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 7ow¥a w
Fint aaiion of
tb District Council
Beeve Hay Anticipates a Prosperous
. Yw
The iiewly-el.ieiiid reeve and council
tpf the miiiiieipiiliiy convened lt| thp
district hall last night ami were duly
and formally sworn In. After the taking of tlte uud, llm'.e May mounted
to the iilliciitl dias and tendered bis
congratulations to the all councillors
op tho successful issue uf last Hutur
day's i'l"' i  He further congratulated the ratepayers on their choice of
representatives. They were, said the
Reeve, mischievously, a good looking
bunch of men, ami nisii good business
nioti. Ho was evidun'tly ploasod to
bavo thrue nminlusrs of I lie old council
.     tp   Support   Imu     III   fact,   he   Would
liked to see it iiicludoil iu the statutes
tbat only three councillors should be
relieved each year. II would save
proliulily tliuiisumls uf dollars. When
half of the council were left behind lo
give thorn the benefit nf their previous
experience ,there was u saving of ureal
time ami eipctuliliire. "Let us Ihis
year," said Ihu reeve, "do tilings es
peditintisly uiul nl Hie sniiiu time effectively." He lookoil forward lo u year
' of prosperity during which Ihey would
have to deal with various questions nf
importance. He was sorry iu a certain
sensu to Ip-nr that the western portion
of tbe municipality wus talking of
leaving Ihem; al the same time he was
glad Ihey Eaw Iheir way to standing
qu their own gruuml financially. Tbey
would have lu lake up Hie question uf
the Second Narrows bridge, which was
lhe pivot of nl llhe future success.
Vjl'liey would have lo ulilain the opinions
uf oilier municipalities ami gel a bylaw to Ihe people as soon as possible.
"We musl," said Hie reeve, "pul
. our shoulders to lhe wheel ami make
that liridgii an accomplished fuel."
The appointment of cnnitnliteci was
thou proceeded with. These were ai
ranged as follows:
Finance—Councillors llrnlgiiiiiii and
Hoard of Works—Coun. Until ami
Water—in lhe western part, Coun.
Weatovor. lu Ihe Vulley, Coun. Luu
eon and Westover.
.    Fire and Light   Couu. ljawson ami
I Bridgman
Plans—Coun. Ward and  Louie).
Public Parks ami Ileallb Ooun. Nel
son and  Weslovcr.
Hospital—Couu, Loiiiei.
Licensing — Conn. Ilridginuu and
Lawson with Messrs. J. II.furnish and
J. 0. Keith as Justices of the Peace.
B. C. Electric—Coun. llridgiiinii,
I.oulcl and Ward.
There was avuie discaasion as lo
whether reeve should of luld uoi be
police magistrate. On bis expressing
his willingness, however, au alririuutivc
motion was carried.
It was then decided thai Hie coun
cil should Ihis year meet every Than
day at 7.30 p.m.
A Idler Ir,,,,, lhe provincial deputy
minister of public works .was read ami
ordorcd lo be filed.   The missive slat
ed lhal il was contrary lo all prec I
ant for (he provincial government in
release lhe reversionary inieresl l/i the
right of fay acquired through the Cap
i lun j, Indian reserve ,'.')' of "anm<, tne
gatetting of Ibe road would give lhe
I  municipality ample protection.
i     On the milium of Couu  Bridginaii,
I   Ihe council will al  the next meeting
be supplied wilh a statement showing
Ihe amount of money lhe council has
now in hand.
The reeve uiul Couu. Ward and Weal
over  were added  lo  lhe adjunlmcui
• commillee to help in negotiating th
division of the municipality.
Coun. Nelson, iu Ibis connection, said
Ibo final meeting in respect of Ihis
mailer would have lo lake/ place shorl
ly ao it wu decided Ibal II shoulil be
called in the district hall.
Afler several minor melteis left over
by tbe late council bad been referred
to various cominlltci, tbe session was
Nl V. Ywbt Club
A Parlous Evening Promised
Tho Nortb Vancouver Yacht Clui
have taken Ibe Lonsdale Theatre.for
|wo nights, January Silrd and HHh,
when they will provide lu lhe form of
i.a rulnslm! troupe, an flflliHrllfllflltV-
which promises to givo Ihe people of
North Vancouver a musical treat and
fIbe post laughable Iwo hours in tbo
b|story of Ihe city. The joke* are real
jokes aud tbey are uow. The songs
are good songs and they will catch
your ear. You will be tickled to death
with Hie harmonies.of the quartette
and the "Barber-shop chords,".
•loo and  Steamboat,  two   low down
tipqu.eemeillens will sing "AAAermtn
are seeking office alien llfee long,"
written by a Nurth Vancouver China
man. Tho ears of some local celebrities may linglu as I result but all tbs
others will laugh.
Tbe curtaig will rise on a circle of
black men lit charge of an interlocutor
lit the good ul,| fashioned way, although
tho program ia essentiality funny Una
ars. Ilooley, Stovel and Farmer will
render swinging rousing songs. Mr.
Percy Ward with his famous quartette
will also be there,
The wliule program will lie sprinkled
with humorous bits, gags and alius
mini of local interest and the audience
will only bu allowed live minutes' Interval in which to recover lis decor
In the exigencies of having to con
louse the accouqt uf an unusually
lengthy mooting, mention waa inadvor
lenlly omitted iu the last iaauo of lhe
Kxprcss of ileeve May's emphatic reply on Thursday night to certain statements made by Mr. i (I, Keith in bis
letter supporting the candidature of
Ex-Beeve McNaught. In refcrenco to
Hie statement that "Mr. May baa as
sorted lhat the municipality would have
been bankrupt if he had not stopped
and guaranteed the finances with
Ihe bank," Hoove May contended that
he was merely indicating tbe splendid
progress of Iho municipality frum a II
naticial standpoint and uul seeking tu
l.ii-. s- political capital from litis al
Tlie professional hockey match whicii
will be played al Iho Vancouver arena
this evening promises to be lite best
exhibition of Ihu game in Die season's
series to dale. Tho teams have been
steadily improving in Iheir play aa lhe
season has advanced and arc now in
I" litioti to put up first class hockey.
He. i. use of Ibe purl miliar teams which
will tii.-.'l this eveuing special inieresl
attaches lo lhe match. Tho Victoria
leant has forged into Ural place lu Ihr
league by good play but tbe New
Wesiiniiisier I .'i.n. won from lliein on
Victoria's own riuk about Iwo week,
ago and as Ihey have been working
hard since that time, Ihey oipcct lu
repeat Iheir victory tonight ami lints
check lhe winning pace of the capitals.
The game shoulil allract a record crowd
ami prove exceptionally fast and ex
UjI eveuing the local Epworlh Lea
gue was given an illuatralcd talk eu
lilted "Strangers within uur galea'
by the pastor. Mr Ogic was lo have
addrcssril lhe meeting 'ul owing In
illness was unable lo attend. The talk
gave a good idea of the range of
lliionj Isciii" received aud showed
the need o' support for bumc missions.
Neil e<'«ning, Monday, January l'l'u.I
b*l* a " Cltlionablp" Messrs. Orcy.
Wi-ir and Oslnirn will give addresiw
nn Hie effect uf arl, literature ami mu
ou cilisene." Everybody welcome
ami bring your  friends.
•■icordlug lo the report of Mr. Cos
grove, the district cugincer, a lnilc
over ill mil' ' ol ruad Wi' been open
ed by contract during Ibe paA jtai.
Over S wiles of road have been opeaad
by day work. Tbe total mileage of
mads opened bas been 211.78, aud Ibe
mileage of roads macadamised, 1.60
Over 7 miles of sidewalk have been laid
and io connection wilb .the waterworks
department, inaina extending 1.71 mil. -
lisis" been laid, while waler cenoec
linns number 100. Subdivisions con
sidcred during lbs year number HI.
Tbs city of Nortb Vancouver has
turned a now page in its history lo a
real eitate transaction juat completed
with tbe sale of St. John's college for
a considerable aum by Ihe joint firrai
of lukater, Ward * Ce. lid. and the
North Vancouver Truat Co. Ud. lo t
syndicate of capitalists. Information
stales that it li tbe intention of the
purcbaapri to shortly subdivide the col
lege grounds intu building Iota which
will be placed on the market by Ihe
above firms for lbs purpoae of forming
a uew eraiilontial section. The disappearance of this old lond mark ia an
other ogu al-IM-Uuld ptewik md
advancement of Norlb Vancouver,
David Mrl-tllaad, Mayer McNeiih>t
ward, who wai for a time on H. M. 8
"Bainbow" bas been placed by Ilis
Warship io Bt. Louie College, Nsw
Wastainster. The mayor loicmls lo
eventually place Datld ja training for
a aaval career.
DUtrict Polling-.*
Revised Figures
The following Is tlte -nvjsod statement of the polling in the municipality
qn Saturday last:
tor 9*vtitss= ___„:_:
W.H. May  fius
>J. Y. McNaught   :i5l
Par Councillors
Ward 1,
Charlea Nolion     SO
W, A. Thompson   83
John i .si'.:.un, returned by acclamation.
Ward i
Jack   Loutet    .'....IW
Ooorgo Wagg    03
A le.Ulhler  Philip       Ill
Peter Westover  Hll
T. A. Allan Mil
Ward 6.
B. II. Bridgman    Oil
C. 1). MacKonxie    3D
Porcy Ward, returned by acclama
Councils Past and Present
Naw Aldsnnen Take Oatb
A  brief valedictory sessiun of the
old" city council tuuk place al noon
yeaterday The new pen-nibs, abiniag
ink wells uud flake white Moiling paper
placed in readiness for the new coun
il made the Ihree retiring aldermen
almost regretful lhal it was not lu I
Iheifa lo aoil wilh usage. ,
Certain minutes hu.ing been formally
passed, Mayor McNeish intimated thul
he had rescue,I a telegram from Mr
II. II. Stevens M.I'. acknowledging the
joint entreaty fur a .'til days' delay of
Ihu I'l'ii'iini: application of the c. p. it.
Company.     Mr.   Slot ens' reply  was:
Application will be adjourned aboul
thirty days. Advise olher orgauiaa
lin Hie suggestion of Aid. Hick il was
agreed lhat lhe clerk shoulil conitiiiini
catc tbia message lu Ihu dlslrlcl coun
cil, II..unl uf Trade ami Halepayers' As
Aid Hick furthor moved lhal all
questions involving sidewalks, ruuils ami
water connections that hail mil been
seen lo during lhe past year lie referred
lo thu next couucil with u rei-oiiiiuen
lulmu lhat Ihey be attended to a.
soon ai funds are available. Carried.
Tho mayor Iheti expressed a sincere
hope lhat Ihe cily had bcnelHtc.l by
Iho in I inns of the past year's council.
'I alao hope," ceulinued ilis Worship,
'lhal although you are leaving Ihis
budy wu shall still Sajoy the benelils
of your internal ami advice, us a council .unmet do everything us you arc
aware aud it ia through tbe uublaaavd
a —> -tujj. •■ of members uf lhe couilliun
ily lhal wc can hope to make things
pi alien,|  successfully."
Aid. McBae said lhal Ihey wuulil us
suredly miss tbeir retiring colleagues
and certainly Ihey would miss Aid
Kittaon'a genial smilcl
Tho proprietor ef Ibe said smile
facetiously expressed a hope Ilml the
relics of lhe old council would not
lake undue advantage nf the innocence
of Ihe new member*,
Aid Henderson then made a motion
of congratulation, rcspemlc,Tto by Ihe
mayor, wbo said It wai a source of
great gratification lo him lo have lbc
confidence of Hie ratepayers He would
•lOtnlee lo faithfully discharge bis du
By Ibis time tn Ibree fitly elect
cd aldermen, Messrs. Voreroau, Irwin
and Frascr had arrived upon the utm
and Ihe mayor forthwith read aloud
lo each individually Hie formula by
which alsleriiien are sworn Into* oHc*.
This done, Ilis Worship rongrstulul
e.| Ibe cily ou Ils choice of lbs person
ucl of lhe couucil for Ibe coming year.
Thoy were all ana of segperifnee and
men wbo would l.i-n.-fli« il..- city.
"Tbere is a great deal of work to be
done,' 'said Iba mayor, "and doubtless
we shall all endeavor lo carry it oul
In a manner which will make Ihe city
heller fixed financially."
Hii Worship exhorlfid the alderman
ic aciletlo to pay every attention lo
the work Ibal came before Ihem. Hur
Ing lbs year limy could not all j-ipcrl
lo Me eye to eye with each olptl on
all questions, and the mayor entreat
cd tbem to be considerate of one an
other. Tha following committees were
limn appointed far the ensuing year:
Finance—Alt). Mcliao (chairman)
Aid. Irwin, Aid. Fpreman.
Board q/ Works-Aid. Biss (chairman), Aid. Fnreinan, Aid. Franer .
Waterworki—Aid Dick (chairman).
Aid. Hiss, A1. 11 Fraspr. JfZ.
Firo and Light-Aid. Irwin (cliair-
titan), Aid. Dick, Aid. McBae.
Parks, Cemetery and Boulevard-
Aid. Foremuii (chairman), Aid. Irwin,
Aid  .Biss.
Land, Limes, Public Safety and Public Transportation—Aid. Fraier (chairman), Aid. McBae, Aid. Dick.
The mayor ex officio member of each
Court of Hoviiion—(lis Worahip Mayor McNeish (chairman), Aid. Foreman, Aid. irwiu, Aid, Dick, Aid. Mc-
Board of School Trustees
Presentation to Ur. A. B. Steacy
That progressive ami important body
Iho school trustoes uf this city, -yesterday placed llgurative laurels un lhe
brow of Mr. A. II. Sleacy, whose re
tiretnent from the board means lo any
one who has followed his work iu Hie
past, a distinct loss to lhe educational
In recognition of tbe fact Mr.
Sleacy's colleagues enlivened yestcrduy
uiul surprised him with the gift of a
gold-mounted catie. The presentation
uddress, utlorod by Truitee M/Dowcll.
was as followi:
"Your retirement al this lime from
the poaition you have so ably and
ourteouily lilled on (ho Board of
School Trustees presents a suitabl"
upportunity nf expressing our grateful
sense of your faithful services,' ami" our
esteem for your personal character.
You have continuously served un lhe
hoard since HID', and lhe Ihnuks of the
community are due to yuu fur tbe
capable ami impartial manner iu which
you have uniformly performed your
public duties iu Ihe intercats of odu-
catiou during these seven years. Yuur
lato associates in office regard your
determination lo retire from public
life as a subjeel of sincere regrel, uml,
iillliuiigli deprived of yuur valuable scr
vires, will not cease to remember with
gratitude the interesl yuu have always
luken, and 'iill continue lo take, lu lbc
educational proaparlty uf North Van
couver. You have lllleil the position
of chairman with dignity and accept
nine Jiiid *lo you, sir, by your tud
in so-guiding the deliberations uf the
Hoard iu channels uf harmony, is due,
iu j n.ii measure, Ihe presence uf Ihul
spirit uf unisou and concord which
ever prevailed in our discussions, ami
by which all our Iranaacllutia for Ihe
attainment of educational facilities
lune been consummated
We who have labored witb you on
llm board of achool trustees, desire lu
offer you a tangible token of Ihe senli
incuts we express. Wc ask yuur ac
icpliiiicc, therefore, of litis gold mount
ed presentation cane, not aa a reward
fur lhe splendid services you have rem
ilered in the cause uf education, but
us u memento of our appreciation of
Ihem ,iiml as a spontaneous offering of
genuine alia'Inni'iit and regard from
those who have bai| ample opportunities of truly estimating yuur character ami abilities, bulb as a public man
ami a private cilixeu As auch au cm
Idem Ikis souvenir is presented to you,
sir, ami along wilb il our earnest wish
lhal you may long live iu health ami
happiness lu use It and may the pos
session of il revive pleasant recollections of yuur service on Ibe school
'..siaril ami of your ulilinmhiij «;'lh
your colleagues whose names an here
tl) subscribed"
Mr Sleacy made a brief reply, em
luiijyiiig sincere Hunks and apprecia
lion of lhe action of his colleagues
Mr E A. Mqrden having been cordially welcomed as a member of lbc
board, Ibe appointment of officers and
committees, etc. for the ensuing year
wai proceeded wilb ai follows:
chairman-Mr. M. B. McDowell.
Secretary—Mr. Oeo. Campbell.
Building and Grounds Commillee
Messrs Hay (chairman), Fraier and Mc
Finance Commillee Messrs. Perry
and Morden.
School Management—Tbe entire
board, Truant Officer Chief of I'oliec
Sanitarium for
North Vancouver
Local Doctor's Project
It is tho ini,'iiinm of Hrs, Nowcotnbo
and Martin of title city to shortly open
a private hospital—ono which will be
thoroughly modern i» ovcry conceivable respect. . For this purpose they
havo acquired au admirable sito on
.'■v..inI anil Thii,I iiissvisi |,eiis,'I',, St.
Patrick's and St. Andrew's whereon
ilii'ii already stands a building suitable in tin- opinion of the two doctors,
to their project. The building has un
dergbuo a process uf renovation and
remodelling, uud in its mut'uinorplioaod
and modernised stuto is destined tu be
known as the Harbor View Sanitarium.
Both Hr. Newcnmbo nnd Dr. Martin
nintuattjr IlitoiiitTblirimtitnttoir to~ bs
second to none iu Hie province, In ten
daya' time it will be in reuiliness lu
receive all cases save lliuse of infection
and alcoholism .
The building itself is replete wilh up-
to-date conveniences, bus several rooms
Immediately facing in -.< sunny direction, uud is surrounded by u verandah
commanding, bulb to Hie sunlit uml lu
the west, u splendid ami uninterrupted
view of the Inlet.
The sanitarium will lie under the
tuuuugi is,, i.i ul Miss McLeish, u nunc
particularly well knuwn in Vancouver
and this cily, whu will be assisted at
tho outset by u staff uf Ihree trained
nurses ami an orderly.
Express Classified Ads.
FOB SAJ-E-Tborouglilired   P.    II.
Booster.    Apply P. 0. Box 8008.
FOB SA-LE-Tlioroughbred llelguim
lliiru cheap. Apply So* A, Express
FOB SALE-Flrst growth dry wood
for $4.70 per cord, i ft. O. McDade,
Plioue 01. General teaming,.        t.f.
FOB SALE-Fir wood.S4.S0 per eord.
Apply .lohn Campbell, 227-5tb Itreet
west, or phono 301. lu I
The annual mooting ul the llurlicul
tuml society lakes pluee this evening
in lhe hull ul ;. o'clock.
Mi. .1. II. 1-iiiglisli is pleased In Inform
many Inquirers thai Master Charles
English is out uf danger uml inipruv
ing satisfactorily.
Mr. B. D. dimming of Aslmrofl is
visiting hia bruther, Mr. W. S. Gumming uf Ibia city. Mr. Cuinining hits
recently sold his business at Ashrrol't
and is enjoying u well earned vacation.
A .niii..i uml excellent program is
on Ihe boards at Hie Lonsdale theatre
Ihis" week.
Mr Kingsliurgh is certainly lhe
King nf Kurds, ilis wonderful tricks
border ou the inirneluuns.
Tbe youngsters greully appreciated
the ventriloquism nf Mr. Brown.
The piece do resistance was tho mosl
amusing one-act fane entitled "u pair
of lunatics." Mr. Fcernlcy ami Miss
Van Iui..ni did ample justice lu this
extremely funny piece.
All ihe new pictures are excellent,
but the "Shooting Star'' is one uf Ibe
must beautiful liluis ever shown. This
will appear on Tuesday und Wednesday
ovening! for lhe lasl lime.
The Norlh Vancouver Yacht Club are
lo grace Hie theatre nn the mini iust.
ami mosl of Hie tickets for Ihut even
ing have been already sold.
Don't forgel lbc Firemen's Hall In
be held in Ibe K. of P. Hall on Wednesday, January lilb, mi:' 101
FOLND   Gasoline    beat.       W.    C.
Thompion, Hollyburn . 8 8
WANTED-To   excavatoril   -Earlh
Apply Wallace Shipyards Ud.     I.f.
WANTED—General servant, expert
ence nut uecoaaary, Apply Mrs. My
cr'i, t.'.'Ji and Bidgeway. 18 I
Tusefcf, lm. Mb   Annual Meeting of Horticultural Society | pn.
Weeaneiay, lin.  11th  Uceting ot Beard tt Trade, Oity Hall, I pjn.
Wednasday, 3m 1Kb   V. V. tltt Department Ball, X. of P. Ball, t
TtoraSaj*, Jan. 18tH Ueetlag tt District Ifeucll, hypn Vattsy, 99)
mm, /m. om-fMetlog at City Council, f o'clock.
WANTED-O'nl toaailit wilb bouse
wurk, Old country girl preferred. Mn.
W. B. Shakespeare, lib itreet east. Ul
FOB SALE-Lots 8, 0, ill, block 08,
I). L. 000. Price $2800 or separate, l-S
ennh, 0 and 12 muutlis. Apply Uox A10
Express Oflice. 181
FOB SALE-Wood, 10 inch Sr,
I8.8S, cedar blucks, HM, cord wood,
$1.00. Loovo orders at burn, 7th and
Hidgewny or P. O. Box '8014.     181
FOH SALE-Threo 50-foot Iota on
i.iue.'ii street, five minutes' walk from
Lunsdule avenue, $11011 each, tine third
cash, 8, 18 and 18 mouths. Apply
K., "Express" Office
FOB SALE-l.ight delivery horso,
woight 1,1)01) lbs. Good all round
winner. J nli ii Alexauder k Oo., 1SI
I .si Inb' Avenuo, N. Vaneouver.   t.f.
I.I1MBEB FOB ti. lE-Tho H. O.
Wriglil Lumber Co.. 8 Lonsdale Avenue,
can give yuu (Trices on all material
when yuu uru building. See them t.f
FOR BAI.E-liil shares in Imperial
Car and Drydock Corporal ion for Sinn
ash.   Projected lino of 0, P. B. rum
right tliruiigh Ihu "Imperial Towuailo."
Apply  Imperial, Expross Office     t.f.
ROOMS FOR lll'.NT-Ilouickooplng.
218 ind Street east.
FOR BKNT-Six ruuincl house, l'ati-
try und bath, Jones uml Keith ruad.
P. O. Hox 2291, N. Vancouver.      80 I
FOB RENT- One anile. Colonial
Apartmculs. Telephone un.! heat lu
eluded.     , t.f.
TO LET—Nice large unfurnished
room, 80 per month, 1010 Cbwlcrflel-I
Ave. 18 I
TO RENT—Choice modern suilci on
3rd' streot. Apply Alex. Smith k 0o.,
Norlh Vaiicuuver.     itonls $17.00. t.f.
Brondibury Rooms,   beautiful   new
uml heiilcl moms, hoi water,     Terms
moderate. 134 1st slreei west. IS I
TO RENT Choice minimi suites ou
3rd slrcet. Apply Alex. Smith k Co,
North Vancouvor. t.f.
FOB BENT-Lighl housekeeping
suites of rooms in Mt. Crown Block,
let slreei. Hot and sold waler, heal,
telephone, etc., etc. Alan good janitor
service. - 30 I
FOB RENT-The old ferry boat
"Surrey" slanding ou beach near
Lonadale Gardens. Furnished suitable
for residence. Reul, $12.00 per month
Gillcspio's Limited, 331 Peniler Bl.,
Vancouver. Photic Seymour 0008.
(let it at Lonidale l'barnaey Pboue 22
Boom aud  board at Ihe corner of
i'.i.. n: bin v end nil. un car lino. 18 I
Mrs. Adams, uialeruity nurse, near
Hulel, Lynn  Valley lined. IS I
WANTED-A girl to lo general
housework. Apply flrat house weit of
Boulevard on.Kith street, Mrs. M. W.
Clomenti. 83-1
We havo money for tbo purchase of
Agreements of Sale.  Canadian Financiers Ltd., Bank of Hamilton Building.
H C. livery aod Board stables
Light rigi aud Indies' uddle burns
f'tr hire. Stabling for bones, fl*i.
oral doV.vcry and heavy teaming. Jl.
Dmnal, 41b l\iiit meal Pbouo 847 t.f.
11 ■'..'... .'Iju.J-VR	
For plumbing, pips Stting and pan
necting sea F. B. ilernon, Sia^arlck
Boad, Lynn Valley, or Phone 181    i.f
Agreements for Sale diicouated.
Money waiting. Lonadala Really Co.,
030 Lonadale Avenue. Phone 317.   If.
WANTEP-A lot lpt homcsilc,
North Vancouver, Capilano or Lynn
Valley. Must bo within two blocks
from car.  Btatp caah prico and ila
of same. Apply Hnx 'I'M, Norlb Vw
J'.'). I'i I
NOBTH SHORE RESIDKNTS--JF .cordially invited lo attend
yon desire tp idl -your business or prgs
party of any kind pall or wrli- w,
we bave clients for close-in acreage
Itt subdivision. Wo can get result*,
Mcllwaine .4) Dclbar, 9 ioptt BppAlpg,
Wl Hutttt* St. y/.,Vmeotvit, 9 o.
' Mi
Th* Nortb Vancouvar Dye Worki
44 lionidalo Avcuue, guarantee to do
aa good work at cheaper priest lhan
ypu ran possibly get in Vanrnuvafr
Give ua a trial, Ihs mult will speak
tor Itself   Phone 107. U.
-i- __ __	
Tbe Truth ituOent* plus will tumt
every Tuesday ovpplpg at 8 o'clock at
tbe residence pf Ifn. Gallagher, KMlb
road, noar JUTgsway. Student) doyll-
Jng blgliof spiritual uufoldmant
JM Imperial Car, Shipbuilding aad
Dry Dock Corporation win 4oniiaei at-
let, tot clearing townsite pf (M term
it Hocho J'oinl.    Apply lo 3. f
Wnod, Mount.Orowp Block, lit Itreet
m- if *   ~»*--f      y+r* + a.t    *>^yFJp»
.amtB-WJiooinrtB wwh oovjmwa
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eiclunivuly. It constitutes an advertising medium of exceptional value for
reaching in a thorough and effective manlier the population of North Vancouver
City end Districl. Every effort is-made to give advertisers thp most satisfactory
All changes in contract advortisonionts should be in the printers' hands not
later Hum 10 a. in. Monday end t p. nt, Wednesday to ensure insertion in the
following issue, k
North Vancouver, B. O..
....January 18, 1018.
\Tlis municipal clei-liuii:. ill both cily
ltd district are now post uml thu nlH-
clal lists are filled up for thu guidance -of affairs during Ihu journey In
another milestone in Iho civic history
of tho North Hhore.
In thu cily cniineil the mayor nmi
three aldermen have survived llm annual upheaval uml iu Ibis piirliculnr
Mayor McNeish is lo lie especially
iiiiigritiiihiie.l upun capturing lhe distinction of being the first mayor of
the cily nf Norlli Vancouver lo be
electc.I   by   acclamation,   lu   lhe   ilis
(trict ,tbe council just elected presents
a new anil yet a familiar ligure ul Ihu
In -nl of Ihu council ill the persun nf
Reeve May ,whn is likewise lo be congratulated upon thu conspicuous mnn
iter in which ho has "come back"
after retiring ul the end ul' eighteen
years of public life. Three of lust
year's council ure nguin iu their places
and will participate in the adminis
trillion of district municipal mailers,
fur the ensuing term.
There will necessarily lie somo
changes in the personnel of the dis
imi council when West Vuncouver
' municipality is created nut uf the
western portion uf the .district, an
event which will prnbolily transpire
within u I".' months, but it is scarcely
tu be anticipated thul beyond ilm re
lirement uf the representative nf thai
section who now sits nt the council
board llm present council will uudergu,
material change, if any.
These years which ure passing lit
present time are all years of exceptional importance in llm history of the
North Shore, because Ihey arc farms
live year's. The fouinlatloila lire now
being laid winch in nn essential sens"
musl exercise u .-outrolling nillueiuc
over the development of the North
Shore, for ull lime. 11 is, llierefnre,
imperative Hint municipal uirnirs' bu
entrusted tu men who will prove them
selves Imi Is . npiil.le of the tusk which
devolves upon Ihem and worthy of Ibe
honor which has L.-.-n cnnferrc.l upon
Ihem ,by ,..:.,..,' lhe duvulopiiuuil of
local nlliiir- along lines which lire ut
oiict. sule and  progressive.
The councils for 11*12 arc composed
of men who without exception, lune
been for years, closely identified with
North Shore interests, iiu-n whu have
proven Ibeir business -apa.-ily in lhe
marked success win. li has attcn.l« Iheir
operations aloug Inns of private en
Icrprise, while tor tlm greater pur! tliey
are llicli of more or less U'tuul cxpe/i
onco iu the administration of inunn i
pnl affairs, all of which will be ruing
iii/i'il as cogent reasuns why Ihe ratepayers of tlm Norlh Hhoru mu. Inul
forward with confidence to the year
1812 as likely lo prove a year uf able
ami progressive administration nl llm
affairs uf the cily ami lhe district
uf Nnrlh Vancouver.
U 1
"' f
which ii noil-resident vutur la fully us
well ini'iii'iueii as any Incai voter and
is, ili ie quite us ' apal.lc uf murk
ing gn in.i.'p. mi. ni ballot, bill Ihis
is Hie exception rather lhan the rule.
It is not al ail to disparage Hie unu-
resilient' vote, therefure, to say thul
Iho rapid development of a resilient
vule such us will ut till times munis
lukeulily locate Hiu controlling inllu
unco in Norlh Hhore affairs, wilh the
resident ratepayers is a consummation
which would inuku toward lulldlfylllg
ihu foundation of locul municipal tie-
So fur us can be learned. Ihu mill
residenl vole was strutiger Ihis yeur
proportionately in city elections Ihun
il wae last year, while with respocl
In the diatriot it was tuiine.yhut smaller ns compared with Hie Intttl vole
Ihun lusl year, iillliuiigli it ronatitutud
aboul fifty per cent, nf Ihu vole pulled
on Hatunlay.
sum Cm
Hon'I miss the illustrated I.Vlure
trip through the IjUiuI uf HciAy unl
Hums with thu Hev. ,1. W. W Isi.lies "guide" assisted by liual ami Van
uuver i.sl. ei iu snugs uml readings,
Tliursduy, January If), » p.m., Mt. An
Irow'a Presbyterian church. Admission
US uiul fill . cuts. Ill I
s\ I ,--imi...-in,11 LANK DISTRICT
lllslllcl   uf  <'..Iful   llllllgc   title
Tills.' Noll... lliul tlnuigis Vi-rillir i.l
Vuiicuuver.   11   I',    ..,.,  s     llinlu'i
I'l lllsi'l.   till. I..Is.   Ill  l.|ljl|>   l.ir   p- I lt.ls-s.li.1
... ism iIiiisi- I lm i ..ll" s in, ileact {Iiiil
Ij.tlils. I'liininclmlUK al. H |iosl pi,n.i. .1
ul...nt 10 . I..,!,,. .. .,11, nf 11,, 11111ih-u1.nl
.... l.ul i.f l.ul It, llleliee enal 10 etiiilns.
thence smith in clinlns: thence eust
111   cihulna,   llii'iii.i   nurth   10   chuins.
11   east IU chains; thence north Ml
t tiullis .thence West I.e chains. llmliLi-
■■■■,.111 1(1 chains tu p<'lm ol cummenua-
iiii'tii   .otiiuliitiig   sto  acres   iiiui.i   sn
ills,Il.ll   VlTHIsllTIl
I Ml.-.   11.1,nill.er   211b,   I..1I IS-J
In muni' ijsulllies slliiuli'il as are tin
fc  ; city and  Ihe  dlslrlcl   of   Nurth   Van
cuuver, the proportionate relaliunslii|
existing betweeii the resident .vole und
llm outalds vole, 'Url al the 1111)111. ij.nl
elections, is a matter of iiiteb-st to
those who follow municipal pruiilems.
The close proximity of u great renin
such as Vancouver, within twenty miu
ul.-s' run, coupled with the compare
Ihuly small proportion! aa yel uftuiu
ed In local population, creates a my
large body of lion resident ratepayers,
whu ,wben conditions are favorable,
muster iu nupx/jcal strength of such
1...un.ml.I. proportions al the polls, us
ip v.'.a/t a most potent, if not a .'on-
m.- 'trolling influence ou the municipal .dec
It ii an undeniable fad thai lhe lo
cal situation is rendered considerably
mote complicated, because of Ibis feu
tare. The uon resident Voter Is iu
"very wty Inherently equal lo (he resi
dent votor, but it ')* r|uilo evident thai
be is not *, rlofely io touch wilb local
issues as is tU resident voter, he bas
not the same a^uaintunce witb the
local standing of the soveral candidates
for oiii.-e, b* has not lhe aame know
ledge of the real ln*W$M«| „l the
siluaiioi. au.l in essaying tu 'ut'rk |,„
ballot psper h* is at s .isrirlerl ,tj*„|
vsntags and in fact is frequently m,,i,
at a loss and prowls mete ot leu at
narlom unUsi he bsr flrst applied to
aome pcrieual #<;qusiul«sce lot dis
interested (f) gaioW* '» the »»"*'
There aw, at war**, l»»t**tee». iu
I'lslllsl    uf   Coast    llullge   line
Take Null, u  11,..1 Cora Kin*, ul Vim-
..uver,  11   «'. ua iiiuilluii. a, ,,, 1. .    lu-
li-mts to   .,,1    fm  1.,,,,, ...i,.,, I,, pm-
l-llusa    III..    I..II..Willi,    .lis. rib. .1    I.n..Is
I'.illliniiliThg   ill    11   I'llSl    ela.t.l.       Ill,..III
33 chuins i-iist ut tlm point uf ...in
111,11, ciiiiiil ill l.ul T I. St'ili ami
nl.musl.lc a surveyor's noil hauling
inunlifi' 216. limine norlli Sll 1 h.ilus
lliii.ee eun IU chains 11,cm, 11.111I1 til
lialns, tlmnee w.<st III chains tn 110I11I
uf cumiiiHiiceiiiciii. euntalnlng lit ,..n.
nunc ui  less
I'ullA   KINO
lialc.  I " ,   ]7th,  IUU. 16 3
liisiilci „l '' ■    ii.ii.,.   unu
Take Nolice Uml Kllbill Al.xnllitrr
ss. .'..is ul Vi.ncoovti. II C, .ic.-u|iu-
tlutl broker, Ins. n.i.. lu uMil) for permission to purchase tha n.lluwllig da-
ssiin.il lunils: Commencing ul a iiosi
nbnitcil to . 1...ii,,. nasi ul th. north
...si corner ua given In .1 .li seiluibui
uf I.sl slukcil h> tli'inu. v...Il.-i an.I
I.uuilicrt'il one. itmiicc north 40 chain*:
ili.iict' well 60 chains, ttiencc tiiirlh 10
ih.tlna. than.e west SO ihultis: 1I..11
smith to chains; Ihence eust SO ehslt
il.. ii.c suiiili 10 chains. iJhjuci- eusi 10
1 lialns tu point of juiiii". ■"■ ill-til. ion
...sn!,,,   S|0 acres mora or leas
Lute   lir.-smb.-i   Kill., till 16 3
A large cily map of Nurth Vancou
ver has been prepared ill lhe Cily En
gincer'i ofti.e,showing Ihe dlmenaioni
of Ihu lols.
Auy person desiring a blue prin
of Ihe same may oblsin a ropy at thi
City Engineer's oflice by paying lhe
actual coat of blue printing.
Cily Engiussr.
 —_ —. .   - -
Diitrict of North Vancouvar.
Court tt HtvlMao at Asstsssssal SUM
1 J w -
NilTH'l-i la hcreliy given lhal Ilu-
i'.jsii.. II ol the District of North Van
cuuver have appointed Haturdey ,lhe
ilid Par of I'Vliruary. llll. al Iht hob.
ot I "< I." i< 11 in si lhe Muni' ip..1
Hull. ...niii of Lynn Vfllli-i Itoad and
rrflroms rleai fp ntd -HaV*' -ar'n't
ll*n* and i.luie for hssrln* cintilaliils
uslnst tlie assessment for Ilu yesr
Isll, ss matt by lbs Assessor.
Any pcis.sn <isin,i|j.lnlug aitalQit the
AsHi-satnvnl must irfvs nolle..' In wrltln*.
to the Assessor of (lis (round ol bit
"implnlnl al least ten days before Ihr
''"!» ..I Ilu wai alltlna ol lhe Courl
of lc.vision
,J'aiip  at   Norlh  Vancouver,  0.  p„
^   ^   .^AwTmnn^hm.
Beott and Burns by Bev, J, W. Wood-
Bide, onllvenpil'by sniig gml stiiry— Van-
cunviir ppt\ local talent. St. Audrpw's
Preebyter'an cbnrclt, Thundtty, .Iiiiiii-
pry id", 8 p.m. Price flo»nt| oo eepts.
Sewer Connections
I'llHijIC NOTICE Is nerony givon
tliat all "ism'."' uf real property I routing or abutting upon a street nr lane
in wliiiih or under which a niiiin or
•nininuii sewer is laid is hereby ro-
pin.'.I tq cntineet uny building or promises upun .such properly wilh such
main ur cumiuuii sewer.
Permits may be iiiilntue.l from Ho
Plumbing inspeclii.' ut his ulliiu ul the
Cily Hull between llm huurs uf 0 a.
iu. uiul III ii.in uiul I p.m. uml ll p.m.
Tlie ii.ii"'.'.in. regulations guvurn the
construction nf hnuse ur building connection! wilh shurrs;
No house sewer pipe sliull have a
less fall Ihun I In -III, unless special
permission is grauluii in writing liy
Ihu Council, Suid pipes between the
Iron pipe, lu the connection of the
public sewer In lio-of lhe best quality
■ iui..ini.l salt glared vitrified clay so
nor pipe, nmi shall huvo a diameter nf
unl less IIiiiii I ini'lios. All pipes shall
lm sound nnd well burned throughout
their thickness, Impervious to inuis
ure, with a clear ring, smuulli and
veil i'l.i . i on Interior uml exterior
surfaces, free frum llnws, cracks, lilis
tit:-, lire checks or olher imperfections.
The pipes musl lie so laid in lhe
trench Ihul utter the sewer is coinplet
u.l, Ihu interior turface Ihereuf, shall
be lo a Irue ami even grade,
In malting the Jululs, n guskel nf
,,,1,1,1, ur hemp, freshly dipped in cu
iimiil grout, must first i • used ami
parked   lulu   place.   The  joints   shull
■ iii i . in be ii 'ill. packed full uml
bevelled off with murlur, cotupoied nf
iuu purl hy volume of approved Port
land cement to one purl by volume of
approved suinl.
All jniuls shall lie luii'le water lighl.
u that they will stand n Imu.I of HI
feet of water, when Iuslc.I by the
Plumbing Inspector ut the owner's,
plumber's ur contractor's expense.
Hy order of lhe Oouncll:
Clly I'lerk.      If
Telephone 276
10,000 cordi ol dry (ir wood lor spin I
sale. Price per odd totdi, $4.50.
.'■■p. i ml ipiiibiinuis lor l.ug.-t ipi.ui
lilies. ( ul Wood, 16 incites, $3.25.
12 inches, $3.50.   (.0.1).
Office and Void ■  Mill end Wuutlale
Phone 190.     P. 0. lioj Ull.
ii.ii..' i from I'ioviij.i.ii aud City'
Health Bylawi
"Whenever any householder knows
lhal any person within Ins lamily or
household has smallpox, diphtheria,
siiarlul fever, cholera, typhoid, whoop
inyrloupti, measles, mumps, glumfeis,
or any ulher contagious or iufaclioui
disease, he shall (subject in caw of re
I"-!.I or neglect lu lhe penalties pro
vid.-d i, wilblti eighteen huurs, give
notice in writing lo Hie Mclual Health
Ollicer no,.l no member of any botf**bold
shall alien.I achool until a certificate
hai been obtained from the Medical
Ileallb inii.er lhal no infra-lion any
longer eiial* In Ihe house, rlolbiug
and olher elfeclc have been disinfected
lo bia sallsfKr-tlon, ami until such cor
liflcalc shall have been obtained il shall
be Ihe duty of every member of Ibe
Inuis. hold, nu.I of Ihr Teacher, lo use
all reasonable efforts lo prevent the
association of   members of Hie said
Iiiiii.cli,.1.1   wilb  "Ilml   ' l.iblr.-n
2. The matron of a puKlic or pri-alu
Hospital, lhe keeper of every Hoard
iug or lodging House, every Inn keep
er or Hotel Keeper, shall, wltbln lis
hour*, report iu writing lo Ihe Medj
sal Health Oil!. . r. nr any jmr-un beniy
al une uf He ufnre.ai'l houses
or hotels and attacked with or suiptct-
ed of hiving any roolagioui or Infer
liuus ili si use m .-..ii nn .-d in the ily
law;" under Ih* pcnaltlt* prowled
for by wirb bylaw,
if.      Sattelnty VnttA el U**lth.
7   i
$65j] cash handfe8 a new, strictly modern house in
North Lonsdale, just hall o block from c«r,
Get particulars frpm .u.. -..in
Phone 37, North Vancouver, B. C,
M" The Elections
^ are over and
those elected
will now have to keep
their promises and saw
wood. We would advise them to use our
Easy Cut Buck Saws
■-'-'■ ■■'  ■     ..■——.. ——   I..., .—■ .-..-ii
See Our Window Display
90 Lonsdale Avenue      Next to P.O.
Good cleaied, giaded, 50 ft. lols Two Blocka from Lonidale Avenue Carline, Splendid Views and Excellent
Soil. The best buying jn the City to-day at $800.00 each
on terms of one-fifth cash and the balance over two years
For Further Particulars of above and Business and Residential Pioperlies see
Phone 70. P. 0. Box 1816
Contractors, Builders, Storekeepers, and Employers
n.'.'l only lu I'liniic .121 in bate all larau-lo tilled. NO OHABOE
to EMPLOYES or EMPLOYEE Ili.r.-f.in- tli.<r.< i, absululidy nu uo
ii'Miily lu utili/r ern.iluytiitfiil Agonoiaa in Vaiii-uuvt-r, ■• a t-utii|duU
Itsl   ol all  rlasaoa  ul  worhars is l..-|it al lltu
I'lione 321.     14 lonadale Avenue.
W  H  HOOD, SscroUry.
C.P.R. Terminus D. L. 555?
64 feet WATERFRONTAGE by 225 (eet
(1» r* (\f\A    one quarter, 6, 12
tpOUUU,   18 and 24 month*
Palmer, Burmeiter k von Graevenitz-Ltd.
Head Office   411 Pender Street, Vancouver, B.C.
Braiu-b - ir,7 Lorisdala Avauui.  Pbon* 71.
Branch—Ibit Lousdal* Avsnu*.  Pbon* itt.
Fint Class
in Lynn Valley (or Sule
J. im roonis, bandsoBisly <»ri»isbsil,
large lot, gradad, thorougbly draiimi}.
I'l'irii lllinloi'iilil.
1 still bavs a taw choine bu'ldlng.
lota iu lllsii'l. tit, i'li.iii|i. Will ii'•''-'n«u
to nroi'i lioiisa to suit ou favoTabl*
1 Itavo I1,1, it.-ri's on good roads uml
iioiir wiilor liiinl. iiiiiliilil.i inr aubdivlaion.
Alexander Philip
iinii Kstala ami Insurance llrokor
Olub Block, Nortb Vancouvsr. Pbon* 10
mitii'K Is ii.'i.'isi ."isi'is iimt an ap-
|.inini.hi will ho iiiado mul" Part V.
ol tho "Wator Aid, lllll," lo obtain a
li'inii  in llto
Division of District
(a) Tito nan^ s.''i.i,.'.   and occupation of tlio iiii|ilii'unl --l'or|ioralion ofl
Iho (lily nf Norlli Vancouvor. .1
(If for unit,is," |,ii,|',..i ., Frno Minor's Certificate Nd  i
(b) Tlio namo of tbe Iako, stream
or suuri'ii (if pnnamod, tim .1. , i|,hi,is
is)—Crock flowing mil or llico Ijultti
miu Sisiiiuiir river.
(c) Tlio )>oint of diversion—-8,000
teat down slroam in it nurtliorly direction frnm oullol nf lino Luke, suid
point being in D. L. 661.
(il)   Tbe i|iianlily of water u-iiilicil
for (in cubic foot per . ■....... I.   ' i' I. i.. -
cubic foci por second.
(0) Tlio character of the proposed
works- Hmail slain.
(f)   Tlio promisoa on wbicb Uio wit-
lur is In lio used (describe   ;■.... ,    i'u
of Norlli Vancouver.
(u) Tbo purposes for which tho waler ia lo lie usod—Municipal and domestic purposp.s .
ili) If for irrigation describe tho
laml Intended lo In.' irrigated, giving
ai-rougo.   '   ..  .'	
(1) if Iho water is to bii used for
power or mining purposes iltarriiio the
plui-o where the water is lo lie returned
to*somo nuliirul I'liannel, ami Ibe dif-
ferom-e in altltutlo between point of.diversion uml point uf return   .	
■i Areu m Urown lumi iulendyi
to bo occupiod liy tho proposed works
(k) This nolle* wus posted on lhe
T'Tiuil day of lli'si'Miliir, lull, ami appli
cation will lm mado lu tho Oominlaslon-
er iiii the   '..ii, ,|ay of January,  ml:'.
(1) (Jive the names and addresses
nf any ripuriuu proprietors or licensees who or whose In mis arc likely lo
i. nrTcrtcd by lhe proposed works,
eilher aliove or below the outlet.
(Hignutiiri'i  TIKIMAH HIIKI'IIKliD,
(P. O. AddressJ
(lily Hull, North Vancouver.
Miss i ..la M. Daiiu, licentiate of
the lluyul Ai-ndi'iny ol Musis'. Lomloik
Kiigliiii'l, teiii'liiT uf ['i.si,.in.ii.. visit*
Norlli Vanrouver ovcry week Address
IIIO'J Beach Avouuo, Vamoiiver. Phone
370111 Hoymour. it 1
Paper the World
Irom our si'"I. ol now Wall Papon
so it sccuia.   I'',vcry duy some now
design   arrives to Iill   Ibo vucauoy ,
ol tboae cioaed out.
Handsome Wail Paperi
are hero in ondltx* varloly. .lusl
loll our siilismun lor what room
you want .the paper and ho will
allow you juat Ihe pultaru you are
looking (or.
To cliooso Irom our slock ii a pleasure, (o pay our prico tl easy.
W. H. ST0NEY & CO.
117 IjOnidale Avenue
Pboa* I
lOOflxlOOfl, corner of King street (now graded) and St. Andrew's Ave.   This
property is all (leared and is in a most desirable residential location, and the price is
$1,150 .'-J «*•6 w4 12 omfht
.]■    -   i      mini  -t  'i3r'-*ri-*- ' T ■■       """*•' •••••• .-—■.     -.     ■ ■ ■ ■     ■■•—n
/? ■MrtHMM*
H-n. Jiiisiness Gentlemen's Popijlar Liiiidi l'lace
mm       ' Breakfast 8;3u (p iq     LiwpI) ia till a.    High
s.rvic Tea 5 |il| 7:3c    Afternoon Teas.
aiioBT ouniiBS mmm' atiw'P T9
Norlh  Vancouver Clui.    Blook,  Eeplan..!. Waal
North Vancouver Coal & Supply Co. ltd.
Dealers in Coal, Brick, Ume, Gravel, Sand, Cement, Plaster,
Lath, Sewer Pipes and General Builders' Supplies, ,
Wharf: Foot of St. George's Ave.   Phone 178.
Office: 56 Lonsdale Avenue.   Phone 198.
.——■**—■—■■—**■———awaaMaai—awa-i—1-1 . n
Wettern Plumbing Co.
Plumbing, Plumbing Supplies, Sewer
Connection*,  Hot  Water  aud  SUam
Heating,   Bbeet   Metal   and Tinners'
Furnace Work.   Estimates furnished.
Warehouse aud Oflice: (lor. Esplanade and St. Qeorge, Pbons 306.
1. H, (ionium), Manager
We solicit the trade of all builders who appreciate
High Grade Goods at a moderate price, and lhe
prompt ami careful filling of orders, which our large
slock and long experience in business makes possible.
Burrard Sash & Door Factory, Ltd.
GO  id   'illli
4th Street West.        11. DUMAS. Phone 347
My thanks to everybody
and  congratulations to
all who won.
desires to thank the voters
who supported him in lhe
icccnl election.
Get Your Bread
Pioneer Bakery
VAN CALLS DAILY to all parti of the City
Support Home Industry
and Build up North Vancouver
- . —■-..— .——-_    .       _.     —
Seymour Lumber Co.
Have iheir mill operating in the mountain and can give
of all kinds of Rough, Dimension and Kiln Dried Lumber
Moulding and Finishing Lumber.   Second to none.
Office: Corner Sutherland Avenue and 17th street.
Take Queensbury Car (Yeljow Labd).
1 -visit If) oxpreaa my sincere lluiiiU
Still ii|i|ii'i!i-iiilioii for 11"' gpiiorniiH vote
accorded mn on Saturday last. I bono
tn ,jii«i ii'.v yonr c<Htfliloi|C|) by -fidelity
ti your interests in tlm municipality at
9M- «• MAY.
TO   fP   BJJ30TOBB   OJ'   WABO
1 ;i'lis"i i«|ii| (Jeiitlcinci 1
Pleas* »':co[it my voti> uf IIi.'ihIis lur
your unsolicited votes in Ilie lulu nine-
tljlllS   Wishing you till tt Happy  Now
Ypuf.' I bog to remain,
VourB tniy,
Ladies and Ovnllomen:
I wislt lo tliiim1. you all for yuur
luiarly sii|i|iort in ro-elei-ting tm< os
your councillor fnr ward Ii lor 19)9 and
I cun assure you that it will lie my
Inmost endeavor lo further lliit inter
est of the district in ovcry possible
Yours faithfully,
E.  11.  Mil  '■
To tlio Nortli  Vancouver Kleclori.:
1 wish lo convey tny sincere think.
to I lume whose support  placed me on
tho list uf successful  candidates  fur
li will lie my am lii I Ion to retain tbo
confidence Ihus placed in mc
Yours faithfully,
J. I). PBA8EH.
Nnrlh   Vancouver,
January 18, ,10)8
Aid, 11. IT Ulna withes lo lake Ibii
Qpporlunjly of convoying his upprucia
lion In ilu' eleclors of the city of North
Viiiiciiiiver fur their support in Ilie re
s-eut clciliiin und will otnleavor liy con
sti.nl tttention lo hiu duties us alslcr
iiiiiii In m'c thut Iheir conlidoneo lm.
not been misplaced Hi I
T. Ij. Kennedy doairej lo I Ium I. Iho
eleclori of the city of North Vancou
vor for Iheir generous support in lin1
roconl  election.
NUTIl.'K ia beroliy given Uml ot Ilu
nest uiceling of the Hoard of l.i.-eus
iug Oommisaione'ri fur Iho cily of Norlli
Vancouvei I shull apply for a Imt He li
cense nu 1st atroet east, lot i. Ilmls
lllll. II. I.. 111.
.1 11. TKKVBN*
in Tin: m I'ltiT.iiT i in in- in- imii'.
inn . hi i mn.
UIM.M.M  KIII.I.KII  Al.'KI.ANII limit.."
of tin- I'll)   or Vatauuvci.  II   i\
WAl.TKII   IIMNIilllilKiniN
uf the ''liy of Vuncuuver. It   t'   's u
III. Il.ll.In.    jM.iiii.iI   &   Hull)
HI'TI'llltK    THK    IID.Niil 11 Mil.i.    Mil
JIWI.'K   MllllHIfllN   IN   f||\M
IHTII.-'       'llllli  -'I.I.l      llll'     1) al     |J.,,      U|
D.'.illiliii    A II.  lllll
I'l'iiN Hie application ur Hie I ..ilinlfi
lor issue lu .i'iis  in,.  Wrll ul How
ni"!.!' herein euluiiiiutisiiisiliv mi .',.
I'l'jTiiij.iiii -anti ssi'iiii iu.Him: it-usi tin
ulllduvlla I Tliotnus tfllllli v Mul.-.l Ilu
ISHi ilny ur liecenil.Pi-. j\H. Ull, uud
Aitliur J Kappele iluleil I lie Jill il.ss
uf Dteamlwr, A I>. lull. «wo-'i un.l ill. .1
iniiiis uiul the i Mill.ii ibt-ri'ln isfiii'il
to: •
IT IH llHIllTIUTIs lliul -sn sl.a upon
Hir Iivfcnilunl. Wi.liii- lli'ii.lik'ii..i,i, ul
tlie Writ ul Hotniiiori* uud Hl.i'i'in.iil
ur I'lelin In tlila. sis Unu liy pulilli.li'
".. this Old. i tua.'iliei wit', ii.c Notice
ilirrcou endorsed, In iis, Vuiteouvp.1
llally I'u'vlii. c u.sj In ihe gxpreal, pub-
!n.li.-.l III ihe iT.ty ot Nonli Vancouvei
fur ii pet l.ul uf iwo week* from ih.
dute nt Hip Ilml oulilkullon, In- ilcciu
pi) i."".i und ."nil, I, i,i s, i si... uf Bold
Writ and Hluietneni ur Claim:
ANI) IT 18 FPIITIIKIl Oltlil'ltni
in.'i Hip luld is. |. mi.mi du Plilor hi.
appearance uiul file liis .iint. in.m ul
■ li r.'u.. lo lliu snlil Writ of Htiini<n.iia
mid Hijiii'iiiiui ur i'lulm i.h uliiii.N.ilil
on or I., l-i. .dundiiy, Hie 2!illi duy s 1
January, 1bl2
ANIl   IT   l»   Kl'HTHKH   llllliUW'li
lliul   I In-  cuata   of  .m.i   Incldpulul   In
Hiln uppllcollon l'f i "Hln in Ilie ciiuhp
Tlip lliiliiilii'ss clatin Is fm lis. can
pollution ut a c.-rtuln aaii-cnieti/ en-
leli'd Intu IsclvsTi'll Dip I'lals.lili uiul
II,       I', f, I, ,1. .1,1    .!,!..I    Hi,,    let    i|„y    l,|
Auaual. 1107. nu.I i rpIsl, icl In tin
l.und llcalslrv OIIIcp In Hip flly nl Vim
cuuver. The liat duy or July.  191)1
Tlie   I'l.iliiilti   rurllier   cliilma    Hull
Ilie r.'iilalrull.iti uf Hip suld iipreenii'iil
In   Hip  I.iiiii)  llcplsliy  Ollice  ul  Van
i-uuvcr. n i'. be cuiici'lleil
iSlgnedl        AI,'I,BT MQRIIIKuN.
Viineuuver.   Dee.   10.   lllll
Tbo first business of tho now council
for  Um   Iriiiisuct'ion   of   liuaituiss   was
liold-lnet ovonlng, tin) ableriiioii being
all present anil Mayor McNoisb rtrositl-
tiuntiiiunications wero disposed of as
follows: from Mr. J. Stephen, lopal
inanagor Bank of B. N. A., tp lb* offeot
tbut Ibo gonornl manager wished lo
1)0 advised un to the litmuciiil rciptire
mpiits of iii,. city tor tin year 11113.
Pittance .liiiiiiiiil,'!'.
From District (Hark Jobn O. Farmer
unclosing a,jotter from tbp.fast Dap
ilu nn llatopayors' Association with re-
ii'ii-ii.i' to iuodeqnato ot|uipmpnt un
Irnm cam and suggostl'ttg u joint com-
initteo to deal with such matters.
Transportation committee.
From 0. J), lis dum! .'-.nli reference
lo mii-i'ii,-.' wator flowing ovor lot 6,
block 110, I). [.. 371 (referred to the.
engiueer) and with reference to the
sidewalk iu front of now aparlineni
Idock on lot 31, block 1311, I), I.. 374,
referred to Iho Board of Wurks.
From District tllerk .lohn II. Farmer
forwarding application uf (1. M. While
.isle fur an arc light al tho coruor of
Iv.-itli roud and Hulheflunil drive uml
sluling lliul district council woulsl pin
one ipuirter nf the cost of limo Fin:
and light committee.
From McLaren uud liughesr asking
11...i atumps In: removed Irom ith ttreet
in order lo permit the installation iif
electric light polea.   Hoard uf Wurks.
From the N. V. Oity Band submitting lluiinciul statement fur the year
us follows:
Cash in hand, dan. I, lllll »I16.fi!
I'ily grant    60.110
I'ily monthly appropriation  ... ISfi.OO
N. V. I'ily Ferries I.td   100.00
Proceeds frot incerl      Il7.lill
Bonilry  sources     1111.00
I'nlforms    HtlM
llainlmastcr's salary   Ifiiuiii
Hen I     180,00
Instruments      .'Ifi.Pii
Tuilion       31.50
Furniture, printing, etc Hiu.ui
Balunce iu hand      III.HI
JAN. 23rd
and 24th
Iloferred to |inmii.'o cmmitittoo with
commendations for the business like
manner iu wbleh tb* report was sub
From OjtyEnglneor Hanas reporting Hull  III' bail noli lied Ilie ,ill,lm,| „r
that imperfect epitcrptp in sidnwalk in
front ui' Lonadale Tboatru musl bo ro-
pitired.   Uniilirmi'il.      •
From Oity Englitoor Hs)no*, sulimit
ting plans of atreet ontls as follows:
Ppll avenuo, fflpeh avouuo, Uowleke
Avo and MacKay road, tiptjimittco pf
tbo   whole.
From 0. fl. Walker, requesting compliance of council in tbo upplicutipn of
tbo North yuncouver Dock and Storage
Iltnnpany for foreshore rights fronting
ou lots I, 3, 3, aud 1, block 170, I). Ij.
374, for wharfage purpusoa. Mr. Wulkcr
being present, oipluitied Ihut his company bad plans ulreudy in hund for
a wharf nf 1011 feet wilh bunkers witli
it cupueity uf 11,0111) cubic un.l... which
would eust coinplele ahiiul |i 1110,1100.
Arrangements ure ulso puclically com
ploled wilh Dip II. ('■ HI. Ilailway Co.
to run their tracks upon the wlinrf.
The cumpuny is prcpurcil In pruceod al
unco upou securing Hie rights fur which
application is boing mudo. I'Jngineer to
From City Solicitor It. Ij. Bold, en,
closing form of application for louse
of foreshoro frontage ou Indian Mis
sion in I'liiur of the city and asking
v.Imi inducements the council is prepar
ed to offer lhe Indians in .lion of their
bights, if ony. Committee of the
From Mr. Ueo. Osmpboll .secretary
of il.." -.ii.ml board, dlrectlug uttou
tion Of council In lhe suggestion of
Coroner Diploek thai evory boy und
every girl should bo luuglil to swim.
Parks committee to iuvestigulo re
bathing beach.
Muyor McNeish advised council thul
bo'bad roecivoil a telegram from II. II.
Slovens, M.I'. to Ihe elfe.-l thnt nppli
cation of c. |>, H. re bridging North
Arm etc, bus been laid over fur nlmul
thirty days ns requested „i the in ium
ler of railways.
On motion of Aid. Hick uml Kiss n
notice will he published shortly notifying all ratepayers wishing employment
on cily works In register name* logo
titer with properly owned wilh city
Ilu motion of Aid. Dick lusl year's
liy law wilb reference to mooting* of
the council wus lo-enacled fo rlhe present yoar.
Tho several money by-laws sanctioned by tbo ratepayers at Ibe recent elec
lions wero re considered and finally
Willi  reference lo the Subway  by
law |,||B nlty ulark was iprtructe.l to
write tbo city solicitor instructing bini
to securp tho nocpssary legislation tu
vulidatii |hc sapio and also tp notify
Vuncouvor city, council pf Intention to construct tho su|iw^y.
Tbs matter pf tbo Hprtipulttiwl ip-
cjoay Aid byl^w was rofprrpd lu tbo
lipanco eiiiiiiniiii'i' for euiiipii'iioii nf .
iigreiiinent to accompany the .mortgage,
Witl) regnril lo Ibe drill hull site, tbi)
elerk was Instructed tp write Ihe p|ty
solicitor instructing hint to draw np
the nocossary convoyapep for tba-»fmP.'
Tfto bylaw ro divjvdjng tho llfty, Into
wards wus referred to tho committee
of tbe whole.
Aid. Mcllue was pf opinion that ..ume
III,"!        "llllli"    Wllicll    Plight    'I.'all!       to
extension of tbo oity boundaries. Aid. "
Irwin thougbt It would be preferable If
tlip Initiative in this nnutor canto front
tboo mictions  which  might   .le.'.n,'  to
unite with the eity.
Council  adjourned.
A congregiilional "al home/' in connection with the M. ilm.h i church will
be held on the evening of Friday,
Is.in,im 20th. Al the rei|uest of tlte
olllcial I'i'iii'l of the church, lhe IjU-
dies' Aid Society hits tukon the arrangements, in hand with respect lo Iho
program, etc.
Tbe foiirlh annual convention of tbe
I .us nl Oplion League nf British Col-
iinbi.'i will be held in'Iho uudilorium
of lhe Central Mission, Abbott street,
Vancouver, on Thursday and Friday,
February Isl and 2ml. Tlie morning
aud afternoon sessions will bo devoted
lo the regulitr business of the league,
consideration of reports, election of
officers, etc. The evening sessious will
be of it public nature liud "ill be murk
cl by important addrosscs from blading
temperance workers. A detailed pro
gram is in preparation and will be
made public later.
"A   H I1"  I)  It
Is.   I
Nortb Lonsdale
Bav, T. E. Bow*, Principal
Girls under 8 years old, H net month
liirls over 8 yrs   old, (0 per month
Speftil terms wben two or more in ■
sent from tho same family.
Arrangements   arc   being   made lo
erect a building by tbe spring lo ac-
CUniPlUllllOlM.Ot M-ifmmmmmml    httHfii
day scholars, jt,/.
Term* moderate
UfLB. O. S. PBATT   "
Pbone  841
Phone 335
Owners—Palmer, Burmeiter & von Graevenitz, Ltd.
Week Commencing January 15th
Howard Fearnley—-Alberta Van Dusen
"Locked in With a Lady"
_ . __|_-i_ , ; 1	
| , |       ,-——  ■        11   . | 11—        ■■ ■—!' SU— I        ■■■—      ■■■
BROWN in Ventriloquism Extraordinary
On* Performance Nightly. Door* open 8 o'clock, Commence 8:30
Matinee Saturday, M0.        Box Offkt open 10 to \% a.m. and 6 to 7 P-»
PRICES-r-lSc,, 25c. and 50$, :UJHJm
■n^i f
(»gr**-Wbo .luffa't-iMtl during bl* miinUuJ-lwllow.-wlllt Nf woo4«n HM*
wauderlugs through the houae Ibe pre-, leading down to On bottom, where,
Hou* night, while be waited for Maillot to finish Itla business wilb Mr,
Pug?, he hat) paused uow and then In
OlP Vicinity of ihu library door- Twice
be had beard tbe gum mentioned by
those within,
Maillot aeoeplud this statement with
pp offensive Incredulity whioh wa*
plainly deliberate.
"The house wua very quiet," llurke
made baste to add.
"Perhaps," Maillot spoke with sneer,
ing empliaala, hi* look frankly hostile, "perhaps yon oould have heard
ua; I'm Ignorant Qf the degree nl
Muteness to whioh your hearing has
been developed! but"—turning lo ma
--"I want to aay, Swift, that duriug
the whole time Mr. Page and I were
engaged Iq this room, our voloes were
not once raised ao that a person beyond tbe iiliiiiiil door could have heard
ua Intelligibly. 1 lltlnk, llurke, I see
tht Imprint of a keyhole on your ear"
"Temper your language, Malllol,"
•aid (he other, wilb a touch of asperity, Instantly Malllol was upun hiu
' "Shut mi!" he thundered. "Won't
yuu talk lo tne, you ueampl"
"{{ere, don't quarrel," I Interposed
pacifically, pressing lhe angry, glaring lawyer back Inlo his chulr with a
jiiiihiiiii.Iii hand upon Ills shouldur. I
then said In him:
"Vou   might   appropriately   relate j
wbat your business  lasl  tilghl  wilb
Mr. Page was.'
'   "I will"—bluntly—"lo you."
The proposal being a reasonable
one, I agreed lo defer the matter.
"However," continued I, "while you
two are togelliur thuru are somu points
upon which i waul unllgliloniuuiii.
Reserve your personallHe* fnr anotber
time. Is ll isi...nn, Ihul tbore was no
one else in the house bothies your-
■elves sud Sir. Pago?"
Neither spoke, each wulllug, at it
(earned, for lliu other to reply. My
glance travelled between lltu Iwo, and
finally s'.'iii.ii upon the secretary,
Whose   lo»g,   norvous   lingers   were
1 obviously, one might stand to get conveniently at the small |»fe thus dis
It wqa alsp manifest that sumebody
had been doing that very thing. For
the safe door stood open, aa well aa
the Inner door; and a flash of the candle, a aingle brief glimpse, assured nt*
that—whatever It might have held—
it waa now aa empty as on th* day It
'left the maker'* hand*.
-But, slay- there wat something,
though not 111 the safe. I look tb*
candle from Burke, and went dawn the
«i«iis. On the cement floor, In th*
shadow of the open safe door, wa* a
vlsltiqg oard, yellowed by age. I
thought It blank at first; but on turning It over I saw tome writing, faint
and faded but legible, whioh had been
penned by a feminine hand:
"I pray lliul you he tltowtrtd with
all llm liloaslniia of the aaaaon. With
lovu from CUAHA."
And In Iho lower lefl-hand comer, a
ilnii' waa written—«q old, old dalal
"■Xmas, 1867."
Nett I satisfied myself that lha
doors had not been forced, and lhat
every compartment wa* Indeed, amply.
Then I looked back over my ahoulder,
lo hu puitled by the baffling, Indecipherable tlare of llttrke'i lawny
eyet. Waa ho looking al me. al Ih*
reaved safe, or al the pulhello llltla
reminder, which I wat holding In my
hand, of that long-ago Christina* pre-
sent? Thotlgh I could nol be certain,
I aomehow full lhat hi* Interest was,
at the moment, Intense, and Ibat I had
been mlslakun in thinking bim *
young man.
As I sllppod iho .-im. ■ mn card into
a pocket, Malllol'* voice broke In
harshly upon tny medllallona,
"Ho   is,- have a thief lo deal With
as well us un assattln." he observed,
hit glance roving casually ovar tba
autireluiy.    "llurke, how would you,
now, account for Ibe tafe balng openT"
Aud for lhe first tlm* I delected a
sign uf .iin11Inn in tbe yellow eyes:
Ihey ilm ten a look toward Malllol, and
beating u aXenl lulloo upon Ibe table.,  away again; but It flickered with a
"How aliuiil ii, Mr. Burke?" I preia-  spark of malice—gleamed for an Inert hint . "Your lamlllarlty wilh Ihe  •'»"' w"h a light of malevolent con-
house entitle* yuu lo nntwer." I tempt—which made me feel lhal Ihe
"I tan tabu unlit thero was nol," be I '«llow had all   along  been   keoplug
now said,   Sludger had already at- ''eomelhlng In rosurve, somelhlng which
lured tne thai when ho arrived every ' rau,t Inevitably come to light present-
door uml vtiinlow was fust on the In-' ly. tu Mallloi'a utter dlaconifiiure and
aide.   Ho I net asked: I undoing.   II suggested thai llurke was
"When you Weill io nullfy lite police, I patiently biding bit lime mini somu
did you depart hy way of the front! sudden turn of events should permit
door?" i him lo triumph over Ihe other.  Clear-
"I did," be replied In   a  subdued ' ifi 'here wat  no goodwill lost  bo
voice.   And Maillot Immediately add-   tween these two men.
od: Al  once the eyet  were again  Hi"
"It wat futl, Swift-bolt and Bprlng  same blank wlndowa whoto tcriillny
latch, both    I rememhor becauae Ihe ' waa to Indetorminaio.  llurke let down
fact mado mo llilnk tbore might be ! Hie Hip-door In Ibe clout floor, and
somebody olso In the bouse.   As soou | > Paused awhile lo admire how cun
nlltgly ll had been designed. Al
though I.i.us', mi', ll to be there, I could
sn s. ... no trace of iho aperture. We
ihun re-entered lhe bedroom.
I ul,hu,.I a door lu the wall i..m
est Iho front of the houu, ami.
I-, I.. .1 wilh is sudden fancy to aaier
lain upon what It opened, went and
laid my liund upon Iba handle. llurke'*
fl mli progrusa Inward the lull door
■ 1 lo be aimed al diverting my
puipoao; realising that he had jailed,
lie lurned 1 nd railed aloud, slaying 111;
hund while II was III Ibe very let of
turning Hie knob.
"Thai'a only Ihu conservatory," hi*
voice rang oul; "It's empty savo.for
dust and .oliweba; there's nothing In
"Neverlheleu, I have a fancy lo explore II," I. mui. ii 1; and I upened lbs
A narrow jaaasgo was dlsilosed,
across which waa another door. Ilolb
swung open nolaelutily, a circumstance wbicb struck mu, In view 0 tli*
Iu. t that the rontervalory wa* empty
ami unused, aa being rather odd, and
aa I closed the second dour behind mo,
I tun,1.1 round as If to make am, th*
Ini. h had .-.nn hi.
Thu hinges had been freshly oiled.
A bay of glass, aemlopatjue wilb
din, occupied ibe spa,..- of Ibo outer
uull, und Hiu glare from lhe daiillng
snow noli i.n hrought oul lhe whol*
11,1. nm with a .mi of brutal vividness. A number of water stained
shelves; a few shallow boxes distil-
"1 inni,i- and distributing tbeir contents of earth over Ihe floor; one or
two crisp, In own, deialcaled plant-
slulks, sueh was th* In'rilur of Ibi*
apartment set **lde and dedicated to
flowura uud bright growlug thing*.
And 11 had been uud Infrequently
aa a passage way, too. In lhe dual oa
lliu flour were footprint*; 101ns of
Hum old, where later dust had entiled, without ijiiitu obliterating tbem)
•onto fresh, es if made but an hour
A* I cime up lo th* neit door I
observed thai II* hinges bad alao bean
fretbly lubricated, and wa* not aur-
pilsid when It opened without a
•oufld. Wben I *t*pp«d through II,
I Wl* |U lite curtained alcova Off lb*
library. Truly, there bad been aum*
n'.'iii, Hiiiicpilil'iiie flitting* In Mil*
old mansion.
At thai moment, Id my abstraction,
I wu humming 1 llttl* tun*. I heard
Btodgar Jovially apaadlng lb* departing reporter*; and after Iba oulsld*
door cloud behind the last of lhan,
I shouted tot bim to enter tb* library.
Our eye* mat, and I Indicated tb* ate-
relary by Ihe falnieat Of algna.
"Mr. Bui**," aald I, gutady, "will
you pl**M wait with Mr. Btodg»r
whtl., I b«r* • few word* with Ml.
Tbe blank, pal* fee* wu turned
briefly lomtrl m*-~or# Maillot—iban
Ibe man bowed without a word, and
followed Stodger. He pauud aa Initio! at Um door, and looked aero**
bll ihoulder H Maillot; enigma tbat
be wu, I sieverthelu* again caught •
triumphant gleaia la On lawny *y«*.
Tben be fnetad on.
a* lliul'' lull 1 went over the whule
place, no Hiiuiii oily aud painstakingly,
end I can nuw swear, If tnybody was
■ 1.1, i.sl lu here anywhere, why, he's
hure yel. I Inspected every door and
window, upstairs aud down; all were
The unbroken, spotless mantle of
enow oulside limn.'.I the possibility of
Ingress ur .gross without leaving betraying footprints, lu either the front
or thp roar dour, whore Ihu paths had
been kept clear.
Dlaiulasltig I li Is nonplussing phase, I
lurned tu Ine subjeel of the gem ouce
"li. run lm,- Ihu Ruby, Mr. llurke,"
anld I, "do you know where Mr. Pag*
kept It?"
Malllol 11 . .I a scowling look—not
al all relieved hy his discolored eye
upon the aouretaiy, while Hia! young
mini thoughtfully shook his head.
"No," llurke suld ul length; "nnt
certainly. I never heard Mr. Page
mention II; hut I have an Idea that It
Is Id a small loniusled safe In bl*
bed-room, becauae Ibere Is whero he
keeps H.HM things which no eyo but
his own over Bees."
Was ll pnsslhlu that Fells Page had
uny hidden treasure! ol sentiment?
II so, here, In ull truth, wua a surprla-
Ing sidelight thrown Int.) un unsus-
pi 1 led recess nf his character. I wus
to buve a hint presently of what wus
tin ked away Ihere.
liul llurke had somelhlng more lo
say. "Perhaps,"—alowly -"you would
llku to see lhat safu, Mr. Hwlll. I
know where H is located, end can save
you a needless search. II will have in
be opened later on, I Imagine."
"All right," I said, with much Inter-
eat.   "IasiiI ihe way,"
llurke lose, with a queer glance at
Malllol, und turned toward the cur
tallied alcove.
If he had any Intention uf moving
In Dial direction, liuwevur, he quickly
changed bis mind; for Malllol and I
foll'.wed hint through the doorway,
down the length of the roomy panelled
hull, lo 1.i.u11,11 'Aum ou the sume side
of the houae as lhe one wu had Jutt
quilted. I could hear a murmur uf
vohes across the hall, where Uludger
was 11.1.1 iiiining tbe reporters.
"Tbe safe," laid llurke, u we filler-
ed a large, handaome, but very disordered slot'plng'chumber, "It wbat
decided Mr. Pag* on selecting thl*
room In prefereno* to on* on tbe
scimid floor. It wu placed bere, I
suppose, at the lime Ibe houu wu
built; It 1* very artfully bidden."
Tbe bed betrayed the fact that it had
not been alept In recently, and Die
romp that It wu unused io a clean*-
Ing tupervlslon. Home tolled clothing
lay la t heap In one coruor; a pair of
Irouur* war* collapaed over lite back
of a chair; the dreaser-top held a lot
of linen and cravala, both clean and
soiled; half closed drawer* over-
,low.td wllli garment* lhat bad been
'brum ftt any way, and an overturned
'"'' Jt** 0B * handsome mahogany
itand ha* uver been righted. Even
a careless namo^,, mM Mn ^
drlvon Insane by ,ud) deliberate MB.
'i'bo  annual   banquet  anil -huei'iieae
meeting of the Firs) Baptist church
will ho ll.'lil lu tlip V. If,'A. loctltrtJ
ronm on Tuesday evening 11*11. Hopper
will be served from Till) lo N,:in, after
tvliii'h the various ...ii, .-i ■ of lliu ehuri'li
mul its auxiliaries will leinl Ihuir it 11
liual reports. Mr. Miller ,tt inomhitr of
tbe building couintitliio, will rend the
report di'i.iinp with tlio iivipi!' and
enpoiidlture* uiinneeluil with the build
ing ol' the new I'liiireli. Ho will liuvo n
pleasant surprise fur those will) fourml
Hie funs, .pioiirf of sueh 11 large under-
taking by so few peoplo, The gamin'
tiling I'oiiiitiltloii.will present Hie aim0
uf oAleiirs and eotniiiilleos fur llui all;
suing yeur. Provisions have boon tnuilii
for about one hundred uditlls. Any
ono vllully coiinei'linl or iti'llvidy Inter
usled In Hie wurk of Iho church Is in
viled lo ml. suI.
nm. .   flu Hiimluy, .January  lllh,
IIIIL', lo Mr. uiul Airs. II. tl. I'lureiue
ul'  this rily, 11 sun.
Mr uiul Mrs. II. <'. Iluinsl'nnl nf 'Ini
ilri'i'l east lire leaving litis week lor
California where Ihey will sojourn fur
sin montbi or longer, 'i'liuy mil bo
iiiriiliipittileil thruiiglioiil Iheir trip by
thoir sun, Mr. I'llll'orrt lluiiisl'urrt.
The regular monthly meeting of thu
loeal Board of Trusle will Itiku plus.' to
morrow (Wednesday) uiglil iu Hie cil)
ball. A session of unusually vital inter
si is anticipated, both the question of
Iho 1'. 'P. II. project uud lliul of the
Pctii'c Hlver being Included in Iho
.'..si || 1 la liereliy s is. n Hint 1111 application win tie mad* 10 thu l.rnlsl.t-
tfve Assisllllil, iif Hie I'lnvlneu of
llilllsli    I'lillinililn    III    lis   Ilf.I    M SI.lull
for 1.11 Ail 10 authorise Hie Lleulan*
unl-ll.iV.-ni.ir In Council iwtlliuiil requiring 0lnN1r.vut11.-a of thu luiivlsluni of
tim '.1...... ii .nn.     Incorporation a.-ii
is.    l.-ll.'ia   lu.li'lil    ulliiur   Ilu-   1 nil'
sent   In  .n.i'!.    II > liiil'si I lull   of  Human b I   uf   Ninth   Viin.-illlVi-l    li)   In
I'oi'porulln* lino 1.  i" ".I '  M1111lsl1.nl
ll) llluli 1  ilie iiiiiii,' of Hie "I'us |isiiiiI|.jJi
nr  Hi.   lu.-iii. 1   of   West   •Viineouvi 1
nil ilml portion of Hi.  <'sup..1.11 tun ul
Hi.'  Iilsiilit  of N,,. 11.  Vancouver, <l<-
ssillii.l ns IoIIjiws.   '
CllUIIIII'tl.'lllg   III   HU'   linllll   Willi.!   III"
,'iial buiiiiilrii) ol' I' I. bid Inls is,, is
Hie toil III i. ,1 iai of Ihu sulil fur
1...1 nil..0 .lliunre weal iiIu'ik suld nurlli
I.nun,bin lo ii in .Iui In Bows Hound
on lliu Hi., or Hie suhl nm Hi buiiii.tiiii
produced, itlstuiii 1 unu lut w,«i f..ss
lhe easterly shore of snbl Hows P.mini.
limine snulhurly. purulhl to, met fol
l.sssii.,    this   iiii'iiii.l. ilnns  nf   Ilie   auhl
on- lo 11 i.nliii  nl lm. isiiil.iii  wlih
.. Iliiu  111011 fill  illaiuiii snmli In,iu
Ihu    ninth  aln.ru   ul    llm 1 in.I   lul. 1
llll'111'.i I'SSl.lls   Iss.l.ll.l  In. unit  Inltuw
ilia   lh<- un "lul. 1 Inss nf III.' sulil .Nm II,
Mliul.'   of   llillliinl   llllli   lu 11   linllll   nl
Intel suction lint f"'i .llsi.ini soulh
from  Hu   .-.un. w. si  ..nn,1  nl li   I.
21.1,   ..lul   III   llll,    Willi   Ilu    w.sl   linllll
il.n 1  uf snbl   Ulan I. I   l.ul   TM proilllnil.
Ihi In 1      tmllh ' ..si. il)    'lie'   linllll. ll'
iiln.iu   lliu   w-,sl   I ....... J.. 1..   uf s.il.l   I"
I.   ...I   Isi III,'  linllll   ".'-I   initial   Ihere
i,1. thence 1 uolli.nllii: Is..1 Hull, ululiu
lhe Wisl linllll.In l> of l> I. Hi Ij. Hi,'
ll'.J 11. - W.'Ml        ...IO. I llll lul.f s.ibl
ri.rn.-r  tn-liia   on   il"   suiilli  hi.oiidiit)
nl      ll       I,       iSI        I lll.ll. .       w.sl.ih
along  Ihu «..i.l liiioiidaty  H   I.   ill 1.1
ilu smith wist corner I' I* li). Uu	
limlls iilnliu Iti. w.sl I.uiiiijI.ii) nf snbl
ll I. 711 to III,' IiuiIIi w.sl ...1 In I
III. ijjuI. Illt'lu-i- ensli'll, ..lulls Ills
linllll buullSllO ll I. ...I In in* snulh
i-USI corner )l I. 181; tln-lu-i in..11
S.I.lllll till ,'IISI liiillli.lllll.s nf t) 1.
HI 7SI ill] ulnl (OH I.. Un mn III jss|,
mn, 1 "I I I. Uul,. lli. 11.. ».,! 111..im
ihe nm ill liuiuijliir, of su Ll li I. Set
iu Uu- suiilUr, .isl ...im 1 ut I. I, til.
Ihilliu  lun 111  III,illu   III,'  ..is-'   lu.lllnljll,
it   suhl   ll    I.    Iif   I.i   I I   nun-
nn iiJTiiH nl. Iii. Iii.In., ..II iij.111. mill
ni'iia ul sjiI.I ll.iwr 1...111..I .,11.1 I-Ti.m-
llsh llm 1 lum Inn ,,1 nil" 1 wise nuw ,1
mil or snbl . i,i|„,i,,ll,.i. ..I II.. I'l.
irlcl uf '■'■ hi   Vun,mini   ..ml b>  1.
hi, lilts Hi.- limlls nf tin snbl .'.upon
Hun nl II.,   Instils I of Num. Van. nu
..'I   ,,,, ,,i.lllu.l. .  mil ll  uf snbl  r.Ul.nlu-
Inns In remain sul.J.sl In II. il. I.iiiul h .1 ilm s.i t|„. |,i,s. m i'.,.|,„ri-
lloll nf Hiu lilslll. I ul Nnilli Viiluiio
/.Jl lllll lis Inlw.-i'll III,- r,i'|,.,l.sllnps
hi- ..... I, .1,1.1s nmI li lilllll. nf tin.
lies, nl l'nl|...l.ill..U uf Hie lilslll, I ul
Vol Hi Vulu on I In b,' divide,I mul l»-
iiiiii, ,1 upon 1111 • 'iiillJibl,   hush.
llA'i'l'TIl   lilts   lllll   On)   of   lni.lill.il
I ll.   I'M
IIAIIIHH    III I.l.  A.   M.l.'usN
ISI Holt, llui   fm   Hi,'   .I'lli'.'i 1
Mr, all, Thurston has boon sulfur-
lug for siiino days with an abmtss in
tbo throat. She is improving under
ogre Of  l>r.  Tliinnpsiiu.
On Tuesday, today;, l.ytiij Valley .will
be gble to boast of a meat market.
Hiniiioll and Winters are the enter-
piis.ini: partners ami look for the local
|mt niiiiige.
Ijstensive clearing Is boing tuffile on
the pipe lin* road between Allen and
Frederick roads, . The property Is
owned by the Dominion Muck and
liuiiil On. of Vancouver.
Thu Merehunts Trust anil Trading
Co, KM have awarded /, Vi. linker
Iho "i,h,,. 1 for liiilldlng tbree ninilnrn
lum,'nl,ma on their propel 11 011 litis-
kins lumi
The bungalow ou the corner of
Church uml Plpu l.liiu, Iho property ol
Mr. Mn.hell, is now cmuplotoil uiul
I'onlru.'tnr Hub. n . has haiulesl same
uver In thu uwnor ruady for neeupatu')',
A sit, 1 s'.isl'ul parly was given at lite
Iiiiiii.' Of Mr. lliul Mrs. Mllgellllis llll
Thursiliiy tveulng lusl when a iiiiiiibor
,il',ioiiii|i pimple spent u rollicking uiul
eiijnyiihle  limo  tinlil  tl  0'clock   nei'l
l,usl week Iho rnsds woro boavy nw
ing In lliu reii'iil fall of snow, and llm
Irinlesiuini liu.l tuituii iliflletllly in .I.li
voring goods, rii't, lier's grocery wu
gnu wus ill great trouble, eteitloully
lusitig ils front wht'i'ls The vun of
the ... .i.n (Iroapry collided with
thai of lltu Pioneer grocery resulting
iu u . 11...- 1, up.
In conns.'!Inn wilh lite HI. Clement's,
l.ynn Valloy Holiday school 11 alii I
sir mi's Xmas lea was given un Tliurs
sliiv, January Ilh. There wus a large
allundance, buth of ilm children uiul
11.lulls bellluging In the church.
Afler leu, games woro playe.l ami
e'en one Juincl in with the children's
fun. The vicar thanks all Ihosu whn
liflpf'l in uiakiug the affair su great a
The annual riitigreguliutial tiieoling
ul Kins. Presbyterian church is an
iiuuiii ed fur litis e.oning al
n o'clock. A r.'sobitnm of the niaiiugers
will be submitted tu the ruiigrcgetiuii
I'Olii'ornillg the future policy uf the
, liiinli Hev. (J. A Wilson, tuperin
tciiileiil of itiiwiuiis ,will bu 111 all.Mid
sine and lltu wish is utprossi.l Ihul
every member and ailhor.nil will lie nn
hum! to give Iheir views regarding su
iiupiirlaiit • slop. nun in. will be
fie.ted ami reports of lasl year's work
sobiuillsd. Iiiglil refreshments will
be silppil.sl free.
'.I *ilMl Ihr tualursj ut UaiiufriHuicii,
I'u. I..-1 i»uinl ni lift. mthtimUtt Hie ti'lvi^liil
; (1* ut luviuf Un ii I'.ii< ni lm-11,.  . ImiiMcInt
byUlpC/U,   I'u lituliiiiyiilvt.i hie.   ilMiu.:
! 1, -!■ i-.ic. Ourlin«iw'i A^vlwi-" 1 hi   111
t, uat. U«'lt'iiAUtii.-u, Vtti'-f, Ni w Void jJd
' ii'h u..iii.«-ii •u'i u'i»i.inMi..» jh: i/Mi
Aiirot)«««n4liif l HH< li ana 4*Mfi|4lt>n Vkf
uiimr mmtuin i.ift ciiuuii timfimtii tJk
'ttiiutl la*ni IMuJali Muiiu A
tSfiltmlllnntUt, ftll |p| nWOm lu|W
itr •MtiMlif rur I'l'ini'
■ ii' 11 [lft>li*1ly
-.nli h
il.n 1.1
1    ■■.* .null;
j • 11 muiilra
i(Ifk(|;(..i>Dt]«nilal  KAHUtWNE • 'il'alauU
/im* i fl.I t.l •.uur; Iif ircvihg- yiilinAI.
ts UktU II.i«J|li Muisu A iu, lM.m9t
if,, hU mAUi, MUh'iii. Oikij*, U.IU9
Scicniirtc Jflmerican...
tutlf lllmtkliA wtolif l*i$'9 ttt-
uilal,. 1, if *i,f HfJilidr ]./ilin*l. iMiid) tot
I )l.Vll. |l If i fm, ImmUtm M«WJJ    *vU Uf
$i\ l*wUimlan
°?t lltie Picked uu » half burwul     The fir* on tlw will* b**rtb   bal
: MMWijIIOtM.^' *f'' IVm ***wd a  imt np>iis>M iwimg ua, inuidtt
clout Aoor. W««t Imuni h, ,(,-,,,4 o,, mmi; It wm mw Wa-slsg chw
back wi* • oilMr cry. ())r ^ Ml| iti)mUU, Alive out It*
Maillot and I eroviM Inrwut and ! chill and lha lamp Item th* library;
aaw-Sotbiflf, a« flrat, tu (,,1^ 1 tui ,t WM , r*H*/to. »»t back lo tb*
Burks'* ootfJuct. But In a motneni I —yy cbtitt opte mora. I railed mf
mmpraMml. foraawi* upon th* back of one; but
A motUm ot tin ttoml Hoor *r*« up, th* la*t*«t Um 4o«r clowi 00 Otoige,
ud WW atoodob.'AH Inaniiig igoimi tM $«*, rww k^^i mg ,jj|
a wall; beneath it wa* a ahaliuw, ««.  pun latnt Mlit by IM taH*.       <
See ihtl ymf,li'iys and Gir|s ire well shod lliis
wet '.w .iiln 1.
We lisivi one ol lhe finest selections of. Boots
in all British Columbia
For the Children
Oui Prices ire right; the leather is of the best I
no job lines or manufacturers' ihrowouli, but
straightforward  standard  makes   and   valuea,
Rubber BooU, Goloibea, Rubbm, Arc-
lica, Marconi'* Foothold*, Etc, Etc.
Phone 393,       Mount Crown Block. (Opposite Gly H*)l)
We are Exclusive Agents
jyjn ■iin'ii.i"
in this Territory for
' 1  n 11 i.n', 1 iii'li'.n
kbbn outtbe bawb,
amazon boofino,
oabot'b bihnqlb 8tainb,
elwood fbnobs and gates,
BMABT'B    (0)    HAMMBBB    AND
Bach Uf thsso Unas are cuimoilod tn
bt Ui* standard of th* country. Our
stock Is all bought from rspra*intstlva
Onus. Bom* of tb**t Hues we art
iiiiniiellod to ask a llttl* mor* for bt-
cause It coit* money to manufacture a
high grade article,
paine & McMillan
Wholesale and Retail Hardware
JAN. 23rd
and 24th
. ;<
i'»i»iui I'ui'i i'|i ...' $ i!(7fiu,imo
KuiarvB a Hmllvlduil VuiWu   8,WU,0»0
I'll     AnHUlll |n...nn.1,11
ll   Ih   nm   rim}   hi   iilh-i   Ilu..   1,.,1-n .
(if     II      II). Hum        HI)        It,,. II       IHiltltfl        hi
i-i ..1..    , kii.u.u     mul   Inni.    in
VUU     Mill     Ih'Vrl     ll'tflll     llllll'MK       VOU
liliVr   Illi'    llH I'lillv.'   ut   II   HilvlliMH    A.
I'll liul I'lUi IllUlllhlli' i,(|| ut Hi
Hillllt ilf M.III.Illi.li ..ImI MJH'II ((ll III
Mf lllll
0|H'||     1 Vi I >     Hjllllilil)     iV'lllllH     It
ii'.Hii 7 nmi 'j uiliii
I .   ti.   HKIVKH,   Jlw9mtt
Mwrlh   \HHs'siuiri
You will save money by patronizing
la vilw nl ibe tdvenl ol lhe C. V. H,, Iota in 201 tie liceomjog
mote slifli, nit in buy over,v d*.r. J'rlcea should double in valun ber*
wltbln Ibe m->i lew ninnlbi.   fee wb*l  we bave i.ii   without il>;lay.
W* fear* alio iptclal value* la B-suiud, Tbltd aud Fourth BlrioU.
m wiamaou tow ton ovtvou)
Agents lor London Assurance Co
We h*v« • good selection ol Houses (or Sale or Rent
 ■■"■■ ■  i    ■■


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