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Npwtw 48
Volume 1
'I'he rumor has ngnin heen revived
that thero in a pruliuliilily that thu
Grand. Trunk Pacific Huilwny will
reach Hurrard Inlet via Howe Sound
and Nnrth Vuneouver. H i». stated
tbat tho survey Irom Fort George
down the Lillooet river thenee nlong
Harrison Lake und via the Frosiir river to Vuneouver is now complete nnil
. has developed features which point to
tho Howe Sound route us a likely improvement and tbat in consequence a
corps ol engineers will be placed in the
licld to survey tho latlor route. It is
asserted that Ik following tbe Howe
Hound route ahout sixty miles cun be
saved as to distance and it is likewise anticipated that considerably bet.
ter conditions cun be obtained as to
grades and cost of construction. While
no authority is quoted lor this report
it is, nevertheless, lully in lino wilh
the information given ,i representative of tho Express by Mr. Chamberlin
of thc Orund Trunk Pacific when ho
was last in Vuneouver to tlic effect
thnt it wus impossible to stute wl|at
the Curry dry goods store, tho drivui
being inside, when ilm hprses fjocatni
frightened and dashed down T-onudali
Avenue and on to tho wharf. Apparently not seeing the high iron gates
which aro erected thu entire width
of tho wharl until ii was too late, to
avoid a collision the team attempted
to jump over bul tbo height wus too
great and the net work ol iron rods
comprising tho centro lift gave way
belore tho impact and horses, gate un I
wagon piled up in onu hoap. Tbt
horses legs hud become so entungled
in Hie gate that it was only with difficulty that they wero sepuratcd. An
I'xniiiiiiiitiiw of tbo animals showed
that they had been badly cut about
the hood and legs but bad not sustained any permanent injuries. Tbo
wagon inniiui: was brokon und tho
gate considerably twisted. Thc latter was. promptly straightened oui
and wus in place and working within
an hour alter thc accident.
City Council Transacts Routine Business
Building and Plumbing Inspector To Be Appointed.
Last  evening's  regular  niiiii.inj  of  Tliu payment of Ihu annual mibm-vip-
thu city council was confined to tout
ino business, tho only discussions ol
any note lieing in relerence io u litter from Miii'ilonui'll, 'j<(i'.vski .'. (o.
re payments on sewer contra it .ird a
communication from the distriul engineer which wus considered a sl.etching of his uulhority.
On thc u-i in wdntioil ol the iloiini
of Works applications will l>e i ailed
lor a building and plumbing inxpcilor
aud the purchaso ol a book nml bidder was satielinncd on llic runmmrn-
datiou of the fire committee.
The Aiil council was presunt with tli
Mayor  presiding   and   eorriiiionui'iice
was rond as follows:
From Hon. F. 1,. (larlor-t'oti.nn, no-
i.inn'.':' .li in., rcccipl ol council's r> o-
lulinli in regurd to district Ims bnti-i.
From H. Crabriec, complaining pf
some tall trees in thc vicinity uf Iiih
residence on lot '.', block 1, II. a..'517
which were endangering his properly.
Thc ''I.ai,., said it WO||la be well lo
notify the owners of lhc properly
whore the trees whieh were endnmr-r-
Thc boys of thc Seymour Logging camp were Heated to u surprise
on Innlaii night when ., party of nix-
route would bc followed in rcurhin i j teen ludies und gentlemen members o' I
llurrurd Inlet until ull their surveys the St. Andrew's und Caledonian S>
were completed uml he was, therefore, (ciety mulched into camp hcinlcd by
unable to say whether the Howe Piper Mi Milimi. Alter purtaking ol
Sound route would bc ultimutcly supper dunning wns indulged in uniil
chosen, or some othor route. i lhe early hours ol the morning  when
1    * every one returned home well pleased
-,„-..„ „ ,-___ „,„„„„,.,,„ ..with their night's enjoyment.     Groat  w» •W'    ll **» r"'"mA  ">   ""'   ''"" "' |T»l™ling ll.cse , us lenl
SlllSIDY Pl','11'1 IONS HEI l!UNAHLI'.lm<lu j(  ^J u> „,'   Fr()ill  ,()|.  ,|„,! engineer  to give ten days' nolice   in   entirely with lln: districi council.   Mr
kindly way   in whi.h   the party   was  a">' c»*» "' "''» kind'    . , ll,"""i lwi"«*) ""' lhi" ""llll.v <*"'"
received '   From Mrs. Harris, risking that   the I ngo wus done to lhe new,lii-imh iiiiiiii
 . Ilniiu in lhe rear ol her properly, lot  nenr tbu   Lyun Valley   store.     This
■ i .
flUI-MB be opened.     Bofermd   to   the   would huve to be repiiirci liy the oil)
HHililNS-TUOMPSON Board ol Vprju, | uml  un nccounl lor which would be
iug udjoining properly stood to huv
them removed ur in defuull that ibey | scssed   on laid   ruud
be removed by the cily ut the own- ; mains mul Ihu loodoi
t was- rufunxd   to   Ilia
tion uf ■ In wus nnthori/rd.
From A. 11. Kuufcr, secrclury qf lina
Greater Vaneouver and Oontlg;p)l)(
Municipal Lcuguu, cnclosim; a copy of
the minutes of u joint meeting of ih.
delegates held in Vuncuuver on Feu.
II iiiiilu, number uf questions discus-
sod mnl resolutions adopted.
The snme cummittei.' wins appointed
lo iitleiul the next mucting on Mm.li
Aid. Hick sniil Ihul .-nine lime in
I lm i the city iiiillinii/iil lhc drawing
of septic i.iiii. plans, Thoy liml mil
been paid lur. 11 wus referred buck
lo the cily clerk tu look up.
Correspondence wns read between 'I
11. CoHgrovc, district engineer, uml
Cily Engineer Hiinus, the latter undo
Instructions from Hie muyur.
Mr. Cnegrovo's lullor gave notice
thul the district wus ulnnil lo colli-
nii'iii'i: wnii. un Ibu lonil luipwvcmcut
uf thu I..vim Vullcy lloud uml asked
tlmt thu city tuku the necessary mens
urcs to insure the snfely ul lhe cjly'i
In Mr. Ilmi.' ' leti.'r he staled thnt
the only properly which tlm .ily pus-
W.IS   IWii    ttlllll
Tin' nlali.n
There are yet u lew forms of petition which were circulated li,r Mpim-
lures in connection with the icciicsi
for a Dominion subsidy in uid id the
Second Narrows bridge. As Ino delegation   is   leaving   (or   Ottawa    od
Uii Saturday evening, Fell. iH, I'.U I.
Thursday HecVe McNaught is expeciul- I at 6 o'clock ul thc residence ol Mr.
ly anxious that these be bunded in be-   11. Mill, and Mrs. Stevenson, '111 lilth
fore'that dute.
The policy lo bo followed gW
in Otluwa in connection with thc application lor u Dominion grunt in aid
of the Second Narrows bridge uud the
Iiiinui.I Iulet Tunnel und liridgo ('u's.
projects was discussed infurrnaliy al a
joint    meeting of the dclcgutes    Irmn
street cost, Miss Ethel Muy Thompson ol Spring Hill, N.S., was united
in limning!' wilh Mr. Frederick iiig
gins now ul Union Day, bul formerly
I while '""" Spring Hill, N. S. Rev. W. C.
Seiilichter wus the uHiciutiug minister.
Nova Scotia papers please copy.
siaiiors niAUCF.
From   F. Tuck   requesting payment l forwarded   to   lhe   districi.     ll   wus
if ilii for Ihe removal uf a  slump in ' pointed mil further ihnt lust fulf   un
the lune on Second Street behind the
iiiinui) block. Now thul the lune hnil
become thc property o[ the city lie
llioughl pnymenl wus due. Hcfcrrnl
to the aa.niaa a |
From 11. (iruol jr. uud others ask-
ing lor u sidewalk on titlt street west
Irum ibu Boulevard paal lots IB und
lli, block IUI. Helmed t„ the Hoard
ul Works.
From A. II. Farmer, ('.M.l'., asking
lor nn account in connection with the
1.1■.in ' uii lhe I.illoiiel  lloud mid wH-
A very serious charge of having   un
the   North Shore and representative* j |^fy| „„,) i,„[m,n,., relations witb n Merworki expenses of W88.13, also  un
'   mlnof wns laid uguinsl a well  known  »ccounl '"' "I"1'"' "" "'" '*'» Vul
Norlb Vancouver mnn in tbc   police 11^ """l  "' *<•'■*■    Hofemd lo   tbc
of the B. I. T. k It. Co. yes(erduy nl
lernoon. ll was arranged thut the
delegation should leave lor the cast
on Thuraday aflornoon. Heprcscnt-
ing tbc city will be Muyor McNeish,
und Aid. Dick, thc district, Itccvo Mc-
Nought nud the H. I. T. li. 11. Co., E.
W. Mcl.eon und the reeve. The pro-
a nilure while ut Odawu will be principally  interviewing   Die minister   ol
uiuu on Mondny morning. The Chiel
uppcurid lur thc prosecution and alk
cd lor a remand lur about twu
weeks tu enable the prinHp.il wiUim-
Ul be present. The accused pleadel
nut guilty ond wus represented by
cuuncil. iluii in two securities of
18,000 .'ii. L and personal property   to
railways   ond   securing    recommendn-   ,)|t, v__e 1)( ||Wh, wm K, 1>)at.cd. 'lhe
lium Irom him to lhe House of a sub    nmJ.or ann ,j   J, ^,)0j, „Ceupied   ihr
sidy   in lavur  ol the   Hurrard   Inlet
Tunnel and Hridgc Company.
ASKS All) FOH FOrvilllY
Mr. Alex,,lni)cs   Irom the   Ceriboi
country is in lho city tho guesl ol bis I
brolher, H. Inncs on Hnd 'treei.     "'.
is leaving shorlly for California.
Proposals lur the establishment oi a
j fuiindry in connnction with Iheii boil-
works   uu   this  side  ul   lhe Inlei
. were   made   to   the   eity   council   ot
Thiiisdiiy evening's cummittei' meeting
by Mr. Jenkins, representing the M<
A special meeting ql tho city council   Dougull-lonkins Engineering Co.   The
ndi bo held tbii evening in Ihe chr     | Company were desirous ol securing lhc
office for tbc purpose ol considcrim   Mpporl ol thc city in financing   lb?
project ll was finally decided alter
considerable discussion un motion ol
Aid. Henderson and Hick thai ihe city
would give tbe loni Industry the pic
lm em 1 in all civic supplies provided
Iheir prices, quality and workmanship
were is|Uul to castings ami other iron
work wliii-^l may iie produced rise-
where, Inquiiy bus been madi> al Ibe
local engineering works but ibey prefer to withhold their plans until they
have taken more definite lorm.
and formulating (he estimates lor lhe
•■usuing year.
Tbc teeoni ol a scries il uiitc
socials under the auspices ol .ho Indies' Aid of tho Methodist church will
be held at the residence ol His. W .1.
Wilson, (iih street casl, on Friday
ceiling   the  'IUI, inst   at 8 o'clock.
lluOd    III ng UOU HI''.     II ll' -bin' la' Ad
mission 10 a •■ui'll li cxpcclod that thc city ball will
bo well filled this evening by tbe
Huard of Trade memliers lo Vnr discussed the all important lubject of
"TraniporUtion Hatei" by IL I).
Power, aceretary ol the transportation
ratal bureau, Vancouver l's I'm*
Hick li alio scheduled to s|ieuk.
Tho'Express ii in receipt ol a picture pott card from Mr Wm. Mm dm
dated -Irom Lo* 'Angeles on which
IioDg Beach, California il act lorth in
ita gaycit festive attire. Mr. Mordcn
and family arc undoubtedly enjoying
themselves to Ihe lullcit under iuch favorable and delightful lurroundingi.
They intend itaying in Loi Angeles
for some lime.
' Had It not been for the new gat*s
on the lerry w1""' '•» probabilities
are that the Nortb Vanoouver Trawler Co. would be wlleiing the low ol
a fine Item ol hone* by drowning. On
Monday, morning the team and light
eiptees rig *•» itanding in Iront  ol
Mayor McNeish has ealhd a speiial
meeting lor Friday evening (0 make
arrangements for contributing lo Hie
reliel of the lemino elridun millioni in
China. ('bang-Hang .|cn, Chineic consul at Vanoouver, will apeak.
Al a apecial meeting of the dty.
council on Saturday evening the council aflcr a ..mid. 1,lium ol the tender-
lor Ihe <a«t iron waler pipe oprnasl
a week ago, aecoplad thai id Evans,
Coleman and Evani lor 137(^61) lor I,-
HIU tons.
The luneral (00k |itam yesterday afternoon Irom (hc residence ol her
daugbUr, Mn. H A. Cruer, un Ndion
•treei, Vancouver, to Mountain View
cemetery, 0/ the la'c Mn. Walai-o^ wile
■if Chai. Walton, manager of the i'un
yon View hold. Mrs. Watson died
very luddenly lait Friday.
a II .'Ilia • I     tll    III VfS 1 igU ll'   nlld    ll|,,ll
From II. W. Viinec ngnin nskilig il
uiiylbing lmil linn done in mi:.ml lu
lhe opening ol Itilh street.
i Inm in.'ii Henderson ol (he   Pu
.-I Wuiks .snid the mul ler was unlei
Fiom II !''. Kemp, such lor; of lln
Norlh Vmi. City Ferries, submitting u
ll'aaailutiuU   ial   ill"   llUOrd   Ie.|l|. slillg tlaa
aity lu i'liini  ihi' Punk ol Hamilton
Ibe  privilege ol bundling lhc, tDlfitti
which ibe city rcaally sold d.bciitni.
lur lu lake stock in lhc Feiry I'n.
'llie clerk said lhc accepted   lend
provided tbat the moneys In d<llv<i<
through the Hunk ul II. N. A .   Van
From I. I.uulel, assesmi d.r I'JII,
asking final puymcnl ul ebu Hcfirn I
lu the fiuunei: committee. ,
Fiom Mnedounell, (i/owski k Co.,
sewer contractor! in this city, asset
ing that the cily was wilhin aiding
moneys due them on account of their
Contract, nlso Ihey expectid ne i'llil.
pu) nn ni* on lhe icrni* ol Ihcii "u
Innl lhe opinion ol Iheir suliiilnr, A.
Whedei, bore them out in consltuing
as Ihey did thc meaning ol lln ■ mnin question.
Aid. Dick did uol understood tin
reason lor the soli'ilor's L'I ler us il
was thc Arsl demand thul had Ism
mude lor payments.
Aid lb nab i.an, nml ihi j jafoimolly
asked for payment for Inneh.'s t.ug
bolore Ibe pi|ies were laid. He |oUtcd
out Ihal na.,ii ding to thc tontract
it provided Ibat the mntnials iln uld
bc in plate ln-loic moneyi were iiJv.in-
Aid. Hick did nol take tbis iiiein-
ing Irom the contrail, Thc nistom
wai lor payments to be mode M 0>c
work progrciscd.
Aid. Smith did nol think ii was
right lo hold lhc ronlractor* up. He
eonsidiiid that 70 pei tent, ol ibo
coal id the pipe should ba ndnnccd
ond also a poition ol llie . onl no I.
Aid.   McKae   said   the  ooun.-il was
wasting lime discussing opini ,m.    Id-
did   not  llnnk    a    -..Inilnl'-   a.i.iiin.ii
( ^eccsiary.
Aid. Henderson conlejidcd that'  according to 'cuilomi the pines sAi.uld
be proven *«!« light bef<>'
menl was made.  It was finally nfu
red to lhi eoUdtor lor an opiniain
From H. Bom, aecrclaiy ol Ihl ' B
CM., lequesling payment id eiuuul
lee aad giving notice lhat Ibe Dixt
convention would be held in Victoria.
the ra a asliiiiii-inliitia.il uf lhe district ei
gineer Hie stump* nlong lhe muii
iiiiiie which were iliuugbi mighl In
d'liigcrnus to lhc mnin wlnn the roud
wmk wn* being done were hloun, I'.n
gineer iliines, therefore ii-l.itl Ihul lln
workmen lie instructed to exercise tin
grcuic'-l I'lim while executing thc work.
Aid.    Hill,   lllll   Ilaal    ill,I,I,    Mi.     I i>.-
gruve's leller wns mitten under lln
authority ol the council, ii wns h:
opinion lliut the council sliould In
written lo directly in connection  wiih
lliis innllii. 'Ihis w.n ri.-i'l. il upoi
nnd the clerk wns im-lnn lul in cul
Fiom T. Vi. lh. iais.-uii, t.iiil'-iiii.
his resignation n- cily niidili i lu
tnke Hie I uu I.u i.u) I-i. ll.s i u
imiii siuieiiiiiil l..i llllll ..ml ii ..ii..i
lm lol) iiu, nil i.l.in,I In ili i ii ii
I ' n. 'I. F. Foiainain Ull I i.i.
Walker, ulle.in. In 'it) lli ,utl.
blll'ol luls' I. '-. .1, I. ...I..in ii. ih
Imy wlinil, on lln' m-i sidi iind b v
ing     II   Wlll.lfla.lll.'l.a'     a.i     IIM   fl    I,     foi
tlMl/KM. They were agrcealile io u.
lepl cily bonds hmi siut.d thnl lb
present rcveiiuc'lrom tin propariy wn
*7,i)Ml iiiinuiill). Thc li'i.ii wns lil.i.
uu motion ul Anl. lli.I. onl.Kin on.
lhc former slated lhat Un' piho'«.u
niinii tm, high in comparison to a.iln,
uiitajlli'uiit piopcrly.
The   loll..um■.   pluus   were  passed .
Block tK C„ 1),   |„  nil.     Ilk, nn,d till',
cundtyonnlly, qluek    II,   ll. I.    871,
blocks II nud lo, I) I   fill! ond bluck a
lHli-7,   H. L. 9(6.   A plnn of lol   I,
block .1, ll.  L. 0l7  Waa- |a tailed   to   llaa
An estilliule uf fllvs't uii nn    n
lhe l.ian-diilc AmIMc siiiiiii ..ii'i nu,
trad   wa* |)j>'tl in bmi   oi   M
raci   wa* pismil
"ii.an and I'o, i
'lhe lollowing   I'"oiiinundutinii-    id
ilia    aallllUltl'ia'-    Will'   pllSSl<l 1
lh.' 'oiiimiil.e considered various
mailers rolcircd lo them nnd lui.iii-
previously been over the ground dociij
id lu iiiiinim nd thnl the loHoetlnj
a<lion lie Inkin thereon I
Bc request uf. if, )(. .1. Mumi) nml
others lo hue Md slnel • wei es
tended lommillec recommend that
councii lake lhc Initiative 'iul extend
tbo 3rd slreet lewer Irum St. An
drew's Ave. lu Sl. Dmid's A., nnd
alimg Sl. li.a'.ul'. Ave. fn,m ''"i ln*l
lo Uli slreel.
Kc rtnueal of ''hol, ii*npler lor.fi'. e
plunks 16 :eel long to bc I'd on llitl
sit,at third house below Jonol Ave
Inr tin puipuse ol plaring u "" inj
a,vei ilu' ditch, Mr 'Iampler lo lur
nisb lhe .iiiiiiiii.. und pul the plunks
id plncii,, The 'onimiHia' iiiiiiiiiniiul
llml  lliis bc giiyilcd.
Be request of Messrs. Pierce A- Hull,
lo have sidewiilk constructed un PJIb
slreel bom Hidgewny lo IJUjCcoibur)
Avenue.    Thc wmmitlee do uol cou
sidw that Ihi* lotalflj   i     iffi ly
developed lo juslify the walk being
The committco recommend that 80th
street bo plourcd from Lonsdulc Ave.
to ClicHtiiifield and Irom Lonsdulc Ave.
ia St. Andrew')! Avc»ue.' The
committee'" rccnmmc|id thut a wulk
be built on the nurth side of 83rd
street irom A i'ini luge's house to Lonsdale' Ave., a distnncu ol about 300
fuel. The committee reenmmend that
Mnluui Ave. be clcund frum 13th
struct tu 17lh Htrcct and Chesterfield
frum llllh tu lfith slreel*..
ilu rcquusl. uf 11. C. Wright .tnd
others lur u sidewalk on the south
sidu ol Kith struct frum the Boulevard
lolol 7, block lhH>. L. MB. Tho com:
milieu ilu lint consider that tliu locality is stilliciunlly developed tn justify
the  uxpeudituro.
Hu request of Albcrl Bnbbell nnd
others lo huve lllllll slreel upenutl up
fi'iirn Siilherlitiid Avenue In '(Be'city
liiiiiiiilnry, 'lln! cuinniitlec recom-
ninii Ihul lhe pctitiutiers be cummun-
in,iliil with with a view to usceituiii
ill!/ what huu.es exist in the vicinity.
Tho commillee recommend Ihul
liidgewuy Avenue bc cleared frum 7th
street lo Keitli road nnd lliul a sidewalk bo construi tud un tbe north side
of i'iii slreel from Ihe Houlevurd
mil feel west,
Hc letter uf II. M. I'.llis regarding
ilileh ul the rear uf his hnuse at tin
enrner nf llth uml lluiileviird, alsu requesting sidewalk Irum the ear line
lo his house. The committee recommend thut  this reqiie-l  be not neeecd
aal   III.
Ke request uf H. I.. Snow regarding
lhe culling uf a dnnji.'1'oiis tree on
loth street uppusilu lul 3ti, resululi-
vision ol lot 6, block II, 1). ],. lilli.
lln commillee beg tn report Hint
Ihis hits been attended lo.
He request of .1. tt. Hnuuldsuu lo
have 'J7l|i slreel opened up from Lorn
ilili' Aw.  lo SC. (ieoi'ge's Ave.     Tll
iiinnnlli. i. niinin,'inl ihni Ihis worl.
bu dime, nlsii thnl 87lh itreel bc clear-
mi full width lruin Lonidale Ave. In
l 'he.-lejlield Avenue,
Kc reipiest of Herbert Huy owner of
lut 'lb, bluck 81, nurth side of ISth
slreel bcUvecn Million Ave und .Jones
nskiug la, have 1Mb slreel cleared lo
his prupeily ulul u sidewiilk ci,n*Utilled, also asking lu have u stump removed al llie corner of his lot thnl he
intends to build ul the end of 'Innn
mv. The ii'inmillie iccummeiiil ihni
lliis work, be not dune uniil buildin.'
lie requested Kobt. I lurk In have
.lit. li constructed io drain liis proper-
ii ui iiiiuei ol UmIi .inli Williams
Ucnuc. '111... lonimill.e leeuiniiientl
thai lli i.i work be done if lound prm
If. m|iiesl of Wiii. Weil for ii csnss
in j ul junction ol sib mid . Mnl
simits lu give access lo miu ol live
houses.     The  committee   recommend
ni llr. be attended lo us soon as
Ke lellei of I'llnli llraco Hn vines n
I.i. un.' nmil uml crossing nt K.nli,
nnd i Munii) In be m| iiircd nnd ih.ii
wuler be diverted lium lluwing ncrn*
lui pti.peil)". The iuiiiniit,(.i' rea'oin
muiii llml request for crowing be nut
j initial, but that ruud hc repaired,
'lhe ioiiini)I<<I- lecninincnil   lliul I7lh
ladi be cleared full widih fr. in I .null.ile Ave, (u St. Andrew's Ave.    The
commillee lecummefld thut Sl.George
Ave, In;   cleared   Irom   Ifilh 'lo   I'Jth
ii.. i       Tho  commillee   recoiifmenil
llml sanitary' sewer be extended ulong
I Ulh limit fiom I.unsdule Ave. toSt.
Aiuliow's Ave. on the Initiative ol tlu
ih" I'oramittoe recommend ibut ih
a iniin il ii* a board of heullh nolify
:h a,-.vuii- lu put in ii enllecling driiiti
nl nm uf house on Huh street Imm
SI. 'uipge's to Sl. Andrew'i to carry
,'iwii;, uM'illow from septic tunk, ul*o
tu bane nil uiisnuiluiy rubbish re-
moMjil, "~*Hn commii tee recommend
that thc counciT'-tajie the .iniliulivc
nnd ncquiic Ihl' ncces«u>y _Jnnd lor
lanes on each side or Lonsdnio' Aye,
from Bth imi south to Ihe wniii
front und thut the cily engineer be
instructed to repnrt nn Ibe pruposcd
Die eummiltec recommend tbul un
|lli<'iilioni bo culled lor tbo position nl
I, i'I<1 inu', plumbing und sanitary in-
spcilm at salary of IPX) per month
la, lahe up duties ubout the middle,.I
lhe .hiuiiii In considered n tubular
..iui.iiia.nl prepared by lhe Wiy engin-
ur of the londcrs received lor supply
ing east iron wipe.
lid Smith moved that thc commit-
I,.' iiai.miiu'ii*' council to accept the
i.ijl.i ..I Messrs. Evans, Ca,lni»nn d
l'',v*i.-i.nt Ibe pri"' "f »7,860.le, deliver! Iq be m»kdo on wharf at fNorlfi
' Is"' ol charges. Fart in
Aprd, part in May and tire ramaiiider
within 14 week). Aid. Kiltson eee-
oiuled and the inoliou wus agreed tp.
Afler considering a proposal by W.
E. Seagrave, Wnlkerville, Ont., to
iiiutiufiieturu city service trussed hook
and ladder truck end equipment iu
accordance with specifications lor tbe
sum ol |8,&00 l.o.b. Vancouvor and
burning a report Irom the chairmen
who favored its purchaie.
Aid. Hick moved tbat committee recommend council to purchaie tbe apparatus uud authorize the mayor aud
clerk to execute tbo contruct.
An account received today Irom tbe
Unn.ah Columbia Electric By. Co. for
January street ure lighting wai ordered to be laid over until next
'I In. commillee decided to recommend
thai the cuguiccr bo instructed to cell
tenders' for the eleariug ol 30 acres
mure or less ol Muhon Park Irom
Jones Avenue lo tbe easterly boundary ul Ihu ravine. Tbo tenderer! to
be ii.il.iil to submit separate estimate.-, for -shallow ploughing, harrowing
und rolling.
The engineer reported us lollowi. on
the opening of the laues ou each sidu
of Lousdale bcliiud thu property hunting on lhe Avenue from the southerly
buiindiiry of Bth street to lho w0ter-
Ir.mt us I,.Ilnn..: tulal cost $39,000,
city aud fronting property to bear
the cosl equally, it wus laid over to
Thursday evenjag'i meoting.
Three bylaws were given thoir tin il
icniliii;; nml adopled, viz.: Laues Purchase llyluw, Temporary Loon Bylaw
und thu Muyor ami Aldermen's Indemnity Byluw ol 1911.
West Vancouver Newi
(Express speciul correspond'int)
Mrs. Picliuiii is having u piece ol
acreage cleared in district lot 1066
just near lo Mr. Hint's residence,
whore she intends making ber home in
the near luture.
Mr. II..n.a in liming two Iota cleared which ure nun md ou (he a ninn of
(hu i,.u.l.,n li.unl and the open government road where bu inlcsdi to
build a residence ihis spring. Mr. Mer-
I'imuu is also having some acreage
cleared in Iiniii. i Lot Hiruj, facing on
lhe Uovornmesl Houd und will build a
house us soon us the clearing is -finished.
A meeting of thu Hollyburn Physical
Training l-lub wus bcld recently and
as the .wining men attending theie
clusscs show such interest and good
spiril excellent progress is being madi
with in. , .,n nu..ii,- u,ail,. It wai decided to procure Indian clubs Ior thl
next uicet uud Mr. lluvis will give instruction in the urt ol .swinging them.
Ibis eluss is u source of great bene-
lil an ad enjoyment to uil the memberi
during the uniler evenings and everyone fully appreciates the time which
i'ii. Duns gives and the interest which
hu lukes in promoting the welfare ol
thu club.
Altogether there is a great deal ol
land i ham iug going on in this vicinity just uow und many new homes
Imni ubuudy been commenced. Messrs.
liiul'/burgcr k Company h^vo between
lifiy uud sixty men working on their
large tract clearing and cutting cord
wood whieh is hauled lo the wharl
und shipped lo Vancouver by meant
of scows. The clearing which hei been
douo. during lhe peit year ie very uo-
ticcubli) when looking Irom the Point
'•my ah ore and it is certain that tbii
summer will bo a very good one for '
ibut district whieh lici weit ol the
Mr. W. C. Thompson had tho good
fortune    to    iluual   an   exceptionally
large   wild gooie one day   last  week
measuring over six feet Irom the Up
ol one wing to (he tip of the other
uud   weighing   cloio   on   iwaily-fivo
pounds.  The bird woe flying over Ihe
waler quiUi cloic to th shoro  when
Mr. Thompson killed it nnd he taikrh
bis pri/e with the aid of n boat.    \
timea   thoro   are quite   e number cify
duck on tbe slough just oast ol Holly- I
bum whorl and nearly overy day menl
can be teen in row boots waiting in
shoot thom ai thoy fly overhead.
Nr. Sinclair's house ii now Bearing
completion, Ihe plaileren being at
work Ihii week and when thii beautiful reaidence ii completed it will giya
added charm to Weat Vanoouvei'n^^
torfront property.
Tbe next regular fortnightly
of the Mnple Leaf Dancing Club
bo held on Friday evening in the j
iieultural  hall.     Von»r'i   ord
will lurniih Ihe mueical end of
WJlcrlaiawent. TWO
the nmm, north Vancouver, b, c,
with Canada's demand. Perfect gems direct from the cutters.
Bought personally by experts in
those renowned lapidaries of Europe, have placed us at the head
of the trade in the Dominion.
See us for the latest designs in
Diamond Set Jewellery.
Diamond Merchants
3    Ge°' K" TMa',iyaiing Director.     Hastings & Granville Sts.
_    Wlien you deal al lhe lonsdale Pharmacy you
get exactly what you afk for at the right price.
*jj   Special attention paid to prescriptions and family
recipes.      -	
_   We carry a complete line of Stationery and Dtug
Sundries.     * . . *      -      -
Telephone L 29
A. J. TYSON, Prop.
Cor. Lonidale & 8th
Parkdale Finest Alberta Butter 30c, lb.
May Flower, Spring Brook or Ayrshire Rose 3 lbs. $1.00
5 lbs. of ijjood Tea        -        -        -       -       - 1.50
5 lbs. of beller Tea  1.75
5 lbs. of the besl Tea             ...       . 2.00
Corner First Street and St. George
120 Second Street East.
Telephone 206
Convenience to North Vancouver Merchants
Bujr is Your Own Town. Your O   er* Solicited
[A. Campbell Hope
308 1st Street East
Phone RM
* muiii	
General Contracting
ItxtsnUm,  Ocarina Griding, «tc.
I tetin—m Cluo.
m4, wi of &• laartali A»«nu«, i
Phone    198
The Place Where Everybody Goes
Gem Theatre
l* Good Pictures  Good Singing
^::: :::  Good Music  ::: :::
Programme changed Monday, Wednesday and  Friday.
Adults 10c ^"STEr** Children 5c
At Work i» R. 0, Forants-An Acwmt
ol the Wmk lining Curried On.
On applying to Dr. 0, Gordon Hewitt, Dominion Entomologist, bs io t'w
fork tlint the lidiiml iliiiiiirtiiii'iil. of
Agriculture were doing in regard to
the Spruce Budworm (Tortrix (umifor-
una), he made the following statement
to the Canadian Forestry Association;
'The attention ol the' department
Kits first called to sorione utlmis of
this insect in the upper, datinoai) region ol Quebec by Ihu Hon. VI. C. Ed
wards. Mr. Arthur Gibson, chiel assistant entomologist of the division of
entomology was immediately sent lo
investigate the outbreak ili lilly,
llUlil, und ho has already commun.'at-
ed an account of his invcstigaiim to
tho Canadian Forestry ilournal (December mon).
'In October, 1WI9, a lew weok«"aftei
taking charge ol the work oTlho division ol entomology, I visited liriiish
Columbia and investigated tbe nttucks
ol the bisect on Vancouver Island.
Thu serious character of the stuck ol
the Spruce lludwium tin the balsam
and spruce in Eastern Canada and tho
Douglas fir in British Columbia, rendered a careful study ol tbe insect
its depredations and cuntrolling agencies imperative, and accordingly saicb
u study was commenced. During the.
present 'summer (1910) the line of investigation that we have been lollowing has been U> discover thc species
of parasites uttui'king the past-Jnlhc
case ol an outbreak ol this nHi),
when the insect bas gained great headway, belore Its discovery, und where it
is impracticable to adopt any/ means
ol control, thc most important and
only iin a iii'..ii..11 possible is a study
of the species of the purasitcs which
ure tho natural menns nl control, attacking iIn■ .,iia i].ili.u.. with a vi:w
to discovering: lirsl, whut species
there ure, und secondly, whether they
ure increasing in numlier. This information is of very great Importance
and value, not only from a scientific
but also from a pructical point ol
view, as the following insluncc of a
similar study will show. In England,
a serious outbreak nf the Lurch Saw-
Hy wus reported in 1SI06. (This is the
suine inject wbiili destroyed all the
lurch or tnmarack thrnigiinul
Eastern (unnda some years
ago, und again uppcurcd ubout
five yeurs ogo.| In the lollowing yeur
I begun to study the lifebislo.-y of
Iho insect und its p.u.i ii. Excepl
in newly plunled urcus it wus n.it | is-
sililc lo udopl'jjipy means of control.
It wns (omul in I'"'- thul a icrtiin
species ol ichneumon Ily, an import.int
purusile, had killed about six per cent,
of tlic insects; in tbe lollowing ynr
the pen-ontuge kill.il bud Increased lo
ubout Iwelvo |ier cent. 1 then left
England und rninu lo Canada, but lo
continue the investigation ninny tho*
sunds ol tho cocoons were imported
from Irn,- l.i ini. und this year 1 lound
thai the percentage ol insects n the
cocoons killed by the purusita.'s was
over IK) per rani. This discovery,
wliirli was ulso confirmed in Engl ind,
is (if the gieulivi interest and iinnoit
unce as it indicates that in 'Oo • In.
ealilies, where the infestulia>n wus
most serious the purusiles' hive almost gaimil rompletc control ol tin'
sawHy, and control will mean eradication. The practical value of this continued study lies in the faet that '.ho
own. i... of timber feartd its destruction by the . ..nin..ml defoliation by
the culcrpillure, many acres having
been so killed, und were cutting 4own
limber More il bud reached its lull
growth und vnluc to sayc it. This
will now lie unnecessary, as we know
the pest will |,e controlled by its parasites. In a similar manner we have
already begin a study ol the parasites
ol lhe .Spruce Budworm and we ho|w,
next y4ar, to study the percenluge M
eutcrpillurs ullurkcd by the species of
purasitcs that wc huve bred Irom Ihem
during the present season. It il ex-
pea hi) thut such an investigation will
indicate to us tlie extent to which
n. i ni nl means ol control are acting
upon tiie p. .1 and until we have audi
information it is impossible to prophesy whut the results ol the outbreak will be and whether considerable
loss will be caused or sot before thc
peat la controlled by these natural
new. discovury is ut the 1,000 font level nh w rogurded as prnnf thnt ths
,,in« on this property continue tq u
(jflptb'with Ihcit values increased fp,
ther thw impaired.
North Vancouver
Coal ani Supply Co.
Dealen in Coal, Brick,
Sand,   Gravel,   Ume,
Cement  and   General
Builders' Supplies,
All  Orders   Promptly
Filled nnd Satisfaction
Guaranted.   Prices on
Office: Lonsdale, near City Wt
Warehouse:     Forman'» W|
"The Utile Station Agent," »nd
"Tho Maid of Niagara," the two ipecial attractions which are announced
at the Oom thoutre Wednesday and
Thursday evening comprise two sots
ol films that have reached tho voqy
zenith of popularity with the public.
The scene ol tbe first drama ii laid
in tbe Canadian Kockies. The hi llu
station agent ie a girl of rlnuieen
years with whom two trainmen, .foe
Alien and Albert Uill are in love. It
soon develops umi the former is the
favorite with iH object of their al-
lections whereupon jealousy mlct possession ol the broaet of tho In iur.
The two brakomen moot on top of a
freight car and a-quarro) develops
between them in which Hill knocss Al«|
len down and thinking he has l.i"nl
him, cuts tho cars loose I'm in.: Allen lying on top ol tho ruuawiy trein
in tho hopo ol covering his (lllll'i)
guilt. The runaway Ilns pail a illation the agent at which at mice wins
tho next station (that in charge ot the
little stutiun ugeni) to sid'itiuik tbe
runuway und to prevent it 'rushing
into llio ovcrliind limited. With ibu
nssistaiirc ol un engineer and u high
speed emergency track automobile, the
little station agent Touches thc switch
just in time to sidetrack the runaway
and lo avert un uwful disuiter and to
save Allen's- lite. Tho implicit confidence with which the little station
agent slips her hund into Joe's leuves
no doubt ns lo thc icniuinder ol the
story. .
"The Maid of Niuguiu" is a depie-
lion of un old legend of the fulls. One
of the chiefs of the Iroquois tri lie refuses the reipiest of Esoomgit (or the
hand of his dauglitei lied Doe, because thc dinner is not <u chief. At a
-uli-....pi. in competition Iwlwiin the
Iroquois and Bison tribes, Esmoogll
so greatly distinguishes himsell that
he is mude u chiel. His iniiiriugu lo
lied Duo is now sanctioned lint belore
(he ceremony is performed the day of
the .niiin.ii sacrifice lo the .Spirit ol
lln' ('uloi'net arrives. Tho lutal arrow shot into the uir, lulls al lllc
fuel of Hid Hoc upon whom it devolves lo ride over tiie fulls in a canoe,
llepclling ull eilorts to ilisinidc her she
.nlli. a. .1 ia hei lensc uf honor und of
duty und is seen lo enter lhe eunoc,
puddle oul into the river, and yield
ing to lho current, approach and
plunge over Ihe falls. Esmoogil discovers the lifeless remains of liis promised bride on the rocks licncuth,
plunges into llie raging lot mil and is
tucked under lo his death, hoping (o
meet lur in the lluppy Hunting
Grounds, The scenery in bmh ihese
series is from actual photos in lho localities in which ihe eventi ure luiii.
■   _:
Tb Phoenix Amalgamated mine,
wb'.'h ia being operated by the Caua
dian Consolidated Mining k Smelting
fompeOy, has made ite first ehipminl
lor  a  couple  of  years  to the Iruil
I smelter. I'he amount shipped was
•bout 400 tone. The ore ia gold-cop-
I   Another  property making  ite   hist
shipment   lor   some years   net    tho
locan. J
ie under operation by J. C. Moon and
associates and was recently the scene
ol a strike ol high grade silver ore.
W. E. Zwiokley, manager of the
Hemblor-Ceriboo mine, reporl* that a
etrjko ol ri? (eet of steel galea*, run-
ping 170 ounrae ol silver to iiu ton
hae been Wii* on that property. Thu
NOTICE is hereby given thut thirty
duys nd. i the dale hcrcol wc thc undersigned intend to apply as copartners to the Boaid of License Commissioners for lhe cily of North Vancouver for a retail bottle license lor premises situate on a fractional purl ol
lot thirteen (I'l) block one hundred
and fifty-seven (167) D. L. 871-874, in
the, cily ol North Vancouver on tbe
principle of the Norwegian system ol
no profit to the eellortj.
(.Signed)'    K. E. MACNAHIITEN.
(Signed)    I'. BOCHU88EN.
Dated at Norlh Vancouver, II. C,
February 7th, IVII.
NOTICE is hereby given that at the
neil sitting of the Board ..I Licensing
Commissioners lor (he City of Norih
Vancouver, I intend to apply lor a
hotel lieenec (or premises situate oa
lots 31, 'i'l, 23 and 31, block U0, D.
L. ill, Second street west, in the laid
city ol North Vancouver.
Dated at Norlh Vanvouvor, Fobruery
71 h, |»U. t"
The A. Farro
126 2nd St Weat
When you deal at the A. Farro
Grocery you get exactly what
you ask (or at right price. :
Special Attention!
W« carry >t complete lint of
Ha—my it treat Bteai 22 let »!*«
At Vancouver Prices.     Sole Agenti (or North Vancouver,
Corner Lonsdale and Second.
Phone 295
We are overstocked in Cashmercttes, Wrapperettes, etc.,
in a variety of designs, regular values up to 15c     01
Our price ....:        O2C
Special line of 36-in. While Cotton, sold every-    _ A -
whereat 15c.   Our price  .*.   »Vv
N.B.—We are direct importers of Staple Goodi
from the English Manufacturers. See our value*
before buying elsewhere.
will be on exhibition daily
from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the
B. C. Electric Railway Co.'s
office, 50 Lonidale Avenue
Tbe Gurney-Oxford Steel Top Range
means a marked saving in
luul and I" iti r,l>aking results.
only does ils work HETTER
but AT LESS COST than
othei Ranges..
We can demonstrate to you
the whole Superior Chan-
cellur principal of economy
und efficiency in len minutes.
Is it not worth that much
ol your time right now ?
The J. D. Fraser Hardware Co,
Phone 56. 133 Lonsdale Avenue
The Kimball
IMC,  WAKDUIVMU. *___________
Warburnitz Piano House, limited
443 Lonsdale Avenue ; Phone 114 - i\
tm RXP8R88,. NP8TH VANUUUVI^ft _,
Buys a Huzelton cxchango:
Mining dpyolbpmwt (of the piesani
year w||| in; caffie.4 on Off » mu'l)
larger'scile than, ovej Wlni'ii. frmc-
thing ql thp pipit* pf the coippunips,
syndicates and i individuals operating
in this ennip U known and it is n-
ready apparfwt that tlio total n-
mpilflt Ol money to he ipont within
(he no»t e|oven mouths will bp jn fa-
ceii of 1175,000. Not alone imve the
holders of mining property and  ovn-
I'lH    Of   OPtiORS   Hindi'   ll.'.'lllllllii.ll a     to
lliis aSoot hut the terms  ol  tlm   11-
greemcnti ill nlwoit nvpry m.n will j wl und on ih Pw-Stijpiiiiwp!) group
eowpel e, large amount of moiwy tu whore n »WI»II lorce is now at wotk,
be spent during next suininnr and win- Ihere will bo u big crow opening up
ter as tlio time ie »lwt befqi'B puy- - the c|aimi Pi WcrpBt points ai tHp
mollis become due, JMR4li)|jeF.pf the pW^W pfipn in dlip
Prom the opening pf ipring twopiy in October and is in exppen of 136,000.
nnii wi|| bo at work on the I'.rio; : On Glen mountain, where lieu. Me
pliinn lor tho Silver Cup involve Hie Bean l"»» a crow , tit work on tbo
expenditure ol a larger npipupt Pl'Sl«W» IptyM hy tiificll and part-
money than on any other property jn . nori, ami under bond fpr sums sggre-
tho camp. Following tho formation ol gating $85,000, thp gang will bo in-
a stock company u campaign wfl) be 'cre^icd early in the spring,as it is
commenced on tbu Sunrise group, end, understood to be the intention ol tbu
tbo force ut tbo tead,Kiu|; will, »c-' purebason to cpnipienco shipping P[4
cording to p. A. Brown, the manugur, as soon as the railway lino il able to
bo iiii'ieiiaied about tbo lirst ol April. |handle it.
Work on tbc Iron M'isk Group on i • Op Bocbcr de Bonk) mountain thu
Four Mile wil) bn started oh noon jp bondholders will he at work an toon
tho spring ai supplies can be obtain- as it is possible to roach tho claims.
7 ■
I' 1111,
an,,, a _..,.;.   i.iii
'     a       '
You'll Make Money Here!!
_.__.___, ... •■	
Anyone who will givo tbii investment opportunity jorioui ponsidera-
tion lor a low minutes will , readily
see quick and large pioliiu accruing to
tho purchaser ol
Boulevard College
Extension Lots
a ' ' !'■ a |
Lot I ...1 W78.00
Loti 3, .3 snd 4 each 675.00
Lot 6 	
Lols 6 and 7 ..„■...,.
Lpfi 8 and 0 	
LoU ID and 11 	
Loti 12 and 19 	
Lot 14 	
Loti 16, 16 and 17
Lot 18 	
 Both Sold
....each   876.00
Note tho length ol those lots, somo
ol them being 146 Icct to a lane.
- Tli.' advantages of those loti for business or reaidence 'purpoici are apparent on tho plan attached hereto.
It is tho closest car line properly to tho nnrth ol tho Grand Boulevard (which is exclusively lor high class residence!). It also faces St. John's College and grounds and for these reasons alone it will bu a centre ol some
importance. Boulevard extension lots ure within the city limits and have all tho advantages and conveniences ol
othor city proporty. To closo out overy lol in record lime wo have undorpriced then), 10 that you will have u>
hurry to get any. Consider ulso the terms whi'b uic much easier than usual: 1-6 cash, balance in 6, 12, 18,
and Sl months at 6 per cent, per unnum.' .    .'
633 Granvillo Street
Telophone 315.
VANCOUVER, B. C., Authoriied' Capital  $3,000,000.
Beal Estnle.    Insurance.      Money lo Loan.
14    1 J I     A bl  -»L   V EBNEST EBBAGE'
14 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver. j^i nano(i(.r,
There bro assurances thnt a trail
Will'bp b"iH up .luuipcr creek and the
Kitieguccla liver from the Skeena to
these claims so thnt supplies pan pp
easily laid down. '
The advisability ol putting inaehiu-
ory pl»nt| op two properties in being
considered but no definite decision has
as yet boon roached. J), wagpp ■■mid
Will hove t» he built before machinery
cop be taken to tho Silver Gup, which
will take a good port ol the sumipor.
It ii admitted tlmt tbe country within a radim of ten miles of Ilazelton
is by no means prospected, 'lho lowee
slopes 'of ih inuuiiiainii are covered
witb loose rock, eattii ond in many
places a thick carpet ol mosB. Further discoveries of good property are
confidently looked lor Atii* year. The
ready sale which good mining property in this yicinity has lound in tho
pant, and tho gpoi prices obMlwi,
combined to hold a larger number ol
lhe pimpcei,nn bore |or tbo winter
than ever pofprp. The snow leaves tho
lower hills early in April ond it will
bo a matter for surprise il now veins
aro not lound and consiflcroble money
spent in developing them belore the
summer is over. 1
Iu estimating the amount that will
bv spent at {176,000 no account hai
been taken of any possible new discovering and without any such tho
oud of thc year is much more likely
to seo (his figure exceeded than it is
lo bc an over estimate.
Lot 18, Block 35, D. L. 550, $1125. Caah $425, balance 6 and 12 month*
Loti 54 and 55, Block 166, D. L. 274, $13,000. Terma to arrange. Near Lonidale
the above loti are among the bolt buys in North Vancouver, ond intending investors will serve their own
intoruti by. inveitigoting. We hasp tlio exclusive lale and also a large lilt of other loti In the City. It ii
in your own intereit to call end imped our Hit beforo deciding.
Real Estate Agent*.      Financial Broker*
Head Office: 405 Hastings St. W., Vancouver, B. C.
British Columbia IJraurh Offices:
4 Lousdale Ave., Nurlh Vnncouver
llli Government St.. Victoriu
Branch Offices iu Europe:
Berlin, Germany
London, England
Paris, France
A deal jm ol ^ thc sale of 8300
acres of coal tfftl on (iridium Island, one ol 'the Queen Charlotte
group, boo been'reported. V. fl. Mc-
Quorrie ol Nelson is one of the Koot-
enuy owners of the property which
bus boi'u tronilorred lor a lui bo
cash consideration to the British la-
cific Cool k Covo Company, limited,
who oro flouting a company to operate the mine, with a cupital of 1,-
600,000. The other vendors wcrcW.
G. McMorris, now ol Vaneouver, and
'1'homus Morrow ol Hosslund.
'lho property is locuted a lew, miles
Irom Skidcgate harbor nud is a portion ol a lurge coal area worked us
lar back as 1868 by a Scotch company
who .iai|.|aa.l the coal (o the British
nuval station at Esijiiiuiolt and to
Son I'inli. i... i*. In quality it is ham)
anthracite, averaging about i">f> per
cent, fixed carbon. On il is a 12-loot
scam ol which eight feet oro pure anthracite.
The largest assortment of Men's Working Shirts, including all the best wearing materials in all L C ■
sizes, prices up to $1.25, now     v Jp
Scotch Knit All-wool Underwear. Tliis is u fine liflP
fpr the outdoor worker as it is lieavy and   H C
warm, regular $1.50 value for 75c per sujt.  / •)}_
Men's Fall and Winter Suits, only a few left of those
splendid bargain suits, they wefe as hig)i d» j Q
as $30, now i     f I 7
A very fine assort iv.e«t of Men's Four-in-fiand 0 C
Ties, reversible, regular 50c .values, now   auJQf
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DOy S tJllltS 34 fn short pants SJ BA
an4 32 up in long pants, prices from tpL,J\J Up
O.    To clear out-the ftjw that are left,
VciCOalS they are going at two-thirds their
original cost..
113-115 Lonsdale Ave.
Nptth Yan<?°wv»r
bt      aai-
; ;                                                         '• ; ;
i; A.GOOD  PROPOSITION  for either the jj
I: Homeaeeker or Investor—A "Good-View" ii
j; Lot, just west of Boulevard, for only $1025. jj
One third cash, balance reasonable.
11        t_      kjj Q    ft B'J LONSDALE  AVKiWE
Martinson & Co. fe^fc
frWfl'W'W'l I'H'WiM ihM-H"H"t"H-H" W»W HWi ll I* !■ h l»H, w lllllllllli
.On ni ,  .
lilliTMl I
A    lii.ai HV.'I y IOI    a',,11   lala laallla'    Hi Ir] r al
to intrnlini; settlers in tbie porlion
ol Britinfa ('olumbia has just been
made in tbat tberc are «omc 1,001)
acres ol laud on bull Spring Island
available lor pre-emption. Hr. Ayton
Ssfford, a raiul arrival jrom Enn-
land rcicntly paid a visit to Salt
Spring and mude thc divcovory ol
Ihis land in the jiciifliboinund of Bur-
goyne Harbor. He promptly took up
160 acres, and slates tbat there is
(till a section aud thrrc-ijvartere whi.li
coo be preempted. The land is nl a
most desirable character, capable "I
produi inu Iruit aud udaptablc lor
gcnoral (arming purposes.
First Complete Showing of New
Spring Goods.
W. DICK, Prop.
47 & 49-HAST1NGS STREET, EAST-47 &49
'ti Hill.
Simon 11,11;
'>'• Thon*. a
Brake,, Gco^,
'Jo«pb,   C|
t. Alex, C. |i
Price* Reduced for UufcBi","««
•>'y ol Victoria
ol the excruli
1th lor Ue c<
cation ol tlie
w leave i,
'   "'   the   vai<
< Gapilano Gai
Mrtatioo is noted I
tl P. ol Needle., (j
% LTD.
invilrd   hy j
'or the erti
_ He ANjgulo
Corner PemUr tut. tUymw
ompmijes   ltftttt$fi
illiin llli
II tho city offers acceptable conces-
sions in the mutter ol cxcmn'.ijns
Irom taxation, and reasonable lulos
lor water and light there is a strong
possibility ol a large iuduslry b'ing
located in Now Westminster in the
near luture. 'Mayor I-eo announced tn
the council recently that representative! nl • iiuupiiBj' capitalist at
Wim.DDD and wiin' 111,000,000 pavl
•ip capital hod approached him to
know what lhc cily was prepared (o
do in this concoction.
Thc company in i|ue«tion, according
to Mayor I ax, is an established ion-
corn. Tboy have secured an option on
a nte in that oity and also in I'ort
Moody. They want to locale in Niw
Woslroinster on the fresh water if at
all possible, but lln'y first want lo roe
what lhe dty is prepared to do in lhe
matter of concessions. Thoy will employ 400 or 600 men and will be an
industrial concern ol a magnitude ilm
ilu to that ol tlui Capadialn W«t«rp
Lumber Company.    <
West Vancouver Motor Launch Service
Launch "West ''ancouvcr," Ca|)tiiiii Findlay
Lii.uiiM.il lor J5 passengers
Lium Utiei VsucoUTsr
Hollyliuru Whsil t.'lty Ferries' Whirl
i vi i j li.'.i) I mi |il Sunday
7.30 a.m. 8.00 a.m.
9.00 a.m. u.oo a.m.
11.00 a.m. 12.00 a.m.
13.15 p.m. 14.00 p.m,
I5.00p.m. III.mi p.m.
17.00 p.m. 18.00 p.m
Kj.00 p.lll baluidoys Uul)   32.00 p.m.
9.30 a.m Sunday Schedule 10.00 a.m.
13.15 p.m...  "  14.00p.m.
17.00 p.m  "   %      22.oo p.m.
Siugle I'uro 15c.       Two Tickets 26c.
Quickest route Itom Nortii Vancouver to the diatrict beyond
Capilano Kiver. Launch "West Vancouver" makes connections, without fail,, with tlic ferry steamers from North Vancouver, as per above schedule, '
Henry llurko pleaded guilty in the
police court Saturday morning lo boing drunk. Tho charge road drunk
and disorderly to whidi' Constolilo
Blake added hii testimony ol tlie disorderly conduct ol Uie accused the
night before, eytopioms ol which bud
Conduct Ihere was Utile evidence of us
Mr. Burke pleaded for tlie leniency o'
tlie court on the promise that 'it
would never occur again."
Hie Worahlp cot*) not overlook lho
fact that ho had created a disturbance
in addition to being drunk and fined
bim M and cost* or Ua e/tfe" imprisonment.
North Vancouver Qty Ferries, Limited
Loavt Vincouvei
•0.!Kl a.m.
7.30 "
Uivi North Van.
'Ii.46 a.m.
'«•« e.m.
•8.00 "
8.1? "
Ut " .
10.16 "
I1.W "
Ut;**l o,m.
• Dent>te. pot on Sunday.
Thii 'Iw Table subject to change without notice. Vancouv**
published Tuesdays and Fridays by
North Shore Prbss, Limit«p
Ona yo»r, |1.00
Six monthi, 60a, Tlirqe month*, 26c.
United States and Foreign, (1,60 per iaar
Advertising Bates will be quoted on application.
...» ......- ..huioocb oi »ie norm snore ot Hurrard Inlet
Biol naively,     It constitutes an advertising medium of exceptional value lor
ranching iu a thorough and effeotlve manner the population ol North Vancouver
• Qity and I Hutrici.  Every effort is made to give advertisers the moat Htlsfactory
All changes in contract advertisements ihould be in tba printers' handi not
Inter tlnm in n.iu. Monday and 6 p.m, Wednesday io ensure Insertion ia tne
following Issue,
"North Vancouver,   B, C,
February ai, 1911
The present session ol tho provincial
house hus resulted in several   amendments to thu Municipal Clauses Act,
one   ol   which    makes   a   material
change in the regulutiuns with respect
to tho subdividing ol land.    The new
regulation provides that no iuiicl shall
bo divided into parcels ol less than five
wei, that no plan ol any such subdivision shnll bu registered,   thut   n'i
application for uny sueh registration
shull be received or such registration
mude "unless Ibe title to such land or
registered pared  shall have   been   le-
gistored in the register of indefeasible
iiiiiiiiiii it bus   Imu llie  practise
that each proposed plan of subdivision
must bo signed liy lhe person   holding
tbe title to uny properly in fee   sim
plo   but    umler   this new   regulation
thnt liile must iw changed to un   indefeasible   title,   before   such subdivi-
tion can be effected.    The pro'.ms involved il thut nn application for   an
in'la fi'ic ihii   litln must bu niuile to the
registrar and .. fee of live or six dollan for the muiic musl lie paid. -  Tlie
result   will Iw   thul (he title will  be
made nlu.ilm. I)  clear and the property will Ik- broughl under tliu   Torrene
system us uduplcd uud applied b) (he
I'm,inu  of llrilisli Columbia.
The improvement .11..1..1 iu Hm
aliove 11 I'.. 1 will doubtless be readily admitted and upproiluiod in ull
• punt.1.-. but ut the suine lime the
'Inui;" will probably give rise to Mime
uneasiness uuiougst pro|ierly holders
and in real eslutu circlet in general,
leet undue deluy be experienced iu tbe
time oecupiud between lhc application
for an indefeasible title und (he is-
sunn. .■ of tlic certificate for the sume.
1 Por niuiiy months great inconvenience
bas been i.cm al by owners of pro-
liaii'a in tliis reguid laa,il, .'.iiii inference to titles in fee simple and indefeasible titles ami auul.1 tho new re
guhcii.iii it will be even more re|uis-
ite that adei|uutu provisions lio made
for prompt service at tbc regisiry
office. Jl is understood that the luige
extra stulf that bus been chiployed in
the registry ulh. c at Vancouver for
i-.im. mouths Imt. succeeded in practically disposing of the mass ,1 worl
that hud iieaumuluted und this ciicum-
' stun ., together with the luul that
i tlu nuw ijiiuitcr.- of the registry qaacis
1 in the in *   inuil  bouse nffoid   ml l>
better      IC ".ll.III.,'laall,,11     il,      llllll       the
etaf   cun woik   t.i   lietter  advantage,
gin. ena ai'ii u, ■ in-ui   in mu.liiaie ihul
vexalicuis delays in properly it-
> agislratiniis   in.    11    ilmi;,' ol lie: pust
and    thai    111    in.i..    >a    1..a-a,I..,lily
{ |>rompi  service oiuy  Is; pioeurid.
Kin view of this new lOJulniion how-
tpt and ol the Inrgu number .,1  |ai-
ftkty of laud in tbe city und ihe  die-
Juit of North Vancouver, tho juncture
Hbda    an   appro) nale occasion    lo
Hui aeek to impress upon lhe   gov-
blunt   the desirability ol citiblisli-
a  land regiatry office upon    ihe
orlb Short.    Tha district ol North
waatn  includes a lotal of 105/100
JTM, at'present divided iuto   about
kfiOQ separate parcels of  lend while
laity includes 'lll'l acres dividod ill•
l jabout 4,000 parcels, giving a total
ft/M  tern uud   41,000 parcelT In
' tll Ibe great activity whieh will
"Ik* immodiate future in   really
| on tbe Nortb Shore, it is eer-
■AJkat   time   would   ha   sufficient
l in   a   local Und regislfy   office
i eataWi*l>«d to lu»p a co»i)d-
I ital busily engaged and  tint
the financial returns would lie iuch as
to well repay any expense tbat might
be involved in eitabliihing or in maintaining an office, while the advantage
ol such an arrangement to the general
public would be well nigh incalculable.
It is to be hoped that tbe facilities
provided with regard to land registration will be placed and will be kept
well in advance of the demands created by such regulations as may be
made from time to time.
u»e Pl general Ming Is diverted
from the shops of the local merchants,
li it not « faet that this pwtlee Involves a principle that in Its logical
ending puts the local merchant nut of
buemees and leaves tho public at
the mercy .of the big retail corporations. It ie true that the local merchants may struggle along and succeed in staying in business, notwithstanding thii serious loai ol patronage, but the feet remains novorthelmi
that the essential principle involved
in out-ol-town trading is inimical alike
to the interests ol tbe local merchant
and to the real Interests of local pur
chasers themselves. Money placed
with ' the local merchants meant
honest goods at fair prices and at the
■nme time buys lor the publie effective
nisuranco that prices will be maintained upon thii equitable baiii,
I  '
A   local   store  may   be  either one
that   raters to the population   ol   a
comparatively smuli community, or a
"imi.  thut   outers to only a  portion
ol tlio population of a big city, while
in .'outlast with these locul establishments there are immense concerns that
carer to tho entire population of' the
largest centres und which extend their
operations  throughout an entire province and Iwyond.   Every astute buyer,   whether   his punhuses   ure modi
only for himsell or for herself or fm
an   cntiic   family   will   recognize   thn
fait thut it would prove very  unfortunate if these big concerns were   In
succeed iu driving the locul merchants
out ol i.ai. in,     aiid thus monopolise
lhe retail trniliag.    When the  mallei
is viewed in its proper light il is tin
locul dealer   who protects   the .buying
public iu the mutter of prices. On Ihe
one hand  tlie local deuler desires  lo
procure (he lurges( possible amount of
custom while on the olher hand  it is
ie •. .■ ■ ui \   that he should transact   iiis
business upon u basis ol profit   that
will enuble him lo proceed   on   sound
business   principles.     His   prices   arc
therefore based on the lirst cost ol (lie
goods plus the ucuissury expenses   ol
operation of the business.     To    this
l'i....   cost ho adds u fair p> i  centage
of prolit und offers the goods to llie
public ul the price whiah results. Tins
is the only method by which a   merchant   can do business upon a   basis
fair al once to the public and to him
self.   Tile' big mercantile concern,   operated on a joint stock basis must of
necessity reckon on uttracting ... large
portion of ils trade, from whut would
in the ordinury channels of   business,
find its   way to   the locul   menhunl
and one method of doing this   which
is very couipicuous, is tho practise of
underselling tho local deuler.      While
price asked by the local menhunt
is   the  lair  price  and   the   uecesiury
prico   in   order  to' do  business   on
a sound baeis, the concern currying u
multitude of lines ol merchandise (an
afford   to   out prioei  temporarily  ou
some in i ides   and charge the   ; tnbie
thus sacrificed to advertising account,
on account ol the trade attracted   in
tbat particular line and the additional trade secured at tbe same time in
other lines.    All the time, however, it
is tbe legitimate price set by Hie  local merchant which control! the situation nnd which protect* the   public
Irom higher pricei.  If the local   merchant were removed it ii safe to ssy
tbat pricei would speedily dev, 'op   e
decided upward tendency. ' But how is
the local merchant to be kept in Lusi-
nets and how is hc lo lie enabled to
•tand ai the protector ol the public in
the matter ol prieee  except the loeal
purchasing public manifest en  appreciation of their own interests by patronizing tbat local merchant ?    IA it
be admitted tbat a purchaser can procure an occasional bargain on   some
specific article by pawing by llie local merchant in lavor ol outside con-
jeenw, if beeaiiae ol tbii a great vel-
The Royal Bank ol Canada
Oapital 16,900,000.
Reserves, 17,300,000.
Total Assets 996,000,000.
A general banking business
transuded. Savings accounts a
■pecialty. Accounts ol Aran
and individuals solicited.
North Vum-a^er Branch.
Bank Office in N.W. Club Block
Stop Talking about
High Prices!!!
Take advantage ol (be specials wn
oiler ut this nun kel every Eriduy aa I
Saturday, look out lor ihem, they ure
to your own interest* uud will save
you money every Iinie.
On Wednesday, Feb. Wild, we offer
•Sirloin Steak ul  .' ISr
Porterhouse Sleuk ut  80c
Loin I'ork Chops at  20c
I'ork Steak at ' Ibo
I'riine llil, Boasts boneless ut 20c
Small Winchester Hums al   21e
Phone 16
Free delivery (o all parts ol Die city.
Dwelling Houses for Sale
$1)00 Cash—Balance on termi lor two
jrtorey house, good   basement—fur-
nace und ull modern conveniences—
Lot 60x140 feet, lituatud on   14th
street.   I'riee f.icm.
$700 Cash—Balance cin terms for Four
Ii.n uu College near Lonsdale A'e.
Lot 311x1110 feet.  I'riee $2100.
toil) Caih — Hiiliiine on I "inn. for
Tliree-U.ioin Cottage, QueenibwV
Heights. Lot WxH7. Houn can
lie enlurged at little cxpenM. I'riee
Choice building lots on Boulevard al
different pointe.  Alio cheap loti  icar
Second Narrowi Bridgi.
Philip, Cameron & Co.
Financial and Insurance Agante,
For Sale
Salmon River Valley
Land, close to Fort
40 acre tracks, fl I per acre
$50 cash and $10 per month
Enquire or write
216 Swnd Street East
2nd Street, near St. Georges, 50 ft. 15000
6th Street, near St. Andrews, 2 lots, each  $1700
Uth Street, near Moody,snap $1050
14(h Street, Block 17, lane Corner $1350
Keith Road, near St, Andrews $1600
Pierce & Hall
Next to Palace Hotel
Phone 110
The Cash
Staple and Fancy Groceries
Fresh and Smoked Meata
(or Saturday Only
Hound Steak - - 15c.
Sirloin Steak • 18o, A 20c
Mutton Chops- Ific A 20c.
Our Meat li Specially Selected
FIRE!    FIRE!!    FIRE!!!
FOR ABSOLUTE PROTECTION write a Policy in the
Commercial Union Fire Asiurance Co., Ltd.
ASSETS.' $94,900,000
Sole Agent
Afreementi and Contract! drawn       pi i c 7
nf .very dt.eriptiun ™0,ie   ' 3'
I 6th Street   Block and hall from cariine, 40 ft.
all cleared.    Pride $850.     $350 cash, balance 6
and 12 months.
Eleventh Street Block and hall from Lonsdale,
50 ft. lacing south.   Price $1400,    $400 cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
is Lonsdale ave. north Vancouver
l'lione jo—P. O. Bos 97
North Shore Locators
WE are now offering 40-ft. lots in Bk. 205,
on 21st street, one bloak west of Lonsdale Avenue Car Line. Price $500 to $700.
Caih to suit purchaser, balance quarterly for
two years, Make your selection early.
No. 8 Lonsdale Ave.
Phone 123
50 It, Lot facing New Municipal Hall.   Price, $500;
a,   Cash, $200.
50 ft. Ut. 17th Street, near Boulevard. Price, $600;
Double Comer („
ibury Hcighlr.   Price, $1500;
North Vancouv
'   (UU
210 Unsdal.
drivers Marmalade in 1
Ib. gleBs jars, eaoli  -   15c.
Ayrshire Rose Creamery
Butter,  -   -  :i lbs. $100
Gold Biiokie Oranges, the
finest in the market, OA
per doz. -     '»      ■ slwCe
Lemons, per doz.   -   ■   15c,
Oatmeal Soap. 10 bars 25c
Our Lonsdale Blend of
Tea, -      - Sllis. for $1,00
Nothing Finer
Pure Castile Soup,
per bar 25c
Phone 40
llll Lonsdale Ave
LOW SEVProprietor
MEAI.8 AT Ai.l, HOUKt—
li 11.111. I..S |i in
First-class Meals 35c.
Commutation Ticket*, n meals
If 75
Rooms for Rent at moderate rales
N. V. Artistic Cabinet Maker,
Upholsterer and Decorator
ll.llUlUI'lUH'l III
all kind, ol Million .nd Autlqu. Fiiniliun
Iter., Ollice. Bank .oil D.r Fiiiun.  aejialr
lua In ill IU lai.iiilici.
Picture Framing.     Furniture Morage.
. 1
HAIL OaOIRS flT.a womiit itltollon
Trust Ce., Ltd.
t * Ward)
Phone 44
Campbell Realty fc Investment Co.
dawn.   Allwjd^fj    ,
htm^ttt.    impair,, J.
to arfanga, ^~
P O. BOX 114
For Outside Work
you r»i|tilri.. a banller paint tken tot
indium. Harm and ntlicr large buildingi  aiiiiHiima   painl  in  coniidcrablo
.|lllllllili..a,    H   llllia I,   lll.l, la,,,.,    |„'l|||.|l|l
ai well ai good.
at loweit pouible pricei cm be had
lure. Our ipring mpply li 10 varied
it nunti all requirement". Buy paint
ol ui and iave dollari,
117 Lonsdale Phone 149
1 ■SB
THU hxHrds, n'oph vAngouvrr, % c.
, i
We have a few lines of Winter Goods which
must be cleared this month regardless of cost
Ladies Bibbed Hygiene Garments iu
Natural and While values to 75c
Our price  S6c
I'onmnn'l Natural Wool Underwear, oll
sizes in ladies, both in single und
two-pieco garments, aold everywhere 11.3D.
Our price Ts each
Combinations, rcg. J2.Sn.
Our price 91.60
Penman's Wool iu t'liilihvn'n, iug, val-
uus to 11.10.
Our price  66c.
FOB GIHW-A lino rib How, incep-
tionul good wearer. Values (t 15c.
Our price
, 30: toi li.
FOB HOYH-A line ol Heavy Bibbed
Wool Hole, Britiih make, nil sines,
values to 60o.
.'inli' price 35c
FOR UDIES-Cttsbmero Hose, ribbed
Or piuin,, exceptional value at '131c
each. (6 pairs lor $1.) •
N. B.—Wo are direct importers nl Britiih Hosiery. Our valuoi cannot
bo beaten jn R. C.
Two lines in Ladies Flaiiuulotto Night
, Oowm.  No. 1, rcg. prico 00c ami
Salu price  60c each.
No. 3, values to 11.76
Sale prico  11.00 cuch
73 in. White Sheeling, English nniiiu-
(ii'iiii.   iinin hia...il before thu   rise
in cotton)  ,.. .'. 33c pec yard
Also u fine Linen finished Sheeting, 3
yardi wide, value ut 3/ic.
Sulo prico  30c
Two lines in Whilo Cotton, 30 inches,
wide, soft linish, No. I good mlu,,.
at 16c.  Sale price  Ulr
(Not moru than 10 yards sold   tn
one customer).
Nb. 3 value at 17Jo'
Salu prico  13) c yard
White   uini   Hrown   Turkish   Towels,
Iiniii' size.
Snlo price  13Jc euili
White and Hrown Turkish Towels, rcgiilnr 30c.
Solo prico 15c each
Special    line   ol  slripo   Flannelette,
good value at 13jc.
Our price 8Je 13 yards Inr $1.00
A heavier make of stripe Fliinncloltc
96 inch wide, special price 13) yd.
10 ends only fancy CnsbmprctleN, vul-
uus to 15c for this week only 5c yd
We have a splendid choice of new
goods for Spring already pouring in at
prices never bcforti offered in North
Our dressmaking department is in
charge of Mrs. Curry. A trial will ensure, your satisfaction. Pluce orders
curly for prompt delivery.
Dry,1 [Goods and Gent's Furnishings Cor. 2nd Street and Lonsdale Avenue
Why pay 1350.00 for rough uncleared LoU when we sen lell you
the very best cleared Loti without a itone on them, level ai a table
and into gran. Been cultivated lor ten yean, lituated on Cutre
Road, being tho heat Road on tho North Short and one block Iron
thi Car Line, School, Church and Store; bavi cily water, ilictrii
light and telephone.
Price 1350 (o M00 each. Terms |100 cash, balance 6, 13 and 11
months. These lots will bring at least in our estimation 100 per
cent, profit on the amount invested vrithin sit months. Buy quick,
they are going fait.
P. 0, Box 172
North Vancouver
E have MONEY to invest for
English clients in close in properties  in  North Vancouver.
_ We shall certainly do business with
anyone  whose  offers  are  reasonable.
The Merchants Trust & Trading Co.
rAIP UP CAPITAL 1100.000.00          It. THOMPSON TINN. Musslai DImcIoi
ri BRANCH OPPICgi 14 OU Iwel St., Uaiaa, -tlenl	
We operate the only padded furniture and piano
moving van in the city. . .
N. V. Cartage Co.
I I onsdile Ave.
Raiii;   Mo P" »nd UP-   Speciil ratea to (am iliea
and   to regular   boarders.	
.        a        ..
finest Hoof Garden on .Pacific Coasl
Sico»» Sm»T.   •   •   •   •  NORTH  VANCOUVER. B. C.
Tho a in i, ni issue ol tho Hritish Columbia Gazette contains a number "I
new 11. C. Companies which huve been
incorporated within the province.
Thero is a perceptible falling oil ol llir
rogislrotion and licensing ol extra-pro-
i in. inl companies whieh is duo to the
di' i thut Uie bulk of those oillelde
companies sonielimu ago rcfognixed
lhat there wus uothing lelt lor Ihem
to do but lo ivgis|cr n;i.l.-i Ihe new
provincial law or discontinue doing
business in Ihe province. The growing popularity and business prospects
of llrili.li Columbia, however, was a
In' im which could not be overlooked,
conie<|Uently while not in iuiIi large
numbers there arc, u'evei thelcss, several now licenses oxlrapiovinciul companies officially inMiilnl in each issue
of Iho Gaulle.
Provincial appointments appear «•
follows : Tu bo Commissioners lor taking affidavits in tbo supromo court I
Ymir Electoral Oistrict-llobert A.
Long, lll'ini M lliiiin} aud James
Complou, all ol fronton.
Vancouver   City Electoral  District
■Iiiiii".- Uackclt McVely, Malcolm Mc-
H. mii. W. I.. Iii'l...' and I,. B. Freoie,
all of the City of Vancouver.
Bevclstoke Electoral lliitilct -
William Fleming and .lames Donald,
both ol Bovcislokc.
llu Inn,an,l Electoral District-l/'ilie
S. Ealon of Norlh Vancouver; 0. K.
liniiiii,, and af. .). Wil.,,ii of Steveiton,
■lobn WickliJ Mauley, Wellington ■!■
liermun, Monus Aim,), .Unit, Hew.
itt, jr., I'crcy llrucksli»w, and Wm . S
llunler, all ol Uilh rest , and Ifaoman
Houston, of .''..niii Hill.
Victoria City Electoral llishi.l K.
T. Sondlord, Simon Billing, Herbert
I'reiton, Winsby, Thomas Joseph Donovan, Arthur Brakes, George James
alones, Ew«n .Joseph, Cameron, Alex.
Hendry, fiobl. Alex. C. Ilowar, Frank
MeUor, 0. A. B. Hall and John Clarke
all ol lhe cily ol, Victoria.
A meyting of the executive ii railed
lor March 16th (or the consideration
of an application oi the municipality
of Coldstream for leave to expropriate
a portion of Iho waler record.
Granted lo Chas. Vernon in 1871, also
the water record granted In Vincent
Buieau in 1886.
Tho resignation is uoled of Boberl
Shell as J. P. of Ntodles, B. C.
Twjders are invito) by the deparl-
meitt of worka (or Uu erktion of an
addition to Uie AbbolWol-d Khool
The following companies have been
duly incorporated wiUiin Iiic proyinrc :
Caledonian Canadian Investmonl Co.,
Capitui of 1136,0011; Oity Scavenging
Co,, capital of 110,(100; Common,
wealth Trusl Co., capital of 11,000,.
000 ■ Cranbrook Jobbers, capital ol
mi,mi- Eltlso Paving I'd, ol B. ft,
opitol of |ftl,O0U; Eire Valley Land
Co., capital of MILIUM, J. C. 'Ihon,
and Co., capital ol Uliii.lflO; North
weslein Exploration I',,., (non person
al) capital ol 1100,000; Steamboat
Wonder Gold Minis I imu per«ouul) cu
pilal ol 11,000,000; Stewart Club.
capilal of flO.000; Slewnrl H.n, ml
Hospital Aisociulion, Vermlllinn lm
gaiion Company, capital ol Honu.msi,
nd Voung Women's Christian A-..
•uaiii.n of Vielurin
The following have been regis I .-raj
as cklra-provinciul companies, tail
gale ii Co., Ilrury lnlcl Timber Co.,
Morris k Co. nud Slandord -— iJ..■ r -
Lead Mining Co.
I.iccuics have been granted lo lln
following oxlrn-piovinciol companies:
California Insurance Co., Delaware In
suronos Co., E. II. Ilurcourl Co, Uio.
Borgfeldl li Co., Norih American Benl
Chair Co., Saskatciiewan Elour Mills
Co., and Silks Co.
William Archibald, plumber of Chilli-
wack, B. ft, has assigned, alio Mul
Hu* U. Baxter, lobeeconujl ol \m
couver, B. ft
Application is mude by Thus. L
Pay of i'rinee Kupeil for u lease' i.u
certain described foreshore Iiunl. nl
the mouth of Dnlknilali Bay, Quoin
Charlotte Islands; James Desllrisuy,
canneryniun ul Vamouver is applying
lor permission lo lease cujlain tjqsrrlh
ed lands al the moulh ol IMkmlil,
Huy A similar application is made
by I. P. Mu. I ml,Inn ol Prim* Unpen.
Becorded is the dissolution .»lp-irl-
nerihip uf Mighlon and favumgn,
broken 0I Vancouver, B. ('., and
Smith aii Clark, Shingle and Imnbei
dcaleri ol Vancouver, II   C.
■ St. Andrew'i Presbyterian church.
6lh street i Services al 1/ a.m. and
7.30 p.m. Sunday school '!.&) p.m.
Prayer meeting oii Wednesday at 8 o'-
l.yim Valley  Presbyterian  Church.
Worship,   Sundays,   II   a.m.,   Onion
Sunday School,   3.30 p.m.    II.   Van
Munsier, MA, paator,
l.ynn Valley Methodist I hutch-Sor-
vice  overy  Suadoy   evening iu li.sli
lute Hall at 7  ./dock, t'hee. Kale,
ley, pastor in charge.
Baptist I'hurcii-Cor.  61b  and  St.
George.   Servicei, 11.00 a.m. and 7.*)
p.m.   Uible school at  I'l noon
C' II. llliiml.il.
Niiilh Lousdale Preibyterian ''liurcb
■ Worship, Sunday,., 7.30 ph., Suu-
dny Silinnl, 3.30 p.m. B. Van Muns-
iter, M.A., pastor.
Sl. John the Evangelist, 8th and
l.uli etrooli: Holv communion, 8 a.m.
miiiuiiiu prayer, II a.m.; evening pin
yer, L3il p m. On the first Sundny in
the imm I la ilia'ii will be a second celebration ol tlic holy communion ul
II u.m.   Bailor, Bev. Hugh Hoojor.
Neilioilia-i Chinch, corner ol Sixth
sin el mid Sl. George's Aveuue-
Sunday pinubing services al 11.00 a.
pi. and . a'Ji p.m., .Sunday Sihool and
Uible ('Iuss ul  1 AD pin., Senior leu
(Jll''      Oll        Ma    llal., OVOMM      at      MM     ]).&.,
prnyer und praise service on Wcilnos-
cl.i) .'-. nmu ul 8.00, Junior League
service on Thursday afternoon ot 3.31).
A cordial wolcomi is extended lo all
lo allend Ihese services. Pastor, ff.
C. Scblicblor, reaidence, coiner Keith
Hood and Ht. Andrew's.
Indian Catholic Omul, of St.
I'nul's. Muss, 7.3i| u.m. Sundays. I'm-
Inr, Bev. B, Oeylovin, O.M.J.V.G.
Sl. Edmund's Catholic Churcb, Mahon Avenue, Sundays; Muss 10.16 a.
m.. Sunday School, 3.16 p.m.; Hob
ary and benediction, I L'i p.m.
Si. Agnes Church, Boulevard—Vicar,
B»v, I'. U, Howe. 7.30 P-m- ovansong
every Sunday ■ II am. Holy Communion, 9nd Sunday ol every montl.      .
Sl. liewent'i, i.jnj, Valley-Vicar,
Kev. T, E. Bowe. Assistant Plieat,
Bav, ll. I). Haajain. H.A. 7.30 p.m.,
evensong, every SuUty; 11 a.m,
holy communion, lit Sunday -olevofy
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Lots in Blocks 9, 9a, 15, 15a, 16 and
16a; District Lot 550; now on sale;
Acreage in District Lots 544, 545,
546 and 550; subdivided into blocks
of from I to 22 acres,
The Grand Boulevard Extendi
Through This Property.
For Plans, Price List and Particulars, apply to
The North Vancouver Land and
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Oxwr Pender and Seymour Streets.
Vancouver, B. C.
Phone 6286
n4mi*M'ht\ II111 111 111))) 1111MIH f MI f f I f f-f 11111M M Ml I Ml 11, M Hi
■ihll''• i.     II
4 inddfn gltre again smole bin tp
tbe fact, and it Ita tame Inslanl. tram
I point noi t lard away, apparently.
an Inarticulate cry rang ooi upon tb*
Louis Joseph Vance
. Copyright, |809, by tha Bobba-Mcrrlll Co.
thi Itttor my bin been "watching
tbe boon aloce tben, Ifd bo unly bis
duly to keep an ey* on It, snd lien ven
know* are raiaed i racket, coining
Heart In hia moulb, be stepped tack.   '"•'J *** down thoie etalrel  Now we
lowering the lamp, whlcb Implihly  »™ ft sfptmt It," be added brlgbily
went oat, apd lifting • protecting fore
"Who"! Itwir be demanded to nbly
A itrspgled sob ot terror answered
hln, blurred py a awlfi null or skirt*,
and lo a breath bis fluttered nerve*
quieted and f glimmer of coiiiiiiim
seoae penetrated tbt murk anger fod
fear bad bred Ig bb brain. Be wider
atocd ind ilepped forward, catching
blindly tt tbe dtrkoetf wltb e*ger
"Uli* Oileodtrl" bt cried gturdcdly.
"Ml*. CilemUr, It If I—Philip Klrkwood!" ,
There wt* t *eeond fob, of tool ber
rillher than ibe fret Timid flnger*
brushed hi*, and a bind, wtrn tnd
fragile, closed upon bit own In t ptt-
slon of relief tnd gratitude.
"Ob. I en *o g-gltdr It wu Dorothy ('iila'iiil.irV volet, beyond mistake.
"I-l dldn'l know what I to l-lhlnk
When lh* II In ..lina k your face I una
aiire It w*i ynu. but wben I ■„ ii .1
mn answered In 1 voire 10 mnnw
not like yoiini al all Tell ptP.""«b»
pleaded, with palpable effort lo steady
jereelf, "wlmt baa happened)"
"I tlilnli. pertapt," uld Klrkwood
mesatly, again trouble! by hi* racing
'ni|iulscs-"|ierhep» you cm do teat
"li.'i- Hum I,"
"Obi" Mid. Ibt voice gltflllly    Her
Bdt Ih* girl wn tugging it bl* hand.
■ "Com*!"   tbt    begged    breathlessly.
! "l'om«l Ther* I* a w«yl Baton they
break ln"~-
i   "Bnt tbla . tuiur Klrkwood, bung
tack, troubled.
I They-tbt pollct-tre tort to And
tod care for blm."
I "80 tbey will," bt chuckled. "And
1 lerve bin righti He'd bive choked
' me to dutb, wltb ill tbt good will In
j tbt wnrldl"
"Ob, do hurry r
I   Turning, tbt i|ied light footed down
! tbt ilalreii* to tbt lower ball, he at
her elbow.  Here tta uproar wu* loud-
eel, deep eoougb to drown whnicver
soundi might have been maile hy two
inin of flying feel. Por ill tbat, tbey
I ded on tiptoe, itetltblly, guilty shud-
1 owi lo the night, and at the newel post
! Mviing back Into tbe unbroken black-
, net* whi.ti Kiiriiiiil.il ibe flatnesses
backward of ibe dwelling.   A sudden
acceo of fury  on  Ibe part of thi
■ii.-iruiiM at tbe knocker spurred ihem
I on wllb qoaklug hearts.    In  half a
doteo alride* Klrkwood, guided only
hy Inttlnct and Ib* frou-frou of the
girl'* (kirli t* the ran Invisible before
bin, Humbled on Ib* uppermost steps
of a deep (Hire***.   Only * band rail
•ived blm. and lhat it tbt lut 1110
hm in    He Hopped abort, ahocked Into
iiiiil.,11    From below came 1 contrite
iugera trembled on bl* and were gen
:lypvllndr.wn.   "I wa. so frightened." : «
ibe confessed ifler 1 little pause, "so .
frightened ttat I hardly understand
Hui you  bow did you"-
"1 worried iboui you." lie replied io
I loot ibsurdly apologetic,   "boiuebow ,
it dldo't iceui right.   It wu iioue of I
my buiiness, of coune, but I couldn't
Help conlog back    Tbi* fellow, who
irer be Is -don't worry, be'* uocon-
iclow-dlpptd late, tta taw* la a
manner Ihal seemed to me eueplcloo*.
I hardly know wby I followed, eicept
ttat be left tbe duoi iu open luvlia
Hon to Interference.''
"I cto't lie thankful enough." ita
i«ld blm wtrmly, "that yos ili later-
fere. You have Indeed saved 8M
"I don't kunw wbll.   If I knew tto
"Yoo dou'l know bin?"
"I cto't even gue«*.  Tta llgbt"-
8be peuseil Inquiringly. Klrkwood
(umhled wllb ihe lamp; but, whether
itt rude bundling bad Impaired font
ullal pari of the merhanlim or wbeth
ir the ii.iii. na • Ibrougb mucb utt
were worn oul. he wu able to elicit
*l> out feeble glow, wbicb wu In
Minlly •iiioilicred by tta darknea*
"li'i no out/' be coofated. "The
1 hlng's gone wrong "
"Hive )ou 1 malcbr
"I u*ed my last liefore I got bold of
"Ob!" lb* romiiienled. ditcouriged
'Dave you inj notion what b* lookt
Klrkwood Haa u.m briefly "Hides."
he replied »Iih • ■ huckle. "He lookt
like to iiioiiieiiri-ii tod very cillow
Balllet He'i In Aim clothe*, yoo
"1 wopdert" There wu a uuanee ot
profound 1 • wlldi niieiii In ber eicli
nation, then, "ile lymcked agalnal
soiiielhlug In Ibe hall a clialr, I prelum*. Al ill eVeiilt. I beard Ibai tnd
pul oul the light I wu lo ibe room
stove lhe drawing room, you aie*. I
•lole dowu lo Ihl* floor-wu Ibert. lu
warned ynu
He pulled himself together, glaring
- Hdly ii nothing.   "It'l ill right."
"You're nol hurt, truly? Ob. dn
,, uie aiul l.l>'".
si... ttiili.~A tut bin il tbe bottom ot
■\P-.e fll'l''' happily for him. for he wns
ill ei mvi
Hi re ju.r hand—let me i;ulde yon
I'll 1' (■>-■* I* drudful"
He /a in.ii inr mind soineh.iu and
10.1.. ■ 1 his Inlo ll ' ..1.11.I11.; a • uud uol
wilboul au uncertain thrill of lulls
"Comef she imuted. "Cornel If
Hi,) 1.1. u in"
Sllll.il hy apprehension, her void
failed tar.
Tbey weut forward, uow la s Impel
uoutly, for It wu very black ind lha
koockcr tad fallen still.
"No fnr of thai." bt remarked after
1 time. "Tbey wouldn't dare break
A Hollering wbliper »n*wercd him:
"I don't know. We dir* rttk nolh
Tbey seemed lo eiplorc. lo pene
Irate, tcrte of laliyrinllilne chamhera
■nd pa***gct, delving deep Into the
bowel* of lb* carib, like rabhll* bur
rowing In * wanen, hounded by hea-
Atovt Main Ib* bulb continued un
broken, u If tbe dumb genius of lhc
pUc* tod c*»t • *P*H of (Hence on
tb* knocker or eli*, outraged, had
imllten tto ool*y dlilurber with t
Tta gilt eeemed to know ber wiy,
Wbelber guided by familiarity or hy
intuition, ita led 00 without henna-
(too, Klrkwood hluiiderlng In her
wake between confuilou of Impreialnn
tod dawning dismay, conacloua of bul
«m tangible tbUig, to wblcb ha dung
u to bit hope of salvation lho** llrui,
friendly flngci* that claeped hi* own
It wu m It tliey wandered ou for
to hour. Probably from start la fin
Wi their flight took up three minute*-
00 nor*. Brcntuilly tto girl stain
pad, releasing bl* hand   Ua could hear
fresh air smote ihelr facia.   Behind
iiinn a door banged.
"Where does thl* open?"
"On |be mews," she Informed blm. '
"The mewal" He itared In constcr
nation at tbe pallid oyal ttat stood for
her face, "The niewsl But you, In
your evening gown, and l"-
"There'i no other way. Wt must
chance It.  Are you afraid?"
"Afraid?" lie slopiied aside. She
slipped by him and on. Bt closad tbe
door, carefully removing tbt key and
locking It on tbe outside, tbeo joined
the girl at the entrance to tbe mews,
where they paused perforce, tbe 11
much iiiniiiivrieii ig bt, bli primary
Objection nioiueiiliirlly wailng lo force
as ihey surveyed llie conditions cir
' cumscrlhlng their cscipe.
quadrant mews wai busily engaged
In enjoying Itself.   Night bid fallen
■ sultry and humid, am) tba walls tnd
' .Inui si ei ki were well fringed and cluttered with representative! of tbat clus
I of i.iiiiiIou'ii population whlcb Infests
mows through habit, taste or forct of
Over against the entrance wherein
Klrkwood und the girl lurked, confounded hy the problem of escaping
undetected through this vivacious
tceiic, a slalili; door stood wide, eipoa-
Ing a dimly Illumined Interior. Before
It walled a four wheeler, horse already
hitched hi between lho shafts, while
Its driver, a man of leisurely turn of
minii, maile lingering Inspection of
snaps nml buckles, and, while Kirk
i.aaaaai watched him, turned attention to
the carriage lamps.
The miiii'h which be ruled spiritedly
down his thigh flared ruddily. Tbe
succeeding paler glow of tbe lamp
threw Inlo relief a heavy beefy mask
wlih shining bounce for cheeks and
nose und ililu. Through narrow silts
Iwo cunning eyes "glittered like dull
gems. Klrl.wand appraised bin wlt|i
ullenllon as one In whose gros* car-
cuss wn* eiiihndled tbelr only bop* of
iinoniioycd return to tbe atreet* and
normal surruuiidlagi of ttoir world.
The iliilleiiliy |ay |n attracting Ibe
man's iiiienilun and enguglng blm
wllhoiii morning hli lusplclou* or
in inline ibe population ibout tbelr
ears Though be hesitated, lung, no favorable opportunity presented Ittelf,
amf In time the John approached Ibe
hoi wilh tbe nstonalblt pnrpota of
Mounting ami driving off. In this all
leal situation the American, forced to
recognise ihul boldntt* nutt mirk hit
course, look tta girl's fate tod bit
own In Ida hands iud, witb I quick
word to his companloo, stepped ont of
I'he cabby hnd 1 foot upon tht lUp
when Klrkwood lipped bli eboulder.
"My uian*-
"laor', luinuic!" cried tto fellow In
linage, plvollng on bia heeL Cupidity
end apiia 1. understanding enlivened tht
•ye* whieh ln>i wo glance* looked Kirk-
wood up uud down. "B'help me,"
ihl.U). "where'd you drop from, gur-
"That's my iiffulr," uld Klrkwool
briskly.   "Are you engaged?"
"If you iuykc« ycraelf my ten," tw
turned the cubby shrewdly, "I hm"
"Teu slilillngs, then, If yon fit oa
out uf here In one minute and to-4iy-<
Hyde l'ark Corner to flftaeo."
"l's'/" demanded Ibe fellow aggrtfi
Klil.wa,iaa| molloiied toward tta pff.
sagewey     There'! * lady wltb mt->
Ihere.   Quick UOWl"
Sllll lhc man illd not mot*. "Tta
bob," hc bargained, "to' yon rnonln*
uwyc wlih ih' siuffy ol' ganft f»lf
lb* corner  by  Hie atalra  wtao  be ' ^ ayncoptled brettbtog before him
aad g*ltar*d ttat tomitlilng wu
wrong.  Ht took t »tep forward.
"Wtat If ttf
Htr tall relet brokf out of Ita ob
acurlly*t*rillnglyctou to bit very air
Tta door-tto toita-I can'l budft
peised within aii locta* iod never
guested II Then, wtao be got on Ihe
neil floor. I started 00, but yoa came
Ib. I si ipi ad Inlo tta drawing room
ind crouched behind a cbalr Yoa
went on. bul I dared not move uolll
And Ihen I heard some one cry out.
and you fell down IH stairs together
I Inns- you were oot burl"
"Nothing worib meotloa. But ta
moil have got a prttly Miff knock lo
lay blm oql ao completely." Klrkwood
•llrred the body wllb bil tot. tot tbt
•ntn made no algo. "Dead to tto
world    And now. Mia* Cilendir r
If ibt aoiwered ta did not hear, for
oa Ita heel* ot bia query tanged Ita
knocker down below, aad thereafter
roih followed craib, brewing a deep
ind fallen ibundertog to route Ita
•choei and aead ttam rolling, like
voice* of enraged gtotta, through Ita
lonely room*
mats ttatr Al Ita ant
alarm Ibt girl tad caught
eoiiuiMvtly at lUrkwood't
arm Now, wben a ptat*
'ime lu lhe growling of tto boorkrr.
tbe made him bear tor vole*, and it
was broken and vibrant wltb a threat
of hymerla. "Ob. wbil can It awau?"
"I don't know " H* Uld * bind re
awurliigly over Itot wblcb trembled
•m bb) forearm "Tto police pottlbly."
"Pollctr ab* lierV*d. tgbut "What
make* yoa tblnk*-
" A nta tried 10 etna at tt ita door."
ta tmwered quickly. 1 got to before
ta could. Wtao Ix tried tta knocker
a brtby ct ut lloag eai (topped bin
Bt priuiS forward, bruihlng her
ahoulder. 8to did oot draw away, but
willingly yielded place to his lunula al
(to fuUotogt, aud wtat tad proved
lapoawrfblt to tor to bb) strong fingers
via a natter of conptratlv* tai*
Itt, aot entirely coaacloutly, be was
Mt qafck. At to togged it Ibe bolts
kl wu potgninlly lensltlve to tbe
•aWto wirmtb of tor it bit aids. He
aoaU taar tar toft, dry iota of es-
ud atotpesM punctuating tbe
tad wu frlgtitened absolutely
ky aa Impalae, too itrong for ridicule.
to ttto tor to bit inn* ind comfort
tor wltb tto luunnce that, whatever
tor txoubi*, to would Mind by tar
fad protact tor It wtrt futilt to try
toltugbftoff. He gave over lhe en
•ttarar. Rrta at tola critical moment
to found blmtdf repelling oyty and
o?tr to bit tatrt tto qnttttoo: "Can
Uli to lord Ctn til* to l»v«7'
Ooold It to tort il fa hour'* tc-
qaatottBct? Ataurdl Bnt to could
aot Itugb nor rendtr blaxtlf IomhsJ-
ole to tto enianliotk,
Ua found tto' ta tad drawn 'ta
tolta. Tto gbrl loggad tnd nttled at
tto kaob. BtluciinOy tto door opened
toward. Btyood Ita tbrntold Mretched
taa faet or nor* of covered puugc-
wty wtoa* aatranc* framed 10 oblong
glinatwtog wllb Debt.   A drift of
Itirkifiiuit mppal Mi 'ennuUar.
aim ler) t'nmi. n«w, guvatr, U It geft-
rousV Myke ll a quid 10'"-
"A iKiund Ihen. WW/M btaryT
By way nt answer tbt follow tenia.
bled haiilly up to Ult boi aad inatcb-
od ai the reins. "OkI tyet-t bupl" to
cried sonorously.
(To to continued) ,   w
the unm, mnn
i> *>
""  .     " ' » 	
you want Bread,
Scones, Oatcakes
and general Con*,
fectionery equal to
135 Lonsdale Ave
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and Pies
Bruce & Co.
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122 6th Street East North Voncourei
I'hone 273
Horseshoeing ud Blacbtnithinf
. Kerr & Wallafce
At Alu. Gibion's OM S\ni
j I -
[id lhe Express Cl
luns on the Back
I. o. q p.
.^orWh^^Aecouvet W^fMl 66,
meeti every TOCrlday ovoninJ-T'oiornor
Lonidulo Avonuo and Firat ir"'4, at
8 o'olook. Visiting brethren o" linlly
invited to nUwnl. A. ')'. K"'ludy,
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• tuiiil,inl price*.
l.oenl now luid eggi, l:V per dot.
Hing up Tel. 126 ond wo will rjuolo
pricei on Swill'i Hams ond Bucon etc.
Coupons given Irco on ovory 8360
onler to get a eliuncc on residential
lot in Port Angclei.
THE MATTKK ol the Wuter iet
und Amending Aet und
TUI': MATTER ol Uhum No. 42
gruiilod to the Curporulion ol Uie
ill.diet ul Nnrth Voncouvor lor
IIIH) iii.-li.nl ol wuter to bo taken
Irum l.ynn Creek, doted tin 30th
Auguit, I'jul.
NOTICE il heieby given that the
Cily ol Nortli Vancouver boing the
owner and lieeniee under the uid li
eeme by virtue ol tin North Voncouvor t'ily liicorponlion Aet, HW6, will
apply to S. A. Fletcher, Eiij., Wolcr
l .iiiiiiiiiiiionci lor Now Wwlmiuiter,
H. C., on Wa alu.a aliij. tho lm i doy ol
March, 1211, at the hour ol elevm
o'clock in tin Lm iii'dii or io loon
ihei.'uli.'i ai eounacl con hi heard lor
au order amending the iaid lieemt hy
•ubitituting therein ai lieeniee thc
iiuine ol the CHy ol North Vancouver
in ploeo ol the Corporation ol tho Diatrict ol North Vancouver, and lor
adding to the word* defining the point
ol diveriion thi wordi "ma tt a
point on l.ynn Creak either on Lot
222, Group 1, Ntw Weatminiter Dii
trict or Lot 1883, Croup I, New Weil-
miniler Diitrict at or near th* boundary between th* iaid Lota" or, in
the iillernotivi, (or on order imtnd-
ing Ihe lieenae originally granted ap
portioning the water to bt taken Iroin
Lynn Creek under aaid (iconic No. 42
between the point ol diveriion aa let
out in tho original licom* and « poin
ol diveriion ol Lyon Creek eilher on
Lot 299, Croup 1, New Wettmiuiltr
District or Lot 1883, (irijup I, Ntw
Wcitminstw District, at or near the
boundary between laid late or to ii
•ue two or mon liceniea (or tht wa
to molt* fucb othar ordar is the |>r.
Ui«ea oi moy be juit tnd equitable.
DATED Ihii 34th day ol December,
b. i. mn,
Solicitor lor Mid  Oity   o< North
Vtncouw*. IW
rammer—m.i itnitaiim m—iuu mui
Provincial legiilntorc
Doin|i pf tht H»»st for thp
Pnst Wt*«-
(Bxprou ipecial ropresentttivs)
V ill.ii in,   I'Vli.   II!   The llliut   hui. lieen
budget week in the logiilaturo and
ilii.eiiiiuinii hoi been chiefly confined to
tho budget ilelmie and oiUmatei. Tbo
I riiieipiil louturoi ol Hon. Mr. Ellin-
or'* budgot are olroody well known.
It ii i.iiili. ieiii to nuy that it clearly
iliinialla.llnleal   that   O   |iruvillee    whieh
eight youri ago won probably th*
moat dor.rencd linuiieiiilly of any In
thu Dominion today" bai a iieuuuiy
that ii tbo envy of all othun, Few
indeed could provido for an expenditure nl 813,000,000 and at tho somo
lime Hutu tho itatoment that >"
thought advisable tho province could
within a year pay off every cut of
Hi funded indobtednou.
Tho budgot debute wgi naturally
very much t telling ol tbe old, uld
uiory that lluulii rather monotonous-
ly up to tbe pren gallery y;ur nfter
your. Tho only roully aorioui ei iih imn
came Irom Mr. Browiter who lelt
bound Allnn lii.e to bear tho nbolo
burden  ol the Liberal outcry in   bia
CXllUllHliVo ill;.:,.'.11.ill.       He a lllll]! 'll Ule
government witb appropriating, to itaell tho credit lor a prosperity that
wm duo to natural condition! combined with the policy of tho I l.m.mum
government in nettling the pruirici,
aud ij.inhli'Inui.. a market lor lho product ol Britiih Columbia, lib olio
hinted at luipioiom ol graft in ron-
iieeiiiiii with Coniervativc election mo
A counter . uiu i in came Irom
Mr. I'arker Willitmi, wbo lor the time
departed Irom tho advocacy ol aocitl-
iim to icoro tbo government by Oliver-
ion in.ihuil. Hii i innn La were boned
lurgely ou a churl by whieh he en-
il.'iiv,neil to prove that tho govern-
iieui ih.allium,il,,I clearly againit op-
ponition con niuen.ie. in ita appro-
|iropriatioiii for public worki. lt waa
n clever piece of n|ieeial pleading, in-
l"l i.pel. ial     Illlel lllllely     Willi    llil lei    If
niaill... nlioiii the iiiiiiii.ieii. ol the
crown whieh at one time cutined Ibe
Speaker to cull him to order and by
liunliei ol humor ilmi aroiined ntueh
luugbter. It wai a hotch-potch in
which the nidu ingredient! took awuy
lhe nhiirpnein ol the leading element,
and in no lar dentruyed iti effective-
IIMI. Mr. Howthorntbwailu wan nur-
emtio williout attempting to be neri-
oui. i'i...al.,1 und followed ui theie
critici woro by a wholo array of government spcaken (here wai naturally
lit tlu hut aliieil'i and taltern ol their
argument! hli by Ibe time the debate
One leature ul tho debate worth remembering wun llio maiden npeech o'
Mr. Luean ol Yale whieh ercoled o
mont laviirnhlo impression. 'The new
member hai a well thought out
ichcme lor Ihe encouragement t ol lhc
pioneer firmer in IBrilinh Culuinbiu
which ii wuiili studying. He pointed
out that iu Unn I. Columbiu lund
nin-i eilher he cleared, dykod or irrigated before il could bc brought under cultivation hut representing an he
did. n diul i i.l in the dry belt hc dealt
more particularly with the problem ol
irrigation. He pointed to the dunger
ol oitablllhing ii race ol wolor lordi
by the government alienating to largo
companion (lie sources ol wuter iup-
ply. Hc urged a nyitem of borrowing
money in Ihe markets ol lhe world
where it could he secured cheaply by
companies under guvemnniil guuiun-
tee, nnd it might then lie lenl lo thr
v...il.m.. settler uu lung lermi und ul
luw intereit with a firit mortgage on
Ihe laud ui security,
The di.-ii i.an ol tbt " iiiuiiie
bruughl forth some lory denunciation! Irum Mr. Hawlhornlhwuile tnd
Mr. Williumi, chiefly bccuuie Iho public iccounti showed tbat Agent-don-
erul Turner in London had indiicreol-
ly subscribed Iwo pounds out ol the
public Innili to the Anll-Socitliet league. It alio Imni. lml an occasion to
denounce the Boy Si uul s movemonl to
which Mr. Tumor bad alio lubicrib-
ed und Mr. Uawtbornlhwailo drew t
lurid ud gory picturo of tbe Hoy
Scouts and Ceneral Htden Powell, ua-
ing lieipienily smh termi ni "butcher" and "murdering" end generally
talking witb more paailon than rollout Mr. Williimi bid bli tnnutl Ult
at the immigration and superannuation granti. The Premier dofendod
warmly the govornmonl'i immigration
policy and the good work boing don*
by the Salvation Army io il.ui con-
iieciion. The eitimatca wont through
wiihu'ft a tingle change.
The Iceling ol Britiih Columbia on
the reciprocity agreement wal probably well repreientcd when Mr. Hoy-
ward'i anti-reciprocity agmmomt wu
carried in the logiilaturo with only
one disienting vote, which wa* cnit
by Mr. Rrewiter. In other word* in
t houso ol 43 there wa* one vqU io
favor of Uio reciprocity ggroomont tad
(counting out tho »peoker) 40 againit.
In view of Uii* thoro neomed to In
good   reoion   in   Prcmitr    McBrido'i
(ConUnutd on Pfft I.)
m     A competent  printer
have charge of the work
you leave with us. He will take
your ideas — if you have any —
about the stock and the inks, and
all the details, and incorporate them
with his skill in the craft and the
result will please you and be a
credit to us.
North Shore Press Limited,
119 First Street Efl§t
North Vancouver, B. C
Phone aO Phone 80 HT
, th* w»nt» nni tto offeringi qf
tut lqoal advertiaing. /
Single Insert, JOc por line     ■
1 Week, lia |wr line per Jiliertion
Monti), tie per, line per insertion
WA.NTED-Appl'cntioa to loarn drug
|nniiii!(j..i.. Apply Loiiiiiluli! I'huiriiiiey,
80) and l.oiiMliilu. 31-3
' WANTKlMiggsfoHiuicliing.  Apply
i With ogg laying rucoril, Wuglioriie, V.x-
pre*! Ollice.
/  WANTKD-tn  Ubo  or  Imy  lil on
'waterfront,  suilulilo  fur. lish   ouing
purposei.  Apply,  ,1. II. CIIAI.MKHS,
72 Corilovn St,' IV.
WANTKIl- Cxjurienced   girl   or wo-
pnm   Inr   general housework.      '.lood
wages lmiil.  Apply .Mi.-   H.M.  Hums,
1165 Hid street enst. '
WANTKll-lniiiudiutcly a thorqtighly
ggperieneod girl for housework in family of two—gond wages.   Apply, Jlrs.
A. H. Hillings, Tin \icl„iin Purk Kn'st.
WANTKIl—Listings from owners   ol
North Viiiicuiivei' properties.     II  you
huve a bargain and witnt (o sail, list
'with us.   We butt' the liuyers.
1'IKHt'E 4 HALL.
7-3 Nont to l'ulaee   llolel.
h'Oll 11 KYf-Kmnished hnuiekeeping
rooms, 818 'ind street eust. M-3
TO LET- Fiiini»h.d mum whout
board in private Inline. Hood hu.iliun
und close lo enr line, X. V. /., Kx-
piess Ulliee. ll
HALL POH KKNT-Kur privtti
donees in Japaneae Ten liardeua,
North Vancuuver. Steam boated.
Apply, lieu. Phillips, l'-lih sl. eust.    ■
I'OU SALK lluy's llieyle. liood ns
lie*. Hell make, Iliiniup lire.-. Coasl-
er bral.e. Cheap. Apply Kspresi lll-
lifle. i
POIt SALE- Pour loot wood, lirst
growth, I.ili .-ii.el. lirsi house west
of Loiii.il.il.. ii M. Undo, core bos
130. 34-3
I'il; SAI I Doiihln corner loll l'J
•fl}, block II, II. I.. M3, enrner 13th and
tiluilslone, l.iiintj suulh, HI Mil), dull
lAnll, balancc, ii, I:' uml IH montha.
Apply I. Uill.e, Hotel North Vancou-
ver, between <> mul IU p.m. HIS
l'i Hi SAI.K   I.mu- In ..nil piirchns-
cri, I'.INI le.l ,,l u.ii,ilil.nl uilh crown
!i..ni  kuuKii ii-  Wulluni Slii|iyaidii,
Apply II   K. UIU INK,
Seymour Sliwl,
Vam uiita i
IUI    \   loiiign  Hui I'in   wilh   u
gold   <uij ihjuii il..i n Howard   loi
ii'l uin ia. I • |.i.  - nflii-o. ■   31-3
J.   I ...a i.i  nnd  Noi th   I.nn d.ale
Elder Miniuy Co. tuo inauranoe.
I buva MHO lo Iiiid .,n lirsl moil-
gige, iiiy inop.it). Apple "('", l.t-
press. ii'i
ll.i..ni   10 und 11, I'ender Chumlnri,
BJPind.r Slnel W.       1'hon* 345I
It, ul.i. •    mr.   I - i.-.Uli  he   ml
'lli il  slieel,  Nm lh  \. i.. ■ U er,
*r* now rwdy to All all ordtrt
for <coiJ They will
carry t full lii.cul huilding sup
pile*, (let the hist They have It.
A trill order will convince you of
t)itt. (Jet your coul btfolj the
laiuy kcison sets in. Head-
quarUri on corner of fcsplmiade
. tnd Bt. Oeorge, North Vincouver.
. Phont M       ■       Terms Cub
The debate ul the Gem The.il re on
Sunday afternoon last wai well attended, a very large proportion of thu
audience boing ipenl The subject was
thu fiiilheuburg System ol einilrolliii,
the liquor tralfie which wee supported
und explained by Mr. P. Rochussen,
who mado hii case yery clear in spite
of the irrestible Ming of '"lemperance" in tbe building. From start tn
finish the sympathy ol those present
wns wilh Die opponent of the granting ol any lurther license in North
Vuneouver under the Gothenburg (or
Siimlug) or any other system. Mr.
Ilui'liiisien was the 'lirst speaker and
very clearly put his cuso to the meeting, slating emphatically that hqtli
in. uud Mr. Macnuughten were oppoi:
ed lo the liipiur business and did not
dispute thu fact that greal evil and
miia'h dime was applicable tn it, Yel
he thought the lime was nunc when
a luilllc license would bu grunted, in
Norlh Vancouvor. Sp he had applied
for tho license under the Norwegian
system in thu hope ul minimizing lhe
evil us fur as possible. Ho was pre-
pitied lo surrender the sumo u'J a
muiiienl's notice when the time came
for prohibition. He cluimed thul the
system lie iidvocittcd waB a i up towards prohibitum us Norway imd become ,tlw must sober uf Kiinipeiil) rations whereas before this syst'in » wil
adopted it was the must driin»i!ii.
Mr. Hun.', iu reply snid lliut the experiment uf the Uniil. nliiii... :•• slum in
.North' Vuneouver was uniie-'essury in
that tin) lain,uhi Tempji-anee Act
euulil bn eufurced and wus clfc.tiu*.
lie ipioicd ligures from the Maritime
province! to prove this. Mr, Haney
further stated that the lad ail the liquor trade being licensed mude it ilie-
cul, which statement wus (•nnlrtidiuteij
lc.   Mr.  Itucliii.isen in reply.
Questions were nslji'd ,if Mr. lit-, tins-
-in lo which he gave favorable in-
swore and the uieeting was Ilnn de-
a'lniTil closed by Mr. G. II. Murdeu,
the chairman.       .    ',.
SEALED TENDERS on lhe preserib-
id loi'ins will be received   by the   undersigned   tiulii ft p.m. on   Thuraday,
'.'ml   March,   illll,   for   Hie ,lollowin
work :
I. ('leniiiic ami grubbing Hollyliiirn
Silniol Sile.
'.'. lh in iiii/ anl grubbing of rond
Innn 1,11111 Vulley Trail lo lol li, block
I, ensl half II. L. 787.
S. Clearing nml i/iiibbing portion ol
Allan Road nurlh wards Irum Koss
llniul, IJ. L. 31187,
I. Laying siilewulk Hllli slreel, II.
L. Wl.
All in it.'c.ir.liiuiC witli speciliciili.iiii
mul plans to he seen ul Ihis olliae.
The lowest or ilny tender not necessarily accepted.
'.!, II. cosTiuovk,
District Engineei.
Wing,   Court Houm,   Vuijioiuh
! Mil fl p   is .hereby given   lliut   the
tine In,  an,. Under* lor "Wing,
I bulls*,   Vnn.-ouvtr," 1l extended
Up to .tnd including Tu*«d»y, th* 31st
}ff ol F*niery, IVII.
1'ul li.   Work* Engineer,
utmost „l public Work*,
fyctwia, B. C, Slit January, Hill.
I'iliiliii.; that his present i|iinrler:i
are innile.piiiln In meet the immediate
neeiiii of his shipbuilding plant without taking into consideration the fuel
that Hie business is almost daily expanding, Mr. A. Wallace, head nl tbo
firii) bearing his name, is nn the hn'
nut for larger accommodations, Witli
this object in view ho will nuxt week
in .iiiiiiiiiii,'.' with others, muke „ ,,^
up the Inlut and inspect several properties in lhe vicinity of Roche Point
as probable locations for his growim.
concern. About four acres aro needed
with approximately 600 feet of witter
front. Tho present sjte near the lerry
wharl occupying W lent ol crown
cmilled foreshore and.-extending Innl.
to Ihu Espiunudo is now offered for
sale. ' If a fuvornhlu deal . can bo ne-
gntiuted lor llie property in the city
iiniiuilinie steps will l>e tuken to s
cure a site lurther eastwatd towards
Hm lie Point when the plunt will be
transferred forthwith. In the event
of these plans muteriiili/ing Mr. Wallace hus in anticipation a fust gaso
liim passenger lerry service belwiet
thut section of the municipality un
A very interesting event will tnke
place at the IIi^Hieiiltiirtl hull on
Tliuisiliiy evening ol Ulis week at the
diiniii uml social when Mr. A. Philip,
St. Andrew's and Culiiloiiiun i^ii'iy's
eX'pri'sid.'iit lor Hllll, will be uc
iiinleil u Ink.'ii ol nppi eeiii I im in a
mii 'ilil.. form for his past efforts in
Hiding to u large extent the sueiety
lu its picii'iit, popular standing in the
community, ulso his canon uidnbli
work in eiiiiiieetion wilh the initial
steps towurds the establishment ol a
Inline lor lhe society. The s.cl.l;, is
now in nbsobile possession of three
line lots no lith street un two ql which
it is proposed to erect ,in up-to-dste
liall uilli uci'iiiiiiiiuilutiun lor i.miotic
exercises nnd Hoy Scouts drills. Two
'i.l fool lols lii'll lo Ihe proposed
biiihliiig ure now being offered fur
sale at reasonable prices ior ill... | air-
puse of providing additionol Iunds ior
ihu building la-n-lriuiimi. Mr. Philip's
energy iii formulating ihis proposition
hus won him much praise Irom his Iellow members ol the Society.
(■Continued Irppi page 7)
diollenge fo Ottawa tq submit the a-
lirei'lucnl in a referendiiiii to the people
at large. On w*h a 'Vote British Columbia's 40 to 1 would*certainly count
n little.
With so much discussion on other
subjects tho advance in legislation
during the weok was naturally not
very murked, but lor tho coming weok
the slate is fairly clour for bills and
rapid progress should he made till the
close of the session.
It must have been ol interest to the
people ol North Vaniouver to learn
that the bill ol thu Grouse Mountain
Scenic Incline Railway Co. had passed
third reading und that when the Itail
ter was received stating ilmi the up-
wuy Committee unci Inst Tuesday a lei ■
plication ol Ihe Grouso Moiinluin
iScenio Rnilwuy Cnmpuny had
lieen withdrawn. This leuves tbo
ground clour lor the one company tn
complete its project which should
prove much easier now that there is
no rival company to depreciate its at-
eiirities on the bond market.
There aro still several important
bills to be introduced notably .the
Trust Companiei Aot, and tlie Pulse
Creek Agreement Hill, both of which
will be mila.alu. a .I this week by Attorney-General 'Bowser. There is also
quite a lurge number ol minor incus-
mes still oil the urder puper which it
is calculated will keep the bouse in
session till Mnrch 1. There seems In
be little chniice ul the Smith Vancouver bill being brought in this session
so thut it is evident thai thai distri. I
will huve to wuil another yeur liefon
it cun Ik annexed to the city.
SEALED TENDERS marked "Tender., lor clearing the easterly portion
..I Muhon I'm!.'' wiil be received by
lhe I iiy Chrk up lu I'i o'clock Iumil
un Monday, Pel). 37th, mil. !ur ■:,,,,
in./ und rough grading a portion of
Mahon Purk a.curding to the spcili-
culioiis prepared by the t'ily Engineer.
A ii,..11"I chuquo payable in the or
der ul,the Cily Treasurer loi the <:iiii
ol ft per cenl. ol the value ol lhe Tender must accompany each und every
'Hie luwoit ur any^tender nut ncres-
snrily incepted.
City Engineer.
I'ell. till,  I'lll. 'li-'l
HI JLUING, plumbing and sanitary INSPECTOR
Application* wiil be received by the
undersigned up till ft p.m. on Monday,
Llih Mniali, iyi), (or lhe poiition o1
Building, Plumbing and Sunitury Inspector ol the City ol Nurth Vancouver to perform duties d. l.n. d in liy-
l.nvis ol the City and Provincial
Health Act ond Sanitary Regulation*.
Salary 1100 per month.
10-3 City Clerk.
Wi wil) buy or exchange your itovei,
rtt|et ind household gooda lor ipot
ctih. Tunur'i, 70 l/>n*d*l* Aveou*.
tkemM.   7.3. «©*?!».
By C. G. D. Robirti.
i'l..nl. George li-l I.. Roberta,
one ol the Dominion's foremost singers, is a rcsi lenl of Prederioton, NIL,
a n.d is now lilly yeurs ol age. Theodore Robert! uml William Carman
Roberts, both uutbors, are bis brothels, untl Bliss i 'urmini and Barry
aSlriiliin arc cousins. Mr. Roberts be
came a professor In Kind's College,
Windsor, N.S., in Ihe eighties, and hu
since that lime been a prolific producer uf literature ol high quality.
In addition to his nature sketches, (or
which be is best known, he hus written several sheals ol verse.J
O rivers rolling to tbe sea
Kroin Iunds thut bear the maple tree,
How  swell   your   voices  witli  th*
Of ha),.liy und liberty I
A holy music, heard in vain
Ily enWurd heart and sordid brain,
To   whop)   tliis   strenuous  being
Naught hut a greedy race lor gain.
O   unsung    etreami—oot    splendid
Ye lack tu fire your patriot dreams I
Annuls of glory gild your waves,
Hope Ireighta your tidei, Canadian
eli.uiins I
St. Lawrence, whose wide witer luvet
Tbe shores that ne'ar hive nourished
ill vei I
Swill Richelieu of lilied fame I
Niagara ol glori.ni* grave* I
Thy rapids, OtUwi, proclaim
Where Dtuloc tnd bit heme* camel
Thy Udft,  St.  Win, deobre U
And, imiii, many • loyal otmil
Thou  inland  alreim,  wham  vein,
From *!orm, Teoututtli'i death mada
poor I
Ami thou, email  water,  red  witb
'Twiit Beiubaetin mi Beautejourl
Dread Btfuenay. wbtlf twin loar.
What voice ahall (ram tht btttionad
Th* till of Robarval reveal,
Or hit myateriou* (at* deplore!
Annapolis, do thy floodi yet (eel
Point memorial of Ohimnltin't keel,
Thy pulse* yet tht daMd repeat
Of Poulrincourt and d'lbervillel
And thou far tide, whott plaint now
With march of myriad weltering (tei,
Saskatchewan, who** virgin iod
So lite Canadian blood madt iweetf
Your   bulwark   hllll,   your   valley*
Strum* wlteti de Stltherr; trod,
Where Wolfe acbimd, where Brock
wai iliin,—
Tlieir voice* art Ml* volo* of God I
0 sacred waten I noi in vain,
Acroaa Canadian height and plain,
Ye sound ut In triumplnnl tune
The su/nAon* of your hitfi refrain.
PIANO  AM) lllllll CLASS  Pl'it.NI-
At 328 10th Street East
On Wednesday Next
'.'Jnd insl., ll p.m.
I mler instructions Irom Mrs. Kiignio
Bailey, we will sell the ron ten tl ol liar
lieuutifiilly fiirnii-lird home including
upright ilrniid Bell Piano, clggantly
hand carved, cost $111141, clegnnl .) piece
I'urbtr Set in mahogany, velvet, (or
pets, i ui 1.11 ..a. Pictures, Rockon, (intra Table, Poitiers, Plunti, Huge, Jar-
dineres, Stuffed Swan und liull, Massive (Ink Sideboard nnd Round flak
Extension Table lo match. Dining
('hairs, Hooks, t'ro.kery anl Clasi-
wiirc, China, i ml. .■.. Sluir Curpcl, ft
iK'ib'ooiiis lully liiruishd with ...ltd
brass Bid. lion nnd Brass Beds with
best springs nnd Mil I Hemes, Ho. ken,
Carpels, etc, Jewell Steel Rimge, ul
nioit new, coil X.-.'i, Kitchen comfort
cooking iilciisils, p,. i f.-.-t paltry, gar
ilea tools, etc. Goods on view on
Tue-dilay afternoon. Everything oi
good us now.
We are jn a position to
look after your requirements in this line, We sell
Stumping Powder,
Fuse and Caps, We can
quote you at a minutes
notice prices by the pound,
box or car; f.o.b. this city.
paine & McMillan
Th* Hardwar* Specialist!. Phone 12
McMillan's Tea
\s Good
3 lbs. for $1.00
J. A. 6 m. McMillan
R   i, ||# CfPEAL FOODS
HolU'd OjIs Whole Wheat Flour     Itico Flour
i),iinii.il Buckwheat Flour        l'cail il.ui. \
Cracked Wlmal Gnliani Flour Split ('ens
Rolled Wheat Rye Hour Canadian Wheal Flakes
Alk your Grocer tut ft, (■, fc. Brand. ,lle Slindard ol Quality
WIioIi-mIc (rou)
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
I.ONSDAl.K AVIiNUIi.        Ai Furry Landing.
There's a time to laugh and a time
to weep,
But there's only one time to advertise,
And that is all the time.
Persistency tells.
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