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9D*m mtowm, 9 th tiwdav, novwpbb m, wu-
m Ws^T^mmw mt
• Solicitor bngloy Answers Many Qwwiion^-
Pwblie Meeting Disfavors the Project,
tC tie * tflll bridge. W|iy uut got tbo
IRyeriiipeot t» bnl|d the wbolp bridge
Instead of letting public mono* gp to
a private copipauyl Wc have lost
sufficient tbat w*y."
■'   "That this meeting aski the city
apd district  councils, the Board of
>   Trade* anil  the  Batepayors'  Assoc Ia-
1    t|pn to leaiously consider tbe mlvlsa
• blWty of actually opposing the Ipcpr-
Kration of tbo Nortk Ann Bridge sail
ilway Oompauy at Ottawa."
Tbis wai tbe ultimatum voiced unanimously      of      North      Vancouver
citixem wbo   mustered in   Larion'i
Pavilion OU Saturday night. Tbo meet
' Ing wai one called by tbe Bunrd of
Trade, and ita purpose was tbat of
bearing Solicitor II. H. Ungley pf
Victoria explain in full the iutenliniis
, of tbat moro or lees soerot body, tho
Nortb Arm Bridge and Bailway Com
pauy-clecl. During tho aflernoon
Mr. Ungley had met representatives
of tbe eity and diitrict council, the
, Board, of Tade and Batepayors' Ai.'C
elation In conference ami bad manag
cd tc coax from tbem no more sym
patky Iban ii expressed In tbe fo)
lowing rcsoluiiiin: "Tbat this meet
jog duds it impossible to rocommond
J tbo eadoraation of the icbome ou the
information received."
At Hi.' public meeting (tke attend-
anco of wbicb showed that many cit
inni of Nortb Vancouver havo yel
to understand when a mutter Is vitally
important) Aid, Aleiander Smith pre
si.lent of the Board of Trado, occupied
tbe chair. Without any verbal ado,
be called immediately upon Solicitor
Ungl./ to addle.* the gathering.
Hr. i.Migley'-, speech waa no'- tb
•►vii.fi: speech ih.il Ihe cl.-cnn.-ilauciH
scorned to demand.     While it may be
aaid tc bave   covered    most of tbe
[ground, it ouly covered it in precis.
The meetlug, however, sympathized
, witk Mr. Langley in ono sense; tbat
I ii to aay, inasmuch aa it required bim
to advocate support to persons whom
ba wai forbidden lo name. "What's
. iu S name!" demanded Sbahepearc.
"A whole let," aaid Nortb Vaueouver cltiioni ou Saturday nigbl.
Ur. Ungley said he bad come before
then to aik tkoir lupport to a scheme
wbicb involved a abort line of rail
way and a bridge acroaa tbo Nortk
Arm. Those at tba luck uf tke enter
prose were satisfied tkat the site of
tbe proposed bridge was probably tbe
beit ill* for a liridgo across Burrard
Inlet at any point. He did not want
to redact in any way upou the Second
Narrowa bridge scheme wbicb Ihis city
wu 10 wrapt up In; an tbo contrary
be secured tbem tbat this proposed
bridge would not conflict witb tbe
'Hwond Narrow! one,
Hr. Ungley felt it would ke pro-
sumption on kis part to talk about tbe
future of Nortb Vancouver to ill citi-
un*. Tbey were ell quite able to
koow wbat a difference tho opening
of tba Panama Canal was going to
make to tbs coast cities, including tbo
city of Nortb Vancouvor provided It
poaaoaae* transcontinental railway
facilities. "Thii company," continued
Ibi lolicitor, "propones to build a
bridge across tke Nortb Arm at its
narrowest point and owing to tke nature of tke bed and lbc depth of Ibe
water, tbe work can be completed for
all It* purposes at a coit uot exceed
ing one million dollars.''
Uf.   tnngley   proclaimed   himself
aware of tbe feet tbat thii city and
municipality bad been  "bitten" in
tke past by railway companies com
ing kere and projecting Unci along tke
erfront.   They did not eitecm tke
.•bo wliked lo get a paper chart
Mr. Langley poinlod out this
\Jlf, in applying was seeking no
[foment aid,    Tksy were merely
king an act of   incorporation   to
at    itflM tkli bridge mi railway.     He
■ wl* not authorized to disclose the
I company'• financial arrangements, but
I     celled Ibo meeting'! attention to aec-
■ f lien WO of the Bailway Act which
m teoiim tbem to commence tbe construe
I tics tl tin railway and expend at
I        leait It per cent, of theft capital in the
> flrst two yean. This company's .cap
t ■' ilal was two million dollan; io tbat if
\ tbey did not expend HMMO It two
years, tbey would band over tke char-
I ler to tbe city and district of North
I     Vancouver upon payment of bhaif mn
up to tbet .Safe,
y      Mr. Ungley further announced tbat
\   the projected bridge woulo" be t to|l
I   bridge.   Ho bad beard alio tbat oi-
1  icciiooi had been raised to tbe 'ongth
[k      ) ul tint aaked Itt IV* tamayapttrttiit
\mt completion »t tbe worjk, Mfody
Ijaihtu mA mm ymr* rmjnctWy-
Tbey Mi sp.aclK.ed these f/ifioiljp
their M'l because 'key were tbe dura-
. lions provided in tin ■Seeps*' Harrows
liridgo charter. "H Is not, bowever,
a slicking point Witb ua," laid Mr.
Ungley. ''We are quite prepared to
commence the wurk within twp years
and complete it in five."
|p tbo afternoon diicussiou some
thing was said to tin effect tbat while
this big project pf tbs Second Narrows
bridge waa cn its bauds tbe city did
not fool inclined to recommend to the
government that aid should be granted
tbis compsny until tbe Second Narrows
bridge proposition waa under way.
Tbst w""1'1 ""'"" "l111 ""' ''oinpuny bo
represented might pot get aid from
the government for a year or two
years, wbicb would render tbeir project unworkable, It wea » case of
cuttjug down tudi lime spe.-i'ieaii.,,.'..
witb oi'C bant)»ul with the otce-*. '•'
voislinp tbcm from letting aid for a
yoar nr two. Mr Uugley tiien intiiu
uid tbst Mr. Stevens waa w'l'ing to
support tbe bill ul Ottawa, but wish
od beforu doing io to be sure of tbe
opinion of tbe citizens of Nortb Vun
couvcr, Personally Uf. Ungley bop
esl the iiridge would be complete I be
foro two year* bad elapsed, but ppint.
0,) out thnt tba people who would sup
ply tbe i.icel would require quite 1!
"Tbii city," continued the speaker,
"ia just, awaiting transcontinental
railway connection. ■ It bat everything
that goea to make a great city except
a through transcontinental life. . If
got this running in bere you will be
every bit a* much oo tbe main line as
tbe city of Vancouver acroaa tbe Inlet. There ii uo gainsaying jt." He
hoped tbey would see lit to favor bis
application. The more bridges tbey
got tbe better it would be for tbem.
This company wai uot asking Norlh
Vancouvor for a cent. If they required any aid they would get it from tbe
government in tbe legitimate way, He
asked tbat meeting to pail a rosolu-
tion which would enable Mr. Steven* to
aid tbe company'i bill and let it go to
tbe house with bii approval at It* back.
Tbe meeting waa then invited by
tbo chairman to question Mr. Ungley
ou tbe projected icbome, The Drat
to avail himself of tbe opportunity
wae Mr. W. Kuowlci, who bluntly put
tko query wbicb Wai on tb* lipi of
moit of tbo company. "Will you tell
ua who are the people behind tbe en
Mr. Ungley: "Tbo people wbo are
mentioned in tbe bill. My initiations
do uot warrant me laying anything
further tban tbat."
Mr. Knowlci: "You bave told ui
that It per cent, of your capital must
tic expended wltbln tbe flnt two
yean. Suppoaing tbat »3<W,iMU were
spent ou acquiring right* would tkat
be regarded as expenditure 0/ cou-
struct inn!"
Mr. Ungley:" If It was found nee
osary to expend tbat amount on tbe
obtaining of right* of way it would
certainly be meney spent on tbe con-
•traction of the bridge and railway."
Mr, Knowlcs: "You iay you are not
locking any subsidy at tbe preeent time.
But you havo obviously every intention of doing io |u tbe future! Would
lhat Inter/ore with tke tubiidy of tbe
Second Narrows Bridget"
Mr, Ungley: ''We shall most docld
clly apply, We iball want all wo can
gat. But I should suggest that you
might word your resolution eo sa to
diifavor any subsidy to tbis company
until tbe olber haa been properly flnan
Ur. Knowlcs. "The bill says tkat
Ihis bridge "may" carry footpaeieii
gen.  Why not "shall"!
Mr. Ungley: "That clause wa* cop
led word ipt Word tm 9n 9ormA to
let Tunnel and Bridge Go's, charter
Wo are unite willing tc put In tbe
imperative word "iball". We thought
wo should meet the wl*t»e* of the city
If we followed the cbarter tbey bave
already approved.'/
Coun. Uutot: "If yen fail If jgf,
pond WW,009 in Imp yes's, dpos 'the
charter then lapset"
Mr. Ungleyi I'jka charter lapcee
iu regard to H)*t part of the pntpp
prise that |* pot completed."
f.'eun. !.optot: "Then what would be
tbe value Ot aucb a chapter to us!"
Mr. Ungley: "Naturally wc should
deal fairly with you in that respect.
If w* bad ipent pply l)tOMO end the
work wai not completed tbeu I am sure
tie hoptfpf cTc^ps woajd pot itand
to IM M ft M.ertb Vencou.ve get-
Hot io #*Me» ef tim to ttmym
tbe work."
Mr. p. ptocbuaseai "This brlige it
 :__ <.
On Mcmliy, Npv. 117th, t» M' »ml
Mrs. F. McAllister pf llth itreot and
8t..4»r)rew'l, a daughter.
On Sunday,
Mrs. Thomas
Street, a sen.
Nnv. gfltb, tc Mr. ltd
I.   Kennedy,  Ihii   Pint
Proposed North Vancouver MUltia
Ftele) Bnglnien-Problem of Access
to Lynn VaUsy.
Another tranquil session. Tbe mayor |l)d aldermen, wearied perhaps ky
tho discussion of tbat Nurth Arm
Bridge and Bailway question, listened
languidly to tbe reading ef tbe correspondence end dispatched tbo rcgulur
business more briefly than usual,
A letter came from tbe deputy min
later of marine and fisheries Ip ac
knpwledgmeut of the cpuncil'1 rcsolu
tion condemning the foreshore leases
supposedly granted to W. il, McAllis
ter and to Messrs, Greer, Coyle k Co,
The letter italed that uo aucb louses
had boon given, but that booming privilege! bad been accorded to theie 'par-
Then followed a communication from
Mr. J, p. Pell containing p proposition
to organize a company of militia field
enginecn with headquarters in North
Vancouver. "The militia department"
wrote Mr. Pell, "haa already sane
tionesl ltl organization and arc proper
ed to supply stores, equipment, etc. lpt
tbe proper training of tbe men. The
department will build an armory and
drill ball, provided tbe city will supply a suitable lite." Mr. Pell mon
tioned as a suitable and central cue
tbo site uow available in tbe south
eaat corner of Mahon Park on Jones
avenue aud sixteenth itreet. "At
preient," the letter continued, "tbere
jl np compsny of militia engineers in
Britlab Columbia, and in yean to como
North Vancouver engineers will lie a
source of pride to tbo citizens of Nortb
Vancouver, besides being a splendid
means of training tbe young men of the
city and district in order tbat tbey
may bo able to defend tbeir country in
time at need." Ip conclusion Mr. Poll
said bo bad received a petition signed, by about 80 to 104 Norlb Vancouver resislonls mostly young men anxious to enlist.
Tbe council favored tbe whole idea.
The question of supplying tbe site waa
referred lo tbe Parka Committee,
Bowser, Beid aud Wallbrldge wrote
relative to the claim of Mr. Syduey
Hogeri. Ai thoy undentood tho facts
tbe crcef iu questiou waa running
down Bidgeway avenue and waa a
natural water coun* which bad not
been used or in any way affected by
any action ef tbe eity, but waa in ita
natural condition, and tbat tbii was
flooded owing to tbe extreme amount
of water wbleh came down it on Nov.
18th; Under theee circumataneei ■ the
solicitors could not ice in what way
the city was liable for any loss sustained by Mr. Sogers.
Mr. H. 8yd. Hancock jr. wrote reminding the council of the suggested
establishment of a municipal gas plant.
He aaked for a Kna) diacuaion of thie
matter for the guidance of the ioeom
Ing council, He reiterated tbe many
advantage! that would be lowed by
the instillation of a modern gaa plant
and tbe desirability of laying maim
prior to undertaking any very exleniive
program of street paving.
The Are and light committeo'i reporl recommended a bylaw to ralie
110,0'W for the purpoie of maintaining tbe Are department.
Bomano, pintp s> t'pfppepy. t-brongh
Mauri. Taylor, Harvey fed Baird and
Grant, requested an advance pn account
of moneyi due them cu account of
their contracts with fbe dty. Since
they Ind removed tbeir outfit and .lii-
charged {tbeir men, certain small cbau
These changes wore not rendered iiceca
sury through defects in the wurk, but
through defects ip the system of laying tbo sowers required by the specifications, tbs same not being calculated to wifhtiinsl Hoods such as recently pcci|(re<|.
The letter continued to tbo effect
lhat the Arpi bad always done tboir
best tc faithfully perform all contracts
lint through delays and "through what
thpy considered unnecessary and un
reasonable exactions on the purl of
tbe engineers thoy had laat thouiauds
pf dollars and hud been almost ruined liiiiineiully." Tho lettor wai re
I'erred to committee.
The following two recoiiimciiiluliuiiii
were made by Iho Board of Worki:
Tbat tbe engiueer submit a skelctou
plan, showing where sidewalks have
been laid, streets cleared, and where
sewer,, have been constructed in the
city during the past year; and tbat
tbe engineer provide an estimate for
a gang of men to be employed iu road
maintenance, ditching and scavenging
A further rccuminomlatiou wai that
the epgipcer submit for Ibe consideration of tbo Board of Works uu
eitimato pf tbe cost of operating the
rock crusher and the steam road roller
for the ensuing year in pnlcr tbat the
coat shall be included in the estimates.
In I'eliiiini, to the request of (!. 11.
Catea, to bave road cleared on Pell
Avenue from Keith road to l.tl. street
tbe committee directed the engineer
to inspect and make report aa to the
As to the petition received from Ed.
Jiiliiisliin apd others referring to tbe
eplorable condition uf Itltb streot be
iween Chesterfield uud Malum avenues, the committee recommended tbat
grading of tbii portion of Ifilh Btroot
be included in Ibe estimates fur tbe
coming year.
Wltb reference to the communication from Palmer, Burmester and von
Gracvonitz wishing lo know what por
tion of expense cily would bear for
clearing streets and lanes in block
1'lik, I), I., tit, 1.mini,iiiv re.inn
mends tbat parties be allowed for
eleariug street and lane allowance at
the rate of IIUO per acre. The clear
ing to bo done to tbe extent aud stun
dard of which tbe Grand Boulevard
Is cleared.
The basis of payment to be on tho
same area of streets apd lanes iu like
amount of acreage in I). I,, him.
Tbe Board of Works further rccom
mended tbat the application of Mr.
Palmer for eleariug of 20th street be
made by undertaking lo include the
clearing of 261 k street in Ibe estimates
for the coming year.
Aid. Dick rose to advocate the open
iug of Hamilton Avenue. That purl
of the city was paying a large tax,
and there had been no expenditure on
that part of the city.
Aid. Kiltisun asked for au estimate of
tho cost of tbe work, but Aid. McBae
pointed out that the matter would be
considered again, This couno was only
to bring it before their notice.
It wai decided tbat the engineer
ahould prepare plans and estimates 011
tbe opening up of Hamilton Avenue 00
Keith road, alio Pell avenue
It wu at tbii juncture tbat District
t'nuii. T. A. Allan swooped down upon
tbe city fathers. He proclaimed on
behalf of Lynn Valley that that region
wu at preient iu a very isolated con
dition. They hid only two means of
acceea to It from tbe city. Ono wai
a plank road which wu full of holes
and hte other wis full of mud. It wu
p choice of two evils. He bad ap
preached the council four montbi ago
and bad been promiicd tbat wben tbey
bad completed their preient local im
provement work, tbey would relay the
old plank road, They bad now got
tbrougb with their local improvements
but no effort bed been made to ful-
Al that promise.
The mayor (with smiling aarcum)
We have ouly ipent |I8,IM In that con
t'oun. Allan: Then It hu been ipont
In a very poor outlet. Tbe rainy sea-
ion ii now coming on end I ask you,
gentlemen, to uucadamisc tbat road
u far u tbe city boundary.
The mayor instructed tbe Hoard of
Worki and the city engineer to 100
w|u>t could be done in the matter.
Aid. Kitlsou said he certainly sym
Ultimatum of Local
Telegram ri North Arm Bridge and
Bailway Scheme Bent to H. H. Bte
vena, M F-
Representatives pf the city and dis
trict councils, Board pf Trade end
Ratepayers' Association met lust night
In the city hsl| and prior to the session pf tbe council, and came Dually
to a decision on Ihe North Arm Bridge
and Bailway problem. After carefully
considering the pruposilion iu all its
phases, tbe meeting resolved tbat the
following telegrum be sent tp Mr. H.
H. Stevens, Ml', at Ottawa.
"Public meeting held here Saturday
night condemned application of North
Arm Bridge and Bailway Oo. for seven! roosons which will follow by
Signed and scaled by the following
Board of Tra.lo-Alcxan.lor Smith,
Oity of Nortb Vancouver—Wjllifui
McNeish, mayor.
District of North Vancouver—T.
Allan, in ling reeve.
Ualepayers' Association —11. K.
Wright, president.
PQB 84J.s-Thr«e tJOfppt )pte oa
Queen street, live minutei' walk from
fansdels. Termi. Apply K., Expreu
J. P. Orawfurd Op, moving tp tbsir
uow office in Lynn Valley will consider
an offer fpr their completely furnished
and equipped down town nice, il
Lonadale Avenuo,
FOB 8AI.R--Keith road close to
Boulevard, S room house, itrletly modern, never been occupied, well built
for owners owu use, furnace, or will
rent subject to sale, For price and
terms apply Cpttrell Investment Co.,
1113 Homer itreet er pbone Seymour
mid, or hi. N. Maltby, phone tit, Nortb
Vancouver. Still
BOOMS FOB HUNT   Housekeeping.
UI8 And Street east.
TO BENT-Nlce ti roomed Hal. Apply Lonsdale Supply Stores, Ml) Umdale Avenue. ti.
FOB 8ALK—Freib muihroomi
■si the Grotto.
Mr. P. ll. Jones, uf Allicrslun k Jones
leparte.l for the oast today. Tbe pur
pose of his trip is the purchase of nu
ice plant to be installed iu the Arm's
premises ou Lonsdale Avenue.
Hud it not heen for lbc iudiscrclipii
of John Stevenson, this cily would
have eojoyed a neal little record of
universal sobriety fpr twp weeks. As
it was, Juhn appeared before Magistrate Kealy yesterday morning and
was And ilu and costs.
The wedding took place yesterday
at St. Agues' church, Nurlh Vancouver, uf Mr. John A. Williamson, laic
uf Lew.. I,, Shetland Island,., ami Miss
Nellie May, duughler uf Mri. A.
May, of Greenwich, Kugland. The Bov.
T. IT Bowe officiated. A small party
of friends were in attendance at the
church,'whence they adjuurueil to the
Palace Hotel where luncheon was
served. Mr. and Mrs. Yfilliamson, wbo
aro spending their buneymooii in Victoria, will be at borne at tbeir residence
011 lllh slrect after Dec. l.'.ih
FOB BENT-Ono auilo, Colonial
Apiiitinents. Telephone and beat included, t.f.
FOB HUNT House on Intl. street
facing soulh. Just off Lunsdule. Bout
i-H.iiu per month. Apply Nortb Vancouver Goal and Supply Go. t.f.
Furnished ruoms, singlo and two
double with stove, good and warm,
.nitalile for three or four friends. Hi
Kusl llrd street. 1U-1U
TO KENT-Ohoieo modern suites on
Jrd street. Apply Alex. Smith k Go.,
Nortb Vancouver. > t.f.
POUND-Onu Ashing  dory.   W. 0.
Thompson, Hollyburn P. 0. 112
.1. Uutot md Norlb Lonadale
Got it at Lunsdule I'burmaoy Pboue 111
Agreement! fur Salo discounted.
Money waiting. Lons.lule Bealty Go.,
MO Ijonsilalo Avenue. I'bone 317.   t.f.
FOB SALK   Fresh mushrooms daily
it the Grotto. 311
B. 0. Livery and Hoard liable*—
Light rigs and Indies' saddle bones
for hire. Stabling fpr horses. General delivery and heavy teaming, il.
Dumas, ith itreot weit. Pbone 347 ti.
The J. P. rawford Kcal Estate Go.
will shortly Open a new office oil Cburcb
and Lynn Valley roads,
Mr. Fred Fenniugs is bujlding a
bouse on Frumme Boad where be ami
bis family will reside when completed.
A building under courcs of construe
tion on ll..' 1.ne road wu blown over
by tho terrific wind ou Friday mouinp
owing to its being in tbe early stages
of comtruction.
Miss tiara Magcnnis is around wilh
her arm in splints, Dr. Verner having
discovered a bone broken in tbe wrist.
gci |e their wofk wero found to be
necessary, and It would mean bringing' palbised  witb tbo man wbo missed
bringing back tbeir outAt and men. the lsst l-W YeHey car.
■    ' ni    i.u
tSaUMPAft W RVflkff8
Tueaday, Hot. *$■-»■ ioM't rmOffM'fmi Sale, Paxlab Hail, ILM.
. vfoimmt, 9m- m-****** im "?mn m mvmymi"-m'
tfcultaral tttil fan,        w
lll'l" "LIT iihui   Trr-s
ipornay, s?ffy, *v'   W- **rrrWW I anp wafeeoain, rfoenay tfiutli SSTPf-
tlcutturM BaU.
ffhnnlatv. Mot 9t\r~4iaaidB»l   Council ***** 7J0.    *
~rrwm>mmmmm/f     mm ▼     Jff^ -   (f'll|||1 IP' I       I "J t.'TH'T   J*19! f l'f    y *W
MonUi. Die. Itt   Mijatlny oi kir OoujocU. I o'clock.
IHTTmTTyy   JtstT,"   TUT.*" PWWHHlPf   TT "TTf  UmTtiTTJTJ ff tj ('PICK,
Um evening tbe Kpwortb League
entertained tbe Baptist Young Pec
pie's Society in tbo Methodist church.
Tbo principal items on tbe program
wero a guossing contest on book.s au
tbors or some literary character. A
prize wea given for Ihe one having
tbe greatest number correct. Tbere
were two dialogues, one from tbe "Her
mit" tbe ether *u "Extract from
Henry V||f, '/Oardioel Wolsdcy's
Downfall." A song waa also rendered
by Miia Townsley. Bcfrcihmeuti
were served after tbe program,
very enjoyable evening was spent.
Wo cluse Sundayi. Pboue 334. J.
II. Knglisli, 0. K. (ir.icery, 13 Una-
dale Avenue.
Fur plumbing, pipe, fitting and connecting seo P. B, lleru.on, Frederick
Road, Lynn Valloy, or Phone 184.   ti.
M. II. Bayment for Ant class dross
making. Secoud bouse, Sth street K.,
adjoining west of Boulevard and ear
line. if
Tbo Truth students class will meet
ovory Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock at
tbe residence of Mrs. Gallagher, Kcilb
road, near Bidgeway. Studcnta desir
ing higher spiritual unfpldment are
cordially invited to attend. 'If
Imported tailoring. Gent's suits tp
tneaiure from 113, freight and duly
paid, hundreds pf samples. A poat
card will bring them to your door,
llobert Smith, 2316 Olark Drive, Vancouvor.  I'bpne Fairmont 1SSIB. 1011
Eiprew CMN Ajl»
FOB SALE- Heating Stove in good
condition, cheap. Apply 443 Lonidale
Ave. tl
FOB BAMS-Baln "eat and Overcoat
(Stout man) Wahl, Boom 10, Victoria
&ppms, Lonadale Avenue, Nortb Van-
tenyer. t-W
FOB SAIjE-A hooded buggy In
gopd co»,d!ti/>», cheap. Apply 7e*>r-
spn, 8tb street, between %eenebury
and Moody Aveape.
FOB ikh9-9,t WrM'wW »er
cord. Apply /M* Mt*, m-9m M
met weat or phone flf). JI-JI "ft
for H.1I per tpti, 4 tt. 0. atoOttp,
PVmH: m
Tbe City Dye Workt, on cornes Esplanade East and lonadale are enabled
by virtue of tbeir Urge plant in tb*
city Ip not only clean tbe cloth bat
tbe lining, pockets, etc. of evety wit
they dry clean at the same moderate
prices tboy have always charged. U
Sewer connection! done by axpert
pipe layers. Work guaranteed tp peuw
eity engineer's office impaction. Only
Ant clam Scotch pipe aad prim* Port-
lend cement uied. Eitimatei furnished. Apply X. B. Paykoll at ofice of
North Vancouver Coal and Supply Co.,
hit. l-ll
WANTFD-Tender* lpt clearing
and grading lot I, block )»,. districl
lot 788. 0. Hughes, P. 0. Uat 34f|.
WANTEfl-To   excellent   Earth-
Apyfy Wallace fWward* UA.    Ut.
" WAcUVO-Otoi gasoline Has, 1%
cell* pm- ««HSHr «lW east. tt-Jil
,f«8T*^0M»>.   Mn'.   Simp-
eon, who ha* Mr. Busy's hpe**, eor.
can   accommodate   bpardew   after
', Neyeeabey iHfb- 0*9 ey phone
909T9iVA9OOWm,,,,n,       JtWttWi cotraosiA
Published Tsnd»*e end Fridays by Mortb Beer* Prset,
. 080, JI, MOBPfiN, BD1T0B AND ^NAOEB.
Bates Pf SuliBcrlpt!on:-Ona year, »L00.  Si* months, «0t.  Tkret asslkt, St
United fitates e»4 Foreign, ♦a.OO par year.  *
Advertising Ralei WM Be Quoted po Ajjlitattaa.
Tbe Expreas IS devoted t» the interests of the North Shore of Hurrard Jalat
ixeltuively. It eonititutn an advortiiing medium of txceptional value for
reaching in p thorough and effective manner the population of North Vaarsartr
Glty end Diatrict. Every effort ia made to giva advartisen tk* most salis/axlaiy
All chango* in contract advortiiemanti ihould be ia tb* prinUn' kaa.l* m
later tban 10 a. ra. Monday and t p. in. Wednesday to ensure insert io. is IW
following iwua.
Hart* Vanoouver, B. 0,
Kevsabar 28, 1911.
Tb* ownon of property in tke city er
district pf North Vancouver aa a class
are folly alive to tbe immense advantage* that will aeeruo from the establishing of transcontinental railway
connection upon tba Nortb Shore.
Tbay are likewise possesses! of a due
appreciation of tke fact that tha con
slructiou of additional bridgpa acroaa
tbe Inlet would provide yat moru ready
access and would result in tba incoming of additional railway systems seek
Ing business upon tk* Nortb Shore.
Upon general principles tbey there-
fora welcome and ara predisposed to
view favorably any propositions tbat
may appear from time to time looking to increased faeilitiss for nilway
At the same time a somewhat *x-
teniivs and not altogether satisfactory experience with nilway charten
has served to convince local ratepayers
that however desirable any auch propositions may appear in a general way-
it ia quite possible that a close scrutiny may revaal provisions or omissions in tba Aet of Incorporation
sought by tbo company promoting such
a schema tbat neutralize tbe attractive
features thereof. In such a caae experience* bas led to the conclusion tbtt
rather than lead aasistanca to any
icbeme tbat involves conditiona that
would place tbe North Shore In a petition of perpetual and avar incraaaing
disadvantage it ia preferable to withhold approval until tuck lime aa
maani have been found of furthering
tbe project upon a liaiii wkick wbilo
not imposing any undue burden upou
thoaa who may promote the name will
at tha earn* time adequately protect
thl interest! of the people ai luch iu
relation to tbe icbeme in hand.
Just tuch a eituation ai that above
outlined baa developed with reference
to tbe propoied construction of a
bridge acroaa tba Nortb Arm of Burrard Inlet together with ten mllea of
railroad connecting that bridge witb
the 'city of North Vancouver.
Tho objections which have developed
lo the detaila of the proposition aa sot
out io tbe draft act of incorporation
of thii company ars all lound and reaa-
onable and ara prompted only by the
desire to look after tba interests of tk*
public in a business like mannir.
Those objection* bave been fully and
frankly itated in tbe presence of the
representative! of tho company in
charge of the project witb the result
that the explanationa mado in roply
bave eerved to demonetrate tbe sound
neu of tbe objections from tba standpoint of public interest!.
Tbe objection! to tbe detail* ia oca-
necti.in witb tba proposed bridge are
three, namely: tbat tin- time limit
three yean for beginning and
leveu yeara for completing conitrut-
tlon—ia much longer than il necessary
and ia uot advisable from tbe public
standpoint; tbat a single track bridge
sucb as wa* abowu in tba plans submitted would not be adequate for the
accommodation wkick would be required by tbs public in a bridge in tb*
location proposed; thst tbs imposition
of a system of tolls in connection witb
tk* propoied bridge a* intended by tb*
company would not ba advisable from
tke public viewppiat.
The objection with reference to the
propoied line of railway ii uuaniwer
■ble, namely tkat inasmuch a* two companies already bave charters for a railway right-of-way along the propoaed
route, namely tha V jfcirY. Bailway
Company and tba Burrard Inlet Tun
ul and Bridge Company, it
would b* inimical to tbe iUreele of property ownon and of tke people aa
sack were any powers of a similar nature graaUd to any additional company or companies.
While thus* objections an formidable
tkey ar* by no means insuperable, A
fraucbia* conveying th* power and tb*
privilege of conatructiog and owning
a bridge acroa* North Arm ai tb*
ppint named, is aaelly at sufficient value to tbe right partiee to justify the
construction et a combined railway
and fraSJc bridg* at adequate proportions aad tttt tram toils to tbe general public; and further when tbe opportune time for construction baa arrived, aay on* year Itt beginning
aad three years ter completing coaetruc-
tlep would be ample.
Witk ragerd to tb* propoaed railroad
tbere te no geed ground las tin exlit-
mm at ihna different rights-of-way
along tb* waterfront tm Nortk Arm
wsttwerl mi It I* dearly la tk* pa*-
lie intorosls tkat aay additional torn
piny desiring railroad facilities ia tkat
location ihould be required lo arrasge
for running privileges witk Ike cos*paa-
iea now in possession of charter rights
Tba action of Ihe city cum. il, thr
district council, tbe Board of TraJ*
and the Hatepayen' Asorialioa ia r«
fusing to endorse tbe srkewe of Ik*
North Arm Bridge aad Bailway t'as*
pany aa submitted and Ike tonfnastioa
of tkat action by a maw mtetiag of
ratepayers accurately express** public
opinion upon this question.
In view, therefore, of Ik* ua.louLi
ed advantages which tke completion af
this scheme would confer under prsptr
safeguards, it is to ba hope.) tkat the
Company may see it* way tomtit ae
ceptance of those provisions which an
necessary in the public interests.
It is now definitely decided lhal
Nortb Vancouver ii tu kavc tk* konui
of being the Ant community ia Bin isl
Columbia in which will be organized a
militia Company of Field Kagiatcn.
The negotiations, which hav* besa ia
progress for upwards of two yean.
but wbicb until recently had not reach
ed the Anal stages, bsve now btm ear
ried to a successful issue ami local ad
vices are to band lo tke effect tkat
Ihe department ii prepared to procetd
with tbe organization of tk* teaspaay
to fully equip tbe same aad to boiki
a drill ball for tbeir occupation wilh
the single proviso tbat tk* cily will
provide a site for tke drill ball.
The organization of suck a company
will not only add to Ike nilitka al
the province, a unit which is eusp
lionally appropriata aad which because
of tbe peculiarities of the province re
lative to possible military operation,
will prove of exceptional uttalatn,
but it will likewise provide a most >lr
sirable rallying centre for Ik* ywag
men of tbis community, while sfsrdiag
them healthful and invigorating drill
and it will also provide opportunity
for the inculcation and Ihe exrrcu* al
principle! of patriotism.
. Tbe faet that Mr. James P. Fell kas
I'l'.i.si-nie.l lo take command sf Ih*
comjiany will ensure thorougkan* aa,l
efficiency in every department mf Ihe
Aa intimated above, ia order t* n
sure the location of this valuable instj
tution at Nortb Vaacouver, il i* rt
quired only tkat the cily provid* Ike
use of sufficient ground for drill hall
purposes. It is undentosd Item In
taw* that it is not ths custom of lk<
department to procure ground for this
purpose, but that the drill kail i* invar
iably coustrurtcd upoa properly al
ready owned by Ihe government or
given by the municipality for tk* par
poae. It is not necessary, kowevei,
that tbe title for tbe property so mil
Ized should be vested ia Ike Dominion
Government, but il is intimated Ikat a
satisfactory arrangement ran b* made
by way of a lease.
A drsjl ball suck as Ike federal gov
eminent may be expected la (reel
would prove one of Ike most nolnble
edifices of tke city aad would be a
most desirable acquisition for many
reasons. Further Ih* cost of Ih* drill
ball and Ihe equipment of the tea
pany would represent Ihe iavntment
of a large amount of' gstesrataJ
Tb* city is io possession of * number
of open spaces reserved for parks aad
other public purpose* aud ia view of
tka importance of tk* project under
discussion as a public institution ns
well a* tka undoubted advaalag**
wkick would accrue lo th* entire earn
maaity on tke Nortk Shore fraas Ih*
presence of suck tn organization, il
would ba very appropriate that a sail
able site in oa* of these ope* spaces
be offered tb* department up** whieh
U) imt I drill hall for the use of a
local company at Mli engineers.
jMV$*T   OOMsaHtlOltaf
PUBLIC NOTICE ie |k*W «ir«*
tbat ell owners of r*al ftspesty nam
ing or abetting upon a ttrstt er tea*
ia which or Sato wiids a aaai* w
it Iai4 trt hereby tm\
■uses spaa eaek arapoty with «seb
■asatvara tiu
Uulitog tm
IVraaits sraj be aetaiaed from tht
IWhiaa latpetls: at Ut aCeeat Ihe
(lily Hah between %M hate* af I a
as. aaa IS nm. asui 1 pm. aad t fm.
Tha Mlawlu reyaJalita* strata th*
wstntiiaa ml bswe
sertiaas with swaaam ^^^^^^^
Na how* aewer pipe shall bar* a
to* fall than 1 ta 40, naieet iparial
pensiiMM is granted ia writing by
Uat CsanriL Said pipe* between th*
iron pip*; la lha rantertias at lha
psblie sewer lo Le af Ihe best aaalitj
statJarvJ salt glared vitrified day aa
wer pipe, and shall ha il n diatMtar «f
kat than I iaehax. All pips* iball
be mand aad well bsrsed laraagbsst
lhair thiehataa, isapertues tt mnii
last, wilh a clear ring, aaaath aad
■ell gbutd an interior aad extant*
tartan*, fiat /lata tans, corks, Ui*
lata, in eherh* ar ether imparfacliaai
lie pipe* matt ba as kail ia ths
Irtarh thai after Iba sewer it eampiet-
cl, Ih* interior surface there*/, ahall
be lo a Iras aad eve* grade.
la taahitf Ih* joint*, a gasket sf
oakum ar beasp, freshly dipped in e*
■eat final. Bast ini be used aad
puked inls stare. The jtial* shall
rfleraard, be lightly picked faU aad
trailed off wilh saartar, raapassd sf
as* part by teJaaa sTantonied I'srt-
taa.l ecaseat la aas part by volume sf
approved nmi.
AU joist* shall ac mtit rata light,
<o lhal Ihey wil stand a bead af 10
feet al waler, when lesse* Ly ths
Plnabiag laspeelsr at the owner's,
plmahtt t ar caattartsr's expense
By order af Ihs Gtsaril:
cily Oak.    U
Extrart   tarn   Frevriacul
Health Bylaw*.
aaa   Otty
" Whenever say bsssifbsUrr kasw*
■kat aay pens* ailhia his family sr
koosehaU has ' jaaalliwx, diphtheria,
scarlet fever, tbaltn, typhoid, abosp-
■sg rtagb, ■eashs, aaaips, glanders,
or aay slhcr esatagisas ar infectious
disease, he stall Issbjeit in oue et re
fasal sr segleel Is the |*»ili« pro
vi.le.I,, ailhis eighteen bean, give
attic* in writing Is Ihe Medical ileallb
QCeer and no waler of aay bssitbald
shall attend hM until a eestiieate
has beta obtained frets Ih* Medical
Health litter Ibal ae infeetian aay
laager exist* ia the haute, eltthiag
aad slhcr ecTeetc hare Uea disinfeetcd
Is hi* tatisraetisa, and until sarh ear
liieale shall hare beta sbttiaea it ahall
be the dsly af every SMaaber af Ihs
hoesehsld, aad af Ihe Teacher, tt ate
til rcaiSBsMe effort* to prevent the
aarstiatioa af saeasbers of tbe said
household ailh other childraa.
1 The amlras af a peblie or private
llsopital, Ihs keeper of every Beard
iag sr Istdgiag llease. every Inn keep
er ar Hotel Keefer. shall, withia six
hours, report ia writing to Ihe Medi
ral Health OCeer, sr any person being
at sas af ths aforesaid basse*
or hotels aad attaehed wilh nr suspect
ed tf having aay castagiaus ar inlet-
lisos disease sseatianed ia the Bylaw;" ssder Uw penalties provided
for by sn> h bylaw.
IX       8eeretary Beard af Health.
IF.AIM, TKXI.KRi, mUitnt* l«lbe
mmmtninatm am eaaoratd 'Tender tut
Jrllj rfl Mosik mt Frnsrr Klver. B
r." will Le i.olr.d suill 4 u.m. ma
Tseadajr. (Keeasker l»lb. IIII. for Ihe
cuaslrartraa ot a Jell) al Ibe lloulk
ut Ihe Fiantr Hirer al Jil.v.-ilun. B C
Plana, apmsittmllma aad forts of
coalrncl ena be seen and forms of
leader otriateed nl Ike iJn «f 0 .A
Keefer. K»*. IHttrUt Kmtlattr. New
W.Simla.I.i K i- V w Ajbaer.
Km. Dimriei Kaatoter. Cknsr. B EL.
aad oa aool><aiioa lo Ike Postnasal**
•I 8t<rs«ioa   B <*
i'traoas leaderiaii are nollted Ikal
lenders will not be io-.-rli.nJ unless
nude oa tbe sriated forms lUfUlUt
and ugned ailk Ikeir uiul dwtia-
Inrea autlag Ikclr ocru^llon* and
tiacei at illlsisri Is Ike esse of
•rata Ike ariasl *l*saisre. Iks suture
of Ike oeeoimlloa aad |da» mt real
***** mt tack asember of Ib* Aim
salt k* *lr«s
Knefc leader mul 1* seeoaaoanled
bjr sn axctoud ck*as* os s cbaiieif*
bank, asxshl* la tk* order sf ibe Hon
oarasl*. Ik* MlaWer of Puldlr Works
easnl I* lea aer etal .1* n*| of tke
amosni ot ik* lead., wbicb will be
forfeilid If Ike s*<*,n lenderlna de-
cline Is enter lata a contract nfcen
colled snaa lo do so. or fail ta esea-
vleie Ike work contracted for. If Ik*
lender k* aat n*e*|rfed iae ehrsn* sill
be feloised
Tke l*aartaa*at doe* aot Usd Ilsell
lo setsat Ike lowest or say tea Itr,
Br order.
.     R   C. I.KMfK'HKKK.
Desartnsrsl of PsMIc Work*.
litlisi  KonasWr  I*.  IIII
KewsaaavrafwHI aot ae aald for ibis
tdveriisrswsi If Ikrr Insert II wilb
onl asikertlr from tk* Deaarlanenl
1800 Cash
^•i^^s^W  •   mmmmmwomi mj  symmmmma)   mMmf^anr^taynm ^fr^rW *mw  "*™ff •'••/"^"t is^sspej   ^l^saat^
fraas can.  Dan arrange Wane* aa rant  Met |»Mutt.
Pbone 37, Noilh Vsncouver, P. C
90 Lonidale Avenue      Neil to P.O.
53 fed facing Soulh, graded road, sidewalk, water awl
light.   Small shack oo property.   Price $850 on terns of %
cadi, balance, 6, 12 and 18 months.
For Fuither Particulars of Above and for Business md Hess
denlial I'roperlies itt:
Phone 70. P. O. Boi 1816
Why go lo Vancouver when you can get at same price lor
Cash and Free Delivery:
FrraJj Baloioa, bailor aliole. per Ib   Mc
Fraeb Halibut, " "        II      Ut
Frtab Smelt*, I Ibe. lot  mf
Sutxit) Scotch Kippers, |>er II,   Mt
Musters, 3 II* l„i *t
Kiiinan lla.Mii-, |,tr II, Me
Smoked (salmon,   "           , Mc
North Vancouver Fish & Produce Co. fVL,?
Capital Paid Up 4 9IMM0
Hmmvak Undivided Pinlila    tXUMO
Total atseta ...„ .._ IOM0M9
la sa ags ol salravaoaan*, Um
tbrilty {org* sardy sbosd-nhila
tsssr lest provide!* ruiirbbori accu-
mulate debt*.
Many a tbrilty nana or aonaa csn
point lo tk* first dsadtd ilap Is lis*
as basing beat Uksa la* day a bank
account an* optsvsd.
A Saving* Account ia lb* Hank ol
Hamilton will provs a sura iacsativ*
toward Ihri/t.
C I). HKaVlta, A.emt,
trnlk  Vaaeaavcr
v n ii
itfi »
WtWj 4PT»F^      T   "ffW     MlfW
amrunTssiu s
I »a»* mm antral lata it) Uaek 1,
ssf a h. mi mn Vtamme road ear  ,
salt si IW is am.  T«nis ftt cub,
■aaaaa my Ita MU yearly isstalsstate.
AlmntUuiU USmamUCee
SaklBtsf kt aia half ymtif iastaloianti/
\m w*m Mi Mam Hsskiai raaj
at »«iy law prices aad sa tetau tbat
aril mar. • \
Ktttk Bsad {Ims* BanUs Osrasr in
Dt L. mi, Ham U,mtmtl treat-
agw Vrhvt taiy fmt, m ea*j taoni.
TV» is a fruat laijaia.
Aleiander Philip
10.000 cnsdsoldiyfcr wood for quick
sale. Pikc po odd cords. $4 50.
Sjpcdil ammUMm tw Utnpt quhm,
Mm CmWmA\bmamm,%Ub.
12 iuka. Si5a CO.D.
0*« and Yard    l-W. and Looidale
\-wtm.   P.O. B«2431
Wksif: dm. 8L Oeorge °s aad
Etaauavla    OSoe, id J^aadal*
Si tsar.
Wkarf Phase Ut.
OCcc ffcsa* MS.
Ve taa ddircr at mm '-* large
Grt yuir uzuta enuAf.
Piaanat ddstery a specially.
Paper the World
bias oar ntork al near ■*!! VammA
sostsar*** Every day so*M atari
sVaaga amrrs la fill lb***enany|
af ibaat ctsaad oat.
HumIiiwi Wai fmm
srs btst s> assWss TJMfcty Ja*l]
la* aa* i.ii—a. torabat ras*t|
an man tbt asaar aad bt
fn mm lbs pattarafont
Ta abaaatfeataa
twm, m gmt emgtmmm mm 7
117 Immmlt Irsaas ffcsa* 149
50 x 132 ft. facing south on City Boundary, east of Lonsdale Ave., within easy walking distance of air line.
Only $600, teims are IA cash, 6, 12,18 and 24 months.
(Large tod Small)
The Merchants Truit and Trailing Co,, Ltd,
BUREAU is now open for the • convenience of em-
~    ployers and employees.   Employers are requested to take
'advantage of (he office when requiring help.
,        /
W. B. HOOD, Secretary.
Phone 321.     14 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver.
Western Decorating & Plumbing Co.
Mantel* Made to Specification.   All Eitimatei Fiiriiialicd Frea.
We Can aod Will Save You from 10 to 20 per cant, ou All Paint*, oils,
Varnishes, etc.
! "l ~~~
F. 0. Bex 1087. Telopbouo 365
$10 Cash
and $5.00 monthly
buys a cleared level lot at Red Deer, Alta.
Price $IQ0 each   Double Corners $225
NINE BAILBOAD8 arc now umlcr construction from Bed Deer. Tlio
town baa water, sowers, electric latitat, telephones, firo department,
churches, schools, milla, factories magnificent land, unlimited aupply of
coal and timber.   Your money wUl grow rapidly.   Oct full particulars
yAPpwSJ' FPB»" 09099*90
Hiliior Expreas:
j um glad ibe mtyor Vo» toVm onto
qf one pf'|ny rcmarka ut tlie BRjfftl Pt
Trade mooting on tins aiMeet I frlsft
•«i|) tbut I much regretted tlie muyor
wai not. ti}*p pjroBont to boar and at
.nnv fppiy ip en 1 VoA to m, u bia
aet inn |& ftf* tn&fler M* peep an e,«M
piiT'./l.i fp' me Tlio question of our
south ferry approach had long uml
often beon Ibe ul lent inn of tbo Board
of Trado, apd after tho fatal accident
laat spring it waa taken up witb
greater vigor Btill A number of suggestions woro discussed, uud wo joiuod
with tlio ferry board and council iu
interviewing Mr- Peters aud Mr. Bus-
teed regarding their great subway
aebemo We all agreed that whatever
moritB tbat scheme bad, it was not
suitable for a pasBungor entry and it
waB not an undertaking wo should pay
for A temporary overhead hridgo was
also discussed and Mr Peters iudicuted
that subject to cortain considerations
tboy plight agree to this Home time
elapsed without anything further being done till 1 ascertaiped tbo price
of Mr i■'null's property, whjsn 1 suggested tbo acquiring of it and of tho
construction of a passenger subway.
Sunn after this wo were assured that
the mayor bad a spleudid proposal
from tho Grand Trunk Pacific tympany, whereby wo could get a first
rate crossing without any expouse to
this city, but uo detaila were put before us, or eveu hcfOro the city council. Some time before tho Railway
i '.....ini:.- m.i. came to Vancouver, membera of tbo city council askod that
thoy have a Bpccial meeting to discuss
tho proposals to go before tbo Bail-
way t'emtuissioiicrs. No such meeting
was ever convened, but I bol|eve the
council wore astuiro.l that everything
was in reudincds. A day or two before
the comuiiflsiou mot 1 wus dolegatod
by the Board of Trade to attend aud
support the mayor in tho application
wo understood he wus to make, and I
was present sharp on time. You can
imagine my surpriso to find that the
only thing the commission bad on tbeir
docquet was the resolution of tbe
Batcpayers' Association, endorsed by
council, and forwarded after the Pol
Ins l. accideut. The mayor had uo proposal ready, and tho oply proposal
the O. T. P. Company had was not on
the docquet, but it was made, by leave
for an overhead crossing to connect
their office building with their wharf.
Through the courtesy of the U. T. P.
engineer I got a blue print to show
lo the mayor, ami learned that the ma-
ypr appeared satisfied witb it. Hut
the complete proposal tbey had music
the ywcro not in a position to submit
it, or to enter upon any arrangement,
as they bad not tbo assent of tbe
Vancouver Couucil.   I pointed out ser-
North Vancouver Business & Professional tards
1  M1VIS.
I HM11AI   lllll'v
Percy   K   Howard 11.   3.   Pcrrln
City  Auditor.
Auditors   ■**   Accualaal.
lit Pender St.  W.     1'. 0. Uox Nli
Phone llll Pbone III
Vancouver       Nortli Vancouver
122 tlh Street Eaat North Vnacourei
Phon* 373
-Pioneer Uoraeaboer - C*rriag* Works
aoiiKi aan *tatii>*kiiv.
Boobellara and Stationer*
Cor. l-on»d*l* aad 1st.        Phoa* 143
' Post Graduate Chicago University
Booma t ml it, torn Feet Olc* Woek
i ll'l
lln-enl energy (Ih
...J, lllauea and or
nana.   Thl*   normally   freed   cnefty
iticll destroy alckdeaa.   Invcetlgalfon
Or. at rMroptacUe)
North Vancouver,
ihe living Human «*cw-
11.0 nreaaure off the nattee. Tkia llti-
.retealho Innate Intelligent energy llbe
motor power or cell* tiaauea mi at
The New Block on Lonadale Avenuo
near tho Ferry Approach
w** built by
General Conlraotors
.',.nii.i, inr. for re infur.T.I concrotc
construction. Sewering in all its
branches; house connections a ape
cialty.    Estimates  furnished.
Office: 80 Unable Ave.       Phono 280
Expert on Fireplace* and All Claitet
of Brickwork. All Work
Comer Fifteenth Si. and Maiion Ave.
Pressed Brick Mantles a Specialty.
Phone LIIS
t. Craib W. Craib
Jn Concrete, Brick and Wood.
A.M.I.E. k S.
Irrigation, <Valnage, level*, plaM
and specifications. Septie tank* ana
boa** drainage a specialty. F. 0.
Boa OlUf, lltb alreet we*t of Bewick*
Avenue. _
North  VweKOuywr Bw»W
College and Copying Office
Special reduction of le per cent, on
I month* couree In Uorthand and
Typewriting If name 1* flven before
December Uth. ISO Mlaa I) K. M
Saunders, Bank of Hamilton pulldlng.
Norlh Vancouver.
Up to date Millinery
Moderlac Bates
Keith Block    83 Lonsdale Av*.
rin.nn.lurin ii
Studio   over   Bonk   B. N. A.
Lonadale and Kaplan ode
Pipe Fitting and Connecting Promptly
and Correctly Done.   Prices right.
North Vancouver. DC. and Lynn Valley
Phono 184
SAW yil.tCU*.
Saw Filer and Grinder. All kinds of
band, cross cut and buck aawt set
aud filed at shorlost notice. IK 3rd
street .-i'i, North Vancouvor.
Uigb-clnaa Ladies' and Oent'a Tailoring
Phone 207 .
tkai'iikri imeii'i,
Specially: Cnildxen's iae*on* al own
borne. Ter»e, etc., apply Oenoral
I* your watch stopping or gofcag i"«
gulexly? Sea
'    A. I HOOD,
Tt* Ifortii V*#eot>v*r fMeti
aqd pioneer famamtf
9) Lon*d*l» Avtopay
iwi fliijepflew to- lee ttVmi, Vol o*
it was pot ie |lie range of action, I
ijjd no.*, ffpriy eopul It We were again
losing tlte ppportunify of getting
something tfl meet eur urgeut nood. I
wet Mr. Petcro. at tbe eity ball, and
waa iiitroducud by Reeve McNaught.
I asked |f lm wuuld I'liiineiii |o a subway for passengers euch as wo have
uow gpt order fpr, and he at once
suid "Certainly, if Mr. Busteed saw no
diiiii'iiliy in the way, ami thero was
rppm for the outlet passage.7' We
asked the mayor to get un adjournment of our ease to admit of a definite
proposal being submitted, aud tbe
chairman grunted it, but only till next
iniiming. The mayor and I game
homo to North Vancouvor, ami met
Aldermen Smith and Homlersoe at tbo
city hall, and later, wo all with the
city engineer, went over ami viowod
the ground, and tho engineer wu directed to prepare the plan which was submitted to tlie commissioners. The
commissioners, on receiving the plan,
arranged that they would visit the
ground, and give their decision on Monday morning. Uoforo then Chairman
Mabcc not only visited tho ground, but
came over and spent Borne titno in
Nortb Vancouver. On Monday, 4th
September, the board gave tbo ordor
for tbo subway being built at the expense of Vuncouver, North Vancouver,
and the government, ami directed thai
plans bo ready iu one month. It took
a month to prcparo these plans, yet
wo have nil regarded this us an urgent provision for the safety of out
people. From the time of lodging
these plans till tbia reversion to tho
G. T. P. Bchenie, wo bear nothing more
of the crossing, and when this scheme
is discussed in the council, the mayor
declares it has the approval of the
reprcsentutives of Ilie Board of Trade
and tho Ratepayers' Association, ami
Ihey ull say "No." Do any of my
follow citizens wonder wheti I aak
"What docs it all mean I Thero must
lie something behind it that we know
not of." Wo are still moro mystified when the mayor says, "It will
lake a year to get tbis subway built,
whereas tbe (J. T. P. will be available
in six weeks." The plans of tbe (1.
T. P. call for Ihe erection of a four or
five storey building covering soveral
lots of grouiul, uml they cull for tbe
building uf u 111 foot roadway starting at the sidewalk en Powell streot
and gradually rises to cross over
Alexander street and cuter this large
building. Vuncouver has not yet authorized Ihe erection of this pathway.
The solid concession mude by Ibe ferry
board to move ail their buildings nt
the wharf and give tbe G. T. P. right
of entry over our railway crossing and
over u llll foot strip of our leased land
could become au accomplished fact
wil bin six weeks, but it does not ncod
much thinking to classify il as a "jug
kindled proposition.". I am
Yours faithfully,
Father Time is a great artist  but
women do not odmirc his work.
NOTICE is hereby given that an ap
plication will be made under Part V.
of the "Waler Aet, WMJ' to obtain
a licence iu tho Nurth Vancouvor Division of New Westminster District.
(a). The name of applicant iu full
—The Corporation of lbc District of
North  Vancouvor.
(If for mining purposes) Free Miu-
er's Certificate No	
i is) The namo of tbe lake, stream
or source (if.unnumcd, tbo description^
is)—Unnamed stream commencing nr
or about the southeast corner of Dis
rid l.ut Oil and flowing theuce through
District Lot 471 and tl'l to tbe Nortb
Arm of Burrurd Inlel.
(c) Tbo point of diversion is on
the Koilh road at or about the southeast comer of District Let 624.
(d) Tbo quantity of wator applied
for (lu cubic feot per second) M cubic feet.
(e) Tbe character of tbo proposed
works—Small tank iulake fed by wing
ditches, with overflow iulo creek.
(f)' The premises on which tbo water
is to be us-.'d (describe same)—Tbe
District of Nortb  Vancouver.
(g) Tho purpose! for which the wa
ter is to be used—Municipal purpoaoa.
(b) It lor irrigation describe the
land Intended to no irrigated, giving
acreage—Not for Irrigation.
(i) If tho water Is to be used for
power or mining purposes describe the
place where tbo water is lo be returned
lo some natural channel, and tbe dif
feronro io attitude betwoeu point of
liversion and point of return—Not for
power or mining.
(j) Area or crown land intended
to bo occupied by the proposed works—
(k) Tbis notice was posted on tbe
24th day of October, lull, and appli
cation Will be made lo Ibo Commissioner on tbe S8tb day ef November,
1911. at 11 am.
(I) Give tbe names and'addresses
of any riparian proprietors or licensees wbo or whose lands arc likely to
be affected by Ihe proposed works, oi-
ther above or below toe outlot—J. C.
Keith, of Vancouver.
(q) The boundaries and area pf the
Diatrict of Norlb Vancouver are asset
forth In the loiters patent of Incorporation dated 10th August, 1891, and
published in tbo I) ft (lawtle, but ex
repling tho area of tbo City of North
Vancouver specified In schedule "H"
»/ the North Vanvcouver City Incorpo
ration Act Amendment Act, 11107.
(r) Approximately tbe number of
inhabitants of tbe Diitrict at present
o. %a.    mi
. ' .  ...J... ...'.,.
Our stpro'eppteips tbe best pf everything tot man, wqman or
child The wbolo Domlnlpn knows of the husinosB integrity pf. thie
great firm anil the extensive range of its importations aud manufactures In the past we bave given you substantial proof of pur
ability to render tbe most oiiieient service at all limes Particularly at tho annual .leuianil of tbo Christmas season slues this stum
—the real Christmas store of tbp west—give proof of Its worth as
a gift house, and tbo worth of tbo groat organization, tbe buying
facilities of which enables it to place tho best of the world products within reach of tho Vancouver citizen Remember when considering tho purchase of your Christmas gifts, that wo givo you
tbo advantage of tbo prieos of tho Importer au.l manufacturer,
direct from our Vancouvor storo, tho third largest of its kind in
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd
George E. Trorey, Managing Director
Hastings and Granville Streets   -   -   -   Vancouver, B. C
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
Will take deed of good building lot
a* caah payment on a 10-room house;
uew; all modern. Easy   terms   ou
We solicit the trade of all builders who appreciate
High Grade Goods at a moderate price, and 'the
prompt and careful filling of orders, which our large
stock and long experience in business makes possible.
Qurrard Sash & Door Factory, Ltd.
Hay, Flour & Feed
Owing lo larger warehouse accommodation, we arc now in a position to cairy a
larger and more complete stock of these
goods and lo supply our customers al
Vancouver prices.
All Orders Delivered Promptly.
The Brackman-KerMilling Co.,Ltd.
116 ESPLANADE EAST        -       -       Phone 4
Imagine i big store wilh so few doors that customers line •
up for i block waiting for admission. That is precisely
the situation of a house which does not provide adequate
telephone service for its business and the accommodation
of its customers—for the telephone is a door to your
Is one telephone sufficient? There are about
12,000 telephones in the city and you may be
called from any one of ihem; or you may be
called by long distance from several thousand
other telephones throughout the country.
The needs—The growing needs of your business must
determine the number of telephone lines you require.
Your "business is hampered by inadequate telephone
facilities. Before the rush comes, you should decide
now many lines you need.
Bf C. Telephone Co,, limited mtfenmmnmnmm/mnmm
For only il down and-ll
weekly you can buy tbe
CANADA'S PBIDE MALLEABLE BANQE, reservoir or waterfront complete fitted up. Bee the
BANQB. They last a
Prompt Delivery.
Patterson, Goldie & Clark
Free! Free! Free!
tl IWliaaaaW
and continuing till the 23rd
I   wili give to all purchasers a
wiki entitle them to a draw on the
articles, which are to be given away
tnx am that nigbt
FOW CENILEMEN-I Hollywood Handle Silk Covered
Umbrella.    -
f(M LA0ES-I Gold aad Pearl Handle Umbrella.
HM BOYS-I 300-abot Repealing Air Gun.
FOR CKLS-I Large Doll
.till nl wliii.i.1 are displayed in window.
goods early while assortments
GET TICKETS for the draw.
Pioneer Confectionery
Highest Quality Handmade Bread
ill<J»ttai.Al«: uiaveb, PAN LOAVES, WIENCH WAVES, Etc
Deinory to all Jiart* of   the city.
hpunul aii.-uiiiJii giveu all orders from patrons.
Ream Confectionery fcLTT
b Your Furniture Insured?
ImlmmmitAirit .   NOTARY PUBLIC      Phone 157
StaVAfHt: CsMsawirial Union Assurance Co,,
LiaLaaf I it if, Ima.    -    AaaeU $111,000,000
Itmm Hmoawm tM am. and
HamMlm amy M jumut.ua until
thm gum <'anmmmmat IMjim.
M *»iuute» uutfl 11 JU vaa.
mi mad IM aaa.
Mmm Vrnwomm IM, 19) and
leave Norlb Vaacouver 6.00 a.m.
and thereafter every 20 minute* until 7.00 p.m. foMDionriiw 7.30 p.
sa. every 30 minuti* until 11.00 ji.
as. thereaftar 11-48 aad 14.40 a.m.
mmm, *
I^ave Norlh Vancouver 7.80, 8.00
and 8.40, tWeafter earn* aa weekday!.
•Katie tmm ht, liar IU, M lor ll, 70 lor II.
All the elievo rale* include driver. Bale* A and I) aubject to 30
per cent, discount ia Iota ol 00.
Per IM lb*, rat*. Oe.
■iautuw rat*, lOo.
mkhoat notiee.
mt tit-It tot ddema, e—ffrfaf or otharwiae.
mmm, north vatouver, a, c.
Egg-Laying Contest
Inteniational Egg-Laying Ooutaat Under the Auspices af tin British
Oolimilila Poultry Association, Vaueouver Exhibition Board and tba
Provincial Government
Glass 1-                          Huns laid
Pen 2   White Logllorna  S3
" 3
If 83
" 4
ii ib
" 8
M 18
" 14
" t
" 10
... 8
'    IJ ,        3
"          1
Twelve jions bave not started to lay
Class 11. Eggs Laid
Pen 40   Silver Ucoil  Wyanilottca 35
" 34   White Wyanilottee     8
" 33   Bhode lulu ml Beds  7
" 36   Barred Bocks .,  1
" 37   Barred   Bocks     1
" 30' Hull' Orpingtons     1
Ten pens bavo not laid yot.
Pen temperature. Highest 52 degrees, lowest 10 degrees. Average mean
tompmaturo 30,40 degrees.
Avorago prico received for egga, 1'2'i
cents per dozen. Bain fell on ten days.
Six initios of snow fell ou Ibe 5th day
of November and 13 inches on Nov.
Hiili. The woight of snow on wiro not-
ting caused tho supports to give way
and much damage was dene. Thero
were no cas.es of frost bite.
Several pens, notably pens 6, 21, 32,
35, 27, 88 and 30 consist of iuiniatuii'
pullets, aud these will uot como into tbe
producing class much before January
As foreshadowed at the outset of
the contest, several of the White Log
horn pens aro now in heavy molt, in
some pens this was caused by too early
hatching, hut in three pens this i*
caused by the fait tbat the birds were
laying before reccival at Hastings Park
and us usuul in such cases, tbey have
stopped laying and gone into a molt.
Tbese birds have every appearance of
having been fed too rich u ration prior
to the competition.
A full account will be published in
the official organ of the British Columbia Poultry Association, "The Sue
rcsful Poultrymau."
W. Stroyan, J. W. Tery,
Managor. Secretary.
..'lili. November, 1911.
Nortb Lonadale Presbyterian Church
The "at home" of the ladies' Aid
last Thursday afternoon was a marked success. The church was well iill
ed and a spirit of sociability pre
The program consisted of vo.al num
hers, a recitation ami a reading, and
was urriitly cnjoycil by ail, as were
Ibe ample and dainty refreshment*.
Over a dozen new members joined
Ihis uriiiiiii/atiiiii whn li is playing au
important part in Ibo life of the congregation.
The ladies' Aid society of tbe Bap
list church of tbis cily will hold a sale
of work in tbe old church building,
• "Hi's- of St. Qeorge avenue and 5tb
street ou Thursday, Dec. 7tb, tbe proceeds to be devoted towards furnishing the now church building now in
course of erection on tbe corner of
IL'ib and St. (Jcorge'e. 6 12
Many a man goes broke trying to
break  tbe speed record.
liis Honor Ihe Lieutenant Governor
in Council haa been pleased to make
the following appointments:
Wm. W. Alton, of Eburnc, to be
an inspector under the conlagioua dis
oases Act from Dec. 6th, 1SI0.
To he notaries public: Wellington
Cliflon Keiley of West Suninlcrland
and David Mcintosh of Victoria.
James Burleigh Pattullo of Vancouver, K.t', barrister al law, lo be a
notary public aad a commitaioucr for
taking affidavits within the province.
Charles Edgar Wynn Johnson of
Alkali lake, in tbo county of Ceriboo
to bo a justico of tbe peace.
J. J. 11. McLean k Co, Ud. aud
fbe Kamloops land and Development
Co. Ud. are licensed as extra proviu-
sial companies.
Certificates of incorporation bave
been issued to tbe following:
Alice Arm Mohawk Mines. Ud.
Canada Post Publishing Co. Ud.
Dominion Midway Ud.
Oardlncr Fisheries Ud.
Hazelton and Skeena Valley land
Ce. Ui,
Heaps Engineering Co. Ud.
Howiston k Mantle Ud.
Ladii*' Club of Wbonnock.
National Home Builders Ud.
Oyster Harbor Collerie* Ud.
Salmon Biver Kining A Smelting
Co. Ltd.
Teimptien Investment Co. Ud.
Vancouver Equipment Co. Ud.
Ward Investment fit). UA.
Wbel+hen lake land Ce. UA.
Women't Induttrial Exefcaage Ud.
:^^.^''.Vi::'^^''!:.^«l    *
IT is tp your own
inleretl lo purchate
goodi in your own dly
fl We undersell Vancouver merchants from
5 to 10 per cen|.
Theae are Facts
No  Fake Prices
IRON BEDS from |3.50 to $25.00. SPECIAL VALUE* THIS WEEK
When going down hill STOP and purchase your Furniture, Linoleum, Carpelt;,
Etc., at a Reliable House.
THE BEST is none too gopd. One-third of your life is spent in bed, and a
comfortable -MATTRESS you should haye. Then buy our No. 1 RESTMORE at
$15.00—no more, no less.   Money back if not satisfactory.
128 Lonsdale Ave. North Vancouver
Mahon, McFarland & Procter, Ltd.
CLEARED 50 ft. Lots in Blocks 226 and 227;
$900 and $1000      14 cash, 6,12,18 months.
SO ft. LoU in Blocks 230 and 232a; $650, $700
and $800 14 cash, 6, 12 and 18 months
Phone 6286  -   - 543 Pender Street, Vancouver
North Vancouver City
CLEARED LOTS 50 ft. x 147 ft
In BLOCKS 15,15a, 16 and 16a. D.L 550.
......      ■-,-—   1 ....   ■-■-        ■■■      —-     I—-
PRICES: $750 to $1000 according to location.
TERMS: I-4 Cash, Bal. 6, 12 and 18 months.
ACREAGE in District LoU 546 and 550
In Blocb of from One to Four or more acres.
PRICES: from $2000 to $3250 per acre
TERMS: 1 -4 Cash, Bal. 6,12,18 & 24 months
The Grand Boulevard extends through this property
The North Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company, !St
Discourses    nn    IrftflU    PbllfflW*
P» Pf|d»y aftornoun Uf. Stevens flplt-
vcrod bit ninidoii speech iii tho Hiram
nf fliiiiiiiioiis at Ottawa, llaviug caught
tlm eyp of the speaker, lie plunged
br|ik|y into discussion of sundry qiaf-
tori of intense interest to Britlab Opl-
umbla. It is stated that he made a
"distinctly good Impression," and
tbat ho' was applauded frequently and
tbat be was "honored" by intorup
tions tm m tom*f mtoMon of
tbe crown, Messrs. Lemioui and Pugs-
Ur. fcftovona, in the course of bis
speech dealt wltb tho immigration problem in British Columbia.
Tw.i gentlemen of Chinese extraction
bad called upon him and had offered
■ittti) tar tho position of interpreter,
explaining that this position was of
great value. Tho offer, Mr. Stevens declared, illustrate! how sucb jobs bad
beon obtained prior to September 31.
After dealing in * caustic manner
with Chinese immigration frauds, as
revealed under tbe lato government,
Mr. Steven* declared that Hie Asiatic
prqblem would cre*|e a situation bp-
»M» JtWfV ,00 MHO problem nt the
south wqq(4 pat* into «ig»tfl«»uca. In
iffjcr to fmrnt IVnM iwktA tnt tlie
gpvpfnniont fp pass an act vbleb wqpld
help to keep British Columbia a white
man's country, something in tho Nature
pf the Natal Act.
• Mr. Stevens gave bis warm approval
to the proposals in tbe Speech from
th* Tbrona for tba encouragemont of
agriculture and tbe government control
of'terminal elevators. Jho opposition, however, appeared fp treat these
things as If they wore of no importance.
afr. I'ngsley took exception to tbis
statement, but Mr. Stevens emphatically maintained thnt it was sound.
He pointed quf Unit while sixty-five
por cent, of tbp people of Canada lived off agriculture lost (bin five per
cent, of tbe total rovenue Is (leveled
to ill encouragement, On fbe other
band aucb countries as France and Italy
spend millions on agriculture, and tbo
Unitod States ten millions yearly, while
Canada last year spent a paltry seven
or eight hundred thousand. Wbat
the government proposes is that aa-
Bistanco bo given to agricultural col-
legcs and iudustial farms so that immigrants arriving in the country can
bo instructed in agriculture. Tho policy pf tbo late government wu to bring
the mmm, north Vancouver, h.
in hordes of people from Southern
Europe, wbp bad flocked tq the cities
pacing Ip eypry prbpp mtto,ot the
Dominion p social mrpbleni wjfb whjcb
it was dlfflpujf to dps).
'(What wp W»flt,"M'A ¥f. Stpvpns,
I Hi a pplioy fp m*V* t|pm useful and
Successful Bottlers pp apt 1*10)*,"
Ui. stovetiB upprpyod »f tne ««Kgo»-
Hon made by Mf. JjPsUPrPtt, WW of
flip address, that tbo trusts should be
controlled. If his advice v«ff) t»ken
it would mean tbe lnfrod!|Bt|qq qf a
distinctly advanced piece pf legislation
wbicb would receive tbp attention of
and approval qf fbe Houno.
Tbp proposal fp create a tariff commission Mr. Stevens described as an
eminently intelligent attempt at a so:
ii.i.'in pf conditions wb|cb ebtfrin in
Canada today. When Messrs. Fielding
and Peterson wont to Washington to
negotlato a reciprocity treaty, tbey
wore met by a tariff commission qf exports, who, he was reliably informed,
bad spent $300,000 fp spcure Information bearing nu these proposals. Busy
cabinet ministers could not bo expected to bo tariff experts, and it was impossible for tbem, equipped at tbey
were, t» mako a good bargain for Canada. Ho declared that tbe tariff com-
minim, must be a scientific and non-
political organization.
Mr. Steveni tben turned to tbe Brit-
lib Columbia fisheries question, pointing out that fbp fisheries qf Unit proviso wore almost entirely iu fbe bands
of tbp Japancso. Tbia was a matter
pf great significance. It was more
than a local problem. These Japs were
not mere llsliennon. Tbey wore all
trained navigators apd be ventured te
State tbut tbey had drafted plans of
tbe whole cpaat of British Columbia
and tbat these maps aro new in tbp
archives of Japan.
Mf- Stevens condemned tbo policy of
granting fishing licenses in British
Columbia. He said tbMO were sold
tp political partisan* for IHO or there
abouts aud were farmed out tq tbe Jap
auese for from $1,000 fq $1,500. Hp
suggested that it would be a wise
idea to act upon tbe proposal pf Dr.
Orenfell ami transfer seme Pf tbe Labrador lishormen to tbe British Columbia coast.
Mr. Lemieux asked if tbe Japaucse
bad increased on tbo coast ip recent
years.      \
Mr. Stevens replied tbat thoy had,
dospilo tho arrangomeut entered into
by Mr. Lomieux witb tho JapanoBo government.
Coming to tbo naval question Mr.
sievens Baid that at any rate tbore
was po conflict of opinion as to the
policy of the late government. Practically every one waa against it
March 15,1912, Half-Hour Car Service
Will be Established Between Hastings
Grove, D. L 208, and Present Car Ter-
minus on Hastings Street East   :   :   :
We Urge You to See Hastings Grove
On* of tbe beat features about lu
veatlng In Heatings Drove la tbat It
>la rlgbt at borne. You can go put
wltb u* and pick eut your lot, aad
KNOW exactly wbat you ara buying.
You knew what th* Oity of Vancouvsr
Is—wbat it bu done in tba put five
years—and It do** not require much
faith to soo the future of tbis progressive city. You ew* it tp yourself
and your family to buy on* pr mere
ef theae lots, If only u as investment.
Tbare are many things we ahould Ilka
to tall you about this tract. Drop In
today or this evening,
The clearing and grading on Has-
tings streot and 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Jtb
avenues Is now complete, and work on
other streets is progressing rapidly.
The sidewalk Is about completed ou
Hastings stroet.
Contracts for Six 7 roomed houses
have bean let and tbe flnt one la In
th* course of construction. Oeme and
ue thl* rapidly developing diatrict.
Every lot in Hastings drove Is a good
on*,  Let us shew you.
Fare between 6 and 9 a.m., and 6 and
7 p.m., two cent*, the remainder at 3
$90 Qsh, Balance^ One and Two Years, or
$40 Cash, Balance 6, 12, 18 and 24 months, or
$ 10 Cash and $5 a month, Balance in 2 Years
Interest 7 per cast, payable annually.
Dome at 1)6 In the afternoon, rain ar ahlne, and go out with ns.
lllll)   .-'.II1
333 Pender St W.
(j4ne Seymmir 5654
Oflb open evening till 9.15
Chambers, t\
Ity pi dpyplpppd, if bad provec- * failure. Tbo Bainbow camp fnfq § British
Cqlumbia harbor tho other, day without men enough pn boari| "ip raise an
anchof. Tbp ppstipp wpuld b»*P to
lie approached as a broad, business prp-
posjtiqp. It was ossenfi»| fbaf ffp
jiavo pfpfepfipn fqr our frajp pn fqp
high seas. His owu idea was than
an imperial board of ilefeuco should be
organised, pp which all overseas Domiu-
ipue '.'.''mi.i bp rpprosonted. Tbis would
remove all objection to tbe idea pf *
contribution by tbp Dpniinipn. Panada's contribution, he cqnsidpred,
should be rackoned in proportion
to ber share of the total trade of tbe
Ur. Stevens voted some littlo time tp
te|ling tbe bouse of 11j .■ unliqiitod resources of British Columbia, wbicb led
bjn) to tbe conclusion that it ia tune
Canadians should turn away from race
and religious prejudices, bury tbeir differences, pnd unite witb tbo idea of
developing to tbeir fullest extent, tbo
resources of the whole Dominion.
Vancouver Bu*iffeHQifectQry
631 Seymour St., Vutcot}vrf
Pay scbopl open all l^W^m
round. Nig)it school conjmenc-
es September 8th.
Dr. Spencer will give and address
on "Tho Building of a Home" at the
Baptist church, North Vancouver, on
Wednesday next at 8 p.m. Young
people imiie.l.
Two interesting lectures are to be
dolivcrcil in the Horticultural Hall ou
Wednesday evening; Novombor 20th,
when II. M. liul,lis- will discourse upou
"Poultry" and Mr. Bobinson dpon
"Beo-Kccping." Proceedings are timed
to commence at 7 o'clock.
To Woniof, by wonieu, for women,
on Monday evening noxt at 8 o'clock
in the Presbyterian church a meeting
will take placo to discuss matters witb
regard to protection and rescue home
for girls which is to bo erected on
Pender street east, Vancouver. All
districts to havo access. A thorough
euuvas will be made of Nortb Vancou
ver for subscriptions during uoxt.weok
Any persons wishing te contribute
may leave deposits at Kxprcss ollice
and same will lie published. rf
In .inin,', I is,si wilb St. John's church
a concert which promises to be nni
queli eutertainiug is appoitcd to
take placo in tbo Horticultural Hall
ou Tuesday, Dec. ..ill. Taiout bas
been requisitioned from both shores
of the Inlet, witb tho result that a
company christened tho "North Vancouver Follies" will make their bow
to (it is hoped) a large audience. This
ambitious combine intend, in costume
ami soug, to almost outrival the great
i'iii ni and his metropolitan "Fol
lies", and certainly the program ini
plica a grip on the right end of the
stiek. Tbe organizers have also procured the services of Madame Normington,
with whose vocal charm the city is already acquainted; Miss II. Grace Mul
ohcr, whoso name is aaeciatod with
violin music to Ihe extent of eight cov
etcd letters; Mr. Julian Haywood, tbe
prilliant piano reeilalist; Mr. E. Bed
ii'in Turner, late of tbe Ixiinbardy
Opera Company of Milan, Italy; Mr,
F, Muuro Plauquc, whose whistling will
inhnitcsimnlise that of the nigbtin
gale; and Master M. Niekesson in full
song. A goodly tbroug will doubtless
assenihlo to see local faces bcfrillcd
and capped, and will probably insist
upon remaining in the ball until tbe
"Follies" chant tbeir choral "good
SPROTT-SHAW Business College
33<i MRP §1; W-
Canadaa Great..! Wa.larr, School
% J. $mit, b.a., - -umm
NO I 'AHV  I'lllllli,
Loans,  Investment*   aud   Insurance,
noom 207, 633 Granville St., Vancouver, B. C. Pbone 8300.   Land ltagia-
try work a specialty.
ItEil, ESTATIs..
Yorkshire Guarantee & Securities
Corporation, Limited
44" Seymour Street
R. Kerr Houljjate Mauager
1IITM tl II1M.S.
All Nortb Vancouver people est al
Either Flack Block or Hastings St.,
opposito tbo now post ollice. I.coiiuiil
sella bis ton by the pound.
Editor Express:
Sir,—Jn your lut Issuo you have an
item which says that the "tne new
electric sign just put up by P. Urrou
on tbo Norlh Vancouvor Hotel was
blown down by tho gale.
We wish te state tbat the sign was
not blown down, but meroljr bent,
caused by a flaw in ono of tbe guys
that no one rould foresee combined
with a wind that waa almost a huni
Wo built tbit sign, tbe flrat of its
kind made entirely in North Vancouver and before neon 'lie following
day we replaced It and nut a lamp in il
was broken. Wc would like tt have
this made clear, as wo havo been asked
many times about it and the general
opinion is that whilst mu.li other
damage was done, none other was
mentioned and tbat aa yeu did not no
tico the erection of it, it was not necessary to call attention to aucb a
slight mishap. ,
Anyono can aee that it is somewhat
difficult to fix such an erection 18 feet
by 6 feet io height on the ridge of a
building.   •'
Voure trary,
W 0. Morrison,
MUSHROOMS fresh dally   at   tbe
Orotto. 31!
I hereby challenge to meet any player in North Vancouver at billiards for
tbe ebaaipionahip of North Vancouver. Would this challenge not be
accepted by Dec. 31st, Wil, I will
claim uid title. Bpply to fl. 0. Jen
kin, Norlb Vancouver, p. Q. pox Hit.
District of North Vancouver.
Notice to Contractors—Marine Drive
SEALED TENDEHS on the prescribed forms un.I accompanied by cash
or certified cheque for i'l.imi) (wbicb
sum or satisfactory bouds shall bo retained until the completion of th*
works according to plans ami spoclfl-
•otions) will be received until Torn p.
in. on Thursday, 'Hid NuvcnHicr, lull,
by Mr. J. a. Fanner, Municipal Clerk,
for tho following:
Marino Drive west, through portion
D. Ij. r,5l, D. |j. :„-,-,, I). L. Mli, and
D. I., ttl, I distance of I'',1, miles more
er less.
Grading—Excavating seme 25,500 cubic yards ami forming cuibaukiuonts.
Pile Trcstlo-20« feet long, comprising some 7.1,000 I. b.
Concrete culverts— and contldgeut
All io accordance with plans and
specifications whicii may be bad at
this office after 0.00 a.m. on Monday,
20lh November, lull, on payment of
$5.00 which will be returned upon receipt of a bona lido tender.
! The lowest or any tender not nocci-
sarily accepted.
Tenders for portion of work only
Will  Uot  bo i un. nlrrc.l.
Diatrict Engineer.
The District Municipal Office,
Cor. Lynn Valley and Fromme Roads,
North  Vancouver, B. O.
P. 0. Box 1780.
101b November, ltl I.
Tko time for receiving tendors pn
this work is hereby extondod until t
pm.   on   Thursday,   .'mill   November,
District Engineer.
■i   ,
NOTICE ie hereby given tbat the
flrat sitting of the Annual fourl of
Keviaion of tbe Municipality of tbo^
City of Nortb Vancouver will be held
in tho City Hall, Nortb Vancouvor,
B. C., on ' Thursday, tbe tfb
day of January, 1012, at S o'clock
In tbe afternoon for tbo purpose of
bearing PcdpUinta against tbo As
sosunents a* made by tbe Assessor apd
for roviaing and correcting the As-
aesaroanf Bell,
Any person making complaint
against dfi saacaswoot roust give splice in trying io (he Assessor pt Ihe
ground otlflt or her complaint at
leart ten daya before tbe data of the
flrst annual sitting of tbo Court of
IMted ai Nprtb Vaaeeaver, B. |,
November UtA, 1W1.
www mtvmi),
Oily Clerk, 6
yojwu-mv nm muffin », a
An InifFVtfiw" Wish ID engineer given
rMPurtjr tn i western pappr Ip tba et-
tm Min* ■»»»» t» abwMnnt timber on
tba lin* pf tba Hudson Hay railway
Is pp il|uatr»tion pf tbp taisapprpben-
sion in regard to tbis matter tbat exists \P tba puMlp mind. Because
there ara large areas pf land in tbp
nortb Pn which tbore ia timber of some
Iliad, tbe conclusion ia roaeliosl that
it |« all pf present value and that tbe
country bas an unlimited supply. Ae
a matter of fact a Wteful inspection
of tbe timber along the linp pf tbe
Hudson Bay railway made In tbe years
lino and 1011, by tbe forestry branch
of the department of the Interior, ebews
that tbere ia not enough mature tlm
her along tha liue pf that railway
tp build tbe road.' Tbere are np prairie
districts pf any,extent along the route
there are treee everywhere, but owing
to repeated fires the forest is, except
WANTED—Competent male stenographer to act ns Police Court clerk
and stenographer, and clerk of Small
Debta Court. Salary $75 per month.
Apply in writing stating experience
and qualifications to rily Clerk, City
Clerk's office, City Hall. 1-18
■BBWHajajB _
on tba merest fruptton pf the arpa, too
small fpr commercial purposes and unless it can be protected from In until it reaches maturity, will never be
of uny use tq the country. Explorations in othpr parts pf the northern
forested districts tell the samp tale.
BvarywbPra lire baa worM hpvpp
pnd tbo forest is a mere wreck pf
what it might have been if Ores could
bp prevented. Apd unless adequate
measures are taken new tp protect
the young and Immature forests which
form the major part of the stand, the
outlook for the future Is none (op
If the northern forests are te continue'In be a permanent source pf
wealth to the country, it is absolutely
necessary that the Are ranging systems
should lie extended and that proper
methods of management of the forest
should be applied, and public education
to the value of tbe forost is even moro
In Sweden, which haa large extonts
of northern forest, practically uiihabit-
ed, similar to those in northern Canada, haa about eliminated the Are danger in sueh districts mainly by educating her peoplo to the value pf the forest*.
The Theosopbical Society meets in
North Vancouver in Room 18, Aberdeen
Block (over the post office) every Wednesday evening at tl o'clock Attendance is entirety free and carries ho
obligations whatever. You are invited.
Theosupliical Btudy and questions,    tf
Don't Take Chances!
Business nieu aud bullosas bouses
are usually Judged by tba printed matUr tbay send out.
Osn you afford to take chaacea witb
your printing wben good work In tbis
line cost* little, if any, mora.
We Do Good Work
First Street Bast,  North Vancouvtr
Editor  Express:
I am greatly surprised, and 1 am
sura must nt our ratopayera share tbp
feeling, at seeing the big scheme of
block ppving and concrete sidewalks
tint was put forward by Aid. Kittson
Pt list meeting of the eity council,
A more untimely course cnuld nut wall
have been suggested for many reasons,
Among others, permit me to state the
I. Our financing credit is limited
That fact su long questioned, has been
put beyniiil doubt by the fiscal agaut.
Till we have railway cominunicationa
iImt credit cannot rapidly advance, snd
we have already used up In largo mess
ure our present credit.
II. The wholo eity has a proportionate right to benefit from that credit
whether we borrow on geneial loan er
on local improvement loan, and the
improvement echemes should be distrib
uted accordingly.
Tl. Alroady the streets referred to
by Aid. Kittson have hud heavy out
lays upon them—more a great deal
than their equitable proportion, True,
further expense is necessary, on account of the wretched conditiou in
which liny are loft, but for tho present
Ihe least expensive form of finishing
these streets should be adopted. This
nn,in,ilsie,liv is a measure of macadam
isiug that would last for aay four or
live years—and allow the sidewalks
to remain as tbey are.
4, Our resen e pf credit should, in
my humble opinion, be used—if used at
all—In doing Ibe necessary sewage,
street opening, and grading work, and
iu acquiring, while price* are low, such
lands as seem necessary, for nil kinds
of civic purposes. By this means we
get the best return for tho use of our
credit, and we solidify our credit.
a. We aro looking towards ami
have been working for a larger cily,
but it is absurd to say to our friends
outside "We are going te annex you"
Kxtensioii of boun.laries can only take
place witb mutual good will and confl
de    The outside frionda are watch
ing with a vory interested eye, our
management of civic affairs. If equity
and amity prevail here, we will have
these friends eager lo join us, but they
will never dream of coming in if their
erodit is going |o bo used to make
things pleasant and profitable for one
little villago centre only. I am,
Yours faithfully,
loll, Nov. Hill.
IF YOU like good music and want an evening!
genuine enjoyment, come and see
The North Vancouver Follies
at the Horticultural Hall, on Tuesday,
December 12th, 1911, at 8 o'clock, p.m.
They will ba eeileUd by
Admission: Adults, 50c & 25c; Children 15c
Don't be a Washboard Slave
Let tba Blactrlc Currant de the Drudgery Work ef Wub Day for You
At a Cost of Law Tban Three Oast* Per Hour
will do tho w/ublng and
ringing of your weakly
wash and aave you a
world ef bard work.
Over lifHlii of theae
machine* ate in use,
giving perfect tetlsfv
All you have to do is
to attach a cord to an
ordinary lighting socket.
Tbe current does the
rest. Call al our office,
hn I.onsdale Avenue,
and have tbe machiue
N.B.—While at pur salesroom look uver tbe handy electrical appliances
which  would make useful  Christmas present*.
Second Street Weat
Single Roomt, $7.00 per month, including electric light, oi$8.00
per month, including bedstead, stove and light.
Well FurnuhedHouw on 9th Street
With Piano. Vacant First ol December.   Rent $35.00.
im mphi*ki>m <ow vm omm)   *
t. O. Up* llltf
Wtafe»^a*p«ci*ky^li<*j»e«, WcshtlibepUMed
tOrkiw)* you )»•»• far mI* or tm.
immwmmmmammwmxwmmmmmmm.      n ,■■	
A good bluff may be more effective
than  the real thing.
North Arm Bridge
and Railway Scheme
(Continued From Page One.)
I Mr. A. K. Kealy then delivered a
lengthy speech. "Por fourteen solid years," said the eity magistrate,
"we have been tied up by private railway corporations." After years of
struggle, after going to tbo Dominion
government lime after timo, tbey had al
laat prevailed upon the provincial government to minium a bridge across
Hurrard Inlet for the benefit of all the
cities and municipalities connected
with the North Bhorc. Mr. Kealy
proceeded to outline tbe cbarter grant
ed for tbo above project.
"And now," he said, "here is a
proposition to build within three years
a bridge across Ihe Neith Arm, also
ten miles of railway into North Van
couver, thereby paralleling the line al
ready granted by the Dominion gov
eminent. Aod wbat do these gentlemen
aay that come to us tonight f They
aak ue to send lo the government our
confirmation ef Ibe fact tbat tbey
want three years wherein to eeininoiire
and seven years wboreln to complete.
Thair excuse is tbat eur municipal-
owned proposition aaks tbat." air.
Kealy then Uid stress upon the fact
tbat Mr. Ungley and Ihe tbrce gentle
men tbere that evening bad bad a
eonfereuce witb tbe mayor and the
president of Ibe Board of Trade (tbe
reeve had been unable to be present)
but tbey would not inform them who
is at tbe back of tbe enterprise. "Ie
it in our province," demanded the
speaker, "to back something tbat is
held back from these gentlemen!"
Tbey were to be asked to pay a toll
before crossing the proposed bridge.
They were aaked to pay ' something
which the provincial government bad
acknowledged In Ihe case of the Weat-
pinaster bridge to be unjustifiable. Aad
after all wbat doe* tbs wbela bridge
eonaiat oft"
A voice: "Paper."
When Ihe laughter bad subsided
Hr. Kealy indicated that tbe promoters
pf tbe scheme were so absolutely indifferent to Ibe nature of the act tbat
tbey were ready to knock of year*
trlib respect to tbe commencement and
completion of tbe work. Witb all due
epurteey to tbaso gentlemen, Mr.
Kealy contended tbat it waa quite evident tbat tbey bad not gone fully Into Ihe matter. In reference to the
banding over of tbe cbarter to the
ejty tf mrH to till »v*»t of tba
iRconrplrtlon pt tin *mf, the speaker
argue.) tbat it. was p mighty MtA
thing wb»n » e»WPW V*A got »charter, to upset tbllt chUrtSft'''   ,
He verting te tbe HuesHnn pf Mis
Mr. Kagly defined tbo system u'tn
obnoxious habit, rapidly dying out fp
dear pld England. Nowadays persons
should b*v» tbs rigbti t» m»]k *Vtft-
yer a walk leada. "W« O* I «|ty »n<l
district," said On speaker, "are asked
to endorse a proposition tbat will (or
all tin)* prohibit us from crossiug tint
bridge without paying some money,
la tbat going to help our city and die
trict t"
Voices! "No."
Mr. /■ (I. Phillipo: "Have any ar
rangomoiits been made (or any othor
railway company to lite thit bridge!"
Mr. Langley: "No."
1  Mr. Phillipo: "Do you intend to approach any companyt If sn, which!"
Hr. Langley: "We shall approach
all of tbem."
Coun. Hridginaii: "Am I right In
supposing that three of tbe promoters
are here tonight!"
Hr. Ungley: "Vet."
Coun. Bridgman: "And that forms
Mr. Ungley: "Yea."
t'niin. llridgiiiaii: "Cannot tbst majority give the information necessary
to the mayor, the reeve and the' pre'
sident of tba Board of Trade!'
Hr. Ungley: "Tbere ia a majority
preseut, but as to financial arrangements, 1 would remind you tbat we are
required to satisfy the railway com
mlssioners before we can get a chart
er. Further than tbat, I decline to
say anything."
Hr. II. O. Wright, president of tbe
Hatopaycrs' Association, emphasised
forcibly Ibe injustice and absurdity of
the toil system.
Ur. J. Balfour Ker pointed eut in
the course of an excellent apoech, that
tbe eity was already a shareholder
iu tbe Hurrard Inlet Tunnel and Bridge
heme. Would it not be foolishness
to givo consent to anotber right of
way which would parallel the flrst line.
Much a monopoly of tbe waterfront
won Id be a baudicap to any port. He
considered that tbe first railroad
should bu a public one.
Mr: Ker added tbat he had been
told by a prominent ratepayer tbat
application bad been made to bim for
right of way for a railway through
bis properly. Tbia be bad refused to
concede uuletm the names, of the promoters were disclosed. He was Anally told it waa tbe C. P. B. "And,"
leclarod Mr. Ker, "it wm J. C, Keith
wbo told me."
Ur. Ungley and bis associates pro
tested emphatically that thoy bad no
conoction with the Canadian Pacific
Hailway Company.
Mr. W. C. flladwin also apoke in
opposition to tbe project,
Coun. I .unlet ilien formally moved the
resolution' quoted above, Ur. Phillipo
Hcfore tho motion wu put to tbe
meeting Ur. P. O. Wade voiced tho at
liduiie of the resideuta and ratepayers
around Hcdwell Bay and Helcart. He
also emphasized tbe monopoly of tbe
waterfront which would accrue. It
would be pure confiscation Tbey
had lieen told about tbe importance
of tbe opening of tho Panama Canal
and what a great port tbis was to be.
What thon would be tbe uae ef a tingle
line of railway! Ur. Wade disliked
Ibe way in which tbe matter had been
brought forward. To bim it waa
strange if tho C, P. II. bad net an inter-
tercet in tbis. Their survey terminated
wbere this bridge waa supposed to
eommonce and commenced again where
the bridge wa* supposed to end. If
tbey supported tbis propotition, be
considered tbey would all be most excellent candidates for a lunatic aay-
lum. The scheme waa being projected
by obviously irresponsible persona
"who cannot even Ull us wbo they
The chairman tben read Coun. Uu
tet's uml mn to tbe meeting, whereupon
it waa carried unanimously.
Aid. Smith, in compliance wltb tht
resolution, invited tbe representatives
of tbe eity and diatrict councils,
Hoard of Trade and Batopeyert' Asm
cialion, to a further confabulation ia
the city ball on Honday evening.
UII8HKOOU8 fresh  daily   at   th*
Orotto. MS
—m  ■
TAKK NOTICE that tb* committee
appointed by tbe council to correct
and raviat tb* Mat ef voters for th*
neat current year will tit in tbe city
ball, on Honday the llth day of December, mil, at tbe beur of 10 o'clock in
tbe forenoon.
AND TAKK NOTICK that tb* list
at, prepared, containing th* nanus ef
tbe registered owners only, will be petted on tba notice board in the vettlbuli
of the main entranc to tin City Hall
on tth Oetmbet ami mi my be
seen lif everyon* interettd.
Yow can keep warm
and enjoy life if we
wpply  the  benter.
We carry ft full line of McClary's famous
and Airtight Heaters pf various sizes,
Give us a call, we will be pleased
to show you their good qualities.
paine & McMillan
Wholesale and Retail Hardware
W* bave tha lineal collection of
Shrubs, Bulbs, botts, Wallflower, Hollyhocks, Holly, Privet, Carnations,
ate la tbe province.
Simpson & Wight
Nurserymen and Florists
A Little Friendly Talk on Doors
—«—»»—»|———i    il i      I
We have one of the largest and heat designed stock o!
Front Doori thai can he secured anywhere iu II. C. Wo have
about jo different designs to choose from which range in
price (rom J.) 75 to I25.Q0. We make a specially of the
"PasanatiA Doon," a handsome, massive piece of work,
one which is especially suited lo bungalows, and the modern
style of architecture. If you are interested call and let us
show you our display. We can also supply vou with Interior
Doors in fir or cedar in 1, a, 3, 4, jor( panel or in Ihe craftsman designs.   Call and ask to see Ihem for yourself,
P.O. Box 1719
Phone 232
Palace Hotel
Second Street, North Vancouver, B. C.
Rates:—$2.00 per day up.   Special
ratet lo families and to regular hoarders.
220 feet frontage, beautiful view.
Property near Lonidale Avenue.
$1400, quarter caah.
ThU ia a choice buy.
Wl OFW* THR mi,
Palmer, Burmeiter k von Gracvenitz
TW*  T9m*mmTm WW9}*mW^w\*t*mnW    "ft
tilt htPldllt Aveuut   Phont 348,.
HI ttoMt ittsat, Vancouver, B. 0,
A Good
■and your frltndt who art inter.
Is th* North Mor* a copy of
"Tb ExprW
It   will   kaap them po*U4 j
flmlm}  99-HSw  0fWI   NsW   wm   91
tm i


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