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 Volume U
North VAsjoooyjiB, B.O;, TnpfiM, Aiw 25, Ml
Number 14
1 '   . .   ' . \.m\
Investigation bv Ratepayers' Association Pulled
Off-No Casualties.
With atrfnding mom eagerly contest-
orf (or in the inlurior and with ituin-
bere of rutopayore nnil citi.fiia t< ,wi
Ing v. it limit, tho city hull held onn ol
the hirgual crowdi eittce it. c. mime-
<inn on Friday evening list »h.n u
roproaontativo gathering of I'io 11 ile-
payori' Aiiociutiuu gutlicro.l to l>o*r
tho anawora to the qucafiona prceont-
ed by Mr. 11. (-. Wright, at .1   ro ut
'meeting ol the lorry directu-d. lho
i|iii-.iiniiii were unswered by lln   Wni-
, ihlp the Mayor. Tbo me-iiuj itrell
ia the criaia of u long eerie*  of C",u-
, pluinta by Iho cili/ona i >•(..,.■ I hi <•, 1 y
> counoil and llouitl ol Trudo.
Tho Muyor spoke u lew worda cull
ing upon lho ineeling lo olocl 1: chairman and Aid. lloiidor|.,n wua rleclotl
to 1,,mIn, 1 this difficult portion nl the
proceeding!  which tho aldirmm   did
. wilh auch diplomucy nnl fiuo rujanl
lur tho o|ritiionutcd eonteittnti, cm-
In ,-n .-.I iu hie juriadioliou thut both
purtioa wore plcuaotl which ipcaka volume!.
j Tho chairman culled the meeting to
order ami culled upon the muyor.
Miiyiir MoNoiah proceeded to tin-
buainoaa in hiinii wilhoul further delay and at once prreeutod thcauaworii
lo I lie i|ile..l lolls llll.'li-|li-l seil wilh dm-
iui-iii 1 upon lho ...line in the courau ol
doing ao.
J. Whul wua thc tolul ■ ->,i >. ■ 1
price of No. i ferry '.' What waa Ihe
nine and data ill delivery f
Anuwer—Total contract price s 11>.
1 iti.".-'. u li.il.in.-e being hehl in reeirve
of So,W.
3, Waa there any report Irom thc
architect ? II .0 what wua it uml wu,
ho in favor ol paying cxlr.nr Had lie
110 complaiiila tn mnkc ?
Anawer—You 'Ihe urchilect proponed cxtrua whicli uuforeaouti metla lunl
broiigbt to the lurlnce. He prceonled
a 1,iieiii'ni nl linn■ .. In be roclificd
1111.1 Wnllai-e Shipyard! liml ml usl.l
th -.■ in.in.1- ul Ihe 1.-111,1.1 of Um
lerry company. Al llii* slugc Mayor,
McNcish produced tin- col'reepoiidonce
ro -thia mutter Irom the Wallace Ship-
yurda, Manager Heard and, the Architect.
3. la it a fact that a aum ol low
£1,1**1 wua puid lor oxlrui)
Anawer—No. Kxlrue to the amount
ol 13,1**1 were paid lor. The clerk pro-
1lne.1l the detailed Hlntonn-ni ol tfaeee
4. la il 11 fuel that there »aa a ri
murrugc ol $60 per day on the en
n.,, 1 ol No. 3. lerry.
6- Why wua the demurruge not Oul
Anawer-Because Ihe conlracl price
waa mm.- 116,000 lower than lite nearest louder, llccauao nl u strike of m.,-
cliini.ll wriouidy affecting the Wallace Shipyards Because the boat wua
under tin- direct eupervioh.n ol thu
Kerry (ompany during lho Cin.truc-
-I'm ol the hi ry and beta Ml of lho ml
vcrtiaing vuluu ul llie prcalige of (laying the lira! *1.<tl hulled ve*l*l over
I.mil on llie Cunudiun Pacific cnaat
built in an iirdiiilrial plant nf Ninth
6. I* It a lacl that over ,-l"i Wul
•pool on chiimpugne ut the launch ng
ul Ihe nuw bout 7 II 10, whul wua
Iliu amount und who euppliod tb1
lame 1     «■
Anewer-No. |S4 wee spout ou Ibil
eommiKlity ordered by the Irrry direction und aupplied by Iho wiih of liml
li,..ly by Ihe Hotel North Voncouvei
nllhough Mr. Larson wm reluct ml
Ihat auch ahould be the caae.
7. Did lho Forry Company puy lor
the rofreihmonti on the trial trip? Il
ao, who ordered thorn and who »up-
plied the e*mo ?
Amrwer—Yoa. Refreshments wer* or-
dored by the Board ol Ferry dircc-
tora and euppliod by the Pioneer Bakery and Die Hotel Norlb Vancouver.
8. Hae tfae Board ol Ferry Diroctoi.
held an investigation inlo tfae linking
ol I lie pontoom ?
Anawer—Yoa. The Muyor 1)1 e ex
plained that whon the pontoon, wwe
built proper .covers hud cm* with
them. A lew dayi before the sinking
occurred Manager Heard wa* inilrucl-
i.«l to dry and paint the interior ol
the Hoola.  During tfaii operation    it
wa* in wiiry 10 have the covera   re
moved and during" thi* interval (4* accident ooourrtd. It ie very well, »*H
the Mayor, to criticize II,ii matter and
»ey any ohild would have known better. I myaelf would nol ollow llie off
ourrenoe a aocnnd tin*, liot fu even
the l«al regulated coinpnniee miatuke*
occur and iu Uti* cus* il wa* unfor
1 niiiite but one that might happen to
11. What wua the expense conaiieted
with the railing of the sunken portion,
of the North Vancouver whurl 7
Total expunau in thia connection
iuid Ihe Mayor, wai SII71.nl and 1
migfit alio remark thai Mr. Wallace'.
services 111 tliiit wore at Ii-iikI |3fi
i-ln-iiper than thai ol other contrail-
HI. What wa* the date ol delivery
st ipul.-iieil by Wiilluoe Shipyarda I id.
ill sub fniilrai-l  iiwallhd to McDiiUgjdl-
■ I, nl in-,  i-'n nn i-i.i Ltd. 7
Tho answer lo lliiii ipii'Kliou waa
ihut it waa in no Way copnocted with
the furry apmpany'a buainoaa to con-
nuli Mr. Walluce with rogurd lo hia
own private coneerni.
II. What wua the contruct prioe ol
North Vuneouver ferry No, ,3 7
Tho ,1.-.'■'.. 1 to thia quoilii.n waa
SI 17,037.
(Continued  on page 3)
Tlio public will lime an opportunity
nf heuring Iho cruck pipera ol B. C.
on Friday, 3tJlh al H p.m. iu lho Hoi-
liciilturui hull, Vnli Vuncnuvcr, when
Piper Major MeMulInn ol Norlh Von-
coiivor Pipe Hand will givo aelcctliina
of bag-pip* mimic, ulao Pipe Major Me-
li.-n.i. ill Vancouver, Grucio It..I eri-
..in will give exhibition! ol Highland
slupiliincing. It muy bo renumbered
that Miia Grucio Robertson won the
chumpiiiiuhip id America at lho A.Y.
1'. luir at Seattle. For llioee who
enjoy a hearty laugfa they muy do
ih. in. elii-i jiisiii-i. when .lack Audor-
in.n, tlio Ium..ns Scotch comedian will
appear in llie kill. Tho Si. Andrew'a
mule ipiurlelte Irom Vancouver will
iiinke all inn- .Scotchmen's- hcurl led
proud with 1 Inn fur renowned piece
'll.nl lo Ihe Chief,' and those who fun
speak ih,- twu lull., can hear ionic
thing in Gaelic. Mra. llurmcstcr, Alt.
A.M. will give iclcotioni og tfae
piano. For Ihoee who bulling to' old
Krin will Mn. Siinpiun and Mi.-s to-
theringhum no doubt do Inland jua
lice. Mra. Cunt will bring back old
incnioriea whin she will givo .Iclaio'a
Jhcu.111 in the reul Scotch style, Miaa
Pindlay, the laaile Irom Bonnie Dun-
doe, will delight Ihe audieoce in tier
muni pulriolic .lyle. Mr.. Walt, who
is ulso very n.-ll known, necdl no in-
Iroditcliou. The Canadian ijUiirtettc
will uppeur in a mueicel comedy and
no 1I.111I11 evorybndy will appreciate
Mr, J. 0. Farmer, another crack linger ol our North Sh. ie Accompuoi-
incnli will be played by Mr. W. Wur.l
Knr llioie who enjoy Ihe dance after
the concert till 13 p.m. Chunco'i orchestra wilj make things hum.. So
ilimiu lorgol lbs Nortli Vuneouver Kilties Band concert ami dunce on Friday nighl ot 8 o'clock prompt, Horticultural hall, Lonadale Avenue.
Hocognilioii acrvico for lho now \ilf
lor, Kev. A. J. Prt.esor, wi'l lake
placo Ihursdo) evening al S o'clock in
tho Hopti.l church, 6tlt it-reel eaet of
St. (icorge'e.
A grand bcjiipiot is lieiug held in tfae
Methodist diurdi on Thursday evening
ol ibil week.    The aup|wr ia limod lor
7.30.   An intertilling <»ait lilt will be
given wilb uiuiic ioteriporied. A eor-
thnl invitation it extended to all our
Mothodiat   lii.nl.s and alio lo tboae
ajiecially intemled in our work.
Tlie d»y-Tbur«d*y, April 37.
The lime  7.30 p.m.
The iiivitetion-to You. COME I "
Mra. W. J. Willie,. 6th itreot eait,
will not receive again until fall.
Sower Ciuitructora McDonald Glow-
iki k Co. have today cowmencod tbe
work on Firit itreot, having eouiplet-
ed the preparatory clearing.
...   ,
Miai Kate Cameron left on Tueeday
for an oxtonded viait to the eait. Her
uncle, Mr. Augui Cameron, accompanied ker *• far a* Calgary.
The Lu.lies' Aid of St. Andrew'*
proeenlod tfae church recently with'a
Imge Bible for tfae pulpit. The pnslnr,
liev. II. MoLeutd, referred lo tbo gilt
Suntlay morning.
B. Elliott McAllister ol New West-
minitor will give an intonating ud-
droea in tbe Cam theatre Pint itreot
eait at 7.30 p.m. Sunday, April Willi.
Every poreon welcome. No collection.
Mra. Cardinall, who hui been 011 an
extended holiday trip to England, ia
cxpcclod homo in a few weeki. Mr.
(-ordinal will meet her in Montreal
and will acenmpuny her home.
Frienda of Mr. und Mrs. .1. C. Williams will be sorry to hear ol the
death   ol   tho lutter'a limtli 1 in imv,
Mr. L. Baker, ol Hamilton, Out. De-
oeaeed leave* a widow, four aana and
* daughter to mpurn hi. loll, iltMige,
tfae aldeet ion ia a resident ol i'ran-
brook, B. C.       ■      "
To drive the denon core »way
And rocompenee your hungry aoul,
Kind  plooiuro in tfae  Social Tea donated liy the K. of P.   1
Or solaoe in tfae (lowing bowl.
Tfae Kniglila ol Pylhiai are holding
a aocial ei the Japoncw Tea Curdona
tonight wlrich ia aurc nn opportunity
lor the riling generation ol voter* to
treat  their girl*   to aotuothing   qlher
tfaan tfae conventional motion picture*
or tbo lur* ol the iee cream joint.
A vory pretty wedding look piece
on Saturday, tfae 33nd insl. tit Ihe
homo ol tfao brido'a pareui.1 nu 3Hth
atreet when Mr. F. Millmd Andersen
and Miai Mary Jane William! <>ere
unitod in .marriage by l|,.-.. .1. I). Oil-
lam. Mra. C. Keracy fulfilled tho duties of matron ol 'lonor und the
groom waa attended by Mr. .lacob
Ibbolaen. A larg* number ol liienda
ol tbe brido and groom attended tho
wedding, among whom wore Mr. und
Mra. Ibbotlcn, Mr. und Mil. Fm.lrr,
Hri. B. Bruce, Mr. 0. Wiliinnu, Mr.
J. B. Williams, Mill Mabel Brtcoei,.!
Mra, G. Dugino.
Negotiations Proceeding Favorably—Results
Thus fyr Indicate Success,
1 lllnml mini unit i.,n received Irom 01-
tiiwn wilh ii-s|»,-i-l lo final arrangements lor u »ub*idy voto iu lavor o(
llurrard Inlet Tunnel and Bridge Company lor bridge und railway conetruc-'
lion 'I,,, - not enter into detuilii but.
iic.oilhelie.; give* lho poaitivc aai.ir-
anM |hul inatter* ore progrcaaiug lu-
vorubly. AI Inc preient criticul stage;
of tha prowudiiiga ihii information is
signilicniit und iirdeed amount! to
I'liiiinnl uiiurunco thul u laliiluc-
toij  coneliisinn is in .igfat.
Those who ure fully converiant with
the. inner working, nl afluiri since the
1,,,ni visit ol a ddegalioo toOlluw*
uro iiow inclined to accept a moat op-
iinnsiii- view ol the situation. Even 1
those who have al all limei been re-1
tifftii to adopt nunjniiif expectation*
now freely ex-pn-as ihcuiaelvea aa Coalition!  of success.
It ii known thai the intarvlowi
which the delegation had with thc
minister ol rnilwuye and wilh oth*r
incmliera ol the government woro nf a
most en.'1 »ni uuing eharucter, (hut tlie
minister ol railways Iruitkly acknowledged Ihe righlneai ol lho claim of
Burrard Inlet Tunnel uid Bridge Compuny to the subsidy and, in the endeavor to be ol assist unci- in bringing mutter. (0 a eatiafactory conclusion, inljmutod tfao line, along   which
what he considered u luir udjuetmenl
might be arrived at with tfae V. W. k
Y. Ilnilwiiy Company.
111st ructions to lleeve McNuugfal,
which were forwarded lo him upon his
1 el ui u to Ottawa from Scotland Continued severe) specific propositions for
Ihe settlement ol outstanding matter,
cither of wfaidi propositions would be
uccoplablo to Burrard Inlet Tunnel
uud Bridge Company and euch of
which wus ol such a nature a* to
convince (lie government that Ibe
Ciuuijiiiiy wua propurod to arrive ut
un a.ljn.tin.-nl   upon iviisi'iiufale Hues.
For some time past tbo attitude ol
the V. W. ii Y. Bailway Company bus
appurent|y roaiguiztvd tbuj. their hold
ou tbo subsidy was brokm and limy
have luunifcslcd a dispos/liou to ur-
rivo at a settlement, always upon tfae
most favorable possible basis to tlirm
Under these condition* tho final cun-
cluaion wo* not lar removed and present advice, would indicate tbat (to
those who were in lull poascssion of
the lad.) the oipccted bus hap|Miied
thul influence! are «t work which are
proving lufBciently strong to overcome thc remaining dilliculliei aad. to
iiccoiiipliafa an arrangement, Ih* ultimate effect of whidi will place Burrard Inlet Tunnel and Bridge Company
in poiaoasion 4 the Dominion sulwidy.
Mr i'lnitnoi, Norlli Shoro Drug Co.,
rcgreti that by had to diiappoint
many euitomcri on hi* opening day
011 Monday al all ol fail stock had not
arrived, but everything will be completed as loon ai it can be ruihod
Irom thc whoHoiolcr*.
Editor K.vpif.s:
Deer Sir, Ii w*i nol inleudiid to
include Mr- loasc Williani. in ih-notc
ol ceniure pa**ed on ihe ferry tliiec-
i..r» at the meeting in Friday m.-lii
init and I wiih lo take the opporli.n-
ily ol expreeiing my regret ul m I excluding Ihat gentleman'i name   liom
Your* truly,
HENBY C. .WUUiirr.
'Im 'Inewjpfaical Sooic+y moHi in.
Ninth Vancouver in Boom I, 6"il*mf\
dale Avenue (cntranoe next lo Wei-'
com* Parlor) every Wedneed.y evening |
al 8 p.m. Alftndanfie is entirely free
and carriw no aWigaliona wfaalevir.
You are inrttmf. Tbaoeopbiool Hotlyj
and ijMitioM. ,
Editor Kxprou:
Sir, Willi your permiision I ihould
like to offer some oiwervationi u/kih
the statement of (ucti lubmitted on
I,,-In,II ol the Ferry Management at I In
mooting on Friday evening last. In
criliei.ing the actions of the director*
it is not necessary nor desirable W
concern one's (elf with any insinuation, either againit Ihe lorry boai^
or critical ratepaycri, which it is to
be regretted Were voiced at that meets
The (acta lubmitted on Mall ol«*a
director! arc luffieicnt in my humbb
80<m tq *0W.tl)*t ffonjlfae P'dnA
oil view of (he "Companice Act" my,
director ii diajualinod, and Irom at)
ordinary business point ol'viow, a*
ulher director tiugfal nol It, have oe-
I ere. I the list, si a candidate for It
Tlio geuteeneu referfod to in tfce Brit
initanoe we* itatod lo bave supplied
goodi *t Ibe ordor snd cburges of the
lerry commissioners whicli transaction
disqualifies him according to the provision* of Ihe Companies Act.
Tbe olhor director wu shown to tie
concerned aa a member ol a firm supplying a large quantity nl good* to
contractor! trading' with th* terry
company. Contractor! wboie non-delivery of the new boat on Ibe date
specified had incurred a demurrage account againit them ol *«vera| thou
land dollari from wfaidi obligation by
Um faelp of thii direclor'1 vote they
wore relieved. While hie Hading in
lere*t* with Ihe contractor! may not
have elected fail attitude 00 the demurrage question it Wai lurely uueW-
irufale Ihat he We* periuoded lo accept nomination aa a ferry director.
''Caesar-e wife ehpuM be above suspicion."
I hope iir, we aro able to believe
that tfaeee two director, have con
eoientioufly ftlfillcd what tbey con-
oeivod to tie tfaeir duty in Ifae Matter! under diacuarioo, but I reipectiul
ly submit that u a principle of good
pidfRc ptrlicy liair nokt* upon Uu
Board of Director! of Uie City Fcr
riei Ltd. AouM be vacated.
Youre, ate.,
Another disciple 4 -Icku lho son 4
Nimpebi will lw beard on Tfaumluy Ur
exceeding tfae apoad limit on (be rord
to Ifae Canyon.
Alderman Henderson Gains His Pojnt-r-Dele-
gation of City Workmen
Tb* work ol clearing Ibe road allowance for tfae Eeplouode through
the Lonidale Garden* will be commen-
oed shortly reeultant ol action token
by ibe dty council at their regular
meeting on Monday evening and thii
troufaleeome thoroughfare which in
time* gon* by haa caused aldermen
ileepleee nigfat* and worries lo dti-
ien* will now become a part ol tho
forcnioit itreet in North Vancouver *•
a means of communication to the fer-
rici for all induatriea along the waterfront. The petition whicfa had
been received aome time ago in regard
to thia matter waa laid over to thia
mooting and Aid. Henderion made a
formal motion to tbo effect tbat tbe
work on the road allowance afaquld
commence shortly. It wui seconded by
Aid. Dick and carried unanimouily fay
the council. Ai u mcani ol overcoming tfae iiic.ni.iiii-nce ol tfae ravine
whicfa under ordinary circumatuBi*.
would necessitate lho construction ol
a pciniunciit bridge it wui decided to
act on Ibe suggestion ol Aid. Henderson to uie surplus dirt Irom various
city excavations now under way to
overcome this serious obstacle to thc
economical   completion ol tfae   Work.
A letter from Solicitor Boid was
read representing bis client, tbo own:
er ol the propoicd isolation site making an offer to tfae council of tbe same
for fl,mi. The clerk was instructed
to communicate witb Mr. Beid empowering hi in to offer 13,000 for Ibis
Two communications were received
from tbe engineer slating tbat be bad
communicated with the two sewer contractors Mocdonnel H/uwiki k Uoni-
nno Pinto t'o. asking them to proceed
with all basic wilh the work in hand.
Tbe coundl upbdd ibe engineer in hii
A It-it ei was received Irom A. Bu
chaii, manager ol the Bank of Hamilton, slating that wboreoi thdr now
building at the corner of First and
Lonidale Ave. wai about completed
that they would liko ta have lonn
couvonicnoce in tfae shape "' concrete
sidewalki immediately adjoining the**
prciniec*. Tho board derided that as
the grading of the alreele had not
been aa yet carried oul it would not
be adviasble to con.lrucl permanent
facilities of Ifals kind as they would
be disturbed when thc grading did
take place. Temporary itopi and
sidewalk ol a lervjccable nature v ill.
howi'vti, be provided lor the convenience of the I ...nl.    ,
Aemiliui Jorvii, the dly'i Ileal
agent in a telegram tn the dty Coun-
dl iuid thai he woe already nu si -Iwing temporary advances for Ihe city's
credit and requested information **to
particulars of propoted bylaw* lo facilitate thou nogotiatiom. lho council iimtiucicd tbe dork lo |>i0,100 the
information aa requcelod.
Tfae North Vancouver lacro*** club
represented by Mr. Thomas io two letters to Ibe coundl advised tfaat l.oiy
of their intention to qualify lur Ik*
Miato Cup series which will be held
shmlly. Tbey aaked the help of la*
coundl in ilimulating on interest in
tfaeee preliminary game*. On May Jtlfa
tbo team will play Ibe world'* (bam-
piuni at N*w Wcsliuiuilor nnl if llry
make * good ifaowing lp thi* and In a
game wilh Vsneouver tfai Ium will
participate in Ih* Minto Cup •rms.
The nutter after consideration was
referred lo tfae advertieing commlttoe
The W. A. Corder Engineering Supply Co. made application for tbelr gas
plant bare once nun*. Tbey wished lo
instil coal oil link* beneath lfce*ide-
walki where they would not diicm
mode or cauie danger to lb* community. Tfai* plan hoi been *dopt*d in
California alio, with more Or lee* *uc-
ccii. Belerred lo lie fire and light
The plan ol Ihe east J ol 663   wa*
passed alter rocwxuncndalion by Coun
Bridgman of Uie diilricl coundl  and.
Aid. Dii*.
Mr. Michael Cronin, Ike apokeeman
of mmi hundrod or 10 oily -vorkman
who had g»lhsred to place their wage
grievance Wore Ik* council aaked la*
Indulgence ol that body to addxes*
li»m. Tfai* wa* graatad. Mr,4 Cronin
repreeenlad hie trust »My. He ilafiaed
lis motive of tie working in oakfaig
fo< Un r*i*e, aol becauae laborer* in
olk«r munidpaliU** wm rsosivjaf
more but becauae 4 lie difficulty num
of Ihe men *»p*riano» who kev* fin*-
ie* to support to make end* uml 0$
Ik* aceniy wag* now paid, li !t iky
MuMnient, »»W Mr. Crania, lor the
working 4*** to Mil kn*M   among
you If it ii dillioult (or tbem 10 keep
up tlreio homes on an in.iilliiiienl
wage. We bave great conlidiujo jn
your woribip and counoil and are confident, that you will eee the urgent
need ol such a itcp. At prolan! tlie
workman drawing lull p.iy for the
week here get! 113.76. In Vuncuuvir
workmen are receiving S'l.Stl p.r day
On an eight-hour bail*.
Aid. Kittson in a H'i'y itii.'^M-
forward manner, oqilnii.c'l im pulir
I ico no good ciiin, ill lho , nl''
man, why we ihould ivfi.se tin* rt
quoit which ii un ni.it't>teiy roieon-
able ono. Tfaeee men are not asking
Im anylbing but u fajr m'Ul.et Im
thoir labor and 1 ciruinlv Ihink it peculiar that North Vnncoiiver cenuot
pay iti men at the sinio li-.ur.. 111II al
of the adjoining itinuicipulitioa Aid.
Kittson then moved that (he nun be
paid at tbo lame rato ui that puid in
Aid. Dick aaid tbat bo did not like
lo Bccond thii motion m trouble
ought be experienced by tbo Ircaiurer,
in conforming to tbc Vancouver pay
rut* wbich wai liable to ehutige from
to time.
Tfae Muyor told Hr. Cronin that ho
would make tho matter fail person
ol buiineii and in tbo near future
would in company with him survey
tbe conditions ol whicli Mr. Cronin spoke and if Iho condition* warranted thc raise would bo forthcoming. But at tbo present net ion would
not be warranted in the mallor iu tho
proper jutoreoto of oitixeni and property owneri.
James Gsudin ol the department ol
marine and fiihcrie* wrote acknowledging tlie receipt ol tbe letter Irom Ihe
cuuncil on tho 7th inat encloaing the
plan and dcacription ol tfao propoeod
eileniion of tfae Eeplanade in front
ol Ihe. Squamiih Indian Minion.
Aid. Henderion and Bin wore appointed a committee Irom the coundl
to repreMBt that body at the coronation and Dominion Day celebraUoni
A general meeting ol the Norlh Vancouver Horticultural1 Sodety and Far-
mere' Institute ji culled lor tomorrow
(Wednesday) evening iu tbe Horticulture! Hall, Ibe primary object al
which is the discussion of msttors per-
Lining to tfae eecond annual 11 one
Show wfaiofa ii lo be bold oa Juaettfa
and Huh.
A very pretty wedding took place
al St. .lobn'e church, North Vancouver on Monday morning, Rev. H.
Hooper orfidsling, The omit reeling
parlies were Captain P. Sbodfottb,
mastsr ol the steamer Pitnans, lot-
aerly ol Duffaam, England, and - Mi**
Evelyn A. Blankinsopp, alto of Durham, Eng. Tb* tirid* wore a dark
blue costume witb bat to match and
was given away by Mr. G. E. Orier-
son. cousin ol lb* bridegroom. A lew
Iriend* gathered at lie church to Me
the happy couple united in marri.ge '
After a short (our in B. C. Mr. »rd
Mrs. Shedfortk will Ufa* ip (luir r«-
•idene* in V id oris.
Tba editor is in receipt ol * newsy
letter Irom Mr. Gwynn* R. Hughes
written from Huiitingdoi, P. 0. Iki
m»ny friends of Mr. and Mrs. flaghe*
sod family will fa* plaaatd to boar of
their wellare. Mr Bughe* list"
tfaat Ike eolire lemily ka>e grxatly
benefitted by Mm change aad regret-
fully observee for faimsell that b*b*i
put on tan pouod*. Ue isyi tbey
had a long hard winter n 0.«bec,
wilb lotto montis inlid ileigmng while
even at dale of writing (April Ull.)
ti* road* ware almost impatiabi* be-
oau** ol 'roun inowdrills. Hsrspn-ss-
ee tbe opinion that snyon* who kicks
because of weetier eondilioM in
North Vancouver should meet wilh
Summary retribution. Outlining itdr
tntare movmnsot* Mr. Hugktf »'•'**
liol Ibey will be in Montreal until
•ariy in May on li* If ti of wfciob
monli (bay. purpoe* i*lBag oa (is
''Corntcan" for BogJeiia. A t'tf t)l
pM monli will b* made in Creat *Vi-
lain alUr wUci liay will irarei
rVoSab fVanoe, Garmany, 8*iint
lioimAHtly.    Mr. Hugka*««B|*il
*} Alexandri* ia August ptmmMy
;for everybody,
Carpe( SquweV
and Rugs.
Ws.blVe just
received •
complete line
o( Imparted
Pricei right,
V    I   |   Pricei n
Special Attention given to
Window Shades,
Curtain Rod?, etc.
128 Lonsdale Avenue   >A£rpo/3wepef
BilffcU, Sideboards
and Dressers
Try our
II you inland making your homo
In North Vancouver m Ul.
We also carry a full
line of Crockery.
128 Lonsdale Avenue
from $200 to $450; 1-4 cash, balance 2 years
All slashed; 1 Block WEST of Grand Boulevard; open street;
high ground: full view of city and harbor; 10 minutes walk
from two car lines.
*"■ .,...Jii ,..,i,',,——». .--—I'.. .j 'i  ■ -■ h ii ■■■——tt     .■.■■"   r ',   ~~ ... „T       .1 :t.     .— .,-.—
Why live milei out pf the city when you can purchase Home-
sites for less than yon pay three and four miles out, and in
the west end at that?   INVESTIGATE.
■ '  .»~»»».s.»»*«a^MMss«-«a~s»«»»»»s"«s»easww»»^
' ■        ■>■■  ■     ' ■ ■»'■    '
A Cheap Double Corner
■.- i
on Queensbury Avenue
-  i „.   i ./ii ii ' ii in ,1 ' " =
UU 23 and 24, Block 14, D. L 273
137 feet on car line by 100 feet deep.   Price only
$5750.   1-3 cash, balance to arrange. •.
The above will doubtless be good business property; being situated so dose to
Uie Grand Boulevard, upon which no stores can be erected.
«KJ Kreavtlle Street     VANCOUVBB, B. 0, ietfaofiied Capital   *nW0m
■ Beat BetaU.    (murine*.      Moa*y to \au
TmMmm. U UweUle Aventui, North Vancouver,   **$£$&.
Lot 18, Block 35, D. L 560, 11160. Caah 1410, balance f and 12 months
LoU 64 and 86, Block 166, D. L. 274, $13,000. Terms to arrange.  Near Lonsdale
lis above lot* are among Un bait buya ia North Vsneouver, aad iuteadiag iaveston nil! sssv. Uu*, own
laWiest* fay investigating. We I,.v. tb. .sciusivs i.U snd slio a Urge ll.t 4 pijur Lot* la lbs City. It is
in your own int«r**t to call and inspeot our Hit before deeidiag.
R#al Estate Agent*.      Financial Broken
Head Office; 405 Haitingi St W., Vancouver, B. C.
Hritlsji OolijmbiB rsWrieli Offices:
i \mmi%\4 Ave,, Worth Vancouver
1111 (JuvarttpAtfaSt, Victoria
Branch Offices in Europe.
Berlin, Germany
London, England
1'aris, France
(Contiullad from nag* 1)
Mayor MoNeiefa Mian delivered *
short; milrcss lummarising the vorju'ia
(uustioa*. He dwelt t#0 the great
gooi) re advertising, am) looul ben.fit
wbich had directly resulted from the
building of tfae tarry in North V*m,
fFollowing are *ome of tbe ligurea
which the Mayor hud taken tbe trouble to aeoute a* atatiitic* ol monoy
which halt ditaotly luBiofittoJ th* eily
aa the reeult ol the boat being built
bare : To McDriugall-.ltnkjna euO-roa-
traotor* «1,136,0011, 116,000 ol whioh
wa* paid in wage* by tfai* linn li
their employee* almoet ill ol uhom
reside ia North Vancouver. To the
J. D. Fraser Hardware Compuny, fi,-
760 for plumbing. To Pain* 4 MoMi'-
Ian 113,000. Wages paid by Ih* Wallace .Shipyards Ltd. 131,001) wfatub
money, wa* chiefly epent in North Vuneouver to th* general bonelii ol the
tradesman and tb* oity in geneinl.
$3,000 wai paid by Wallace lo the
Ferry Company (or freight and (are uu
material during th* building • f '.he
- A great number oi i|iieationi ot
minor importance were aekel at thii
juncture and all ware »stiifuntoriiy an-
iwerad by th* mayor and directorate.
Mr. .louse William* seemed io he ol
the opinion that the demurruge should
have been collected but bud aiivoou.*il
it only in tbe bill for e*tr»* during
ths sittings of tfae ferry directors.
Mr, Williams gave an interesting ilis-
cussion ni ihe bloom on iron la iho
interior ol the pontoons giving this a*
* reaaon tbat tbey were not painted
al Ibe time of tfae installation. Tbe
technical points, however, were diHi
oult to graep by the unitiated bloom
wekcr. ft waa, however, gleaned thut
paint will adhere to iron Utter when
the fir.t ru.l il on tfae molul than
when it ii aew, hapoe the painting altar Ihs iwatnoni had boo put down.
Mr. Theodore Howard asked Mr.
William* apm* qaatlion* re this Matter a* n* pud fa* believed that by aak-
ing Mr. William* he would receive n
truthful answer.
Question-Were you cognizant thai
the ratepayers' money wa* to Im
und for th* supplying of refreihment*
on Ihs trial trip T
Mr. William, etatat that he had Kited a lililn over Hull for Ibia object
and in response to tbs i|uary by Mr.
Howard if the Board bad authority lo
»|iiii.l the public money in Ibis manner oantendad tfaat they bad and could
spend tha mmity aa they (the dira.-
lure) wished.
Mr. Howard I Bave you interviewed Manager Heard ae to wfaath'er there
i* any fire drill, elc. ou lb* boat* ol
lb* firry fleet ?
Mr. William* said thul he had in regard lo tbia matter and Ihe in, nn-;-
er bad told him that eucb tookpluce
once a week, but be (Hr. Williams,
had never seen it.
Mr. Howard: Don't you Ibink il ii
your duly ai a repreetntativo (,l th-
ratepayers lo know anil not lo merely trust the word ol Manager Hi aril ?
Mr. Williataa : Wbao I have reaaon
to doubt tbe manager's word 1 will
then vol* for fail removal.
Chairman Henilereon ot thi* .tag*
called the mealing to order as ha considered tfaat |.irsonalities should not
be discussed aa they were not the object of th* meeting.  *
('■pi. hnUiiim got up to aay u law
word*, la regard lo the oitrai.eaid
tfa* gaoial captain, tfae usual smouut
lor nlim allowed for any boat ge,i
(rally eteoade 10 per out. In tliii
eaee il ha* not assumed a higher figure tfaaa 3, par ami. whicfa would in
dUat* splendid mansgeaunt on Ihs
part oi arcfaitaot and director.
Aueworing on* of Mr. I'hoaui'i
many quarttoa* why th* fury nu..
piny had not issued th* iuvil.il m,s ta
th* trial trip inattad of Mr. falii.ee,
lb* captain rapllad that in reality at
that tlm* th* boat did not belong to
then. When aaked re tfa* demur-
rag* ha italad that hi* osreooal
kaoerladg* of tbii eort of thing wa*
to limitad be having built hi* on*
craft aad bad no esparimn* witsymt-
shle partiae in a mattar of this kind,
but faahevad that in *aak n eaae H
had bean a malUr 4 loe* In thacom-
pany and providing tbat Wallace Shipyard* delay wa* due to nagltcl. But
the ferry company wa* Ih* aid* to profit by tbt daisy » the laot ol whaler
traffic Iwing aocoauaodated by the Hi.
Oeorge and ths old Norlh Vsncouvsr,
thersby saving the eapenee of th* uptown of lha additional boat, betide.
th* Will see Company sulsring from
a etrik*.
Mr. II C. Wright in n»hjng a Um
isaaarks Wore praaasling a rssolulion
*t«tad tbat fa* oouhhmd th* No. 1
lerry a diegrao* Co North Vancouver.
H* Ifaa mevad Ih* rtmolulion Tfaat a
vote of esnsur* fa* p***od upon th*
Boas) of Feny Direaton lor not md-
lasting qr trying to colled th* dssaur-
regadue oa Uxtwry No. t from Ihe
Wallace Shipyard*. Mr. fkidkonm
•acoadad this motion and it Wu ear
rted by a vot. ol «4 lor to 31 tgainit
tb* greater majority of Ih* apaotatore
not voting.
Mr. larsoa, tfa* only diraotor who
had a* yet mmahtad niant, dallvarod
» few ramarlii. JJe naked lit. W.I fat
if h* waa aware that (ha great region, tfae demurrage h.4 n t ben ooT-"
Mad from Wallace wae on account of
tb* ■ub-contruot to McDuugull-.leiili'iia
Mils (alter firm wer* in financial nil-
fieultiee at thia time, and tfae den.ur-
rage *o collected cpuld be ro'Oolh.,:!-
ul from them providing the lull
hmount wa* taken into oonaiderutioii.
Wallace had eaid lieloro the firry
biwinl that thoy mint oolleot tba
whole amount or. nothing, knowing
When he said so tfaat were the fholo
mu,,mil collect,!) he loud c.illeet iir
tum Irom M*UQU(,ai:-.|*,i|..n|' wfaidi
would ut that time praolioully
brought about the bankruptcy of thai
firm. Ii thia the' way, aaid Mr. Ur-
eon, you would treat h looal industry
you who are encouraging the eetuli
liihment of induetrial lirojec a pn tlio
North Shore. Mr. Urwm alio touch
i.i on milium other point* undor die-
Altar thi* addrcaa Mr, Wright  aaid
that in torn* mattar* ihe Ferry   Co.
had not gfven the r»t»p.»;
oonfidenoe due thsm,,'..
When aiked in wfaai mil
ratepayer! had been kept
unco Mr, Wrrgbt stsW M
br poaeceiion of tfae laola 4 lb
lection of the damurrage from
laoe Serlouily a|focting th* Mcfl
Jenkins Co. he would not el shareholder In that company huvo proienl-
ed the resolution already paesed and
wished to ink tfaat the ratepayer* be
in future given tho fullest confidence
pf tfa* dlrnotQ,»,
Director Faine then eaid that a* Mr.
Wright waa now in poeeeeaion of the
full foola of tfae cuao, would he ai a
man withdraw fall previous pniaod fi»
(n reply Mr. W/igbt stated in the
mover ol the motion h» would prefer
Ihat a aaoond party should lake Ihis
iiiiliiiiuii re tfae ceniure of the 'l.iui-l.
Adjournment wai hfaen called by iU
chairman aarl.a hearty vote plihniite
wae givon by the meeting ' r fai*
much appreciated services.
High Grade German Piano ■ $250
This is a ipecial sample piano msde to compete
with high grade Canadian pianos.
Reg. $500 BREWSTER PIANO  -  $275
Warburnitz Piano House. Limited
443 Lonidale Avenue Phone 114
The Place Where Everybody Goea
Gem Theatre
L^Good Pictures  Good Singing
Good Music
• a*
Programme changed Monday,  Wednesday nnd  Friday.
Adults 10c CmMJSwm\)7MH ChHdren 5c
Matinee  every   Saturday 1.311 o'clock
Rath:   fa.oo per  md  up.   Special ratei lo fimiliei
nnd   to regular   Iwardere	
finest Hoof (jardm oil Pacific Cum*
Sit'OND Sium.
'I       I I   I    ...   -Ll
•   •   NORTH   VANCOUVER, ti. C.
North Vancouver ply Ferries, Limited
7 .so
U«s Nsrtk Vsa.
'8.16 so.
7W1  W
Uni HarUi Vi*.     Usvi Vwceeiii
10.16 "
11.16 "
19.18 p.m.
1.16 "
HIA *.m.
f^*m*mmr wtw w** m^*mm»ff TriJ? J&mm NPRTH
Our Desk Furnishing
Are liae* aiich are fiudiug favor in tho
cjae 4 oar away customers. Wa carry
al all liaMS-at all aassone—a Block of
dak fanuatiaga ul wperior grado,
aitiMK'ally desigual, in hruuxe, brass
Ijiui aaHj,!, tlm wane very haiulatmio
pimes ia best) glass with fine .lulling
«lro- aauaal*.
HMJatTAifl I'KKH  is  another  line',
ia abicb >t give s|iieiidid valuta, Our
yntt five wliafactiou in  tho   finest
aad rua^W*! work.
Yua caa deptud ou our aervice.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
j. . cltis and Silversmiths' ,.
^ "■ T%m%wt Director Hasting. & Granville Su.
Carter LM&tJdle Md Second.
Phone 253
11/E have received a large consign-
** meat of Ladies Shirt Waists, in
all sizes and styles, and claim that for
value auch an assortment has never
been shown in North Vancouver. A
leading feature amongst these is our
special DOLLAR waist, both in white
and colore. See this line and we will
convince you we can defy all d>1
competition. All sizes to 42 inch.   «P *
6 Room House, Furnished, with lawn &
garden, dose to ferry, on 3rd St., East
»• *l. Bui i.i I'bone HIS.
MAY an.! BURN*
3§ I «nMldl« Ave. North Vuneouver
The Merchants Trust & Trading Co.
hb ur i un ai iimww       a xwmrvm tinn. M.n.r.. in,.. i„
— MAMHUiinf   UdUtnUU.lmMt.tmm	
Tke Gumey-Oxford Steel Top Range
means a marked saving in
fuel and In tin baking results,
lho "CHANCELLOR" not
only does ils work BETTER
bul AT LESS COST ilian
oilier Range*..
We (an demonstrate to you
(be whole Superior Chsn-
ccllor jiiiiiiiji.il of economy
and efficiency in len minutes.
Is ii nol worth that much
of your lime right now ?
The J. D. Fraser Hardware Co.
IWe 56. 133 Lonsdale Avenue
i    ■
Louis Joseph Vance
t, 1808 b, ths Bobb.-Msrrlll Co.
miss my Kiioaa. I love my native land
moat to ili-it-li, but"—
"Uw, liiuw timt |" interrupted tfae
captain irritably, "l-ol'i 'ear' about
the 'Alliim.   Wot're you alryd ol 'I"
" 'I'lui.l abo'll aol U|> u yull whon
alio linda out we're plant n..i tlio loot,
ca|i'n. Sho'i iuat thut vindictive.
You'd t liinli uhii'd bo eutiiliod with her
ond ol lho etick but you dou't know
the Hallam. Timt milk and wain ulT-
sprlng of here I* lite apple of ber eye,
and Freddie's going lo collar tbo whole
ebootlng match or madam will kick
over tin: tracei."
"Well, she'* queered ua her*. We
can't do anything If my lady I* going
to camp on our trail and tell everybody
we're ihady cuatomen, can we? Tbe
question now before tbe board Is,
Where now-md how?"
"Amsterdam," Mulready chimed In.
"I told you tbat In tbe beginning."
"But bow?" argued Calendar. "Tbe
Lord know* I'm willing, but w* can't
go by rill, thinki tn tbi Hillim.
We've got to lose ber first of ill."
"But wot I'm arakln' Is wot's tbe
matter with"—
"Tbe Aletbea, cap'u? Nothing, so
far as Dick and I are concerned. Bnt
my dutiful daughter 1* prejudiced.
She's been so long without proper paternal discipline," Calendar laughed,
"Ihat ibe'i ntber blgb spirited. Of
I'otirie I might overcome ber objection!, but tbe girl's no fool, ud every
ounce of pressure I bring to bear Just
now only helps make ber more rest)***
end auspicious."
"You leave ber lo me," Mulrcady Interposed, with a brutal laugh. 'TU
guarantee to get ber aboard or"-
"Drop It, Dick," Calendar advised
quietly, "and go I bit e»*y witb that
bottle for liv* minute*, can't you?"
"Well, tben," Blryker resumed, apparently concurring In Calendar's tttl-
Hide, "w'y don't oa* of yon tyke tbe
stuff, go oft quiet in' dispose of It to
■ proper fence an' coma back to divide.  I don't •*• w'y thaf-
"Nitnnlly you wouldn't," chuckled
Calendar. 'Tew people bestd** tbe
two of ul underatiad til* depth of affection existing between Dick, here,
end pie. We Just csn't beer to get out
of *lgbt of ueh other. We're »ure In-
aeparalils-elnce nlgbt before but
Odd, Isn't It?"
"You drop Iti" surlsd Mulresdy In
■ccenti *o ugly that tb* listener wu
startled.  "Enough'! enough, aud"-
"Tbcrc, there, Dlckl   All right.   I'll
behave," Calendar «oothed blm.   "We'll
forget tnd uy no mora about It"
"Well, ice you don't"
"But 'a* either of you a plan?" persisted Btryker.
"I huve," replied Mulready, "ind It'i
tbe ilmplut and but, If you could
only make tbli long lost parent bar*
ut It"
"Wot I* ur
Mulready uemed to Ignore Calendar
ind addreu himself to tb* captain.
Ua articulated witb lomi difficult/,
ilurting bl! word* to tb* point of In-
dlttlnctneu it time*.
"Simple enough," he propounded solemnly, "We've got tbe glsdstone bag
here. Miu Dolly's at the hotel. That's
ber papa'a bright notion. He thinks
ibe'i to be Iruited. Now, tben, wbit'i
tbe mailer with weighing encbor and
•lipping quietly out to see?"
"U-uviti' tbe doollful darter?"
"Cert'u'y. She'* only a drag any
way. Belter off without ber. Then
we i-an wall our time ind get blgheal
uiurket pricei"-
"You forget, Dick," Calendar put ll
That llicre'e a llmuuhd In II for cocb
of u* If *he'a kept out of England foi
ill week* A Ihouuud'i Ave Hum
•and In Ihe i.m.1 I bell from. 1 can
use Die ihouund in my buslneu."
"Why caul you be content will
what you've got?" demanded Mulread
"BciMiusf I'm a seventh *on of I set
mill sou.' I cm ace in Inch or two be
youd iny now. If Dorothy ever Uml
her way back In England ibe'll ipoh
one of Ihe Sneil field* of legitimate
grift J ever licked my lip* to look al
Thc trouble with you, liul, I* you're
loo high toned. You want to pl»y tbe
■well mobaman from post to finish. A
quick touch tnd * clem gel*w«y (nr
your. Now, lliut'i ill right Uut bu
II* good points but you don't Win! to
andcreitlmole the sdventigee of i
goad blackmailing connection. If I
•mi keep Dorothy quiet long enough I
look to Ihe Hallam ud precious Freddie to be e great comfort to tn* In my
eld egc."
"Then, for heiven'l uke," cried Mulrcady, "go lo Ihe hotel, get your brat
by tbe *crulT of bar pretty nock ud
Irog her aboard!   Utft get oat of
- lilt*!"
"I won't," relumed Calendar lottos-
The dispute continued, but tbe listen-
ir had bcird enough. Ulrsltblly be
:rept a way to tbe rail, to stand grasp-
log It snd staring across th* wster
*ilh unseeing eyee it tb* gay old cUy
twinkling back witb ber ibouuud
ryes of light
Over there, icrou lb* weter, to tb*
llngy snd dlarepulabl* Hotel du Commerce, Dorotby waited la her room,
loubtlew Ihe prey of unnumbered
lemeleu lerfoj*. while aboard tin
wlglntlnc her fate WSS being decfM
is s council ef tbrtt iinipwkiM*
icotindrels. one of whom, professing
llinself her father, openly declired lili
nientlon of using ber to further bl*
lelllsh and. crfmlnil ends.
fill first end natural thougbt-to ileal
iwey to ber ind Induce ber to tecum-
uitiy him back to Bngdnd-Klrkwood
icrforco discarded. He could hive
aept over Ih* reillutlon of bia un-
lutilllled Impnieiicy. He bid no money,
lot even cab fire from tb* hotel to
:ho railway ilatlon. Something sub-
Jer, more crafty, bad to be contrived
o meet (tbe emergency. And there
aa* on* way, one only. Ht could sec
tone other. Temporarily be muit
nake himself one of tbe compmy of
ler enemies, force himself upon them,
ngrallaie himself Into their good
(races, gain their confidence, tben
eben opportunity offered betray tbem.
tnd tbe power to make tbem tolerate
tlm. If not receive blm u I fellow, tbe
tnowledge of tbem snd tbelr plus
hit tbey hid unwittingly given blm,
vie hie.
And Dorothy wu wilting.
He swung round ud without nt
emptlng to inutile hia footfall! itrodl
uward the couipuuluuway. He muit
iretend he bid Just come aboard.
Subconiclouily be hid been aware
luring hie time of pondering tbat tb*
mice* In the cabin bad been steadily
mining In volume, rlaing louder end
let more loud, Mulready'* ominous,
bink blurred accents dominating lb*
libera. There wu a quarrel sfoot.
Is soon ii he give It heed Klrkwood
inderslood tbit Mulready In tbe mid-
less of hi* Inflamed brain wu fore
ng (he lasuc, while Calendar lought
>ilnly lo calm and soothe blm.
The American arrived at the bead of
he compinlonwiy it a critical June
ure Aa he moved to descend eome
ow, cool toned retort of Calendar's
ieemed lo enrage bl* confederate be-
•mid retisou. lie yelped aloud with
uralli, sprang to 111. feet knocking
iver e chair, and, leaping back toward
be foot of tbe itepi, fliahed u odrnlt
und behind blm ud found bit re
"I've Hood enough from your' be
mimed, hii voice oddly clur In that
noment of Inunlly. "You've played
*Tth me ss long ss yon will, you hulk
ng Amerlcsn bogl And now I'm gong to allow"-
As be held hia fire to permit bis de
luncistion to bite bom* Klrkwood, ap
lallcd to find himself standing on tbe
hrcshoia of s tragedy, gathered himself together and launched through tbe
dr, ilrilgbl for the raidman'i ihoul
Ai tbey went down together sprawl-
ng Mulreidy'i bcid itruck againit s
ransom, and tbe revolver fell from bis
Imp fingers.
PIIEPABED ee be bsd been for
Ihe shock, Klrkwood wu able
to pick himself up quickly, uninjured, Mulreidy'i revolver ia
ile grup.
On bli feet, straddling Mulreidy'i
nienllcnt body, be confronted Cilen
lar uml Btryker. The fice of the later wae * sickly green, tbe gift of bis
'right. Tbe former seemed coldly composed, already recovering from bis
lurpriae end bringing his wits to bear
ipou (he new factor which bsd been
io unceremoniously Injected Into tbe
ile wu leaning heavily upon ( hand
hat reeled Oet on the table. In
his hind he held a revolver, whlcb
HlTkuooi teas Unallna WUA 0 mum of
i* bad sppsrenlly stows In soli da
euse it lb* i-rlils ot Mulrwdy'i
'nosy. II* raunle wu dejected. Ut
ooked Klrkwood ov*r with a cool
(ray eye. Ibe color gradually return
ng lo bl* fat, clean ihs von ojieek* rs-
.isclng lb* inrdousbl* p*ilor wblcb
ud momentsrlly realty (hereon.
'AS for Klrkwood, Im bid covered
be f«t tdyeaiurer before b* knew It
itryker, who nad bun itandlug Ironic
(lately In tbe rear of Calendar, liume
llately cowered ud cringed tui find
llinself In the Hue of fin. I
01 the three conscious men In ihe
brlgsntlne's cabin C|lcudsr wai prob
ibly tbi least contused or welted.
Btryker wu palpably miiuanued
Klrkwood wu tingling with l sense
of mastery, but collected tnd rapidly
revolving the combinations for thi re
versed conditions wblcb bid been
brought about by Mulready's drunken
folly. Bis elstlon wu apparent In bia
iblnlng boyish eyee ei will u In tbe
bright color thit glowed In bli cheeks
Wben he decided to speak, It wis with
rapid inundation, but clearly ud concisely.
"Calendar," be begin, "If i tingle
•hot bt find about this veuel the river
police will b* buulng round your un
la t brace of shakes."
Tb* fit adventurer nodded utent,
bli eyes contracting.
"Very well," continued Klrkwood
brusquely. "You most know that I
have personally nothing to tut from
tbe police. If arrested I wouldn't be
detained t diy. On the other bud,
yoa- Hind me tbit pistol, Calendar,
butt tint please. Look ibirp, my
mul If you don't"-
He left (be ellipsis to be filled In by
tbe corpulent blackgutrd't Intelligence
Tbe litter, gray eyei still Intent on the
younger man's face, wavered, plainly
Impressed, but still wondering.
"Qulckl  I'm not patient tonight"
No longer wu Calendar ot two
mind*. In th* face of Klrkwood's it-
lltude there wu but on* conn* to be
foUowed-tblt of obedience. Otlindtr
ruircndered u untenable petition u
iracefully u could be wtohad.
"I guess you know whit yoa mean
by thi*," he hU, tendering th* wupoa
u per Instruction!.   "I'm doggoned 11
I do.   You'U allow • certain latitude
; hi consideration of my relief.   I can'!
1 uy we ww* anticipating this- sh-
bcaven Mat visitation."
| Accepting tbt revolver Witb bit lift
hand ud lettllng bit for* linger on
i the trigger, Klrkwood burned with
pure enjoymeut He found tbe defer
ence of tbo older man, tempered
though It wu by fall Indomitable
twngger, rafrtahlng lo tb* extreme.
"A little tppractltion Isn't exactly
out of place, come to tblnk of It," be
commented, iddlng, with u eye (or
tbe captain, "Btryker, you bold, btd
butterfly, hive you got t gun conceal
ed about your unclean person?"
Tht captain ibook visibly witb contrition. "No, Mr. Klrkwood," be man-
iged to reply In t voice singularly licking In bli wonted bluster.
"Siy 'ilrl'" tugguted Klrkwood.
"No, Mr. Klrkwood, sir," tmtndtd
Btryker ugerly.
"Now, come round here ud lift
have a look it you. Please «t*y whert
you ire, Calendar. Why, ctplalu, you
arc shivering from held to footl Not
III ire you, you wag? Btep over to
ihe table there, Btryker, tad torn oat
your poekcii; turn 'em Intldt out tnd
let'e ice what you ctrry In tbt wiy
of offensive artillery. And, Hlryker,
don't be rub; don't do anything you'd
be lorry for afterward."
"No fur of Ihat," mumbled tbe up-
tain, meekly ibimbllng toward tbi table Ud, In bl! anilely lo fire BO cluie
for unplcesintuew, beginning to empty hit pocketi on tb* wiy.
"Don't forget tbt 'lir,' Blryker. Ant,
Btryker, if you happen to think of anything In tbe line of one of your merry
qulpi or Jciii. doa't ilnln yourielf
holding In. Oat It right off your chut
tnd you'll feel better."
Klrkwood chuckled, In blgb conceit
witb himself, Witching Ctlendtr out
of tb* corner of bit tyt, but witb bli
tttenlion centered on Uw Infinitely diverting ipcclicle ifforded by Btryker,
whoio predtceout band* wart trembling vloleatly u one by out thty
brought to light tbt articles of which
be bid despoiled his erttwblis victim.
"Come, cone, Htrykerl Surely you
cm think of •omethlng witty. Surely
yoa bivia't exbiuiied tb* poulbtlUlci
Of that almanac Jokil Couldn't you
ring mother virlatlon oa tbt lunatic
wbeeie? Don't beslttt* oat of could-
eretlon for me, cipltln. I'm Joke proof.
I'erhepe you've noticed."
Btryker turned upon Ua U expres-
•Ion it once ludicrous, piteous Ud
htteful. "Thst's ill, sir," be msrled,
dlspleylng bit empty ptlmi la token
of bis abaolute IrtcUblllty.
"Good enough. Now right about f«ce
-quickI Yonr b*ck'» prettier than
your face, snd, besides, I wmt to know
whether your blp pocket* Ul empty
-I've heard ll'* the habit of yoa gentry
to peck guns la your clothe*. None?
That'* ill right, Una. Now roost on
Hi* transom over Uwrt la tb* corner,
Blryker, ind doa't more. Doa't Ut
O* htsr i word from yoa. Under-
stud?" '"
Snbmtsslrsly tb* captain mired to
tba Indicated spot Klrkwood turned
to Cslendsr, ot whose ttlitade, how-
ev»r, hs hsd not baw ter u Instant
"Woft't yoa ttt loin. Ifi. qeltaJur
be tugguted pletuntiy. "forgive me
tor kuplog you wilting."
For hi* own pirt, u tk* Uriatanr
dropped putlvely Into bis chair tlxb-
woo* stopped ow UolnOy ta* U
vtacad to Um mldSl* of um ennk*. at
"      ■   ^ p^^ m^v^ iff .jr. ^mvfv lap.
..f  IHrff  >+f>,>,  .,,. >(>,,,,,J|   *.|^e*TTffft ™  ' e
rolrer Into bU own coit pockit fas
otbtr, MalMSilir'i, bt nursed trignW-
cuUy with both hinds, wblls hs atood
temporarily qnl«t, sorTirlaf tbs Ssghl
fsct of tb* prim* ftctor ia tbt Intrigu*.
A qutlnt, grim sollt pltytd shout
the Amerlcin'i llpe, t imllt l llttt*
conttmptuous, molt tb»n * little In-
KruUbl*. In Its light OslMjdtr gnw
nstire sad lost somttblng of bU is-
lursnce. Hii feet iblfted unuilly bt-
otith tbt table, ud bU dark eyu wavered, evading Klrkwood't. At length
bt ieemed to find ths luipenio untn-
"We|l," bt demmded tutily, "wait
d'you wint of me?"
"I wst just wondsring it you, Otl-
endir. Ia tbt lilt few diyi you've
given nt enough ctuu to wonder, ss
you'll admit"
Tbt idventurer plucked up iplrlt, deluded by Klrkwood's ptctlc torn. "I
wonder st you, Mr. Klrkwood," be retorted. "It wu good of yoa to tsrs
ny lift, md"-
"I'n not io sort of thatl Perhipi
It bid bun mort bnmme"-
Cilendir owned tb* touch witb l
wry grlmice. "Bat Fib hinged It I
undentind this high hsnded attitude
of yourtl" bs concluded heatedly.
"Don't you?" Klrkwood's humor became leaa ippirent, tbt tmlit loberlng.
"You will," ht told tbt man, adding
abruptly, "Cilendar, where1! your
The ratUiM eyu sought tbt com-
"Dorotby," the roan lied iponlinc-
ouily,  without t vtrtmor,  "Is  wilb
friends In Englsnd^JWbyt   Did yoa
wsnt tq su ber?""
- "I rather expected to."
"Well, I thought It but to leivt ber
borne, tfter ill."
"I'm glid to bur ibe'i la ufe
bands." commented Klrkwood.
The adventurer'! glanc* milyicd bli
face "Ah," he uid ilowly, "I lee.
You followed me on Dorotby't tc-
ronnt Mr. Klrkwood?"	
The A. Farro
126 2nd St West
When you deal ot Ihe A. Farro Grocery you get exactly what you aik lor
at right prio*.
Special Attention!
We earry a complete line ol Qro-
Hanbury k Evani Bread 22 lot SI .00
ypu want Bread,
Scones, Oatcakes
and general Confectionery equal to
135 Lonidale Ave
(Next door to Everybody1! Shoetton)
Scotch Shortbread
i .      .i
and Pies
mww HVV    mtm    WS mt
LL1_H  "."IB!,*'!■!!!  ■„
Nqwh. Vakcpmves.
i;    '.'■'  ''.".,,  e.!. ■', 1 U-rt* r-
','lii .,.!      ,.
pyt>|ishk?fl Trtssduvs snd Friitys hy
North Shoss Pggfs, Lmw*D
iutki or luwtoainioa
fl.oo      ''". • BU'tnonthi, BOo, Tliroswoslln, *to.
United States and Foreign, f 1.80 per year
'     Advertising Kates will bt Quoted op application.
' The Express is devoted to tbt interests of the north Shore ol llurrard Inlet
eicluaivuly, Itconatltuiei en advertiiing medium of eiceiitlontl valua for
rueoliing in S thorough and effective manner the population ef North Vancouver
Oity tnd Plitriet,  Every effort la mads to give advertiser! tht moit utlifaciory
All changes In contract, tdvertitement* ihould ba in tbt printers' hands not
titer than ll) a.m. Monday tnd fi p.m. Wednesday to ensure Ineertlon In (hi
following iuut,
North Vancouver,   H. C
Apkii 35, iijii
are ooiicluiive indloationi
that the praotioe whioh hae hitherto
prevailed ol iaauing Railway Chuiiora
to companies irrespective ol their ability, or of their bona fide intention to
actually oonslrtiot the lines covered by
th-11 charter is now a tiling of the
past ill Canada. A reference to etu-
tistioe would show that the <'niiii.li.iii
public luiic been long Buffering to a
degree in this particular and that it
is high time that'the poaition he unmistakably uiierled and adepiulely
safeguarded by legialutive ie>|.iir,-iii.-iita
that successful application lor 11 railway .-li.irici oarrie. with it the unavoidable i-c.poitBiliility Ui carry out
Ihe project within a reasonable time.
Tho city uml Ihe diatrict ol Nurth
Vanoouver tiro able lo apeak from experience concerning thu inconvenience,
the I..*.-, the i..tnnl.u(.. ol legitimate
progress, lho arresting ol natural development and tin- other harmful in-
tl.i.-i... • which accrue lo an entire
community which liml. itsell, through
110 acl ol ita own, commuted to the
mercies pi * private railway corporation, holding a valuable Iranciiies
within tlio border, ol thc community,
Inn utterly tumble to build the railroad, let alone «<|uip and oporaie the
line. For upwards ol len yours the
North Shore ol lliirriird Inlet has been
cullul upon lo sustain iuch a oondi-
lion ol affairs and it ii not ai all In
Im wondered at il Die |.. ople have I e-
come moused liecausc ol delay nnd
disappointment and Ihat they should
.i.-i.,1.11,1 relief Irom a situation winch
llii'y have lound at length unlwarablc.
It is not necessary to enter Iuto
any more minute details will reference
In ihis phase ol the subject, The members ol the Dominion government Ul
whom the North Shore muat look lot
common fairness in this
very ground ; they are lully conversant with the faoti from the dale of
the original grunting of a railway
• I.... 1.1 covering the entire waterfront
nf the Nortli Shore and they are in-
■ liv i.liiiilly aware—ui the result  ol iier-
..mil ina|iectioa ol the actual   con li
lion.—of (ho grave diaabilitiaa
which the North Shore bu Imun com-
pellod to sustain for tbii lengthy period, became ol the unlortunute |mii-
lion in whioh it bai been plaoed by
Ihe ad i.« of lb* government in deal-
ing .with tin. charUr.
'Ilia meiniiera of th* goveraauot
■I...11I1I nol liml it ii'lilh.iili mat 1.-1 to
grup the .ignilicanl nature ol Ihe
revolt which litu developed throughout the municipalities, adjacent to Durrani Inlet aml-in the most direct snd
convincing manner-upnn the pari ol
lully 1 ale hull tlie population of the
entire province ol British Columbia,
beeauee ol tbe acrioua iropoiruicnl o|
public interest, by Ibe hottliag up 4
tlie possibilities ol tfaa Nnrth Shore
of Durrard Inlet to serve the iiil.ro.li
of a private corporation whieb notwithstanding ile utter impolnnee lo
produce reeults, hu beon loslural and
encouraged hy governmental action
Irom tinw Ui limo.
It i* practically u certainty tint Ihe
uiinals 4 tho house at Ottawa luonot
produce another iiiitanc* ia whioh Iks
people li#v# baeoBU 10 Ibnrough'v out
of pajamas' it** i private company
owning a railway okarter and with
governmental Mioeranca on bahall
of suah a aom|»*ny, that Uuy h»v«
aetually linen in revojl ami b*ve up-
ytunebd Um soVerguwt upoe   tfcsir
rebel and lor
iiiip.irtaiit mutter, have Ium on
own behalf itying "give the pe.ip,lu a
charter for tbat bridge and railway
and rather than brook any further de
laya, any further retarding ol tbe development of our valuable intereal* we
will build the line ouraelvee." Such,
however, ie the actual occurreno with
reference to Second Narrowe bridge,
and the twenty miles of railway from
Deep Cove to Horseshoe Day. Further
than that the people have made go.ul
in that, having procured their charter,
they have promptly come forward
through their respective municipal governments end have provided the sum
ol |800,lX)0 in ready eaeh within
(waive mouths lor the purpoee of actual construotion.
Surely no body of legislators oould
possibly require and indeed it is difficult to imagine how they cmld possibly procure any stron ;er or more
unmistakable declaration of public die-
salisfaction with the existing state ol
alums or evidence upon the part of
lho people ol Ihe deiire and the determination to procure relief tad to
take in hand the promotion ol their
own interests than that which the population bordering ou Durrard Inlet
have provided the Dominion bouse   in
this instance.
No   legislative   body could possibly
have its pathway more clearly pointed nut with leaped to serving the internets ol the people in any .pacific in-
etance. No representative assembly
could wish to have Hs plain duty
more satisfectorily indicated Ik ,11 hai
lho Canadian Houae ol Commoue wi'h
respect to the disposal ol the Dominion aobiidy for a bridge at Second
Narrow, and for thu construction ol
the railway from Deep Cove lo Home
lime Day.
Durrard Inlet Tunnel und Dridge
Company ia the people'a compuny incorporated in imp, ns.- to the co-operation ol all Ibe miiuicipulitioo udja-
cent to Durrard Inlet. Within ,>na
short year from iti incorporation il
haa given the moet poiitive prool. ol
the lacl tbat it ii a building company, that it ii iti inieiiiinii to
utilize at once the power, and privil-
egei conveyed in il. charter and thai
it bu tlie financial reaourcee a* well
ai Ihe executive ability and energy
to carry lho*e intention! into affect
Within one year the several municipal
iliee have been brought into Una and
bylaw, have bssa lubmitUn by m.- ins
of which a total of S'sVi.i.li of municipal monies bu beat aetually subscribed lo the company's Irsaiury,
with two or three inuiiuipabli™ yet
lo hur Irian which havs given ilofiniU
assurance that a bylaw will lie sub-
milled in each lor u substantial ium,
ip due courw. The provincial government hu voted a subsidy ol S'JoO.iHiO
toward a bridg* owned and coal rolled
by (bli Compsny, making in sll l»»,-
000 thus fsr contributed. In ud.Uiion
U, this, terminals for Ihe bridge tt
Second Narrowe have twsn secured;
surveys and soundings have be*o
made ami the exact poaition of Ik*
bridg* located ; daeiaon*. hav* been arrived at witb rcepeot to tb* character
of the bridge; a firm of eminent engineer! hu been retained aud pita*
ami ipccifications have bean completed,
Everything is in reedinau for calling
lor tendere for bridge construction
and the whole project stands Wailing
only Uie inierlhm of sn appropriation initka (iippuamtary estimate!
lor t Mutable subsidy in aid ol tail
undertaking upon the part ol the Dominion House in favor of Burrard la-
let Tiaw4 aiid Bridge Company.
There u)m nuon for lurlWdilayl
upon tbe part ol tb* Dominion government, there il no ground for licit-
tunoy, there is only one logical pan-
elusion, there is only IN* iWtlBsMi
course hi harmony with (lie principles
of callable and ropresintative government, namely thnt tb* enbridy be ae-
oordad Burrard Inlet Tunnel and
Bridg* Company, at the present 1
simi ol tbt Houie at Ottawa.
all parsons hsvlng olaima against
th. Mtati «f Martha 11. Holt, dsoeas-
sd, laU of the Oity ol North Vancouver, art raqutrid tO sent by pott, prepaid, or delivir to Bohulti k Arnold,
solioitors foi thi ueeutor ol tha aaid
deoeaeed, their name* and addresses,
tnd full particulars in writing of thoir
claimi and the nature of the security,
il any, held by them.
AND TAKE NOTICE that alter tbo
let of May, 1911, tb* executor will
proceed to distribut* tb* assets of the
deceased, having regard only to tbe
claims of which hs then ihall have
bad notice.
that all parties indebted lo the laid
aetata are required to pay the
amount ol their indebteeneu to the
undersigned forthwith.
Dated thii 99th dey of March, 1811.
Solioitors lor the Executor.
103-4-6 Crown Building, 616 Fender'
Strut, Vancouver, B. 0. - 3-6
North Lonsdale
Arrangements are being made lor
emotion ol first class 7 room houses
fronting on North l.onedale Boulevard
wilh modern conveniences. 1'ricee S3,-
300 to 13,600 on terms to suit. Ily
purchasing now plans can lie altered
lo  suit  purchaser's wishee.
As the location is one ol the best
in North Vancouver lor a home lit*,
the opportunity ii a lavorable one.
For particular! apply to
Financial Agent,
CLUB   I1I.UCK - North   Vancouver
Office ['bone 10        Houu Flume 947
Plani prepared end Eatimatee given.
Office: 1407 Dominica Trust llldg.
l'hone 24»7
Residence, 163 Eighth Ave. E.
North Vancouver.
Plans, Specifications, EstlmaUs
P. 0. Bos 37, Noilh Vancouver
133 6th Sunt Essi North Tuaoavtr
Notary Public
Loans,   Investments   and    Insurants
Room 907, 613 QrMvillt St., V.aaou
rST, B. 0.  Phons 8308.   Land Hagis-
try work * epeejalty.
LOW SEApJProprietor
St.ni. to8 p.m.
First cits* Mtals Sjc.
Commutation Ticket*, at nietli
Rooms (or Rent tt nodtralt nt**
IS iaeb-t* per load ,
IS lnch-IS.36 per load
Cordwoad-to per oord
Phone IM p. 0, Boi IM
Nye Street, short distance from Lonsdale Avenue, Fine
corner, 1521132 It, For a komesite, this cannot be
equalled. Price $1400. Terms, 1-3 caih, 6-12 months.
Pierce & Hall
Phone 110      New Keith Block
FIRE!    FIRE!!    FIRE!!!
FOR ABSOLUTE PROTECTION write a Policy in the
Commercial Union Fire Assurance Co., Ltd.
ASSETS! $94,900,000
Hole A sent \
Af raem.nl. snd Contract* drawn
of .very dlicliplisu
Phone 157
Building LoU at Snap Prices
In Block 90, D. L 550 lor $950.   $350 Cath;
Balance 6, 12 and 16 monthi.
In Block 82, D. L. 550 (or $1000.   $350 Cash;
Balance 6, 12 and 18 monthi,
Alio a block in Upper Lonidale (or $5250.   One
Quarter Caih; Balance 6, 12 and 18 monthi
Already subdivided into 24 loti.
North Vancouver Trust Co., Ltd.
(Uu lalutar & Ward)
219 Lontdala Avenue. Phona 44
120 Second Street Eatt. Telephone 206
Convenience to North Vancouver, Merchants
Bur I* Your Owa Town. Year Ora.ri Solicited
North Shore Locators
We still hsve t lew loti led in
our Boulevsrd Sulidiviiion, block
331, it ^650 etch, one sixth cash
balance spread over two years.
No. 8 Lonsdale Ave.
Phone 123
1 *
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
FOU HAI,)-; fill ft. lot on 'Jill *tr.«rl
mirth aid*, SI,'AVI, twins; ISO It. lol
00 7th slrset, ||,»W, 1-3 eaeh, liaison
TELEPHONE 89. p. O. BOX 114
Hickman & Hood
1111 Lonsdale Ave.
Phone 40.
Branch Store~
63 Lonsdale Avenue
Phone 232
Specials (or Wednesday
Canned 'ftimuloos, largo sue 2 lor 36c
Corn, Peas und lluuiis 0 lor tl
ttl Hi. sack ltoyal Standard Fir. SI .65
Slicrriss  .lolly   Powder,   reg   IOo
4 for -16c
Keilor's Marmalade 6 Ihs. rej. (Qc.iVIo
Oliver's Marmalade,  fi  lbs.  rug.
60c 6U0
C. & II. 2 Hi. tins Miirinitlmre, rug.
SOc  Jfic
I'oars, I'tiacliea an,! Apricots, 'JJ lb.
lins, rog. 'Jfic  -Hi
I'm.. I.aril, II lb. pails rog. (Mo  lfic
I'uro |,ard, fi 11,. rog 8fic   75c
Cuiixi II.un . rug 'Jlc  I!)c
('nnil lla. .in, rog. -ii.'    i'io
Wc curry u full line of lrcs|l meals.
I'.e.h 1 liul.,,il.      5 lbs for llfic
Asparagus 1H0 lb.
Urge Naval (Irniiijor, ic^. 40c  'Wc
l.urge lemons, rog. IKIc    Sic
l'reeli Irtitluce, I'licuinVcrs, Grt'On On-
ioitl, etc.
1'i.v dolivory In ull pi.rts nl    I., in
Valley Tuosiitiys and Krid yi.
Mini   onlois   r.cuiio   | ninpt ull u-
S. Prentice, Prop.
Angus J, Cameron
A.M.I.E. & S.
Irrigation, drainage, level., plan,
and .pacifications. Septic tanks and
house drainago a specialty. I'. 0.
HoS 344, llilli street west ol Ituvtkie
C. Q, 8. Duncan of ths City of Vancouver, broker, Inn been appointed attorney ol tbs above-mentioned Company in tbe pluce and stead ol W.
Harry Wilson.
Dated at Victoria, II. ('., Ibil ninth
day of Mai oh, Ml.
Registrar Joint Stock Companies.
Paper the World
Irom our stock el new Well Papsri
so it seem*. Every day soma new
design trrivee to fill the vteaney
ol thoee cloud out.
Handsome Wall ?*jmn
are here in endleti variety. Juit
tell our salesman (or what room
you want the paper and hi will
•how you just tbe pattern you are
looking (or.
To choose Irom our itock It * pleasure, to pay our prior it my.
W. H. STONElf ft CO. (J
111 Iionidtle Av»t»t
tmomm tub mmm wwm vANcuuviy, b, c.
ROADS.   1 st block off ViaORIA.
a limited number at
$450 to $500 per lot
Quarter Cash; Balance 6,'  12 and 16 months
These lots are level, gcod soil, easily cleared and
building is rapid in adjoining blocks.
Five Minutes wtdk from Car
North Vancouver
$300 to $325 per lot; $20
cash and $15 per month; or
$50 cash and $10 per month;
or $100 cash, 6, 12 and 18
333 Pender StW. Phone 5654
World, April 13th     '
Important Dry Wtt
Contract! Awarded
Imperial Car Company'* Correspondent in England Make* Interesting
Heport Today.
Stops Well Under Way (or Consummation ol Tbit Company's Grtat Undertaking.
Important news we* received by official* of tbe Imperial Car Company,
Limited, tbii morning from Mr. Bullock, who, it will be remembered, waa
in Vancouver a abort time ago in connection witb tbe building of tb* dry-
dock at Hoche Point.
Mr. Bullock slates that he hai let
a dozen important contracts lor Ibe
company, th* largest ol these being
to the firm ol Swan Si Hunter lor tbe
main structure. This immense dock
will be built in sections in London and
shipped to this eity. Details are
awaitod with intereit by citizen* of
Vancouvor, to whom the magnitude
and importance of the company'* various undertakings has strongly ep-
pealed. According to the terms of Ih
Dominion subsidy construction will
begin next month.
second NAiimiws intuitu.; riui-
Nows-Advcrtiur, April 1Kb
Mrf E. W. MacLean returned on Sunday from a six week*' trip to th*
Eael, convinced that there ia no dty
thoro to touch Vancouver. Ae regards
the Second Narrows bridge projeet,
the deputation on which he met et
Ottawa, ho considers the substructure
work should be started in iii weeks'
time, lirlore wbich timo Keovo Mc-
Naught is oxpccled back from England ond will probably make a statement on Iho lubject. Mr. MacLean
thinks (here le no queitioa a* to th*
federal grant.
.  ' »
We Specialise in Society
Printing. We csrry a
itock ol EmWemi lor
moil orderi. II we bsve
not youri we will get it
The North Shore Press
CoobcH Upheld Co*f reve
Aoting-B**v» Allan't
Tbtt the  Engineer bt
Set A*rde.
, Acting-Heeve Alien received a
pratty thorough check Iron hi* col-
Joague* on the district council bosri
on Saturday afternoon at a tpacUl
meeting 4 tbat body when lb* council tn a man firmly refused lo conaid-
er the dismissal ol Ibt engineer at u-
commendod by tbe Acting-Bear*.
Tb meeling wat lor Ibe purpose of
hearing lb* (pacific charges ayahul
Mr. Coigrove. Mr. Allan, bownvr,
bad no othsr charges lo preseat ibsn
tbit ol incompetency, aad this Ibe
council refused to consider, u newer-
Mr. S. S. Taylor lapnaanUd Mr.
Cosgrove and did st, ably although
bit duties were very light.
After considereWe'diKiuaioo oa Ibe
part of all partial involved tba lol
lowing resolution, moved by Council
lor Loutet and seconded by Councillor
Ward, tbat in view of the (acta Ibat
have come oat at -tbit investigation
We see nothing m the charge* to variant the cHsmiwai 4 tb* enginarr wu
carried. .
Tbe question 4 lb* engineer's ie-
comincndatioii lor Ike dismissal of
District Bond Mute* Heid wee tben
considered. Mr. Coegrove did not
present his charges against Mr. Basd
as be said tbey were to be part ol Ibe
defence (or himself and in view oi tbe
fact tbat there were no specific
charges against bim tb* pressing <.
these charge* were Sot necessary.
Coun. Thompson in Calling tbe
attention ol tbe Acting-reeve to tbe
(act that the engineer waa empowered
by Ihe board to dismiss iasubdidin-
atee undor him Mr. Allen informed the
councillor (bat he displayed an internal amount ol ignorance wilb regard
to lho Board ol Worki. Alter a lew
more pleasantries were cichanged, it
was decided by motion ol Coun. Loutet to hold a special meeting on Monday lor lho purpoae 4 deciding Rcid'i
Mr.. Wm. Buaecll and family desirs
lo convey their thanks to the many
kind friends who gave euch kind es-
pression ol Ibcir sympathy during
I heir recent bereavement by means ol
floral tokens and in many olber way*.
Those Irom whom flowers were receiveil are aa follows:
David McLennan, spray, Mr. aad
Mrs. D. Scott, bar; Mrs. T. M. Elder,
bunch of flowers; Mayor tad Mrt. Mc-
Noish, wreatb; Mr. and Mr*. liillam.
(pray; Mr. tnd Mrt. T. Hutchinson,
spray ; Mr. and Mr*. McBsin, spray;
St. Andrew's Preabyterian Sunday
School, spray ; Mr. and Mr*. -I. II
Kussell, spray; Mr. and Mr*. A- '»■
Dawe, spray ; Wile and children, star.
Mr. and Mra. (biven, cros*; P. H.
liogiham Co. and atal, spray; Mr.
and Mrs. A. Brown, wreath ; Mr. and
Mrs. Mclntyre, wreath; Mr. and Mrs
Walden, wreatb ; Mr. <i. Hutchinson it
Sons and Mr. .1. Henrieks end wile,
artificial globe; Mr. and Mr. Came*,
crescent ; Mr. aad Wrs. McDonald,
wreath; Mr. and Mrs. Fleury,
wreath ; Mr. and Mn. Skene, wreatb ;
Mr. and. Mi. H. Busedl. artificial
globe ; Mr. and Mil.  .lobasoa, pillar.
i)   I       '..,.'-.'
^JjKHfflflaSa     JM
Suppose a customer is about to order toaMlbing or other over your
telephone. The operator finds your
Bat or lines engaged. Tbe customer
■vat moil—or older eomewhere else.
Maybe be chooses to wait—calls again
-again find* your Una or lines buiy.
That aeons a possible low of t cue-
Tbe business man needs adequate telephone service for tho
accommodation of his business
and bis customers. Whin you
lose customers through "busy"
signal* it ba* beoi proved thut
your telephone lacililies are
People who gel business make it
easy (or Ibcir customers to get to
than aad bave the number ol telephone lines ibcir business require!.
The number should be determined by.
lb* amount of use at the BUSIEST
time 4 the day.
Express Classified Ads. Always Bring Results
We operate tbe only padded furniture and piano
moving van in tbe city. . .
N. V. Cartage Co.
11 unsdalc Av*.
(J   When you deal at tbe Lonsdale Pharmacy you
get exactly what you aik for at the right price.
*|   Special attention paid to prescription* and family
recipes. »
*J   We carry s complete line of Stationery and Drug
Tho British Columbian of New Meat
minster comments editorially upon our
ipccial Easter edition ia tbe follow
ing word*:
"Tb* North Vancouver Express
marked the splendid advanccBMBt 4
that city by an Easier Progrt** and
Development Edition Tb* numerous
illustrations, the extended deacriptive
articles, tbe business reviews ead personal eketcbee, all make up a creditable publicity number and give a good
idea ol the Burrard City'* aeli*
factory growth."
Tha many instances in wbich similar
kindly reference hit been mode to Ibe
edition in quedioo by lb* newspaper.
throughout tbe province ie *a inches
lion of tbe (set tbat tucb ipccial pub
lications are of real intenwt to tbe
general public tnd *hould serve to im
press upon oar feilow townsmen Um
great value tt tn advertising medium
(or tb* oity ud tb* dirtrict 4 an is
sue such a* our Salt** Progress and
Development Edition.
Saturday and Sunday pd
tn taking the Capilino Boad aboold
glance at Mr. Mabon's log house,
which will most probably bt occu
pied by Mr. Dillon when completed on
tbe Ktitb Boad nut across Ibt Capilano river.
Vary little In tint wat
at Uu meeling of tbt (esry director*
Inuridoy afternoon. It WM decided
tbtt both tb* boat* should U tied up
at tbe North Vancouver docks during
the nigbt. Cuspidor* (or Um cooveni-
enoo oi tbe eiflBCtorating pobUe aad
cWorming to Uw muim fmUmt
will bt iastaJfad ia tba old North fan
Ibcomnwdnd and sold I
North Vwmv*t tiwlvfm Co,
■;....:..., .nail,, ■-..:.,:■. mx
The Bank of British North America
Capital Paid Up $4,866,666.   Reierve Fund ,$2,652,333
2 Offices in North Vancouver-2
UPPER LONSDALE AVENUE (tmt Fowtowtti gfrwt)
Saving Deposits of Ui.no and upwards received.
Interest allowed at current rates,
Banker's Money Orders issued.
Both offices transact a general banking business
and are open on Saturday night.
'    F. T. SALSBURY, Manager.
Capital Paid Up  I 2760,001)
Unserve k Undivided Profits    3350,0110
Total Assets  40000,000
Cull al the ollice ol tho Bank ol
llumiltoit uml secure a puss-liook.
This is a simple transaction. Yet il
may bo the lirst step toward a competence.
You cannot coinntince In save too
early in lifo—and the pluce to keep
your savings is iu a Chartered Hank.
Inti-n.it |,-ii.i on deposit, of S1.0O
and iipv.nnl ■
C. Q, HEAVEN, Agent,
North Vancouver.
Complete Showing of
New   Spring   Goods
We Sell Everything lor Men but Shots
W. DICK, Prop.
47 & 49 HASTINGS STREET, EAST ~47 & 49
33 (eel cleared and graded (or $1600. 1-4 caih,
balance 6, 12 and 18 months; alio a corner lot at
$2400 on tame termi.   Thii ii good buying.
Modern 6 roomed houie on corner [ot. Good basement, furnace heated. Price only $2700, $500 caih,
balance 6, 12, 18 and 24 monthi. Thii ii only good
(or a (ew dayi.
C. C. LAW90N & CO.
I'lioue 70—P. O. Box 97
"80. Ii.jw smI tnd eitfM li
tody.. M nl (Won. In 'in. Die-
llsiX Willi Kahiew li,c."
How lo Trtat
or I 1..hnir.r
ColoU lully
in our    .
I'm lluiilltt
Tht M fuhloud l.ss Dlllll sn •<■
The via-tuliloaea Srss n
K,t lo un,ttt...»Ibu «
to. ud oMtwuvUti.
Tbfak bow acoflornically aad e**lly you can make old or faded garment* 190k
Ilk* uw, no mailer what th*. malarial* ars, ailk, lisle, lin*n, wool, cotton 0,
liul color*, no ripping, no cracking, no odor.
* 8. ucwmi
m. 0. mmuuvs-t, w, it* emit
N. V. Horse Show
The Second Annual Hon* Bhnw no-
der the 'auspices ql.Nnrth Vsneonver
Hoi-tioultural Sooiety whieb will be
held early in June, give* every promise of attaining th* moit pronounced
success. Tht prim lilt *• Anally adopted by the committee presents a
largo range tnd variety nl clam* and
tfa* interest already manifested by
horaemen looally and at outside
points, eniuree an aggregate number
ol entries whieb wi|l keep things moving at a lively pace during tbt two
dayi' duration of tbt show. The prii-
ee will be practio*lly til in tbi form
of trophies and Um oanvaae lor tbii
purposs has met with a lt«4y tnd
ganeroui response. Tboea who havs
thu* fir agreed to donate oups or other trophiot are tl lollows ;
B. 0. Leather Co., Spencer Ltd,,
Armstrong Bros., Hslkln k Co.,
Koowlee ii HeCauley, II. W. Bpillbary,
P, Boehuiien, 0. (Jrierton, C. P. Jackson, Ilirke ii Son*, Balv tb Co., N.
Vancouvor Coul Supply, C. K. Uw-
eon, N. V. Cartage Co., Braokman k
tier, Bank of 11. N. A., Boytl Bank,
Vancouver Harness Co., J. A, and H.
McMillan, 1). A. Smith, Coo. Brooks,
Thompson Grahams, Cold Seal Liquor
Co., W. MoNeish, A. H. Piplo'ek, W.
Barley, 0. A. KoBain, H. B. Green-
Armitage, North Shore Preei Limited.
Others are yet to be beard Irom and
when the lint is complete it will present an extensive and a moet attractive array highly creditable to all
Lynn Valley Notei
(Express special correspondent)
Hr.  l'eter Westover's mother,   who
has boon ill is able to be around once
Miss Bertha Hussy is on a visit to
ber aunt end uncle, Hr. and Hrs. I'.
Westover, ul their home on Frederick
A very iticoesslul whist party was
held al Ihe residence ol Hr. J. Neat,
president Ratepayers' Association,
l.ynn Valley. A large nuniliei ol
young lulk   pussed   a   very   pluasaut
Hr. and Hn. Allen and family from
the Stales have taken up their residence on i'eler Koad. This make* llie
third family lo arriv« from across lho
line into Ihe Valley inni.li. ol a month.
Hrs. Hyde and bor two daughters
anil Hrs. Edge-ton, Vancouver, *ere
guest, ol Hri. Brown, Thursday afternoon.
friends of Hr. Turner will I..' pleased to learn I hat ho ie recovering from
tha injury to hi* eye. He was unfor
lunula lo get some |leel is the optic
while working in tbe sawmill.
Mr. T. Thompson has started enlarging liis house on Contre lload.
Many Iriends of Hr. C. Pakeley, pm-
tor of I.. V. Hethodiet ehurch will be
pleased lo loarn thai he has recovered
Irom a recent attack ol quinsy.
A .mull cabin on ll.i.kin Boad oc
cupiul by Hcssrs. Walker, I'errep and
Mul.me) was broken iuto on Wedne*
day while they were at work and a
sniull amount ol money and a lew
Irinkuls wore Mul.11.
Hr. Uru. Bullion's wile and family,
arrived from ihs old country recently
and are sot tied in ihe \ ell*j
Hr. Butler and wile are eel Ileal in
I heir new home ou Harold lload 1 isx
Ilic home ol Hr. Thomas.
This fine wealher is drawing larg*
crowds to lb* Valley daily.
Tht building boom is iltll 0* th*
climb. New houses are making thsir
appearanes from one cod of the Valley to the othsi.
in the Maritime provinces at- that date
waa 468,01)0 buebeli, in Quebao 177,-
000 buinell, in Ontario 5,003,000 bushels, ami, in Manitoba, Saskatchewan
»nd Alberta 37,01M,,0l)il bushels. At
the same date lost jita? th* quantity
in hand in all Canada «|i 80,464,000
bushels or 18.38 per cent, of tht total crop oi 160,744,000 bushels, ol
whioh 160,808,000 buihele or 86,87 per
dent, wai of niurchanlialile quality.
Oats, whioh laat year gave « yield
of 838,440,000 bushels, wt* merchantable to the ertwt of 301,773,000 bushels or 03.31) per cent., and the qiinn
tity In hand at tba end of March wan
137,587,000 bushels or 30.14 per pent,
In the Maritime provinces there wai
in hand tt that date 6,086,000 buth
eli, in Quebec 17,447,000 bushels, in
Ontario 60,743,000 bushels, and in the
Northwest 1'rovincos enoluilve of Bri
tleh Columbia 63,413,000 buihele. In
the ptaoAding year tbe quantity in
hand out of a harvest of 868,466,000
bushel, wae 141,400,000 bucbels or
40.03 per cent, and there was a total
of 331,100,000 bushels or 96.% per
emit, nl merchantable oat*.
The barley yield of 1010 was 46,147,-
000 bushels, and of this quantity
there was in hand at the end of March
13,136,000 buihele or 30 per ant. The
barley crop of 1909 wae 65,398,000
bushels and the quantity on hand a
tho end of March last yeur wue 16,-
617,000 bushels 39.81 per cent. Tbo
merchantable quantity ol thut crop
was 61,499,000 bushels or 93.8li per
cent. Ontario's crop last year wus
311,737,111111 bushels, and Ihat of lho
three Northwest provinces Ifill.W
The merchantable yield ol ium lost
yeur was 83.63 por cenl. ol the whole
crop, oi 1.11,lu hen 1 SS.fili per 11 nl.,
of polutoes 77.31, ol turnips und other
roots Mi'i'il per cent, uml ol luy nml
clover 88.73 |*ir cent., which ure nearly tlie sumo us the percentages of the
same crops in Ibe previous yeur. The
quantities of these crop, on hand nl
the end of Harch were neurly Ihe
sumo in both yours except (hat thc
supply ol potatoes this your is 30,000,-
im Ml bushel, lose ami the supply of I uy
uml clover li.riH.lHHI ton. 111.11 c.
The pei ..iii condition of iive.tocl
mi the farm, ranges close to the uine
figures for hoik yours, but is a little
higher for all classes ibis year. For
Ihe respective years 1911 ami 1910
horses are 95.37 lo 93.98, mil.I. uow.
93.39 lo 91.43, oilier catllo'90.87 to
89.3(1, slioe|i 93.77 lo 93.13, ami swine
91.35 to 93.77. Tluaui proportion! are
closely mainlaiiiul Ihriiiigiioul all ill
provinces, they denote lho Condition
of live stock as rogurda a healthy nnd
thrifty elate.
At tfae genul nonlhly meeting of
tfa* Assod.tion b»id in lb* IniUtaU
11*11 last Inurtdiy *voning quit* t
number ol resolutions were pss*ed lor
tb* Heretary ta lorwanl to tbttow-
cil. tin proUctloB and unitary mat-
tare w*e well dleeueead and a million
that Ihe^Loeiation recommend Ike
council to pais t pound bylaw lor
Lynn Valliy wa* carried unanimously.
Prwiriati J. Neat wae in the ehalr.
Tbt mttlag wt* adjourned ahortly altar 10 o'clock.
In loving memory of
who la tb* bsMle ol Kaeo OoBipetilion
wa* *mitt*n hip aad thigh by tb*
mighty force, of Btady Moosy, and
wu intarrad smtdst th* joyful l*ar*
ot bli once deluded follower*. Hi* end
waa peace (to lb* groosr). Hi* late
lollowere trad* with 8. ttlTCHIE, th*
Up-lo-daU Cub Grocer, 366 Firit
itrait east.
Ottawa, April Ji -Th. Ceaiti* tnd
SUtittiee office i»u*c today a bid latin on crop* tnd live *tock.
Tb* twjottn of oorreepondenl* ibo*
tfeat out 4 a yiatd 4 l*»,98»^W bu«-
hai* wheat barveeUd l**t ysar 141,-
0M/)00 budksls or »4 psr cant, were
merchantable, aad tbtt at lbs and of
March 38,043,000 bushels or V Bar
mat. 4 lb* vfaots wire ytt ia litmii
Um quantity hatd by inimti
. v.
Notice is hereby given thut the
Howe Sound and Northern Hnilway
Comiiany (a comiiauy Incorporated by
the legislature ol Ihe I'rovince ol Hi i
ti.li (olumbia, will apply al Ihe present session ol parliament ol Canada
lor an Acl (I) declaring Ihul the
works and undertaking ol the Company oro works lor llie general advantage ol Canada t (3) lo etleud the
Iin** ol railway which the Company i.
now mull.ni,,.I lo coii.lrucl und op
erate a. follows : from a |>oinl ut or
near l,illooot, thence northerly along
the valley ol the Kruaer river lo the
i.ivhi ol i-'uil Hi-Nine, thence northerly
to the vell.y ol the I'ar.nip lliu-r and
along Ihe valley ol lho I'ar.nip river
to a point at or noar il. junction wilh
llie Piwce river; Ihtsiaa e.iHl.ilv uhill.'
the Peace river to mV.t1livsr.ltSd'.
ing ; with power lo lay oul, construct,
.■penile and maintain a bum. h line
Irom Newport al lb* head ol Howe
Sound to ths oitiee ol North Vencou-
vsr tnd Vancouver ; (3) lo empower
the Company lo own, develop sml op-
•rale walsr jiowsr. for Ih. purpoeee of
ile undertaking ; (4) to oonetruot and
opera!* lalephona *nd Ulagraph line*
sad lo chsrge tolls for Ins uss there-
..I , (1) to own, build, purchu** or
irthtrwis* obtain and o|>erat* .turn
and othsr v*l*ele; (6) lo build and
operate slevalnis, wharfs, warahouese,
sic, and lo earry on ths businsee ol
general warebnuatnwn, and for such
other powers and privilege* si may lie
incidental or n*ossi*ry lo Ih* sbov..
BATED *t Ottawa Ihis 6th day ol
April, 1911..
i in/, m Building,    *
HolieHors lor th* applieanU.      33-6
TT. loUdl Ik. fjaulan. ef UuiliAtnn,
lta|tn..».oa o(h.,» »ho i.all.a Ibt a4*saaUt-
If ot lurlaf Ihrif Pal.sl bu.lniM ll.nMd.d
biKsptrU. Irr.ltaltuj.aclTlMlrr.. Cbirr^.
oudirsla. QarJanaisrsASvlMrKst noun ic-
^AkkUtUpvin ss VM"
JH            I6KXPKI1IINCI
J   PJ^luT
l'.   I'i
f.TSSSt. 'tlffl tn
aataafirMaaaaani     JaaaU   aat
*******/ m**mmmWM    w*fm  wm
Telephone 276
New Westminster Land Diltrict-
Distriot ol New Westminslor. TAKE
notice tbat Bobert Duff Kimoiid ol
Vanoouver, B, C.. occupation, broker,
intendi to apply for perrniiaion to pur-
chase (he following aoseribed lands:
Commencing at a post planted en the
weet side ol t email bay on the North
lint ol Lit 3630, thence 'west 30 chains
more or leu to the nnrthweet corner
of Lot 3630 ; thence south 33.70 chains
to ths northeast corner ol Lot 3633;
thence weet 31.73 chains to tho southeast corner ol Lot 568; thence norlh
80 chain* mora or lose to the south-
weet corner of Lot 1338; thenco east
33.78 chains more or less to shore of
laks; thence in a southerly direction
along shore of lako to point of commencement.
Uth March, 1911, (-6
PUBLIC. NOTICE Ie hereby given
that, under the authority contained
iu section 131 of the "Land Act," a
regulation has been approved by the
l.ieiiieiiuni Hin.-iiiNi- in Council luin
the minimum sale prices ol first an
second-class lands ul flO and th per
acre, respectively.
This regulation lurther provides thut
the price, filed therein .hull apply to
all lands with respect to which the application to purchaao is given favourable consideration after this date, notwithstanding tho dale ol such application or any delay that may hav
occurred in llie consideration ol tho
Further notice is hereby given that
all persons who hove pending upplicu-
lions, to purchase lands under thc provisions ol sections 34 or 36 of tbt
"Land Act" and who aro not willing
lo complete such purchases under the
prices filed by the aloreauid rcguiglion
■hall be at Illicity lo withdraw such
applications and receive relun.l of the
moneys deposited on account ol auch
Mun .i. i  ol Lands.
Hi'liuilment nl Lands,
Victoria, ||. ('., April 3rd, 1911.   /f)
TENDEHS will lie receiveil by the undersigned up lo the '.'-...I day ol
April, 1911, ot 6 p.m. for thepurchass
of Block 37, Si.li.liMH.in ol Lot No.
511, Croup I, New Weslmiiistur District, situated iu lho City of Vancouver, ond Iwing Iho site of Ihe old Pro
un.nil Court House. Each tendci
must be enclosed in a registered loiter and must bo addressed lo the undersigned und plainly maiked "Tendei
lor old Vancouvor I ourl House lite,"
and must be accompanied by an accepted cheque lor ten per cent, of the
fir.t ptymtnt of Ihe purchaee money.
Payment for ths propsrly will bs accepted in iuilaluieiils of one-quarter of
ths purchaee money. The first of such
instslmente to be ptid within thirty
dtyt titer tin acceptance ol tbe tender, and tbt othsr three rumuilly
Ihtretllar, with int.rsst at lb* rate of
6 par cent, par annum. Ia tb* *vtnt
ol tb* peroon who** lander i* accepted lading to complete the first Willi-
mi-Hi within thirty day* ol th* notice
ol such accetilanc. the sale to him
will be cancelled and bis ten pur cent
dapoilt Mailed. Th* cheques ol un-
luccesilul tenderer* will b* returned.
The highest or *ny lander will not
nscestarily be accepted. No commission* ol any kind will be allowed.
Minister of Lands.
Department 4 Lands,
Victoria, B. C,
Ma,eh 7lh,  1911.
Phone    198
North Vancouver
Coal and Supply Co.
Dealer* in Cost, Brick,
Ssnd,   Gravel,   Lime,
Cement   Md   General
Builders' Supplies.
All Order*   Promptly
Filled and Satisfaction
Guarantee].   Prices on
Oftce; Lonsdale, near City Whsrf
Wawhouse:       Foirosne WlW
Best Goods at
Bed-rock Prices
All lines of uhoice family
Groceries, also Fruits,
Confectionery, etc.
Satisfaction  gimrtinteetl
or money refunded.
Our jnothoils are receiving favor on Jail sides
and business is increasing with great rapidity
Yuiir orders ruspuclfully
Telephone 126
Jno. Dierssen
Coupons given free on every
ii v order to gut a cli,mce on
residential lol in Port Angeles.
A. Campbell Hope
C. A. i Al.
mill HuHling. Sinvl  Vr'iHt, Vancouver,
II. C I'bon* f,lW6
It..-i.i.'ii.•■    Iiieiimn illock 366 let St.
Kaat, North Vancouver. 1'hono HIVl.
Why Pay
Excessive Prices
Can Supply you with
and all
Household Requisites
tt a Lower Price than elsewhere.
ynottPT DtuvEfty asm/rep
' MY Mono i
"Saudi Profile ud Quick Returns"
Phone 184
tad Corn*r Granville tad Snsth*
•    1
Bapco Pure Paints  Baplac Varnishes
Shingle Stains        Japalac Varnishes
Enamel Paints       White Lead
Oils, Brushes, etc.
Hardware  Stoves  Furnishings
Patterson, Goldie & Clark
North Vancouver Hardware Store
Parkdale Finest Alberta Butter 30c. |b.
May Flower, Spring Brook or Ayrshire Rose 3 lbs. $1.00
5 lbs. of good Tea
5 liis) of better Tea   -
5 lbs. of the best Tea
Comer Firit Street snd St. George
will be on exhibition daily
from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the
B. C. Electric Railway Co.'s
office, 50 Lonsdale Avenue
Elegant New Styles in
Spring Suits
Priced to save dollars for
you and build trade for us.
$10 to $35
See them and you will Want
to see how you look in them.
Try them on-then you'll Want
to own one. They are extraordinary values, as you'll realize
when you see them. \
113-115 Lonsdale Avenue.
HI I I   I.KA8.S       Will IK ( I.OVKIt
II. a K. NIX FI) LAWN tillArtf
SeM Potatoes
AB  oar aerate ua truatlly tdtotad aad letted to comply   with
8ttd Coatrol Art.  Ia bajriaf terd* doa't overlook uatlity.
Wt al» mny t luD li„ 4 FERTHJZERS
m i n a in   si i   i>  a.,   i      11 > >
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co,, Md,
LONSDALE AVENUE.        Al Ferry l.iudii.g.
Government   Regulations »nd Provia-
iuns lor ils Eradication
One ul the most important problems
which con(ronts tlio tgriculturist sod
mora particularly tbe dairymen ol British Columbia is fhe eradication ot bovine tuberculosis. Tha serious injury
which thit iinridiuut aliseast it •working on tbe dairy industry in general ie
not sufficiently utilized. It it t ilia-
ease wbich gain* entrance to the herd
often without the knowledge ol tbe
owner tnd it may exiet in one or
more cow* of tb* bard for some considerable timt tod tlto it may spread
rapidly without aay apparent outward
signs. It it t disease which tap* Ibt
vitality of tht cow tnd alter it bat
advanced sufficiently affects Ibt quantity of milk given, at wtU at tba
breeding qualities ol it* victim. It
may bt transmitted from one cow lo
another, which (act emphasizes tht importance ol its eradication. Also
it may bt Irtntmittad Irom Ibo cow
to the bog tod jn fact tbi* it tbt
principal source' ol infection among
our herds of (win*.
llritish Columbia hu probably not
had so much 4 ths disease tt in other
parts where tbe dairy industry hat
been highly developed, tucb at in
some of the eastern Stales, however,
we have enough lo give ua sufficient
cause to take every precaution for ita
eradication. While there is yet little
of it ve ihould see to it thit it is
entirely eradicated ia order that our
dairymen may be in a poiition to
breed healthy herds tad produce
wholesome milk.
While there are'many features concerned in the eradication of tbia dii;
case and while various methods have
been adopted in other parte, it ie to
be seen tbat in Hrilisb Columbit the
work has been progressing favorably.
Ont eignificant feature ia our work ii
the cooperation on the part of tbe
dairymen. Many of our dairymen are
anxious to maintain herds Iree from
■ he disease and are having their herd,
officially teetod and premises inspected
by the provincial veterinary inspectors ol which there are (our in the
province. On tbe other hand, many
dairyman have little or no knowledge
ol thc disease and do not realize tbe
imuortince ol ile eradication. Tbia
department hat beta carrying on educational work throughout tbe province in an endeavor to show our
dairymen the nature ol the dieeatt and
why it should be eradicated Irom our
hirdt. Inspection work bat tlto
been undertaken lor some time and
any inspection wbich is done to be
official, must be don* by tbe provincial veterinary inspectors. All dairies that are inapected are graded into
four different grade*— A, B, C and I),
according lo the sanitation and equipment ol tbe premitct.
Tbc only way in which the pnwnoc
of thc disease can be accurately determined is by tbc application of the
tuberculin test, which is done by Ibe
department free of coat, upon tht re
quest of the dairymen. Thc staff of
veterinary inspectors ht* been incraee-
cd recently became of the iarrttaart
work is connection wilh tbc control ol
Ihe disease. Many applications lor
letting are coming in continually and
Ibe veterinary inspectora endeavour to
test as many cattle tt potable in
each and every ih.lrict throughout Ihe
province The tuberculin which il used
iu lealing and oilier ncctaaary tppli-
ancea arc tlto supplied by lbs department of agriculture. The only request
which is made of tbt dairyman it thit
he accommodate Ihe veterinary inspector while hit held is being tttlad.
II wben tht let it applied, any cattle art found lo be diseased tbey ire
quarantined tad eventually alaugbler-
ed in thc presence ol * vtteriaary inspector, and if lb* animal after in in
•podor'e inspection is not At lor beef
roupsnealion ie allowed by Ibe government. Tbs value of Ibe cows It tl
the discretion ol tbt inspector, Ibe
maiimum value being 1125 for pure
breads tod 176 lor grades tnd oa tbe
inspector's valuation SO per rant, compensation it allowed.
Il ii poatiblt tbat tbt aaaaral pub
lie dv not realize tbe malarial assistance tbe government ie giving them
by comptjnaating tbem lor ill siiugh-
(trad animala which ire affected wilb
tho diaeaae. Thit it more this it being done in my other part tad the
responsibilit.v of completely eradicating the dietaae largely lies with tfae
dtiiymen. plait compenialion it being grinlntj it il Ibair opportunity to
lake advmfigt of pivarajMnt *'■*•-
■act and il ii tlto Ibe dairyman', responsibility la set that.our hafde are
entirely free irom the disaaa*.
Anyone wishing to hale Ibair herds
tested and thai-dairy premise, intpec-
lad should apply to Dr. A. bight,
chief vaUrinaxy inspector, Sariis, B.
C, osier wboee charge Ibe work It be
ing carried on. ll is to be hoped lhal
every, dairyman will have* Ul band
taatari ana jnapenUrt ngalarly lotfaat
til milk wAdsb it bang uttd for hu
man etxuqmptkm may fat at whoit-
toait ae pniiiUi and tbat oar beta*
may fa* it /rat tt pmesUs Irom thi
Word that tbe Mexican government
boa at last decided to resort lo uclivo
measures (or the suppression of lho
rebel force* ie received with rejoicing
here, for Canada it moro then incidentally interested m the uclfaio ol
tbe little ltcpublic. Large .imouuli pf
Canadian money have been invented
in Mexico ol late yean and have always brought large, returns. -Sumo
iple lately mty have been worrying about having their money instiled in a country where there is internal *trife but their fears for the most
part  teem to be groundless for   no
thing ibort ol • tt#w»l Ptlwity
could affect their assets. The Mexican Makpgany.iSi.BubW Pqjpprj>tfe|)
limited, one of the large*!, orgnniza-
limit! of ft*) kind un this contiiitnt,
which ii almost entirely owned fay
Uanaiiians, and who own and are operating oxtonsivtt areas pi tome tV\
square miles ol mahogany, rubber and
chicle limits in tho southern pert of
Mexicq have boon olosaly in touch with
the situation all during Ibe recent disturbance, tnd at no time bave tbey
felt any anxioty situated aa they ure
same hundreds of miles Irom the seat
ol trouble tnd even in tbe event ol
the revolutionists gaining access, to
tbelr property no harm could result.
The mtbfnjtajjy ittndjng gnen at H
does, fill np(, bum jn danger that is
always foremost in Canadian timber '
venturee) am) lbs buiiaeii ol tbe company hai gone on oblivious to any
1,0,0 Fi
North VHMWer Lodge, No. H,
meoti tvtry Thursday evening, oornor
Lonsdale Avenuo and First street, et
8 o'clock. Visiting brethren cordially
invited to attend. A. T. Keonidy,
N.G.; Tboe. p. Nyt, ree.-nc; Jt H.
Pilling, P.O.. fhviet.| 0hei.Nye, PiO.
treat urer.
New Subdivisions in North Vancouver City
'    ■ i *e        III    ll, ii jll ill   |j |,|M J ,| II1 '   ZmmmmZmmmmmmmm
Fronting on Grand Boulevard in Blocks 226 and 227
Also LoU in Block 230. Fronting on Grand Boulevard
and LoU in Block 232a. ===================
Mahon, McFarland  & Procter, Limited
Cor. Pender and Seymour Sts., Vancouver, B. C.    Phons 6286
Real Estate and Fire Insurance AgenU
Agreements for Sale Bought and Sold
Loans Negotiated, Rent* Collected
Choice Properties for Sale in All Parts of the City
Phone 173 62 Lonsdale Ave.
P. 0. Box 72
North Vancouver City
i __^________J_
j~^5^5"5 mmmmmmmmmmmmmmM*mmm^m^m^awmmmmmmt
LARGE LOTS, 50 ft. x 147 ft.
= Cleared, Ready for Building ==
In Blocks  15,  15a, 16 and 16a. D. L. 550.
Prices: Inside Lots, $750 to $1000 according to
location. Double corners, $1900 \o $2200.
In Blocb 9 and 9a. i Prices: Inside Lots, $600.
Double Corners, $1500.
Terms: 1-4 Cash, Balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
ACREAGE in D. L 546 and 550
subdivided into blocks of from I to 4 or more
acres. Prices per acre, from $2000 to $3250
Terms: I -4 Cash, Balance 6,12,18 & 24 months
"HI1  .  t
The Grand Boulevard extend* through thii property
The North Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company, ££
543 PIJNDER ST. "~Jm VANCOUVER, B.C. *w*ht
Express Classified Columns
WANTKD-YoeaK mm, abaatt K, to
rWra gentry rkj,   kmAj Ull !*■*-
dal* Av*.                                  SM
FOB   SALE - Banal Rack   Efta
(Tborougbtaad).    W.  L. Bm*, UU
•treat (betas*. Hakae «al imt)
Boo*s wilb partial taass. ■ eritala
lanily-naaoaaUe ten     fi»e  aaa
ulee froa kwiy.    Amiy, J. E,  Fa
pro* 00c*.                                  JM
Wt WRKt ■
DRERHIAKIWV-ln,   G   Tnumny,
Mia*' and taJaaW*
tin* wink by Ike day. T
at*. Can-It*. A. MM, mm *% %'.
Vancouver. M
10 WLVI-II ansa. Use watt end ol
HalsM LU m an the Grouse Mountain IcriL fenaae wealing ataip-
mg gtmmi emmt lata* all or part lor
Ik aaaaear.    Rat B. II. *., Espras..
Ordination, Induction and Reception of New
Pastor of St, Andrew's Presbyterian
Church, North Vancouver.
UWT-A aim Pane, valued at a
ttljiMlll wilb mtinlt engraved Ihereto, mmmxi at Um nmimta ot Dr.
Vnu. 2B-4
n» uu
*  h
Pure   Milk   aad  (i«a  Mmnsi
Lynn Valley Daary. HI laaadatr.   KM
Ok an
Fresh   Letlut*   iu
Ksene, 161b itieH.
flak    C   E.
>*1   il al Ike Loaadale Itsraury,
imnm alb aad-Lcauelale. I In ne SKI. II
POR HAI.K -HuaeaLiw nm Si,
-draw's dose lo Irak Mrs**, S r<
Lol all in gankai, pnutlw.ilty saw setl
motlera. Price «,>m tX» mm, iuJ-
ance aa real. 7 pes nail. ..» talaaaisi
Why rent ahea you sua toy a fcnaar
on these t*s*M ? Kritiala. Aatatnuui
Trust Co. Ltd., fsil.H Ktaa tarn*
ing, Vancouver IM
Watt Bra Bdalaa it prepared to
late i -ur 1 Mare pupil* into her tl-
Uraaua fmtaarstury adhool. For
lares affdy Bat tl*. Norlb Vsnoou-
.-** HI
On 13th iust. Kev. Ronald MeLtod
wu duly ordained ae t minister of the
gojpel and inducted into tbe pastoral
charge ol HI. Andrew'*.churoh bare
by lIui prasbylery n| Weetniiusler. Rev.
John A. Logan presided. A Urge
number of the members ol I'resliyt*ry
war* preeenl and tha church wit Ailed
with t deeply intereeted oongregttion.
Rev. Prof. I'idi!i'.iii l).l)., preached a
nui.1   eloquent and appropriate   ilia-
FOB SALE-Cntlag* ei S reiaas-
New-Mth street, taar St. aladeas's.
Large lol, tint view ai ill* tartar
Price 13,760. Sotkl una. baUu* «B
per month. 7 pet rsai. Ibt faint i*
right and thc tmaa alit si*siliiaaB|
good. British Aaotisaa. lines Cau
Ltd., ('urter I ott.ia Bmrekaj, \m
Imt is to certify tbat Ixmgwind
Tadk Ctmah Had m the 1st April,
Ml, tarn lankaoaa  harth  oartifioal*
iuHii mum.   by a cash   bullet from an
,ujnue4u* res rial ufwsled by 8. Rita-tar. ily • KtoeWle rinit-iT, 356 First
it-t   ¥Umt fM.
*aA.i . iil(H<iS>lASI  KF/ilHTRAH
Room IS tad II, r.aaW
KB Paadcr Start V.
He.id.nre,   eat.   I ..aadala  A-»
Und .trcct, Nertk Yaaaaawaa.
Law* tsuudsj  liperisl l'..n»lililc Hn-
»oaj wm sirartlH by (be .*»|i,;iit.
MN ' -i aai wmtiwajwa artiaaiaai* at tb-i end
mt  -4 tt* Caajanaao ear line resultant' id
il Iftc  umMjolr nttttof ibe |i.i'ly   to
eBw'.mxi  m *ke *"sa4.1l a., road   li   the
•Assu*? 4 farciit- panie*.     Tb*   raiae
a*-atU la- beaid ou TI1ured.1v.
I nitnl Hri,ihrrb,..i>l nl >'itotaui*
anal Joiner, of America l.rwali $*
1436. Il™d,|ii«ri«i. Ut .v.il wmn-t ■>. f. tinea, a boarder at the
men iteekine; tjau.il.>>nus, 1 naat CKatssai-" l.iui Vaie> Haalal, bad a rfii.'bl dii
or. needing mta, al I 'wautu*' Stan-.I toeaior ti uyimm with lb<- |U,^uiet..i
Ij/nmlale Avaaae. Rueiaaisa narat'*' J^aetA. (tape 4 lint b >.l«-lrv on
hours 8.1*1 lo it.* ia ua) & i/>!> t^aaSt:'. aVeaing a gun 1*1 thai »..r
p.m. .1. R. 11.a.11, biwiaeati ttreal. li ia> A* a result he wae bmugfat It,
—— liar al) abac to will be .elained U"-
I til la* «a<e cut be beard aa it is a
4u*ii<t aSeir
NOTICE it hereby fiwea ikal ibn
bale oa waist ralte 1.. li* a/ianu
ending .fuae W, SaasHy .Iwat -aa Bag
1.1, 191).
8. Ill HPHkl Yft
City Inaaass*.    **-l
Notice to CtMtracton
by tbe unalef.ii/aeil ualil Brtunrtiy,
..April 2Mb, 1011, l,t timmt, anm
lima and gradiair ol rewii ■• rent **■
■26, block .1, D. L. 7W, a munjitmtM
with .pd.-ili.^itioa b, he sure, al tint
The hiatal .* aa« MaaW wa mm
eerily aecsptol.
Dtalsiet lagmaa
District Municipal 0*W,
Norlh Vaaeaiuwa, B. C,
18th April, IMI. 3SMH
K01KX   i. bereby   given
■be aatborily   eonlainul
Ul tot tot •laud Act," a
ba* bare approved by   Ibe
l*,u(«iiaBl'<».n<ru.ir in l'...ii,eil filing
aale prims 4 first   and
] renimdrteti toads al SID and f6  per
ant, mgearliwiy.
I flat mmiafam luriber provideelhat
I tbc prioes fitai ibrrwi, tiiall apply lo
1 al toads a-itb reaped to. which the ap-
il |fcwtiiai to lianntsli it given (avour-
' <4Ar taatid—Sbrt alias tbit date, aol-
(V dale 4 sutb a|^ili
<ar um idny ibal muy have
Ua nueiairlaraliiai    of the
Furtbn uotn* is beradiy tn.ii III.it
aM fttaum »bo bave pendiug uppliru-
IMaas to |~***"[— laud, umlt-r the |>ro-
satNM 4 eeotwus 31 or M of (he
"Lead Ant" aad wbo are not williag
to nfjfietc tare purrb.se. under tbe
priaas faad to as sioretaid regulation
m»M ht at btorty to withdraw .uHi
ad iwreive refund ul ih*
jammtfi oa aoaouul ol euch
Notice to CtMtracton    11
HEALED TENDEBrt .il ha *mm-\i
ed by the luiaarewred mta a wax-mi
Thurtday, «th Apeit, IMI,   is*   *m\
clcariag, grubbaa^ aadt pmtmg at read
in D. L. 601 earl «K m. annedbtr*
wilh the HMtiitA.il/ma to ha mm.
KaiaUr ol lands.
; at lauds,
tatone, B. 0_ April 3rd. IVII.  ,4
course snd thereafter the moder.ilor
duly ordained and inducted the jouug
paator. Kev. Piineipal HacKay, DO ,
of Westminster Hall addressed ths
newly ordained minister and .poke iu
the highest terms id his Work nt ih ■
Theologiesl Hull and nl- their hoots
and supectntiiins regarding his hum.
career. Rev. John Vi. Wnodside, who
hud ... i.jI as interim moderator during the vacancy, addressed the congregation words of conurutuLlion
and eihortalioii. Ile had great ci n
iiil.-ii.-e in the mun of their choice and
he asked I heir hearty and lealuils co-
.,|i'.iiiii..ii with him in llie work nf
the rungregiition.
(In Sabbath, Ihe Huh, Rav. Piol.
Taylor, LI.lt. ol Weatn)insUr Hall,
introduced Rev. Mr. Hcl^od lo Ibe
.-../iti.villi..n in an addrestt which is-
preretd iu highest It-rins the esteem in
which Mr. Mcleod was held by all in
Westminster Hull und the • ■ mlid. n.e
that a great future was iu store fur
him in Ihe worn of the ministry.
On Habbulh evening Sir. 'J.I.. .1
lilliagly Ixv.w. his pulpil ministry with
a very able mid eloi|Uent term al on
Ihe fellowship 'wilh theBieen I old,
baaing Ids discourse on tha eiperl nces
uf Ihe Urn disciples jouiiieyiiu to |
Kniinau.. For llit-«! introductory eer
vices llie church wae crowded wait la
int-mla-rs mid friends of ihe Cuug(*gt- I
lion and feeling, of ilet|i inlerest and
great l...|»-fulu,.».- were iniiuifa-i.■! !
The    Young     Paople's    K.,ci.'ly    >l
(Christian   I .,.le.n..i   al I Inc  I .-Si .'
why he aeoepted the call tnd what he
wanted to do witb tba help ol hii congregation. Helruehnients were served,
in the btaement anil tht whole evening wat one long to be remembered,
Rev. Ronald Mclaod, who hat.thus
happily entered on hie ministry in hur
eity, le a native of Hkye in tba watt
highland* of Scotland. From Ihe primary ichool of bit home district he
passed to the high school in (llas-
gnw tnd took a full course ih-ie.
Then the lure of the wes) led him out
to Canada and at Ualhnueie I niver-
sily he took his arte course, meanwhile doing a great deal ol missionary
work in New Rrunewiok und Nova
Scotia. Alter graduating in arts Mr.
Molamd took his tint year's w.ik iu
Iheology at Pine Hill Cole„e, 11,J,lux,
N. 8. After that he mini.ler.d ts
student assistant for one year in Ht,
Andrew's church, Sydney, N. S, nnd
liml practically lull responsibility for
Ihe pastoral work there. Then ullruc-
lions of the further weal und of the
new college in Vancouver induced l.im
In ...uie out and complete his thtolo-
iricul course in Westminster Hull ami
he graduated Irom there in September, 1910, with lirsl elms honors.
During Ihe winter and spring ol r.'ti'.i
III Mr. Me| e.,.1 occupied with great
... .-e|,i,.iiie the position ol aasislant in
the hi nt chinch, Vancouver, mil uh Ic
there his work in Ihe Hilile Clnse and
mining Ihe young tieople was particularly siirceetlul. Alter receiving license as.a preacher ol the gospel Mr.
Rclamxl visited his old home in Scotland und while there he look a post-
gradual* course in the I int..I Free
Church College in QltlgOW, On Ibo
-aai.at- duy lhal Mr. M.I... I received intimation of his .I.- ii. ,ii lo lie Ihe pastor of Si. Andrew's rliur I) he got
wurd ol a cull 1mm an impix tint
.I...!,..' in the wtsl lln hi ndso'Scil-
laud, liul again the lure ol the great
west prrvailsd and he risdvid locome
anil help lo meet the iiecestiliee In the
work ul Ihe church for this great
growing land ami he has received a
very cordial welcome.
Mr. Mefwu-d's knowledge ol the flattie language enabled h in while eliga-
»l in Ihe work id First ilninli. V, n
rouver In conduct a series ol gaetic
eervicee to Itrge ntn^re^ations of (hi
Vancouver hiuhlandmen and hi. work
in Ihi. connection wa. highly appreciated, i
Wt will buy or tachtnge your itovts,
ranges tnd household goods for spot
.ash. Turner's, 70 l.on.dalt Avenut.
I'hune IM.   'I-1, Bo. SH.
Tenders Wanted
SEALED II Mil IIS will be i.'riw.l
until 6 put. on Thursday Ith May,
I'JI I, by the unileraignul lor the grad
ing ol l.ynn Valley Hchonl IJroiind* in
plan, |.- it.. ;
piuntiliri lo lie
ii....i.liiini'    with   th
lion and w-hidule of
l *  • • •
Tb* lowest or say leaiisr art tarn
tarily tcceptad.
Bfrtntl r^jaiBr-
Diatriet luaicipaJ OSbre.
North Veacaanar, B. ».'..
9lrt April, mi.
j Why not help to advertise North Vancouver Cily and District?
lender not necc.
JOHN It. cttsi.lliivr,
Dialrict Engineer.
District Municipal Office,
Nnrth Vancouver, B. C,
24th April, I'M I 2-6
Aid of Ht. Andrew's church wue
sponsible (or the eifltlbnt .iin.ii.'.'
inents im Tuesday evening Its! al .ne' seen at this ulluv.
1...|.ii.,n I..H.I in eonnaotlon with the | The lowret or any
■ nlrt ing of Rev. Ronald Mel end upon
bia ministry in the church. Ittv. J.
W. Woodahl* waa tha chuiitlun and
lb* speeches were mtere|>er*ed with
musnal item, 0I a high order. M'. R.
Fowler nude a prceentalinn to Mr.
Wiaajsitle who had acted as moderator while lb* church waa without t
pastor-00 behalf 4 the managers aad
congragatiot. Mr. IV A. McBiin wtl-
comed Ihe new pastor on bebtll ol tbt
session. Rev. Mr. Proreer tbt llsptist
minnUr of lb* eity weloomed fain oa
baball of tbt otbtr cburchte tad
Princip.1 McKay ol WtatoiaaUr Ball
congratulated both minister aad congregation oa Ibt call and ita acceptance. Prolonged and vocilsrou* au-
plaun (mttd Rev. Mr. Mcleod ash.
made bit way to Ibt platform to  Ull
Dittolution of Patneriliip
NOTICE  il  hereby  given lhal   lb*
Ana of 0.  M.  N. Co*l tnd Supply
Company, Norlb Vancouver, h** bait
diseolval by mutual eoaeent tt at tba
Hit day ol March, l«U.
All amounts due to tlie firm sre pay
able to tbt undersigned tad hi   will
pty til debt*   incurred   by the   firm
prior to the dtlt of diesolutioa.
cant Crowa
bsnivir.. iias j»'OurEasterProgress and
teaa. aal awmif mwat
ready (or mailing
im 4 tbt laai
toopc Dvreaow ti f aia lami
A. mmMWtCM,
lapartoaBS 4 lawit,
Virtreia, B. C* Am* ma\ nil
SHI. H'l
West Vancouver Motor Launch Service
Launch "West Vsneouver," Captain Fiodlty
Licensed lor 35 ptttcngen
laavet Vancouver                         Leave Weit Vttoouver
8.0U             WEEK DAYS
13*0   J
UM   '
18.00                                          1
18.20    !
».00            (Hatuidayi only)
92.29   '     '
I0/»                HUNDAV8
14.93     ,
17.00          ' -|fl
21 SO
■1   21.60
Mails Fsrs UK     twt flsksss Ms.
Quicken route Irom Norlli Vsncpuver lo Ihe djitrici beyond
Cspiltn* Diver. Uuncb "West Vtnwnver" Mikes connection*, without fail, with (he lerry steamer* from Norlli Vsncouvsr, Ss per shove schedule.
mi ! 1	
Garden Tool
Our spring shipment hw
just arrived from the factory, consistug of Rakes.
Spades, Shovels, Spading
Forks, Manure Forks, Potato Hooks, etc. The above
are all full strapped and
first grade. Drop in and
look them over.
Paine & McMillan
The Hardware Specialists Phone 12
First Street and Lonsdale Avenue
* 1
At this time of the year your Home-made Preserve*
are running short Green fruits are scarce and high.
So help your iupply out with some of our delicious
I'I on.
ir i J. a. &m. McMillan \%
■ ll i—— 91       ■
116 Esplanade
A Few Doors West of Post Office
Druggist in Charge
Drugs and Patent Medicines
Ggars and Tobaccos
Chocolates ,     Stationery
Soda Fountain in connection
Now Open for Business


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