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The Express 1912-02-16

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 TBMMBU " _' »PB?? VAWDOffVBp, 9. 0, FJtro^T, FB^ffABY 16,1918. NUMBW «
Project Involving Expenditure
of $1,000,000 for this City
Construction Already Begun
Mr. .lumes 1', Fell
I   Lonsdale Estate, hus awarded to the
Norton Griffiths tftcel Construction Co.
' tho contract for the construction of the
) / bulkheads for the extensive iluckuge
scheme which it is tho intention uf the
lion.'.ilnli' Astute to carry out in front
' of 1). I'. 2t6, this city.
The contracting company bus already
commenced operations upon its portion
pt tbis great undertaking, which when
completed in ull ils details will give
..niii Vancouver the finest system of
decks, wharves,   warehouses   ote. on
' Un,mul  Inlet, the total cost of the
u  conatruetion of which will not bo less
*   tban one million dollara.   As Mr. Fell
has previously declared, it is nol lbc
intention of lbc Lonsdale Estate   lo
carry the whole project to immediate
completion, but to .construe! it jiii tbe
unit system, keepiug the necomiiioda-
<»   tiott at all times well in uilvuiicc of the
demands which condition) may create.
The contract upon which lbc Norton
j    Griffiths Company is at present working
niiiiinger for the includes tho construction of au immense bulkhead, which will in rculity
constitute a sea wall of great strength.
This wall is to be constructed of cement
of the latest approved ic-tm■ ami will
be of massive proportions in order lo
respond to all tests to which, it may
be subjected.
Upou tbe completion of the bulkhead
about May l.-t. the I'ugct Bound Hridge
and Drcilgiug Company will at om:c
bogin dredging oporatiousrfeuioving the
saml from Ibo sea front ef Iho bulk
bead ami dumping it on tho shore siilej!5' Il"°.""! ,iro" I"'1 l'on".0' ,""•' m.1
thus building the necessary land area
for wharves, ete. Wheu the dredging
operations aro completed there will be
a clear iloptb of thirty feet of waler
at low tido in front of the incline of
the sea wall, thus affording accoinnio
iliiliiin for the largest seagoing vessels.
Tbe inception of the fiujro Hchcinc of
harbor improvement marks a new era in
tho progress ami development of the
Norlb Shore as a great commercial
11   Queen Oity Over-Zealous re Hindus
y|      Should "Attend Its Own .Knitting
—Wiseacres Have Some Thing! to
Learn -Gratuitous  Advice  Not Be
According lo un associated press despatch Mayor McNeish of this city hu
boen vouchsafing some fulherly couu-
wl since his arrival iu Toronto, lo
n'jiiin societies in (bat city which
have manifested a tendency lo offer
gratuitous advice with reference tu
the question of Hindu immigration,
Toronto's "bulling in" tiiinleiicy,
was Ihe subject of some perlineul re
marks upou the pari of North Van
"couvcr's milium mayor, according lo
the despatch referred to. Mayor Mc-
•Ncish characterized the same a» "vory
ludicrous," in the course of an inter
view which he is reported lo have
granted and further criticised lhe so
tidies iu Toronto which were freely
jcitcraling their opinions with regard
Aa't* ihe Bikbs wbo arc in the Dominion
The despatch proceeds:
I "Why should Toronto butt iu on
this affairl" asked Mayor McNeish.
"Toronto is usually interested iu things
lhat Jo nol concern it. ll should at
tend lo its owu knitting before it
wades into uffairs of Hrilish Columbia.
) notice some locul people believe Ibal
the Bikbs shoulil be allowed iu Canada
because Ihey arc Hrilisb subjecta aud
a fine class of people.
Toronto Should Oepe West
Now, these wiseacres should come
ami    take   a    peop
mn. ami they will not be
So free wilb tboir  views, which arc
antagonistic  to  Ibe  welfare    of  the
coast.   It socnis very peculiar lo me
why Toronto should intereil lUeW wilb
tho Bikbs at all, because they are a
tt.'iil'h'■" lot and I  would nol mind
seeing their wives barred as well as
(be male portiou of Iho family."
"nuw, tnesv
•j Vancouver
is, Iiln' condition
Judges Had Difficult Task at K. of P.
Social Club's Costume Dance
large assembly of fearfully ami
wendorfuliy disguised citizens upheld
the traditions of tho festival of St.
Vejentino on Wednesday night and untie; tho auspices of the Knigtts of
Fytbias Social Club tripped tbe fioor
of Castle Hall on Fourth atroet to tho
opcourugittg straius of Chanco'a .five-
iiJeco orchestra. The guest* arrived
'* masked and garbed so effectively as to
be-unrecognisable in most instances.
Men followed a commiiigliug of holer-
Ogencou/ characters, historical,-mediae-
ml, modern and fictional. Somo had
started out of a nursery rhyme book,
Qthfrs from the covore of American
humorous papers. Tho Mowing Hat of
"birtctorii represented will, however,
speak for itself:
Ladies-tyring, colonial girl, queen
of hearts, red cross nurse, Spanish girl,
hospital nurse, Turkish girl, cow girl,
Martha Wasbiugtou, Mrs. John Hull,
Highland lassies, night, bride ami
bridesmaids, flower girl school girl,
roses, i'u in it,■ Swiss girl, maiils uf all
wurk and others.
Men—Chinamen, monks, cavalier,
Knight Templar, Highlander, Jack Tar
clowns, conns, dcadbcal, Bcedy Sam,
ami Weary Willy, plerrul, H. N. W
Mounted Police, Jew, bootblack, Duster
brown, French soldier, uaval officer, In
Imu chief, king of hearts, etc.
Handsome prizes were awarded fur
the most attractive dresses, Iwo to the
ladies and Iwo lo llic gentlemen These
were secured by Mrs. W. 3. Dick (first
prize beat dressed lady) wbo was
"Martha Washington", ami Mi
Muniu (second prize, best sustaiueil
character) who as "llusler Brown''
tripped around wilb real Buslorlikc
misehievousness. Mr. W. Melville an
nixed Ibe genlleutan's firsl prize for
bis representation of a "Knight Tint
plar" while Mr. W. J. Dick was award
ed tbe iti .mil fur bis iiupcnc
treble appearance as a "Highlander.''
Honorable im nt nu, was maiie of Mrs.
Heard as an Kgyptian dancing girl.
Mr. C. Wheeler as a handsome well do
veloped "muideii." ami Miss Woodward
as a cowgirl. The judges, M ■ - ■ r ■
Davis ami II. II. Mordcu, experienced
considerable difficulty in arriving at
these decisions, the costumes being so
generally excellent and deserving of
mention. Shortly after eleven o'cloik
the order waa giveu lu unmask, Hence
furward the proceedings look Ihe form
and character of an ordinary dance,
guests in modern and conventional ul
t|ro joining those moro picturesquely
garbed. The Social Club is lo be con
gralulateil uu the provisiou uf at excellent nigbt Ibrougbout and every
ono claims to have reached lhe pinnacle
Of enjoyment. As a masquerade, lbc
event has since been described as lbc
finest display of costumes ever wil
nessed en Ihe norlb shorts
forring to tbe construction of bonded
warehouses on north ami south shures
aud lhe obtainiug of licensed privileges
as bonded carriers.
Capt. I'nii'is. who had been pruseeut
ing inquiries in Ihis connection, was
inclined to atlvise the board to huv
md Inn;: to do with the mailer. In the
first place they would be interfering
with peoplo who owned wharves and
in the second place tbey would buve
to look to tho citizens tu provide fur
the inuiutoiiauce uf an officer and olher
<Mr. W. L. Boult did not think il
was a question of interfering wilh pri
vute enterprises. If such arrangement!
aa these would ho a convenience to tin
public, he thought they should be tbe
first to start upon thorn.
Capt. ' ni' - urged upon the board
to ,'ipi'iiinl a committee to go thorough
Advocate! Construction on Same Lines
,    As Number Three
The tony Idiiectoiite convened yes
lerdiiy nit.'i/ui.hi, Mr. W. C. Glad
presiding lul the absence of Mayor Mc
Neisb. Several melton ef varying
importance/arose foryroiisideraliou, one
of tho minor topic/lining the altitude
which ilii'/liniiid /iimlil adopt towards
anonymoul lelle». Such a eomniutii
uli mi ban .'ni/' to hand complaining
of the niilbscMavlour of two ferry passengers antrseekiug to have the ferry
authorities vested with tbe power to
lake charge of sucb persons during
transit. Tho letter wai signed by an
Tbe directors decided thai in future
all communications must bear Ibe signature of tbe sender. Otherwise no nl
trillion mil be paid to tbcm.
The secretary read a Jotter from > Mr.
E. S. Biuby finipector ef customs', ro
tn This was subsequently dune, tb
acting-president nominating Capt. t'uli"
ami Mr. Boult, together with Aeliiiy
Mayor Meliac) ilu iu- present at Ihi
There was little burst of discussion
on  the proposition which cropped
last week of bringing Ibe cars ou It
Ihe wbarf.
Aid. M. line endeavored to turn u deaf
ear to certain uulluttering comments
on the past altitude of the civic au
iliuiiin . tiii-.iiisi the condition of
Lonsdale avenue. Mr. Wright called
attention to certain obstacle* of dan
gcr ami Inconvenience which would
have lo be surmounted.
Capt. Catcs, however, stemmed tin
tide of argument by TSlisorving thai in
man provided a door for bis house uu
til he owued a bouse. "Al present wt
haven't a wharf." said Ibe luplaiu
"so what's the use uf talking)'' Tin
mutter was lefl over lo be laken up al
j future dale.
Today the directors cross Ihe Inlet
for the purpose of investigating tby
need of a sidewalk ami olher improve
incuts on Ibe Vancouver wbarf, for tin
use of fool passengers leaving Ibe
Tbe chairman then Introduced the
question of a fourth ferry Imu I In
his opinion il was quite time they be
gau to get busy iu this connection.
Capl. Cafes thereupon pooh poobt'd
Ibe idea of spending u large umouul of
public money on experts' commissions,
tic. Tf ibey desire "lo build a IIIHl.DWi
boat under these conditions Ibey would
probably have lo pay itl/iUO contra ii
sion. The captain suggested Ilml plant
fur the fourth ferry should be draw*
up on substantially tbe sume plans a*
ferry number three witb the ad.lilion
of a few proposed improvements, "tint
preseul system,1 'said Capl. tales, "is
approved as 1st class by travellers from
all over Ibe world."
"There is not lung hotter in Ban Fruit
riseo," added Mouager Heard.
"We've got the plans, we've gut the
mu I ,'i iu I and we've got the men tu su
per Intend them," urged the captain,
reluctant lu spend tbat commission
Acting Mayor McKac agreed Willi
"None of us," said Mr. Wright
"will know more about a mailer of
tbis kind Iban Capl. I'alcs. Personally
1 would like lo have inquiries made as
lo whether It would be possible lu
bavo two boats built for about thu
same cost as oue ene for |iassenger
trallic and une fur teams. This is the
system which prevails in New Soulh
Wales whero ] spent a considerable
period of my life."
"But lhat arrangement," argucl
Mr. Gladwin, "would require lhe pro
vision ef an extra rrew. I don't think
wc ran better our present system, ll
is the sysiciu used in Bt. John's, Ban
Francisco, Halifax and New York, sinl
it is in in mli the most economical."
"I was looking iulu lhe future," said
Mr. Wright.
- "I nm"ider these arc Ihe best for
the future," remarked Mr. Gladwin.
Eventually a resolution waa passed In
accordance with ('apt. full's' initial
suggestion. Manager Heard being aaked lo lay plans' and data before the
Hoard at s subsequent session.
The patrons of Ihe I/rasdale Theatre
will be pleased lo hear thai Will Loch
rune will continue to delight litem nil
next week In an entirely new program.
There will also be included Agnes
Wallace, tlie children's favorite, also
Tilly   Punbar   aud W. ll. Mcf.'luakoy.
Option Taken ou Larson's Hotel Property—Bocord Price Involved.
A well defined report bus becu iu circulation of lute lo Ibo effect that Mr.
I'. Lurson has given an option upon
his hotel properly in this city. It has
been Impossible to fully authenticate
Ihis report because of lhe absence of
Mr. Larsun who is at present in California together wilh his family, bul
Ihere is every reason to believe that
Ibe report is founded un fact. As ac
curotcly us can be ascertained the op
lion is now iu possession of un experienced operator who is now engaged
upon Iho completion of his piuus to li
itanec the purchase. The purchase price
named approximates 1700,1)00 ami the
option lias vet several iteel.- lo run.
As is well known, Ibis is one of lhe
historic properties of Nortli Vancouver
ami for nine or ten years bus been a
i,'..sin. holiday resort for Vancouver
pleasure seekers, ll includes lhe properly upon which Hold North Van
couvcr Blends in addition to several
hundred feel of most vulualde waterfront property.
North Lonsdale
Conservative Club
Now  Political  Organization  Will  be
Formed Next Week
The BIchmond Central Conservative
Association bus urruttged lo form a
Conservative club fur Norlb Lonsdale.
The club will Include ull Hie territory
outside of the cily of North Vancouver
known us North Lonsdale.
A meeting has been arranged ut lhe
church ball, North Lonsdale, on Tut's
day, Feb. "Ml Ut 8.40 p.m. following
Ibe meeting of Ibe ratepayers' associu
tion. il is hoped Ibtn ull Conservatives
residing in Ibis district will endeavor
to em i' i Ibis meeting and make Ibe
club the success wbicb ought reasonably
lo be expected.
Tbo Lonsdalo Supply ftoros were
burglerously entered by the front door
oarly this week, but the intruder was
evidently startled and matte a rapid
escape by a back oxit. So far the
ouly missing article in a hum.
Mr. fleo. A. McBuin bus presented
the Bt. Andrew's 1'resbyterian church
witb a valuable sito situated on tbe
comer of Tenth sheet ami St.' Goorgo's
nvonue. Mr. Melluiu's offer was convoyed to the management at tko last
meeting ami a recommendation was
passed to the effect that the creel ton
of a church on the site will be commenced upon as soon aa possible. II
is hoped that the church will bo opened free of debt.
On lbc horizon of notable events the
secoud aunuul concert of Ihe Norlb
Vuncouver Cily Hand looms very prom
isingly. The director of Hie baud, Mr,
llobert Chance, announces the dote of
Ihis musical treat as March llth, the
Knights uf Pythias bail having been
chartered for that night. Those who
know the progress tbut bus lieen made
by the band during the lasl twelve
niuutbs will be eager lo hour tbeir pru
grant, which, by the wuy, will include
ileins by two professional singers frum
uver the Inlet.
Express Classified Ads.
FOB BENT-Plcasant front bedroom
Mrs. lino, (juoen Btreet, near Lonsdale.
Box AiiO, Express. 20-11
FOB BENT-.-Furnished 7-roomed
liyii.'' oii double corner, with guud
garden.   Apply 1400 (,'hcslcrllelil Ave.
FOB BENT—Two Buugnluws, 'oue
furnished and one unfurnished, $25.00
per month, llth and Boulevard. Apply
■1. II. English, O.K. Grocery.
-Cabin. Ch
•     Apply
North Vaueouver.
i' rooms, Ire-
block, Isi
1 wesl.
' 8-3
Bank of Montreal
to Open Next Week
All preliminary arrangements having been brought to consummation the
Bunk of Montreal will open towards
tbe end of next week.   Mr, Farqubar
'.I I.n. wbo is lo inunuge Ihe locul
branch, bas leased from Messrs. Cardinall and McGregor, Ibe resilience of ex-
Aid. A. J. II'tisler en, on tbi.1 corner
of Fourth street ami Bl. Patrick's.
CP.R. on North Shore
A well defined rumor is in tinula
lion to the effect tbut a gang of C. V.
il. workmen was ut work this week iu
the vicinity of Boebe Point. The re
porl preeeeds lo the effect that the
necessary location has been secured
uml Ihul a permanent camp will be
erected ot once preparatory lo the roud
gangs being put on for clearing Ibe
right of way.
Mr. J. P. Fell wuiled upon lhe eity
ouqeil in committee last night iu con
m-ition with the proposed operations in
D. L. 266. ll was arranged ihut Act
ing Muyor Mcllue, together with the
engineer ond Hoard of Works should
meet Mr. Fell Ibis aflernoon wilh Ihe
cily solicitor to go iuto Ibe matter of
Iruwing up a final agreement.
Mr. II. V
al  Holel
au oflice i
the I an
ami fine,
uceuoicil by
any ond will
along real eslute
Mr, Hiker is well
be success which has at
tiiiiiil efforts, having turn
ed over several pieces of close in pro
I'i'iiy within Ifae past few days.
Bought Bankrupt Stock
Oroat  Sale   Ponding  at  Sensational
Mr. 1. II. English, proprietor of Iho
O. K. Grocery, yesterday completed the
purdhase of the bankrupt Block of A.
li, Fletcher, corner of Lonsdale avenue
and i.dii street at a low rate oo tbe
dollar for cash. Mr. English will pro
11 ed at once te overhaul and price the
stuck and next week wil) throw Ihe entire ♦1.0,'gw worth of groceries on tbe
market at prices below Ibe cost whole
sale. Mr. Knglisli declares that it is
liis intention to do a whirlwind busl-
Hess and to clear out tbe entire stock.
together with fixtures, teams, wagons,
etc., In hi "r.i time, and he baa proven
himself a bulinrss man witb tbo faculty
of making good at whatever be seriously undertakes.
FOR SALE-Lot 9, block 6, 1). h.
663.   ■:!""!   nosh.   11.000   3rd,   6,   12
months.      Uox  A25, Express Office
LUMBER  FOB  HALE-Tbo  11.  C.
Wright Lumber t.'o., II Lonsdale Avenue,
ran give you prices on all material
wben yuu arc building. Sec Ihem. t.f.
FOB BALE-fit) shares in Imperial
Cur uud Dryduck Corporation for HOO
tush. Projected line of C. P. U. runs
right through the "Imperial Townsite."
Apply  Imperial,  Express Ollice.     I.f.
FDH BALE—Five room bungalow,
ull modern, '-.. block from Lunsdule
Ateltue, HfiUn-HOn tush, balance $20
per month,' including prinicpal uml interesl. Apply Hurris Blreel Brokerage
200 Hurris Blreel. 6-3
FOB RENT—One or two rooms suitable for niii. 1-.. Overlooking Lunsdale
Avenue, close to ferry. Bout moderate.
Apply Box A32. 10 2
FOB   BENT—Four-roomed   modern
houses, five minutes frum ferry. Peer.-'
.'•   Boult, Bank of Hamilton Building.
Nortb Vancouver. t.f.
BOOMS FOB RENT.-Housokccping.
218 2ml Street cast.
TO BENT—Choice modern suites on
3rd street. Apply Alex. Smith k Co..
Norlb  Vancouver.     RodIb »17.50. I.i
Oct it at I.onsdale Pharmacy l'hono '-''
Prof. Tuylor, I'iuno Teacher and
Tuner. I'lione I'M. Olb und fjueciishury.
Norlb Vancouver. )0 '1
Agreements for Bale discounted
Muuey wailing. I.mi ini. Itcnlly Co.,
.'■iu Lonsdalo Avenue. I'bone 817,   I.f
Nurse II. B. Huggarly (certificated
Edinburgh) cu. Mcintosh, corner of
3rd and Bt. David's. Phone L42.V
Terms moderate. 20 2
FOR BEBV7CE- A good young stock
bull. Comer 19th and Malum West.
W. ll. Wilkins. H-i
B.   C.  Livery  and   Board   stublos-
Light   rigs  uml   Indies'  suddle  borers
for hire.   Stubliug for horses,     tlm.
eral delittry and heavy learning.     II
Dumas, Ilh street wcsl. Phone 387 t.f.
B. M. Success Company
Rocky Miiiini.iiii Ointment. A sovcr
cign specific im cuts, sores, burns,
bruises, etc . Apply externally, Price
25 cents. For sale by R. M. Success
Company. JO-2
FOB  BALE   Wettings  of Mammoth
I'tkitt Ducks. Prise strain. Pbone llii'
FOB HALE-Eggs tot batching from
thoroughbred 'B. C. While Leghorns
Mrs. Bae, Ijueen, near Lonsdale. Hox
A30, Express. in'i
FOB BALB-Puro bred While Leg
born Eggs. HM per selling, also four
cockerels. This stuck is guaranteed.
Ajijily F. James, cor. Centre road and
Mill street, Lynn Valloy. 1)
FOB SALE—A fow pens of prize
slork, Columbian Wyandottes, t'oliiiii
bian Berks, Partridge Wyandottes, Buff
Orpingtons, 8. (,', White Leghorns. Now
booking orders for eggs and day old
chicks. Mrs. J. E., Lynn Valloy
Poultry yards. Boad, Box
21 it, North Vancouvor. 3-1
Tho North Vancouver Dye Works
II Lonsdale Avenue, guarantee to do
us good work nl cheaper prices than
you can possibly gel in Vancouver.
Givo us a trial, the result will speak
for itself     Phone 107. t.f.
The Truth students class will meet
every Tuesday evening ul 8 o'clock nl
the resilience of Mrs. Gallagher, Koilh
road, near Bidgeway, Btudents desir
iug higher spiriluul unfuldincut a/o
cordially invited to attend. t.f.
Sewer connections by expcrienrel
workmen. Good grude petrified pipe
Work fully up lu the requirements of
city inspection bylaw. Estimates
given. J. Vinconl, (lencral Delivery,
Norlb Vancouvor. 87 3
Land   Clearing   ami   Grading  I.ol
Pete Andruss, Hen unl Contractor. Be
wor s in tions a specially, basemcnl
sud other excavating work undertaken.
Estimates free. 627 Bt. George's Ave.,
Norlh Vanrouver, post office, box 2393.
1 officii
you dosire le sell your business or pro
perty of any kind call or writo us,
we have clients for close-in acreage
for subdivision, We can got results.
Mcllwaine k Delbnr, 9 Jones Building,
407 Hastings St. W„ Vancouver, B. ft
WANTF/D-To hire or buy, Iwo large
tonts. Box A 36, Express Ollice, tl'nilh
Vancouvor. 20 2
LOBT-Two cbotjuofl, in favor of
P. Burns and B. A. Hquuir. Return to
Box A30. I      U.
L08T-On Sunday efternoon at cor
ner of Foil Averse and 10th small male
kltedile terrier puppy. Finder please
rotura te (Sty Wall and receive H te
Girl, Iff, desires situation to assist
In household duties, Lynn Valley or
North Vancouver. Bleep at home. Ap
ply Box A:;;, on.u
WANTED—To buy, I or C-reomed
modern bouao. Prirtt no/ to exceed
market value. Cash $100. Balance
♦20 a month including interest at 7
per ecitl. Full lot, cleared and
fenced. North Lonsdale or Cgpjlaav
pre/erred.    Koreas Box AM.'' If 11
' i  &
I 'ii tm
j n& ftAriM
1$ the Sflverware of the Century
Wa bava on bind at all times, the newest and handsomest Unas
In wadding and presentation silver.
labia Silver," from the raaislva, band enpavad Tea Bat to tbe
tiny Coffee Spoon and all the dainty little lines to easentlal to a
well set table.
When considering tbe establishment of a family pattern In 811-
verwire, we give you an opportunity of doing io moit conveniently.
Decide ou the pattern, tben by buying one or more pieces it i tlmo,
the heavy iipeme of purcbailng a complete service at one time Is
None handle BIBKB' BUver but HBNBY BIBKfl k SONS LTD.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
George E. Trorey, Managing Director
Hastings and Granville Streets   •   -   Vancouver, B. C.
Is Your Furniture Insured?
18 Lonsdale Ave.     NOTARY PUBLIC     Phone 157
s  1
Sole Agent: Commercial Union Aaaurance Co.,
Ltd., of London, Eng.   ■   AueU $111,000,000
,BL l'Eltl.'t)
the    elei'tri.'    coffee
per. iiliitur.
the ilitic un which tbu
electric current will
do your cooking.
mikes    your    morning
leant   al   the  breakfast
Kleclric Iron, the India
pennable conu'iiicnre for
ironing day.
Drop in at our oflice at 50 IjONSDALE AVENUE and see how
your kitchen cares may he lightened by lhe use of these inventions.
All Are Operated by Connection With
an   Ordinary   Electric   Eight   Socket.
B. C. ELECTRIC RAILWAY CO.. LTD.      Phone 66
Leave   Vancouver
•B.a'i A.M.
•i I'i
H.20    *
-. pi
ill I'll
IM   .
* deuotet "Not
ti'iine  l.'ompaiiy
I'M P.M.
1 in
!, I'U
i. in
B uu
in If.
on Bunday."
not liable for
Leavi North Vincouver
7 10
!l 10
2.20   P.M..
B uu
7 uu
I :iu
12.46  AM
Time table subject to change without
delay*, accidental or otherwise.
nvnffl TfWWIWTHH   *f"Vil IIMFHIi I'sywwrw>S    l»i   I/If..
The Kelvin Plumbing and
Heating Co.
Keith Road West
Will supply you with the cheapest entimalei for any kind of I'lumb-
iug and Heading Work, Sanitary Engineering, Sewer and Septic Tank
connections, furiiH.e iualillitiouit, etc. Jobbing work aad small contracts receive prompt/altenlloii.
(   (live us the job to Ax up your new home and we will guarantee lo
tx all your pipe* In a way tbit will save yonr winter worries.
No job too small. None too large.
Oar services are at yoar disposi! night or dty.
We'va ttvered our connection witb
"Tbe Light Brigade"
Tke "Wild Charge" tbey made
Portal Addrw:
Box No.
North Vancouver
Poet Oftce.
Fortr-il* T«4er» for Five Plicei of
A goodly portion al Tuesday night's
special moating of tbo District i'iuhi
ull (at which acting-reeve llridgmnn
lirosiiiuil), was taken up with the con
sideration nf tenders for Ave pieces
of important work recommended to be
undertaken by the Board of Works.
These were (1) tho clearing and grubbing nf the road frum Keith road, suiilb
wards to Mr. J. Taylor's proporty in
I). I,. I'M; (2) the clearing, etc., of
thu Marine Drive, west from Capilano
river io 11. I., ili) (3) lha clearing,
etc., of the road iu I). L. 654) (4) tbe
construction of sidewalks in 11.1.. 854;
anil (6) the clearing and grubbing of
road from King street to Fronut Hoad,
Lynn Valley.
The fiilluwing were the tenders submitted!
For the work in 1), U 230, etc:—
Orant k Co., $3,022; J. C. Drown,
$2,700; 0, 8. I'Uiul k Co, $2,861.35;
Vun Hiiullingliurg i .1. Hiiiniiiiie, $0,824;
ll. Kiililv, $2,082; Thompson k Btewart,
$2,6711.15; Mcpherson 41 Armytage,
$4,200; Iloinaiio I'lnto, $2,527.50; II
Stewart k lloulyn, $3,701; PrUett
Hughes, $5,670.50; I'. O. Regluutl, 80c.
per fool.
After deliberation in eoiuiiiitteo, the
council accepted ilimit k Co.'s tender
of $2,022.
For the Marine Drive:—J. Oi Ilrown
$3,150; 1). I'hilipol, $1,2110; l.inberg,
Lund .' I'u, $4,166.55; I'i. D. Dellen,
$1,633,311; (Iraut k Co., $2,884.68;
Thompson '1 Stewart, $3,426.10; M<
I'll, is mi k Armytage, $4,200; Nicholas
Vass, $2,877.60; D. Koldv, $5,782.05;
K. Y'arrigan ii C. OasololT, $4,707.65;
M. Deck, $3,470; lloinano I'lnto.
$4,175.25; Rrneet Hughes, $3,243.50.
The work was awarded to I'i. II.
Bellevi whose lender was $1,63.1.'10, but
tlte council pointed out lhal lliu figure*
were far lielow the estimate, and t.
solved iiiui if Mr, llellcw wtshcil lo
reconsider the mailer or "back nut,"
be i'ii onl.i be allowed te du so. In
which case, Ihe wurk would bo given
lu Niflinlas V'arr, hit lender being
For Hie work In 1). 1. nil I nn-i
Hughes, $471.25; J. C. Ilrown, $175;
('has. Iliieksliiiie, $430; Mcl'liersun 4
Armytage, $202.10; -J. Stewart of Hully
burn, $166.65.
The council accepted the last named
For   the   wnrk   in   IL   I,.   864:—D
D. Koldv, $1113.80; (1. Julian, $836.70;
W. S. Urates, 16c. per foul; J. ('.
Drown, $323; K. Sogoff, $370; Thompion
A Stewart, $1,613.70.   ,
The council accepted I) Koldv's
lender of $103.80.
For Ihe l.ynn Valley work, K. Suguff
$417.23 per acre; Frank I'oehull $I400|
Email Hughes $188.1; D. I'ltillputt $1400
.1. C. Drown $1000; J. Ryan and .1.
Uuric $3385; K. D. Dellen $866.34;
Thompion ami Stewart $1360; Waller
l.yle $1522; l.inberg, l.uml A I'u. $2,
1)15.40; KIilioU. Van $1740
The stkcessful  lander  was Ibat   of
E. II. Dilleit, $865.
Ailing clerk   llayliis  read  a  letter
frum the provincial secretary in in
swer to • 'iiiiiiiiunii'ilion from lhe couu
il uu lhe isjuestiou uf Ihe guveriiini'iil V
interest in certain In mli in lhe district
which letter had been referred to the
secretary's uftice. Mr. W. A. Minimi
■ Id of Vincouvtr hid been tppuiiiU'l
commission lo like up the i|uestton
ttitli lhe council.
A complaint from Mrl'hcrun ami
Armytage as lo the condition of the
Keith roul wcsl uf lhe I :■.■•, .... I'o.
tlore in D. I,. 656 wat referred le the
board uf workt.    The tame rtiurw wai
lopicl iii tbe raw of a biter from
the Merchants Trust and Trailing Co.,
Ltd., w|io liked for Ihe griding unl
liylng of i sidewalk ou tin tin voad,
from iloskint road to Ibe fir tide ol
block II, II. L. 3088.
The following wen ilao hiii'lcl over
lo ths board of workt: I ltl ler from
A. V.. Wighorne reprntntlug thi rain
•gemeiit ef Knot church, liking fur Ibe
continuation ef Ihs tidiwalk on l.ynn
Villcy road from Centre road to Ibe
church; from P.. I). Dellen, petitioning
for the optnlngoip of tbe avenue nni
east of Lloyd avrnui ia I). L. 600;
from sundry ntepaycri, uking for lhe
opening up of road lo loti 21 to SB
ef block 3, on Lloyd ivcnuc; from O.
and J. Fllchett, seeking a road to lota
0 mil 10, block I, norlli cist corner of
D. L. 617; ind titban.
Mr. A. O. I'erry, locij/iniiiigef of
the D. C. K. II. Co., inlormad the coun
cil by litter thai lie had rtcelwii
application from lhe Seymour Lumber
Co. for power urvlca ta their new mill
on block 2, l>. 1/ 785 on St. Oeorge't
Avinue. Tbe council wu aike.l to in-
struct Ibe enginwr to tapply Ibt com
|iany'i line foreman witb tbe neeeeeuy
localiiin for pale Um u won aa pos
lible at thi liumliet company ware
inilou to get tb* power.   -       -^
The hbi company wai mintioned In
connection wllh a piemiu of their 'i te
keep St. (leotgt'i aveaut clear of lum
ber. The diitrict ehlat at pciitt wu
given full pamtl to mn to Wt fuill-
ment of tbli promise.
Thi Lyon Valley Lumber Co., Ud,,
sought InnediaU aetlea ia tke mtUet
ot opening pp Oempmy rotA to tho
Lynn Valley road for the purpose of
enabling them to get lumber to persons
building on the upper on.I of Lynn
Valloy toad.  The rennast was referred
to (he Boanl of Works.
Councillor Westover fathered a run
t|op recommending that tin engineer
should report on the falls in Mosquito
as a suitable reservoir site for a wutur
I'linili'illiii'    Loutet    enuiiieriili'.l   till)
work authorised by tho Hoard of Works,
prefacing bis statement witb an ex-,
pin tint inn to the affect that the Board
yore covering one seution . of the
municipality at a time. The ongiiieai'
has instructions to carry out the following work; Construction nf, sidewalk south of King Bt. on St. Qeorge V
avenue to Mr. Dnssell'a house; eon
Initiation of sidewalk oii (jiiuon street
from present termination ou the north
tide to Mahon avenue; construction of
6 foot trail from road now under con
tract at Cove Cliff lo Mf. .1. J. Wood's
house, The Doird also instructed the
engineer to report upon the width nf
iiiilii.iin road with a view to calling for
tenders for the eileution of samo frnm
ita pres.eui termination to Capilauo
Councillor  Wird  reeommenileil   lhal
tenders he called for the clearing of
Keith  road, eaat of the Seymour to
Continued on page 7       •  .
ouicklv trots couoHa, cuaia coma,
MUla IHS TH«0»T tin UMS*. U CUTS
Support Home Industry
and Build up Nqrth Vancouver
Seymour Lumber Co.
Have iheir mill operating in the mountain and can give
of all kinds of Rough, Dimension ind Kiln Dried Lumber
Moulding and Finishing Lumber.   Second to none,
Oflice: Corner Sutherland Avenue and 17th street.
Take Queentbury Car (Yellow Label).
Mahon, McFarland & Procter, Ltd.
CLEARED 50 ft. Lots in Blocki 226 and 227;
$900 and $1000      1-4 caah, 6,12,18 months.
50 ft. LoU in Blocks 230 and 232a; $650, $700
and $800 14 cash, 6, 12 and 18 months
Phone 6286  -   -  543 Pender Street, Vancouver
Contrary lo lhe usual practice the Assessment Notices for
1912 have been stfil to the regislered owners of properly
according to the fefind Registry records.
Up lo lhe present, purchasers have been in lhe habit of
notifying the cily authorities lhal lhe properly had changed hands
to lhat notices of assessment and taxation should not go astray.
This form of registration of owners has heretofore been deemed
sufficient for city purposes, but owing to a recent decision the
city council is advised by ils solicitors to recognise these owners
only who appear on the records of the Land RegislryOflice.
Unfortunately a great many never register their deeds or agreement!.
. Tlie Norlli Vancouver I .and and Improvement Company
hai received numerous assessment notirei for 1912 for property
whirlj it has sold and which has since changed hands two or three
limes. «
The Company, therefore, desires to notify perioni who |i^ve
purchased from it lhal ihey ihould lake slept to emure noticei
of aweument and taxation being tent to them to that they may be
come aware of the value at yvhi< h they are being attested and
piy fuel ai they fall due.
The  North  Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company
Limited Liability
i     543 PENDER STREET.
Phone 6266 inc. c.Art\E#o ii vim n vAWWwvpd
^V^T   !Pt.|*M.
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Eaat Capilano
North Lonidale
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for Sale=
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Mr. A. Aroind, llic Manngcr, will lie pleased lo see all liis old
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I  "Suppose," the propounded evenly, ,(,)„ „t parchment-Ilka  paper  back
Ipg' down Into tba wistful faoa.
'Mist Cooper," I began, "It see»u
thrust ono lltiio
gloved  hand Into
tbat you truit 'mo, and, believe ma,    "' m •"" yQur »MW«»t<" »l>8 a|-
lly.'l shall ask. ..otbjng of psf nVW   '' L"« / < Z*;   *T"'0' ""* "'"
I think you oan't-fraeiy-perlorib: nofh.^' vp ""v ^ST^
Ing that Is not ror the best Inieresti',,' "U«M, '*e "^ *»»*» "« h8">
of art concerned-all lor whom m £*}*»,# "l™JT*"' m, T
cure, I mean." \m^   »8 car8«» ,0[ * mmpt-toy
Sbe Interrupted ma. \mm " W*»-tban drew her bunds
"Bit down—here where you were ba- *v£!' .,    „ .      ,., . ,.  I ...
fore; It will not sooin so much Ita',   ,°,<""i»i"i'' she tald faintly, without
your talking to me from a dlatance.'1,' „ .'1 UP.'      ^ I .    a „ it.
I oheved The chalra worn uulte' But ' *ot my ll»t *ni coat 'ni walk"
close taaelber i6" dDW» «° ,lle »»te *'«' her'  P( •
"It seems to me," I went op, tim "^i »"er W8 ">^ei tl19 *"""•
wa ahould continue In tha direction *• j^^* n^'hV !?■?
tbat bat been pointed out for us; ft* mt »nd m*A. Her pretty lace dim-
low the light, however dim, There Is Ped " »'"!»?' lni °»M WM • »•«■■
a mystery here, and we are Jutt now <" ""?chle" "» *• bine eyes. One
only skimming iho surface of It; let's "!!,' be *lwa" "»'»"jlw>»- „ .
plunge below and see If we cut J I?"?86 Im * H (go0Be' !tt
bring up at least part of tbe truth.    , '* ':   ,0 M* JW '»ub,'", mj 'm
„., . ,   . „      ,. , .„   . Hi Inking It's a caae of msulacod can-
"It It hard to believe that Alfred iui,.,,,-.. ■■
Pluelle hat been Instrumental In K Bhe wgveq a.hgndi llinerei hcr
IU Fage'i death, even Indirectly, bul ■tg,tlt dog8|y gboul ber ,lender nme
harder, more unjust to him, to patiM ,28.,r||,pod away through the mow.
without dltilpatlng Uie cloud we bavs , coU|(1 ll0, reg„M gny 1)0rtloll of\,1B
unexpectedly att over him. Tbe pg„ whon „,„ had not bl)0ll Mir gnd
temptation to scrutinise his conducl dcar ,,, m,
and bearing It Irresistible.   Is It nol 	
better to lay bare all lhe facie, lhan CHAPTER XIV.
to leave mailers In lhe equivocal "in Rl,,.
■inimt they now are?"
„   , «       . .   ,——I rrttirncd to tho library and licaiied
Vou mean,   she murmured broken' .. ,.,       ,    „
ly, "you mean lhat-now-afier what "*" Bwp,tM wllh coa1' ior ™ llour
has happened belween us—Ihe duly ol »"" Ocnevleve't departure 1 waa ut-
pressing forward at whatever coeb It lerly unable to coticenirate my mind
far more Imperative lhan any olhei mm My a,mrlet of fact that might
obligation thai 1 may be uuder; thai ,,„ „,,,,., ,„„,.„,,, ,
tbe Innocent must not bo taorHoad to ta "' "'e k"81 v°"lhk "BC ln mmuV
shield tho gullly." "Il,; ""' '"""! lullKicd Bkulu prtisentad
That wus precisely what I meant Vi Foils t'agu's dualh; I could sto
but I lacked the courage to tell her,   ,nothing hut tho fine blue eyet uluudud
"Hy dear Miss Cooper!" I said, In s with trouble, and iho tweet faee under,
voltje at tremulous will, emotion as 1|)(J B„a(luw ()( |lur        , |gl
her own.
"I trust you," she said simply. ,   ' "Bl"id "" *• d"hl!l'' Battened It
1 knew not what to say; her lallh In upon Iho library table, and strove iiiun-
me was manifestly io boundless ibal fully io hold my vagrant aitontlon to
1 was bumbled lo the earth. And yet ,,,„ |gBk 0( |n,er|iretll)g ,„ 8Ccr(jl m„.
terday   we   wero   Ignorant  ol   each „ , , ,
other's very eslstence!   Stressful clr '»8e'   ur """"i11" alralghlway wan-
omittance nan level Ihe couveutioni dered hack to Uenevlevc again,
wllh iiinii/iiii' swirtnest. Now that I was alone, It was Inevl-
"Vou are trembling," she whispered laWe ,hgl , |bouW ,um „   „le „;„,„
presently.   "I am making what would   , , , ...    . ... . ,.
b^'a commi.nplaee .nailer very dim- »'«ur conference . 1 did uot blink Hie
cuil for you." truth; .the lads were plalu, not stis-
"No-no!" I protested.   "I (eel fol cepllble ol argument,
you; I can't loll you how much." No matter what the luturo might
"Don't think ol me." she again whit have ,„ |U)r ,or GoBev,eve and m
pered, her look averled. .   . , .......
"I can think of nothing cite," tald wlle""!l' " *u r,Ptato *'"' dellclou»
I. My iri'tlt tuddenly clenched, and i promise, or whothec lhe useless Iron
bent toward Iter. gate marked the parting of our ways,
"I'll nnt allow thit Iblug!" I under bsr ,,„,.„„„„ „,„„ ever re„]al|| a
tuiii'il III o tut age uu i luu hi, in until,ln|i
lhe futility ol my anger even ea I
tpoke. "I thall not alloW you lo be
coma lurther Involved In ihlt thing
Whatever Hit iust. I thall shield you.'
A pitiful .■ nni.' tlirred her llpt.
"Yuu have abuwn mc my duty," hh<
tald, with gentle lirmnctt; "yuu can'l
dltauade ine now.'
cherished memory. Uul II would bave
been betler lur her peace ol mind nut
In have sought me uut. If she Inul uot.
She would have remained Ignorant of
tbe i ii i iin.t.iiiiii.- that the pustotted
my knowledge hurtful in her uncle;
II tho had remtliied away, lhe accusa-
Wbal do words avail al tuch a llniei ||0„ u,,„ ba |„,| cajJ1B ^ |iarnl through
heX! ,t bit' fVtLS b-r <oM »* r"»ro«" * "' -'
twepl from my balant'o by u ttnldes 'cars.
mad yearning to lake her lu my arms     Her errand had heen Impelled by a
and try lo comfort her. conviction lhal 1 would appreciate her
I loved her; there la uo uae In more lullmale knowledge of hor cou-
lhe   conleselon;    elts sin's lover.   She knew lhat the cnuld
be my grett  pertouaJ lay belore me no tangible testimony In
uiicerii In the death ol hit behalf, bul hoped that I could lie
made to sympathise with hor csllmaU'
protest  further; re  of hit character.
holding back
where  would
Interesl and
Felix Cage?
Yel I did
mtinslrajice would avail me nothing Ilurlng Iter llrsl visit to lhe house,
(Jeiilly as the had spoken. It wai with Belle, the bad clearly recognized
driven homo lo me thai the bad es the terloutiieai uf the young man's
pressed a dclennlnation which nc predicament, and that I would be gov-
>power In heaven or on earth helots timed only by lhe facia aa I read tin in.
could change. Nolwlthtiaudtng   he   waa   somewhat
Another long tllence followed, ilm il.-i > and headstrong, If the could in
Ing which I aa well at the wat stirred luance me to tne thai be was honett,
by the most conltlctlng emotions. Al ilncere and iiiniii.ifmv.,ml. Pie fell
last, though, I loo began to aee m> uopcful that I would continue my In
way clear. Mallera could not he liolp vetllgailon with a atrong leaning In
ed any by either of ut ihlrklug Hit lilt lavor.
least  part ol a rcapontltlllly  whiili
had. within the last lew minutes, be Wa» ever e cipher to empty ol ull
come sweetly mutual. How anxious I meaning! What addle-pale hail con-
waa lo spare her! celved ll?    Why should he  want  to
The silence  waa broken by Uene perpetrate anything so Idiotic?
vleve iiln it |,i it ill-tin.: 1
"I mutt really go," the announced
hurriedly. She wat the least bll
Hurried, tnd lliere waa a woudtrliil
toll llgbl In their handsome eyes thai
liud nol  been Ihere when she came
Hy her simplicity and singleness of
purpoie, however, tbe bad iniio cut y
drawn my attention to her uncle;
then, In a measure she bed verified uty
Bwakeneil suspicious. While Mniil t
untl Felix Page were In the library,
of some object In tbli houie; something my eyet bad retted upon, albeit
without tne existence at tbe time of
MY BCCAiton Id flu It ucmi my mluil
At the pitted me the lightly bruthed d ,   *M „,,„,,    c   ,,,
my thouljHr wllh Ihe gloved llpt ol
ber one hand
Allied Kluelie have bet n In the house?
Highly Improbable at sin b a c i,
ilngency might tpinur. still ll wu by
no   meant   Impossible.     "Suppose.'
ilonevleve bid atked me. "Ibal II wa
Cm li' Alfred?"  Never, unless she 111
■elf hid twin' reason ro iliiubl uiul in t
trutt. would the have propoumlMl ilm
-im .'ium    Had hu been abtenl |
.   home until uu iinwonicdly lut" hur
She moved again ta, „,,„.,   w      , ,   „,
te the iliilr the had jutl viciled. and mnm „, , „.,„„  ,„ dfaw „ ,„
"I am no longer caal dowu," 1 beard
her murmur; "I kuow you will do -
what Is right"
I caught ihe lingers, detaining her
"Don't go- not yel."
She lingered, expectant aud mors
"I can'l let you go like this"—I-was
► timl:, enough now
I released the slim, toll lingers.
"There It one thing we haven't con
tldett'd." I purtued, "aud that It Mr,
Alex tinier Burke. You ily Mr. Flu
cite despises bim if he duet, II ii not
without wirraiil, I'd be willing U
•wear. What lhal felluw'i game It 1
can'l jutt at Ihil lime conceive, bul
I'm I'onlldi'iii lhat be't playing OM
of tome kind   i deep one, too.   If hi
Hon In I,ium It. su Uiat, In lb ■ I gh
oi later developments, It bad provok d
her suspicions'.'   I bad purposely ii ■
Iialiied Irnm asking lur any i|in.sli in I
louching upon this piisslblllly.
In a Hath the linage of Unit" leve |
Cooper iwaui out ol my Ihoug'.ili. My j
whole nit'iiiinii become glued lo the ',
"Iplicr. At un li and of the Iwo rows j
if numerals and arrrowt was a pect
Is. the polen lallllei aro endlett wllh „„ „„,„,„„„, d„lK„; „ bad ,(ru,k
auch a cunulng, unacrupuloui ratcal IM w)(b , ,udd,„ il,r(c of hlBl||al.„,,
"I'm sellsfted moreover ibat be bai Wllere ,,,-pj CVBr „,„ a„ylb|n(( , nl
lied to me.   Acocrdlng to bli Hate ,„ or iitniktl ,ba, tb|, (¥)d ,ymbol
ment, no one waa In Ihli houto la. „10tt,d  nemlttle lm „,B la|d„ „,
night betldei hlmielf, Mr. Page, aad )ny ,b,orpi,OI, and forco m unwlt
Idjyal   Malllol.    Belween   him   and Ungly ,0 ,ry ,0  rC(,a||   ,,ie  c|rcura.
Maillot I give lhe letter the prefer ,lan(,,?   quM4. recently, I wti tgro-
ence, lor, If Ibe ttorlei of both an to-day—In ihli very houie. *Sy ffuot
true on aay ope point, It la that Burke ,klrl(,d lbe ,pac|01), nbrar,, darnni<
waa up and about before and during froD1 one obj(]r, to another, but en-
Ibe Ume the murder waa committed, a,,,^^ mMht Bt a» that in any
Burke la consetiuenUy In   the   beal way reaeinblcd ll.  Here wm a luhllinl-
poiltion to kuow who waa or wat nol „aj WB|Bdw w),icb mf perception wai
In Ibe bouse. ! ,i„n to uml
"Now I bave a particular rcaaon tor
thinking; tbat tbia It one pbaao of toe
matter about wbleh be baa lied
Should It be tbat aome one else was
here—some one that we knew nothing
aboul wby, tbat would put an entirely
different complexion upon lbe affair."
tkmy       lir*
I9*r   11-f f*m
Filled wilb Ibe idea, I ihiuti   the
tbat It wm Uncle Alfred?"
I looked at her earnestly,
"You don't know tbat be wm bere,"
wm my sober comment.
"Wall, (ban, what'i tbe uae of bpr-
rowing trouble?"
.  "It'# very silly—especially u I bave
(trouble enough u It la,"
I Wltb an impvtlelve movement, aba
Into my pocketbook, and started
eagerly upon another tour of tbe entire establishment. I pauted bl one
room after another, examined each
article Is turn, but ended not a wbit
wiser than wben I begau.
Yet my belief la tbe correctness of
tba veiled menial impulse revalued
The design wm a taceladle
but oonjure my brain m 1 would, I
could not recall where or wben.
Wben Stodger returned, I determined at last, I would get bim at work
aearcblng for tbo odd symbol, or whatever It might be. When I made this
resolve I wat itanding beside the old
Walnut table at the head ot Mr. Page's
bed; with a forefinger 1 Idly traced
the detlgn lii tlie dutt on tbe artificial
leather cover, betide tbe imprest made
by ll|e Jewel Ihis.
My preoccupation wat broken In
upon by tbe arrival of the under-
taker's men, It would'not do—If tbs
ruby was really beneath this tool to
grant any strBngen uurettrlcted privileges of the hodte; at least not without lrseplng a heedful eye upon their
movementi. Alexander Burke, 1
■hrowdly tutpecled, wm equal lo auy
•ublerfuge or rutb to obtain Ihe Jewel,
and I did not mean to be caught qap-
No small roepomlblllty It Involved
In tafeguardliig $600,000—the amount
Maillot declared hit uncle hud paid
for the ruby--particularly when the
guardian himself duet not know pre-
flinty, where, tlia treasure lies. It
would not tin to tnko any chancet.
OHiurwIso, If lhe amount had boon
inni' imil,', lest, nf had been In a form
nol to easily disposed of about ths
ponon or by .thrusting It Into a convenient cranny, or, perhaps, oven lost-
Ing it unseen through a window lo a
waiting confederate ou lhe oulside,
my wltcst course might have been U>
permit llurke. or whoever knew where
Ihe Jewel was, lo lead me lo Itt hiding-
place. Bui I must be vigilant, always
alert; there would ho little sleep fur
me until I had Ihlt extraordinary gem
I'.iie Iii my hands. ,
So I remalnad with the undertaker's
men until tbey doparted with the
As 1 lurned lo ro-enler the bouse
Sludger's portly lorm hovo Into view.
He dropped Into one ol the library's
big easy-chairs.
"Whew!" he gasped. "I'm a peach
of a shadow, ain't I? Nice work lor
one of my build. Say! That fellow
Burke—Alexander Stllwcll—he'B tho
—you know -most rcetleat .parly I
ever taw. (f Kanshawe hadn't relieved me when he did I'd bo worked
down to about middle-weight by ibis
"Anything particular?" i Inquired.
"Er—no. Yuu kuow ho cainu back
here. Kelt o' the time ho ipent
dodging In and nut of old Page's offices at the llrovers' National. Walk
like a house ullre for—m'm'm—maybe
a blocki next time maybe tlx blocki."
"Then he'd—ah—he'd turn round
and walk back again."
"Not very Inluroallng for you. But
we know one thing for certain! bet
tineaty. I huve a far lighter lask for
you, though, iban following ihe erra-
lle inn'.'im i.i . of Mr. Alexander
And tin n I recounted for his bene-
111 all thai I knew respecting the ruby,
declared my belief tbat It lay some
where In ihe house, and, tlqally, outlined my plant lor the Ininn iliiiin future.
"We'll ilh i.l, the vigil Iwtwuen us.
Sludger; you and l' shull camp rlgbt
bere until that costly bauble comet In
light. We'll have lo kedp our eyet
open and our wltt about ut, loo; I
wouldn't be surprised ai some Irlcky
attempt to recover ll at auy llme-oa-
peclally during darkness."
Aller showing him the cipher and
requesting lhal ho bu ubacnaut to
lind Uie counterpart of tbo two peculiar ii.. t, i.i I led Imu In charge of
Ihu house. Next.l arranged lhat our
meals be brought to us, aller wbleh I
returned in town and held a lung conference wilb my chief. Thla proved
Ui bo i inn,, nil;, satisfactory, luaa-
much at he lefl tbe I'agc affair entirely In my hands.
Alihutigh I hoped lhat some new
development would require anuther
Interview with Mist Cooper, absolutely nothing transpired unlll the next
morning. During the rest of Wednesday afternoon perhapt I forgot in
mention that tbo murder was committed it about midnight Tuesday--
and until late Wednesday night, Stodger and I prosecuted a diligent and
systematic search lor the ruby, thu
urlglnal uf the detlgn of the cipher,
and for unythlng eltu Dial might bear
upon Ibe crime, but found nothing lo
reward our efforts. At a late hour
wo knocked off and sought tho library's eaty chain. Afler a wbilo
Stsdger Mked me for Uio cipher.
When I dropped off in sleep be wit
Industriously digging away at II, with
many gasps aud Inarticulate exclaim
Concerning, ibe cipher, II Is perhaps
well to mention that I applied ll to
tbe door of Iba bidden life on Hie
chance tbat the oppoied arrows null
i ni it Hie different movements of Hie
dial; but I discovered lhe combination to bv much simpler. In fad,
Ihere were nol aufflelent lumblcri lo
Ihe dial to allow for ao complicated
i combination al all.
Tbere remained Uie pottlbllily that
the numerals belonged In some other
sule, though I did nol thlnr to: those
Iwo odd crenellated figures could huve
nothing tn common with any permula-
tInn lock. 1 had teen Ihem; tbey were
tantallslngly familiar; but where?
And what meaning did Ihoso two ligure "10't", bear? Here WM a riddle
for fEdlpui.
The next mornlng—Thunday—Dr.
De Breen conducted the Inquest. Is tba
library. I mention thit bearing solely
because of a number of circumstances
wbicb occurred during tbe proceeding!—although unrelated to tbeln-r-
and wbicb bave a bearing upon the
itory. Aa tot the teatlmooy Hielf, It
wm about M satisfactory as In most
Instances where little respecting the
crime It definitely known.
Stodger and 1 bad the burden of
additional watcbfulneu Imputed upon
ua; a number of people would be
brought upon Uie tcene, and etch Of
ua bad to be preeent at aome time
during the bearing without leaving the
houae unguarded for a second..
"nnwl Mm, Smfit," Df. De Breen
VVA'lllll  KOWG|S
,. ..erohy g|
plleuiloii will be mudo undo;
uf tbu  "Wator Act.  1S0B,"
a in i'ih'is in tho
Iliylllon of I iild, let
I that all aiL-
-lm)—Thu lltimiii athli'i
... ant* uecuuu
Hun  of Hie iii'i.lii'iiiii    I'liriiuiiiiluii  ul
lllll City of Worth  Viiiiciiiiver
Uf for rolnliiK purpoaua) Free Miner'! Certlflcate No ...;....
(b) The num. uf lltu lake, stream
nr source (It hnnauieil, tho iiescrlutluu
It)—Pick hake, eleviitliin of 1600 feut
ubovu  Howe  Sound.
(c) Tbe point of diversion—At outlot nf I.ulto.
Id) Thu quantity of waler applied fur (In cubic l'"iii imt' second) ....
te) Tbo churaclor ot the proposed
worki—nan) lo bo eoniliuetutl acroai
'■niii uf lalto.
(t) The premise! on wbleh Iho water Is to he usinl • (ilescrlbu tamo)—
Clly of Npitli Vuncouvor.
ini The pui'imseu fnr which tho
wiittir   Is   tn   bo   n. - si    ilium   and
iiu    If  fur   iin,- . in n   describe   tbo
ded for a second..
t, SirfV' Or. Be
Miiiililiiiil Purposes.
If fur IitIku....
land  im,-ini. ii  lu lie lull.uie,I. giving
ncrcirgu  i	
(I) If lliu wilier Ih tu bo usod for
power "i milium nm I'".''..'' si, in iiln- Ibo
liliico where lhe witter ll lo be rultirniid
tu sumo nttliii'iil channel, lint) ll|o difference In ultlluile l» i im -'ii point uf diversion uml pulnt uf return	
<)) A i'i| ul CiiAin I-.nni um mi. it tu
hu occupied by Hiu propused worki—
160 itcri'S.
lit) This uul Ice wus ii' ii on the
.null ii.ii uf January, mn. und upiill.
..ii.'u will he minle lu tho Cumtnlt-
i.liiiu i un Ihu mil day nf March, 19>S.
tl) (live lhe ;i anil nihilossus
uf any rli'iulim proprietors or licensees whu ur whole lunils ure ill., ly to
hu snooted by the jirupusud wurlti,
oltluii'. ubuvu uf hcluiv the iiiitlol —Jul.
J. .'.iiiiii.Jl lit Homer sitjsiii Vuncuu-
ver: West Shore & Northern l-uinl Co.
[.til. vancouvor; Auitust Nclsiii). Kuttle
lliii'liiir,  B. C.
(Slgniture)    THOMAS SwEPlfEltD,
riiy Clork.
City   Hull.   Nurlh   Vuncuuver.
Ili,- lliiuiiiiui Iin anil tun »■ ilie Ilu-
Commencing ut u polnl lu Burrard
Inlet. .1,. 'l.ltt fool d!a< snulh from
lhe south-west corner post uf l.ul
266; thence duo north .'.nm feci tn ...ilu
soulh-well curlier post nf suhl Lot "66;
thence*26t0 feel, moru ur less, lo the
nut ill-west 'curlier lof suhl I.u: -'66.
ihence' northerly Hiruugh Lot GG:\ -'',10
fool mure ur less, lo lhe south-west^
corner pust uf T.ul 6119. thence paattirlv
along the in,till boundury of l.ul 662,
1610 feet, mure or less, lu tbo north-
eust corner pust uf l.ul 662, ihence 'lur-
lliorly tilling the west boundary uf lut
611. 1711 feet mule ur less lu lhe north-
west corhor pust uf l.ul 611; theqeo
einilirly itloni: lhe north boundary uf
l.ul 616. 2610 feot inure ur less, t.i the
nC'itb-euil currier pust ut l.ul 616
Ihence ciisterly along Hi'- ninth byun-
ilury uf I.ol 616, 2610 feet more or less,
io the noi'ih-ciisi corner unst of Lol thence easterly uIuiik ihe north
buundnry uf lhe northmosl put'thin of
Lot 016. aao feot more or loss tu lbc
iuu ili-eijsi corner uf suhl porllu.'i of Lul
Cltl IttiO feel mure or fen'to 'ho nurth
ni   eurtiet-   uf   suhl   portion.   Ihence
-I'lllllelly   .il.n,,:   the   eust   bullllllllll    III
snbl   noiih-ninst   portion   uf   Lot   SIS.
llOt'itl feet llll,re nr less, to the South
west ii.iiii I ill l.ul 21126. Ihence ensl, ili
ulung the north huiiiuliity uf Hit- south-
musl iiuiilun nf l.ul 6)6. 2970 feel  re
ui- less, lu tlie mn Ih-enst corner of suld
snulli-inosl portion of I.ol 616. thence
snulheriy ulung the oual boundary I
Lot 616. 2310 feel iiiiiii ul' less lu tin
suulh-cintl cornii' pust uf l.ul 616.
thence wish ily tllultn the snulh hnttn- •
ilnry uf 616. .1.160 fe.t more or less.
lu ihe .luilljl-wesl rntlicr pnst uf l.ul
616.     ilietiie    siiiiiln tiy    tilnnn     lbc
West    l.ullllillll)    uf   l.ul    '"'it     2610   feel
mure ut less. In lhe s n wesl eorner
nf Lul 663. ihence eiisti tic ulung lbc
hi,uth boundary of Let 1,1,.; 660 feel
inure ur less In the tintth-.iisl euril'i'
I...»I of Lol 276. theme feiitheiiy nlni k
the ensl  boundury  uf Lol   27.1. n ills-
I.'inr.   nf IS39 6 reel    tn Hie iniiili Inni'
Jury iif lliul pari »( a«U I...I r.i '>«•—
tuoperly of John>. tlunee west
i-tii- iiIouk the iiuilli boundury of lbs
properly nf lbe snbl llemlii In lbe cuil
fiiitindiirv uf I.ol 271. theii.e suiillieili
.'Imi.' the snbl ''.iin I".uml.ii.i uf Lot
271. tu the isi.i until' iiinii; In Burrard Intel. Ihence in lite sume line
southerly Cuo feel, nmi tbence westeili
In a slinlulu Hue to Ihr imlnt uf cum-
llll'lleenietll.  Hie sulil   Inni   nf laml  en'"
1'iislim tlif fi'llnwiim lols namely: 266,
271.  271,   273. except   the  pulilull   llli'le-
of lieinnulin; Iii I.iliii Hendry. Hie ciu'-
eiiv piii'llnn nf Lot 662 nmi Luis f.17
SIS. Mil   660   611   [.16   616 nmi 616. uml
lhe Mission llull.lll It. Serve llll Sltlllll-
ei) III- niOllp One New \\',Sl IIllllSli-|'
IHslrlii     ln«| III. I     llllh    Hie    f'UeSl'nie
III   nn  the  norlb shore of liui-
l'ni'1 -liilrl    ns  cu»i|.|isi-u    s, in ii       the
Sllhl 'I .'I.iiii S   ef   Hie    till    nf   Nuitll
r.iini.iiin . a. .'...i.t'nr Kind b.'inir  -
shown iiii ii limn or nluJi uf lhe snbl
r'llv of North Vuncuuver. denoslii iiln
ihe'l.uiiil Reiilstr.i limit' ut the Clly uf
Ir) Approxlutiiii ly the nitmlier uf In-
hiiliilnnls- Six   Ihniisnnil    nl.OOOi
Is) The Isliiee i.f the nroputctl reservoir fur slntinn  -Dick  Lnltc.
ill    The means b> with It 11 Is propns-
ell   to Store  llu>  Wiltel   Sturniie
bv use nf lulii  ni il limit
IU) The HUM "f Hi' I' " l voir Sill'
or   sites   III   euch   font   III   di I'th   Illil'Vf'
1 fool   llbov ill. I 11 2
2 "           "             " ....     II I
3 " "  .11 li
1 *      UJ
6   IJl
6 " "  130
7 " "  13
6  - Hi
9 " ...  116
10 " .119
11 "  16 1
IJ " "     16 1
13 "   •       " ...HI
ii isj
16 17 1
16 179
17 s hi
IS " " "       I»»
is         I'll
20  "       19 0
21 " " "       20.1
22 201
23 21 I
21 " .       "  52 0
26 " *      " "        22 6
26 2a I
27 "  221
28 JIJ
29 " "      21?
30 261
31 26.1
32 26 0
aa  ".  21 a
31 -.266
at its
36 27 J
it   "  '       "  27 6
38" "      27 7
39       17 9
10 28 I
Tuiitl 8031 acre feet
Sloruuc iniuHlly 216.900.000 iinls
iv)   How' Ii Is nropotod io acqulrs
Iho lumi nccesiuiy fur lhe purpose—By
Iw)    Approximately   the  number  uf
acre feut  Intended  lo be ImpuurnJcil
mn: i acre feet.
(x) Whether ll Is propoied lo lower (he iii'iii In any nuturiil Julio or
■i.sniiln, hotly of wnlct ami If su
(1)   Tbe miii.ii. t exieiii of llic
It) The mean! ifropoiod to be aq-
u|,i,,i io lower uJiil refill -By con-
nt nni It.i: a small i.iiii 11
13)   The   nut ute   lu   elm rector   in
detail of ihe works luotmsctJ lo be
mn. tin. '..i  lu provide for 11)0 discharge nmi t'i nniim buck of the tvu
ter—t'onsl met Imi  of n  dum.
'        s'l
Vt'tuMU lot stiAlQeii or MwjuWctartti,
Ktitftiicrti Aid olliciu win; ten lire Ihit odvItaWI-
jty ut )iaVJ«g IJicIr Talent buMiiflrs ftanMtlfd
IjyldpcftW rrcliiuluatyiidVit'clrcc. Clioigc*
mudernle. bur>av«itor'f A4vl«erMDt Qpoo rr* 1,
ino, twrnt^wnv/tvin v/wiM^yc
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Nortb Vaneouvir, B, a....	
....... Pibruary 16,18U.
The action of thu Private Hills (loin.
Miiiiui of the provincial legislature in
si. . i. nn,"    nni    tO     i'i mil nn ml    ilu    Ullltt-
in.'ni of the Iiiil this session, to provide
a Commission form of giivnriiniunt for
the city of Vancouver, considered in
' connection    with    the    eiplannlioiis
."!■ .■ I iif their .im i .imi. I.nni'.. this
form of iniinii'lpal goveriimuut agiyii
into prominence, hut lu a somewhat
Wider  i-i" ii than heretofore.
The Committee, in  comudorlng tho
prolllutll   uf   Municipal   tin' mmm nl    ll)'
t'ominissiiin from a provint'lal viewpoint
was of opinion that It would be woll tn
approach tho i'ml.Lm in its inn.i.i' i
relationships and will lliurufuru re.
commend i
1. Tlm I Hie government look into the
matter with a view to obtaining
information which will unalile it
to jutigo whether the Commission
form of governinont wuulil lie a
I' thing to nil,.1.1 ill this pro
2. If it is n good thing, it would hu
wull to bave a uniform plan thul
could lie adopted i.t municipal!'
tins desiring In havu that form
of civic government,
The decision of llic committee will
he recognised as wise from llic standpoint of the interests uf the province ..
tucb, while et llm sume lime the delay involved will nut seriously af
feet the- interests uf Hie eity
of     Vancouver. In      point     uf
fact, Hum appears In have lieen wide
divergence of opiniuu aiming llm alder
men uf that eity as to whether the
clauses of the hill as submitted to tlie
I'ommittee of tlm House, weru satis
i,ii imt. ami fur Ihis reason a further
postponement may prove beneficial tu
that eity itself.
Nuw that the aelinn uf the Private
Hills Committal has prepared tho wsy
fur public discussion of the whole question with a view tu a provincial act tu
render this form of government avail
uhic, upon a uniform liasis, tu ull
municipalities, it is in urder to observe
'that while thu Commission form of
nir I'.,. i n.iiii nl has hosts of ardent
udvocates, and while it has proven a
ilisi.idiid success ill several rcspeets,
opinion is not by any means unanimous
tvith reference tu the advisability uf
it* universal adoption, ''lose students
ut municipal government have crltlcis
nl the Commission movement as an
effort tu substitute legislatiun for educs
inn,, ll is contended that what is re
tpnred is not municipal re organization,
bul rather the upbuilding of a mure
conscientious and responsible elliwii
ship- u eitiri'iiship that will clearly
recognize lhat civic responsibility can
imi be relegated lo any party or organl
/iilinn, CoDiinluion ur other, liul that
if civic government is to bu clean ami
i'iiiiipt'lt'iit, each citizen must assume his
full share of responsibility and assist in
malting il sucn.
Along these lines, one of Ihe Influential duilies uf the eity uf Boston
recently made the fullnwing nhserva
linns, editorially!
"The movement tuward commission
"government fur. municipalities
"has been chirked, it has uul,
"however, been shipped. ' ' '
"ll has been demonstrated iu
"lhe last few years lu the satis
"faction nf open minded people,
"lhal there is nothing essentially
"i,mn,i il in tin; uid system of
"municipal government, It
".-..iii ■ satisfactorily in many
"cities. On the other hand it
"has been established lhat cum
"mission government uf itself,
"does not solve municipal pro
"isi'iii" fur those communities
"that have long been suffering
"from "us i isi< Tlm commission
"form of government simplifies
"administration and freijuenlly
''opens the way for reforms that
"have been obstructed by the
"old system, but it has been
"proved time, and time again
"tbat where \be peoplo take tho
"same interest in tbe conduit
"of tbeir local affairs under the
'old as tbey are led by uew born
'civic pride to take under tbe
"new, tbe results are equally
The aiiove criticism frankly admits
that tbera are tiestaia beneficial results
from tbe commission form of government, but attributes those results, hot
to the change of system, but to thu
change of attitude upon the part of
the people. If this position is correct,
then there is reason lo fear that the
benefits may prove to be of only a
temporary nature inasmuch as sooner
or later the citizenship may Ispsu from
thia increased interest in civic affairs,
into thu former state of comparative
indifference from which they were for
the iiine urnui.i'd, in which cssu the
buiiuflls accruing frnm the change wuuld
There has beon, perhaps, a growing
disposition upon the part of thu mass
of the people who arc dissatisfied with
the obi form of civic government, to
take it for granted Hint thu eoiiimissio i
imo, provides a eululiou uf lhe priiblum.
The criticism quoted abuve reminds us,
however, that the whole question lb
still a live isstiti and that there is neod
thut public thinking lie actively sus
tuined iu seeking to arrive at rig I
conclusions with referenco lo this im
portent municipal problem.
For an eiamplo of practical and ef
feetivo legislation for llm regulation
ami control uf the traffic iu Intoileal
ing liquors, it wuuld be very diiln uli
to discover anything better than the
l.lquor I .im of British Columbia.
The actual results from the operation
of that law, for the year 1011 as re
ported i ci cm 11 to the House by At
tornuy General Dowser are of a truly
remarkable nature, and it ia safe tu
say, could uot be duplicated from any
source. The outstanding feature of lhe
effectiveness of this law is the fact
thai (hero were actually fewer licenses
iu force in the province during the year
lllll than were during i'.i In In order
lo .hi.|. iM.',.',s! the full significance ol
this faet it is necessary lo bear in mind
the rapid increase in the population of
Ihu province for thu year which has
been estimated from official sources at
from fill,""" to 711,000. That is, while
tbu population nf Hrilish Columbia In
creased by from twenty to twenty five
per cent., the number of liquor licenses
actually decreased.
There were ten Instances in which the
issuance ut new licenses ur the renewal
uf former licenses was refused. There
were 10.1 prosecutions and 86 cun
fictions, under tlm act during the year
and tlie fines collected amounted In
All of this goes lu show that not
only ia the Act a workable une, bul
further it Is the unmistakeable loten
tiuu uf the Attorney llsimrsl's depart
ment to sue that its provisions are duly
To the advanced temperance advocate
uf course, no form of license law is
acceptable and lhat position is entitled
to respect, but al tbe sime time there
it I'liml en,un.I tu conclude Ihut the
license law as it stands, is fully abreast
of public sentimenl in the province at
present, with reference to temperance
legislation. It cannot but be cou
sldered gratifying under these rlrcum
stances that lhe administration of the
Attorney Ilcneral gives all parlies so
clearly to understand thai the prov
isltins of lhe act, must be strictly and
continuously obeorved.
The aiiifiidiui'uls lo Iho Liquor
Licence Act Introduced in the house
last week made clear lhe further fad
thut legislation In tbis respect is uot
at a standstill. The-proposed amend
omuls are of a nature that will en
gender wholesome reaped for the plain
provisions of tbe act upon the |iart of
any who might be inclined to endeavor
to evade the same.
The statements of Premier Mcllride
in replying to tbe deputation which
waited on him on Tuesday, from lhe
Local Option League show that' lhe
governoient recognises tbe presence of
an advanced temperance sentiment of
growing Strength throughout tbe pro
vial! and that it ly tbe policy of the
administration to accord that senli
ment, every 'reasonable and juat re
cognition. Tbe fact cited by tb*
premier tbat no licence bo* been
granted along tbi line of construction
of tbe Canadian Northern, tbe Orand
Trunk Pacific or the Kettle Valley railways is of Itself a circumstance of so
exceptional s nature ss to demonstrate
beyond sll cavil tbe accuracy of lhe
Premier's assurance "We are trying
to do all wa can, for the came you
bava at heart and at the same time
trying lo dial squarely with all plr
ties.  .
BOBTB VAtfOWVW *%9fliim-
Tenders tat Oriding Qrouuds
Tenders will bu recelvedMiy thl un:
dorsignod   up  till  boon   nu   Monday,
February loth for grading tho grounds
of the society. Npociilculiuiis may be
seen at the residence of W. L. Keene,
16th street, Tbe lowest or any tinder
not necessarily augepted.
W. h. KEENB,
168 President.
SEALED TENDERS marked "Tender fur First ; t sewer" will be re
cciic.l In ilu City Clerk of the City of
Norlh Vancuuvor up to 111 o'clock noun
on Monday, February lllth, for supply
ing ull the niuliirials and constructing
and completing a sanitary sewer with
lul connections nn First street from Ht.
Patrick's atomic to Ht. David's avenue.
All thu above iimntioiied wurk tu lie
carried out according to plans, profiles,
do.'.!, sections anil specifications prepar
ed by the eity engineer.
All lenders fur thu wurk musl be
made on forma of tunder supplied liy
the city engineer.
A cheipiu fnr 6 per cent, of the
amount of the tender must, accompany
each and every.lender.
A bond of :'■' |ny cent, of the amount
of the tender mast accompany each and
every tender.
A bond of M per sent, of tlieuiiiotiul
of Ihu contract will be required.
The luwcst or auy lender nut necessarily accepted.
Cily Engineer.
City Engineer's OOice,
North Vaiicuuver, Is
February 13lb, lllll HIS
tt til II    Mllll I.
NOTICE Is isi I. ii. en- ii thut an application will be in.ub uiul. i I'arl V
of thu "Water Acl, IS09," lo uliliiln a II
cenee In Hiu Idvlslmi
uf Dlalrlct.
la) Tlie name, sddrusi and occupation of Uie uni'llcaiit -t'oriioitiiloii of
the   i'lty   of  Norlli   Vulieouver
Ilf fur minimi i,ui lins. si Free Mm
ur'e Certificate  no	
(bl   The iiiiiii. nl His lake, sireum or
i..on. i   (If on,,.,iii, il   Ilie si. ... , i i   Is)
-Outlet uf lie I.  I -'I.i
ni in. |i.,ir,i of diversion nutlet
or Hick i.siiss
lit) Tile 1,11-inlll.i nt waler ul,|,lleil
fur tin cubic feot per second)    Pour
le) The i li .ii. I- 1' i ol Un j i o|ml > ■
works - Siniili dam ul nutlet ut Luke.
if) The i i < < ui. which ihu Water Is to bu used Ml' <-. iiii same)- Cil)
of Nurlh Vuneuuver
ihi Tlm |.ui|inM ii for whieh Ihe wu
ter Is to tu used -Domcillc uml Monl
eliuil Purposes ..     <
ill) II fur Irtlitullon describe Ihe
lumi Intended to be Irrigated, glvlni
ill II lhe water Is lo be used for
power or inlnlna purposes desetilitt llm
pluee wltuie the wuter Is to lie return-
ud  tu sume nulurul ehunitel, und  the
.llll. I. I...    lu   .ilm..'!.    I., li... ,.   p.dlll   III
diversion uiul point of return
tjl Area nf rown land Inl.mlud In
be occupied liy Ihu propused woiks
ik) This notice was es,si..i on the
.mill dul of Junuury. ISIS, uud upplliu-
Hon will be mude lo the Commission
er un the lllli duy of March. IIII
(1) (live Ihu names and addresses
nl uny lipuilun proprietors ur licensees
whu ur whose lands ure likely lo he
nil., mu by ihs proposed wurks. eliliei ur helow Ilu. outlet Jas J
Miilli.iil IVi lion.i i street. Vuncouvel
West Hliure uml Northern I.ond t'o.
Ltd.. Vuncouver, Augiest Nelson. Magic
llurbnr   B   C
'.■ii imi ii. i    THOMAS   Mil I III Ilh
Clly Clerk
IR o a.IiIiis.i t'lly Hull. Norlli
ii Vancuuver. H   C
0,000 cords of dry fn wood for quick
sale. Price i«i odd cords, $4.50.
.Special quolalioni (or larger quin
lilies, Cut Wood, 16 indies, $3.25.
12 inches, $3.50,  COD.
Office and Yird-14llt ind Upsdili
IW 190.    P. 0. Boi 2432.
-  amamawmmmmmmmmmmmm
on First Street
East, near Lonadale Avenue
Phow 37, North Vancouver, B. C.
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Now is Your Chance
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A Good Lot on Esplanade E.
in first block from Lonsdale Avenue for $7,'>0() on terms of
1 i cash, bal. 6, 12 and IH monthi.
For further particulars'of ilie above ami oilier good buys
in Norlh Vancouver, see
C. E. Lawson & Co.
, 15 l.onsdale Avenue,
'Phone 70, lJ. O. Box 1816.
Contractors, Builders, Storekeepers,-and Empjoyers
n.cil unly lo pbons 3SI In lire til vsiiiiicioi filled NO OH A HOE
to BMPLOYBB or BHPLOVBB llittrufurti Hutu ik absolutely mi uu
cessily In mil)!. tiii!|>luyiiii'iil Agencies In Vancouver, o> u complete
list of ill dis... uf  workers I. I..'pi si III.
Phone 321.     14 Lonsdale Avenue.
W. B.HOOD, Bscritary.
If you w.iit tli« Imt
Dou't luv.l—feist,
You nett not rouu
Just buy It lioiu..
m Lsndsl* Ati
All kind, of frisk, tm-*A sad
ssit flsb.   Dillvsrsd dsUjr.
Phon. 37U.
Feed Grain
and Ground
Al we have now in operation^ in our new
warehouse in Norlh Vancouver a thoroughly
n|i in il.iii- feed grinding i'l.mi, we are in a
position to supply our Norlh Shore patrons
wilh the belt quality of these goods al prices
ai low I
i low si csn be obtained anywhere in Van-
Prompt deliveriei our specially.
 r~ - '   -1--    -m
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co.,Ltd.
Phone 4
For Sale
50 Lots on anil near BouloVBriJ, heailti-
< $850 snd up tin easy terms,
illl-foot Lots in Lynn Valloy npar tra»
line—somo   ou   Itosltins rami   anil
boiiio near Promina road. J'rico $1100
up on easy ttirnis.
Alexander Philip
Financial Broker
Agent for liii-l class Fire, Marino ami
Guarantee   ami    Accident    liisiiruuite
Olllt'ti l'litmo Hi        House Pliona 1!67
TAIiH  NOTICE  Hint  nl  tlio  next     J
sitting of llui limn.I of Licensing I 'mu    "
iiiissionurs of ilu' i'ily ui  Norlh Vancouvor, I, Honry I an  Intend tn apply for ti n l.ul liquor or bottle i -•■     J
fur tlio premises Ituntvti and described
ua Nuiiil.'cr llnu Hundred uud four (104)v     |
Ksplunitdu Wost iu lliu Oily of. Norlli-'
Vancouver, II. (I.
Hilled ul Norlli Vancouver lliis 113rd
duy of .litiiuury, llllli.
Notice is liuruliy given Unit Miami-
■ I.-i .ii in ■! Iiitunds lo apply ul Hie next
statutory silling ul' Hie Hoard of» Licensing ('olllinissililier* of Ilie I'ily of
Norlli Vancouver for Ilu: issue lo Itin^
of a relail Imi Hi; license for und iu ro-
aped lu premises lu iiu erected and
situate on lul i, liluck ltd, Districl
Lot tli, in rail i'ily of Nurtli Vancouver.
Haled   Ilus   L.r.l   day   of   January,
NOTICK I.- Inr. In given Uul ut llic
nest meeting nl llic Hoard Tl Licensing Commissioners Iui Ilie cily of Nurlli
Vancouver I sliull apply for a liulHe/li-
i-uiiso on Isl street cast, lol 7, block
Hiii, 11. I. 111.
Daliil ul Nurlli Vancouver the llllli
day ul .luiiuury, IHI!!.
NOTIi I'l is li'.'/clij given llu.l tlm
undersigni'i! mirii'l- In npply I'm n retail  Inillli   I ' ul  llic in vI  in.-.-1inu
of  tilt'  linllll  nl   I.l,, 'Using  I 111111111-16100'
err (ur llic I'Ut nl Nmili Viincniivi r,
Premises now In ine ert'tcd on lul* A.
II und i siil'iiitisiou ul lul. Hi, li, 18
nod III, Llm I. Iiii, ilistricl l,ul 111,
Norlli '
listed tins lull un) ul IVI.iuurv, 1013
I.'   II.  WII.HON.     ,
iii ■       ■ l
Paper the World
Irnm uur illicit ul now Wull I'opon
tu il stwtiii. I'Aery duy suuie now
d'-Hign srrivoi In till tho vucuuoy
ul (insn ilusul oul.
Handsome Wall Papers
•re Intu iu . .li. i variety. I m.i
tell uui mli (mini to, wlmt rouin
yuu want Iho piper und ho will
slum yuu  put   iho pnll.lli yuu ITI
h.ulu,„ |ui
To  chuu.e li.sin our ituclt is u plcu
► un. lu pay our pries n osiiy.
W. H. ST0NEY & C0a4
117 Lonsd.lo A •.oun, Phntf M!)
A Comer, 157 feet frontage on Nye Street East by
132 feet deep, for $1500. Third cash, balance
6 and 12 months.
( School Truitw and the
ProgreH of Ridgway School
New Building Will be Eeady for 0c
i r.illiwr.y Within Four Weeks	
The uew school on Ridgway avenue
is iiiciiilily blossoming intu a iiiui imposing cliiicc un arehiteetural gem nf
.oxsctly the kiqd thst North Vancouver
now requires if Its public buildings are
to keep pace with the city's growth in
othor departments. The trustees have
reason to bo highly satisAod with tho
progross and present appearand of the
school, ami Mr. A. Q. ferry aptly
voiced their unanimous opinion ou
Wednesday nigh! when liip prognostic-
utud that thu lunUmi would bu a
"swell" one. The full board were
present. The occasion being the regular
monthly Ideating.
Tho clerk of the works in his report
in tho ubovu connection lameutuil inter
nipt ions i In .mi'li lhe occurence of bud
weather, ami gave sundry statistics
uud details relulivo to the progress
msde during' lhe past month. The
minimum number of men employed in
uiic duy hud heen In. If uolhing uu
I'orsfcu occurs Hie building will be iu
readiness I'm occupancy within four
The building committee reported that
a seveulh Installment amounting tu
44,(100.01) hud been grunted lo Smith
Urns, iu respect of their contract for
the school. The total amount puid lo
iiccount ol' Ihis cuiilrii'l In ilntc was
thus 1116,000.00.
Hecrelury Campbell read a letter
interrogating the liuurd us lu wkother
Ihey were Intending lo have u cluck
installed iu the lower of the Ridgway
school. The idea seemed to lie hover
ing in lhe minds of certain of the
trustees lliul at a future date some
pliiliiiillinipiciilly inspired person might
desire lo present one In the city. Mr.
Hay who resides dose enough lo llic
school lu consult such u clock from his
windows, denied, iu spile of Ihis
circumstance, Ihul he hud eiilcrtainod
the said idea, Mr. Perry ugrced with
him in the mailer uf certain objection'
utile points aboul clucks Ihul arc near
In tines limiic. "Ding dung ding
tlongl" chimed Mr. I'erry iu illustration, "ding dung ding dung! —
PWANUI'1 Whereupon Aid. Frascr
wondered whether the press had gol
Hint down. The hoard decided to take
no action as yet iu regard lo the insinuation of u cloclt. Arrangements for
thu opening uf the new school were
left in the imi, i. of llic finance cum
millee and Ihe secretary. This com
milieu   reported .for   lhe   pust   month
in& PJvr
ordiniry "psudlturi to Mi's summit of
♦38,00, extrsordiuary, »7G,00, total expenditure, (108,00.''
During January tba enrollment pi
children wu si follows: Tn the High
n^ wm-lH VAMLUUvm, H. li, rK.UAY, FEBRUARY 16. 1912
mum, boyi 18, girls 18, tolti U. h
the public schools, boyi 860, girls 801),
total -568.
The cluef of police wrote Intimating
his plsssuro pn being sppolntoil truant
ollicer for the ensuing year.
The building committee snnnuncpi)
lhat it bsd waited upon Duntley .' Oo.
with reference to s vacuum cleaning
apparatus ind hsd agreed to sccopt the
company's tender ol $650.00 for complete ' installment of tbe "Pslm"
The question of unitary drinking
fountains hail hoep gone into and the
plumbing subcontractors' quptstlon of
fUfi accepted, it being left to the
architect to sscortlin tbo most suitibln
lype of fountain to be sdoptld.
Tho liuiiiil deeided tbat in tbe interests of hygiene specisi sanitary towels
should ho used hy tho scholars; also
lhal tho room In the Central school
which will shortly be vacant shall he
utilized as a recreation and salle a
manger for the children. The trustees
further considered that tlio teachers
were dosurving uptotlato tables and
chairs, Thesu will accordingly he
The question of increasing tho
salaries of the teachers cropped up,
Imi Ihu hoard, after a brief discussion,
camu to the conclusion that the present
rate uf payment was hotter than lhal
of other centres.
Offlcers Blictsd for 1018
Tho new hall seems lo he already
popular, for each meoling called therein
since its official opening hai heen well
attended. Last night', meeting was no
exception, (lulled by the Ratepayers'
Association, for lhe election of officers
for the ensuing year, and ulher hlisincis
peculiar lo the annual meeting, the
residents responded well, and when
subscriptions were called for, ll of lhe
audionco responded with Ihu necessary
Tho .lc.tim. of Hie president wss
the Hrst business of interest, and as the
chairman called fer nomination for thai
ullicc, J. (), Ilrown arose and [imposed
T, Allan. W. C. Nelson was also
nominated, when Iho motion thai
nominations close was carried.
Thu resulting ballot wss s
tic,    cm h    candidate    receiving    III
votes. Uf. Nelson,, wbo was the Hrst
president' pf the Society, retired In
favor of Mr. Allan, snd proposed that
Mr. Allan's election lie made ltiiuni-
iiioiis.   Thll Wil carried.   Mr. Nelson
was the unsnirouus ehoipe for vloe-
president, be being elected by soclsnis-
tlqn. Jjfp names wero up for tho
Sooretsryship—9 P. I'urdio smi A- U.
Witghiirno ivhnn Ur- Wsgbomo, speaking to tbe proven ability of Mr. 1'urdie,
retired in the letter's favor. Tho retiring Treasurer, .1. M. Fromme, was
re-elected by scclamation, lmtv afterwards resigned, W. J. Baker boing
chosen after s ballot on three names—
% J. Baker, J. P. Crawford ami A.
A long dlscussioii ensued on the
possibility of changing tho const i lul inn
to a.lmii of five moinbers on the
executive Instead nf three, but, a motion
to that effect not mootiug with a unanimous vote, was declared defeated, ami
the usual In days' notice of mill Ion to
alter tho constitution was imuiudlatoly
The election of three inuinlitrs to
servo on tho oxecutivu was then pro
I'le.le.l with, and from six nominees,
Messrs. .1. O. Ilrown, A. E. Waghurne
and II. L, Thoinp.nn were chosen.
Voles of thanks weru heartily uccunl
ed lu all the retiring officers, and then
tho meeting .was tlirnwu open for
general business. Miniv mutters uf mure
ur luss importance wore brought up,
most of which were referred to tho
executive, while the urgent maltur of
a public piaygrouiid, centrally lucatud,
was referred to a committee uf three-
Messrs. Fromme, Stewart uml Wag
horne—lo interview the District I'nun
cil.  Wheu the motion tu adjourn wu
put to IhS meeting, the chairman made
thu annuuncement that lhe inaugural
mooting of a choral society was being
beld on Friday at i p.m., and urged
everyone interested to try ami ullund
and inform ull available singers of Iho
The weekly meeting of the St.
Andrew's C. E. Society wus held in
81. Andrew's Presbyterian church.
After the usual opening, Miss N.
Hardy delivered an excellent address
uu the topic "Personal Ideals." Mr.
W. Klder will take Ihe topic next
meeting. All young people arc cordi
ally invited lu attend these meetings,
held in St. Andrew's Prtabytlfyn
Church, every Tuosday evening at 8
I will sell the entire stock of A'.
B. Fletcher, consisting of Groceries,
Horses, Wagons, Fixtures, Etc.,
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in . ''
 IMS « "I "    Till ii——
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J l riF. stwrHsi^ag iiv»> i s    , roww v i
Canadian Railway Statistics
Official Btttunw from All Linos  for
IBJO-WU-rMits MUI ri«l«es "Afford
A very grist deal of interesting bihI
useful inforuiation, with, reference, to
railway matters in Canada, ia given
iu tho iiniuiiil report of the Dapartmeut
Of Railways uml Canals, hp to June
lllll,, The statistics as compiled from
aworti statements Iurnlalwd by the
Hailwny Companies are therefore
.    MUaigs
Tbo total railway mileage reported
for tbe year was 25401), nn increase of
tiuu miles over the previous year. There
wero also liion miles in addition which
Wire really lu operation but which
were regarded as being still under construction. During the year not Ibsb
than 2500 miles of railway right uf
wiy were located ur surveyed.
Tho  total capital  linhilily  uf  rail
ways operating is Canada WM #1,398,-
080,701 of Wbloh $118,801,201 was added during tbe year. The bonds sub-
sidios paid to railways during the
yesr amounted to *l,4i!«,IB2. The homls
of ihe vsfiwrraiiwiyi wvu  u«sn
guaranteed either by tbe Dominion or
by the respective provineeg   to the
iiiiiDiini of *i4$,a»a,,w,
Pssungir Traffic
The number of passengers carried
during 10)1 was 117,007,718 sn increase
of 3.11 per cent, over mid. Tbe aggregate earnings direct from passengers
were 150,560,808.08, The average
number of .passengers per train was
till and the average distance travelled
by each passenger waa 70 miles. The
aggregate mileage travelled by pas
senger trains was 1111,085,011.
Frilgbt Traffic
During lull, the volume of freight
amounted to 70,864,282 tons, SI) increase of 7.2 per cent, over,the previous
year. Tho average revenue per toil
per mile was .777 cent and thu total
revenue  from    freight  was $li!4,74il,:
015.81, Tbs avorsgo sumbir pf tons
hauled par freight train was SOS, tbo
average number of csn to s train wss
18,08 aud tbi average length of haul
wsa 800 milu.
Bsralngi smi Opintlaji Bipium
Tbo aggregate eariiiugi from all
soureea during tbe yesr were $188,788,-
,143.58 SDll tbi operating o*pan«l
amounted to $131,083,784.05. The ratio
of operstlsg expenses to gross earnings
was 60.4 psr emit., tbi ai'lunl difference
haying boon $57,608,708.86. Tbo amount
paid out in dlvidondi wis $30,677,740.
Tbs amount carried forward to proflt
and loss was $14,808,566.
lu 1011 It coit $1.46 to run a tram
one mile. The fuel consumed during
the yesr aggregated 6,800,648 tons the
average coat of which wsa $8.07 per
The operation of railwiys in Canada
duriug the year under revioy resulted
in llm killing of 4115 persons mil the
injuring nf 8,880 . One passenger iu
1,884,010 wil killed sod oue 111 every
184,480 wu injured.
Billway Employe*
The number of railway iiiupliiyo'us In
1911 wu 141,824 who rpeolvoil aa re-
iimneialiun Ilia mm tl $?MI8|7IH)i
Blictrlc Railways
Tbe tots) mileage of electric railways
in t'u nii.lii Kim 1,587.01. Tlu'ii I uiul
cap|U| liability was $1U,5.'I'J1W. The
gross earnings of these Uiii-m far tba
yesr we're $80,068,718.68 snd tbo operate
iug expenses were $18,1108,184.88. Thoy
carried s total of 486,806,702 passengers of whom 102 wero killed ami 8,070
were injured in transit. There wore
13,671 employees attached tn electric
railways at Junu .tilth, lllll, uu in-
crease of 8114 over llllli. Tha ug
grigsto sum paid in wages mid stilarici
for the yoar waa $8,5^1,215.04.
Phone 335 Owners-Palmer, Hurmester St. von Graevenitz, Lid.
Commencing February 19
One Performance Nightly. Doors open 8 o'clock, Commence 8:30
Matinee Saturday, 2:30.       Box Office open 10 to 12 a.m. and 6 to 7 p.m.
PR1CES-I5c. and 25c.
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North Vancouver
Pleasant Fields of Holy Writ
The InUriiatlonal Sunday School
First (Jtiarlor. I .mmm VII. Luke II: 1 IT
February In, IIIIII
Tha Ministry of John the Baptist
The Story
The |.., ..ui and mnilon uf John the
llaptisl seemed hi., a lasl effort ut'
Providence to awaken ■ .lull mul shop
Ileal nation. Ilis garment!., his fuml,
his very self were a powerful senuiin.
lie i'i.,is he.I in une of Ood's lirst totnp
les, with jutting melt fur pulpit, whule
dome of heaven fur sounding board, uiul
river fur baptismal later. He was
teriiiible Mt. Sunn, holding mirror of
law with unwavering hiutl.boftiro the
guilty cniiseionce of the people. Harh
class uf sinuers, hypocritical leribos uiul
I'harisi,:.. I', tat-galhirers,
ilissolulc soldiers—all received their
merited rebuke    Multitudes subiuitled
to the baptism of repentance	
The llaptisl was careful lo iillinu llui!
his mission wus purely preparatory, lie
could out forgive sin pur cleanse niii
hit*. He could unly put thcin iu the
wuy of finding One win, ttus mightier
than himself. Well uud faithful did
he perforin his arduous task. Ilis
highest ambition was lu be a voice cry
ing iu lh« wilderness, "I'roparo ye lhe
way!" . . . . When he wan at the very
/.euilh uf hia power, his ruiigrogstiona
largest, and his Influence widest —un
Olpecle.tly une day .Icstts stuu'l befurc
him, requesting baptism nl In- handa,
•lohn started bark in self deprecation,
at um e recognising ami acknowledging
the superiorly of the One who sloud
before him, crying, "I  hate n I In
bu baptised uf thcel " Jeans in reply,
acknowledges thai He sluml under nu
necessity of repentance, unly ..n..n. ■
it to be becoming fur Him lo fulfill
this ceremonial duly ami thus identify
iug Himself the more thoroughly with
those to save whom 1111 had nunc
With this explanation, the lluplisl  nu
lunger declined to serve Him	
Tbe old proverb says, "(I'u tu Jordan
ami thou shall see the Trinity!'' In
the river, the haplii-mal uuli-r spurll
iug on his brow, stood the Sun of (iu.l;
thruiigli a nil in heaven dcsi cii'le.l tlie.
Spirit of (lod in form uf a 'In" In
lhe tiielTuble depths sounded the voice
of   (lud   the   Father   identifying   His
Hon     Thin glnnuus scene  wu-
At iiiauguralimi uf the Messiah. No
earthly priest ever ha<l such installs
Tbe  Teacher's  Lanteru
V, Imi mure could Iho l.unl have done
to  Ilis  vineyard,  Israel, Ihut   He did
not do for ill    This   u unpromising
prophet, wilh sackcloth garment uiul
cheap diet, was l.i-i uml greatest in Ilie
long line of those whu had been seul In
call the l.uM'. people to account ami
sought to prepare Ihem for the Messiah.
It was all in vain. The vineyard per
•latently brought forth wild grapes
It is so in .I.i.' Apparent favorites of
Providence falls short of. wbal may be
justly snliripatcd. Mli IJ r lhe law ruls
lu thai   line, "Mi*li  given, niU'li  re
piired! " The Baptist's revival
may not have been altogether a super
in ni sensation. He was nol responsible
if it was. Among his converts, uu
doubt, were many among the three
thousand   whom  I'eler  added   lo  the
Church at I'eulecost    I'rc|iaring
Ihe Lord's way into a liuiuuu In-art is
the most glorious work in which one
can engage. At the same time il is
Ihe mosl delicate and difficult, lei
all heaven approves and is ready lo
.assist il.
■Mosaic from ConinwnUrlai
l.uke goea iuto particulars, and thus
fully lm mi- ill point of lime the events
which be is about to Aeeetilit. . ', The
Baptist began hia ministry where he
bsd spent much of bit life, hot bla
preaching attracted people from afar. .
Baptism was pledge of remission of
•iu snd aigo that ttnAjdgto had turned
from evil    In tin- Orient, as a
rule, little attention is given lo roads.
Coming of s royal person was common
signal to make a highway. Su .it hap
pened M late u tbe visit ol a J'r;:"
of Wales to Syria    To prepare
morslly for C'briit'i coining, Komao
arrogince jntut be rebuked, i'barisaic
hypocri''y    I'Jposed,    Hadducecs'    ma
iiTialism  condemned     Offspring
of vipers! bypocfUical Pharisee*, , . .
Wbo could warn effectively save the
Holy Bplritf    More than words
ssd  tears sre  required  to prove  re
pantanco genuine   If Abraham's
children,   t|iey   must   do   Abrshsm's
deeds , , . .    Righteous disposition  of
ill-gotten gain ami clisritahla, uie of
legitimate   wmitll. . . . . .    Jobn   hi iii
Ml >» si Ike snot when be ilepiaiuliid
that lav Hiiiheivrii liiiiiiiiil never again
enrich Ihi'iinielves liy extorting more
than thoy vvore required to turn over
to thuir stiporlor officers. . . . Natural
that thu genera) espoela'lioii of tbu Ad
'"ui should lumi lo popular identification.
Analysis and Key
John  llaptisli  Ills I'ernun:  Mission
Classes attracted: Message tn Each.
Jesus  BoquoHts Baptism- John  I'm
A.'re.I. uii Curemoiiiul (Iroumls.      ,
Nut Necessity of Candidal e.
Trinity at Jordan.
The Young People's Devotional
Hiiskin affirms thu greatest posses
sion- self-possession. Hut lluvid suid
tho sume thing three thousand years
before when he cried, "My hosrl if
llieil." Jesus meant this when He
said. "I will give you reidl" It is
moral equilibrium- eqiliptlola. This lies
liaek of all coiicrutti iloelslous, uml insures Iheir rightuess.
Owners of tloga lioreby lake notice
that the dug tsgs for 1818 are now
available tl the Oity Treasurer's office.
Any dog found without " tag will be
impounded and tlhu owners of said »nl-
iii.'il prosecuted, k
W. T. (1HA1IAMK,.
I'liiimlkeoper.' .
North Vancouver,
HHh February, 1818.
Vancouver Business Directory
mmMM nil.l.buuif.
SPROTT-SIIAW Business College
336 Hastings St. W.
Canada's Qraaleal Waatarn School
R. J, Sprott, R.A., - -Manager
Mil till    I'l III II
Corporation, Limited
.)4ti Seymour Street
3,000,000   MATCHES   BTBUOtt   PBB NOTABY 1'1'BI.IC
MINUTB I n.i,'..,.   lm, ..1111.1,1,h    and    Iusurance.
—— Unbm 207, 583 Granville St., Vancou-
ll bus been estimated that, for each ver, II, ('. phono b2H8.    Und Itsgli-
'       . ..... I ,ry work u speciully.
iniiiiile ut  lime, the civilized  milium-
iif    the    world    strike    Ihree    million | = 	
iniiii'lies.   This is said te be the aver | iiS'l'ATr..
age fur every minute of the twenty   " .
four hours',,! lhe day.  Plftosn btindro.l y^y^  Guarantee a. i^s^
lull 1 un   is  the  number   for  the  entire |
The importance uf the industry'
whieh turns uut lhe lillle splinters of:
vvuiid tippeil with sulphur or some olher
material   ignited  by   friction,  is  only;
I ignited   when  Hie  average  smoker:
iries lu cniitciiiplato his predicament if'I.ANI) ANI) MORTGAGE
he  Inul  In gu bin k  lu the lime  when j
he hail lu coax ■■ spark from u tinder
bux.    Snuill ami insignificant  is, I
ihe match demands us much attention
in the choice uf the wuod involved 111
its   manufacture us  any  other  forest.»   tf
product.   Only the ehoieual portioua of
the best trees ure suitable.   Bspwood,
knotty or cross grained timber will not
do.    lu Is,i.l ut' being a by proiUlet, Iiii
iiiin- mull I  is lur I mil at hundreds;'
of mills over tlie country where lhe by '   All Nmth Vancouvor .people mt at
products lire bulky objects like doors,1 1 crjlu A DnQ'
siish.cs,   shingles,  sidings,    posts    uiul
onl woods.    The pines, linden, aspen,
while cedar, puplur, birch au.l  willow
arc lhe inns! suitable match limber.
err Huuliitite - - - Manager
I'.itliet Pluck Block or Husliiiga .St.,
"I'l"' ii'   lis.  new post nlliee    I ....... 1.1
sells bis Uu by lhe pound.
Lot 56, Block 166, with stable
leased at $10 per month
Price $8500
Terms to suit.
Don't Take Chances!
Business mon and business houses
an usually Judged by tho printed mat
ter thoy aend out.
Oan you afford to take chancea wltb
your printing when good work In thla
Hue coata little, Mf any, insra
We Do Good Work
Flrat Btreet Eut, Nortb Vancouver
I '
atWXt We solicit l}>e trade of all builders who appreciate
jH II High Grade Goodi at a moderate price, and the
m\l j prompt and careful filling of orden, which uur large
7| itock and long «xperience in businew makes possible'J
Burrard Sash & Door Factory, Ltd.
& of purchasing CLEARED LOTS fronting on 20th
and. 21»t Streets in Blocks 9 and 9 "A"~0n|y two
blocks out of Lonsdale Ave,-AT FIRST COST.
Only $600 and $650 each! And two years
in which to pay for them.
■■■■'   i'i         en ni ui t  i
Grand Boulevard
Beautiful Cleared View Lot (U 6, Block 78)
ONLY $1500 on terms,     Discount for Cash.
North Lonsdale s
We are the sole agents for an Estate comprising
over 50 Large Building Lots at FIRST COST
Maps and price lists on application.
Irwin & Billings Co., Ltd.
Corner 5th and Lonsdale
North Vancouver, B. C.
r i
 Ctmtlwcil ttaifpmi ■',,	
North Vancouver Business & Professional Cards
Still UN'I ANTS.
Percy   :'    n.-.-... i ■ i H.   1,   I'errln
l.'liy   Auditor.
Audller*   aud -Accoualanla
(»  I'ender 81.   W.      P.  O   Boi  X236
I'bone 1117
> i'bone IIS
Ninth Vancouver
V12 6lb Street East North Vancouvsr
I'll.oi" '//.'I
m.ti i.Miriii.v
Pioneer Horieiboer - Cmiitge Worka
j. BRIND, R.S.S.
Nile,,'-,.,,! to Wallace k Bcott, Third
mSiieet.   iiciii'iiil ii I'lur work.
A. -Wallace's services nave beon te
Deep Hove, lo n width of 8U foot, and
nii.o a road connecting tin. Deep (Jovi
rpfttl with Oovo U|lff. He -explained
thul tho advent of ni»|iy Bottlera in
tbia •action during the pu»t yoar, in
ii'i'iiiiini In llic proapoetlve tlovolop-
nicitta in thia auction, necessitated im-
protciui'iilii of the Kind rc,'„i,ii,i,'i„li-.l
The motion wai seconded and carried.
On tlia motion of Councillor Nulaon,
Ur. Wilmiu wai appointed ipeclal police
pooitable for Woodlandi. Alio, tbo
council approved tho purchase of a
horse for tho polico department, the re
iipiiiii.ii.iiiiv of choice being tbruat upon
tbo acting Hi'i'vc ami Councillor
ion. (Thero it no truth In Iho rumour
that Councillor Uwaon will train thia
bono to return droppeti handkerchief*
and execute other feali at which thu
councillor'a own honee are io expert.)
On tbe motion of Councillor l.outct
seconded hy Councillor lawson, lbe
council reaolvcd that croialngl bo con
atructed between all oxlatlug sidewalks
A little iliacuaaion preludiaed Ihis ac
lion uf the council, Councillur l.outet
arguing Ihut if one had to crosa mud
laden roada tu get from one aidowalk
to iinotlicr, the whole object of sidewalks wua defeated, t'ouitclllor Nelson
declined, however, to blackguard the
mud. He thought il wuuld iitniiuiilulr
cil her on iiiiiiiiilniii ur un a timber
crouiug, and iu any caae ho did not
think there waa much harm in u little
good cleau mud.
Councillor l.outct doubted—in fact
diiputed, the exiateucu in the muni
clpality of any mud of the kind de
scribed, and etroiigly advocated u
■ '1,111111111,11'. timber walk.
Eventually the motion went through
ai abuve.
The Council accepted the Board of
Work'a recumiiiciidutioii that tjuurry-
men ahould he paid 40c, per hour, the
name aa men filling that capacity in
Vancouver, Now Westminster und Vic
Councillor l.outct rupurleil upon the
i.. i'u. i.hi..i for the division of the
municipality. They were going ahead
and getting matlcra udjualeil aaliafac
torily, aud bad been received in Vic-
toria in a very pleasing manner. The
delegation wua required to again appear
More Ihe provincial authorities yes
183$     THE BANK OF     1912
Tba New Block on Loaadale Avenue
near tba Perry Approach
waa built by
General Cofttraotori
i'unlmetora for reinforced controlo
construction. Bewaring io all IU
brandies; Inline conuecliona a ipc
null).     Kiliiinti")   furniihed.
Ollice: in Umdale Ava.        1'hoi.e £H6
ANI) CHIMNF.V llllll,l)i;.(
I'rouad Brick Ninths a Bu»c»lty.
Phone IIU
A. Craib W. Craib
lo i niicieie, Brick and Wood.
lip in dale Milliner;
Modcrtac Hatci
Keith Block    93 Lonadala km.
riii.n.i.ii hiu ti
Studio   over   Bank   B. N. A.
I.onsdale and Esplanade
I'lini for Bale, collages, l^ungalowr
bouses, aparluicuts, balls, etc. Tel. 173
llth street near St. Andrew's Ave
At a congregational meeting held this
Week it was decided lo enlarge the
im-.'nl building by adding :'" feet on
the eaat aide'and a two story IS foot
addition on the weal aide, making the
Whole building Mill feel.
t cuiniiiiltiT haa been appointed lo
w'cure definite pluns uud apcciliculioiis
and lenders will be called lor in the
near future.
The ballot papers mi Church I'u inn
haw cuinc In baud and arrangement*
aro bung made lo hate all members
and adherents vote on this most import
ant .,...■ imii
Al lhe evening service the pa.lor
Intends dealing, wltb the lirst question
on the ballot paper.
"Are you in fmi.r of Organic I'nion
witb the Mcthodiat and ruugrcgutfouiil
I All nil
i nil. HNOINKBM.
Booksellers and SUtiooors
Cor. Lonadala aad lit.       Pbone 143
-—*•- ', DENTIST
Post Graduate Chicago University
fnom oiMw.mmvmommM
A.M.I.B. 4 S.
Irrigolion, dralnagt, levels, (dans
and specifications. Septic Lank* and
houso droinage a sjiedalty. P. 0.
Boi Hi, I6lb atroet waft of Bnriclu
i.imu nt
Aad gtteoral Commission Merchant, 18
I^hidale Ave., Nortb Vancouvar.
Phone 384
Lynn Valley Teapwaacc HoUi
Nortb Vaucturar
On tb* car llm. Hoarding mania.
Good .accommodation for working nun.
Contractor^ toon boarded. Hy. KaatcoU,
North Shors Olsanlug I Dyeing Works
High Class Indies' and Oculs' Tailoring
Ho|isiring and Alterations. Cleaning
, aod Dyeing in all ilf brancbaa. All
Work guaranteed.
Ill Plrst Blreel Wesl. I'bone lol
I .allies' work a speclaltr All kinds
of rciialrlna, alterlni. remodelling.
cUhiiIhk and pressing Charges moderate, work gum.mli i 'I for l.onaduli
and litli street, Norlb Vancoover, H it.
riioiie 171.
Specially: Children's I*s*ons ac own
borne. Terms ale., apply Ooneral
liy clothes are al tba Capilano
foundry where yours ought to ba.
Pint work lay U emit iex. Bough
dry, lc lb., mil muh, Jc Ib. Drop u
jl card nnd wo will call for ihem.
P. O. Box MU
The monthly meeting of tbe St,
Andrew's aud Caledonian Society was
held un Tuesday nigbl In Iho absence
of Ibo President, Mr. T. Y. Tullli, lai
Vice President look lbc chair. There
was I good attendance. Afler the
usual routine business, in wbicb dell
nite steps were Ukon to buhl monthly
socials in the Knights of Pythias Hull.
on meeting nigbta, after business is
finished, lbe Treuurer called upon lhe
chairman lo prcacnt Mr. A. Mocluggau.
tbe secretary, on behalf of the incm
beta of lbc society, witb a fruit salver
aud sot of carters to celebrate Ibe
occasion of bis recent marriage. The
chairman mado tbo presentation with
a •'!.'■ humourous speech, praising Ibe
secretary for bis yipl good work and
for bating given up so much time, vol
uniarily, to further Ihe cauie of lbe
 it aod tbt love of Ibo homeland.
The sec mlary replied in suitable terms
He said that lbe work wai made easy
by lbc ilrong aupport wbicb be received
from the nn n,Is. i
During lbc week, lbe Indies' Board
of Ihe SI. Andrew's and Caledonian
Society tailed around and made a eur
prise presentation to Mrs. Maclaggan
e p	
Beginners given apodal aiicniion.
U'uona given nt bomei of pupils.
Termi: Volco, tl; piano, 76c. Addrtir
(Jeneral PUlveiy, Nortb Vnnc»uv»r.   -
11 Yttnto BuilniM.   Capital and pogorvo Over 17,600.000.
A Complete Banking Service
Collections made in any part of Canada. Negotiable
paper discounted. Money .advanced al reasonable terms to
finance yonr business. Lppal and foreign Drafts bought and '
sold. Money transmitted by Money Order or Telegraph
Transfer. Letters of credit jssifed payable in all the leading
cities of the wor)d.
We invite your account.
Two Offices in North Vancouver, Corner of Lonsdale tSv*},
tnd Esplanade. Upper Lonsdale Avenue, near 14th Sttof^
1 Ir—■V|'ft=;4S ■
J-. -   ''/Mil'" >
For only il down and tl
weekly you can buy the
OANADA'B 1'EIDE MALLEABLE .BANOB, reservoir or wulcrfront complete' tilled up. Seo lhe
BANOB. They lost t
Prompt Dollvory.
Patterson, Goldie & Clark
Get Your Bread
Pioneer Bakery
VAN CALLS DAILY to all parts of the City
North Vancouver Coal & Supply Co. Ltd.
Dealers in Coal, Brjck, Lime, Gravel, Sand, Cement, Plaster
Lalh, Sewer Pipes and General Builders' Supplies.
Wharf: Fool of St. George's Ave.    Phone 178.
Office: 56 Lonsdale Aviiiuc.   Phone 198.
Western Plumbing Co.
Plumbing, Plumbing Buppln.ii, Bower
Connecticut, Hot Water and Btcjni
Heating, Sheet Metal uid Tinners'
Furnace Work. ' Estimates furnished.
Warehouse and Quito: Oor. Esplanade aud Bt. Oeorge, Phone 3116.
3. H. QODDABD, Manager
Palace Hotel
Second Slrect, Norlh Vancouver, B. C.
Rates:- $2.00 per day up.   Special
rates to families und to regular hoarders.
Snaps in Homes
f roomed jlunguloiv on 2lat street   ,now,   ell   modern,   faring  south,
tlitt.  Terms easy.
6 roomed House on HHh street, 2 blocks oast of i.onsdalc. All modem
Ari'pliico ,clo. H'Hii). ItOO ce.-b, buluiue oasy.
(roomed house on J2lh ittreot east  of  Boulevard,  now.   HMD, HM
cash, balance 116 por monNt.
mmmnmnin i» i|,M|i|'     .' . Jl I ,l|ll>l|im 11 I yn I II II      NIsllllB
Campbell Realty & Investment Co*
P. p. Drawer
ll W--
Reeve Mm Satisfied
With Proceedings
at the Capital
FavoraWo Boply to Latter Beokiug to
Safeguard IiOC»l Interwta
Boors May returned from Ottawa on
Wednesday well Butletied frith tbo
course negotiation) hud tukon in tbo
east. Both tbo reevo and Mayor Me-
Neiah wore given opportunities to 0*-
plain tho situation from a local standpoint to tbe Minister of Hnilways. On
being told that no objection was taken
to tbo route as proposed the commissioners, granted approval therowitb,
witb a supplementary assurance tbat
North Vancouver's interests would bo
protected in sccordanee witb tbo facts
as stated by tbs two cblof magistrates
from this place ,aud as set forth in tbo
memorials submitted along witb tbeir
The C.P.H. solicitor's statement that
construction would be commenced gt
once was believed to be bona Ilde by
Mr. May.
Otber developments of almost equal
importance were intimated by Mr. May
which would probably come North Vancouver's way, but these were still in tbe
elementary stages ami 'little could be
said about them with any degreo of accuracy.
Tho {titter indited to tbe minister of
railways after the bearing embodying
certain directions in which north shore
interests should bo safeguarded, was
not ouly signed by Mr. II. II. Bteveus,
but endorsed by Mayor McNeish, Heeve
May and City Clerk Bhephord.
Hinco tbe interview, and just before
tbe  reeve's  departure  from  (Ittuwu,
fn fhe supreme court today Joseph
LoDuc, n Vancouvor expressman, whoso
toam bolted into tbe lolet am) woro
drowned soma littlo time ago, is suing
the North Vancouver Ferry Op. for
♦1,100 damages in cninpensnliou fur
loss of horses and rig. Ro accuses tbo
company of negligence In leaving Ibeir
wharf gates opsn at the foot of Lonadale gveniie.
Mr. May received a note from Mr. Bto-
vena stating tbat the niinistbr, E reply
to bis letter, bad promised a fai'prablo
hearing in a day or two's time.
Mr. B. Magonnis is seriously ill with
pneumonia.  Pr. Verner is in attendance
Mr, and Mrs. E. E. Williams of Do-
vercourt Road, have moved and are
now residing at Moodyville,
Messrs. Bennett and Winters, bul
cbors of Frederick road, bavo dissolved partnership.
Mr. A. Anderson, wbo has boun confined to his bed with a blood poisoned
foot for several months, is able to he
about again.
Mr. Jonea of Pernio, B. C, bas open
ed a bakery aud confectionery business
on Church and Lynn Valley road under
the name of the Lyuti Valley Bakery.
Owing to J. II. English.'s eitraonliu
ary sale of tbe bankrupt stock of A.
B. Fletcher coming to a 'close, the store
on Church and Lynn Valloy road will
shut down on Saturday eveuing.
A meeting is called for to-night in
the Institute, at 8 o'clock, to discuss the
advisability of starting a choral society.
Everyone musically inclined is urged
tu attend so thai the officers may be
as representative as possible.
Vancouver Waterworb
Committee Confer
With le Diitrict
We Study Printing
We make a feature of preparing printing that is profitable to
our patrons.
We study type faces and effects
to insure attractive arrangement,
and we believe you will appreciate
our handling of your work.
From a card to a huge poster
or an illustrated catalogue we will
give you a ligure or our advice.
Capital Paid Up   12,870 0(0
Kcscrve and Undivided Profits 1,(0(000
Total. Assets     11,000.000
Tbe It,mli ol Humlllon haa made
saving simple—by eliminating all unnecessary Bank formullty.
An account may be' opened wltb llic
■ ■ if' ii ol une dollar Kvtn so small
an amount will act as an Incentive to
steady saving .and will quickly grow
to a sum worth while
0, 0. HBAVBN,  A«»I,
Norlb  Vancouver
In viow of tbe advent of the C. P. B., lot* ia 804 art becoming
Bore difficult to buy every day. Prices should double in valuo' bere
within tlio nest fow months.   See what we bavo loft without delay.
We havo also spool'! values la Second, Third and Fourth Streoti.
,    WW ESPLANADE  (QW tm OttlDt.)
9Mm 9M V. O. Box S3M
Agents for London AmtM* Co.
We have • good selection of How* for Sale or Rent
       "     .ii.        wi    )     I,   m i i i   i
Beeve May and members of tbo municipal council mot six members qf
tbo Vancouver waterworks rommitioo
mul conveyed Ihem in automobiles lie
Mr as the Capilano, tbo object being
din.illusion on the iiiiprovi'ini'iii of the
Capilano road for (purist traffic. Tbo
suggestion of tho district council is
tbat tbe whole road should be improved, in two suctions, one from the Narrows to tho Canyon View Hotel, cost
♦17,876, and tbe otber from the lul
named hotel to the Capilano Hotel,
cost $10,501), total »87,87B.
Reeve May, after luncheon, outlined
tho advantages- that would accrue to
the proposed improvements and hoped
that the matter would be dealt with
iu a friendly and businsssliko inaniierl
Coun. Bridgman thought thst if sume
arrangement cuuld be made with the
city the district would be willing to
grant a right of way for hbo pipo line
of the city. It was impossible for the
district to spend tho amount ou tbe
roatl at the present time, but if the city willing to bear 60 per cent .of the
coat the work could be commeiiced ot
once. The cost of maintenance would
bo borne by the district. H roust bo
borne in mind lhat the construction of
tho road from White Cliff to Deep Cove
would involve the district in a cost uf
(400,000, anil that thoy were not asking
tho city to build tbeir trunk roads, but
only to share the expense of this one.
Coun. Lawson contended that Ihe
eity had, and always would have, a
great deal more use of tbe road than
did the district. Coun. Loutet and
Couu. Westover thought that tho benefits would bu reciprocal between the
city and the district.
District Engineer Bosgrove, having
fdrnished details of Iho proposed work,
Aid. Hepburn said that inasmuch as the
eity must preserve the Capilano water
source, bo was prospered to carefully
consider the matter. The widening of
the road would be advantageous both,
to tho city and the district. The view
of Aid. McHpadden was lhat the pro
posai was neither too extensive uor ex-
peusivo to he considered favorably by
the Vancouver couucil and he should
certainly support tho proposal.
Aid. White said that it was the con
census uf opinion over Ihe city that
tbey un ni I'd the road widened ,aud he
was heartily in support of Ibe projoct.
Aid. Trimble said be would do all
he could to aid iu the success of the
scheme, and Aid. Williamson thought t
grant would best muot lhe,caae, with
the understanding that the work was
carried out bp joint engineers.
Mr- W. i. Lea, assistant city engiu
eor, pointed out thai tbe city should
have sufficient control of the road to
tiuria.itie that mi injury would take
piece to the pipes, and also that the
•ity should have the right of way to
:uty the pipes ti the north side of
he Narrows.
Handsoms Trophy Donated by Local
Tiinwiw nt fiiAu Point l,ln roml
important match pf tbo season lakes
placo when North Vancouver anil Vancouver moot in tbsir final contest for
tbo championship nf tbe 11. O. |.oague.
North Vancouvor have won ovary
niiiteh to data and should lltcy manage
to again bo victorious, thoy will nu-
diaputahly become ebapipions for tbo
season and bidders of tho challenge
Tbe lattsr artlolo was on vjow at tlia
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiini Hall last evening for tbo
first time and is undoubtedly the finest
Clip over put Up for competition for any
loaguo In the provipeo. Thp oup,
wbleh is a perpetual trophy, was donated by Messrs. K. H. Hridgmuii, W. .1.
Dick, H. Q. Qreon Armytage, W. J.
Irwln and H. E. Maenagbten, and ia of
solid silver standing some thirty inches
high and having miniature crossed hockey sticks and a hall mutinied iu front
nf same. The cup was groatly admired
by the large number of guests at tho
danco given by the hockey club last
The game starts at trrree o'clock tomorrow and it is hoped that a large
number of Nortb Vancouver people will
si11''inI and support tbo local"club iu
their efforts to bring the silverware to
the nortb shore.
North Vancouver will be roprosnnted
by tho following loam, all being buna
fide residents bere:
Goal, M. Woods; backs, ti. Qreon
Armytage, II. Cameron; halvos, 8. Hum
phreys, Ted Baylis |Capt.), N. Hum
pbreys; forwards, 1'. N. Baylis, I'.. J. II
Cardinall, B. O. Ward, B. Macnaghten
H. I,. McPberson.
The boys will be accompanied by
Bobt. Chance, II. B. Koiivyn, J. J
Woods and V. T .Salsbury, who with
their band of talented instrumentalists
will render duriug the process of the
match, selections on row bells, corncrakes, concertinas, pic, some of Ibo
most popular grand operas commencing
witb Alexander's Dig Brass Hand and
the Mysterious Hag.
Miss Mabel Hiltel is ou a visit to
Mr. and Mrs. J. (,'. Brown, let slrect.
All Nortb Vancouvar poople sat at
Either Flack Block or Hastings St.,
opposil* tbs now post office. Unpaid
aella bis itaa by tli* pound.
Duriug the single month of January
just at an cut! a total of upwards of
a quarter of a million of dollars was
brought to lbe provincial treasury
through the vari.oua operations of the
limber branch of the lands department,
Ihe exact figures as tu reveuuu being
(253,606.110. This large amount tncludM
(8.11,611.20 from limber licenses alone.
There having been 847 issued for lands
west of tbo Cascade range, producing
in charges Ihe sum of (120,127.40, and
616 for lands cast of Ibe Cascades, with
receipts of (102,483.80. Timber license
transfer fees aggregated I'D", pouallit*
(1,660, 176 coal prospecting licenses
(19,460, and coal prospecting' license
transfer fees (686.
In the event of Ihe January record
being sustained, 11112 prontisics to
eclipse ever the year recently closed.
wbicb In its turn set a new mark for
British Columbia timber, both as to Iho
cut and tho amount of royally collected. During the past year the timber
cut from provincial lands totalled 1,
100,000,000 feel, as compared with a
total of 036,000,000 feel in 1010.
Estimating the coal ofproduetion at
(16 per M. feet, the expenditure iu
manufacture of the 1011 timber tut of
British Columbia reached (16,000,000;
of the total rut 46,000,000 feet ohly
were oiperlcd In Ihe 1'uiled Hlates.
Tho total culled ion for the year in
royalties and taxes, delusive of rentals
was (444,333, compared wilb (303,508
for Ibe previous twelvemonth.
in this Territory for
II        'I       ■"""    ■         iiii II i
SMART'S     (O)     HAMMERS    AND
Each of these lints are conceded to
he tba standard of tbs country. Our
Stock: la all bought from representative
firms. Somo of these lints we are
compelled to ask a llttlt moro for be
cause It costs money to manufacture i
bigb grade article.
paine & McMillan
Phone 12.
Wholesale and Retail Hardware
/ '
Morning! II a.m. "The Spell of the
I'ii'..'cn, evouing, 7.30, "The False Rewards of Evil"; Biblo Study, 2.30,
"Tbe Call of a Disciple aa Told Ily
Tenders are invited for the erection
and completion of certain school build
ings, North Lonsdale. Contractors de
it'iu- of figuring will leave thoir names
cither with Mr. Blaekaddcr, Keith block
North Vancouver, or II Jamieson, room
708, Metropolitan Building, Vancouver.
Plans and specifications may be bhd on
and afler Monday uext. The loweat or
any louder not necessarily accepted.
SO 2
It's Your Opportunity!
Unloading Sale
to get good, reliable Footwear
at wonderfully low prices
The STORE with the RED SIGNS
Mount Crown Block    Ut St. Eait    Op, City Hall
.Mill I 11    t   IM  "I   VI   It
• I.    -tniliM.'.    I'rr.OjIrrl.u    I Uunl,,
belli, Itoad—Services! Morning 11.00;
ovenlng, 7 80. Adult Bible Class. 12 30.
Sunday School, SIC Y.I'S.C.K, Tuesday, at I p. in I'ruyer Meeting, Wednesday, al I p. in Choir Prattlse.
Friday, ut I y in Itev Donald Macelod,
Mrlkedlsl riurck—Cornsr of (Ih and
St. George Sunday Services, 11 00 a in
anil- 7.10 ji in Sunday School and Bible
I'loas. >!( pm Senior League. Monday. I p.m Prayer and I'ralse Service.
Wednesday   I pm.      Junior    League.
Thursday uflcrnoon at 3.30. Pastor,
W. C. Schlllcher.
SI. Ikiici. i inn ei, — Corner l!ih
and Boulevard. Morning ut II a.m.,
evening ut 7110 p.m. Holy communion,
Orel Sunduy In month ut 8 a.m.; first
und third Sundays at 11 a.m.l Sunday-
School ut 3.00 p.m. Itov. Thomaa lo..
Howe, Vicar.
Salvation Army.- Lonsdalo Avenuo.
Sunduy services, 11.00 a.m., 3 p.m. and
716 p.m. Tuesday, 8 p.m.; Thursday,
8 p.m. Children's Service, Wednesday,
I p ni
iiiuni.i i imi. i,—Twelfth and St.
George. Services nl 11 a.m. and 7.30
p.m Sunday School und Bible Class ut
I'll) pin. Prayer snd praise service.
Wednesday nt 8 p.m. Pastor, Rev. A.
J. Pressor, 12lh and SL Qeorge.
SI. J.'i.o lbc Kvsugcllsl, nli and 13th
Holy Communion, 8 a.m. Morning
Pruyer, 11 a in. Evening Pruyer, 7,30
p m. tin lbc Drat Sunday In thu month
tbere will be a second celebrutlon of I
Ibe Holy Communion at 11 um. Rector,
Rev, Hugh Hooper.
SI.   11.llll.Ill,I'-   I   -Hi..11.    I   In,,cl,, ,',|,:!)..,|
A Venn. Sundaya Mm.', 0 a.m. Sunday School, 2)0 p.m Rosary Benediction and Sermon. 7.30 p.m.
Imlliu Catholic I boroh uf St. Paul's.
Maes, 7 30 a.m. Sondnys. Pastor, Rev.
R Pcytavln, OM.I
St. ii.t-niii.-.. s a.m. every Sunday
except Orel Sunday In mulith. 8,80 a.m.
lli.'-t Sunday In month 11 am, Matins, uud sermon, second and fourth
Sunday. Holy Communion am) sermon,
Hi at and I tilid Sundays. Vicar, Rev.
T  K. Rowe.
Prrsbylerlau Cbureb—SunOuys, 11 a.
ni. und 7 30 p.m. Sunday School and
Bible floss 2 30 p.m. Teachers' Training I'lnss. Wednesday 7 80. Prayer
incline Wednesday 8 p in Boys'
Club Thursday 7.30 pro Choir practice. Friday. 8 pin. It. Vun Munstor,
MA. puslor
tieiliniii'.i i I,nun. — Services every
Sunday evening In the new church, at
7 o'clock.
i'rrsoiieiiuu (buret.—Worship. Bun- II am. i'i Lm Sunday School.
2 30 p.m. Prayer minting, Tuesday 8
p.m. Teachers Training Class Friday
7 SO p m   R Van Munster. M A. pastor.
SI. i l.i.i' ni*. i t otlleiin I—Holy communion, 1st Sunday In month, 11 a.m.;
evening prayer, every Sunday. 7.00 n.
in i lmii |.i.n ll. e Wednesday. 8.00
pm    Rev, Arthur K. Bruce. Vlcur.
Have Your
Filled by the
North Shore Drug Co.
P. S. THOMAS, Phm. B.
Druggist, 116 Esplanade West


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