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& Council
iports Proposed
icond Narrows
Contemplated  Ssrvlcs  Between  V«-
couver and Point Weit at Bocni
Af tlieir regular meeting in l.ynn
Vil|»y laat night, Coun. T. A. Allan,
lir'eilfijtig in tbo absence of tlie reeve,
the municipal father! bail oecaiiou to
'pais, two resolutions of supreme im
(lortance tp tbe diitrict. Hrietly, a
|iropo»al came to band involving tbe
establishment of a Second Narrows
Ferry Company, which .contemplate!
operating a gasoline ferry service lie
tweet a point either iu diatriet lpt
4611,- pr in district lot 011, ami tbe city
of Vancouver.
Tlie proposal was embodied in a letter from Mr. B. W. McLean, wbo wrote
pn behalf of tbe aforementioned company, lie requeitod that, iu consideration of bis buildiug a slip at one of
tbe (wo points stated abovo the couucil should acquire a right-of-way
ihrnugh the ludiau reservation and
should .'.instruct a connecting road
witk tbe waterfront to Keith road,
about 2901) feet iu length. Othor points
at whicii it ii propoied the ferries
■hall call lie in diatrict lot 204, aud
somewhere in tbe vicinity of Roche
Tbi wh.de situation bad apparently
been controversially drained in committal, for with very littlo parley,
i'nun. Bridgman moved the following
"Tbst- tbe council uso its beat on
•leavers to obtain a right-of-way
through the iudiap reservation where
indicated, together wilh sufficient fore
" ikon, snd if ifuccAful, construct n
ro's4-*id suitable wharf, and io eon
si.lcralinu of Ike benefit to accrue lo
tbe district from tho ostsbliibent' of
a ferry, grant the lease of same for
all thp necessary purposes to the pro
posed Secoud Narrowi Kerry Co.,
and thit tbo council approve tho de
igni of tbe uid company to establish
S ferry service II outlined to the
Thii resolution wai formally carried.
It yai further moved by t'oun. JjouIi!
tbat Coun. Bridgman and Ward be a
committee witb powor to act in regard
to getting tbe necessary survey sad
other data required for presentation
to tkl Dominion on behalf of ' the
corporation of Ihe diatrict of North
Vancouver, for acquiring a 06 foot
right of way and the Icasiug of 300
flet of waterfront on the Indiau' reser-
vstioa to the weit of Uu.be Poiut, and
further tbat Ibe ume committee meet
the swociaiioji and lbc Indian agent
w at the earliest moment and solicit thoir
support, this action being deemed ab-
solutily neceuary for the opening up
of a large section of the diitrict.
Tbi council thereupon omloricd (he
ul....o motion. .
A letter wu read from Messrs.
Bond and Bwect, solicitors oflbo proposes! company, who wrote lo precisely ths same strain ai Mr. McLean.
Othsr questions woro then proceeded
witk, the correspondence being of considerable bulk.
Thi secretary of tbi Board of Trade
(Mr. Donaldson) advised tbe council
of a meeetig on Saturday aflernoon st
wkick Mr. W. H. Langley will be pre
•eat to dlicuu matters relating to Ike
propoied Nortb Arm Bridge and Bull
way Company*
Mr. 1. P. Crawford oteiei loti 11
it- bfock 4, district lot Iti 8M, lot*
10-16, |>lock 3, diitrict lot Ki-tti, lie.
\ lag on McTsvlik Park at (300 per lot.
Hit litter wu ordered to be filed.
A plnivi also como from Messrs
LlvingHone, Uarratl, King and I)'Dell
rbe sought to notify the couucil that
tkfy fire shout to commence aa anting against tki diitrict iu connection
wltb the sale of the wait half of dia
t/iet lot MS, which on Sept. SSth wu
illiged lo have been sold to Mrs. A.
3, Keftb. Tbi loliciton stated tbat
Ihdr client, Mn. Alice1 Junes, wu tke
soli awnor of tbi property. They bad
tbsreforc bean Instructed to Uke pro
reedlagi is tkl matter.
Mr D O. Keltic, lecretary to tbe
Lynn Valley Ratepayers Association,
uked ll anything wu bejng lout ip
Ibi way of rebating to tki partial who
wars above the wefe* tlevitfop, but
who {have been paying water ratea.
Thi problem wu handed lo to tki
watir committal.
(In tke motion of Coun. Ward it wu
decide^ tint tht commillee which wu
iulruifti to interview the fl. O. Kiev
trie %jllwty Company on certain mat
' tin tifovlf alio approach then os tie
subject tt moving iltlt polei on Keith
mm.   W^^^^^
Ul 9 Kutcoll
WwWfmf^^W w-w^emf
TV* Hflfm maimfsmirpA to »?■
.point.a m*r\ to-f*t W TOfff »nperl>>'
teudent. Several explications fpr
sidewalks were referral) tp |||p fipard
of Wsfe
Wf ipjoiil] wnelipjM "tlw slewing
of tho roai) and tba construction pf a
•MAH* 10 m* 0M initiate kill m
in course pi const^ptiin If linn V»l-
A nutabsr dl ratepayen wrote to-
gariling damage done by the recent
washouts, tbeir letters being hanil|g|
gver to the engineer.
Mr. Cosgrove explained the wuboul
in Nortb Lonsdale, It appeared tbat
tba plunk road op St. George's Ave.
acted u S kind pf conduit, bringing
down volume! pf water pp King street
and Nye street, which choked op tbe
receptacles pp Lonsdale Avenue causing the water to flow info the eity.'
Coun. Hridmun reported upon the
convention . qf fl. ti. Municipalities
which tbo reeve and be sttepiled at
Now Westminster lut week. He wu
pleased lo say that tbey bad been fortunate fith all mutters introduced by
tbe district. Practically nothing bad
been cut OHt.
90m woQwm, 9s P-, rnwAv, 9tyjmm\ wu-
RepQfnroendftto of City Hall Site r- Pro
BPnni?(SII!eDt on Fore§hore Matters,
ffwraJMHRf  ?T
Tbo St. Andrew's C. B. met as usual
on Tuesday evening lut witb s good
attendance present. Mr. W, Knowles
occupied tbe chair. Bev. 11, Mldeoil
gave his lecond lecture ou the 93rd
Psalm, Wbicb was of much interest to
.■very.me. The meeting will be bold
as usual next Tuesday, when Mr. Wag
home will speak ou tbe topic. A good
attendance is oxpected.
interesting facts ore tq baud iii relation to the post nice site fpr North
Vancouver, a subject around which
inucii itrept'Cpriier epptrpyeny bas ro-
contly raged, an well ai continuous
deliberation at tbo meetings of roprn-
sonlulivo bodlei.
While ss yet it wpuld be au inaccuracy to aay that tbe city bal) site will
lie actually purchased for post nllice
purposes, it cau, however, be stated,
'leiiiiiieh that the contemplated deal
involving the.utilization pf su unsuitable lite on Fint itreet will ussqredly
not go through.
Tbe whole matter is boing subjected
tp departmental inquiry apd Mr. llll. Stevens, M.P., bas recommended to
tt)P government tbe purchase of tke
city ball. site. On Wednesday be
made tbe following pronouncement:
"1 bsve discovered tbat tbo government is not committed to tbe pur
chase of tbe inside lots indicated in
tba deal ai proposed.
"I have, afler investigation, recommended to the govs'lnnii'i'l the accept
ing nf the cily hull site on tbe basis
outline.) by the Nortb Vancouver
people, namely purchase by arbitration.
The department ia I'uvorably considering il.'''."
Mr. Stevens has also communicated
to the .secrelary of tho Conservative
Association ou the subject of the )eus
es pertaining to ihe foreshore in front
of the lii.liiin Mission. It ia found
tbat the leases given sn Mr. JleAllis
ter  PtA   Me:'-.rs.   llreer,   I'uyl.'   ,'■   Co.
Ltd)., Vancouver, involving epproxim
atoly 1800 feet of foreshore, have uot
boon doled, and it is regarded us high
ly probable will be cancelled und the
stretch of foreshore fronting Iho In
diap Misijon cither conceded to the
city er held iu trust for North
Vaneouver for industrial purposes. Jl
is a matter of universal satisfaction
te the city that neither of these dealr
bavo been ullowc.l to reach eonsum
Mrs. 1. Watts Douey will receive on
Tuesday, 28th iust. apd ou tho fourth
Tuesday of each month thereafter.
The Sunday School service is withdrawn for next Sunday, Nov. liiitli
VI. p, Schlichter, pajter.
flip uniiual B. C. Conservative cpn-
volition meets In New Weitiplnstor today and tomorrow. The delegates
from North Vancouver are Messrs. ll.
H. Morden, Percy King apd Mayor
.Tlie city engineer, Mr. Hanoi!, has
recommended to the couucil the Improving uf Rice Luke for a storago
reservoir at an estimated. cpst qf
I'he petition to Ex-Mayor May  re
luting In Ihs' Iiii:: reevi-ship of. tbe
municipality has not yet been "pro
seated " as stated in tbe last issue of
tbo Kxprcss, but is pow "being cir-
•UlatCll."    It   il   a 11.1 ei stood,    In. wo vol
tbat considerably over 100 signatures
ilrea.ly adoru Ihe petition.
Furnished six-roomed bouio, modern,
immediate entry, 5th_ sfreisi-, weepd
bouse put qf Mahon, ***.
TO BENT-Nice 8-roomed Hat. Ap-
ply Lonidale Supply Storea, llll Lpn^
dale Avenue, u
Oooi rpom and board for 3 pr * men
at Mrs. Tiernoy'B 8th itreet, first house
oast of Boulevard. 24-11
FOB " BENT-Ono   mite,   Colonial
Apartments.  Telephone apd beat in-
FQR BJSOT~Poi|ie> Ittft' itr'pet
facing south. Just oil Lonsdale. Bent
(22.00 per mouth. Apply North Vancouver Coal ami Supply Co. t.f.
Furnished loom-.,  single  and
double   with   stove, good and  .
suitable for tbrep er four friends. (n2
Bast 3rd street. ID VI
nd   tl'?
d wan
'mis.  l.ll
Ferry Directors'Meeting
Suggestion Tkat "Something Is Behind
It All "-Decision to Hold Public
Explanatory Molting.
The I ji.lies' Aid society of the Bsp
tilt church of thii city will bold S sale
of work iu tbe old church building,
corner ef St. Oeorge avenue and Oth
street en Tburiday, Dec. 7th, tbe precede to be devoted towards furnishing the pew church building now in
coins.' of erection en tbe corner of
Uth  snd SI.  Ucurge's.
__ L_ ,	
Strongly    Worded    Frotwt
Oonsiimmstlon ef Foreshore
The North Vsncouver Conservative
Association hu been rmnsrkahly active
since Premier Borden and bii colleagues took over tbe reiue of government.
Particularly l.»» energy been display
ed iu Ibo question of the propoied
purcbue of s poet offlce site snd tbe
problem, of tbe foreshore leues.
On Saturdsy lut Mr. Percy Kiag,
tbe secretary, received s telegram
from Mr. 11. 11. Stevens, M.P.. intlm
sting tbst the member for tbii cowl-
money "expected te havi the pott offlce lit! question sdjusted" during
the next few daya
He further apprised the Association
Ibat tbe Indian reserve lease, bad not
yet been consummated, and it might
be pouible to prevent thair enclosure.
Wilb tbii end io view, Mr. Steveu
requested the support ef tbe eity
council. ,
Therefore ou Monday Mr. W. C.
Olsdwiu (acting in thl stead of the
president,   Mr.   0.   H.   Morden,   whose
absence wai due te family illnesi)
and tbe secretary waited upon the
city council in committee for the pur
pose ef discussing tke situation.
Tke committee'a opinion wu practically unanimous. The ljTa*a»i*f pea-
sible, be cancelled, anojjnhe foreshore held for tbe use of tho cily for
industrial purpoiei. Accordingly s resolution wu puied instructing tbe
city clerk tp win te tke Premier, to
tbe Hen. 0. 0. Daren, lo Ike Hon.
Bobt. Rogers, and te tka member for
tbii constituency, I strongly worded
protest sgsinit tki consummation of
these leues.
It wu further decided tkat tke clerk
ihould write te tke attorniy general,
tke Hen. W. 1. Bowser, puttiag tke
entire situation be/ore kirn witk a
view le having the matter felly vee-
tllated. »
representing (hi North Arm Bridge «
polfm.l'emsnny #14 pooler with re
present*!Ives „f ihe eity sad district
ceunelli, Board of Trade aad Bateney-
en' Association ef Nortk Vsncouver
It tin Oify flail tomorrow (Saturday)
-J twm meting ef
tjm py 1^,1 mt9m m
hrtigi m nlitny icMm mm la Uu
The Board of Ferry Pirocten met
yesterday aflernoon, Mayor McNeisb
Letter,', were read from the local
Board of Trade and from the Rate
payer!' Association, tbo former disap
proving of the Tin foot right of way pro
position, snd the Istter pointing out
tbst tbeir delegation bad "emphatically "declined to commit themselves" iu
the discussion of tbe pverbead bridge
Certain of the delegates were again
present, augmented by Aid. Smith,
president of the Board of Trade.
Aid. Smith said be bad gone care
fully into Ibe whole matter, particularly witk regard tp tke Tin fool right-
of-way, and be considered sucb a pro
position would prov.' detrimental to
ferry puiaafen, since tbo granting
of tbat right-of-way wpuld mean lhal
an immense amount of freight trallic
would come off tbe Uren.l Trunk wbarf
and congest tbeir own trallic. De wu
of-the opinion thst tbe subwsy, passed
by the railway commissioners, would
be quite sufficient to take rue of ill
the passenger traffic.
Msyor McNeiih, in replying, said
that 'I" directorate wished to bave
the co operation pf the citiiens in this
matter. De thought tbore were several features wbicb required clearing
up. For instance, he bad read in tbe
newspapers lhat Mr. Philip hsd msde
s statement to Ihe effect thst he be
llevcd "then must be something behind it sll." Ilf (tke mayor) u
sured those preient tbat the director
sis were u desirous si say other re
prssealalivc body ef serving the host
interests of the citizens of North
Vancouver. When s member of s body
msde sucb s remark U tbe ono be bid
quole.l, he comldsnd tbst the rest
of tke body should lake immediate
itepe to pat a pep '" thai sort of
thing tke newlpspen get hold of it,
witk tbe result tkat a lot ef nonsense
li published.      V
Aid. Smith's cemment wu tkat
"Ini people complained of not getting tbi news; Ikon tbey compleiucd
of getting it."
Mr. W. 1. Irwin at once proceeded
tp explain Mr. Philip. He believed
tbst the remark bsd only reference
to tin negotiation* of tke Ursu.l Trnuk
witk tki besrd, snd did not in sny
raft? tp tke ferry directorate. Tke
b*J|af wu tkat in making over lhat
Wfool right-of-way tn tbe ti. T. P.
tbey  wero  not  getting a    sufficient
"quid pro quo."
Mr. I j. Walts lioi.ev endorsed this
The mayor also made reference to
Aid. Smith's remarks duriug a session
of lbc council, one being "Ibat he
kept in touch with public matters."
Such insinuations almost mado Dis
Worship wonder whether be were ac
i nully mixed up witb something that
be was not aware off
Aid. Smith said emphatically Ihul
it was bis opinion yet that tbe C.P.R.
and tbe Q.T.P. would squeeze them oul
of the landing. Do inquired us lo
what was being done about the sub
way, for which all preliminary arrange
incuts bad been made.
A dialogue Ibon ensued belween fbe
msyor Slid Aid. Smith, duriug which
it transpired tbat the Railway Commissioners had given permission for the
construction of the subway to< the
city ef Nortb Vancouver, so Ibst Ibe
ferry .directum really bad nothing lo
do wilh it.
Aid. Smith: "Then it is up to tbe
city couucil lo take Ihe mailer up.
Dou't you think something ought to
bsve been douo towsr.ls further
He   reminded   the   mayor   thul   Dis
Worahip wu a member of both bodies.
"Why    should  it  not  be    pushed
abcadf" be penisted.   "It's Ibe solution to the whole question."
Mr. II. C. Wright pointed out that
wbal tbey bad applied for was torsi
porary relief. Th,at wu quite with
in Iho jurisdiction of lbc ferry com-
mision. Mr. Wright also emphuized
Ihe point that they had not initially
approached the direclon to expreu
auy opinions or agree to anything
Tbe msyor could notirid bih mind of
that suggest ion that "there wu
sometbing behind it all." He de
scribed it u the "nasties! slur*lhal
could bo imagined."
Mr. Jease Williams msde sn explanatory speech during which it wu
pointed out thst tbe ,'tO-foo! couceiien
might terminate en six monthi' notice
from either parties. It uemed lhal
there, wu a luppeiition abroad tbst
Ike proposal wu to give s permeuent
grant in return for ( temporary con
Mr. Wrigkt ultimately suggested
tkat a public meoling be beld io tbtt
the thing might be thoroughly threshed
It wu agreed tbst tbe suggestion
wu a good ono. Arrangements for a
public meeting are therefore befog
nude and it li esrnestly hoped it will
mark tke close of tbe period of cross
purposes wbicb bu prevailed io eon
section witb ferry matters of late.
DORN-AI Mrs. tl. Bsxter's,   IStb
t reel, N. Vancouver, to'Mr. and Mrs.
■A'. Hal oil of Peter Itoad. a son.
A cottage in course of erection for
:hc .1 I' Crawford Co. near Lynn Park
was completely blown into a ravine ou
Monday inoroniug by two I.lusts sel
aff by workmen of the municipality,
while clearing in tbat vicinity. Tbe
Drat blii'i threw a rock through the
roof while Ilie secoud blew it complete
ly off the posts iuto a iav ine uear by.
Mr. Kdwards. has moved into his
now cottage on Froiumu road.
Mr. W. Qcrniyn took the advantage
last week of securing a flue buck near
tbe canyon.
TO RKNT- Choice modern suites en
:ir.l street. Apply Alex. Smith A Co.,
North Vancouver. t.f.
FOUND-Ono Ashing dory.   W. 0.
Thompson, Hollyburn P. 0.        MS
LOST Duueh of keys, between 18th
[slreei and wharf of Lonsdale and St.
'(Joorgo's on 8ml street. Kindly return
to JJ. E. Lawson k Co., 10  Lonsdale
The death occurred at her home on
tbe Esplanade yesterday of Miu Bessie Keiih, wbo bu for some consider
aide time been rcsideut in Nortb
Vancouver. Tbe deceued lady, who
lived alone, was found dead' iu bed
at about I! o'clock aud Itr. Martin,
on being iiiiiiniiiici io lbc sceue, itat
e.l tbat she bad expired several hours
previously sud thst ber death was
due to natural causes. It hu since
trauapired tbat she wu in the company of friends very shortly before
her death but never complaiuod of
feeling seriously unwell. Coroner Dip
lock Is satisfied witb tbe doctor's
statement and accordingly uo inquest
will be held. The remains of Miss
Kcitbjure conveyed to Vancouver,
where mi. nu.oii  wili take place.
lust   wm. b  and chain  with  B.
RI. Railway Co's, badge No. 14 in
tbo Maplo Pool room or sidewalk between Snd aud Third streets, Lons
laic Avenue. Return to B. C. El.
Railway Co's offlce for reward. 84-11
■I. Loutet md North lonidale
Cef it at Lonsdale Pharmacy Pbone 38
Agreement* for Sale discounted.
Money waiting. Lonsdale Really Co.,
000 Lonsdale Avenue. Phone .117.    t.f.
Nortb Vancouver Fish and Produce
Co. Fresh and smoked Fish s specialty.
131 First street, west. 84-11
Expreu Classified Ads.
FOB 8AIK—A kooded buggy in
good condition, chesp. Apply Jefferson, oth street, between Quconebury
aud   Moody   Avenue.
FOB SALE-Open flreplsce stove,
nearly new. Apply Warburnitx Pi»no
Douse Ltd.
Will penon taking Iho parcel Allen-
bury Food from No. i, ferry Wednesday, t p.ni. kindly return to office pt
Ferry co., Norlb Vaucuver.        84-11
FOB SALE-Fresh mushrooms dally
nt tbo iiioti... 3-18
B. C. Livery snd Hoard stables-
Light rigs snd ladies' raddle honee
for hire. Stabling for horses. Oou-
oral delivery and heavy teaming. II.
Ilumas, 4tb street west. Pbone 347 U.
We close Sundays. Phone tit. J.
II. English, 0. K. Grocery, 13 Um
dele Avenue.
FOB SALE Ily private bargain, all
tbe stork and trade, Anderson's Computing scale, National cask register,
etc. etc. of Ibe Ksu.fle Kilshen. Apply
W.   0.   Hood,   14   Leo-dale    Ave.   88-11
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cord. Apply John Campbell, 'ill Oils
street west or pbone 381. 18 18
FOB SALE- Fint growth dry wood
for 14.70 per cord, I tt. I). UcDidc,
Phone 88. ti.
' For plumbing, pipe filling snd connecting sco F. H. Hcruion, Frederick
Hoad, Lynn Valley, or Pbone 184.   t.f.
M. II. Bayment for flrst class drew-
making. Second bouie, 8tb itreet 8.,
sdjoiniug weit of Boulevard snd car
Hie. if
Tbe Truth itudcnli clui will meet
every Tuesday evening st 8 o'clock at
the residence of Mrs. f/illsgbef, Keith
rosd, near Bidgoway. Students desiring higher spiritual unfoldmoat are
•ordislly invited to sttead. tf
FOB HALE Three f.U fool lots 0*
(jueen street, Ave minutes' wslk from
Lonsdslc. Terms. Apply K., Express
FrUay, Norsmber 84.-fl|ty snd District Councils West, Oity Hill, at
Masy, Nov. 94  «at*psyin  Associstlea M**tlaf, 8 e'dec*.
fftinreay, Up*. *-40. W, U.uttgnp Adlrtmi  Public Muting,
mWWWWWf   *9r**T'      f—^*n**W9Wf%   *ff   Wmf   y**mmWf   9   N  mnimJAl
UtmitT   Um. 97   liirrtitni Oab Saatf. HortioiUiiriJ Hill
TitlifTVfMff    TTtJT      nf'    WHTinrTTPIiT  CT^tT   *T"."r"»   if*** l'"l'illl 1\}WT  fTm**
9mm*f*Jl    Wlff*    m*^^Wm    WrTWm 9  ••'^dl^pi      s^JTYBJ   Wmmf9f   mffMWW-   \mfe\*Wo   mtnJMJft
t  WWt*  WAf*~~m*   d9t9*f*9*f § Wfs  pt^^(V^|}*<f  W*/*-mww{   *nmmV-9i   9f9i'
■"—s gaj)
Thundar. star M Mnnlrtnaf  domett Urns. IM.
mmmfmwfmmfl    WfT     matf     mm  "MI'ipn'       mwummmmf    , .~i    t ,emmft
FOB SALE-Fir Wood, IT, a cord.
Mill Wood, 18 inch cedar, 84 * lold.
C. 0. L. Leave orders st barn, "lb and
Bidgeway. 84 11
FOB SALE Keith rosd close le
Boulevsrd, 8 room houie, itrictly modern, never beep occupied, well built
for owsen own use, furnsce, or will
rent subject tn uie. For price and
terms spply Cottreil Investment Co,,
313 Homer street or phone Seymour
8D8, or K. N. Msltby, phone 834, North
Vancouver.   , 88-18
The City Dye Works, on corn** Ei
plsusdc But and LousdsJs us enabled
by vlrtue\f their large plant In the
eity lo net only clean tke cloth hut
tbe lining, pockets, ete. ef every suit
tbey dry clean at the same moderate
pricei thoy bsve slwsys chsrged. U
Imported tailoring, dent's lull* tp
meuure from IW, freight snd duty
psid, hundreds of samples. A poet
card*will bring tbem to yonr deer.
Bobert Smith, 8318 Clark Drive, Van
couver.   Phone Fairmont 1M8B. 10 IS
WANTKD-fenders fqr e)culpt\
and grading lot I, Woek ll, district'
let IM. 0. Hughes, p. p. Box M.
tot erecting Ive framed house* on
tth ptrm hr Un jMcNeisk- Apply
I II. W»t*en, ucbltect Hi llciir
ttoHAlpg, Vaewyer. mi*tt *\m
elpvetabef itib- ffft |»w»st pt lay
tender not  necessarily  Sccastad.
WANTKD-Oood gssollne tim, 7H
centi each, tilt-Ill street east,
WANTED   A   lady 'tp work   noon
Nr*.  Apply at the Kslobow Cafe,
WANTED -Qfit let bookbinding de
fnfrfPepi at Express frying Office,
1st street wast.
Wim^-9e*rMs  pfr*.  $»}■
sop, whe ku kit- flsljey's hovit, eat.
Keith roed  end  Cb-v»(*r|Md avepn*,
v* Mmmii¥*  iwm , iitor
titpltj, November Wt*. fWI ef phono OUR JEWELERY
Offers | wealth of beauty ami fashion which represents the best
efforts; qf peerless artisans apd designers. In this department the
'gift seeker Audi scores of appropriate possibilities, from tbe
beautiful gem-set creations costly and impressive, to the most
modest trinket used for personal adornment.
PBABL BBT JBWBLBY is always attractive, no matter when
or by whom worn. In tbii particular gem set production we can
submit to yonr eboiee a large assortment of tbe latest designs.
AMBTOTM J1WM*? ii among the popular fubions »t the
present time. Indeed, tho amethyst is always fashionable wben
wt in nest and pretty designs.
 ."'.. 11 >,,,,.: L!ii.i. i •.    =
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
George E. Trorey, Managing Director
Hastings and Granville Streets   -   -   -   Vancouver, H. C.
A BEWABD of 85 will bs paid by
us for sack information u will lead to
tk* conviction of the person or persons
who bavs bun disfiguring sad displacing som* of tb* "For Bale" noticu
placed on properties lo the Oity of
North Vancouvsr, for which ws sre
tli* agent*.
181 Lonsdale Avs.
North Vancouver.
the electric coffie percolator!
the diic on which that)
eb-irie current will do
your cooking!
Ilie immersion beater
for boiling wster quick-
Klectric Iron, tbo indispensable convenience for
ironing dsyt
Drop in at our office at 50 Lonsdale Avenue and tee how
your kitchen caret may be lightened by tlie use of these inventions.
All Are Operated by Connection With
an Ordinary Electric  Light  Socket.
B. C. ELECTRIC RAILWAY CO., LTD.      Phone 66
Palace Hotel
Second Street, North Vancouver, B, C.
RATES:—$2.00 per day up.   Special
rata to familiu and lo regular hoarders.
NOTICF, Is hereby 'given tbst Ike
Irst sitting of tke Annual Court el
Mvbien el tin Mwiefpslity of tke
Oity of Nortb Vaneeuver w* be bald
ia tU Oity Hall, North Vancouvsr,
B. Q., of Tkursaay, tk* 4tb
day set" ;iiimtf, WW, It 9 O'tletk
*m>    mw   rvrPWwrf   r*Tr    WrT   IWPlWPr   mr
kjftfJBjf    mwmtimimlm    mmmimmM   fig      ig.
^**9Wfr*m     nmrnmmm^mmpMW     m^aawmammfw . py^w       femr
•amsaeat* as milt M ml Amnmet aad
\*wmmttmwww IV n*wr***W rrgj   mtTft JTW    'I'l'l   fwrrtj
tot revising snd correcting the As
aessmept Koil.
Any person making complaint
against tbs assessment must give no
tiro In writing to tbe Assessor of tba
ground of bis er ker complaint at
Isut ten daya before tke date of tbe
first annual sitting of tb* Court of
ftevlaioa. ,
P*t*4 at Nertb Vsncouver, «. 0.,
November lird, 1»U.
i     my Olatk.
Why dots I anp invariably' writ*
his own name wk*» gives a pen to
t*jl  <
.'.'UL   !...■   I .
MONTBBAIi'S ''PAB-ljqpji'
Attempt Being Mado to Bring Dally
Pltgweful Onwlt to an Biid-stnsli
Railway Officials Powerless Bp
Police Stop In-Ooid Storage Win
Fnni«M Wen sr»rv«,MHwliy tf
Meats nnd Threatened High Prices
Have Led to Storage tf Becord
Breaking quantities of Fish, Poultry
sad Bggs.
Montreal—A" hew function has just
been addod to tlie many which the
Montreal police are called upon to ler
form. Tbeir newest duty consists iu
teaching polilen.'Ht to tlie main inliab
itants nf the city. The reform bu
been introduced whuru it undoubtedly
was most iico.lc.l nl tho down town
transfer points st six o'clock In the
evening. The congestion Bt these
points evory evening at Ihe rush limn
is iiiie.|ii:ill.-il and has aroused the air
gor and disgust of those who havo had
occasion to witness it. In tbo rush
uf tba thousands of home goors for
seats |n (be uptown bound cars men
and women have been trampled upon
and frequently serious injuries have
occurred. The waiting crowd hM
swarmed ovor tht can before thoy
came to a stop and in tho mad con
test women naturally had little chance
to secure seats. Inspector l.oggatt,
wbo bai charge of the tnouute.l police
and who is the virtual head of tho traf
Ac squad, determined to change this
sta|e of affairs. For tbe psst fen
ovonlngi he hai lined up his men al
the crowded corners where tracks in
lersect, and compollod the crowd In
wait until the cars come lo a stop ho
fors altempfiup to board Ihem ami
then haa given tho women thu Arsl
chance jp secure seats. As a result
many men who have been accustomed
to "hogging" seals havu riddun home
hanging to a strap, while Ibo ladies
have receive.! tho cuurtesy due them—
although a pronouncedly forced courtesy
Montreal's public is "dead sick" of
her inadeipiato street ear servicu and
hopes and prayers arc going up on all
bauds that Ihe proposed gigantic merger of all thu lines «u Ihe Island of
Montreal will help a little. This is
nol likely howovur, and, when thu new
corporation has finished paying up in
tereit charges, bond indebtedness ami
so oil it will have nuthlng left in the
treasury lo hsn.l nut for improvements.
The hsr.l working man of tho slreei
is commencing lo think that thu best
way out of it fur him is to walk until
he has saved enough car tickets In
buy an automobile.
Bleb Harvest Doming
As Ibe largest consumer of i ■•■..I.-i u 11 -.
in Ibe country, Ihis cily is ueniiincly
i oiiceiii.il over Hie prospect of another
season of high prices for ull kinds uf
moat products. At first there was a
disposition to decry the necessity of
any decided advance in ruluil prices
and to attribute the threat of higher
rates to the operaliou of the beef Imst.
As tho reports of a genuine scarcity
of high grsde csllle ami other meal
animals have eontiuued to come iu
from all parts of the country, however
and have been reAcclcd in the actual
advance of wholesale prices, tho public
has become convinced tbat it muit
soon pay more for its daily roast or
go without. As a ten ptr cent, ad
vaneo in prices will add nearly a tlll'l,
mil) a day In Montreal's meal bill,Ihe
prospect of an increase thst msy
isiniinnl lo twice this sum is a serious
one for most citizens. One clue Ihut
'lm1" not share Ihis general upprchen
sion is Ibe cold storage men. A quiet
investigation of lbc storage home*
ihows that tbey are carrying far more
than their ordinary quantity of tho
ordinary supplies of Ash, poultry aud
eggs that have been, pouring into this
market iu the past two months. They
are fully stocked with (dies* products
aud are looking forward to a corros
pou.lingly rich harveet. ll is estim
slid tbat witbis tbe put few weeks
moro than a million dozen eggs have
gone into storage, while poultry ie being received at the rate of l/ywij Ibi.
daily aud much of it ii being taken by
tbe same interests. More Ash are aald
to be hold in cold storage tban over
before ia the hietory of Ihs city. Ai
a result of present condition! it il
confident ly predicted by the storage
men that the country will have to rely
upon tbem in greater mtuure tban
ever before for iti food supppliei during tbe coming winter. Mennwhil.'
the state official* are planning to give
vigorous enforcement to tbe new law
limiting the time that food products
may ba kept ip storage.
Impure Foods
Lecturers on pure food which bu
bun going ou tbii week fear tbat
tbey may bsve unwittingly inaugural
ed a new me Ut certain canned foods
Women, visitor*, attracted in a large
number by tbe ftpp sample* distribute!
have been particularly interested In
the demonstration ol tke pfpptr method
of detecting canned dm* which may
he deleter!***. According to the
expert, a certain brilliant green hue
of import*? brand* is to be avoided
on IM eusojcio* Ibat it Is obtained by
tin use of upper. He llluitfstid. a
Burn teal |»y pouring a lit,tif„ by«P^
chloride scii) inin i mo tt ilm p*b
ami thou inserting * steel knife binge.
Tlm libido came out beautifully quot-
ed wilh perfectly good copper, Tbore-
eftor hll life w»s m»de miserable by
inquiries ns In h»W many ***s at pou
mui bow much ao|i| housewives would,
need tn do over brume Anger buwty
vases and the like. Certain sweoti, too
may.become popular in othor wayi
lhan as food, fpr the demonstration of
tlie coal lar products which thoy eon
tain has brought forth many enquiries
as to tbe cost of using (ken) u,color
Annuel gitrmuuts, coal tar being largo
ly used ip the making of Ay**- Al
together the pure food show while un
doubtedly of muck educational value
may lead to woird nnd iin.lroiimeil of
uses for certain products.       i
dement nrmwiBV oh y.uiooir
A powerful syndicsle of British cap
italists hu made arrangement for
tlie erection of a large cement works
on Saanich Arm, Vancouvar Island
opposito tbe sits of Todd Intel, where
the works of the Vancouver Portland
I'emniii Company are located.
Tho enterprise, which obviously promises much for tbe upbuilding of the
"i'iInin portion of Vancouvor Island,
has been in process of initiation for
upwards of a year and hu now reach
ed tho stage when definite plane have
been formulated toward! Ita culmination.
Proportion aggregating about one
hundred acres are said to have been
acquired. Tbo company will pes-
snsi about s mile sad a naif of water-
fronliigu ami thus will bavo excellent
shipping facilities.
I| is said tbat ths plaut will have a
daily capacity of 3,UIM1 barrels, That
Ihe market for content produced in
Hrilish I'liliiinbiii is conitsully growing is shown by tho fact tbat during
the past season thero have been imported to meet Ibo requirement!, np
luss than 300,000 barrels, hsuco it is
dear that tho new company will start
business wilb an assurance of a ready
market for Iho output,
Thero is a now science called mnemonics which is trying to get itself Intro-
lm o,| info our public schools. We have
no kick on Ihis science only it icemi
lo ua a roundabout way of arriving
at facts lhat you ought to reiuomber
right off the bat. Jt appear! to work
something iu this maimer.
"When wu Lincoln bumf uked
Ihe teacher.
"I foiccl." whine* tbe pupil.
"Naturally you do. Oo at jt right.
How many muses are Ihere in mytboi
" Ilight.   Now double tbst number.'
"Twice nine's eighteen."
"Ilight again.   Multiply it by 100."
„ "(loud. Add tha number Of Muses
to that."
"Aha! Thai'a whon Lincoln wu
born. Why don't you learn the scion
* ifie way of getting at Ibestaibingsf"
Ai we laid in the Arlt place,.it'* a
noble scienco; but we'd rather rein
ember dates.—Cleveland Plalndealer.
Mrlliollsl Hutch-Corner of lib and
(Iconic.   Sunday Services, 11 00 am.
and T.JO p.
.■io«s. tie
Sunday Services, 11 00 am
Sunday School snd Blbls
■ .n    Senior Lounge, Mon-
1'iuyer and Praise Service,
"■I 7.
day, I p
WedneM*), .
Thursday   aflernoon   at  1.10.
,.:m,   ul.iuui   »JIU    J.IIJJ,
pja.   Senior Ijcskoc Mon
. ,.m.   Prayer aad Praise Service,
Wednesday,  I  p.m.      Junior    U'tguc,
Put or,'
Aatrtagf   freaky
Thursday  aflcrnu
W. O. Schlllchor.
II. Aaari
Kellh hoad   _
evening, ftp.   AdUit Bible
Sunday School, illi.   VPS.
da*, al t n. ni.   Pray.r keill
jiMday.  al   I  p.  tt.    Choir
Frlda^, al I p.m.   Hev. Ronald
l». An**—Boulevard    and    lilt.—
hvoiisong, J.M P-m.   Holy Communion,
month ' " " V   *'   """>
l*i»il»» Arms.-UMlalo A**nue,
Sunday services, 11.0} s.m., I_p.m, sad
I" p m,. .T.UMd*s'i i P-m.; •niitetW,
I p.m.   Children's Service, Widaesday,
p.m. Sunday gchool and jSlMe "au *l
!c . !'m Prayer and .Praise UWM*
Wednesday ul 8 p.m. Puler, SsV.il
3, I'rosser, lllh and St. George,
,,*.'• 4*rV '*' UtaastaUai, «tb and lllh
if    : ei"—T****"*i   m   sa.isi.       99mrmuM
I'tayer, I a.rn. Rvenlog Praylr, j.A
nm. On, he Ant Sunday n /he month
here will £/a aic0nd'ei&W*lp JS
day School, 110 p.mfloauy BenedTc-
llon and Sermon, 7.11 p.m.
Moss. ...
R. f'eytuvln,
'      mowtH lOMmiM.
tl. Vkamaa.—t am, etrry Sunday
exccnl ilrslSunUay In monfli. l.» » m
drsl Sunday In monlb. 11 an., MaUnl.
l.ltany and sermon, Second and fourth
i^L .' S,.yJCW"JiB,<"1 W ««rmon
T E aSL»'"'ri WnAiW    Vicar, flti
.   c. now.e.
log M „Wedn»id»y Til     Praiii
(slut Thursday I,M pja. jfhefr brae-
Extensive Additions to
our Plant, place us in
position to execute any
and all kinds of printing
at reasonable prices and
promptly. Phone your
next order to Eight-Oh.
■  .
t   .
mn jtisnr, mm Vancouver
*    I mmmm
wa Mn om 19 pp fob
ILwtxi and ftjull)
Af.80 FOB
Tke Merchants Truat and Trading Co., Ltd,
i   11
BUREAU it now open for the wnvwiifwif* pf em-
i f ployeis gnd employees.   Employers are requested to lake
advantage of ihe office when requiring help-
W. B. HOOD, Secretary.
Phone 321.     |4 Lontdale Avenue, North Vancouver.
Western Decorating & PlumbingCo.
Msntels Hsd* to Specification.   All Estimates Furulshed Free.
We 0*n uul Will Save You /rem 10 to 80 per cent, on AU Paints, Oils,
Varnlsilii, stc.
P. 0. Bos 1887. Tolephone 360
$10 Cash
and $5,00 monthly
buys a cleared level lot at Red Deer, Alta.
Price $ 100 each   Double Comers $225
NINE BAILBOADS sio now undor njiinlrui-li.ni from Bed Dtor. Tbe
town baa wstor, sewers, eloctrivj |iglil, talopbanc*, Are doptrlmont,
churches, scbooli, mills, rV'torio* magnificent Und, unliniiled supply of-
cost aud tiinhtr. Vonr niouiy will grew rapidly. Oet full |i*rtlculsrc
aoN. w- dl wwm m wrap-
ai, wmoum*
a ww* M Worn*
Puring fnirflw. %.*■ Bowser's r»-
mt vislf te 0ltnw» mm fpitlpns
pf (ntpprlnneo wajp |iro80|itesl by Ide
representatives of British Columbln
t |bo Deminion govornmejit, end Mr.
Dowser declsrod blmsejf well nuti»lit-<l
with tbo roHiilt ef Ide coitfereneiH.
Be!pei!tleg ||ie Oriental imn)igr»|lnn
question be Mid tbat British (lolumbia
ilosirml legiilstion slong tbo lines nf
the N»t»l A'l wdieh wenli) reqnlre
all imniigrsnt! In puss nn Humiliation
in seme European language as s condition precedent to Iheir ndmjisjon
intn I'uimilii, Tliin .■ours.) bud b.'i'ii to-
.'..niiiii-n.i.'.i lo tbe Dominion govern-
inept lij' the Hon. Joseph Obsiuber-
lain, but bis ndvio.i bed boen ignored
by tins government st tbo time u»n-
sds gsvo ber silbosion tp tbo former
Audio-Japanese treaty. The British
Columbia legislsturu bed passed hu.-Ii
nn ensctmenti Imi its action bad boon
declared ultra viros.
"Wo therefore, boliove, snid the Al-
l.irney (lonoinl, "that it is up to tbo
Dominipn Peyeruinnot te pans tbo
necessary legislation. I sin glad to
ssy that 1 find In tbe east a sontimont
for • white Oanada no loss slrong
than our dosiro for a wbilo British
Columbia."    .
B. 0.
Tlio announcement of the Grand
Trunk pacific railroad towusilc at Ilu.
olt.su has lieen awaited wjth s great
deal of inlerest by a large number of
people ajl over tbo Nortb American
coutinvnt," said Ur. Goorgc .1. Ham
mon.I, prosi.lent of tbe Natural lie
sources Security Company.
"Tbo Vancouver ami Vii/toria cili-
sens seem to be so busy witb thoir
owu affairs and prosperity is as appar
ent jn thoso Iwo lower coast cities,
tbat tbe wonderful development that
bat taken place in tho intorior Ir
shoved  into tbe background.
When thu stockholder! of Ihe drawl
Trunk Pacific Ilailway met at Mun
tr.ul, President Hays, iu his address,
told tbcm tbat thu Grand Trunk I'a
cilic ilailway would be running truius
into Tote Juano Cacliii st the western
ond of tbo Yollowbcad I'u- ■• and at
tbe boad of navigation on Iho south
fork of Ibo Prater iii vor lato iu lllll
—wbicb evidently means iu December,
This moans Ibal nest spring Grand
Trunk Pacific railway freight au.l
psssonger trains will conucct wilb Ibe
slesmurs on tbe south fork of tbe Kra
ser river at Tote Juane Cache, thus
giving .liiyel rail sud wator transport
ation to a country Iribuatry to 1,000
miles of navigable waterways. ll,
one pauses for a moment to consider
wbat 1,000 miles of almost virgin ter
North Vancouver Business & Professional Cards
A. . .IIM A M.S.
Percy. S.   Howard If.   3,   Perrln
City Auditor.
Stumors   iu.1   Acco**l**ts
6I( Pender 81.  W.     P. 0.  Dos  IMS
I'bone 1117 I'hone lii
Vancouver       North Vancouver
139 lib Qtreet Eut North Vanoonvsi
Phon* 311
Pioneer Horssehoer - Ctrriag* Works
II     . 	
MooWIwi ud Ststfoaers
' Cor. Lonsdale aad 1st.       phone 143
I'osl Grsduate (,'hirsg* University
,   Booms 4 snd io, new Post Odes Meek
Tbe Nsw Block on  Lonsdals Avrnue
near ths Ferry Approach        »
w*s built by
(ieuernl Cinstradtois
t'ontrsctors for ro inforcod concrete
cousiruciien. Sewering in til' it*
branches,: bouso connections a ipe
cislly.    Kstinules  furnished.
Office/ IW Unsdsle Ave.       Pbons I8S
Etpeit on Fireplace* tnd Ail (laiiei
of Brickwork. All Work
'   Guarsnlced.
Comer lillcenlli St. tnd Maiion Ave.
Pressod Brick Mantle* a Bpscltlty.
Phone hilt
K- Craib W. Crtlb
OONTBAjOTOBS ajjp bwiwbbs
In Concrete, Brick and Wood.
Olliec: 117 PfttttT'BTHEET BAST
AM.fX k 8.
Drigalion,   drainage, levels,
snd spsoificsljuns.   Sspti. tanks
housn drslntg* t speo* ty.
Boa SU, llll ttreeTweet of B.
P. 0.
Noiiah       VaaaBaCaOltVaUr       AlUUIflsU
tjHm mLTllmmm^tmm
9ttrf*/Tm9*J*%mm   (Tffff   m\*WWTm%)   WmwWmw
Special reduction pi W plf t*al. on
• inooihs' course fa Ibtrlbmi end
ifyatwrlllpi tf name to llm helore
December lllh. (III. Miss ft. B. ti
Saunders. B*nk af HemlUep »plHipl'
H»rO) yinttptlf.
Up-to-dti* Millinery
Medertae Batee
Keith Block    U Lonsdalo Ave.
Sludio  over  Dank   B. N. A.
I.onidals and Esplanade
i'ii"' Pining and Connecllnir I'i mi..
and Correctly Done.   Prices iii in
North Vancouver, B.<.'. and Lyon Vulley
Pbone 184
saw i/ii,WM.
Bsw Filer tnd Grinder, Ail hinds nf
hsod, cross out and buck saws sol
and filed tt shortest notice. Ill 3rd
street out, Nortb Vtncouver.
High daas Idsdiss' and Usui's Tsilorlng
Phone 807
TOiflHICBI (Nivii'l.
Sp«*oie.Jty : Ckildra's lassuas at own
bom*. T»«e, etc., apply Oeacral
vi.w:h MtniMitii.
If your w»lob stopping or going irr«
jprfarlyT 8**
The Hotth Vafoouver Expert
|D ffmifdt Ltmnmw
rltory incuns, especially such a territory nd we have in the central interior pf Hrilish Columbia, it will almost
astound him will, the possibilities in
store tm lhat region bogli|niiig in the
early hcusoii pf lllll
"Perhaps 1 know es much about
tb.o centre! interior of Hritisb Columbia
as any man.can leuru at Iho present
time. I know thnt beginning next
spring Ihtre will actually lm millions
of acres of the finest agricultural liiiul
epenei) pp for isellleinenl au.l develop-
iu.'ill pn iieeoiinl nf tbo lii-llermenl  in
transportation service. I know also
that some ef the finest limber areas ill
British Columbia will bo availahle I'm
sii'.el.ipmi'iit and largo luniberintorcsts
are already iii tbo Hold preparing tp
put mi., operation lumber manufacturing plants-, uf lurgu magnitude. J
know that mining mon have been
waiting for years -for thia transportation I" '""der that tbey might bo per
milted to develop, somo of Ibe richesl
mining country on Ihe continent.
There isn't much variety in life iu
thu Commons. Sir Wilfrid sat |n one
chair for nine years, then in another
for fifteen, and uow he is buck tp the
first olio.—Montreal lloruld.
Ladles   of   North   Vancouver   Have
"Pardon me, mudamo, one of your
bat pins has-stubbed mo iu tbe band"
"If my bat pins are in the wuy.
sir, you can move to another pari of
the ear."
The foregoing coiivcrsnlioii louk
placo in oue of the street cars iu the
city of Vaueouver three weeks ago,
and as an oiiteuiue of that incident,
Dr. George .Ionian, surgeon ami incsli-
cul .iin.'i through several military
campaigns, left on Saturday for Chicago, where be expect*, despite a last
desperate resort lo heroic treatment in
tbe Mercy hospital, lo suffer the um
pulation of Ihe Illinois and index finger
of bis right baud asra result of blood
"If muke! one fuel ijucer, I csn as
sure you," esi.l Dr. Jonuin, "to pass
successfully au.l safely 'through Ihe
harrying experience of active ' warfare, and then in private life fall a
victim lo one uf Ihe whims of femi
nine fusbiou. I trust thai iu Ihe near
future some city legisluliou will be
effected to obviate tbe present danger
of blood poisoning from contact wilh
Ibe feminine bat pin. I know of
nearly half a doieu resideuts of llm
city wbo arc uow inrapaciute.l from
engaging in Iheir usual activities for
periods of greater or less duration
il.ui. I, One of my buspilnl assislauls
has been laid up for three months ns
u result of Idnoil poisouing occasioned
by a facial injury received from u
wupiau's bat pin in a slreei ear.'
NOTICE is hereby given thai an an
plication will be mad.- under Part V.
of lbc "Water Act, 1001)," to obtain
a licence iu Ibe Norlh Vaueouver Division of New Westminster District.
Is). Tbo name of applicant in full
—Tbo Corporation of tbo District of
Norlh   Vnn.-.iuver.
Ill lot mining purposes) Free Miner's for I ili. ul.- NO.   ...n.
ili) The name of the Iskc, stream
or sourco (if unnamed, Ibo description
is)-Unnamed stream commeucing at
or about tho southeast corner of Diane! I...i ii.i tnd (lowing tbence through
District I.sl 4/1 snd .'.iti to the Norlb
Arm of llurrsrd Inlet.
(cl Tbe point of divorsien is on
Ibe Koilh road al or about Ibo south
cast corner ef Dlilrlcl l,..i 624.
(d) Tbo quantity of water applied
for (in cubic feci per second) .03 cu-
bic feet.
(c) The character ef tbe proposed
w..rk« Small lank intake fed by wing
ditches, wilb overflow into creek.
(f) Tbe premises eo wbicb the waler
is to be used (describe same) Tho
District of Norlb Vancouver.
(g) Tbo purposes for jthich Ibe ws
ler is le be used —Municipal purposes.
ili) If for irrijislii.ii descril.O tbo
land intended le UO irrigated, giving
acreage   Nut for irrigation,
(I) Jf Ibe water Is lo bo used for
power or mining purposes describe Ihe
I .In. e where tbe waler Is te ke relumed
lo some natural channjel, and tbt dif
fercnee iu altitude between point, of
slivenlon tnd point of return- Not lot
power or mining.
(j)  Are* of
to be occupied by Ibo proj/osed works—
(j)   Are*  of crown   lend   intended
(k) Tbis notice wss posted en Ibe
:.'4ih .lay ef October,' lllll. and appli
citlen Will be made lo Ibe Commls
sinner on Ibe "Nib dsy of November,
1011. at  11 a.m.
< (I) .(live Ibe names and addressen
of tny riporiun prnpnrlors or lieen
sees who or whose lends sre likely lo
be afeclcd by Ibe proposed works, either above 'or below Ihe outlet /. 0.'
Keith, of Vancouver,
(<l) Tbe boundaries snd trot of the
District of North Vsncouver tre ttsei
forth in tbe letters patent of laeatpt
ration dated Hub August, Ml, ind
published in Iht H. '■'. OsMtla, but excepting tbe srea of the Cily of North
Vancoover sperlled in schedule "/)"
of the North V»nvcouver Cily Inrorpo-,
ration Aet Amendment Act, lW7.
(r) Approximately the number of
inhabitants of the District st present
is 9M.
1>W«W <* VfmsTU VAN-
220 feel frontage, beautiful view.
rj9WrtF -pr Lpiwlllf Avenue.
|)400, quarter caih.
Thii it a choice buy.
Palmer, Burmester & von Graevenitz
457 Lonsdale Avenue—Phone 71.
8536 Lonadale Avenue—Pbone lit.
Ill Pender Street, Vaueouver, B. 0.
Campbell Realty & Investment Co,
WU| Uke deed of good building let
as cub payment on t 10-room house;
new; all modern. Buy terms on
TELEPHONE 8q. P. 0. BOX ti4
We solicit ihe trade pf alli^lMygM appreciate
High, kZlldf^mOodt at a moderal?*pwr'and the
prompt ana careful filling of orders, which our large
slock and long experience in business makes possible
w^yvhp M
Burrard Sash & Door Factory, Ltd.
"   i
A Little Friendly Talk on Doori
We have onl of the largest ami licsl deligfiet) stock of
Prom Hours that can he secuieil anywhere iu H. C, We have
■ bout to different Jesigns lu choose from which range in
price from J3.75 io 1.15.00. We uialie' a specially ol the
" Pasaiikna Hiioh," a handsome, massive piece of work,
one win, I, is especially mui. .1 to bungalows, and the modern
style uf architecture. If you are interested cell and let us
show you our display. We can also supply vou with Interior
Doors in fir ur cedtr in 1,3,3,4,5 or6 panel or in the craftsman designs.   Call and ask to sec them for yoursi'lf.
P.O. Hox 1719
Phone in
Hay, Flour & Feed
Owing to larger warehouse accommodation, we arc now in a position lo cairy a
larger and more complete stock of ihese
goods and lo supply our customers al
Vancouver prices.
All Orders Delivered Promptly.
The Brackman-KerMilling Co.,Ltd.
116 ESPLANADE EAST       -      ~      Phone 4
Imagine a big store wilh to few doors lhat customers line
up for a block wailing for admission. That is precisely
the situation of a bouse which docs nol provide adequate
telephone service for ils business and the accommodation
of id customer*—for the telephone is a door to your
Is one telephone sufficient, There are about
12,000 telephones in the city and you may be
called from any one of them; or you may be
called by long distance from several thousand
other telephones diroughout the country.
1 he needs- The growing needs of your business roust
determine the number of telephone lipes you require-
Your business is hampered by inadequate tele
facilities. Before the rush soinet, yoij should
how nwy lines you need.
..'i    i i us mt)l»sgaa—
B, C, Tebpbone Co,, Limited
r«w* fAWfarrra bbwibs oomwwa
,h*d Tuesdays and Fridays by North Shore 1'ress, Wmilti).
Batts at pnbwrlptWni-Oiii ym, IIM. Sit months, Me, Three months, 86c
: lTnit«4 Status and Foreign, #3.4)11 per year.
AdTirtilHig Bttt* WW Be Quoted mt Application.
Tbt Exprtst It dtVPtid to |bt interests of tbt Nortb Short of Hurrard Inlot
exclusively. It constitutes in advertising medium of exceptional value for
retching in t thorough tod effective manner the population of Nortli Vancouver
Oity and District. Every effort it made to give advertisers tbt most satisfactory
All changes In contract idvertisemeuls should bt in the printers' hsuds not
later tbtn 10 a. m. Monday tnd li p. in. Wednesday to ensure insertion in tbe
following Issue.
Uorth Vtnwuw, 9- P.-
.November 94, 1811
Tbe city of Nortb Vincouver has
recently been confronted by out of
the most serious situations wbicb have
heretofore developed, or which ire likely to develop it toy future tint, relative to the protection of itt natural
advantages In tbe reported alienation
through perpetual lease, of a portion
of tbe foreshore in front of Ibe Indian
The liislian reserve known is the
"Mission" occupies ipproiimtleiy iti
teres, ill of which lies within the
I,..un,lanes of the city The reserve
possesses i witerfrsntsge of about
2,IWU feet on Burrird Inlet This
valuable foreshore stretches from Forties Avenue on tbe east to Bowicke
Avenue ou tbe west In other words,
tho eastern extremity of tbe foreshore
in question is only 1,700 feet west of
l.nus.lsle Avenue and is therefore sit
uated in s most central location for
ill public purposes.
Under tbe aineudment to tbe Indian
Act, frumc.1 during tba list session of
the Dominion bouss under the Uurier
regime, this city may proceed to ex-
propriste the mission property is soon
as the populstlon thereof shil) ittain
ti.nnn Inasmuch as Ihe population is
approximately 7,000 at tbe present time
it is quite evideut tbat the day is not
distant at which the way will be clear
for the city to avail itself of these statutory provisions sud to tske over the
With tbe ownership of tbe property
tbe coutrol of tbs cutiro stretch of
2,000 feet of foreshore would likewise
psss iuto Uie hands of Ua eity Ir.
asmurh as the only foreshore it pre*
cut owned by tht city consist* of *
number of slreei ends, whose practical
usefulness for public purposes is great
ly restricted bsc*use of ths fact tbit
tbey tre of nirrow widlb lud widely
lepirsled from each other, the value
therefore to tbe city for public purpos-
ei of au unbroken stretch of l,n>m feet
of foreshors, situated iu the heart of
the city is inestimable in view of tbe
needs of tbe city tbat is to bs,
Wheiefore lay occurrence tbtt
would dtprive tbt city of tbt privilege
of securing possession of this fore
.bore assumes well nigh the magnitude
of a public disaster, ,
Tbe granting of leasehold righis I.,
toy portion of this foreshore in fay
vor of any individual would st once
confront the city with tb* probable
loss of this wslerfroutsgs la il* en
lirety, inasmuch is the procuring of
s vsiuiblC lease of tbis nature by sn
individual would, without doubt, be
followed promptly by similar ipplira
lioni from others; and a precedent hiving thus beta sstsblishsd, Ihere would
he absolutely no ground for refusing
■iniilsr privilege* upon similsr roii.li
nous to surrtsslvs applicant* iu th*
order is wbicb their appHralions would
be received. Th* result would there
fore be Ibat leases rovsring th* entire
3,000 feet woui.l speedily lad their
wty iuto the possession of individuals,
thus entailing incalculable loss to the
In view of tbis vsry grave slate of
affairs, ths information recently re
raivsd from Ottawa, with reference
lo th* (tort* of Mr. II. H. Stevens,
HP. oa Mall ot tb* city, is of a
r*o»t reassuring snd encouraging
tare. Not only hss Mr. Stevens a*
cartainsd tbtt tht reported |*as* of
iM tm *t tin toreehere wu aot com
pl*t*d hy the proviuci*! government,
hut th* tsmUr ter thit uwtitatney
bU ptOTW blmsttf tllvs to the inUr
•si* of UM city at North Vsncouv*r
hf miking tppAtialtoa to thi Me ie-
mummm^ta tm—^e^^mt tw, ttn (.ww^j
ef a naea n i*h* ^m-me a^en s*w o*
mttmfm to fm taw n ttwn *pt put,-
Ht parptam.
sured tbtt tbt lout will bp issued.
North Vuncuuver will not fail to duly
appreciate tbis prompt ind energetic
action ill its interests on the part of
tho representative at Ottawa for the
constituency, while tbe issuing of thu
losso as outlined will go far to confirm the expectations of Ihe electors
thst tbe return of B. I.. Borden is
Premier of Daiisdi would mum Iho
formation of a government with
which the interests of tho pooplo would
ho the coutroliiug factor in the administration of tbe affairs of tho Do
The report to the census and sialics i.ilice for tlio month unding October 31st shows Ibat tho intn I area
in potatoes, roots, fodder crops, hay
and clover this year was 0,007,403
seres, with a i..ial products value of
$318,0.16,01)0. This is (1.600.000 more
ih.in last year, ami there is a deereasu
of. $.'1,1311,0011 iu hay and clover. Tbe
largest increase is shown in potatoes,
which is nearly (0,0110,0011 moro than
last year, alllinugh the product is less
by 8,0011,1100 bushels, tho average sell
ing price being 60 cents per bushel
as compared wilh 415 cents a year ago.
The value of Ihis year's product of
hay ami clover and fodder corn Is
1150,1166,000, which is less tban Ust
year's value by ,3,606,000. Potatoes,
turnips and other roots and sugar
beets bive I value of |50,»00,0(H), lie
ing more than last year's value by
|t,3i:i,0O0. The quality of all tbe
crops Ihis year is 00 per cent, aud
over excepting sugar beet, which is 66
per cent, snd last year all crops excepting potatoes, turnips snd other
roots were over !W. The values of all
'oot and fodder crop tbis year liy pro
viuces were $6,751,000 in I'riuce IT,I
tvar.l Island, $13,336,000 in Nova Scotia, $13,506,000 in New. Brunswick,
$73,1116,0110 iu Quebec, $00,166,000 iu
Ontario, $5,66,1/100 in Manitoba, $.'!,-
700,000 in Saskatchewan and $6,331,000
io Alberta.
The area sown to fall wheat Ihis season is I,ii.i7,.iii" acres, being 707,300
acres in Ontario and 300,700 in Alberta
This is 3.03 per cent, less tban a year
The per rent, of fill ploughing rom
pleted ranges from 73.67 in Ontario lo
00.40 in I'riuce Kdward Island for tbe
eastern proviures, and from 16.73 in
Alberta to 34.13 in Manitoba for the
Veetcm provinces, which is less than tbe
BTvcrsgcs of list year at tbe same date.
Fur siyniucr fallowing tbo average iu
all tbe pmi inc.-. is well over OO per
cent, for itab of tbt three year's
1900-11.        V,
Tfct Theosopbical Socifily pntlp In
Nortb Vtncouver in Room I'i. Aberdeen
nincu (pvpr the post offlct) awry Wednesday evening »t 8 o'clock ^fltgd-
ance is pptinly tm and cwiw no
obligations whatever. You ars invito!).
Thuosoph.ical study and qneslions.    If
Bewtr Connections     ,
I'DIIIjII: NOTIOE is herel.y given
tbtl til owners of real property fronting or abutting upon a stroet or lane
In wbicb or under which a main of
i Simmon sewer is laid are hereby required to connect guy building or pre-
mis.es upon tocb property with such
main or common sewer.
Permits may be oiiluine.l from tbo
Plumbing iiispceto: al his offlce ut the
ility Hall between thu hours of 0 a.
m. uml 10 a.m. mul 1 p.m. and 8 p.m. -
Tht following regulations govern tho
construction of house or building connections, with sowcrst
No houso sewer pipe shall havo-a
loss fall than 1 (0 40, unless special
permission is granted in writing by
Ihe Oouncil. Said pipes between the
iron pipe, to the connection of the
public sower to bo of the best quality j
standard saltglaxod vitrifioil clay so-
wer pipo, and shall bavo a diameter of I
not less than 4 inches. All pipos shall
lm sound and well burned throughout
M.eir thickness, impervious to mnis-
lure, with a clear ring, smooth and
well glaxcd ou intorior and exterior.
surfaces, froo from il;nv>. cracks, blisters, lire chocks or other imperfections.!
'I'he pipes must bo so laid in'the
tronrh that after tho sewer is completed, the interior surface thereof, shall
be lo a true and uvon grado.
In making the joints, a gasket of
oakum or hemp, freshly dipped in cement grout, must flrst bu used and
packed into place. The joints shall
afterwardy he tightly packed full and
hovelled off with mortar, composes! of
ono pari by volume of unproved Portland .em.nl to ono part by volume of
nppr.ii cl saml.
All joints shall no made waler tight,
so that they will stand a head of 10
feet of wator, wben leste.i by Iho
Plumbing Inspector at the owner's,
plumber's or ..inin..-Inr'.- expense.
ily order of the Council:
THOMAS  Mil rill l.'n,
City Clerk,     tf
An application will be made tn the
federal government shortly fur s char
ter la cooslrurt ind operate aero
plsnes, conduct s wbool of aviation,
arnl carry out various experiments In
Montreal. Tbis derision bis been
reached, in view of tbe action of the
Minister of Militia, who has inaugurated I forward policy witb regard to
serial craft for Ihe use of the militia.
A. 0, Thompson, who will bead tbe
new company, is looking for I favor
side site, tnd in discussing tho mat
ler, bt said:
"It is ibaolute rot to sly airships
cannot be built here as well as abroad.
I believe thoy ran be better bull', be
cans* we will be in touch wilh uodi
Scations which it will be necessary lo
incorporate in machine* intended for
army stTrvIr* in this country. Why,
ther* are some varieties of European
machines wbicb b*ve met witb wonder
fu) success j* the recent manoeuvres
in'France and Germany, which woui.l
he absolutely useless io tbis country.'
A lying ground will be .cured be
bind Mount Hoyal, Montreal, some
where near tht Blue Bonnets race
Watt atked about passenger lyipg
hi *»id thit a box ode* would be
opened in Mootreal on St. Catherine
str**t, where ptumgat lights round
bt booked tad tor this purpose the ser
Bxtrict   from   Provincial   and   Oity
Health Bylaws.
"Whenever any householder knows
Ibal any person within his family ur
household has smallpox, diphlheriu,
scarlet fever, cholera, typhoid, whoop
iug cough, measles, mumps, glanders,
ur auy olher contagious or Infectious
disesse, he shall (subject iu case of refusal or negle.t to the penalties pro
vided), within eighteen hours, give
notice iu writing lo the Medical Health
Officer and no member of any household
shall alien.I school until a certiorate
bas been obtained from Ihe Medical
Health Officer that no infection any
longer exists iu Iho house, clothing
and other cffcctc have been disinfected
lo his satisfaction, und until such certificate shall have been obtained it shall
be the duty uf every member of the
household, and of the Teacher, to use
all reasonable efforts to proveut the
isssii. iiiiioi. of members of Die said
household wilh other children.
3. Tbe matron of a public or private
Hospital, the keeper of every Hoard
ing or Ijodgiug House, every Jim keep
er or Hotel Keeper, shall, within six
hours, report iu writing to the Mesli
c*l Health Officer, or any person being
it tone of the iforosai.l houses
or hotels aod attacked witb or suspect
ed of having any contagious or infer-
tious disesse meiitioucd in the Hy
law;" under tho penalties provided
for by sucb bylaw.
.   TJjOMAS SHE!'!!Kill),
t.f.       SecrelafjTloard of ileallb.
Tmdc Marm
Comhiomt* Ac.
(Uch.Mit.lMCrlnl looms;
*g&. IKS ft
«m»u. test by
tm et m *»p*rt who bat been ear-
tV^OiUUIS fiepittb tying pueaagari tot thr** yours is
mm twm m m tmm i* **- mat* mmiiu **euMd.
J A I r N T s
I. -I'*
rtlilie ihe «.)Wul.ll'
I UUtfutM Irwiadrd
Issrsent is
balsnct! vsry easy hwrflw 9 ww tJriclJy modern how* pn
I fith slreei near Lonsdale, |ol hit* 80 feet frontage, price
, , •.  . ' >   ..I   ,  •,
Phpn? 37, North Vnodwvpr, P. Q,
90 Lonidale Avenue      Next to P.O.
53 feet facing South, graded road, sidewalk, water and
light. Small shack on property. Price $650 on terms of !4
cash, balance, 6, 12 and 18 months.
for Further Particulars of Above and for Business and Residential Properties see:
Phone70. ,       P.O. Boi 1816
Why go to Vancouver when you can get at same price lor
Cash and Free Delivery:
In sli Sal luun, hall ur whole, perlb. ,-          10c
Freeh Halibut, " "        '/      10c
Freeh Smell*. 3 II*. lor ......... S6c
Special Seidell Ki|i|..-rs, per III ,.... IH.'
Ilium 1-rs, 3 Ihs. (ur 26c
Finnan llad.lie, per Id ,' 10c
sin..till Suinl.,I,,   "      16c
North Vancouver Fish & Produce'Co. FKT
Lynn Valley Lots
oh vm? saw wm
| have still several |pt» iff fflpuk I,
pfp. h. 8003 near Fromme >p*4 for
ale at (300 to 1360. Terms »S6 pasli.
Iialani'o by t»0 VtAt ynuiy l|is|ffliffnits|
Aim, mi.) lot iff P. |f. iioaa near fyii-
Ire m»d 'for $880. Tonus W cash,
lialimeii iu si* half yearly instalments,
ami seyer*l*lliio loll fl? ,Hoski»s ros.l
Dl vary low prices Mi off (arffts tbat
Will suit.
Keith Boad (Baft) OapMt Oprffffr In
0.1.. 8076, block }8, }D0 feet ef frefft-
age. Price Oily liit, pff easy terms.j
Thin ll fl great Imrgnin.
Alexander Philip
Insurance Broker,
Club Block, Bsplanadt,        Phone in
i       i
Telephone 276
10,000 cordi of dry lir wood for quick
•ale.   Price per odd cordi, $4.50.
Special quotations for larger quun- -,
lilies. Cut Wood, 16 inches, $3.25.
12 inches. $3.50.  CO. D.
Office and Yard—14th and Lonsdale
Phone 190.    P.O. Box2432.
North Vancouver Coal &
Supply Co., Ltd.
Wbarf: I'or. Ut. (leorgc's and
Esnlauaiie.     Office, 56 Lonsdslo
Wfasrf I'bone 188.
Office l'l,..i.e ins.
Wo .an deliver at once iu lingo
or small quantities,
dot your «'inU-r su|i|ily.
l'rompt .1.-liv.-iy a sjiecially.
aper the World
(run) our stock of new Wall Ptpsii
so it seem*. Kvery dsy somo nc«
dosign »nivn to Bll lbs vncniicj
ol iho** closed out.
Hmdiome Wall Papers
ars ber* in tndle** variety. ,)u,.
1*11 our saJemto for wbsl rooi,
you wnnl'the paper snd be will
show you jusl tbe pottein you ut
looking for.
To  elmos* Irom our slock is * pi"'
•ur*, to p*y our price is e*sy.     |
W. H, ST0NEY & CO.
117 IjOnsdtJe Avsnu* I'bos* H'
50 x 132 ft, facing south on City Boundary, east of Lonsdale Ave,, within easy walking distance of car line,
Only |600, terms are I -4 cash, 6,12,18 and 24 months.
62 LONSDALE AVENUE     *»-9mm  thmm     NORTH VANCOUVER THE mmm, wsm Vancouver,
Half Price Sale
. In ffldff IP mk ii POmplete c)*!>i|-HP of all summer
lines and thus make room for the new fall orders already
invpiped, wp will sell for half price the mrditrmentioiied
$5-00 Ladies' Wi»bSuiM, white and colon, sale $2.50
$7.50 Mies'W»sh Sui|s, while Und colors, "*\t  J3.75
Size? H 36 apd 38 pnly.
Boy's aw) Girl's Summer Hat*, regular prJP* 25p tp
$IO0;»a!e ■ ; HAIIPWfl
Ladje»' Um Wajsts, slightly soiled; g large variety of
pattern*;      HALF PRICE
L«Jie*' and Girl's Parasols, ranging l>m 25p in Girl's and
HQ0inLad.es'   sale HALF PRICE
Boy's Wa.h Suits, ,a|e THIRP OFF
Gent't Straw Hals  HALF PRICE
Gent's Summer Vests,.-   ...,:..JJAJJ PRICE
J*   J»    1VIC l\ L1II1 L. \s La
Wo have ths finest collection of
Shrubs, Bulbs, Botes, Wallflower, Hollyhocks, Holly, Privet, Carnations,
Rhododendrons, etc In tbo proviuco.
Simpson & Wight
Nurserymen and Florists
mmm ot mi 09 mm*,
ispitm tim* imwrWitd Mr- f. m
quet'a Bealdence
An outbreak af lire w||ic|l nijgbl BJW;
ily have been atten.led by disastrous
eoiisouuciicos, pL-f;>irrO(l sbpr|)y af|er
twi| o'clock ff|l Tues.lny at'leriiiion at
Ihe resilience of Mr. V. Bosquet on
Second street eiiHl. It ii|i|ienred Hint
l|io Chinese cook was engaged in culinary o|ierations when smne grciiHC ig-
nitod, tnd before the Celestial knew
whore he wss tht contents ef the whole
dish wort nn lire Mi) rapidly spreading. The local firo department was
ilillpie.lialely   suiiiiiinne.l,   mid   inenibers
of the brigade with tbt necessary up
puratus wore pii the spot with cpnimen
liable proinptituile. The I t bn| not
gained Biiflicient hold to afford tho bri-
glide uny ciiiisiileiiibl.' .lilli.-nhs and
thoy quickly had control at the situation. 'Consequently, (hunks to thoir
methods and the assistance of tbo
household , tbt devastation did not
spread further tban the buck portion
of the house, practically all the damage bciiig done by smoke ami water.
Tbis bas since been estimated at ♦MO
pr $600, of which amount about tint
relatci to the building which is insurod
The furniture is also insurod, but up
definite Ultimate has beeu mails' of
the mischief done in this respect. The
house, wbicb is one pf considerable sine,
was built by Ur. A. St. Qeorge Ham-
morsley somo years ago. The prcsonl
owner Is Mr. F. J. Fosfer,
night III' the week and it is proposed
to ileviite at least one night weekly to
improvement along literary linos, debating, discussions pf interesting topics, 'tyuaici aud lecture! froip time to
Hipe. T|ie mp|tp chosen "To Help
Men be Mui" iwiftttM thp |iurppip.
A|l in,j|ty|iflB let at tl will ho chiirgoj
with din's fixed'at -fi cents per immll
Tho association is .orgimi/c.1 on as
broad a platform as ll conslstpnt with
its aims ami olijeds. II hopes in serve
tbo young men of North Vuncouver
regardless of race or crppil, and will
welcome to its meetings anyone, whu
llss'i members m not. Its object, how-
tver, |s not to intorfcro wilh ..t In'.
similar orgiini/iili.ins pf tho city. Tbo
/ollowing pllicers wore elected to sorvs
until the annual election! in .lunnary
President, .1. Sherry; sccrotury, /. P,
Brpwn; treasurer, Hr. Damon; directors, A. -I. I'rosser, Edgar Reeves, I'
Christopher, O, Itensou, C. F. Foroinun
fi-     ''
The young men of the Baptist
■•lm/'. h met at the home of Rev. A, 1.
I'rosser oii Tuesday eveuing to .lis
cuss plans for work among men during
tbo winter. It was decided to organise a "Young Men's Association "and
to fit out tho basemont of tbe new
church, corner si. Oeorge au.l 12th
streets, fpr the work. The equipment
will include a gymnasium, reading
room witb table games, and a debating Pr lecture r.i.iin. The gymnasium
and reading room will be open every
There cun be no doubt thai North
Vancouver is grusluolly attrucling the
attention of Ihe wcullliicr classes of
i.-: i.i.-ui.--'. while il i necessary to cuter
for Ihe working .-.ml poorer classes by
tbo sale of cheap lots at sumlliyiees
and on easy terms, one cannot help
welcoming, us a sb.'n of Ihe times, the
aiinpuuceiuent of the mlveiit ou the
market of n choice subdivision of liO
foot lols,
The subdivision known us Temple
Heights, which is now on ihe inarlsi'l,
is situate.I ou u hu.ill lo the east of
Lomdale Avenue, and it is u murvel
to those who do not know the real
reasons why this knoll should, for so
long, have been kept on* Ihe market.
The policy of the llrm of Messrs. rainier, Hurnu'aler and vou (Jrnovonitz
who are putting this properly on the
market, is sbown-by tbe fact Ihul
building restrictions ure impose don Ihi.
property, Ihe lols iu which may not iu
any way be rcsiibilividcil. The furl her
condition is Ihut not more lhan ou.
dwelling house muy be erected on each
lot. Wc feel sure that a policy uf Ihis
bin I wili result in beuelltliug not only
the purchasers,  but   also tho   iiibabi-
..   ','
... -    .   -
/ Capital PaicJ Up, 14,866,^6. RffffW.M $2,(j52,333
 ., ..ji  ,       .     .....'
2 Offices in Nortf) ViilPPHver—2
UPPER LONSDALE AVE. (near Fourteenth Street)
Saving Deposits pf $1.00 and upwards received.
Interest allowed at current rates.
Banker's Money Orders issued.
J. STEPHEN    ........    Manager
tanls of North Lunsdule, who cannot
but feel interested iu the attraction
to their eity of a section of Iho more
well lo.lo residents of Vuncouvor.
5000-Suits and Ovfercoats-5000
The strike of last summer has kept a great deal of money out of circulation in Vancouver. The result has been a very backward season in the clothing business.
It has left us with thousands of suits and overcoats that we ought not to have so late in
the year. This great stock must be moved-at once. So, on Saturday, we
will sell fine clothing
At less than Wholesale Prices
Tweeds and   Worsteds,
made for
wear and looks,   Our
very low
regular price is SJil.ro.
Very good lookiug ami very serviceable suits of English tweed
and  wonted.   You   havo   often
paid tlt.DV for a suit like these
Suits of fashionable appearance
and oicccdiugly good value al
our regular prices, tlh.nn, fWM
and JUDM.   For Hatunlay
Suits oxcoplionally allracti.c iu
i:ii i.i n and exceptionally well
made which can not be duplicates! in Canada for less lhan tlbM
10 f-.'.T.O.    for Salui.hi.s
Sails. Inning all the little every appearance of being MC-
touches lhat give a suit "class." pensive suits. Our regular
Though cheap io price Ihey have    (.rice* are from I2DM lo I'll.in).
For Saturday, $14.75
The finest of ready lo wear suits, ut any price more genuinely ni
particularly high quality tweeds, lMttio„  ,|„„|t„,   0ur  „,„„.;„
worsteds     ami      llaiinoekburiis,
semi finished.   You can not buy ptitM are I'llM lo t'.ir,.tm.
For Saturday, $17.75
Irish, Scotch and English Tweeds and Friezes, Black Vicunas and Cravenettes
K.lllor Kxprcss;
Sir, -About tho beginning of this
yeur our council instructed Dr. Tl..,:..
son, nn in at niii, es of health, to exam
iue into the sanitary arrangemeiils of
the tents uud shucks on the waterfront
and adjacent streets. Dr. Thomson
shortly thereafter reported them to be
in n bud slnle au.l recommended no
more be allowed lo bo erected and thst
notice be at ouce given Ihut all those
then present be removed wilbiii six
luonlhs, but in place of carrying out
this very proper rceoniinendution, nol
only hus nothing lieen done, but we
have allowed Hie number to.,be at
least i|ua.lruplo.l and it ueo.Is no expert
lu know Ihul the supine eouduct or our
council must result in serious injury
to the health of the community as
Ihere is not u vestige of au arrangement for currying out the merest ele
incuts uf .imitation, us uny one can
lest ily who has been in the vicinity of
these ereclinns, the slcpcb is aboniiu
able at  limes.
.Surely the time is now come to put
in end to -us I. horrible breeders of
liscauc, mil lo sj.euk of Ihe disgraceful
appearance uf our fair cily.
I am, pic.
Warm and good looking tw.ccdf,
tnd very serviceable rtlucost*.
Regular "price jMQ.7?. tu Saturday
1 hi
I'ssals of excellent appear*!).'*
ami wearing (jualitlos, thorough'
ly i*lis/»ftory in every way.
Hegulsr price tltM. Fat Saturday
Cett* pf Ifitipttiw, ol petl'ii
ft mi exceplionslly attractive
psllerns.. Surprisingly good
vsluc »t the Vrgular price of
♦18.00.   For Saturday
These coals tie s« fine as any
mini would want lo wear, You
can pay a great deal more, but
can not buy more real value eveu
if you paid WW or Hn.nn.
AHhe Sign of tbe Union
Jnfa lonk for it
in   ■ i   M    '
■ . '   ■       .     '
mui on application i.i the I'oslniuslcr
al .is, ■-. ..i.in   R  C.
Persons tendering- aro inutile.t lhat
s will not be considered unlets
on  ihe printed forms supplied.
lenders will not be considered unlets
ide on Hie printed forms supplied,
d signed  wltb their actual slgna-
lures,   staling   their
places  ot residence
occupations  and
In  Ibo  case  of
rms, ihe actual signature, the nature
of iin- iicciipntlon. and Place of residence of each member ot the firm
muse be given.
i'.', h  tender  must be
by an accepted cheque on a chartered
n u churlored
bunk, puyable lo the order of the llisn
'" rks.
"in.ihi.-. the .Mlnisii.-i of Public Work
equal lo ten per cent. (10 B.C.) of tbo
.11 ini  "f iin   lender, which will be
tin-felted If Ihe person tendering; de-
cllne to riiis i Into a contract when
enllc.I upun lo do so, or fall to complete the work contracted for. If the
lender be not uccepled ine cheque will
be relurned.
The Department dues not bind llself
lo accept lie lowest or uny lender.
By order.
Department of 1'ubllc Works,
. ii iu w.i.   November   18.  1811.
Newspapers will not ue paid for Ihis
...iv.-i iisei.i, in If ihey Insert II wllh-
out uulborily  from Ibe Depurlmenl.
The girl who cannot cook should
keep ool of Ihe lualrimoniul frying
I hereby challenge lu meet any play
crgin North Vancou,cr ul billiards fur
Ibe championship of North Vancouver. Should Ihis challenge not be
accepted by Dec. Slit, lllll, 1 will
claim said title.. Keply lo (1. S. Jen
kin, North Vancouver. I'. 0. Ilox iUITI.
llrollo. ■  '
at   the
M-I.U.KD TICNUERg ...Mi, ■. .1 to Iba
undersigned ami endorsed "Tender for
Jelly ui Muuili or Frnser Hlver. II
C' will bs received until I pm on
Tuesduv, December 1911). lull t.n ibe
. .,i ui a. il,.n of ii Jelty ut Die .Ms.nils
of Ibe Kruser Hlver at Ktcveston, fl, l!
I'l.n. .■ p.. its, iiiim and form or
coiniiicl con be seen and forms of
lender <>l.lnlti.-.l i.t Ibe ..ill,.- of 0. A.
Ke.li-r,' Ksq.. Dlslrlcl Knglneer. Now
Westminster, li. C. I \v. Aylmer.
Ksq. Dlslrlcl  Knglneer. i.'hase. T)   C...
Diitrict of North Vancouver.
Notice  to  Contractors- Marlue  Drive
8KALKD titmhtks ou tbe proscribed forms und sccofiipunic.l by essh
or certified chciju.o for £1,0011 (wbicb
sum or -ali-laelory bonds shull bu re
luine.l until the complclion of tbo
works according to pluns uml spocig
:.i....,-■ ■ will be reeeitcd uutil ."..nu p.
in. on Thursday, -,'lrd November, Mil,
by Mr. .1. II. Farmer, Municipal Clerk,
for the following:
Marine Drive wesl, through portion
D. I,. 5.-,I, I), I,. W, D. I.. SCO, ami
II. I., ttl, a distance of I'M miles uiore
or less.
tira.ling-Kxcavsting some J.V'OU cu
hie yards au.l  forming embankments.
Pile Trestle—2*1 feet long, compris
ing some, i:l,0U0 t. b.
Concrete culverts— and coutiugeut
All in accordance wilh plans and
specifications which may he bad it
Ibis oflice siiies turn a.m. on Monday,
nli November, Mil, on |iayiueut of
•t. mi which will he returned upuu re
cc.pt of a bona tide tender.
The lowest or any lender not neros
sarily accepted.
Tenders for portion of work only
will uoi be considered.
District Kiigiuccr.
The District Municipal Office,
i'..r. Iaiiii Valley and Kroinme Koads,
North  Vancouver, B. C
P. 0. Box 1700.
Mth November, Mil.
The lime for receiving lenders on
Ihis work is hereby exleuiled until II
p.m. ou Thursday, 301b November,
.1011N ll. COHtJKOVE,
District Knginecr.
New Year
f»rg*   Books et   Sample*   to
tilm.ttam H36 ptr letea, ftlntod
with yonr own nami mi greeting.
091)99 UAMW md nvt-itutpetot-
mint tt -rsrorltes run out at Flrkt-
North Store Press, LM.
For only *1 down and ll
weekly you can buy tba
voir or waterfront complete lilie'l up. See tbe
BANQE. They last a^
Prompt Delivery.
Patterson, Goldie & Clark
Phone 88.    ' ESPUNADE WEST.
receives the iame glad welcome here M.
a« he man who comes to buy, our m
' primary object at this time being to
acquaint the men pf North Vancouver
with the advantages in quality, service
and price, to be exclusively obtained
at this store.
We don't expect to sell you goods
before you know us, our goods and
our business methods, so we invite
you to call; "Snoop around" a bit.
and get acqainted.
Pioneer Confectionery
Highest Quality Handmade Bread
Delivery to all part* of   tha city.
Special attention giveu all order* from patrons.
U Your Furniture Insured?
18 Lonidale Ave.     NOTARY PUBLIC     Phone 157
Sole Agent i Commercial Union Assurance Co.,
Ltd., of London, Eng.   -   Assets $111,000,000
TAKING  EI'l'liCT  MAY  l-THST,  ion
U*v* Vancouver (.30 a.m. and
thereafter *very 20 minute* until
7.00 p.m. Ciwunoucina 7.30 p.m.
•very 30 minute* until 11.80 p.».
thsmfUr 19.16 Mil 1.00 a.m.
bsve Nortli Vancouvtr 0.1)0 t.m.
and thereafter every 20 minutes until 7.'X) p.m. Commaicing 7.30 p.
in. every 30 minutes until 11.00 p.
n. lh*r**lt*r 11.46 and 13.46 a.m.
Uava Vancouver 7.40,  8.211 sad
,va V«imou
laaraelUr *
l*ave North V*ncouvsr 7.20, 8.00
sinu at weekday*.     »nd 8.40, ilmetttor sume a* watk-
Biogtt late tp, I lor !**, 80 Ipr ||, 70 lor 19.
VmiCIS BATB8 "      .
A^Uptjm w»|<«s, |*n*l(i and
<lr»ys, 76e rstuw-
IM kom mpm- Mtimww m
him, We retum-
C-» Mm tmm inggim and
9*wmm/9t iWTfTf   fmre^m
TImi imm.1 mMimti tm gmgm\gm vkJaooi aoiiu
All the above rat** include 4riv-
»r. Bat** A and H lulijecl to' $0
ptr cent, dfttoupl ia lol* ol 60.
Vet |00 lbs. r»te, 6c.
Wnimuia r»te, 'w.
9   SWISBUlli     M.   laUIUff
•    oTHoIy Writ
flute for my daily ranao
Anions the ideaamit fields of Holy Wl',
1 mlslii despair- —Tennyson-
The International Sunday Bchool lesson. Fourth Quarter. Lesson IX,
Nabanilab I. Nov. 20, 1011,
Nebemiah'a Prayer
I'irliir.', if yon will, Neliemiuii walli
ing on tlio v.-nii ol Busa. Deliiml hioi
are goodly places, and in tlm more
distant background the mountains nf
Clam. Hard by is Dm tonib of Daniel. But Nnlmniiiili'n mind is not far
away, lie is thinking of the mpulrlirc
of his fathers ami the mouiituins of
(ho Lord's housn. Ilinl.:' I'un'il hoi
Ilu hears the ucsnt* of Iiii* uivu liivc.i
lmii'. i Running tu the purupliet, bo
sees a company of truvelslaiueil ,lews.
He greets them with Oriental demon-
atr*tivo|i*M, Uno is his own lirufher.
Ho I....- not stop to n:-l, his iirollier's
licallh ur fortune, or lo niirrulc his
iiwii remarkable preferment ul s-ourt.
His first i|UCHtion is as to Hie state
uf the ,IBw* in .lorusnlem uml of the
tomplu. The lain tlie travellers i.-ll is
of tho nature of a terrible surprise.
In lliu absence of any news, ho had
thought ull wus well. Ilis persunal
prosper!)' is no substitute for tbo
welfare of Zion. Binges of sor
row sweep his soul. Hut, belter than
that, he also prayed. lie showed
ilm i traits whi.'li Uod .lelighls lo
bono/—persistency und opportunity.
He prayed prnliab(y three times a day.
ami every .lay fnr u week. There was
no answer, hut, nothing .Isuiile.l, he
begun Ihe second week ami so ruutiu-
ued for seventeen weeks uml a day.
One hundred and twenty days—just
the time it wuiiM havo r.'.jiiir.-.l In
una in, with his footprints all Uie
way frmfl mimi to Jerusalem. Oml
was, iu Imi. answering .Ni'lmnnuli'.-
player while He seemed lo he with
linliline the answer. In this periu.l uf
suspense, a plun uf proccluru was liuinn
developed, ils general principles, ils
minutest details, Wilh the growth ul
the plan grew the coiivieliun Ihut he
musl puf into execution, und the reso
lulion tu do so.
Ths Teacher's Lantern
llraiiville Muudy, when asked,to lead
Ilie students in prayers, took a hit of
, lmii., and, turning lo the blucklioard
lieliinil him, wrote in bul.l hiiii.l, "A.I
..ah.,ii. Depredation, Thanksgiving,
it.ni. ma Supplication"; then as if
giving military orders, said, "Let us
pray;" ho followed closely in petition
the formula on the board. Thus on
the sensitive piste of memory, in Kve
hundred young minds, Ibe purls lhal
gn lu make a perfect prayer were im
printed forever. All these pari wilt
be fouml in Nehemiah 's prayer. ■ No-
hi'iniuh is one of the in,.si illuslrinus
crumples of disinterested patriotism
nli,. I, hisloory, sacred or profuue, af
fords. His lite might have been the
insluut forfeit uf his pica for his fellow-
countrymen, lie reiiiii|uisisi Hie ease
and,safety of u puluce fur u lliuusand
mile journey over a bedouin infested
desert, lie run the risk of pluts and
conspiracy, he vulunluriiy umlerlunk
a herculean task, all for (iod and his
country. Why does God delay Ilis
answer lu prayer) Nn advantage from
a. li delay can pussildy acrruu to Him.
Oflcn the thing reipiesled is palpably
in a, i in.I with His will and purpose.
It may bu that, in tho delay and tbe
consequent persistans* uml importunity
required, that stale of mind and heart
is developed which will make the best
use of the blessing when ot lenylh il
iu cunfcrreil. I'ruycr is uu active far-
tor iu human affairs. Things runic fo
pass through prayer that ollierwise
never wuuld transpire. If Nehemiah
had .inly wept, his tears would have
availed nothing. He prayed, and hia
name stands nest to that uf Zeruhh-
abel as having supplemented and cun
served his work, for the temple, without the wall, could nol have stood until Iho Hhiloh came, (llorious achievements are the outcome of deep feeling.
Nehemiah's emotions fairly chiseled
hjs face. If bis-bad boen a mere pass
iug and seutinicntai regrot at tho forlorn condition of Jerusalem, he would
nevet have beon thu honored instrument of I'miiilrim,' iu the rearing of
the walls, lis is immortal, because his
heroic, patriotic and devout soul was
capable of the deepest feelings.
Young People's Devotioual Bervlce:
November 26, 1811. Thessalonlsns
Bchoes of Peace aud Blessing (Thank*-
giving tiervlc*).
The patriarchs traced their temporal
blessings directly to "od. They knew
little ef second causes. It rain tiled
tbe pits tbey dug—it was tied wbo
made It rain. If they found pasture
it was Ood who made tbe grass grew.
So their thanks went straight lu Ood.
And the patriarchs were right! Natural
law I* tgly Ood'a way of doing thing*.
It is Universal bWauw Ood Is everywhere, It ii uncbsngeeble bocauso
/led always chooses iheji*«t plan flrst
inviolability of law should be a step
ping- instead of a stumbling stone.
Kocoguiz.iug wilh tbe patriarchs the
immanence of (ftd ib nature—pipvi
Aepee aod grace in tba bear! of thanks
* 'mroitii
vm tm
inlerest to MirrJiaK
goodi in your own cily
<] Wc undersell Vancouver merchants fiom
5 lo 10 per cent.
M    These are Fact*
'■fi     —
Fake Prices
When going down Ml STOP »n4 ptirchM* yoiir Fmnilure, Linoleum, Garpeji,
Etc., al a Reliable H»Mifc
THE BEST is none loo good. One-third of your life i> spent in (jjgj, and s
comfortable MATTRESS you should haye.. Then buy our N* \ RESTMORE at
$15.00—no more, no less.   Money back if not satisfactory,.
128 Lonsdale Ave. North Vancouver
I ,■,.'"*■;
Mahon, McFarland & Procter, Ltd.
CLEARED 50 ft. Lots in Block* 226 and 227;
$900 and $1000      1-4 caih, 6,12,18 months.
50 ft. Lots in Blocks 230 and 232a; $650, $700
and $800        1-4 caih, 6, 12 and 18 monthi
1      ■        nl i \ i,l I.        \i   i    i       ' i   '" I i   i     —.
Phone 6286  -   - 543 Pender Street, Vancouver
North Vancouver City
CLEARED LOTS 50 ft x 147 ft.
In BLOCKS 15,15a, 16 and 16a. D.L 550,
PRICES: $750 to $1000 according to location.
TERMS: 1-4 Cash, Bal, 6, 12 and 18 months.
ACREAGE in District Lob 546 and 550
In Blocks of from One to Four or more acres,
PRICES; from *2000 to $3250 per acre
TERM3U-4 Cash, Bal. 6,12,18 & 24months
The Grand* Boulevard extends through tbii property
The Nortli Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company, m,
^Mm^j^^di thr mnm, north Vancouver,
15,1912, Half-Hour Gar Service
Will be Established Between Hastings
Grove, D. L 208, and Present Car Terminus on Hastings Street East   \   :   :
i * •
We Urge You to See Hastings Grove
On* of tli* btu feature* about lu
veiting I* Haetiag* arov* U that It
I* right at home, Vou can go out
with u and pick put your lot, and
KNOW uaetti what jrou ar* bujrtog.
you know what Uu Oltjr of Vancouver
ii - what It bai done In tkt paat Ave
year*—and It doe* not require much
faith to **e the future of Uila pro
greaalve eity. Vou owe It to youraelf
aad |QW family to buy one or more
of th*e* lots, If only a* an inveatment.
Tbere an many UUa<a we ahould like
to tall you about tbii tract. Drop la
today or tit* evening.
Tb* dialing and grading on Hai
tlngi itreet and lit, 2nd, 3rd and eta
avenue* li now complete, and work oa
other itreet* la progreulng rapidly.
Tbi sidewalk ia about completed on
llantinga alreet.
Contract* for ilz 7-roomid houie*
bava been let and tb* flnt on* li In
the couno of couitructloa. Dome and
mi thla rapidly developing diatrict.
Every lot lu Baiting* Orovi li a good
on*.   Let in ibow you.
Far* between fl and 9 am., and 6 and
7 p.m., two cwta, tbe remainder at 3
$90 Cash, Balance One and Two Years, or
$40 Caih, Balance 6, 12, 18 and 24 months, or
$ 10 Cash and $5 a month, Balance in 2 Years
Inumt 7 par cant, payable annually.
Oona at 1.16 In tka afternoon, rain or ililue, and go out witk ul.
-      •    ...
mrll-fl  -r-
i       w
S. F. MUNSON ■ - Broker
333 Pender St. W.
Pbone Seymour 5654
Office open evenings till 9,15 9WWm
*M**TWTtW9}mU       mfSfnimmmfn,
iH»b *wjj)i the proposed 41-
muirtclpality   practical'
K carlp'da of fust OsjpUa.no rate
ititf, property pwpem aad afbcrsin
'fa the ' pending negotiations
assembler) )» the coiweil chamber of
tht itgO«i|pal kail in lypp Vslley qc
Wedpesdey aftercccn.
Mr, Pkarlfis UelsoR, wbo was elected
chairman, e*plelued tbo purpose pf the
mooting. They bad com, Ihere to ap
point a committee to act fpr tka r*sl'
donts and ratepayers for wards one and
two »f Wast Vancouver, »nd inset tbe
committee of tbs two councils to ad'
juat mattors relating to the division
of tbs municipality.
Thereupon, wltb P briskness wbicb it
ii hoped will characterize tbe meet
ingi of th* council wbsn formal), tbe
following wsra duly nominated to form
tbii adjustment committee: Messrs.
Charlei Nelion, /. 9. Matberi) 8. dint-
zliurger, /, Aleiander, /. ], Hanna, W.
i. Irwin and A.K. I.i.l.llo.
Mr. Olntiburger endorsed tbs view
whereupon Mr. W. W. Loheaui moved
that the adjustment committee aa ap
pointed be authorised by tbe aseein
bled ratepayers to aet for tbem in ell
matters that may arise between tbe
adjustment committee and tbe commit
teei appointed by tha two councils,
and that this committee shall report
to future meetings of tba ratepayers
for their endorsement before any matter  proceeds  to   legislature.
Tbis motion wai formally secon.le.l
and carried.
Mr. Mather* inquired ae to tbe period of tims which would elapse before
the division could take placo. Could
it lie dona before tbe election!.
The chairman replied tbat tbii wu
uot poiiible. Tbey would have to go
before tbe provincial bouie as Victor
ia, and other formalities would have lo
ba attended to, io tbat ba did not
think tbey would get Into definite
shape until tbe beginning of April.
On tbe whole, be believed tbera would
not be much difficulty in tbe way as
they were not going to aak for anything that tba rait of tbe municipality
would be unwilling to give.
The question wa* ratted ai to wbat
percentage of property owner* tbey
had lucceided in getting on to thair
Mr, Nelion'i reply wu 70 per cent,
Some of the larger property owuen,
while net completely lupportiug tbem,
did not actually oppose tha Idea.
Further, Mr. Nelion aaid the liabilities of the municipality were ,300.000
but be did not think tbey would be
in any way liable for more tban a third
of that ium. In answer to a queatioo
raised by Mr. Aleiander, the chair
nmi. observed tbat Ihey had now as
much alienable property in tbe west
ai the whole nmiilolpallty bad Ave
year, ago,
A.J this point Uf. John Prvs) mII-
ed tbs OlPetinp'e attention to >yfce fact
that wh.cn the city wss liienrporaM
delay mu pccaiioued through not getting tbs bill in cn time, In effect,
be oihortod tbcm not to allow blitory
to repeat ifscif. Mf, Pt»»»l had no
more to say, save that "When yonug
men set up housekeeping on their own
the only thing tn do is to bid tbem
godspeed and lot 'om go,"
It was then formally resolved that
the pew municipality, when formed,
shell be known as tbe municipality of
Weit Vancouyer.
After |be sucurig of lbs signatures
of all ihose present for inclusion in the
minutee, tbe meeting adjourned.
OBcen and flMCBMye Okoien
A well niteiisleil meeting took placo
on Wednesday night .in thu Institute
Hall, l.ynn Valley, tba purpose uf thu
assembly being tq form P Conservative
Association i|| IjJ'iui Vulley.
Mr- Percy King, who was  elected
chairman, culled at the outset for a
Hit of names for membership     Thie
met with p unanimous response, ami
after numerous application! had   been
received for ordinary membership, Mr-
1. M.' Fromme was elected au honorary  member.   The standing  constitutions of Conservative Associations in
British Columbia was then read, after
which the meeting proceeded tp elect
officers, etc. as such:
President--Mr.  C.  W.  Nelson.
Vico prosiileul-Wr. i*, V, Pntdll
Hoc-Trees.-Mr. | V. Stewart.
These tlm-. officers will form the ei
.'.■utile wilb tho following: Messrs ti
ti. Haiti.:, Councillor T. A. Allan, C.
Munro and i. i.ee.
The question pf future meeting!and
general organization wa* referred to
the above executive with power tu
act.    .
A lories of entertaining .speeches
then followed,
Mr. W. C. Ulailwin congratulated
l..''is Valley on having received over
forty members at the opening of its
Conservative Association. Fi-Mayor
W. II. May ul.o spoke in glowing terms
of the manner in which the canio
wu being supported in tbe Valley.
He reminded tbe meeting tbat luccaas
wai dcpen/ieiit upou the barmoniouu
character of their gatheringa. 9e
|,i.,t,',l tbe adage that unity ia strength
Thu chairman dwelt upon the sub
jeet of Ofgeuiiiatiun generally point
ing out its most essential value. Ilu
also referred to several matter! of lo
cal importance comprising the post
office aite and the McAllister and drier
leases particularly, all of wbicb mat
i.i', he eipocted would be duly rear
Mr. J. M. I'o' nl wu iu fine humor
im mum, north Vancouver, B,
mill delivered a bracjng oration treat
ing the JWtiib Umpire from I bister
led atandpoint.
Mr J, ¥, Prcmmo «cns|d.srsd tbsf
if was entirely unnecessary fpr him
tn »ay anything sfMr the splendid
speeches they   hii listened to.     He
could only mention, bPWPVCr, thnt he
wm only tpp Fleaed tc admit tint.
the   association's flrst   meeting bad
provided  capital  entertainment     and
education for all present
'   Whereupon the assembly adjourned.
Simpson k Wight, the nurserymen
and tiorisls .pf this eity, have removed
to the corner of 17th streot and St.
Andrew'i avenue where they will
carry on their business.
Sewer connections done by expert
pipo-layers, Work guaranteed tp pass
city engineer's office inspection* Only
first plan Scotch pipe ami prime Portland cement use.|. Hitlmates furniihed. Apply K. R. Paykull at office of
North Vancouver Coal and Supply i'u.,
Ltd. '        1-18
Pacta   About
I If llll I|fe IT OTTTT
MUS)I|iOOHlB freah  daily
HOU8BS TO BBNT l,y Hutchison,
McMillan k Co., IS I,pn»diilo Avenue,
Beit H. C. Electric Itailwny Uo,
Oth and OhssUrfleld—0 rooms, ill;
6 rooms, tlh; t rooms, I'ln; i rooms at
rcur, $12.
fith and Forbes-0 rooms, fit.
7th near Boulevard   -l rooms, $10
16tb and Bewlcke - -ii roome. $20,
The Women's Auxiliary of St,
Jobu'i church will bold thoir 'Xmua
sale in th* parish hall nn Tuesday,
Nov. 28th, at 2.20 o'clock. There will
be a great display of dolls, fancy
work, plain work, candies and li-l,
pond, Afternoon tea will also I.c
served. Admission ip the afternoon
Will ba free, lu tbe evening at I
o'clock a concert will take place, ad
million for gentlemen being 35 cents.
Terminus,   North
,'163,' amalgamated
B. Burton,   Car
Loueilele,   Phono
Palm*r, Buracstir k vou OraivenlU
161 I sn,..,I,.I.,-.   Phono 71
Second Street West
Single Rooms, $7.00 per month, including electric-light, or $6.00
per month, including bedstead, ttove and light.
Well Furnished Houie on 9th Street
with Pisno. Vscant Fiftt of December.  Rent $35.00.
Phom 209
P. 0. Box 23|8
We sre malting a specialty ol Houses. We shall be pleased
to list any you have (or sale or rent.
167 Foot Ooruir Nye and Bidgeway
$1,400.   One-third, 6, 12 and  18.
Olaarad Lot .'13x1:15, Ittii street, near
Lonadale, $5611. One third, balance ar
St Fait on Lonadala between 26tb
and -i'ii,, $1,600 One-third, t, 12 and
10   For three days only
Olaarid Lot and uew two room
ihack, 6<l i.irds from Luusdale car,
$700   %, 0, 12 and 18
Wu give Ihe best
n, tbe (Irolto.
Fresh mushrooms daily
The "(ieneral Fai.lherl.e" a four
masted barque bis been beached ..if
Moodyville lo undergo painting    and
All ill wind which blew Mr- P. Uriel ao good, recently buffeted into a
proilrate condition the flue new tign
whicii had only juit been orotic! on
top of Ihe Norlb Vancouvur Iftlel on
thl   Ksplanade,
Two ears and but a single tongue
By Nature'a laws lo man belong,
The lesson sbe would leach ii clear—
Bepeat but half ofjvbel ■yuThcar."'
s"/,se things Ibat come lo those wbo
wait arc  badly  molb  ealcu.
Scotland. )|, bctnj drained tt her
life's blpp4| says' ths i^pmi-AAm-
iimt" jn # resent)]' printed article, in
the Highlands and the Lcwlanda the
pld pocplc sre being left ll) lonolineu,
and by their bearthsldes they ire
thinking wistfnlly of tbs balm's who
once played around them. There is
silence now In many Scottish hemes.
The footsteps of the young folk no
longer clatter up from the village
itreot or crush tbe scene put of the purple hillsides. The bairns bave
grown up Into tall men and women, and they have listened to tbe
voice which ll calling away tbe sturdiest sons and the tallest lasses in Scotland. Tbay have followed the callaml
havp gone to bui|d pp new homes In
the far west, while tbe old folk sit
with clasped bands hugging remembrance which is a co|d snd ghostly
,Fpr huudrcls of yctri Scotland b»s
seut out bor ions In search pf for
tune. Too barren is life soil to nourish those who bave ambition. Never
baa tbore been elbow room om|,gh for
Septa who bay* the spirit of adventure
Wherever, in tha pld days, tbore waa
a crown to defend, a cblvalroui courio
or a mil ion in arms, tbe Scot might he
found among tbo uion-at-arins, or the
King's bodyguard or by ih* aide of
a man fighting for p throne and a
kingdom. Tbey trooped over the border southward to Undon, aud in spite
of tbeir broad Scotch apeech and tbe
racial hostility of tb* Bngliak ,tbey
helped to build up tbe trade of tbe
eity and tbe Kmpire. Thoy followed
Ihe Hug und carriod the flag to far colonies, ae pioueen or exploration, ai
farmers, as hackswoodsnion and ranch-
men. in Australia and New Zealand
end South Africa and Canada tbey
keep Iheir Scottish habile ami .Scottish
speech and Scottish character, and
wntlcresl Ibo Umpire with Iheir hpmo
steads, and .watered it with Ibeir bleed
ami stiffened iti backbone.
Ho thia s, .itii..I, emigration is not a
new talc. It goes back to tbe unfolding of the modern world. Vet the talc
now bus reached a new and startling
chapter. For during tbe past fow
years this tide of emigration from
Scotland has swelled and broadened
into a great, rushing,. jmpotuoua torrent, The sons of Scotlaud aro leaving
Ibeir native toil not ilngly, but iu
battalions. Tbo new cemus reveals a
desolated country wltb deserted vil
luges and abandoned parishes. Even
iu Ihe towns the artisans aro leaving
Iheir factories and besieging the emi
gralion oAices for cheap passages lo
There are amazing figures which wili
strike sharp arrows into the hearts
of Scotsmen who havo pride iu their
country'! biitory and a love for ill
soil. In ten years a quarter of a mil
lion people have been drained from
the population of Ave million!. Canada
alone, absorgs Scotsmen at tbe rate of
17,000 a year, and tbii year will up a
largo incrcaie over tbii Sguro, Even
in Kast Lothian, the moit proiperoui
aud fertile province in Scptlaud, tbere
are decrease! in population in pill
tho towns and village!. Iu most bar
ron diitrict! population haa been wore
iwift and more tragic.' |t ii truS tp
lay that only tbe obi people and the
infirm and the very poor bava bcenjj.
left behind in the village! wtrifii ten,
twenty years ago, mtfi' full of buiy
''{.«. *»'t .KJbnood.
Tbe voice of the Canadian advert!*-
cr calls loudly in tbe eari of the Scot-
tiib people. Ho goes everywhere
Casting bii richly colored pictures    of
You cm keep warm
and enjoy life if we
supply   tbe   heatejv j
We carry a full line of McClary's farooui
and Airtight Heater* of variow tm,
Give ui a call, we will be pleased   <*
to ibow you tbeir good qualities,
& McMillan
Wholesale and Retail Hardware
Phone 12.
(  '■
601132 cleared and fenced and only a few feet from Lonidale Ave,
on Queen,   $250 Cash; balance in 6, 12 and 18 monthi -   »
66 f«#t on St. James.   Well below market.   $260 Gwb; balance
in 6, \% and 18 months -     -     -     -     •    , -
99 foot Corntr on Nye, facing South; East iide.   $250 Cash;
,   balance in 6, 12 and 18 months      «,*■-*■»
U 87.
the Oo|4*» Wn*st upon PfPty VwA-
ing. Ift plucks fde artisan liy tire
sleeve aud says, "Canada aud a rich
life ara waiting for you." Ke loam
over the gate of tbe peasant farmer
aod aaya, "Why scratch aid scrape at
barren soil! Copp away to tbe far
landi of tbe far weit."
By young and activo and ambitious
men these darning picture!, tbii incei-
saut voice, cascot be ignored. Tbey
gate across tba purple moor, and give
a heavy sigh, for tbey are loath to
loave Scotland, bat one day tbey walk
ii round to tbe shipping offlce, and at
laat. aay goodbye to tbe mother wbo
is too brave to bid them be stay it
bomei. So Scotland ll being drained
of it* life blood, and Oanada welcome*
wilb wide embracing arrai tbe men
who will 111 up ber gaps of loneliness
with the industry and tbe solid character aud tho strung, brave ipirit of
Ihe Hellish' race.
Canada already is a traiuplantcl
Scotland. It I* tha Scotland of tbe
American continent. It* nap I* itrewu
witb Scottiib place minci. Tbe pieman and settleri bav* givan to tke
mountain passes the names of High
land glens, and ia tbe great farmsteads of tbe west, in iti great apple
orehardi, on it* cattle ranches, iu its
factries, iu il* city offices, men apeak
in Iho i.iiigue of Aberdeen, of Olugow,
uf Ibe Highland aud l^wlandi. Tbey
bave gone away from tbo old toil but
always tbera exile* remember tbe
country of their birth or of their fore
fatberi witb au enduring love aa deep
ai tbat of tbe Iriibman for the Kinor
aid lile, deeper perhaps, tban tbs Hn"
Uth colonist for ll"' Mother country.
While happily tbey bave no local
significance, tho following observation
recently published of the editor of tbe
iaiming ila/elte, make pathetic reading:
"We afalogizo for all mistakes In
former is.-ues," he ii reported lo
humbly remark, as he wipes bii hands
and leans tbe towel in tbe corner.
"Tbey wore inexcusable, aaall an editor bai to do ii to bunt uewi and
clean Iho rollers aud let type, write
abort items, and fold papers and make
paste, and mail the papers, and talk lo
visitors and distribute type, ind carry
water and saw wood, and read tbe
proofs, and dodge the hills and dun
delinquents and tell our suhicrlban
that we have uo business to make
mistakes while attending lo tbaa* little matteri, and getting our living on
uopper tail auup, flavored wilh Imagination, wearing old shoes, and ao
collar ami a patch ou our punts, and
obliged to turn a smiling countenance
to tbe man who tella^jn our paper
ain't worth a dollar ui.ya.ow, and tbat
ho could make a In -Her one wltb bia
eyei ihut."
The man who makes history musl
try tu encourage the book agenti.
One third of Ibe world can't understand why Ihe other two third* go craty
over baiebfll.
■"•■■ ■'
at the Cut R«te Drug More
JPbIIqw'b Syrup $1.00l)ott|q
AlUnbpry's Food 85c. tin
Hot Wulor Bottles, guaranteed
for one year  $1.76
Hot Water Bottles, guaranteed
for two years  $2.60
Wiiicarnia $1M and $2.00 bottle
Antipon, large siee $1,715
W« h»»e now <w s«le a new slock of
Safety Razors similar to Gillette*)
Um $140 to $8j00 eexh
Nortk Sfo Dnif G,
.   P.S.™OMAS,fW|., Dnujst
*l 1


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