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Humpei 46
While lor p lew moments nl font
night's masting of tbi <% pounoil it
looked s» tbmigb lh«r* might to »
brush  between  4W-  Anderson  find
Mah over tbs question of tho wnca-
dt»Ww or pbrnhing of MmiWo Ave
10 the p-sclusjon of Other slreita moiling east and west whjcb might bain
the same condition, that is hardlyi in
ships for ths winter, ths mu tier pass
at) off qnistly On the first mentioned
alderman explaining that he did not
mean to specialize on J.Oni»lo;u, and
tha press was rotlbed of gO"d copy.
At the very first opportunity Aid-
Henderson rose in bis seat and urged
upon tha council tb* extreme necessity of taking care of Lpnuitilo Av.'.
in Ihe hast manner possible mid hit
asked thst the engineer le instructed
immediately lo inform' them an to the
best an<{ mo*' I'l'oiioiniciil method in
which the work might he don*. He
laid that Ihere had been it matter nl
136,11011 authorised to meet tha pay
incuts (or this work, that it had cost
in 'Iho neighborhood ol ?ll,000 to dp
t)|o grading and that lie thought lhal
Ihe balance would about meet tho engineer's estimate of 110,000 lor put;
ting the road in shape.
Aid. Dick immediately rose to say
lhat he thought that the council In..I
better get a now chairman for Hie
Board oi Works unless the present one
(Aid. Henderson) was prepared to
work according to the By-laws and
Iho iiulhiiri/iitious ni the council. Ho
said that the -council had nol the
money lo do Iho work, that the en-,
gineer did not provide the moniy
nnd that bis edimatc would not help
Ihe matter' The oration made by Aid.
Henderson bad ouly applied in Lnns
halo Ave. and'he asked why the other
streets were not mentioned. One was
the same aa another aad if the council would favor a motion to macadum
ire all Ihe atrcots ho would support
it, Again he reiterated that the
council I had no such money as waa
mentioned and he said il was misleading lo say so-
Aid. Kit iiion thought that there was
no necessity lor all Ihu he it display
nl in the argument. The people bad
piovuli-i/ money .lor a certain purpose
and tbe council cpuld not use It oth-
erwiss. Be "aid that lie would nol
Kupport * bylsw lor Lonidale Avenue
Aid. Melliii was oi the opinion thai
the matter had been sprung upon the
council rather suddenly, but bo
thong hi iimt it was not a question ol
certain streets but ol whatever ativl
was in the most extreme nocossily.
If a slrect was impassable or likely to
lie so it should be immediately attended to.
M.i. Smith thought that I ops-
dsle was the street lo he iiiken cure
ol. Without Lonsdule it would I c impossible to use the other stives,
Aid. Bias expressed the opinion that
the mallei  had been left   t io long ir.
abeyance but  thai    t imi .■   should
ui ones bt done to make the . r.-..■ r
fit lo be used for the winter. Wl.nl,
he asked, was tbo best thug to do.
He thought lhat 110,000 wns loo b)|
a sum of money to be spent to jusl
fairy th* road through Ibo wilder
The opportunity which was given
In Aid. Henderson waa the recommendation contained in a idler Irom Ihe
iiigiimtr to tin council Ibat the Utter should lose no Iimt jn providing
money lor surfacing Lonsdale Avenue
or putting down a plank ro*d before
tb* rainy season opened. This should
tip don* Irnm the waterfront to tbe
Cpper Keilh road, tnd il Ibat Were
macadamised it would take aboul 6,
300 cubic yards ol gravel costing up-
proximately ||f|,000.
Aid. Kittson also agrcd that il
Aid. Henderson would bring in a no
lion that Ibe wde st reels should have
tho siime treatment as thai which he
proposed lor (.onudslc Ave.,be would
support if
Aid. Henderson maintained tbut all
Ihe side sired* with the exception of
the Eaplaiiade were ip dill, mil Case lo
Lonsdsle Avenue, but lhat the main
thing Was not to waste time.
AM- ih'i sajd that he had heard a
go.d deal ol talk of lbs fills on I wis-
dale. As a nutter of fact (he hardest
Biatarjii was on Umd*|* snd it -was
tb* h**t drained etteet in tb? o'ty
sine* it b«d a n*tprel drainage.
Th* mayor tint asked jUr.- flM'*-
Mn lo make p motion.
The lntt;jf tbereloro moved that tbo
engineer adviss tin Oow*H forthwith
ts to the best method of taking cue
ol til Ihe street* wbicty fare now In-
Ink brought to grade and as to the
rsjplive Sjft of plarddng »nd  p*m-
demising, Jto moHon »»# mmtol
bpAW- W4 *«f mm-    ,
awiWrrj WlW. fflF  frWWM, rW*W   Nr     W*T*
respondentia asking lor roads,    tone*
snd| wster, and »letter from Mr. Per-
ry of the B-^j, 9 Co, stating that
light* would ho installed at tb* points
indicated by the eity, the letter also
asked thai the brush on Keith Hold
near Chesterljeld ba clear.!j so    Ihul
the poles of th* company might be
Mr, 9 9- Sperling of ito W-9.9-
Co. thiinkvd the council fpr permission
to temporarily abandon the service
on ths Ksith rosd between Fell Ave.
and the old terminus.
The inniuiger of the Bank ol ll.un
ill on refused |icriniasi.iii to the cily
to run a sewer beneath tho bank pro
mis™ and he suggested an alley way
between First street and Ihe Kaplan
ado. Aid. fvittson movad that Hie lot-
ttir bs referred to the Board ol
Once again the Wallace Shipyards
wrote regarding taxes. They ud.nl
thai ths luxes be placed, at a, certain
figure for a definite period, say ten
years, so thai they wiglit nol
bo raised. They thought that they
ought to be placed in Ihe same category as their competitors.
Aid. Dick said thai I Icy had already the iiifoini.iini i th.it tlie city
was unable lo grunt them u rebate
and Aid. Smith thnulihl thul time
was being wasted on the mailer. Aid.
bin mi ino.,.! lhat the letter bo filed.  Carried.
A 'letter was received Irom Mr.
Alexander Smith offering D. L. 1016
to the city for a watershed and park
site Inr Hip sum ol <N8,IKKI. Ihi. site
has.alrcudy been offered to the city
al the same amount lor a hospital
site. It comprises 330 acres.
Some discussion then ensued us In
tho proposed alterations in the contracts which have Ir. n let for the improvements now bring niiiili' ut the
dty linll. ll appealed that the mo-
mail alterations were contemplate I
ill a coniiiai'i there was a synchronous augmentation in prices by thu
com rectors.
The se:rdary of ibe Ferry Co. »n-
closeil the profit and loss accounts
asked lor at thu laat mc im: .1 li e
city council and slated Ibat Ihy|
would le lent ri'.ul.ili  lordlier.
There was just one petition lor A
sidewalk on the cist side of Bidgeway
between Villi and l.'ith it reels.
The reports and the monthly ac
count* were read b> the cbalrpi"" "'
the finance committee. They were as
lol lows: Finance 1133.38, police
•167.40, schools (1637.70, h alth
U63.70, ditto 1187 oi
The Board ol Work* reporl amounted to 13811 i.l. local improvements
commillee (|4.456.9T, waterworks
S'.)i..:tV!i.Ml. This last report woatp
proved subject to check by tbe waterworks commit Iw. The pay roll was
passed but Iho suvvnil bills with ■ Ihe
exception ol that ol F.vsns, Coleman
K vu ih were lo await fins I. Fire
and light 1997.36, pnrks committee
The meeting then adjourned.
A meeting ol the Board ol Trade
will lie held in Ibe Cily Hull ou W.d
iiciln.v evening at eight o'clock when
a number nf important matters will
come up lor discussion, among which
will be some .(ileal ion* pertaining to
ihf'hnilmi A deputation will. I e tf
cdved 'rom Vancouver lo go into the
project of Fence Biver railways.
5 Wedding Bells
A wedding took pis0* Ihi* sltorn, on
at Iho-lfipiscflpnl ^pip he^wcen Hiss
Nollio Mcfjili of Nansimo wd Mr.
Heginnld   Marshall oi  North Vnnciu-
vor, the ceremony being perform^ by
the red or ol tho chinch. Mr. ■'• '•■
Teevnns officiated as bolt mull nnd
Miss halliciini' Little, sister   ol  .Ihu
bride, was bridesmaid' ■ The wmbjjng
hrcnklasl was nerved at th* I'iiIhc
llolel. Ur. Meishell is on the Norlh
Vancot)ver ferry and doubtless will
rccoivo many felicitations.
Tho wedding took place last week
ol tho North Lonsdale I'd dry terian
church ol Mr. Charles Brackenridgc
of the B. C. E. I'o. ol Vanoouver to
Miss Annie M. Hunnel ol Hanulo,
Scotland. Mr- Bolicrlsoii gave away
Ihf bride while Mrs. Boborlsop wns
Ihe matron ol honor, and Miss Elsie
Bolicrlsoii carried llowcrs. The best
man wns Mr. It. N. Francis.
The ceremony which was extremely
decorative and pretty, wus performed
by the Bev. .). I). Cillam, and Mrs.
Ilolish performed the ceremonial music,
No. 393, Mr. Martin, Detiman street.
Vancouvsr, lol 13, block 86, sub. 619,
I3lh street east, a collage lo ooil
11,860. Architect and contractor, N.
V. Cross.
No. 393, A, Jones, lot 90, block |B9
sub. 971, camp.
No. 391, A. I). St ioin.', lot 6, block
7, sub. 133, 3 room bungalow.
No. 396, Mra. ,1. A. Fulton, lot 13,
block 118, sub. 374, dwelling to cost
1400.  Aiehitecl   )(.  Ilitehins.
No. 396, Mrs. Nellie Lockbarl,. iui
10, block 8, sub. 373, 7th slrect,'two
I roomed bungalows to cost (301)
No. 397, C. P, Foremen, lot 37,
block IW, sub. 371, Sstorcy frame
rooming house, to Cost 11,100. Architect  |,. L. Woodald.
No. 398, I). MsM, *H Taoiplelon
Drive, lol 6, block 81, sub. 619, I3H,
Ave. 1 roomed cottage lo cost t/Otf.
Archil eel  Ainiaiid l'i<|Uct.
No. 999, E. B. Foilick, lot 33, block
84, sub. 49, llth st nd. Frame building lor a dwelling to cost WW
Merkle and ,Ja(|uidi.
No. m, 9 A- Fowler, fiaplenudc
east, block 397A, sub. tit, 7-rootjid
boons to cod ROOD. Architect   I, A.
No. Wl, Un. 9- McDonnell, loftt,
In North Vuiicoiiver next lo tlm
Haul, ol Hamilton on First street Mr.
A. A. Anderson has just opened 1111
agency lor the sale ol the Singer
sewing machines. Mr. Anderson is sole
agent for the Singer concci n and hnH
been connected with it Inr some seventeen years. Tlio greater part o|
thai Jim- bus been spent in Siiiidiiliic
Onl. Here he will carry .1 full line
pi the all .Singer output, aud later
.111 will mid to il a line ol fine musi
instruments, including piinos, pianolas,  cornets, gramopbnn.s etc,
Though he Only came Irom ll.-e nisi
three weeks ago Mr. Anderson h.is nl-
ready boon In visit hia brother. Mr.
IA'. E. Anderson, who oper.it 'S a fou
pery nnVahl.'Z Island, right opprs It
t 'ampbdl Biver. 'Ilie local ion is
known ,as IJnnthinski Cove, labr
when he considers that I ' mav It
idile lo gel a house Mr. Anderson
will bring his family Irnm Ihe cast
to reside here permanently.
By an older of the Lieutenant-Governor which is adv.iti,.I in iho current number ol the liii/ellc, the .liabilities ts to the shooting ol blue
willow grouse and plarniigau arc
renin'.id throughout the maud md. except in the Fcrnie, I'ranlinwk. Bich-
inoiid. Delia ami Chilliwack electoral
districts, and that portion ol Ibe
Kent municipality situated in the Yale
electoral diatricl between the Isl ol
SepleinlHi und the 31*1 ol Deci'inlier,
By Ihe same order Hie disabilities as
to shooting duck ol all kiuds, snipe
ami geese are removed throughout the
mainland aud Ihe islands adjacent
thereto la-twivn the Isl ol September,
1911, and the 38l|i day ol Februurv,
1913, und Ibe disabilities as lo Ihe
shooting or Columbian or roast deer
are removed throughout the suuic localities with the exception of Hip
tjucfii Charlotte I lajid Irom Ihe 1st
September lo Ihe I6lh Deccmlcr, 1911.
ihe disabililics as lo Ihe s.ilc ol the
uiin. deer art also removed from the
1st September lo Ihe I61I1 November.
in the sail that wero played off.
(James will he played every day this
Weak to enalile if possible; the lin ils
being playof off next Saturday when
tho coinniiii.'c hops that all members ol tba congregation will attend
and bring tbeir Wends so as to nmke
tbe tournament p grand'success und
encourage llm promoters to further efforts in this direction in ihe future.
Tho lollowing is tbe result of Saturday's games:
H. fl. flreen Armytogo qnd JI. Mcpherson boat P. Hiiylis and ti. B.
E. J. H. Cardinall and H. W. Hunt
boat (1. C. Heaven and H. Jemics.in.
(i. Curtis and .7. F. Meredith beat
N. Humphreys and A- H. Evans.
(lames In be played :
.1. Moore and S. Humphreys v. .1.
II. Simpkin* and Bartholomew.
H. Mullby and., Stevens v. C. F.
Huslum and 11. Matthews.
lien. .Stockman and W. Maw v. IL
Blackadder and C. 11. Bridgman.
Slanden and A. Bull v. W. E. Sponr
and E. Buylis.
A notable addition to the ranks ol
the local Hoy Scouts is Ihul ol C. .
Wadey, son ol Mr. 0, .1. Wadey, who
has recently removed will) hia parents
tn Ihis city. His attainments include
every emblem that ia offered lor effi
ciency in Iho Boy Seoul movement
lie has in all thirty nine badges, the
collection being completed liy the sil
ver woll, which donotcs tho highvst
possible .Ii.i mil ion attainable to a
Boy Scout; The preaence in Iheir
midst ol one who has nccnmplidicd
such signal success ahould do u griul
deal Inward inciting the members ol
the local corps toward similar attainments.
President W. I.. Ki'i'ii.' reports lhal
there arc many residents who have
gardens from which excellent ixhibils
of fiint or vegetable* might be mads
and the society is very anxious thai
pi in- lists shall be placed in the bands
ol all hiioJi lesiikiiis Owing to the
fact that names and address.'* arc nol
known il is impossible lo mail lists
in these inslnncra and it has accord
ingly been arranged to leave prize
lisle lor free distribution al Ihe office
ol Mr. Foreman near the ferry landing and at the Iwo stores ol the
I.e.nun il Sale Company. 'Ibe soflcty
|io|ws that liierc will be a sluing dc
mnml lor Ihe lists.
A n»o*t tOfOfsMs afternoon • was
spent amid the bstutilul surroundingl
of Mr. Crithnmy'* court on Inih
street on tM OOSssiop ol the aecood
lournamant promoted lor ibe p»r
pose of augmenting jibs organ land of
Ihe d»0rcb. Afl*r»oon ts* was most
dtinlily strvssi by ladies «l Ih.' ton
gngtlinn l> t |*rs> number tf spec
tators,   lira*! Interest wtt    evlnpei
A public meeting has boon urrunged
by the Con*crv*live Association al
Hollyburn tomorrow (Wednesday)
ei cuing It is expuclnd that a* large
party ol local supporters will go out
to the iinvliiie A l.iiiiifh will l.-nr
Larson's wbarl at 8 o'clock lor their
ronveuieiice conveyiug them to Hollyburn and reluming »lter the imiet-
The social in thu Presbyterian
churdi, Lynn Valley, ou Thursday
evening next is Ire* In all 1. o.b nl..
U.b, .linienis will Ik served nnd these
will also Iw free. Everyone is heartily
invited.    •
A "penal meeting of the Bo',
Scoull will 1,.' held on Friday, Aug
ust I8II1, al 7.30 sharp. Mr. Engl .It
will lie in attendance, so all llicbo).
are asked to attend in unilorm. II. I
Sliaip, Scoutmaster. 18-t
A goodly nuiiilwi ol th* heals in the
'i emus Club's Tournament were work
od through on Saturday when the
prayers had the option ol playing on
private or Ihe club's grounds. Firsl
rounds in the open singles, the men's
handicap double*, the mixed doubtc*.
the ladies' handicap singles and the
men's handicap tingles went pluyrl
and the results are subjoined,
Aa soon as all Ihe ditniiiatinn licit*
hav* been got through Ihe final* will
be played on the club's own ground*.
Tbif wjll b.' aboul Saturday week but
definite notice of Ibe dute will be announced in the press.
The tennis club is adding another
court to its ground al the western
end which will make in all lour ex
cdlenl courts for next season.
K, nli 1 ol heals :
Open Singles McNiiuuhleii I fit Hog
ers. Cardinall beat Armilagc. Mcl'hrr
■on Ileal Htiwell. Cricknmy beat Ilea
Men's Handicap Doubict-McBherion
and E. Humphries licnl Donaldson and
Bridgman. Bogert and Hailrhi bent
N. Humphries aud Armilagc. ('rick
mty tnd II. E. McNtughlen best Hsl
well nnd Hunt.
M1x.1l Ih.iH.li-n Mr. and Mrs. t'sr
dinnll bcal Mr. and Mrs. Mallby. B
F. tnd Miss MiNeughlon laat Bay
lis ami Miss Humj-liriis by default.
Haswdl and Mist Archibald latnl. II.
Wood and Mi» Wood. Mr. and Mis.
Hunt boat Armytage and Mrs. Tboni-
asson M, foods and Miss /. Archi
bald heal Bonaldson and Mrs piidg
ianV Handicap Single* - Mrs.
Mallby heal Mil* Humphries. Mrs.
l-ardinall beat Mi..' M ArobUisJI.
Miss Woods beat Mn. Haswdl.
Kan's Htndictp Singlet—Evans l*il
tool*. Henvsn heal Hunt Brdgmnr
beat Bull. McNaugbtonbeel f. Hum
pbriw and p. Raybs beat Vtrntr.
The ninth annual chicken hsrbscue
bsld by the employees of the B- P- f'-
B, Company was given on Saturdsy
nlleinoon at the old lerminiia of th*
line. There wat a large party "' 'he
employees present tnd m*py ol tbe
cily and road companies nlliciuls. The
f.iusi started at I o'clock pm. then
all had collected at Ibe rendezvous
and soon Ihe fragrant fumes of the
sitzling chickens filled the air.
Jt was nine years ago thin (all that
this annual least wus inslituM by
fl. 11. .loncs and in the happy spocb-
es made by His Honor tha Mayor,
Aid. Pick, Messrs. ('buries .limes, Aubrey Elliott ahd dim McOiiignn ul the
miMiii- railway, allusion* were made
10 the suspicious event.
Tho feiisl was luscious and tempi in;
in all its attributes and besides the
chickens, daintily grilled on the bars
oyer Hie open firos, there were juicy
wuier iniHons and other gastronome
delicacies whicii a pp. pled tn the pal
slea ol tbo hungry car men, offic'uls
and guests alike.
Among the melon mouthors and
chick chewcra ware Alderman Henderson, Councillors/ Bridgman and A''
Ian, and Misers/ (.tiffin, I'arson, Berry, Cowan, Mctlowdl, Barker, Kelly,
Widdowson, Booth, Browu, t'ampbtll,
Lawson, Allen, Badger, McMillan,
Held, Holt, lirecii, Higford and Spaji-
fi Altogether lliu ninth annual was
one ol the boil yet and will bo  long
tlo nnd s herd of 9W buffaloes. Ho
was 66 year* of ago and *) bid Msh
wart man who wat very highly tt-
teamed by sll srnond bim- AwordioH
tp the Pshotn newspapers revived by
Mr. Philip here there had owr befom
been such a vpst aggregation, ol people preient at a funeral in that state
as took place in the lust fits* lor
"Scolly" Philip.
' "Sootty/a" older brother ia lbs mayor ol Hays City, Kansas, apd P »"c'
cesaful business iiiiiii there- They were
natives of Elginshire, Scotland.
Ip the course ol a lengthy articlu
with reference jo the deceased "The
Bepiibliciiii of Hays City, Knnsiis,
says "He was a man of upright character, a typical sturdy Scotchman,
who by strict attention to his work
and excellent business methods, became one of tha leading citirens o| the
BIBTH-To Mr. and Mrs. Oeorgoli.
Nye ol 3nd street on the 7ih inal.a
Everyone should sec the feature film
"lliu Baby ol ihe Boarding House"
Wednesday aud Thursday ol thia
w.vk at the Gem theatre. Continuous
pi'l I'll lujnliee   [loin    V l.ll   p.m.    to   10.31)
p. ni.
A little more than two mouths ago
Mr, F. T. Saldiury, tbo presont man
agcr ol the Norlh Vancouvor brunches
ol tlie Hank of II. N. A. handed in In
resignation lo the bonds of the concern and he expects to sever bis connection with the Hank about the first
ol the month.
Mr. Salsbury haa been with the
Bunk nl British North America lor 16
years and il is with regret that his
resignation will Ik received. He first
joiin.l the bank as a junior in Vancouver, but later went lo lit branch
al Dawson in the Yukon where be was
located Iwo year*. He had been in
North Vancouver for the last yen
and a hall and during that time he
has lieen instrumental in o|icning the
branch in Norlh Lonsdale.
Haling.'!' Saldiury is now selliiu
("ill. on a venture ol hii own, having joined Mr. lobnslon in the bind
ware business in the new premise* lo
b- opened shortly. He' will bive Ihe
goid wishes ul 'Ibe community in bis
IHT.'    iTIIfel
The Mcceuor Ui the present manager ol tlie bank will be Mr. .1. Steven
who comes here Irom the Westinghousc.
Avcniif In mn li ol the bunk in Hamil
Ion. Out, Mr. Steven will arrive in
North Vancouver lowurds the end ol
the in..nib His connection with tho
Bunk ol UNA. has filled a period ol
some 13 or lit years and he will lake
over both branches here.
Express Classified Ads.
WA NT I' li i in I for bookbinding  department. Apply Expreti Office.
Excellent progress was made ou the
clearing ol Ihe right of way of the
Urease Mountain Scenic Incline Bail-
way Irom Capilano road lo Ih* loot
ol Ihe incline. The expedition with
which Ihi* work was prosecuted
brought it lo ciiiiipleiinn before the
engineers had completed their final
survey* id Ihe incline and the upper
portion of the right i.l way and con
seipii'iilly il became necessary to tun
porarily lay off the gauge employed
in clearing operations. Dr. Waddcll ol
tlte engineering firm ol WaoUell and
Haiiingii.il, wbo has been absent
Irom the dly for some time, is expected lo return in a few day* when
Ihe remaining mailers with rderenc.'
lo Ihe final location ol the indinctnd
upper poilion of Ihe road will lie decided whereupon work will be resumed.
HEATH ()F TH)E BUflfAf/) K|M
Mr. Alonanotr Philip has just recdv
ed new* Irom South Dakota ol the
sudden death ol hit cousin, danv*
I'hHip, popularly known at "Scotty"
Philip, Hit Bwfilo Kjag. Ut, I'bd.p
had been ovtr 16 years if) South ";1
kola snd early took to bul»lo (trni'
tog tnd etUI* Rising. II his doalh
a fortnight ago h» wa* own*? ot »,
m*y  mmmfW  VI   tmtmtf  w^wtm  IMi   W    mm/^
WANTED Young man lo learn the
hardware business. Hood chance lor
the right party. Apply Box A'Jfi, Es
press Office. tl
WANTED' Dressmaking. AH kinds ol
good class work undertaken. Shirt
w'aistB and skirts a specialty. Mra.
Bayment, 3nd bouse, 8th stred, adjoining Boulevard, North Vancouver.
WANTED-Bungalo, about 6 rooms,
small cash payment, balance as rent
140 per month. Must be nesr oar and
modern. Apply Box A13, Express Office. 188
—■,,"■ .            ibb
BOOMS   Edit   BENT-  Housekeeping
opii.Hiiil, 318 3nd slrect cast.       13-3
FOB BENT — Haven-roomed bouse.
Em ni In ie lor sale il wanted. Cor. llth
and Boulevard. 36 8
Furuidied bousckaeping rooms f3
week tech. Apply Friday evenings or
Saturday mornings laigb, 6th bouso
east ot Si. (ieorga's, 19th street. 368
FOB   HENT-Urgo   hall,   Lonadale
Ave. (near lit itreel) lormeiiy known
as K. P. Hall) suitable lor lodge room '
Hoeiely   purposes,   or tulle ol offices.
All in nl ions Io tuit responsible lenant,
rlvilege ol Hub letting,    Apply Irwin
Billing! Co. Ltd., 601 Lomdslo Av*.
Telephone 16. ll
FOB SALE—Two roomwl bouse, 3px
13. .lust oil Eroiiuiif Boad. Lol :Hx
116. Cleared. Price 1660. Cadi »160:
Balance |I0 monthly, intereat 7 pet
cent. Express Office 30. 18 8
FOB  SALE   linpeiial   Car Co. 1100
shares. A '*w for sale at Tan Dollars
per share in lots of two or not Its)
I ban five shares. Oeorge A. Kendall,
633 I'ender St., Vanoouvsr. 11-3
 . i , . nf
FOB SALE  Eint growth dry wood
for 11.60 per cord, i It.   0. McDad*.
I'lione 83. 38O
e^wnfwna wf/l 111! \ ' • awt | r- r»
.1. Lou let and Norlh I-onjdale
Jot it at Uu»da|c I'harmnay phon* 39
SjftAkm IV Sjmpson, budding npiv-
oi, residence 169 6lh Avenue fstl,
Eairview. Td. PalrmOnt 1319.    .8-96
fft doa. Sundayi. phon ail. ,1.
II. Kngiidi, 0. K. Orosjflr, M lorn-
dala .Aysniu.
Portable Houses wilb Oapvas Shin-
gles or Mica Hoofing. II you ate not
ready to budd your permanent home
op I hut ltnp pi youra just ^ropn enrd
lo H. ll. Mdjiurrie, N. Vaneonycr,
who bnikl* tbm oosy comlortaW*
house* sll ready to oiove iaw- Qtod
tor any »ea*ou of tin yeat. VWWP
$100 up aocordblg to site and ftw|i.
Order ons now and ssvo rent. AH »»■
lormstion choorfuBy «iyjn.
% Of». Mvety 16-8
m *
tmim 9f%
ttrA, s
a* *m
'. .jet 4 i
•>i church and My»
h*»Broo<* mm Apm LADIES' COMBS, HAIR
<I Not (or many yem bw such
deoldedly, new preaUons in Ladies'
Oombi and Hair Ornaments been
plaoed on (he market.
fl In these requirements our itook,
whioh haa been purchased from 49'
signers and manufacturers pf world
wide fame, is most emphatically up
to the standard set by tasluon,
IJ Hnck combs, side combs, burettes,
* bandeaux, crowns and hair pini, in
all prevail shadea made from finest material, plain, gold mounted and'
HenryBirks & Sons, Ltd.
Jewellers and Silversmiths
Hastings and Granville Streets   -   -   «   Vancouver, B. C'
You Are Building a New Home
AND CASINGS- Save yourself trouble and worry,
Phone 222, or write P. 0. Box 1719 and ow representative will call and cheerfully give you an estimate.
Band Sawing
Shaping    -
Wa guarantee first class wnrk
and all order* promptly filled.
Sash aqd Door Factory
Office Fillings
Detail Wnrk
Stair Building
 '       ' ■■■■!■ II-
Centre Block Lynn Valley
$15 monthly. Lease given to good parties. This is an excellent
opportunity to establish a good business in a growing district.
Cor. Centre and Lynn Valley Road
, or—.	
Merchants' Truit & Trading Co.
Pender and Burrard Streets, Vancouver, B. C.
f)A I r A I s
New W. ilmiiislii I :„„| DJslii.t Hi-.
Iriet ol North Vancouver. TAKE
Nirrit'K ik.l we, II. Hladwln and A
•U, Oladwin ol North Vanoouver, nctii
fial-i-vn, retired, intend to apply (or
permissif-n to less* the billowing Ai
*cribed »\tam, known aa I.vnn Creek,
commencing at a p»*t planted at the
N. W. cornel ol this old wood*n bridge
crossing wid stream,.thenc* north,
following   bed   ol   .(ream   to a posl
Slant*) I,OtlO leet norlh ol K.- tl.
'..id, alcel bridge, lor the purpose ol
olitaiiiing rock, gravel and amd lor
liuilding and other iiurpoae...
Dated Aug. 7th, 1911.
The TbeoaoplUal SoeUty nnaii il
North VaAoouvsr In Boon I, IJ hm-
dnle Avsbiu (netraac* —xt in W.l-
snSM Parlor) »vwy Wsfasday oviBOg
*t 8 <Mx*. Altwdssio. |s ssliniy
faw* and carries ao oUlgatinna *h»t-
•vsr. You are hsviUd. Thoo*oj*'-«»l
ftady an* o/M*ti«M.
Tfce Standing Alibi of H
mum m sw, sir. win, mpptm,
■ jm mum tor fts defrniMw mm
to Hll lest
'Went mind whit 9'PpwwII mm,"
M iBleryMBti,
/ftg witness  snorted   snd   began
'% consequence," continued be,
With a triumphant smile Bt the prisoner's Bttoruoy—"lu eonsetJIIBBCS 0| a
conversation I bud with O'Connol! it
that tmmsr—'
•NOW, Whit comer!" Impatiently
demanded ibe prisoner1! counsel-
"Tb» comer »' Wisbington m'
Monroe," ratiirned U>» wllnesi. "U
yam Rlye ine time I'll t«H you ill
titers || tp tell, At tbs corner o'
Washington an' Monroe mo un' In
consequence o' tbs| | went Wl* Mm
to tbs next comer, Washington av-
euue and First street. That's what I
did, sir."
"Well, wblt d|d you find there!"
naked tb* district attorney. "Oo P»"
''| found this bank there, ll'. W»
the southwest corner — Mordaunt'a
Bank, sir, in' O'Connell told me-"
Tbe prisoner's counsel again Jump-
«d to his {set-
"Whit 414 yon do, Burke!" lunula
ed the district attorney. "Tell us
wbat you did,"
"Well," replied llurke, uncertainly,
"I didn't do notlilu' Just then. I went
up on tho stoop and looked through
tbe little hole in tbe "outside doom,
end I didn't see but that everything
looked all right, an' 1 told O'Con-
"That Is to say, sir," be continued,
hastily, "I stayed there with O'Con-
ne|| for a time, about ten minutes, I
should say. And here's where ine
queer thing happened, gentlemen,"
and Buike warmed Up now Uiat be
had reached th Interesting stage.
"Me an' O'Connell was just staitln'
In to reconnolter when we beard a
big racket at thu front door—It's on
the corner, eater-cornered like. It
was tbe vestibule Inside door bs
tackled first, o' course, V we beard
Rome bolt* shook back; V then all
of a sudden something snaps very
quick and loud and the big Iron doors
cpenepout, and a fellow comes down
ihe front steps. He didn't como
down right away, either, for be saw
Us there. We teased bin a bit, I
"As I ualil, It was dsrk an' ralnln'
pitchforks, but we could see this lei-
low come down all right, ms an'
O'Connell, an' we both snapped our
lanterns on him at the same time.
Sn we hsd bim In a light tbst was
double strength.
"An' tbe fellow bad on a blgh bat
-one o' them dull looking things,
not a regular stove pipe—an' full
dress—we could see Just s bit of his
shirt—an' a long overcoat, Them'e
ihe first things ws noticed.
"An' If be bsdn't turned round
when the light Hashed ou bim we'd a
nabbed bim then and (here. But he
did turn round an' looked at ue-an'
you could a knocked us both down
wltb a feather, me an' O'Connell-for
we knew Iks man well, bolb of us
"Well, to make a long story short,
while w* wss both standing there
parslysad with heart disease pretty
near, an' both of us with gune, the
fellow turned sn' made for It, an' us
after bim—me and O'Connell.
"We'd a caught bim, too, but for
Its bcln' such a night, put It was so
dsrk sn' so windy, ws couldn't track
him by sight or by sound, so finally
we lost bin an' give It up for good.
"We cams back o ths bank, aa' I
stayed there while O'Connell went for
young Mr. Mordsunt; an' he dressed
himself an' com*, an' ws found that
everything bad been smashed open-
It Wu dons clever, too, so' siity
thousand odd dollars an' some cents
was gone clean,''
''Did you find anything else!" Inquired (be prosecutor.
"Not Ibst night," responded Burke,
"but the ne«i day we found that on*
o the side windows bad been enters*
Tbs bare were aawn clean apart, an'
stuck together again with soms kind
o' stul. An' the window pane bad
been cut sn' forced, sn' the piece
that he'd cut nut he'd pastel on
again. Thai's ths reason we didn't
fnd It tbst night. It was'done too
"And did,you recognise,the man!"
queried the district altos^cy.
"I did, sir," answered the witness,
an' so did O'Connell, W> both knew
Th* district sltorneyj visibly trembled With SICltSSMBt
"Who Tl* It, »ukdf' M asked.
Burke bent bis gaz* upon ins man
at ths asil Ubl*
"It was th* aaa that .IU there,
sir, at   that   taMa- H.   Staalelgfa
As bs said |t, luipnlntad with bt*
flng»r. Tb*r* was,an audible murmur la th* court'room, which had
b«M a* still a* tenth
*JM prlaonwr continued th*
"The prisoner, yes, air," assented
Parke, "I Mew him well by sight,
sir, an' I an* him well air, up' It's
mmw      mWQrW   t^gmnW      rrfW     "'
\ m»t»
Btomiiviir, J cm iwsm to Mm*
"dross ewroiho," said th* «'
attorney brliflr.
The cBiiniel for the defense
with i nolle uP°n bli feco.
"Mr, ftirti," hi bafin, in a
voice, "yon him mn -Mr- I
unce thit ol«ftt, him ?<m n»tr
"Ves, sir," replM Hurts.
"You how whire hi H»«f r
i\ didn't then," retnmnJ  Burke
"ws don't keep trie* oi emrybodi
fmm heidiiMirteri, but I 4? now. 9<
lives it the oonYemenr op town"
«An4 mi) landed there peift
did yon not, lor the purpoie oi
prapendlng blmT
"I did, sir."
"And gt thit time li It not I
thit you mado a careful search
his apartments it  tbs   Oouverneur,
for tha pnrposs ol finding someth
U, connect bim with this crime!'
"It Ip,' |lr,"
"And did mn And anything euleu
lated to arose suspicion!"  wont
the prisoner's conns*!.
»j did not, ilr," replied %ke.
"That's all," announced the counsel
for the defense.
"Wilt a minute," sidelined
Judge, as the witness started to
the stand. "Burke, ire you mm oi
whit you say! Think. Isn't it pos
alble that yon muy have beep mil
taken? This is a lertQUB matter, of
fleer. Vou must be very careful. Art
you sure tbis Is the man!"
' "Vonr honor," returned Burke dog
gedly, ''my record shows that I'm i
careful man—your honor knowa
can't be mistaken. I was never surer
of a thing In all my life.
"And I swear that that man who
bite there—H. Stanlelgb Storms—
wss tbe man Uiat robbed that bank
lhat night, so help me Oodl"
"One moment," put In tbo prisoner's counsel: "what day of ths week
was tbst, did you say!"
"I didn't say, sir, but It was Wednesday morning, thu twenty-third o'
last month. Roundsmsn O'Connell,"
continued the witness, turning to the
Judge, "Will tall you just the same aa
I bave, your honor."
Burke atsppad down.
O'Connell took the witness stand
end gsve his testimony and Istt It
llurke stood corroborated Ip each detail. There waa no cross eiamln-
aUon of this witness.
"Tbs prosecution rests," announced ths counsel for the state.
i leave
Tbe Sheriff's Testimony.
The prisoner's attorney rose. A
flickering ghost of s smile played
around ths cornsrs of ble mouUi.
He deputed Irom the ueual rule
end made no opening statement to
the jury. To him It seemed un-
"I call the sheriff of the county,"
ho announced.
The sheriff—a stout, good-natured
looking man, with a broad, genial,
honest face—had been sealed quietly
lu the body of the court room outside
ths railing, an unnoticed spectator.
Now ps rose and made bis way,
with soms difficulty, through the
As bs went he nodded to the Judge,
the counsel, snd some of Ihe Jurymen
He did not look at Storms, nor did
Storme look at him.
He took tho eland, and was sworn
Hs settled himself comfortably lu
the chair, threw on* leg over tho
other, and waited for the queitlon.
"Sheriff," began the counsel forth*
defense, carelessly, would you mind
stating to ths Jury Just where you
were st 2 o'clock on Wodnesdsy
morning of ths twenty-third of Msy
Ths sheriff looked sround >nd
"On Monday ulgbt, on Tuesdsy
night sod Wednesdsy night, the
twenty-first, twenty-second and
twenty-third of last month," he replied, deliberately and wilh aa evident relish ol Ui* slluallou, "I wsa
Ip ihe green room of the Montauk
Club Is thia city -on saeb night from
10 o'clock Is th* evening until after
t o'clock th* neit mornlpg."
"Whan mu say Wednesday night,
do you mean night or morning!"
''I'll explain that," said the sheriff
"Whan I say Monday night I maaa
that I pagan Monday night al I" and
ended Tussday morning at i. On
Tuesdsy night I began at 14 and
ended Wednesday morning at I. And
so on. 1. waa there three night* and
mornings, beginning with Monday
"Will you state Just wbat you were
"-Certainly," responded the sheriff
"We wsr* playing cards. We wen
disposing ol noma old scores thatwi
had waited for some months lo pay
"Was anybody with yopt II ao,
state to the Jury Juat who It was."
"Yes," returned tha sheriff, leaula,
forward In his turn as all wlfneasei
bar* a way of doing; "then, wen
thr** neoole with aaa. aaafclaa   tour
(Continued on Pegs JRv*)
receive! the game glad welcome here
a« tho man who comei to buy, our
primary object m thii tlmo being to,
acquaint the men of North Vancouver
with tbo advantage! in quality, gervice
and price, to be exclwively obtained
at thii itore.
Wo don't enpect to "II you goodi ,
before you know ui, our good* and
our buiineii methods, io we invite
you to colli "Snoop around" o Wt
and get acqainted.
„ >•■.
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
FOR SAI.K fi room house on Cbes-
trilirlil Ave. New, all modern. Price
13,300.  Eaay terms.
TELEPHONE 8q. P. 0. BOX 114
Here is tbe Great Time-Saver
Remember tbe old days when your
mother had to dye her clothes-
how much time and fuss it made ?
That was long ago. Nowadays
dyeing is no trouble at all—since
were invented —owe dye for all
fabrics: wool, silk, cotton and
mi wd goods. No Hpping of dresses
to separate the materials—no poisonous fumes, but a safe, agreeable
ond highly satisfactory proceeding.
Your Dealer Has Them
It C. lllil'OHHI'N-6, 10, 15c .tor.
Th* operator*, diilira ars to answer
rail, aud malo ronnccliona aa rapidly
as poasible. Conversation will) you
would inevilably block other calleju.l
as urgent as yours.
Nu III.' operator i. I rained louse
certain set phrue. relating stiioUy
lo li.'i work. Any .jiyttion* outride ol lin lunotiln. mu.t n*co***r-
ily b< referred to people having In
charge *podal claaecs ol "Irrr
gular" iui|uiri*>.
A minute', consideration will show
dial unlet* the operator'* duly war*
uniform practically th* uax in svsry
call—alia could not poariMy giv* AM.
uibssrilxr* lb* **rvica Ihey donand.
B. C, TELEPHONE CO,, LTD, Aro guurgiiinM ngninsf impirfepiimis
wJiMi in I'oprly iimTrte gPRfte ww rfmeh
y/qny i|i|i| incni)Vf|ite|icB tP t||e liquor
Paint mi4 Vnrniib BmibM
Will do first c|*6s work apt! will npi
-siiiiii tlm bristles.
■Pn**     'H'l    - "   I "J    'H    ay..kUaiwW#
Patterion, Goldie & Clark
North Vancouver Hardware Store
.   ii.ii   ii.    I     i        . T—"^—"IW^——
D. L. 621 & 2075 on Keith Road,
a short distance west of the Imperial Car Shipbuilding and
Dry Dock Co.'s property. $300 and $326 each--$20 cub,
balance easy terms. These lots comoiand an uninterrupted
view of three miles'of Hurrard Inlet. Good soil and level.
Call or write for descriptive pamphlet.
333 Pender St, W.     Phone Seymour 5654
and NORTH ARM BRIDGE on Keilh Road
Water and Idepliono service is being put into district now snd
loiilo bss been surveyed, lor carline.
your neighbours
and ihey will recommend jt to
electric iron wilh
a reputation.
I*v ■ • will I We shall be pleased lo send one ol these
irons to you lor TEN DAYS FREE TRIAL. Phone 46
Light and Power Department.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
1 . i   i. ■	
ii ■ "i h    =
THAT (he Gvic Information and Labor Bureau is now
open for the Convenience of Employers and Employees.
Employers are requested to take advantage of the Office
when requiring help.
Phone 32}
W. II. HOOD, Secretary,
14 Lonsdale Avenue,
North Vancouver.
■ 1
120 Second .Street Eaat. Telephone 206
CoBVwieace to Norlb Vancouyer MtfcM*
Suf in Vow Own Town.     - Your Ordtr. totidted
Iff,' A. if. Wop* Ito »e)l kffffll
real estate brnlcer nf Ifartl! Vnmwiysr
eniely resetted pori op W)A»v, tiie Srd
inst. niter ftps pf Itw most r|o|isWf»l
i(r|ps it hi* eve? Vm bi* gop I Ipriimv
tp niulte ip bis l»U|lPl> IVP PI»ROTi
||e wns nccompaliicd by l)i» "i-V ¥?•
iApiPim, Mr- Wm snd |qr piti
nl tli* t\w by 9r. p. R. Bridgnwii;
Milling n sfnrt frqffi life flnjt flf
tbe |o»| yapltt eliih op' the 271)1 pf
My ti)t Stripper, Wr, Wppds bimwl'i
shaped n Priursn fpr Bwcesneer H»y,
mul Um first px°iting adventure which
met the intrepid viiyegors was the
sighting nf n limiting "iloudniim" «n
the smooth wsfors ol tift |p|st.    \l
sharp, opmnmnd to t> engine rifipi
nnd lliu engine} stonporf, |be "defd-
man" was approached and n cl.ihi'in
vesication was made. 'I'lio result
win; that beyond a doubt tbe "limit
er" was .identified as M. T. Rudweiser.
M. T. B. was given suitable burial nt
But the harniwing sight was tbe
occssion lor Mr. Adsmaon to lsy n't
op a hurry call, where he interviewed ono Bass, nnt outored on the passenger list as in the stale of b|s
The voyage was continued and tin'
passage Irom Oowor Point to Sechcll
was very pleasant in spile ol a heavy
si|ua|l.  The wind was light.
Pucoanecr Btiy was left nt 1.4fi the
next morning wbon a strung north
breeze wan encountered with a choppy
beam sea. This was disagreeable but
still undaunted the run was mad.) up
to Ti'Miiln Inliiiiil with Iho In.• lUfuHt
dishca careering round the saloon.
Mr. Woods expresses liini.ii'lf as as
lonnili'.l Ip find into what s large
lown 1'nwcl Hivei lies grown. II is
the locution ol tlie largest pulp snd
paper mills on the coast und there ia
also a huge dum which in interesting.
|t in but ii short two year* ngo tbut
ther.) wu* nothing to be. eccn here hut
the primiicvnl forest but in that time
many bounce, hotel*, at ores nnd so
lorlh ban' made their uppeurniicc. One
man in the town hns I il-'ly signed u
contract to build filly houses, nnneol
which nre to be alike.
From Powell Biver ilu parly mi the
liiiiin'li liul intended lo go to ''nm,'
lull Biver, but niter passing through
linker passage louiul tli it it looked
bad in Ihe (lull und so tunic I back.
Anchorage wue round al inin Islands whuro iiii Irjshman wia ci.p-iun-
Icrcd with the name ol Donald Mo-
llniiiil.i. True lo his ijj.an il not to
his nativity he glaOlv nirepted n
small portion of Scotch.
The anchor was woighol nol morn
ing bright nnd early and iho run lo
i'.iiii|'l'.'ll Biver wa* mnrl" ly 7 njni.
There Councillor I-'.. II. HruLin in wns
louiul and greatly to the surprise ol
the launch parly who lud no idea
that he kept such early lioun. Thougl
Hr.   I'l nl: 'limn. ,« In '   had   l""l)   'i Iiii'!.'.
had no fish, his partner bud live.
He joined Ihe parly on lie liiuneh
und immediately proceeded In o\e'-
haul 'he cuniiii- nu ml d.'p iilni.' I
and tbe tanks. t>oliafi-:d with In in
■|i,ciii'ii he look hi* plic unions the
crew. ,
Sunday the 3l)th dawned n* a good
day /or fishing and though the whole
parly were fervently prayerful tlu'.v
were unsuccessful in their ul tempt to
entice Ihe finny tribe Irom the depths.
Typt snlmon wa* Ihe olije. I ol tb*
prsyrrs. The tool* were spoon and
rods, wilh no band line*.
lu mining the anchor, which he did
wilh much strenuous exertion, deckhand H'ninoil (it was his Ini') nearly
lell oM'ibJonrd and but lor a couple
ol timely hitches cast uboiit hi* logs
by young Mr. Woods, would have
been swimming al a fifteen mile gait
through the Seymour Bnpid*, al iho
mouth ol which the luiiucli Iny. A* il
wo*, in a furious nllempf lo grab
something, be broke Ihe Hag pole off
Tbe party then found il expedient lo
ti li at the slack ol high nun low
water nnd hnd great Hiirirss, M),
A.liiiii'ii.iu proved the | i itimul hi r.i
ns he liuiili'il n 3*1 pounder, tbe larg
e*l Ash taken on a sleel trout rod.
Kigbt other fish were landed at Unit
time- The sport was good nnd again
the tools were rod* and spoon. Four
days' fishing was indulged in and al
time there was not ono ol tbe party
who failed to land bis ISO lo mm lb*.
ol fish.
Tho slurl lor homo was made the
next day while the party lost Mr.
Bridgman who alleged pressing Ixuri
noes as the reason why be boarded tlie
"Cowichan" for Vancouver. There
are grave doubt* still lingering in the
breasts ol those who romninod nbonrd
the launch ns lo whether tho terror*
ol the rip "II I'oinl Nu.lg.. were not
Ihe raiaon d'etre of the proving buei
nr** which carried Mr. Itridgmail so
swiftly away.
Tho run homo wen made st leisure
end proved very pleasant, All tbe
small bays and inlets cnoovntenid on
route were explored, including Lund,
Stillwater, Hardy Island, Bender Utt-
hot snd Pender lake. -,
The homo pert was reacted op. tin
3rd last, and the laat entry in ths log
which was faitilully kept wm "A
pleasant trip snd good company."
CLEARED LOTS 50 ft, x 147 ft.
In BLOCKS'15,15a, 16 and 16a, P, 1,550,
'    M     . . . I .1.1...
PRICES; *750 to$1000 according to location.
TERMS: 1-4 Cash, Bal. 6,12and 1 dmonths
ACREAGE in District Lots 546 md 550
In Blocks of from One to Four or more acres.'
PRICES:  from  $2000  to $3250  per acre
TERMS: 1-4 Cash, Bal. 6,12,18 & 24 months
"i.     ' i
Tbe Grand Boulevard eitendi through this property
The North Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company, im   .
543 PENDER ST.  ptl»6286 VANCOUVER, B, C.
North Vancouver Business Cards
('. A. CAL.
I'll.m.' fi'i.'j Vancouver,
i'lione Kill) N.mil Vsncouver
l'ercy S. Howard li. .1. 1'erriii
City Auditor.
Auditors nnd Accountant*
h'lt I'ender St. W.       I'. 0. Hoi M35
Phono 8837 Phono 183.
Vancouver     North Vancouver
Finest tables and cues ia the Cily
I'ioneer Borseshoor - Carriage Work*
Booksellers and Stationers
Cor. Lonsdal* and Ut.       Phone 143
F. H. Sharp, Stud. 8. I., Stud.
Intt. Hun. Eng. Etc., Archt aod Civil
Engineer. Plan*, dovationt section*,
reports, specifications, estimate*, etc.
lor all deans* of work, Tracings, Blue
Print*, Mas Mounting. I'll lower
Haiti, Boad. East, N. Vancouvsr. 1-8
Prompt    8^vi<HMer*t* On*rg*|,
FWrW  Waff
The Palm Confectionery
Stationery, Confectionery, Ice Cream,
Soil Drinks, Fountain Drinks, Tobacco
Light l.unciii's, Fruit
I.ontdale and 61b Phono 318
Tbe New Blook on I.onidalo Avonue
near the Perry Approach
was built by
General Contractor*
Contractor* lor reinforced ooncreto
const met ion. Sewering in all its
branches, bouse connections s ape
cially. Estimates furnished. Offioo
20 Lonsdale Avs. Phono 386.
Pressed Brick Mantles a Specially.     Phone I,in
Studio  over  Bank  B. N. A.
Lonsdale and Eaplalad*
Saw Filer and Grinder. All kinds ol
hand, cross out and buck saws set
and filed at shortest notice. 11 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver.
——i j|
Higb-daas Ladi»s' and Osnt's TaUoriig
Angus J, Cameron
A.M.I.K. k 8.
Irrigstion, drainage, lovds, plan*
and specification*. Septic tank* and
house drainage a specially. V. 0.
Boi 2li, )l)th street west, of B*wiok*
Fresh and Smoked Fish
Jive and Dressed Poultry
Vsgetshlss Ddivsry twice daily
Phone 840 Ul First Street
      ■   '     if       n
Wholesalers ami Betailws of Purs Ico
(c* foil fstoily nt*
- - -.-     ~*tT      Tnnwfwnnj       nnn
phon. m   tmmih ivmu
Moitn Tailor* ud Reuvatorf
W I-oudalo Avsnus
Cleaning,  Prsssing,   Djfsiag,   Altering
Wo   um   th*   Frtsidi   Dqr' CAttOnt
Vtooni Phon* IU3
 CK* -r-^r
8peelsJ|jr: Childras's lessons si own
home. Tsmx, *te., spply Gsneral
If vour watoh ■icSDittr or oailff irri*
T t-Tir*  ■Tjf'jr * .lyjmimm mm mfrmtf f^F
gnUifcr! 8**
timul1MS c,
town Vancouvm
B, C,
PwblisM Tttoidnyi and Frldaya by North SboiI Vm*, Lm\m>
i Gio,% MpRRitN, Editor and Manager,
Oaayaar, I1.QO
turn ot mtwittw*
Bit monthi, Wo.
Untied fltatee and Foreign, (I.N per y«t
Advertising BiHi will ba quoted on application.
Three monthi, Wo:
rsss (i devoted lo tbi intereiti nl thi north Shore of Burrard Iulol
vafjj,   UwniiliniM hi advirtjilni medium of wmntloMl value for
raaamni In a thorough and aftWIva imnnir tl
Wl aid IHitrlcl,  Every effort ll niede In |ivi
manner tin papulation of North Vaneouver
' • idvertiser. the moil satisfactory
All ihaniM In contract advertisement! should be In the printers' hands not
later thin 10h.ii). Monday and 6 p.m. Wednesday to ensure insertion la Ihe
lollowing issue.
MOUTH Vancouver,   B. C,
AJJ_ _!■      ...  . ==S
AtJiiusT 15  1911
H|ieaking of tbs immediate commencement of the construction nl the
Lake Washington canal with Hi eig
nilii'anee as tlie beginning ol thesya-
tsmatlo devajnpment nf Seattle harbor, a recent news teller Irnm lhat
oity prnneods tn declare "It has lien
pointed nut that following tbe opening of the Panama t'nnal llinse citi.-s
will profit miMt which are Inst prepared In talus dire nl the increased
commerce. Han Diego, I .is Angeles,
Han Francisco and Portland, are all
spending large sums getting ready
fnr tha canal. Puget Sound will nol
l|g behind any nl thess,"
In view of theae statements It is
in onler In again raise the i|uretii>n
whether Vaneouver seriously eipeols
tn seoiire any share in the greatly
Increased commerce that all intelligently infnrinnl persons anticipate will
remit Irom the completion of the
shove '-bii.iI, and if sn, what provis
inns are being made therefor. No one
will seriously question the slateme.it
lhat in natural advantages Durrani
Inlet is endowed in a superior mun
ner as compared with the harbors enumerated in the above category, but
it is a notable lacl lhal while thoaa
other cllias ara busily engaged in cur
> rying mil attentive and eipenaive
works ol harbor improvement, Ibeie
is being practically nothing done In
develop upon a comprehensive plan or
in in eilsnsivs manner tbe splendid
possibility, ol Hurrard Inlet. In the
short period ol four years tbe canal
will he open for traffic, Ihe resultant
impetus In trade and enmmercs will
lie Lit and (lie competition lor participation in the benefit* to In attain
ad will begin as between the respective
Pacific ooasl ports. "Thnae cities will
profit most which are best prepared
In lake care nl the inoreaeed com
mere." and lha lime to begin those
preparations is "now". Harbor improvements cannot Iw ilevised, planned
and completed within a (aw weeks.
Much project. rs<|uir* years for Ibsir
rnmpletinn. The port wbicb finds it-
sell with Ihu .'Mule and insufficient
harbor acconiuurdation aad Iteilitii'S
will Im hopelesaly out ol ths mot,
whit, the port whose improvement!
ara in an incomplete condition will
find itself seriously handicapped w.ion
the competili/in acts in.
The problem ti the systematic development nl Ibe harbor ol Humid
Inlet baa frupinilly been dlsouated ly
public bodies, but all audi discussion
bat hitherto ended iu leaving the mat
tar precisely where ill waa at the beginning. It appeera a moat regret
table circumstance lhat some scheme,
acceptable to all inlereets cannot lie
evolved looking tn the inception ol
works ii harbor imprnvemeat io a
systematic asauuer and upon a com-
pnbenaive plan such as will ultimate
ly make ol Burrard Inlet /aa a whole,
' wbat nature baa undeniably designed
B le be, namely, the bast harbor nn
Ike PaciAo eoaet and one ol Ibe foremost baifors ot Ihe world. From
.pntee/ Induction It is to be barel
Heal a golden opportunity Inr securing a large volume ol nvwt profttelde
IrsBV may be wholly or partly |.*t,
because Km bartw will net lie ia thai
elate ol readiness whisk will enable it
le attraet am) te heU Ibat propor
tlm ol the repWly h»w«Ming corn
mine ol tin Paeifle which would otb-
' srwiee inevitably fall lo tin lot ol Uie
Rett nt Vaoaonver.
1.1 ■    1 *nn*nm
JM mm wM* Ammomn h Mm
certain parties , charged with
having deliberately and intentionally resisted ths police in the
discharge ol Iheir duty, were allowed
In go Hcoit free, because Ihe magistrates failsd to agree, is one which
culls lor very serious consideration
in the public interests. One magistrate
held that the prisoners should be
committed /nr trial and the ntbir
thai Ihe police officers bad used unnecessary violence In junking an arrest mul lima the prosecution fell to
the ground. The nuture ol the alleged
offence is such thai the situation becomes a grave one Irnm tha stand-
point nl the preservation ol law and
order, in which the general publio is
vitally interested, It is not only desirable, hut imperative that Ihe mailer should lie carried on lo finality in
some hum. II the others involved
were guilty nl unnecessary violence,
Ihe case against them should ba
established and they ahould be dealt
wilh according to discipline, but il
they were not so guilty, they should
lie exonerate,). It must of necessity
weaken the control nf the Inroe that
such a charge made against membera
tberenf Irom a magistrate upon Ibe
bench should be allowed In pass unnoticed. II is decidedly prejudicial to
the public interests that discipline in
this respect should In allowed lo ratal one iota. It is essential to the efficiency ol Ihe tm ii' and therefore tn
he pi 01 eel inn nl the public, lhat tbe
pnlice lores Iw controlled by a strong
hand and with slriot justice to all
But this ia nut the most serious
phase ol Ihis mailer, fur whether the
cnnslables were or were not ton
rough in handling their prisoner, the
charge still stands that a prisoner in
the bauds nl [Milieu officers strenuous
ly resisted arrest and Ibat through
the assistance nf friends ha succeeded
in escaping frum Iheir hands and was
not secured until arrested the neil
day by ths Chief nl Pnlice. Tbe (act
that this charge waa pruven waa declared by one magistrate and it waa
not denied by the other. The offence
is one which ie looked upon by the
criminal .isle as a very grave one
and heavy penalties are provided in
punishment therslor. It cannot be cn
aidared as anything short ol a menace to the proper enforcement .,(law
and order, that a charge ul such a
nature should la allowed lo drop, as
a consequence ol tbs failure ii the
magistrate. In agree. Under sueb cir-
cumitnees the public must Innk t,
those who have authority in encb
matters tu sre to it that Ibe charge
is finally disposed ti by a judgment
from some other court either declaring those charged with Ibe offence
not guilty snd discharging ihem, or
declaring Ihem guilty and drilling
with (hem in accordance wilh the statute, in that behalf made and provided.
That Uu matter should lie allowed
to rest where it is is not only in the
highest degree unsatisfactory to the
polioe (ores and to Ihe public, but ill
influence i. nothing short ol demoral
i/ing Irom Ihe standpoint nl the due
enforcement of law and order,
lendent of JnsnranM from % KM
day ol Jana. .WU,
Colin H. Campbell, tube acting
Buperintsntlent of pnlice within the
John J?, Mclfullin, of Print* Rupert,
government agent, tp be Anting Wi-
trlot ragMrarnl the inprame oojirt
and anting regWwr' ol tbe county
court at Princii Rupert during tbe ab-
eenoo p| Arthur Cntjihert.
Minora Caw to ba a junior olepk
intthe statistical bureau from tba 1st
day ol August, IBII,
Thomas W. Hem of Port Oaorgl,
9, M„ to ba acting aisiitant onnv
missiimer ol lands lor the Peace Bi-
vsr land division of the Paielar and
Cariboo Land Bewrding diitriiti.
Frank Cecil Haydoolt ol Salmon
Arm. in the county ol Vote, to lie a
notary public
, George James Goats, ol tba City ol
Vancouver, barrister-at-law, to le a
commissioner lor taking affidavits.
your bread, Brewer's X I.
Bread is 19 ounces (Union Made) five
rents per loaf. No sweeter or bettei
broad made. Don't pay a higher prin
lor inferior stuff, or encourage exorbitant prices in North Vanoouver, fl.
Bitchie, the Upto-Date Oromr, 859
lo «68 First itreet, Gist. 95-8
Phone 10 P. 0, Doi iW
Alexander Philip
Conveyancer and
Notary Public
Agent Inr Fidelity-Phnenit Hi'fl In
surance Company and also lor
companies undertaking Marine.
Employers' Liability, Guarantee,
Live Slock and Accident Insurances.
Agreements and deeds of all kinds
prepared. Excellent list of pity
and district lots for sale.
Knows II and 11, Pender Chambers.
1MB Peniler .Street W.    Phone MM
and Lonsdale Ave., Nnrlh Vnno mver
Residence, cor.  Lonsdale   Ave,   and
•"ml street, North Vancouver.    ...
Loans, In vest men Is and Insurance.
Iloom 201, Ktl Granville St., Vancou
ver, II. C. Phnne 83110. Und He/is
try work a specially,
House Connections
, His Honor the lieulenant-flovernor
has been pleased te make tbe following appointment* I
Arthur Angus Ytatft, ot tin city ol
Vaneouver, barrister aad snUeSUw, lo
be a eommnejom tot taking efide
mmwwv    Wt    ^nnwfmmmfMtjP  PP'W^P'W"
Notice to Property Owneri
of North Vancouver
As ths main drainage tyslem Is approaching completion we oeg tu notify
property owners lhat ws are making
arrangements lo undertake the aewer
connections on ths various private
properties at a reasonable cost lo all
those who desire to avail themselves
of early drainage facilities, Having
carried out the main drainage system
for tbe city council and having tbs
necessary plant and skilled labor
available we are in aa exceptionally
favorable position to carry out the
private bouse drainage at a moderate
cost to property owners and we shall
be pleased lo furnish estimates and
plaps il necessary to carrying out Ibis
most essential work in accordance with
the eity regulation! and on most up
lo-dala principles ol modern sanita
Stycmi 8t nni Mahon Avo,
,   : tm~m
ELDER MURRAY C0,,m,0fNerlhVBPQuver,
beg to intimate that on nnd after August .list
their omoe at 881 Uordova Street West, VatTnouver,
will bMlosed nnd'their buainfM ponoentreted at
tbeir Nprtb Vanoouver office, if Lonsdale Ave,. We
take thie opportunity of thanking our numerous
olients for past favors and trust that the -hitherto
pleasant business relations whioh have enisled
between us will be continued,
I        ■ ' HB—■-—
Johnston k Salsbury
will occupy their new
store in the
On August 14th
One acre block on macadamized road, will make
a sjili'inliil homesite,
- I'rice only $800 on easy terms.
Heal   Instate and  Financial agent..
Agreements ol Kile discounted.
219 Lonidale Avenue
Telephone 44
palace north
Maths:   fi.ui, per  and  up.   Special ralei to families
and   to regular   boarders.   .
finest Roof Garden on Pari/ir Coast
Sicomd Street.   ....   NORTH  VANCOUVER. B. C.
Block and hall Irom Lonidale Avenue and cloic to car
terminus. A few good lots facing south $500.00 each
on terms of j caih, bal. 6, 12 and 18 monthi,
D.L. 553
50 It. loti cloie to Ke.ll. Road at $500.00 each on
terms of J cash, bal. 6, 12 and 18 months.
I'lione 70-V. O. Ilox i«id
Moil modern filing device
on the market.
A sale receptacle for those -
valuable papen and jewels
32 Lonidale Avenue
Telephone 123
133 (th Street East North Van
I'bons im
NOTICE is hereby given that an application will bl made under l'art'V.
nl ths Water Act, ITO, lo obtain a li-
r.'iiH.i in North Vancouver division pi
New Westminslsr Oialrict, on the ISth
day nl August, Mill, at ll a.m., by
B Newton Drisr, Burgeon, Vannouvpr,
II. tt,, (or water (or Irrigation use pn
three acrea owned by him in I).)" Wi,
the souroe ol supply being a small un-
im.'.I el ream Irom Grouse Mountain
Rowing southerly through I). I,. Ml
and D. I.. M.I, Ihe point of diversion
being aboul 3,11(10 lest in northeasterly
direction Irnm Dr. Drier's N.I-:, stake,
ll.,' amount required being | cubic last
l»'r second lo Iw carried by bur|ed
pips line frnm small dan) in lied ol tbe
Dated at Norlh Vanoouver, dply
Will, mil. x-im
New Harness Shop
k n. coai, and »vvvm CO., COR.
Vancouver Htrneu Co.
North Vancouver
Coal and Supply Co.
' Wharf: Cor. St. George's and   Esplanade.   Offire: M isxiedele Avenue.
Wlmil limns, 178.     Of* Phone  198.
Dealer! In all kinds ol Building Material, Sand, Gravel, Cement, I,inu
Brick lenmrnnn and prseaadj, Firs
Bricks, Fire Clay, Plaster, Fibre, Piaster, of Parle, Utb, Shingles, Drain
Pipe, Tile.
Domestic aad Blacksmith goal.
Prompt delivery a specialty.
TRHT Dialiid ol New We.tniin.ter.
Tako notice that Eliot A. Haswell ol
Vancouver, occupation, broker, inte|ds
to apply for iwrmisaion to purchase
Ibe lollowing deecribed lands : Aliout
■IW acre, commencing al a post Dlojit-
ed on the northeast corner ol Lot
1674. thence wst 36 chains, thence
north 80 chains, thanes west 6 chains,
more or Iw. lo shore ol Hoi re Shoe
Lake, thend iu a south and westerly
oourw around .shore ol lake to North
wst corner ol Lot 1673, thence aoulli
to .'liniiiM, more or Isaa, to point pi
(Bg-I.l      ELIOT A. HASWELL.
Juns 17th, lllll. II "
Paper the World
from our slock ot nsw Wall I'apti.
•o it saems. Every day corns n/m
dwign errivrs lo fill lbs vaca«ay
ol tbow closed oul.
Hindaome Wall Papera
era bars in endlses variety, liul
tell our salesmen lor wbat room
you want tbe pajier and be will
show yon jusl lb pattern yon are
looking for.
To chooM Irom our slock is a pUa
eurs, lo pay our price Is easy.
W. H. ST0NEY k CO.
117 l,«nid»ls Avenue Vh„m U'l
>'9 fHJ$ nifWWi NORTt
District Lot 552
The West End of the City
The Finest Residential Lots at moderate prices
on easy terms. All cleared. Twenty minute
car service. Water laid on, Electric Light, elt.
Within half a mile of the water front of D, L,
265, the future industrial centre of the North
* m*
Shore.    Buy before the inevitable advance in
values takes place.
* mi
Block 6, District Lot 607
Large Cleared Lots within one block of the Terminus of
the Capilano Carline, These lots are on the bench overlooking- the Pipe Line Road and the Capilano River.
Beautiful views,   Very accessible.   Terms one-fifth Cash.
District Lot 553
A Limited number of Corner Lots reserved from the
original sale are now on the market. Close to the Grand
Boulevard. Good car service. Electric Light, Water laid
on. The roads are being improved, and sidewalks constructed.
For Plain and Price Lists Apply to
Lonsdale Estate Office
525-6 Winch Building, Vancouver, B. C.
Phone, Seymour 2835
(Continued, front pajje aj
sltogetber-ttrs* pf W plwlwil
plght, ml lbs four,* wm \o»k*A »»
Mil kept us company."
''AM these |our—t*
"Vum four," mtimtA tin ilwlffi
'WW» inrsell and loop ff. Oassldy,
Hie b&rAwsr* mirofwt, wd H, stin-
lelih Storms, ths prisoner st tin
"Jpbn B. Cassidy Is hero!"
"He's here," assented tbe witness.
"And tilt fourth man -wbo wm
|tef Inquired tbe attorney.
Tbo sheriff wtut plainly amparress-
ed, but be nerved bltnsel! nevortha
less lor tbs orUaal.
| "Tbe lourtb man," Vf> t»ttt\, look'
^nj- -narrowly around. "Ufa lourtb
man was-faji tlta-MtiH-Uw Judgt
'presiding at this trial."
I He blurted this out In a dssperati
port Of war, and Wt Wlt» an apolo-
getie air, loo.
| There waa a prolonged Utter In the
court room nt tha Judge's expnnso
The Judge rapped for order, but at tb<
same time nodded In a a)lgnlfled wai
In confirmation of the testimony.
''His honor, then, waa the man wlic
was looking ont" Inquired tbe coun-
sel, snilous to place tbe court In thi
most fuvorablo light, and oxpecllni
SO afTlriuatlve answer to the question
The sheriff looked flrst at the council and then at the Judge—at lbs
Judge and then at Ihe lawyer again
| He didn't know wbat to do. Tbt
Judge ttirncd red.
| , "J don't think, Mr.—er—er—" bs
said lo tbo counsel (or the defeudant
"that It's at al| necessary lo go into
that. Proceed with the next question," be continued, pounding with
his gavel to check tbe Incipient merriment.
The sheriff lesned back In bis chair
with a sigh ol relief. Order was restored.
"Was Ibe prisoner thuro on each
occasion!" resumed tho counsel.
"Ho was," relumed the sheriff,still
a bit rattled.
"Every night!"
"Every night," replied the sheriff
"Ho wss tbo flrst man on band, and
Ibe last man to Isave. He was with
us ull Ihe time."
''How 1st la tha Montauk Club
from tbe Uordauot bank!"
"It's a good three miles," replied
the sheriff.
"Take tbo witness," concluded Ibe
counsel for tbo dofense, ss be sullied
bsck In bis seal wilb satisfaction
written on bis face.
Tho district iitiiiin.y rose wilb s
frown. Thero waa a loud bust o'l
conversstlon In Ihe court room, which
bis honor stopped with a few raps
upon bis desk.
Tho district attorney was plainly
non-pluasod, snd be showed It. Still
be maintained bis composure.
"Sheriff," Inquired bo, looking Ibal
Individual squarely In tbo eye, "how
did you Aa Ihe nlghl of May ihe
twcnly-sccond, or the morning of Ibo
twcnly-lhlrd! By Ihe way, whicii was
"Itulh," replied the sheriff, laconically.
"Well, bow do you Hi II, then!
Why do you rcinetnbr It!"
Th..' sheriff relumed Ibo district
attorney's stare with Interest. Tbs
two men were .politically opposed to
each other, and there was no lovs
lost betwecu Ibom.
"I'll tell you bow I Hi It," said the
sheriff, shsklng bis linger al the as-
amlnor. ''I could ti It, anyway, by
other tiling., bat I know by ou*
thing In particular. When I got Ihere
(bat night Ibcre wero two men ahead
ol me one of Vm waa Storms, and
tbs other Cgssldy. ll wu a few minutes alter tun when we started In, because Ihey said I waa lale an' I said
I waan'l au' I round Ibal my watch
WU about teii minute* (low.
"Now we alerted lu lo play, understand And when you're playing card*
Um* flies like Ibe dickens. We'vs got
a tape up there In ihe green room
and It runs all night u well u all
day. Th* telegraph people her. run
"And I want to Wl'you," continued
lha sheriff, "that lha saws ol this
vsry robbery camo la over the ticker
while we were sluing than—Storms
and Ihs rest of us shout ball past
Iwo In th* morning. Aad Storms
wu there—tat nest to me. And I
said to Storms, wb*n UM newscsms
la, 'Storms,' I ssid, 'Mordaunl's sale's
bean cracked, sad Hurt's a pile ol
money gone.'
"And I called up headquarter* then
aad there, and wl found oul all
about IL That's bow It wu, and
that's how I know, and hia honor can
tall you Just what I tall you, too
That'* all ih*r* I* aboat II.
"And I want lo tall yon," cone hided UU sbwtff, oftdally, and ler Iht
beoelt of tha reporter* who wort
taking down hi* tesUmony "I want
to 1*11 you, counsellor, that th* county datecUrat would Barer bava madi
a ball Ilka this, atfftar, and don't you
forget It never In Qofe world."
Th* sheriff staff*! Iowa, and John
B Cauldy Hepped up.
Hll UsUaoay val Idsatlul. It was
Ih* purpos* of IM frtaooars counsel
to eel! tha prlmua, bsU fast u hi
(To be tmmnml)
North Viaconyer City Ferriw. Ltd.
8pp4pitw4tm o? mm m mm mwmw
For Pel! Yasr Ending June m, ■ WJr.
January „
9ptti\  ..,
.* 7074-46
.. 19949'
... 9473.06.
... mm
... 13009.80
vm .-
I 1*11.87
$ M098.W
t 6387,66
f    87.6
I'rolil over operating expenses alter due allowance lor depreciation, d»|nn-
tun- iiitei'iml, ,.|c. for hull year eniliiiji.lune 30lb,  lllll      „ VMIM
Certified Pprreet: If. % KEMP, Ser.-Troa*.
'Including estimated depreciation.
"Includes amount paid for railing poqntoqn wbarl tl.fi73.33.
TAKE NQTIOiTibia wo intend to
apply to tbe Board ol Licensing Oom-
misstonere o! the City ol Norm Vanoouver, Hrilish Columbia, lor a retail
liquor or bottle license fur Ihe promises known ss Lots 41 und 13, Block
166, District Lot 374, Norlh Vancouver, si1 ''"' sittings ol such commissioners to be held on the I :it h day of
September, i.\). 1811.
DATED this 3rd day ol August A.
ll-B Psr E. O. Grant, Agent.
riilf"!'—District ol New Westminster.
Take notice that Joseph C. Dockorill,
ol Vancouver, oeciipi.tion, ijovu nin.'iil
ollieial, intend* to imply lor permission lo purchase lliu following described lands : 160 acres commencing al a
post planted ou tbs soulb nasi cor-
»sr ol Lot 3633. tbeucs south 40
chuins, thence east HI chains, tin i.e..
north 40 chain, lo south boundary ol
Lot 3633, thence west 40 chains mors
or leas, along said boundary to point
ul commencement.
■lune I7tb,  lllll. U-9
NOTICE is hereby riven Ibat an application will be made under Part V.
ol the Water Act, 1909 lo oblsin a
license in Ibo North Vancouver division ol New Westminster llinliict on
Iho I8lh day ol August, 1911, at 11 a.
m., by E. Nowton Brier, Surgeon, Vancouver, B. ('., (or water lor domcstle
use nn three acree owned by him in
D. I.. 693, Ibo source of supply being
a small unnamed stream Irom Qrousu
Mountain Howiug southerly through I).
I.. 693 and I). I,. (93, Ibe point of di
version being about 3,000 feet in
northeasterly direction Irom Dr.
Drier'. N. E. slake, tbe amount re
quired heing J cubic feet |icr accond to
Iw curried liy buried pipe huu Irom
small dam in the lied ol tbs stream.
Haled   al   Norlh   Vancouver,   July
I9lb, 1911. HIS
NOTICE is hereby eiven that an application will be made under I'nrt V.
of (he "Waler Act, I9U9," to obtain a
lic.ii*.. iii the Norlb Vancouver divis
iou nl New Westminster diitricl,   .
(u) Tho name ol applioaet-The
C.irporalion ol the Diatrirt ,,f North
Vancniiver, fl. &
(il (oi mining pur|M*ea) Free Min
er'. I'.ilificato No. —
ib| The name ol the lake, stream
or . ..ui,.. (il unnamed the description
i-l An unnamed stream running in a
■oil I burly dirccljnu through lind i id
Lot* 783 and 666, liroup I. New Weet-
lllinslcr lii .In. I.
I'l Ths point ol diversion is in
lllock I. District I...I 783 uloraaaid,
about ill .lumi* norlh ol tho sou-
Hi.in boundary ol said District I ol
i.li 111* quantity ol water applied
for (in .u!iie loot per socund) oue
quarter ol a coliip (ool per wcoiul.
(el Tbe character ol Ihe proposed works-Shallow weir dam wilh
suitable intake.
(!) The premise* on which lbs wa
ler is to Im used (describe sunn) 1 lie
lii,im i ol North Vancouver.
(g| The purposes lor which Ihe wa
ler is to be used-Municipal puiposes
(bl |l lor irrigation describe lb.
land intended lo be irrigated,   giving
'Hi II Ibe water is to b* used lor
power or mining purpose, dcscnlw the
place wher* the waler is lo berelitru
ed to some natural channel and ill.
difference in altitude betwivn point ol
diversion aod point ol return	
lj| Art* ol Crown land intended lo
be occupied by Ibe proposed work* -
(k) Tbis notice wu potted on Ihe
llth day of August, 1911, snd nppll
nil inn will Ik made lo ihs cuiunis
sioner on Ibe IHlli day ol September,
(I) 'Jive the name* aad address** ol
nn\ riparian proprietor, or licences
who or wboee land, are likely to be
affected by the proposed work*, either
above or below the outlet are: Arthur
E. I'arey, Wm. .1.1.. I'acy, Vl.om.s I*
Me.suiiii snd Waller Pinch Cage, all
ol Ihe Cjty ol Vancouver, and A. Dal
Ion Nye, W. I. Irwin. Bmion Gladwin and Mary I,. Archibald, all ol Ihe
lily ii North Vancouver,
(..) The bouudaric* and area nllbc
District o! Norlh Vaacouver ar* a*
sel lm th in Ihe letters patent <1 In
corporation dated |0lb August, 1861.
and published in Ilu R. ' ■ flaaelia,
but escepling the area ol Ihs City ol
Norlb Vancouver Specified in Sefaadule
II ol Ibe Norlh Vaneouver ''jtyjpeor
forstion Act Amendment Art 1907.
Iti Approilmslely Ilie number ol
inhabitant* ol ih* District al presets!
is 3/00.
Editor Espress:
Sir,—I was a passenger by the boat
ono all ei noon last week which bad a
fair crowd on board and I wish to
testily to the great presence ol mind
shown by one ol Ibe ferry Co's. employees iu preventing nn tin-
cidonl which might, havo caused serious loss ol life and
injury lo many persons who wore going off. Iho lorry wharl. t,
A runaway team with rig coming
down l.iiusilali. at maddening speed
were withui 40 yards ol tho furry
iippi'oneh. 'Iho employee grasped the
danger, rushod out yolling to the'
crowd lo keep out of Ibo wuy anil in
hi! instant .hopped both gales.
Such au act, In my opinion,  should
Iw recognised, and I have much pleasure in handing you 16 towards starting a fund for this purpose.
Yours truly,
.1. F. O'C, WOOD.
SEALED TENDEKS marked "Tender lor Sewer" will be received by the
City Clerk ol the Cily ol Norlb Van
couvcr up to 13 o'clock noon on Monday the 3lsl day ol August, turnip-
Ihe materials and ounstruct-
I09U 0. »A
Ing ami completing a sanitary sewer
wflb lol cuius linn., on Esplanade
and Crescent street Irom Si. I.corgo'a
Avenue to St. David's Avenue ana on
Sec,ml street from a point liiHI leet
east ol SI. Andrew'* Avenue to St.
David's Avenue.
All the above mentioned work to bo
carried out according to plans, profiles, cross seolions ond s|>ccilic,iu.mt'
prepared by Ibe Cily Engineer.
All tenders lor Ibe work must lie
made on lornut nl lender supplied by
Ike City I-'.ngiuecr.
A il".|in lor 6 per cent, ol Ibe
amount ol thu tender must accompany each und every lender.
A bond ol 36 per cent, of Ibo
.un.null ol the contract will be reuuir
Separate lenders must he mado lor
c.'icli work above mentioned.
The Invest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
I'ity Engineer •
City Engineer'. Office,
Norlh Vancouver,
81b August, 1911.
Application* will b* received by Ibe
undersigiutl up Iill t o'clock p.m. on
Thursday, 1711. Augu.t, 1911, lor lb*
position ol Assessor ol tba City and
.*>i.Inni io Ih* City Clerk's depart
ment. Salary IU10 per month. To eon-
liiiue jn office during ptanure ol spun- i
nl. Applicant, to slate eiparieuce
and acquaintance with local land
City Clerk.
4   h
Province ol Hritisb Cdumoil
NO III >K is bsrtby (iw Ibat as) pulr-
lie Highways is unorganised di*trion
snd til Msin Trunk Roads in orgsni/
ad  Districts sis sWy sis last   yridt,
and have a widlb ol Ikirtyihrm l>*t
cm each nde ol lb* meat) (tralgbt cca
Ir. line ot th* traeafled road.
TgOMAS Jllfim
Minister al PabBc f asks.
Dsosrtnaot ol puhli* Work*,
1mm»,9-u-,l>w)%mi^ ■up
ths umi%i
L ^k
We have juat received the largest shipment
of metal Bedsteads we have assembled in
seasons, this ought to be intensely interesting
news to hosts of people in view of the fact
that iron and brass beds are replacing wooden
ones so fast. As a still further emphasis on
the advisability of an early inspection we
name these prices:
Very Neat Iron Bedstead, «gf*t $2.75
Good Strong Bedstead, all sizes - $3.95
Special, a leader „       -   $4.95
And prices range from these up to $40 to $50
Don't forget we can supply you with
Dinner Sets
Tea Sets
Toilet Sets
We can specially cater to your wants in
Linoleum and
Window Shades
We have an expert man at this work and
can guarantee ALL OUR WORK
Special Showing of
in leather or wood seats
Golden or Early
English Finish.
Pillows and Blankets
Bedroom Dressers
In Golden Finish wilh I
Mirror 14x24 on Sale, Caih Price
In Golden Finish wilh beveled Plate   *«7 CA
Another Dresser
In Swrf»ced Quartered Oak with bev.   &*] 7 &
,    Pl»fe Mirror 14^4, CmH Price -  «P I • 10
Mahogany Finished Dresser
Large and beautiful. Fine large Mirror (fcOQ AA
FOR QUICK SALE ■    -    - $40.UU
Ladies Dressing Tables
Don't Itesilale if you want a genuine bargain,   In
Royal Oak and Mahogany finish. Cud Pricei are
$10.00, $14.50 and $15.00
Large Dresser
With three Urge Drawers. Extra   (fcOO CA
fine British bev. Mirror, Caih Price   «P**.OU
Carpet Squares & Rugs
We are enlarging our
and will offer Special Values during
August, as we must have more room.
We are expecting the biggest Shipment
of Squares and Rugs direct from England
that ever reached this North Shore,
Did you hear it? "Necessity invented stools,
convenience next suggested elbow chairs" but
if you want to see the very latest things in
the way of convenience you ought to dome
in and let us show you what we have in the
Wflyof Davenport Beds, Leather
Couches, Large Easy Chain
and several other pieces that a progressive
age has invented for use and ornataent,
You would wonder how we could sell
them for so small a price.
Cash price   -
r       p  '    -
in early English Golden Fumed Oak
the latest Mission and Colonial Designs,
at you always get at this Furniture store.
Iteaulily your home. I'lsasurv, com ■
fort and aalisfaclion c»mu Irom an attractive interior,
Beauty in lurnituro does nol nana
*arily imply Ilie most Cosily material*, liul mill.'." "nnd judgment in a*
Titers ia * veritalile harvest ol bouse
liirnisbings h*re and you ars ss wsl-
como lo vi.il us as wt can possibly
mako you.
We have a large line of ROCKERS and
chairs of all kinds:
-~- Veranda Chain
Hammock Chairs
Camp Chair.
Canvas Cots ' i,;
WoVD) Wire Cots and Camper's Outfits
■.si^s—■ ——————— m.
Mail Orden receive prompt attention
THE HOME FURNISHERS, 128 Lonsdale Ave. m mnm, north vancquvbb, b. a
Hay, Flour & Feed
Owing tn lwf»r warehouse nccomo-
dationt we nre now in n position to
parry n Urger nnd more complete
stock of these Roods and to supply
our customers nt Vancouver prices.
All Qyim Dt»llw«4 Promptly,
I  " ■'* ■' -    I-' ' —
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
116 Eiplanade Eait     •      -    Phone 4
I CnCmlC at 0Ur BftbieS B,LLY and
Why make two losdi moving when One Van will lake it all.
Ring up 295, CREAMER TRANSFER CO,, fo, ihe
Largeit Padded Furniture and Piano Van in ihe City.
Half Acres in East Half 787. The
few remaining for sale at $500 and $550.
Terms I -4 cash, 6,12 and 18 months.
Apply to
S22 Pender Street
FIRE!    FIRE!!    FIRE 11!
FOR ABSOLUTE PROTECTION write. Policy in the
Commercial Union Fire Assurance Co., Ltd.
ASSETS! $94,900,000
Hole Agent
A|r..m.nti anil Contracts drawn
ol event description
Phone 157
I.*»ve Vancouver 6.11(1 a.m. end
thereafter over/ 211 minutes until
7.00 p.m. I'linnntocinu 1.W p.m.
every W minutes until 11.30 ii.m.
Ilieresllcr 13.18 and 1.00 a.m.
.enve North Vancouver ti.mt n in
mul tli.'ii'iifti'i' every 20 minutes un
til 7.00 p.m. ('ommoncinu 7.:io |.
in. every 81) minutes until 11.DO |>
ni.  tlii'ii'iilli'i   II.Ill mill  I'.'.If. nm
Usvt  Vanoouver 7.10,  8.20 end
0.00 therealler iame ns weekdeys.
Leave Norlb Vancouver 7.20, 8.00
end 8.10, Ibcireollor seme a* w.vk
Single laro Do, 0 lor 20c, 30 (or II, 70.lor 12.
A Lumber wagon., trucks aad
drays, 7oe rsturn. ,
II 2 bor»* espress carriages and
basks. Wo return.
O-l borse expres. Iiuggie* sad
aulns, 2*o rsturn.
Tim* laid* dibjcet to cbesge without notice.
Company not liabl* lor daisy*, accidental or otherwise,
All tbo above rules include driver. Bate* A and ll subject to 20
per cent, discount ia lots ol 111.
Vet IW lb*, fate. fie.
Minimum rate, lOo.
Conservation Comminion
>    Issues Valuable Report
An Exhaustive Wc>* no FtWlftii PI&
eries, (lapn snd. Mineruls iiniiiiniis
Mass ol Ti>frjFin»M»ft . '
One p| llm most yplmVU \0M
Mow ol Hie mt in ito vohm \m
issued ot) "l.iinds, Pisbsripsi QttWI Slt'l
Minerals" by till llowinion t'nDiiiiiS'
ni.ui pi PbiispfvsHoii. th* to»V, tf
prosontlng u* it docs a print deitl ill
i-Kiietini; resosroli work, nwM KVljl;
iilile to tbe average man a ma'* (A in
•tractive nmi miliii•liiining iiiloi'iiutti.iii
otherwise iiiuililiiiiinlili! hy bin). As
a relei'iiiicn work Inr l|le jonfmilM Iho
iiimii'iii ui publio i|iu::iiii.uH aod Hip
well inliiiiiied iii.iii pp the street, it
will bo found ol im small value. It
is a large vo|umo ul some hih pages
substantially hound jn cloth and fully
illustrated throughout with n)ups,
diagrams and two-color photo engravings. I
The section devoted to Lupds "to
scribes the agricultural survey nl one
hundred representative farms in each
province, mado.by tho Uommissiunol
I'onservation in order to iiscerluin
pint what Ibo condition o! agriculture
is in Canada. Somo of llm subjects
mi. which information wus obtained
aro: rotation ol crops, usu ol manures, |u-iiviileiice nl weeds ni.d inseot
|ii'hIh, water nnd fuel *upply and the
use of HeliTtmi sni.il. 'Ino
if Ihe striking fiats revealed is
lhal not more thiin nine |er ant. ol
the lm in. I-, ol t'liniidii lulliiw uny intelligent and rli'i'i'ii.,, rotation of
enip*. Hy the niliiplinn ol mora
scienlilic methods v. In. I. amid readily
be put into effect, it ih imI inrirlo.11 lint
lliu lielil ernpii uf the I'liiinlry amid
lie ih ml.I,.I in twenty years. The ro
port is nipletc wi 1 Ii uij;ricu!tur.il in
foiniiilion, i nlii.J Ir I* !■ ui.,i- it is i ol
hearsay, but a Hlalement ol actual
fuel* Hcicntijiciilly obtained by men
iu the.Held. An Article on Agricultural I'riidiictiun in Cnn)ida jniHontu
just whirl each piovinco bus proiiueeil
o! field crops, lmii and live si nek
since 1801, und also gives crop ..reus
and comparutivo crop .yields.
The miction on Fisheries und Hume
is a valuable ciim|wirdiuni ol lads nnd
coneliisions by various experts.      On
account ul tbo !i.-,,n.'irl ilispiites   over
jurisiliclion iu tho cuse ol lishcrios between the provinces and Ibo iliimiuinii
an minimi* i* given ol the clause., of
the Hrilish  Nurlli America Act reler
ring to li'iheiiiii, showing wlml   pnw
ers  each  uiilliuiily  bus.      1'olluwing
Ibis is a digeal ol the fedcrnl and provincial ii inni   laws uud regulation*.
Hr. .lames White,  secretary   ol Ibe
1 .........   i.ni. has au impuiliut nrliele
on lha North   Atlantic   Fisheries Ills-
pule in whicii he traces Ihe historioil
development ol Ibe case leading up In
Ibe  Ini.' Hague urbilriilinn, gives the
terms of settlement mul recount*   the
udviinliigo* iiceiiiing llii.'ii'frniii I.i I'iiii
ntlinn linking ipliresls.
The   Cnnadinn Oyster  Industry    is
dealt  with by M. .1. I'nlliin, Assistant .Secretary ol the I'.inimisioii. The
slulenienl is nuide that Canada,   pny*
onl    unnually   ,1000,00(1  lor   oysltirs
iii]|.|.liul   Iiiiiii   the   I iiileil"    States
whun the natural eundilions   in    Ihi*
country   are excelleul   lor    producing
ull Unit is rapiired fur bomo cuu-um
plion.    The   < ....... I... i > output hu* do
eieuHinl Irom lilAIti bills, in 1881 to
:i8,fi:ifi liblu. in 1000, in spile of Hie
lacl Ihul price* hnve risen 210 tiff
cent, iu Ibe pa*t 20 yours. Tbi* de
generation ml the iiviu.try IS \c>
lurgely due to the lung (landing dis
pule over jiiiiitilictii.il between tlie pro
mu.ml mul Diiiniiiiiiii aullniritiis.
which lm* I.li the oyster fishermen in
■mil ii stale ol uncertainty as lo bis
holding* Hurl he will nol undertake
Ihe niiiliiiul cultiviilioii ol oynlcr*.
The article relulee Ibe experiments <*f
other oyster prorlucing eounlries and
shows lhal Ihe only /mans ..! nlu.li
ilitaling tbe industry is by rfoliniloly
settling, Ibe jurisdiclional ili»puto so
Ibal oyslor culture may Iw confidently engaged in by private imliulunli.
Nr.|f'. W. 'iaulbier, a practical fish-
eriiiso. io up artjolo op "WWiM) |n
ti}f> iimt hto*i" strongly iidvi.ontoi
the eslutilisliiiien! ul more Iwlohorie?
W the srt|lipi)||.Rr<)pi||i«tipo «l that
species of fish. Maps nrp roprodit.wd
showing the afeti fro.jiiontt.d hy lyhjto-
fish \p. eneli of the (Jroat f.akos. F»|-
lowing I bene Is a'statistical nrliclooii
fi»h f'tiltiiro ip Oanods, which points
out that |ss| year only |ilty-s|« per
cent, pf the eppfopriatlon yntpd. Inr
Ihis purpose by tho Jlrjiiiinion parlia-
uieiil was expended. In othor  articles
the 'i>hprjes nl Manitoba) I'rlnee  Fd
mihI Island and llrilinli I'uliiiiiliin are
described apd measures neccss>,ry for
•liojr eopsorvatioO tpggmUfi.
- In the lection OR Hume there is ii
ftlll description of the game Slid liili
trios in Nov* Scotia, I'rinee   Kdwnrd
Mood, Qwbw, (SftiliDtfiriDwiiR rmd
Hrltfsn Pphtmhiii' TW» purtlnpof tjio
repprl will bp found of especial value
to tlw sporlstttsp in sonreh p| good
bunting and ftuhing territory. At the
mid nl Ibo section a statistical urlielu
given tin nm it. pf revenue derived
from the fishery and game rosiitirciii
nf l:ue|) ps-flVJnPO.
'ffio minerals soot ion ol the report
openn with ii summary of lira provjj)
einl apd ||pn)inioik|oy(is ond risgnla-
lions res|iecling minmg. An exhaustive
arfjolo on tho ponscrvaHon pf mjnersl
rcspnrccs by W. ■!. ilitf. fflpinjf in
gineer far tlia commission, takes up
euch mineral pf economio impurtunee
in  I'anada, showing the extent of the
flripflHrll    tll„    ,
methods ol, mining apd r.pnpimo.idii
ipensprp* for opniisrva.tlfiR. Minion ap-l
eidinils in PpptAp and (prpigp   eppn- j
fries pn lolly dealt v\ti\ in   nnotlipr
nrliele and sgggelfippt pn ndVanoed
pointing ont how ito Vmy ApatV, |
rate in f'onaifo from thii »uff«s WtW' f
bs Fpduoed.
The vp|timo is porhttps the moity
Uiprpngli' nnd poaiplels rfPfiRl ol !»• .i
vcsiigdtipn ond resoarph the-t  ba»!|»
Sver  been Issltod by any government
in Cttnuds.
IHIftllWOflP WA-WIHO «"*.
price including ilp|iniry and stacking
in bawiDiunl of WJ TenUt street oust,
Nnrlh Vopcpmier tfl Hertnn, V. 0.
Box 10112, Vanoouver. 30-8
Scenic Delights, Fiilting, Hunting, Mountain Climbing, Unequalled lor Holiday, Long or Short.
Family Roomi en suite with special rates.   House greatly enlarged.
Ett^nsivc Grounds.      High-class Service al moderate talcs.
Easy trail to summit °' Grouse Mountain Altitude 3000 (eel.
We have a  HALF ACRE of  level  lands adjoining City,
75 x 257 feet, on two streets near Capilano Car line which is
An Attractive Residential Site
This property has a magnificent view that could never be
obstructed (except by sky-scrapers), for $750, Cash $250
P.O. Box 1831
Phone 173
62 Lonsdale Avenue   -   -  North Vancouver
Mahon, McFarland & Procter, Ltd.
CLEARED 80 ft. LoU in Block. 226 and 227;
$900 and $1000      1-4 ca«h, 6,12,18 monthi.
50 ft. loti in Block* 230 and 232a; $660, $700
and $800 14 caih, 6, 12 and 18 months
Phone 6286 •   • 543 Pender Street, Vancouver
Phone 54
Try Our Irish, French and Homemade Bread, 20 ounces to the loaf, Four loaves for 25c.
At Home Cards
Ball Programs
Business ir h
Bill Heads
otton   SlfTi
Delivery Receipts
Hand Bills
Invitation Cards
Letter Heads
Post Cards
Price Lists
Shipping Tags
Visiting Cards
Wedding Invitations
North Shore
Press Limited
Phone 80
9*w mmm
Messrs. Johnsisn and Sslatow, ths
banfaw iwrehanti. will ww tots
their now pniofm whioh are rapidly
nearing Bompletioij in the m 8w
Blook, on or shin* Ibe «»l»* imt.
The'Dew itow (• miwh larger ihan
llm o|<t and tin Vm. will be able to
aiock a nwh imtot quantity »>"•
variety ol go^s than fflrwarly, It
ii wall lighted and amply prqvrUM
with *W windowa lor tha display of
hardware. Pown thl Centre o| tin)
atoru is an arrangement ol show
shelves op whicii will be displayed
granite ware and such like requisites
of the modern housewife. The whole ol
one side wi|| be devoted solely to
stoves and ranges with all kinds p|
hardware on shelves above them. On
the other side will be tools ol all
descriptions and builders' supplies.
A large stock oi paints will at all
times bo »n hand, the firm being tin
sole agents on the North Shore |.|i
the Martin Senonrs "100 per cent."
pure paints. Other varieties will nl
so be in stock. In Irani there will U
two large show case* lor the smalhu
and more valuable goods.
There ure large basement facilities
as wpll as two commodious entrances
Iron) the lane at the back. In tho
rear of the store the office will be
located. A novel feature to be seen at
the opening will be n model kitchen
which will be set up in tbe store.
Roth members ol the firm are well
known lo the residents on the north
side and success is assured ihem' already. ,.
BV-UW NO. 180
A BY-LAW to acquire certain land Inr
use ns lanes within Lot two hundred and aeventylour (374), group
one (1), Vancouver Ditlrict and
to assosa, levy and collect tbe coat
thereof at a work ol L»ci| Improvement and to raite upon debenture! the necessary moneys lo
pay tlie coat thereof.
WHEREAS the Corporation of the
City ol North Vancouver desires to
acquire certain land for use as lanes
within lot Two hundred and seventy
lour (Tit), Vuncouver Ditlrict, and
to impropriate such land at may be
necessary lor such purpose and to en
ler upon, take ana use Ihe same lor
lane purpoaci.
NOW THKRKKOHK tbe Municipal
Council ol .the Corporation ol the
Oity of North Vancouver enacts as
follows j
I. The lands set out iu tbe lollowing schedule, to wit:
(..)  AH of  Lol  "A" in Blook 116
(eicept  that portion lying   It
tween   Lots 10   lo 16 (inclusive!
and Lots 17 to 36 (inclusive),
(hi  All ol Lot "A" in Block 116.
(.-)  All that portion ol Lot "A" in
Block 118 between Lots 6, to 13,
(inclusive)  und Loll 31  to ,38
(d) All that portion of Lot "A" in
Block   UU   between Lots 1, 8, 9
and 30, 31, and 33.
(s)  All that portion ol Lot "A" in
Block 136 king between Lots 1,
3, 3, 4 and Lots 39, 30, 31   and
(f) All that portion ol Lot "A" in
Block 137 lying between Lots 1
to 6 and 37 to 33, and Lots 9
lo 13 and lots 31 to 34 and the
norlh hall in rear of Lots 13 to
(g) All those portions ol Lot "A"
in Block 138 lying between Lots
1 lo 6 (inclusive) and Lota 87 lo
43 (incluiive), alto between Lois
13, 14. 16 and 16 and 37, 38, 39
and 31). .
(b)  All those portions ol Lot 'A"
in Block  130 lying between I ols
6, 7, 8 and 36, % and 37, Lois
13, 13. 14 and 19, „ and 31.
(i)  All those portions oi Lot "A"
in Block 131 king between Lois'
I to 4 (inclusive) aud I ol.   39
lo 83 (inclusive) and lol. ID to
16 (inclusivs) and Lots 17 lo 33
(j)  All those portions ol lot "A"
in Block 143 lying between Loll
1 to 10 and Lois 33 to 33 and
Lol. 13, 14, 16, 16 and Lots 17,
18. IV and 30.
(k) All that portion ol Lot "A" in
Block  143 lying belw.cn I ol. I
to 14 (incluiive) snd Lots IV to
33 (inclusive; '
are hereby ex propria I wl lor lane  pur-
3, Tlie Corporation, iti servants,
agents and workmen are horeby auth-
orited lo inter upon, expropriate,
break or take and use the rsal properly above mentioned in auy way
necetttry lo convenient for lane pur
poset without the consent ol the owners thereof. '
3. Any and all expense incurred by
the Corporation by reason ol Ihe expropriation ol tne pieces ol land
above dcacribed and us compensation
and damages in respect thereof shall
be chargeable to and payable by Ihe
Ely owners aa part ol ths ex
ot Local Improvement under
■ovisions ol Section 366 ol the
Municipal Clauses Act and shall be
charged and assessed against the property benefitted by said Local Improvement, as shown by the By-law
to hi enacted io respect thereto.     6
4. Tail Bylaw may be cited lor all
purpose! as the "Leim Expropriation
By-law, 1911."
6.  ~
leel   alter lieing pul
and  tiled in accordance with sub-ieC
lion 143 of Section 60 of the Muniri
Permed by the Council ©» the seven-
teentb day of duly, 191).
Reconsidered, adopted and finally
passed by Mu CounoH on the thirty
wit Any of Aply, W,
hia By-Jew shall otme into el-
iter being published, regiakred
iumi.h jmrnmrnw,
^ C|ty (Vk.
W mmW mt^W mrc^WmW Fry mm*
„Hapfot Phnreh * FiHh and, St.
George. Services at U a.m. and 7.80
p.m. Sunday School andBibli, 0\m
$ W M' Vfiler MA ptli*t MF-
vfa WwWav it 8 p.m. Vtttot, Hev.
A, A, Frum*, M itm m,
MathodJit Pkw*, wrw si Sii'b
•♦feat and S|. fiporge's Avw»e-
Snnday prjje||lag services at 11.00-a.
EiMiW P-9;i BppdpyJekapltn
Bible Claee at 3.|» p:ra., Senior Lea-
gue pp MoMay evening at 8.00 p.m.,
prayer and praise tervics on Wednes-
dsy svening at 8.00, Junior League
service pn Thursday afternoon at 8.
A cordial welcome is et tended to
to attend these services. 1'astor, „.
C. Schlichter, residence, corner {Saith
Road and St. Andrew's.
St. John the Evangelist, 8th and
18th streets | Poly communion, 6 a.m.
morning prayer, II a.m.; evening prayer, 7.30 p.m. On the lirst Sunday in
the month there will be a second celebration of the ho|y communion ■ at
11 a.m.  Rector, Rev. Uimh tyoopar.
St. Andrew's Fmbylerian Church,
6th street, Services: Homing worship
11 a.m., evening worship i.30 p.m.,
Sunday School 3.30 p.m., Hinisler's
Bible Class 3.30 p.m., Y.l'.S.C.E. Tuesday evening 8 o'clock, prayer nnstin/
Wednesday evening 8 o'clock. "fc)od
needs you ; yon peed Cod." Bev. Ronald MacLeod, minister.
St. Agnes Church, Boulevard-Vicat,
Bev. T. E. Howe. 7.3(1 p.m. evensong
every Sunday: II a.m. Holy Communion, Snd Sunday nl every month.
St. Edmund'! Catholic Church, Mahon Avenue: Sundays—Muse 0.00 a.
m., Sunday School 3.30 p.m., Rosary
Benediction and Sermon 7.30 p.m.
Indian Catholic Church ol St,
Paul's. Matt, 7.30 a.m. Sundayi. Pal-
tor, Bev. E. I'ci'tavin, O.M.I.
The Salvation Army-S. A. Hall,
Lonsdale Avenue. Sunday — 11 a.
m., holiness meeting; fj p.p.,
children's meeting; 7.46 I1"1-.
salvation meeting; Tuesday, 8 p.m.,
holiness meeting; Wednesday, 4 p.m.,
children's meeting; Thursday, 8 p.m.,
salvation meeting. Captain Dougla
will.visit sny wbo are eick or in distress at any lime.
North Lonsdale Presbyterian Church
-Worship, Sundays, 7.30 p.m., Sunday School, 3.30 p.m. R. Van Muus-
ster, M.A., pastor.
St. Thomas, North Lonsdele-Vicar,
Rev, T. E. Howe. 8 a.m.. every Sunday eicept 1st Sunday in month ; 8.30
a.m., 1st Sunday in month ; II a.m.
Matin Litany and sermon, 3nd and tth
Sunday; 11 a.m., Holy Communion
and sermon, lit and 3rd Sundayi.
Lynn Valley Frtibyteriaa Church -
Worship, Sundayi, 11 a.m., Union
Sunday School, 3.30 p.m. R. Van
Muntter, M.A., pastor.
Bev. A. J. Proaser will preach at 3
p.m. in I yun Valley at Inutii.it .■ Hall,
everybody welcome.
Lynn Valley Methodiat Church-Service every Sunday evening in the new
church at 7 o'clock.
St. Clsment'i, Lynn Valley-Vicar,
Bev. T. E. Howe. Auiitant Priest,
Rev. H. B. Hulam, B.A. 7.30 p.m.,
evensong, every Sunday: 11 a.m.
holy communion, 1st Sunday ol every
The tire company from No. 1 had
a run to a small blan nl the barber
shop between 1st street and Ihe Esplanade on Lonsdale Ave. shortly le
lore noon today. Ry the time the ds
part ment arrived the flumes were extinguished and tlie duronge wat ol no
The S,S. C.iwicban ol the I'nion
.Steamship Co'k line, is on the Wallace
ways undergoing an overhauling and
is being repainted.
In the l.azetle ol tbit week announcement is mad.' .,1 the lact thai
Mr. Co|in 8. Campbell has been appointed acting superintendent of police
within the province.
price including delivery aud Hacking
in basement ol 367 Tenth itreet cast,
North Vancpuvpr to Merlon, I'. 0.
Box 1693, Vancouver. 368
Anything we might lay about these Ranges
would be superfloui. They are too well
known to need boosting.   QUft TERMS:
$10 down  . (10 per month
We ere sole agents:
paine & McMillan
Corner First Street and Lonsdale Ave.
North Vancouver. Phone 12
The first shipment tp thii country ol the famous Powgate
Theae machines are ol the best quality and finish.   For tone
ihey are unequalled.
DmJ-- $QA   To be wld on termi ol $10 caih
rnce «pou and$5p«monih. less than
oi any other make ol gramophone ol similar size.    There it
nothing cheap about these gramophones but ihe price.
<J We have alio in stock a quantity of English double disc
records, price 85c each.   These recoids are ihe finest we
have heard and can only be obtained al
The Warburnitz Piano House, Ltd.
443 Lonadale Ave.
Phone 114
100 Feet   -
25 Feet, Blk. 158  -      -
25 Fed, Blk. 138
50 Feet, Blk. 129   -      -
John Alexander & Co.
The Paint That Is Easiest To Apply
Is surely the {Mint you ought to buy when there's anything
you want to paint.   ML Pure Paint spreads 80
evenly and easily that it satisfactorily covers
mora surface than moat other paints.
Beat You Cm Buy
| «||A   Icavca   the
et aurface-an4tal«atheIeaHpaii)tto(loa(ood
W»,   Ww» longeat, too,   Any aurface it covcra
will not need repainting for tha lon-geit possible
time.  Thatfa why ML Pure Paint la by
ill the tnoat economical paint you can buy.
Try it. Hot*-the dear, clean qolora and the
beautiful aloea it givei.  Onlar portal m
lerWaana akllful miilng can)
*a*» paint lik* that I
THE otteftUmel imtWy at Ul
Pius Pilot la iui to a tptdsl la-
inilssi vUd> wt s loot tart iaitnai be w
Is mis wi«J> pibtr put mtitritlt is mtkt
f ptl»» ihtl is not oaaUy iMictet hy at-
utme of wear or weather- Yea est ibt
^ttlouMKjr't worth In M-L Pus Ptloll.
VK V-L PUT WALL CQL0M la obtain
mlmmminw mnA AlrnmmAn trnxMlmmmni eJ —Ha AttA stlllaai
w^*^nn^^ nwnn w -.   - -,   ■■,- ^t^^^a^mwfwf nr wenWrW^^Tm tm^wf^mmmw
■Ml imt  emW4aoiwlw   MMCtt im*Bm+mktm — Mj^Uiff.
mrrwm tm  wfrmv ■•?•  r™™' (If ""  FJ|l   - frnfffrlrrWi
waibaM*. AuiAbk. vtrv Mrmrn^d    U iuiw,
™"W **mf   rwrnnw-nrnf    Tw'f    ~*TWWrt*w'Wwt      wf   m^Wlnrnfmert
g.UJw mti«lUA       frail dUtrntjUmm ^iak  tmm
WmWff m^WrrWyt      mmm? mmftan^memm^ wrwmm *mmmm*
•ri SoW by North Vumw Hwdwiw h,


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