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t        ■ ■ i ,
,1 How many know lhal Chritlmai day wat first celebrated in lhe year 98,
a|lhough nol at a Christian festival until forty yean after lhal dale) il wai nol until
lhe fifth century lhal il wat permanently celebrated on December 2Sth. Many interesting evriiu have occurred on Christmas, and many traditions cling lo lhal day. They
mike entertaining and instructive reading for old and. young alike, to a few are jotted
down here at we linger over lhe "walnult and wine."
When Chritlmai comet on Sunday it it
coniidered a moil lucky day. Il meant a
good winter and an unusually line summer.
Should a child bt born on a Chritlmai Sunday il will be favored by good fortune all
ill life.
Two notable coronaliom occurred on
Chriilmat day—thai of Charlemagne at emperor of lhe wetl in lhc year 800 and lhal
of Will i.uu the Conqueror al Westminster
Abbey in 1066. Clovjt, ihe Hril Chriilian
king of France, wat .baptized on Christmas .
diy, 4.96.
The pilgrims, who condemned all church
feslivalt, spent iheir Aril Christmas in America working hard ali day long amid cold
and slniiii) weather and commenced lhe
building of lhe fint houie in Plymouth, 1620.
il ii a significant fad lhal no greal bailies
have occurred on Christmas day. They
have occurred on the l.lii and llie 26th of
December, bul the anniversary of lhe advent
of peace on earth has ever been observed by
a cessation of hostilities. A notable exception, however, it lhal of lhe bailie of Okeechobee, ll, in which Zachary Taylor defeated lhe Indians in 1837.
On Chritlmai day of 1861 President
I.iiunlii and his cabinet mel and decided lo
comply wilh lhe demand of pleat Britain
for the ideate of Maton and Slidell, who
had been captured while on iheir way lo
England and France at representatives of
lhe confederacy.
In 1868 President Johnson made Christmas day memorable by issuing a proclamation granting full pardon lo every one who
had li ken pari in lhe rebellion.
Sir (taac Newlon, whose grand discovery of lhe Isw of gravifalion resulted from
lhe simple fad of teeing an apple fall lo lhe
ground, was born on Chritlmsi day, 1642.
William lhe Conqueror wat crowned
king of England, Chriilmat, 1066.
Chritlmai nigbl, 1776, Washington crotsed lhe Delaware, fought lhe bailie ol
lirnioii lhe neil day and defeated lhe' British-
King John of England was born Christmas day, 1166. „
Chrislmat day begins in lhe middle of llie Pacific ocean on the one Iiundred
and eightieth parallel of latitude, and there is where Sanla Claus starts and ends his
greal and only joumey of lhe year.
In Russia Christmas day comes on January 6th. for ils calendar is the old
style.' Sanla Claus in thai country is pictured and thought lo be by lhc children an
old fellow very much like a bearded peasant, who flies around with a small pack on
his back, his team a span of small horses.
Dees in southern countries are believed to sing in honor of Christ's coming. Reverence for lhe manger is shown by (he cattle, which kneel on Chrislmat eve, while
slurp in pastoral regions, according lo lhe shepherd's Isles, march in procession to
commemorate the visit of the angel herds.
jn lhc rural districts of England if a cock should crow during the stillness of a
December night one might htiA* peasant say, "He is scaring away ike evil spirits
fiom the Christmas holy day."\
In Austria and parts of northern Germany food is prepared with greatest delicacy
on Christmas eve aod placed upon tables in order lhal lhe Virgin Mary and the angel,
in passing during lhe night, miy not be compelled to fast. A light placed in a wint
dow in order thai the Christ child, in traversing lhe streets, may not fail.
Countrymen in Poland aitcrl lhal upon Christmas night the heavens open and
lhe irene of Jacob's Ijjldtr is re-enacted.    To Ine saints alone, however, js it visible,
The first American observance of Christmas day was far from a meiry one. ll
was speul by Columbus and his ship's company among scenes of peril, diiorder and
ercilement consequent upon the greatest disaster which had befallen the cipedilion. On
Chrislmat eve lhe admiral's flagship, lhe Santa Maria, which had so stoutly plowed
unknown seas since lhal distant September day when she dropped astern lhc outermost
Canary Island, laid her clumsy Spanish bones lo rest olf lhe coasl of what it now
Haiti. Her crew spent the following day,
Christmas, partly on lhe Haitian shore and
partly on her contoil, lhc liny raiavel Nina.
The slory of lhc disaster and lhe duy
may be lold in this wise:
Sailing from lhe Torlugan roadstead, the
flagship squared away for the coasl of 1 I.uu
and enlered upon her closing days.
In lhe morning walch of lhe 24th, Ihe
day following their return, Columbus gave
orders lhal lhe expedition ihould start lor
Guacanagari's capilal. The yaids of lhe
- Iwo crafl were triced away, and a start
was made in a light wind liiaHilew almost
dead ahead.
A strong current was sweeping lhe" ship
quickly along. Directly ut hei palh was a
' sand bank, on which the breaker! twepl
willi a roar which open ears could have
heard a mile away, bul whicii now sounded
no warning lo any on board. Suddenly tin-
Santo Maria's keel grated heavily for toinii
momenlt on the submerged sand, and iLcn
she slruck violently and lurched lo one side
with a strain whicii spiung her masts.
"Jesu Maria I" he exclaimed. "We have
grounded I"
Chritlmai motning dawned on a tccne of
singular inleretl. Our fancy likes lo range
back ihiough four centuries lo lhe new
, world's hrst Chritlmai and lhal remote and
otherwise insignificant land spit in lhc Caribbean) lo lhal forgotten picture in which lhc
devout children of holy mother church and
the loyal subjects of their mosl Catholic m.i
jesliet of ('aside, Aragon and Leon toiled
in thankful fellowship wilh lhc generous
savages whom ihey had regarded as heathen
To seaward of lbe stranded vessel lay lhe
caravel Nina and a tmall flotilla of canoes.
Around floated spars, casks, coops and general wreckage. Il had for some houn been
evident lhal lhe ship wis doomed lo lay hei
hones lo rest in Davy Jones' locker, and lhe
admiral, wilh the coming tf daylight, began
lo transfer lo the Nina what was lefl il her
intuitions. In litis work lhe cacique and hit
younger hrolhcr directly assisted him.
Toward noon llie Spaniards discontinued work. For almost eighteen houn
ihey had labored wilh scarcely an intermission snd nature could stand no more. Their
immediate prospeds were as bright as they could reetonably hope lor, at lhe more
portable proyisions and stores had been transported lo lhe Sanla Msria'i contort. I hey
now determined to rest until the cool of the day, when ihey ihould resume work. On
coming lo thit decision ihey rowed to the shore and, in accordance wilh iheir cutlom,
erected a cross on lhe highest point wilhin convenient ditlance. This done, the yellow
banner of the Spanish kingdoms, with As miles and lions, wat displayed, and Matt
was celebrated in honor of lhe anniversary. Toward nightfall lhe work of transferring
was jaiten up, bul to great had been the mora) and physical slum on the crews lhal
il was soon judged but to await lhe Ensuing morning, and after a vesper chant all hands,
save a small watch turned in, some on Ine shore and some aboard lhe Nina. Thus
ended Columbus' Chritlmsi in lhe year of discovery, 1492.
Germany—St. Nicholas, Kriss Ktinglr; Holland - Sunder Klass, Sint Nica-
laah, Sinter Klaas; Switzerland—Samiklaus; Heligoland—Sonnet Kiss; Voralberg—
Zemmnklas; Alsace-Lorraine—Nnecjil Duprecht; France—Le bon papa, le boo de
.Noel, petit Noel; Austria—Nikio or Nigio; Russia—Elka (fir tree); Italy—Babbino;
Poland—Givjazjta (little star); Swdinavia—pristine; Bohemia- Jerjcek; Denmark—
Juleniwen; Ireland -Niamb Nicklaute.
Though doubters doubl and scoffers scoff.
And peace on earth seems still far off:
Though learned doctors think they know
The gospel stories are not so;
Though greedy man js greedy still
And competition chokes good-will,
While rich men sigh and poor men fret;
Ditti mel We can'l spare Christmas yet I
Time may do belter—maybe pot;
Meanwhile lets keep the day we've gol.
Come to us, Christmas, good old day,
Soften us, cheer us, say your say
To hearts which thrift, too eager keeps
In bonds, while fellow-feeling sleeps.
Good Christmas, whom our children loVe.
We love you, tool   Lift us above
Our cares, our fears, our small desires I
Open our hands and stir the fires
Of helpful fellowship within us,
And back to love and kindness win us I
Kdwiird ti,inlliui Mm lln
f * ■■
■I    I   I  is
*S» ine miaiLciuc,
TBI hanging of tbt mlatletoa tt
tbtt coming OurlatmaaUtJe to*
vlttt tDt uiual tour acroia tbt
myattc, muetjr papa ot tbt
put. Tbit branch ot tbt hollday'a
decoration treaauna within It twettt
tbtt to tbt young people trt moit
tempting. It wu tht Mmt tan centa-
rlea ago, and ao It will ba tor otntivlat
to coma.
wtnt. thair iidyahlpa wara waiting   *l
And lhair lordihlpa win diluting
Thin wan otnir finuniotlom loltik on
tt la hardly worth while Hating
That aeouatla oioulallne
BaptlMd that Brltlah Chrtitinai Mlora
Tht eaoredneii ot tbt mlitletoe haa
alwaya bean reipected, particularly Of
tht Brltont and tha Scandinavian*. It
wu t put of tht religion of tbt
Irolda, ud tbty regarded It wltb tbt
otmoit veneration, bnt reatrlcled their
worahip of tt to tht plant wben found
growing on tbt oak. Tbt oak wu the
tavorlta tree ot tbeir divinity. Tutaue,
whlcb tbt booki aay appears to hart
bean tht Mmt u tbt Phoenician god
' Bul, or tbt tan, wu prayed to under
different namea by tbt early pagans
At tbt period Of tbt winter mlatlce,
whlcb wu tbout Clirlitmai time, a
great festival waa celebrated In honor
of Tutane. Wbeu tbli annlvereary ar-
rived tbt Britoni, iccompaniad by
tbeir prleiti, tbt druldi, went forth
with glorlona pomp ud jollity to gather tha mlatletoa, which the; believed
to poaaeaa wonderful curative poweri.
With them they took two wblla bull!
ud aouietlmei human beinga to be
Upon Undlng tba oak with the mla-
tletoe clinging to It tbe chief druld,
clad In white, th* wiblam of purity,
aacended Ibe tree end wllh a golden
knife cot tbe vine. Aa It fell It waa
caught In tha folds of the robe of an
otber prleat Tben tbe bulla and mime
timet the tiumini were offered to Tutane, and varloua featlrlUee followed.
Tba mlatletoa tlma gathered waa cut
Into email portlona and distributed
among tbe people, wbo bung It oyer
tbe entrancea to their dwelling*- to
notify tbe aylvan deltlee tbat thay
were welcome to ebelter during the
Linton of froat and cold
Theae rltea were retained throughout
tb* llomin dominion In Britain and
for a long while under the Julei, Baa
ona and Anglea.
The moat beautiful legend regarding
tbe mlitletoe and the one from which
It derlvee Ita myiUc powen ta of Scan-
dinavlan origin. Balder, th* god of !
pottry and eloquence and aecond eon
of Odin ud Praia, had a dream In
wbleh It waa Intimated that ba would
'» ktllad In battle    He cotniuunlcatud ;
milt and planta tnd obtained an oath
from tbem that ttjey would do Balder
DO hurt With Ml Invulnerability aa
■nnd, u b* thought, hi *«ttr*d tb*
combat* of tha goda and wu Ttry tw
eenful In "laying til wbo Mmt for
ward to engage bim. They (truck hlm
Wltb th*lr trrow*, but b* plucked tbem
out tnd derided hit antagoalata ai
they tail mortally wounded before hlm
It wu about tlma for Uke, bli trek
enamy, to challenge hlm or mffer th*
Ignominy of cowardice, but Loke WU
• *cb*mtr.
Bl dlignlied hlnuelf ai iu old WO
man tnd, determining to dlacover th*
lecret of Balder1! Immunity from
death, allied opon Preji. Ha addreaa
ed the mother wltb complimentary r*
mirki opon tht valor tnd good fortune
of her MO, Ud tht godden replied
thtt ber ion waa Mf* from harm, u
ill tbt production! of th* world bad
•woro not to injure him. Lokt wu
very much dlicouraged ud WU tbout
to go eway when Preja added that
tbere waa ont plant abl did oot eon
Jure became of Id InilgnlOcatme
Wltb will feigned Indifference take
loqnlrtd th* name of It, tnd Craja ttld
It WU thi mlitletoe.
Tbe deelgnlng Luke procured I (hoot '
of tbe mlitleloe, made an arrow of II
and tben mugbt tbe aaaembly of tbe
goda.   There be met thi blind Heda
and concluded tbat tbt humiliation tf
Balder1! family would bt more com
plat* If Balder ihould b* killed by I
■Ightleee god   Bo   ht  uked   Heda, I
"Why do yoo not contend witb tbt ir
rowa of Balderf   Heda replied that
he wu blind ud uniupplled wltb ir j
rowe, whereupon take girt bim tbe
mlitletoe trrow tnd itld, "Btldtr It In I
I front of thu"  Hedi ahot, ud Btldtr
1 fill pierced and alala-Olncuuatl Ba \
Oariliii tl Hir.
"You look annoyed. Wltat'i the
"Bertha told me a aeeret the other
day and I can't Uill you what It ii."
"Why not!"
"I've lorgotUn it."
Lacking In Expirlinci.
Miiitli'   Wliitt in tile luckiest day to
be born onP
i'luiieli   iieii, i   know.   Only   tried!
mi.'    lliu iiiit.'.l llita.
Crewdid London.
There are (100,000 tanduueri wliu ere
living Iwo or more In a room, while
ilmi, are 116,000 who art orowded tla
inlo a room.
Mottly Womm.
Aoeording to the official return, no
(•wer than ri.nl6 ol the 0O.MM old-age
paiuioneri in the Ounty ol tandou
tre woman
"Under tbe Mfetletoel"
How many fatuUtea whose membera have been dispersed and scattered far iud wide Ui tba restless struggles of life are on this day1
reunited snd meet once again In that happy state of companionship
tud mutual good will which la a source of such pure aud unhallowed
delight and oue so incompatible wltb the caree and sorrows of tha
world, that thi religloui belief of tbe moat civilised nationa and the
rude tradltlona of the roughest savagea alike number lt among the
tint Joyi of a future condition of existence provided for tbe blestl
ind happy I How many old recollections md how many dormant sympathise doea Gliruunas time awakenl—Charlea Dickeus.
HAVE yon ever played "tele-
grit ma?" It la a game for a
crowd of young or old, or
both. Not a very deep or Intricate game, nor yet a particularly ele-
vaiiiig one, but, neverlhelesa, full of
jolly, mirth provoking qualltlea and
Junt Hm thing for your holiday party.
Tb carry out tlio Idea properly slips
Of yelfcw paper ahould lie handed to
mii'li participant and pencils provided
for them' '■ ■" 'i one la lo write thirteen
different letters at the top of their slip
•that la, any thirteen from the alphabetical iwcnly.tli, but without repetition.
Por Instance, one might write B, O,
K. L, M. T, E. W, C, S, II, O, B.
Another A, B, O, I), 10. P, O, II, I, J,
li. I., U, aud en on
The slips ore then to ba passed
along to right Ituud neighbors, who
must make an understandable telegram
nl thirteen wurds. using lbe characters
hi the top of the slips handed Ihem
for lha flrst letter of eacb word. To
thoroughly Illustrate, take tba flrst example given abovt. Here Is a specimen "telegram" from It:
"Belter go Kingston lute Monduy.
Try express Willie candy soldier. Hope
orders rushing "
Nolo llm fragmentary sentences, aucb
as are generally employed In correspondence of Ibis sort. The possibilities for good humored fuu In the compiling of "telegrams" among a crowd
of friends are endless. Hut, of course,
tbey cannot lie satisfactorily illustrated
In public print As iu uny similar
game, care shuuld lie exercised In uot
I... inin,,:  dangerously personal.
At flrst glume Ihe second example
of letters aa given ubove Itbe flrst thirteen In our alphiiliell might seem to bt
ilitti,'nil of extension. Hut sucb Is not
the case In the wide latitude of sense
(and nonseiisel allowable lu the game.
For instance, here Is only one way out
of tbe thoiiNands lu which It can b*
OUlCklv  written'
Opon completion the "telegram*" in
gathered np In a basket aod read aloud,
either by a disinterested party or somebody (elected from among tbt playera
Tbt only way to appreciate tb* game
ot "telegram" la to try IL
Th* Woodnller Affordi Pliaiant En-
't*rt»lnm*nt Fpr HtHdty Purty.
v A very amusing Clirtalnuia game il
tha woiiiiHulior, aud It la capable of aav-
erul variatlona, Inpludiug tbu ever pop-
uiur forfiiiia. Any number of persou*
mny join In tbe gjime.
The peraon who starts tba game
writes the name of aniru klud of wood
on a paper and folds the paper ao tbat
no one cau see the word written upon
It. He linii goes around, all the real'
or the players beiug aeuted, ind saya;
"I hnve a load nf wood to ull."
Kuril purson Iii turn aika:
"Whut kind?"
Tbe uiiuv.i'i lai
"Kind out"
Tben the persou iiieiitloni one klud,
Iild II ll happens to be (lie wrong one,
Ihu niiHiiiu'iirr gnus tn the uext, and
•o on, until It Is Ilnully guessed right.
Wheu the riglit one Is named, the oue
miming It becomes woodaaller.
All who untile mistakes must pay a
forfeit, lo bu redeemed at tliu end of
the iinini' i'liiiur who name a wood
t Hire puy. The list of wooda bl a long
ouu, but lbe best known ones ure
Ihu vury onus that the players are most
api to overlook lu naming them. A
lini'i person can moke much fuu by
lliu iii.iiiii,'i of calling out hia warea
and mu.iin', by witty rejoinders
rmt don't dig II np.
Vou don'l hew It down.
you don't i'iiuii llie forest
You limply go fonts and Pan It
Aod tbst's an eaay uiflter
There's only one thing needful, and Ibafa raab,
'ibe tree may be purchased
prosaically of ona'e grocer.
tlore venlureeome souls trolley or motor to torn* freight
yard, rbooatng from original
Vet otliera literally "shop" for
(hem and when at laat tbeir
l-iu,it-e la made uear tbem off lo
thulr motors or oo tbeir backe
or engage an expreHiuau.-fhll-
adelphla llecord.
(I i iiiiii «Q
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In buying film for riiriitiitii Gifts yuu eanuol
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loo numerous u, mentiou. Wc wuuhl par-
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Art Needlework
Christmas Novelties
Now ll lbe Ulllu  In buy fancy m,tilths ao
aiillalila for I'hrlilinaa glfte    ne um allowing a great variety liirludlng tie rai-ka. hand-
I., i. I.l. I . ns.'H  glove caiea. pin cuahlona, hat
pin li.tliii is, wblik holdera, ipool reiki, collar bagi, pipe rack! und a large aiiorliiiL.nl
of olber noVelllaa too iiomeruui In nientlun
Moderately  in l< .<i  fruiil         ■"<•■ aa ta tit."
New Tailored Waists
(or Christmas Gifts
Juat hi. a targe ihlpmenl of now tailored itui.ui    ,, uiiuii,   I,,,- Chrlilmaa
i iiiu In plain sliii nt.in,i iiji.e, ni.1,1,
'of llneiiille ami pure linen The itneiia
are  baiiil'i'inbiolileied  In  u  variety
nl mut ttciigiia, fancy pearl bulimia    ,
aeveral   different   alylea   lu   lii.mst
from,   in  all alua  from  .11   lo  II
I'.ieeii i.t, i.   priced   from
I'i r.n up In ir,.iiii
Christmas Ribbons
Exceptional Values
Thuuaand! of yardi of beautiful new
rlbboni for yuur t'hrlalmaa fancy work
In every dealrable abade   lialnly bull)
ribbon!  In   hulll  of  0   yardi        Per
boll     • ij,.
Htlk taffela ribbon, 14-ineb wide. In
hulls of  11  yarda.  Kach     lit
Hilk  luile iu  illihnii.  14.Inch wide. In
Chrislmat Novelties
(rom Staple Section
Kvery corner of our llaple lection
ll brimful of choice novilllei, aultable
lui  I'hrlilina* glfla    for Ineiasice—
lleilipreaili. embroidered, all-over ami
litiiisiliiiii'il on union linen; ilu 7l>
II-  ,„-ii               ie.no
Hill,  taffela ilbbiin.  11,  Inehel wide
Hilk laffitii ribbon, 1% lm hea wide.
New Brassware a
Christmas Suggestion
Hcorei of different things lo ebooic
from—Jardiniere!,  Vawi,   Peru   I'oli,
Writing  Heli,  Hinoken'  Heti,  Treyi,
limllestle-k., Tea  full, Kiuyer  Howls,
Kir., Klc.    Any of lime wouhl nuke
i Chritlmai gift  lhat  il belli  useful
mil iiriianieiiial tu any doni.    Katie
Ingly priced al from.   U* up le $12.80
Men's Furnishings
Christmas Suggestions
We  lltivf It'iiliiii'il   lhe   weild'a  iiiiii
kite  and   Inn    direct   everything
thai we thought wurlil make the moat
acceptable glfti ror  men  Ihia t'hrisl-
mil.   Here you will Ond neckwear In
all Ihe latut ilylei and coloring!    Individual luipendin or In ul or iui-
pandtn,   armlali  and   garleri,   handkerchief! and many other llnei, all of
Ibeny ik) dainty gift boxes, priced at
me, n« and $1
Htlk   imi. in   ribbon, fl  inehei  wide
I'er yuril m,
MM.  I'l in Hi
romlilnatlon let, Including linen lied-
•pread with iniertlon and idglng of
torchon lm f. two ibami and ona i nn
mr  to  malch.   A   choice  gift;   lbe
Imported BatUnberg ildtboaril icarvea
HO heavy I'lnhrnldered i enlitpleiei anil
atarvei:  illei  tOliO  iild   lllttleaell
lit  choice   clunr  lam   centrepiecei.
hand-made     Madeira     embroidered
sltlt in,mil ai in vis and table centre!,
Imported from Ihi world'! moit reliable lourcel, priced far heyow the
mual. Kat li from at.no up lo tlH.Jts
titiill.-a lo match In Maderla, embrol-
.1. e .i or ' i'lny lace.
Made Up Cuskions
for Christmas Gifts
Ibeet  eaibloni an enmplale -made
of belt quality figured latlni, vilvili,
reppa ind  Iinini,   flnlihtd   with  allk
frllli er cordi    Ktctptlonil valuei al
from .11.* up i" aire
-niwT pimii
Hearth Rugs (or Xmas Gilts
The elegant  ranae  of bearlh  rugi
ihown In our feiirlli lli„r deparliocril
inakea   buying   a   pleaiure,   enalillng
.-• 'em making a aallifaciory cholci of a
rug for thi Hi .ul.l... lmii or irehway,
lhat will  both aave thi carpita and
brighten tha roomi.   flfmplela virlilf
In Wilton rugi, Huluili  rugi, Aiiuin
aii-i  rugi, Hmyina run, i'uiiiii rugi,
al  from tlM up to, eaiti |li<M
-roulTii waoob
-iiiiiiiiiii FOR THEJiOUSEWIFE
Old Fashioned Cross Stitch Used
For Making Charming Gilts.
Tl* recent revival of crone itltcb
for needlework goe* merrily on, and
not the least attractive aod useful
uieani pt employing tbia old fanblooed
atltcb ll In th* manufacture of gtteit
Bhert Length! of Thl! Mike Altnetlve
Holldiy Rementbreneee.
ii ttty dainty powd*r rag* may be
made of abort length* ot Dreadeti ribbon fringed at tbe enda. A bit of chamois la ante bed in tbe under aide of
tb* ribbon, apd It la wltb tbia tbe powder la put uu. Buch toilet acceaaorlea
will be much appreciated by moat wo-
uiiuii tuwu, ii oaoaa biitob.
towela for Cbrlatmaa preient*. Tba
Uluilratliin ibowi a very dainty
model wltb qttulnt baaket dealgn carried out iu dull bltlea, tana and pink.
A fancy work bag In creamy linen
with little dowera of crnaa atltcb
at-iit.t.t tbe lower end of It for a border
and tha owoer'a Initials In croaa atltcb
above would be en appreciative gift
(or the huueewlfe.
Net e White Elephant clli.
One of lbe moel uaeful present* for
l buay woman la a almpie mending
bag. A mora elaborate preeent may
become a "white elephant," wbere an
everyday neceaally of tbli klud will
prove It* worth repeatedly. A uaeful
gift for a buiy mlitreu of i bouie-
bold la Ibat of a cretonne pocket, aue-
pended from a folding wooden frame,
after Ihe meaner of a ramp atool.
Tbe frame cau alwaya be procured
•ailly end only require! aufflelent cretonne of e dainty pattern to form Ihe
nuclcui of an etulneutly aervireable
eewlng kit. Wben not In uae It can be
folded op end placed In a corner,
while It hea a dlitlnct idvinlage over
the ordinary aewlng beg, In tbat wben
tbe friine li eltended tbe whole of
the content! ire il-.il.h- et ono*
Tb* cretonne ibould be gauged on to
tb* frame, wilb a heeding of about an
Imb aitendlog above the rode, while
Inner pocket* for Ibe aewlng addetidi
can be added to ittlt Individual tail*
Tbe round or equare wooden boiea In
wbicb cryatalllaed fruit* in bought
cm bi triniformed Into tblngi ol
beMuly, wllh Ibe help of a yanl or'io
•f cretonne. Very One crtlonni abould
b* uaid, and tbli ahould be pitted on
the b"i
niaaoN rowuu Iifl*.
men and are glfla tbat ar* lueipenalv*
I yet uaefuL
Two blta of fancy ribbon thua (ring,
ed may be atitcbed together to make
lacliet cover*
Tha dainty coloringa and charming
varlatiee In theae Dresden ribbona aug-
geet numeroua naea for aucb odda aud
enda at the Obrlatmaa aeaaon.
Such a simple thing aa a package ot
good pin* can be placed ln an attrac
tive bolder. Take a piece of ribbon
live lui-iica wide, fold It In ball and
tben (old lha edgea back on them-
teivea Uake tbli cut • llttlt longer
thin tbe paper of plna. Saltan tb*
edgea at tbe cornera after fringing
ihem and place a bow of narrow ribbon at each end, allowing for e ihort
ribbon handle. Thla can be made to
malch tba bureau irluimluga and cau
ba buug at tbe elde within convenient
Thi Offering* Thit Woman Frlinde
Miy Pnpari For Him.
in eelectlug e gift for a man a girl
la limited lo erticlea for bla deek, iota
cuahlona, calendar! and bit* of embroidery.
A man will like tbia attractive cue*
for bruabe*.  which la made of very
An Eatrimily Utlful Offering.
The housewife wbo li careful ol ber
handioini unboginy dining table will
be charmed to receive on Ubrtiluiii
morning i iei of linen table mala
Tbe number la only limited by thi
Miaa TllU Man.
donor1! gemroilly, Imt ea • rule the
let con iiiu of • Urgi mat for tba neat
plittir md tour ol t'-e prottctora for
IN under vegetable dial)**.
To tnikt tbet* mat* two plKH of
leavy while linen tre required for
m It pid, which la buttonholed togeth
If ilfipl at one end, wber« il open-
iii i* i*« ii wtich to *iip mmm
mill rot t irllle itniller UMI Ul* out
•r Him wiring. Tb* «l»»r»nc* la
Hu it ih line* tnd tb* ubeiioi mm
li imfliitt l* form * bcrdir, which I*
fm ll *tilll*»1 »K» 199 9 mmhim
Tin* mil* mi 0* »( 99m •«*»•
tti t mi* ii • mm tiaici ut*** m
liewi the etint mbtrnt mmt tttetet
k* tin ntrtm it mlam Ut pm<« H
Uh* |1»»i.
nu uu its a*
wide ribbon In i unvel blue ind wblt*
and pale green ligured deetgn It la
lined with green cblm allk and la
Sited with eeparale compartment* (or
tbe tllili'iciit bruabe* The back of th*
r*a* may In- made over a frame of
cardboard. - hlle the frout can be
m it fuul '.eiie nm .j. a narrow
dirk blue aud gill braid ornament* th*
edge, lnml., Ihe Iwo lectloni of Ih*
can* loc-ilicr and glvn body to th*
daring bow of ribbon aloug whoa* face
It la run. u
Do uot forget a round bag for collar* A circular diak of allff cardboard
alt lm hn In diameter can be cut and
covered with linen Ueaaura off •
■trip ili tiicbei wide atfd aa long aa
Ibe circumference of tliii^ti. Sketch
eome almpie dealgn ou ll, repeaUng th*
motif* Unci- tliui'- ind embroider
Attach ling* to tb* up|iei edge iud
wbJp ou th* elralght place afler Join-
tug it tbe ilrelght tdga*. Bun ribbon
through Uie ring*.
Lut Minuli Giving.
Tlu only lilirlitniii iplrit evolved bf
iee! minute preparation la a cynical
diaguat fof I holiday Uut ahould be
itlncllv* II ll Uke a worker wn*
eayi ibe cas work only under prea-
eure. Before loug ihe end lbe work
The Chrlitmai Lilt
Do tut think of i.'hrliiuiii giving ai
compulaory. Btamlne your llet car*-
folly tnd bin* pemft each name Uiat
u not u*w**rT. TM ln»Unt • Obrtotr
•ui gilt Isaeoaei l hor*»n U ia ae
t« the Cbriettta* j(«k-
Charming Presents Tint Cost
Little In Time or Money.
Any pretty trifle made to contain
Plna niakea au acceptable gift tor
ITirlaliiiua. A traveling coiivunleiice
Uiat |a a* useful at home aa abroad
lu made after tb* manner of Uie old
iinm ui'ciiinbinik tbat rolled up. Tb*
foundation of If la a atrip of ribbon
or allk-morocco and ohuinola can alio
be uaed,  likewise canvas-ubotit 'all
ini-iie.t wide and twenty Inohet long,
laiy thla flat ou tba cutting board and
coyer it wltb two thlckneeaea of cot
ton balUng. Put a layer of coarse
white limine! next to tbia and then on*
of coaraa holed wblt* net Bind tbe
eiip'.i neatly together wltb a aaUn ribbon matching the outalde of thu convenience, and then turu up four or
Ave Indies nf Uie bottom of the atrip
and tack tbe ends to form a pocket
About Ave Inches from tbe top put a
plump pincushion with corner! reaching to the atrip edgea. Have thla an
Inch and a balf deep and slick It full
of varicolored pints—blue, green, red,
pink, white and the ordinary aorta.
They will look best If stuck In ln auma
ornamental manner. In tbe apace
above tbe cushion put black and white
•afety plua In several sites.
A Neckwear Gift.
If you are In a hurry tu get together
a very presentable laat minute gift
take a look Into your lacebox aod rea-
cue a (aw bit* of lace and net, tben
in MMT,
set to work on a atock collar and Jabot
like the oue aeen in tbe Illustration. A
wide piece of tillet lace forma Ibe high
collar, whlcb la edged at tbe top wltb
folds of mallnea and bluck velvet
The "fall" is of gathered mallnea ln
twu layers, eacb oue trimmed wlUi Insertion matching lhat uaed for tbe col-
ler. A pump bow of black velvet tin
labea the pretty gift
An Easy te Make Jaeket.
A combing jacket ia aoiuetbiug nnr
womau wuuld appreciate, especlelly If
ll la ai pretty as aome of those tbe
shops ara allowing. Tbe dainty things
in tbe big atorea are all but absolutely ihapeleea, two perfectly atralgbt
breadtba being uaed to form a sort of
Iiiuiii) kimono teck. wilb pointed back
ind frout 'The two lengths'have the
nidi cut bin, tbli shaping making (be
front and rear polnte, and tbe aleeves
are made hy calching tbe breadth edge
(o edge under the arm. White flannel
combing Jacket* ara pretty wUh. blue
or pluk aaUn ribbon binding!.
Miki a Crochet Buckle.      ,
Tbe girl'who crochets can turn out
In a few houra several of tb* crocheted
buckle* like tbe dainty ona pictured.
Mercerised wblt* colton of a rather
coin* n uui ber Ig uied. Velvet ribbon
li looped through tlte buckle with
churning *f«et
iWiniiiiiiwkiii.il mi      i .i in	
of North Vancouver we extend an invitation to
view a rare showing of Valuable CHRISTMAS GIFTS. A hint of the showing
is contained in the following:
Silver Gifts
A long list embracing Souvenir
Spoons, Bon Bon Dishes, Napkin
Rings, Fruil Dishes.
Holiday Watch
Our fine collection embraces Howard, Wallham and Elgin, in solid gold
and gold-filled cases. Our new slock
of Howard Watches make a fine line
of Xmas gifts.
Gifts for Men
A rare gathering of useful, dignified
gifts for men including Watch Fobs,
Scarf Pins, Signet Rings and Cuff
Links, etc.
Cut Glass
Our display includes Choice pieces
such as Fern Dishes, Vases, Comports,
Bon Bon Dishes, Waler Sets and
Fruil Bowls.
Jewellery for
No other store hereabouts shows a
finer collection of Jewellery that is
more appropriate for Christmas giving
and in perfect good taste. It includes:
Bracelets, Rings, Lockets, Brooches,
Pendants, Watch Fobs, Elc.
Our stock of Mantel, Chime, Parlor
and Bedroom Clocks is complete.
Our low expenses enable us lo sell much cheaper than other stores which have
high rent to pay.
Try us for engraving. Our work is artistic and accurately done on the premises.
We have had long experience in railroad lime inspecting so ran give you entire
satisfaction in watch repairing.
George .Somerton
Recently opened 143 Lonsdale Ave., Nortli Vincouver, B. G
i       —- It,     I
■ '
M P. G. E."
"Pleasant Greetings Everyone"
"C. P. R."
"Christmas Presents Rejoice You"
"HS. & P."
" Health, Strength and Prosperity"
" Is our earnest wish for thee"
104 2tt&&t. t Jortl) lanrouvrr
West Vancouver Acreage
The following in below Uie nttrket price:—
D. L  1081, K.E.% 4.27 acrea, $1,100 pir Ac. >/« caab.
D. L. 1082 N.W.i/, 4.76 Acrea, $1,400 per Ac. '/, caih.
D. 1. lie, Block 20,3 Acrea, $000 per Ac. 13 ciah.
D. L 1100, H.W.'/, 18% Aerea, $800 per Ae. '/, Cub.
121 Lonadale Aveuui, North Vancouvar, B. 0, aad
Oor. Marine Drive and Marr Boad, Wait Vancouver, B. 0.
To Succeed in Buiineu YOU MUST Advertise
Timothy Hay (new)
Clover Ilay, (new)
Alfalfa Hty
Oruihed Oati,
Untaed Mill
B A K. Chicken Chop,
B. li K Scratch Food
ltl Cracked Om
Ut't Egg Maker
Lee'i Inaect Powdir
Swlft'i Beef Bcrtfa
Are You Moving
We do moving of all kiudi. Give ui
a trial. We alio bave heavy teami by
the day—eipren ami baggage, or when
you want wood, rill or |ibooe 97, We
liuie a large itock of mill wood 12x16
inch lengths. Furnace wood a ajieelaity
I'roinnt deliver!*.
1$ Lonadala Avenue
Phone 07. ViofiA O.O.D.
Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
$4.60 FBI OOBD
Stove wood, U In. $3.28 yer load,
tt-la, $3.60. Prompt delivery.
Phoni 660, offlce and yard. Corner
Ith and Mahon Ave, t.f.
8*4 Ualverilly ft, Hmulel.
WITHOUT IM plum pudding
Obrlatmaa would oot aeem
Obriatniaa In many bouae-
Tradition haa much to do wltb tba
partiality to t pudding of tbia eort for
Cbrtatmai, and, whether It la banded
In by a neat maid In cap and apron, by
a atataly butler In livery or by tbe
uupretentloiia bouaewlfe herself, It
ibould not appear on tba table until It
la time to serve It
Place tbt pudding on a generous platter, decorete it wltb bits of holly and
dresa witb a good sauce, wbicb abould
be In a separate dlsb.
Aa tb* pudding Improves wltb age,
It may, Ilk* fruit cake, be prepared In
To keep It fresh until Christmas
wrap In oiled paper and keep In a tin
wbicb baa a tight titling lid.
Tben tbe pudding need only be
warmed up wben sent to tba table.
Hew te Mai., the Pudding.
If you Intend to make a boiled pudding ae* tbat all molds and basins required ara perfectly dry before greasing tbem and tben use good butter for
tbe purpoae. Take care tbat tbe mnldi
are Oiled to tbe lop with tbe mature
iud that It la pressed well dowu. Have
clean pudding chillis. Dip them In
boiling water and dour tbera before
tying over and allow for awelllng.
Lat tb* water be hobbling violently
before putting tbe mollis ln It Bee
tbat tbe water covert them.
Aa It evaporates in boiling add more
boiling water ao aa not to check the
rooking, wbicb muat go on steadily ell
tbe time.
Hum pnddlnga properly mede end
boiled will keep at letst a yaer If bung
lu a cool, dry place.
When Baking the Pudding.
If you prefer to bake tbe pudding
take one and a half cupfula of beef
euet fret from ekln eud chopped One,
one end a half cupfuli of ralaim
itoned, one and a half cupfula of cur
ruiita wbicb bave been washed aud
picked over, one cupful of browu aug
ar, two cupfula of flour, ona teaapoon
fui of baking powder, four egga, one
cupful of milk, half a cupful of citron
cut In very smull pieces, a plncb of
eait, half a grated nutmeg and one
glauful of orange juice.
Put all these Ingredlente In a deep
bowl, adding the egga juat ae the/
drop from tbe shell, flour and baking
powder lifted together and, lastly, the
orange juice.
Uli Into a bolter whlcb abould be
very short. Pour Into ceke tine wbicb
bava been liberally buttered and bake
in a iteidy, even oven for two hours.
Berve wltb a lemon or vanilla sauce
English Plum Pudding,
For e rich old fashioned plum pudding take eight egga, one pound of
beet butter, one pound of flour, one
pound of currants, nne pound of seeded
raisins, ona pound of allied citron, one
pint of milk, a email loaf of bread, half
a taaipoonful of ground mace, balf a
'eeepoonful of cinnamon end a plucb
•f aalt
Break the bread In email plecee and
crumble It In the milk, add tbe beaten
egga, tbe creamed butter, then the
fruit well floured. Oreaae a cloth, put
* large plat* Igrtho middle of It end
baip tb* pudding on tbe plate. Then
tl* It op aocurely, but leeve plenty of
room for tbe pudding to iwell. Boll
for tbi** houra, adding more water
from time to time If neceseery.
Berve with a aaure nf boiler, cream
ad witb augar and flavored with uut
meg aod lemon Juice. Wben rendy to
serve atlck almondi all over tbe pud
ding, flrat bllmhlng the alnmnde
Make a llttl* bole In tbe top of tbe
podding and poor balf a plot of brandy
•v*r It and **rv* blaring.
A Cheap Pudding,
Wbtt eoold lie more economical lhan
thla pudding. Mil together one end a
half cupful* of flour, ooe cupful of
brown eogar, ode cupful of grated euet
•ne cupful of aswded ralilna, ona cup
ful of cleaned currant* or chopped
prime*, on* cupful of grated carrot
ene cupful of grated potato, one-quarter of * cupful of minced orange peel,
•utmeg, cinnamon and clove to taste.
To make tb* same beat together one
Ub, (spoonful of i-oruitnrch, two table
apoonfula of butter and one-half cup
fil of brown augar. Bet on tbe itore
until heeled, than turn In bot water, a
little at * Mine, and cook uutil tb* con
•latency required Add foor Ubl*-
ipooDfuii of grip* or appl* Jelly, wltb
•pice* «r fliveriug to uiu, and **rv*
mmmrmm w at «n*   mmtwrnrmw mm  «n
Oepyrlght lilt, by Amerind* Vttng AewalltlM.
IN days of yore old Sants Cliu*
Hid i delightful time,
Tha chimney* «U wefe big nnd wide
Through which he hed to climb.
But nowaday* our modern wayi
Afford him llttl* ease.
When he climbi through our skimpy fluei
He has an awful squeeze.
They say ha has in ample form.
With girth profound and vast,
And flnt thing mybody knows
Home diy he'll get stuck fast
But thii Is not the worst of It,
For how can Santa crawl t
Into i modern city flit
Thit has no fluei at all?
His bursting pack upon hi* back,
He clambers up the wills.
Climbs ladders like a steeplejack,
To mike his midnight calls.
And once some city children saw
A roly poly shape
On Christmas eve go pisl their flat
Upon the tire escape.
With bulldtntfs twenty stories high
And flats on every Hook
More girls and boyi who wint mor* toyi
Than ever were before, *.
The wiy poor Santi Claus Is worked  *'
Is certainly a shame.
But he is such a good old sport
He never quits the game.
If buildings should grow teller yet
And still more girli ind boys
Keep being born, each one to get
A longer list of toys,
i do not know how Santa Claus
Can visit iuch a mob.
But, I'll be bound, he will be found.
As ilways, on th* Job.
Q'■*■»»■*■«■ * *ie * «"• e '*mi e-f-a-e-s
Real Christmas Weather
rllB greatest anowstorm.ln Ihe
* experience of England began
failing Dec. 24, 1834, and continued during Cbrlaitnaa day.
Tbe enow In aome plecea reeehed
a depth of forty feet. Ali travel
waa blocked. There waa no communication, not even between
house*, and aviUncbe* burled
many people In their dwelling!,
where tbey were frown.
^i mi
Mm■-,«-»i,,mm i
The Evergreen Boob
Miiiifi Tbut nearsighted Ur. Boob
actually aaked me ou Cbrlatoiae nigbl
If the wreath of
evergriin In tb*
parlor ware inle
Alice-Wbat did
you ull bim I
Mabel -Why.
what could If II
I told bim It wm
he might try to
klei me, and If I
told hlm It wai
oot be la *ocb *
poor iporj be wouldn't *VM Uk* I
cluneal     '■
'■ i.r
Are easy enough to buy once you know what and where to buy them.   That's .where we eome lin; ours is exclusively a,Mens' Wear
T' \v ^m ^m 8tuc'y'ng m^ cater'ng to mm' wants '°r a nuro^er °* ymi m^ m ^P p} ft lot w^n h come$ to deciding what
to buy. We want you to understand that we guarantee everything we sell If it isn't good enough to guarantee, it isn't good enough
for us nor for our customers.   Anything bought for Xmas Gifts will be cheerfully exchanged after Xmas if it does not suit.
$3.50 to $12,00 each
$9.00 to $27.50 each
$1.00 to $4.50 eacl
50c to $1.50 eacl
In fancy boxes.
$1.50 each
50c to $3.00 each
In fancy boxes.
Plain oi lilted wilh Toilet Articles lo
$20.00 each
— '——
$5.00 to $15.00 each
75c to $10.00 each
$1.50 lo $6.50 per suit
25c to $1.50 each
In fancy boxes.
$1.50 each
$1.50 to $7.00 each   '
50c to $2.50
In fancy boxes.
$10.00 to $30.00 each
$1.00 to $8.00 each
25c to 75c pair
35c and 50c
In fancy boxes.
$1.00 to $2.50 per set
In fancy boxes.
Silk or Linen initialed or plain.
25c to $ I.'00 each
$10.50 to $30.00 each
$1.50 to $5.00 .ach
25c to $1.00 each
In fancy boxes.
$1.00 to $2.50 each
Silk- to match!
In fancy boxes.
75c to $2.50 per pair
In fancy boxes.
CLI/^p   PARI  V We wi" sme you )US| as c,lcerful|y al Revert o'clock Xmas eve as any other lime, bul it is to your own advantage lo pick
*J1 1W1     LJAIXL, 1 wye the picking j, g(Mx|
CHAMBER SThe CamPbe,,'s c,othinsMan
iilv ,mr tuum on im »A» mm (W in ..id «< Ih. ,«A.  Tint', lie, f.l ut
IAMil.l lllililt.l iliil )ou ire,did you
uni ii'itt-i t Ihil iiiun In wurlil
m llt'lu Clirllllllll ll II mrii lllllll
Ira* * diy ii 111* Villi ur Mb
ll   ll lee ll     |)|d  JIUU  ett I   lllllll.   fill
enough Iwyuod III* iplcy n|«ni ui
your nun iiinm iiinlilii.tf lo n-iiil.-i- tint
Ih* neutering loll win living lliulr
ClirliUuii diy ii if thiy knew uiukIii
ol II* iuuu'/ Tlity do knuw wlm tt
menu, however, il will •• *r*r do
you, km wind* liib nul iiih tliutup
uu tba ■.'Mli ai ou fiery otb*r d*y, uml
If* • fuollib Mlloriiiiii wbo euuuli
un turkey or bolly lierrlee Tlw chawwi
•r* bell i«« IUUU ol tlu-in
CbrUluiHi li dliobllgliig enough to
rttiiie lo tbi very li*(louln| ot Ih* mad
dtlt   w. lllllll,   ulnl   III*   Weill lu'i   Ill-It'/
itiii" "io on* imii Tb* pllolboil
paupi* ind lb* III* liven link* pi
tie.-He llui* iiii.<iii|iih ii boldlug bull
diy, bul no to on* thiy will b* uutb
log iiiun than *tl*Dipt*. If tb* Mi
cbooMi (o uiik* merry  In  It* own
way tb* mi i-iimiiiiniii iud mun in
Tba iiptilni or tht III* Mrlug iti
Itoui aloug tbi beacb try **cb y**r to
celebrate wilb Ibeir men * turkey li
ilwiyi brought lo Ih* beidqunteri
uul • good mill prepired around It
•i I iiir attraction. But my wben
from drumitlckl to mm ind rililm
miy com* th* ilgoil from th* oowt
guird I'erbipi • crib fllblng boil
bu cipilied; p*rbip* It I* • W| ibip
going down-lb* reiult I* lb* mom
Th* Clirliiiuii iurk*y Ii lift ta gram
cold, tb* mine* pi* I* forgot Uo, iud
If* off tu iium-h tb* llfeboel iud tlun
to th* o*r* ind iwiy. Night or diy
th* luiuinuui uny com*. If It light
Iter* ir* • tubing of ligbt! os tb*
beich ind • dght, nun igil/ut iturui,
ll tb* blackntu of tb* mrf
Oi tb* llgblablp proviiion I* uiidi foe
* good dinner, but tbin lb* plmurt
•udi. Day ind nigbt tlw ibip ridu it
■ncbor l«ti uiIIm ob* *hor*. Alwayi th*
clinging of th* fog Ull I* beird iud
lb* ligiiti ir* witcbtd, md braik I*
th* monotony (Inn I* DOM, HT* for *
bittir bill of fir* Ihil uiuil iud ii
«tn glm uf grug, thu bick to tb*
hill ud till light* igiln, ind on for.
g*t whit C'liriitinii cilrtritod or Umi
It WU cilebratod it III.
It wu during tfa* ourlif of tbt lm
tork*/ that th* belli ring llerotir, for
I fog wu drltlng il put Uw bwle,
ind llfbt* w*r* being MvatopH It It
Two n*w dm w*r* imoflg Uw a»w,
tod Uwy ipring, frlgbUo»d, iwiy fro*
th* Ubl*. Tk* oil ullert aanrad
ih*a thit II wu m HmM* eat at th*
orduury, bli they *ould tat 9 Wl*
*d to ttm bmh la 9t Alpam.  Tiny
inner uew men, out tour cuiupauiuu
hif* not forgotten to uwntloo lb* din-
uer tbit (bey milled by gulug *hl|d
d*rlngly Into * wlolar fog iud *ip*ci
Ing th* dulb of tb*aiMlra« or mm
on* tlu every uinmtut
Cbrlituiu li i lotnry to th* pilot!
No nun of lliem knowi wben hll turn
li ruining to guldt i ibip Inlo port, iud
ililpi mint be gulden) wben II li their
cipliln'i will. Homi of lb* pllott mty
kin i iniirb of tb* diy it bom* In
th* mliln of Btnti t'liui go*alp *nd
tin burni ind miffed norklugi Wbo
tvtr lb* otbir pilot* uny |m, tb*y ir*
on ibi wittr wllh * good dlnoerntow
td iwiy iwalling It* opportunity.
will, b uny or nny not com* If •
•tilp li luildenly lighted, tban nartr
mind lb* dinner
Tb* Ilf* 00 Ul* greil iteniieri ind
Mlllng veeeele li mor* lyitimitlc, tnd
tl It wortb wblli to prtinrt for •■
mil' li iiie/rlnii'iil i* tb* lioniMlcknrii
of imply mi view will permit Then
miy b* i Cbrtilmii tru ind muitr
ind dindngi but be yot a **adog or
I lindlobbir, it'i ill tbi lumi you
would rnhir b* it bom* »r»r a Ubl*
tbit doM not roll ind ip*nd i good
lTirliili.ii t'hrlMtnii with III III tri
ItUonil noniiiiM   Bin Ifraoclico U*ll
Lit   l eii,i.   Do  It.
I.ilu .-l.ul. I put uu my iiiickiil-
tmli nul-run uul md pnd lln.- letter,
mother 1
Mother-Ho, dear, It'i nut lit iu/ i
dug tu ba uul uli I night like lllll.
Ut youi lillier pint It.—Loiidpn Oplli-
Christmas Menus
Celiry Uiiuii.
Hunt Purl. Tiudirlulu.
Appli Bit tier
Turnip* In Crana giuca.
Unhid I'olatnea.
Cmry ani Nul naiad.
Kruno I- k-juuj
Hir Futun* Tillir.
Un A -Did yuu *v*r go to * fortune teller!
Utl. II Vn, uir*. Holme 1 WU
minii.'I I wtnt bi Uw piuUt.' court
le aaa liuw much my nance'* liUier
but 1.11 lum in In. will.
Correct Dligneili
'I'm- Kelt ly, It WU * love milch.
jeu NuiiiiiimI H*'i old tiumgli to
be tier g/iinllillu /. Bhe limply mn
ti*l bll muney
Ten Dl cuurM, but you don't doubl
Unl ilie Uivn uonty, do yuul
"I ull 'nn Uw cutlery lamily."
"Wh; ael"
"Will, Uw, dtugliUr ipooui, Uw I*
Uur fork* out Uw inoniy ind th* mo-
thtr knlln thi oUnr gutiti."
Hll   Pmtriiion.
"Tliir* goH * nun wlime Ilf* ll no
tiling bul OM lung regri'l."
"M.royl How udl Wbit li hif"
"An editor."
Club III Veiri Old
lionton.- -Tba HDulliainpl'.n TOWI
Bowling Club y**(*rd*y opened IU
tilth wuod, i Inge iltandance wit
oMflug tb* preildtot, Mr. Aim Flp.
char, bowl tlu Ant wood on thi indent pun In Oiian'i r»rk. Thl
•tub clilD* to beta b*»n Id .Ml*
» ilne* UN.
Blu* Pout* 00 Hill Sball.
Cetera, uuvei
Bout Turkiy Willi Oyiter liraai-
i     lag.
Olll*i Urivy    C'rinberry Jelly.
Cindled Vim*   Uialitd Potato**
Plekled Faara ind Pmosw
Malaft llllll.
Plun Pudding Wilb Brindy lauo*.
Im i.'mm. Caku
Nun ant) lUlilnj
loup.   Bread BUok*
Ollru.   Cilery,  laltid Pimuli
Btui Qdom, Potato ptuBnt. Appl*
ot*a** iwmi fenim ijiu.umiu
la lauo*.
I    CblcUo Onxjutit**   CraMh Ora*n
Ultuc*   L'bMM Strew*
Plum Pudding.
OI*M Ulllmul.   UtMbou*
Nul*   il.iilui   Krutn
CraoUra. Linn. ('■/• Nolr
lilt It ****** tt.lil,t,*),t,It*
Blu. Polati
CTMB ol Cblckn.
mna tneaa/e Hud.
Juiiiiim Peuto
Bla* CiwiuitiM Will Curry.
MaeiM uueaitng
MMbM UrowoM I'utiloe*.
Itewid i'umiioM.
Mlooe PI*.  Blaauli lorlonl.
Rouuf/urt Cbeen in* Crickiri.
I MM********************
■ir an Sundiy 'Movlei' ,,.,
l/iuduii. Th* MlddllMi rtiuuly
ceuuoll bu lutinialed to fit (be hold.
•ri of f|ii"iiiniiiKMi|ili ili'i-iiai'M In Uu
oounty Ibii If thay ni ooivlctid for
upmliig on Sundayi thtir IImdu* will
b* )*Qp*rdlied
Ipnkn/i Diughter   ScoutmaiUr
Undon—Ml**    Mildred    l/owlbir,
ouly daugbur of Uu ipuakur pf U)t
bouie of oommoui, U acting m iiwul.
uuUr Of th* P*nruddook   troop   at
Itoy Booatt la CumbirUsd.
Seme Fimeui Piepli Who Firit
S»v. tin Light on Of Aboul
Die. U.
Tbere U unu* uncirutuly
iiiiuui tb* year and tin* of tba
iiinii of Clara barton, founder
uf lb* Ited I'riiM *nd Uiuuua
plilliulbrupliL wbo dl*d tula
yeur. uiur* Iban uluuiy ynre
Old. liul It ll generally lielleved
tbit ibe wu burn uu UhrlMinu
day lu itii'i or UUI.
Lord John Uorlay, th* celt
braled Hrltlib lutbor and ititei
mun. illailittine'i HeuUnaut aud
lecretary uf itaU for India In
tb* Aiquitb ralilneL wu born
ou Cbrlaluiaa eve, Dm. 21. lhilH.
8*v»D yean laUr to th* day
King Oeorge I of Oreee* Oral
uw tbe ligbt
Lord Marcui Bereeford, broth
*r of th* fiuioui Hrltlib id
mini, wu i (ibrtiiuiii diy
biby. ii wire llio Lad; Orey
Kgertuii lad tb* OouaUw* of
Hiitbui. on* of Uu lurvlvuri of
th* wreck of Uu 'llunlc.
Among thoM who war* boro
on Pec. it, "Juit too llU for
Cbrliliini dinner," were Ad
mini Oeorge l)*w*y, th* E*rl
of UlctlUr, Btr Jiuim l.lutou.
tbi piliil*r; Uu Ducbeu of
l*edl. Hir Jnnei lUtiktu, mem
ber of the Brltlah inrllimeut,
•od Jnnei D. 8t*|iUiui, repr*
lenlillve from Cillforiili la Uw
A merle* a cougrew ,
How Aulher* tlipl.
Aru lutiiuri eirly liteit't lliorinoii,
Tulitoy *nd lieu Hi,, were *li *rivoc*l*!
uf till "i-nl) to l«xl early tu ril*"
princiule. Byron, on the uilnr iintd,
turner] night inlu day, and Alfred de
Muuel, in a latUr tu Aiinae d'AIUm.
Aiit.-.-, "1 generally alu|i till 3. and
UMiietiinai UU t in the ilUriiuoii,
when I have buied the ean nl lite
niglit. J'rubably th* Illicit geniui
on record wu Boiiinl, wlm prnti-
cully did ill hii work In bed ind
would riUier recmnpoie i whole pige
ul inuilc thin trouble tu get out ol
bed uid (lick up i ilnet ol ininu-
icript tint hid fallen onto the floor
-Loudon Cliionii'l*.
Naturally lurprliid.
An uid (lerinni lurinturo dealer had
i woman cuitomer who wai a greal
Ulkir. Nobod^ could get tway Irom
lier when ihe ilirted in. One diy
he sent i clerk to Uu My't houie tu
liy to collect * bill. When the clerk
returned empty hindad the old tier.
limn Iild:
"Veil, vit di<l m Inly iiyf"
"Sh* did nut uy inythiiiy, ilr. Blu
wu mute," replied tlu clerk.
"Vit!" exelii/ued Uu lurpriied tier-
mm. "Vu tpf Audi"
Mia* Cornelia Beutley Big* bu lieen
ippoiulcd director of Uu Buffilo tin*
Art* tcidemy.
Nu numerou* or* tb* leweli of Mn.
MicVeigb, wife of tb* ucrtUry of
th* treuury. tbit ibi li obliged to
bin i cird cililogut iyil»m to keep
trick Of lliem
Dr. Eliza 1. Imdtnun li th* flnt wo
min to b* appolnled icbool pbyili'liu
in Boaton. Ur. Uadniun will receive
tbe um* ulary u U paid to mall
achool |iliy*lcl«ui-io001 yeir.
Mr. iud Mn. BamuM Aibdown of
Lot Ani/elu think their tbr**-yogr old
diugbter Jotepbin* la tbt youugut
■nd iniilieit iwluimer Id Uu country.
Tba child U a good direr. Th* wattr
Id (ha pool where ibt tiku bar tally
plunge I* leven feet deep.
Mn. J*me* W. 1'lncbot, niollier of
Oifford i'iuchot, fOM In for tb* collec-
Uuu uf rare lacea. Bba poueuei ei-
•niplet of every period of lictmeklng
In neirly every couutry lad bu Juit
icijulrtd ■ remirkibli ipeclmen of
i'lillipplue Ilea Tbi collection ll nl-
ued it |1M,000.
Milt. Helena Mlropowlikl, wbo wu
tbi flrat FrucbwomiD to bt idiult-
ted to tbe practlc* of liw lo France,
li rery oulnpuken lo btr belief tbit
wuiui'ii ir* DOt capable of lif-utiiliig
Judgii Bbl U ■ fTtquut vUllor to
BugllDd Itld DU liecuuie entbuiiaellc
over lb* GiglUb tuitbod* of admlii*-
Uriog luitlce.
Thilr Chrlalmn P/Minli,
Ullll Puiiupi BoerelM,
A Bmiou ail* ot four,
Wldi openM Ur iyM ao Cbrtiimai mare
As* lOelU tM UUI4M*P* uir
"Wint it'i IiIiim my Mi l* MmP
Ibi uu*. will dlinlty
"Til limn I* Un tuliinal.
Ob, Ky **y«w etgnel"
Mlaa May CiiwaJliUr KltUntiuua*
Ul Plillatlallilila tow*
Awoki u muca u Uny ivar lo lure
Ao* waicuM Ito mow eean Iowa
"Will, I'm glU that CbrlMmu to* earn
Tou umiit ton k**r4 uer m.
"lot m, lamily i oo* yMr oldM aaw
Ttoo ll »m lut cnrliimii Uy."
It wu Cbrlitow* id |Mly Uettem,
Aot Mlu Irani di loam
Awoke er oiwo aa* yawned aa* yiwnM
An* itnicnto au iai.ju.tj Home
"Will. I'm wrry Uiat ii'i CfcrWow*.
Pip* II lintiia will M|,
tot 'eliunai ii cimm, la* ae won t mala
A uniii ceoi all day"
Ob. wlnlUy dawnto Un Ckrtetau
I* Uu it, at 11* tiki!
AM Mlu Arab* WatoM Braaty
Waa iMIaiillr awa*.
"Ab, wiai'i Uui li uy tueklifl,
fill, la Iwo Uli I'U kaowl"
Aa* (to Item forth * grin* ptu*
Item tmty imp to tin to*
-Bono* i.-wrlw
Thl Maminio Hinry Irving Onci Pre-
mind te Hilm Ktllir.
Id J. Henry Birpert book. "Tlu
Boum of llirper.' be lelli ■ ttory ol
Helen Heller ind Henry Irvlug l lu j
met it Uiirence Iiiiiiiini Uuiiae. iud -
iba blind girl M*m*d iu b* *o cvonr
unt wilb "llnulet" thll Irving lurlled
ber tu "wltneu" tils performanc*. aud
aba readily accepud. "After lb* uc
ood id Irving mui word lo tier tbit hi
iboulil Ilk* iu bar* ber come oo thi
alage If aba wu eo luclliu-d. and wbeu
abe urrlrcd hi tbowad ber aruuml aud
eiplalned Ibt mg* Mlllug. Bb* ru
bir baud* gioUj orir bU coatuuu aod
•eemad to b* much pleaaed wltb bli
"Ai ibi wu leivln lo return lo hn
boi Irving Ibought Unt be ougbt u
give tier tome lllll* memento of tbt
oci-aiiloo. Ue realized lhat In bU co*
lume ii Uimlel then mu uutblng bi
could readily apare, but u ll wu bll
itimoiii to pul on bla aytghuau ai
•ooo ii lb* curtain wmi down bi took
liiein uff ind biiidad tbim to bir.
"lo tbi mlddl* if Uu out act M
luddenly r*cilled Ull fid tbit MIM
Killer wu blind, and ba toll bu Ibll
It 11 uimt broke bla op wbu bi
thought of lb* fin pu bi bid Bud* "
Thlngi Chin* Kmw Lug A**-
Tbere le * dlillnct indlUon of dying
aicblnu at I vary rewoi* diU la
Cblna, iccurdlng to tbi latter ef liw
civiiluiliiii of cbln*," lid rough woodcut* of web can bar* bun baoaad
dowD for unoy cuturtM Tlun ir*
•viu bbili of tbi I ray, lb*r* being *
record of I pbyMcUi of tM (fib cio
lury H i). wbo wu ibii lo m* lulo Ihi
»Uc*ri of II* pdUnt*. wlill* luutbet
pbyaldio, wbo livid iboot 1300 yetn
■gu, WU nxuitouud to au I* iu*
Uud* ind oparaiad upon th* bow*u
•nd off«*d to cur* UM budacbu of •
military comnuudar of bla diy by
onenlog bli bud. Hypoodim bu bul
Dud (or hundred! at run, bot ll for
MddM by Uw. Tbi rmkt tt Ut Bat-
em war* largal/ lacroltu from Ol w
clal/ ef Uu vtfMariiM, wbo
Mt suit, nook* nor drink.
Th* Offlci lo^a WinJr.il
It Uku Htll* to (ucoorag* i pott A
typographical mm, teye tb* Wusing
too Htir, finiud tb* I*im of boo* la
tb* breiitl of (bl OutvUle rerellera
Tbi local editor ted wjltuo ihu aotk*
lur tbe bMd of Uw editorial pege
"I'oullry liken to ucbing* for ub
•crlplloiu ind idurtliuig." Bll la Uu
paper tb* aet* appurH u "Poelry
likio to *icb«Dg»."
Howivk. tbi only penea wte proll
ed by Uill error wu Uk ttato bey,
fo? Uu Mil furtnlgbl tu aold In lb*
Juakioio * i|u»rl»r» w.wtb of paper
fn>« Ut wutobuM asary III -
Jmlb't l
'        1 I
Scotch Clothing House,Ltd.
Cor. Hastings & Abbott Sts.; also 77 Hastings E.
Extraordinary Purchase of over
800 Blue and Black Serge Suits
Young Men'* Blue Serge Fine Twill Suits, cul in three button ilyle, lizei
34 to 37 ., • $12.75
Blue and Black Sergei, Vicunai, Worstedi, Chevioti, in young men's and
ordinary. Extraordinary values, size 34 lo 44 $15.00
Fine Weave Blue Worsteds, in sizes 36 lo 44, Iwo or three button style $18.75
Stout Men's, Men's and Young Men's Blue and Black Suits, in fine twill
Worsteds, Vicunas, Cheviots, in fact all weaves. Sizes 33 to 48.
Special ,.' ; $25,00
Black Meltons
Tweed Ulsters
Special, $12.75
Fine Black Vicunas
Black Beavers
Tweed Overcoits
Special, $15.00
High grade quality
Tweed Ulsters,
over 200 patterns
Special, $20.00
it} Jtfrrt (WjrtHtmaH
Sinttrr in Hirtnria
" Aak, ami ll uliall ba given yuu; anik
•ml ye ilull,tititl; knock nul il ibill
be opened unto you Por every one
tint lukt'lli rceeiveth; mil be thai
seeketh limit-ill, ami In Imu tint knurk
rtli it -Lull bi oprneil."—Matthew
vii, 1, t.
On the liiinil ilay of December, 1""".
nearly forty fuur yens agu, I lit in
the i'lliturial ruum ot Ihr Colonial uf
li' i- uu Wharf itreet prepiring i lent
ing unu I, Mr. DeCntmat, the editor
uml owuer, hi<l tuiilriitt.il • ievi>re
uii'l nni wai I'unlliiitel tu hia ruum it
Wili'ol'i lie- nl Hotel, an llm entire
wurk of wnting'up Ihi' paper for thai
nwutt devolved upon uie. Tint office
waa a i n.l.- one atory affair of w uml
It bad lei-i-ii ereetad by a merchant early
in Infill ami when he latin! or weal
awiy the liuildioij I-H iulu Mr. De
t'oimos'i binds On the lllh of ''"
ceinber, Ihul), Mr. llel'oimui eitiblilii
ed tbe Ctiluiiiit, wlii.lt hia iver einre
lllll'l    I    I'letlllllll'lil    lll'l    IliiMiialell'    |ui-l
tiuu iii colonial Journiliiin. Our ef
tee, ai I have remarked, wae i rude
affair. The editorial room waa a imall
•para partitioned oil from the compel
log ruum, wbleh ronlaliied alao tke
little band prew ou  which tbe piper
call bitu iut   Ile awaiti your permit
liuu without."
I replied, "Certainly," ami ile|ipiit|j
tu the duor ibe railed, "Hertraml!
Rertrnul! my .lnl.I, eome hem, ami
"lunl, tu Ibe gentleman "
I eipected lu iee a curly haired huy
of Ave ur iii yean, iu abort trouieri,
• headed jacket and fancy cap, whom
I wuuld lake uu my kuee, toy with hia
curls, uk hit name iud age nul give
bim i "bll" wilh which to ituff hia
yuulliful ituinirb wilh iudigiitihlc
su, iii,min Judge uf my jiurpriic,
then,  when  preceded  by 1  nuibi uf 1
eel'i" i iii llnei" iim- when tf,im li ami
In I.un. were Inn.iK ever met upuu
tbe itreeti, much leaa in in edilonil
mih.imu I ruie lo my feet it unci
md removed my hit In the brief
epice ut time tint elipacd  Itefure tbe
inly apuke I look her ill in Bhilheavy triad, I bug! youlh uf iliuul
wu i wouini uf arirrely forty, I u-ienieeii, bigger ami taller than my
thought; uf medium height, a Inni. -flf, ind inioking i cigir, ippeire>l
ulte,   wilh   large,  mil Mack   eyei,   i
prelty moulh • perfect Cupid'l liuw
ami olive lined cheeks. Hhe wia
richly dreiii'tl in bright colon, with
hi'ivy lironl itripci md ipn-e em-ir
cling hoopi uft.-r the fuliiun of Ihe
'lav When ahe ipoke il wia in •
rich, well ruiimleel iuuu. Ttken ill iu
•II, I aired Die tu.lv up li I very pre
rental,le peraun. When I eipllined tn
her III reiponae tu in enquiry tbtt the
editor wu ill, ibe uid Ihtt the wuuld
till igiin, nul wenl iwiy after luv
log ber card. Twu diyi liter, uo tbe
i'ltli uf December, |1his lady lame
"la lbe editor mil illl" the uked.
"Vet,  but   he  will  he  here  In  Ibe
■ .t.n.i- uf a day or two "'
"Ah!   well,  lhat   ii  tuu  bad,"  lnl
Mid.   "My builiieu ii uf iinpuitinri
nul final le'iir tliliy.   Ilul I nn tuld
wu printed    A penun wbo might with'that yuu will du U well."
to lie the edltur wu furrad to pirk      | MUr*d the lady lhat I ibould be
bii way Ibrougb a line of Hindi and Ll.,1 n, „,„,( j,„ |a ,„r way. Thank
iuei, It wbicb ituud Ibe cuitleaa print
en wbo ait the type mil prepared tbe
forma for tbe preu.
Tba day wat 'lull and raw, A
heavy wind frum the louthweit tlir
r«d tb* wtlen uf tbi barbur aud burl
mg itaclf with fury agaiait tbe front
of tbe building made the timbers crack
•ad groao u If iu paroiyimi of piln.
A driving rail fell in ibutt on tbi
roof, and dropi of witer which leaked
Ibrougb tba iblnglei fell uo tbe editor
III Ubl*, ewelled Into llttl* rivulets,
•nd Itiping te the Door cbued
each other lerott tbe room, miking
•ilitinre in tkl oltte. uncomfortably
damp. A* 1 wrote «w*y in ipite of
tkaa* anplaaaiat larroundlogi I wu
audi awir* by I ibadow tbit fill
•eroM my Ubl* of ik* preuaee of
■omiuue ia tb* doorwiy. ' I rilied my
tym tti tkere itood I feuil*- * tptt
iug me, the begin:
"My mme It Miduni Pibri. My
liiial.niil, wbu wu French, li dud
dild in California I nn • Kuealin.
lu ltua.ii I un I priiifraa " (Mm
p*uied u If tu witch tbi iiiipraaaiou
her announrement bad mide). "Here
1 mi • mere nobody -only Midline
Fibre. I niarrlid my buiband iu
Franc. We rame lo ralifurma Wa
had much money and my buabaad
went into ulttlx mining al (Irani Vli
lay, Ila did nol undentand tba Imu
neat at all. We loet averytblng. Then
be died" (and abe drew a lare handkerchief from her reticule and preu
Ing It to ber *ye* ilgbid deeply), "All*
y«e, Kmll puwd from me md 1* now,
I trual, In heaven, lla left me I
uioiiiitaiii of debt* lad on* ie*, Jler
Irmd, i good child, u good m gold,
v*ry I'loegbtfel nd obidliat.   Miy I
at llie opening, and iu a deep, gruff
voice lhat a iei ciplain or i miiilii
fiiiiiinimled wuubl bive envied, uked—
"I'itl yuu till, ti,i. ni in u t"
"lm, my deer child," ahe iweetiy
i,-l„.mie.I, "I wllh lo i ii 11.i'liii.' you
tu Ihil Kentl.iiiaii "
The "child" nn,ut.,i hia hat, mil I
nut iced that hll blir wu cut clou
lu lbe araip Having been duly in
Irudured, al my reijueil be ut duwn
in my cbalr, while I tuuk a iut on
the edge uf Ihe editurial table, which
wu very rickety, ind wuuld icircely
i"in my weighl al Ibe preient diy.
Tbi mother gaud at bar iou fondly
fur a mumenl and then proceeded:
'" Hertraml'e fortune wai awalloweil
u|t in Ibe i|uarli wreek, but he li very
eweel and very patient, ami never
romplalm. I'uur lid, ll wu bird upon
bim, but be furgivee ill do you not,
"Yea," rumbled the "cblld" from
Ihe pit of bll Kt.uiiB.il, lml Hie tipru
•iuu tbli Dillld m-ruu bli vluge mule
mi Ihink ba would nlher h»ve uid
"No" hid be timed.
"Tbii being tbe eaa* I will now u
plain Ihe object of my villi. Ai I
bave eald, we bave luil everything
ihil li lo tay, our lacorlu li io (really
reduced tbit it it now i matter of not
more thm H,ihiii • month. Upon tbtt
meigre turn my dear boy md I con
trive to get (long by pnrliaing (be
ilrirlwt economy eonilitint witb uur
piiHlion ll life .Nit.rtllv wi wiih tu
do b.-ii. r aad then gu back to ituuil
•ad live wilb thi nobility.   Do wi
not, lt.-rHan.il"
"Yea,;' rumbled Ine "cblld" from
bii atomwb again, ia ba lighted • freak
"Wall, now, Mr. H." tlu lady want
m, "I waat aa ad vlear. I aak Plan*
Manclol It tka French Hotel lid be
Ull* n* to m kll p*rt»ir, Itht Ben)
It iw't nlone the monetary value that cpunt?,   It's ths amount of usefulness to the
person receiving it that is embodied in a present that makes the lasting impression.
To the great majority furniture presents' are accepted above all other.
Our slock at this season just teems with inexpensive useful articles lhat would
be an ornament to any home.   There's        •
man ohaibb,
You see we have something for every member* of the family and we ran assure
you that our prices are well within your estimate, We deliver goods when you wish
and will gladly hold any articles for you free of charge,      ,
Be sure and see our immense slock.
931-945 Granville St., Vancouver, B. C.
• nd Ur. Hare lella me to gu to tint
editor of the Colonial 1 come here
The editor ia ill. I gu back tu Mr.
Here and he says, "See II. W. II.; be
will ael you all right.' Mo I eome tu
you tu lull yuu what I want."
Hhe |ntii»iui fur a moment In tuke a
u, u. .I'lij.i i from her retii-ule ninl then
"After my husband died and left
the ilebla and thia precious child (tha
"child" gared abstractedly ut lhe
e't'iliug while he blew rings of amok"
from bia mouth) "we make u grand
'liicuvery. Our fureinan, working in
the mine, itrikea rich quartz, coven il
op igiin, and telle no one but me. All
I tie ahart'holderi bave gone-what you
• all 'bulled,' I beliuvef We get hold
of mmy iharea cheap, end nuw I come
here lu get tliu, rea>. An Kiiglishman
•miii enough shares to give him cuntrol
I mem tint uut uf 110(1,0011 sTart't I
have gul 11,1,0110 and Ihe rest thii Kng
l, .1,0.1111 bold*. We bave traced bim
through Oregon lo thia place, and we
Inae all lign of him bere." (I'p tu tbia
moment I had not been particularly in
(created iu the narration.) Hhe paua
ed, and laying a neatly gluved hind on
my arm, proceeded:
"'You are a man of affairs."
I imui,.lit Intimated that I waa uu
thing uf Ihe kind, unly a reporter.
"Ah! yea. You cannot deceive me
I tee it iu your eye, yuur face, your
movement! Yuu are a man of large
eiperieiue and keen judgment. Your
cunveriatiun ia charming."
Aa abe nail apoken fur ten minutei
wilbuut giving me an upporlunity lo
uy a word, I could nul quite under
aland huw ahe arrived al an estimate
uf my converaatluuil puwera. Huw
ever, I felt flellrrotl, but aaid nol lung
I'reulug my arm wllh her bind, the
weut ill
'"I come to you ai a man uf the
world. (1 made a geiture uf diieeiit,
but It wu very feeble, for I wu caught
iu Ibe web). "I rely upun you. I
aak you to belp me. Hertraml—poor,
dear Bartia—bit no bead for liuiiiiem.
Hi ii too young, too confiding, too—
too—wbtt you Kngliih people rill ilm
pi*—no, too good—too noble—be takea
(fler my family-to know anything
about aucb affaira, ao I eome to you."
Wu it pueiihle tbii because I wu
coniidered unredeemibly Imi I wu ie
lei led for Ibll woman'e purpoeef Al
I muied, half dlipoied to get angry,
I Mlud my bud ind my eyei encountered tbe burning orb* of Madame, gazing fill into mine. Tbey uemed to
ban UU gimlet* Into my very tuul. A
thrill ran through me like i ehuck
from en electric battery, md iu au in
■ ium I uemed buund hand ind foot'
to tlie fortunca of tliia atrauge woman.
I fell inyaell being dragged along u
thu itoniuu Kinpernra were wuut to
draw their captivea Ihruugli the Btreeta
ut their capilul. I huve unly a ha/y
recollection uf what pained between
ua ufler lhat, but I rull lo mind thai
ahe aaked mu tu inaerl a paragraph
from a tlraaa Vulley uewapaper tu tlie
eii"' that the ininu (the name of
which I forget) waa a failure and thai
abarea could bo bought for twu centi.
When ahe look her leave 1 promiaed to
nil upon her al Ihu hotel. When the
"child" extended a euld, clammy hand
in farewell I felt like giving him a
i.i'l' In looked ao grim and ugly and
patronizing. I gazed into bii eyei
alernly ami read lliere deceit, hypo
unity and morel degeneration. Uow I
hated him)
The pur had been gone several min-
uti-H before I recovered my mental bal-
auce and awoke In a realization uf the
fact lhat I wua a young fuol who had
aold liiiniu'lf (perbipi to the devil) for
a few empty compllmentl and a peep
iulu the deep well of an artful wiiinm'a
blaring eyei. I waa inwurdly curaiug
my ilupidity while pacing up md down
lbe floor'of the 'den" when I beard
a timid knurk ut the door. In reapouae
to my invitation tu "come in ' a youug
llily entered. Hhe was prelty and
abuut twenty yeara of age, fair, wilh
tlark liluu eyes and light bruwu hair.
A i-i"-1. Jin ml her fate aa ahe ukid
fur lbe editor. I returned the uiuil
a im wer.
"I'erlupi you will do fur my pur
poll," ihe uid, timidly "I live
here i piece of poetry,"
I gupeil u I ihougbi, "It'i an od*
on winter.   Oh, Caeurl"
"A piece nf poetry," ihe cunlinuiid,
"ou 'Britain's Queen.: If yuu will
leu.I .ami bud il worthy a place iu your
paper I shall be glad to wrile more.
If It'! wurtb paying fut I sball be
glad  to get anything,"
Uer hand tmtlAtd ai the produced
llie paper.
I thanked her, telling her that I
wuuld luuk It over, and ibe withdrew.
I coulil not help conlrutlng lbe first
with (he list visitor. Tbi one bid at
traded nte by ber artful and flittering
tongue, the skilful uie of ber beautiful
eyai and tbe prewure of bar band on
my eo»t lleeve; tb* other by the mod-
*»ty of ber demeanor, Tb* timid eby
n*u witb which ib* presented her poem
bid eangbt my ttniy.   I looked it tb*
piece. It wis pour; nol but what the
sentiment wia Ihere-the ideis were
guod, but they were uot well put As
prose it wuuld hive beeu icceptable,
but us vene it was imputable and mil
worth anything
The neit wia Curistmai Day. ll
was  my  lirst  Christmas in  Victoria.
Business waa suspended. Ali the
stolen were doled. At tlnl time in
front of every buaineas houie there wu
a wuuden verandah or abed that ei
tended from the fruni ol Ihe building
tu the outer edge uf tbe lidewilk. Oue
might walk alnng any of tbe dowu-tnwn
slreets md be under cover all the way.
They were ugly unsightly ruiistruetiuus
and I joined the alderman le buard and
secured the paiuge of an ordinance
that compelled their removal. Along
these verandahs on this particular
1 Ini-iiua,, morning evergreen buughs
were placed, ami the little town really
presented • very pretty ami sylvan
•ppeirinre. After church I went lo
tbe ohV and from tho offlce tu the Hulel
de France for luncheon. The only olber
guest iu the ruom wai a tall, florid
faced young tnau.ioniewhat older than
myself, llu occupied a table oo tbo
oppuslto side of the room. When I
gave my order the landlord remarked,
"Ali the regular hoarders but you have
gone to lun. beon with their friends
Why not youf"
"Wby," I replied, wilb a quaver
In my voire, "ibe only families lhat
1 know aFa dining with frlendi of
their own whom I do not know. I
feel more liomeilck today thm ever
bettiif iii my life md the Idea of eat ,
Ing my Christum dinner ilone Dili me
with melt nt holy tbuughli."
Tha mm ou (be other tide uf tbe
room muat hive beird wlm I uid, for
bi Clin nluii ,i
"There's twu of i kind. I'm in •
•Imliil fli. I have no frieodi hen' it
lent none wilb wlioin I cm dint. Hup
pose we double upt"
"Wbit'i tbitl" I uked.
"Why, let ui eit uur Cbriitmu din
ner together and have a good time.
Ilere'i my cird and here'i * letter of
credit on Weill, Fargo'i agent to ibow
that I am not without vliible m*ioi
of lupport."
Tbi cird md, "Mr. Oeorge Barclay,
Urass Valley."
"Why," I uid "you ire from
Oriii Valley. How fringe! I uw
tvro people yttUrdiy-i Inly ud bt;
'ebild' wbo cliimid to bive com* from
Onw Valley,"
"" L    '" '       ■ nnmmmnnnm,
OonmnmA on Pag. 7 ;,
r winner in victoria
OonUnMd from Page 8
"liiiiiied," be (inked, "what *ra
ftiy libel"
"Th mother i»yi the ia | Hussion
priucuii. Hlm calls heraolf Mme. Fibre
ind says ihu it i willow. Bb* i» very
liainlsoine and iulelllgent, »nd, "I
mi,led with a iiliii.blet, ''III! tbe love
lieui eyui—Ibey boreit me thrniigli ntul
My new-found frleiul faintly milled
md slid, "I knew thorn, By-ind bye,
when we get heller ici|uaitileil, I shill
tell you ill about tbem."
After luncheon we walked along u.n
> eminent In Yates itreet am! then tu Ihe
Colonist office. Ae I placed lbe key
ill the lock I saw tbe yuung Inly #ho
hid submitted the poetry wilkhg ri
pidly towards ub. My companion Hush
ed e iiuiul' uml iniini his bnt eili'inled
bis huiii, which tlm Inly 'leci'pti'tl with
,,1'silalinii They eielnrgiul somu
words ami I lieu the lady, addressing
uie, asked, " Was uiv poem acceptable »"
"Tu tell you the truth,  MIll-MitU
"Kurbi'B," she Interjected,
"I huve not had the lime lo rend it
.-"'iuii iAs ii  iiiHller ul'  fad   1
had nut besluwed a second Ihuughl
upuu the jto.-iii, liul una .1 Ii.uii,.i lu
acknowledge it.).
"Wheu util when cuu yuu decide I"
she naked Willi much ciiruestueas.
"Tumorrow, I think"- for I fully
inii'ii.lt'el to decline it.
Hhe seemed deeply diuppulnted. Her
lip i|iiut'ri'el ua she held down her bene
uml her form trembled with agitation
i ciilll'l mil ..ioi. i-luiui her i'iiuii inn,
lml, ut' I'uitree, -uol nothing tu show
thai I nburved il.
■■' oul.i you give me uu answer tu
tluy-this ul'lt-rniiun," the girl eagerly
Dim » suuu uu giveu you; leek, md
ye llllll liml;- knock, iud It shall be
opened.' On tbii holy diy-rour Saviour's bir|bt)»y-:wa bivt »0Hgbtlu4
Uve bive found."
Tbli WU followed by | suund ll of
sume one crying, uml tbtn tba girl
flew back to tbo door.
"Ob, ilr," lb* said, "1 I bunk yuu
from til* but turn of my In-art for your
good neit."
"'Not it all," I uid. "You bive
earned It, and you uwe ma up tbiiilti.
1 iliall be glad to receive and pay for
any ot ino contributions you may tend."
I did not add, though, Hint they would
nul be published, ultlioiight ibey would
be paid for,
A' little buy with a Iruuliled fie*
ami a pinched luuk nuw ippruaebed
lhe front door. Ile waa tiually but
poorly droned.
"Ohl Nellie, what is the matteri"
lie asked, aniliiusly,
".lubitnlu,"answered Nellie, "I have
earned tin. mil we sbnll huve il Christmas dinner, ami yuu shall have a drum
too." Ai she saltl this she caughi
Ihu lillle fellow in her arms ami kissed
htm, ami pressed bis wan cheek against
her uwn.
have n turkey, Nellie!'
' Yes," I suid,
ua yuu seem su very
iiiiiii,us, if you will give tne yuur ml
ilress I shall luke or semi an answer
before four u'cluck. Where tio you
"Do you know Koraluy'a collugeal
Tbey are a loug way up Yates street.
We occupy No. I."
I'liisliiiv . t'littages were ,, culler I loll
uf little , .il.n,.. Ihut hail been erect
ed uu u lul nt the curner uf Cook ami
Yates streets. They have lung since
dluppeareil. They wero uf une slury
lud each uiiun, cuulaiiii'd three riiuina
a kilt lieu ami two ulher ruums. I
could seureely imagine a refined persun
such as the lady befure me uccupyiiig
lliiise n.i ■ uul-1' quarters; bill Iheu, yuu
knuw, I,,,,,,-uv   kiiuwa uu law.
The girl thanked me, ami" Hartley
at'i'Oinpmied her lo the corner uf Yalei
streel. He seemed tu be trying to in
duel her tu iiu lutiielhiug she lol uut
approve of, for she shuuk her head with
an air uf ilelerminaliuu and resolve
and hurried away
Mui' i.e.    um,   back lo lhe oltii-o nnd
unl:   "I um KiigliBh myielf, but the
silliest   creature  In   the   wurld   is  an
englishman wno having um-.' been well
uff, finds bimeolf stranded    His pride
will  not  alluw him lu accept   favurs
knew that girl's fallier and motber in
tlraas Valley,   The old gentleman lust
a fortune at quartz milling. His part
uer, a Mr  Maloney, i Dublin man ami
gin,luiHc   uf   Trinity   College,   hiving
•unk his uwn ami his wife's mouey iu
the mine, poiioued his wife, threechil
dren and himself with strychnine; but
fMt .Hie strangest part uf Ibe slury is Ibal
W     three  moiiUis  ago  Hie  properly   was
reopened and the very first shut  thai
wan lind iu a tunnel laid luui a rich
vein    ilml   Maloney   tin.I   uue   inure
rhirgr he would hive been rich.     As
il wis he died i murderer iud i sul
/     elde.   I'ooi fellow'   In a day ur Iwu
I   will  iiii  you  more.   Ilul  let  ua re
turn lu lhe poetry    Wbal will you tlu
wilb III"
"I fear I shall have lu reject il
"No!  nul" be cried.   "Accept  III
r    Tbii moruiug I went tu the Iiiuiii' of Hi
■ family, which consists of Mr. Forbei
wbo is crippled wilb rlieumiiisui, bia
eicelleiit   wife,  tbe  yuung  inly   from
whom we huve just pirled, lml 1 little
, buy of lev en    They in in ictuil will,
I    I offered to laud Ihein muney lu buy
euminuii necessaries, mil Forbes reject
ml the offer iu language thai was in
Bulling,   blow, I aak yuu, implore yuu,
lu gu imin,uhnii Iv to Hie college  Tell
Die girl Ibal you have accepted  the
poem and give her this" (handing me
a I'll) gold piece) "as the appraised
value ot her produrlioii. Then return1
lo Ihe Hnlfl'ilc Frame nul iwail de
velopmejili." j,
I consented.   The road wai lung and
'      muddy.   There were neither sidewalks
nor sired., ind il wu ■ .iiih. nit mil
ler lo navigate the iei of mud.
The young lldy miwered my kuuek.
Hhe almoil  fiinlad  when  I  lold ber
/    Hn poem bid been iccepted md that
lb* fee wu I i'o.   I placed the roio in
her bind.
"Mamma!   I'ipil" ibe   crjnd,   and
running Inildi tbe bouie I heard ber
tay, "hty poem bu inen iccepted, ind
i      lb* genlli'iolli from the i'iiIoiiibI  oiiht
'     ban brought mi lit."
"Think   Ood!" I heir I  womin'i
"Hhull wc
he asked.
" Yes, dear," ahe replied.
"Ami a |<l>iin ini'l.line loo, with unu
sauce   thai   hums   whim   yuu   put   a
mulch In il, nmi shull I huve Ivvn help
ingsf" he asked.
"Yea; yuu sliulf ael lire In lbe uuce
uml have two helpings, Johnnie."
Wun'I  lhal  lie uicii," lie exclaim
ml, gleefully.    "Ilul   Nellie, will  pupa
gi'l-liii'ilicine to muke him well again?"
" Xes, ilobnnie."
"Ami uiumuin will she gel back all
lhe prelty things she sent it way tu
pay lhe rent willif"
"lllllll, Johnnie," said the girl, with
an apologetic look ut ine.
"Ami you, Nellie, will you get buck
your warm cloak lhal the man with
the long nose look  away I"
"Hush,  eleir,"  she  suni.   "Oo  in
side nuw; I wish tu speuk lu Ihis gen
llemm."   Hhe  eluseil  the fruiil   iluur,
ami   asked   me,   nil   the  sliires   being
lined, how. she  would be able tu get
the muter inls  lor  the dinner Hid  re
m Iter promise tu Jiiliiniie.
'Klilly enough," said I.    '"Order
il at the Hole! de Frame.     .Snail  i
take the order!"
"If you tvill be an kind," she said
"Plane order what you think is neces
'"Ami I I have a favur lu ask nf
"Wbal is ilf" sliu eagerly Inquired.
"Tbut yuu will permit tne to rat
tuy Christmas dinner with you ami the
family. I am a waif and stray, alune
in lhe world. I am almusi u stranger
here. The few acquaintances I have
made are dining uul, uud I am al Ibe
hotel with Mr. Barclay, whom yuu
kuuw, ami, I hop*, esteem."
"Well," she said, "couil, by all
"And may I bring Mr. Barclay wilh
mel Ile is very lonely ami miserable,
.lust ttiiiil, thai nn a ilay like Ihia he
haa nowhere tu go bul lu au hotel.'
Hhe considered • moment befure re
plying; then she said, "Nu, do not
bring him- -let liim cume in while we
•rr at dinner, as If by icridait."
I hastened lu lhc Hulel de France,
ami soon had a big hamper packed wuh
an iibumi.in.c uf Christinas cheer aud
uu ils way upun the hack uf au Indian
lo the Forbes bruise.
I followed and received a warm wet
i'uuu' frum the father and mother, who
were superior people  ami  gave every
evidence of having teen  belter daya.
The   interior   wia   serupiiluusly   clean,
but there was unly nne chair.   A small
kilelien stuve, at  whicii the sick man
sal, was the ouly means of warmth
Tbere were nu carpels, ami, if I wn
not  mistaken, llie lied covering  were
siant.   The •vidian ut eilrefuc pu
erly was everywhere manifest. I never
felt meaner iu my life I liun when I lc
ii'pleil the lili'Biiiiga lllll  belonged tu
llie uther miu.   Mr   Forbes, whu wai
too  III  to lit  11   the  lible,  refilled
oil  I   nnle   lounge   neat   lhe   kilchu
• love    Juat u dinner wu being served
there nine • knock al  the dour,   ll
waa opened and there aloud Han-lay.
"I have cume," he uid, "In uk
you to take me iu.   I caiinul eat my
liun% ilnne H  the hulel.   Yuu hive
taken my uuly acquaintance" (point
iug lu mu| "from me, and if Mr. For
lies  will  forgive  my  indiirrelioii  of
lln- morning I llllli be thankful "
"Thll I will," cried lb* old gen
il..iiuiu, from Ibe kilrbeo. "Come in
liul lei us ibike hinds Hid forget our
Hu Bar. lay entered, and wa it* uur
''Illiniums dinner in one of the bed
rooms, ll. wis laid Oll Ihe kilelien
table, upou whieb a table cloth, eenl
by thc thoughtful boils H Ihe hotel,
wu spread There were oipkiua, •
big turkey, and rliret iud champagne,
and • real live, polite little Frem Iiiiiiiu
lo nine ind will. Ilirrliy ind I ul
on fhe bed. Mn. Forbei hid lbe only
cbalr. Johnnie and bia lister ocrupl
•d tbi hamper Before ailing Mri.
Forbei Mid grace, io wbicb ibi again
quoted tbi [Hinge from Hrrlptur* wilb J
•ll   .-. WR lu, *|id I enjoyed it iih dill
ill tbg rwt. Milk Johnnie got two
helpings of turkey Mf) two helpings
of pudding, and then be was allowed
|Q sip p little champagne whon tbo
toasts t« tbi (ivten and tbe father lu'i
mother and tbi young and riling pool
|M of (bl family ware offered. Tben
Johnnie wi! touted, and put ll lied ii:
Nellie'a room. Nest it cumu my turn
to uy a few worda in respnn.se to u
aetitiineiil   wliieii   thu   old   genl leinail
lipnl.e through tlie open dour from his
position in the kitchen, ami my reapoiun
abounded In prevarications about the
budding genius uf the daughter of lln
household. Tben 1 called Barclay in
bla tii'l, ind be praised me until I fell
like getting up ami relieving my soul
of Ita weight of guilt, but I didn't, fur
bad I done ao Iho wliule affair woultl
bave been spoiled.
Hiiiebiy mil I reached uur ipiadlett
il the Hulel de France about midnight
We were i pair of tliuruitghl.y happy
unu luls, for Iiiii we mil, iftur ail, "dim
ml uul," and bad we uut bad a ruynl
goud liiiie nu ChrislmuB Duy, llllllll
The inoii.>v. wus Boxing Day, uud
none uf the ulHces  were upeued.      11
aaw nothing uf the Princess; but I ub-
served Bertie, Iheswei't "child" ut bo
puid frequent visit-, lu the bur uml
I.iumI' ami water ami rum und gin,
and bought uud paid fnr ami smoked
lhe best cigars al two lilts eueli. As
I gazed upon him the desire lo give
him a kicking grew stronger.
ily appointment Barclay uml I i in
a private room ut llie hotel, where he
unfolded his plans.
"'You musl have seen," he began,
"that Miss Pen lies uml I are warm
frleudt. Our friendship begun sin
mouths ugo. I propused to her, ami
wus accepted, subjeel lu Hie approval
of Ihu father. Ile refused to give bis
uusi'iil because, having lost his mon
uy, he iniilil mil give his daughter u
duwry. llu wuulil listen lu nothing
that involved un acceptance of ussist
ance Iruin uie, ami he left Viucouver
Island lu Iry his fortunes here. He
fell ill, ami Ihey have suld ur pawned
everything uf lulne. The girl was
uul permitted lu hid me good byu
when Ihey left tlruss Vulley. Alter
their departure the eliwiivcry of wnicli
I huve informed you wus mude in the
Maluney tunnel, uml us Mr. Forbes bus
hobl on tu a control uf the stock in
spile uf his adversities, he is mm u
rich mm. I want In marry the gul.
As I lold you, I prupused when I be
lieved them to be ruined, li is now
my iui, to ui-tjiiuiiit tlie family witli
their gnotl fortune unit renew iny suit.
1 think I ought to do il today. Hurely
he will not repel me now wheu I tuke
that iiews lo him as he did on Christ
mas morning when I tendered bim u
I told him I tliougbt he should •iui
part the guod news at ouce uud stand
the consequences He lefl me for that
purpose. As I walkuel iulu the dining
room, I saw the dear "child" Herlle
leaning over the bar quiilliug u gluss
of absinthe. When he aaw tne be gulp
eii duwn lhe drink uml aaid:
Mamma    would    like
tu you."
I recalled tbe adveuturu with lhe
eyes anil hesitated. Then I decided to
go tu ruom lii un the aaeonil flat uud
ita lbe thiug uul. A kuuek uu the
door was responded by • sweet "Cume
iu." Mine. Fibre wis seated in an
eaty rhair before a cheerful cual lire
She rose at ume ami extended u
plump ami while bind. Ae we sealed
uurselves she dashed hrr burning eyes
upuu me ami said:
"I am so glad you have cume. i
du waul yuur advice about my mining
venture. In Hie first place I may tell
yuu Ibal I have fouml the man win,
owns the shares. He is here in Vic
loiiii with hia family, lie is deiperate
ly puur. A hundred dulluis if offer
nl wuubl be i greai temptation. I
will give inure (ve Imu.ltd if ueees
ury." i
"The properly you lold me uf the
Her grill eyei no longer bore in «•
pretiion of priding innderoMiMbiy
teemed to glint ind eipand tpA to
shout fierce flames from their depths.
They lerrilleil RIB, flow I WUbed I
bid left the door open.
"AhI abe screamed. Ilf see it all.
I have been betrayed sold out. Hive
ypu broken my eonSdontJef"
"I b»va ueve^repeited to I lout
what you told me," I replM quliWjr.
''Theu who eoum n»yo done ltl"
abe exclaimed, bleating into l lit of
liyiiterii-iii tears. "1 have epme nil ilmi
wuy to secure the property uml now
Ilml that I am tuo lite. Bhantel
I will Icll you. Barclay is really
here, lie knew of the strike aa toon
as yuu did. llu it in love with Mitt
Furlies uml has fulluwed the family
In tell Ihem the good newt. Ho it with
Ihe mm at Ihis moment."  '    t
"Curse himl" i'liii cried through
her sel teeth.
I left the iviiiiiaii plunged in u slute
uf deep despuir.
I luld her sun Ihul he shuuld go up
sluirs and iilleml to his mother, ami pro
needed lii lhe Forbes milage, There I
found the family in u stale of greut
excitement, for Bunluy liud lold Ihem
nil, uml already  they  were arranging
pluns fur returning tu California ami
taking steps lo reopen the pruperty.
Miss Forbes received me very cordial
ly, und Hie mother uiilioiinci'il that the
girl inni Barclay wore engaged lu be
married, the fullier having given his
cuilaeiil. The fuml mother aiilJBti Ilinl
siie regretted very much Hint lier
daughter would huve iu iiimuiloii her
literary career, whieh hud begun ho
auspiciously llirough my discovery of
in r latum laletil,
I looked ul llui' ln>. before I replied
His fuce wus us blank as a piece uf
white paper. Ilis eyes, huwever, dalle
ed in his heud ns if lie enjoyed iny
"Yes," I finally said, "Mr. Bur
cluy bus much to be unswcruhlc fur.
shull lose a valued contributor. I'ur
liupa," I ventured, "she will still continue to writ,' frum California, fur she
pussesses poetical liileul of . high order."
"I shall .ulu.IP. do an," cried lhe
young Inly, "ami without puy, too. I
sliull never forget your guudness.''
I beard u luw, chuckling sound be
himl me. It was Barclay swallowing
ii luugh.
They went uwuy iu tlie course of a
few duys, ami we corresponded fur u
long lime; but Mrs. Barclay never I'ul
poetical gift. Perhaps her husband
told ber of tbe pious fraud we prac
liet'd upon her "11 Ohriattnus Duy, 111(1(1.
Sut whether be did or not, I hlye tuk
en the liberty, forty-four years after
the event, of exposing tlte pirt J took
lu the deception ind craving forgiveness for my manifold tins and wicked-
neaa on tbit occasion.
Wbat became of the. Ituetiiun princess witb the pretty ininuen, the white
IiiiiiiIh and the enchanting eyes, md
tbe iiwi'i'i "ehilil" iieiiie,' Thoy were
back at Grass Valley almnsl as soon
is Purlieu and Barclay gut there, and
from my correspondents i learned that
they thired in the prosperity of thu
Maloney' claim, and Hint Mme. Fabre
and her son returned tn Kussia tu live
and die mining their noble kiu.
A iinleil 1'iuie >ei of music wus
unpen mui," the wmi. iif an orchestra
al i, hem ul ami he liucniue much un
ii.c.e.i wilh lhe t un tl lift ii r fnr his er
ralie use uf the batnn. Hlupping the
le:. inI, he said lu the t ill j. ri t: "Misluire
lunes, yuu would muke n lu'tiiilifiil
conductor—for iee omnibus, yuu ins
always behind."
The dipper lillle rlllhull clerk gu,.i'el
ium,in--iui,;.|i into the dark eyes of llm
bindiomo brunette waitress.
"isn't  it   wonderful,"  he  gurgled,
huw  opposite! Bi'ein  lo lie ultrnt'lfd
lu each otherf" .
II sure is," agreeel the beauty. "I
noticed nujy Induy Ihul tiie mil, i
mun uf the luucb mitlsler ordered
p-r-t-'i iiii nnin iinni|itn*i|i
There an mauy Jolly gimee tbit ''an
be played on ObrUtmn night, and obi
or tbi jolllut li tbi gnb big. whlcb
bai afforded much fun In Ibnes paat
There ibould tw I big mitallii bag-
I iilllowciaa w||l in»wer-tled from
Hie chandelier.   In tbli tug put doi-
ens ind donna of uttie gifts, not am
of tbem oipeuilve; Juit III eortl af
trinket! tbit vou nip pick up for ■
few pinnlii each, every oil* u*itly
tied In paper, io no on* knows wlint'i
Tbeu i bar or ■ girl |i blindfolded,
given l cini In one band, turned round
Hire* time* ind bold ta itrtki it tbi
It bl great aport for tbi witcben ta
•ee thi frantic efforta nude to hit tbit
bag, and equally exulting when, baling
•beceeded, tbi blindfolded pliyir dipt
Into tbi grab bag ind |iulli,oui i gift
Hitch fun It li to open tbi pickagnl
Kur thin in enough glfu In tbi big
tn irlt'i' every brutbir orilatir or eouila
lots ul hlla
Primlir ind Explonr.
Hon. T. Maukciuie, lliu new Prim
Minister ol New 'leilatid, hu l
worthy record as in uiplurer. At
early at Ittt he made pioneer jour-
neyi Into the wild Weat Otigo district. He waa issuoiiteti with Quill-
tnu MoKinnoii whan the litter dii-
covered tlie well-known MoKlunon
Piss. In 1688 he hid charge ol i
relief party that searched the Matter
horn lor I'ml. Miinwariug Brown,
and disuuvered the pail between Llkl
Manapouri ami Hull's Arm. Three
liaises were discovered by him later
between Lake Mampouri ind Husky
Sound. In 1888 he wu made i Fel-
nw nl the Boyal Qeographlcal Booie-
ty. Iiiiini surveying and huih linn
iiig hive ilsu been itnoiig Mr. Mao
ketuie's lew ' '.'.create
I'liune 12 J
I'O lion I93H
North Shore Locators
Safety Deposit Boiei to Rent
illicr day  is valuable, ii il noil" I
'Yci- tint ii lu say, we Hunk it Ik.
Yuu It now Ilul iiiiiiiiiii i» Hi., mum un
certain ot all veulurcH. Yuu Imagine
yuu are in li uue diy ind tin' neit yuu
And '.'iieiu.li broke, il wae io willi
tny builiaiid. Ile eajnj liuiiiu. uno diy
ind mid, 'Wc ire rieb'j •ml lbc not
be uid, 'We iro poor.' Tins Miloncy
mine bull,- well, bul wbo nil be aurcl
Wbeu I t'l mc bere I Ibuuglil lliut if
I fuuml lbe mau wilb llie eiiiri'H I
""ilu gel iin in fur a wing, I may yet,
but my dear cblld tella me tint be Inn
H'i'ii ■ mm frum (Iran Valley mnicd
Barclay, wbo ii a friend of tbat aliare
bolder, and," ibe added, bitterly, "por-
bapH lie line got ahead of me. I muil
■ee (be man at orne and make bim au
offer.   Wbat do you Iblnk I"
"I Iblnk Ibii you might •• well site
yuurielf furl Imi trouble Ily Ibii time
Ibo ebirebolder hu been ippriwvl uf
bll good furluim."
"Wbatl" ihe eiciiiiued, ipringlng
to ber feel, ind tranidiing me wilb
ber tyei.   "Am I, limn, |oo In I •■ f"
"Yci," I Hid, "you ire too lite.
eVorbei--Ibii ii tbe mm'■ umi—koowi
of bii good fortuue, md I do not Iblnk
bt would rail now at my prire."
To Our Many Friends and Patrons:
We extend our heartiest Xmas Greetings and
a Prosperous New Year,
Thanking you for your patronage during the
past year.
We solicit your patronage for the coming year.
• - '■ :        I
I "' ''lit
Toleplione 181
26 Lomdale Avenue,
* December 25th, 1912.
Ladies and Gentlemen:
The above named company have a fully
equipped and the best located office on the North Shore.
Having specialized in properties on this side of the
Inlet, we feel justified in assuring our former clients, and
prospective ones as well, the best advice obtainable.
We are not only North Vancouver specialists, but
we specialize in INSIDE North Vancouver property.
If you are in the market to buy or sell property in
North Vancouver, use our firm for values and advice, and
profits will surely follow.
r;**Jti-- ■      . .
Yours respectfully,


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