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■ l      ^   "imi,,    rn'mmmmammtmrnsemm m .III
Placid Session of
Diitrict Council
Hoovo May presided over the regular
union of t||e district council in the
municipal hall last night, the only ah
■eutee being Ooun. Bridgman. Tbe
meeting lasted a little over an hour.
Correspondence had net accumnlat
ed to its usual proportions, there being
fewer applications for sidewalks and
* roads.
* It mu decided in consequence of
letter received tbat an effort should
.be mado to ponuado Mr. W. A. Mac
iPtynald, K.O. to arrango a session jn the
I '^municipality for tho bearing of tbe gov
'    eminent'a  quarter  ini crests  claim  in
■ the subdivision of certain diatrict lots
Tbo city council apprised tbe municipal fathers that the civic authorities
intend to do very considerable work in
tbe cemetery, D. I,. 1680, this season,
Snd that extousive improvements aro
being mado there hy one of the society
holding a reservation and asking for an
arrangement whereby tbo Llllooet trail
might be cloared and graded and all
debris caused by sucb clearing removed
The matter was referred to tbo Board
of Works
A lotter waa read from Mr. William
Bailey at present in l.os Angeles, ou
logizing tho macadam roadi and ad
vising the council to autborixo tbcii
engineer to write to tbe Los Angeles
Board of Supervisors on tbe aubject of
their metboda. Mr. Bailey's couniel
- will be acted Upon, tbe couucil making
a mut ion of thanks for hia letter.
Several roaidenta of Woodlands wrote
reminding tbe council tbat there are
now more than 26 familial resident in
tbat vicinity, and no facilitiet for land
log bai yet been provided. Aboul
two yean ago a temporary floating
wharf was provided at lbs foot of
Alexander road by a few of tbo residents at a coat of about 1800 to meet
tho pressing needs of tbe locality. Tbia
wbarf hu been awopt away.
It wai decided Ibat Conn. Ward end
tbe engineer bo empowered to look
into tbe matter.
It wai resolved that ths Beeve, Coun.
Bridgman aud tbe water committei lm
a committeo to interview the city in
rsfcrouce to the Lynn Valley trouble;
further that Ibo clerk write to Mt.
Turn uking bim if bo will allow the
district to use any record he may ha.c
oa a creek running through ils pro
perty in D. L. 2004.
It was decided, on tbe motion of
Couu. Nelson, tbat tbe diitrict advertise
for a cblof constable aud two ordinary
constables for Ibe three districts, East
Capilano, Nortb Lonadale and Lynn
Valloy, the chief to receive lib) a
month and Ibo two conatabics ill per
month each.
Tbo Board of Vinikt rocomqendod lbc
That a 4-foot sidewalk bo laid from
the city limits via Sutherland avenue
le Bl. Jamea alreet; tbat tbe Lynn Val
ley Ratepayers' Aaaociation'a request
for tbe opening of Allan road from
Boas to Westover road bo laid over
,/or Iho present as it ii not urgently
rcquirod; that a .1 plank walk be laid
from Wcatover road half way to Potcrs
Tho following motions of Couu. Lou
tet were alio carried: Tbat the wa
ter committee bring in a recommendation in regard to bydranta for Eul
|(!apilauo aod tbat tho Are and ligbl
committee bring in a report ai to sup
plyipg 600 feet of heso for use in that
> diatrict; tbat tbe ichool board be
written to uking permission to build
a small Are abed and pay atation oa
the Eaat Capilano achool grounds;
tbat Garden avenue norlb of Hope
itreet be included in Capilano road
acbemo. u it will cut off a bad lorner
and ii a 88-foot street; that Mr. Ca,ew
Qlbion bo requeited to secure tbe nee
cisary road allowance for continuance
of Beep Cove road to the quarry wben
tbe council will lake up tbe matter of
eemtructing a read.
_ •	
Urgent Oall for AaaUUnca-Local Fund
An appeal for subscriptions locally
to the Chinese Famine Fund la being
made in conjunction wltb tbe F^njpe
Belief committe of Vancouver or which
Mayor Fladlay Is chairman. Ai a re
mit of the revolutionary war, sections
of China are now in the throes of ter
riblc famine conditions which threaten
death to million! of unfortunate people.
Uis stated tbat 8,600,000 people are
/lying for want of food, many thouaandi
have already auccumbed and multitudes
of others are absolutely bopeleaa and
helpless, excepting u asslatance   may
Tbe wedding took place recently at
the parsoiiage of Mr. William Leonard
Ligbtfoot And Mill Lydia Hawkinson,
both of Nortb Vancouver.  The Bev. if.
rat'eh them item omii eountrlei. Tpttn £ Scblicbtor officiated,  Mr- and Mri.
dollari will sustain ths Ws of an entire Ufhtttat iatand residing in this eii*
family for,one omw- sOn* wlllieo
dollars la askod from Canada df which
Vancouver and vicinity are endeavoring
to raise $10,000. Subscription forms
Will be -found locally at' MoPgwa|j'a
and at Tyspp's drug stores corner Ot
Lonsdale and First and Lonadale and
Eighth Street respectively, or otherwise
aubacribora may band in tbeir contrilni;
tiona to tbe clergymen of tbe various
churches in the city. In a matter of
this kind "lie gjves twice who gives
Tbe Conservative primaries for tbe
appointment of dclogatea to the convention of the Bichmond Association
for tbe selection of a candidate at tbe
approaching provincial election!, will
be held on Tburiday, March 7th. Tbo
Conservative contention for Hiehmond
riding will be held tbe following evening, Friday, March 8th, at the Conservative club rooms, Vancouver.
Tbo annual meeting of tbo Bichmond
Central Conservative association wbicb
wai due to be held next week, baa
been poatponed indefinitely on ac
count of tbe nominating convention as
announced above,
Clauses to be Carried
Site, Qty H*ll Site,
Into Effect .PrilLhWI
Ferry Loan, Etc.
Tbs meeting held on Wednesday
evening for tbo purpoie of forming a
Conservative Association at North
Lonidale wu not largely attendod ow
Ing to the pressure of buaineea in
realty circles at preient. A committee of Ave wu appointed to iee that
prospective member! are,duly notified
and the meeting adjourned to Monday,
March 4th,'at tbe church ball, Lonadale
Tbe program at Lousdale theatre for
next week promises to bo an exceptionally good one.
Tbe charming soubrette, Miss Dorothy Weaver, will undoubtedly delight
Nortb Bborefi aa sbe haa not fBilcd to
do all along the Ppcific coaat.
Zalfreda, the great musiciau, will
aurely make a great bit.
There ii to be an exceptionally good
humoroui iketch by tbe woll known
" Sum in en ".
Tbo photographic ncwa of tbe world
will be run all Ibe week in Iwo distinct acriea, tbo first Monday, Tuesday
and Wednesday and the other for the
remaining dayi of the wcok. The excel
lent quality of tbe olber pictures will
be maintained.
"\ —
Eitonaion of Twenty Minutes Service
and Ons Other Alteration In Tims
Mayor McNciab preaided ovor a spe
clal meoling of tho I'cny directorate
on Tuesday afternoon, all the board be
ino oxcept Mr. H. C. Wright.
After tbe adoptiaa.nf the minutes,
Capt. Gates reintroduced tbe question
of  establishing  a    bunded   warehouse
staling tbat ioquiriei io far had yield
ed no satisfaction. In fact they bad
no place to put iuch a warchouic.
Mr. W. L. Boult thought lhe matter would solve itself u Ioou u a railroad wu running into Nortb Vancouver. Tho board wu in agrocmoot witb
tbii view,
Managor Heard outlined certain improvement! which he recommended on
tbe Vancouver wbarf. Those involved tbe widooing of tho wbarf by an
eitonaion oo ths cut side pt ID feet.
Tbli will allow tboj passengers room to
wait at the end/of the wbarf. The
dividing fence will bi moved to tbe
west about .8 feet which will permil
of a 18-foot passage for paiiongcrs
leaving tbe boat, thus enabling them
to keep clear of the teams.
On tbe motion of Mr. Oladwin tbe
directorate aulboriied Mr. Heard to
proceed witb this work.
Patrons af the ferry are advised to
make a particular note of an import
ant alteration in the time table tak
ing effect'fj'day. The boat which bu
previously left fbe North Vancouver
wbarf at 11.46 p.m. will until further
notice leave at 11.40 p.m. The twenty
minutei service is now to bo continued,
until 8 o'clock,
The order "' tlie dsy at the special
meeting of the pity council hold laat
evening was the consideration of the
report of Mayor McNeish with reference to bis recent tfip to Toronto and
Ottawa accompanied by City Cork
Shepherd, 'I'll.' report was considered
clause by' clsuso apd resolutions wpro
adopted where required, in order to
carry out tho arrangements made by
tbo Mayor.
Witb reference to tbe outlet for the
sanitary system on Mahon avenue pro
'lined, tbe city engiueer waa instructed
to comply wltb the Dominion rogula-
lions witb reference to advertising as
auggoatod by tbe miuiator and to advise
Ottawa tbat tho act ia being complied
In tbo mailer of Ibe conveyance of
the drill ball aite to tbo government
a resolution waa adopted on motion of
Alderman Dick to the effect tbat tbe
city solicitor prcparo the ncccasary documents to be forwarded to Ottawa for
approval in the first instance, without
the official signature of tbo city, Ibis
conveyance to contain provisions as
follows: The government to enter iuto
occupancy within twelve months; the
government to build a drill hall tu cost
not less than a stated amount, said
amount to be inserted by lbe depart
ment; the building to be used for armory and drill hull purposea only.
Ke the purchase of tho cily hall Bite
by tho government, the government
having appointed Mr. E. Mahon os
their arbitrator aud the city having
appointed Mr. E. H. Bridgman in like
capacity, tbo mayor was appointed a
committee to arrango a meeting of lhe
arbitrators and to expedito mutters.
Uuder clause 7 referring '" financial
arrangements, the mayor auuounced
that the couucil bad already taken the
necessary action looking to the carry
.iug out of tbe recommendations of the
engineer ai recently published With ref
eroneo to grading and macadamizing
ui' streets.
With reference to tbe Issuance of new
fprry bonds snd tbo flotation of an ad
iliiional loan for ferry purposes, tbe
mayor stated that the council had al
ready iliuol instructions aud the ncc
eiiary by-law is now in courie of preparation.
Tho report having been disposed of,
Mayor McNeish rotorred to tho unsatisfactory nature of presetit arrangemonls
with referonce to providiug city water
to tbo campers on tbo wale, iroiit, -.lai
ing that a charge recently laid against
a tent dweller of stealing water hail
been dismissed although the evidence
pointed clearly to bii having appropriated water without any right to do
ao. On motiou of Aid. Irwin tbe mat
ter was referred to tbo waterworki
committee to make recommendations
witb regard to tbe revision ot water
ralea for oampera, ai to wbelbcr tbe
camper or tbo owner of tho property
should pay tbo rales and aa to bow
tbe water should be supplied Ibo camp
Mayor McNeish reported having re
ceived a telegram from H. H. Stoveni,
M.P. with referonce to the C. P. B.
routo map and having forwarded a re
ply Ihcroto, both of which will be foupd
ill   full   el   i whole.
A depinmum from the Master Plumb
ers' Association waited on tbe council
witb Ihe request tbat clauses four, eight
aud loily nine of tbo Building By law
be more rigidly enforced. Council ap
peered to be of opiniou tbat it would
be difficult to accomplish more iu tbis
regard than wbat is already being done
but the matter was referred on motion
of Aid. Irwin, aeconded by Aid. Dick,
to a committee consisting of lbc board
•til workaj tbe building inspector and
tbe city euginccr, to report.
Mrs. .lohn M. White, 21)3 Ith street
east will not receive ou Tuesday, March
Mra. Jobn Barclay of l.uh atreel
Iqft this week for Creelman, Bask., on
a visit to her daughter, who is ill.
During lusl night's session of. the
district council Coun. Nelson, chairman
of tbe park commillee, moved lhal
$600 should be "pent duriug the present
year on clearing trails ami repairing
aeata in McTaviafa Park. The motion
wns carried.
Next Sunday morning the lubjcci
at tbe Firat Baptist church here will
bo "Nothing but leave.-" and tbe
evening aubject "Hood Investments for
the young." The pastor will preach
at both services. Strangers cordially
The lilstrlct council last night pass
cd Ihe 1I1U revenue by law for lliu lol
lowing purposes: To provide for lbc
general expenditure of the district, for
which a general rate of 10 mill. on the
dollar is levied ;to raise $8,921.80 for
school purposes, I mill on the dollar;
to raise $30,904 lo provide for interest
and sinking fund on general loans, 3
mills ou the dollar; and to ralao $3,-
394 for interest aud sinking fund ou
tbo two loans of (30,000 oacb for Lynn
Valley waler diatrict, )% mills on the
dollar; alio to raiao Hit to provide for
intereat and alnking fund on the loan
of 116,000 raised uuder Ihe East Capilano Waterworks Loan bylaw, 1909.
A horae belonging to the Capjlano
laundry and hitched to one of tbeir
rigs, broke ita moorings on Tueaday afternoon while standing on Lonsdale
avenue north, and as a result of the
runaway the delivery rig became
a crumpled wreck against one of Ibe
gate posts entering the borticultu/W
groundi on 81st street. The horse wai
a fresh purcbue and wu understood to
be u quiet ai a lamb, bat tboaflrcuin-
stances following bis being left on the
streot bitched to a weight, has disprov-
eu tbat. After freeing himself from
tbo fig the boras diaporled himself In
tbo horticultural grounds until captured by the'driver.
The.Horticultural Hal) waa a delight-
fol scene on Wednesday evening under
tbe auspices of tbe St. Andrew'i end
(,'alodonian society an entirely success
ful fancy dreas ball took place. The
mtpy spfendld en/1 original dresses were
ftp numcroui to mention, but Ihe judge!, Messrs. J. Fawcett BojM and f, C.
Greeu, bad no hesitation in swarding
the lint prize lo Miu N. Smith, wbo,
wilh broom and pussy, appeared as a
witch. Mr. S. Wight deservedly annex
ed tho gentlcmau's first'prize, bii cos
tunic being representative of real es
late. The second prizes were secured
by Miss N. Graham aud Mr. J. Sic
plieu. wbo were garbed respectively
as gipsy and highlandcr. After tbe
presentation of awards by Mayor Me
Ncish, Ibe picturesque company resum
cd dancing to Ihe raviahing barmoniee
of Reynold's 4-piccc orchestra.
The charge against a man named
Beale of appropriating water from tbe
cily waa dismissed by tbe mayor and
Mr. C. F. Foreman, J.P. on tbe grounds
of a technicality, tbe accused nol having given bis consent to be tried sum
Mr. C. F. Foreman, J.P., on Wednes
day morning gave bis decision on lbc
usault charge levied by B. O. P.
Brooke agaiuit E. V. Stuart of Lynn
Vulley. In dismissing Ibe case. Mr.
Foreman deplored tbo dragging into
court of church differences. Tbe caae
bad been 'adjourned in order lo bear
Ibe evidence ol'/bt diitrict chief of
police wbo, howevcr7<fuld only testify
to bii inability to iee itahe dark. Tbe
complainant wu represented by Mr.
Arnold, the accused conducting bis OWU
defence and producing witnesses ad
The new Dominion government tug
"Point Drey" wu given a trial oo
Tuesday aftoroooo and ber behaviour
gave every satisfaction, Tbe official
trial trjp preliminary to turoing lbc
tug over to tbe government takes place
tomorrow. Tbe /'Point drey" hai
boon built by Mcsari. A. Wallace * Co.
at a coat of 880,000. During Hi construction the entire plant of thii com
paly wu destroyed by Ire, the skeleton
frame of tho tug not, however, being
seriously damaged. The "Point
drey" will be uaed u a tender to the
dredge "Mastodon"  and is equipped
wltb engines capable of generating
twice the power of the engines «f No.
8 ferry.
xbal bbtatb offiob ohanobs
9. C. Wright k Cq. have purcbue.)
the real estate busineas of Oscsr Even
son * Co. on Lonsdale avenue. Tbe
pew owners will incorporate fifh the
buaineu tbe local lumber agency faith
trip conducted by Mr. Wright and
will likewiie operate along tin line of
jreal estate, accountants and auditors,
aid insurance.
Mr Win. Cuminlngs is making exton-
sjve improvement! to bii property op
Pqvercourt road where bo ii now re-
Mr. Win. Burrill of Peter's Boad was
tbo auccosiful tenderer for grading the
Horticultural society's grounds.
Mr. Q. Smith bsi disposed of bis
property on Campbell aveuue.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Anderson and family leavp tomorrow for Bkoeua. Mr. An
derson will take up his old position as
watchman for tho Nortb Pacific Canuory
A goucral meeting of tbo Conserve-,
tive Association of Lynn' Valloy will be
held iu tho Institute Hall on Monday,
Sth March, 1912, at 8 o'clock p.m. All
members aud those wishing to become
aucb aro saruestly requested to bo present.
FQJt fUkJ'B—Double corner 5tb and
Cbeatorflold' Pficp $6,000, good torios.
Apply owner, P. I). Hox 1888.
FOB SAI'MW atreet east 180 ft.
by 167 ft. cloared, facing tennis courts.
81360. 8460 cash. I'bone 71. Snap. 1-3
FOB SALE-Beo hives, $7 each, also
brooder, garden hose and lawu mower.
Apply Bpx 1804, Nortb Vaacpuver. 1-3
FOB SALE-Hoavy coppor tank 33i
21 inches. Make good restaurant sink.
88.   Apply Box A41, Express Office. 1-8
FOB SALE—flood doublo coruor on
Poter Boad, Lynn Valley. A good
buy at $850. Easy terms. Apply
owner, Box 1773, Expresa Office.
WANTED—A good itrong girl to aa
Blit in kitchon. Apply Scotch Tea
Humus, Esplauado West.
WANTED-26'foot lot weat of Lous
dale preferred; price and torma musl
bo reasonable. Box All, Express
Office. 6-3
WANTED- A siluatiou us bquaokcep
er by widow with child aged 7 or work
by the day. Apply Ilox A4C Express
WANTED-Good capable waaberwo
man. Apply firat bouse Eighth.street
weat of Grand Boulevard, l.ynn Val
ley car. 1-.1
WANTED—Quiet, elderly woman lo
act aa nurse sewing maid (good house
keeper kepi) Small wages, good house
Apply "llalldi iic" ,'ith atreet weat. t.f.
WANTED—Small gaaolipe engine
complete. Caah. Address Frank V. Alice, lied Caravan, North Vancouver
P. 0.
WANTED-Woman to clean five-
room flat ooce a fortnight. Apply
7.30 p.m. Leonard Sale Book Store, cor.
loth and l.oi.■ .laic 1-3
PAKTED-Lol in 273, 5tb itreet pre
ferred. Apply P. 0. Box 1909, North
Vancouver, or call 6ih aud St. Da
vid'i. 1-3
Agreement! for Sale discounted.
Money waitlug. Umdale Bealty Co.,
636 Umdale Avenue. Pbone 317.   t.f
ROOMS FOR RENT-JJouaekeoj iui;
and single.   218 2nd itreet cut.
FOH RENT- 6 roomed collage partly
rurniahed. Enquire store, comer of
Keith and Moody. 6-3
FOB RENT   Cm for ii.ll. rooma, Ire
land, Foreman block, lai atreet west
ROOMS FOB HENT   Housekeeping
8)8 8od Street east.
TO BENT—Choico modern suites ou
3rd street. Apply Alex. Smith k Co.,
Nortb Vancouver.     Boots 8)7.60. t.f.
FOR   SALE   Setting',  of   Mammoth
I'ekia Ducki. Priie strain. Pbouo 186
FOB SALE-Purc bred While Leg
born Eggl. 8160 per letting, alio four
cockerels. This itock is guaranteed.
Apply F. Jamei, cor. Centre road ahd
Mill itreet, l.ynn Valley. 11
8. C White Leghorn aud While
Wyandotte Eggs from ray beat layers.
81.60 per selling, 100 for 87.60. Day
old cblcka 817.(9 per hundred. Plait
Melrose Poultry Banch, Ysnnadou,
Haney, B. C. t.f.
FOB 8Af,B-A few pem of prise
stock, Columbian WyasdgMra, Columbian Bocka, Partridge Wyan</ot!>i;'Buff
Orpiugtooa, 8. C. White Irfgborps. Now
booking ordrn for eggi and day old
chicks. Mrs. J. E. Leo, Itypn Valley
Poultry Yardi,' Dempsey Hoad, Hoi
8114, North Vancouver. 3 3
LOBT-On Friday Ten Dollar bill.
Reward at Expresa Office.
I/IHT Cold and pearl brooch. Seward. Apply Box 1868, Norft Vancouver F. 0.' U
LOST-From tbe Wallace Shipyards
Ltd. two sticks of timber 8x)11x60 feet,
fir. Finder will please notify Uie
above and receive reward. t.f.
-A,,' i'   ,'   "■!  — ' =
Tbs Truth students cms will meet
eveiy Tuesday evening at I o'clock at
tbe residence pt AU* Oellaghsr, Ksltb
Wad, near Bidgeway. StudcnU desiring higher spiritual unfoldmsnt ars
cordially Invited to eiteitf. U
FOB 8ALE-WI1I sell lot 7, D. h.
tit, one block oaat of Boulevard on
17th street. Prico $04)0. Easy terms.
Owner, J. II. English, O.K. Grocer.
Pboue 324. t.f.
FOB BALE-By owner, $16,000 worth
of close in Nortb Vancouver reaidence
property, below cost ou good terms;
muat sell. Addreas P. 0. Box 2223, or
Phono 1.126, Nortb Vancouvor.     20-8
(FOB SALE CHKAP)-By owner,
ono horae (about 1,600 Iba.), one 3 Inch
lire wagon, almoal uew; one and one
half sols heavy harass; alto 22 feot
motor launch in good order. Apply P.
0. Box 2223, or phono L126, North
Vancouver. 203
FOB SALE-In whole or In part,
1,000 fully paid up sbarea in Burrard
Cigar Company Limited for. $760 (par
value 81,000). No olber stock can be
purchased. Terms to arrange. Gilt
edgn Goo. C. Walker * Oo., North
Vancouvor. t.f.
We have 2 lols in I). L. 266 wbicb
we can deliver at 12,0011 ami 82,700 on
terms. Tbese lots arc situated on 3rd
atreel. 118 feel on Keith Itoad in D.
L. 274, »l.nun. 1.1 caab, bal. 6, 12 and
18. Baker k Evenson, room 3, Bank
of Hamilton Building, Norlh Vancouvor.   ' 1-3
FOB SALE sii i,„.ii,o,i house, modern .on llili alreet eaat of Boulevard,
60 ft. lot. Price 84,200. Eaay teniia;
also one live roomed bouse aud oiie four
roomed bungalow for 86,600. Apply
owner, J. II English, O.K Grocer.
Phone 324. t.f.
Wright Lumber Co., li Lomdale Avenue,
can giyg^Tou prices ou all material
wben fim are building. See ilum. t.f.
FOB HALE .in sharea In Imperial
Car and Drydock Corporation for $400
cub. Projected line of C. P. B. runi
rigbl through Iho "Imperial Towmits.''
Apply Imperial,  Express Office,     t.f.
FOB BALE One lot of grocery
■helving and counter lu Lynn Valley.
Now in atorc lately oeeup'icd by A. B.
Fletcher. Can be icon by applying lo
W. J. Wilson, Assignee. t.f.
FOH HALE—Flvo room bungalow,
all modern, V, block from Lonsdale
Avenuv, 82,600-8300 cash, balance 820
per month, including priuicpal and in
terest. Apply Harris Street Brokerago
209 llarria Slreei. 6 3
Oet it at I onailole Pbnrnaoy Pbone 2V
B. C. Livery and Board itablee—
Light rigs and ladies' aaddle horses
for hire. Stabling for boraea. Oet.-
eral delivery and heavy teaming. H.
Dumu, Sth alreet weit. Phona 347 ti.
Frank Fochn), General Contractor,
271b itreet between Bt. Qeorge and
SI. Andrew'i Ave., land clearing, grading, excavating. Foundations, cement
work a specialty. All work guafan
Iced. Eitimatei furniihed free. Givo
mo a call. P. 0. Box 8386, Nortb Van
MSStt, B. C. Jg.3
Und Charing and Grading Loti,
Pete AndruiY General Contactor. So
wer connections a specialty, linemen!
and olber excavating work undertaken.
Est imal ei free. 627 Bt. George's l*t.,
Nertb Vancouver, poit offico box 8882.
you desire to iWI your buiinsss or pro
party of any kind call or write us,
we have clients for cloie in acreage
for subdivision. We can get reiults.
Mcllwaine k Delbar, 8 lonei Building,
Wl Hastings M V„ Vancouver, p. C.
Tba North -Vancouver Dye Worki
44 I/onidale Avenue, guarantee to do
as,good work at cheaper prices than
yon can possibly get Jo Vancouvar.
(livt u a trial, ths rseult wlU ipHk
tot itself    Phose 107. if,
* inc. c/yrrymp i^vimh vm^wwywi h, Vu mwnii ivsrmvn i. i?i*,
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Field Qlasiei of luperlor magnifying power. Priam Bi-
noculara and Opera Qlaaaes, Reading Glasses, in nickel,
brass aud ebony frames. Magnifying Glasses and Micros
copea  for all  purposes.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
George E. Trorey, Managing Director
Hastings and Granville Streets   -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
begs to announce that he will
At Terminus of Capilaao Car Line
immediately.   Let us have your listings of Capilanoproperly.
Notary Public, Real Estate, Insurance and Conveyancing.
Make Your Morning Toast at Your
Breakfast Table!
EL TOSTO may be connected wilh
any ordinary lighting socket
Turn on lhe current and in an instant
the coils are glowing
In a few minutes the two slices of bread
are lurned to a rich, golden brown color.
Toast made on EL TOSTO is especially appetizing, the more so as it may
ie served direct from tlie toaster to
your plate.
Call at our office, 50 I.onsdale Avenue, and see this appliance
———— I
B. C. ELECTRIC RAILWAY CO.. LTD.      Phone 66
If You are Going to Build
lei ut Is.lp you lo design any work which you lie contemplating on.
We guarantee lo give you lalislaclion on a modern, artistic, line appearing building al a low margin. Plans and ipecificalioni furniifyed
free if oui lender is suitable lo you. li you have youi plant lei ut
give you our price belore building.
I    niKDCCKN     la.     Bungalow Designer, Builder
J. UlLKJOLIl, jr.   ud Cwera! extractor
Colonial Apartment*, Sth and St. George.   Pbone 210
8.40  VM.
«              Leavi
tforth VancouTii
•iiii PM..
■   '7.80
, ,
* I.W
0M   I
1100         .
18.16 AM. /
I'i.it, AM.
e iefuAm ••Vet oa MMol,"
nolise. Company not llama for
Tins table lobjoet to change without
dalayi, accidental or otherwise.
Wbat ara the qualifications for poll
leadership!  Bu|f as I
long ago of ope wbo "was twice' Primo
S !-MAH0Nf-McFARyy
Sow formed to lead, if not too promt
to pleaiel
His fama would Sre you, but bis manner freeie;
Like or dislike, ba does not care a
He wants your votes, but your affections not. .
Yet human hearts need sun, as wall
ai oats-
Bo cold a -climate plays tba deuce with
Certainly a genial manner, so long as
it is not forced, but ia tbe spontaneoiis
nutcome of a really genial nature, in
a great help to leadership, but it is
not all-important.
The absolutely vital condition of
leadership is lincerity. All the muling and handshaking in the wnrld,
ami all the friendly teas on the Terrace, and nil Ihe smiling salutations
in the Division Lobby are as dust in
the balance when weighed against
sincerity. Social charm may cooiist
willl a profound form of humbug, and,
as Oeorge Kliot lays, "there ii no
reason why a loud man should not he
given to concealment, unless it can
be shown that Holy Writ hai placed
tbe segt of candour in h     Mngs"
But a leader must believe in bb
cause with absolute conviction, if he
is to induce others to light for it; and.
unless his followers can rely nn his
good faith as one trusts one's weight
on rock, he may lind himself deserted
at a critical juncture.
Another essentia! of good leadership
li the love of fighting. Councils of war,
and stratagems, lind plots, and waiting
ou opportunity, and reliance on thu
chapter of accidonti, are ipcthods
which inspire follower! with ill-concealed or unconcealed disgust.
In enterprise of martial kind,
When there was any fighting,
He  led  his  regiment  from  behind—
lie fouml it less oiciting.
But wheu away the regiment ran
Ilis place was at Ihe fori, O—
That  iin.l.iiitc.l  nobleman,
The lluke of PiazaTorol
A man whn would lead a political
parly, whether in ollice or in Opposition, must studiously avoid that illustrious example. sNni.crily, conviction,
loyally lo friends, a love of fighting, a
genial manner—Ihoie are come of the
qualities  required   for  leadership.
Anotber is Hie faculty, not as common as one would suppose, of recognising a follower. I myself have seen
docile .Ml'., who have sacrificed
money, lime toil, health, and sometimes conscience to Die support of the
Government turn, liko tbe cruihoil
worm, when their leader aternly
ignored Iheir preseuco in Iho Lobby,
or, if forced lo speak to Ihem, called
them by inappropriate namei.
Il used lo be said in old days lhal,
when I ul.l llartington gave evening
parties at Devonshire House for bis
political supporters, he insisted thai
oo one should be shown up till twenty
bad arrived, so lhal (hey might talk to
one another and relieve lhe host of
Ihe intolerable burden of tulkiug to
A great Prime Minister once said lo
a young man whom he met in a country house "I am glad lo have made
your acquaintance; and now you must
come into lhe Houie of (.'ominous and
support mc there!" Whereupon (he
youth replied—"I've been doing tbat
for sit years, and yuu bave nover
once spoken lo inc."—O. W. K. Bur
n'll,  io  the "Manchester Guardian."
i imyr
During recent years the growing
tendency toward surgical interference
lo cure diieaie hai been a subject of
unfavorable comment, both in and
out of the medical profeiiion. II has
become tbe general belief thai many
practitioner! are loo ready lo resort
lo Iho knife. For this reaion opinion!
of prominent lurgeoui, ai expressed at
the rongress recently beld ih Chicago,
commend Ibepueivea as evidence of a
mii.t profeiilonal view. Tbeie surgeon*
announce lhal Ihe reaction has set in,
and tbe drift is away from oporaliom
and toward grSator dependence upon
medicine. Ai tbe ideas acquired al
Ihli congress will he impressed all
over tbe country tbe effect of tbe
diacuaiioni ibould be generally apparent. Let us hope thai surgeons will
bear In mind lbe advice of den
eminent In tbeir profession, who protect "'against operations lhal ars sot
absolutely necessary, aayi tbe Chicago
Daily Journal. Wbilo the splendid
achievements of modern surgery inspire admiration it ihould not be forgotten that Iti resources a/e designed
lo be used only wbsn lasi radical treatment proves unavailing.
Considering all bis splendid opportunities, tbe modern young mao is
vary disappointing.
CLEARED 50 ft. Lota in Blocka 22G and 227;
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128 Lonsdale Ave.
North Vancouver
Contrary to the usual practice the Assessment Notices for
1912 have been sent to the registered owners of properly
according to the Land Registry records.
Up lo the present, purchasers have heen in the habit of
notifying the city authorities lhat the property had changed hands
so that notices of assessment and taxation should not go astray.
This form of registration of owners has heretofore been deemed
sufficient for city purposes, but owing to a recent decision die
city council is advised by ils solicitors lo recognise these owners
only who appear on the records of the Land Registry Office.
Unfortunately a great many never register their deeds or agreements. .
The North Vancouver Land and Improvement Company
has received numerous assessment notices for 1912 for properly
which it has sold and whicii has since changed hands two or three
Tlie Company, therefore, desires to notify persons who have
purchased from it that (hey should take steps to ensure notices
of assessment and taxation being sent Ip them so that they may be
come aware of the value at which they are being assessed and
pay taxes as they fall due.
i '
The North  Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company
Limited Liability
Phow 6268
Hjtjl^^f^y I
Lonsdale Theatre
PhftW 33d Qwn0ty->Mwwr, Burmegter & von GrMtvei>it»>JL,td.
i   i.. i
Commencing March 4th
mm- .
■   ■        i
The Charming Soubrette
The Great Musician
In their Humorous Sketch
The Latest Photographic News of the World
The Best of Photo Pictures
One Performance Nightly., Doora open 8 o'clock, Commence 8:30
Matinee Saturday, 2(30.       Box Office open 10 to 12 a.m. and 6 to 7 p.m.
PRICES-15c. and 25c.
E. A. COLE, Hum.,
St. John's College Grounds
Have been sub-divided and will be placed on the Market
On Monday Morning
This Fine Residential Section is all to be Cleared and will
Overlook the Grand Boulevard
LoU are High and Dry
Cars pass one comer of the block. *"
Water and Light can be had immmediately.
over two years.
See ui for Price LUti and All Particular!
I1* North Vancouver Trust Company
Iknster, Ward & Co. Ud, 546 Pender Street.
Program of Music by Holroyd Paull
md Othor Capable Artltta
■-'Tbi KnlgbW af PytUw Hull li D)i
Moi.day night tlio .yenun of « ooncort
whioh unilor tlio auspices ot 8t. An-
tlrow anil Calodonlan Society promises
to ho an Intrusting andaftrtctive ono.
Oil the |irogram figure tho names at
M*e (Jeorgo, tfolroyij P^ull, Herbert Q.
Oavo, Charlip llnuii and William Smith
(aiieompauist), Ur. l'aull at a violin
iviziini has already attained a roputn-
tion In Vuncouvor whicii has ocbood
across tho Inlet. Hit name ia known
in all parts qt tbe Kmpiro and in Austria whore be completed his musical
■tuilics uifder Sovcik, wbo coacbod such
virtuosi as Kuholik and Marie Hall.
It would ba fatuous in limited spaco
to commonco upon Mr. Paull'h pross
nulls'.... The', have likened him to
Ysayo and Sarasate, which la.aufflciont
(or any pleasant mortal.
Miss May Gcorgo can also trail a
trail ot newspaper complimonts. Bhe
bas boen described as "protty" and
"clover" (a most euviable braco of
qualitios) while tho "Winnipeg Freo
Press" credits hor wilh a "lovoly
voice" ami an "artistic sense."
Mr. H. U. Cava requires no introductory prclmlo. He is tabulated for
threo songs, wbilo Mr. Charlie flood,
who will upply the liumnr of the evening ia to contribute n liko number.
Wltb Mr. W. Bnyth ns accompanist
the concert should be u tremendous
His Honor the Lieutenant Qovernor
in Council has made the following up
Frank Cecil Turner of Aspen drove in
Iho counly of Yalo, Henry Lincoln Wallers of Harper's Camp iu tho county
of Cariboo, aud William Ci.il. ■. of
Duncan in the county of Nanaimo, to
be justices of the Peace.
James Henry Simpson of Nanaimo,
to be police magistrate, stipendiary ma
gislrate aud magistrate under the
Small lii'lits Act for Nanaimo.
John Muuuiug Scott of Kuinloops,
M A.. I.l. I'. to bo police magistrate for
Alfred Wood Lcc to be deputy regis
liar of Yale at Nicola.
To bo notorioa public: Willium 11.
I). I.inluii' of Vancouver; Allan C.
MacKinloab of Vancouver; Alfred .1.
Harper of Barkervilie, Thecd I'earsc of
The following licenses have been
granted to extra-provincial companies:
Aspen Grove Land t'o. Ltd.. '.<;.' i
ion Consolidated Kubber Co. Ltd., Canadian (lllice and School Furniture Co.
Ltd., Faslern Hat ami Cap Mnuufnc
luring Co. Ltd., Haiiini and Nott Co.
Ltd., 1 i v. -nn and Jones, Ltd.
Tbo editor Is in receipt of a letter
signed "A Daily Passcuger" protest
ing against the objectionable habit of
expectorating on Ihe ferry boats. In
accordance wilb lbe invariable rule of
Ihe Fjpress, wc shall be pleased le
publish this letter when we are author
land to affix lbe writer's name to the
Canadian!  Hold   Momter   Picnic  at
Long Beach, California
Long Beach, Cat.,
Feb. 21st, HUS.
Editor Express: ■
' North Vancouvor, B. Ci
Attached you will find au account of
one of tbe most aucccasful outings ever
held bere, under the auspices of lbc
Canadian people Everyone was pleas
cd wilh Ihe success attained. Even
Ihe merchants of Long Beach arc
throwing boqucla at Ibe picnickers.
They say wheu Ibe different slate* of
the union hove their picnics Iboy solicit
among tho buaineu mon for provision!
of different kinds, but when Ihe Can
milium havo tboir picnic tbey come and
buy Ibeir provisions and pay for than
aod ask no charity. The printed article
says that I.u and coffee were supplied
fhe. It waa tbe Canadians vtWo Hup
plied Ihem free, to all comers and tbe
day was aure a success and gave a big
boost to Canada and Canadians. This
country is full of Canadians and where
ver you And tbem, tbey are a credit lo
the empire. I don't knot but il might
be .ii good tbing if Canada would como
down bere and take a piece of southern California, so tbtt ((anadiuns
could have a winter homo in tboir own
country. A good many Vancouverites
are propariog to return to tbeir nor
tbern borne. Wo hope and trust every
ono in Niirth Vancouver ia well and
doing well.
Youw very truly,
' m       D. 0. MCK.
Tho article referred to in lhe above
tetter from our well known fellow
townsman appeared In a Long Ileach
paper and is at followt:
Tbe fourth tnd most successful pic
tic held in Long Beach by ■ visit ing
Canadians brought moro lhan lfil)0
residents of tbt Dominion togotber tt
'■'. .     " .
The Canadian Bank
of Commerce
New Branch of the Bank located on the
Eiplanade, near Lonidale Avenue, in the
premiiei formerly occupied by Pattenon,
Goldie & Clark.
lntereit paid on Savingi Bank Depoiju of
One Dollar and upwardi. Withdrawal!
may be made at any time. Small deposits
Capital $11,000,000      Rett $9,000,000
J. A. F0B8TGB, Manager Nortb Vancouver Branch
Support Home  Industry
and Build up North Vancouver
Seymour Lumber Co.
Have their mill operating in the mountain and can give
of all kinds of Rough, Dimeniion and Kiln Dried Lumber
Moulding and Finishing Lumber.   Second lo none.
Office: Corner Sutherland Avenue and 17th street.
Take Queensbury Car (Yellow Label).
(Turner of Ilh au.l I lieslcrfleld)
Monday, the 4th of March, at 8.15 p.m.
.Ml.   CIIAIILFS (,l)i)ll
Mr. Holroyd Paull
Tbo Eminent Violin Virtuoso
From the Queen's Hall concerts,London, Kngland.   Coder Hie auspices
of the HI. Andrew's and Caledonian Bocicly.
Supported by
MISS MAE GEORGE, The Canadian Soprano. ,
MR. HERBERT J. CAVE, The Vancouver Tenor.
MR.'CHARLIE GOOD. Scotland's Premier Humorist.
TICKKT8:   Hooked Heats at Ward's, 76c; Besorvcd, 6Uc; tnd unreserv-
ed We.
,ii"' j.it.111<.riuin of lhe pier today.
Nearly 1,000 badges bad been sold up
to 1 o'clock ills aflernoou, lhe badges
being appropriately worded and beair
ing at the lop, Ibe Union Jack and
the coat of trait representing lbe seven provinces.
Bttket dinners woro spread on (he
long tables of Ibe lowar deck at the
'auditorium at noon, coffee being serv
ed free. After dining, Ihe Canadians
repaired lo tbo auditorium, whore Ibo
program of tbe day began al t o'clock
I, Clements, chairman of ibo session,
spoke Irst and waa followed by Mayor
T. 8. Hatch, who gave a wirI of wcl
•.•f.r.io Ir the visitor*. Other spetkor.-
were the Hon. Dr. Montague of OHawa
'"im ''v iipenil.", at pnrliiiiip „:. .luogl
7.;Ion, of Kumoulon, Albert: .ludf.<
Mrlluire of Saskatchewan, and the
Bev. Mr. I'm.- ot Vancouver. Voctl
music wtt furnished by Mrs. tytrnhall,
W. F Fascoe, Mr. Olivers tnd 0, W.
Isttcs of Long Betch, tnd /. K. Howdle
tbe Ittter litfng from Swift Curroul.
Ihe municipal land also gave t coo
etrt. /
Tbe .liniiii.iii. o/ tin- committee
which made all cmngcmeult for the
picnic wis J. II. BUck tud tbe tecre
Itry Jt K. Hooper. Mtny of (hose wbo
tllcniled Ibn picnic mine Irom lot Angeles lo automobile!. Among Iboto
present tlso' were mtny Canadians wbo
trt guests ti Hotel Virginia. mWm^mmmmmm      |     |
- , -p	
Published Twndtjrs and Fridays by North Short Press, Limited,
duo;», mobpbm, mum and manaaeb,    ..
Bats* ot Sulieorlptlon:—One year, IIM,  BU months, He.  Three months, 860,
United Statea and Foreign, $11.00 per year.
Advertising Bites folll Bt Quoted on Appllctttou.
Tht Express Is devoted to the Interests ol tbe North Shore of Burrard Inlet
exclusively. It constitutes tn advertising medium ot exceptional value for
retching in a thorough and effective manner the population of Nortb Vancouver
City and District, Every'effort is made to giyo advertisers tbe most satisfactory
All changes in contract advertisements should ba In the printers' bands uot
later than 10 t. in, Monday tnd 6 p. in. Wednesday to ensure insertion in tbe
following Issue. '
Nortb Vancouvsr, B. 0...
.March t, 1018.
The intention of the provincial gov
1 nun,in to appeal to the people at an
curly dute whlcb was formally announc
ed by Premier McBride during tbe elos
Ing hours of .the session Just ended
I'lieiioi be said to have come upon the
public ss a surprise inasmuch aa It had
beon unofficially reported some time
previously and had been a favorite to
pic of discussion iu lhe newspaperr
for somo weeks past.
Tho decision of the government to
."i'l ml lo the country after the third
torejon of the legislature' is fully iu
accord wilh common practice and no
exception can possibly be taken lo the
step upou the score of procedure.
A largo amount of very important
legislation was passed during Ihe Ws
sion just closed ami the carryiug oul
of the policy laid down iu those incus
ures involves heavy responsibility. Thii
is true not only of tbe railway lull
passed by the house but alto With ref
erenee to the Forests Bill tnd other le
glslttlon, There is likewise, 1 grett
deal of legislation of tbe highest moment to the province (such aa tbe new
Itxttloa bill) which will ctll for ttteu
lion, in Ihe immeditte future. Under
these elnumsliucea it is perfectly reasonable lhat the government should con
•ider it wise to lay their whole policy
before Ihe peoplo in order that Ihey
may be relumed wilh tbe renewed con
seiousness of tbe confidence of the
electors of lhe province.
ll is likewise easily understood thst
view of the important interests in
procure absolutely all that was asked
was with reference to tbe right of the
city to purchase the landa of the Indian
Mission and even iu this instance the
information elicited, from government
circles was Midi as to convince the
mayor and tho eity clerk thai the best
interests of the city would he promoted
by leaving tbat matter iu Iho hands ol
the government for working out th>'
purposes whicii thuy at present havu ii
mind with reference to tho reserve.
The delegation, together wilh Bttvi
May, assisted by the alilo advocacy ol
II. II. Stevens, M.P., met with a favor
able reception from the Minister ol
Bailways, aud their representation'
with refurcuee to thu necessity of pro
tecting public interests in the mallei
of railway routes along the North Shore
were responded to by the minister witl
the assurance that in grantiug approval
to the route map of tbe C. 1'. II. he
would exercise every precaution to
ensure Ihe protection of the public along
Ihe lines indicated.
The results accruing from Ihe effort)
of Mayor McNeish and the City Clerk
wilh reference to Ihe sale of the ssrier
of debentures tuthorized by tbe rate
payers aro particularly gratifying. At
is goncrally known, the clly council
had been gdvised liy a very slrOng fi
uancial linn in Toronto that il would
nut be advisable to place the debentures
in question, upon the market uut il Ik
autumn. This placed the city face lo
face with a serious situutinn inasmuch
as Ihe cily was depending upon the pro
cetds of the sale of these debenture)
in order tu carry on operations upun
lhe public  wurks  duriug the cuming
(I) Hlv.i the iiiiinea and addresses
of uny ilpui'laii pi'oiirletura or llcuneoee
wlio ur whose lands ara likely tp be
affected by tbe propused works, either
~.noye or below, the outlet—Jas. !■
"u|hall, III Homer slreei, Vancouver,
'est Shore ana Northern Land Co.,
.tri: Vuncnuvor,-Miirnat~He|snm, Hmrie
lerhnr, 8. 0.
(Signature)   THOMAS   BHPPHERI),
0|ty  Clerk
0.   Address).  OljJLWfl^
Vancouver,™ 0.
 ■,■''■      ' ■ -
suicutv won gouohi, oubm eou>»,
SEALED TENDERS will be received
by the City Clork of tbe City of Nortb
Vancouver up tu 18 o'clock noun on
Monday, tho 4th day of March, 10Ili,
for supplying crushed rock to tho City
of Nortli Vancouver, according to specifications prepared by tbe City Engiueer.
Forms of tender aud specifications
may ho obtained from tho City Engineer's Ollice, uud all tenders must be
made on said forms.
Tbe successful tenderer will be required to enter into a contract with
the City of North Vancouver for tbo
faithful carrying out uf said n.nk.
The contractor will be required to
furnish a bond fur 25 por cent, of the
mli"' of tlm tender.
A certified cheque for 6 per cent, ol
the smount uf the lender muat tecum
pany each and every tender.
The lowest or auy tender nut neces
sarily accepted.
City Engineer.
City Engineers'Office,
Nurlh Vancuuver,
February HO, 1018. 28 2
volved in Ibis legislation, and in view'season. If the debentures w/re nol
uf the largo expenditures involved is sold and no other means could be devie
well as the lepgth of lime required to ed of raising Ihe money pending their
curry the associated agreements to com- sale, Ibe only alternative would have
plctiou, Iho government should consider been Ibat all Ihe public works that Ihe
il advisable lo kuow lhat Ihey havo [ratepayers bad authorized could not be
at least another full term of office j proceeded wilh aud Iho entire season
jffitd of them, in order to ensure con would l'° '"»'• T1"-' mMo9 ol "" •"•
'linuity of policy with respect (hereto, lyor to Toroutu, was, tberefere, t mosl
The change of governmeut at Olltwt | important one, from this point uf view.
may naturally be supppused to bave bad iThe report gave a detailed statement
some Influtnct upon Ihe situaliun as tu
a provincial electlou. Until Ibal
change look place relations betweeu
Victoria and Ottawa, had nol been of
the most amicable and satisfactory na
lure. Under present conditions huw
ever, il has already beau clearly shown
lhat the mosl harmonious relations have
been established. This alteration
holds oul every promise uf an adjust
ment advantageous lo this province uf
all outstanding matters as between
British Columbia and the federal guv
eminent. The provincial government
would therefore doubtless consider it
of considerable advantage lo receive
a new fiat from the people thus eudors-
ipg their action wilh reference lo these
issues tnd iccordiug Ihem another term
of "ii"" funning concurrently with tin
term uf Ihe friendly government tt Ol
lawa, during which lo carry negolia
lions al present in hand to successful
Consideration! such as these will con
vines ull unprejudiced eleclors that in
deciding upon a general election at
the present juncture, the government
has taken a wise step and has beeu
actuated in ilt adopted course by the
, manifest desire tu follow lhat prosed-
ure which was uiimislakeably in the
interests of the proviuee at large.
Tht reporl wbicb Mayor McNeish
'submitted tu the city council of (he
business trip of himself tod City Clerk
Shepherd lo the east in tbe Interests
nf (be city is a buaiueulike document
which gives a perfectly clou and at
tlie samo lime a concise recital of the
results attained wltb reference to lbe
several important matters wbicb were
dealt witb cither at Ottawa or at To
roni'i. The report takes up these re
sportive mailers in orderly succession
tnd beginning wilb in interview with
the Deputy Minister of Public Works,
on tbe very tfternoon of Ibeir irrivtl
■t Ottawa, recites tbe several develop
moils in both cities it they followed
in point of time. In (his manner tbe
report dwells in turn upon transactions
re sanitary sewer outlet, drill hull tlte,
Indian reserve, cily htll site, C. P. B.
application end finally financial mat
The ttfoftt ot tbe city's repriesenta-
lives proved successful in oath insttuce
In producing results of material tdvau
ttge to the corporation.   )p till tin
of the efforts mule, through different
avenues In effect an advantageous sale
uf thu debentures uutil success dually
eruwucil those efforts in the Ucgolialion
of a sale al 94.09 for both Ibe fifty
year ami the twenty year debenturei
and likewise the repurchase of the fer
ry debentures for 11*8,000 ut 1.05 lo
gethcr with Ihe sale of a new issue
of ferry delmulures al par fur 1150,1101).
This offer, which was finally accepted
by Ibe mayor, places the city iu fund,
tor lbe immediate Commencement of
operations upon civic public works, ensuring ample lun.Is for u full seasun
work and likewise relieves the awkward
situation which had developed wilh re
ference to procuring further funds fur
ferry developments. This sale uf city
debentures is upon practically lhe same
basis is ihut made lasl year and is
distinctly fivurtble lu this city ihli
much ts olhet cities such as Victoria,
Hamilton, Calgary and Toronto huve
recently been compelled to accept a
decidedly lower figure lhau last yetr
..I.-t even at that have uot succeeded
in disposing of their entire Dotations.
Considered in all ils bearings, Hie
mission of the mayor and city clerk
was ii decided success and points clear
ly tu the fail that wbe/i financial and
other mailers of civic importance ar.
uuder negotiation, it is a wise and oeo
mimical procedure tu send duly aullulr
i/e.l representatives to lhe eastern coo
Ires, where such matters are controlled
to negotiate upon the ground, in the
interests of tbe municipality.
North Lonsdale
Bev. T. B. Bowe, Principal
Girls under 8 years uid, 15 per month
Oirls uver H yrs. old, Hi per muiith
.'-I s. i.ii terms when two ur mure are
sent from lhe samo family.
Arrangement, are being made tu
erect a building by the spring to ac-
commodate llu or 40 boarders besides
lay   ■ I "lm- t.f.
ni i'l !•■)■: le hereby given lhal an application will in inj.de under Pari V
of the "Water Act, 1(01,
cence Jn the
of        * Dlalrlcl
(a) Tht name, address and occupa-
iloii of lhe applicant—Corporallon of
(lie ''Hy  of Noun  Vancuuver.
(If for mining purpoaea) Free Miner's Certificate 7*10	
ii'i   The name of the lake, iUcuiii or
■■'.oi ,c Hi unnamed, (he discretion Is)
-Outlet of Dick Lake.
(c) The imliil of inversion outlet
of Dick Laks
Id) The quantity of water applied
for iin cubic feel per second)    Knur.
ie) The character of (he nrouosed
works -Small dam al outlet of Lake
It) The premises on which Hie wu-
Ur Is to be used (describe same)—Cil)
of Nortn Vancouver.
(f)   The purposes for which (lie wa-
'- "■-   -"   ttr—    —    —'
terTs lu ba'uali
clpfj Purposes.
iMine.ilc uu) Uunl
(¥)   tf'for irrigation  describe  the
h'i"l Intended lo be Irrigated, giving
H)   ff Ihe water la lu lie used fur
power or mining purposes describe Hie
place where the water Is to he returned lo some natural  channel, ettii-tbrf
.Hif.sj. in c In altitude between point ul
diversion and point Of return 	
<J)   Area of rown land Intended to
be occupied hy lhe proposed wurks. ..
paly instate In which tk^ M mt w<ft ™J CuZy^it.^aTpllm-
SI. Auilri'K'a li'.loli'il.ii rbiircb,
Kellh i.•■..si Si hi, . ■, Horning 11 nil
evening, 710 Adult i.n Is Class, 18 80
Sunday School, 2.10. Y.P.B.O.E, Toes
lay. al S p. in Prayer Meeting, Wednesday, al I fi. m. Choir Pre ilisc.
Friday, al t p ui. lluv. Ronald Macelod.
li.n.o.iist ( buret—corner of 6th and
jl. George Sunday Services, 11 00 am
and 7 M li ni Sunday School aud Bible
('luss. 2 30 p.m Senior League- Monday. S pin Pruyer and Praise Service
Wednesday. S p in Junior League,
Thursday afternoon ut 3 30 Pastor.
W   C   Seblllelier.
si. Agnes iiioi.i,—Corner 13th
end Boulevard. Morning at ll tin.,
evening at 7.30 put Holy communion.
lii si Sunday In month at I a.m ; first
and tin si Sundays ul II a.m.; Sunday
School ul s 00 , m Itev. Thomaa 1-1
Howe. Vicar.
Salvalluu Army.- Lonsdale Avenuo
Sunday services, 11.00 am, 3 pin. and
111 pm i in . .1. i I p.m; Thursday.
I p.m. Children's Service, Wednesday.
I pm. \
llapllii t blreb.—Twelfth, and St.
ileurge Services al 11 a.m. and 7.80
p m. Sunday School and isil.lt.- i'Iuss al
.30 p.m. Prayer snd prulsu service.
Wednesday al I pin I astor. Hev. A.
I. Prosser, 121 b and Nt   Qeorge
SI. J..lm lbe Dviuarll.l, till and 131 ll
Holy Coniinunlun, 6 a m Morning
Player. 11 a hi Kveiilng Prayer. 7.30
p.m On Ihe first Sunduy In the monlli
there will he i second celebration uf
he Holy Communion at 11 a.m Hector.
Itev  Hugh Hooper.
SI. I..In.nn.l's I nil...He I lim.-li, M.ilnH.
Avenue Suniluya -Mass. 9 am. Sunduy School. 2.30 p.m. Rosary Benedlc-
ilnn ami Sermon. 7 30 pm
Indian I .(belle I buret ur Bl. Paul's.
Mass. 7 30 a.m. Sundays. Pastor. Rev
K   Peylavln, O.M.r
l.l'NN  \ ii.i ri.
M. ii.o.ii.i ( buret. — Services every
?'in'i.'i evening In the now church, at
If you want tbt bttt
Don't .travel—Best,
You need not roam
Juat buy tt home.
809 Lousdale Ave
All kinds of fresh, smoked and
salt fish.   Delivered dally.
il Phont 370.
66 YEA-
lific flifkati
-^SSMfc "joSfti. .Tau*. m
Istllio |«'
1, JMU|»
Sola by
 I      AVENUE
$3300,00,  Que third, 6,13,18.   AReaLSnaji
Phon* 37, North Vancouver, B. &
30 Day Trial Offer
If you have never tried a
and would like to do so
Now is Your Chance
The Auto Strop Razor
is the Best made
Try one for a Month, if vou
don't find it so, return to us
and get your money back
90 Lonsdale Avenue      Next to P.O.
Close to C. P. R. Route
mmmmss—mmmmss '—■————■———■
We can'of fer for a few days only, some choice
loti at the price'of $500 each, on term* of one
third caih and the balance in 6 and 12 monthi.
For lurther particulars ol the above and other business and
residential properties see
Phone 70 15 Lonsdale Ave. P. 0. Boi 1816
Contractors, Builders, Storekeepers, and Employers
need onl)' lo phono 981 to have all vacancies filled. NO CHAHOE
to EMPLOYES or EMPLOYEE therefore .there ie absolutely no no
eessity lo utilize employment Agonciea in Vancouver, aa a complete
list  of all  Clausen  of  workers ii kepi at the
Phone 321.     14 Lonsdale Avenue.
W. B. HOOD, Secretary.
Feed Grain
and Ground
As we have now in operation in our new
warehouse in Norlh Vancouver a thoroughly
up-to-date feed grinding plant, we are in a
position to supply our North Shore patrons
with the best quality of these goods at prices
as low as can be obtained anywhere in Vancouver.
Prompt deliveries our specialty.
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
Phone 4
Homeuites at Ordinary
Que 50-foot lot on Boulevard facing
soutli, ouly »1,800.
l^H"^*"!- *t"h!' ("MT»r"» Ht. flfrirgi 'i
Avenue cleared and ready for liuild
iuglfllrm  feet,   pply,' «8',8Qp.
Lot pn ith strset (0*120 feot class in,
for «8,ll!0.
I hiivn still a few cheap li|la left in
hlnrk 1. P. h. mum -Will and HJt
each, IH cash.
Alexander Philip
financial Broker
Office Phone 10        House Phone ltl
TAKE NO'l'icE that at the next
sitting uf tbe Board ef Licensing Com
miaeionera of tbs City ef North Viucouver, I, Henry Larson, intend te apply for a retail liquor or bottle license
for tbe premises known and described
as Number One Hundred and four (104)
Esplanade West in tbe Oity of Nortb
Vancouver, B. 0.
Dated at Nortb Vancouver tbis 23rd'
day of January, llllli.
Notice is bsrehy given tbat tbe undersigned intends to apply at the next
statutory sitting of tbe Board of Licensing Commissioners of tbe City of
Nortb Vancijii','r for tbe issue to him
of a retail bottle license for and in re
epeel to premiacs to ho erected and
situate ou lot 7, block 1116, District
Lot 274, in said Oity of North Van
Dated  tbis  23rd  day  of Jauuary,
NOTICE is hereby giveu thai at the
neit meeting of the Hoard of Licensing Comiuiulonors for the .ity of Norlh
Vancouver I shall apply for a bottle li
cense uu 1st street east, lot 7, block
166, I). L. 274.     -
Dated at Nortb Vancouver tho 16tb
day of January, 1912.
NOTICE is hereby given that Ihe
undcraigued inlonds |o apply for a re-
tail bottle licenac at tbe nost meeting
of tbe Hoard of l.iceiiaing Cominiatiou-
ors for the City of. Nortb Vancouver,
Premisci now being, erected ou loti A.
B and C, subdivision of lots 16, 17, 16
and 19, block llui, Diatrict Lot 274,
Norlb Vancouver.
Dated this 91b day of February, 191*
Paper the World
' from our slock ol now Wall I'apeji
so.it iivniH Every day aome new
deeign arrivoe lo 611 Ihe vacancy
ol tboie cloaed .oul.
Handsome Wall Paperi
are here in endless variety, lu.i
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show you juil tbs pattern you an
looking lor.
To  rliooae Irom om stock is a pi.«
sure, to pay our price is sasy.
W. H. ST0NEY & CO.
117 Lonadali Avenue
l'h.«e 149
Half Acre near Capilano Car Line
for $1000
One-third Cash, 6 and 12 months . ■
V \f~T-
\, Lots in Blk. 1, D.L 597
One-flftb Cart,' balance 8, 19, 18 and 94 months.
Tbs proposed improvements to Oapilaup Boad will greatly increase tin
aline. , . -
The Beit Buy
Corner of Lonsdale & James St.
' 132 ft. on Lonidale and 132 ft. on James St.
North Vancouver Real Estate Co.
' UO Eiplanade.        Phone 227
Our wants determine our pleasure!,
and   ilny-   wbo   have   no   intellectual
cravings feci uot lhe need of exercise
'       of mind.
It is astonishing what mild, innocent
looking people will i.ii of the frightful exploils they took part in during
their schooldays.—P. S. Young.
i.      10,000 cords of dry fir wood for quick
\   .   sale.   Price per odd cords. $4.50.
I   Special quotations for larger quantities. Cut Wood, 16 inches, $3.23.
12 inchu. $3.50.  C.O.p.
Office and Yard— 14th and Lonsdale
Phone 190.'  P. 0. Bp* 2432.
FOB BBNT—Ons suite, furnishsd.
also one unfurnished. Latest Improve
meats, witb hsat aad Ulsphons.    tf.
To be in hy Friday, March Uth, ap
plicatiens for Publicity Commissioner
Uooil salary to right mau. Apply by
Idler, Hinting experience to .lainet
Chapman, secretary of the Joint Civic
Advertising Committee, V. 0. Boi 167(1
North Vancouver, li. C. 6-3
9 SEALED TENDERS marked "Ten
der for Lousdale Avenue Sewer" will
lie received by the City Clerk of the
City of North Veucouver up to I!
o'clock noon on Monday tbe lltb day
of March, 19111, for supplying all the
materials and constructing and coin
pleting a sanitary sewer wilh let con
nections oa Lonsdale avenuo hot wear
Ihe waterfront and First street.
All tbe ebove mentioned work lo he
carried out accordiug to plans, prohlo
cross ae. tiniiH and specificationa proper
ed by the city engineer.
All leaders for lbc work musl hi
made on forms of lender supplied In
Ibe city engineer.
A chequo for 6 per cont. of tb.
amount of tbe tender must eccoiupau;
each and every teudcr.
A bond of Hi", ol Ihe amount of Ihi
contract will he required.
Tbo lowest or any lender not nocca
aarily accepted.
City Engiueer.
City Engineer's Office,
Norlb Vancouver.
Feb.'871b, 19ll 8.1
Scaled Tenders are asked for lbc al
tcring aud extending of Iho norll
Lonsdalo Preabytcrlau church. Plain
and spoci6cations may hu scon at thi
manas at tbe rear of the church. Low
ml or any tendor not necessarily accepted.
All lenders lo bo delivered to tbr
Manse, North Lonsdalo I'reshytcriun
Church, on or before March 4th, al .'
p. m. 89-8
Applications will he received by tbe
undersigned up to uoon on Monday
March Ith. 1913, for the positiou of
working gardener aud caretaker foi
Nortb Vancouver Horticultural Society
Salary |(W per mouth wilh residence
All applications should ho marked
"Hardener" and addressed to W. 1.
Keene, Preaidout, 1'. 0. Boa 196.2,
Nortb Vancouver. 1-3
Keith road west lnl.I location) road
will be closed from west boundary ol
D. I. 666 westwards during tho construction of trestle iu 11. 1,. 666 until
further notice.
District Engineer.
Vmouver Baiineit Directory
SPROTT-SHAW Business College
336 Uniting-! St. W.
Canada'! Gr.al.at W.elern School
9. J. Sprott, HA., - -Umtgti
Scaled Tenders will be received by
llic undersigned up lo .'< p.m. Thursday,
March ilh, 1912, for Ibe insuring ol
the 8. 8. Norlh Vaueouver Ferry Up.
The lowest or auy tender nol ncrci
unly accepted. For full particular)
apply lo >
H. P.. KEMP,
6 3 Secretary-Treasurer.
■ail. i«i *-i ■ ■
Yorlukirt Guirisiee k Securities
Corporation, limited     .
440 Seymour Street
% Ifwr HoulgaM -
* All Norlb Vancouver people sat at
Kllhsr Flaok Block or Hastings St.
opposite the new poet ttm. loomrd
utli his toe by On poind.
SEALED TENDEKS will be received
hy tbe city clerk up to Vi o'clock noon
on Monday, the 4th day of March, 1912,
for clearing and grubbing about t.f
acres in Melon Para, between 16lh and
17tb streot, from Jonea avenue westward te the boundary of the military
Specifications may be oblaincd at the
cily engineer's office.
A cheque for 6r/r of lbe emeuut of
Ike   tender   muat   accompany     rach
The successful tenderer will' bo re
quired to furnish a bond of Wh ol
the amount ef Ibe contract.
Tbe lowest er any tender not necessarily accepted.
City Engiueer.
City Knginer's Office,
Nortb Vancouver,
tab. Hii, 1918. ' H
dominating thought-did ha-have the
best reasons fpr>nowte« that Mglllot
waa Innocent?
During the brief pausa In whlcb Dr.
pa Bwen cqolly  surveyed  him—(or
proper function—bu recovered something of bis equipoise.
"See hare, Doctor," be want on more
calmly, "1 am not familiar enough
with the procedure In—er—In criminal
cases tn know just what I want to say.
But Is the next step Imprisonment for
Mr. Maillot?"
"It Is,11 snipped tbe doctor.
"Thep I wilt go'ble bond-In any
amount; but he must not go—'1
"My dear sir," Dr. De Breen Inier-
rupted, with asperity, "a prlsonor under charge of lirst degree murder cannot be admitted to ball; not even by
tbe court having Jurisdiction it his
case, much less 1. The police are now
responsible for the young man's movements,"
He deliberately turned bis back upon tbe millionaire speculator, and
strode away. Years after that scene,
in. Ho Hi; .n I'liiiinM to mc Ihil
Fluette bad given bim the Impression
that be was hinting at a bribe.
The words, however, seemed to
strike Mr. Fluette like a physical
blow, He winced perceptibly, and his
face worked with agitation. But bo
rose splendidly to tbe occasion. In a
second or so his customary •commanding dignity returned, and his keen
Dance. He wheeled upon Maillot al
the Instant that much* distressed
young man was persuaded by dene-
vli'Vi- to'leave Belle's side.
"Maillot," said be, In a firm Voice,
"I sincerely regret any hard feelings
I may bave entertained for you In tbe
past. You are not only a courageous
young man, but an Innocent one, and
one, therefore, tbat Is being msdo to
suffer a grievous wrong. I wish io
say so here publicly; I wish, (oo, to
say publicly lhat I mean to seo Him
yuu have al your disposal th'.' best
legal iiileiii procurable."
Maillot's roceptlon of this offer was
pei'iilliir. He looked the man ol
money squarely in Ihe eyes lor an In
slant; then his lips twisted Into a
mocking lu'iilo. He nodded his bead
aver so allghtly, but the movemont
waa unmistakably a curt rejection.
"Thank you," he said dryly, his
voice low and oven. "But I Intend
getting out ol this scrape myself, Mr.
Fluette; I don't wish to occasion you
any future embarrassment. Please
don't mistake my meaninng."
Fluette mado no further cITort, and
It waa Impossible to determine Just
how tbe rebuff—It wu uo less—affected bim; he had blmsell well In
baud, now. He began preparallons
lor conveying home his still unconscious daughter, sud before they departed 1 contrived to have a private
word wltb Qeuevleve. Her face waa
very tragic.
"1 must see you alone—aa soon as
possible," I said hurriedly.
"I can't leave Belle," ahe whispered.   "Wbat Is it?"
"My flrat request from my llouleh-
snl," I cblded, smiling down at hor.
"Don'tI" sbe pleaded. "1 shall come
Where!   When?"
Dear me, no. I'll do the coming;
It's only 'when'?"
"To-morrow?" sbe suggested doubtfully. "You know, we 're all so upseL
And Belle—" Tho dear girl nearly
broke down. Yes, do come," sbe murmured tearfully, "as early as you can;
everything depends upon you, uow."
I caught her band. "Please doni
worry," I whispered; "everything will
come out right. I can't hear lo see
you suffer. Will eight o'clock bo loo
"I il not say 'Be brave,' for you 're
the bravest girl In tbe world; bul
please don't fret and worry Hero's
your I'uii'iiiiiuii.   Qood-bye."
She smiled wanly. "I aha'n't," sbe
Mid. "Qood-bye—Ull to-morrow mora,
She pressed my band and ran lightly
Maillot now came over to where I
wea standing. He wu very pale, bis
lace wu drawn wllh llnea of suffering
(more (or Miss Belle ihun on bis own
sccount, beyond doubt), but his manner wu quite compoacd. In fad, his
demeanor waa more subdued—chu-
teiieil. as ll were—than I Jjud sceu It
si any Ume during our brief acqualn-
"Well, It's over,"-he reuiarkojl b"'
"Don't be un us," I returned. "II
you are Innocent, nothing worse can
He smiled whimsically, quickly lak-
Ing me up.
"And If guilty, the worst Is yel to
joiiic. eb? Well, at auy rate, 1'm.your
prlsonor." I
"Not ni'i'i"I'uiily mine," I aald.
"By prodHinc. 1 can't slund lor
hose roughneck cops, and Stodger u
s I'UHiodiim Is a Joke. I'd be too
itrongly templed lo dump him into lbe
flrat bandy snow-drift, and cut 'oore
I doni suppose you'll insist on any rot
about handcuffs and all lhat sort of
Notwithstanding bla pretence ol
humorous Indifference, there wu s
question la bis tone, and he peered al
ou a bit anxiously.  I grinned.
"I don't know." 1 said. "1 won't take
sny chances on being dumped Into a
"Hot! You know I couldn't If I
wanted to."
"Mr. Fluette could liave helped you.
I looked at bim narrowly. He
shrugged bis shoulders, merely, and
produced and lighted a cigarette.
"Let's go," he said, lipping the
match away.
Stodger wu left on guard at Ihe
Page place. My prisoner and I walk, d
to a car and proceeded to police head-
His altitude, naturally enough, wu
ane of extreme dejection; nevertheless
I tried to cheer bim up vainly and
when opportunity offered I alao tried
to get tome light upon the ring episode.
"It doesn't do tor me to express an
«plnlon one way or another u to your
probable guilt or innocence, Maillot,"
I said at one lime; "but 1 can tell you
;hls much (or yonr encouragement.
"Since the murder, several develop
moots have turned up which convince
oe that there's a deal more In Ibt
trim than either you or I can at pre
sent conceive. You can keep It In
.mind that I see more work ahead than
I did Immediately after qnbslng you
£nd Burke Wednesday morning 
y the way, lhat ring you slipped upon
your linger ibis iiwfiifiiu, wBosd'ls it?"
For a second he frowned wltb an air
of trying to recall the incident. Suddenly his lace cleared.
"Did you notice that?" be relumed,
with perfect composure. "It's mine—
waa my mother'! wedding ring."
I wH watching him Intently- He
met my regard with a level look.
"In tbe habit of wearing It?" I uked.
"See hero," I cam* to the point witb
abrupt directness. "You appreciate
quite u ipqcb as I dp the ilgnlflctuiie
of that broad band of gold on the middle linger of your right hand. Why did
you put It there at sucb a Ume?"
He sat silent
"You've become mighty oloie-
moutbed all at once," sharply urged.
He gave me a little balf-smllm and
glanced away.
"By advice of counsel I refuse to
talk," said be, quietly.
"If you are tbe couniel, you bave a
fool for a client—and vice versa," I
retorted.-"I suppose, too, tbat you refuse any assistance tbat I—"
Instantly bis usumed Indifference
"By no means," stopping mc wllh
considerable warmth. "It there's any
way out of ibis rotten mess It's you
that must get me out. My bands are
literally lied, now. And—Swift," bo
hesitated; his face clouded and bis
voloe suddenly dropped, "I—I simply
can't say anything more, old chap.
"So," I quietly observed, "you, too,
are worried about Fluette."
He started as If stuug.
"My Qod, Swlftl" be began, und
stopped, Ho sat staring at me a mom
ent in utter dismay, then bis disturbed
look wandered to a window.
"You're loo devilish sharp," ho mut
"Lucky for you tbat I am," retorted
1, cheerfully. "This Is a bad tangle
tbat wo'ro caught In, Maillot."
He said nothing more. By the Ume
we reached our destination he was prepared to enter philosophically upon bis
period of confinement, whether it
should prove long or Bhort. As I turned to depart I noticed tbat lio was
following me wltb a wistful look.
"I'll seo Ibat you are kepi posted
about the young lady,'.' I told him;
whlcb ellcllcd a deep sigh of relief
and a ferveni word of thanks.
Again I was preparing lo leavo him,
the turnkey standing by and Impa
tlenily jingling lhe ring of big braes
keys which was suspended from Ills
arm, when lbc prisoner clllcd me buck.
'He scorched my eyes earnestly.
"Swift," he begun, "as I said before,
I'm helpless now lo fight lor myself.
But 1 want lo warn you you uguin. i
Ibat devil llm ke. I kuow nothing further lhan t inn ho'has beeu In the habit
of visiting Mr. Jin.ii. end ol being
.iu,, I. .1 wllh him for hours al a lime.
The subject of those long conferences
Mr. Fluelle hu kepi strictly to himself, evading all of Belle's Inquiries
and attempts lo make bim talk about
tho fallow. Uurke la repulsive io in r
—for whlcb you can't blame her—and
ber curiosity over a man like bim and
a man like ber father having anything
In common Is quite natural. It Is odd,
: you kuow.
"Thai's not what 1 Intended saying,
though." He paused, and eyed mo
keenly au Instant. "If anything turna
up lhal drugs Mr. FluetU) into this
j business, you will And tbat Burke's tbo
one who has tangled him. Watch
Then ihe heavy ateel door clanged
to between us.
A Fight In the Dark
Alter the cell door closed upon
ItoyaJ Maillot I returned al once to the
house of tragedy, whose ovll geulus
was promising lo play havoc wllh lhe
lives ol so many of tbe living; and u
I approached tbe bleak, auslcrc old
n..n.i nm somelhlng in Ils silent and In-
anlmale citerior seemed to repulse my
advance up ihe gravel walk. My slips
lagged, aud at last I drew lo a hall.
('old aud clear and anappy u the
day was, still there wu something
oppressive jn Ihe air Ibat hung about
the house of death. I looked ai ihe
lifeless windows. Blaring vacantly,
utterly expressionless of lbe swift
moving tragic drama thai bad been
onacled behind them, falling lo foreshadow what wu yel lo iransplre
hero, they all at onco brought forcibly
to my mind Aleunder Burlui. Thus
did bla eyes hide, Instead of disclose,
the workings wllhln.
That the mind of this man was secret snd evil I could uow no longor
doubt. Fells i'sge bad been a sower*
lul man, physically and mentally; yel
Alexander llurke. sly and Implies e,
soft-spoken apd sofWooled, ever alert
and observant and burrowing lik. a.
molo, In darkness, bad undermlucd
him, and—tbe conviction grew—bad
brought abotjl His cruel death.
In what way? What far-reaching
machination wu be ao laboriously
evolving? Wbat snaro wu he cuilng
unaeen to bring down In ruin Uie Urea
of others! And wby? Coward ibat he
wu, bad he at no Ume worked in iho
broad light of day?
An unwelcome aense of depression
WU sluv.,}' weighing me down. It.waa
m It lbe silent bouse were haunted.'
At the Ume, i wu convinced lhat I
wu merely making a hodge-podge of
the hundred and one clews lhal bad
come to mi bands, though now I know
that lhe whole vul soheme wu gradually taking shape In my mind. I wu
bewildered by lbe wide diversity of unopposed interest!, left powerless by
failure to light uoon a sure point of
common Interest defining the AtUUides
of the different actors, ror to say lhat
It wu lhe ruby did not clear Uie fog
any—unless I accepted the growing
assurance that Alfred Fluoiie wu 'he
acUvfc Initrument of death.
Sllll, every detail I bad gathered
wu necessary to complete Uie circle.
When dnally I did bav* my case all In
bind there wu no single point tbat remained oUcuro.
My brooding Inertia wu dlapelled by
a shout from Stodger. He wu stand
Ing oo the front porob. regarding me
with oonajderahle ouriqirtty.
'1 fiB*** *" ^
NQTICH Is bsrehy ,
pi cation will bo made
of the "Water Act, 1909,
I soon learned that he bad something of interest to report.
"Wit knpw. Bwlft/' said he, wttft
much seriousness, extending bis chubby hands to tho welcome warmth of
he library Are,   "(t'l   an  outragt
I It Isn't that ■•-   -"'
HinI  Bullevo lu ghostst"
I was Instantly all attenUon. Qene-
vlove's terrifying experience wis top
recent and real for me to scout any
supernatural suggestion of my col-
league.   I quickly uked:
"Been anything aout the house?"
"Not (p bere. Outside. Copldn't
chase 'em-"
"I'm glad you aro fat, thep; who
would havo watched tbe bouse while
you were chasing whatever It was you
thought you saw?"
He olapped one hand on top of bis
bullet of a head, and stared at me Ip
comical surprise.
"Sayl You're right, Swlftl You
are, by Qeorgel first time I ever
found A—ah—you know—a consolation
for my—er my—my stoutness,
"Two shadows. Didn't get to see 'em
plain, All tho time you were gone I
could glimpse 'em now and tbon—flrat
one place, then another—slipping and
sliding through tbe bushes, trying to
keep hid, y' know.'1
As may be Imagined, I wu profoundly Interested. ,
"Wbat did they look like?" 1 asked.
Stodger shook bis head. "Bushes
too thick. No leaves; but they wouldn't come closo enough for me lo get a
good look. Min. Watching the bouse,
all right"
The mailer wu serious euough, In
al) conscience Our Incessant vigilance wu most certainly Justlded by
iho perUuaclly of these mysterluus
prowlers, for u long us they surreptitiously sought to enter tbo houso, my
belief lhat the ruby lay hid somewhere
in iii'iith Its roof wu in a way confirmed.
stodger was sagely nodding bis bead
at inc.
"To-nigbl." be said, with meaning.
"Ucl unythlng you like."
"To-night, 1 thoughtfully echoed.
"It would uot surprise me In the leut"
Although a closo watch wu maintained throughout lbc remainder of the
day. we saw no moro of tbe elusive
"shadows." My arrival, manifestly,
had frightened Ihem away.
I put In a portion of the time unUl
nightfall going carefully over tho old
houso again, from cellar to roof. My
purposo now was to ascertain whether
there wero any secret pusages or concealed openings winiidty wo might be
surprised; and my labors convinced
mo Ibat there were none. The face
which Qeuevleve saw at the alcove
curtains could be cully accounted for,
since, wllh the exception of Stodger,
who was In the socond story, and the
officer lu lbe lower hall, everybody In
lbe bouse wu usemblod In the
library, aud, of course, completely absorbed In lhe Inquest It bad been an
enI'j matter lo open one uf Ibe lower
windows, or oven one of the rear or
side doors, and onlor tho houae.
1 found lhal ibe walls wero all of an
even, normal thickness, and ihere were
no euuecs i" iw' ii floors or walla for
which I did uoi satisfactorily account.
1 also kept u walchful eye for Iho pro
lotypo of the designs on lbe cipher,
but discovered nulling Ibul wu at all
like ihem.
mlu iv.in the day proved to be
wholly uneventful. I spent much time
In consideration of my cue, naturally;
but this exercise yielded nothing more
conclusive thai lhat Alfred Pluette's
place In It was usuuilng larger and
larger proportions sa time went by.
I yvm much Impressed wllh tilll- \\jf fny,jj Yli.'Xif.fliiaa Hi. and
IoI'b charge io watch Burke. But bere ! ihe Mission Indian Deserve oil ritual
again I was offered uo new light. II Ud ,'n Oroup One. New Westminster
wa. satisfying to know that inoth.r | »n'i. Wla'Vaott'S tZc'WZ'-
lhan myself was dlstruallul of Iho oral , i.ml Inlel. ea comprised wllhln the
ecrelary; bul u for watching "»'d boundaries of ihe Cliv of Noi-ih
.  . m   I'lnrnuvftr tlie anitl Iroct or land beln
a licence iu  the
Division of      ^L^^^^^^^_
ill)  The name, address and occupation of (he applicant—Corporation ol
the City qf North Vancouver.
er's Cerllncato no.   ..... .„,.,"..
(b) The name of the lake, stream
or source (It unnamed, ino doeor ptlon
Is)—Dick l.uli", elevation ot 1100 feot
above Howe Spund.
lo) the pjdnt pf dlversion-At outlet o( I.irlm.
• nil   The   quantity   of   water   applied (or (In cublp foot per second) ....
le) Tho liiuriicler of the proposed
wurks—Dam to bo constructed across
nniiei of lake.
' if) Tbe premises on which the water |s to be used (describe same)—
CUy of North Vancouver.
tg)   Tho   purposes   for   which   ths
.iftr is tprbo used-Domestic and
Municipal Purposes.
di) If fer Irrigation describe lbs
land Intended to no Irrigated, giving
acreage ,.,,........'...
(I) If tbe water Is fo bo used for
power or mining purposes describe the
place where ibe water Is to be returned
to sorpe natural channel, and the difference In altitude between point of diversion and point of return	
(j) Area ol Crown Land Intended to
tie occupied by tbe proposed works-
ISO   H' ['I'll
HO This notice was pooled on lhe
imii day of .i.ininii), 1013. had application will be made lo the Commissioner nn the Uth day of Marchi ml
(i) Give the names and add/esses
of uny riparian proprietors or licensees wbo or whose lands arc likely id
be affected by Ihe proposed worln,
■ Iiln i above or below tho outlet—Jas.
J. .'.lull...il 132 Homer Blreel, Vancouver; West Bhore & Northern Land Ce.
mu . Vancouver; August Nelson, Mui"
Harbor. B. C.
(Hlgnuturo)   THOMAS SHEPHERD,
Clly Clerk.
Clly  Hull.  Norlb  Vuncoover.
The lloundarlcs aat Area ef Ike Municipality!
Commencing ut q point in Burrard
iin i sil .nmi 2,300 feet due south from
lbc south-west corner post ol Lot
.'ills, thence due north 2300 feet to said
 i. ■.'..  i corner post of said Lot 215;
ihence 2010 feel, more or less, lo the
loulh wiiii corner or ssid Lot .'65,
Ibence i...j 11.. 11.-. through Lot (S3, 2110
feel mure or less, to tho south-west
corner post of I.ol tilt, ibence easterly
along the norlh boundury uf Lol i.k:1.
i'i'in feel, more or less, io the north-
cast curlier pust of Lot tli; in northerly along lbc west boundary of lot
Ell. 1711 feel more or less to the nqrlh-
wcsl corner posl of Lot (II; thence
 ul;  along- the nurth boundary of
Lol Stt, 2(10 feel more or less, lo the
ns nl- ..is i corner post if Lol Ml
thence easterly along Ibe north boundary of Lut SIC. 2SI0 feel mure or less,
lo the ii"i in - ."si eorner post of Lot
MS. Ibence cuterly along the north
boundury of Ihe norlhmost purtlon ol
Lot GIG. tso feet more or less to Ihr
north-east corner of said portion of Lo
SIC. 990 feel more or less lo 'he north
cast   corner   of  said   portion,   thence.
.ii i'ii- along the east boundary of
suld ins nn musl portion of Lot S1G,
30G9 feel more or less, lu the south-
wesl comer of lol 2025. Ibence easlcrly
ulung the nurlli boundary of Ihe soulh-
ini'i-i pot Hun uf Lol (IS. 2970 feel more
nr less, to the north-east corner of said
soulh-musi purllon of Lot (IG. thence
southerly ulung lhe cast bouudary of'
Lul GI6. 23)0 feel mure or less lo the
.."oil. i .ui corner posl of Lol 111.
Ihence westerly along lhe soulh boundary of Lot III. 13(0 feel more or less,
lo ihe ""nli «s i curner post of Lot
GK. ibence southerly along the
Wcjl boundary uf Lol 553. 2(10 feel
more ur leaa. In lite soulli-wcsl corner
uf Lot (.S3, thenee easterly along the
south bouhdury uf I.ol 553. S(0 feet
mere ur less, to (be nuitb-eusl curner
posl uf l.ul 215. Ibence southerly along
the i ,ii t I.omul.in of I.ol 273, a distance nf 1939 6 feel, lu lhe nurlh boundary of Hint purl of Bald I.ol 271. the
property uf John Hendry, ibence westerly along lhe north boundary ol lbc
property of tbe suld HVdry lu the east
is. 'ii si.'i s uf I.ol 271. Hienee southerly
dung Ihe said ensl boundary of Lol
271. to the high waler inurli In llurrurd Inlel; Ihence- In lbc some line
Huulberly (00 feel, and tbence westerly
In a iiralghl line le Ihe point or com-
toicm-eineni. tbe said Irncl nf land com-
"rlslng ihe following tola namely; 2(5.
271. 171. 273. exccpl Ihe porlimi (hereof lu'liiiisjng lu Juhn Hendry, the cost-
11 Is n  of I.ol   (.!._!   mill  I .Ms (17.
him-well, I knew Ibat be wu being
subjected to a constant espionage Ibat
left nothing lo be desired.
It wu. doubtless, ibe cmpbuls
which Maillot bad laid upon Burke's
secret visits lo Kluoilo thai engaged
Vancouver; lbe said Iracl of land being
uf the said
Clly of Norlb Vancouver, deposited in
map or plan uf (he
Clly of ..,    ..,.._, ._  ..
ihe land Rcglalry Office at Hie Clly of
ul Approximately tbr number of Inhabitants Kl<   thousand   K.000)
[D   The place uf lhe propoaed nscr-
my Interest.   I would have liked very i voif'for storing   Dirk Lake
.   ! I     in    Tl.« ...,.„n> be u-bleh II
much to know wbat they portended
If Ihe slippery secretary had bleu
carrying on negotiation* wllh Uie mil
lunula for Ibe Paternoster Ruby, then
the letter's position relative to the
murder stood oul quite clearly. Willi
knowledge of those Interviews In my
possession 1 would bo lu a poslUon to
Hy my cue boforo the Slate's Attor
ncy, who, beyond question, would pro
curt a warrant for him ne'e immediate
What a sensation Ibal would create!
-Alfred  Fi'    charged   with   the
murder of his rival and bitter enemy,
Felix i'age'l ll would be particularly
startling Inumuch u a coroner's Jury
had already faaleued the crime upon
another mu. I bullevo Uie readsr will
uuhcsliatlngly admit, by Ibis Ume, Uial
Ibe Page uffalr presented many re
niarkable upecls.
There wu one discordant element
In auch I theory, however; namely,
bow could Kluelle hope lo retain poa
session ol Uie gem, once be bad ae
cured Itt How could be defend his
UUe to It? Although tho alone wss
Immensely valuable, any person save
Ibe rightful owner would have an exceedingly dlfloult Ume disposing of II
But this obJeoUon wu In turn off
ut b) Ihe possibility ibat Page, al
ihougli be had purcbaaed the ruby
openly, bad actually acquired no Juat
I admit considering Uiat
(II The means by which ll Is proposed to alorc Ibe w-nlcr- Natural storage
by uae ft bike nnd dam
lu) The nrcn el Ibt rcecrvulr sile
>t sites al each fool In depth above
fool   above   oullcl
Total 101 ( acre feel
glorage capacity III.IOO.MS gals
flow II Is pjroposee lu scqukp
underhand' manner, authority to Hi   'h"'n)
.pose of
And Ihis brought me to the, u yet
unaccounted for Japanese I'call (hen
aucb for lack of a more definite char
acteriuUon. How otherwise wu Ibeir
obscure iniiiiiitiuu with Ibe cue to
M explained? Wby, the very Word
"ryhy" Instantly calls up a picture ol
the Kui. How often have priceless
gems been filched Iron Oriental pollutes I How often bave mysterious
murders been committed In recover
some Jewel' stolen from an Kuisrn
temple, Uie murderer driven forth by
religious seel-or fanaUclam, call K
wbal you will to a relentless search
for the fetich, and to Wreak a dire
vengeance on Uie plundererl Admit
ting that the present Intricate problem
Involved t similar Instance, I oould nol
title to It.   I admit, considering Uiat Iv)   How It Is iiroposed Ip acquire
FeUxTage wu ndver the son of man 'hr W oecetauy tor ihe purpess-By
lo obuy a pig In a poki, lhat 9>s noul {w)   Approximately the number of
blllty wu rather far-felcM; atill. It acre feel Intended le be Impounded
wu a possibility and a very pregnant «•}« e%Igj      ^
one, too.   tot It auch were the cue. fr tlie water In any nafural laks nr
Burke mlgbi have obtained, In some standing  body  of water  and  If so
Tbs.anticipated extent of tbe
lowering- -IfM.
(i) The means proposed io be adopted lo lower and refill -By con-
alrucilng a small tunnel
ill The nature In character In
detail of lha worki nropused le he
constructed to provide ror Ihe III-
charge and pending back of Ibi Wa-
tsr—Cunslriicilon ef a dam. ^^mmmrmmmmm,
JHJBOOJ, WWdW-flrrt  Omtot.
Lesson IX. Muk iiH-88. March 9,
Tbo public, ministry of Jesus bunt
Upon tbu people who tat in darkness
liko a mom) murine. John Baptist's
preaching bad heen tbe foregleamTW
»uob lermom at tbat on tlio Mount wen
a complete bringing to light of the
spirit, prinoiplee, and effect! tt the
Kingdom of Heaven. It wai all* an
unveiling of tbe Messiah Himself, His
dielnlsrastadnass, purity ftwl afitbnr .
ily. Tbis light alee waa not ciiuliuod
to a narrow territory ,as wo are apt to
tliink. It hlaaiid acroaa all Syria. It
was net always a gentle and diffused
radiance.  It mu often 'concentrated
Into t burning ray, which consumed tlie
maik of hypocricy into tho putrescence
of imiucorlty.,...Parallel with thii
miuislry of word tboro ran a ministry
of deed. Tba latter waa a Buries of act-
former, Jbe mjraplei of healing showed the henelteent spirit of the Kingdom, wbilo at tbe aame time they attested tl)e divinity of ita Founder; for,
unlike others, tbo miraclos of tba Men-
■I 9
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I'bon. 273
hi.ai kiuithi.
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Successor to Wallac. b Bcott, Third
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aiuli were wrought i|i His own nntiio,
Dill) wlfh solf-ilorivod authority. It
i« cortainly not a mart coincidenoo that
iu thll spirited account of tlio beginning of Jesus' minislry there is inserted, M in a pan
human helpefe, It pleased the Messiah
to put this honor upon .men, making
them co-workers in tho founding of Ilia
Kingdom; The prompt obedience and
self-forgetting consocratiou of tlinae
who were called ii inspiring, and pledge
of tba phonomoual success afterwards
achieved. Tbe very scene chosen for
the opening of Jasui' ministry ii iug'
gostivo. Oalllea of thl nations, ae its
vary name signifies, wai a polyglot
district. Tbe early preaching of tbe
Qoipel tq tbii mixed population signified that tbe new faith was to be an
all-men's religion. Thus, in all respoctr
tbe beginning of the ministry of .leans
fulfilled tbat lofty choral of Iiaiah lm
ginning "the land of Zebulun and the
land of Napbtall."
Thl Teacher's Lantern
The orderly precision of Jesus' movements is well Illustrated in the fact
that He did not emorgo from private
life until imprisonment closed tb; car
oer of His forerunner. Oalilee, from
ite frontier poaition on B commercial
highway, was more independent of cur
rent oceleslaAiciim, and consequently
more apt to recoive the QoBpol., The
wisdom of Josus in the choice of the
sceuo of His earliest preaching is ap
parent.' On comparison of the evangelists there seems to have heen a gorier
of progressive calls to the Apostolatc
A first call, after wbicb there was n
dimission to their old environments,
whore, free from tho novelty of tboir
now mission, tbey might review what
Ihey had seen and heard, Tho second
call was not, therefore as abrupt as it
would appear from tho narrative. By
it tbe apoatles were permanently attached to tbe porson nf the Lord. The
third call was the fornjal induction
into the apostolic college. Tbeso four
were always the most closely attached lo His person of all Jesus' apostles.
Tho mention of hired sorvants and
John's acquaintance, wilh the high
priest would rather indicate thai Zo-
liedec was a man of position, influence aud possibly of wealth, The
triplo office and superlative industry uf
Jesus ia null, nie.l when it is said .that
Ho taught, He preached, He healed. The
geography of prophecy is a pleasing
study.—Isaiah ll: 1-2; Mall. 4il418.
Mosaic from Commentaries
Tho King was his own herald. He
I'liii: Bopentanco includes two elements
—renunciation of our past sin ,and the
adoption of a future belter course.
Saw two brethreni Tbis call to disciple
ship Intervenes belween that and Iheir
subsequent"Incorporation into Iho apos
telle college. Follow meii'alls of (lod
are eipreased iu few words, whlab
alarm Iho conscience. (Straightway
they followed: Promptitude. In lhe
very ardor of doing their daily work
tbey received tho call. Ingeniously,
without immediato agreement /or re
ward. With Zcbcdce, Iheir father:
Thoy were therefore youths. Teaching
iu synagogues; Synonymous with our
American word "meeting-house." All
Syria: Term in widest limits, coinprc
hended all tbe country lying between
tbe Mcdilorraocan and Euphrates,
All manner of sickucaa: Every diacaac.
All manner of disease: Evory complaint
incipient malady. And He healed them.
These healings were illustrations, of Ibe
glad tidings. There followed lliin
great multitudes: Thus uot only was
Palestine upheaved bul all lhe adjacent
Analysis and Key
John's preaching: The foreglcam.
Jesus, a Moral Sunrise.
ll unveiled Jesus' self.
Covered wide area.
Qcntlc, but at times caustic.
Word aud  deed  parallel.
'.'all of apostles in parenthesis.
Illustrated home co-operation.
Apostles',quick obedience.
Christianity an ail-men's religion.
Young People's  Devotional  Service
March 3, 1912. 8 Thsasaloniaiu 3:1-6
Thl Obrlstlau Vlrtues-Patleuca
Tbe young christian may unavoidably bo associated witb tbe "unrcaa
onable and wicked." Buch a stuatiou
tests patience to tha uttormost,    But
axarciae of the grace will certainly
strengthen It.  Patience must not, bow
•ver, be confused with the weakness
tbat compromises principle.   It is hot
a negative virtue.    On tbe contrary,
Buskin describes it as the fintst purl of
T. P. B. 0. B.   .
Tbe weekly meeting of the C. F<.
society was beld In fit. Andrew's church
After the usual opening the topic fo;
tbe evening "China and Her Possibil
itlea" waa ably conducted by Mr.
Dan Hutchison, followed by a solo by
Mlaa Shaw' and a recitation, by
Miu Eaton, entitled "Brother }re."
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tbe Burrard Inlet Tunnel and Hridge
Company, accompanied by a covering
letter from Secretary J. Y. McNaught
faa received in response to a letter
from the Board pf Trade, proferring
tbeir assistance and was read at tbo
last general mooting of the Board.
Tbe report is identical with that recently forwarded to the soveral muni-,
cipalities interested In tbo Company
and read as follows;
This Company was formed for the
purpose of securing uninterrupted communication botween the nortb and south
Shores of Burrard Inlet by means of u
bridge across tbe Bocoud Narrows and u
tunnel under tbo Fjret Narrows witb a
railway connecting tbcm, 'uml along the
north shore of Burrard lulet from Deep
Cave o n the Nortb Arm to Horse Shoe
Hay on Howe Souuil, and from a point
near Kbiirne on tbe Fraser rivor to the
south end of the Beeoml Narrows bridge.
A charter was granted for this purposo by tbe Dominion goviirument ou
May 6, 1910,   tbe   promoters    being
Will Change that Old Store Front
v    Dickinson & Son, Ltd.
P.O. Box 1719. Phone 222
TAKE NOTICE lhal Alice Fearcc Haa-
well of Vancuuvir. B 0, married woman. Intends to apply for permission
to purcbaae lbe following described
landa: CoinmcncInK al a posl planted
at tbe aoutb-caat curner ut T 1.. No
IOIII. thence west SO chains, thence
south SS chalna. tbence eut 10 chains.
Ihence norlb 10 chalna, thence cast lu
chains, to water's edge, thenee norlb
II chuins alona shore lo polnl of commencement, containing 410 acres piore
or leaa
llth January,  It)!.
TAKE NOTICK Ihul Robert 10
Klnioi.iii] of Vuncouver, fi. C, occupation, broker. Intends lo apply for per
mission lu purchase tbe following
described landa; Commencing nt a poat
flanted at Ilie loulb-weai corner ol
.ui numbered 17. thence nurlli SO
chains. Ibence west SO cnains. tbence
soulb 10 chalna lo waicra edge. Ihence
eaat following water's edge to point of
commencement, containing 110 acres
mors or leu
t Agent
lib-January, llll
TAKK NOTICK lhal Peter Roy Grain
of Vancouver. B. C. occupation, lumberman. Intends lo apply for permission lo purcbaae Ihe following described lands: Commencing al a imal plained at (he waler'a edge, al Ibe norlli
wesl corner of pre-empllon llll: Ihence
norlb 10 chains; Ihence west 10 chalna.
Ihciiic aoulb 10 cbalna: more or lesa
in waler'a edge. Ihence eaat following
shore Ilne lo point of commencement,
containing !!0 acrea more or leaa
llth January, 111!
TAKK NOTICE lhal Cora King, of
Vancouver. B C, occupation, spinster.
Intends lo apply for permission lo purcbaae the following described lands
Codunanclng at a posl planted about I)
chalna eaat of (he point of commencement of T. I. 10(14. and alongside a
surveyor's post bearing number 111:
Ibence nortn 10 chains, (hence east
10 chains. Ibence soulb 10 chains
thence west 10 chains, lo point of com-
m.nremeiit. containing 110 acrts moru
lllh January, llll
TAKK NOTICE Ibat Oeorge Vcrdler
i of Vancouver, B '.'. occupation, timber
oruiser. Intends to uply for permla-
alonlo purcbue the following described lands. Commencing st a post planted
10 chains south or the norlb east cor-
sr Oft U lllll: thence nil 10 chalna,
Ihence norlh 10 chains. Ihence wcsl 10
chains, thence south 10 ch^ne. Ihence
sail lo chalna. ihence soulh 10 cbalna
io point of commencement, containing
Ili January, lilt.
District of North Vancouver.
8EAI.KD TKNDKH8 ou lhe preacrib
cd forms aud accompanied l.y certified
cheque or cash for o<7r of the amount
of Tender (which sum shall be held
until the satisfactory completion of
lhe work according to plans aud spoci-
cations) will be received by Mr. John
H. Farmer, Municipal Clerk, uutil 6
p.m. ou Thursday, ith March, 19l2, for
the following work:
1. Grading roadbed and building of
culverts, roau from Keith road to Main
slreei. 1). L. 6)3 and D. h 804.
(Ward 6).*
2. Clearing 'tnd grubbing Keith
road east from I). L. 080 to North Arm
of Burrard inlet.   (Ward 6).
3. Lioaring and grubbing road al
lowance in D. I.. 643 from Deep Cove
road to I), h. 116.   (Ward 6).
4. Clearing, grubbing' and grading
road lo 12 6-661 Irom Hiee Uke Road.
(Ward 4).
6. (irailmg, building of culverts ami
contingent work of Dudley road in I).
I,, lit and I), h. ■■•''> (local improve
ineiiii (ward 3).
ii. Clearing, grubbing and grading
roads in l.ynn Valley, Dempsey road,
Evelyn street, etc.,  (Ward 4).
7. clearing, grubbing and grading
roads I), h. lOfiO and D. h. 1003. (Ward
t. Grading (conliitiug of fill and
cribwork) portion of Rico l-ake road
from Lynn Valley road to l.ynn Can
yon bridge.     (Ward 4).
All In accordance with plans and
specifications to ke had at tbis ollice
after 9 a.m. op Wednesday, 28tb inst.,
upon payment of 11 for each, which
will bs r.'iurniil upon tbe receipt of
bona Ide tenders.
Tbo lowest or any tender not necos
serUy accepted.
District   Engineer.
District Municipal Hall,
Cor. Lynn Valley and Fromme BO.,
North Vancouver, B. C.
22nd Feb., 181!.' 6-3
TAKK NOTICK that Billot Alexander
lluwell ol Vancouver, B. C, "Wcupa-
non, broker, Intends lo apply for permission to purchuc (tie following described lands: Commencing at a post
planted about !0 chains south of Ihe
norih-eut cornsr of Lol Jl. and at
the corner south of ths aforesaid corner, ihence norlh 10 chains, mors or
less to corner of T. L. 1116), Ihence
eut 10 chains, Ihence south (0 chuins,
thence west II chains to point of commencement containing 401 acres more
Ilh January, 111!,
Burrard Inlet Tunnel
and Bridge Company
Secretary B. I. T & B. Co.
Messrs Lambert Bond, J. P. Fell, J. C,
Keith, Ed. Muhun, E. W. MncLean ami
Jno. y, McNaught, who are acting as
provisional directors for and on bohulf
of Ihe municipalities interested viz.:
Tbe City of Vuncouver. Ibe Cily of
North Vancouver, the District of North
Vancouver, and the dislriet of Burnaby
wbo were all subscribers to fbe petition presented lo parliament asking
for incorporation.   *. .
Each of lbc promoters subscribed for
twenty shares of stock and the mum
cipalities above named as follows:
The Districl of Nortb Vancou-
couver   $2511,000
The City of Vaueouver ....$800,000
Tbo City of Nortb Vancouver $100,01)0
and tbe district  of Burnuby  is
taking     50,000
makiug a loUl  of   $600,000
of which the several municipalities in
tercsled have takcu up their slock ami
paid Ion (HI) per cent. Ibercou, wilb
Iho exception of lhe districl of Burnaby
who recently passed a by-law in order
to take slock iu Ihe company.
The provincial government bus prum
Iscil aid to the amount of $250,000 and
tho Dominion government bus promised
a grant of $200,000 transferred from the
Vancouver, Westminster A Yukou By.
Co. under agreumeul which was sane
(ioncd by the municipalilies interested.
Before incorporation tbe promoters
bud a firm of engineers give them an estimate on a double track bridge wilh
roadway wbicb tbey estimated wouhl
cost about $1,500,000. Tbis was before
any BOundings or burings were taken
for piers etc. Since then the company
hu appointed the firm of Sir John
Wolfe Hurry k I'artners of London.
England as their chief consulting cn
gincere, Willi whom arc associated
Messrs. Cleveland and Cameron of tbi."
city. Mr. E. Crutwell, one of Ihe pari
ners of Sir Jobn Wolfe Barry 41 Part
ueri, has made a thorough examination
of the site, taken boriags, aud made an
inspection of the bed of Ihe Narrows
at tbe bridge crossing at an expense
of about $11,000. Mr. Crutw'e)) pre
pared sketches showing capacily
and coat of different bridges. These
woro submitted to the Board of Direc
tors including the representatives of Ibe
different municipalities .mul the plan
chosen waa that a three-track bridge
with two roadways and side walk lur
pedestrian, one track being for stoam
railway, two tracks for tram cars, two
roadways for vehicle traffic and an 8
fool walk for pedestrians.
Thero will be an opening span for
ocean going vessels £00 feet wide and
tho bridge will be high enough to allow all small craft sucb as tug boats
and   small   rousting   pleasure   si earners
to pass underneath without opening
Uio draw. The estimated cost of the
bridge is $2,126,000-ihis is $760,000
more than the first estimate obtained
but tbis bridge has a much larger capacity. Tho directors thoughl It much
better tp put up a bridge tbat would
BC, Fft)BAY,MAHm K 1*1*
have sufficient accommodation for tra
tic for the next ten or fifteen years
ovou if thu cost were greater, it woul
be tbs M'« polloy in tbe long run.
At a Noa»'t-iH'WiHitf-ihe .itreetow-
the company bad witb tbe lion. Rich
■rd McBride, premier pf British Col
umbia, regarding further assistance for
tbe larger plan pf bridge, bs complimented tbo board on their foresight in
preparing for a large increase of trallic
by adopting a plan of bridge which bad
a capacity to supply tbs public needs
for many years; he was favorably impressed witb our proposals and said tbat
he would certainly give tbem his serious attention as tbo project deserved
tbe greatest consideration from tbo pro
vinclal government. Ho also mentioned
Uml the bridge across tho Fraser river
at New Westminster would in a short
time havo to bo supplemental witb
more accommodation as traffic was increasing so riipi'lly, aud it is only a
few years sjpee it was built.
Our ongineora are now busy preparing
plans and specifications of tho bridge
which we expect to bo ready shortly,
when tenders will bo invited for the
Wo may say that tbe company stands
unique iu Canada as being the only
railway company working under a special charter from tho Domiuion government and being owned and controlled
by four municipalities through which
it pusses .the provisional directors mentioned being merely promoters for the
municipalities interested. The only personal interesl that Ibe directors have
in tbo company consists in own
ing twenty shares of stock which is Ihe
necessary legal qualification for being
a direel or.
It is expected thai tbe bridge will
be complelod in twu years from nuw
when it will be open lo lhe uso of
overy railway that comes lo Ibe Bur
rani peninsula; it will accommodate
twelve trains per hour ur two hundred
nnd forty trains per day of twenty
hours, aud from tbe fad of its being
owueil ami controlled by tbe public
under the jurisdiction of the railway
cominisslouers, equal treatment will be
guaranteed tu all railways desirous of
using it.
As will be soon from Ihe above re
port,, there is still a deficiency in the
tolal cost of tbe coustructiun of lhe
bridge amounting to about one million
dollars, which may be made up in either
of tbe two following ways:
1. Tbe municipalities interested
guaranteeing the interest ou the de
bculures of the bridge .ami the proviu
cial and Dominion governments incrcas-
ing their subsidies lo a further amount
uf $500,000.
2. The municipalities could subscribe
for further slock to the amouul of
$350,0'10 and get tbe provincial gov
eminent to guarantee the debenlure."
to thr exlcut of $750,000. This could
be apportioned as follows: Tbe Cily of
Norlb Vancouver $120,000. the Districl
of North Vancouver $120,001), lhe eity
of Vancouver $100,000 and the districl
uf Burnaby or if lbc municipalities
of Soulh Vancouver and 1'oiut Grey
'were each to lake $20,0110 iu stock, the
eity and district of North Vuncouver
would only have to subsreibe HU0,i)i)n
Tuke Nolice tbat the Council of the
Corporation of the City of North Vun
couver intends to construct as u work
of local improvement u sanitary sewer
on the west side of Lonsilule Avenue
from Ihe wulcrfront connecting with
tlie sewer laid ou the south side of
Firsl street, under section 68 of lbc
Municipal Act and intends to assess
the final coat thereof upon the reul pro
perty fronting or abutting Ihereon.
aud to be benefitted thereby, ami Ibat
a ..Inii men! showing the lands liable
lo pay Iho said assessment and lhe
names of Ihe owners thereof, so fur us
can be ascertained from tbe last revis
ed Assessment Roll is uow on file in
lhe ollice of Ihu Clerk of lhe Munici
I nl.i., and is open for inspection during office hours.
The estimated coot of Ihe work is
$8,400.00 ,of which $1,566.00 Ib to be
provided out of the geuerul funds of
Ibe Municipality.
City  Clerk.
Norlh Vancouvor, B. C. '
February 27th, 19)2.
Competition for New University Build
lugs to be Erected at Point Oroy
Near Vaacouver, British Columbia.
The Government of British Columbia
invite Competitive Plans for tbe general scheme and design for tbe propoaed
uow University! togotber with more detailed Plans for (he buildings to be
orected flrst at an estimated cpst gf
Prizes of $10,0110 will be given for
tbo most successful designs submitted
Particulars of tbe competition and
plan of site may be obtained on request
from tho undersigned.
Tho designs to be sent in by July,
.'Ust,   J1112,   addressed   lo
Parliament Buildings,
Victoria, British Columbia.
THE BANK QF     1911
T8 Yean If) Businen.  flapltal 'a»4 Bsserro Oyer fl,Mp.0M.
Three Quarters of a Century
of sound banking and steady progress lias demonstrated the-
i strength and security of the Hank pf Hrilish North Amerjca. _
Your savings pould not be sa.fer than with us.   On)P-—
I iiill.n is sufficient to start an account.   Interest at highest
current rate is added twice a year.   Money may be withdraw
.at any time.
Two Offices in North Vancouver, Corner of Lonidale Ave.
and Esplanade. Upper Lonidale Avenue, near 14th Street
We solicit the trade of all builders who appreciate
High Grade Goods at a moderate price, and the
prompt and careful filling of orders, which our large
stock and long experience in business makes possible.
Burrard Sash # Door Factory, Ltd.
The Up-to-date Grocery
Mr. A. An.md, llic Manager, will be pleased lo see all his old
customers and also lo welcome many new ones, and assures them all that
no effort will be spared upon liis part lo please his patrons.
TAKK NOTICE llial  Ilie Council of   Ilie Corporation   of   Itit City  of
Norlli Vaneouver inteuda to curry out tlie following worka of local improve
ment under acelion life of loo Municipal Ad uiul intends to ursert tlie final
coat ll'i'reol' upon llic real property fronting or uliuttiuu thereon, uiul to be
lietieliiieil lliereliy, ami ili.it u ataleuienl aoowiog ilie lamia liulde io pay
llic auiil asicaamoul and llic names of tho ownera tliereof, ao far ua can be
■ (.ecrluiiicil from Ilie laal reviled aaacasinent roll ia now on Ale in Ilie office
of lbe Clerk of Ilie Municipality uml is open for Inapoction during offico
Katimalcd City'i
Blreel                                               Work                 Coal Sbaro
81.   David'a  from  Creaccul   Slreei   lo
Tliinl  Slreei    macadumiiiuK      I I HIU I HOU
St. f'alriek'a from waterfront to 3rd.          "                  I8U0 200
St. Andrew's from wnlerfronl to 3rd         "                   I&U0 200
St. Oeorge'a from waterfront lo 3rd.          "                  1800 20U
Hoyon- Ave. from Eaplauade lo lat ..          "                    300 20
ClicsUrlielil Ave. from wulcrfront to ,'lr.l         "                   1600 300
Million  Ave. from Kajdnnudc to 3rd..          "                  1500 300
Kaplauadu   uml   Crescent   alrcot   from
SI.  Hoove's  lo St.  David's   ....           "                    4500 240
Kaplauadc  from   Forbea   lo   Lonadale
Avenue                "                    H"UO 200
Firal alrcot from Forbua In Si. David'a
Avonue               "                 lfl(iui) 1080
Second Slreei  from Forbea Avenue lo
81.   David'a   Avenue                    "                    8101) 840
Tlnnl Slreei from l^ueeualiury lo Hew
icki' Avenue   '..'                  "        .         HtuU OUUl)
Lonadale Ave  from llllli street lo cili
limita    '          "                  011)0 C8U
Lonadajo from wuterfroiil  lo llllli Si,          "                 206UU 6400
Lynn Vulley roml uml Quecnabury Ave.
from 3rd atreet lo cily limil'a                 "                 LIOoO 0200
Norlli Vancouver, II. (.'., J, TALBOT I1ASI.AM,
February 23, 11*12. Aclnig i'ily Clerk.
The New Municipality
Quarter Acres on MARINfc DRIVE
at $1000 each, fifth cash
Two acre blocks close to waterfront at
$2500 per acre
Five acre blocks overlooking English Bay
from $500 per acre
kat] Comer Marine Drive aod Man Rd., Dundarave
, ■
s 8.
THE Kxrwag-flUK-iti vanwuvw o.g„ mtwi, Mmw i, wt,
Real Eitate Jottings
By •"Common Plug"
yesterday morning thi eity time-
keeper. Chanced upon the following
jingle, It hid been apparently discarded by iti unknown perpetrator,
and, )md njt the timekeeper happened
along, might have been blown,by the
four finds Into obscurity. M time
keeper, however, is pot a rhynW keeper,
therefore this choice topical effusion
becomes public property.   II runs thus:
On the north shore of tbe Inlet
Is a busy littlo town
That for real estate and railroads
Is becoming quite renowned.
Tho brokers all are busy
Whilst nl hers dig and delve
That iu future they'll rust easy
And look back on 1013
Heal Estate sella lively
Wny buck upon tho ridge
Where they say tho view is lovely
Of tho Secoud Narrows Bridge.
(Air trolley lines aro owuod and run
Hy the B. 0. fi. H.
And soon we'll havu a railroad
Iiiui by Iho 0, 1'. 11.
You uisiisl.T who writes all Ibis stuff
Aboul lhe village by lhe sea
0 ratsl   it's just a common plug
Whose initials are J. R. T.
Certainly the "common plug" has a
pretty accurate idea of exlitlng tradition in this "village by lhe sea."
Ileal 'imi is selling lively not only
"wuy buck upon Iho ridge" bul practically throughout Iho entire eity ami
district. Thu bookers all aro busy, as
Ilie |ilug observes, and it is already an
usa .roil fact that a goodly bunch of
spe. iilulors will be ilble lo "rest easy"
iu ilie future ami look baok-witb
remitiiscenl self satisfaction on 1013,
just us ",l. II. T." prophecies.
Almost every real estate man is siug
ing the sume sweel ditty. Business in
Norlli i'u in ouver iu steady and active.
According lu Messrs. Irwiu ami Bllllugai
who hnve liiiinlleil some big deals sime
Ihu commencement of the present spurl,
property is not ('hanging hands iu any
hysterical manner, but in a steady cure
lul fashion. District values have risen
considerably in Norlh Lonsdale und
Wesl Vaueouver, und many significant
illy deeds have been rnlisliiiiiii.ili-.|.
.lack l.outct .'. Co. have been eonliu
i.u Ity busy, clients have seen North
I.onsdale balhcl in sunshine, and have
closed deals accordingly. Interest has
si.-,, been centered upon East Capilauo.
Alexander Smith A Cu. have 'lone all
kimls of business, particularly iu I' I.
1185.  Other cent run of net inn bavo been
I), L. 878, 18th street, md Esplanade.
Lynn Valley, Recording th /■ P. Or»w-
fon) k Oo,, has been affording Its spe
mW 4W?jr pillDfJJtlon. Pvnry huiim
in the valloy is sold, and Mr. Crawford
now coiisidow thi time fully ripe to
establish bis main ollice iu tho vicinity
of Westover ltd. Tbia he Is preparing
to do, bis present place of business
being destined   to become   a brunch
ollice. >
Elder Murray & Co. are experiencing
steady sales, and are up to the ears
in business. C. E. Lawson k Co. are
manipulating close in property galore,
while Percy King finds I), h. lit a
centre of activity apd 'is delivering tbe
goods evory time.
Jobn Alexander k Co. acknowledge a
steady demand for iusido property,
from the waterfront to Keith road wost
ward, and for tbe inevitable 388,
There are signs of an energetic move
in Wust Vaueouver. Since tho council
bylaw passed last week,, public intoresl
in this district has been increasing
The firm of Palmer, Hiirinoslor and
von iiineii'uii.- have aiBo been specialising, in North Vancouver properly,
their purehuso amounting to uliuui
$11111,0011 ami thoir salus ami purchases
together approximating $:iilll,illl0. Besides acquiring Ibe Chesterfield schuul
property us already roporled in tlicsi
columns',this firm has handled a iiiiiii
ber uf big deuls in tho neighborhood
of 1st, 3ml and Hnl streets and in Cp
per Lonsdale.
At Ihe ollice of the Lonsdalo Eslalc
Mr. ,1. P. Pull stated lhal inlerest has
Jiccu principally centred around I). L.
583 and I), i. 385, particularly that
section of ihe Inner which lies south
of Im iiii road. Here tbe price of lots
has avoragod $2,000, while I). L. 553 is
being gradually cleared up from $500
upwards to $2,000 for double corners.
The streets of this properly are graded
tbe car line runs through it and waler
and light provisions are made. The
total turnover uow approximalea
.1. .1. Woods k Cn. have been dealing
lavishly iu Inside properly a number of
important deals having been closed In
connection with Isl, 2nd and ,'lrd street
estate, lu fact, wilhoul exception ifor
it is impossible ti mention each firm
individually! every* real estate ollice in
thl cily has been the Bceue of much
careful buying and selling. Through
oul the whole city au.l district property has become steadily more valu
nl Is while across Ihe Inlet North Van
couvcr ami ils possibilities ami cor-
i.iiuin . have figured largely in iouver
.in..i, All of who h. moru or less, is
just what Ibe "common plug" says
in his discarded jinglo.
We Study Printing
We make a feature of preparing printing that is profitable to
our patrons.
We study type faces and effects
to insure attractive arrangement,
and we believe you will appreciate
our handling of yaw work.
From a card to a huge poster
or an illustrated catalogue we will
give you a figure or our advice.
At a special meeting on TptiApy
the program of the board of worke for
itreet grading aud niacadmiiiaing on
the lines already aet forth in these
columns. Aid. Irwin did uot see where
a single item could have been eliminated, seeing that tha city's financial
statue was now satisfactory and the improvements were Ini'lly needed.
That pootry is not so badly paid uf
tor all is pr.vid by Algernon Charles
'■'•• '.i uiul rue's will, the probate of which
ves rocontly :■ :nui.-.l In London. Hit
s.inle haa beon valuedTiy the sole
■"■ci iiiiii, M." Theodore Watts-Dun-
Ion, at $I31,UII0 (.toss, Including per
'unulitv of 'bo not value of $00,500.
'''In- whole nt tlm property has been
loft to Mrs. Wiiiin liiii.ioii.
Tennyson left ♦».«5,000. Ho appoint
oil bis son Iiis literary executor ,and
bequeathed tc him ull bis manuscript
literary worts nnd copyrights, subject to tho |tyniput of the income
therefrom to hnly Tennyson for hor
life. Lord Tennyson's estate of Aid-
worth, tbe Faningford estate, the manor of Priors, ond ibe rest of bis res
estate woro put under trustees for
Lady Teniiysei for her life. The copyrights of Ihe Ini. Poet 1 .minute's
works were (uh.i,bin. and Tennyson
was paid by Ibo publishers handsome
sums for his poems.
llobert Br .wiling, of whose will A,
Tennyson," and 'A. T. Pulgrave"
were the attesting witnesses, left per
lonality in E glnnil, of the value of
$83,300. The will was in Browning's
ivvu bandwriiing with tho initial letters of all lhe nouns subslautive in
'upitals after the old style. Victor
Hugo, who, liko i.ird Tennyson, attained tho ago of 83 years, had per
snnal estate i'i England to the amount
ol $400,11110. Dr. Chmles Mackay's pro
perty was vtlited tit 113,1100, and that
nl Eli>a Coo'; i.t $lu,000. Matthew Arnold's estate amounted to $5,00(1. Ilis
will, in his o di handwriting, was one
ol tho ..sn. that have ovor come uu
dei probate l> ■•-u: "I leavo everything uf wh'ell 1 die possessed to my
wife, Francci Lucy." Mr. Frederick
L.eker Unipsun lei| $180,000, Mr.Cov
entry Potmorc, $13,000, and Mr. Without Morris, fC-:,ililO, who died in 1808
t,Htfl00. In tbo lest uamotl caae,
however, it Is lolciiibly certain tbat
poetry did nol eou'iibute a very largo
share of tho total.
.. ' '      F0B08
Tha woman who wields Mdl)»ll<lt
With hir riWn hand must not tgnposo
that ibe in thereby ruled oqt of the
business of saving tlm country: She
Will havu accomplished as mucl| tt any
voter if by her infiuence' she has held
the men of her lum no hob I true to till
highest standards of citizenship and
given tbem a homo that they fool is
worth   prelecting   witb   their   bullets,
or their lives if neod bar With her
native instinct for right, reinforced by
reasonableness and tact, she can out-
charm tho spellbinder, disable tho party
boss, exposo the wl|os of the tempter,
and put .to rout tbe fniuoutor of violence, Tbo woman wbo ignoros bor
responsibility as the central moral force
in the family offeuds as seriously as
the mau who abuses tho priyilogo of
the billot-Ladies' Homo -Journal.
 1 —
Anyone can writo "difficult" music
but to invent a molody is wbat few-
can do nowadays— M. 'lean Nongues.
Tho tendency of modorn civilization
has been to transfor tbe bunion of
bread winning from tho muscles to tbe
nerves.   Sir  J.  Crichton   Browne.
The Scot is e,v.uc.i telling somi
i lories against himself. One of the lat
ist, says a London papor, is of j
:. oii.m.in who was down in the world,
svilhuut boi'.', and with only tlfruo
, once in bis pocket. He decided on
uici.le, and, entering a chemist's sluq
'■I,oil for threepenny wor'h of arsenic;
"Whit do vou want it tori" demand
<d the chemist "Twopence," said
Millinery Opening
Mist Collie has uow returned from
Iho millinery openings and will make
a full display of all the latCst novelties
for spring and summer on Monday.
March tlh and curdially invites ladies
to call and inspect ber large now slocks
Miss Collie makes a specially of
studying her customers 'style ami face
thus ensuring entire satisfaction. Prices
aro still very moderate
Millinery for 1012 is both original
ami fascinating. Sizes vary from ex
Iremely large lu quite small. Flowers
arc used profusoly, thu new primrose
color promises to bq a great favorite
with most ladies. Smart stylish hifls
from $3.50 up lu $30. Call and sec.
Apprentices wanted for millinery.
Apply Miss Collie, Keith block, Lonsdale avenue. Ill
Capital Paid Up $2,870,000
KcscrvCand'Undivqkd I'rorlta    3,600,000
Total Aaacti  41,000,000
Wills, negotiable securities, mortgages, jewelry aud valuable papers,
should lie carefully protected against
loss by carelessness, lire or theft. Our
safety deposit boxes, which may bo obtained at ino.brute rental, provide ab
solute security for such property.
I nisi.'i I In t nm of these boxes in our
North Vancouver premises is a distinct
addition lo our facilities for rendering
every service consistent with couserva
live I hi nl. ing practice.
1 . U. HKAVKN, Aarnl,
Norlh   Vumouier
Prices are advancing rapidly in 265. We have some exclusive
listings, here, including two double corners.* Prices and particulars on application.
Don't Forget 204
ip—i ■! i    ■ ii ii
Phoua lit V. O. Box ItW
Agents for London Assurance Co.
We have a good ieieclio» ol Houses (or Sale or Rent
Mt. Crown Blk.    1st St. East   Next Bank ol Montreal Opp. Cily Hall
-      /
in this Territor
Bach of these lines an conceded to
bi Uu standard of tbi country. Our
stock li all bought from representative
Inul. Some of than Hues Wl an
compelled to aak t little mors ror ba-
cause It costa money to manufacture a
high grade article. '
paine & McMillan 1
Wholesale and Retail Hardware
North Lonsdale Property
For the Choicest Homeaitei, Safest Investments and Beat Speculations, aee
Palmer, Burmester & von Graevenitz
Car Terminus, North Lonidale r
Branch:   Cor. 5th and Lonsdale, North Vancouver.
Head Oflice;. 411 Pender Street, W., Vancouver.
Ownera of "Tempe Heights."
We have a Large and Exclusive Lilt
D.L. 265 and D.L. 273
IW 21. P.O. Hoi 1120
Have Your
Filled by the
North Shore Drug Co.
P. S. THOMAS, Phm. B.
Druggist, 116 Esplanade West


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