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 .   felt
...I    I
Viiluinij 12
Npwb Vwpmvw, frQ, F«fP4V, lwwwn» \&,l*n
NwRrt 8
District Council Meeti
The rpgalar maeting of th* Wttfipt
i.iium'il wu* liohl lost evening, Keovo
McNgugbt presiiling.   Tha nilmitwi ot
th* pravlpus' n,«otl«g   bnvlng   bop,,
roail nmi tpprpvod, tlio dork n-ml s
lol tor from tho city clork ststlug tbat
Alilornion Hniith, ]|o,ulorssn ami-Malta*
wpro appointed a I'liiiiinitii'ii to moot
|    willi a .lintri.-t riiiuii'il committee ami
,'    'discus* tb* qiiOBtlon of oJtemllng th*
' f car bu* on l,Dim,Ini" un'iiui'.
'It wss docldod that tbo roovo ami
Cunn. Bridgmtn roprosont tbo council
tt tho forthcoming Union of British
Columbia Municipalities at Victoria.
tba British Ooluqibi* Blpctrlc B»ll-
way Opmpany lissiroil tbo council to
know tbat in onler to supply rosldpnt*
tof Sussex str*e| witb light ** *ppliei|
for it |s necessary for thorn to oxtemi
tbeir pul.- lino from Beset street on
St. (I sorgo'a avenue. Tbe company
Amis tbat there *ro some stumps which
require shattering to ensure the s*fety
j of tbe line when they an- removcl,
alao tbat Iho plank rosd is plsceil
right ovor tho company's proper offset
on St. Qoorga's avonue,'t,id It will be
necessary to eitlior move plank mail or
to give tbo company a special offset
for poles. Tbo letter alao aak cl for
tbe clearance of aome stumps ami
debris In King street, west of i-ons
iliilc avenue.
Theae mattera wero referred to tbo
,-     Boaril of Works.
Mr. Sydney Allinan, Lynn Valley,
wrote asking tbtt "nuw Ihul tbe silly
season lias fairly commenced ami lift
ill Lynn Valloy has asaumcil ita uaual
prolilcnialic status at this period of the
year," hs bs iuvcstcil with the neces-
s*ry authority to aid the enforcement
of the law witb reaped to tbo reckless
sportsmen now infesting those part*.
On tbo motion of i'.hih. Alton the
matter wu left iu tbe bind* of the
police committee.
The secretary to tbo l.ynn Valley
ilalcpayera' Convention wrote ssking
if the council bid douo anything regarding local improvement to l.ynn
Valley road from Hustings crook out
tn district lot 854, wbicb application
bad been sunt in fully signed. It wu
announced tbtt an insufficient number
of siguiturcs had been receivod to
justify action on the council's part.
The mu,,' association uked tbst
slupa be taken at puce to construct *
bridge uroas l.ynn Creek al bouudary
line between lol* -SCit and 864 to enable
icsiilenl* to cruas lo their boiues.
Afler some controversy it wu re
solved Hist tbe engineer submit a re
port on Ihu matter.
License Commissioner*
A mooting ill the board of liens*
commissioners look pine on Wnlms
day aflernoon, Huy.u McNeish pitsrid
hi*-'- -Mm. B. .1. (Inni, ol Taylor,   Bar
ft' vey, Ibiinl ll (Irani, np|»orud on be
ball ol I). Thomas li Co., aaking tor
n retail liquor or but Hi, lio-ino, lor
lis- premises to bo erected on I...IH 41
mul 43, Block ISA, 11 l„ 274, Norlb
Vuiicouvar.       ,
Mr. '.i.ini |„, out iimt tho city
bud 'now reached s slsgo when it
s.vmisl iiK'i-ssary, in th* interest* ol
tlw public, (bat such *n inalilullon.
aa was suggested ahould ba lieen***),.
There were |a-opb> who re (uirod lii,uor
in s boi He, but did nni wsnt to g..
to * si.1,,.,11, nor did they wish l>,
brook the law. Mr. liruiil insinuated
lhat bflstohe* ol Ihe liipior law w*rr
not uncommon in Ihe city, *n in.|ib
cation over wbicb there wu auras
controversy, Mr. St*«ey suggesting (o
call in the chief ol the pnlice to hear
Iho i, mini..
. Mr. (Irani, conlinning, said tbtt
Thorns* A Ci,. did mil intend to open
in *ay email laabion. They cifri-al
stock nmouiiling lo 335,1100, and were
hobler* of ths best possible l,etipv,nl
als, several ti which, signed by pbi*f*
ol police snd other*, Mr. <>r»nt reul
11, Ihu commissioners.
Mr. Msrliitaoii strongly objroto) to
Ibe induaion of ocrlajn nam** of ten-
mils in lb* petition Ibst barf lieen en-
cloeod with lb* *ppBe»tii,n.
^ Tb* Rov. li»u*U Md*od oppostd lb*
A        granting ol * Betas*.     Ha remind*!
Wl t i |l0 commi*nos»rs I tat then —*t
men working on the slroet* in Uotti,
Vancouvar whp would b* enabled U>
get in * supply of Ibigor on Saturday
mgiil and coroua* sll dsy Sunday.
Ho wu sura lb»t * grost number
ti residwts would be disspppintad il
uny such license wore grant*! <i titit
stage.     II would only bord*   tbsir
.hands with another tooro) probtwn.
'        Mr.  Orant 'submitted In  reply to
'    Ibi* proUal, thai, in tlw cue of a
person in North V»noouver rwjuiitog
bandy lor sickness, (bws wu »t pit-
sent no mean* by whioh be oould Uke
hopn p small <}«*»%.. 9* mi^i
ad IW Un mint ilwild »Uii r<7»"
lot two woek*, sp t)i*f t|io eompda-
sioner* ipjghl cowltr* it 111 tl|  It*
Cimimissioiwr Ste»cy having remind-
ed the imsiling Hint ot the previous
Bi-ssion lln-y lind grunloil * third li'rtol
IjoBpsp, uml timf whip) to prnprfripfiai)
Ijtppf ii y»lwl)|* adjunct in a great
pipny m*p<mi to w n<H «m flt to
ypfMjm tlA* proj^ftipp, Jt ap-
'pwrt* |p him, tjio, ttiat ther* wt*
mime irregularity \f lb* «ig»>|ng p| til*
name* on H|e pkj'ltipi),
Ciililinissiiiner If. 0, iliss associated
himself with Mr. Slncey'ii riniorks, deploring, Oftl \o Ito pnbliP inttrprt tiny
woro not justiM iu granting the |(-
'fl* wwr »wwwnc*d. lotni\\y tit**
pn tin tpofiim pf Commieeioner 8t»psy
aeopniW by Comwissionoc Hies, Uie
application was refused.
Tbe cut *gtiust J*mes Kelly, which
wu adjourned on Tuesday morning,
wa* resumed on Wednesday, Magistrate
Kealy pra*it))ng. The defeudant was
ch*rg*d Fith giving * bottle pf
whiskey to tn Indian named leouie
.fulian, wbicb offence be denied, bringing forward three witneiies to swear
tbtt he had not been la th* Imliau
quarter recently.
At Wednesday morning's hearing
Chief Joseph appeared for th* prosscu
Hon and spoks I* la several recent occasion* on which |)* b»d aeeu Kelly
in tbo reserve. Th* defendant admitted having "kept company witb t
girl down thsr*" In tb* put, bat do
clued tbat be bad aot been there
line* May. Magistral* Kealy re
insrkcd tbat tbers wu son,* pretty
good lying somewhtr*. He adjourned
tbe cue until Thursday morning so
tbit further inquiries could If* made.
Tbt "herring" uaault wu also re
sunied, Mr. Dcarliug, tb* Ash marchtnt,
'producing t wilneu tp speak u ta tbe
behaviour of Dr. Forbes, th* defendant. Albert Mtnslcld corroborated tb* complainants' story In (vary
respect. Dr. Forbes bad returned to
the itor* after purcbulog some herrings, and destroyed t considerable
amount of stock, hurling tht herrings
in ill diractlM*. Several of them
bit lb* complainant I* tht fice.
Dr. Forbee ssid, wilb soms indignation, that bt bad ordered leabrador
borring* and bad been given salted.
Ho admitted throwing th* fish across
tbe counter.   It wu not It to est.
Magirtrat* Kealy observed tbtt tbtt
wu t cue tat th* health deptrtment.
Hs fined tbe   defendant   48.6(1   tnd
A number of Ibe Fire Chiefs, who
, uiig.-galcil tbi* week al Van.ouver.
for Ihe convention pf the Pacini'
Coast Association of Fire Chiefs' Asso
i iation, i-rotacd tp North Vtncouver by
forry on Wedp**day morning ami pro
reeded io automobiles lo Capilano. The
parly, which included Chief Osi'islu,
of Vtncouver, Chief Dtvi», of Vlclpris,
•ml Fin Chief* from Spokane, I.os
Augclts, Absrdeeu aud many other
.'Itles, were met tt Ibe ferry wharf by
Alderman Jsckaou aad Mr. I'. Urson.
Tbs outing was puidy t pi -asure one
tad it wu Mgrctttd that a brighter
dty did apt atfk Ihe pecuiou.
About m ie ill nt down fa lunch,
which wat sjc*l|*nHy served at the
C*nyon V|*w 9m. kttttwttdi
spMch** war* made, aad fa* koior of
ilff ffi*mbar*hlp wm eonftttiA sa Mr-
V. Inne*, who wu » mwbtr of th*
lirst Ir* 'af*******, lartlteUd ia
I good progrun ii btiug final
lot September ^1* ip thl ftftbgUsi-
an pburph, J^nn y'tflpy,   fhi tt.pctft
pm/m it VfMg toppiml <-•» to')*
wttfaa  by ifiltim tft,n miiid*
point* *md promfas* to b* •/ uu «r-
ocjltieonal cb*r»«|esi-, 11m Indr'*' Ai'
sre hsvfag e tele 'A irprk. ifarfai" !*'-
aflernoon, tf whjcb .0* will In telvid
The concert op^nsnoo* a. S pciro|i,
*b*rp sad eAMmdop it St*.
New Ridgmy Sckool
gmfUidJ     01      Wwn%n%w*mmM    mmtmjm      Wlmfmr
wmmm} F<ff Wrjw mwn*tpf
Tht layiflg ot ifn loundslion *tpiu
ol IWgewsy sobiiol bs* b*en poMpoo-
od until * Wss4i henoe. Th* ceremony
w»a Ip bar* ts*en plso* tidi sfbw-
Tmyrfift WW9 w m mmiWf "rWeam frnpr w^trm9
rT   *mtm  Mmmammmm  mni   #^w~VMap^V. rf^   emmmf>w
laty (o th* boltd of ttmopf ttoitnm
*rmw   mnmmf  IfVWimjfJI,   MU]   M  iDmiT
its aut ttkint, flailuat^ IM.
        "r ■"■■If   ."~Wrmtffn■"   r- ■ -- -.
Big Conservative Meeting
Despite thu inclemency pf th*
weather, an audience of very encouraging dimensions assembled tn laifson's
Pavilion pn Wednesday night when tn
entilieeiproeity meeting took place
under tbo auspices of the North Vancouver Conservative Association.
Tbp ebalrmap, u-Mayor W. H. May,
openld the proceedings with a tow tactful remarks, incidentally reminding tht
audience tbat tba gentlemen tbey were
to bear tbat night were not thorp seeking government honors, so that their
utterances wort not to ba clused in
lb* category pf inane insincerities. He
urged tbt tltetprate not to loosen, by
their voles, tbp cmiinior.'iul snd linan-
oltl bonds w|th the empire of empires.
I,et them pnee give-tbeir support to Be-
ciprocity *nd they would be advocating combines and monopolies Hint
wuuld irrevocably fetter tbeir country
tp tbe United States.
Mr. 0. H. Marden, called upon to address the gstbpring, submitted tbst the
sttitude adopted hy (be Conservative
party towards Beeiprocity wu the only
Intelligent one in view of tradition ind
record. They still resd tbst tbt Con-
servatlvcs had forsaken the position occupied by tbe leaders of tbe party, but
than, argued Mr .Morden, it wu the
ordinary thing for political parties to
cbang* tbeir policies. The speaker outlined the declared policy of Oeorge
Wubington, which was originally to
avoid til entanglements with tbo nations of the earth. Tbtt policy wu
consistently kdhercd to until 1878. In
tbtt year a complete chinge took place
ltd * policy of expansion wu adopted,
the states of Hawaii, Cub* tnd tho
Philippines, til territories ftr removed
from their own border, being added to
tbe United States. Thus witb change
of conditions came change of pplicy.
Similarly, tbp Bociprocity agreement
of 18S4 botween Canada tnd tb* Unitod
Ststes wu reppaled bectuae it wu uo
longer in tbo intoresta pf the States lo
continue it. No such thing u Beci
procity wu mentioned for forty years.
Now, however, it is iu tb* interests of
tha Wales to revive it. "But," de-
clsred Mr. Mordon, "by tbst self same, if Cauda in 1884 wanted Beeiprocity, in 1911 it has no use for it;
and we will roject it because we firmly
believe tbat it is not In tho interests of
Tbo speaker then outlined the pro
gross of tbo country, abowiug that it
needed only'tp be left alone to prospor.
They had so far achieved a record in
nation-building tnd did not now want
to be hindered by people in tbe south
or by any other alien people Mr. Mor
den apoke in scathing terms of the
weak, vacillating, unsatisfactory tactics
of Sir Wilfrid Uurier. Tbey were
themselves accused of vacillation, but
tbey burled back Iho implication iuto
tbe teeth of tho man wbu uttered it.
The speaker contended, smid tppltuac,
tbtt B. 1,. Borden wu tbe iogitimtle
and worthy successor of S|r John A.
Tbe Hon. Charles Wilson, K. C, ex-
attorney general, speaking for tbe dlst
timo in tbe present campaign, explained tbst it wu tbe sound of the
battle from afar tbat arouses the old
war-horse, and he felt acutely tbat tbis
was tbe most important election sine*
|878, seeing thst Ihe prime interosls
pf the people of Canada wero st stake.
Just a* the result pf tbo eloctipn pf
1818 proved far greater than Sir John
Maidonald himself anticipated, io Mr.
Wilson prophesied tbtt tbo result of th*
present csmpsign would surpus our
most sanguine sxpectttlous, and tbat in
* certain una* we should benefit by
the reign of vice and corruption that
has prevailed for th* lut sixteen year*.
Mr. Wilson attacked tb* party sys
tsai, contending that jl had destroyed
member, and had festered tnd encouraged * system of one man government. In the present Instance, whether
Beeiprocity be right nr wrong, the re
spousibility rested witb th* Crime Miu
A* t rule, if t country were proa
peroua, th* tveragc voter did not
trouble much about questlnt of ed
ministration, be they evil or ftOt, units*
tbey touch either Ihe pocket or the
sentiment. Beclproclty touched both.
Briefiy, Mr. Wilson outlined the attitude pf America tpw»rd* the pact, pronouncing it* *ccompll*bment lo h»ve
bsce* th* ditto) Pt American statesmen
fpr yesrs. "In sll Ibe history of tht
United Stabes," tried Mr. Wilson, "do
you sVor typw tbcm mike I bargain
tbey didn't gpt fbe best off
Tbt *ys*ker entreated bis lialeners to
remember tb* vacillating condition of
Sir Wilfrid Jetnrier's mind before bo
wept to Jeondo*, s journey which Bpr-
d*p pritlienUy compelled W» |p |*kt.
There wu pas mm at tbo conference
*f premiers wbo could have sounded in
imperial note, tnd tbat man failad to
do so. Up slste bad to gn*t a com
Aland in tho "'"ted council than Can-
Ida. I-iit them bo represented bjr men
who would think imporislly and men
Who *ff»ld act imp*t)»lly,
Mr, Oeorge H. Cpw»n, K- 0., at th*
outsit of hi* IM*?)), which fat more
like a fireside chat than aa oration, al
luded to that government fiasco, Jsp-
anese immigration, u set forth ia Mr.
I.oinieux 's secret treaty, whereby Japan
was to decided how many .laps we'l
wanted in Cauada, aad ao other person
pn earth could control tb* immigration
pf Japanese iuto Cauada. Mr. Fisher,
the Minister of Agriculture (wbo bad
(iu»i.'r done any agriculture) proposed
to give china the same power. All pf
which, Mr. Cowan contended, wu
analogous with banding over thp control of our tariff to Washington-
From the national standpoint, tbe
thing that makes and maintains *
nation today is commerce, not war. In
tbi* prcaent instance, be bad faith in
tbe patriotism and determination of
tbe electorate tbtt, who* they saw t
policy being advanced tbtt wu op
posed tp their interests, thoy would cut
loose from party tie* snd pulverize this
ignominious pact.
The instrument by wbicb the government could supervise the industrial
welfare of tho country—the one grut
industry wss tbe tariff. By th* Beeiprocity agreement, it wu proposod to
relinquish the right to rail* pr lower
tbe tariff on .heir national products
and their manufactured product* After
tlmt tresty passed—if, Qpd forbid, it
did pus—tbey would be powerless
without consulting tnd getting the con-
scut of Wubington.
Would tbey get tbtt consent if it
meant bringing about closer relations
with tbe mother country) The ont oh
jeet of tbo pact wu to bring aboul
a soptratiou botween C'tntda and the
rest of th* Kmpire.
Mr. Cowan submitted tbtt America's
position witb regard tp Canada wu like
Qormauy's in respect of tbe old country. Iu tbo Latter cue, the obstacle
was tbe llrilish navy. In tbe former
tbe obstacle tsi tbe tariff. He wu
not an alarmist, be aimply spoke tbo
thoughts that be htd moat carefully
gathered on tbe situatiou.
A member of th* audience uked:
I'Why don't we cpntrlbute to the
British ntvyf"
Mr. Cowan aaid that Sir Wilfrid
leaurior had conceived tbe Idea of an
independent Canadian navy. (If tbey
were men, the speaker said in parenthesis, thoy woud admit straight out
that tbe reul protection lo Canada faith* Britiab navy.) Sir Wilfrid ex
plained bla reasons at Ottawa (bus:
Hi-cause when England is at wu, we
*rc tt war. Afterwtrds be declared
Ibat wbat ho meant wu tbat, "it docs
not follow that because Kngland is st
war, wo tre tt wu" Wbat tbe
Premier meant wu tbtt if the British
navy wu at wtr, Canada would take
the piisiliou tbtt tbe Canadian fleet
bad nothing to do with tbat wtr—until,
tbe government, by order in council,
bad declared wtr. Tbtt wu tb* kind
pf rot thtt they bid to listen tp tt
Suppose that Ibe enemy didn't w»it
fpr the order in cpuncllt Then, tald
the government, send t wireless to par
Keel to tbe Bainbow in th* Facile
and tp tb* Niobe- (Ur. Cowan hesitated, and a member of tb* »udience
suggested "on the rocks," amid much
Tho Navy Bill wa* aot, declared Mr.
Cowan, passed for the purpose of establishing a nary, but u a* assault
upon tbe -King's power In Canada.
Finally,te exhorted the electorate tp
be true tp the nation tp wbicb tbey belonged tnd tp turn themselves into t
fighting force fpr Stevens.
During tbe eveuing Mr. Tlggtrt enthused tbe gathering with renderings
pf "Bule Britannia," and "Tbe Maple
Jjcaf," tnd tt tb* clot* pf tb* Witting,
|-)icariy cheer* were givon for the
petker* and fpr th* Conservative can-
Tho inpmber* of MAptiopi \odgt,
No. 7% thi* fify, are ppngr»tu|»tn>g
ttomaoivp* upon having captured tbo
.block and gavel ofered by tin patriot
lodge ts * reward lof tin gr*»r>»t
Derocfliago of jnpreate in pnrppttmip
jlpr thp quartor jutt ended. Tt,* in-
preaso in Ibe memfcersbip of lb* Ufttf
lodge wit ,38 p«r m.- Ih »w bfoek
ipA gftvcl were used for ,be trUtim
gp Wpdnpsdty evening lut, tin. OPPn-
Hop VMoi fte rwhtntomim tM.
newly tppointpd oJforf,
Mrs. A- 9, Mvp, tl tbis p||y, and
ber sister, Miss Bpji), of Vap-
couver, returned on Wednesday after
spendiug g weak "M 8P*tt|p friends.
The pastor, Bev. Boimld Mac',
will preach on Sunday next, morning
and evening. Morning subject: 'What
is Stving Kuilli'/' I-',veiling's subject:
"Tbo Seat of Judgment.' Sl.Andrww*
church, Kkrith mini.
Mrs. B. Crook ami her, daughter,
M|ii Bidth Crook, mother tnd sister
pf Mr. Crook, of tho North Vtncouver
Home Furnishers, arrived in Nortb
Vancouver pn Saturday from Schenectady, New York.   Thy are intomliug
In settle here.
Mr, tnd Mrs, Witt desire to |hnn!i
til friends who kindly aeut wreaths to
the funeral of their little daughter.
Next Sundty morning it lb; i.nioe
in the I'roebyicriiin church, l.ynn V,,l-
ley, Mrs. Simpson pf Norlb Vancou-
ver will sing "0 Best If) Ibo I.oid."
Mr. B. vtn Munsler will prciich nmi
serv|oe will commence punctually at
11 o'clock. Al| scats five und hymn
books provided.
Ferry Directors Meet
At t meeting of the ferry directors
thl* afternoon, t letter wu read from
tbe steamboat inspector, stating that
permission bsd been obtained from tbe
dep»rtnipnt tt Ottawa to increase the
psssongcr allocation on tbo Vancouver
city ferries, numbers - ami .'I, to 7i,u
and 900, respectively. This will necessitate t special inspection of etch vessel, tbe expeuses of wbicb must ho paid
by tbo  company.
Mtyor McNeish reported that he had
interviewed the officials pf tbo (!. I'. K.
Company in regard to tbe extension of
tbo leads of tho ferry slips oul lo the
harbor line on ihe Vancouver side. All
the company had asked wu a blueprint in prder to take tbis matter up
witb tbo authorities and have It settled
at pace.
A very proUy wedding wua solemn-
irod in St. Andrew's church ycalrrday
when Hr, Bicburd Hutchison ol North
Vuncouver and Miss (irucc Bury Hamilton, of (jroouock, Sen t In,a I, were
unitod in iiiuiiingc by Ibe 11.-.. Bon
aid Uuclood. Tho bride was handsomely gowned in white mid curried a
bouVpmt ol roses. She wua given
sway by Hr. Hichurd |lutchesoii,Senr.
Hiss Irene Fulton wus maid of houoi
ami Hr. Daniel Hotchcson was l.wl
man. The happy couple went snulh
lor their honeymoon.
Express Classified Ads.
K|H)CA'ITONAI.-N. V. Preparatory
snd'kindergarten. Age* 4 lo 13. St.
John'* hall, junction Hth und 13th
streets weat.    Bins dradwcll.       8-10
Hiss Isabel H. Dan'n, M.", li.i'eO ol
Ibe Boyal Academy of Music, London
England, teacher of piunof.i.':c, v'.tHe
Nortb Vancouver two days a wn.k.
Write lor terms bVI Broughton slreei,
Vancouver. (i 10
J. Ieoutst tnd Nortb l-pntdnl*
(let it tt I-onedele Pharmacy Phono 'JU
Ws cloee Sunday*. Pboa* 32t. ».
ti. Kngliah, 0. K. firoosry, 13 l.ons
dais Avenue.
M. H. Bayment, Costumier, tth St.
tut, adjoining west of Boulevard, N.
Vsncouver First class work oc'y, la
diet' own materials made up.
WAI.I.ACK It SClin- lloiso.b.i,i.s
tnd General Uluekeroilhs, 3rd • n»t
tnd I.onsdulo. Horselhpsing a spc
cUlty. 8-10
Preserving Peach**, Yellow Frio*-
lone. 30c. per crate. Up lo date
(irppery, *WW )*t «tr*»t put- •
Will exchange 9 aimoft new icr.on
doors (pt good packing Irnuk, ohu> a
few faouMfaoM article* for sole, loilet
•els, wstfrpt-tnd, pails, *i«. 92fT2nA
lira* put. lo-«
Th* Oity Dye Works hu esiib'w'j
ed * hran.cfc y,, fcipi-,is4r. Jt. and
|,on*d*le. First class work at mvir
at* iat«i, itdaw'ag, dyifag, pr»*l»g
tpd repairing.
i*. C. Mv»ry and board ttalim -
fifto fit*'mi Mtf/ saddl* Vottm
(otV'm-  nttUm toy hom:  Om-
tWkt   (Tff tWff   a»#^' m*m~J   **fmf*ffff*rag'        ".'
Plan**, 4lb Hfflt* <D#.    fhrmW
WANTKD - (lirl. lor folding.    Ip-
pjy Express pdipo,
WANTKD-Ilressmaking. Thoroughly experienced In good elsss work,
ladies' suits a specialty.   Misses B»e,
Suit* 3, Keith block,   corner
m bp?
FOB HUNT-Furnished and t'lefur-
iii*hed rpoflM. Mrs. Knight, 7th tnd
Bidgpway Ay». lo-B
FOB BUNT-Furnished bed rooms.
Knglisli people. Box 'ell'Jii, Norlb Vancouver. |B-3
TO HUNT - A three room cottage
and u Iwo loom cottage, till and 38
respectively.    Apply 137 l.oiis.lnle a\j,.
Lonsdale giiiilens, Ms Isl alreet cast,
itl.m. Apply a| Np. 3 Soil.., or P.
I). Ilox loWI.     ' 13-1)
i'inaie room uud board for ymug
men   $0.5(1   per   woek.   Apply   Mrs.
Knight. .Ill street near St. ilivm ..
Colonial Apui'lmenl Houae, Victoria
I'mk and olh stre.-t .uat. Ifor lent,
loin nnd live room suites. All modern conveniences. 8-10
FOB KI.NT OB SAM. -Im,nu- tent,
iK-urly new. Immediate pottcuion.
Si/e 11 x 111. I'i,,nun- Ten
minute* from car and schoil, Purchase money as rent fur ten months.
Apply Box 15, Express Ulli.- -. l-l-
FOB SAI.B-Ught   boras  and  iig-
I'l. A. Day, I lib and Bidgnway.    If. 'J
FOB SAM, - Cow, good miljeer.
Owner leaving cily. Bo* 43, Expreas
office. 18-3
Miiypole Hun.i. 31b lor (1 at   (bu
Up lo dill., 'irooery, doti 1st «t., fresh F.ggs, 311 cents per
do/en ut Ihe lipto Dole Uroccry, 3oS
lo 3(10 First Street cast.
FOB SAI.E- Plums lor preserving
are now ready.' 0. E.' Kaene, 1Mb
«troel. IM
I have a lew thorough brad White
WyundoUc Cockerel* for sale. Gppd
lm,I,, cheap, Apply Wagborne, Bou
road, l.ynn Valley, or Express office.
room cottage on Weatern av*., tor
Vancouver or Norih Vancouver property. P.O. Ilox AM, Vancouver.   18-3
FOB SAI.E-Two heater* in good
combine,!, cheap. Apply bumbo Hit
shen. 168
FOB SAI.E-Firsl growth dry wood
lur 11.511 per oord, 4 ft. 0.,
Phone 83 t.f.
Mild Cured Breaafu( Bacon, 30*
per lb. in hall or whole aids nl Ibo
Cp io Um.- Urocery, 350 First St. E.
FOB --Ml - |f auld in next £v*
jay* I5HII will buy 85 shurcs Imperial
Car Slock or larger amouiil at better
rale. Addrew* l.m Boseburgh., 536
Homer slroet, Vanrouver. 18-0
FOi.t SAI.E-A benutilully f.-r.bbrd
new bungalow, live living roonis with
Imlbroiuii ami panlry, on lot 33x131)
in Lynn valley. Sidewulks, water Mid
oJcclric light. Price »3,:U»). Cash
3301 and 335 monlbly. Tbit it ap
absolute buignin and worth aecing us
about. Tho Mcrcbanla Trust and
Trading Co. Lid., 841 Ptndtr itroet,
west.    Phono S 37.13 If.
LOST Sunday, August 1814), between St, Andrew'* church and Nye
street, * gold, bar Brooch with dom*
set wilh pearls. Finder pita** Uav*
at tbit ola*. 18-3
STHAVED - Black aptniel pup'.ftv*
monl lis old. Anyone having found
some will be rewarded by returning 4 o
lii lib itrstt K:t or phor* W loM
KOI ,S|) Key. Owner mty bavcum*
by paying Ibi* *d. at Express ofliw.
MILLINEBIf - Mitt CpHip is now
making « special allowing 'A 'all nrfl-
Ijflery, tnth o|| the Islett |*ovtlli<«-
From week to woek nsw consign»nnl*
»re arriving oral Uiu* Isdlea may hs,
uattml ot fWipg mUy up to rfalg
goods and-sty)*, whit* price* »r*e, ill
kept ppniieWskbty Wow ibj e-fr»g*
Mis*. f^Ui* take* Ibi* ^^rtupity il
llianloiig |i«r pvr*'r'u» mm* I'l
limy luuid p»Jrpntg» of Uss p**i, ami
ooro)i«Jfy invBe* l«p> tp o*ll sad itf
rl h*r pnw itopl.    Mh Witil,
Untdolo tvemto. 138
9*tk I
Sunduy School Lewon
eTfWw*f—T "   w"3fT*f'rt"r"ml   *t3   WfA-*i   * InPf m tip
Nobuebsdneasar had completed hi*
conquest of tlio world, and wished to
celebrate the event witb triumphal fes-
tivillos which should bo observed and
participated in by representatives pf
every conquered nation. Naturally tb*
religious elemopt predominated, and
praise wa* offered to Bo|, tho tutelary
god pf llabylou, whoso towering golden
image bad just been lit up, There
were roasons of slate also. Nabuehad-
nesiar would further strangthpii his
hutord&ouoous empire with tb* band nf
a common faith and uniform worship
Hp would roakp Babylon tbo spat nt»
state religion, a Homo pn thp Euphrates. ... But thP whole expensive
and toilBoma affair was brought, to
naught by throe stubborn mm
\ng youths. Tbe king, ao unused, to defeat, was unexpectedly thwarted in thu
supremo moment and in presence nf tho
pppulaco by the very parties whuni Ini
might bavo expected to bo bis Obstqui-
ous assistant, in viow/ of bis marked
preferment of them. . • Jim young
m*p had passed through th* real or.loat
before they over entered the furnace—
a fiery conflict In thai' mimls. "How
dear lift Witt I How indisponsabl* thoy
woro to .tbeir follow count ryninn I Under what personal obligation waer thoy
to the kingl Thoi), too, tbey were in
tba clutch of an   irresistible   power.
They wpuld bo doing np worse than
flitur ancestors bad dene at |hp fppt nf
Slngl—and ft wua fpr onus only." Out
on easujaty! TllPy had lldt atH4»efi
tha J)eiM|pguo in vain in ;thp';f*r-*wiry
holap of tl,p|r childhood- "Wap shift'
n»t liow down thyself," The invincible might pf Babylpp js nut wftWent
to bund thoir knees. . . Their martyrdom' w»a re*|. Thoy had po po»|-
live assurance   of   deliverance.     (Ind
could roscupj but wpuld Hot, Their
sacrifice w*a as complete aa Abraham's of »«ac. . , .. The long-bur-
led i-liiy-lihlets of forgotten   libraries
attest fh* JilO-priq, vpracily of Panipl'"
statements. Burning by tiro w»s &
nioiln pf capital punishment iu voguo It,
Babylon ul this vory timo. A following inscription.! " Saul-mjgilia, my  re-
50x157 ft. on 15th Street, , ^
west of Boulevard and lying MaiiinSOIl &. tO.
high and dry, a bargain, at 62 Lonsdale Ave, rpoTm1
$950, on terms. NORTH VANCOUVER
 ,  i »————,
Mahon, McFarland & Procter, Lm
CLEARED 50 ft Loti in Blocks 226 and 227;
$900 and $1000     14 cash, 6,12,18 month*.
50 ft. Lots in Blocks 230 and 232a; $650, $700
and $800        1-4 caih, 6, 12 and 18 monthi
Phone 6286 •   - 543 Pender Street, Vancouver
North Vancouver City
CLEARED LOTS 50 ft x 147 ft
In BLOCKS 15, 15a, 16 and 16a. D.L. 550.
PRICES: $7 50 to $ 1000 according to location.
TERMS I 1 -4 Cash, Bal. 6, 12 and 18 months.
ACREAGE in District Lob 546 and 550
In Blocb of from One to Four or more acres,
PRICES; from $2000 to $3250 per acre
•    TERMS: I -4 Cash, Bal. 6,12,18 & 24 months
The Grand Boulevard extendi through thii property
■ ■ nn, i.i amam
The North Yancouver Land and
Improvement Company, im,
lielHoiis brother, who wade jm**W$
,»*. \pta to* torn burnis-a in my
tiiiPw Mm, ami destroyed b|e litis'1 ■
., Executions in the K*at »,e batty to this day. Tb* p«n»lfr I* Bau*4ly
paid by awlown 0/ tb* day pf cpj-
dompetion. Ii, tbis caae there was
uncommon hasto in view pf tbo king's
excessive rage and to retrieve, if jip«-
sibio, (ba growd lest, by tbe unexpec-
ted rpvplt pf tb* B*br?W«, Jht eop-
spilling pf these recalcitrants ip full
view pf tb< coucourso, by tbat sacred
olument, firo, might oven men then recover tba lost ground.
tli* T**ch*r'a Lantern.
Tbe beating pf tba Hebrew youths ia
pretence pf tbe anrageil monarch wa*
inriiiiiliaralily nolilu. Tbey scorned a
seepnd chance to obey tbe decree.
Tboir cat* being prejudged, tbey declined tp argu* it. Even if np super-
natural doliveranco came, tbey ware
ready tp die, but nut to wprship tbe
image. . .fbe consuming pf tb*
uici'iitionnrs revesled at once tbe wlek-
oil injustice pf tbe king's decree and
tbe ganuino deadliness pf tb* fl»mee.
Tba' tbe linen clothes pf the victims
were not consumed, but tbp ire* chains
melted, was further attestation pf tbe
miraculous character ef tb* deliverance. . , . Tbis stirring and tragic
scene is typical of the experience tbe
Hebrew people were then undergoing.
Tbs nation itself in the providence of
(lod was in the fiery furnace pf exit*
to b* refined from th* dross pf idolatry,
Had these young men, high in office,
and consequently widely influential,
failed in the ordeal, tbe Divine purpose
of tb* captivity would bave, at least
for tbe time, been thwarted. But they
endured. Tbey gave * conspicuous apd
admirable example pf steadfastness.
Cajolery and coercion wore alike ip-'
effectual. Tbsir horror of idolatry and
tbeir heroic resistance to it infected
tbeir fellow countrymen tnd hastened
tbeir deliverance from tbe furnace pf
Babylonian captivity. . . . The influence of their example and tbeir subsequent public am) miraculous deliverance powerfully affected tbe king,
court, and populace. The Ood pf tba
Hebrews waa thenceforth revered, and
tbe Hebrews'themselves treated with
greater leniency. . . If these ynung
men had followed th* dictate* pf policy, and saved thoir lives, they would
bave lost tbem. Life would uot bave
been worth living, sucb would bave
been their remorse and low pf prestige.
Benedict Arnold's existence would
bave beou more tolerable. Tbay lost
tbeir live* iu tbe abandon pf martyr-
dam, but tbey gained life and everything.
Living Ohrlit lu Uu Horn*.
Onco in an emergency tba ark of Ood
reifeil 1* * Hebrew bom*. It became
a proverb how thst family pruipered.
What was transient and accidental in
tbat ulilen time should bo designed tnd
permanent now. The ark pf Ood lodged in avory borne would mean that tbe
Ili vino Ijiw was I hero for in ths ark
ware tbe tables of stono on wbicb God
wroto His Will. Better even tban that,
it would moan tbat tbe Divine Mercy
was there for tbe golden lid of tbe
srk wan the mercy-seat ou wbicb tbe
blood of atonement wa* sprinkled. But
bast of all, it would menu tbo Divine
Presence- for tbe Bbeklnah was between tbe wings of tbe golden cboru
The Standing AIM of H, StanleifhStrc
Baptist Church - Fifth aad St.
George. Service* »t 11 a.m. and 7.30
p.m. Sunday Scbpul and Bible Cl**,
tt p.m. Prayer and pxti** **r-
vice Wednesday at 8 p.m. Pastor, Bev
I. A. Proust, 2nd (treat out.
Mothodist Church, coAier pf Sixth
street tnd St. George's Avenue-
Suodty preaching eorvict* at 1140 t.
M. tad 7.80 p.m.. Sundty School ta
Bibl* Cits* at 2.111) p.m., Senior lm-
gue oa Monday evening tt 8.00 p.m.,
prayer tnd praiae scrvji-e on Wadnsa-
dty evening at 8.00, Junior Letgue
eorvice oo Thuradty afternoon tt 3.30.
A cordial welcome i* extended tp ill
to attend thaw esrvlcet. 1'astor. W.
C. Scblicbtar, residence, orosr kail*
Boad aod St. Andrew's.
St. John Uu Evangelist, SU, tad
13th streets: Hply communion, 8 em.
morning prtyw, 11 am ; eveningprt-
ytr, 1.9) p.m. Oa the first Suidty io
tb* month (hers will be t eecond celebration pt tb* holy communion at
11 a.m.  Hector, Btv. Hunk Hooper.
St.   Andrew'i Presbytoritu flbur*b,
alreet.  Sorvioe* : Morning wpnbip
1 e./n., evening worship 7.80 p.m.,
Suod*y School 3.30 p.m., Minister'*
Bibb Clo*. 3.30 p.m.. f.P.S.C.JS. fi
dty evening 8 o clock, pruyor
^^^^^^^^_______J"™   fif^rn
uior abut b|m»elf up in
private office tnd read tbe letter.
It took him moro than half an bpur.
When be bad read tt onco, be turned
book to tba fint page and started In
mat u. stapieiab 8toi-ia waa at tbs ml tar Mm 9)9
grant dbfflar at tba t|ma, tb. ffAtot, I Mrftl'■»!»	
prefer**:tba WfMl'fffl~a '♦W1)^"*    "
ai_in*t uu mm. A
And the grand Jury, aa In d«U
bound. IniUfltfifl bin nna mora.
TftW   WWw mcW'  r99Ww
HMt InAg* bad beta wlected-tbi
first judge bad dedlnad to pnalda al
n W(^T"Ws9*mffi} tW J^rW ff^TWWw  wpaw T*1 '
better tban a tm*,
• 9W*     ^HWrlnW     WWf     tfaam*mw}*J99
'     tm   ""**mrImff    fMPMtftmmm    ^*M*    W    famfpi
tUlA     rmmtmi mntm     whiril    DUIllad    thl
TfTff      ptmrimrmnmmimj      wymmmwo     mfm/t'T'mTl     Trr*
newipaper* and tba town.
Tba dtatrtet attorney meant bu*l-
nes* thl* trlp-tbat wu cl*tr. He w«*
moving lutrin and earth to conrlcl
hi* man.
V'mm --
And y*t he wu not altflfatba* cer
lain. Left to binuelf, aa a publio officer, It wu a qnutlon wb*ther bs
would hav* pushed tt* cu* In thi
fuce of publio opinion , But It wu •
•erlou* matUr with the bank*, and
thay wan putting up a lot of monoy,
and ba could wall afford lo path tbs
thing for all that It wu worts.
Tb* proMoatloo mado a aaarat of Itt
thl* much leaked out—thai tba man
Who robbed tba bank htd baas poel
lively IdenUfled by two pellcemeo, a
county dotectlve, sod a prlval* nap
employed by tb* Btnk—u no Dtbe,
tban H. Stanlelgh Btorme.
He bad, how*v*r, u on tbe prior
occulon, fklllfttlly aluded tban. Uls
ppereUon* tram *t*rt to flnUh bad
been cleverly axecuted.
In fact, tba nan wsa a wonde,
from ovory standpoint. He leemed lo
understand tba very ***ence of *uc-
It occMlpaed bim conildenble |S*>
prlaa, and more dellgnt He buttoned
It up In bla breast pocket and kept
mum, very mum, about It
Tba courtroom, oa was to be expected, wu packed to the door*. Tbt
crowd wu on hand long boforo any
«f |ba actor* In tha drama tbat wm
lo ba played.
Tba Jurpe In tbe former trial, Md*
In fact all  the fifty guNta pf ths
Dreddllngton dinner, decupled * bug*    '"
spas* lo tba outer of tba room- Baeb ff
Kan among them bad been subpoenaed by Uio dates**.
It wu not unUl fly* minute* of tap
tba! Stoma appeared. HI* countenance wu ruddy, and be glanced
around and smiled u thpugb be wan
naugbt but as Intanetar spectator.
Ha never looked to bettor advantage,
tban ba did on thl* pecaelon.   Not-
wlthitondlng bla uneonearn, howovor,    r'
ba  kept  anxiously  glancing  toward
tba dooy from time to Ume.
Tba district attorney followed,
abook hand* witb tbe prisoners coun-
aa), and bowed tpnaally to Uio prl-
Wednesday .veiling 8 o'clock'     "Oo
need* you ; you n**d dud " H.
tld Uulooi, minntni.
i mad God." B«v. Boo
st. Agnes Cburob Boul*vtrd-Vic*r,
Bev. T. K. Bow*. 7.30 p.m. evmuong
every Sunday : 11 p.m. Holy Communion, 2nd Suod»y of every month.
St. Edmund'a Ctlboli* Churcb, Ma
hop Avenue: Sund*y»-Ma*« 9.00 *.
m-, BuneUy School fM om., Homy
Beoadiction and Samoa 7.30 p.m.
IndMO Cttbpluf Church of St.
Paul's. Uue, IM a.m. Sundty*. Pt*-
tor, B»v. E. PwUvin, O.M.I.
Tk* Stfvttlon Army-^. A. Had,
Loa*d*l* AveniM, Sunday — 11 a.
a./ boimm matting; 3 p.».,
oUUnsi'f     m*_ing;     W    >*,,
Ratios '^i^U'S32' J p*'
will vnit my wfo en
at *ay linn.
IrPmiijili fntMtotm (*jn*
»i**, K4,, otttor,
He alway* forbad alone, tnd bs
payer left any trace. All thtt h* did
WU to pounce suddenly upon a bank,
rob It, md then disappear.
He htd no accomplice* to "pe*ch"
upon him—bo laid so plan* to betray
bim When Iba police wan tt one end
of tba tows be wu at another.
He seemed Intuitively to knew Jul
tha Ume |o *trlke—h* wu t born
burglar b) every aasaa of tb* word.
Of course tban wag a my»t*ry—tbi
district attorney wu making allowance* far that tin ally was a lar*«
one, and a mystary wu » dlfflculi
thing to lolra. (
On* half tb* tows did not know thi
other bolt—Ui* tub would have been
ilmpl* In a »mall place, but In * greal
city |t wa* stupeudnu*.
Than WU one thing, however, Ibal
tbe county protecutor wu det*rnrtn*d
to do |f ba copld pot convict H
Stanlelgh Storme, ba propoaed at aay
rata to fathom tha myitery end te
convict torn* one.
Tba counael tar tb* dafenc* naedeii
but little preptrtUon. -fo him Uu
whole Uilng WU area more prepos-
torou* Out) po Um totmnt occaalon
And Um popuUr asstlmaat wu with
him from lb* start to the flslah.
But H. 8t*ni.lgh Stonu. wbo, at
course, wu out on ball, shut blmsell
up for t few day* and prepared bis
own detenu Is bl* ows way. Snug
and sanguine u bs bad been at every
other Ume, h* leemed worried now.
"Damn tbat fellow," he muttered to
hlmulf, "I'll get even wilh bim U hi
tall*. If he'd osly keep bla mouth
shut.   But be won't."
How serlou* tba matter wu to bim
and bow thoroughly ha prepared bim
self for lb* ordeal, will b* dmtopaf
later. Day after day be ant by hamuli
behind doted door*, mapping ant
planning out everything to salt bim
Ho appeared tt bla club U u»uol-
Ihey bod tha utmoat faith Is bin
He w*a careful to be ***o Is pupili
placM, and th* imlU n*v*r one* l*fi
bl* face. Hia predlcamapt mada bin
moro popular Uita ever.
Tbs aberlff and tba )udg» and UU
urymeo would run tcrou etch ototl
In tb* (treat,
"W*U," oo* would aay, 1 asppost
you'r* going down to prov* as alttf
fpr Btorma."
Storme did sot cooftne himself U
IneWe preparaUoo. He made a movi
ttmf puttied muy people.
quietly h* called spot, each tradet-
mta wlto whom ba kept u aooouni
ssd paid bla Ull, po matter wbat U
waa. Ha drew check* on all bl* bask
account* tnd delivered them to trust-
broker* with tnrtruotte*,* to draw oul
hie account* on a o*rUin day aad
Ha carefully naaalaad all bl* prl
vat* paper* tnd destroyed .verythlng
n* lut thins ha __ betor* the Au
mwm mmwm wmmmffnm, wm mmm   ■«■■■■  mmm wamt
of tbe trial wu to purebsuw a revplve,
of Uie my flnut make. It wu a uvan
"I'r* n*v*r ahpt t man Is my Ills,'
bs  mattered   to  hfuneff   "btrt.   hi
mms       mmmjmmwwmw       a-P      mwmammmwnf --  ■   T       ~W
Oeorge, If I get essgW Hk* s rat Is
a irtp, I'll ehot, Mt ouv but aeveo.
apd tbw ■' r
MIOmM wm to bed and *lcpl
all nl#ht-aUp« Ilk* a child.
JM Mtvtwt Wsl Bsglsa.
■slsw   lJl^a>   IW   wmmwmtmm   mnmmnmumwf    MWmmlf
FP  WPtw   ^a¥~ ^^W99  W^m  rfSf   fmnm/mfmimf   UM
tTrl^mwmwmmwm    '•WSW    *~**e^Wr^r-^^Pe
MWm    sw^^    wmmmw     Wnmmmemwmm     mmmwww    mm
tltWytTWW   ffm   mmmm   Wmp   rrfr   w   nmmpma,   ■wwfpps
~f-s*   psswmmj   mn   mmmmnm,    n^lUImm    f*W>       ranw■   m/fl
Ths Judge wu the laat to enter.
Whan ba entered everybody roso.
"Morning, gentlemen," he responded curtly, with s sort of aide nod to
Uu aaaamblad audlenc*.
"0*11 too cue," he commanded baton ba bad oven reached hia aaat
"People against H. Stanlelgh Btorme,"
toe crier announced.
Ilu prhsonor'* counsel roso and aaid
be wu ready to proceed, ao did ths
dl»trlct attorney.
''Bbackloton'e got something up bit
sleeve-#om*thlng that we don't know
about," *old Uu prlaoner'e counsel
anxiously to toe prisoner at hi* ilde
"I know by bl* mannor. We've got
to took put tor him."
Tbe prisoner nodded and amlled
aad then dropped latlly back la bis
chair and looked around upon to*
Th* diitrict tttornsy wu vory brlel
la bla opening statement. He simply
detailed the bare fact*- that Uu First
National Bank had been looted of a
large sum, and that he would provs
to Uu Jury that H. Stanlelgh Storm*
waa, beyond all queitlon, tbo guilty
Ha didn't uy how be expected ts
do It-be simply stated In a perfunctory sort of way that ho would do It
Tba way ba laid It made no Impree-
tlor. oo toe mind of anybody, except
Uul of toe couoiel for toe detenu.
He became more anxloua u to*
proeecutor proceeded. He didn't know
what to make of It
Burks and tbe two officer* and th*
county detecUv*—all of tbem
who knew toe prlaooer by tight—took
Uu stood In turn. Their teiUmony
wu (trong In every particular, and
wu pf toe earn* general character u
WU Burks'a upon Uie former trial.
It Memed Impossible that four mas
could be mistaken; but toon It teemed
•truigc Ibat four men could penult a
criminal to e*cape u thoy bod don*;
they could explain It only by toe fad
that toe man who robbed the bask
waa a profeaslonaJ criminal of lbs
grettett cleverness, end that be had
been too slick for them.
But they were certain pf to* man.
Thl* testimony, howovor, tlrong u
It was, aervod poly lo ainuao rather
tban to convince toe crowd, tor everybody realltad how completely formidable wu Uu detenu.
Even toe Judge who bid preeldrd
St tba former trial wu In the court-
room, to help prov* sn alibi.
It eeemsd u though Uu proeacu-
lion's cue wu about st aa end; Imi
during to* latter portom of Uu t**U-
many pf Uu county dotooUv* IhsH
wu s lull Is lbs proceedings ctuud
by lbs hot Out Uu defendant'* coun-
eel bsd raited as obJocUoo to Uu *4e**
minion of a certain line of te*Umosy. '
Th* dUtricl attorney, the bank's
prlval* coiuuel, snd toe counsel wan
grouped wlto their beed* togoUut
(bout Uu Judge's bench, dlsoutdai
,1th to* Judge'* Uie particular que*-
tow before tba court and Ita admissibility.
Many Is to* courtroom bad watoh-
sd Uu prisoner, and bad comment*!
as bl* Jaunty air. Apparently he was
s msn without a can la to* werld.
Periodically he turned toward kit
Mend* la lb* audience wlto a
upon bis face. Few noticed toot si
bs turned thus be gltncod furtively,
bat regultrly, ever Uu head* of
crowd and at to* door which
lb* mala cotruc* beyond.
He eld thl* not once, but twasff
limes, and aaob Ume turned bask
Wsto an Inaudible sigh - pf relief i,
Mi thM A-Or tor a w-nnfa n* * mlasU
••*■   fmmr  ^—-—w    n-wr   m   mm9j "I   ■*   "~r    ~•   tTr^TTT^4fT
mad     _L     h*lt       an___t»l*r     lift     *kmnwmd
mmmp      m      mmaww-t        wemawawwnmawtj       maw      Wm^rmnmrnmr
AoLar ftcul fnniii ugflin »n_[ tarttA thi
mmy>TTTg  mmawwi  vmmifwma,a  yt^^~r   ~^r~T  fTe^mmwi  ywwn
W^^W*^^  Wt   rwwm   WftW'f I'l
Tl)» Allaalane7*_^wc»-er nJ
cessarlly QrowTr1|*>a|fJ^ls
Material Property
pr tmi v- BOMm
Sums frlonds of Reciprocity Hit
"Wbat lias business got lo dp with
Nationality! Haw can loyalty be a
men question pf potatoes and hayr
Tbey really seem to think that they
bava disposed of modern Canadian
history wltb two questions like these.'
Business hu everything to do with
tbe senso pt Nationality. What Is tbej
first thing tbat causes'the. Immigrant
to he willing to tako the path pt allege
lancet His business prosperity. Tba
United States bu developed a virile
national sentiment by allying business
and patriotism.
Tbat la right, for a country tbat It
good enough tp flourish In I* good
enough to give your heart to. But, If
lines of trade were cultivated bo as to
make a man feel that bis business 1*
dopeudont on a ((range power, Just
across tho border, be will weaken Id
bis regard for tbe land In which be
lives, and will want to bo a part of the
land which dominates his business Intend.
A nation It strong witb It* own people Just *p far as It ba* an Individually tbat appeals tu tho Instincts
which an expressed In tho management pf public affairs—If you like, In
public property.
Why, fpr Instance, should a province
spend s million dollars on * legislative
building, whan six hundred thousand
dollars would secure Just as much
floor space without costly frescoes snd
facades!  Why shouldn't that building
ba Ilka any other building with a big
board room in It! Why should it be
lu a park, and get a sort of semi-
religious atmosphere about It!
Bpcauso every olt|*pn, however
bumble, likes Ip (eel that be Is part
ef a great big organism that make*
history: lhat levies taxes, that piovcs
wltb ali tbs attribute* Pt powtr. Tbat
confers honor where honor It do-
served. That Is the Immemorial sign
of nationhood. It la tbe spirit whioh
brought forth the bout, "Olvi* Roman-
ua Sum,"—1 am a Human oltlttn, It ll
wbat bo* mado Canada.
jest mm
Routes on Which Millions Have Run
Spent are tp Canada Whit th*
Nil* I* to Egypt
II)   41,11* V. 1IUIIMT.
Nobody supposes that north and
toutb trtdo ahould cou*. Hut there
It ill toe difference between thtt aad
encouraging It to be the dominant
teaturo of Canadian commercial lite,
to Uu Injury pf coal odd west channels
which are of the very cssonce el our
nation bulldlii,-.
Tp understand the vital significance
nf tbe norlh and aoulh diversion you
bave only tp cpnslder whet tbe position wuuld havo been If nn Canadian
railways had been built around Uie
north ahure .of Uko Superior to tho
Western Provinces.
what arc now the province* of
Manitoba, Saskatchewan tnd Alberto
would bivc been settled entirely from
tho South, ull the trado would havo
boon across the border. All tho nil-
ways would have been built In from
Minnesota. Norlh Dakota and Montana. Members ol Parliament and ill
ppr*on» transacting public business
would have been compcllod to travel
fpr hundreds pf miles through * foreign lind to retch tht capital pf their
own country.
Obvlouily, whatever the geograpbl-
c»l nam* of Western Canada, toot vaet
linincuunbly rich territory would
bsv* btcom* ao Identified wilb ths
United State* tbat gven lha *ov«r**t
free trader would btvt admitted tbat
n*tton»Jlty and trad* are very much
If United Sides railroad* bad begun numerouely to cross tb* wsttern
borturt, and there bad been no Canadian rrllway la tight, a cry would hav*
trtiea for aa cut and west railway
acrou Canada, and Sir Wilfrid Uui
Itft prow wnuld bav* been antt*
p*Ud: "Heaven grant tbat It may not
be too late."
Tbtre would hire been no metro-
poll Ian city In Western Cauada tny,
mor* than ther* wpuld bavo bees a
Toronto or a Hamilton In' Eutsro
Whatever upect of Canadian
growth you Invettlgato, you reach ih*
clurut proof Uiat eait and watt)
trad* route* are to Cauada wbat tbt
Nile I* lo Egypt.
n tt yg*-
(Oontlnusd fronvpags two)
A tall, dark map !>ad bun *tand
Ing Ht the aptrwsssrbl! bad Juat arrival),. Vfili ftm nuw fpnsrt bla way
through lb* crowd and HP Iba center
stale, and, leaning ever, addressed tbe
WprWiar losksd up, taw wbp It
wsa. and Immediately auatad to*
mjttt, ~™ . "ir. r. miff    (™ pp*™"    ni*
nm In converutlon.   Tbay to|b*d
long anil earneeUy, but In low tones,
Tban seemed to bt protest* op the
ono »ldo—eutreatla* pp tbo other. Tba
fuels of both men became flushed
wltb anger and excitement
Finally tba prisoner raised bl* voice
i J WM audible In sll parts of
tba room.
Won, go ahead and do It toes," ba
exclulmd. |p a loud vole*, "you white
llvured houpd,"
Thero wo* i hubbub la toe audience
Immediately. Tbs attention ol toe
crowd, which bad been upon toe Jpdge
und counsel, Immediately became Infused pp thus two man.
Tbe lawyer* on both sides alarted
hack In protest at this unseemly Interruption. Tba Judge, angry at tbo unaccustomed disorder, started ao and
raised bla gavel to pound It toy »l-
loncp. .
Wbep ba|| way up thp gavel dropped frpip bt* bond apd fell to bla dee),
with a great crash.
He sprang up In utonlabment Tb*
lawyers, toe officers, toe crowd, wan
transfixed with iurprl»e.
There wu a unlverul gup ol astonishment from every mas and woman In Uie court room- Their gut
wu glued to Iba spectacle baton
And It wu no wonder I
For there, In front pf Uu Judge tnd
facing the court snd Jury, wen two
men, like u two peas—two H. Stanlelgh Storme*!
Not s sound wtt heard -ther* wu
not the riutlo of a skirt or tbo scraps
of a shoe upon tbo floor. The gathering wu ipellbound.
Tb* prosecutor wu Ibe tint man
to recover bl* »bsm*. It may be, stter
ell, tbst hp wu not quit* *o much
surprised u be bid seemed to be.
He emlled significantly, pud drew
from hie pocket e bulky manuscript
Tbo crowd now rustled expectantly,
and turned Ita eyee on' top prosecutor
He drew hlnuelf up and bent bit
gue upon toe twp nun wbo were tot
center of attraction.
"Is—Is Mr. Wesley Wsrburton In
court!" bo aaid In a loud voice, with
one ey* on toe two map snd toe other
on toe crowd.
Without any boeltaUon one of tbs
twp men (tapped forward. He glanced
expectantly at to* district attorney,
u tbough be did not know exacUy
what to do.
"Take toe wltnou chair," commanded the prosecutor.
Tbe man tested hlnuelf. He seemed somtwbst nsrvous, u we* natural
Tbp prUoner looked on with apparent amuomont at tola now phue pf
tbp procoedlnp. Up to this Um* be
bad been calm, cool' and collected—
now hs uemed embarrassed, and u
though he knew net wbat to do.
Hia agitation wu apparent to ill
Iboao preient. He half turned toward
to* counsel for Uie defense, tnd then
to toe prosecutor, u though to protest In aome way again*! too witness
on Uu *taad.
Then bo row from toe chair, where
be bad Involuntarily uated hlmeeif,
and tddrttud lb* court
"Your honor," hs wclalmed la a
ttrtnge, (trained voice. The crowd
gaud span mouthed. The reporters
of Ul* fcveral local dallies wrote
fiercely op brown paper (beet* ssd
banded Uum to meaeeagtn for Instant delivery St headquarter*.
Tbaro wu u air of. terrible tut-
panae. Tb* min on Uu wltnou (toad
sti   and   waited.  Ha asamad to b*
THE famm, N0RTH VANfflUVEfr ft C
Tb* prlsoaM *UII flood looking al
lb* soul.
"By Osorgsl" sidelined to* (btrlft
to bit neighbor, referring to th*
prlaoppy, ''how pelt he's turnedl He*
even paler toss he wep it the dlnnc,
to* otosr night."       '
Hs anltfad wlto auppreeaed excitement
"Tbi* It getting mighty InUretUng.
sll right," hs thought to hlnuelf.
Agsto lbs pri*on*r-» votes was
"Your honor," bt nfiftlrrwri agt'i
Tbs court how»v*r, silenced bin
with s ssvsn gtttoys, aad be ra-
•uaud bl* tagi, but reluotaoUy, at
though under protert.
Tbe district altorssy, to* lyasaun
of all eyee, trow blmulf up to bl*
full b*tfbt, snd addrsesed to* court
"If your bonor plots*," be **M wlto
in Inclination ot hll hand toward to*
wltosss, "Uu fact* In tola uu art
to vtry peculiar, and to* tutlmopy
of this wltoatt Is so usususl—to fact,
sir, I bsv* s*v»r to my •xperiene*
heard ot t cu* Ilk* tol*, or ot *
rtory suoh u toll wltnu* ess toll,
although It I* tbsotutoly Uu* - but
to* whoi* *lto*Uon I* so oolqu* thai
I ahall t*k bin, without Ih* toy
msljty of qussttos sod snaww, to it-
put http in nsrrsilv* torn On atoto-
sunl which hs bu slr**4y bun good
mijm.iI. to ten* to mt In writiaa.
wnmrwwMm   ™v   mrwrnnw   ma   mmmm   wm    wff~**■<
''f b*ve qpver," be erpl&lmed, '-'WHS*
Uto contact with fWa .WllW"1 -
eicept,   ppwdbly" — nodding tpwprd
the prisoner—"when I may have
beep pndor a miecoi,c>c|.t|pp nu fo his
Idontlty. I huvo never known the witness u Mr- Wesley Warburfofl, *i
any rate, before, put be has writtoi.
me | letter Of tbp utmost linpurliiiicn.
H|l Story It qf the utmost Importance
I have thoroughly Investigated it.
and I am prepared to show both pourt
and Jury that #b»o|uip reUaifcp pay
be placed upon, bin statement.
'It li a strange one, gentlemen■ -a
nmnt remurkublo one but It I* entitled to credence I unsure you. I
think," be added, turning to tho attorney (pr toe prlaoner, Tbat ppunap.
will find the narrative pf thin wit
uess relevant In each particular. If
counsel, however, desires to object at
ell, he may with perfect freedom stop
Uie witness at any Juncture and enter hia objection. All that I desire
to dp I* to eavo Ume. HI* story Is
p Ipng one."
The prisoner's counsel, wbo was a
bit flustered aud taken aback, nevertheless nodded, and aaid that the
witness might proceed, and that lu
wou|d reserve tbe right to cut bim
oft If necpuary. Tbe witness took a
long breath and prepared to start In.
He glanced Juat once at tbe prisoner. '
Tbe prisoner again rose to ble feet
tnd attempted to address tbe courl.
But tbo cpurt again put .up hi* band,
and Uie man's ewn-cnunao! pulled
bim back Intn his chair.
He submitted fpr the time being
but kept bl* eye* fixed upon tbe prls
pner, u though he Intended later to
be heard.
"Proceed," exclaimed the Judgo Impatiently.
Tbo  Testimony   of   the   Witness
"Mr. Warburton," aaid Uie prose
tutor to the' witness, "will you plcue
tell the Jury all you know about the
defendant In this cue."
Warburton oagorly leaned forward
In toe direction of tbo Jury box and
began lu t low, clear, musical vplce
Ho seomed new to be freed pf an,
lervousness or emburrassinont—no
one In ihe court room wu morn at
esse then be.
"The itory, gentlemen, that I am
iil'iiiit tp toll," bo aaid, "In sp strange
lhat under erdlnary circumstances I
could hardly expoct you lo believe It
bod It not In my nwn personal appearance, and In toe documentary evidence which I am able to produce, tho
absolute proof of whit I say.
"I appear before you, gentlemen, in
Ibe- light not of ao uccompllco pf tinman wbo sit* yonder, but u* bis dupe
Tbe general public ba* boon fooled b>
thl* iiiiiii, but I bave been fooled men-
tbnii the public. And I am able to
■tote now, that It end* there -I un
es Innocent of any complicity lu the
series of crimes u la his honor who
tit* In Judgment In thia court.
''I tell you briofly that I como of a
good family. Tbo Warburtona are
well known In Honnaford country. I
am but a few year* older than thirty.
though both myself and Uiat othei
man bave tbe appearance nf pldei
men. I am a railroad man, and ovi-i
slnco I attained my majority havi
bold * rpippmlble position In Un
office of en Influential rood in tin
lown whence I como.
"Some Ume ego my road consult
dated with another larger road. Tin
iiuplpycea of th* larger rood look oui
place*. I wu turned out pf my post
Uon In the cold."
Tbe prisoner all thl* Ume had con
llnucd to (how dgni ot great oxcif-!
ment. He again rose to bis feet, nmi
again tddreaied tho Judgo — hp »*»
porelitent, and yet be didn't lecm ex
eclly to have Uio courage to Insls:
upon bolng beard. The court gav<
him one look, and be once more de
dated and again (ell back Into In
H* apparenUy decided thul hi
iiiuild bide hi* Ume.
"ileiid.-n'.eii," continued the wit
ni-u, "I bop* that none of you bm
ever been thrown out of employment
--If uy bu, he will know Juat what
It mean*. 1 did not know. I assumed Uiat It wu a mere qucsUnu
pi a few day* ar woek* to obtain
mother aituttlou.
"I found to my *urprl*e thtt It wu
difficult to obtain a position auy-
vberc. Where I expected to be successful lu S few day*, I discovered
that I could not obtain remunerative-
employment tn month*. My surplu*
Swindled lo my lut dollar -to my
lut cent.
''OouUemen" he continued with
lowered voice, "I starved—literally
starved I, who ill my life bad boon
at leaat to prosperous circumstapoes,
found myaelf without toe food whom-
-flUl 10 tuftsin lit*.
"Hav* ypu ever been through It-
do you know what It means! 'fbe
mas wbo starve* will do anything-
w|l| commit any crime, to get food
He cannot help |ir-he mast bav* food
Thank beaveo, I did not have te
commit crime, though, stter all, It
might bave been bettor to bsv* don<
U.  I wtt Und, bpiry, dsspsrtto.
or American???
Our Final Word
Hon. W. J. Bowser, K.C.
Attorney General,
Hon. A. E. McPhillips,
^President of the Council and
Arnold E. Kealy, Esq.
Conservative Committee Rooms
20th, 1911
At Eight O'Clock, Sharp
North Vancouver Conservative Association
■a—————_■—a ——*—
-    " .W.I —        ...   ■     II..—.1 ■    I —    .  —..■    , ■ ■——
Lynn Valley Meeting Tonight
■v/^nil          Hit
1  n!''^(WB     WmW
■ ■NMI
**} We have just received a large new stock of Carpet
Squares and Rugs imported direct, which we will sell
at'prices that cannot be beat.
fl We especially invite the public to visit our Parlor
Furniture and Curpet Department upstair?,
The Home Furnishers
128 Lomdale Ave. North Vancouver t/s JUi
-1--J. -'-
Pioneer Confectionery
Mr. 8. F. Mussel white begs to
announce thBt lie hftB purchased
the business at 71 I .ons'lulu Avo.,
formerly oonduoted by Mri 8, H,
Walker under tlio name of the
Pioneer Bakery.
The business will be oonduoted
in the same promises under the
name of The Pioneer Confectionery,
and will continue to produce
hand-made and home-made bread
uf the beat reality as well as all
lines of high-class pastry and
Mr, Mussolwhite hopes by close
"attention to the interosts of his
customers, and by sustaining at
the highest standard of excellence
the goods produced, to merit a
continuation of the patronage of
all former oustomtrs, and to welcome many new onus, for which
purpose the factory and plant has
been greatly enlarged and im-
iroved. Careful attention will
e given to any special orders
from patrons.
Pioneer Confectionery
S. F. Mimelwhiie, Prop.      Phone 8
I f\r\V at our Babies BILLY and
Why malce two loads moving when One Van will take it all.
Ring up, 295, CREAMER TRANSFER CO., for the
Largest Padded Furniture and Piano Van in the City.
laavt Vancouvtr 6.20 a.m. anil
tliertalter every DO minute* until
7.00 p.m. Commencing 7.30 p.m.
every 30 minutes until 11.30 p.m.
Iherealter ID. 15 and 1.00 a.m.
laava North Vancouver 6.00 a.m.
and thereafter every 20 minutes until 7.00 p.m. ('oiiiiimncinu 7.30 p.
in. every 34 minutes until 11.00 p.
m. thereafter 11.46 aad 12.16 a.m.
I,aavs Vancouver 7.10,  8.20 and I    Uavo North Vancouver 7.2A, 8.00
8.04 Iherealter s*me as weekdays.      and 8.40, thcrcalter tnme at waek-
^Ani;kk bates
Singl* far* Bailor 36e, 30 lor 11, 70 for W.
A- I.umljcr wagons, truck* and
druya, 76o return.
11-2 horn espress carriages and
hacks, 60c return.
C— 1 horss tiprtti buggie* and
aulot, 26o return.
Time-talilt subject to change without notic*.
Company not liable for delays, accidental or otherwise.
All the aliovo rate* include driver. Hate* A and 11 auhject to 20
per cent, discount ia lott ol 60.
I'cr 100 lbs. raU, 6c.
Wiiiiiiiiiin rato, lOo.
If you want your Doors
and Windows in a hurry
call, phone or write
Phont 222     P.O,Box 1719
Hay, Flour & Feed
Owing to larger warehouse accomo-
dation, wa an now in a position to
carry a larger and mora complete
atock of tb«M good* and to supply
fuir   £U_AQm__ri   at  VmneeiMxtimr ntArm
•rf-r    WJfttenmmmm,mmw w   ~»*     — mmmpmrnprnrmmrw ammi    V*-sVfi
- AV OnWa Delivered Promptly.
Brlllsh Invtttor* Bsail Hundrtds af
Million* of Polltr* to 0«n»dlar,
ni-JOllNTHOBNH,        "
It I* not wall to Insist tbat tba Bit
tlsh Investor In Canadian enterprise*
la governed by political sentiment, or
tbat ther* |a some Implied obllgatlpn
on the borrower to do mora (ban earn
and pay Ibe Intorelt on 111* borrowings.
But thoro || sentlmant In butldas*
all tbe same; and It baa bad i good
deal to do wltb tbe aapanalon f I mud-
em Canada.
Sae how It work* In immigration,
without which our land* »ud other
natural retource* availed ua llttl*. and
the absence ot which bad much to do
wltb tbe old-time desire tor Haclpro-
city, In 1910, over a hundred thousand pooplo came to Canada from tba
British Islands, k poll of them would
show tbat one of tb* chief reason* why
they are here Is that thl* I* a Britlab
Tbe connection between tlia Immigration of ilrlttah people and tho Immigration ot Britlab money It clear.
Money follow* people, *j trad* follow*
thu flag. People will not continue to
come It their friends send bid »c-
counls of how tbey ara getting along.
Money will not continue to come II
the earning power of that wbicb ba*
•been lent U weakened, and eipecltlly
II there I* a failure In tba undertaking which tbe Government aaid I*
part of the fundamental coinmiircliil
policy ot the nation, and If that faUur*
Is even partially attributable to the
(ubslltutlon ol a foreign country for
thu Inter -Imperial trade on wbicb tbe
Prime Minister haa declared "We set
our hope*."
('(insider the Investment of British
money tbat ba* bean going on slum,
and as tn effect, of Uiat declaration
sf Sir Wilfrid Uurier.
Tho British Trade Commissioner for
Canada, Ur. Richard Orlgg, In a report Issued April 1st, 1811, slates th*t
In tb* live year* ending lsiia, Brttlah
Investor* sent |606,15t,86* to Canada,
Irrespective of the million* brought by
■ettlurs and private Individual*. Examine tho widespread distribution of
Ihoso Investment*:—
Canadian Uank Bharo* ...... f 1,111,01)1)
Inn Bin,, ni   with  Loan ml
M.'iIkhi;.! cumpanles r.... i,71f,774
Urlllsh Insurance Companltt'
liiv.'sim. sis    1,711,7,1
Jl unl, -Ii.ii H, toldurlvatc-
NPT10B |* bmhy givan tbat
utlrlal Invettmcnlt
j.iiil   an*   Timber   tnvott-
m.'iiiii       lO.OOO.UQO
Hln Iui:   Iin mini.11 Is   ........  II.II6.C00
I'ulilte Flotations In London
(iluv, H»|lway, etc.)   4ll.etl.siS
Total ...............floa.tai.ast
Without It th* Country Mutt  Havi
Bscome in Outer Fringe tl
th* Republic
a* john v. miBna
Canada wu compelled to dlmb
painfully into nationhood against
tb.,vi' almost overwhelming disadvantage*, all of them closely concern*!
with the United Stat**.
She wa* handicapped by climate
Bhe had few people.
Bho lott population to tba 1'nltcd
In early days, tbs mor* rlgorout
winter made (attlement on tho land
-more difficult, and prevented Canadian* retelling the ae* lor nearly bait
tho year, except through tli* United
Statet. The whole country wu looked upon as a sort ol backyard to tba
United State*. It would (Ull be to
regarded but (or tb* combined Influence of the boundary lin*, aad tip,
tariff which the United Statu was tbe
first to build upon.
It wu Uio tariff that enabled Canada to turn tb* disadvantage of ber
climate Into a glorlou* aaa*L
If a tariff bad not been raleed
against United Statea manufactures,
those good* would have poured acrou
thro border and prevented tbs growth
of luduetr|*l elite* and town* In Canada. In everything Canada would
have bun to the United Statu aa tb*
northern part* of Canada are te tb*
rest Ol tb* Dominion. Wbat ar* now
her graat elites would btve been emell
provincial town*, tributary,in ths grut
affair* of businest to the manufacturing cities of tbe United Stales, which
would control tbe Canadian market
for manufactured goods.
And If, In business, Canada bad been
a tributary, a mere f**dor of th*
United Statu, pride In her daetlny
would have languished and few would
bav* gloried In her elUtomlilp; ber
sons and daughter* would bav* bun
driven touthwajd, aad tbe feeling tbat
she wu an outer fringe of a vast, populous, Imposing Republic, to whom *h*
must look for finer sustenance* ef life
»nd for career* for her children, would
hive borne lit logic*! fruit.
Without the (arlff tb* aoutbward
tide could not have been atayed.
application will be made ooi.Pt Fart
V, Af the "Water Ail, \m," to P>
tain a Httm to the New We»tmiinl»f
Division of Now Westminster  Pfa
(a.) Tbs aim*) address and ooeu
nation of tin applieaiit—Brusst Town-
tley, Heal Mate Broker, tli I'oiiilnr
9imf, Vmw»w,'B- tint tpt Wining jmrpp»es) Free Min
er'*  Curt ideate  No.
(ii.) Tbs nam* nf lb* lake, stream
or course (if unnamed, tbe description is) Cyprus Creok.
(c.) Tli* point pf dlv*r*|on—Two
(ll) mils* np stream frnm mouth on
District Lot ins.
(d.) The quantity ef water applied
for (In suhls f**t per second)—3 (|1
miner's Indies)-
(e.) Tbe character of the proposed
(f.) Tbe premises on' which thr
water is to Ii9 used (describe same) -
District Let 1311.
(g.) Tbe purpose! for wbi'b the
water is tn lie nsnd- Pomeslif.
(b.) If for irrigation describe the
land intended to be irrigated, giving
acreage  ......   ,.,.,.   ,,	
(i.) If tbs watsr it to be used for
power or mining purposes describe tbe
place where'the water i* te be returned
te some natural channel, aud the dif
fereuco in altitude between point of
diversion and point pf return.
(j.) Area of Crown iand intended
to ba occupied by the proposed works
(k.) Tbis notice wu posted on thp
33rd day ef August, 1011, and appli
cation will be made te tbo Conimis
Honor on the 23rd day of September,
(I.) (live the inline and addresses
of any .riparian proprietors or lieen
tec? who or whose huni.' are likely tn
he affected by the proposed, works,
oither above or below tbe   outlot.
(Hignautre)  II EN BY  RHODES,
Agent for Ernest Townsley
(P. O. Address)   P. O. Box 4li3.
Vaueouver, B. C.
NOTE—Ono cubic foot per second
is equivalent lo 36.71 miner's leches
TB1CT—Diatriot ol Now Westminster.
Take notice that Eliot A. Iluswell ol
Vancouver, occupation, broker, intends
to apply for permiation to purcbaae
tht lollowing described lands: About
mm acios commencing at a post pltnt-
id on the northoast cornsr of i,ot
1674. tbenet cut 36 chtint, thence
nortn 60 chaim, thence west 6 chain*,
mora or less to shors ol Bore* Shoe
I,uke, Ihence in a south and westerly
course around shore of lake to North
ust corner of Lot 1673, thenos south
60 chtint, mort or lest, to point ol
June 171 h, I'JII.
House Connections
New Wtelminstsr Und
trict of Norlb Vaneouver. TAKE
NOTKIK tint mi, H. Gladwin ipj k.
C. (jlarfwin of noil), Vancouver, ocou
pntiop, retired, intend to apply for
ix-imissiiji, lo least las following d*
acrilwd stream, known.u l.ynn Creek,
commencing at a post planted at tbe
N, W. coAMr of tbs old Wood*» tuidg*
crowing *a|d strup,. theae* pom,
MHrfg   be|   -A  etrenm  to S
ulonler?  IfiOO fact  porih   nl  .
hind, (fee) Iwidgt, for tbt purpose of
' ' »K to*, ftpvel and tend  for
"tw-fwrn imm-
kOfi IniMll. I'U
Notice to Property Owner*
of North Vancouver
As the main drainage system It approaching completion webog to notify
property owners tbat we ars making
arrangement t to undertake ths aewer
connections on tho various private
properties at a reasonable coat to all
thos* wbo desire to avail themselves
of early drainage facilities. Having
carried out tbs main drainage system
for tht city council and having the
noceasary plant and (killed labor
available wo are in an exceptionally
favorable position to carry out the
private houso drainage at a moderate
cost le property owners and wo ahall
Iw pleased to furnish estimate* and
plans il uacetsary to carrying out Ihis
most essential work in accordancr wit),
tin eity regulations mil on moat up
lo-date  principles of  modern aanilu-
Quality in C
How, ll«wl»»» bUnk» which alloyvs nw wprkmen to cut
deeply nn4 4lrtJnct!y when following Ae delicate frscerjea
pf ill* (towner with ihe Dying wheel-beautiful putterw
which proclaim the designer a leader in h» profewon <ir«
the warp and woof of quality in
■■        ' ■
Alwaya we carry fte heevy, clenn cut glass which i« the
chojee end pridte of the factories which produce if. See
our diipley of berry bowla, m\»t ml*, comport* and m»p-
Our stock alio affords a splendid choice in wedding
■" ' '"
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
jewellers and Silvi.-isinitlis
Hastings and Granville Streets
Vancouver, B. C,
North Shore Cleaning and Dyeing Works
IU First Street Weit
Proprietors--:!!. Uurin, Tailor; F. NuamNiiin, lain vyith lliu
B. C. Cleaning and Dyeing'Co., Vancouvur, H. C.
■ ' ' ~ ""' " "* '    '    '" '"    '
Ladies' fie Gentlemen's Garments
of all Description Cleaned,
Dyed or Pressed
We specialize in Repair Work
Hats Cleaned and Blocked
Feathers   Cleaned,   Dyed   or
We give you Contracts for Gents'
Suits and save you Money
Phone 207 we'll call and deliver quickly
Girt u a trial and patronize tbe
North Shore
111 First Street We»t
FIRE!    F1REJ!    FIREI1!
FOR ABSOLUTE PROTECTION write a Policy in the
Commercial Union Fire Assurance Co., Ltd.
ASSETS! $04,900,000
, Hole Agent
AirMBMBt* sad Connect, drama       ni i       117 Gintril
el *T*nr iaicslntinn rhOM  I ll       CwwtYtncki
your neighbour!
and they will recommend il to
electric iron with
a reputation.
HOrrOINT  Weiyibepleawdtoaendoneoftheie
irons to you for TEN DAYS FREE TRIAL.   Phene 46
and Power Department.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
THAT t|,e CWc Wormation end Labor Bureau js now
oper, for the Convenience ol Employer* and Employe**.
Employers are requested to take advantage of tl,c Office
when requiring help. •
few* 921
W. B. HOOP, Secretary,    •
«4 Lo»)8id*le Aveniie,^
North Vancouyer.
mammmmm "Momrch MallMtblc" Range
r_^Jf>!iPH9!iiyi (tysMii'y
anj pase qf pppratipr,.
No 'stove excels tlm
Price. No. sM, $67.00
um, $71.00
Wo alao cany other
niakes ill cheaper stoves,
Mtlsra' Hard wars,
"BIPCP"-fm flpwn,
lin   .
ioi Bnplsnitls Wo»f
■    ■ nil.
• mi
receives the iame glad welcome here
aa he man who cornea fp buy, our
primary object at thia time Ming \fl
acquaint the men pf North Vancouver
with the advantage* jn quality, aervice
and price, to be exclusively obtained
at thii store.
We don't expect to tell you good*
before you know ua, our good* and
our business methods, so we invite
you to call) "Snoop around" a bit
and get acqainted.
mmrmmntm mih m,
Let Ut Furnish Your Home
Discounts from One-Fourth to One-Third
HinU for September Buyers
'"■  iii s*n—*■——»
We carry a full block of Household Furniture. During Sept.
we make Special Discounts ranging from JJ lo 33^ per
cent, off all line*. We cordially invite you to call and inspect
our stock during this Special Sale. Our stock of Utils it very
complete, comprising many lines in white, blue and green
assortments, wilh llrasa Filling, v.iry artistic. They have con-
linious posl and in addition to their fine pppearance, have the
guarantee of years of wear. We carry Msttrewe* in all grades
from the lust 60lb. felt to the medium grade felt lop. Dreaaers
in great variety. Splendid selection of Oak Morris Chair* and
Mockers in variety of coverings. Call and inspect our alock.
Fulton Furniture Co,
Balfour-Ker Block Esplanade We.t
50 FT. LOTS, $70 CASH
Balance Quartstif, aim Tsro Yean
Price $350
Every lot on sn opsn gftAoi, md,tut "' Seymoar
Creek, Norlh Vancouver. Huildjngs being trcflcd on lbs
property now.   Telephone and electric light available.
Oall or write ami pel map* mil full particular*, W|i«u certain
development* are ai,noouco<l In t lew week* vou will bs tat 1st*,
 j" 1 '     «————■———»
D. L. 621 k 2075 on Keith Road,
a short distance west Qf (In- Imperial Cat Shipbuilding gad
Dry Dock Co.'* property. $300 and $326 each-|20 Old,
bsiaoc* stay term. Tliesc lol* command an uninterrupted
view of three miles ol -Burrard Inlet. Good soil and level.
Call or write (or descriptive pamphlet.
333 Pender St W. ¥km Sejnuwr WM
Junior Partner
■r awwv* vmwi<
There art sll sorts Qf limnr reading,
abroad about tha llrm of John Hull
Up||m||*d. and Mpeoltllr snout ins
014 Fallow himself. Ho soldom take,
a good look at hlnisell, and until Intel j
M hasn't cared a granuae wbat 0U101
people thought of htm.
.John Bull ha* regarded himself ta I
good-uUurcd loul who I* taking cars
Of a fow bit* nt land »c»tterod around
|bs glob* In th* Interest* ol clvlllsa
t|on generally-* sort of political
phll»nthro|iist. Tha other (sllowp In
tbe International fluid don't regard bla
In tbat light. Thar think be It a grasp
lug old codger who, lustead ol helm
satisfied with control ol nearly all tbs
Strategic strongholds ol land and SOS
power, put* up an awful howl aa soon
M anybody else looks around for a
second-rate coaling station, or a bit ol
rock from which bis trador* may
saunter Into s hitherto undiscovered
What these people »re moat puisled
about Is tbo way thl* bid John Bull
keep* tbe alfectlon* of bis children,
*/bo havo become hi* partners.
"Why," tbey say, "ho used to declare
tbat tbey would toon leave bim, and
here tbay ire closer tban ever to the
Old Oent|eman with tbe side whiskers
apd ths peculiar pant*."
Just so. fbe way tba British Empire keeps together 1* a regular Chi-
net* puulu io all aorta of clove,
statesmen. Tbey can't make it out
at Washington. Sometimes we can't
quits make It out ourselves—this
loose, »troug, aplendid partnership that
girdles tbe world and baa none of tbt
ordinary force* ot Import*! compulsion sboift II. The Dominion I* ont
of tb* junior partners.
"Junior Partner" hasn't a very cock-
a-whoop sound. It I* a bigger nam*
tban It look*. Ur. Slfton, In a sum
orsbl* ipeecb against Reciprocity Id
tba House of Commons put tbe lacl
mor* picturesquely: "Tbe Rising Hops
ot lb* British Umpire." You know
llrm* with tb* Junior partner* becomt
tbe Pillars of Reliance. Tbe Jobs
Bull Unlimited I* one of Ihem.
Canada I* a miracle wltbln tbs Em
f'lre, a* tba Empire I* a miracle among
b* nation* ol tbe earth. The lrapo*
slblo bu been achieved. Tbey Uiad
to tar that you could not allow as
overseas Dominion of tbe Crown ts
bava rsapohilble government In ex
ectly tba same way a* the United
Kingdom. Tbey tald tbat a Colonial
Governor should not be compelled te
accept tbe advice of bit Ministers
when thoy bad a" majority ol the popular Houae. But these thing* are dons
and, tb* Imperial bond la doner and
warmer than It hu ever been.
All tbi* mean* tbat tbe obligation
upon Canadian statesmanship la mors
subtle and tremendous tban 11 hu eve,
been. We bava established a Department ol Eitemal Affairs to liamllo out
peculiar tbree-cornered relationships,
but this Department is not specially
charged wltb tbe duty of keeping ou,
internal population well informed
about tb* niceties of our external re
I* Ueo*.
You cannot expect * farmer In tbe
Saskatchewan valloy to be well lu
formed about tbe possibilities of trou
hi* tbat may lie wltbln our connection
wltb India, Australia aad South Afrl
its. He Is the great statesman who,
knowing sll the lulrlcaclus ot stale
crsft, wbleh he cannot publish, can
guid* Ibe grctt body of public opinion
aright on tba big, underlying principle* which dominate natloual action.
Tb* brain* of Canadian statesmanship I mean *tatc*mau*hip; uot tb*
erection ol a post-office hero, of a
bridge there, and tbe handing out ol
a Job somewhere elic- must be directed to making clear tbe two-fold, funds
munlal basis ol our national progres*
—lb* development ot Canadian commerce lo Canadian channel*, and tba
extending of the right Idea of Canadian national pre*tlge. In Ita relation
le International and Intor-luiperW
Hare It something to Cling to—lhal
th* English speaking peoples art tba
great potentiality In tne modern
World. Tbey are broadly divided Into
tbe Empire aod th* Republic. In tb*
re adjustment of Influence that Is tak
Ing place within tb* Empire Canada
1* rapidly advancing towards lb* firsl
Canada bu tbe advantage ot being
alongild* ot tb* United Slate*. Prom
being neglected by Downing Slreei
and regerdsd hy the United State* u
tvtry poor relation to be acknow-
dged by a cup ol cold waler and a
few kind word*, ihe I* regardod wilb
si most Jealous anxiety by tbe United
Kingdom *«d tb* United Stales. Tbt
remarkable spectacle bu been wen
of Ui* Pruldtnt of tb* United SUtes
going up tad down bl* country be
leeching th* people to make a deal
with Canada which would locuro com-
m*rcl*l union wltb and give to tba
United State* control of the wheal
trad* between Canada and Europe.
, The position ot Canada between tb*
Unlfed States and Great Britain I* the
position of the boy In th* middle ol
the ase-aaw who *«ad« the nartlc* *l
Ih* end o( tbe plank up and down u
he will*.
Canada wu growing along aplendid
ly from thl* point ot view. The only
iran*ooutin«nl*l railway of Amorlce
waa our* u a mean* of expanding our
trad* Is our own way. The Govern-
msat undertook a aacoad U-auacooti
aim, pod It heavily tiding a third.
Tbe bralsa ot Canadian statesman
•hip ware feaulred for too fulfilment
tl pellet**, wbleh wen
1 w|ib to much c*re snd
We needed time to oonioll-
foreM tnd to bring Isle
tesdment the alien* to our
Instead w* pip Invited le re
r method for on* which th*
comnurct into their wteri**,
te our future  eonunsrctslly
Inty to tinifp.
yMvewasneiui. It Is tlm* ws
wtrsed oumsIvm.
WAf 99 WOWS.
Not ico || hereby given that an ap-
plication will b* Blade under Part V,
of tba "Water Mi, IW to oVm
a lipase* to thu Mqrtb Vtsiwar pi-
Vjs|q» of New Westminster District.
1 (#) The namo, address tud occupation of tbs tpicsaMtotys'etim, at;
the City nf North Vaacouver.
(jf fpf mining prop,***) Free Minor's Certificate No.............
(bi) The same pf tin lake, stream er
source (|f unueinoil, tb* description Is)
Uke-at tb* upper and of Use Crook,
op right hand branch going up stream
(elev. 8400 foot abqy* Burrard Inlet).
(*) The. point qf dtv«|t»iqn-A|
Palls at mouth qf lake.
(d) Tb* mmntity tt m«f applied
fqr (in cubic feet par socoud)—Storage purpose*.
(0) Tha character pt proposed works
—Building a dm Mi raising level
of lake during rainy season.
(f) Tbe premises qn which tbe
water to be used (describe same)—
City of Nortb Vaucpuyer.
(g) Tb*   purpose   fqy   which tb*
water i» >» ha »ied-Pows*tio and
(b) If for irrigation describe tb*
land intended to lie irrigated, giving
(1) If tbe water 1* tq hp used for
power or mining purposes describe ths
place where tb* water I* to bt returned to somo natural channel, and
tbe difference in altitude between
point of diversion ami point qf return
(j) Area of Crows land intended tq
be occupied by tin prqpoMd works—
land flooded by construction qf dam.
(k) This notice was petted on tbe
IBth day of August, 1811, and
application tq ba mad* to tbt
Commissioner on tbe Mb day ef Sep
tciiili.-r, 1811.
(I) Give tbo nam** »ud addresses of
any ripariau proprietors or licensees
who or whoso hinds ara likely to he
affected by tbo proposed works, either
above or below tbe outlet—Halting*
Shjnglo Manufacturing Cq., District of
Nortb Vancouver.
Commencing at a point in Burrard
lulel, distant 8,300 feet duo south
from tbe south west corner pert of
Lot Kih; tbence due north 8,300 feet,
to Mid southwest corner pest of uid
Dot itt; thence 8,640 feet, more or
loss, to tbe northwest comer qf said
Dot 116b"; tbence northerly through Dot
iii:.', 8,840 feet more Ir loss, to tbe
southwest corner post of Dot 689;
Ihence easterly along tb* uorth boon
dary of Dot 608, 8,440 feci, more or
less, to the northeast corner post of
Dot hhl; thence northerly along the
west boundary of Dot 644, 1,714 feet,
more or less, to tbe northwest corner
post of Dot 644; tbence easterly alpng
tin mm voMAm oi m. m m
m, mn ot lets, to ito wih-»e»t
corner post qf Dot 646, thane* easterly
along th* north boundary qf Dot 040,
8,tMo feet, moro pr less, to the north-
oast corner post of tyf. 648; theuce
ee*t*r|y tiong tot pptth bqnndtry qf
tb* nqrth-mqst pqrtlqq ef Dot 616,
884 feet, mora or loss, to the north-oast
cpruer of said portiou of Dot tit, 800
feet, mor* or less to tb* northeast corner qf said portion; tbonco southorly
along th* east bouudary of said usrth-
most portion qf Dot 616, 3/188 feet,
mor* or Is**, tq tb* eoutb-west comer
qf Dot 8,088; theuco easterly along the
north boundary nf tbe south-most portion qf Dot 010, 8,870 feot, more or loss
to the north-east corner of slid south-
most portion ef Dot 616; tbonco southerly along tho east boundary qf l<ot
010, 8,3)0 foet, more or lew, to the
south-out corner post qf Dot 816,
theuce westerly along tb* south boundary qf Dot (16, 3,800 feot, more er
lt*(, It the southwest comer post of
Ut 614, tbence southorly, (Jong tbt
west boundary of Dot 688, 8,640 feet,
moro or less, to tb* south west comer
qf Dot 663; thouco easterly, along tbe
south bouudary qf Dot 663, 680 feet,
pwre or loss, to tbs north-cast corner
port of Dqt 876; tbence southerly along
the tut boundary qf Dot 873, a distance of 1,039.6 feet, tq tbo nqrth
boundary of that pert of uid Dot 873,
tb* property qf John Hendry; theuco
westerly along the north boundary of
tb* property of tbe said Hendry to
the east boundary of Dot 874; thence
southerly along the said east boundary
ef Dot 874 tq tbe high water mark in
Burrard Inlet; tbence in the tame line
southerly 600 feet, and tbence westerly
In a straight lin* to tbe point of commencement tbe uid tract -of land comprising tbe following lots, namely:—
286, 871, 874, 873, except tba portion
thereof belonging to John Hendry, the
easterly portion of Dot 668, and Dot*
647, 648, 649, 660, 644, 646, 648, and
816, tnd th* Mission Indian Reserve
all situated In Group One, New West
minster District, together witb tbo
foresbors in front on tbo nortb shore
of Burrard Inlet u comprised within
ths said boundaries ef tbo City qf
North Vancouver; tbe uid tract of
land being shown on a map or plan of
the uid City of North Vancouver deposited in the land Registry Office al
the City of Vancouvtr.
(r) Approximately tho number of
inhabitants-Six Thousau.l  (6,000).
(1) Tbt place ef the proposed reservoir for storage -lake at upper toil of
right band branch of Dyne Creek (olo
vatioa 8,480 fett abevt Burrard Inlet.
(t) Tbt meant by wbicb it I* proposed te store tbo water Natural slur
ago by uio of Iako and Dam.
(u) The area of tbe reservoir sitt
or site* at each foot la depth above
outlet:- 1
1 foot above outlet.
8 feel     „       „   ,
...,( seres
....7 teres
» tm    „      „    .8 sen*
♦  twi    „       »    ••• IMS*
M**r    ..       .,   : rr-iP SPTtl
I fm! „ p V---H scrss
7 fast ,, „  |» acre*
8 feot „ „ |g acres
9 tm ,, „ ••: M acres
10 tm   „      ,,   » acrs*
11 feet  „    „ ..-S-----19 mm
18 feet   „     „ sera*
18  feet    „       „    )« seres
M fast   „     '„   Id tert*
16  feet    „       „   .........80 mm
W tm „ „ ,. v«fl mm
ll tm „ „  ,,«P eerst
18 feet „ „ .......... aert*
19 feet „ „  91 acres
80 feet „  , 81 acres
81 feet   „     „ acrtt
88 fett   „     „   88 aerat
H tm n 'n  m mm
84 feet „ „  84 sere*
86 feet „ „  86, acres
88 fett „ „  86 serf*
87 f*»t „ „  417 seres
88 fett „ „  88 *er«*
86 feet „ „  89 ten*
80 feet „ „  80 aero*
648 teres
(v) How it Is proposed tq acquire
tbo land noccsury fqr tha purpose-
By purchuc
(W) Approximately tbe number ef
acre feet intended to bt impounded—
648 acre feet. •
(x) Whether it I* proposed tq lower
tbe water in any natural Iako or standing body of water, and If so, thu—
(1) Tbo anticipated extout of th*
(8) Tbo means proposed to be adopted to lowor and mill.
(3) Tbe nature and character, In-
detail of tbo worka proposed to bo con
•tructed to provide for the discharge
and penning back of tbo water—Con-
atruellon of a dam.
(Signature)  THOMAS 8HEPHEBD,
(   City Clerk.
(P.O.   Address,   City   Hall,
Nortb Vancouvtr.
Provisos ol British Columbia
NOTICE 1* btftby given I hat all public Highway* in unorganised diatrlots
aud all Main Trunk Boad* in organised   Districts ar* sixty-sis last   widi,
snd bavo a width of thirly-thrw list
on each aid* ol th* mean straight cm
tro line ol Iho travailed ro*d.
Binialer ol Publio forks.
Department ol Publio Work*,
Victoria, D. C, July 7th, 1911.14-10
North Vancouver Business Cards
Percy S. Howard H. J. Ptrria
Cily Auditor.
Auditori and Aooounttal*
636 Pender Hi. VV.      P. 0. Bos 8811
Phono 8837 Phone 183.
Vuncouver     Norlh Vancouvar
Finest table* and cues is the City
Piopsir Hor»e«bo»r - C»rri*gt Work*
BookwIUr* ssd StaUostr*
Cor. Donsdalt aad let.        Phost 148
t. 9. Sharp, Stud. S. I., Stad.
lost. Mun. Eng. Etc., Areht. aad Civil
Kuginoor. Plans, dov»tion* Motion*,
reporta, specifications, eatinut**, etc.
for til dasaoa of work, Tracings, Blue
Print*, Map Mounting. 137 '»wst
Keith #0*4. gut, 9. Vanoouvsr. M
EXPBKSS and baggage
Protspt    8*rv»»»^M«at* QatFgaa.
S am p nam ^^rntwmmnnnny
Stationery, f^tpfkpmj, \** 9999,
Soft Drinks, fouslsk* fw#t, Jmhonpf,
Umyimtnilm «hc**W
Tb* Now Blook on Loaidal* Avoauo
near th* F*rry Approach
waa built by
Q*n*ral Coslrootors
Conlractors lor re inlorced concrete
conitruotion. Btwtring in all its
branches, houae oonneotiont a spo
cially. Eitimale* lurnitbtd. Offioe
30 Ixintdalo Av*. Phon* 386.
Pressed Brick Manllca a. Specialty.     I'lione 1,112
Building Contractor*
Brick tnd concrete work. Houses,
Bungalows, tie. a ipecltlty. Plant
submitted, estimates. 917 Lou*d*lo.
Boa No. HU.
Angus J. Cameron
1.9.1 u. k a.
Irrigation, dralnaet, l*v*U, piss*
snd specifications. Ssftio tank* and
house drainag* a .specialty. P. 0.
Box 344, l«lb aim watt ol Btwioki
Avanus. 1
Pttmh md Smoked Fi-A
liv* sod Dreeasd Poultry
Vsgetable. Wivsry ttrlc* daily
Phoa* Sao ltl Firit Slntt
IkolMalar* ami Rrf.fffmr ot Vm tm
~r'"T™ '"'t ™   imiTaT  IFl'lMIHJir,   fT TUT   fWT
Im tor UmMi mi
Pkon* $M     WWII* imii9
Studio   over   Bask   B. N. A.
Loaidal* and BaplaSad*
Saw Filer and Grinder. AU kinds ol
hand, cross cut Ssd buck aaws *st
aud filed at short**! nolic*. II l.ons
dale Avtnu*. North Vucosvar.
High class Udias' and Gaut's Tailoriag
Phoa* l»7
Moi em TaiWi id l-HVtUtf
907 l«nadal« Avcau*
Clwniag, Pronsg, Oymmg,  A""«lag
Ws   uat   tkt   Friooh   Dry   Uttatag
Proea** Mom Sll
8th Strset K. (adjoining watt of Bou-
Isvtrd) North Vtncouver
First rlaat   work only.    Udi**' own
nitttrialt aid* up. Ikons
8ptc4slt*: OWdMi-i IsatoM atstra
hoM*. Tstsu, etc., apply Gsm*J
I* font wm stopptog or *>a« irre-
t-tolrl 8*.
Th* Morts y*pcs-ty ttmt
_j mmm i
tt IisiSsh
^   mmMmnmmmamw
1 WMmmmmm9mmaJ*mmam
Nusth Vancouwa, Ji C
C fl. MQHPISN. Editor and Manager
'    IUt** or HusMBivrioa r
On* year 11-0
H|x uioiitlis  •        •        ,  ,   fi
Three mouth*    .       , -2
■■ United mates ami Kor*ign,||.M)per year
,1.      M' i      i.     i     ■ i    ..~>
TsissiHNr AnvwiswMm-
60 cents por inch iiiu.h insertion.
(.onus Nivncss, Kre-f 1,00 per inch per
I.ssn am,i TiMtts Notiom-M diiy», |6
IKlili.ys, |7,W.
I.sihi. AiivmiTisimj-Kirst liiserliiin, 10
usntsjKir line; etuh suliiiK|uent inter-
tlou, So, per line,
llmnm, Nutiuss I* I.O04I. Nuw* Cm
iimns -HI minis pur liuu,iiiioli iusi-rllnii
Cinrmirr AnvKBTiHKMSNT*-— Rntus ur
r*,|ged aeiiiir.lliig tu upium lakun,
uiust ba in III* hands ol Ilie primer h)
|,| lliu nail issue.
North Vanoouvsr . fleptemhsr IB, 1911
Without doubt, one of tb* piost com
iiiiiiiiiiug personalities in the ilehato
, upon Hie great national issue which is
now bofore the Canadian people is
Mr. Clifford Hifton. It may safely hu
iiiliriucil that thero is no leailef of pub
lie thinking oil political issues, as tbe
pruseut time, whoso speochos coiiinisml
closer or more widespread attention or
whose utterances eiert a wider or
ni.ii•■ profound iiiriuciii c, than ilu those
uf Mr. Sifton. For many years in
charge of one of tl,e must inipurtaiit
portfolios in tho cabinet of Sir Wilfrid, ho fu ever cunsiilored
ono uf the foremost ministers of that
administration (van in the paluiiost
ilays of the Liberal regime, while today he stands hoad and shouhiors above
all ths ministers, with Ihe possible or
coption of Sir Wilfrid himself. Wut
ovor iritieism Mr. Sifton may have
callsd forth from the Conservative opposition as a member of tho Liberal
government, those criticisms never
took Ihe form of an attempt to asssil
the oulslsiiiling personal ability which
Mr. Hifton ever .-ihil, I as compared
with his coadjutors.
Whan tho u,-i-astim arose upon which
he felt constrsinc.1 to hand in his ro*ig
ii|iioTi as a mtnilicr of tha cabinet, lie-
-rauss he4 could not subscribe to the
policy pursued with referaiue to Mum
lolm, il is a mailer of public record
that Sir Wilfrid Uurier eipresseil his
limit regret and held Ihe mailer In
aheyauco ss long as possible in Iho
avowe.l hope that his valued confrere
would change bis attitude Through
subsequent yaara, Mr. Siftou remained
* un able slipperier of tho .Liberal gov
emu I, though   no    l<mff   holding
cabinet rauk, and the fact that he was
highly valued aa such and that his ai
e.'piional ability was clearly recogiiiu,?
is evidenced io that he was appointed
by that government lo Ihe chairmanship
of tht Canadian Conservation Coin-
mission, immoiliateiy upon Iho same
being constituted, a position which lie
has held ever time and Ihe highly ini
portant duties of which ho has dis
charged in a masterful mannsr.
nivalis.' of bis long and Intimate as
socialion wltb Sir Wilfrid Uurier, because of his acknowledged personal
ability, because of his long tiptriinco
in and bis ietimate familiarity witb
all mullein pertaining to Canada and
her welfare, beraust of hit tlpert
, k mm ledge of Canada's stupttidout
natural resource* and hi* right te re
cognition as the greatest living author
ily upon Ihe problem of tht conserve
' lion tl those resources, li*c*ut* af those
among other reasons, tbs greatest
weight wss recognized u adhering te
the position which Mr Sifton might
ttk* upon tht quntlon of Reciprocity,
and when, from hit position upon tbt
floor of th* House of Commons, hs
'delivered * speech imbodying in In
controvertible argument ■ against tbt
proposed put, loyal Canadian*
throughout th* entire Dominion tt
once rocogalMd ths fact thtt one of
U*n*.|*'s most fsitbful seas btd ds-
lilwraltly ,ald th* price «f tbt saerj-
tre pf tb* SMwistltu ef » iiftttm*
**d of lrrovoc»bl* *|l*a*tlen Item tbe
party to which ba lad rtadsrsd tile
loRjg aUtgimte ** will a* couipicsout
etrvlft **i Mi of hi* rip* »(p*r,*u<
tad UlfpAeA ktpwnAgl bsd pointed
«#t ts his fallow Caaadlaa* th* tears*
trkbk ht btlltrsd tp M tin mty **f*
end proper coarse for Canada to follow
with reference to. the mpin'ontoiis issue
with whioh th* lountry wa*. tm to
%t\mt nt Mr. Clifford Slftoa
throughout Eastern Canada during the
present campaign has clearly denoted
tht high r'espept In whit;], lie Is V*\A-Vy
his fellow ditiieni everywhere and hi*
Influence is eonvlneiug electors by tht
thousand of Uio harmful effect* which
the proposed past would cause, Unit
exerting a most potent Influence in
the approaching defeat of iiecipmclty.
Among the many clear and strong
arraignments which tha Rociprnuily
Bgreomimt has met With from Mr. Sifton ia tbe following statesmanlike utterance:
"Jf it it true," says Mr. Sifton,
"that il ii etiontia) in the interests
of thl* Dominion of Canada lhat we
should conserve our resources and work
out carefully, painfully uml porhspB
slowly, the best method of making
them available in order that we may
have a strong, virile and well
nourished population, It mint bt clear
that thi* 1* no tlm* to Uke down tb*
bar* and turn thtat rtwuro** ovtr to
th* United States.
"If we enter upon trade relations
of an extensive character with the
United Slates, and if all Iho favorublo
anticipations which can bs enlurtaiiied
turn out to be well founded, and our
friomls south of tho lino uso us well
and give us nearly everything we ask,
what is tho inevitable conclusion I
Mutt not our trsds and business snd
very Uf* bscoma mixed with theirs, so
thtt we shall become increasingly de
pendent upon them, wltb tht ultimata
•nd of political union?
"And If those favorablo aiilleipa
lions ure not realized ami they do not
treat us well, and want lo grab and
ipiibble oii Iho iiilorpretation of any
Reciprocity treaty, what will that
meant Jt will mean that, tan or tftsw
yun from now we shall bava to begin
all over again; Just whir* ws sr* now,
and start one* again to put oursslvss
right .
"I do not hold with those who s*y
that those wbo aro opposed to a trade
treaty betweon the United States and
Canada aro opposod to good relations
between Ibo two countries. On tha
contrary, my views ars that th* but
wty sf continuing good relations b*
tw*tn Canada and tb* United Stat**
1* that each should do it* own business
ludaptndtntly, ami bavo ipi entangle
ments, nothing in the world to i|uarrul
likes to think that wbert he invests hid
money it is developing the Empire If
Canada torn* a closer trad* connection
with the United states, the English
moneyed man may think that tha other
British colonies hav* a greater claim on
their oapltal,"
Piling the year ip)0 tbe lum of
♦178,000,000 of British capital •aught
and found investment in Canada wbilo
the confidence of the British investor
is now 80 great that a stable tariff
policy alone is required, In order to
tusurt tbs steady inflow of a, pra'll-
cully unlimited amount of British
money for the development of the resources of tho Dominion.   -
"In my opinion, Sir Wilfrid Jauriur,
during the past tan or twelve-years,
ha* given Csnada Ihe worst administration in the whole world," says Joseph
Martin, M. P. "J'knuw that there is
wore corruption in Canada today than
thtrt ovor hat been. A vsrdlrt in
favor of tbt government in tbo prcsont
ulection would mean a condonation of
lisle  slate  of  iilliiirs."
—. r—, '
ti. V. iloiid, manager at Nelson of
tba Taylor Milling aud Klevatdr Co.,
received instructions not long tgo to
arrange for tbt ens lion of warehouses and a ln,noo bushel elevator In
that principal city of tho Uootenay.
Later lit received directions lo mark
Iimt until Hit fait of the Reciprocity
agreement had been decided by tbt
Canadian people Nays lie: "If ths
pad is ratified by the Canadian llouso
of Commons, it would pay ut belter to
move our bo»i|,|u*rlert iu this territory
from here to Spokane ami conduct our
business from tbat city, constructing
our proposed warehouses and elevator
there. Ia Ihs meantime wu shall not
build here while Rtclprocity it in th*
Mr. H- J. Powsll, editor of Iht
"financial News," * world-famous
journal published simultaneously in
London sud In i'aria, who ha* just
coapltMd a Ua, of th* (lasadi** i'o
nilnloe, taysi "I think thai Um
precity, |f it I* tudorstd by both Ihe
Ctnedia* ind American govnriimsni*,
*** SS* hsip b*ti*g UU effect *f retarding tb* Indus pf Hrilish capital te
tk* Dominie*. Th* Bngliri, Investor
I* a sestiwsoUlist to ms)* «xt*nt and
NOTION is hereby given that ftjl
application will lm mad* under 1'arl
V. of the "Water Ad, 1000," to ob
tain a license in tbo New Westminster
Division of Now Westminster D|*
(a.) Tb* name, address and occupation of the applicant—Ernest Townsley, Res) Bslate llrober, t'lt I'ender
Street,. Vsncouver, ll. O.
(If"for mining purposes) Proo Min
or's   l'nr I i lieu In   No.
(b.) The name of the lake, stream
or cniirci (if unnamed, tho description is) Cyprus (.'reek.
(c.) Tbe point of divertion—Two
(11) miles up slrenm from moiilh on
District Ut 018.
(d.) The ipiniitity of water applied
for (in cubic feet per second)—t (11
miner's inches).
(e.) Tilt character of tho proposed
(I.) Ths premises on which lb
water is to be used (describe same}-
District Ut Ull.
(g.) The purpura* for which tin-
-valor, is to bo iishiI- Dommtir.
(h.) If for irrigation describe the
land intended In ba irrigated, giving:
acreage ..,,,    ,.,	
(i.) If tbe water is to ba uatd for
power or mining purposes describe tho
place where tbt waler it to bt returned
lu tome natural channel, and the dlf
forenc* iu kltituds between poiut of
diversion and point of return.
(j.) Area of Crown land intended
to ho occupied by tbo propoted worka
(k.) This notice wu poslsd on Ibe
tl.'lrd dsy of August, 1011, and appli
ealiou will bo made to Ihe Cpromis
-inner oii the i.inl day of Septenihir,
(I.) line Un name and addresses
of auy riparian proprietor" or lieen-
,**• win, or whose l.ind.i sre likely M
be nnVcl.'d by tbo proposed works,
either iliove or below tbe   outlet.
(Mignautre)   HKNRY   RHODES,
Agent for Ernest Townsley
(P. O. Addross)   P. O. Box ihi
Vaueouver, B. C.
NOTE—One cubic foot ptr second
it tipiivilent lo 36.71 miner'a inches
All new ll(/use* should lie piped fur gaa in ordtr to aava tut
heavy eipenditur* lor this cob-
veniene* at a Inter data,
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Norlh Vancouver. Mn. F. Ber-
ryman, Proprietress. Jusl opened
wilh new stock comprising full
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and Ijiiiisiliili! Avt., North Viuiciiver
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iWnil alreet. Norlh Vanrauvsr.
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NORTH VANCOUVER  ' ie Bank of British North America
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HI ■i|ijlll|S^W»~<ll|-|S»ISIIIIIB«Ullt>>lSw^***F-*l*     »|*IS—llll
it Qfterfc-Hwftf* Vwwuw^JI
UPPER LONSDALE AVRNUE (near FourtMnth Situ*)
vi.   i-ssuwiw—■*>—■■——mswi■''■«■'mssi—s-mmtmmmmmmmm
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Banker's Money Orders isau^.
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im ?.B'T?"
W» aoilcit * trl»l blA M ibvt Pff)af» small »r l»rj»
II Is always interesting is "too our-
aavo* *• ptlisrs see iis"-svoii if tlio
privilege I* altp at tijno* * |ini*fiil
pi,*. Tbpss vylm aU*ni|«i| lbs tianadi-
an (Hull liiiicliinm \p honor of tlio Ijji-
tiih pressman on Saturday an-toyed.
tlio Rpyelty n( liming tlio Ar*| ilRpFM-
•iona^of (isiisiia an,| iis psoplo  *•
tlmy occurred tp an Knglisli journalist.
Thar* w*> nothing aguiiitiug in Mr.
Ilillton's i,iipr«s*inn*. Jbt editor pf
tk* Wostoru Kail, llsnliir, offered a
mpilost ami sincere ouprossion pi Ms
thoughts tinl it will a«t lm iloniuil that
corUiu p| tlieni woro nittpiuo|y inter-
esting outs.
Tliay »ll htil bsen very gr**|ly Impressed, bo stiil, wiln tht iinorninus
natural resources pi Panada, pi wW»lf
(l»n*ili»nt ar* extremely prnud. Ami
tbsy bad gppd right tp bp iirouil.
Kyorywhers bt hs»nl peppl* voicing
tbsir snthusi*sni.
Oa lb* *a*t, bo said, they saw a country Ibat rouiiiiiloil them in many pf
it* features, pf thoir own iloar native
land; tbon thoy **w tb* wiiio reaching
lauils »f tho miilillo wust wbicb contti-
tutu * hugo jirsirio farm, tbo* thoy
rov*llei| iu |bs gigantic ami iimgnifl
cant soensry nf lb* Bncky Mountains
and laptly tbay hail conic to tbe great
faclflc coast province when tbo pop-
pi* tppoir In bave all the advantages
nf tb* oast coroliinoil in pne, arid none
pf i|t drawbacks.
Tba spstktr pointed put tbat Can-
ailltns dn wall tp ba proud of their
natural resources, but be reminded bis
hearers that it is well to remember
tbat thl* heritage bad coma to Oanada
through no effort of tbeir own. Tlmy
did not sow tbo seed on those groat
prairies, tbat fatten tba cattle. Tha
credit fnr the great resources does not
beloug tp th* Canadians; to thorn it
belong* tp nuke » right use of these
Mr. Iliiitiin tpucbed on tbo rapidly
growing population pf tbo Dominion
and sfld tbat in tbit growth there it
tht making of a nation. Tbe. immigration department of Oanada bat
done t work to lit pruud nf; but it
is tlso a matter fpr prido for tbo old
country that she has so many of ber
sons ind daughters to sond to Canada.
Continuing, Mr. Hint on spoke of
tba wnndtrful natural resources of
Csnidt, aaying that tbey seemed to
havt como to tho British empire largely without effort. Tbo rapidly increasing high cl*ss population nf tba
country might almost bo spoken of In
tbo same way, tltbougb a great deal
of credit w*i undoubtodly due lo tbo
tplindid work nf tbo immigration department.
"A* I camo acroa* tho country ou
tbs Canadian 1'aciflc railway," said
ths speaker "tbit wondorful accumu-
lation pf lies ami nila loomed to be
come a living thing, reaching out over
greater tnd groatcr areas, typifying
th* work of tbo groat pieuocri wlio
saw possibilities in tbit country
grtttir tban tb* imagination of mtn
bad bitborto dared  to cencoivo."
Mr. Ilinton npit wished to impress
ppnn bi* auditors, however, that it
sn* nnt in natural resources, or in a
great population that tho gruatuoss
of tbo country must eventually lie,
but in tbo character of ita people. It
mutt and shall produce men wbo are
gnat in thought t* well a* great in
"Cinada shall bave her purl per
haps gerster and nobler thun that of
tbo pld world. Witb its looming mil
lions it is inovitahly destined to be
tbe predominant factor in tbo British
empire. It mutt be great net only iu
tb* development of itt natural re
sources, but in those olomonls pf personality *ml strength which mike for
gnrity of public |if(. It* men mutt
ba strong in unselfish service tp tbo
stat* rathor than inking selfish er po
cunitry and*. Canada will be rich
without being greedy, looking to great
er things tbtn inert Increase in Uud
values. By sucb means you will lie
com* tho grnat**t f»ctof in tht great
Mt ompiro tbo world bu over known"
UBW _Q__U____hf__LY
ThP WMPalnn' W*\ ll being «r*ct-
od just narth pf WiUPP read Spnth
Vinpp»v*r, at tht twwUr* nf th* moo-
tory property is rapidly nuaring torn-
pletipn. Th* building ha* bfon arenp-
nd in response tn au insistent demand
from many perspne in Vancouver al
a cost of ahput WflhO, The Vancouver Ofsinatory Aisociation which is
thp nominal -pfpaf pf tha building,
is composed pf many pf the leading
undertakers and fnner»| directors nf
|hn city. Ml. W»i P»i«» )• managing: director pf th* prganUatinn and
ha aniiuuncoil to tho council at Iheir
last meeting that bo expected that
th* building would be roidy for operation ip iliout Ave week*" time.
The municipality pf Houtli V*ucou
v«r has not yet pissed IU building by-
law pr appointed any ofllcj*l to make
regular liispcctons pf new buildings,
bpt ip ttdtt to safoguard their own
iutorosts |h* lioird pf works ippointed
* coromitlce wbicb conferred witb the
solicitors pf the municipality witb
regard to drawing np an agreement
to allow tha company to carry on operations until tucb tin,* at the ragu-
lar bylaw i' brought into affect.
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Tbo Tbeiisopliicul Sncioly meets in
Nortb Vancouver lo Boom 4, II i.ons-
dulo Avenue (cBtrtuc* Belt 10 Wil-
como Parlor) every Wednesday ov,aiag
at 8 o'clock. Alliiidanoo is entirely
Ira* and oarriss no obligation*) wbnl-
over. Vou are invited. Tbeotupb'.cul
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THItrr District ol New Westminster.
Toku mitice that Jo**ph 0. Dockerill,
ol Vuneuuver, occupation, govsi'nraenl
official, intends to apply lor Dermis-
lion lo piirclmio tbo lollowing dslerib-
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pott planted on th* south wt*t corner ol Lot 8639, tbenet south 40
cbtin*, Ihence talt 40 ch*ins, then**
norlb 40 chains to south boundary ol
Lot 36311, I bene* wait 40 chain* moro
pr loss, along said boundary to point
ol commencement.
.lun* 17th, iill. IH
300 Feet of Water-
frontage with crown
grant, known u
Wallace Shipyard*.
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Press Limited
Phone 80
the tietk pt rtia' waattw, Willi Ms
keen sen** of justice, shed the »»me
steady r»ln Ml ffRftb V»»f»»VSr last
evening ni ht toA AmttA tVnoiA n»»r
tbe t)nnserv»tiv* proceedings nn the
previous nigbt. k epriukling ol Liberals, however, issemblad in Larson's
I'Bvilion at 8.0'elo**; pad llnwly grew
in numbers »«tbe evening progressed.
Tb* ch»ir wai nenapleil by Mr. titpfft
II. Pbiiiipa, and tb« spaslwa war*. Mr,
J, ft. Huskier, Mr. kip*. FMIHp, Mr.
V. W. Mellougal aud Mr. P. T. Onnj-
Tbe Liberal i'«iidid»le, Mr. Senkler,
st tbe ontsst of an energetic speech,
pooh-pnobed .tb* id** ™ anneutinu.
"Tbe suggestion," he cried, "tbat ho-
rsiiHii wo have to deal with American*
W* ire to be annexed is ridiculous."
lis entreated bis he»rers tp lie»r In
mind tbe extent to which thoy relied
upon American material*' for tbeir own
purpose and to prove bi* point read
aloud the daily programme of an aver-
ago man, commencing wltb a Qilett*
razor and ending with * Yankee mattress (not emitting tn mention a vote
tgdiitt Reciprocity during tbe dsy).
Mr. Heukler then bombarded tbe
l'unserve!Ive party, accusing tbem of
vacillation. II* was particularly bitter
concerning Premier Mcllride and tbe
Hon. Clifford Sifton.,, He attributed the
lion, Mr- Sifton's leaving tbe Liberal
pin i v to the fact Hint be w*s compelled
ta. "Hut he would never bsv* left
us," doi'lared Mr- Senklef, "If Sir
Wilfrid had recommended bim to bo
A member nf tbe audience ssid that
"Mr. Sifton had given tbit away."
Mr. Senkler seemed amused.
Tho candidate then dealt witb tbe
insinuations that Sir Wilfrid Uurier
desired to lake Canada away from tbe
mother country. Borden, he said, wss
attempting lo get Into power by appeal-
lug lo Iho psstdous of certain sectioua of
the people, but Sir Wilfrid bad never
been known to appeal to any particular
sod. He used argument* directed to
tbe genersl body of the peoplo, and
always referred to tbo lliiion Jack ae
the Hag of Britain.
Touching hii own candidature Mr.
Senkler said that Iho man wbo should
be returned wu one who uuderetood
Hie requirements of this portion of the
province. He recommended himself as
lining lhat man. Por instance, bs explained, the barber wu not looked after
in Iho way that it ought to b*. lie
thought that it should be controlled hy
a body of men who represented all the
different interests in tbo neighborhood.
The bridge on Ibo lecond narrows wu
also of great importance to the people
of North Vancouvor.
At Ibis juncture * disciple of Mr.
Senkler pbilbsophisod auilildy, saying,
"Always •cu.l a friend tn court, not sn
enemy." Ul- Heukler, very gratified,
thanked bim for His timely aphorism.
In coni'liuion, be expressed his certainty tbst Sir Wilfrid wu going to
enj„y Ihe ume majority u bitberto, if
not larger. He believed that he himself would he elected with a handsome
majority, net because of any merit of
bis own, but becauae tbe country
would wish to have at Ha bead a man
liko Sir Wilfrid Uurier, wbo would,
servo Ibe beat interests of tbo pcopli
irrespective of rare or sett.
Mr. I'ongdon said that tbe Conservative plea for one dag, one king, one
throne, wu ill flapdoodle and hy
eterics, and Ibat no uuo person would
li-ieii to it for one minute. Tbe loyalty of no one nulion bu ever been in
ercued by paying inn, au.l Ibat (lie
Conservative ide* of plying tlhflui),-
1100 for imperial defence never appealed
to bim. No colonial statesman would
for on* minute countenance such a
Touching oa the qiustion of oar
natural resources in coal, th* speaker
said there wu enough coal in sight to
lut for thirteen or fourteen tbouaaed
years; It did not matter, anyway, if
wo used it all up ao long u ae bad the
ro«h for it in our pock*!* th* same u
•Mm Hull bsd done ami ie doing. Tbe
grot! tbing lo do wu to incteuc pro
duclieu *nd marketa will iuireasc of
Nr. and Ure. A. .1. Tyson wish to
convey Iheir sincere I banks to th*
ninny Irieiidn who gave auoh helpful
eipromriiine >if nympulhy during tli ii
recent  heavy here*voment. 1IS-V
180 Bights, facing Victoria
Park. Jantttamti la this building
ar* aim tetdy (tt tm. JMy w*
UU aoet up-to Sou »p>rt***aH la
B 0. Apor—i*nt* fo* coaifort,
•act m disappearing hail, beam
calling, hardwooS Sow*., paint*)
call* ctoatn, aipptuil, «tow*w»y
roam, window t**U, tb* b**t of
eUctric Situr**, hot (ir hsailBf,
fro* uiapfaos* |a *acb *p*rt_*Bt.
lack sptrtsssnt centals* I room,
autor. h_wtw ilnlai at litint
fnmtl mn^&*—i Y**np   -rr    rr.rrn
tim, nmm, m bethtem,
amity, Itnpdry room, aad two
doMto.   flood Tl*w of lni«t aad
MM 1099 blnfJtm.
*W»I IttwiA unlawful excavation cams before Magistrals Koaty this
mnApg, |b« complainant being fp*
Slty engineer, Mr. llanos, and the de-
feni|aul, Homano flntn a»4 Oo. Tbi
latter ww raprwented by Mr.f. 0.
Mr, II»n*s said that ho brought tha
charge against the defendants under
fly|»W No. Jl, Street Regulations Mi
9l produced a contract with the company wb*wby ther' were tn *ie*v*t*
lot a sower on Third street. It had
cent* In hi* knowlndgo tbit tbe defendants were tunnelling, and ho at
once instructed tbem tn ceue. Thoy
continued tn do sn, however, md h*
summoned then) under tbe bylaw.
Some discussion took place between
Magistrate JC*»ly and iff. Orant a* to
the difference between oxciviting 'on'
tbe street ind excavating 'under' the
street, Mr. Grant argued tbst as bit
clients were properly contracted tn do
tb* wnrk under the'e||y council, any
technical deviation was » matter (or
elvil law—not criminal.
Mr. Gardner and Mr. Baxter spoke
u tn giving verb*! nolle* to tb* defendants to ceise tunnelling
Mugistne Kealy dismissed the cue,
■lying,thit it wss clearly i dispute between contractors tnd the city.   Such
I case WSS entirely OUtsiliO til* jurisdiction of that court.
Yesterday aftornoon, A. Robertson, a
sbiugler of Cedar Park, wu tbe victim
*f I serious mishap which might
easily hive bad fatal result*. He wu
working nn * roof ou 17!b street,
when be slipped ami fell t distiuce of
eighteen feot, in addition to which a
bundle of shingles fell on top of him.
He wu picked up and carried to thp
hospital. Three ribs wero broken and
internal injuria* melt caused. He is
progressing (iVofubly.
On TiKwluy, Sepleinlur I'ith. Vtbib,
agul twp mnnlhs, doiightir of Mr.
ami Mrs. W. Will.
His Honour Ihe Lieutenant-Governor
in Council bu boon pleased to appoint
tho Honourable Albert   Kdward   Mc
Phillips,  K.  (!.,   President   of  the   I-
ecutive Council; Ibo Honourable Prico
Ellison, Minisler of Finance; Charles
Henry Lugrin, of Ibe Oily of Victoria,
Esquire; and William lltrobl Milkin,
of Ibe City of Vancouver, Ksquire, to
)io Oommissioners under tbo "Public
luquirios Ac!" for the purpose of cu-
.piiring into and reporting upon the
operation of tbe "Assessment Act.
m-l,'' with respect to ill prsclical
bearing* on tbo financial requirements
of the I'm. in. c.
Tbo said Coinmiiaiouors will bold
thoir meetings on Ibe dates and at the
places mentioned hereunder, namely:—
Vi. i.d.ii. it tho Kxocutivo Council
I'hainlior, Parliament Buildings, Mnu
day mil Tuesday, 10th ind Ulilb
September, at 10 a. lu. At tbe Court
House or Ibe Government Office ut tbe
following placet:—
Nanaimo, Wednesday and Thursday,
271 li and S8tb Beiitsmta."
Vanrouvcr,   Priiiay   and   Saturday,
Wth und   .I'llh   Sep! em her.
New Westminster, Monday, 2nd Oc
Uevelstokc, Wednesday, lib October.
Golden, Thursday, fith October.
Craubrook, Saturday. /Hi October.
Kernie, Monday, nth October.
Nelson, Wednesday, llth October.
itosslaiid, Thursday, 12th October.
Grand Forks, Prlitay, Pith October.
Princeton, Saturday,  llth October.
Merritt, Monday,  Kill, October.
Ksniloops, Tuesday, I ilh October.
Summerlaiid, Thursday, llllh October.
Peuticlon, Friday, Mb October.
Kelown*, Saturday, 'lit! October.
Vernon, 'Monday, 'Unl October.
It is requetleil tbat all persons who
sre Inlereslcd lu tbe matter aforeuid,
and who desire lo be beard, will not
fail to be present *t tho meeting* of
the Commissioner*.
Treasury l)ep*rtm*ut,
Piih September, i'.Hl.
eva a. Mcdonald
Por terms, etc., tpply Monday
Md Thumlty.
m T*ntb It B. Pkon* 317.
TKNDKKS will be roceivod by tin
umleriignad up to VI ./dock moon on
toptemtor 'Mb, lllll, for the wo-
strnotion ol an loditul* hall *t Lynn
valley. A tsertittd disquo toodo pajf-
alde lo lin uudcreigaerl, oi,u*J to (iv*
par wiit. of the amoant of ■ lendtt,
must accompany each tender. Plans
and *pacshc»tion* to to obtoifnd from
V. Ttaltmt, tornir ProWiok road
and aarljne, Lynn valley. The lows**
or any lander not nooe***riry acoept-
P.fMTQTW \nx
Anything Wf might say about these .Ranges
Wpuld te superflous. J\m are tpp w«U
kijown Ip need bpoiling.  OUR TERM6I
$10 down   .  $10 per month
We are sqle agents:
paine & McMillan
Corner First Street and Lonsdale Ave.
North Vancouver. Phone 12
'   ■'
Corner U in D,L 786
$500 on terms. First Deposit gels it,
213 Lonsdale At* Tel. 47 Cor. Nye St. Tel. 87
120 Second Street East Telephone 206
Convenience to North Vancouver Merchants
Buy in Your Own Town. Your Orders Solicited
Drug Store Snaps
Tanglefoot Fly Paper, 2 double Blieets
for 6c, or Mc per box
4711 Soap * (iOi. box
Modified Milk, large size  75c tin
Alleiibur/a food, Jialf dozen ... 14.00
„ „    1 dozen ....... $!).fi(J
„ No, 3'Kood,... . 56c cucli
H „    „        (6.25 dozen
Preston's Kidney (Jure 75c bottlfl
Peptonized Wine of lieef & Iron fl.00
Marguerite, 25 in box  $1.(50
Tiickejt'i C|»)b Ppeciul $1.7/)
King Gutter and Carbo Magnetic
Uima  $2.50
Gillette  and   Autostrop  Safely
Razors  $5.00
Gem Jffffiior and Ever Ready
iBafefy Razors  $1,00
Strops from , 50c lo $2.00 each
All   Razor*  Absolutely Guaranteed
Money Refunded If Not Satisfactory
North Store Drug Co.
M.fflOMAS,n>.B.l Druggit
f If imAMADE WEST, Ami 311-


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