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The Express 1912-06-07

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 ? lExpr^HB
HON. D. W. HIGGINS, Preient Day
First Publication in
Newspaper Form
Of Works Of
Noted Local
Epitome of the Notable
Career of Hon. D. W.
Higgins, Editor, Author, Statesman
Business Man
"The Mystic Spring"
Begins To-Day on
Page Two
Tin ie ure fen portions uf tlie world
lory m rielier hi lliul story
porlruys Ilie charuclcrislics
i   uuy gcncrufion of
the province uf Hnt
llllll    e.\J.i7ii'lli>
ila I'li'i'l, iinm
i-.li 11,hm,I,in mill reaped to Ilie nub
itii uud doings iii lhe characters wliieii
Hen di .idojied l.v pionccjl eundilIiiih
hi Hn- provifiee The typical "Old
Timer" of Hriliah Columbia ia rapidly
disappearing Ihiuuglj the decease, one
l.i i,ue. nf Ilie members of Hint hard)
generation uud it ia u uiual unfortunate
fllil   llllll    Hitll   tlieir   passing   ia   being
loal uu immense Juiid of moat iulercal
iug uud lulunhlc iiiei'Jeiit, wliieii fu
lure giu rations would deem nu iijvulii
utile Irui'itre Hire it lininled iliiwn lo
For Ilie preservation of a greul ijeal
of the material de|>ii'tiu(t lhe early life
of  Hie |iioueera  of  llriliah  Columbia,
HlF   eOllllitiolia   Witli    :: lm ll   lie :    ::. I e
esiled u|'on lo desl, Ilie scenea amid
/ li which Ihey moved, (lie cuatoms wliieii
lliey evolved, Ilie "ehuruelera" wbicb
were developed, w,o are Indebted to tbe
' Indefatigable luliu'ra and lbe faeile pen
ot Mr. II. W. Iliggin... wbo iu Ihe two
Lunl." whieb lie bun already |iuliliahed
nuinely "The Mystic Spring" ami ".Tbe
1'ossmg of u Knee'' haa uul only conferred benefits of a inoal valuable na
lure upon succeeding gencruliuns ol
I A ilwelleri in tliia province, but bai wou s
foreflioal place in fbe ranka of authors
dealing Willi loeuJ themes snd hu»
uebieved » ri'|.uloliuii whieb will endure
ua lung aa British Columbis eiiili, Mr.
Higgins ban u third volume in tbe pros!-
m wliieii will appear in due course snd
wbicb will ilimli I leas bo received witb
aitiiilor acclaim nfnl read wilb cijual
avidity, lo Ibal wbicb attended tbe
publication of tbu two volumes sl
nedy produced. .
II ufTords un lbe groatoil plesiure lu
inform uur resdera lhal we have been
utile to conclude arraugomeute willi Mr
Higgins nu ttiat tlie iuiuiitulile stories
from Ilia buolti will be publiaheil iu the
I'uliiinna uf "Tlie Expreas." Thia will
bu lhe liml inst&nco in wliieii Ihcae
stories bave appeared iu print outside
Ilie cuven uf lbe uutbor's bouka uml
therefore, feel Ihul we uie ulTorili(|
a feature of lhe liightisl poBslble merit
oa between Hrilish (lolumbis juurnsliaiu
uud Die reding public.
In view uf lbe appearance of Ihcae
atorlea, a abort review of llic notable
career of lhe nulliur will prove of in
lion David Willium Higgius ia a
native fnuadiau, hnving been boru in
Ihe eity of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Ile
came to the Pacific cosil in very early
manhood and in Ibe yeur 1850 arrived
in Hun Francisco.' Al tlie curly tipe ul
nineteen yean be entered Ihe field av
un editor and publisher by founding
Ihe San Francisco full, n newspaper
whieh lins enjoyed a musl useful career
and wbicb still wields a powerful in
flucncc throughout u widespread consli
The eily iniln i■• spent u litisy even
ing iu the cily bull uu Tuesday, when
they met iu tegulur seasinn, Muyor
McNeiih presiding over ll full ulleiul
mice of alilermeii.
Tbe hearing und digestion uf the
week 'a correHpondeiice ueeupiuil li eon
sideriilile time. ,
Mr. M. 11. Juckson wroto informing
the council Dint he wus spending tl".
llllll un Ilia prupcrly ul lhe curner uf
Tweutyflflb slreet uml .Inncs avenue,
uiul seeking the opening up of u roud
to run norlh from Twonty-fifth street
n distance of lll-'i feet; ulsu u sidewalk
from Twenty third slreei lu his prop
erly. Tin- lustier wus left in the
liumls uf the Huurd of Works.
Mr. Oeorge Somertuii wrole regard
ing the erect inn uf u iliieurutivc slreet
pust surinuiinteif liy u clock in front
uf his store on Secoud slreet eust. The
question wus deferred fur investigu
The districl clerk naked uu liebnll
nl' Die liehm uf Wurks fur u confer
i'liii' wilb Die city Huurd uf Wurks fur
iliaeussiun uf mutters relating tn Ibe
opening of McKay avenue tn Die ilia
imt boundary, und une ur twu uther
utters of present moment. In the
upiinuii of Die eouueil Friday after
iiuoii was considered to be a eiinvi'iiienl
The Norlh Vaueouver Lund uml lm
provemoAl llotnpany wrote cnclusing
loi'umenla dctlicaliiifi lo Die public lul
A in lilock Hill, ll I.. HI. lor lune \y/"
I"'-'" The clerk waa initrucled to
acknowledge aume uud forward lu Hi
compsny u resolution uf (hunks, wrlich
Die council'duly passed, upprciiuliug
this   public spirited   ueliuu.
Aprupus uf the propoaed widening
uf Fourth street, Die secretary «l llu
Kniglils uf Pythias I'nstlc Hull i'iiiii
puny notified Die council ut the cutn
puny'a inleutioii lo seek coinpcnaaliuii
n the event of this wnrk being di
Their architect bad itated Ihut the
Kniglils uf I'ylnins building could nut
be moved successfully, au lliut tbe
direclurs  wuuld  seek  compensation  tu
'   1     ■-
At the age of 19 Years, Founder of Uu
Bau Francisco "Oall"
lu Ibe yesr 1868 begsn lbc historic
gold rush to fur famed Cariboo Mr.
Higgins disposed of bii interests in
the full and joined the movement if
population toward Hie north, arriving
in due course iu Die tben thriving
town of Vslc, British Columbia, where
he eugaged in mining and in geueral
truding Wilb tbis period of bii career
many of hia stories bsve to do and
they include interesting and ijuainl
inies of porionsl adveutures, hair
brcsdtli esiiipcH sud faumorpui silus
tioua iuch sa bsve fallen lo the lot of
but few. i
Leaving Yale in Die year I8(W Mr
Higgins made his wsy to Victoria snd
with Ihe progress of Ihe capital city
hii own life work waa destined lo be
moat intimately associated. He Drsl
accepted s position on Ibe staff of the
"Colonist" st tbat time a tri week
ly of wbicb Amor de (,'oimoi, for many
yean oot of tbe beat kuown figures
in Victoria wu tbe founder snd editor.
hey .lii llrsl sight did nut upprovu of
he  Mil   feel   spun  us  shown   on   the
tlm eumpuny had bad nearly a your in
which In move them.
djty Engineer Angus Smith said
Ihut according tu nil interview which
lie hud hud in tbia connuctiun he gull,
i red lliul the cunipuny waa intending
In commence lhe wurk ilf niuving the
polos ou Weilnesiluy morning.
At this stage nf the prqeecdings A ltl.
Eraser  voiced  Die opinion  Dint  sulil
ieut progress was not being made
wilb the negotiation! relulive to the
construction  of  tbe  Second   Narruws
ridge. "I feel impelled,'' suid the
alderman "to uguin bring up this queitlon. When lust the matter wus diacusauil
liy this council Ibe geuerul impressiun
hus Ihut Die present delay waa caused
by tlie Dominion government delaying Die puassge uf the plans liecuuae
the   31)11   feel   spll,
plain, but desired Ibul the spun be 169
feet.    Now if this is a cuuae of delay
I wuuld like to ask if Hie direclura of
the llurrurd Inlel Tunnel k Bridge
fuiupuiiv huve employed unyouc tu re
preaenl their interest in this connection ut III In wu f
"Tben, again, ll is aaid lbat tne
uinuiitil ul preaenl subacrilied frum all
sources for the Second Narrows bridge
s some (8H,ililll sliurl of tbe eslimuted
'ust uf Die structure, consequently Die
II reel uis would be personally liable if
a euiilruel were lei until ull Ihe money
ncecsstiry waa subscribed. Now if we
analyze this latter objection we liud
lliut there is already subscribed lulbe
Second Nsrrovji bridge from ull sources
11,560,1)01), and lhat Ilie company bus u
bonding power of 17611,18111, making li
lulni nf $11,300,1)00 ur (611,1118' mure than
lbc uarfiniiili'il coat of lue bridge, If
uiufn ulso be remembered tbut the es
flmulcd cost of 12;lii»,9119 for Die
bridge is bused on Ihe supposition that
Ihe span is to be 260 feef. If tbegu
eminent ugreea to a UUU feet spun the
eusl is estimated al (800,000 less, gi\
ing lbe company u surplus nf fliiil.
i)ili) Then ugniu we can rest uaKurcd
lliul, Die riifcptiycra of Nurth Vsncuu
\cr cily alund prepared lo vole (IUU,
llllll or even mure, lo thia project if
it is required, uImll will give a surplus
uf (1160,1881 ur more lu the company if
Ihey   Include Iheir  bunding  power of
I'mler these rircuinslsnecs we think'
Mime i ,| in im 11"i  of the delay un Die
I purl  of lhe direclurs shuuld be fori li
Ibe extent  of (Ii.mill, and (ii,Ui|il for.'
..    i t mining    This is md  Hie time for de
Ihe laml it wuulil be neresaarv In ex1 *
, . , lav.    If we lire tu be considered on Die
propnate lo widen Die street
A letter upon the same lopic cn.,, ""'I' *'"'» "l" l'"l"""» ,'»"'1 '" ''""'
.led from the eity solicitor, Mr, II I.l I'1''""1 w" n""' ,"vc '»""»>' '""'"'''
Hcid, wbo wrote'informing thc cun """' '' w0 '"' ,0 '»' ,m "' '"''"">'
cil Ibst "laud mav I.e taken for w.d ,"'"''l'''«"»' ''>' ,ll»1 '""'' "« "|U»I '"""
ening a slreet under Ihi expropriation •""" l'"i>"'' »"'1 lf "'' ""' lu tov« lh"'
bylaw in thc same way thul lnml mav I1""1"" ''>' "'" 'l"c "" """' ""' '"'
be luken fnr opening a street. .j1'"^ '" ''omincnetug conalrucliou
Of rourinjf you may oMuin u ilocil from I
tin1 own cm uf proprrty,  whirb  in ill
WANTED—A guod geuerul servant,
Apply Mrs. Vomer, Victuriu Park W.
between 7 and 8 p.m. n ii
First class gardener  wauls enguge
mem    liy (lay. i.ind.ni   laid uut, luw in
graded, etc.     Hux Aid, Expresa Olllee.
WANTp-A girl fur light housework, a 'lew hours daily. Apply Mra.
.1. II. Fielilbuiise, eor. 280, uml Sl.
Uoorgc. t.f.
WANTED -Dressmaking by the day
ur would luke work in. Ladies' tail-
uftnl suits, dreuei uf every description,
Uli.in.e ii'ine iiiiiinn (loud lit und wurk
guaranteed. Sixth alreet weat, curner
Iiunsilule. .1'. 0. llux 18HI. 30 it
WANTED- -Completely furnished
huiine,ejghoiil 6 roomi; nice locality
Three uiiulla; careful leuunta. Apply
212 l.unsilule avenuo.   I'lione 1146.    ill
LOST—On Friday, lady's guid wstcli,
initial K. J. Reward. Mrs. il. Jsck,
—fitIs street and l.unsilule aveuue.     7 li
FOH SALE   Folding bed lounge. Ap
ply Spite  16, Ml. Crown Apartment!
Isl  street  Eusl. 11 li
I'llll tiM.V, Slatlouarv gusoliue cn
glue, eual (;t,",ll, saeriliee fur (ti.',. Ap
ply F. A. Muinli, llurnii Ituud, Eusl ul
l.'eutre. \i, u
KOH SALE OII HENT A l.ul huuse
21x17, bluck from I.onsilule, water eon
veulenl ami sluvu included. Apply Hux
A78, Express Ollice, 11 0
KOH SALE -Huuse, snup, lllll, alreel
uud SI. (leurge's Avenue, tl ruums, ce
nienl bssoinent, piped for'furuace, lul
a.'ixl6H lu lune. fenced in ami garden.
Nuw rented (88.611 per month. Price,
(8,660, (26il cash, bulunce (60 month
at 7 per eenl. Owner, Bux  1816, eity.
wuys preferable II Ine laud is e.v
proprialed, unless there hus aume
agreement to waive compensation, Die
owner of tlie land has Die right In
demand frum the cily sucb datnagei
as he has sustained by reason of the
land beiug taken from him, leaa sueh
udvaiitagea as might accrue lo bun
lliruugli the alreel being widened "
Mr II. Wescbc wrote complaining of
reckless blasting ,u Ine region uf
Twenty third street, and complaining
Ibal a lump of rock "large enough lu
kill a mun" bad struck his reiidence
Tlie mailer was referred for enquiry
lo lbe Hoard of Worka
Mr. T S Ilrown, aecrclary of Ibe
Dominion Day celebrations commillee,
wrote eipressing the hupe Ibal uu duly
lat tbe transient traders' bylaw wuuld
be atriclly enforced and alsu Dial Die
fakir element wbicb preyed on Hie
youlh/and smull toys would be elim
inaled. Tbe rccuininendatiou waa re
ferrcd to the police department
Mr. J. Fugler, rily buildiug iospec
lor, submitted his reporl for the month
of May. During tbsl month 46 build
ing permits were iasued, Ihe tolal
coal of same being (66,480.60 Thc
fuml fnr tbe lnl live months this year
is (801,811, while lbc n.ial for tbe cor
responding period of lasl year was
leferred iiiultcth tbe heart
vu k t'oiisequeutly wc find aome wbu
now say lliut the project lias beet, frum
ii- inception u real estate game, uml
since it bus aerved its purpoae or lias
I a workeil lo Ibr I,uul, ,1 ,a now a
dead   issue
"OOicn nol ao extreme say that Ibe
project is now held back l.v aome prl
tale intereil. I, although I shine in
neither of those beliefs, maintain thai
mure information ua to Ibe delay ia due
lbe public, ami would urge upou our
rcprcaenlative on that buard Ibe nee
easily fur more v'igorpus arl,on "
Aid Dick and Aid Foreman concur
nl in Die view espressed by Aid Era
aer, and Die arrangement was made
uu the suggestion uf Ihe mayur, thai
as Ibere was tu be l meeting uf the
bridge directorate on Ibe following
day, bll Worahip should preaenl these
matters lu Ihe cumideraliou of the
meeting snd rcpurl duly lu Ihe coun
Court of Beriilon Considered  Agonl
A court of revision, presided over by
Msyor McNeish, sal at the rity ball yci
tcrday morning for Ihe purpoie of
bearing appeals agaiusl assessment uf
prupcrly in connection witb tbe pro
A petition from Mr, 0. ti. Wolkcr posed msesdsmi/ing of certain of Ibe
, (Continues- on ma Ira)
and several others for Ihe opening of
a itreot sud the construction of a side-
wslk on Western svenue between
Twcuty third snd Twentyifth slrccla
wsi re/erred to tbe Heard of Works.
Aldermen Irwin Inquired why Ibe
ti. ti. Electric Ilailway (,'ompsny were
not taking more active steps lowsrds
moving bark Ibeir poles ou Lunsdule
avenue where tbe atreet work wu be
iug done. Tbe polei were yet in tbe
wrong poiUlof despite tba /set thst
city'i al reels
1 Mr. E. B. Folliek look exception lo
lhe assessment ef his property on
Thirteenth street, lot 16, Clock fl,
I). L. Hi. lit wu uiesied for front
age of 00 feet, wbereu bii property
bsd only a frontage 04J 30 feet, Tbe
court ruled lhal tbli should ba reme
Discussion waged sround tbe ques
lion u to whether property triangular,
and therefore limited In area, could
FOK SALE Ud. slreei E, lul 7,
block 118,' D. L. 660. Lovely 6 roomed
bungalow jusl being completed. Hun
every modern convenience, aplclulidlv
finished off. liuill for the owner, '.'lose
lo Hidgcwsy achool. Fine view' of In
let, Buy ninl Mountains. I'rice (l,ii„.i
il,"...   cuab, mortgage (8,2011.  Balaue ■
12 au.l 18. Apply 11. II. Millard, cur.
8th und Lousdale. Phone 474. 21 i)
FOII  HALE   Helling*  of   Mammoth
Pekin Ducks. I'ri.o alrniu. Pbone 166.
KOH HALE Nettings of Eggi and
day ul.l citlcki from prlie bred 6. 0,
White Leghurn, Partridge Wyaudottoi
uml iii.n Orpiugtuiii. Mri. J. E. late,
Lynn Valley Puultry Yards, Deuipsoy
Ki.iid, Lyuu Valloy. Lean, car at Centre Boad, I'untal addroii, Box. 8114,
N. Voncuuver. (X
Hot it at Lomdalo Pharmacy Pbons Sll
lee,  Ico  t'reuin,  Huttermilk,    Milk,
Cream uml Hutter, Purity L'rcumory, 15,1
He. und   alreel   Keni
If yuu huve uny prupcrly tu soil aud
want quick ic ulii. list it with Sburt,
K,dn iinini ami Seymuur. t.f.
Leu Yick ; do., geuerul merchandise,
171 Second Slreet Wesl, North Vancouver, Ii. ti.   Employment Oflice.
If you huve uuy property to sell and
want quick results, liat it with Sburt,
I,',,!" 11 mi uud Seymuur. t.f.
I'iiuii -in i Imu .ei.ei'i'iiin nuilli:, in pri
vale'family. Private vernndub. 2,'I8
2ml street. 7 6
Superior hunnl uml residence iu pri
vule liimilyi near ferry. Mudurste
terms,    llux A77, Expreaa Oflice.    t.l.
Furnished ItuoniH, wilb or witbout
buurd, 2U2 corner St. Oeorge'a aveuue
uml 2611, slreei eual, North Vaurouvor,
Nurae   Iluggerly   bua   removed   to
Eighth  street  euat   (second  house  iill
l.oiisilale).    ('hanged pboue No.  1.1!,,'.
PIANO -Hilda Hees, late of Leipaie
fonscrvatory, lleruiuny, W'iabea pupils.
.",1b slreei  Isl block weal of Lonsdale
Ladies 'uiul Children'a dreiimsking
moderate charges. Mrs. Lsmbcrt, Lui
son Itoad or Hux 18011, Norlb Vancuu
ver. 21 H
NOTICE   Carpenters leaving auwa ut
12,11 Lousdale Avenue at nigbt will bu
ready  for  use  tlte following morniuu,
Howie, practical suw filer and grinder.
10 A
BOOMS FOB  BENT-   llousokccpiug
and single.   218 2nd street eusl.
FOH KENT I roomed modern hun,.',
,', minutes from ferry. Peers A lloull,
Phone Iki if
FOH HENT 2 roomed shuck Willi
wuler and cook stove Apply Mr?
Knight, 7th liml Bidgoway Avenue. 7 0
KOH HENT .", ruum bungalow, mod
eru. Western Avenue, IDU feel frum
iar line   Apply Alex. Smith k l'u.
ii. (,'. Livery uml Huard stables--
Light rigs ami ladies' unl.lie borsoi
fur hire, Slubliug for huraes Hen
eral delivery ami heavy teaming H.
Ii.iiuu:.. 41b street weal   I'bone 347 If,
1 uml Clenriug and lira.ling Lull,
Pete Andruss, llfiierul Contractor. Sewer connections a specially, basement
and olber excavating work uuderlaken.
Kiliinalcs free. 627 SI. (leorge'i Ave,,
Norlb Vancouver, post oflice box 2383,
FOB HENT A three room Hal. furn
isbcil. bath, etc. Apply No. f,, He,III
lllock. Firat and Lonsdule aveouo. 11 6
Tt) LET New housekeeping room..
two and three room suites, (4 und II w,
per room. ,108 Second Blreel weal 10 0
Do you waul to acll your loll Wn
bsve clienti.waiting tu buy if ypur
price ia right.. List with ua sud tu ul.
Green A Wulah, 104 2nd atreet E. )." »i
FI'IIMHIIED HOOM for rent, close
iu un Fourth street    Phone .176.     II li
FOK SALE   Three   smull   counters, i nace
i heap    Apply 17 Lousdale avenue. II II
FOH SALE Hesl view curner lut on
Iho Hrund Huulcvurd with new strictly
modern ID room house, 18.000. (3.00D
caah, balance mer 3 years. Terms lu
suit. House ,17x44 over all. ID rooms
alau Lath, pantry and trunk rgoms, twu
fire'plsccl, basement with bot air fur
hul   aud   eiihl   water   iu    bed
P. O.  Box
FOII HENT I-argo- atore aud fuur
ruum flat, complete wltb balb room
Fine position on corner of Centre Hoad
and car line. Apply Merchants Trual
*. Trading Co, 044 Pender ilreel »»i
or  Lyuu   Valley  branch  office,     1.1.
rooms,  three   verandahs
8823, Nortb Vanrouver. Phuno LI26.
10 I
FOI'ND   Note containing money. Apply Hox 2142, staling particulars 116
jually l,e uscssed on lbc client of
froulsge The court decided lhal while
such a method necessarily caused dii {
sslisfs. Imu || wss Ibe italutury inejbi
ud sl present in force, Au appeal
from S. (Ilnliburger, Ltd.. against aa
aessmeiil of certain property in D, L.
274  wsi disallowed no Ihcae grounds.
Tbe courl aulhurircil the smcuiliucnl
of several other assessments which
wete appealed against by properly
A niiiiiiui waa then moved, seconded
snd csrried that1 the assosunciit roll
with these allerations abuu)d be approved soil puscd.
Battle Buyal st Historic Queen'I Park
Oval in Boyal Olty — Probabli
Oh&ngei ln Uaeup
Aiming lbe new arrivals Ibii week are
Mrs. £ifksrd snd ber daughter, Miss
Elhel i'irksrd from Leeds, England,
wbo have come to poln Mr, 1. i'irksrd
s ferry employee, snd wbo are going
lo mske Norlb Vsncouver tbeir future
home. Miss Piclord has joined lbc
choir of SI. a)ndrcw'i Preebylerisn
cbureb. Sbe sj Haying at pretest wllh
Mn. W. Iloldiworlb, I4lb itreet west,
The third match in the Minlo Cup
scriei for Ibii scsson will be plsyed
sl New Westminster tomorrow sfter
noon.   Encouraged ley their pm, I
victory of s week ago, tbe Minlo cup
holders will eater Ihe field witb strong
hope of putting one over tbe redoubt
able Boyal Olty team, on tbeir own
ground!, while on tbe otbof bind the
New Wcslmlnitcri, smarting uuder the
lovcre defeat adminiiterod lo tbcm un
that orraiio/i will extend themselves lo
tbe utmost'to give tbe Vancouver team
s Bousld for Ibeir Oliver. II li doubtful if idlundc snd Mscdougsll will be
able to play /or tbe Vancouver! wkile
Fecuey will probably be found bask on
Ibe Wcilminstcr lineup snd poailbly
McDonough u well. Bescrve seats are
now available al Armstrongs jewelry
store, Hullnge itreet well, Vancouver
and arc in strong demand THE EXPRESS NQRTH VANCOUVER, B. C, FRIDAY, JUNE 1,1912.
Bank of Montreal
Established 1817
Capital (paid up)   -   $15,413,000
Reserve ■       >   $15,000,000
Savings Bank Department
North Vancouver Branch: F. A. MACRAE,
Mt. Crown Bldg., 1st Street ,    Manager
We have a nicely furnished 6 Room
House, centrally located. Can be had
on a day's notice. Rent $45.00 per
110 Esplanade. Phone 227
Twenty-Seventh Street
liluil, frnm l.ousiluie Avenue, :i'l ft, lot  facing soulb.   I'rice
for a quick  aule $iiflll.iHI cash.
D. L. 204
Several (jimil l„ls close to waterfront.   I'rice only $750.0(1 euch,
uu terms-ui m.i-i|ii.ni. i  cavil, buiuncu li,  111 uml  lb months.
We represent the London & Lancashire Insurance Co.     A
sound Hu,ml Company.   K you havu anything to insure we can
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Time  table subjeel   tO  i'Iiihi«i)  without
delays, ueeiilontiti nr otherwise.
"The Mystic Spring"
Quepii:  Your    sister's    tlrowoM,
Laertes:  Drowii'ill  O, where!
Queen,  There is u  willow grows
asluut a brook,
That show)< bis hour leaves in Ihe
glassy stream;
There   with    funluslic    (fiirluiula
iiiil sho eonie,
Of   crow flowers,   nelllea,   daisies
and long purples,
That   liberal   shepherds   give   a
grosser  nunie,
lim our Bold maids  In dead men's
fingers tall them:
Thorn  on   lhe  pendant   boughs  her
coronet weeds
I'liitnlieritig   tn   hung,  nu   envious
sliver broke;
When   down   her   weedy   In,pines
ami herself
Fell in Ihe weeping brook.
Muny, many yeurs ago, when Vie;
toria waa eulled Oainoosun uiul Ihe lirsl
settlers I,uill their dwellings uud war.'
houses behind lull palisades and
mounted guns nu bastions; when the
aboriginal tribes were turbulent ami
uut iilwuys amenable tn the southing
influence of ship's bread uml treacle;
when painted aavBges, Brined and
fierce, awiirtueii iu thuiisauds in ninl
about tlie dense forests und aweel
meadow lumla lhat surrounded III"
stockade; when Fori Street begun iu
ii swamp uml goose pasture ul Blanch
unl Btreet uml ended abruptly ul Ilie
fort gate, befure which n big Imliini
patrolled us sentry, uud i'ntes uml lhe
other pretty streets thul nuw ini'l lu
the convenience ut' tlie people uml Hi
beauty of the town were but trail.
thut wound Iiirougli u thick foresl;
when you. gentle render, liml mil us
yet lefl the ethereal blue lo lake up
yuur sphere of action on Ilie enrlli's
surface I say lhal inuny, inuny villi
ugu there existed uu the shores ot
'.nllnifi, Muy ,i small but valiant tribe
of Indiuns. ll wus ul (ludboro Ihul
Sir,James Douglas lirst landed uu Vun
couver Island from the brig I'mil,urn,
,i staunch Sutherland built vessel ,,r
live inik, thu prupcrly of lhe IIihImiii'.-
Buy Compsny. Ile vv:,s well rcecivod
liy the natives, ami having mimed lm
llllV   t'Ullboro   (fllOU   spell    Willi   its   lull,;
leniiiinil nni,    Cudhorough I    after    111
brig,  lie  walked  llirough  I,   f'uresl    ,1
pine nmi spruce till he hi,no in sight
uf I'amnusuii  hurl,or.    Here  he plant
ed the lirilisli ling, alter naming Hi
placo   Victoria,  nmi   rcurcl   dwellings
ami warehouses   and    pnliauiles,   ani
mounted   guns   fur   the .prole, lum   of
the  infant   sell lenient   from  a   mil i v
foray.     Vicloriu   must   huvv   been   au
ideal pluee In live al lliut Iuue    There
were   in,   custom   houses   nor   dulics;
neither luxes nor newspapers: no side
vvnli.s   ami   no   slreets.   nu   |,,,li, emeu
„„r lawyers, por triisiees to vole away
the  city  revenue   vviihuut    li ;  ami
only oue doctor; no muyur uml tilde.-
men, no politicians, uo druinage. nu
wolor supply except frnm wells, uiul
no typhoid; wlun everything Ihul :,
fellow ale or drink ur wore wus not
siilil to be infected with the genu- o'
diaeuae, uml when lhe unly ubsluele.
to n long life vvue „ lm, free use ol
Hudson's Hay ruin, or a ,l> bullet
from a biwnsh miiakel,
When the party Undol ul t u.lboro
ihey were struelt wilb lhe I,mut, ul
Ihe beach ui while stittd uml tin ovnl
aliupe uf Ilie bay, wlneli was a* taiili
less in ils lines aa if il'bud been laid
out by surveyors, tin at Irees ruiscl
their heads ou every side uml gigunl,,
oaks almost brushed the clouds Willi
tlieir vernal crowns. A thousand yeurs
old if a day, ulus! Ihey huve long sine
been converted into firewood at Iwo
or three dnllurs per cord, instead ol
having been allowed lo slim,I n- ui,
jeets of majestic giundcur uml fur
pride forover. Sir .lumes was a ki
admirer und studonl of Nature, uml
when frum the duck uf hia vessel In
,.',,,.I on tlio pictureaipie scene befor,
him his senses musl have been cup
livuted and charmed. Ah he steppe,
ashore nnd prepared to follow the lu
diun trail thai led to I'amoosuii hi'
attention was urresl.ed by u nog'
maple tree, which, will, spreading
branches rich will, bright green lnl
age, sfoud directly in his path, No
historian bus recorded lhe fact; but
I feel sure Sir Jumes questioned lhe
chiefs ns to this magnificent monarch
of thc forest, and uppluudcil Iheir for
lu-ii.iu, ,- ii, having preserved ,i frum
destruction ,fur it was very ubl, ul
though it showed no signs of decay.
At thc foot of the tree, so neur lhat
somu of the routs extended into the
wator, was 1 spring clear us eryslul.
Jt was fed by a rill lhat trickled from
tho side of Iho hill whieh overlooks
I'ml burn  lliu, and its  unl em possessed
tbo rare characteristic of being as cold
as ico in summer as well as in winter
No matter how warm the wciilbor II,,,
wale,.' of the spring Ibul nestled by
tho great maple tree wore ss cool ns
if tboy bail flowed from a glacier. The'
Indians wero proud of tho spring and
used its water freely. Thoy suiil it
possessetl uiodiciuul properties. They
also claimed tbat It was bewitched.
Said one of thu chiefs in (Ihiiiuok jar
gun to the uew arrivals:
"If a woman should louk into the
wutur when tbo moon is at Its full
lull see roflocteii In it thu face of
Iho mun who loves her.   If a mail looks
into the wuler be wili see the wuinun
W'llU    linen    lliin   Sllll   Will    lun In    him
shuuld ho ask ber. If a wuinun Is
childless Ihis wuter will give her plenty, The Irue is a gml, It gourds Ilie
spiril of the spring, uml us long as the
Iree stands the wuter will creep to ,1s
loot for protection ami shade; cut
down the tree and the spring will be
seen nn moru."
Such wus the Indian tradition whicii
lunl clung lo the maple uud lhe spring
llirough many uges nf savuge occupo
tion, Wlicit I first visited the buy in
Ifjlil) I reached it liy nivalin uf a narrow uml tortuous trail thai led down
Ilie aide of the bill und terminated ul
the fool of tlie big maple. I liml hoard
lhe legend ubout thc Mystic Spring,
and rode ottf lo investigate. I ilranI.
of the waters, uud they were sweet
and 'imi, Ihough the day was warm.
My lompunioiis, who wore young men
ami Women from Victoria, knelt ut the
side of the wutor ami tried, without
success, tt, conjure up tlie faces uf
iheir future lnisbunda of wives.
"The moon must be shining and ut
ils full before you can see the spirit,
and this is midday. Vou can't expect
in see anything now," said one of
the  girls.
Alter this visit Cadboro Hay became
a favorite resort. We put u ruth
table ami u Deuel, ut the fool of ti,"
maple. whii-BK^Mjislcncil "Fuller
Time" beeuusSyrka ,|cw sprays of
-'obi mans' bespF' that hong from a
branch. We culled lhe spring Undine,
niter the fainous waler sprite of fiction, uml nearly every line Saturday
afternoon we formed ti smull party
and rode on Indian ponies lo the spot.
Alter luncheon we dunned bathing
suits uml disported in llic waters of
the buy until the chill breeze ami setting sun admonished us thul the hour
hud arrived  when  wc musl  seek  our
Tl*'  fume  of  "Father Tune"  uml
weet    luiline   spread   fur  und   wide,
and muny were the trips msde by the I
lovesick of both sexos to tbs spring.
When ths moon was at its full tho
visitors sought to conjuro up tboir
future partners. If tboy mot with
success I uover hoard of it. One Inv c
I ly ovening iu August, 1868, I rode out
to tho spring. 1 wantod tu test the
truth of the pretty logend and did not
expect to meet any other person tbere.
As I descended tiie hill I beard voices,
un,l to my surprise spon saw that two
ladies aud two gentlemen had reached
the spot before me. v They ralllod mo
as to the object of my viilt it that
untimely hour, and I frankly confessed that I was in sesreh of the
woman who wus to bo my wifo. Tboy
were frank, loo, and wo found that
all had com,, on the same errand. At
eight o'clock the harvest moon roso
in ull its splendor, ond beforo nine it
shone full upon the enchanted spot.
Its rays seemed to forOO themselves
tiiruugh lhe f'olinge of tho graud old
maple, and lighted up thu placid
wulers uf Undine, whicii glistened liko
tin,lien silver.
"Come on. girls," cried one of tho
yuung  follows, "let's take a peep."
The girls advanced timidly and then
fell buck.., They were afraid to lool:
Icsl they should seu something thai
would uot be pleasant—tho whole affair was so uncanny,
"Well," continued the young man,
'if yuu won't, I will," and he gazud
lung uud earnestly into the water and
then rising, suid.
"1 saw oply thc reflection of my
own ugly faco—1 saw thut plainly."
I tried my luck next, with a like
result The waters gave back only
my owu features. I s>|uiuted and tho
reflection squinted. I mude a grimace
ami il grimm-cd, I raised my hand and
the ligure raised ils baud.
"PshawI" 1 cried, "that Indian
legend is a humbug I here's nu spirit
here. Hurry up—try it and let's gu
tine of Ihe young ladies, who had
gat here,I courage by Ihis lime, knell
at the side uf the puul. She was very
nervous, hut gazed lung ami eornesll,
mlu the depths. I hud lurned away
lu untie tny horse. Intending to mount
I.iin for homo, in deep regret at tbe
lime lost on na errand ao foolish,
"Thus," said I, " is unulher ,-ul
ussnl   Indian legend  bubble pricked."
"I never did believe iu the stury,"
suid Ihe yuung man who had nut yet
tried liis link, "and i never knew un
liiiiilii, legend thai was nut fulsc ull
tho way through."
I wus about lo make u remark u
reply whet, my attention was arretted
hy a cry from lhe remaining.yuung
"I.oukl-   luiik at Aitiilol" bo cried.
I looked. Tbs girl had fallen forward and her face lay subn^orgod in
tbe ice euld water, To leap forward
and lift bor from her position required but au instant. Sbo was nn,
tionless. We laid iior ou tbo grass
beneath "Fathor Time," and chafed
ber hands and temples. Wu at lirst
feared that sue was dead. Tho other
girl bad a small flask of sal volatili
4ml used it, and iu a few minutes the
patient came to her senses and roso
to her feet witli assistance.
"Take—oh I .take mo homo I" she
murmured, and then she went, into i
ft of hysterics. Her screams were
fearful, and hur peals uf laughter wdru
uuearthly. It was a new experience
for mo. I had nover beforo soon ii
woman lu a state of hysteria, and till
wero at our wit's ends to know whut
to do to melon, Ihu girl. At lusl sue
ceased to shriok und laugh, and cried
"Annie,"   usked   the   uther   girl,
what's tho mniiei with vm,/ Why du
you cryf Whut did you soot You
silly  little  thing,  tu  frighten  ui  till
SU." |J
"Ohl" bIio moaned, "that faco—
thut dreadful face—the facu I suw
In tho spring."
"What was itt—toll us," we all
To be continued
In all i',,iiiiii i, n Ask fur our Inventor'! Adviser, Mui-lon ,. Matlon. 11,1
i'i,iv,.noi. Street, curlier HI Catherine
Slreei, Montreal. Canada, and Washington, >> '■■■ 1', H. A.
10,000 corda of dry fir wood for quick
sals. Pries per odd cords, 84.76. Spe
clal quotations for larger quantities.
Out Wood, 16 Inches, $3,86. 12 Inches
H-60. C. 0. D.
Office and Yard— 14tli and Lonsdal,
Phone 190.     P. 0. Box 2432.
Residential Properties
Lots I and 2, Block 36 $3,200
Lols 17 and 18, Block I4A  ...$1,300 cad.
Lol 19 and 20, Block I4A (double corner)   $3,200
Lots 9 and 10, Block 79 (double corner)  $2,500
Icrnts 1-3 cash, Balance 6, 12 and 16 months.
The  North   Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company
Limited Liability
Norlli Vancouver Agents for
Phone Seymour 6266
j__^__fmmfAjmm-rr-jlj'litammmna/nnlmm. THE EXPRESS NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C, FRIDAY, JUNE 7,1912.
The Canadian Bank
of Commerce
BIB    EDMUND    WALKEB, O.V.O. LL.D. D.OX. President
Auat. Qtuioral Manager. Oeueral Manager.
Capital $15,000,001)   Rest $12,500,000
Temporary quarters  of   the North Vancouver Branch,
Esplanade West, near Lonsdale Avenue.
A General Banking Business Transacted
Interest paid on Savings Bank Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards.   Withdrawals may be made at any time.
J. A. FOBSTEB  :   Manager.
West Vancouver
Choice Homesite Property, close to thc Government Road, and overlooking the sea. Most suitable for subdivision.       D.L. 1082, .N.W., 1-4
$1350 per Acre; 1-3 Cash
D.L. 1100, S.W., 1-4
$800 per Acre; 1-4 Cash
And Corner Marine Drive and Man Kd., Dundarave
Contractors, Builders, Storekeepers, and Employers
i lunl)  lu phono 'I'll li, liavi' all   vum nn   till..I    NO   OHABOE
tu EMPLOYER or EMPLOYEE therefore   Hutu  ia  absolutely   uu  uu
rcssily    lu    utilize    eillplnymciil   Agencies   III   Vu In ull v cr,  lir  U   COtUplolC
lint   nl'  ull   classes   ul'   workers ia l.rjil ut tin,
North Shore Locators
Block 12a    D.L. 550
Cleared Lots fronting on the carline
and Grand Boulevard, $900 up.
One-quarter cash, 6, 12, 18 mths.
Coal & Supply Co.
Coal, Brick, Lime, Gravel, Sand, Plaster,
Cement, Lath, SeWer Pipes, and
General Builders' Supplies
Wharf: Foot of St. George'* Ave.   Phone 178.
Office: 56 Lonadale Avenue.   Phone 198.
West Vancouver
District Council
Government Prepared to Pay $6,000
Towards Beconitructton of
Hollyburn Wliarf
Thu regular weekly suasion of the
West Vuuuouvur council tuoli pluee in
tliu Hollyburn acliuul lioiiau in, Tuesduy
ufturnoun, (luiincilliir Mathers proaid
ing iu tliu iiliKuiicu of Hoevu Nelson,
tliu < j I hur members preaunt lining I'uuu
cilltira (lintzhurgor ami liny.
'I'lli clurk roud n tulcgrain from tliu
Hou. .1. B. M mil i-i-. deputy minister, to
tliu affect that tliu Dominion govern
[Hunt wua prupuruil tu puy $11,111111 us
pniiniauii towards tin, reconalructa'oii
uf llollyliiirn wbarf, Imt lliul tliu puy
ment uf tliu liiiluui'c, $11,111111, wuulil lime
tu rutniiiu in ulicyunce pouiiiug tliu ro
purl frum tba diitrict engineer, us only $(i,iiilll, ninl nut 115,1100, wm prom
ised towards tliia wurk.
Tin, ijiiuatiun arose iu u recent coun
cil meeting ninl il wua decided tu write
lu Mr. Stovcus fur ciiligbtoiiliicnt. Tlie
council lunl fouml tbat $t!,tlili) wua insufficient ami lunl completed tlie wliurf
at ti eust of $15,1)1)11. The deputy min
inter 'a reply intimates tuul lieyuml tlio
$li,ili)il tbia oxpeuililuru was uuuutbor
i/.ei| by lbe department. Tlie mutlor
must, tbcroforc, l,c taken up will, tbu
department's engineer, win, Inul lieen
instructed tu report fully on tlie mutter. I'ulil liis report is received uot li
ing furtber iuu l„: dune, Tlio couucil
referreil tbe matter to the municipal
solicitors to uncertain the exact legul
position of lite municipul,ly.      ,
The correspondence included tbo
resignation ut Mr. ,1. Ollison, assistant
clerk. Tbis was accepted and I lie Iiu
ance committee empowered to appoint
hia successor.
The modern crime for being uliead
of Hie times wua exeiuplilied hi ti let
ter tbe writer of whicii applied for Hie
position of milliliter of flic West Van
couvcr   information  and   rlinploymenl
liurcuu III Hie event uf niirli un Hint,
tutiuti  being  established.
Mr Willium Allsup protested Imll, by
letter mid in persoi'uguiiist tbe couu
oil's objections lo u ruud plan submit
led ul the previous meeling The
I un ji in i|i,estion wns turned iluwn by
the cuuucil because in Ibeir opinion
Iho grudoa were luo sleep. Tin- muui
ripal engineer pointed out that Ihey
would not allow anything ubove Vi',
Mr AlJnop contended that liV; was a
reasonable grade, t'uuncillur iiiui.-
burger argued lhat becuuao tilings liud
boen arranged badly in Hie past |,_v
oilier bodies Ihut was no reason way
Wist Vu,,, ouver should do likewise
A If,'..; grade was too atecp for muui
cipai roada    8ucb u pulley would incur
great   expense   in   Hie   future      Tlie   I'll
ginccr bad gone intu llu- mtiller, and
in Councillor (lintzburger'a opinion
iiad nune In lhe right conclusion, lie
admitted that ihis might mean a ier
tain bardahip un owners here and
there, 'ilie acting reeve expressed a
similar opinion The policy of the
council was lo keep Hie grades uf llu
municipal muds lo Ili',;. In many cases
it would be possible lo construe! detour
roods He thought tin- mailer should
be referred to llic hjuurd uf Wurks and
engineer to see if lins ciiurnc could he
adopted in Mr, Allsop's case Th,
was accordingly moved, seconded uud
On tin- uiul,n,i uf I'uiiticillur flint/
burger it wns decided lu rcijucsl the
N'urtli Vancouver district council lu
hand over all plana and mupa relating
lu Itie West Vancuuver municipality,
according lo tiic Iitius uf flu- si-paru
lion agreement, uml lhat sucli delivery
be made at once, os tlio work of the
Weal Vancouver engineering depart
ment is being delayed on thia account
ll was resolved lo cull for tendera
lor Hie opening uud grading of Mabel
road from l'eol slrect to Ihe aoulh
bouudary of I) I,. Illf,, Al lhe in
stance uf Councillor Ilay ,1 was also
decided lo call for tenders for a rock
crusher, road roller and slcum wugin,
The same councillor moved lhal tlie
engineer should be empowered lo pru
reed will, llic repairing and strength
ening of Hollyburn wharf. Tins waa
seconded and carried
worth double or treble tbe prico it
brought iu tbi Christie auction room.
Quite t cartluad of canvases from
far tnd near tumbled Into Ohrlitie'i
after tbat, all by Oainaborougb—in
the opinion of tbeir owuors. But tbo
luck of tho Worthing lady nover came
to olio-of them. Similarly, wben tbe
1'oplur laborer laat April woke to find
himself famous us tbe owner of a
llrst-ruto mezzotint after a Iloppuur
portrait for wbicb be received 1140
guineas ($1,700), oluo-portruits and
cheap prints came rolling iu from the
Bust End, to the no small discomfiture
of thu ci,,, ,in- people.       .   ,
Thu astute collector is himself aome-
times the lucky finder, tionie years
ago one of them "spotted' au old
Chinese ginger jar in a shop window
uud bought it for $11,110. It was a
peerless product of Oriental ceramic
art, and realised $:iil,ililt) wheu auld
somu time ufterwurds.
Al Christie's the lordly guiueu ia the
current coin fur worka uf art, although
the bidding fur jewels ia it, pounds,
IA guinea iu Canadian currency fig
ures uut ua $5.0-1.) Tbo highest single
bid ever knuwn waa 115,111)11 guincus,
made by Mr. William Aguew iu IH75
fur Ihu whule uf thu fumuiis Murlln,r
uiigb gems. The lowest bidding per
milled advances by thc (apparent)
humble sum of Ibreeponoo (six 'cents).
That is in tlio case of silver, which is
generally aold by thc ounce.
There ia no reusuu in auger, no wis
dum in bate, uo beauty iu revenge.
Heller lu bo the iipposcl upon Ihun Hie
imposor, uud the victim rather lliu.i
Hie uggrcssor.
Second Narrows Bridge
Editor Expreas;
Hoar Sir,—It lotjis to the ratepayers
in general that there ia going to lie
no construction this yeur. The rule-
payers ure not to blame for tbia, for
tbey hove voted money freely, practically lo tbe limit of thoir present
borrowing powers. The nigger on t".ie
fence who is holding the liridgo buck
appears to lie the directors of llio II.
I. T. Bridge Co., who ore Inking the
nt nmi i hm thoy will uot be responsible
and start cunstruction tilljjrfery dollur
is in sight.
• Now, us a ratcpuyor I fail lo see
where the responsibility ia. TI|oro ia
uow about $1,1011,01111 voted for lhe
bridge and it ia up to tho directors lu
get in uud spend this un construction
at ouce. And if Iho worst come to thc
worst, there is uo government on earth
who would sue this project half finish
ed. It will take considerable time to
build the piers, therefore lhe contract
should be let lit once. I lliiuk they
bavo more money now thut, thoy can
spend in twelve or eighteen mouths,
ami if tho construction is started this
year thu municipalities will have more
borrowing puwers uud will vule inure
money iu the lirst of the year 10111.
Hul us it is ut prescnl, Ihe rule
payers ou Iho whole are sick mul tired
of voting money with uo construction
starlud, nothing bul talk fur years. The
I'm,uma Canal is expected lu be opened
by llll',. We should huve Ibul bridge
ami railway ami docks completed, so
Ihul the Norlli Shure will gel ber full
share   nf   the   shipping   whicii   ia   ex
poctod ou Burrard Inlet whon tbe canal
ii oponod, aud there is no time to lose.
If tbo director! do not spend tbli
monoy at once tbo ratepayers of tbo
surrounding iniinieipnlilieii should call
iudignutiou meetings and aik tho directors to resign for tbeir "Dog in tho
maiiger" policy,'and appoint uew directors  Wbo  Will   spend   llic  Ilium".   OII
construction uud tuko tliia responsibility which suoiiia to bother tho present
Ju regard:, the difference whicii exists
regarding the span, I believe wu would
got an answer.approving the HOO foul
spun inside -18 hours from tbe government if wo u'uutcd to start construction
at once.
Thanking you for the apace.
Yours truly,
i)„ you know bow many books ara
iu the Bible I Vou onco knew, but
yuu, have forgotten I Let mo tell you
one good wuy to remember, so us never
lo forget. First wtito down tbe words,
"Old Testament."
Now bow many letters are in Hi"
word "Old"l Three. How many in
Ibe word Testament "t Nine. I'ul
,1 und II together uud you havu 110—the
number uf books in tho Old Testament.
Next writo down thu words, "Nuw
Tesla incut."
There are ulso iu "New" and "Testament" i and It letters. Now, multi
ply II by !l and you buve 27—tbe nuin
ber of books in the Nuw Testumcnt.
Finds at Christie'
Wc road overy now and tben of
wonderful "finds" al Christie's fun,
ous London picture nuclion room, noted
lbc world over and familiar to many
North Vancouver people.
The classic example iu recent years
was furnllbcd by Iho old lady front
Worthing who'hawked a bullcrod,
dingy p.,limit up ami down Hood
alreet uud could not gel a cuoplo of
lollara for- it, She thought it waa o
Oainaborougb. Tbe export al Christie'a
to whom she took il. as a last resource
was lure of it. Tbe dealers on Uio
day of Iho aale struggled for its pos
session till the hammer fell at 9000
guiueas (approximately |4fi,Q0O). Clean
ed and reatored, it afterwards shone
ii-ipleiide,ii on tbo wall of the laic
Mr. C. Wortboimor aa a portrait of tho
beautiful  Miaa  Hinley, and   it   pnm
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Oity and District. Every effort Is made tu givo advertisers the most satisfactory
All changes iu contract advurliscinuiils should be in tho printers' bauds nut
later than 111 a. in Mouduy and t, p. in, Wednesday lu ettsuro insertion In the
following issue.
North Vancouver, B. 0 ' june (/( iBja
REVIEW OF THB  intuitu:
'I'lu, public iiiinil appears to lm eon
sideriibly exercised ul present wilh respect to Iho sliilus uf all'uirs relative
lu Second NurmwH I,ridge,   This is unl
duo lo uny doubt wilh refer o In llic
ultimate construction uf thu bridge,
hul rather tu a growing indisposition
upon llio part „f the pul,lie lo accept
with complacency an indefinite con-
linunliiin of thai seemingly iiileiiniii
uldi' postponement und delay, with
which Ihis project has been beset for
many years.
Tin' fuel Unit lhe present conditions
give nu promise of an'immediate coin
uieneemciit nf operations is purliculur
ly trying tn .Norll, Ml,ore interests fur
llic rcustin thut thc cuusos which have
precipitated Un- present eru of enforced
inactivity arose ufler it wus llnmulil
lliul Ilie lusl iihalui'le had lieen removed
and all I Iiu t rcinuitied wus the actual
I,ml,hug of the bridge. After u pru
lunged period of patient ami persistent
effort  upon  the part  uf the Hoard of
Directors had uvercou very discern
ilde obstacle, ami afler tin- several
municipalities, proeuyding in good
I'uilli, li.il inn,le available, with gov
/•rninenliil uss,stance, Millie,em money
for the constrtn lion ot a I,ridge, wliieii
il was understood wool,I answer every
requirement,pul,lie pulleine wns jdu t
in ler heavy stress when it was dis
covered that conditions lunl lieen nn
pnscd sueh us would praitieullv double
the ensl of the striii-lorc, thus diseon
cerling those urrungctiltiits vvhieli lunl
been considered final ami eotnplete ami
ruthlessly siiutehjiig (lie lung souuiil
yiite frum tin- grasp ul the people, pin,
in Ilie very moment when possession
seemed  fully  ussured
The one sniir' e front win, li ttie |,, •
u,l , Illln iiiln ■ have emu nu I ed is fouml
in Hn- unllli ul tin unie,nm wlit.li
most In |,rovi.|i ,1 ivlieu the bridge spun
in uj.en. Tlie span i.poii wliiclt llu- original ist,mates were I,use,I fund whn li
was i o,mnlind io, nllv l„ be ample I'm
nil purposes; per,mile,I Hn- luustrue
lion ul n Iiiiii i la.-.- bridge Inr npprux
imiiiel-,   i,in-   ajul   one iptarter   million
dollurs Tlie SllbsfllllltUll Ul 'Veil ii
7-| il IJ   Ul   IW,,   ll,III,lie,I   I'll,   tri'    (Mil,   1,11
id.slnn lions   Unl  ll,'' mu,  Imll  of  win, ll
il„- Una, I nn.- Iiec/alriving I'm uiuiiths
|,„sl uolild lm i-s,lull' Die eooslrui
I,nil nl nu , 1,1,rely dlflerelil Ivpe ill
nrulj." '!"„' Ilml whn li was intemli ,1,
,,, ii , ,,-t nt i,|,pr.is',„,utel) Iwu million
l.illii,.. tin lii.uoniig ul win. li w.iul.l
,,,,.iii,it,   ii   fiirmnliil'le   uii.|erlal,ii's'
surprise if it be fouml Ihul llu, belief
attains moro or loss credence thul Ihere
ure somo powerful Interests which to
servo Iheir own purposes ure exerting
Iheir influence to retard the construe
lion of Ihe bridge liy magnifying beyond reason the requirements uf lhe
sil uul inn.
The widlli of Ihe spun is, therefore,
lite lirsl poiut of ulltick in seeking 61
tricatiun fro,,, tho porploslties which
have brought ubuut Ihu present situation, Tin, Huurd of Directors huve
been pulling furl li their utmost efforts
for some linn,Ihs, but unsuccessfully
11, us fur, fo secure the acceptance of
even a Uill fool spam ll would doubt
less be of greal ussistailco to them if
tliu various public bodies would bring
Ihuir influence lu I,car for fhe purpose
nf attaining this object. The combined
influence of Ihe respective municipal
councils, us representing lhe people
win, huve aulhorir.eil lite investment
of puldic muneys iu Ihe undertaking,
would doubtless prove n strong factor
it, tho situation ami ought to turn Ilie
scale in favor of the Uill foot spun.
The Hoards of Trade, ratepayers' asso
i-ialious ami other public or sen public
lm,Inn togotber willi public meetings
of properly owners, by udnpling ami
forwarding strung resolutions, could
add mul, imli\  in ibe probabilities of
soeeess ill   tlie  mutter.
I'iviry munth's delay frnm this time
forward in starling the constructiuti
nt tins important public work will
prove highly prejudicial to the Norlh
Shore and to all public interests which
would be so greatly benefitted by the
bridge. Jf, unl I, doe reguril had been
M,.,v.i, |,ill,In interests iu this matter,
lin- bridge ought beyond all question to
l,e muring unnplclion al this dale,
instead nf I,ring held in thc present in
determinate state us lu even the prob
ability nf a euininemement of opera
Huns  therein,.
The acceptance of a 200-foot span,
while liy- no means disposing of ull the
difficulties which now present them
selves, would, nevertheless, clear the
way fur lhe Hoard of Directors to pro
11ml will, su"ie prospect of success to
iiiuiplete the necessary additional fin
un, ml arrangements, uud wuuld bring
ilu- i om,inn. e,inni uf construct,,,,,
uperntinns well within the hori/on of
approai lung eve,ils.
Tin  slali'tnciit ,.- made lliut the pro
;.', uv    of   one   felltulc   li)    in   0,11*   seas.,,,
besu, a sufficient number of flies pru
duood from this parent stock tu carpet
•stnquMo'miles wttirllli!r''(ramiiiin"
deep. As the probability is that wo
begin (be soasun with a very much
larger stuck, we must produce enough
Hies to make the pussiblc carpet ovur
the wbole municipal iinm muny inches
thick. Now. to luok at tint mutter
in iiuiilliei wuy, let us assume lliut u
fully developed Ily is a quarter nf au
inch lung, if the huusiiii's progeny
frum uue fly were placed uml to uud
they wuuld muke u linn 8,000,000,000
in elms lung, whirl, may be roughly
stilted at 1)0,000 miles; we llirow in u
few miles I'or good measure, und Ihis
would menu Ihul Hie prugeny ol' our
locnl flies during lite seasiin would be
stlllieieul to make a bell liriiiliul Hit.'
wiirld several miles wide. Hul ut i.r
places ure brooding Itlos ulsu, uml yuu
will readily sex huw il,Mil, he demon
strata,! Ihut enough Ilies ure produced
every year In cover lhe whole etjrlli
willi a niuiille ns deep us llm sunn ul'
a norlbern winter. With every dis
position nol to Underrate Hie fecundity
uf lhe Ily, we may be permitted In
quest ion Ilie accuracy of Hie statistics
or else demand u degree uf in lunl umr
tulily in ilies thut is appalling lu eon
Hut   if   WC   eut   Hie  erdilliule-   III   iwu
ami uguin divide Ilium and divide then,
,,1,1'e more, there will yet lie vrrv mm n
l„o many flics, lhal is, it halt ilu
things said about theln is line. Indeed
ouo liy- is uue too many, if we lire lo
believe everything lhal is luld us. I.cl
us by all means "swal Hie Ilies,'' lul
do mil let us gel in u panic over Ihem
They undoubtedly disseminate diseuse.
but wc must nut forget thul they have
always done so, ami Ilml thoy ate
not un,re dangerous nuw than ever I In v
were ll is not improbable Ihul lie
prevalence uf minor epidemics may be
Iruceulile in u lurge degree lo lins llv
all melius let os gel rid of Ilium Ih
destroying tlieir breeding places. Thm
is a mailer about which we might ,,
be especially particular in a countrv
like Ihis, where we huve so liuie Ine.
ing weather. At lhe sume lime we dn
mil Hunk it ran be -unl r nil I tins
are at all exceptionally in|i„eruu.- in re
We ore inclined lu llunl,  ll,,   troll,
in    llle    uther    dire, liun     Noli rlln-l.-ss
let us huve hu lmii llv  iniujiuigu,   „i,i
su  liiiieh   tu   kill' Ilies  us   In   prevent
Ihem  from  being  bom    Tl,,   p,,-,,,,,
of Ilies is uu i,nin uli,,i, of fin li ...,,.,
where, uml tilth is ohjcrliomiblr on H
own accuunl.   (lei ml ut the (illI■ ,,,
we need not   worn  uboul  the tins
Adopted from  llm  \ „ i„r„, cuy.,....i
auicKiY stops comma, cum colds.
Wits THC ihboat ma iunqs. -o ttmt
Ii.i ..u.l.on. however, nl  a  spun  I'i'i   will amount lo about .\nn,|,iii|ii,niin. Ks
lnl w,,|,    would   increase   Ilie   i o-l   In   limutlng   Ilinl   I,   . ilbie   null   of   spine
luu ninl   nn. ,| onl.,   nullum   dollars,   will   inula,u   :':','I   adult   Ilies.   and   as
, ml. e.l    th.   inuii,Iimt   eiigu nag I sum,ng   ihul    Nurlli   Vaneouver  starts
•I llle nil I,',-    , Ml,Id     1,1'    llVer, llllll     l.,'||    Uljlill' .-Ml-nil        Willi 01,0        I, lllllll ill
l.ni ,,, n„\  |,,,,i'    Tins spun in su l,n | lor    null     inhabitant     nf    the    eily
iimuiII,   lurge,   .unl   its   proporl nn..-  up 'mul suburbs, wlneh. we llnul, is an ou
p.ar -.. ,iliogi tin- Hess to lhe pul   i l.-r.-iiiiuiii-.   we  Inul   Iluu   by   Hepteiu
I.,   ,,,.,,,1, >h,.l  ihere i- in, gro I l.n 11 "i   JHtli   there   will   be,  or  will  have
Palace Hotel
Secqnd Slreei, Norlli Vaneouver, B. C.
RATES:    $2.00 pel dun up.    Special
lutes In families ami lo regular liourders.
50 feet in Block 29, District Lot 273, near Ridgway,
for only, $2,850, 1-3 Cash; Balance, 6, 12, and
18 months.   •
L   »d^SPALE AVENUE   . p.o.b<*ihi  vimem     NORTH VANCOUVER
net ne.   «».^_____^^^^^^m,^mmm__,__^_,___-»»__________-aaa——■
tu larger pruinisus on Esplanade, so
Don't Forget
Iiiui when you do papering Ihis
year lhal we aru sllll hero wilh a
far better line at much better prices. I
W. H. Stoney & Co.
Ill   Ksplauade  Wesl. ITiulto  1411
iiiext lu I'utlcrsou, liul,lie A Clark)
Notice is hereby given Ilml nt llm
in .vl meeting of Ihe Hoard of I,i, ens'.'
t iiininissiimers for the Ilistricl of Norlli
Vuneuuvcr, I will apply lor a license tu
sell intoxicating liquors in premises sit
unlit in Ilistricl l,ul I'.iuln Hundred uot
Fifty fwir^Wili limine) nt Nmih Van
"tin Hastings Ml , I'lasl,
Muy  iuh,  IHI.'. Hid
In, you waul to sell your lul I     V,
huve funds Watting lur good buys. Hive
iih your  best   (.rims  pme uml   lerllJS
l"„na,lian KiliJimni.-. llunl, ul ilnii.iH.u.
liuilil,ng. I I
Our Shipment of Proxer
-:■ Racquets it Here •:-
90 Lonsdale Avenue      Next to P.O.
NOIiCI:. is hereby given that any person posting
up any Advertisement or Sign, or printing anything
on or otherwise injuring any of the poles or posts ol
WAY CO., LTD., is liable lo a penally of $100
and costs, or one month's imprisonment, according
lo the Company's Act of Incorporation, and will
prosecuted accordingly.
B. C. Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
R. H. SPERLING, General Manager
SI. VniJi.H'* I'ri'Nfi)lerluii I bureb,
Kellli Itoad Seivf.es ,Mi,i,llnf II on
evenliiu. Vie A ilul I luld.- i'I.um I. ,;o
Suodii) S, l,,,„|. 1 It) y I' sj i- ti I,,,..
day. ut s ], in I'i.,;., i Mi, nn,. vv, ,1
lu'silu).   iii   t   n „i     i'luli,    fi.i, m,
I''lliin). ul  S  y in   It, v   l(„o.i|.|  Mn   |, ,„|
il.ll.i,Uls, I bureb I'm on ,,, mail
ii „d Ml (?co,-uc tiuiol.iy tittvl,, ll on
ji ,„ und 'i.H y ,„ Hoiulnj S, ],..„] ,,n,l
Hllde t'liias, ■lit iuu Seliloi I., unu,
Mood,,,. S |, ,,i I'm., , „,„, I ,„,.,
Service. Wcillieailuy. i, |i in lii„j„,
League. Tburudjy iifh inm.ii .,, .; .;„
I'uslor.  VV   C  Sililllibct     ~^-
Sl.    Agues     i I,,,,,;     i',,ii,i i     1... llll,
and  Hooli'viinl     M„i,mis'  ui   ll   ., ,„
evellllla ul  ".ID I' m   Hul)  l'inuii,md..,. n
Ilinl    SUI,,1,,.    fl,   ,llllll,tl     ill    S   .,    I,i*    I        : *"
Ullll   lllllll   stlilnl.i.s   .,1    II   .1   111       Sllll,I.,,
Sebool nl 8:00 |. ,n IJ, v 'l'li„,„.is In
Howe.  VI, in
Saliallou tin,., l.nnsUiil, Av, iiue
Houd,,;, Neivlies. II Oo u ,„ .1 |. in mi.I
7.16 |i in Tuemlu) « I in Hu.imI.ii
l> |i „i t'tlllilleli'n S.'i vi.. VV, .In, siliii
I   |,  ,,l
llaull.l I bureb Tin, lllli uml SI
IJeorKC SeivfiiH ul II u ,u .md i :tn
p in Suiiilni Selioiil .ilul Hill, i I,n.il I 2.JO |i ,„ Prayer und I'liilse Si i vi, , .
W, dm siloy ul 8 p m fust,,i II, v ,V
I   I'mssir. Twclflli uml Sl   Hi ,,it, '
SI. .(..lm Ibr l-lvauiii'lial, HIkIiUi un.I
Tlill'lienlli Uul) i',uiiiiilii,inn (, u lu
M..M.1I., Prayer II a o, Invintni
Pruyer. 7.30 i ,o '„i tin l'u hi SmiiJ.r
In Ilie monlli Ibere will l„ ,i sennit
■, n i'i,,ii,'i    ul   tlie   Holy   i'u,,,,,,unli,o
ul   11  a  ,n     Iteilor,  Itev   lluili  lloi,|,i i
SI.  InihuuuS'a   I alkollc  I bureb.  Sllill
and Maiion Avenue Moml.iy in, i
klutn   und   Si, uiuii    10  „ ,,,     Sun,l.i;
fcliool,   8:30   p. In.     Itosuiy  nmi    Hi o.
Irlloll.  7:80 |, In      Krlilu)    UiW   Miihi.
a. ill     l'uator.    Hev   J    A    Hiiliird
j O M I
Inillnn I albulle i Inn.1, ol SI. I'aull.
Muss 7:80 u m , Blllldiiys l'uator.'IteV
B  Paylavln, O M I
i     , Oils,Inn      Kclrucc ' k lllllll I ley'
M'Ileal erlleld Avenue i between rour-
I monlli and Fifteenth sinets,    sundu.
Servicea ut  II a in    Testimony Meet-
Ine    Wednesday,  7.80 |i in
Successful Purchases
Are pleased to announce a special
purchase of over Fifteen Hundred
Hand Tailored, Ready-to-Wear MEN'S SUITS
$25, $20, $18.50
This purchase enables you to buy the
finest Clothing produced in Canada at
a saving of $5 to $10 per suit. A
rather bold assertion you say, Investigate
and you'll find the truth ol the saving
Scotch Clothing House, Ltd.
K. GRANT, Mid. Dir.
■ mmmnW''
N Extension Telephone
once installed proves
its value. It earns its
way every day. With an
extension telephone upstairs
you do not have to go downstairs to answer when the
bell rings. If you are upstairs you do not have to go
downstairs to call someone.
The service costs only a
little over 3 cents a day,
with no charge for installation. Call COMMERCIAL
MANAGER, Phone 98.
British Columbia Telephone Co,,
begs Id announce llial he will
At Terminus of Capilano Car Line
immediately.    I.el us have your listings of Capilano properly.
'lililn , Heal Estate, Insurance and Conveyancing.
The undersigned Coal Merchants of Norlh Vancouvei
hereby beg lo give notice lhal on ami afler June 1st, 1912,
all coal supplied will be sold for cash only, either on or before
While we (In nol wish our i uslomcrs lo think lhal we
tluiilil their credit, il has been found that the cost of collecting
so many small accounts is prohibitive. •
We, therefore, ask all our customers lo accept this notice
in oidcr to avoid inconvenience to themselves and lo us.
F. M. Brcssey, President.
11. Mitchell, Manager
The Late Jai. Maclntyre
In tlm ili'iiih uf .Iuh. Mclntyro of
Centre rosd, whoso funeral took plant)
un Moinluy lust, Lynn Valloy han lout
ono of its most estimable of citizens
uml ono uf its |ii'niri','H.   Horn in Now
lll'lllniui, I. Oil V inin llUi'B, 1,0 rv I'liliuilh
uuin' vvuni uiiil i.i'tili'il in Iiiiii district
nlmiil Iwi'Ivii yeurt ago. Iliiriii|f tlio
yearn of liis ritaiilotico hun.', In, list,
winked childly for Iho llu ,i m,: ■ Shingli)
(lo. until i,■,', mli whuu tho Hum.'
through tho ,'ontro of tlio vull,.'}' wuh
uliunilouoil, wliu ll lio purchased u bono
uiul wagon uml tun nliiro thut time
un,' in,huiii ami othor similar work.
I'ii,' of Iho mon who lovsij I,vuu Vul
Icy, ho wan known to express   hint
-ill IhllH "LyBIl   Vlllll')   l.n Kuoil enough
/ut  mo," niui lie allowed thut  iu bit
unlontmoul   uml   in   IiIh  Itivostllioilts
fur hu lunl for soms yourn bought uuu
■nl,l uno or two pieces „f |iropcrty run
tiiilly local oil  iu tho  Valloy.   llu  lun
hoot, u i.iiiiii';n'i nt Knox cbureb ninci
ita formation, utui in n quisl hut strong
wuy Iiuh over Hlouil fur vvlitil  ho I"'
liovoil  to  ho  right.   Ho him  lull   be
lnml hiu, in I,yun Valloy tu mourn hiu
loss ti wife uml hor niulhur uml  twu
children.   A large company uf mourners
turnod  oul   on   Moinluy  lu pay  llioir
lust  respectit tn him thoy honored hu
lii(ilily. muny of Iho old tlmera i'oiuiit(i
run, iifur.   lli» fellow i„iiuii(ii'r» wor,'
there uml nearly nil tho homes uf Ihu
,'iiininuiilty woro represented. The cor
lege wended ita wuy to the Nurlli Van
i ouver cemetery in  which ,|uiet   spot
the rcmuiiiB wore inferred liy ti minis
ler of tlie church will, which  lie has
been  connected  ull  Iijh  life,  hin own
minister,    Kev.    A.    Mucaulcy    being
away.   At the close „f litis acrvioe thc
I,. I).  I..  Nurlh   Vuncouver held  Iheir
service, llic ileccllseil  inn,    11  ineiubf'r
uf Ihul order.   Uo ended lhe ijnirt aiul
unassuming life ot one of whom it muy
truthfully   bo  said   lie  did   It,   nthcrs
us he wuulil others shuuld «h> lu him
through and it Is understood to be the
I present 'OwuM-i' 'itifimtiou to build
thereon ready for future coutlagou-
clos. Ho Itr ss can be' ascertained,
however, there is uot much truth iu
tho rumor that it It his immediate intention to join the I,im.nin in
Mrs. .las. Mclntyro and family wish
It, coiivuy thoir sincere thanks to ull
kind friends for their aymputhioH during their lato sorrow.
Ferry Commissioners
forry number thtoe would be ready ttji_
oil fuel tonight
Tbo truilie receipts for tbo month
of Msy wore approved and psauotl as
Single or return tickets ...f   .i.i.'.um
0 for S6u      3876.011
30 for 11.00        000.00
80 for $3,011       2880.011
Monthly  pannes        lll.'I.OO
Vehicle tickets  ,.      16115.00.
Freight receipts         303.116
t'unh fares uud cominisioiiH..'       15.10
llotits, advertising, etc      036.61
Total    $136110.311
Mr. Win. licrtnyit iH hauling lumber
for'a bungalow on Peters road where
he will reside on completion of saint'.
'Tbo now slure un Ihe corner of I'ell
tru uiul Horn I;,.un owned uud occu
pied by Mr. Shaw, n. now open fur
Iiuhijii'hh will, :i full Muck of groceries,
hardware, dry goods, furnishings, elc
At a meeling held it, the Institute
Hull lust Wednesday evening the l.ynn
Valloy Athletic Assuciuliuu was Worm
ed. This club will be cunnei lnl with
lhe Institute ami u meeting is called
fur in'.vl Monday evening ul 8 u'clock
All interested iu spurts are cordially
invited uml it is anticipated Ihul a
inil,,'I clui, will lm funned In oper
nle lins seasun. J. M. Kruminc wits
cliusen  president   of tlie nssuiviatioii
Tlie prospectus of the Musnul Fes
Iivul ure being scut oul In lhe herniary, Mr. K. V. Sluurl, lo nil tin
know',, chuirs in il '■', ll is u well
printed work and is cause for congra
n.ini'Mi: fur llie committee There ure
sulu classes beside choral wurk uml
prizes are trophies in every class. Any
une muy procure a prospectus by apply
ing In Mr. Hluurl ul I' II Hut 1863,
Nurlh Vuncuuver.
MUNICIPALITY   OF    WEST   VAN .Tf the wurks according l„ plans and
nun vin,' specifications) will be received by Mr.
p k .lulni fl. Farmer, Municipal Clerk, until
Applications for the position uf As 6 p.m. ,,„ Tuesday, 1,'lth .lone, llll'l
Hislanl Municiiisl 'lerli will be rccoiv       ,,,„ ,,. ,  ,
„,,,,. "((curing and grubbing road  frnm
■if bv the undi rniutii'd nut  Inter tluui u   ,, ,,  ,    .,„, ,,       .   ,   .
* y. h. curner I'. I.  '131 Ihruugli luniiii
noun un 'I'ui'mIiiv, ,fu,ie lllh. 1013. An ,, .,,.,, ■ i
1 Kcsorvc lu wulerfrutil on Hurrard In
|,Iniiul may be of either sux, bul musl        ,,
be competent   stenographer ami   bunk
I p,,r.   sAlio   experience   and   sulory      All   iu   accordance   wifb   plans  ind
i.jpectotl, specifications tu be had it this nltep
(i. II. l'l'IAKK, ''.Mf Altai 10 a.m. on Friday, 7th JUuc,-IOI3,
liiiiilii  IU2, Mercantile .Building, upon   paj|meiil   of   ♦I.O'l   which   sum
Ills Homer Street,
. Vancouvor, B. (',.
~~T~~^=M . ^=     Tbfl lowoat or any tender nol neccs
w ill be returned upon receipt of buna
Sealed Tenders' on lbe proscribed
furius und uocoinpunicd by ccrlilled
cheque ur caalt for 0 per cout. of the
SaollSt of louder (which sum shall be
held until the satisfactory completion
District Engineer.
Ibslricl Municipal Holl,
(lor. Iiynu Valley * Fromme Kuada.
North Vaueouver, ti. ti.,
Ub Juns, mt.      •      m
Dn Wcdneaday nighi ubuut Ii.n, Mr
li.'.i l il,. i.n l,',n, i bad u narrow
escape ol Inning hiu house uud content,.
A stump tire was started laic m tin
eveuing by thc contractor clearing the
adjoining lulx whicii caused a Ing
blaze dial tuuk uliuul Inrly minutes
tu gel under control. Abuul I win,,
men rushed to give assistance undci
tlsc inslrui'tions ut Mr Wn, (Icrmv'n
and were successful ,iu extinguishing
the flumes before uuy serious damage
was done.
On Saturday lasl  Ihe Aurora  ' lav
uf Mi, mi I'i,,i inn Presbyterian Sumlaj
Schuul.   Vancouver,  visited  l.n,,,   Val
* i       i
ley and  enjoyed  a  picnic   down    llu
canyons during thc afternoon, return
ii,p ul,i,ul six-o'clock lu Mr  uud Mi
Wughornc's,   Koss  ituod,  where    they
made  their  spread  un   the  law,,  ami
had    supper.     Thc    parly    numbered
al,nut 2u and was under the guidance
of  thc  present  teacher,  Mrs.  Covers,
and the late Icacber, Miss Minimi The
superintendent  of Ihe SuudBy Schuul,
Mr   llugald  I'aiiiplu'll  uf Ine  Kxpreis
■iiiff. came over in Ihe evening Inline
lu tuke pari iu lbe noisy proceedings
whieh   followed  supper nnd   travelled
homewards will, the parly. ,
The tenuis court of the newly formed
tennis club is well under way. Mr.
3. Iiiillin li has (he work in hand of lay
Ing Ibe boards for tbe court, lbe
ground nnv iug been cleared liy Tboinp
son aud Stutrt, lt is pleasantly tit
tuilcd in block lo. In I). I,. 2022 and is
approachable by Allan road. Tbe block
is Ibe property of Mr. V. Stuart and
was purchased from Mr, K. Wagborne
about two years ago, It is ao ejlinlr
able homesite, having t creek lowing
The ferry directorate yoslerday re
ceived a communication frum the city
clerk relating lu tlio buard's appllca
tiuu lu be mails lo thc departinoul uf
marine uml fisheries I'or an additional
100 foet uf wuter lot ull liutlHilllle
avenuo slreet end. Mr, Shepherd iu
tiinatod Ihut before application could
mude il would be uecesHury fur
tbe ferry cunipuny lu furnish tho city
with a plan or plans in quadruplicate
ot the lot in quostion wilh u descrip
tiuu ui same prepared by a qualified
luiul surveyor.
Referring In the prupnsnl uf Mr.
Aiulevv Dewur nl the lusl meeting of
the board to have sturcH ami an sresdo
erected uu the Vancouver wharf, Mr.
II. tl. Wriglil mentioned that during
lbc week he had received a depula
lion opposing such a icheme uu the
j;,,.iimb, lliiil it wuulil interfere outlaid
oraldy with trade uu the uorth slture,
since ti great' prupurtiuu uf tile pal
runs uf such stores would be either
Nurlh Vuncouver residents or visitors
who wuulil otherwise purchase goodi
ui, reaching lbe nurth side
Mr. T. ti. Brown, munagiug secretary
uf the Dominion Day celebration cum
miltcc, uj | mi, ,1 on whut bo described
as u begging expedition uml pointed
uut lu lhe dirccloralc Ihul lhe greul
er the fund subscribed by lhe public
llic larger wuuld be lbc scale of cole
Mr Wright said lhal he regarded lhe
matter us excellent advertising fur lbc
Nurlh Shure, while it, Mr, Buull 'a up,,,
mu the ferry cuinpany and Ibe II. ti,
Klectric were the Iwo curpurationa tu
derive lhe musl ln-m-fil frum the event
I'apl laics was inclined tu consiil
it thai tin1 relation uf lin- ferry loiird
lu the city council was the satin us
lhal uf lhe limn,I uf Wurks an I tbnugbl
therefore, tbat it was scan eh rilbin
ihe buard 'a province tu give away tin
eily ti muucy lie ilmught Ilie hourd
shuuld iiumc a sum and leave Ibe resl
lu lhe luunrll.
ll was eventually derided Ihut tin
ferry buard should contribute Ihe aunt
nf $.11111 ou lhe understanding inul Ibere
lie inure funds required Mr Brown
win. at liberty to ugaiu approach lbe
A number of leiidcrit fur employers'
liability insurance were referred lo
minimi tee of the whole.
i'apl ('atoi and Mr Uladwin, up
puinlcd aa a committee tu invest,gale
ami recommend regarding the propui
nl purcbaae uf appliances fur lhe ex
liuguisliing of gusuline fires, suggest
nl Ihut the rompany should yv.i.lint
uue dozen f'yronc fire extinguishers
Trior lu tbe meeting a demunatrslioii
lunl taken place under Ihe supervision
f Ifie manager am]  tbeas sppliauees
inni I,eel, proved tu he clire'y aaltsfri
lory   and   effective   .The  committee's
ri loinmendatiui, was tlicrcupun acccpl
May llllll -$8513,00.
Ma>- IIIII-$I,'I02,'I.II6.
such ,t system on ti small scslo.
iiiniiiiiiiied From Pago Ouo.)
The queation of the handling of lhe
freight was aguiu revived, ('apt (laic,
im niniiiing lhat be knew of mi fern
rompany ou lbc Aiurricau continent
lhal handled freight. Tl was decided
lhal lhe matter should al Ihis ,lug
be referred lu Ibe ferry aolieilor fur
tliu purpose of having a suitable itt ,■
ineiil drafted, after wbicb lenders mighl
I.c culled fur leainsters or cartage com
inn,,. ■ to lake over Ibe handling of the
firry compsny'i freight according to
tlie terms Ibat the solictor might sog
gesl in his drafted agreement which
will be duly submitted lu Ihe l,uar.<
Tlie miningcr reported lhat forty n> in
ber Iwu bad been cuiitumiiig ut, an
average 21 barrels uf oil per day al 86
cents a barrel. Thii would be $17.86
per day, whereas burning coal the cost
waa $,'16 per dsy. ,1ns snnounccincnt
met wilb comments uf istiifsctiun from
lbc buard ai a w>,lo, Mr Wright ob
nerving lhal llirough Mr. Beard putting
iu his own burners Ibe company bad
been saved about |I/M«.        '
Thc mining.', also reported that In
urder lo lake full advantage of- tbr
summer weatber he would recommend
that the work on Ibe Vancouver wbarf
be proceeded wilb ss ioou si possilde
Thc addition to Ibe wbarf on the weal
•Ide should bo undertaken Ural; when
Ibii waa complete lbs lauding duals
fur Ibe Weat Vancouver ferry could be
permanently placed Snd definite ar
rangcincnli could Ibso be msde with
any psrliea to whom tbo privilege of
landing tbere migbt bs given.      Tbs
lu 18112 Mr, Higgins established "Thc
Chronicle" whicii he continued It, pub
Imi, fur Ihree yours when he U vailed
himself of an opportunity to tuke over
"The i ni,un i uml In merge ln|;
own venture intu. lliut of the older
publication, Throughout a period uf
twenty years, extending from ISlili lo
1880, Mr. Higgins retained control of
the Colonist us edilor and publisher
achieving well merited success wielding
u puletil and helpful influence upun lhe
destinies of Ihe capilal cily auif enjoy
ing uu era uf sustained prosperity, the
ultimate resulti uf which enabled hiu,
tu retire from active business pursuits
Sv,lh llic prospect uf muny years Ihruiigh
wlncl, lu enjoy life iu comparative re
His active temperament wuuld uut
permit liim however tu renin,,, unhide
Ihe pule of the event's wlm li were go
iug uu about Imu lie chuse a pulitn-uj
career us u auitulde sphere for lin, re
new ml ativilica lie was elm lei men
ber uf lhe provincial parliament lur
Ksquituiili iu the year 1881 ami lot
fourteen consecutive yeurs culttiliiieil In
represent Ihul constituency in lbc
House For nine if those years he
ocupicd tlie chiiii us speaker of lhe
House Hn. rulings are fuund in the
orders und the proeecdinga uf the iegts
lature and ure indicative ul lhe ex
cepliutiul ability will, whicii he I'ul
filled the imputlniil dm i.n nl Ins high
As i',,,,,ii naturally be expected from
u mun of Ins public spirit ami .capu
cily for large issues,,u\lr. Higgins louk
u very prominent putt in Ihe nego
liations which culminated in lhe on
trance of this province into tin' fain
ily uf Confederal,o,i
In 1808 lhe agitation which finally
uniled Dntird, I'ulumbia in the f'unudi
uu Federation was initiated nt Vn
loria. The Cauadian Confederal iuu it,"I
been proclaimed only one year bcf<»t<
ml Ihere waa much ..ill cxpres.nl
on lhe pail of what is hnuwu as lhe
obi Knglisli i'luli in lhe udui.v im ,o
the wisdom oi joining llic 1'uufeiieia
tion wlnlc it was still an experiment
A parly lhal favored lin annexation
of the i oloiiy lo tin lulled Stale.,
was inaugurated ami a newspape: in
lhe annexation interesl wax ilarteil
al Victoria. The supporters of l.'onfed
.,ill,i,n successfully lesfsted tile at
tempi lu annex the culuny uni had
that i'i.'i i been aucieasful the muui ub
jccl of confederation, which wus to
extend lhe Dum,n,on Irom ueeui, fu
ocean, would liave bee,, destroyed
In that year Mr Higgins weit to
in in n.i und hud a conference with Su
■iulu, Macilouaid and hn. ministry und
they proiiiiaed Ihul ufler Ihe lunds the,
knuwn as the Norm Wesl Ternjurv
bad been aecured frnm the Imperial
government, Itbcse lunds were uwucd
I: tin lludlon flat Co,, lhat Ihey
wuubl rounder lhe quest,on uf adding
Hnti.h I'ulumbia lo lbc Confederation
lu Isil Icimi in favur uf Ilie colony of
fi,iii I, Colombia joining lbc t'oafed
cratiou were passed liy the legislative
louiuil. These rcsululiun. did nut
cuntain the condition Ihut responsible
government should be granted upon Hn
imu Columbia entering fhe roiifcdcra
tuin and Mr. Higgins icnl a special
leligatc lo Ottawa af bli Own expenso
lo urge upon fn Julm Mm do null lhe
inn cn,I> of adding lhat condition lu
fhe termi. Tbii wai dour aittl when
lhe terms csme bsck to Britlab Coiuin
bis Ihey were adopted ami the preient
furm uf government wss orgamrcd
In 1881 the subject of Ibii 'ketch,
was elected lo Ihe legislature and one pf
hii first acts was lu protest igainsl Ibr
landi uf tbe Peace Hivcr country, now
tbe most valuable eiscl uf Ibe province
being banded over lo Ibe ',' I' K iu
cubango for the railing ul lbe lujidt
along the Frascr river This projAl wai
announced ss pari of lbc guvernment
policy but tbe ilurdy efforts of the op
ponenli caused lbc government lo re
cede front their portion aud Ihe landi
were saved lo thc province. ^
Again yielding to bli aptitude for
business pursuits, un February 22, ISHD
Mr, Higgins inauguratsT'fhc firri itreet
rar system In Ibr.province opormlfd by
electricity, then Utile known if a mo
lor powor. Ad tbst 'lime ejborc wai
only one olber electrically operated line
m Ihe liiiiiHiiuin wbilo ou the Pacific
rout tirgfile uil Portland cacb bad
July, 1890, David Oppeukeiiuer inaugurated tbo system in Vanoouver tud tbs
inlet' urban system to New Westminster. Those pioneer ventures all failed
to score auccoss financially Mil tbe
British Columbia systems after piayiug
havoc with tho fortunes of tboir promoters, woro taken over by tbo bondholders. Tbia resuft was baateuod iu
Victoria by tho disastrous firo of 1802
which consumed tho buildings and do
ni un ml tho worka of tbo company. -
Although Inne.oh involved ill tbeso
Hovure levenmi, Mr. Biggins witb in-
iloinitnblo spirit rofusod to uuccumb to
moro circiiiiiHtuncuH and bravely aet
about tho liml, ot the reconstruction
of his business sfTaira. lu tbo "Mystic Spring" will be found tbo author's
illusion to the diilii'iiliii'.'i which amail
ed him al thiH lime. It broalboH in ir
repressible optimism uud a buoyancy
of spiril which will explain tbo fact
Ihul at the present duy ho ia actively
engaged in directing business enterprises uiul in planning undertakings
wbid, wuuld be conaidorod highly crod-
iluble to a man in tho prime of lifo,
let alone one whu bus already pasned
tbe "Ihree scuro yours and ten."
Mr. Higgins muy justly be regarded
.i Ihe tloyeu of the coust press. He
is Hie eldest editor on the I'ueilie, if not
it, all i'uuu,In He llrsl introduced the
sleiim frm!ing press, color work and
lithography as features of a newspaper ollice. During his regime us cdilur
of "'The Colonist," ho.was lirst in tho
province to undertake the publication uf
a daily paper. Fur forty years after
leaving Sim Fraueiaeo ho held a cunt
mending position in provincial jour
iiuliam ninl made his paper a power in
the political, buniift'ss and suciul world,
At the present time Mr Higgins ro
sides in Ihe cily of Vancuuver whero
be is engager in milling eulerprisei
ml alsu iu lbe productiou uf yet an
uther bind, sou,, lo be issued descrip
lue of ihe early life „f thc province
with whicii he has been ho long and su
promiiiciilly associaleil.
The populace nf Norlli Vuncouver
will tomorrow afternoon have Ibe op
purlin,,ly of witnessing mutor craft
travelling probably ut the highest apced
over ulluined un llurrurd inlel. Al Iwu
o'clock lbe race will commence fur
tin' Batebelor eu,i, sfter which a sec
mul race will tali,, placo for tne cup
donated bj the Norlh Vancouver boat
li.l. It is es I, ma led thai u speed uf
.10 miles uj> buur will hive tu be at
lamed in order lo pull, lift lhe llulebelor
liuphy, which consideration, together
will, others, should combine to make
[nmurruw's "purls unusually interest
emccs   next  Sunday    II   am    Ma'
tin's hulv    tummuiiiuii    uud    sermuut
i.tn pm., cwnsuug   The services will
lie   luken   by   llic   recently   appointed
icur, tne Kev   S   Fiu.
Cabinet Maker ..ml  Carpenter
Will undertake all kinds of wuod wurk,
icpairs, etc.
Fourth hi,eet and BuUiorlaud Avenus
P. O Box 2006
Jniiipnrers class moots every Weducs
lay evening ul - p.m. Kh'inunlar/ study
and questions. Vuu arc cordially invil
cl lu attend boom Ifi, Aberdeen build
ug   'i'hcusuphiiul free library.      I k
Vancouver Bnum Directory
01 s|M  ns   i;,,l,l,K(.KS.
MUO 11 'SHAW Bg$iui$ College
'Hi Unsung! St. W.
c.intUi a Oreileil Wteiem Softool
B. J. Sprptt, BA, - -Uiirngu
III    VI     I.S ,  (  | ,   .
Vorksbi/t Guvutte k SiouTtiti
. CorporilioD, limited
Iiu Seymuur Street
K. Kerr Hoftfule Manager
1  ■ '
in -i (iim.ms
nmi It-
All tioHh Vai,cout,r peopls sit »»
K*erwKI«ei Blook or Hsvstiuf It.,
oppfttc tbe nsw "post oCo*. (munari
*r*ltit Ht by Abe poani..
', ■   if
. ' '
Beauty and its Worth
On aU sides, lu every laud, the hand of Nature baa beeu
lavish in putting before us beauty lu its fairest gsrb, By
this beauty our minds are lifted to higher plsues by pure,
ennobling thoughts. From lt comes the inspiration of the artist, whoso mind aud band but reflect Uut which he sees
ln Nature's loveliness. *»   <
"How bountiful!" exclaimed a lady the otber day as she
entered our OUT GLASS ROOM, It is like a chapter front
fairy laud." Sho was a woman who appreciated real beauty
and real worth, and lu a moment of ttino recognised lu our
display of Out Olaas tlie master baud of the workman—the
reflection of tlio true artist's mind.
Time is a magic iu our Out Qlaas which attracta all. It
is tlio magic of quality and good taate.
As a wedding present, a piece of our Out Olsss stands as
a le.nlei, iieim; highly uppiei uti ,l ity the bride whose dream is
-A Homo Beautiful.
Do not fail to visit our ill.,.,,. Room. Its beauty will repay you for yonr trouble.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
George r„  I rorey, Managing Director
I lastmgs and Granville Streets   -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
The wedding took placo quietly on
Wednesday morning of Mr. Iiuuuiinl ,1.
Silo, a well-known citizen uf Norlh
Vuncouvor, and Miss .lean Bliss, niece
of Mra. .1. 11. Hooper. The cerutunny
was performed at St.-John's church,
at Htiill, in the pi.-.■■■  of ti cluster uf
friends and relatives, Iho Kev, ,1. II.
Hooper officiating,   Mr. James Beck
wus ,"i .nun,, while Miss Kslorhrouk,
uf Kliurne, fulfilled tho duties nf
bridesmaid. The bride, whose fullier
is chief electrician for the famous in
venliir, Thomas Alva Kdisnn, was iniir
ried in hor travelling suit, und left
with Iter lm imi..i by tho HI o'clock
I,out for Victoria, where u short honey
moon will bo spent. 'It is evident thul
iho bridegroom, aware uf iiis prodigious
circle uf friemls uiul well-wishers, was
determined tbut ihe event ahould be
os 'piiel us possilde. Several have ex
pressed the wisli to Ituvo their belated
congratulations conveyed lu the happy
pair lliruugli these columns,
llOlldoll bas jlmi   II lies 11 liml   ilie   villi,,;',
oat nrtiat in the world. He ia Divlil
David Walton, three yeara obi, sou of
ti Tcihliugton man, and so far lius he
prugrosaoil in bis art that lie Is an Bl;
lor at tho : hue. of thu Royul Draw
ing Society, now open in the iiiiitrn-
pulia. Ilia exhibit consists of a clover
portrait nf himself, a wutor color paint
ing of a glass of lemonade and a rose
inul a design of a spring frnm his toy
■ i.iiu.' iio commenced to druw willi
charcoal when bo wua clevoii muui lis
uid, it ia suid, and progressed lo pen
il, colored chalk, pen ami ink, nnd llu
ally water color.
Impressive Verses by Rev. R. 1. Mc
Alpine ou Qreat Sea Tragody
Wc are authorized to ullcr tlio following splendid homo
sites ou fifteenth Street the coming thoroughfare of North
Corner Fifteenth Street and St. Andrew's 157x120 with
Btono wall around ami highly improved only $7,fiDO — IT.
caah, balauce to arrange.
Comer Fifteenth Street and Bidgeway 167 ft. by I'M) ft.
On Third Street east,   tialanco to arrange.
Hid, $3,000->4 Cash,   A beautiful residence lot fill feet wide
only 18,100. Terms piny.
Also four . * ft. lots In block llll. Cheap and good tonus.
The Burrard Development Company Limited.
(tiut'ccB«or». to I'.Mi.t Mtirrnv Company Limited j
17 Isoiisilalo Phono 37
1836     THE BANK OF     1912
British North America
'iti Yonr* lu Business.   Capital apd Reserve Over $7,600,000.
A percenliige of your wagqa deposited in a Savings Account is ho much of
your Iiiiun' in storage for umorgoitcios or old ago'.
Wbal sunns tin inexhaustible supply uf strength mny not lust iih long as
you expect. Begin storing hoiiiu of it now, this woek, in Hit, Suvings Depart
Two Offices in North Vancouver, Corner of Lonidale Ave
and Esplanade. Upper Lonidale Avenue, near 14th Street
The wedding tuolt pluee un Tuesday
evening, til St. Andrew's Presbyterian
Church, uf Miss Jean libit,chard aiul
Wr. William Forrest, an employee nf
tbe II. ll. Electric Hailwny Company,
Afler the ceremony, at.which lbc Hev.
Honald M.I,eu,I ullii int.d, a reception
was held ul lhe Inline uf Mrs. Owen
Mclladc, Eighth street. Mr. and Mrs
Forrest, who wore tlie recipients ol
many wedding gifts, purpuse making
Nurth Vuncuuver tbeir Inline and will
reside on Fourth slreei and St. licorgc.
Satisfactory Settlement
0( Big Lawsuit
ly" V'*w- Lynn View.
Lynn View
Lots from $325 to $500 per lot.
Terms, $50.00 cash, $10.00 per month
*   I hese lots are une block Irom car line in Lynn Valley and
nice and level and liinji.
Ij Let ust|Ut)li' you fates on Fire, Life and Accident
I'liune   I'l
Returned from Hire
to be Sold on Easy Payments
I      *>      mnn^nmmmmnmnmmmn—n    i mmmmmmmm^^^^^^man..
ii- I i   ,'   nui..'. i I.".i.'i      t'160
Thc above Instrument* aro fit as gogd condition as whon uew,
■ ■■>  •     **      . =
Warburnitz Piano House, Ltd.
Imperial Oar, Shipbuilding & Drydock
Oo.  Takes Over Townsite of Boss
lyu at Qreatly Increased Value.
The action commenced  hy  ibe  im
pcrial Car, Shipbuilding  h  Dry   l»„, I,
f'nrpuruliou Bgaittst'tJ. A   ilurrett, tlie
owner of tbree hundred acres of lund
known us Husslyti, a pretty summer re
sort un the Nortli Arm of Hurrnr.l lu
Id,   lias   been   withdrawn   frum   eoun
by   lbe  plain tiff  compuny,  both  sides
displaying  an   unusual   und   cumiuciui
utile ami,uut uf pond sense.
The Uusslyii porllon ul lite lownaile
was sold liy tl. A Ilurrett lo llu lm
periul i.'ur Company two years uuu for
$61)0,1)1,0 by ugrcemonl nf sale, As
first payment Mr. Burr'etl accepted a
certain block of stod, of lbe corpora
t,mi's shares Tb.' deferred payments,
whicii matured yearly, nt, SliiU,nuu
with inter.st ut nn per cent., puid hull
yearly, were lint met. and finally Mr.
Harrotl prut-ceded under the puvv.rn nl
bis agreement will, tbe corp-n-nt ,,n to
retake possession uf tbe prnnertv
Tbe directors, with beruiiitng 'mi In,
their I'urpuruhuu 's welfare, d, uutioli d
more tune, whieb toe plaintiff, llm.igh
willing, wus unable lu ulluvv l,v nn
sun uf approaching lu'i,-y i,inn,,mis
maturing in Ilis business win. I mm
polled bin, to dispose ni a ei rtai'i pm
liun of bis assets. Tin' iss'.,e nl u writ
iu the supreme cuurl by tin Imperial
Cur Company liruuglil matters tu a
climax and resulted in bringing lmlu
parties together. A sellleiinnl ul n'l
difficulties    wus   air
Tlie following impressive verses on
lhe loss of Ibo grout ocean liner Ti|
tunic, which foundered sonic lime ago,
were composed by Hev. II. ,1. McAlpinc
of Cleveland, u sou in law nf 'I', ,1
Stewart, M.I',, uud who is very well
known in Hamilton,
Tis midnight on lite durk blue deep,
The iloot,, of ilotilh excites the uir;
Disturbed from dreamless, silent sleep,
loi,umbered waken lu despair.
The now made monster, worth untold,
The besl tbut ever sailed lbe main,
Wounded mid Holds uf ice and cold.
Sinks, victim to the cruel slrtiip.
ffluf, O, lhe hiiinun freight sbe borcl
friends, iuv'd ones, rich uiul pour, ail
While bust 'uing westward tn our shure,
Two-thirds gone 'down!    0 liud, huw
Come, Lord, Thou Comforter of men,
Come lo lhe hearts that  I,nul, ami
Pour in Thine oil, uud cnuiforl lend
for only Thou cuttst ineel their t I
0. tell III em uf lbe realm uu High,
Where ships sink nut, nur suil at set
Where men shall never neuve ti sigl
Tell tbcu,, 0 Man uf Qalilcc.
Tell litem ul tbut Glad Day, ul Inst.
The Day In which ull days du lm
Tbe Ilay wben liud rewards the I'a.-l
Ami   uiii I,   , bull   meet   Ins   long lost
A certain greul Chicago puysicun
inul a lawyer of tbut uty are close
friends, but une lime when lin- pbysi
.inn was i ailed un uu expert witness in
a ,,,sc the lawyer was on lbe oppusiti
side aod  bud  tu i ros- examine      .
I'lu-  pliVMi iiln   bud   glv eu   Ins  exp'
..|l'  Whiskey   Interferes  with   your wus  found  n  whiskey   liottlu   ulrnost
liusiness   (ine l'|t Vuur Business."     empty, uud this fact wns made publi"
,   ul.re,   nn    »'   tl"'   tWIUeSt     Tile   11II lilt III >>'   VVUIIIII1I
vi,,,,,   in,,ii   whn suw t  is  sign  n ' '                             .     ,
m">   '  ,.     „ ,„..'■ had lucked fund, und the niiiiiinls Hull
. ,„,.'i i„ iiiiiii, it very lunil)  indeed ....
I""" '                          ' , , ,,„„ „,„,., she sntight tu befriend  were slnrving
 '   """"'■ '"  1'"""1"* ' "     will, her.   Hut site had managed some-
was cungrtiltiluleil nn  Ins  prott)   vv„. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^^ ^
Hut,   unfurluiiiiti'ly,   '"   lllil1   »'!•'" |,,r, oll|y imcausu she was too weak ul
il„,„, is mote grim   truth   Iban   TO' |Mtto lift tbo Ibisb to Iter lips.
n"1""1-                                 ,. , HI,,, hud  sold  her clothing to some
'H'" "tun « »l»'»'" «l„skey s„„., > (o          jta  W|.H
li,,,!., lhal   jt   dues   inlerlere with  ll's »
'"'»""'- I te "■"•'• »'*•"«! -hen I-          'Mlnc Htoryi wbinkcy bad
'"''' »'"•>■  r";;",:;,1 "T'   infcrt'crcl wi,b |„, life and 1,,,,,'r In
„,,,, |„, ,,,,,1,, „s well     11, a up lis . mi|
'"» •■•"    '""' ""tl"Sl'US "I , I i.l so l,v whiskey.    '
tti" I"1'' '""' "'''  ,„,      No    names   arc    printed    here;    tu.
»»»""'» **>  ''J   ,r°Ul„a sur -leJ.    Vuu    read    ninl,
far .wetter.   'IV  r duy . youn:.     »- „',' „„,„, ,,,„,.■,,., „,„
""'"'    "I'l"' K   "i'11/,'","     ~! ice language eve,v y.    If v,c.
l'«'N""",   m"   '" '   ''''•"'' road attentively the grewso.ne lule „'
,"""""""1 M,"l"1'' ,-,.„„, life's  tragedies and   failures.   ut
V"'"u"   "l'1"'1? I   ,    ! ,,       , . tides   und   murders,  y„u   will   u.uall'
",rl"V    '  xnressed self nnd  »'« I""'1)'  '"'l''-v  wl""lll'-v  ' '
,, ,,„,,   „„.  belief   thti.-hehad -ticking nut   'where   urrn
,,      v,,,ri,| tim.     In   almiwl   every   .lire   vol   lli,l
l.......   iieuted   uu sir v   bv   the   wurlil
"'■"' , - , ... |   „. i i,„u that the tinfurluiiute one has Ink... in
Hot ili. tea   sturv wa.- lefl l.elniol uno, .
'        ,,. vvitu    nu no,,    iivvncr s    ii'lvne        li
^rf !!i;i::;:,:: w^'v' ^ *■«. »■«.,...-
mil    uill e  nur Iv  llllc'l   Willi   vvntshi v. -
'"         ' ,   , ,  !„,.„   lino     n   ^our   Humiii'm.
 ' ; '",;,„ , ti g .uuii"	
-  I";"11""lf'  '"      „ i,I    neur   Hn'   I 'empty    I", .1,.
|„. bud bad the room but ti sum! nil"
JoiMles fold Ibi ki-vha, I- '   *''» ;"1"   "    "■"'-
,,          ,,„'.„,,',.  taking  tin    I" I- « 'I  •'">'
i    ,„,i  ber   had   nrubiildv   strong exum, -
'■ "     "' "'"■     ilmweukness  if tre.
^w'uL   Jmc •          """" "^'""^t"'      '
i ,;,.   ),.,. u  I,-non  H,  vou,  voung nn ,
:;;;;;;;:: s:»r,:tfiL.M.; i,,,,,,;	
    unfnrt ••"]""" "'"'  ' .-•'   ,u J  '"
h 1,,,,,'lv and -ad She  I bud trietuls, 11" g-'-'t ■(••>• """
if   In
11    ll
did,I   ll
lu   'In-
bailee   III   lite.   Kill'   II   i'liii,,. e   |u main
.1    mall,;-    geutlv
-lie was luun I   bud    Tboy  trie I
ilaiii why her Irteiuts nevi-i -,i .
iillliuiigli    liun    ni nl    In ,    ii.nl., .
tried   In   explain   tin-   lins. ruble,
lunch   en,ling, telling   slum- ut curly
rumuiiic. i le. huurs wasted in
Hut  tin   slury wu- tuld niorc simplv   tube  well di.-rr
Ihiin lbat     I ml,, tin- d<i,.I body lliere  Alum,an
wealth and u guud
ignbot-    elplun
when -n
Make up vum m
,„ yuUI lilc woll. il
you ex. banged all
ll lud,Ilul leelilig i
iiii,unil  ipiicl,i'iiiiig'
i give up ii',
i,.i lhal ii
,', ill   nut   I"' I
.„ui iiu p.
.     III.'    Il'll'l'
ol   llii   pi.l "
bruggiiig and u I.
,1     llear-t - ' 1'
Don't Take Chances!
Business mon and business houses
aro usually Judged by the printed mat-
tor tbey send out.
Can you afford to take chances with
your printing when good work iu tbis
line i mils littlo, If any, mors,
• «
%    WeDoGopdWork
-ii ¥      »
Ibst Street Bast, North V»M»uv»r
poruliun ackuuwledged its liability ol
ti)i)U,l)l)il lu Mr. Harr.-tt. also agreeing
to sottie all uther uccuutil, coolrai ted
for by H. A. Barret* , to. wlnlc uclmg
in an official capacity fur lbc ileleiidun1
corporation, 'li tbe other baud the
,,i| ,,mi ...i iias guiiicl aiblitionui time
ami pcriniision to finance nn tbe whole
townsite, including KussJyn.
Thc corporation acluully gum.- by
this settlement; first, the low,,site of
ltosslyu wilh its increased vulue; see
ond, Ihe purchase price of all Inls sold
by fj. A. Hurrell; third, the br-l pay
ment  of 150,000, making the balance
$l6l),l)l|t), not ♦800,000, US ubove staled;
fourth, all interest frum date of pur
base; fifth, all claims mad..' for mm
missions, which amounted in „ very
large sunt
Tbo corporation is to l,e I'oiigrnlu
latcd on its acquirement uf a property
at a price which has quadrupled since
ils purchase two years ugu.
The l'ort of Vancouver Dry Duck
Cuinpany lias purchased twelve acres
of this townsite -with a thousand feet
•f waterfront from tbe Imperial Car
Company, whicii bas beep approved of
by the Dominion government as llic
site of the dry dork fur wbicb the In,
purial .Car (,'ompany, ailing for lbc
Port, of Vancouver Dry Duck Cuinpany.
obtained a million, dollar subsidy ot,
November 16, 1810.
The withdrawal of this lawsuifVrlll
e,mile the Imporial Car Company lo
\gp tight, ahead with its huge undertakings, which mean so much to the
manufacturing interests of the North
Shore of Greater Vancouver.
lie squared away, glaiee ,'' In
iiii.I. niter me usual prelum™,
hul,.-.   began   the   oMiininitlniii
"Do. inr.  yuu  un-   :rei|iu'nll
mii, .lui.-iilluliun win ii pr 'l.tt'
ure   ill   in   Ibis   • mn in ii in I;
" I  am
" Were V"11 in alleluia  0
M    I'ulltiiauf1"
"I   was''
"Where is  Mr   I 'u 11 luun iiii
"Ile is dead "
Ah yes!    And  were yuu
l,i   Mr   Marshall  r'icldl"
'I  was."
'Where   is   Mr   Field   now
"lie   in  dead."
"Indeed!     And  were  vou
du „i  I'h,lip  D   Annuurf"
"I   was''
"And where ,s Mr  Armour now I",
"lie  is dead "
The lawyer knew thul Ins friend wus
called in consultation in almost every
big case in (Imago, ami there wus a
malicious glcutn in Ins eyes as he
named deud man after dead mon, and
asked if tho expert had attended litem
Alter lie bud named aboul a do/en
prominent fitincni who bad passed
away be turned to the jury with a
wave'of   Ilis   hand,   as   if    lo    say:
'There's your expert!" und sal down.
"New V'ork Journal."
Vou buy paint lo beat advantage when you get ML
Painl, became it
Saves nine- sprssdito eisy.
Savei con—a liuie coven
to much auilace.
Savci bother - all ready lo
Saves upturn      rspainttng
nol necessary for l.i;,....
poaaibli time.
Ml Pun Pilnt li midi in •'
colon for III purpoiei 1,| In iron
V.ii i.l, \ Clui Co., Ui„ToronU
Mill foot willi •iluuie w„l> 11,1
witliilti. duriblc, ••nits'. M .
Pin Will Colon.   IS iliidn
WJ. tWm        Fill Will Colo,.     ISil.-.li.
S. E. BUELL, North Vancouver
' Appear to be better tb»n yuu are
asd thou aim, to be as good as yon
appear to be.
t: t?
r.iglillbiiH nut,bus in a parlurum,
liuyibus I,innil,,in swu'li girloruni;
Dad,bus bearibus loudi suiarkorum
i'uunl,us   quickibus  with  a  elubnrum
Huyibiis gi'tlibus liardi spuukurum.
I.aiuliliua  nozlibus  uu^sidc a dooruin
(Iillil,us uppibus with a liniporuin;
Sweiiribiis,   kissibus girli  nomorum.
—(lapaha Arrow
Duriug tbo I'an Auierican Fair irT
lluiliiln u certain liar room much frc
'im uied was managed by a man who
considered himself humafuus. Tbo
following sign was exhibited ou tbo
mirror behind the bar:
>, i
M MIIMs HI'' (0*1. Ill,MM.
Illnl.l l,*i|ll,Ml
I'uul mining ii, c: of llle liumlliloii
In Manitoba, : ■■ i..m i ■ ■:■•:> uin) Albei
lu. the Vulilni Ten 11",>, lbe Nmll, will
Tri r It i.i li n und In a portion of llic I'm
vhuc uf Ililli.i. I'uluuiblu. may be leas
id fu, u term nf tweniy-une .veaia a,
nn ,ii i rental nf 11 an acre      Nul
mora Uuu, 2.GOO acres will be loafed lo
uni' u|,n]lciinl
A|i|illiiilloii fur „ lease must be inuiJn
I      11,1' ,,,.ini, nin  III |,e,s,i,l lo Die Aliilll
or Hub-Agent nf llic dlstilci li, whlcb
llle iigbls unfilled fui' aie .mi uul.-I
In surveyed territory  Hie land must
be described by sections, or Jcgal sub-
illvlslulis of sections, uiul In lUtisurvi >
ed territory Hie tract amdled for slmll
be slaked oul  by  Ibe anidlcitil  lilm
Euch .,( il,,,,ti,'i must be accompanied liy u fee nt |6 wfiief, will be refunded If lbe ru m.i applied fur me nor
available, but nul otherwise. A royalty   Shilll   1,1'   |nll'l   i'H   ll,t   lm I, linlllnM.
uutput of Die mine jit tlie rale of five
.cuts per fun.
Tin, person oiieruilnu the mine shall
furnish Hie Agenl wilb awotn returns
in i.iijiiiiiin for Hie fuff quantity of
merchantable cuul uilneil uml pay the
royally thereun. It Iho euat mining
rlghtl are nut being operated, such returns shuuld be furnished ut I, .ml ,,n,,
a year.
The Is ISI will Include lbe coal mining
rights only, but Itu- lessee may lie pcr-
uilllrd I > i'nn I...,. wbulever uvullable
micf.iii ilghla muy be considered necessary for the working of Hie mine nl
the rate  if 110 un acre.
l''"i- full Information noollcallon
ihould be made to the secretory of lbc
Department of the Interior, Oltuwu, er
lo any ugettt or 8ub-Agcni of Dominion
w w. cony
Deputy Minister ol tne Interior.-
ti.   B ■ ■l.'naulliorljcjl   publication   of
thla advertisement  will  not be paid
pYulcl li'iulcrs. marked "Tcndu "•
liruding," will be received by 11" '  '
i lerk uf lbe i ity of North Vuu vn
up In r> u'cluck oii Monday, Ine '"':
day of June, llllli, fur grading K'''"1
Ituad from Luusdale avrnur I" ','i""-
bury avenue. Ksliniatcd col I'1-*1'
ubic yards. Kslimated (Ills Vi,D')»
ubic yurds.
Said grudiiig lo be done according I"
plans, proliles,' cross sections and "I"
ideations prepare;!  by  lbc Cily  '''"
All lenders for Iho above nienttoi" ,;
work must be inude on forms supplied
by the Clly Kngineer.
A ^certified cheque for G'/o of tb''
amount of tbo tender, made payable
lo the Cily Treusorer, mU(t ut'com
pony each and every lender,
A bond fnr 'Uftn of the amount of Ih1
Contract will bo required.
The lowcst'or any .tender nut nee'
sarily uccepled.
Offy Kiiginoor's Oflice,   (lity Kngiuecr,
North Vancouver.
oOtbTley, 11112.
; We invite all those who intend building a new house
to call and see our display of doors which
we have on hand. We have a large
assortment of the latest
patterns and solicit
a call from
you     ™
Dickinson & Son, Ltd. *
P. 0. Box 1719.
Phone 222
We have a Large and Exclusive List
D.L. 265 and D.L. 273
Phone 24. P.O. Box 1820
Seeking An Elusive
Local  BiObamplon  Ucullor  Joins  In
Boaroh Aftof Tantalizing Property
North Vancouver Business
and Professional Cards
1 ii Mir am c Guarauteu  Boutin
Auditor unil  Accountftnt
lul Lousdale Avcuue. I". 0. Hux 2307.
Nurtli Vttucouvori l'liouo Vil
li    3    I'errln
Illy   Aoilltor.
I'vrcy   ti    Howard
If  you   want  yuur garden   lixed   or
luiviiu lui,I uul, tee
I'l'lir Quail, Lynn Vulley
llu will give'you u good job ut n roan
iintiliio rulo.   Nulliing luu large ur luu
small.   Insinuates   given.
Victoria, Junn C—Victoria Immunity
struugu visitors, hut ono of tlieui J.
N, J. Brown, wlio arrived in tlio eity
laat evening, smi rcgiaterol nl tlio
Dominion lintel with friondu front
North Vaueouver, hun a truly atruuge
mission, Ho eonios to discover a lost
Mr. llrouii in Iho retired single mull
ehuiiinion of llritiitli (loiuniliio. In
.Inne, 187(1, ho Bhlppsd to Empire Vul
ley, iu tlio l.illiiui-1 I'liuntry, thu Ilml
snd only rseing shell neeti north nf the
ennui cltlei, Thin idiell wait tuudo lit
tin: I'utnuuH bostbnildors, Watem Iti
Hint, uf Troy, New York, ami thee |hlp
fiieut in ilmi genoration was au ex
pensive ami hazardous imu,, The
shell wus packed liy hand front Ash
i-ruft to Ihu Empire Valloy, a distance
of llll) miles, ami ho gained llio sin
gle scull championship lioforo retiring,
frum racing.
Mr. Brown is now uu liis way lo a
river not many miles from tlte city of
Victoria, lu Inn,i y a mysterious losl
mine. This mine hus lieen discovered
more thun unco liy different parties,
hut unfortunately the locators eouid
nover lay their hands on the precise
spot when they returned. The |lust
man who found the ledge wi|s a hunter
uml he ut onco hurried lu Victoria lu
secure a miner's license. On his re
turn he could nut find tho place.
Mr. Brown will not tuke auy risks,
uud will have Ihe license ready tu
justify liim when thc mine is discover
ed. There will lie no more vanishing
uwuy us completely us did the festive
I inni which d'ruspcru wisked uwuy
from the nsiunislieil eyes of the Milan
i-sii courtiers on his desert island.
Tu this day tin' lust mine hus nol
linn rediscovered with its unfold iron
surch, thus justifying flic uid aduge
lliul truth is stranger lhan fiction.
rim,, and Estimates furnished free.
Ilepairing,  remudoiiug,  eta.,  prompt^-
attended to
;,:;,   lender  SI    Vi.      V   O   Bux   223i Ly)).. Valley, B. C.
I'liune Sill I'lione 182 ■        Allan Boad near Wcstnvcr. P. 0. Uox
Vancouver        Nurlh Vancuuver      J n^ iiUU ,;rcc'Ij i,   t).
1,1,111,,IS      l.ll ll        -I . .., II III Ull I H
0. A. Gal.., H U.S.A.
Arehitoct     •
1720 Chesterfield1 Avenuo,
Nurth   Vancouvor
Photic Blot)
i.llm I.IIS
0. K. OBOOliB
And general f'uintiiissioti Mcrchutit, VI
lionsdale Ave,, North Vancouver.
Phono 321
Underwood's Barber Shop
I   11 M11III..1
III   '.I   l.n ill I IIS
My clotbci uro at the Capilauo
Laundry where yuurs might to be.
Flat work for 16 cents doz. Hough
dry, 4c lb., wet wash, 3c lb. Drop ui
a curd aud wu will call for Ihoui.
P. 0. Box 2222
Successur  tu   Wulluce   ,-   3cutt.  Third
.-Street.    (Ji-ucral, n.jiuir wurk.
A. Wallace's services naio lieen re |
llll I IMIII
Up to dato Millinery
Modortac Hates
Keith Block    93 Lonsdale Avs.
Biiokiollors and   Stationer!
(lor. I un.,il.il.i and Ut. i'lini.. 143
,-i .'li,.   over   Bank   11. N. A.
Lonadale and EwluJiadi
i imi i,m,im;i;k»
A.M.IE. 4 B.
Irrigation, drainage, foveli, plans
and spccillciiliuiii. Septic tuliln aud
I""!,,- drainage a specialty. 1'. 0.
ilox '.'II, Ililli alrcot Wetl uf llowicke
High 'luss laidies' and Qents'Tailoring
Hcpairing   and    Alterations.   Cleaning
ami Dyeiug iu ail ils branches'. All
Wurk guaranteed.
Ill First Btreet West. l'bono 207
it ii in,lis on .in ,.
I II.N I It 11   1 MI'S.
Plans Executed     : :   Estimnlcs Given
Centre aud Mill Boad
Lynn Valley, B. 0. '*
Speeiully; fbililrt'u'a Lessons at own
home. Terms, etc., apply Gonoral
Tbe Now Block on J.onsilnlo. Avenue
door tko. Forry Approach
was built by
. Goneral Contraotors
 Tr ; : —
A. Craib W. Craib
In Concrete, Brick and Wood.
N.V. Tinning & Sheet Metal Worki
First Street Bast of Lonsdslo
Lowest prices and best work guaran
tcod ou tinning and shcot metal work.
On   tho  car line.  Boarding, meals,
Good accommodation for working man.
|'mil i ud iuu' men hoarded. Hy. i-'-u i.-ui'.
First class dressmaking alterations,
ladies own materials mado up, fit guaranteed. Address Bewick, corner of 101b
P, 0. Nortli Vancouver.
How a Red Indian Discovered Coal Fields
of the West
Ths History of tho World Contains
Fow Things More Rciuaikablc or
Strango than the Commercial Dcvcl
opuieut of tbo North American Con
uncut The Story of tbo Discovery
of "Black Diamonds" on tlio Pacific
Blopc of Oanada Is One Which Is
Burc to Prove Not Ouly Interesting
but Instructive to All Canadians
A sea of mountains was whut the
Iiili; liun. Edward Blake called British
Columbia, uml lhe people of lhal prut
incc never forga\e Intn. Ami yet In
u certain extent lhe descripliuu wus
correct.. It was a case uf a man being
offensive, nut su iuu, li because uf what
lie said us because of the way iu which
he suid it. Thai much uf British I'ul
umliiu is u mountainous country not
even the euast people will deny, but
lunl it is comparatively worthless be
cause of lhal, Ihey would lie the last
people in the world to admit; ami uu
other Canadians today would eluitn
Unit such is. Ilie cuse British Cpl
umbia may be a sea of mountains, but
il is a sen us full uf wealth as Unreal sea is full of fish.
Hrilish ' ..I ui i in is su full uf uutur
ul resources tbat, when one is con
tidcrcd, it is so great that lhe mind
is at ouce seized witli Ilie idea t'.iat il
is flic oue that gives character lu Ihe
whule Proviuee, uml thut ull others arc
HocoDilary. When we think of its
ulinii i interminable foresls uf giant
trees wc Ihiug of British Columbia an
u lumber country unly, forgetting that
it Icuds in the production uf Dab, Ihul
it is sccund in tbe pruducliun of min
eruls, ami that it is coining to the
front as u fruitgrowing country, 'f '
is a sea of mountains, fortune rides
un Ihe crest of every wave.
Great Wealth
Consider Us mineral weullh alone
Here is wealth enough to form a fouu
dution of a greal country, On an .
erage, the mineral production in ''an
ada iiiniiiiiii.s iu round numbers In une
hundred million dollars, ami ultnosl
one fourth of the amount is contrili
uie.I by British Columbia ber cuul
mines yielding about eight million dul
lars,   And as yet the mineral deposits
Pliunblngl     Plumblngl     Plumbing
Contractors. Owuers get filed up
with jobs beforo rise in malerial. Cut
figures. Jobbing carefully'MlcuJcil Id
mat Street, V, Block West of Lonsdalo
' All kinds of saws tied ami set on the
• Inuii- l notice. I.awn aowctt, knives,
hedge shears and scissors sharpened. Ail
work guaranteed, moderate prices,
1831 Lonsdslo Avonue Pbone 86
have beeu uo mora than scratched, Her
eual deposits are tbe richest < in tbat
psrt of the continent lying west of tho
Kocky mountains. Tbst moans that
Hrilish Columbia possesses the eon-
trolling element in the industrial life
of tho wholo Pacific Coast region oi
North America.
Discovery of Coal
Ami this suggests tho remarkable
slory of the discovery of coal in lirit
isli Columbia. Tlte story takes one
back to the year mill—the year of the
Kubellioii Losses Bill riots iu Montreal, when the Houses of Parliament
were hunted; when Cauada cmim .t.-.l j
uf tho upper and lower provinces;
i.Imu   the   Mainline   provinces   were
I'.n.ii, culoiiiua; when tho central
prairie West wus a hunting ground of
the Hudson's Huy Compuny; ami when
llio first colonial government on the
I'acillc Coast, that of Vancouver Ik
laml, was set up.   The Hudson's Buy
uinpany wus still the great power
on tho Coast, just us it was in the
interior. Shortly before thut tipte Fori
Victoria liml beeu built und mude the
lii'iiili|uurters uf the Cuast fur trude,
At lhal lime Ihere wus iu llle service
uf the compuny ul Furl Victoria u mun
named Joseph W. Mackay. One day
iu December, lnl!!, while Muckuy was
engaged in lhe company 'a office post
ing books, the foreman  of the liliick
inilli shop that stood a few yards
away iu lhe courl yard uf flic furl, en
tered the ulliie and called aside Mae
liuy to whom he repented a remark
able slury jusl tuld him liy uu Indian.
It seemed tbut un uid Nanaimo chief,
front the vicinity of what was then
called Frotoetiou I lm i liud come to
tliu blacksmith shup for flic purpose of
having a gun repaired.   While wuiliug
10 huve his jub attended tu, he watch
ml the men ul their wurk, ami noticed
thul they kept their lurge fires hum
iug liy nuw uml then throwing uu
1 i)i-ln chunks uf "bluck stum'.'' winch,
uf course, was cuul, carried to Vicloriu
liy ship, either frum Ureal Britain ur
frum Eastern Canada. The'Indian
was surprised lu see the "black stutie"
I,urn su fiercely, ami afler inukiug a
iliuruugh examination uf the cuul In
loluuteoied the statement Ihut there
was plenty-of "black stone" where he
In ed.
Tito slury at once intcrcited Mac
liay, ami returning tu tin- blacksmith
shop with the fuicniuii, he had lhe
Indian repeat Ins sfnfcnicnl witii ntofe
details than lie had given flic furcman
Then Mackay made an offer that to
a t'uasl Indian was very attractive
lie wuuld nul uuly repair tbe ubl
chief's gun free uf charge, but he
would give linn a buttle uf rutu if he
wuuld bring lo lhe blacksmith shup
some uf the "bluck stuue" Ihut he
said  wus tu be fuuml in bis couutry.
The Indian accepted   the  ulTcr, aud
illi   his    gun    repaired  set  out  for
home, promising to bring soon lo tli
blacksmith   simp   Ihe   "black   itoue'
lhal wns In curn the butfle nf rum.
Tho First Cargo of Coal
Months passed ami nulliing further
mis beard uf flic old chief ami Ins
"black stone." Jt wus suppust'd at Ihe
fori ti..ii he hud furgollen all ubuul
Ins promise tu earn Ihe buttle uf ruin.
The suppositions were wrong ll wus
illness and nul negligence ur bud fuitli
that kepi Ibe Indian from returning lu
Victoria ami fulfilling Sis prutunc
Witn the return ol spring came a re
n,in uf health. Oue day early in April
llu- ubl chief diew_ up his cuing'
uu lhe shure near the furt al Virluna
11 was heavily laden, fur In bud
lnouglif lo the fort a cargo of eual
The nn,I was carried up lu lbc
blacksmith shop, and some of it was al
ouce tested in lbe forge, when it was
! Ui
proved to bffof-ennllent quality. Tho
Indian told whore he had found tlte
"black stone," and ho was given tbe
promised bottle of rum and something
besides; ami so it canto to thu knowledge of white ni.ii that there wero
depusits of coal in Vancouver Island.
With this valuable informutiuii iu
liis pussession, Muckuy at once organized n prospecting purty, and folluw
iug tbu old chief's directions, the men
soon caiiit) to the laml on the oast
mini,- of the Islund, near where now
inn,I   the eity of Nanaimo.
Tho coal deposits were found juat
as the imi hi nl old Indian hud described fliem, After making a inure or luss
superficial survey ami obtaining a
■ iiinii quantify nf cuul, Muckuy uml his
companions returned tu Furt Victoria,
w'Iiiti' a favurablii report uu the dis
covery wus made to tho company's
higher officials, It wus forthwith tic
1 t-rmimii to turn the discovery to
practical account, but owing In olher
pressing business tile coul deposit was
neglected for sonic time.
Building of Forts
.'-Iiiuiii after this the company built
a fort on lhe northeastern corner uf
Vuncouver Island, uml called il Kurt
Besides being used'us it trailing post
it was ulso used to protect the coul
deposits now known lo exist in Ihis
part uf Vancuuver Island. Captain
McNeill, uf the sleamer Heaver, was
placed in command, Uml second tu liim
wus ti man tiapied Bleukiusnp,
Another furl was built ul Nuttainio,
completed in lr.:,l, and eual milling
wus seriuusly proaecuted, although uu
u small scale.
Al ubuut tbis time there wus brought
out from Scotland lu Furl Hupert a
Scottish family by the name ul .Minr.
The bead uf tiie family wus u iiiiiii uf
strung character, Julm Muir, inul he
uml ull lhe male nteinliers ul ilu- I'iiiii
ily were experienced coul miner" As
soon as they louk huhl of the wurk al
Furl Huperl the sinking of a shall
was cumuii'iici'il ul a spot half a mile
distant urliu the furl Hesides tin
Muirs there were ulher whiles en'
gaged in the wurk ami a number uf
The shiifl wus iui iluwti very deep
when the enterprise slruck trouble.
The Indians demanded pay Inr llm
land ur fur lbc eual taten frum it. ami
when ibeir demand wu» refused they
surruumlcil the jut's uiiiiilii uml
threatened In kill all engaged in Ibe
wnrk. Tin- uialfi r was patched up,
but trouble followed with thc whit,
millers. ' M„-i claimed Unit it was Iinlu llli'iikilisup's nm,but During Ilie
al'si iin e uf t'uplaiti Mi Neill In- lunl
pul three tinners in jail because Ihey
would mil submit lu lim arbitrary ur
dcrs Tins caused much ifissitlisfiictiuii,
uml llm resull was Iluu with tin- • \
cepttun uf Muir uml certain ui Ins
family, llu- nn n lefl ami went in i'uii
furinll. where the gold fever was thin
The result was that mining at Knit
Hu|nTt wa> uisi uiitiuued Prospects
being better at Nanutmo, Muir unl ins
family removed Ittere in I>.".I, taking
wilb Ihem the mining machinery.
Development of the Industry
tho company with groat energy, and
beforo tbo end of tbe year 1858 no less
than two thousand toi|s of coal were
shipped, one-half of wbicb was taken
out witn tbu assistance of tbo Indians.
At Nanaimo the coal sold for eleven
dollurs a ton. Carried by skip to San
Fruuciscii, it sold for twenty-eight dollars ti ton. And so, at this early dato,
Nnuuimo became the centre ot tko
eual industry of British Columbia.
A fow statistics to indicate tbo
growtli of the industry. In 1871 British Columbia produced 110,788 tous of
coul, and Nova Scotia 11711,1)114 tons, in
uo oilier parts of Canada was eoal
In 1.880 New Brunswick become a
small producer, and in lllllll Albofta
und Saskatchewan entered tbe Held.
Today lhe lutul eual iirodurtiun uf
t'uimilii amounts to ubuut thirteen mil
lion t(/iis a year, uf which uuc-lnilf ia
produced by Nova Scotia, uud oue
fourth by Hritisb Columbia. Alberta
stands third, uml Miiskiilchewan
fourth. New Brunswick |>ruduc4s
aliuiii fifty thousand tuns und the Yukon ubuut um' thousand tuns. Tbu iu
diistry in Hrilish Columbia is capable
uf great expansion, tuul cxpunsiuii is
certain lu luke place.
North Vancouver
Property Owners
Jf yuu arc anxious to sell yuur City
ur District lols ut ur below market,
call immediately uud see
Hutchison, Compston &Co.
62  Lonsdalo  Avouue
Their selling plan  will  dispuse  uf
yuur properly by llilth June, llll-.
*%\\t Stanforfc
T^IE STANDARD la Ibo National
Wfi'lilj   ,N,'iws|ia|iei- uf ibo Dominion
if i'.in,iiiu      Ii is national in all Its
It u>,s ilu- must expensive engrav-
n.„: lu-uiuriuii tin- iiliututraiibs from
ml nviT the world
lis articles are carefully lelectcd and
us    ,,In,'ii.ii    polity    la    thoroughly
llidi iniiili ni
,\    subscription    lo    Tbe   Standard
I mats (200 fier year fu any address In
| Canada ur Ureal lirllam.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montreal  Standard  Publishing  Co*
Limittd, Publishers*
FroM   tin'  liim   nliut   MarU\    liu<l
prosper I i*cl llic iji'|iu«il  .'foil,  win- li  llu-
Ul<j    dm'.'    lui    Ll-.,.!,,      (lir     "Mark
Htutic'1 in Ih*"*1', uji11J ilu' annul of Ibr
Muir faunlv u yrur i:ihr, tin- hnhum*
ini'l taken oul lui.-i'iiT.il'li' fiml frum
llic ileponjl on uliat in now krutwn
iih Ncwcantli' iMiiikI In llu- follow
iiiH year Makuy roiiiplflnl lin- fori
al Naij.'iunu uii'l llio ti Inle iniinir. mi
un rvKni'il in iiuiuliiTH un U> hv in liillt
iluu lie t cl ilifiliirl'Uiiii' from Inliiiii-
TIio new  in.in i;;,   .'.,i    iarrn J on 1}
Trade Mahks
Copyrights 4c.
Anyone lending i rtMrh nnd ilrorriniton mi;
qnlrktr Mrcrmin nut r-pinmn tic*) *lirlnor u>
iiiTrriiinti If prohibit rMcninMft   i-'mtminiriv
lt'>.:MIMril;c'.t IMrilhl. HANDBOOK "" I'MlBlti
lent free, (fldnt namcr WfmnjtfMtVtSi
1'n.rnti liken lM"iiu|i Muhii A t'j. rocelTl
Ij'f.'I il tl 11.7, Wil ft nit OliHriiD, la iho
Scientific American
A tuntUmnBlr UluHnUfd WMtklf. JjiK'tl dp
Ctilwlt'ti of nn/ p'ifnilHf Jcuntnl. Irtini for
('jti.Tin, |3 ;3 a jrmr, iMitujr jtci'*JJ.   Void br
I     kll ni'widiUrii.
MIINN ICo'V*—" New M
I       BiuiJi (tun. b. t BU \V«.litti«lun. D. c.
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Regular Value, 25c and 15c; lliii
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Sixty-Seven Foot Corner
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Lumis Insurance Ooiiveyaudnj
Boom 30. Ul Lonadale Avouue. North Vancouver,
(above Pout Offlce)
tost Ollice Boi No. an Tclephono No. 162.
$1 down, $1 per week
-±j£j Malleable Steel Range
On Ibe eaty |isynicnl plan of One Dollur down ami One Dollar per
week we arc offering om'*of lm besl Moll.ul.lt Neel Katigei on llio
t'anuilinii market.
Mini,  of boat Itunian Bltn"l Steel cold riu'tled on uialletble steel fraino
if  ii. absolutely iuilostrurlible.   Impusajblc tu warp ur crack ami no
Ktuie pull) to Ilie joints lo fall oul al any lum'.
Supplied  .-.itt,  waterfront  or high rievilml cupper rescrvulr.
Patterson, Goldie * Clark
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Special (or a Few Dayi
TRIPLE COENBB on  lillli Street.  Bir*   2J0   feet   by   157.      Pries,
♦ Itt'l. Terms tm caah, 6, 12 aid 18 monllu.
We bave only a few lota uow left in 111   u beautiful liumeiite within
two blocks of l.i.i...i.ii.  Avenuo for 1316. Termt tit eaa'e, t, l'f
snd It months.
If you have • bouie lo Bent, or for Sole kindly give us I luting.
Pboue W3 P. 0. Box MM
General Business
District Council
A goodly amount' of goneral business
tuvuili'il the iiii.im11'11 of tho ilistriet
couucil last night, when tlio regular
meeting, remarkable for tho abseneo
of Ooun. Hiiilimiiiii, convoncil miller tlio
presidency nf Reave May iu the municipal hall, Lynn Valley.
Mr. J. Moore, ou behalf of Mr. Hugo,
wroto renewing the offer of a atrip
of laml on tint north siile of-King
streut opposite the iliittrict srhnnl pro
perty at a price uf $11,01111. At the in-
slunre of (Iiiiiii. I,iiiiini, it wus llnei
rtod by tho council lu purchase' this
property at tlio price slutoil subject fo
the ,i|i|,i„ el of the school lioiinl.
A letter cniiiiiiili'il frum the iie|mrt
niont uf, Iinlliiii uDiiirs iiulifyiiig Hie
I'uuiii'il that thuy tiiiglit eniiinicnec run-
.i,n, iii,i uu the road lillmvuiiri lliruiiiil
the t'npilunn liuiiati reserve nl nny
time. The clerk was Instructed to for-
wanl a letter of thiitiks to tbo iltjiuly
minister of this department for Ins t"
tout priiitipl attention to tin- matter.
A request frum Mr. (lie Ejilo fur a
muil from ltuss ruml to propcrtj iu I).
I.. 2961 wus referreil to the Hoard nf
Works. Similar treatment was accorded
a petition for ti sidewalk as lliere ure
dwellings on Wnitechurch slruol uml
fur the griiiliug of the .tunic slreei.
The eouueil resolved, on the n.i'tion of
I,tun. Ws.-1. HiVt !!:• rcovi aiul elerii
shotilii lie authorial lo sign -t leas   In
Mr. .1. I1, t'ruwfiird of curtain pi rl »
of Lynn 1'ark. This, I'oun. Wur.l ea
plained, was iu connecliun with the
swing liri'lge proposed to lie liuill arrnss
Lynn ('reck.
ing of tliu Burrard Inlnt Tunnel and
Bridge Opmpauy. Tne regular routine
of business was carried through, accounts passed and communicatipns dealt
with. The communications received
dealt chiefly with our hridge site.
About a month ago we received a coin-
niiiuicutjou to tbo effect that wo wuulil
have to accept tlte origiusl site of the
V. W. & Y. .whicii we authorised acceptance . uf. Since that time apparently, the V. W. St V. "nave nut given
their consent to that, according to the
I'uiitiiiiinicutious of yesterday, t wili
nut say thut they Inne refused lu dn
sn liei'Utise I cannot prove same, but
lliere ia u eontrui't to that effect, signed by Imiii I'lniie.. ami that cuntruet
provides thut shoulil there bo auy ilia-
pulo regarding sumo the Minister of
Ituilwiiys shall be the sole urhitralor
whnso decision lull lie llnal. Hun-
scijucnliy wu have forwarded authority
tn him tu deeiilo Hie question.
"Thoso uf the ilirectors who were
prescnl yesterday signified Iheir willingness tu let the sub structure when
llm plans tire ready wilh lhe tnutiey
iiiiiiliilile ut Hint time: therefore I will
appeal tu tlie people nu llic urgent
necessity uf voting the increased subsidy so lliul wo muy be in a position
to carry the construction llirough either by halves or Iiu: wliule structure
ss sunn us possible. We ulsu hud ti
communication frnm uu engineer re fhe
contemplated dam and locks, etc., across
tin: Beeoml Narrows. Doubtless in the
distant future such ti scheme would be
uf greul vulue, when we gel a pupil-
Iiiiinii in warrant sume; hut ut present I ani iimler lhe impression lliut it
is u regislered dam agaiusl our
Houn. Wunl then moved a vole of
I hunks lu lhe reeve for his report in
Ilus   .mime, liun     Ile   jireutly   favored
i'luli will huvu a slight advantage in
point of practice, but the defusing
toam is made up of well seasoned materiel which, coupled wltb tbs fast
that iin1)- will play on their home
gruuuda will probably suable them to
come out on the long end of tbe score.
In regard tu the extension ul' III
ilistricl wuler system, ('nun. WestoverI» conference of the different municipal
moved that a l-i neb' main be Inul on ilies I" discuss bridge questions, nn.
Ht. .lames run.I west, Queen's roadIrilsling lo those points in Ihe reeve':
west, Windsor run.I west uml Isil.lu speech referring to the present apathy
road easl of t'entre mini. Tins was fur I1"1111- Ward consiilcred Hint the eoun
mally seconded ami carried.       , ...     i"1 would, liy urrungiuji sueh it confer
()n lho moti()I| |)f ,,,„„   UuAtf, ''ine, be  the  lirst   lu start' somelhiug
oun.il deeidetl lo .'UilribmfW in "' ,,cll' "'""•' l,r"l(J'' mUm'
('uuii. Westover sceuudetl Hie motion.
" ll seems In ine/' Ile Mini, "lliul the
mure we ieuru the less «e seem In knuvv
in this eiilll tiuu."
I'uuu. I.",,i,i uliservi'il Ihul when
litis committee met, lhal it should I ry
lu arrange u muss ineeling uml try to
got till the directors of tin- 11■■,,•.
enni|raiiv ro nrrend If rennin of them
lnl not turn U|> Ihey mighl then, lie
ulile lu place the responsibility.
The loiiiinillec appointed liy the
ibiint'il comprised t'otiti. I,unlet ami
Westover wilh the reeve en ollieio.
I'liune B'uirniont Will, Simpson Ilres
building movers, 4j89 Fifth Ave, West,
Vancouver, B. 0. Enquire Simpson, 1st
houso east of Iionsdale, 18th street, Ks-
timutus free.   . 91-6
Dunlin i
left Willi
willi the!
cash unil JIUII ill prizes Ju,
ion Duy celebrations.    It wu
i'iiuii   Wunl lo urruttgc ilelni
II wus further decided lu giv
Inwards   the  cost   nf  llic  citv
works  fund   iimler  eertain   pruvisiuus.
It   wus ulso ileeiteil  lu  build  u   run,I
frum Deep t'uve lo Woiiillntuls on lllc
nortli unu uf tlie Inlet.
Coun. l.outct vuieed Hie ropurl ut
the Buard uf Works on the charge*
muilu by tlte North Lonsdale Rulepaj
ers' Annui iiiiinii uguinsl Hie engineering
work in the district. According lo the
councillor, these ehurges contained iu
accuracies, ami if those Ihut were fouml
ed upon fuel were the mosl serious Ihul
.iinld be brought agaiusl Hie ilistricl
engineering department, tiuu Ihul de
partition! was duing very satisfactory
As certain uf the eouneillots will lie
ul.nenl frum the district ncM week mi
i uuin il meeling will lie held The mil
session uf the euiin.il will Hike pluee
un tlie evening of .lune limb.
lleeve Mny, during lusl niglit'» meet
iuji of the distrui i-ouueil, reported
upon the lust meeting of I lie Seeuml
Narruws bridge direetorate, comment
tug rutin i bitterly ot| Ilie ^i>t Ihul
there were only five individuals preient. The reeve Ihuiiglil Ihere wus u
general element uf cuulnec. ulutttt  the
whule event  und  ileplorcl  lhe npnlliv | p,,,, „, thlf ,.ltJ. ,„,) Mr   A   j.:  jukl,,
wlneli nl prescnl seems lo prevail „,- Vancouver us reserves.    As the seu
"(leiiileiiien,"  he  mini,  "ye.iterdav  son begins soioewhal curlier in Victor
afternoon i alletiiled Hn- reguluriueet ; is  tliitii  in   Vaiuuuvcr. the challenging
The Deniiiau street ruurls will lie
lhe scene tomorrow uf u challenge (tunic
uf utiusuul Importance considering the
early stugo of the scusoti, wben the
Vuncuuver tennis club will he called
iijioii to defend its title to Hie Key
nobis Starr cup emblematic, uf the club
championship "f the Pacific cuast Tins
cup wus vvuu by the Vuneuuver club
lust leasou ut Portland uml inJurcurtl
unci' with Hie rules the bidding club
must now defend ils title uguinsl u
challenge from Ihe Victoria club.
The Victoria dull will be represent
nl by ti V Schwcngcrs, champion of
I'liiiudu, mil II. I., (iurrctt, champion uf
Mm.-.tm .i uud the Vnnenuver club will
be represented by Mr. ti. 1 II 'ur
dimill uf tins city ami Mr. II I' Kvuns
nf  Vancouver,  wilh  Mr. P.  A.  Mac
Blue Poplin, White and Grey Canvas Shoes fof
White and Grey Canvas (or Men
0 la„ 12 in., 16
In. mi 18 Is.
leg.-at all prices
We carry one o( the largest assortments o( Boots
and Shoes on the Coast. Seeing is believing; pay us
a visit and you will soon be convinced.
Wood-Paige Shoe Co.
Phone 393
Mount Crown Block, Opp. City Hall
To Interest You 1
Mrs. .1. I., (lallagher ami Mrs. Iv A.
Murden uro spending ti fow days in
Victuriii for tin) purpusu of attending
the convention of lite King's (laugh
A special feature nf the eveningser
vice in St. Agnes' church oii.-Siiiuluy
neit will lie Iho Hinging of a junior
choir from one of Hie Vaueouver i'ily
Miss Kiln Mn11.1, wishes to tliuiih her
inuii-, friends in Nurlh Vancouver wlm
so kindly supported her iu the recent
"Sun" contest. Miss Murkle has re
eeived her piano anil is greatly plojiscd
wilh it.
Mrs. It. tl. Boynton, sister of Mayor
McNeish, whu hits for tlie lust two
weeks been u |uilient ul Ilie llurbor
View sanitarium, is nuw completely recovered iu health and bus returned I
withe her children to her home al
of misunderstandings'.'   Tbo   sorviep
Will bi evangelistic in character.
Two map named Puloa and Forsbgrg
were seriously injured by s premature
blast at tha city's rook quarry'ou
Tuesday afternoon. Both were convoyed to tho Harbor View sanitarium,
where it was found that tbey liud sun
tainfid wounds and cuts ubout thu face
hands and body,
Subsequent tu tho lisuu of a warrant
for his arrest on a charge of liuviuj;
obtaiuot) (147 by false pretences from
a Vaneouver insurance llrm, W. tl.
Stirton has given himself up tii the
North Vsncouver polico.' Bull uf (8,0011
has been granted. The case ligtiiusl
Stirton will be board before I'olicc
Magistrate llugglcs liimiirrnw mom
The president nf tint IJuunl uf Trade
Mr. Aleiander Smith, bus beeu dole
puled by Ihut Jinil.v tu attend the cun
vent ion uf Western Hunniliuii Buunls
uf 'i'i:ni,■ ut t'ulgary on Juno ilfilli. Mr.
Smith Intends placing before tlte vis
ilm,'- manufacturers an invitation Iii
visit Nurlli Vancuuver. lie vjll leuve
for lliilgnry u few days befure IntsUate
of the convention, V
Mr. .lames Whitehead, a well known
ami respected resident uf Hollyburn,
tuul a native of England, mel his death
by drowning on Wednesday aftornoon.
He and Mr. (I. V. Tucker were uul
rowing in un uid lnnil which suddenly
capsized uml lurned turtle. Mr. Tuck ■
er climbed unlu the tup nf lhe upturn
ed Imal but ilr. Whitehead swum
uwuy towards another uid derelict
liual and sunk while trying to gnts|i
its gunwbale.   The body of deceased
The city council decided lasl  even :'""" l,"» '"" >'cl bcen ' v."r''''
iug lu withhold further assistance to The Dominion Day celebrations ourn
thu North Vancouver general hospital nilttW is working energetically In ten
nn the jjruiiiiils Ihul lliul Institution •'" 'lul.v lsl * memorable day. Al
waa uul nuw doing sufficient wurk to Tuesday uight's meeting it was decided
warrant the continuance of ill main I'" acquire 1,000 smull Hugs for schuul
children uml ulsu Minting fnr street
decoration. In the hitter eoiineetiuu.
the committee earnestly hopes thni
tradesmen and residents of this citv
will themselves lavishly decorate then
Inline., und stores, uml so helji toward,
making the event u spectacular sucees.
The services of Hie North Vaneuuvei
eily Iminl huve been secured uml in
Ai the morning service at lhe Kirsl [raugomenls will lie made tu olitaiu tin
Buplisl church Hev. A. J. I'russer will | presence of some oulside bund ulso It
preach frum the subject "A disciple's is lhe ctininiillee's Intention lu mliki
challenge In his tan)." In the even-Ithe fireworks a grander und more efl'e,
ing the subject will be "The penalties live display lhan ever before.
For the purpose of investigating lhe
pialities or otherwise of oiled roads,
eertuiu members of the council accum
puttied by lhe eity engineer cross Hie
Inlel this afternoon nnd will ntuke an
automobile tour uf ihe municipalities
uf  file Milllli'shurc.
I'll Second street NORTH VANOOUVER Phono 167
AU New.      No Old Stock.
—   .'   j  .	
Fine assortment of Flower
and Garden Seeds in packages.
Sweet Peas by the oz.
'Ili'.-f   coins in  Klufk,   While,
l.uvtndor, Pink and Unl or mixed,
Special Lawn Grail, •  50 cti. Ib.
Selected White Clover, • 65 cti. Ib.
North Shore Drug Co.
P. S. THOMAS, Phm. B.
Druggist, 116 Eiplanade Weit


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