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spboiaj, 49fmfmr mm w
[District Nurse Available
For North Vancouver
Tho euiiiiiiiiuities uf tbu Nurth Bbure
have nuw been pruvideil wilh un unset
of great mli" iu the form of a district niii.ne, whine ssrVlcSS will bo ob
(iiiiinilile iu ull eases where Ihu ordinary
ami not inexpensive recourses cannot be
nlliii.le.l That there ore purscji even
iu Ihia prusperoita young cily which
do not imi:" u".i'lv with coinage
of the realm hsa been pathetically demonstrated iu the pual. ::|.illeil nursing
necessarily has hud lo remain a In miry
until the eoiiHUiiiinutiuii uf the prescnl
movement. Nnw it will be possible
for unilunli ami evcrybudy lo secure
■ I • in i. i I help in cases of sickuess
fur whut. practically will amount to a
inero ucltnowlcilgmcul.
No that such a dislricl niiriie could
be provided on a aomul llnuncial uu
,b-i:.t:iuiliii|.>, a 'lagging" crusade wus
instituted ou Saturday, ami the sum of
SlUtl was realised. This amount can
mil be considered a small ouo. On
lbe uther hand, it cannot be regarded
as a lurge uue. Nulunluy'a crusade
fulluwcd iniliei luu closely upun Ihc
heels uf ulher very recent "lug" daya
to bo ontiroiy successful frpm every
It is felt, however, that such a lm
mane enusu us litis muat necessarily
CDiiiiiiuiul u wide iu.lim. of sympathy:
ami it is also reasonably felt Ihut a
goodly nuiuluir of sympathisers may
not have happened ulung the bigbwuya
und byways uu Balurdny where llie
in;: iiiiii'lei" were awaiting wilh their
lillle busies and ribbons. If there are
any sympathizers, Iberefnrc, who real
ize what a movement of Ibis kind
melius lu lite |ess opulent homes uf lhe
nurlh shore, and would like lo bo lu
slriimeiitul in lending it a furthering
huml, lul llielll pleuse nule that Ihe
president uf the lucul ussnclatiuu, Miss
Tlioni.-oii. ur lhe seerelary, Mrs Bimp
son, will welcome additions huwever
smull In llle present funds.
There is ulsu in process uf in-tive nr
gunuuliou ii Nurlh Vuiicuuver Nurses'
Assueiatiun, the uims and purposes uf
which shuuhl cuinmeiiil Ihe.nselves lu
lhe ladies nf this eily. The member
ship fee is one duilur.
Miss Murr lius been appuiuled dis
trict nurse fur Ibe city uf Nurlh Vuu
cuuver. She is ul prescnl Jiving uu
17th streel bul will prububly mako her
liiiine inure central us suuu as Ihis cau
be urrunged.
Committee of Council to Co-operate
In Present Coal Shortage Question
City Fathers
Much-Varied Business
The eily cuuucil, mucliiig in regular
session, lusi evening dealt wilh a
iniiili-) uli-iiiiiulutiiiii uf conipluiiils, re
lin u     Ullll   I. ■. . i M1111 ■ -11 ■ 1: 11 i.ui-.
The :i ..I nmi engineer, Mr. A. M.
West, wroto asking lor an incrcuac in
auliiry by uu aildiliouul fill a moulh,
■i.min," Ihul lie wus uppuiiited twu
years ugu and wus puw in receipt uf
i'ii, u inuiilli mure thun when appuiuled.
Mr. Weal ulsn puinted out Ihut ou the
resignation uf the city engineer he
iielcil iii lliul eupucily for sii uiuiitlis,
...il in: niglil Ulnl day uu week duys
uml Nutiiluys iu urder lu keep Ihc work
in huml. He wus then promised uu
Increase, und received from lhe huurd
uf wurks i-1 mi und frum Ihe wuler
wurks nulliing. Duriug llic last sis
months Mr. Wesl claimed lhal he hud
hud u greater unu,mil uf respunsihle
work lo louk afler and was entitled lo
uu increase uf sulury.    His letter wus
British  Columbia   Municipalities  con
V llllillll.
Mr. I.. Heda, proprietor uf lhe i'ul
ueo Hulel, wrolo protesting thul in
view uf the fuel thul the cily wus
abuut to nui' liiiiimi.,' Se. uml street be
twecn Lonsdale uvenue ami Nl. Heurges
avenue against the uurruw ruud bed,
ami suggesting thul Ihc peritiiitient curb
und, if possible, concrele sidewulk
shoulil be pluceil iu the Muck referred
Mr. Heda expressed willingness lo
pay ii proportion nf lhe coal uf lhe
petitions wore reud frum ratepayers
fur the grudiiig uf u wuguii roud ou
lillth alreet between Nt. Ueurges uvenue
and Nl. Andrews uveiiui., ami fur llic
erection of ure Iigbls ul Hie curner ul'
li.'lrd ami Boulevard und ut the curner
uf MHtli uml '.luiui All uf hlmii nut
referred tu thu huurd uf wurka.
Mr. A. II. I'erry, lucul manager ul
lite B. I!, i' lt. Company, uolillod the
cuuucil lliut iuitrUCtious liml been
given fur the iuslullilliun uf lire lighli
us ordered by the council,
Mr. II. II. Kyle Intimated liis desire
fur a aidewulk uu I lit li streel botween
Join's   uvenue   uml   Muhun   uve,   mnl
referred  tu  the buard  uf  wurks and   Mrs.  P. S.  Howard  fur une nu   I.Ilh
waterworks commit toe. | street   belween   Muudy   uvenue   ami
Mr. T. N. Hrjiwn wrole offering lis
The city fathers lusl evening ,
with « resululiuu forwarded tu i...
liy lhe seerelary uf the lueal buunl ul'
trade, Mr. J. Wylie Dunahlaoii, dealing
wilh the grave situutiuu occasioned by
Ihe existing cuul iburtage ami further
the Indirect ami inadequate means by
whieh the nurlh shure iimler present
."luliii."!:. is able lu ublaiu cuul. Tin-
wording of Hie resolution wua us lul
lows: -
"Thai wbetess Nnrlh Vuncuuver
cily, Nurlh Vaucuuver dislricl ami
Wul Vuucuuver districl liuie a pupu
Iniiuii uf iil-niii lu.iliiu, Hie nine hai
..nuw arrived when it is ubsulutely right
and necessary Ihut llic cuul supply lur
lhe inn11, shure ul llurrurd Inlel should
be obtained direct from the miues, in
'-l.ii'l uf Ihruugli Ihc Vumouier ugeu
"Aud cn. I..,. this ijiiesl nni was
liruuglil. lu Ihe uii.i.ii." uf lhe pru
viuciul governinenl uml temporary re
lief obtained;
"Therefore, be it reiolvod lliul lln-
board cooperate wilh the cily ami dis
Iriet ""'ii'ib iu properly plucing he
fore the provincial guverniiiciil lhe
hardship! under which we now lubor
and lhal the guvernment be usked lo
earnestly consider thc matter uml lu
relieve ua from the unsatisfactory cuu
dilions which uuw dial, ami Ihul u
copy of Ibii i' ."Iiiiinii he forwarded lu
thc councils of Norlh Vancoover rily,
Norlb Vancoover ilislriet uud West
Vancouver district, asking fur iinme
diatc jiniii  '" "i" ini""'
Alderman Fraser declared lhal he
did ui.l. in view of Ihe eircuiiislauecs,
consider il altogether wise lo briug
tins matter  to lhe attention  of  the
government al the pi  time.   The
in i 'pie i""i thai Would be asked
wuuld iiiul'iiil.i.'ll', he, "li there on
lbc norlh shore uny him financially
able lo Handle coal coming direct from
Ibe minesl"
. In reply tn this Aldeiutau Irwin
slated ilmi In- was fully satis/ied, afler
making iuquirioi, thai there was such
a li'in ready tu locate ou the norlh
ihole if given the necessary cucour
sgeiiii-ni n firm lupiii'li.-.-.l lo lhe ex
tltt al liwm). If i| wai arranged
lliul coal euuld be procured for North
Vanrouver direct from the mines Ibis
firm was prepared to install up to date
coal biinl.i iu ou the north shure. Alderman Irwiu runlidored lbat the mat
ter wss one of nutrient importance fo;
Ibe council to ice to the full eitcut
wbtt could Pt' done. He suggeslod tho j
appointment by the mayor of a small
committee to eo operate witb tbe board
uf trtde and the other councils. "I
think," said tlw aldermen, "that this
rcilrb litn should not he placed upon
No/th Vancouver any longer. There
ii if) fOn »i»aoa why this city should
uul be able to obtain coal direct from
lbe mines instead of having lo pay a
toll or lax lo Vancouver in Ibis con
iuu linn
'-.l.ii iu..    Hick believed lliul such u
committee as Alderiuau Irwiu suggest
'"bl certainly be formed, and lhal
commissioned lu luuk intu
ami make Inquiries as lu
..  purliculur  firm   iHiicb  hud
....    , cutiuneil  wus prepared tu ac
I uu Ily do.    He ugreed wilh  Alderiuau
Fruser Ihul  ul   present lliere wus nu
cuul compauy un Ihe north ahure financially   slruug   enuugh   lu   handle  u
direct   supply,     lie   umlcrsluod   alsu,
huwever, Hint u linn might he lueuted
here in a very short time if llie neces
sary eneouraiigeineiil wus offered.
lluili  A Merman Foreman uml Abler
iuuu Mellue spoke in fuvur uf giving
ull lhe suppurl pussiblc tu Ihe resolu"
liuu uf Hie board uf Irude.
The muyur Ihereupuu appointed Abl
ermaii Foreman, Ablerinun Fruser uml
Alderiuau Mellae tu constitute a com
mitttc lo deal with this impurlanl
mutter, the fact being ineulioi.eil lhal
Alderman Irwin wul largely iilintifild
villi the question us u member of the
bourd uf trade.
Reception Commillee
Winds Up Affairs
Muyur McNeish presided over a meet
iug uf Ihc Ducal Mail reception com
millee yesterday afternoon tu wind u|
uffuirs generally iu connection wilh Ihis
important   occasion.
ll was announced that lbc total ex
peudilurc, ufter tbe disposal of certain
decorations which can be suhl, amount
ed tu lllim.
Conn. I II. Bridgman moved a eor
-Imi vole of ihniili- lo Mr. Aostin
Hruwn, the secretary of lhe commit
tec, who, ui director uf ccremonici, did
splendid work uu Ibe ""tb Nepleniber.
The view was expreued Ibal lo Mr.
Hrniiu's effort! cnuld be at I ri hul cil
luucb of thc day's success. Thii was
'"'"',"led   by   Aid.   Irwin, and  carried
no.iiiiiii."" 1,1
Compliments were exchanged lie
tWceu tbe representative dl tbe In
'ium . Mr. 1. Fiudlay, aud lhe reception commillee, mutual sulisfat'tiuu lie
iug Ihc keynote of toe Kcntiiiichls of
Harvest Social
> Tonight a harvest concert and social
will br beld in Bt. Agnes' church hall,
miner uf Boulevard and Vllh streets.
The ladies of tbe Womaus' Auxiliary
have the arrangements ip hand which
means thai il will he a first class cn
icrlainnient in evory respect. A very
good programme followed by refresh
meets will bo the order for toe even
ing and the licked tre wiling in good
Messrs.    Hurroii    llrulhers,    under
lakers, uf Ihis citv, suiight lhe iuslal
lalion of u telephone in th. homo of " "il0 '"'th' clt> ""M'ttiUlt property
Mr. llranl, the cemetery superintend Hi"""'"1  "'  lhc >m"'1'"'" '"' Ml' l""1
,,.      .,             ... llllh  streets  on  Nl.  (ieorue's u'ei".ie
.-nl, culling lhe   "im. il s nm iiinm  lu '
.,...., .... ...,                          i. This I'lui'i'iiv, stilled Mr, Hruwn,   Inline fuel Ihut uiiplcusunt siluuliutis hud '    '     "
,                             ,    ,,         ,          ,    ,       , U tutul  "i"-i    lii'iiluni   uf liili feel. The
belli   uccusiuneil   Ihrnugh   a   lack   uf ,             '              "
dirccl cuiiimunicatiun wilh Mr. (Irani
lied fur re
in une instance lbe superintendent uf
llle cemetery luul fuiled tu receive a
message frum lhe umlerlukcrs, with
Ihu result lhal u funeral cortege arrived ut lbc cciuelery and nu grave
had been dug in readiness for the ile
parted. Forlonutely Mr. Ilruul hup
peued lu be iu lhe cemetery ul H.c
time uml the distressful situutiuu wus
tUevittcd. This matter wus placed
iulu the liiinil- uf Ihe parks ami ceme
lory committee.
The muyur, Alderman "ick uml Aid
erinun Mcllue were appointed lu rep
resent   Hie   cuuucil   ul   the   Union of
letter was urdertd lu I
On llie rei'uiuiiieiiihiliun uf lhe city
engineer, Mr. Angus Niniih, the Klec
ui.ul ('uiislrui-tioii Company uf Vun
cuuver wus awarded Ihe euulruel for
installing, lighling eunduil in llie new
concrete wulk un l.uiisibtle avenue frum
Mill lo Hilh streels. The wurk is lu
be undertaken fur ♦.'I7U. (Ilher pricei
subinilteil were us fulluws: liinluii
Kleclric Cuinpany, ♦l.'lll; Mather, Vuu
ili A I'm, Slbl.I.'I; I'ope and Nun.
•; IM .:... Wuugh, Miseuer un.l lluiley.
igating Route via
Seymour River Valley
chief Kngineer John Callughuu uf the
1'iieillc Ureal Eastern Ilailway Com
puny, bus decided lu investigate the
possibility uf procuring a feasible route
Imui l.illnuiil tu this eily via Neymoui
river. This in uve upun lhe purl uf the
railway cunipuny is due to difficulties
which have arisen wilh reference lu the
ruule Ihruiigh the district of Nurlh
Vancouver uml' ta tho' difficulties uris
iug from previous possession uf a part
uf their ruule by Hie II. N. .'■ N. Bail
way.   In conversation with a roproson-
lulive uf the Kxprcss, Mr. Cullugliun
staled Ilml representations hud been
iiiu.lt- lu his cunipuny very suuu tiller
Iheir iiieur|>uruliuii, lu Hie effect thul a
siilial'uelury mule iulu Nurlh Vuncuu
ier "ini'l be ohluiiied viu Neymour
river, ilis company were given lu uu
1.1 luiui thul llie i-i iliiliii, . uf this
mule I'ur Hie ilevclupment uf ln.nl
I ralllc especially in timber and iu miu
erals wuulil fully compensate fur uuy
luss Ilml might lie iuvulved in Ihis pur
liculur by nut fullowing the ruute lu
lhe  In.1.1  ui  lluwe Nuiiml.   Ilis  cum
pany liownver, bad not anticipated any
difficulties in securing their route aloug
Howe : "mini and i In nn,-li West Vaueouver and consequently Hie alternative route hud not been investigated.
I'mlei tbo elreiillisluueea which bud
arisen, huwever, it lunl been decided tu
place an engineer in the Held in charge
ul u survey purty, tu nseertuiu the ex
aet fuels wilh reference lu the Ncyinuur
river ruute. Mr. C. I., tlunu had ue
"iiiliii;:K been dispalelieil lu muke u
rccunuaisaiiee uf the proposed route, and
if his reporl is encouraging, he will
be placed in the Ilebl willi u nitty uf
twenty men wilb instructiuus lu run
lines fur the location uf u ruute The
i,"Hi" il-. puiut uf departure Iruin lhe
ruule ul present surveyed will lie un
the I'lienl.nluu river, uliuul twenty
miles nurlh uf lhe ciffl uf lluwe Nuiiml,
frum Ihut point lhe ruute will proceed
in u south-easterly direction viu
Daisy Lake In the hoad wulers uf the
Mamquani river, thence in a general
wuy ulung Ncyinuur river lu ils iiiutilli
uu Burrard Inlet.
With referenee lo Hie commence
incut of construction operations, Mr. I'.
Welch is uow forwarding plunl uml
supplies as rapidly us pussililc, tu l.ii
I i via l.ytlun, in urder lliul ground
muy he hruken ul lhe curliest pussiblc
City Foreman Kemp Victim
of Serious Stabbing Affray
Ooutlnucd on page 1, col.  I
New Telephone Cable Will be
bid in Two Months' Time
FIVE CENT TOLL WILL THEN BBj Ihe cable  here  bul   hud   used   il   lur
INAUOUBATED ' ulher purposes owing in Hie imlelinilc
nl hi iui. wlinli Hie pm eminent hud
uduptcil towards Hie mailer for'some
liun1. The culile il is nuw inti-mlcd tu
luy fur Ihe i-puveiiience uf the nurlli
The city cuuucil lasl evening bsleu I ahure will prove i li mure u.lcquiflc
ed lu the repurt of ils special commit-' """' " comprises uu less lhal tl iiin-
 , Abl. Foreman and Aid. Fraser, whu  Thl"   »'"   undoubtedly   serve   Norlli
were delegated lo inquire iulu lhe ex- Vancouver fur sume Inne In mine. If
isling telephone renditions ami parti 'ho other cable lunl been installed il
culurly as lu the whereabouts of the would only huie huil l« be reduced
promised cable. i» a comparatively sliori im
Abl.   I'm. iii.iii    i.ih.I   that  Hie
Asked by Hie muyur us tu Ine pros
millee had elicited from Mr. Mcllou ft'*1'" uf a redniliuu iu lelephuu
gun uf Ibe B. C Telephone Co., lbe rales, Aid. Foreman suld he was in lb
information Ibnt the cable, which will happy position of being able lo slute
lu lie extended across tbe Inlel for thc 'bal ai Soon ui lhe new cable-war laid
uie uf Nortb Vuncoover, bad lefl the ami Ibe oeccseary connections made lbc
old country ou thc 28lh of Ibis moulh. j "lc would be reduced lo lin- send u
lln ita arrival, it wooid be laid cxpe ' call
diliuully ami Ibe nei-eisury connections Tht mayor voiced Ibe upiuiuu of Ihi
would be made iu about two weeks, council wheu he doscrilicd Ihe purpoii
Approximately it will be tboot two of Aid.'Foreman's remarks us gu-nl
months before the coble will be in a.'-| news. Aid. Fraier briefly aeaorBled
lml use. j himself  witb the report  tendered liy
Question*] as lu lhe whereabouts uf  Aid- Furemnu,
thc uid cable, Mr. McHuugau bad slated j    The rcpurl  was Ihereupuu furiiinlly
lliaf  lhe company  had  certainly had | adupled  by the council.
N. V. Athletic Club
funic of the best in bia class. He was
euusidereil oue uf the lineal welter
weight l'""i" in Ihc Nlsl.es. Uu it
can lie seen  that  bis experience has
Tbe fc.V.A.C bave opened Iheir UIHi beM 0, , vmlM h;,„l. I lhe
seaiou under lbc new and able manage-1 MeHm „# th, iui,trlu.|„r to include
incut of Mr. Krnest Day, wuo has had | a|| kl|)l|| Q, Mm „,,„,,„ Qn tbtf yltli
Including  basketball  and  baseball.   A
considerable experience in the bamll
iug nf uihli'lie clubs lu the great satis
iu.imu aud uppr.ii:iiii.ii of the mem
hers. Mr. Day is sparing uo effort to
wards making the Noilh Vancouver
Club a great success and only nerds the
eu nperuiiini of lbe yuung men around
lown lo enable him to have one of tbe
best   'bile.   OU   IhO   I'm llie   mllll.
■Jojinuy Iicuuard, late of II A. U,,
has been appointed physical instructor
to tbe club. Johnny is no mean exponent of tbe pugilistic art, having been
instructor at Cornell university, New
York, alio having held tbe position of
assistant instructor lot the Chicago
Athletic Association, and having ta a
profesiional boxer met ud defeated
iniiiiiiiiiii-iii will be held in the near
future and Ihe program will include
iuch names as Charlie Pultun, i lit
qiihuri, Kid Lee, Bain tiood, etc., iu ull
it will be one of Ibe besl over display
ed on the North Bhore.
Everything promises a mosl iucccii
ful season aud the management appeals
lu Ihc many able bodied young uicii
un the North Hhore to come forward aud
help to make tbe club the desired sue
cm. Tbe club will hold a donee on
Thunday next and every Thursday
thereafter In their club roomi, Una
dale ami Ksplauade west.
Route Boys waHaa fat Dn Bxprets.
Nhnrlly ufler eight thirty lusl even
ing llle city puliee Were JlUlilieil ol a
stabbing affray which hud occurred in
lhe siiluoti uf Hie Nl. Alice Hulel.
ll appears n.i Mr Hub. Kemp, uue
of Hie eily's ruud foremen, had en
lereil into cunvrrsulioii with uu liuliau
The aiiimoaity of u second Italian was
apparently exeiled, I'ur tbii man whip
pel mil sume weapuu, tin- character
nl wlneli " nul precisely kuuwn, uml
slashed ul Mr. Kemp's head, evidently
in tin- direction uf uis throat. Mr.
Kemp 'lucked, ami aualuined : severe
cut uu the side uf liis heud, uml a see
ony injury lu Ins lefl huml.
The Milium wus crowded at lhe lime
bul lhe inujorily uf the ueeupauli were
in u slate uf panic, su ilul the fare
tiiun's uisuilunl effected u guud get
The mi I ii ri- of lhe ivnuipl received
by Mr. Kemp seems tu indicate Ihul
lhe weapuu used was u runr. The
gush exlejuls Irum uboul Hie lemple ul
musl In Hie buck uf lhe head, uml is
ui cunaiilerabJe depth, penetrating lu
lite botie. Ilr. Verner. who wus hur
ri.'lly cilluil. utlemb-'l tu lhe ivumids,
uud Mi Kemp is iuukiug siilisl'uclury
prugress, m
The Chief uf-l'uiice und bis moil
ure working huni upun lhe ease, and
there is guud reasuii lo believe, cm
ni. nn, certain elues already ublained,
lhal the ;..,iiiui uf lhc ull'ruy will suuu
be bruughl lu buuk. A mini bi'ievcd
lu be the lliilinn Willi whom Mr.
Kemp wus conversing ut Hie time wis
urresteil lusl evening, liis name is
Nsnlu. uml he wus apprehended hy the
luiui j'nliec when i nu in., the It:In
ferry lu Vaueouver. He appeared be
lure I'uliee Mugistr.-ite llugglcs llui
illuming, lml Ins disc wus rouiuinlcd
until lumurruw su Hiu! ull the evidence
pussiblc may be accumulated. He is
charged wilb being an uccessury tu lbe
fail, .'mi i... when questiuued by the
puiicc, luii.i thul lie lived in Nurth
Vancouver uml lliut lie was uliuul lu
cross lo Vaueouver. ile wus uuuble
lu give uuy rcui-nu fur duiug su, pru
felling tu speak very lillle Knglisli
The mun under arrest hud bloud on
his clotbei when taken by the police
lust eveuiug.
The chief uf puliee, il appears, litis
discovered an important due in the
pages uf pusl history which may lead
quickly lu llie urresl uf lhe olber Ilni
City Divided Into Six
The "iniiuii leu appointed to discover
the moil feasible uud equitable wuy uf
dividing Ihe cily intu wanM—Aid.
Hick, Aid. Fraser and Aid. Foreman,
lust evening uliuul led fur the council's
uppruvul lbe result uf their juint delj
bonbons uiiii reiearehei. Each abler
man had during lbe pusl few days
giveu much lime lu Ibe intricate prob
I.iii su Ihul lln- best pussililc adjustment
ill tt'curiluncc wilh assessment should
be mude uml lhal the respective responsibilities of each of the six aldermen of
the city should be as equally dlstrib
Ulmi    US    )•":■ .1 bl"
■ Mups were therefore handed to tbe
mayor and Die rtlMimlcr of tiie council lust night, showing tbe city divided
into the six sections which were rcrom-
iiieiulcil as Ihe future wards. Thc syslem was approved ami adopted by the
Tin- boundaries of Ihc six wards
north, soulh, cast uml west arc there
fore as follows:
Ward I. On tbe east, Jonei avouuo
ami Muhon avenue, on ibe north, soulh
ami wcsl, city boundaries.
Ward 11.—On thp north, Keith road;
on Ibo west, Mahon ayenue; on the
east, Lunsdule avenue; on the soulh
Ibe suuthern boundary of the city.
Wan, 'Il.-Ot the north, mh W«>
on Ibe cast, Nl. Andrew's uvenue; ou
Ihc south, lhe auulheru bouudary ul tne
city; un Ihe weal, Lunsdule uvenue.
Ward IV, On lhe nurth, Keith ruud;>
ou lhe ..uiii Ihe soulheru houmlury ui
lhe cily; on Ihe west Nt. Andrew's
Avenue; ou Ihe eait, city boundury.
Ward V. On Ihe south, Keith ruud.
uil the wcil, Nl. Oeorgo's aveuue; uu
the nurlh ami un Ihe euat, cily buun
Ward VI. Du lhe uorth, clly boun
dary; on lhe south, Keith road; on Ihe
easl, Bt. (leorge's avenue; ou tlio,wmi,
.lines  avenue.
Where a alreel or avenue is named
as cuulitstuiug thc hunmini; of u wurd
the boundary lum. uf course, runs
along tbe ceutrc of thul slrect or ove.
Association Football
The Nortb Vuncoover Athletic Fuol
ball Club met the Oth I). C. 0. B. at
Recreation 1'ark on Buturday evening.
Mayor McNcis'u opened Ibe in■ i gume
of Ibe season by kicking off fur lbc
borne team. Throughout tbe game Hie
ball was kept in ibe vicinity of the
D.C.O.R goal, Ihe visitors failing '"
bnfltk through tbe forwards of llie
Nortb Bhore team. Were it not for
waut of practice in shooting, the Nurlli
Vancouver boys would bave placed
many more goals to their credit. Ill
it was they were victorious with Uie
grand acore of 7 goals to 1. Tho )o-
rsls, with a little more practice, will
show themselves to advantage io their
coming engagements. They have t
ijJjodid comW)»atlffl and pass waif.
■  .--mm-  ■'   ■■■*. Bank of Montreal
E.t.bli.h.d 1817
Capital (paid up)   .    $16,000,000
Reterv $16,000,000
Savings Bank Department
North Vancouver Branch t F, A. MACRAE,
Mt. Crown Bldg., lit Street Manager
We Have Some Good Buys
in D. L, 273, 274, ft).
See us if you have a house to rent, or. if you want to get
a house.
We have some lovely homes for sale.
Listings Wanted.
UO Esplanade.        Phone 227
Right d*i To Time
'   ON
Dickinson & Son, Ltd.
P. 0. Box 1719. Phone 222
Timothy Hay (naw)
Olover ilny, (bow)
Alfalfa Hay
Crushed Oat*,
Linseed Uial
' B. k K. Oblcklll Chop,
B  & K Scratch Food
B k K Orackid Ourn
Lts'i B(g Maker
Lei's lusict Powdir
Swift's Beef Scraps
Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
In Stock, 350 Tom of Choice
Iloimcholder*  should  lay In the winter supply hefore Uu
rush season. >    *
North Shore Coal & Supply Co.
L. S. EATON, Manager.
Ki< kliiuii's Wharf     Esplanade Weit     Phone 486
A.M. 8.(0 P.M.
P.M. 9.00
18.18 AM.
_ "«*t w Mwtor."
i.tU*. Campmy mi limit ter
Una Nortk Vaneouvir
•(.00 AM.       8.80  VM.
•«.80 8.40
•6.40 8X10
•7.00 tJO
MP 8.40
•f.*# *M
8.40 6.00
8.00 6.80
8.80 '    6.40
8.40 6.00
10.00 6.10
10.80 1.10
10.40 lim
11.80 IM
IIM 8.00
18X10 8.80
18.80 VM.       8.00
18.40 8.80
I.on 1040
1.80 10.80
J.40 UM
8.00 11.40
18.46  AM.
Tiou Ubl* lubjiet te emntt wltkoot
99*9991 99^m999jWm wt 9ltm99mtmw9*
A   strong   uor'woSlor'a   blowln',
Hark! don't you hear it roor
Uill l|Ol|)  Viu, Iiiiiv T liili™ llinni
llulin|i|iy lulkt OU shore npwl"
—The Bailor's Ooiisolotluii.
Tlio iiuhu|iii,v Iuh' that 1 liave under-
taken tn write revivpe recollections
whieb, were I to rousult iny own prl
Milu filings, 1 wuuld gladly aiipw lo
remain undisturbed in tlio misty rr. .n.l.
of tho |iast. Uut lie who lakes thc
role of faithful chronit'lcr nf historical
ovunla shuuld nut alirinl. from thu |ier
fiirinanrn of a task, howuvcr dislusto
ful or |.:-iminl it may ho to iiiui 'ur In
tin!■■■ wlinuu ,. |.niniiiiii. muy iiuffcr
liy tlio narration. Sentiment slnmld
tint bu allowed to interfere with thu
duty of lhe historian, even tltuugh dead
aod buried niinnn.ni.. he railed hack
to life and uid uniiu.I., aru u|.uncil and
made In bleed afresh. I propose this
morning to tell the alary of the lima
uf the steamship i'acifli', which occur
red twenty eight years ago. I think
I can fairly claim thut, with the cn
co|ition uf the twu men who survived
the wreck, there is uu iiersuu nuw Iiv
ing whu is iu a |iusitiun tu give as cur
red n narativu nf thai uwfttl tragedy
and the circumstances thai led lu il
aa myself. There lius nevor been a
duubt iu my mind Ihul those circuit!
stances were prcvcntihlc—that had the
crudest 1.1n..iiiiiini. been ailn|iled and
thu ..inuuin. I decencies uf life uli
served, Hie disaster wuuld never liave
takeu |ilace. Willi this brief iiilrudiir
tiuu I shall |dungc ut uuce inlu thc
lask and drawing aside lhe veil shall
proceed lo tell the slury uf lhat la
tiieulalile diaaster with ull its tragic
uud heartrending details.
The steamship pacific was luull in
New York in 1661. Hhe was less Iliac
IHltl tons burthen, ami fifty years agu
was euusidereil a "crack" vessel. 111
led wilh all V.i (then) .iiudern im
provement*. Today it is safe tu say
ilmi no vessel uf her class would re
ceive a permit In |iul to seu will) pasi-
nn, ers. slm might be tolerated as a
freighter, bul it is duublful if a crew
would be imiini tu man her. If such
was her condition wlieu the Pacific
Drsl took the water, whul must have
been her state when, twenty five yeara
later, uuder the command of l'u|i!aiu
Jefferson I). Howell, she lefl Vieioria
harbor ou her last voyage, loaded to
lhc gunwale wilh freight ami so lille.l
with passengers lhat all the berth room
was occupied ami lhe saloons un.l
decks were utilized as sleeping span's!
I du nol believe lhal anyone, not even
the agents or officers of lhe steamer,
knew the exact number of persons
she carried on lhal fateful voyage.
There was a brisk cumpclilioli between
lhe (iiiiidull A I'erkins line, to whicii
the I'aeilie belonged, and lhe Pacific
Muil Steamship t'o., which latter coin
pany had shortly before secured u
lucrative contract fur carrying the
mails between Vieioria uml Han Krau
cisco. Fare on Hie I'aeilie was redu. cil
to Sii, uml if a party of three ui four
applied for tickets ihey were luken ul
UU) a bead,
Ou the morning of ihc Ith November,
1875, having business with a gentleman
nuuied Conway, one of the passengers,
1 was ou the whurf before the hour ul
whicii lhe sleamer was advertised lo
sail—nine a. in I fouml lhe bout so
crowded thai the crew euuld seared
tuuve abuut Hie decks in Hie discbarge
of Iheir duties. I have always conlcml
ed lhat the passeugers numbered at
leaat 'tiki. This belief has been dis
puled. The ageuts' list showed that
ouly 270 passengers were booked al
Victoria, bui there was a large list
frum I'ugel Hound, ami il was admitted
that scores took passage without hav
ing secured tickets, competition being
su keen tbat some were carried for
nothing to keep them from patronizing
Ihe opposing Hue. Besides, small cliii
■ Inn paid uo fares, and were uul
The moruiug was dark ami lowering
Heavy clouds moved slowly overhead.
A fall of rum had preceded the coming
of the nun, but Ihere were no signs that
indicated worse weather limn is usual
In Ihia latitude in the fail uf Ihc year.
I think I must bave knuwn at l.<usi
00* hundred of tbe persons who took
passage that day, and who, twelve
hours later, found a common grave iu a
"Dreadful and tumultuous home,
Wide  opening  and  loud  roaring
still for more."
i'aptaiu and Mrs. Otis Parsons and
child, with Mrs. Thome, a sister of
Mrs.  Parsons, were amungst th
whom 1 aaid farewell aud wish.
voyage.   The captain had sold his interest lu From Kiver steamers for a
sum exceeding 840/100 iu gold, and il
has always beeu I mystery what became of tbe money.   After tbe ship
bad gone down, and it was known be
those to
bed bon
bunks could nr would furuioh uo information. Sorno ventured tbo opinion
thut tlio gold WM Id 11)0 slaturunm ami
wout down witb uiin, lml thV'nfic. ro»n
whu took hlm and Ms baggage la tho
wharf sa|il thai tbore was no heavy
packugos among It. Had the-gold been
there its weigh, would h»yo betrayed
ils presence, as more thin 0110 mun
WOlllll IliVe been Inu,l.ul to lift it.
Mrs. Pnrsniis had been ant the stage
Hhe came tn Ban Francisco in 1866
as Iho contralto in a troupe known as
the Petinsylvaiiiuiis. Bhe bad a voice
of .great sweetness am) power and was
a decided favorite with all lovers uf
llinni  music     I'liliuinii was utlruelcil to
hur by Iter flnu acting aud singing,
and iiiurricd her whilu sbo was a mum
her uf the fanny Morgau I'holps t'om
pany, which hold the boards at tbe
Victoria Theatre fur a long time. Mrs.
Phelps, who afterwards married Capt.
Touipkinsnu of tbu lloyal Navy, will
be remembered by mauy Victorians.
Hhe died abuut threo years ago iu l.us
Angeles, and being a must eseellent
mimim ami a modui wife and mother,
her death was greatly mourned by a
large circle of friends.
I shook liumls wilh Mrs. S. Mimic,
a .luughler of Hheriff McMillan, who
was ou her way to join her husband
al Han Francisco. Hhe was among tne
mosl joyous uf that great throng, look-
ing forward lo a happy reunion with
tltuse she loved ami no thought of
danger crossed hur yuung mind as lhe
buut cast off its lines and headed for
tlie great deep.
Having said good bye lu Pursuits and
his family, I readied wilh difficulty a
spot where Miss Fannie Palmer, yuung
est daughter uf Prufcssur Digby Pal
mer, sluud. This yuung lady was a
brighl ami lovely member uf Victoria
society. Hhe was very popular, and
.. .i.n.iiii .uiin, iu,I a large circle of
admirers. Ily a number ul these she
wus heseiged when I advanced tu say
farewell. Her fond mother was in the
group that surrounded Ihu fair girl,'
whose sweel face was more tbau usual
ly animated in anticipation of the
round uf pleasure thai awaited her
upon'arrival at Han Francisco.
There were other fair ami joyous
maidens on hoard, aud there were
young mothers iu lhe firsl Mount' of
womanhood, wilh children al Iheir sides
or in Iheir arms. There were matrons
whose grown up children had come lo
lhe whurf to see Ihem safely off, ami
bless their departure and pray for Iheir
preservation, fur no une fell any cou
fidcuce in the old steamer. There was
the young liusliuml on his way to I'uii
fomla lo seek a new home, straining
his dear wife to his hosum as he kissed
her uud usked (iod lo keep auil bless
her ami lhc baby in his absence There
wus lhe energetic business man, iu Hie
lull dush uf manly strength ami op
Iimlsm,. planning fur lhe extension of
his trade. There was Ihi' amlolious
sludeul uu his way lu college, aud the
rising professioual mau ami Ihc Ihuughl
I'ul fullier of a large family; lhe silver
haired grandfather ami the successful
gold miner; Hie banker ami lhe faithful
Government officer who was bouml, un
der leave of absence, for his native sud,
tu tiled uuce more Hie friends of bis
childhood from whom he had loug been
sejiuruled, uml who, at a social gather
iug held in his honor the evening be
fore, hud sung wilh much |iathos- -
"Home again, humc again frum a
far off ...Iiiu.',
Aud oh! it Oils my heart with joy
lu greet .my frieuds once more. "■
Thc fund eyes Ihut watched for his
coming to llie old home grew dim aud
weary with lhal "hope deferred which
iiiakeih lhe heart sick," for he came
no more.
Bvery class, every nationality, every
age were assembled ou the. deck of Ibat
doomed vessel. The last bands I grasp
ed were those of H. P. Moody, of tbe
Moudyville Hawmill t'o., and Frank
Hurcsche, private banker aud Wells,
Fargo k (Jo.'a agent At I descended
the giug plank I met a lady witb a
lillle buy iu her arms. Toe way wo*
steep, and I volunteered to carry the
little fellow aboard. He was banded lo
me, aud I toiled up tbe plank and de
livered lum to bis motber when *bc
too, had gained the deck. The wee
blue eyed boy put up bii lin* to be
kissed, and waved bis little bands a*
I turned to go, and tben mother and
child were swallowed up in tbe danse
throng, and I uw tbem no more for
Tbe ship, as I have said, wai billed to
slil at nine o'clock. Bhe did not get
of until nearly an hour later. Tbe ume
thing happened at Tacoma the day
previous. Tbe sleamer was advertised
to leave at noon. Hhe did not leave
until evening. The captain, wbo was
in'bed, hid given orders lhat be ibould
not be disturbed until be awoke. And
no t mail carrying veiael, witb steam
on the "whurf gave throe rousing choirs
tp spuml the duparting friends ou thtir
wny.   The response   wss loml   nnd
disturbed^   It was pearly UO o'clock
when ttytoln'itofril unwed on the
bridge at Victoria and the order wos
git's' ti .eas'Uff." W,rtHW«d»MI|l|lll)llWI, Ullll' IIUIHH l|)U lllllll»B|)|l(l
given at nine o'clock, In all human
probability the ship would hove, esc
npeii the peril whieh awaited her, tin)
this dismal chapter would not have
heen written. Home popple will persist in attributing disaster ami sickness
ami ill-fortune (»the Divine Will, hnt
If fitt whole wurld wuru In pry ont that
lhe "Pacific" waa lost, because Oud
willed it I should say thnt the vessel
Went down because th* most ordinary
precautious for safety were viulaten
by her officers. I do ||0t I liink that
the captain realised Ihe Importance
and gravity of the duties he had under
luken tn discharge. I do not believe
he ever reflected that in his hands
wero placed the lives and property of
several hundred of his fellow beings
uml that upon Iiis judgment, sobriety
and care depended tboir safety.
Tbu "Pacific" was a had ship and
au unlucky one. Hhe had been uml.
ouce before, ami fur Iwo years previous
lo the breaking out of tbo t'assiar
gold fevor liud lieen laid away iu Hie
company's "bonoyard'' at Han Fran
•■men, from which ahe was taken and
fitted up to nceoiiinioilnie the rush uf
peuple to the new goblfields. Hhe was
innulely rotten, but the paint and putty
thickly daubed on covered much of the
rottenness, as paint and powder hide
the wrinkles and crow's fuel uf a sn
ciety belle, and scarcely anyone was
aWare uf the ship's rogl conditioii, although she was regarded as unsafe.
A munth after she had gutin duwu pur
num. uf her frame that came ashure
at Fuul iluy wure so decayed lhat yuu
euuld pick Ihem lu pieces with your
fingers. Tho wood about the bull heuds
was gone and Ihe bolls played louse in
their sockets. The vessel was nol in
. iimlitioii to withstand the Impact of
a severe shock; lun had Ibe officers
discharged their duly there would have
heun no shock ami no lust vessel, ou
Ibat voyage al least.
As the vessel swung off the multitude
were waved and last message* es-
charged until the vessel h>d disappeared around the Hrst point. A belated
Englishman, who had passed the pre
viuiis plght Ip a wild rovel, nnd wtin
hud taken » ticket by the "l'acillc,"
was the "last mnn" m lhls wwten.
As lliu vessel paused ont the belated
oue appearoil on the wharf with his
hand-bag and a steamer trunk. Ho
shouted and signalled! but all to nn
purpuse. The boat kept on her way,
md the man rjaneed up anil down In
bis rage. Then ho sat down on his
trunk and cursed the beat and ali its
belongings. Ilis profanity was awful
to hoar aud quit, original. As it op
poured to do him good ill) one interrupted him. When I left he wun still
cursing. Au hour after lie was holding
•lowa a saloon bur und pouring the tale
of his ". nmi'. into the receptive ears
Of   thll   lllirl.eepel,   H'llll   ,'ll'lllplllllel icilll V
listened uiiii churgeil him fur his sym-
p: ilu at Ihu mie of ii bit pur glass.
When lhe toper's money waa exhausted
tliu barkeeper led him outside and
plopped hlm up as an example of a
Mural Wreck in fruni of a rival saloon.
If Ihe mun reud Hie papers live days
luler he most have lluinked his stars
tbat tho captain alii! not put back to
taku him on buunl, and uu doubt he
recalled all bis mm, lily wurds.
On tho corner uf Government ami
Fort streets, as I passed lilong a few
minutes luler, I saw Mr* Digby Palmer standing. ■ Hhe was gluing wilh
glistening eyes toward the nuler bar
bor. Where lhe llilhet Wharf now
lumi there grew on lhe shure quite a
(.■i.ii,■ of tall forest trees. Above the
lops of these trees Ihe smoke uf tbo
departing steamer was rising in great
black billows mnl Mug ilself in
space, It was this suiuke Mrs. Palmer
wus watching. As I approached sl|e
■  ( ~~
(Continued ou Friday.)
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It Lonsdale Avenue and Capilano Car Tenuluiu
Phouis: Lonadalo 167. Oapiiano llll.
Cerreipondence-Propoged CivicCentr
North Vancouver,
,'inili Sept., llllll.
Editw Kipress:
Bir,—As thp city is soon to bo iu
possession uf some (03111)0 from the
sale of tbo present city ball premises,
Ihe question arises as tu what sile
will  bo eliimeii  fur a uew hall.
A few munlhs ugu yuu published u
suggestion of mine, vii., that the new
hull be mude a distinguishing feature
uf Ihe North Bhore aud nut bu placed
in some huie iu tbu curlier, but occupy
a in.iiiil and eommandiiig pusitiuu
worthy uf a great city to be. For such
a civic iemu' what could lie more ap
propriate tbau at tho head uf the hill
leading up frum tbu ferry, between
Upper aud Lower Keith ruads iu what
is al j.i nt Lousdale avenue, the lai
ler dividing at Ibis puiut aud funning
s circle round tbe city hall, aud wilh
a park uu cither side I A glimpse at
Ibe above cut will give uue a good idea
uf the pusitiuu I refer to.
Many uther sites bave been suggest
ed, bul can any fur uue moment cum
pare with this) And what shuuld ap
peal lu the business iustiuds of the
community is this that lhe sile would
cost absolutely nothing, alluw'ug all
Ihe ttiljiPl lu be applied lu Hie hall
lisefl, instead uf beiug eaten up by
llie purchase of custly lull.
The city uf Vancuuver bas deemed
it fil to employ Ur. Mewiou, Ihe land
scape engiueer, uf Liverpool, t>. plan
Ihe layiug uut of coal harbor ami
Stanley Hark. Wby not take advau
lage of Ibe presence of tbis emiueiil
man aud secure bis opinion ou Ibe dif
fer.nl suggested sites I At Ibe same
lime he might uutliue ulher Improve
iiieuls.   Fur instance, tbere is Ibe ferry
North Vancouver City
Price I .isl is now tcady for Subdivision of
BLOCK 11 A,  - D. L 550
on I,iuiTti.nl,my Avenue car line
Size of lols 50 fl. by 121 fl. all cleared
The North  Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company
Limited Liability
Nortli Vancouver Agents for
Plione Seymour 6286 / ,
approach. At present ils lupsidodand
undignified uppeuruuee is nu credit to
us. Let us lune here, iu the1 nature of
a flue building, uu urclt spanning the
ruudway, or otherwise, something lhal
will make imposing this Hulewuy lo
Ihe i'ily uf the Capiluno.
Twu distinguishing fcutures such ns
abuve, wuuhl give Hie city' sninelliing
lu be proud of. Yuurs, etc.,
Board of Worki
lie letter frum W. V I'hplium asking
fur the removal uf twu rocks ou Ibe
Uoulevurd ullowauee on lul 111, '111, 213,
uu llunl' slreet casl. Kecuuinieudeil
that Ihc rucks be removed.
He Idler from Alexander Law usk
iug for a sidewalk iu fruul uf Ins fuur
imu.. ■ at the iiiiilii.i i curner uf flh
slreet and Muudy uvenue. [tecum
mended that litis be grunted.
Ke Idler from I). II. Whitlow asking
for Ibe .inin. il to colled uu accuunl
against Thumpsuu k Hluart fur dum
egos through blasting uu I ulli sired
lie. iiiiiiiiiii.I..I thul Mr. Whitlow lie
wrilteu tu Idling him lu apply lo
lluuul' mi   .i   .'-ii.iiii  direct.
He Idler frum Wm. II. I'urrur unkmg
Ibal sidewalk be continued uu I In'
suuth Hide uf lilh sired wcsl from
Ihe easl boundary of lul ■'), HI, tilt, lo
conned wilb the eiistiug sidewalk ou
lhe wesl side of I'bcslcrllehl avenue
lleconimeiiile.J Ihut application he
I'liiiu L. II 'I'lnlpol asking for lln
removal uf a dangeruus tree in block
II, hull. Itecuiiiiiieiiileil Ihul Hie Iree
be removed.
He petition from It. Yuung and uih
era for a sidewulk uu Ihe nurlh side
uf  2Mb   slreei   lielwi   Bt    (leorge's
and  Ut.   Andrew's  uvenue.    llecom
mended thui this work In' done.
He petitiou from Harold Wull uul
others asking for the upening up uf
.ill) slreet fur Uie block wesl Irum
Junes avenue. Uecommendcd thut
I.ui. avenue be opened up frum ililli
slreet to .'illi street uml lhal Kith
slreei lie opened frum Jones lo laraou
He petition from Jaines illuke 'uml
ulliii. u I.mu for sidewnlk nu the eusl
jsi.lt* of I'hi'sterfidil aveuue hclweei'
Mih ami Iiiih slreels. Itccumim tided
thai  lins be done.
Ile Idler fruni H. II. McAllister ink
ing for a sidewalk lo lot s.i resuh
ili vision of i lu II), U.l. MS lleioiii
inen.led Ihul a sidewalk be laid un Hie
soulb sule of lllh itrocl from (.'busier
I hold avenue 'lii'l fed wcsl
He Idler from T J. tannic asking
fur sidewalk un lilh street east lu lul
I), Ili, ill lliu ulullieinleii lliul u side
walk be continued on the soulh aide ul
Dili sired frum til Andrews avenue to
fctl   Dai uls aveuue.
Ke letter from A. Craven asking for
csteiisiun of sidewalk on Bewicke
avcuue frum lol HA Hecoiuraeinlcil lhat
sidewulk be laid on lhc easl side uf
Hew uke avenue frum lilh slreei iM)
feel norlb.
He widening uf lib slreet Kesulved
lu ublaiu a wrilteu opinion from lbe
cily solicitor as lu lhc died uf llie
eunveyaiices from lhe various owners
lo Ihe city of Ihe porlious of Ihflr
respective luls necessary fur Ibo Did
euiug, aud Ihe cily clerk was instruct
ed lo draft a Idler lu be sent to the
.ily   "lu ii..   on Uiis subject.
Finance Commit!**
He letter frum (i. A. 8limion * I'i,
aikiug that two panoramic views of
tbe city of North Vaucouvor be ie
cured for tbeir London oBIci*. The
mayor waa authorised to procure the
necessary views and submit Ihem lu
Btimsen I Co.
lie. iniiin. iiil.'d lbat slept be Ukeu
to register on indefeasible title all uu
registered durumente uf bind in Ibe
rity bill ind in cases where Ihere pre
tu duplicates of sucb documents Ibal
duplicate* be madt before registration
hecummended Ibat the assessor be
empowered, if necessary, lo consult
Ibe city solicitor oo any point which
may arise iu connection with regis'ra
lion o/ Uii lanes in Uie city. -
Bfcoxnmended tbat letter be written
lo, tht ti. V. Und A Jmpro»*m*nl Co.
Tlie Canadian Bank
of Commerce
Capital $15,000,000   Best $12,500,
North Vancouvtr Branch Now Located at the
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Interesl is allowed on all depoiiti of $1 and upwatds.
A General Meeting of the Ratepayers'
Association will be held in the City
Hall, on the evening of Oct. 2nd, at 8
o'clock p.m. Issues of vital importance
to the ratepayers will be discussed.
A large attendance is requested.
Secretary, Ratepayers' Association
We are showing au excellent llui of Sterling Silver and Plated Ware,
nothing but t' e blghoat grade of Oood*.
Our low expenses enable ua to muk our prices much bolow those wbo
psy bigb rent*.   A comparison will provi Uiii to you.   See our windows <
The Store of Quality
and Low Prices.
ciplaiiiiiig lhal the registrar of lilies
will not accept Ihe form of dedication
of binds grunted by the company lo lhe
city, staling Ihul Hie council will be
glad if the company will give u deed
to Ihe sume in duplicate
Hei iiiiimciiilid Ihut  Miss Kelly, steil
ograpber In il ly clerk's ollice, be
grunted the remainder of her holidays
ine clork was authorised lo arruuge
inr temporary assistance.
Lanes Ooiumltteo
Ke pel il iuu  from   Waller  Tbornlou
ami others asking thai a lane iu bluck
iu, llil, be upeued up, Kecommeuded
Ilml  Hie wurk be doue provided il is
scuvorrd thai Hie eily owns Hie Iuue
lie Idler Irom Mr llui lund asking
lm the opening of Hie lane in block
III) Kceommended Ihul Mr. Iloyland
he written lo lhal owing lo lhc ruling
nf Hie AllJrucj (Iciieral Ibe council is
unable lu disruu'i whether ur uul Ibis
lim.' beloiigs lu the .ity, ullhough Ihey
bate made considerable cITurl lu du so.
Ile petition from Palmer, Burmester
.'. Vou (Iravenili and ulhcrs request
nig the opening U|> and gradiug uf lhe
lune in block IW, 211 lleconimcmlcl
Ibal a similar letter be seul lu tbem
as lu Mr. Iloyland.   .,
ileioinmeinleil lhal a bylaw be pre
pared expropriating the balance of
lanes in 11. I., ill.
Park* CommitUi
The engineer |iruduced * plan uf lbe
recreation ground in Malum park, and
il was recuuiuieiided Ibat tbe plan as
submitted  be approved.
Ite letter frum P.. S. b-ylis applying
mi behalf uf lbe N. V. Hockey club
fur the use of Ibe Boulevard park.
The mailer wai left iu Ihe binds of
tbe .iiiiiinii.ii witb power lo act.
riri and Light Oommlttii
Tbe following applications well
mule fur Ihc installation of atreet
Fnim lieu I'aiupbell, secretary board
of school Iroslees, for a ligbl at Ibe
comer of 8th and Hidgeway avenue
Prom L. It I'bilpul and others for
Iigbls in Ibe neighborhood of I lib and
1Mb slreels, from Ibe Boulevard west
le Hidgeway avenue.
Kroui Alexander Uw for a ligbl al
Hie comer of Mb and Hidgewny
Kiniii J, H. Kn'glisb and others for
a light at tbe comer of 11 tii and eait
side bf Ibe Boulevard.
From N. Wbitlingbam aud others
fur a light at Ike lorner 0/ I,onsdsle
and taib and oo iwih between !-ou«
dale and Sl. Andrews avenue.
Tke committal ditermiaed to make
a  further  tuur  of   tuapectiou   lo  see
whal lights are necessary.
A letter frum Mr Percy King, sec
relary of the Kralcrnal tinier of Eagles,
in reference to the grading uf a road
10 froul of lhc pliil which the order
owns iu lhe rily cemetery.
The cily treasurer, Mr. ti Hum
|.hreys, nolille.l Hie council thut nul of
a total uf flil.tl'Mllii due as laves ami
lueal Improvemenl levies fur lul: he
had collected lo dute IJ»I..'S.I.Ill, being
i" per ceul. uf lhc total collectible.
The win.1.1 uf til. Agues' church
wrote asking for u refund uf laves
paid uu Ihc luls U|>on which Hie church
■iiii"i They referred the cuuucil lo
section lis of Ihc Municipal Houses
Act, wlneli slater Ihul properly upuu
which a church is built is Clililled lu
cicmplion from loiolioli. Thc mailer
was referred lo lbe linauce committee,
His honor Ibe lucul. lluvernur iu
I'uiiiuil has been pleased lu make Hie
inline. 11.,. appointments.
To be Justices of the I'ce e
Joseph Albc'l He I ulf ie uf Ibe cily
uf I'url Alberni.
Arlnur Henry (Jricibaeh. uf ('hem
Viola Miy McCoy, lu lie stenographer
and typist in lhe land registry ollice
al Ihe city of Nelson from the Isl day
of August, llllx.
To be commissioners for taking uih
davits In Ibe supreme courl:
Hicbiuoml Electoral Dislricl- Donald
Burgess, Hi.hur.I Street, and Edward
I'aiupbell, bolb uf I'ily Heights P. Q.j
Harry Kay, Kenneth Ininioiid, Juhn N.
Muuat, Ame Kredriekioti, David Bob
son and 1). McKay, all of Houlb Von
Vanrouver <ity Klerloral Diitrict -
II. Davidson, James David Bryant aud
Ucorge W. Howlond, all of Vancouver,
Cranbrook electoral district-4>d.
W. Swoio of itanbroi.k
i'oiiii.j I'lc,imui District—H. M.
line, of Powell river.
CcrliScitci of incorporation nova
been Iuued to tbe following companies:
Alberni Investments Ud., B. P. Little
instruction Ho. Ltd., Canadian Norlh
wesl Htcel.Company UA., "'erlcr DeWar
Crowe Company ' l.ld., Cosmopolitan
Club, Dominion (las Company Ltd, 1.
X. L. Uondry, UA-, King footweir
Cu |.td., Nelson Tenl and Awning M/g.
Co. Ud., Beliance invci|||ent and Bid.
Cu., Ud., United f'armlW Ud, Van
Bcbmldl Ud., Weil Can|%n Morlgago
Co. Ud, and tk* W*sUnb»*tor Qranfi
Hail C'o. Ud.
*   » tftOVtU VAM0OHTBB.
111 fWWfMwf*   WMfW BWW
Pobllibtd Tjiasdayi and Mdayi by Nortli fihora Prtttf Limited.
1OBO. H. mwm, KD1T0H, AND MANA0U8.
Rates of 8ubsorlpt|oniH)nj mri IW*. Bi» months, Wl. Thm mouths, gto,
United Status and Foreign, fi.99 par year,
Advirtlilug BaU* WW B* QuoUd on Applir.atlon.
Tbs Express is devoted (o iba interests of the North Bhore of Hurrard lulet
exclusively. It constitutes an advertising medium of exceptional value fat
reaching in a thorough and effective mannor the population ot North Vaneouvir
Oity and Piitrict. Every effort is made to glva advertisers tba most satisfactory
service.     _ 	
All chaugaa In contract advirtlseminti ihould ba in tha printers' hands not
lalur than Ul a. m. Monduy and 6 p. m. Wednesday to ensure iusartiou iu Ihu
fullowlng Issue.
Nortk Vancouvai, B. 0„
.Ootob«r 1, Hia.
The situation as it aa present exUts
relative lo Ihu efforts of the district
couucil of Norlh Vuiiciiiivor, to procure
from lhe Douiiuiou guvernment Ih*
riparian rights iu connection with tho
i ml iif a street which the district Iisb
permission to cunstnift thruugh Bey-
moor Indian reserve, again brings forcefully lu public iiiii'iiiiiui tbu extreme do-
s i nt Iii lit y of an uutliorilative disposal
uf the vexed question of the rights of
Ihc In.iiuiu. relative to the foreshore
fronting on Indian reserves.
If equity unly lie considered, it is
difficult to sec iu what way the Indians
lire ful it lei In the  mut accruing
|n Hn- respect frum results whieh are
ih|c solely lo the dualities brought to
bear by the while race. The Indians, it
is Irue, were Ihe urigiual inhabitants
of Ihe cuunlry and it is i|Uitu as uu-
liouiulfly Irue, ihul had the couutry
been loft ii, their hands, it wuuld still
bu in ils urigiual slate and the value
of ripuriiin lights would be, just what
they were hundreds nf years ago, ond
Iheir interests in the value of those
rights wuubl be gauged accordingly.
II is easily pussible, however, thai
llie .in.ilmi, iu law may he entirely
different front Hie above. It ia possible that were ilie matter referred lo
Ine courts Ihe courts might rule that
the conditions under wi.li Ihe Imliuns
were placed ill pusses, on uf Ihe Indian
reserves throughout the Dominion run-
vi veil to lliem uu undisputed right and
nib- nol only to the land and therefore
lo ull increment whieh the development
of lhe country might cause with re
sped thereto, but likewise to all rip
arum rights which might be shown to
pertain lo any such reserve. It might
be ruled thul those ripuriun rights were
the indisputable rights of the Indians,
whether Ibey na.l or hud nol prucured
a separate conveyance uf Ihe same as
is necessary in the case of Caucasian
waterfrout properly owners. Oil Ihe
other hand it is likewise possible lhat
Hie courts might decjde in favur of Ibe
I umi.liuu people uu these ami Hie oilier
points whicii nnghl be raised instead
of in favor of Ihe Indians In either
use il is imperative iu the iutereits of
ull parlies Ihul the mailer be disposed
ul ouce uml for all al the earliest
pinu.ll.le dale
ll will be noted from lhe words used
in Councillor Ward's reporl to Ihe
dislricl council wiin reference lo the
street end in ipjeatiou that the deputy
minisler was evidently careful luavoid
asserting lhal lhe Indians had any
inlliui riparian rights, bul he declared
Hun Hie government hud no intention
ul purling frum any "rights lhat tbe
Indians MI'JIIT possess" until Ihey
l.ul received full commercial value
llier. tor This Is a position whieh
every fair minded citizen will accept
uiiluiiil question inasmuch as there is
absolutely no disposition in any ipier
ter, lo I real the Indians iu any bul
the mosl fair minded manner, ll is
ipnlc evident, however, that the unset
llei| stale of Ihis issue is retarding Hie
development of lhe country fur lhe in
stance under discussion is unly one of
very many difficulties whicii are devel
oping Ibrougboul the wesl relative to
Indian reserves ami tiie rights of Ihe
Indians therein.
The presence, al tlieeprcscnt lime, of
a governinenl commissioner ut Hie coast
for the purpose of investigating and
reporting upon all phases of the rela
lum. ol the Indians to Ihc governinenl
affords encouragement lo believe that
developments of a tangible nature may
be expected in Ihe not distant future
and il certainly hflo be hoped tbat the
anticipation* created by this mceus will
be  fulfilled.
The importance of this matter will
be evident when il ia considered lhal
iu the present instance jv.rc the courts
to rule lhat the Indians did not own
Hie riparian rights, the district council could at once procure the street
end desired, by way of .lease or crown
grant from tbe governmeut at a uom
inni cost while uuder present conditions
tboy i.iu be procured ouly at a cost so
exorbitant that it is beyond the ability
of tbe d,strict council to proceed witb
the proposed public' improvements at
Ibe point in question.
The proposal made by the executive
of tbe city ratepayer!' association tbat
a governinenl audit tt tht city's books
Ire made is one tbat should be given
tk* elooeit semtjny helm it is p»t
iulu effect. It Is only s fow years
since tho city was subjected to a pru
cess of this sort, with the result tbat
it cost the ratepayers over nine bun
lire.I dollars tn discover tbat every dol
lur uf revenue was duly accouutud fur
in tho records. It is quite eaay tu
discern that a repetition of this experience, while It would in no way
beiietit the ratepayers, might vury eas
ily exert a detrimental ■ influence on
the city's financial standing, inasmuch
as it would indicate that a spirit of
distrust prevails in Ihu community with
respect to the handling of civic funds.
Strictly speaking, a government audit
"nul.I he ■ ..hii:. ■ I to uu examination
of receipts and expenditures as re
vealed by lhe city books aud records.
II would show whul money had been
received uul frum what sources, what
money had been expended, fur what
purpose ami to whom paid. Any mat
lertr beyond these items would lie ba
yntiil the pale of a guvernment audit,
iu Ihu strict sense. We do not hesi|ate
In .I.. lure our belief Ibat such an umlil
wuuld only serve tu vindicate the abso
lute cleanliness of lbe city's li nun.ml
uiluiiuistrutiuii-tnd the perfect accuracy of the city's books. Where then
is the justification for the proposed expenditure uf one Ihuusand dollars or
more I
Wc do mil profess lu be informed
with reference tu the gruumls upon
whieh Ihe executive have launched
their requeit, but if it is based un
mutters whieh dn not strictly pertain
lo cily receipts and expenditures, theu
a commission of inquiry, uut a government audit, wuulil elicit Ihe inform*
lion which Ihe exuiulive is of opinion
ought lu be procured.
In any ease, befure the Executive
asks the ratepayers lo commit themselves lu any movement of such a ua
lore, ll xeruliv.c shuuld feel    lliem
selves uuder obligation tu stale pub
liely lo their fclluw ratepayers the
nature of Hie irregularities which they
suspeel ami the ground upon whieh
Ihose suspicions are base.t. The ac
lion of Ihe body of ratepayers should
be luken unly iu llie light of the full
est information loat is at present avail
able and afler the fullest and freest
discussion in whicii all sides are given
a fair uml impartial Inuring
The meeling called by Ihe executive
for Wednesday evening will afford the
needed opportunity for the members uf
Ihe executive to lake their fellow rale
payers fully inlo their confidence ami
it is tn be hoped thai Ihey will I lien
place the body of ratepayers iu position
lo intelligently discuss lhe matters at
issue su that a wise rourlusiou muv he
arrived al In view of all lhe interests
,".,.  re---.
The announcement that lhe govern
meiii has issued instructions for for
warding a cheque to tbe eity for the
amount uf the purchase price uf Hie pre
suni eity hall site for pust office pur
puses, brings Ihe city ratepayers face
tu face wilh Ine problem of a uew
eily   hull site.
Now lhal Ihis queitiou is thrown
open, lhe ratepayers are placed iu a
position of enviable advantage with
reference to solving au important problem in Ihe light of modern ideas of
cily building. II is desirable, there
fwe, thai Hie matter be approached
with due deliberation and lhat every
consul.'riiliun be giveu every project
which may be suggested, for the satis
factory selliemeul of lbe question.
Tiie problem is nol primarily one of
cosl. II is true Ibat if Iwo solutions
are available, cijuully desirable, tben
the oue which entails tbe lesser expen-
diiure should be cboseu, but tbis is a
situation which is altogether unlikely
lo arise and Ihere ran be no doubt tbat
Ihe ratepayers will be found willing to
assume any adequate expenditure, in
order lo settle thc queitiou in a man
nor that will redound to the credit and
tbe advantage of the city for all time.
It   ia,   perhaps,   unnecessary   to   oh
aerve that the question ia oue, Ibe	
'"Ii'uiun of which ihould be kepi eu
lirely free from auy sectional feeling
or personal interests, but which should
bo dealt witb solely upon the broad
basis of the intercuts pt the entire com
Tbere arc several suggestions which
arc already before the public witb reference to the matter. It li propoied
tbat tbe properly at preient in ui* a*
CheiteraeSd aveou* public achool be
uaed lat eity hall purpoiei, at any
ate idea of the direction nt the ■• iI>'»
Ill .this.fflBllifiiflll tin fact ji.c|tnd
that the property is tou small for school
purposes and lhat tho grounds .MfflOt
ho enlarged because llie cast would be
prohibitive. Is it, therefor?, proposed
that in Uking ovor the proporty lor
city ball purposes, a nuvy" and spacious
school sitp lm pur/lmted iu the vicinity, somewhat higher up tbu hill. This
Is a move which would curtuinly lm
greatly to thu belief)! of the education
tx Mtftit* of tim Tftr^-irurwTOr
years the' trustees havu recognised lbe
unsultabllity of the cheateriluiii avonue
site, both US to siso umi locnl ion,
for school purposes. Two or tbree yuan
ago an effort was mado to procure
another location but without success
aud it is safe to say that o move iu
this .lim hou would moet wilh the
approval of the Board nf School Tnis
Some time ago there was published
in these columns, a stiggcsliuu frum
Mr. V, 0. Tv lemon with referent .■ to a
city ball sile which attracted considerable attention, aud particulars of whlcb
aru reproduced in this issue. Oue uf
Hie |ltrac|lvi features uf this scheme
is the fuel Ihul il provides u sile free,
of cost so thai all ninnies expended
cnuld be used fur lhe liiiililing und
surroundings, Huts puviiig thu wuy fui
Hie croi'liuii uf an impnsing eilihYo.
Vet another suggestion bus been ilis
I'ttssuii lu the effect Ihul the city uur
chase one of the blocks bordering Vic
iuuu Park (oilher east or wesl} fur
civic purpuses ami Ihul uu effort he
made to induce the Domiuion umi lite
provincial governments to participate
in a scheme lu purehuse all four blocks
which border uu Ihis park uu lhc nurlli
ami on Ihe suuth, ami that this location
be made intu uu imposing cjvie centre,
liy the erection of city, provincial uml
federal public buildings nu the several
blocks. If this scheme . mild be sue
cessfully worked uut, there is uo doubl
that Nurlh Vancouver wuubl thereby
lind itself in possession of one of llu
most excellent civic centres of which
any city on the continent could boast.
There are, doubtless, other   schemes
which might be euusidereil, but which
have nol yel been proposed.   The eii
council might wisely appoint a spe. i:
commillee to investigate uml to repuit
with reference to the several schemes
for a uew city hall site, with a view
to devising some plau fur urorurlng au
expression of opinion thereun. frum lb
ratepayers   al   Ihe   civic  elections   i
January next.
SP,QM mhU it An ft wno^ for aule
ss)t. Prlca par odd cords, 11.76. Spe
cial tiiiotatious for larger quantities.
Qui Wood, W mm, W.M, 18 Inches
MM. C. 0. D.
Offico and Yard—Hlli wirj LoniMf
Pbonp |90,    p. 0. Bos 2432.
Norlli Hhore i'ress limited is
prepared lo cntcrluiu propositions
fur a luan lo be utiliu I n ilu- nm
structiou of a liiiililing Tor nova-
paper ami printing purposes, l.i be
erected un lul 16, block |i>7, I). 1..
271, beiug Ifie norlh west corner ol
First street ami lingers uvenue, Ihis
city. Full particulars muv be ob
lamed by applying lo :ne under
(IBO.  II.  MOI.'lll'X.
In pursuance of au assignment dated
August L'S!fi, lllli, to Ihu undersigned,
partita Indebted In llie W. II. Blimey
Iv Company are hereby notified lo pay
lhc amount* due al the office of Hie assignee, Wilson k Perry, suite II, HcDeek
Building, 1116 Hustings slreet wesl,
Vancouver, II. ('., i.l the curliest pos
slide momeut, who will issue receipts
for same.
Phone Seymour trill.
In  th* Mittir  of  Tb*  Leonard Salt
Company, Assigned
Tbe creditors having given imperative
instruction* tu collect all outstanding
accouuti, purlins indebted to the above
"The Leonard Sale Company," are re
queited lo call and settle tbeir indebted
nes* forthwith. This can b« doue by
•ither railing at tbe store, i< Louidsli
Aveuue, North Vancouver, io the man
In charge, or at the office of Wilion it
Firry, Assignees, 336 Hastings Btreet
Weat, Vincouvtr.
If. Auignee.
Lodge Wostirn Bose, No. 886
. Heelings o.' this lodge aru held in
Ihu Knights of Pythias Hail, curner ol
I'liesieiiielii ininiie ami I'uiuili :.ii.ui
nn the tii d nud third Fridays iu each
month, at 8 o'clock p. in.
I'ouiiiiiiniculions and applications for
mumburshlp tu bu addressed to Humid
I..'eu, secretary, P. 0. box 8311. 16 7 18
In ull ilountrlei. Aik fur our Inv.-n-
lur'i Advisee Marlon A Marlun, Kl
i-iiiveridiv Streel, corner Ht. Catherine
Street, Montreal, Cunadu,  aud  Wush
hlulmi,  ll. C„ 11. H   A.
Vancouver Buiineu Directory
SPROTi-SliAW  Busine.s College
336 Hastings St. W.
Ganidl'l Qr**l*at W.11.ru School
11. J. Sprott, R.A., - -Uiiimpti
Yorkshire Guarantee it Securities
Corporation, Limited
440 Seymour Streel
K. Kerr Houlgate — Managei
All Nortb Vincouvir ptopli cat al
Hither Finch lllock or liusliuu;! St.,
opposite the new poll office. I..-.uund
sells hii te* by Ibe pound.
11   1.  rilAST  SI, ul.livn 1.
KOH   v 1, inlu v
10:00   u in Iiully
2.00   pui llall)'
HIS   pm Dully
KOH  ••!   VI 11 I
10.00   i> 111      Ilull)
11:0(1   tun I'uil.
KOH    s vvvinii
10.00   11 In   ulld   ib.10   u iu     Hull)'
1.00 nm   ..Tliursduy und Huluiduy
KOH      I'HIM i:       HIl'IIIT      auli
11:00  inn Hul Urdu) "
I'HIM r    HI l'l.HI     ANII    I.HVMIV
10:00 pm     Wodmsduvs
KOH 11 viiiii   11 vv. iinniv imii
VMI   III t.VN    I'M I c
10:00   UIII      Wedllesdu) a
KOH     I iti 11     in v.in     Hiu 11
l.euve  Weslnilnsler    t lit a.m
Mon. Wed   and Friday
I.1.11V  I'lillllwuek    7:00 uin
Tuea. Tboin  and Sul.
KOH   III I.K   IM  VMI   I'lllMS
7:00 u 111   I in ml.iv   fur Vlclorla, call-
lua ul iliilliino, Mavile Islund. Ilul'.'
nay, I'orl Wimliltiulon. ilauid'i llui
bur. Sni, 1.. mi  .uve,  Jicivci   Pulnl,
l-'ellui.l uml Hldliey Island '
Vat   rutea,   i.-si 1 vulluns   und   all
further   1.if.u in.iih.11   apply   lo   I
MOK,   Cily   I'aaienaer   Agent,   III
llusllnss  HI.,   or   II    W.   IIIIOHIK.
U.P.A., Vancouver
■       1
100 Per Cent
Pure Paint
WB GUARANTEE tha MartlliBtiiour Kill Fer Cent. Pure Paint
(except a few dark shades that cannot ho prepared from load and
sine), to hi mads from purt carbonate of lead, piuo oxide pi sine,
With coloring matter in propurtionata quantities necessary to make
their respective shades and tints, with purt llnseod oil and turptn-
ttuo dryor, and to be entirely fret from water, boiisinu, whiting
and adulterations, Slid sold subject to chemical analysis.
Ths Martin Helmut' Oo. Ltd.
This is tht ouly Paint so gusrsntoed because it is tht only
PUBB PAINT on tht market.    ,
  "      '              in 11   a
90 Lonidale Avenue     Next to P.O.
Begirding tho sail of tht 33 Iota which were the site of the old Beyuiour
Mill 011 Sutherland Avenue.
For a payment of 1200 cash and $10 per month you have a
1 lianec of valuable residence lot*, close to tho Grand Boulevard at a
very low prico.
We bave also for sale teu lots lu Block "O" of District Lot 'iti,
on St. Georgo's Boad wbere tbe Seymour factory is located at moderate
price* and ou oaay terms of payment.
All these lots are cleared and ready for occupation
The Burrard Development Company United.
Assignee* of tho Beyuiour Ltinibot Co., Ltd.
17 Lousdale Avenue
North Vancouvor
Phoue 37
We Study Printing
We make a feature of prepai
ing printing dial is profitable lo
our patrons.
We study type faces and effects
lo insure attractive arrangement,
and wc believe you will appreciate
our handling of your work.
I loin a card lo a liugt poster
or an illustrated catalogue we will
give you a figure or our advice.
A Double Ender
50x 175 ft. on two graded roads, 17th St. and Yorkshire
Crescent, close to Fell Ave. carline, and all cleared and
nearly level, A snap at $2,000, One-third c»*h, b«l. 6 and 12 month*
Office them 178.
Beeldeuce Pilots Ut
P. If, Boa 1M1,
■ ^ttw*t.nr:wj)t-w7t w in
_ T_,_. „
B.gMlJ y«»r fi. N. A. Savings Hank Book M a sort Of W»t. r WllMl records
pMoly yimr progress toward* prosperity. Thero aro hundreds of these
tup PF ^?TI8H NQETU AWJOA WNWWM'i in Iho h»m,« ffmi
you. Js there one in your homo' }f not, ire will gladly provide one.
1836     THE BANK OF     \m
78 Years in Business.   Oupltal amJ Surplus Ovor ITiWhRM-
Two Offices in North Vancouver, Corner of Lonidale Ave
Rnd Eiplanade. Upper Lonsdale Avenue, near 14th Street
Electric Irons
10 Days' Free Trial
Solves the Summer Ironing Problem
Cm' liil- wc ore offering u "liulpoiul" of lltu 01b size, suilublo fur
general bousebbk] use, for $l.r>0. This iron is similar In ull "Holpoinls"
except thul the upper surface is unpolished.
i^nn vauey noies
.* mailing nt.lliaww4iintwi4ra.ini.
Kiiiie win ho held tonight iii Np. i Hro
hall af- 8:16; o'clock.      .    **   '
Mrs. II. Duuglas has been appuinted
as nnt of the judges pf ladies' wurk at
lhe Now WuStWlnst, r fair.
Mr. J. V. hfcNanght returned on
Friday evening frnm Kamloops,' whero
Iiu hail boon attending ibe sonpol trustees' niiiiimi convention.
A first I'liiMi meat market lias been
upeiii'il   uii  llie  curlier  nf  Center and
loun Valley rP|ii)s In the Merchants
Trust ami Trs'llng <Vs. Mock.
Mrs.'ainl Miss MacAulay bave returned tn Toronto, where Mias MacAulay
will resume her studies at tho university, Inking a modern lauguages course.
Second Street Easl, North Vancouver, B. C.
Possesses lhe finest roof garden on the Pacific Coasl. i
Band concert every Friday evening from 8 lo 10.
Hot and cold waler in every room.
European Plan only $1.00 a day up.
Weekly Rates $3.00 up.
Meal Tickets $5.00.
L REDA. Proprietor
Mr. Wm. (lerinyii uf Burnt Biver,
iiniiiiiii, is visiting h|s suit uu Cetera
mini. Mr. Ourinyu intends spending
rev oral weeks' visiting on the coast.
Mr. uiul Sirs. li. Duuglas entertained
a number uf friemls on Friday eveuiug
ut a wedding uniiiversary.   A very on
u.iil.lu time wus spent in dancing, mu
sic ami un inviting supper.
plensed   with  thp  uuuuiiiu'emont  that
the i'lub would give oven a bottpr per
formance iu tho Institute Hall on tlieir
hox! I rip frum New Zealand. A lurge
audience was present. T!lP program
rendered lstnt evening was us follows*
Overture, selected, w. w«r'!i song,
"far Away In Austral*," \>- lc!»pn'j
e»ilf »flhgi "Vpo'.o tit. PWi"   ft
Mj|l*; spug, "Ypur eyes ftjp luld mp
sp," A. Pavpliori song, "tfypinn pf thp
Old church Choir," P. Olarkpj song,
iiWItprj the Wl in the Lighthpusp
Sings," (J. Ivisnui spug, "Thon,l'
W. Porfior; comic soug, "Paper Bag
Popkery," .|. Howsoi); song, "I Hour
you Calling," Gordon llamsoy; piano
Iiiile .'.oln, selected, W. Meenelllin; song,
"iBoac of Ifpuplulu," P. Ivisoii; eoiiiic
spug, "Huw du du de du,'1 B. Mills;
soug, " Buses," fl. i'ei mi; comic suug,
'"Logic," J. I leu uuu; sung, selected,
Qordon Batusey; coon sung, "The Hur-
bor's Ball," I'. Olurko; song, "iluuie
land QoodByp," A. Cavalier; comic
soug, "Lisa's Tuul. ii-.," p. Koberta;
"Aloha Ou," Xeiiiiiiniiii tjimrtotto. Ac-
cutnpuiiists: Mr. T. W. Wunl ami Mr.
W. 'leen, hun 'le   dull,.   .        II.        Ma'
geuuis, Westilviir uml Printline enter-
luined Hie urtisles uml tlieir friemls
uml the Irustees tu supper which everyone enjoyed uml for which Ihe Indices very lieurlily uncorded Iheir best
Weduiiiiiliiy, Oct. 2nd. The meeting thou
udjoiirueil till Oct. and.
Mr. ami Mrs. I). Campbell of Campbell avonue will leave ou Thursday for
Seattle whore tbey intend making pre
puruliuns fnr a six nn.nllis' tuur around
Ihe wurlil, after which they intend redding iu Sydney, ti. S. W.
Biisluoss Uoutlciiicu's Popular Luucb Place.
Hieiiki.i.,,1 b ud to iiuiu  Luucb 11.00 to i.00
High Tea (i.iiii till 7.30.   Afternoon Teaa.
Bbort Orders specially attended to.
A mooting of.the i'iiiuiii Socio!) is
lulled fur next Priiiay evening tu
whieh ull interested ure earnestly invited.   Imp uiiiuil   business is nu  the
llUl'ket   lln In,Illi;'   i'lu, liuii   of   Uew   iilli
eers uml deciding the winter's wurk.
Vuliug un the propose.I by laws ail
refilled iu uther columns of this paper lukes place on Saturday next belween the hours of 9:00 cm. ami 7:011
pin., namely is,mm fur a park in
block LN, ll. I.. UUI and mil. ami Sun,
mill fur streel purposes.
Owing to lbe communion service last
Sunday, Children's ilay waa nol observed al Knox church. Next Sunday
morning, however, ii lined fur this iiu-
purtaul service, ami all scholars arc
i, ,p-, ,|. .1 tu be in Ibeir pltcci early.
Spec ml children's hymns Au address
uli the appuiuled topic, "Sowing ami
Heaping," will be giveu by Mr. Karle
The concert given last evening iu
lue Inslilule Hall by lhe members uf
lhe spurt-, and i'latitiie i lul, of lhe MS.
Zeulaiiilia, was au uni|ualilli d success in
. every way frum the evening overture
by Mr. Ward, ti. V. Bchool uf Music,
lo the lumi An iiniinii farewell, every
une of the audience was rcspuusive lu
the Iiliuiin of Ihe arlisles. II would be
unfair lu attempt tu discriminate, every
arlisl being heartily eucured. The audi
ence declared un every tide lhal this
was Ibe llucsl concert of iti kind put
Iff VUl.       I WllvvtF Iff V*
The municipality pf West Vaueouver
|ias received u clieipic for $0,0011 fruni
tho     provincial     (.nvemineut.    Tbis
amount is par, »f tha epntrlMiDR pf
lbe   deportment   nf   public   works   tp
wards tllU eusl   nf thP ennslinetinn  uf
tbp ^ar|ne Dr|yp.--
A meeling of the Lynn Vulley fuul
ball club was held uu Wodncsiluy even
ing last uml the fulluwiug business
transacted. Owing tu llie absence uf
the secretary, u mot inn uus poise,I
tu have Hie minutes uf previous meeting reuil ul ucxl We,In,.".Inv '• meeting.
A iiiiihuii was then passed lhal II. E.
Sharp net as secretary pru I cm. The
socrclury uf the N. V. f. L. wus pros
cut ami also une of the league dele
gates bringing with Ihem Ihe furuis
and cunstilutiuns of the league fur tho
Lyuu Vulley buys tu uign. It was moved that u referee be appointed as par
league rules, Mr. L. I). Wumlcuek beiug appointed fur this pusitiuu. A
mui ion was passed to, Interview Mr.
Brownies lo liml uut if he wus willing
lu luke the pusitiuu uf secretary fur
the iu,iiimli i lnl ninl,;: wilh Mi ulher
duties iu that capacity. Mr. Karle ninl
Mr. Tiiil,ni being appuinted as a committee.    All Interested iu fuotbuii ure
leipiisiisl |u be un lhe iloulevuril park
uu Saturday al ,1 u'cluck. A motion
lu the effect lbat Mr. Uurllcll shuuld
be the representative uf the club un
tbo executive uf lhe league was car-
rid unanimously. Nominations for cap-
lain ami vice-captain were then in ur
ilcr, ami afler duo vuliug II. I'i Sharp
wa* elected captain ami I'. Tarbul was
elected vice captain. Moved ami iccoml
cil that Messrs. Karle, Purdy ami I'm
mer lugeilier wllh I'upluin uml vice be
the selecliuii committee for the ,-H
, ion. Carried. Moved ami seconded Ihul
! tbe seerelary buy slicks and euluri
lu furm flag poit* fur corners of Held
. I'arried. The seerelary was instruct
1 eii tu furwaftl fees fur the entering ut
lbe leu in in lhe league. All membera
present signed lhe regulation furnisund
it is rqueited lhal auy une wishing
lo joiu Ibis club wuulil I.in.llv see ei
ther Mr. Ilurruws. Mr. Ilurilell ur Mr.
avoided apd that wborp misery ami
WMt )»VP he Id sway at times there
Till h Tirti «t\„ tt mil) ind
TtWluA Iwpiuess Will ml,: Mit
ss beep investigating dry-faping PIP;
thods for a couple pf years, but in a'
sort pf desultory manner, be. ipse pf
f\it slowpeBi pf the peoplo tq ai)ppe
new inetbpds; but tlio reports tbetefirflo
from its ipricultural department lmii
cats a growing interest and tbe introduction of uiuderu machinery and
implement* uud a more successful cultivation of the soil.
Mr. Coleman will be numbered ninun;;
the distinguished foreign delegates wlm
Will make reports on tbo agricultural
development pf iheir country, am) it
is anticipated tbat bis 'will bo unu of
thp must Interesting made at the congress.
A largely attended anil Interesting
wedding wus lliul performed at Christ
church ut nuiiii uu Thursday last when'
llev. C. C. Oweu Juinoil In marriage
iMiillv, unly iluughtcr uf Air. and Mrs
Frederick Lance of lleathstock, Holly
burn, Wesl Vancouver, ami Mr. Henry
A. Karle, alsu uf tbis city ami formerly
un Kiihuin I'luce, Amlover, llunl:., Eng
lumi. Tlie yuung bride, whu was
bruughl in uml given away liy Iter fu
ther, lunl,ed very cltarmiug iu ber Em
pirc luiiIni rube of ivory satin charm
euse, the bodice veiled with ninon and
garnished with a drapery uf alinduw
linn' cuught at the high wnisi line with
a buckle nf pearls. The akirt, which
wus alsu lace I rimmed, wus Uuisued
with a siptare court Iruiu uud clusters
uf urunge lln, um., si,,, wure a veil
of Mechlin net surmounted by orange
blossoms uml her bridul buui|uel was
white lilies. Her bridesmaids, Miss
llapliue Brougham, Miss Viulel Parruw,
uml Miss Molly Williams, were gowned
alike iu frocks of pale luvemler crepe
iio i'heiie over satin, triu.nied wilb
dainty rurhiugs of lbe crepe. Wilb
Ihem tliei wore cream lace mob caps,
trimmed with wreaths uf tiny pink,
blue and niuuvc ruses and velvet bows
oml carried lurge sprays of heliotrope.
Mr. .lumes [ernes, brother of the bride,
waS besl man. After the cereinuuy Mr.
ami Mrs. Ijiiicc held a reception at Ilu
tel Vancuuver fur the newly married
euuple nud guesls. After the reception Ihe young couple left uu Ihc two
o'clock boat fur Victoria fur a sburt
honeymoon trip, afler whicii Ihey will
return lo reside iu tbeir new home al
Burnaby Lake. The wedding presenls
were numeruus and handsuuie.
A geueral meeting of Iho Ratepayer!' Association will be held in llie
City llall pu the eveuing uf the 2nd
of October at 8 p.m. sharp, tu discuss
a recommendation by lite executive
committee thut the city cuuucil be ro
ipiestod tp fnrllivvilli pass n resulutiuu
putting in force the Cumpulsury
i'i;,mu", Act and in case uf their
refusal ur failure lu du su lliul Ihe
executive cumiiiittee be authorized lo
circulate the necessary petition ami
present samu tu tbe Lieut, (luveruur.
(leorge Mackenzie, secretary Hulupny
ers' Association.
India Sends Delegate
Director of Agriculture of Mysore to
AUcud  Diy-FiriuUig   Cjbngress
Lethbridgc, Alia.. Sept. liuu. Les
lie T. I'uleniau, director uf agriculture
nf the Slute uf ulysurc, India' has been
appointed official representative uf
lhal gu.eminent al Ine Inlernaliuual
i'ry Panning Congress here (lei. IUUU,
ami he is already en roule to Alberta.
Mr. i ut. iinni is a h.di ni of modern
agricultural methods, and is deeply in
(crested in Ibeir introduction inlo lu
dis, believing   Ihul thereby the plagues
The Panama Theatre
Por the Whole Pumlly
Stirling Matinee Mummy, Sept. IGlh
l shews  Nightly   1:'19  ami   »:IC
ifie, aric, :i,ic,
Matinee  Daily  at  3- llic ami  ll.ic
the fi.'liuwing articles will be sold by
public am tiuu at lhe l'alacc Hulel,
Nurtli Vancouver, on Sul unlay, the
,il li duy uf October, 1012, al three
o'clock iu the afternoon, by Theodore
Howard, Auctioneer, namely:
Twu trunks containing persunul ef
feets. Oui1 valise coitlaiuiug personal
effects, the property oi one Mrs. Mury
Dickson, wife of William .1. Dickson,
at une lime a |;uesl in the said Palace
Hotel, tu satisfy lhe claim uf lue un
dcrslgiicil agaiusl the suul Mury .nek
suu uinuunling lo $.111.81 for board
ami   lodging.
Dated al Norlli Vancouver tbisUolb
day of September, A.II., lllll
jp.  HKDA,
Proprielor of the Palace Hold.
l.'iMiul:- I'iH( HKNT   Housekeeping
Uiiil  single.  JII    'ml   street   cost      ,1.1.
TO    KENT     Ilooms.
Lonsdale. I'bouc 111.
POH BENT   3 ruumed liouse
2.11 Keitn roud wcsl.
Tni;   HKNT    I roomed modem  liuu
ses, fi minute"  from  ferry,  Kent  $|o
per mofllli.     Peers * Houll. Phuue l.ss
POIt HKNT Twu 2 ronm collage*,
wilb wuler $8 ami $0. A. Smith k ''•>
POB HKNT li roomed Hal near
ferry, $2u per month. Apply Wurburn
iti Piano House. t.f.
POH SAI.K    Ducks, cheap. I'or. 'llsl
uml SI.  Ainlrew'a.
TO   HKNT   Cheap.    New   il roomed
bouse  near ferry.    Apply   Ilox   AHI, j,(lu||l, jfi;,
Kxpress Office. II 10
TDK SALK   Stove or furnace wuod
I:'inch lu -I feel. Apply (,'. A. Lindsay,
T9' TO HKNT lairgi' fmnl bed room,
furnished. Suil Iwu friends.' 120 lml
■I. W. Phune ,'104 afler fl p.m.'      Hit
' POH HENT A house ou I Dili slreei
aud Huulevanl; alsu shack, suitable fur
couple. Apply P. iluutb, plumber.   IT.
(    VOU KENT   Five ruum (ullage nn
III itreet, I'll) per month Furniture for
uie cheap. Apply lln Lonidale Avenue.
/ I 10
POB HKNT   I'olooial Apartments, I
ruumed suite, uiiiuiiii' lu il Lupine Dior
ilson, Btb streot ami St. Andrew's, l'hono
Kill. if.
TO KENT-fl ruumed inudern bouie,
cor. lllh streel and Chesterfield, im
per month. Apply Mrs. ('. Hartley, next
door eaat.      . HI"
.. TO BENT-Furnished bouse, seven
ruomr and both, hoi and co|d waler,
electric light throughout. Large grounds
wood and coal ou tbe premises. Apply
at 200 Second strait west, Nurlh Van
couver. W-l
POH SALE Hcsluuranl business itf
;■',,,! running order. Apply I.H 1st
streel well. 810
POH SAJ.K Sons furniture, cbeip.
Small liculer, elc. nol used, $:'. IL'O
.Ird  slreei   wesl. fig
' air
and  J  one inn ii
-11 VV,
lllh slreei eusl.
POH luALK Snap on Western Ave.
lol 66x161 tor short Luie uuly. tl/tio
enah. Por parlicubtrs'pply Hid lulh
slreet west. 1 10
FOK SALE-Tboruugbbred M. 0. W.
cuekerels, $11 enrk. Apply T. 0, Kae,
Viii.ii' street weil, Third Building
from uorlb corner Lonsdale.       'li l'l
POB SALE -Fren* camera, 6x4, lo
curry 60 films, with 111 carrion fat
plates- Extra goml lense witn portrait
itlacbuients. Owner purchasing larger
camera. What caih offers I p. O. Box
1, Lynn erceV
POH BALE—Firsl dais cordwood,
il.nil per curd. Special prices on lurge
inutilities. Phuue 347. 20 10
POH SALE Pirsl gruwlb Ilr wuod,
$4.75 cord, e.o.d. Excavating uml heavy
hauling apply Juhn Campbell, 227 Sib
street  wesl. Phune 301. .11 10
POH SALE -Tburuughbreil S. (!. W.
Leghorn Cockerels, $2 each. Apply T.
r.   Kae,   Queen's  alreel   west,   Third
Building frum nurlh corner Luusdale.
27 10
A SNAP Tu be suld cheap owing lu
sickness, thc uwuer is willing lu mc
riliee away below market value Iwu
valuable luls adjuiniug Mabon Park at
the but I uin of llth strict west. For
further particular! apply Armby iluuie,
un Ibe spot. 300
WANTED-Work in office or ilore.
Apply A142, Kxpreu Office. 4)0
WANTED   Iluuie  liuyi   tu   deliver
thl Expreu. Apply at Ibii office.
WANTKD-Four laboreri for levee
work, foot of Bewicke. Engineer for
Dana or BruataW. I 10
WANTKD-Any kind of work for
on|y morning by young Japanese. Ap
ply Japanese Tea Harden!. 110
WANTKD-Woman wapted dally,
from t a.m, to 1! un. lor light huuse
work four-roomed cuttige. Apply $110
'Juccuibury Aveuue, cor. 6tb ilreil,
Lynn Valley car line. MO
WANTKD -W»c« el pfop«fljr to
rent, sire about 30x60, located on 1Mb
itreet between St. Ocurge's and Lons
dale Avenue, lo erect $ factory on. Ap
ply Boi 1076, Poit Off*, Nurtb Vaa
couvir, or gjiprM* Otci.
WANTED by youug mau, room aiul
breakfast iu private family Apply
llux A ILI, Express Office I HI
WANTED Sin.'ill aecund band cuuk
iug stuve, , uul , cuiiilitinii, cheap,
llui Alio, Express Ollice . 410
WANTED Millinery ami ilrcssmuk
ing at bumc, ur uut, by the day $2 Al
tcratiuns, also plain sewing, ilus AHI,
Express. I 10
LOST Near Capilano swuiu. bridgo,
Sept. I Jib, lady's gubl walch, engraved "A. B-" pearl I'hallam Pin. lie
ward if relumed ils Victoria Park
easl ur Expreu Office.
Kirsl class  drcssJiiaivTiig ami  Taiiur
iug, 410 Keith road west.   Pit guar
aiilcnl. 13 10
Fur Ine watch and jewelry wurk go
to (leo. Somerton, tbe new jewelry itore
on Sod itreet.
Short time luiui on vacant or improved properly. Star Tmin Company,
(14 Haitingi, Vancouver. ' I.f.
MONEY TO MIAN Money loanod
on diimondi, jewelry, furs. Star Loan
Co., (14 llsitings, Vancouver. t.l.
lot 648048 is sold. Mrs. Angus Mc
Lean,  li'Hi street weit, 1 10
Lonsdile Bealty C'o., 630 Ixwsdalc-'
Agreement* diicoontod at current rates.
Money waiting. Listings solicited, t.f.
Bookkeeper wants work in- spare
time, would keep let of booki, look
ift*r account*, general office work, etc.
Apptjr K  P, 0. Box !1M, North Van-
Shurl lune luuus ou . u.am or lm
prov cil property. Slur Loan Compauy,
812 liaitings, Vuncuuver. I.f.
The use uf a lady's saddle puny ilur
ing the winter months for ils keep.
Apply 217 uih street east I 111
When iicdirg coal ur buibliug lup
plies, call up phune 488, Norlb Shore
Coul ii Supply Co., Kickhami wbirf.
I. S. Kuliiii. manager Note name and
phoue number. if
B. C. Livery and Board stables-
Light rigs and ladies' saddle horns
for hire. Stabling for borses. Oan-
eral delivery and heavy teaming. H
Dumas, 4tb street wesl. Phona 147 t.f.
Aulhorlrcd agent for Singer Sew
iug Machine Company in Nurth Van
couvcr, J. J. McAlcccc, Dry Hoods asd
llouls' Furnishing,", ,.„„„., ,;„i a„,|
Luusdale Avenue. t.f.
Miu Isabel M. Daun, Licentiate of
Ibe Boyal Academy of Muiic, London,
Tup In inI, teacher of pianoforte, visits
Norlb Vancouver evory week. Address
1102 Deuihau street, Vancouver. Phone
lii'.l-l. Seymour. 110
Und Clearing and Grading Lots,
Pole Andruss, Ocneral Contractor. Be
wer connections a specialty, buement
and other excavating work undertaken.
Kslinialcs free. 120 Klh alreet west,
North Vancouvar, post offic* box IMI.
Ordcri for cabinet aod picture frame
making promptly cxefuted. Furniture
ami office gttlogs lo any design. Job
bing work and repairs of all kind*
specially attended to. K*lim*tes liet.
J. K. lUynci, 1»( Uasdele Avenni,
Nortb Vancouver, Phon* fcftf.
MONEY Tl) LOAN Money loaned
ou diiiinnnd", jewelry, furs. Star Loan
Co., 812 Hastings,  Vancouver.        I.f.
AN OPPOBTIINITy Pur a working
man, live room bungalow, bathroom,
pantry, large lluurol nil,, and base
nienl,, fur sale; water, electric wiring,
aplcmliil pusitiuu, half hlm I, Frutnme
runil. Lynn Villcy, bargain, $2,300. No
commission, $3H0 man, balance ♦-■•
moulh; less cash with bigger monthly
payments. Will exchange Vaiicuuver
prupcrly. Apply owuer, S F. Bitk
elts, North Arm 8. S. Co. Pbone Bey.
3127. 4 10
Bungalow, 0 rooma, ou car line, 10
minutes walk from ferry, facing inlet
and Stanley Park, lleasouable rent lu
careful tenants. Apply P. 0. Box 1810,
Nurlh Vancuuver. tf
TENDEKS are hereby called for fbe
purchase uf Ihc Burrard Sasb and Dour
Faclury. including the following: Leaie, <
buildings, machinery and ilock of
doori, iasb, lumber ami mouldings, all
complete as a going concern. Splendid
opening for buiineu. Ail lenders musl
be in no later lhan Mnn.luy, October
The leadcrcn must state their uwn
terms for payment. Thc plant will be
opon lo intended purchasers for impec ,
tion every aflernoon between the boon
of two and foor.
^ J. (A FBASKp,
P. 0. Hox 2646,
4 io North VnnceMM.
hTiftiJ I On Improved Property at
Eight Per Gent,
....   No good security turned down
Phona 24.
P.O. Boi 1820
To Those Whom
it May Concern
To try lo do business without
advertising is like winking in the
dark, you know what you are
doing but no one else does,
To let the people know what
you are doing you must reach the
people effectively.
The Express circulates art!—"'*'
most every house on the Norlh
Therefore to do business effectively on the Norlh Shore you
must advertise in The Express.
nrmintoniuiar service
to Work for Canada
-bxtbnds Tm mvm ©vm
Important Arrangamiiit Beached With
Iropirlsl Authorities by lion. George
Poattr, lltalstar of Tradt and Powv
merce. Benefits Bvery Interest In
Hon. qeo. K. Foster has made p re
inurl.nbh' record as minister ol Tnulc
a|iii'l'uii|inerie. One closo follower ot
Ottawa politics says bu has accomplish
ed in less tban a year more thou hii-
Inuii.'. ui mu did in 'iii .in years. Olnser
trade i elm ium. within i be empire is hia
ideal, and already lie has completed a
treaty with tlte West Indira and Is ne
gutiatiug one with Australia. This
week -announcement was modo ot another atep fur wunl ill ceuieiitllltf the empire, which 'will be of almost incalculable value to 1'anadian interests.
Ile haa concluded with Sir Kdward
Grey, aucretary uf atatu in lhe British
cabinet, an arrangement of far-reaching
importance liy which the wholu of the
magnificent Hritiah consular service
I'Mcn.liiiji lu every part uf thu globe
will iiu at the disposal of Canada.
What It Means
Ily this agreement the range nf ei
lerual husin. ■ available tu t'auadiau
oipurters will be greatly widened aud
aulbuntic iufurmatioii aa lo the resources und ilevulupiucnt nf Canada will be
available at British comnilar uAicca the
wurld uver.
How It Worka
Ity the ugreenienl the foreign ollice
will niinl. h Ihe department with cup
iee uf aII.irade reporta frum ita.cuuaular
offices aa soou aa they are published
from auy districts which muy fie spec
ihrflW Canada.
Anj^aMdliujflfuii' ur busiucss men
will be at liberty lu apply direct lu
any uf Ilis Majesty'a consuls in any
part of thu wurld for iufuriuation as
tu Ihc sale of Cauadian products, ine
thuds uf busiucss pursued, ami Ibe besl
means of gelling in touch with thii
They WUI Know
Tlie British cousuls will be supplied
wilb --i.-ii.-rii. nl- of Canada's commerce,
resources and development and witb
lista ot tlie iuu.' i|'.ul industries' and
sources uf supply. The consuls will
pay particular attention lo any reports
of interest lu Canada.
Canadian trade commissioner! will
have full liberty to upply lu Hrilish
cunsuia fur assistance and adv iee in
trade matters, and special Canadian
trade representatives will be giveu all
help possible and will have all the in
formation of Ibe.Britisb rouaular ollice.
at their dispoaal.
Office room in Hrilish cumulates will
be utter.led lo Canadiau commercial
representatives wheu it is possible and
convenient to arrange therefor; but iu
Mich eases Iho consular ulliee will aa
sume uu responsibility for tbe direction
or wurk uf tbe Canadian representative!.
Canadians Ellglbli.
Members uf lbe Canadian eoinmer
cial service will be eligible fur lelee
liuu fur and entrance to the Hrilish
eonsulur service uu the terms and eon
ditions applicable tu uther entrants
therelu, subject tu the rcgulatiuus uf
Ihe Hrilish guvernmenl iu carrying ou
ill aervica.
These arrangements resolve Ihem
selves inlu this, that Canadians van use
the Hrilish consular system tu ublaiu
iufurmatiuii uliuul foreigu countries,
and that fureigners can repair lu Hril
ish iiiii.niiliii utli..-. uid ublaiu In
formation as tu Canadian loodltlooi
and uppurtunilies, There also Ia open
ed Ihe avenue to Ihe building up of a
Canadiau consular lirvlce.
World's Wheat Production
I'ul,In alums Iiiuiu li.
Department nf Agriculture,
OlUwa, September ill, Ifllx.
Tbe following table gives Ibe  llllli
wheal production of all Ihe countries
which have tu far made Ibeir official
reports tu the Institute, including the
information  received  in a
received today:
1000 llu.
I'ruaala     1X1,471
Belgium     \t;lti,
Bulgaria   6.1,750
ileumark     '  3,1186
Spain     1111,416
Prance   3.16,011
Knglaud aud Wales 68,668
Hungary    183,601
Italy  186,6X3
Luxemburg    661
Houniania     80,417
Kutviiau Kmpire ■'■■ 740,041
Switzerland   3,300
Canada    806,020
United Stales   800,000
iudia    •  346,030
Japan   84,463
kfypt   ttMlt
Tunii     tfU
HMO iiu.
3 624
Tetali i,mjW   8,»00,8J»
According lo today> cablegram Ihe
1018 production ef wheat in the couu
trie* whieb hav* ao far reported to th*
inslilule i| $U}.7 per (Ml. of lbat of
IDU. Th* production of rye io tbe
cQuntrln'  itportid   la   IfUMOMi)
liarlty, i,lH,oj0.00Q or 105? pot sent'
Mf lust yaw; otts, W97,O0Q,QuO or
llTJp, r sent, nt Inst yesri pom,
"?T?1I|W,TWO,IKTU (if lll'lWipill, Uf !PW
Canudiuii Cummissiuuer.
North Lonsdale
Pr«»byl«riiiii Church
• The congregation of ths above is
"now* preparing a call to Buy. H. Van
M uni-ler, Which IS tO bo preseuled Sl I
nieeiiuu nf 1'resbytory of Westminster
at an oarly ilalo.
Last Huiiduy ihe pulpit was supplied
by liov. A. It. Gibson of St. David's,
Soulh Vancouver, iu tlm niuruing und
Iho evening V0* (then hy iiuv. A.
Mii.aiilnv of Knus church, Lynn Valley.
The Children's pay service in Ihu af-
ternuun was a groat success. Mr Hark
Phillips, the superintendent, gave an inspiring address. The special offuriug
for i in Mi eu';, |)ay Fund in the aid of
the work of starting now schuul! und
helping weak ones, ainouutod to libit
Nest Sunday at bulb services lluv.
I'rof. Taylur of Westminster ila'l will
The Ladies' Aid are arranging an
"ul home" fur nest Thursday aflor
iiuiiii at 3 u'cluck, to which ali ludics
uml frieuds are invited. Judgiug by
the past record of this orgauiantiuii
Ihis will prove an interesting and snei
aide  galheriug.
Most Have More Room
I'lvcryhu'ly knows Mr. J. V. Seuuleu's
buuk store. It bears the label North
Shore Huuk and Statiuuury Cuinpany
and ii ."limited a little beluw tbe tit
plana.le on the eaat lidu of Lousdale
avenue. Su many peuple kuuw Ihis
ami make regular use uf tbe iiifurinu
lion, thut ilr. Scoutcu is having tu
kniii'k dowu a partition and extend his
business iulu Ihe sture adjuiuing his
present uue. When Ihe purtitiuti is
duly I.ihu Led duwu llle cuinpany will
be able to conduct ils steadily iucrcas
iug business in a manner inure satis
in. i.u'. lo palroiis and management
alike. Walk dowu aud see what a line
spacious sture it's guing tu make!
Capital Paid Up         13,000,00(1
Bossrva and Undivided Profit*    83,600,000
Tom Assets        over 145,000,000
F. lUNCU Is Europe's hunker,   for a
cuunlry lo acquire Ihut iiuslllon,  .
Iii'i    |u:u|i|e'llllllll    bO   renin I llllllll'
iliilflj. Tbo peoplo uf Crimen ure ex-
eeplliiniilly uu tli,.; Iicpln lo aave ||
iheir louth.   No mutter
>. |1ANCI:1 ll Burnpo'a liiinhnr
her   |u:u|i|e' III Uill    U
I.   Tne peoplo uf c
liulii   uu    Ihu..    I., i.l
■onIh.    No lllll I ler III
ii, u porllon la rruuli
.    fllllUe   Heed.      Ill   nl.i  a
he Trulls of their thrift
ee|. Iluliulll     llu      Ihev     IM ■ 1; 111     til    IlllVe    III
mme. n portion j* i.-i:»   .
fur future near).   In old uru Ihey enjoy
numim. u portion In r
or future nor '
he frulls of
llllillll   Illlllnil
uw uiiiuil their
itlui'ly set aiuiri
ihey enjoy
Thoy ure p
litsd Offet
The npeiiini; of n aavlng* in..ium la
he beat wuy io ucqulre thnt hubli of
mvlng wlllmut wbleh nu uhlllly lo
earn cun IniUI'u yuu ugulliut  pnssllile
iiliuiin inn.     ,
Hunt a wifely lii'iuisit Boa fnr it,,. u,.f,.
I.eepllii:    III   yOlll'   .lueiini, nn. u      ,.| li.-j-
P, n. IIIUVWV, Aural,   '
Uorlb  Vaucuuver
All Trains Will Lead
to North Vancouver
VBNB HBBB NOV. 12, 13 aud 14
On Tueaday, Wednesday, and Tbuia
i'ay, Nuvember I'-'tli, Lllh ami lllh, the
Arctic Hinili. ili.md uf the Northland
win hold ils annual convention iu Nurtb
Vatic luvor.
Tbe couucil received a Idler lasl
evening bearing upou Ibis occasion
from Mr. Johu M Keller, whu ii sty-
led the i.land Arctic Kcrordcr.
Tins letter intimated lhat iu accord-
uuce witii a rcsulutiuu passed by tbe
(iraml Camp uf the Arctic llruthcrh'u.l
al the eleventh annual sessiun held in
I'urllaud, an iuviutiuu tu bold tbe
grand camp uf 1011' iu Nurth Vau
cuuver wa* accepted by unanimous vule.
"Therefore," tbt letter continued, "be
advised thai ill trails frum the Nurlh
land will lead lo Norlh Vancouver uu
November lilll. Mil, aud llil., ll
which lime Ibe Arctic llrotherhood will
accept uf your boapilallty. Thanking
yeu in advance fur Ibe gluriuus time 1
an. i./nhdeul Ibal yuur eily will afTurd
the Arctic Hi.din il I of Ihc Northland."
Aid. Iliek moved that the mayur,
Aid. Irwiu and Aid. Pram constitute a
committee lu attend lo all arrange
mcuts that may be required.
II wat mentioned tbat Mr. P. T.
Salsbury, wbo wat primarily intlru
mental in securing tbia cuufercucc fur
Nurtb Vaucuuver, is al pretcul iu Mun
  v 'i  '
North Yancouver
Cinderella Dance
Members uf Ibe above club are requested to pay Ibeir luburiplious be
fore Oct: Olb. The hnt dunce will Ire
held nu Weduetday, Oct. Hill. Iv
Archibald, honorary lerretary.      410
of Gerhard Htiituui Pino
at Mt*. l>- Campbell's, Campbell Ave.,
Lynn Valley, un Wedneiday, Orleber
Llth, at 3 p.m., including Mums rt,,,,,
in Leather, Couch, Liuu, Iron and BraH
lleds, Dressers, Truuki, Coal Oil Healer, Albion Stove, Kitchen Table, Tools,
Chain, llwkwt, Dishes, Pots ami Pass,
Lie. Also a Buggy With Hood and
Pbone: Siy. 1070
Oflct and Stent 184 Haitingi St. fi**t,
Three new blocks of lots have just been put on the
market. They are situated one block from the Marine
Drive and three blocks from the sea, and measure 65x
122 feet to a lane. The finest views of the Gulf of
I.im iii.i can be had from these lols. Crowds of people
have visited and bought at DUNDARAVE this
summer, and the universal verdict is that il cannot be
beaten as a residential district.
PRICES From $650 to $900
TERMS—A fifth cash and the balance over 2
years. Call us up and make an appointment lo go out
in our automobile and see lhe property.
121 Lonsdale Avenue and corner Marine Drive and
Marr Road, West Vancouver
Diitrict of North Vancouver
A   U)-I<a»   IU   ruaWc   Ibr   I n, |uu nllun
ol lbe lllslrlel ol North Vlarouvrr
lu ralar b)   »aj  al loau Itr aom or   |.,|,.,  ,]Mn flfu-
lur Slreei I'urirbiea.
WHKHKAS II Is deemed expedient
by die Council of the Coriloruilon of
the lllslrlel of North Vuncouver lo
ralae hy wuy of loun lhe aulu of ISO.000
ly le . >|.iui..i In lhe . ui '.in., nun of
.-I... !■■ In llie     .i.i  Dlalrlcl;
AND WHKHKAS the amuuul uf the
debl which Ihia lly-luw la Intended lo
tlcul. la lhe aald aum of 100.000 aud
lhe .illicit loi which lhe anld debt Is
created la lhe construction of atreeta
aa aforeaald.
AND WHKHKAS il Will be nee.in.uiy
lu .ilu. unnuully by ipcclal rule Ibo
lulul aum ul lists fur flfly (cm. fur
lhe repayment or the aulu loun and
inlereal ul 6 per ceul ua herelnufler
ANIl WHKIIKAH lhe vulue of Ihe
whole lutcublc lulul or Improvements
or rrul properly In the aald Dlalrlcl
according lo the lael revised Assess-
ment Hull uinounls to Il.0tl.7l0.
AND WHKIIKAH lhe uuiircKulc ut
llle K.i . M .1 I'elil uf the Municipal
ily lexcupl for works of Locul Improvement und School uuii.. ..., Including; the lout) hereby Ulilllul Ucl
amounts lu SSSMO0.
TIIKIIKKiulK ibr lleeve ami Council of the Curpurallun ol the Dlslrlcl
uf Norlb Vancoover In Cuuncll ua
h.luld.d iWilli the uaaeiit uf lha Klcut-
ura uf lhe Dlalrlcl Ouly ublulned) do
lii'ieliv enact aa followi;
I. It ihall be luwful for the Council
for lhe purpoiei aforeauld lu borrow
or i.ils.. by way ot to,,:: frum uny peraon (ir -periuiia. budy or hoOlea curpo-
rate. who may br wllliiitc lo advance
Ihr aame upon lhe credit of the Debenlurea of I'd- ''"i i'.u.iiiun hereinafter
provided for. a aum ur auma of money
nui etceedliiH In the wholr tbe aum uf
IEO.0O0, and tu cuuar the lame to be
placid in Ihr Bank nf llaniilioii lu
Ihe ii.iiii of the Corpurailun for the
purpose aforesaid: *
I Debenlure Bondi of lhe Corpora
tiou lo Ihe amount of 160.000 In lhe
whole may br Issued by Ihe lleeve and
Clerk uf Ihr Corporation In terma of
Ihe Municipal Acl In sums ua may br
ilcllred, but no alnnle Debenlure Ihull
br fur a iirraler ium Ihun One Thuuaand Dollar* K.ieli of said Debenlure
Bond! uliuli be slum,I by Ihe Reeve
uml Clerli anil shall be aeulcd with lbe
Seal of lhe Corporation
I    The tuld  liilieiiloie  Bondi ihull
hear Int. I. ut al a rale not excecdlmr
live uir eenl ■ per annum payable huir
yearly on Die In day of May and lhe
III   iliy   of   .'.'..v. ml., i   In   each   and
any   nf   Ihrm.   There
"   lo   Ihr   In I-niui.
in the I,Ily of Tololllo, III llie province
or iini.nl,. or ul Hi.. | nn,,,,,,l nit,,,
of llle uuld I', ml. Ill Hie Clly uf Mon
inni in ttie Province of Quebec
Tin- uuld principal sum shull be
iluuie (uiyuble by Hu- I'urpurutlon tint
later iiiun llfty years inun Hie Isl day
uf  November.   ISU
ti There sliull be inlaid and levied
unnuully by apeelul rule iiii ull rule-
able lund. or iiuiui-v, in. nin or real
pruperty  lu  Hie  Dlslrlcl   Hie  uuin  of
flit  fui'llle  purpose   i Il.n ii.iiii   .. ninl.
Inn fund for the payment of snld De
i" nmi. u  ..j,. ii  in, ,   become doe. und
the sum of ('-' i for the |ruymonl uf
lhe Inlereal ul lhe rule uforcuuiil to
become due uti such lieliinlitrea durltii:
lln- currency Ihereuf, und Ihul In ud
uiii,,i iu ull ulher rutea lu he levied
ntul collected lu lhe suld In ni. I ilur
Inn llle whole currency ul the aald
Debenlurea or any of lliem
This Ily-I.uw muy be clled for ull
purposes iis "The Streets 1.....i> lly-l.aw,
1911. No. I."
Thla Uy-l.uw shall mine Into effect
on  Ibe Isl  duy of November,  III!
Cussed l..v lbe Council ou the ISth
duv  of September,   nil
Received Hu- nssenl uf Hie Kleelurs
Ul   Ull   eii,Hull   beld   nu   llle
day  uf III!
liecuiisldeii'd uiul Ilnully adopted by
lhe  Cniineil  und  hIkIn .1  by   lhe   Beeve
Olid   ''Iill,   ulld Seilled  will)   Hie  I'ull'OI
■lie Seul  ull  the
duy uf Iill3
N nit III  v VM in VIII
TAKK NOTICK tbut llu- nbyVe la a
Irue enpy nf Hie proponed Uy-l.uw mini, w In. li Hie vule ,,f tbe Municipality
Will be lullell vvllliln tbe fiillnvvlliu
lu,Iiiiiii HlnltollS. vli: III Hie Molilii-
|<ul (lull. I.J nn Vulley lluud; In lbe
church Hull ut corner or l.onsdule
Avenue uiul '.nn i n'. J:,..ul und ui Cup.
U.in,, lluud Kile Hull, ull In Ihe Dlilrlcl  nf Nmlll  Viinciiiivei',  nil Hilllll'dliy,
Ihe Sth duy of October. IIU. between
the hours of i o'clock a.m und 7
o'clock p in
i.'   M   c  and  I:, iui eh.i.  Officer.
N'lTH'K   la   hereby   tilvvn
uf Ihr  Klcctiii! uf Ih
that  Ihr vule
Dlslrlcl of Nurlli Vancouver will
taken un Hie 'Street! Luan Hy-Luw.
1112. Nu I." on s.ii,a,i.u iin (Hi day
uf October. tut.' belween Hie houra af V
o'clock u m and 7 o'clock nm wllnlik .
lbe folluwlnu poillnu ploces via ■ Ilr
lhe Munlclpul Ilull. Lynn Vulley Houd:
In lhe i'lun,ti Hull ul Ihr corner of
Lonidule   Avenue  uud   UUItkO'l   Houd.
every year during ihr currency ,,f „.,l,l
In- ti iniln, m  ur  any
shall   be   elliietlC'l   I.
Burids. ciupuni ihrned fc£_'IM_ M»Jf | Johni'ii   KoYiiior" lin*""lieo'ii Yppiilnleil
1,11, fo
Ulld ul  Ciipllnlui  liuilil  Kile Hull  III  Hie
Iiinii In ..I Nmlli Vuncouvel. uii) Ibul
and Clerk for iuch and eiery naymed' [ jieiuiiiin-u Officer lo luke lbe Vole a uf
uf lnlereit Hint ihall Income due, und   ,U1.|,  KMIW, W|,h ||K, „,„„) p„.,„r!
such slnnulorei may be either willlen   |n ||lu( hchuil
utli..11 ui.l.. ,i or 11.'imu d .....    ..'.,    ,.. ... I.
I.   Tin   sold Drbenlure Bunds ahull I    u> •>"■*' "' Die Cuuncll.
ai to principal and Inlereal  be nay-;     ISInned)       WM.  II. MAV.
able af  Ihe  District  Municipal Office. llev,'
Norlh Vancouver. H C, Or at tbr prln-      IHIlined)      JOHN (1   KACMKC
clpal ufflce of the Bank of Hamilton I CM C
We have some good, inside buys;
also*good acreage listings Lynn
Valley Sub-division.
<j I ^ us quote you ralei on I' ire, Ue and Accident
McMillan & reid
Chou Ut
i        t	 North Voncouvir Business
and ProfMlloflll CtlfllS
Underwood'i B»r|j«f Shop
vm? W8AP
fltopalrliiB, ItenipdollInK, tile.. Prompt-
Klllllllllleil    l''lll'llllllleil    |,'ree
iilllee: Uli Liiiiimi fc Sun's Kueiury, El-
■p  p|an$o- Wiuiio m.
lieuiii.-iie,-:  Allan Huad,  Lynn  Valley.
P. 0  Bus HO. Lynn Creek, l'liono
t     ■    ■■-■   i.    si       i m  II . #  ■■■
A.H.I.E. k B.
Irrigation, drainage, levels, plans
aud ajMoiSoations. Soplio tanks and,
hou** drainage a ipeoially. P. 0.
Box M, l6tb itreet weit ol llewicke
'    .I.H. ENGLISH
And general Conimiiiion Merchant, 13
Liins.lalo Avo., Nortb Vancouvor.
r Pbons 324
We are specialists in thoso lines.
181A Louadali Aveuua
Cabinet Maker and Carpenter
Will undertake all kinds of wood wurk,
r repairs, etc.
Fourth Street and Sutherland Avouuo
1'. 0. Box 8008
Studio   ovor   Bank   B. N. A.
Loaidall and Eiplaaadt
High Class ladies' and llouta' Tailoring
Kepairing. and   Alterations, cleaning
and, Dyeing in »H its bruuehos. All
Wurk guarantooil.
|U First Strset Wist. I'bone 807
(J. lafat)'
Ladles' and flouts' Oloauiug,
Pressing and Eopalring
a Specialty
180 Secoud Streot But
N.V. Tinning 4 Sheet Metal Works
Pint Strut But of tonidali
Lowest price* aod best work guirau
toed on tinning and shoot metal work.
All kinds of saws filed and sot ou the
sburtest uutice.   Uwn mowors, knives,
bodgo shears and scissors sharpened. All
work guaranteed, moderate pricei.
1831 Lonadala Avouue Pbona 80
-On the car lino. Hoarding, mcali
good accommodation for working mon
Contractors' mon boarded. Ily. Kast
cult, 1'rupriotor.
Ii your Watch stoppiug or keopug
irregular timet   If iu, ice
I'iuueer Jeweller, 60 Lonsdale Avcuue.
It will pay you to put a card in this column
How about a inap-thot album (or (bote views you
bave gathered o( your holiday excunioni ? We bave
a large slock of snap-shot albums, varying in price bom
25c. to $2.50. Also cushion tops, pipe tacks, tic
holders, bags, coin purses, etc., at right prices.
J. E, Scouten's Book Store
(N. S. Book aud Stationary Company).
38 Lonadal* Avonus PHONB 101
Furnished House to Rent
Thru adult*, ccrsful tenant*, must ba modern. Furnke, Artplac*, t
or 3 bedroom*. Fairly do** io. Apply Boi A130, Esprit*.
Coal, Brick, Lime, Gravel, Sard, Plaster,
Cement, Lath, Sewer Pipes, and
General Builders' Supplies
Of fie* i 56 Lonadale Avenut.   Phone 198
Whuii fool oi St. George.'. Avenue.      Phone 178
N. V. Athletic'
" "'pi. ■v.'^rn'BBy'iprppiiBiif
Bistofcor iu thi cinb rooms,' tpym nt
Luiiuili.li' nvcniie PuA Uuplunuili' itiiilur
tbo now aud nli|o management of Mr.
Kriicat   Cay   pn   Wodnpsdny   It'ght-
'Quito u nnmber of tin bays'aitouiM
0|id some very gnoi| ixhidltinns of boi-
lpg und wrestling worn k!vou, toSl/fi
goes tp allow tb|t th, JSf.V-A<!-   Ififl
ilium' lli.'liiui'lu'u tp i'iI'.'iiiiI","'' Ill lliu
many liiuriii'j'H lii'iiil! arranged fpr tbo
.sposon. A HRHllW Ot npw members
bavo joinpil t|ip olpli, iiiclinliug .Ipo
Hill »nt| Jimmy Pislmr, lite pf IMtings
Alhlul ir  .-Iuh.    Qf (|)0  uliiul"':' pf Ini'l
iug mul wrcidliug exbiliitioiis on   th\*
Manager N. V. A. 0.
program Ibuse uf raps! Intern) were:
Wrralliu. itialcb, K.rncat Day vs.
Fred. Qsborpe, N.V.A.C. lu lliin inutili
Oaburui' allowed guud n|iurt, but wsh
miti bu,-1ul by tbe Hi'iciii'c uf Huy, (Is-
borne waa forced tu retire early iu
tbe gume wilb bin leg badly sprained.
Hosing-Kid Lee vs. Jue Hill (lule
II. A. (1.) in lbe different ruunds (bene
boxen showed Hume clean ami clever
work; J. I.,-.uuu,t (Inslruclor N.V.A.L')
V|. Fred. Osborne, wua a very keen
contest uf bard bitting, bulb men ibow
ed a guod knowledge of Hie pugilistic
'i'lie evening wua cloned witb a wreitl-
iug match Kruest Hay vi. McKay, Vancuuver, a bard fuugbl game iu wbicb
Hay, altbuugb uutclaaied by weight,
1.1'l't bii feet aud waa successful iu
hiving Hie mul i'ii declared a draw.
Arrange Cheap Trip to
Highway Convention
Nuw Westminster, B. ti., Sept. 20-
i-y. ml ralea have juat beeu arrunged
with Hie I'. 1'. II. fur all delegate! and
members attending the convention uf
Ibe I'nnadiaii Highway Aaaucialiuu iu
Wiuui|ieg fruiu Octobor 9 lo III. All do-
Icgnleii ure required lu purchase a full
fare aingle ticket lu Winnipeg and gel
a receipt fur Ihia frum the agenl. Hie
rci'cip!  lu be exchanged luler fur re
turn nu,  | ui    ufler buving been
in,|,il, ,i itiin-.i by the seerelary uf
thc aasoclaUon.
The ouu wuy ticket fur lhe round trip
ia guud unly in caae there in un alleud
aucc uf IUU ur over ul Hie convention.
If Ibere ii Ii'kh than HIP, one third uf
Hie regulur return fare will be eburg
ed. The attendants will prohuhly be
greatly iu execw uf lbc required uum
ber, and arrangeuieuli hove been made
fur a ball that will easily bold four
buudred peujile.
Mr. v, J. Kerr, |irciidcnt of Ihe
I'auadiau Highway Aaiocialiuu, ii uuw
io Winnipeg arranging tome of the
Dual details aud interviewing a few uf
the pruUMicul speakers whu have con
tented lo addreu Ihe meellugi. A
large nuiubcr of pbutugruplis iccured by
the uiiii lul photographer of Hie anuu
clal iuu, and alio hccuci ihowing Thui.
W. Wilby in bin uuluuiobilc trip acroni
I'uul,ll, bave becn.-wadc inlo lauleru
ilidei ami will be UiedTo tlluslrale lie
turn al the convention.
■ .
Funeral of the Late Mr.
George Childs
Tbr funeral took place ou Friday af
tcrnoon.of Ihc laic Mr. Oeorge Cbildi,
male of lbe number tbree ferry, wbuic
death occurred wilb sucb pathetic sud-
dennen. The reunion were rouveyed
from Mcuri. Herroo Breakers' under
taking parlors to tbe 'Nortb Vancouver
cemetery. That Mr. child., who" w\i*l
wayi a quiet and roicrvcd man bad a
large appreciative circle of friends wai
evideoced by Ihe oumben wblclf'iftre
present to pay a tail tribute to the
deceiied. The employee* of tho City
Ferriei Ltd., headed by Ihe manager,
Mr. T. M. Heard, wore numerously re
pre***tid. •"*
Why We 6*|| Board! or Planki th*
IHgllSri C|ll Pill*
i Aatmg ttl tflrTHIMH ttWy.
th* wwwpTtihwi imwiiwiRti wi
railings In Ihli rpuniryind In Bng-
iittiil may lii rnenilpnail tiuu (wmjl-
lllg to tiip fprtll Industries. What
Amerlcaiia coll a lumbar dealer Ip
I iglund l| called | timber mercbonL
Timber |n New Bng.aud U applied
lo trees large enough In cut logs for
Ihi mill, lo Ihe log* entira ind to tbi
lurge single stlcki Inlo which thl? art
hewn or sawed.
Whin till logi nr* cut Into boards,
plnuks, jolita, pnd 10 an. thl' form
lumber. In tbo west tlmbi'r Is generally alnndliig trcca. nnd It liii'lniles ull
Iron, largo and small, without refer
ence In tlieir (Itncsa fjr till mill.
Tht cutting ind hauling ol tbli timber Is' lumbering 'bere, hnt In n largo
pari of New ICiiglniirt It ll logging.
Willi ll In lome quarters known ns
Joist la calH elsewhere scanning, snd
wbnt Americans full bourd* ur plunks
Ibe English call denls.
In this country • pirwn wbo spilt*
nut ablngles li cillrd I shingle wearer.
Iq Bnglind shingles in not mode In
this way, but llth in regularly riven.
md • ranker ot tbem li called a llth
render-New Vork Sun.
Tha Anclint Germani Wire Furious
Qimblirs at This Gam*
Tbi Invention of die* has Deen ot
old ascribed to Pnliiiiicdes. ibe sou of
Nanpllui, king ul Buboen. nhimt VM
it 0„ and also tou tlreek soldier iinined
AIM. which la the Latin for I die. but
Herodotus nialgm both dice and rlieui
lo tbt I.jdluni.
Thi indent Oermani would gamble
away at dice all that tbey wero worth
and thin tbeir liberty,'submitlinn to
sluycry If tbey lost, ind tho Basons,
Daooa and Normans wtrt ill addicted
to thl game. Koi Talbot to of opinion
that tbt Latins Invented. If not tha
game, it lean tht mme for tbt single
point, wbicb tbey called anus Tbi
0 trmtnlc rates, sdoptlng thla practice
from tbt Orreks. tnnilited Iho Urerk
corruption ol uous Into aa*. which has
now become net Tbt root of thll
word ilia In tbe Ijitln, u tbt moncury
John of Salisbury In tht twelfth cm-
lury montlont ten different uie* of iht
die*. Stow mi'iiiluuB two entertuln-
mini* given by tin city of Undon it
which diet were lo #vldcucu.-l.ondun
On* ol Iht Family.
Tibbie bad been placed by bit sunt
IB l aliuutluu aa mild of all work lo l
family of three. At tht and of a week
thi auut "atepped along In" to see bow
I'lbbl* wu getting on.
"Do you list your workT uktd Ibi
""Til fair." aald ibo licoulc Tibbie.
"And are they making yoo feel it
"WullM tbty art, aid while* tbty
"Now, wbat do yon bo meaning by
Ibatr aikcd tbt aunt lapillenlly.
"Awetl," Mid Tlbbli, "tlity bovu ua'
asked mt to giog t alrk wl' tbem yet,
but toil nlgul tbty went oo wl' a
grand iiuiiri'i ibey wtrt bsrlng, all
Ibt Ihre* o' ti'nn, wl' mt Inkling Ibi
dl*be* oB o' tb* labia, Jtot ll It I'd
been ont o lbs family."-Vootb'e Coo-
pa nloo.
Getting Evldinci.
Tbt wliueaaei were at tht Waltrford
malic* In a caso which cunctrned loug
contlnped poultry tttgllug. Aa uiuil.
nothing could be got (rots thtm In Uil
way ot evldeuco until tbe marly
bullied proiecullug couumI uked tn
an ingry tune of lotce, "Will yon
swear ou yuur tool, Pat Murphy, Uul
I'budy Hooligan bu nover to your
kuuwlcdgo stolen chlcktntl" Tht rt-
ipouilblllty uf tbi* wu too much ties
for i'nt. "iiniuii. 1 would hardly
iweer by my soul," bo aald, "but I do
kuow tbat 1/ I wu i cblckin ind
I'body waa about I'd roo*t bigbl"-
Lulu's motber beard I grtat iptolh-
ing In till balbroom, and. upon loraetl-
gaUoo found btr UUlo daughter atanoV
ing U tht partially Oiled tab, In I moit
bedrahblid condition.
"Why, yon tee, mtmro*," ihi w>
plalstd, "I'll beeu trying to w*lk oo
Hit water, and ll'l ao tool'i )ob, M
ui* IMI yon "-Judgt.
Tttl Qnitir Evil.
-A rtaitor tp Mt yoo, ilr/* uid Suitor ilreulbcid'l Mcrttiry.
"I'll Mt hi waotaaomt taror," grum-
olrd tut Mfittor.
"Iti i tidy, •ir."
"ihi Tut mean* h*lf I down tm
tun."- (^ihollo BUndard ud 'Hcdh
Mr. Bury Pick (tb* bridsgroom)-
i'uiui ibi* wsy, Mis* rieklt*. I wul
lo ibow you my uw lalklDg micbln*.
Mlu Ficki** I btUin I bin mt
Mri. I'eck befort.-Bo^on Pott
Nivir Agila
"Wby don'l yoa girt your wtfi sn tl-
"I did one*, ud lb* ipant ll bifori I
could borrow II buk."-Wublngton
Hid His Numbir.
in   r*tn*Bb*r   old.
"Do   m
"I'm tony Ibat I cinnot m
"toq rtmimbtr  him ill
If m woold 9 i tool ladfi hiu
vyiiKitBAS a petition dated aa tp
eueli algrmlure und BlKliuil Iij. Ihu owners of more tban ono;>onlh of ilie value
ui imui in tbo liliirict of North Vancouver, aa shown hi un. i.uu .I'viued
AMuoaniont Hull llaa liean proaeiiied
tu the cuuncll uf tr-i'aald Ilislriet, ie-
 .iiiui- iii,in tu iii.i-uiiiitv umi puss
u Ily-..aw tu uuthurlta Ihem to bip'row
llie .'imu uf (8,1)110 Iu pe expended In
the pprchueo ot u 1'irlt or nleusure
ground In lltu,;, 21. i. C COI End 107.
ANH WiMSBBAS ihe amount ot the
Debt wli|e|i this lly-Luw li Intended
lu create Is lhe auld aum ot 18.000. nnd
lhe ol'Ji'i i for which the Bull debt Is
,, uti-ii Is ibe iuu, ii,,,,,  uf a park pr
loiisure grou
f llliiek  21.
uh aforeauld:
c iiui'ciiua,
pleasure ground, being purl lit) acres
nf iilm'l. ::i. iiiiiirin l.otii iiiii un.l su?
ANIl WHKIIKAH It will be neceasar)'
in niliii- niiiiiiiilly Iiv Hpecliil ralo Ibe
lulul aum of illi for llfly your* for
the ru-pnymeiit uf lhe suid luan und
inlereal ut i per cent, ua herelnufler
ANII   WHKHKAS   the   vulue   of   the
wliule i.m, .,i,i,  lunil ur Milium, mem
or rent pruperiy uf llle auld district,
 i 'iiu,   io the laat revised Aascss-
ment  Hull  inim tu IK.OI1.7UO:
AND uiikiikm: llie ugirrugulo ul
Hie I', i.. unu,- n, lu of Hie Munlclpullly
lm-. ft for wunl,u uf Locul Improvement uml Hcliuol purposes) Ineliiilliu;
Ilie lumi hereby uutbuilaed umounta lo
TIIKHKKOHK lbe lieeve nnd i'oun
ell nf the I'm in,i,iiiun or the Plslrlcl
of North Vancouver In Oouncll uasoin-
lilu.l  iwllli ilie aaienl uf the Blcctori
Of lliu   l'l   l-l. I   llUly  ul,I,nn, .li   mill, i,
liy eliuel na fulluwa:
I.   It ahull be luwful fur Ihe Council
for  Ihc  purpose ii for.-nn t.i  lo borrow
ur i -iiu, py wuy uf luun frum uny per-
Huii nr pcrauna, budy or bodies corporuie  wliu may be wllllnn lu advapc
lhe Biime upon lhe credit oMho Debenlurea uf thla I'm j-,,i.nl,ui  herelnufler
pruvlded for, n aum ur auma of money
tint     ......im;   In (lie whole tbe aum
nf (S imiii and to euuae llle Bumc lu he
iilnnil In the Hunk uf Humlllon tu Ihe
ere,III uf Hie Corporation tor Hie'pur-
II.OKI'    ilm.    .' 1,1
S. Debenture llomlu uf the Corporation to Hie umount uf is.iiuii In ihc
whole may lie Isaucil by the lleeve uml
i'lerk uf Hu- Corporullon In terms ul
Hie iinni. n .,] Aid In aunii ub may be
dell/Id. but no Hiniiii- Debenture ihull
be fur ii greater ium Hum One Thousand I'"Il.n ' Kuril uf tile ."iiiil Dellen-
une IliimlH n.il lie .ii.m.I by lhe
lleeve und Klerlt ami ahall be leuled
.villi the Reul of lbe Curpurullun.
: The ...i.i Debenture llnnda aliull
pear IiiIi-h-hi ul u rale nui eioiedlcit
live per cent, per uiinuni puyuble half
.riuIv iiii Hie Ihi iluy iif May and the
lai uuy nf Nuvember In euch uml
.•very yeur ilurlnn Ihe curreney nl
■uiid Debentures ur any uf them Then-
4liu)l be ullucbeil Iu Ihe Debenlure
llumla euupona Bluncil by the fleeve
and Clerk fur euch unil every puymenl
uf Inlereal lliul slmll becume due. uml
I.   The laid Debenture liuuds ahull
aa lo principal uiid Intereat bo puyublu
tho DlBtrlct Municipal Ollice, NortI
eouvor, B. C. .or ut tho prlncl
'ibe Hank uf Hamilton In
in oi
. TOr^ito, In the iirovjnoo  ...
J''ifl|t']W%W8lp%,VBM 111
Hie slid Bank in the City of Montreal
Ip the Province bt uuebec. The laid
prlnclpul aum ahull be mudu payable
I.. There shull be, rulapd und levied
unnuully by' apeelul rule on ull tliu
lund or luipiuvenietiii or real property
ig tha DiBtrlei the sum ot 111, for ihe
purpuau of forming u sinking fund for
ihe payment of suld Bcboiiiuroa when
they become due, und the sum of HOO
fur tpe payment uf the Inieiesi at tho
rote iifiireiiiiiii i" become duo on such
Dobenturea durlnn thc currency thole-
of uml thut In addition lo ull ulher
rules to in- levied and collected In
Ihe sultl District iluring the whole currency of Ihe suld Debentures or iiny
of thorn-
This By-Law nioy be cited for nit
purpuras ns ^ Tbe I'urk Luiirr By-Law
TlilS By-Law ahull come Inlo cltec
In By-Law ahull cpme Inlu etfeci
he 1st duy uf November,  |Sl*.
railed by the Cuuncll un the I Ulli
duy of Sepleinber. 1DU.
Received tbu auent ul Hm Bleclun
ul an , I, mi,,n held up the
day of -tilt.
IteConsldereil uml Ilnully uilupled by
Ibe Cuuncll ulld signed by lhe Keovu
and Clerk und soulcd wllh Ihu Curporale Beu) un tho
doy of 1*1*
l-:l.l.i 'runs   IIP'   iui:   IIISTHIIT   in-'
' TAKU NiiTK'H Ihul Ine ubovojl a
true eppy of Ihe propou'd Hy-Luw 111-•
un which the vule or Die M iiii,'li>ullty
v ill be luken within lhe following
in,tin,i, :,lull,,n vis.: In ,lhe Munlclpul Hull, Lynn Vulley Ituuil: In llic
Church Hull nt curner uf l.rn.uliile
Avenue und Qjllen'l lluud. and nl i'nplluno lloml Kile Hull, nil lu Hie I'i
irlcl of North Vuncouver. "ti Hntur
duy. lhe tlh day of October. IM2. belween Ihe hours uf 9:00 o'clock .i.m. und
7:00 u'clock   p.m.
C. M. ti. mul  lleliirnlliK
I'llHI.H. NOTICK la hereb,' uiven
Ibal Ihe vole of the Hl.'iio.a of lie
Dlslrlcl or North Vuncuuvei' will be
luken on "The ,1'urk 1Mb Hy-Luw.
1112, No. I," on Hutunluy. lliu Sth day
of October, 11)12, between lbe houra
of 11:00 o'clock a.m. und 7:00 ii'elu'h
p.m. wllhln the following polling
places, vl*: In tbe Munh'lpul llllli,
l.ynn Valley Houd: In the Church Il.l
at the corner nf Lunsdule Avenue and
Queens' Itniid, nnd al Cupilunu Ituad
Klre llall. In the District nt Nnrlh
Vancuuver. und lhal John H Fori.'.ir
hus been iippnlnleil nluriilti'i olli.er
lo lake lhe voles uf SUOll elector!
wllh Ihe usuul power* In that behulf
llv Order ot the Cuiiiull,
isii.iiuli       WM   II   MAV.
llm ve
JOHN   0    J- Mi.Mlu't
C  M
Western Dominion Land & Investment Co.
Wltb Which hi Incorporated
Bevan, Gore & Eliot, Limited
Nurth Vancouver Branch: 07 Lonadale Aveuue, opposlto Pust Ollice.
Seproseutiug Lyuu Creek Zinc Mines Limited.
AIANTIH)   llfi ft. lot close Ul.
WANTED   I or b roomod bouse for rent
to figure out how much time your
Clerks waste each day in walking to and from the telephone?
on the counter or deik will prevent it.
Only 5 Cents Per Day
for either a "Wall" or "De.k" «et
Call up the Commercial Manager
British Columbia Telephone Co.,
House Painting, Kalsomining
and Paperhanging
rox raw oLku wog*
m bboonb mat *IU LONBDALB
V. 0. Box MIL
■■■U.'I   I ''     II"
Phoni UT Items of Interest
HI MffjNlllHP, piphm ot Mr,
uml Mrs, J, 0. WiHiuV, arrived here
nn Hiinilay from Ontario,
A new Dag polo was erected last week
on thp Lonsdale school grounds, and
nitulhur at the ftl'igeway school.
Ths Misses Logan will he at home
op the first pnd third Fridays of eaeh
month at lit Thirteenth atreet east.
There will bu a meeting nf the North
Vnticuiiver Iloy Scouts at 1 o'i'lui'k un
Priiiay ovening at Scout Master Knglisli 'e storo.
Capt. B. McMillan and party left on
Saturday in the "Kitwimnar" for
Tiilm Inlet, wbere thoy will engage iu
a limiting expedition.
Mr. ami Mrs. W P. Curraii and sun,
Ales,, of 162 10th slreet eaat, leave
Inmurmw nn lltu, Zeiilnniliii fnr Nuw
Zealand  ami   Australia.
llev. B. ami Mra. vnn Monster of
Nurth I in.-InI., inlcuil leaving for Vic
loria next Mon duv for n few weeks'
vacation. Mr. van Minister is supply
ing First church pulpit fur Iwo Hun
Messrs. M. S. Ms^iwull ami A. 0.
Perry, member, nf thu eily hourd nf
|(|)00| trustees, have relumed Inline
frnm Kiimlniips, where they were dele
gales lo lhe lirilisli I'uliinibiuii Trus
|ees' Convention.
Mr. D. Mi sun  has opened in tne
hardware  business,  cor.  nf   Iiiih  nnd
Lunsdule ami  is carrying a cumplul
stuck   uf shelf uml   heavy  hardware,
mechanics' tnuls, paints, oils ami all
liml- uf furnaces ami lin work.
Messrs.   lim mit   lliu.,  gents'  mil
litters, late uf I'fld streef eaat, have
moved into uow ami moro commodious
premises,. situated next-door to
of Lonsdale and Esplanade West.
A meeting will he held nf nil inter
listed iu Iho furmution of a North
Hliure Literary ami Debating Boclsty
in the civic information iinnum Hull
tonight m n o'clock, It is hoped and
lUpeeieii that it may prove possible to
select officers from P large assembly.
The uncertainty of the weather, enn-
ditiuns prevailing all day on Sunday
lin.l ils mailed effect upon the influx
of visitor! to the Nurtb Shore. Neither
ferric* nnr the streel oars were Iron
bled with - the excess of passengers
wliich has been the vogue for some
lime past.
Pull many a record sunflower is ap-
pui.'inii Iiiiiii tu blush unknown Until
siitnu one .inmis. to have gruwu the
lurgest. Mra. Mcpoweli'i original
lluwur, II ft. 4 inches high, Is uutclass
eii by one grown by Mr. E. A. Paige,
of lllh slreet ami Ridgeway. measuring
iu height II feet, 111% iiicbei. Any
mure I
Mr. ami Mrs, W. C. Oreen and Mr
Henrgu \ nni.' were among the inoun
iiiiinii, of lhe last week end, their
uio mil uf Iho Linns being accomplished
in oiculluiit unu' Travelling from the
terminus nf the Capilanu carline to the
iuiiiuC iu un iiiiiiiuiiihilc, the triu left
Ibere af 11:25 on Saturday. After
lumping overnight *t the big ruck
close to the fuut uf the Lions, they
nm .- early noil muriiiiig ami accomplished a trip uver the peaks and a
■ nb.i'lpieui return iu the camp in a
little over three hours. The return
journey was remlered uupleasant by
rain, the car terminus being reached
at about 4 o'clock ou Sunday afternoon.
You can buy a 60-foot lot on Osborne Boad, IV, blocks list of
Lonsdale Avenue, for $800.00, on terms of one qutrUr caab, aud
th* balance over 18 months.
Enquire shout this while One Dollar Shares ar* selling for Fifty
Cent*.   OALL or WHITE for Prospectus.
Pbons 463
P. 0. Boi 2397
The Monarch Malleable
Everybody knows the Monarch. If you intend
purchasing a Range this fall, il will pay you to investigate the Monarch. Il cosls less, lasts longer and
hums less m.il or wood than any olher malleable range
sold in North Vancouver.
Patterson & Goldie
Phone 88
105-7 Esplanade Weit
Pulpit and Prew
ii>mt>i pnwm»' 99"
The high school tlelintiug plot) hebl
ila second session oil FrillW wlmn dm-
troversy waged aronml the ptspaeH^e
iiiiiiiuncus of press ami pulpit.    The
affirmative speakers, I'oliu Cameron,
llobert 1'urdle uml Kathleen N,nt
I'lianipioiiinl the press, while the principals uf t|ie opposition, Douglas Kae,
James Heniiett and Hadiu llunl, , as
eriluiil the greater inllueiiee in the
culi'uiuf the' preacher.
It was I'linii'ii.b'il that tba wurld to-
day contained more newspaper readers
iiuiu church aiieiiii.'i'i The uowsps
per, being a vehicle nf worldly illfnr
imu i.ui, comtnamleil a larger audience
titan the church which dealt chiully
with tbu hereafter. Thu view waa also
advanced thai Ilia church is divided
iuto mauy factiiiua, whilu tbe pulitical
divisions of lhe press aru leas iiumer
oui. i'euple are able, thruugh the
medium uf lliu press, lu dliicuss freely
auy pulnl which seunia |u invito argu
ment; utterances frum Hie pulpit, uu
the ulher huml; must he accepted nilh
uut .|iii'..iiuu, and :.iiini-iiiui'i. ,-.Hiniiii
unilorstamling. Newspapers ami peri
oiiieals are ublu lu reaeli uutiylag ilis
n i. in which it is iiiipu -ii,l, for Ibo iu
iliiein e uf lhe church to reach.
Where wuulil the press be if it were
nut for lhe pulpit' impiiruil a iiugu-
live speal.er. liven Christianity was
depemleiil un thuse wiio voiced its doe
iiiiiii. They *ere nul spread lliruugli
out tho wnrld by newspapers. This
debater urgued lhal the spuken wurd
Is inure effective thun the written nne
The affirmative contended thai since
lhe establishment uf the pruss civil-
i/iiiion had greatly advanced. News
was carried with increasing swiftness tu
all parts uf lhe wurld ami further (in
the opinion of oue speaker) the tidings
of Ihe press were very often mure cum
pruhensililu tu the ordinary mind thun
the sermons uf preachers.
The point was advanced lliul llic
Salvatiou Army, iinm,I.,I in a small
east liouduu ilistricl, had sprouil
i In miu lnml furly nine countries and
had a membership roll uf uver sixty
Iwo thousand perions. This was nut
done through the pross, but by the
pulpit. The affirmative retorted, how
ever, that oue of the great inslrumenls
uf the Army was the "Warl'ry,"
i.unim,,   their   wurld -wide   means    uf
communication with their members ami
tbe puldic generally.
ilul, claimed Hie opposition, the pul
pit is older and wiser than the press,
which has only been in existence since
the time uf William Ili. When u news
paper cuinpany become! insolvent il
remains su, while the, church is assisted
al ouce by vuluiilary contribution!.
"A very good esample nf Ibe press,"
saiil one cruel erilic, "is llie 'lalgary
Bye-Opener.'   ll speaks fur ilself."
i'lveulually lhe mailer mis submit
ini to a vote uf lhe meeling, ami il
was discovered lbat Ihe majority were,
afler all, believers in Hie greater in
liucut'c of the pulpit.
i-Wm"m*wmm. vn
Four Roomed Modern House on Moody,
$250 cash and $30 a month. p
Apply 104 Esplanade, West
Local Ag*nt» for Britlab Bnmira Hone Insurant Oo., London Aaauranc*
Wa will b* siemai te bav* listings; also homes for sal* or nnt.
Mum «M tj 9 ■« #N
The three ipeclal services I.- l-l un
Sunday lasl lo calibrate lhe harvest
festival proved very successful. Al
Ibe moruiug ami evening servicea Ihe
church was filled tu ils capacity while
iu the afternoon a goodly number of
scholars ami their friemls were present
The preacher in the morning, Ven.
Archdeacon I'entrealh, D.D., s|iuke iu
a ve,y instructive muuiier un lhe origin
ami history of harvest; while in Iho
evening tll» Hey, Principal Vanes took
as his theme that true thanksgiving
aanwu iu tkaiiksiiviug. lluili ipt
visiting clergy congratulated ihe congregation oii Its growth, also the ladies
on the tasteful way Inkblot) the church
liud boon decorated for the occasion.
lu the afternoon the yicar, Bev, Dr.
Fe», spoke to the eh ihli on pr, "The
Harden of the Heart," mentioning the
different virtues lhat should be cultivated. Speclel music was sung al all
services which were nf * very hearty
nature throughout.
Kdilor Kipress:
North Vancouver, B. 0.
Dear 8lr,-i-Ill your Issue of Ilia 5'tb
inst. appears what I presume your
readers are luppoied lo accept us a
repurt uf an iiiiurview I had with the
liistriot couucil of Nurth Vaucuuver
re a plau fur the lulwllviillng of the
West half (it,) nt Block I, lu lllilrlel
Lut W.:. If It came lo you through
your regular repurter, it looks like a
caso where thu bands were those uf
lu-.'iii but tho nm e tbat uf Jacob, for,
no doubt, the iutentioii of the writer
ur the dictator of the report was lo de
ceiye and create a false impression in
tliu iiiimi of the public relative tu the
cutire case, He says the commillee
did mil favor Iho plan on Ihe grniii.ls
thai tlie only feasible road would havi
a graile of IIU per cent.
The fads are that before purchaa
ing I had Ur. A. Cameron make a pre
limiiiary survey uf the pVuperty and
gel lhe cunoci grades uf Ihe ruads
in the propused subdivision anil alsu
uf Hie ruad giving access tu tlie properly. Herewith are tbe figures given
liy Mr. I'uineroni t'ommeneiug at the
south wesl euruer of block :.', runuiug
thence easterly 811 ft. a 1.1 per rent,
grade, 2'cl tl. a 6 per ceul. grade;
frum this point running nurlhcrly lis
fl. u II per cent, grade ami Hi feel a
tl lu 15 per cent, graile. Nuw fur ac
cess tu the prupcrly: t'umiueuriug at
Hie smith-west corner uf bluck l run
iiing in a suuthcrly direction to Mouu
lain Drive uu the westerly buumlary
line uf bluck 15 frum a 111 lu Vi per
cent, graile. In uu case are lbe grades
anything like as sleep as lhe grade on
' .nn -luuul,, ruad lou,imp frum Loos
dale aveuue lo I'uuu. Uutet's nil-
douce, nnr is the grade leading lo some
of the residences ou "Tempo Heights''
which is i 'ini'l. n.i uue of the liuesl
residential sections in the city of
Nurlh Vancuuver.
Ilul why shuuld yuur reporter fail
lo slate lhe facts ami, unlike the olher
reporters, present a biased reporl. Cos
libly Ihe last paragraph lets ui into
lhe seerel. ll reaila thua: "Applications fur subdivision plsns 'avolving
impossible grades ilu not constitute the
least uf the troubles confruuliug llu'
Districl Council, line particularly
outspoken applicant, wilh greal cuiin
deuce in his puwers of argument, hus
declared that the district assembly wili
know Councillor l..i,n,t uu mure if his
iiwri plau is refused approval." li it
possible that the real seaiou for ill
Ibis deception ami the onesided ver
sinus uf lhe council meetings appearing
iug in your paper, ii tint yuur eurres
pointful believei Councillor Loutel s
scat iu Hie council to be iu danger an I
thai these discrepanciei are uuly uiuves
iu tlie gume of strengthening Councillor
lumi. i ■ pusitiuu fur lhe liglil noil
Yuurs very truly,
Shoe Talks
The time to buy your Children 'a Shoes ii NOW.
We carry the largest ilock of Cnildren'i Shoes in liritish Columbia.
We specialize in Children's Bhoes aud lake Ihe greatest care in fitting
the lillle iuuu' feel
W ear is the important feature. n
0 nt Mimes are made for hard wear.
0 utildi iud Inside built for comfort.
D ou't let your children get wet feel,
A Doctor's bill ioou rum up.
If OV ia the liuie to prepare for winter.
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Shoe Kepairing by machinery on lhe shortest notice,
Everybody's Shoe Store
 ,    .1 •        ,''
paine & McMillan
Iluuie Iluys wauled at the Klpress
Baptist Church Social
and Business Meeting
The quarterly euciul ami business
in. .-i in;, of the First llaptiit church
will be helil on Wedneiday evening,
Ocluber -ml. The members' of lhe
church and congregaliou are invited
to attend.   Refreshments at lhe cluse.
uVMirsiu ill-' l.'UAI. IIIM.Mi
i i'uul iniiuii,. iii.bi.i of Ihi Dominion
III M mil I .iiiu. Kiul.iii. Iiowiin unJ Albsr-
a. the i ul,nn T. i liim v. the North- weit
Ti 11 u.n 1.1, umi iii * pui Hun of tin pruviuce of Uritiah Culiiinlila. may be less-
)ed fur a lurm uf twoniy-one yeara al
Applications wili be received by tiie
amleriigneil up tu iiuou uu Ocluber Ut,
IIH-', fur the pusitiuu uf Assessor fur
the above iuuniri|iaiity. Applicant*
lo stale iijairlenci ami fee required for
lhe completion uf Ihc IIII.I assessment
(Signed) (1. il. I'KAKK,
117 i vi C.M.C.
Jub Printers
Publitbirs of tb* "Eapr***'
First Street Baat Phon* 80
n iiiuiu,ii rental uf n an acn. Not
mure Ihun 2,610 acrei will be leaied lo
uno applicant.
Applleiilbui fur a louse musl ba maili
by Ihe applicant In perion lu Ibi Ausnt
ur Siili-Agiiii of tho diitrict Iu which
Ihe iiuiiii applied for an altualed.
In iuivcyeil territory Ihe land mull
bo ilis. iiln,] by icclloni, or legal lUb-
illvliluni of u.-i iluu:: and In uniurviy-
id im i lim ■ Um tract applied ror slmll
hi Hiked oul by llm applicant lilm
Each application muit bi accumpan*
led by a fee uf IS which will bl ri-
fiimled If llm rlulili applied tor an not
available, bul not olherwlie. A roy*
■ Ily ihul) he paid on Ihe moicbaiilabia
"mini uf Ihc mlno nl Ibe rati of Ovi
'.■iiiu per (on.
Tho peraon operating lha mine ihall
runil.h lha .uy., nt wllh iwum i .tm in
uo. ..iiiiiiiu. for Um full quantity or
mon li ni H. iiite cuul niliied and pay Ihi
inmii. Ihereon If the coal mining
iiiiiiiu ure not hclnir operated, iuch ic-
luriia slinobi ho furnished ll least unci
a year
The lo uu- will Include the coal inlnliiir
rights only, bul lhe lesico may he pir-
f) tun, linm. whatever available
p llghla may lm cupildirerl n»c-
fni lhe working nt Ihi mini it
e rule  ,t IIO an acre
Per full Information anpllcallun
■bould be made lo the seerelary of lb*
I', i.u iiii. iii nt tho Interior, Ottawa, or
lo uny anonl or SiiIi-ArciiI of Dominion
w w. cony.
Deputy Miniiler uf the Interior.
N li iunHiiinui.,,: publication ol
Dili  advertisement   will   nut   bi   nail
P.O. I»|5       PIRST STREET EAST   ■     Td.393
Enoi Salt  , 75c
Zambuk  35c
Allenbury's Food  65c
Allenbury's Food, No. 3 * 55c
Pink Pills 35c
Peroxide, pyr lb, 65c
Cuticura Soap -25c
Babv'iOwn Soap ,..' 3 for 25c
Anti-Colic Nipple* 5c each
Abwdient Cotton   35c lb.
We havt constantly in (lock a complete slock of
Bed Pans, Douche Pans, Ho' Water Bottles, Irrigators, Elastic Hosiery, Abdominal Belli, Batteries,
Elcclric Belts, Trusses, and, in fact, everything in the
tick room line not usually stocked by smaller drug
Phone 311 and your order, will lie rushed to any
part of the eity.
North Shore Drug Co.
P, Ss THOMAS, Phm. B.
Dniffiit, 116 Eiplanade W«t


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