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NOBTH V4»00WVBB, B.O., FRIDAY, A0IJUBT 88, 1818.
Annual Musical Festival Inaugurated
'pile Institute Hall wau uu Wediiesiluy ullerniieii nnd evening Ihe nliji.
live  point  uf  i|inie  a uiultitudo of
music lovers, mauy uf buth sexes, carrying sheaths of music and wearing the
The tenors treated "For All
Eternity" iu fashiutis equally varied.
One sought to roroal the purposo of
the aotig, und dning so tdnefully, secured Ihu pn e Auotber rendered it
so slowly that tlie aoug aeemed atone
time likoly to live up to ita title. Auotber strove ufter vibrato effects
which Mn..In nun would not himself
have appreciated, lu the baritone
class only uno candidate suug ubuut
Father 0 'Flynn. This he has doue
muuy times un the north shoro, aud always very convincingly, Tbe other
entrants chose the mure dilllcult Sum
soniuu excerpt "Honour ami Arms."
Tbu winner uf Ihc prize treated the
sung very correctly ami  steadily, but
people aeemed to imagine tbat It wus
merely a case of running an antbom
through on Friday nigbt and present
ing it ou iiiiinin' morning. Owing to
the number of ontries tbe two classes A and B had had to be ourolloil
iuto one. In tbis section tbe succosj
ful choir was that of the Kitsilauo
I'rei.livtcriiiii church, the conductor lie
Ing Mr. Aloxsuder. Hi. Harper congratulated this choir on its good work
and Mr. Alexander ou the amuunt of
eiithii'.ia.'.in with which he cuutrived
to infect his choir. The trophy in this
connection was a silver cup prCseutud
by the Festival committee.
The  Mount   l'leasant -St.   Michael's
Choir, under the butuu of Mr. Bartuu,
>M'' '
iT '   y,m .IK .Mt    »r«
/ Mi
Postmaster McMillan is in receipt uf
the iirst iii.'diiliiieiii of Ihc additional
letter hoses which are to be iiiHtulled
throughout the city. There are nl present twenty nine boxes in u«o to which
seventeen will bu added making fori)'
thfee iu all. Two parcel buxes u ill
also be installed. The boxes will be
erected immediately and regulur celiac
turns will be inaugurated at ouce.
The matter uf the free muil delivery
I'ur the city is proceeding us rapidly ui
possible. The shipment of cases or'
tiered from Ottawa for lhe purpose,
has uut  yet come ta hand but  Post-
LYNN VALLEY FIBST ANNUAL MUSICAL FESTIVAL 1912-Goutloracn in Front Bow, reading left to right-
Mr. Barton, conductor of St. Michael's Obolr, Mt. Pleasaut; Mr. Alexander, conductor Kitsilauo Presbyterian
(iiinii; A. Bsrle Wsgborne, Musical Director snd Festival Conductor; B E. Harper Mils. Doc., adjud'eatm: T. W.
Ward, festival accompanist; F. M. 1. Barker, assistant secretary
bulf excited, aemi-worrfed expression
of competitors, others travelling Val.
I,;wards fur the sule purpose of dis
, mer mg for themselves wost mauuer
nf job the people of Ibst region would
make uf a musical festival. Aud 1st
it be remembered, this occasion wu
never inlendcd by its urigiuaturs aud
organizers tu embody merely a cheap
uud (ulher impertinent imitation of a
philharmonic festival. Tho event was
to be Ihc real thing or nolbing. To
be perfectly frank, quite a uumber uf
fairly intelligent peuple prupbesied the
latter, deeming lhe project tou ambi
liuiis, declaring lhat Ibuse concerned
were wading considerably beyond Iheir
depths. Today these people are blushing al lhe thoughts of their pessimism,
realizing prububly tbat a little con
cre(c help is better than au adverse
The festival was iu itself oue big
lest ii lest, not only of tbe voices of
the candidates but of the voice of the
people. And vox pupuli, without any
hesitation al all, declared Ihe whule
thing well dune ami hoped uumistake
nlilv that il wuuld develop inlo a hardy
annual. Of cuursc, allowances were
made, certain essential fscts borne iu
mind by the good uatured audience,
sundry lillle weaknesses overlooked,as
the nature of lhe occasion very properly demanded, The festival iu its
entirety, however, cau bo likened to a
line lusly buby, whicii came into the
world ou Wednesday wilb Ihc best
possible healthy kind of noise, and
wlmh shows promise uf maturing year
by year.in » manner highly aatisfae
lory lu jls progenitors and lo Ihe pro
gressivc people of tbe Valley.
.To dilute In detail on Ibe day's
proceedings would necessitate the
diminution of all olher mallei from
today's issue. It il ouly possible lo
dwell generally lm instance, on tbe
events of the afternoon. Thc occa-
aiou was favored wilh glorious wea
ther. Sunlight poured continuously
through1 Iho wiudows of the Institute
lliiil und uuce sunshine is supposed
lu be an emissary of happiness,should
most certainly havo coaxed thc so
prauo candidates iuto p merrie rou
iloring of their fairy tesf-pieccs. White
clad ladies, one after another, tripped
lo the pisiform end escb witb their
individualities, appealed to "little dear
lUg     SllUl".aU(l     'VLStmmAmmmwWIk    i"
the gallery above et o«e and tbe same
li,,,,,. Thc iudividoelitlce referred to
were tlw making or marring of the
competitors' efforts. One Jady sang
witb a smile, another made the mis-
lake of not seeming ho care very
much whet Iter little .deel-inyxoul was
listeniug or not. A third bad de
eided before band that tha words
didn't amount to much anyway, while
a fourth chose to ting to tk* Searaad
didn't allow Dr. Harper or tbe audita to discover the cothr of her *y*».
is,on   an   audience's   puiut   ut   view
what he gaiued in technical accuracy
hu lost  iu   ilraiualic   effect.    Auotber
aspirant simply had nul  Ihe requisite
vocal power to iufect the work with
its proper amount uf apirit. Consider
ed  collectively,   however,   the  soloists
were plcasaut tu listen lo, which proves
that in almost each case Ihe voice wus
there if development, training uud de-
pi,nm.'ut were suinewhat (aching.
The premier choir was necessarily
that uf HI. Michael's choir uf Mount
Pleasant, Vancuuver. Strung, bulb nu
merically nnd frum Ihc slaudpuiuj of
lung puwer, this aggregation chorusei:
itself without .mli, nil;, inlo the guud
favor of thc adjudicator. (Hose upon
its heels waa the choir uf the 'Kit'
silaeo i'resbyierian church, an extremely capable body of singers which
carried home freight lo the extent of
a handsome silver cup. The Lynn Val
Icy chorister, are alsu entitled lu a
real live eneoniuni. Considering the
very limited period of its existence,
tbis choir of the Valley gave promise
uf big future achievements Thai it
wss uulebi i by choirs considerably
larger, older aud more experienced!
was uoi in tbe least surprising, One
uf Ihe must admirable fads in connection wilh this iiiilial festival was
that Lynn Vulley was prepared lu
smilingly witness the departure of its
11»pin, inlo ulher regions for a year
at any rule. The idea was propagated
for i,o .In I, purpose. The loudest
plaudits came from the Lynn Valley
contestants ou Wednesday, when the
two '.i iim;; choirs iii.ii, hud Ibe ium
els of llle  liuiir
la Ihe eveuiug massed choirs end
individual performers charmed and
nlnu,,.'.I a crowded audience'wilh a
well balanced miscellaneous prugram.
In Iho regretted absence of Miss
Kirkland, Mr. T. W. Ward opened
proceedings with a pianoforte solo, sf
ler which thc choirs rendered the Hsu
ilclisn chorus, "Then Hound About
tbe Slarry Throne," The prixe winners iu escb class routribuled the
solos which had gained tbem tbe pie
mier place, while Mias Maud Scruby,
A.B.C.M., I..H A.M , a remarkably line
exponent uf the cello, wu twice encored to tbo echo for her masterly
manipulation of Ihe strings. The elocutionist of the evening was Mr. Noel
BBullMMi front whom also more was
demanded tbau was_j»ctoelly schedul
Half way through the program tbe
sdjudirslor, Dr. K. K. Harper, presented the cups end medals to tbeir
conliscalors. Dr. iisrpcr called at
I en tion to oue pr two tilings that
might he well borne in mind. Those,
be ssid, who during tbe aflernoon bad
listened to the sight reading test bad
been afforded au opportunity of rest
Iziog whit as amount of work a church
choir jiad  to  undertake.  So   pany
secured thc Fromme challenge dip
for its rendering of Ibe Hamlcljaii
chorus. Dr. Harper pointed out that
this trophy beesme tbe pruperty of
its winners upun beiug secured three
tilUCS.    The   adjudicator   ciiiiiplinieiiled
Mr. Bsrtuu ami his choir very warmly
on their work, and expressed the hupe
that uext year Ibey wuuld bave lo
encounter keeu competition. Thischuir
also secured the Irwin challenge Cup
which was awaidcd iu connection with
Ihc sight  reading class.
Continued on Fage 6, col. 0
The Hotel Seymuur has recently
cbauged hands, Mr. .1. Mageunis bav
iug sold out to Mr. F. Stinson, who
has had experience aa a bouiface, hav
ing for some time couduclcd a hulel
io the K,„.i, i.n'. couutry.
The imal', iu Ihe club handicap (uur
iniineiii will be played oii the grands
ou "hih slreet (near Lonsdale) tumui
row afternoon. Play will commence at
"TW There will ba oo charge lur ad
missiuii lo Ihc grounds. The events lo
be played arc:
(leullciueu's Singles ■)',. J. H. I er
'luull ilml.1.1, v. I    V. Vuuug.
Indies' Singles Mrs. I'ptou v Miss
'/,.  Archibald.
Men's Doubles P. A. McHse smi
J. P. Meredith v G. C. Ileavcu snd
N, Humphreys.
Mixed Doubles-Mr. and Mrs. Car
diniial v. winner of P.. V. Youug and
Mias Archibald aud S. Humphreys aud
Mrs. Butler.
Prises will be presented lo Ibo win
iters al Ihe close of play liy Mrs. A.
P.. Criekmay.
To Building Contractor*
Sealed Teudcrs eudorsed "Teudcr
for Building," snd addressed
"Nortb Shore Press Limited,"
North Vsncouver, will be received
by thc undersigued up to six o'clock
on the evening of Wedneeday, Hep
iii.iiier Till, mi:', for the erection
of a building oo lot 18, block 167,
D. U 871. Icing tbe north west
corner of First alreet and Rogers
avenue, thia city.
Plans and specifications may be
procured at the offices of Blacked
defied MscKsy, architects, Aber
deen Block, Lonsdale avenue, oo
and afler Monday, August Uth,,
Tht loweet er any tender not oec
esssrlly sccepUd.
Nn* SUrt Pr* ImvLti
Oeo. H. Morden, MenegJr.
Postal Facilities of North Vancouver
master MacPkerson of Vsncouver
States that ho expects them to arrive
next week. 'Iinjneiulatojy upon their
arrival they will be ur,lulled in tbe lo
tai ollice whereupon the delivery wtil
i.nin.uliai.Ti go miu effect.
Mr. fl. UcCourt, iinu,iuu,I,M uf
delivery at the Vaucuuver oflice, lias
already detailed four uieu tu comprise
Jlio postal delivery corps of North Vun-
fouvor. They aro all meu of long ox-
periencc uml uf pruveu ability in the
v.ui I. and it Is expected that the ser
vico will rapidly assume satisfactory
cin i,ii, i    The names of the mon tiro
aS     InllnC:  .      lie:     in       A.     I'lilllC,     T       ||,
[Ashley, 0, M. llungcrfurd aud li. Hob-
The city will be divided into four
routes constituted as fellows:
l|oute  No.   I—From  the waterfront
uniil tu Third street, inclusive uf For
I '
bus uvenue on the West and euslwurd
ti I'Miccnshury uvenue.
Route   Nu,   t!.—-From   Fourth   street
to   Seventh   street   uud   from   Furbcs
Avonue; also Eighth stroot from Forboe
o Sutherland avenues.
Route No. 3—From Ninth street to
Twelfth stroot, from Eighth stroot east
to Sutherland, Thirteenth snd Fourteenth streets, from Jones aveuue lo
Sutherland aveuue aud Secoud to Six-
leenib atroet from Jones avouuo westward to. Fell avenue.
Route No. 4-Frow Fifteeutb to 19th
street, from Jones cast to Sutherland
avenue. From Twentieth to Twottty-
Seventh street, from Jones avenue to
St. Audrew's aveuue ami Twouty-
eighth street frum Chesterfield avenuo
lo St. Andrew's aveuue.
It is iu order to uguin impress upon
householders the ticccssity of hiving
tbeir houses projieriy numbered, if
t'uey wish tu participate iu tbu benefits
ef this free muil delivery, inasmuch
as muil will be delivered only tu thoso
huuses which are su numbered The
correct number for uny houso limy be
obtained by application nl the ollice
of the city engineer in Hi'.' city hall.
Railway Route Through W.Vancouver
The prospects are encouraging fur
un early dispusal uf Ibe difficulties
nilh reference lu Ihe roule of the
l'acillc Ureal Eastern Railway through
lhe dislricl of Wesl Vaueouver. The
dislricl comic, at the regulur session
ou Tuesday adupled uue of lhe plain'
with respect tu the roule. It is expected that the conference wil be held
early next week but details have nol
as yet been arranged. II is not yet
Know i, whether the conference win
tike thc form ol bulb panics again
appearing befure Ihc Department uf
Railways at Victoria, or lhat of a
meeling between the cuuucil and the
representatives uf the Pacilic Ureal
Eastern in Ibe eudeavur to reach au
agreement before submitting Ibe mat
ler tu the Jiepu liucnl
lu aduptiug thc proposed ruule tbe
district couucil relinquished lhe pro
jeel of I,,, inii,,,' Ihe ruute tu lhe nurlh
uf Ibe Hum i Drive and approved of
oue l.v mg between the Mamie Drive and
the foreshore and lying ou au aver
age aboul one buudicd ami fifty feel
back from the shore line llcgiuuing
at Ibo easteru boundary uf thc dis
trict, thc plau shows a right of way at
a distance of about eight hundred
feet  back from bigb water mark aud
through district lul 'I'll it lies appro!
iiualely Iwu hundred feel frum the waterfrout, Ai llullil,uru wharf the
right uf way is ubuut -'uu feet norlh
of Ihc shure line aud a few hundred
feel further wesl I Ihruugli block il,
D. I., mi'ii is Ibe unly instance through
out il.s entire length, the Hue runs
out between hign and luw wuler mm I,
uud continues in lliul location fur u
shurl distance. Through blocks 2, 11,
llll sud 6, district lul ii.i, the liue lies
uu tbe average ubuut llfty feet from
high waler mark. At MacHunald
avenue in ll. I. oul the distance from
the waterfruut is approximately KIU
feci in which In,;,nui, it continues
alung Hiu,Isiuue uvenue (which is cross
led twice because it is shaped iu un
'ure) theuce lu a puiut abuut 1,4011 fed
ivi'-t ul the eastern buumlary of D, I,
ifiOfJ, where it presumably juius tbe
|route already propused by Ihc Paci
Ac Ureat Kastcru aud su continues for
'the remainder of the distance within
the district boundaries
The prupused ruule gives au excel
l, ni grade ami wuuld readily alluw side
tracks tu be cunslructcd lu any
wharves, warehouses ur industries
which might be lucated uu the waler
fruni Whether it will prove accept
able lu Ihe lailway cuinpany, huw
ever, is uf course, not known uud whither lailmg ils being accepted, it can
be made tbe basis uf a compromise
mutually' acccptablu, remains tu be
seen, k is encouraging buwe'ver, iu
Ihc general public lo know tbat every
effort is beiug made tu expedite matters aud to arrive at a cunclusion as
speedily as possible
Royal Tour of Western Canada
8BFT.  -Oth.
Montreal, Aug. Ti Uu Wednesday,
August SD, llie Royal Highness ihe
Duke  of  Conusugbt   ami   Her  (loyal
Highness  Ibe  Duebess,  will  leave To
uniiu   011   tbeir   extrusive   lour   thiol gh
western ('snails. After visillng iiveiel
middle wesl cities, thc roysl \ft'.y is
scheduled lo arrive at Calgary al l.tl
p.m. September IiIb.
Two days are set apart for tbe tu
livltlcs  in  Calgary,  and   duriiu  thiir
stay It Is expected Their Royel High
nesses will visit the Ureal Stampede.
Leaving  Oalguy
Thc royal Irsin is due lo lesvc Cal
guy, September 7, and timed lo reach
JiaiisT Friday, September It at IM
p.m. In lbc meantime the (,'. PR,
hu made arrangements for Their
Royal Highnesses to inspect Ibe irrl-
gstlon works at Oleicben, ami Ibe huge
liin costing minions
of the lam,ni, lakes iu the clouds, und
lhe ruyal party will proceed to Kam
loops at I.UO i.i. ou Tuesdsy, Hep
leather 17, where ouly s brief slop will
be made ami the run lo tbe coast
will i,Tiny, ipin Uy. arriving al Van
euuver at '1 p.m. Weduosdsy,-September IK.
Norlb  Vaucuuver will be visited on)
be iu readiness lu convey tbe royal
party across lhe lakes to l'eutietou,
arriving there oii Ocluber 6, uu whicii
date lhe liuvul purty will visit Sum-
merland uud Kelowno, returning tu
llkutiiigun Lauding ut 7.In uu Saturday
the sume day.
Abuut three huurs luler the Royal
party will leave fur Arrowhead, where
uu October li. Ihey will emburk un
another C. 1'. II. sleamer, the Hun
ningluii, ami suil thruugh lhe Arruw
l,ake to llobsou uml thence lu Nelsuu,
where tlie royal party will be Iraus
ferred tu the I,'. P. It. steamer Moyie,
uu Ocluber 7. and proceed lo Kootcuuy
I an,ling with a brief stay at llalfour
cn route.
Ou Tuesday, Ocluber t, the long
iinni journey will uguin be taken up,
MacLeod being reached al t.'li p.m,
uu lhal day. Several more prairie cities will be visited, llie party reachiug
Ottawa" ou October 21.
Pacific Gt. Eastern
Every effort is beiug made to make
Sapid progress with Ihc survey of thc
wagon rood frum llrackendalc tn I'cui-
l.iinii by the l'acillc Ureal KUstcrn
Railway Company, The staking of the
road, which is now well under way,
has liny,, that the work of construction will bo very heavy over some sec-
ions. This is particularly true with
reference to the icctiou Ihruugli the
(licakamus Vulley and around Bear
is ii un i in ii. The ruud will be construct
el all Ibe way frum llrackendalc, Ihu
nurlberu terminus of the lluwe Sound
and Northern Railway, to Pouibcrton
Meadows. The highest altitude attained by Ibe load will be at flreeu
I aU summit, al which point it will be
September  Uth,  where  an   attractive ^ M ||)(V( |M ,|¥t|    m rM()
programme bas been prepared inch d
tug au address frum Ihe Indian tribes
bu beeu prepared for Ibe rcceptiuu
of. tbe royal party.
On Saturday, list, New Westminster
will be visited, the progrsm including
s trip to Ibe 0. P. B. works st Co
wheu completed will be s flrst class
wagon road fur hauling heavy loads of
supplies such as will be required at tbe
nnmv camps located along Its route.
There ure uow five eugincering par
ties in Ibe field aud arrangements are
lu baud for sending out a sixth com
pany.   Thc last party will work along
Returning to Vancouver at I o'clock [Jbe Upper Fraser river, from Lillooel
on Sunday, September ti, tbe royal northward. It will take tho Held on
party will embark on the 0, P. B. or about the flfteonth of September,
steamer Princess Alice and a sea trip Aeked with reference to the plau
to the nortb will commence, tbe des (sf the railway routo through West
tioation   being   Prince   Rupert.   On Vancouver, whieh bad been made by
Thursday, September Ud, the return
journey will be roinnicnred, takiug in
Nanaimo, and afler Ibree hours' stay
.I,,r Ihc steamer will make for Vie
Tbe sUy at Victoria will occupy six
days, as elatjorate program, having been
ruyal party
is   about   completed   across  thc   Hi,* lbc special steamer will leave for Van
His Boyal Highness, it is expert
ed, will formally declare ihc opening
of the gigantic works io this sec
tion, A short slay will slso be t.tdt
at Cochrane ii tbe foothills.
Proceed u Laggan.
leaving Banff on Monday morning,
September II, the royal train will
proceed to Uggen. A full day be> ta
suffice fer the beauties of tka scenery
couver at noon on October ilrd, arriv
log at the Facile coast port al t p.m.
Thc return journey will be undertaken
vis Ibe Crew's Nest Pass afler a visit
lo tpe Oksnagsn Valley.
•ae Ue Okajjegafrv
Vernon will be reached os Friday
morning, October t, asd afler a brief
slay tlie Boyal train will leave for the
Okanagan Uadlsg, On arrival there
the C. P. B. sleamer'Okaaagan will
|he district council, Mr. Jobn Callagh
fn, chief engineer for the Paciflc Oreat
Kaatern slated tbat a copy of tbo plan
had not as yet reached bis office aod
he would not care lo express" an opinion with reference to tbe matter until
he had made a careful examination
till proljublir
fiber conference will be held between
|be district council and the Bailway
Company with reference to the West
Vancouver route, but Ihe matter will in
III likelihood be carried direct to the
Department of Railways at Victoria
the railway company having suggested
"ll» course in order to cxpodite matters
as much as possible. It Is not yet
know; wben the Department will Uke
InVtosttor up, but It will probably be
heard next week,
Bank of Montreal
Established |817
Capital (paid up)    .    $18,413,000
Reaerve     ....    $15,000,000
"sun  ii           mnnmmammnmammmmma
Savings Bank Department
North Vancouver Branch i F. A. MACRAE,
Mt, Crown Bldg., lat Street Manager
We Have Some Good Buys
in D. L 273, 274,550.
See us, if you have a house to rent, or if you want to get
a house.
We have some lovely homes for sale.
Listings wanted.
110 Esplanade.        Phone 227
"The Dundarave Door"
A new design of Crafslman Fronl Doori. We are the
only firm in Canada making theae doon. Come and see
lliem.    Pricei are reasonable.
Dickinson & Son. Ltd.
P. 0. Box 1719.
Phone 222
During the Months of JULY and
AUGUST, this store will close
at I p.m. on SATURDAYS
Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
In Stock, 350 Tom of Choice
Hoiaeliolitefii abcpibi lay lu tlie winter supply before tne
rush eeaaon.
North Shore Coal & Supply Co.
L. S. EATON, Manager.
Kirkham's Wharf     Esplanade West     Phone *M
h (Continued from Lut Tuesday)
•tM AM.
8.40   P.M.
J.40      *
It 8-0
18.80 P.M.
18)6  AM
Lm?. Nortk Vancouver
•tM AM. 8.80 P.M,.
•8.80 8.40  '
18.80 PM.
_ "Met ea taaiey.'
mtue. liftinltl ml \ltbii tat ieiip
• *■ ■ 112
Time UU. subjeet to ebtnu without
l, accidental er ottawis..
In nn instant J was ou the alert, and
p Um minutes' quick run lirpugjit me
to Pornian's bouse. I linockeil at tne
door. There wae no response. I turned
tbe handle—the door was loekod. I ran
round te the kitchen aud tried that
ilmir; il was lockud, top, I endeavored
to raise a wiudow, Imt all were fast.
As 1 passed round to thu open front
door ii, ni" two policemen came up.
From them I got the information that
thu v.uiiihlu,I man had Dud to u house
on tlio u|i|iiisiii. side of the street, where
be lay dying, i'hooley, tlmy added, bad
barricaded himself In Format! 's house
and wes hcuvily armed. The policu
kicked in the front duor aud were mot
with two or three pistol shots Bred in
quick succession. The constables re
treated, ami lliooloy appeared at tbe
opening, pistol in band. After fastening tbu door bo again disappeared. The
police surrounded tbu house and pro
poser! to wait for daylight boforo ru
newiiig the assault.
I walked to tbo opposite bouse, and
there lay Forinan ou a lounge. Every
breath Ibul bo drew causcil the warm
bluud to surge upward from a wouml
iu his siiio. He bad been shot through
tbe left lung and wus making a dying
lopositioii. Ill Mil, ii'u, u he said that
when he came home to dinner at six
u'clock Ibal evening (Jhooley was rour-
iug iinini.. lie hail taken possession of
the dining loom, und a revolver, cocked,
lay on the table by his side, while a
demijohn of liquor stood on tbo lloor.
He refused tu allow lbc table to be sot
iu tbe diuing ruum,' and fur peace sake
Mrs. I'iiiiiiiiii laid Ibo clutb iu the kit
, liuu Formal), bis wife ami Mrs.
i 'Ininli'y, with her wee one on her kucc
sat 'luuii lu ilinuer ami were conversing
in uu undertone ubuut the bust cuursc
tu lie pursued umler Ibe distressing cir
. uu. im,., when Obooley suddenly appeared ul tbe iloor leuding from tbu
kitchen to the ruum iu whicii be wus.
With a fearful uatli be aimed the
weapon at Korinau, who, lurk In band,
was iu the act of conveying food lu his
mouth. Th,- ball passed lliruugli Kur
mail's luiiul, and tbe wounded man with
a cry uf aguuy ruse to Ily. As quick
us thought tbe wretch Iired again, Hie
ball Ibis time passing Ihruugli Kur
man's budy. As lbe women uml Kur
man ruu frum tbe ruum (Jhooley fired
ouce uguin, the bull pussing lluuugh u
loose fold uf the buby 'a blauket, making
a bule, but lining nu lurther injury. Tbs
whule i'iiiu fuuml shelter at a ueigh
I,in'.', huuse, wbere I'm mini died the lol
Inwing morning.
I returned tu Hie Kurmun liuuse afler
bating Ii.m,i Hie deplorable slury uud
fuuml Hie police still inactive and dis-
posed tu await lbc cuming ot day befure
resuming operations. Indeed, lbc militia
bad been sent fur lu form a cordou
abuut the huuse. At Ibis munieiit a
little K.ugliahiniiii named Kay volunteered lo enter Hie bouse uml secure tbe
murderer if a window could be liftcil.
Afler several efforts lbe kitchen win
iluw was laiscil ami Kay's small figure
vaulted Hiruugb lbe upciiiiig intu the
dark upurlinent. He fuuml Hie dining
room iluur closed but nut linked, (leiitiy
pushing Hie door open it encountereil uu
obstacle. The obstacle proved to be
l.'booley's buily, I'ur lie was'lying dead
drunk arruss tbe doorway. Kuy required
but lillle space thruugh which tu
squeeze bis smull frame, uiul once inside
be leaped uu the murderer with a yell
anil Ilebl liim until tlie puiicc, bursting
in a iluur, entered uml secured bim.
(,'buuley wus bruugbt lo trial. He was
followed lu uiul from lllc scene of trial
by lhe exec rations, of a multitude, who
sympathized witb tbe Wretched fuuiiiy.
liis lawyer was insulleil while on his
way frum cuurl un Hie llrsl day of trial,
ami threatened with' bodily Injury, so
intense was the feeliug, Tbe jury was
not long iu deliberating and when a
verdict of guilty was rendered tbe spectators weru transported witb delight.
Mr. Justice tlruy passed seuluiicc of
death, wbicb was tu be indicted six
weeks later, (,'huulcy luuk bis sentence
with calmness; his unly defense was
that be bail been tricked iulu marriage
aud that bis wife bad been untrue to
Ten days bofore tbe day set for eie
.iiiuiu a plot to liberate (,'buoley was
discovered. It was found tbat the guard
aud wardens bad beeu corrupted and
tbat at a Used hour of tbe nigbt tbe
death watch were to be overpowered,
the prison doors,, tlirov/n open aud
Obooley hurried to a steamer and taken
to tbs Ameficau side, 'fbe plot failed
and now guards aud wardens were
placed in charge ul tbe prison, wbicb
stood on tbe site of tbe present iu»
court. Three days before tbe arrival
of tbe day on which i'hooley wae to
suffer 1 was admitted to tbe death ceil.
I found tbe man calm, but fully Impressed wltb tbe Idea that be bad been
*ranged by Forman, wltfj knew the
slate of his daughter's heart before sbe
married bin, I reasoned witb him
without  avail.    Hie  oae aba»rbii)|
thougbt wis tbat be bad acted within
bia rights iu I'umiuittiug tbe murder
that be was merely an iustrunieut tu
punish Kurmun, He luld lbe same story
and expressed the same belief to his
clergyman, whose miuistratious be readily received awl in which be expressed
belief. As I was leaving I casually remarked that I oucu resided at Yale.
" Ves," he suid, " I knew you there.''
"Do you know," I answered, "tbat
I bavo beou lold by a hundred difforeut
persons tbat you were there in my time,
ami yet I caunut recall you features."
His eyes rested ou the floor fur a
moment as if be wero iu deep thought
Theu be raised tbem to mine and said:
"Are you quite sure tbat you uever
met me ou Fraser rivert"
••'.iii.i.'," J replied,
Agaiu be seemed tu drop iuto doe|i
thougbt. Then he ruse to bis feet. Tbe
setting suu shone through the little
grated window that admitted aid ami
ligbt to tbe ceil, and a golden beam
danced like a sprite along the white
washed wall. The doomod man raised
a hand as if lie wished tu grasp the
fleeting ray. Wheu be turned to me
agaiu his eyes were tilled witb tears.
"And yuu don't remember mot" be
said, sorruwfully.
"Nu, I uniiiiii recall a line of your
faco." •
" I'm lm I u, this will aid your mem
ory," be said. Ami then from bis lips
tbere issued a stream of delightful notes
tbat reminded me of tbe story of tbo
diamonds ami flowers tbat fell from tbe
mouth of the good young wuniau iu tbu
fairy tale.
1 leaped lo my feet, surprised aud
mel,.une by the rovelatiou tbat the
music cunvuned.
"itim,l hcavensl" I cried, "yuu
don't mean to say Ibat you are—yuu
ure—'Happy Tomf' "
"The sume,1' said he. "Happy uo
lunger, but the most dejected and miser
able wretch uu tbo wboie of our
Maker's foulstuoll Fifleeu years ago
I was tbo merriest ami happiest mau in
the colony. Today I am a miserable
felon" (be pointed to tbe heavy
shackles tbat encircled bis aabies),
"and urn abuut to die. Afler you left
Vale I fell iuto bad compauy and touk
tu drinking ami gambling, ami bere I
um al lusl-lbe natural end of all sueh
funis. Had I In i ii uuiu i I wuuld uever
have married lhat woman, and there
would have been uu murder.' '
He paused and burst iuto tears, lu
the midst of bis grief I ventured to
ask bim if he wuuld withdraw bis wurds
abuut bis wife.
"No," he Aurcely shouted, "I with
draw nothing."
At thia momeut oue of tbe guauls iu
formed ino tbat my time was up. As
I exlended my baud tbe convict said:
"Mr. 11., J have oue request tu make
of you. Will you come and see me
hanged ou Friday f"
"Nol" I replied) "ask anything else
end 1 wili grant It) but uot tbat—not
"ll's my last request—I insist," be
"Ohl I ,,11,1ml." I replied.
" i'iiuii be said, caressiugly, "you
will uut come and see poor Happy Turn
—Hiu buy yuu christeued in the lutig
ago—die like a maul (,'ome; say you
will. I shall never ask anything mure
uf you."
I yielded al last; aud ou au early
spriug morning, wben Nature had re
covered Irum her luug wiuler sleep ami
tbu sung birds had mated aud nested
and were bursting tboir throats witb
sungs of gladness, aod the suu bad jusl
peered above the eaeteru rim of Ibe
glube, as if to witness the gruesome pro
reeding iii the uid jail yard at Victoria,
they led Thomas Jhooley—the Happy
Tom of my earlier days—trussed as
fowls are trussed for tbe oven—to bv
hanged |,y the neck until be was dead
iu accordance witb tbe seutence of tbe
court. As he crossed Ibe yard te tbe
.,iillul,I bis frame showed uot tbe
slightest tremor, bis face wore its ua
turai hue. As be advanced bis syes
wandered pver tbe group of officials aud
spectators uutil tbey encountered mine.
A sniii,' of recognition flitted across bis
face, aud then it seemed as if tbe intervening years wor. rolled away and
tbat be and I wore euddenly transported to tbe waterfrout at Yale and tbat
be bad just told me bis name wae only
Tom, and I bad named bim "Happy
He ascended to tbe scaffold wltb a
Arm step aud listened unmoved to the
reading of tbe death warrant and tbe
Revenionary Rights oi
the Government to
Diitrict Landi
Al a meeting beid ou Tuesday evening |t |be headquarters of tbe Joint
Oivie Advertising tlopiinillee and attended by ilistric|e|iruperty owners and
representatives nf tbo public builies
nf tbu north shore, the quostiou uf tbe
delayed settlement of tbe government 's
one-quarter reversiuuary right on crown
grauted lands was oulspokuuly ami e«-
baustively iliscussod. Tbo chair was
occupied by Roovo May.
The coutentiuns oPMhu meoling
were, in tliu muin, us follows: That
according to Ihu Hon. F. Ij. (tortur-
Cottou, M.I'.I'., Ihu act of 1811(1 giving
tbe guvernmoiit roversiuuary rights to
subdivided laud was passed as a pre
voutatlvu to "wild catting" iu mining districts nf the Kuuleuuys, ami
was nover purposed lu apply to rural
districts like l.ynn Valley; Ibal after
a long period nf ilurmsmu the rocont
enforcement of tke art WW d«rflt4 Of
any local ilgnifleaa«a and would only
serve to prejudice tbe money markets
against tbt prwIlW- Tfce meeting
consummated ja the appointment of a
committee to secure data fnr the nee
of p delegation of ratepayers wbo will
proceed to Victoria and ublaiu audi
euce with Premier McBride. In tbe
even( of such audience ifit being
granted, it was suggeeted that tbe
delegation should lit aa tke etepa of
the parliament buildings and wait un
til an interview ie obtained.
Heave May deplored tbe non-success
oi the delegation wbicb waited recently upon tbe i'reiiii.-r jr |kii con-
nectian. it wae bie opinion that tbe
government would loee more in anal
tempt to aufnreo the art tban it would
by foregoing ils rights, so many details
being involved. If nothing waa done,
a Diiiiiiiiioii act migbt be found nee
Coun. l.iiuiiT, however, pointed out
lhat tbe provincial government could
override a Domiuion Act, as iu tbe
caso of tbe issuance of indefeasible
titles lo certain of tbese lands.
Mr. J. Duval declared tbat it waa
never, the inteutiou of tbe government
Continued an Page 7, Ool. 3
his elbow, His legs were tben tied, ■
cap was drawn over bis face, a bolt
was sprung, and tbe next instant all
tbat remained of l/uhappy Tom Obooley
wae a writhing body suspended between
heaven and earth.
Our special  blend, 38 cenls per lb., 3 lbs. for 81.110.      Extra
value ul III cents, 46 cents and lid cents per lb.
Freshly roasted and ground us required, lie, 40c, 46c and 60c
iier pound,
H, O. Sugar iii IU puund sacks, $1.16 each.
Eastern  Township,  36c  per  pouud.   Hell.   Brand  Finest   New
Zealand -HI.- per pound, I'uuking Butter .'10c pet pound.
Fresh selected .'161' per dozen, .'! dozen for tl 'Ml  Wai eggs linnet dozen.
Wilson's Special ami Swift's Premium, sliced, 36c per Ib. Our
slicing machine  is uue uf tbe besl  and cute to any desired
Oue |u,mui pn,kits, Utli', 3 lb. pails, Cfi ceuts, 6 lb. paila 90 cenls,
III Hi. pails 11 mi iu.li.
6 Roses, Ituiul suuulaid, lluini III,,1,1 Imi,I and Bobiu Hood II Si
per 111 lb. sack.
Milipim (1.76 ami Pacilic Hem $1,611 par 40 Ib. Pastry in 10 lb.
sacks 36 uml  411  ceuts  eueli.   (irabam  Flour 40 cents,  Whule
V, l,,.ii Flour (whule meal) 40c per 10 lb. Olympic Paurako Flour
36 cenls per packet.
Of every kind ul priees us luw as possible cousislenl wilb good
All urdcrs promptly uml caiefully attcudeil lu.
Pbone 207.
Order Your
Fall Suit Now
110 Second St, East
The North Vancouver home of "Campbell Clothing"
Aa tbe years jjucceed each other ,W|
begin to lead tbat there is nothing in
life so valuable ae friendship.- Arch
deaees Sieclair. .   '-
t. O. Vex Utl.
111  'i   ' a
Birks' Diamonds
There are two prim, reasons wby aa Diamond Merchant.
«i liave .Mart wccaiifia. Tbay are: Plnt-Bv.rj rtona w»
submit ta tba consideration of tbe purchaser ts perfect Id
every respsct. Second-Being tba largaet Importers of dla
monds ||i Oanada and cub. buyers, we are able to sell at
lowest possible pricss.
It U known throughout tbe whole Dominion—and we are
in touch With every portion of t|io couutry tbrougb tbe medium of our Hv. great etores-that wo resort to no subtor-
fug. In order ta make diamond sales. Bvery stone ii sold at
ita honest value, and carries with it our guarantee of perfection, a guarantee wbicb our unsullied commercial reputation makes too valuable for doubt.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
George E. Trorey, Managing Director
Hastings and Granville Streets   -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
Money to Loan
On Improved Property at
Eight Per Cent.
No good security turned down
Phone 24. P.O. Box 1826
Job Printing at the "Express"
By Ref le*
Who of |l» '• tiltrp t>»t when hrst
we linvu beon tbe happy pusseasur nf a
camera rusbeil into tbe most difficult
qf all, tbat nf portraiture!
We bave persuaded, if agaiust tboir
will, pur friends and relatives to suf
for tlm long drawn out agony of
'Iiuiu' took," and tbey in their turn
have acted and looked liko martyra
ready for tho stake, the result being
 ii (tbat is if we bavo been fortuu
ate enough iu our flrst attempts to
got anything ou tbe plato) in tbo tin
iuli.-.i print.
Wc are all familiar with those firat
attempts. How our subjects glare at
us aud look anything but happy in
tlieir usually most unuatural pose
Everybody scorns to tbiuk tbey have
to Blare vacantly iuto space whilst
the operation is in progress aud often
failure is tbe only result. It should bo
understood first of all tbat portraiture
out of doors is rarely satisfactory
frum au artistic standpoint. And that
ia tbo standpoint these articles arc
written  from.
I'urtrailure may be placed iu two
distiuct classes:—!. Tbat of the pro
fcssiuuul pbotugraphcr wbo turns uut
at so much per dozen Ihe kind of
thing the public will pay for.
. Tbu artistic work of thu Incut
amateur pbotograpbers iu their striv
ing after the idea).
Tbe profeasional phutugrapber dues
liis wurk purely as a business. II is
uot tbat be does uot know, hut rather
because he has bis living lu make,ami
being a business man he does what b
l,iiii«:i will bring iu muney ami tin
geueral public not being artistic like
the highly glared and finished product
uf tbe studio ratbor tban the work uf
an artist.|
On tbe uther baud tbe amateur boa
au ideal aud if be bas grit will strive
after it tu tbe utmost. His living does
Uul depend upou his photography and
he ran afford lo experiment aud fulluw
his hobby wbitbor it may lead.
Lighting is tbu most difficult lliiug
In portraiture and unless the subject
s properly lighted nothing good can
be dune. An ordinary room with an
ordinary window is all tbat is required
and tbe beat mctbod to adopt is aa
follows: Block out all the Indium por
tiuu of tbe window ami let the ligul
strike downwards from tbo top half
North Vancouver City
PRICE $4750
I""1"5"! ' i   i     ii
The North   Vancouyer Land and
Improvement Company
Limited Liability
North Vancouver Agenti for
im i    i ■' s«—w*wm
Place tbe inter, nut too near the
window and witb a suitable plain back
grouud in rear. A plain wall, a shoot,
or a blanket will do but tlm sheet or
lilaukut should be stretched perfectly
tight. No creases should be seen,
Focus at full aperture uf tbe leui
and iu urder to obtaiu a little ligbt
Undor tbe eblu spread a uowepuper ou
tbe floor. Thia will reflect sufficient
ligbt. Tbo sitter should bo placed
sideways to the window and tbe face
turued slightly towards the source of
It should not lie forgotten that in
door photogruphy requires a much
louger oxposuro tbau uutdour wurk. As
so much depeuds upun the time of duy
and year, aud the conditions of light
prevailing, it is impossible lo luy
dowu any rule.
lu portraiture the chief thiug to
arrive at is softness iu the negative.
Try lo avoid all ruol ami whitewash
uii,', i:,, and do not uae a strong or
eveu a ii,uiiuii developer.
Dilute the ilevoiopcr lo at least
throo times us weak ss normal uml de
vulup fur the half tones. Do uot hqtbor
about gelling detail iu the shadows.
Tuey are nut ueeessary and will Iako
rare of themselves.
If prupcrly excused ami developed
the negative will he thin uue. It
aliuuld be eaaily able lu read uewapa
per lumi thruugh Ihe durkeat parts if
laid flat uu Ihe paper. Notion thu ru
productions of pictures after great
in,min . IiiiiiI,.mil fur instance uuce
aimed at the same effect, it suumls
easy eiiough bul it will uuly Iiu by
,i,i, .turn |il„,l,liii|; ami many failures
prububly befure perfection ia reached
Only a general idea cau be given iu
an article; experience will du llle rest
If yuu lind difficulty, as yuu will
aak thruugh tbia column, Ouly too
pleased to reply.
tleu. Jones:—Your negative is un
der exposed. It is probably llirough
using luu small a slup in a nol uver
guud HuM. it is ulso rather under do
iclupej. It gives a fairly guud print
huwever, as tbeae negatives often will
even though tbey du uut appeal iO|
able uf il. Mauy lliauks fur yuur sl
preciallve remarks.
Lynn Valley Notes
Miaa V Anderaun returned It) lbc
Valley uu Muuday fium Wkecua.
Tbe Lyuu Valley Day euminittce
meets iu the institute Hull luuiglil
at 6 u'clock.
Mr. ami Mra. Vi. (Jerinyu ami fum
ily have moved inlu Iticir uew resi
deuce  un   Peler  Boad.
Mrs. J Iv lluarb and family, liun
kins Huad, spent Tuesday it Kuglisb
iluy  witb a picnic parly.
Miss A. Hlebbiugs ami Miss J. Beda
ure speudiug a few days wilh Miss
Ntcbbings' sister   I'eler Hund.
Hi.' choral society will uul meet
,,tuii: for a week ur twu, a rest beiug
ri'.-siiiy ufter Ihe alreuuuus wurk lur
the festival competition,
Mr. I: V. Hluart was uut fur the
llrsl lime since bis illness iiu Wcdiics
day lasl.
All lbc .uiiiuil, in tlie 8u|*ratc
classes, ou Wednesday last arrived ex
cept  two.
The extra slage in the Institute Hull
uo Wednesday lasl wss liuill by 1.
W. Baker.
Tbe organ and piauoforle accoinpani
meut to lbc Iluu,I, I chorus was very
effective. ,
Kveu Ibe aflernuuii performance un
Wednesday was well attended by thc
geueral  public
Tbe medals presented wero very
neal aud appropriate, a lyre beiug en
graved   on  face.
Tbe prizes were exceptionally bond
sume on Wednesday aud were, Worth
over tmn sterling.
Kvening dress was nut used on Wed
nesday owing to the choirs and con
testants coming so far.
Tbe festival entries were from all
parts of southern ti. ti., one cooling
from Victoria on tbe Island.
Mr. B. P. Purdio was not able lu
be around at tbe festival. Bubititufes
took bia place and fulfilled bis duties.
the va
largest  viejling crowd  witb a
object io view ever ti   ''"'
Hey   was   tbat   en   Wednesday
Voles qf tbanks were dispensed with
at tbe Fe»t>va|, comments both favor
The Canadian Bank
of Commerce •
Capital $15,000,000   Rest $12,500,(1110
North Vancoiivcr Branch Now Located at the
A Central Banking Business Transaclcd.   Inieresl on
Savings flnnjf Deposits on One Dollar nnd Upbuilds.
1. A. FOBSTBB  Manager.
We are showing an excellent line of Storliug Silver and Plated Ware,
nothing but the highest grade of floods.
Our low expenses enable us to mark our prices much below those wbo
pay high route.   A comparison will prove tbis to you.   Boo our windows.
Tbo Store of Quality
and Low Prices.
able and olberwian were provoked
Tlie successful gruup sliuvvn ui tu
duy'a issue una taken by Mr. (,'nrbult
uf Nurth Vaneouver lur tlie Nurtli
Bbure Proas.
The 11. I,'. I i, in, Iluilwuy In. run
extra curs uu Wednesday evening last
tu accommodate tlie crowd I'ur tbe
Mn. i, Festival.
tlnlv Iwu "kirks" were regislered
regurding arraugeiueuta un Wcducnlin
last and llii-se were easily settled tu
uveryuue s sulistuciiun.
A tine exhibition ut cricket was s, en
uu the gruuud  adjuintng  llie Inslitut.'
uu We,lius,luy, witb sinks lur bills
ami u Iiu run fur a bull.
fbe lurgi'sl attendance ut supper ever
seen in I,yun Vulley wus uu Wedueadu)
when SV i'lenient's hull wus picked
Willi Hirer separate sittings uf hungry
ilie hi,lu's' Aids ul tin' Valley will
I'l.iin nearly I'U) Iuuu lluur cuter
prise oi supplying i.-lri'slmicnts uu
VV,'Tin's,lui In tne visiturs lu Hie music
1000 Feet Water Main
Across Second Narrows
Veslcrday afleruoou the lira! uf four
uew lurge It inch sleel water muiiis
stalled uu its trip across tbe ,v,,,n.l
Narrows, sume I'Vl feel being made, At
Ibis rate it will be finally landed uu
Hie i,ulli shure witbiu fuur ur live
lays. Tbia flexible juinled pipe is
I'/il inch iu thickness und each length
weighs cluse upuu ll tons. Tlie whole
iniiin weighs iiii'l Ions uud while being
pulled acroaa is being euutiuuuualy kept
ed with uir obtained Irum u com
pressur wbicb will be kept guing mglit
and duv until Ibe muni is successful
ly luii'i, t mi" lbe Inlet, Uy means
of Una rumpressed uir Hie weight uf
the muin is lightened approximately
furly per eenl. The abuve main, us
well ue lbc uther three will be Utilised
in giving llie eualerji ami suutbern pur
tions of Vancouver au ample waler
supply end un the Nurth Hliure connects willi the new 'It inch steel pipe
that is nuw beiug laid up Hcyuiuur
canyon to the new intake iu course uf
,,,|.   luu Iiiui      uiin'    eight    Ullll'*   ijislaill
frum fecund Narrows. Tbe length of
Ibe maiu across Durrani lulet js exactly l.imii feet witb tbe deepest depth
reached at 09 feet.
Y. P. S. C. E.
On Tuesday ovening last jtbe v P.
H. (,'. K. or Ht. Andrew's Prcsbyteriau
church beld a very enjoyable lawn so
clal ae tbe residence of Mr- O. A. Mc-
Iiiun, Lonadale avenue. Tbe grounds
were prettily decorated witb bunting
and ti. p.. pennants and ice cream and
cake wero au important item in tbe
evening'* entertainment. Tbe society
very heartily appreciate Mr. McBaln's
kindnese in thus giving tbo use of tbeir
grounds for tbe occaeion.
—I ,	
|f yon have a good pencil and want
it to remain,so, keep it away from
your tongue. .
"Allah, Allah, Allah I"
i In lbe evening, after dinner, une uf
| llie captive spina was liruuglil inlu
j Hie tent uf Ihe Turkish officers. His
feet wero bare, and bia arms were
Ibuund witn i ui Ts. He wus a bullet
j beaded, stolid faced uuiu, clad in tbe
'blue uniform ul a gendarme. Borne
uue raised u candle lu bis fare, in or
der tu reud llie regimenlul budge upon
liis lullar. He sluud stiffly tu uttcu
liuu, winking ut Hie i-audlc light, and
answered rjuesliutts in uiuuosyllables,
He guve Hie nuuie ul' Aligeliui.
Tins murniug, under u sleel colored
sky just yclluwiug in Hie sunrise, tbey
ru ii, : I Iiiln before ' I lie assembled
ile entered Hie liulluw s>|uare ul'
Turkish soldiera, uud sluud frowniug
licavily al tne pule Irum which Ibe rupe
liung dripping willi black grease, ilia
knees sbuuk; Ins heavy face sliuvved uu
einuliun The Arubs cursed Inni fur u
ti.nt,.i. und raised wild cries as an
ulbeer read Hie death sentence iu liursli
Arable Aiming tbcm I suw nu sign uf
relenting (uwurds Hie truitur uf tbeir
uvvu nne. Dul a Turkish truuper by
my side i|uivered like u frightened
burse ua tne buuiid iuuu wua lifted up
nu Hie barrel Ibal sluud ul tbe fout
ul Hie gallows. There wus u little dust
uu Ins furchcad and nuse; be bad been
praying, prustruling himself Ami.
luslnuii; und with Ins liuuud humla
, uiiii uut brush away the saml upun
his face.
Twu suldiers ..I■'•, i.. i llic imu, i fruni
benculn Ins feet. His" eyebrows wenl
up in u grimace us ot surprise, the pul
ley whined dismally, and, witb a Tin,I
during ronvulsion, Ihc man hung, dead,
abuve the heads uf the crowd,
A woman uu u lillle bill screamed
mockingly ua Ihc body ruse, ihun an
Arab cliK'fluiu slulkcd intu the si|uare,
raising uluft a short spear, uud cried
uut sumo wurds, puintiiig tu the bunged
mun with Ihe spcur blade almust touch
ing*lbe breast, uver which Ilni) black
sin niui- nt grease were trickling frum
the rope.   The   mi    of d.catb, iu
large Arabic cliuraclers, was pinned
a, iu * Hie iiiiiiiu'' lu"mn, and tbcu,
lnlli.wing the spear bearer, an old, lean,
grisly minstrel stepped iuto tbe sijuurc
ami began lu cbaul, tho Arabs chorus
ing fierce approval.
11AhI Tbe trailur uf lhe Arab people.
Whal ahall be done lo tbo traitor uf
cur people! lie muat bu strangled
witb cords."
"Allah,  Allah,  Allah!"
The siiipir/.lmul: bis I'urelinger ju
tbo faco of the dead man, rebuking
bim for bis crime. And llic hanged
one, bead on shoulder, griuued mockingly down at bim aud upou al) tbe
people.—Alan  Qstlor,  iu  the   Kxprcss
Tbo lifo pf a garden buae may bo
lengthened by giving it a iout of paint
thinned weut witb linseed oil.
. Tbo great naturalist Agasslt was so
thoroughly familiar with all phases of
natural life, Ibat once, wheu a fisherman sent a scale of a Ash to Uni to
uk bim to what kind of Hah lt belonged, Agassis only bad a glanco at tbe
scale, and said at ouce, "Tbat is from
a sucker," I
Published Tuesdays and Fridays by North Bhore Press, United.
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United States and Foreign, $8.00 per year.
Tba Express ie devoted
excluelvely.   It constitutes
[ Ratal WW * *}»
to tbe intereiti ot
I an advertising/ u
Quoted on Application.
, tbe Nortk Shore of Burrard Inlet
medium of exceptional value for
reaching" hi a thorough and effective manner the population uf North Vaueouver
Oity and District. Every effort ii made to give advertlien tbi moit wtlifaotory
Bvery i
"All cbaugea In eontraet advertisements ibould be In the printer!' bandi not
later than 10 a. m. Monday and 5 p. m. Wednesday to emure iniertlon in (ha
All i
later the
following Iiiui.
Nortb Vancouver, B, 0. August as,
lu tbu natural course of events, the
day will ultimately arrive whuti Ibe
'iniiili. in interior of British Columbia
will procure all nccossary supplies
through wholesalers aud jobbers es
labliabed at sumu distributing centre
within its confines ami who will Import their guilds direct from the mmm
iu. niiiii.r centres. For some yeara,
however, during thu early stages uf tbe
development •' ''"' country, ibis base
uf aupplies will be located at somu
i,in:i,|, puiut. In contemplating Ibe
upenitig up uf this aplendid section uf
tbe province, witb its Inexhaustible
ie;,mu,u :■ ami ila greal possibilities fur
trade, the hupe waa universally enter
tinned un tbe lower mainland thai
Vancuuver ami Victoria would be able
lu capture Hie wbuleaaie trade fur the
newly upeued districts, A close study
uf existing condition!, however, puiut
tu the I'ui't Ibul Edmonton is likely In
prove a strung rumpctitur for tbe
Tbe completion of tbe lines nf tbe
liriiml Trunk Pacific to Tete .luetic
i :i. b.' will give Kdinuntun direct
transportation  facilities  by  rail  ami
Divine willingness and puwer tu de-
liver the imii'i,lual mau or woman
therefrom. Prom lhat ceutie the po
■ •- ■■ i in 11 (■•-., pent up in the character ul
thu man, found exprcssiun in his tiro
loss energies, in Ins unfailing devotion
to bis ideals ami especially iu tbe must
remarkable talent for urganUutiun
which be develupcd, the mosl couspicu
uus result of wbicb was Ihe creation
of tbe Salvatiou Army, one of the
greatest religious and social orgauiia
ii,.ii., ever called inlo cxiateiicu during tbo life time and by the ability
and energy uf any one man.
Tbe Siilvutiiui Army stands a magnificent and imperishable tnnnumeut tu
thu lm wurk uf (lencral William
Uuiiili uml will euuae Ilia name lu be
held in lively and giaicful reuiein
l,i a in,' by succeeding geuerul inns, lie
cause of individuals who have been
rescued Irum vice and crime and reformed into useful members of suciety,
because uf homes delivered frum misery aud want and mude happy and
because uf a atrong, helpful and aie
huiii;: influence brcAlgbt steadily lu
bear upou many of those vexatious
siiciulugieal |,miliums und cumlilious
with which suciety haa tu deal.
There are few men indeed whu have
II.   Aneievf'a   Pr.sUittrlsu   etiutuk,
Keith Road—Sorvluee: Mni'iiltm, 11:08:
•venlng, 7:80. Adult Blblu Class, 8:30.
Bunday Bchuul, 8:80. t. P. S. C, E„ Tuesday, at 8 p, m, Pruyor Moating, Wud-
&seday, at 8 p. in. Choir Practice,
i'liiiu, at 8 p. m. Hev. Bonald Macleod,
^hv Not ?
Do It Now •
sittlwdlst Ckurek—Corner of Blxtb
snd Bt. Qeorge, Sunday Services, lllll)
a in. and 7:30 V- m.   Bunday Bobuo) and
bte Class, 1:30 p.m,   Senior I.uuaue,
Prayer and Praise
viniidiu,  I p.m.
lorvlce,   Wouncaday,
p. m,   Junior
. jague,   r'burailuy  afternoon  at   3:80
Pastor, W. C. Schlltcber,
lanes' fknrck—Coiner Twolftb
and    Boulevard,
HI   Aaucs'
levanl     Sunday     Bnrvicoa:
Prayer,    11   a. in.:   Sunduy
IT'., i.iiii     IT'." , 1, JjT
Bohaul 3:80 i
Out dose nel ueed lo ba su idmlnl
iu order to arrive at a very high ap
preriation of the merit apd the magnitude of tbe services conferred upon
bis day aad generation by William
Hiiuth, late General of tbe Salvation
Army." The benette accruing to so
ciely as tbe result of bii life work ere
so patent and ao widely distributed
tbat they cannot but be readily re
The work ef Oeneral Booth jwu es
wntially a religious work aad Mad its
basis ia the unbounded faith ef tie
man ia tbe Divine sympathy with tip
moral weakneeeee of humanity and tka
moved Irum Ihia sphere uf activity
by walei lu Pun Ueurge, tbe coming u„„ nMM ,„ lln.om|,|i,h ,„ IIIUL.|,,
centre uf the northern interior in t|Ues witllill tbe Bpfc!e al aM |i/(lilnill| lu
lion. Tete .Inane Cache is situated \mtu) ,b, ,„„, ,„■ ,,„,„„„ teppll|W1
at Ihe bead of navigation oil tbe up jM (||i| ,kmn] Wj||jlim ,)(m|h| „„, h,
per fraser river, Tbe river from tbat bj| ,,„„„„, 0|1C „f ,,,,, ,ruly gM1| ,g
poiut is navigable nut only as far es I „,,,, „, ou, gB<wW|0B |,a, |IL.0U re
I'url licorgc, but al Ibat latter puiut
twu routes are mailable, uu, being a
continuation of the Fraser river to
Soda Creek and lhe uther lbe Nechacu
Nil Fraser Iske. Al the present time
there are Iwu slesmers under construction which sre ahuul ready to take
up Ibo Tete Juanu Fort Ueurge ruu.
These steamers will uot only carry
freight ami passengers, but they are
built wilh a view tu lowing liargea
us well. Frum tbis il is evident lhat
Kdmonton will very suuu be pruvided
wub direct inn, |,,n tutu,a facilities tu
Furt (leurge, tbe significance uf which
. relative lo Hie trade of that district,
will at uuce be recognised.
As fur lhe luwer mainland cities,
Ibe uuly ruule whieb they have al
present fur getliug guuds into Furl
Ueurge is lbe Ash, mil trail, which
necessitates e lung waguu haul irum
Ashciufl tu Suda Creek, the rate fur
wbicb is iii dollars per lun. It ia
i|uite evident thai the rate la prnhi
billvs aud it is utterly hopeless fm
Hie ,i,ast lilies tu think uf competing
by lhat means.
The construction uf the Pacific Ureal
Kuslem Bailway will, of cuursc, aa
llsfarturily solve the difficulty in lhe
cuast centres and shuuld place them in
a ver/ kdvaiilageous pusitiuu ma.-
mu, h as u gicui proportion uf the
guuds imported are laid dowu hen' I v
water at a very cheap rate es cum
pared witb Ibe loug overland huul
frum thc eastern ports tu Edmonlon,
Tbit railway huwever, will uot be
completed for twu years, duriug vii'ili
time the Kdinunlun jubbers will he
busy establishing trade connections in
Ihe Furt Ueurge country, it would ap
pear lhat thc wholesalers uf lbc coasl
aru ou lbc burns of a dilemma, tbey
must eltber ' .ini,lish brain li uSIrcs al
Fort (leorge or Bdmoatot aud ship
guuds direct by Ibrfl ruule and do
business prububly at a lots for the
Time being, or else leave the Edmonton
wholesalers in possession of lbe held
until tbe l'u, ilu Uicat Kaslcru is com
plated and then trust to Ibeir ability
by means uf prices and utber could-
eratioos to divert the Fort licorgc
trade to coast channels.
Tbe situatioo it au interest ing one
aud thc successful iulviug uf the prob
lem would mean a groat deal to the
prosperity uf the lower maiuJaud aud
tbe pruviuce at well.
The unqualified success which mark
ed tbu inauguration uf lbe Musical
Festival at Lyuu Valley yesterday
calls I'or inure tbsn paasiug notice.
The inherent worth uf annual tnusi
eal t, .neal. of tbis naini,■ ia recog
jiued mure ur less clearly by all wbu
inieresl themselves iu mailers musi
cal lu the ubl nuilli'. where such
annual competitive gatherings are regularly held in many placea, the great
est inlerett attaches lu the recurrence
uf the Musical Festival ami a very
high estimate is pieced upuu its value
Iiuiu uu educative staudpoiul. Then-
are few indeed wbu arc, musically iu
t'lined wliu have uul read ur beard of
the enthusiasm and ol the intense inlerest which marks the famed , isle.1,1
fud of the Welsh peuple and tbe fact
that tbu peuple uf tbat couutry arc
noted fur tbeir exceptional ability at
vocalists it at tubnt.-,t in uu tligbl de
gree tu the educative influence of the
great annual musical festival.
Tbe i'uni|'"i. , exercises held al
Lynn Valley yesterday are believed lu
mark the lira! seriuus attempt tu es
lulTiTi an annual Musical I',.inul
anywhere in British Columbia The
uiiifnriu 'success with which the effort
was alteudcd iu ail particulars reflects tbe greatest credit upuu those
wbo liave devoted lime and energy
tu Hie | i,ui,uin,i   uf tbe scheme.
The fact has beeu clearly vlndlcal
ed lhal Ihere is resident in I,vnn Val
ley Hie musical talent and tbe executive ability Ibal cau succeed iu inter
sting tuloisls, choirs, choral uuions,
etc., throughout tbe lower mainland
and ran call tbcm together In a mosl
interesting aud enthusiastic Musical
Festival, The fact is furtber ealab
liabed Ibal lbe local public ran be en
bused and cau be induced to accord
excellent   support   to  sucb  an   effort.
Under these condition! it is safe to
conclode Ibat Lyuu Valley M|usiual
Feat i val bas come to stay aud there
is nu run-uii wby it should uot become one of the most successful, most
pupular and most widely known iimt i
iuiu,i,„ uf the Norlb Shore, Should
auch prove lo be the case Lynn Valley
will be heartily congratulated ou all
liumls upun having become tbe home of
au annual function of sucb great de
stability. In tbe flrst place tbe Vai
ley wllh bare fairly wea tbe diamine
liun through tbe ability end Ibe energy
uf her own residents, and in lbc sec
ond place there is no spot on tbe lower
mainland iu which sucb an institutioo
could be established amid more delight
ful surroundings or io belle/ advau
SPR0TT-SHAW Buiineu College
336 Haitiuga St. W.
Canada's Greatest Weatern Sehool
«   J. Sprott, BA,, - -Uuiiaget
Architect and BalUar
Craftsman Houses and Bungalows,
Hones of Individuality, 1 FMrteld
Building, Vancuuver aad Nortk Leas
We V. Q. Soymour 1441.
' 1:80 |i
Holy Communion, first ond third
Sundays In month, at ll 0 m.: aecund
Bunder In month, 8 u, in, Rav, Samuel
Fee, U.l., Vicar. *
Hiiiviiiiun .Vein) 1.niui,I.it,- Avenue
Bunday services, 11:00 a.m., 3 11. m uiul
7:15 p.m. Tuoidar, I |i, 111: Thursday,
I p.m.   Children's Sorvico, Wadticsdu),
Uantlst Ckurek—Twelfth and 81.
Qeorge. Services ut 11 a.m. uiul Jtlfi
p. m. Buuduy School und Bible Class
at 3:80 p. m. Prayer uud Praise Service,.
vv,-,in, .ui., ■ at 8 p. 111. Pustor, lluv A
1. Prosser, Twelfth und St. Ueurge.
SI, .1,ilm Ike i;iiii,c.,Tisi, Kb.lnli unl
Thirteenth Huly Cumniuiiluii, 8 u. 111
Morning Prayer, 11 a. 111. KvciiIih
Prayer, 7:30 p.m. On Hie lirst Sunduv
in the munth there will be a aecund
,-,'i, luuiiuu at Hie Hnly Cuininunlun
at II a.m.   Rector, llev. Hugh Hooper
St.   MBIUBd's   I llllillll,'   ITilll.'li,   SlMli
snd Milium Avenue Siimluy llii li
Muas and Sermon, 10 u.m Sunday
iui,,,.'1 3:30 n, in, 1," ui ■ und Rene-
diction, 7:80 n m.    Friday- -Low Mnsu,
I a m. Puslur, Ruv. ,1. A. Ruduid.
O. M. I.
ladllB I Olhiille I Uurel,  ol HI.  ITi.il'.
Mala, 7:30 u.m.. Sunduys.   Puaiur. Rev
E.   I'ei lllllll,  O. M. I.
Ckrlstlaa Science — "KlinlieiT, 1 '
Chesterfield   Avenue   Hielwueii   Four-
 mli and Fifteenth streets).   Bundu:.
Services st 11 a.m. Tesliiiiuiiy Meet
lug, Wednesday, 8:00 p, in.
81. Tkaaias-8 a.m.. every Sunduv
■ ".i'i first Bunduy In month. 8:30
a. m. first Sunduy In month. II a. in
Matins, l.n,ni;, and Bermuii, aecund uml
fourth Sunday. Huly Communlun 11ml
:., iiiuiii, firsl and llilrd Sunduys Vlcur,
Rev. T. IS. Rowe.
I'reslijIerUu I'kurrk Niimbiyn. It
a. nt. and 7:30 p in. Sun,hi! Sen.ml und
Bible Class, 8:30 p.m. Teucliers' Train
Ing Class, Wednesday, 7:30. Pruyer
Meeting. Wedueailuy, 8 1 m Roys'
Club, Tliursdiiy. 7:30 1 111 Chulr Practice, I'Tld.i.v 8 p.m. R, Vull .".iui, 1.1
H. A , puslur
LYNN V A 8.1.88 Y
l'rr»li)lnlali   IfcUrCk—Worship,   Sill,
days,   li   u. ill   und   7   p nt.    Suinluy
School, 2:18 p 111.   I'.iiuiu. Rev. A   M.i,
BSclkodlst 1,'kurek -Wurship Sundays. 11 u 111. and 7:00 p. ill Sunduv
Schuul. 2:16 p. 111 Puslur, llev •'..
Fakeley w
M. 1 nunni'», 1 iuu  Valley—Matins,
II a.m Bunday Schuul 3.30 pm. Even-
Cong 7.00 p.m. Huly I'uiiiiiiiiiilon .■,,,,,,,
Bunday In muuih at It 00 iuu    Nnrinut
J. TT1.1 mui,ni In charm
voire   PAW.
i'ulil0 iii and see ust   Wu will lie unly
turn pleased lu show yuu uur samples,
Vancouver Buiineu Directory
Yorkshire Guarantee k Securitiei
Corporation, limited
440 Seymour Street
E. Kerr Houlgate - - - Muiiagei
All Nortb Vancouver people eat at
Either fleck Hlock or Hastings St.,
opposite tbe new pust office. Immaid
salli bis tea by the pound,
Dl Uu MatUr of Tbe Leonard Bale
Company, Assigned
Tbe creditors having given imperative
instructions lo culled all outstanding
accounts, parlies indebted to tbe abuve
"Tbe Leonard Bale Compguy," are requested In cell and settle their indebted'
nese forthwith. This can he doue by
either calling at the store, 1)11 Luusdale
Aveuue, Norlh Vancouver, lo tbe man
iu charge, or at tbe office ol Wilson *.
I'erry, Assignees, .'Iild Hastings street
West, Vancouver.
 W. J, WIIJ30N,
if. « Assignee,
W. H. Stoney & Co.
ill Esplanade Wust. Pbone hu
(nest tu I'liiii'iuuii, ibiblie k 1 T:nl.i
111,111111 corda of dry Ar wood for quick
tale, Price per odd cordi, 11.70. Spe
clal quotations.for larger quantities.
Out Wood, Hi Inches, $3.26. 13 Inches
♦3.60. C. 0. D.
Ollice and Yard—14th and Lonidale
Plione 190.     P. 0. Uoi 2432.
vv vrr.11 MITII K
l-'ur a l.leeast lu Take aad I »•  vv ut,,
NOTICK la liereliy t; 1 v.n lliut Newport Uil,!, und Tile 1 umpuny l.lmn,,i
vuncuuvei', will apply lur u license tu
lake and use 100 cubic lecl per second
ol wuler uul ul rili,nin,ui i'reek, which
(lows lu a northwesterly dlrecllon
iiiiiiui.n l.ul 808. group I. New Weal
minuter lllslrlel, and empties Inlu
lluwe Buund neur tile heud Ihereuf
The wuter will be diverted ul the heud
uf llle fulls ulld Hill he used llll pnWel
purpuses un llle lund described as l.ul
808, Oroup I, New Westminster Dis
Tills Nutlce wua puated ull tin
Kiuund un lliu 881h day ul July, 1818.
Thc application will bl died In the
ufflce ul the Wuter Recorder ul New
' ,1 i. ■ inu.'  may be llled with Hu: sulil
Water Recorder ur wllh Ibo Cumuli ol
'.labia. Parliament II11IM
tug.  Victoria   H
ler of Wuler Hi, in    r.n Iluu,, ui
K.  Vlclurla.  IT c
J   11  llevey. Aaeni
A  TICK 111
vv V n 11 SilfUF.
Fat 1 License lu Take aad t «•■ Wafer
NoTH'l.' Is hereby given that New-
part Wulel I'ullipully I.tinlled ul Vun
couver, will upply fur u llcenae lu take
and uae two hundred culdc feel per aecond ot wuter not uf .ii.iiiiiiu:, Creek,
which llowa lu u southwesterly direction iiu- 11 1 Biuuiiiua Vulley, uud empties Into lluwe Hound neur the Ilea'
The wuler will be diverted at the
polnl of liilerac'Clloii wllh the portlieilv
Inuii uf T I, 'ii'.'ul uiid will be used lol
Munlclpul purpuses on the land described us Lol 188, Oroup 1. New Westminster lllslrlel
Tills 1,"il, • wua puated un Hie ground
on llic 28th duy ol July. 1818
The uppllcuHun will be llleil In Hie
ufflce uf lliu Wuler Recorder ul New
Obleclluns may be hied with the sulil
Water llecurder or with lbe Comptroller of Water Hlulils. Parliament
Kiili.iii'i;   Victoria, U c
T. V   M"n In   Agent
Kur a License Is.Take aad I se Ualer
Nuili'K la hereby ajveii Ihul New
port Wuler 1:0 Mulled uf Vuncuuvei,
will upply for u license lu lube ami
use J00 cubic feet per secund uf wulel
uul uf Munuiuam i'reek. which lluvvu lu
u luulhwcuteily dlrecllon through the
Mauntuuin Vulley und empties Intu eust
brunch H'lu.inilsli lliver neur Howl
The wuler will be diverted ut H«
head of Ihc llrsl fulls below Dual Creek
und will be used for puwer nurpoaea
un the land described as Lul Itt, gruup
I   New Westminster lllslrlel
This nuilce wus puated uu the ground
un Ihc 88th duy uf July, 1118.
Thc application will be Jlled In the
oMce of the Water Recorder ut' New
Oblc'ciiuns may be filed Willi the1 said
Water Recorder ur wllh the r.'uinplrol
ler uf Waler Rights. Parliament Build
Inns. Vlclurla, B ti
1   H, llevey, Agent.
1836     THE SANK OF
78 Yean in XmlUM- 0»PM »* *ww »W W.MO0
For our customers' oonveuleuco we issue Letters of Credit payable iu
1 .Hindu Sterling for use in Qreat Britain and all part* nt the wnrld, and
payable In Dollars fur use in Cauada, Uuitud States, Meiico, Bermuda, Bahamas, Cubu aud the Wust Indies.
Wo buy uml sell Drufts un Franco, Germany, South Africa, Australia,
Nuw Zealand, Indlu, China, Japan and tho West Indies.
Two Offices in North Vancouver, Corner of Lonidsle Ave
and Eiplanade. Upper Lonidale Avenue, near Uth Street
Cooking this
Weather is
Mighty Hot Work
Bul some Ranges radiate LE33 l'eat than others.
The NKW CHANCELLOR, fitted with the
Guciney K(onoini/-er, insuiet a delightfully cool kitchen, a perfectly even healed oven, and the smallest
possible fuel hill.
(all and lei us di'iuonslrale this to you.
90 Lonsdale Avenue      Next to P.O.
Palace Hotel
Second Slreei, North Vancouver, B. C.
RATES:- $2.00 per duu up.    Special
rulii In lamilies and lo regular boulders.
The Commercial Union Assurance
Co., Ltd. wT       PAID $4,250,000
Quickly sud piuttipUy on account ol thc Hsu Frsncuco earthqusks snd Ore.
How many Companies could do tills?
Its aasots amount to Sll/i.ntW.UWI
A postal will bring uur iopr«KuUtlv«
ll, .lil< lit  Audit
It liousdale Avouuo tnd (Jtpllanu Ou Tsnuluus
PIlOMs: Lonsdule 167. O»pUl410 161.
Wc solicit ihe Irade of all builders who appreciate
I ligh Grade Goods at a moderate price, and the
prompt and careful filling of orders, which our large
slock and Iting experience in business makes possible.
Burrard Sash & Door Factory, Ltd.
A Double Ender
50 x 175 ft. on two graded roads, 17th St. and Yorkshire
Qescent, close to Fell Ave. carline, and all cleared and
nearly level. A snap at $2,000, Qne-third.oah, b»l. 6 an^ 12 mooiha
(ML* Pnoiu 173,
EaliMu Pbons
V. O, Bo* iwi.
9l hty* tin forming offerings forth making Inquiry about, y|i.:
Lot 16, Q)ack 88, P. L. 878, reduced to $1,900.
-Two lots |n Block 80, D. ?,. 873,11,000 each.
Small tan* and lot o» 10* street, only $8,100,
Four lota on }6tb itreet, $8,6110 for the wholo.
Pit; fractional lata, Block 87, 0. L ttl, only $3,000.
Pint class naw residence, 7 rooms and all modem conveniences. Lot
tatlti ftat—a bargain »t $4,800.
SU room bungalow on Tamps Heights. Urge basement, lot ooxiio feet
A bargain at $4,000.
Beautiful Hollyburn home and large lot for $10,000-oiiofourth caab.
Balance to arrange.
The Burrard Development Company
(Successors to Klder Murray Compauy Limited)
17 Lonsdalo Phouo 37
Boys and Girls Take Notice
J. E. Scouten's Book Store
(N. 8. Book aud Stationery (,'umpauyl.
38 Lousdale Avenue PHONB 191
Electric Irons
10 Days' Free Trial
Bolves the Hummer Ironing Problem
I'ur inr wc arc offering a "iiolpoiul" ul' llic lilt, size,
general household use, for $4,611. Thia iron ia similar to all '
except that the upper surface is uupolialieil.
un.nu,  for
I I,,I j,,11,In     '
A Good
Bend your friends wbo aro Interested
lu tbe Nortb Shore a copy of
"The Express"
It will keep tlicin posted on all
Nortb Shore News and will ouly cost
$1 per year
District Council Meeting
Tho West Vancouver District council met iu the scbool bouse, Hollyburn,
on Tueaday, August 20th.
It wub resolved tbat no more contracts for work be let until euch time
as tho sale of tbe debentures could bo
arranged, Reeve Nelson oxpluiniug
that Borne difficulties in the sale of tbo
stock had arisen and that at present
the overcrowding of the market with
municipal debentures meaut lliul if
thoy were disposed of at the present
market, value it would be at u sacrifice. The above resolution was pro
posed by (,'oun. Mathers, chairman of
the finance coniinittee, und was pm."
A question arose us lo the opening
up of new roads.
(loun. Umi.luu;:, 1 ineutioueil that a
ludy had upproached him relative to
the opeuing up of a road tu her pro
perty und pointing out the great in
convenience cuuaeii her liy ueglccl of
doing aame, It was resolved that nee
ssiary roads be opened, upon the people
involved giving tlieir lioud to erect
llie iieci'ssary buildings.
0. P. B. Bailway Boute Map Approved
by Oouncll
The ruilwuy roule of the 0. I'. II. as
mapped out hy I'ulouel Duvis, wua ap
Bale of Float to Ferry Company
It was proposed by Coun. Mai hem
and secouded hy Coun. UinUliurger,
that the limit attached to the wharf
ul ll,,ll'.I.mn ba Hold lo Ihu Wot Van
couver Ferry Company.
Mr. John Iniv.'un asked permission' lu uildri'Ha tbu couucil,
pointing oul that the usefulness of
the Ileal above mentioned ul Holly
hum fur lying small craft lu wua a
public convenience.
Fire By Law
The Weat Vancuuver Fire Uy Law
waa read a secqnd time, the llnul read
ing lu lake place uu Tuesday1 next
Cuuu. UinUburgcr proposed thai Ine
Procedure Bylaw he read lhe Ural
Messrs. I'riugle k (lul|irie were up
pointed lu act aa thc couucil'a soli
ii,,i iu railway matters coining he
lore the authorities iu Ottawa.
bum will bt made the laat of this
iporitb, au tbat With the beginning of
September everything will bo iu shupe
for Uie transaction of all district business in tbe attractive and convenient
municipal domicile un Lawson Koad.
"•iiihnn.," said tbe Sunday school
teacher, "can you tell me what caused
tbo flood I" "Yes, ma'ani," answered
the littlo fellow; "it rained."
Billy once waa vory silly.
Aud this foolish thing did do;
Found a inirrur iu un uah lteiip.
And hu ute it ull up, tool
Wondered why hu frit so chilly—
As lie niuidi'i'i',1 buck to towu;
Quite forgetting wilh the mirror
Also weut the mercury dowu I I
New Municipality
West Vancouver
Buy a large lul al a small price; easy
terms, Slashed uud burnt, Lots, 1611
feet hy 611 feet, for $01111. Besl view in
thu whole districl. tlet busy before
Ihey uil go.
Apply Owner, D, L, 1048, Tuylor
road. , 83
OtfflWnued frW» **« l
Ratepayers Will Discuss
Railway and Ferry
The ratepayers of Wesl Vaueouver
will hold a public meeting in thc
achool houae on Tuesday evening al t
o'clock. There are several mailers of
public 11,1,111.nt uow under wuy upon
which it ia though! desirable lhat thu
ratepayers should espress tbeir opiuiou
The proposed route of thc l'acillc Ureal
Eastern Railway through tbe district
will lie discussed, the new ferry by
law for raising $120,000 will be uuder
consideration and other matlcia uf pub
lie moment will be dealt with.
Municipal Offices in New Home
II is expected thai Ihc Irausfcr of
ibe records, etc. of ihe municipality
from the temporary offices iu Vancou
ver, lo thc new municipal hall al Holly
For lhe raising of the Thompson
Block, auulb west curner Second uud
Luusdale lu grade. Speclflcalluus lu lie
had ut the uttli'c uf Wm. .1. Hick, Nu.
Od, Lunailale avenue. Uida lu be open
ed Muiidiij murniug, 10 o'cloel., 20lh
Inst. 26 I
Mealed Tendera marked "Tender for
grading" will bo received by Ihe cily
clerk uf the city uf Norlh Vancouver
up to 6 o'clock on Tliuraday tbe 20th
day uf Augual, IHU, fur grading
Fourth slrect from Mabun avenue to
HI.  Andrew's avenue.
Estimated cut 16,600 cubic yarda.
Said grading lu be done accordiug
lo plana, profiles, cruaa sections uud
specifications prepared by Ibe City
All leuders lur llie abu\e mentioned
wurk muat be made un furma supplied
by Ihe Cily Engineer.
A certified cheque fur 6 per ceul. of
the amount of the tender made payable to Ibe City Treasurer must accompany each and every teuder.
A bond of 25 per cent, of the
amount of the contract will be required.
The loweal or uuy lender uul neces
sarily accepted.
City Kngineer
tTly Engineer's Office,
Norlh Vancouver,
I'Tii  August, iuu
Tho adjudicator was personally disinclined to award ony prizu fpf tlio
male quartette work, nejtbM nt j,e
competing foursomes having secured
76 per cunt, murks. At the request
of tbe committee, however, tbo quartette which secured flrst place was
presented with the four gob) medals
awarded iu relation to this class. The
members of this quartette cmanatod
from South Hill, South Vuncouvor.
Tlte successful soprano wus Mrs. .1.
1:. l.Tilu'ii u locul singer. Dr. llurper
described her singing as quite artistic and charming. Tbu gold inedul
for i'lun singing fell tu tho lot of Mr.
W. M. Mudie, whiini the ductor expected to hear uf uguin. Tho prize for
bass soloist was secured by Mr. W.
Hall of Vaucouvor.
Dr. llurper guve a few wurda uf advice to those preparing solos for com
petiliuu purposes, dwelling upon Ihe
importance of discovering for them
selves whut the composer wished frum
puiut of view of interpretation, llu
likened lbe ■„Tlm;.' uf a sottg to the
lines of i'lial.,' prln.'. which were
merely the structure upon which the
interpreter bad to work.
On lhe resumption of tbe concert,
the um ml I'hoira uguin aung under
the direction of Mr. A. ti. Waghortie,
upon whose shoulders much organization wurk bad fallen, while, immediate-
ly   befure    departure    Mr.    Barluu'a
choir pnvu a splendid rendering of
Macfarren's "You  Hlulc  My  Love."
The massed choirs were grouped on
the atuge under un urigiual arrange
in,Til by the IT Tuul Cuu
ductor, Mr. Wugl|ornc, wherein curb
soctiou was formed inlo a triutigleund
these titled inlu each uther thereby
bringing ull fuur purls furward lu lite
front of tin' stuge and producing an
excellent effect frum the standpoint
of Ihe audience. The result was
everything Ibal could be desired and
the luu singers followed Iheir conductor with a precision lliul was inspiring,
Mr. T. Vi, Wurd of the' Warburnll/.
l'iano Houae, acted throughout as accompanist, i.uili for uli, im,ru uml even
ing sessions,
Mr. Wughorue attributes Ihc sue
cess entirely to Ihe assistance he had
frum the secretary, H. V. Hluart. and
Ihc, uasialaut secretary, F. M. J. Bar
ker, whose energies huve fur noine
lime pual beeu concentrated uu the
festival. Others volunteered Iheir help
and in nu small way cuutribulcd there
by lu lhe success.
Besides the donaturs of awards nteu
tinned  above  lhe   North  Hliure  Press
gnu' a gold medal iu Class I,, and llie
following  gentlemen  contributed  geu
ruusly in cash:  lleeve  May,  Messrs.
Hull'our  Ker,  L.   W.utls   Doney,  Iv
forts that nothing but praleo   was
Previous to tbe supper, all thosiug-
ors woru grouped pn tbo steps of the
hall and a photograph taken by Mr.
Oarbntt ,pt North ;V|ncou.ver, a re-
piTiiiiii'iinii qf which in soon above.
Cannot Construct Road
to Zinc Mines
On tbo grounds thut the construction of a road connecting Lynn Valley with tho zinc and copper mining
region some dialuiicti iulnnd will cost
more than tbe CHtlmatud aum of (1,0110
even if built only lo the boundary of
tbo municipality, the district council
decided lust evening thul It could not
ut preaetit uinlertuko to construct the
The Weatern Dominion Lund and Investment Company wrote on behalf of
the Lynn Osa.ll 'Hue Milieu, Ltd., offering a bond of $1,000 Ihut it would
spend $1,01111 on ita plant within six
months. Coun. Bridginuti, chuirmuu of
the finance committee, aaid thut tbe
council could nut uiiderluke the work
tbia yeur because tho expenditures for
llll:! bud ull lieen upproprialcd |o
other Improvement wurk.
It bus been fouml Ibal the polea
creeled by the H. C. Telephone C'o. for
the inslalluliiiii of a telephone service
in the Vulley huve been placed 011 the
wrong I"'uni':' 1111 the Lyuu Valley
Houd. The council (on the inotiun of
(,'oun. Westover) wuk forced lu ask
Ihe compauy to replace all their poles
on thia Iborougbl'ure from lhe Allun
Hoad In the 11 ■■-■!  Road,
A bylaw for the transfer uf 126,000
inu,Tiuu from lbe Hank of British
Nurlli America In Ihc Bank of. Ham
illiui  passed  ila  lirsl   reading.
The council decided lu call for lou
ders fur Ihe erection uf a new lire bull
011 the municipal quarry sile.
New Industry for North
Mr. Henry Muillurd lias started a
bollliug wurks ul 117 Firsl strut west,
which he recently acquired, Kilcnsivc
alterations ure being made in lbe building ami -whi'ii eoinplcled u large plan!
1 the most modern machinery will be
installed. All kinds ul' aerated valors
uud sofl drinks will be made u't ir tin'
must approved und sanitary met liud*.
Mr Maillurd is operating an exlenai 0
buttling plant in Alaska known as lhe
Cordova Hi.tiling Works, but su;a he
has come lo aluy in North Vancouver.
nd will enlarge.his premises aa soon
The   While
conditions   warrant   hia  so   duiug.
new company  will  he known aa
Heal  Bollliug  c'o.,  Norlh
II  Bridgman, John Huvul und I' Weal
The   Ladies'    Aid   societies   of   Ihc
Ihree churches combined lo look after the  unattractive and
the supplying uf auppcr lo lhe visit   offer nu return, alsu;
ora ami so successful  were their ef   highest reward.        »
He who loves must is the richest uf
mankind; not the worthy aloue; uot
lliu lovely alone; not the attractive
aloue— but the unworthy, the unlovely,
Ibuse who cau
love is ils own
The Scotch Tea Rooms
Business QcuUouieu'a Popular Lunch Place.
Breakfast 8,00 to 10.00. Lunch 12.00 to 2.00
High Tea 6,(/0 till 7.30.   Afternoon Teas.
Short Orders specially attended to.
TO   HKNT    Booms.    Eighth   and
Lousdale. Phone VI. I.f,
KOOMH FOK* HKNT    Housekeeping
and siugle.   214 2nd street east.
FOII HKNT   I roomed Collage. Keni
116 pel month. 112 1Mb streel west.
FOlt HKNT 0 ruumed Hal uear
ferry, Ut per inonlb. Apply Warbum
ita l'iano House. t,f.
FOH HKNT -room shack, $10 per
moulh. Apply Mra. Knight, 7th and
lii'ip.■-.■■■•: aveuue.
TO LBT Ten roomed furnished
house on Keith ruad, car line 110.00 a
no,nth Apply owner, Knglisli Kitchen.
Phone 211. 'Ht
FOH  SALK   Apples,    eating    and
,'ookiqg, Kccne, 15th street cast. 27-8
__ 'TO BKNT 6(tooui Snoderu house,
Ilh street west, block from lamsdale.
Apply 2311 til. slrect W. 288
FOH KF.NT Colonial Apartments, I
roomed suite, unfurnished. Inquire Dicr
sscn, 81b street aud Ut. Andrew's. I'bone
Htll. •   t.f.
•4OU ItKrJT Urge roomy," Well
lighted store with stable and 6 ruumed
hai over store, corner Lynn Valley aud
Centre Hood). Apply Merchants Trust
k Trading ','0. Ltd., 044 Fonder St, W.,
Vancouver, 11 U. t.f.
TO HKNT Furnished, 7 roomed bungalow overlooking Lynn  Valley Park
.on carline. Hot water beating, and all
modem conveniences, vleclrie light,
open fireplace etc, ate. Furniture prac
.tiraliy new. Bent Ut pet month. Apply i. Gould, Crawford Boad, !</«
Vjllsy. t.f.
FOH HACK -Tent 12x14 aud 0 youug
laying bens. Apply 622 Keith lluud
FOK HALK- Nearly uew parlor
stove, with pipes and stand. AppY
4111 St. George Ave. 27-8
WANTKD Listings from owners uf
property in I), L. 237, West Vancuuver.
Box tit, Express Office.
FOlt HALK—7-roomed modern bouse,
ilil east, near J&likllMt) nuriluiiH. A[)'
ply P, 0. Hox 2287, Norlb Vancouver. BM
FOB BALK Or exchange for North
Vaueouver real estate, an equity of
$1,600 iu IV acres of lirst class farm
land in Hurrey, Apply Box AIM, Kxpress OlBcc. Uf
FOB SALK Kltig's road east, %
block from Lonsdale, facing aouth, 2
lots, 100 feet, $2,700. $600 cash, bal
ance 7 years, for 8 wee|is only. Box
liyi, North Vancouver. t.f.
FOK HAI*)- Voung ducks ht fur
market. AppLy Mrs. Olart,~23rd slrect
west uf Mahon. ^3 8
FOB HALF New live roomed bun
galow; modern, fireplace, piped for
furnace, paneled dining loom; dry lol;
1'/, blocka from Lonsdule car, on liOlh
Hlrcet Kust. Price $3,100. Terms.
Owner, Uox AI16, Kxprcss Offlce.
WANTKD-/Woman    for    kitchen
work.  Apply Scotch Tea Booms. 27 8
WANTKD -Two girla for laundry
work. Capilano Steam laundry, tar-
son Boad and Fir street. t.f.
WANTKD- Hoom and board for
working buy. Wale best terms. P. 0,
Box 1836, Nurth Vaacouver.       lit
WANTKD—By young lady, responsible position, cashier aud bookkcep
ing. Apply Box Alll, Kxpress Office. 23-8
WANTKD—Driver for meal wagon
Apply Avenue Meal Markcl, lllh HI.
and   Lousdale. 23 8
; huil time loans un vacant or Improved pruperty. Hlnr Luau Cuinpany,
dll   lla Ting",   VumiiuiiT t.f.
WANTKD Nne unfurnished room
wilh place for stove. Hlale rent. Hax
110, Kxpress Oflice.
Lady wishes to rent good one, two
or three roomed cottage. $6 lo $10.
Particulars Ilox A IKI.
WANTKD-At once. Hmnrf ywitb
for delivery wagon. Apply Crawford
k McConkey, Keith Kuud and Moody
Avenue. 1W-H
v, a .vn.11 ,\t on»e, furnished bed
sitting room for yoong genii, ifinn.
Wuuld like breakfast furnished if pos
siblc. Keply P. 0. Box 2137, Nortb
Vaueouver. U-l
Good youug stock bull kept, cornar
Bobiusou and Capilauo roads. W. H
Wilkins. ti
For tne watch snd jewelry work go
tp Geo. Homcrloii, the new Jewelry slorc
on tnd street.
Dressmaking aud Ladies' Tailor.
Mrs. P. Kiser, Boom 7, Thomson U <ck,
N. Vancouver. 9-t
WANTKD-I*dlei to call at Hair
Dressing Parlors /or an up to dale hair
dressing,. shampooing, massage and
manicuring, Kaith Block, department 7.
Tea, Tea Craam, Buttermilk,   Milk,
ream asd Butter, Purity Creamery, )(•)
Second street weat.
If you hare any proporty to Sell Ud
want quick results, list It with Short,
Bobsrtaon aad Seymour. t.f.
tlenllcnian wishes eumfurlalile room
iu Nprtb Luusdale. Full particulars lo
Express Offlce. 20 8
If you have any property to sell and
want quick results, liat It witb Short,
Bobcrtaon and Soymour. ,     t.f
MONKY TO* MIAN—Money loaned
ou diamonds, jewelry, furs, Star Loan
Co., 814 Hastings, Vancouver.        ti.
Lonsdale Realty Cq,, (535 Lonsdale -
Agreements discounted at current rates.
Money waiting. Listings solicited.  I.f.
When needing coal or building sup
plica, call up phone 488, North Sboro
Coal k llupplj <h.) Ktekhams wharf,
L, S. Katou, manager.' Note name aod
phone number. If-
Aiiibnri/i'd agent for Slagor Sewing Machine Company In Nortb Van
couver. 1. J, McAlcccc, Dry Gooda aod
Dents' Furnishings, corner Firat and
I.onsdalo Avenue. tf.
a). 0. Usui and Boara" »t»Was-
I.lgkt rigs and ladies' saddle horses
for hire. StlbHog tti horses. Genera) delivery and heavy teaming. H,
Dumas, tth Street west. Phona. M7 If,
Kami Clearing and Grading Lots,
Pete Andruss, Geuoral Contractor. Sower connections a specialty, basemont
aud other excavating work undertaken.
Kstimates free. 627 St. Qeorgo's Avo.,
Nortb Vancouver, post offlco box 23.03,
Orders for cnbiucl uud picture frame
making promptly executed. Furniture
and olli.e fittings tu auy design. Jobbing work aud repairs of all kinds
specially attended to. Kstimates free.
I. P.. ii.'in, . 1230 Lousdale Avenue,
Norlb Vancouver, Pboue L147.
All owners of properly la tho cjty>
of Nortb Vancouver whether holding
under deed or under agreement for
aale, muit}, In order tbat their names
appear ou tho Votors' List for 191*,
register in the laud Begistry Offlce
tbo documents of title under wliab
tbey claim a vote.
f. AUSTIN BPQfftf,
lit City Olerk,
s tm
Rooming House or Offices
On lha Upper floor of tha
Wide Entrance and wall lighted Hallway
Par particulars apply to r        "~*
London & Britiih North America Company, Limited
(Mahon, McFarland A Procter, ltd.)
618 Fender Street Wast
(Phona Heymour tilt, Bantal Depart ment)
We Are Selling Lots
in D.L. 613, immediately norlh of D.L, 204, at prices
(rom $650 to $775,   Terms one-sixth cash, balance
spread over two and a half years, with no interest.
<| Now is the time to buy, before railway development.
Safety Deposit Boxes to Rent
North Shore Locators
Coal, Brick, Lime, Gravel, Sand, Plaster,
Cement, Lath, Sewer Pipes, and
General Builders' Supplies
Office: 56 Lonidale Avenue.   Phone 198
Wharf: Foot of St. Georgei's Avenue.      Phone 178
We have some good, inside buys;
also good acreage listings Lynn
Valley Sub-division.
i\ Lei us quote you'rales on Fire, Ufe and Accident
McMillan & reid
I'llOHO    111
Joint Civic Advertising Committee
Meets Its Critics
Dissatisfaction was voicpit on Tuesday afternoon liy representatives of
tlte district council mnl tliu forry dl-
rueturula Willi thu general niatlioi|u em
|i|uyet| liy (lie ,loii)t Uivic Advertising
t'niiiiiiiiiri' ami Mr. William I<awler,
tlie |iuli|iclty fommlsaloner. The occa
sion wua a regular meeting of the
committee, with Mr. Ales. I'hilip pre
silling over au attendance comprising
Alii. Irwin, AM. Foreman, l'nu/i. I.oii
tot, Mi'!,iii.i. I'erry, Monlon, Wright,
Ulailwin, i'ii.,i■ i,i•■ ■ 11 ami Idwier.
Discussion |irimarily arose from a
letter from the ferry l.mir.l expressing
dissatisfaction with the way in whicii
the 'money donated to the committei)
wae being spent, it being submitted
that curtain arrangements made upon
the appointment of thc commisaiuiicr
hud nut been roinplicd with.
Tiic chairman, by wuy of preamble,
urged ilmi llic flrat requisite waa fnr
thc I'uutmittce lu have thu confidence
of public liuunla. When lie read the
paragraph published iu the preaa re
i-cnlly affui'liug tho committee and
Mr. I.:,nl, i. ho deemed it advisable iu
the inlereala of the work thuy were
currying #i|tt tu convene a meeting of
thu I'limiuitlue at an early date.      .
Mr. I'urry briefly moved that t'ue
furry board's letter be received. As
a member "I the committee, Mr. I'erry spiiku warmly upun tliu idea uf the
publicity coftimlssloiior being oxpecl
cd to "rustic for hia owu salary" or
in olher wurda collect subscriptions tu
tbia end. How euuld Mr. I .an lor be
expected lo be uutaidc collecting ninl
attending lu his other duties inside at
tliu same l imu I 11 wus a pliysirul im
possibility. Thu commissioner could
only bo eipected to do a fair day's
wurk. Mr. I'erry sought to kuow iu
what reaped Mr. I,awler had failed In
do his duly.
Mr. Murden railed attention to thc
fart i in,i both (loun. Iaiutet and Mr.
Wriglil respectively, representing the
district ami the ferry board respective
ly, wuru present at the meeting of the
committee In which Mr. I mlu sub
milted bis repurt. "That rcpurl,"
said Mr. Morden, "wus read, received
and accepted in urder lu be distributed In tlu> public builics interested. Tlie
representatives uf tlie districl council
and llic ferry buard weru parties lu
acceptance. It is very strange indeed,
Ibal Ihis being s.i they irtiuuld gu bark
tu tlieir boards and proceed lu make
complaints, It wuulil have ouly been
gentlemanly nn Iheir part tu lay their
iilijeiliiiiis lu the committee rather
than lu accept the repurt uud then up
pose It."
Tbe , I,un uuiu prupused Ihul llie Iwu
representatives shuuld be heard be
lure being criticised.
"Is this a trial'of Hie ferry direr
turs aud thc ilistricl council ur ia II
un ordinary meeting uf Die commit
led" ,|iini,,l (loun. I.nut,T. As a
matter uf fait, lie believed at Ihe time
lhat the reading aud acceptance of the
report uus merely su lliut il might be
forwarded lo the bodies interested whu
mul,! I In-ii luuk into it and nl ae
Aid. Irwln did uul see wbal action
could be luken ulher than In accept
the report    If, huwever, Ihu methods
O. M. SLOAN, Manager.
P. LARSON, Proprietor.
M'l   m*-*  I
-M     i
[• i ,
Unequalled Resort for Holiday, long or short.
Family Rooms en tuite with special rates.
Modern appointments throughout, spacious grounds, high class service al moderate rales.
Easy trail to top of Grouse Mountain, altitude 3,000 feel.
Mng followed by tin committee were
not satisfactory tq tba entire !>ody,
thuu that was a queetiuu to lis ills-
cusaed, ao that waye and menus might
ba faund to remedy ftp. situatiuu.
Mr. Wright recalled tbat at tho in
I'i'piiim of tha schema be bail boon
proud as a terry director to nunc the
dtmatioii of Unil, believing thai with
a commissioner of more thau average
ability good work might bu done iu
advertising the city and district. Mr.
Wright, thought, however, that it was
understeqd nu Mr. Uwler'i Hp"olnt
in,-ni that he wuuld solicit donations—
or ouileavor to do so—to the amount
uf hia salary. Now the directors ilml
lhal most of the money ao far lias eppi
in salaries. That was tbe eieeption
Ihe board took to tbe financial report,
iu which tbere was uo word of anything being collected at all.        ,
Mr. Lawlor reminded the inuetinu
that the financial report dated from the
firat of the nur, and included of
cuursc, sume expensus of the uid oflice. Tbe commissioner denied thai
there waa auy agreement made to thu
effect that he should collect hia owu
salary.   Had there beon any such thing
iu., iu ,i. he wuulil nut have consider
ed the mallei for one muiuent. The
duties uf the cummiaaioner woru ape
• iii.nlli atated in the minutes, and
llm:,.' miuutes contained no juoution of
iiiiiihing of the kind. "The district
uuucil and tho furry buard," de
elared Mr. Lnwlcr, "havu passed wbat
is virtually a vute of censure upun mu
pursntially, I am not working for the
cily ferriea nor for tbe district couu
cil. I am engaged by the Joint Civic
Advertising llpiiirailtee and am au
nn 'inlil. - to tbem alniie. Auy criticism
uf my work should be made right here
ami uut elsewhere. If tbe repurts that
I havu read are Irue, lhe mailer
uu,,,iii,i tu a breach uf contract uu
my part."
t'uiin. I,unlet inquired whether Mr.
I.Hitler's remarks were based upun
slreet talk, newspaper rupurl ur fael.
The eummissioner becoming iucreus
ingly emphatic, Mr. I'hilip assured bim
that he coold ruly upon the suppurl
uf the committee in Ihis matter.
Aid. Foreman, reverting tu the topic
uf argument, said tbat he did nut
think it was umlrrstoud tbat if be hail
lime be wuuld sulicit iluuatiuns. Mr.
I-T,i,mui. Iliuiiglit lhe mistake had
arisen thruugh curtain applicants fur
the position stating al Ihu time that
Ihey were williug if required to cul
leet their uwn salary. The whule
scheme, the alderman contended, was
in its infamy yel ami it wuubl be a
pily lu throw euld waler ou it. It
wuuld probably develop intu a good
lliiug if properly carried uul.
Mr. W. I'. Iiiu,Imiii Staled iTuphlili
, nil-, thai he euusidereil the furry di
rectors were wilbiu Iheir rights iu
forwarding thc letter whieh had been
read lu Ihe committee,   ile remember
ed  diatinctly  that  it  was   uut, i t I
al Ihe Iuuu lhat the coyumissiouer
wuuld be llle km,I uf mau whu wuubl
gel uul and solicit auhscriptiuns to
,-.,ii,i, l,i. „uii salary If the com
missioner was nul giveu lu Under
im,,I Ihis there was some mistake
i'uuu. i.uulel cuuteuded lhal his Hrst
duties were tu the district cuuucil, and
it was ridiculous to argue that he
shuuld have aired his views lu tbe
cummitleu bufuru submilling them tu
the eouueil which he represented The
councillor proceeded lo criticise a fold
er which had been recently issued by
Ibe committee and whieb he argued,'
contained statements that were false
Mr. I.anler and the speaker indulged
iu a wordy dispute as to the truth
about the l'acillc Oreat Kaatorn, the
('unu,liun l'acillc, Iho dry dock at
Huche l'uinl and lbc waterfront project of Mr. J. P, Fell. "Nothingnew
had been clone in advertising Ibis
i.ui ii," I'uuu. I,uut,t ,,mii unci, "ami
in neither of these pamphlets is there
in,iiiiun of the residential attractions
of the district—the very thing upuu
which wc principally base our hopes
and ambitions."
Aid. Irwiu thought that Ihe duties
of tbe publicity cummissiouer bail been
carried out. lie considered It very un
desirable tbat thc idea ehould get
abruad that tbu commissioner bad been
negligent. Tbe committee wauted to
be fair lo him and to themselves.'
Mr. I'erry likened the work of tbe
coinmieeioncr to tbe building of au ails-
let and submitted tbat the foundation
bail beeu satisfactorily laid.
('oun. Loutet, following up tbis fig
are  nf   speech,   dlsairread.   bowavti,.
with tbe system of letting tbe contract for tbe labor and leaving the material until tbe following year. Ha bad
contended all through that tbe time
was  not  ripe for a commissioner at
*!l, '■'"..
After considerably more coatroveny
Aid. Irwin moved, and waa seconded
by Mr. Gladwin, tbat tbt letter from
tba ferry board be replied to, to tba
elect tbat tke commissioner's duties
'art clearly set forth ia Ibe minutes,
tad tbat tb the beat of tba committee's
knowledge   tbaae   duties   bav*   baen
Capita. Paid Up ••• ,1 SMtwo
Reserve and Undivided Proflta  8,H0,M»
Total Aaaeta  44,MO,0()P
TO provide against a possible "Rainy
Day" li not the only reason for
regular laving A bank account
' alvei you the feeling or Independence
and security that keeps your mind free
from worry—that inakea you better
ulllu lo meet the world on an even
fopllpa and to take advantage ot op-
iiui muui, ii that come your way.
Open your account at tho Bank uf
Hamilton, when couiteoue, efficient
I'.uil.iiii service la pruvlded for the delimit of small, ai well ai largo, ac-
tut us explain our 8afe!y liepoilt Boa
System. Rental moderate.
It. P. HRAVKai, Meat,
Nurlk   Vocuuirr
Head om..
to figure out how much time your
Clerks waste each day in walking to and from the telephone?
AnExtension Telephone
on the counter or desk wili prevent it.
Only 5 Cents Per Day
for either a "Wall" or "Desk" set
Call up the Commercial Manager
British Columbia Telephone Co.,
nrricl out In the full client; and
further lhal the committee would at
ail limes give careful consideration
lo surest ions emanating from other
boards and would endeavor lu do wbal
ia besl iu Ihis rcs|ieet. This resolution
was, carried  unanimously.
'li,- chairman suggested lhal there
were certain slalemenU which the fer
ry hoard and district eouueil might
like lu withdraw. Mr (lladwiu, bow
ever, objected strong!) In Ihis re
ark ami wu- suji|iorlcd by I'oun. I.uu
tet. Neither board, lluv contended,
had iu auy way esceeded ils right,
iu criticising the commiasioucr's re
ports or the committee's methods
Thu chairman rbarurleriied I'oun
Loulcl 's contributions lu llie discus
sion us impertinent, seeing that he bad
attended so few of Ihe committee'«
meetings, lie even recalled oue occa
■iou  wheu lhe councillor  wtr |iluyiug
billiards upstair* wlnlc tl uumittec
was in session.
It was then arranged on the sug
gestiuu uf Mr. (lladwiu, thai during
the licit two weeks the commission*!
shoulil, whenever he lud lime, gel
busy soliciting subscriptions A reau|u
liou was carried lo the effect lhal llux
-lnml,I be done as far as possible
Wilh regard to the dislricl wilh
irawing ita contribution to Ihu com
millee, Aid. Irwin ami Messrs. I'erry
and Murilen wire appointed to take
Ihis mailer up wilh Ihe council, The
previous resolution will only take affcrl
upou a satisfactory adjustment being
made wilb Ibe dislricl fathers.
Tbere is a symposium on this subject
in Jke February "81 rand," lo which
artists, scientists, athletes ami travel
era contribute. The late lumi l,eigh
lou waa ouce souuded uu the question,
and this was his answer:—
I'liipu ii muil' i.i Ihc nearest aji
proach to Ihe (Ircek female tip,- is the
lunilffii  Kngliahwiuuau uf   Ihe
aud upper middle elans. The original
of Ibe Venus de Milu, were she to
appear amongst us May, would prob
ably be regarded as a typical Knglisli
woman. . . Witb tbe men it is
different. Oilier ra.es tb.. Ilallaiit,
tbe Turks, the Houtb Hue Islanders-
are more symmetrical, and even more
virile. Sut tbe Englishwomen is peer
lass." '
But other authorities arc of a differ
ant opinion Professor Otto Bcrgninnu,
of Munich, holds tkat tbe Italian are
tu auparior in symmetry to tka Kag
llish, ami the Turks are superior in
slalurc. He puis lhe Swiss ur the
Scandinavian races above thc Knglisli,
and nays lbe natives of Samoa are
'probably Ibe must beautiful in,, m tbe
Some Artist*'  Opinions.
Mr Marcus Stouc, ti. A., writes: —
, "The Anglo Saxon, among lhe ua
lions whose characteristics I have had
an'opportunity uf carefully obaerviug,
is mure uftin lackitig in any ,-ugg, ,
liuu of lhe 'Hellenic standard' uf form
Iban auy other race—eicept the Her
mini,  who are uf our family,"
Mr   llmm,  Thoroycroft,   H.   A.,  on'
Ihi' other hand, stales Ibat of all cities
with wlmh lie is acquainted "there is
nunc in which oue sees so many beauli
lul women as m Wealeru London "
Mr Frank lllcksce, it. A., says be
does nol legard Ibe English race as
beautiful. "There is uo doubt lhat
Ibi' standard of physical perfection
' is very low in some parts of tbe coun
Iry. particularly iu lhe large mauufac
luring tow uv aud uur average is thus
rendered decidedly puur." The Ital
taus and uther Southern races, Ur.
Dii ksce holds, are certainly more
graceful iu Ibeir movements-the
Arabs, for instance, posucsi a dignity
wlneli lbe Kuglisbman dues uot brgiu
lo attempt and are kuer iu appear
auec lhan Ihe average Englishman
tiir AlmaTaili'iua's dictum is, "Kng
lisb beauty is good enough for me."
Other Authorities.
Ilr. Harrison I'elric is of opinion,
afler a familiarity witk moat of tke
races of the globe, eilending over a
period of thirty years, thai "judged
merely as fine auimals, Ihc pulm musl
be awarded, es to men, lo Ihe Hpania>.
peasant, ami to women, lo the lower
clans Venetians ''
Mr. Saudow believes Ibal lbc Kng
lisluiim, ie the superior of olher races.
"English habile of life, and particular
ly tbe national fondness for all fori
of outdoor sport, and exercise, give an
ed.enUgs in j,U)at Ilf Mfdl-aces, ot
nervous lone, of physical alertness, aad
of muscular capability wkick tke pbleg
malic Turk and the auper nervous
iUlien do uot poeaaai. "-Westminster
Though your dearest plan ia IbwarUd,
and your courage fails a bit,
Wben tke year so many disappoint
mi'iiis bring,
Blill this life ie well worth living if
yuu only bava tha grit,
To cheer up aad do tba next beat
North Vancouver Business
and Professional Cards
Inauraaca Guarantee Bonds
Auditor aad Accoautaut
101 Umdale Avenue. P. 0. Baa 8307.
Nortk Vancouver. Pkoaa 437.
O. A. till.., B.O.8.A.
17S6 Ohtetortold Avenue,
North  Vancouver ■»-<»,
Bakers, Confectioners and
113 Lonadala Aveuue
Underwood's Barber Shop
mii ksui i us
J. BR1ND, K.S.S.
Successor to Wallace k Scott, Tkird
Street.   Ueueral r.pair work.
A. Walleee'a servicea aave been re
lllllll.!,   IMI   M tMlii.M-.HI.
Bookaellere end SUttoaara
Cor. LoaaUle nad lit.        Pfcnr- 143
Plaus Executed     ::   Kstimates Uii cu
Outre aad Mill Boad
Lynn Valley, B. 0.
Plaus aud Ksliuiatcs furnished free,
Kepairing,  nmodeling,  etc.,  promptly
attended to
Lynn Valley, B. 0.
Allan Koad near Weetovcr. P. 0. Uoi
lu. I.yon I'reek, B. C.
mm. ium.im ins.
A.M.I.E. 0 B.
Irrigation., drainage, level,, • plans
and ipecificatjons. Septic tanka and
bouae drainage a specialty. f. 0.
Box Ml, Itth alreet weat ol Bewicke
And geueral Commission Merchant, 13
Lonsdale Ave., North Vaueouver.
Pbone 334
TBA and 00FFBB
We are specialists in these lines.
liil A Lonadalo Avenue
Reversiontry Ijittti of Govern-
Continued from paga Urea)
Studio   over   Book   B. N. A.
Inusdnli ond Eiplanade
i viinn.i.
High (liana Indies' and Gculs' Tailoring
Kepairing   aud    Alterations,   Cleaning
and Dyuiug iu all ils braticbei. All
Work guaranleed.
Ill First Street West. l'bono 207
(.1. Luiis,
Ladiea' aud Oeuta' Cleaning,
Preaalng and Bopalring
a Specialty
120 Secoud Street Eaat
N.V. Tinning k Sheet Metal Worki
Fint Btreet But of Lonadala
Lowest prices and best wurk guarau
teed uu liuiiiug aud sheet metal work,
All kinds uf saws filed and aet ou the
shortest notice.    Lumi mowers, kni ies,
hedge shears ami scissors sharpened All
work guaranteed, uiuderale pricei.
1231 Lonadale Avonue Pbone 80
tlii the car line, ilourdii g, meals
good arcoiuiuudatlou fur working men
Contractors' mon boarded. Ily. li.i.-t
cult, Proprietor.
Cabinet Maker and Carpenter
Will undertake all kindi of wood work,
repairs, etc.   ,
Fourtk Street aad ButkerUnd Avenue
P. 0. Box 200S
Is your Walch stopping ut keep ig
ni,>■ „liii tiuief    Jf so, see
Pioneer Jeweller, 'i'i Lonsdule Aveuue.
It will pay you to put a card in this column
when Ibii act, providing fur the governmeut'a nitersionarji rights, wtta
drafted in 1398, tu affect districts like
Lynn Valley. It was applicable to the
Kuotenay tit the purpose of curtailing "wild-catting" in tbat region.
Aid. Foreman uaid the gin eminent
cancelled its rights in Ibe point (Jrcy
property at the time of tbe govern-
incut tax sale, and aa l.yuu Valley
waa a rural district, be dill not see why
Ibe same tbing could not bu dom:
Mr. I'hilip said tbat iu the case of
Poiut lire) tbo government added ape-
cial clauses to the bill cunfiimiug their
special a,lion It wai bis opinion
lhal if Ihu premier kuew lo what
hardships tbo owuers iu Nurth Vau
couver were pul he would reiuuvu Ihu
disability at onco.
i'oun. Loutet reminded Ihu inciting
lhat tlte delegation a year ago nus
promised by tbo guveruuictit Ihut u
settlement would be made in a mouth
or all weeks, lie alleged il was Mr.
Bowser's faull aud if be had made u
mistake lie should be mau euoiigh lu
admit lt.
I'uuu. Peter Westover of Lynn Vul
ley emphasised iu bis ullusious lo the
effect uf tbe enforcement uf tbe ucl
tbat if Iiiiun, ni, uf Lnglniid fuuml
Ibat the laml of settlers was to bo
liil.cn uuai] rruin tbem ufler tbey
had taken possession and had thell
titlea registered, liritish Columbia
would be crippled financially. At pres
cut, be said, Ibe municipality uf Norlh
Vaueouver did nol know wheliier il
bad a title even lo ils roads and pib
lie groundi.
('oun, Westover added Lyuu Valley
bad growu lo a Sourisbiug community
by reasuii of Ibe endeavors uf lhe set
tleis aud uut through auy guveruiiicut
Ur. Wright likeued the owners of
these lauds tu prisoners awuitmi> '.heir
sentences. Many, if uul the majority,
in lhe room were alaundi t.'onaerva
lives, ami  bad  beeu loyal  supporters
of ine Mciiri.ie governmeut, but if uo
uI mlud i,,n euuld be secured lu this
demand, Ibey, like Ibe worm, would
be forced lu turn.
It was staled Ibal Commissioner Me
liunald'-, report bad beeu seul lo Vic
toria Iwo weeks ago. The meetiug fi
null;, closed wilh Ihe appointment uf
Councillors l.uiiici aud Weslovcr, (I.
W. Vauce, J. Oould aud J. P. (.'raw
ford as a campaigu committee lu uc
goliulc a uionslcr delegation tu Vic
Sons of England
After the lodge meeting uu the Itith
Augusl, lhe members uf Western liusc
Nu. IIII6 held a very enjoyable social.
The lirsl part was takeu up by whisl
ami carpel ball, afler which rcfreak
incuts were served iu tbe supper room
and were followed by au improvise,)
concert, tbe pcrfurmers iucludiug vis
Iliug bretbren from Vancuuver and
uther districts wilh a specially guod
uii, i, I.,,., ,■   from   l.udge   Dniudvieu.
Wc ufteu bear of folks being as mad
us a wet beu, though we haie never
seeu mnl,,,,l\ whu could tell us just
how mad a wet heu is.
"Is tbere any truth in the report
thai Roger's wife suffers from kleptu
mania I"
"No; I think nol. I understand il
is Ihe shopkeepers Wbo suffer."
> Are Um rlgbt kind of Uslsga wben tbey sell tbe gooda. It la tka facta about
tbt quality tt ear goodi ia tin way of FUBNIITUBB, OABPBTB and
GBOOKBBY, aad tht facta about tka low prices and tke special pricei on
tkeae gooda tkat wia favor among our customers.
Hare an aome facta for gaa to profit by:—
C'HILDBEN'B PUSH OABIg, apeclal price '...,. UM
—it top shtpaaat just received.   All tbe rage
MBAT Bim lam alia : '. Mill
Complete for %IM
MATTINO MATS, itxO ...86c
MATTINO MATS, 84 . 40c
a limited number only, Um
In our Crockery Department
TUMBLERS, per doi.... Mc
Italia Garibaldi,  Qranddaualitir
pi Libsrator, Talki on  Womin.
HISS ITildi tli.IIIUil.DI
A representative of tbe iinrllnildi
fniitlly. whlcb link done so much fui
democracy uud humanity. Mlsa Ito lla
(Inrlliiildl, a granddaughter of Italy's
lllicrulor. Is lu tills country us a dele
goto lo Ibe Meiii.iiliiii geuerul confer
ence, wbicb met In Minneapolis recently. Sba does not conalder poliliei a
good apbera fur women, but auyi thai
other Heidi are wldo In whlcb women
may do much. In Italy, alio says, the
women do uot i.t 11- up ao much trouble
aa lu Eugluud ond America.
'Tbere la a uollouul council of Italian
women lo whlcb muat of tbo flrat worn
tn In tbe klngdum belong," sbe said.
"They meet nnd dlacuaa method! by
wbicb women tuny bo helped, but tbey
bavo no rows Personally I think worn
an can accomplish good in mauy ways
otber tbau In pollllce.
"Wa bava aomo leaden working up
tke-auffrogetle Ideal*, but Italian women bave not taken to tbem much ai
Tba preient generation ot (i url lm hi Is
la hardly leaa gifted tban was tbo fu-
mona general, ellaa Italla'a eldest
brotber la General Ptpplno Uarlboldl,
v. lm made a name for himself In South
Africa wblla lighting on tka Brlllsb
tide agalnat tbe Boen. Inter on bt
fougbt against General Caatro In Vena-
tuela, and moro recently sllll bb cap
turcd ibo clly of Juarca In Mexico,
wben fighting for President tludero.
At preeent be li on a mission to Parle
for Mailero, although bo bi but thirty
yeara of age. A aecond brother la
lighting In Tripoli. A alaler la a nurao
ou a Bed Croia ablp enguged In in iug
Ing wounded llallona from iba icut of
war. Tba father of tbia war loving
family la so rtullun geuerul wlto bai
fuugbt In Ihu ertulci of France uud
Greece, wbilo tho mother cuuducta a
boapltal ut Miiilihiicini. ou Iho laloudof
BOYAL OAK DB^SSEBS, witk baveUed plate mirror  18.60
What Some Men Are Doing For Unl-
veriil Suffrige,
Tba Pennaylvuula Federation of U
bor at lla eleventh unnuul convention.
beld In Pittsburgh, went on record ai
indorsing tvomau suffrage and fur lbe
first time iu lie blatory Instructed Its
oillrera lo work for an amendment lu
tbe couaillutlun ollowlng women lbe
rlgbt to rota,
Kansaa la said lo be loolhlng wltb
women suffrage sentiment, us evl
denied by Ibe orgonlmtlun of clubs all
over iho state. Tho Men's League of
Iji.h.-in.' Is beaded liy Cbuucelloi
Hn.mg of Ibo uiiiu university, and
many profeaaore and atudciiia ure
among lis membera.
lu Bbode Island Ibo commillee oo
Special legislation baa under cousidern
lion a woman suffrage bill lo nuieiut
lbe iniiHlllniloii hy eliminating the
word "mule,"
Tha lluilding Trades/ Council ol In
dlana, representing DUO men, Indorsiil
woman suffrage al Ita laat tucelliig in
ludlnna nolle.
Netee About Women.
Mme. Kalaauvow of 8t Petersburg
died a few daya ago, leaving a library
containing his,) ruluiuea, all wrlllen
by women. Tbia Is laid to be lbe moil
Mlenilvo Individual culltcllou of tbe
kind ever Iiinm d
Ont of Ibt ardent workort for equal
tulfrnge In tbt national capital ll Mri
Alice I'omerene. wlft of tbt naw etna-
lor from Ohio, During btr buebaod's
campaign la Oblo sho took a great In
Ureat In tba political changes and ll
•fid to bt oot of tbt beat Informed
women ba Washington.
Oblo Will ba Ike acini of general euf
fregc activity for tbt out few uiunthe
or uniil Ibt Uot of tbt special election,
f*blcb li jMpocjcd to take plact In mid-
StgJjptf AdfWafce tt «quii KflVllga
tbroughout tbe United Stattf in roily
Ing iu Iho aupporl of tbt women ot
Oblo In tbeir campaign for tba rote,
under tbt leadership of Mra. Harriet
Taylor Upton, prealdent of Ibt SUU
Suffrage aeeodellou. MaSaacbuactU,
Ntw Vork,-«ew ftnty, Peaieylvanla,
Weat Virginia, Btntncky, Indllna ind
Illtnola bava already arranged to pot
workert Is tbt Itld, and many woman
from tUtats fartber wot tni tooth
atinl ready to reapoad to tbt drat call
ftmw  m***t***ti*m^wmami
A Small Olrl at th*
The Story of
Little Skipping
Rope Muy
DADDY began with a alglt, au at thoso land mako believe slftbi that
madt Jack and Dvtlyn ait up and tnko notice. A algb llkt tbat meant
that daddy bad some ily hint far one ar tba otber of tbcm In bis itory.
"It'e skipping rope time now, Isn't It!" daddy began, wltb a glance
it Evelyn.
It surely was skipping rope time, os tbo aolea of Evelyn'a shoes anil ber
well worn rope would, bare abown daddy.     , .
"Very well," daddy went on, "I tbluk I wllrtell you a littlo atory about
Skipping Bona Mury.
"Mart could aklp tbe rope forward and backward, wltb ber nnhs crossed or
ii'ld In muny olber queer ways, tlnry could skip on one foot or on two feet,
md tbo persons who watched her often wondered wby Mury needed any feet
it all, ber toe» were so Beldam on tha ground.
"When other little girls turned tbo rope Mary wns almost always the skipper. Tbe rulo nf tho game Is, as you kuow, that ono may ni.ip until alio tubmen.
"So Mury could eeldom get two little girls wlillng to slaml autl turu Iba
ttds of the rope llll abe got tired. Mury sometimes could get ouo very small
:lrl to turu nn end of tbo rope, aud she would lio the other to tho fence.
"Mary's mother dkl not like her little girl to skip the ropo tuo much. Tht
ductor bad said tbat too much of It wns bad for tbo health. Besides, Mary's
shoes wore out su rapidly that she seldom had a neat looking puir on ber feet.
"So ooo day ufler talking it over with grandma Mary's motber said:
'"Now, Mary, tt new pair of shoes every week Ib too much to ask of me.
Vou must wear your shoes for a month ut least Not oflcner than tbat can
you bavo them If your shoes wear out before you must stand the conse-
"Consequences li a big word, but Mory learned what It meant when In
ubout a week situ had skipped tbo soles loose aud knocked tbe toes out of hor
nice new shoes.
"MotIter simply wouldn't buy Mury another pair till tbo month wus up, and
the lillle girl bud to go to scbool aud cbureb with her toes out and Iter soles
dapping.   Mury didn't liko that.
"Ucsltlcs, you can't Jump so well with flapping soles, nnd so Mary hud to
i nt out some of ber skipping. When sho did get tho new shoes shu luuk boiler
cure of liiein. und. wblla Mary now Isn't kuown among tbo lillle girls of her
ncquolotauce us iho best ropo skipper lo tbo block, Ihey know her feet uro
mure neatly shod uud older folks do not soy, 'What shabby shoes tbut littlo girl
'llgf "
"Vou ure charged wllh poisoning lhls
ludy's pet dog. I Hhull deal severely
,vlilt such Ingrnlltudu. She tcsllllcs
tbut alio bad Just .given you a mince
pie." "1 didn't do It lulentiooally.
Judge. I did feed hlm a piece of de
pic."- Louisville Courier-Journal.
junn men I tie world's lunl work mult do
With brawny onn and willing heart,
iei others ure alarm clocks who
Inform us when It's tin..- In start.
-Waslilnclon Star.
"Uus .nui.ih nephew stabled hii
spring plowlll' yet. llllll"
"Wunl. uo. .lltu ulii'l .-.Inbled Illi
fuhtu work yet. He's powerful fur be-
bltid ki his llih!n'."-l'uek.
Oysters, Clams and Shellfish In Boisou
Ico Supplied  at Shortest Notlco aud
Eight Prico
Prompt Dcllvorios, 111:30 and 2:30
Tel, phono   370
200 Lousdale  Ave.,  North  Vaueouver
"I see lliut Unity Ureeu's son suys be
Is looking for u wife wbo can wish
"Lei lilm lie ciircful. This coonlry Is
Iilling up wllh liusbiiuds whu buve lo
wlps Ihu dishes llielr wives wush."-
Clereluud I'lulu lleulcr.
Tltouih by sail circumstance! furred
To turn Ills picture lo Ibo wall.
'Tis heller lo huvu been divorced
Than never lo havo tried at ull
-Chicago In,ui,l 11, ml,I
llokcr-Whcncvcr I iee anything coat,
ly I wunl lo buy It for my wife. Mar-
ker-Prodlgnl. aren't yoo'/ linker- (II),
ool I always control Ibe Impulse -
Harper's llnynr.
"Come on, olo mun; lelib go bone."
"Not yelsh    The limo Ish not ripe
I gol IWO of ev'rylblug uow cjsbept
cishosos, and who wuuta to go home
lu ibolh rpodlsbou 7" »-Philadelphia
 ! w—r      '"
Over Iho seo. anil silling <l|bt.
l'oillrlo inn; vlewa Ibo fight
And. rrinllnu tbe Mexican paragraphs,
just laughs am) laughs and laughs snd
New Voai Kvenlni Ho,-
8oms Doubt ai te the Piokige.
All tilings i niuo round to Ihoss wbo wait
Tbo pci.,1 iinm'" sluw swing
Our f.iio will bring ul ll by freight!
Ilul. pray, what will It bring?
There li only ooc perion wbo la real.
ly I ii I crested In taking care of your
'lbc man wbo li game never knows
wheu he la broke.
It li bard to offend any ons by Judl-
I lull i  lllllll I j
Tbs fellow wbo gate wbat be eipccis
and dooso't like It ought to be a battel
ei peeler.
After o girl Irani perfectly tbt cull-
igiry department li ibt supposed tl
turn ber atltnlloo nut lo alimony?
It coils a lot of monty to get Into to-
eleiy, but ont can get out for nothing.
Tbe man wbo doesn't care bow hi
gets It general)/ geti It.
Eveu • neuraalbenlc aomcilmea ladl
tbit bli goll ind mint trt In nlci
working ordtr.
When you ctn't gat sny ont lo ippre-
dule you try going out ind paying
your libit __| m%g
Some meo ire easily aold. but others
give Ihemaelvea away befort ia/ out
bu • chance
netting t different angle 09 oor Iron-
Win ia ont way nf gaping rid of tbtm-
A womso li never content to get tkl
lit worl but ilwiyi tut to rub I! bs.
Whn aome men get nut tt) i gtot)
proposition Ibey don't teem lo urt)
lukVleul ttnicfiy tojUck'tolA
Lodge Western Uo. c, No. 290
Meeting, of lb i.i Udgc arc beld iu
he Kniglils uf I'ytbios lliill. corner uf
Chesterfield avenue ami fourth slreet,
nu lhe llrsl und llunl Fridays iu each
111 Mil t li, ut d u'duel, p. in
Couimunicntiuns und applications fur
membership to be addressed lu llurnl,I
I .era, secretary, I'd. boi iill,  liili
Till: mih. un,i: vv.lTKIU I'lioti:i
.NiiTJi'C   Is   lierebj   given,   puiituapl
to ib,- |u-,-.i.i, i    of Chapter lir. if I ho
Ili-vlScd   KIlllUlc!   of   ■ uu i lu    lllll     |l)0
North Vancouver Laud iuu) Impcov-j-
incut Company, Limited Liability.' all
Incorporated Company having Ps b,-ii,l
ollice at the i'H) ur Vnncouver, In Ihe
Province of Uitil.ih Columbia, hits
llleil with tin Minister uf 1'ubllc Work!
for lhi> Tiiiinlnloii of I'aiuidn a plun ot
iiuiu bulkheads nnd wbai-Vci propos-
I tu l„ conul! acted liy 8tic Company
ami a di M-Hi,Hon „I lln nlie fnr the
urt/pusi-i] Improvements which slie la
purall'l I" llie Knplali.nlc. Noilh Vali-
coiivit city, Cnii I Columbia, betwron
Malum ami Chcalcrllcbl Avenues nnd
parallel lu Ihc Keidnnndr, North Vnncouver, llililsh I'oiuinlda. between llog-
iiiul LoiisOule Avenue!, bulb sites
fu luu on lbc Noi H> rlliure of llurrurd
Inlel and lhat Hie said I'uinpany bal
alio tiled a copy ol Ihe said plan and
ilciuit|,Hon    -,i,n     Hie    Hi cl-irui     of
I lu nl   Vatiii.uvei.  Illillsll Ciililliililii,
and Huil lbc .,M Cuinpany will apply
lo Ho lli.v, inin Hiu, nil In Cuuncll fnr
iippiuviil of lbc snld plan nnd tbe construction of Hm said bulklleaill und
DATHfj, lllll 2Iiu) iluy of July, All,
ISI.'. al l,liana. Onl.
ntlNOI.H a  HflTllillK
2-8    :   lo nui. for tin.' suld Cuinpany.
M .Mirsi.s IIP I 11*1, .MIM.M.
IIII.I l.lllll.VS
Coul mining rlglils of the Dominion
In Manitoba. ,'lanital, li.-iviin and  Allu I
u. the Yukon Territory, the Norlh-weil
it uii,,iti H and In a portion uf the pm
iin, ■ uf it nmi, Culuinhia, may ke i	
(d for  ■■•   I'll"  Of tv,, oly om-  jiaiii tt
isl, Of fl
an annual renii
. ,1 an aero
more than i.GSO acres will bo f, ■• , ,1 lo
ono applicant.
cation fur a lease must bo made
.mi In person to the Agent
.pplli lillol
(ItO applh
or guli-Agent of Iho diitrict In wtlcb
tho rlghtl applied fur aro situated,
In surveyed territory Iho land muit
be described by section!, or legal sub-
'   unu
division! of Sfdloiin, and In unsuivey
Itory tho tract applied for ahall
be stoked  out by tlio iipiOIchiiI  lilm-
Kiicli application must bo accompanied by a Im ot ts which will be refunded If lhe rights uppllod tor are nol
avtillnblcT but not olherwlie    A roy-'
cent! per ton.
ally shall be paid on llio merchantab..
output of ihe mine at tbe rale of five
Tho"pcrioii«sjporollng the mlno ihall
' willi sworn returns
furnliii ibo Affenl ,..
accounting for Ihe full quantity ,,t
merchantable cool mined and pay tba
royally llicreun If the cool mining
rlghtl ere riot being operuted. auch return! itiouid be furnished at least onct
a year,
The loiae will Include Iho coal mining
rights only, bul tho leiieo may bo p{f-
milted ti purchase whatever available
•urfaco lights may be coniidered neceaaary for the working of the mint at
Infbrmiiflnn    oppllcalio
rlghfi only, but Yhe'leaire may bo p}^
 or available
■Idered nsc-
tbe mini at
. OlfaWi, of
of Dominion
tbia alv.riiasm.nt will not bs atTt
the rate >f #i0 nn ncr
For    foil    Infbrmi
Ihould Oo rnnde lo Ihe secret
Department of the Interior.
to ahy agent or flub Agent r
w. w, cony,
ler 9f trie Interior,
Ferry Solicitor and Construction of Fourth
The llnanciul diAieuitlus stated to be
oeoaaioning delay in tbe coiistruetion
of a fourth furry fur this city foriued
the subject matter of a communication frpm Mr, H, L. Held, tbe ferry
solicitor, addressed to the ferry dl
reetorate aod read at ilm board's re
gular intuiting yea|erday afternoon. The
teat of the letter was aa followui
"In pursuauco of my conversation
witb tbe conimliilonera, I beg to advise
lbat bylaw No. 802 wuuld nut be val
id without section t inserted therein,
as, if the time limits are not made and
complied with, the bylaw is void by
virtue of the statute. At the same
time, with that clause in it, debentures cannot be floated uutil the cum
pletiuit uf the work, as the bond hold
era would have no security that the
work wuubl be carried uut according
tu the bylaw and, although thu money
might lie advanced thereou, there might
be no security. The only course open
for tbe council and the Perry Coin
puny to luke is tu arrange with the
bunk for the a,In  of certain money
i-iiili. n-iii to carry the contract along
until completion and the minute the
iiniuii is completed ami in operation,
according tn the terms of the byluw,
lite bylaw will then be in condition
thul yuu cun burrow money thereunder
fnr payment of the eipense incurred."
Aller abort discussion it WIS decided by tbe board tbit tbi wboie matter
should be taken before tbs city council, the directorate to wait upon Ihlt
body personally.
Tbe manager's report stated thut Ihu
old port boiler of IW. No. t h»d been
sunk in tbe middle ot tbs Inlet at 8
a.iii. tbit morning. Tbey would be
steaming under tbs new boiler inside
the week, Tbe cost of the west side
addition to^ the Vancouver wbut now
stood at $1,118,34, as against l,in es-
tin»ta-o!41iMfli HMsLM.iths niw
ager) gave before the work cuiiioeue-
ed, ths increased snm being cuiisc.il by
putting in coppered piles st the front
of the wharf upon which the hridge
would rest. Ha bad bent piles driven
in front of the freight short at West
Vaneouver ferry and was preparing
tbe foundation for the addition tu the
freight shed,
The hoard gratitetl the request uf
Lyuu Valley fur free transportation of
ISd Vancuuver Iluy Noun!., across the
water in order tu participate in Lynn
Valley Day on September 11.
Victorian Order of
niflTBIOT   MOM»   PO*
A very pretty 'hdme wedding was
11.i.-mni. ed yesterday at the noma uf
Mr. Ali'Miniler Smith, sr., Nurth Vancouvar, v.li, ii Miss Eleanor Clara Cupas
of Loudon, Englaud, was united iu mar
Huge to Mr. A. I,. Me. l.utebic of
North Vancouver. Hev. liouald Macleod
officiated. The bride was prettily
gowned io light grey and carried a hou
quet of cream bridal roses. Miss Ag
gie .'iiiiiib. the bridesmaid, wure a pale
blue uill, ilress and carried a buuqUet
will rise very ihortly hi D. L. '166, aud NOW ia the time, to buy to
advantage. We nave tha following for sale, which are much below
present value:
One lot in Block 6, facing south, 12,360 ou eaay tenua.
Oue lot ln Block 12, facing south, $3,160, on eaay Urma.
ESPLANADE—One   Lot   in  tbo  second  block  eaat  for
18,600.00 on very eaay terms.
The North Vancouver Office of "The Btreet Oar Indicator Company
Limited."  Oet in ou tbia while dollar sharea ara selling
for 60 cents.   Oall and get prospectus.
Phone 862
V. 0. Box 2307
No Iron Can Do Your
Ironing Quite so Well as
Lei us ihow you why
Two styles, $4.50 and $4.75
I ."iiniinii ol and has the manufacturers' five year guarantee.
Patterson & Goldie
105-7 Esplanade West
Phone 86
If you want to succeed in business on the
North Shore, ADVERTISE in the "Express"
Cardinall & MacGregor
'"' * ■ ■   "■	
Are returning to their old premier 102 Seplanade Baat, wbere they
wiU carry on Baal Estate and Financial buslneaa aa heretofore.
m v,§. vwui
of pink oimitlons. ¥r- B K. DoniW;
sou wis bast mm, Only intimate
friends of tbi bride aud groom were
present. After the ceremony a dainty
linen was served, tbs bride gnd groom
thereafter left for tbeir honeymoon.
At the boms of bar parents, Mr.
nd Mrs, MePbarson, 8201 Manitoba
street, Uf, l'loasaiit. Miss Margaret
liacliei McPberson was united in mar:
y'.»ga toMr. Frank Morrill Fowler of
'id Pair, Alberta-—The brids   was
attired iu a smart tailored uavy blue
Hit witb large white hat. Miss Min
nie McPherscM, Bister of the bride,
yore a pretty pink Bilk dress. Tba
ceremony waa performed by the llev.
Ponald  Macleod.
Coun. Loutet Resigns
Position on Advertising Committee
During tbe regular meeting of the
district couucil last evening, Ooun. Ignite! reported upou the proceedings of
the Joint C'ivTc Advertising (loininitlce
on Tuesday afternoon, when he was
present as the district's representative, The councillor declared that hu
h|d received very discourteous treat
ment from the chairman, Mr. Alexau
der Pbilip, and the publicity coin
mii--i.iii.-r, Mr. William Iimler. Mr.
Philip had described I'oun. l.outct'a
criticism of the work of the commit-
tee  ami  the  results  obtained  as an
"impertinence" and  Mr.  Under  bud     At the morning service iu the Pii
stated tbat lie was not prepared lo be Baptist church ou Sunday the sdhy.
taught  his job  by  a  "Unburn   four  will be " lieu mc ni'i I-'uIm' Prophet
Uiliel of a real estate shark." As be  be ilrtr.l "of-a series, lu tbe evening
had  not criticised  lbe publicity com■   be subject will be "Bobbers   iu   our
wi..-inner personally in any way, I'uuu. midst."
Loutet resented these remarks ami beg 	
ged to resign from the position of the    M, ai|(| Mrij |, Ke|ja8 uf pMt (:aj,.
district's delegate on the Joint Civic |lM0  elia,rni,k,,|  „   |urue  ]>arty  of
Advertising Col itlee. fluit  ftim,\, Thursday  eveuing  lu a
Couu.  Westover  immediately  moved In (,„„,„ w»rming." Mr. aud Mrs, Kei.
tbat Houn. Loutet 'a resignation shoulil ta| LgV(! re<.eutly  ukell  „,, residence
A meeting WIS beld ip tba CltyblH
on Wednesday nigbt by lldiss of Nortli
Vancouyar at wbleh Mrs. W^nlsyi
president of the Huyal Victoria Order
of Nurses, Vancouver, waa Jwsipi
Mrs. McAuley, who was introduced by
Mr. Alei, B||)i|h| president olf [he
Board of Trade, etplained fully the
working of the order in Vancouver,
with the result that tbe ladles formed
an executive to look into tbe matter
of getting a ilislriet purse for Nortb
Vancouver. Mm. McAuley eiteudsd
au invitation to all ladiea interested
in Nurtli Vancuuver tu coma over to
tbe Florence Nightingale Home un Bat
unlay at .1 u'clock and they would sse
how tbiugs were conducted there, tallies intending tu go kindlyscatcb the
two' o'clink ferry to VaucoVer aud
take a tlrandvlew car. \
Itens ol Interest
I'uslinuHter J. P.. McMillan lias re
turned to tbe city having had a musl
enjoyable trip iu Eastern t'anadn.
Mr. ami Mrs. A. tiilva and family
of Buteciitu street, left un Wurtnoiulay.
for l.n- Angeles wbere Ihey will spend
the  wiuter.
be accepted and that the cuuucil re
gretted the treatment accorded their |M(
representative at tlie last meeting uf
the committee; and further, that I'uuu.
Bridgman shuuld be delegated lo pre
sent the council's views in regard to
the district's position at thc next meet
ing of tbe committee. This resulutlou
was formally carried.
in a coxy uew liouse iu lhe dapilauo
Kn-liing up Seymuur Creek is uow al
its /eniili ami a great number of line
sleel beads are daily falling victims lu
tile pruwess of our local lisliermeu. One
party a few days since caught witbiu
Iwu hours uul less Ibau USU pouuds uf
salmon and tiout,
A Clever Capture
       * :   The Nurlh Vaucuuver City Baud uu
Au individual named Bkuli lulu Tuesday evening rendered au adinir
sou was yesterday muruinjj charged, hie pfugram uf muaic in tbe gruuuds
befure lleeve Muy at the thjtrict hall | of the North Luusdale Preabyteriau
wilh having by false prete.cu obtain-[church. The hliure was under the am.
ed from Samuel Prober!, l.yuu Valley, pices uf Ibe Indies' Aid iu cuuucc
tbe aum of $22 with iutenl to de tion with tbat church. The perform
fraud. The case was remanded until ance was well attended, children being
Hatunlay morning. Chief of 1'i.ln e admitted free
I.ni.,1   effected  the arrest  after cum
bating witb quite au array of technicalities. I'i.ilmi having laid 'lis
intn inuii 1,. 11, the chief got busy aud
succeeded ill tracking Ihc alleged offender tu Blaine. Tbe delicate task of
coaxing Juhusuu uver Ihe boundary
line uuiu Canadian suil then became
necessary. For this purpose tbe chief
temporary entered the life insurauce
business aud so couvinciugly enacted
the role that the accused talked policies
with bim until the line was crossed
aud the arrest made uu the nurtherii
tide. /
Too Late to Classify
Iiniiiii and board wauled by youug
lady (teacher), uear Itidgeway achool.
Beply flu. A111, Kxpress Offlce, stating
terms. 2311
The secretary of the Nortb Vancou
ver city baud last eveuing directed 1
litter of appreciation to the district
fathers thanking them for Iheir alii
(i.le at all limes towards tbe eudea
vora of the baud. Theae rauaiciaat
will play at l.yuu Valley Day and have
alsu offcrul lu render a program uf
music in Lynn Valley ou August 251b.
Thc ferry directorate yesterday af
ternoon, after bearing a report frum
Mr. 11. C, Wright ou tbe recent pro
eediugs of Ihc Joint Civic Advertia
iug Committee, deciited, at the Instance of Mr.   '■'.    I.   Houll, tu with
old Ibe balauce of tbe board's cou
tribuliou lu the fuuds uutil the mem
hers are conviuced tbat satisfactory
progress is being made in relation tu
tbe financial eud uf the undertaking.
S. & W. THAN
3 pa|ne & McMillan
,:„„     mtlllAmbt'' W/L.1...I. __J D...:i U I	
Phont; 12.
Wholesale and Retail Hardware
Por lite past two weeks a corps of
surveyors have bepn busily cttgugud in
platting Ihe hurliur iu  the immediate
ii,-iiiiii uf Ihe ti 1,1 Nurruws, depths
uf water at Jiolb high nnd low tide
having particularly engaged Iheir ac
Macleod, will prcaelt and Miss
lute of Port  Hope, Dntariu, wil
a solo.
The new oil sprinkler halucd by lhe
steam ruller, was put iuto service fur
the flrst time uu Wc.lncsduy wheu a
coating of oil UU per cent asphalt was
laid ou the Ksplanudc from I.onsdale
lo Milium avenue. The wurk was
watched by a large number uf i:ti
"th., inclii.ling Kngineer Smith,
sistaut Kngiuecr West un.l uther
A practice lualch I'm lhe members
uf tbo Nurth Vancouver settiur amateur
football club will take place tomorrow
at Recreation Park, Nurlli Vincouver
at 11 p.m. Tbo team is sUurt of fur
wards. A cordial Invitation ia extend
cd lo those interested iu aasuclaliut,
football lo attend.
The iiniiiii iiiiininl picnic of Ihc ell.
\, 'Andrew's aud Caledonian Social;   will
.,1.,italic place uu  I<abur Hay, September
Sud at  Hollyburn,    The parly  will
leave Norlh Vaueouver by lhe ID a 111
I.ui and will gu frum Vancouver liy
BBYTEBIAN lmy  |)ouceu, ml  10,30 a.m. A  large
number are expected to participate iu
what 11,ui,1.1 n io be a mosl sujoyablc
At II a.m. un Sunday Uemtt. W;:iiam Aty't outing.
llousluu, Jubu Maclean tni   'n  Vcetr •
will be ordained lu thc office of elder       Mr    William   Murden   recently   left
ship    Hev.   Professor   Mrtrwau   111',   i.m. Augelea for a trip eut lo Toronto
of  l-uiml.iiigh,  Scotland,  will preach    ami otber cities, intending to return by
7.30   p.m.   Ihc   pastor,   Kev.   Honald   way of Vaucouvor.
School Shoes
Tbia walk wa ua allowing the largaat variety of Children's Shoes In
BrIUah Columbia.
Wa know that Bheeing the children ia a tax on tha fulleet pocket
Wl waut to save you money ani can do ao, tf you will call and exam
Ine our itock of Children's Shoee.
School opens next week aad thl children's faat muat be looked after.
Wa can eupply tha shoe waste for lha whole family. —   .
Wi have enough aboee in our store to aupply the shoe weote of every
■man, woman and child,ou the North Shore.   .
Wood-Paige Shoe Co.
IW393   '     M0.1t Crowi Block, 0W. CHy H*JI
Enos Salt  75c
Zainbuk    35c
Allenbury's Food  85c
Allenbury's Food, No. 3 55c
Pink Pills 35c
Peroxide, per Ib 65c
( uin 111.1 Soap 1,25c
Baby's Own Soap ,., 3 for 25c
Anti-Colic Nipple* 5c etch
Abioitent Cotton 35c Ib.
We have constantly in stock • complete stock of
Bed Pani, Douche Pans, Hot Waler Bottles, Irrigators, Elastic Hosiery, Abdominal Belli, Batteries,
Electric Belli, Trusses, and, in fact, everything in the
sick room line not usually stocked by smaller drug
Phone 311 and your order will be rushed to any
part of the city.
North Shore Drug Co.
P. S. THOMAS, Phm.B.
Druggist, 116 Eiplanade W«»t
Jsi^i, A'


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