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nobth yawooovw wan laum
Thl following li « liat pf pnpili tf-
lending   tlio North    Vpn.ouvtr high
Hdifloi iiMng tlti higvm rppk |n tbi
October oxamluitlpnii
Matriculation CUm-I. 0|i|i. 1*1'
rente, 9, Sybil Chaloner.
Junior Or»ll»-l, Annl. Heard; 3,
Hosier Mutvillaj 3, Lillian MtNeir.
Tbi blgbelt inirki In tbi dlffertut
aubjoeti aro w followa:
I (iritninir imi litoraturi, Heater Mel-
vl||a| po|ii|ioaltiQn, lioaiio CuHibtrtj
liptony, Jobn Wpoilai La|ip, I.illiin
Mi'Nair; Frepcp, K»b«| Jgrvlt ami Hitter Melville, aqua); Algebra, Benin
Outbbort; Geometry, Annie Heard; pb,y-
lici, Annie lleanl am) Chariot Um-
ruiii'i', equal.
Preliminary dradp-l, Lillian Sulk;
2, Madge Hill; 8, (Ibarlea tlrabam.
Highest inarki in different luhjoela -
Spilling, arlge (Iill; drawing, Kdward
Little; iirilbinuti.', Clinrlua (Irabaai;
algobra, Lillian Dull; geometry, Wallace Hboro; composition, Oplin Cam-
eron; literature, t'onalaiii'ii Wiwinr;
grammar, Wallace Kln.ro anil Colin
Uamoron, oquil| Utlu, Oplin Cameron;
Prepcb, Kdward Idttle.
I'll--VI. Mcllreedy, lpt tt, block 897,
aubdiviiion tlt-HI, 88th itreet cut,
to build a dwelling.
4)3*—Mr. McMpnnen, lot 6, block
ID, aubdivlaion hinhtli, 18th atrent, lu
build a dwelling.
I'j:i ll. Haws, lot 14, block SO, iub'<
dlviaipil  618,   1811,  alreet,  tu  build »
i     i  Mi's''
484—1,. H. Wbiffou, lot 6, block 811,
aubdiviiion 6tt, J1 lb itreet eait, to
build a dwelling.
Ilh V,. Brewster, Ip, 8, block SU,
aubdiviiion 848, I7tb ttrppt, ta build a
■  i
BUteuiaut by Obalrnau of Board of
School Truat...
Ut. A. B. Steacy, chairman of tbp
Hoard pf Bcbool Truateoi, wade topii
ipterpatlng pronouncement! tp a rtpfi-
, tentative of the Ktpreit on tbe nature
I aud lubitaucc pf tbe tie chief'a foport
upou tbo achool on 41b itreet aa up-
milled and diaeuaaid at Ibe council
meoling oo Tuoadpy of laat week. He
k«/aa informed tbat the achool bad beep
laeribed aaa veritable "de»tb-tr.p."
I ''I wiab thoa to |ago aicopllop," he
aid, to Ihe unwarranted aet inn pf tbi
ji.wly appointed lira chief. Tb. achool
board ia an electld body .uiwer.ble
the people, apd |f any ftrommapda-
tion waa required, It abouloj hav* been
made to tbe trustees rather than tbp
council. I alao lake nceptiou lu it,"
continued Mr. Btaacy, "aa a atateinent
maulfeatly unfair, inuwnuch aa evory
precaution baa been .ierciiod by thp
board for the prelection of the children ip the eyipt of Mi PuUinpl, of
fire.    Chemical   .itjpgpiihan    hav.
riieen iuetajlcd throughout % building
wbilo a boao la regularly allachcil ip
tbe bueneat couvMiept to tkl far'
nacea. A janitor la in attendance .lur
ing achool ivwiuui apd tba furuacia
ere ppt aituatnl under thp alairway
aa Ibe report atatca. There are thru
ulta from a building wbicb oply con-
|laina iii ruouia and Truatee McDowell
ami ntyielf vliitcd lbc ichool unknown
the entire ilaff, nig thl lie gOR'g
|ad without previoni notice thi tp-
tin baildlng y/u emptied ip thirty ttc-
''livery precaution ueeeiaary," concluded Mr, Bteacy, "ba. been adopted
for tb. aafety of Ibe cbildreiW by tb.
prcaeut board, apd ai a ci|i/*u of North
Vaneouvir I diugree with tht council'a
acllon in eniorlaiuing Ih. Ir. cblcf'i
•latomciil at a public report likely tp
have a daraaglag ctTect,"
A general meeting pf th. Horticultural eociety wai held laat week, the
preildipt, Mr, W. f* kienp eppupylug
After tb. prcnt lituatlon of thi ao-
ciety bad b**n diienii*) fully it wm
unanimously decided thit the dlractpre
bt impowprad tp tmoto i *M,if*ft-
gage to tbi extent pf 111,000 with tht
idea pf improving and taking over tk*
It, l,'. Athletic ground which bat bun
offered to tbem on • l»Hlf l«M«'
Htgwt wm hpwwi ll*kff)iom»
did »p» Uk. OnUiett Itimel IA tit
aocltty, which Imneitlly ia now ip p
louad coodfsj^
——|^- —
<)ptiov.im,l*lft/pp9 9ft.nten-
my, it m ttm Wi 9mm, # m
Fnr tht tint tithe fpr many yparilbi
flrat fall pf appw hpt been wltnoaaed op
tba North Vancouver mountain, ip tb*
month pf November.
tnfuriuation rcachod tbi pplicn that
Sunday ilancea woro balug carried pn
at a rooming bouip pp First alreet eaat.
Iiiquirlei elicited thit cbrittanlng celt-
britipin w.ra ip progreta,
' Mr- HI- P. MiFarlppp m mntpiA
Ip North VPPMPvpr after a lojeprn
Ip thp eaat during which bit ion bad
tbo ipiafortune to coutrict pitatle..
Tba union meeting, pf tbe Baptiat,
Mtthpiliit and I'riiabylorlau churchoa
pf thii "ity »ro cuutlnuad thla weak
Ip Bl. Andnw'i church every availing.
Ura. J. I, Mutton, 888 K.l|h rpail,
W|ll receive for tbe flrat tin. linm
opining tp Nurth Vancouver pn Thun-
day, Nov. 8th, from 4 Ip 8 p.m. aud
afterward! pn the flrat Thuraday pf
ea.h munlli.
A farewell fea apd pruaentetion took
plac. at tup rriideucu nf Mra. Keen,
laat with in honor of Mra. Morell,
who fur *nm« t|ma put bai bein idtn
tiled wltb th* St. Johp'a Womtn't
Auxiliary. Mri. Moral) ll leaving Ibt
cily thl* week apd returning to Toronto
tp join hor daughter there.
A locial ll arrauged for Tburiday
pf (hit with at Iho homo of Mri Arch
ibald, North Mutdala ip aid at Hi.
Thomaa' church, from I p.m. aud lb.
program pruiiiilm to ba Wppcially In-
loreating, epptainlng vocal tad ipitru-
ni.iuUl mnijc, mock auction, hit trim
pilug couteat, needle and thread con
le«t and guiliing conlutl.
Op Hatunlay afternoon a WPgpp
akiddtd over au einliaukinent ueir tbt
eorntr pf HHh itreet ind Bewick. Ave.
with tbo retult tbat tbt driver, j).
Ryan, working temporarily for the
(truckman Ker Milling I'ojnpany, had
to pull bimaolf ai but hi could from
in entanglement of wbeclt, bay apd
hprtea. lie bad tiutpincd no mora
airiout injury tban a ftw bruieca and
* "hakiug.
Tbe reviaion court, which lit* In
May and November, wu in aeaiion at
Ihe city ball yeilerday morning wben
huaineaa wai tranaactod io rolation to
Ibe Blcbmouii electoral Ul.tnct, 1,418
name, being pddci| ami UP ulrueV all,
According lo Iba clerk'a atatement,
pvar iMO pamm bave beep added
liaca liml .November Ibe liat aa it now
•Und. rcproieuling over fi/HM) pcripm,
Tbi body pf Mr- John Hhaw wbo
wat drowned from a launch off Holly
hum a week ago, wa. recovered at
llupdarave, Weit Olpilauo pp Hatunlay
aight. A* inqueat wta held on Mou-
ilay morning and * verdict relumed to
tht effect Ibat tba dpaaaud "came to
bli death by drowolpg through falling
off tba launch." A reoomipopdalion
wat made tbat all laupcbei be required
lo carry at leait on. Ilf. preaervor.
mobth vAMoonm, 9 jfh n*i»Af> *tymm9 % mi
In Bt. Andrew'* ebun ll, Nurlli Van
ipuyar pn Friday eveuing, Nov. .'(r.i,
Uiat Jcapnio Him Hhearer pf |>i»ley,
Scotlipil, wat united ip puirriago tp
Mr. 0, 11. Scott of North Vancouver.
Hev. Konald Maclopd olHcialed. Thl
church wa* decoralod wilb loweri apd
autumn leave.. Mr. aid Mn. Hcolt
will ro*ir|. in tbi. city.
North   VencouTpr   Dtfttt   Vancouvtr
In th* Irit match fpr tht B. C. league
cup Ihi home twm bad ao ee*y time
wluuing from Vancouvar Uat Saturday,
Ihe fln.l acore being 81.
Tit girni wm aomsswbal alow owing
lo tbe r.fereea vary properly iuaialiug
upou tbp ral** being *i|b.reil to. ' At
half limo tbe wore Ml ape each.
Ia thP aeeopd half Nortb Vancouver
had all tb* game apd but for erratic
.hootlap .kould bave we. hy t eoeiid-
erably Urg.r icon, Ibeir back* and
goal keeper having jitflt Pf nothing to
,U owing to tjto tap pliji of th. pplf
bicka. M«N*pgfctop, JIumphrlM and
Tid rmyMplpflA Mf/» ** »«»•
team, Nlcholli lad Walpwrlght thow
(pg pp well for Hit l**»ri.
Th* P*lt watch |* pgiinat th* ?8o.|
HigbUprler* pn Saturday apxt pn thp
Boaltvard grpundt.   '
City Council in Session
I School Boird'i Reply to Fire
' CM Report
llpnaiilorable iptar«t wm attacbod
»t laat night'i (pietlpg pf tbo city
council tP the reply fropi th* acbppl
truetoea to tbe Ira chief'a recent
Mrt OP North V.ucpuv.r aebuol bu:
toga. A ling letter wm r**'1 from Mr.
(luurgu iiamplxll, the board'a aecrpt
•ry, doaliug fplly with tb* Ire chief't
pliegatioua aad rfepMng tht publicity
which hat heap giveu tu bii pronounce
lueutt. Th* cpmmuplcation iatinatpd
that the icbopl truiteea deairud to "ae
verely eondwnn the pcIIpp tokpp by
thp Iw chief ip thl fac of letual clr
cumalpucei, to e*|p||»tica||y r.fute tk.
allegation pt iMdlfUte Ir* prot«tinn
and le ttrougly dlaipprova af the
grouty irieeeeiitol Ua. e| hia report
M btlug cilculatid to conv.y prrpneptii
impriuloui and Iharaby militato
jpgaipat thi pragrea* pf th* whopla."
Ip relation tl to* building on Ilh
•tratt aad (IbettetMIA, which wm ll
ludeii Ip ip tbi lopert m I death trip
iuaamurk m tka fprnifi wm iltuated
benaatk tbe tUirway, tha trute.a lifted that tbp fprnace WM IP aituatid
thii th* top of il WM 18 feot dlaUftt
from tl). aoffit of th* alair and there
foro not |u ilungerout proiimily to th*
alair wbicb tbt report Implied. Alao
it WM directly over uncx.avolcil aoil
14 felt diutant from tbo centre line of
tbo fnrnaco. T>. Mf ail pipe, war*
wall wrapped In Mbwtot |i*pcr ip tha
cuetomary mapnir. Tha lUir itaolf
wi* pf good fouatraellon and iu aoapd
cppdltlon, wm I f*et wide with •
itrplght lead to Ibt main nil . Tbere
ww* two rabiiiliary eiiti, io that a
bulldlPg of lix roomi waa thua pro
vilpd wltb three o.|U
With regard lo lb* taoidale achool,
lo which Ibo In thief referred in like
termi, tbt truiteea pronounced hi*
Htalementa lo be abtolotely iuaeeurate.
They contended (bat Ibe healing cbaai-
btr wm wholly eurroumle.l hy brick
wp||a and waa diatinctiy itparated from
th* alairway. All lha precaution! ad
o|ited jn Ibo achool pp 41b atraet wore
•doplad borp alio, namely, in addilipp
lo thine elated above ,tbo placing
.round of chemical Ir* eitinguiiheri,
Ibe coniUnt at|endanco of a janitor
during ichool bpurt nnd frequent indpl
gene. In Ire drill ao tbat Ibe achool
could ba emptied ip about 17 lecondl.
Tbi trualeca alao pointed out truat
tbt erhoola wtr. irecltd In full accprd-
anco wltb lbc local building bylawi,
and tbat no complaint had ever emanated from Ibe building iuapector. The
loiter Sually bemoaned Iba publicity
which tbe prcea had givtp In tbe mat
Ur, ataipg tbat it would tt/ioutty uf
fact tbe attendance at tbe ichooli
ihould tbo parent, accept the alarming
alalcmauU in the tpirit In wbicb they
wen convoyed. It wm Ibe board'i
oarueit deilrt tbat equal |iublicity be
given to tboir coatradictiou of tboio
atatcnienl* and to their aiauranco Ibal
lb. dang.ii alleged were non eiiitcpl.
Mayor McNeiih then informed the
council that ha bad madi It bii billion, togotber wilb Ibe tire cbiof and the
buildlpg Inapeclor, to it* whit wai
really wrong in tbii connection. II
WM unfortunate tjiet ap much bad
beep made of tbe mutter in lbc Ant
letter. Hi. worahip wai quite of the
opinion tbat the tie cbltf wai only do
■Iron. Of performing bl. dutlet cpnacliu
lioualy to tbo city. Hi bad, however,
gone penoually, unnoticed tp tke Cbli-
tcrlold achool aid bad ipnndtd Ibi Ire
gppg without any warning to tho lUff.
He ba.| limed tht experiment carefully
ind wa. in a poaition Ip alate tbat in
34 aecoud. every living aoul wu out
of tbe building. There wm not very
muck danger in teat. Hit worihip, fp
refprppep to to* #*pprt Ib.t tbey bed
jut heard read, aald Ibat tha diatance
of tbe furu.co from Ibe aUIr wu cor
rect. Alao it WM true tbat the furnace
wu under tbe aUIr. It wu impouible
to Mft a furu.ee aaywhar. elu to
properly heat tb. achool. While Ihe
council might raaaooaldy comider fur
ther aaggtatiou. from Ih* building ill
spwUr, to* puhlii p**d aot havt any
tm tor IM mtfty *f tm phiiAnt.
AM. Pttf. moved that tb* reporl pf
the fruatee* be received pad accoplad,
•nd that th* Ir. chief bl ultd not in
w\j  t^WW*W9f 9f9*ww  ntttt   m**tfw   yt *m m
Tkt txffet, It pprtillttly grtiiltd
0 Dt *We lo idvlM th* public that
thOTP I* «pw • gpspd l|d*w*|k »II th*
Wtrjf    rfzrWr   ftrWWW , W "pr"rP   fW    wfrmW
^^"WiWrT^rr . "**"    ffcf"   rrmv   (fp    Iff*tjm9f*r
mi 'fMm, m "tm* mt, tm* iff,"
M'Miy*ma m wTft,
fnturu tp prpv|dp "yp||»w" itotf fpr
nowipipor publicatiuu. Ho had given
them pdvirie udvorliaing pll over tbo
Wurld and Aid. Pick conaidorod that
tho flfl ebiof WM «|'Pll tp coiiaiire, Tho
matter in baud rightly bolougud lo tho'
building  iiiapeclnr'a  department. ,
fbe mayor iu riply iali| that hi he
llivid that tbi Ir* chief wai coniciip-
iiput. It WM only unfortunate thit 10
much had been aaid concerning bia let-
tor.   .
Aid. Kitlipn alao coaldcreil that tbo
ehilf bad meant wall. Ho bopid ihi
preaa would give ia fpil publication tp
tba truiloea' latter aa thtir i|*co wpuld
Aid. Biw did ppt think that tbs chief
had oicetiled hit duty teeing tbit it
involved upon bim to put out any Ira
that might occur.
Aid. Smith Uid empbaiia pn Iht un
fortunate fact that tbp lire chief'a lot
tir bad gut Into tba papon.
Whereupon  Aid.  Meltao tought   tp
llvarlii thl preai wilb a luggeatiop
that tba eonpell wen too fond of muk
Ilf ramirka an Utten at toon u Ihey
wtr. ried. Thay ahould bo dealt witb
in cniumitlcii. TIiiik the mutter auh-
■id.ul, Aid. Dlck'i motion In inodifled
form tiling flnaily ucoudod and car-
Certain minor malm woro dlacuucd
by council during the lenlop.
A rcipieal from llutsbinann, McMil
Up k tit. pp Inhalf of Mt. Howard II.
Stoker for tho grpdipg of 14tb itrMt
M far at lot 11, block III diitrict Ipt
141, waa referred to tho board of
A plea from Ibi Qev. A. 1. 1'roaaer
for I plana aj.lowalk but ween Uth ind
Will ttrpetl fpr thp convenience pf
tboiui attending tbe Flrat Baptiat
cbureb wm lied wltb other aimilur
pleai that are tabulated to come up iu
regular ordor.
Curmick and Blddleeombe wrote
complaining tbat while driving along
Flnt itreet weit of IjOoiiUIo thair rig
waa damaged and   the harneai broken
In   conaequence   of  tbe   duilgeroua   anil
PiiMfe condition of tbi road. Thtir
bono according to tbe letter, "want
up lo tbe thouldtrt ip mud pud Ibeir
plaut hid bom damaged to Ib. client nf |1."
Aid. Dick auggealed tbat danger lig
uala b. erected alpng Fint alreet and
Aid. H.ndenon tubmittod that Iho
alreel ahould be draiuod. Subaoquonl-
ly, tbe matter wu bunded over to Ihe
wulcrworkt committee. '
Thu city cnglpier raporlod tbat be
bad chocked uver the funda allowed
for Hie ni"ruling pf the rock cruahor
and had fpund lhat tk. tald lunda
wpuld bi wed up ii about anothor
week'i lime.
Thit reminded AU. Henderaun of Ihe
fact tbat tbo .tone had been iplil by
hand preparatory to being pul in tbo
ruiker. He wm in fiver of acquiring
> comprcaior drill to do lhat iu place
of band labor.
Thia would bi in tke tnd a Uu oa
pelillva method.
Aid, Hick admitted that tbi procure
would be a moro rapid one but point
ed out Ibat tho boulden were strung
ovor I luiiaiileralile diiUoce and union
tbey corded np Iboae boulden il would
mean gutting tbeir powir and changing It every hundred feet along tbo
line. - Every lira, tbey iplil rock tbat
wu pot adjaoul witb lhair work it
Iwcami eipeutive.
Aid. Hppdtnop advpealtd paving *
comprcaior u portable u thi rock
crutber. Tht Utter be wm given to
undenland, could be moved tp any
part pf thp city witb great fuility.
Tho mayor Inlorpowd to lb. effect
that It wm a problem that need ppt
be dealt wilh ip tba council chamber-
Tb. Bnfepeyiri' Anoeialipn tub
mitttd a resolution peaatd at thair but
meeting petitioning for Iho grading
pad mtcadamlalug of Fprbp* avenuo
from th* KipUuado to HHh alriet.
Afler referring tho mailer tp th*
Hoard tf Worki to* "wr uid thai
while tbljk wpuld lik* to dp Ib.t, it
wm fairly uudonlood that it could
pot bo done with tho prcaenl fpndl,
Aid. McHae wiabed thai it wu mora
generally umleratood that the boar! pf
work! would wlllligly mace-UmiM
ihe atrceU iu Ik*,city If it wtr*
Iheir power. 'Xi':
The queetiop pf tppoiutlng a jah;
ind alcnograpber for to* F0"** '
work M rocompunded by tbt bowtj
polict commlaaioeeri", WjfM relent!
|h* Impc* comralttet.
lee, m^fM^nteUng mf
Ttff n\*W^^^W*\wf/lf*fWyf Qf
flfkabttl   VniaeateMf   kk   Qmknl   eaVAfaVOl   rial
^^^^mmmn   wntemmmmamw ^mm   mm^n^mmm^w   mawaammmirt   mmm
'•Trfr'     TmjwW     WWmff^WWeJU*f9
TW mmwiimmmmamm/f     tmyy,     ^    ■^pleTlpippiyfW
ftftfliffi tfffi'titt £i    \»kl
i^rm»   hIij^W   It fw\mmmWx*fffB ■ *Tf*mfTJ
JMrnmLfAmml tLtmMmmdmi  taWWW VflttAV    '
DOlfBfiBVATlVH 0199
Thi noma pf thl North Vancouvor
Cnuaerviitivi) Club in tho Alicr.leon
block alinve tho ppat ofrlco aro uow
iqiou both day and evening. Tbi
runniH are iloam heated, eomforlably
fiirniabod and uro provided with llla
gaiinea, gamei, etc. Tbo oijicutlve it
vary deairoM that theae permanent
quurlura be mude of tbe groatett pp.-
libit uiefuliioit and all Ooiumrv.tivoa
are roqiiniled to frequent tbe rouma M
much M tbey can.
1 Fplj SAfcB-WW frO-fpflt \0til 90
ijuopii itraot, Ivo lutoMtoi' walk from
Lonidalo. Tprmi. ApplF 9; SffWI
Today at New Woatiuinaler application il being mude by thia city for u
wator record on Lynn take. Mr.
Hanoi, the cily engineer,'apd Mr. Shepherd, Ihe city clerk, ara at New Weat
minuter roprcacuting North Vancouver.
Vuiicoiiver Man Immtrud and Bucuad
An encitiag ineidout took placa on
the North Vancouver f.rry wbarf nl
II o'clock up Hominy night. The iiiiiii
her three boat bad touted iti cualnni
ary warning of departure aud tbt gang
way wu rattling upwardi wbou a
would ho jiaiieuger in Ibo abapo of II.
F. 1'otira of Water alreet Vaoteuver,
appeared ia sight. Ha wm appareptly
vory ih'lerinincil to catch Ibe boat and
declined to recogoiu certain iunper-
able obiUcbu which lay ip hit path.
Three pf Ihe crew yelled to tk. effect
Ibat h. wu too II., tb. gaiipw.y bo
iug then half way up pad tkl ferry ip
gentle motion, but I'etan wbp evidently
overeatiuiiite.l bit athletic prowoai,
took a leap at tha gangway and miaaed
It. He fell heavily into Ih. water Md
waa followed lmm.diat.ly by Mr. Jack
Newton, ou. pf tho number thru crew,
wbo dtipitp the daugeroua backwuh
and other |ieriU apd inconvenience.,
went plueklly to tb. aatitUnc. of tbt
athlete. Meantim. twa b*ll* bad
been auunded aad tba login*, quickly
revetted, and with gnat promptitude
Ihe crew bad lowered life buoyi lud *
ladder with tbt aid of wbicb tba twp
men in tbe water wara pulled ou board.
Bo tbat II. F. I'eten can truthfully
•ay that ho caught tht boat ovtn if tb.
Ip'p ialclf WU Rot I pbyeically com
forlaldc one, He should feel mightily
obliged to .lack Newton wbo did nol
give hirnaelf tim. to dw.il wbon tho
possibility of being drawn under lb*
wh.rf by Ihe heavy luck wub. Hp
la happily none Iba won* for tbo im
uienion, dweribing kiateif yatttrday
u being "in tbe pink pf cpaditlpp."
TO IiBT-Pumiihtil room. Apply
ltl) Hoeund atfuot wcet. Kutranee t.m-
porary off Third atroet. 10-11
TO HUNT- Two uafuriiiihu.l rppep.
In mudum bouu. Hiweojiel. aparlmoalt
auite '1, cur. 8th aud p'brtl^fiuhl. 10 II
FOB liKNT-Koonii with or without board. Apply lit liud ttreet H.
One minute from car. 1711
FOB HUNT- Pivrruopiuil bungalow,
ramlarn, 81k atroet paat, near Victoria
Park. Jobn llluraaen, t'ulunial Apart
mout Homo, Sth itmt, pboni 810. tf
Expreu Clanified Ads.
B. M.  Ilichuiuud, teacher of violin,
1417 Jouei Avenat. 17-11
Urn I. If. Hcrlram pf Vuncouver,
teacher of piano and linging. I^taapu
giv.n in Norlh Vancouvor. Termi II
per month. Bcglunen a specialty.
Apply Kiprm Olcp, Boi A3.    1011
Kill 'Nil    line   llahnsg   dory.    W.   <).
Thompion,   Hollyburn   P. 0.      ,   1)8
FOB BALK -Frttb muibroomt daily
at tba 11 nd to. 3 18
FOB BALK Pine lot of young hem,
juat ilarling to lay. Ki.h Market, Jit
itreet wut, city. 10II
FOB SALK-Fint growtk dry wood
for 14-75 par curd, 4 ft, 0. MclUdi,
I'bone 88. t.f.
MI'BHHOOMB froab daily  at   Ihe
(Irolto. 818
FOB 8A LK Heal estate office witb
III and Ufa insurance ag.ncice. Two
yean' |euo and Aituroa, Ittinga ilc.
fpr nle mi good fill See Juno Mc
flwalpo, Hcalty and Huilncai fixebange,
II IjOiiiiUIc Avenue. Ill
titt tooned cottage aad cleared lol
ii Lynn Valley few yardi from
11700. Tprmi. I'almer (late
Ward) Barpnator lad tm Oratvonitr,
if, Uaitelo Avpnue. fhone 7).    tjj.
■HTSAIjK Tbe Kppdl* K.Ltot.
jfftora. aid atoek at valuAtipo. SvIpp-
iff going epprern doing ItMO trade
PMothly. Must bi told md li.a .naji
fp anyone with to* **to to hapdl. It.
\lymm Mcllwajpo, Hcalty apA ffpMm
ptftbgnge, 11 Uu»4»e kyt.       Ill
teeayii bungalow, n.w, bath,
i, lot cleared tpl ftptpA,
cub, ' l»|apco irraogcd
WMd) BormptUr lod «»n
™^'       f*WT*f\^tTTW      tjWm^r'
FOJ) SALE-Two lot., block pod .
half weat pf Lonsdale pp 88ml atroet,
1710 fpr both. Town. Apply otin, i*
Lonailalu Avoouo. L'll-U
l|(K)MB FOB BBNT-Houiekeepiug.
818 Und Htroot out.
FOB BBNT-Furplihpd rpowi Apply
tp Mm Bpplli "ir JWto rp|i| »pd
Jonea Avenuo , 711
BOOMS TO LP-With pr without
board.   Apply Min Burton, im-fH,
street watt. t.f.
Good room aod board for 8 pr 4
men at Mn, Tiorppy't, 8th atrtot, lit.
bouao out pf itupltvard. ?-U t
Board .nd room for two gtutlomon,
♦H.iiil per week. Apply A- B> Fullun,
Furnlturp Co.,   Ksplanado   weat.  7111
TO BKNT-NIco tl ruom.d I.t. Apply Luiuiilnbi Supply Btprp*, UULopa-
lulll   Avenue. t.f.
TO KKNT   Choicu mud.ru .uilM ou
;ir.l itrott.  Apply AIm. Bmitb k tie.,
Nortli Vnncouvor. t.f.
J.Uulel tpd Nortb fjORPfUl*
Uetlt.t LoopdaUPharpuvoy Hiorta IM
OikhI ypung stock Hull, comer I uth
atrttt ind Mahon Avi. .   nil
Agreem.nti for Soto dltcounled.
Mon.y waiting, lonadale Boally Co.,
tlh Iiontdall Avonuo. I'linnu Till.    t.f.
Wt' cIom Sundays. I'bone 884. J.
H, Knglisli, 0. K. Ilrucery, 18 Loll
deJa Avenue.
Don .'I buy your dolli before the groat
doll Mia, Nov. 88lb, Bt. Joki 1'ari.h
Halb U).||
Nortk Vancouver Fish and Produce
Oo. Freih tod smoked Fith a specialty.
181 Firat itreet well. 84 ll
If. If. Ilny men I for Int claw 'Iron
making. Second houie, Sth itreet £.,
adjoining wtat of Boulevard ud car
line- it
Thp Oity Dye Workt, on cornea Ki
pUaado Kail and lonadala Ml enabled
by virtu* pf their large plant In thl
city lo ppt only clean Ihe cloth but
Ib. lining, pockets, etc. of every null
tkey dry cleau at tbi aims moderate
price, tb.y have alway. charg.d. t.f,
Tb* Truth itudonti cUat will moot
•very Tuctday evening at 8 o'clock at
tka residence of Mn. Qallagher, K*ltb
road, near Bidgeway. BtudtuU detir-
ipg higher tpiritual unfpldmpnt Mt
cordially invited to attapd. tf
B. 0. Livery and .Hoard lUWu-
Ligbl rigi and ladies' uddit banci
fpr hire. Stabling for b«ra«a. 0*u
oral delivery pud baavy Itemiag. il.
IIuiiiu, 4tb itreet weit. I'hpap »47 t.f.
Bower eouucetioot done by expert
pipe layers. Work guarlnt.nl to paw
city engineer's office liiipcctlon. Ouly
Ini claw Bcotch pip* tap prim* Port
land cement uied. Kilimatai furniah
id. Apply K. B. I'aykull U a§it of
Nortb Vuncouver Cual tpd Supply L'o.,
Mi 111
Kapprt accouuUut diwlna bookkup
ipg, sWOfk pycnlngi. North Sboro only
Apply fa* ki, Bxfteai Ofci. JO II
VifiVMM^n /or
SutnmerlWd, W, JUhiaL
ttltt *..M fig,:
WktiT9fl~l>rai*mijrii4, atyl* wl
It guaranled. Mr,. Bamm "Bo.cpM''
8th itropt tod f%||||(, Avo. 1411
pod grading lot
9* >lr*fiiltt« to
propm Ml mhM
dlnel  (rem  owpirs.
Uttael *m   '   '
mi<l wmmmm*mmmm9ww9mmmw9mmmmmm
90WI9 TIMWlVm.... ,       ,,..:,.r,,,WMTWH OOWMBIA
Publlihid Ttwidayi tw4 Fridiyi by North Show Pimp, WmlM,
■*^Mrt aHtoyl^l^ .11*%. §ij meiiMi
JDPr.Thrsi wpiitlis, Nn,
pw yopr,
VOW Stotl'i »hd Ftttolgn,
AdTirtlilng Hate* WW 9* Quoted on Application.
tp th* Intoreili of tbp North Bboro pf Burrard Inlpt
» an advertising miillum Pf excoptional value for
| effective i laiinur the population of North Vancouver
City m3 Platriot'. itety effort ii mado tp glvp advprtliin tbp mmt wtiifaotory
roMhtog IP a thorough and effoi
OHwioaplitrlof. Bvwyoffort
iiryloe. ...
 AliAaiM la totfH'f adyertlsepiBnta »|ipnls| bp in thp printpri' bam|i pot
ntfThtfl Wj. »• Mopdey pnd 6 p. m. Wpdripidpy to apiure immrtioii in tb*
ftwlpwlng IMop. .
WiW'Tfr|l?IWf| 9 ft.
....Hovimbar 7, Mil
. Thl vpxpHpni d.*lay which ia bting
experienced in carrying put thu plau'i
of tho provliieial gpvernmont in tbo
matter pf tbe construction of a now
mad jhrough Moodyvlllt ia earning k
great dell pf udverso continent frorp
property owners whoso holdings lie tp
tbp oast pf Mppdyvilie apd from other
I aourcea. Tbo aituation il M follows.:
The present road tlilough Moody villi)
balopga to tbe provincial government
and  waa suitable  for ita  purpose so
' long us it wa| intended only to reach
the wattrfront at that place. Now,
however, that thoa. wharves are ahau
doned and developments have followed
another trend tbe main purpose to be
isrv.'sl by a road through tbat local
. Ity today it to give ready access to the
traeti of property lyiug beyond Moody-
villa to tbe eaat which the owuera may
deaire to open up. For thla Utter pur
puae however, tbe route followed by the
.lilting road ii altogether unsuitable
for tbe reaaou that It not only involve*
a heavy grade to get down to water
level aa al the preapht time, from tho
woateru eud, but it alto involves an
almost impracticable grade to get up
again to thi required level, by continuing tbe present ropd from ill present
eastern  terminus.
In order to overcome thi. difficulty
aad la order lo provide tb. property
owners concerned with suitable lueani
of aecata to tbeir property, it ia tbi
desire pf tb. provincial government lo
conetruct a new roadway pn a line ia
dtnet continuation pf Fint (Iriet eait
ward from its paint pf contact witb
tbe boundary between tbe city and
Moudyville. Tbii roadway would run
epm.wbat to tbi uorth of tht present
road aud would give an eiceljept gra'dt
' throughout. Thl provincial guv eru
mint bus beon in negotiation with th.
own.ra of Ibe Moudyville property fur
aom. monthi wilh t view to procuring
Ihe neceuary road allowance in ei
.hung,' for tba new roadway and hM
made repeated effort, lo roach In ami
cable .rraagemept but without remit.
Meantime the road gang! which were
at work on a portiou of tbo new road
hav. been recalled, Ih. luefuluss of
Iba work already done by Ibe government ii impended tnd property owu
era are denied Iheir unquestioned rigbl
of reasonable a.cesa to Iheir property.
While condition! mch u Him- .re un
avoidable at times and it i. therefore
neceuary Ibal progressive property
holden ahould learn to possess lhair
toula in patience and to hold Ibeir
pUns Jar improvement. In abtyauc,
when occasion demands, il ii certainly
reeionable to coucludi, uevertbeleai,
that it will not hi permitted that oil
struct iou in matlen of public import
■uch ai the codilruclion of ntceulry
roadi iball be unduly prolonged, mon
particularly under cirrumtUacM tuch
M thoa. obtaining In thl prtwat in-
lUnce, In which Ih. property to which
imouable .cceu I. denied ie situated
ia auch clou prptimlty to th. graatMt
eaatr. of population In tha entire province, inasmuch a. thii important
matter hM already been held back for
•oat monthi It li to b. hoped lhat the
government will proceed without further delay witk such steps M Play be
a*t*uary lo take ppawuien of Ibe
niedad road allowaare in order to prov
vbii tki public with Iht rtqurrtd u
ctM to th. Urg. tracts of property
wktoh would be urvad by Uu propoaed
A* germin. to Ibe^ topic under dis
caption, it I* ii order to atoka mention
ft9  rW wnmjmmWww JWWpWB   0999^919*1   l)j
lha Moodyvlllt property among tlw
MMsUipalitiat *f th* North She/i-.
Thit efct-Mdfpgty' vtlutW* property
oatt^tM I meet klvaetefaop. porillon
iM ItnPdm roeghly ipeakiag oa*
mat pt watorfreetogp which, wiU rank
with the cboiceat foroaboro nu Burrard
Inlet. Thii prpplrty profits in a general way by all thp improvements
which uro carried forward by tbe city
of Nortb Vancouver or by the diitrict
of North Vancouver, it participates in
tha rppid appreciation of wul.irfront
anil other property value* which has
taken place on both aidoi of Burrard
Inlet apd yet it la exempt from u. pro-
portionalo slmre of the iisn.li.jn which
il being paid by properly 'hidden pn
ail aidoa of il, being culled upon tu
pay only tho extremely light ratea imposed by tho provincial government.
While tbia Ib douhtloli gratifying to
the owners of the Moodyville property
it involves a grave discrimination of
rates as against thoae neighboring pro
perty owners who are (laying municipal
taxes in proportion to tbe advance'l
value pf their property and in payment
for the extensive public improvements
which are being carried out in tbo city
and the district It is reasonable to
tuppoie that ownera who can afford lo
hold intact, year after year, realty of
the great value which attaches to tho
Moodyville property are Anancially
able to assume their full share of the
burden of municipal taxation with
their fellow citizens whose property lief
in adjacent   locations apd it   fjould
therefore fully coincide with the COU
options of common equity aud of tbe
general Htutiaa of thinga which aro held
by the average eitiun, if legislative
eipedienti were fouud lo render
available for purposes uf municipal
rovenue both tbt Moodyville properly
aud any other property or properties
throughout the province which may
be similarly located in whole or in
part within the general hounds of auy
There exists au infinite variety uf
opinion with respect to matters of de
Ull imopgat Ulnae who have given ape
clal consideration to Ike methods to
be followed wilh prisoners during Iheir
detent ion, under penally for wrung do
ing, but all parlies Ind common
ground iu tbe principle ibat tbe object
in view ii not merely tbat of punishing tho one who hu been guilty of
crime but alio lhat of affording tho of
fender .very encouragement tp re-
naunta hia criminal practice, ami if
possible to restore bia. to good rit
ixeeahip. It ii a d.plorable fact that
loo frequently our motpod. not only
utterly fall to acomplisb Ibi. litter
object, but bave quit. Ih. contrary effect of forcing uppn Ihe iniml pf the pf
fender a conviction Ibal for oat of bii
clan to attempt lo reform would bt al
together    useless   and   . unsequelltly    to
und him forth at tbe conclusion of his
sentence, not only I more hardened
criminal tban when h. entered, but aim
devoid of mobey or reputation, thul In
creasing Ibe probability of his return
lo dithoaaat practice..
The/eeiarki of Hr. Alexander Smith
the president, at the board of trade
banquet lut week, witb reftr.nce to
tki* problem, were received witb man
Ifwlalioiis pf approval by thpw pre
unl. Juit what dlfftcuitiee might dt
velop In connection with tha ackenu
propoied by i'rwidenl Smllh, tp thi*
mipd of thoae actually engaged in the
cere of priijonen, hu yet to be aaeer-
talaaj, but to a ley*** ip uth anal''
ton, tot lllggaltiOM appear to .mbody
meeeprt* that would greatly promote
tin petitivt ret*)}* mm* at dwirebla
la dealing with thou wbo have coun
under toe baa of the crimiepl code
Pre.ld.pt Smith'. pU* ia ptlat wu
to Ibe pffeei lliat th*** prima.!, bf
gifpa attsAtpnyn^ ip road building Ip
rouott tectlou of to* province mi
th»t a nominal wag. b« allowtd then
wkiU ao tmploytd. Th* adyenUf** of
pack M wiMgemeet M* not tu le
seek, to tho first place thii labor wpuld
effect | coiiaislerablii spying Jo tbp Pill-
III exebeqpor an.) would, rppfo tbpii Off
pat the oqiouip ir)|ith thp P>papn|'iyi;
torn iui|msos upffp tbat «iijhequ,*r ffif
thp inaintoiiaiico of prisoniirs. Thia js
Ilhowlio p cliss pf work fqr whttlr It
ll \niUB|ia|ly difficult tii prouiiro mon,
BR. thit tblilpiigor pf epiivict |»|iur <|o-
priving law abiding citizens of employment wuulil bo reduced lo u minimum.
Again Ihp regiilur pttt'Pf-dpora nmpluy-
munt would prove healthful for the pri
sonere and salutary likewise frnm p moral standpoint.   Tbii together with tile
payment pf * wall wage would dis-
abuia tbp mind of |hp convict pf tlie
impression that be wat boing kept busy
nl mure or leu aimlesi and altogether
pruritics.!- employment simply for tbo
purpoae of fulfilling the tortna of bis
sentence. The oonaclousuuss of tho
fpet that be waa engaged iu really
necessary and helpful labor under
healthful surroundings and thnt each
day's work menu I snipe addition tp
the store of money placud to bia crodit
against tbe day of his release would
doubtless exert a benelicial iulliieiiee
upon tho iniinls pf many of those under
detention pnd would not only reiplor
iheir c'onlrol easior during tho period
of their sentence, but would ant ihem
at liberty at iti conclusion, undor cun
lilions tbat would afford the maximum
propiibilily of successful efforts at ro
form upon the part uf those whose do
sire, in that, direction wore really sin
The mutter is one which might con
aisleoily be tukiin in band by tho local
Board of Trade with a viow to as
curtaining to wbat extent this plan is
feasible iu thii province.
Fint strett tut.   Phone Llii.
B. 0. Sugar, 18 lb. sack for —AIM
Wilb 3 Ib. of our t'u .1 "Muy
pole" Ooldon Tip" Tea
at 40c per lir.
Bt. Charles Cream,  )0c per tin
(large tins)
I'i'tis, I'om ami iiiliiuloou, 2 Hill for-Tie
(new seuaon pack)
Kggi, strictly fresh, .1 dozen for 11.011
Maypole Butter  3 Ib. for 11.00
Ui.e, Finest -ia pa a   6 Ib for ite
Oranges, iweot ami juicy, Sou per dux.
Froth ground Coffee, 'ih,- per 1 lb, tin
"Tkt road* art now In good ordtr.
Coma In your thpuiauda and avoid tba
tf >'. BITOHIB.
Baw.r Connection.
PUBLIC NOTICK it hereby given
that all ownen of real property fronting or abutting upon a street or lane
in wbicb or under wbicb a main ur
imiiiiieii tewer ii laid are hereby required to connect any building of pro
'iii.es upon sucb iirnpeily with iucIi
main or common tower.
IVrrniti may be qii|iiiici| from the
I'lunibing I ui p.-. In. at hll office nt the
'■ily Hall between the houn of 9 a.
m. and 10 a.m. and I p.m. aud ii p.m.
The following rogutaliont govern tbe
c.iiislriiellon iif houae or building cun
neclioni with sewers:
Np houn aewer pipe .ball hav. a
laat fall Iban 1 to 40, unlew ipeclal
permission li granted in writing by
the Council. Baid pipe, between the
iron pipe, to tbe coiin.ictioii of thl
public aewer to b* of tb* but quality
standard ult glared vilriled clay it
w.r pipe, and .ball bav. a diam.ler of
aot leu lhaa 4 inchu. All pip*, .bell
bi sound apd wall burned (broughout
lhair thickness, impervioui Ip moil
lure, wilh a eleaufng, amoolb and
wall glared on inWor and exterior
surface., frte from lawi, rracki, bill-
ten, Ir* cbtck. or other imperfection!.
Tot pipci must bo to laid in the
trench Ibat after th* lower ll compict
ed, Ihe interior surface apetenl, ibtll
bi lo a truo and even grade.
In making tha Joint., a gasket of
oakum or hemp, freshly dipped ip cl
punt grout, must  lirst   be uied   and
K'kcif Into place. The joinli ihall
lerwar.la be tightly picked full tnd
bcvelleil off wilb mortar, competed of
*|* part by volume of approved I'ort
laud cement to oue part liy volume of
approved uml.
- All joiuti sh.ll trt ma.lt waler tight.
io that they will aUad a head or 10
feet of water, Wshen letted by tbt
Plumbing Inspector at the owuar'l,
plumber'a or coutractor'i expenac.
By ordtr of the rOogjujjj
1,1.1    -alM."1''
Mim very egff haftllf J imV, 0\\y modern house on
I fllh street near Lonsdale, lot ml 68 feel frontage, price
phoney, mh v*mm B,1 e.      ^
90 Lonsdale Avenue      Next to P.O.
■ I      I    ■ I i     in.    | is' 11." II
oiott to achool, pppn road, water, light, at*. 60 ft lat for |3fi0
pn tormi pf On* third cub bilauct 8, 18 Md 18 monthi,
27th STREET-
Block from cu linp facing aouth. Wa can deliver a few good
lota on tbla itntt fpr foOO tach pp tirna pf On* quarUr cub,
balMC* 8, 18 and 11 monthi.
13 Lonsdale Ave.       Phone 70. P. 0. Box 1816
Hay, Flour & Feed
Owing to larger warehouse iccommoda-
lion, we are now in a position to cairy a
. larger ti)d more complete stock of these
goods and l8t.Twjjtj|y, $ir fiutomers at
Vancouver prices.
All Orders Delivered Promptly.
The Brackman-KerMilling Co., Ltd.
II6FJ3PLANAPEEAST -       Phone 4
Palace Hotel
Second Street, North Vancouvtr, B. C.
RATES:-42.00 pit day up.   Special
ralei to families and to regular hoarders.
h 11111 n
To Rent
Bight totolsM iWm PHltoW* far.
smarting tuns* BvtfftWWI WW (tod
to flnt plan pandttjPR. Im9m tintrai
wit mtmnpt to* wiwf.
Niua acr. ilU tor iuduitrir upar Bay-
wour Ortik and Stcopd Ifafrowi
Brtdgi. -A bargain fpr ijiili* tali.
Apply to
Alexander Philip
BMkir. s
Olnb Block, Biplanad*. Phone JO.
Telephone 270
■ i.i i.   i   aim iv i
i '
Expert on Fireplace* pad All Claiies
of Brickwork. Ail Work
Guaranteed. C
Corner Fifteenth Si. and Malum Ave.
Direct from mines, 500 tons
New Wellington Lump now
on hand. We strongly advise consumers to get in a
supply before the rain comes.
Prompt delivery guaranteed.
Phone 178 for prices.
North Vancouver Coal &
Supply Co., Ltd.
56 Lonsdale Avenue.
Paper the World \
Iron our itock ol ntw Wnll Paper ■
io it i.'cim.   Every day torn* new ,
dttign   arrivci to fill   tbi vacancy
ol IboN cloned out.
Handsome Wall Peperi    J J
ut bete in andloti vnrlety. Ju».
toll our lalaioiM for what room
you want tha paper aad ha mill
thorn you juat thp p.tlerp yoa ar*
looking toy.
To  ctioo** Iron our ilook ii a plea-   ..   j
aura, to pay our prtoa n paty.
117 |.<nu*<le|t AvWu. ri,.,M Wl
100 ft. frontage on KING STREETr East (which is now
being Macadamized) for
$1,050-One third Cash
ioh vmmim iwiIoiuks, seic
Birks- Parisian Ivory
-r- t-s-rr—rr. ^ ANP   ' » .-■-iu. ... —
Ebony Toilet Goods
ltc|ppg lo thr M ariilocracy of iht drciiing libit,   Our
Piriitin Ivory ir well adapted for toilet mc, and ii yvorthv
qf a place ip ilie most delicately futninlicd dreaijng rooms:.
])p color it a beautiful creamy hue, ill durability rivals
•))»f of Ff»l ivPry. Thp pristlsi jn ihe brph pre of the
fincat quality, a moil important feature in a brush-
OUR EBONY GOODS ire made.from the finest
grained African wood, furnished md polished in France.
We guarantee our ebony toilet goodi in every reipect, being
without doubl the bcit quality on the market.
All toilet goodi sold in single pieces or in sell, will)
or wjlbpn! presentation cases.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
Jewelers and Silvcnmilh,
George E. Trorey, Managing Director
Hastings and GranvirtrStfafitl   •   •   •   Vancouver, B. C
IWO VRAM1 ananawirmi nu UBAL
Tlflf   Tf^iPsltll   WfJffTfWWT' WW. WtTrtTl
mm *\om
A Nprfh Vaneppvpr Dtil
At thp Vawptivpr mi!"?! I»»t wnplf
hoforp Ml* Murphy, Bqlxirt Allop,
fpa| palate doalpr MA |Pur»ll« »KWt
thllfei) with p|ir»ipi!l«l nipnoy nuiler
folio lirptepce*, thTOgll th« ""I0 p' »
tyM V#pcoUVPr tot, waa »liar|ily con-
miwI. "Yqp woro eppvicted by th»
jl|ry undor pi^urpitancpi that mint hi
rogprdod ai pucb th-*4 Ity hflPptablp
man wpBltj- h*vp cppaidorpi| long anjl
hard iipfprp h* wbhIi) have f»N 'ucl»
a cgprsp," ia|d ?Ji» Hptipr- Pooplo in
a ppiition of (tint, hMtlliflg Pthtr
ppplp'i wonpy mptt remember thpt If
they cumin it a broach pf thnt I mat
thoy pit ppt IllfP I'liiiiiiinii mniiiuiln
WhP prpcetd by moaiiu pf violencp.
Vour actipiii allow yuu tp my niiini u
criminal intent. I don't wiah tp bp
luu livprp, but T want it uinlcratiiuil
thpt when peoplo ■•mm! tioforo mo who
hnvu rnlilii'il uthcra of tho money on-
trusted to tlioni thoy will bo aovproly
dealt w|th- } WPlPPtP yP" lo twp
yeara in tho penitentiary."
Andrew (jimia waa on Haturilay morn-
ipg (liieil III) ami coats fpr ilmnkeu-
ne».\ Hp did ppt know the moinipg
»f guilty Vol igtml V'to tho einei'
that ho h*'l Neon drunk-
tho electric coffco per
EI, 8T0V0
Dip diie on which tho
electric current will do
your cooking!
v* mm
tbo iinnicriinn heater
fpr boiling water «|ni.-K-
v  __
Electric Jrop, thl indii-
poniablo convonitneo fpr
Ironing dayi
Dr«pjfl at our pffice at 50 LONSDALE AvpNllE and see how
your kid hen caret may be lightened by tlie use of these inventions.
All An Operated hi) Connection Will)
an  Qtilnaty Eliclnc  Light  Socket.
B. C. ELECTRIC RAILWAY CO,, LTD.      Phone 66
Ilia Honor the Lieutenant-Governor
in council bai boon iilcnacil to make
|bo following appointments;
Loonard A. Dodd of Vule. to bo a
regiairar for Ihe purposea of tho mar:
riage ec| for tho Yalo mining division
ip the place of William Dodd, retired,
Jollli SI ill well C|utC, Br. of Now Weat-
mlpltnr, to ho a member of tbo board
of managers ot the Boyal Columbian
William 11. Cullin of Victoria ,to be
king's printer for the province of British Columbia. ,
Thp following aro appointed to bo
eiiiniiiiaaiiiiiera for taking iilli,lii. ils ip
tbp aiipreme epprt:
Aslilon Hiirlon pf Fcrnriilgo and
llrigga ilecilhani of Murrayville, for
tbo  Delta  electoral  district
Jpiepb II. Uayton of Boao Hill, for
tbo Kamloojm doctoral diatrict.
P. P. Crowe of Victoria for the Victoria city electoral diitrict; W. W.
ti. McAlliater, of Alherni, for tbo Al-
lierni olcctral diatrict; Jamea Murray,
of Control Park, for tUo Bichuiuml
olcctral diatrict; Joseph lloskins of
tin Main itreet for tbo Vancouver
clocloral ilistrict; and Jobn Caulfiehl,
ami Henry Krncst Miard of Coal Creek
for tho Pernio electoral diitrict.
bow Mirawww no ?o wouk
Pt*tiit!c«, rightly KantlMi in toil
pf lutomt Mil fpscinafion, ipyi Every-
bpdy'l Wophly- Tbey may nppnlwith
thpir tragic   BJgiiiUeauei!, uud  ttartlp
with lh«jr wpMppctpditPHi thpy way
arouse a'ml terrify, 01 ouligtituii ami
auiuao, as the cnao may ho. Bome-
timiw, when tho figuroi Pro top immense
Whin billions and tho bigger monitors
pf mathematical calculation aro let before us, thp pi|pi| ppA flPcy ure liouten,
and though ppt unimprosne.l, we am
■piile   unilillileneeil.
Sueh gigantic niopiurpmoptB aro lip-
yuiul ui; tbey leave us cold. What
havo wo poor erring morula, to do
with thoae rpwi, iiiiiI rpwp of figuroat
At tho iiolile savage canupt count beyond twelve, |P civiliiod iiiiiii eiiinmonly
iiiviiue.i to count beyond millions. Wo
cannot, for tho lifp of us, tay bow we
ahould expend au income of billions pf
But the recent statlatict concerning
how we get to tbo city every day are
full of pleasant suggestion. Thoy
make us anxious for further details.
Ami Unit's one of tho worst things
*bou| statistics it isn't wbat they
toll, but what thoy omit to tell, that's
the really grave matter.
Altogether somo 1,577,15s persona entered tho city of l.iiniliin on a given
day at tbo end of last April, hut wc
aro not told how many were men ami
how many wore women—which ia what
wo particularly want to know.
Tho largest number came ou foot,
437,243, and 111,681 of thoae pedestrians
pushed handcarts. Now why did thoy
push these handcarts! Waa it for cos-
tormoiigcring purposea, or for healthy
exereisel Wo are informed that pushing handcarts is rocommoudod by Ibo
faculty at a euro for itoutncsa, and
those who have tried it, especially in
crowdcil .-ity thoroughfaroa, say it is
a long way better than golf—for more
Not a aingle person, happily, ia recorded na dancing to his daily work.
They came liy railway and ou omnihus.
A gallant 111,01111 cycled iu. More than
30,0110 are certilied as having crawled
iu through alleys ami passages—a suspicious form of entry. Can it lie there
arc so many of our unconvicted criminal class within tho jurisdiction of the
Mansion House)
Ami not ono day only, hut every
day, do a million and more of ui invade the city, sitting ebcok by jowl
in overcrowded trains and motorhua-
es. What wc do there remain! a mystery for the most pari to our neighbors; ami how we, each one of us, man-
ago to pick a living in Ihis magia circle
of tho city is often a mystery lo our-
acl vet.       I
•   i   i   I     'm
Imagine a big store wilh so few doors that customers line
up for a block waiting for admission. IW js prepay
the situation of a house which does not provide adequate
telephone service for ils business and the accommodation
of its customers—for the telephone is a door to your
Is one telephone SHfficienf)   There *re about    -
12,000 telephones in tha city and you may be
called from any one of them; or you may be
called by long distance from ieveFa> thousand
olher telephones throughout the country.
The needs—The growing needs of you; business mt»|
determine the number of telephone lines you remupe.
Your business is hampered by inadequate  telephone
facilities.    Before the rush comes, you should decide
how many lines you need.
B, C. Telephone Co., Limited
A Little Friendly Talk on Doors
We have one of the largest ami lies! designnl slock nf
Front Doors that can he secured anywhere in II. ('. 'We have
phont io dillerent designs to choose front which range in
price from Sj 75 i» #23.00. We make a specially oi the
"I'asaiikna Oi 11 m," a handsome, massive piece of work,
one which is especially suited lo bungalow*, and the modern
style of architecture. II you are interested call and let us
show you our display. Wc can also supply vou with Interior
Doors in fir or cedar in 1, 3, 3, 4, jorb panel or iu the cragsman designs.   Call and ask i<> see litem fqr yourself.
P.O. Box 1719
PIlOUO 332
on Hastings Street
East~D. L 208
LOTS $245
$40   CASH, BALANCE 6, 12, 18 AND 24 MONTHS, or
ntW   . §*/ WttJ ..      . ■   nil . m Jl J .1     "...■■■■        ' r '
Interest 7 per cent. Payable Annually
We are clearing and grading 20 feiet in the centre of each street so you can build immediately.    These lots are nearly all (eye), a
few have a slight slope to the south.   We will be pleased to show you this property at any time.
ii        '      ..     ,  i'ii.      ...     ■ ....     ... .1       . . .    ,
Preparations are being made fpr the extension of &e eftrHn* from the present terminus on Hastings Street
I H miles East, This Fall or Early Spring
3. r.
, Broker, 333 Pender St W.
For only ll down and II
woelfly yon Mn buy tha
LBABW .RAWOB, resor-
voir or waterfront com-
plet.i liltii'l up. Boa tha
BAKOB. They last b
Prompt Delivery.
Patterson, Goldie & Clark
receivei Uie iame glad welcome here
u he man who cornea to buy, our
primary object at thia time being to
acquaint the men of North Vancouver
with the advantage! in quality, service
and price, to be exclusively obtained
at thii store.
We don't expect to sell you good*
before you know us, our goodi and
our business methods, to we invite
you to call; "Snoop around" a bit
and get acqainted.
Pioneer Confectionery
Highest Quality Handmade Bread
Delivery to all parts of  tba city.
Spe.ial attention given all enters from patrons.
Pioneer Confectionery phL*
FIRE!    FIRE!!    FIRE!!!
FOR ABSOLUTE PROTECTION write a Policy in ihe
Commercial Union Fire Assurance Co., Ltd.
ASSETS! $04,900,000
Sola Agont
AfraanunU and Ceatteclt drawn       rx^  | tn Qmetal
ot tv.ry detcripllan rfc**   "/       Omvayimdag   *
Leave Vancouvar IM a.m. and
thereafter every 3D minutes until
7.00 p.m. (Ii.BiiiKticiai; IM p.m.
every 30 minutei until 11.30 p.m.
thereafter 12.16 apd IM a.m.
Uava North Vgacouvwr COO a.n
nnd thereafter every 30 minutee un
til IM p.m, ('ommcndatf IM p.
m. every ill minutei until 11.00 p
m. thereafter ll.il atfd 1%M p.m.
f*«va  Vaiwwivar 7.<0,  8.30 ad I    !.eave Norifc Vancouver 7.20, 8.00
9M iMmlm mm U Wtekdnjl.     .ud g.«, iMraatlM earn warn-
I "ajri.
Single fart te, I for Hi, V) lor-1|, 70 tot W.     ,
imu9,v. una        '
kl) the alwve riUe intiadt driver. Halm I iMTaMim to m
pet cent, diacowat by ton ,4 W.
ioo ibt, m/p*.
mt, lm.
r*^*/9nW9J*rtTW    mrm   Twammntn,  »"■?   rwmmwtwf   mpmwmwwwwrmmp   mm   imwwwm rramwf
A-lomMt wngom, ttmk* m
draft, 76a TAmm,
M Mm imamimm** mA
html, We tttota.
C-J Ijorat norm hoggin pod
"TWJHttSW*\IlnlS'WwW   T*^™ft
JM*- pern pumber of the bttlletlti
"Tbe Pohlipation of tbe lutenxtlipii.
a) Aprlciiltural IntHtute" g|vr» td»
latest data coniieniing tlio wbtat, rye,
barley, oat and earn eVojia of tba m*t\A:
Kstitiiates of tbe wheat crop received by tbe iitetltote frolp twenty mon-
trie* of fba northern liemispheru (Ana-
tria and the Ottiiniiiii Empire lining the
only important omissions) show a total of H,O48,S8r^00 liusbels compared
Willi 8,0114,870,000 for tbe same novo
tries last year. Tba mn production
of the countries to far reported it thus
100.11 per cent, of last year's prmliie
lion.    »
No estiinaies bave yet been mado for
tlia eountrloi of Ibe southern hemisphere, Australia, New Healand, Argentine and Cblli, wboto harvest will bo
gin in December.
Por fifteen countries reporting tba
rye crop of 1011 is 1,81)4,804,000 liuth
elt compared with 1,410,160,000 fqr tho
same countries laat year.
- liitimatee for barley in 18 countries
show; a total of 1,187,866,000 hutho|s
compared witb 1,188,181,000 last year.
The oat crop of 17 countries so far
reported is 8,888,88„000 bushels compared with .1,161,186,000 last year.
Under tbe bead of farm machinery
a description it given of an electric
w|nd motor used in English agriculture.
The apparatus includes a windmill,
a dynamo, a battery with automatic accumulators, a switchboard and an au
tomatic tension regulator for lighting
purposes. Tlio installation' expenses
for a farm with 40 iucandoecent lamps
and a :t I.i it horse powor motor is said
to he'about $1486.
A ineilio.l iif determining the age of
eggl It .I,-., uls. .I It ii to iloni
egga iu a large tumbler of water iu
whicii has been dissolved a tablespoon-
ful of ordinary talilosalt. An egg one
day old will fall to tlio bottom of
the glass; if older, it does not reach
tho helium, if three days old, it linki
only jusl below the surface and the older tho ogg, the mora it protrudes above
the surface of the liquid.
The system of identifying rrimiuals
hy liniierprinls had a atrigiug and un
usual demonstration of ita valuo at
Montreal last week. A short time ago
a loft in tbe wholesale district wu
broken into aud $8,000 worth of loot
arrled away. In | looking over tbe
grouml Ibe nut'day the central office
detectivet found some finger prints in
the duit which covered an empty and
unused showcase in the rear of tbt
establishment. Evidently tbe burglar
had put his hand against it while
groping iilimil the place Tbit was the
only clue tbat could ba found. Tbo
show case waa taken to polica head
quarteri, the Anger printt were photographed aud experts of tbe department
began comparing il witb all other re
or.ls in Iheir possession. At length
an identical sat of prints was found.
They had been taken from a man arrested for burglary over three years
ago. Detectives were aet on the mau's
trail,, be wat arrested and tbis week
Ihe grand jury indicted him on tbe
mute evidence afforded by the careless
placing of his band on Ihe dusty show
case. Ho important -it tht Qertillion
system of identitcation considered
Ibat a achool has jutt lieen started at
police licadquarUri hero in whicii do
lei lives me being instructed not only
in the art qf identifying finger prints
but alio in tbe observation, of distinguishing marks about tbe nose, ears
aad physiognomical details regarded
as of scientific value in identifying
criminals. This echool it under tho
direction of Captain Faurot who hat
jutt returned Irom studying tbe ayt-
tam at it is uatd ia' Parti. Tba au-
iIchIh are all tba detectives of tba central office force.
Wtilthy Btggart
That tba income af a. really first-
class beggar ticetdt that of most skill
ad laborers, ranging from tva U eight
dollars a day, It tht testimony of Mon
trial't cleverest feminine mendicant
t according to her own showing
hat been extracting mart than $3,000
a year from tbe pocket* of patten-
by. All that it attdad ia a location
oo a prominent butineit street and tbe
proper employment est proftstfotal
wllei. Any tort of physical affliction
likely to arouse sympathy ia the chief
requisite and if nature or accident hat
neglected Lo furnith tbe malformation
there are plenty of tiperta who
can counterfeit tucb affliction!
for buaineu purport's during
working hours. At tbere are toveral
persons in Montreal who make beg-
jiag thtir regular profession to uy
nothing of tba many more thoaaaadt
Who Indulge io it occasionally, ft la
titiwatcil tbat tbe thousands which
tbey extaaet every year rani well jaa*
tbe milliona.
Tbt grata violinist, i'aganlni wai
mi ktftl it ytt*m loot fppt* U *
'aatpatt," Paring that timt bit vie
lia b*« only om *p»gj Ml Vy )****■
imt practice ha a/qulrad ao wonder-
ftl tl eaaciition that be could produce
mora mm* wuv m* tM»| tommy
other vtolloiat could do with the uiual
l» n to ym pwp
interest Ml purcbue
couver roerclianii Irpm
5 to 10 par cent.
■     i,   ■.■—-„.,— i      .i	
Theaa ara Fucta
No  Fulce Prkea
When going down hill STOP and purchase your Furoikire, LinolmiBi, Carp*,
Etc., at a Reliable HfHlie,
THE BIST ii none too good- One-third of your life i» apent'in bed, and i
comfortable MATTRESS yog should have; Then buy our No, I RESTMORE at
$15.00—no more, no lest.  Money back if not janifactory.
't ' .i
128 Lonsdale Ave. North Yancouver
'i >
Mahon, McFarland & Procter, Ltd.
CLEARED 60 ft. LoU in Blocks 226 nnd 227;
$900 and $1000      14 cash, 6,12, 16 months.
50 ft. LoU in Blocks 230 and 232a; $650, $700
and $800        1-4 caih, 6, 12 and 18 months
  ..... -
'   '  ii   l, s ill     I     ill is           II      I  I I li mmar-.  I   I .it"
Phone 6286  -   - 543 Pender Street, Yancouver
i, i
North Vancouver City
CLEARED LOTS 50 ft. x 147 ft
In BLOCKS'15, 15a, 16 and 16a. D.L 550.
PRICES: $750 to $1000 according to location.
TERMS; M Quh, BaL 6, 12 ind 18 months.
v j
ACREAGE in District LoU 546 and 550
In Bloclw of torn On« to Four or more acres,
PRICES:  from  $2000  to $3250  per acre
. TERMS; MCub, Bal.6,12,18& 24monthi  •
* *
The Grand Boulevard extendi through this property
The North Vancoover Land and
Improvement Company,
843 PENDglf SI, mnttm VANCOUVER, B, C
tmmamiwfmmm'f ^fflirf ■ifTMiMrt
i, \\mmfmr\< 1^2,333
2 Offices in North V»nconvtr-2
UPPER LONSDALE AVE, ^ear Fourth Street)
Swing DepoflM of $100 mi npw»rdi received.
InlffMl allowed at current rates.
Banker's Mpney Orcjera issued.
I       «     :';«       a
f    '
"       i
BUREAU i» now open for the convenience of employers and employees. Employers are requested to take
advantage of the office when requiring help.
W. B. HOOD, Secretary.
Phone 321.    14 Lonidale Avenue, North Vancouver.
Western Decorating & Plumbing Co.
- ' - -      -irr i n n      - -i i i
MauUU Made to SptcUcation.   AU Estimates Furnished Frta.
Wt Can arid Will Bava You from 10 to 20 ptt caut. ou All Paluu, Oflt,
Varuiinti, ate.
i      <n'i
P. 0. B«l 1SS7. TtlajAont 366
41 A fook and $5,00 monthly
 i    '  '■
buys a cleared level lot at Re4 Deer, Alta,
Price $ 100 each   Double Comers $225
NINE BAILB0AD8 art now under conitruclion from Bod Dew. Tbt
town bat wator, sowers, electric light, telephones, (ro detriment,
churches, irhooli, mills, factorial magnificent land, unlimited supply of
coal and timber. Your aiousr will grow rapidly. Oat full |*rtlculan
(ftp Btlstlpps pt fttt to Music
■ ti \t ww .Wt itt th* ttft tint »
banquet is Inoneptly fpllowafl by mt,
tie, the divine art would noldom, if
P»PTi Vp anpolplpi) will. tppd. Whilf
8|iakeii|iearo wfptp "It rapsii! hp ihe
food of IpVe, p|ay, pp," bu never aug-
goste.l tbat food itielf ahould lie the
food 0< mualc, which ia exactly the
eoiiteiit,ioii pf Of. Uodltbury in the
Mudical pnd Surgical Journal publish-
ed at Boston. Writing giuiorally pp
till subject tt "nerves" tbp „i|petpf
1'liysioul culture ia pp important form
Uf ltip)uftf|yp treatment uml sports,
guinea and all ' forma pf recreation
lipuofit general pr particular muscles
uml nientul riiinlilioiiB.
Tlio dlttrDiPlipp pf rppscp|ar pct|v-
itiua pftop |iropiotoi restoration to
Hernial loop batter thun mere cuaaaliiip
qf effort wuulil dp. A growing child
pt lii'dtiini' erpves natural sleep lm
cause pll ita niemliera linye becomi' prue-
lisnlly evenly tired.
On tlm other hum! a mini's work
may i 1 to pp pyertaxing of mental
effort pf one kind pr mint her, or tp
ap OVprteptiop PP0|I certain nerves of
nicmrloB. To rpcupprutp from tucb
forms of overtaxation, rpat of the part
il, pf course, necessary in its place;
lipt restoration may lie battened by
particular lines of counterstiinulation
nr of exercise by groups of muscles and
It It the purposo ef the writer tp
prove tbat the special soma's as nerve
organs, no loti than tbo other organs,
and muscles, need for their healthful
development this same adjustment of
rut pnd stimulation, and, a* tbe brain
musl lie related lomowbat by readjustment of energies within itself, Ilie different sense organs may lie refreshed
by varying and qualifying forms pf
stimulation peculiar to themselves.
Physical culture scoka to recreato by
variations of tbo expressive or muscular activities. Why should not variation! of stimulation for the avonuti
of Impressions, tbe special senses, Ho
used for tbeir tonic ofectt
Tbe eye may he rested after protract
ad ate by merely closing tbe lid. A
jihotogripher wbo does a good deal of
delicate and trying work or retouch
ing negatives tells mt that tbo simple
habit of riming ber eyet wbon they be
gin ta feel tired from tbp wprk has
helped her lo keep Ihem in very good
condition. Hut furtbtr rest May be ob
liiiiiil by the playing off of one sense
against another by diverting activity.
If we eland and watch a circus par
ado for any length of time, our eyet
soou become tired by the tights and
features but the burst! of mueic from
tbt bends, by stimulating the car, relieve and freshen tbe eye. Musical
comedy of tke preient day presents an
txcilliat ipportuaily to ibow bow the
tax upon tbe aye by the coitumei ami
coloringi and lights ii reiiove.1 by tbe
Interpolation of music and songs. In
other wer.li, opera, light or heavy, Is
a complex of stag and color harmonics
ao idjuile.1 aa to balance admirably
the sfrpiti of itimulJdiop op Ibe saptes
pf tight and hearing. 1
ft ilppi ppf rpqi||re a' ypry ippiitjye
prgpn|i|p tfl he fptigPP'l by the clutter
lOA fltatlpr flf pp pftenioon tea, by t|io
sound of many voices nil pitched in the
strajned key pf pifiiteipppf. Rpt (hp
jfpfrpj||mepts served, an all audi pCca-
'ion' ptltom a Maf»l fpucUpn, f^py
relieve tho tax ou the ear by oioreis-
ipg tbp tepee pf „*to M well at the
muscles pf digestion.
Tbe writer oxperippcot a very mucl|
stronger ilosirp for fppil after attend-
ipg P symphony concert or recital than
after pp operatic performance. In the
former case the stimulation It applied
PPP sense wilh Iho I'ouHiiqucnt roault
pverpxerciip; iu the laflor thP dfs-
Irihuliou of stimuli between two anuses jl less likely In produce overtex
atinn. ThP ' popular onuoeri where
foods pre served  has a pliysiologic.il
jwa|i.   ,
A person who had boon a proofrenil
er for twenty yean states that he bo-
lievea his good eyesight is due tp the
fact, thpt ho early 'prowl the hubii
of looking up from his work every two
pr three minutes and allowing his eyes
to gpxp ut some distant object through
tbe wjndpw.
Such liabi|s aro probably very com-
mon ampng those engaged in work
which requires auch short focusing of
the eyes. Thoy lime unconsciously pc
quired the liabil of gazing oil', aa they
found by oxporiprico that it rested tbe
•#■•■ .
North Vancouver Business & Professional Cards
All KIWI A nm.
I'ifey  8.   Howard
Clly  Auditor.
H   3.   Hirrln
AalHara as' As**»»'sate
If I'ender 81.  W.     v. 0. Box llii
'Phont lit; i'lione 111
Vuncuuver       Norlb Vaneouvir
Tba New Blook of J-ooidili Avcum
near tba Ferry Approach
waa built by
Gestfil Cosjlraotora
«tb Stmt Baal North TatMuevN
Pkpistr Mortethoar - Carriage Hurts
■iifiKt ito awioaMav.  .,
Booksellers par) Statloseri
Cor. I-on»Jali aad lit.       lion. IM
Post Oraapatc Ifswnao J/plyprilly
•""f^"^  m  mmmf   *rWf  Wrm   W^mw mrmmmm   ..-,. - —
haa dliooferie Ikt 1'ftnt tl ffleapm to
In Vriuara on serria—alopples; Iht
yaprtr lamait whlob product fo»c-
HppaJ misfit, to, llfierato fim 'p\m,
er iTorrehli by rtmorlns; ibe i'rutura
■nni health It reatorel   H 3. Irwln,
nji.. ot at mmrpaui. M» nil
gltttf. North Vmctpsaf.
Contractors for reinforced cotcnle
construction. Beworing ia all its
lirauchsi; bouie connections I spe
ciilly.    Kiliiualci   furuiibcd.
Office: ml Unnlele Ave.       Pboat Itt
Baw Pilcr and Hrttnlcr. All kinds of
hand, crota cut aad buck aaws sat
and filed at tborlatt notice. HI Ird
ttreet etal, Norlh Vancouver.
piiacth:ai, fibkpi.ai:k
Prttitd Brick afantht a (specialty,
l'hono 1,1 ID
i. Craib W. (,'ral'b
Ip Concrete, Brick end Wood.     .
  'I ttmmmmmmmmmmtstt
intfi. nttuiKiMi.
A.K.I.B. « 8.
frrigalion,   artipait, levels,    pi
aod siwcificationi.   Sciitio taskt
boaja drainage a  ttMoul.ty.     P.
llux SU, UA stroet west <
of llewitki
Up lo date Millinery
Hodartae Matte
Ktltli Block    S3 Loudale Avt.
iaw rii.imi.
High elms Mite' and Ofot't 'i'ailoriag
Phoaa 907
S|»cialty : Children's Isuoni at owq
bone. Tartoi, ale., apply -fl^wal
Tiacisr »f tUUQ PfcAVWO.
Upt term, H*-, apply Moaaay
aaa Thundar.
m temm tl, ». mm Itt
amit,ti mmm.*
"Voung man," tho rising statesman
said to thp reporter, "newspaper no-
fpffpsty it pxtrppipty f)istastoful to mo,
ibut since you have uaked mo tp give
.on somo pf thp particulars pf thp leasing evopta Ip -nijr life, I will tapiii:
I. dp ao, bq»vpr, witb great p\ue-
Here he look p typewritten sheet
A contemporary says there are lliree
things whicii a man does not want lu
III a woman do smoke, awoar or vote
Smoking, it is said, is only indulged in
by women wbo aro "mil nice," though
the term "not nice" is rather vague
Most literary women smoke in public
plus-.-:, apart from tlio' tiny bohemiuii
restaurants. Must wo, then, class ull
tboie women—somo of them the clever-
est women iu England—with the wo
mcu who arc "not nice"! . The
women who swear aro few and fur
between, and tbere can lie np hesitation in saying that Ihe woman who
docs s.vcnr is "uot iiico." Bo tbat
tbere only remains the voting woman,
Which of the three indulgences is roan-
NOTICE is hereby given tbat au application will be made uudcr Pari V.
of the "Water Act, 191)11," to nl mm
a licence in tbe North Vancouver Hi
vision of New Westminster District.
(a). Tbe name of applicant in full
—Tbe Corporation of the District of
Nortb Vancouver.
(If for mining purposes) Free Miner's Ccrtificatt. No	
(b) Tbe name of tbe lake, tlrcam
or sourse (if uuuamed, Ibe description
is)     I'linaiiiesl   stream   coluuiopcillg   al
or aboul tbe soutbeast corner of Dis-
rict I.ol re I aud flowing theuce through
District Ut 471 and til to tbe North
Arm of Durrani Inlet.
(c) Tbe point of diversion is oo
tbo Koilh road at or about the south-
cast corner of District Lot 824.
d) The quantity of water applied
for (in cubic feci per second) .0.1 cubic feel.
(e) The character of the proposed
works Small tank intake fed liy wing
ditches, witb overflow iuto creek.
(f) The jifcuiiscs ou which Ibe water
is lo bo usod (describe same)—The
District of North  Vancouver.
(g) The purposes for which tbe water ii to be uied—Municipal purposes.
(b) If for irrigation describe Ibo
land inlendcd lo bo irrigated, giving
acreage   Not for irrigation.
(I) If tbo water is lo be ustd for
power or mining purposes describe Iho
plus's- where lbc waler is to be returned
to some natural cbaunel, and lbc difference in altitude between point of
diversion and point of return—Not for
power or milling.
(j) Area of crown land inlendcd
to be occupied by tho propoied works—
(k) Tbis untile was posted on the
•Jlib day of October, lull, and application will Im mail.' |o Ihe Commissioner pn the "Mli .Jay of November,
1811. at 11 sin. -
(I) Hive the names and addresses
of any riparian proprietors or licensees who or wboso lands are likely Ip
be alTi-s led by the proposed works, either above or below tne null. I .1. 0,
Koilh, of Vancouver.
(q) Tbe lioundarlci and ares of Iht
Diitrict of Nortb Vaacouver are aant
forth in tbe letters patent of Incorporation dated  10th  August,  l.stil,   and
published in  the tl. C.  Hn/etle,  bill  (I.
ceptlng tho area of Ihe City of North
Vancouver ipccifiosl In schedule "It"
pf the North Vanvcouvcr Cily Incorporation Act Amendment Act, 1807.
(r) Approximately the number pf
inhabitant! of the Diitrict at present
ii 2,609.
C. M. ft 88-11
Slodto mat Bank  B. N. k.
Ijoosdali *sd Bipisaadt
la your watah itoppksg or garble »>r»
gularlyl  Set
TV tlortif Vaia«o»vpr Ripart
mm (Wff^T ft^rWjm
91 f -infill AtSMB
r*V   rwwwtmaiwmwm   wwrwwmmm
mm ffw-fg
NOT*W tvum
UiM.Jmatumli   and   ItmpOTil
9M l°M.to OnOJi t8.tl|» W?»|(pr m*
ft the ppinipn of pipe men out of to|i
was naked wouhl t|ip verdict bu given
in favor pf thp vptyt
MD8KBOQM8 ifeah dally   at   tlm
flfPfto. 8-13
tm i Amiff in Imp slPik »nil VmM
It tlj'iho' rffphrter.
*'lf auunpsp, of cpprip," ho adilpd,
"ym "ill wapt fpy pprtrait, anil ai-
though I dislike anything that savors
pf undue publicity,  I  cannot dp less
ti'»p fpwply iviti) ypur witb'"
Here be fopk u |prgp pblttSfafh"
from a big pile ip anothor drawer and
gnvo it iii the reporter.
"Auecdotal pjattcr concerning my
siilf," hp udilod, "ypu will flu'l IP tb'|t
Bfiptprf |oaf|pt, as well >s particplpfi
pf my bplibies pud tastes. When this
appear* Tjti pript, TO may send mo Mil
copies of thp paper."
Capital Paid Up j 2780,000
Boiervo k Undivided Profits    MM.OOO
Total Assets 40,000,0t|il
Many a lur! une can lie traced back
to tho day its owner deposited tlio
first dollar in a Savings Account.
The ope dqilar affords an Incentive to ilcpiuiii more—mul, pa interest
is added to principal, the small sum
grows more und moro rapidly, until it
filially becomes a competence.
One Dollar will start an account
with tho iiiink ol ilainiliiiii.
p, «. llhAVKM, Ascot,
, Nnrlll    \ jiiic.sii.it
Campbell Realty & Investment Co,
Will take deed of good building lot
at cash payment ou a 10 room house;
now; all modern. Buy terms on
•!■   UKAI. liSTAll'., LOANS, INSUKANCli.
TliUil'IIONIi 8g. p. 0. HOX iia'
We solicit the trade of all builders who appreciate
High Grade Goods at a moderate price, and the
prompt and careful filling of orders, which our large
slock and long experience in business makes possible.
Burrard Sash & Door Factory, Ltd.
1  .   ■      . I U' ..   "'  i.  i .
LoU in Block 235, D.L. 546
will be on aale shortly.
For terms and prices apply to
Palmer, Burmeiter & von Graevenitz
457 Lonsdale Ave.    -      411 Pender St., Vancouver
and  ,
New Year w
the mmm, north Vancouver, p. c,
Job Printi
Extensive Additions to
our Plant, place ui in
position to execute any
and all kinds of printing
at Reasonable prices and
promptly. Phone your
next order to Eight-Oh.
mwm or mm* ?«abp
The tptpl trsrie p' thP Porplpipj for
thp flnt half pt the wfipot t)m\ yni
hiis heap ^1)0,87(1,85111 pp Ipprattp tt
♦tf(000,(MK) ov»r the flrst al* iiioptlis
of Imt yajtr.
Imports fur tlio sir months totalloi)
♦868,488,084, pp increase pf mf)0t,-
001), Kxporls of domes! in products totalled $130,11011,888, apd' of foreign products $18,867,770, ipcrepiea respectively pf 1^00,000, PPlI $8,000,000.
September's trade' tolalleil $oft,8fl8,-
430, ap Increasp of $0,350,(100 over
September of lpa| year.
Now that Reciprocity Is dead pnd
damned, says the Montreal War, pop
of the leading daily papers in the I'o
minion, the problem of peat Importance
before the nation Is thpt of its shaft
in the defence af the empire by
whose strength It lives.
No one imagines fp, p moment that
tlauada divorced from tbe British empire, would be safe. Nor would iu
safety be any surer if the British Umpire were to be suddenly bereft pf ils
commanding puwer In protect ita uut
lying iicctiiiiiH. That power, ip turn,
rests absolutely and linnlly upou the
supremacy of the Brjtleh imvy.
Therefore it follows, that if the British uavy loses coinpiand of the sea,
tbe integrity of Oanada is at once put
in peril.
For the patriotie Canadian there is
a more intimate matter at stake than
"Imperial Defence." That more intl
mule matter is the defence of Canada
through the years'of her weakness
while she is gathering power lo defend
Both of our political partiu, infleeil,
admit that wu should do something to
ward our naval defence. It ia uot
necessary then to argue the point.
When-the Herman war seare clouded
tba liiiri/uii, it became simply a quos
tiun at Ottawa witb mon whose opiu
ions were worth counting in what fas
hion we would assist in keeping the
command of Ihe sea for tbe British flag.
The then, government, misled possibly by the fetish of autonomy, de
eidod for a Canadian navy. They
never mado a greater mistake. The
construction of a Canadian navy is a
theoretical error, a political blunder
and a financial folly,
Duty Dimandi It
Canada has no need for a navy. The
Britith empire, on tbe olher band, haa
supreme need for one. It require! a
most ingenious mind to think of sir
cumitances uuder which eveu aa efficient local navy would be of any use
to us if tbe Ilrjtith navy were still riding tbe was; aud it takes a miud of
uuineaiure.1 daring to imagine ut pollened of a uavy which would be pf
use after tbe Britiib uavy had been
But the British empire lives by its
savy. Without command of tbe sea
it would go to pieces in a week. And
oue of tho fragment! to bo Hung off
in fatal weakness, and Isolation would
be tbe Dominion of Canada. We would
lie a ready prey l>, (he flrst power
which found us; tbe Mouroe Doctriue
is very intimately associated with tbe
continued predomiuqnee of Ihe British
Now wi have a cleau slate. And
wbat are we going to write ou itt
Certainly lirst and foremost tbat we
will do more and uot less for Britlab
naval defence . We iuleud to help support British sea power. Our people
will pot listen for a moment to a policy of paltering apd hesitation or cow
srdici on thii point. Wa will itand
by tht navy aa tha navy itandi he
bind ut. The only thing we art prepared to debate !• tbe matter of method!.
«rw YAwanr Mem
Ths Bt, filpraeptt ehprph b»e pprchpa-
ed the p|i| IpitirPtP hall and site,
An Individual   eommnnlon tei, ho*
beon presented to   Knoi church by
twp ol tin members.
4 vary pnjpypble evening mu sppnt
n» Monday at a dance givou by Ut.
and Mrs. BphJ. GsmiphPtl at tlitir ro'
siiliinrii,  DiivnriMiurt  Houd.
Mr.   and   Mn- A, McMelegu   have
moved into thoir paw *psi« pp Dorap
rppi) which was built by Mr. J. Huberts..
ThP manager* of tbe I'rosbyterian
church bold their regular monthly
meeting thit tvanlpg ip tin ebnwh
after the "anal service.
A minding pf the l.ynn Valley Hate
payers' Association is called fpr tiinor-
ruw evening in tho lustituto Hall. H
il rumored thpt tit* meeting will
probably prove ppt pf exceptional interest in via wpf tha probable developments witb reference tn the ap
preaching municipal elections.
Mrp. J. P. Crawford waa a passenger by the II.M.H Healamlia op Friday
bound for the I'ueifls Islands and Aua-
Iralia. Mrs. Crawford will visit thp
Hawpii Islands, New Zealand and Australia. From Melbourne she will proceed to Calcutta, Ceylop and Egypt.
Here sba will spend p few months continuing her trip to Europe and thp Britiib Isles. Mra. Crawford is expected
to return In September vis the Allan
tic making a round thp world trip.
A number of listings pf real estate
wore found early Wednesday morning
The Presbyterian church for sule by
May k iinrus, l.yun Valley stums by
S. Allium, $0 down apd $8 per mouth
and others top numerous to mention.
The Lonsdale Dairy found .their milk
WSgop ip Lynn creek, the Sanitary
(Irocery's delivery, purls op Mil's road
and  Boss Bead.
According to aa article in Ihe Omiu
.■•■a Herald of Haatlton, B. C, The pro
grata pf tha convention policy of
Canada, at applied to foreit resources,
dtpaada raoreupon tha forestry branch
of tba department of tha interior than
upon aay other organization. Upon
tha technical knowledge and executive
ability pf tba oficcri pf tba foreitry
branch dependi tbt futurt el the forttt
pp 16/XW.WW acres of Dominion foreit
rtatrvaa, m wall as upon tba large are*
pf nou agricultural foreit laud is went
ern Canada, which for tht good of tbe
couptry may be Mt aside as permanent
foreit reserves. Is addition to looking
after Dominion lands the foitetry
branch is sow lieiug uked by eastern
land ownen to furnish advice as to the
beat means sf securing at the earliest
dste s profllabli crop of timber on
watts land or wood loti. Tba proper
sdminlitratioo of forest laudi requires
a apsrial kaswltdgi of tba tree best
adapted to each origin, of tbeir past,
sad sf tha market!. Further tber* ii
seeded knowledge of Ibe babiti of sll
trssi ^specially of tht merchantable
soseiat to tbst it may be known bo*
rapidly thay grow, bow they produce
tbeir seed, wben and under wbat con
ditlpni tbs tead g»r*inatsi, snd in
what wsy tba seea'ljugi ssid youpg
trssi uetfetiti by Onir tprmadingi
Hath kinmUdgi to pined »s|y by long
m^mWMaJ   tf>B*s   tFts^psTP pwawamt
Breathe, Mat Speak Through tba Host
''It ia regrettable tbat Canadian,
children should lack culture anil ba
unable lo speak pleasing English, a
■ ooililisiii which leads many employer!
to prefer Knglisli boyi to Canadian
boyt in tbeir offices This might
largely be overcome if Canadians ac
quired a softer and more musical iu
tosatiou in tbeir vowels," declared
Bishop Farthing in tbe course of bis
address of welcome to the Protestant
teachers at a Montreal convention.
He urged on tbe teachers tbe ueccs
lit/ of inculcating high Idasii sf cut
turt in the children under thtir charge,
aud ssid, "teach tbem to speak Hug
lilb. to breathe through their noses
aud speak .through tbeir mouths, at
Ood iuteuded them lo do, iustesd of
reverting the order, for I do not consider it desirable eveu ia tbe Eastern
Townships, fur speaking through the
nose lo ba encouraged,"
Bishop Forthing acknowledged that
he waa probably traadiug aa dangerous
ice in giving utterance to luch ex
presiiom but listed tbat be waa
nevertheless (irmly convinced of tha
correctness of his deductions.
One of tba perplexing problems
which clergyman frequently meet with
when a couple present themselves for
marriage ii to ascertain tbe enact degree of affinity or consanguinity tbat
may ciist between them, tayi the
"Western Catholic." The genealogical
tree, if ont may mis metaphors, is
Ibe awes-bridge of theological ilu-
dents. It wai a teat of patience in tbe
days whin marriage wat marriage, but
uow tbst divorce hai beceint fuhiou
able, it ii almost impowible to lee
pnt't way ia tbe mate. How, for in
•lance, could a aearcbor, lay or clerical,
solve the problem that il now before
tbe lourts of New York if affinitiei
bad to be considered I
lu IDlv i certain Bobirt Tyson
married Ids Howe. After s dlvorct is
18118, iin. Howe Tyseu married Harry
Kane and Tyieu married Fannie Haw
son, who bad been divorced from
William Pollock, while Pollock, not to
be left is tbt lurch, married a Mn.
Keruofhan. After a few yasn the see
pnd wife sf tbe original Tyatu divorr
ed bim aud married 1 Campbell Tliomp
son, while Tyson made a third venture
and married a Mrt. Benrlmo; Mrs It's.
husband meantime wiling with au
English ucl/css named Hoberlion. A
fourth lime the terrible Tyieo ap
pean on tbt stent and teeka to gat
rid of Mn. Benrimo. To mako It aaa
ler for himself, Ibe Judge appoints 1
Campbell Thompson si s referee. Bpt
Thompson it objected to, for be sr
hit bomosya ssd beep married to ose
or other of the Tysea wivat ia IS!*.
Bsd St tbs muddle ii another complies
ties sriaet. Tht former butbsod pf
tbt Tyien-Bisrimo wemsu appears,
ssd sabs to be a party is tba divorce
proceeding!, ao tbst ba might know
where bs tiood io this matrimonial
circus witb regard to Hales Bobert
■on. Wbat tin iam did to Benrimo
it too tscbolcsl for say ons but s
Such ii tin ton to wblrt .civil msr-
»*ge baa bfpaghl tbs moat sacred pf
Mountain Goat,
and other big gam.
Ol|| Itock  pf  WINOHESTBB,   BAV-
other Biflei bu bean carefully tslactad
apd wa bava tbp   calibre jjsst wlted' 1
to your particular rsuuiretnsnt. Bvery;
thing ueedod by tbs practical hunter.
Whobaje and Retail Hardware
Hsd s swallow been iu auy great
aeroplsnp race it would have won easily, assuming ,of course, thpt it could,
bavu maintained its.best speed. A
swallow is at present the fastest thing
that flies, being capable of travelling
at the rate of two miles a minute, 190
miles au hour. But tba aeroplane is
catching the swallow up, apd possibly
before very long, in a race open, to
man and birds, tba swallow will be
among the "plea rous."
FOB SAI.K-Fresh luuibrooma daily
st tbt Grotto, ii 18
Tbe Thooiopbicsl Society meett in
North Vancouver in Boom 18, Aberdeen
lllock (over the poat office) amy Wad-
pasdsy evening st 8 o'clock Attend
mice it entirely free and carries no
obligations whatever. Vou art invited.
Tlieo.iophi.iil study and queitiont.     tf
Vancouver, B. O.,
Itt   October,   10| I.
NOTICE It hereby given that Percy
Ward baa. rttirtd frum tbe buainssi
heretofore carried ou by Percy Ward,
Charlei Mauiel Uurmesler and Hans
vou Oraeveniti, under tbe style of tbe
Arm of Ward, Burni ester k von tlrae-
veniti, sa a| tbe above date.
Qeorge (Irabain Palmer has acquired
the interest uf the saol Percy Wsrd in
the said business which in future will
be carried ou iu partnership by tieprgp
Ureybam Palmer, Charles Mansel Bus
metier and Hans vou (|raevenit<, uuder
the style of Ann of Palmer, Buruies-
ter and vuu Uraeveniti.
ciiahi.km mansei, hubmebtkb,
hans von obabvknitz.
10,000 cordi of dry Ar wood for quick
ia|e. Pries per odd cordi, $4.50.
Special quotations for larger quan-
liliei. Cut Wood. 16 inches, $3.00,
12 inches, $3.25.   C, 0. D.
Office and Yard—.I4ili and Lonidsle
Phone 190.    P. 0. Bos 2432.
A man who <au be bought discovers
Hint he deteriorates in value very rapidly after a few solos.
HEALED TENDEBH will be received
by Iht City Chirk up to 18 o'clock noon
on Monday, November 13th, for con
•tructing a concrete sidewalk 04 feet
long by 17 feet 8 inches wide, aud a
concrete curb 00 feet long, 8 incbea
widt snd 84 inches deep on tbe well
side of Ijousdalf Avenue, between 18th
aad HHh itreels, In front of the naw
brick theatre
Formi of tender sad ipeciflcalioui
may be obtained at tbe City F.iigiiioor'»
A marked check for t per eeat, of
Ibe amount of tender mint accompany
each and every tander.
Tbe lowest pr soy tender sot necci-
serily accepted.
Oity Puginecr. IU II
Diatriot of North Vsctouver.'
HKAI.KH TUN 11 lilts nn the prescribed forms and aeeoui|ianied by curlifl-
eil eboque or cash for Ave per copt.
of tbe iiiiioiiiii pf tender (which sum
shall be retained until the satisfactory
eiiinploii.Jii of tbo contract acxoriii|ij{
lo plans and ipeciflrationi) will be I
ceisesl by the Miiiiicipul clerk until\
p.m. on Thursday, Uth November, llll)
for the following work:
. I; Clearing ami grubbing portion^
IjohssIuIc Avenue eastwards.
3.   Clearing,  grubbing and  graiL
road in west half 1). I. 787.
I.   Clearing, grubbing  and gr.-ulnij; il
road to p. I,. lnr,3 and D. I.. KIBI.
All iu accordance with plain and ipo
ciflcatiolls to lie seen at this iilliei'.
Tlio lowest or any lender not uecei-
sarily accepted.
District Engineer.
Tbo District Municipal Office,
Cor. l.ynn Valley ami Fromme It.*,
North Vancouver, It. C.
8rd November, tflj.
.'  Clearing ami grubbing portion ./
Marine Drive west through lg
icumprisiiig some li.10 acres).!
.   drubbing, and grading rual
Ib lido block 17, I). I,, 'lult &  "
Us I snd 2, Block 9, D. L. 616.    84 feet on crline
Imim lily lintiU.   All d«red.
Only $1500
$375 cash, baliMsse easy.     Can be told tingly if detirwj.
Wt*9*^i*iW 997*1
Ut mtlkUADU tOlfi tOW OFFBW)
v. 0. m tun
Wearegt4i^aipuisJtyo.Hotitei. W* aiiall be picawssd
to list soy you bsvt lor tale of tm.
tmmmWmmwmwmmmmmnmnammmi  nitti        iuu m


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