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fpwnre w
smr. .    i
Splendid Speech from H. H.Stevens—Highly
Successful Gathering.
Hsd tbe poet Byron—or bis restless
shade—wandered slong tho Eiplanade
on Tuesday evening, bii own immortal
lins would havo recurred to bin),
"There was a sound of revelry by
night." It was tbe occsitoo of the
Hoard of Trade*' second annual ban-
ipiot aud tbo convivial noises referred
to Iuued from the lintel North Vaueouver, iu the dining room of which
est s goodly assemblage of Board of
Trade Knights and a handsome array
pf guests withal. To enumerate thorn
by name would bs to catalogue most
of the loading lights of our North Shore
I'.iiiiuiiniiiy.liiuvtbcr with a siring of
|listinguiibed visitors from across tbe
Mr. P. I.arso|i'i faculty for carrying
but to a nicety the catering and goner-
|il management of an event of Ihil hind
was again exemplified on Tuesday evening, wkpn.a most eicellent repast u
waited the company. The four attenuated tables were decorated effectively, but without restraint, so tbat one
nover had lo fumble among artificial
trappings for a knife and fork. The
sttendauee was brisk ami assiduous,
snd the menu wai wisely sel forth in
comprehensible British language- -with
-the exception of tbe young turkey,
which did not taste any Ihe worse for
being "en croaaan."
Tho health of hii gracious majesty
the King having been toasted with cn
tbuiiaitu, Mr. 0. H. Morden wai called
upon to propose the Dominion Govern-
Ur. Morden dedicated his remarks
to the entire body of representative!
elected by Ihe people to control tbeir
national affairs. Tho opportunity and
government reited upon three bases:
firstly tbe geographical situation of
tbe couutry wbicb ll governed; secondly, the people wbo populated the count
ry; and thirdly the place tbe couutry
oceupiod iu contemporary history. Tbo
apcakcr then dabbled in statistics, proving thii "little Canada" lo be territorially espial to 30 Unit oil Kingdom.-.
17 Oirmanies, 18 Prancei, 3} Italics,
two British Indies and one Europe.
The Dominion possessed a coast line
of 13,111)0 nub - (of wbicb British Columbia compriicd 7,000), sud so lew
than :':','i'i'i square miles of fresh
water. This latter advantage, Mr.
Morden contended, would supply the
other interesting respects, the speaker
described graphically the exceptionally
, splendid possibilities of Canada.
Roapccliug the country's place' in
conlomporary history, Mr. Morden pre
dieted that it would very naturally be
sn important one. ' Considered, how
over, si a portion of the British Em
•ire, it would probably become the
most integral factor in tbo working out
of the destinies of tho British people.
Tbe speaker thou alluded to Iho portion of greater Vancouver aud lo tho
ambitious of tbo diitrict in regard to
the establishment of a great national
mul even international seaport. Ho
waa proud lo number Mr. H. li. Stevens
among hii personal friends, and proud
that the electors of Vancouver had
choien him to represent them at
Mr. Slovens, responding to tho loast,
' unl that Ibe theme wai one lo iuipiro
any true Canadian. He warmly congratulated the Board of Trade on tbe
splendid rojieit and Ihe succoii of
Iheir evening'! entcrtiinuicul, and ad
.led thai it wai just gatherings es that
that smoothed away the rough portions
of life, lie hoped that the banquet of
which this was Ihe second would be
perpetuated. He could uoi conceivo
auy better way for tbo business men
of tbo city and of greater Vancouver
to got together, and surely Ihe work
that bad been accomplished in the
past and was to be undertaken In tbe
future. '
"I recognise," isid Mr. Stevens,
' "tbe grsve responsibility lhat is vested in mc as representing such a rapidly
developing district n that of North
Vancouver and the other municipalities
tbst go to mako up wbat we aro happy
to call greater Vaoncoover. Tbe one
object I bave in view ii to serve tbo
people who bave seen tt to plsce tbii
responsibility upon me. I think tbst no
msn could bsvo a higher or nobler sin
in life tbsn to represent such a diitrict
SS that comprised in Vancouvor ajud
Greater Vsncouver. I believe tbii ie
C'misda'i century aod iu the development of Canada tbii district wil| lake
a moit important part. This Dominion
at oun it young. It is not * great
sissy yesn lioce 'Confederety.n, sod
it mint bs remembered tbst tiii Canada of ouri, si wo ice bar etttbe preeent dsy, baa bsen moulded into vigor
ous young nationhood not by tbe labors
of uny one politics! party but by tbs
effort! of Sll patriotic citizens
"The welfare of Canada," continued
the member, "has been largely brought
about by a isriu of communications
eait and west aud by jnterprpvlnclai
trade. I think tbst we ss British Co)-,
iimbians should exert ourselves to im
prove inlerprovineittl trade tq the utmost and oipocislly trado botwoon Britlab Columbia and tbe provinces of
Alberta and Saskatchewan. Wo require
for our perfect 'nationhood a homogenous Cauada in which each province
fulfils its proper function."
He urged the Board of Trade lo seek
to promote interproviucial Irndu. It
was upon those lines and principles
that Canada had been liuilt up.
Thero wero numerous problems with
which the Dominion was faced. One
waa the problem of immigration,
"if," Mr. Stevens declared, "we allow
people to come into this country whom
we cannot assimilate or who sre not
propsred |o live up lo our traditions
and consliliitn.il. we aro going to have
a very serious problem to deal witb
before very long. Tbe immigrant
from Northern Europe is highly
desirable, thu immigrant from
Southern Europe is much losa so, and
the Asialie, and I wish lo emphasise
this, is entirely undesirable."
ilis allilusle towards the Asiatic
hud, he knew, been criticized, but be
enured Ihe company he hud absolutely
no axe to grind, no personal interests
to serve. He freely admitted there
were some lines of business in which
Orientals wen: utilized as a means of
securing larger returns. Ho was not
interested in the principles of sucb
businesses. He was interested in the
building up of such au industry as
would be looked upon as un ussot to
the country when its founder was gone.
Home people bad urged that the .lap
anesc were British subjects ami lhat
therefore and interference wilh tbem
was out of tho question. They might
be culled British subjects and yet they
were denied tbe franchise. This very
faet showed that Ihe people of tbo
Dominion of Canada did uot wish lo receive Ihem on the same basis..aa olher
immigrants. Why then were they admitted at all I The method which had
been pursued in naturalizing the
Asiatic was a farce. It was time that
this farce wus put au end lo.
Then there were those wbo said lhat
if there was any interference with Ibe
.lapancso it Would create ill-feeling
with Ihem between Ihis country and
Japan. How in the world, if tho Jap
anesc were British subjects could it
rcate any ill feeling since Ihe Mikado
had evidently nothing to do wilh them.
"J havo met many Japanese, and Ihe
Japanese gentleman is one of the finest
and most courteous of ail," declared the
speaker. "But we have a duty lo our
country. Tbe Japanese cannot assimilate and all immigration of this kind
should be discouraged in (he ialcrcst
of the future of tbis great couutry of
which wc are now laying Ihe foundation stones." •
Mr. Stevens defines! the question of
citizenship os one of supreme importance. He thought that citizenship in
Canada was held much loo cheaply. A
man upon whom was conferred tbe
rights ami privileges of i'uiia>lian cili '
/.enship, should have some knowledge j
of the traditions of the country in
v.lsnli he proposed lo make his home.
Citiieiiship should be looked upon as a
sacred trust and should not be entered
upon lightly. The 'member then
dilated on Ihe subject of public utili
tics, arguing lhat it wus dangerous toi
allow corporations and individuals to
acquire too many of Ihe publfe utilities
of the country. Ho could oot blame
man or corporation for laying their
him,l- upon sll tbey could grasp, but
it was the duly of tbe government to
see that man's avari'i did not go too
far. Conservation of resources was a
subject upon which Ibe government
should take instant and decisive action.
Already Ihe Rockor/ellor intcrcsls snd
other Now York interests bad laid
bauds upon the wetcrpowor of tbis
country and were skilfully acquiring
the right to great sources of electrical
energy in anticipation of tbo future.
At tbis poiut Mr. Steven!' How of argument drifted iuto local channels. Ho
touched upon Ihe question of harbor
development!. Ho had been securing
the viowi of the different section! of
tbe constituency, ssd bsd concluded
that tbe 'suggestion tbst be bad made
iobjo weeki ego wss the wiiest one,—
that the government ihould appoint an
export commisilon to investigate tbs
fscilities, and a city of these dimeu
lions without railway
ronuiromeiils of tbe port of North Van-
mover. Further, the Dominion government bsd promised bim thst ths dredge
which il now at Naiiinio would com
mince work st tbe First Nsrrowi before
Christmas lu tbe removal of tbe shoal
tbere. The ougineer iu connection with
tbo Secoud Narrows bridge wai expected to arrive today, ami tbere would
bo no time loit in getting to work upon
something whicii wai of vital iiupnr
tsnee to tbe district. Railway connection! were absolutely essential to
North Vancouvor. Tbere wero 8000
people on he north ihoro without such
of these
S curiosity indeed.
He vory heartily responded to tho
toast of the Dominion Government.
The preiident, Alderman Smith, then
called upon ex president Alexander
Pbilip to propose the toast of sistor
Boards  of  Trado.
(Continued on Fags Fivs.)
■K '' - ■
Mr. E. t'rut well, bridge engineer representing the linn of Sir John Woflc-
llnriy and Partners of London, England, arrived iu Vancouver on Wciliies-
ily, for the purposo of taking in band
the preparation of plans and the dsrry
ing out of Ihu contract for the construction of Second Narrows bridge.
Mr. i'mmdl has carried out similar
commissions for Ihe firm with which
o is associated, in different parts of
the world, but this is his lirst visit
to Canada uud Ihe Pacific coaal. He
has already visited Ihe sile of the new-
bridge oml Incidentally had a look at
Hurrard Inlet as a harbor and is impressed with the fact that the work
which hi: has undertaken is destined to
constitute one of Ihe outstanding lea
lures of what will be one of the great
est-harbors iu the world.
The preparation of tho plans will be
proceeded with at once, and when completed Mr. (rut well will proceed with
Ihem to England, where Ihey will be
pronounced upon by tho firm of Sir
John W,sth' Barry ami partners They
will then be submitted ut Olluiva for
departmental approval, immediately ofler which tenderi will be culled for,
the contract awarded and construction
will   proceed   forthwith.
Deal Not Closed-Chief Architect's Instructions
The   North   Lonsdale   Presbyterian
choir are having a social evening to
night in the church,   grangers arc ■
poclslly   invited.
Aliicruiaii Henderson relumed to the
ity on Tuesday afler a two weeks'
sojourn at Salmon rivor Vancouver
Island, where he managed to kill the
two birds, hunting and busiucss, with
one stooc,
On Tuesday a coating of crushed
rock from Hie new crusher was spread
over a portion of tho Esplanade and
rendered solid by Ihe rcccntly-soquir
ed road roller. Mayor McNeish slates
that Ihe rock was laid on the street
for less lhan a dollar a yard and to
Ins knowledge, this is Ihe firsl lime
that u concrete road making system
has been launched.
Mr. A. J. Mci'anlic has returned
from a short visit iu the old country.
When he left North Vancouver it wai
Mr. Mct'urdic's intention to remain iu
England for at least two years ami
perhaps permanently, but he found the
"luer of the west" so strong Dial he
compromised al two months and is
again happily identified wifb the trend
of progress aboul Burrard Inlet.
Mr. W. B. Campbell has purchased
the interest of his partner, Mr. Seeds,
in ilu well known business the
"Grotto" and is uow sole proprietor.
"Bert" as he is familiarly known, is
one of the old timers of North Van
couver and his pcrsonsl popularity adds
greatly to the prosperity of tbe bus!
nSSI Of which he is making to conspicuous S success.
Tbo youngsters of the city msde tbe
traditions of Hallowe'en a peg on
which to hang much miicbief. Front
gatei woro discovered to be mysteriously hinging on tbe rungs of tele
graph polos and other similar elfin
pranks wero indulged in after darkneis
oo Tuesday nigbt. Apart from tho propagation Of bad language among tho
cltlxeni, no olber danjegse, monl oi
material, has been reported.
Tbomai Mantel wss cberged st tbe
city bsll yesterday morning with baying driven • team of boriei snd wsgon
slong tbo sidewslk on Second itreet.
Tk! chief sdmitted  tbst tha streot
Following the information published
in the Kxprcss on Tuoidsy with reference to tho instructions received by
Mr. Angus Cameron to lulu.' levels etc.
on the loti to which objoction hai beon
taken ui a local post office lite, Mr.
H. ll. 8tevoni wired Hon. F. D. Monk
siking to bo mli ii.ed ai to the eigni-
ficauce of those instructions, ai did
also Ihe secretary of the North Vancouver Conscrvativo Association, Mr.
Percy King. Yesterday replies woro
received lo the effoct that instructions
bad been issued lo the deportment of
public works ou Sepiembor I lib. that
all proceedings wilb respect to tbii
iimt I .T were stayed. Inasmuch as no
further Instructions have been given
by tho minister, the fact is clear that
tbo instructions received to take levels
elc must have emanated from some
other source. Upou Inquiry from Mr.
t'uiiierun it was Bscurtuineil that tbo
letter which bo received was signed by
tbo chief architect. It would thero
foro appear, that not being awaro of
the fact that any instructions had been
given tho ehiof architect by tbi) outgoing minister this particular branch wai
not included iu the notification that
the purchase is stayed and the architect
therefore proceeded with the usuul
course wheu that particular item appeared next iu tho order of busicuss
in his olllcu. Meantime, however, Iho
entire matter of tho purchase of a posl
office site is yet lo come under review
with a view to revision by the present
Minister of Public Works.
BOOMS FOR BENT-Housekeeptug.
US Und Street east.
BOOMS TQ LW-Wltli or without
board. Apply Miss Burton, 183-4tb
street woit. t.f.
Vsi not in good condition but the offender had bad two toils of coal on
bis wagon. Magistrate Kealy pointed
out that the defence might have done
tbo clly a ♦ HUH) worth of damage. A
Inn: of So and costs was imposed.
A social will bu ;■!■■' n I,s Ihe ladies
of Ul. Thomas' parish, North Lonsdale,
at Mr. .Archibald's residence on Nov.
Oth at 0 p. m.
Mrs. M. A. Russell, corner of King
street and Ut. George's Avenue, will
receive on Tuesday next and on tho
first Tuesday of euch month thereafter.
At the .First Baptist church next
Sunday morning the iiastor, Rev. A.
J. i'rosser, will preach on the subject
"A conflict belween a bluffer and u
fighter." In the evening Ihe scries
on "Great Investigations" will bu
Al yesterday's meeting of the ferry
directors, a letter was considered from
Mr. J. W. Haworth, who was recently
the victim of an accident on the ferry
wharf fur whieh the authorities compensate! him. lie found, however,
that he hud tu undergo further treat
ment iii eonsequcucc of the mishap.
snd in view of this he asked the directors' to give him a life pass. The
secretary was Instructed lo inform Mr.
II.is.i,sth that his claim had ulrcady
been settled in full.
Mrs. ITi..i.n arrived on Tuesday
from Plymouth, England.
Mr. D. Best secured two lols ou Mil
ton road on Monday.
Mrs. Weslovcr. sr. has relumed after
a prolonged visit to friends in the cast.
Rev. Arthur I' lioure of Winnipeg
has been appointed vicar of SI, Clements church.
Mr. C. II. Thurston is building a
house ou Dcmpscy road, also a roil-
I cine for himself ou C'eulre road,
The Ratepayers' Asoscialion arc
making arrangements for a special
meeting ou Wednesday evening next
aud would be glad to meet as many re
lidenti as posisblc.
The newly appointed vicar Is making
arrangements for Sunday services at
II a.m. and 7 p.m. commencing Sunday,
Nov. fllb.
Miss ' nroiui I. ef Vancouver was Ihe
guest of her brother on Bunday.
Mr. }. Roberts is building u house
ou Huron road.
Mr. D. G. Huttic bought s lilt on
Mill ui, road Ibis wci'k,
i nun. Allan has completed the drive
to his residence from Ross rosd.
A lot for the new vicarage has been
purchssed and it is expected building
will commence in December.
The reporl lhat Mr. J. M. Fromme is
in the hospital with typhoid fever is
incorrect. Mr. F'ounuc bus recovered
from bis recent cold sud is st busies!
si usuil. >
North Vancouver vi. Vancouver
The local club pluy Ihe lirst match
for Hie B. C. Challenge I-up tomorrow
against Vancouver on the Buulcvard
1'ark at 8,15, The match is bound to
prove c|osc and exciting and a lurgc
number of spectators will probably attend. North Vancouver will be represented by the following: Uoal, K. J.
H. Cardinall; backs, G. Green-Armytsge
and H. Caiucron; half-backs, .-. Humphreys, Is s. Baylis uml Montgomery:
forwards, II. 1.. McPhcnon II. V. Mc-
Naghlen, H. I.i. Ward, Drum ami I'. N.
Haylis.   Umpires, Wltilttiker and Palm-
LOST—Gout's watch, on 4th street
and Lonsdale. Rowsrd, apply Hox AU
Express Office. ,111
The joint hicctiugs of the Baptist,
Methods.t and Presbyterian churches
of the city arc now being held iu the
Baptist church and are being well attended and are of uu interesting character. Rev. Mr. Schlichter will preach
this evening. Next week the meeting!
will bo held in Ihe Presbyterian
church ovcry evening except Saturday.
Hev, Mr. Macleod will conduct the service. Rev. A. J. Pressor will preach
ou Monday night.
Express Classified Ads.
II. M. Richmond, teacher of violin,
1117 Junes Avenue.        . 17-11
LADY—Certified wishes pupils for
pianoforte and theory. Tcrnn moder
ate.   Box A28, Express Office.      3 11
Miss L. II. Bertram of Vuncouver,
teacher of piano and singing. Louoni
giveu in "North Vancouver. Terms «>3
per month. Beginners a specialty.
Apply Express Office, Box A:i.     ID-11
FOR SALE—Fresh • mushrooms daily
at the Grotto. a 18
FOR SALE—Fine lot of young hens,
just starling lo lay. Fish Market, 1st
street sv.-i, city. 1011
FOR BALE-Frcib milk from local
herd of cows. Eight quarts for 11, delivered. Apply East Eud Dairy, North
Vsncouver. J-11
FOR SALE-Firil growth dry wood
for 14.75 per cord, l It.. 0. McDade,
Pbons m. tt.
TO LET-Furnlilted ro'uui. Apply
2110 Second street wilt. Entrance temporary   Off  Third   Street. jii-ll
TO KENT choice modern auitei on
3rd street. Apply Alex. Smith k Co.,
North Vancouvsr. i.i.
FOR RENT—fleveu roomon houio,
furnace, fully modern, garden. Eighth
itreet, good view. Apply Colonial
Apartment  House, oth itreet cast, tf
FOR HENT-Tbo store on tho Esplanade until recently occupied by tbo
district as a municipal hall, also space
17x23 feet upstain which will bo divided to suit reliable tenant. Apply
Vancouver Lumber Company on tbo
premises n |
HOOMB-Wilb or without board.
Apply Mrs. Cornish, -nl First street
east. 8-U
. FOR RENT—Fivo-fuowed bungalow,
modern, (ith street east, near Victoria
Park. John Dicrssen, Colonial Apartment House, Mli street, plume 211). tf
FOUND-Ono  fishing  dory.   W.  C.
Thompson,  Hollyburn P. 0. I l:
J. Loutet and Nortb Lonidale
Oet it at Lonsdalo Pharmacy Phono 2D
t.osid young stock Bull, corner Huh
street and  Mahon  Avo. 1411
Wi cb.ae Sundayi. Pbone 834. .).
H. I'liglii.b. 0. K. liruituy, 18 Low
dali Avenue.
Nortb Vancouver Fiih and Produce
Co. Fresh aud smoked Fish a specialty.
131 First street wesl. 2411
ll. II. Bayment fur first class dress-
milking. Second house, Hill street E.,
adjoinjng west of Boplovurd and ea%
line. tf
The Now York Oslricji Feather
Works, 200 Lonsdale Ave. Miss Fannie Miller, late with Ihe Njcglo Cooper
Co., N. Y. Fcathcri willowcd, curled
leaned sud dyed. Have your old
plumes made into new ones. 1711
Wu thoroughly dry clean ladies' sud
gent's suiitl for |1.2fj. Suits pressed
Mc, Money refunded if not satisfactory. Modern Rcnovalory, 'iw.i Lonsdale Ave.   Phone 213. Hill
The Cily Dye Works, ou cornea Es
plaiindc East and Lonsdale are enabled
by virtue of Iheir largo plant iu Iho
eity to uot only clean the cloth but
the lining, pockets, etc. of every suit
Ihey dry clean at the same moderate
prices Ihey have always charged, t.f.
The Truth students class will meet
ovcry Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock at
Ihe residence of Mrs. Gallagher, Keith
road, near Ridgoway. students deilr-
ing higher spiritual unfoldment are
cordially invited to atleud, tf
FOR SALE-Two lots, block aud a
half west of Lonsdalo on --nd street,
♦701) for both. Terms. Apply owner, 42
Loui'lalo Avcuue. 80-11
TraBc Receipt! for tbe Monty) of
October, UU.
Single or return    IfMO'M
t tor He
80 ttf ll
70 for fl
Monthly Pmmi
Vehicle tickets
Freight collected
Freight prepaid
cm; tim, wm, se^ising,
Sic    WM
Total  ...IlimM
Receipts Itt OcfotW. WOt, IM10M; te
initti m Ottobtr, ww, mm
... i'1-i.hn
...    760.00
... 8381.00
...    MO.OO
... J177JJO
...   £80.86
FOR SALE -Three 60-foot lols on
(ueen street, live minutei' walk from
Lonsdale. Terms. Apply K., Express
FOR SALE-Oue block from Lonidale car line, |360 cash, balance over
18 months Palmer & Mcllwaine, 36
Lonidale Ave.   Phone UO.  -        tf
MUSHROOMS fresh daily  st   the
Grotto. 313
Five roomed cottage and cleared Jot
88x8M in Lynn Valley fow yards from
carline. 11700. Termi. Palmer (late
Ward) Burmester and von Hrnevenit/,
467 Lonidale Avenue. Pbons 71.   , l.f.
FOR SALE ,i;i foot lot, cleared,
grsded, iplendid view, lecond fclock
from Loimiilc car lins, SI60 cash, bal-
anci pver 18 monthi. Fslmcr k Mcli-
wsloe, 86 Lonidsle Avs.   Phono JlO.tf
Four-roomed bungalow, now, ibeth,
toilet, furnsce, lot cleared ssd fenced,
18364. MOD cseb, bslsncc srrsnged.
Palmer (Iste Wsrd) Boweiter snd vpp
Grsevsnlti, 467 Lonidsle Avense.
71. t.f.
H. (.'. Livery mui board stables —
Light rigi and ladies' saddle bone*
for lure. Stabling (or buries. Gen-
"iul delivery and heavy teeming. II
Dumos. 41b itrcot weit. Pbono 847
Sewer connections done by expert
pipe layers. Work guaranteed lu pass
cily engineer's offico inspection. Duly
first class Scotch pipe and prune port-
land cement used. Estimates furnished. Apply K. R. i'aykull at office of
Nurlh Vancouver Coal and Supply t'o..
Lt.l. I-h
WANTED-Furnilure of 6 or «
roomed bouse. Apply P. 0. Box 2374
or phone 2)0. t.f.
WANTED-Ilrcssmaking, style snd
fit guarsntcd. Mrs. Bowel, "Bo'cobol"
fith itreet snd Chcitorlleld Ave, 14-11
Young Isdy wants cumfurtalde room
iii prlvste home. Apply B. Gill, General pelivery. 8-U
WANTED—Tenderi   for    clearing
and grading lpt 6, block )«„ diitrict
lot 786.  0. Hugbei, P. 0. Bos tit).
We ipecialiro In North Vancouver
property and wiib to (lit property
dlrsct from ofn«». mupfk IN
yEOTIWNT CO., IH Cttloyi,
Sttntf wm. w-u
t Uf' t.gey
Half Price Sale
In order ftrnttlt*»ppmptoe clean-up of all »ipww
linn and thus make room for the new fall order* already
invoiced, we will nell for half price the undermentioned
$5.00 Ladies' Wash Suits, white and colors, sale  $2.50
$7.50 Ladies' Wash Suils, white and colon, sale  $3.75
\ Sizes 34, % and -38 only.
Boy'l and Girl's Summer Hat«, regular price ,25c to
$100; sale HALF PRJCR
Ladies' Lawn Waists, (lightly soiled; a large variety of
patterns; • HALF PRICE
Ladies' and Girl's Parasols, ranging (rom 25c in Girl's and
,       $|00inUW  .ale  Mf PMC*
Boy's Wash Suits, sale THIED OFF
Gent*. Straw Hat. HAH PMCR
Gent's Summer Vests ...HALF PRICE
_,  y!ai--^"        . .1 ■-. ■
Sweet Mistress Margery
■   I      J.U,!I_I -.liail-.EllLJUI4l.ilJ
A Short Storey by Ivan P. Gore,
/ UrA fiurwids hsd fat of tke
the ''Old Mltrie'!" Isrdor oould
ftpApee; likewise be hsd drunk heartily
ef the   choicest    winos money could
tiinpt from tbe cob-web gusrtied bins
in mine host's collars, snd now bo
Stretched hii long booted legs wearily
More tbe Are of bisiing logs snd pro-
ps»»d to dote till sucb time as bo must
Hied! ride forth again.
Food, wine snd Are, e*cb snd sll,
msde blip contented witb tbe world st
Isrge, snd he slept ss only a soldier
csp, grunting occasionally as fail
drssmi touched on a women's face or
recalled (be battles ho hsd fought dining bll long service across the seas.
Suddenly his eyes opened wide snd
tbs sleepiuesi left them sa his hand
crept to tbe rapier hanging st his side,
tightening on tbe hill si be moved bis
besd in such a way that be could the
better watch the danger, which a sol
dier'i instinct told him was at baud.
The room was nearly dsrk save for
tbs flickering firelight, but that sufficed'
to ahow bim tho softly opening door.
Thin, us he softly freed his rspior
from iti scabbard, he saw a white hand
creep cautiously around the lintel, and
besrd the hurried ' breathiug of hii
stealthy visitor.
The Are died down on<( be sprang
to bis feet, rapping out o sharp rhul
lenge si bis spurred heels rang on the
tiled floor. There was a gasp from the
intruder, a hurrying aud scurrying of
light foet across the room; then as lie
came en garde, someone clasped him
firmly round the knees, praying, entreating, whereat he lowered his blade
and cried aloud in liis surprise.
"By Bt. Ponyi—spit me, if 'tis not
a woman I"
"Oh, good sir," a sweet Voice pleaded, "an' you are a gentleman, I pray
you savo me from those whu follow
closely on my steps."     .
(Juntly ho disengaged her slinging
bauds, and in a trice had the i-audlcs
flaring in Iheir sconces; then he swung
on his heel uml lokcd at her. Al ibo
i-i,nu,: i.-i..i his keen look her hcuii
drooped, but she quickly beld it up
ugaiu, und met him proudly oyo to oyo.
''Bsve tbeet Aye, and most willingly," be answered, for, truth to tell,
fighting snd gallantry were os life to
bim, sgd tbe adventure promised both,
"Dpnte, sweef mistrais, dry those tears
Slid toll me what fair fortune throws
io bsppy p I'liance across piy psthi" t
"Sir, I sm run »w*y from homer'
"So—" The adventure promlied
more then he bid thought. "And
wherefore 1"
"They would marry me—" tbe
rod mouth trembled, and once more
tears welled to ber eyes.
"Noy, nsy—I pray you—why, what
is marriage but the common lot of wo
mankind, if they are beautiful enough
"Aye, put they who marry against
their hearts be fools," she retorted,
"and those wbo would force the marriage—kuavest"
He groped blindly for a suitable
reply, but, finding none, stood staring
at her, while a wave of pity for tbe
man who had been chosen swept
through his heart, to bo followed on
the instnut by one of envy for tbe
mini whom she, of her own free fill,
should choose,
"I'faith," he said at length, "so
you—er—will not marry with the fel
low of their choice!"
"Neverl Sooner would I die!" she
answered quickly, dropping her eyes
again. " 'Tis this wny:A week ago
they camo and told me that my brother had ' liiiM-ii a fitting mate for me,
nielliinks with a view to replenishing
his empty coffers. The man was on
his way frum Flanders lo sec that the
pUrcbsie wus nurth the price, and so
they liude me prepare, t'puti this I
fired up and told them nay, and that
none too sweetly. Whereat they lock
ed ine in my room till such times as the
stranger should urrive lo do his woo
ing." ,
"your brother—he did thief"
"Nay, but 'twas by his orders. He
hud ridden givey, doubtless to mee
ami hurry up Ihe buyer. Today 1 saw
my chlJlce snd fled, hut ill-luck dogged my steps 'and nigh placed me in
the grasping ham|s of Master Michael
Brospi, my brother's itewsrd,,wbo Wfc
lows bard behind,",
MAbl WhSt company -hii fides
With?" -
"Half s dozen rascals, nigh as obon
Si their lesder-"
"WhetI Duly sis to pool" be
laughed gleefully, -" I'faith, 'twill
scarce be worthy of us, yet the leupn
must bo taught."
For answoV ibe beld up a smell linger
snd bsde him listen. From down ' tbe
rosd csme a clattering of hoofs and
the bourse cries of the riders si tbey
urged their horses op.
"'Til tin'.'.," she whispered, all of
a tremble and clinging to bis arm
"Fear uot, they shall not lay baud
on .--"ii while I etand firm and this old
friend stays blade to hilt," ho u mm vied grimly. "Hut you in yonder corner while I parley with them."
They drew rein In the cobbled jfuril,
and a second,later tbe listeners heard
tbem tramping and sweariug in the
corridor as they bade the landlord tell
them whether he had seen tboir quarry
Then came a banging of doors and a
further tramping of heavy feet as they
hunted through the house. My lord
smiled and run his thumb along the
strip of shining steel ai he held, Anon
there was silence; then whispering
at the door as though the handle turned and two of their number came
stumbling in.
The lady gave a little cry and they
shouted in triumph to their fellows
that the bird was raged at last; but,
even as the words left their lips, thoy
saw the tall figure, blade in hand, and
paused irresolute. They would have
beat a retreat, but those who wore
left in tho corridor, mistaking their
dismay, pushed forward until all were
iu tho room.
"A fair even to you, gentlemen,"
quoth Uurtisi'le, wondrous soft of voice
though u very devil lurked in the eyes
thul scanned I hem insulcutly from head
to foot. "Nay, du nol hesitate.
I'faith, yuu are most welcome."
They muttered among themselves,
till, with u foul oath, one, more neatly
attired than the rest, pushed for.vunl,
a great hanger swinging in his hand.
"What funis play l/e thist" he
snarled. "Dolts, sec yuu not that we
have hut one man tu deal with. Belie
you the wench while I dock this tine
gallant of his plumage."
"Ah, Master Hrconi, 'tis you, ch(
my lord Isugbed, but si tjey tffl|OVp4
fprwerd, Ms voice rsng Opt Irfe p
tfumpti, ((Hy the Crosi, lay bV*'*'
fiuger on the Isdy and you go to meet
your Waiter, Feiber Sgtsn."
Scarce hsd be spoken before tbeir
leader r»»bed at Min, Qb's, twice,, be
■truck witb tbe heavy wespon tbst be
bore; tben wltb s chuckling, cry fell
bsck among tbe ibsdowi, sod after
squirming nni-e or twice, lay still,
'f.OnsH' cried my lord end swinging
swiftly   round   prepared   to   meet   the
others. A dsrk browed ruffian rush-
od st !>>"> with s chair, Imt danced
back howling, clutching at bii arm
from which tho red blood dripped.
"Two!" Then, ei he hung back, be
cried impatiently, "Gome, come, "til
not courteous to tarry over long snd
uninvited in a lady's pretence."
Quick as hii own bright blade be
sprung mining them, striking witb the
flat, till the oaken rafters rang witb
their cries of pain sud terror. 'Twee
soou at an end, aud dodging the whirling blade as best thoy might, they rush
ei! headlong from the room, nor did
they pause till thoy had gaiued the
safety of the open rosd.
Having wiped bis rapier on tbe tails
of the dead man's cost, be turned
with u guy laugli to his companion.
"Odds on'tl" he criod, \nt they
lie gallant gentlemen." Then, becoming vastly serious, he stood and looked
at her, stroking his great square cbin.
"Now, what's to he done witb you,
prolty mistress/ Having no further
can.-..- to fear Master Bream, who lays
quiet yonder—wilt returut"
"Tbst will I neverl I no longer
have a home to shelter inc. Tberofore
I must to some seaport from where I
can gain passage to Fraucc, where, me-
thinks I .-nil havo friends — true
"Then our paths arc side by ildo
till I sec you aboard some vessel that
will bear you safely to these samo
■Sn swept him a courtesy, then blush
cd hotly us she saw how closely be
was eyeing her.
"Nay, do uot blush, J mean no
rudeness, liul much as the gown you
wear pleases the eye, yet 'lis uot fit
for .. maiden to ride, stirrup to stirrup
with a rough soldier."
"llmv, then, si.n J ridel" she asked
Continued ou page tbreo.
TAKK NOTICK Ihut I have reci-lvi-.l ubjeellmu In writing to tin rctcn-
(Hiiii ut il.'- fulluwlna nanus un ilu   lis ti.-i. i   ul Votcri fur lllcliinund Klcc-
- hu  uiuumls  stuteil below:
Tit'T:  '
.'.ill.I   s.stissiis uie  inin   .--is. si   i'"s
tfliull s-li ii.i such is.ii,ii s nil Ilie said Mi-Kisti'l
IiATEK ut North Vuncuuver lids nlnlli day nf October, 1911,
K, cli.ii.il of Voters.
The I'ullmvlng lust-suns arc reported absent fioni ■ I.l- I.lstrict:
No. Num., Place
1 Abel. Arthur I) illlkTiit, S.  Vancouver.
IS Allun.    la,!.    TT, Isi.m   irUi.il
33. Allan.  Wllllum    .'Otli  Avel lit, ti   Vuncouver.
43. Anderson, Allle  Uuwun  Island.
■62. Aiiiliuny. Itcalnuld (Jiurge  ,,ysocouvei'.
«.". Archibald. Hugh W Pollach Cteek.
Ill Arntsirung.   Alexundcr    Nurth   Vum uuver.
(IS. Aii'-v.  Alfred    I...IH1   Valley,  B.  C.
ill. Aslituit. J.ilin   fccehull.
101. Atkinson.'Wllllum Hem-)  ....North  Vancouver.
103. .Us.iii.-i.ii.   Wllllum  Henry   ..Hlllcrisi  I   O
105 Austin,   David    Nortli Vancouver
101' i:     1.1.     S. us us, I     Mt    i 1...   .!.:    .'llll Ave. "
111. But-low, Frederick John  ....North Vancouver.
.186 Baker,  John    I'ui'lluno
1(3 Butr.   Wllllum    s.,,i,insists
US i.i.n    Juhn    Tsltls Ave. 8. Vuncouvor.
ISO. Buster.   Patrick    North Vancuuver.
Is.' Hsiuil'i   Kieil James  IStli Avenue, Hlllcrest.
203 i' i i    Victor   Iteglnuld   ..North Vuncouver.
20$. Bell. Walter Ollpliuni  Nurlli Vuneuuver.
223 )s.i in.us, Oscar Kd Nurlli Vuncuuver.
243 Bird. Sydney Arihur   Nurlh Vuncouver.
T'.o Bluinl. Joseph Watsun   Nurth Vahcouver.
907 i'■■:   ■ ■!..  llobert F Kijuanilali.
'I'll Bowes.   Wllllum   Aiiiiisiii-   ... Nurlli Voncouver.
323. Bold.   William    Nurth Vuncuuver.
841 Brldu.cn.   Kul.t.   J 2611. ond Flusei Avenue. Vancouver.
o(8. 1..■...■.   William   t-,,u.insists
Wl Brooks.   Samuel    Nurlh Vuncouver.
3*0. Brooks.   Tliuniui    Hi|Uiiiiilnli
.".![< Brown.   Flunk    ....Bowen Island
3(1 Brown, John David  Bguumleh.
Isiissn, tjldney Lloyd  Bquuinlsh
40'| Bruce   All.ert Stewart    North Vancouver.
i.t Buudcy,  Jolin Thomai   Sutilli Vancuuver.
4S2 Butler.  William  Joicoh    Nurlh  Vuncuuver.
IS] Huiieilk'ld. Juinei T Vquamlili.
471 I'lilne.   William    Home Itoad. S. Vancouver.
4m Colder, Wllllum J. w Nurth Vuiicuuver.
j|j I'uivuri. ITiluur Tliouius  North   Vuiicuuver.
Ccj» i'.nii|il,ell.  Norman   ..........26th Street. Nortli Vancouver.
613 Campbell,  William    Norlh  Vancouver.
514 I'lili.'.llvr.  Fled    i,    I1..IIU   ''.in   i,n
tit.      I'ltui'lfuii. John    North Vancouver'
r.Tf       '  .lis i. tiHuii. I.ouunl Victor ..S'lUainlsh.
U'.-       i'Ii.ii,   Qeorii  Kimllo  2»0-26th Avenue Kelt.
001-    'luil,i.   Kdwurd  Dunlin   ... .l-l'-i l.m 15. I.ol 831, 3*3:
(IK.      I'llrTuid.  William    Soulh Vancouver.
Sto      I'uuli.  ii.i,iu.    North Vancuuvir.    •
|J|       Cornlih, Itcalnuld 1' Nurth Vancuuver.
"20,      OroSSley. I.ewlf   Doifth Vuncouver.
727.      i im', i.ji.ni.   tun, s Henry     .North  Arm  Hu.ul
7*1       I'ummlnvi,   John   K.    ITlli und Well Avenue
I'l       li.ili'i,   Fred    Nurlh Vuneuuvcr,
D.i'oieuu, Jumes   Howe tvium!
I "J       PerrlUgh   Alex   Foliat  fcoutli  Vuncuuvor. ,
1.1       DliiKle. Fred Ocurye   North Vancouver.
(ili.      Dunklii, Fred  North Vancouver.
*&7.      1 nni,hu... Mum.- pt Norlh Vancouver.
HI       liiiiiiimi.-iid. Robert liuvli —S.,iianilsli.
sel       Jiukc. WJIIIum  Duliell    Hotel Nurlh Vuncuuver.
'.'17       I',-..hi   .ins. i'ii    Lynn   Vulley.
Hi.      Kcliurii, I .mils W Soulh Vumouver.
1014       FoilierliiKliuin. Wllllum  Noilh Vancouver.
lols       Fox. tJeorge T.  Norlh Vancouver.
1086   ,   Fiasir. Donuld North Vancoover.
103*       Filler, Thoines Molvln  Ulhson'j Luiullna.
108(1.      Fn.'Uii    l-'inl   ..." South  Vancouver.
1062       Fry mire, Conrad H North Vancouver.
1064.      Fuller.  Henry Willnualiuy   ..North Voncuuver.
1061.      Fuiinell.   Samuel    Si.uth   Vancuuver.
1060. '    F.vffc. Thomas B North Vuneuuvcr,        •
)W.      ('.-li'ciilili.   David  D Hmuiii isisiint
1073       Onidiier.  Bertie Charlci  ....Norlh Vancouver.
1082.      Oatlcy,  Krnesl    <. .Souunilsh.
110!       Gllilwn. Alun Howard  Norlh Vancouver.
flit        Ulllle.i.   John  Hani!    S'tswrilih.
1143.      flood. Holmond  Suuamlili.
1164.      Oould.  Chirlei  A Wnn Valley.
• jl.f.      flrahnni.   Archie    Linn  Valley,
1287.      oreeiijud.  Orank    South  Vancouver.
1848,      Grimes. Henry John    Soulh Vuncouver,
IM.   .   litiii;.. John Roflc   South  Vancouver.
131.4.      HlrVy.   Peter    8uuo»il»h.
1110.      Hlyiiliis. John Jam's  south Vancouver.
)4lj.      Hill. SUvealer E North Arm Road.
1468.      Hooper,   John    Vancouver.
j(JI        jfoj-n, MiiniiliiK   .., .Olbson'i  IjndlnK.
14.0.      Howaid. Richard     Soulh Vancouver.
1438,       Hudson.   Edwird     ivee
 Soulh Vancouver,
; k Ocorgi ...South Vonsouver.
tllam Psislvsl  —North  Voncouver.
Fell i.k'I     ,...tsoulh Vancouver.
Keiiifdv,  Wlllum Hugh  ....South Vancouver.
il«l Edererd  Bouainlsli,
lames H 101 h and Ontario Street, Vsncouver.
flcorir*  Hi°!])".ltif'
lake.   John   A    H Sforll. VoiScouvcr.
s. Juhn Grace  Lot 301.
: Hi i.
: Ul
Urar, Currlll Lynn Valley.
LuWYon.   Duvid    Nortb  Vancouver.
Lock wood. Kd. Currull   17th itreet near Main itreet.
Luw. Ullllum  Nurlh   Vuncouver.
Lounshury. William Elmer ..l.ynn Vnllov
{'uuiet.   Wllllum    Nurlh  Vuncouver.
M.isllll.   A i I hi.s     .-..iu.iml.sli
SliiKi'.'. Churles Wesley   S<iuamlsh
SluKee. James DouKlae   Si|uunilsh
Mugee. Vi'ulter E Si|Uumlsh
Malley. Thomas Wllllum    Nonli Vancouver.
Jluriln. Tjliunius Alexander ..North  Vuncouver.
Me. k.  I'hlii'les Allan    .North   Vuncuuver.
Meek. Allien Rlcliurd  Hlllcreil P. I)
■l-i■ - .   it ni..ii,ii,  River Rnud. Burnuhy.
Mnli...in   John    Central Park.
Moure, Wllllum  Snuth Vuneuuvcr.
MuiKiin. Fred Wlnclieitei   ...South Vancouver.
Miinru.  William  Henry   Howe  Sound
UcCardil,  Arthur Jamea    Nurlh  Vaiicuuver.
Hcclure. W. J Brackendnle.
Ms i'i.tin,U   James Ouli.tou       S.,i..nni.- Is
SlcCullucK. -luliii Henry   Siiuumish.
Mcliuiiulil. Allan Orr   Central Park.
Mi inui.iM.  Duncan    I.ymi Vulley.
TMcliisiiiiull.   Lunch    Howe Sound.
ilcFui'lmi. Charles   Central   Park
JliFarluii.   Geuinc    Central   Park.
Mcill.islisiii. I'luu'l.-s N.'v.ii'ii ' .Sssiilli Vaneouver.
UcOregar, Dounall    .M.-.li. street, near 27th.
Melulosh.   Alex    .'. Si|iiaiulsli.
Milnisisli  Janus F i.'.n, Ave  nnd Weil. Road, Vancuuvci
McKay, Adam L    it'entrsj Park
McKlin,  William Cliurlc!  ....Lynn Valley.
McMillan. Laiiulillu  North Vancuuver.
MeNuniihtiin. Hubert V South Vuncouver.
Neaie.   Sieplun   Richmond   ..Nonli   Vuiicuuver.
Newman, George  Norih Vancouvsr.
Noel, John    upper Suuumlih.
Noiils.  llohcri    Ly nn  Valley.
Oioen,   Samuel    .-•   .  uu-i
i i'l'mi..i^l,ne    John    Nurth Vuncouver.
Paddy,  Qeorge    Siiuaiulsh.
I'jiliiloii.   Georne   Held    S'liianilih.
Parker. William   Cedar Coilauc
Paitenon. Wllllum    T Lynn Valley.
Peunon. John T Kpw orlh ,   ,
Plclun-Woi-low, AHek John  ..North  Voncouver.
Purler. Charlci  I.ol  8. Ward  2,  Maplswood.
Purler, Willi.,in John  Nurth   Voncouver.
Pryec. Carl A. R Norlh   Vancouver.
Redmond.  Julius    Rice Luke
Holierti. Arthur Moo.lv  Nurlh Vancouver.
Rol/ei'lion. Allied Fled  Norlh Vuncouvor.
Houer. David   Nurth Vancouver.
Pulsion.   Hci'iV'    Lynn   Valley ,
Rose. John Buehar ...., N.jilh Vuncuuver.
Huss. Roht. Qordon  Noilh Vuncuuver.
Ruy. Anionic   S>|uamlsh
Siiiiniliis. Edwurd Olio Soulh Vaueouver.
Scherf.   Amos    Muodyvllle
Scull.  Tliumus Turner    Souamlih.
Smllh. Juin.s Alln.ri    ...South Vancuuver.
Sinllli. Lewis LefTurd  Celitfol Purk.
Soircll, Walter   Suuumlsli
S|ieiiee, 8tei.ii.il Harold   North   Vuncouver,
St.llslun.  Hi'iiluiiilii Ward   ..Nurth   VaiieuuSer. .
Soulre.  Il.tin.ilil  II    I    (i.n mi
Sloulfor. Ca. s.sr Huns   ..      .Nurlh Vuncuuver.
siiHifn.    John    i |.|,, i   s i.nni,lih
Slepheli.  Alexaltder    S'luumlsh
Siei'liens, Stinil.n   Nurlli   Vancouver.
Still,  Arihur    Nurlh   Vancouver. I
Sluurl,  Victor   Muudyvllle
Sullivan.   Juhn    Norlh Vancouver.
Sweeten. Bmirion Allan   North Vancouver.
Bwei um in, Prank  South Vancouver.
Hwe, imon  William Charles . South Vancouver.
Siittuii. Wllllum George  rjlodiione
Tnhor. Clement    Hlllrrcsi   P   O.
Tuylor. Oeoiue William  North   Vuncouver
Tuylur. John    Nortli Vancouver.
Tuylor. John   ....' Central   Pink
Teller,  Waller   Soulh   Vancouver.
Train. Adam Calms   J.vnn   Vulley. (
Turner   Donol.l    .,... .MuniTivlll-.
Ward. Cecil J.-ffrlea  .....Ccnlrnl Park.
Waring. Arthur   Norlh Vancouver.
W.-Hi.is,||.  Jamil 1,    South Vaneunver
Wllllami. flrcrdiuin Brlllen  ..north Vsncouver.
Williams. John   Uiwilyvlll.-
Willis. Tl,,uises   Snulh Vancouver.
Wllsmi.  Osunndc    I'l'per Souurnlih.
wiiisidr.    Francis John   ... .iiwlweil Road, Hlllcreet.
W.judhuuse. Henry Jumes  ...Moodyvllle.
Wuuds. Charles  Mnmhvlll,
Wright John  suiii'iuisii
following perioni arc reporled deceoieu:
Name, Place.
Pr. Inn. In. John Walker   Nurlli  ^ inc.uver
Baxter, Patrick  Nuiih, Vancouver.•
Bell. Anilnw Duncan  South Vancouver
Bulge. Wllllum Churl"!  S.iulli  Vain
Cole i" mu   Huns   South  Vsncouver
Crofis   luliii i'IibiIh ThuritonNorlli   Vancouver.
Day,   Frederick  B Ninth  Vaniuir.'i
liuwnps    John    Nurlh Vancouver.
Kills, Kvun       ,'e.lui   Collage.   Voncouvir.
Klder. David Waildell      N's'iH
'ine*        Nortli  Vallenu.' i
lull   Jamei Muieliiuise  ... Eiiworlh
Kvlh.'l'lfialialii.   Wlllisisii    Norlh  Vum i-si't, s
its,is.iv.it!   John Angui North Van >• r
Hallow,11,   Wllllur i.'.i I li ' VnncOUVcr.
chilsip, I'.nliul  Park.
HIii'H'    Alfred   ,
Hsixlinis    H.-iiiy  Kt- liter liland,
iiiiilsh •
! er    Norlh Vincouver.
MarDxiiald,   Rai'duil   I I   W.-slinlnilir Ave.
1,X Hon.'
in Palmer ... _
Smllh, John Vieiliiy ... Landing.   *
i i ■
life have a lew splendid building lots, each 49x139 feet,
within 5 minutes (rom the Car terminus and School.
Two splendid roads to the property, and near the Capilano
River. Price $500 each, Corners $600. One-third cash,
6 and 12 months. These are excellent residential lots, and a
John Alexander & Co.
100 FEET
$200 cash, $60 per quarter.    A good buy on unusual terms.
213 Lonsdale Ave. Tel. 47
•Cor. Nye St. Tel. 87
Vancouver Business Directory
319 Psndcr street, Vaueouver
Norlb Vancouver
1 ni mi Homer and l'euder SU.
The only up-to-date aud reliable batb house in British Columbia.
We cure wncre others fail.
Sniisfiit 1 inn guaranteed or no
pay. Plain baths, electric baths,
shower baths, massage (or body, scalp and face ; electro therapeutic baths a specialty.
Oraduate of Berlin, Germany
III MM-'.!* I "l.i.i >.l «.
SPROTT-SHAW Business College
336 HMtinga St. W.
Canada'! Grealail Wealern School
ft. J. Sprott, B.A., - -Managar
03J Seysaour at., Vanco-ive*
Pay achool open all tht^year
round. Night school cpmmeiic^
es September 8th.
l.llill l.liv.
Groceries and Provisions
Wholesale and Retail
116 Hastings St. 1downstairs)
Delivery Tuesdays and Fridays
in nm 11 -1 i mis
Sign and Price Markers
10 Fairfield Bid.      Font Rjs/a
111 n. t-nii.
Yorkshire Guarin.ee & Securities
Corporation, Limited
440 Seymour Street
R. Kerr Houlgate Manager
All Nortli Vancouver people e*4 »i
Mtbnj Pipes. Blook or Haulage St.,
oppoiitji the sew post offioe. IjeouiW
ssils bii te^ by tha pouod.
(', TheBankof Britiih North America
Cupifal Paid VMJMM H*"™ Fund, $2,652,335
.   .  i
2 Qffjce« jn North Vancouver—2
UPPER LONSDALE AVE. (near Fourteenth Street)
Saving Deposits of $1.00 and upwards received.
Interest allowed at current rates.
Banker's Money Orders issued.
j. Stephen
BUREAU is now open for the convenience of employers and employees. Employers are requested to take
advantage of the office when requiring help.
Phone 321.
W. B. HOOD, Secretary.
14 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver.
Western Decorating & PlumbingCo.
Mantels Made to Specification,  All Estimates Furnished Free.
Wo Oaa and Will Savo You Irom 10 to 20 per cent, on All Paints, Oils,
Varnlibei, etc.
P. 0. Box 1087. Telephone 366
$10 Cash
and $5.00 monthly
buys a cleared level lot at Red Deer, Alta.
Price $ 1QQ each   Double Comers $225
NINE RAILROADS aro now umlcr construction from Bed Door. Tbo
town baa water, icwera, electric light, telephones, lire department,
churches, schools, mill--, factories magnificent land, unlimited -..i■ j. 1 > of
coal and timber.   Your money will grow rapidly.   Get lull |,arliculsn
demiif'ely.   "Faith, I know not how to
cbaugo my it*."
"Nor I. Still, wo must e'en mako
mmm shift isl   it."
With noiseless strides ho crossed tho
room, and dinging the door wide open,
caught the landlord deftly by the collar
as he fell in.
"Ah, good master Boniface," ho
cried, as he dragged him to the middle
of the room, "Hast gotten a taste
for koyho|o peering!"' Mine host's
tooth chattered like cgstanets ns he behold the overturned chairs and the still
body in the shadow round which a dark
patch was slowly forming.
"Oh, my lord," ho whinoil, "be-
"believe me, hod I but known—had I
but thought, those cut-throat knaves
meant harm to you, or to tbe lady—"
He would have fallen on his knees
had not his captor, tightening hii grip
plucked him to bin feot hgain.
"Lord mo not, but barken well to
what I say. As I rode to the door of
your vile inn today o youth itood in
tho iloorwuy. A slim stripling with
a roguish eye."
'My sou, my.'lor—good sir—iny only
"Good! Now friend, tuke heed lost
you wish to join Muster Bream yon-
ler uud mnke thul line luil an orphan.
Go, Ilml a suit of his—a wholesome
oub aud uot too gay—then, having
found it bring it hither. That being
done, get you to tlie stables and see
to the saddling of my mount, and—me-
thinks I suw u roun colt "
"My sun's good sir "
"God of my fulhersl But the youth
is n hid of purls nmi most ncconiniod-
Sting, Bring both horses to the door,
and not one word of Hint which you
have heard and seen, or '■' Ho tapped bis ropier hilt signilicontly.
' .Not a word, good sir.   Oh, hut 'tis
an honour lo be of service to so line
Bui, my lord, being scant of temper
with some folk, cuT his whining short
and helping him to the door, kicked him
'So much for apparent sex, mistress," he chuckled, roturniug to her
side. "But bast over ridden straddle-
legs I"
"Aye," she ausworoil, the bright
olor rushing to her cheeks again.
'Mauy u time have 1. in happier days
bofore "   She   turned   her   head
iwiflly, lest he should sec her tears.
"Here ionics our worthy IiokI," my
onl cried, breaking the silence as Hie
luiiillord entered, his arms full of do
iugi   "Marry,   but   you   have   done
'All  is    here,   worthy   sir,    cunt,
breeches,   boots,   lint   us    well uu'
plcusc God, I I.' .   not  by them..''
I'm!" My lord paused in hit elimination of the clothes and looked nt
iill), wliercul lie edged Inward the door.
'More is lo be done ere we talk of
layinent. io the stables uud remember "
"Now, sweet mistress," he exclaim-
■I, as they heard the fellow's feet go
lettering along the corridor, "Haste,
. fi- Cj
North Vancouver Business & Professional Cards
Percy  S.   Howard H.  1.   Perrln
City  Auditor.
Auditors   tut   Accountant!
Sit Tender St.  W.      V.  0.  Box UU
I'lione IIJ7 1'liono IIS
Vancouver       North Vancouver
121 6th Street Eut North Vincouvir
Pbons 371
III   ll I. II 1IIIIS.
Pioneer Honoiboer - Cairisgi Works
Booksellers snd Stotioneri
Cor. Upadale snd lit.       Phone Wi
has discovered tbe tiaaat at IHatait to
be 1'rcuure on nerves—Hopping the
rawer (Tsrresli which produce functional activity. We liberate the Power Current! by removing the Procluro
—end health il rutored. R 3. Irwln,
D.O., Or. of Chiropractic, itt loth
Strut, North Vaneouvir.
Studio  ores  Bid*  B. N. A.
Ifmtinlt tfyf KiLrlsBsds
Tbe Nsw Block on Lonadale Avenue
near tbe Kerry Approach
wai built by
General Coslraotori
Contractors for reinforced concrcto
couitruction. Boworing in sll Hi
brancbci; bouse connection! a ipe-
eialtv.     Estimalci   furuiibcd.
Office: 'in i^nsdalc Ave.       Phono 26o
PBACTitAi, fikki'IjAh;
Preiicd Brick Mantles a Specialty.
Phono MIU
I. Craib W. Craib
In (nm nli-. Brick aud Wood.
Offlce: 117 FIB8T STBEET EA8T
A.M.I.K. It S.
Irrigation, drainage, leveli, pisai
snd ipccificationi. Septic tajiks snd
bouse drainage a specialty. P. 0.
Box 211, 16th itreet wist ol Bewioke
i r 1
lllll All.l.SAI,
North  Vancouvar  Business
College and Copying Office
Pat sal BTislsf i Inin
"Knowledge !• I'ower" and Kduca-
on wins wben competition li keen
bin. Lonidsle Ave.
sill  I  IM   II.
l |' in ilnir Millinery
Modertac Batci
Keith Block    83 Lonidale Ave.
SAW I li i nv
Saw Filer aud Grinder. All kinds of
baud, crosi cut and buck sawi ict
and filed at.sbortcil notice. HO 3rd
street etui. Nortli Vancouver.'
I   VII   Mil-
High-clan Ladies' and Gent's Tailoring
Phone 207
li.H Ml II-    Hll "II   I.
Specialty t Children's leouni at own
home.  Termi, etc., apply General
eva a. Mcdonald
.Teacu-ir of PIANO PLAVIHO.
For termi, etc., apply Moods)
snd Thursday.
Ml Tenth SI. K.
I'koar IIS
» ati ii mcriiMMJ.
Is your watob stopping or gouag Itri
gularly 1 tim
The Nortli Vsaoouvsr Expert
snd pioneer Jeweller
tl Untitle kveoue
cjeff your'pretties and don t|ie Sundsy
gord'of wtet Son, wWJs I keep
wotph ppfip (bo threshold. Wben fesoy
call, ifot #0 must not dolly here." As
bo paced the corridor impatiently be
shook bis lii'inl uiul swore lustily beneath his bre|tb.
"Msn, man," he mutterod, -I'mp
thought you had left your musl pranks
tothor side, and now—but she is won
dfous sweet, and, dear heaven, I'd givo
a thousand golden crowns to bavo tbo
killing of bor rescol brother."
Scurcely bad the horses been brought
round and the roan submitted to bis
critical inspection, before be hpard her
all on him. to reenter.
He found her standing iu front of
tho Sre, head thrown well back, and
the broad brimmed hot she wore all
but covering her golden curls. She
met his admiring gaze delimit ly, and
it seemed to him that much of her fear
and sorrow hod vanished with the woman 's gear that lay, neatly bundled on
the table.
Twill do," ho cried. Then he
laughed aa l|c spun her round. "Faith,
bsve s care, for maids be wondrous
toy, and many a day will pass ero tbey
set eyes on so sweet a youth again."
" Tis you must correct mc, au' you
lind mc growing over gallout," sbo replied, darting a swift look at him as
led her from the iuu.
Amid the benedictions of the landlord, who Inul received a sum of gold
that all but made his greedy eyes
start from his head, they I'liutcrcd
lown the road till a thick hedge*hid
Ihem from the inn, then Ihey broke into a Irot.
"Who knows,'' he told her, as tbey
joggcsl glong, "but that yonder rubble
might return witb reinforcements. 'Tis
well we put some distance twist us
us nnd possible pursuit."
When some two houre had sped, und
ns they walked their steels up a steep
und rugged hill, he suddenly reined in
unl turned to her.
"Wlmt muy your name be—cr-
'' Margery— Margery Haynlinin.''
"Ah, 'tis u sweet name, and one I
feel must kindly lo. Still, till skirts
oiks' more take thu plnee (if breeches,
I II call you Will." lie rode on for
some minutes, Seemed to meditute, uud
she could have sworn she heard him
mutter her name us though he lougbl
to allay some doubt, then he, turncsl to
her agnin.
v "Ho—whom ihey wouhl have had
you wed, whin manner of mun is hel"
"A l.raggart soldier of fortune."
she tossed hJr bead contemptuously,
"A driukiug, sweariug, quarrelling
knuve, and one who, if report be true,
cares no more for n women's honor
thou his own. They call him Wolf
Derweut, L'sptalu Wolf Dcrwout, an
it please you."
"All!" He shut his white teeth with
u snap. "Vou puiut u black picture of
him. Mistress. Try to think not so
hardly of one—whom you know uul."
"Tsh! You men cling closely lo
one another."
"Needs must when women Judge so
harshly upou mere hercsoy," lie replied, a touch of sternness in his voice.
Then the brow of the hill being reach
Oil, lie lashcsl his steed into u gallop
in I she followed us bell she might,
iuunoiling ot his sudden ihow of tern
The morning of the third du,i
fouml tin-in cluttering down the rough
street of a tiny seaport lown, from
whence he hoped she might embark
for France.
Littlo bad they spoken on the last
stages of their strange ride, both being
too busy witb their own llioughts. Ilis
were gloomy, ones: those of a mau
who hud ever scoffed at love, only to
lind that a pair of bright eyes could
deal us deadly a wound as ever musket
ball or rapier thrust, and' as he stole
furtive1 glances at her winsome lace,
his heart ached, for he kuew lhat the
time approached when Ihey musl part.
Arrived at Ihe walcr-sidc he had no
greul difficulty iu finding a lugger almost on the point of sailing, and after a little haggling her captain' ex
pressed his,willingness lo take the boy
scroll the channel.
I (IM le»V» yep, and on np sppount
WW-till f ItAmoA-"
Kka' I did," she sobbed, "until a
woman saw through my disguise and
set the others pn. Oh, I thought I
should bavo died of shame and frightl"
-Bj[ tt—j" Ho awpre a fearsome
oath, and lpt once, it passed unheeded
'I'Tis plain you ate not St to be alone
therefore, I must prolong 'bii travel
till I see you safely housed among your
friends." Whereat sho was comforted
but tho smile Bhe gavo him. through
her tears only added gal) to the wormwood tbat was already in his heart.
But while the lugger strained am)
creaked on the restless sea, bo took
heart o' grace, and pleaded his loneliness so well that, whon they noared the
shore they stood band in hand aud
watched tho screaming sea gulls.
"See," sho laughed, "even tho sea-
birds welcome us.."
But bo kept bis eyes fixed on the
distant shore and answered uot. Till,
with a littlo cry, she turned to him,
ber eyes sparkling, ber cheeks aglow.
"Faith," sho cried, clasping her
hands iu mock, though pretty, consternation, "Hero bo I, a maid and promised wife to a great swuslibuckliug
soldier, who dipt mo in his arms uud
nigh ate me up ere 1 could answer
'Nay'— promised to bin), um I—yet 1
know not his name.
His race grew graver and the lines
deepened round Ilis grim mouth, yet
his voice was very gentle when lie
"And knowing it, would still love
this soldier I"
"StillI" sho echoed saucily, "why,
I sweur I never said 1 loved—"
" Would'st still love him?" he persisted.
Woman like, she hesitated for a secoud, then stood atlp-too nu<! wound
her arms round his neck.
Willi a hand that trembled slightly
he drew the golden hair uway from
oue pink car, ami, stooping, whispcrcsii
"ily beloved, ere death gave uie a
title—iu those wold days when my good
sword was my only fortuue, men culled
mc-Wolf llcrwcnt. Yet, by St. Denys,
I swear I knew not of your brother's
Swiftly she raised her head, nnd looked inlo his eyes. "Ob, my lord—my
lord," she wblsperod. Theu iloxked
again for the shelter of his shoulilcr.
tie bidding ocr sit uu a bale of mcr
chaudise and not move till he returned, he went forth alone into the towu
lo purchase such tilings ai were ucedful
for her comfort on the journey.
ilis irruud over,, he hurried luck to
find in r missing. He colled her name,
thinking Ibat some mischievous humor
hud caused her lo bide from bim, but
oil iu vain. Thou a grim fear look
bold of him oud he started running
hither and thither in frantic search of
her. But 'l was all of no avail, snd he
was aboul to 'juestion lbc captain aud
ii iss.i! in-, letrcb the ship.from poop
to fo'c'ile, wheu, of a sudden, lie
heard a cry for help, and running
swiftly in Ibe direction of the sound,
presently found, her crouching in sn
sngle of tbo wall, while a group of
m.'i| and women stood around jeering
sod casting vile cpitbeti at ber. At
tbo light of bim, sword if hand sod
white-faced, bearing down ou them,
they turoed sod Unl. Tbe dsngor pant
lbc reeled, snd would have fsllcn bsd
not bis strong srm beld ber isfely.
"How now!" he wbiipored trying
lo ipeak sternly, while tbe joy be folt
at finding ber alone ihono in but eyes.
Metboogbt f told you to slay where
NOTICK is hereby given that an up-
plication will be maile Under l'art v.
of the "Wuler Act, 1909," to obtain
0 licence in the North  Vuncouver Division of New Westminster Diitrict,'
lu).   The name of applicant in full
The Corporation of the District of
Nortli   Vuncouver,
llf for mining purposes) Free Min-
,;'.- Certificate No	
ib) The uauic of the lute, stream
or source lif unnamed, the description
ii)—t'niiumeii slrenm commencing ut
or about the soulhrust corner of Dis-
rict Ml li.'l un I flowing lli'is"' through
District I.ol til uml oil to the Norlh
Arm of llurranl lulct.
!'-/ The point of diversion is on
the Keith road at or about the southeast comer of'Dlilrlcl Lot 021.
Id) The quantity .of water uiiplied
for (in cubic feci'per second/ .0.1 cu-
1 ii,- feel.
ie) The character of Ibe proposed
woru—Small tank intake fed uy wing
ditches, with overflow into creek.
(f)   The premises on which lbc water
is to be n«cd  I describe ssme)—The
lli-lrict   of   North   Vancouver.
' fg)   The purposes for which the wo-
ler is to be used-Municipal purposes.
ih) If for irrigation describe Ihe
lund Intended to be irrigated, giving
acreage—Nol for irrigation,
ii) If the water is to be used for
power or mining purposes describe the
puree where tbe water is lo be returned
to some natural channel, and Ibe difference in altitude between point of
diversion and point of return—Not for
power or minim
Corner Keith Road
and Moody Avenue
Beg to thank their numerous customers
for the patronage extended to them
since they itarted business snd bops
by continuing to keep goods of tbs first
quality aud selling as usual, at lowest
cash prices, to merit a further sbsrs tt
public patronago.
r, granulated, 18 lb. bag.
Tetley's, 3 lb. tin
Everybody's, 3 lb. for
Victoria Cross, Pure Ooyloi
Jams, culvers, Strawberry, 7 lb. can 90s
Marmalade, Ohlven' I lb. tin .... 45«
Soap, Bunllgbt, 8 cakos  Hoc
Soap, Fels-Naptba, 6 cakes  26s
Soap, Lifebuoy, 8 bars  2oi
Soap, Oastile, long bar tfic
Flour, Boyal Household, 19 Ib, bsg 11.71
Flour, Boyal Standard, 10 lb. bsg (1.7*
Flour, Flvo Boses, it lb. bag....$1.76
Flour, Patont Excellent 10 lb. bsg $1.66
Flour, Graham, 10 lb. bag  $6e
Flour, Faatry, 10 lb. bag  36s
Butter, best Ayrshire Boso, 3 lb.
for   $1.00
Eggs, cooking, selected, 3 dot. for $1.01
Eggs, fresh, extra selected, 3 dol.
for  '.....
Vinegar, Orosso k Blackwell's qt,
bottle   Mt
Vinegar, Qrimbles qt. bottle  90s
Vluegar, English Malt, 9 qt. bottles for 	
n ing.
(j) Area of crown land intended
to be occupied by the proposed works—
(k) This notice was posted on the
211b day of October, lllll. and application will' be made to the Commissioner on the . 'ib dsy of November,
nil, at 11 a.m.
(1) Give the names and addresses
of any riparian proprietors or li.cn
sccS wbo or whose lands arc likely tu
be affected bjf the propose! works, either above or below too outlet—./. C,
Koilh. of Vancouver.
is,) The liouii'larlcs and area of the
District of Norlb Vancouver are asset
forth in the loiters patent of Incorpo-
ralimi dm."! I0lb August, bill, end
published in Ihe B. O, Gazelle, but ex-
ccpting tbe area of the City of Norlh
Vancouver specified in schedule "ll"
of Ihe Noilh Vonvcouver City Incorporation Acl Amendment Act, 1(07.
Ir) Approximately tbe number of
inhabitant" of the District at present
is-   L'.TilHI
0. M. C.        28-11
10,000 cordi of dry ht wood for
isle.   Price per odd cords, $<J.$i
Special quotations for larger uuan-
lilici. Cm Wood, 16 inches, $100,
12 inches. 4125.   COD.
Oftce snd Ysrd— 14th snd -Lonsdale
Phew 190.    P.0. B« 24*2.
Vinegar, English White Wine, 9
qt. bottles for  93s
Corn Starch,  I packages    96c
Canadian Wbeat Flakes, per packet 30e
Malta Vita, per packet  10a
Quaker Oats, por packet 10s
Post Toastlcs, per packet  lot
Com Flakoi, per packot  lOo
Christies' Cream Sodai, psr tin 3te
Oocoanut Bar, per lb 90e
Fig Bar, per lb 20c
Apple Bloisom, per Ib 10*
Lyo, per tin   i.. 10s
Salmon, 2 tins for ...: Ml
Tomatoes, 2 large tins for  96c
Syrup, Lyle'i Oolden, 2 lb. tin 10e
Sapolio, 3 for  96e
Dutch Cleanser, 3 for  .-..26c
Camp Coffee, 2 bottles 36c
Lard (Wild Boio Brand) 10 lb.
paili   $1.65
Imperial Boiled Oats, per bsg ....lot
Olympic Pancsko Flour per packet 9tte
Catsup, )/, pint  10c
Catsup, Blue Label, per bottle    .26c
Sauco, Worcestershire, 3 for  26c
Chutney, per bottle  26o
St. Charles Evaporated Cream,
large lire   10c
Eoludcor Jersey Evaporated Milk 10c
Upton's Pickles, large bottle ...,96e
Mince Mest, Wlthey's por picket Us
Kippered Herring (Aberdeen) 2
,xl lb. tins
Any order entrusted to jii wuT receive
prompt attention.
Mote Uie address
Corner Keith Road
and Moody Avenue
tl 'I.. I .. mmmmmmnmmammmmmmmamn^^
north ifeprs of l*ks Superior ppA tin
Vteite ocosn.
Although the dsy msy leem some-
what remote, to ths preient generation
of electors, it il nevertheless one of
tbe certain development! of Osusdisn
progress thst wcitern lentiment, wej-
tern influence and the western viewpoint srs destined to become the controlling factors iu Osusdisn nstionsl
Itttttt • r •
Publlshsd Tusidsys »»o Pridsys by North Shore Prow, Utnlted.
Sates of SMbsorlptiopi-Ono yesr, 11,00, Sis monthi, 60o. Three months, Boo,
United Btatei and Foreign, 12.011 per yesr.
Advertising Bats* Will Ba Quoted on Application.
Ths Express is devoted to the interests ot the North Shore of Burrsrd Islet
esoluiively. It constitutes an sdvertiiing medium of exceptional value for
reaching in a thorough and effective mannor the population of North Vancouver
Gjty and District, Every effort ie msde to give advertisers tbe moit satisfactory
AH changes in contract advertisements ihould be in the printers' band! not
later than 10 a. m. Monday snd 6 p. m. Wednesday to ensure iniertiou in tbe
following issue.
Itorth Vancouver, B. 0 '..,.. November 3  1011.
In discussing tome of the features of
tbe population of this province in "The
British News of Canada" Mr. Artbur
Hawkes, the editor, observes "The relation of city to country population
in British Columbia, is too high. You
can't have prosperous cities all the
time without prosperous territory behind them. The vital prosperity uf the
coast cities of Hrilish Columbia is the
vital prosperity of tbe valleys that lead
from the backbone of the continent to
the sea."
In themselves these are remarks
which might consistently bo made with
reference to any country in which there
has developed that prououiiceil trend
of population Inward the cities, which
ia characteristic of the present day.
They might be made for instance with
reference tu New rlnglaml states where
there arc "tens of thousands uf abandoned funns" or with reference to Ontario, where it has been computed Hint
there uro "one hundred thousand fewer
people living on the farms than in
Nevertheless it is possible thai the
disparity between the rural uml the
urban population is inure pronounced
iu Hrilish t'ulumbia thun in other places
ami that that disparity is really so
great iu this instance us to afford
ground lor special comment.
There cannot be uny serious dissent
from ull Ihut is to be said with refer
once to Ilie essential character ul' a
'proportionately large and industrious
i!:.'i..-.ii ii.-I population, to the welfare
and prosperity nl' any country. The
remarks of Hr. K. ti. Howe, when dealing with thin topic ut the Hoard uf
Trade banquet, Tuesday evening, were
quite within the murk, when he observed Ihul uny stale is lop heavy—it is
lu'kiiig iu the rooting which is essential to liability und to national welfare -which 'lues not possess a proportionately large, rural population,
SHadied lo Hie soil U|nl rearing Iheir
families iu Ihul environment,
Hecugiit/iiig the correctness uf this
position unl admitting that Ihe province in Hrilish I'liltiniliiu Would be in
much belter pusitiou were the ruru)
(population much larger in relation lo
IW urban population lhan it is, the
question yet remains, how is this much-
to be -desired settlement of the agricultural lands of the province to be
At the outset the problem ii beset
ly the pn uliar 'lifticuliics which attest)
the accessibility of Hie form lunds in
this province ami Hie providing uf the
peceiSSfy transportation facilities lo
ami from the centres uf pupulatinn at
. which the market is found. ,11 is not
reasonable to expecl that parents wilb
families,will be fouml ready fu locale
in large numbers upou farm lands, remote frum our towns ur cities to which
perhaps the sule means of access con-
►is', of a trail. Hence, until railrouii
fj- lilies ure provided, ur until other
ti'iitr.'i nf population spring up, c
tigsioits tu remote arable areas, it is
reasonable lu suppose Ihut those lands
will remain, in lurgO degree, UUOOCUpied
and Hint tho setilement of agricultural
lands will be confined meantime in the
plain, to locutions within reasonable
distune nf present ■ centres of populu
The manner in which the provincial
govcriiini'iil is encouraging ami urging
railroad construction throughout the
province, Hie many millions which arc
being spent on the runslructiuu of good
wagon roads lu open up farming dis
trii Is, the policy that ia being followed
with telereiii-e to reserving snd'iiir
\> vn.g large trails of farm lands, wilh
« view lo their transfer to actual let
tl'-is, all goes to f how that Hie govern
• fully olive to Ihc/situulioli and
Ihul so for as such inducements can
be made effective, in building up u
large agricultural population, they will
bo employed to tbe utmost limit.
' after tho most astute and euler
"7  bpt provided all  that
an ba demanded In theie respects, the
major factor iu the problem yet remsina
to ba dealt witb, namely tbe prospective
■tiler himself. How are settlors to
be induced to take advantage of tbo
opportunities tbat are offered snd to
actually Buttle upou the spill It is life
to lay tbst sli but the smallest fraction of tbe population at preient eg-
tabllibed in pur citiee and towns, will
remain in urban life, iu apite of all that
can-be done. Jt is likewise safe to lay
that a very large proportion of those
who are continually coming to the province from other places either come
from city life or aro retiring from
agricultural life and tbey will inevitably establish themselves in city homes.
At the same time there is without
I.mill s considerable portion of tho
in inning population, which, because of
om' consideration or another l| up
proachablo upon Ihe project of taking
up farm lands, provided attractive ad-
milages or suitable inducements are
offered. In this connection there ap
pears to be good ground for the con-
iusion that some effective government
scheme might be evolved, whereby the
members of this ever increasing tide of
annual immigration might be met at
the gateways of the province ami work
ed upon with excellent results, with a
view to building up our agricultural
III view of the exceedingly great importance that attache! to this problem
iu the minds nf public thinkers of all
lasses, it might be iu order for Ihe
government lo proceed even further,
and to consider the advisability of instituting systematic propagaudg of
education in other countries with ro-
spec| in the advantages uffonlcl bv
settlement upon the agricultural lands
of Hrilish I'nliiiiiliiti. with u view to
coloniriiig our rural districts, upon
ti large scale under go', eminent supervision. .
The problem is admittedly n large
one uml us important us it is large.
Any measure that can be adopted to
expedite settlement on provincial farm
lauds will undoubtedly strengthen the
very foundations upon whicii the progress uml prosperity nf Hie entire
population rests
The recently publish.'.i census returns
for the decade ending with lull, bring
out, in u very forcible manner, the
position of commanding influence winch
thai portion uf the Dominion commonly
known as "l|ic West" is destined to
Occupy iu federal affairs.
The number of member! in the house
of common! is controlled by the basis
of representation in the province of
Quebec. The number of representatives
frnm Quebec is fixed at flu and the tolal
population of that province apportioned
ill this manlier gtves Hie unit of representation throughout ihe Dominion,
During the decade just terminated Hie
population of Quebec lias, increased
more rapidly in proportion, lhan Ihut
of any other province in Hie east.
The result is that the clcilnral unit has
increased relatively more Hinii the
corresponding increase in the other
eastern provinces. Hence, ultlioiigh
Ontario, for illustration shows an
actual increase in population of over
1100,000, yet in redistribution Ontario
would lose four members. Kelutivcly
the same conditions obtain with reference to tlie representation of Nova
.Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince
Ivlvvard Island.
The net result is Hint Hits eust loses
at lets! ten members while the west
gains at least twenty membera/ While
this of itself does not inuteriully~effecl
the balance nf the house at present
as between the casl und the west, it
'nevertheless clearly denotes ihe pro-
cess whose ultimate effect will inevitably be to throw that balance iu favor
of the west. Kven 'under the changed
composition of the House as indicated
above, the east would still have a preponderance of three to one, but each
succeeding decode will show more and
more pronounced change* in favor of
the west, until, in Hie ultimate settlement of the vast agricultural areas of
the west, the creation of centres of
population, for the development of the
stupendous natural resources of the
west, tho controlling influence in
national affairs will itself migrate westward and will be located between tho
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Plumbing Inspector at his office at Ihe
City Hail between the hours of I) a.
in. au.l 10 a.m. aud 1 p.m. and 2 p.m.
The following regain nuns govern the
construction of house or building connections with sewers:
No house sewer pipe shall have a
less fall than I to 10, unless special
permission is granted in writing by
Hie Council. Slid pipes between the
iron pipe, to the connection of the
public sewer to be of the best quality
standard salt glared vitritlod clay sewer pipe, ilml shull have a diameter of
not less than 1 inches. All pipes shall
be sound uml well burned throughout
their thickness, impervious to moisture, with a clear ring, smooth und
well glared on interior and exterior
surfaces, free from flaws, cracks, blisters, lire checks or other imperfections.
The pipes must be so laid in the
trench Ihul lifter the sewer is completed, the interior surface thereof, shall
be to a true and even grade.
lu making the joints, a gasket of
oakum or hemp, freshly dipped in cement grout, must lirst be usod and
packed into place. The juiills shall
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(Continued From Fags One.)
Mr. Philip expressed regret tbst
the presidents of tho Boards of Trado
pf Vuncouver, South Vancouver and
Burnaby wero unable to be present. He
waa glsdYtofever, tlist tbey bad smpng
tbem t# esteemed preiident of the
New Westminster Bwrt\ He believed
thst the Bister boards were coming
eloaer and. closer together witb them in
the cauie of developing common interests. Tbere were now a groat many
live issues that might be presented for
the consideration of the Board, and Ur.
Pbilip strongly advocated the combined
esrneat efforts of all tho Boards of
Trade. It was a pleasure to him to
propose the toast.
Preiident White of the New Westminster Board of Trado, responded. Ho
extended tho greeting of the aecond
oldest incorporated board to the niost
recently incorporated one, and complimented the latter upon its splendid
turnout. He regretted to say tbat bis
own oldor board was possibly feeling the
weight of its twenty-eight years. They
bad uot held a banquet for three yean,
and their secretary has now gone away
to Now .Voil, ou a mission concerning
potatoes. "Wc arc very iutoreated in
potatoes at present," i.-ii.l Mr. White,
domurely. The speaker designated a
Board of Trade as being among the
most important organizations in the
country. They must certainly all develop together and assist each other as
much as possible. The Boyal City
president outlined the prospects of hia
owu Board, and in conclusion expressed
a hope thai they might be able to
welcome the North Vancouver Board
or a representative at a liuni|Uet which
be wus endeavoring lo organise during
his tenure of office.
The proposal of Hie Provincial Government fell to the lol of Mr. Lambert
Bond, who delivercsl hiimsclf ebsrse-
teristicnlly. Uke "poor Vorick," Mr.
Bond is a "follow of inlluith jest, of
most excellent   fancy,"' capable   of
»t flashes pf merriment that wore font
tp ipt tils table |n a roar." He justified (hie Shakespearean simile op Tun-
d»y 'light by instancing as p sample of
tbe north ehore'a exporting powers, tbe
npt altogether proven fact that thl
famous cougar emanates from tbie tide
of the Inlet. Becoming suddenly seri-
oua, howeyer, bo considered that, whatever British Columbia'a natural resources were, tho province depended greatly
upon the large ami wide public apirit
of iti citizens. In the cborlebing and
brlngingup of that spirit, no one could
be more useful tban the Board of Trails'.
Mr. Bond referred, now eloquently, now
humourously, to the qualities and functions of tho provincial autboritica.
'' Tho greatest teat of all,'' he remarked,
"waa for a government to be put into
power with no opposition." He believed that the beat function of a government waa to leave people alone.
Dr. Howe, of the Vancouver Tourist
Association, responded in eloquent
terms, portions of his address, however,
being rendered itiaudiblo by a talkative individual of whom the doctor aaid,
"I sli mi Id be sorry to luterrupt tbat
gentlemau." Proceeding, be declared
that the government of British Columbia had before it an undertaking of
immcusc magnitude. Some might wonder why Canada had not gone ahead
faster than it had. The fact was that
the handling of the country's vast resources wus a thing that had beeu impossible in the infancy of the race. It
waa a job for the world to undertake
after it bad attained its majority, and
after science had grown suflicicutly to
grapple with the many dilliculties of
development. The doing of it bud been
reserved until now, when the mail could
be found that could do it. Hr. Howe
dwelt, with earnest oratory, on the
essentialities of u peasant population,
arguing lhat uny state that did not
comprise u due prupiirliuu of the population settled on the soil was not a
properly adjusted slate.
On the question of citizenship the
speaker enunciated lliul the man who
became a citizen pf bit Majesty should
be' rpcpigf iiei) everywhere ai sucb. If
be be s British subject in one place,
be ia a British subject ji) every place
and ii entitled to the protect inn of (be
Union Jack. Tbe future of Canada,
aaid Dr. Bowe, waa a certainty. "We
ahall," be declared emphatically," lie
the very weakest and moat incompetent
kind, pf peoplo if we do pot develop
tbe great resources at our bands
Upon tbese resources, snd upon tbe
many attractions of the province, the
speaker touched in a poetic, but eascn
linlly sane manner, and in conclusion,
associated himself heartily with the
toast of the provincial government.
Hoove McNaught alao responded,
quoting tho proverb tbat "good wine
needs    nO    I'll.-dl."       lie    Indies s'sl    that
theirs was the best country in the
world, ami tbat British Columbia wai
the best province. He even believed
that the Ipwer mainland was the best
part of the best province of the west
country. He disagreed with Mr. Morden's theory that Hi ua .la's native-
born population would increase as immigration increased. An interruption
from his listeners provoked the Reeve
to an caruest defenco of celibacy.
Finally, he imagined himself for a
moment as the provincial government,
ami promised many beautiful things for
Nortli Vancouver.
Mayor McNeish, in the absence of
Mayor Taylor, of Vancouver, rising to
propose the toast of the North Vancouver Board of Trade, gave a short, breezy
speech, emphasising the inestimable
value of the Board of Trade.
The President of the Board, Alderman
Smith, responded, ami bricdy thanked
Mr. Stevens and President White of
New Westminster, for Iheir presence.
Mr. Smith mudo allusion to the civic
advertising and employment bureau.
"This," he announced, "under the
publicity committee is doing excellent
work in finding employment for, ami
imparting valuable information to
strangers. It is lily opinion that this
work  ought   to  be assisted  by  tbe
Provincial (lovcrninont, us the keen
competition with railway apd shipping
companies bring the settlers here—
tbere numerous agents dpipg sll the
boosting required.
"We sre pleased," continued the
President, "thst our friends -across
tbe way have, at last, seen tbe neceaaity
of harbor improvements, and 1 am suro
wo on thia side will endeavor to do our
part in tbis, one of the most important
works we can possibly undertake. 1
think another question that Boards of
Trade ought to consider is that of providing work for our prisoners. My
opinion is that instead of wasting
loney building jails wo should use the
men to build roads-away back north
through these mountain's, where we
have fine valleys of timber, also many
plateaus which would make good
ranches. This work while it would be
worth millions to the Province, would
also elevate and give vigour to these
unfortunates. I advise that they get
payment for Iheir work, so tbat by the
time their term expired, they would
have 'something to keep thorn until
the found employment. I am sure that
you will all agree that tbis is a much
saner way of converting criminals than
shutting them up in cages like so many
wibl luminals." Mr. Smith also announced lhat the following gentlemen
regretted their inability to be present
ut Ihe banquet:
Premier Kichard McBride, Attorney
General W. J. Bowser, Dr. G. A. Mc-
Ouire, M.P.P.; Hon. F. Carter-Cotton,
M.P.P.; aud Messrs. Chas. H. Tisdall,
M.P.P., Henry H. Watson, M.p'.P., A.
Mi'Caiidless, Pres. Vancouver Hoard
of Trade.
Vice-President K. H. Bridgman ulso
responded, uml put in u plcu for an in-
reused membership, accentuating the!
fuel thai the Board was non-political.
Norlh Vancouver, he suid, had advene-
to a population of tPHHI with only
Iwo ferry boats, uml be saw uo reason
why Ihey should not one day be pruc-1
for ever since one pressman bud risen
ami departed from the table, members
t|c|||y as great si tbo Vancouver eide.
Vice-President Kealy, referring to
the diminution pf listeners laid that
North Vancouver had evidently grown
tired and must go tp bed pt an early
hour. He supported the previous
speaker's plea for increased membership, advocating the Board of Trade
becoming a kind of debating society
sp long as thoy got the varying views
of the different sections of the community on the North Shore.
Mr. .1. p.'O'D. Wood, In proposing
the health of the Press,, said that
there was no denying tbe great power
that it controlled. Delicately veiling
some slight dissatisfaction, Mr. Wood
expressed a hope tbat as North Vancouver grew, so would the length of the
newspaper reports grow proportionately.
Mr. B. ('■ liilliiuun, responding, said
that the controlling power of the Press
bud been plainly exemplified that night,
of  the  gathering  had  been  steadily
drifting after pirn-  Op bpbslf pf hip
confreres, who had deserted him in hit
hour pf need, he thanked then) fpr tftelf
Mr. Kealy then proposed tbe pt-
sombly't hearty thanks to the good-
natured persons who had eulivpupi) tbp
eveuing with music and sppg. Then..
Included Mr. Hoolcy, wbo waa loudly
encored; Mr. Stovell, wbo waa similarly
rewanlesl; Mr. sharp, who saug ivliu
sior'e "Awake" with admirable taatej
Mr. Adamson, whose chorus was vociferously taken up; and a quartottp
cpnaiating of Messrs. Ward, Sharp,
Ward and Farmer, whose harmonies
provokcsl a tumult of applause. The
Lynn Vulley orchestra, under tbe leadership of Mr. i 'ham e, provided capital
music throughout tbo evening.
Everyone concerned iu the organization and management of Tuesday
night's banquet should be complimented
on a function which was highly succcaa-
ful in every respect.
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ASSETS: $94,900,000
Bole Agent
Agreement., .nd Contract, drawn        .,, . r^ G.n.r.l
ot avary d.ecripiien rhone   13/       Conrayanclnj
Police Commissioners
Two Hew Appointment! Buggested-
Protactlou of Bank* and Publio
A police 1'oiniiiisi.i.ni, compriaing
Mayor McNeleli anil Alilr-miuu Hen-
.lurson aat yeaterday morning at tlio
city hall. The chief's official reports
for the months of September ami
October were approved,' the statement
revealing that 2) ind 17 police court
cases hid been heard in the two
mouths respectively. The city pouud-
kui'p.T reported that in September
a bay horae waa impounded and, beiug
unclaimed, waa sold for 110. A team
of homes waa redeemed by contractor
Young on the payment of feed oxpenaea,
while a cow waa claimed by Mr. T. S.
Brown. In October, one horse, unowned was sold for 125.
The commission then discussed the
advisability of appointing a clerk to
attend to polico court work ami to take
down notes of the proceedings in the
.-nni 11 debtors' court which is about to
be established. The Mayor suggested
that the police eourt fines, instead of
being turned into the treasury, Bbould
go to pay tho salary of sueh a clerk.
Magistrate Kealy, who was present
during I liis portion of the business,
said there wore other charges which
they couIjI legitimately make, such as
charges for the transcription of evidence.
In reply to Alslerinaii Heiiilerson, the
Chief suid lhat this appointment would
release ilr. Shepherd from police court
work, the Muyor agreeing that as the
city was growing so rapidly, there was
enough work lo keep the clerk continuously engaged in his own department.
Mr. Kealy commented ou ibe fuel
that four morning! in one week, the
court bad not risen until twelve
o'clock. The llayor was iu favor of
paying a clerk u deliiiile wagu rather
than for his services when' culled upon.
lie then could lie retained and utilized
ou the premises.
Aldcriiiiiii Henderson held the same
view. He recommended to the couucil
that the appointment lie a permanent
one, and thai a clerk lie advertised
The commission then drifted into
the technical points of a by-law relative to tbe "arrest of a cow." It
was wondered whether the owner of
cattle could lie charged with having
allowed the auimuls lo wander afler
tbo said owner hud collected the suid
.'Utile. It was contended on one baud
Ibat a cow could only be made Ihe
aubject of a charge while it was al
large, while ou Hie oilier hand Alderman Henderson Iui.1 slress on Ibe fact
Hun an otTeiise ha>l been committed
whether or not Ihe owner bud recalled
lie- uanslering one. In Ihe end, it
was decided to ask the cily solicitor
tor Information us to the'nature of (be
The Chief Intimated ihut owing to
the rapid growth of Ihe nl;., , seemed
necessary to make slight changes in
the police department. He recommended that a janilor for tbe city
serve as pouml keeper and jailor, un/l
so liberate an additional constable for
patrol* duty to keep wat.eb on Ihe
ity'l business houses and banks.
The Mayor said thai Ihe council had
dealt with the subject and had left it
iu the hands of Ihe Chief and himself.
II appears thai the local'bunk managers had' written requeuing belter
protection. They asked thai a patrol
of Iwo men should visit the banks every
two hours during tbe night.
Alderman Henderson, while agreeing
that full police protection was necessary, thought thai the bank managers
should be recommended to take some
steps to provide , up to date burglary
alarms on Iheir premises.
It was ultimately decided to recommend to the council tbat the Chief be
empowered to employ a man to act aa
janitor, jailor and pound-keeper, thereby releasing the present jailor for patrol
duly, and that the bank managers be
I'ljiiiiiioninited wilh on tbe question of
equipping their premises with modern
alarm appliances.
Leave Vancouver 6.20 a.m. and
IhercJtor avery 20 minutei until
7.00 p.m. Commencing IM p.m.
every 30 minute* until 11,30 p.m.
tharealUr 12.10 and 1-00 a.m.
Uava  V»ncouver  7.40,  8.20 and
Uava Nortb Vancouver 6.00 a.m
and ilii'ii'iifler every 20 minutei until 7.00 p.m. Commencing 7.30 p
m. every 30 minutee until 11.00 p
in. therealter 11.46 and 12.46 a.m
vai   ,
0M thereafter e»me ai weekday!
Leave North Vancouver 7.40, 6.00
and 8.40, thereafter iame eeweek-
Single lare 6c, 6 lor 26c, 30 lor tl, 70 lor 12.
k-lMmwr wagOM, truck, ami
irayi, Ita return.
9-9 Mm norm euriaam apd
Mttn, 9k retun,
C-l harm expnu Mgydm ltd
into*, me return.
(jOMDakBV mrd.
mmtwmmawwmf   mmrw
All the above ratea include driver. Batee A and B aubject bo 20
par wai. diWouBt ia Iota ol 60.
Par 100 Ibi. rate, 6c.
Uiaitam late, We.
to ektaei mjtheut notice. ,
tor deny,, aooadaslal or othexwiai.
Vancouver, B. C,
1st  October,  1011,
NOTICE is hereby given Iho! Percy
.Ward has retired from the business
lieretoforc carried ou by I'ercy Ward,
Charles Mansel Hurmester ami Hans
von Oraevenltl, und»| the style of Ibe
firm 'of Ward, Bunnester .v von Grae-
vcultz, us at the ubove date,
Oeorge Graham rainier has acquired
the intereat of the said Percy Ward in
the said business which in future will
be carried on in partnership by George
lireylinm Palmer, Charles Mansel Bus
mester and Hans von Graevcuitr, under
the style of firm of Palmer, Purines
ler ami von Hnievcnil/.
i la   and   Ii
**  "P^^Trnr /
Loani,   Invs
ver, B. C.
try wotk
IT « fo your own
intereH to purchaie
i your own city
q We underiell Vancouver merchant! frflffl^
3 |o 10 per cen|.
Theie are Facts
Nn  Fake Price*
When going down hill STOP and purchase your Furniture, Linoleum, Carpeti,
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128 Lonsdale Ave.
North Vancouver
Mahon, McFarland & Procter, Ltd.
CLEARED SO ft. Lots in Blocks 226 and 227;
$900 and $1000      14 cash, 6,12,18 months.
50 ft. Lots in Blocks 230 and 232a; $650, $700
and $800 14 cash, 6, 12 and 18 months
Phone 6286  -   -  543 Pender Street, Vancouver
North Vancouver City
CLEARED LOTS 50 ft. x 147 ft.
In BLOCKS 15, 15a, 16 and 16a. D.L. 550.
PRICES: $750 to $1000 according to location.
TERMS: 1-4 Cash, Bal. 6, 12 and 18 months.   f
ACREAGE in District Lots 546 and SSO
In Blocks of from One to Four or more acres.
PRICES: from $2000 to $3250 per acre
TERMS: 1A Cash, Bal. 6,12,18 & 24 months
•*% *
The Grand Boulevard extendi through thi* property
i        . s . —■■———
The North Yancouver Land and
Improvement Company, \%
843 PENDER ST. Qk£K VANCOUVER, B. C. 'Vr.'.; ;„■■
'  i
TJ--.J U.—. —»»—        .    ■
Birks'Parisian Ivory
Ebony Toilet Goods
 ... .'.AmU
belong |o the real griibxrscy of the dressing table. Our
Parisian Ivory ii wejl adapted for toilel use, snd i> worthy
of s place jn (he roost delicately furnished dressing rooms.
The color is a beautiful creamy hue, ils durability rivals
thst of real ivory. The bristles in the brushes sre of the
fines) quality, s most important feature in a brush.
OUR EBONY GOODS are msde from the .finest
grained African wood, furnished and polished in France.
We guarantee our ebony toilet goods in every respect, being
without doubt the best quality on the market.
All toilet goods sold in single pieces or in sets, with
or without presentation cases.
Henry Birks £ Sons, Ltd.
Jewelers and Silvtrtmilhi
("large E. Tmrey, Maj]sging Director
Hastings and Granville Streets   -. -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
tbo olectrlc coffee percolator f
EL 8T0V0
tbo disc ou which Iho
electric current will do
your cooking?
the ' immersion beater
for boiling water quick-
Electric'Iron, lbc iuilis
p. I.- able convenience for
ironing day?
Drop in at our office at 50 Lonsdale Avenue and see how
your kitchen cares may be lightened by the use of these inventions.
All Are Operated by Connection With
an  Ordinary  Electric  Light  Socket.
B. C. ELECTRIC RAILWAY CO., LTD.      Phone 66
Pleaaant Fields
t?£|fo!y Writ
Sore fprmr AtHt spate
ArnonB the peasant fields pf Ho|y Writ
j might despair. | —Tennyson-
The    International   Bunday   School
Lesson.   Fourth   Quarter.   Lesson
VJ.   Bstbsr   »:10;6-3., Nov.   Dth
Bstbsr Pleading for Ber People.
The book of Gsther'is like s mountain stream, ft is transparent snd
swift. It runs its course in ten short
chapters. Yet'it is s mirror of tho
soul. Jt reflects all emotions. It has
been described as a wonderful ami
paradoxical history, anil it is afllrmcil
that the customs of tho Peraiau court
are correctly depictoi) in it. .Aside,
thou, from the question of inspiration,
the book communis itself lo thoso who
seek the best literature. ... Tbo
fate of a race trembles in the balance
held in tbe hand of a despot. Bow
the irreversible decree shall be reversed is tho problem. In tbo solution the
destiny of tbo Hebrew nation is involved and with that also the hope of tbp
Messiah. On the dork background of
the plot the characters of the deliverers ftnml like white cameps clear-cut.
Monlecai arrests the queen's attention, and even though cordon of sef-
aglio conveys to Ilis adopted daughter
the urgent request for mediation. That
l'.,-!!..T l.r-itui''-- enhances the heroism
of her ulflmale course. Life, is i|oor
lo her, ns it al..n.i!.',->■■' In a young and
t it ulwayk\l»i
nature.' She
healthful nature. She docs not covet
martyrdom. Vet at length, having
viewed the ense from every standpoint
she ussumes -the mediutorship, exclaiming, "If I perish, I perish." The
courage, patriotism, pieiy in that fret
is unsurpassed. . . Yet oven she
used the utmost tact. Shi) drew upon
nil the fertile resources of bor womanly wit. With no lachrymose face,
nor disheveled hair, or piercing cries
did she run into the king's presence;
but every inch a queen, with womanly
carriage, with completes! toilet, and all
the charm of her beauty, she stood unhidden and fully conscious of her peril. Her jeweled foot pressed her grave.
A score of scimitars flushed in air inul
the tcssclatcl pavement might have
taken one more hue; hut again the
the heart of Xerxes was in the Lord's
hand. He held out the golden sceptre.
Esther touched it ond wus safe. This
peerless driiinu hastena lo its reuou-
ment. The queen makes no request.
luitcsd she gives an invitation. Xerxes nnd llamun ure Ibe guests. Tbeii
comes u second iuvitution. The change-
uble tyrant is fairly 'tangled in the
silken meshes of the Set that love has.
apun. Between tht t)rst Sl>4 »0cqn4
banquets comes thst significant scene
in which Mor.li'i-iii is lifted from tbe
dunghill snd mounted like a prince,
while Hainan is made to hold his bridle-
rein. Changes of fortune sre pf Ood.
Afler tho second banquet llumuii goes
to the gallows bo had built for Mor-
decni, and tbe latter takes the vacant
premiership. The decree of destruction cun not be annulled, but it iamai|e
inoperative by s counter-decree and tho
Jews bavo light and gladness. To celebrate this glorious providential dcli-
veranco a new feast is instituted—
Purim—glaiblost of tho whole Hebrew
Tbo Teacher's Lantern
(Carlisle characteristically calls tho
Bible "all men's book." It may be
called "all women's book." Tho noblest ideals of womanly character ure
irradiated there. It has done more to
i'ii-,;sis- women than any book. There
is no abuse of women it docs not resist. If the Bible is the temple of wo-
manhood, the book of Esther is its
holy of holies. A king once asked a
scholar what he thought the strongest
pvidcni'c for the authenticity of the
Bible. "The Jews your majesty,"
was the laconic answer. The feast of
Purim is u strong evidence of tbe genuineness of the Book of Esther. If,
two thousund years from the next 4th
of July, the day should be celebrated
with the reading of tbe Declaration of
Independence, und it could be, shown
that the day had been so observed an-
nuail}' 'or that spucc of time, could the
historic Vrity of the event or the integrity of lJifs* instrument vailed the
licclarntioii be tlithUAt The evidence
for the truth of the Book »! t-Mier is
not a whit less conclusive, "fesibor undertook her delicate ami hazaV.'b""
task only ufter a season of slcvotioV-
Hi.- engaged in the penitentiul exercise
of fasting. His secured the mlv.'ietuje
of concert iu this approach to Ood.
The abstemious ami praying compuny
iu tlie palace was matched by one iu
the cily, The name of Deity ia nol
once mentioned in the book of Esther.
Yet' no scripture is a more perfect
mirror of Providence. Esther's greatest honor was uot wheu she was
crowned, but when she was culled. As
the queen of Xerxes she would buve
been forgotten. Her call to deliver
her people made her immortal." timidity uml indecision iu times of peril
lacrosse danger. Hesulution uud cour-
oge reduce il to a minimum.
Monlecai's refusal to do obeisance
to Human can not.be justified ou account of racial prejudice, or even tbo
recognition of the unworlhiiicss of the
mun. (iu such ground his action would
bu reprehensible as' briugiug unueces-
nary ruin.' Bi« motive si» regions,
Jh.t posture required w|» fflph »s a>
jew eou|4 pnly tsks before petty.
Young People's Devotions! Bsrvlcs-
November fi, 1911. John 21:80-26.
Lessons From Oreat Lives. (XI.)
JOHN (Consecration Meeting)
John was uo neutral tint. Be wus
not forever spreading hands and saying. ''Little children, love ono sunt her I" Be uses stout words, "liar"
"deceiver," "snti-CbrlstH' Tradition says be once put himself in the
way of boing captured by a I. I of
robbers—tbo chief of which was ono
of his backslidden converts—and bo
did it in ordor to reclaim him. Heroic
evungeliem tbatl
\.e solid! the business of Mnnufiictiirtn,
Hngliittriind others who resll.e (tie sdWskbtl-
ily of having the r Palest business transacted
byHxptrts. Preliminary advlw tree. Chorees
moderate. Ourlrivcntor'i Advlicrscnt upon re-
quest. jtSrlontMirlon, KegU, New York Mfe
Mil* MiMl.Ml'SuJ Wa.lslnclon DC.IlSJ.
Tljii (phsosophical Society meets in
Norlh yancouver in Boom 16,4b»r<|8sri
Block (over tbo post p#ce) every yfeff-
uesday evening at 8 o'clock Attendance, is entirely free and carries flf)
obligations whatever. You are invited.
Tlieusopliical study snd questious.     tf
Hay, Flour & Feed
Owing to larger warehouse accomodation, we are now in a position to
carry a larger and more complete
stock of tbese goods and to supply
our customers at Vancouver prices.
All Orders Delivered Promptly.
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
116 Esplanade Eait    -     -    Pbone 4
A Little Friendly Talk on Doors
We have'"6*le "' l',l: largest and best designed stock ol
Front Doors thattk-l* secured anywhere iu B. C. We have
about ao different desig.:5'4? choose from wllicl> ran8e W
price Irom J3.75 to $25.00. T^mal" 9 specialty of the
"Pasadena Dour," a handsome, nr*?51" Pi,iCe of work>
one which ls especially suited to bungai-?*s>and t,,c »>°<l«n
style of architecture. If you are interesteijSf Hi' .and 'ct ,us
show you our display. We can also supply vou w'.'vfii i»tl;rior
Doors in fir or cedar in 1, 1, 3, 4, 5 or 6 panel or in thb ^ts'
man designs.   Call and ask to sec tbem for yourself.
P.O. Box 1719
Phone in
East-D. L 208
LOTS $245
40  CASH, BALANCE 6, 12, 18 AND 24 MONTHS, or
W9k  nam  \aw ,
Interest 7 per cent. Payable Annually
We are clearing and grading 20 feet in the centre of each street sp you can build, immediately.    These lots are nearly all level, a
few have a slight slope to the south.   We will be pleased to show you this property at any time.
———mm——»—^——mmn—^m~—^————~^—m—^— i        i-       —^_ .^—^^—— n—^mmrnnnmnn-rmmn-n—mnnm.
Preparations are being made for the extension of the carline from the present terminus on Hastings Street
J 1-2 miles East, This Fall or Early Spring
S. F. MUNSON, Broker, 333 Pender St W.
City Council Meeti
AiiWdb Finding Af slnst Oity snd Mr,
mnJimmttti mm m tpplb)
A session of ths eity council took
jilsce on Tuesday afternoon at the city
|ajl, Msyor McNelab )>rea|il|ng.  '
The correspondence liii-hislsssl sn invi
titlou from III" municipality of South
Vsiiemivsr requesting Hie noundi'» pre
Sense nt p bsnqnet to he shortly given
in celebration of the opening of their
iHltr munli'i|iiil hall. Tlm invitation
Wia »cue|ituil, the council oupreesing
their willingness to atteii.l tbe function.
Bsiley Urns. I Co. I.til, of Vaneouver
petitioned that action ihouM lie taken
te stop the nuisance of wanhlng the
sidewalks with a hone on Unailslo
Avenue. The preeent methods left tho
whole Irni't in a uimlily ami unsanitary condition,
AM. Binlth thought that the question was one which shouhl lie taken up
and on the motion of AM. MpHae, it
wss referred to committee.
A plea from McAlplue, HoherUoii k
Oo. for a plank sidewalk along Cumber
land Aviiiiiii' was hamleil over to the
Board of Works,
Irwin k Hillings t'o, Mil, wrote asking for a ceineut sidewalk kerb' in
front of the Ijonsslals ilumir now under construction. They were willing to
pay rush for the full cost of Ihis work
providing that it 'lie authorized by the
Aid. Diss pointed out that nothing
could be fairer than the linn's offer.
It waa derided that the rity engineer
be requested to prepare mi estimate
upon the work In project. <
Ur. I,. Ilnlii of the Palace Hotel complained by letter of »ix months' inconvenience through Ihe condition of Second ttreet. He dcsrriiied it as being
in a continuous slate of confusion.
The matter was referred to the Hoard
of Works.
Howard and I'crrin, auditors ami accountants of Vancouver, wrote concerning their account of (117 for auditing
tho books of the hospital. They had
conceived the impression after conversing with Aid. Smith, that they would
have difficulty in gelling their money
and therefore wrole emphasizing the
leniency uf the account.
Aid. Smith erplained that ,-'J
been his intention to PUfc£Mf" wm ,ln,
.»any such in
I...I to in the let
were the
/is their duly
.way   The tunnel or subway ..hi '
. ins. I. .1    would '
siiiiiatinn ns wus re'ei
,  but   lm  b_>- mtt'l ,0
„,,>,/',.♦'JB'I   certainly   expressed
his "|
11111,1/^011 in regard to tha account
a' ''..lliul was that the council was be
'ing overcharged.   Tba'question was de-
W      forred.
Tlie council was askesl for its support
of the British Columbia Library Alio
i-inimn, a body formed for Hie cnciur
agemeul of public libraries throughout
the province.
The clerk then reu'l a  letter from
Messrs. Wade, Whcaller,  ' I■ ■ ,> ■   k
Martin, solicitors, stating that they
were instructed by Messrs. Mscdonnel,
Onowaki li Co. to commence un action
against the cily uml Mr. Oeo. 8. Hane
In respect of the sewer contracts i
North Vancouver. The linn understood
thai there Inul been , • ■-■ i..-'> ■ negotiations carried on between their clients
and the cily, but that the parties had
failed to arrive ul any settlement. Un
der these circumstances it seemed ua
necessary lo delay commencing pro
The mayor immediately referred Ihe
matter lo committee.
The report of the Board of Works
committee revealed that tenders had
been received for the construction of
sewers on Hie Kiplaiiaile and Crescent
and lhal on the recommendation of Mr
Hanes, Ihe tender of Kennedy Bros bad
been accepted, the price being til,
itO. For the construction of sewers
on Snd street from 300 feet east of
St. Andrew's Avenue to St. Ilavid's
/ Avenue, the tender of K. It. I'aykull
•» had been accepted at a price of * JO,
504.WI. An imporlant question then
came up in the form of a roomiiicii'la
tion from the fire chief that the city
'council mi-i-i enforce the school trus
tees lo erect suitable Are escapes on
their palilic school situate! ou Fourth
slreei west. The chiel considered it
"death Irup'1 should'a fire break out
during echMl hours, as the heating ar
• paratns was at present situated under
the woi,,less stair which is the only
mean.- of 'escape from the upper rooms.
Ha would apply the same rcommeii
dation lo the higher grade school.
Aid. Kills-oil said that wus certainly*
S matter Ihut should be taken up with
the achool trustees. The alderman
jioinleil  out  lhat  tbe last  lime they
took pp p question witb that body tha
trustees were very wrath about It snd
thougbt it ahould bs dona by private
correspondence before the newspapers
were allowed to get hold of it. He wsa
not sn upholder of euch kid-glovo proceedings.
Aid. Mcllue advocated strongly "ml
uo school ahould be built without an
outside entrance to the upper rooms.
Aid, Kittson emphasised the absurdity of having tho heating apparatus under the only stairway, Be moved that tho building inspector be Instructed to take tha matter up along
with the lire chief ami to communicate
promptly and personally with the secretary of the school trustees.
Ferry Directors
Board   of   Trads-Ratepayers'
A joint deputstlon from the North
Vancouver Board of Trade and the
local Ratepayers' Asaociation paid an
afternoon call ou tbe directors of thu
Ity ferries yesterday and made one or
twu suggestions and complaints relating to ferry matters,
Mr. II. c. Wright, the new president
of the association, being chosen spokesman, said thai Ihey had comu in the
hopes it obtaining somo information
on behalf of the residents uf Nortb
Vancouver in connection with the
bridge which was supposed to have
been put over the Cl'.II. tracks near the
approach to the ferries at Vancouver.
It was uiislersloosl that certain temporary arrangements hud been iiiuile
to do away with the danger now Slitting on the other side, ami I lie llutc
payers' Association had recently pass
I a resolution asking the delegalion
to see if it was not possilde to have
temporary bridge erected at once.
They hail obtained information from
au experienced engineer to the cil.-i
that such a bridge wouhl nol
more than -:.'.""" am! if that
use, they considered it
to have il done right Ai
M '
.jS iti was to be
lake probably more
monthi to complete, ami in
lOmu interim patrons of the ferry were
daily running greet danger.
Then there was the gate on Ihe oth
er side. Mr. Wright declared that ut
the busy limes of the day Ibe women
ami children were bumped up against
that gate, which stands ajar like a
lot of cattle. He asked if it waa not
possible lo improve the gate or make
other'more satisfactory arrangements.
so that it would not be a jostling
match lo get on to the ferry. Also
there was the sidewalk from the ferry
lo the street which wus promises! by
most of the gentlemen at the lasl ferry election! I> had been said that
010,000 were lo be spent oil Hie wharf
on the oilier side. The deputation
failed to see where lhat amount had
been spent, with Hie exception of a
root whicii lm I been put over a shed
Further, there wus the question of
bringing the .ars on to the wharf on
the North Vancouver side, during Ihe
rainy season a great umount of mud
.i ■ .iim.i.ji. i iii Ihe spa>e which it was
necessary to cross from the wharf to
the present cur line, ami the'delegation
considered that it was possilde to remedy this nuisance.
Mr. W. .1. Irwin laid emphasis on
the importance oi Ihe questions which
Mr. Wright had brought forward. The
deputation, be said, was Ihere at the
unanimous request of Ihe Association
ami the Bourd o/ Trade. With regard
to tbs Vancouver entrance to the boats
Mr. Irwin suggested lhat it would be
better to have the ticket collector near
to the oulside entrance, Then there
would not be so much congestion as
at present. The speaker then alluded
to, the sanitary conditions prevailing
on Ihe boats.
Mayor McNeish, in reply, outlined
Die course which Ihe directors had token lo secure the pending construction
of the subway. The railway commission bad grunted permission for the
building of the tunnel and the govern-
incut were lu pBy -.,,n'i" towards its
construction. II woulf probably cost
between tlt,0Dn ami 1111,1)1)1). Plans
hud been mado and blue prints forward
ed and probably the next thing would
be to call for tenders and commence
work upon Ihe subway, ilis Worship
askesl Mr IJeur<l lo produce a plan of
the Vancouver wharf for the enlighl-
i-iiiii' i.i of the deputation, and while
this was being done, proceeded' upon
Ui I snd 2, Block 9, D. L, 616.   84 feet on carline
Inside city limits.   All cleared.
Only $1500
' $375 csih, balance easy.    Can be sold singly il desired.
 BMrr_,—,—, , 1	
■W Utln9M0B (OM> FOW omffli)
time MS P. 0. lot HU
I     'I'    . .      '    .'■■ S i '.'-  ■!'■',-      .
We are msJunf a specially^ Houses. We shall be pleated
te bst »ny you havo lor sale or rent,
other questions. In the matte? of tbs
eutrsnee gate, the mayor contended
that ths deputation, not being familiar
wltb tbs troubles tha directors had had
would hardly credit the things that
aome people bad done in order to boat
tbe collectors anil avoid paying tbii'
ferry fare, For thii resaon they bad
to keep the gste half closed. Persons
had even jumped the picket fence' in
order to escape paying a three-cent faro,
At this point Mr, Ilasrd arrived
with thu plan, am) the assembly pored
ovef it, Mayor McNeish explaining the
On the question of the temporary
bridge Mr, I'. Larson queried whether
tho i i'.i*. wuulil give permission for
it to be erected since they hsd given
consent for Hie construction of the tunnel. On the other hand he wsa of the
opinion that the subway wouhl not
be completed for quite twelve mouths.
Mr. Wright interposed that hs knew
tlie i'l'.ll. did not like bridges, since
it Interfered with a certain branch of
railway work in which the men stood
ou the top of the freight train when
Mr. Jesse Williams was in favor of
such a temporary bridge but did not
think they would be able Ito get it.
Hu also pointed oul that quite a lot had
been done on Hie other aide on the
strength of the $l!i,iiiui. For instance,
Ihe passengers had now a separate
way by which to approach Ihe boat,
ami need not eomingle with the teams.
Mr. Boult asked if the aame applied
to leaving the boats.
In  regard  tn  the gate  tha mayor
pointed oul  that the    moving of i1
pay  booth  lo  the outer gate K'i,..
necessitate the employment,,«       .,
man. '  '.,, '"
Mr. Boult i(|jv*i»tli f, ,, ..
• .     .   „.*..Gilded that ellice the
receipts ur ,|Jr , ,
'•"'ie ferries were increasing
... employment of another hand
:'s'l be ii.-iiii.iidi'.
Thu mayor uleu said that in the unloading of the boats the fault greatly
lay wilh Hie people themselves. He
bad seen passengers walk slowly off
the wharf as if there were no teams
to follow. If there was cenfusioutba
fault certainly did not lie with tho
liis Worship also touched upon Iho
sanitary arrangements, laying particular stress on the disgusting habit which
some persons made of covering Ihe
walls with indecent writing. He waa
"in to know that Ihis was not all
tho men's side.
Mr. I in in suggested that if the
wails had a polished surface il would
iispense with this nuisance,
Mr. Williams was not iu favor of au
eitensiou of the carline on, to tin.'
wharf unless, a safely switch were supplied.
Mr. Wrigrt argued that u safety-
switch would be very necessary, since
they had had three runaway care iu
North Vancniiver, in one of which he
had been personally interested. He
thought, however, that something
should ba done to accommodate pas
•engers  when  leaving the Wharf.
The mayor /assured Ihe deputation
Hi.ii'iill Hie points thai had been rais
ed would receive consideration. In
regard to Ihe temporary bridge the directors would interview Mr. Buateed
oo Ihe subject ami get to know the
attitude of the C.l'.ti. in the matter. If
the ilcpuiiiiiiin would attend tbe nest
meeting of the directors the latter
would report to Ihem Ihe results of
tbia interview..
The joint delegation then departed
afler (hanking tha direct on lor tbeir
Compliment! are tins to \ tlw (Jti
Andrew's anil Caledonian Soeiety sn
the aurceeifui concert and dance which
took place under ita auspices oil Wednesday night, in' tbs Horticultural Halls
Thi preablent, M»i J. 9 Murray, being
absent through indisposition, tbs chair
wae  taken  by  Mr.  Alexander Philip,
who was supported on the platform by
Msyor McNeish. The programme which
was excellent throughout, uoWisod
songs, dances and instrumental 'ftiuaic,
while every Scotch heart waa given
its opportunity to throb appropriately
in sympathy with the weird strains of
the bagpipes. At the coucluaion of
the programme, which was listened to
by a "richt boiinie" gathering, Mayor
McNeish thanked the performers ami
congratulated the Society on having
ao much uiiciii ami versatility in their
inid.il. The concert waa followed by
an enjoyable dsnee, In whicii goodly
numbers participated.
MCSIIHDilMH   fresh   daily
Editor Kxprcss:
In your reporl of this ease you quote
the remarks of Mr. Hugglos alleging
that I had origiually given Whulley
permision to take cordwood off my
land, but it had been revoked in order
tn bring "the accused into court in
settlement of some past griav^'ji,."
•Vflet 'stranger to
I had iiu'"piM grievance and as
moving of c&^VijIlev
tho cordwood was cut before my per-
mission waa asked I had given no per-
mission to revoke and Whulley had uo
authority from me of any kind directly
pt indirectly to remove the fll/J cords
of wood which be admits having taken
from my land.
I am, Yuri faithfully,
A. I'. Mll.i.i:n.
Mill I II   V AM III VfKH.
Hrlluidlsl i ku.ck ,i-isiisci of (th and
St, Qeorge. Sunday/Services. 11.00 am
anil 7.30 p in Sunday School and llllil.-
Class, ISO iinv^Scnlor League, Monday. I p.m. Prayer and Praise Service,
Wcdneaduy, I p.m. Junior League,
Thursday aflernoon at 810 Paator,
W. ft Si lllll. Is. I
SI, AaSrtw's Praekfltrlsa I'kurrk,
K. nn Road Bervl.'i-s: Morning H 00;
veiling, 7SO. Adult Bible Class, 111.30.
Sunday School, i SO. Y.P.S.C.E., Tueaday, al I p m. Prayer Mealing, Wednesday, al I |>. in Choir Practise.
&■ l.lii y. ill i pm mi li'ui.ilil M.u. Imi
SI. Man Uunl. ..-i'l and Ulli -
KvtiiBong, 7.30 iin. Holy Communion,
1100 ,i ii. , second Sunday of every
Salvation Army.—Lonsdale Avenue.
Sunday services, 11.00 um. 3 i. m, and
7 46 pin.    Tuesday, 8 p.m.; Thursday,
8 p in    Children's Service, Wednesday,
4 p.m.
Iljjpll.l i'kurrk. — Klfili and SI
George. Service* at II am and 7.30
pin Sunday School and Bible Class ut
1215 p.m. Prayer nnd Praise service,
Wednesday at 8 p.m. I'.islur. Hev A.
3. Prosaer, l.'in and St. Oeorge
SI. Jnku tke Kraasallal, Ilh and 13th.
Holy i-,ui i,.in.iuu. I a.m. Morning
Prayer. II a.m. Evening prayer. 7,80
p.m. On therMrat Sunday In the month
Ihere will be a aecond celebration ol
the Holy Communion at 11 am Rectory
Rev. Hugh Hooper.
SI. Kimaat'i f'alkollc (kurek,Million
Avenue. Sundays--Muss. I a.m. Sunday School, 2 30 p.m. Rosary Benediction and Sermon, 7.30 pm
indaye.   Pastor, Rev.
I'.r.Of Irrlaa  I'knrck.—Worlbll), Sim
day*, 7.80 p.m.     Sunday School,   3.30
p.m.   II. Van Munsler, M A, Pastor.
SI. Tkoasaa.-I a.m. every Sunday
except first Sunday In month. 8 80 in
flrst Sunday In month. II am.. Matins
Litany and aermon^aecond and fourth
Sunday. Holy Communion and sermon,
Oral and third Sundays. Vicar, Rev,
T. B, ftowe.
Hia Honor Ihe Lieutenant Governor-
in-l'ouncil has made Ike following ap-
To be justices of the Peace—Arthur
Hemingway of Arrow 1'ark iu the
miu iv uf Kooiciiiiv; Arthur .1. I'owie,
of Gulelius, in the couuty of Kootenay;
Archibald Noble of Port Moody in the
county of Wesluiiiis|er; dames Vanili-
bell, of llevelstokc, to be a member of
c board of licensing commissioners
in the place of W. A. Utbrdy, resigned.
Alexander Mackenzie Mathcson of
Vaueouver, to be a notary public ami
a coiumlsioner for taking etliduvits
within the province of British Columbia,
Arthur 0. Hmitb, district registrar
of titles for the Vancouver land registry districl, lo be the examiner of li
ties for the said district.    ■
Henry C, Hemiugton of Victoria,
banister ut law, to be inspector of legal offices in the place of .1. P. lie-
I.eod, resigned,.
llobert Hodgson Cheyiie of Now
Westminster, to be chief clerk in the
laud registry office in New Westminster.
To be commisioiiers for taking affidavits in tbe supreme court:
Joseph Richardson and Mathias Uro
tbo of Vancouver, Walter -Appleby of
West in nun' ami Harry Wakefield of
Oranile for the Ymir electoral dis
trict; P. J. dories and Oeorge Moore,
of Victoria, for the Victoria elector
al district; and )■'. ti. Fulton of Straw:
berry Vale for Ibe Baanicb electoral
FOB SAI.K—Freeh mushrooms daily
st the (Irotlo. .1 IS
The following are the results fur
prizes in the competition coudueted by
Mr. Thos. ; t,-. b- of tbis city. Holders
of winning.numbers may procure their
respective prims at McMillan's gro
No. 1-iWI,
No. 6-1355.
,No. l-'M,
No. 7-1562,
No. :i-li*i.
No. 8—334.
No. l-'li'l.
No. 9-1766.
No. 6-IVi.
No.  10-1*59.
fenders wanted for the clearing and
rough grading Lots I, 2, 25 and '26, in
Block llik, P. Ij. 5<6, North Vancouver. C. B. Hickman, P. I). Box 1965,
North Vancouver. •    3-11
TBNHKB8 WANTED-For building
stone wall. Apply fl. S. Grimes, cor.
of 23rd mid Chesterfield Ave.      311
fittff VAM.KV.
' Mmm--sen.
ilng la Ihs new ch
MrikaSIsi ITSJms*. - ServlMS syery
fwbity itaping In tbs pirn church, tt
To Whom It May Concsrn
Thii Is to certify tbat on Octobar
2nd, 1911, ws lost a horae insured with
the British Empire Insurance Company,
Ud., of Vancouver, %%C, tar tUtM,
that our proofs were completed snd
hamled into tbsir office October 22nd,
and tbst ws bava .hia day received
through G. B. Hickman, their local
reprsaantstivs, their rtscji dntlA
October 27th, for the foH amount.
Hated at North V»s*ouv*r, 9. C,
thii 8Jlt day of Otiabpt, 1»IL
sWW*#   wff^fJi*fjffWijf  iTfrnmiMl
i-H ?« 9 tVAVp*
Mountain Goat,
Deer, Bear,
and other big game
other Bides has been carefully aelectad
and W| have the calibre bsat mlted
to your particular requirement. Everything needed by tbs practical buntar.
paine k McMillan
Wholesale bbc! fyttu% Hardware. ,
KIOT1CB It hereby given tbat appllca-
1' Hon Will be made to the Parliament uf Canada at the nasi aeaalon
ihereuf for an acl to Incorporate a
company under the name of the North
Ann Bridge A Hallway Company, with
power to lay out, conatruct, operate,
inulntaln and usa a bridge scrota tba
North Arm of Burrard inlet from a
point on Ihe seashore commonly known1
aa the Tur"
west shore
aa Iht 'I'm He's Head to a point on the
weal shore of Ul lit. directly north of
Hie lalund known aa While Rock. Such
bridge tp be bolb for fool usaaerhrera.
carrlefil, street railway ahd railway
purposea with tha nectitsry approaches and with power to conntel
Iht tald brldft wlfb esiating and
future Unit of itreet railway and railway and for the purposes of connecting
wlili the said atratt railways snd railways to lay out, conilruct, and operate oot or mors llnei of railways
not sacetdlng ttn mllti In length
And with power to conilruct, toulp,
maintain and operate a line or lints
of rullway from aome point on Lot 8(1
I the end of the Canadian I'.ulik
llway Company'! brunch line from
'ort Hood)', und following the north
short ot Burrurd Inltt to a point In
Iht City of Nortp Vancouyer or io
connect with any railway that Is or
may be constructed on the north
ahore of Burrard Inlet
And for thl purposea,of lis under
lo creel lines for the trafltmitalon  uf
taking to acquire and dtvilop water,
ii i nl. or ui iui power or energy,
Ibe tame and to traninilt and deliver
tht lima to any placi In tht cIIIcb or
numb Ip.illileu through which tha
Worki of the company are authorised
to be isolli inul to receive tranaforni,
trammlt, dlttrlbutt and supply audi
power or energy In any form and lo
illni,osi' of Ibe surplus thereof, and tu
colled rules and charges therefor.
It li Intended that ine Worki of the
tald company shall bl declared lo be
for the general advanlimc of Canada.
Victoria,' B. C.
Snllcllor (or the Applicants.
Dated at Victoria thla 88th '-
May. Iill.
day of
LoU in Block 235, D.L. 546
will be on tale shortly.
For terms tuid prices apply to
Palmer. Burmeiter & von Graevenitz
457 Lonsdale Ave.
411 Pender St., Vancouver
it the Cut Rate Drug Store
Fellow's Syrup fl,00 bottle
Allenbury's Food 85c. tin
 $9.60 doz.
Hot Water Dottles, guaranteed
for one year $1.75
Hot Water Bottles, guaranteed
for two years '. $2.50
Wincaniis $1.25 and $2,00 bottle
Antipon, large size .'.,... $L76
We have now on sale a new stock of
Safety Raws similar to Gillette.
from |lJWU>MXM)eaxh
North Store Drug Co.
P, I. THOMAS, PU. B., Drsifiat


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