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Whitefield Charged With Attempted Murder - Admit*
Placing Powder But Denies Intent to Kill,
At tbo city ball this morning Mayor
UcNoisb and Ur. J. J. Woodi, J.P. listened to the evidence connected wltb
tie charge of attempted murder lev.
iod against Philip Wbitoflold, a negro
of tali city. Tbo victim ii Claude
Hale, anothor colored man, wbo some
little time ago fell while working on
tbe Lousdale Theatro, and still walks
witb tbe aid of crutcbei.
It nppoara that on Sunday morning
at about 1.80 a loud explosion resembling a blast awoke tbe uoighbori iu tbo
vicinity of Ilale'i houso on Ith itroot,
' uext to the Knigbti of Pytbiai ball on
Chesterfield avonue. Constables Weir
and Shannon thought it emanated from
tbo direction of tbo St. Alice hotel, but
on investigation found tbat tbo thick
iu which Halo lived alone had boon half
wrecked hy a heavy charge of presumably stumping powder placed under-
neiiih and ignited. Hale had been in
bed at the time but bad escaped injury.
There wu a large hole t'nrougb the
bedroom floor through wbicb ono of
tbe legi of the bed bad slipped, while a
large stone was embedded iu tbo coiling
aud everything in the house upset and
all tbe windowi broken. Later invciti-
gation proved tbit tbe concuuion broke
many windows in tbo Pytbian null aud
did some damage to wigon topi belonging to tho North Vancouvor Cartage
Company. Under the houso there is a
two-foot ipace between the Aoor and
the ground which bad not been boarded
up. Wben aaked if bo bad any luipi-
cious ai to who migbt bavo committed
tbe crime, Hale mentioned Wnltofleld,
wboie borne was on tho corner of 4th
and St, Andrew. Tbo police hurried
thither, but under cover of darkness
Whitcfiold effected an eicape. One of
the constabloi fired a round of ammunition but, not heeding tbem tho msn
mado for tbe creok to tbe oast, paying
no attention to tbe officers warning
shots, and bid, later going to a home
on First itreet occupied by a man named Brimacombe where he was afterward! located and arrested.
At tbis morning'i bearing tbe prose-
c 111 ion wis conducted by Ur. E. Udncr.
The accused, who was not roprciented
by couhicl, pleaded not guilty to the
charge of attempted murder..
Claude Hale aaid that he bail known
Whitefleld about a year; tbey had at
one time lived togetbor. On the uight
of tbe oxploaion he waa alone in tbo
bouie. Tbe witness examined a photo
graph of tbe mbwquout devastation and
pronounced tbo acono to be exacUy ty
he remembered il aftor tbo incident.
Other article! were produced for identification by Halo, one being lbc itone
wbicb wai found in tho ceiling and an
other being a fragment of tin whicii tbe
force of tho oiploiion bad embedded iu
tbe wall of tbe Knigbti of Pythias
Hall. Hale uext alluded to a colored
woman named Gertrude Undaway, who
bad been coining to bii iback iu tbo
moruingi to do bli cooling and tidying
for him. It wai froui wbat ibe bad
•aid tbat ho conncctod Wbitoflold witb
tbe explosion.    The two men bad not
been on speaking terms for tbroe
months. Prior to tbat tho accuBcd bad
invited witueia to bii hnuse, tolling
bim to bring bli guitar and making
him generally welcome. Then there
bad arisou a coolness for wbicb White
Hold bad never givon any reason.
When asked if be dciired to aik Halo
any i|uoitiona tho prisoner replied
"Not iu this court; iu a higher court
there will bo things to explain, but not
a word in this court."
Gertrude Lauduway, who lived at tiic
accused'■ houie and deicribod benelf aa
big "visitor," denied having over
heard bim mention anything agaiuit
Hale, she was asked to Identify some
stumping powder ind fuse whicii bad
been found in Wbitofield'i houso. She
said bo had told her he bad brought it
home for one of bii noigbbon.
A heated dialogue ensued belween
tho witness ami the prisoner, Wbitoflelil
being annoyed at her not mentioning
tbo namo of tho neighbor, a Ur. Young.
Ho aakad ber why ahe waa "acting in
that way!"
Constables Weir, Summon and Pollock
gave evidence pertaining lo the diacov
cry of the crime, the cbaio and the ar
Sergeant Stewart slated that the
prisoner, when duly warned and charg
cd had admitted placing the powder
beneath tbe aback, but declared tbat
be bad donc.io only with an intent to
After deliberation the mayor and Ur.
Woodi decided tbat tbo caip muit go tu
a bigber court aud ruled accordingly.
Quiet Council Session
> Tbe city council met laat nigbt in re
gular icision, Mayor McNoiih presiding
ovor a full assembly of aldermen. An
average amount of correipondonec
awaited consideration, tho Board of
Worki being givon the major proper
' tion for furtber Inquiry iu committee.
There wai a petition for Iho opening
up of iist from Lonidale avenuo to property lituatcd iu block 807. I> I.. SID-
SCO. Anotber letter called attention to
tbo unsatisfactory condition of Seventh
atreet between Moody and Queembury.
A. G|llia, proprietor of tbi Bt. Alice
Hole), aaked for tbe grading of tbe lano
on tbo eait lide of tht botol from Snd
itreet upwardi.
Palmer, Burmeiter and von Qraevcc-
ili petitioned for water to be laid on
to Iota SS and 86, block 836, I) L. 646
Tempo Hoigbti aa, Mr. A. B. (Diploek
bad purchaicd iame and ia building a
houie coitlng approximately from $8,000
in Ini.iuiii. A sidewalk wu alio ro-
A. G. Miiclsi n.ie lougbt the oponiug
up of 18th itreet out of Lomdale to
lots i, 8 and 4 aud part of 1, block 18,
D. h. Hi.
Tho Nortb Vancouver Coal and Supply Co. wrote per L. S. Eaton, intimating that thoy were conatructing a public
dock  on  the company'i property ad
pining tbe foot of 61. George'• and bad
I made a contract witb tbo Tacoiue-Van-
couver Steamship Co. for the running of
a weekly freight nrvice.   Tbo company
L.- asked tat a plank roadway connecting
,V witb Ibe dock.
t   T.  H. Kingiliy sought a sidewalk
Vrom Umdale avenue to bii home oo
(be mutb tide of 17th itreet, lot SB,
block 30.
Tbu city engineer reported tbat be
ba.'. examined tbe portion of Mackay
avenuo wbicb Ur. Fell requests ihould
bo graded, and rocommendod tbat tbo
request ibould be granted it tbii would
open up ud give accw to a eouidir-
,     able portion of the city aad diitrict.
Ul. Hanei furtber recommended tbat
a 6-foot plank sidewalk be conitrueted
along tba north ilde nf 3rd itreet
through thi Indian reaerve.
At laat week'i icuion of tbe council
I* tbere iron for cooiidoritiou an infiu-
< outially ligned petition looking a bet-
. tar and more reliable telephone icr-
flee. lott nigbt tbo corroepoudence
includld a letter from Ur. V. J. Mc
Gougan, luporinleudent of tbi B. '-'■
f Telephone Go. Ml. MacOougan explained tbat lbe company bad not sufficient lubmariuo cable to properly ban
die tbi bwijaeu whin tbo trallc load
tlm above normal. "Tho reaion for
tbia coalition," hi atattd, "la tbat a
■permit to lay a aubmarine cable across
tbe Iijlet oa tbe forry routa wbicb wo
, ban bun trying for two pears to got,
bu aot yet bun granted by tbi Dominion government.    Tbe Installation at
tbie cable carriei witb it tbe reduction
of 50 per cent, in tho toll rato between
Nirtb  Vancouvor and  Vancouver."
Aid. Irwiu luggeitcd tbat the com
millee ibould writo to the government
I requeitlng tbo furtherance of the matter and tbe early iuuanco of a grant.
"Wore we not mured two \nisi
ago" asked Aid. Dick, "that ou the
laying of tbis cable tbe toll rnte would
be eliminated entirely!"
The mayor did not remember that.
Aid. Dick did not leo why they ihould
havo to pay 6c tolls.
Aid. Irwin suggested tbat the council's letter to tbe governmeut ihould
be more in reference to tbe laying of
tho cable Iban to tho loll rate. They
hoped to get a free rate, and the alder
man certainly thought tbey ibould bave
Further information concerning tne
cable wil), bo.wever, probably be obtained before tbe propoied letter ii for
warded to tbo government.
Tho report! of tbe committee! were
ai followi;
Lum Committee—
Tbe committee recommended that tbe
appropriation from general revenue and
from lanes tbii year bo (5,000.
Tbat lanca in the immediate busineu
centro that arc much uied receive lome
attention in tho way of macadam from
tbe Board of Worki.
Beiolved tbat Aid. Fraier be a com-
mittgo to wait on tbe B. ft E. B. Co.
witb reforence to thi' extension of thoir
lln| north on Lonidale avenue to the
eity limits.
Wra mi light oomalttia
Beiolved that tho mayor and tbe
chairmen of tbia commillee lecurc tbe
urvicei of in expert to meat tbi com
miltee at the carlieit opportunity to
go into tbe matter of tbe ipociflcitlons
for tbe Auto Fin How wagon, iuch
meeting to Iako place at tbe call of the
ma/or and chairman.
Kcsolvcd that tbi lime for tbo re
ccipt of tbo proposal! lpt Auto Firo
How wagon be oxlonded until Monday
tbe SStb jnit| at 7 p.m.
Perki and Cemetery Commlttee-
Tbi committee recommend tbat tho
city engineer prepare plani and specification! for clearing and grading of
about Ivi acres more or low of tbe
cemetery ground! eait of tbo Lillooot
Tbo committee recommend tbat tbe
alary of tbi caretaker be increased by
th per month.
Jbt committee recommend tbat tba
apparatui of tbo United Wireless Tele
graph Co. be moved from tbe out tide
of Victoria Park lo wherever tba .Committee may stipulate, lbe company not
having obwrved asd fail/id to perform
tbi condition! and covenant! of till
Board of Worki
Tbe committee recommond tbit tbe
council give notice of ita Intention ta
eonitrot u 8 foot ildewalk on louth
lido of Snd itreet from Lonsdale avenuo
to Mahon u a work of local improve
Committee recommend tbat sidewalk
be conitrueted on 18th itreet from
Queembury avenuo to Sutherland Ave.
He request of Ju. P. Fell to bive
McKay road opened up and graded uu
der local Improvement plan from Ktdlh
roid to 80th itreet.
Tbo committco recommend tbat Mr.
Fell be idvisod tbat program of local
improvement worki for current year
bave been decided upon, and that nu
more vorki of local improvement will
be undertaken at tbii time.
Tbe committee recommend that the
lane in rear of North Vancouver hospi
tai bo graded.
Mr. E. H. Bridgman forwarded to the
council Ibo arbitration value of tbe city
hall lite together with the buildings
thereon, ligned by Mr. Ma hou, arbilra
tor for the Dominion government, and
himself, arbitrator for Nortb Vancouvor.   Tho statement wu Is followa:
"Wo value loti 48, 47 and S, block
166, subdivision ill, having a frontage
of ISO feet on Lonsdale Avenue and 76
feet on 1st slreei it (03,660. The
buildings, consisting of the city hill,
clerk'i, trcuurcr'i, assessor's and en
gineer'• office ind police quarter!, with
good cells, two large vaults with sled
doori, coit with addition! and altera
lions, (16,78S. If tbo new poit oflice
ii to be erected on tbli lite it once Hi
vilue ii merely nominal. Ai a city
ball we valuo Ibe building! at (16,000,
and if Ibe building! can bo uied ai a
posl office or be leased to the city for
a term of yean, wo would valuo II al
tbo above mentioned mm of (16,000."
Tbi total value of lite and building!
li, therefore, (108,660.
Mr. A. G. Perry tben approached Ibe
council on behalf of lbc Joint Civic
AdvcHiiing Committee. Hii aim wu.
il powlble, to extract from tin council
a larger grant for publicity purposes
tbu md heretofore been voted Tbe
plant of tbe committee wire Ibis year
more aml/ilious in chancier, tbe moil
formidable item being tbe appointment
Of a publicity commissioner at a salary
of (ISO a month. Mr. Perry mentioned
tbat tbe ferry directorate promised
(600, tbo Board of Trada (100 (from I
very limited treasury) and tbe district
council Ibrcc fourlbi of any sum up to
(1,000 provided by tbo city council.
Aid. Pick inquired u to what sum
tbo B. G. Electric Bailway Co; wu pre
pared to givo, leoing tbat tbey would
primarily reap lhe benefit! of men i
icbeme in Ibo way of increued traffic.
Ut. Parry replied lbat an appeal was
to bo ptde to the company and bo bad
no doubt of Ha mcecai.
A certain amount of advene criticism
wu burled at tbe little bureau on Lons
dilo avouuo and iti work during tin
put imt-
All. Dick mentioned tbat even mem-
bin of thi commitlM tbemielves woro
IncIfiN lu bl bulf hearled about tbe
icbeme; ho further thougbt tbat by
rights the district should bo prepared to
put up tlio major abaro since any ad
verlising selieine would necessarily centralise around lbe crooks, canyons aud
tbe attractions of tbo district.
It wm eventually decided that if
tb« committee succeeded in raising (4,
000 from olher sources, the council
would provide tho flftb thouiand.
The prolonged controvony lurround-
ing the liuinuno Pinto contract hu boon
arbitrarily sutllod by tbo city engineer
and Ur. II. Sydney Handcock. Bora-
uno I'inlo k Co. are to receive(1476.10
for work done on lhe Lqnadale avenue
sewers at a contract prico of (4.10 per
The Kev. ,1. I), i.Hlain is convalescing
at tbe Harrison Hot Springs after a
severe altar of rheumatism.
Messrs. Min,, i t Thomus, the well
known building supply firm uf Vancou
fer, are about lo open a branch in this
Tbo choir of St. Andrew's Prciby
terian church have beeu requested to
repeat their last concert on Thursday
next at 8 o'clock. A collection will be
Families wishing to procure fresh
milk , bul ter or cream, bundled by the
most approved methods of modern
science, shoulil place their orders with
the Purity Creamery Company, 160
Fourth street west. ^^__
At N.i;, ou Friday evening a fire broke
out in a (cut belonging lo C. V. Goucb
on tog corner of Esplauado aod dies
teriield Practically nothing wu saved.
Goucb shared the lent with a friend
named O. Campbell. Neither are able
lo account for tbe outbreak, wbicb bad
got beyond control by Ibe time the fire
brigade could reach the iccne.
Exiemive pleuurc grounds arc boing
laid out al Ibe Canyon View Hotel ai
an additional convenience to tourists
and pleuurc ifokodi. A large garage
is alio in tbe couric of erection for tbe
use of moloriiti.
T Allardycc, on Saturday, before Ma
yor McNeish, pleaded guilty to being in
a drunken condition ou one of tho H
O. Electric itreet cars. Uauager Perry
informed the court thai the accuicd wu
using some very profane language in
tbe presence of lady passenger! and u
an example, a fine of (10 and costs wu
Mayor McNeiih aud Mr 3. 1 Woods,
IP., gave Billy Williams toe benefit of
the doubt at tbe city lull this morn
ng. The Indian was charged wilb be
ing intoxicated, but as he was not ah
ominably so, bul only slightly (in fact
nol al all, according to bis own stale
ment) be was let loose wilb a raulion.
Hilly was commencing a dissertation on
real cslate wben tbe Chief of Police in
tervened In lbc nick of lime
The one hundred ami seventy foot
extension tu Iho wharf of the North
Vancouver Coal and Supply Company
at tho foot of St. George's Avenue is
now completed, and work on the large
warehouse Ihereon commenced. When
Ibis is completed the "Morning Star''
will commence a regular service between thii cily and Seattle, and ihould
prove of material value to tbe mer
caatile iuluiuti, of Norlb Vincouver.
On and after Uon'day next Ibe Purity
Creamery Company, of which a well
known townsman, Mr. F. C Jones, is
manager, will be pleased lo receive a
clll it any time during builneti boun,
from ladIea or gentlemen wbo aro inter-
oiled In tbo iclojillflc handling and
manufacture of dairy product!. The
Company li instilling a new and modern
plant and ia adopting tho moit approved mctbodi wifb regard to Ibeie import
ant food product! and ii desirous of
having Ibe consuming public inspect for
ilielf, io order tint it may bo
convinced of Iho advantages of modern
mctbodi in tbe handling of milk, butter,
cream and kindred product!.
On Saturday Ibe Vancouver field hoc
key eleven defeated tbe Hrlliib Iiloi
public Schools team by four goal! lo
tbree, tbi occulon being Ihe final match
of tbe mainland championship. This
result gives Norlb Vaneouver thi Nelion cup without further conleit, Tbli
cjty and Vancouver mest on Saturday
week for tbe playoff in connection witb
fM provincial league cbamplonsbip.
Work has commenced by tho government in Uoodyvillo, fpr tbo conitructlon of a road from lit atreet on too low
level through Moodyville, to join 3rd
street, at tbe west  1 nf tbo bridgo
and probably later on to Keith road.
Tbo projected lino rpns parallel with
tbe government road, part of tbe old
Lillooot trail, and some distance below
it at lit itreot end.
WANTED-Goneral help.   Phone 42S
WANTED-Help for genoral homework.    Apply 166—3rd itreet.      t.f.
WANTED-Boarden in private fam
ily, near car., Apply 436—Snd itreet
Eut. **m IU
VQ9 SALE-Comor 14th and Han-
dry, (1.600, lot on Centre road, near
car, a snap. Apply 207-J8tb atreet
wast. ss-3
FOB SALE--Beautiful view lot,
cloared level aud in grass, 18th street
close to Lonidale, (800, '4 cub. See
Hit. Haggarty, 638 Lonsdalo Ave. 6-4
FOB BALE-Viow lot, Koltb road,
No. 15, block 24-653-(lS00 l-.'l cub,
50 ft, frontage. Apply P. 0. Box It,
Vancouvor. 99-1
FOB SALE—Double corner Sth and
chesterfield. Price (6,000, good terms.
Apply owner, P. O. Box 18SS.
WANTED-Booki to writo up during ipare time or iu eveniug. Good
roferoucoi, rharges moderate Ad
dress Box A61, Express.
WANTED—A woman to do house
work evory Saturday. Apply evenings
to Madam Humphrey'! 19th itreht and
Chesterfield avonue, 7S3 Pender Streot
WANTED—A partner iu grocery business to assist iu extending established
busiucss so as to prevent custom fron;
leaving tbii city. Apply P. 0. Box
S853. 863
LOBT-Udlee' Gold Nock Chain. He
turn to Leonard Sale Co. 29-i
LOST On Thunday lut in Ursun
Boad ravine a Waltbam silver watch
and chain. Beward. Uaridon, I". 0.
Box 8888.
LOST A Spltwnburg dog, pure
white, aniwers to tbe namo of Forty.
Boturu to H. C. Wrigbt, 9 Umdale
Avenue. 863
FOUND-Crow ipaniol and retriever
bitch. No tag, well trained. Apply
I. T. Device, Capilano P. 0.
FOB SALB  (Miscellaneous)
FOB SALE-Good milk cow. Apply
ISth alreet, fint houie weit of l.ons
dale. 86 I
FOB SALE CHEAP-Oak mantel aud
hrua front fire place, in good condi
lion, ready for removal. Uay be icon
at SIS 13th Slroet Wctt. If.
FOR s A I.K one large baby buggy,
nearly new ,alsu a treadle llir-n, ma
cbiuc. Apply W. Nealc, corner of
Windsor Boad and  Lonsdale.       8(1 I
FOR 8ALK Second band organ in
good condition. Prico (60 on easy
terms. Apply Warburniti Piano House
Ltd. t.f.
FOB SAI.E-Ouc lot of grocery
shelving and counter in Lynn Valley.
Now io store lately occupied by A. B.
Fletcher. Can be wen by applying lu
W. J. Wilion, Auignce. t.f
FOB   SALE    Settings   of   Misiniiis.ll
Pekin Ducki. Priio itnin. Pbone 166.
Thoroughbred White Wyandotte egga
(1.S6 per wiling. 141—JStls Street
weit. 864
8. C. White Legtoro and White
Wyandotte Eggi from my bcil layers,
(1.60 per wiling, 100 for (7.50. Day-
old rinds (17.60 per hundred. Plait
Hllrou Poultry Bench, Tonuadon,
Huey, B. 0. ff,
FOB SALK-A fiw pens of prize
stock, Columbian Wyindotles, (,'olum
blaa Borbi, Partridge Wyandottci, Buff
Orpingtons, 8. C. White Leghorns. Now
booking orden for eggi and day old
chicks. Un. 1. E. Lee, Lynn Valley
Poultry Yards, Dempsey Bold, Box
8114, Nortb Vancouver.
i <h '=
Will trade 7-roomed modem bouse,
slone budhent furnace, garden and
lawn, one block from )loulevgt*%,ml
Kallb road facing wuto, witb iplmdid
view, for two good loll, muit bi cloie
lo car, facing louth wilb good viow.
Box 8881, Nortb Vancouver.
Und Clearing and Grading Loti,
Pete Andrew, General Contractor. Sewer connection! a specialty, buemiot
and otber excavating work undertaken,
Eitimatei Im. ltl St. George'i Ate,
Nortb Vancouver, .poet nAco bog 8803.
If yon wiib a cbup or ekof.ee borne
aite ,wk for mi Bit. Lot! tm lou-
dale Hit up, Two lot! m 1Mb itreet
weit, wcood block, 1800 aad ftOO not
tbii wuk. fine borne en tyotea itreet
tO fl. lot, (»,SD0. UU, tl, 81, block
18, t). h lit, HMO. Ut 8, blook 16,
D, I,. 7M, 100 feet, Ine view, (1,700.
Wa. 0. Mitekell, Boa 8484. Ml
FOB SALE-In Nortb Vancouvor by
owner now four-room modorn bungalow
easy terms arranged. Box A50, Bi-
preu Office. 89-8
FOB 8AI.E—Tn whole or In part,
1,000 fully pan! up shares in Burrard
Cigar Company Limited for (760 (par
valuo (1,000). No othor stock can be
purchased. Terms to- arrange. Gilt
edge Geo. 0, Walker k Co., Nortb
Vancouvor. t.f.
FOB SALE—Modern six roomed
house, close in, one-half block off Lons
dale; priep (6,000, (1,000 caih, balance
to suit purchaser. Hood and Soutar,
Aberdeen lllock (above post ollice).
Pboue 468. 864
FOB   BENT-Furnished   room,   Sth
street and Umdale. Pboue HI. tf.
lissom uud Board, private family, 158
Uth street eut. SB-8
ROOMS FOR RENT-Houiokocping
and single.   218 2nd street oast. .
Board   und   room   for  single   man.
Tonus  moderate.  Near  cur.      Apply
Mrs. Knight , 7lh and Ifidgeway Avo.
TO BENT—Small Iwo roomed home
Apply 18lh street, first new houso weit
of Lonsdalo. 21-1
FOR RENT-Furnlsbed, two bedrooms, All conveniences. Geullemtn
only.   3S8 14th street weit. 28-3
FOR RENT—Seven roomed houso,
lease, from April 1st. 2.17 Keith Boad
Eait. gin
FOR RENT-llouble front room, suitable for office and bedroom. Ileal ea
late man preferred. I'luzo Roomi, 118
Esplanade West. 26-8
TO RENT- Three roomed cotlago on
iiiom of Moody and   IVib atreet. (10
a month.   Apply I). W. Robertson, 487
FOR RENT-llpper three largo un
furnished rooms, 118 monthly, 1649
f'bcslerficld Aveuue.
TO BENT-Choice modern iuit£ itt'
3rd itreet. Apply Alex. Smith' i Co,.
Norlh Vancouvor.     Renti (17.60. U,
FOR BENT Warcliouse, Tint itrl'et
B., Mt. Crown Block, 120x51, lano cn
trance on lease al (86 per mouth. Ap
ply lo Ull k I'crowne, 316 Bicbirdi
St. \ 893
Oct it at Lonadale Pharmacy Pbone 89
Agreement! ror Sale discounted.
Money waiting. Lonsdalo Bealty Co.,
635 Lousdale Avenue. Pbone 317.   t.f.
If you want to buy or io)l proptrty
lilt or inqulro at our office. John Bull,
Bank of Hamilton Building, lit itreit
North Vancouver.
Fire wood, Ctpilano Woodyard, tbe
old Capilano lerminui, Koltb road. Cord
wood and slave wood, 14 and 16 incbea
full measure, prompt delivery. P. 0.
pox 8306, Pbono S3S. 12 4
B. 0. Livery and Board itablee—
Light rigi and Ladies' wddle bonw
for biro. Stabling for bonea. General delivery and heavy teaming. H.
Dumu, 4tb itreet weit. Pbone 847 if.
you deiln to tell your buineu or property of »ny kind call or write ai,
we bave clleati for clow in acreage
for lubdiviiion. Wo can get reiulii.
Mcllwaine p Dejber, 9 Jonei Building,
407 Haatlngl St. W., Vaneouver, B. 0.
Tbe Nortb Vancouver Oyo Worki
44 Lonidale Avonue, guarantee to do
ai good work at cbiaper pricei than
you can poiiibly get la Vancouvor.
Hive ui a trial, tbe reiult will ipeak
for itwW    Pbone 107. ti.
TO RENT- -Furniihed aix roomed
houie for six mouths from 1st of kfrnl.
Apply Wurhuruitz Piano House l.ld.'t.'f. 2.
the mmm north Vancouver, b. c„ today, marchi6,1912,
7 Loti in a bunch, "D. I. 676, on  Keith
Road, and on the Route of the C. P. R„
$2575 for the bunch; $825 caih, balance
pn eaiy termi.
110 Eiplanade,       Phono 227
N Extension Telephone
once install^ proves
it* value. It earns its
way every day. With an
extension telephone upstairs
you do not have to go downstairs to answer when the
bell rings. If^you are upstairs you do not have to go
downstairs to call someone.
The service costs only a
little over 3 cents a day,
with no charge for installation. Call COMMERCIAL
MANAGER, Phone 98.
British Columbia Telephone Co.,
Dickinson & Son, Ltd.
P. 0. Box 17IV Phone 222
*■ Jen-
na! Off-.
Capital Paid Up • 3,870,000
Ki-ecrve and Undivided Proflta  3,800,000
Total Aaaeta  44,000,000
FltANl'K ll Huroye't banket Fur a
uiunlt, to oMtulte Uial- uumlilun,
licr i,co|,lc mum lie remarkable
llirlfly. 'flic people ut truncc an ex-
• i nllonally id—they I..'till lu hi.v.- In
their yuuth.   Nu mailer I,.,* minll iheir
lm ..lu,-   a portion I. i. , ulsii Ij  nl isi ,ii I
for liiiiin- need In uid up,- iln-v • nj.iv
Ih. fi nli, of i ii. h thrift. They are a
liuyy, nation
Th. opening uf a m v I ii k • account la
ih. b.et way lu acquire Ihul hubli „i
saving wllliuut which nu ability Id
earn can Iniun- yuu agalni! possible
tl. U,   III, IVKN,   A».-ul,
North   Vaaeouv.r
N.V. Lawn Tennis Club
Tha Nftrth Va&eotiyer J#wn 1'onnls
l.l|t|]> lust weak electoij tho following ai
llii'ir uliiriim fnr tlio niiuiiing season:
Preiident—H. T. Group-Armytige.'
Vico-Prosidnnt-K. ,1. )I. Ilardinull.
\\en,-jftttrri, S. 8ogan.
Baecutive—A. B. Orlekinay, P. A.
McRaa, B. S. Bajdli,, 8. Humphreys,
ami /. A). you»g.
Tlio iiiini.-i. of K. H. Maenagliteir and
A. B. Piplocb wore added tp (lie IM
ol |iutroiiB.
The club, lioth in memlioriliip and
fiiiaiu'OH, ii in a flourishing cqnditiea,
the ineinlieri numliorlng wpll over ?0.
Thero aro prospects of a |iartiriilarly
hriglit and Min'1's-.il'iil leawm, the date
of opening being May Alibi, p»o of thp
iiiiii'i iiitontioni ii to orecl a pavilion,
nnothur li to liei'omo affllidtod with Hie
I'.i.ilii' Northwest Uwn Tcnnii Ann
I'iHtion in iirdef to onjriy partielpation
in iiiiliiiiiul mutches each year.
The meeting took place iu Mr. Alei.
Philip'» ollice liy courtesy of that gentleman.
Will Change that Old Store Front
Palmer, Burmester & von
Graevenitz, Limited
Lot 12, Block 239, D.L545.  50xl54f«t
I Thiid caih
Lot 10. 2 ot 229, 545, 36 x 156, cleared, third caah, $1200
LoU 19 & 20, 230A, 545-6. Double corner, cleared, $1600
661135 feet.   Third caih.
Boulewd, 100* 114, deaied, 1-4 caih, 6, 12, 18 -   $2600
Corner 5th ind Lonsdale and Car Terminus
North Lonidale  - Phones 362 & 71
A number of lire hydrants aro being
pul in place in D. ti. 550, and will
j'l.s.iilv n.i.I In lliu protection from lire
of ilm. popular roaideutial section,
•Sixth atreet n.un (jupeiiilnlry Avenue
to Ht. Apdrew'i Avenuo haa nuw lieen
opened up, heiidea icveral other I'l... I. ■
iu thia ..-, nun, greatly tu the appro
ciation of local resident!.
Work hau heeu coinmenceil hy the
11. tl. Blecrlic Hailway Ho. un the iu
slullulinu uf ii ^wjl'li near the corher
.il HrAfi' ins , aui| Keith musl 'I'hii
will InWi- an autiilnte to the nojious
Ins i'ii developed uf late liy lhe dapiloiio
rar 'of persistently arriving on the
wbarf afler tbe departure uf the ferry
Ol, .
a' 01-eeli
llnliii River,
'orliei Creek.
Klru Luke.
--  C'fll.
['all. Cf.ek.
_ ,iake.
Palry .Vulle.
I ur.i
.» Bprina-
a l.uko.
The following ...ii. | inn.- have received extra provincial licences: llalcdunian
Insurant Co. l.til., Bdinliurgh Vancou-
ver Invoitroont Syndicate Ltd., uml In
Is lis.i ll..i ;,     I i,      CO.   I.til.
I'ertilii'ules of incorporation have
heen issued tu liie fullowiug: Allan
Stroud do. l.lil., 11. H. Amusemelil Hu,
Ltd., Cooperative Stores Ltd., E. W.
Shingle (lu. HA-, Pee ami Slovens Ltd.,
ll run de Prairie Water irrigatiun ami
I'ower Ho. Ltd., Harvey llargavol Home
Builders Hu. Ltd., .1. B. Umart k (lo.
I.Id., I.iiili.iiiiili Co-Operative Boeiety
Ltd., Lewis Carey Ltd., Merchant Mer
vice Guild of H. C, Newpnrt Wuter Uo.
Ltd., North Kamloopi Uml pinl Build
ing Co. Ltd., Roger Creek Waterworks
Co. Ltd., Somlirii Gold Mining Co. Ltd..
Taylur ami Voung Ltd;
Niugaru fulls, Out., March 14—
liraving the waters of the upper river
ami the drift ire, whirl, was running
heavily, fuur Ilulaariuns were lust
night liruuglil ueross lhe river from
the American side uml landed u short
distance above the DufTerin Islands.
Aci'tading to the stories luld tu the
immigration officer! Ihey were near
death many times uml heaved a ilgb
uf relief when Ihey stepped uu the
rivor banks,
According to their own slury, tie
men I'.-n.l lbe lioiilmun ion In row
them u.'ross. They were bclnw what
la termed the "dead line" uf the rap
i'll when Ihey landed un Ihis side of
the border. The neeille point ice llm -
threatened many times to pierco tbe
boat, while greal Hues carried it down
tho stream until tliey, were threatened
with certain deulh by u triji over tbe
Phey i mi 'i aeruss the river be
Iweeu eight ami nine u'cluck, they said,
and were diicovered on a trolley car
by In I"< im Bruce at the upper bridge
at 10.30 o'cluck. He look thorn to the
detention ruuui at the Grand Trunk station, where Ihey wore questioned. The
men refused to tell who ferried t/ieli)
across, bul admitted that they w/rcun
their way lo Cochrane, where they ex
peeled lu meet, a fellowcoudtryinuii,
whose aame they said was Chalji Koph,
and he would obtain employment for
Ihem. Tbey were doporteil lo the
American aide of the river.
Shim Cm
inn Caucasus:
UBPABTMKNT OK l.tttll      ,
Wattr Hl.kl. Mr.aeb
In the metier ul tbe Board nt Invei-
liniill.ui .iiiiii"! l.y Put III. ol tho
"Waler Act" lor Ifie determination of
water rights exlitlng on Ihe ISth duy
if March, 1(011 and In the malt./ nt the
ollowtng 'crceke In Ihe Now Wo.linln-
er Water IT '
Blir Creek.
.following en
ilei  Water Dlalrlcl:
Kin Creek.
I'ii. nuby Lake.
. I'si.ni'i'v Creek
' I'eliinin Creek.
ttiyklln Creek
' ir Week.
I'ls'llillT       .
Canyon Creek.
Cedar Creek,
flypreei Creek.
Coon Crj.k.
cMmbtai Uke.
{Tlru Cf..k
.  fi...
(Inul Lake
Oordoii Pmlia l.akti.
Glacier ' '
Glacier Pre
Qlauler Creek. Wcut llcim<h.     ,
Hnrieahui Like.
Ilaaluin Luke ,
Ho( Springe llnak
HiFrlaon Lake.
llunlsun Lake, Little.
lllnli Falla Creek.
Inland Lake.
John Cpw»n Croak.
Kirk Uke.
Kevli Croak. ,
Lillooot Lake
l.unuliiin Cra.k.
McNnb Cfeek.
Mill Cra.k.
Mellon Creek.
Ovelelte  Creek.
I'ow.ll Lai"-
Puwell Itlv.r,
I'ntlocli Crock. •
Pitt ftlvier.
Pit I  Hlver, Upper.
Pine Creek.
Prleil Uke
Prleat Creek.
Giiiiiutiu creek.
Rpby Creek.
Uuin'   Creek
liul-. ii   Creek.
Slater Creek.
Sloney Crook.
SIiiIIiii,   l.ul.i
Bprlng Creek.
s..lun.ii Creek,
:i|n. in. I. Lake
Snijuluw Lake.
Slnqueel Creek.
Slump i-'is's
Suuawku Rlv.r
SeVen-Mlle Cnek.
'I..ini..inin   River.
Tannine Hlver.
Twenty-Avo-mllo fircek
Twenty•lliree-inllc Creek.
Vaneouver Crock.
Wcita Creek
Small slream Rowing Inin lluwe
Bound     iIn ""nli    Lul     1541.     Group
l. iH...'.     '       II IJ       Si,   si      I
Small elreum' un Hnwen lslnml
s uii.■ - In,, into Howe Sound
I nn.nm it    Itream    nun.Inn    llui'".':
I...i   1BI7. Bowen lalahd .
Unnamed ilream, I" im. outlet ul
Trout Lake, Bowen Isluml
Unnamed ilream runnlUK thriiiKh
l.ul 17 Inlo Burnaby i-.l..
Stream running I.n.. Burn.iliy Uike
un Lut 78.
Unnamed elrcthi running Inlu l.ur-
naby Lake, through Dlilrlcl Lols 88
uiul 67.
Unnamed ilream llowlna In un uis
is ii .liis, Hun Ihruugli Tlml l.cuse
No.  il!09.
Stream How Ing through I.ols il'l nmi
181, Group 1.
Crock Hewing oul of u lake un penln-.
aula nn eual aide ul llolham Sound
Creek draining eaalern alupe uf Ml
L'llpblnsluiie und emptying Inlu lluwe
Suund. .   ,
Lake on lop uf penlnaulu euit sl'i"
qt ll.'Hi.nu Sound. -
Creek running Ihruugli Lnl IW-
Group 1 „ . . ,.
Hnnanicil ilream criming Point "tre"
llnuii .unl running Ihrnugh Lul II.
Bluck 21. mu .ir i. is i A or Illilrlcl I.ol
192. Qroup 1
Su...in pusslng nm....Ji I'ii 181.
Group 1 ...    ,,,
8lrg.un running through l.ul III.
Gruiip 1.
Luko un lun of pcimisulu between
11,>l limn Snulid uml Jcrvil Inlel
Unnamcil llreuin running Ihruugli
l.ssl 31. Group I
A running slream In Bluck 6, l.ui .11.1
A Mi..sin running Ihrnugh I.ols 111
ami  826.  Ql'uup  1.
Hiu,ill ium.uu, si mi. .im running In u
ss'iiil-s .is", il. nn . Us ii Ihruugli eusl. r-
ly porllon ol I.ol 311
Smull stream lluwlng through niib.ll-
vision of Lol 326A
i'i i ii.ln iiiii'iiiii running Ihruugli wesl
111 feet uf Lol III. Group I.
Threo springs on well purl ol l.oi
(1, Oroup 2
Unlimited stream rising lu I.ol 167.
Group 1. uml flowing on to Lut 161
Unnamcil iircum running Ihruugli u
purliun uf Lola 167. 161 uml 163
Unnunied Lake lying ebuiil 300 yard!
froim nm iin,lii curner Dislriel I.ol
1613. Uruup I
Unnamed creek running Inlu Praser
river, tiiruugh sulullviidoii Nu 7. Lul
Smull iiiilHi.'.i luke ur -1 in ■]." >
three miles In u iiurtli-eusterly direction from s. s lu li  Uull.in  \ ill..,..
I'liu.itned   siieum   running   Inlo   lhe
' "i il i ihore of Bcdwwll Buy. near
I.ol 23, Oroup I.
Unnamed ilream running lulu    Hie
... ii. ... i   ahure  uf  Bedwell   Bay
i i is..".i-i alream running Inlu the
:i.",ih shore uf Bedwell My
Inn.um il alream uijuer Bridge Nu
7. Nurlh Arm Huud. un l.ul im Burnaby.
I'iiii.iiii. .1 nli..un mi.I.i Bridge No
I. Nurlh Arm Ruad. nn Lol 1(1. Burnaby
rim. ""il llreuin at No 2 Bridge.
Norlh Arm Houd
Unnunied ilream running Ihruugl.
I "i 989. Oruup I.
Unnamed stieum  running  In u  nut
Hi. ih   dlrecllon  through  In;     Lol
5(0, Group 1    '
i'liii.iii" il slream running duwn
muuniuln Ihruugli "Vuncuuver." ."Vle-
lurlu," und "Lurnley" Mlnerul i'lulm*
Unnamed stream lluwlng lluuugh
v.i I'l. ii   poiilun  uf Bluck   III-
Unnamed llreuin illuuled un l.ul
III. iii,.nn I.
i iiniiiiii.t aireuOi running Uirougn
l.ul 376 am) etnplylng Inlo Burrurd
i nn.nn.'I ilream flowing tiiruugh
Lut II, lubdlvlilun l.oli II and 71.
Cunuined atream which crosicl the
eiisieily line of Dlilrlcl Lul 16. Oroup
I'nnumed ilream lluwlng lluuugh
Dlslrlcl Lit 16
I in...j... .1 stream un the wcsl shore
of mainland cinplylng Inlu JI ■■■-■-■ - Sound
i:,i,i..ui..l ditch ...iisliuti.,.! by Uc
Oov.rBIUanl running through lluiuph-
y atreel. In Dlilrlcl Lol 101
ilnnurneil llreuin tiling near well-
ern boundary of Lol III
Minings on nurlli and uf l.ul I OS.
Group I. iitui Skldwuy Ituad
Unnamed eprlng, corner of Kourili
Avenue uml 64xlh atreel, Burnuby
Uniiumcl ibring llluole un Blueh 20,
subdivision  Dlslrlel Lut  21
I 'ium nn .1 ilream whieh passes
through Lot  21, Block   117. Group  I
Unnamed ilream flowing on lot ■'
Joining on norlhweii aide of Lot 193
Unnamed itrewn flowing norlb
Ihruugli Lol  IU.
Unnamed     nii.ni"     flowing    nurlh
mt     THE SANK OF     1913
through Lul 112
Unnunied  slrenm  Huwlng  Inlo Bur-
run) Inlel through  Dlalrlcl  Loll 213
and ill.
Lot Iill.
ilream   running   Ihruugli
Unnunied irtreem fluking Into
rare  Inlet near nurlh-caet   corner of
Dlilrlcl Lot 211.
I'linuineo creek flowing in a loulhcr-
l> .Jin.iii.ii ihiough Lot 11, Group i
UnnaiiH'il llreuin lluwlng through
Lot 107.
Unnamed ilream croeelng C. P it
tru.-k »usi of Barnet at Culvert Nu
unnamed ilream flowing norlli-ousl-
eily In westerly part of Ul 212, Group
smull ilream running through Dii-
Irlcl Lot III, Group 1.
I'nniinii'i slreuin running Ihiough
Section 23. Towmhlp t.
anu all unnamed aprlngi. <ireami.
creeki, ponds, gulchcl and lakca Irlb-
iiiiuv lo or In Iho vicinity of lhe above-
named itreemi.
Telie nolle, lhal each arid .very per-
eon, pnrinershlp, euinpaii)- or munlcl-
nullty whu on the laid 12lh day uf
March, 1909, had water rights on any
ut (III above-iuelillohed creeks, ll .11
reeled lo forward oh or before the
271b duv of April, )9l2, lo Ihe I'otniilioll
Hlgbla al
British North America
76 Venn In Buiiiieis.  Capital and Beierve Over 17,500.000.
Two Memberi ot 9 Family
uarlicularly il limy live lar fium lown, (re(|tie|it|j' fli)4 it
very convenient to talie advantage ol our Joint Account
plan. 1
/ Kitlinr n?ay make tleppsjli or witlidraw cash q|j 111*
qr her own aigpalnre alone Thu? either p»|) do ttft
hanking when in town, as suns their convenience.
Ji.oo opens a Saving Account, Joint or ordinary.
Intmost aililed half-yearly. Money may he withdrawn at
any tiniu.
Two QfficM in North V»pcowv*r, Corn«r of Lonidale Ave.
and Esplanade. Upper Lomdale Avenue, near Uth Street
I. -'       ' ' ——
Early Rose, Burbank, Sutton's Reliance, etc., alio
All Kinds ot Grass and Clover Seedi.
B. & K. LAWN GRASS (fancy mixture) ii the beit
♦•for the lawn.
All our teedi are selected and letted to comply with the
Seed Cqplrol Acl.
The Brackman-Ker Milling Cd., Ltd.
' Hay, Flour and Feed Merchants
111.  I'liiHmiH'iil
til day
ur of Wfler High
Jlulldlnpa at Vblorls. a memorandum
o In
11 of
» Vt'%
claim Jo writing aa iei|iilin) by
cllon II ot tb. ull Acl u ajiienili.il
rlnled form} tor iiicb munoraJidom
Contractors, Builders, Storekeepers, and Employers
need only to plioue 811 to liavo all vacancies filled. NO OHABOfl
to BUPLOYBB sr EMPLOYEE therefore tbere ii absolutely no no
ccssily lo utiliito employment Ageucioa iu Vancouver, aa a complete
lilt of all claasos of  worker! ii kopt at tbe
Phone 321.     14 Lonidale Avenue.
W. B. HOOD, BecreUry.
We Study Printing
Wt make a feature of preparing printing that it profitable to
our patrons.
We study type facet and effecla
lo insure attractive arrangement,
and we believe you will appreciate
our handling of your work.
from a card to a huge poller
or an illustrated catalogue we will
give you a figure or our advice.
Lots in Blk. 1, D.L 597
Oue flfth Cub, balance I, 19, II and U moutlu.
lbe propoied improvement! to Capilano Hoad will greatly imreaae tbe
tny  qf  Die   Waler  Iteeonleri  In   in.
The laid Hoard of Inveilluallon will
then proceed to tabulate such elulmi    I
Afttr lhe rlalma have been labuleled-
by Ih. Hoard nolle, will b. alveu nl',
Ih. place! ami days on which evidence '
and .riiunienl  will be heard at local
Dated at Vlclorlu this Sth day of
March. IIII
y order of Ih. Board of Inv.illaa-
3. f.  AKMHTHOHq,
(.'omptroll.r'of Wel.r Bf(thn
mm k*t:
the m?nm north Vancouver, b- c„ today, march & 1912
Thote whqpoie buying sifts which will represent lhe
real lenlinwnl 'hii joyous festival will find in our well
assorted ilocllsl what will meet their requirements.
Dainty pi7 of jewelry, silver novelties, card cases,
purses, meih I. vanity boxes, perfume bottles and photo
frames, as wfa many neal novelties prepared especially
We have
• Immi a very moderate assortment of plain
gold crosses, ch make mosl appropriate, significant Eastei
Henrpirks & Sons, Ltd.
ge E. Tunny, Managing Director
Hastings anijranville Streets
Vancouver, B. C
Make Yd* Morning Toast at Your
reakfast Table!
F.L. TOSTO may be connected with
any ordinary lighting socket
Turn on the current and in an instant
the coils are glowing
In a few minutes the two slices of bread
are turned to a rich, golden brown color
Toast made on EL TOSTO is especially appetizing, the more so as it may
be served direct from the toaster to
your plate;
jff/Jg^g) Price ■ HOP
Call at our |e, 50 Lonsdale Avenue, and see ihis appliance
Loll al our tc,
B. C. ELEf*
IC RAILWAY CO.. LTD.       Phone 66
o»pt. B. W. 8. If anon 99M 9tm PW-
eiting   Facta
The climate of ivi.iu in mil unreliable
on tlio whole; it ia exceedingly cold iu
winter, when tbe llii'niiuiiieler frot|llfl)t-
ly falli In'lnw zero -P., and bardly ever
linen liluu e 10 llogrOBS I'', for Illi' »Iml-i
Of the I Inn' iiliiiillin, unit l'.-i|P|.  Milium
in the 1'all Hall Magazine.
Tbo cold liis'li Is not Mijectionalilo,
an it In dry, but at tbii soosoii ol the
year tlio wind, wlion it blows, in from
tho North, and plows through tlio
ihirl.i'iit nmi eminent clothing; mor i.ii ver, Ibo uir ii full of extremely Alio
yellow' tlust, wbleh ii :.ii|i|iin.eil it be
blown originally from tbo Mongolian
depart!, und if you vonturo out on thoiio
duyu, your oyei, noao uud mouth ninl
ears aro soon flllod witb. ilust( which
bai by lliin tyuo bocoino filthy by
contui'l with the I'okin strobls), your
I'ucti becomes tho color of |ica nou|i, und
your clotbcs the lume, whieh ii vory
llll|lll'UHUIlt   lO   HUy   ills'    Inn '.I
In Ibo wurut season tho tlayH become
very hot uml tdeuiny after llic ruins,
tho thermometer riiiing to over HIU de
greoa F., Iho uigliU Dion ure ju  un
lioaruble, in, in additiou to tlio   lioal,
mosquitoes abound uud arc very vou
If you have tl decent |iony, the ltlo.il
conifortulile wuy in Pekin itt lo ride.
olherwlie you tube u rickshaw (u ligbi
two-wheeled vebiclc witlt one neul, uml
■linn ■ between which n Chinese coolie
mis- end {mil. ynu tilling) or you enu
lio driven in u llhineiie curl, nmi prob
ubly get jolt oil lo pioccs.
Some (,'hineio pouiea ure very
pleasant to ride; tbey umblc along
inateuil of wulking, uml run iindeuil
of trotting ninl i-uittoring, no that you
nit iiiil in the .i.l.ll.- oh if in u chair
all Ibo lime. Mont of litem shy at
something, uml sume ul everything Ihey
possibly cun. A llhinoHc |iony generally
morts wilb terror lbe first limo be
meets uu European, un lie objects to the
.in.■!!. no Ihey nay. They ure very
hardy Utile beasts brotigbl from Man
iliiiriu, uml ure reully lhe muni- as those
which huve been taken for' l'u|itsu.
Scott'n ilunb to lhe Soulb I'ole.
The ilbincso muke very good cools.
Ibey ure cipccially good ul rooking
epp» uud llsh in ony form. A house
boys, too, Ibey run be monl useful.' bul
tbey ure very inclined lo be lu/y.      A
good riiiui'i.e boy will look after h|i
uitinler null, ami un long an lie is allow-
I bi»'»wU'»nminii>iuu os iijueaae
w||| tog Ilml lm |s not imposes! upon
,|iy others. They look very neat when
their clothes aro clean anil thoir hernia
ure properly ahuveil, uml, of course, Ihey
should not be ullowed lo uppeur hoforo
you othorwiso.
Tbo servants in tlio count towns gou-
orally ail speak "Pidgin Uiiglisb," un
iilimi t iinivuri'ul lutigiiugo ulong the
coast, ami foreigners of ull iintinimlilios
Uso it when talking tu the llhinesu, uml
also to othor foroiguors on occasions
Whlll! twu III' llislil |:rl   In,"■lln-r. lii'illii'l
of whom cou npeak I lio other'n lungiioge
in fuel, it in u kind of locul I'lnperuutu
Hero ore somo specimens:
Mo uu suvce: I don't know.
Mo no cun do: 1 inn'I.
Tli ii 1 nn belong plnpper: That in nol
lioo.I I'lishiiin: Well.
(lu, nitihie uie one piece, euulie: tin,
uml t.l ili n coolie for mo.
He iniiki/i' plcnly bobbery: lie mude
a grcul noise, ur be gnve u lot of trou
1'idgin I'liiglinh for steamboat 'is:
Dig Hiiiinuin one pine cbiinney, two
piecec burnboo, inaido walkoo.
I'ekin Ih ii very Inrge cily,.ils tjulor
wulln ouclosiiig un area nf aboul twos-
ly-llvc M{iiurc null's, und it in about
thirty miles iu circuii.fcreinc, It cou
sintn of two cities the I'liiuese and Ito
Tartar; the letter ubuis on to llic nor
tborti null uf lhe former uml encloses
the Imperial i'ily, which uguin oik loses
the Forbidden l.'ily in^wliuli the Km
peror's l'ulurc in sltuale.l. Kuclt of
these cities is rigidly enclosed l-y high
wulln. 'I'lie walls of lb»-Tuilai llil.»
aro HI feel high, Wl feet thick ul lin
hhlo thc THaoar ana uino». aa cinti
..    t\
Contrary to the usual practice lhe Aisessnienl Notices for
1912 have been sent lo the registered owners of properly
according lo the Land Registry records.
Up to the.present, purchasers have been in lbc habit of
notifying the cily authorities that the property had changed hands
so that notices of assessment and taxation should not go astray.
This form of registration of owner* has heretofore been deemed
sufficient for city purposes, but owing to a recent decision the
city council is advised by ils solicitors to recognise these owners
only who appear on the recordi of tlie Land Registry Office.
Unfortunately a great many never register their deeds or agreements.
Thc North Vancouver Larid and Improvetoaut^ Company
hat received numerous aueument notices for 1912 for properly
which it lias sold and which hai since changed hands Iwo or, three
The Company, therefore, desires to notify persons who have
purchased from it lhal they should take steps to ensure notices.
of aueument.and taxation being tent to them io that they may be
come aware of llic value at which they are being assessed and
pay taxei as they fall due.
The North   Vancouver Land and
'  *  *        Improvement Company
Limited Liability
Phone 6266
bum: and ID feci broad ul llic lop. Tlie
fruut uud rcur faces uf the wull ure
retaining wulln, formed of huge blocks
of atOIIV, ll"' spure belween llic wull.
being Oiled wilb riiniiin'd carlb und
stones. The tup of lbe wull is pa veil
Io-form :i rniiil, uml lbe Iron! line of il
in liullli'iiiciilnl lor protective purposes.
At intervals uloti|.' lhe wull lire ntig<
buttresses, wbicb provide for the
iinm. defence. The wull ur lbc I'liiiiesc
city is similar but much smaller, being
unly HU feel bigb, Uli [eel llu. k ul llic
base, uml In feet ul llic lop. There ure
sixteen gules lo thc city, each of which
is prolcclcd liy a semi circular serene ul
wull surmounted by u lower three or
four storoys high, iuleinlcl us n protor
lion fur llic entrance and lo keep oul
devils. Tbe t'binese i-oiisjder il very
bad In bare slrniftbHIiroUgh entrances
In Ibeir towns mid 'bouses .lis evil npir
its ure able lo rsili-r uip lieel.nl. Tbey
ure suppose.I in be Instiled if Ibey buve
to turn lu one sule, no Ilie t'binese al
ways make vvimjing enirnnren through
'limbic gules lu Ibeir towns nnd pul U|
icrcciiK to lbc cut nun c ilonii.'of their
Iwclliugs, cillicr buil'lmu u wull across
in froul "I' lbe dour outside, ur pul
ting up n .-elii-cr u, nn.. lhe in-iile with
luekbriugiug rumuls written upon il.
There ure plenl\ uf open spines wilh
nt lbe wulln .enpeeiall) in the t'luncse
cily. ' Thc Tuilnr ' ily is more densely
populated, Imi, ii- Ibere nr, innumerable
ieni|.|i's and main mun ions stuiuliug
within their own grounds, lbe cily is
l<y no menus i rowib d I .1 , n :\ ul il*
from the walls discloses 11 huge cily of
gardens, will, the shilling roofs of lbc
temples, paluces, uml mansions mingling
mining   lbc   Ireen   surrounding Ibein,
grey, greou, blue, yellow uiul red, lbc
glutcd Hied roofs make u 11 ry pleuniug
licet, nnd om-  lur^i'ls  the  dirl  ami
.,■ lilm  which'Underlie lhe in w.
Tbe Foreign U-galiou ijuurlcr is sit
uied close In tin- suuth oe*d  wall ol
lhe Turlur cil)       The  llritiin  l.cgu
lion is one of llic lines! uml bus u large
extent o.f grounds round il.    It wus Ibe
eenlral point of llic siege ut  Ilie till!,!
of Die Boxer rising iu IHiui.
All round in froul of lbc wulls of
I'ckiu ami ulong lbc ruutb wall of lbe
Tartar (lily there are broad moals filled
wilb waler, which are used for water
ii.'iis      Tbey conned lulnide lhe south
sn 1   el  Hu   Turlur < il)   wilb ii nun I
winch runs to join the I'ei lio ul Tung
1 lum. aboul twelve miles east of I'e
kin.   The I'ei lio Is the river whieh lbe
allies followed  when nianbiiig to Ibe
relief of the Legulionn.   In the wmlcr
all  these  waterways  are  frozen over
with ice several feet thick.   Tben  Ilie
t'biiicsc product) sledges and travel up
uud  down 011 Ihem  wild Iheir goods.
These are of all ileal) light ones, like
luboggaus for une passenger,  ure pro
polled by a uidli jddnding up behiinl
ami pushing oh* the ice wilb a stick;
these get alnng at a famous rale. Vm. •
ones, to carry lou uud I reive j.u-t-.cn
gers, aro puller! aloug by u coolie - liny
ure a sort of Ico puinihu-', ami nuke u
good  tbiug out of  il.   In  I'eliin  iho
I'll 11 pro rut lie ice nut of ll" luouln in
huge blocks and Slot" il uudergriuiid
for use iu lbc summer.
.'flic dollies worn by u uiao«aJt<l wo
man arc very similar, and consist ripjith
ly of trousers and a skirted coul,<Muc
man's skirts being lougor Iban   l&c
woman's and reaching about bulf wo J
below Ibo knee,   ll is considered    un
womanly not lo wcur trousort and a
man li coniidered improperly drcisod if
bo bai not long skirls to his coat, A
woman is not supposed to expose   any
part of her body lo public view exco<pt
bor face, ibe keeps ber bands tucked
Continued oa page alx
The Canadian Bank
of Cfflnmerce
Branch of the Bank located
Lonidale Avenue.
lnlereit paid on Saving! Bank Depoiiti of
One Dollar and upwardi. Withdrawal]
may he made at any lime. Small depoiiti
Capital $11,000,000      Rett $9,000,000
J. A. FOE8TEE, Manager Nortb Vancouver Branch
begs lo announce that he will
At Terminus of Capilano Car Line
immediately.   Let us have yitur listings of Capilano property.
Notary Public, Real Estate, Insurance and Conveyancing.
Vancouver       | Leave Nortli Vancouvar
•0.20 AM.
in 80
I8.SU   VM
I 10
8 mi
2.20     '
:i uu
8 10
5 10
J 0.20
11 ID
• deuotei "Not on Bunday."    Time table
nolice. i "in| i.i,;,  uot In.Isle for delays, acci
12.45 Ail.
subject lo eliuuuc without
Icnlul or "il.. i ■■'< c
North Shore Locators
Block 12a    P.. 550
Cleared Lots fronting on the carline'
and Grand Boulevard,  $900 up.
One-quarter cash, 6, 12, 18 mths.
Palace Hotel
Second Street, North Vtncouver, B. C.
"     .  . ii   ■ i . i
RATES:   $2.00 ptr day up.   Special
raltt to familiei and to rtgular boarders.
I i
I .
WOWB 9*a9www9tm,,in,irrm^-
Pabllihii) Tuead-Nr" and Fridays by Nortb Shore Press, Liraitei).
Bat* of Buburlptioni-Ona year, IIM, Bla piontlii, 50».  Three months, m.
United Statta mil Foreign, HM per year.
Advertising Bates WW Ba Quoted oo Application.
*    ' 1	
Tha Eipress is devoted to the interests pf tho North Shore of Burrard Inlet
emlmively. It constitutes an advertising medium of exceptional value for
reaching in a thorough and effective manner tbe population of North Vancouver
City and District. Every effort ii made to give advertisers tha mast satisfactory
All cbanm ia contract advertisements ihould be in the printer)1 hands not
later than 10 a. m. Monday and fi p. m. Wednesday to ensure insertion iu tbe
following Issue.
b lha Matter pf ilia J!4»U ot HflsT
hath Aon Keith, Deceased, late of
the Oity of Nortb Vancouver in the
Province of BrlWb Columbia.
NOTION is horoby given pursuant to
tha I'Trnsteei and E-W»t»r« Act" to
all creditors of  Iho above estate,  to
deliver to tbo undersigned till particulars of thoir claims vorifiod by Statutory Declaration, before the Hint day
u( March, 1018.
807 Hastings Street fiat,
Dated 16th March, 1018.
Uorth Vancouver, B, 0,   ...'... March 88, 1918
The Montreal Witness bai been discussing editorially of late tbe necessity
of a western port for Alberta wheat.
The Witness basse ita observations upon
two grounde, flnt the absolute necessity
of providing some means of relieving
the grain blockade which characterizes
the eastern route to Europe, aud Secondly the necessity of soiiiug the op
portunity which offers of procuring for
B. O. porta a portion of the trallic in
the over growing shipments of flour
from Pacific coast points to tbe Orient.
With reference to tbe former, after
directing attention to tbo fact that tho
grain hlocade eastward promises to
grow rapidly worse unless extraordinary
moasures are taken, tbo Witnesa pro
"Vancouver believes tbat witb a reasonable grain rato for tbo four hundrod
miles that separate hor from Calgary,
she could moro than compcto with 'the
long winter haul of two thousand four
lu.i.sii.,1 miles from Calgary to St.
John, ami bave au advantage over the
long haul more tbau lo balance the
heavier charge for tbe longer wator
route. Of course, Iho Canadian
Pacilic pooh pouhs sucb a suggestion,
as It prefers the long haul. If tbe Ilailway Hommiseion docs not see its way-
clear lo reduce the westward rates on
grain lo somo sort of proportion lo the
eastward rates, some other moans will
have to bo found, and their (the C.P.B.)
jaws pried open from thoir grip upon
Ihe prolils of the grain crop."
Just why the Canadian Pacific Kail
'way should be singled out and held re
sponsible for the fact that Iho grain
growers of tho prairie provinces have
been increasing tbe volume of their
■ rope more rapidly than tbo combined
advancement of ail tbo railway lines in
Ibe country can mauage to handle the
same promptly, may be clear to our con
temporary, but It is somowhat difficult
for tho uninitiated to understand, lu
other respecte however, tbe above para
graph gives an accurato statement of
tbe case from tbe standpoint of tbe
centra located about Burrard Inlel.
With reference to tlio proportions of
thc Oriental trade with Iho Pacific coasl
in lour, aud tho neods of that situation
from a 1'anadiin point of view, lbe
Witness adducos aome striking Metis
ties wbicb am woll worth repealing
Tbo editorial proceeds:
"Independently of the European mar
let Vancouver must some day bo a
great outlet for Ihe Alberta crops.
Ubina's growing rct|Uirenteuts of flour
aro not generally readied. A subscriber draws our attention to tbe fact that
on her last trip out Ibo 'Minnesota'
look (1,01)0 bags of flour from the wtfF
eru Slates to the port of Ilong Kong,
a load tbat sank her so doep in tho wa
ler u lo prevent ber going to her regular anchorage. During the last few
weeks 1,1160,000 bags of flour have gune
lo this single port of China. There is
no reason except the railway rales why
Vancouver, wilh an elevator and a
Hour mill, should nol at least share Ibis
trade. The farmers of much of Aiber
ta may look forward with aome hope
to tbe opening of lbe Grand Trunk Pa
i ifi. to Prince Huperl, and of Ike Can
adian Norlbern lo Vancouver, both ol
wbicb vt being constructed with
"rides Ibal will not necessitate prohibitive lolls. Only such relief as Ibis
seems to offer can avert a cbeck in Ibe
prosperity of farming, such as will be
a disaster to the wbolo rountry. It is
up le Vancouver."
The omission of any mention of North
Vancouver in this very able article of
the Witness, is perhaps accounted for
by lack of accurate knowledge of lo
cal cenditions. Tbore are certain signl
llnnl facte, however, which indicate
conclusively that Nortb Vincouver is
destined to provide the iltea for th<
elevators aad mills, lo which tbe article
refers and in tbat connection Ibere Is
not the slightest hesitation in declaring
upon behalf of the North Shore "Barkis
it wlllln'." The information bu it
ready been made publk la a lemi-uiii
tial way, tbat tka Dominion government
Iui In mind tbe utilisation of portions
of tbe magnificent wslcrfroolige on
tbli ildi of thi falit, for Immune fed
•ral ilevilori for tbi shipment of
prelrii wbiat. Tha Canadian Pacific
Bailway ii at preunt working upon the
project tt conitrurtlng a branch line
along tka North Shon. Tbi Grind
JraM Paitfi bai a working agrawumt
witb tka Paalli aad Oriat totietn
railway (construction upon the linos of
which Company will bogiu within two
mouths) for handling all their traffic
from Fort Oeorge to Burrard Inlet,
and the torminals of this new railway
are to be located on the Nortb Shore,
llurranl lulet Tunnel and Hridge Com
pany is iu roality a groat tormina! railway scheme and with lbc construction
of Second Narrows bridge and tbe
Company's connecting Hues, they will
be in position to handle the cars of any
and all transcontinental and othor rail
way lines which may desire to participate in transportation operations upon
the North Shore.
When tbeso known facts aro considered—in  ne, lion with the additional
fact that not only duos tbo North Shore
present Iho only romainiiig opportuni-
ties for desirable elevator and mill
sites upon Burrard Inlet, but further
tbat there aro upon this aide of tlio In
lot, approximately twenty miles of the
very best deep sea litoral, characterized
by mile after milo of cxleusive tide
flats, contiguous to deep wator, prac-
tlcally all of which is available for tbe
purpose of and offers ideal sites for
such indu8lri.es—that Individual must
bo skeptical indeed who fails lo sec in
Norlb Vaueouver tbo port of destiny,
relative to tbo handling of prairio grain
from the Pacific coast.
li ii'i-li Mi I'M i:
Wo, Hie Newport Waler I'umpiiny
Limited, a Company Incoriioratcd under
Ibe i'.hi,!■.ii.i, a Acl wllh I.. ,i,i ..ili,,. ui
SOS i',,i i, i i ssiissn mui.in,,i Vancouver,
B. C... five notice tint on the Jilli duy
ol April, 191], we Intend lo apply to
Uie Water Commissioner al Ills ollice In
New u 11. in lion i.i n C. for a license
to take liul use 300 culilc feet of water p. i second from the Slaimus 111
ver In New Westminster Dlslrlcl.
I In water Is'to be taken from the
stream from a point aboul tiic centre
of timber Ilml! 81811. about 100 feel
uboVe il.li «iii. i liul Is lo be used
for niunleliuil iiurposcs on lols 186. 780.
881, 818 Mid imii. Qroun One, New
Westminster District.
limed ut Vancouver. B. C, thla i ,u.
day  of March,   1818.   ut   the   hour  or
eleven o'clock In the forenoon
U lllll    Mllll I
We, llic Newport Brick & Till Com-
i-si.s. i in.ii, li a . s.a.i ..ii,. in. oi pot.,t.ii
under Ihe Companies Acl, wllli heud
office'al SOS Curler-Cotton Building
Vancouver, B C, give nolice Ihul on
llic .'i.n, day of April. 1818. we Inlenil
lo upply lo Ihu Wai. i ('iiiiiinlssi.ijiii
ul his office In New Westminster. B
1„ for u license to tuke und use 800
ui,I. feet of water per second from
Shannon Creek, situate on Lot SOS.
Group One. New Westminster District
The v..ii. i Is to be luken from the
.■•ii. .in. ut the heud of (he fills on Lot
608, about one mile from tldewulcr. und
Is lo be used on Lol SOS. for power
A reservoir for (lie purpose of slor-
nu water will he mude on Ihe property
lying ul the luck of lhe heud of the
cliff on Ul I0S.
I'.u. si it Vincouver, B C, this 191 li
dly of Mmeb. ltl8, il lhe hour of
eleven o'clock In Ihe forenoon.
Tmdc Mams
Cofvrioh ri Ao.
SnrOMMoSIni ■ tkMcb .nd St.ctli.lliM ma,
qiiesir mttioi our oplulm Ilf whlthtl ta
'    ouo-
leteoiloo is pr.ittur
UonltUICill Colli il«ll
ssot fm. CWssS w
VtlnU tiisn Uroiut
HmsWtutlti,»ii boa<isU|s. m On
lib. mum
Scientific American
Wit »taltarfc
THE STANDARD la Ibi National
Weekly Newspaper of Ibi Dominion
of Canada. It la national In all III
It uici thi moil eapenalvi engravings, procuring lhe photograph! from
all over lhe world.
Ill articles ire carefully lelieled aod
lis editorial policy ' li thoroughly
A subscription lo Thi Standard
colli HM par year to any ailrem In
Canada fit drill Britain.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montrial Windird Publishing Ca,
Limited, PuWIihiri,
Employers' Liability Aisuraiico
Premium rates aro invitee) by tho
City Council for the insurance of water
works and Board of Works employees
for period of twelve mouths from Is!
April, 1013, to lit April, 1013.
i   nn si compensation for period of
Waterworks  (50,000
Board of Worka (not including
sowors)    »IS0,000
I,iiiiii.   of Liability:
One accidont    ...»10,llil(i
One  employee    (l/iUU
Policy also to cover outride liability
Bates to bo received by the under
signed not later tbau 12 noon Thursday,
March !!8th, 10IS.
26 3 City Clerk.
Paper the World
Irom our stuck ol new Wall Pipois
so ii seems. Every duy some new
design arrives to hll Ihe vacunoy
ol I buss cloud out.
Handsome Wall Papers
are here in emileis mi let y. .lust
tell our salesman lur wbal room
you wanl tin piper md be will
show you just tbe patient y.m ire
looking (or.
To   eh.mi.' Irom our slock is a plea
sure, to pay our price is easy.
W. H. ST0NEY & CO.
117 Lonsdalo Avenue
I'll, no llll
Competition for New University Buildings to ba Him led at Poiut Ony
Near Vaneouvir, British Columbia.
Tbe Co.. inin. nt of British Columbia
invito Competitive Plans fur the geucr
al M lieine'uiiil design for tbe proposed
new University, together with more de
tailed Plans for thc buildings lo be
creeled lirst al in estimated cost ot
'tim ol llO/iuil will bo given fur
lbe most successful designs submitted.
Particulars of the competition and
plan of site may bo obtaiaeif on request
from lbc undersigned.
The designs to be sent in by July,
31st, .1912, addressed  lo
• Parliament Buildings,
Vlnuria, British  Columbia.
NOT/0R Ii bcrelfy given'that P. h
Carter-Cotton, candidate for election at
Ibe provinciil elections on tbe 28tb
imt., u . representative for llicbmond
Biding, bai appointed B. Churchill,
whose post office address il
Kliurne Station, Ii. C. u hll
agent under the Elections Act
for the purposes of lbc said election,
and thai 1. W. Wearl, who is a candidate for election ai repreientative for
lbe said Bichmond Kitting it the said
election, bai appointed T. B. Ilrown,
whose address Is 1012 Harwood strcit,
Vancouver, is bit agent, uuder the
Medium Act for thl purpom-i of tbi
said election.
(Hignod) 1. J. Beumilb,   .
BMuralng Qflcir for Blcbmond Biding.
id, TUESDAY, MARCH fo 19|2,
Second block from Lonidale
$2500,00.     Third Cwh,
Phone ?l, North Vancouver, B. C.
30 Day Trial Offer
If you have never tried a
and would like to do so
Now is Your Chance
The Auto Strop Razor
is the Best made
Try one for a Month, if you
don't find it so, return to us
and get your money back
90 Lonidale Avenue      Next to P.O.
mmmmmnmmmm     < i ——^—
Are nil. nni.' delusively until sold out • SMALL BUHWVI8ION within soveu minutes of CABLING jusl oulside CITY LIMITS.
The Luts ere curb fii! feet frontage snd ire dry and level
I'rice #350 and (tim eacb on terms of \\ cash, balance 6, IS and
18 mouths.
Further particulars of
Phone 70
15 Lonsdale Ave.
P.O.Box 1816
Support Home  Industry
and Build up North Vancouver
Seymour Lumber Co.
Have their mill operating in lhe mountain ind can give
of all kinds of Rough, Dimension and Kiln Dried I -umber
Moulding and Einishing Lumber.   Second lo none.
Office: Corner Sutherland Avenue and I7lh street.   ,
Take Queensbury Car (Yellow Label).
dale 1
rnpiint 1ms no claim on Pin-
I 016 in Lyini Valley, yet I
seio whole section, ovor 300
I 47,950 qn easy terms.
ha so
JS acres on North Lons-
Line Road for »X,800 per
Ii for subdivision und free
rnnieut Claim.
A|tander Philip
Financial Broker
Offlea  e 10        House Phone 8J7
FOB NT-One suite, furnished,
also onjfuruUbid. .Latest Improvements, 1 heat and tilephone.     tf. i
10,000 c«of dry lir wood for quick
sale. \ pt[ odd corda, 11.76. Spool*! qifom for larger quantities.
Out Wqio Inches, HM. 18 Incbis
9*9, c. 0. D.
Oflice antird—Ulh and Lonsdale
Phonai    P.O. boa 2432.
COAST iij: 01
JAM*; N!E that imal Aleiander
1 sswell 'ancouver, B. C„ occupation, broli in, iui.. to apply for ner-
inlasloii 1^,.iiu.,,, ,,„, rolluwtng described li Commencing al a post
planted a so chains south of the
norlh-oastner uf Lot JS, end nt
Ills cornerjth 0f Iho aforesaid curner, Inenilrth jo chaim. more or
l,M. iS c0\ °l T. L. IIIS I. Ilicnco
cast SO eh] thenee south 60 chains,
thsneo h,.« c|,,|„, ,0 p0|„, „f cum.
nioiiccinenltaining ing acres more
ur less.
■ i'lii'.i;   VERDIER
„...   . Agent.
sth iniiiiiii ■);
TAKE Na.; nm ji,i,r |i„y criln
ul Vnncuuvn c., occunitlun. lum-
bernmn. lull tu apply for nsrmU-
isl.ui to purclih, roltowlng described lands; Cojoelnj al • past' plani-
ed it Ihe w( edge, il the nuilh-
uoil comer iV-empllon Jill; Ihence
norlh 10 chaJhenco well 10 chains;
thane* south chalna; more ur less
lo waters tdtlmncs tail fulluwlng
shore I ni tont of commeneemont.
, miiiiliiliig Diet more or leas
illiil-l VERDIER.
....   . Agent
lllli Januiry.s
TAKE NOThhat Qsorge Vordlor
of Vancoyver.;, occupation. tlmD(r     a
cruiser,  luinK, tJ)i,jy  f„r nur,„i,.      I
■ Ion to purchis, /bJlowliig descrlb-      '
ed lands: Coinnjnf al a pust planted
10 chains soutltU, „or|h ta»i cor-
er of T I. ISikience cast 10 chains,
Ihenco north Skins. Ihence west 10
cbalna. Ihence '|, io chains, tbence
casl 10 chains, ice suuth 10 chains,
lo point of coiicemeiil. contalnlna
110 acres iiioiiS|..as
tlb January, 1
II°E '
TAKE NOTICtt Alice Puree His
well, of Vancou'o (;., n„rr|,j wo
man. Intend! I«,i. f„r permission
lo nurcbaio llhllowlng described
lands: t.ommendat a poal plant, d
iLl.' •°u'h-ci»rnir of T. I. No
10|f . Ihence wio chaim. Ihencu
south 10 chains, ,ce call 10 chaliie.
Ihence norlh 10 ns. thence east 10
chains, lo wiiei«|Ke. ibince norlb
10 chaim ilong i i0 nolnl of com
nieliciiiicnl cunltg tin acres inure
or leu
.   , Agent
mil January, 11
TAKE NOTICE itobirt Dult
Klnmond of VinOr ll C, occupu
lion, broker, InloftV,'apply for per-
" lo purcf '
lands, r,
Ihe   followInK
east following walkdge lo'luJIn'riif
aWg  '
i commencement,
: more or less
TAKE NOTICE tlv„ King, ol
Vincouvir, 8 r, oln„„. „,i,i,i,.,
liilenili to sup y forr,|„|u„ |„ pu,
thm tha followlnAcrlbed lands
Commencing ol a poalllcj about IJ
,li.Ins eait of |he pCJ commence
nielli uf T I. Will alonitllds a
lursiyori posl best*ngnl|,;r flfl%
bsnci  norft  SO chl ,t„nce lin^
ll    chilng.   tbence
Ibince sell 10 ■ balm
menceinenl, conlalnln]
or lm
lllli Janu.ij,  l.ll
SI   cbifni
olnt of com
lent more
Good Buys on Keith Rod
-Subdivision of Lot 7, Block 12, District Lot 764
Lots in an Ideal Location on the Keith Road
for only $550, I-4 cash, 6, 12 and 18 months.
62 LONSDALE AVENUE     to. Boa imi   ttam m     NORTH VANCOl THE  mtPBNillTEft BLftV -Continual
WM oppoiefl tfl tlii baluatraila. Sucls
Wire tba reipeptlve poattione pi tbi
tf R men it tbe Instant the candlestick
wu matched (row tba floor.
Immediately alter tba blow wu
•truck both Burke and Fluette were
thrown Into a panic Tba latter al
onco rap wildly flown tbe front italri,
•tumbling pyar tbe body op (hp land'
log, and out at the front door and
away. Buraa followed luillly- after
Hlm, b>i teeth chattering with fright,
and promptly bolted tba front door.
Tba act wai accomplished »o ioou af-
iar the flight tbat Fluette, overcome
wftb borror at bli deed, distinctly
heard the holt •hoot while he wm
•peedlng down the walk,
Burke had already informed me thai
altar ba made fait the front door he
ran back to tbe rear alalrs be wu
afraid to pan again tbe body oii tbi
'landing—where he obierved the real
floor wide-open. Thla he alio cloud
asd locked, tben burrled up to thi
front floor, being governed by only
one Idea—to secure, u quickly aa he
possibly could, Maillot's companion
Between tbe Initant na itarted te
follow Fluette down-italri and tbi
time be Blood rapping at Ualllot'i
door, be had consumed much leaa than
a minute. Some time lale*r be thoughl
of the Burmeie, but when he looked
Into his room It wai empty. Tbe open
back door accounted for their abtenae
When I departed from Alfred Fluetti
—and I did that very thlug; walked de
llberately away from him, leaving hlm
hopeful In the mldat of bla household
—my heart wa> exultant, although I
had In contemplation a tuk thai
might have dismayed Hercules.
But aonfi'ilines, usually wben we ar«
least expecting It,'or wben we are get
ting our affairs Inlo loo much of a
muddle, Providence lutorvenes, and
witb a decisive stroke atralghtoni
mallei's out for ua. Af loi all, It ti
ridiculous wuilng ao much time and
energy In rough-hewing our ends, when
tbe •biplng lies wllh other hands than
oura. On Ihis day of daya Provident*
appeared In the guise of Dr. Went
worth De Breen.
His buggy drew up at tbe curb bs
side me.
"HulloI" wu bis gruff salutation.
1 wu pleased it ibe meeting.
"The very man I wu wanting lc
iee," said I. "How many hospitals in
there ln tbe city and -tba immedlili
He eyed me In bli cuitomary ler
lout, Intent manner.  I amplified:
"I baven't the least Idea, you know
I'urliaps I could name a doien, perhapi
a score; but tbera might be live bun
flred. Anyhow, I bava to search tben
all- or, until 1 And wbat I want."
"The deuce you have I" he jerked
out. "Anything to do with your rubj
"Everything," said I.
"Weill" He stared at roe lor •
moment, then with a sudden movement
whipped the fur lap-robe aside. "Gel
In here, be commandod, In his abrupt
The neil Instant 1 wu seated be
•Ide bim, and bla spirited mare wu
dashing along the itreet at a pacs
wbicb I regarded u altogether loo
reckleM. Dr. De Breen had a weak
ncu for spirited horses, and be baud
lid tbem wilb a careleu tut Ibal
«ever failed to excite In me a secret
jvy; for—I bere confess 11—I alwayi
bava been a bit afraid of burses, wbe
tbar spirited .or not; not much, bul
Just enough to make ma cautious. I
never lake any liberties with even s
blind and spavined derelict.
"Wbat d'ye want to And?" be blunt
ly uked, alter we bid ridden tho hut
ter part of five minutes In silence.
"A disabled Burmeie," wu fhe re
ply. "I trust to Dud soma pirt ol Hi
upper *.)rks In a mora or leu dam
aged condition."
"BurmeieI" he echoed In an exda
matlon. "Oood. I win. Urrlmer bel
me Ive bo wu a Javanese." The doe
tor miffed scornfully. "Devilish lol
Urrlmer knowa about ethnology." Hi
then In. mu.■ lucid.
"Urlmer'i bead at the Drevel Hoipl
tai, y'know; deuced clavar at tba oper
ulng table, but let In bla Idcu. Lord,
dynamite wouldn't mova him; itub
bom's no name for It
"Your Burmese li there: triple frac
lure »f the I' ii parietal, left clavicle
and bliideboiii. badly crushed; tre
pbined bim bit nigbt. Beggar'll He,"
"It certainly aoundi aerloui enough,'
commented I. "Ia the parlolal i part
of bli upper world!"
He Jabbed with tha Up of one gloved
flnger the side of mi head naarul
him, wbicb happened to be tha rlgbt
"Tbat'i your right parietal," ba explained; "(be left one'a on Jbe otbei
"Thank Heaven for undlng you
icrou my path tbli dayi"—fervently.
"That's my mm."
Tba doctor wu a good deal of a
•coffer. "Heaven bad nothing to do
Wltb It/' uid ba, with unnecessary at
parity. "I knew you'd be wanting to
Mt bim; I wu bunting for you. Beg
par ipeiki Kugllib fairly wall, and hi
lit out a word or two that made, mi
think ha knew lomethlng you ought
'to taow.  .  .  .  Whoa I   Jump out!"
wi entired ibe hospital, and soon
Eat Ihe bedside of the dying man.
operation bad relieved Ihe brain
tbe prcuuro of, lhe fractured
•lull, and lbe man') wandering! wen
lntinper»cd with rational periods,
during whlcb bla itory wu taken down
In ihorlband, with Inflnltv difficulty, by
tba hwpliel etenographer. I bave
taken the liberty of preparing a luminary from Ihe long rambling account,
auflclent to tbow my JuwKatlon lot
anticipating thtt the cau wu on the
ava o( laiklng an unexpeiced turn, and
to ullify the cu'rloul respecting car
• tain mpiet* nl tht ruby's blatory.
Tbt mas, whoie name wu Cbaya,
wu •Wieet of tha temple at Toung •
bain, upper Burma, "where the iub-'
lima Da-rouJan alia lo eternal mrdl
tallon among Uie Ihouund cavinu
tbat lie beyond Mandalay." Hii com-'
panloai ware alio pr|eiie, and Tsben
pro-yen wm a wealthy noble of the
diatrict, whou family wm accountable
to fbe king for the ufcguirdlng of tin
tetplVi aacrid relic the "Hurl of
Budda." Thui wm Iba great ruby
known, aad the rich crimson Jewel wu
averred by tradition to be nothing leu
holy lias tbe actual blood of "Ine'
ParfeoUy Enlightened One," bestowed
upon mankind la an IwerlabeWe torn.'
HiMrailt, the gem waa ar«*Uy ve* j
•rated and not to ba profaned by Ir
pious hands,  put In  the  Ume  of
Talien's father. It waa stolon from the
tampwliy an -English adventurer, who
succeeded lu escaping out of the country wltb it and making his may to
However, a cifrae wan) Wltb tba
ruby. In the temple Its Influence wu
beneficent, Us crimson glow benignant
and abounding with blessings for all
true believers; but wben desecrated by
thr plundering vandal's touch it became a great power for evil.
Therefore it came tp pus tbat by
tbe time tbe reckless Englishman let
(oot upon his native soil be wm only
too glad to part wltb bla Ill-gotten
ireuure at almost any price. Ha wm
In rags, starving and broken In health.
Tbua It waa that the rough, uncut
gem passed Into tbe possession of Lues
Palernostro. i
The recovery of tba Heart of Budda
siralghiway became a laored charge
upon all the priests. Tihen'i father
devoted hii entire fortune to tha
cause. ' Wllh infinite patience, laboring tirelessly, the Burmeie never loat
light of their precious relic; but In
England tbey soon found tbat conditions were vastly different from those
of their home country. It wm Impossible to approach the object wbicb
tbey coveted; and their opinion of la-
gal redress wu based upon tbeir
familiarity with wbat pused for Justice In Burma. But tbey never grew
disheartened; and at last their opportunity came.
It waB Tihen'i father wbo alew Pa-
tarnoalro. It wu he wbo won undying
honor by recovering tbe Jewel. It wu
be who, hard pressed by the police,
wm obliged to seek the nearest sano-
tuary, whlcb happened to be Franca.
Tbe real we know.   .
But the gem still carried iti baleful
spell, for wo alto know how tbe ex-
pert whom tbe Paternostroi carried
with them to Paris, wai drowned Juat
M tbe homeward-bound vessel wm
entering Dover harbor.
So much for the ruby'a eventful
Chaya'a declaration alao confirmed
my conclusions respecting Burke's designed Imposition upon Alfred Fluette
—which, by the way, he Beomed to regard as perfectly legitimate. And then
It concluded with the most important
matter of all.
On tin night of Felix Page's murder,
while his companions were all In the
lecond story, Cbaya bad remained on
guard below. He bad watched Page
following llurke np-atalra, after Ibe
robbery, but could not warn lhe thief
without alarming tbe pursuer.
After the struggle began in the hall,
Cbaya harkened to It a while, then
daabed up the rear stairs 'to take a
hand, in case the Jewel wu to ba
iiialcbo dfrom bii companion! at thc
very moment of victory. He passed
through the bath room during' tbo
brief period Burke wae In his own
room Informing T»hon of tbe Btute of
affairs, entered the hall, where, by the
dim light of the solitary candle, tho
iwo men were locked In combat. Tbe
struggle waa so furious Ibat his
im is.mcc waa not noticed. He proceeded lo thc north east ingle of tbo
baluatrade, wborc be crouched around
lhe corner and followed through tbe
baluaters the uncertain Issues of Uie
He watched the two chief acton ao
Intently, In fact, tbat be failed to perceive Burke snatch up tbe supposed
ruby from the floor; but be did iee
Page wreat lbe leather cue from
Now wu Iho time for bim to act.
He wu armed wltb a black-jack—a
ball of,lead wrapped In leather and'
With a abort, flexible leather handle—
md Just u Fluette gribbed up Uie
Iron candle slick be plunged forward.
At this Instant the light wu extinguished, and he received tho full
weight of a human body u It stag
lered backward. Ha auppoied It to
be Page's. He struck out blindly with
bis own cruel weapon, at the same'
lime shoving tbe body away from bim.
Ha felt his bludgeon cruib bli victim's head; and tbe be wu blmaelf
felled'to the floor wltb a tremendous
blow ibat blotted out everything elu
(or him. The huso ol the candlestick
bad fouud a mark wholly uniutpeo
ted by any one.
He knew afterwards Ibal bis com-'
panlont bad carried him down Iba
roar atalra ind away; that ihey Uied
to doctor him until Ihey grew alarmed
It tbe seriousness of bla Injuries;
whereupon thoy deserted hlm In bli
room, after notifying the landlord, wbo
bad In turn nodded the hospital
iuihurlileu. cbaya wu well supplied
with fundi, io there b>ad bean no
difficulty on tbat acore.
And tbu: wu my deduotlon proved
to be correct. Felix Page'a left side
bad been toward (be baluatrade at Uie
Inslanl Fluette snatched up Ihe caudl
sUck; on (ho baluatrade wu a deep
Indentation where tha but of tba lm-
provlud weapon bad Impinged, after
glancing; and tbe fatal blow had
•truck upon Iba vlcUm'a temple. A
•Ingle descending blow can not vary
well pup down one aide of a man
and eud upon tha other. *
But while Chaya'i itory gratified mt
beyond meuure, at Uie aanu Ume It
WM Incomplete: It threw no light upou the ruby'a nitlng place, and (or
Uie simple rcaaon Uiat ba knew no
more about 11 tban any of tba tut ol
tin Individuals Interuted In discovering where It bad been bidden. I wm
tallafled that tbe cipher, one* I bad
Interpreted It, would lead mt to tbo
torn. Therefore, It remained for ma
And it. *
Well, Ibe cryptic writing wm solved,
pretly aoon; out tbe solution came
like a orub of thunder, revealing tba
one twiii toward Uie end that I had
lout expected.
And, wont of all, I ahould have
known I
ruthlessly  dragging   ,
of trial and tribulation, and show you
i m
Tba Cipher Solvid.
Chaya'a ante-mortem itatemant,
ropirly atteeted by Dr. Urrlmer, Dr.
f)e Brain, the hospital Mcretary, and
myself, together with the othcrwlae
complete eaat I bad, wm sufficient
ol count to open thi prison doon
(or Roytl Maillot. It ahould alio have
IKted On cloud from AJtnd Fluette;
but, alul It did nol.
To make my »tory and U ail well
conditioned etorlea ought to and, I
•hould hare be able to wave my wand,
or Invoke miaa good genie, pr however It la that/the writer-folk beitow
Jr,mnnir\A*mm  ml   a   fttrokj   ur-nr.  flu  hfillh
(he actors In ray own drama transported wltb Jo?< But I am recording what actually happened. tt VM
a strange fatality that cut Itself Into
tho lives of these people. They were
dismayed, overwhelmed, rendered
helpless, left uncomprehending. However much I may desire to do so,
therefore, I can ppt 'wist tba truth
to give my own story precisely tbp
ending that ypu or I might desire It
to have.
Al for myielf, I could'nt carry tba
newa fait enough to Mal|)ot and to Ur.
Fluette, and to Belle and Oenevlve.
Uy enthusiasm met Ita flnt damper
when the cell door awung open, and
tbe young follow walked out t (rep
man. It is true that bla gratitude wm
Immeasurable; ha could And no'worda
to express It, and wrung my band until—strong man tbat I ara—I bad tp
tear avyay from bim.
But alter bla elaUon bad time to
cpcl, be grew morose and gloomy; be
wu more inclined to cling to wbat he,
had gone through, than to accept tbe
extremely eatlalactory usance that
be stood clear and aa far above suspicion as i.u Bar's wife.
"No use talking, Swift," he responded lo my attempts to rally him out
of hie humor; "the taint will atlck to
me. People will say I'm tba fellow
wbo waa arrested for killing; bis uncle
•o that he could Inherit bli fortune.
They'll always point me out and shake
their beads and say I wu released
only becauae the pnlice could'nt And
evidence to convict me. I hope to
Heaven the old man made a will giving all hia money to charity."
"FaughI" Such morbid talk wu
I thoroughly exasperating. "Mr. Fluette
bad a much narrower escape than you
"Perhapi," he admitted heavily.
"But nobody knowa It outalde of you
and bla family. I can't go lo Belle
I with the odor of prison clinging to
me.   And wbat'a more, I sba'n'i."
"It you don't," I said quietly, "you'll
1 break ber heart. Your suffereylng bas
been u nothing compared to hers."
Then I lost my patience completely.
"Maillot," I flung at bim, "you're a
damned fool!" And I awung on my
beel and itrode away.
"llll Swlftl Come back here!"'be
yelled after me. In the next second
he bad caught hold ol my arm and
Jerked ma to a standstill.
"Oood Lord, man I I didn't know
you bad tuch a nuty temperl Here
you come and drag me out of Jail,
.and becauae I dont strike out hotfooted and throw myielf Into Iba
presence of the cleanest, sweetest girl
In tbe world, you think I'm an au.
"Look bere. I knew I wu Innocent; but at tba iame time I didn't
try to blink my compromising predicament I wouldn't blame any lair
minded peraon for being auspicious of
me. But everything'! happened io
•udden—I can't undentand—and—
well, hug it, Swlftl you havn't made
yourself clear, by a long shot If you
think I ought to go to Belle, wby, I'll
"Then let's go together," said L
*   And we did.
| After we bad boarded a car, I re-
, verted to (be matter of lha will.
| "'I don't think It'a likely that aay
will will turn up," I told bim. "I bava
talked with Mr. Ulysses White about
It, and bo said that Felix Page was
one of tke aort who have a holy bor-
.ror of lut testaments. If the old
gentleman ever made any aucb disunion of bis property, Mr. White
bad no band In It."
To dismiss tiic matter, I will uy
hero lhat no will ever did turn up;
and tbat Malllol Inherited the entire
Pago fortune I merely mentioned tbia
! topic to pave tba way for that of the
| "Not Ibe Icaet part ot tha estate,"
I pursued, "will be the Paternoster
i The young fellow Interrupted me
i "By Oeorge, Swlftl It's youn. Kind
li aud keep It—or sell It and keep tbe
money. I'll not havo the ghutly thing
-duck It into tbo lake flrst"
"Thai's no proper way lo dispose
it ll; aud later on you migbt regrot
sucb a gift to me. Tbia was wbat 1
was going to auggeat.
"I believe the claim of tho Burmeie
lo be Just, for I suppou they're lion, ii
according to tbeir lights. Tbey would
have .a pretty bard lime establishing
It. though, If you aro of a mind to con
tcit the matter."
"Oreat Scott! Forget tbat cursed
ruby; talk about (omotblng else. I
want lo got thc thing out of my mind
and never think of II again."
"All rlgbt. I tlia'n'l mention It after ii. ilny. But let mc get through
Hero's an cuy way to settlo Iho mailer.
"let thc Burmese have it anjr re
mburslng the eatate for what your
uncle paid for It; ll would be on'y
lair  al leant. In a mcaaurc.
"I want lo hold Tsben and his en
lounge of mild eyed cutthroats until
I put Burke through; they're my be i
witnesses. We can't lung tbe rucal,
but we have an excellent cue agalnit
lilm for burglary, attempted swindling
ind attempted blackmail. After I dnd
tho ruby you can do the bargaining."
He agreed io this. After a bit he
favored me wilb a gululcal regard.
"I don't mind explaining lhat ring
episode— now," be said, in retponia
IP my look of Inquiry. "When you
flrst pointed oul tbe true Import pf the
wu Impression on lhe candlestick. It
brought to my mind at once Fluette'e
capricious notion of wearing a ring
on tho middle linger of bis rigbl bind.
I wu keeping tab on ypu the dty of
Ibe Inqucil. I knew that be wu going to attend, and Uiat Uie circumstance would be Of considerable ilg
niOcauce to you. I uw your look dart
to bla rlgbt hand—taw you watching
"And you thought you'd confute ma,
"BxtcUy. Wben you uw tbe ring
or. bla (near only, Uie clrcumitance
was pregnant—portentout When you
had (wo riaga on two right buds, wby,
you were puxzled, but On elect wa|
•uttering and wuk."
I approached Mr. Fluette with an
entbualum decidedly tampered, and
IP I wu not u dluppoUiicd u I
might bava been. My good newt
teemed to produce not ut illgh'eit
affect upod bim. He tppeired li
bava aged twenty yeart; and bom
i'ublie Notice ia hereby given that
Whereas Jobn Walter Weart of Weat
Uuriialiy, Barrister, has served me witb
netlee of his withdrawal from the con-
lent In Bichmond Riding, and Whereas
I bave miepie.l tbo said nolice of with
dnwal, ami Whereat Francii  i 11
Carter (lotion is tho only othor candidate nominated, I horoby declare tbe
said Francis Lpvolt Carter-Cotton, of
Vancouver, merchant, duly elected, to
represent Hieliinoiiil ridiug iu tbo Legis
latlvo AsBOinbly of tbe Province of
British Columbia.
Piven under my band at Hlevcitoii,
thia 18th day of March, 1012.
■J. T. 8KX8MITH,
Hen,mini: Ollicer.
The Purity: flrmunnry Cnrnpini, WQ
Fourth,street wnst, f (I -.Innes am) tie,,
proprietors, is now prepared lo furuisii
freab milk, huttef, cream, butter milk,
in any quantity, also iee and ico cream
M MII'MI. OK (.'IUI.  Ml.M.M,
I'ss.il   minim:   rights  uf  Ihe   I''siiiiiiIs.ii
111 Manltohii. '.'... •!.,ii.'li. u,iii und Alberta, tbe Yukon Territory, the Nurth-wcsi
Territories and In ii portion of the province of Hrilish doliiniblu. muy be !...-■
ed for u 1.1in of iwonly-one yean nl
an .iiiiiii,tl rental of II un n.i. Nol
more than 2.(CO acres will be leused lo
one upiillcuiit
Applfeulloii for u lease must lie mude
by the uppllcunl In person lo tile AKcnl
or Bub-Agent of the dlslrlcl 111 which
Hit rights upplleil for ure slluuled.
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, or lcgul subdivisions of sections, and In unaurvoy-
cd territory lhe tract uppilcd for shall
be slaked oul hy the uppilcunl hlm
ICuch application uiual be accompanied by u fee of ft which will be refunded II the rights upiilled for are nol
available, bul not otherwise. A royally shall be paid on the inerehuniublc
output of the mine ul lbe rule of uv.-
conta per tun
Tile person operullnu Ilie mine shull
furnish the Agent'wllh sworn relurna
accounting for Ihe full quantity of
incrcliuntnblc eoul mined and puy lh«
royally, Ihereon If lhe coal mining
right! are not being operated, such relurna should bo furnished al leust once
u year.
The leuse will Include Ibe coul mining
lights only, bul the lessee muy be permitted lo purchase whatever uvullublc
surface rights muy be considered necessury for the working of the mine al
lbe rale of 110 un ucrc
For full Information ni.pllculloti
should be mude to the secretary of lhe
Department of lhe Interior. Ollawu. or
lo any agenl or Hub-Agent i.f Dominion
w \v. roitv.
Ileliul)  Mllili.li i .if the Intel lor      ■
N.   8—llnaulhorlsed   publication   of
ihli  Mverrlsemenl   will  imi   be   paid
for S>-»
"J    '     ■■' ■ ■■Tmu
Bank of Montreal
Elt.bli.hed 1§17
Capital (paid up)    .   $1$,4J3,0Q0
Reierve    -  •  ■
Savings Bank Department
Nortb Vancouver Branch:
Mt. Crown Bldg., Ut Street
F. A
SUm Gun
hhu ma TtMoar aaa urns*, aa cinti
Diatrict of North Vancouver.
To Ikt Sleclorli
Tike Nolice that the Voters' IISI for
iho above municipality Is now accessible lo all ratepayers ut the munlclpul
ball, comer of I.ynn Vulley roud and
Fromme Hoad, Norlli Vancouver. The
iimi, i,.i,:iiesi will receive and consider applications for enrolment or for
amendment of said voters' lis! llll 12.00
o'clock noon on Friday .the 2!lth Mulch
Inst when such list will be declared
Any person may compluln thut hia
m.n.e Is Improperly omitted from lhe
voters' list, or thut any,other nuine Is
Improperly Inserted tbcrooo, und may
upply to any Judge of the aupremc or
county court to have his name inserted
thereon, or to have any numci Improperly Inserted Ihereon struck off lhe
suld list. In such latter case reasonable notice, lo be determined by Ihe
Judge applied lo. ahall be given to the
person whose name la proposed lo be
struck off. Tho Judge shall hear and
dispose of all such applications In a
summary way, and lhe returning officer
shall nineii.l the list In uceordunce with
Ihe Judge'! decision.
Hi liiinlni:  Officer
Norlli Vancouver. B  C 19-1
District of North Vancouver.
ri HI.|i: NOTICE Is hereby give	
lhe Kleclori of lhe Municipality of
North Vancouver Ihut I require Mm
presence of lhe laid Kleclori ut^tM
Munlclpul Hull, corner of l.ynn Vulley
and I'issjsiim' Heads. Norlh Vancouver.
In lhe luld Municipality, on
Mil llll.ll, Ike IOIk Mirn, 1113,
• I 13.00 o'clock nu
for the purpose of electing persons lo
is I.i. is.ni them In lhe Municipal Council os ii'' v, and i'..ii..eiii,-in and electing five persons to represent them ou
the Hoard of School Trustees
The candidates ihall be nollilllaleil
In writing. Ibe writing shall be sub
scribed by two voter! ot lhe Municipal
ty ai proposer and seconder, and shall
lie delivered to Ihe Returning officer
al any lime belween lhe dale of this
nolice and two o'clock p.m. on Ihe dsy
of tbe nssiisin.iiis.il
And In tho event of a poll being nio-
essary, such poll will bo oponod on
kalurdi), lib April, IIM,
between tho hours of ulno o'clock a.m.
und aoven o'clock p.m. of tbo said day
at tbu said Municipal Hull, lhe Church
Hull, corner of (Jueon street and Lomdalo Avenue, and at tho School Houae,
"".■ i-ll road, ull In Iho said municipality, of wbicb overy poraon Is required lo tuke notice and govern himself
Tbo quellflcutloui for Hoove ihall be
his being a male British subject and
having been for the three months next
|.is,, iiln,; ibo day of his nomination
the registered owner. In the Land Heg-
litry Office, ot land br real properly
:■ li ii.sie within tho munlclpallly of (he
assessed valuo on the last municipal
or provincial assessment roll, ot Ive
I hundred dollars or more over and above
. any regislered Judgment or charge, und
| being otherwise duly quallflod ns a
| municipal voter.
The quullllcutlous for councillor shall
i i.e mn being u mule British subject and
j having been for the tlneo monthB uext
! ]si, i, ilm,; the duy of tils nomination the
I registered owner, In Iho Land Registry
i Office, of land or real property situate
within the municipality ot Iho assosi-
cd value, on tho lust munlclpul or provincial ussessinent rull of two Iiundred
gnd llfty dollurs or more over tad
above any regislered Judgment or
charge, or being a homesteader, lessee
'from Ihe crown, or pro-emptor who bu
resided wllhln the municipality for the
I space of one year or more Immediately
preceding iho day of nomination, and
la assessed for flvo hundred dollara or
mure on the last municipal or provincial assessment roll over-arid above
uny registered JuUgment or charge,
or being a homesteader, lessee from tlie
Crown, or pre-emptor who hai realded
wllhln tin municipality for a portion ■
of ono year Immediately preceding Ibe
nomination, and during the remainder
of said year has been too owner of aald
bind, ot which be formerly was a homesteader, lessee from the crown or pre-
emptor, und Is assessed tor flvo hundred dollurs or nioreon Ibe lasl munlclpul or provincial assessment roll over
and above any registered Judgment or
charge .und being otherwise duly qualified us a municipal voter.
, In every school dlslrlcl, any peraon
: being a householder 111 lhe dlslrlcl.
ond Tnlng a llrlllsh subject of the full
uge of twenty-one years, und otherwise quolllicil by ibis acl to voto at
an elecllon of school triiBiccs In tho
sold school dlslrlcl. shall be eligible
to be elected or to servo as u school
trustee In such district.
Olven under my bund al Norlb Vancouver, Ibis imii day of March, llll
:••! » lleurnlng Officer
Phone 335 Owners-Palmer, Burmeater & von Graevenitz, Ltd.
Commencing March 25th
The Golden-LePaige Co.
The Famous Drama
The Latest Photographic News of the World
The Beit oi Photo Pictures
One Performance Nightly. Doori open 8 (/clock, Commence 8:30
Matinee Saturday, 2:30.       Box Offic* open 10 to 12 ajn. and 6 to 7 pm.
PRICES-15c. and 25c.
• '■ xtt
fl 6.
Great Clearance Sale
— —■...,. — ■Hg.S.I
Roses, Shrubs
Trees, Plants
APRIL 1st. we offer lhe following for CASH
ONLY.   COME EARLY and get your choice
6,000 Boies, mixed sorts     11.50  per doien
1.000 Wallflower  60c por doien
2,000 Hollyhock .' 60 and 76 centa per dozen
600 Sweet William   ..'. 76 cents per dozen
6,000 Privet Hedge (California and Bngllsb)   fl,60 aud 13.00 por 100
300 Holly Trees, Hold, SUvcr aud Groin  11,00 to 11.60 each
6,000  Evergreen Shrubs, assorted       60c to $1.00 each
100 Boa Trees   60c to (1.00 each
60 Bhododeudrous, mixed colors  60 cents each
600 Aaalaa, mixed colon   26 ceuts each
160 English Yew, line for bodge, 2 to 3 feet high ...',..' 11.00 eacb
Blooms from above roses too^ 1st piUs it Vancouver's exhibition last year.
FLORISTS, Corner 17th Street and St. Andrew's
And you certainly du wben you buy furniture lure. (juulity and variety are tbo strong feature of this store. Nowhorc else will yuu liud
as extensive a showing of really guod furniture and carpels ut such uuin
inal prices as we clurge. Kadi article ia representative of lbc best of ilx
kind and our wonderful aiiortmool insures our suiting evtry tasle and
every purse.
This Month
You can save money in
making your purchases now
Extension Tables, $8.50,
$9.50, $12, $15 up.
Dining Sets of 5 small and
I aim from $ 14.00 per
set up.
Bedstead, Spring aad Mattress, complete for $8.50 up
Dressers at cut prices, $8.50, $9.50, $12.00, $15.00
and up to $75.00.
In our Crockery Depl. wi ire jusl opening up a large shipmint of Flowir Pols
ind Crocks.       -^^^=       All Sixis
128 Lonsdale Ave.
North Vancouver
Mahon, McFarland & Procter, Ltd.
CLEARED 50 ft. Lots in Block* 226 and 227;
$900 and $1000      14 cash, 6,12,18 monthi.
50 ft. LoU in Block* 230 and 232a; (650, $700
and $800 1-4 each, 6, 12 and 18 months
Pbone 6286
543 Pender Street, Vancouver
China and the Celestials
Oontimiad ftem pige three
away it) long sleeves; so tM to » Chinese iiiiml liuroiican clothes, especially
ii woman's evening ilress, aro roost lm-
moful. Among the country people it
v.niilil sometimes he ililliiiill tp distinguish a roau from a woman if it were
not for tho difference in tho hair anil
the feot. Iu llm towns tho better class
Ohinoso lailies ilress very sumptuously,
wilh ilellcitoly colored silk rolius and
wido embroidered silk trousers. Thoir
tiny foot projecting from those do uot
look at all attractive from au European
poiut of view, hut the Ohluese consider
tbem a great beauty, ami profess to ad
mire the ungainly way iu which thuy
hobble along. .The smaller Iho foot ami
I lie mure ungainly tlio hublilo, the mure
attractive is the proud possessor of these
"defects" in the oyos of her husband
and bis friends.
Before tlio Mamliu invasiou iu the
seventeenth contury Chinamen used
tp wear tlieir liair ilono up in u knul
al Ihu hack of Ihuir heads; lull lifter
the conquest llicy were made lo wear
a pigtail and shave the front of their
beads. To make this in ti itt iuu (in reality a mark uf sulijuction lo lbe Man
. I.ii rule) mere palatable, tlieir superstitious natures wore appealed to, and
thoy were made to believe a pigtail was
necessary to enable them to he hauled
up lo Hoaveu. It certainly makos n
very effective means fur capturing uiul
holding bad characters, and one frequently sees three ur four of these gentry lining marched ulung with their
pigtails tied together,
Hu i. .In . Chinese pipit silk into
Iheir pig-tails lo make Ilium luuger, and
Ihu ends of the strings hang down to
about tboir knees,   ll is au insult for
Chinaman tu talk to his superior
with his pig tail wound round his head
ami il is also an insult for In in In tuke
off liis hat when he comes tu visit yon
ur if he moots you in the street. It is
considered guud form to expectorate
freely and noisy when in company,
which is a most disgusting habit. Dili
cials and Chinese uf the leisured classes
allow two or more of tlieir finger nails
lo grow several inches iu length, us un
Indication lhat they do nut have tu
wurk with their bands. I dure say thoy
liud these long nails useful in some
way, hut Ihey must be very iinunveni
■■sit ami liable to catch iu everything
All the men, as well as the women, cur
ry fues whicii they stick in the hack
of Iheir necks or iu their hunts. In ad
diliun to the difference iu the fol,
Chinese women run lie discriminated
from Mauchu women hy tho way Ihey
do their hair. The former huve it done
at tlio hack aud covered wilh a uuin
ber of little ornaments of guid filagree,
lu.ii' and Imitation llowers. The Mauchu
women do theirs round an ornameul
placed acruss Ilie head on tup, which
looks liko a pair of hums; at lirsl sight
y remind one forcibly of the picturoa
of the Duchess in "Alice in Wonder
Tobacco and Feeding
Tobacco smoking is general among
lioth sexes; the pipes aro long ami
straight, with tiny howls which ouly
hold enough for about three pulls al a
lime, so that when a Chinaman smokes
he is continually refilling his pipo. The
light Is obtained frum a rolleil-up spill
of tinder paper whicii slowly smoulders
uutil coaied into a flame by blowing
on it sharply in a peculiar way with a
kind of spitting noise. This has tu be
doue each time Ihe pipo is refilled, su
that they are kepi pretty busy when
Ihey indulge in a smoke.
The Chinese aro great guurmets, uml
love feoding. Katinghouscs abound
everywhere, and invariably du a good
business. Purk is a favorito dish, and
is prepared iu numbers of ways. Ueef
is not eaten, but .the Mahumedans sat
mutton. Bice is, of course, the staple
food, and is eaten at evory meal, eicopl
by i In ' who cannot afford it. Fish,
pork, chicken, vegetables of all kinds,
uiacuruni, bean curd ,aud eggs are euteu
as relishes with the rieo. They liave
numberless saucers, of which one uf the
chief ingredients is said to be black
beetles, and they pickle evory imagin
able thing. Eggs which havo been pre
served underground in a mitturc of
salt, lime and wood asbes for Afty years
or so aro coosidorcd a great delicacy;
they are then of a groeuy black color
aud not at all inviting. Thuy also pro
servo tbem in Uamsbui, a spirit mado
from rice, which should be moro palat
able. Down iu tbe south dogs arc
specially fattened up for eating, but
ihis is not done to any eitent in Vt-
Official Chinese dinner parties arc
very wearisome affairs, thoy continue
for hours, and are one continuous parade of effusive affali\lity and most punc
iiln.ii'sly conventional etitjuctU from
start toijlniih. .They arc usually about
twenty-four courses and your host is
deeply offended if you do.mil <parlake
of tbem all; moreover, be evory now
and then selects wbat ho considers -i
particularly tempting inonol witb bis
chopsticks ind puts it on your plate,
Kadi course is liruuglil round in a bowl
from Which everyone bclpi himself with
his chopsticks, which are rather thinner
and longer thin an ordinary pencil,
made of wood, bone, or ivory, and both
beld by tbe thumb and Angers of tbe
right hand.  Ohopstieki are awkward
to use ul lirsl, but ono *""". gets into
the trick.   The fqod ll picket) np be-
I ween lliu points and transferred tu the
mouth; as tbore ure no knives on the
table, It Is served up ready cut into
smull  pieces siiiluble  for a isn»iitlifiil.
Some of Ibo g^eat delicacies given «i
big dinners would bo considered vprf
weird in  Hugbind, such au soup minle
from sea slugs, or birds' pests ,or pickled seaweed, slewed ducks' tongues,
sharks I Aus, ote. The only liquor drunk
ul those dinners ja bul Hinnshni,
which is served in littlo bowji. Everyone drinks ovoryono olio's heiillh sov
urul times, uud the conversation goner
ally consist uf must flattering apportions of tho capabilities and qualities of the iieii.nu to whom you happen
to lm speaking at tho time, varied by
a corresponding depreciation of yourself and everything connected with you,
ull uf which is very boring.
The Chinese are a very temperate
race. Thuir principal hovcrugu is tea,
which tbey drink at all hours of the
day. It is uut preparud as in Kuglund;
il few leaves of tea ure pluccd in a bowl
and hot water which bus boiled poured
in, ii smaller buwl is then inverted upon
il, uud it is allowed lo stand for a
short time. The best lea bus jasmine
flowers mined wilh it, which gives it a
delightful scented fliivor. Poor people
whu 'inni"! afford leu drink liul water
iustead; Ibey never drink it euld, and
every bouse yuu go to always has a
kuttlo on the boil.
Thero are no fireplaces in dunce
houses. Ciii heating their living rooms
thuy build a broad masonry scat all
along one side of Ihe room, this is hollow underneath, ami connected with a
llm: oulside; there isalsnaduur leading
intu the Interior uf Ihe Kong, us it is
culled, uud here a lire uf wood ur other
iiilliiiiiiuuble niutcriul is kept up; this
makes Iho seat quite nurm ami comfortable, bulb fur sitting ou and sleeping uu at night.
Tho main underlying principle whicii
governs Chinese life is tbe revonmrTc of
children lm their parents. The father
is the head uf lhe family, nnd ull mem
ben of It are expected to conform fa
bit wishes.  Any honor earned by ouo.
of |iis cliil'.lroii is rulloutud back to bimJ
aud if tbey ibould commit any crimu
the disgrico falls equally on bis rtoul-
It a man bu pr son be must adopt
ono. Daughters are looked upon as a
uuisuueo, as thuy are nothing but an
expense until thoy marry, wben tbey
leave tbe family aud join that of their
husbands. Marriages take placi at a
very early age, owing to the necessity
pf raising sons, and ni soon as a bay -
epiucs of a marriageable age stops are
taken to procure a wife for bim. He
has nothing to do with tho choice, there
ure womun who mako a special buijnon
of arranging marriages.     They make s
themselves lli'i|llllilllci! wilh all tbe elder children.round, aud when asked by
thoir parents of lonio boy, ibo selects
some girl she knows whom she thiuks
would suit, goes to tbe girl's pannti
with full infonnation ai tu the name,
iluto and hour of tbo birth of tbe intended bridegroom. Tbli information
thoy lubroit lo a fortune teller who
casts his noriiscopu aud decides If a
marriage with biro would bo favorable
or not. If favorable similar information about tbu girl is given through tho
match-maker to the boy'a parents wbo
submit il tu thoir fortuuo-tollor for ap-.
provai. If all this is rigbl, a day is
fixed and the marriage takes place in
due course.
In tbi Matter of A. B. Fletcher
The Boyal Bauk of Canada having
handed tbo books und bills receivable
in Ihe above mutter over lo W. J.
Wilson, Assignee, al parties indebted
to tho above Kittle aro roquosted lo
settle tboir accouut. with tho aaid
Assignee forthwith, the creditors having giveu imperative instructions to
. nil.'. I all outslandiug accounts forth
with. All payments aro tu bo paid
direct to the Assiguco wbo will issue
receipts fur same.
W. J. WIJ.80N,
381 Hastings Si  West.
The New Municipality
Quarter Acres on MARINE DRIVE
at $1000 each, fifth cash
Two acre blocks close to waterfront at
$2500 per acre '
Five acre blocks overlooking English Bay
from $500 per acre
And "Corner Marine Drive and Man Rd., Dundarave
John Aspell & Co.
Rents collected and repair*, renovationt and connecting
. of drains superintended.
Listings solicited for houses, ttorts, flats, offices or other
properly for sale or lo lei.
„, ,  | *_
Bank of Hamilton Chambers,        North Vaacouver
P.O. Box 2153. Phone 438.
Toleplioue 328.
V. O. Box 2181
mmmIn.ii i   I    »   i ■ i        i -_«^«Mt.
All Telephone Coal Orderi Promptly Delivered
Wliiif; Makou Avi., Bu>l*u*de Wat. UAMJ MITOHBLL,
0<ftci: New Block, 8 doori from Lonidale, Htyltnill W. Mmigii      ' THE EXPRESS NPRTH VANCOUVER, B, C„ TUESDAY, MARCH
lhe skin pi flur fiios bo turned jntii
ihrnaii^ ind our rights"written there-
yor  alius  'havo yof pocket!   full  pi
mmm' ter tntc miiiwc tlam mit
4 Cleared Lots, full size, on 16th Street
in Block 34 "A"
ONLY $1000 Each
Terms one-third cash, Mance 6, 12, 18
months; also
•  .-' • ■,
4 Large, Cleared Lots on Essex Street,
overlooking Park, one-hal£ block from
Lonsdale Avenue
ONLY $950 Each
Easy Terms
Irwin & Billings Co., Ltd.
Corner 5th aad Lonidale Phone 15   North Yancouver, B.C.
North Vancouver Business & Professional Cards
liiililiii.li ■!■    Hi.nib
Auditor ami Accountant
101 Lonidale Avcuue. 1'. O. Boi 2307.
Nijffb Vancouver. I'bone I'll.
ivies   H.   Howard 11.   J.   Pirrln
City  Auditor.
Aulltur.   and    Aeeoupl.ul.
MS  I'ender St   W.      I'.  O   Box  2236
I'bone IIS7 Phono 112
Vincouver       North Vancouver
Underwood'a Barber Shop
on 8eturdayj*lbo 301b, 6 Lousdale Ave.
133 Jib Street Kist North Vnncuurii
I I'bone 273
iii.ai Kamriiis
Pioneer Hormbon ? Carriagi Worki
I O.M Il.ll   lllllV
I 'In nu Executed     : :   Estimates Given
Coutio apd Mill Boad
Lynn Valloy, B. O.
Tbi New Block oo   l.nnnlulo  Avrnue
near the Forry  Approach
wus built by
Genorol Conlraolon
'Ul.l IM  III.
Up to date Millinory
Modertae Katei
Keith Block    83 Lomdale ATI.
Illilllli.il W'lll  II
Studio  over  Bonk   B. N. A.
I.onsdale and Esplanade
Praclical'Mochanlci. All work guar
anlcod.   1'. O. Box 2272.
A. Craib W. Craib
In Concrete, Brick and Wood.
North Shore Cleaning k Dyeing Worki,
High Class I,a.lie.' and Cents' Tailoring
liepairing   ami   Alterations.  Cleaning
i ami Dyeing in all its branches. All
Worli guaranteed.
! Ill First Street West. l'bono 207
Successor to Wallace * Scott, Third
Street.  Oeaeral ri.pair work.
A. Willice's lervicei nave been ro
Bookeellsri and BWiomra
Cor. loptiiM aad lit.      Phnw 1«
A.M.IE. k S.
Irrigation, drelnige, lovols, plans
olid specifications. Seplio tenki end
houu drainage a specialty. )'. 0.
Box 'HI, I6lh itreet wait ol Bewieke
Liiillen' work a specialty    .Ml klmli.
Of    reimll lllll.       llllellliK.       lelliiidelllll,
cleaning and pressing. (.'bargus moder-
ulr.   WurU   guaranteed        t.'or   I.onsilllli
and I Mli itreet, Norlh Vancouver, U. (.'.
I'lione   Jill
THAI II KB.<   i mill).
And genersi Commission Merchant, 13
Lomdali Ave., Nortb Vaneouvir.
I'bone 32*
Teacher or pianoforte and theory, terti
lid London and Glasgow. Corner 1 lin
aud i Ins i edi, i.i, North'Vancouver.
My clotbei ara at the Capilano
1-auudry whero yours ought to bs.
Flat work fo> it tenti doz. Itough
dry, le lb., wet wull, 8c lb. Pr^p ui
a card and we will call /or thin.
P. 0. Box 2282
TKAi'iimi OF i'i ami and THEOHY
Specially: Children i Lessons at own
* home.     Terms    etc., ipply General
ypur good countryman seldom ,wj||
quaff a mug of beer without giving a
toast, uml rustic toasts, like homo
wade cottage leaves or proper liuinc
cured bacon luive their own flavor.
Sometimes it is contained in ono word
only or merely i|i tho 'cx|irpssion of
the voice or perhaps tbo accompanying
J rpraember onco quietly wnlkiug
down a jicdgo pij tho otber side ol
which two jolly parlors woro nil I ing
tu their ll o'clock liiiielii'iin, writes a
eiirri'n|iii]].li'iit of the London Evening
Standard, when the strength of the
lind clime floating through the
fliiiirktlii.ru at once startled and liurri
fled me, a toast from which al) csionce
ii inlien wben T write it down, omit
tipg only one word, "Ere'a your good
Some good dii lnn4's known in ro'
fined society liuvo a rustic ring, ar
"lli're'n to thee and me and aw on usl
May wo ne'er want nought, none of
Ull Neither thee nor mo, nor anybody
else, uiv on us—naivn nf us." ' A inure
genuine rural tuast contains only llui
words, "Horn, corn, wool and'yam,"
with no rhyming artifice, in uid days
a i'u mu lis' ul farmers' dinners.
"God speed tho plow, and bless t
Corn  mow," goes back  to sixteen
e.Iiiui v Jays, A genuine custom iluuie
from Suffolk runs thus: "Here's a
health lo ahe barley mow. Here's t
health to the man who can holh harrow ami plow ami sow." Such a good
pld toast ougbl uot to be allowed lo
Bul It is with Hie rustic toasts ns
wilb the riislii' folksongs. In a few
years folksongs will be beard no more
except from Hie lips of members of
folksong societies, and somewhere an
old fellow will rise in a couutry inn
to give for lhe lasl time the old toast
humid down lo bim from Iiis fathers
and thereafter rustic toast-giving will
be as extinct as Hie custom of wear
iug Hie smock frock. Folksongs bave
boon rescued and are safe in print, bul
there is nunc lu culled all lbat rustic
wil, ami wisilum which tlie country-
mill's loasl* enshrine.
Looking down the 200 loasls as
printed in Hie bark nuinberi of lbc
Sussex .lourual wc find they contain
much sound rural philosophy ami ox
press in quaint phrases many of the
common hopes uml fears of lhe couu
try people.
To bo "turned out" is a prevailing
fear of tlie country, whether out of
cotloge, ur uf situation, or out of tbe
harborage of Hie iuu. "Hire's lo bim
thai is lurned uut," run. one wish uf
good health accordingly, "ami uoi lo
them lhal lurned him oul. Muy lhe
devil turn him inside out," goes lbc
lhe toast in a fine burst of indignation, which cannot fail lo ovoke lusty
huzzas, "thai turns a fellow servant
To be turned out of jail is anotber
matler, as another loasl nuggols
"Here's to Hie inside of a loaf, llic
oulside of a jail, a pound of beefsteak
and a pot of good ale." Then we have
"Ibe live uuls and lhe une in' 'loasl
If you demand an explanation you
will be told it means "Out of heel, oul
of loc, out of money, oul of clothe*,
oul of credit ahd in debl," a toasl,
Iberefon, lo mliforlune,
itcef and heer fuul n place in scores
uf ruslie loasls. The three Iii aro
sometimes loasled together thus:
"The three Bs. males you know very
well 1 mean bread, beef and beer " Kis
ing lo greater heights lhe countryman
gives the loasl lo lhe nine lis: Baker's
liei bread, butcher's beat heel ami
brewer's best heer." Ihree good things
seldom found in Ihe country in these
ssd times.
Wilh beer and bread a good wife not
unreasonably often is connected
"Good beer a year old; good bread a
day old; or good beef hot or cold and
a good wife wlioll never scold," is a
ucl example. Then we find "Koasl
beef aud strong beer, a pretty lass wilb
a Ihousand a year."
Tho familiar old Ipasl beginning Iho
lino, "Hero's I health lo all those
that we love," is found in several rus
tic versions.
Oue runn "Here's lieallb to ui Iwo
ind Iwo more. If ihey Iwo love lie
Iwo love us two is we two love Ibey
iwo, bore's health lo ill four. But If
they two don't love us I wo is wr Ino
love Ibey two, here's lore to ui two
ami no more."
Again: " 'Ero'a from wc in ourn ter
you in' yourn, mister. A wishes is taw
you and your folk love nr in' our folk
well is we in' our folk love you in'
your folk, for surr there nicer wu folk
since folk were folk is ever loved
(oik 'arf if well as we an' ourn love
you an' yourn, so tbore."
They arc nol ill kindly Ibese ruatir
loasts. Many a maiden nould gladly
honor thia lout lo old bachelors:
"May they live alone on a bed of nrl
ties, >ilt alone on a wooden,stool, oil
alone oo I wooden trencher and br Ibeir
own kitchen maids."   The wisb "May
ou" is worthy qf tho dayi of tbp Magna Chirti.
A sarcistic young man'a twist is to
tbe maid "who takes a kiss and goes
and tells lull' mut her." The ipiesliou
fol|ow»: "flo'st think sho ever ought
to bo kissed b y»ny other!"
Borne of tbo happiest toasts aro in
broadest direct: '"Kro'a good lico|th
to e'o, mum, an' ipay yor alius 'avp
tho strength to puib ulung tbo saipe
as yor doos uow au' let a pattern ' 'nil
ther farmori' wives way found."
'1'flte't giis,si luck to 'im au' may 'c
carry 'in |eitb witb 'im tor tbor grave.
And, finally, for a truo example of
rustic thankfulness wittily cxprussod:
'"Ere's good    'oilth, sir,   uml   may
Homo flay."—Bpatpp Aflvpfflipf,
Piitrict pf North yajwwyw.
Tq Survoyors, Laud Onuen uid All
Ottiera Whom It May Concern
TAKE Nl ITH IF that Oft Council qf
tho District of North Vancouvpr will
not doal witb any plana of aubdiviiion
•t iny regular Thunday meeting unless the same aro In tbo hands of tho
Dislriot Engineer not later tbau 6.00
p.m. on the Tuesday previous to inch
Lynn Valley Ttaytraace Hotel
North Vine uvir
On the car line. Hoarding meals.
Oood accommodation for working men.
Coutraclon' man boarded. Hy. Kaitcott,
Ptepiim. ' ,   '
ItO-lllh Strut But. P. Q. got tllk
For null (I duwn and (1
weekly you can buy tbe
LEABLE .BANOB, reservoir or watorfrout complete fitted up. See tbe
BANOB. Tbey last a
Prompt Delivery.
Patterson, Goldie & Clark
Phone 88.    * ESPLANADE WEST.
We have a Large and Exclusive List
D.L. 265 and D.L. 273
Phone 24. P.O. Box 1820
The Kelvin Plumbing' and
Heating' Co.
Keith Road West
Will sui'i'ly yuu wilb lbs cheapest estimates fur any kind of Plumbing and IL mn g Wurk, Sanitary Engineering, Bower uud Septic Tank
connections, furnace Instillations, etc. Jobbing work ami small contract! receive 'prompt attention.
(live us the jub In III uji yuur new borne and we will guarantee to
fix all yuur pipes in a nay Ibal will wve yuur winter worries.
.Nu job luu small. IS oue luo huge.
UUr services aru al your disporul nigbt ur duy.
We've severed our connection wilb
"The Light Brigade"
The "Wild Charge" tiny mads
PosUl Address:
Box No.
Nortb Viucouver
Post Offlce.
North Yancouver Coal & Supply Co. Ltd.
Dealera in Coal, Brick, I Jim. Gravel, Sand, Cement, Platter,
Lath, Sewer Pipei and General Builders' Supplies.
Wharl: Fool of S». George's Ave.   Phone 178.
Office: 56 Lomdale Avenue.   Phone 198.
Western Plumbing Co.
Plumbluf, Plumbing SuppUia, Sawat
Oonuoetloni.   Hot  Water  imt  SUam
Heating.   Meet  Maul   and TUmera'
Pumice Work.   BaUmataa funiiahad.
Weieksuu ud Often Oor. Bipluadi aad St. Otorgi, Phona tM.
3. H OODDAKD, Manager
Snaps in Homes
I roomed Bungalow on Slit Unit jiaw, all  modern, fating south,
H9K).   Termi easy
0 roomed House on, IBIli itnel, i blocki eut of Loosdilo All modern
firej.lan Mt. |230U. $800 cub, bilincc easy.
1 roomed bouse on 18th alreet eut  of  Boulevard,  new,   ♦1800,  HM
cut, Ulance 111 par month.
Campbell Realty & Investment Co,
J'. <). Drnwer MM
'      i" i miMiimmmmmtmmpm
AU Aa printing wa da la proof of our
ability. Wa apaciallaa In the HtUe
thinga which ara aa important, and
wMch add ucellinci to your walk.
Our plant and itiff, corablnid with tba
itudy wa glvi to tlia tradi, anablu
ua to girt utlifictiou. Wa will glvi
Mtlmataa, miki up dummiu or adviu
you on any work you want dana,
Publiihin     af     "Tha    Bipmi."
<       PrlnUri of Fim Job Work.
Nortk Vancouvar, B. 0.       Pkoui go.
Wa kava tka uclmlvi uli of 14 loti |a Mack 2, D. L. 7m. TIM
lata itt'kO fait by lis fut uid on tka following urw ara tka baat
bay la Hartk Lonadale today: Prlci ll«o. Tama Ho cub, balance ia
118, aad tf r
pythww smm
Tbe local order of (lie JMgbH af
I'ylliius havo made arrangements for
lhe fpnitatioii of a ladlos' fodgo in this
ejty, » meeting for which prposj will
bo hold in the Knights of Pythins Hall,
4th street wiBt, on Friday afternoon at
two o'clock. Thii meeting will be ad-
dressod by Mra. Craig, Grand Chief of
(bo Pytbian Sisters of Britiib Columbia, and ul the conclusion of tho ad
dress the local lodge will ba organised.
In tba evening tho lirst session of the
newly instituted lodge will bo held, at
whlcb the installation of officers will
take placo. The evening session wi|l
be open to all nuuiibiirs of the local
lodges of the order.
IM BSFLAHADB  (OU) VOkyt 01799)
Item m t. 0. Mt 834*
Maffttii tot London Awurance Go.
W« lur* • food selection ol Houses lor Sal* or Reri
The funeral took place on Saturday
afternoon of Mrs. Nedln, aged 70 yean,
from the resideuce of ber ion on 16th
street. Interment look 'placo in Mountain View eeniotery.
Tho. St. Andrew and Caledoiiian So
ciety hold their regular meeting on
Thursday evening at 7.90. Ai import
aut business is on tbe agenda a full at
ii'inliiin-.i is expected. After the pro
cesdings a varied program will bo ren
I'm.' fresh milk, cream butter, butter
milk, also Ico aud ke cream supplied in
any quantities at right pricei by the
Purity Creamery Company, 150 Fourth
street west. Our methods of handling
and processes of manufacture aro the
latest and best known to modern
not ouwnr
BOBN-To Mr. and Mn. Edwards,
Fromme Hoad, a daughter.
Mr. A .1). Burrows returned from Iho
old country 011 Friday with his bride.
They will reside 011 Frommo road.
Miss Ethel Stubbing! returned lo
Vancouver on Saturday after a shurl
■lay with her lister on Peter road.
Mr. aud Mrs. Shiver of Frederick
road are about to movo to thoir ranch
al tangle) Prairie fur the iiimiucr
Mr. .1. M. Frommo is having a but!
nsss bluck built on the corner of Centre
and Lynn Valley roadi.
Mr. It. Adam's new bungalow facing
Peters' road will ho ready for occu'
paucy Ibo end of this week.
Fivu additional bungalows are boing
erected for the Merchant! Trust ami
Trading Co. Ltd. on Evelyn avenue. .1.
W. Raker is Ihe builder.
Tho picture show at tbe Institute
Hall on Friday wu very successful
There was a good attendance.
I ii.-i evening tho Vancouver Amateur
Musical Comedy Company give thoir
original play "Silas B. Watkins of Now
York". The ball wis not full but the
audience were appreciative aud judg
ing frum tbe number of encores given
0 performance was a successful one
Ou Thursday eveniug of Ibis week the
Indies' Aid of Knox church are giving
a welcome social lo tbo new minister,
Hev. A. MacAulay, at which light refreshments will be served free to al'
residents end no coIIccIkui. Ur Fracor
of Vancouver is expected lo introduce
Mr. McAuley and limo will be given
lo allow everyone lo make the new min
iiter'i acquaintance.
An exceptionally guud concert is advertised for Wednesday of next week,
April 3rd in llic Institute Hall . Thii
ia being given by the Ht. Andrew'i
choir, North Vaneouver, under lbe baton
uf Mr.. W. Wilsou. The concert wae
given in North Vancouver about two
weeks ago aud was a deelded success
The admission is only 25 cenls and Iho
proceeds are towards the trustees' funds
for reducing the debt un Ibe hall.
Last evening tho Epwortli League of
tbe Methodist church had a very successful mock trial. The treasurer wu
accused nf misappropriating tho funds
for bis awn use. It was shown that if
memberi had paid pp promptly there
would have been no shortage. Tho
oourt was replete witb a full list of
officers and dignitaries.
Mr. James Weir wai judge, Tom Martinson registrar, Leonard Osborne,
orown attorney, Aft Martinaou, sheriff,
and W- Bay Qsburp, pr|ioopr. Wit-
nesiei of all professions were called and
cross examined. The verdict of the
jury was "not guilty,' 'after due deli-
buritiou aud disagroements among thl
Tbe trial was a trifle unorthodox, but
it served Ita purpoio, that is, reminding
those persons whose duei were ovor due,
Needless to say, the majority paid In before thoy loft. The evening afforded
10 much pleasure and profit tbat another
similar program will be hold in the near
On Sunday morning at about 11
o'clock, Millie Steovon, wife of tbe
Bev.-A. J. I'rifSsor, passod away after
prolonged illness. The death took place
at Mr. ProsBor's reiidonco adjacent to
the First Baptist churcli at tho corner
of lUth stroet and St. George's.
Mrs. 1'rosBoi had boon suffering from
a tubercular affection for almost eight
years. Sho and ber husband, witb
whum deep sympathy is folt, como to
Ihli city lut fill, Mr. Pressor's pre
vious pastorship having■been ip Loth-
bridge, Alberta. Tbeir frfmily consists
of two' youug boyi.
The funeral takoi place Ihis after-
noon, whon a semen ii being held in
thu Baptist church. The funeral ar
rangemeiits arc iu tho bauds of Harrou
Tenders Wanted for framu waroliouie
ate., Esplanade. Plans and specifics
1 urns to bo obtained from undersigned
on Moiidoy, ilSlh inat. Andrew Dewar,
SI Lonsdale Avenue.   Architect.   'Jii 11
Healed Tenders will ba received by
Iho undersigned up to :1.1m o'clock p.m.
Thursday, March 28th, 1018, for Iho
supplying of uniforms.
Lowest or any lender mil necessarily
acceplod. ,
For particulars, ap/ly to
868 Secretery-Treaifuror.
Keith road weit (old location) road
will be closed from weit boundary of
D. L. CSS westwards during tbo con
itruction of Initio in I). L. SS6 until
furtber notice.
District Engineer.
Don't Flil to iee bor.    She is a wonder
The Psychic Wonder
Tha World's Ortateet Olarlvoyant and
(Special Prices)
North Vincouver.
Itiioiii 16 "The Victoria"
Eastertide Will Soon be
You all want ta look unart at Baiter.
Naw Olotkaa, NBW BOOTS and 8HOBS
ta he<ald tka incoming spring witk ltl
balmy breeaee, and naw bora flowin.
Biunlae our magnlficmt ehowlng of tbe
lattet akapee and atylaa ia flui footwear.
You cannot And a better or mora carefully eilected itock in Britiih Columbia.
Support your own townamaa.
♦ %%■»»♦♦»»%■»♦%»»»♦»♦  s^%.»»V»V%s»*^»-W».s»s»^*<   ■
Booti Md Show Bapaited Wbile You Watt by tba Lataet and Moit
Up todata Macblniry.
... v- 1
Wood-Paige Shoe Co.
tLmk Crawn Bfeck.      Hnt Bank tt Him*i\     Opp.CtyHaH
Garden Tool*
OUR STOCK i» complete, ai>4
the Quality is here.   —- ■ *—
Uf  LAWN MOWERS, in ill mt
*fl   from 12 to 18 inch*
f]|   We alto have a Mock of the
Famous Summencale
the best on the market ranging from
300 to 500 pounds and the pricei are
1 ■
paine & McMillan
Wholesale and Retail Hardware
In conaiquinceof vary gristly incrimd builnaaa, tki
B. 0. Livery Balrbtablea bive Imported from Beattle laat
Saturday a number of nice and thoroughly well brokan
qutit horses for llviry purpoiei. Alio uviral niw »bl-
L-lea, including a well-appointed covind hick ln tki lataet
Hr. Dumas, tbi proprietor, bigi ta inform hia cuitom
era that hi can supply their requlriuiiuti it My hour of
tbi diy or night to tboir entire tatiifactlon. Phona 347.
I'AIIK VIEW lun right on Iho famoui southwestern slope of North
Vancouver, where lbc wealthiest and most prominent cititeni of North
Vincouver iro buying lioiucsilui. ll has a glorious unobstructed view
of tbo Hull of Uuurgia aud Vaueouver; lying opposite one of our largest perks ,where an armory ami drill bill will bl built.
I'AIIK VIEW is only a few minutei' wilk up two of our most pro
iniiienl streets, slightly ovor lull a mile from the ferry wbarf. Every
lot is now cleared and In gran. Passing right by I'AIIK VIEW will bi
tbe Boulivird Belt In.. Or
Bee ui it uuie for prices and lermi, u wi npeet tbii property lo
be snapped up by eager buyers.
McMillan & reid
Lin bo hid from 17.11) up.
i'bune 434.
I'M.   Fur 1 few days, view loll
Boom RO.
Nortb Vaneouvir.
84 Loiudali Avenue.
, (above Poat Offlri)
Post Offlce Box No. 23B7. Tiliphoni No. 463.
Real Estate, Insurance, Loans,
Wi bavs opened an office at tka abovt
addrni ind will be glad to ncelvi a
lilting of tbat proptrty you wtih to
mi. v your price la right, WB WILL
Ind thi buyir.
Mr- W. B. Hood, lata manager of tha Civic Information Bureau, and Hr,
J. B. Boiitar, until lataly wltb Haaara. John Alaiandir ft Oo., Baal
BiUU and Inauranca Broken.
Tiudiri will ba racaivad by tka un
deralgnid up to Saturday, Harck SOtk,
1918, for alaahing aad burning tka Unbar on blocka 1, 8,^, 6 and 8, In D. L.
818, Nortk Vmcouvpr, bilng altogittir ^
ibout 30 um.      ^ ».
Tha lowest or any Under not aaeaa-
aarily accepted.
V. 0. Vet 1618,
Vancouvar, B. 0.
'    ■
 ■■!  ■
W« solicit iht trade of sll builder* wbo apprecikU
High Grade Gooda al a moderate price, and the
promjft and careful filling of ordtn, wliirli our large
•lock and long experience io butinew maket po*«)bU.
Burrard Sash & Dw Factory, Ltd.


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