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 Volume U
Nprir Van-WVPR, BrOt, Fbipav, Auuust 4, mi
Mrs, (Pf.) SwgAm pM f*lMf*> e!
Winnipeg sre (dis w»i* y|si,|iw!»Ml»
home of Dr. Spgdsp's brother. Mr. (}.
W. Sugden, Lynp Vslley.
District Council
Ths regulsr meelipg of ids district
council of Norlb V»rWfflY*r Wft» Md
IdSl night, Cnmi, Lawson being   up
" pointed tq Ito P)t»ir, The most im-
Itnrtant' iiiotters dealt wilh were those
of road* mid tm pfferiitg ip writing
mado by Mr. Alexander Philip »| p.L.
1010, where ars looatcd the cily wa
tsrworks, for the sum of 138,000. The
iame offer Inm beep made |p the pjty
. opunojl. Tbn mailer was referred to
% cnmniit tee ennuis ting ol Ihe reeve
and the chairman ol Ihe water committee.
Cprrsspondsnse wss resd as follows:
The first letter asked for a road
through blocks 17, 18 and 10 in D.L.
30311 which would I.o a continuation of
the Boss road near Kromine. A letter Iron) Hie ll.CK.lt. Co. listing for
payment of the proportionate c st >>|
ths bridge on the Lynn Vs||<y Fp.id
crossing Hastings creek. This was authorised,  r
Mr. Thos. Nye reiptsetfd lhat lbs
stumps and brush might be cleared
Iron) tbs road in Mocks 31 snd 'Hi in
|).1. 3036. Th» engineer was instructed to havs tbis done,
Edwin (jvist, through his solicitor,
asked for mi additional |30fl ,,n account ol work ih nn' mi tha l.ynn V.d-
ley school grnunds.
. li strong plea waa r.ciiv.d from F.
W. Caulfisld urging lhat Ihe headwaters pi Cyprus Creek might' bs preserved- Mr. Caulfield stated that recently he bad visited his intake nni
found Ihe water astonishingly low. It
Was referred to the reeve and tho
chairman of Ihe waterworks.
'ihe Burnaby council wrote Ip say
thai II waa nol prepared to s.ud a
delegate to Victoria in the matter nl
clause 3 ol the Und Registry Act
Amendment Act. It wss in accord
with the section and thought it io he
a slep in tha light direotion.
An spplicatiun was made by Mr. S.
Tupper lor a position in tbe mounted
police lores. Mr. Tupper hed hrard
thai such a lores waa to Le r.iimli ih-
The letter was ordered filed.
The council gave permission tn Mr.
A. II. IKplnck tn addrias il iu ihe
mul lor nl a grant nl an additional
$3,000 fur the purpnsis ol Ibe PI ink
lined. Mr. Diplnck informal Ihe
council lhal tip work bad been very
Cosily and lhal it would be a vny
small sum lor the district i'o pay.
lie alsn auggestid Ibal a sholler lor
travellers should be erected on the
i,niil and thai il should Is provided
wilh a telescope.
He went into detail wilb rc/nrd lo
Ihe sum whicii the road had cost lo
build and elated lhat Ihe I ill fur tin
lumber alone had amountid to Tl".
100. Ths whole matter, was nl.rnd
to ihe Board of Works Committee
which will meet at 1.30 nn Saturday
nil ei noon and when Mr. Diphc1. was
asked In ha present. This concluded
the correspondence.
Millions   were   next   in  order   and
Cuun. Bridgman started the hall rolling by mining that a I'-Hn he writ
len lo V. I.. Carter Cotton flaking him
lo take slaps lo urge upon Ibe gov-
'    eminent   the ll.'lessill   lol   al'lioll  ill the
mailer ol tho road through Moody-
ville.  The motion was carried.
Ths nest motion wss one made by
('nun. Allan and wu lor a Mid to bo
made Irom tho Keilh road southward
between blocks IS, t, 11 and 13,1 hence
east Irom Ihe above junction south ol
blocks 11 aud 10, Ihence south on the
road allowance lo Ihe norlh end ol
block ii, Ihence w.sl to Ibe east
boundary ol blocs) II, Ihenc south bs
I ween block. 33, 99, 31, 43, 43, 3D and
41. IV motion was carried.
Coun. Allan alao moved Ibst Ibe
cily I* asked lo pay its proportion-
ale pari "I Ihe coal nl making lha
l.illunel trail In Ihe cemetery. Il wu
also moved by Ihe same councillor
thai Ibe Keith road deviation lie
opened up al Ihe east ol Seymour
Boad over the fteop bill to Map);
Avenue. Again by Coun. Allan it was
Slaved that $36 be added to Ihe ssll-
nvtlee for lbs completion ol the new
municipal hall In .order thai the coun-
cjf chamfer might be panelled, and
briber that Ihe ground ft Ihe back
ot lbs hall be graded ao that. Ihe con
tractor could get his steps ip "' (he
right level. Both Motions carried,
It wss moved tint l 'rail sis leel
•ids bs cut in !>. !,. IMI from Uu
Mosquito Boad lo tbe (Irons* Mountain trail, Uw,wft of wb>bwss no*
l« eioeed $)36. ffn tool ion carped. A
sidewalk wss aebd for bf Ur. Ilie*.
■hi St. dames sirs*!. A motion Ht*
made <o l#kc up IM <■*»*! n>P of a||
sidewalk* at ties m**tjng to Is befd
next Thursday. TWa-was adopted.
I'oun. Allan staUd lhat lie flume
bridge o» She pipe line road Wl »
solved that th« Dspil»BR Floms Pp.
be written Ip about the mntter;
Ip  pursuance   ol  »  motion   pnss,!<l
tenders srs to bs cslled (or the.hsU
rosd to to MU in P.. h Wl through
lots 38, 30, block i
The reports frnm tin vsrimis com-
milieus were then resd :
Tbs tots) nmonnl culled (fir by the
finance   commillee   amounted   to ll,-
607.45, the larger portion (M»8.7»» bs
ing lor school purposes! The wator-
wmks committee cnlhd Ipr $1,863.68,
tho wages list accounting Ipr $84M4
nl this while th» [to*rd of Worse asked for 119,903.311.
in account sent in by Ihs North
Vancouver city hospital was laid
nver to the h<*Rh commute* . Ipr a
The engineer of Ihe municipality was
authorised tp purchase a Sullivan
hand drill for use in the North Low
dale, nf"jfy. The cost of this will
be I jt'lM drill will he olligbtsr
mska (ban the ono hjiherto in use.
The clerk to the conned read ths act
concerning thistles which provides lor
a fine of 130 slier due police lies been
given ))|)4 failure has hen in ide to
remove Ihe same. A thorough discussion nl the mailer wns had.
Tenders were then rend for lire hue.
and fire aqujpmont. There were four ol
theae received and they were iienl in
by Messrs. iohusoii and Salsbury,
agents for the Dniilop Tiro Company,
tba (ioodyear Bubber Cnmpsny, the
Vancouver Bubh»r Company and the
Canadian Consolidntid Huliher Company- Tho prices quoted by each varied considerably especially in thi
matter ol reels. The matter was
taken up by the comnrltloo ol the
whole alter the routine hus'n ss had
been complotid.
The .-ngimei's reports included a
number of details concewnj roads,
grading, excavating and other im
prnvemenls, and thnse nl the district
clerk included a report on Ibe grading
ol the Lynn Valley school, Ihe law
as to the wreds already rehrred to,
tba local improvements nl Sussex St.
Dr. Drier's claim lor a refund of taxes, Ihe Williams contract, Ihe trip lo
While Cliff city and the a|iplication nl
Ihe Seymour Lumber Co.
New business concerned Ihe tix sile
resolution, assessment roll resolution,
and tho resignation ol Iho district
slcnngrepher, Misa 0.,nli n.
This concluded Ihe evenint's wnrk
and the meeting then adjourn.d.
A man ol Ibe name ol Edward
Brown waa badly injured by tbe unexpected explosion nl a charge ol pow
der al Ihe corner ol Keith road apd
Bidgeway Avenue nn Tti'sdsy nil r
noon and had to be ennvvyed to the
city hospital. II was Inuid there
Ibal his leg was seriously shattered
and lhal hie hands and lace were
blown lull ol dirt. So far ss cap lie
learned at present he is dniug very
well, although bis wounds sre nl a
somewhat serious nature.
Brown had lighted one luse nnd bad
discharged one mine and was approaching Ihe hp|e lo light nnoth'i
when Ihe aecond charge ignited ly the
first also went off throwing Brown
seversl leet ajid injuring him asa'ove
recorded, lin- wounded man is ain
gle and lives in Iho cily. He ie in Iht
care ol Dr. Newcombe.
A dapancse working at the Dustings
shingle lmii camp in Lynn Valley very
nearly severed ihe hall of his foot
fith mi mc Ini.' on Wednesday afternoon. He waa carried by his companions oo an improvised litter to Ibe
cily and il was sUted, lo the hospital. At Ihe latter institution nothing
is known ol the case por con l|m
whereabouts of Ihe Japanese le asc>r
tiiiiii.l. The mill at winch the accident occurred is ft the hi ad ol Ihe
city waler works and lbs) rrpi rl Ihere
was to Ibe effect Ibat about five
inches ol lbs loot waa cut cje-m off.
Mr. T. .1. Bpoford and Visa Spot-
ford of Toronto, are the gnosis ol
Mrs. F. B. Il.'.moif of St. Andrew's
Ave., and will remain (or a couple ti
Por the peal few days Mr. and Mrs.
Device of SI. (ftotgefi Ave., have bad
ns iheir guests Mr. and Mrs. I'ploii
ii SI. ThomeJ, Onl.
Mr. .1. E. Jenkins, formerly ol Van
couver, baa removed to his now fious ■
on KSI* slrfct, North Ve»co«vei> end
will make his permanent home ihere.
Anol hu move Irom lbs larger • ejl-y
across ||m Wet IS Ibst of Mr. Cm
wardens, who Mi recently token up
bis residence ip a new house, on 11 Hi
Ut. f. 'Terp has jusl disposed of bis
old' house on iti) strset, and has mov-
Wf m ^$W mm™ >mmWWM QJJ mf? m*mmwm*
Ferry Directors
li meeting of the directors pi the
North Vsniwiver Ferries wss held op
Wednesday oftsrnoon in tb« bwrij
rppnt when his honor tho Mayor presided-
After ih«'minutes pf ths previqps
meeting were resd snd Rawed Communications, wars read to the lluurd.
The first of these wns In the form
of ii uiiiniiiuiiH ul. the spit Of Mr. Jobp
Dieiiacn who claimed that ha had
lieen injured to the extent pf $16 in
March Inst when the pontoons of the
wharf sank, Ibns preventing the (apd-
ing nf hta wagon snd horse, ths former nf which wgs loaded with lmii.
It was two days helors (lis wagon
could be brought Ip this side and by
that time the fruit was render, d use;
less (nr commercial purpose.* apd there
was a bill for baiting Ihe horse in
Vsncouver. Besides all ihis Mr. D|ir-
s.'ien wss deprived nl llm use nl the
lun mi and tho wagon for (ho time it
had to remain across Ihe Inlet.
Tbe secretary was inslrucled to communicate the matter In Hcfsre. Bowser, Boid k Wallbrjdge und to instruct
them lo defend the action.
There mv many cluinis nl Ihis sort
against the company aud il wus fell
that if nno was paid ull would have
lo bo puid.
Another communication was frnm
Messrs. Peters and I.nwley wilh ie, aid
In the insurance ul iho St. Qeorgc
ferry fur a sum nf |4I),000. To this
Iho secretary was iustrucled to reply.
The Wallace Shipbuilding Co. asked
fur an extension ol limo lor the com-
pillion ol tho ponloon which they aro
building for tbe Ferry Co. It wus ex
plained in their lottcr iimt tbe firm
had been badly handicapped by tba lire
whicii burnt part pf the plant mul a
month waa asked lur. 'Ibis was
The auditor for the company wrote
asking lor an increase nl salary. He
slated lhat Ihe wprk ul auditing the
bonks had doubled since the limn when
he hud undertaken to do it for 116 a
month und now askid lhat that sum
be increased lo tin. This re-iueit
was acceeded lo.
Messrs. Bayfield k Arohibald ol Vancouver put in a bid for a new boiler
lor lerry Norlh Vancouver No. I. The
hid was fur a Taylor waUr tu'. c hoil
er and the prico (3,680 as ugainst .en
other bid ol |l,600. This iiiclud.d all
fittings. The matter waa rclerred lo a
committee consisting ol Capl. Kick-
ham and Mr. Heard, the mana;cr.
I'crmissiuu was given by the Board
lor the acquisition of a worm wl.orl
for Ihe turning over ol tho engine by
bond nn No. 3 lerry. Thia will lie
purchnsed Irom the Poison IrnnWorksJ
of Toronto. Tbis matter' Was alsn rp-
lened lo Ibe same commit tee as
above. The latter will buy Iho wheel
in two halves which can lie linll.d lu
gi'ilici l„i ennvenicuco in slipping nn.
The contract liolween Ihe Ferry Co,
und MiDougall-Jenkins was read iB tillered and approved. Thia contract is
lor repairs lo the port I mi I.i on No.
3 which will cost 11716.61.
Mr. J. B. Fraser was heard with
regard tu bis nulstanding accunt
uver which Ihero Ilus be n sumo lis tic
dispute und in which the Wallace Shipbuilding Cu. is mixed up. 'Ihe niutlor
was Mi In lie sell led belweon Mr.
Heard and Hr. Eras.r.
Tbe next matter lo come helnre ths
Board was Ibe report ul the munngoi<.
This was very hIuuI and included $
slnleiiienl lhat une nl Ibe bladis of
Ibe pmpcller nn Nn. 3 wns broken and
lhal one on No,. 3 was loose. TbcSi
will be repaired at the end ol lbs
month when travel ie less.
It waa decided lhat a land
ing should be conslrucled lor lbs
North Vancouver No. I. 'fbis'willcost
in the neighborhood ol t360 and will
lie started right away, li waa also arranged that all three terries should
run in loggy weather.
A nolic* will be posted io all the
furies plfcrjng a reward ol 110 lo)
such inloi nmi ion ns will feed (0 IM
eonvirlinn of any person culling or in
other ways defacing any pari of \M
Company's vessels or properly. Il has
recently come Io tin notice ul tho directors that some evil minded idler
had sot initials on the seals of Ibe
OS* ferry No. »•
The mayor said that he hid
nn words to characterise such vandalism, Ths moving then adjourned.
Tb* iasttjf toffpnmtpi errangsd
by -» iwnsaittiso ip lid of
St. John's church organ fund
will b* oonmmm on August tlh
el Mr A- 9. Cray's l«w, W>
street  east,    sits  (o)low|»g
mWfW }*wWm jytfWnWtp fff mWm jmfWfmfw
Attvn (or by p, Mnpittss pprnpossd
pi Messrs, Ropley, Msltby. Macnaqgb-
(en, Lmitet snd Crjejfnjsji.
The first pnir piny ihj second, ppd
SO  mi.   Public  lint ices will fcs    [instill
pn Friday und the cummin 0 hopes
all players who uro ublo will be present. Any nnsbls to play plonso notify
by Mnntloy Mr. A. K. Cricknmy,. ,
R. J, fl. Csrdinall apd A. R. Crick-
may play B. Multby apd E. N. Malt
by; H, W. iiiiui. apd V- A. Hnsweil
play J. 8. Rogers, (tnd N, flumphroys;
J. V'ernei- and 11. Mncllnrs, n play
Jus. Slovpns and —, Rpxtcr; J. Loq-
let apd J. Walts Dnney play M:
Wuods and fleo. Arnyytago; J. F.
Meredith and P. J. Maw p|ay -. |l»r-
llmluniew and H. |). Oreen-Armytaga;
E. H. Bridgman and fi. C. Hosvep
play P. Ward apd C. Talbnt llnshuii;
ft. Cprtis and H. Wonds play )t. Mot-
hews and B/v. H. Hqpper; -. Stan-
den and A.'Duell ploy W. E. Spoar
and li. P. Mncnuughlin ; W. Moore
and Alex. Bo|l play P. Buyl's and J.
.. - Donaldson; S. Huinphreya and 'I'.
II. Meredith play fi. Wicl.han. and K.
Hodge; It. E. Macnaghlen and A. h.
Kvuns pluy T. Bainsay and E. Bay-
l|s; F. Diplnck nnd Simpkiiw play —.
Scull and E. Mathews. The last
eight puira uro byes in the lir.sl iniind.
Knr lurlher inlurmatinn phnim .1. lin
lei, phnnc 47, or P. 0. Box 1967. A.
E. Crickmuy, phnne (il.
Significant ul the develnpmcnl uml
progress ol the. city is Ihe following
list nf membors nf the community ull
uf whom have within the past low
days moved into new houses which
huvo In-ii constrnclid for Ibein during Ihe recent months :
Mr. W. K. Buy moved into his new
residence on Tenth Avenue nnd at the
sum.: lime Mr. II. A. Sbnw was changing Irom his old residence to a new-
one ul Oltawa Gardens.
Mr. fi. D. llui land has moved lo his
new lions,' (,n ||,,. Kiitli Boad easl
and Miss Bussell is moving Inn now
house on Quebec street.
Mr. A. II Scrivcu haa moved to n
new hume nn lllll Avenue while Mr.
Thos. Hunlcr lies disort d his oil
place lor a now ono ou Western Ave.
The above are tbo names of but n
lew who havo made a chunrc and Ihe
list is nol set forth aa a complete
one by any moans.
A largo crowd attended Ibe band
concert which was given on tho root
garden ol Ihu Palace Hotel last night.
The City Band played some excellent
select inns in a finished manner.
Aiming the assembly there were to be
seen ninny faces Irom across Ibe Inlet.
Among Iho building permits detailed elsewhere in Ihis issue il will be
scon that there were no I, s, than Ibrcc
issued tn Vancouver residents whn will
doubtless-com,- lu liie uii this llide
before many weeks arc pass. d. Among
Ihe removal notices il is noticeable
loo that there arc several Vuncouver
people   taking   up   Iheir residence   in
new bouses here.
' Before bis Worship ihe Mayor and
Mr. (-. P. Foreman, J.P., u man ol tbo
name ol Clarke who is an engineer on
one of Ibe lorries waa fined by bis
proxy tho Chief nl Police, Ihe sum of
|| for discharging firearms in Ihe public street. Tbe bench wished il to be
made known through the ui.diuin ol
Ibe press Ibat no muh small fine
would Iw inflicted lor ibis offence in
that court again. Tbe next offender
would be mado an example ol ns the
crime was a danger lo Iho public and
must be entirely slopped.
There arc now living in Norlh Vancouver no less than six mm ol ths
73nd Highland regiment which has
headquarters in Vanoouver. The*:
men may be seen in all Ibe pride ol
Iheir regimentals and in the lull pan
njily ol war going to and Irn nn the
lorries tn the In weekly drills. Mr.
Bressey of (he N. V, Co«| snd Supply
Company ie one of Ibe Billies. Al
(hough a 8ool4»an it is the firsl
time lhat ho has dosmed Ihe native
cost mm: and (he says it in a .whisper/
he finds that' it (eels mighty strange
at first, A woo bjttie cauld at the firsl
Mr. and' Mr.S. By 9- Plwwn
of Saskatoon, who have beep visiting
Mr. Md Ifrs, fleo. J. Pbjlljpo lor
some weeks past, were outgoing pas-
congers l#Sf waok op tbeir return
homo. They wore aotpmpaniod by Mrf
Phillipo snd her daughter, lfdpa, who.
will npjoy f pleasure trip, of »bo4
three) months duriflfj wbi*| (hay w#
visit   wilh tfiepdl at Winnipsf    aod
stop tp visit Mr. apd Mrs, Chapman
Building Permit*
r*mw a^{WWW***wmnFmenn        yew   wmmw l|psit|ir
No. 3«, fr.'pumas,■ M 4,'hlPt*'
\% sub. 371, 4tb stwtt livery bsm
fa cost I4.1S0D. Architect A. J, Hop-
dersnn; Contractors, Earland k Brewer.
No. 368, Mrs- Fanny Gary, lol 3D,
block 7, sub., 133, lean-to, (0x38, 3|st
street, addition to present building.
No. 3iiii, Wni. Baxter, ISM Tburlow
sfreet, Vsnoopver, lot 7, blook fi, sub.
nfitl, llllh street, camp. -
No. 370, Mrs- F. B. Cqmmer, lot 4
Mock 18, sub. Bill, I7lh street', cor.
St. llcnrgo's Ave., bungalow 'ilx'.li, 7
rpoiqs, 8 It. verandah on tbrep sides,
In cost $3,800.
No. 371, Alfred M. Bead, 730 Woodland Drive, Viineuuver, lot 63, block
31, sub. -, 17th street, three roomed
dwelling In cost I Hid. Sinclair etiPesr-
son, cunlruclnrs.
No. 373, A. 0. Haddock, 3400 7th
Ave. W., Vnnoopver, lot 10, blook JOB
sub. Will, Tipe Place, Bidgeway and
Moody. Dwelling tp cost glKKi. Con-
Iractor, C. F. Pound.
No. 373, B. J. Fowler, lot 7, block
36, sub. 663, 3nth street. Buildipg to
cost Slim. Contractor J. A. Dallow.
No. 371, W. M. Miller, Lynn Valley
lol 36, block 3, sub. 3<3> cor. 7th St.
barn, lo cost I860.
No. 376, Mr. A. H.Martin, Ipt 17,
block 311, sub. 616, Mahnn Ave. A
entlage In cost |36fl.
No. 376, Mr. II Kiiighl, lot g, block
UK), sub. 371, a residence. Architect,
H. J. Campbell, contractor, K. M.
No. 377, North Vancouver Coal and
Supply Cn., eand and gravel bunkers,
lo cnsl 1700.
Building Inspcctnr Jamea Fuglor
has jusl prepared figures with regard
tu the past month's building operations in North Vancouver. 'These statistics go to show that July bus been
a record month in all reap.els. 'ibis
is partially accounted (or, says Mr.
Fuglor, by tho lacl Ibat Ibe strike
was called off and Ibat immediately*
that was accomplished there was a
rush by u large number of persons
who had been prevented from commencing the erection ol I heir dwellings
.lilies and. business places while tin
slriko was still in lores.
Theaaclua! number ol permits issued
was seventy and tbe total cost of ths
buildings lo lie inchd was $106,416
or in other words a sum ol practically i'Mi.im.
II is interesting to lake ihis lasl
figuro and compare it with the total
lor Ibe whole year up to the 3lat of
July only falls short of' the
whole previous six months by aboul
filly thousand dollars. The strike,
ol course, doca nol account lor all,
or nearly all ol Ibis tremendous increase which baa come about by natural growth.
Mies Little and Hiea Mofiill, both
of Nanaimo, and who arc on a vacation, are stopping at Ihe Pub.ce
Mrs. F. Percy Cerhutt, Suite 8,
Keith Block, will nut receive nn the
lost Thursday ol Ihis month and not
again until Ibe autumn.
The Bev. Principal florvie, IH)., nl
tbo faculty of theology in the university ol London, England, will prcaoti
in St. Andrew's church, North Van
couyet next Sunday evening at   7.*)
Hr. and Mrs. Thomas and family sre
occupying th* resjdeuo* of-Mr. and
Mm. flan. J. phillipo during Uu absent* ol the latter op s visit to ths
prajrie provinoss. Mr. Thomas has extensive inining interests near Butte in
which city he and his family have
their lumie.
A report from the offices of th* B.
Electric By. Co. ie to Ih* olfect lhat
the travel on Sunday on th* slreei
cars waa ol vary largs proportions,
though not ,)uilc up to the mark of
the previous Sunday when a rocoid
crowd was carried. The exact total
on Sunday was 8,600 paid lares while
op the 33rd Iho number tallied up
wards of nine thousand which epn*jU
lutes) * record If* *M eomptny-
Mr. 9 9. Hobert* will be at th*
Vthnnn Parlors, f-QPSdal* 4*»W» '*>
Monday th* 7th >st, ydtatt hi fjM
g|y* prtmtioal d»mobstra«op of the
Aroerihan patent ot Uu B*rkl* Whang
mmmrmmf      Tmm ff  mm twm Wvi™ r*"  •
maul   miittinm   ^'■■V****   lor   ho*J*Viiol/i
mtmww      erfWWffmf,      ememmnaaanfmw      ffff       m"mnm,*l'
•wiw- mm faWrWf' )^^f f^ff^'^M* mWmwW)m   flPs^k^W"*
A t|tiiet and very pretty wedding
took place on Thursday sl»ri!3'>p i I
St. Andrew's church, North Vsncon-
ver, when Hwv. Bowld MsplepJ Hpituil
in marriage Miss fibstlojl* gplwrtafllJ
and WiHi»W Obsrles Slope. The
young ponple pt^ propiinsnt in' tl»*
work nl the Voqpg I'eopjp'f Society pf j
ipt chureh. They w|l| ws|d* in Wl
city pn Ibe southern slupe.
Op Monday, July 8|st, the mn'mc
took place ol ijr. Tbpmss B»*rtr
of Nnrlh Vancouvsr and Miss Elisa-
beth Brown of Twpto, Onl. The
cersmnny was perfprmed «t lbs pssjf-
dence nf Bev. Hugh lloopir pi SI.
John ihe Evangelist church who nf-
cialed. The In id., is a ilniighlii- ol
Mrs. Hill of Toroplo, is a viry lesu-
tiful and talented young lady and js
very popular wilh Iho young s t in
her native city. Mr. Baxter is wsjlj
known tn residents ol North Vancouver. Afler a brief honeymoon thf
newly married pair will make Iheir
home here.
On Tuesday, August 1st, a m.ulii^t*
was suleuinin.l I clwcn Muriel Annr
lie, eldest dung liter nl Mr. and Mrs.
James Fugler, ond Mr. Frederick T
Jenkins nl Victoria ond Nnrth \ol\-
cnuvcr.    'Iho ceremnny was perlutflj
by Ihe B.v. H.Hiahl Machod ,,l Si,
Andrew's PrrsbyU'rian church, Ihe
oercmnny taking place, at Ihe I mui-: fll
Iho bride's parents.
Mr. Mclluugal, Ihe brids^ropn's
business partner, officiated as hfsl
man while Miss Mul el Fugler, y.ung*i
sister of the bride wr* Ibe brides
maid. Altar a abort honeymoon Iff.
and Mr*. Jenkins will return to N'nrlli
Vancouver to make Iheir bom*.   . :
kmn Qumiki hit,
Single fnssrl. 10c S lias
lins per inserl
WANTED-Emply or lurnished wn.il
cottage ur shaok near car Une. Rqx
101, Express Office.
WANTED Dreeemaking. All kinds of
good clasa work undertaken. Shirt
waists and skirls a specialty, (fff.
Bayment, 3nd house, 8th street, ad-
joiniug Boulevard, Norlh Vancouver.
'" ' 'SBa=
Boom lor Bent on car, 16 minulss'
walk Irom lorfy. 66 Lonadal* Avs, M
BOOMS   FOB   BENT -Housekeeping
optional, 331) 3nd street cast.       88
FOB II I'M Large haU, U
Ave. (near 1st strsal) formerly known
as K. P. Hall) suitable for lodg* room
society pui|Hiees, or suit* ol ojkos*.
Alleralions lo suit reapoaaibl* Uoant,
privilege ol suli letting. Apply fnrin
k Billings Co. Ltd., 601 tanedal* Avs.
Telephone   If,. II
m m*
FOB 8AI,R-Pir»t growth dry wpod
lor 14.60 per oord, i It, I). MafM*,
Phone 83. tall
J. I/satst and North Mnadals
Gatltat Ismadamf'barmsay Phop* |
FOB B^MT - 9°<>t*eefAng tpottj,
«|8 Seeond strast east. HI
Sandham 4k Simpson, building m°?-
srs, residanc* 460 6th Avanu* W**t,
Fairview. Tsl. Fairmont 1310.      8ft)
l/ISI  Wenraaaday from   Mu  tdg%-
borbqod   of   18th and   Ob*»t«r*js|d
brindls Bull Tscrlcr »og, |»h|l« oh*sl
and nose, four f*st lipped, white on
[Pfjtitt. Td. W.
ItOST-^A |>r<>w» PolptaT pup,
moplbs oW, hit whiU spot oTodsT)
*«s| two while) spots on paws,
OB* lound harboring twm* mfl\
asculad.. 9>. WHliam Crookm,
■mm waammmmmmm'mU
Ti',1-    ■'.,'   !•    '.' .;'' ■ ■        ■•■-.,..
*i   Ci
The Bank of British North America
C.pii.1 M Up S4W6.6M,,   IU. Full $2,652,3)3
~—~~nmnmnmmmmnmnnnunmni  "        '    nn——.
* Otffett to North V»n««v»M
WPIR IjONSPALE AVENUE (near Powrtwn* Stow*)
as i—asae—— ii   li |n si il    ——as*——.
giving Deposits of f r,oo ami upwards received,
Interest sllowiscl »t nnrrent rales,
banker's Money Orders Issued.
Both offices transact a general banking business
and are open op Saturday pight. ,
F. T. SALSBURY, Manager.
I tf\(\V at our Rabies BILLY and
Why make two loads moving when One Van will take il all.
Ring up 295, CREAMER TRANSFER CO., for the
Largest Padded Furniture tnd Piano Van in the City,
Capital Paid Up  $ WM.IWO
Unserve aV Undivided I'mlils    8110,000
Total Assets  .'... 4O,Q0O.OOil
In an age ol ■cxiiinaioiuee, the
llirifly • lorga surely ahoml-wliilo
their less provident neighlwrs accumulate debts.
Many a tlirilty man ft woman can
point to the firsl ilecided step In life
as having been taken Ihe day a bunk
account was opened.
A Savings Account in Ihe Dank ol
Hamilton will prove, a euro incentive
toward thrill.
0. 0. HEAVRN, Ai/ont,
Norlb Vancouvar.
Uf JyCu /:f' '^i77\     I
I   {./(f<.j,0";M
The operator's duties are to answer
rails aud make conned mm as rapidly
as possible. Conversation wilh you
would inevitably hluck nther rails just
as urgent as yours.
So the operator is Irained,to use
certain set phrases relating sUidly
lo her work. Any questions oulside ol her fund ions must necessarily lie iclciieil lo |i, o|ile having in
charge special classes ol "irregular" inquiries.
A minute's consideration will show
that unless the ojierator's duly were
unilnrm—praotically the same in every
call-she could not possibly give AM.
subscribers tlte service they demand.
' Tbs annual tospePtlnn nl Ihe 1%
Vnisirwnrks wss m»d» by (Iw wemtirii,
p| tin ally Ponnoil, lbs oi4y ituinw.
the obairmsn nf ths wslTrwnrts Mm-
mitt™,   lbs  Htiperiiitinid.pls   snd the
ally clerk p» Wsdnssdsy nftwMwti
Tbs party nf tw«lv», indwding Mayor McNeish, Alderman Qendssspni
Hmith, Kittson, Diss snd Dick, <'sty
Clerk Shepherd, City Engineer Hanss,
and Bnperinteiidebt Orant, went ny
means nl iiiitnniobihi and street car
to tha intake up th* l.ynn Vnl'ny and
Ihere inspee'led tbs new wnrk which
has been in course nl oowtrHollon d»r-
ing ths summer.
'line wnrk consists nl a massiva retaining wall built nl slnne apd onn-
erei ii for the prui i ni ion nl the months
of the Intake pipes. It is nl the
greatest credit to Ihe men who are
responsible fpr lis installation, the
City Engineer, Mr. Rants, and Snpei-
inteniicni Orant, and alsn tn ths man
who is responsible lor ils upkeep, Assist snt .Superintendent .In!) Kirkland.
Tn many ol the citizens nl North
Vancouver it will he a revelation that
such works exist away up the l.ynn
Valley, hut seeing lhat Ihe.e works
sre situated but a bars mil.t'i Walk
Irom the end nf the or I'm and Ibat
there in a splendid io.nl rn which to
walk, many ahould herealter ir.ike ths
pilgrimage. They will la well repaid
even if all they see is the crystal purity ol the water Ihrnugh whiil) as it
bubbles past, may le mn every liny
pebble and grain of sand v.hvli lit*
upon the rocky bottom.
The eight will ke a reassuring «-in-
to Ihe bacteria and microbe terrorists
who insist upon the fil ration or I ha
pasteurisation ol eviry drop nf w,)|*r
which Ihey drink. Auy filler ever invented wnuld leave the wai r ol l.ynn
creek muddy enmpand tn the eteta in
which it enters Ihe intake pipra bard
by Ihe hume nl Mr. Kirkland.
The new retaining wall which baa
recently lieen completed wi'l afford
perfect protection lo the pipes
against Ihe freshels of the fall and
Iho spring. The destruction and ths
havoc wrought by these and Iba bur'
dens of ice and logs which tbt y Carry
on their bosom are nn impotent forces agajnsl which tn contend and Ihe
retaining wall is an essential, Tlia
tanks and gales through which the
waler makes its way to the'pipe.,
imsBing Ihrnugh meahts vsrying in
size are themselves Ion ol tha great-
eat interest. The whole schema is well
worthy ol hall a day'a visit.
The woods in Ihe vicinity are niw
al Iheir best and Ihe mountains which
surround Ihe glen urs al all tims
of surpassing beauty.
'Ihere is, too, a gem in ths midst
ol Ihis sylvan scene which com s aaa
surprise in Ihis wildly natural landscape and lhat is Ihe gardm of the
Aasialant .Superintendent .loir Kirk-
la ml. AI Ihis time the genlen is a
mass ol bewildering color, Hnwi-rs ol
all kinds being in Ihe prime ol tbeir
bloom and Ihe liny greenhouse at ihe
end nf Ihe dwelling is evidence nl tbe
keen hive uf lb* superintendent's lem
ili lor horticulture,
"I ■ ,ii, K it is in the winter and
misty Ino at limes," ssid Mr. Kirkland, "bill Ibnugh we have been here
three years laat winter was the firsl
lime lhal Mrs. Kirkland ever got Ibe
blues." There are wnnderlul tale, Inn
ol Ihe fish which are taken Irom the
stream, which Kirkland has to tell,
although be himsell Is nnt a diacipb'
nf. Walton.
ll is known that the cily |s al preient negotiating will. Ihe government
(or Ihe acipiiailinli nl Kice Uke which
will lo, „i « natural rcaervnir and aave
the cily hall a million dollars wbicb 11
would est to build one. Thia natter will bs compMed in tha near future when pipes will he laid Irom the
lake to a point in the present line
near the •-ml ol th* ear track.
The location ol lb* present intake
on tbe creak will ba moved hall a
mil* further up lb* stream.
Al Ih* conclusion ol Ih* iuiH*ction
Mayor McNeish mads a felicitous
epaeoh apropos ol lb* occasion which
was responded to by Alderman Dick
lo whom credit must also  I*  given
ftrnpletinp ni the retaining wai) sshfflw, Alt}- BsuderspB
alsQ'mndfi'a few remarks In wbi«b hs
included Hp bis dongratulsHnns tb*
linmeV-pl ftglnssr Hwt and Superintendent Orant which had bean soo',-
deiilally untitled |,y other speakers.
Tba whple espwrsion proved tn be a
most instructive and invigorating outing and brought back lbs cuncillirs
relrsshed to few their duties In tin
Baptist Church - Filth and S|.
Ceorgs, Services at 11 a.m. and 7.80
p.m. Sunday School and llibla Class
at I'Illi p.m. Prayer and praise service Wednesday at 8 p.m. Pastor, Bev.
A. J, i'rosser, Snd street east.
Methodist Church, corner ol Siilb
street and St. George's Avenue-
Sunday preaching services at 11.00 a.
m. and 7.30 p.m., Sunday School an
Bible Class at 9.80 p.m., Senior League on Monday evening at 8.00 p.m.,
prayer au) praise service on Wednesday evening at 8.00, Junior Uagus
service on Thursday afUrnooB st BittO.
A cordial welcome Is extended to sll
10 attend these services. 1'astor. W,
C. Schlichtar, residence, corner Keith
Boad and St. Andrew's.
St. John ths Evangelist," Bth and
13th streets t Holy communion, 8 a.m.
morning prayer, 11 a.m.; evening pre-
yer, 7.80 p.m. 0* the first Sunday in
lha month there will be a second celebration of tbs holy communion at
11 a.m.   Hector, Hev. lluah Hooper.
St.   Andfow'a Presbyterian Church,
Oth street. Services t Homing worship
11 am., svm:ng worship 7.30 p.m.,
Sunday Schnol 3.90 p.m., Minister's
Bible Class 3.80 p.m., Y.P.S.O.K. Tuesday evening 8 o'clock, prayer ineetini
Wednesday evening 8 o'clock. "Und
naeds you ; you nMd God." II. v. Bon-
ald MacLeod, in'n'eter.
St.'Agus* Church, Boulevard—Vicar,
Bev. T. E. Bows. 7.80 p.m. evensong
every Sunday ; (1 a.m. Holv Communion, '2nd Sunday ol every month.
St. Edmund's Catholic Church, Mahon Avenue; Sundays-Mass 0.00 a.
in., Sunday School 3,80 p.m., Hosary
Benediction and Sermon 7.30 p.m.
Indian Catholic Church of St.
Paul's. Mass, 730 a.m. Sundays. Pastor, Bev. V.. I'rvliivin, I).M.I.
Tba Salvation Army- -H. A- Kail,
Ijnnsdsls Avenue. Sunday — II,a.
m., holiness meeting; 8 p.s.,
children's meeting; 7.48 p.m.,
salvation meeting: Tuesday, 8 p.*-,
holiness meeting; Wednesday, 4 p.m.,
children's meeting; 'llmreday, 8 p.m.,
selection meeting. Captain Dougl*
will visit any wbo ars sick pr in Ait-
treat st any time.
North Lonsdale Presbyterian Church
-Worship, Sundays, 7,80 p.m., Sunday School, 3.90 p.m. B. Vaa Mum-
atar, M.A., pastor.
St. Thomas, North LonsdaU-Vlcar,
Hev. T. E. Bows. 8 a.m., every Sunday eicept 1st Sunday in month; 8.10
a.m , 1st Sunday ia month; 11 a.m.
Matin Litany and sermon, '2nd and Ith
Sunday; 11 a.m., Holy Communion
and sermon, 1st and 3rd Sundays.
Lynn Vulley FrcsbyUriaa Church -.
Worship, Sundays, 11 a.m., Union
Sunday School, 3.30 p.m. Jl. Van
Muasler, M.A., pastor.
Bev. A. J. Proas.* will preach at 3
p.m. in lynn Valley at InstilutiHsll. I
Everybody welcome.
Lynn Valley Methodist Church- Scr- [
vice every Sunday evening in Uu nsw
church at 7 o'clock. '
■Seasonable Hosiery
j - - --ii i i—: Br*
Unseasonably Priyd
Wmim's Cotton Hot•—F"H lushioiKjd, high apliwd
heel, dotililo sole and (pes apd gs.rter (ops, in. MMf,
tan, grey and all leading shades. Regular w values
for 12#c a pair,
Women's lisle Thread HoM-With dowblu lues,
heel and sole. Come in fan and m*ny polon. Psnal
3jc values for JTyic a pull,
Plain lisle and also fancy lace and silk embroidered
hose, in Wack, tan, grey, Copenhagen, pink, sky,
peacock, reseda and many other good colors. Regular
45F values for \T/,c. a pair. Splendid choosing in
these lines.
Women's lace .lisle thread hose, in colors and black. (
Usual 65c qualities for 2Sc a pax
Children'! Hosiery
Lace ijsie thread stockings for girls in summer
shades. Come in sizes 4 to B#. Regular fo joe
values for lSc a pair.
Roys' and girls' cotton ribbed hose in black only,
very substantial quality, in sizes 5 lo to. Regular
35c value for IfA^
' ! 1 1 I    1 ,1 11   i    ' ' 1        -
Gordon Drysdale, Ltd.
575 Granville Streeet       .       Vancouvar
Hay, Flour & Feed
Owing to larger warehouse accomodation, we are now in a position to
cany a larger and more complete
stock of these goods and to supply
our customers at Vancouver prices.
AU Orders Delivered Promptly.
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
US Esplanade East     -      -    Phone 4
FIRE!    FIRE!!    FIRE!!!
POR ABSOLUTE PROTECTION write a Policy in the
Commercial Union Fire Assurance Co., Ltd.
ASSETS'. $94,900,000
Sole Agent
Agreements end Contracts drawn
ot nitty deicription
Phone 157
Mahon, |^gA14fe^ Ltd,
50 ft lot* at terminus in D.L. 601 k 607
52 foot lot* in Block 27, D. L.
Phone 6286 -   - 543 Pender Street, Vancouver
Pkont 54
Try. Our Irish, French and Homemade Bread, 20 ounces to the loaf, Four loaves for 25c.
Pf* *
BiiliM of Jfortli Vwiiiiww,
.* BVJ4W in
iwnys in
;!»t» Ism s (or
Ttr>l pf NqfIIi
lie it enspted by tbs If.eve »B<I
foiiiinil  pf the flpfppraljon ol tin
(strict pi North Ynnponver In Pop-
pil assembled ss fellows-i
Fpr lbs purpose p( opening, Im
proving t«is4 witting t st'rest fcnowq
M ths Lynn Vsljey Tfo»4 in the District ol Nprth Vnnepnvrr, (he Pnr-
ppralion hereby under authority pf tha
Municipal Cleua.a Aet uml Acts
emending ths Seme eptere uppn,   ss-
P' ftcs and takes nil mul singular
I pr ernes, trod or tracts ol
iven leet in width slong sad ad-
e*cb sills ol l lie present rc«ip
Bom Irom the western boundary ol District Lot atlttt, I Jroup (Ins,
Vancouver District (being the bo«n-
dary line pl the City ol North Van
• soHVer) lo (he Hastings ('reek Bridie
Situate between Lots 1 and 10 in
lilook 2, in District lot 303.1, so (us
ss tbe said registered Hold is only.
. 66 (set in width, it he'ng tho inten-
lion ol tbis By-law that ths said
Boad be and ths same is-hereby ils
dared to be widened to a uniform
width ol fi) fett. The lands a|eoted
by this expropriation ere more peril-
cularly described as lollnws t
16 .
District Lot Block
, (i
The said awas or tracls ol land so
expropriated are shown colored red on
Ilie plsn or sketch filed in lbs Und
Registry Office in Ihe City ol Vancou
ver ana numbered 3B44A.
3. For Ilie purpose ol islal lisliiiu
opening, making and pn serving Bosd
or sti. .'i to lorm an extension ol the
Deep | I'm,' Bosd, lbs Corporation
hereby mul, i authority ol tbs Municipal Clauses Act snd Acts amending
the same snters upon, expropriate.
and takes all and singula? Ibst tract
or area ol land in the District ol
Norlh Vancouver, sjxlyaii lot in
width, Ihe centre line pf wbicb nnv
lie more particularly dsroribra is lol
lows: vis., Commencing at a point on
the South side ol ths present travel-,
led road.known ss Ihe Kwilb Boad,
distant 836 leet more or l,s, east-
wards from Ihe norlb weal corner ol
District Is,l 471, liioup one, Vancouver District and iiniiiediiii.lv opposite
Ihe centre line of Deep.Covs Hoad at
ils junction with saiii Keith Boad,
Ihence south 34 degree* 13 inin. east a
distance ol sis hundred snd ti;ble..n
snd ,-iiilil tenths (618.8) Iwl, thence
south 16 degrtw H inin. (rest, a distance ii twelve hundred and liH> s iv
en and qbs tenth (iwl,)) leal mors or
lees lo the point of intersect ion of the
centre tin. pf the Boriyn Boad will,
Ihe west boundary of said I). I,. 471,
which, said tract or ares ol land hers
by expropriated contains Iwo snd
eighty-four one hundredths (3.611
sere, more or leu all in said district
471, aad is shown oolorad red on the
p|an or sketch filed in the Land li>|ri.
try OSes In lbs City of VsnCouvsr
and numbered 3154411.
3,  For tha purpose ol opening, im
sroving   sad widening   Ibat pert  of
etrest running westwards from
isle Avenue  to  tin feel boun-
ol District Lot 3036, all in the
id   ol  North  Vancouver,  to a
rllh ol 66 feet Ibe Corporation hereunder authority ol lbs Municipal
Disss Act and Acts amending Uu
asms enters upon, expropriates and
lakes all and singular Ibat strip or
tract ol land sixteen (161 (act in width
:-»imedialeJy adjoining tlio South side
tbe sain street and being lbs nor
rly  sixteen leet  id  Lots One (I),
wo 19),  Three (S),  Four  (t|. Five
l&ves(>l)iiB|pri|, allinlte
ubdivxwn of Masks Four (4) to
kirtsam <U), in Di#lrici J.ol >»6,
'toup One, ymmw pill
Jean* for !h» satd sixteen..
tn as aforesaid, Ihe Corpor,
by aulhorlsea Ilie raevl
convey et
mmmmmmmw.. ,t
owners ol the spoye-mentipiisd nrpi
pet-tie* a strip ol (snd 16 feet in
wifltn inwis<lwt>ly adjoining tho southern snd of md lots ti present
forming psrt of a S3 fppf, toad nllow-
anne on His wutnern boundary o| said
District Lot 3036, ercspt that in the
esse p| Lot 2, Block •',?,'' »strip j)!t
leet in width adjoining tbe southern
bouudnry ol Lot 1, hIii.II le pivin in
exchange and under Iho said authority tho Corporation hereby slops up
tlinstiiil 311 fppt road ill respect ol tho
ssifl strip ol 16 feet, SO io to convoy
ed. Fpr the purposes efprssaid, llm
Ssid reeve and clerk may execute any
conveyances that may be necessary
pr sign any plan of resnbdivision of
said Blocks A and 1) pr any pert or
parts thereof thai rosy le agreed upon with the pwner or owners pf llm
properties affected by Ibe said ex-
change. The said Strip or Ireot o|
land hereby pxnropriufed is »Wb
colored red and the ssid strip or
tract ol land to be given in exchange
is shown colored blue on the plan or
sketch filed in the Land lliyislry Office ip the Pity o| Vancouver snd nunv
tiered 3M|0. |
4. For the purpose pf opening, iin
proving and widening; a Htro.tt known
as Lonsdale Avenue in the District ol
North Vancouver (he corporation un
der authority of the Municipal Clans
as Act and Acts amending tbe sumo
enters upon, expropriates and lakes
all and singular an niva pr ureas,
tract pr tracls ol land seven feet in
width along and adjoining each side,
pf tha present sixjy-itiv fppt ronil Irom
ths southern boundary of District Lot
3036. Group 0ns, Vancouver District,
to the northern boundary ol bloeks
14 and 18 in said District Lot, it I o
ing the intentjon ol this By-Law thai
the said Hoad be and the sums is
hereby declared lo Jin widened to a
width nf 80 feet (bin worn the points
above-mentioned. Tho lands aliecti.il
by this expropriation ere more particularly described as follows'.
District Lot
4 to 18
, >l
I w?i
The aaid areas or tracts ol land
hereby expropriated are shown colored
red in the plan or sketch filid at iho
Land flegistry Office in the City ol
Vancouver, and numl:ersd 3644D.
t. For the purpose of opening, improving and widening a strset known
as King street in ths District ol
North Vancouyer, Ihe Corporation
hereby under authority of tbe Municipal Clauses Act and Acli emending
tbe same snters upon, expropriates
and takes all and singular that strip
or Iract of lend citibt I8| feel in
width and ninety-five (06) I,-, t more
or less in length and being the nor
iberlv eight (8) Isct nf lot 4, in
suhdii. B. ol block 33, in District l.ni
3036, droup Oqe, Vancouvur District.
Tho said piece ol land hereby expropriated is shown colored nd in the
plan or sketch filed in the Land Beg
istiy Offic. in tbo Cily ol Vancouver
and nuiiils'iid 3644E.
For the purpose ol altering and
diverting Ibe (ravelled Boad Known
aa Ibe Keith Boad in the District ol
Norlb Vancouvsr, ths Corporation
hsreby under authority ol the Municipal Clauses Act and Acts amending
tbe same enters upon expropriates
and takes all and singular lhat certain parcel or tract nf land, eighty
(80) leet in width, lying and being in
ili,- District ,,l North Vancouver, pro-
line ol British Columbia, and being
part ol District I ot 667, Group One,
New Westminster (now Vancouver)
District, iho centre line ol which Iract
of lend may be mure particularly do-
scribed as follows I
Commencing at a point m Ihesasl
boundary of District Lot 667 and distant from tbe south esst corner post
of said lot. seven hundred and twen
ty six ana one tenth (736.1) (ret.
rbence running south 81 riegreis 16
nun. W (Magnetic) a distance of Two
Thousand Four Hundred and Seventy-
Five and one tenth |34i6.1) feet,
ihence south 33 degrees 01 inin. west
(Magnetic) a distance ol Two Hun
,ii,,f and Highly Time (381) leet lo a
point in Ihe w.sl houndsry ol District
Lol 667, and distance from the south
weal corner post of said I ,.t. tleven
Hundred and Five and ninelanlhs
(706.V) leal, which aaid tract contains
Five and Six Hundredtlis (6.06) acres
more or lees and is shown colored red
on a plan or sketch 61,d in Ihe Land
Ib'gislry O&Cf >n U>. ('lly ol Vancou
ver snd numbered 3644F.
And in exchange for Ibe said parcel
or trad of land so expropriated authority is Imreliy given lo the lloevc
snd Clerk lo .tecule in lavor ol J.
iialfour Un, l-'s.piire, the owns,' ol the
parcel or Iract of land expropriated
ss sforeaaid, audi assuranco or assurances as niey hs necessary Ir, .est in
him Ibe area at potent occupied by
Ilu) said Keith road so ler as Ibo
same does not lorm pert of Ihe land
included in ths above description ol
the land lo be expropriated lor the
diversion of said Boad, and being all
and singular Itiat certain parcel or
Iract of land sixty-six (66) foot iu
widlb situate lying and being in the
District of Norlh Voncouver, province
of Hrilish Columbia, and being part
ol District lot Five Hundred nnd
Filly seven (667) group one (ll, New
Westminster (now Vancouver) District
the centre line of which innv be more
particularly diseril od SS (lilblAS    '■
Commencing at a point oo Ihe rest
boundary of said District  |.„l    Five
iiiinlarv ol eato District |,ol    pjve
undrari snd Filly-Haven (667)     and
slant from (he south east cruer
posl ot win lol Seven Hundred end
Forty (740, feel ; (hence S. ft degrees
ia miu. weal. (MogniJic), a dislanide of
One Mundred and Seventy-Sewn (177)
tV teeff 4dte% %m
Hundred nnd 0ns snd one   tenth
(tflH.lj, feet j. thence 9. It degrees 68
min- W (Magnctio)), a distance pf Tffl
Hundred and Ninety-Four find an-
tenths (384.6) feet: thence S. 89 degrees 40 mill. W (Muguctio) a iljelanoe
pf ts/D h|)ndred and twoi|ty-twq ppA
two tenths (333.31 feet; IWcs S. ^
degrees |8 min. W. (Magnotjo), a distance of three hundred und ninety-six
and nili» tenths IW.W fectj thence
8.68 doHmes 46 min. f- ,(¥»gne}iP) »
distance of three hiindrrd ond forty-
six and one-tenth (346.1) feet; Ibeiici
S. 46 degrees 30 min. west (Magnetic)
a dialaiiee of two buntiri'd and lliiily
twp (333) feet tp a point on tbe west
boundary pl said District Lot Five
Ijundred snd Fifty-Seven (667) and
distant from the south west corner
post p|' said |ot Seven Hundred and
Sixty (760) feet more pr less, which
said'tract of land contains (pur and
four tenths 14.4) seres mpre or less,
but suvti und except as aforesaid so
much nf the said tract ol land as
forms part pf tlm land expropriated
or deecrihed '" 'ho first part of this
The said area pr tract ol land so
authorized to be assured pr convoyed
io the Bald ,!, Half out Ker Eequire, is
sbnwn onlprod green pn tbo suid plan
nr sketch filed in Iho land Begistry
OIHno in lite city nl Vancouver snd
numbered 35UF.
7. F°r the purpose ol establishing
opening and making u road or street
the Corporation hereby enters upon,
expropriates and takes ell and singular unit certain parcel or tract ol
jand Thirty-tbrpe (33) loot in width,
situate lying and being in the District
of Nnrlh Vancouver, pr.iviii.r- of British Columbia, and being purt of His
iriet ),ot 667, Group One, Now Westminster (now Vanoouver) District,
which said pared nl land is bounded
by a lino commencing at tbo south
oast corner posl ol sard District Lot,
thonoo running north 34 degrees 46
min. west (Magnetic) aiong   Iho oust
1 and 3
31 and 33
1 and 3
36 and 36
I and 9
1 and 3
36 and 36
I and 3
36 and 36
I, 3, 3, 4, 6, ond 6
10, I0A, ll, 13, 13A and 13
1, 3, 3 and 4
1, 3 and 3
)       I, 3 and 3
boundary ol said District Lot to a
junction wilb iho parcel ol land first
describe,! in Clause 6 ol tbis By-Law,
a distance ol Six Hundred and
Eighty-Six and one-tenth (686,1) leet
more or less, Ihence south 81 degrees
16 min. west (Magnetic), a distance of
Thirty-four and seven-tcotba (34.7)
leet, thence south 34 degrees 46 min.
east (Magnetic) a distance ol Seven
Hundred (700) leet moro or less to
high water mark ; thence along High
water mark In iho point ol commencu-
mont, which said Iract ol land contains fifty-four one hundred tba (.64)
oi an acre more or less and is shown
colored blue on tbo plan filed at tbo
Land Begistry Office in tbe Cily of
Vancouver and numbered 3644F.
8. For Iho purpose ol establishing,
opening, altering and diverting Boud
or street known us Iho Dudley Boad,
and connecting Bosds ull in tbo Dis
trict of Norlh Vancouver, |be torpor
ation hereby under 'authority of tho
Municipal Clauses Act and Acts
amending Iho same enters, upon, expropriates and takes
FIBST—All apd singular an area or
tract ol land in Ibo District ol North
Vancouver, province ol Hrilish Columbia, and l.ein.' the weslerlv thirty-
three (33) leet ol blocks 16, Hi, 17, 18
and 19 in Ibe sulidivision ol District
Lot 6118, group one, Vancouver District, which said aroa nr tract ol land
is shown colored rid on Ibo plan or
sketch filed at tbe Land itegistry Of
6ce in the City of Voncouv, r ond numbered 3644G.
sr.ciiMi Ml lhal. area or. parcel ol
land sixty six led in widlb situate
lying ana being in the District ol
Soiill Vancouver, proviuco ol British
Columbia, aud being Ibo easlerlv Ibir-
ty-lbree (S3) leet ol blocks 34, 35 and
'Ji and Ihe westerly thirty Ihroo 133)
feet ol blocks 67, 68 and lii), ull in Ibe
subdivision nl District Lot hlh. group
one, Vancouver District, which suid
area or parcel of land is shown color-
oil rod in the plan or sketch libd ut
the I.ami Begistry Office in Ibe City
ol Vancouvor aud numbered 364411.
Ilus Byl.aw may bo "riled lor nil
purposes as Ibe "Highway's i'.xpro-
pi ini im, lly-Low, 1811."
i'uasud by Ihe Council on thr 13th
day ol July,.)«H.
Bccnnaidered and finally sdoplod
and signed by the Beeve and Clerk
and sealed wilh Ihe Corporate Seal
nn Ihe 37th day of   Inly, 1011.
Sgd.)   JOHN V.
C. 9. C.
Meeting Tonight
At Lynn Val
subdivisions  in tbo municipality    of
Norlb Vniicoupcr.    ll is of lb   ul
most importance that all interested jn
real stlaU npd tbe security of   land
title* in the municipality should   at
Und liis mssting.
(Sgd.)       J. M. FBOMMK, '
New Wnitry
Messrs. Brsehnw •*» Ker are the
latest lirn) ts jptrodnoe a pew industry into Sprth Vancouver. Thty uro
about to insMLn new crnshing plant
into their already np-tp-dote mill, wd
that bronpb ol the  milling business,
wbiph. haa hltbortp been Psi'Fiod nut in
rUicf places, fill in the near luturo,
he completed ut homo.
The new plant will consist n| an electric motor end a crusher, which will
grind nil (finds of grain and feed, and
will mimufucliiro (herefrom monl n
chop pf all kinds. The motor will
be ol (en ll- V., and will bs thoroughly effective in its operations.
The plant will be just such a one ss
has |nr sonic linm past been used in
almost all of Iho branches ol this eon-
corn and will tond tp greatly enhance
Iho buttnoss nl Briiaknuin k Hat in
North Vancouver,
It is .staled lhat Iho now machinery
will bo in working order within tbe
next Ihroo weoks.
Another fatality to one of the local
fleet of pleasure oraft oocurrcd Tuesday night nr early Wednesday morning, when tho yawl Undine, Lite Nnn-
coy, was burned In tho waler's cdc.Si
and I .mi.- a total loss.
How Iho firo started is at present a
mystery, but it is probable lhat it
bud its inception in Iho engine mom,
lor tho vessel carried a Ihroo il. 1'.
auxiliary gasoline motor, nnd it is
moro than likely that Iho infliiinni.'iblo
nature ol the fuel wus in some nay
Tho Undine wus owned by Mr.
Knight, who bought her locally. It
is sinl lhat she bus been somewhat ol
a while olophanl on bis bands, lor on
account of the depth ol her kcl, sbo
wus ipiilo unable tn approach anywhere close lo shore, she was yawl
riggod and between lour and fjys Ion.
There was about two Ion nl Icrl nn
her keel.    She won no races lure.
AI eight o'clock Wednesday morning
ibo vessel was still smouldering, l.ut
ut high lido I Inn is now nolhiig to
lie scon ol her except tbe nnst, wl.irh
lies ut a pnrtentious angle, plain!*' betokening a wreck.
Another yacht was burned opposite
the Holol Norlh Vancouver on Salur-
duy ni, hi. in Ibis ciso iho cabin
caught firo. Tho boot wns rroinplly
■cu11 li d and Bunk. Nexl day sl,o was
Honied again and was running alright
Sho belonged lo a Mr. Thompson.
A public meeting will be held In the
Institute Hall, Lynn Valley on Friday, August Ilh, at 8 p.m. to discuss Ihe action ol Ihe provincial gov- 	
eminent in  demanding  a ,|Unrlor   oil princes in bringing about tbe aoquit-
Pleasant Fields of
Joly Writ
Lesson VI.  Jeremiah xxvi 7-19
August, 6, 1911.
Jeremiah Tried uud Ac.juittt.il
Jeremiah stopped ibo congregation
on ils way to church and preached
such a sermon ns it would never have
card. Within Iho dauntless courage
ol ono speaking tlio very words of
Hod ho laced kings and princes, prieal
und people. Ho sot up a mourner's
bench and called a nation tn up nl.
ance. Ho declared tbut il reformation
was mil quick and genuine, destruction would certainly como. The wii'
cup of Cod's fury Would Iw passoJlo
litem and Ihey mudo lo drink it to
Iho dregs. Voice of mirth and gludntsi
oico oi bridegroom and bride, sound
ol mill dom. and light ol candle, all
would cease in the whirlwind ol divine
lury. The lair temple ol Jerusalem
would bo like Iho disgraced tabernacle ol Shi lob nnd Ibo boly city so
entirely desolate tbut il. would nol
havo a single inhabitant, on astonishment, hissing nnd curse, The answer
ol tbo privileged cluss to tbis scathing sermon was natural enough. Thoy
saw their honors and emoluments
moiling away in Ibo beat ol a genu
ino revival ol religion. Sp Iboy raised   the cry "Troaspn I" "Blasphemy"
n lhat ho had said tho templo and
city should be destroyed. "Why hael
thou eaid 'this house shall be as Shi
lob I' For Ibal llipu,shall die l"_ The
prophet's calmness arid sell-possession
was splondid, his whole bearing sublime I His only reply was "I have
spoken God's words I"* It was said
ill such a way as to compel belief. A
etrenge npd fairly unaccountable revolution of feeling look place in a moment ol time. That crowd bad three
elements in it—Ecclesiastics, wbo Saw
in tbo fall of the temple an end "'
their "graft" ; princes, a sort of polj
Ileal oligarchy naturally jealous of
the pcclewastics. Fjnolly the "people"
toyofbotl) prinoce and priests, moved oilher way by cither porty in hppos
of gain. In this instance Iho people
semn to havo  pooled  issue will) tbe
Ital of the prophet. The appeal was to
precedent,  '« pica   almost invariably
(Successful. Hoxekioh had acquitted lib*
|prophol Micuh allbough bo bad spoken
words very like flloeo of Jseremjah. So
the Woody work of the slaugMlr-
house of the prophets was interrupt-
UfaMth» whl> t£ the ««bfew Say-
■ •^"
At Home Cards
Ball Programs
Business Cards
Bill Heads
Cotton Signs
Delivery Receipts
Hand Bills
Invitation Cards
Letter Heads
Post Cards
Price Lists
Shipping: Tags
Visiting Cards
Wedding Invitations
North Shore
Press Limited
torn 80
mi Vancouver, a.
North Vancouver City
U"' ,
CLEARED LOTS 50 ft. x 147 ft.
In BLOCKS 15,15a. 16 and 16s. D.L. 550.
  ' '' ==
PRICES i $750 to $ 1000 according Jo location,
TERMS: 1-4 Cash, Bal. 6,12and 18months.
ACREAGE in District Lots 546 and 550
In Blocks of from One to Four or more acres.
PRICES: from $2000 to $3250 per acre
TERMSi 1-4 Cash, Bal. 6,12,18 & 24 months
■ i   n ■ *
The Grand Boulevard extendi through thii property
The North Yancouver Land and
543 PENDER ST. titt6286  VANCOUVER, B. C.
Sale of Canvas Shoes
As we are making room for
our Fall and Winter Stock,
these Shoes will be sold at
less than cost, and a glance at
the prices and our windows
will convince you that we need
the space more than we do the
Shoes. They are first class
stock, and a good assortment
ot sizes   :::::::
Ladies Whits Csnvss Shoes,  Keg It 75 lor >jsr
Man's White Csnvss Oxfords Reg. ft.fj for J165
Men's Gray Canvas, Leather Toe Caps.. Reg J2.00 for tli 45
Mao's Slate Colored Canvas Rag f, j. oa for J j 15
owQim wrqvpito
The imprnvewenis which have i\m
in progress nl Isle ntlhe loeelatw-
Wry hnve acoomplislmd a greet deal
towards making Iho grounds desirable
fnr interment purposes. Addition'))
clearing 1ms been done, walks have
bsen laid out, arrangements for tanning have b«en made and sltogetbir,
the appearance of the comotary has
been very greatly improved,
Tbo most notable instance of improvements upon the part of individual owners of [ilnts is that whioh is
•being executed lor Mr, D, Q, Pick,
Tlisre haa been conetructed a sepulchre ol solid concrete, the basi of
which is six leet deep and the dimensions ol which are lour by eight foet
In the oentro is suspended a cylindrical receplahlo measuring eight inalias
in diameter and three leet do ■> in
whioh will be placed a oolleotlon „|
records and dtiounients, First Mr.
Rick has had prepaid a et nl eight
solid brass bars twelve inches long
and ono ipoh in diameter, The bars
are octagonal, affording eijfht faces
into which has beon mil by means ol
dies Ihe privato history nl the Inni
liy from the 11th oeniury, the dots ol
the discovery ol America by ColumUs
Ihe dole nl IbS incorporation ol Ihe
cities ol Vancouver and Norlh Von
couver, various items with rehnmoj
lo the names of the groat world powers of today, tlie history of the Mas
pnio ordor and oilier items ,.| note.
There are iu all two thousand letters
in these records which are of curso,
absolutely imperishable.
In addition to Iheee liars Mr. Dick
has had made a cylindrical brass onso
lilted with a heavy cap nl each end
and wilh a special brasB jacket to lie
pul nn between Ihe caps, and also two
tubular recoptucles of glass. In Ihtse
receptacles Ihero will he pliicjd photographs, documents, current numbers
nl local newspapers, including Iho I'.I
press, the Province, World and iVewe-
Advertiser, after whicii Ihiy will I.i
secuiely seoli'il. "
All of tins,, hi 1 i.-i,h will ha depot't-
ed in Ihe cenlreK receptacle in trie sepulchre, and lo these will he uddcl
such other deposits as may lie deeitli.l
upon alt,-, which Iho nciptacle will
lie finally sealed.
This burial chamber wil ho surmounted by a illinium, nl ol highly
polished .Scotch granite, mnunttd on a
base and sub-base and surmount.nl by
a cap, arched at tlie lop and protrud-
big several inches over Ihe edge of the
monument (nr its entire circuit, lipou
either side nl Ihe cap is carved in Ihe
centre a keystone wilh Ihe inscription
"He flood and Do fiood."
GENUINE SCOTOII GINGHAMS, our own importation in   Plain
ahambrays and Checks, special per yard mum; >,•,.„,• 1 - M*
82-inoh PRINTS, good heavy quality, HgM nnA dark colors, special
per yard ,„ ,•••■,••• •••„■•.,» in wimh '•• ••""•" "o-Vlt.
UBKSS MUSMNS, plain and lanoy IMmity atripes, also dots awl
crossbars, price   ln° «"» ™.
A largs assortment ol Victoria I-awns, Indian I,lnens, Posies* Lawn",
Naiiooks, Organdies, etc,
Buttons covsred Irom your own malprial-all eisee,    t
Keith Block I,nnsdale Block
Pboae 03 Phons 268
l. *
In Iho cily police court on Thursday morning Iho cane ol Davits, remanded from Iho day belore, was tried
by His Worship the Mayor and Mr. 0.
V. Foreman, ,I.P.
Davies was charged by his wile wilh
cruelly and non»up|iorl and two wil
tosses, Mr. iligginbottom and Mrs.
fhsdwick, gave eviilence on ber be
hall. A letter wa. produced dated as
lar back as l!K"J in which Mrs. Davie,
complained ol Iho same treatment as
lital which Davit* was alleged to lie
guilty. II was clearly proved lhal
Davies hail liealen and kiikod his wile
lhal she bed been |.,i.vd to make her
own rlolhi's, and to support hcrsell
and her two children, eg.d Ihne and
Ova years, by her own efforts, The
same Ihing had occurred in England,
and tluiugh Mrs. Davies diil not say
a great .leal against her errant spouse
il was evident lhat Ihere was a deeply pal belie end ho|iclees story ill
cruelly  ami  negbcl   behind   her ail-
Partly considering that il lie was
given 0 jail h,nl.'„,',•, his wile would
ll. in a won. plight than ever, Ihe
magistral*, allowed Davie, lo go on
a su<|h.iiiIM s.ni. in1,', on condition
lhat .very two weeks he reported to
lb. I'hiel ol Police Ind paid In him
•lastly on. hall nl hi. wage., to be
handed .ivar to hi. wile, The magi.
Irat.'i also informed Dallas lhat II be
came ls'(„ii> ibem again charged with
dunking h. would be iiit.iiliiii.l.
Tb. magistratea urged upon the
couple lk.t II it wer. possible they
should make up tbeir ,|iinrr, I and live
logHher again. Mrs. Davie, informed
Ihe courl that lor her par! thiseoald
urn be. Hhe was allowed to hav.
th. custody ol th. children.
W. cloae Sundays, lions m. .1
II. Knglieh, (). K. Oroeerv, 18 Lone
dais Avenue.
I0/N0 cords ol dry Ar wood lor .jilcti
•aj*. Plica per odd aords tito.
Special quotation, lor larger igjan-
Gat Wood-K inthed ttM, 13 indue
C. 0. D,
IW P. 0. Bos )•»
Western Ave
Lot 50 x 154 ft. facing westwards
Price $1300    -    -    1-3 cash
John Alexander & Co.
Keith Road, Hollyburp, West Vancouver
We eolicit a trial bid nu vour Orders small ur large
Vancouver Business Directory
ti't Pander street, Vancouver
North Vancouver
Kallethe's Bath
Corner Homer and Pender Sis
The only up-to dale and reliable bath house in British Co
We cure where others (ail.
Satisfaction guaranteed or 110
pay. Plain baths, electric bath:-,
shower baths, massage for body, scalp and face; electro therapeutic baths a specialty.
Graduate of Berlin, Germany
Business Institute
Mf Hastinga St. W.
c.analea Qreetesl Hlpttiin SeHeel
9. i. Sprott, BA., --Managar
Mm) 4m Espress
Business College
63? Seymour st., Vancouver
Day school open all the year
round. Night school commences September 8tb.
Groceries and Provisions
Wholesale apd Retail
116 Hastings St. (downstairs)'
Delivery Tuesdays and Fridays
!.ii'i,kior mm mm
Sign and Price Marksrs
10 Fairfield Bid.      Fon* I417*
tajto forprilwu Ltd
440 Seymour Street
und and mortgage
estates managed
fire insurance
R. Kerr Houlgate - - - Manager
tmif   nO*HB   f ■MCQIaWM  jW?|r1l   ltl  *W
%fcer Flask Meek pr Hastings St.,
^slU tbe m pott line,  fswnard
jWn* f*Wi Ww isW ifrWtmW'
nO.1* ia,-. si j, „;,**, -., TM
Is ths most impressive in western Camilla. Ibru you will lind
the best in every make. From the reliable IHItKH SI'WHAi,,
made by lis and guaranteed by ua, to tho renowned Swiss apd
American movements which have beep proven by the most so-
vers leets. Among these watches you will find the HOWARD,
HAMILTON, MINI UN IW, AtlABRIZ and all the finest gradei
nf ths WAI,'I'llAM and MAIN productinna. Tha -average man
who wants a watch wants a timepiece. Therefore, whan you
buy a watch, gut a IIIllh.S watch ; a watch that will he laiUi-
hll In you at all times at all places. Wo stand lebind the
watchos we sell, which iiirana that almost forty yean of honest sorvioo lies behind the watch you purohass (rum aa,
Henry Birks •& Sons, Ltd.
. ,       Jewellers and Silversmiths
Hastings and Granville Streets
Vancouver, B. C
,     You Are Building a New Home
AND CASINGS. Save yourself, trouble and worry,
Phone 222, or write P. 0. Boi 1719 and out representative will call and cheerfully give you an eslimate.
Hand Hawing
We guarantee I'u si  class work
and all ortlors promptly Pilled.
Sash and Door Factory
Office Fillings
Detail Work
Blair lluililing
Centre Block Lynn Valley
$15 monthly. Lease given to good parties. This is an excellent
opportunity to establish a good business in a growing district.
Cor. Centre and Lynn Valley Road
Merchants' Trust & Trading Co.
Pender and Burrard Street*, Vancouver, B, C.
Double Corner, 100 feet on Boulevard and 114 feel on Si.
Andrew's Ave, cleared. Piice $2400, I -4 cash, balance
over 18 months.
50 ft. Lot, 2nd blk. from Lonsdale carline, and close to Boulevard.   Price $800; cash $200, balance over 18 months.
Splendid Inside Lol, would make fine business location, on Firsl
St., one blk. from Lonsdale Ave. Price $5400; Cash
$1800, balance over 18 months.
, Splendid View Lol, 2 blkijrtm Lonsdale carline. Price $575;
1-4 cash, balance over 18 months.
II you weal • |ood bay in Nor* Vancouver, call aad sea em Listings.
Wa Spcci.Un ia tbis District.
Pkon* Seymour 8752
Uavs Vanrouver 6.20 a.m. and
lliersa/Ur every % minutes until
7.00 p.p. Cnpnwacini! 7.30 p.m.
every 30 minutes Until II.'HI p.m.
therselUr |«.I6 and 1.00 a.m.
Ijlavs North Vancouver 0.00 a.m.
and tlii'H'iilii'r every 'Ml minutes until 7.00 p.m. Commencing 7.30 p.
in. every 30 minulca until IMS) p.
m. thereafter l|.45 aad lil.lli am.
Mevs Vaneouvar 7.4/), 8.30 t/vl
0.00 thereafter same as weekdays.
l-eavs North Vancouver 7.30, 8.00
and 8.40, thereafter saaae aa weekdays.
Single lare 6c, « lor 36c, 80 (or tl, 70 lor 13.
VfflllfiMC BATES
A -Umber wagons, trucks aod
drays, 76c rsturn.
B■ -3 horse espress carriages sad
hacks, We return.
O-l horse espreee buggies and
autos, lax return. %
Time-UWs subjsot to chaws without notice,
Company mt mm lot IHtyi, tmidmitl ot otherwise.
Ill     I      II IIS»«»««S^S«»»»JSS»-—«MSI»«SMSSI
All the ebova rates include driver. Bales A and ft subject to 30
par cent, discount ia Iota ol 60.
Far IOO lbs. rale. 6c.
Minimum rata, lOe.
(By Wm. Hamilton. Qslwpei,
(OflpMlbt by Publishers Press Md)
lust after Midnight.
It waa hall past twelve pn tilt
twenty-third of May'
The tall young mai) v/ltli the long
dark cost, a coat that otivoloped bin)
completely, reached the corner at tha
same instant that the electric lights
want out. They went out for ilio
same reason that lights go out op all
stormy nights—a reason that lev!
men dver knew, and these lew nave'
• Tbo man stood there lor an Ionian)
looking up and down the street.
He may have been waiting (or .1
ur. II be waa, be waa disappointed
In the distance tba faint light of
an electric gleamed through the moisture It waa receding, of course, as
Is the habit of alreet conveyances.
Tbe young pan breathed a sign
"A beastly night," be exclaimed all
lo himself In a pleasant, well-modulated voice.
It dldnt seep lo worry I1I111. He
said It wilh (be same easy nonchalance as though it were tho finest of
"So much Ibe better," he continued
In tbe same happy frame of mind.
Nevertheless be drew bis coat the
closer about him and turned up tho
collar. Then, removing his opera hat,
he shook the rain from It and replaced It upon hln head.
But although the Btorm continued
with unabated force, he did not sock
shelter, but Bill! stood upon the corner, glancing repeatedly up and down
the cross streets, peering ln(o the
darkness to see what he could see,
nnd thrusting bis heed forward and
lo one aide, to hear what ho could
He elood thus for some four or live
minutes—a long while to eland and
look and Helen. And be saw nothing
end heard nothing.
Finally be thrust his hand into tbe
deplbs of bis long coal, snd from the
'nslde half pulled out a watch.
He did not look at It for two roa-
loi.ii, lirst because the rain vould
live ruined II; second, because ii
was too dark to see it. Instead, be
presBod a small spring. It was ,1 re-
r cater, and II struck the hour.
"Quarter lo one," he remarked
rofily In himself: "I'm Just in time."
That's a good watch," be contln-
1 ed, 'ono of the best, I'll wager, In
tho old man's slock, and a flrst-class
stock be carries, too—or did, up to
night before Iimt."
He laughed noiselessly to himself,
nnd then, with an upward glance nt
the corner building, lie moved over
towards II, aa though seeking shelter
from tho storm.
It wim a bank—one of tbe old-fashioned kind, wilh a high corner sloop
covered by Ibe conventional species
i.f portico.
Another man would havo ascended
Ibis stoop and taken his stand under
Ihe portler, whicii furnished ample
protection from the wet. But nol bo
thie man.
Instead, with unheard footsteps, he
moved half way down the length of
the bank on Ihe sldo street end paused In front of s ground-floor window.
There were sli windows on Ibst
elds. He selected the third one, after
ciaminlng it with csre.
As was the cobo with all the others,
this window was barred with Iron
bars. Tbey bIbo were old-fashioned,
somowbal wide apart, and ran .'rom
top to bottom with no supporting
piste between.
Having completed his Investigation,
the man in the long coat straightened up and stood wilh his back lo the
window, and coco moro looked about
It wu a bad place lo stand. Tbe
watar from the roof poured down In
a aleady atream upon bis bead.
' He never heeded II, however. After
looking end listening for another Instant, he merely wrapped a long scarf
about bis neck and drew bie coat still
more closely around bim, and then
again stooped down and—what!
No one knowsl Turned up his trousers, perhaps.
If It were that, It took Borne time,
tind required considerable care.
Again be straightened up and again
stod still. Not entirely, though, for
bs kept one beel tap-tap-tapping upon
lha lag beneath.
And aa ha tapped a reaping, grating sound becape perceptible, alight,
but still distinct It cane from behind hip. .
Once more he jpoke.
"Oreat Scott,'1 he exclaimed, "what
a, boon these new automobile heel
machines have con* to be. The man
(bat makes thep deserves a placo
along With |h« Ipventor of the typewriter a»4 tha sawing machine and
lha cotton |l#. Thar do th* business
to ao Urns, sad is It wall. I'll />•«
to wr|t« ths (allow a testimonial and
have It publlshed-over py signature
and under py portrait. I will, too, If
ever I—If tha warst comes to the
worst. I've got Ihe nerve to do It."
Qllt he kept on tapping. Suddenly
there waa a sharp whirring sound
and than a loud snap.
"Number one!" ho exclaimed.
Again he stooped and mado another
adjustment.   Having  done   this,   he
once more examined tbe window and
the bare
As he did so a small gleap of light
played around tbe bottom of one of
the long bars. It came from a tiny
incandescent lamp held In the hollow
ot hia palp.
This nsw Inspection seemed highly
satisfactory. Again be resumed . his
After a time there was aWher
whir and another enap.
"Number two," he remarked  In 11
lone of delight.
Then he sprang aside.
"Oreat Scotl" ba continued, "what's
For be had Indistinctly heard upon
the heavy moist air the steady tramp,
tramp of a man around the corner.
Tin' man In the long coat hastily
took from his pocket a small piece of
putty, Ailed the Hied crevices with
it, then with a diminutive peper
Bhaker dusted the edges with lino lead
pencil Bcrapings—thls lo rcsloro
them a metallic appearance.
Then he blew away Ihe iron tilings
inul noiselessly disapeared.
The watchman—for It was became around (lie corner, tried the
front door, then flushed bia light In
turn into and upon each window.
All was well. He stood for a moment, glancing up and down, swore
under Ills nretilli at the rain and the
mud, shook hie stick (nergelically at
the 111.1i111-11.au of a trolley car that
thundered by—and then passed on.
Two minutes later the man In the
long coat was back at bis post, and
the rasping sound began again. At
the end of twenty minutes he
breathed a sigh of relief.
"Number four!" he was able tin,ill)
lo announce to himself.
He bad cut two bars completely
through, both st the top und at the
bottom. He removed them quietly and
laid them gently down upon the pttve-
The window also was an old-fashioned one, conBlBtlng of two Bashes
with a middlo catch. It would havo
lieen a simple thing to force the
catch, but this man knew better.
Holding his body aa a shlold against
Ihe framework, be flashed his light
along each edge and particularly
ulong the middle. Ho then cut two
email holes In the glass, und, inserting an instrument, cut a number of
wires that run around the sash.
"Blamed Idlotsl" he muttered to
himself. ''These people leave Iheir
wires In plain eight. This is a
Having cut the wires, the' rest waa
He slipped Ibe catch, raised the
lower Hash and entered. From tlie
Inside ho carefully replaced the bare
in their former position, wedged
thep tight with small steel disks,
Riled Die spaces with putty and dusted them as before.
Then be Inserted the circular disks
of glusH where they belonged, and,
dipping a brush in a small vial, he
applied to tbe cut edges a thick, oozing, colorless fluid. A bottle of this
was long afterwards discovered In ble
It waa found to be Canadian balsam, a fluid wbicb, possessing the
same degree of refraction aa doea
glaaa Itself, la capable of uniting two
pieces of glass together ao that the
point of .contact le well-nigh indistinguishable.
It la impossible to desorlbe lha
deftness or skill with which this man
worked—and be worked ao that there
were absolutely no traces of tha Job
he left behind him.
He had laat closed tho window and
fastened It when he waa once moio
startled by a bright light which entered tho room.
In an Instant ha realised that It
lad not yet lighted upon himself, and
ba threw himself face down upon tba
floor next to the wall. There he waited, without a sound, scarcely even
breathing, until he heard the steady
tramp, tramp pf footatepa receding
in the distance.'   >
It waa a policojnaa who had flashed hia light upon the window. And
till pollcepaa saw; noUilng-»otblpg
excepf the regulation Iron bars and
a window pane with heavy drops of
rein trickling snd ooslsg down It.
The man In Use long coat Jumped
lo hl# fret
"That waa.a narrow escape," ha
said to himself, "alnwt too m>
mw." But ha wm Ip the han't at
wet-. ; ^
Two A-, ¥•
"Now for the vroft" m the IBM
tp tha long cost.
Once more he struck bis rope iter.
II was exactly i. The policeman, wbo
Waa pot regular, pad last gone.
BMt It WM tlmd for Uto wstebmap
again. Ho was compelled lo wait a
bit—for ths outer door of the vault
Waa Illuminated by lha rays Of tho
electric lamp, and waa visible from
the email bole In tha outer door n(
the bank.
After the tramp, tramp bad died
uwsy, he stepped boldly Into ihe lull
glare ot (bis lamp, but whatever he
did, ho kept his back toward the
outer door of tbe bank.
The llgpt shone stroniriy upon him.
He wes .no longer a man In a long
coat and an opera hat. He had doffed
both of them.
For the lirst time bis figure and
bis features were distinctly visible.
He was young, tail broad
shouldered. His face was handsome,
but a hll too florid, perhaps. He wore
a conventional, but very becoming,
Van Dyke beard.
ills appearance won, upon tbo
whole, distinguished. He bore the
stamp of tbe coin Ibst would puss
current anywhere.
His apparel waa faultless—be wore
evening dress of tbe most approved
cut and pattern; be waa Immaculate
from head to foot.
He lit a cigarette and went to work.
He wanted no time—he had none to
Ho knelt down and grasped tlie
handle of the combination lock. Thin,
In keeping with every other thing
about the bank, wea also of a bygone age. It waa one that worked
upon tbe letters of tbe alphabet.
Slowly turning tbe handle of thie
lock, the man placed bla ear to the
safe Just outside tbe circle of letters
iiiil listened to the clink, clink of
the pieces of metal falling Into place.
To bim limit- slight metallic clatter constituted Just so much intelligent conversation. He talked to ihem
boolhlngly and seemed to coax Ihem
Into place.
" 'H' It le, then," be mused to himself, ns be heard tbe Aral piece fall
unmistakably Into Ita proper place.
"8-T-A—a blame long-winded combination they've got, too," be complained.
Then be started to his fet.
"What's thia?" be exclaimed.
But be kept turning on and on.
Suddenly, with Arm grasp, he
turned back tbe knob will) a sharp
click, then stepped to one side snd
swung open tbe door.
"Well, I'll be banged I" be exclaimed.   Tbe nerve of theae peoplel"
He smiled, shut the door again,
twirled the knob to throw It off once
more, and then rapidly turning and
returning It to letter after letter
without Ihe allgbtest hesitation or
difficulty, clicked It hack once again,
end a second time swung the big door
"By Oeorge, I wss rigbtl The
nerve of theml"
For the lettere to wbicb be bad
turned, and which constituted the
hank's combination for tbo safe, were
Ihe following sixteen letters of the
11 H T A N I, !■; 1 li II H T (I H M W
''And this," be continued, with a
genteel bow to tbe contents of ths
cafe, "Is what It Is to bo Ibo best
known man about town."
"Well," be Anally admitted to himself. "It's tbeir husluess, I suppose.
1 hey have the right to use a depositor's name or any other name ss
ihey please, though tbe ono they've
selected Is a deuced long one. Not a
bad Idea) though."
"By Ibe way," h» went on, pulling
down a nook marked ' ledger,'
"while we're about l| we'll figure up
11. 8tanlelgh's balance In this bank—
I'd forgotten almost that there wu
one here."
It waa a few hundred dollars oqly.
He replaced the book.'
'Now for business," he resumed.   1
He forced every door and every
drawer In tha vault. In but one did
he And what be waa after.
Tbla contained six bulky packages
of id I Is. He laid them on tbo floor
rutslde the vault, and then once mora
hastily Inspected fbe Interior,
There waa nothing else worth while
Then be laughed, a low, musical
"Tbis Is great business," ba remarked, "for H. Btenlelgh Blorroc. I
depositor, by tbe mare use of his own
name, which he happens to know how
to spell, walks Into his banker's vault
end robs bis banker—and himself.
''Bill)/' be added, "I'll not lose even
the few hundred, for the bank can
stand this loss, snd If- they don't pay
pe py account, I'll—by Oeorge, I'll
■ha tiiaml   I'm lust tha'"*". to   in
ii,!1 ■ mvnr.    rft* fi'i,1    n . ft^t*   it.   tt
Jt, too. Orsal fml" to axclalpad,
(Continued1 in JprnjAaJy'i Issue)
TAKE NOTICE Ibst tba data lor
expiry ol rebate on taxes has bean ex-
tonded to SEITKMBEH )0lh, mil.
All persons wbo pay the annual taxes
levied on lands on or before September Hi! h nest will be entitled to a .lis
count nl one-sixth 08 tho general
Cily flask.
4 mm w w vim wmm
Weigh your bread. Bf«wsf'» XJi
Dread is 19 ounces (Union UtAt) Five
cents per loaf, No sweeter oF'1>War
bread madp. Opp'w pay § higher priP i
(qr iwVjpr stuff, of en«ftHF»W WW"
tant prim in North, VspPflHVe?; fl,
liitobje, the Up-Ip-Pale flropar, W
to m First street, East.,.        86-8 !,
Province ol Drltish Columbia
MITII'K is hereby given lhat ull pul*
lie Highways in unorganised districts
and all Main Trunk llniuls in orgsnu-
cil   Districts are sixty-six feet   widi,
anil havo a width ol Ihirly-threa leet
on each side ol Iho mean straight con-
Iro line of tbe Iruvcllcd road.
Minister of Public Works!
Department nl Public Worke,
Victoria, B. C, July 7tb, 1011.14-10
M.i'.r.i^vii^', <<•;
T7e solid! tlie bu.Ir.eu ol UmmreeUrtfS,
Himli-iceiiiod ollien «boinllit IbeiuJtImHI-
ily uf having llielf filet bmlueu lunu.ltj
byKipcrU.   Plellnilmry advice free.   Cbllgrl
miKlcrate. Oarlovsafor's Adviserseni uiaji. it-
aueet, Mirloflfiisrfon, ttfi, New Vurk 1 jle
Mil'! U„nlicsl,sii4W«,bliiiiloii DC.UiM.
300 Feet of Water-
frontage with crown
?rant, known M
Wallace Shipyards.
Term* to »uit purchaser.   Apply
Soymour St
Expert on Fireplaces and all
classes of Brickwork.
4)1 fork Guaranteed
Corner Fifteenth Bl. and Mahon Avs,
All new houses should ba pip-
ad for gae in order to aave tba
beavy expenditure ipr Ibis eon-
reaience at a later date.
If. y. LIGHT, HBAT 9
f. O, Boi fj, frOrt* VaAeoiwr ' ....   .    ■ '.s .. i . ,   ,■...,.,■■,-'i..,..' :Tt .'i.i j-;. ■■ s..   i       ..... ..
North VAMewvp*
— r.-    . ■ —-fc,	
PllWiflhofJ Tuwdays and Friday* liy North Shose Press, Limited
Geo, H. Moriien, editor and Manager.
nates oy suaaeairTioa
One year, 11.00 Six months, 60c. Throe months, l»8o.
United States and Foreign, M.M per year
Advertising Hates will be quoted on application.
a "J '■ :—1-1 i ' : 1	
Ths Espress Is devoted to the interests ol tba north Shora of Bnrrard Injat
'twlnalvafy,    It eonstltniss an advertising medium ol eiwptloiiel jralwe lor
■"WRJhlni (n a tltornnjh and efieotlve manner the population of North Vancouver
Clit; aad District. Every effort Is mails to give advertisers tha most satlslaetory
All disuses In contrast advertisements should ba in ths printers' Hands not
Istertlisnl0a.nl. Monday and II p.gi, Wednesday to ensure insertion In tlis
billowing Issue,
No»th Vancouvur,   B. C.
August 4 1911
When the Dominion House of Com
mons re-assembled in duly, it wss
fully sipeoted by the country at large
that ths then parliament would not
survive Ihe ssssion, but notwithstanding this lacl the siiilil.iin.BH with
which dissolution wss reached came aa
a surprise to all those who were
closely following events, and who considered themselves In position to
gauge the probabilities with a (air degree ol apouraey,
The statements ol the members ol
the oppoaition during Ihe recees were
positive and unambiguous, lo the effect that they were determined lhat
Ihe propoaed reciprocity agreement
between Canada and the I'nited
States should be pronounced upon by
the Canadian people at ths polls.
During the lew sessions through which
the House survived, the gov.rnment
Inrcee employed the customary methods ol thoroughly testing tha temper
ol the opposition with the result that
(here was not any sign ol a weakening ol their determination or ol any
break in the ranks.
It was hoped in many iroartars
that the government might find it
feasible to accept, in some form, ona
nl the propositions offered by Ilie
opposition in order to bring in a redistribution bill before laying tbe reciprocity issue belore Ihe people. At
any rate it, wus generally etpeeted
that some proposition wilh respect lo
supply would lie made and accepted,
before Ihe House was dissolved. The
prophets, however, were all astray
and the effect was somewhat like
Ihe proverbial "bolt Irom the blue"
when the announcement wns made,
during the absence ol many members,
who, according to tbs invariable custom had taken a run home lor the
week end, lhat Ihe ilium,, had lieen
While the,genera) record of Ibe government will doubtless figure to a
greater or leaser eitent in the ap-
proaching campaign, yet Ilie elections
will lie fought in Hie main upon the
reciprocity issue and it is sale lo say
that Ihe results will lie controlled by
that issue.
This appeal lo the people will lank
as ons ol the moat notable tbut has
been recorded in Canadian histoly lo
date lor several reasons, first because
ol the circumstances under whicii il
was precipitated in lha middle ol the
usual parliamentary term ; secondly,
because ol tha importance ol tbe ijsus-
tioo which haa caused lha appeal hi.iI
third because ol Ihe (act tbut Ihe
lines upon which the electorate will
divide are so laid as to break down
the old party lines to a great eitent.
While in Ihe main it may lie said
that the Conservative parly ia nppoe-
ed to the reciprocity agreement and
that the Liberal party is in lavor of
the pact, yet the special grounds upon
which the proposed agreement may appear desirable or undesirable to Ibe
individual voter an ol such a nature
that many followers ol both parties
will break away Irom those aAliation*
for Ihe tiase fating at any rate in cast
lag their ballot on September 21st.
This leatura oi lbs situation will be
round particularly gratifying by those
who as* of opinion tint while there
are nndoubUd benenli in a eyeteo of
party govern«M»l, yet tfcat tbs sanest, safest and best type oi sftW
aftio i« that ol tbe elector who ia a
Ca**diao first and a party (•porter
M • nwH* 4 mm, tin ptmv
booster, whatever hie political 00m-
pleiion, will be found etoutly protesting Ihe certain victory of his side at
the polls, hut the citiren who wishes
to stand clear nl bias and to intelligently guage the probabilities, will be
loiiiiil much more reticent in attempting lo prognosticate the risiilts. Ae
for British Columbia, while il would
not bs difficult, basing conclusions on
Ihe relative standing of the parties us
at present constituted, to attempt an
opinion as lo the outcome ol tbe
elections, yet accuracy, in some instances will be assisted by awaiting the announcement ol the names of
the respective candidates which will
be forthcoming within two weeks or
By Duncan Campbell Scott.
[Duncan Campbell Scott has been
Oliiel Accountant and Superintendent
ol Indian Bducstlon in tbs Indian
Department st Ottawa ainoa 1803. Ke
waa born In UK, and married Miss
Bella W. BoUford, tba prominent American violinist. Ha waa ont ol tha
editors of "Makers ol Oanada," and
has issued three- volumes ol verse,
"Tha Magic House," "Labor and Ihe
Angel," and "New World Lyrics snd
Ballads." snd s novel, "In tha VII
taga ol Vigor."]
There ia rain upon tba window,
There ia wind upon lha tret;
Tbe rain ia slowly sobbing,
Tba wind is blowing Ires:
It bears my weary heart
To my own country.
I hear tbe whitalhruat sailing,
Hid |n the haaal ring:
Deep in Ihe misty hollows
I hear the sparrows sing;
I see the bloodroot starting,
All silvered with tba spring.
I skirt the buried ieedbeds,
In the stsrry solitude:
My snowshoes creak and whisper,
I hsvs my ready blood.
I hear the lym-cub yelling
In the gaunt and shaggy wood.
I hear the wolltongued rapid
Howl in the rocky break;
Beyond the pines at the portage
I hear Ihe trapper wake
His "En roiiliiui ma boule,"
From the clear gloom ol the lake,
0, take me back to Ibe homestead,
To the great rooms warm and low,
Where the Irost creeps 00 the case
When the year comae in with snow.
Oive me, give me Ibe old (oik
Of tlie dear long ago.
Oh, land ol the dusky balsam,
And the darling maple tree,
Where the ceder buds and berries,
And the pine grows strong snd free
My heart is jreary and weary
For my own country,
TRlCT-WstriPt.of 9im
Tske notice that A'
ll, Ir
post'planted on tha •wtV'wsst ,ew
o( Vancouver, occupation, govsmment
official, tatstnds to r
sion to purchase the
ad lai
cial, inlands to nrojy
rebsse the |ol|o\	
160 seres commencing at A
uuuu   Misfsisws  wwt   Fffw  etmnrft   wwwij.j rm '■
ner of lot m, thsnoe sou« 40
chains, thanpe east 40 chains, sh»»ee
north 40 chains to south boundary ol
Lot fm, tmm wset 40 chains more
or lass, along said boundary to point
ol commencement.
Juns ITth, 1611. IM
■'        ■      a 	
Ths Theosophioal Haaiety meets ia
North Vancouver In Boom 4, 07 (ons-
dale Avenue (entrance nsst lo Wilsons Parlor) every Wednesday ov.ning
ai S o'clock, Attendsnoo is entirely
free tnd carries no obligations whatever. You ate invited. Thiiosupir.cal
study aad questions.
Rooms 10 and 11, Pander Chamlers.
6W Pender Street W.    Phone 8461
and Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver
Residence, cor.  Lunsdule   Ave,   and
'12ml slreei, Nnrlh Vancouver,    ...
Loans, Investments and Insurance
Room 307, 533 (iranville St., Vancou
ver, II. C I'hoiie btkKi; Und Ha/is
try work a specialty.
IM fith Street East North Vancouvsr
Phone 373
House Connections
North Vancouver
Coal ant* Supply Co.
Wbarl: Cor. Bt. Ceorge's and Kb-
planade.  Office: tt Lonsdale Avenue.
Wharf Phone 178.     Office IW  l»8.
Dealers in til kindt ol Building Me
teriel, Bind, Gravsl, lenient, Lime
Brick (common and pressed), Firs
Bricks, Firs City, Master, Fibre, Plaster ol Paris, Lath, Shingles, Drain
Pipe, Tils.
Domestic tnd Blacksmith Coal.
Prompt delivery t specially.
New Harness Shop
Vincouver Hirotu Co.
Notice to Property Owners
of North Vancouver
As the main drainage system is ap
preaching completion ws bag to notify
property owners thai we art making
arrangements lo undertake lha sewer
connections on ths virions private
properties at a reasonable cost to all
those who desire tb avail themselves
ol early drainage facilities. Having
carried mil Ihe main drainage system
lor the city rounril and having Iba
necessary plant and skilled lalior
available wt ire in tn eireplionaliy
favorable position In carry out tha
privttt bouse drainage at a moderate
cost to property owners and we shall
lie pleasad to furnish intimites and
plans il necessary to carrying out thia
most ssstntitl work in accordance with
the city regulations tnd on most up-
to-date principles ol modsrn sanitation.
MacdonellGzowiki &Co.
Second St and Mahon Ave.
Most modern filing device
on ihe market.
A salt receptacle (or those
valuable papers aad jewels
n 9$   ^mWa^ewewTW*'   t "'Wi^W
w *^W^f^9ml   9 mjtf
An Ideal Horociltt on Keith Roa'd
Comer of Ridgeway Avenue, graded and
leaped, price only IKWOi cash ||00Q,
balance to arrange.
North Vancouver, B, C,
UtlS, Block 40. P. 1,547-8
Thit lol is situated on 16th St. and is much below value, convenient to the city and car line.   The lot is 501 140.
The price is $1050, N3 pash, balance in si* and twelve
months. Compare this price with what is being asked lor adjojn-
jig property,
Exclusive Agents
Canadian Financiers/
Real Estaln, Insurance-Fire, Life,
Accident- Hints Collected
Bank of Hamilton Building
i)i Lonsdale Avenue
ERNEST EBBAGE, Local Manager
Qmpbell Realty & Investment Co.
FOR SALE-S-room housa on
f lerlield Ave.  Now, all modem.
Easy terms.
One acre block on macadamized road, will make
a splendid homesite.
Price only |800 on easy terms.
Baal   Estate and  Financial Agents.
Agreements nl Sslo discounted.
219 Lonsdale Avenue Telephone 44
Ratis:   Jj.oo   per   and   up.   Special rates to families
and   lo regular   hoarders	
finest Roof Gardrn on Pacific Coasl
Second Stbsst.
Johnston & Salsbury
will occupy their new
•tore in the
Lt-.UHJU.-J—  -  -U1-..11L BigBMg
On August 14th
Double Corner*.
Near Boulevard
Photos Sensation pi ,J)miM# Comers
nsar Grand B»»IsviW1.r»4 Tram-
*e,y in fi, I), 'SO, at prima irom
13,1)011 upward,
\.1t pern WfSt o| Cppilppp river and
well located lor suMtvl-slon-A
fy aprts in T-ynn Valley, fmpoV4
Small bouse, only H0, I'm
Insuranco and Financial Agent
Club Block, Esplanade, Phonu 10
Plans prepared and Estimates given.
Office: 1107 Dominica Trust Bldg,
.   Vancouver,
Plums »4»7
Besidonce, 153 Eighth Avs. E.
North Vanoouver.
NOTICE is hereby given that an application will lm made under Part V.
ol the Water Act, llllli), to obtain a license in North Vancouver division ol
New Westminster District, on the 18th
day ol August, 1011, at 11 a.m., by
E Newton Drier, Surgeon, Vancouvor,
ll. (!., lor waler lor irrigation use on
three acres owned by bjiri in D.I,, hli.l,
Ilie source ol supply bemg a small unused stream Irom Grouse Mountain
flowing anutherly through D. I.. Ml
and D. I,. 503, the point of diversion
being about 3,1100 lest in northsaslerly
direction Irom Dr. Drier's N.I''., stake,
tbe amount required being 1 cubic leet
per second to be carried by buried
pipe line Irom small dam '" '"'''"' "'"
Dated at North Vanoouver, July
10th, 1011. 8-18
NEW WESTMINSTEB LAND DISTRICT—District of New Westmiuster.
Take notioa that Eliot A. flaswsll ol
Vancouver, occupation, broker, intends
to apply lor permiBsion to purchase
the following described lands : About;
200 acres commencing at a post planted on the northeast cornar ol Lot
1674. thence east 2t chains, thonos
north 80 chains, thence west t chains,
mora or less to shore ol Horse Sbos
Laks, thence in a south aud weaterly
course around shore of lake to Nortli
east corner ill l.ut )o73, thence south
60 chains, more or I.-.-h, to point ol
(Sgd.)      ELIOT A. HASWJ.LL.
Juns litb, 1011. l|-0
Paper the World
from our stock ol new Wall Papers
so it seems. Every day some new
design arrives Io fill ths vacancy
ol thoas closed out.
Handaome Will Papers
us here in endless variety, .Juet
tell oar salesman lor what room
you want ths paper and be will
show you just Ihs pattern you srs
looking for.
To choose from our stock is a plea-
surs, to pay oar price Is easy,
W. H. ST0NEY & CO.
AvBoua Phossj IM
Telephone 279
m  * KV**
Ara giinranteed ugajpst imperfeciipns
Which in PPor|y made j(pp{i« pause milPh
WRrry prw iiiffenvenieppe Ip the \wiiw
"fflEl GRIP."
Paint and VarnUh Brwhe»
Will do lirst class work and. will pot
shed the bristles.
»      ■-
Patterson, Goldie & Clark
North VniWJUiw Hardware Store
11     I il   III    i    nmnnnnnnnmmnmnnnnm—
D.L, 621 & 2075 on Keith Road,
t short tfjjitinieejvest p| tile Imperial Car Shipbw'ldtog and
Dry Dock Co.'s property. $300 and $325 each-$20 cash,
balance easy terms. These iui.s command an uninterrupted
view of three miles of Hurraui Inlet. Good soil and level,
, Call Pr write for descriptive pamphlet.
333 Pendwr St W,
Phone Seymour 5654
i       ii        .....
an i        i     i   ' ..
Water and talspboes service is being put into distript now and
mute baa been survsyed lor carline-  .
your neighbours
and they will recommend jl to
electric iron wilh
a reputation.
H0TP0INT   WeshJIbepUisedtoscnd
I one ol these
iron, to you for TEN DAYS FREE TRIAL.   Phone 46
Light »nd Power Department.
"•■■'» i   ' , ' =====
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
THAT the Civic Information and Labor Bureau is now
open for Ihe Convenience of Employers and Employees.
Employers are requested lo lake advantage of the Office
when requiring help.
W. II, HOOD, Secretary,
14 Lonadale Avenue,
Phone 321     • North Vancouver.
120 ****** tom lm Telephone 206
VedVMVenwUemmW ■*» * T*?fW   T^WlfT^   wtmmWWmn}
9V9k9 m wm.    i\
'--— »
Was it n>Hrder, tpcido or misadventure?
Swtswent ran high on. Smui-tjr op
the imnta pi the Papihtnn, $to% 9i-
Jllingswnrlh, whp was apaumpaiiM
by his wife awl Ph\]Anp dshtst jiom
the water the. larger pottim p| a ||»:
l))S|) leg,'
At least that was what fr. filing-
worth diagnosed tha Iragnwt of flaw
and bone to be.
And so d(d » party of abmit seven
other people who were present at ths
limp oi the. djepovsry.
H>, lllingworih gingerly laid h>»
gmesonu lind on tbjs panjt and then
reported tha ntattier^p the ajty poli1*
who in their turn eonununUeted with
the rlislrict sleuths.
In an interview with the "Eipr.ss"
Kr.lilingworth described at length the
appearance ol tho errant member. Ba
said that it appeared to bavu bean
ctil 08 last above the In™, snd that
Irom there downwards to tbo toes it
was in good shape, except that tha
uluivsiiiil toes were missing- Plcsb
there was in plenty at either extremity, though Ihe shin norllop was bare,
end sinili flesh n» lW« wss looled
White, aa though lr»B> the action of
tho water.    Tho muscles and tendons
which in life ironld bavo'wiggW the
toes, bed there been any, were plainly
discernible,   Mr.Illingwnrlli saw them..
Grave suspicions grow momentarily
graver, and the minds uf many were
cimyinoed that Inul murder bud been
done, or Ibat at least a suicide bad
shuffled oil Ibis mortal coil.
The coroner was notified. He stated
however, lhat it was ultra virca lur a
coroner tn hold an inquest upi a a
portion only ol a human tody, and
lhat i| was not part pf liis duties Ho
Then lurther inlnrmution was given
to Ihe Kxpri-sH and anlicipaluin grow
It was stated by a parly wbo met
Ihe lllingwiirlb parly, to the latter,
that tbe dinner had I,. 1,1 a picnic in
Ibo same vicinity some (wo weeks before, and Ihey called lomind Ihe fnet
that Ihey had at Ihe limo observed a
roan's straw hat floalinst on Ibo water
Kurilier tliey whispered Ibst the awful stench in lbs neighborhood bud
driven thera Irom their al Irseoo dining room- Moreover they were quite
sure that the water bad not tasted at
a|l iiiiv.
Finally lo auch a pilch had cxcilo-
inenl grown, that Constable Mlton ol
the municipal police sent a messeniter
lo investigate.
He diacovercd a ritlwr exallod shin
And is keeping it lur Ur. lllingworih I
As an object lesson in anatomy!
One ol the characters in Bicbard
Whileing'" book "No. B.lnhn Street"
.ajs. "Do you know whul you uughl
to lief    You ought lo lie lluiikoy  to
barrel ol oysters.. Do you know
what lhat is? I'll tell yer. I know
ed a ridi roan once as mudc a god uf
bis sluroroick, like Ibcy all do. He
used lo employ a Idler lo arouse liis
oysters on their way up to town, so
as lo keep 'cm in good spirits. He
liuiei.il Ihey lost flavor when liny wns
dull. The chap bud to wliialle tunes
lo 'em all the way Irom Whilslable"
II we continue lo lob rate lorlune
Idlers and palmists, wo sre acting
like flunkeys to a barrel ol oyslirs.
How? In Ibis way. We are flunkeys lo the rapid ridi, I wos nlmo»>
saying "reblii" rich. They do nol
now what lo do wilh their money.
Ihey encourage palmists and such like
parasifes who prey upon the (redulous
would not matter so inudi, primp*
ths evil ended thus, Imi it i' not so
is ol lar deeper and more eorious
import. Thero arc many young wo
man wbo give Ibtir dollars lo these
pick pockets.    They are pick pookots.
II e parson lak/s a dollar from your
pocket he is punished, snd a person is
not lees dishonest jl be obtains the
in.,lie; by 11 i'i Is I be" a law
against palmistry and lorlune telling?
tj'esl aad,Ibe punishment is imprisonment. Are Ih* police willing lo
.ell Yesl I think eo, II the pol>">
commissioners will permit Ihem.
Vancouver, H. C, August 2, 1»U.
NOTICE is hereby given thel an amplication will be mado under I'nrt V.
ol the Water Act, I80B, lo villain a
license in ihe north Vancouyer division li New Woslminsler District on
lii* iSlk'dav ol August, 1(11, at II a.
»., by If,. Newlon tifnr, burgeon, Vancouver, II. C Inrmiter lur d„misllo
use on three acres owned by him in
f). I,, tft, tin eouros ol supply being
a small Warned stream IruS (.rouse
version hiring aliout i/W Iimt in
northeasterly direction from Dr.
Prise's N. K. stake, th* amount tf
nsjbM bsing i euMe lest per second to
be earned by buri
small das in ths
1(14, 1(11.
fj   nans   tjna      IfOM
<y\-L?y WW-mtfftif•
TwnWWWTmf    *Wt¥
',.      ' ».')   ....   I...  ......J.,       I .   ..    .X. .'...'.   ........     ...    1 ■..J.MI
Wu have a HALF ACRE of level land, adjoining City,
75 * W feet, on two utreefr near Capilano Car line wnieh fe
An Attractive Residential Site
1 ..1 1,
. .
This property \m ft magnilieentview that could never be
ofotweteq (except by sky-scrapers), for $750, Cash $250
MARTINSON & CO. \\m%n.
62 Lonsdale Avenue    *   •  North Vancouver   :■
for everybody.
Carpet Squares
and Rugs, .
We have just
received a
complete line
of Imported
Prices right
Special Attention given to
Window Shades,
Curtain Rods, etc.
.ii u'i        a
128 Lonidale Avenue
draperies by \u\i\f
Buffets, Sideboards
and Dressers
Try our
II you intend making your boms
in North Vancouver see US.
We also carry a full
line of Crockery,    ,
128 Lonidale Avenue
North Vancouver Business Cards
P. A. CAI,.
I'bone hltlti Vancouver,
l'bono HI Iti Norlb Vancouver
The Palm Confectionery
Stationery, Confectionery, Ice Cream,
Soft Drinks, Fountain Drinks, Tobacco
Light Lunches, Fruit
Lonsdale and gib I'bone 318
Finest tables aad cues in tbe City
I'ioncer Horsesboer - Carriage Works
Booksellers and Stationers
Cot. lontdilt aad 1st.       1'boac 113
F. M. Sharp, Stud. S. I., Stud.
Inst. Mun. Eng. Etc., Arcbl snd Civil
I'JUtinosr. Plans, elevations sections,
reports, specifications, estimatee, eto.
lor ell classes ol work, Tradngs, Blue
prints, Map Mounting. 197 isawer
Keith Boad.. Bast, N. Vancouver.  34
fontraetors   lor rs inloroed eoneret*
oonstruotioif.   Sewering ip all its
brancbas, house c<»nee4io»s ajsM:
cjalty. liatimalaa. tntammt, Oawe
I'll    If     fmaf^miennwawm   jeo*a*eafaamaa^eawT     "^tr- .-
WV ftxfrWWwfw ff|   pfWr^P ^mwf
Tbs New Block on Lonadale Avenue
near lbs Ferry Approach'
was built by
General Contractors
Pressed Brick Mantles a Specially.     Phone Ll 12
Angus J. Cameron
•     A.M.fE.,4 S. ,
civil Engineer
irrigation, drainage, levels, pleas
aud specifications. Ssptio tanks and
bouse drainage a specialty. P. 0.
Bos Hi, I6lb street weet ol Bewicks
Freeh aad Smoked Fish
Live and Dressed Poultry
Vegetables Delivery twice daily
Pboas 310 181 First Street
Wholesalers ana) Retailers ti Purs lee
lee tot ittoly nt
Chose m      WNSDALF, AVENUE
■       '       : ! '	
Prompt    SsrviseHMscate  Ohargss
Studio  over  Bask  B. N. A.
Lonsdale and EsplaSeds
Saw Filer and Grinder. All kinds ol
hand, cross cut snd buck saws set
and filed at shortest notice. II Loqs-
dsle Avenue, North Voncouver.
High-class Ladiss' and Gent'e Tailoring
Mot! tm Tailors imi aXmattlarj
•    907 Ijonadale Av»us
Cleaning, Preseiag, ■ Dyslag,  AlU,r!ag
We   use   the   French   Dry   lileaniag
Proesss Pboae iill
Ladies' and Gent's Sails to Order
Irom 136.08 end W.00 respeeUveiy
Phone 903        I«nadal« C,r, letb si.
Specialty : Children's I*sso»» at own
bom. T«r»«, eU., apply Chasaral
U lout mm stoppiag or'goiag irrf
gidarlyl Sae
The North Vaaoouver Expert     j
*   mwmm   pisOBtflt   iwWwwM
" ftmtnmmjrm mwmm
htm m-■
There is no need to offer word* of praise for
our merchandise for it's merits are too well
known, We do not need to say that 'you
can save many dollars by taking advantage of this
sale, the prices here quoted prove that conclusively,
Everybody knows that we do exactly as we advertise,
It is limply a case of getting room for our
large stock of Winter Goods as they will
be coming shortly.
Here ire tone attractions in
Men's Balbriggau Under*
w«ar, regular 60c to 7flfl
per garment, only - - 37Jc
Men's Cashmere Underwear, regular $1.00 to
$1.25, garment, only - 68c
Was]i Vests, to $1.75, for 98c
Take advantage ol Iht ie Bargain t ia
Men's   White  Oxfords,
value $2 2o, for - - $1.45
Men's White Bluchers,
vnlue,$2 25,fnr- - $1.65
Men's Sinter Bluchers,
value fl 00, for- - $2.15
Ladies' While Oxford*.
value $1.75, for - -    95c
Men's and Young Men's Suits
a laving of 33 to 50 per cent. .
$10.00 to $12.50-2 piece Bummer SuiU $7.85
$15.00 to $18.00-2 & S piece Fancy Worsteds and Flannel Suits . $9.95
$19.00 to $25.00-3 piece Fancy Worsted Suite $14.85
Cut down the high .cost of living. Buy now when
you can save from 33 to 50 per cent, on all your
Fall wearables. Don't delay, come right away.
■ i i -  ■
Sale endi Saturday, Augmt 12th
Quality Clothier
AdnriWii CftMaittM
f WW ¥ WW W*3mee/me/mn, • m/m^eaaaamefean/mea/mf
l-A*.,! .rnsotlng nf tha Joint P|via A<l-
vsrlislpg Cr)B)B)iHaa whioh vaa hsW
Tussilay, afternoon tin Mlowlnjf ra-
porf gl.lha maimger wss rear);
Knililiiyiiiimt, was louii'l liming lbs
'month'ol .Inly lor savanry peopls who
iw»r» mi ol work, Rinpl<)y*Hiira making myph mora pat, nl tli* offipe and
not « day paaas's hat thaw ara enquiries (or help ol soma kind, Ths
manager has also lieen kept l,»sy answering iiiii|iiiiies Ponasrning.tha city
and the distrist. Thess havs noma
from all parts' of Ihs world and Ihere
are bssidas a number nf I tiara from
all parts ol Ihe world talking general
A suggest iiWlnailB by a oitisrp that
there should lie an electric siin niain-
tainsd st Ihs enrner nl I'.ilumliiii and
Hastings streets was not cniisitUr-
sd favorably liy Ihs enmmittta,
A booklet prepared by tha msnsjsr
and containing full information con-
mirnlng lbs oily and lha vicinity plen-
lilully illuslrati'd willi photographs,
was left in Ills hands nl Ibe' I'limmil
las tn make a Report ther. on.
It is quits iiiuuil.st Hint tha iiH'uv
and iiil.iiiimiiiiii liiii'.'iiii js r.ii'iiiiun
large measure nl support and th it il
is nf tha greatest benefit to llm .'i in
munily. ll is surely deserving nl tba
support nl every employ, r in the tlis-
The Union .Sunday Schoul picnic in
l.ynn Valley yesterilsy (Thursday) al-
t ,'i ini, hi was one huge sucp.ss, tba
kiildiee, small and big, enjoying limn
selves tn Ihs lull. Under the alil.i
superinlwirlenoy nf Mr. Wm, Knowlis,
Ihe alleruonn passed off sven mora
,1. ■■ .lull, than usual. The round of
races and games attendant on Sunday
si'liool treats was gone over, theohil-
.Iiiii making the welkin ring wilb
Iheir »li,mis ol delight aa their favorites i.-ii.'lii'il the winning post first and
tho remaining portion ol the day was
enlivened by Ihe use ol Ihe priies so
cherished by tbe victors. Many parents were on Ihe grounds—Hear Men
dnw, Centre Hoad—and the weather
clerk remembered wilh a kind heart
what Ihe H. 8. picnic Is lo Ihe s Imi
ars and gave them Ideal weather ojn-
Chief of Police Ilu vies »l,s among
those who attended ths convnilion ol
the Washington Stale Sherriffa Association held in Ihe city ball, Vancou
ver, yeslsrday. The convention will
nol break up Iill Saturday. The central figure at the meeting is Sherriff
"Ituli" Hodge ol King county, to
whose ambitions there seems to be
no bounds. Hoh is now out lor
gubernatorial honors.. He is a mail
around whom there has ragui many a
fierce fight since ha first breaiiie slier
rif ol King canty. He is supported
very strongly awl efficiently hy the
ladies ol Neatlle lor the stand he took
in Ihe matter ol the jail matrons.
Chiel Davie* attends the convention
again tmlay.
'Che prire list ol the Horticultural
.Society for its autumn show will be
oul tomorrow ami may lie obtained
Irom the secretary, Harold Snow, or
Ihe president, W. I.. Knene. ll shows
an aildilional section this year, viz.,
poultry, tins section containing nlsml
Ml classes. Jn all there are 113 classed moie l han last year,
As will lie seen Irom the list ol
building permits the Norlh Vancouver
Coal k Supply Co. is .about lo ereoi
cosily new bunkers in clue* proslmity
lo Ihe company's wlmrl at the loot ol
Ht. Ilwirge's Avs. Tb* new Iiunsen
will cost between seven nnd night bun-
drnl dollar, and will ll* twill by ibe
company without oulaide contracts.
As was reporUd in the last issue nl
tbis paper tbe blinkers will be KM
from lb* Mows by a new eleotri* hoi»l
wltlch tbs firm I* now installing. Thus
tb* whole plant will h* opt ol ISM
asost modernly equipped on tli* Inlet,
evpiy lacillly Imnf found Ihers for
handling material wilb lb* greatest
dispatch and lb* minimum of labor.
Cherbourg, Aug. 3,-Aaotbs* record
wa* mad* here by M. Aubrun, the avi
alor, May, when b* located eurmerg-
ad submarine boat* from an aeroplane
M. Awbrgfi made two flights oulaide
lb* harbor anil la lb* first fligbt at a
height si 800 leet,within a few min
iil<» located two boat* that wars. a
nil* and a ball apart,      '
In Ibe second Night be fWw io an al
Utud* ri IW last, "ton hi wisabU
u, Inmli tin boat* anfmutgaA to a
sjsptb «| 18 last going at Wl spend.
He also AtmnneirateA taw possibilities
ol locating . eubnarin. Iross a height
*rf ^mWt wmm  WwWW mm* rWWffmm rWm ww*r
marine w»re uoabss to as* th* lets
nase biota Uua UA) teat.
ewr*rwnw   n-nf^m1 if   mmtmw   fwww   namrw.
I» what we wish to call your attention to, our line is complete throughout
We have just opened up a line of,
Locki direct from New York, Thew
Locks are in dull brass finish of the
latest design. \
Hinges, Window Catches, Casement
Adjusters, and all fittings to match.
Come in; we will be pleased to
show them to you.
i      ■
Paine & McMillan
The Hardware Specialists
Pirit St. ind Lonsdale Ave,, North Vincotmr
-. ■
is a must important tiling lo remember when you are buying
a homesite,
North Lonsdale
is novf connected |o ihe Mosquito—unlimited pmrii
.   imiiiiiitiiii water.
100x132 OD Nye Street now being graded •nd
macadamized, $000, Easy terms.
Cor. Nye St. Tel. H7
Block and hall from Lomdale Avenue tnd close to car
terminus, A lew good lots lacing south {500.00 each
en terms ol f cash; bal. 6, 12 and IB months.
D. L. 553
50 fI. loll close to Keith Road at $500.00 each on
/terms ol j cash, bal. 6, I % and 16 monthi.
C. E. LAWftON & CO.
I'lione 7P-■'?, 0. Box i8rt
Oft YOUft
1 'i   ii i   i, ii mi      a
Y»| MM mmnj U jjnmmj it Ait tjott
llaby's Own .Soap    .ito box
Castorla   J Mc      •
Allenbury's Food  Ko
Noslll'S-   Pood   Ifie
1      Syrup ul  lly|iii|)lios|ilintes    Stc
Health Malta loo  II lor25c
Hnos' Half ' ,,7M
Hynol Hosp  , 'Ite
Warm Weather end Bathing Suppfiei
Spongss     ,.
Water Wiu«i ...
Soaps Irom ....
Chamois Irom,
Warii (llptin ..
 Ito to t$ a-irJi
.... )0c lo Jfis e«l;s
... 10c to W eatli
19s Sad)
absorixnt Cotton ibis wssk ...tie lb
1 T'„ III,        .,,-   »,      I    'I	
North Shore Drug Co.
a km Aoora wast ol ths Post Diss,       -     >
Hoods fWiywid to a»y part of m.'
Phone jm House I'liona 3j4


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