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weekly. flp?BBB 90m mm
■   ■ »      - -   •      '"-■    ■  -
Military Dance Exceeded
Every Expectation
Tbi-first inilitiiry .Inn.'.- uu Ihis side
• of tbe Inlet wss given on Priiiay even
ing by the officers smi imp of ,l"'
Sixth Field Compsny of Canadian Kn
pincers in the drill hall op Ksplsusde
wost. Tbo event WSS S conspicuous soc.
cess and uugured well for tbe regular
nuiiiililv assemblies which jt is'proposed tn hold iu connection with tbe local
. Tbere were on this pecasiou over a
hundred couples preseut among whom
wure niiiiiv from Vancouver and other
points and the regiments represented
were the Duke of Connaugbt's Own,
lind Seuforth Highlanders of Cunuda,
Canadian Army Service Corps, Cunadiun
Army Medical Corps snd the Sixth
I'lel'l Cumpauy iif Kngiueers, *
Allium! the officers wure Capt. 0. S.
.Maxwell, D.O.O.B.j Capl. B. F. Mark-
bam, Seufurtli Highlanders; Sergt.-Mu
jor B. Collin, lloyal Canadiau Uegimont;
Cupt. J. K. Wurd, Licutenauts N. B.
Ilobertson, Percy Ward, J. K. Cosgrove
Sixth Field Kngiueers; Sergt. Lieut. Dr.
.1. .1. Thomson, Canadian Army Medi-
cal  Corps, and  Col.Bergt. Forest.
Tbo ladies lu Ibeir becoming gowns
cninhined iu s channiiig effect witb
the   numerous    regimental    costumes
Arctic Convention in
North Vancouver
Tbe furlbeuiniug convention uf tbe
Arctic Brotbcrhuud uf Ibe Nurtb I'm-i
tic iu Norlb Vsucoiiver is lu be the
signal fur an exertion ou tbis city's
part of that hospitality which has been
su often tlemuiistrated iu the past. Mr.
F. T. Salsbury,. chsirtnsu of tbu arrangements cummitlee, is taking every
possible personal step to eusurc a tit
ling welcome fur the iirutberhuod from
tbo Northland and his endeavors iu
Ibis direction arc beiug sided by co-
operstion on all sides. Twu buudred
delegates lu tbe Orund Camp from
every camp iu Alaska, British Cojumbia,
aud Ibe Yukon are expected tu attend
the convention ou November 111, I.'I und
The Kuigbls uf i'ytbias Hull will be
Ibe scene of Ibe conclave and at Ibe
opening session Mayur McNeish will
deliver au address of welcome lu toe
l. j. 1111.111..... I on behalf of Ihe city. To
this tbe grand chief of tbe Brotherhood
will reply. The visitors will be sf
forded every uppurtuuity uf seeing tbe
numerous besuly haunts uf Ibe Nurth
Shore and doubtless a special entreaty
for fine weather will be forwarded to
the -meteorological department, Inci
deutally the Brotbcrhuud are tu be eu
tcrlaiucd at the Nurtb Vancouver Club,
where the best of smoking concerts
is promised in Ibeir honor, while on
the   closing   nigbt   uf   Ibe   convention
tboy will bo toudcrcd a civic banquet
Olber suitable arrangements wbicb
are afoot, have uot yet rescbed com
Thanksgiving Day
Tbsnksgiviug Dsy wu pleasantly
spent by tbe majority of Nortb Shore
residents. CerUinly, spsrt from tbe
trsditlous uf tbe holiday, tbe weather
^conditions iu the early part of the day
proved sucb as U provoke genuine
tbsnksgiviug sll ruuud. Is (hs
morning tbe suu shone brightly, sud,
those who bsd decided to wsnder sllld
wilb tbeir cameras sud Uke misty
sud dull dsy cBccU hsd to ebsnge Ibeir
miuda sud Uke snapshots.
As usual homage was paid by large
numbers Io Ibe beautiful haunts of tbe
nortb shore, the street cars did capacity
business, snd tbe ferries plied between
Vancouver snd tbis city wltb full pas
senger lists.
Ai the dsy sdvsnced tbe sky clouded over ssd in tbe evening rsin fell
witb considerable detenninstion. Must
of the day's visitors had however, de
parted, aud Nortb Vsncouver, as on
All such occasions, became a city of
rbcerful homes.
amongst the ladies present muy be mentioned Mrs. Capt. Ward, psls blue set
net   overdress   und   silver   trimmings;
Miss Mpllle BuHlmry, psle pink s||k
eliiffuu over dress; Mrs- P. Wsjd, pe.scb
sstin, Isce .vs.d..ss; Mr.. Pr.nwsn,
sslmon sstin; Mrs. cosgrove, blsck velvet; Mrs. Deuliy (Winnipeg) shot silk;
Mrs. Cornish, black silk; Mrs. Walker,
Alice blue silk; Mrs. Eilgertou, Muck
velvet and silver lumiilhi; Miss Dick
inson, psle blue sstin; Miss Thomson,
white sstin, Isce overskirt; Mrs. Urs-
vee, cliainpugiii' satin; Miss Stewarl, llg
ureil sut in; Miss Md lull, white satin;
Miss Hunt, crium silk, net uverdress;
Mrs. Biggs, pink silk, msuve chiffon
overdress; Mrs. Munday, browu silk;
Mrs. Scaife, blsck silk Isce,waist; Miss
Cullinnrne, white silk uud serge.
Tbe music wss provided by lhc regiment's own orchestra. It is to tbe
credit of tbe Norlh Shore company uf
engineers tba/ sltbougb Ikey sre the
youngest branch of I'nnmlu's line of
defence, tbey uuw possess a regimental
band ami su urchestra.
During tbe interval the men of the
cuinpany bunded round refreshments.
The ceremonies were conducted br
Sergesut W, B. Fleming, assisted by
Corporal A. ... Urabsiu sud the men
of tke Sixth Field Cumpsny Field Km
Inlel from lhe Canadiau I'ueilie wharf
at the foot of Seymour street to the
fool of Lonsdale avenue iu this cily,
has urriv.ul iu Vincouvus and is at
preseut being put thueJgh the cusluins.
This cable hitjUen made by the
Cauadian Brkisin^iisulelor Cuinpany of
l.nn.lou. Kugls/i, ami is leuil covered,
paper iusuloRl sud steel urmuured,
continuing /glity -even |.itn. uf wires.
Ill sixe it/is uot\cxceeded uu Ibe Ps
cillc cue/, uiilessuls rival ia Ibat ex-
tended from Sau nrsjuc.isco to Oakland.
ilie i utile was tuu heavy fur ship
ment in uue patent aud hail to be
trauspurteil iu Hire Sections, each
weighing twenty lons. According lo
iiiformution received this muriiing from
lhe ollicer of the 11. I'. Telephone
Cumpauy Ibe cable will be lunl on or
about Nuvember (itb, sud wil be in
operation by Nuvember 10th.
As uiiuouiiced by tbe seerelary uf
lbc B. C, Telephone Cuiripniiy recently,
Ihe iuslsllatiuii of Ibis uew cable will
render possible the reduction uf thc
present lull mie to live cents.
will ski Uid
New Phonelable
Tbe sew submsrJn>-U/epbone csble
which if to bs laid across Burrird
Hallowe'en Nicht
Tbe St. Andrew's sud Caledonian Society open their season's festivities in
accordance witb lbe aueicut Scottish
customs of Hallowe'en wilb a daucc on
Thursday, 31st October at H p.m. iu Ibe
Horticultural llall wbeu the members
snd friends sre sssurcd of an eujuy
able eveuiug. Beyuulds' orchestra will
supply Ibe music, ftcfresbiucnts will Iw
served in lbc rcccully added dining ball
thereby cusuring better cumfort and
convenience tbau formerly. Duriug the
eveuiug tbe ex president (Mayor W.
McNeish) will preside uver tbe cere
muny of installing Ibe uew officers
fnr tbe ensuing year. I.uic cars will
be iu attendance at tbe finish.
Pt Ui E. Construction
Camps Are Now Heady
Uf. P. Welch, of' Foley, Welch sud
Slewurl, went up to Newport on Friduy
last uu matters pertaining to the head-
quarters fur construction which are
beiug established in that vicinity. Thu
main   uu- tm ii camp fur Ihut sec
lion will be located ut tbe end of steel,
a few tulles beyond ilruckenilnie. Men,
plant and supplies arc being assembled
al that point at present anil ground
will be broken on tlte right-of-way
wilhin a few days. Matters ut l.illooel
are likewise proceeding satisfactorily
and work will be commenced ut thai
point ou practically the -mm' i|sle as
at tbu llowa Sound end.—.	
The situation relative to tks soc
liuu Iruin Nortb Vancouver to Now
port remains practically unchanged
Mi. Welch, In conversation witb s re
presenlativo of tbe Kxprcss, wss most
emphatic in his assertion tbst the line
must come to North Vsncouver uud tu
Vancuuver. Whatever the exact routi
ultiuiutuly uho un from Newport tu
Burrard Inlet, whether tbe railway liml
its way via Howe Sound, Seymour river
Indian river or by any utber ruute,
North Vancouvur and Vancouver, must
be reached by Ibeir Jiues. Mr. Welch
wss not prepared to state what par
in uiin route would be followed. lit
puinl uf fact investigutiuns iu thul re
I'", t were beiug curried furward at the
preseut time and. thu Company froubl
uul be in pm uuin tu Dually decide for
ut least two months.
Mr. Stewart, president of tbe P. U
F,., is expected to arrive in Vancouver
within a few days when he and Mr
Welch will piake a trip of inspection
up Howe Sound aud through as fur us
Dog Show to be Held in
North Vancouver
Tbe trustees of Lonsdale scbool have
notified Seoul Commissioner 3. If. Kug-
lisb thst tbey save bees pleased to
grant permission to tbe Boy Scouts Iq
use Ibe school bouse as a drill ball. In
future sll drlllf 9m he bell Is'l^ns
dale school.
PrsssnU Fsr Voung Mm
As scceptsWe preseut la S year's
subscription for s magazine, but of
course tbis can be offered only when
tbe msn is s relative or intimate
friend whose Uste in literature is
familial lo the giver.
Bound books, too, srs usually sp.
predated, but smsll buuks, sucb ss
notebooks, dsiries, verse books, etc.,
sre seldom used. Sounrtimcs tbe notebook is s mis'' for thp pocket, sud
again, not every msn keeps s diary--
sll reasous wby Ibis kind is s risk to
A leather framed rslendsr will always hud a place os s man's desk.
A fuuuUiu pen ahould only be given
when like donor knows exactly Ihe
kind the recipiest likes. Tbe sarin
may be said of s camera, ss the inu
frfify of met orsfsr to sslect ihs
stse sod asks tbsy like bsst.
Oocenter fill is the date of the Hrst
exhibition uf the North Vancouver
Iveiiml Club. Full iiilinl-i i..-unlin,:
this event are uut yet available. At
a/ recent meo|iug however, Mr. W.
Hm.Imi of tliis eily, wus elected pre
sidi'iil uf the club, with Mr. Colin
!•' .lacksou ami Mr. S. Iluin|ilin, s us
vice-presidents. Other names in cluse
connection with the club's L'ndorlsk
iug* sre Mr , I), Ames, Mt Ucorge
I'r.'iiilicl.l. who wus one uf the judges
bl the exliil'iliun recently held in Vun
louver and who hus iu the pusl I" en
,'udge al lb.' Crystal l'alacc Dog show,
I'liuduu, Kiigliiinl, uml Mr. I.eouuril
I'hing, who is appointed manager
Th|l there is no scarcity of duys
(but ure worth exhibiting in litis citv
btr been ihipuist ruled rep .cl1' nt lie
past. Al lhe' yancouver exhibit!,
canine representatives of Ihe nurlh
shoru won cups und prize, for their
owners and Ihere is little duubt us to
the showing 'which the city will itself
make al any exhibition winch is held
un this side uf lbc lnl/ t Furtber pat
liculars regarding the arrangements of
the local Kenuel Club will be published
in due cuursc.
Police Court Cases
t'bargcil with having assaulted b
wife, a man named Hailstuue sppesrc
before Magistrate llugglcs at the p<
lice courl Ibis morning.
Mrs. Hailstone testified against her
husband sud said tbut the trouble
arose over s sewing machine, but un
being cruss examined by Mr. Schully,
wbo appeared fur tbe husband, admit
ted having been arrested un u previous
occasion uu a drunkenness charge in
Vaucouvor. Hailstone, iu bis evidence,
slated that be bad beeu subjected lu
severe illness for several muullis, Iiuv'
lag been confined lo tbe geueral hospi
Ul, Vancouver, and declared tout bis
wife bsd neglected to visit bim or
csn for bim dsring said illness    He
furlheLsJuled that Ihe day before llm
sllegeinksssuil bis wife weul lo Vim
couver where she stayed over uight
sud relumed Ibe nexl moruiug wilb
s blsck eye ssd tbst oo qucsliuuing
her she told bim sbe hsd been knocked down by s vehicle in llic" cily snd
obtained the black eye iu Ibis way.
"But, of course" be said, "I did nol
believe tbis. I come down towu and
drew my pay and wenl and bought
some drink wbicb I indulged iu froeiy.
ii wcnl tu my bead and I weut home
where the row started. Hailstone
blamed bis wife's conduct for bis bav-
ing Ukcu drink. Magistrate llugglcs
found Hailstone guilty ot the assault
on bis wife, but said it hod occurred
through the wife's bad conduct snd
thus imposed lbe light fine of IS aud
costs or ten days in goal, bul warned
Hailstone never to appear again . tbst
court chsrged ss s wife bestir u be
declureil he was determined to |tunish
uny man who.struck a woman.
Fuur Italians Were brought before
tbe magistrate, twu of whom were
charged witb carrying coucealed wen
pons. Frank (.'alii, charged wilh ear
rying a dangerous looking revolver, wus
lined 126 ami costs or iu defuull 60
days' Imprisonment, Magistrate Hug
gles luiui, that shuuld auy men ap
pear before him ou this charge in fo
lure be wuuld first fine Ihem i.,n aud
scud them to tbe penitentiary for three
-lain.-. Allan, charged with carrying
u fierce Iuukiug dugger, was held fur
enquiries as. a mure serious charge
may be levied against bim. The other
men churged villi beiugfi drunk and iu
capable guffs J)|ck lined Sllill Suil costs
ur li dsys.
Items of Interest
Mrind Mrs. J. iVWilliunis left un
Muy   e^eiiiiig/fur   lips   Angeles,
they w?lS«j^'nil the winter.
Mr, aud Mrs. dJefbfTfuul returned
tu their boms up 1th streel ou Satur
day inuruing from aipexleinleil visit iu
the cast. \
Tiie regular meeting of tbe city fa
tbers, postponed from last evening,
bites place Im.lgbl iu Ibe city bull.
A busy sessiun is anticipated.
The in tu.ium information is lo
hand that Mr. K. M. Bailey uf this
cily, whu bus been suffering from ly
phoid fever in Wcluskiwiu, Alberta,
bus recovered from the attack and is
now able lo resume busiucss.
The Mother tloosc Birthday Party
vvtnrh if ro be hcbl iu the Methodist
cbureb uu Friilay RSnluVijirgiujicclu
be an cxccpliunslly cujoysble event.
Make a note of tbe time aud dale,
l.lll) un the eveuiug of Nov. 1st.
A party comprisiug Messrs. K. Mc
Millan, A. Barclay, S. Barclay and
Scull spent Ibe weekend un a buuting
expeditiun around Nelson Island, lui
vis Inlet, etc., aod returned tbis mum
iug iu lbc "Kltwiumar." A feature
of Ibe trip bad becu a great scarcity
uf game.
Mr. and Mrs. II. II. Knight enter
taiued a parly of friends lo dinner at
Ibeir reaidence nn lutb street west uu
Saturday evening, fallowed by abridge
parly aud dancing. The guests present
were Mr. and Mrs. 0. U. Palmer, Mrs.
Locke of Cuwichan, Dr. Pallanl, Miss
A. Bicot, Mr. snd Mrs. Klliott, Mr.
sud Mrs. F. A. Wall, Miss bim. Mr.
Herald, F Knox, Miss Harford, Mr.
Lloyd, Mr. i'hing, Mr. Slenliford am]
Mr. c, M. Burucster.
Mf. sud Mrs. James Veitcb returned
Ihis morning from Seattle where Ihey
hail beeu Thanksgiving since Friday
lust Mr. Veitcb sUtes tbst most of
bis sojourn was spent in tbe million
aires' section of tbe city. He hss supplied Seattle real estate with s considerable impel us by publicly declining
ilmi be did nol think Seattle Wss nearly as large ss it il. Incidentally be
purchased photographic supplies wltb
whieh lo compete is the trimming mil
mounting competition now bring con
tested in these columns.
Site of Dominion Wharf
On the North Shore
All mutters ure uuw iu rcadiuess for
Ibo final selection uf the lucalion for
the large wharf which it is the inten
tion of tlte Dominion guveruinuut tu
build iu this city. The charts ami maps
in connection K'illi which u survey of
the lim I'm has been carried iu fur
some months pust are uow complete.
The department uf public works has
entrusted tu Mr. II. If. Stevens, M. P.
the i li, i.on uf the most ipiituble site
fur tbe wharf and it.is his iutcntiun
tu discharge his duties in Ibis regard,
without delay. Mr. Stcveus bas ar'
ranged tu meet Ihe engineers tomorrow
and tu go thoroughly -intu the matter
of a whurf sile and immediately upon
urnv nig ul u decision be will furwurd
his rcfoiuiucudiilioiis lo Ihe government
Smi   iU   llceonlllliec   witb   I li":,''   l.'colli
mi'iidntiiius tbu site will be decided
upou Inasmuch ss Im bus been some-
what closely in touch willi lhe engineers as tbeir work has proceeded Mr.
Stevens expects that it fow days will
bo sufficient to enable him to strive
st n conclusion, su Ihul bis rorniumcu-
dntious will probjhly co forward next
Mr. Stevens is iii receipt of s communication from the department at
Ottawa witb reference to tlio )irice
asked by tbu Indium, on Seymour re
nerve fur waterfrontage fur municiphl
purpuses. Tliu district uf Nurth Vaiicuuver touk ovor a road allowance
through the reserve from tbe wuterfroiil tu Keith road, paying"16,1011 fur
the laml uml improvements, lu negotiating fur waterfrout rights however,
the Indians pined the price at il:'-'
per frout foot, wliieii the diatrict refused to pay. Mr. Stevens wrote tbe
minister calling ntlcntion to the fad
tbat lhe price usked wus absurd and
is in receipt of n reply to the effect
thul the iuspectur bus received inatruc-
tiuus tu confer again with the Indians
as to the price und suggesting tbat
should the Indiuns prove intractable,
the mutter may be referreil tu nrbi
October an Exceptional
Building Month
Wbeu, at the cud _oJ[ JJi.is Wk, the
October reposflif Ibe city's buildiug
ilepytineurll available, it will in nil
probability be fuund tbut the per
mil. fm lhe munth huve been exceptionally high. The lotul vulue uf build
ii.,7 fur which permits liml heSu issued
in/tlm cud of lust week .vim i>.miu over
aid above Ihe total value fur the cm
tire month of September. ■ Buildings
guing up fuster iu the northern
ali,I western portions uf the city than
er before, inspector Fogler hus is
il the following permits during tbe
|rakt ten duys: ii. Duiuus, woudyurd on
)■'..uiih street uml Muhou avenue; A.
Kuruiinl, Ihreeruunieil bungaluw on
HitlgVwuy and SI. David's; James
Iviil.p.iiiii I. dwelling on lllh ami James
street;*,.I. B. Brown, residence on Olh
slreei; M. Magnus, $4,8011, two-storey
frame Ijnelliug on Tenipn Heights;
Miss Boult, dwelling on l.'lth street/
eust; City nl North Vancouver, wai/-
house uu the Chesterfield Ave. whan,
12,299; M. P.. Clumers, residence on (ilu
streel lu eusl f 11,0)0; llerheyt Muskjn,
dwelling ill lol It stroet; .1. L. till
higher, two collages to be erected ou
Keith road to cosl 18011 each; Ii. Kv
iniih. L'.'.ih ami Sutherland, bungalow
lo eusl (1,0UII; W. II. Bowler, addition
tu his residence uu llilrd streel; ii.
Helmure, cottage tu eusl 11,180; W.
J. McLean, comer llth street aud
Moody, dwelling to cost $1,800; 11. F,
Thomson and W. S. Barnes, cutlage lu
be creeled al Ihe curner of itlh Bud
Muhon uve.; Ihe Misses Buult, two
storey frame residence wilb basement
to be erected on lOtb street wesl at
au approximate cost uf 10,700, aud S.
Hansen, J|,8U0, frame dwelling ou 201b
of tbe hospitably which tbe delegates
rceeiveil front Ihe mayur und citizens
of lievelstuke.
Since Ibere ure muny matters included which arc uf distinct lueal upplicu
tiuu the report which mayor and alder
men will submit will be of more thau
usual interest.
AT K. P.
ity's Representatives
at UJX.M.
This evening wbeu tbe city cuuucil
holds ils postponed session, Msyor
McNeish snd Aid. Dick will preseut
for Hie ei I iiii in mu of the citixens snd
Ihe council a deUiled report embody
iug tbu entire business of tbe convention from sUrt to finish.
Interviewed Ihis morning by S repre
scniiiiiii' of Hie Kxpress, tbe msyor.
suid thst iu view of lhls report, which
would be subiuittcd luuight, he would
uut dwell unnecessarily ou tbe business which Was dune 'at llcvidsloke.
II,- would like to sUte however tbo
convention was represenUtivs of tbe
entire province nnd was certainly a
very successful and fruitful one. It
Was unanimously (bought lhat this con
vent ion could be regsrded as the most
successful une since Ibe inaugurate ul
thc Union of British Columbian muni-
Ths mayor spoke in glowing terms
lu the Knights uf I'ytbias. Hall last
ovening, the Cuiniuugh! Musical Cum
cdy Suciety presented Iheir tuneful production "I.uve and Millions."      This
play, which was born across the inlet,
concerns an American millionaire, Silas
11.  Witli,ins, wlm is a huir restoring mug
nute. Travelling with  his son and  a
party iu Devonshire, Kugland, Wutkius
lul,I--   i,mm'- at a country iuu, whero
brace uf real live American cruuks
re stranded.   The autl-climax occurs
heu these twu Yankees steal the wig
bicb  is  wuru  by  lhe  huir resturiug
lut,,, mt    Then, wilh great adroitness
tii. >   contrive  to  secure  Ibe  reward
winch is forthcoming for the recovery
of  the   wig.   This  forms  merely   lhe
.iiilid.Imi:   fur  a   series  of  ludicrous
situations, iulerwuvcn with the   love
narrative uf lbe innkeepers' daughter
ami Ihe mllliuuaire's son and Ihe "affaires" of Lord D'Arcy ami Wutkius
The play uus brightly staged and
enacted, each purt being lakeu very
The locul teum on Saturday played
Ihe Burrurd Hockey Club un the Duu
levari! gruuud uud defeated the visit
ore to the tune uf 10 guuls lu nil. This
is thc largest score the Norlh Vancouver players huve yet made. Tbeir team
comprised Mcredith( goal); Clapliam
aud Arinylake (backs); S. Humphreys,
li S. Baylis (capUin )aud N. Hum
pbreya (bulf backs); Barber, P. N.
Baylis, Cundy, Cardinall and Macnagh
ten (forwards). This team uext Sat
urday will engage in a malch with the
i'ublie Schools team, which is dunned
tu bo tbe strongest aggregation in the
league tbis year. Tbis game will be
played ou tbe local ground.
lais Angeles, Cil.,
Oet. L'litii, joj"
Editor Kxprcss:
Dcas JJ', The Kxpress of Oet. 1st
csme tunand ou Ibe 24th inst. II
curtained a suggestion from F. C.
Tiroiiniii in reference lo city hall site,
It is the must ccoiioium.'ii aud level
beaded suggestiun I bave yet beard expressed In .that respecl. Mr. Tircm.ni
certainly deserves greul credit for
evolving aucb a unique prupositlun sud
wc trust the city fathers will be able
to make sucb srrungemciils wilb Iuc
douatore of tbe psrk grounds tbat will
nimble them to carry rial the suggue
tins. An arrb might be built over
tbo centre of lbe street, covering tbo
slrect railway tracks ro that the street
car service would not have to be disturbed. Kespectfully youW,
d. o. mix.
I Bank of Montreal
Capital (paid up)   -   $16,000,000
Reierve    ....   $16,000,000
Saving! Bank Department
North Vancouvtr Branch i F. A. MACRAE,
Mt, Crown Bldg., ht Street Manager
We Have Some Good Buys
in D. L 273, 274,550.
See us if yog have a house to rent, or if you want to get
a house.
We have some lovely'homes for sale,
Listings wanted. ''
110 Esplanade. Phone 227
If you use Stock Bliss In Doors sud
Windows You  Wilt Ssve  Mousy
Ask for our new Folder which shows
■lies carried iu stock
Dickinson & Son. Ltd.
P. 0. Box 1719. Phone 222
Timothy Hsy (new)
Clover Hsy, (uew)
Alfalfa Hsy
III imbed Dats,
Linseed Meal
B. k K. Chicken Chop,
11. i. K Scratch Food
ii k E Cracked Com
Lee's Egg Maker
Lee's Insect Powder
Swift's Beef Scraps
Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
Building Supplies
Sole Agenti for North Vancouver:
Samson Fibre Diabolo Cement
North Shore Coal & Supply Co.
L. S. EATON, Manager.
Kickliam's Wharf     Esplanade West     Phone *M
Nortb Vancouver
8.41   I'M.
8.80  P.M..
3.40     '
4.80 '   •
6.40   .
6.00   '
6.40     •
18.16 A.M.
etenetm "Hot
notUs. Compsny
not Hsble fur
Tims table subject t« chaos, without
delays, aceld.stsl or othsrwlss.
sstss rwpisrww ■ wnwsi »■»
Tbs services of Bt. Agues' church ou
Sunday wars nl I speciei nsture. is
llm morning, (lis Boy fi. p»ti of Nn. th
Vaucuuver paraduil In church inubir
ciiinnlanil of Seoul Commissioner Knglisli, wblll the vicar, Hev, Dr. l*SS,
pruacbeil an u|i)iruprlste sermon. In
the sftomuoii the Suudsy school msils s
rceuril utleinluuee. At tlm c|nie uf thl
Hunilay school s service was'bnbl fnr
tbu pnblic  reception  Of  certain girts
which iiii'i been ininli' tn tbu cbureb.
Tbese incluilutl s full set qf t'atbeilrul
Psalters fur use of ths eboir from Hr.
Percy II. t'ule; . large Bible fur tiie
i.ei'iui'ii, two imii.' I'nivi'i iiniiki fnr the
1'ru.yer Desk suil Altar,'smi fifty I'rsyer
Hooks for tlie use uf the cungrcgsliuii
frum lliu S. I'. (!, K. of London, Kng
liin.li snd s hen mi ful new Baptismal
Pont—his own workmanship—from Mr-
Kiigeue A. llruwn. After the reception
the Punt wss iludlcnted hy the vicar,
ami Ibe lirsl bs|ilisiu iu il tuok place,
being Muwbrsy lieriierd ile It inuy Pi
gotl, the baby sun uf M. (', 1'lgoll
Kigblb street east. In.the ovening i
national thanksgiving service was belli
ul which special lessons Were reail ami
special l' -'im uiui Hymns sung, ami Hr.
Pea prcanbcil a special eerlnnn ou
"(live llnuii,-. unto the I .m.i," In
wbicb he pointed nut thu origin of
Jlianksgiving Ilay, its place hi lhe life
of tbe nation ami its usefulness as a
Natinuul institution.
Boy Scouts at St. Agnes'
The Hoy Scouts uf Nortb Vancouver
about liim v strung uilemle.l Ul. Agnes'
church on .'.nn.ln> niuming in charge uf
i'uuui i'uuiiiii .uuui-i Knglisli ami Scout-
master ituuef. The church wus crowd-
cil lu the iloors ami eveu though si
Irs seating bail been provided sunic
peuple were couipelle,d to slaml Ibruugb
uut tbe service. Itev. lir. Pea, chaplain
tu the Nurtli Vancouver Scuuts, preach
eii a very appropriate sennun frum the
lest "A guoil .'.-I'ii. i of Jesus Christ",
ile pointed nut that every Huy Scuut
anil every baptized persun was a sul
ilier serving in a graml ami historic
army, Ibal in Ihis army Ihere was no
room for selfishness or false pride, ami
that the scerut uf victory is Ibe per
.'inul devntiun ami attachment uf every
suldier to tbu great t'aplain Jssls
i'hn.-i The preacher heartily welcum
ml the s.imin |U yt. Agnes' un behalf
of the congregation, the community,
and all who desircil to see our buys
trained tu be useful men ami guoil iiu
/ens nt uur mighty Kmpire. He psiil
u -I'lui,,li.l tribute tu the devotion ami
vtirJt of lhc .Scoutmasters iu their uu
selfish aud ardupus but uplifting task.
Hymns uf au appropriate character
were sung ami the service eluseil wilh
the singing uf the Natiunal Anlhcm.
With the Duke in
Life In the Boyal Train
By H. Hamilton Fyfe, iu tbs London
Dally Mail
lu the hot uii. inu,in sunshine we jug
comfortably across the prairie yellow
with ripe corn. We have time tu notice
which arc tlie best crops; to exchange
a wave of the liuml with the farmers'
men cutting swathes with four -horsed
"reapers" to eujoy the effect of Ihe
plain slri'tihiiig to either huri/ou iu
mli, unbroken fertility.
There is a farm huuse uear the line.
A little gruup stands aiuung tiic shucks
of wheat, lbe women fluttering their
handkerchiefs, the men waving their
hats. Tbey know that uurs is no ordinary train. They know that il carries royalty. The Duke of Connaught,
(lovernor (lenerai of the Ureal Dominion, is making his firsl .iiii. ml (rip tu
the west. Tbis train is his travelling
mini.' for montbi at a lime. It is the
Iinme, too, of tbe Duchess sud of Prist
cess I'atricia, uf the Duke's stall, ami
of uniiu mure, in these ten cars'Irs
iei seventy-five souls.
Lofty Palace Cars
i'euplc wlm have ouly travelled iu
(ireat Uni si n nr Ihe nearer continent
can form uo idea uf what it means
live in a train. Tbey tblak of our
craiupcil lillle carriages, wbicb are all
very well fur journeys of-a few hours
These lufty palace ers, with their sni
pie space, Iheir lightness and airiness,
Ibeir square dining-rooms and sinuk
ing rooms aud libraries, would siuau
them. |icre am I iu my own cabin,
writing at my 'able, wbicb has mi Vi
ther side of it a while cushioned settee
in Ibe daytime It is a capital lillle
Study, I bsve my books ou shelves,
plenty of room, no risk of stuffiness,
with my domed fuuf fifteen feet high
At nigbl tbe table dissppesrs. From
one settee to tbe otber stretches my
bed, wide sud dowuy, in whlcb I sleep
soundly and reelfully tbe nigbt long,
heedless'of shoutings, bearing tbe clang
of passing Iruiu bells only lu hsppy
dreams. A flsp comes dowu .nd re
cals dainty wassisf arrangements.
Close by srs bstbl, both (,ub snd shower,  A esssjrjr AJries* vslits ms wilb
my pna-atew t tap wun .pf npn-
snd find s "psrlpur" wpsrs.fiom s'
deep srinchslr turusd lows, d« s window
I can study t|n country, to tbs melo
dious accuuipauliiiout of tbs bsst grsin-
apliunu music. Or I csn turn to the
lift and come lo a larger room witb
shelves of books, card-tables, uewapa-
pars und msgasiiies, cigars, sll that
a traveller could desire.
Our dsy beglu. st 1-IA, when tbere
il » lialt of III hour fur dressing. Tbs
Duku always devulas st least a quarter
of tbis,tims tp I brisk »(rull. If ws
uru billed st s stutiun bs walks intu
the Utile town, chats wltb Ihuse he
meets, asks questions sbout tbs dis
iriet and tbu harvest, sud always leives
behind Ibe plusasuteil impression nf
cordlsllty und charm. Another stroll
hu  usually takes  about  ten  o'clock
St Ilight before turning in.   Hit Hoyul
Highness uever misses su opportunity
uf stretching bis legs ur uf tslkiug to
Canadians of any and evsry class.
Tbs Duke sni tbs Oaugsrs
Sometimes tbese encounters lend to
smusing incidents. Tbe other dsy the
Duke sddressed s couple uf youug men
soling ss gangers in a railway coustructiou party. They were leaning against
a (ruck, and did uut move or stop chew
ing gum. They bad uu idea whutn thuy
were talking to. One said be came
frum (llasguw. ''Are you from Scot
laud toot" tba, Duke inquired uf thu
olher. "Nn, I'm a Cauuek" (slangfor
Canadian), he replied with a grin. I'm
ally tbey began tu ask thc Duke questions, "tilling fart" "Yes," said bis
liuvul Higbiiess, "as far as Ihc ecus!."
"Ah," said H.niiv, "I'd be glad tu be
. ue,, wi' ye."
Wheu the Duko is recognised the cuu
versatiuu is uot quite su free ami easy.
There is uncertainty, as s rule, as to
how royalty should be addressed. One
farmer a few mornings sgu cslled his
Itu ml Highness quite correctly "Uir,"
but feeliug tbia to be inadequate, fol
luwed it up witb "your ilouuur." Now
and then tbere is uncertainty ss tu
which is tbe (lovernor General. At
Cartage Is I'rsirie Mr. Walter Hsker,
Ibe well knuwu ami very pupulsr secre
nm of the Cauadian Pacific Hailway,
was giveu a bunch of flowers. A wo
man un the platfurm saw this snd
jumped to the couclusiuu be must be
the Duke "Well," sbe was'beard lu
say, lu tbe delight of several of our
party, "I'm sure I cau't see auy like
uess to thc late King Kdward.
It was upun Mr. Baker tbat tbe la
hour of arranging the lour fell He
has had wide eiperience in sucb work.
ile wcnl through the Duminiuu with
Kiug Ueurge ami Queen Mary iu 1901,
later witb I'riuce Arthur of Connaught,
ami mure receutiy still with Prince
Pusbimi uf Japan. This lime, however,
be has surpassed all previous efforts.
Thc whole party are tbe guests uf lbc
Canadian Pacific Ilailway, aud uutbiug
has beeu left uuduiie which could re
Hevs the seven weeks' journey of mnn
oiiiii) ur fatigue. Naturally we wbu
I'i'ilii directly by it are grateful for Ibe
ompaily's iugeniuus solicitude. Hut il
is entitled alsu tu the tbanks of all
who have the interests of Ibe Kmpire at
heart. Pur this lour is beyuud all ques
lion slrengtbeiyng Ibe seuliiueul uf
unity and eveu awakeaiug il iu tbe
hearts of many wbo have uever felt il
Ths H.w Canadians
"One flag, one throne, uue Kmpire,"
s tu inspiring watebwurd. It is thrill
ing Ihuusa'mls ut New Canadians, wbu
ther Ihey conic over from the United
Wales border or from the old nations of
Kurope. They are proud, luu, to be
long lo a race wbicb produces a lloyal
i'iiiu K su well worthy of respect aud
so happily apt in fulfilling the duties
which fall to tbeir lot. Tbe Duke's
speeches are uever mere empty verbiage
they give proof of deep interest iutbe
country's prubletns and a statesman
like grasp of tbe Hues of advance. In
public his suldierly bearing sud kiudly,
guod bumuured glance make,liim rapid
ly popular, lii private his Impression
Is deepeued. lie aud Ibe Duchess and
Ibe Princess wiu everywhere "golden
opinions from ail sorts of peopls by
Ibeir unaffected frieudllness, "I kid
np ides," s {imminent Westerner ssid
to me s few dsys ago, "tbat Huyal
personages could be so simple sud make
uue feel so cuuiplelely snd entirely at
one's eass,"
Kvery eveniug Ibe Duke Invites certain members ol tbs psrty lu tbe roysl
'lining ronm. Tbe retl mess together
fsrther forward. Afler dinner Ibere
is bridge snd plenty of good talk fur
the sis', from Colouel Lnwtber down
words, are sll men who hevs seen much
sud thought much snd possess tbe social
gift into tb. bsrgsis. Bo il comes lo
eleven o'clock, snd we I urn iu esrly
so ss to be up in good time, refreshed
by sweet sleep in pure, keen prairie
air, for the eiperiences and functions of
, i ,
Tbe dsily sversge of 6,600/000 tons
of water is received Into tbs Desd Hea
from tbe Jordsu. There is no outlet,
snd the level is kept down by cvspora-
tioo osly, which is vety tepid bec.use
of tbe intense bsst, tbs dry atmosphere
ud tbe dry winds wbicb srs cnnsUht-
ly blowing data from tbs gorges be
twssn tbs mountains.
TAKE NOTIfJR tbit the Cuuucil of
ths D|ty of Nortb Vsncouver Intattd tp
curry put SS a work pf Ural Improvement thl laying uf Cpnersts Curb on
built sides of Second Strsst frnm the
Kust lilje pf I 'lioul I'l Held  Avenue to llie
West Hide of Bt. Qnorgo's Avenue, pp.
Am pgtl Jl, Wviilpn (») Pf Hie 'Mn-
iiicipul Act'; snd intend tn sssess the
liual costs thereof upon ine real pro
party fronting nr abutting thereon of
to be benefitted thereby, and that s
statement showing the lunds liable In
pay tlte slid assessment uf Hie imiiius
pf tbe Owners Ihereuf iu far as can Iiu
ascertained from the last revised As
sossmeut  Hull is now on  file in Ihu
that tho Cuuucil will proceed with tiie
said work or improvement ss aforesaid
uWsssHniijqroif 81 wi owwB"nnii<~
salil lands pr res) property pp tn ill
assessed pr charged ip respect pf such
work or impruvemenl petition Ihu council ugainst sucb assessment within Iif-
teen days after the flrst publicstiop
of this notice.
Olty Clerk.
Nurlli Vancouver,
.„il. October, 11118.
Musical Instruction
Miss E. A. Curd, A,11.CM., pianist
Slid teacher, pupil of Pranklin Tuylur,
visits  Nurtb  Vancouver  Wednesdays. p
5nil Thurlow Street. Seymour liliSlfi.
„ 8811
Real Range Satisfaction?
Then you. want the
 i    i
Ths Bsngs with s reputation ssrnsd. Ws Invito ths most critical ei-
smlnstton, ths mors exacting tbs bstter, ss It will bring out more
forcibly tbe msny features of excellence.
Thousands of satisfied homss throughout the Dominion srs using It
DesBrisay Jobbing Coy.
HARDWARE        Phone 297        GROCERIES
57 Lonsdale Ave.
Th* North Vancouver home of " Campbell Clothing "
It 1< Not Necessary
For us to advertise our large Hue of
Stoves, Baugts sod Hainan. Tbsy
sp.sk for thsissslvss, but we wish to
call your atuutlou to ths font thst ws
srs carrying ths Isrgsst lins of Osst
oud Malleable Bulges, Stoves and
Heaters in the city snd our aasurtment
contains everything thst you might
desire uid our price srs BIOHT snd
every stuve ws ssll Is guarauUsd.
Ask shout our special credit plan, sn
honest proposition to honest buyers,
AU  kinds  of  Builders'   Hardware,
Fabita, Oils, Etc.
loth sud Lonsdsls
■"   '
.   ,'
Phon. 302 •
Entree And Pudding Diihei
ITS in svsry-day need. Not only do they add to tbe appearance of a,
well-arranged Uble, but they facilitate ths ssrvlng of vegetsblee snd
puddings, which,' owing to this tuothod ot ssrvlqg, us much mors
palatable. Our stock of this class of Uble goods Is wsll assorted snd
olfsrs i great rsnge Pi cboics.
The Chafing Dish
csntlnuss to bs s f svurlu In tbs homes of Canada—Its vsry convenience hu msde it this. To own s Obsflng Dish is to spprecfate It and
uss lt constantly. Alwayi ws supply tbs very finest values in this
lins, ss ws show ths nswsst types snd ths bsst quslitlw on ths msrkst,
snd whether ypu desire to uss tbs Spirit Lamp or Electric Hsstsr ws
csn nccoininodate you.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
George E. Trorey, Managing Director
Hastings and Granville Streeli   -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
Job Printing at the " Express"
The Commercial Union Assurance
CO., Ltd. ST        PAID $4,250,000
Quickly sud promptly on sccount of ths San Francisco ssrtbqusks sud trt.
How many Companion could do this?
Its ssssts amount to $116,000,0(10
A postal will bring our representative
Resident Agent
18 Lonsdsls Avsnus sud Oapiiano Oar Tsrmlnus
Phones: Lonsdsls 167. Ospiliuo ltl.
nice muw tunnel
Within thl thirty daya mentinnoil at
recent meeting of the city fathers
the looofnp-t iiiiiiioi through which tlm
waters pf thl reservoir at llice l.nku
will supply ihi inhabitants pf Nortli
Vuncuuvor city lias been driven tp com-
pletioii. Ho Itt S« tbe uoluul driving
of fhe luiiuoi is .'unco,mui the project
Wis eniisiiminuted pu Tuesdsy.
It now, lliorol'uri', remuiiis fnr Aid.
Irwin tu carry Into effect the cc|cbr|-
iiiiun which he snggestud in the cpuncil
,'liunilii'i' shouhl follow upou tliu cum
pletioii of this big undurlsking, whieb,
t\ tbe iililoiniiin i.lnli'il, is s distinct
credit to thll city,
At times progress wss rendered dill-
cult through the adverso cbaroctor of
lliu material Ibruugb which tbu tunneling had to be offoctud. In the enrliur
stages of the work it was found im
possiblu to keep within tbu engineer's
estimate because of dcpusils nf ijuick-
sand uud pockuta uf water sume twenty
feci In longlb, thruugh which cribbing
was uut only necessitated but tin.'
euulkiug of this cribbing wus required
iu Ofdof lu permit uf thc sufu prugress
of the work. Witb thc aid of an uir
compressor plaut these difficulties were
overcome, but nut witbunl much ox
peusc. later the wurk hcckiuc less
hampered ami |irngress Was steadily
made under thu engineer's cstimute.
When the llnul returus arc made in n
luiiini to the completed project il will
doubtless be found thai the rale uf
prugress during the hitler stupes uf the
work will ouuntcrbuluuoe the eipensivo
period which, through nobody's fault,
was encountereil earlier iu the year.
This project, fur whieb llic laic en
gineer, Mr. (1. B. Usui's, asked $162,1101),
which ligure was later cut down to lin,
Ullll with whicii lu start the work, cum
prises thu driving uf a lOOO-fool tunnel
tn ilium lliec l.ul.c cleared uf all vege
mid.' inujlor tu s clear ruck bottom
Here will bu stored 70,000,000 gallons
uf water, sufllcicul lu supply tbe pros
eut pupulaliuu uf Norlh Vancouver Iiir
two ami one half months, A uew
luke, some distinct abuve the prescnl
uue on Lum Creek, furms |iarl uf Ih
project, ami frum this the water will
be carried intu Dice lui,, The mud
tu the uew intake is graded, Ihe trench
is cumplelcil, ami the Ili inch feed pipes
are laid inlu Hicc lake. Thruugh
these the water will flow ut a pressure
uf SO pounds. Tbe reservoir hud u sur
face area uf 20 arres, and is situated
iiiiii feet abuve sea level, while the new
Intake is tin feci.    Its situation  is
Corners in District Lot 265—
BLOCK 8    LOT 16
BLOCK 13  LOTS 29 and 30
BLOCK 17 LOTS 43 and 44
District Lot 274-
BLOCK 140. ..LOT 17 and Two Storey Building
BLOCK 168 LOT 5 and Two Houiei
For Pricei, Termi and Further Particulars, apply to
The North   Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company
Limited IJabilily
North Vancouver Agenti for
Phone Seymour 6286
nnt intake ami its construction is lo be
pf cement.
The wurk pf Mr. Oeorge Grant, city
waterworks superintendent, aud If*.
II. H. Miller, wbo hss bsd sctlve charge
pf tho wnrk, has throughout been regarded with general satisfaction. Thoy
bavi! tnkcii sn minimise pride in thc
project spd hsvo ryorM long hours
per djem is order tp lisstsii it ss.,jy
tu u Biioei.'Hsl'ul completion.
The New General Booth
A Character Sketch
By Kuiile Hnwsrd.
I was curious lo meet Ur. Hrumwcll
Hnntli. Here u,is S man suddenly
placed In charge of s hugo, world-
famous organisation tbat employs thou
sands uf peuple uml inllueiices tbu lives
of hundreds of thousands—yet nobody
suumed lo know anything about him.
At the inoinunl, Ihereforu, I shuuld say
thst be Is Ihu must interesting man
In London.
"The Honors) will be buppy to sue
you tomorrow uftcrnuon al two-thirty."
The message came over the telephone
from the hcudijuurlcrs of the Salvation
Army in tiutep Vicloriu street. TIiosj.'
liuu,I,|iiiui, i priiiod tu bp illu>li Ihc
same as the l.umiuu ollice of any big
llrm, save that the janitor wore the
familiar dark bloc uuifnrtn uf the
Salvation Army and Ihe lift buy was
mightily i'lun,I in the pussessiuu nf a
scarlet jersey.
I wai euiulucti'il through many mys
lerlous duurs tu' thc (lenerul himself.
I luukeil ubuut me. The room wns
warm nud very cumfortably furnished.
Hiu,,i ■ of dark blue softened the lighl.
Al a lurge desk in the centre sat un
elderly guiillemaii, wilb soft, plump
cheeks ami uu abundance nf white hair.
I suuu discovered Ibst Mr. liraniwcll
Hm,Hi was u clever man, with plenty
uf masculine energy and a real cuthuil
asm fur liis wurk. lu uppearauee, mine
J lie less, he is just as 1 have described
him. If i nni, .luiui, were alive lo muki
a i.iiiliiul study uf him people wouli
shrug their shoulders snd call it cari
cul uru.
"Cray be seated. Wbal can I du
for yuul"
lie did nul knuw il, but he was doing
il fur me all the time. Evory mu
ment, every gesture, every tone, sdded
lu my mental picture uf the new (Ion
erul lim,th. I discovered at uuce, fur
•simple, thc trained speaker nf the
religious plalfurm. When he was very
much ill earliest he preached ul mc,
making iliagrams iu thu air wilh bis
nil hands. When he was beiug per
suasivc, skaling over a difficult tpjes
liuu and I put several of Ihose to him,
as yuu shall sec- bis voice, rulbcr harsh
when preaching, drupped tu the softer
and lunger miles uf prayer, -Aud all
Ihe time be held lu bis right car a re
colter which ' "imu!,■■■■ uie.I witb a
lillle suund bos uii lbc tabic. As his
interest in luy i|ucsliuus increased he
wuuld push Ihc suuud bus, very gently,
a little nearer and a little nearer.
"J waul tu ask yuu," I said, "aboul
the future uf Ibe Salvation Army."
"Yesl ' Well, I hupe and fervently
believe that the future uf the Arm)
will be eveu greater and more glorious
il.'ii the past. Tbe (lenerul has gune,
hul Ihe ii, uii.il ia still wilb us. His
spirit is with us. Thc General, uf
cuursc, was divinely inspired, but he
wus also a very clever mnn. Thai bo
came clearer tbau ever after his ileal li
Mu perfect was his urgauiuiliun lhal
every man was in his place ready tu
curry un his duly. 'We are standing
in attention I' they wired tu mc from
all parts uf the wurld."
"Splendid! ilul coining lo mailers
of delall, will yuu carry un ibe wurk
on the same linesI"
"Vssl Wc waul uur Army lu be a
lighting Aim;1 That is uur spirit! I
think it must be su!    We       '
"May I venture to interrupt yuu
fur one mutnent I Now, my owu ideas
uf the Mslvaliun Army were (urmed in
early yuutb. I remember, very vividly,
u large drum ami Iwo ot (nice brass
instruments waging fearful war un each
ulher, ami I in afraid many unthinking
people form their impression of the
Army iu much tbe Mme way."
" Vcs, but Ibe street corner services
ure only a tenth part of our wurk iu
i'lumi Hun are uue million children
iiliuinlouod every year. Wc waul lu
save those children. Wuuld nut lhal
appeal lu you as a noble worki"
" Mngnillceul' Al the same lime, wc
people In Kuglaml are very near to
Hii'i"' slreet curner services, sud we
i-u ii uul help gelling uur upiuiuns of
Ibe Sslvstiun Army from the evidences
under uur windows, so to spesb. Do
you tbing il possible Ihsl these rslbcr
noisy methods alicuate Ibose wbo might
be glad to help youf"
"I don't tbiuk so. A few people
may be sininy.il, but tbe great work
must gu uu. HcuTicd snd edurstcd
people, nu duubt, are repelled by our
.inul "in,,i services, bul Ihe nivvy
would rather hear I navvy preach than
I minisler. Tbe General discovered
Ihsl. He used to My, 'I find Ihtt I
must not espMl Ibeu to listen tp mc
jusl because 1 bsv. beeu s minister,' "
'Oh, yss, tbs music will improv. is
The Canadian Bank
of Commerce
■      -J  -
Rest $12,500,10
North Vancouver Branch Now Located at the     , ,
* .
A General Banking Busineis Transacted.
Interest is allowed on all deposits of $1 and upwards.
I. A. POBOTBB   Mauager.
Consisting of Tulips, Crocus, Daffodils, Iris, Hyacinths, Snowdrops, Paper While Narcissus, Double Yellow Daffodils,
Double While Narcissus, etc.   Plant right now.
We have also growing at our nurseries the finest stock of
Roses, Shrubs, etc., in B. C. Call or wrile for our catalogue.
Cut Flowers, Floral Designs, Wedding Bouquets, etc., on
short nolice.
Phone 235
Cor.  17th and St. Andrew's Avenue
cuursc of lime. In fact, it is gruatly
improved already, Al Ihu Oencril'i
funeral if was remarked lu me how
good the music wus, und tliuae were all
uur own lueal hands."
■ "Now unollier puinl. ll has been
said lbat yuur cadets shuuld be guar
Sllteed u Used living wage ou becoming
officers.    Are yuu iu favur of Iball"
"Well, yoo see, Ihe element uf our
acrvicc is sacnllce. Many -in fsct,
must -of our people make great sscri
(Ices for llie Army. We shoold certain
ly suffer if il were tliuuglil that Ilny
wire paid large salaries In wurk fur us.
. . . Dul whul wc really waut tu du
is lo convince them, ami you, uud
everybody, Ihul we du everything hy
reason uf uur faith iu tlud. If I weru
lu suy tu yuu, 'Before yuu leave this
ruum, Mr Howard, I wunl you to kneel
dowu uud jiiiu Wilh me iu pruyer,' that,
I Ihink, wuuld convince you uf iny sincerity. And iimt is huw we must up
pi.'u.li the peuple wc waul tu save.
And wc want help frum everybody. I
would uul usk yuu tu speak ut uue of
our street curner meetings, but 1 sbuuld
like lu beur yuu speak frum uue uf
nur plulfuruis."
"Due lasl point," I said, feeling Ibal
I musl nut trespass lunger un the Gen-
unl guud nature. "Al yuur prupused
new training institution, will yuu lake
intu consideration tbr Advances ill
religious tliuuglil uf the last llfty
years I"
"Now 1 uin un very delicate ground.
.    .    I du nut see," lie added sluwly,
"huw wc can depart frum the terrible
Irullis lliul were expounded by the (Jen
"The Uenernl believed lhal puuisb
menl must be us eterual as the suul,
Ihuugh, uf cuursc, graduated accurdiug
to llic degree ui guilt Ilight up to
the end he never wavered ou auy point
of his doctrine, though perhaps in bis
In/ months he laid special stress ou
tbe grcslucss of love, 'it is,' be often
slid, 'lbc .null"! puwer uf all.' . .
Hiiuil bye.   Oud bu with yuu."
I  up. i.cl lbe dour.
"Hy the way," be added, "the Mem
oriol Hellenic goes well. I bsd s fur
ilm promise uf Hirer l|iuussud Ibis
Railway Returns
I'urrent repurls uf the revival uf
railway trafllc are verified by Ihe utl
cial returns fur tliu munth of July
compiled by the llureuu uf Ilailway
Kcunumics frum repurls to the Inter
statu t-omiucrcc I'uminissiuu encoring
uver iilll,l)l|0 miles, abool i'H pur ceul.
>,f tbe steam railway mileage of lue
Thc increases in net revenue were
uut, huwever, universal. Kur Ibe Kast
eru gruup uf railways tin.' iucruasc uver
July, lllll, was lllli per cent., ur *:' »l
per mile of line per day; fur tbu west
em gruup H'l per cent.,'or IJ.-'J per
mile uf line per day. Tbe net revenue
uf the suul hern gruup decreased 8.0
per cuul., ur 41 cents per mile uf liuu
per day.
Taking Ibe average per mile for tliu
montb fur the cuunlry as a whule, lulal
operating revenues increased IN! ur Si
pet cent.; operating expenses iucresscd
|K1 or i.U per cent.; while not uper
uin., revenue increased I'ltM ur II
per cent. Talcs amounted to H6 put
mile of Iiuc, an increase of Dii per reul.
Tl.e aggregate of all net upcrating
revenue fur the montb was irn.ln,.,t..
au aggregate increase uf 19,91)1,916.
This net operating revenue per mile of
line for tbe seven months of the cal
emlar year continues less for the cor
responding seven months uf lull Nel
up. ruling revenue is tbu amount avail
able fur laics, rentals, interest uu
bunds, ipprupristiulis for beltermonli
aud dividends.
A Inner uf ancient Koine would have
laughed cuutcmpluuusly al the suggci
liun Ibat hu should use gloves in his
busing matches To mako his blows
more effective il was tbe custom lo
bold iu each hand a heavy ball of met
al. Wilb'his list thus weighted near
ly every bluw brought bland.
In all Countries. Ask for our Inventor's Adflssr. Marlon t Marlon, ill
University Btntl, corner 81. Catherine
Strsst. Montreal, Canada, and Wash
InfIon, D. C. u. » A.
Ws sis showing sn sxcsUsat lias of aurltog SUver mi VlitU Wore,
nothing but the highs* grade tt floods.
Our low siasnsss sasbls us to mth our prlcss much bslow tboss who
pay high rents.   A comparison will prove Ilils to you.   Km our windows.
iwrnaM AMD OVtmA9
•  '
Ths itore of (Juslity
snd Low Vi
m tfuovo irum HOBTH VAWQDTO.
Pubflpbsd Tussdjyi snd ftMyjg by Nortb Bbors Frssi, Llmltsd.
Hates af Bubwriptioit-^m yeir, flJlo'.  Bi* monliii, Mt.  Thnt wontki, Mo.
United States mi Foreign, #3.00 per yeir.
Advirtlslng Bites WW Bs Qnotsd on ApplMUon,
Tkl Espreii it devoted to the interosts of the North Bhore of Burrard Inlot
exclusively. It constitutes in advertising msdium of. Siceptionsi value far
reaching In s thorough sud effective manner tbe population of Nortb Vancouvsr
(iity ind Dlitrl 1.' Every effort <• mado to givs sdvertiiers tbs must sstisfoctery
All changes ih eontrsot idv.rtlsements should bs in the printers' binds not
liter tban 10 i. m. Moudsy sud o p. m. Wednesdsy to snsurs iutsrtion in tbs
following Inns,   ,
Worth Vimobtw, 9 0 ,.,.,,..       OcUbir U9,19lg.
Hir im inn.i Mcllride presented tbe
necessity for a naval defensive force
for lbe Canadiun I'aeilie coast, in wbst
may be termed a new light, when iu bis
address'at the recent Conservative convention at lievolstoke, he placed his
argument upon the commercial basis,
contending that in liritish Coluuibiu
wo have one of nature's great uudimin
isbed treasure chests lhat we have been
sounding that fad alumni so Ibat all
tbe wurld is aware uf Ihe fact and that,
sueh being the case, ordinary business
prudence required thai adequate measures should bo provided for tjic pro
i i ium .,i that treasuro should tbe oc
■ .1 mn arise.   -
Tbe esuct words uf the premier us
reported, were us follows:
'"I suy It advisedly, but I say it
nevertheless, we aru living in what 1
wuuld term a fool's paradise." Does
it ever occur lo you that the treasure
whieb is ut stake in the vast rummer-
cial operations iu this pruviuce is a
sacred trust with os."
"Do you think of bow little pro
lection you ure giving tbese industrial
projects, not eveu the prutectiun which
the ordinary pulicemau gives tu his
ruundf The resources uf this provjuce
ure ilimitabie und we have tuld the
world so. ll may be tbat there are
those who are envious of tbis natural
wealth. Across thc broad i'acihe arc
wuuderful peoples and perhaps iu an
other ilei-uilc the furces of Chins and
-lupun inuy be marshalled together iu
u i..i.al aud military armament tu
threaten our possessions iu this pan of
tho globe. Did wc permit our wealtii
to go unprotected i nlhis way we would
nut deserve tn enjuy it. If I can not
appeal ou national grounds, I can surely
speak to yuu uu a commercial lia<ji»
Let us insure uur proporty. Lot us
shortly be utile to lay claim to a regular ' ii i.n l i.i ij army and Canadian navy,
second tu none in the world.''
This is u new basis of appeal, inas
much u{i it hus been customary to base
ily argument fur a Canadian defensive
force upun patriotic aud imperial
grounds, to lire exclusion of the matter
of fact bosiness aspect of tbe subject.
Ths urgumeut is une thai will appeal
to the practical loiiiiuiin sense uf the
public.   No  matter  how   inv.   abiding
a a people may lie, as such, society has no
where reached that' elevated state in
which il is considered wise lo dispense
wilh reasonable provisions for tbe pru-l wealth,
tcetiun uf life and pruperty from the
lawless. A well organi/ed uud discip
lined police force is considered essen
liul in every well regulated community
tor the protection of law abiding cili
.ens frum thc depredations of iudivi
duuls who-may he criminully inclined.
Inasmuch us human nature remains the
..uine, whether considered individually
or collectively, il is logical to conclude
Ihut there may be among the uatiuns
uuin i.iiiul instances iu which covetous
eyes will be cast upou the jiussessiuus
uf uthers. In such instances ,there is
no doubl lliut the k uuwn existence uf
u   strung
It Is highly gratifying tu knuw tiist
arrangements are at last under way
which wil| result in thc placing of
Canadian aud Caucasian dsherineii iu
possession of the Canadian fisheries of
the i'aeilie Coast.
The conditions which have obtained
in Ihis regard for some years past,
under which Ihe dshing bas practically
ull been iu the bauds of Orientuls, have
called imiii many ami vigorous protests both upon economic and upon ua
lluuul gruumls.' Thc announcement
Ihul un ugrecment has been entered
iuto between thc Dominion and Ihe pro
vineial guvernmuut looking to the set
ilcm.oil uf while In-lieilnlli uponSllie
Pacific "Ui -i under udvaiitagcous regu-
inn.ni- und conditions, reveals the fact
thut public sentiment is abuut tu be
crystali/cd iulu legislutiun and into
uu-' iin,,. Mul act inn in this must mo
iii.-iiii.il- mutter.
On Tliursduy .evening last, speaking
ul  n  banquet iu  Kevelstuke, Hon. W.
J. Bowser, Attorney General, made un
Important announcement as follows:
"ile mentioned that an agreement
"hud aln a.iv been made lietween thc
"Provincial  ami Dominion  Govern
"menls tu eucuurage the settlement
"uf in-lior fulk on tbe Pacific ('nasi
"whu, in times uf necessity, wouhl
"be a Mi  tu man a defence fleet.   II
"was  prupused   tu give   vjmin   iiulil
"say March 1.1 asuually tu muke ap
"plication  for tishiug boat  licenses,
"provided Ihey could show thai they
ire. rrntl, < p. m.   «. ysn punsier,
Preshfltrl.. C»nrl||—WoriblPi S«. '
*1*i,l\ ,*•"). a»jj I (■»- Sunday
ichool, 1:18 p. m.   Pastor, Bey. A. Mac-
itikoiisi   causal-Worship,   Bun-
" am. and 7:00 p.m.   Sunday
1:15   p. ni.    Pastor,  llev.   0,
dayi, 11 a, in
lohwl, i:ll
11 u.m.   Sunday Schoul ISO
aong 100 Vm.   Holy Cuminur
pm. Evensong 7.00 >.m. Holy Communlun second
Sunday In month at 11.00 n in.  Normal
3.  Tlm iiinuili  In  .-Inil'l:- .
Mrs. llutsgcr will give at ber apart
incut Wednesday and Halurday after
upon, a free dcinuustrstlan uf the " Hex
tune Dress Form." How sn exsct re
pruduellun uf your ligure raji lie bsd
wbicb hereafter ssves the tiresome
times of ni'"!.- self. The form allows
the free use of pius, is nun breakable.
Cull and see. Mt, Crown Apartment, 1st
street cast. Ill
Und Clearing sud Grading Lots,
I'ete Andruss, Qeusrsl Contrsctor. Be
wer connections s specially, basement
aud otber excavating work undertaken.
Estimates free. 120 18th street wost,
Nortb Vancouver, post office boi 83U8
, "were i" nu bde lishermcn with boats.
"of their uwn.
"They wuuld nol be tied up to any
"canneries and the ratings uf these
"places would be reduced so as to
"make it certain that the Indepen-
"dent  fishermen wuuld have ample
"markets fur their catches,    lu this
"way, with reduced ratings and the
"lirsl  licenses fur the  while Usher
"inen, the Japs whn at present tuu
"trolled Ijie fishing industry wuuld be
"greatly discouraged."
The carrying uul of a line uf action
such as that outlined above will doubt
less result in the building up uf a laige
seaboard population uf fisberfolk of a
cluss Iiiiii   will make sturdy uud luyal
1 .I" ji. i ill/en.-., and at the same time
the changes indicated in the relatiun
ships  obtaining  between   the cannery
owners and  the fishermen, will   place
thc industry upun the proper cummer
cial basis tu the great .improvement uf
Ihc pruceeds which will accrue to the
mercantile uml other business interests
frnm   Ihis  greal     source  of    natural
Mill I'll    V (M III  VI H
St.   AlSrcv.'•   I'rc.UjIrrl.u    Ckurek,
Kellli Koad—Services: Murniug. 11:00:
evening, 7:10 Adult Bible Claas, 1:10
Sunday School. 8:»0. y. P. S C. E„ Tuesday, at t p. in    Prayer  Meeting, We,I
in .-.I... ut ( r o. Choir I',... i ii i
Friday, at I p m Kev Kunulii Macleod.
TAKE NOTICK Ibat the Couucil uf
tbe Clly uf Nurtb Vuncuuver intend
tu carry uut as a wurk uf l.ocul lm
provement the extending uf macadam
tu the curb uu butb sides uf Secund
Street frum the East side uf Chesterfield Avcuue tu tbe West side uf Bt.
Gourge's Avenue"binler Part il, Division (2) ot the Municipal .Vt. and in
tcud lu atmett the liual coiils thereof
upon the real property froutiug ur abut
ting (hereon ur to bs benefitted thereby.
ami that a statement showing thc lauds
liable tu pay the said assessment uf
the names uf the uwncrs thcrcuf su far
as can bu ascertained from the last re
vised assessment, roll, is now un tile in
thc office of ibe City Clerk ami is
open for inspection iluring office huurs.
bat the cuuucil will proceed with the
said wurk ur improvement as afurc
said unless a majurity uf the uwncrs
uf the said lauds ur real pruperty su
tu be assessed ur charged in respect uf
such work or improvement petition thc
uuncil against such assessment within
fifteen days after Ihe first publication.
uf this notice.
•   Oity Clerk.
North  Vancouver, ilith October, IUI2.
Hrlkudlsl t'kurck-Corncr of Slitti
and St. Qeorge. Sunday Services, 11:00
a. in and 7:30 p in Sunday School and
Bible Class. 8:10 p sii Senior League
Munday, I p. in Prayer and Praise
Service. Wednesday, I p.m. Junior
alert guardian lone ; I-eaguc ihuraday afternoon at l.tl)
1 Paator, W. C. Schlltcher.
would exert a puwerful deterrent milu
ence upun sny alien peuple who might i    *)  Ai"f. ,'»»«»-Cwn«r  Twelfth
11 *     and     Boulevard.     Sunday    Services:
Prayer,    II    am.    Sunday
School 8:10 p.m.: livening Prayer, 7:10
p in Duly I'.,mmonl,,ii, Hrst and third
Sundays In ntunlh, at 11 a.m.; second
Sunday In mouth, I a. m. Hev Samuel
Vet. M A   Vlear.
be   incline.I   lo adopt  aggressive  ta
tics in tbe matter of the annexation
of territory belonging to otbfrs, while
upuu the other hand, il might easily
' be the case lhat a state of unprepared
uess  would   lend   encouragement     to
such aggression.     Tbe lax, therefore,
which would be necessary to create aud
lo maintain a nadequate defensive force
both military ami naval, iu 1'au.da,
'muy consistently be regarded as unl
agous to the cost of a police system in
a city, insuring the ability to main
lain Ibe nutiouu! integrity should sucb
action a.  any time be found  neces -\[^,.Jfi«:  f% £%$$$
sary   and   increasing   tbe   probability  In the month (bere will be a aecond
n.i -„„n amUam —sis . .i   .... j celebration   of  the  Holy  Communion
tbst such action will notbefouud nccca   „t u ,.m.   ftector, Rev. Hugh Hooper.
sary from the fact that known readiness in this regard would greatly de
crease tbe inclination Sf covetous ob
servers to put thc matter to the test.
Canada baa now arrived at tbat'status among tbe nations of tbe world
Ibat calls for Ibe assuming of thc full
responsibilities of nationhood and fust
also renders it advisable tbst is accord
uine with souud business practice, ss
Premier McBride bas put it, we "insure
our property" no* stumble st tbe p*y:
went of the premiums tbst may be
required ia »rder to' do 10.
S.lvallea Arasr—Lousdale Avenue
Sunday services, 11:00 am, I p m and
7:18 ii in Tueaday, I p.m.: Thursday.
I p.m. Children's Service, Wednesday,
I p.m.
u»iiii»i (;fc«r.k—Twelfth and St.
Qeorge. Service, at 11 .. m. uid 7:10
p.m. Sunday School aud funic Clew
ai 1:10 pjii Prayer and Praia. Service,
Wednesduy a( I p, in Pastor. Kev. A,
J, i'rosser, Twelfib and St. Qeorge.
II. lata Ikr Hv«*arU.t, Kin li Hi ud
Thirteenth.   Holy Communion, I ., m
St. Hlmuul. l.lkulie Ikiirrk, Sixth
and Mahon Avenue, Sunday—High
Haas and 8 ermon, 11 a. in. Sunday
School, J:I0 p.m. Rosary and Benediction, 7:10 p. m. Friday-Sow Mass.
I   a. m    Peslor,   R.v. f. A. Bedard,
nMty.F*,kM*.,lkT'+ *L 99 Mb
Priest In charge
and    11 ,.
K. K. Perrln, jj.A
Vnahrlertma   ,
a. m. uid 7:10 o. m.   Sunday Bchoi.
Kbit Oisss, till B m. Teacher.' Tit„
[ Class,  Yftimadiy,   fill.    Prayer
lu pursuance uf au assignment dated
August -sii,, mi:', to Ihc undersigned,
parties Indebted to' tbe W. II. Btouey
St Company are liereliy notified tu pay-
On' am.mi.i.- due at the office of the as
siguee, Wilson k I'erry, suite !l, DeBeck
lluilding, 338' Hastings street west,
Vsncouver, II. (.-., at flic earliest pus
slide moment, wbu will issue receipts
fur same
I'liune .'-uiin,mi illli.
10,000 cords of try fir wood for quick
sals. Pries psr odd cords, II. 16. Spe
clal quotations for larger quantities
Out Wood, 16 inches, 93.86. U Inches
-W0, C. 0. D.
Office sad Ysrd—14th sod Lonidsle
PU. 190.    P. 0. Box 1432.
The. Scenic Highway
Xciuit  Ikt  I uulluml
Thruugh tickets to all parts uf ttie
wurld at lowest rates.
The popular roule tu the
old Putin,
nono Vancouver
On ths «»r lins. Booth ami board.
Ilnoil u.'i'uiiiniinlul ion fnr working mini.
Contractor's men lakcu. Single meals.
16-18 II. EASfOOTT, Proprietor.
Lodge Western Bail, Up. itt
Meetings of tbli lodge ire beld iu
the Knigbti of l'ythiss Hsll, comer of
Chesterfield svenue and fourth, slreei,
on tbs first sgd tblrd Fridays iu each
montb, st 8 o'clock p. m.
Communications sud sppilcstioua fnr
membership to bs addressed tn Harold
Lsei, secretsry, P. O. bos 8811. 18713
North sinue Press limited is
prepared tu entertain propositions
fur s lusu lo be utilisul n lliu con-
sn mi inn of s building fur iiovj-
papor aud printing purposes, ll lm
erected ou lut Id, block 167, D. I..
-il, beiug the north-west corner of
First street and ilugcrs avenuo, this
city. Full particulars may lm obtained by applying tu t|ie under
SVNIil'lll OP 11)41. MINIMI
Cual mining rlghla of Iht Dominion
In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alhtr-
u tht Vol,ou 'i'eirlioi y, tba North-west
Tsrrltorlts and In a portion of (lis province uf Hrilish Columbia, may ht teasel for a term of twtnty-oti. ytart al
an annual rtntal uf |1 in acrt. Nul
more than 1.(10 acres wili hi leased to
one applicant.
Application for a lease must ht madt
Uy ttie applicant In person to ths Agent
or Sub-Agent of the district In which
Iht rights applied for art tituatsd.
In surveyed territory the land musl
be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and In unsurvey-
td territory tht tract applltd fur thall
be staked out by tht applicant himself
bitch application most bt accompanied by a fit of It which will bt refunded tf tin rlgbtt applltd for art nol
available, but nul otherwise A royalty shall bi paid un (lit merchantable
■'.uiiuii of Iht mint at tht rtlt of five
cents ptr ton.
Tht ioi son optrsllng tht mini shall
furnish tht Agenl with sworn returns
accounting for thi full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay tht
royally thereon If tht coal mining
rights art not being operated, tucb rt-
turns shuuld bi furnished at Itast unci
t ytaf.
Tht It tot will include thi cual mining
rlghta only, but tbt Itsati may bs permitted ti purchtsi whatever available
surface itglitt may bt contldertd nee-
taoary for thi working of tht mint at
tbi rate it 110 an ten.
Fur full Information anpllcttlou
ali,iul.1 bt madt lo tbo ttcrttary of tht
Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or
to any agent or Sob-Agent of Dominion
Deputy Minister at Iht Interior.
N. B.—unauthorised publication of
thla advirtlumtnt will nol be paid
for ill
Vancouver Buiineu Directory
SPR0TT-SHAW  Business College
Uf, Haatlnga St. W.
Canada's  Greatest  Wiitim  School
R. J. Hprott, B.A., - -Managar
Yurluhire Guarantee & Securities
Corporation, limited
440 Seymour Street
R. Kerr Houlgate — Manage!
Ail Nortb Vsncouvw rnoplt tst st
Hither Pious Block or Hastings St.,
oppo.it. (bt nm pott offio.. |*mard
will bit U. by tht pound.
(klM, aai
Thi must up-to-date train service
between Vancouver and the Easl
Kur rates, reservations and all
further inf., 10mil. 10 ui.|.i.v (0 /.
MOB, City Passenger Agtnl, til
Hastings St. or If W BKODlK,
O.P.A., Vancouver. »
Kuute Boys wanted at tb. Kiprm
■iiiuiii ntwtwmwmimtatmmttttmmwlwwwmtmmtwmmi
100 Per Cent
Pure Paint
WB OHABAHTBB tbs Msrtlp-SsnQur 100 Psr'0|nt. Purs Paint
(.icept s few durk shades that cannot bs prepared from lssd snd
sine), to bs insds (rom purs carbonate of lssd, purs oxide of line,
with coloring mattsr in proportionate ousntltiss necessary tn make
tlieir rsspectlvs "hades snd tints, witb purs Unseed oil and turpou
tins dryer, snd to bs entirely frss from water, bcuiine, waiting
snd adulterations, and sold aubject ta chimlcal analysis.
Ths Msrtln-Bsnuur Oo. Ltd.
This is ths only Psint so guaranteed becauae it Is tbs only
PUBB PAINT ou the market.
9d Lonsdale Avenue      Next to P.O.
First Class Dwelling House (of Sale
We Invite tenders for the purchase of new eight room ind base
msnt dwelling bouse on Seventeenth Btreet, near Botjlevard ou Lot 'li,
Block 16a, Diatrict Lat WW, CO ft. by 167 ft. Tba buildiug is s vsry
siilistanii.il oue and bus all modem convenience*
TENDEBS statiug piles and terms of payment, accompanied by a
marked cheque for 5 per cont. of offered price muat he delivered to us
bar. not later than Saturday, tbe 19th imt.
Tbe highest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
The Burrard Development Company United.
17 Luusdale Avenue
North Vancouver
Pboue 37
"Between Two Thieves"   (Authnr of Dope Doctor)
"Mirabel's Island"     Louis Tracy
"The Lady Nut Door"    Harold Bcgble
"The Long Portage"   Harold Beudloss
"The Wind Before the Dawn"   Munger
"A Mau In the Open" Soger Pocock
We have now room for all comers St our uew store.
J. E. Scouten's Book Store
(N. 8. Book aud Stationery Company).
36-38 Lonsdsls Aveuue. PHONE 191
House Painting, Kabomining
and Paperhanging
Harding & Walker
P. O. Boi Utl
Om. W. Harding Andrew Walker
" 'i
A Double Ender
50x 175 ft, on two graded roads, 17th St. and Yorkshire
Crescent, close to Fell Ave. carline, and all cleared and
nearly level.   A Snap at $2,000, One-^hird cadi, bal. 6 and 12 monthi
Oflcs Phon. 179.
Residence Phone 390
V. Q. Met 1831.
' '
Hgyy , m-wwwwmm    mwt.mnrwmmwtWmW    ffTUMf • MW«-
Begsnl your B. N. A. Savings Sink Book si » inrl pf meter yvliicb records
P'llnly yuur progress towsidi prosperity.   There   in   hundreds   of   these
British North America
•siici'oss-iuctera in tbs lionios urouml you.   Is thero one In yuur "•<<"•''   It uui
we will glldly provids ons.
70 Years tn Bualueas.   Capital ind Surplus Ovor |7,BO0,0O0. i
Two Offices in North Vancouver, Comer of Lomdale Ave
and Esplanade. Upper Lonidale Avenue, near 14th Street
Electric Irons
10 Days' Free Trill
Solvit Uli Bummer Ironing Problsm
For I'iVi wc arc olfering a "liotpoiut" of tbo 01b size, suitable for
general household use, fur IlliH. This iron is similar lu sll "Hotpoiuts"
except lbat tliu n|'i" i surface is uupoliibed.
Second Streel East, North Vancouver, B. C.
Possesses the finest roof garden on the Pacilic Coait,
Band concert every Friday evening from 8 to 10.
Hoi and cold water in every room.
European Plan only $1.00 a day up.
Weekly Rates $3.00 up.
Meal Tickets $5.00.
L. REDA, Proprietor
''..nil, Vancouver, i bones.  Alsu all kinds of female trou
lllli Octobor, Iillil. | ll1'"' snd irregularities, catarrh, etc.
Give mc a trial in any uf lbc above
cases and I will prove lo you the geu
iiij.'-nu- u of my assertions. J am will
I cure v.iil   my nuked buuds, I cure
I;111■ I\ ■ i.-.   indigestion,   neuralgia,   bed
fever, heart truublc, especially palpi ■ iug tu undertake suy case huwever
laliuu, lung and kidney troubles, alio chronic where other medical men have
any bluildcr defect. Manicle eases aud I failed. Address, Kcv. Ucu Bonner, cu.
eye defections ul any kind, slumucb Mr .lacksun, comer Kcitii and Sulli
troubles and all kinds uf atrirture 11 crland lids., Norlh Vancouver, 11. ('.
specialise iu.   I cau alsu heal broken! ■     Ull
1        i i.i
Hnnduy smi Munilii)' Ibo II. II. Mice
trie Hsilwiy Op, wore kept busy liiimll
lug traffic between Liyim "irk ami tlio
The Iiytin VijUty football icsui pliy
uil North Lpiiidalc uu tlio Buuievuril
Park on Saturday afternoon, tlio latter
winning .1 to I. On Monday moruiug
Oct. Utitli, the l.ynn Valley team played I). i. It., tbo hume team winning
9 to 8.
Invitations art) boing extended to
l.ynn Vul|cy residents* to attend lbe
opening dsucu nf Ibo l.ynn Valluy Dane-
Ing Club in the institute Hull on Friday uext, November Isl, ut 8,,'I0 p.m.
A line muin'im has been arranged with
for the evening,
. Tlie iuu, iui took place on Friday oi
the late .lames Mercer, who lost bis
life by drowning un Ocluber llilb. The
funeral wts curried uut by the pruvin
cial puliee department.
James Allun Mercer was burn iu
Newaygo, Newaygo Co., Michigan, on
July Hist, Ittl, living wilh his purcuts
there until he was eleven years old, Ibeu
he ami his sister ainl_ fatlicr removed
10 lluywanl, Wis., bin mother and older
brother having died two yeurs before.
He lived in liaywurd until ubuut Iwu
years agu, whon he iame tu Vaucuuver
bin parents jpisilig him here a year
agu. .
Ile was u ilroug heultby, ulile budicil
man aud up lu the time uf his deuth
had Inn,ll.v l.iiiiwn auy sickness.
lie wan drowned ill Malispinn lulul
Ocluber li'illi, Ifll, nil In-, launch. He
leuvea his parents und Iwo sisters (both
iu lbc east) and une half brother uud
I litre   llllli l,li,l ill.   (Sll   ..lllllll.    Ill   lli.illl II
bit iiniuii,-li death.
Ilia funeral luuk place from Hie Me
thoillll cburc|l ul North Vancouver un
Wednesday, October "ird, ut 8.00 p.m.
conducted by Itev. Schliclilcr.
"A precious one from ua bus gune,
A voice we lovcil in stilled,
A i'lun' ia vacant in uur bumc,
Which never can be lllled.
(lud iu Ilis v.i-.i.iiii baa recalled
A I,nmi liis love In", given,
Ami Ihuugh the budy   moulders here
The '-.ml is safe in Heaven."
See 11. I.. Thompson for Insurance
snd investments iu l.yuu Valley,
r'roinnie bluck, curner Centre lluud.
i'lione IN.
If you look out uf lbe window tumor
row morning uiid aee the fence upset,
the ruaebuabea broken, llic fruul gule
banging un u neighbor's Irec, cordwood
piled high on thc stops und a barber'a
sign standing al yuur fruni dour, put
llie lault rigbl where it lielutiga.
Don'l Illume thc buys.
Por the hoys who will be rooming
lbe atreeta louight playing aome innocent tricks and doing a lol of harmful
"'-""- "  »i*  ."  .uuu   .MUI.   Ullll
tboy arii making puts of themselves; it
Is tbeir misfortune. Tboy lack parents-
Nut tint tbo liw ssyi tbey srs or-
pbsus—tbougb - psrltspi It might si
well. Tbo lml wbo li turned louse to
nigbt tp deuce snd destroy property
needs ii father ami a mother. Those
wbo sbnulil be watching bim, keeping
liim put sf trouble, leuebiiig bim to re
spect tbs rights of bia neighbors, showing lilin  that  wanton  destruction  o|
■ illici."   pru|ierty   is   but   PUS   i'lllll   Of
theft are tap in.-v, tpp cstpIobs, top
weak or tuo stupid tp du tlieir wprk.
Tbey iind It easier tp ium tbo isils
louse, abrug tbeir sbpuldert smi ropesl,
tbo pld nunaeusc sbout "buys will be
liny:,' and hope Johnny or Objrley
will nol gol caught sp tbore will be a
bill to pay. They sre tbe sstne kind
pf parouls, wbu, Inter pn, when Juhn
ur i'lmilm begin to smell of boer smi
hung uruuud tho saloons will talk about
"having Ibeir fling" and "sowing wild
oats"; ami still Istur, when sume uf
the buys Ism! iu Iho jail or the gutter-
Trust il" ■ parculs to liiul somu est
cuse for shirking the ''responsibility
even then; but can you put the blame
on the buysf
•;-Hpokauc Daily Chronicle,
Sequel to Last Week's
Mayoral" Contest
An iulercatiiig and sensational ailuu
liun   baa  uriacn   uut   uf  last   week's
 iimJ" . ..ni.-I under the auspices
uf the Norlb Bhore Literary ami De
bating Society. The csnilidatea, it
will be i.-i:., mi.un ii, were Mr. J. N.
iioult uml Mr. li. I'. Wright, snd lbc
ultimate polling was fouml lo return
Mr. lloull wilb a smull majority, Mr.
Wright's u|-| niii-i.. huwever, had
atrong rcasutia fur opposing Ibis ver
ilkt of the "electorate", believing tbut
there liuil been direct tampering with
the votes. An appeal was thereupon
entered uud the evideneo for and
:■;:.nn i is to be In u.m tomorrow even
iug in the publicity rooms ua hereto
The hearing promises to bring forlli
a uumber uf iulercstlug and unexpected rcvciulions.     The   appellants   ure
(Irmly convinced thut the circumstance.
attending the pulling laat Tuesday nigbl
should be investigated thoroughly,
while'the defendants disclaim any re
euurae to underhand measures'. Counsel
on both sides arc being retained, and
if the light comes uff according lo
I-1,nmso, the feather, will be Hying
rigbl merrily.
Tlie public arc conbgilly invited tu
attend tomorrow evening at eight
Vancouver Island
Why nut live un the waterfrout I
Seven-acre blucks with aplendid beacli
fruutagc uf .'IOU feet each. Island High
way and C. I'. K. lu t'uinux ut preaenl
under I'oustructiou bounds lhc property
inning, guuu spu, unuicoiiou, si™.'?
and splendid climate. Price pnly-WKO
per block. Cash, li'19, and balance
ltl per annum fpr flv»jjfpj»rs at tj per
cent. These blnckl |ro under price pf
surrounding pruperty md |re limited
iu uumber. For further particulars
Wfltp pwner, H. C. V. Hall, 1'orliBvillo,
Vancouver liiliunl. fl. p.
Ti'inliTu aru invited of lots pr tracts
of land suitable fur lbc erection pf a
City Hill fpr the City pf North Van
All tenders must be nude pn a form
to be ubtuined from the undersigned,
sud must lie made liy tbu uwiier ur bis
Attorney aiithurizcd by duly executed
power of attorney. ,
The successful tenderer will be mil,
cd upon to give un option to the cijy
in u form satisfactory to the City Solicitor until tlie ueccssary Bylaws pre
passed. Thc price will be payable, 10
per cent, within thirty days after the
passing of the liy law authorizing the
I'.in im , and the balance within nine
ty duys thereuftcr.
Sealed Tenders marked "Tender for
City Ilull Sito" must be lodged witb Ibe
City Clurk, City Hull, North Vancuuver, befure li p.m. uu Monduy, Decern
bor Uth, 11112.
The loweit ur any temler nut necessarily accepted.
012 ■     City Clerk.
Wc wish lo ilui i, oor friends and
neighbors, ibe employees of the Lynn
Valley Lumber Company, and thc
peuple Irum llie Municipul Hull, Lynn
Valley, for Iheir kindness and geuer
unity iu siding aud assisting us iu
uur recent aud bereavement in Ibe loss
of our sou uml brother, ulsu fur tin
beautiful llmul nil i-i in;:
And Chiidroo,
To Whom It May Concern.'
I, the undersigned, hereby give no
lice tbut I bavs withdrawn frum part
nersbip iu the ium known as linker
Kvcuson uiul Cpmpauy, Jtcul Katate
Agenla uml lluilding Contractor., com
poaed of Herbert V. linker, O. A. Eveu
son uud Frederick Turn, of the city of
Norlli Vancouver, II. C. I will iu future huve ilu connection with the business uf the sujd lum or any new llrm
which may hereafter be urganized by
the said Herbert V, Holier, and Fred
crick Tarn.
(Signed)       0. A. KVKNSON.
Norlli Vancouver, --ml iluy of October, lllll. Ill
BOOMS FOH BKNT   Housekeeping
ami aingle, 211 2nd street east.     t.f.
FOB BENT—Furnished ruums, 12.111)
ami 12.011 per week, bath. 816 Ilrd
street west, North Vsncouver.
FOB   BKNT-Twu   2 ruom   collages
witb wuler It aud i'l   A. Smith li Co
FOB BENT—Two nice large fur
iiialicd bedrooms. Apply OOD ljueeus-
bury Avuuue. ll'-l
FOB BKNT Furnished flat, 122 per
mouth, boi und tuld water. 202 Firsl
slreet cost. Ill
FOB BKNT-7 room house, modern,
127 Sixth street east. Will reul cheap
0.0 suitabel louspl. Apply 212 Kaplan
ml.' East.
FOB BKNT 0 roomed list near
ferry, I'll, per .month. Apply Worbdru
itr i'u"'" ii'"i '■ t.f.
FOB BKNT A bouse ou 101b street
and Boulevard; al.u shack, suitable fur
couple. Apply F. Booth, plumber,   t.f.
-4-rounied muderu hou
lea, 8
front furry. Bent |JG
per munth.    Peers A Boult. Phune 188.
FOB BENT—English ludy baa spare
bedroom, would suit twp geutlcmeu.
Apply N.  V. P. 0. Bos 8020.     t.f.
FOK KKNT Five und six rooneif
bouses, all eouvcuicuecs, 20tb street
uud Junes, I'M) nud 126 per moulh. Apply Esrltnd, Mb street sud Hendry
Ave., N.   Vancouvor. I ll
FOB KENT-"Two furnished bedrooms sud sitting mom, suitable for 2
pr il gentlemen, witb or without board,
Alsp orders wanted, for children's sew-
ipg. Apply Mrs. Cornish, 12«0 Cbes
terflcld. Phone KW. 8»W
FOB HKNT--Colonial Apartments.
mudern four roomed suites, heal, ditup
peering beda, etc., ulau uue furnished
apartmenl with piauo uud phone. Al
lowance made to suitable tenant tu
luuk after furnace. Apply J. Diersaeu,
i.ii mi   Audrew'a. Phuue BUI        t.f,
FOK SALE—lluuey. Pure, dcliciuua,
•heap    tiardeii Apiary, Hi lllh weat.
FOK SALE-tiowc furuiturc, cheap.
Small Water, etc. uut used, »'.'. J2V
Ilrd slroet west. ,   fit
FOB BALE-Unlimited uuiuuul uf
curd wuud or .love wdod. Thompson aud
Stuart. Pboue I'll. t.l.
FOK BAI.E-Furnacc wuod, Or slabs
J. J. Oman, plume 80, Leave orders N.
V. Lumber Cu. office. 8 11
FOK SALE—Apples, Oraveustcin,'
slso sppies for winter stock. Keene,
171b street snd St. George. 411
FOB SALK -Three ponies, weight
sbout suu lb. escb, well broken to saddle aud barucss. J. A. McMillan. Ill
FOB SALK First clsss cordwood,
ll.ni) pet cord. Special prices on large
ipiiinlities. Pboue 847. 28 10
jFQH. rsfLyf-rVlral growth flr wuud,
11.70 cord, c.o.d. Excavating and heavy
hauling apply Mu Campbell, 227 Olh
itreot west. Pbone Wl. Il-M
FOK SALE Find growth wuud,
(1.70 s cord. 0. McDsde, 110 81b street
east. I'bouc 01. I.f.
FOK SALE- HI bens and cbickons.
Como and give me a quick sale price
for tbcm. Crimea, THI lillcalcrfleld
Aveuue. 1 11
FOB SALE Simp uu Western Au-
uue (30x104 feel, 300 feet frum lbc
present terminus uf Lunailale ear. Cusb
18')'). Apply 100 lOtb street west. 1 11
FOB BALK-Thoroughbred 8. C. W.
I.egburu Cuckcrcle, i'i cs'cb. Apply T.
C.   Kae,   Queen's  street   wcsl,   Third
Building frum nurtb corner Lonsdule.
• 2710
WANTED-A capable lady's help.
One lo assist witb child. 028 Eighth
slreei  eaat.
WANTED- tilrl for geueral houae
work. Nb wuskiug, 307 loth street
east.  . 28 10
WANTED Jap or Chinese Boy fur
house help. Milne, corner Moody Ave.
and I'nli street. 1-11
WANTKD—A strong girf or woman
fpr housework. Apply at Bl. Thomaa'
liirls' school, SI. James' road, Lons
dale sveupe, North Vancouver.     1 II
U)ST Itlni'k kitteu, tail cut abort.
Ust seen 2nd and Lousdale, Tuesday
22nd. Bcluiu to or notify No. J. FIr,c
H|ll. J-1|
Ii08T-On 0,111) p.m. ferry lum Viu
couver, Friday, 'iuh, electrical engiti
cer'/ band book, bound red leather cover. Finder plesserelurn name to ferry
wharf oice. Ill
Private lessons in French, Ccriuan
und English. Apply 200 Keith Kuud
Weal. ,/ 11 11
Sliurl lime luuus oo vacant ur im
proved prupcrly. Stur Loau Company,
812 Hasting., Vaueouver. t.f.
chimney Sweep orders takeu al
Nurtb Vancoover Transfer Co'l. office
12 Lonidsle.'Pbone 07. 4 IJ
Fur Oue nul, h and jewelry work go
to-Ucu. Sotncrton, thc new Jewelry store
ou 2nd streel,
Dancing taught, lu class or private
ly. Miss Knlwcll, 2184 Cornwall St.,
Vancouver. I'bouc Bay. I173B.     211-10
Kuuui aud buard in mudern huuse at
mudern rates. English cooking. 410
7lb street and Kidgcway Ave.     1011
Laccmakiug Taught—Ali brain-bca
(Iri.li). Fur Icruia apply 120 801* SI.
Wost, Lunadulc Avenue, Norlb Vancouver. Oil
Autboriiod agent for Singer Sew
iug Machine Cunipuny in North Van:
couver, J. J. McAlcccc, Dry floods aud
Cenls' Furnishing*, corner First und
Lonsdale Avenue. I.f
il. O. Livery snd Bosrd < stsblei-
Ligbt rigs snd ladies' saddle bdraei
for hire. Stabling for horses. Oen
oral delivery and heavy teaming. H.
Dumsi, 4th street west. Phoue J47 t.f.
Orders for cabinet and picture frame
making promptly executed, furniture
aud office fittings to sny deaign. Jobbing work and repairs of all kinds
specially stlendcd to. Estimate* free.
3 E. Ilsyuoi, 1230 Lonidsle Avsnus,
North Vancouver, Pbons L147.
MONEY TO U1AN -Money loaned
ou dismonds, jewelry, furs. Slur Luun
Co., 812 Hastings, A/aucuuver.        t.f.
FOB BKNT "Buuelugb", loth Bt.
lui. (i'i, block from I.onsdulc Ave.),
commodious 12 room muderu residence,
furnace beating and 6 upeu llrcpluccs.
Beautiful gruumls consisting of 2 to
0 acres; partly m orchard, lawn, ahrub
bury, i'u i mu flower and vegetable gar-
dens, Lawu tennis uud croquet cuurts
and facilities for oul duur puatiiucs.
Trout alream, collage for gardener and
slaliliug accommodations. The most es
tensive and t-liaruiing premises aud
grounds in Nurtb Vancouver, elc vul ion
320 feci. Suitable for lhc following
or like purposes: Cuunlry Club, Private
Schuul; Kimlergurteu ur Seminary;
Siiiiiinriiiiu, with ur wilbuut upeu air
11 - n i in.' n t; select lluuul inn prcmiacs;
residential fur large family and enter
iiiiiiini'iii',, horticultural sud nursery
purposes etc. Lease fur sburt ur lung
term at nuuiiual rcutoJ If tenant will
assume i. ii mini,I.- care of grounds. Further particulars ou application. We
bave ulao a good aeleclion of residences
cottages, bungaluivs ami .stores fpr,
rent. Irwin i llilliugs Co., Md! Cor.
.'.tli and Luusdale. Telephone 10, Nortb
Vaucuuver, B- P.
Remains of s Saint
An interesting function took plsce
st Cuerwent, Wales, wben tin sup
pnsi'd remains pf Bl. Tallinn were re-
ioii-ni'ii in the renovated south sisle
pf tbe I'lnii'l: church. Tbo itone cist
containing the remains WSS discovered
last year nesr tbe east gate of Caer
went, tbs traditional site pf the monastery erected by St. Tatban i„ the
sixtb century on land given for fit
purpose by Csrsdoc sp Yuyr.
'tne swan rown UPy nan man seu
tp a farmer uncle's tp remeln for two
or three months, but st tin eut of tai
second week be showed up st borne,
much ta tbs disapproval of bis fattier.
I" IT   T   I  ' ^TT ' Wr' 111 ir"HPT lllll'l
"Wby, Willie, what bare you copi
bsck bsre for?" tba parent Inquired Is
no plssssnt tone. ''I sent you to yom
uncls's for a long stay."
"I know you did," WllUs replied!
"bnt, yuu iee, It wia this way. Tbs
flnt week tbsy killed a ibeep, ml wi
it tbit; tbe next week tbey killed i
bog, tad wa et that, and yesterday tbi
hired nin died, ind I thought It wu
•boot Mini tp cpms bome."-Judgc.
Thl Lovelorn Lawyer ts Hll Lady.
Whereas, as after set forth In this brief,
I live, released, demised tn ypu lo fil
Ons levins besrt mt prayed tbat ypu
would be
Ily counsel, Judie, associate add chief-
Wherefore, don't cause aald heart tp break
Wltb srlef,
Out grant mo tb)s relief for wbicb I sua
In sit lbe world you sre the fairest, tp
Deponent's Information and belief.
Tbs stars, tbs sun, tbs moon tbst nightly
And ever/thins appurtenant thereto,
By tbese I swear and set my band sni
It you will only arant me this appeal
Forever I'll he faithful, dear, IP ypu,
Tour belrs, administrators snd assigns.
-New York Mall.
Hll Point sf View.
"Didn't you kiss tbe bride, I'unsoti-.
"Wby not? You're a close friend of
tbe family."
"Yes, but I'm ritber sentimental, you
know, ind It migbt bare uwakcued old
"And tbst would bsvo made you uu-
happy, eh 7"
"Certainly not It would bare mude
ber unhappy, ef courie."-Cloveiund
Plain Desler.
,     Ths Raven.
Once upou a mldnlsbt dreary Poe wai
banging, weak and weary,
On lbe polished oaken counter when
he'd ofteo hung before,
For bis throat was dry and burning, une
tbe heart of him was yearning,
And he muttered, "Just a little shot ol
' Wilier, 1 Implore!"
Quoth lbe harkecp, "Ncvcrmurel"
-Philadelphia North American,
"Mr. Hirers," said ons of tbe regular readers of tbe Dally Bread, "wben
in llu for a bright editorial occurs
to you ln tbe middle of tbe nigbt do
you get up snd make a memorandum
"No," answered Elvers; "1 tuck II
sway anugly In one corner of my brain
and go to sleep again."
"Tben you take It out next day sud
uss Itt"
"No; 1 slwsys forget It."- Chicago
A Literary Martyr.
Hsr loveliness was sacrlOccd lo toll.
Bsr cheeks are sallow, and, alas, sbi
lbs struggled too much with tlie midnight
, Oil
Preparing esseye  known  a.  "Beauty
-Wubington War.
Hsw Hs Missed Him.
"It's strange tbat you never mel
Count Spaghetti before," remarked tbt
"Ob, not st sill" replied tbo dlsup
pointed suitor.
"But be tells me be boa been lu New
York for guile a number uf yeurs "
"Yes, but 1 slwoys shave myself,
you know."-Cstbollc Standard and
Esprit ds Corps.
A flutist who Joined a drum corps
Played his part uut of lime inurp. ani
morps      '
Till tbe drum major said.
"Pleese remember, dumbhead,
That lbs time Is toot-two, not turps
tsrcssm In the Horns.
Wife- How ubout tbe tickets, dear!
I understand the theater is iiackcd ul
every performance.
Hub-It Is, but 1 managed tu gel
scats for two weeks from tunlght, uud
by tbe way I
linii  )mi might begin to get reudy
now    lin hm I'i hum : ipi .
Tha Mul..
The mule Is stupid, so they ssy:
He hu no brslu with which to think,
But be csn always torn away
Wben be has bad enough to drink,
No matter If bis foolish brother
Insists tbat be muat bave another.
-Chicago Itci in ii ii.i ..I J
Let Echo Answer.
Urs. I.ccder-Mr. Mctloovlus. wbal
|rs your resaona for opposing wuinun
Prominent Oil lien-They sre seres
In number-Mrs. MeGouvlus and out
six daughters In cue of s division
in tbs family on s question of public
PHllcy, minium, how much les would I
cut?-Obk-ugu Xrtyuue.
i Wbu
Ths Ths.i. of WIS Tb.rmomstir.
Of tbe cause for ihiue change, ibsrs Isn't
s doubt,
For certainly lt would appear
.Tbs thermometer keeps on Jumping aboul
On account of Its being leap year.
-New York Pm
Not * First Choice.
"Wbst did sbe say when yoo pro
posed to berp*'
"Sbs ssid tbat I Could not possibly
bs bsr flrst choicer but If J csred ts
welts few years sho might consider
DM for bar second or (bird husband."-
Detroit ^reo Press.
01' Juoyl
ut Us my rs/t to this buoyl"
-Mpwwokcd ssKor named Buoy.
„»b calm and through jtsls
.J Wltohed for a sail,    '
I than bs yelled out, "Ship shuoyl"
—Claatansll H&aulsW.
•    IU ISIIMI imrsmmjn.
I i
North Vancouver Business
and Professional Cards
BeiiulrlHK,'    „
ly attended
Kullmaina Furnished Free
IIIIIIIIIMI     I IIN'l'lltl I'llll
Office i Dickinson A Bon's Factory, esplanade, Phone SIS.
Residence: Allan Hoad, Lynn Valloy.
P. 0. Box 80, Lynn Creek. Phone
A.M.I.E. k 8,
Irrigation, drainage, levels, plans
and speollicatious. Ssptio tanks ami
bouss drainage a speoislty, P. 0.
Hoi 344, loth street west ol Bswicke
High class Udies' and aunts' Tailoring
Bepairiug   and   Alterations. Olesuing
snd lij-uing in sll its branches. AH
Work guaranteed.
Ill First Street West.        Pbons 807
And gunoral Commission Merchant, l'l
Lonsdulu Ave, Nortb Vancouver.
Pbons 321
Studio  aver Hunk  B. N. A.
Lonsdale end Espluasds
' (J. Uut)
Ladies' snd Centa' Cleaning,
* Pressing and Repairing
a Specialty
120 Second Btreet East
N.V. Tinning & Sheet Metal Worki
First Btreet Bait of Lomdale
Lowest prices ami best work guaranteed oc tinning and sheet metal work.
Wc ure specialists iu these lines.
121A Lonsdale Avenue
Cabinet Maker snd Carpenter
Wili uudertaku all kinds of wood work,!
repairs, etc.
I'oiutli Btfeet and Sutherland Avenue'
P. 0. Box 2006
All kinds of saws bled and set ou tbe
shortest notice.   Uwn mowers, knives,
hedge shears and scissors sharpened. Ail
work guaranteed, moderate prices.
1234 Lonsdale Avenue Phone So
Is your Watch .topping or keeptiig
irregular time)   if so, see
Pioneer Jeweller, 6D Lousdale Aveuue
'"'fi     By D. W. HIGGINS
If Not, Why Not?
Buy your Groceries and Provisions at the North Shore
Orocery. where you get tbo very best goods at Uie lowest
pricei. Oive us a trial aud prove this for yourself. We
don't carry any goods we can't guarantee.
A few of our specials:
Oood Coffee at  26c  lb.
Brooke Bond Tea at 36c lb.
Creamery Butter, 36c or 3 lb. for  tl.00
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Apples, extra fancy ills) and $1.66 box
Genuine Ashcroft Spuds  11.36 sack
All guaranteed to bo over three inches in leugtb and the
grower's  name  furnished with each sack.
Oood Cliilliwai-k Spuds  11.00 a sack
Orders promptly delivered.
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Reasonable Prices
Houses of all si/.es lo rent
l.xcellcnt four-room suites. Close in, $17.50 and $22.50
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P.O. Boi 1820
Fresh Fancy Cakes Daily
Yule Cakes, Coffee Cakes, Etc,
Whole Wheat and Dutch Browrr Bread
Home-made Candy
' i
"Hey .Iiiiiii,. diddle,
The est Slid, tbo llddb',
The cow jumped  mer (be union;
'fbe little dog laughed tp aee audi
Ami the dial) rau uwuy with tbs
—Nursery Bbynie.
One morning iu tbe month of February, 1860, tbore appeared iu a Vic
toria paper's sdvertielng columns a
notice which rau tbUBt
" Al tho Ni.i::mu of Mr. Jobn Colber
a writ wae yeiterday ieeuei) from the
Supremo Court agalnit Or. Hulfour of
this city. The writ sllegee slander on
tho psrt of the defendant and the
damages asked aro heavy,"
Tbe appearance of the advertisement
set all tongues wagging. Kvery mao
and woman, and for the matter of that,
every child who was obi enough to understand what a suit at law meant,
was anxious to know just what it was
all about. Collier was a sturdy Scotch
Writer to the Kigne! (wbicb, I believe,
means the sanle us barrister here) oi
about forty years ami bad a wnu some
ten years lus senior. When asked for
un explanation he shook hia need, and
said, "Oo and ask the doctor—be
knows.". Tbe doctor, when appealed
to, professed ignorance of having giveu
cause for llio action ami appeared to
be as much puuled as the community
in general, in tbe burning desire for
n.i,iiiiiiiiiuii Mrs. Collier wus ashed.
She was a little Knglisbwoiuan, of
quick,, nervous m liun, black snappy
eyes, and a tougue^ae old Willis lloml,
the famed colored orator, who once
mine under its lash, expressed It—
"dat ruts Imi ways, like a knife.''
Mr. and Mrs. Collier had arrived al
Victoria by ship from Australia iu
186!). Tbey bad some money ami liuill
themselves a small shock which an
swcreil the dooblc purpose of a la»
oflice and reaidence. Mrs, Collier immediately began to assert herself as
a social leader. She gave little inn
(then quite an innovation—end tea
was uot tbe ouly beverage served)
which the "best" people attended,
and at one of which it was decided to
form a sort of social guild for the pur
pose of ascertaining who was who—
dividing the sheep from tbe goats,
weeding the society list so to speak-
and admitting only those whose records
were unimpeachable lo lbe circle, li
was felt tbat in thc hurry and bustle
of slrangers arriving aud settling here
some very undesirable persons had iuc
■-ceded in imposing themaelves unon
society and were carrying their beads
high, when, were Ibe truth known, Iney
should bung tbem very low. About
Ihis time a ball was arranged to be
held at the Hudson's Bay Company's
warehouse. It was used for the storage
of salmon iu barrels pending the au
nual sailing of a company's packet
for Loudon. When the ball was ar
ranged the packet "Princess Boyal"
bad takeu all thc salmon on board and
thc warehouse wae empty. After lib
eral application* of soft soap and walei
to destroy thc ancient and lisblikc smell
that bung about the place, aud llic
drapiug about thc walls of sails and
liags from llic ships, the room was made
presentable and a goodly number of
invitationa were sent out. There were
Tew ladies tbeu resident iu Victoria,
families were scarce, and a child of
tender years was regarded as a "rsra
avis." Now il happened tbat to tin
social club of which our friend, Mrs.
John Colber, was the self elected lead
er was assigned the task of ■fleeting
the ladies wbo should be invited to at
lend the ball. The pml.i met and ap
pointed a secretary to whom was giveu
the duty of writing the invitations,
and au executive committee to check
the liat was also appointed. In due
course the cards were issued, and to
the surprise of mauy tbe names, of Mr.
and Mrs, Jobn Collier were uot among
the elect. A day passed, two, three
days, and still uo cards for Ihe Colbcrr.
Tben arm in arm (which waa lbc way
married and engaged persons walked
at tbat time) tbe Colbert proceeded lo
investigate. They were very wroth and
the sharp tougue of thc lady rut "bof
ways." The unfortunate secretary was
the first object of the slighted woman 'i
wrath, and after much persuasion and
mauy threat* Ihc secretary explained
thst she had been iuetructed by the
committee not to issue any invitation
to Mr. aud Mri. ('olber. To the presi
dcut of lbc committee the pair next
proceeded, aad in tbat lady tbey encountered s foi'woinan wbo was worthy
of the visiting lady's tongue. The word
battle muit bsve beeu interesting. It
wus said tbat Mrs. Colber, like thr
AHherwoman whom Iluu Council van
,|iiii'liiul in the Dublin market, got the
wont of the rombst, for she left Ihe
place supported by her husband, aud
in an byiterirsl condition.
Thc outcome of the visit wsa tke
issue of s writ tot heavy damages, as
I bsve explained, against tbe husliand
of the president of the executive of
ths Boris! Guild. Wbat provoked the
action I nsvsr knew positively; bot it
m reported that a gentleman from
Australia bad known Mrs. Collier wbilo
thefe and said that ibe bad a past
Now to say that s persou has hsd S
past Is not actionable jn itsolf. We
have nl| bsd pasts. Some of us would
gladly erase the record from tbe alste
and think of it no more if we could
But to esy tbst Mn. Colber bad a past
autl lo ni rike Iiuc iiiiun' from the liat
of oligiblea became of thst past wss
decidedly actionable
The imll csme oil ami proved very
ni" '■■■ ■•' "I. Tbere were Indies, presept,
but tbe gentlemen outnumbered tbem
in Hie rstiu of iii to one. The moment
a lady entered the dinning apartment
sbe wss pounced upon, so to ipeuk, and
ber "card," which was written upnn
a half sheet uf note paper, wss filled
iiliiinni at ouce. A young American who
accompanied me to the ball got one
dance the whole evening, and i fared
little better, tho naval oftlroru bearing
olf all lhc honors. The costumes were
ridi and varied. Of course, the enormous .nn,ilmu was much in evidence,
and iu sympathy with hoops the gentle
men wore baggy trousers, wide from
the ln|'i. to the ankles, where they sud
denly narrowed and were drawn closely
in. There was about as much lit in
trousers tbcu as there is ,,i pajamas
now. Looking back, 1 can recall noth
ing so grotesque as the male ami female
costumes of that day—and yet we
iliuiiglit tbcm graceful ami fetching ami
altogether lovely! "What fools'wo
mortals be" lo allow ourselves to be
dragged lo such ridiculous ends by
tbe dictates of Dame Fashion.
The supper was all that could be desired. I remember that Governor Douglas, Captain James llcid and other
heads of families, wilh their lovely
youug daughters, were preseut, snd
ilmi lhe Governor ami olber geullcmeu
made very pretty speeches, iu which
they referred to thc compauy iu a
pleasant manner. Admiral llaynes,
tben in command of tbe station, ami
his staff were also preseut, aud be, too,
made some appropriate remarks—tbe
San .luan "war" having just been
settled everybody was feeling bappy.
The affair passed off pleasantly and
Ibe cocks were crowing their welcome
to the rising suu before the company
"Do you intend to push llic case
agaiusl the doctor I" I asked Collier
ono morning.
"Jet,'' he exclaimed with empbssli
"to the .bitter cud—to the death, if
"Won't you accept au apology!" I
"No," chimed iu bis wife, and ber
eyes snapped wilh excitement. "Never
- never!   Jf be lay dying ami asked
me to forgive bim I never would."
Wilbiu two weeks from the date of
that conversation I'r. Balfour was dead
His death was cncompasscil in Ibis
way It seemed that be worried much
over Ibe action and saw uo way oul
of the suil except by flight. A little
Chilean brig called the "Floreuciu"
wus loading for Chile, tin tbis brig
Ilr Hutfoor, lo escape the actlou, ae
cretly took passage. Off Cape Flattery
the lirig encountered a fearful gale
and weut over uu ber beam ends.
Among those wbo wore swept off and
never seen more was poor Ilr. lialfour.
He nas truly followed to llic bitter cud
- to death.
'flic passing of lir. Balfour gave
quite a shock to tbe little colony, for
tbe deceased was well liked, ami the
social position of llie Colliers was
rather lowered than heightened by it.
Shortly sfter the sad event the couple
became involved iu a bitter warfare
willi W. 11. Smith, owner of a brick
building on Goveruuieul itreet. The
Smith lot extended to the Iiuc of ('olber'i lot on Ungley street. The latter
always insisted tbat the Smith fence
em nm, hei three or four iuches ou
Iheir lot, and the wordy wan were
many and numerous. Tbe active spirit
in tbe Smith establishment was a youug
clerk named Hicks. After tbe exchange
of uiiuiii"iii- lin) epistles Mrs. Colber
1-owbided Hicks ou Vales ilrccl and
wai lind 1/6. Neil Hicks and Colber
met aud Hicks pulled bit autagouist's
nose, fer wbicb luxury be paid i; Then
Colber priutrd a card iu wbicb be re
ferred to Hicks as a man wbo had
been publicly cowbided. Hicki retort
cd witb a letter iu wbicb be referred
to Collier's nose as having been 'weak
«d on tbe Street. In the abienre of a
theatre tht controversy created the
keenest amusement to fbe residents, and
while one party would pst Hicks on thc
back and advise bim tn keep it 'up, auotber, lection would Ull thc Colbert to
give it te Hick". Ou one occasion
Hicks found a dead cal iu Smith's
bsrk-yard. Naturally luppoiiug tbat
bis .-muni bad thrown it tbere, he burl
ed it over the fence into Colber's yard.
Now it chanced that Ihc little womau
with Iho fiery temper and snappy eyes
waa engaged witb a hope line aod an
Indian boy in nuwauring the ground to
find how many inchci of lsnd had been
tsksn possssslon of by Smith, snd the
her to imagine thtt s wild animal' hsd
leupinl uppp spd wsa ubuut to devour
ber. Loud screams brought the husband to the ipot, and sfter ha hsd
soothed his wilt he seised ths dead cat
by the tsil snd darted round the corner
to Smith's itore. Hicks wsa standing
lu t|io doorway Ho wsa a bit of u
dandy aud very vain. As Cullier, carrying tbs est nppruiic liml, Hicks I ried
to escape, liiil he wss overtaken, ami
Colber nearly woro tbo animal nut nu
the heed smi shoulders uf bis sueniy.
Tiie town wont wild with delight. They
bsd v.niched Hie 'inuii between lbe two
forces for sonic weeks. Tbe comic able
uf a controversy always appeals most
strongly to Hie popular mind, so the
funny incident of tlte cat and ihe use
that wss made uf it took thu public
by hi inin. Nothing elso wai tulkud of
for muny duys uml tbo "To,I. bim,
boyi" luetics were continued by flic
friends .of both.
The boom consui|Uent on tbo discovery of gold in Cariboo struck Victoria
in I'uii". The buildings were of inaulli
ciciit capacity to accoinmoilute one
tenth of Ihe people who eume to Vic
toria tu make tbis the slarliug point
for ih.oi long journey to tbe mines
llu n.i i u.l. of Inr newcomers pitched
ii ne on no .mi lots, uml the streets
were crowded with people from every
part of the world. Goods were in such
.Ionian.I that the steamers from San
Francisco could not carry une half the
freight thut offered. Heal estate in
Victoria rose rapidly iu value, and
nearly everyone became a speculator
Thc Colliers bought Iwo lots on l'au
dora avenue uml sold one of the live
immediately afterward for a sum ei|uui
to that which tbey had paid for both,
In the -uiiuii. i of l-si.:' tbu eity of
Vicloriu wus Incorporated, ami Mr.
Thomus Hurris, u leading business mun
and a generous, public spirited citison,
wss iiiininm,,:,-l, chosen mayor.
Amongst the town councillors elected
was John Colber, who, iu spite of bis
unpopolarity, received lbc blghosl
uumber of votes sud coniei|Ueutly be
. inn.■ senior councillor. Tbe Prince of
Wales (later King Kdward) attained
Ins majority on the llth of November,
1862, and a public holiday was pro
claimed here. A procession was form
ed, and beaded by a baud marched
through the streets, lu the afternoon
there were races at Beacon Hill 1'ark,
and in the evening au illumination of
the public buildings, tbe mayor's und
several other privute residences. For
the evening u banquet bad been urrang
cd al the Lyceum. About Iwo Iiundred
guests appeared ul Ihe tabic, ovet
which Mayor Hams presided. On bis
right was Sir .lames Douglas I the
Ooveruor), Capl. ftichunls (afterwards
Admiral), of II.M.S. Hecate; dpi.
i'ike, of 11. M.S. Devastation; and
I'hief Justice Cameron. Ou bis left
the Lord Bishop of Columbia, Kt. Bev.
Hisbop Demon, M Monc, French Con
sul; Hon, Henry Uliodes, Hawaiian
Consul, Colonial Secretary Youug, and
Attorney General dry. lu the gallery
were a uumber of ladies who had as
lembled to "sec tbe lions feed," aud
who were served witli wine uud sweets.
Full justice was dune to the excellent
menu provided, and Ihe usual pal riot ic
toasts were drunk witb enthusiasm
Tbeu followed a uumber of toasts oi
a local character aud all went pleasant
ly. There was not Ihe slightest reason
to suspect that a storm cloud burked in
tbe air-that lhe peaceful scene, al
most pastorul iu its serenity and calm
uess, was soon to be changed into a
roaring, seething maelstrom of disorder
and confusion where men would lose
their heads ami sbout ami strike oul
wildly, and fair women's screams would
add lo the din. Yet so it was. Thr
red rag of the occasion was u loasl to
"The Mayor and Oily Couucil." The
Attorney General hiving propoied it,
the Mayor responded for bis office in
a pretty little speech  which wus ap
himself forestalled. There was "another Kii'hmoiiil" already on his feet
who bad begun a r»ldy- Tlte usurper
was Jolin Colber.
"Mr. Mayor," he began, ''SS senior
councillor tbe duty devolves on me tn
reply to tbe toaat of tho oity eouueil."
"You are out of ordor, Councillor
Colbor," aaid tlio mayor.
"Oh, no, I'm just in ordsr as senlnr'
"But you aro not down fpr tbis
toast. Councillor McKay is, and I
cau only hear liim."
" i teg ii inn your pn iniiin, Mr. Msyor,"
replied lbc senior councillor, whilo s
sweet smile aWOpt over lli« broad lin-e.'
'.'Tiic duty devolves ou mu tu answer,
aud I'll not ihirk my duty, n is a
source of great gratification "
Cries of "Order," "Order," "Sit
down," "Chair," arose. The glasses,
danced ami jingled iu response to vociferous thumping nn thc table ami the
fireworks begun. Tbo iibW wsa deaf
■ "in,", but high above the diii coulil be
beurd the lempesluiius voice of sturdy
.lohn Collier as he repeal od over and
ovor again the words, "Mr. Mayor,
Mr. Mayor," and rising higher ilill
the shrill supruuo of an excited female
rout thc disturbed uir us il culled out,
"i'i,in,l yonr ground, Jolin. Don't be
put down, .luliii! Fight for your rights,
John!" Guests who turned their hcuds
in tbe direction whence the feiuule
voice came suw a little womau with
u very pule face und annppy black eyes
leaning ball' over the fruut of the gallery and swinging her urins franticully
as sbe called to ber lm- .mml at the
tup uf her voire. The woiliun wus Mrs. .
John Collier.
On lhe lloor of the hull the disturb
ance grew mure and more pronounced.
One man, a little fclluw namcf llriggs,
managed lu burst thruugh the throng
uud reach Collier.
"John Colber," shouted be, "you're
a bass—a feckless bass!"
"A little louder, Mr. Hriggs," cried
John, wilb u seductive smile,
"1 suy yuu are a feckless bass, .lulni
"Actionable, Mr. Hriggs, actionable.
Mr. Hriggs, actionable. You beur bim,
gentlement I'll make a note of those
words," ami he pulled dnw'u one of
his ample cuffs tu lake them down in
"Look oul, Billy!" cried u voice
from the crowd. "He kuc you and get
llii'in three lots of yours-"
Hilly turned us while us u ghost ami
shot out of sight.
Continued on page 7
Notice of Sale
I'NDKH and by virtue of the puiv
cts contained in n certain mortgage
which will be produced at the liun- of
•ale, there will .In- offered for sale by
I'ublie Auction ou Thursday, illsl day
of October, I'.u;'. at the hour of II
o'clock In the im. inion ut room Ilf,
Davis Chambers, tllii HaslingH Slreet
west, city of Vancouver, British I'ul
uml,ia. I.y Thomas Mi.H»y, Auctioneer,
the following property, namely: "All
and singular that certain parcel or trad
of lui.-i situate, lying and being in lbe
.Mum. ipnln;. of North Vancouver, rro
iuce of British Columbia, uml knuwn
and deicribi'il as Lot I, bl4vk 15, in
subdivision of District Lot 8088, gruup
I, Vancouver district, according tu tbe
registered mup or plun of said subdivi
sum deposited iu the Laud Begistry
Ouice at the (.'ity of Vancoover iu said
Terms, !20 per cent, cash, balance- on
production of deed.
For further parliculars ami condi
lioul of sule apply lo F. M. Mel.cod,
Ksip, room '.', Hurlncy Chambers, ill"
I'ender slreet   West,  Vuncouver, H. C,
Dated ul Ihc City of Vuncouvor, H,
('., Oct.   I.-U:   11112.
Western Dominion Land & Investment Co.
With Which Is Incorporated
Bevan, Gore & Eliot, Limited
North Vancouvsr Branch; 67 Lonsdsls Avsnus, opposite Post Oflice.
Representing Lynn Creek Une Minos Limited.
Ws have money for Agreements for Bole.
Nothing too Isrgs or too
We have some good, inside buys;
also good acreage listings Lynn
Valley Sub-divisign.
fl Let ut quote you ratet on Fire, Life and Accident
Phoue Ul
McMillan & rod
<•    I
to figure out how much time your
Clerks waste each day in walking to and from the telephone?
on the counter or desk will pre-
vent it.
Only 5 Cents Per Day
,     for either a "Wall" or "Desk" set
Call up the Commercial Manager
British Columbia Telephone Co.,
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is done by North Shore Press, Limited
the firm that studies "Better Printing"
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——— —  — aamw   mmm-nn'tWrn f"
tlw District
WUST^PS    FHWSH   opimott
tmnimmmnrnifl    '.
ff^Tf mmmmmmimTTm
Tlio districl council IssI evening re
cniveii from tbe Di'liuiil liiiiini ;i more
ileluilcil account of tbe purposes lor
wbicb tbo Iiniuii ivi|uiri'ii llui cniineil
to uiiliiuii s lui"1'. fn tho ■ lectprste to
raise $45,001) for extraordinary school
expenditure. Tbe purposes wore outlined llm ■:
For the purchase of u school tile in
II. I., lili.'l, uppruximulidy II ueres, $|(i,-
fto. L——r ; —
For purchase qf school alio in block
1, 11. L ft.!, uliuut gty acroa, lt.2611.
Fur |iurelisse ol school site In bliick
t, I). I.. 787, i acroa, 18,000.
Fur I'liiuliu.'ii' -o. i.ciiiiiiI Bile in bluck
2, D, U, w, iu. afnt, (n,niin.
For |,ui, iu.., nf school nilc in block
lit, D. L. 1011, 5 acres, 118,01)0,
For clcuring ami grading  . ne tilt
For exlrua, loun on <lclicnlurcn, elc,
Thia statement uus referreil to the
Iilillll' u   ' ulilllill    Ill'   lllC   CUUIIcil.
The Mayoral Dinner
Ooutuiusd from Pago Six
The cries of "nil down" and "ur
der" continued to resound thruugh lhc
riiuiu, bul Collier refused lu sil duwn ur
be uat upon.
The msyor al lusl lusl patience, fur
Ihc guvernor ami his staff, llic lunl
bieboj), ilic nuvu! officers and lhc cuu
nul* bad lefl Ihe room, liis worship
cried out, pointing lu Colber, "Will
uu une remove Ibul nuisancer'
Al Ihis a rush wus madu I'ur the
senior cuuncillur. A ilur.cn hands were
laid upun him und u mob ui thirty men
closed ill upun the "nuisance" and
threw him bodily uul uf lhe hall. As
he struggled lo release himself the high
nu|,iiiiiii uf liis wife wu» uguiu heard
us she ruined an oraugc, uu apple, u
cuke ami a plute uf sticky jelly upuu
Ihe guests beluw, uud then ilushed
down the stairs uml, thruu'ing her
anus oliuul her liusliuml, led him to
ward their borne, culling duwn heaven's
maledictions un his assailants us she
The rollers decided tu creel u brick
dwelling un Iheir remaining lul un i'au
dura Sveuue. It was tu be a double
I,imu,. uud Iwu stories in height. When
the nulls were nearly up u difficulty
presented itself.   The Jewish cuniiuuu
au-ipimng the cnibsf Ipt on the west.
The synagogue wat to be bigger snd
higher than tbs Culbcr rasnilon and
would thruw it into ibe shade. Tbe
Colbsrt could not submit to be over
shadowed in that way, so they added
another story to their itructure, nfrom
tin; ruof nf which," ssid tbe IsjJy, "I
uuu slwfkvs ciiminund s Ouu view."
During the progress of construction
Mm. Colber wss frequently present,
end oils lisy ss the wss climbing up
a ladder "in get a view" from tbo
unllnisln.il roof, s little uiislackod lime
foil from ubove and entered ber eyes.
Tbo imiii was excruciating, Hhe walked
homo ami menus wore employed ta re-
ninvii llm stuff. Bul relief i'siiic too
late. Tbu lime had slacked in ber
eyes ami Iho ligbt bad gone out, from
those snappy orgaus forever. From
that day till the day of ber death tbo
unfortunate woman was totally lilimil
The building wbicb was eroded at a
greater elevation than had boon originally intended, still slamla. Othor eyee
huvo fcustod ou the viow to bo bad
from lhc ruof, but the lady for whose
pleasure the clovatiuu was increased
never suw again I
The (k'volioii of Jobn Collier to bis
blind wife was marked ami toucbiug.
Her temper, never of Ibo sweetest,
grew worse uuder her groat misfortune;
but Colber put up wilh everything
and wus uccustomeil tu lead bor with
exemplary tendernssi ami patience
thruugh lhc streets fur au uiring ur tu
uud frum church.
The lusl Iuue Ihc cuuplc came befure
lhc public was in thc Buuimer of ISGi
As ii barrister t'ulbcr had sued Ilr.
.luiui Ash uu behalf uf Julm Nicholson,
u well-known contractor, for wurk dune
ul ur neur Suokc. Judgment was rcn
dcrcd for ubout (1,000. Tbe money
was puid iulu lhc barrister's bands ou
Halurday, too late lu be deposited iu
the hunk, su Colber put il inlu a surt
of apology fur u safe, which was iu
reality uuly a wuudeu bux enclosed iu
sheet iron of ubuut uuefuurtb uf uu
inch in thickness. On Sun,luy evening
llie pair wcnl uul fur a stroll and were
absent abuul an hour. Ou their returu
Ihey fuuml lhat the iruu uud wuud bux
hud been cut lliruugli with a euld chisel
uud every dullur wus guuc Nu trace
uf the thieves was every discovered,
and thus Mr, Nicholson afler winning
bis  case   lust   his  uiuucy.
Dspltsl Vt
Total Asists
that the greSti
lies. Tbe feelll
snd of security as
adverse fortune
Sd Proflts    18,600,000
over |16,p()Q,i)00
Mwer to puronass
Sf valuo of money
s\of Independence
Inst tbe effects of
if p reserve fund
elves you, la Infinitely bore satisfying
than the paaalng grstlffcailon which
you would obtain by afffffngfJt.,^
Small amounts—whlcb yog will hardly mlaa—deposited regularly, will gradually, but surely, accumulate to a aum
large enough to insure against the
effects uf buslneaa rovcrues or luss of
H.rf Old..
Aak to see our Safety Depuslt Bux <
O, 0. IIKAVUN, *»,«!,
Nurlh   V.oeuu.t,
Fruit Growingin Canada
Valuable Treatise Free on Application
A lillle later Mr. aud Mrs. Juhn I'ul
ber'a names appeared iu thc passcugei
list  of an  ocean bound
heunl thul  she dicil iu  A
thut he wenl back lo Hcolland
vessel, aud   I yaThe
Australia ami   hlhc a
A year ugu the Department of Agriculture at Ottawu, through the brunch
ui the Dairy ami Cold Storage Commissioner, undertook au investigat u of
the' fruit growing conditions throughout
Cunuda. The enquiry was iutruBted to
Mr. Wui. limiting, an extensive .mil
grower ut 81. Cuthcriucs, Out., wbo sc
cured as much information as possible
ou Iho lollowing i'iiuii'.:
I. Tin- possibilities of sn extension
of llic fruit growing industry of Can-
udii in the different locslitiei visited.
II. The tendencies in tho matter ol
planting uml growing of iliffcreut kiudi
of fruit, apd wilh regard tu apples,
the varieties whioh arc being must
extensively plunted in the different districts.
3. The difficulties which ure likely
to be encountered in lhc further development uf llu- fruil growing industry.
1. Methods uf production and or
■ huni ii.:u.u;:,'in,-ui wbicb have been
most successful in tbo differcut dis
trit-ts uiul the probabilities of uver pro
dud iuu.
o. The conditions under which Bril
ish Columbia, Ontario ami Maritime
Province fruil is marketed in the pre
irie provinces as well as thc churac
lor and lhe effect of American competition
enquiry was concluded iu due
nl lhe n-piirt bus been printed
fur u, iu i.'lff'i'.ini' M mn It -,'iiiiun:, a
lurge uuiuuul   of detailed  iufunuutiuu
gathered iu every province making it au
invaluable guido to persons who desire to tsko up fruit growing si sn
industry. *..,
lu bis gonornl coucluslous Mr. llunl
ing points out that whilo the growing
of lmii offers umple reward tu tbe
mini of energy, patiouco ami perseverance, there is, porbups, uo phase of agricultural endeavour whicii requires to
bo moro closely studied aud iu which
a wider range of iufurmutiui' ia muro
desirable and necessury. The future
of 'the iuduilry be states, was never
brighter tbau' it is teday, the prospects never moro attractive nor Ine
lid,I of cxlcuslve effort iu all fruit
growing  provinces  muro  inviting.
Tbo rcpurl which cuutoius eighty fuur
printed pages and many illustratiuns is
available tu all whu apply for it to Ibo
I'ul,In muui" 1 imn.li uf Ihe Dopartmout
uf Agriculture, Oltawa, Out.
Tbe Camera Calendar
A .woman whu owns a guud camera,
even though it be u smull oue, may
begin her Christmas, presents tight
now by taking attractivo little pic
lures which may later uu be mounted
uu blotters, culcudurs and the like and
give a note of pcrsuuality to her gifts.
There aro special photograph colors
by which lbc black and ltliitc prints
msy be tinted iu artistic style ami
without the need nf '.my special ar
tistic training. Willi a camera and
iluu"' iniiuii delightful booklets ami
uther remembrances may be provided
fur one's friemls.
' J
Original Greetings
Classy Cards
Dainty Designs
Lovely Colorings
Your own name on each
9 First St. East ♦ IIP   ..nil       ,u,P,„„„        mm.  .....   ...-
for ministers |n tbe mi 16157.
F.    «
In tbe M»«er of Tbs Leonard Safe
Jlsving si))rt tin- stock, ptc. to "The
liiiiis.lnle riliilinnen I'm, whn will
einitiniii! tbe business us successors to
tlie l.eunurd aule Co., St tbo mmm old
sliiml, 91) {jpjjdalo, not ico is hereby
given tbst a) I accounts due tlio said
f ilf be 1,1-11 uu 1,1 Sale Oq." must bo set-
Ucl witk tbo assignee forthwith.
AU Hu-sliiigs St. .    '       '    t.f.
Too Late to Classify
FOH HALK-Hliuliarb routs, bent im-
portoil   Knglisli  soed. 1).   lloblsworlh,
Uui.leu memu', I'lipibinu. t.f.
Cord Wood
FOB SAI.K-Uuljroitoil amount of
cord wood or stove woud. Thoi.iyison
and Stuart.   I'hune llll. t.f.
Methods Orsstly itopmtA
Oansds's Fruit Inspection Service Be
orgsnlsed'bjr Bo», Martin Burrsll
aud Hesults ere Already in Evidence.
The Cheapest Buy on lhe
Avenue is the SYi of Lot 34,
Block 228, D.L 545. Price:
$3,000 on very easy terms.
Iluring lbe past summer the fruit inspection service of Ibo Dopt, of Agriculture was greatly expended mul complexly reorganized by Ilmi. Martin
Hurrell. 'ihe result lias been soon this
fall In tho most oflioieiit fruit iuspcc
tipii Cauada bus ever hsd. At the
lusl Dominion Fruit Growers' Conference* groat stress waa laid ou llm .importance of tbo proper grading ami
inuii.ui in; of fruit coming iii from tlio
United. Slates. As tai as possible the
ideas of tho fruit growers have boon
followed iu the reorganization.
Fivs  Inspectoral  Districts
ine country bus beon divided iuto
bye in I'liiuiiil districts as follows:
Maritime provinces, Quebec ami Hasten! Ontariu, Western Ontario, I'rnirie
provinces ami Brilish Columbia In
udililiiiii In Iho live chief inspectors
Bfleoii temporary intpoclnrs have been
added lo the staff.
In thc pasl i'iiuii,Imu export' fruit
hus been closely inspected) wilb the
ri'sull Ihul I lum i n inn fruit stands high
in the markets of (ireul Britain and
Europe. Despite continued rci|uesls for
belter domestic inspection, Hon. Sidney
Fisher neglected to improve, tho ar-
rungi'iiienls for inspection for domestic
consumption. The lucul buyer liulii in
casl and wesl has thus beeu ut thc
mercy of unscrupulous dealers. 'I'lie
change whicii Mr. Burrell has effect
ed has given lhe domestic market ul
mosl us cluse inspection as is given in
the case uf the export fruil.
See our list of Norlh Lonsdale
213 Lonsdale Avenue
Whoever studies the principles of life
finds iu them a unity which binds tu
getber ull events, ull industries, all
joys, sorruws, and interests, aud en
aides him to,use them fur tne good end
uf improvement. They arc nut ends
in themselves, but menus lu something
higher; Ihey ure nut life itself, but
methods by which we ore able tu ac
cumulate life ihc child looks at each
lesson us u separate task to lie learned
for its own sake; but the mature itu
iloul sees running Ibruugb ull his
studies and connecting them tbe higher
purpuse of mental development. Su
Iho shallow uml thoughtless luuk at
each circumstance uf life as something
lu be welcomed or regretted for itself
aloncj but the wise man ur wumau sees
lhat through Ihem ull runs u deep prin
ciplc, the development of Irue maubood
and womanhood ami Ihul uuly as lhat
principle is upheld and cherished can
the rcnl vulue of external experiences
be extracted.
IMJUVU    Uklliu.
Imitation Diamond! st Psits Are th.
Iff! Counterfeits.
It Is elwsys wise when buying s
white topss (a pnrebsss It (rom S reliable dealer, Inasmuch as rock crystsl
snd evsB lead glass srs oftsn snld ud
dsr thtf usms.
Colorlsss psryl yield, a ssry brtl|lsnt
snd dlsmond-llks stons wnsn proper
ly cut Indeed, many gems and even
pbenaclts snd rock crystsl often
pssssd in former dsys ss dlsmonds.
even uuder tbe icrutlny of expert.,
sucb exact testa si. refraction snd
specjDc gravity being unknown uutil
comparatively recent yesrs.
No Imitation of tne diamond, bow
ever, Is so brilliant ss s skillfully cut
piece of tbt kind pf lesd glass known
In till trsde SS "psste." Tbi -play ol
colot In tbess counterfeits Is often
very beautiful, but tbs glsss "dis
mond" possesses nn luster, this term
being applied ts IBI light rebooted
from the top aurfncea of I gem. Tbs
flushes of light snd color tbst give
brilliancy corns from tbs Interior, being thrown (rom tbs rear surfaces of
tbs stons.
Tbs glsss diamond Is soft snd Is at
tacked chemically by s number sl
things wltb wbicb It CODiss In contact
by wear, for botb of wbicb reasons It
soon becomes dulled. - fbllldelpbls
Salurdny Burning Post
Hi Spoil, ts hsi.
A Vhuiiiin (miner wss driving S re
freclory cow down tbs rosd one morn
Ing Tbe cuw and tbe driver cams to s
crossroad. Tbe uuiu wsuted tbs cow
to go straight ahead, but tbe cow
picked out tbe crossroad. A negro wss
coining along tbe crossroad
"Huld her off: lluhl ber offl" yelled
Ibe driver
Tbt negro jumped sbout ibe rosd
sud wared bis arms. Tbe cow pro
reeded cslmly oo Uer wsy.
"llulil ber oiii Bald ber off. .nigger!" yelled tbe driver.
"I's s tryln tori" replied tbe negro.
"Speuk to inin Speak lo ber snd
she'll stopl"s
"Good uin wuin', cow-good mown
lnl" aald tbe negro politely.- Saturday
Kvonliiii Host.
$1.00 down, $1.00
The Canada
A Malleable
Steel Range
In lbc last year we have sold over one hundred of Ihesc sieves in
N.rlli Voiieouver. This yeur we expect even u better) record. If yuu
neml a reliable range, it will pay yuu to see this one before deciding.
Wc guuraulee absolute satitfactiuu uu every range,
Patterson & Goldie
Phone 88
105-7 Esplanade West
When Yeu Crack Vour Hst ,
II you srs ever unfortunate enongb
to smssU a new norby bat, so thai II
cracks sod In spite of vigorous rulilnug
aud brushing refuse! to resume Ita
pristine smoothness of surfscs. try tbe
simple expedient ot holding s lighted
mulch Inside tbs hat close to Uis bro
ken spot By tbs tims tbs match bai
bsif burned out yoo will Bod Uut Uis
lml bu become soft If JOU will llieu
brush It vigorously with s sUff brush
Tor s moment It will regsln Its former
smoothness end look aa If nothing bsd i
Th# Mid
9f> *jjA* M8N0IM mmbmi
Around tbe world be nlnss
Opinion, broidcait snd blsarre
On perioni snd on things-
Bs quiitlons motives right and loft
Nor will be evir own
Thst any ons Is on tbs «quar»
lnl not for self alone.
No sood be »w In thou wbo work
To h.ln mankind along
Th.y cannot nave s purpoie high,
Shu* .vtrxthlng Is wrong.
Ths eynlo taku tbs platform log.
And rip. him op tbs back.
He And. the pott Is s man
Wboie trolley'. oS the track.
And, ob, tbs poor phlisnthroplst
' Wbo trie, to do bis butl-
Hl hammer, hlm lo forty way.
And .vin valley west.
Tbs cynic I. sn egollit
Wbo tetia on wos and pies.
He ought to change bis bnsklsit foou
And tiks somo exercise.
Then he might iee thlngi u tbey ars,
Wltb clearer, keener ic.nl,
And' not ss they appear to be,
All twilled, warped snd bsnt»
Found Uss Fsr It.
"It ts strange bow language ever
cams tq bs Invented."
"It WSS In nsponss to S universal
"Yes; I suppose tbst primitive muu.
wben be dropped s stons bsmmsr ou
bis toe, felt tbst bs Just bsd to say
Toe G.od te Bi True.
"How Is bis Scotch dialect?"
"It Is abominable."
"Perhaps he has bad no chance to
cultivate It"
"No. poor follow; bs wss raised iu
U   «
Wrsng Side.
"1 um looking
(or s pstsnt mulleins tbat will
curs poverty."
"Wou14 yni
buy it?"
"Tbst is wbere
you would make
a mistake. You
ought to sell IL"
tl   «
ever msrred Its aurfnce.-Wew  tork ' |„g itself."
An Old Trick It Hss.
"In soms progressive schools ibey
sre tescblog blslory by mesns of tbs
"Just snotber csss of history repeat-
M.rri.d ths Family.
Wbso Ufcsdlo liearo married bis
Japanese wlfs sil Ills wife's family
accompanied bim to bis new qusrtsrs
Us mentions tbst bs bsd nine lives
depeodsst upon blm-wUs, wires
mother, wife's futher, wife's adopted
motber, wife's father's father, then
servants snd s Buddhist student. Tbis
wouldn't do In Kugland, bot It Is ooth
Ing Ib Jspsn.-"Lsfcadlo Heara-Hli
lib sad Work," by Miss B. tfsunsrd.
Reiult ef Espsotanoy.
"You are always looking for some
iiiiiii.'   You Ond it too."
"Wbat do I Und/'
Four Roomed Mod^n House on Moody.
$250 cash and $30 a month,
Apply 104 ^planade, West
104 BSFLANASE       '
Local Agsnte for Britiall Empire Hone Lusuraacs Co., Lom.n ^^m,,,,
theu fJtt
Ws will beplesssd to bsvs listings; slso homes (or ssls , ml
/- V.Q.\\
Whsl, Indeed!
Tees-I tbing Belle acted rathsrsbab-
blly ln breaking bsr engagement to
Jsck Huggord. Jess-Well, bl broke
bis snn. Tess-Bul, good grsdoua-
Jeaa-Yea, good gradoual Wbst use Is
s flu seo witb S broken nrmt-Pblladsl-
pbls I'rsea.
Kn.w About It
"I see your doiab."
"1 hope it is u line one."
"It Is.   I sm sbout to polish It off
Rn.ntlng the Implication,
"Some things ilml sre ugly sre really
bleoalugs lu disguise."
"Qull knocking my wife."
The Reaion.
"Sbe wants s divorce"
"Bscsuse sbe la married.'
Ths Daffodil.
Thi poison of Uis daffodil Is tbi
plsofs mesni of defense. How sffsc-
live It Is msy bs Judged by the fsct
that rabbits, rsts snd otbsr small pssts
which devour hyacinths sod crocuses
with gusto lesre tbs daffodil ssvsrely
Good Rule.
"Never merry a msn lo reform bim"
"1 never do uuless there Is some oib
ir consideration "
The Able Fir. St.rt.r.
H. truly I. a hero
Who. Aral to Imv. bis col
Whin il 1. minus aero
And warm the hoiu. and lol
Men's Gum Boots $3.75
Men'.  High Leg Frospsctor's  Boots   $1.16
Men'i Snag Proof Leather and Bubber Boots 13-16
Men'i Box Calf Blucber Bsls. Lssther Lined t'l.vb
Bogs' High Leg Cordovan Boots  11.66
Boys' Kip Blucher Bsls    ItM
Ladtcs'  English Felt Bedroom Sllppcn (Os
Ladles'  Boi Calf Bluchor Bsls I'llll,
(Kris' Leather Lined Winter BooU.
Oirls' High Leg Waterproofed BooU.
Bubber Boiu for Lsdlss   $3.00
Bubber Boou for Oirls (rom     fim
Bubber Boou (or Boys (rom  : $8.36
A Pair of $6.00 Shoe* given away Saturday Evening, November 2nd.
With every pair of Shoes purchased st our .tore this week s> coupon
will be given. The bolder of Uis number drawn Saturday eveuing, Nov.
gnd, st 10 O'clock will bs given a pair of $6.00 Shoes.
ll ' I     i i    ' II I I
Everybody's Shoe Store
'*.■''■'"  1   a «
99°** mm
m»   i        wmatmtMmmmmmni mmmmmmmmmkike.
Be prepared for
the cold and mis-
, erabje weather by
purchasing one of
our heaters
We have thirty
different styles for
both wood and
coal and every one
is guaranteed
Give us a trial
paine & McMillan
Don't Take Chances!
Business men and business bouses
srs usually Judged by the printed matter tbey send out.
Can you afford to take chances wltb
your printing wheu good work iu this
Hue cosU little, If soy, mors.
We Do Good Work
First Strsst Bsst, Nortb Vancouvsr
To Succeed in Business YOU MUST Advertise
CO. have moved
to 59 Lonsdale Avenue,
two doors from Esplanade.
H   S   l Ji
.* ■ 11


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