyon,
At tho invitation uf the executive ol
tho North Vancouver Conservative Association Sir Charles Hibbort Tupper
has consented to give un address in
this city upon the proposed reciprocity agreement which ii now io prominently beloro tho Canadian public. Tho uddreaa will be delivorod on
thu ovening ol Friday, March 34th in
l.iiriion'H pavilion. Tho long experience wbich Sir Churlui Hibbert Tupper hui hid in loderul iluteimansbip,
together with the prominent   position
occupied by him as an ex-minister of
tho crown as well as bis acknowledged
place in lbs lormost rank jn point ol
ability, combine to fit him in an especial manner to doal with this Important issuo in a maimer that will
command close aud widespread attention. Larson's pavilion will doubtless
bo taxed to tbo utmost limit of its
capacity to accommodate the crowd
who will desire to listen to the utterances ol Sir Charles Hibbort Tupper
on this momentous iiaue.
The public is again reminded ol this
splendid concert to bo given in the
Methodist church next Tuesday ovening. There will be chorus singing by
spine 60 voices, alio solos, duets uud
quurtottea. A moat enjoyable program
is assured. Tho lickets are selling
fusl uud cull be secured ul Cuinniingi'
Clothing Sloro, Lonsdule Ave. I'm
.i.iin begins at 8.16 sharp.
Mr. und Mrs. A. Wallace anticipate
leaving the lint ol next month on a
trip to Scotland.
The first ineeling of tho newly incur-
Unruled Norlli Vuneouver Board ol
Trade will be held in tho city hull next
Tuesday evening.
Bev. Simon Cunningham, H.A., (Mo-
vcrdulo will conduct the service! in
iin. church on Subbath nolo, morning
and evening. ,
A very plcaiuut ovenl occurred at
llie home ol Mr. Goo. Baldwin, Keith
liouil euil ou tho I li h init. in tlie or-
riv'ul ol u little daughter
Mr.   und   Mrs. Jul. Uuy wero   tho
ho-.i ■ at u very pleuiiint whiit drive
given ut their home ou 6lh street on
Tuesday. Guests lo the number ol a-
bout twenty-five were preient und if
ler Ihe prises were given rclreihmcnli
were served.
Messrs. Pierce k Hull, reul estate
brokers ure vacating their offices nn
Second street for larger und niore up-
to ilnle ones iu the new Keith Block
ns soon as the latter ure ready for occupancy. Lawrence k looms bave
purchased the offices which they are
now occupying and will tike pores-
lion about April lit.
At a meeting ol the proibytery of
Westminster held in St. Stephen's
church, Now Wcstmiuator Thursday
evening Bev. .). W. Woodside submil-
tod the cull duly signed by tho mom-
bori und adherent! of St. Andrew's
church hero and it wai sustained by
tbc presbytery to bo placed- in tbe
bauds ol Bev. Mr. Mcl.ood. Mr.
Woodsido suid that bo had thu authority of Mr. McLcod received by lelo-
gram from Toronto to tho effect tbut
tbo cull would bo ucccpted.
Thc presbytery let Ibo 13th ol April
ns the dulc of Mr. Mcleod's ordination jn St. Andrew's church and arranged that Bev, Dr. Wright ol Kit-
silauo shall preiidc, Bov. Mr. Mclvin,
Iho now pallor ol St. Stephen's will
preuch and Bov. Principal McKay will
uddrou the newly uppoinled minister,
und Bov. ,1. W. Woodiido to address
Ihe congregation.
■ui: l II SIIOUE
The big  burge "North  Bend"   lho
transfer  ol  Ihe Grand  Trunk Pacific
By. Co. ii at pi. - nt on flic Wallace
Ways undergoing a complete overhaul-1
Final Hockey Cup Tie Saturday
North Vancouver vs. Vancouver at Brockton
Point Oval,
lho final i up he lor the champion
•hip ol the province will bo played on
the Brockton Point oyal tomorrow el
3 o'clock iharp. Tbe early start ii
necessary owing lo (be lad ihat a
football match is lo b. played alter
wards on lho same grounds. Whilst
it is unlortunate that ths Itrry trial
trip ii lo be run Ibe lume a'lernoon
yet it ii lo be hoped in view of Ihe
importance of tho match Ihat aimany
North Vancouver people- aa pouibl.
will attend the gams as there ii sure
to bo a large crowd Irom tbo other
side. Wet or fine (be bully of will
toko pluoo al 3 o'olook aad il should
be mentioned that in lbs event of Ibe
weilher not being propitious (here is
ample accommodation in Ihe surrounding grand .lauds lo kcop ull the
apoctalon dry. Thc Norlh Vane u-
ver team will lino up ai follow-:
Goal-E. L. Mm .I. a
Hacks• G. Chcii Aimviuce and N,
Halves—C. Montgomery, E. N. Bay-
lie, S. Humphreys.
Forwords-P. V Baylii, 11. Cuinrr-
on, ll Himinglon, |i. Mucooghlcn, 11.
L. Macl'horton.
The team is identical with ibo ore
thai defeated Vancouver in the Lust
game with the exception ol 11. Mac-
nagbtan. E. .1. II Cardinall, whom
he replaces, will in all probability, referee the game with F. L. Bttobcr.
t   ' I
Tlie party ol English capitalist
accompanied by Mr. Baldwin and ci
vie committee ol Vuneouver, niii'o.1
on Ihe 10.16 ferry this m .mm ■ The
pmly con.i.tcd ol:
Sir Edward Toniiunl, Auieliu. .lar
vis, ul Toronto*; Mr. M. W. Prior, Mr.
W. II Brown, Mr. E. Anion, Mr. F.
Ilullour, Mr Erucil Evani, Mr. .1.
Barrel! Leonard, and Mr. ,|. I*igb
Wood, C.M.G.
Mr. Wood was interviewed by an Ex-
prcn reporter in regards lho object of
the trip. "The primary thorgbt of
invciluicnl ii uuturally Ihe chief object ol tbc trip," .aid Mr. Wood, "My
firm, that ol Brown, Shipley k Co. of
London, ulreudy hav. largo financial
iulerct. iu thii country at 1 bave
invsell, thcic bive been io thorough
ly luliilactory lo invielf and employ -
eri thai Ihe iuterciling ol English and
Canadian capital wss deemed sdvii-
Mr. Wood', laal visit to Vancouver
wa. ibout eighteen month, ago. The
tremendous growth of the cities on
ml.ci lido ol (he inlet and tbe complete changes and improvements noticeable everywhere Mr. Wood could
only .Ionibe a. phenomenal. The party lint vi.il. iho Capilano in view of
gol l ing tho cily to lake over tbe road
through which tbe water pip. is laid
ihe presence ol Amolius ,)arvis, one
of the greatest financier! of tbe middle weal, coupled witb those of bis
wealthy English confreres, is tlmoit n
guarantee in itioif tbit wo will have
still addition! lo those who seek lo
court Im lane through thc medium of
North Vancouver invottmenli.
Tho ptrly was met btte by Acting-
llccve Allan, Councillor! Bridgman,
Word, Ihnnipson, Loutet, District
Clerk Farmer, Mr. Philip, president of
lho B. of Trade, Aid, Smith and other., ssvtrsl of whom accomponiod Hie
Thoio who visit the flam theatre today (Friday) and tomorrow and (ail
to opon ih.ui  cyoa in wonder at  tht
.'.'i.e. then, portrayed will not least,
be able to attribute it lo uny wunt ol
. success ou tho part of Buffalo Jones
uud hia cow punchers in their stirring
wild animal captures in British Africa,
Tbo famous Buffulo Jones uxpexiencst
uro being told in living form to tho
millions ol people ull over the world
and mude udditionully famous by tht
exprcsiioui ol pruiio from luch authorities ui Theodore Boosevolt und the
uewipapcr uccounli ol tho trip und ol
tbo pioturci. Ol 8,000 leet ot negatives made during the chase, 3000 leet
of cracker jack good scenes wsro st-
leclod. To describe this picture production seems like rehearsing an old
atory. Every paper snd magazine hut
given proline accounts of them and
the lacl that they are corning to
North Vuneouver will give everybody
an opportunity of seeing them at a
nominal price. The lilmi, however,
wore not secured by Mr. Vernier at usual rates but at a price exceeding tbs
cost ol a wholo week's supply ordinarily. The picture, are ull dear and
the lacl that in all Ibe ruiiniag experience, of the operator who at limit
risked hit life by being wilbin a I w
loot ol a free and furocioui wild animal such nerve ranking lights wero
reeled off without an apparent quiver
loemi and is phonomcuul. He is said
to have bid to drop bit camera tend
olimb a tree frequently to aavo nil life,
At other timet Hit.timely arrival o
tho dogl and cowboyt mved him sod
but picture! Irom u terrible fate.
Tho lint scenes depict the preparation! fo( (ht expedition to the garni
loudi and tbt overland journey with
ox-curli. Amoogtt tht many thrilling
experience! thst will make you loan
forward in your teat and ulmoil feel
the iciiialion. ol the real article i.
tho capture of tbe lionet, ind Ih.
riiinooeroi. Both are cleverly captured with Ibo lariet and not u gun wa|
nnil during tbe expedition. Ibo beautifully striped zebra is roped, lbrown
and Iwo minutes later ia carrying out
of iti captori off on iti book. Among
Ibe other animals that arc brought to
earth by (he almost miraculous work
ol lho cowboys are tbo giraffe, leopard, chootah and birtbecit.
Ths local theatre will stage this excellent production as aforomenlionrd
thu evening snd tomorrow evening
and at tbe Saturday afternoon wat-
inoo. Tht doort will opon at 7 pm.
and the show will continue an ixtra
cxbibilion ox two if it is found rao-
Colonel Booiovell, after having men
the pictures, wai very fluent in hit
praise of Buffalo Jonei and hii It'ial
men, inoludiojr.lfr. Kcurlon't rtcrvi
wilb t oinsmitograph. TWO
J. N. HARVEY, Limited
.#[T When in Vancouver
ml call and inspect our
new stock of Clothing,
Furnishings, Hats, Trunks
and Bags. Everything new
and up-to-date I '
Mlt Every man interested
mj in himself and inspired
with the desire to
succeed, no matter what walk
in life, should pay regard
to his personal appearance
MEN'S SUITS-* 12.50, $15.00, $17.50, $18.50, $20.00, $22.50, $25.00 MEN'S PANTS-$2.00, $2.50, $3.50, $4.00, $5.00, $5.50, $6,00 to $7.00
$28.50, $35.00. BOYS' BLOOMER SUITS, $4.75 to $15.00.
The Vancouver home ol Silver Brand Collars and Peabody'i Railroad Overalls. Special line ol Halifax tweed working Pants
City Council Receives Large
Local Improvement Reports
(Continued from Tuesday's iiiue)
Irom Million, Mci'iiiliiiul ami   prov-
lor, uiking the privilege to bo allowed lo er«< I   ii   itcp leading    to   their
. bank premissi in ih. Junction   bine*
on  I on ..I,it,-  Ave.  Ihi grunlud    I limn,
i'hi. hui niudn nsosssiry temporarily
through the propokol guiding ol   Ei-
jilaini'hi.     11 ..■)...  t ...... io oii.-l
From   M n   .....   I.t.l. iiilvuing    thai
lho i... k orusher cniieignrd to tlm >ity
had arrival in Vancouver,
I'i .'III thu II. C, Limine |(y. Co. nil
viaing    Ihut    tho   city'.   Inllar ilalwl
March Uth hail i referral   to   the
Utnsrej muiiuger.
From ll>an   and Howard,   accepting
Contract to mpply cily with manhole,
md    wwri  miiiugi   ni pur    Un.lir.
This wm confirmed.
From It. I,   Usui, oily solicitor, a. I
vising that ho had cominiuiicatwl wi'tb
thu C.I'.It. inking th.in to tuke.oijie
■lupi to i.iii.-b.   it..- iroublu   at   tiie
.North Vancouver funy *b,iif and   notifying ih' in that in caw Ih.y ili.l nut
h.  bad   o. ii ... i...i...   lo apply to  tb.
railway coinnli.iion.
From .1. I'   Wi.bee, chairman of  the
railway     coinmiiitoli     acknowl»l.ging
the eily'i letter in th. criming ,„f (.'.
I'. It, tracks st lbs N. V. firry wharf.
If. sdvl.nl that the mutter wna    In,
Ing taken up with lira (l.i'.ll. Co. and
th. eouncil would In ndviwd   ai   ll...
msttsr program.!.
From Hon. W. J. Bowser, AMoriii)-
Gensrsl,   srknowludgiiig city'. ... ..I.i
lion relative lo the new Land ilsghrv
try Act. II. laid in reply thit ths
amendmsiil which he had bruiight ia
Islsr, would, h. thought, ever tin
objection ol North Vancouver.
From Child of I'olirn Utvie., ulvfi
ing tint h. hsd invxtigatal th. rsss
of is old mail ntmod Walsh who bss
for sons tim. past lieen st th. !*. V.
ho.pit.il. Ht wi. t.kwi there on ths
ordsr of Bl-Msyor May on Nov. Kith
lint y«tr. Th. cbitf etld h. hief no
illnes. tnd had a tittsr, tin. Hsilin-
ssr, living at ths sornsr of Uth sinst-
sod Bidgswsy. In llw ol thi. ths
had notlfial tbs hospital Ibst
Um .ity would not lis rstpmiihit lor
pi. kesp. This astion ss. confirmed
by th. oosntil, AM- KIWtoB InoSfTht
ht ehouH not bs pat oat without
torn. piss, to go to.
From  A. CaaspM «*ddls,   deputy
provincial aecretary, replying   lo   an
inquiry from tho city clerk re the nd-
iniiiiou lo lho provincial homo   of   a
pnrion .Linn, ih.l jn North   Vancouver.
i Ho i. 1.11. .1 Mr. .Shepherd to .Sec. 12 ol
1 the Provincial  Home Aot und   ut Ilia
jiumu time mentioned that the   Homu
win lull of inmate, now.
|   From Tom John, nn  Indian   chief,
aiking thai the city repair hii chicken
j hoiiia   which   waa dmlioyod    llirough
city ttreet work. t
ihe uiiginoer ws. in.tructwl lo liave
Ilia mutter attended to.
From the cily engineer recommending ihat mm. place bo provided lor
tho itorage ol powder. Il wai re-
■olval to apply lo the Lieut.-Governor
lor a „pi mil licelimi.
Another cnmmunicalion Irom the engineer reported in detail s. to coil on
tho paving and onnitruolion ol oon-
cr.t. walk, on a number ol street..
Tb. ongineer luliniilleil report, on
local iiiipiovi'iiniii work ol wwer in
.t.llalioli in a likt manner war. referral to Ih. Board of Works snd Health
From .1. .1. Ilonovim, Fir. Clue);
' Gentlemen Von a«ki.I me for my re-
•ignatlon. 1 fsel inclined to lot the
matter stand until tb. Mayor md (he
lull Council i. here. Then I want sn
iiive.ligulion ol ths whols mutter. I
wai put her. in chars;, of thii department to run it to th. beet of-my ability. I had no .ode „f rules to follow
with redraw, to hiring or discharging
men mil running Ihs department generally, and I considered in tb. aliiencc
of any iucIi rulss I muit u«e my own
diseretion in then metier, ill order to
keep th. depart sunt up to sny degree
of  .'111.1011. y
(Signed)   I ,|, DONOVAN.
Fir. Chief."
No change of action was taken by
the council.
M. P. Cotton snd Co. again wrot.
in retV.nct to th inspection by Ihe
city of th. sewer pips on Evan., Cole-
man k Kvsns whirl which would isvs
thst compsny s considerable .Spent,
for reahipping ths cull. nick.
Aid. Kittson thought that ths
council', lut letter ought to hsvt
givisi them to undsrsTsad tbit ths
council wai not dealing wilb 1/ am,
Cohmin snd Kvsnt, but with tho con-
Stanton. Us suggMtsd that  suothsr
I loiter lie written in no uiioerluin tsimt
I outlining the city's poiition iu thii
!       Aid.       Hii,del  .on       lllllUglll       II,.,I il
lEvuni, Coleman and. Evani would put
I a .. impel - ni in.in on to inipeol the
'pipe! Ini.,1,' they wen shipped lo
1 North Vancouver there might   bu few
I (lulls   to   i.   lop
I l.ni'in.-i i ll.ii,.,. laid a shipment ol
I nn I. pipe ni ii'. id aomu duya ugo
which iookui bud uml he hud advised
that they lie not unloaded. 'I hey were,
In.w.-iii, und are now on iloi tide of
the Inlet.
Tlm   in..heal   health   officer     wrote
'that he hud emilniiind the house si the
'corner of Keith roud uud .lonea Ave.
in regard to it being habitable. He
did not recommend ita uae ui it wua
in a ilcbipnl.il..I condition, ihe owner
will lw notified ..in... Iin'. I hia | line
esme into prominent! ihrough a petition Irom th. reiideiiti iu ita vicinity
protesting uguinil ilia establishment ol
a Chin. .".■ I,..nub v   tin i,
I. ic I. i.i Wars opened us follows for
the coiiitriiclion ol ilorm sowars on
Hi. George's Avo., til, Andrew's Ave.,
I tit, I'strick'i Ave., Million Avenue
and i IichIci held Ave. l(om tlio water-'
front to ,'lr.l atrool: II. ti. Hancock,
Nt, fjeorgu'a 122,310, und ;-l Andrew'.
til,mi; M, 1'. Cotton and Co., .St,
Gsurgs'i $6,160, til. Patrick'! $8,022,
Hahon $8,680, til. Andrew'. $8,280
Clicilei field 17,010, total, 137,070;
J'almer Bro.., .St. (leorgs'i |7,rVI8.at,
Nt. Andrew'! $8,620.66, Hi. I'utrick't
$7,046.70, Mahon $7,160,26, I I"SI,-■ field
tHfilliM, total $10,0811.83 ; MiiHi.w il
.fame. Mcllougall, Hi. Georgo $8,016,
Nt, Andrew'. $8,087.31, Ht. Patrick'.
$8,660, Chesterfield |H,063.67, Mahon
14,301.27, total 137,110.26, Itomino
I'into, Ht. George $6,868.26, Hi. Andrew'! $7,636, til. Patrick'! 17,886,
Chesterfield (7,628, Million t7,IM2, total 136,068.26; I. P. Lal'lacca, Hi.
George $6,786, Ht. Andrew's 10,161.77,
Hi. 1'strick's 10,607.70, Mshou Ave.
$0,140.60, fiiesterfi.ld f8,768.7-., toH
113,161.92; McAlpins Ibili.rt.on, son-
trscton, fit. George, 17,260, Ht. Andrew'. 18,760, Bt. 1'itrick's 10,260,
C|».t«r(i.ld 18,700, Mahon 17,260, |o
tsl 111,200; 11. McLean il Co., Hi.
George 14,640, Ht. Andrew'. 18,280,
Ht. I'strick'i 18,660, Chesterfield $7,-
010, Muhon 17,200, total $38,620, W.
Allan Keonsdy Ht. George'. 16760,
Ht. Andr.w'« 10,160, St. 1'atrick'i, $0,-
100, Chesterfield 18,600,' Muhon 16,810,
total 940,440, They were referred, to
the Bosrd of Works and engineer to
bs Ubulstsd.
Tho solicitor gave ai hii opinion
thut llie cily had the right to luko
p... . .n.i. of the wirelen ilutioti ul
Victoria I'urk becunao of the noiifiil-
iilliiniii of thu condition, under which
it wm established there. The clerk
accordingly will notify lho wireless
company of thii fact.
lu ihe meantime ihe engineer will be
uikod lo ieo that thu iniirumeiili art
properly  nin.il  for. *
lln in.|a, i..;, uf the trouble over the
pc.Iii) of sower pipe which il I,, in,
supplied to lho cily uud which seems
to be un uverluitiiig impediment to thu
harmonious working ol the council
led Aid. iSmilh lo give notice of u motion which hu would bring in nam
week lo uulhori/o the piireliuiing of
these pipe from .Scotland direct. He
il..„! i.i lho quality would bo ol the
The revonuu by-luw wai given ill
final reading, iho laiei will be pt)
..I.I. on June I6lh and thu rohute bin
it Inn In en let for Augmt oil.
Byiuwi introduced und road tin...
tlmoi were Ihu Hchooli L.mruonbiiui)
Eipumei By-Law No. Ii.ii lo authorize lho ruiiing of 116,000, IIv law   No.
167 lo raise 120,000 tor the piircha.0
ol   land, adjacent to Ilic. Lake, No.
168 to raiao 18,000 to .n.. i certain
alteration, and addition, lo th. Cily
Ball und By-law No. 160 trr uulhori/o
the council .iibscrihing lor $80,000
shares in the capital itock ol the N.
V. I. Hies Limited. The raising nf
180,000 to pnichase these share, wu
until.ni/id by Iho elector! at Iho January election..
it wa. decided lo hold un elect ion
on ih. four by-laws above mentioned
on Huturduy, March 26th.
I'lans of subdivision* passed wero
block Ih, I). L. 271, conditionally and
block II, lot 6, block 216, I). L. 646,
conditionally, A plan of lot 3, block
220, Jl. I,. 646 was referred back Is
cauio the ilreeti did not correipond
with il,...,- in adjoining blocki,
The uvular linanoiui accounts wtr.
pained as follows : Finance $20(1.06,
.ohools 1218.66, police $216.30, health
$621.66, Board ol Work! $21,133.70,
waterworkt snd fire and light tl,
038.16 and psrkt $34.86..
The program ol tho "Arte, Hiitori-
cul and Hcienlific Aatoeislioh" of
Viiinouvcr, announced a lecture in
Alicrdoon school on Ihe evening ol
March 'illli upon the topic "Mediaeval
Life and Cuitooii ai Pictured by thc
Wood Carver," by Mr. T. A. Martin,
M.A., 0»on, of tills city.
(Celcbrnted  Scottish   Vocalist)
1'upil of Hignor Edosrdo Galli of
Milan. Diplomas, lioyul Acudemy and
Hoyal College ol Millie, London, England. Will taks pupils in North Vuneouver two daya per week.
1016 Granville Street,
Vancouver, B. C.
A. Campbell Hope
C. A. t Al
358 1st Street East
Phone El 12
Gem ml Contracting
'ING,  Etc.   Eilimalea Given.
HacLennan & AndrtiM
Keith Hood, east of St, Gtorgo'i Avenue, Ur P. 0. Bos 134
     I ItlC LusinrM (if Strliul
)'r.-'->.-r:»sndoUwri win,,,, -n,, |-„ .ilrlMbtp
i t f, ivlsf Uulr iiti.i hi,-,,.,,, t„„uci«d
I i Hurts, firlliiilnilyi^vticliri, Clint.,
i i.it. Ourlaiiauir'iAlvliir'entiiii.inrc-
. . ./. MirioiiftHirtm, Hci'd., I. viVoi»)Jlt
-  ■'  r,,l   <„.l u,-,.i,i:i..I,,,, „,.  ui?
11 Mil' IIS will be received by the un-
del signed up to tin 22nd day ol
April, IUII, at 6 p.m. lor Iho purchase
of Block 27, .Subdivision ol Lot No.
611, Group I, Now Wc.lminitcr District, liluutud in tho I'ily of Vancouver, and being thi lite ol tho old Provincial Court ll.i.i...e Each t.nd.i
muit bo enclosed in a regiitcrod loiter and mint lie addrciicd lo tho mi
doriignod aud plainly mnrknl "Iciniei
lor old Vancouver Court IIousi tile,"
und inuil lio uccouipuniuil by an ac-
ceptal cheipiu lor Ion pur cent, ol lha
lint payment ol the purchaio money.
Payment for lho properly will lw ac
epicI in inilalmenti ol oiic'ipiurtcr ol
the purclia.e money. The first of suoh
instalmanl. to bo paid within thirty
.I.e. after the accoplunce ol the tin-
d.r, ond tho other throe Mutually
il.iiealici, wilh inlircit al the rst.ol
6 pel ..iii per annum. In Iho .vent
of Iho pel ion whole lender ii accepted falling lo complete llie liril inslil-
nient within thirty d.v. of ill. noli.o
of such accent.ncc llie sal. lo him
will Im candled and hi. ten per cent
depoiit forfcilcd. ihe clicpioi of un-
lucciful leiulerns will be retumud.
ihe highest or any tand.r will sol
iiic.'SHoiily be incpiid No commi.-
liom ol any kind will lie allowtd.
Mini.tsr of Linda.
Department ol Land.,
Victoria, II  C..
March 7lh, 1011.
IMS HOUHWlfl       Tllll HOUIEWIfl
•isvJtsatssra.        iUINsWW
OlrJ-Fa.hionad Dyta
Often WathOut
Rainbow Dyei are Fait
NoqtOCKINC  ' NoronoN
ask ttt tm Imshs mI Cslsr CsnJ al
M. B. Mcdowell
U. C DUCOMMUN-6, 10, 16c stort
We Have an Agree-
ment with the Owners
To allow us to $ell a certain number of lot*
in "CapilanoPark" at the old price of $150,
and our time limit is nearly up, with about forty-
lots left to dispose of, and we will offer them
for a short time only.
The owneri have notified ui of their intention to
raise the prices owing to the charter having been
granted to extend the carline through their property, which must be started before June of the
present year and completed before June, 1912.
This is the last opportunity you will ever have of
purchasing property on suburban carline extension at the price of lot* in ''Capilano Park."
Town lots $150,    $15 cash, balance monthy.
Half-acres $500 to $575.   10 per cent cash and
balance over two years.
Phone 195$      134 Hastings St., W
ttH*tt4*t*H ^^^^^HnHHn^-HnHHnH*T*H* •H*H~I"H~
..   ijt>
Two Reasons
Why We Can
Sell Men's
Clothes at
Less Than
Any Other
WE ARE the biggest buyers
of Men's Suits in Western
WE ARE the biggest sellers
of Men's Suits in Western
AIM to sell good clothes and at a big turnover
profit so you get the benefit by buying here.
, WE CAN- save you $5.00 to $7.50 on every suit.
from $13.50, $18.00, $22.50 and $25.00.
We shall be pleased to show you these goods.
At the Comer of Hastings and Abbott Streets.
(One p| the Inrefcst'ncrouKO ilculs pu,
tbroiijrli on the North Shore was con
siiiuinutud oil Saturday wbsn tbi
I..ue..I.ile l-i.i,.ti' iii.l.l 31) acres pn tht)
Keith It. nn I and ahout a mile |tom
tho situ of tlm pro|)oacd Second Nut-
rows bridus lo cljopts uf Duncan nnil
Scrimsoimr, solicitors ol Vijujcjuvor,
at a high liguri I'or ncro, tlie exact «•
mount of which has not been discl.is-
a\. Tho acreage lie. in li ].. 1)53 and
Lynn Crook runs through u portion t.f
it. Tbs doal wus put through liy Mr.
1.. F. Hull'- ol North Vancouver. It
Is the intention of tho |iuichusur» io
lull-divide snd Mr. Holt/ will not ss
agent on tho aulo ul tho property.
Tho oflioo building ol f. 1». Crawford k Co. has I.e. a moved frqtn the
corner   nf Iho  dl. -  south of    Firt
lit reel    Oil   l.iill..,-|lnle   Avelllle,   up   t'l   Hie
north side of the Fsplunudo just east
ol tho 1). ('. Floe. Hy. (Vs. offices.
The transfer was made necessary because of tho orection of .1, W. Uor.-iiV
office building which lins bion started
and which will occupy the whole of
tho property fronting on Lotiadfilo
Av qiiie belweeti Iho Kaplunude uud tho
illoy lo the south.
' ' s
! ,|„( j i \ t wwww.4#WWaH^
A leum of young hornos bslonglng
to llie Pioneer Hukery und iittuchid
to their delivery rig became (right
ed Tuesday evening uud bolted In.in
in front of tho simp on Lonsdale Ave
Hofnre lliey had gone very fur, how
over, one of tho aniinuls fell und was
Injured to audi un extent thut it be-
cunio neceiiary lo put him out of
misery which wua speedily olFrclcd by
Const able Weir.
An Eastern News Letter
INti CHAMI'lONSliU' -- allEH-
(From our own correspondent!
Monlreul, Murcli I3-Il'i going to bo
a busy year on the St. Lawrence Ihii
leusuii say the old sail, with turret'
j...:,.In. weullh uud boom lo tbe Dominion, Sailingdutit ure sot mil.i
for all Ihe ocean going slconiers than
over before und the department of marine und fiilieriei ii lining iti iliure by
pi.iinii.iiie to gel Ibo buoys mid lighthouse! on the long liver channel in
■hupc to guide 'he |>iono.'r vessel of
lull '..if.lv ii.'ia the leu to hor i>i
on tho waterfront.
There ii one cloud in llie sky. The
long rumored setnen't strike ap|iean
to be growing into ii.uicllnlic. real, ll
ii a move by the sailors ocinn-t ihe
International Shi|iping Fodcrutioli and
affects all men who go down to' tlio
■en ii) ships Ibe world over Owner!
uud agent! of vessels here are watching keenly for tho results of ibo In-
Icrnulioiiiil Congreii nf Srauion which
is being h< I.I in Antwerp und v.Inch
will deride llie stand to bo taken by
sailors and ■tuckers iu dealing wilb
shipping muilcri.
No less u prison tliul llie ^oVi-WoT-
GonlTll linns, ll ii auid lo lu e taken
the oilier end of tin' nn II wagr. Furl
Percy tnude ihut lie odd walk from
Montreal lo Otluwii in lln.o days, lbs
Furl, who ii an atfache lo lln vie.-
regal In.n cb .1.1, l.fi "ll. i,11..11 mil,.
on a Saturday und arrived ut Hid.su
Hall Ih. following Monday uighi, thut
covering ihe olio hundred uud ten odd
miles in three duyi. A Yukon dog
driver in lho piuk of cmidiiion so'ild
hardly do belter. Thii is uol allege
ther a record for llie pierage. Wlteu
too Earl of Lonsdale waa is Canu'le
lilleen yeara ago be walked up Iho
same roulo Earl Percy look ni far as
I'.mn.. crossed lho Hii.n'.a rivet
to Oka and continued airoti cOJOtry
to St. Euitucbo in one'day. Alter
resting at tho old iciguoury of Ui.
Globomky'i over night ho reluruod to
M.. nti en I by Si. II. c and Terrebonne
—(ilmoit njnoly miles in two deyi.
fs hanging obsolete ?    Sli.nD Lend-
cll.v   of   M. nil leal   nil.-lililj    I Iliull   '10.
Tlioro are three niunld imci iieforo
the courts ft ono iligo and another
and Hudclifle, tho publie executioner,
ii ifead The government hat anaoun-
oed that no nice.-nor will be appoint -
od and that, hereafter, each ilierjff
will bo eipected to lie hii own hangmen, This il quite ai il should bo
and Recording to Ian. But tbs slier-
i.i'.i Jon't like it. Thoy v ant a man
witb some etporioiice for lUcb un m
dorlakjng, Mr. J amicus bat a .landing offer of a sow suit of clothet sad
a aloe round wad of bank bills to any
man who will come forward and put
a satisfactory finishing touch upon
lay ono,of lho three mm mow up for
trial winy may be convicted.    !
The Bank of British North America
Capital PajcJ Up $i866,f#6.   Ifory, Fpd $2,530,666
2 Office* in "North Vancouver—2
UPPER LQNSPALE AVENUE (nw Fourteenth Street)
Saving I )i'|)Dsit:, qf ft.mi ami upwards received.
Inii'insi allowed at current rates,
banker's Money Orders issued.
Until .iliu cs transact a general banking business
and are open ou Saturday night.
F. T. SALSBURY, Manager.
1  .M
■ .     •
TAP NOTICE thut tho Counoil of tho Corporation ol tbo City of
North Vancouvor intendi lo construct tlie following worki of Locul Im
provomest under sub-section (22) Section 366 of tbo Municipal Cluuaci Act,
and intendi to aaacai tho nn.il coil, thereof upon tho roul property fronting
or abutting thcroon, and lo bo benefitted thereby, and that a alutcment
■bowing the lunda liable to pay Iho auid aaacasniont aud tho names ol Iho
owners Ihorcof, so far us can be ascertained from tho Inst revised A8"-'"9'
ment Hull is now on tile ju tbe oll'ic... of tho Clerk of tho Municipality aud
it open for inspection during office bourn.
I   pi. 111.de   and   Crescent   street from
St, Goorgo's to St. David's Aw....sanitary aewor  1311,451)
First street from St. I'ulrick'B to St. .   '
David'. Avonuo military lower   111,827
Second i.tieet from 'Ml foot cnaf of St.
Andrew's lo St. David's ASenuo...sanitary lower   14,80t|
Third itreot from Si. Andrew's to St.
David's Avenue  unitary sower   16,784
Norlh Vancouver, B. C,
Mutch 7th, 11)11.
City Clerk.        17-3
The Place Where Everybody Goes
Gem Theatre
r Good Pictures  Good Singing
m\\\ :::  Good Music  ::: :::
Programme changed Monday, Wedneiday and  Friday.
Adults 10c Ca^™"7Z^ Children 5c
|J# ,£, |^ CEREAL fOOPS
Rolled Oats Whole Wheat Flour    Rice Flour
Oatmeal Buckwheat Flour       Pearl Barley
Cracked Wheat Graham Flour Split Feas
Rolled Wheal Rye I lour Canadian Wheal Flakes
Aik your Grocer for ft, £, H, Brand, '*• Standard of Quality
Wholesale fro/n
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
LONSDALE AVENUE.        At Ferry Landing,
< ■
The Commonwealth
First Complete Showing of New
. Spring Goodi.
-~— ■-"    '.■■'       ..:■". '   ."; -■ —
W. DICK, Prop.
47 A 4«^H>flTINlGS STREET, EAST-47 m 49
I tout
North VANcgvm
B. C
—.  .  - 1 -T,——r.	
Published Tuesdays and Fridays by   |
Nouiii Shore Press, Liwpp
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•The Btpress is il.vnt.nl to the interests ol the north Shore ol Burrard Inlet
etolusively, It constitutes an advertising medium ol etceiitioiial ttlue for
reaching in a thorough and effective manner the population ef North Vancouver
Oity snd District, livery effort is inudu to give advertisers the most satisfactory
Ali changes In contract advertisements should lie In the printers', hands not
later than Iliu.in. Monday and 6 p.m. Wednesday to ensure insertion in the
following issue,
North Vancouvek,   U. C,
March 17, 1911
On March 3rd tlie Dominion House
of Commons gave its first ronding to
a bill consisting of "An act ruspcrl-
iiif drinking water" which appears to
involve u decided departure from the
ordinary trend of legislation of Ibis
chancier. The bill contains four
clauses of which the second is the all
Important rlauss reading as follows I
"No efirporalion shall take any .vuler
for drinking purposes from any river
or strsun which has had uny sewage
or refuse put in it above the int.ika
|.i|.c through which such water is
drawn    without  having   such     »-. ii.-i
1.1,nil...I   I.-1    using,"    |t appears
probable that thu immediate I'mtse lor
this legislation is found in the epidemic of typhoid fever from which the
eity of 1 in.in.1 l.i(.. I.e.wi suffering severely for some stun i-.i.-i. Rum.such
calamity ui this has been |T.iplltsiad
lor a long lime liy those who wire
dissatisfied with conditions relative to
Ihe v.,,i.i supply of Ihe capital cily.
The town of A>liner is situated on (be
Otlawa river above llie cily ol Ottawa
Thut town contains extensive cunning
factories, putting up vegetahlei and
nieati. Critics of Oltuwu'i water supply hove long been protesting !, .-,i 1.1
110 restrictions huvo bwu pluccd on
Aylmer in I lie matter of dumping
coin. . uml sewsgo iuto Ihe riv.r
Irom Which the capital city has drawn
iti supply of water. The conclusion
which is naturally drawn Iroui tliii
situation ii that the typhoid epidemic
hai shown that the ohjcolioni laid a-
guinst the water supply were well taken uud that "ihe Drinking Water Act"
hui lic-n framed with u view lo solving Ihe problem hy ciiuciiug that uny
city taking wuler Irom a river under
conditions inch 111 obtain ut Ottawa
•hull be compelled to ilcrilizc all wa-
tar before il 1 caches Ihe comiinier.
While polluted wuUr can doiibtlesi
be rendered iisabie by means of sterilization, never!Iielcli, such case, si
those to which tbt propotal set applies consulate striking instance! in
which "An ounce of prevention it
worth a pound of cure." ft certainly
ought to ii. an ensiei mutter 111 wtli
as 1 much mere coVtive method, to
prevsnt the waten of a river from being wilfully polluted thin to underfill to purify them for human oon-
sumption ufter such pollution his tsk-
su place. Ths proposed legislation
would, therefore, lw framed on u tiftr
snd more apiitibi. basis if it read to
th. effect that whsrevar uny town or
oity drsw. iti water lupply (or drinking purpoiei, from any rivsr or streim
no othir town 01 community or individuals occupying a situation higher up
Ihs sti,am .hall be allowed to put
sswag. or refuse iuto or in any way
or to any degree to pollute the wutsri
of that stream. The Mil a. it itandiin-
vtrtt tht nut ui id und logical order or
to us. s homely phrase put. "the cart
Mors th. liorst."
Their Trsslmsnt a drest Problem hi
I'liiiailian Fomtry
"J'lis handling of cut-over lundi is
Hi. grtstest problsm in (orest urotee-
lion sod forestry in Csasds todiy.'
, In Diet, words, tsken from Bulletin
No, 9 tA Um Forestry Br.nch ol the
Dominion Dspsrtmwt of tht Interior
(Vorsst rim in Cssot., JW)
th. author, Mr, H. B. »««illsn, one
of tat sssisttat In.psctor. of Forest
itstervM, ssti lordi out M (ill ilirf
aims of Cinidisn fotsit assistant.
Thi dmgsr   (to*   «♦»»» -sVwsr
A significant last, is apparent in polios oiroles during tht past wis* or so
and which reflects a considerable a-
uiiiiint ol credit on the pulloe fores
and it is ths oRii#moui absence n|
inebriation or other illegal nets.
Ths city now is the objective point
ol hundreds ol laborers Irom outside
points und even in (be IsM of thit
cosmopolitan population almost perfect ordtr prevails.
lands is two-fold. In the first place,
they are the worst possible menace to
the forests because ol ths readiness
with which fire starts on them st the
least provocation. After the lumberman has liniihed cutting the timber,
there remains, scattered over ths. laud,
a mass of chips, tree tops and other
debris, which gradually dries out snd
in a lew monlhs becomes like so much
tinder. A lighted mulch, a spark
from s camp-fire, a lighted cigarette
dropped, and away goes the tinder,
uud almost with the spend ol thought
a serious fire has developed, l'erbapa
the Inc meets witb no worst fuel than
more of the outting debris.
Then the loll ii not so serious, but
even i)o tlie bra may have consume 1
111 iich, if not all, of the thin soil clou
ucleristic of some forest regions, and
uny p.) im In Iny ol im lie'i tr.e growth
ii lost for centuries, if not for ever.
.Should the lire come to mature uu.l
valuable timber, the 1ms from the distinction of the timber may lie cum
minis, and in some cases such fires
have ic.ich.d lo the homestead of the
settler, destroyiiiu: Ids crops, building,
and other improvements (perhaps his
little ail) and even human life.
The other danger — not so much
appreciated until lulu years, uud even
now only by a comparative few—il the
liindiiin ce to the tree seeds and the
little trees which this mass of litter
presents. Even when ths sscdi fall,
iliuy hav. small chines to ilurt or
germinate. Even if they ihould get
thus fir, the delicate root encounters
nothing but dead wood, chips or pent,
aud dies from luck of nourishment. If
by any chuuee u small tree does spring
up it grows with difficulty and has
great chances of being tivopS .,.., and
destroyed by th. fir..
Even during thi preient year (l'JIO)
many loreit lire, huve riged in cut-
over laud, those of 'iepleiiiber, near
ths city of Vancouver, I), 0., being u
case in point.
Mr. MurMillun figures thut for
every foot of timber taken oul ol' the
ford byg the lumbermen throughout
Canada, an average ol seven fc,.t hai
bwu destroyed by fire. This, it may
Im suid, ii a lower ettimsU than hui
bsen made of certain diilricl. of Canada, t. g., ths Ottawa rivsr villey,
where Senator W. C. Edwards, out of
tbs moit prominent lumberman of the
country, thinks tbst at least ten tunes
as much lumber haa been destroyed by
ths fire a. hi. been tsktn oul by tbe
Oftioe Heme 10        House 1'htfin 2rJ7
Ileal   Estate Agent and  Coaviyau'W
A blook ol. Choice residence lots  on
tlie Grand Boulevard.    Tbs cheapest
on tbs market.
Two lots on Third Street, blook 1W-
;  16,960 each. .
One lot on Third Street west, 60x110
feet, only ,13,600.
Two lots on Seventeenth Street east,
each 60.160, only 11,660.
Two lots on Fifteenth street west, 60.
160 feet, only $2,800.
These and many others on his lists
will bear investigation.
New office, CLUB BLOCK, Esplanade.
:d. ruggles,
133 6th Street East North Vuncouvei
I'hon. 378
Notary Public
Loans,   Investment,    and    Insurance
Boom 207, 632 (irunville St., Vancouver, B. C  Phone 8309.  Land llegis
try work a specially.
Heir Mr. ll. i. Csvs, Vancouver's
leading tenor soloist, tf th. band concert, Horticultural Hull, tbi. tvtoing.
This society htld its rtgulir monthly meeting Uit Tuesday whin thtrt
wis s good attmdsnes. Prssidsnt
Murray wit in tht chair. Sit new
member, were carolled, bringing Uu
total msmbersbip up to over 100. Attention was called to tht ladies society gathering to bs held on the
31st init and alto to (he concert to
be given by tht Pipers' Band on 21st
April nut. It w.i referred to u .peels! committss to consider Uu possibility of arranging lor a popular excursion early in ths Mason and to
confer with other looieties on the tub-
At t meeting of the district school
boird htld Wednesday .svsning ths
16th lost, t letter wtt/esd from Mr.
Hicks, resigning (his petition as teach-
sr of Um NortiASta/ school. Tie
bosrd psstad t Isoton asking Mr.
Hiokt to reconsider wis decision tnd
alto expressed ji. c<Mdence in the di-
seipliso of hit
Phone    198
North Vancouver
Coal and Supply Co.
Dealers in Coal, Brick,
Sand, Gravel, Lime,
Cement and General
Builders' Supplies,
All  Orders   Promptly
Filled and Satisfaction
Guaranted.    Prices on
Office: Lonsdale, near City Wharf
Warehouse:       Forman's Wharf
The Royal Bank of Canada
Capital $6,200,000.
Iteiervn, {7,200,000.
Total Assets W6,000,lXJO.
A general banking business
tran.ucted. Savings arcouuti s
ipeiiulty. Account, of firm,
aud individual, solicited.
Norlh Vancouver Brunch.
Bank Office in N. V. Club Block
I       ■-    ■  JI i.i
Specials (or
Friday and Saturday.
Bolitd Prime Bibs, boneless .
Sirloin Steak	
Porterhouse Boast 	
Pork Uim, whole or hall ...
Pork Shoulder., whole	
I'ork Shoulders, .rlcsd   	
Loin Pork Chops  ,.,
Leg Mutton  <	
Shoulders Mutton   	
Small Winchester Hams 	
Empire Bacon by the piece .
Finnan Haddie, the best 	
Guarantied fresh F.ggs	
Tlie quality of (.hcc meats will/give
you ivory sstisfeclion and ssvtf you
money »my timt.
Phone) 16
Fret dtlivtry to sll part, otf tin city.
21 Splendid Lots
Three Blocks from Lonsdale Ave,
Price to ensure quick sals only
1300 each-easy terms
Speaking of Snaps; how is this one?
Double Corner of Fourteenth St.
and St. Andrews for $2600 «X.
Pierce & Hall
Next to Palace Hotel
Phone 110
FIRE!    FIRE!!    FIRE!!!
Commercial Union Fire Assurance Co.. Ltd.
ASSETS: $94,900,000
Sole Agent
Agreement, md Contract, dr.wn        .,, , r -, C.niril
of cv.ry d.icription rhone  15/       Cosvsyinci«|
Something good (or the small buyer
Price $275 each
$75 cash.   Balance very easy.   Call and see us about these
C. E. uwaoN & CO.
Phone 70 -P. 0. llox 97
The Merchants Trust & Trading Co.
PAID UP CAPITAL 1100,000.00          R. THOMPSON TINN, M.„.,.». Dl/acla,
 (RANCH OrriCEi M OU lr.il ll., LmIm, EmIui	
50 ft. Lot lacing New Municipal Hill.   Price, $500;
Cash, $200.
50 ft. Lot, 17th Street, near Boulevard. Price, $600;
Cash, $200.'
Double Corner, Queenibury Heights.   Price, $ 1500;
Cash, |500.
North Vancouver Trust Co., Ltd.
*    .   (loU lokstsr * Ward)
219  Lonidale  Avem t. Phone 44
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
Mlll.SALK Owiiw niiiil wll Itrgs
roomy liouse, ill modern, consul loan-
.Inlf.jii, fence, lirc|iluc,., (fqu nasi).
'I...... to car lint.
The Cash
Staple and Fancy Groceriei
Freih and Smoked Meat*
Potatoes, per saok, -  $1,08
Ayrshire Rose Butler
14 1b. box   -   -   -   $4.28
3 lbs. Lonsdale Blend
of Tea    ....   $1.00
3 lbs. Best Empress
Coffee    ....   $1.00
Russet Applet), per box $1,88
Sbarwood's Chutney,
qts.    ...   1   -     SOc
Captain White's Pickles 80e
Pure Castile Soap, per
bar      28c
driver's Fruit in Syrup
from .....     35c
TELEPHONE 89. P. 0. BOX 114
You can depend upon the
utility and price of our Meat
Rolled OntB, 711)*. for     26c,
drivers Miirinuliiriu ill I
lb. glass jars, nudi   -   15c,
Ayrshire Hose Clownery
Butter,  -   •  3 lb.-  $100
.emons, per do/,.
Oatmeal Soap,  10 burs 25c
Maggie Soups, 5c per (ublvt
Phone 40
1111 Lonidale Avt
LOW tfypwafa
6t.m. log u m.
Kirst-clsss Meals 35c.
Commutation Tickeli, 11 nitala
»4 75
I.....in  lor Kent al raodtriti ratal
I. O. ()  K.
North Vancouver Lodgt, No. 66,
Duels svtry Thursday evening, corner
Lonadals Avenn. and First itrsst, st
S o'clock. Visiting lirellireii cordially
iovitsd lo intend. A. T. Ktnnsdy,
N.O.; Thos. 8. Nye, roc.-mc. ; J. B.
I'illiag, i'.G,, fin.-iec.; Chss. Nys, P.
0,,   Inn.
Fully Equipped
to plod over ths <Wt or tuftr hea-
ger tod thir.t is Mr. Camel. Ws'rs
aot MU that way. Whit wi wui U
Uu rttl ihiag.
You Get Real Paint
When Buying Here
It will .land tie Waring .us of ttt
Ssfctrs or Uu pl.it. of Cook's North
mum-win nn.
117 Lontdtit phon, ,^
/ mi
Birk$' Watches
i   i    '
Although we emphasize the merit! of Rirks'
special movement which is really the height of'
perfection, we pan accommodate the public
with best efforts of all the leading watch
makers of note.
In selling watches, our policy is. to satisfy our
customers, and this policy has brought us
reward and proof of the value of meeting the
public with honest values.
See our thin model watches, in them you will
find perfection and satisfaction.
,     ,   i  , ;   : —
Henry Birks& Sons, Ltd.
jewelers and Silversmiths
Hastings & Granville Sts.
Geo. E, Trorey,
Managing Director
ivVits;   .-mid   per   and   up.   Special rales lo families
and   to regular   hoarders ' ,   .  ,
finest Roof Garden on Pacific Coaftt
Skconji Strut.   -   -   -   -   NOKT1I  VANCOUVliK. ti. C.
.tJf'A,,.,, vfJi-ift
• ' t   .    ■    '*i if '*' Hi
...   ■
We operate the only pa|»-
ded furniture anrj piano
moving van in (he city. . .
N. V. Cartage Co.
f I onidalc Avt.
fllUNI Ml
"11    When you deal at the Lonsdale Pharmacy you
get exactly what you atk for at the right price.
Special attention paid to prescriptions and family
"U    We carry a complete line of Stationery and Drug
Sundries.     -	
Telephone L 29      A,,, TOoii,»,...      Cor. Lontdile 4 8tb
Parkdale Finest Alberta Butter 30c, lb.
May I'lower, Spring Brook of Ayrshire Rote 3 tbs. $1.00
5 lbs. of good Tea ■ •>'.'• ... 1.50
5 lbs. of better Tea -
5 lbs. of the best Tea
.     .     -   1.75 .
Corner First Street and St. George
120 Second Street East. Telephone 200
Convenience to North Vancouver Merchinti
Buy la Your Own Tews.
YmtO  sr.SsifxiUs-
•     WAIpp TBI?
Tho preliminary trial Wp M »■
spootion ol the North Vancouver Perry
No. 3 took place on Tuesday ovenii g
from tlie Wsllaoe Shipyards dock. -
I'ltii now. host looked very mujoslio
as it iiiciiincil out into iiiid-alrs.ipi
wiioro a snluto passoil botwoen it and
tho St. (ioorgo which was on Ils «»y
ovuf to North Vancouvor.
Tin' No. 3 in Us spotless ennt look-
oil n vory uttraolive emit and owiiic
to tho, oxtenaiori of tlto decks ut each
ond of thu bout, u bettor offset ia pro-
ilucuil from u distance tliun liy Iho St.
(Ioorgo which iu devoid of there trimmings. Tho iii:.|n'.ium which wus
iii.'hIc provoil satis'uetory and tho
spued wu. found lo ho ijiuch groatcr
than oithor of tho other two hosts,
This, of course, was no surprise,- us
her motive power ii ol greater capacity.
Sir., t'hilip, local trou.urcr ol this
dm.I, desires to ucknowledge thu ro-
ouipt ol thu following additional suh-
acriptions towards this fund whj.b ho
hui .lull forwarded lo tho treasurer of
tlie Vancouvor fund |
.'rofesaiir McNuiikIiIoii   110.00
St. Androw'a Sunday School ... Si IB
St. Atrdrow'i Bihlo Clan HMW
St. Andrew'. ('.. E. Society  15.H0
l'rcviously reported   ... 88.48
It ia desiruhlu thul uny others who
wish lo subscribe to this urgent ue .1
communicate with sir. Philip early
A special ineeling of the city Hoard
of Health comniilteo wm held Wcdiu'i-
duy ovening at whicn il wai resolved
to ml..' definite steps towards the at-
libliiliincnt of un isolation hospital
on ii locution to he aelected by aaiie-
cial committee which wai uppolotoi,
Tho cily engineer hua been instructed
lo prepare plans uud estimates foi a
lunl.line Ui contain 4/i beds.
Mr. II. .1. I'uv.' Iiiih long h"cn u
prime favorite vv|th Iho Vanoo-tver
public ua a tenor soloist. Ho will ll
heard by llie local public ut ihe Hoi
liculliiriil bull i In.. Friday evening uu
tier lho auspices of iV V. (ily Hind.
| Express special corrosiHilula.il)
Mr. and Mn. Foi left for llieir liome
iu Wcyburu this week uflor ipoudiiig
u pleniunt m'Ji.ijiii In Lynn Villus.
The Missel 'uoo'i, Kitllbino, Wilt
lho gueili of Mn. II lli.u.tba Sunday
Mr. und Mn. Snow are ret I lol II
their new home on Frudcrick Koad
Mr. NcIm.ii of Otter, 11. I'., was »u
a vi,ii in Lynn Valley last week.
Mr. Wilkinioii of Vancouver ,i char
iug hii lot on Centre Koud ready to
Ettra cars were niniiing lo Illegal
ley on Sunduy uud tlioy woio neolid
Allliour/li tbe duy was not u uUc ons
il did not stop llie travelling public.
.1. N. Hunker was out to lho V'slluy
bidding hii many friends Liiiodbyo on
Tuenilay uflernoon dolors iluiliug on
hii tii|. '.".nl Mr. Hunker und h
family will visit Los Angelei sud
'Friico and will linn jjo lo Pbconis,
Notice of llie opening of Ibo I'rcsdy
torian church hai lien announced at
an early dale. Iloli't fotgel Ilic dale
April 'Jib, ulao a huinpM on Iho I Oil..
F.verybody .hould mske un effort In
koop I bin dale, i.m i ,,| for' Ihe oc
(July lit, 1910)
Province of British Columbis.
No. s6sA (l»10j
Tbi. i. lo certify Ibst "IHE
authoriud tad lioeniod lo cany m
businout within the Province ol Hrit
i»li i 'i.luinbin, and lo carry out or ti-
(eel all or any of the ohjwli of the
Company lo which th. Ugiilelivi so-
thorny ol lb. Legi.leturt ol Hiiiiib
Columbit eitend..
Tbs head office of the Company ll
situate In tlie ('ily ol Montreal, pro*
vine of Quebec.
The head office of the Company In
iliji Province li tiiutte tl (bt City ol
Vancouver, and William Ernest Burns,
whole tddtttt it Vancouver aforesaid,
1. (ho attorney lor the Company.
'fho amount ol llie capital "I ihe
Company il Filly Tbouitnd Dollars,
divided into One thousand iliarst.
flJVFN under my hand snd
Sill of Office el Victoria,
(h. 8.) Province of British Cilum
Ms, tbit ninth dsy of February, one Iboussnof nine hundred end eleven.
Hsjritlrsr  of .Joint Slock Compuiics.
Tht object! for whiob Ibis Company
has boon established and licensed arp:
(1) To export to the Dominion ol
Canada the inaiiulacliiicd products of
In..-Im and other lil... mineral nub
stances, and in particular furnaco lining, gas retorts, ooko oven blocks,
bricks, tilus, pipes, biillm, sanitary appliances, voiitiliitfiig upplliiiicus, und
other like articles.
(i) To curry on husiucis within tho
suit! Dominion us geitorul builden uud
eiiiilnicl.il,i, diroialoiii, and llllinilhio-
i iii ci ,i o{ or ilealci ii, iii ull und building rutpiisilus uud it) ull such products
und articles us uru moittioiiod in paragraph 1,
(8) To curry on utty other busincss-
oi whether muiiufucturing -or other-
wiao, which muy leom to tho Company
cupublo of being cotiyoniuntly parried
ou iu connection wit li uny ol Ihe
above apuciliud objects, or. calculated directly or indirectly, to oiiliun.ee
Iho viiluo of or render prolil utile, uny
of tho Compuiiy'. property or rights.
(4) To upiily for, purchaio, or oth-
orwiio acquire any putouli, brevets
d'iuvoution, liceniei, concuiaiona and
tho like conferring, uu excluaivo oi
non-excluaivu or limited riglit to use
or uny aecret or oilier inforinutioii us
to any Invention which muy accm cap-
1.1ilc of being used for uny of thu put-
poaoa of tbo ('oiiipuny or tho acijuiii.
lion of which may seem calculated di
really or indirectly lo benefit thii
Compuny, and lo t)io, exurciic, devgh
op or grunt licunioi iu reipcct of, or
olhorwwo turn to account Ihe propel-
ly right and information so adjuiral
(8) To purcbuio or othorwiao lie
11111 >- and undertake all or any part
of tlie business property and liabilities
of any 'person or Company carrying
on anv business which (his Company
is aiillinii/wl to curry on or noaaoii-
od of properly iiiitnule for llie put-
puaei of (no Coinpunv
(6) To enter into any arrangement
with any government! or authorities,
supreme, muiiieiiinl, locul or otherwise
nnd lo obtain from any inch govern.
in. i.i or authority ull rights, concct'
anil privileges thul may seem
Conducive lo the Comptny'l objocTs
or any of Ilium.
iV) To outer into partnership, oi
into any arrangement for shining pro-
Ills, union of interests, cooperation,
joint adventure, reciprocal concession,
or otherwise with uny person or Compuny currying on or engaged in or
ubout lo curry on or enguue in uny
business or transaction which Hill
Compuny ii authorised to curry on or
engage in, or any business or trans
action capable ol being conducted so
us directly or indirectly to bcnelit this
Company, and lo lake, or oilier wise
acquire, ili.in . .ii slock in, or securi
lies of, uud lo subsidize or otherwise
assist any such fouipuuy, uud lu loll,
hold, reissue wilh or without , uurun
tec or ulherwiie deal with such ihuroi
slock or securities.
(s) Generally to purchase, luke or
leaao iu oxchange, In., or olhorwiio
acquire tiny rout or personal properly,
und any rlghli or privilegei which the
t'oiiipuny muy think necessary or son-
vunieut with reference lu any ol Ibo
object, or capable of being profitably
iln.li with iii connection with any of
the Company's properly or righla lor
the iin..- being, ana in particular sny
laud, building's, casements, licenses,
luii.i,u, plants, machinery, ships,
barges, rolling-ilock, and .loca-iu-
t'.'I To null the ueduii.kink' of lho
Company or any pull thereol lor iucIi
coiiiiderulion ai lho Cuinpany may
thul fit, and in pnrliculur fonharoi
or debentures, debenture ilock or other securities uf uny other Company
Imviiiu objecti illlogether or In pari
limilar to those of this Company.
(10) To promote any I oiuiiany «r
compuiiioi for Ihe puipoio ol acquiring all or any of llie properly righla
and liabilities ol llie I ompiiny or lot
any oilier purpose which muy seem
directly or indirectly culculutud to
benefit thii Compaiiy.
(It) to invest and dent with tin
inoneyi ol ihe Company not iminodi
uirly required in inch maimer ai uu.)
fiuw lime to Iliac be del ei mined.
(14) To lend money lo iucIi perioii.
uud on such leims ns may win c»|h
ilicni, uud in particular to cuatomoti
of and periom hnvtiig dealtiigi wilh
the Company, und to give any guarantee or indemnity ai may nun expedient
(13) To raise or Iwiiow, or incur,
the payment of money in such manner mil on such tsrni ni may ictui
cspodioul, nfd in particular by tbsis-
•ue of del" i. inn - or .1.1..I.hue slick
whether perpetual or ■ ih. 1.0.1 Slid
oharued or nol charged upon tbt
whom or any pait of Ini pnqierly and
righti ol I no Company both prcMiit
mid fui ui.-. nicluiliiit iti uiicnlled capital, snd lo redeem, purchase, orpty
off any lurli sccurilios.
(II). To draw, accept, indorse, dis-
count, execulo tnd isiue hills ol ex-
cbsngo, promiiiory iioleLdebenluru,
bills ol lading, warrant! and other
usgotishlo or Iranifcrablo inilrumcpli
or locuritioi.
118) To luiiiiM-ial.. any pnrliei for
services rendered or lo lie rondcrod In
piecing or aiiiiliug lo place any
shares in lho Company1! capital or
any dcbenturci, debenture iiook, or
olhur securities of lho Company or in
or shout tho formation or iiioiui.lion
of the Company or the coiduct of its
(li.) To do sll or sny of .licnlaiv.
thing, in any pari ol the world end
■•illiM a. piiiii'ipali, agenli, liusun.
contraclors or olhorwiio, snd ritbrr
alone or in conjunction with olhoTt,
snd either by or through autnu, sub-
conlincion, trustee, or otherwise.
(17) To sell, improve, niniuge, develop, sxehaogs, enfrsiirhiis, base,
morlgige, diapoae ol, XuiJi to norount,
or olherwiio deal with all or aoyjsrt
ol tht propeity or righli ol the Com
(18) To do sll such other lliiagi ss
are incidents! or conducive "i lbs st-
llinment of the above objects audio
Ihat Ihe word "Coinpunv" in Ibil
Clause shall be dunned lo include any
ptrtnersjiip or oilier body of pcrfoaj
trhtlhsr urCorporalsd or nol bn'orpor-
sitd, tnd wiit'tl..! domloiltd In lbs
llpited Kingdom or elsewhere, »H So
thai tin 1 md in fiob of
tbt tint two pirtgriphi of this
Citust shall eiropt worn otlicrwlii r«
preunl in such paragra|>h lie In no
wise llnsjlsd or rtstriotsd by raference
to or uilercnce from the lermi of toy
ptrtgraph   or tbs ntmt of tbe
[■ j..'il; ii'iMc
j?«j. Range
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By Louis Joseph Vance
Copyright, .90S, by tht Bobbi-Mirrlll Co.
come inline? you must have known I
wss dying ol amletyl"
"Oh, I sayl Can't you see I'm liurtt
Bsd a nasty fall and must 've been
asleep ever since."
"My precious onel How"-
"I'un't ssy, hardly. I say, don't pan
a chap so, iiiumim:. I brought Bales
along and told him to wall, beouuse-
well, because I didn't (eel so much like
shuttln' myself up tn this beastly old
tomb   No 1 left the door sjar and told
■ •
North Vancouver City
Lots in Blocks 9, 9a, 15, 15a, 16 and
16a; District Lot 550; now on sale;
Acreage  in  District Lots 546 and
550; subdivided into blocks of  from
to 22 acres.      '
The Grand Boulevard Extends
Through This Property.
For Plans, Price List ud Particular*, apply to
i   .
The North Vancouver Land and
Improvement Co. w. ti
Corner Pender uid Seymour Street!. OFFICIAL AGENTS.
VwwMve., B. C Phone 6286
"Muss nun nun yuurtclj, ilenrl"
blm nut tu let iinvbodj come In Then
I came upstairs There must 've been
somebody already In the house. I
know I I bought there wu. II mude
Die feel rreepy rulhor. Al any rut.', I
beard voh-es down below, uml the d.a.r
banged, und somebody begun hammer
In' like fun mi Ihe knocker."
'il.. i...j paused, rulllng un cinhiir
rossed eye up nl tbe stranger.
"Yes, yes, ilcur!'' Mrs. ilulbim urged
blm on. "*-
"Why, I- 1 iniiilc up my ititiul In cut
my stick let whoever It was past pie
on Ibe stubs, you know. Hut he followed me uml struck me, and than I
jumped lit libit, uml we both fell down
tbe whole flight. And (hut's ull lie
tides, my head's uculu' like everything"
"Hut this iiiuii"-
. Mm. Hallam looked up at Klrkwood,
wlio bowed silently, struggling to bide
boili bis amusement uml perplexity.
"You. sir. Klrkwood!"
Again be bowed, grinning awry.
She rose smlili nly. "You will be
good enough lo explain jour presence
here," she lufor d blm, wilb dunger
ous serenity.
"To be flunk Willi you"—
"1 advise that course. At. Kirk
"TliiitikH. awf'ly. 1 came here bull
an hour ugo looking for u lost purse.
full well, not quill full of sovereigns
it wus my pprse, by Ibe wuy."
Suspicion ;-:111■ ■ ■ i like foxlire lu Ihe
cold green eyes beneath her puckered
brows. "I do, not understand." she
said slowly nnil In level tones
"I didn't expect you lo," returned
Klrkwood. "No more do I. Hut. nuy
wuy, It must lie clear lo you thut I've
doue my best for this gentlemen here."
Hs paused, wilh tin Interrogative lift
of his eyebrows.
"This geiitlemun' Is my sou, Fred
crick nullum    Hui you will eipluii)"-
"I'ardon me, Mrs. nullum; I shull
explain nothing ut present. Permit
Die to point out that'your position here
-like mine is, to ssy the least, ouom-
alous." The minium stroke told, is
he could tell by the Inslsnt contraction
of her eyes of a cat. "it would be best
to defer explanations (III a more convenient time, dou't you think; Then,
If you like, we con chant confidences
In an iiiiiipin.iiui chorus. Just now
your-er-son Is not enjoying himself
tppsrcntly. and (he attention of Ihe
police bad best not be colled to this
bouse too often In one night."
tils levity seemed to dlsplcsse and
perturb (he wojnuii. She turned from
blm, wilb an Impatient movement of
ber shoulders.
"Freddie, ilcur. do you feel able to
"Kb 7 Ob, 1 dare lay I don't know.
Wonder would your friend- ah Mr.
Klrkwood, lend me an arm'/"
"Charmed," Klrkwood declared
suavely, "if you'll take the candle, Mil.
Bella ni.'1
"One moment," ibe Interposed lo
confusion. "I won't keep you waiting." And, passing, with an averted
face, sbe ran quickly upstairs to the
second door, taking the light with her.
Its glow faded from the walls uliove,
ind Klrkwood surmised that she had
entered the front bedchamber. Por
tome moments be could besi her moving uliout. Once something scraped
ind bumped on the floor, as If a heavy
Ut   of   furniture   bid   been   moved.
Agtln there wst t resounding thud
that iii'tii'ii speculation, uud this wus
presently followed, by a dull cluug of
iSventuully-ll was nut really long-
there ciinic Ihe quick rush of Mrs.
iiaiiaiii'u feet slong the upper ball,
snd the woman reappesred, one hsud
holding her skirls clear of ber pretty
feet as she descended In a rush tbat
caused Ihe candle's dame to flicker
perilously. '   .
Halfway down "Mr. Klrkwoodl" tbs
called, tempestuously,
"Didn't you And It?" ha countered
She stopped jerkily st tbe bottom,
sud ufter a moment of confusion "Find
what, sir!" she asked.
"What you sought, Mrs. Hallam."
Smiling,'he bore unflinching the prolonged Inspection of ber eyes, at ones
somber with doubt of him and flashing
nidi Indignation because of his Impudence.
"You know I wouldn't find It, than,
didn't your
"I muy havi suspected you
Now he was sure that sbe bad been
scan hing for tbo gladstone bag. That
evidently was the bone of contention.
Culendur bad Bent bis daughter for It,
Mrs. Helium her son. Dorothy bad
been successful. But, on tbc other
band, Calendar und Mrs. nullum were
iitiqiiestlonubly allien    Why, theu—
"Where Is It, Mr. Klrkwood?"
"Madam, huve you Ihe right lo
Through another lengthening pause
while tiiey faced each other be, murk-
ed again Hie in long contraction of her
under lip
"I huve llie right/' she declared
steadily. "Where Is It?'
"Uow can I lie sure?" ,
"Then you don't knowl"
"Indeed," he Interrupted, "I would
be el.nl lo feel Ihut I ougbt to tell you
w li.it I know."
"What you knowl"
The excluiniition, low spoken, more
uti, echo of Iter thoughts than lutcuded
for Klrkwood, wus accompanied by u
little shake of the woman's head, mute
evidence to lite fact thut she was be
wil.letcil by his lltiessc. And this de
lighted Ihe young mun beyond uicas
ure. making him feci himself master
of it difficult situation.
Tlie woman would bave led agulu,
but young llullmu cut In nono too
"1 say, mamma, It's no good stand
In' here puluverln' like a lot of flats
Besides, I'm uwf'ly knocked up. l.ci'i-
gel home uud huve It out there."
Instantly his mother softened. "My
poor boy I  Of course we'll go."
As they passed out Klrkwood sbul
the door, und nl Hie same niomeut (hi
Utile purl) wus brought up standing
liy ii gruff uml iititborllsllve summons
"lust n minute, please, you I here!"
"A Im I" sn hi Klrkwood to himself
"1 thought so. And he halted in un
feigned respecl for Ibe burly und Iin
presslvc figure, garbed In blue anr
brass, burring Ibo way to tbo car
Mrs. Unburn showed less t! .fcrcnci
for llie obstructionist. Tbe assumcc
hauteur nnd Impatience of ber post
were aiiiiiity reflected in ber voice a,
sbe rounded upon the bobby with at
Indignant demand, "What Is tbc mean
ing of tills, officer?"
"Precisely what I wants to know
ma'nm," returned tbc man, uuyleldlni
hiiictith his respectful attitude. "I'll
obliged to usk you to tell me what yot
were lining In Hint 'ouse. And wbat'i
llie mailer with this 'ere gentleman'/'
be udded, with a dubious shore a
young ilttllum's bandaged bead am
rumpled clothing.
"I'orhups you don't understand," ad
milled Mrs. Hsilam sweetly. "Ol
course-! see—It's perfectly natural
'ibe liouso has been shut up for sonu
time und"-
"Thuuk you, ma'am, that's Just It
There was something wrong going oi
curly In the eveulng, and I wss toll1
to keep sn eye on tbe premises. Il'i
duty, ma'am. I've got my report t.
mo ko."
, "The bouse," said Mrs. Hsllsm, will
the long suffering patience of one clu
diluting a perfectly plain proposillot
to i being of a lower order of lutein
gence, "Is the property of my son
Arthur Frederick Burgoyne llulluu
of Cornwall.  This |s"-
"Bcg pardon, ma'am, but I was toll
Colonel George Burgoyne of Corn
"Colonel Burgoyne died some tinn
ago. My son is his heir. This Is uij
ion. Ue come to tho house this even
ing to get some properly ht desire*
ind, It seems, tripped on tbe stain ant
fell unconscious. I became worrier
tboul him and drove over, aecora
punled by my friend Mr. Klrkwood.'
Tlie policeman looked bit. trouble*
state of mind and wtgged s doubtfu
bead over tbe case. Then wu lib
duty, and there was, opposed to It, thi
fact that all tbrce wen garbed In tbi
livery of thc well to do.
At length, turning to tbe driver, bi
demanded, received and noted ia bit
memorandum book tbe license numbet
of the equipage.
"it's s very uuuiusl cast, ma'am,'
he apologized. "I 'opet you won't 'oil
it ogulust me. I'm only trying to d<
jut duty"—
(To b< m&wi)
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the  Express
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Every lady longi to huve wavy bsir.
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ont. For torn. y.*r. cut bsir hui b.en
permanently wived, but ths process it
nnd to iiiiilcrc,.) wu too iivsrs lor it
to   bo applied to   hsir on tbe bead,
but now  11. c hai discovered 1 mi-
ih.nl by which tho hair can bt wtved
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wave will not wiali out and damp
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Kil'iiliHiH liilililli WIN
Sign and Price Markers
10 Fairfield Bid.      Fone R3172
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Securities Corporation Ud
440 Seymour Street
R. Kerr Houlgate - - - Manager
All North Vancouver people .at st
Either Flack Block or Hastings street, opposite thc new
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North VaNcoUvih
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Crtidctlfd Surgical, Medical ind
Maternity Nurstt
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'UHi Strict Esst,
•'_      PHONI  «9
-   .. Ji.1
All new houses should be piped (or gas in order to save the
heavy expenditure for this con-
venlttict at a later data.
300 Feet of Water-
frontage with crown
grant, known as
Wallace Shipyards.
Terms to iuit purchaser.   Apply
h, h. wim
Seymour St.
n. c. uumtu
Expert on Fireplaces and all
classes of Brickwork
All Work Guirtotted
Corasr Kftemth St. sod afthon An.
Pleasant Fields
oLHoly Writ
Save for my daily range
Aniong  Ihs  pleasant  fields of Holy
I might despair. —Tennyson.
First Quarter.  Lesion XII: March l!l,
1911: 1 Kings m:1!M|.
When l.nyiir.l witb infinito toil
unoovored tho marvellous bsS-relieli ol
the long-buried cities ol tbo Far Emt,
it wai as il tho modern world wus introduced to the ancient. On those
itony pages human bopos and fesrs
of tho long ago woro recorded. Conventional portraits of great wur-lordi,
mothodi of defense and nl Ind. ul citio., armor defensive snd offensive,
treatment of csptives-ovcrything in
there in iniiiute und exact detail. Hut
all 1I1, while on tho pages of the Ililile
tbe same scenes were depicted witli
equal fidelity. The written pigs answers tbe graven one. Each confirms
the other. * * * It is u .fad comment on the laggard evolution of the
human race in ideas ot'uicul und customs Immune that so much spuon is
I11l.cn lo picture war und that in. ud
ililc ImiI1.11 itics ure dopicteil. Yet when
these pictures oi pen und chisel ure
laid down besido the scenes ol (be present the real aud vast progress of the.
raco is discovered. Then kings went to
war as farmers go to harvest und lor
the lume purpose. Now tho intervals
between wurs oro incrooiiilgly long,
cruelty or evon indignity to prisoners
is in.li,.,,1:, .1 of, und war for booty is
u thing of the pust. Messianic dream
seems on edge of fulfillment. There aro
lo be no more garments rolled in blood
implements ol war ure to be converted into those of Inn I.en.In . aud the
science of wur is to cease to be studied. • • • Ij, d^ specific historic
instoncos of this narrative ono custom
that strikes the Occidental mind us ridiculous is illn ii.ii,,l It js the interchange of bombastic threats through
lierulds. There wa. cunning in the
iwngger, however. It wus u device to
creule fear and punio in tho enemy.
Inc. I:. 1,1.. .I...1'.., heralds declared that
such u host of invader,; were drum,:
ihut il each man only took a handful
fill ol "earth uwuy with him Samaria
ilsolf would be curried uway bodily.
That ii like vvhul oni.' suid ul Tiirr
niopylue, namely, ihat Persian arrowi
would darken Ihe light of tho sun.
Ahab'i clever answer Iiub patted  into
II proverb, or perhaps it wai already
one, "Let not him that girdelh his armor on boast us he who puts it oil."
It corresponds to our adage, "1'iaiie
not tho duy until evening." iho glut-
litmus, libidinous inebriutiou ol that
age hus illustration when on the eve
of buttle lienhudiid spread a banquet
aud gave himiell lo drunken revel.
That is vvliat Ilclshu'/ur did whon Vy
mi wus al bis gale. The result was,
ol course, delout in both instances.
Alinb'ii object bearing luwurd Bcnbad-
ad had made tbe latter over-confident.
Thjs in turn led to laxity in discipline
snd military precautions. Benliad-
ud's drinking himself drunk in company With Iliu feiler,,I. ,|  prnieni    m.iy
have been intended to mark his contempt for a foe whom ho cousidorod as
already eonquorod. * ' • Tbo selection of tho stpiires of tho knights as
tho "forlorn hopo" to nuiko the first
assault was wise generalship. Thoy
wero picked young men, umbjtioi(s
for military glory, with oourauo to go,
few in number, against superior force.
' " * It is historically true thul in
the main thu great achievements in »r|
science, literature, discovery, conquest
and religion have h.. n mude by younu
men. • ' ' Tito flight of Ibe Syrians
boforo a handful of the I.ruclitei is
not incredible. History teems with
unulogous cuses. In Ihe panic the attacked often destroy ono uuothcr. '
* ' Tbo very terms which llonluidad
proposal show tho inhiirniiu cruelty < f
war as then wuged. * * " That was a
politic ..iiiil.e of Ahab whin bo culled
11 council, not of tl|o "hulk ul Ilic people as .loscphus says, but of those immediately concerned, whose , properly 1
and families were iu peril. Thul ucl
knit the most influential citizens lo tho I
king'B cause. ' * ' The decision of tho
council wus rendered in thut sotitcn-
lions, aphoristic form in whirl) tho'
Oriental mind st ill delights—"Barken
11..1. ncithor consent I ' * ' Drunkenness was ll. 1.Ii.nl,,,1',. rial undoing |
11 lie hud not been drunk he ndclit!
huve taken the field iu person and
rallied his panic si rick. 11 troops as:
many u pommuiidor bus dune, * * '
Druiikeiiuess in a superior olivet who j
has the life of uu army in his hands,
or of 11 ruler to whom thu keeping of
the Slate is commit 1.1I, is a crimo in
Ihe individual, u disaster to the
many. I'ufurliliuilcly llenhadad'i I lie
is mil yet extinct. On the eve of 11
crisis domestic, professional) conim 1-
eial, tnuiiy u 1111111 still "drinks himself drunk." Others wholly innociiit,
us well as himself wholly guilty,  reup
the havoc ol il.
1   •   t
March   IU,   1911 1   I'roverbl viv: 21 ;
I Timothy vj I 1719.
THE    DANGER    AM)    ISIS    111''
Current  conduct  is a lint  denial of
the wordt of Jesus lli.it life does not
consist in lie abundance ot ih  linn:
u mun possesses,    Mud pursuit,   uu-
; scrupulous means, ill. g .1 Oninbil.utinnl
'show ihul iiicn bdnve ihat ubunllunoe
. of  things ii life.    The  Hibie pull no
premium on un idlu or mendicant life,
Ou the   eontrury il  is a very handbook for a young man m w man  It-
• ginning in business life.      Hut   iblugl
ui-e to be in proportion.  The "Kingdom of heuven" (the very essence   of
which   is   Ibo   cultuit   of the    nior. I
quolilisi) is to be -ins/lit   i'iri-1,   then
oilier thitigi in their relative order. If
moral cub ure is  put   last,  then  lho
very luceeis in innterial thing I   miy
retard, if il does not make impossible
development of the noblest qanlilosol
which the nnil is capable.
50x147 ft. lot, half a block wait of Lonsdale Avenue
Price $3000, $1000 cash, balance 6,12 & 18 months
*'    "  I,   ' I      I !■
Ward, Burmester & von Graevenitz
Phone 71
1) & A Corsets, all sizes, per pair    750
D & A Corsets, latest cut, extra long hip, per pair $1.00
Dei A Corsets, short, medium or long, per pair...' S1.50
1) & A Corsets, crest ami self-reducing, from I1.75 to $3 50
"Mas Filled" corsets, short, medium and long, price
it 25 »l> to  $2.95
"Bias Filled" Corsets, wircliotie filling, cannot be broken
price per pair $4.25
Button, comsd from your own nulfriftl.   Butlirick Psttsnu ud Publication!.
Sinser Sewini Machine* ut Acccuoriai.
I)ii not fail to visil'lbe liigh class Millinery under tin:
management ol Miss Collie in our tipper Lonsdale store. All
hats ate marked al strictly Toronto prices.
Keith HI.nl. I ..n dale Block
1'liouc 93 Phono 263
In   linn   caso them   ii notbing   net    Important  Notice  to Parent!
essarily supernalurul. ft .s vii.it   ,'iiy
clear-brained man wilh 1111 aptitude to- I    (
wurds strategy might  have tuggo-tcd
omiiiencing pupils lor the primal..
Plans, Specifications, Estimates
P. 0. Box 27, North Vancouver
| division., uf the public ichooll will b
received und enrolled on Monday, 3rd
1 April. To facilitate airaiigemoiils  for
I iiddiiioiiul 1 la   . llie School   Truster"'
request   thut  names nnd  nil.In- -
i all now pupils desirous of enrolment
' be submit I c,|  to tfachers of llie sev
era I sehooli wilhoul delay.
(ii'.O, CAMI'llEI.I.
Secretary.     '21-3
The North
Company -
Have now a good
stock of
at Bottom Prices.
Prompt Delivery.
Esplanade, East
H .   11
Bread!   Bread!
Union Made.   Home Industry.
Bigger Loaf.   Better   Bread,
Don't forget our latest Home Made Louf.    5c loaf.
Stores: 711 on.sil.ile Ave. Cor. Lonsdale & flili St.
132x119 on LONSDALE AVE.
Corner St. James     Lane one side     All cleared
Only $1000 Cath
Balincc Esijr =
$6,000 -
Si 111 AI.INti
213 Lonsdale Avenue      •       Tel. 47
Corner Nye - Tel. 87
NOTICE is hereby givcii that at the
next lilting of the Hoard of Licensing]
f'omniiiiioncri for the ('ily of  North
Vancouver, we, lho undersigned, iiiteml
lo apply lor a hole! license for lirun
iso. situate on loli I'i  and 'Mi, block
166, diilricl lot  iU, hirst   ilrout, in
the laid City of Ninth Vancouver.
OKI). I). l.AMOM.
Dule.1 al Vancouver, March I lib, I'd I
BUHKAHD SASH & DOOR I ACMiltV, foot of St. George
Wt tolicit n trisl bid ou your Orders mull or Isrgt
LONSDALE AVE, 50x154 ft lot, Blk. 239; $1800, one half c**b
KEITH ROAD, 60 ft. lot, Blk. 65; $2600, one third cash.
SEVENTH STREET, 50 ft lot, Blk. 6; $1150, one third <ca»h
TWENTIETH STREET, 33 ft lot dote to Uwdale Ave.; $650, one
half cash
121 Male Ave,, 1 forth Vawwver, and HoBybur*, Wmm* 8JBBT
BY-J.AW No. W,
A BYLAW to uiiuhle the Corporation
ol tlie City ul North Vancouver to
raiie by wuy ol loan.tho ium of
I' Hlli.iHHI for ichool |nn|«.:■,...
WHKHKAS tlie iliiiinl of Trinities of
Jforth Vuneouver City School Dill riot
, have prepared u ilotnilod eitiiniito of
tlw limn:. loipiired In incel apeciul or
axtruordiiiiiry  oxiienios   legally ' incur-
rnblt! by tho Board, which esltntiito ii
us follows:
Estimate of special or oxtruiinlitiury
tSponditiiro for IUII :
(ii'ii.lini; uud itirfiicing of
ground., coiiitruction ol
Sidowallta uml erection nf
In hui. I, in fences ut l.nus-
dalo icliool on lots '' II, 8,
and 'J, block '-'"ti, D..L. 615   $75U.OO
Beiuovui of .luiiilor'i hnuio,
|ire|iiirulii,ii of new aito for
muni., with addition of)iuaa- •
iiiciit   Hon r di .nn,n.c etc 'JfiU.00
Erection of eight-roomed fireproof school house on block
11W, I). I.. .WI 4BQ00..0Q
AND WHKHKAS the mid estiomlu
wns laid before Ilic City Council und
duly considered Jiy llie suitl Council
nn.I llie suid .sum nhnvu mentioned
wus finnlly rejected und disu|)|iroveil
by tin suid Council ou Ilic litb duj
of February,  IUII.
AM) WHKHKAS the Ailing .Muyor
of llie (."ily hui since lho rejection end
disapproval of Ihe suid estimate, to
nil, on the '.Mlh duy of Fcbruiiry,
IUII, received from llie Secretary oi
tbo suid Board uf School Trustees, a
wnii.i, rcpiest thul tlio suid '.nn
Mayor submit for ills insuit of the
Electors, in the niuiiiier prescribed b)
Section til of the "Municipal flumes
Act" u liv I.nn authoritiug the pio
p.,...I expenditure und if noecilury the
railing of I he moneys required lo defray ilic .'..n„ upon Iho credit nf the
A.M)   WHKHKAS   il   ii   iioccsiury
tin.I the laid money bo raised upon
tlie credit of the Mitnicipiilily.  .
AND WHI.IiKAS llie Council hui
sathori/ed lho .ulunission of this By-
law to the electors ;
AM) WHKHKAS for tin payment of
interest ou i he debentures proposed
to be issued under this By-Law, und
lor dealing, u sinking fund for the
payment ol lho suid, debentures when
due, ii will be necessary to ruiso liy
spend rule ill addition to all olhor
rules, cinii your during the currency
ol sui.li ilebeiil ures, the sum ol *'-',-
801.36. wli.'icl ti,\m i« to lw raised
iinnn.idi fur lite puytuoiil of intereit
during ihe currency of mid debeiilurei
and faul.llli lu Ih- railed annually lor
the purpoie of creating a liukluu fund
for payment of the debt seemed by Iho
ssid debentures ihe mine being mude
Koyublo in Ufty years from the   if.to
AND WHKHKAS in order to miso
the iuid yearly ium of t.."«J. for
intereit uud sinking fund, un c.|uul
spend lull' on Ilic diillur will In required to bo levied on ull lho i.it.ulile
reul properly hi I In' -ind City ,
' A.M) WHKHKAS the whole rateable
reul properly in the mid I'ily .i.'cording ,1.1 tlie lull i.,i.i I uiietiioonl roll
il tJ,»'^,!if,2.M •
AM) WHKHKAS Un le-grtyati ol
Ibe aiillitig debenture debt of the
corporation i. Sii6,li7il I except lor
Work, of locul improvement und for
school pujjJoMHJ of ..Inch none of tho
principal nnd niiiTesl n iu merer:
Till 1(1 Mllll Ihe Municipal Council
of Ilic I orporalion of the City of
North Vnneonier, with the assent of
the electors of Iho lily ol North Vuneouver duly obtained, enact, us follows :
1. ll ih.il! lw lawful, for the Mayor
of the City ol North Vuneouver and
the 'Hy ( Ink |,,i the puipoic afore
•aid to borrow or ruiie by wuy of
loan from any por.olfol persons, body
or bodies rorpoiul#c, win, muy lie willing lo advance the mine upon ibe credit ol the debenture, hereinafter men
tinned of the corporation, a uiu ol
money not esccsding iu lho whole the
sum of llii,WI und lo cause iheiume
to be placed iu the Hunk of British
Norlh Allien... nl Wilt Vuneouver,
to Hi. credit ol lho lily lor lho purpoic .bow recited, and .ueh mooiyi
.hull l>e used for Ihul puipoie only.
il. Debenture ol the City not t>-
otsdiau in uinount lb. mud ol Forty
Sis Thousand illii.issii Dollars muy
be iuued by the suid Mayor and I'll)
Clerk in I ei uu ol the Mumripiil Clous-
st Act in sums in muy lie desired, but
not leii Iliuii One Thousand ($1,000)
Dolluis ens. Kuch of the mid dsbuu-
turci shall lw signed hy ihe mid Muyor und City Clerk, and the City
Clerk ihall uihv the Corporate Seal
of the ssid City oi North Vancouver,
il. The debenture, shall bcur date
tb. 37th day of March, IUII. and
shull bear interest ul the rots ul five
psr cent, per annum puy able hall
yearly uu lho /lib day of September
snd tho '/7th day of March in earh
snd .very year during Ihe currency
of the iuid deberilurei or uny nf them.
There ihnll be atlurhiid tu tlie detail
lure, coupon, ngiied by the Mayor
poly for esoh sua every payment of in
1 teresl Ihat muy become due, and .ueh
jjgiiuturo muy be either writUu,
sluiii|i«l, prinlsd nr lithugraphed.
I.   Ihe iuid debenture! I* to principal and int«re.l may be nude puy-
..I.I.   oi ihs Bank ti British  Norlli
America al North Vsneouver, 'loron
.1   Mvnlrsal,  I'soidt,  ot at  tie
snid   Hunk   in   lie   City of   Umion,
England, ut par of etching, and (to
principal   turn  shall   be   susdu
lie by   th.  Cily  .1   u ds<s not
ihss fifty yours from the  dste
Km which (Ms By-Law tike, efsct.
i.inog   list   wjwje  term   of  toe
sud raind each yesr jo sdkutws   to
H ether  rites   on ill die  rsltsMe
unsMty in Uw dty end sMs\Vasnl
psy the  interest upon lie    ssid
tiureof when due, subject to slty sat
ur cinictineiit. respecting the tame,
Such special rate shall be inserted in
the Collcot or's Boll or Bolls and shall
be payable to and collected by tlie
said Corporation ia Iho sumo £ay as
other rates in tlie said roll or rolls,
save as hereinafter provided.
6. In order to provide for the rates
set out in paragraph (,'>) and subject
as aforesaid, there shall lie raised annually by special rate daring the currency of the said debentures the mm
of $8,300- to provide Jpr-.tba-paynient
of interest thereon and tho sum of
$301.35 to provide for the repayment
ii the principal thereof.
7. The pro reed a of the satd d alien
turoi shall lie applied us follow, and
not otherwise:
In) In payment of the cost of the
puising of this By-law and the issue
and sale of the debentures therein referred to and all expenses connected
witli tlie said loan.
(ll) In recouping the said cm porn
lion for such sums us have boon expended hereunder until tlie proceeds ol
lho i.ulo of the suid dobonturos becomes available.
o) To carry out the purpose of
tliis By-law as above set out.
. All money! arising out of the
annual   special   rate  liercinliefire    pin-
i.led fur sinking fund shull ho invested by tlie Council nl taid Corporation
from limo to time aa the luw tii.-'crts.
0.  No i. Iini.' shall  be uilowed  nn
io special rates to be levied under
this By-law.
It). This By-Luw .hall take elect on
ths 97th day of March, A.D., IUII.
11. Thii By-Law may be cited- fur
all purposes as "The City of North
Vancouver Schools extraordinary
Kxpomlilitro Loan By-Law, l!)|l.",
Puiiod by the Council on the l!Uh
duy of March, A.D. lull.
Deceived tho assent of I lie e'ectors
uf tlie City of North Vancouver at an
election for tho purpoae un tile
dav of A. D. IUII.
Id. nn: id. i. .1 by Ihe Council und tin
ally udoptod, signed by tho Mayor end
City Clerk and sealed wilh the Corporate Soul on the day
ol                           A. D. IUII.
TAKE NOTK'K thai the above, is a
true copy uf tho pruposed By-Luw upon which Iho vole of tho Kloclors of
the Municipality of Iho I'ily of North
Vancouver will be taken within tho
city Hall, North Vancouver, II. C., on
Saturday, Iho Twonly-liflh day of
Murch, A.II., IUII, between the hours
uf U o'clock a.m. and 7 o'clock p.m.
Cily Clerk und Returning Officer.,
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given
Ihat the vote ul Ihe Kloclnrs uf lho
City uf .Ninth Vuneouver will be taken
un Iho '.'..ih duy uf March, IUII, between the hums uf U o'clock a,in uud
7 o'clock p.m. nn "The Cily of North
Vancouver Schools Extraordinary Et-
pen.liliirc Loan By-Law, IUII," and
that within the City Hull, North Vancouver, 11. C, uml thut Thomas Sliajl-
henl hus been appointed Returning (it
In. i lo lake the vole of such Klcctnrs
with tho uiitul powers in that behalf.
By Order nl too Council,
City Clerk.
I1V.I.AW Nn. Ifi7.
A BYLAW to enable lho'Corporation
of the City of Ninth Vancouver to
raise by wuy of Loan Ihe sum nf
$2D,tHH) |n purchase reul property
for i .a p.ii ut ion pui pose.
WHKHKAS the Council ul lho Cily
uf Villi Vancouver il applying for a
license tu use Kice Luke ai a nuturul
iturage reservoir.       >
AND WHKHKAS th. Council desire,
thut tho wuler ihed ihall lie protected sud for that purpose it is nocoi-
sary in coiineclinn wilh lho undertaking and work, propnssd tu acquire liy
purcliuae thc land, in llie imniudinle
vicinity ol the laks liluated in District Lot flh:
AMI WHKHKAS a petition .ignsd
In tlie owners of more thun uns-tenth
of the value of real pro|ierly la the
('ily (us shown by tho last rsviscd as-
..-.1,1,1,1 roll) hui been presented to
the Council rspiesting then to introduce a By I n» Ui iiuthi.ii;,■ them tn
hoiiow the ium nf Twenty Thuuiand
i|.'o,i»m, Dollari (or the purpow ol acquiring by purchsM blocks three |8),
lour (J), five i6|, sis («), eleven (II),
twenty two I'/.), twenty-three (23),
I went v in (36), twenlyscveii (27) Slid
twenty-eight 12*) in Diitrict Lot
right hundred snd fifty five (866)
comprising sn area uf 60.34 acre more
nr less :
AND WHKHKAS fur Hit payment of
inlerest on the debenture! proposed to
lie issued under this Bylaw, end lor
creating s linking fund (or tlie payment ol th. Mid debenture when due,
it will be necessary lo raise liy sjkv
cial rale in addition to all other rules
eacli year during ibe currency ol .ueh
debenture., ih. turn of 11,131.02,
whereof 11000.00 it to be raised annually for payment of interest during
Ins currency of said debenture., snd
1)31.02 ii lo be railed annually for the
purpow of creating s nuking fund fur
payment of the 'debt secured by lie
said debentures, the same being mude
psy able is fifty years from th. date
hereof :
AND WHKHKAS in order to raise
Hi. ssid yearly .um of $1131,02 (sir inlerest sod linking fund, sn squal ipccial rsit on ih* dollar will bt required to be levurd on oil the rateable
rsal property io the ttid Muniei-
psJBy i
AM) WHKHKAS Uu whole rateable
roef properly in the slid Mm.
seeordjtos to lbs but revised assess-
ment rou is $9Aw&/w&}',
Ap WBEBEA8 tbs aggwata o|
the existing debenture dobt of the Corporation is W,»70 (except lor uorks
o| local improvsmsnt and for school
purposes) of which pops of the principal am) interest is In arraar,
TIIKHKI'DltK |hs Municipal Council
of tho Corporation of the City pi
North Vancouver (with tho assent pi
the electors ol the City ol North Vancouver duly obtained) enacte as follows:
(1) It shall be lawful for the Mayor
of thu City of North Vuneouver and
the City Clerk, for tlie purpose aforesaid to borrow or raise by way of
loan from any person or persons, body
or bodies corppruto, who may be willing to advance the same upon tbs
credit, nf the debentures hereinafter
mentioned of the Corporation, sum of
money not exceeding in the whole the
sum of Twenty Thousand Dollars
I ."'i l ,t mi 11 and' to en use the lamo to be
placed in the Bank ol British North
America, st North Vancouver, to tbe
credit of the City for the purpose
above recited, and such moneys shall
bo used for that purpose only.
(2) Debenture, of ths City not ex-
con line in amount the sum of Twenty
Thousand Dollars ($20,000) may be issued by the said Mayor and City Clerk
in terms of the Municipal Clauses Act,
iti ium! a. may be desired, Inn not
less than Ono Thousand Dollar. ($1,-
000.00) each. Each of tho said debentures shall be signed by the said Mayor uud City Clerk, and tho Cjty Clerk
ahull affix Incroto tho Corporate Seal
nl tlie said City of Nortli Vancouver.
(3) The debentures shall boar date
the twenty-seventh day of March, 1911.
and shall bear interest al the rate of
live per cent, por annum, payable ball
yearly on tlie twenty-eoventh   duy   of
September   and   I he   I ttenl.l   :.e\ clllh day
of Murch in each and every year dut-
ing tho currency of thu said debenture.
or any of them. There shall be ut
inched to tho debentures, coupons
signed by tho Mayor only for eacli
uud every payment uf interest that
may bocumo due, and such signature
may be cither writtoh, stamped
printed or lithogruphed.
(I) Thu said debentures as to principal und interest muy bo mado payable at the Bunk of British North
America at Norlh Vancutivcr, Toronto ur Montreal, Cunudu, ur at tbe
iuid Bank in the City ol London,
Kngluiid, ut pur uf exchange, und the
suid piiin'ip.iI sum shull bo made payable by the Cily at a date nol later
Iliuii fifty yours from tlto Iuto upon
which this By-Law takes effect.
(6) During Ihe whole term of tho
currency nf tho suid dcbenturci a special rule nn lho dollar shall be lovied
und j .iii.l each your in addition to all
other rules un ull thc rutcable reul
properly iu Ihe Municipality sufficient
lo pay the int. ic i upon the snid debentures ami to create a sinking fund
fur the payment of iho principal
ihem,f whon due, subject to any uct
iir eini,'tin,uit ic.p.ciinn tho same.
Such special rule shall lie inserted in
the .11.'. i.i' roll nr rolls and shall
be payable to and cullecled by tho
said Corporation in the sums wuy ai
oilier rulei in lho suid roll or rolls
suvo in hereinafter provided.
(0) In .nd.r tu provide lor the rates
sol nut in puragrupli 161 and subject
in .ii'oi r.,,id, thero iliull be raise I annually by spceiul rule during tho currency of the laid debentures tbe sum
of $1,000 to provide for Ihe payment
uf intereit therein, uml the sum of
(Lll.ll'J to provide for the repayment
of the principal thereol.
(7) The proceeds of lho aaid debentures shull lie upplicd an follows, end
not otherwise :
(a) In |my ment of the cost nf the
pulling nf thii Bylaw and the issue
und sule of Ihe debenture, therein referred lu nnd ull espouses connected
with Ihe auid lunn ;
(b) In recouping Hie said Corporation fur such sums us huve been expended hereunder until the proceeds of
tho sale of Ihe iuid debentures becomo
mailable \ ,
(c) Tu curry nut the purpose of this
By-Luw ui above lot out.
(S) All moneys uriiing out of tho
utinuul s|ie.nil rule bsrsjulisfnra provided for sinking (uud sjmll be invul-
od by the Council uf suid Corporation
from time to time m the lawdirccti.
(0) No. rebate shall bo alluwcd . n
Iho special rule, to lie lovied under
Ihi. By-Luw.
(10) Thi. By-Law ihall luue ifftct
un the twenty-seventh day of .March,
A.I)., HHl.'
(II) Thii By-Law may lo Cited fur
all purpuiei as "The Hicc I tike By
Law, 1U11."
Passed by the Council on lho Thir
leenlh day nf March A.D. IUII.
Itemed the in-soni  ol Iho Kleilori
ol Ih. City of Norlk Vuneouver at an
election for the purpura un .ut
day ol A.D., IUII,
Ho'Cunsidored by the Cuuncil und finally udoptod, aigncd by ths Mayor,
and City Clerk aud acaled with the
Corporate Heal ou th. day
of A.D. 1911.
BY-LAW NO. 168
TAKE NOTICE that tht above it a
true copy of llie propoicd By-Law upon which the vote ol the Eleclori of
the Municipality of the City of North
Vancouver will bo taken within the
City Hull, North Vancouver, B. C, on
.'-.it in .Liy, the .Twenty-fifth day of
March, A.D., 1911, botween the hour.
of 9 o'clock a.m. and 7 o'clock p.m.
City Clerk and Boturning Officer.
PUBLIC NOTK'K i. hereby given
that thc vote of the Electors of the
Cily of Norlk Vancouver will be taken
on the 261 h day ol Murch, lull, between the hour, of 9 o'clock a.m. sud
7 o'clock p.m. on "The Hi™ Lake By-
Law, 1911," snd that within thed'
Hall, Nortli Vancouver, B. 0., nnd
il.nl Ih.una. Shepherd hui been appointed Keturning Officer to take tie
vote >if such Electors with the usual
powsrs in that behalf.
By Order of the Council,
City  l%fy.
A BY-LAW to enable tho Corporation
of the City pi North Vancouver to
raise by way of loan the sum of
$8,000.00 for tho purpose of carry:
ing out altsratious qn aad additions to the City Hall and for
heating and furnishing the buildings.
WHKHKAS in order thereto it will
be necessary |o issue debentures pf the
City of Nprth Vancouver for the sunt
nf Eight Thousand ($8,000) Dollars as
hereinafter provided (which is ths
amount of the debt intended to be
created by this By-Law), tlie proceed!
pi  thS  said   Debentures   to   be   applied
tp the said purpose and no other.
AND WHKHKAS n petition signed
by tbe owners of moro than one-tenth
'1 Hi) of tlie value ol reul properly in
the City (us shown by lho last revised
assessment roll) has been presented to
the City Council requciUng them to
iuiioiliiec a By-Law to authorize them
to borrow the sum of $6,000.00 for the
purpoie ol carrying nut altera!inns un
ana additions to tho City Hall and for
heating and furnishing tlie building!.
AND WHEREAS for Ihe payment ol
interest uu the debenture! prupoiedto
bo issued under this By-Law, und for
creating a sinking fund for the payment of the said debentures when due.
it will bo necessary to raise by special
rate in addition to all other rates
each year during thc currency of such
debentures, the sum nf $162.11 whereof
stun no is to lie railed annually for
payment uf interest during Iho currency uf said debentures, una $62.41 is tu
bo ruised umiunlly for thu purpose nf
creating u linking fund for payment of
the deli! secured by thu said debenture.., llie stinte being made payable in
fifty youri  front tlto dutc hereof:
AND WHKHKAS in order to raise
the said yearly sum of $15141 I6r intereit and sinking fund, an eipml ipo-
ciul rutu on tho dollar will bo required tu bo levied un all tlie rulcehlc
real property in the mid municipality.
AND WHKHKAS the whuli rateable
reul properly in Ihe mid Munic'pulity
according lo tile lust revj oil - assessment roll is 30.8U».6fi2.60.
AND WHKHKAS Iho aggregate of
lho existing debenture debt ol the Corporation is $776,670 (isceiil for works
of local improvement and fur ichuul
piirpuscs) uf which' none of llie principal und interest ii in arrrar:
TIlr.KKf'OHK lho Municipiil Coun
cij of the Corporation of the City of
North Vuneouver (with the uisenl ol
lho electors of lho Cily of North Vuneouver duly obtained) enacts as follows :
(1) 11 shall bo lawful for the Mayor
of Ihe Cily uf Nnrth Vancouver ond
the City Clerk, for lho piupnso aforesaid tu borrow ur ruiso by wuy of
loan from uny person or persons, body
or bodies corporate, who may be willing In advance the same upon the credit of tlio debentures hereinafter mentioned of tlio Corporation, u sum of
money not exceeding in the whole the
sum nf $8,000.00 und lo cume ths
sumo lu lie pluceil in the Buak ul Ilritisli North America at Norlli Vuneouver, to in, credit of the Cily lor the
purpose above rocilod, uml such moneys shull be used for thut purpose
(2) Debentures of the City not exceeding in amount the sum of j-.tsn ■
IS) muy bu issued by llie s.iid Muyor
md City Clerk in terms of lho Muni-
cipul i hui . Act, in nun. ui muy lie
desjrod but no! less than Ono Thousand (11,000) Dollars each. Kuch of
the said debentures shall lie signed by
thu iuid Muyor und Cily dors and
the Cily Clerk shall ufhx thereto tho
Corporate Seal of Ihe said City ul
Nnrth Vuncnuvcr.    '
f,'l) Tlie debentures shall hour dale
the 27th day of March, 1911, nod shall
lieui intoreit ul the rata of five per
cent, per annum payable h.ilf yearly
on the ''iih duy uf September and the
-Vi h day nf March in each . nd every
year during the currency uf the said
debonturoi ur any nf them. There shall
lie attached lu the debentures coupons
signed by Ihe Mayor only, for cocb
arid-' every payment of interest ,that
may becomo due, und such signature
may be either written, stamped, printed or lithographed.
(4) The said debentures a. lo principal and interest may be made pay-
ublo at tho Bank ol British North
America, at Nortli Vuneouver,-Toronto or Montreal, Cnnailn, nr at thc
said Bank in lho City of London, England, at par of exchange, and the laid
(niiicipul mm ihall bo made payable
ly the Cjty st a date nol Inter (ban
fifty years from the date upon which
this By-Law takes effect.
(h) During the whole term of tbs
currency of tho said debentures a special rate on the dollar shall be levied
uud failed each year in addition to
ull other rates on all the rateable real
property in the Municipality sufficient
to pay tho intereit upon the said debenture, and to ereuto a .inking fund
for tho payment if the principal thereof when • ine, subject to
any act or enaclme it respecting the
■nme. Such .■■pociii! i-afc ihall b. inserted in Ihe Collector's roll or rolls
und shull be payable to and collected
by tire Corporation in the nunc way
us other rates in the said roll or
rolls, ssvs as hcrcinsvflcr provided,
(6) In order to provide for the rate,
wt out in paragraph (6) and subject
ua aforesaid, there shall be raised annually by special ruby during the currency pf the said debenture! lite ism
of $400.00 to provide for (he payment
bf interest thereon 'nnd tlie sum of
862.4) lu provide for the repayment of
(be principal (hereof,'
(7) Tbo proceeds J>l the said dob™
tures shall be appMed at follows and
not otherwise:    /
(a) Io paynwfof the coi^t of the
passing of this ly-Law and the issue
and sulc of I hc/lebeiituret Ihereiu referred to and JIJ expenses connected
wilh tbe sal
(b) Jn reooiipjng the ssid Corporation for such sums as have bean expended hereunder until the proceeds of
the sale nf t|)S sajd debentures become
(o) To parry PUt tht purpose of
this By-Law as above set out.
(8) All nionoyii arising nut of lit
annual special rate hereinbefore provided for sinking (una shall be invested by the Council ol said Corporation
from limo to time as tbe law directs.
(U)   No   rebate ahull  lie ul lowed   pn_
the special rates to be levied under
this By-Law.
(IP) This By-Law shall laks effect
qn the 27th day of March A.D., 1911.
(11) This By-Luw may be cited for
all purposes as "Tbe City Hall Additions By-Law, 1911."
Passed by lbs Council on the 18th
day ol March A.D., 1911.     .
Deceived the assent nl the Electors
ol lbs City ol North Vsncouvsr st an
election for lbs purpose oil ths
day of A. I). 1911.
Boconiidored by the Council and finally adopted, signed by tbe Mayor and
City Clerk, ana sealed with the  Corporate Seal on the day ol
A. D. 1911.
TAKE NOTICE that the above is a
truo copy of tho propoicd By-Law upon whioh the vote oi tbe Elsotors ol
the Municipality of ths Cily of North
Vancouver will bo taken within the
City tTull, Nnrth Vancouver, B. C, on
Saturday, the Tw.nly lifih dty of
March, A.D., 1911, between the bouri
of 9 o'clock a.m. and 7 o'clock p.m.
City Clerk and Boturning Officer.
PUBLIC NOTICE it hereby given
that the vole ol Iho Electors ol ths
City of North Vancouvor will be taken
on the 26th day of March, 1911, between the hours of 9 o'clock a.m. and
7 o'clock p.m. on "Tho City Ball Additions By-Law. 1911," and that within the City Hail, North Vancouvor, B.
C, and that Thomas Shepherd bus
been   appointed   Hctniniau Officer    to
lake    tho   Voto  of   Slich   Kloclors  will)
tlio usual powers in thai behalf.
By Order ol tho Council,
Cily Clerk.
complete |p cpnnsctlon with tbs ssr-
vice of the North Vsnopuvsr (Jlty Per*.
rios, Limited, together with all appurtenances thereto as may be found necessary or convenient.
8;,The Company 'will6' aRr*?»'
tbat the said ssrvloss as set out in
ths preceding paragraph shall be completed to the salislectiim nf the City
on ur before tbe 1st day of .) unitary,
1912, and that otherwise this Agree-,
ment snail lie null ind void and ol
no off sot, . L
In Witness wiiebeop the parties hereto have hereunto let their
hands and sesls.
in tlie pruionco of
TAKE NOTICE that the above Is a
true copy ol the proposed By-Law upon which lbs vole of the Electors ol
the Municipality ol tbs City of North
Vuneouver will be taken within ths
City Hall, North Vancouvor, B, C, on
Saturday, ths Twcntv-lifih day of
March, A.D., 1911, between ths hours
ol 9 o'clock a.m, and 7 o'clock p.m
City Clerk and Hemming Officer.
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby gfveii
that tho vote of tho Electors of the
City of North Vancouver will be' take*
on the 3otb day ol March, 1911, between the hours of 9 o'clock a.m. and
7 o'clook p.m. on "The Nnrth Vancouver ('iky Ferries, Limited, Shares
Purchase   By.-I.ev4   1911," and   that
BYLAW No. 169.
A BYLAW to enable Cue 1'urpnn I ion
uf the City uf North Vuiirupycr lo
subscribe     for    eighty    thousand
shines uf Otic Dollar ouch in tho
cupilal   ...tool,   uf   lho Nortli   Vuncnuvcr Cjty Korriiu Muiilfld.
Bo  il   enacted   by Ihe Muyur   und
Council of the Corporation ul the City
of North Vancouver iu Cuuncil mumbled (with lho assent ol tbi .doctors uf
the   city duly   had uud obtained ) as
I. Authority ii hereby given lo the
Muyur and (lork of lho Corporation
tu sign, execute und deliver on Ichull
of llie Corporation ami tu seul wilh
the curpuruto seul un Indent me ul
An., inn,1 between the North Vancouver Cily Kernel United of lho one
purl' und the Cily of North Vsncou
ver of lite other part in llie tcnni ol
ths schodulo ap|n mini to ihi, By-Law,
and authority ii hereby given to th
mid City lu on(or into uud ugrec lu
Ihe pruviiiuni of Iho lume. Should
tho worki mentioned end iel oul in
(he said agreement to be ncrlorincd by
tho   North   Vancouver   (ily   I-   .
Limited be not cumplelcd 1..-I    the
1st day ol January, IUI2, then   thii
By-Law iliull become null und void
'-'. Thii By-Luw may lie cited for all
purpoioi a. Ibe "North Vuneouver
i'ily Ferries Limited Shares Purchase
By-Law, IUII."
Puuad by the Council on Ihs lllh
duy of Murch,. 1911.
II. e,m !■,I the uwent ol ths doctors st
uu dec! inn hold for lho purpoie im
the d.y of
Hecunaidered and finally p.sssd by
Ihe Coun. iI of the said City ofNurl
Vancnuver on tbe day of
day of ,    jNin.I..11
hundred and cloven.
FEUBIES LIMITED, a body corporals having il. Head Office at
Iho City of Vancouver, It. C,
(Hereinafter  called  tht "Company")
VEB, a body corpora ted,
(Hereinafter called tbc "City")
WHKKEAS it ii necessary lor lbs
comfort and convenience of the riti-
rem of the City of North Vancouver
lo prpvide a new steamer for tbe tut
of Ihe Company, aud lo provide a
wharf, pontoons and bridges and eltc-
Irir sign in connection therewith snd
other equipment for the Company :
AND WHKBEAS it ii necessary to
pi 0vide tbe sum of Eighty Thousand
($80,000.00) Dollari to be expended
Ihorefor by purchase of eighty thousand (80,000) shares in the cspital
stuck of tbe Company at the par value of Out ($1.00) Dollar each,
1. That the City shall purchase
from Iho Company eighty (houiind
(80,000) fully paid up and non-.isicsi-
uble shares in tbe cspital .took of th.
Company at the par value thereof, to
wit: the ium Of Eighty Tlioinnnd
($80,000) Dollar..
2. Tbt Company agrees with Uu
City that it will on or before lbs 1st
day of lanuary, 19)2, provide a new
•tanner lor the ferry service from (he
<5}ty of Norlh Vsneouver to the City
of Vancouver, tnd provide wharf al
Norlh Vancouver wilh pontoons,
bridges,  bvdtdings and electric   signs
com or CiLy Ferries, Limited, Shares
Purdiase By-Law 1911," and that
within the City Hall, North Vancouver, 11. C, and that Thomas Shepherd
has been appointed Beturiiing ufficer
to tske tbe vote ol such Elsctors with
ths usual powers in Ibst behalf.
By Order ol tho Council,
City Clerk.
This By-Law supplement! tho By,
Law passed in December lest by which
tho Council was authorised to borrow
tho sum ol $80,1)00.01) |„ lubscribo for
ihurei in the capital stock of tbs Fsr-
ry Company.
The purpose ol this By-Law is to tu-
ih.ui/e the Council to subscribe for
thut amount of shares and to set
down a time limit within which the
work .to lie uided by such is to be
completed. Most of the sorvices huve
ulreudy been completed; .ueh a. tho
now ferry steamer, tbo wharf, pon-
louiu, bridges, etc. 'Ibo work slit) remaining tu lie done and lo be aided in
part by the $80,000 consists ul improvement! to. the wharf nn lho Van
couvor lide and lit January, I'M! hai
been let down ai a reasonable time
limit within which lo complete these
The Dditntures hsve ulica.lv been
•old und tho purchaiori solicitors ask
for the passage ol this By-Law by I he
I- li .tins lu enable thorn lo report hi
vorably on tho validity ol the issue.
'      1 ' 	
you want Bread,
Scones, Oatcakes
and general Confectionery equal to
135 Lonsdale Ave
(Nest door lo Everybody't Bboe ttnr.)
Scotch Shortbread
and Pies
. 1911
Ths second annual horso show under
the uuHpicoi of North Vancouver Horticultural Sopioty and Farmers' Institute, tfill bs bold pn Friday and Saturday, Juno 9th and 10th'next. Thd
arrangements me in tho hiimls ol a
large and onsrgetio committee who aro
leaving -ner-s|pTlr untried/" to plan a
sbpw upon a largo acalii und ono
which will, altruct the attention ql
lovera. ol the horse throughout a wide
range. An olahoruto list' ol prizes is
already assured, entries will ho accepted in a large number ol different classes and tho program will ho varied and
aHrpotive.      North Vancouver   City
Ferries Limited will he appi'ouclicd
with'u view to procuring free li-rriei^i
lor all stock for exhibition' pmposts
together with awnon and atlcndnnls
thus placing tho facilities ql Vancouver at comrptind lor the accommodation of Lho two or throe hundred buries which it is anticipated will participate. It is hniied that iho llinisttr
of Agriculture may bo secured to opon
tho oliow und that other prominent
members of tho provincial government
as woll ,as men prominout in public
life iu udjacont cities unil municipalities will be in attendance. Tbo committee is proceeding with the prelimin-
inarios with a groat doal of enthu-
nuim and onefgy and as .there aro
several representatives upun tho com
mit too who huvo had ounfiidorublo experience in promoting such shows, the
success of tbe occasion so far as tbo
plan und arrangements are ouno.riied
is assured, while there is no dunbt
that tho enterprising schemo that is
ut present outlined will secure tho
hearty co-operation ol stockmen uud
of tho general public.
Lynn Valley Notes
(Express special correspondent)
Mr. Miller, Kilmer Road, is having
two and a hull acres' cloarcd.
Miss BoBsio Currio of Vancouver
spout Sunday and Monday in thc Vul-
Blocks 226, 227 and 230.    Subdivided into
Lots 50x114 feet.
. For Plans, Price List and Particulars, apply to
Phone 6286. Corner Pender and Seymour Street, Vancouver, B.C.
»Wr|"l !"!■ t' I 'l"!-!- 1..I..i..|..|..i..|,.i.,i..i,.i .|..|..m i .Moini. | ■|..t..Hl.|..t..1..1„i..I,,i..|..|..i„i„i .h- 1"1"1.1 ■!■ 111111111IW
! A  GOOD  PROPOSITION   (or either the j
: Homeseeker or Investor — on   7th  Street, ::
; just west of Queensbury carline, only $1200 jj
; Third cash, balance easy.     Good View.   Good Soil. ::
\ Martinson & Co.
Phone 173. P. O. flox 73
You'll Make Money Here !!
 .IB., , , , • ■      ,
Anyone who will give tin investment opportunity serious consideration for a few minutes will readily
set quick and lurge pioliti accruing to
the purchaser of
Boulevard College
Extension Lots
Lot 1  M76.00
Lots 2, 3 und 4  ouch  678.00
Lot 6    700.00
Lots 6 and 7 , both   I.BM.On
Lot H      876.00
Lois 'J, 10 und 11   JSold
Lots 12 und 13   Doth Sold
Lot U    ! , 060.00
Lots 16, Iti and 17  each   87fcO0
Lot IH  Suid
Nolo the length of these lots, some
of them being 115 feet to n lane
The advantages of these lots for business or residence purposes arc apparent on thc plan attached hereto.
It is Ihe closest car lino'properly to the norlh of the lirund lloulevuid (which ia exclusively for In. h dun residences). It alio faces St. John's College snd grounds and for these reasons alone it will bo a centre ol sumc
inipoi tun. e, Houleiin.I intension lots ure within tlie city limits and have all Ihe advantages uml conveniences ol
other city properly. To cloio out every lot in record time we have undcrprioed thorn, so that you will have to
hurry to get any. Consider alio thc terms which ure much easier than u md 16 cusb, balunco jn C, 12, Iti,
and 21 month" at 6 per cent, por annum.
632 Granville Strset   f VANCOUVER, B. C,
li.nl Estate.    Insurance
Telephone 916.
Authorized Capital
Money   to   I,onii.
14 Lonidale Avenue, North Vancouver. ,,otol j.ono((l,r
Lot 10, Block 35, D. L. 550, 11150. Caih $450, balance 6 and 12 months
Loti 54 and 55, Block 166, D. L. 274, $13,000. Termi to arrange.  Near Lonidale
tht above lots are among tbo bat buys in North Vancouvor, and intending investors will servo their own
interests by investigating. Wo havo thc cxcluiivo sale and alio a largo list ol other lots in the City. It ii
in your .own interest to call and inspect our li.t before deciding.
Real Estate Agent*.      Financial Broken
Head Office: 405 Hastings St. W,, Vancouver, B. C.
British Columbia Branch Offices:
4 Lonsdale Aye., ^orth Vancouver
11)1 Government St., Victoria
Branch Offices in Europe:
Berlin, Germany
London, England
Pjins, France
ley, a guest ol Mm. II. Douglas, Do-
ruu Koad.
Tbo Ladies' Aid of tho Presbyterian church met at tho homo of
Mrs. Gould, Dorun Road, luat Thursday uftci'iiouii.
Frederick Road frum Contro Bond is
being widened.    •
Mr. Thorpe, prnpriolor of t|ui Lynn
Valley hotel, lias taken over tlio mull-
tigoincnt of Camp Municipal, Promise
Tlio donkey ongino at Frommo'B mill
is ut prosont hauling logs tu the mill
pond lor the lummer's rush. Everybody guys this Htinimcr in Lynn Valloy will put till puit .... .on. lu tht
shudo as rogards building.
Ono oi' the Hncsl driveways when finished will bo tho Lynn Vulloy road.
Tho wurk is progressing fail, sumo of
the excavution being itartod close by
Centro Road and working westward.
Many old landmarks ul nsluro'i handiwork uro lust diiuppoaring along tlio
roud under Iho influence uf powder und
fire. Ono very largo rout woll Known
to every early settler who hud the
good lucK to walk pust it many times
has gone lo ushei.
A good number of lots ulofig tho cur
line uro being cleared and iu a few
hollies arc springing into sight,
A Mieiiil evening wus spent u. the
home of Mrs. Gould, Doran RoadJ by
a Dumber of friouds uu Friday cv.aiirg
Tlio Ladies' Aid uf the Methodist
church held their monthly meeting at
Mrs. Morrison's Cutiiplicll Ave. Mrs,
Fox, president of L. A. Methodist
church, Weyburn, wus present us u
guest of honor.
Poor Jack, the kiddies' playfellow,
litis become another victim tu the poison lield. .luck was u dog owned by
Mr. T. Thompson, Centre Roud. '
Tho rock quarry hus been in the io-
puir simp, u general overhauling lulling place.
Mr. .1. N. Bunker, (juoetiBbury
Heights, has sold his line residence uuil
contemplates a trip south. Mr. Hunker
is well known in Lynn Vulley where
ho first mude his home in 11. C. Soiry
lu see J. N. leave us bui his muiiy
friends wish him uud family nil Kinds
of luck and prosperity.
Mr. Robt. Miller ami wife, late uf
Rice Luke, left fur the .1.1 i-ounliy
lust week where Mr. Miller uihcs Willis uncle's business.
Mr. Campbell, proprietor ol I tic
North Vuneouver laundry, uas badly
bitten ou thc hund when administering u dose of imsliciiie 11 hi. il- g,
which hud been poisoned,
II reporls arc rigid the Vulley will
be well supplied with Hurts ihis summer. There is lu be one ul Centre, a
block at Church, one ut corner West-
over and ulso Fr.d.r cl< Roud, o m r
ul the car line,
Mr. Huirill's law house, paler 11 .ad.
is assuming shu|ie und hus u very prominent sitiiiiti.ii overlooking thow.st
view of the  Vulley.
Tenders Wanted
For North Vancouver Properly
Tho  following  proper tics  belonging
lo the estate nl (he lute fieorgc liul
Ion ure offered for sale bv lender.
Comprises I.ut 32, in Block H'.* Subdivision of District Lot   271, North
Vancouver,  being n 50 foot hit   on
the Esplanade nl.lhe N. K. corner of
St.  Andrew's Street.   On thii    pro
party there uic fwo houses nnd mil-'
buildings nt present  rent id for   tit
per month,  No louse.
Comprint   olio lot hiniug   60  (ml
frontage  on   Eleventh   Stroot,  and
known as lol  II, Block '8'J, ftibdi
vision Boil,   Norlh Vancouver
this lot Is erected a frame collage
... nt
present rented for t'J per month. No
Comprises three splendid loll e.nh
having a fronlsgl of tl) Let on
Tenth Stroot, and me practically nil
cleared and graded, of which one lot
ii Ihe S, Vr corner uf Tenth Street
and St, Andrew's, and knonu m
Loli -. 9 uml 10, in Block 9", Sub-
division nf District Lois numbered
iU and S4'J, North Vuneouver.
Tondcreri can lender for any ol
Ihcsc loli ilngly or fur lho three
lot. together.
Compriios u fractional lol in Block
9", and being approvimalelv 17 feel
wide by 100 feet drop, fucing fjohth
Street, and is mure particularly
known uml described ns Lol I of the
rciubdivision of Lot. 2 lo II Block
9~, Diilricl J*ts 619 and iU, Map
1833, North Vuneouver.
Cumpriiei two lols, and ure .I.scribed ns Lots 'XI mill 21, Block lo. Subdivision 169, North Viuicoiuor.
Those two loli are taoh 60 by IM
feci nud form n double corner. I hoy
lie close lo tho proposed now Second
Narrows bridge and lo Ibo Wutor-
Tcndori may bo put in for iho
wbolo or any portion uf cuch ol Ihe
above pnrcels.
Sealed tenders marked "Tenders for
lliition Kstalc Property' will bo received by Percy W.'t'faarltsun, ad-
miniitrotor of llie citato, tip to and
including April lit, lull.
Term, of purchase on all pro
portic. to he one third eush, I rli.nco
payable in 6, 12 and 18  nibs | interest .oven por cent.
Tlie highest or uny lender nol mc
cssarily accepted. Address Icnusrs
PBBCy W. ciiAjd.KRON,
tWePcndor St. W., Vancouver. B. &
■'■    ■ •' ■      -■           '.._■-■ ■ j-
We are clearing out all our Ladies' and Children's Footwear, and in order to do so in tho
shortest possible time have made prices lower
than the cost of manufacture, as follows: ;
Ladies' Patent Blucher, gun metal tops, regular
•jiiJO lines, now : $2.85
Ladies' Patent Oxfords, gun metal tops, regular
$4.26, now  $2.65
All lines of tan, ox-blood and chocolate, regular
up to $100, now $1.85
Dull finish Kid Oxfords, blucher cut, regular
$3.75, now , $2.45
113-115 Lonadale Ave.
North Vancouver
Why pay 1350.00 lor rough uncleared Loti wben wo tan toU you
Iho vsry besti cleared Lot. without a stono on them, level a. a tails
and into gruis. Been ruliivutod lor ten years, situated on Centre
Road, being the best Road on thc North Shore and one block from
the Car Line, School, Church and Store; hav. city wator, .l.ctri.
light and telephone.
Price 3350 to JlOO each. Terms 1100 cash, balance 6, 1] and 11
months. Then, lots will bring at least in our estimation 100 psr
cent, profit on the amount invested within lix mouths. Buy quick',
they are going fast.
P. 0. Box 172 North Vancouver
North Vancouver City Ferries, Limited
.-11 AMI It
line Vsncouvsr
•6.20 a.m.
7.31) "
6.30 "
9.18 "
I0.1B "
11.18 "
l-'l" p m.
1.16 "
3.18 "
3.18 "
1.18 "
6.00 "
8.10 a
0.90 "
7.28 "    ,
8.16 "
9V16 "
10,18 "
11.30 "
Issvs North Vs».
Imvs North Van.
I.tave Vsncouvsr
'0.16 a m
'020 o.ni.
'6.16 a.m.
7.60 "
■7.20 "
•8.00 "
8.60 "
•8.20 "
•8.60 "
9.46 "
9.20 "
9.46 "
10.46 It
10.16 "
10.46 "
11.46 "
11.16 "
11.48 "
12.16 p m.
12.16 p.m.
12.46 p.m.
1.46 "
1.16 "
1.16 "
2.48 "
. 2.18 "
*   2.48 "
3.48 ".
3.46 "
4.40 It
3.16 "
4.18 "
4.40 "
6.20 "
6.00 "
6.20 "
6.00 "
8.40 "
6.00 "
6.46 "
6.20 "
6.46 "
7.48 "
7.26 1
7.48 It
8.46 "
8.16 "
8.48 "
9.48 "
9.16 "
9.48 «
10.46 "
10.18 "
10.48 II
11.46 "
11.18 "
12.16 a.m.
12.48 a.m.
1.00 am.
' Denote, not
on Sunday.
This Tims I able subject to c bangs without notics.
West Vancouver Motor Launch Service
Launch "West Vancouver," Captain Findlay
Licensed lor 35 passengers
n,.i.)i....u win.,t rJu, f,.„i,». whul
(very Bay Iscrpl Sunday
7-JOa.01. B.oo a.m.
i, mi .i.m. ir.oos.m.
n.oo a.m. ij.oo a.m.
ij.15 p.m. * 11.00 pm.
15.00 p.m.                                   •   16.00 p.m,
j7.00p.111. 18.00 pm
"you P'» aaturlayi Duly  ".00 p.m.
9JO ».0) frooli) Ocbclule 10.00 a.m.
13j5p.1i)  "  14.00p.m.
'/■""P^  "  »7 45 P »•
iB.top.m  „  32.00p.m.
         VffHU fail He.   _*w» Tlcktti 86c.	
Quickest/oute irom Nortli Vsneouver to tlie district Beyond
Capilano River.     Launcli "West Vaoconver" makea ,coooec-
wil|iouI fail,  with Ilic firry steamers irom Nofifa Van-
fiouwf, as per above acbeiiub'.
-   ■                     .-1        i,i'Hism.,-u
la Insert. lOo per line
Weak, 71c per line tier Insertion
Month, ho psr line per insertion
DBESSMAKING.  Apply Lonsdale At
Wth street, 31-3
" TANTED-First cluas stenographer,
must be good at Bgures. Apply in own
handwriting stating age, speed, experience,   references   and Biliary reipiir-
ed to "F," Bos 53, North Vancouvor.
TO LET-Fuinisbed room witliout
board in privets home. Good Intuition
and cloie to car line. X. Y. /.., Es-
preoi Office. tl
FOB BALE-Manure, Apply to N,
V. Transfer and Livsry Co., Loaidsls
Avsnus, .      97-3
FOB SALE—Cow manure for   the
garden:    One duller per load.   Conn
F. ,1 nobs,ni, Fifteenth street, telephone
105. 3-1
FOB SALE—Double corner near
Lynn Valley car lino, splsndid loca-
iion-$H50 for quick sale. Terms. Apply, .1. W. .Slabbing., Express Office.
LOT-One block Irnm Lonsdale oar,
$176. Easy terms. Mrs. Mollwaine,
163 T'hii.l street east, 4th houss Irom
Lonsdale. Hl-I
FOR SALE—Agreement of ssle on
Lynn Valley property, equity $1,100,
in 6, 13 and 18 months. What offers.
Bos 139, North Vancouver, 17-3
FOB SALE-Lurge Bungalow, doss
to oar, Small cash payment. Apply
Esprsss, Bos. 39, Bl-8
iebtap, On visw any time. SoePieroe
k Hall.
FOB SALB-Ons blook Irom Lonidale oar,, Boulevard Lot, 50 feet frontage, price $800, easy terms. Mrs. Mo-
Ilwiiwio, 163 Third stroot east, 4th
house Irom Lonsdale Ave. M-l
LOUT While wire haired terrier this
week, Answers to name ol "Pop",
when lost had round leather collar
on and a cut on hind log. Kinder
please return to D. McLonniin, 387
Keith Botd E,
FOUND Small ium ol money on
Ferry. Owner can have tame by proving.  Wf Simpson, 13th street.      17-3
TAKE NOTICE that the Counoil of the Corporation of the City ol Nortli
Vancouver intends to carry out the following works of looal improvement
under subsection (33) section 366 of ths Municipal Clause. Act and intends
to assess tlie'final cut thereof upon the real property fronting or abutting
ib, i. on, and to be benefitted thereby, and that a itatement showing the
bonis liable to pay lbs laid assessment and the names ol Ihe owneri there-
ul, io far ai can lie aicertained from the last revised Asseesment Roll ii
now on filo in the office ol tlie Clerk of the Municipality -and is open lor inspection during office hours.
Esiilanude   uud   Crescent   Street from
Forbes to St, David's Avenue 	
I ii. i   street   from   Korlies   Avenue lo
St. Duvid's Avenue 	
f.......1..!.-  Avenue from waterfront   to
t'pper  Keith   li 1      	
Lonidule Avenue from   lath street to
(lily Limits   ,...	
I'.ith  street  from Luumlule Avenue lu
St, Andrew's Avenue  '.	
Pith  sticci   (loin  Lonidale Avenue to
St, (ieorgo'i Avetiuu 	
St. Andrew i Avenue Irom 3rd  Street
to 8th Stroot  i	
Esplaiui.li.   and   Crcseeiil   Street fiom
jrprbes Avenue In St, David's excepting   portion   between   llugvri   und
First   Street  Irom Forbes  Avenue   lo
Si. David's Avenue	
Secuml Street bum l.niisdulo Ave,   tu
St. David's Avenue 	
forties Avenue fruni Esplanade tu 3rd
Muhon Avenue from Esplanade to 3rd
Semisli Avenue from Ksplunude lo 3rd
Chesterfield Avenue from wnicrfmnl to
3rd Street	
Hogon Avenue from Esplanade to al
iiy norlli ol 1st sinsd  ,
I,mi-.bile Ave from waterfront lo Upper Keith Koad 	
St.  George's Avenue from waterfront
to 3rd street 	
St. Andrew's Avenue Irom waterfront
to 3rd Street 	
St. Patrick1! Avenue frum   waterfront
to flrd  Stleel   	
Ht,    Davids    Avenue   bum    Crescent
Street lo 3rd street 	
Noltli  Yunoom.i. It   C.
Murch  I Ith,  IUII.
Wood   block   paving  ami  concrete
Wood block   paving   and   concrete
Stone  block   paving  aud  concrete
Wood   block   paving   und concrete
Sanitary sewer und sower connection!  , 	
.ii.ii.u'.   .ewer ami sower ennnec-
Storm sewer	
Grading lu |iermanuiil i/rade 	
Grading lu permanent i/ruilo 	
Grading tu |ierinunenl ,-uidr 	
Grading to ptrmsneat "ind.   	
Grading lo psrmonsnt grade 	
Grading tn peiinunenl iiruilo 	
Grading lu |iermnnenl grade 	
Grading tu permanent grade 	
Grading lu |iermuiieiit grade 	
Gruiliug In |wrmanent urada 	
Grading lu permanent grade 	
Grading tu |wrmanenl grade 	
Grading lu itcrmnnent grade 	
City Clerk.
$ 14,100.00
North Vancouver City Band
Under the direction of Mr. R. Chance
MARCH 17th, 1911
Horticultural Hall i
I   •
1.  MABCIl-Elsclorstt   ' Bneenkruu.
N. V. City Band
3. OVER'l UBE-Triumpbol Miller
N. V. Cily Band .
3.   VOCAL SOU) -Th. Green Hills of Ireland Del ltiego
Madams lloaina Burks
I.  PIANO DUET-Qul Vive Oalop . Gans
Mrs. Burtsastsr end Miss Kirklund
6.   VOCAL SOU)- Eily Msvourneen Bem.lict
Mr. II J. Csvs
6.   ANDANTE- DrMinlsnd Ssrsnade Miller
N. V. CHy Band
I.  BARITONE SOI//-Silv«r Thread. Among thc Gold-Dank.
Mr. J. Varus
(a) Songs my Mother Taught Ms Dvorak
(b) On the Way Home fiddle
(c) Msvoernsss lang
Madams Bosino K. Burke
3. CONCEBT WALTZ-A Southern Dream Uncolii
N. V, Cily Bend
. 4.   VOCAL 801,0-1 Hear Ysu CHisg Ms Marshall
Mr. II. J. Ctvt
6.   VtK'AL DUET-Borneo sad .luliet Gunud
MsdasM Bosiss Burk. snd Mr. H. .1. Csvs
t.   MEDLEY--Our Ktapir. Godfrey
N, V. City Bsnd
Concert at 8.15
Ws will buy or sxebange your stoves,
ranfss and household goods lor spot
cash.' Turner's, 70 Lonsdils Avenue.
Pboaa 184.   J X Bo. SIS.
J, Louttt «nd North Loaiduls
' Bldtr Murray Co, fin insurance.
Architect t
Booms 10 snd 11, Pender Chambtn,
633 Pender Street W.       Pboni 3161
Bssidsncs,  cor. Lonsdils Avt   aad
Wnd itrstt, North Yanoouvtr.
an now ready to UU all ordari
far coal, They will
carry a full line of building supplies. Oat the best. They havo it.
A trial order will convince yon of
that. Oat your coal before the
rainy season lata in. Headquarters on corner of Esplanade
and St. George, North Vancouver.
Phone 269 Tarmi Oath
At a committee mooting of tbs city
council held last night ths Board ol
Works Committee reoommsiided thit
ths coniriic! for the instsljation of
storm sewsrs on Chesterfield, St.
George's, St. Andrew's and St. Patrick's Avenues from the waterfront lo
3rd street be uwardod to Bomano Pin.
to for $38,916.36 and the storm sower
on Mahon Avenue from the waterfront
to 3rd to M. and .1. MoDougall for
The formal uward will be mudo at
the nest council meeting.
Ths first sod was turned this morn-
inn for the construction ol lbs new
sohool on Mahon Avenue by the Sisters of St. Paul's school. Ths lopu-
tion of the buildiug will be just south
of St. Edmund's ohurob and opposite
Ottawa Gordons.
Tlie firm ol Philip, Cameron k Co..
Financial Agents, bus been dissolved
by mutual consent.
Mr. Philip will carry un the business
iu hii own name and receive payment
of  all   accounts  due  lo  the firm and
pay ull debt, due by the firm.
TENDERS are invited for moving
and!modernising uf .lunitor'a collate,
l.oii.silule School, North Vancouver.
Drawings uml ipedAostioni to lie obtained frum Geo. Campbell, eucroii'.ry
lo II..anI of School Trustee!, coiner
3nd uud l.uiisdulc, with whom o'teri
aro lo bo lodged on or liofure 'JfiLh
March. f.7-3
TirVOwiiors, Builders, Electrician, and
TAKK NOTICE thul the Council of
(lie Diilricl uf Nurth Vancouver hus
paiiod u By-Luw reguiiiling the wins
nnd iippurutui tu be used for etc tin:
lighting, power, telephone, telegraph,
signul niui ull oilier purposes lu ths
tranemission and me of electricity
through, over uud under the st recti,
highwnyi und tones, uml ull inter.or
iiisliillulions within  the Dislriel ;
thut under said By-Law il ii now hoc.
essury tu ubtuiu n permit [or the currying out of uny smh work and lo obtain inspection mid approval by the
In in.i Electrical Inspector uf laid
wurk. Anyone currying oul any iuch
work without in -t obtaining such permit etc. will bu sub).oi lo u puuulty
nut exceeding (INK HUNDRED inn
34-3 ('. M. C.
Tu Ownors, Builders, Coiitricton  and
Otheri '    |
TAKE NOTICE Ibat (he Council ol
the District uf Nnrth Vuncuuvcr has
pussad u By-Luw under which It ii
neceiiary to obtain a permit for ell
RUSTING WORK within the said
District, and Ihat said By-Luw came
into ..pri,iin,ii on tlio III March,
1911. Any person usiiii.. eiploiivss for
any purpose without having first obtained u |.oi inn will in lubjtot to s
penalty not exceeding ONE HUNDRED
DOLLARS ($100),
34-3 C. M. C.
The A, Farro
126 2nd St. We.t
When you deal at the A. Farro
Grocery you get exactly whit
you ask (or at right price. : :
Special Attention!
We carry ■ complete line of
rUoborf * E'SM Brood 22 for $140
I'liiiiu prepared and Estimale. given.
Office : 1407 Dominion Trust Bldg.
Phone 34U7^
Residence, KM Eighth Ave. E.
North VonBuiivor.
11    " '
Free delivery to all parte o(
Lynn Valley at city price.
No order too small 19 All
. -'
§i™: Frederick Road
We are in a position to
look after your requirements in this line. We s^ell
Stumping Powder,.
Fuse and Caps. We can
quote you at a minutes
notice prices by the pound,
box or car; f.o.b. this city.
paine & McMillan
Thi Hard wars Sptdalliti. Phono 12
At i soprano soloist Mrs. Hosint K.
Burke ol thit cily ociupirs u position
in ths loreinost rani ol Vancouver nr-
tilti. Tht local public will highly appreciate another opportunity nl Inuring Madame Burke at the concert to
bt given by N, V, oily band in the
Horticultural hall thit (Friday) .waning,
McMillan'* Tea
b flood
libs, for $1.00
j. A. & m. McMillan
We sell Columbia Graphophones & Records
Nearly new, Regular $60.00
PilOO Tuning, Ripairini, sic.
Shoot Music, Small Initrumosli sod Accsiiwis.
443 LONSDALE AVE.       Phone 114
Seed Potatoes
All  our uod. an   »|«cially .elected aud  loltti  lu comply   with
Hood Control Art.  In buying teed, don't overlook .|Ualjly,
W. .I*q carry a lull lint ol FERTILIZERS
The Brackman-Kcr Milling Co., ltd.
^LONSDALE AVENUE.       At Fwry Lmdiog.


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