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Weakly Circulation Thirty-Five Hun
drerl Ooplea
Hl)t Exp
Job  Printing  Eiiecuted Promptly  at
fall prices
Government Wharf
For North Vancouver
II. II. Stovogs, M.i'. returned uu Fri
day lusl frum a trip In Ottuivu dur
mg wliieii lie luuk up with the government, several matters pertaining lu his
constituency. Mr. Stevens is in pusitiuu In announce Ilml arruugcineuts arc
practically completed for the construction uf a large government fliurf at
Nurlh Vuneuuver,     The engineers whu
have been at wurk uu the harbor—Mr,
Davey In making burings and Mr. I.e
Feheve, iu malting surveys—have cum-
pleled the Hobl work and are now
completing their maps. The selection of
the exact site for Hie wharf has been
left by Ibe government in Mr. sic
ven's liumls uiid iinnieilialcly upuu lbe
enni|ilel ion uf the wurk uf the surveyor,
he will muke the selectinn und furwurd
Ilis recunimeiiiluliun lu the dupartmeul
uf I'ublie Wurks ut minim, after which
the wurk will be prucecded witb as
sunn us plans can be executed ami de
tuiis urrunged. The wharf which the
guvernmenl bus decided to build on
this side uf the lulet will bo appruxim
ui'li one ilmin-.md feet lung ami two
huiidrcd and fifty feet ill widlb. It
will be provided with spacious ware
huuse capuble uf accuiuiuuiluliug lurge
■ I'li'iimn uf in i|ilu and with modern
shipping facilitiet,
Width of Bridge Span
Speaking before Ward V. Cunserva
live Club at Muuul I'lcnsiuil lust even
ing Mr. 11. 11. Stevens, M.I'. took ue
easiuu lu refer tu lhe attitude uf the
Dominion lliiieruinenl Inward Second
Mayruws bridge. Mr. Stevens doi'luTCll
"Nu complaint fur delay iu the cou-
strucliun of the Second Narrows bridge
cm be laid uguinsl Hu- Dominion government. Up tu a week ago, uu uppli
cation for the subsidy nf *'i5n.uiiii tliu I
— '
Coal Shortage Discussed by Council
SEVERE INVESTIGATION RECOM. I tburitics some specific dale ibould lie
MENDED   BY   ALDERMEN      .obtained., It   was  uot   luficienl    to
, merely generalize
Tbe graie  situation  occasioned  le ,    H, fnm Nj|ve(, lb„ „ wgJ p„.
Ibe prescnl shortage in the local coal, ,M|ly |fU(, „,„, (.m| fou||| M|y ||(, p„,
supply wa. discussed  last  evcnyig by   lW1 ,„ l.u|1,l)|)J|)iiu|1 0|1 lll0   1)grl|,
'«! shore Ihruugli agents in Vaucuuver.
Aid.   Irwin   rcculled   lbc  preialtnce
uf similar  condltioni  two yeurs tgu.
Mrs, S. J. McDowell, uf Mi. Herges
uvenue, su fur wuubl seem to buve
broken all local records fur sunlluwer
growing. Her gurdeit couluiiis uiiv
speeiuieu uicusuring in lieiglu 11 leet
i inches.   Wbu can beat lhi"l
frum u Idler received fruni Hie Huurd
uf Trade. Tins teller staled lhal lbc
excculivu uf lbe Huurd hud be
. Al  Ibal  lime a delegutiuu iu  Vi. tuna
idcriiig    lbe serious    position   Nurtlr ...
luuk  lbc uiuller up wilh  lhe pruvin
Vancuuver uus in ul present uu'inu lu
,, . >     .,,,      i ,   liul     guicriillli'lil
the scarcity ul  cuul,    ihc board hai ' ,
J promised   by   lbc   leading   dealers   of
been led In uudereJand lliul Ihere have] |.
been   tunes   r.u Uill)'    Vlliell    lbe   lucul
,    ,       , ol supplv depot
ugenls liaic been entirely uul uf coil. ,
,„, ,    ,,, , Nleps should eerlainlv be taken ivbcre
lhe cuuucil uus doubtless aware Uiul        J    k,     ,    ,,
ihe Nuilli Shure is entirely dependent
un   the   Viineuuver   agents   uml   upuu
Relief    uus   then
leading   dealers   of
Vancnuier and also lhe eslublisnmeiil
in  Norlb  Vnm-
l.h   i I;    1
wilb   Nurlh   Vuncuuver   could   be
allied  lu secure eual  direct  fruni  Ihc
whul Ihuse ugenls will give Ibctn. A
the outlook is must serious I'or lbe up kid. Mcllue characterized lbc lilua
[Touching winter the board wrole lo '">'' ** »'ost serious. He and Aid.
ask the council to give Ihc mailer '.»'(* 'onsidcrod lhat the mailer was
immediate consideration so thai juiul "'"' '•' "tvcre investigaliou.
action might be luken tu hive this This investigation will doubtless be
slate uf ufluirs remedied. made, when specific data, as suggested
Aid. Irwiu though! Ibul in order to i liy Aid. Irwin ami Ali}  Diek is forth
bring Hie nulla before Hie proper uu | ruining.
Items of Interest
The SO. Vulcan, owned hy thc Uru
uat!a  Saw   Mills,   New   Westminster,
lefl the ways uf the Wallace Shipyards
yesterday after having her propellers
Messrs. .Wallace  are  making  new ,  „, ,
'    ,    m. , ,     ■ »  overhauled,
spars lur Hie  llmm Tberesu lying nil ;i ,
Kvuns Culemun   wharf.
, Mr. Mcllride's im leu now, which
Mr, C. S. Voung returned uu Friday i» being built under his own supervls
from a three nioiilhs' trip through Kasl; iuu aud from his specification tt   the
the  government  had  promised,  had
been made.
"Tlm Bridge Company claimed lhat
the Itailwuy CommiHsiqit bad the power
lu deal wilb Him bridge. 1,'ogully, no
duubt Ibul wus right, but the Railway
Commission felt that it wuuld not be
right fnr llic I'ublie Wurks Department
and the Department uf Marine and
Fisheries lo be nverlnukcd in 89 impor
luul a project. The cunipuny liud
never referreil the matter to-either of
these departments. The government is
nuw taking llie mul ter up and will dis
pose nf il us rapidly us possible.
"As sunn us lbe engineers of Ibe do
pertinent conic tu iheir conclusion, Die
company wil| be notified. If a i!60-fopl
spun is demanded by Hie guverniiieiit,
tbeu the cunipuny -shuuld gracefully
huw lu Ihc request, Sueh a request
will nut be made lu bluck Hie project
ll will be because the engineers uud
the  naviguturs  think   it   is  essenliul
"lu regurd In the subsidy, the cu
gineer ul Olluuu hus usked the cum
puny tu make tlie necessary upplicutiun
su Ibal lbe agreement can be euuclud
ed. Il 1 an nut be expected tbut Ibi
cily, Hie pruviuce ur the Dominion wil.
puy inure Ihun it shuuld.
Financing of Fourth
Ferry For City Traffic
Rice Lake Tunnel
The cily engineer, Mr. Angus Smith,
,'uil evening submitted Jur llic council's
uppruvul the following rcpurl' un Ibi
upirations lu dale nl Rice Lake:
I p lu and  including    August  Hist
ll>ere  bsve  been  spent   lhe  fulluwiiig
uiuojiili   iii  eiiiine.liun  wilh lbe tun
l-'ur bibur and material  un
old tunnel             $ 2 ilnllll
Km labor and  material uu
' lull    lilllliel           lujfin.lu
',..! uf plant, including u'l
inul'. uiiii machinery  ...      U,IHi.lu
Mukiug a lulni expenditure
fur plant, material and
Inbur up tu ills! August uf 111 I,til:: Ifi
Ip lu ami iiiili^ding August lllsl,
Ibere were fiUS feel driven in lbc lieu
liiiiinl While the eust ot the wurk
un Ihc ubl luiiiiel must be charged lu
lln- Idee Ijikc tuuuel uccuunt, it can
nut be luken us 11 part of the cosl uf
lhe lieu tuuuel, uud were it luken us
purl ut Ihc cost of lbe new tunnel, il
should be distributed uver llic entire
length uf Ihc tunnel when completed,
uml not 11',er a portion, whicjl would
be lbe ease were Ibis done before the
A conference took place yesterday
afteriiuou between the ferry directorate
and certain members nf lbe eily euiili-
cil, namely, Aldermen Iruin,,Diek uud
Hiss, ia urder tu arrive al some sulutiuu
of the. eoniplicitleil problem miauling
lhe cuiistrui'liuu uf the I'erry No. 1,
which bus been held in abeyance since
Hie byluw was passed ul the beginning
uf the year.
The chief ilillicully bus been In uver
riiiiie lbc blanket mortgage uf $188,00(1,
which linbls the wholo'of Hie assets uf
the compauy, preaenl ami future, liable.
The byluw passed in January waB fur
1200,000, covering the ensl of the new
I'erry, ♦lfill,lllul, lhe repurchase uf Ine
$1311,000 bonds, und wharf repairs.
To proceed wilii construction would
leave the new lmal covered by the
lirsl loan, while ul lbe same lime Ibis
year's debenlures could nol be sold
uniil the lumi was completed. House
qiieiilly il wus resolved un the siigges
liuu of Alderman Dick, supported by
lbc olber members nf lbe cuuucil, Ihul
the tuiiii.uiii) lean be resubmitted to
llie eleclornle in two bylaws, one fur
the repurchase uf Ihc old debentures
und the olher for Ihc euuslruelioii' uf
Hie new boat. This wus though! lu be
Hie safest uml easiest way uul uf lhe
dilliciilly uml 11 resolution uus passed
unanimously. The mailer was lakeu
up ul lbe cniineil meeling luler in the
Cupt.   Cates   during   transaction   of
other business uf llle hoard expressed
Ihc   liar   thai   luliieliine, lliere  inigol
be elected In Ihe ulliee nf ferry dine I
lur irresponsible parlies, who, with llic|
puuers   tbey   possessed   as   direclurs,!
might squander Hie funds of the cum
pani      II
Ibul siilislanlial ipialilicatinns lie mude j hulll uf lln
ii matter fur lhe ferry euinpuuy lu ar
range entirely themselves by a bylaw,
as lbe eit)' council bad nulliing lu du
ul    ||.      l.ll.
uii election
CUJtlieclinll. "
This mul 11111  nn<   furniallv  se a,.lnl
l.v Aid. Iiuiu and nirried uininiinuuslv.
Telephone Conditions to be Investigated
Mr. Dun Wnlsleuliuline, stationery
agent of the I'. I'. It, whu is un his
annual luur frum Winnipeg to the
coast, paid a short viiil lo the   Nurth
Shure on Saturday uml uus lbe gin si'now tunnel is completed
of Rev. s. fea, 10th slreei. |, i( ,|,0 ,|,f|,,u|, lo climate wbal
I musl be charged per fuul un accuunl
.For tho purpoae of raising funds with „f ,,,,,1., ^Itl „„| machinery, 0'"'
which lu furnish the SI. Kdinuml's ,| „ ,„,;. ,„ |U|„. Hie depreciation ul
rim-rcli, Mubou avenue, wilb a bell aud |,,a„ w ,,,,, ,.c„|„ „„ ihul 1:1,410 wuuld
a new ultur, lbc ladies ol Ibal church 1,,.' required lo be written off of Ihc
purpose holding a basket social in Ibe   .;,i,„. „j ||„, plunl.
Iluii:, ,,ii 1,mi hall tomorrow
Aid. Irum guic notice lusl evening
Ihut be would ul Thursday cieiiing's
meeting intruducc u motion to ius
paid employer's fyshilily insurance
policies on all employees except Ihose
ul work al the rock ipiuirics uml iu
Ihc Hue I .ul,. round
eru i'iiiu,In uml the Slates.
Mr. ami Mrs. J. 11. I'uine are home
again ufler a month's pleasant sojovrii
iu the southern coast slates.
The Storm Kiug, owned by (freer,
Cnyle k ''0., i» ou -the Wallace ways
for painting and uvcrbuuling.
Mr, A. 0, I'erry left laat nigh I for
ImhiiIi",|" lo nit' ml Ihc Hritisb Col
umbia school trustees convention at
delegate from   North   Vancouver.
Mr. BtauJcy French of Warwickshire,
Kugland, who i> on his way to Prince
Rupert) wai the guest of Mr. ti, I),
Blackwell, llie.) 10th street, for a few
■ Wallace  Shipyards   will  be   launched
1 next  week, .
Thc iiliiiei" and crew of (he "tea
loii.ba" spent a.portiou of Sunday pic
mel,mg in Lum Valley 1'ark, which is
more Hian ever before a popular North
Shore reudcxvoui.
Mr. and Mrs. 1. 1. McAlcccc have
returned from a six month's trip
abroad. Ireland, Mr. Mc Abac's uu
live couutry, wis the main objective
point of Iheir rn.mlcriufi.
Mr. Tbomai Wye, Accompanied by
hii wife left lnl night for Kuinloops.
Mr, Nye will attend the Hrilisii Col
mulns School Trustees convention oa
behalf of tht diitrict ichool board,
St. Agnes' Church
Harvest  Fwtlval gtrvicti
Next Sundty will be observed as
Harvest Sunday in SI. Agnes' cbureb.
curner uf 111, slreei ami llruml Iluu
levard. Ail services will be of a'spinal nature ami iu Ibe inuruing and
evening special preachers will be pre
sent. The services will be as fulluws:
Holy communion t a.m., morning prayer
and holy communion II a.m., children's
service i.'ia p.m., evening prayer IM
p iu i'l"' church will be decorated for
the occasion.
Htrvtit Home Social
The Woman's Auxiliary uf St. Ag
lies' church are holding u barvcsl con
cert and social iu the church hall,
corner of llllh aud Boulevard on Tucs
day, Ort. lit, al t pm. A good pru
gram his been arranged uml tickets
are now on aale.
Boyi' Olub Of St. Aguci' Church
The meeting of St. A ages' Boyi'
Club tonight takes Ihe form of a plio
Ingraphic lecture. Flashlights will be
ttken tnd the process of/developing
and' printing explained. Ill boys over
lhe age of ninl ire welcome. The
church htll lim pm,
ihc portion of engineering ami uver
head charges, whieb bus nol been in
eluded in lbe ilcin fur lubur, should ulso
be charged. Tins I estimate, together
nilh lbc depreciation of plant, at i'l
per fuul ot tunnel, uver the entire
tunnel. The cost uf driving Ihc new
luiiiiel will be therefore us follows:
For lnl„,1 and   material   per
fuol       »l!fl.0l
i'ur plant, engineering and ovel
heud expenses whicii bave nol
already been charged,per fool      ll.Ut)
Total      f-'nil
The above ii Ihe cost per fool uf new
tunnel, ami does not include Hie wurk
done on the uid tunnel, but ib does
im lode all lbe iiicideiilal expenses iu
eoiiiicclnm with the wurk.
Alderman irwiu inquired as lu huw
things bad been going ulung since Ibis
repurt was compiled, and in reply lu
Ibis Alderman Dick staled that since
Ibe eud of August matters,Unl been
guing ahead very satisfactorily. Ip
considerably less Ibeu thirty dtys'a
lime Ibey should have the tunnel com
pleted. Despite the adverse conditions
which bad been encountered the cost
uf the entire work would exceed by
very lillle Hie nrigiiuil estimate of the
cily eugineer.     »       .
"Thai's guud," said Aldennau Fore
"I'm glad you're pleased, said
Alderman Dirk.
Alderman Irwiu Ibougbl Ileal uu lbe
completion of Ibe tunucl some kiml of
celebration might be held, seeing Ihtl
Nortb Vanrouver would have tccem
pliihed I work of which It could feel
Juilly fraud.
Here lc|
if  mull   iuu!,!  I.c  lllll
Id.- Irmn lln Telephunc i'iiinpnny in
the 1 it) nail ouu dnlcl some months
prci ii.ii"l). and sluluig lhat the culile
for the -111111 mruss llurrurd lulet
The eouueil lasl eveuing appointed w,s already Iviug in Vancouver, and
Alderman Frascr and Aldennau Fore ul,|j. „ ,|,.|uv „„ n,,, puri ,,1 the gov-
man as 0 luiiiniilicc In iiiiesligale i.l, , r,,r,,,.,,i M, ulluiaiiiuj u route causal
phone cunililiuns in Nnrlh Vuinniiicr. ||„, ,|,.|,n ,,, ,,,,1,1,1,., |,„, „,.„■ ,.„|,|,,,
This Id inn win lakeu upuu.re.cipl "l   || j,a,| materialized ,,,,,,; huwever, ne
a teller from Wr. William Walla.:
cumplaiiniig of the serine given the
Nuilli Shore by the Hritisb Culiinibii
Telephone i'uinpany whu, he sain
charged bis lirm ami bis ciislonicr-
uver 11,1161) :i year for thc use of lbe
long dialance telephone to Vaiicouicr.
He considered thai Die long distance
rate shuuld be reduced lu live eenl-.
The   1 uillilnii
111   the   Tell |>liii
Aid.   Dick   asked'fur  an   inicsligu    struclnl  In sn
liun befuic the Railway CoiumissiouiTi   in Vnncouier
cording lo repurt-. .aid the aldcnuaa,
lliul lbe cable had nut been made. If
il uiiil,! lc found iluu Hn Telephone
Company were telling an untruth In Hie
i'iiiu.' il a case could cii-ily le , inned
against Ihem belore Ihc Itailwii) 'om
inissioncrs ,
lu usii llic ulli nils
I'uiiipiiii) Wen.' in
.   lull' 1 ul Ic  if  il  is
While; lbe uhleruien were present Mr.
Wriglil: Innk ueciisiun to urge upon
lliem the necessity for immediate ar
rungeinenls with Mr. K. Muhon for
llm purchase ur Interchange of privileges lending lu put the ferry company in posi.i'ssiiiu of 50 feel uf fore-
lliure to Hie west uf the present wharf,
wbicb is nccilc.1 I'ur tbu proper bundling
Uf the ferry service. Mr./Maiion, according, lu lbc directors, iind expressed
a desire lo deal with Hie cuuucil only,
und il uus thereby anticipated lliul lhe
cuuucil would prububly lake steps lu
ucqiiire llie ueccisiiry hunt.
In piitsiiauee uf lbe decision un'veil
al during the afternoon cuntcrence uf
the ie\\y direclurs nnd representatives
uf lhe council, the city fulhcrs lust
evening cuusidered the circumstance!
ul lending Hie Iiiiiiiu ml arrangcineiilH
attending Hie construction of n fmirth
I'erry uml adopted 11 motion pul fur
ward by Aid. Dick.
This uml inn uus us luljuws:
"That, whereas it was deemed necessary lu cutisl iiiil inuii ber ferry lmal tu
bundle the Irtilhe uf Nurlh 1'aiieiui,er;
and ulierens a certain bylaw uni pass
cd by the rnlcpuycrs uf .'uni^i Vaneiu
ver guaranteeing lite fern- ileiieulercs
lu Ibis nul; uml whereas the ferry di
ru tori lune limn I ilml Iiirougli a le
gul Iceliin. uliiy ih,- aid I.) law pre-
Muted to ibe ratepayers of Nurth Vuu
inner required suppurl in Ihis niiicuil
ed form, viz., thut Ino by Igwi be
iiiuiii instead ul niie. guaruu'i' -ii.g llle
inieiesi mil lunds un llm luan uf
WlK.Wnl for ihe 11'p.in liii.-e 11 uiul I gage
considered  and  adviiculeil I and   ♦I.Vi.ildil   lui   far)   euiiliii'liuii,
giiuriinleed bv lb- eily,
ucccmrury fur electiuii lu Ibe ferry j lliercfure ll"' ilerk le 'iislrmtcd lu
buard     Aid,nn.in  Dick suid Ihul  was   prepare llic iic.es-.au hi Inn- nnd cull
Tomorrow Night's Event
Au cicnl lu be borne sleudfuslly in
iniini is lhe "nookcr" lu be beld under
the auspices uf tne lueal alblelic c.i b
tomorrow ei cuing. Several interfiling
boxing and wrestling matches are on
lhe lull nl fare, and Ibuse in inuineii
lur) doull may lee! perfectly cunfideul
lhal Krni-I Duy, .Inhume Leonard and
lbe other buys Dow in cburgc of lbe
cluli will muke Ihc ci cuing enjiiynlde
frum cicri slandpuint. For lhe infer
nul inn nl llioic iiim are nol in touch
wilb lbe limes, lbe club ruums ure sil
iinii'l ul the corncf of Ksplauade west
und l.uusilale.
■ m
, w
Bank of Montreal
Established IIU
Capital (paid up)   .   $16,000,000
Reierve    .   .   .   .   $16,000,000
*'l t
Savings Bank Department
North Vancouver Branch; F.A.MACRAE,
Mt. Crown Bldg., ht Slreet Manager
We Have Some Good Buys
in D. L 273, 274, 550.
See us if you have a liouse to rent, or if you want to get
a house.
We have some lovely homes for sale,
Listings wanted,
110 Esplanade. Phone 227
Right wi... To Time
Dickinson & Son, Ltd.
P.O. Box 1719. Phone 222
Timothy Hay (utw)
Olovtr Hay, (utw)
Alfalfa Hiy
Ormhtd Ottt,
Lliuttd Mill
I'lin.'im uiiifiT
B. ii K. clii' 1.' I' Chop,
ii. fc K Scratch rood
BU Craikeil (Join
Let'I Egg Maker
Lit'a Iuitct I'o wiltr
B wilt'a Bttf Script
Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
In Stock, 350 Tom of Choice
Hoinoboldeni ibonU  liy In tbt wliiUr lupply btfort tbt
rutb Miaou.
North Shore Coal & Supply Co.
,' L. S. EATON, Manager.
Kickham'i Wharf     Eiplanade Weil     Phone 48fl
Lmti   Vibmutw
Ltaya Mirth Vincomir
•1.20 AM.       2.40  VM.
•8.00 AM.      2.20 P.M..
•el')               tM
•8.20                2.40
•1.00               tM
•919                1.00
•IM              I.M
>1M             IM
IM              4.00
IM              1.40
•1.00               4.10
'f.tfl              IM
1.20               4.40
1.00               4.20
•8.40               6.00
•1.20               4.40
tM               tM
1.40               8.00
IM                (5.10
1.00              8.20
0.40                 8.00
0.20                6.40
10.00               8.20
'      0.40                6.00
10.20               8.40
I'Ki'i              4.10
10.40               7.00
10.20               1.40
11.00                7.20
11.20               7.40
10.40               IM
11.00                7.20
11.40                 S.00
11.20                7.40
1140              I'M
11.40               tM
12.20  FM.       0.00
UM              tM
11.40               I.M
12.20  VM.       »M
IM              10M
IIM             IM
IM            10M
IM             10,00
IM             IIM
LM             M.M
IM             UM
IM            UM
Iff             11.15 AJM.
tM             UM
12.46 AJM.
'■_ rl   '    ■'" "" ™
* itttntt "9*1 m tmitr."    1
mtbn.Gmamy tti Ulbtl tti i
hM ttbit wbhni le thinga mttlmt
alayi, uiUmUI at .tkirwlit.
" 'TU tha first virtue vices tu
Ami tlw firat wisdom tn bi> fool no
moro.'l —Pops.
Hai'h, again at Vulu bright, breeiiy,
lm:,), festive Vuli' ii whilo ni'.iiii'' b
uir. |..i lii.liiui villagd mul b i|iii''i Ilml
auil'a liny f.!iiiii|iiiny'a stBtlon—now tlw
theatre of mlmiaini mining ii|nir«tloii
tlm lii'iiii of I'luu'i- llivor i.ii'iuniiiiiii
navigation ninl lliu starting puiut ul
purk I mi iih mnl miiii'i', luHiihl for tlir
gul lull     ll.'ll:.    Of    llll'    ilill) IHIS    llll'l    tllU
"l'l"-i- rivor, A city nf louts uml shacks,
sluros, luirruuiua un.l gaiuhliiig homos.
Thu ono uur. i rruwiloil frum mnriiing
Iill   lligiil  Willi  U   mil'gillg   lllll -  uf jua
iiiiii' hiiiiiiiuily uf all aorta ami coiuli-
tiuua.     '.In.,i      pruapui'lnra,    trailers,
."1,1,1,  l        Ullll     I'liliii I'll     III.Iiu        llllll;  Imi
iii Ihu throng. Thu year ia JH'IH, ami
Ihu iiiiiii Hi iu Hnpluuilinr. Thu hour Ia
niuo in Iiiu waning, uml, in ciiinpuiiy
with turn ur fuur ulhur hunioluaa yuung
mun, I Iiii'l myself btaniliiig iu tliu
uuii of ii crowd uf vicious mun aiul
It'Wil women who hail gathered ubout
u luiilu tu wuh li thu players aa lln?>
bail "bucked" at furu. Tbu dealer
waa u scorbutic,looking iiiiiii of pur
liapa twenty live. Ho waa reputed tli.
bust furu littler on Ihu Coast, Ami,
being ii"l ii lilllu |,i"".l of Iho liiatiur
liun, hu seeuieil lu regard Ihu foolish
lii'raons who galburuil about bim with
ii i) nn ul smile, whilu :i contemptuous
oxpressiuii lurbcl in his suiiow, iiuiuo
liilu i-uiinluiiuni'o. Kvery ugu wus rep
rt'M'nli'il by those whu .,,,. ,,,.i.. lliu
uii'l: |u wui, I, lliu playing with favur
isli aiiiiuly ur lo stake u coin on Ihu
outcome o' a uunl.
As tliu giiint' proceeded tbu excite
iin'iii iiiiruusi'.l ami many uf thu gum.'
■tors, Iiuv iug lost llielr ull, slowly full
Inul. uml ulliurs who woru anxious In
Iry Ihuir fortunes mk the vaoaluil
plaous. lu lliu front rank of lliu latest
rumors my eyes foil un a ruspoolulily
ilroasuil iiiiiii nf uliuul Ihirly. Hu was
amoliiiig a cigar ami appearoil to ru
gUT'l IliO cxelllllg hi cue willi uu OX
prt'ssiou of r/niral listlecsnoas. His
ivollloilii appntrtiieo utlrui'luil thu ut
tunlioii uf llio prufessioutl gamblers,
wbu, in llio hupe lliut lio lunl money
uii'l wuulil enter Ibo ganir, grsilutlly
loll i u. i, aiul allowed Iho ...Iruiiger lo
U'lvunou to tlio iui,I, mini ho alouil in
Iho fruni runk. Anulliur deal from the
boa wus impending am! tlio uyea uf Ihe
ii.il. i woro iixoil like tbuso of a luul
it.k on llio newcomer, who, iu a »piril of
I i.i .:M" il seemed tu ino, j i.i. i.i a ton
ilullar gubl piece upon lliu toe of dubs
A minor slainiing near Iho sl ranger luiil
Iwu twenties un another ounl ami whon
Iho rosull was knuwn Iho yuung mai,
liu>l wun iiii'l Iho minor hail lust.' The
miner turueil away wilh u ilejerleil uir
ninl hia |ihi''U waa lukon l,y tho Strang
or. wli,i continued lu wager wilb cool
iii'liffi'ioiuo. Aflor llio first winning
lust aloiiilily.   Houn lua money seem
uiul stumper) with tnguiah ami Dried
for "llulpl in Imu vim's iiiiiiiu, lielpl"
The nii'iiii' waa plain to tlie moat ur
iiinm')' iniini.   A '""i'l of riiiiiiiiiii hail
conspired to rob the haul',   Tbu pistol
shot wun Hm signal for extinguishing
tho lights tint iliisning oiiyoiiii puppur
iuto the uyos nf the dualer un.l player.
lu  the darkness  ami  excitement the
funds were aeliod ami carrieil off, wilb
tliu om ''i'iiuii of a few gold pieces I Imi
fell to the flour.   The anguish nf thu
nun,'iui.,  wua pitiful  lu lieliolil, ami
neither over rucuvered  the  full use
uf bis uyea.
A Imi' ami ory waa raised.   Tlie pm
lioe were uoHllod and tliu wliulu pupil
luiiun  turiiinl  uut  tu a ou nli  for the
in. ..... i.i ■. but in the absence uf tute
graphic and tuluphunic cuiiimunirution
lilllu could bu ,l"iiu ll was luarucii
null duy that au liuliau cauoe in
.iiiii'h wure snuleil four whilu men lull
Ihc vital inuii I,, imi' daybreak. Thusu
men weru buliuvuil tu be thu culprits,
Imt Ihey gut oiifely olf and were mil
overtaken by the coustublus who wore
seul ufler them.
Ou the next day ami ou several sue
""lui," days I luul,"I in vain for lhe
well ilressud man whu sluod near tho
lalilu when t|ie troublu cauie, but hu
did not ,'| i" :n at either uf lhe holds,
uur was he seen on the slruul; so al
lust I hugan to connect him wilh thu
..iiiui ul Ihu ,";in,iiim:: I,iuu.,. ami fin
ally becume convinced Ihut he wus unu
of Ihu conspirators whu muile ulf wilh
thu moiiuy. I mcutiuiioi! my suspiciuna
lu ." ml ami wu fuuml thul hu hail
stnppuii al Vork's Hulel, giving ll.e
iiuiiii. uf Hm.h I ur um,, ihu,: like il.
Ihut he hail nu baggage, ami lliul ho
>liil nut returu tu the hulel aflor the
od exhausted, |ur Iiu bul uu mure, bul
-Iill relume,! his place without iho icusl
show ut excitement ur chagrin l'i,a
cull) u hoarded miner puttied hia way
lu Iho fruni uiul laid fuur Iwciilioi nn
tho lirst card lliul caught his eye When
Ihc card came fruni the box Iho miner
had wun. lie doubled Ihu Stakes, ami
aguin wun. The owners uf tlm bunk
scarcely concealed Iheir anger. Tboy
made signs lu the dealer lu "lose Ibo
bunk, bul lie >li'l nut appear lu Under
aiiiiul whut was expected of liim ami
continued lu deal, while the pile uf
iiul'l in lnnil uf llie miner grow apace.
The olher tables wore auun uliumlon
cl ami cruwdi pressed furward lo
,:,ii. I. llio 'lud between the buuk uml
Ihu miner ami inwardly lu pray lhal
the bank might be broken There must
have been uno ttiouasnd un lhe last
card tho miner selected, uml, at range lu
lay, he won again. Then ho began to
place his winnings i" a buckskin sack,
fur he hul si'iinun. oil lual  he wuuld
play nu more.   The i . i    trttcbld
with cuvctuua cyoa Ihu fortunate man
la he filled bll bag with the gulden
winning/, ami several j'Ullcl him uu
Ihe back a;ul congratulated bim un bis
;.",,,, luck. The dealer bail cloned the
bank uml wus iu the ail uf leaving the
inlil" when a pistol shut rung thruugh
the ruum, Hiniultaneously every coll
uil lump was extinguished ami the place
was iu tulal darkness. A lump lhat
•toud un Ihc table where I had watch
ed the playing was thrown to lhe Hour
ami went nut, The table was upset
with a crash ami then there arose cries
of alarm and agony, mingled with
fierce in.ui. iu iuu and murderous
ilir.iit.. I became aware of a stifling
sensation. The air scorned filled witn
a penetrating pungent dual which I
inhaled, and which caused my eyes to
smart and my throat tu panh ami
burn, Olhert iccmeil similarly affected
and ">ii,lii"l ami gasped for brealh.
I tried to grope my way outside, but
found myself entangled in a struggling,
ganping mass of hum. ity. It was
some iiiiinii, i before a light could be
htd. At last seme one brought a Ian
tern and then the ftro dealer and the
lucky miner wtre seen to hold tlieir
buudi to thtir eyei while they rived
The iron and slulie building nu lhe
soulhoast corner of Luugley and Vulos
al reels, Victoria, was erected in 1601
ll is slill a u.i .mnnul nu, iui, The
lul upou which il siiiiiiIs was one ol
ii.n, or four Ihut were assigned lo
(luvornor i iui.. i,.n.i whu preceded
'I'", i nmi llouglaa, ami upun lliuse iuts
sluud the lirst (luverumeiit House ul
ihu ' "lunv uf Vaucuuver Island. The
I in nk uf Hrilish Nurlh America ami the
A'lclphi alsu occupy twu uf the gober
iiulurial loat. The Adelphi ami the brick
building where llall k (Joepel a extensive coll business is transacted occupy
Ihe site of Mr. lilaushard's resilience.
The iirsl in "ipi.ni:. uf the slure in lhe
irun ami atone ' building wero Burns
4. Muure, druggists. They had opened
business ou Ihe opposite side of Yules
Slroet, Iheir building, which was uf
frame, islanding just where Orieutal
Alloy nuw runs. Afler il had been do
cidod l<> upen nn. i.iui Alley Hurt in k
Moore leased Iho I'idwell lluilding mil
inu veil Intu h iu llio fall uf 1861. Mr.
liun... waa un American, a jolly, wliulu
snulcl fellow, willy uud generuus, umi
un iildo chemist umi druggist, ami
known In Ins intimates us "Jem" Hur
lis. Ho hud liul uno in.ill. Ihc nuturc
ut' which will ho developed as wu pro
'•eud. Mr. Muure waa an Irishman, very
ipiiel ami sedate, and lhe reverse of Ilis
partner iu mual things. Ho was an ex
"olleiit druggist and u guud man iu ail
respects. I-:,.iim married u charming
yuuug American girl in I8tkl, and Ino
folluwiug your buill a pretty collage
un Hir.huge Walk. This liouiu was
torn down iu 1807 ami its sile uow
Inuii.- part uf (lovcrnlnent Square
I luuk a ruum in the Hurlis cutlage
uml the uwiier ami I became fast
friends, ami when buaiuoas did nul
prevent we were often together. 1
may say lure lhal Ihu ploaaauloat days
nf my bachelor life were passed in llie
Hurlis household.
Tlio upper Hat uf the buildiug uu
the curner waa divided inlu offices,
which were rented lu lawyers uml
"lliers In Itt'l Hie front room was
Occupied by a stranger named lind
ford. He represented himself aa a
Southern gentleman who had been
driven away from his plaiitaliuus by
the Northerners and had code Ui Vic
i"iu lu rotide until Ihe war aliuuld be
uver. Tbe loom was very prettily hong
wilh draperies ami picture. am| filled
with guod mahogany furniture, and
there was nothing aboul the occupant
lu indicate lhat he was uther than
what he said he was a Southern
gentleman iu exile.' lie was a smooth
talking, '|"i"i persun, possessed of much
general information, and was remark
ably well read. I paused several even-
ingi iu his company ami waa entertain
cd by hia conversation and—must I
confess itf-by his cigars and sherry
His stories of Ihc South were engaging,
tuo, and as I had many personal adventures in California and on Fraser
llivr lo narrate, we got tlong very
well together.
• Ino evening Kedford uked mc lo
describe Yale tu him, tud I did so as
well a. I could.
"Ah!" auid he Ul ihould like Ig
iei tnai place and 1 shall go up tout
day. Life tb.rt musl be moit inter-
(Ooattsu*. os Friday.)
world's lii'iiiin'i" ohuiupiumihip for 1(1111
will bu ii.u'iiioii at the provincial et-
liibltlou ill New Westminster on ""I
1 uml fith, when the New Westminster
team, ehiiuipiiimi of the II 0. Lacrosse
Asaociation, ami the (Jornwall flub,
champions uf tho N, (.. II,, battle for
possession of the Miuto Oup which carries with it tlm title of WOrlll'l chain
pious.. Thii cup wan lieli) liy New
Westminster for throu yuurs, going to
Vaucuuver in IOU. The Salmonbellies
1, i'.lined i ■■:-,i"n of the trophy thin
summer, ami lltu I'm nivalis, by virtue
"of Ihuir victories In the east, have
come to the cuaat iu eu effort tu carry
off Ihu silverware.
It was firsl arranged to play the
Minlo dip games in this city during
the wuek preceding the big fiir. The
exhibition management, huwever,
scented a big atlructiou and an offer
to the clubs of. (7,0111) for the two
games waa accepted. Joe Lu'lly, Ihu
big lacrosse slick manufacturer represented Hie i'."i.-i.ill club in the transactions. Tlie games will be played on
the opening ami closing days of the
lair, lhe lirsl cimlest being staged ou
Tuesday afternoon, Oct. 1, and the etc-
nnd on Saturday, Oct, h.
The management pf the fair fuel pur-
| tloularlv plea^d at Marina th|t prld)-
liuiiul attraction for the exhibition, at
besides ull of tin inaiiy olher ucls, ux-
liiblts and concession!, tne vlulurs i.i
tht fair will now havu uu oppnrtui|:
Ity to tee the fastest mums of the oust
and west pluy the national game of ilm
Dqiiiiiiinn fqr the historic Mlnto cup,
possession of which ia tliu final goul uf
every senior lacrosse organization in
the country-
An avent to bo eagerly anticipated-
by all who luv e good muaic, ami would
have it propagated on the North Shire,
la the concert nnitoiiiicuil fer the ovening of October lfith iu the Lonsdale
Theatre. On this occasion a program
of popular classics will lie presented
liy a trio of proven artistes, iiuniely,
Miidiinii' .Nqrlllilltnil, .111" wulMnVaf)
onnlrultiii Mr. .1. D. A, Tripp, Ihu anted
piiinist, ami Mr. Ilulruyd I'uull, violinist, lulu of Hie (jiii'i.'iis Hall euiiecrls,
London, Hug., who is already favorably
hllOWU lo North Vuncuiiver aiidienoiia.
Further particular! regurding this in-
ten .nn," finieorl will be uvnilablu for
a lai or Issue.
The Range Problem
is satisfactorily solved by the
Thousands of satisfied homes throughout the Dominion testify
to its superiority—see it before deciding.
Your Fall Suil from us you can save from
$5.00 to $10.00
This week we are selling any suit in the store al
greatly reduced prices. This is your opportunily lo
secure a high grade Suit from an entirely new stock
at rock bottom prices.
110 Second St., East.
The North Vancouver home of " Campbell Clothing "
House Painting, Kalsomining
and Paperhanging
P. O, Met 9*1. Pbottt 487 i-V
Intrinsic value, actual worth, dollar for dollar worth U in ivery
item wa wll.Wlth buying facilities thtt art acfcuowlidged to hi
aupirlor to those possessed by tny wholesale linn In Canada - -
with retail connection t continent wlde~wtth tht idvlce of
experts and avtry possible assistance to inable ui to givo you
tht best value, it It any wonder that the Mint BIRKS stands
alone in tlia diamond marlttti of Canada? BIRKS' quality -
BIRKS' reputation for fair doallng haa built up our diamond
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
George 1 •'.. Trorey, Managing Director
fastings and Granville Streets   -   - • Vancouver,
Job Printing at the "Express"
The Commercial Union Assurance
CO., Ltd. iSr       PAID $4,250,000
Quickly and promptly ou account of tht San Frauciaco earthquake and Art.
How many Oompanlei could do tbit?
Iti assets amount to 1115,000,000
A postal will bring our representative
Resident Agent
18 Lonsdale Avenut aud Oapiiano Oar Teriiilniu
Phones: Lomdale 167. Capilano 401.
Shipmasters and
"—Bridge Hiwl?5r
At lust iiight 's meeting nf ti\t Ship
wMtPff' AMOPldtipn Mr- °- o. Wow-
fobl of the Department of Public
Worki, Ntw Westminster, submitted a
i'lun pf Hie propoied Second Narrowt
bridge. This, It wis stale.I, waa the
plun died for approval by thu Burrard
Bridge tnd Tunnel tin. Thu opiitiqu
of the Shipmasters' Association was
It wis puiiiieil out by Mr. Worsfubl
tbtt the swing span on each ilde of the
centre pier wuubl be twu hundred feel,
clear of all obstructions.
The members immediately took pus
lesslon of the plan and leauiicd it vury
It was slated that large crafl would
be able tu use unly une lido uf the
swing. Thus fairly large craft wuubl
not bu able to go up ami down at the
samu time, and the bridge wuubl huve
to be kept opeu fur somu time lu allow
Imiii tu pass, ur else, in urder nol tu
delii) tbe trallic vury lung, lbe bridge
WUUbl  lm ve  In  he  lime,I  1111,1   roUpCIICil.
"Wo have kicked unatiimuiisly
against a swing bridge in any furm,"
said Captain Stewart. "We have given
i uu e concerned our ideas of the bridge
that we think would be beneficial lu lbe
shipping Intereiti and the travelling
public. Wu have been for a high luvel
bridge, ami we eantiut approve uf a
swing bridge."*
"I iluu!. that we uuiiili lo bold in
Ihis assueiatiuu lu whut we have been
agitating fur," said I'aptain Anderson.
"We are agaiusl lhat centre pier in
lbe liiuiiiicl. It is guing tu mule a
hardship fur peuple who use Hint purl.
They can only go llirough iu sluck
waler wilb a pier there. I would not
approve uf the plan,"
I'aptaiu Wilbur held that the plan
waa uut a guud uuu uf the south'shorc.
"A tug with aiiything in tow dare not
go through there with Ibe tide run
mui;." bo added. "One will have lo
gu up there either at high or low wuler.
Boats, of course, could go up there ull
right, but tugs loiviuu euuld nub''
"Dou't you llnuii iluu ihe #3,000,000
could be better spent iu harbor im
iuuu uniii ■ than ou this bridge, wblen
will chiefly benefit Norlh Vuncou
vert" queried I'aptaiu Stewurt.
North Vancouver City
Price List is now ready for Subdivision of
BLOCK 11 A,  - D. L. 550
on Queensbury Avenue car line
Size of lots 50 ft. by 121 ft. all cleared
The North   Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company
I jmili'd Liability
Norlli Vancouver Agenti for
Phone Seymour 6266
(t]t wouJiVt). dungaroui for my big
bunts to attempt t» go in through tlpt
swing in anything but alack wator,''
plttis.iiiaiawiiiiwlia'l i fl|lillilill
hm iiiiiiiu this It pretty guod
harbor. Why shuuld they spoil il nilh
a bridge for lbc take of North Van
It WU" unaiiiniuusly decided lo hold
thu matter over fur u week.
The i'lun showed ilmi tho bridge on
this aide would begin   on   Hisllngs
Tnil'linile, but IIO definite locatilll' W»t
ipilicatod.—Newt Advertiser, Sept. ill.
Royal Visitors
At uiiuii uu Saturday a rumur was
wafted mysteriously across the lulet
to lliu affect that their lloyal Highnesses the Duchess of I'oiinutiglit and
the Princess Patricia purposed visiting
lhe Nurth Shore ineugnitu during Ihu
The Bsstimptiuii being that the ruyal
parly was lo cross by the three o'clock
ferry, quite uu usseiubly uf peuple
was slatiuiied tin the wharf ut that
li nu r, and sume fear lest the rumur
wus after ull a boas began tu assert
ilself when Iheir Highnesses' autumn
Idle failed to emerge from ilie .nil
decorated gates.
A patient proportiuu of tbu- little
cluster wailed, huwever, for the arrival
of Iwu mure .ferries, and were rewarded
by a glimpse uf the lluebcss, her duugh
ler ami suite, who arrived by Ihc iliill
The parly crossed in Iwo autumuliilcs,
their uccupuuta being her Uuyul High
uess lhe lluebcss of Ooniiaught, Prln-
cess Patricia, Miss I'elly, lady iu -fruiting to the liu.lien . I'apl. 1 S. Worth'
ingloii, "apt. T. II. Hn els Butler, Capl.
Waller Uug, and Mr. l-l. K. Bickatti.
The Duchess was wearing a grey-
si riped suil and large black bat uml
veil; lhe Princess a suit of blue and
white, with bal lo match, and a scarf
uf blue crepe de liicnc. Miss I'elly was
dressed in a suit uf black and white
serge, and wure a black hat and veil.
Afler leaving Ibe wbarf, where the
ruyal ladies bowed many acknowledge
menls, progress wus inuile up Lousdale
aveuue, along the ilsplanade wesl tu
Keith roud, ami tbence onto the I'upil
unu ruud. A short atop was made ul
lbe suspensiiin bridge, which Princess
Putriciu crossed in urder tu belter view
lhe basin uf Ihe Iiiiiiiiiii. canyon. The
journey wus Ibeu resumed and ul aboul
ilill lbe royal car slopped al the Can
you View Hotel.
Here lbe parly wua received by Mr.
I'eler I arson, proprietor of lbc hotel,
and Mr. ti. M. Sloaue, manager. Mr.
Larson piloted his distinguished visit
urn lu llie various points where the
niui views are obtainable. The high
rock, situated a short distunre from
the hotel, and which overlooks lhe
ciiiiyun, wus lirsl visited. Then dcieeul
wip. iiiiide inlo lhe basin of lhe mile,
and Princess Patricia, Miss I'elly, Mr.
Larson and Mr. Kicketts proceeded
soulb uiiiin -i half a mile aluug Ihc fum
uus lluiiie, Mr. 1.111'uii acting us guide,
pointing uut all features uf intereat pud
nuiiiing Ihu several mountain peaks in
the neighborhood.
Returning lu the hulel a lillle alter
fl o'clock, lhair Highnesses bad prescnl
ed lu them Mrs. I'eler lairson, Miss
Olga I,arson, Mrs. Sloune, Mrs. F
Yerbury and Mrs. H, O. McGregor,
Tea wus Ibeu daintily served ill lhe
open air tea rooms, whieh were on this
suspicious occasion adorned wilh cedar
houghs and autumnal maple ieaies.
The lillle occasional tables were urt in
tnully decorated with dahlias and as
paragus fern.
Afler tea their Highnesses were
•■huiiii lbc paintings ou Ibe walls of
Hie dining room, and Miss Olga lairsuu
presented to both the Duchess ami lbe
Princess a souvenir spoon of thc cau
yuu in sterling silver, together with I
number of excellent pbutugraphs uf Ihe
canyon, Witb muny expressions of
tliuuk« ami lbe pleasure the afternoon
bad ulliii.l.ul them, Iheir Highnesses
and suite lefl the hotel at t o'clock
uud relumed lo Vancouver by Ibe 8:10
Tbis liUle informal visil lasted only
a tride over three hours, but in that
brief period un excursion was made
which proved, iu tbe words of one of
tbe royal party, "the best we huve hud
since we came to the coait," Their
lligbuesses expressed greal wonder und
delight ut the beauties of the great
canyon, and It waa evident that tiic
thoughtful simplicity with wbicb they
were received by tbeir hosts ut tbe
I'linyiin View Hotel uppeulcd to both
ladies. The Durbese, it it allied, pur
chased two bags of popcorn tt the
little ctndy store ut the end of thc
bridge, iti proprietor being quite nn-
ait'are of the identity of hii customer.
ihc tBDiidiui Dink
of Commerce
 -" ■
Capital MOD.   Best $12,500,000
North Vancouver Branch Now Located at the
A general Banking Buiineu Transacted.
Interest is allowed on all deposits af $1 and upwards.
A. FOB8TBB ,.        Manager.
We art showing ao ezctUent Hut of Sterling Stiver aud Plated Wirt,
nothing but tht highlit gridt of Ooodt.
Our low txpemei enable ua to murk our pricei much below tboie wbo
pay high routs,   A comparison will prove this to you.   Boa our wlndowi.
Tlie Store of Quality
aud Low Prices.
Lust evening lbe city engineer pre
senleil lo the council u statement show
Local Improvement!—
.Street grading contract	
lilll,Iiiii;   Million   I'm I.   collirucl	
Cement sidewalk, curb and guller cou
tract ' ' '.	
dialling and spreading ruck un various
slreets   day labur   	
Board of Worka -General—
lluud umi sidewalk repair	
New sidewalks  	
I tearing ami grading new struct*....
lame eleariug  	
lloek crusher	
Main constructiuu   	
Service eoiiatruction  	
Hire  Luke  tunnel   	
lliec   luile  ruad   	
.Sinking shull ul luke 	
Pipe   line   	
ing lbe |'miu niui- of the different
works curried out during June, July
uml Augusl, wilh regard tu the cost uf
labor, in which uu account bud been
luken ol Ihc cost of material.
• !l,liM.I,'i
i'ell li.118
I,i'liii JII
ill I.llll
bllll. Ill
2,1)3 i.Oil
♦111,11111.11.,     ' »3T,.'li"W.lli       t:i7,825.IHI
According lu the cily engineer's re   lum.-,lule uvenue, llllh lo cily
purl, thc amount uf crushed rock de       limits     1,138.10
li voted on the lurioiis slreets by Ihe  Third slreet     2,1)17.01
Howes I'roclor l'u. up lo uiul including  bjueeuthury avenue    f.. 1,075.11
September 2i|lh is as follows: Linn vfllloy road      673.11
Cu. Yds. | Second street         8d.lUI
Ksplauade,   eusl   uf   Lonsdule 	
avenue    i 1,7811 Total cubic yards  16,149.51
Ksplauade, west   of   Lonidule The council approvod Ibis statement,'
aieniie       ini'i      voicing lis opinion, ou tbo instance uf
St. (ieurges avenue     2DH       Alderman  Irwin, that duriug llie lasl
l.onsdule   tvenue,   wulerl'rniil : Ihree months oitreiaeiy good progreu
to lUlh slreet    7,325 Ili ■ bad beeli mode.
'The remuiui of tbut mastodon,"
•uid tbe scientist ih Ibe museum, ''wtrt
found buried in tn iceberg."
'ii'ui," 'espomii-d tht mun from
Aberdeen. "Tbut cold itorigc Idea
im't it MF »"•» *"-"
"Phone Talk" About
North Yancouver
The September issue uf "Telephone
Talk" contains lhe following article of
local interesl:
"North Vancouver is today favored
wilb a steady increase in population
uml lhe demand for service in Ibal city
and dislricl is such lbat lbe accomnio
dutiuu uf lbc "'ulmi uiin u is being >n
creased lo the cxloiil of 61)11 telephones
Tbe enisling equipment of the i ce
is uow practically tilled. If the preient rate of cans fur service is maintained it wm uut be lung befure the
additional equipment now being pro
viilcil win have fo be augmented lo u
.*i ""i 'iiieiui u orient.
The wisdom displtycd iu selecting thc
site of the cumpuuy's   in Nortb
Vancouver is uuw very apparent, When
tbe lm,,.uug wai constructed aome of
the citizens wondered if it were not
beiug placed further from the then
uppurent centre of the city (nun wus
necessary. Sine* the opening of tbe
ulliee lbe groutcit growth of popuultion
lum been inwards the norlb, io tbe di
re. ium of tpd beyond the lite Oi the
exchange. Beildei anticipating the
growth of tbe city towards the north
thc company, iu choosing the site for
the office, took into consideration tbe
question of eastern aud wettern growth
und selected u point exactly midway.
site could have been cboseu for Ibe
A factor in the not iueouiideruhlc
growth wbicb the service iu North Vun
euuver will undergo during tbe nut
twelierooulli will be tbe new submarine
cable which will shortly be laid under
llurrurd Inlet belween tbat eity mil
Vaueouver. Al preient the two ciliei
arc counccted via First Nurrowi, the
circuits beiug puued through city uf
Vuncuuver wat-rmuius tt tht ptutft
of lhe Nurrowi whieh ii the cnlrtmc
lo the harbor, lu consequence oftbe
dredging and widening of the Ntrrowi
wbicb ii now proceeding, tbe wtler
mtina will btve to be ibifted it to
early date. To provide an independeul
and pcrnltacnt connection between
tbe cities, und lo furniib uu improved
scheme ofjiervice bolwert lbe points,
tbe compuny determiued to luy u tub-
murine cubic under tbe Inlet. Wben
tbe cubic is laid, long disltnce tervicw
connections between the cities will be
discontinued aud the two-number iyi-
loin substituted. Advice that tht cubit
hai been shipped by the manufacturer!
in Kugland ii expected uny duy; II it
pouible tbat tbe cable is even now ua
tho wuy. It will be laid immediately
on arrival, arrangements lo lhat tad
having already boen made.
Kxperienct hat proved tbut nu belter $25fv{4^^^Wu*!lZ**ulfft
tX''u\ ^pp
,   m.^V,r,,-.   •   ,    T-m-,
■ mil ,m\ ■>  ■
»11it ,t,-r''' -
Publiihad Tueidayi and Frldayi by North Short Presi, Limited.
Autu of S«bieripHoat-^0»a yt»r, IXM, 8I» montbi, BOt, Thru monthi, M«.
United Btatei tnd Foreign, *B.OO ptr yetr.
Advtrtlitug Battt Will Bl QuoUd ra Appllatton.
Tbi Eiprtu It devoted la tho Intereiti of Ibt North Sboro of Burrard Inlet
ticluiively. It comtitutei in advertising mtdlum of exceptiiiiiul value for
reaching in a thorough and effective manner tbt population of Nortb Vaneouver
Oity and District. Every effort ii mado to give tdvertisers tht moit sttisfictory
All chingei lo eontraet advertisomenti ibould bt In tht printer!' bandi nol
later than 101. m. Monday and 1 p. m. Wadntiday to ensure insertion In tho
following Imui.
Nortb Vaneouw, >. 0..
..September dl, mil
The Vuncouver Shipmasters' Associa
tiou have hail under consideration a
plan uf the latest type of bridge pru
posed for Second Narrows, the plan
having been conveyed tu them through
lhe ii., ,iii,iii of lhe government offices ut
New Westminster. We publish elsewhere an account uf the iliicussiun as
it was rcpurted in a Vancuuvor daily.
As wus lu |ic anticipated from their
previous record with reference tu Sec
und Narrows bridge, the Vancouver
rlhipmaslers' Association experienced
no difficulty in discovering grounds for
uncompromising hustilily lo thc plan
The members of the association sue.
reeded iu colliding, mentally, with Ihc
proposed centre pier with commendable
iiriiinptituilc. They declared thut Ihey
had kicked iiiiaiiimously against a
swing bridge in any form, and further
ihul Ihey were against that centre pier
n Ihe channel, ami for these reasons
Ihey at ouce bulled into the centre
'ier head uli. 11 appears, Ihorufurc,
hat ao far as the Vancouver Ship
lusters Ai.-..,'iiiiinii ia couceriicil the
: nt has gone forth, uml, like the an-
mill laws of Ihc Medea ami Persians,
i. changes nol ,00 mailer what may
iiuusplro, or wlial developiucnls may
I uke  place.    The association  has  de
bridge at HimniidJiarriiHii._TJiii bridgo,
however, is giving every satisfaction,
both to water and laud Millie; nn accidents aru im uiiliul ami nu undue delays are experienced. The situation at
rjecuiui Narrows is no more difficult
than that ou the Fraser, while lhe proposed span of 21111 feet is a greal dual
wider than the spans of the Fraser
lliver bridge. |t muy further bu cited
that condition! at Ihc First Narrows
of Hurrard Inlet with refereuce to
tides, etc., are i>iiire«limeull Ihun Ihey
are at Second Narrows, yet navigation
has proceeded through Firsl Narrow,,
up lu the present in ever iucfeuaing
volume without serious inconvenience,
ami Ihc width of slreuin regularly used
by tugs with lows docs not by any
inuuiis measure mill feel iu width.   .
Thu musl iiiiiiilde objection urged
agaiusl lhe plans liy Ihc members of
the association,'huwever, was that iu
which North Vancouver was specifically
inenlionuil. One speaker objected lo
lhe expenditure in building lhe bridge
ou lhe ground lhat it would "chieHy
benefit Nurth Vancouver," and a sec
uml speaker did not see why llic hur
bur should he spoiled wilh a bridge
"for the sake of Nortli Vamouver."
Willi reference lo Ihc distribution
of the bciiclils lo accrue from the
bridge lhe Vancoover Sbipmuters'
A..", luiiun i, evidently at variance
with lhe opiuion of Ihc ex muyor uf
livured ilaelf of what  in the OpinionI tltut cily, who declared thai by means
' >if the members is lhe lasl word wilh
reference tu bridge n.altera, ami il
evidently remains uuly for Ihe I lum in
inn n.i. i u.in. ui tu comply absolutely
with every detail of Iheir opinions or
lo incur their very grave displeasure.
The fact that Ihc Hoard uf Ilailway
' .,iumi uuii' i convened in Vancouver,
where every convenitnet wus afforded
all objector) lo be heard, held sessions
which llic Vancouvor Shipmasters' As
fm iei iuu was pleased to ignore, ami
Ihul al Ihuse sessions lhe board hand
cl down a deliberate decision appmv
ing a bridge with a single opening Iiiui
feel in width- Ihis Important fact does
mil uppear lo he worthy a feather's
weight of Influence upon lhe pari of
llie.se ,H,v|f constituted censors in bridge
milters, ll dues nut appear lu have
occurred In tlie Vancouver Shipmasters'
Auu. laliou lhat il is presumption upon
Ibeir purl In adopt an lltitudg which
implies thut the Huard of Ilailway
'I'oliiiiiisiiuncrs in., i reverse ils finding
in Ihia mailer, while lhe assuciuliuu is
privileged In remain inflexible.
The position of lhe association wilh
refereuce lo a centre pier begs lbe
i|i)e.|i.m There mu-1 be a pier of some
sort, approximately in that positiou.
The contention nf llie aasuoialiuii is
lhat Ihc pier under consideration should
bo llfly fool i.'Mi..i removed, that is
kll. Whelher ii la.an ordinary pier
wilh a Died bridge span beyuud il, or
a centre pier wilh another draw span
beyuud il, docs not affect the fail that
a pior mual >,c located in Ibal vicinity.
The lueal ion of Ihc pier, therefore, and
mil the existence nf ■ pier or Ihc ui
lure of lhe pier, is Ihc real (jUMtlou
The puailloii is taken iu well informed
circles outside Ihe Shipmasters' Asso
cialioii lhal lhe use uf a ienlre pier
wilh Iwu draw spans each HOO foci in
width would be uf much greater benefit
lo'navigation Iluu wuuld a single draw
of ItiD foci in width, while al the same
time il affurds in arrangement which
providei every security for all kinds
of trallic across the bridge at a reuou
ible cosl uf conilruction.
The objection! urged by the iMocia
lion as against t swing bridge trt iuch
ai might lie urged against praclically
all swing bridges spanning navigable
waters marked by a current. If ship
ping may be somewhat delayed when
ine>|.un is closed, then land traffic may
also be loinewhat inconvenienced when
Ihc ipan is open. This is the situation
in all those mauy rases iu which swing
111'lgc in in opcraiimi ui the preient
lime, but it ii ridiculous to roncludi
Ihlt iwing bridgei are therefore to bl
altogether illmliiilcil, Both as to pui
tibia delays ind ti lu current Ihc
Frattr bridgt it New Westminster pre
wntt l ptrtliel ctse. That bridge ii
a swing bridge located it t point which
ii chiracterired by t smug and rapid
current, Tbere ii in ever increasing
volume of traffic passing through tbe
bridgt wilb respect lo both Urge vet
itlt and tugs wilb lows, tnd there ii
likewlw ivtry prwptet ihtt lha future
demindt of that trtic will btar favor-
tbtt comptrlson with tbt traffic Ihtl
would bt dwtinid 'to pan through a
of Ihe cuiislrueliun uf the bridge Vun
cuuver would "annex an empire"; umi
wilh Iho present mayor, also for the
building of Ihis bridge wus a pari of
the programme un whicii he was elect
ed. The assueiatiun likewise ovi
ileiilly views with disfavor the ac
liun of tho entire tlecturata uf lhe city
uf Vancnuier whu vuted lo invesl llic
sum of »:'iiii,iiiiii uf civic funds in ihc
bridge, ll is doubtless Irue Ihut North
Vuncoover will benefit in large degree
from Iho pretence of Hei ond Nurruws
bridge, but it is generally conceded
by III use wliu have given lhe matter
niieiiii consideration Ihul Vaneouver
will I., iu ni  in iniiili greuler degree,
ll is instructive, however, to I,now
the real iciilimenti entertained by Ihc
members of the aiiuciation inward
North Vaucuuver. lu Ihia reaped llie
situation slamla I hum--Tlm coal of any
type of bridge lo be built al Second
Ntrrowi musl be less than 1.1,111111,111111.
a high level bridge is the only type of
bridge lhal will meet wilh Ihc approval
of Iho Vancouver Shipmasters' Assu
nation { bul a high level bridgo will
coat ».l,imii,iiui! ur uver; therefore lhe
expenditure uf a sum sufficient tu build
the unly type of slroclure lhal should
be allowed is uiijualiflablo; wherefore
nu bridge at all shuuld bo built ul
ti,-. "ii'i Narrows.
Prom Ihe above it becomei evident
lhal by a prucesi uf reasoning as in
cxorahlc aa those of Euclid himself
a bridge al Second Narrows becomes nu
impossibility, in the opinion of Ihc
Vancuuver Shipmaslcrs' Association;
ami afler all is said, Ihere is excellent
reason fur the euiiclusioii that llio aclu
aliiig motive underlying Ihc entire
process Is fuuml in lbc simple stale
ratal that the bridge woiibl "chiefly
li. i"In   North   Vancuuver.'   '
The .lis,uiei.'.led nature of the in
lbi.-ii.es whicii n.inul, tbe Vancouver
Shipmasters' Assueiatiun in Ihis mailer
and the high ami iofly motives by
wlm ii Ibey are led to lake ai linn pure
ly lu the public interests, will duulil
less appeal very slruugly lu Ihe lluili
11111,11 ljuveriimeul, ami may be expected
lu commend themselves in such • man
in 1 ai lu accompllih t reversal uf the
derision ot a tribunal iuch as the Hoard
uf Ilailway ''omiiiisiiunori.
lathe to the financial ruipiiruiimuts of
I'uiiuda. They are accurately Informed
a» in Him «rtaA num., of Old Oountry
mouey which have already been invested throughout |he lloiiiininn ami lltcy
likewise have aa adequate conception
of the huge amounts which'will be re
quired iq order tu render possible tin.'
development of this country on a scale
commutisiiruli,' with the fabulous natural resources with which,every'section
of Canada taenia and with the oppor
(unities which the prescnl times af
In the face of tho full 1.uiii unim of
these 1 "iiiiiiiini, the article Impresses
tliu fact Ilml the credit of Canada
slamla enviably high in London, tlaiigilu
haa long been a privileged borrower
and lias received exceptional cunsidera
tiuu iu flnuiiciul circles, flratifyiug en-
''iiiiini',in.-nt ia 0.lou,l,-,| tu the belief
Ihut there is every 'probability that
litis fuvurablu attitude Inward Hamuli
un lime, w 11 be uf uii abiding char
It is rjlillo clear lhal the Hrilish
mniiey market ia unl ul all sluggored ul
the , "ll" ul sums thai will bo required
lu i|eve|np the liritish Dominions iu
.'■im 1 i.u The British cupilulisl is mil
in   Ihu   loasl   fearful   uf  sending   his
money 1  .. lhe iclls fur investment,
neither will uuy hcsilun.y lm pcrcep
tilde uu his part in tbis ujullcr so long
as he is convinced.of Ihe suumliic.s of
the projects in liuu,I uml Ihu wisduiu uf
lhe iiiuuiigeiuoiit  whioh  is ah*ur<icd.
Thu article ipiuliiics this optimistic
view ot the situation willi a salulury
warning lo the ofl'oct Hint Uanadiani
in all Iheir undertakings shuuld oxer
till every precifiilinn lu preserve uml
lu alrcnglheii the confidence of   (lid
lujlllllry  Iiiiiiiu lol     in  ' 'iiiiihIiiiii   ill veal
mollis. Tnis is a unto annulled by 11
wise and friendly cniinscllur whu
spcuks frum uu iiilininlc knowledge nf
lumi conditions ami une which Can
adieus will lie wise lu uccept in llio
spirjl iu whicii il is given. \v iilmiii re
ference lu Iho specilie eases inenliunwil
in the article, it muy bo ubierved that
ii, a country uf grout distances uf great
variety uf conditions ami uf ini-aiml
bable resources such as I'unada, it will
lie found praclically impossible lo
curry furward iialiunal development,
without ine appearance at limes uf
projects whose ■.,un,in,-., ■ is of u doubl
ful mil're and without Iho nlilriisnin
hero ami lliere uf methods whicii wouhl
be boiler eliminated, but al the same
lime it in possible lu hold such fea
(urea duwu tu lhe minimum tu make
lhe fad uuinistnkcnb'y clear lhat Can
adiaii sentiment ia unreservedly uppiis
ed lu sucli u.n.,' ami thni Canadian
practice is I" the utmusl pussiblc do
free therefrom. It is sufe tn cun
lhal llic altitude uf Hrilish cap
10,009 corda nf in fir wood for o,«lal
tola. Price ptr odd corda, »l.7B. Special quotation for larger quaiititloa.
Out Wood, IB tnobtt, U.if>. » Inches
13.50. C. 0. D.
Oflice and Yard— Mill and Umdal*
PUt 100,    P. 0. boa 2432.
LoflC Wettom Bolt, No. UUU
Meeting! nf this ludgo are held iu
Ihu Knights uf I'ylliiaa llall, curiuir of
i'lu 1. iiiui.1 avenue and Fiiurlh struct,
nn the first ami third Fridays in uudi
niunili, ul 6 o'clock p. 111.
Comniiiiiicatiiiiis ami applications for
membership to bo addressed In llniuld
I.c,,,, secretary, P. 0. Imi Ul!11.  III? lit
ilul toward Ihis country will bo iuflu
cm-oil by Ihc conception which obtains
relative lo Cunuda as a whole and re
lativi' lu Ihc sense of liuliur Whlcb Can
a liana possess ua a people, rather ihun
by specific instances of individual char
ailerisliea in either projects of per
sons, and on this ground Canada liud
Canadians nin manfully line the wurld.
Norlli Shore I'res.. I united is
prepared In entertain propose!mill
fur a luun lu be utlliwd n Ih" .011
slrucliuii nf a buildiug 'or nuvi
paper ami priiitiug purpuiol, li be
erected un lul Hi, block 161, U.'i,.
HI, being llio nurlh wosl curner ui
Firsl alreel und lingers avenue, Ihis
cily. Full | ..in, ul.,1 may bo ub
I ui u.'i by apply ing tu the 'under
In all Counlrlet. Aik for our lnven-
lor'i Advlier. Marlon A Marlon, III
llnlvirilty Strut, corner St. Catherine
Struct, Montreal, Canada, and Waah-
liiKlmi, D. 0„ II. B. A.
Vancouver Buiineu Directory
SPROTT-SHAW Buiineu College
,t- Maaliii|!S St. W.
Cintdt'i Grtittit Wttltrn School
tt. J. Spinlt, H.A., x^iiwiaKei
Yorkihire Guarantee & Securitiei
Corporation, Limited
440 Seymour Streel
R. Kerr Houi^ale - - - Muiiugti
All Nm ili Vancouvtr ptopli ial it
Knlici Flack lllii.l or lluslingi St.,
upp.isiie tho new post ulliee Leununl
■oils hii I'.u bv 'he pound
The niii'l.'jies'led "Canadian Fin
aacing in Loudon," which will be found
in uur coluiuni todiy, ii reproduced
verbilim from the columns of Ihc I.uu
dou Haily Telegraph ind shuuld be
closely rent by all wbu wish to keep
tliciuicl#i well informed as tu lhe at
litudi of liritish fiatnctal circlet to
wtrd i'anailian lulus Needless In
ity ibal lue Daily Telegraph li prob-
• My Ibe moil iuAuentitl publication io
Kugliud iu Matters uf finture ind
utterances way be taken ai
oprewiiig   Ibe  actual   , umliliun
retpect to tbuse pluses of the subject
which in diuusied in Itt columns.
Thi article nytaJi the fact tbtt Ibt
Britiih win of Union hive fully
grupid thi tituition which tiitlt, n
■ure ind it*
« aci uratMp
dllluiis   Will
In  tbt MatUr  of  Tbi  LtonirdSilt
Cuinpany, Assigned
Tbe crcdilurs hiving given Imperative
iuslrucliuus lu colled all outstanding
accuunfi, |«rtu- indebted lu lhe tbove
"Tbe Leonard Stic Company," ire ro
i|utslcd lu call and icllle their iudehted
iio-s 1,iiiiiiiiiii This can be dune by
either lulling at the store, UU Lonsdalo
Avenue, Nurlh Vaucuuver, lu the man
In charge, ur at the uffice uf Wiliun k
I'erry, Assignees, .1.11! Haitingi Street
Watt, Vancuuver.
If Auignee.
VM •• VIA-*
, II is I    PP.   Mill I II I.
POH   vi, ium v
III ou
II   I.
11 111
I Ull   MUUI
I uilly
10 00
I ull
IU Ull   a in       .     Hull)'
II.UU   inn          Hull)
lull      MMMIII
in   ulld   ii   i'l   j, m lull)
in     .Thunday ami ri.iiur.l.i>
I'HIM 1      HI i'l 111       v\n
II  0,0   |l III        l-uioi ,1.   .
I'HIM I'.   HII'I'.HT   IMI   liHl.Mil
10 00   IHII .    -     .      U oilln sii,US
I  UH   II Vlllll    lilt     lilll  II-   ISI  I   I
IMI   HI UN    Ilils
10.00 u.in     Wednesdays
KOH      1 III 11      I Iiv Mil      iiiiiii
frf.'iivo   Wi slnillisl.i     I.UO   UIII
Mun.  Wed   and  I'li'l
l/cnvc riillllweik      7.00 am
i'o. '■     Tluiia   llllll  Bul
KOH  IIII.I' lll'tMjl  I'ltlk'I'U
,i|'i a III  TueS'liiv   fm  Vn 1*11.1   '.ill
Inn ul iliiliunu, Muyne Island. lli,|,o
Hay. I'ull  Wiisbllurlnri. liallgesllul
bur,  Mul, boun  i'nve.  Heaver  I',,lnl
Kulfurd und Sidney Island
Ful   rnloi.   I. i.i i v.i i lmii.   und   all
Iniilni    intu,nulil",i   anply   lu   1
Mul'..   illy   I'.i»». nn'i    An'i'i    III
ll.. ili,,     Dl..   or   If.   W    Iiln,I'll'
OP A . Vuncuuver
100 Per Cent.
ii.  .i        !"
Pure Paint
WB GUARANTEE tbt Martin Honour Kin ptr (lunl. Pure Faint
(oxcopt a fow dark shades that cannot ba prepared from load and
line), to bt madt from purt carbouata of lead, pun ox|dt of tine,
witli coloring matter In proportionate nuantltlas neceaaary to maka
thoir respective ihtdti tnd tints, with purt United oil and turpentine dryer, and to bt entirely fret from water, boiiilna, whiting
and adultorallone, and sold aubject to choiiiiciil analysis. M p\
The Martin Honour Oo. Ltd.
This la the only Paint qo guaranteed because it It tht only
rum; FAINT on the mar; m.
,,',,,-l i:   ,       i ' .; i i, , ,
90 Lonsdale Avenue      Next to P.O.
Begirding tho sale of the 33 loti which were the site of the old Seymour
Mill on Sutherland Avenue
For a payment of film) caah and fill pei month you bavo a
limine of valuable residence lota, cloio tu tlio iji.mil Boulevard at a
very low price.
We havo also for sale ten loU In Block "0" of Diatrict Lot 1t6
on St. Qeorge's Boad whero the Seymour factory ii located at moderate
pricei aud on oaiy termi of payment
All those lots are cleared and ready fur occupation.
The Burrard Development Company Limited.
Assignees of tho Seymour Lumber Oo., Ltd.
17 Lonadale Avonue Nortli Vanxouvor, Phone 37
We Study Printing
We make a feature of prepar
ing |>iinling thai it profitable In
OUr |"ili "ll.'
We study lype fates and effects
lo insure attractive arrangement,
and we believe you will appreciate
mn handling of your work.
From a card lo a huge poster
nr an illuilrated catalogue we will
give you a figure or our advice.
A Double Ender
50 ^ 175 ft, on^two graded roads, 17th St. and Yorkshire
Cwicent, close "to Fell Ave, carline, and all cleared and
nearly level,   A Snap at $2,000, One-third caah, bal. 6 and 12 roonilu
us li" '■' '
Offlco Phont 179.
Ettldonct Phont 398
P. 0. tint 1131.
<3 1836     THE BANK OF     1912
76 Ttart In Builum.  Capital and Beiervt Over |7,Q00.0OO.
Two Members of a Family
particularly if tboy Hva far from town. frouuontly f|wl It convenient to ta|m
iiilviinliign of nur Joint Account |ilan.
Either mako iie|ini.ii:i or withdraw cbkIi on hia or her owu tlgnatiire alone.
Thua uitbor c»u do tbo bunking when iu town, an suits their convenience.
♦1.00 opens a Saving!! Aecount, Joiut or ordinary,   Inlureat aildod half-
yearly;   ifonoy muy bn withdrawn ul any time.
Two Officei in North Vancouver, Corner of Lonadale Ave
and Eiplanade. Upper Lonidale Avenue, near 14th Street
Electric Irons
10 Dayi' Fret Trial
Solvit tbt Bummer Ironing Prohlem
For I It I li we ure oll'i'ring a "llolpolnt" of lhe filh size, auilahlo for
geniirul household uae, Inr Rlitl. fbll Iron It llmlltr to ||| "llotpoiuti"
exi'ii|il Unit the upper surface ia unpolialieil.
Second Slreei Eait, North Vancouver, B. C,
Possesses the finest roof garden on the Pacific Coast.
Hand concert every Friday evening from 8 lo 10.
I lol and cold waler in erery room.    -
European Plan only $1.00 a day up.
Weekly Pales $3.00 up.
■  Meal Tickets $5.00.
L REDA, Proprietor
Born-To Mr. and. lira. J. ft fifUt
ford, Thunduy, Sept. IGlh, I ion.
After Hie renovation of tlio flppr u'
tbe liuiiiiuii' Hull the irimii'i'ii will give
fortnightly cliulorella daiieea.
Mri. J. Kirkland and bor daughters,
'ii:e (lluilyi and Dorothy, are apuinl-
ing alx wetika' vacation ut Victoria.
On iinmln\ afternoon I um fork
wai the letup al hundred! of apocta-
ton uwing to tho beautiful weather
Mr. and Mra. Mnrriann of Frederick
li'mi'l, iiioveil to AbbotUford where lltcy
recently purchased a ranch. Mr. Mor
risen hua disposed of hia property In llu1
Mr. und Mra. Waller Eve-rill of I'ul
literatim, Oul., lefl for their lioini' ou
Monday evening viu (Ireut Northern.
after spending Iho paat Iwu necks ua
gueila of Iheir duughlor, Mn. II. f.'.
Herman, Oliwn|>crlin Drive.
A special meeting uf tlm members
uf the Choral Snciely biiiI all intend
ing iiiiiiil'ei., la lo be held iu lhe Institute Hall on Friday, Oct. llll, at t
o'clock sharp at which it ia imperative
that there lie a good attendance.
llAltllOW li riNDLAV.
Buiineu Ucutlcintn'i Popular Lunch Place.
Broikfut 8.00 to 10.no. Lunch 111.00 to MO
High Tea 6.00 till 7.30.   Afternoon Ten.
Sbort Orderi ijieclally atttnded to.
Thc uiin ei■■ ami mi'iiilicn of ihc
crew of Hie II.M.S. /.culamlia, now iu
purl, will givu ii runcerl in Ihc I liat j
lule hull on Moinluy, Supl. .'Kith. A
charge of Sl> edits will lie niu.lt; to
wunls the Inalilulc funds.
Miss lllailys Kirkland hud the honor
of being prcaenlcil with two certifl-
culcs by II.II.II. lhe Duko of Connaught
uu Friday, which she recently won ul
thy examination uf ihc Huyul Academy
of Music, London, jfingland,
Tiic ium and uaitimet club tttach
ml iu lbc Au ii.iiiuii liner tM. ilutlan
ilia now iu purl, ullliud lhe newly
opened purk iii Lynn Vulley for tbeir
spurts lust Halurday thc lint ticpl , anil
ul Ihc close of a pi. ,i .u.n. spent day
give au inipruinplii cnlcrluiniitcul tu
the illicitae enjoyment uf the visitors
who happened lo be present.
A meeting uf Ihc Lynn Vulley Day
calibrating committee wua bold on Pri
ilay evening for the purpose uf asecr
luiiim,.' from a financial side Die sue
COU iif i.ynu Vulley Duy. II wus shown
tbtt the inslilule will bontflt aboul
.•l.i,' which wus fur beyond Ihc eipec
laliuns uf Ihc committee,   It wus dc
cilled lo pulilish II Imam nil nUli'llli'iiL
ut an curly date The couimitloo he
inu unablt lo scml a Idler in I linn I, s lo
ull who ao generously helped lu make
I Aim Vulley Duy audi a lucreu llnuii
ciulfy or otherwise, tut press was uskcl
lo convey lhe committee'i sincere
iiiiini, lu ull whu luul an active purl
ami inieresl, cipccillly lo Ihc Iluy
>. nui', Sniii I'lel.I Engineer! and
North Vuneoovcr i'ily band.
—and an iuoxpresiiiblu feeling of ulinnr-
fulueii .and gaiety pcruicntcil the air
ti the Jioytl   pretence   became ■felt.
wbHrtrwrlttnytbo-arnyil blvtnu'A'nn- BrtrTffirmtttmlTglil g< (ill iW'UHj.
Tbo Boy Sconti troop atieniMod at
tbe furry *bMf »' ' WW on Friday.
Various   iiiiiiiii.iivics   wtr.    perfunned
couvtr Sconti on Furry Nr- 1.   Tb»
ciiinliincil I'nrccs llten rjj|,c|l,<| t"> Vifi
toria Park to the nccniiipuuinmiit pf
tint hugle band pf the Heymour tr*|up.
On urrival at lhe entrance, to tbo pffrk
a hull wai culled in un|, r to let the
school . ii i 111r.-i, fake thoir places.  Op
cnleiiiiK the purk tbp 8. Olltl lunl. up
ili.'ir pieiiiimi nn tlip north and oait
ui'ie:' ni iiie baud itand' ,'"ii,,y were
Ihou illipectfii by t|l0 Duke, Several
inoinliori uf tliu Lynn truup ure uuw ill'
auffnruhlo owing to their having been
complimented by the Duko of ('mi'
naught. A few mluutea before t|ie
"Duke's" departure tbo Heuuis lined
tht aides ul l.uiiidalu frum the park
ilnwiiwurds. Tltey remalliod at the
"alert' 'till the lloyal party bad pass,
ed. Afler marching duwu to the wharf
they were dismissed fur tbu dty. On
Suliirduy iii'ierniinii the I.yuuStrunp had
ils regulur meeting ut llle old school
liouse. After sume drilling they went
In lhe I .j'n n Valley 1'ark where varioui
iiiBlrueliiig gtmui were played. In
the lain afternoon the troop returned
ami iil'lei some more drillinu were dis-
missed.   All  Lynn   Vulley  buys  who
«i.li tp  i.uu -.li mi I. I apply  lu i'atrol
Leader Noc
es ot the Ri
Echoes of the Royal
Apropos of lasl Friday 'turfuspicioua
happenings, Ihc Kxpress il indcliled to
a In,!', contributor for the following
essentially feminine "impressions":
"Well, it is all uver. The Koyul
visit is nuw u iluu, of the pust. visit
urs of all grudes uml conditions have
eiimc uud liim.' cutitintiuusly from this
youthful growing cily of oun, bul
none so illuslrious us uur recenl uue.
Ilh, uu, litis wus un epoch in Ihc his
lory of Norlh Vuncouvor.
"Many were thc predictions mining
Ihc female clement ut to whelher or
mil Ihc Duchess and her daughter wuuld
grace uur eily wilh their uugusl pres
ence un Friday; bul alas, allhuuu.li
Ihc duy arrived lialhcd in gluriuus sun
shine uml Iuukiug temptingly inductive
lo liiein over Ihc Inlel, Ihey did Uoi
clinic uml wu -the suid female element
—were doomed lo a certain degree of
iiiiiiiini disappointment.
"However, ul ihree thirty, our Iluy
ul (iovcruor (Jciicrul sailed uver thc
Idiie vvulcrs in Number Three Ferry,
puund through the beautifully decor
uiei arch uml motored up Ihc newly
liradcil Lonsdale avenue to-VtPloria
I'urk. A nun;.'' liuill of cnlhuiiiani
run ilium,:li Ihc ureal crowd aa lhe
iim ■   drove iin.ui;:li the' Indian arch
which had boon erected wilh such
mule ami care, the old lime honored
euiiocs terming Ihc Imscs ol Ihc arch
while ul tlie lop Ihc Indians' uwn ex
quiiilo handiwork wis displayed mosl
effectively in the shupe of rush i.u I.ui
toppers" apd black frock eoata, don
tied for tin occasion after Iheir |oi|g
rest in Hie camphor ne cn I cd choi|i—
failed to uiiliilne Hie Imiuli.mini enilimi
lain) fpr tbo moment.
ayfpw im iba Duko iookoi|i AnA
what ap attractive imilo he bl* (mil
Huw one iiiliuiri'ii tliu piilk licullhy einn
piexiiiu  and   the   ilnwiesaly Vblte
llliillslneimf     He   Imili.'d  ll   nulile   li|;lli'i:
Ui lie ui "nil |n |be eeni re of i lie decorated sluud and received nur city dime
Inn ouu by one, iiiukiug appropriate
littlo speeches to aome uml giving u
•luke uf Ihu hand and a smile tu all.
Tbe tittle Indian children were oipoc-
ially interesting tu the'Duke, aiuging
tbeir ipuiiiii song tu him uud giving u
bow of tlio heud at earn mentiuu of
"A luuk of plcaiaut autiifactioti
iipiend uver hia handtumo face us he
waiked down the avenue to his auto
mobile ut Ihc coinplellon of the ufler
noon's ceremony. It li us nuliirul fur
many uf us tu admire the wuys ami
cu .inin - ui' lluyulty us .It ia for the
d"""'i to turu their heada tu the sun.
lu aome subtle way It creeps into
tbe very liloud.
"A few of us even iu North Van
■ iimi'i  wore uut to he outdone frum
lowing lhe Duchess ami Princess Put
riciu, us un Halurday afternoon they
paid au ini"uuui visit lo Capilano
Otic or two , .'.iiiu iu i gol wind til'lhis
und kindly phoned tu u few more, wlm
quickly responded and found thcii
wuy dowu lo the wharf, lliere lo awail
Ihc loyal ladies' urrival, Aa.lhe lieu,
travelled ahead, quite u smull colony
of expectant! assembled lo give Uuin u
welcome. A modes! cbeor, broke from
the lillle crowd us the .Duchess, look
ing very sweel, drove from Ihc wharl
up l.uusilale lu Firsl itreot, folluwed by
Princess I'alrieiu, as usual bright, vi
vuciuus uml beautiful, gaiing uliuul I,ei
with lliul luuk uf I,uu',:,ni frc'liiies:
which is hit strong personality
"After | iu in i.u,; uf leu III I'upil
uuu ami enjoying Ihc view of thc won
droiis canyon ami suspension bridge,
Ihey left lor Vancuuver shortly ufter
six. i'l" Duchess graciouily declined
to have Ihu ferry allullcd tu Tuvalu
only and requested thut ull th■ pnsecn
gen should travel with Ihem, much lo
the delight of Ihc said punongrn. Tlie
ladies were heard lo remark flattering
ly uu Ihc decorative irl displayed in
lhe making of the lovely urch ul the
entrance lo Ihc ferry ivhart It'is not
often, even in the fall, Ilinl -'leli an
ni'iiiniinni' uf beautiful red mapleleuvea
cun be shewn in such perfection as
was un :-.m.u iu    afternoon.
"Perhaps Ihc next lime llie Duke und
Duchess of Conuaughl pa) :i titil lu
this vicinity Nurlh Vancouve: inigl.l he
hutiurcd us Iheir headquarters I Sume.
fine palatini mansion un Hie nurth shore
may Ihun he loaned lo Their Koyul
Highnesses imui,: Iheir sojourn! Whn
can I el 11
__ Tho adjourned general mooting of tho
local Board of Trade lakcu place thii
evening iu the city hull. The meeting
is jpore iinm likely to,provo ono of
unusual public inieresl und a proppr-
Hunalc iilicmlance pf member! Ill fl>
Wwt Vancouver Ferry
By-law Adopted
Weal Vuncouver rulepuyera nn'Suturduy curried lliu ♦ Iilll,0lli| ferry bylaw, lun thu tiieusure lllll vule. wuru
eust, ci liili 111 I'lcctoiu voted ■■; mist it.
This pussing uf Ihc measure incuns
Hint an curly start will be mude upuu
securing lurge steel slciiniers tilted for
Ihc ferry Irulllc hetweeu Vuncouver
and Hullvliiirn. These will lie of a
type linnlde I'or currying vehicles ua
Well ua pn letiget It la expcclcd
that lltcy will have In lie secured ill
Kiigluud uud shipped around,
At the besl rule ul progress it.ii
regarded as unlikely lhal Ihey will.be
available fur service until ubuut May
uf next yeur. Only one will bp secured
at iii'i. thc second will hove lo be provided for by an additional by law. The
construction of new wharfs at euch
terminal will ulsu lie necessury lu ac-
commodate the larger type uf Imala.
TENDERS arc hereby called for tho
purchase uf Ihc 'llurrurd Sash umi Duor
Fiiclnry, including the fnlluwing: I..:	
building!, machinery and atuck uf
.l,"'i-. stislt, lumber und moulding!, all
complete us u guing eiiiiccrn. splendid
opening lor business. All Ii-ii.Ii i HlUlt
he iu nn luler limn Monday, October
The lendcrcrs tniisl slule their own
terms I'ur puymenl. The plant will he
open to intended purchasers fur inipoc-
tiiin every uflcrnuun bctwpon the huurs
uf Iwo ami lunr.
The gov eminent tuft N'cwingluii is
exjH'i'lcd next week when she will po
on the wuys al Wallace Shipyards fur
|uui.In.;    Ulld   'u i il'i'i ilu.;:
In pursuance of.an assignment dnled
\u; u i L'u III, 11112, In Ihc undersigned,
parlies in.lei,Id lu lhe W. II. Htuncy
k i'uinpany um hereby nolilied 10 pay
Ihc amount! due ul Ihc ulliee uf Ihe us
aignce, Wilson k I'.-rry, suite II, Dellcek
lluilding, ililil Hailing! sired west,
Vuiicuuver, II   I'., t,l lhe earliest pos
slide   IllOllll'tll,   V. llu   vull   issue   receipts
tor same.
W, .1   Wil,WON,
I'liune Hcvniuiir lilll.
TO   HKNT    Boum,
Lonsdule. Phone ill.
Knit  HKNT   I ruumed modern  hoo
"  scs, fi minutei front ferry,  Kent  (15
Kigiilh    and   per month.     Peers k lloull. I'liune Itt.
IIOOMS FOB KENT-Housekeeping
and single.   2U tud itrett cut,
TO   BKNT   Booms,  furniihed  and
unfurnished, lliu stllrle.   Hi l'lth Hi.
FOII ■■• si I.   Ducks, cheap. I'or. Kltl
and St. Andrew'!.
FOH HUNT-Two Uroom eoltagei,
with tint *A and IU. A. Smith I. Co
 - tmr- ■-- "
FOK HKNT Jl roomed Kat near
furry, Itt pur montb. Apply Wtrhuru
ill Piano ll"" >• If'
FOlt    SALK -  Apples,     Astra, han,
Dueliess, Urtvcuituin. Keene, 10th SI.
FOII HKNT Furiiruicil front room,
icuiril, privilt family. Apply Ilox
A LIB, Kiprtia Otter U»
TO HKNT I urge /runt lied room,
furnished. Suil two friends, IIM Slid
il. W. I'bone 364 tfler 6 p.m.     30 »
FOII HKNT A huuse on 10th alreel
ami lloulevard; alto ihack, suitable for
couple. Apply V. Booth, plumber.   I.f.
FOB BKNT ---Colonial Apurlmciili, I
roomed lullc, unfuruiibed. Inquire Dirr
ucn, mli itreet and SI. Andrew'i. l'bono
Bill. "
FOK SAI.K Counter and ollice table,
elc. Apply Ilox (IDS, Nurlh Vaucuuver
P. 0. HI "
FOlt SALK-Slove ur furnace wuod
I ' inch tu I led. Apply C. A. Lindsay,
Phone IIM. OKI
TO HKNT One uf llioic beautiful
bungalowi on Olh alreel weal. No. 117,
from lit October, Apply Mn. McNeish,
Ivmlh road wcsl. Phone'81. S?0
i'l) HKNT Published houae, icven
roomi tnd halh, hoi tnd cold, water,
' cVlric ligbt throughout. Large ground!
wood tnd roil ou tbt premises. Aliply
tl Vi) Second itntl wont, North Van
couver. 'jn 1
FOH WALK Hesluuranl bun nnt in
guud running outer Apply 134 III
ilrcel weal. 8-1(1
FOB SALK-Smp ou Wcileru Ave.
lot lAgltrt 'of 'bort lime ouly. HMD
cash. For piirliculuis ap|dy IM Kith
atreet weit. 1-10
FOK SALK- Nice little bungtlow,
(Vnlrc Hund. Lynn Valley, #1,000, I'M
eaah, balance ♦IW per iiiuiilb. Phone
B. L. Thompaoii, 611 or Witt. 'IDi
FOlt SALK- Freiii camera, 6x4, l«
iiury (Kl lii"". Willi ID .airier! for
pin Ics  Kxtra good leuic witb portrait
allu' In I"  Owner purchasing   larger
camera. What cash offenl P. 0. Box
J, Lynn Creek.
A SNAP -To lm sold cheap owing to
aickncu, the owner ii willing lo »c-
rlflce away below market value two
valuable lofa adjoining Mahon Park at
tbe bottom of )4lb itreet weit. For
furtber ptrtlruliri apply Arwby Houie,
on Ibt ipot. 94
FOlt SALK- Or exchange fur North
Vaueouver real calulc, in equity uf
(1,01111 in HI acres uf lint class farm
lund iu Surrey, Apply llux A 111', K.\
press Oflice. ' 23 i
FOK HALK We aru instructed by
one uf uur clients tu^liaposu uf twu
aulomubilc niolor trucks, capacity uue
Ion. Theae we will aell on cash puy
mciils ur will trade nu good real es
lute properly. Apply Wilaon k I'erry,
Assigned, 898 Haitingi Slreet Weil,
Viucouver. 84 !f
FOH SALK Or exchange, if, actus
in D. L. 86!), one trrc cletrcd, 16 min
ulea from cir line, 131611. One third
cub, 8, 111, 18 il 1 per cent, of tx
• hniige for hooae ind lul in clly vilucd
at lu.u'i'i and balance to arrange. Own |
er, du. I'liiilii'dd, (Jcneral Delivery^
Cliv. . 24 Pi
WANTKD-A .lapancsc wauls poii
lion as school boy ur huuacwork. Ap
ply Kipress Ollice, bux  A138,       84-11
WANTKD young girl, about IK
yeurs old, lo do housuwurk inurniugs.
Apply Nurlh Hhurc Drug i'u, Kspluu
tdt W. 211-1)
WANTKD I'iuce uf pruperty lo
reul, si/c iboiil .'lllidn, lociled on iMh
alreel between HI. (leorge's ami Lons
dale Avenue, lo erect a faclory un. Ap
ply Ilox IUi6, I'osl Oflice, NurHi Van
couver, or Kxprcai Oflice.
I.i 1ST    ,'v.ui Capilano awing bridge
Hepl. lilh. lady'a gold watch, engrtv
cd "A. B." Petri Chillim Piu. He
ward if returned,  lit  Victoria Park.
cail or Kxpreu Oflice
Dressmaker wishes tu gu oul by the
diy,   Termi: $2.00.   Apply I'bone 86.
WANTKD   Dining   room   girl   fur
Arnorictn Cife. 21 f)
WANTKD   Iluuie   boyi  to   deliver
lbe Kxprcai. Apply at Ibii oflice.
WANTKD—An experienced wiilresi.
Oood wajajfc. Ullburn Cafe, Kaplnnodc
WANTED-Oanartl lervml, good
wagei. Apply W. P. Hugg, Kap.'i.pudc
weit. 24S
WANTKD A nurse girl for afternoon!. Apply Mrs. 1,1'win, 817 nth
alreet eut. 114
WANTKD-Any kind of work for
only morning by young lipmefe. Apply JaptMlt Tu Otrdeni. 1-10
Firsl class drcasinaiiiiig and Tailor
iug, 416 Keith road weal. Fit guar
m.i I 13 10
For due watch aud jewelry vyurk go
lo (leo, Bomcrtoo, the now jewelry itoro
on Snd itrett.
Short time lotnt on vtciut or improved proptrty. Stir Luan Company,
814 Hutingi, Vancouvor. I.f.
MONEY TO WAN Money loaned
oo dianiondi, jewelry, furt. Htar Loan
Co., 614 Hiiiinga, Vtncouver.        if
Miu laibcl M Diun, Liecnliilc of
tbe Hoytl Artdemy of Moilc, laindon,
Kiiglaml, leniher of pitnofortc, viaila
NoTtb-Vtiironvfr exery week. AddMti
1162 Donman itreet, Vincuuver. Phont
6«#L Soymour. 8-W
Liitisdalc Iiinii; l'u., 636 Luusdale
Agrccuicnli diacountod ul current rales.
Money  wailing. Listings sulicited. I.f.
Wheu in uiiii" coal or boilding sup
plies, call up phone Itt, Norlh Shore
Coal ii Supply Co., Kickhaiua whurf.
I, H. Baton, manager Nolo name ami
phone number, t.f,
li. ll. Livery ami Huard ilablei-
Light rigi and'ladies' laddie horse
for hire. Stabling fur horiaa. (Ion
trtl doliwry tnd heavy teaming. 11.
Duinti, 4tt> itreet woit. Phont 847 t,f.
vim r  OF  li ii ii   THE  DUKE  OF
All persons Inning claims agaiusl lhe
deception Coinniillce-in connection with
the almve are requeated to lodge the
sume with lhe undersigned us soou ua
Becrelary itccoption ('oininillcc.
Cil) Ilull, Norlh Vuiiioucer. 24')
Aiiiliiin.iil agent for Singer Sew
iug Machine Company in Nortb Van
couvcr. J. J. McAlcccc, Dry doodiand
n.nis' Furniihing', corner Fint and
Lomdalo Avenue. t.f.
Und Clearing and Orading Lull,
Pett Andruu, General Contractor. Sewer connection! a ipecially, bttemtnt
and uther excavating wprk undertaken
Eatimalei free. 186 I8tb sired weit,
Norlb Vancouvtr, poll ollice box Uil.
Orders for rabiucl and picluro frame
making promptly executed. Furniture
aud office fillings to any design Job
lung work and repair! of all kioda
ipecially tttended to. Kitimetci free.
3. E. Iluyiics, 1236 Lonidilo Avenut,
Norlb Vancouver, Phont L147,
Bungalow, 6 rooms, ou car line, 10
minutei walk from ferry, facing Intel
ind Stanley Park, Butonable rent to
careful leniiiiia. Apply P. 0. Box 1816,
North Va«.»»y», , M
ii Minis ui'- coal, minimi
111 i.l I.VIHi.M,
Coal mining rlalili uf On liomlulon
In ..Iui.li.,1,,1 iM.'iluiii in ,,.nn ,,iii] Ail,,,)
a. Iho Yukon Terrllury, llic Norlh-wtat
11 iiiimi, ■■ nnd In o porllon of the province of in liiidi I'-,luiiiiiln, may ho leu-
ed tor a lorm of Iwenlyone yean at
an annual renlul of |l an acre. Not
nii'i.' lhan l.lll) iiui'i will ho nus, ,i io
une -'ii-II I
Application fur a lease muil bo miili
hy fhe applicant in perion lo ihe Agent
or iiul, Agi ni of llic dl.Uil, i In which
the righli api'llcd tor aie iltuttcd.
hi ."in -.'uu ii i■ iiiii'i.'. the land muil
be dclcrlhci) by lecilom, or legal tub*
divisional of lecilom. and In uniurvey-
cd territory Iho Iracl applied for moll
be linked ouf by lhe appllcaht hlmitlf.
Bach upiillcutloii moil be Accompanied by a fee of |l which will bt re-
funded If fhe rlghta applied for art not
iiviiiiiii.i., bul noi olherwlie A ror-
llty thall be puld on lhe merchantable
output of the mlno al Ibe ralo of Dvi
centi per Ion
The perion operating Ihe mine thall
furnlab tho Agon' wlili iworn return!
accounting fnr fhe full iiiiniillly 6T
nii'i, iiniii.'ii'ii' coal mined and ply thl '
royally (hereon If iho coal mining
righli art nol being operated, oncli re
inrni ihoold be furniihed at Icon onct
a year. .
the lone will Include the coal mining
rlghtl only, hut t»e lersoe may bt permitted fl purchuie whatever available
surfner ilghli mny be coniidered OtO-
ciiary for iht working of tht mint at
the rale }f $10 an acre.
tor full Informalloh inplloallon
ihould he'nindc lo Iho aocrcliry ol ln|
Doplirlin'enl of Iht Interior, ptlaWt, Of
to any agent or Pub-Agent of Dominion
Lahdl r
W. W. CQti1i
^^ItVmtt^'mtmPm     rf
tdfirllMmint will nol pa pett
J. D. FIIASEH,   ,
1' (1. Ilox 2548,
4 10                            Norlh  Vuucuuver.
' "m
.     -I
4 99B
Money to Loan
On Improved Property, at
Eight Per Cent,
' i.     \ .'i No good gacurity turned down
Phone 24.
P.O. Boi 1120
To Those Whom
it May Concern
To try (o do business without
advertising is like winking in the
dark, you know what you are
doing but im one else does.
To let the people know what
•you are doing you must reach the
people effectively.
The Express circulates at almost every house on the North
Therefore to do business effectively on the North Shore you
must advertise in The Express.
Victorian Order
. Of Njirafc* Fund
Mr. grander Will, prMldegt uf
I lie llmird Of Trade, lum inci'iveil I lie
I'ullnivinp Idler fruni Mill Kvelyn
I'ldly, lmii in wailing to tliu Duulieun
Of Oijpiiaugliti
Hotel Vancouvor,
Supt. 80, 1019.
Dtgr lir. Smith:—
In tlia iniini' of Her lloyal Iligliuosa,
tlio Hindu'!..'! of Connauglit, I write tn
ilinnl. yuu moit unuci.'lv for Hie con
tribu|ion wliieii tliu Nortli Vancouver
Hoard of Trade have made lo her fund
for tho Victorian 'iOrder of Nuraui
Her Royal iligiuieai ia very sonsible
of llio troulile which muit havo,been
talien, aia| would Iiu must grateful if
you would very i kindly convoy lior
iiiuiii.. to the iiieinl'i'i... of the .Imurd
who have helped lu thia must worthy
II wua n   u.ui, i of great regret to
the Hm In. . In lie unablo to villi North
Vancouver  wilh  Ilia  Hoyul   iligliueaa
tliia ufterunoti.
Relievo me,
Yuurs vory truly,
KVKI.YN 1'Kl.l.V,
Ludyin Waiting.
The cheque which was .... u.l. .1 lu the
llnveriiiir (Icncrul' on   Friday   by   Mr.
Nn,nli waa for flic umpuiit uf ♦ullll.
Railway Receipts
■. and Expenses
Aa Ihc month of July liegun a new
lineal yeur fur Ihc railways and alau
frum ull imliculiona a period of reviving traffic, il is proliulile lhal railway
tcluins will he closely watched, espc
dully during the mouths of llic presidential cani|iaigii, fiut the uninitiated
reader whu Iries from the newspaper
r.I'uii" of carniuga und expense! tu
keep truck of the liosiuesa of lhe rail
ways has a perplexing task, for in une
and the same issue of a newspaper he
not Infrequently limit statements of
earnings ami expenses that may refer
tu different periods separated liy weeks
or monthi, or maybt a year or more.
The accounting departments ul' many
of the principal railroad companlei
make up al Ihc close of each week es
limutcs of the receipt! for lhal week
uml louietimei include estimates uf Ihe
expenses, These are primarily for I he
information uf Hie officer! and direrllira
of the companies, Imt are fjequenlly
sent lu Hie newspapers. Thua appear
eitimatei and cumulative estimates I'ur
lhe lirsl, secoud, third uml fuurllt weeks
of each month und fur Hie entire
month. These are lull estimates in
gross, uud us such serve us Ihe eurliesl
approximate, indications of increase ur
docrease in Ihe volume of I raffle. They
ure widely regarded liy liuaiueai men as
li barometer nf lhe general business ol
Ihc country. From .these eitimatei
i annus financial newspapers frequently
compile tallies showing approximately
lite earnings ami expenses of a uumber
of roads selected as representative.
As soon after Ihc close of each month
us practicable each railway company
ia obliged lu send lu the lulerslule
I'limiiierce I'ouiluiaaiou u repurt of. its
lulni opcralinp revenues iluring that
month wiih separate specification of
the receipts from freight, passengers,
mail ami express; ut ils lulni operating
expenses wilh acpuriili' specification of
those incurred for inainlenince of way
and" structures, maintenance of track
ami equipment, I'or securing trallic, eon
ducting transportation and in general;
of lhe nel operating revenue, of rev
ciiiic from oulside operations; uf taxes;
and of operating income which il the
um,,uui remaining as available fur
rentals, inieresl uu lunula*; appropria
ii""- fnr betternienla, tnd divideudi.
The filing of these muni lily reports
wil|i Ihe Inlerslale I'uiiiiueree ('i)inniis
•ion ia usually uot completed until
•buut ail weeks after the close uf the
month to which they refer. Ptuigfihett
"Hi. iui repurls Ihc llurcau uf Ilailway,
I'u'iiitiiniics, m organisation maiulaiued
ill Washington by the railways, coin
piles a summary of revenue! and or
ponioi for the monlli which is usually
iaaued wilhin a week alter all of Ihc
report! have been filed. Mosl uf too
newspaper publications of earnings and
expenses give the ainuunls fur Ihe diff
orent railwaya separately, the iuforma
lion thus preaeuted being of capecial
interest to thc inveitor wbu wauta an
know what each road ia doing. Tbe
compilationa of Ihc Bureau of Ilailway
Keouomics, however, arc of II illee
tive earnings and expenaca of the llall
em, Uoulheru and Weatern groupa of
railwaya, thui allowing, Hie ebb and
Uow of traffic for the three great sec
lions of the country, each of which haa
|U .peculiar economic cbaracterjitlei.
Thete publirttiooi also contain MB-,
parisom of the earnings ind expenses
par milt ll line, thui allowing the ae
lual trend of railway buiineu, the indication of wbicb ii often confuted in
otber compilation! by tba uie of aggregate! applying to the total miltagt,
which it epnMniiftlly innrming rP 0
grtater'or Ion extent. The earnings
and expenses are thui alio reduced to
concrete and comprehensible units of
for example, in it! summary of earning! apd expenses for .lune. till", the
Bureau of Bailway faimiinloa shows
that the net revenue for the month
inei'i'ii.'.eil about -IS io us for mirh
day forwtcli inl|o nf iipo ovtr the net
rovennp of June, |l)|l. 11 ihou s tha|
during the fiscal year emliug p ut 30,
lllia, tqlal operating revenuci iueri'iiB-
ud I'll per mile of Iiuc, upcr'.ing es-
pl'IISUS increased (8.'! perjiiu'e of lino,
leaving " decroaio in not rveiiuc ,>i
$00 par mile of line. An increase of
♦li) iu laxeB aud a decrcusc m net
ic eniie from mil -iiiu operations result-
ed in n decrease iu opurutiug income
uf ill" por mile of lino for Iimt year.
This ii univalent in a decrease in the
uperatiug income uf 1115,0110 milca of
line lu which these repurls have applied
till the average of over $U4,0II0,00II.
The iiiuiiililv repurt of the Inulr
stale tlomniercc L'omniiniuii issued us
ua|ly abuut a month later than the
summary uf thu llhruuu uf Railway
1,'coiioniics pii""'ni.'. an abstract, com
puny liy company of the monthly reporl
filed with it.
As sunn after the close of the lis
cal year ai is practicable, ami under
penalty not later titan September ilutli,
each railway company is required lu
make lo Ihe Interstate Soiniuerce I'nin
mission ou elaborate report of its
inni::" linn, for Ihu year. This includes a statement in great delail of
reeeipls and expenditures, uf milcuge.
uf lucuniutives ami can, nf the uuin
her uf i iiipi"\ .v. and tbeir {ompcusu
liun, of the capitalization ami capital
issues, of statistics as to train mites,
car miles, freiglil traffic movemcul, ton
miles, pussenger miles, ttxes and of
profit and luss.
The statistics contained in Ihesc repurls ure uf such great volume lhal
Iheir cumpilaliuu requires levural
monthi, the aunuul reporl of alalia
tics of the railways of the United Stales
issued by Hie lulerslule i|iiiiiiiierce
Ooiuniissiou not appearing as a rule
until a year ur mure after Ihe cluse
uf the year lu whicii the statistics refer. It is a most valuable cnnipcn
ilium placing befure the sludcnl uf
railway transportation the mosl cum
pitta available information. The sys'
tem of a.I.mnl. prescribed fur Hie
railways by Hie Interstate Commerce
Commission and the publicity in regard
lu their affairs which il has enforced
haie pi.i, ed lhe railways iu tout
position where far more is mude public
almul Iheir acivuls uml Iheir affairs
lhan is known in regard IU any ulher
industry uf the I'uited Slates, or any
of the stale ur municipal governments.
In addition lo all lhe reporls lhal
have beeu enumerated each railway
company makes au annual report lu its
stockholders lo which many nowipa
pels giye more or ess extended refer
onct, und many if nul all of lhe Slate
Kailruad commissions require separate
Big Fortunes in Little
Mr. W. A. llu I'ay, a writer iu the
Scientific American, point! uut liuw
muny furl mica have been made from
Utile, ii,dul, iveryday invention!. Mr.
W ll I'ultuer, uf Baltimore, was the
inventor of a cap fur beer ur auda
water bullies which hus made him a
millionaire. He carried lhe |Hit.iil iu
his pocket for nix yeara before he sue
reeded iu placing it nu (he inurkel;
when il was placed I'almer ami Ins
.ap,iati.nl had a profit of many I lions
audi ul' dullara between liiein un tlie
first year's business. The difference
between Ihc uid »truT"lil and lhe
crinkly hairpin made a fortune for uu
inventor, who look hii cue frum his
wife's difficulty in lhe use If lln
Thaddeua Fairbanks was a New ting
land farmer who, iu the silent watches
of the nigbl, thooght oul Ihe primipl
of Ihc now well known Fairbanks
•ralea. The rubber eraicr on the cud
of a pencil made a furluuc fur ita in
Iroducer, II. I.. I.ipmaii, of 1'liila
lelphia; while llcatin, of i'roviileticc,
wbu devised thc llttlt metal staple Ihul
holds ou slim' buttons, realized a fur
tunc thereby. Klias Howe evolved the
sewing machine frum the idea of placing a hole near the point uf a needle;
otberi followed, and brought the
machine atill nearer perfection.
Adaiiii, who brought uul a palcnl in
1671 for chewing -gom, made a greal
fortune from it.
Tbe mau who invented an opener for
tint did well, Is also the inventive
genius who made a can with a seam
just below the top which, when Hie
owner wanta Id yj/cu lhe Iiu lie bus bul
to strike, when the stgm breaks and
tbe top conns off. A Chicago packer
ordered tin million of tlicac cana iu
tn experiment, and others followed
tuit.     /
Qultt/at intereiting a liil, Clumbers'
DAPim Paid Up,,.. .....J 2,870,ooo
Retcrvc and Undivided Prnfltt  :i,R00,000
Total Atsett; ..." i  H,ooo,non
iust ti a luccosifiil merchant inahoa
every effort to give hia cuato-
J morn courteoua, emelollt ullenlioii, in do Hie officers pf llie Bunk of
Hamilton endeavor |o render to depoi-
ItOrt every tervjeo consistent with conservative ItanMiii: practice.
No deposit It top iiluiiil to unsure the
dupoiltur considerate treatment—the
navliiiui nccounta of thuse In moderate
circumstances uru welcomed wllh cotir-
loey, and with that uliacnec of undue
formality which makes bnn|ilng a convenience and a pleasure.
Thit   branch   |t  now   equipped   wllh
Safely Deposit Boxea.
V. P. IIKAVKN, Agrul,
North   VtBcouver >
Head Offlei
. Three new blocks of lots have jusl been put on the
market. They are situated one block from the Marine
Drive and three blocks from the sea, and measure 65x
j 22 feet to a lane. The finest views of the Gulf of
Georgia can be had from these lots. Crowds of people
have visited and bought al DUNDARAVE this
summer, and the universal verdict is lhat il cannot be
L eaten as a residential district.
PRICES From $650 to $900
TERMS—A fifth cash and the balance over 2
years. Call us up and make an appointment to go out
in our automobile and sec the property.
121 I.onsdale Avenue and corner Marine Drive and
Marr Road, West Vancouver
Diitrict of North Vancouver
.1   11}-l.au   In   eimlilt  Ihe  I orimrallou
or lie niniii. i  uf Nurlk Viacomn
lu ralir l»i  mi or loau Ihr auni ol
itm.uuo nu Mn-ri I'nmoaia.
RTIBREAB   ll   la   deemed   expedient
llle   I'ollllUl   Of   tlie   I'olpolulloll   of
lo.nl 11,1    .a    Norlli   Vulieouver   lo
.Journal, point! out, night bo compiled
of Briljlib inventon on limilar lines,
ir it luggettive as well as cn
Mr- l)U I'ay reckons thtt
e patent! taken out ire of
many of them of itu
.—Wtiirniniter tfiuttt.
raise hy wu) ol loun lhe aum ul ISO.HOC
to In- expended In llm coiialrucllun ot
all. .in  III  tlie  suld   lllslrlel;
ANI) V. HI.in '.S lhe uii,,"iiil ul the
debl which Mils HI,,-. Is llilumled In
cccale Is Hie auld sum of 110,001) uml
Hie "likeI lm «i.i, n (lie suld debt Is
emulcd la ihc construction uf atreeta
aa eforesnli).
aNI> u iikhkas Ii will be neceitary
lu rail* a,niuiill> by aneelul rate the
no.J aim of litis for fifty (care lor
llic repay ment or lhe auhl loun ulld
llll. real al I pel Ctttl. lit I,, i.-li,ull. ,
|, i ..vi. l.i I X
ANii UIIKHKAS tlie vulue ul lhe
wliule rateable land ur Improveiueiila
in iu.il properly In lbe auld Hlaiilu
.1., .,1,llu,, in th, lual revlaed Aiacsi-
loi i.i Holl .iniiuii.i.. to II.011.710.
ANIl WIIKRI.AS lhe iikuickuI., ol
ll,c Debenlure Debl of the Munklpul-
Ity     lelc.pl     llll      .."li,.     ilf    I.OCUl     ll"
provemenl un.l Hvhool purpuicai In
,1 ,iu.i llie l.u'i hereby oulhollzcd,
iui",uniii  I., IUSIi.uUO;
THKRKKoRK llm lleeve und i'ouii-
ell of llle Corporation nl lhe Dlalili I
ul North Vulieouver In I'ouncll at-
."lolili.l iwlih lhe aa.ii nl of llle Elector! uf llie lllalilel duly obtained) do
heiebi     i .,. i   un   fulluws:
I ll ihull be luwful for lbc I'uoncll
lor Ihe purposes nfoicsyid lo borrow
oi i.ile by wuy uf Iuuu Irom uny i>, c
sun ur pcieone budy ur budl.-s corpo-
ruie. win, inuy be wllllnn lo advance
the anln.' upon lbe creilll ol llle Debet)-
lores nl Ibis ''"' i"'i.,il"ii herelnufler
piovbb-,1 loi, u aum or sunn ol money
nol exccedliin In the wliule llie aum of
|G0.000. mid lu eiiuae the aume tu be
placed In Uie Iiimli uf Humlllon lo
Iti': credli of Hie ('crpurullon fur (lie
purpuse al ui i .".ibi.
I. Deben I ure Iluiids of llic Corpora-
Hon lu Hie iiniouiil uf ISO.000 In the
wliule muy be laiued bv Die fteeve and
I'lerk of the f'orpui'ullon lu lerrin ol
lhe Moniclpul Acl In aomaua muy be
.1. "ii"i bul nu l">.I. Ini.ifitoi, aliull
be fur u gceulei sum Ihun One Tbuu-
uu ,1 I'ull.u Much of "ulJ Debenture
Honda ahull be kIkm. ,1 by Ihe lleev
und I'lcili uml ahull be "■ ui, " Willi Ihe
Seul of llie Corpurailun.
I.    '/he   auld   In 1,,'lilllle   lliilllli   ahull
bear lnlereit ul a rule not ,.<"■.-'linn
five par eenl pel ultnum uayuble buff
yearly un lhe ill duy uf May and Die
111 duy uf Nuvember In each um)
every fait ilurliin* the currency ol laid
liebciiiorea oi nny ul I lion. There
aliull be ui iiiiinii to the Debrnloie
Manila counona alaned by the Reeve
uml ''li 11, for cadi aim evely payinem
ul Intereat Ibul ahull becume doe, und
audi aluiiulurea inuy be either wrlllen
lllhoanii'hcd or atamped.
I, "'lie laid Debenlure liundi ihall
ua lu i nt" h'.'i und lnlereit be payuble af Hie Dlalrlcl Municipal Dfllce,
North Vuncuuver. B. (!, or at (he prlnclpul "iU"' of (be Bank ot lluntlllun
I In ihe i'iu .a Toronto. In the pi-uVlnct
of Onliii'lu. or al lhe prlnclpul ollice
ol lhe auld Dank In Hie I'll) ol Mon
Inul In the Province of Quebec.
wril'he auld prlnclpul hill" ahull be
made puyuble by lhe I'orpurulbin nul
luler Iiiun Iifl) )enra from lhe Tai din
of Nuvember,  ru.'
0 Tbere ahull be rulaed nnd 1,-cl u
.uuiu.ill. I,y apeelul'rule un ull rale-
able lnml or Imnroveineiila ur reul
liionell) lu lbe Jllalilel lbe aum uT
1321 loi the i-.i't. ,| I,., iui,,, . n.l
Inn ruud foe the Daymen I ol sold lm-
luiiun, when ihey become due. und
Ibe sum of 12.600 lui' lhe puymenl ul
lhe Inieresl ul lbe rule ufureauid to
become due on such pobenlurea iliiilnn
the currency the,oof, uiul (but In u.l-
llllillll   III  ull   "llll'l   ralea   lo   be   levied
uiiii Collected In llic auld lllalilel ilm
Inn  the   wboie  currency   of  tlm  aald
Debenlurea or uny of Huiii
Thla By-l.uw muy be cited for ull
nuil'oa. h ua "The Hltcla I,oall Hi-Law,
ISI2, No. I."
This By-l.uw ahull come Into , IT., I
on  lbe  lai  duv  of November,   1912
I'liaaed by Hie Council on the llllli
day  of Hepleiubei',   l!iU
Received lhe naactil "f Ifie !-:icei»ra
ul un election held on Ihe
duy of 1*12
lu . "i.ui,i, i. ,i uml llnuii v nil,,,,id by
the Council mul sinned by lhe lieeve
und i'lerk nnd sealed Willi lhe I'mpoi-
ale Heal ull III.'
iluy ur mm
JOHN 11   |.'A1IMHH.
>       I
i i I i inin   III.'   mt    mi-1 iiii r   ui
TAKK NOTH'K Dial Ihc ubove la n
Due copy of Hie propoaed By-Law upon whlcb lllc vole uf llle .'I'uii ii .In .
will be I.'I'" Wlllllll Hie full', •mii-
Ii,,Ilmi: lull,! vlx: III lhe Mil I, I
pnl Hull, I.I'llll Vulley Hoad. In llic
i'l.in. n   llall    ill   coiner   ol  I,"in,lul,
Uu lu:. uiul Ollf-D'a Ituuil. and al I'up-
lluii" llon.l Pile llall. ull III lbe Ilia-
lll'l t/t Norlli VullcoUVel. oil lb, I lledii).
lln-  Sill  illl)   of Oclol.er.   11112.   belween
llie houra ol t u'cluck. u.m mid "
o'clnek  pin
JOHN ll   KAIIMKH.   •
ti   M   I'   mid  KcluinliiK oilier
PUBLIC NOTICK   la   hereby   liven
Ibul  Ihr vule of lhe  Klectora nl lbe
Dlilrlcl  ol Norlli   Vuncouvel   will  be
taken uir Ihe    Hlreeli Luun  Hi l.uw
Itll. Nu  I." nn Haiurduy. Ihc Uli duv
nl October, loll, belween lhe liuunuf I
"'.li'ili u in  unil 7 o'clock pin   wllhln
lbe fulluwliin pnlllnu plucea. vli.     tn
Ihe Municipal Hull, lum,  V..I1. .   Koud: <
In the Cbureb Hull ul  lhe eorner of
Lonadule   Avenue   und   ijiiocli'a   Huad.
and ul i- .1 il...... Huml I'll'.   Hull In Hie
Dlilrlcl of Noilh Vancouver, an) ibul
John (I Knini^r has been iippulnli'd
Itelurninp Ollicer In Hike lhe voters or
sueh Klectora wllh lhe oaiiul poworl
In  Uiat behalf
By Order of lbc Council
IHlKlicd)        WM.  il   MAV.
He 'Ve
(Binned)      John H  K \K. 11;l:.
We have some good, inside buys;
also good acreagg listings Lynn
Valley Sub-division.
4 Ut ut quote you rate* on Fire, Life and Accident
McMillan & reid
fhou* 131.
North Vancouver Business
and Professional Cards
Insurance Guarantee llomls
Auditor aud Accountant
llll Lonsdale 'Avouuo. I'. I). Box 8307.
North Voncouver. 1'liouo 48?.
Underwood'! Barber Shop
Studio  ovtr  Dank  li. N, A.
Unidale tnd Esuluaadi
High Clan Udics' am) Henta' Tailoriug
HepairiuK   anil   Alloraliuus.  aliening
tnd Dyeing in all Hi braucbei. All
Work guaranteed.
ill Fint Strut Watt.        I'hout 107
Canadian Financing
A MttroiiolltMi Viow of tho flltuttlon
Hi'iiuirlni;, RemoilullInK, Elc, Promptly altelideil In.
lusllllialca  Kuinlaheil   Kree
Ollice; Dleklnauii A Bon's (factory, K|-
plunuile.  I'liune  211. „
Hesldeiice: Allun lluud, l.ynn Valle)',
P, I). Uui SO, l.ynn Creek. Plione
A.H.I.H. Ir S.
Irrigation, drainage, levels, plans
and specification!. Septic ianl.i and
homo drainago a ipccinlly. P. 0.
Ilox llll, Iiiih itreet wctt ol Bewicks
'"And general Coinraissiuii Merchant, I.'I
Lonsdale Ave., North Vaucouvor.
Phont 331
We aro specialists in these lines.
lalA Lomdali Avenue
(J. Uut)
Ladiea' and Oonti' Cleaning,
Pressing mil Repairing
a Specialty
120 flocoud Street But
N.V. Tinning & Sheet Metal Worki
Flnt Strut But of Lomdali
Lowest piiceii and boat Work guarau
teed un (inning aud sheet metal work.
All kinds of sawi hied and let oo the
shortcut nolice.   Lawn niowen, knives,
hedge iheara and scissors iharpeuod. All
work guaranteed, moderate pricei.
Villi Lonadale Avenue Phone 8b
On the car line. Hoarding, meals
guod accoininuilaliuti for working inen.
1'oiilrnclurs' inen bnonled. Hy. Kast
mil, I'ruprietor.
Ii your Watch stoupiug or keop.ig
irregular timet   If to, iee
Pioneer Juwcllcr, 00 LuiiBilule Avenue.
Cabinet Maker ind Carpenter
Will undertake all kinds uf wuud work,
rcpairi, otc. \ NOBTH   BHOBE   PBBS8   UMITED
Fourth Street and Sutherland Avtnut! Job Printers
P. O. Box 2006 Fiibllthcri of tbe "Expreu'
NORTH VANCOUVEB Fint Strttt Eut Phont 80
I low about a snap-shut album lor those views you
have gathered ol your holiday excuriiom) Wc have
a large stock of snap-shot albums, varying in price Irom
25c. to $2.50. Also cushion tops, pipe racks, tie
holders, bags, coin purses, etc., at right prices.
J. E. Scouten's Book Store
(N. 8. Book and Stationery Company).
38 Lonadalo Avenuo PHONB 101
Furnished House to Rent
Tbree  adulu, cartful  UnanU, muit bt modtrn. Furuico, fireplaci, i
or 3 hcdroomi. Fairly cloie in. Apply Box A138, Expreu.
Coal, Brick, Lime, Gravel, Sand, Plaster,
Cement, Lath, SeWer Pipes, and ,
General Builders' Supplies
Office: 56 Lonidale Avenue.   Pbone 198
Wharf: Foot of ft. Georgei'i Avenue.      Phone 178
—   i     ■ ' I    '   -n.-wmmma,mmmmmmnmmimmmmmmmi
City Twaiurcr, Mr. s. fluurpliroyi,
hat kindly loaned tbt •Express a very
strong article ou ('ana.liun Finance in
I'liiiilnii, which iippi'iiml |n tho l.iiii'iiiii
Telegraph of Sppteipber 3rd. Tlio article presents a vory sane .view of t|ie
lituatiou throughout the Ppiniuiou and
contain! likewise some wholesome ail
vice m to townsite methods, whicii
iianailiaui will 1)0 well adviiod not In
The article read! ai follows:
Mr.   I (union's  visil   In  England "on
bii'-iiii ■■ of tbo Empire," has termln-
tted with a ilitiiiifb'il and grateful fare
well. Thii cloiei for tbo present the
political lido of tbo epiiode, Inn only
to mako room for tbo practical lide.
The linporill plana which liave been
diacuiiod iu (luuncils of citato will re
'iuuu mouey to carry them nut.
Ilrcailnoughls canitot be built for nothing, ami wheu (,'uiiaila pays for them
it will have lo bu with borrowed money. They will add one more to the
many demands whicii ure already be
ing made uu the credit of tho Dominion. Couscijueiitly they furnish un
other ri'ui'iin for increased vigilance to
prevent that credit being overstrained
Or  ullll:"',l.
Already this i|ucstiou has been taus
iug some' concern in the city. The
economic development of the Dominion
is such a gigantic task, ami it ia absorbing such an eininnuus untuunl ol
British capital, thut nu new financial
claim cau be' faced lightly. I'unuiliun
burrowing hus now reached a poiut
when every additional million will be
of consequence. If there are lo be
uew demands ou a large scale au oil on
will have to be made to retrench in
some other direction, ll muy bo taken
fur uuu,u,I lhat llic Canadian Dread
1.1".nin:., be they lew or many, will
have to be financed iu London. Tl
will involve the opening of anotber
loan m , in.ni with Cauada, and il iiiu)
bu interesting to Inquire huw muny
such a,"iini-i arc uow iu opcraliou.
Their sum totul, wc ull kuow, ia some
what large—iu fail, it is huge.
There ii much more British money
iuveitcd iu Canada lu day lhan in uny
other colony ur I'urcigu cuunlry willi
which we have financial dealings, ll
has beeu advanced iu ull surls ul
ways and fur all manual of purpoiei.
Jt has been sunk by hundreds of mil
iioui in railwaya fur Lhe opcuiug up
of the Huiniuiun, Million* more have
guuc iulu land ami Iniulng speculations.
Olher millions hive been invested iu
industritl enterprises. From the lloin
iuiou du eminent down lo ten yeur old
municipalities iu the North West every
public authorily is a debtor lu Hrilish
A Privileged Borrower
These loim ami investments have
been made wilh an open licurt as well
us un upon hand. I'urily fur seutimont-
al aud partly for practical reasons,
Canadian credit has of late slood ex-
ptiouully high iu Ine Hrilish mar
ket—io high, Indeed, us to form a
substantial preference over uu it bor
rowers, Canada receives uot uuly
most favored nation treatment iu l.um
bard alreel, but belter treatment lhan
ihe Hrilish Exchequer ilself Nui
muny peuple may be aware of llic lad
lhat the Domiuion Oovernment al une
lime achieved an issue of Two ami u
Half Por Cents. Fewer still may know
that these Canadian Twu ami a Hall
per Centi. Hand today at 78, or nearly
three points higher tnun our owu or
father Mr. Lloyd (leorge's Consols.
Bul sad tu say so il ii—lhat ia sad for
us but hue for ((anada,
A borrower so favored and privileged
as tbat ii likely In be au active uml
willing borrower. Tbe Canadians would
nol hive been bilf wiie if tbey hu<l
li.-iiiito,I to lake foil advantage ul
Iheir rare financial upporl unities. On
tbat poiut there hai been no telle mo
ilcsly among them. They hive bor
rowed early, borrowed often, ami bor
rowed libe/ally. Britiih capilal liar
been lo I hem as manna from Heaven
lo be had for Ihc gathering, aud no
queationi aaked. Thii beautiful scuti
ment is frequently expresicil in flnuii
clal debates at Ottawa, il shed a pal
riotic glow over some of Ihe mosl
fervid speeches iu the discussion of the
current year's Budget.
The Finance Minister himself pul the
plea for Impcriil Drctdnooghls on
broad financial grounds. Tne progress
of cunuda, ho um,I, dopendcd oo Ihe
ruib of immigration and on Ihc rush
of money from .Britain for purpose! of
development. Anothor lum. member
(Mr. Maclean, Suulli York) I'lL". ."l.-.l
iu i similar vein ami with even greater
entbuiiaim to proclaim that "Kugland
ii tbo fountain head of our money inp
ply, and uoieit iho ii maintained su
promo in her polltictl power iud com
menial wealth, then ibe cannot tup-
ply money for (be dcvclopioont of Ihc
reiourcet ol tbe tisociatcd States of
tbe Kmpire." Which it a very practicii
is well ii pttriotic, view to take of the
imperial problem.
Applying tka team
It it to bt boptd Uat Canadian!
generally realize the important fact
that they pro making history with bur-
rowed money, and that they will nood
* IP, WW nt »t bsfPW 10*1 are done.
Mr. Jlacliinn hunlly exaggerated when
he said: "The financial requirements
of Canada today are not in|l|loni, but
billions (meaning, of course, dollars).
Million! arc required to complete our
railway lyitemi, to incromo rtilwpy ac
ciiiiiiiiu.lulinu in tlie Cuuudiuii West, tu
establish thu groat iteamship lines lliul
huve be inne aliiinlulely nnci'ssury in llie
intereat! of our trade, In build our
pcoan terminal!, tp develop opr natural rcium■!■■.!, ,.„i, to extend our iinini
fria| pntorpriies,"     »
That, it- muit bo admitted, it a vory
attractive aud, at tbe iame time, a
bii:,iii!"„s like prugruiniiie., If Hie
Canadians were devoting tbp whole of
tbe Britiih money tbey borrow tn tbe
buildiug of railwaya, ships ami liar1
bars, there would be no criticism to offer except bout wishes for their sue
cess. Of ships, huilum. and railways
they laiuiiii have too tunny. Wealtn
of that sort will be good both for borrowers and lender!—guod not merely for
I'niiuilu herseii, but for the umpire and
the world at lurge. But are all lhe
I'liiuie. .-.I billiiin... going into these
beneficent uml reproductive chuunelsl
There is u suspicion uhruud atiiuug us
thut a guod deal of the money goinjj
lo i ana,t.-i finds its wpy into less
comiucniluble ubjects Ihun new railways, ships and harburs.
Sn:ui.. gluucing thruugh Ihc Canadian papers, and cs|ccially those of the
"niii '■'■' i. might imagiue thut the
people were not railway mad, but lumi
mad. They havt' gone crazy over town
lols and speculative garden cities. Iluu
supemulurully crazy it is pussiblc tu
becume ill a lund boom was proved ut
a sensational sule held lately at Ed
nioiituti, under the auspices of uu an
cient und vcucrublc British corporation,
to wit, the Had .mi ':■. Buy Company
Men ami women flocked iu from miles
around ami sul up ull night aruuml lhe
■ni"! uf lhe laud ulliee fur Ihe sake ol
uu curly ehuiicc to become the owner
of strips of prairie laud al the rale ol
£1,11)11 up lo £111,1)1111 uu ucre.
Laud Booming
Edmonton hus been lhe head centre
of Ihis lund jobbing mania, but every
town ami village in Ihc North West ll
suffering frum the same fever. Marlin
Cbuulowlt'l (lardin uf Kdcn is being
reproduced at scurcs of points ulung
the uew railwaya. l.ueal papers teem
wilh advertisements in the best style
uf Mr. Sclddcr. A mere rumuur Ihut a
railway stuliuu is tu be lucutcd ut a
purliculur place :;ui furiuus advcrtii
iug and I,,."iiiuiu uf (he yet unburn
city. "Fort Oeorge" will serve as a
sample:, ll is described is "the mag
uct thai is uuw attracting all Ihe big
railroads" "the transferring puiut
from ruil lo sleamer ami steamer tu
rail—a factor lhat creates cities and
nol  mere villages."
luul estate coinpuuies arc formed
lo buy up blocks of land all round thc
Imaginary railway statiou. if it is a
"cttcb," office! will be upeued at Mini
Ireul uud Tin onl., lu give Kaslem cap
uniii a chance tu gel iu. Kruin its
agricultural value uf (In ur (lib an acre,
he laml will be run up lu ♦200 ur I'M
and ceulre luls tu t'l.nui) or UMt an
acre. When the clever exploiters have
wmi,,'d off nearly all Ihc luls, Ihc ru
mor abuut the railway station will be
uiin mil) denied. Bul lhe unlur ol Ibi
laud boomers will nol be damped by a
iniiin,: accident like lhal. Next day u
fresh rumor will be started, locating
the new railway sluliuu somewhere else
uml another paper city enriches its
dopes beyond Ihc dreams of avarice.
I'nfortuiiatcly only fur i few inuiilhs,
if may bc;
In the large cities lbe "gentle url
uf land booming'1 is carried on much
more scientifically, and iu far il hats
shuwu greater slayiug power Bul lhal
may be simply because il has greater
facilities for financing itaelf, iu ulher
words, more borrowing capacity. In
justice tu the Canadian banks, il should
be stated tbat they by no means cu
courage land booming. On the cou
trary, they keep il iu check as fur as
they p. ..I,,), can. Tlloy lay down
slriel i'.i. ind adopt all possible pre
.uiiiin ■ lo prevent their advances be
ing diverted lo illegitimate objects, bul
Ihc "comer lol fever" is hard to con
Irol when it lias ume laid huld of a
man. Juit now it is riging severely
ail over Canada ami llic inevitable cri
sis . "um,t be .fir off.
In 1881 he joined tho Egyptian Expeditionary Force, Was in the battles,
thanked by parliament uml received
several orders. Later roa(|o common-
der in chiel' of the troops in popibay.
TbpH If. I* 'tq Portlinouth, later In
Tltreo yean fifer was given wu-
iiiuiid pf thp forces in Ireland"
In J MM ho w»s appointed intpfic-
fPf-ftnmi tt (he forcei and president
of the Selection board.
Lou |ba)|  tbroo  yeara later (1807)
hn   lu'onine   cuiniuniidei' in cliiol'   in    the
Mediterranean. Betlgnod  two   yeara
The Duho of Qoiiiinugut Is the
grpnd mpster of the. United Orand
Lodge of luu'oiiia.noii., au elder brother
of Trinity House, a bencher of Gray's
Inn, proBidcitt uf Wellington college
and Bt. Thomas hospital, u member and
president uf the general council of
Boy Patriotic Fund corporation, president of the Kennel club, a knight of
justice of the Order of Ht. John of
.loun.nl. in in Hngluml, of the Order of
the ilol,Ion fleece of Bpuiu und of
tbo Prussian Order of the Black legale.
placid In the Bank of Ham (SB t" the
credit of t.o .Corporation ' forth* purpura aforesaid.
>.  Debenture Bondi of the Corpora-
ve anil
.vfina ot
ibe Munieipal Act In lumi ai may be
deilred, but no single Debenture ihall
tlon to tho amount of 18,000
Hod by tlie woe .
lunation In terma of
......     iv    .iiu    .niunili    w,     fO,VluU    III     lag
whp o may be (lined by the Beeve and
UerK of the Corporation In terma ol
lie foi- a greater lum than Ono Thousand Dollara. Much ol the auld Debenture Bonds ihall be signed by the
lleeve apd Clerk and ahull be lealcd
*|th the Seal of thc Corporation. ■
'   The told Debenture Bonda ahall
hear Interest at a rate not exceeding
ve por cent, per annum payable ball
early on tbe 1st day of ilay and tli
Diitrict of North Vancouver
l IIV.1,AW tu enable tbe Corporation
ol (hr Dlilrlcl of Morth Vaucuuver
to raise Id nay ol loan Ibr sum ul
IMiiw fur Ibr Illinois, ul uurcbaslng
a park or plraautr a round urluw part
tlii) inn of Ulucfc ill, DUIil. I I."is
001 and 007.
WlltiittiAH a pelllluti dated aa tu
euch signature und signed I" thu uw,
tri uf mure tliiin une-teiilb uf the vulue
nf lumi In the DIsii'Ki ur Nurlli Vulieuuvei', us shuwu bj tuu last revlscl
Assessment Ilull bus bvii pronenttu
ui the .'imii uf Hi suld lllilrlel, ii-
'iii.-.-'iioi: iiuiu tu lo,,-",Ino,., and puts
a Ily-Law lo uuihurlz.' .Ilioni ro burrow
lbe sum uf IS.000 In lie impended In
the pui'clinsc uf u 1'irU »»i' pleimurt'
ground In in,,,;. 21. li. I., ...ii un.l ruu'
AND WIIKItKAK the amount uf llie
Debl whlcb Ibis Uy-l.uw Is Intended
tu create Is tlie suld sum uf 18,000. und
the "I.J" t for win li tbe sulil debt Is
created Is llie puicbuse uf n purk or
pleasure ground, being pari (6 3) uii it
uf HI". I, 21. lllslrlel i.ols vol und 001
as  nfuresuld:
AND WHKIIKAH ll will bo, neceaaary
lu rulse annually by special rate tile
Intal sum.' of 11;'..: fur llfly years for
lbe re-pawnent uf lhe said luan and
Inlerest at fi per cent, us hereinafter
AND IVIIBIIKA8 lhe value of llie
wliule rateable lund or Improvements
ur reul properly of Hie suld dlslrlcl,
according lu tin- lust -revised Assess-
on i I   Unil  uin'.uuiu  tu  V-ut: in).
ANII WHKHKAS llie oggrcKiitc uf
the Debenlure Debl uf lbe Munlclpul!!:.
(exeepl fur works nf l.ocul Improvement und School purpuses) including
lhe luun lierehy authorized amounts lo
TlllCIIKKOlllC Hie lleeve nnd Ou|in-
ell uf llle I'ui'puiutluii of lln. Dlslrlcl
of Nurlh Vuncuuver In Cnuncll usseni-
bied Iwllli lhe assent uf lhe Kleelurs
uf lbe lllslrlel duly ut'lulned) dn hereby enact ul follows:
I. II shall be lawful fur the Cuuncll
fur Ihe nurpuse uforesald tu borrow
ur rulse by wuy uf lunn frnm any persun ur pursuits, bod) or budlei eurpur-
ute who may be willing lu advatie,
Ihe same upon Hie credli uf lbe Debentures of this Corporation hereinafter
pruvlded fur. u sum ur sums of money
nul exeeedlnu lu (lie wliule Hie sum
of 11.000 uiul n> cuuse Ihe same lu lie
tive plr eenl. per unnuni puyuble
yearly un the 1st day of May an...
lit day of Nuvember In each an
every year during tho currency pi
•aid Debentures ur any ot ibero. There
shall be attached to the Debenture
iiiiinii coupons algned by the Reeve
and clerk tor each and every payment
Of Interesl tbut thall become, due, and
:,uuii ignnturos may bo eltber written, llthogruphed or stamped.
I. The said Debenture Bonds ahall
as tu principal and lnlereit be payable
at tbe District Uunlclpal Office, Norlh
Vancouver. B. C„ or at the principal
office of the Bank of Hamilton In tho
City of Toronto. In the province of
Ontario, or at the principal uhlce ot
the laid Bank In the City of Montreal
In the Province uf uuebec.' Tho aald
principal sum shall he made payable
by Ihe Curpurullon nui later than fifty
years from the 1st day of November,
I. There shall be railed and levied
unnuully by ipcclal rate on all tbe
land or Improvements or real proper!)'
In lhe District the ium of |5:i, for the
purpose of forming a linking fund for
ihc puyment of said Debentures when
they become due, und the ium of fISO
for Hie payment uf the Interest at the
rate afuresald lu become duo on such
Debentures during lhc<uri'ency thereof and Hint In addlllon lu all ulher
rates In be levied and eullected In
the suld Dlslrlcl during lbc whole currency of Ibe Buld Debentures or uny
uf Ihem
Tills By-Law muv be cited for all
purposes as "The I'urk Loan lly-l.aw
l»Ii. No. 2."
This Ily-I.uw shull come Inlu effect
un Ihe 1st duy uf Nuvember: 1S12.
I'uBsi'd by Ihe Cuuncll un the run
duy of :;. |,n uilu-i   1912.
deceived the ussent uf the Kleelurs
nl an election held on thc
day uf llll.
ll. sidi-ied und iliiiili-. udnpled by
Ihe Council und signed by Ihe Reeve
nnd Clerk und scnicd with Ibe Cor-
puriite Heal un thc
day uf CHI.
JnilN (1   FAH.MKIl,
Kl.Ill THUS   (II''   THK   Ills I Illi 1    ill'
TAKIj NOTICK Ibul tne ubovo Is u
true cupy of Hie prupus'l By-Law upon wbleh llle vule of Ibe M ll'lclpallty
will be luken wltbln Hie fulluwlng
pulling siuiluns. vlx: In the Muni-
cliuil Hull, l.ynn Valluy lluud: III Hie
Church Ilul) nt cornel uf l.m.idule
Avenue und Ouceh's lluud. and nt Capilano Roud l'l re llall. all In llle Dlslrlcl of Nurlli Vancouver, "n Hulur
day, lhe Sth day of October, ltl J. between lhe huuia of s.00 u'cluck a.m. und
7:00   o'clock   pin
JullN il   |.'Ai:MKI'.
('   ,\i   C. uml ltd inning
PUBLIC NOTICK Is hereby givon
Ibul lhe vule of lbe Hloe'o.i uf lhe
Dlslrlcl ul Nuilli Vancouver will be
taken un "Tin I'urk I.o in llyl.nw.
1S12. No. I," un Saturday, lhe Sth day
of Ocluber. 19)2. belween the huurs
ul 9:00 O'clock Om nnd T:0c) u'clo'-k
p.m. within lhe fulluwlng pulling
places, viz: lu the 'i >. ■' Hall.
Lvnn Valley lluud, lu lhe Church ll.'ll
al Ihe comer uf I.unsdole Aveuue and
Oucelis' Hund. und at Cu.illulio Huad
Fire Ilull. In Hie District of North
Vuncuuver, und Dial John 'J l-'ao.,'r
has been appointed ri'lninlii'; officor
lo   luke   ihc   vules  uf  sueh  eleclnn
Willi llle lISlllll puWelS III  lll.ll  behalf
llv  Oi.ler ill Ihe Council.
ItilBtled) W'M    II.   MAV.
Uei ve
iKIgllcl)        JOHN  l!    l.'ARMK'l.
Western Dominion Land & Investment Co.
With Whlcb is Incorporated
Bevan, Gore & Eliot, Limited
North Vaucouvor Branch: 67 Lonadalo Avenuo, opposito Poit Ollkc.
Btprcieutiug Lyuu Greek Zinc Mines Limited.
Duke's Life Story in
Tabloid Form
Here ii the life atory lu compact
form ol the Doke ol Countught:
Bora May 1, 1SW prescnl igc tt
yean; younger brother ol tbe laic
King  Kdward.
Named Arthur William Patrick Al-
Served through the Keniun Hud iu
Canada. During tbii slay ho ill
made "blood brother'' aud chief of
tbe Iroi/uoii tribe. He nu* yeirs
of age.
Married in Iiii Loulte, Hiugbtef/ of
Frlnct Frederick of Pruwla.    . '
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Clerks waste each day im walking to and from the telephone?
on the counter or desk will prevent it.
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for either a "Wall" or "Desk" set
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British Columbia Telephone Co.,
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North Jhore, ADVERTISE in 'he "Express"
1,11 .
Problematical points unending
division of the city into wurda weru
referreil to lusl evening at Ibo meeting
of th* ulty council. Aid, Iiii'l, Inform-
ml bit brother alilormon thnt be hail
been devoting eiiiiiiiilei'iihle time llllll
thought to the matter in order that the
beit i"i.■■ ii.i.- adjustment iu accordance
.niii ie. i....ineiil mighe be made. It
wns, huwever, a bigger undertaking
thtt be hid anticipated. The older-
uni thought that a committee of ihe
council would hive to devoto a wholu
lay to the mlttor in order to ensure
liiulinatiun of aisessmeut and as fair
i.i adjustment ti possible, llu, there
lure, moved that the mayor lio oinpow
cd to appoint a committee for thii
l'..rpoio. ,-.-       i-
Aid. Fraser thought it was neceuary
I Imt the council should Hrst decide hnw
n.any wards lhe rity was guing In colli
prise, io that the committee might
luvu something to work upon. In nnli'r
In expedite matters lie moved thai the
eity be divided into ii« wards. This
Aid. Diek semniloil.
Aid. Mellae, however, favored divi
sion into Ihree wnrds. lie cottliiluNd
Ihis mure advisable nil account of Ihc
present sine uf the eity. If the cil,.'
grew n11iiii|<inn in ■ iiilild be made »('■
Abl. foreman thought thai the coin
tuittee might couiider the advantages
nf liuill sis wards and Ihree wards uud
bring in a reporl, afler seeing which
scenied  likely to work  beat.
Abl. Fraser admitted Hint lliere
were points ill favur ul eueli.    A divi
I nc PiAFWPBt iivm i n Ynnvw.T ^.»,
•*»    t-*tl      *   —•--->*-.   T   .
lion  Into ai*  wards  wuubl  in»kB  it
ninrn euuvouiuut for the taking iu of
additional territory. It would also pro.
vtnt iwo nliltrmen frnm re'preitRting
ouo wird, Evtry meniber of the council would be on nil own footing.
Aid. Irwin agreed to thii If North
Vancouver'i .development came up to
the expectation of the council twelve
councillor* might' ii be in requiiitlon.
Ai things are at preient, Aid. Irwin
did not favor th* idea of one watd
"being represented by twu alilormon.' llu
would prefer one alderman to buar tliu
responsibility! of one wurd and to
avoid any kind of adverse combination.
Also each alderman would havo a
smaller territory to look after. ,
Aid. lliu coiiiidofeil sin wards would
prove the best. He also nionlinncd
that this arrangement wuulil be a pro
tentative lo ableriiiauie combinations
being funned, explaining hi* reference
to Mich ii possibility by slating thut
North Vancouver ratepayers might nol
always havu such au impartial council
as that which was representing llmm
litis year.
Aid, Foreman belittled litis argiitneiil
on the grounds that aldermen could
play the combination game, if ihey
wished In do so, nn either Ihree wards
or aix.
Kvcntuullj tbo two courses were
voted upun, Aid. Dick, Aid. Irwiu, Aid
Fruser and Aid. Hiss recording lliem
selves in favor uf six wmd:.; Aid. Pore-
man and Aid. Mcllae iu favur of
Ihree. The mayur 'announced the motion advocating six wardi carried.
"Same old thing," said Aid. Fort
A committee wus then appointed
comprising Aid. Diek, Aid. Irwin uml
Aid. Foreman, lhe muyur explaining
lhat it was his intention In include s
representative uf the uiluorily vule in
cuse he should be uble to convince tin
ulher Iwo aldermen Ihul Ihree wards
wuubl be preferable.
The Council and the
You can buy i 60 foot lot ou Oiborut Bold, l'/a blocki eaat of
Lomdali Avenut, for 1800.00, ou tonui of out quarter cult, iud
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Wi will b* ideate! le havt llallagi; tlao bourn for wit or rant.
II V. 0. Vet Mit
Townrdi tKp cloie of taut  night'a
ii I inf. uf the eity fathori, |l|0 piayor
lunched upon the visit uf tlio Oover
nor'-fleiivral un Friday, slating Ilia bu
lief lliul il wu u itiiitlur for cuiigru
I ulnl ion Hint this eily lind, boon' hull
ure,I wilh thp pniHuiii'c of Hie Huyal
llii-l'ii. mui lulur liy the Uuriieaa nf
I'unnuuguJ ami I'rlncoit i'atricia. The
mayor dwell upun the fortunate fact
that the weather condltioni were inch
on Ihi* occasion an to show olf the
beauties of Iho Nurlh Shore tu per
faction.    .    ,
Aid. Diss thought meiilioit kIioiiIiI be
nimbi of the llll ssful inutiuer in whieh
the arrangements fur Iiiu duy hud been
curried uul. ,
AM. Irwiu 11,,." 'In likewise, mul pro
piiMiii lhal ihe cuuucil shniild express
ils. eniniiii'iiiliitiuii uf the work done in
Ihis connection by Hie exoeiil'ivu uiiii
the rei'Cptiuu cuuuulttce.
Aid.   Diek   then  urose  uml  assured
ihc meeting uf his wrrnw ui having
In Interpose, but lie did tint consider
that the wurk uf ihe reception emu
iniilil' required nnv commendation
Iruin llie council, ll wus ull rigbl In
suy Ihul the celebrations hud been a
success, liut' Ihu less lhat was said
almul lhe wurk nf lhe recaption com
millee Ihc bolter, uml the inure honor
tu Nurth Vancuuver, lt wus' Ihc ell
i/.ens uf Nurlh Vancouver whu by
turning up in iuch numbers, made the
day Ihi success il wiis.
Aid. Foreman insisted huwever thul
lhe 'iiniiniilue hud done ils work well.
The alderman alio mentioned lhe decu
rations, voicing uu opiuion lliul bad
been expressed lo him by uu outsider
tha| lhe ferry ureh was better than
any erected iu Vuncuuver.
Aid. Irwin linn reiiiunibcroil lhal he
Im.i I.iii a member uf lhe reception
i iilnniillcc. su Ihul iu uny else u mu
ilmi nl thanks "iil'l i,':i properly I"
voiced liy Inn..
Abl Foreman thoreforo expressed his
enliti willingness lu father Ihe inuliuii
u Aid Irwin (nuiiii second il. Tin
being by uei,erul consent nu bettor ur
riingcinenl Ihun the original une, Aid.
Hiss volunteered lu sceuml such a
motion, which wu.. formally sulnnii
led by Aid. Foreman. Aid. Dick's
wits Hie unly dissentient voice.
' iuiineiliufeiy upuu Hie passage of
l„ is in nl nn,, A III. link ruie and irulli
call) I In. ii 1. ..I lleeve Muy. I'uun, llriil|i
m.u, HeeVe NeilOII and those other pen
tlemi ii I'ur Hie free uiKcrlisiii|i they
hud pivei) Iiiiii since Hie lusl inccliug
"I iluu,i. Ihem," aaid Abl. link,
"fruni the Imi lum nf my heart, There
is unly uue regrettable fuel in cuu
nei liun with this, uml Ihul is Ihul these
gentlemen did uul give Ine readers ul'
Hie newspapers my business address
luu il was free advertising just the
Campers' Water Supply
The inuiilli Iii.i i,:»IiI I" i nu,I ,, let
ter from lln- Nurlh Vancouver I.uml .'
improvemenl Compauy objecting Initio
charge uf 1115 fur rale* fur water fui
lit) camps un their prupcrly Tlie coin
pany wrole Ijint 'Mr I'. Larsun bun
charge nf Ihe collection '<i rales up
lu this year, when C Iv Ijwioii -' i'u
luid lakeu uver the business.
Alderman pic. raoveil tll»' |Ih> '•*'»«•
from tliu nii.inlii   be   rci'ini'i'il   to  tlm
—' t Tiirlffrr 'tiHi'lin' ill llm
lime a letter be emit them in reply
that "while Hie camper, mil h»\e hail
various agenti ill North V,pcouver tn
collect thoir rots uml water ritlon|ii|
whilu thoy msy btve p»id rents and
rates to tiie igenti, no nun of t in- ■■■
agenti have evor paid to the city
what ia purported to liave houn et Ikcl
ud from the touaiiti.il
This motion wui iWmtdy locoinlpil
and carried.
U|er in Hie evening Aid. Hick
brought to tho consideration of the
council » i'i"i"i. nl tint in Hie uiw pi
all campers water should not be furnished unless thu nii'iin's was ill eight uf
the applicant's homo. This wuulil prevent water being stolon and nui puid
fiir, and proper application wuulil have
tn bo nimbi to the eily in nadi cuse
Thero were, uow, uid Aid. Hick, tlfiO
camper*, and the water revumiu whiili
tho city shoulil derive from lliin source
amounted tu anything frum tlil'h) lo
$1,5011. Tim city wus lit pri'ii'nl re
euiviug a very small prnpurlinn uf
this. This i|Uustinii will be lakcu up
further when tho council meets r.i
'i'lun -'lm  night.
A 1.1 lie elnse nf last night's meeling
uf Ihc council the muyur cxhurted Ihc
aldermen In keep iu ninnl the matter
nf acquiring U city hull site.
Aid. Dick called attention In lhe
fuel thul Hie :.. lnnil Irustecs lunl been
asking for n bigger ichool situ. il
mi;.'lit be well to invite the lioanl lu
euiifer with the eouueil in this rogKrd
seeing lliul, lhe ichool on I'lnMerlield
avenue might reaiunatily be turned
uver in Hie city al Hie funic Inne fur
eily hull purpuses. The building il
iclf was very commodious uml would
doubtless be ii suitable une for several
Abl. Irwiu did uul mc the wisdom of
ruihing thing! in Ibis cunni" liun. All
had been privileged lu sec Ihc mis
lake,. Hint had been made liy uther
lilies. The alileruiuu wished lu see
Nurlh Vuncuuver piovliled with a
city bull siluuled ill muui' entirely new
location, the building uml lurroumliugs
being Mich as would constitute a beau
liful civic centre Ile did liul favor
iliseussiuti with the schuul trustees un
til the miller hud been mure I nur
uughly gune intn,
iluring the ineeling u letter wm
read from Mr. A. II Nye, olleriiig fur
sule lur cil) hull purpoiei lots I In
ii, |), I, MS Hll, being a block nn
I'licslcrflelil avenue lacing uu Vieluna
Park. The teller was bled fur refer
paine & McMillan
NORTH VANCOUVER LADIES FRB-i    Aid. Foreman objected tail evening
SENTED TO H. R,   H   THB      ' In'the puymcul uf fli, In Mr. Thomas
DUCHESS OF OONNAUQHT       , Shepherd in reaped uf work alleged tu
■ huvo beeu dune by hint us nn em ploy CO
ll.ll II    tho   Hm I,. ....   uf   I'oiinaught  of tho city,   The iilderintiu contended
uml I'rimess I'atricia visited lhe bumc  thai   Mr. Shepherd uu attempting  tu
uf Hie liuvul Victoria Order nf Nurses  march tho titles of cily luncs hud uul
on   Venubles   street,   Vuncouver,    on   been given accent tu Hie l.iiud  Itegis
Sal unlay murniug, when Miss Thump   try  nfliee owing  In  lus  nut   being  n
The council lasl evening approved lhe
lm ul mn uf the lu'iihdule avenue Irani
exleusiun as far nurlh as Windsor
road. The regulation in lite franchiie
Hint reipiires Hie company to give no
lice lu lhe eity before commencing
construction work will be waived su
thul Ihe work of laying rails may pro
ceed at ouce.
Al Ihc rei|ucsl of Aid Kuremun, Mr
Augus Smith, the cily eniiiiiecr, was
iust .evening initrucled lu brine fur
wurd u repurt un the sewers tu be lud
ill thc eily io lhat those desiring ex
leminui mil included in lbe Jan to
lie subiiiilicil by the engiueer may ap
ply fur Ihein befure il i* Ino 'tit.-.
Shoe Talks
The time lo buy your ' lnl.Ii.n V Shoei li NOW.
We iarry lbe largest slink of <'nihlreii'• Shoes iu Hrilish I'liliiutblu.
We siecielirc iu Children's Shoes and like Ihe greatest care in filling
Hie  lillle unes'  feel •       '
W tar it the important feature,
0 ur Shoes are made for hard wear.
0 titildi and inside built fur comfort.
D oa't lei your children gel wet feet.
A Dm lor'» bill ioou runs up.
N am il the time lo prepare for winter.
D rop in and examine our -lm k.
B M our new styles in Men's, Women's aud I'hildrcu'i Shoei.
0 ur Prices ere Ilight.
N tw (lumi. are nu uur shelvei.
Shoe Kepairing liy niechluory nn thc shortest notice.
Everybody's Shoe Store
Td. 393
sun, Mrs. (Irahum and Miss Simpiun
uf the Nurth Vuneuuver branch hud
Hie lionur nf being presented lu il. II.
II. lbe lluebcss uf I'uiiuaitghl.
llubliii, Sept. lin. Mr. Tliunui- An
drew /uiuslrung uf I'ilut View, Jluihur
lluud, Dulkey l'u., Ilublin, who died on
.Iuue 1'lrd last, leaving £11159 His lud.
dispnsed ul il iu thc following will in
All earthly guuds I huve iu rlur>',
l'u my deur wife I leave fur e ermine,
I   freely  give,  uu  Inuii   du   I   In
This is my  will, and she executrix "
iSignedi Tinnitus Andrew Armstrong
i'i,dull, uf tbe will has been granted
iiis widow, Mrs llenriella Arinslrimn
.puibiicl suliciiur. Aid. Fur'uuin did
nul see why in Ihis rule Mr, Shepherd
■ luu.i I be paid Ihis muii. Aid. t'rasnr
cxpluincil thul hud lie wished lu du
su, Mr. Shepherd euuld I.u'.e claimed u
munib's ,-nbu, Hull Tho alderman
Ihuuglil Ihc cily hud been bl duwu
very easily.   Tn Hit's, Aid. Furcinan re
! lurte I  Hint   if  Mr. Shepherd   was en
| lille.l In Hull lie shuuld be puid Ihul
sum by Hie eity.   P'.\i-ulnullv lhe mnl
| ter was voted upon a. fulluwi: Fur the
payment!  Aid. Dick, Aid   Irwin,   Aid.
I Fruser, Aid. Hiss; Aguuo.1, Aid   Fore
I man und  Aid.  Mellue.
Mrs Thomas Muure, win, bus been
visiting ber tiller, Mrs. 'leu. II. Mur
den during Hie \., i summer, lefl fur her
Iniiin' ut ilullajnl, M unil iii.ii Ibis morn
iug. She was accompanied by lur
uieic, Mirs Ib'illia Miller uf Ibis cily.
r Prices
I'        '       **                    	
Enos Salt  75c
7-amhuk    35c.
Allenbury's Food H5.
Allenbury's Food, No. 3 55r
Pink Pills 35c
Peroxide, per Ib 65r
Culicura Soap 25c
Baby's Own Soap 3 for 25c
Anti-Colic Nipple* 5c cadi
Absorbent Cotton , 35c Ib.
We have constantly in slock a complete stork of
Bed Pans, Douche Pans, Hot Water Bodies. Irrigators, Elastic Hosiery, Alxlomiiial Belli, Batteries,
Electric Belts, Trusses, and, in fact, everything in lbc
sick room line not usually stocked by smaller drug
Pbone 311 and your order will be rushed to any
pail of lhe cily.
North Shore Drug Co.
P. 8. THOMAS, Phm. B.
Druggist, 116 Esplanade Weil


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