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I    I'
Volunio 18
Nqbtb Vancouvbb, B.O., Fbidav, Sbptempb 82, JPU
Number 5
Dominion Election Returns
The new member-elect for Vancouver riding hu the honor of representing what may fairly be
said to be the largest and most important constituency io Canada. Were the basis of representation
throughout the Dominion the same as it is in Vancouver at present, the House of Commons at Ottawa
would consist of only about fifty members instead of two hundred and twenty-one. The member for
this riding therefore represents about four average Canadian constituencies.
Inasmuch as the probability it that ihe final returns wil give Mr. Stevens a majority of over
three thousand, he enjoys the further honor of representing th^ premier constituency of the Dominion
in this particular.
Now that the contest is over, the new member will doubtless be followed by cordial wishes for
a career of conspicuous success al Ottawa by all public spirited citizens, irrespective of the manner in
wheh they marked their ballots yesterday.
364-Wallucc Shipyards, Ltd., Lot 11,
Block 271, Subdivision Bl. 176, to build
a machine shop.
365-Douilil Wylle, Ut 80, Block
2Pi A, Subdivision 641, 21th St., a dwelling.
367—Thomas Atkinson, Lot 8, Block
96, Subdivision Gr.ll, 10th SI., a dwelling.
308 Mary Knight, Lot 10, Block 6(5,
Subdivision 2/1, a dwelling.
TIKI A. W. I Jin,., Lot 7, Block lo,
Subdivision 266, 3rd St., * residence.
370-A. Linton, Block 376, Subdivision 201, Esplanade, u bout shop.
Dr. ,1. C. Morrison bus rcsumod liis
dental praclioe and can be fouud in
tho Post offioe block, Lonsdale uvonuc
Magistrate Kealy thit morning fined
Henry Reed five dollars and costs or
teven daya in default, lor being drunk
and disorderly, yeeterduy.
Under tbe supervision of Manager
Heard, t now boiler wis installed In
No. 2 lerry at the 0, P. B. whirl on
Wednetilty night. Tlie old one was
hoisted out ami received decent burial
in midstream.
Mr. tl. Q. Diiiiiild, tbe chief hydro
graphcr for tbo provincial lands do
pertinent, will be in North Vancouver
shortly, and will conduct an ciainina
tion of the Capilano. apd Seymour
Creeks, In connection with tbe wator
supplies of this eity.
Mr. Noah 8ha*je*pc*re, the post
muter of Vletofh, ||ad hit mitt, bev
ing just returned ttvm 1 visit to the
old country, spout a few days with
their ton in Nortb Vtncouver prior to
completing tbeir journey home to Victoria. . (   /
The torvices in St. Andrew's church
next Sunday will bo a* follows: 1) a.m.
—Subject, Present Experience ef tbe
Future life. 12.16- Adult Bible Class,
tbe Training tt the New We. 2,30-
Cbildren's Day Service, Parent! tnd
children arc cordially invited te be
preient. Address on Christ'* most
gracilis Word. Tbe Sacrament, of
Baptism will bo administered at tbit
tervlcw 7.80-6ubject, The I*tt Supper.
Mr. Oeo. Wthl, the popultr proprietory 0/ the "Smokery," 28 Lunsdule
avenue, it making bis establishment
tbo recognized local emporium for users
of tbe weed. Hit stock now comprises
full Hues of ill favorite tad high diss
brands of cigtrs, tobaccos, etc., wbilo
the amusement features which he lias
installed add materially to tbe attractiveness of bit place of busiucss.
Tbis tfternoon the foumlitiuii stone
of tbe new Bidgtwty ichool it being
laid by Mr. A. B. Stttcy. Tbis ceremony, ti will be remembered, wu to
have beea performed lut week, but
tbo building was found to be not
ready, and the event wu postponed
uutil today. The secretary, Mr.
Campbell, bu not issued fresh invite
lions, tnd the ceremony it quito public.
Nut Sunday morning the pastor ol
Iho Baptist church, Hev. A. .1. Prosser
will preach upon the subject, ol C'lrin-
ian Baptitm tnd itt .Siguini'uoe." li,
the evening answers will Im givtu to
th* u,uo*lior, "Why I ahoull join ll-.-
Cbriilisn (/hutch.' i lilloun minute
long aerviL at tbe Imvinnin; ttl tb,
evening service.
Th* nu*ly appointed manager ol the
Bank oil British North America, Mr
.lohn Stephen, arrived reoently lathe
cily ton that taken up bit new dulios
He wai forpnily oonneot«d with tlm
branch at Hamilton, Ont.
Mr. C. B. Hill, t former resident of
tb|* |ity tnd more recently manager
of tbi Manitoba Heal Ktlato Company,
of Vancouver, but who w** compelled
to relinquish business through illness,
has/ now arranged to resume business
and) will be found at 601 Broadway
Weyst, Vancouver.
the young people of the First Bap
list Church hive organised * young
people's society tnd will bold Iheir
reifultr meetings on Monday evening
itis o'clock. "A Get Acquainted Social" will be held at the pastor's residence; 1182 St, Otorgot Avenue, on
Midday evening, September 26th. AB
tbjc young poople of ftbo congregation
ail well u *oy otbwi not connected
with any' church tre Invited to be pros-
enjt. j^sfrethiuentt mm In served.
T^is is the flrtt regulaj mettitg tnd
it )i. hoped that .11 l»Ur*tted will it
Ju.ii.--i Kelly, the prisouer in the lu
.ban cue, wbicb concluded un Wedncs-
dty morning, was liberated yesterday,
hiving paiil the 611c of 826 uud custs
which was imposed by Magistrate
Kelly. Tbe charge wis that of giving whiskey to an Indian named Louis
Lust week the F.pworlh League held
its monthly literary service. Mr, Kd.
Morden gave a very interesting ad
dress cutitled, "History of Method
ism." The week previous a farewell
social was held for Allan Townsley
who wis presented wilh a pair of mil
itary brushes as a slight lukeu of et
teem before leaving for Ibe casl.
Lute returns with roferonce to the
Dominion elections held yesterday go to
eonllrm the reports previously received
uml to further increase the magnitude*
of the disaster which overwhelmed the
government. The present indications
are Ihul when tbe bouse is Dually constituted, Hubert I.. Borden will have a
straight majority of about sixty.
The government lost ground in practically every province, while ill Ontario the results wctre particularly
notable, the opposition practically
sweeping Ibe province. Tbo cxpocted
gains of ihe goverumciit iu the pruirie
provinces did not eventuate, tho op
position having accomplished slight
gaius in that quarter. While the government succeeded in securing a majority of the seats iu Quebec, tlio results arc in strong contrast witb the
relative standing of the parlies in the
former house from this province, the
government contingent of 61. having
lieen reduced to 36, and the opposition
11 being increased to 27. Ontario, bow-
ever, lias given the opposition Its
greatest numerical increase from ain1
0110 province, thu previous standing nf
61 Conservulives and 36 Liberals having been altered to 73 Conservatives
ami 13 Liberals. The full results by
provinces as ut present received are
us follows:
Ontario   13
Quebec    36
Nova Scotia   10
New Brunswick     8
Prince Kdward Island     2
Manitoba      I
Saskatchewan     7
Alberta ..."    I
British Columbia      0
8. Vancouver-
Ward 1   77
Ward 2   66
Ward 3 ...... 21
Ward 4 ...... 6?
Hlllcrest  106
D. L. 172 .... 16
Kburnu |,  66
Korrisdalo ... 8
Point Grey .. 3
N. Vancouver 321
Totals  6870
' i
3803 .
Sicramist of Baptitm to bt Admin
littred Next Sunday.
On Sunday morning next, in tbe
Protbytvriau church, Dr. (I ('. Pidgnin
ii Wottminttor Hall, will conduct
special children's service, al which be
will tdminittor the sacrament ul baptism. 'I bis is a tpecial service lor the
children, and they will ke grouped uu
tke platlorm 'on Ibis occution. All
parents and friends aro specially invited lo Ihil spccitl service.
Tbe great tnd only Sousa was at
tht Vtncouver Opon Home lut night,
conducting, wilb bis many famous
mannerisms, bis fine baud of fifty-two.
Despite tho critical stage of govern
mental affairs and Hie excited conditions that prevailed in the crowded
*tr*et, <iobn Philip's baton wu watched
by a huge audience, which chuckled
now and again when tbe famous march
king poked al the air aod plucked
daintily at nothing, in order to bring
out « desired effect.
A* usual, tho Items most popularly
rsceived were Sousa's marches, some
of which, because of their energy and
originality, have been hummed and
whistle,! jn all quarters of tbe globe.
Ther* may be a noticeable tamoee**
In their compositions, but it it * very
tolerable umeness, not tbe kind that
characterises the opening choruiet In
almost every mtiirai  comedy.    And
(OonUaiud on Page Bight.)
The Conservative majority, according
to Ibe above, is 64, but thore are several
deferred elections to he held as well us
the vacancy tbat will be created by
the resignation of Sir Wilfrid Lauricr
from one of the two eonstituteneies by
wbicb be wus returned, and it is safe
to conclude that from the results of
these sources will souiewhut increase
the Conservative majority.
Tbe reported defeat-of It. L. Borden
in Halifax lias not been confirmed, Ibe
most reliable reports declaring tbat he
bus been elected by a small majority.
British Columbia is tbe ouly province
iu which an absolutely cleau sweep wus
iiiude, Ihe prediction of Premier Me
Bride Inning been fulfilled iu lhal this
province has returned a solid seven
supporters for Mr. Borden. The result
iu Comox-Atlin wus iu doubt until this
morning when returns from Prince
Rupert, ila/eltJin and others of the
more important (...mi. in tbe riding
showed Mr. ('lenients lending in efiel,
place, wilh the result that his election
is assured.
Tbe results in British Columbia arias follows:
Vtiieouver — Stevens (Con.), 6870;
Senkler (Lib.), 3803; Kiugslcy (Sue),
042.    Majority for Sleveus, 2077.
Victoria-Barnard (Con.), 2803; Tein
pieman (Lib.), 2339; Brown (lud.),'20l.
Majority for Barnard, 404.
New Westminster — Taylor (Con.)
2086; Oliver (Lib.), 1037. Majority for
Taylor, 1840.
1 Comox Atlin—Clements (Con.) elected
over Ross (Lib.). Probable majority,
Nanaimg —Shepherd (Cou.), 1408;
Smith (Lib.), 081. Majority for Sbep
herd, 487.
Kootensy — Qoodeve (Con.), 1810;
King (Lib.), 1344. Majority for Qoodeve, 476.
Viilc I'nriliuo Hurrell (Coo.), I',:'!;
McDonald (Lib.), 722. Majority for
Hurrell, 1002.
Yukon—Election deferred. Former
member, Congdon, majority 260.
This is a gain of two seats.for'tbe
Conservatives, Nanaimo having been
represcntoil in the former house by
Balph Smith (Lib.), and t'omox-Allin
by William Tcmplcneii (Lib), both of
whom have been defeated. In all but
one instance the five Conservative con
stituencies gave greatly increased ma
joritics for the opposition candidates,
(loodeve'i majority in Kootcnuy having
been reduced from 236 to 476.
The detailed report 9! tbo voting in
Vanrouver is u follows:
Vancouver Proper—
Steven*. Senkler. Klngsley.
Majority for Stevens—2677.
The detailed report witb hespect to
North Vuncouver is as follows:
Stevens. Senkler. Kiugslcy.
City  284
Lynn Vulley.. 37
Moo.lyi ill.'  ...    3
Totals  324
Majority for Stevcus-
Ward 1 ..
.. 1662
W»nl 2 ..
.. 1201
Ward 8 ..
.. Ill
Ward 4 ..
..  1004
Ward 6 ..
.. 670
Ward 6 ,.
.. 191
Province of Optimism
Borne Facts About British  Columbia.
No one wbo is closely in touch with
business conditions as at present obtaining throughout British Columbia,
and more especially in the Coast cities
of Victoria, Vancouver and New West
minster, ami also with conditions
throughout the neighbor states of
Washington and Oregon with tbeir
cities uf Seattle, Taeoma aud Portland, requires to be told tbat there Is
a vut difference to bo noted by ovon
the most casual observer.
At home, in tbis favored Ctuniiaii
province, good times prevail. Prosperity ami progress are iu evidence 011
every hand. Tbo people are contented
and comfortable tnd tho spirit of sail
guiue optimism pervades the country.
Tbe fiiiuncial position not only of tbe
Province as a province, but of tbe
country generally, is exceptionally
strong. The sterling worth of British
Columbia's natural resources is everywhere recognized, and oil their accouut
and bceauto the diserimiuatiiig business
world approves tbe policy 011 tbe lines
of which and under which provincial
development is now goiug forward, ami
moneyed men are ready aud eager to
invest tbeir capital in British Columbia enterprises.
Railway construction activity marks
every part and section of British Col
umliia. Immense coal and metalliferous mines ure being opened, and the
capacity uml output of existing mines
increased, tligentic timber mills are
operating full time aud overtime lo
keep puce witb a live demand upon
tbem. Cunt pulp uml paper-making
establishments are 011 the eve of open
ing, representing investment* at Ocean
Falls tnd Powell Biver alone of up.
ward* of 16,000,000 during tbt put
eighteen monthi, which establishments
already employ upwards of two thou
sand fivt hundred whit* workingmen
In the British Columbi* towns uml
cities au exceptionally large proper
ion uf the working class (indeed of
tbe entire population) own tbeir own
homes and are pruud of tbem—because Ihey arc worth being proud of,
with their pretty gtrdciis, their tub
slantial and artistic architecture, their
tasteful tud complete furnishings, even
to tbe punas tnd other itcmt of lux
ury u well is til modern euoutiils
of convenience tud utility wbicb tre
(Continued on Pag* Bight.)
FOB BEN')' - Furnished rooms or
furnished limine.,  231 3rd st., VV. 22-0
FOB HKN'C — New I roomed house,
end of Capilano cur line. $16. Apply pn promises. 26-0
FOB HUNT—Six roomed bouso with
large reception hall. 8th street near
1.1,11:11 Inle, next Pipuoer llukery.     22-0
FOB BKNT — Three room shuck on
one acre ol cleared land, suitable (or
chickens, fill per month. Apply
•Merchants Trust k Trailing Co., 214
Pender street west. 2U-II
TO BENT - Unfurnished, two nico
rooms iu private family, 810. Apply
first bouse west, llth street ami Hun
levari!, two minutes frmn car.     22-9-
Private room and board for yiuug
men   80.50   per   week.   Apply   Mrs.
Knight, 7th street uenr St. Daviti's.
WANTED - Girls (or folding.    Apply Express ollice..
WANTED - Heliiililc person to lake
entire churgi, of bully 'girl, II months
old.    Stale terms.    Box DO, Express
office. _G-tl
WANTED-Dressinuking. Thoroughly experienced iu good class work.
Ladies' suits a specially. Misses Rue,
Suite 3, Keith block, corner First
Street. jo 10
FOB SALE — Three riiumed eainp.
Enquire 67 Lonsdale. 27-0
Maypole Hot lei', 31b for $1  ut   tlie
Up to diflo firooory, 36b' 1st si., oast.
FOB SALE - Two beautiful Units
canaries, guaranteed singers, ('buries
Evaus, 126 2ml street oust. 220
FOB SALE- Furniture of six room-
ed huute. Will sell ui sacrifice prices.
duy, 152 ytb street cost. 22-0
Strictly fresh Eggs, 80 cents per
.lo. en at the llp-lo Date Grocery, 366
to 360 First Street east.
FOB SALE-Fint growlh dry wood
for 14.60 per oord, 4 It. O. ilclludc,
Phone 82 t.f.
Mild Cured Broatfttt Bacun, 20c
per lb. iu half or whole sid-s n Iho
Updo-Date Grocery. 350 First St. K.
FOB SALE - A burgain. lush or
terms. Two collugcs on 201 b street.
Very desi ruble location, live minulos
from Lonsdale school, Ihroo minutei.
Irom cur line. Bendy lor occupancy,
about October Isl. Apply It. W.
Eaton, North Vaueouver Coal k Supply Co.    Phone 178. t.l.
A good program is ulreudy arrung
ed for the concert next Wednetduy in
the Presbyterian church, Lynn Valley,
and is lo include both vocal and instrumental music and reoftttiout.
Express Classified Ads.
Miss Isabel U. Dtnn, ifa-i/fittl  ot
the Biij-ul Academy ol Music, London
England, teacher of pianofi.'e, vit-t*
North Vuncouywr two days a wii.k,
Write for terms 801 Broughton ttreet,
Vancouver, li 10
AHT i:t,AHHKH -During the winter
months Miss Aspell (patronised by
English and Foreign Royalty) will
hold clouoi In St. Edmund'* School,
Mahon Avenue. 01) and Water Color
fainting, I'en Painting, Illumination,
Rtcblng for Hook Plates, sto. Frivols
leuon* by trrtngeaepl. For term*,
etc, pleaac apply Post Qflce Box Jill,
North Vancouver. n-)0
VOCHO-hoy. Owojtt nay have tune
by paying tidl id. tt Kxprcs* oftoe,
FOB SAI.E-A beautifully l:i.i.he.l
new bunguliiw, live living r.uims n'lh
bathroom und pantry, on li.l, 33x1211
in l.ynn vulley. Sidewalks, water end
elect lie lb,),., prior, j-j;us), I'nth
1300 uml $26 monthly, This it nn
absolute bargain and worth socing us
about. Tho Morchuiils Trust und
Trading ('0. Lid., OII I'ender street,
we«t.    Phone S 2733 t.f.
.1. Loutet and North l.onsdol*
(lot it at Lonidale Pbnrmaoy Phono 20
Ws  eh mc,  Sundays.    Pbons 321,  ,1.
fl. English, O. K. Croctry, 13  Lout-
dalt Avenue.
Dr. .), ('. Morrison, dentist. Posl
Graduate, Chicago I diversity. Booms
6 and 10, New Posl office blook.    t.f.
HONEY TO MAN on approve! properly, Agreements of sale purchased.
C. It   Hickman. 6110 Lonsdale.     22-10
M. II. Bayment, Costumier, Ml, Si.
cut, adjoining west of lioulc i.nl, N.
V»ncouver First class worl^ oe'y, la
dies' own materials mado up.
Preserving Poaches, Yellow Fries
tono. SOo. per crate, lip to date
Grocery, 366-360 1st tlrcot oa*t.
Tho Cily Dye Workt bus cslabnsV
cd * '.irsncb cor. Lipla-.tiir K. and
Ijonsdtlc. Pint clou work at ur>
ito rates, cleaning, dyeing, ptesil.g
and repairing.
B. C. livery and board liable* -
light rig* and ladies' saddle jbone*
hit hire. Stabling for bono*. General delivery and heavy teaming. 'H.
Dumas, Ith ttreet west. Phone 347
WALLACE t SCOTT-tforwdi.ers
end General Bluolusmilh*, itri s n»t
and Lapidate- flor«c*bo*tog
cialty.      t
* N>e-
tit J'
.!. !'»''-|P."MJf-.'. 1..IH".. , -'■'■'      ■■      "■ ' ■■ ■■.■-■^-■i.ii..,-      ii.|-. ■)■*■
II HI    'HI  imrnw   ',.  ■ %—.11, iM„ i, -.:■■■ i .i-..---.i.i.,tf.v-  i.n-i,ij.r. ■ ■*>■ ,i      ■fft»|l-'-i|'"
ll".1   i.'   ■     tsi    >i».LN|i.i     ■.'■'■■   ii      ■■.'   ' ~H '   "'*■'     '     '   ,      ' I   '   '■■ " — !■'■—      '
Why? Because we employ men whp we expert* in the
line and consequently by their wide experience in different
parts of this continent are better prepared to give our customers the best that can be made in any kind of woodwork.
If you phone 222 or drop a card to P, 0. Box 1719 our
agent will fall on you and cheerfully estimate your requirements. We also do banclsawing and any kind of machine
W* solicit * trial bid on vntir Orders small or lew
We liavo a few lots for sale close to Lonsdale Avenue
Carline in the City. Prices $450 to $800 on very
easy terms. We believe these to be tile cheapest lots
left in tbe vicinity of Lonsdale Ave. Call in and we
will show you over them.
Ileal  Estate snd  Pinancial Agents.
Agreements of Sale discountsd.
219 Lonsdale Avenue Telephone 44
(Express Special Correspondent.)
Mr, 11, lleiii'ieiiii lias leased tne
Inilel in Lynn Valley ami Is to furnish
anil operate a tomporaiice limine.
Mr, Needham of Nortli Vancouvor
bis opened * genoral store in the valley, corner of t.'uiitru ami ear line. Mr.
Neeilliam expects to lie open for business this week or tlie beginning of ueit,
A number of small bouses are being
erected for small families. Tho aim
of llm company building thorn is so a
man can buy a house MA lot ou a
small cash payment, tlio rest as rent
Until paid for, thereby doing away
with the custom of rent.
Mr. ami Mrs. Snow of Frederick
Hoad Inn e inin,si to Nintli Street, Mt.
rieiisiini, Vancouver.
The brother of Mr. J. F. M. Barker
Is on a visit to Lynn Valley from the
Old Oountry.
Mrs, Frank Mcliarty of 1'orl Kells
has been visiting her mother iu Lynn
Valley this week.
Mr. Simon' Mnnolian of Laiigloy,
groat grandson of (Union Frasor, ihe
great explorer, was a visitor in. l.ynn
Valley last week looking up old friemls.
Mr. Townsley, Nortli Vaneouver,
conducted the service hold last Sunday evening owing to tlie indisposition
of Mr. Weir, who hus a severe cold.
Vancouver Business Directory
til 111  -. TARTS.
119 I'ender street, Vancouver
North Vancouver
Corner Homer and I'ender SU,
The only up-to-date and reli
able hath bouse in British Co
We cure where others fail
Satisfaction guaranteed or no
pay. Plain baths, electric baths,
shower baths, massage for body, scalp and face ; electro therapeutic baths a specialty.
Graduate of Berlin, Germany
pjww?iA*r jwpavob.
A very interesting muting was held
at the Ht. AndrtW'a flWistian En-
ileavoVtft) Tuesday evening lust. The
topis wob ''Christ iii tne Home." Mr
Stevens brought out some good points
III this lesson. An interesting meeting
may be looked forward to next '1W
ilay. Mr. I). Hutchinson will speak
on the topis.
A Swede named Olaf Seville, described as a vagrant and a "perfect
perfect uulBiuee,'' wit on Monday
morning sentenced by Magistrate
Kealy to do a month's haril labor.
The number of telephones Ip use"»t
North Vaneouver on August  tut, 181),
was mil,  The numb** of tell calls oi
ward for the month of July wat *,Mi
The figures tre taken from "The Tele.
phone Talk," tbe organ of tbe B. (1,
Telephone Co., for September.
'  _. I
The Theotophlcal Society meets lb
North Vtucouver in Boom I, 67 Lous
ilslu Avenue (entrance next to Welcome 1'iirlnr) every Weilnesilay evening
ut S o'clock, Attenilmce Is entirely
free uml carries no obligations whatever. You aro invited. Thensophjeal
study and question!.
Half Price
/■■' /
,    Jn order tp make a compete clean-up of all summer
line* and Ihuj mute Yoom'for the new foil orders already
invoiced, we will sell for half price the undermentioned
item*,.     .....
$5.00 Mies' Wash Suits, white and colors, sale $2.50
>7.50JU$e»' Wash Suits, white and colon, sale J3.75
m''r ;     .   Sizes 34, 36 and 38 only.
BpyV^nd Girl"' Summer Hats, regular price 25c to
JIOQ'i sale .....HALF PRICE
Ladies' Lawn Waists, slightly soiled; a large variety of
patterns; HALF PRICE
Ladies' and Girl's Parasols, ranging frqm 25c in Girl's and
$100 in Ladies'   m HALF PRICE
Boy's Wash Suits, sale THIRD OFF
Gent's Str«w Hats HALF PRICE
Gent's Summer Vests HALF PRICE
■"' ti'
Groceries and Provision*
Wholesale and Retail
lift Hastings St. (downstair*)
Delivery Tuesdays and Fridays
HliUHI-.it HTAMI't.
Sign and Pries Markers
io Fairfield Bid.      Fons uap
HIT tl. itst-.'i'l-:.
Mr. I,. II. Wllllunis, ol upper Lous
.Ini.'. has ,h .[si , ,i of hie grocery luisi
n.-.s.-i to Mrssi;. M' Aili in lin, . ami
inteuils leaving this week for his for
mor Inline in Huston, Muss., In remain
there permanently. Mr. William* ii
one of these eapablu inon of Inisiiuss
who have proven lo a demonstration
tbst right nn llm,Is ami .-louu attention
to ini.-ii,, ... are lioiiinl to succeeil in
this eity. starting business iu a monl
in. ni ..I way. over two \ furs ago, Mr.
William:- steadily built up au sxcellenl
family Irailc, wbicb continued in en
large with the result thut three times
ho fouml it necessary to seek enlargoil
premises, ami a few months ago lie
rein,,!,'.I into the excellent quarters
which are nuw occupied liy the linsi
iiens. Mr. Williams has always trans
n, imi business on u strictly cash basis,
smi is able to boast that when he soil
to the present owners the total out
standing account* did imt exceed half a
huiiilrc.l ilollurs. The ml uul value of
tho gomls on the shelves, together will,
tho viluo of the business on the basis
of Ilie monthly turn over-all the pro-
luet of a luile over Iwo years' work
is audi that Mr. Williams iin,is himself
in position to return to his ol.l Inline
ami to eslablish himself in a comfort
able way in lhat city, upon u porman-
ml I.n sis The purchasers of Hie biisi
uess are men of extended experience
who will develop the business on tbe
same trustworthy lines along which it
has been built up ami Mr. Williams requests for his successors a continuants
of that valuoil patronage which the
business enjoyed under Ins proprietor
Ill simss i iii.i.i'.i.it.s.
SPROTT-SHAW Business College
336 Hastings St. W.
C*n*da'* Qr*aU*t Westtrn School
B. J. Sprott, B.A., ■ -Managsr
631 Seymour St., Vancouver
Day school open all tbe year
round. Night school comment.
u September 8tb.
Yorkshire Cusrsntee k Securities
Corporation, Limited
440 Seymour Street
R. Kerr Houlgate - - - Manager
All Nortb Vancouvar people »»t at
Either Flack Block or Hastings St.,
opposite tb* new pott offio*. Isronard
■ells his tea by tb* poind.
Action for Damages Dismissed.
The action brought .mist tbe
North Vancouver Kerry Company by
Mrs. 8. A. Clements, to recover * 111,000
for personal injuries allcgt'.l to havo
been roceiveil through the company's
negligence, came lo a close ou  Weil
lies.la;,    llllirilillg,    when      Mr.      JuSlil'O
(Iregory iliimisscil Hie case.    .
Jt was coiilemleil tlnit Ihe plaintiff
slipped on a line of hose on Hie Norlh
Vancouver wharf one .lay lasl sum
mer ami sustained injuries which she
claimed lo be permanent.
Judge Urugory observed lhal wharves
and i|Uays could not be expected lo be
kepi clear of all incumbrances.
The plaintiff was represented by Mr.
C. M. Woodworlh and Ihe defendants
by Mr. 0. W. Craig.
It is expected that an appeal will
be made against this decision.
Percy S. Howard H. J. I'errlu
Cily Auditor.
Auditors snd Acouuiilanla
h'lt I'ender HI. W.      1'. 0. Box IBM
I'l,  8837 I'bone 183.
Vancouvor      Norlb Vancouver
llll I.Minis  AND I'lllll..
Pineal tables and ou** is tbs City
I'ioneer Horieiboer — Carriags Works
Th* New Block on Lonidale Avenue
near tba Ferry Approach
w*i built by
Osn*r*l Contractors  '
(Jontraelors   for   reinforced   concrete
>-.ii,i»i iin imn.    Seworing   in   all   its
luiim lies1;  liuiisc connections a spo
clalty.    Estimates  furnished.
Office; I!0 Ijimsilale Avo.        I'lione Wi,
Pressed Brick Mantles a Specialty.
Phone 1.113
llll.ll.>    IMI   M'tTIIIM III.
Iluokeellers and Stationers
Cor. Lonadale aad 1st.       Pbone 14.1
I   lI'HKSS   IMI   il 41... ...IT
Prompt     8*rvioe-Moder»U  Cbarg**.
Plume 99.
■ 'IM I I   lli.M III.
The Palm Confectionery
Stationery, Confectionery, Io* Cream,
Solt Drinka, Fountain Brisks, Tobacco
Light Luneb**, Fruit
Lonsdale and 6th Pkon* .118
14 K  III  ,1 I lis
Wholesalers and Retailer* ol Pur* loo
lot lor  lamily  ua*
Phone 334      LONSDALE AVENUE
Building Contractors
Brick snd coucreto work. Houses
Bungalows, etc, a specialty. Plans
■ubinittud, estimates. 217 Lonsdale.
Box No. 1111.
A.M.I.E. k B.
Irrigation, drain*!*, Isvels, plana
and specifications. Septic tanks and
bouse drainage a specialty. P,
Box 314, 16th street wort ol llewicke
Up-to-dato Millinery
Modertae Rates
Keith Block    93 Lonsdale Ave.
SAW I ll.lills.
Saw Filer and Grinder. All kinds ol
baud, cross cut and buck saws set
and tiled at shorlost notice. II Lonsdslo Avenue, Nortli Vancouver,
High-class Ladiss' and llont'e Tailoring
Phono 207
8th Street K. (adjoining west ol Hon
levard)  Norlh  Vancouver
First eluss   work only.     Indies' own
materials mudo up. I hono
Tl   II Hills   llll >|l  I.
t. U. Sharp. Stud. 8. I., Blu.l Imt,
Mun Imik Bio., Areht and Civil Minn.,, i      Plans,    , I. milium,    seellona,
t.|s,!!\   i,11, in, .ii <■   esllmutee,  elc,
for all classes of work. Tracings, Blue
Trims, Mu|, Mounting 117 Lowl-r
Kellli  llnuii   ITuui.  Noiiii  Vancouver.
ITMI   III   HI ll>.
Frssb and Smoked Fish
Live and Dressed Poultry
Vegetables Delivery trie* daily
Pbos* 340 .    181 Fint Strut
Studio   over  Bank   B. N. A.
Unsdals and Eaplanade
Specialty : Children's Lessons at own
home.  Terms, etc., upply Gesiora)
eva a. Mcdonald
Tsachsr of PIANO PLAYING.   "
For terms, etc., apply Monday
and Thursday.
■.■Ml T. nil.  >i. I-:.
IT,,.,,.-   II I.
Is your watch slopping or going irrs-
gularly ? See
Tbo Nortb Vancouver Export
and pioneer Jeweller
80 Lonidale Avsnu*
#]J Recognizing the superior quality of the
lJ Cake* and , Confectionery manufactured
by Bruce k Co.. 135 Lonidale, we beg to
advise customer* that our driven will be glad
to accept order* |for tame and give prompt
delivery, I
Try Our Irish, French and Homemade Brjpad
Four loaves (or 25c      20 ounces to the loaf
r_:r north Vancouver
;   ■
T The "Monarch MallwMo" Range
-. , :.!?'»■; .,.'        '    " . i.i    .     .    =——i
They laat a Ufo Time
si-/!-..i ...i.
Fqr economy, durability
and i.'.i.'ii: ul' iipor.iiiuii.
No stove.expels ilu:
prices No. m,mw
um, $71.00
We a|so eany other
ntakes in cheapo stoyer,
Builder*' Hardware,
"B»pco" Pura Pilots,
Patterson, Goldie
& Clark
104 Esplanade West
Phone 88
receive* the same glad welcome here
a* he man who come* to buy, our
primary object at thi* time being to
acquaint the men of North Vancouver
with the advantage* in quality, service '
and price, to be exclusively obtained
at this (tore.
We don't expect to sell you good*
before you know u«, our good* and
our business method*, so we invite
you to call; "Snoop around" a bit
and get acqainted.
Let Us Furnish Your Home
Discounts from One-Fourth to One-Third
Hints for September Buyers
Wc carry a full stock of Household Furniture. During Sept.
wc make Special Discounts ranging from 35 to 33' j per
cent, olf all lines. Wc cordially invite you to call and inspect
our stock during this Special Sale. Our stock of Beds is very
complete, comprising many lines in white, blue and green
assortments, with Brass Filling, very artistic. They have con-
tinious post anil in addition to their line appearance, have the
guarantee of years of wear. We carry Mattresses in all grades
from the hest 60 Ih. felt to the medium gfads felt top. Dressers
in great variety. Splendid selection of Oak Morris Chairs and
Km Kits in variety of coverings. Call and inspect our stock.
Fulton Furniture Co.
Balfour-Ker Block Esplanade West
50 FT. LOTS, $70 CASH
Balance Quarterly, ov*r Two Year*
Price $350
Every lot on an op«n graded road, esst of Seymour
Creek, North Vancouver. Buildings being erected on the
property now.   Telephone and electric light available.
Csll or write unl pel msps mul full pirliculir*. VWn certain
.li'i-,'l„|,iiii'iii h an- aunounca.1 in * lew weeks you will Im too late.
D. MacURG     '
1   ..   . ——»—■1——_■
D. L. 621 & 2075 on Keith Road,
a short distance west of the Imperial Car Shipbuilding and
Dry Dock Co.'s property. $300 and $325 e*ch-$20 cub,
balance e«»y term*. These lots command an uninterrupted
view of three miles of Burrard Inlet. Good soil and level,
Call or write for despripiive pamphlet.
333 Pender SL VV.
Phone Seymour 5554
THE mmm north Vancouver, b. c,
Sunday School Lesson
Hallgion qualities rstliur limn unlits
fur nlFiiii'H ni Hliilr. Tin' i''tliiii|iiun
all it  liin umiivrniiiii   WAS   the   l..-t 1.-.
|iixi|iiiii«l to roBumu hiu plump nf nil
Uiinduco's treamrc. Su tliiirii was nothing ipeonipiilililii In.-liv.'i-u Diinirl'ii
piety iui'I his iliuchurgu nl lliu iluii...
"I -priiiii. minister of t|m mir lii i.m 110-
lii'ii pn I'.'ii'Hi for liulf ii century. . .
But hi* religion diil not shelter him
fi om tin shafts of envy- lliu uprightness WSS a coimlnnl rebuke In his fellow/ nlliiiiuln. Tlii'ir |>i'i'iiliiin,iii were
likely to lm unearthed any timo hy
this ineniTTipiilili: und fcarliMs Hebrew.
When tho king took stepH, looking- Inward » civil service rclorm, and medi-
tuli'ii making Daniel chief nl the lm
i.-iui, self prcsorvutinn as well us jealousy euggeHleil a conspiracy against
his life. . . The hate wan well united
to the king'n vanity and weakness.
Obedience tn tho decree miggcHlinl, it
would be a ennspicunus recognition nl
the facl thai ho nnt only reigned by
divine right,'but Unit he liimsulf wan
iliviii,-. * figment ol aiilii|iiily which
aurvived to our duy in the ilivine nu-
iiim acpordod until lately, tn the Mikado.  .  .  Not w 1 Daniel know, hut
though he knew, in spite uf hi* knowledge of tho decree, he continued hie
habit. Not in the Hpirit of bnivu'ln,
mil because he wuh mil, , i mri headstrong, bul liraiiiM- u principle hub ut
kIuke, uml he wuh Ilie most cunspii'ii-
iiim ropretentulivc ol his r.u tim nice,
at ho did, >o would they, 'ihe pn-cr
ol a llums'iiml sn in,um ui.nlil be concentrated in hit comliict in lli'i enirr-
giTii-y. Oreat in the cniineil rli.'.nil it
he wan greater in the clm.il ,.f p.uyer
"Do you nee the ilehrcw cu| live
At  morning, boon, and nigh',   to
In hiu chamber he rciui'inlu-in /inn,
Though in exile fnr away."
The weakness ni Darius make* n foil
fnr the courage ol Daniel, If ho Inul
not tho aduge, "A bud promiae in
better broken llian kept," hu hud at
1,'uhI the principle which underlies il.
for that in perennial. Tlie promise to
iin mi uiijiisi und inhuman Iiiiiii is
best kept in tho breach ol it. Or, ii
thia fiction uf remediless penally mull
li.. "li...'iii,I, linn li.mui; sli,Hii,I have
gone lu (he den in Daniel's Hleuii. . ■
The 1'alace und Ihe llenl—whul u con-
trssll : in thai building, lliu marvel
of mankind, ihe niunurcli uf the wmld
waa ruallcss uml unhappy. He Inulli
ai the dainties uf lm, banquet room,
nor would hs listen to aiusio. Sleep
fnrauuk him. An iipbruiding i-un-
Hi'ieui-e and a consciousness uf unkindly wcakuosH were bin companions. ,
In Ok den Diiuicl lind the ind. hit ill,
ablo joy nl an approving consci. nco.
void uf Hiu ii ,' toward Ood uud mu*.
He had the fulfillment ul Ilie promiae;
"Ho ahull give Hit augrln charge con-
oorhiug lluv" His security wnn com-
plclc, hia companionship angelic. . .
Tbe alcadfaalneaa uf Dniii.l, and hiti
, mi n|iii ni deliverance, waa Ilu- finish-
ing touch in the provident ini prtXMi
nl preparing Iho Hebrews' fur their ex-
it frum liumlnge. 'Ilie ciroumstsnoo
bad a powerful educative effect upun
the heathen nlnn.
It.'ligiuii ii"i iui|.i.ii i ii'.il I-. ' .Nothing in it iniuiicul to true success.
Ou ili.- contrary, the beat prepuiuliun
lor buaiueaa, profesaiuuul, auciul, pub-
ticul and dunicstic life, hiHluneea ;
History, aucrcd uud prufuue, uncieul
and modern. . . . Tho meanness ul
envy.     Tho doapicable means it will
take lo in i-iiiiiph-li ita end	
Thu elevation uf ii.-.il.  ui>,l vain men
In office a public mialnrtune.   .   . In
riili'iiinl  evidence ol  (he authenticity
of Scripture.      Coaling into ,. liuna'
ilen a uunl.' uf capital puniahnient in
vogue  in   Dabylou.  .  ,  The   uae   of
providential criaos, whoro by a heroic
stand, one can do a life! iii. u ljjo.nl
in a l.iw moments,   ,  .  Kxuuiplcspf
Ihe habit and apiril uf pruyor in thuae
occupying high poailion.   .   .   .   Dad
promiacs; the fully of making tbem,
anil what tu du wilh tinm when nunc
ii.uil...    .   .   .  'Ilie   il.-iniliiliii   of   *
good conscience, whicii cun tronsinulo
* lions' den into a aafer and huppicr
plan' Ulan a ruyal pulace.
A llisaiuiinry .luurney Around Ihe
The   most   realiatic   aiul   pal hut h
aceoo in tbe groal pugainl, "Durkueai
and Light," wa* tho meeting of Sinn
loy and Uvingslone. ' Native convorti
in the bankground aro in Ihe ucl  nl
lmii. ling a hniia..   al mil ing ovidencou
the   entrance   of   civilization  in
heart of the Dark Continent.    In t
forsground Ihe odveutrum seeker sfl
the lost missionary strikes hunda wi
him in ao appeal (or him tu   r.lu
to England.      With   pitiful   yearning
Mvhifilone repeats, "Home!  Home.''
one) tben osMaima, "l can nut go un
lii my work is donel"    It is a subtle
unveiling of missio7i*-lho sacrifice and
fortiludo required.
fl We have just received a large new stock of Carpet
Squares and Rug« imported direct, which we will sell
at prices that cannot be beat.
**J We especially invite the public to visit our Parlor
Furniture and Carpet Department upstairs.
The Home Furnishers
128 Lonsdale Ave. North Vancouver
Mahon, McFarland & Procter, Ltd.
CLEARED 50 ft. Lots in Blocks 226 and 227;
$900 and $1000      1-4 cash, 6,12,18 months.
50 ft. Lots in Blocks 230 and 232a; $650, $700
and $800 1-4 cash, 6, 12 and 18 months
Phone 6286  ■   -  543 Pender Street, Vancouver
North Vancouver City
CLEARED LOTS 50 ft x 147 ft.
In BLOCKS 15, 15a, 16 and 16a. D.L. 550.
PRICES: $750 to $1000 according to location.
TERMS: 1-4 Cash, Bal. 6, 12 and 18 months.
ACREAGE in District Lots 546 and 550
In Blocks of from One to Four or more acres.
PRICES: from $2000 to $3250 per acre
TERMS: 1-4 Cash, Bal. 6,12,18 & 24 months
The Grand Boulevard extends through this property
■  '     '""      '     UTiiTiTi ■.■III.    i     IMF  iiii   i --—
The North Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company, _*
543 PENDER ST. ftflfP VANCOUVER, B. C. \
North' Vanbruvm
J im
B, C.
Published Tuesdays und Frid»y» by Nmtb Bhow'Wms, Uimtw
Qgo. II. Mokben, Editor find Manager.
Ono year, »1.IX) Six months, DO*. Three month*, foe,
United State* nijd Foreign, (1.60 psr y**r
Advertising iUtu will to Quoted on application.
Tb* Express is devote.! to tbe interests ol the north Shore of Burrard Inlet
wolmively. It constitute* sn sdvertising medium of oicentlonal T*|ue lor
reselling in a thorough and effective manner the papulation Of North Vancouver
llistrict.   Every effort is made to give pdvertiur* th* most sstisfactory
All changes In contriwt advertisement* should be is the printers' RMMI »«*
later than 10 a.m. Monday and 6 p.m. Wednesday to ensure insertion in tne
following ism*.  __.
September Tl, 1011
British Canadians scored a tremendous victory at tbe polls throughout
the Dominion yesterday. To attempt
to describe the verdict rendered by
the people as a mere party triumph
would ho to entirely less sight uf its
hue naturo and significance. It is
quite true that the Conservative party
was the medium through which the
victory was won, hut it is really likewise true tbat the influences which in
dueuil the Canadian citizenship to
rally in such an overwhelming manner
to the support of tbe position of that
party far transcended any merely party
considerations. The issue involved wub
one not only of national importance
but of imperial significance and of
worldwide import. In its negative
significance, thu people of Canada have
intimated to the United States, in an
emphatic manner, that they do not
wish to enter into any partnership with
that nut ion in matturs pertaining to
the tariff, and iu a positive sense they
have declared in a manner tbat the
' world ut large need not misunderstand
that Ihey do not propose that the
process of disintegration shall he sot
up within the British Kmpire, but tbat
('iiiiii,In shall renuiin in the Kmpire as
the keystone iu the arch, and lhat so
far as Canada can accomplish such a
result, the Kmpire shall strengthen
and solidify. Tbe latter is a question
of world uiesuiug and historians one
bun,Ire,I years from today may be able
to give their generation au approii
male idua of tho real slgniscance of
thu event which trauspircd in 4,'anada
ou September 21st, I'.i 11.
has characterized the Canadian people
luring tbis crisis period of their history
and it is st once * great privilege snd
a grist responsibility which fill to the
lot of tbe present generation of
electors in exercising tbeir right of
franchise at yesterday's polling. Thst
tb* result will be shown in
the light of future history to
h»vu directed tbe pathway of tbe progress of tbs Dominion in those channels
which were designed to secure for
Canada the largest place and tbe
widest iifluene* which it was possible
for our country to attain amongst the
nations of the sarth, will bs tbe belief of all who exercised their franchise
against the Reciprocity pact and also
tbe fervent wish of all loyal Canadians,
irrespective of the opiuions which they
held and tbo voto wulch thoy cast
upon the memorable 21st of September,
of the must valuable species, such as
oak, hickory, tulip nr yellow ppplsr,
chestnut, gum, wslnut, cherry snd a
large amount of han| pine wl|io|t i»
so frequently usod as a hardwood.
Prom tbW Sbove figures it-is seen
that we sre becoming more and more
dependent upon the United States
Whose available supply for export is
surely Slid rapidly decreasing. Wh»t-
ever o»n be done to jmprovb thu resources of Canada by t»e idiiiiij.iilinu
of food weste, and particuisrlj uy tho
development of the small wood lots of
Ontario, Southern Quencc and tho
maritime provinces should bo dole w
sll possible speed.
Tho editor Is In receipt of s communication from a correspondent signing himself "A Competitor," having
reference to tbe call for competitive
plans, etc., for tbe new Si. Andrew's
church. We can only inform our correspondent that the Express does not
depart from the rule that tbe signature
of the writer must be printed at the
bottom of every letter tbat is published
in these columns.
New. Westminster Land llisliid   His
triot of North Vanoonver. TAKE
NOTICE that we, It. libidwin nnd A.
C. Gladwin of Nortb Vaneouver, occupation, retired, intend to apply for
permission to, lease the following da-
scribed stream, known as Lynn Creek,
commencing at « post planted at tbe
N. W; eorner of tbe old wooden bridge
crossing said sf renin, tbence north,
following bed of stream to a post
plant ed 1,0110 feet north of Keith
Hoad, steel bridge, for tbe purpose ol
obtaining rook, gravel snd sand for
building and other purposes.
Pated Aug. 7tb/ WU. !    8-10
New Harness Shop
Vancouver Harness Co.
The election campaign whicii was
concluded by the exercise of the ballot
yesterday by the electors of Canada
will Uke its place in history as oue of
the greatest aud most momentous in
the iu,mils of the Dominion, either past
or futurs.
The issue upon which the campaign
was conducted was one of the greatest
importance, not only because it bad
reference to a radical departure from
tbat tariff policy under which Canada
haa prospered for many years, but
even more forcibly because of its
fundamental chsrscter, influencing as
it must tbs sntire trend of Canadian
progress for tbs future, and likewise
Ihe national destiny.
- The campaign was notable as being
characterized by one of those great upheavals of popular sentiment in wbicb
tbe old party lines srs burst asunder
ami the electors rise to lhal more ex
ailed plane of cjtizentnip in which
tbey espouss the cause which appeals
lo them as serving tbe Interests of tb*
country st large, irrespective of tbeir
previous party affiliations,
The superlative importance of tb*
issues involved wa* evidenced by
the strenuous nusner ia wbicb tb*
campaign was conducted and tbo determined light wbicb was put up by
both the opposing camps throughout tbe
entire Dominion. Tb* most outstanding
loaders ef public thought and tbe meet
eminent speakers tbst Canada can produce wero active participants in the
platform discusiion of the issue, while
in practically every constituency
throughout tb* length snd breadth of
th* land vsrb sid* had t c*ndidats i*
th* laid in whoso Interests » most
*t*l/b«r»ly contetted bsttle wu fought.
|t j* only occMJonsllf that conditions
intetop M*oog any peopls t* tiny th*
mtir* eitlseubtp at tin mntty to
nib a fitch ot Unit m tim whul
Canada is dependent for its lumber
supply on the soft woods of tbs forest
much more than is tbe United States,
as seen from tbe lain Forest Products
report compiled by tbe dominion For
estry Branch and shortly to he published. Of tbe 1910 Canadian lumber
cut, amounting to nearly live billion
feet, only one-twentieth consisted of
hardwoods or broad-leafed trees, worth
barely fivo million dollars; on the other
haud, almost one-ijuartor of the lumber
cut in tbe United (States consists of
hardwoods, which country had far
greater hardwood forests than ever did
Canada. Canada is already feeling a
shortage of tbe hardwood supply snd
makes up ths national deficiency by
importing annually from ths United
States hardwood lumber to the value
of .seven and a half million dollars.
Thus tho value of the hardwood imported into Canada during 1010 exceeded by fifty per cent, tbs value of
Ihe hardwoods manufactured into lumber.- Nearly all of tbese imports arc
from  the  United  Stales  and  consist
Telephone 276
Bargain Home Sites
In Nortb Lonsdale.
Two separate corner lots in
south east ijuarler nil. near school and
good road.   Cheap and easy terms.
In Lynn Vansy.
A number of good level lots    near
Municipal Hall, for IM each,   Payments sprsad over five years.
In District Lot 66o.
A selection of doulde corners for
large bouses near the Bnulevard.
Alexander Philip
Insurance Broksr.,
Club Block, Esplanade. Phon* 10.
1 4
135 Lonsdale Ave.
Q If you are a discriminating buyer you
will Have no difficulty in proving our
C[ Wedding Cakes a Specialty.
(J The Delivery Wagon of the Pioneer
Bakery, 8th Street East, will tab orders
ami deliver promptly any Quantity desired,
Bruce & Co.
House and Lot on Keith Road,
facing south, $2625 on terms,
■■■'■■■■   »i .  .    '..ii   =Ja-WS^"l«^"r-*>*--»gg--
Martin Senour
■    ' ■
100 per cent. Pure Paint
iiiiii ll
for the Outside
International Varnish Co/a
Vadshe,, Stain, Md E-fc
—————————————WW——B-1 I
Will give you results that will plea«e you (or years longer
than any other makes on the market and the fint coat
is loweat Come in and let us prove this.
Johnston k Salsbury
The Hardware Men
90 Lonsdale Ave,, North Vancouver
Mm-)in Honour
liurncy Foundry Co,
liiliiniiliiiiiiil Varnish Co.
Majestic Bangs*
Zenith 1''%* Tunis and File*
Special Price for Cash
maw mm        mwme^mrmw^m manmmmawnm        mmrwarm m
213 Londsl. Av*. Tel. 47
Cor. Nyt St. Tel. 87
Two Good Buys in House Property
19lh Street—Close to Lonsdale Avenue, modern house, 5
rooms and modern conveniences, for $2,400; $500
cash, balance to arrange.
13th Street—First block from Lonsdale Avenue, good
house, 5 rooms, on 60 fl. lot, facing south. This'is a
snap at $3,150; $1,150 cash, balance $20 per month.
For further particulars of above
and other House Properly, see   .
15 Lonsdale Ave.       Phone 70. P. Q. Box 1616
Palace Hotel
Second Street, North Vancouver, B. C.
RaTO;"—$2.00 pit day up.   Special
ralu to families and to regular hoarder!.
The "VOGUE''
Millinery Parlor
Masonic Temple Building,
North Vancouver., Mrs. F. Ber-
ryman, Propriet/e«. Just opened
with new stock comprising full
range of Fall Millinery. Inspection cordially invited.
183 6th a treat Jtiat North Vuimmrsr '
.   VVoptm #1
Booms 10 and 11. Ptnder Cbamlers.
- 603 I'emler .Street V.    phone 34(1
aqd l.unsiliili: Ave., North Vanoouvsr
Besidenoe, Dor. Lonsdul*   Avo.   and
'.Mini slroet, Norlh Vnncouvor.     ,
Loans, Investments snd Insurance.
Room 307, 632 Granvillo. St., Vancouver, 11. C. Phono bUltl. land llo,;i«
try work a specially,   ,
NEW WESTMIN8TEB I-ANP DISTRICT District of New Westminster.
Tabu notice tbut Joseph C, Ducterill,
ol Vancouvor, occupation, government
official, intends to apply for permission to purchuso,the. following described binds: 160 ncrcs commencing nt a
post planted on the south west corner of f.ot 3633, theuco , auutb it
cbuins, tbonco emu til chains, tlunoo
north 40 chains to south boundary of
Lot 'lilil. tbonco west 40 chains mors
or less, along said boundary to popit
of commencement.
■lune  lllli,   lllll. Jl-f
10,000 cords of dry fir wood fpr .|uicfc
sale.   Price per odd cords 14.60.
Special quotations r.u  larger quantities.
Cut Wood-16 niched sri.nn, 13 inches
13.85.    .
C. O. p.
Office end Yard
Phont 190 P p. Box 8433
Paper the World
from our stock or now Wall P»por»
so it scorns. Every day som* new
design arrives to fill tbe vacanoy
of those .closed out.
Handsome Wall Paperi
sr* hem in endlos* variety. Just
tell our sulcsmun for what room
you want ths p*per and he will
thow you just tbe pattern you are
looking for.
To  cbooa* from our stock is a pleasure, to p»y our price I* eaiy.
W. H. ST0NEY k CO.
117 l-ousdnlo Avenue
l'bun* 149
50x157 ft. on 15th Street,
we$t of Boulevard and lying
Martinson & Co.
and dry, a bargain, at   6? Lonidale Ave* ZT
$950, on tarn* NORTH VANCOUVER
> WrlfAW-W Wi
A BY-LAW t* enable Ibe Corporation
ul tbe City pf Norlk Vsneuuvcr
to raise by W*y ul luau tbe sum
ul »I3,_4|.W lur sebuul purposes.
WHEREAS the Bimril ol Trustees
u( N.hiIi Vancouvei' .'liy Schoo| District have proparo.1 a detailed estimate
Of the sums required tu meet speclul
er extraordinary expenses legally In-
ourrable by the Board, which estimate
Is us follows:
Estimate of Bpoclul or Extraordinary Expenditure—
_^ purchase uf Bcliuol Bite, Block
T~    I, D. U Hi.. 4*8,501)
Expenses attendant upon passage of this By-law apd
sale of debentures       760
 -*_    411,2(0
AND WHEHEAH tlie said esllmalo
was lulu before the City Council and
duly considered by I lie said Council,
and the said sum ubovo muntlonud wub
finally rejected aud disapproved by tho
said Council on the seventh day uf
AuKUBt, IM).
AND WHEKEAB tho Muyur of the
city has since the rejection and disapproval nf the said estimate, tu-wlt:
un tbe thirtieth day of August, 1911,
received from the Bocretdry pf Ihe
said Hon ul uf School Trustees, a written request that the said Mayor suh-
mit for the assent of tho elector*, In
the manner prescribed hy Section 68
of the Municipal Clauses Act a Bylaw authorising the proposed expenditure and If necessary the raising of
(the   moneys   required   tu  defray   Ihe
fame upon tho credit uf the muntclpul-
AND WHEREAS It Is nccossury that
ho said  money he rulsed  upon   tho
credit of the municipality.
AND WHEKEAB tho Council hus
authurixed the submission uf this Bylaw to Ihe electors.
AND WHEREAS fur the payment uf
Interest un the debentures proposed to
bo Issued under this By-law, and for
creating a sinking tuna for the pay
ment of thu said debentures when due,
It will be necessury to raise by special rule In addition tu' all athcr rules
lm i, year during the currency of audi
debentures Ibo Bum of VM nt,, whereof (6(6.26 la to lie rulsed umuiully for
the payment uf Interest during the
currency of said debentures, and 186 SO
lu be raised unnuully fur Ihe purpnsu
of creating a sinking fund fur puy-
ment uf tho debt secured hy Iho said
debentures tho sume being mude pay
able In fifty yours from the first day
uf Beptcmber, 1811.
WHEREAS In order lo rulse the said
yearly sum of.(688.00 fur Interest end
■Inking fund, an equal special rutc un
the duller will bo required to be levied
on all the rateable real properly In
the sold city.
' AND WHEREAS the whule rateable
rial property In the said city, accord^
Ing tu the last revised assessment roll,
Is (10,880.371.
AND WHEREAS the aggregate of
Ihe existing debenture .lobe uf the cor
puratlon Is 1849.670 (excepting for
works of local Improvement and for
school purposes), of which nuno of
tho principal or Interest Is In arrear.
THEREFORE tho Municipal Council of th* Corporation of tho City of
North Vancouver, with Uio ussent of
tho electors of the City of Nurlli Van
couvcr duly obtained, enacts as fol
1. It shall be lawful for tho Mayor
uf tho City of Norlh Vancouver and
(be City Clerk fur the purpose afore-
aaid to borrow ur raise by ivuy of loan
from any person or persons, body or
bodies corporate, wbu may be willing
tu advance tho seme upon the credit
of the debentures hereinafter mentioned of the corporation, a sum uf money
not exceeding In Ibe wliulo the sum
of 111,9(0.00 and lu cause the samo tu
be placed In the Bunk uf British Norlh
America at North Vancuuver, to the
credit of tbe city fur the purpose above
recited, and such moneys shall bo used
for thai purpose only.
8. Debentures ut Ihe dly mil exceeding in am.mul the sum of 118,3(0
may be Issued by the said Mayor and
City Clerk In terms of Ihe Municipal
Clauses Act In sums us may be desired, but not exceeding (1,000.00 each.
or ih,- equivalent expressed In pounds
nl,-rllui; uf Ihe iTiii.-.i Kingdom of
Orout Hill,,In und Ireland ul the value
of (186 2-3 lo the pound sterling
Each of the said debentures shall be
signed by tlie said Muyur and City
/Clerk, and Ihe Cily Clerk shall affix
thereto tho Corporate 8oul uf Iho said
City of Nortli Vancouver,
J. The debentures ahull hear dale
Iho first day of September, 1911. und
ahull boar Interosl al Ihe rule uf four
and one-half (tty) per cent, per an-
Sum payable half yearly on Ibe first
ay of March and the firsl day of September In each und ovcry year during
Die currency, of the 'said* debentures,
or any of them. Thoro shall be attached to the debentures- coupons
signed by the Mayer only, fur each
und every pnytnent or Interest thai
muy become due. and such signature
may be cither wrlllen, slampeuy printed ur lithographed thereon.
I. Tbe said debentures as tu principal and Interest muy bo mude payable cither In currency or Its equivalent In pounda sterling at the value
of I4 86 l-i lo the pound sterling at
such place ur places In Qreat Brltuln,
United State* of America or Ihe Dominion of Canada us may ho ugreod
upon between tho corporation ana Ibe
holder thereof, und tho suid principal
sum shall be made payable by tbe city
at a date not later thun fifty years
from the first day of September, 1911.
6 During tho whole term of Iho
curroncy ol the suid debentures a special rate on Ihe dollur shall bb levied
and raised each year In addition to all
other rates on all Ihe rulesble real
property In the city uml sufficient to
bay the Interest upun the said debentures, and tu creute a sinking fund fur
the payment of the principal Ihereuf
when due. subjeel to any act or enactment respecting Ihe seme. Such
special rate shall be Inserted In the
collector's roll or rolls, ond shall be
Buyable to and Collected by tbe said,
corporation In the sume way as other
rates In tho said roll or rolls, save as
hereinafter provided.
I. In order to provide for tbe rales
set out In paragraph l() und subject
as aforesaid, there shall be raised mi
niially by special rate during Ihe currency of the said debentures the sum
of (fiiil 25 lo provide for (he payment
of Interest Ihorcon, and Ihe sum of
(86.80 for the ropeymont of tbe principal thereof.
, 7. The proceeds of the sold debentures shall be applied as follows, and
not otherwise:
(a) In payment of the cost of the
passing of Inls By-law apd the Issue
und sue of Ihe debentures therein1 referred lo, and all expenses connected
with the said loan.
lb) In recouping the Said corporation 'or such sums as have been expended hereunder until tbo proceeds
of the (ale of (ho suid debentures becomes available.
(c) To carry oul the purposes of
Ibis By-law as above set out.
I. No rebate ahull bo showed on Hie
special rates to be levied under this
I, This By-law shall lake effect pa
Ihe day of the passing:
10. This By-law may be idled for
all purposes as "The Schools Extraordinary Expenditure Loan Bylaw No. 9,
passed ps "'0 Council on the 20lh
day of September, 1911,
Received the aaaent of tbo elector*
tt th* Pity of North V»w«»i*r at W
election for the purpose op the
pay Of
Reconsidered   by   Iho   Council   and
filially adopted, signed ny tlie Mayor
Mu'fclty^fSlerit, *a^3"*e(i*l'"£ltirt£«
Corporate Seal pp tpe
ur—'~-:"wmi.  ,
11 lie colly of I he propono.1 By|*W upon
which |be vole of the elector* of the
Municipality of the City of North Vnn-
TAKE NOTICE thst the above I* »
     of (he' -    ------
., .,)y of t,  .,....... .,.,
couver will be taken within Die riiy
Hull, North Vuncouver, B. p.Nin Saturday, 'he 7(h day of October? A, p.
19)1, between the hour* of 1 o'clock
a. m- and 7 o'clock p. m.  '
City Clerk and Returning Officer.
PUBLIC NOTICE I* hereby given that
the vole of ths electors of th* City of
North Vuncuuver will be taken un the
7ih day uf October, toll, between   the
hours uf 9 o'clock a, in. and 7 o'clock
p. m. on "The sol
Expenditure Loan Ufluw. ?■-,-.-, ......
and that wlCilff the' pity. lfatl_.Noifth
Vuncouver, 8, ft, and lhal TTnuuuii
Shepherd has been appointed Returning
'nil.ir lo take Ihs Vqle of such
electors wilh tbs usuul powers In that
"fly Order of the Council,
THOMAS Kills!'
City Clerk.
Ill I,AH  180. IS*.
A in I,aw is enable Ike Cor*ora(lua
el Ik* t'lly el Nertk Vsncouver
Iv raise by pay al losu Ike »um
ol »BU,04MI tu purckssr reel
properly for corporate parties-
WHEREAS a petition signed by the
owners of mure than one-tenth ii mi
uf the vulue of real property In the
city, us shown by Ibe last revised assessment roll, has been presented lu
(he Council requesting them to Introduce a Bylaw to authorise them lu
i,oi ii.w Ihe sum of sixty-three thousand 1(81,000) dullara for the purpose
of ucqulrlng by purchase Lois i and I.
Block 31, and Lois I, ( and I, Bluck 17,
In Ihe subdivision of Dislriot Lut (49,
containing five und une-quurter (CU)
acres, more or less, together with the
buildings erected thereon, the samo
being necessary for corporate purpose*.
AND whereas II Is de.emed necessury to acquire by purchase such land
and tho buildings thereon for corporate
AND WHEREAS for the payment ol
Interest on the debentures propused (u
be Issued under tbis Bylaw, and fur
creating a sinking fund fur tho puy-
ment of tho said debentures when due,
it will he necessary to raise by special
rate, In,addition to all other rales,
each year during tbe currency of sucb
debentures, the sum of 11,847.70.
whereof (2,86(00 la lo bs raised annually for Ihe payment of interesl
during iho currency of said debentures
and (418.70 to be raised annually for
the purpose of creating a sinking fund
for payment of the debt secured by
tho safd debentures, tbe some being
mude payable In fifty years (rom lbs
lirst day of September, 1911
AND WHEREAS In order to raise
iho said yearly aum of (3,247.70 for
Interest and sinking fund, un equal
special rale on Ihe dollar will be re-
qunred to be levied on all Ihe rateable
real property In tbe sold city.
AND WHEREAS the whole rateable
real properly In tbe suid city, according lo tne laat revised assessment roll
Is (10,990.971.
AND whereas the aggregate of
the existing debenture dent of tbe
Corporation Is (8(9.170 (excepting for
works of local Improvement and for
school purposes), of which none of
Iho principal ur Interest Is In arrear,
THEREFORE Iho Municipal Council
uf Ihe I'orpiirailoii of the City of
Nurlh Vancuuver, wilh tbe ussent uf
tho electors of Ibe cily of North Van
couver duly obtained, enacta aa follows:
1. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
uf tbe City of North Vancouver and
the City Cferk, for the purpose afbro
said, to borrow or raise by way of
loan from any person or persons, body
ur bodies corporate, who may be will
Ing to advahce the samo upon Ihe
credit of the debentures hereinafter
mentioned of tbe Corporation, a sum of
money not exceeding In ibe whole Ihe
sum of 168,000, and lo cause the same
lu bu placed in Ihe Bank of British
North America at Norlh Vancouver, lo
Ibo credit of tbe city for the purpose
above recited, and such moneys shall
be used for that purpose only.
8. Debentures of the city nol exceeding In amount tbe sum of 113.000
may be Issued by tho said Mayor and)
city Clerk In terms of Ibe Municipal
Clauses Act In sums as may be desired, but not exceeding ono thousand
dollars (81.000) each, or tbe equivalent
expressed In pounds sterling of Ihe
United Kingdom of Great Britain und
Ireland at the value of (416 l-l to
the pound sterling. Each of the laid
debentures shall be signed by tbe
said Mayor and Cily Clerk, and the
City Cierk shall alflx thereto the corporate sesl of the said City of Norlb
I. Ths debentures shall besr dale
Ihe drat day of Bcplember, 1911, and
shall bear Interest at Ihe rate of fuur
and one lmii it's) per cent, per
annum payable half yearly on the Ural
day of March and the first dsy of
September In each and every yeat
during lb* currency of Ihe s*ld debentures, or any of Ihem There shall
bo attached to the debenture* coupon*
sighed by the Mayor only for each und
every payment of Interest thtt may
become due, and such signature may
be either written, (lamped, printed or
lithographed  tbsrson,
1. Tbe said debenture* ** Ip principal and Interest may be made payable either In currency or Its equivalent In pounds sterling al Ihe value of
I4 86 l-l to the pound sterling al such
place or places fn Great Britain,
"'nltcd Slates of America or (he Dominion of Canada as muy be agreed
upon between the Corporation and
Ihe holder thereof, and ihe (old principal sum 'ball be made payable by
the city at a date not later than fifty
years from the flrst day of September,
loll.''    .
(. During the wbolo term of the
currency of tbe ssid debentures a
special rale on the dollar Shall be
levied und raised esch year In addition
fo all "I her rates OA Sll tho rales We
real property In Ibe city and sufficient
to pay the Interest upon Ibe said debentures, and to create a slnklpg fund
for Ihe payment of the principal
thereof when due. subject to any aot
or enactment respecting tbe tame,
Such Bpeclsl rale shall be Inserted In
the collector'* roll or roll* and shall
bo payable to and collected by the
said corporation In the same way as
other rates In the said roll or roll*,
save a* hereinafter provided.
I. In order Id provide for the rale*
set out In paragraph It) anil subject
as aforesaid, ihere shall be raised annually by specfal rale during the currency of Ibe said debentures Ibe sum
ol (9,8(6.00 to provide for the payment or Interest IbereOn, and the sun)
of (4li.70 for The fepaymenl of life
principal thereof.
7. Tbe proceeds of lbs paid debentures ahull be applied ** follows, »nd
not ntherwl**!
ia) in payni»nt pf the cost of the
pusslng of this Byluw unq the Issue
and sale of the debentures HiittiIii referred tu, and ull expenses connected
with the sa|d loan.
(h) In recouping the suid Corpora
(Ion for such sums us have been ox
pended. hereunder until the prqcoeils
of the siilii of the said debentures he
como available.
ip) to carry out the purposes pf
tills Bylaw us above set .put.
|. No rebate shall po allowed on
the special rotas to be levied under
this Bylaw.
0. This Bylaw shall lake effect on
thu day of the passing.
10. This Byluw mny be cited for all
purposes as "Tho 15th Street Property
Furchuso l.onii Byluw, loll."
I'nsscl in- ths Council on the 10th
ill.v   of  fleole, r.   19   |.
Received tho assent of the electors
of the City of Nortb Vancouver ut un
election for tho purpose on the
day of
Reconsidered by the Council and
llmilly udoVlod. signed bv Ihe Muyur
and cily Clerk, and Sealed with the
corporate seal on the day of
TAKE Nut ice that Ibo above Is
true oojiy of thp proppscd Byluw upun
which tho vole ot the electors of the
Municipality of tho City of North Vancouver will bo taken within tho City
Hall, Norlh Vancouver, B. C„ on Sat-
urdiiv,    Ihe     Ith    day    ul    October.
A, D.  1911., between the hours of 9
o'clock u, m   and 1 o'clock p. m.
Cily Clerk and Returning Officer
PUBLIC NOTICE Is hereby given
lhal Ihe vote of the electors of the
Ulty of North Vancouver will be
lulten on the Tth duy nf October,
1911, between the hours of 9 o'clock
a. m. and 7 o'clock p. m. on "The Kth
Street Properly Purchase Loan Bylaw,
1911," and that within the City Hull
North Vancouvor, B. C, and that
Thomas Shepherd Ilus been nppolnled
Returning Officer lo lake tho vote of
such electors with Ihe usuul powers
In lhat behalf
By Ordor of Ihe Council.
Cily Work.
A HIT.AW la euable Ibe Corporation
el l*e Illy al Wurtk Vancouver
lo raise by nay ul lorn. Ike sum
el *:i,ooo lar Ike purpose ol
Maintaining Ike Fire llrparl-
WHEREAS li Is deemed expedient
111 the Interest of tho city to burrow
(3,000 fur Iho purpose of mulnlulnlng
tbe I'M. Brigade, sumo being uu expenditure necessury fur assistance uf
the Fire I )e pur tin en I uf the city.
AND WHEREAS In order therelu ll
will be necessary lu Issue debentures
uf Ihe City of North Vancuuver for
the sum of (3,000 ss hereinafter provided (which is Iho amuunt of Ibe
debt Intended lu ho created by this
Bylaw) tbe pruceeus of Ihe said debentures lo be applied Ju Ibe said pur-
puses and tu no utbor:
AND WHEREAS a petition signed
hy Ibe owners of more than une-tenlh
(1-10) the .uio, ut real properly lu
Ihe city has been presented lo Ihe
Cily Council requesting them to Introduce a Bylaw tu authorise Ihem lo
bdrrow Ibe sum of throe thousand
1(3.000) dullurs fur ihe purpuse afore-
ANI) WHEREAS fur Ihe payment
uf Interest In Ihe debentures propused
(u be Issued under Ihis By-law, und
for creating a sinking fund fur the
payment ut Iho said debentures when
due. It will be necessary lu rulse by
speclul rule lu addition to ull ulher
rales, each year during Uie currency
uf such debentures Ihe sum of (1(4 60.
whereof (13(00 Is lo be rulsed unnuully for Ihe puymenl of Interesl during
the currency uf said debentures, and
II1' i,i, lo he rulsed unnuully fur Ibe
purpuse of dealing a sinking
fund for tlie puymenl of the dehi
secured by Ihe sold debentures Ibe
same being mude pay able In fifty years
frum Ihe first duy af September. 1911
AND WHEREAS In urder tu rulse
the said yearly sum of il 4 b fur Interest and sinking fund, un equul speclul rale on Ihe dollar will he required
to he levied un ull tlie rateublo reul
properly In the sold city.
ANJ) WHEREAS tho whole rateable
real properly In Ihe suid cily according to ibe last revised assessment
roll Is (10.990.371.
AND WHEREAS Iho aggregate of
the existing debenture debt of Ibe
corporation Is 1149.170 (excepting for
works uf local Improvement and for
school purposes) uf which none of Ihe
prlnclpnl nr Interest Is In arrear.
THEREFORE Ihe Municipal Council of Ihe Corporation uf Iho Cily of
North Vancouver, with the assent nf
tbe electors of Ibe City or Norlb Van
couver duly obtained enacts as fol
I. It shall be lawful for Ihe Mayor
uf the City ot Nurth Vancuuver and
the Cily Clerk lur the purpuse afure-
ssld lo borrow or rulse by way or loan
from any person or persons, body or
bodies corporate, who may be willing
lo advance Ihe same upon the credit
of Ihe debentures hereinafter mention
ed of the corporation, a sum of money
nol exceeding In the whule Ibe sum
of 13.00000 and to cause Ihe some lu
be placed In Ihe Bank of British Norlh
America al Norlh Vancuuver. to the
credit uf Ihe city for Ihe purpose above
recited, and such moneys shall be used
fur that purpoae ohly
f. Debentures of Ibe cily not exceeding In minium Ihe sum of 13.000 00
may be issued by Ihe suld Mayor and
City Clerk In terms of Ibo Municipal
Clauses Acl tn sums tt may be desired,
but not exceeding 11.000 00 etch, or
(he equivalent expressed In pounds
slerllng of the United Kingdom of
Oreat Britain and Ireland si the value
of (4 8(2-1 lu Ihe pound etorllng.
Keen of the said debentures shall he
signed by Ihe said Mayor and City
Clerk snd the Cily Clerk shul) uMlx
therein the ('oi p..lute ftSeal Of Ihe
said Cily uf North Vancouver
J. Tbe debentures sonll .bear dale
Oral day of September. 1(11, and
shall bear Interest al ihe rulo of
four and one-hair mi) per cent, per
annum half yearly on Ihe first day uf
March and ibe flrst duy uf September
Ih each and every year during the
currency of the said debentures, or
any of them- There shell be attached
lo Ihe debentures coupons signed by
Ibe Mayor only, for each and every
paymeni of Interesl thai may become
due, and euoh signature may be either
written, stamped; printed or lithographed thereon. /
t Tbe said debentures a* to principal and Interest may he made payable either In currencyjjr It* equivalent In pounds sterlings! Ibe value
of (1813-3 lo fbe pound slerllng ut
such place or placet In Great Britain,
United Slelcs of America or Ihe Dominion of Canada as may be agreed
upon between Ins corporation and Ihe
bolder thereof .and  Ibe snld  principal
sum ahall be made payable by ill*
cily at * d»l* (nil foler Ihun fifty
years from (he first dsy of September.
(. (luring Ihe whole term of tb*
currency of tb* e*la debenture* a
special rat* on the dollur shall be
levied and raised each your In u.ldl-
llon to all other rules pn ull tbe rateable real property In the city ani| until
clout tp pgy the Interest upon tho said
debentures, and fo creute a sinking
fund fqr thp payment of the 'principal thereof when due, subject to uny
act of enactment respecting the same.
Such special rat* shall bo Inserted In
tpe Poflectpr's Roll or iioiin, and shall
bo payable to uml collected by the
said eorpoi uilon In the same way as
other rafes In tho said roll or roils,
save as hereinafter provided.
s. In order to provide for tbe rates
set oul In paragraph le) and subject
us aforesaid, (here shall be raised annually by special rale during the currency of tpe said debentures the sum
of (186.00 to provide for the payment
of Interest thereon, and tho sum of
(lii iir. for the repayment of tbe principal thereof.
7. The proceeds of the ssid debentures shall ho applied as follow*, and
not otherwise:
(a) In payment of the cost of the
passing of this llvlaw mn} Iho Issue
and sale of the debentures therein referred to, and nil expenses connected
with tbo suld loun.
(bl In recouping tbo t*id corporation for such sums aa have been expended hereunder until Ihe proceeds
of the sale of tho said debentures be-
coiin-a available.
(c) To carry out the purpose* of
this By-law us ubovo let out.
I. No rebate shall be allowed on
tbe special rules to be levied' under
this By-law.
9. This By-law shall take effect on
Iho duy uf the pusslng,
10. This By-law may be died for
ull purposes as "Tho Fire Brigade
Asslslunco Loun By-law, 1911."
Passed bv Hie Council un the 20th
day uf September, 1911.
Receiver.1 the assent of tho electors
of the Cily of Nurlh Vuncouver at an
. I,-, ii-ii fur thul purpoBo on the
duy uf
Reconsidered by Ihe Council und
finally adopted, sinned by tbe Muyur
and cily Clerk  und scaled with  the
Corporate Seul un the
of , A.D. 1911.
TAKE NOTICE thul the ubovo Is u
true copy uf the proposed Byluw upon
which ihe vole of the elecii.rs of thr
Municipality of the Cily of North Vuncouver will be taken wllhln the Oily
Hull. North Vuncouver, B. C, on Saturday. Ihe 7lh duy of October, A. fl.
1911, between Ihe hours of 9 o'clock
u. m. und 7 o'clock p. m.
Cily Clerk und Reluming Officer.
PUBLIC NOTICE Is hereby irlven lliul
the vote of the electors of tbe City of
North Vuncouver will be token on the
7th duy of October. 1011. between the
Injurs uf 0 o'clock a in. und 7 o'clock
p. m. on "The Fire Brigade Assistance
Is,.in Byluw. 1911." und thul wllhln the
City Il.ll Norlh VuncouVer, II. ft, and
lhal Thomas Shepherd has been appointed Rod.min;; Officer lo lllke tile
: si. oi such electurs wilh Ihe usuul
powers In Ibal hebulf.
fly Order of Ibe Council.
City Clerk.
Ill-LAW   NO. IM.
A 111-LAW lu eukle Ike Corporation
ul (ke Cily ol Nurlk Vancouver
4u raise by uay ut loss Ibe subs
ul »i:.,ihhi lur tke purpose ul
milking, preserving and repairing reads and streets la Ike .Tl)
Including Ike construction ol
a... sidewalk*.
WHEREAS Ihe Oeiicral Revenue Is
Insufficient lo meet the expenditure
necessury for the purpose of making,
preserving und repulrlng roads und
slreels III the city, Including Ihe construction of new sidewalks.
AND WlfKREAB II Is desirable and
deeuiid expedient Ihul Ihe sum of ill
Icon thousand l(l(,000) dollurs he expended  by  Ihe cily fur Ihe purposes
AND WHEREAS In urder therelu II
will h.. necessary tu Issue debentures
of Ihe Oily uf Nortli Vuncouver for Ibe
sum uf nn,,n ih,,us,md Ifl(.OOO) dullurs us herelnufler provided (which Is
Ihe .um.out of Ibe debt Intended Id
be creeled by Ibis By-law), the proceeds of Ibe suid debentures lo be up-
plied lo Ihe said purposes and tu no
AND WHEREAS a pellliun signed
by Die owners uf more than unctenlh
(110) the vulue uf reul prupcrly lu
the city has been presented to the City
i',om, it requesting Ihem tu Introduce
a Ih law lo authorise tbem lo borrow
the sum of fifteen thousand ito.lOJ)
dollars for the purpuse aforesaid.
AND WHEREAS fur the puymenl of
Interesl un Ihe debentures propused lo
be Issued under this By-law, und fur
creating a sinking fund for tbe puymenl of Ihe suld debentures when due,
II will be necessury lu raise for speclul rule In addition to ull other rales,
curb ;-,.ii during the currency of such
debentures the Sum of (773.Jt, Whereof (676 00 Is fu be raised annually tor
tbe puymenl of Interest during the
currency uf said debentures, und (9126
tp be rulsed nnnually fur the purpose
of ,i,..nm. ., sinking fund for Ibe
puymenl of Ihe debt secured by the
suld debentures, the same being made
puyuble In fifty years from the flrst
day uf September,  inn
AND WHEREAS In urder lo raise
the auld yearly aum of (773 26 for In
iciest ono sinking fund, an equal spe
clal rale on tbe dollar will be required
lu bo levied on all the rateable real
properly In the suld city.
AND WHEREAS Ihe whole ratoable
reul properly In the auld city, accord
Ing lu Ihe lost revised assessment
roll   Is  110.990,371.
AND WHEREAS Ibe aggregate of
the existing debenture debt of the cor
porallon Is (849.870 (excepting for
works of local Improvement and for
school purposes). - of which none of
Ihe principal or Interest is in arrear.
THEREFORE the Municipal Council
of the Corporation of the City of
North Vancouver, wilh Iho assent of
the eloclors of Ihe Cily of North
Vancouver duly obtained, enacts as
I. It shall be lawful for Die Mayor
of Ihe City of North Vancouver and
the Cily Clerk for Ihe purpose aforesaid to borrow or raise by way of
loun from any person or person*, body
or bodies corporate, wbo may be willing to advance Iho same upon the
credit of the debentures hereinafter
mentioned of the corporation, a sum
of money pot exceeding in (he whole
(he sum of (16.00000 and lo cause tlie
same lo be placed in the Bank ot British Nurlh America at North Vancouver,
to Hie credit of Ihe city for Ihe purpose abov; recited, and Sucb moneys
siiall be used for Ibat purpose only,
2 Debentures of tbe city not exceeding In amount tbe sum of (16.000
may be Issued by tbe said May6r and
City Clerk In term* of Ifie Municipal
clauses Aft In sums as may be desired,
but not exceeding (1,00000
Ihe equivalent expressed In pounds
slerllng of the Milled Kingdom Of
Great Brlialn and Ireland m the Value
of (I III 3 to the pound slerllng.
Each ot the sold debentures shall be
signed by tbe said Mayor and City
Clerk, and the City Clerk shall affix
theT«to tb* Corporate •**!«( tb* tald
City of North Vancouver. ^^_
8. Tho debentures shall hour date
the llfat day ot September, 1911, and
spall bear Interest at the rule pf fqpr
and une-hulf/4H) per cent, per an
num. 'pa/able half yearly on the flrst
day of March and the first day of Sep-,
lepiber in1 each und every year during the currency of the said debentures, or any ot them. There spall be
attached to the debentures coupons
signed by thp Mayor only, tot each
apd every payment of Interest that
may become que, and such signature
may be either .written, slumped, printed or lithographed Ibercon.
4. The said debentures as to principal and Interesl may be mudo pay-'
able either In currency or Its equivalent in pound sterling at the value Of
(4.80 1-3 to tho pound sterling ul sud)
place or places in Great Britain, United States of America or the Dominion
uf Canada a* may bo agreed upon between tho corporation and the holder
thereof, and thu suld prlncpal sum
shall be made puyuble by the ulty at a
date not luter than fifty yoara from
the lirst day of September. 1911.
8. During tho whole term of tho
currency ut Ihe suld debentures u spe-
.clal rate on Ibo dollar shall be levied
1 and raised each your In addition to all
other rules on ull the rateable real
property In Iho city and aufflclonf to
pay Ihe Internal upon tbe said debentures, and to create a alnking fund for
the payment of the principal thereof
when due, subject to any act or enactment respecting tho silmo. Such
special rate shall bo Inserted In tbe
Collector's Rull or Rolls, and shall be
payable lo and collected by the suld
corporation In the same way as other
rales In the said roll or rolls, savo as
herelnufler provided.
ii. In order tp provide for tho rates
set out In purugraph (() and subject
as ufuresalii, there Shall be raised unnuully by special rato during the currency of tbe u.il.t debentures the sum
of (670.00 to provide fur Iho payment
of Interest thereon, and Ibe Bum of
(98.26 for the repayment of the principal thereof.
7. The proceeds of Iho said debentures shall be applied as fullows, and
nol otherwise:
lu) In payment of the cost of the
passing uf this By-law, and the Issue
und sule uf the debentures therein referred to and all expenses connected
wilh Iho said loan.
lb) In recouping the Bald corpura-
lloii fur such sums as have beon ox-
j,,mleil hereunder until the proceeds
uf the sule uf the suld debentures becomes  ., V-,liable
(c) Tu curry oul the purposes of
Ibis By-law us above set out.
8. All moneys arising out of the
iiinii.il special rutc hereinbefore provided fur sinking fund shall be Invested by the Council of the said corpora-
ih,n from limo to time as the law
9. No rebate shut) be ullowed on
the special rateB to bo levied under
this By-law.
10. This By-law shall take effect
on the duy of the passing.
11. This By-law may be cited for
all purposes as I'The Streets Malnte
n..me Lean By-law, 1911."
I'usse'd by the Cuuncll on Iho 201b
duv of September,  1911.
Received the assent of tbe electors
of Hie City of North Vancouver at an
election for the purpose on the
day of .
Reconsidered by the Council and
nn,ill. adopted, signed by the Mayor
und City Clerk, and scaled with the
Corporate Seul on (he day
of AD. 1011.
TAKE NOTICE thul the ubove Is u
true copy of the proposed Bylaw upon
which ihe vole of ihe electors uf the
Municipality of the City of Norlh Vaneouver will be i.ii,,n within the City
Hull, Norlh Vuncouver. II C. on Sat
iii.lai Ihe 7th day of October, A, D.
1(11, I- tw.-.-a ihe hours of 9 o'clock
u  in. und 7 o'clock p. m.
(illy Clerk and Returning Officer.
PUBLIC NOTICE Is hereby given thai
the vole of the electors of the City of
Nortli Vulieouver will lie taken on the
7SIi day of October, 1911, between the
hours uf 9 o'clock u. in. and 7 o'clock
i, tn on "The Street Maintenance Loan
n.tav, ism." and tbut wllhln Ihe Cily
Hull. North Vancouver. B. ft, und that
Thomas Shepherd has been appointed
Reluming olllcei to lake Iho vote of
such electors with the usual powers In
thai behalf.
By Order of Ibe Council.
City Clerk
111 LAW NO. ISO.
IIII III lo enable Ikt Corporation
ul Ike City ol Nortb Vancouver
lu raise by ivay of lean Ike earn
nt stiu.oou for Waterworks purposes,
WHEREAS It Is deemed necessary
uml expedient ibui the  of tso.oou
he provided for Waterworks purposes.
AND WHEREAS a petition signed
by ihe owners of more than one-tenth
11 ud Ihe value uf real property In Ihe
city, bus been presented io tbe City
Council rcquesllng them to Introduce
a Byluw to uuthorJso tbem to borrow
the sum   of  (30,000  for Waterworks
AND WHEREAS Ihe Cuuncll bus su-
thurlxed the tubmltslun of thlB Bylaw
10 Ihe elector*,
AND WHEREAS for the payment of
Interest on tbo debenture* proposed to
be Issued under this Bylaw, and for
creating a alnking fund for the payment of the said debentures when due,
11 will be necessury to raise by special
rate III uddiilini to ail other rales,
each your during Ibe currency of such
debentures, tbe turn of (1,(48(0,
whereof (1.360.00 Is (o b* rub
j.-.™-     ,c-..~--   - -, — -JM unnuully   for     .,.   .„.,,„. ,. ._.
during Ihe currency of said debentures,
placed In the Bunk of British North
America at North Vancouver, to the
credit of the city fqr the purpose ubovo
recited, and suph moneys shall bo uBcd
fur that purpose only.
i. Debentures ot tho city pot exceeding In ainoiint Ibo sum of (10,000
may be Issued by the said Mayor and
city Cleric In terms ot tho Municipal
cianiie.'i Act In sums as may bo desired,
bnt nol exceeding (1,000 ouch, or Iho
equivalent expressed In pounds sterling
of the United Kingdom ot Qreat
Mill;.In Ulld Ireland ut the vuluo ot
(4.86 3-3 to the pound sterling. Each
ot tho said debenture;; shall bo signed
by the said Mayor and City Clerk nnd
the City Clork shall .idlx thereto the
corporate seul ot the said City of
North Vancouvor.
8. The debentures ahall bear dufe
the first dsy of September, 1911. and
ahull bear Interesl ol thu rulo of four
and one-halt (1%) per cont. nor annum payable half yeurly on tho nrsi
day of March and Iho first day of
September In ouch and ovory year
during tho currency of tho suld de-
lieniiires. or uny ot them, Thero shall
be uttucbed lu Ibo debentures coupuns
signed by the Muyor only, for ouch und
ovcry payment ut IntoroBt that may become due, una such algnutuco may
be either written, stumped, printed or
lithographed thereop.
I. Tho said debenture* us tu pi'ln-
clpul and Interns1 muy be made payable either In currency or Its equivalent In pounds sterling ut thu vufde of
(4.86 2-3 to Iho pound sterling at such
place or places In Oreut Britain,
United States of America or the Dominion of Canada' us mny ho ugreed
Upon between the Corporation and tho
holder thereof, and Ihe suld principal
sum .shall be mude pa. aid, by Ihe city
at a date not Inter thun fifty years
frum tbe lirst day of September, 1911.
(. During the whole term of the
currency uf the said debentures a
speclul rule un Die ,1,-11., ahull he
levied uud raised ouch year In nddlllon
lo ull other rates on nil the rateable
reul property In the dly und sufficient
to pay the interest upon the auld debentures, und lo creute u sinking fund
fur Ihe payment of the principal
Ihereuf when due. subject lo uny uct
or enuetment respecting Ibo sume.
Such special rule ahull he inserted In
the collector's roll or roils, und shall
be puyuble lo und collected by the
suld Corporalluii In the same wuy us
other rates In Ihe suld roll ur rails,
save us hereinafter provided.
I. In order lo provide for the rules
set uul In puragrapli ir,| and subjeel
us aforesaid, Ihere shall be rulsed annually by special rule during the currency uf the suld del ii, a tin- sum
of (1.3(0.00 lu tunvhle for ihe payment
of Interest thereon, und the sum of
(196.60 for the repuynieni of the principal thereof.
7. The pruceeds uf the sold debentures ahull be applied us follows, und
not otherwise:
(uJ' In puymenl of the cost of Ihe
passing of Ihis Byluw. und Ilie Issue
and sale of the debentures therein referred to, und ull expenses connected
with the suld loun.
(b) In recouping Ihe mild Corporation for such sums ns huvu lieen expended hereunder until Ihe proceeds
of the sale of the suld debentures becomes uvuilable
(c) Tu curry oul Ihe purposes of
this Bylaw us ubove set out.
8. All money a arising uul of Ihe
annual speclul rule hereinbefore provided for slnl-iu; fund shall he invested by the Council of Iho sold Corporation from lime lo lime us Ihe luw
t. No rebate shall he nllowed on
the specluj rules tu be levied under this
10. This liy low sbull lal.. effect un
the duy nf the pusslng.
II. This Bylaw may be died fur ull
purposes as "The Wulerwurks Loan
Bylaw, No. 2. 1911"        *""
Passed hy Ihe Council on Ihe 20th
day of September.  1011.
Received the ussent of the electors
of Iho City of Norlh Vuncouver ut un
election for Ihe  purpose on  Ihe
day of ,
Reconsidered by    Iho   Cuuncll   und
Anally adopted, signed by  Ihe Muyur
und Cily Clerk, und seuleil  with  Ihe
Curporale seul on Hie day of
A. D. 1011
TAKE NOTICE Ihut the ubove Is a
true copy uf the prupused Bylaw upon
which Ihe vote of the electors of Ihe
Municipality of Ihe City of North Vuncouver Will be taken wllhln the City
Hull. North Vuncouver, B. C, on Saturday, the 7th of October. A. D. 1911,
between the hours uf 9 o'clock u. m.
und 7 o'clock p. m.
City Clerk und Returning Officer.
PUBLIC NOTICE Is hereby given
thul the volo of Ihe electors of Ihe
City of Norlh Vuncouver will he token
on the 7ib duy of Oclolier. loll,
between tTTe hours of 0 o'clock a. tn.
und 7 o'clock p, m. oq "The Wulerwurks Loan Byluw, No. 2. 1911," und .
Ihut wllhln Ihe Cily Hall. Norlh Vuncouver, B. (.'.. und that Thopius Shepherd bus been unpointed Returning
Officer lo take Ihe vule of such
electors with Ihe usuul powers In Ihut
By Order uf the Cuuncll.
Cily Clerk. ,
in I,ill
I-LAW lu eaflj
lha   payment  of interest
ig tho currency of said debentures,
and (198(0 lo be raised annually fur
the purpuse of creating * sinking fund
fur payment of the dent secured oy Ibe
sold debentures, Ihe same being made
pi.yi.blr In (Ifly year* from the first
day of September, 111).
AND WHEREAS, In order lo raise
the Said yearly Sum of (1.648.(0 for
Interest and sinking fund, an equal
•■■I" i til rale on in,- dollar will b*
required to bo levied on all
tbe rateable real properly in tbe Mid
AND WHEREAS the whole rateable
real property' in the said city, according lo lire last revised assessment roll
Is (10.990.171.
AND WHEREAS tbo aggregate of
tbe existing debenture debt of the
Corporation Is (819.870 (excepting fur
works of local Improvement' and for
school purposes), ul which none of tbe
nrlpclpal or interest It In arrear.
THEREFORE, Ibo MunicipaljCpuncB
of the Corporation ot Ihe Clip of
Norlh Vancouver, wilb the assent of
the elector* ol the City Of North Vancouver duly obtained, opacl* k* follows:
1. It shall be lawful for tbe Mayo'
of Ibe Cily of North VWcouve? and
the City Cferk, for the pUrpoM aforesaid, to borrow at rifjn it #ty .ojlof**
from any person ot.ptrapnl. body or
bodle* c6rpor»U, wDd mifbe willing
io advance the sume upun the credll of
"lute* ber.elfftrter toentioned
operation, » »bm   6f  Money
III -I,AH la edible Ike Corporation
of Ike Illy ol Uorth Vsarosvrr
tu raise by nay of loaa Ike sua)
ul SU.UOO lur Ikr Preservation ul
Public li."in. |a Ike Illy.
WHEREAS It Is deemed expedient
and necessary tu borrow Ibe sum of
six thousand ((8,000) dollurs for
health purposes.
AND WHEREAS a petition signed
by Ibo owners of moro than One-tenlh
of the value of rea] prupcrly In Ihe
city a* khown by the lust revised
Assessment Roll has been presented
lo Ihe Council requesting Ihem to Introduce a py-lnw lu minimize thi-iu
to borrow tbo sum of six (hodsand
1(6,000) dollars fur Hie preserVullon of
public health In Hie cily.
AND WHEREAS for ihe payment of
interest 6n the debenrures proposed
(6 be Issued under this Hy Inn. and
for creating a sinking fund for the
payment or the said debentures when
due, It will be necessary lo raise by
special rale Jn addition to all other
rates, each yeur during (he currency
of *uch debentures the sum of (308.30,
whereof  (270.00  Is  10  be' rulsed  an-
Sually  for  tbo  payment  of Interesl
tiring  the  currency  of said .deben-
tilikt, and (Jti.30 to be raised annually for the purpose of creating q sinking fund for payment of tho debt Secured by (be sarin debenture*, 'he same
Ming made payable In fifty years from
iho SrSI day of September, 1911:
AND  WHEREAS In  orifcr to raise
ie said yearly sum Of f30»80 for In-
reft and sinking fund, an equal spe-
" rife oh  this dMlsr  tylll  be
qtiiredlq be levied op ill the ruleable
tetl property In lbs sard city.
AW WHEREAS Ihe who!* rateable
ICf.llase* oa pipe mfaht.)
I mmmm
i.t '
The Bank of British North America
Capita! Paid Up, $4,866,666, Reserve Fund, $2,652,333
mit-" i'ii " ""~~~~""~"——-——
2 Offices in North Vancouvei^-2
UPPER LONSDALE AVE. (near Fourteenth Street)
Saving Deposits of $1.00 and upwards received-
Interest allowed at current rate*.
Banker's Money Orders issued.
Pioneer Confectionery
Mr. S. F. MubsuIwhite begs to
announce that he haa purchased
the business at 71 Lonsdale Ave.,
formerly contluutetl by Mr. 8, H.
Walker under thu name of thu
l'ioneer Bakery.
The business will bo conducted
in the sume premises under the
inline of The Pioneer Confectionery,
uml will continue to produce
liaiiil-niiulii and home-made bread
nf the best quality as well as all
linns of high-class pastry and
Mr. Musselwhite hopes by close
attention to the interests of hii
customers, and by sustaining at
lliu highest standard of excellence
the goods produce.!, to merit a
continuation of the patronage of
ull former customers, and to welcome ninny new ones, for which
purpose the factory und plant has
been greatly enlurgetl and improved. Careful attention will
lie given to any special orders
from patrons.
Pioneer Confectionery
S. F. Musselwhite, Prop.        Phone 8
I ClClV at our Babies BILLY and
Why make two loads moving when One Van will take it all.
Ring up 295, CREAMER TRANSFER CO., (or the
Largest Padded Furniture tnd Piano Van in the Gly.
l/tnva Vancouver 6.20 a.m.   and
llii'inilln i>w-iy    '«!ll  ini lint, -s    until
7.1X1 |i in. I'liininnninK 7.30 p.iu.
ovory .10 illinium until  11.30 p.m.
Ili.-i.-iifli-r ll.lh sud 1.00 t.D.
Uuve  Voncuuver  7.40,  8.30 and
11.00 t Ii.iuu'Iit samu ts wotidays.
U»vs Nortli V.ncouvtr 41.00 am.
tnd tlitreallar tvsry 30 ainutts until 7.00 p.es. f:ommsswiac 7.30 p.
a. tvsry 80 tninutts until 11.00 p.
in. llisresllar II.Vi aad 13.48 t.n.
iMvt North Vtncouvtf 7.98, 8.00
and 8.40, tluraaftsr ubi aswosk-
days. ,
Hingis (ars 5c, « lor 35c, 30 lor |l, 70 for 18.
A l.miila-r wagons, trucks and
drays, 78c return.
H-3 boras aiprots carriages and
liackt, 84c return.
I! -1 horst express buggiss and
(iiiIi.k,  38c  return.
All tba above rata* Include driver. Baits A aad B subject to 30
per otnt. discount ia Iota oi 80.
Psr 100 lbs. rata. 6e.
Biiiimutti rata, 10c.
Time-table eubject to change without Botiot.
('oniptny not liable lor delays, accidental or otbarwiaa.
Hay, Flour & Feed
Owing to larger warahowa accomodation, wa ara bow in a potion ta
carry a larger aad mora complete
stock of the** goodt nni to supply   >-•
.    our cuataeaar* at Vaocourar pri-w.
All Order* DaBfarad Promptly.
* a
Tbi Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
9 J™    mmW'ijawwmhmmnmww    mammmm
Pk#M 4
Jhf supBrlntoiiiloiit anil ttiai'liors of
fbe North Lo|is(1s|b fresliytoriaii Bun-
day School were Um guests of tlie
Boys' iHuh pf (bat cliuroli last Wo.i-
nosilay nlgbt at (be club's first annual
'Arter a hearty supper the suporlu
liuiiloiit, Oeorge Cent, |>ra|>osoil "Tlm
Ohurcli," which toast was rospomloil
to by the pastor, The gecrotary, flarl
philips, followed with a toast to tbe
Sundty School, responded to by tbe
Ths rest of the evening was spout in
the enjoyinout of songs and gumus.
The evening sorvice nest Sunday will
take the form of a children's somen.
Special music has been |u-cparoil by
the Humbly School. All parents and
friends are, invited.
Under the supervision of Messrs
Waddell k Harrington, the surveyors
are bard at work on thu Anal survoy
of the incline portion of tlie railway
tnd it is azpectod tbat a considerable
saving in tbe cost of construction will
bs made by the new route as well ss
beiug *o improvement on the former
projected route. As soon as tbo survey
is complete it is the intuiition of the
company to push forward tlm work
of construction us rapidly us possible.
After two adjournments, the case
against .lames Kelly, involving s
charge of giving whisKoy to an Indian
num.nl I,mils Julian,' came to a close
on Wednesday ovenlng. Kelly still
pleaded not guilly and wus represented
by Mr. Hull, who pointed out to the
court that certain details in the evidence wero iiiadmiisable and had no
boaring on the case.
Magistrate Kealy imposed a line of
116 aud costs or two moil!lis iu de
Jury Raturiia Vtrdlct lu Favor of B. O.
B. B, In Claim for Damages.
A county court jury brought in s
verdict in favor of the B. C. K. II. yes
terday afternoon iu tho suit brought
against that company by Mr Isaac
diaries Mills, a resident of North Van
couver. Mr. Mills sought lo recover
linn u damages for alleged injury tu
Tbe plaintiff was driving a wagon in
l.ynn Valley on Muy lifitli whoii a
tram collide,I with il. Tlm wagon was
damaged and one of Ihe team of
horses injured.
Mr. I.. (I. Mcl'hillips, K.l'., appearing
for the defendants, successfully contended that the plaintiff had Ihtti
negligent. Mr. A. Al.'Mm,ler appeared
for Mr. Mills.
When speaking of a heroine of the
West, it does not refer lo that familial
ing dare devil typo of milts whose full
blooded mare dashes nightly across the
screen of tho moving picture show. Nor
Iocs it refer to the audacious cowgirl
who is discoverable in every oilier book
ou ranch life (Ihe kind of book, by the
way, which enamautes, as a rule, from
tbe pen of one who has happened lo
witness a round up from a l.'.P. R.lraiuj.
No. When Ilie term "heroine" is used
Ibe desire is Ibat it shall suggtsl some
thing more limn temporary heroics.   It
should siiliinioli before Ike imagination 's
eye a woma|i whose life ami qualities
ara really worth applauding, whose re
sourcs aud determination, are of tht
kind that historians should make a
nots of.
Thtrt is at the present time living in
Oklahoma an Interesting and wealthy
woman known locally by Iho uiiromaiilic
name of Jane Applebee, but universally
spoken of la Teias aa Ihe "(attic
tjueeu." Many years ago she married
August Captain, a Washington Inter
prater, and ber troubles snd ultimsle
triumphs dste from Ihe death of this
bar first husband. She wu left wilb
OS ftwtr than fifteen mouths lo All tint
tht wherewithal! was miserably manly
Optimistic In li'inporaiiN'iii. she kept her
mind streuously Usui upon Ibat silver
lining which Is said to characterise
every rloud, and after long months of
very bard ami badly paid work, she had
sufficient cash lo pay for one cow. Tbis
and the insiguill.-ant looking islf which
presently tppsared were the lotninenro
nienl   of  tfas  . stile   ipi.eo'-   pr,,spent-.
Now, tiding, of this woman's prosper
liy at wall as ber determination reached
ths ears of tbs cattle men of Tesas.
Thay recognised htr plurk and paid
thtlr rough tribute In it in a veyy practical way. Thay told ber she could haw
all the motherless calves that she could
lad. This wu a great concession, ant)
Jans took Immediate advantage of it.
Mb* roamed about Ihe countryside day
aad night, aod the number of motherless
salves that ihs secured ran only be ss
timaUd from ths fart that in a rompar
aMvaljr short tint tie bad quite a
decant little ranch.
lm m Mighty rWtn evolve from a
mure tricklu pn the mountain side SO
did Ihis woman's ultimate two and
three thousand bead of cattle originate
jn tlm abovo small manner. Bhe was
always a hard worher^ end Achieved t
reput&tiun1 for honesty in all business
dealings, which, is as imperishable tp,
day es Oeorge Washington's reputation
for IriilhfulitOBs. It i« said (bet ID
commercial millers Jane wus unite
masculine, that she combined (be keen
eyo"of p veterlnery enrgeon with Ibe
shrewdness 'of a born cattleman. She
shipped her stock to Kansas, St. Louie
and elsewhere at the rate of ten thousand dollars' worth per year, till pre>
suntly she acquired what almost
amounted to a monopoly and woe
given the regel title or the "Cattle
i} 11 'T li." '
None will blame ber nowadays fpr
ridiculing tha peevish cry of pessimists
who point out tbs absolute, impossibility
of "making good" in this life unless
iiuu Is supremely educated in some
special branch or In possession of a
goodly amount of capital. If only the
women who are clamoring for the poll
lienl franchise cnuld obtain a few
thousand recruits of the stamp of Jane
Applebee thoir voices would soon be
echoing in the rafters of tbe Hpuse of
Homage is duo to sucb women as the
Cuttle tjueon, wbu have the stamina to
go on blindly believing, despite tbe
bitterness of the times, that the darkest
hour really does precede the dawn.
And don't for a moment imagiue that
the case of Janu Applebee Is ono of
esceptlonal good fortune.
ii'ITch Is hereby given that application will be made to the l'urlla-
iiiotil of Canada at Die present session
thereof fur an act fo Incorporate a
eompuny onder the nam,- of the North
Arm Hi Ins.- t llallwuy Company, wilh
,,,i»er lo lay out, construct, operate,
maintain und use a bridge across the
North Arm of Burrard inlet from a
noliil on Ihe ssuhore commonly known
.is Ilie Tunic's Head lo a point on the
west nli,He of I .nl 678, ilii-t-.-il v north of
Hie i.-l.hi,i known as While Rock. Uuch
bridge to bt both for fool pusacniri.ra.
..ii i Inn,-n. alreet railway and railway
purposes with Iht necessary m.
i -'..... 11.... and with power to conned
Hie suid bridge with otisllng und
future lines of street railway and iall
way and for Ihe purposes of connecting
wilh Ihe said street railways and rr.ll
ways to liy out, construct, ami op-
ernle one Or more llnea of railways
mil exceeding ten miles In lenglh
And with bower lo construct, euulp.
maintain ond operate a Ilne Or lines
of rullwiiy from some point on Lot IBI
ii the ,n,l ol Ihe Canadian I'u,lit,
Rallwuy Company's branch Ilne from
i',ui Moody, and following tbe norlh
.stun, of Burrard Inlet lo a point In
the city of North Vancouvsr or to
connect with any railway that Is or
muy he conetructed on the north
shore of Burrard fnlet.
Ami for the i.urpotei of Its under
taking lu acquire and develop water,
electric or other powtr or energy, and
In creel'lines for Ihe transmission of
the satin- anil lo transmit and deliver
the same lo any tflhee In the cities or
municipalities through wnl.-b Ihe
works of Ihe company are aulhnrlseil
lo he built.und to receive, transform.
transmit distribute and supply such
power or energy In my form tnd tu
dispose of Ihe surplus thereof, and to
eolieci  rules and charges therefor.
II Is Intended that the winks of the
said cuuipuny shall be declared lo be
for the general advantage of Canada
Victoria, it C.
Bollcllor for the Applicants
lo I at  Victoria this IStli dui
May. 1911.
lay of
System .
Home Connections
Notice to Property Ownari
of North Vancouvtr
As lha main drainage syittu It ap
protching ootopUtioa wslaf to notify
proptrty owners that wa ar* snaking
irraugamtats to uadtrttkt tie stwar
connections oa Iht various private
properties at a reasonable cost to all
those wbo desire la avail Uuceatlvte
of ttrly drainage IteHAitt. Having
carried out VM axia drainage system
for tht city oouooil and having Ibe
ntcossary plant and skilled labor
availaldt wt ar* in aa escepliunally
favorable position lo carry out tht
privalt houu drainage al a moderate
cost to property owners and wt ahall
b* |deattd to furnish estimates and
plans if ntoswtry to carrying oul Ihis
nost essential work in accordant! will,
Mm city regulations tot on most up
to-dalt principles of modern unlit
S*c«nd Si. a»4 Mahon Ava
tuMtn m.
Ptire in wtor, perfect in cutting, free from flaws
and imperfections, is a description which may he
honestly applied to each individual stone in the
We are careful to purchase only perfect diamonds,
on account of having established a standard of
perfection in our Canadian service which must be
maintained—a standard which is not surpassed
by any other firm on the continent.
Ask to be shown our platinum set diamond
jewellery, an assortment containing the latest
fashions of the jewellery world.
■     - - -  j  ■' -    -' '.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
Jewellers and Silversmiths
Hastings and Granville Streets
Vancouver, B. C.
North Shore Cleaning and Dyeing Workt
Ul Fint Street West
Proprietors—E. Laukin, Tailor; f, Nokmin tun, late will) the
B. C. Cleaning and Dyeing Co., Vaiicottv-r, II. C.
Ladies' & Gentlemcn'sGarments
of all Description Cleaned,
Dyed or Pressed
We specialize in Repair Work
Hats Cleaned and Blocked
Feathers   Cleaned,   Dyed   or
We give you Contracts for Gents'
Suits and save you Money
Phone 267 we'll call and deliver quickly
Give us a trial and patronize tbe
North Shore
111 Firsl Street West
FIRE!    FIRE!!    FIRE!!!
FOR ABSOLUTE PROTECTION write a Policy in the
Commercial Union Fire Assurance Co., Ltd.
ASSETS! $94,900,000
Hole Agent
Agreemsols and Contracts drawn .,, .,,, Gsnaral
o» avar/description "hone   I"'        Conveyancln|
■ 11
BUREAU is now open for the convenience of employers and employees. Employers are requested to take
advantage of the office when requiring help.
Phone 321.
W. B. HOOD, Secretary.
14 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver.
life have a few splendid building lots, each 49*139 feet,
within 5 minutes from the Car terminus and School.
Two splendid roads to the property, and near the Capilano
River. Price $500 e_cb, Corners $600. One-third cash,
6 and 12 months. These git excellent residential lots, and •
good invealment,
John Alexander & Co.
tu lomeAU avi., soem vascouVb ■*l
Direct from /ninei, 500 ton1
New Wellington Lump now
on hand. We strongly si-
vise consumers to pel in I
supply before the ruin «>"«•
Prompt delivery guaranteed.
Phone 178 for pricei.
North Vtwcouver Coil*
Supply Co., Ltd.
56 Lonsdale Avenue.
300 Feet of Water-
frontage with crown
grant, known u
Wallace Shipyards,
Terms to suit purchaser.  Apply
Seymour St.
tl. E. KRIJGttt
Expert on Fireplaces and all
classes of Brickwork
All Work Guaranteed
Corner Fifteenth St. and Maboo ivs,
NOTICE Is hereby given that an
application will be mudo under l'art
V. of the "Waler Act, IIIIIII," to obtain a license in tlio Now Westinlnstc'
/llvision of New Westminster District.
(a.) The- name, address and occu-
I'.'iiiiin of tho applicant—Ernest Townsley, Hell Estate Hiiil.rr. 1)28 I'cuilet
Street, Vancouver, ti. (I.
(If for ininiiig purposes) Free Win
or's  ri inn, .-'I.-  No.
ih.) Tho name of Ihe lalie, stream
or courco (if unnamed, tho descrip
lion is) Cyprus Crces.
(c.) Tho point of djvorsion—Two
(3) mill's up stream from mouth on
District Lot din.
(d.) Tho quantity uf water appliod
for fin cubic foot por second)—3 (11
minor's inches).
(e.) Tho character of the proposed
(f.) The premises on which lb'
water is to be used (describe sanio/-
llisttlit IjOI Iill.
(g.) Tho |,ni|„, m for which Ih.
water is to be used    lloinentir.
(b.) It for irrigation describe the
land intended lo he irrigated, giving
(1.) If tlio water is to bo used for
power or mining purposes describe Ihe
jiluie where tho wator is to be returned
lo some natural channel, snd tho All-
/eroiico in altitude between point of
diversion aud point of return.
(j.) Area of Crown laud Intended
lo bo occupied by tho proposed works
Notice ie hereby givou Ibat en application will he made uudor Pert V.
of too ''Wafer Ml, 1999," to obtain
p licence in tho North Vancouver Division pt New Wostmilister District.
(a) The name, address end occupation nf tbe applicant-Corporation er
tbe Oity pt Nortb Vancouver.
(If for mining purposes) Free Miner's Certificate No.....	
(b) Tbe same of tbe lake, stream or
source (1/ mummed, tbe description is)
Lake at tbe upper end pt Lynn Creek,
on right band brunch going up stresin
(elev. 211)11 feet above Durrani lulet).
(e) Thu point ef divorelou -At
Fells at mouth pt Uke..
(d) The quantity ol water applied
(nr (iu cubic feet per second)—Storage purposes.
(e) The character of proposed works
lluilding a dam and raising level
of lake during rainy season.
(f) Tbe premises on wbicb tbe
water to be used (describe same)—
Oity of North Vaueouver.
(g) The purpose (er which the
wator is to be used—Domestic and
(b) if (or irrigation dascribo tbe
lend intended to lie Irrigated, giving
(i) If the water ie to be used (or
power or mining purposes describe tbe
place where the water is to bo returned to some natural channel, aud
tbe difference in altitude botwoon
point of diversion and point o( roturn
it (ee|
4 feet
» 'cl
A tm
I feet
t fm
IP (not
II feet
13 (net
18 (set
II loot
IB (net
IS1 (set
17 .feet
18 feet
10 (eot
3(1 feet
81 feet
88 feet
83 feot
84 feot
81! feot
86 foet
l!7 foet
88 foot
88 foot
„    8 acres
„' ...9 acres
„    it) acres
„    ...I] ucrus
„    '.,..13 acres
„    13 acres
„    14 ncros
„    Hi acres
„    lOi'.ocros
„    17 ncros
 18 ncros
 |ll acres
 80 ncros
 3D acres
 30 acres
.,..,30 acres
.....81 acres
 81 acres
 31 acres
.....33 acres
 83 acres
 34 acres
 8B acres
 211 acres
 87 acres
 38 ncros
 811 acres
 80 acres
ik.) This notice was posted on Ibe
23rd day of August, 1811, and appl.
cation will be made to Ibo Commie
rumor on the 2.ini dny of Scptomliir,
(I.) Qivo tbr names and addresses
of auy riparian proprietors or lieen-
seer who or whore hud.- are likoly In
bo affected by Iho proposed works,
either abovo or below tbe outlet,
(Slguaulre)   HKNKY  RHODES,
Agout for {blast Townsley
(l\ Q, Address)   V. 0. Box 462.
Vaueouver, II, ''.
NOTE—One cubic foot per second
fa equivalent to 3B.7I miner's inches
Oonser»stlvei Notr
Juyt te prove to you that wo brush
aside all competition we have n silo of
brooms, reg. 44c. to bo sold at 16c
each tbis week. Hurry up. H. h.t
rblc, tbs Up-to-date Ororor. 35ti tq 3tKi
First Street east.
TKNDI'.ll.s will be roatAvai by Ibe
uu'k'i-iignwl up to 13 o'clock nooP on
t-wt/lemiybr klKb, 1911, lor lha const ruoliiui ol an.Institute ball at i.ynn
valley. A certified cheque made payable lo Ibe undersigned, equal lo Ave
por sent., of tbe amount ol lender,
most accompany each louder, Plana
and spodlicaliioiie 10 bo obtained from
J', fesbovsr, corner Frederick road
end carline, Lynn volley. The lowest
or any tender not nocoasari.y aocopl-
(j) Area of Crown land intended to
be occupied by tbo proposed works
Lund flooded by construction of dam.
(k) This notice wae posted on tbe
liith day of August, 1811, apd
application te be mads to tbe
Commissioner on tbe 38th day of Sep
lumber, 1811.
(I), (Jive tbe nemos ana addresses of
any riparian proprietors or licensee:.
wbo or whose lands are likoly to be
affected by tbe proposod works, either
abovo or below tbs outlet—Hastiiigs
Shingle Manufacturing Co., District or
Nortb Vaueouver,
Commencing at a point in Burrard
Inlet, distant 8,300 feot duo south
from the southwest corner post of
Dot 206; theuco due nortb 8,300 feet,
to said south-west corner post o( said
Dot 206; tbonco 8,640 (eet, moro or
loss, to tho nurlli west corner of Mid
Dot 206; tbouco northerly through Lot
662, 2,040 (uot more or leee, to tbe
southwest corner post o( Dot 688;
tbonco oastorly along tbs nortb boundary of Dot 662, 2,640 (eet, more or
|oss, to tbo north-oast corner post of
Dot 662; tbonco northerly along tbe
west boundary of Dot 644, 1,714 (eet,
more or less, to the north-west coruor
post uf Dot 644; tbence easterly along
tbo nortb bouudary of Ut 646, 2,(140
feet, mors or less, to tbe nortb east
corner post ot Dot 646, thence easterly
along the north boundary ol Dot 646,
,040 leet, more or loss, to tbo north
east corner post of l.ut 646; theuce
oastorly along the uorth boundary of
tho north most portion of Dot 616,
800 (cut, more or lm, to the north casl
corner of ssuj portiou of Dot 616, 800
feot, mure or less to the uortbeast cor
uer of said portion; tbence southerly
slung the cut boundary of said north
most portiou of Dot 616, 3,060 feet,
moro or leu, to tho south-west corner
of Dot 2,026; thencu oastorly along Ibe
north boundary of Iho south most por
tlon of Ut 616, 8,870 (oet, wore or loss
tu the north cast coruor of said south
most portiou of Dot 616; theuce southerly aloug tbe oast boundary o( Dol
616, 2,310 (oet, mure or lass, lo Ibe
southeast corner post of Dot 616,
thence westerly along tbe south boundary of Ut 616, 3,300 (eet, more or
loss, lo Ibo south-west cornsr post of
Dot 616, Ihence southerly, along tbs
west boundary of Ut 663, 2,640 (eel,
more ur less, lu tho southwest corner
of Ut 663; thence oastorly, along Ibe
south bouudary of Ut 668, 060 last,
more or less, to Ibe north east cornsr
post nf Ut 276; thoure southerly along
tbo east boundary of Ut 878, a distance of 1,830.6 (eet, to tbe nortb
boundary of tbat part of Mid Ul 873,
Ibe property of Jobu llendryi tbeucs
westerly along Ibe north boundary of
tbe property ol Iho Mid Hendry lo
the east boundary ol Ut 874; thence
southerly along the Mid Mat boundary
of Dot 974 te tbe hlgb watsr mark Is
Hurrard Inlet; tbence In tbe same Hue
southorly (00 leet, aad tbence westerly
in a straight line to Ibe point of com
nieiiroment tbo Mid tract o( land cent
prising Ihe following lots, namely;
266, 971. 874, (73, sicspt tbs portion
Iborcof belonging to iobn Hendry, tbe
easterly portion of Ut 662, and Uls
647, 648. 648, 660, (44, (46, 646, and
616, and the Mission Indian Beeerve
all situated in Oroup Ons, New West
minster District, together witk Ibe
foreshore in front on tbe nortb shors
of Burrard Inlet as comprised wltbln
the Mid boundaries of tbe Oity of
North Vancouver; tbe Mid Iract of
land being shown on a map or plan ol
Ibe Hid City of Nortb Vanrouver de
posited lu the Und Begistry Oflce al
the City ol Vancouver.
(r) Approximately Ibe number ol
inhabitants   Wi Thousand  ((/KM).
(s) Tbe place of the proposed resor
vol/ for storage -Uke al, upper end ol
right faabd branch of Lynn Creek tele
vatlon 9,4W feet above Burrard Inlet.
(t) Tbe iumus by wbicb it is pro
posed te store the water—Natural stor
age hy uie ef Uke and Dam,
(u) Tbe area ef tba reservoir site
or sites at each foot in depth above
outlet:-'47 '
1 foot above outlet ( acres
» Imi   „     „  1 seres
612 Hi-ion
(v) How It is proposed lo ucquiro
tbo laud uocossary (or tho purpose—
By purcbeso.
(w) Approximately the number of
acre (oet intouilod to bo iiiipoum|sd—
648 aero (oot,
(x) Whether it is proposed to lowor
tho water iu any natural Iako or stand-
ing body o( wator, and if su, then—
(I) Tbo anticipated oxlont of tbo
(6) The means proposed to bo ail-
optod to lm-. i-i ami rcill.
(3) Tho mil in-.' and I'hiirnetor, in
detail of tho works proposed to bo con
structod tn provide (or tho disclmrgo
snd penning back o( tbo water-Construction ol e dam.
Cily Clerk.
(P.O.  Address,  City   Hall,
Norlh  Vuncouver.
Proviuce ol Hrilish Columbi.i
NOTICF. ie hereby given I but all pub-
lie llighwiiys in unorganised districts
and all Main Trunk Bonds in orgeuu-
sd  Districts oro sixty-six leet   widi,
aud havo a width of tbirfy-tbree feot
on each side ol ibo mean alrnighl renin lino ol tbo travelled road.
Minister ol Public Wor'.s.
Department ol Publio Worke,
Victoria, B. Q., July 7lb, 1311.11-10
Alibi ol Hs Stonklyh Strome, ml
His Honour tbe Lieutenant Governor
in Council bu been pleased tu appoint
tbe Honourable Albert Kdward Mc
Phillips, K- C. President of the Ri
ecutivo Council; the Honourable Price
Ellison, Minister ol Fiuaucc; Charles
Henry Dugrin, of Ibe City uf Victoria,
Esquire; and William Harold Mulkin,
ol ths City'of Vaueouver, Enquire, to
be Commissioners under the "Public
Inquiries Act" (or the purpose of enquiring into and reporting upun the
operation ol tbo "Assessment Art,
l!iu:i," with respect to its practical
bearings on tbe financial requirements
of tbo Province.
Tbe Mid Commissioners will hold
their meetings on Ibo dates ami al the
places monlloucd hereunder, namely:
Victoria, at tho Eserulivo Council
Chamber, Parliament liml'lmg . Mon
day and Tuesday, (Bib snd 26lh
September, at 10 a. in. At tbe Court
House or Ibe Uovoruincnl Ofllcc at the
lollowing places: -
Nanaimo. Wednesday and Thursday,
27lb and 1Mb September.
Vancouvor, Friday and Saturday,
(8th end 30tb Soplonihcr.
New Westmlnsler, Moudsy, 2nd October.
Hevelstoke, Wednesday. Ilh October.
lloldeu, Thursday, 61b October.
Cranbrook, Saturday, 7lh October.
Feruio, Monday, llth October.
Nelson, Wednesday, llth October.
Bossland, Thursday, I2lh October.
(Iran.I Forks, Friday, I3lb October.
Prlncolon. Saturday. )4t(i October,
Merrill, Monday, 1 fi*Is October.
Kamluops, Tuesday, I7tb October.
Suininerlaiid. Thursday. Hub October.
Penticton, Friday, 201I1 October.
Kelowna, Saturday, 21st Ocluber.
Vernon, Monduy, 23rd October.
It is requested that a" persons who
are Interested iu the matter aforesaid,
and wbo desire.to be beard, will nol
fail to be present at tho meetings of
the Commissioners.
Treasury Department,
131b September, lei I. 93 10
Mil aew ftouaea should ht piped lot fas ia order to aave the
heavy expenditure (or tbie con
reoleoce at a later data.
to uontn.
He explained that ha was a sort
ol lliiluiiiiliin In his wuy; loud pf lliu
and pleasure; that he had a circle ol
particular frlondu with whom he preferred to dovoto most pt bis time.
And this, ha explained wns Jum
where I came. In,
"He stated tbat ha hail evolved Ibo
piiiiulliir and unheard qf Idea, far (be
accontrlclty ol which he apologlxod
profusely, ol employing somo gouUe-
met) of refinement and grace — and
hero bo was very suave aad flattering; — to take bis place at the un-
pb.'iisuni, uncongenial affaire tbat
took up so much of bis,time. This
would luavo him free to enjoy blm-
solt ae bo would.
''He confessed frankly tbat bo got
Ibo Idea (rom ono of tbe local dramas.
At any rulo, ho wanted to try tbe
experiment aud wished to know
If I wns willing lo aid him la
what could be termed merely a harmless doceptlon. He said tbat It could
oot poselply burl me—he waa a man
of first class reputation, and bad no
ontanglng alliances—and be put It to
mo straight, whether I would materially liicrmiBi! his enjoyment nf life
by helping him play bis part in tbo
world of (asbion.
"Jt was a queer proposition, gentlemen," continued tbo wHoosb, "and
at (irst it staggered me. I thought
It over a long wbilo before accepting
but two things decided mo. Ono
tiling wuh my love ol adventure und
barmless practical Jokes; and tbo
otbor wus my despernto strait.
"It mny be, too, that my will was
materially weakened by tbe privations 1 bavo sulfored—It undoubtedly
wae. At nny rate, I beard wbat bo
bad lo Buy, and bis argument was
convincing. I thougbt It over a long
while. Hut, after all, I considered
thnt thero wus no barm In It, and
that If It did Involve embarrassment
I could drop tho thing ot any time.
There wns udventure and excitement
in the scheme- and more than all, It
might, uud probably would, load to
something  bettor.
"You must remembor, gentlemen,
lhat I bud reached tbe end of my
ii iin-r Hint notwithstanding tho tact
that I was a good, buslnss man, I
could not command employment, nnd
thero was nothing beloro roe but absolute starvation. I determined to
accept his propoeltlon.
"When bo told mo his name I recognized It at once as tho namo ot a
man wul) known In tho town and In
every way reputable and refined
Cun I, who bad been hero but a
short while, recognised that fact. II
I hud hud any reluctance, any heal
liilloii bolore, it disappeared wltb tho
mention of bin name.
"That, gentleman, was my first ae
luulntanco wltb tho prisoner thero—
Ur. II. Stanlelgh Storme."
The speaker Inclined hie bead onco
more lu the direction ol the defendant Tbo prisoner again sprang from
his ehnlr, where be bad been sitting
continuously, In tho same extraordinary stuto ol excitement.
Your honor," be exclaimed agalu
this time almost Imperiously, ''I —
luiiil bo beard.   This man—"
"Silence1" roared tho Judge. "Sit
down, elr. Your counsel will sponk
fnr you."
Two officers stopped to the bark ol
the prisoner's chair, and thero took
their stations to prevent any fur-
tbeir outbreak. Tbe prisoner again
1,, nil, 111,11," iTiiiiiiiiii-d (he wlt-
111 as, "all ibis happened about olgbt
iiiiiii lbs ugo, end never until recently
buve I bud occasion to suspect lor an
Instant that ibis man wu other tban
ibe gunlloman whom ho made pro-
tensed to be.
Hy prearrangoment, I called upon
him beloro we concluded our negotiations, not onco or twlco, but a
doxon nun's He staled that be do
aired to emphasise Iho lact that be
wss eccentric and peculiar, aid 'hat
he bad sume ideas to wbicb be do-
Irod mo to conform which to me
might seem highly, ridiculous, hut
11j1.u1 which be must Insist.
"Ho sold In Ihe lirst place that be
bun always discouraged any ettoropl
011 Iho part ol any ol bis Iriends to
discuss with him his own private affairs bo preferred never lo be the
subject of conversation. He desired
me, whenever end wherever I might
represent him, nover to talk personalities. This seemed rououuMi
enough, but the request that followed
wee Indeod peculiar.
''Ho made mo promise, gentlemen,
as solemnly as though I took an oath.
Ibat while I wss associated with bim
lu this way I would nover read Uu
cully papors, and that I would nevor
discuss tho dally news. I uked bla
wby, and he gave some reason — said
limn In a lit ol anger onco he had
sworn to forswear the reading of On
press; he had bad some violent quarrel, or some Wtler experience said
ibal bis antipathy to Ihe dally paper*
wu well known among bt* friends,
that Ihey all laughed at It, hut tf
spected It; aaid that newspapers wen
ibe moat monumental Ban, that Oity
could mako or unmake a reputation
explosively violent upon tpo budjoci
»( the press that ? assumed ha h»d
wine wall IWWW dls|lke to It- J
promised HghOy, and I found cat
later that he had Indeed a well-
grounded reason for bla roquost.
"Gentlemen, I entered Into a compact with thia man that I would do
anything consistent only with adventure and consistent also with honor
that be should ask nu to do. It may
seem queer to you, sitting ban dls-
pusiontttoiy la Judgment upon the
follow, and Indirectly upon mysoll-
|i may seem queer that I could
consistently Impersonate another
man, even as a practical Joke; hut
et tbat time It seemed perfectly consilient to mo, and I agreed to. attend
inch functions aa he might request,
and be to all Intents and purposes
en such occasions ll. Sbinlelgh
Storme himself.
"jt required not a little preparation
and expense. He lutnlshod me with
money and with clothes of the some
cut and pattern aa bla own. I lived
In ease and luxury at the other end
nf lown with a suite of rooms all to
myself; be bad roome there which ho
occasionally occupied; the name H.
binnlelgb Storme was on the door.
"Where ba lived when not at my
apartment I never know. I know
nol now. His method waa tils:
Whenever he desired me to attend a
function In his stead he bended me
a brief note of the people I ehould
meet— thoy wero generally the eamo
people ,111111 I soon became acquainted
with them and wltb some ol them I
became better acquainted than did
Stormo himself.
"In fact ,there are certain persons
In tbis town—I know ol ono In particular, "-hero he flushed slightly ond
stopped In on embsrrossod way—"who
knew me as H. Stanleign Storme, and
yet wbo nevor bod met the man
Stormo himself.
"Storme directed me to mako new
acquaintances, as many as I could,
end be uked only that I keep him In
formed of their names and of my relatione with them, whether cordial or
only merely formal."
He fluebed again.
"I obeyed bim to the very letter. I
followed bis Instructions Implicitly.
Ilia special Instructions wero always
written and generally moiled to mo;
11 cy wero minute u to detail, stating
when and where to go, wbat to do and
•ay, end all about tt It seemed to me
more trouble to arrange all thia mild
iecopUon than It would have been tor
Stormo to go himself, but that wu bis
''I lound when I entered society
that Storme had been In town for
about three years and that everybody
understood and humored bis barmlost
eccentricities, wbicb were attributed
rether to bis ancient strain ol aristocracy than to anything about tho
man himself. Stormo wu rogurdod, I
found, u Intellectual and refined; he
wu brilliant and popular—extremely
10, and wlili all classes ol people.
"I wu honeet wltb bim, lor I con-
llderod bim a benefactor, peculiar and
whimsical end exacting enough, but
iiiil my benefactor. I attended on an
average ono or two functions a woek.
I ran Ibo round ol the clubs. I mot
many peoplo and enjoyed myself."
Tho wltnou paused again.
"Fortunately (or me," he said, "I
have kept those written Instructions
Uiat he gave mo. There aro a great
many ol them; there thoy are."
Hi passed Ihem down to tho prosecutor, wbo offered Ihem lu evidence
They woro admitted and road to Uie
"You see, gentlemen, Uiat thero
were, therefore, two H. Stanlelgh
Stormes .but Uiat theae two were
never seen together or hy Uie same
people.   Apparently thoy kept apart.
"ind I say to you, gwUemen, solemnly, that I never knew what tola
man's real moUve wu. I never knew
that he wu a criminal of Ihe deepest
dye unUI early on Uie evening of Uie
Dreddllngton dinner, with which you
are familiar. Tbis may seom Uie
strangest of all strange things, but
no one spoke to ae about Uie crimes
-I wbo wu auppoeod to be H. Stanlelgh Btorme myself — and I read
nothing of them.
"This oity Is a largo one, and I venture Uie opinion that If anyone of tbo
Juiymen should fall to read Uie local
dallies (or a woek, lu will never hear
of aome of Uie most Important occurrences that happen Intt. I did
bear aonwfhlag, hat Utile, and In a
wsy that never exotted my suspicions,
of the former trial that took place
bore; hut aa all that I heard waa accompanied with botiiarpot laughter,
and bad all the aitmntki pt a Joke,
I paid no attention lo the talk
"The first thing tbat 1 did hear,
however, wu of UM Dumont robbery
-on tha night after It took plane, it
wu the night of the Dreddllngton
"I had been "*-***—' bt Stormo to
■       -.- ■  ■-'     r      w ••"■       - :      mW    mnrjmrmnw       w
ttUaai tt—t ailnnwr. I malt ust my
mind lhat I wwM not do so. »
iou_bt Storm* oot u__ titrhrtiAmi Mm
*—um iftmtf m tmuf W*Vm*/^**} *ym ftmt"
wjtm ft* f •pwfrfpf^T^WTr r WrwrfT W
nose bla. I foul Mm to a stale nf
W*tw ^rf-"    ** J.M'flP mjfr TW rr Jill1"  ™
Ho bogged ma to attend tbe dinner
-atatod toti he would make a lull
breaet qf ftp matter, and that ba
wquJd leave town and nover bother
anybody again. Begged me, whom ho
bad hafrlandad-helrlontled, ge»t|p-
men-not to glvo bim up, That all
be wanted was twelve hours to arrange matters In—govo mo his word
that all was not as bad as It looked.
When H. Stanlelgh Storme talks,
gentleman, there Is no answer. J wept
rolutanctly, but I wont, nevertheless.
I would have heeltatod to give bim up.
I hoped there would bo eqinc way out
pf It
'QenUomen, you know wbat imp-
I wu too man who mil In thu
poker game 00 the night ol tbo Mor-
daunt robbery, and the man who wu
guest qf honor at tho Derddllngton
dinner on the night whon tbo First
National wu robbed.
The man that ells thoro, gontle-
mtn," be continued dramatically, "the
man H. Stanlelgh Stormo, wus the
man who commlttod each crime and
ell Ihe others tbat bavo been so much
deplored, and who upou euch occasion,
without my knowledge, wu ablo to
prove un alibi.
"I have como boro," added tho witness, "to make what reparation I con
for my Innocent share In those two
crimes by revealing to you tho oxucl
state of nltalrs u it oxIhU. Thnt Is
my story, gentlemen," bo concluded,
polnUng to Uie prisoner, "and that hi
also bis."
Tbo prlsonor sal spellbound, looking
at too vvlln.'nn with u fiiBclnuted gnio
In which desperation, wonder nnd ud-
nilraUon struggled for supremacy,
The Biggest Surprise of All.   '
Tho witness waited for tlio cross-
examination. Out there was none.
Ho then stood up and addressed tbo
"Your honor bus my address" he
said quIeUy, "nnd I can bo found
there at any time II I am wanted.
Is there any reason why 1 ehould not
now go?"
Tho Judgo looked nl holh lawyers,
then shook his houd.
"You muy go," ho nnld
The witness stepped down from Iho
stand, end Hie crowd mude wuy for
him u be walked slowly down the
center nislo. lie had almost reached
Ibe door when the prisoner roused
"For honvon's snkcl" he exclaimed
wildly, "you are not going lo lot tbat
man gol Your honor, I will ho heard-
I must bo board,' he cried Insistently,
"I om notr-—"
"Sllencel" roared the Judge again.
"Sir, II you liiieiTTipi tho course ol
this proceeding In Ibis manner again."
be continued severely. "I'll hnve you
bound and gagged. You havo counsol.
You will havo an opportunity to bo
beard whon your time comas. Uul
you must not Interrupt tho court"
Tbo man wbo hud panned down Ihe
center aisle smiled slightly to himself,
und then stepped out through the
doors. Tbo prisoner took his seat wltb
a resigned air.
"Let It bo upon your own bend then,
your honor," bo said quietly, ''It matters but mn.- to me"
"Procood," went ou the Judge, Ignoring bim.
"Tbut'u our cue," said Ihe district
attorney with a note of triumph In his
voice   "We rest"
"Proceed wltb the defense," exclaimed tbe Judgo.
Now the counsol for Hie prisoner
bsd been doing some lull thinking
during the tesUuiouy of the lust witness, and to spite of the iilnrtllng nature of tbe evidence ho was pretty
well prepared.
He knew ono thing Hum tbe resemblance botweou the two men, having deceived many peoplo beloro.
would conaUtute u strung urguinont
with toe Jury In the defendant's favor.
For It wu Just uh likely thai Ibe witness Warburton hud robbed tbo bank
u It wu lhat tbo prlsonor blmsell
bad done so.
He bad a dim recollection ol tbe
capital thnt had boon mudo oul ol tbe
resemblance ol Cbnrlcs Durnay and
Sydney Carton In Dlckena' "Tale ol
Two Cities," and bo purposed to avail
blmsell of a similar advantage hero
The more ho thougbt of It too better
he liked It
He had bod ,of course, no InKlIng ol
thia from bis client, end he bad been
unable to preparo himself for It. In
fact, bla client's whole demeanor bad
changed Irom Uio Instant ton "ll"''
tnio, bad appeared. He bod ignored
bb) counsol and kept his eyes fixed
upon toe wltnew and toe court He
had not even conllded 0 his counsel
wbat It wu he bod wished tq. say.
Buf too lawyer wu pretty sure
from toe present Insistent eUltudo ef
Ibft prisoner that ho could truat bin
without further preparation on Iba
stand.  His client wu no tool.
He touched the prisoner on toe
"you take the aland," be said.
JM prlsonor looked at bim. hut did
not move.
Tfou hoard your fpwajej/' sold On
Judge wlto somo uflor^, fjm tin
irlfruM lUnd/*        /
wfTTrr*WT  7   ■■■-,,.
to an lwitf-4» abort, aa Imam po iittiin aftta** jtyft J lm „ THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B, C,
wu mmm op optoiwm.
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the rule rather than tbs exception in
Brltieh Columbia hemes.
Building Is going forward every-
where-^-eubstentiai,   honest   building
that is "for keeps") and, stupendous
as is (his constructive activity, the
accommodations of each new building
and Week are requisitioned praoticslly
as seen as it is completed, if net bo-
spoken In advance; while empty residence houses are few and far between
and only remain empty as a rule ho-
iTiinni thoy era deemed old-fashioned,
mn ni' iinie, not up to tbs high standard which the prosperous community
insists upon and is able to pay for.
Texas are paid In British Columbia
as t rule ahead of time and the cash
discount taken—this applying squally
|o the cities, the towns and the unor-
.ganized districts of the province.
There is plenty of money in tbe savings banks, although a large proportion
of tbe working class here is able te
Invest In real estate and other solid
securities and make money thereby.
Collections are easy and business fail
urns a rarity.
The crux of the explanation nf British Columbia's present unexampled
prosperity, of the readiness of capitalists of tho Old Country, notoriously
conservative ,to become partners with
nu own people in the development of
Iheir heritage, and of tho rapid influx of
industrial population is herein found,
There are at presont under actual
construction or contract, or assured,
something more than one thousaud six
hundred miles uf now railway within
British Columbia's lioundarios. Ol
this une ihir,I at least is being built
with tho cooperation of the peoplo of
British i'ulninl,in under direct cash sub
sidy or bund guarantees to the extent
uf a:i5,i>(MI per mile. Thero is abundant
reason to both hope and confidently believe. Ihut these now railways upon
their completion will prove the material (actor in promotion o( iniinii.'ly
grenter additions to population, augmented industrial activity iu every
direction, ami n broadened and profitable ninny sided export trade, as well
as in tho making of a self-contained
and scK-supporting British Columbia
through the settloiuent and cultivation
of Hie arable lands of the province to
the end that these may shortly produce more than sutlicient in locally cultivable foodstuff staples to meet all
domestic demands, with a possible margin for exportation.
Of these lines at present under construction there muy ho mentioned the
Canadian Northern Pacific, the (Iran.I
Trunk Pacific in the uorth, the Boots-
nay Contral, Iho Portland Canal Short
Line (hereafter to be known u tho
Ciiuuiliuu and North Eastern), tho V.
V. & K. (Great Northern), the Kettle
Itiver Valley, the (,'owichuii Uke and
Alberni extensions uf Ihe E. .'■ N., the
Howe .Sound k Peniberlon Valloy, witb
otlicrs already surveyed of which tho
llritish Columbia k Alaska (from l.yl-
Inn In Kurt Ceorge) is au example.
The tiller of the soil properly receives lirst consideration under this
siai. -iiiiinlil.c scheme of provincial upbuilding, uud ler his benefit moro particularly, virtually one third of the I 'r.u
in.-.' bus been placed under reserve—an
area approximating I t'Ti.'.uk square
miles, ur rlll,l|lll),lltlll acres. Por his bench I there were surveyed by Ihe local
government last year—to say nothing
of private surveys, probably trebling
Hie total a, i.-iij.e in, less than S0O,IM)ll
acres, which area will- be greatly added
lq, during the present sesson. Eor his
benefit there are at present held available roughly .'155,84(1 acres in northern
CarillOO to tho south of the Nschaco,
884,000 acres along the south fork of
Ihe upper Eraser, 8511,1)110 acres in tbe
great loop of the Eraser's south fork
ami in thu Willow river valley, sim
ilsrly extensive areas in the Salmon
and Hluurt river country, tributary to
Stuurl lake, along the Necharo, and in
Hie territory draining to Francois,
'iui ai,onl,ci and (,'heslatta lakes, to-
gather with approximately 875,000
acres from lla/ellon through tbo Bulk-
ley Vulley to Eraser lake, and 460,000
acres in other sections of Iho new nortb
of the Province—a total of 8,895,610
acres of prospective farming and ranch-
ing country thoroughly capable of pro
due ing all the foods! nil' essentials (or
, British Columbia's support during all
lime lo come. It is vary largely to
make these great arau populous and te
secure their utilisation In the production el all British Columbia's requirements in agricultural products that
these railways are being built, under
such rate-compelling conditions as r'W,
enable the' consumer te obtain taot-
stufls of provincial origin at a minimum price, wbUo keeping their money-
yorth In circulation at heme te mutually assist all dosses-lii the making el a
great and ever greater British Columbia. Brlllsb Columbians will bave
made an excellent investment iu their
railroads and these roads will And sufficient tragic to more than pay tbeir
way. ,',
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then again, when one has wearied ef
the two-four marsh rytbra, there is
always Sousa te wt*».
Apart from being musically enjoy
able, this Sousa concert wa* Interesting as a display of discipline.   Not a
moment wss lost from beginning to
finish. No sooner bad the eurtetn ascended than Sousa was tapping hie
music-stand snd the men's Instrument.)
were in position. Tslng-henml apd
they were off, in p unity ef sound that
was delightful tn beer. That famous
overture, "181(1," descriptive ef the
French Involution in all its phases,
thrilled the audience lute silence.
Sense worked this masterpiece up to
a frantic finish, tbe lut few bars being
celebrated by a perfect pandemonium
of brass and church bells. Similarly,
in the excerpt from Sullivan's "Golden
Ijogend," one could almost bear the
demonical chuckles of Vulcan and the
shrieks of the tortured spirits. Snuss
is groat st tbat sort of thing. He evidenced bis keen sense ef humor by an
arrangement of that modern classic,
"Has Anybndy Hare Seen Kelly!" The
air was produced in variations in almost every conceivable manner, tbo
instruments seeming to separately
answer tbe international query in ,n
way which greatly amused the au
dience. Sousa bsliaves in giving bis
men every opportunity for individual
success. After tbe intermission, tbey
returned in clusters of two, three and
(eur, end each man rendered a brief
solo, from the piccolo Io the mammoth
bassoon. One of tbs most attractive
fragments was "Sweet and Low," ur
ranged as a quartette for French
It is impossible to mention every
feature of lut evening's concert, it
should be sufficient to mention ono—
the personality o( Sousa. There is no
doubt whatever that tbis wonderful
little man infects his baminieii with
tbat same thoroughness and precision
whicii luir made bim famous as a com
ductor and compossr. A Sousa concert
is like no othor. It is a display of
musical calisthenics, carried out wilh
great technical excellence ami almost
military discipline.
Ono word more. It appealed to cer
tain sections of the audience as being
just a tiny bit humorous that an an
nuuiicomont from the stago to the ef
feet tbat the reciprocity advocates
were hopelessly defeated should be (ol
lowed by "The Stars and Stripes."
|5,8Bii|Opo - being recorded—or more
than flfty par cent, upon the immediately preceding twelve-mnntb, 'the
total being HfiWMt  in   itmii  and
(14,800,000 last year, lu this runner
tion the following statistics fnr llllli
included it the last Provincial Budget,
ere decidedly interesting. The imports
totals here given,'it must be borne in
mind, Include all imports from tin
Bastsru and prairls provinces el Canada as wall as (fern thread, the foi'.ust
being much tbt heavier:
Live Stock,
.... 56,7111
, ..    144,878
Swine       15,160
Poultry, lbs  5,507,0110
Oousefailves Notr.
Just to prove to you that we brush
aside ell competition wo have a sale ul
brooms, reg. 40c. to bo sold at 16c
each this woek. Hurry up. S. li.l
chie, the Up-to-date timer. 8.16 to 80e
First Street east.
I 9,571,865
Dairy Produce.
pButtor, Ihs  8,000,105   $ 1,081,568
Andre's    I'relll) li-rlou    rUn.cn,
Keith Head—Services: Mi.niln,- ll nil.
evening. 7 30 Adult Bible Class, 12 30
Bunilay School, 2 30 Y.P.8.C.E. Tuesday, at t p. in. Prayer Meeting. Wednesday, ai I p. in Choir Practise,
Friday, at t p.m. Rev. Ronald MuceTod,
iiribudlai rtuirk I'liriiri' of Sill anil
HI. Qcorirc. Sunday Services. 11 DO a in
and 7.10 p.m. Sunday School and ltlble
('lass, 2.30 p.m. Senior Jjsuut. Monday, t p.m. Prayer and Praia* Service.
Wednesday, 8 p.m. Junior I.euauc.
Thursday aflernoon at 3.JO Pastor.
W. 6. Schlllcher.
SI.  Altars—Boulevard    and    i-TIi
I'lvensonir. 710 p.m.   Holy Communion,
11.00 ui,  second Sunday    of    every
month. •>
Salvalloi   Arm).   Ijijiisilnle   Avenue.
undiiy services. 11.00 a.m., I um. and
.45 p.m.    Tuesday, I p.m.: Thursduy.
I p.m.   Children's Service. Wednesduy,
I p.m.
ll.Dll.l I'buri'h. — Klfili und St
Oeorge. Services at 11 a.m. and 7.20
i in Sunday School und Bible Class ul
ii ii, p.m. Prayer and Praise service,
Wednesday at I p.m. Pastor, Rev. A.
3. it,,." "i. lith and Bt. Qeorge.
81. Jiiku Ikr l'.v.narll.i, Ilh and llth
Holy Communion, I a.m. Morning
Prayer. 11 in, Evening Prayer, lit
i> in On the ilmi Sunday In the month
Ihere will be a second celebration uf
Ihu Holy Communion at 11 a.m. Rector.
Rev, Hugh Hooper.
SI. tttmuai'a I'alkollr I'kirrk, Mahon
Avenue. Sundays Mass. 9 a.m. Sunduy School, lit p.m. Rosary Benedlc-
ilon and Sermon, 7.10 p.m.
InSI.. I alkelle I'kurrk ol SI. Paul'..
Mass. 7.30 a.m.. Sundayi.   Pastor, Rev
I   IVylavIll,   dUT
Prrsbylrrlaa i'kurrk. Worship. Sundays, 710 p.m. Bun.lav School, 110
p.m.   It  Van Munilsr, MA, Pastor.
tl. Tkemu.—I a.m. every Bonder
. xc.'iii first Bunday In month. 110 a.m.
Ilrsi Bunday in month. II am. Matins,
fdleny ana sermon, second and fourth
Bunday, Holy Communion and sermon.
Aral and third Sundays Vicar, Rev.
T. ti. Rowe.
Pirskitrrlia I'kiirrk.—Worship. Sun
ra, J) b.ir   Cnbr "   "
.  Sunday
M   A.,
Jal i'kurrk. — Services every
.•v. mints In the new church, at
tf, C|sas»»l's.—Bycnaong, 7.10 p.m.
Holy Communion. 11.00 a.m., first Sunday of every month.
Tbis it to certify that I lott a borne
insured with the British Empire Insurance Co., lid., successors to tin
British American I,ive .Stock Assn., ol
Vancouver, li, C, lor 1300, that my
proof was completed and handed to
them Sept. 10th, and that I hav?tbis
day received through C. B. Hicktoan,
their local representative, check dated
Sept. mil, lot tha (ull amount.
Dated at North Vancouver, % (!.,
tbis IVth day ol Hept., 1911,
In farming piWpottUaltoti, WW
was by Car tin biggest and best year
British Columbia hot ever had, a gain
in the total value tt hoins-prodnced
atfrlaukural nradaete nt lot lets than
npr^^f^—t& ,frmnn ttf ntB t^*i ^^ww
Dairy Produce.
Butter, lbs  5,077,104
Cheese, lbs  8,41111,8)8
Milk,'gals     846,11110
Bacon, Ham, lbs. 3,888,716
Mutton, Iiuinb,
lbs  2,681,7211
Pork, lbs     115,705
Unl,  lbs  2,\\)l,illl
Fruit k Vegetables, lbs  8,080,466
Eggs, dos  1,8311,2011
Honey,   lbs  l8t,J57
Malt, lbs  2,1(15,770
Hay,  tons     155,828
Grain,  bu  l,ltn,mn
I   707,000
$ 6,251,286
* I,:i4n,7.'i!i
t 2,7111,0111
|    071,1211
I    163,620
I   163,6211
$    286,682
t    306,603
$     40,167
$ 5,:j8l,544
f    180,486
«    1811,4811
Total    »!4,!!l!2,!ltcl
Live StOCk.
Ijiiiinlily. Value.
Horses          2,628 f    6Hfl,ill>ll
Cattle         28,305 1,135,8211
Sheep          43,313 303,1113
Swine         13,3110 101,477
Poultry, lbs  1,8118,750 336,375
Choose, His  no returns
Milk, ga|s  0,375,300      2,663,837
f 3,645,4'I5
Huron, Ham, lbs. 2,111111,11110 I    363,215
Mul luu, I i o.l i.
lbs  1,340,904 101,691
Pork, lbs  1,467,040 203,370
Unl, lbs :.     44,111111 7,1115
Fruit 4. Vogc
tallies, His 48,477,0311
Eggs, dot     446,420
Honey, lbs      80,1)00
I    676,471
a i,!i3«,i hi
a 1,030,1111
I    158,247
Malt, lbs..
(    1511,447
no returns
Hay, tons     2117,770
Grain,  bu  IfiltMO
M IScelJllne.,.1 s
t 5,347,630
«     60,163
»   on,ni2
Frum the above It will be seen that
the value of hoinc agricultural prnd
ucts even now reaches no inconsiderable total, witb such Horns for the one
year as rattle, (l,l36,DUil; poultry,
t3«5,376; butter, over *l,il0l),i)illl; fruit,
nearly 12,000,11011; hay, almost 14,000,'
000; and grain .almost $1,600,000; huruii
and hams, over t360,0t)0, and milk,
cream, etc., over t2,6HO,UHll. What is
oven more tigniOcaiii, however, il tbtt
already the home production of prod
ucts o( ths soU has all but caugbt up
With tbs Imports total, the fanner np
resenting (14,062,0114 last year and tho
latter 114,300,000. The flguros show
also, incoiitrovertibly, that there has
been a great increase in population re
cently. II one allow but (80 as representing the consumption of agricultural
products por head of population, and
allow lor tbe increased price el farm
products, it means between 75,000 and
100,000 added lo the provincial population iu 1010, or a number equal to
tbe sntiro population ol British Columbia twenty live years ago, A glance
at Ibo figures of imports of poultry
aud eggs convince oue, too, of the great
future there is in British Columbia
(or tbis Important branch of agriculture. The dairying industry is also on
a very progressive plane al. prcscnl, tba
total dairying output amounting lost
year to about IPtOflOO, and it is anticipated tbo success of tbis important
phase of agricultural industry will so-
eurfttor the dairyman the highest market-prices possible to secure by an individual pr organization in competition
anywhere throughout the Dominion, |
and this should prove a great incentive
towards the rapid development and
farther increase of creameries throughout the province.
am wilmn vawqwvw.
d'onllunrd Prom PS»e p|yfc>
real property In ths stld eity, accord-
Inn lu tho last revlssd assessment
ion. Is llb.9»Q,ITt.
AND WHBRBAB the aaarsgate ol
the existing debenture debt ol the
rnrpoiTillon is 1840,170 (excepting lor
works of local  Improvement and lor
school purposes), ot which nnns ol
tho principal or Interest Is In arrear,
TimiiHe'tiltH the Municipal Council ol ths Corporation of the City at
North Vancouver, with the assent uf
tbe electors of the City nf North Vancouver duly obtained enacta at lot-
lows: »
1. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
of the City ot North Vancouvsr and
the City cieiTt for the purpose aforesaid to borrow or raise by way of
loan from any person or persons, body
or bodies corporate,' who may be willing to advance the same upon tbs
credit ol the debentures hereinafter
iiii'iitlim.'.i of Ihe corporation, a aum
of money not exceeding In Ihe whole
the sum of J6.000.00, und to cause the
same to be placed In the Bank of
British North America at North Vancouver, to the credit ol the city lor
Ihe purpose above recited, and such
moneys shall be used lor lhat purpose
.'. iieiieiiiures ol the cliy not ex
cording In amount the aum of 11.000.00
may he issued by the said Mayor and
City Clerk In terms of the Municipal
Clauses Act In Sums aa may be desired, but not exceeding 11,000.00 each,
or Ihe equivalent expressed In pounds
slerllng of the United Kingdom of
Qreat Britain and Ireland at the value
of 14.80 l-l to the pound sterling. Kadi
of the said debentures shall bo signed
hy tho said Mayor and City Clerk, and
the City Clerk shall ulllx thereto the
corporate Seal of the said City ol
North Vancouver,
8. The debenture! shall bear date
the Oral day of September, 1011, and
shall bear Interest at the rate ol four
and one-half (IH) per cent, per annum
payable half yearly on the first day of
Murch and the flrst day of September
In each and every year during the
currency ol the said debentures, or
any of Ihem. There shall be attached
tu tho debentures coupons signed by
the Mayor only, for each and every
payment of Interest that may become
due, and auch signature may bo either
written, stamped, printed or lithographed thereon.
4. The said debentures aa to principal und Interest may be made payable either In currency or Its equivalent In pouinlii sterling ut the value of
14.88 S-J lu tho pound sterling at sucb
pi.", or places In Qroat Britain, United Stales of America or Iho Dominion
uf Canada ae may he agreed upon between the Corporation and the holder
thereof, and the said principal sum
shall be made payable by the city at
a d.iie not later than nfiy years Irom
Ibe first day uf September, 1011,
i. I'uiliii: the whole term of the
cauency of the said debentures a
spehal rate on tbe dollar shall be
levied and raised each year In addition lu all other rates on all the rateable real properly In Ihe city and sufficient lo pay the Interest opon the
said debentures, and to create a linking fund for the payment of the principal thereof when due, subject to any
act or enactment respecting the same
sn, n special rate shall be Inserted in
tho Collector's Roll or Kolls, and shali
be puyuble to and collected by Ihe
suld ...iporailoii In the same way aa
oilier rales In the said roll or rolls,
save as hereinafter provided.
6. In order to provide lor the ratca
set nut In paragraph (61 and subjeel
us aforesaid, there shall be raised annually by special rate during the currency of the said debentures the sum
of 1370 00 lo provide for thr pnvmrn'
of Interest thereon, and Ihe sum of
110.80 for the repayment of the principal, thereof.
7. The pi.,ceils of the said doben-
lurcs ahull be applied aa follows, and
ml In payment of Ihe cost ol ths
passing of this By-law and Ibe Issue
and sale of the debentures thersln rs-
(.n.-a to, and all expenses connected
wilh the laid loan.
lb) In recouping the said corporation for such sums ai have been expended hereunder until the proceeds
of the sale of the laid debenture! become! available.
(c) Tn carry oul the nurpoici of
thii Bv-law ai above let out.
I. No rebate Ihall be allowed on
the special ratel to be levied under
this By-law.
9. This By-law shall take effect on
Ihe day uf the pasilng.
In Thii By-law may be cited fur
all purposes ai "The Health Loan Byluw. Hill "
I'nss.'ii bv Ihe Council on the lOlh
day of September, 1811.
Received the ussent of the electors
of the City of North Vancouver at an
election for the purpose on the
dav ol
ftcconildercd by the Council and
Anally adopted, signed by the Mayor
uml City Clerk, and waled wilh the
Curporale Seal on Ihe day
of AH  llll.
TAKH NOTH'c, lhal the above li a
.rue eonv of the promised Bvlaw upon
which the vole of the efrcinn of thr
Municipality of the Cily of Norlh Van-
ouver will he taken wHhln the City
Hall. Nnrlh Vancouver. B     .
iirdny.  the 7th day. of October, A
un Sat
...        " ,/n.
tli, between the bouri ot 8 o'clock
m. ond 7 ..'clock n  m.
City Clerk and Returning Officer.
ITIBI.IC NOTK'K Is hereby given thai
ibe vol., of thr electors ol the City of
Norlh Vancouver will bl taken on Ihe
;ih day ol Oclnbrr, IIII, between the
hours uf s o'clock a. m. nnd 7 o'clock
i  m   on "The   Health   Loan   Bylaw.
911" and that within Iho Cllv Hall
Norlh Vii.ic.iiivei. B. p., and thai
Thomas Shepherd has been nnpu'nled
Returning Office'' In lake the Vole nf
such rl.'Clnrs with the usual power! In
III.'    !-l   ,11
liy Order ol the Council.
liy Clerk.
!'ini I VIM
■■]:■■ l-.-y,-,/-.1! :
Anything we might tay about theae Ranges
would be tupeillous.    They arte too well "
known to need boosting.   OUB. TERMS:
$10 down   .   $10 per month
We are sole agents:
paine k McMillan
Corner First Street and Lonsdale Ave.
North Vancouver, Phone 12
the electric coffee per-
nil.Tliir I
the disc ou which tho
electric curreut will ilo
your ruiil,iii|.f
the    immersion    healer
fnr bulling cuter irujclt-
Klcclrie I run, the Imlis-
iic-usable cunveiiioncp lor
Iriuiinit ilav-f
Bl  Btovo,   tbs  Handy
Eltctrlc Hitting Disc.
Drop in at our office at 50 I .onshai i. Avenue and see how
your kitchen caret may be lightened by the use of these inventions,
All Are Operated />]) Connection With
an   Ordinary   Electric   JLig/it   Socket.
B. C. ELECTRIC RAILWAY CO., LTD.      Phone 66
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
FOB SAI.lv Groom house on
lerfield Avo.
Nsw, all modern.
|3,m  Easy
TELEPHONE 8g. R 0. BOX 114
Drug Store Snaps
Tanglefoot Fly Puper, ll double* .-IiitIs
for 6c, or 60c pur box
4711 Soap  liOe box
Modified Milk, large ni/e  76c tin
Allenbury's Food, liulf dozen ... fl.HO
„ i,     1 dozen  $.J.6()
„ No. 3 Food ..   . 66c encli
„ 1,     1,        $D.'26 dozen
l'realon'a Kidney Cure 76c bottle
Peptonized Wine of Heef & Iron $1.00
Marguerite, 26 in box $1.60
Tuckatt's Club Special     $1.76
King Cutter and (Jarbo Magnetic
.Rbmn <■■ $2.60
Gillette  and   Autostrop  Safety
Razors  $6.00
Oem Junior and Ever Ready
Safety Razors  $1.00
Strops from 60c to $2.00 each
Alt   Razors  Absolutely Guarantied
Money Refunded If Not Satisfactory
Nortb Shore Drug Co.
P. S. THOMAS, Pbm.B, Druggist


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