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Building Permits Increase 600 Per Cent
Gas Franchise Under
$150,000.00 to Build
Third Big Ferry
" .Plebiscite On  Bottle
Liquor License
. -Norlh Vancouver's pbenomonal pro-
i gress is very decisively proven by the
building inspector's statistics as submitted to the city council last night,
when the regular session was provided
over by Mayor McNeish. Mr. Fuglor's
report showed that Hi building permits
had boon issued during tbe month of
February, tbe tolal value of sunn/ being Hl,ltl. Tho total (or the last two
months amounted to $103,166. Tbo total for January and February last
year was 118,780. Tho former roturns
show, therefore oSii1.; increase over
the latter. If it is true tbat "mouoy
talks" such authentic figures as these
aro tho best advertisement procurable
for the .immense faith tbat ia being reposed iu the city's future
Tbo muyor, prior to tho adoption of
tbis report, commcnlod briefly on Its
extremely gralifyiug character.
There was a goodly amount of general business to bo transacted.
YAmong tbe correspondence was a letter from the City Ferries Co. request
ing the couucil lo take immediate ac
tiuu iu the submission of a bylaw to
authorise the borrowing of 1366,000 for
Iho purposo of rcpurcbaaing tbe 40
years' debentures issued in lulu: (160,.
000 to be expended on tho construction
of a new ferry steamer of the same type
as ferry number three, wbicb cost ap.
proximately (136,000. Tbo question
was deferred pcuding further information from Ike ferry rxtrd.
Mr. William Tun.hull applied for a
license to operate a moving picture
theatre on Firsl street west in the
building uow und«r construction on
lots 16, 17, 18 sud 19. block 166, 1).
h. 374. I'.'riuiM.ii.il was granted sub
jeet to llic usual conditions.
Tbe district clerk notified Ibo civic
fathers ibal Rcevo May, Coun. Bridg
man aud lbc water commillee Inul been
appointed a committee to meet llic
council iu reference to tbo Lynn Valley
waler question.
A note of Ibauki emanated from Mr
Dougail Jenkins, F.ugiucers, for the
council's prompt actum in the matter
of a sidewalk on the soulb side of
Crescent street.
Capt. Catcs wrolo detailing lhe be
baviour of a lug towing a pile diner
on Friday evening. Apparently lbc
tug failed lo get out of Ibe way of tbe
ferry, wilb (be result that lbc hitter
vessel bad to reverse engines. The
captain sought the issuing to masters
of small craft of sucb ordei| as would
prcvont contingencies of Ibe above dc
scription. Tbo matter was hauded
over to the transportation commillee
I'rof. R P. Macnaghlen slated by let
tor tbat in viow of tbe fact tbat four
applications wc/c being madi for bottle
.licenses in Norlb Vancouver, tbe mat
Vir ought to be aubmittcd to lbc rate
payers Mr. Macnaghlen personally
understood Ibat a number of ratepayer!
were aoiious Ibat tbe Norwegian sys
torn should be given a trial in Norfb
Vancouver. Tbe writer wu therefore
willing to pay tbe costs of a plebiscite
worded as follows: "In Ibe event of a
bottle licence being granted In Norlb
Vancouver would, you prefer (1) that
it ibould be granted to I private indi
vidual, or (t) that it should be grant
ti to a comspany devoting all profits
■ (above 6 per cent, for interest in the
capital invcatmHt) lo objects of pub
Ul utility not supported by tbe rates."
Thi luggeatien WM handed over lo the
licensing committee.
Tbi city engineer rcporlcd tbat it
would cost about (1,300 to place a street
. alga at each intersection in the city
Units.   The matter waa left iu   Mr.
Hancs' bands.
Aid. Irwin made plainlivo llluflou to
certain occasions, probably within the
memory of moat cltizcne, when the
street can /all to conned wllh tho
tenia. The boat bad been known, in
such an event to pull out when the
c*r wm within a very short distance
ot /he wbarf. Aid. Irwln dwelt upyu
the aggravating character of aucb P ill-
cumetance, particularly u viowed from
tho interior of the wharf-bound car. He
thought that some rule might oo fo/mn-
lltoi whereby thi captain would hi era-
powerid  to show  »omo  consideration
ind loti the peoplo get aboard when it
only meant a minute or so's iluluy.'
Tbo mayor promiiod to raise tho topi •
at the next mooting of tha torry ill
Tenders wero then openud and considered ' /or the clearing of the ro-
creation ground. Tbo following pricos
were submitted: I.. Porcia, $386 per
acre; Walter l.yle, (360 por aero; I).
MoLellan, (740 (lump sum); O, Romeo,
$230 per acre; A. Scbongovyl, (176 per
acre; l'ote Andruss, (366 per aero,
and H. Muleoff, (136 per aero. The
last named tender was accopted.
Tondors wore also considered fur. the
supplying of crushed rock /of street
macadamizing purposes. The following
tondorod: H. V. Tucker, (89,386; Prix
ducor's Bock aud Drawl Co., (12'Vliir>:
I Ira nil e  Quarries Ltd., (110,666.
The clork pointed out tbat Mr. Tu. i.
or'a tonder was tbo ouly ono to reach
bis offico within the spccillod time
Discussion tban waged around tho
question wbothcr Mr. Tucker's tender
should be accepted for this reason only.
It was mentioned tbat Mr. Tucker
might havo grouuds /or objection if
tbo other two tenders were considered.
It was thou discovered that Mr. Tm I.
or was present in person. Ho wm therefore asked by the council if he had any
objection. He replied in tbe negative.
Even this did not sitisfy Aid. McRuc
wbo mado a brief oration of protest
against the procociliug.
Ultimately Mr. Tucker's lender of
(89,386 was accepted.
Tbe council decided to take up the
gas franchise question on Tliursduy
owning, tbere boiug two applications
to baud, one from tbo North Vincuuver Dim and Coke Co. ami tbo other
/rom H. ■Sydney Haudcock represent-
ing Coutls and Co. London.
Tho following and olher n.i.n.i re
commendationa of committees were ap
Board of Works
Tbat Ibo engineer be Instructed tn
get prices /rom B. C. Und .Surveyors
for the surveying o/ the portion of
Lousdale avenuo (bal has been v.iileu.'il
so as lo give Ibo owners of properly
correct lines. This in reference to a
request from R. Archibald who -visited
lo build a .stone retaining wail facing
ou Lonsdale Avenue.
Thai a sidewalk be jonstructcd on
tbe soulb aide of 6lh street from Lonsdalo avenue to Cbcstorfield.
That a sidewalk be constructed on
tbo south side of -ml street from Lonsdale avenue lo Maiion aveuue.
That 381b slrect be cleared aud a
wagon road constructed from Mahon
300 feet east.
That chesterfield aveuue be rleurod
full width from 36lb to 87th slrect
and a wagon road constructed Ibere
on, and sidewalk built ou lhe wesl
side from 36th l« 87th streets.
That Chesterfield avenue be cleared
full width from 301b to 21st street
aud a wagon road constructed thereun
Tbat a wagon road be constructed on
Si Andrew's avenue from 191b lo 2Jul
Tbat tbe wagon road be extended on
31st street Irom Ibe present terminus to
aboul 160 feel west to be opposite
lbe last bouse wcsl pf Mabou avenue.
Tbat a sidewalk be constructed   ou
Mahon   avenuo   from SSnd   lo 83rd
Water OomalstUi— ,
The following motion was discussed:
Aid. Irwin moved Ibat the water com
luitleo bring iu a recommendation deal
ing wilb Ihe campers and that Ibe com
millee make a recommendation as to
whether Ibe owners of tbo Iota on which
Ibo campers Ire or the campers per
sonally pay Ihe rales and state how
ind wbat manner tbe rate is to bi
Recommended that thia bo left in the
binds of Ihe mayor to get advice from
tbe city aolicitor,
Flie mi Light CommltUi—
The committee recommended tbat I
itreot light be placed u requested by
Bruce Watson aniT thirteen others at
the cornor of Mahon avenue and 861 h
Recommended lhat a light be placed
at the corner of fith and Mahon avenuo.
Parka Commltue-
Hccoromeiided that the sum of (86
be set aside for park purposes
Y. V. I. O. B
Tbe Rev. Mr. Fraser, chaplain to Uio
soldiers in thi Boer WM, will lecture
to tbe 0. K. Society tonight about
preaching to the soldiers in camp on
the march and jut before tbe battle.
Tbe lecturo will hi held in Bt. An
draw's Presbyterian church It 8 p.m.
Everybody welcome. dilution.
The Nortli Shore Was
"At Home" on Sunday
Concourse of Visitors from Across the
The glorious sunshine which Hooded
North Vancouver on Sunday tempted
an unuausl number of visitors across
tho Inlet, which, by tbo way, twinkled like a writable caskot of jewels.
Each successive ferry brought a fresh
cousignmcut of happy mortals of all
sizes and stations—many already acquainted witb the attractions of tbis
city and district, mauy on an interesting voyage of discovery. Innumerable
persons, aupportors uf the principlo
"tho bettor the day, tbe better the
deed," crossed for a speculative purposo; couutlcss others came merely to
brcalho tbo mountain air, pity tboir
frieuds ami relatives in the cast, aud
revel generally iu the luxury of life.
For tbis great eoncourso the city
strove nobly to provide adequate facilities Tbo B. O, Electric Railway
Company had a dozen cars running
Cspilauowards, Lynn Vallcywards and
mouutainwards merry clusters of pica-
sure seekers journeyed continuously
throughout tbe early portion of the
day to return later hot, satisfied, ami
a littlo tired and more full of pity
than ever for their friends iu the
east. During tbe day tho cars, collectively carriod 8,666 souls, mosl of
whom are, by In ordinary process of
reasoning, bound to become resideuts
ou the North shore sooner or later.
A grand rally of tbe Conservative
forces of North Vancouver will bo held
iu tho Knights of Pythias, Hall, Fourth
street west, on the evening of Friday,
March 16tb, at 8 o'clock. Tbe rally
will take the form of a smoker enter
laitiment. A good program is being
arranged and tbe committee in charge
will leave no effort untried to promote
the oujoyment of all wbo attend. All
local adherents of the Conservative par
ty arc cordially invitod.
Sudden Death on Lonsdale Avenue
F. 3  L. Ty tier Expires on Sidewalk
Jury Roturu Verdict of Heart
Ou Sunday aflernoon a gentleman,
identified later as Frederick Lucas Tyl
ler, dropped dead on tbe sidewalk while
passing tbo Lonsdalo Pharmacy at the
corner of 81b street and Lonsdale. He
was carried immediately into the drug
storo where it was found tbat be bad
eipircd instantly.
Dr. Nowcombo, at the inquest whicii
Coroner Diploek held iu Harrou's par
lor yesterday morning, announced the
discovery on post mortem examination
of a rupture in the left auricle of tbe
The deceased's brother, Mr. Stanley
Tytler, gave evidonco of identification.
The jury rcturnod a verdict in accord
ance with the medical testimony wbicb
attributed death to heart failure.
Ul. Tytlor wm consulting engineer
and principal of the Technical School
of Civil Engineering and Survoying iu
Vancouver and was well kuown across
the Inlet having been engaged iu pur
suit of tho above calling for a number
of years. Hi had for some time been
conducting nigbt clusCa in the Tochni
cal school on Pender atreet. He had
been living alone In tbe Alberni Man
lions, 11(1 Alberni itreet.
The deceased was well and favorably
known lo all pioneer residents of the
North Shore, having been the first engineer employed by the district muni
cipalily. He was the designer of the
present bridge across tbe Capilano river
and also of the last wooden bridge con
atructed across Soymour river, wbicb
wm replaced by tho proscnt atccl structure.
Ail Adaptation of Robort Browning'i
There is possibly no literary classic
better known tban ibis work of Browning in which he presents io bis inimitable manner the result of vanity,
hence there is little need of a description further than » brief outline. Tbor
old, Karl Trcibim, proud of bla ances-
rel escutcheon, which hi claims shows
uno luriii.'iii, welcomes the proposal of
H0|)ry, pwl MitInun, /or hia sister Mil-
droit's hind, as it will moan the onitiug
pf two poblo houses, bo not knowing
that. Mildred and Honry, who ore both
very young and ignorant and unguarded, have already met, sinned and uow
aiiempi a reparation.. He learns from
ono qf hll servants that an unknown
visitor, who was none other t lum Henry
himself, was.soon leaving his sisler's
chamber, and in a fury of rage acts
out to right the wrong as be believes
it to be Hie only waj>. Tbe presentation in this highly dramatic and historical picture ut tho Qem theatre will un*
doni", .il nrouso tho keenest curiosity
to see it, Wednesday and Thursday,
March Oth and 7th.    '
Miss Pltillippo, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. O. .1. Phillip]!!) of 4th street, is
suffering from a severe illness.
Miss Au.l of Toronto, wbo accompanied Miss M. Venter on Iter return
from that city, will bo the guesl of
Dr. and Mrs. Verner of Victoria Park
for a short pcroid.
The St. Andrew's und Caledonian Society announces its fortnightly Cindor-
olla ilauce on March 16th. Reynolds'
orchestra lias been engaged ami the us
uul un'!]ic evening is anticipated.
Mayor McNeish and Mr. J. J. Woods
J.P., this muming dismissed a charge of
assault against D. B. Watt, proprietor
of tbe Scotch Bakery. Tbe complaiuunt
was B. Harris, a driver in his employ.
Mr. Device moves into bis new Cap
il.-  reiidence this week after which
an extension of bis business premises
will be commenced upon. According
to Mr. Device, the number of visitors
lo Capilauo exceeds that of any pre
vious year a month later.
Captain and Mrs. Nash and family
of Capilano left ou Friday for England ami will be baseiit for Bix months.
Mr. Dunbar Taylor of Vancouver bas
leased lhe captuiu's borne and will
take up residence during the next few
Mr. Percy  King bus completed ar
raugemcnls for opening a branch of
his real estate oflice at the end of
Ibe Iram line, Capilano road.
It is understood (bal Mr. P. Urson
bas granted un extension of the option
for purchase of Ibe waterfrontage and
hotel property owned by bim. Mr. Lar
son is sllll iu California ami has post
poued bis return for some lime.
Publicity Commissioner
As will be noted from our odverlis
ing columns the Joint Civil Advcrtil
ing Committee is calling for appliea
tions for tbo position of Publicity
Commissioner for. the North Hhore. The
desire of Ihe committee is lo procure lbc
services of a specialist in Ibe line of
civic publicity who will be able lo ad
vise thp committee aud carry out ou
up lo date lines such mclhods as may
be adopted from time lo time for mak
ing kuown tbe advantages of the Nortli
Shore from ovcry poiut of viow, as
well as procuring results from tbis pub
licity. . .
From the sound of Ibe rc/eroe's
whistle, there will be no doubt aboul
the dead earnceluess of the two teams
wbicb mcot at tbe Vancouver areua
Ibis evening in tbe scheduled match
for the Paterson trophy for professional ice hockey. Thero is only one more
match after tonight's fixture to be
played this season at Ibe Vancuuvor
rink. The series has reached tbo. slag*
at wbicb the loss of a match menus
practical elimination to oitber Ibe Vancouver or the Victoria team, while the
winning of another match will placo
tho New Westminster team Veil iu tbo
lead. Tho Vancouver team may,
therefore, be expected to extend tbcm
selvea to tbe utmost tbis evening In or
der to keep in tbe running. The West'
miii'dei'i however will enter the areua
after i considerable rest aud for tbat
reason in good shape to stand auy pare
and to go tbeir opponents one better
in roply to any attempts that they
may make.
All intellectual men strive to educate
(hcnisojves ,but each one itrivw in i
dliirot yjjft
Conservative^ Prlmarjei
As will bo noted elsewhere in uur advertising columns, tho local primaries
of tbe Conservative party for tho appointment of delegates to the nominating convention of the Richmond riding
to select a candidate for the approaching provincial elections will be held in
tho Knights of Pythias' ball, Fourth
streot west ou tho ovening of Thursday,
March 7tb, at 8 o'clock. All resident
voters of Nortb Vaucouvor wbo adbero
to tho Conservative party arc eligible
to attend tbese primaries and are cordially invited to do so.
Struck on Hiad by Falling Rock
An Austrian named Martin Shut was
yesterday afternooi| killed instanlauo
ously by a falling rock which struck
lum on the head, completely removing
his skull. Shut bud just emerged from
behind a tree stump to see the elleels
of a blast which be and bis com pan ion
Fruuk Hi vat ine, bad exploded. The
Iwo .An.iinm A'ere engaged jn clearing lund under private contract on the
Marine Drive near Duuduravo Avenue.
Shut bad set off his blast ami started
out from the stump behind which Hi-
valine and himself were slandiug. As
ho moved out a great sharp pointed
roek struck him dead.
The other Austrian, who was uuin
jured, i.'peiio.l lo lhe police uf Ihe dis
Iriet of North Vancouver and the body
was brought to I In mm Bros', under
taking parlors here. An iuqucst lukes
place this afternoon.
The program this week at Ihe Lous
Isle is ono of lbe nicest and mosl lul
anted yet pul ou ils stage. Dorothy
Weaver in her dancing wus most ccr
tairily appreciated. It s a pleasure lo
watch her easy grace. Zalfrcdo is a
violinist of u high order and Ibe calls
for "encore" fully bore oul his title
lo induce " Heart throbs from tone
naves"; bui (ouch is sympathetic to a
superlative degree. The Summers are
a pair all shoulil fully eujoy, Ihey are
screamingly funny all through Ibeir
musical act and tbeir costumes are very
effective. Three pictures arc run al
every performance, tbese have subjects
of the mosl tasteful setting and beau
ly. Speciully beautiful is llic one en
titled "Tbe Rose of California."
WANTKD—A good strong girl to as
sisi in kitchen. Apply Scotch Tea
Rooms, Ksplauade Wcsl.
Family of Iwo want roum wilb or
withoul bourd in private family ur
first elans boarding huusc, Apply Box
Alii. Kxprcss Office. 8 .1
WANTED—86-fool lol west of l.ons
dale preferred; price aud terms musl
be reasonable. Box A44, Express
Ollice. 6.1
V. A \Tlli    A   il..uio.i, as Is..ii . ss. i
er by widow wilb child aged * or work
by the day.   Apply Box A46 Expreas
WANTKD—To exchange two 3a fl.
lols in Block 8, D. L. 761, "railway
belt" for similar size lols in Norlb
Lonsdale.   Hope BUS 83
WANTED- 7 in I, elderly woman lo
act m uursc sewing maid (good house
keeper kept; Small wages, good bouse.
Apply "Haildono" fills street west. If
WANTKD Small guoline engine
complete. Cash. Address Frank V. Al
lee, Red Caravan, Norlb Vancouver.
P. O.
Agreements for Sale discounted.
Money waiting. Lonsdale Realty Co.,
636 Lonsdale Avenue. Phone 117.   t.f
ROOMS   FOR   RKNT     Housekeeping
and single.   SIS Snd slreei OMt.
FOR RENT—6 roomed cottage partly
furniihed. Enquire store, corner of
Keith and Moody. 62
FOR BKNT-OomforUblo rooms, Ire
land, Foreman block, 1st itreet west.
TO RENT choice modern suites aa
3rd street. Apply Alex. Smith k Cq.,
North Vancouver.    Hints $17.64. t.f
" FOB BALE-Viow lot, Keith ro»d,
No. It, block 8*553—$1800-Ml cash,
60 tf, /rootage. Apply P. O. Box 66,
Vincouvir. 88-8
FOB SALE—Doublo corner Sth and
Cbosterfiold. Prico $6,000, good terms.
Apply owner, P. 0. Box 1828.
FOB SALE-Mth street .'i.sl ISO ft.
/rom Isinu'dnio 47 It. by 167 It. eleired,
facing tenuis courts. $1360. $460 cash.
Pbone 71. Snap. I 6-.1
FOB SALE-Bee bive, brooder, win
netting, garden hose, lawn mower and
scythe. Also three doxen flower pots, ill
sizes. Apply Box 1064, North Vancouver. .       8-3
FOR SALE—Good double corner on
Potcr Boad, Lynn Valloy. A good
buy at $860. Easy terms. Apply
owner, Box 1773, Express Office.
FOB 8ALE-By owner, $lfi,000 worth
of closo iu Norlb Vancouver residence
property, below cost on good termi;
must sell. Address P. O. Box SSS3, or
Phono L1S6, Norlb Vancouver.     80-B
(FOR SAI.K CHF.AP)-By ownor,
ono borso (about 1,60(1 lbs.), oue 3 inch
tiro wugon, almost new; one and onl
half sets heavy harness; also SS /Mt
motor launch iu good ordor. Apply P.
0. Box SSS3, or pboue L186, Nortb
Vancouver. 80-1
FOR sai.i: in whole or in part,
I .mm fully paid up shares in Burrard
Cigar Company Limited /or $760 (par
value $1,000).' No other stock csn be
purchased. Terms to arrange. Qllt
edgo Oeo. C. Walker k Co., Nortb
Vancouver. t.f.
Wright Lumber Co., 8 I.onsdale Avenue,
can give you prices iiu all materill
when yuu arc building. 8ce tbem. ti.
FOB SALE-One lol ot grocery
shelving aud counter iu Lynn Valley.
Now in sturc lately occupied by A. B.
Plot, her Can be aceu by applying to
W. J. Wilsuu, Assignee. t.f.
FOB SALE- Five ruom bungalow,
all modern, '-.■ block from Lonsdale
Avenue, $S,600-$300 casb, balance $80
per month, Including prinicpnl and Interesl. Apply Harris Street Brokerage
SOO Harris Street. 63
Lot on Huh street, corner on alley
$»U0. 13 third cash, balance fi, IS and
18 mouths. Tbis lot is ouly 140 feet
from l.oii'silab' Avcuue.
Lot faring on car line, I). L. 66S,
611x170 feet, cleared. Price $1086 on
easy terms.
Double corner facing on car line in
D L. CCU, 1011x16(1 feet. Cleared $8,600
ou easy terms—Baker li Kvcuson, Hank
of Hamilton Building. 63
FOR SALE  Settings of Mammoth'
I'ekm Ducks. Prize strain. Pbone 166.
S. C. Wbilo Leghorn md White
Wyandotte Kggs from my best layers,
$1.6U per selling, 100 for $7.60. Day
old chicks $17.60 per hundred. Plait
Melrose Poultry Ranch, Yennadou,
Hancy, 11. (!, ti.
FOR SALE- A row pens of prist
slock, Columbian Wyandottes, Columbian Rocks, Partridge Wyandottes, Buff
Orpingtons, S. C. White leghorns. Now
booking orders for eggs and day old
chicks. Mrs. J. B. Lee, Lyon Valloy
Poultry Yards, Dompsey Bold, Box
8114, North Vaneouvir. 3 :i
Oltitet I misdale Pharmacy Phone 22
B. G. Livery Mil Board sUblae -
Light rigs ind lldiw' siddle horse*
for hire Stabling for horse*, Oen
onl delivery and betvy learning, fl.
Dumas, 41b street we,!, Pbooe 147 t.f.
you deslro Io sell your business or pro
pcrly of iny Und call or writ! us,
wo hire clients for closiln acreage
for subdivision. Wa eu git results.
Mcllwiln* * Ddbar, » Jonas Building,
407 IlMtingi SI. W„ Vancouvar, B 0.
FOB BENT-Warehouso, Fint etreol
E„ Ut. Crown Block, 20x6'), buo en
trance os 1mm it $26 per month. Ap
ply to Lett k Pirowno, tW Bichards
me. mf
I WT Saturday evening belween air
and ferry, lady 'a gold watch with fob.
Monogram B. II. V. Mward- l'hono
Itt nt leave it Expfei/otec.      II
hOSJ-fltm On Walkfco Shipyards
Ud. twojticki of Umber »il$*« fi*,
It. Finder will flame mtiiy He
above tai receive lemuf |l. I
The New Municipality
Quarter Acres on MARINE DRIVE
at $1000 each, fifth cash
Two acre blocks close to waterfront at
$2500 per acre
Five acre blocks overlooking English Bay
from $500 per acre
And Corner Marine Drive andMarrRd., Dundarave
tjflxl.15 cleared lol, 81. Audrow's ami l!6lh facing aouth, ||850. Ono
third, 6, 12 ami 18-
li^lll cleared lol iltb (Boulevard) ami Bt. (leorge's, $2300. One-
third, 6, 12 and 18.
ItlilxlM i-lnarcd lol, 25th (Boulevard) and 8t. Andrew's, $Sf50, One
i|uarter, 6, 12 ami 18.
47x157, clearod, fow yards from Unsdile aveuue car, $1,60(1, Ono-
third, 6, 12 aiol 1.1.
Palmer, Burmester & von Graevenitz, Ld.
PHONES 71 ami 36.
ESPLANADE        -        Five Minuta Walk (torn Feny
Conveniently situated FOUR-ROOMED HOUSES.   For
(ull particulars apply .to the agents—
Bank of Hamilton Building.
These comfortable , well planned houses arc now ready for occu
|.,'ii>i,n and provided with many conveniences sucb as window shades,
kitchen cabinets, clothes lines, garbage, cans, electric linings, enamel
Id baths, W. ("s., cement  walks, etc.
Will Change that Old Store Front
Dickinson & Son, Ltd.
P.O. Box 1719.
Phone 222
1       ,
1    1
TAKK NOTICE that lhe Couacll of Ihe Corporation of tbe Oity of
Nurlli Vain'jjuvcr Intends lo wry oui the following works of locgl improve
men) under section 66 ul tlie .Municipal Acl and Inlands to isses* the tail
cost thereof upuer the real properly fronting or abutting therein, leid to be
liiii.'liti.'.l thereby, ami thai a slifcmeut showing Ib* lands liable to pay
the slid assessment and lb. nuncs ol tbe owners thereof, so far aa can lie
ascertained from tbe lasl reviled assessment roll ll now on 11* in the oSr«
of Ihe Clerk of the Municipality and is open for inspection during olllcs
SI.  I lai ill's  from  Crescent  Slreei   to
Third Street   macadamising
St. Patrick's-from waterfront to 3rd. "
W   Andrew's from waterfront to tra        "
81. (Jeorge's from wa.erfront to 3rd. "
Rogers Ave. froip Ksplauade lo 1st .. "
Chesterfield Ave. Irom matorfrori to 3rd        "
ilabon Ave. from L.-tdaoadc to 3rd.. "
Bsplaned.   and   Creinbl  slreet   from
Bt. (leorge's lo St. David's  ....
Esplanade from   Forbes   to   l-ousdale
A venue	
First street from Poilm to St. David's
Srrimd St>r*H lum Torlm kvmue to
SI.  David's   Avenue	
Third Street fron (Jue.nsbury to Dew
ick* Ai.'ini"	
Irfnsdile Ave. from 1Mb *tr**t to (Ity
lAiisdale from woUrfroot to llllh 81.
Lyon yilliyrotd Md Qnomhuij Ave.
fron 3rd Mrut to eity liolU ....
North V intern at, B.C.,
tehrunry it, UIS.
$ l."'"l
TALBOT Hkmiklt,
Aitla| qui cm.
Closing Beaaiom Eevlawad by Bsprcsj
Special Press Qallery Oorrespoiiiient
Vletorii, Vtb- 88.—The last two d»y»
of the (bird Hi'Siiiuii of ilm twelfth par
liiiinoni of liritinii Oolumbl* wero
ovontfui. When one g»»ed at tbo
crowded order paper tbat groeted tbe
eye when tbe legislature met last Mon
ilny morning it did not aeem possible
that prorogation would be readied in
two days, but morning, afternoon ami
evening sittings tbat day did more
than an ordinary woek 'a work. At the
morning sitting bill pttei bill wis put
through second reading in quick suc<
cession. The explanations of the
movers woro brief and to tho pnint,
and tbe attenuated opposition 'allowed
little disposition to argue, tbeir main
desire evidently being to reach tlio end
as quickly as possible. In the aflernoon most of tlicto bills woro put
through committee of tbo whole and
tho evoning session saw Iho rcmsitidur
■ nli. i given third roading or brought
wil hiu sight of thoir final stages. Tuct>-
day afternoon saw but a baker's doien
left lo dispose of ami tbeso were rapid
l. put through or allowed to fall ui/dur
lliu legislation guillotine that decapitates unfavored measures at tho end of
Ibo session.
Among tbeso luckless ones wero to
bo numbered some labor measures in
(reduced by Mr. Hawthornthwuitu uud
Mr. 1'arker Williams. Evidently tho
government though! thai tbis attempt
to Bt Utopia iuto the four corners of
an act «f parliament was a littlo premature for this workaday twentieth
century, world, One of Mr. Hawthorn
Ili«alio'.- bills wan for Iho purposo of
compelling Ibo payment of not loss
than $3.80 a day for underground work
ers iu mines. He really withdrew at
the request of I'remior McBride, who
intimated lhat all these matters would
be considered beforo anotber session
by a commission on labor thai he in
tended lo appoint. Mr. Parker Wil
liams' hardy annual to compel lbc fort-
uiglitly paymenl of wages in places
where a given number of men arc employed within thi neighborhood ot a
bank never reached a vote on second
reading as the l'remier moved adjourn
ment on il bofore the last sitting. One
labor measure thai did seo daylight
wus fathered by a Conservative mem
tier, Mr. Ilayward, of Cowielinn. this
sel is for Ibe purpose of licensing and
regulating employment agencies. It
requires that agents shall pay u nonv
mel license foe of $1 every sis months,
lhat they must keep records of all per
sous for whom Ibey find cmplii;n,cni
ami these records must always be open
for government inspection. Mr. Haw
thornlbwaite succeeded in adding an
ainendroeul lo lbc effect Ilml any keep
er of a female employment agency
musl, before ho is given a license, bo
cure a certificate of cbaraeler from
Ihr mayor of tbe city or from   two
justices of the peace.   The ai idminl
bas Ibe laudable object of iusuriog
thai these places shall uot lie usqd as
centres of the while slave trade. Mr
Hiwtbornlbwille bad a bill of bis own
for Iho purpose of luruiug the employ
ment business over entirely lo lbc 'i.f
ferent government agencies in the
country, aud making it the duty of
employers needing labor or men oul
of work to file ll\r applications there
lu view of the Premier's ennuumcmonl
be did not press tbis measure filthcr.
Tbe closing hours of thl session were
perhaps, more remarkable for the au
nouneemenls Ihey brought forlli lli'iu
for Ihe legislalion Ibal thoy establish
cd or killed. First came the prem
ier's Inuouiiccmeut of the proposed
appointment of a eommission on muni
ripal matters, whose duty it should
be, not only to rearrange the Muni
ripal Act so thai it can bo followed
more intelligently, but tbey are also to
roporl upon various forms of municipal government wilb the object of re
porting to tbe legislature what tbey
consider to be tbe municipal policy
bait lUitcd lo the province as a whole.
Tbis commission will travel to places
in Ibe i '.'I'd States and Ciuada,
where the commission form of iiovem
ment hu been adopted and Ihey will
also go to eastern Canadian cities and
investigate the working of Boarda of
Control. This miller wm brought lo
a head by Vancouver's application to
be allowed to idopl a modified cominls
lu speaking of lbc Municipal Act one
worlby amendment to tbat bill this
eesiion was the dropping of the awl.
ward word "Clauaoi" from the till*
Mow tbia cumbersome ind meaningless
lerru came lo be incorporated in tho
till.' originally li • myitory. Jt might
juat as sensibly bave been called the
Muuirip*! 1'aragrapha Ml." The
same meaningless t*rm wis dropped
from lb* WiUr Mt on it* revision
some-^our yoirs igo.
Tbe labor commiaaion is another body
Ibat Will investigate uo important
problem. Thi premier promised Mr.
nawUruinth wilt.
men would bt pr .porly represent*'! oi.
It. Undoubtedly on* branch of the Inquiry wHI be lb. cost of living ud its
relation to the wage scale. Oriental
competition ia another matter tint
moat be considered.
vostigato t)ii) but methods of bringing
the waste Until pt British Columbia
under tillage md also tho disposal of
produce and" bow bprt to bring it to
tbo consumor. Tbo roynl commission
on bitter tsrme will lio a Dominimi appointment, md it will investigate the
claim Af llrii isli Columbia for more
generous treatment from tbe Dominion
it largo.
Including (be atippply bill there were
88 new laws enacted during the session, and eleven meiiures Hint came
beforo tb* houso fajlpd to become lliv.
Outside of tbe sin bills tint embodied
tbo government's railway policy, the
most important single measure was
tbe Forijjjf Act, u bulky .statute which
provides ror tho creation of a bureau
of forestry aud reclassifies and makes
more stringent the regulatiohs governing tbo forests. Tbere wore a nujnbur
of smaller bills of social importance.
Ono mado is possible for women to
practice at the bar of tbe province;
another provided for an industrial homo
for young girla who have gone astfay;
anil the attornoy-gouerul's amendment
to Iho Liqpor Act mado mure stringent
the regulutiuus and the protection surrounding   interdicts.
Of educational Importance was Hon.
Dr. Young's bill to provide for the
opening of tbe new provincial univ.er
sity. This sets a definite date for culling tho Arst convocation; it invites
plans for tho University buildings as
a whole; ami sots aside half a million
dollars towards the construction of lhe
first of them. It is the beginning of a
lastlo of learning Ibal in a year or
two more will greet lhe ships going it)
ward or outward by Point Grey.
Iu is.i.im..i. IA tbese there were
amendments to the 1 ;■ i.. 1 Act and lhe
Water Act all for 'the purpose of keep
ing the laws in pace wilh the rapid
progress uf the country. Of tbut pro
gress tbere could have been no better
ovidence tbau estimates Ihut provided
for an expenditure of $8,000,01111 in pub
lie works during Ibe coming year,
and that still leaves the credit of Ibe
province so good thut nq olher in the
Dominion can realize so high u price
for its stocks iu lhe money markets
of tbo world.
Witb all this behind il, il is Utile
wonder indeed tbut the MeUrido gov-
eminent goes into tbo election thut
lies before it with unabated confidence
ll is littlo wonder, perhaps, Ihul ils
oppoueuts show signs of diseourageiuenl
occasionally, though il seems to be lbc
general wish thai Ihey will do Ibeir
buy and light it out to tbe end.
ar on the llth day of |l*rob, llll. '
(1) Olve the names and addresses
of any riparian proprietor! pr licensees
Who nr whose lands are likely to lie
Heeled by the proposed world, either
.boy* on bali* (he niitl«i—J»i. I
Nelson, Klagie
Mnlbaib 48« Homer street Vancouver.
JVest Shor* and Northern Land Co.,
" ncouver, .
if OF NO...,
(Blgnatpre)  THOMAS BHEPftEfip,
Oity Clerk.
«►. 0. Address) Pity Hall, Norlh
1-4 Vancoqver, B. C.
and Northern Land,
' Well
West Shore and North'
Ltd., vancouyer, August
Harbor. B. 0.
,_ la hereby given tl.__
plication will be n)aae under Part
NOTICB ia hereby given that Ul ap-
, Icutlon will be made under Part V.
of the "Winer Act,  moil,"  t« obtain
in i   Tbo on mc. address-and occupation of the applicant --Corporation ol
The value of the British Cijluiuliiii
fisheries, although il shows quite n
large decrease from Ibat of the year
before, is yel $2,6118,197 ahead of
lhat of the year 1110811. lluforlunalely
New Hruuswlek, I'riuce Edward Is
land and Quebec have again feileu
It is gratifying lo nolo thut there
is a substantial increase i|i Ibe vulue
of lobsters over that of the previous
year. Tbe total vulue ie still consider
ably less than lhal of 1908-09. Halibut
ii.ini.iaii. ■ a steady increase from year
to year.
A very striking falling off in (he
value of mackerel is recorded, Ihe tolal
value for 181011 boing uot more than
half tbe average value of the laat
twenty years. The Nova Scotia
coast is almost entirely responsible for
the big decrease. It is rather Inter
eating to nolo In this connection that
1'rincc Kdward Island produced u
value considerably iu excess of that
of lbe previous year.
It is .I ii ■■ ii to assign a cause for
such a falling off iu Hits filshcry; bul
there ran be mi doubt tbat tbe means
of capture in common use bad u good
deal to do witb it. Schools of mack
eral are erratic in tbeir movements,
swarming iuto the bays and harKom
io Ibe course of mime seasons, uml
practically deserting tbem during
otbors. In tho latter event Ibere cun
be only one result; uaincly, a dimiu
isbed catch—oven though tbe fish
may be plentiful a few miles off lb
shore—owing to tbo fAct tbat (be
fishing gear is largely fixed close to
the shore.
a licence in tbe
-•'" "Jl-
the City of North Vancouver.
(If for mlnlnjr purposea) Free Miner's Certificate Nn i	
(b) The namo of the lake, stream
or source tit unnamed, mc description
Is)—Dick Lake, elevation of 1600 feel
above  Howe Sound,
(c) the point ol diversion—At outlet ot Lake,
(d) The quantity of water applied for (In cubic toot per lecond) ....
(e) Tho character of the proposed
worka—Dum lo be constructed across
outlet or lake.
(I) Tho premises on which tlio wu'
tor Is to be used (dcscrlbu same)—
City of Nortli Vancouver.
(g) . Tho purposes for which the
water is lo bo usod—Domestic uml
Munlclpul Purposes.
(h) If ror Irrigation describe lhe
land Intended to Tic Irrigated, giving
(I) II Iho waler Is to be used for
power or mining purposes deserlbo (bt
place whero tbo wator Is to he returned
In spun) natural channel, and the dllfor-
'ii" In altitude belween polnl of diversion und polnl of return	
(j) 'Area of Crown Land intended io
lie occupied by iho proposed works—
160 uercs.
Hi) This notice was pouted on the
30th day o( Januury, l»l2, and application will lie made lo tlie Commissioner on the nib day of March, Uli
(I) Give lhe names and addresses
uf uny riparian proprietors or licensees who nr whole lands arc likely w
lie affected by Ilie proposed works
either oliiive or below Iho outlet—Jus
I. Mulhull, 132 Homer Blreel, Vuncouver; Wesl Bhore & Northern Land Co
I,Id, Vancuuver; Augusl Nelson, Bugle
Harbor, B  C.
(Signature)    THOMAS BHEPHEBD,
Clly Clerk
Clly Hull.  Nurlli  Vancouver.
TAKE NOTICE that Alice Pearce HH '
well, of Vancouver, B. 0„ married woman, Intendi to apply for PirntliW"1!
to purchase the following delorlbed
funds: Commencing al a poll Planled
at (he south-eaat coruor or T. ,L. No,
30864, tbence wost 80 chain!, thenci
south U chains, tbence east 40 chains,
tbence north 40 chains, thence east 40
chains, to wjrtor'B edge, inence north
40 cbalna along shore to point Of gym-
moncomen!, containing 480 acrea mor*
Agent.  .
10th January, 1»1«. .
TAKE NOTICE that JtRbert Ddlf
Klnmond, of Vancouver, B. p., occupation, broker, Inlondl to mlyJPrmt
mission to purollii* the following
described lands: Commencing ai a post
nlunlod at the south-west corner or
Lot numbered 87, thence north II
chalna, (bonce wesl 60 cnoins, bents
soulh 60 chains lo water* edge, thence
cast following water's edge to iioln or
cinjimeneemenl, containing 860 acre!
more or less.
104 Ii January. 1818.
TAKE NOTICE thul Elliot Alexander
Haswell of Vuncouver, B. C occupation, broltcr, Intends lo uiiply for permission lo purchuie tne following described landa; Commencing I *,",",'
planted about 20 chuins soulh ol Hi*
norlh-cust corner or Lot 28, and »l
the corner soulh of the aforesaid corner, thenee norlh 60 eliulna. mors or
Kli to cornor of T. I.. 88261 Ihence
oust 80 chulna. Ihence south 60 chains^
thence wesl 80 cbalna to point ol com-1 i
menccmcnl containing 400 acres mure f
Bill January. 1912
Tbt  llouudarles uud Arc* ul llic Hu
iil.'liiulll. i
Commencing at a point In Uunui'd
Inlel. distant 2.300 feet due south from
the ■ i;i.s ..■-.. t corner post ot Lol
266; Ihence due norlh 2300 feel lo salu
south-weal corner poat of suld Lol 1'66;
Ihence :i;iu feel, more or less, lo tin
ii"i ill .'.'.' i corner or said Lot J66,
thenee iioriherly through Lol 6S3, 2110
feet more or less, to the south-wont
curner poat of I.ol 589. Ihence naslerlv
along the norlb boundury uf Lot 662.
2640 feel, more or less, lo lliu uoi'lh-
easl corner posl of Lul 662. thenee nor*
Ihi'ily ulung Ihe wesl boundary of lol
641, 1714 feet more or less In the noilh-
west corner post of Lot oil; tneiice.
i.'iiiilerly along llic north boundary ol
Lot i.i;.. 2640 feet more or less. I.i ths
nci'lli-cait corner post of I.ol Mt
thence ciiHtet'ly along the norlh houn
duly of Lul 646. 2840 feel more or less,
lo the north-east eorner post ol I.ol
546. Ihence caalerly along the north
-liouiiiluiy of the uoi'thinost portion ut
l.ul 616. 990 feet mure or leas lo tin
north-east corner of said portion of I.o
616. 990 feel nunc or less lo 'he noilh
euat corner of auld Portion, thence
southerly along Hie caal boundary ol
said imi Hi niiii'i portion uf Lot 616
3069 feel inure or leaa, lo lbe southwest curner uf Lnl 2026. Ihence cosier);
iilunn lhe norlh boundary of Ibe south-
moal I'orllull of Lot 618, 2970 feet more
ur lias, to lbe north-cast corner of aald
aouth-mnsl portion of Lot 616, Ihenct
southerly olong Ihe east buiindary ol
Lot 616, 2310 feel mine or leaa to lhe
south-eaat corner post of Lot 616.
.thence westerly along thcaoulh boundary of Lot 616, 8360 feel mure or less
lu the soulh-wesl curner poat of Lul
(16. tbence southerly alung lhe
West boundary of I.ol 663. 2610 feel
mure nr leas, lo the suuib-wesl curner
of Lol 563. Ihence easterly alona Hie
i...olh boundary of Lul 668. 660 feet
more nr leas, tu the norlbeaal curner
poat of l.ul 276. Ibence aoulhetl) uloliii
the east boundary uf Lol 273. a dis
tunce uf 19396 feet, lo the norlb boun
dary of Hint part of aald Lul 27J, 111.
properly of John Hendry, thence westerly along Hie north boundary ut Hu
property of the said Hendry lu Ihe eusi
boundary of Lol 271, thence auulherh
alnng the Bald ensl huUlnlary uf Lot
274. lo the high water io.nl. In Burrard Inlet; Ihence In the aame line
southerly 600 feel, and thence weslcily
In a straight line lo Ihe polnt,of cont-
mencemenl. Ihe aold tract of land com-
nrlalni; tbe following lots namely: 26b
271. 274. 278, except Ihe portion (here
nf belonging lo John Hendry, the eaaterly portion of I.ol 662 ami Lets 6t"
648. 819. 660. 644. 546. 646 and 616. and
the Mi io: Indian Kra.rve nil sllunl
ed In Group One. New Wi'slintnsl"!
District, together wllh the foreslwi
In front, un Ihe north Bhore uf Bur
rord Inlet, na cuninrfaed wllldn (hi'
aald bniindailea of Hie City of Norll'
Vancouver; the said tract of land being
shown un a map or plan nf lhe snld
CHy of Nnrlh Vancniiver. deimalied Ir
the Land Riglslry "M1. • nt the I'll)' of
ir) Approximately thr number uf In
habitants-Blx   thousand    16.000)
is) The place uf the iiroposed rose)
voir for storing -lib k l.nlu-
(I) The means by which It la propos
od lo alore Ibe waler Natural Itorna
by use of lalte and dam
(u The area uf lhe reservoir alie
nr "lie at each foot In depth above
1   fool  above outlet   	
TAKE NOTICE thai Peter -Hoy Craln
of Vuncuuver. U   C, uciupalluii, lumberman, Inlcnds lo apply ror pernila-
Ion lu purchase the following doserlli-
d lands: Commencing at a past plnni-
d al the water's edge, al  lhe noilh-
west corner uf pre-emption 2141, Ihence
nurlh 80 eliulna: Ihence wesl 10 chains;
Ihence  snulh  80  chains,  mole or less
In wuler's edge. Ihence euat following
shore line lo point uf luiiiinenceiiU'iit.
containing 320 acrea more or less
im. January. 1912.
TAKE NOTICE iliul Cora King, uf
Vancouver. B C. occupation, spinster.
mis i..is to apply fol pelllllHslon lo purchase the following described lands;
Commencing nl a posl planted ulioul 33
chains eaat ul the point of commencement of T I. 30S26 and alongside a
surveyor's post bearing number 2M1
.thenee north Hi eliulns. Ihence eta!
10 chains. Ihence auuih 80 cliulni
thence weal 10 chains, to polnl of commencement, containing 320 acres mora
ur leaa
, Agent.
llth January. Il))2
TAKE NOTICK ibul George Verdlor
ut Vancuuver. R C, occupation, Umber
cruiser,  Intends lo apply for pcrmla-
luieinls lo apply for
sion to purcbaae (he following described lands; Commencing nt u oobi planted
10 cbuins soulh nf tlie nuitti eusl cuter of T I. 382(1. thence eust 40 chalna
tbence nurth 80 chuins thence west 80
chains, theme soulh 10 chains, thenee
easl 40 chains, thenee aouth 40 chains
tu pulm of commencement, eunluliiltig
160 .oi"   mure nr leas
Dili January, 1812  1
NOTICB la hereby given thai an application will be made under Port V
uf lhe "Waler Act, 1809," (u obloln a licence In th* Division
of                       * Dlflrlct.
(a) The name, addrcaa and occupation of tho applicant—Corporation of
the Clly of North Vancouver.
(If for mining purpoaea) Free Miner'*  I'erllllealc  No	
(b) Tb* nam* of the lake, stream or
(he description Is)
Outlet uf Dick Luke
le)   Th* point of
of Dick Lake.  ■
(d)   The cjuBullly of water applied
r (In cuWc fs t per aecond)—Fo■-
f North Vancouvtr
jC f«*l per aecond)—Four,
ie)   The character of the Droposed
irk*—Small dom at outlet of '
(f)   '
Ur il l
ie)   TO* i nuiiyi.1  oi tne o
work*—Small dun at outlet of Lake
Tbo premises on wbicb the wa
u be used (describe same)   ''ily
purpose* for which the wa-
"—Domestic and Muni-
'(F)" If '(or" 'irrigation describe  lhe
-lliiUmlSmliaaArnianAai lo to Irrigated, glvlnp
(I)   .
Ur Is to be uso.d
at L, ,
llfiBl Purposes.
U I'M'11 HI'
it)    If lb* waler Is to be uied for
puwer or mining purposes describe (be
blare whero the Water ll to be return-
id to aume natural channel, apd Ihe
"Ifference In altitude between point of
lverelon and nolnl of return ........
II)   Area or rown land Intended to
be occupied by Ihe propoaed works.
ust be considered. (k)   Tbli notice was posted on the
Tb* Agricult.ru Commit. wWU-)jJ«{ *aiteWSffl3:
6 "
8 "
8 "
H ::    ::    ::
18 "
16 "
17 "
II "
it "
{»::    :     :.
ti:    ::     ::
Tula! 808.4 acre feet
Bturage capacity 216.900.000 gals
(V), HUW It IB propuaiul lu ncuulre
the land nccolury fur the purpose—By
(w)   Approximately  the  number of
acre feel Inlendcd (o be Impounded
(08.4 acre feel.'
(x) Whether It Is prupused lu lower lbc water In tny natural lake ur
aUBdlng body of water Md If «o
(lie.i: -
I! I
1',' i
13 0
13 I
17 4
li i
i'.' 8
21' :;
II <
I! Is
II 1
.26 7
it i
jj I
.26 8
IJ v
II 1
Take Notice that Hie Council of the
Corporation uf the Cily uf Nurlh Van
cuuvor intends tu construe! as a wurk
uf Ileal improvement u sanitary sewer
ou tbe west side uf Lonsdale Avenue
frum the wulcrfront cunncctiiig with
lbc sewer laid uu the suulli side uf
First street, under sccliou lis of tlie
Municipal Ad and inlcnds lu assess
lin. linn I eust thereof upon the u-nl pro
perty fronting ur uliiitlin^rlhcrcuii,
aud to be benefitted nn.i.;. .. I thai
a statement showing the famls liaJdc
to |«y the suid assessment uud the
names uf the owners thereof, so fsr a*
can be ascertained frum the Inst rcvis-
ed Assessment Hull is now on lite in
Ihe offico of tho Clerk of lhe Munici
polity, and is open for inspection during ollice hours
The estimated cost of the work is
♦8,400.(11) ,of winch 81,66ii.DD is lu be
pruvided uul of the. pciierol funds uf
lbc Municipality.
City  Clerk,    li
North Vuncuuver, H. C.
February llilh, 'lllli!. 88
(I)   The antlclpaled exlcnt of Ihe
opted  to lower and refill—By con-
efrucllng a small tunnel.
)   Tho nature  In .characler In
Competition for New Unlvcnlty Bull!
lugs to be Erected at Point Or*f M
Hear Vancouver, British Columbia.    *§
The Government of Hrilish Columbia
invite CompOtitive Plans fur tbe (toner
al I,lions,■ ami desige fur the proposed
new University, together with moro detailed plans for (he building! to b* '
erected first at au estimated coit of
, Prizes of 1)0,000 wili be given for
the iTlosl successful designs submitted.
Particulars of the competition und
plan uf site may be obtained on rcijueil
from the undersigned.
The designs to bo lent in by July,
"111,  HHH. addressed  to
Parliament Buildings,
Victorii, Piitiih ColuwW*.  r
detail of the Works proposed lo be
constructed lo.provide for Uie discharge and penning back of lhe Wa-
ttr—Conitructlon of a dsm
»..,' 'u'i°.l",  buslutss uf 8IUo
sKntfMciiitidollicij who imIIh lhe
ly of haying their fslt.l bunions li.nudjt
hyKsperl*. ficllmlMivBdvlccfKe, Chsini
, arloult^
Ud*. Uocbttlls
utwor. W»99wm
j - kffi^K'jjffi HaM|i£?^HMiVwlVMnn iiV'n wit ' ".^^^''
Phone 335 Owner*-Palmer, Burme.ter t% von Graevenitz, Ltd.
> i
Commencing March 4th
The Charming Soubrette
The Great Musician
In their Humorous Sketch
The Latest Photographic News of the World
The Best of Photo Pictures
One Performance Nightly. Doori open 8 o'clock, Commence 8:30
Matinee Saturday, 2:30.       Box Office open 10 to 12 a.m. and 6 to 7 p.m.
PR1CES-I5c. and 25c.
E. A. COLE, Muager
St. John's College Grounds
Have been sub-divided and will be placed on the Market   '
On Monday Morning
This Fine Residential Section is all to be Cleared and will
Overlook the Grand Boulevard
Lots are High and Dry
Cars pass one corner of the block.
Water and Light can be had immmediately.
Terms over two years.
See ui for Price Lists and All Particular*
The North Yancouver Trust Company
,   219 Unto* Avenue,     m*
Iknrter, Ward & Co, Ltd., 546 Pender Street,
T)ii» MepWunmiHf (<wiw) Pn>v
inulal Diet hai just adopted t ro»olu
linn imposing t tax on bachelor* who
loiillue to' marry, An unmarriod iban.
upon reaching tlio ago of • thirty, will
havo to .pay (axon at a fttt I.C per
cout. higher than married men pay
ft prcnout, unlen they are legally
obliged tp provide fpr monition of
thoir family.
Thii remind! ui that the young wo
mun of Argentine, In order to aavp
thomnolvos from lining placed In "thp
jbelf," induced the legislators of their
country to paia a bill making marriage
coinpuliory on all bacbelpn. M
result, tho male over twenty yean of
age who refused to lii'i'iiim) lUICOptlblo
to tho r Iiii i iii ii of iomo member of the
weaker 101 and load her to the altar
waa fined. Tho law laid that evory
single man between tho agoi of twenty
and eighty ahould pay a monthly Duo,
and should continuo to pay it until he
could satisfy tho authoritlei tliat he
wus legally married.
iiiuiiiiiiiili. who assaulted their wives
are specially catered for in several
parts of Amerea, and it was. not io
very long ago when a law was pasnod
in Chicugp forbidding tbo slapping of
wives in. that city.    A schodulo   of
slap" fines was drawn up, and lhe
first ram "With tbo left hand, II;
with tin.*right band, I'l; while sitting
down, fli;  wbilo stauding flat-footod,
In n cue ot wife desertion brought
before Magistrate Uigginliotham, ef
Brooklyn, some limo ago, the judge
mriii was that tho husband should
take tho partner of hii joys and sor
rows lo I'oney Island once a week,
kiss her once a day (as a minimum),
and give tier tli a week fur household
Ker some limo back the town of
iin.ii.>. Kansas, has been disturbed
by a Imliil acquired by the younger of
its citiienl of both scici of tickling
euch other, and a week or two ago
tho following ordinance wai published
iu the official paper, the Uridley Light:
"Making it unlawful for any persou
to practice tickling   another   person,
and fining lhe penalty for lbc same.
"Bo it ordained by the Mayor and
(lily Council nf Oridloy, Kansas:—
"Bccliou 1.—That it shall bo un
lawful for any person to punch pn
other person with thumb, fiuger, slick
or other thing in the manner com
monly known as tickling.
"Section 2.—Any person convicted
of the violation uf Section 1 of this
ordinance shall be fined any turn nol
exceeding lit, and ahall stand committed to Ilie cily jail until said Iiuc
and iosIs are paid."
Men must nol kiss the womenfolk un
Siimiaji. in Connecticut, aud a mauu-
i." n.i. i of lhat Stale was fined H
and coklH fur embracing .hii wife in
.'  tromciir.
Milan will not tolerate kissing iu
its open places, and couples fouud
guilty of spooning are fined. A bylaw
prohibiting line muting in public has
existed in tbia city for many years,
and il lias been so vigorously enforced
Ihul during one year uo fewer than
WW couples wore hauled up before tbo
magistrates and lined.
In liussiu the young men of certain
cities aro prohibited from kissing thi'
girls of tbeir hearts in open »|iacl
In Odessa, for inslauce, Ihere ia a law
forbidding kissing and ilirtmg in
Ibcutres, restaurants, rhurches, and Ihe
Itreet! und parks, and Ihis law has
il lhat if a 'yuung wumau accepts ■
man's arm while walking along u
public highway she is liable lu urresl
fur disorderly conduct Very much the
same thing exists at Kbersuu, another
Kussiun town, and lhe magistrates are
said to be so strict Ihere lhal lluy
buve framed a law making it au of
fence puniihublo wilh a" fine to seud
a love-letter through th/; posl which
iiiun.i bo deciphered by the officials.
I.ant summer a campaign fur lbc
■■iijipir.'Mini of what Ihe American
newspapers call "inaibcrs" was
started in l.os Angeles, tho famous
resurt in California, where a lingular
addition to tho police force was made
iu tho person of Min Fay Kvani. This
young lady, who Vaa officially design
n I id u "volunteer flirt catcher,''
promenaded tho main thoroughfares of
Ibe town, aud two deteetlvci who fol
lowed hor at a distance, arrested ten
men wbo accoilcd ber. Tbey were
hauled beforo a magistrate, wbo fined
them $30 each, with tbe altornativo of
thirty days' imprisonment. The wife
of one of tbo victimi afterward! met
Min Kvani in tho itreet, and, accuiing
her pf having ogled ber buiband, broke
hor umbrella over her head.
Chicago followed tho example of
I.oi Angeles by appointing an attract
ively dressed young woman ns official
flirt catcher, and tbe detective! who
were given tbo task of guarding ber
received tho following instructions
from the chief of polico: "If a man
ouly looks at a young lady, or if be
goes up to hor and takci off hii liat
aud ailu if ibo ii not Mill Soand-so,
and jtep ptmnf Oft—Wi), that.it not
exactly flirting. If, oo the other hand,
bo iticka to bor, aiki her to walk
witb Um, and really goU offensive,
thtf il flirting, and the man ii a
The Canadian Bank
of Commerce
New Branch of the Bank located on the
Eiplanade, near Lonidale Avenue, in the
premises formerly occupied by Pattenon,
Goldie & Clark.
Interest paid on Savings Bank Deposits of
One Dollar and upwards. Withdrawals
may be made at any time. Small deposit!
Capital $11,000,000      Rest $9,000,000
J. A. FOBSTER, Manager North Vancouver Branch
Support Home  Industry
and Build up North Vancouver
Seymour Lumber Co.
I lave iiii ii mill operating in lhe mountain und can give
of all kinds of Rough, Dimension and Kiln Dried Lumber
Moulding and Finiihing Lumber.   Second lo none.
Office: Corner Sutherland Avenue and I7lh street.
Take Queenibury Car (Yellow Isabel).
AN Extension Telephone
once installed proves
its value. It earns its
way every day. With an
extension telephone upstairs
you do not have to go downstairs to answer when the
bell rings. , If you are upstairs you do not have to go
downstairs to call someone-
The service costs only a
little over 3 cents a day,
with no charge for installation. Call COMMERCIAL
MANAGER, Phone 96.
British Columbia Telephone Co.,
'I 1.
Puhllibld Ttifflfoyi and Fridays |iy North Bhore Press, Limited.
— "-!i}*m*t-*t!'.V.   •  ■'  -T-- •• ■   "     1\     —-—■ — —■•—' " --■'■      I
Rates tt BnbMrlptloni-Ono year, HM.  8|x montbi, tit.  Tbree montbi, 860.
United Statm »nd Foreign, ISM pat yttr,
„   AdvirtW-M 9HH mi M ftuoud on AwHwMon.
Tbi Iqiw ii devoid to tbi totomlt of tbi Nortb Bhoro nt Burrird Into
exclusive!/ It constitute! an advortliing medium of uoeptional vilui for
reaching In a thorough and attidl-it manner the nopulation of North Vincouver
City »na District. Every effort ]t nude to givo idvertliwri tbi moij satisfactory
AH cliangos In contract advertisements should be in thi printers' hindi not
liter than 10 a. m. Monday and 6 p. in. Wednesday to ensure luirtion in On
following Iuue.
North Vincouvir, B. 0	
...March fi, 1918.
One of the most important featurus
of tho rullway situation as it has developed upon the North Bhore Is found
in Ilie fact that it la now generally com
coded Ibat tbe great terminal elevators which are expected to be built ui
ther liy the government or by the ro
ipeclive railway corporations for handling grain frum tho pruirlo protinenj,
shipped via the weslorn route will bo
loculcd un this sido of the Inly.
It has long been roeognined by those
who wero conversant with tho real in
Km.hss .. of tho Munition rolalivo lo
satisfactory shipping facilities fur Can
adiiitt ..In ni, ilml a western route was
an ulisoltito necessity, but of late the
di'iiiiin.l has be. um.' so pronounced lhal
it bus ended recognition in iullueii
imi uml in niii. iui circles yui h as uli'
minnlcs overy element from lbe prob
lent i". .'pi Ilml uf the actual am uunl
of limo which will be required for Ihe
perfecliiin nf plans which arc already
In hand.
The past season in the prairie pro
vlncee sow sumo thirty million bushels
of wheat left in the fields all winter
lm. m... iif lack uf shipping facilities
Tbe total yiold last yoar was 180,000,
000 bushels, 0 total that was much lie
low normal. It is expected that the
yield next season will bo not less than
150,000,000 bushuls. The capacity of
Ibe route via the Oreat I,ekes is miiIi
eienl ut best lo liaiullo only a fraction
of this iinmensu crop. As fur the all
rail-mute eustward Ihe distaueu frum
Calgary tu HI. John's, Now lirunswick
(tbe nearest winter port) is upproiim
ulely unu lliniisanil miles greater Ihun
Iho iti.lume from Calgary lo Hurrard
Inlet. The distance from oilier great
wheat centres norlh of I'ulgary lo thr
Pacific coast  is correspondingly shuri
us cun.pm, ,1 with the di;.in  lo llic
Ailantie seaboard, Even with the oec
ussity uf sbippiug Hie wheal via tho
must route, uruiind Cape Hum lu the
European market, the situaliuti Is much
iu fuvor uf llurrurd Inlet as llic ship
ping purl, but wilh Ibe early upeiiing
' of lbc 1.11,uio,1 Canal, the advantages
uf tbe Pacific e^iift route will render
it immensely superior.
As Inr terminal elevator sites on Hur
1.n.I Inlet, Hie udvunluges uf the Nurth
Hliure iu Ibis respect are so readily ap
|,11.ni its to be absuiulely undeniable
uml public opinion has iccopted the
conclusion Ihul lhe movement upon the
purl uf greul railway companies lu
wurd construction of lines upo.11 Ihis
side of the Inlel, signifies thai these
great terminal elevators am lo be locul
ed upon the north shore. It is like
wise positively ulhruicd by Ibusu who
are in position lu know, that lhe Hum
inion government has in band a scheme
fur Ibe cVectlon nf elevators of im
mouse capacity upon the Nurlh Bhore.
'i'u uli. n.pi In designate uny purtirular
sites for these elevulurs (uf which
Ihere ure destined to be a number)
wuuld be tbe crudest kind nf conjee
lure,, inasmuch us Hie many miles of
tide Huts winch aro peculiar lo tbii
side of tlie Inlel, afford ideal facilities
for elevator purposes along the ontire
The many benefits which will accrue
' lu the Nurlh Hhore from the presence
of Ihis great wheat traffic are of the
must valuable and far reaching nature,
Accepting Ibo estimate of 860,000,000
bushels uf wheal as accurate fur llllli,
and bearing in mind Ibe fail lhat
only a fraction of lhal section of the
Canadian wheat bell /which
Would naturally Beck an outlet
by the western route, is
■t present uuder cultivation, it Is
ipiilo evident that Ihe possession of tbi*
wheot trallic would of itself make Nortb
Vaueouver lbe greatest sbippiug'port
on tho Pacific coast iu point of loti
nni"'. The possibilities tbat such a
jn.. -i-i ri opens up for the Norlh Hbure
Is better left lo tbo imagination-nf the
individual to picture for himself. Iu
any case, Ihey are sufficiently great to
satisfy lhe most sanguine hopes of Ihe
must optimistic advocate* of tbe fu
tore grealnesa of North Vancouver.
A JPPffJ4»~5oVBgNMBNT"10re
Approximately nine ye»rs ego Richard Mcllride, on* of Hritisb Columbia's
nativo sons, waa returned premier it
tb* bead of * government having * bar*
majority of on* in tba provincial legis
ture. At tbit time tb* province
VM practically bankrnjit, revenue wm
■0 small tbit the most rigid economy
could not hopo to avoid 1 formldlbli
deficit at tbi end of tbe year, the credit of the province was absolutely nil
■nd even worn, for the renon that
creditors were pressing for payment of
overdue liabilities and thero was no
money wherewith to pay. .
At tbe provincial elect inns held about
two and 1 half years ago, tho Hon.
lllchard Mcllride waa returned to power for the third time at the
head of a government whose
followers totalled thirty-nine out of a
house consisting of forty two members.
During tbe intervening yeara, the finan
cial I'oiid'iioii of tho proviuee bad un
dergono a most remarkablo transformation. Tbo Minister of Finance, Hon.
Price Ellison, was able to announce to
tbe bouse at tbo session juit terminated
that tho outstanding liabilities of the
province total $0,418,637, but that,
what wilh the ium of $8,686,647 In cash
in the bank and otber assets in .tho
way of securities, the province for Iho
first time since confederation, cau
boast an actual credit balance In tbe
public accounts and Ibat balance
amounts to $1,407,604. That is to say
weie it considered advisable, Hrilish
Columbia could pay evory duller Ibal
the proviuee owe*/ in the world,
and show a clear balance ovor and
above of tho amount last namud. The
magical change which has been
wrought upou the crodit of Ibe pro
vine* by litis financial progress is seen
in tho fact tbat Hritisb Culumbia is
now Ihu premier province in Canada in
lha matter of the price received for
provincial debentures, beiug throe
points in advance of the nearest com
putitor iu this regard. Iu addition to
litis, Premier Mcllride found hiunolf iu
posit mn to bring duwn during the re
cent session from Ihu several depart
mollis uf his government, a budget pro
viiiing fur tbe expenditure of sixteen
million dollars during tbu cumlng year
over one half of whirl, ia to bo used
for public wurks. Tbis immense IX-
I" iisliiun, which is tbe largest ever
sanctioned lu date by any provincial
legislature in the Dominion, the government is able to undertake wilb
evety assurance of beiug able tu meet
Ibe ubligalions involved, without add
ing anything lo the public debt.
Thero il reason for Ibe change above
notod iu the numerical strength uf lbc
government suppurters in Ihu huuacand
for lbe ehauge which bas taken place
In the liniiii. ml standing uf the province
While every reasonable persou will ae
knowledge that the general Improve-
incut in business bas been •» important
factor in the satisfactory development*
as to provincial finances, yel il is
clearly evident that Ibe eleclors of
Hrilish Columbia arc (otiviuced that
Ibe prime factor in those developments
bai been tbe sound and enterprising
policy win. li bas been followed through
out by tbe in 11111111.-ii..ti.in of Premier
It is further a notable fact lhal, owing lu lhe present enviable position of
tbe provincial finances, the government
has been able lo embark upon a policy of
rall«v development upon a icale hitherto unprecedcolcd in the hiitory of
my province of lbe Dominion and one
which wil) prove of untold advantage
to tbe rapid progress and development
of Ihe province at tbis important June
Uri it provinrlsl iDairs. In Ihis ml
way policy the Nortb Bhore of Hurrard
Inlet ii vitally interested ind Is giveu
bemlll of tb* greatest magnitude, a
faet wbicb il duly appreciated by ill
Ibo** wbo in resident or wbo ire iu
lemtid in.Nortb Vincouvtr.
lo order to relieve tbi province from
the greit depression wbicb prevailed
when Mr, McBride md bi* colleague*
look office, tbi fict will bi readily re
eogui/od that it may biv* been neccs
sary to pursue a temporary course in
some particular* wbicb would not bave
been pursued bid tbe condltioni not
been tbw of practical bankruptcy.
The fact however thai tbe premier md
bit associates bad tb* courage to fact
lhe altuation 11 it then existed, to ad'
drew themselves witb energy to tb*
diiiiculi problems by wbicb tbey wir*
cunfmuli d and tbe fact tbit tb* pul
ley sdopted ittbK -titm-rwtiied-mi
only in the extrication of tb* province
from a moat embarraeilag altuation but
also is tbi promotion of Hrilish Colum
bi* to first plac* amongst tb* pruvin
ctl of tb* Dominion as for internal
fioincial eiringtb md *xt*rml financial
credit the** ficts bavs fully vindicated tba Wisdom of tb* enure* idoptid
Md bav* elsviUd tb* pr***nt idminli-
jtynin Yflw*wyMVt n,
tntlpn to a ppsitioii of unqualiflqd fipn-
ddence and nf tbi highest ostoom upon
tb» part of tbu electorate. The obwig-
es foreshadowed by legislation brought
down during tbe raceut suasion and by
furtber legislation wbieb tbo" government bM announced it* intention of
introducing, proves oone|ui|vo|y tbit
tbi government is qf tbit progressive
ind business liku type that may be
ruliiul upon to keep tbi administration
of tbi affairs of Hritisb Columbia fully
ibroaut of ill tbit li sound in p'riniiiplo
»n4 info in practice wltb rofuronce to
pilblle policy.
ouicgLv »topi coumw, curm sqwi.
Keith road west (old location) roud
will be closed from west boundary of
D. L, 656 westwards duriug tho con
structiott of trestle In D. L. 666 until
further police.
District Engineer.
I^fl 9, I? 1*1
District of North Vancouver.
SEALED TENDEHS on the'prescrib
ed forms and accompanied by certified
chorale or cash for ii", of Ihe amount
of Tender (which sum shall be holdj
until tbo muii-iii. 1 in\ cnmplctiun uf
Ihe work according to plans and spool
cations) will bo received b.v Mr, .lohn
O. Parmer, Municipal Clerk, until li
p.m. on Thursday, illi March, 1018, fur
the following work:
1. in. .ii..; roadbed and building nf
culverts, ruad frnm Keith mail tn Mam
street, 1). I,. 613 and 1). L. 804.
(Ward 6).
8. 1 Ilium,; and grubbing Keith
road oast from D. L. 660 to Nortli Arm
of Hurrard Inlet.   (Ward 8).
3. Clearing and grubbing road al
lowanco in 1). L. 643 from Deep Cove
road to D. 1, 576.   (Ward 6).
4. Cloaring, grubbing and grading
road to 811-5 854 from Bice Lake Hoad.
(Wird 4).
6. Urading, building uf culverts and
contingent work of Dudley roud in D.
!.. 608 and 1). I. 5U0 (local Improvement) (ward II).
6. Clearing, grubbing uml grading
roads iu Lynn Valley, llompsey road,
Evelyn slrect, etc.   (Ward 4).
7. Clearing, grubbing und grading
roads I). L. (Odd and HI, 10511. (Ward
8. flradiiig (consisting of fill and
cribwurk) portion of Mice Lako road
from Lynn Valley road lo Lynn Canyon bridge.     (Ward 4).
All in accordance with plans and
I is in.an..I... to be had at this uAlcc
afler 0 a.m. un Wednesday, 881 h iust.,
upun payment of $1 fur each, whicii
will be returned upun Ifie receipt of
bona fide tenders.
Tbe lowest or any louder not itoces
.-aiih accepted.
Diitrict Engineer.
District Municipal Hall,
Cur. Lynn Valley and Fromme lid
Nurlh   Vancuuver,  11.  fi.
88nd Feb., 1018. 5 3
Paper.the World
Irom our Itock of new Wall Papers
10 it nemy. Evtry day aom* naw
do*ign irrivM to fill tb* vncauoy
ol tbua* dowi ont,
Handtome Wall Paper*
ar* her* in *ndl*a* variety, Juat
Ull our *«l**m*n lor wbat room
you want 4b* paper and he will
abtiw you juat tb* patUrn yuu art
looking for.
To' ofaoOM lion our itock is 1 plea
sure, to pay our prtc* it e»*y.
W. H. SX0NEY & CO,
117 l/msd.l. Avsnu* Pboa* 14V
VCR •• W
50 ft lot  - Third Street
Weit of Power Home,     .     $4700
One-third caih, A wfe and jane bi»y
Phpne 37* Nerth Vancouver, B- C.
f ~~—- CLil-—.	
30 Day Trial Offer
If you have -never tried a
and \ would like to do, so
Now is Your Chance
Ul  jIIiJLmiim Ull_llll
■ '
The Auto Strop Razor
is the Best made
Try one for a Month, if you
don't find it so, return tp us
and get your money back
90 Lonsdale Avenue      Next to P.O.
Close to C. P. R. Route
We can offer for a few days only, some choice
loU at th* price of $500 each, on termi of one
third caih' and the balance in 6 and 12 monthi.
For further particulars ol the above and other business and
residential properties see
Phone 70
15 Lonscjale Ave.
P.O.Box 1816
Homewtes at Ordinary
Opt Bff-fpot 'Pt on BoBllYird fiolbg
nwrtbrwirttiW ~~'.":."." "• ':.'
Be'iutiful'double corner on Bf. fliorgl'p
Avpnuo cleared mil naijjr for build-
iuglOUM feet, on|y «8,flOP.
Lot on 4Ul Hlrimt ficlxiyu I'mit cluso in,
fp (8,150. ■•,*-.
J bive ati|l 6• Wcbow loti left in
oach, HI cash.
Alexander Philip
Financial Broker
Office Pbone 10        Houso Phone ill
, A
TAKE NOTICE thit It the next
sitting of tho Board of Licensing Oon»-
niissinniirs of the City of North Vancouvor, I, Honry Larson, intend to apply for a retail liquor or bottle license
for tho promises known md doscribed
as Number Ono llumlroil and four (Hl^fll
Esplinide Wost In tho Oity of Nnrlh
VincQUtor, B. O.
Dated at North Vancouvor this 33rd
day of January, 11)12.
83-8 HENBY LAB80N.   /
Notico ia horchy glvou that the undersigned intends to apply at Iho noxt
statutory sitting of tho Board of Licensing Commissioners ol tho City of
Nortb \ iiiii'uii' "i fur the issue to him
of a retail bottle license for and in ro- .
sped to premises to bo erected and
situate on lot 7, block lot), District
Lot 874, in said Cily of Nortli Vancouver.
Dated  tbis  23rd  day  of  Jauuary,
NOTICE is hereby given lhal at the
next meeting o( the Bonn! of Licensing Commissioners tor tlie city of Nuctb
Vancouver 1 sliull apply lor a bottl'lf
cense on 1st street cunt, lnl T, block
160, D.L. 274.
Dalod at Norlb Vancouver lhe 1 Alb
day of January, 1012.
NOTICE is hereby given Hint llif
undersigned intends lu up|dy fur a retail bottle license at Ilie noxt meeting
of Ibo Board uf Licensing Commissioners for tbo Cily of Nurlh Vaueouver,
Premises nuw bciuu erected on Inls A.
B aod C, subdivision of luts III, 17, 1$
and 10, bluck 166, Diitrict Lot 'i'A\
Nurlh Vancouver.
Dalcd Ihis 01b duy uf February, 101*
C. li. WILSON.
A BARGAIN - 50 x 170 ft.
Cleared, on 17th Street, adjoining D.L. 265
for $1500, on easy terms.
62 LONSDALE AVENUE     p.o.boiiwi   Ptoai in      NORTH VANCOUVER
i i i ■   i     ■
Conservatives!   Attention!
PBIMAHIEB is below will be beld on THURSDAY, MABOH 7th, mi, lot Ihe purposo of electing delegilai
in a '.um i im tiny Convention to be beld at the Vancouver Conwrvalivc Club on the folluwiug ovening, lu noniia-
ilo i I'siiimniiiiM' Candidate for the Blihmood'Electoral Hiding. Primaries and Convention will be called to urder
al  8 o'clock  .'■Inni'
Every elector who signs the following pledge is onlillcd lo attend iheae Primiries, no fee or inniibcmshlp of
iny kind being necessary, viz; "l borc^f declare »>/ allegiance lo and pledge my support lo lbc I'oawrvilive party
I am a duly qualified provincl*! voter of Ihe Bichuiond Electoral District aud  reside in    'V.
DIBTBIOT . Place of Mietlne
Hiirijuillam    Iluri|iiiilain
Central Pirk    '. .Horticulture Hill,
Eburue  I. O. O. P. Hll)
East Burnaby       Announced later/
Kcrrisdall ..Municipal  Hall
Lynn   Vulley   ...
Nortb  Lonsdale
North Vincouvtr
Bichmond Centre
Soulb Vancouver:
Wttd   I   	
.Wajd «
. Institute Hall	
..Church Hall '..
K. I'. liall-4tb Street
. Bichmond Town Hall  .
..Carlton Hall >	
..Victoria Hall 	
.Soulb Hill School 	
Diatrict Lot *7S
Weat Point tirey
No. of
'   i
Vt. tt **
.. Hcnerul Brock School	
..Nortb Arm School '             t j
..Office pt /. H. Locblln, corner JHth . I
Ayouuo uml  Jii'iiiliiT   ,,,,,             4 j
. School Houso             4 I
W»t CipllMQ   • Ho'tyburn School House                    f_ I
By Ordir of tbe Executive Bichmond Ccnlril Conwrvatlve Association
MBOy KINO,   SicrMWy.
	 '  ^T""-"rr-f^"V'lT-»^Ta,
g»P'W Pair ««■,■:•••••».,•  rr-t 8.070,000
lleicrve and Undivided Prpfiti-.  3,81)0 000
T"'"1 limit*  MM ono
HE incontive tp thrift tbat a sav-
iuga account gives you i» even
more valuable Hum the actual
Had om..
inli'i'i'M  that nri'iiiiinlnli'.'i li]iiin tlm do-
posit. Tho habit of savinn-aimilg
comfort In old age—la as easily ti-
quirod as tho habit of spomliiig.
Banking sorvico in tho Savingi Do
pnrtmont of tho Bank of Hamilton is
as slucoroly offerod to the man "■ lm
deposits a fow dollan a month ai to
thosowlfo deposit thousand!.
V. li. HEAVI3H, A|eat,
Norlb   Vancouver
,    <
North Shore Locators
Block 12a   D. L. 550
i j •■
Cleared Lots fronting on the carline
and Grand Boulevard, $900 up.
One-quarter cash, 6, 12/18 mths.
The Up-to-date Grocery
Mr. A. Aicand, llic Manager, will be pleated lo tec all hit old
cuilomen and alio lo welcome many new oner, and auurei them all lli.il
no cllmt will lie ipired upon Iiii pail lu please Iiii palroni.
The Best Buy
Corner of Lonsdale & James St.
132 ft. on l.onidalc ami 132 ft. on Jamei St
North Vancouver Real Estate Co.
UO Eiplanade. Phone 227
Contractors, Builders, Storekeepers, and Employers
need only lo phone HI lo bave all vtciicici filled. NO OHABUE
to BMPLOYBB or EMPLOYBB therefore Ibere li sbiulutely no no
cciiily lo ullliio employment Agencies lu Vancouver, ai a completo
lnl of all claimi of worker! ii kept al tba
Phone 321.     14 Lonidale Avenue.
W. B. HOOD, fltcrttary.
Feed Grain
and Ground
Ai we have now in operation in our new
warehouie in North Vancouver a thoroughly
up-to-date feed grinding plant, we are in *
poiition to tupply our North Shore palroni
wilh (he belt quality of thcic goodi at priori
ai low at .can be obtained Anywhere in Vancouver.
Prompt deliveriei our ipecially.
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co..Ltd.
Phone 4
Und   during  aad   Grading  Uli. Tbe  Norlb  Vancouver  llyi  Worki
peti Andruii, Oeaeral I'ojitrartor. Be 44 Utiidale Avenue, guarantee le do
we; connectiou I ipeclalty, buement ai good work at cheaper pricei tbu
Ult blhtt atcaval'ing work undertaken you  tan  possibly get  ib  Vaneouver.
Eitlmatw lite, til Bl. (leerge'i Ave., Oivi ui a trial, tbe mult will ipeak
North Vancouver, poit ofllci boi 8»J. hi limit    Phom 107.                 tf.
-., ,m.^.^.,.JLiiit
im bow \M »ot mm toil to aid mi
After mpppr, whlcb wm VtoMt tola Ul, atndynr and I dlyjflRfl th, plgftl
Into two watches—1 taking the flril
uutil two o'clack In the morning, wu)
be anupiiiiB reiponslblllty from that
Good Ood, Swlftl" lit sgaiped.
Wbpn all li laid and done. A oowartl "Tou'ys been butcbersdl"
may be alwayi a coward, but |t la not Thin I recalled tbe rtd-hot poker.
an Inevitable corollary that p brave j put g bMi .tfl TOy cheek; It came
man iratwayi bravo To know a poB- away covered with blood. PronfTn't
«bio »nt»«onlit, to walk boldly up to shoulder down, my clotboi were ut-
hta |n the broad light of day, la pan . urated wltb It, fpA ' ~*A '«» » <W»
Ume ou'until ho cboip to awaken me.  i bin*; to itand In a hyperborean bill ion trail tp ragrk each of my rnqve-
I arranged the two watcbaa thai bf   » »e ,W ° »'*•> • Surrounded by mm ,)nCB ,he ^^0) blade bad,
cauie 1 Imagined that If an attempt tljodarkiiess of the pit, lporanUIJke m my fMe 0ptfT
ihould bo made to enter tho houie during the night, It would ocour at sows
time near tba hour inentloued whin
both of ui would more than likely be
awake.  Hy gucii, yon will aee, waa 1
poor out.
I alio wanted to devote tbe  fori
part of tba night, when my brain ll
of tlw nature ot your ptrll and the gut "WQUgh 'if tbt wound. Tba
point from which an ettock w come mie puckor o( ,cw wUoh M
-|.l,at la quite another. dliflgurei my lace will bo a lifelong
So I freely own tbat my J»wa ached moraento ot that spirited combat In
with the effort of keeping my teeth the dark.
Irom clicking together like caataneti. After Wt were in condition to do
In the courie of a long and not 10, Stodger and I let about an inipac-
.. uneventful career, I havo been In a tion of the icene.
alwayi clcurvat, to an exhaustive good many tight placet and under all Flnt of all we didn't And a tract
•tudy of the cipher found by Gene sorts of condltioni wbtre I bad to of our adversaries, or bow many of
vltve In the Jtwtl-bo». Until Stodger bold myself to tbe matter In band tbem tbere might have been, until we
wai ready to retire I could concentrate with every grain of will powtr tbat I came to tho snow outalde. An open
my wholt mind upon it, I told myielf, could muiter; but never ilnce that dining-room window Indicated tbeir
without fear of being disturbed. Afler nigbt In the old Pige hall havo I ox- method of Ingress, the trampled mow
my companion turntd In I would have perlenced precisely tbt iame unnerv- beneath tbeir number. There bad
to remain alert, keeping pretty con- {ng feeling that possessed mt tben. been Ave.
•tantly on tht move 10 that no morau- I came perilously close to an ignom- "Why tht bath room?" Stodger de-
dor might itoal In upon ua unawarei, luoui rttreat—and beloro evtr I bad manded,  In  doop perplexity.   "Why
fOO WPP-One intta,-~*mitf»pd,
also oue Ujfnmllbeil. Uteit Mm**
menu, win but and telephone,    tf.
or from an nntipicttd .quarter,
If tha place wis bleak and dreary
an Idea of wbat I was running from! ibould everything tbat happens In tbli
Fortunately for whatever itatui I houie he pulled off tbere?"
In tho daytime, what wordl will do my hold In thll chronicle, tbe move- wby Indeed?
icrlbe Iti dispiriting Influence al ment WM checked at IU Inception.' "t 1 go back tbere and try lo And
night? Thero Is a alienee tbat li 100th. jn a fla,h my momentary panic wu out'' ! "turned, itlSly, for my cheek
Ing and restful, which Imbues ont with forgotten I caught a sound tbat I w" Pi'nlng undor Iho mass of plaster
a sense ol comfort and a pleasant de r8Cognliod and, moreover, located on ">'t' Stodger had piled upon It.
lire lor sleep. Then tbere li anothei tbe instant It wu the long, unmli- 0arefully and systematically, we
•ort of silence; ont that magnlflei ta.lca.ble creak ol a loose itair plank went over every Inch of space-I don't
overy trifling sound, wunds that could |uch aa followi tbe gradual ablftlng k,now bow Only tlmei I had done 10
not tven bo detected during tho day; o( g pBrson's weight from one foot to »lnce tho murder-but found absolute-
the lort of silence tbat blnti at uneasy MOther Bomobody wu ilowly and ly no">lng thai was not already (am-
stirring! and movement! all about one. cgut|omiiy ascondlug the roar alalrs. I,lar to me' '• w" miserably aggra-
Tht distant cockcrow rings clear and 1 COuld smile once more and breathe yatlllg ,hst eveT search I undertook
high, floors creak, tbe very tlmberi ol „orraai|y. instead ot retreating, I was '" tllls houao of myitery should prove
the bouie complain, and mice icurry In jn KJ mt few eeconds stealing up 'ru"'cs«. Yet, wo could And nothing
tht walls. t|10 front Bta|rB   Nor did i move wy whatever to serve u a reply to Stod-
It waa such a stillness tbat cuvel  ^ly, either.  I knew by experiment &ers pertinent question,
oped ui.   Even Stodger1! IrrepreBSlbls t)iat )t, ,tep8 wcre a)| ,0ud, and that     " was be'°re Ibo bath room door
good-humor failed to cheer.   The old t need not fcgr u,e betrayal of any "lttt FeU* p"60 bad met hii death;
nianalon waa possessed of a thousand gemplalnlng board " ¥*■* "10 t""1' worn that had boen
volcei, itrango, IndeAnable noises thai At tbe/Jalr bead I became cautious deBlgnated on the chart found by me
kept our attention constantly divided; miu, j>5idn'i want to risk a collls- n tlle "low: " wu to this point tbat
yet tbt night wai 10 still that 1 could lo|1 wlth Ul0 itag6re, what must 1 Vm Alexander Burko and Alfred
hear our watches ticking In our pock ,j0| |lowever, but ,tUmbie against tbe ',l"c'Ue llod (ur"ed wltb a glance of
eta. topmost slep and plunge headforemost »™cut cugerncii; It wu to tbe bath
room that Genovelve had pursued Ibt
myslerlouB yellow face-always tbt
bath room. It would seem to be tbt
converging point ol iho tragedy'i
every moving current.
Wo were about to give li up In ills
The reiult wu tbat tht cipher re HL, ,nlo „1C ,h,
celvtd only icaat atttntlon from ma     tbo cn8uing crMb ,hat im the
I would get only fairly ateorbed n my ,101|,e waa llke an elpio,lon.   It also
talk when Stodger would ilanlo uu drowned   my  comments.    To  make
with a sudden   Ssbl   or a no lost n)aUe„ wo      ,   m   effQr(B t0 ke
•urtllng    command    to    'Us enr ,rolll fgl|,Dgi my revolver shot from
Whtreupcn we would both sit strain my hand and through tbe balusters, "alr' wllen ' 8l"rted forward with
To bo in by Friday, Maroh 8tb, applications for Publicity Oouimiiilouer.
Hood salary to right man. Apply by
letter, stating experience to Jnmos
Chapman, secretary of the Joint Givio
Advertising Committee, 1>, O. llm 1878
Nprth Vancouvor, B. C. 0.3
Frank Poohnl, Qenoral Contractor,
::vili i.lii'i'l betweou St. George apd
St. Andrew'i Avo., land clearing, grading,   l'M'IIVIl|ill((.    i'.llllllllllillllll,      ,'l'llll'llt
work a ipecially. All wprk guaranteed. Ksiimalcs furnishod free, flivo
mc a call. p. O. Box 2380, North Vancouvar, B. C. jg.g
The council of the District of* Nortb
Vaueouver invito applications for tbe
in. .iinm nl' 1 'onstablo. There arc three
vacancies, oue for a man to take share
in peuerul patrol work, aud act u
Chief, ut a sulary of II1U per month,
uml 11 half-yearly allowance of 115 to-
wards cost of uniform, ami Iwo for or-
ilinury constables ut til yet month, and
half-yearly allowance of 116 as abovo.
Apply before .Iho llth ilurgb, stating
previous experience to
JOHN (i. r\ii\ii:u. C.U.U,
Uistrlcl Municipal Ollice,
North  Vancouver, B. C. 18 J
The bar of yellow soap
apeotlon. door. but .        ,,   p t - ,or
J.blS. "a.?.rf??.^ 5.f*fLU"e! )Tortunatoly It wu a trifle ajar,
wordless cry
wu gone I
On the Instant the Import of thii
dlicovery flashed Into my mind. How
blind and ilu IIJ had been I
During lhe struggle Tuesday night,
between Pago and-shall I say Fluette?—In the hall, Burko had In iomt
way secured the ruby, and wltb dia
log our tars to hear^-notblng. all(1 ,WiDt c|at|Dr|Dg io„D to the land
Biary 'ownlnutei ont or he othei ,„ wilb (hQ ,, „, f „, br,ck
of ui, or both togttbtr would go ovti , recovered myielf on tbo Instant,
the tnUre bouit, tiamlnlng doors and bB d w|l)     .   , malediction,
wlndowi and making lure that no OM itmi toWird m -^ nm   nm
bad tntered since tbt lut tour ol In WM , ,0Uljd „, Bcurrylng bcb|lld |(|
that Stodger hlmitlf grow glum, and f^STmm 't^JUwmi^'lSSi. t
at lut ilgnlfled a  detormlna Ion  to ^^ ,rom beb| d „ , moBt ttnml|Uk.. bollcal cleverness had pressed It Into
".v   ,   6 m   °    T" co|1?'or"lbU bit human grunt emanated'. Iho sort »• b« of »oapl   A bit of maulpula-
Zal, J !h i.IrYlJ/i TaiTa pi,,.".',.'! "' '"voluniaiy notice a person gives "on under the wateMap had removed
ii^SJm. it „niJ'. ?.i hn ' . i™ »"«B   >>•   •>»"••   wW   suddenly »» ipmtx    Think of Ihe brain tbat
Z,,,r-J.     1 1ii .  T   ?VJ* Vbo^A out of bim.   Then rlghl In could light upon a bldlng-plaoo like
v 0111,-wrappcd hlmitlf In a  beavi JJ        ^           AA fa  mM\,iM tbat In Iho stress of mch a momenll
Mj^^iM!?'^*! £52i    cry lha. 1 ever heard;  U W rffl Paused by that very b^ of
was posltlvoly uncanny,   k cold chill >0RP' PbHosopblilng and moralizing -
went through me from boad to fool. 'l mate mo sick to think of It.   No
Evont iherealter moved wilh sueh woniier tliey woro all 10 Intoreited In
upou tha cryptic parchment;   bul ll   ,     ,   tvtttmu lbat ,ho aeM   ,„ the batbrooml
S?J0iiS?,JU^.Jl!.,?!U.,,!.2W!?'.?if il blurred. Thll revelation ltd my mind blank
I rtmepber lbat  I beard Stodger ,or a wcond.   Tben came a ruib of
houtlng   ciicouragemeut,    and   his mtogltA feelings—bitter chagrin and
locklnged leet patting hart floors as disappointment, mortification bccauio
e ran.   As lhe bath room door shot ' lmi '«-■<-■" outwitted, and blind, hot
pen   and    Iho strange cry thrilled resentment   ugainst   those who had
irtb, some object fell to tbe floor bt'»tci1 mc'
car mu.   There wu also a sound ol Recalling the object I   bad   heard
inning feet up tbt rear Hairs; which llr"l' '" ""-' "oor at tha momeut 1
ould Indicate tbat my enemy was a dashed toe door open, I dropped to
isl, and ibat Iho main body wu re ",!   ll""'lii '""I knees and began a
ruing lo accompllih a reioue. feverlih search for somo sign.   Yel,
In a flash 1 bad reached forth my ""•>ro " W01 ~" small smear of soap,
mis aud grappled with tbe unknown v'l%n: (ho bar had slruck.
iipiniil the door.  That struggle would ™r * whllc Stodger thought I wu
iave beon Bhort, (or be waa like a cn")'' *"A perhaps I was. I fumed snd
,'hlld In my grup.   But lmtauily 1 ruvi-Ml Bt bim for uoi entering Into iht
.vaa seized Irom all sides at onco, It B,"dK" wlll> * 'remlcd zeal equal lo
leemed.   ll wu u If a dozen bands m'M'   Al 'i'1 h" loo understood.
*'oro feeling over mo, to distinguish Bul uur pawing over the floor and
irlcnd from foe. 'ho alalrs, und even In the snow out-
1     Into what had I ruihed 10 blindly? J00™-   »valled   nothing.     We   wort
!"5JL"',™"iB.??J[ \\Tmmv."1.™™ ™l ^'^^ M'   How ■»» S"' COD'ou,llled' "'^ * l"»bU»
At least twice I waa borne to ono ,lj0 '"'r of soap wu gone.
irv'dajk" kBM by ,beer »'«1*11' *aA the number
of my uiailantt. Botb times 1 sue
ended  In  shaking myielf free aud
•oon fut uleep; or, at lout, he often
td audible tvldenca that bt wu.
Again I trii-lil to fnnii.ii my aUenUoq
btad would Jerk up to a listening altitude avary time a board creaked or 1
tancltd 1 beard a door lomewbere la
tht houso being cautiously opened
Time afttr ilmu I would be icu|
iiealithlly to some remote corridor 01
chamber, only to return again to tbi
library no wiser tban belore.
1 Anally ilu uut Iht cipher Pick Into
my pocket-book and rcalgued myioll
to a lonely vigil. The great library
wu a plact of ibadowa and dark re
ceiMl, m will u of silence; and bad
It not bun for tbt regular, itertoroui
breathing of the sleeper, I might havi
wlibed myielf well out of It.
Tbe boun dragged along—midnight
one o'clock, two, balf-pul, and silll I
did not rouse Stodger; I nevor had lesi
dulrt 10 ilocp . During ono of my ex
cunloui Ihruugli Ihe empty, ccholui
roomi I let down my Imikm ».■ bad
provided ourself wltb this couvenleuci
-and looked out Into (he night. Thi
pliuant weather of the past lew dayi
bad ended, ll wu dark -ve
and an occasional Aake of snow, in
terlallilng ghoitllki
of light Irom   Ibo
terlallilng ghostlike wllhln the squan _,
lantern     scraned ri,ln* agaln t0 ray '••'•   ' »08 wm
lantern,   sirepei .„„„.h „„„, ,,„.„„„ ,,_„„,.  .
along Iht mail diamond panes with 1 T^uiiTi^Tu kn0,W*' ?°d ! M
feathery louch. b , f,   '»"».° ft»J*?  *« ' *"
Preiently I oniorcd Follx Pigc's bed
room. And here, for the lliul Ume lliai
night, I waa itnilblc of an absoluii
stillness Not eveu a board crtakid
Not a brcaih illrred ibo lestiisi
boughs oulside, uor rallied the wllh' r
ed vines on lhe walla. Then ol a si d
den I grew rigid, tensely alert, sue
and watchful. Prom somewhere 1
breath of ley outdoor air slruck upui
my (ace and hands
It waB a very crestfallen dotectivt
that preseulcd himself at the Pluetto
home curly Friday morning. I bad
counted so milch upon unearthing tht
lufllctlng far more damage lhan I was
1 knew wheu Stodger unhesitatingly ruby myself, assured tbat through ft
ihrew himself iniu Iba thick of the ' ">uit certainly succeed In drawing
fray.   Good old Stodgtrl    And thero *°me  betrayal   from   Ihe  murderer,
we fought, slluutly, furiously, In Ibe that Id' lots amounted to a thwarting
rcitrlcted ipaee of the bath room, o» of »H my hopes.   My fooling wu tbat
veloped In a darkneu that one could "' ono wbo lias striven and failed—
almost feel.   Again and again I col- 'ailed through a miliary act of groai
llded  with  lhe porcelain tub.   More carleiiucu.
tban once when I iccurod a Arm grup     But If I wai dejected. I wu no less
Now whatever else uilgnt bo laid ol JKJL"* °' mj,.u"'ce" a*™™'}"'. ' determined.   Only a lltUo more than
ihli old bouie, ll wis not a place ..I Bg'*lWB »? Ma*. ^VutilA bim two dayi bad e apiod since PelU Page
dralu.  lu wall! were thick and mild ""*,»" *• '0/cc,0'   wtb'cl1   '   *•» a°} bl» wtimely death; tbe body bad
Ul doori inuslve, and ibe doori and f*F*,bleK'ow*rd, ^T ' '^l* lb» ?°' bM,a lt>lQt[li "t; M* ' ta«* Onl
wlndowi were inugOiilug; Ihcrolore Jg,^„b!' ,Bul '" 99 rl"t »nd fron- I MIA In my haudi tht endi ol a ut
too (act thai I uow felt a percept ,bl   fi!d con'u,lo,n »' he ng Jerked flnt which enveloped all the acton.   Ont
ruih of air could ilgnlly but one ililni, **• WJ *** *«. Ib»t.  b»» could of thtm wu guilty.   My dttormlu,
-that an ouiilde door or window hue "ft™ 9totiWPliV lhe locallon of any Uon waa to bt no longer conildtrato
beon opeued. ""J??1   . v   , Uir0ll«h tw »/ woundlug  the   lnno-
Durlng a brief pauw   1   hesitated    Tbt FfW1" ended abruptly.  Stod- cent.   I meant to draw In 'ho Unu
ovtr whether I ibould rouie Stodvo , Prf"d / W()re *' * dliadvanUge, for of tbt nit until tvtrybody'i position
bul 10 ilight a warrant decided me u < "*,*.** m ,bo01 ?u W «count, itood clear and unequivocal; but to
to.   A ihout from any pari  ol  K,i Jnd ' bad D0 ""I"11 but my two ban that end I muit bt fortJAtd wiq> oaa
bouie, ibould he bt needed, wouie '"™; fof* f««nitnt of Informallon.   And
accompllih ibt purpoit quite u wo I n,Not *°.m   wtagonlit,   howtvtr. htrt It wai that,I looked to Gtnevttvt.
80 I merely itood motlonleu md lis or ffMUII one ildt of my fact fill     A ntat-appcarlng maid admlttod mt,
toned.   The clrcumitanct   lhat   mj u "mm out had quickly drawn ibt who Mimed to bt expecting my it
•training cars could now bear not, Ini   f "' * mm* ^ker from toe comer rival, for she conducted mt ai one*
whatovor wu In lltell pminoui.   Th. ?' W *1* to my chin.   At tot iamo up-ltoln, abovo tot second itorr to
buib which bad fallen upon tht piece ,n*'*nt » cruiblng blow caught mt too third, and to a room In tbt rear
wu tot aort that htraldi an advanci •***• °.n» ••'• of tot bouie. I wondtrid a bit at toll;
through a fortit of tht molt caulloui    "". Wo* d'd "ot rtndtr me un- but I wu mort turprlicd lhan ever
of hunteri.   Hangar might bt cnep comcioui, but ll mon than alagfcered when tot open door dlicloud U1m
Ing upon mt from tvtry ildt and It nw' ,F,or M lD»,»ot Ach ilxenglh u Pluttto Imtead of Otntvltvt. A good
any Imaginable guilt; If 10, hero wa. mm o»« ™ needod to kttp from many ilaxtllng experience! were to
iw warning. tumbling   headlong.    I   wu on my itort for nit Ibat morning.
Thin It wu ibat I nulled and reach ***** "d °'>e hand, while tot oilier     Tbo maid doted tbt door and left
id a diciilon.   Wllh Infinite cauiloi *Im WM hooked ovtr iht rto> of tot ui Immediately.   I began muttering
I sank to tot floor, removid my ihooi tu°' . iomt wordi expreislve of my pleuun
and draped a rug ovtr tht lantern    ™ W*1 had endtd.   I could hear at seeing Mlu rluettt abla to be up
Only toe dlmmeit polnt| of light ihow * ",a,tt»r of fett on lhe rear italn;' I led about; but something In btt mefl-
td through tot wcavt tfl to. fabric; JO"'11 hew aomt on| near me on too ntr checked toe speech.   She bad not
mtrely enough to itrrt u a guldlnt foor' weatotog heavily; then fall ||- tvtn looked at mt.   to fact, I quilt
btacon In cue 1 wanted to And It to I ""J"', . suddenly realized that ibt wu itud
hurry.   Nut, wlto my  rtvolvtr  In    ' *fm to yt|l, to Stodgtr to be up louily keeping her eyei avirtod from
band, I itolt to tht ball door, wbleh *ui "lilt >bem, but tot reiult wu mint.
bad betn left ajar purpoiely, aod °°'' » 9tinM wheeling In but throat. And again, iht prelinted tot ae-
peered out T6*i> f* mplng form on tot floor pearanct of one who hu recently un
Tha darknefi wu fathonileii, thi groaned, and I tantnged to (at aliiily dorgono a atronuoui »x«rUou. ''Her
illtnct complete. The spacious loVti ,0 tm* ,ee!' , rich, rod gold lialr wu to dliordtr;
ball wu tot Dlonyilui' tar of ilu w» received toe wont of tot flght iht wu brtatolng duply, and bar
houie; If ihere wu any movemenl lD more waya toan ont. When 1 man- cbceki wart Auihcd, though ber move-
about tba plact, here If anywluro ll *f** to And a candle and light It, 1 mend wert dlrod. and full of nur
would bt dttectod and lia aource do- dlicoytred lbat Stodger wu lit one poio. Than, too. If a man may hu-
tormlntd. mn had groaned. He wtf alUto* up, ard Die gueu, I would bave aald lhat
Tha floor wu of hardwood, and my «* badly hurt, and itartog daiedly lacty, btrlbboned droning gown ihe
numb with toe cold •* ">• oindla. Hia mouth hung ludl- wore hid hir nlghtdreu. fba iltok-
" open.  But la t np,"'*f' Iw "
Healed Tenders will be ro.'e.'ved by
the undersigned up to ;i p.m. Tburiday,
March "Ih, 1818, for Iho iusuring of
Hie S. S. Nurlh Vancouver P"rry No.
The Iiih.'si or any lender not neees
.iirily accepted. Por full partiCubirs
apply to
11. E. KKMP,
0.1 Secrelary-Treasuror.
SKAI.I'.I) TKNDKB8 mirked "Ten
der for Hi. David'1 storm sewer" will
be received by the cily clerk of Nortb
Vancouver*up lo I:.' o'clock noon ou
Monday lhe 1 bill day of March, 1812,
fur supplying all llic uillcrilla and
iiiiisiruillng uml completing a slorui
-.".in mill ml li basin connections ou
St. llavid's Avenue, from Ilie water
(roni lu Keiih roud.
All lhe above mentioned work to lie
carried uut according lo plans, proAles,
cross lections and speciAcalions prepared by the cily engineer.
All lenders (ur llic wurk most be
made on llic (urmi< o( tender supplied
by llic city engiueer.
A cheque (ur ii per rent u( lhe amount
ut the tender must accompany each
uml overy lender.
A I'uii'l u( In per rent, ul Ihe amount
ul  Ihe contrail  mil he required.
The luwesl ur an) lender nol oeces-
.mi;,  aiccplcd.
i'ily Engineer.
Ill)  1-liig 1 liter's Ollice,
Nurlh Vancouver,
Pel,. Kith, M- l».'l
fttt war* aooa numb with tot cold **■ ">*
'^^mm^mm^iLt^1'*^    M^
satruaflad uorlahL
drculng jpwn m*
1 wu moit unuiual.
ler for Lonidale Avouuo Sewer" will'
be received by tbe City Clerk ef the
i'ily of Norlh Vincouver up to HI
u'clock uoon on Mondiy Ihe lllh diy
of March, mill, fqr tupplylng ill tbo
materiali and constructing and com
pleting a unitary sewer witb lot connections on Lonsdale avenue between
lhe watorfront aud First street. '
All the above mentioned work le bi
cirricd out according to plans, proflles
crtli icctioni and speciAcalions prepared by the city engineer.
All tenders fer too work must bi
mado on forms of tender supplied by
the rity engineer.
A cheque for li per cent, tf lbc
amount of tbe tender must accompany
each and every tender.
A bond of lu'o. of the amount of tot
contfict will be required.
The lowest or any tender not nccei
airily accepted.
jUUjr Enginur.
City Engineer'1 Office,
North Vancouvor,
Feb. 87th, ltW. f* 6.
9P Buuh Thing Becognlitd By Law
Ths oltissm pf Vincouvtr. bava bian
mora or itu profoundly agitated of late
by a general and itreet cprnar controversy as to tbt legal limitations governing publio mattinga. The following
artlelt, written by Hapolrt Derbyshire,
II.A., and published in a Britlab Week-
. tyi Jim penned a propos of the threat
of certain Ulster men to prevent a
Cabinet ministers' moating proposed
to be held in Belfast:
We bava heard, tayi Mr, Darbyihlre,
t" great deal about the BrlttllTTlgbt
of muting In publio and it will no
doubt coma as a shock to many of as
to hear that, in tht itrictnen of terms
there ii no auoh thing rocogniiod by
tbe law as the right to matt in public.
Wu iu thi suountry have no written
cnnsliluliiin.   What  Wt  may   do, anil
what we may not do In matters of
political gatherings ll dnliuud by the
iirdinary laws.of the land, tbt laws
which say that ont individual citlwn
-majritortinj-wbet V* »ay-p«i~^o,-to
kit fellow ''iii.'.ena. One of oar greatest authorities ou the Constitution
(Ur. . V. Dieoy) hu pointed out that
there is no special law allowing Jenos,
Brown and Boblnson and others to foregather in tbt open air or alsewhero to
discuss politics, religion, sport or any
We are Agents for over 50 lots in
This High Class
Residential District
These Lots are Mostly Cleared and at FIRST Cost
For Full Particulars, Plans and Price Lists,
Irwin & Billings Co., Ltd.
Corner 5th and Lonsdale   -    -    North Vancouver, B. C.
North Vancouver Business & Professional Cards
I    MLI.'
Percy   S    Howard II    J    Perrln
Clly   Auditor
i.niii.ui,   aud   Accountants
526  Ponder St   VV.      P.  (I   Box  3S36
I'bone s«S7 Pbons is:
Vuncouver        Norlh Vancouver
iitiiiii.'.ri.ii (
V12 6th :-n.i't East Ni.rth Vancouver
I'l..ui.' 373
^-        R. H. TARN
■> »
Pioneer Huriaiboar - Cirriagt Works
:■■■!•■•   or tn Wallace ii Scott, Third
•Slroet    i.eiii.rnl ii (suit work.
A. Wallace's services'nave been re
liookseilers and Statlooori
Cor. Unadaia and let.        ftoae 143
Lynn Valley Temperance Hotd
North Vawuvar
On the oar Una. Hoarding meals.
Good acconunctdttion tor wotting men.
Ceo tractors' men boarded. Mf. Eastcott,
i.,,, ii 111 mn
i'lsns Kxecllleil L.tllnutt'S (lliell
Centre snd Mill Bosd
Lynn Valley, B. 0.
l,'|i to date Hillimry
Moderlao Bates
Keith Block    93 Lonadali ATI.
Ths New  block on  Lonsdale  Aviauo
l.em    tba   I'eiiy   Approach
was built by
General (iontraotort
STONE hampmkntb
Practical Mechanics. All wurk guar
enteed.   P. 0. Boi-8878.
A. Craib W. Craib
In Concrtte, Brick and Wood.
i'Iiiiiim.ii inn ii
Sludiii   over   Dunk   It. N. A.
I.ousdalt and Eajilaa*d»
North Short Oliaulng k Dyeing Worka
High Class ladies' and dents' Tailoring
Impairing   and   Alterations,   i'leaning
and liy«mg In all its branches. All
Work guarauleed.
Ill Pint Street Wtnt. Phoni 207
• I    A.M.I.E. * B.
Irrigation,   drainage, livelt,    plaai
and Specifications. Septic Unks aod
bout drainage a specially. P. 0.
Box 144, liti, street watt id Btwiofcl
I.IUM i ii»
And general CemtniMitn Merchant, 11
Lonidale Ave., North Vancouver.
Pboa* Hi
l.ijille.' wora a iye. lull) All kinds
ol i.-iiuhliiK, altering, reuiodelllnK.
cleaning and pressing Uliarges moder-
ale, work KUarahtced. Cor. lousdale
and Hih ttrttt. Norlli Vancouvor, B C
Phont 171.
'i r:Ai ill in  , mi sir,.
Specialty: Children'! Leuoni at owu
home.     Ttrmi     ttc., apply General
H.li.ii.. .    .
Baginnttl givon ipeclal attention.
Lessons givon at hoa.es of pupils
Terms: Voice, |l; piano, 76c. Addreti
Otniral Otllvtry, North Vancouver.
othor Important topic The ordinary
law, however, will COt interfert with
Jones whorover be goes bo long ai lio
1I011.1 not trespass on lorooboily else's
properly, ami it will not iulorforu .with
his talk so long ai his talk is nr,
slanderous or seditious.
The law adopts the same attitude
of benevolent Indifference to Brown,
to liiibiiniiiii and to all tbe other talk-
era and listontrs, witb tht result that
Brown, Jones, Boblnson anil others
may do separately when alone, provided
of course, tbat when tbey are together
thty io regulate their talking and
walking thoy do not interfore with
other peoplo aud do not make others
afraid of a breach of the peace. So
that, in tbo end, the public may meet
together, so long ai the assembly does
not truspass and tbo spoakers do not
slander others or preach sedition.
This looks very much as if the right
were givon to tlio crowd. It is not so;
it Is given to tho individual, and it is
through tho right of tho individual that
tbo public "rights" aro got. The
rights of tho iudividiial (subjiict to
certain necessary limitations) aro the
foundation of all those largor rights
which wo call "public rights."
Now ilieie aro cases whoro nicotines
aro bold, ami though tho assembly docs
not trespass and ils members neither
slander puoplo nor preach sedition, yd
tho law forbids tho meetings. The
mooting may havo becoino uproarious
aud violent, and threaten the safely of
thu peace. Here every good citizen
may join in dispersing the meeting, und,
indeed, it hccuuios his duly lo do so
if called upon liy ono in authority—for
instance, if called upon by a constable,
or u in.ij'i: inii- or u sheriff; but un
moru force lhan is just necessury muy
bo used; then deadly weapons musl
not be used to disperse u rowdy crowd
at a football match. Again, there lire
iiiiiiiiij.'i. where the people come together for an unlawful purpose, or to do
an unlawful thing in un unlawful way.
Such a meeting would he a criminal
ouspiracy. One of his majesty's jud
ges once said thut for two men to agree
to blow their noses in church at the
-inin- time during divine service would
he a criminal conspiracy. At any rute.
Die law relating to conspiracy is very
wide, and the writer dues not attempt
to follow it any further here.
As regards trespassing, one ought to
mention that people who gather in sla
tionary crowds in public si reels arc
trespassers. The streets arc lo walk
along, and not to serve as a forum or
meeting ground. An amusing case involving a crowd iu a slreei occurred
in London Hourly a century ago where
the proprietor of a cake shop in Regenl
trool wus charged with keeping uud
maintaining a public nuisance becuuic
ho employed a pretty girl in the shop
and she altracted a large number uf
men outside.
What is a itditious msetingl continues Mr. Derbyshire. According lo the
late Mr. Justice Stephen, sedition cm
braces "bringing into hatred or con
tempt or exciting disaffection against
the person of the king or his heirs,
against lhe government or the consti
tution of the United Kingdom as hy
law established; or against either house
of parliament or the administration of
justice; or exciting his majesty's sub
jacts otherwise than liy lawful means
lhe nli' i..ium of any matter in chunh
or slate hy law established, or inciting
any person to commit uny crime iu dis
turbance of the peace; raising ilia-
content or disaffection amongst His
Majesty's subjects or promoting feelings of ill will and hostility botweon
.lass and class. An intention to show
that the King has heen misled or that
ibere are errors or defects in the slale
is not seditious.
The wriler commends Ihe above to
those politicians (not of one parly
alonej who wish lo lake certain mat
ters into their own hands ,and believes,
us I.e. ky did, Ihul "there are no crimes
so serious and far reaching and produc
live of such widespread misery as those
which undermine the great pillars of
society." •
■TOPS COUCH vmeb. is cuius
IsAI Mlllll -
My .luHi." are at the Capilano
I sn ui,.liy where yours ought to bt.
Flat work for 36 centi dos. Bough
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oanada'Ii raira MAJr
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»^ "
The ''Birks" hand bag is one in which quality and
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A poor quality bag is never satisfactory. Our
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Henry Birks & Sons, ltd.
George 1'.. Trorey, Managing Director
Hastings and Granville Streets   -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
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At Terminus of Capilano Car Line
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EL TOSTO may be connected with
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Ut VM.
12.li'.   AM.
* linotM "Mot on Sunday."    Tiuu- tablo
notice, Ctmpmy not llabli lot deity!, uei
htxvt Uorlb Vaucouvir
6.00 A.M.
aubject to cb»nge without
ilcutal ot otherwise.
l^yyjy y p^
According to tlie official statistics
Oanada repeiyid nearly two and one-
lmii' tinioii an many inwiitiruiits from
On United Kingdom as wont to
Australia, »yi the Nelion Nowa, and
noarly tlimi! times aa many ai wmil
to tbo United States, tlio figures being
184,000 to Canada, 66,000 to Australia,
and io.iiiiu to tbo United Btatei. It ii
particularly significant tbat wbilo tbo
emigration to Canada showed ou increase of 111,000, tbo emigration to
tbo United States was less by 24,000
than in tbo previous yoar- Of all tbe
countries of the globe Canada is now
tbo chief attraction for British emigrants.
A far larger proportion of the im.
migration to Cauada may lie expected
to be located in British Columbia iluring the present year. The Dominion
government ia now cooperating witli
the provincial administrations in its
Immigration work, and all the provinces of the Dominion will be given
fair play. British Columbia's allruc
lions ivill bu nmilo known ami Ilie result will be that a larger proportion
ul llic immigration to Canada frum tbe
Unitod Kingdom will maku Iniincs in
tbe  I'.1. ili    province.
The total volume of Immigration tu
Cinada from Ureal Britain ' is also
likely to be materially'increased. Mr.
Arthur llavvkc.i, tbe spocial commissioner lor immigration now in Hup
lind, ii duing excellent work, uiul
places tlie number oi newcomers that
Camilla in m.i at obtaining Ihis yeur
at 361,1100. If liis expectation is reul
i.i'.i tbo volume of immigration lo
British Columbia this your will be of
i.i i. . in I proportions and will mu
teriully accelerate tlio progress of lbe
• .-,,-,.-"• . * ,  ♦?•'
"Tt "I   '•""••
The   statesman   throws   his   slioulilcri
buck uml striiighteus oul his tie,
Ami   says:  "My   friemls.    unless    it
rains, the weather will be dry."
And when his Ihougbi into our brains
has percolated through,
Wc common people nod our heads ami
loudly cry "Uow true!"
The statesman blows his massive nose.
and clears his uugust lliroul,
Ami save:  "Tbo-.hip will never sink
so long us it't ulluut.
Whereat we roll our solemn eye:., np
pluuil with mum uml might.
Anil slap each olher on Ibe bock the
while we say "lie's nghl1 "
The statesman waxes ..tern uml warm.
his ilrouu becomes n roar;
He yells:  "I »uy to you. my friemls,
Dial two and two make four!"
Ami thereupon our doubts dissolve, uur
learn ure pul  to rou|.
And we agree thai here's a man wbo
knows what he's about.
"To read the newspapers one wouhl
think thai every editor sleeps with his
bedroom window open, but somelniw
we iloubl il. The newspapermen ure
greal preachers of lbe benefits of fresh
uir, ami Ihere is one thing to besanl
aboot lhe article recomineiideil, il is
plentiful ami cheap."- -"rlidgetowii
There is, we fi-iff, n nisi ileal ul
hypocrisy in connection with tins uml
ler ul fresb uir, says Ihe "Ton.uio
Slur," commenting on lbc above es
tract. While il is true Ihut we ul
ways sleep with an open window, even
When tbe snow piles u fuul high on tin'
lurpct. or olher ou lbe hanlwuml
floor oulsnle the rug- because il is
conceded lhal carpets arc unsanitary
- yet wc must confess Ihul we hu.vr
never been uble lo believe lhal I'bil
Bowyer of Hie Kidgotown Dominion,
coulil show a hardihood equal lo our
own in Ihis mailer Could he endure
wbal we dol It is not likely. Would
he, for instance, feed coal at a cost of
I1.6D per ton into a furnace in tbe
cellar in order lo boat a room, and
then open awindow in Arctic weather
in order to coal ill Would be arise
morning afler morning and wade in
bii bare feel through a snow drifl lu
lose his window before discarding bii
Silken pyjamas for lhe rude gurb uf
a rural editor) We do not think In'
Wuuld, and we do not believe Ibat he
docs. Only heroes and pools sleep
wilb Ibeir windows wide open in this
climate The man who always sleeps
with hit window wide open is about
as rare aa tbe man wbo lakes an un
mitigated cold batb every morning.
Some splash io the bath witb tboir
bands, a few stop into it. Yet, iu
popular conversation, tbo cold bath has
ita advocates everywhere. Tbey ere
humbugs, aud wc all know tbem. They
either warm the water, or Ibey merely
splash themselves no tbat thoy can
brag at breakfast. We know because
wo havo belonged to this secret society
for yeari.
m-rmmm naiidua KIM.* TUB lorn.
tWt COUGH! mici. « cjwti
Mahon, McFarland & Procter. Ltd.
m{ i i      . i'i.   i. iisii II. ii     '....Hill'
CLEARED 50 ft. Lots in Blocks 226 and 227;
$900 and $1000     14 cash, 6,12,18 months.
80 ft. LoU in Blocks 230 and 232a; $650, $700
and $600        14 cash, 6, 12 and 18 months
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am. Get Your
And you certainly do wben you buy furniture here. (;iiolily and vari
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In our Crockery Dept. wc »rc juit opening up a large shipment of Flower Pots
and Crocks. -■■■■ All Sixes
128 Lonsdale Ave. North Vancouver
Contrary to llic usual practice llic Assessment Notices for
1912 haVc been sent lo llic registered owners of properly
according to llic Land Registry rccorcU.
Up lo the present, purchasers have lieen in the liabil of
notifying the cily authorities thai the properly had changed hands
so thai notices of assessment and taxation should nol go aslray.
This form of registration of owneis has heretofore been deemed
sufficient for (ity purposes, bul owing lo a recent decision the
cily council is advised by ils solicitors to recognise these owneis
only who appear on the records of dlje I and Registry Office.
Unfortunalcly a greal many never ^jitter llicu deeds or agreements.
The Norlh Vancouver i -and and Improvement Company
has received numerous assessment notices for 1912 for'property
which il has sold and which has since (hanged hands Iwo or three
lite Company, therefore, desires lo notify persons who have
purchased from il lhat they should lake steps lo ensure notices
of assessment and taxation being sent to them so that they may be
come aware of the value al which they arc being assessed and
pay taxes as they fall due.
The  North   Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company
Limited Liability
Phone 6268
'•' I Oft IW s*S¥*7 nwsv 111 tmi^w y h.im
tM* irtfM'i opw»rt in jw«i»«» of
7 .si-   * T nnt    WW .
The audience which assembled in the
Knights of Pythias' ball lasl night applauded tp tho echo the masterly violin playing of Holroyd I'aull, the taste-
ful singing of Mae Qeorge and Herb-
ert 0, Cave tnd the humorous perpetrations nt Charlie Good. There wus
»n abundance of recalls and a niAuhor
of generous responses, the concert from
Start to liniiih being pleasantly sustained and deserving of a larger gathering of listeners.
Ur. I'aull, who has enjoyed tbo benefit of a personal training at the bands
of one who coached Kulralik and Marie
Hall, gave a splendid rendering of the
Unite to Mendelssohn's concerto in E
minor, lending unusual attractiveness
to the Hlaceato section. In the colebrat
ed ".Souvenir de Moscow" be again
achieved success,'while the introduction
of Scotch melodies into bis third item
"lieu Oleuch" tickled the audience in
to u furore of enthusiasm. He was en
cored thrice, responding firstly with
"Auld Iioliin Gray," then with a dun
cull Utile elude uml finally wilh a trifle on muted strings. Mr. I'aull is a
notable artiste but ii iu technique uud
treatment, but (if lie has not soared
beyond the rungo of friendly suggestions) he '..,,,.|,i do well to substitute
for that cunslant swaying motiou the
fli' iilin i ineiii und pussivity of, say,
Kubelik. Kneli a violinist as Holroyd
Paull is, however, uu acquisition to
thu west, ami his name will, dotiblless
come tu be mentioned inseparably wilh
British I'.iii.is.isi.s  music.
Miss Muu (leorge (very daintily
gowned, by (he way) wus not convincing al Hie outset, but, on being recalled, sang herself completely into the
good graces of her hearerH with "The
Harden of My Heart." l<ater she treat
ed "My Ain Folk" wilh quite adequate
sympathy, uml wus encored for both
this and Tosti's "Goodbye."
Mr. Herbert Cave was at heme in all
his songs, "McGregor's (lathering" bo-
log excellently snug. That difliciill
and well written ballad "I hear You
Calling Me," wus also treated finely,
Mr. Cuve replying lo a vociferous en
euro wilh "Yes ,lel me like a soldier
fall." (Is il |. ii..i i.i.l.■ ut this point
lo ['in. nilii ii'iill.i olwerui that self
restraint in an accompanist is a very
desirable quality!) Mr. Cave's is the
kind Of voice one would like to hear
ngain and aguin. Mr. Cave, make a
note of that and wurble on the North
Shore many limes in ihe future!
Mr. Charlie Hood seasoned the eon
'ert with solid Si oi. li humor, bringing
ono suddenly back to curl li again with
a eareful rendering of "Hoiked in Ilie
Cradle nl' lhe Itoop." Here, surely, is
il.e Hurry louder hall mark. In
till his items, in all his costumes and
in ell his "young" stories Charlie
Hood wus u sui cess. The accomjiaul
ments were sliured by Mr. Willium
Smith uji-J u lady whose name W'# re
I'i'iiiiili not mentioned on tiic pro
gramme, both of whom did hard, care
ful work, lhe latter accompanying Mr.
I'milt  with  i .ui i. iiiui  skill.
Tho com ert wus uuder the auspices
of Ilie Si. Andrew's and Caledonion Ho
Papers on Oood Boads to Btlr Interest
In Canada's Great Problem—W. J
Kerr the Douor.
New Westminster, 11. (.'., March 6.
In order lo stimulate iiiterev, i'i good
roads lliroughoul Cauada, W. J. Kerr,
president of the Cauadian Highway
Association, is offering three valuable
medals for lhe best essay ou "Whal
Oood l'".isis Mean te Cauada." The
competition for these medals is to be
confined te boys and girls under eight
con yen's „f age und no dsliiiolion is
to bo made between sexes. Women
have long since taken a place iu liter
aluru equal lo that occupied by men,
Mr. Kerr believes, and a contest In
which girls will compete against boys
will be more interesting to all concerned lhan one in which separate pri
itos are given.
Tlio competition will be open lo sin
dents in ull puits of Canada and there
will be uo bard and fast rules as lo
tbe leugtb of Ihe essay submitted, al
though articles of 60 to 800 words will
be preferred. The well known 'ww»-
paper rule tbat writing must be an one
side of tha pap" only will he strictly
mtamA, 1— ,.
Competitors will be required to deal
With tUtl Pt Wall H With theories
in the preparing of their papors and
at) essays must bo to tba hands of tbe
secretary, P. W. Imce, IH Columbia
atreet, New Westminster, on Or beforo May 15.
The flrst prise will be a solid gold
medal hearing on tbo obverse a reproduction of a part of the Canadian highway encircled by the words, "Canadian Highway Association, 10111." On
tbe reverse tbe name of tba winner will
ba engraved, followed by tbe words
"First I ri/e Winner I'miu.li'i.. Highway Association Essay Oompetiton."
The see ind and third prises will lie'the
same as the gold medal, but will be of
silver gilt and of silver. In addition
a silver souvenir pin will be given every
competitor whose essays attain a certain . ii.n.t.n.i of merit.
Iu discussing tbe proposition to inter
i si. i.li yonng people iu goo I mails In
means of tbis competitiou Mr. Kerr
pointed opt tbat it waa Imperative tbat
lbe gospel of good roads should be
preached to tbe boys aud girls because
it is while the mind is in a formative
stage that impressions aro lasting and
ideas easily grasped.
"By interesting tbe young peoplo uf
Cauada in tho proposition to establish
i' i t'.iiiniiiiii Highway that wil roi.ili
fr in AlUrui, H. tt, to Ilalifa.", N. S. '
says Mr. Kerr, "1 expect to create wide
interest in tbis nm t      I realize
that once we have (ho support and
sympathy of tho public at large tbe
success of tbis enterprise is assured.
Get tbe young people interested aud
willing to talk about a question of time
until succoss crowns our efforts. 1
would like every school master and
achool mistress in Cauada to call the at
ionium of Iheir pupils tu the offer I
am making and to give them all pos
.■iiii'- assistance in preparing themselves
by giving them compositions oo sueh
for iuo writing of tbese essays, either
subjects as "Hood Roads"; "Canadian
Highway", "Tbe Building of Boads,''
"famous Itoad Builders," "Early
and    Modern    Hoad    lluilding,"   or
Kiiiid.- as a Country's Asset."
Ail essays must be accompanied by
Ihe iiame of the writer and by a state
ment, signed by parent or guardian, de
daring tbat the composition is tbe com
petitor's owu work and tbat tbe writer
is under IU years of age.
Hi.- Honor the Lieulensut-floveruor
in Council has been pleased to make the
following appointments:
To be justices of Ihe peace: David
Willium Rowlands or tiauovus; Vernor
Winfleld Smith of New iluzelton ami
Norman William llurdett of Marys
villa in the coenly of Kooteuay.
John Sidney Morgan of Merrill lo
be a stipendiary magistrate for the
cily of Merrill.
Ifugk Alexander Higgle of Vancou
ver, lo be public magistrate for tbe
ty of Vernon iu tho place of Herbert
Weolworth ilusbaud, resigned.
Te  be  notaries  public:   Herbert   I
Wu 111.. ef Arrowhead and Pies Joseph
M' Iniii. of Vancouver.
Aid. K. E. Cavalsky aud John Nidi
olaon are appointed ou the Naiianno
Hoard of Licensing Commissioners; Aid
P 11. Busbby snd diaries 11. Ui
cheater on the Board of Police Com
ii.■   ...... i-   in (he same city.
Certificates of Incorporation have
been lisped lo the following compan
ics: Canadian Southern Lumber Co.
Ltd:. British Columbia Granitoid aud
Contracting Ltd., Canadian Association
and Exchange of Foreign Unguage
Newspapers Ltd., Coquitlam Telephone
Co. l.idTii.s Herbert Bros, and Met
rolfe Ltd., Ueorgc 11. Hewitt Co. Ud.,
Great Wesl Manufacturing Co. Lid.
Hallwards Lid, Inland Transportation
Co. Ltd., Irwin and Tucker Ltd, Uke
M.Kinii.')' Co. Ltd., Merrill Trust Co.
Ltd., Mountain Supply Co. Ltd., Nortb
Vanroufcr Dock and Storage Co. Lid .
Okanagan Mission Farm and Orchard
Co. Ltd., Pacific Dredging Co. Ud.;
Spillinau and McKwan Ud,, Stralbcone
Club Ltd, aud the Tulamun Gold and
Platinum Ltd.
Pricei are advancing rapidly in 265. We have aome exclusive
listings here, including two double corniys. Pricei and particular! on application.
Don't Forget 204
Phone W V. 0. Box 83M
Agenti (or London Assurance Co.
     ni   i        ii 11,  i    i
We have a good selection ol Houses (of Stic or Rent
Thingh it Is spring In Vancouver,
It is winter yet In tba Capilano canyon,
only i fttt miles from tbe ejty in
Vancouver's great mountain park.
Very few people go to see the Capilano eanyen from December to March.
At tbis timo nf the year to look at tbe
vast sword-cut in tba mountains, it
like looking at tbe insido of a great
euld, lofty church. Beal winter Is not
far from the canyon now; the wind
tbat saws through tbe canyon's huge
tube comes from tbe snows. And tbo
February fog is. as austere as wot
I took some tanned liquor as a
prophylactic at tbe hotel, and inched
along tbe wooden flume into tbe chasm
that gulfs down hundreds of feet to
where tbe river, carded by little rock
teeth, cataracts below. The day was
serene. White winter waa ou the
mountains all around. Tha great gray
canyon looked at mo witb a look of
iron. Mystory and menace are tiro
fascinations of the Capilano canyon in
February. With Its suggestion of ages
unknown it reminds you of wild forces
lhat made it when tbe world was
Tbe secoud canyon is tbe nave of
tbe great, roofless cathedral nf tbe
Capilano, if sueb a thing may be said.
Ita rough-hewn architecture is of a
vast Doris order. The bed of tM'lillle
river tbat chafes tbe canyon's door
sille, bidden in summer In a green
abyss of beauboeage, Is Its crypt,
Oriels and vertsiei It lias In nicboa,
screened by leafage, in its mighty
walls; for incense smoke It has the
little mist clouds tbat catch iu its
ree limbs like kites. But instead of
priests you look for the old gods of
the outdoors, sud the only acolytes an
active imagination would expect to see
are mountain kobolds and foroet trolls.
But the canyou asks witb grey insist
once that some rites, priestly of pagan,
be performed.
, Of course, they should be pagan to
rbyme; you ran think of no christian
rites that would not seem toplil there.
When you think of tbe canyon's rbron-
"logy, you think of an older note
(Jroat winds seem io blow through
your memory, and you seem to remci.i
ber having beon between two jusl such
incrorable walls about sit lifelimes
back. You foel, too, tbat you are
under tbe canopy of a vory big devil
or a very big god. Not the civilised
and tamed god of Ihe priests and par
sons or tbeir tamed devil either, bul
god of some other mythology bleak
aud terrible.
The canyon baa Ihe majesty that big
simple maasca of form give. No man
could lind words to tell of Ihe lilcnrj
lhal lives in lhat huge gash, pressing
upon you like a weight of dark waters.
Tbis silence is tbo dismal thing about
tbe 'iinjon in February; it is thu un
canny mystery you feel lhat dwells
tbere. It blows ou you like a colder
wind until you want tu go away from
the window. It is uot (lie spirit of
quiet and rost. Tbis stiliuess is a
Tbe canyon Is of notable sire, but it
looks bigger in winter than in summer.
It . is big -enough to make you feel
very small. Tbe great cliffs rise above
you like castle walls, corniced, lur
retted, butioucd, aa you creep, feeling
very small, along the frail and precarious footway. In majesty and grim
ncss Ibe mighty walls lift above you
to roofless space. Tbe severity of its
winter color enhances the grandeur of
Ibe canyon.
lu mountain ranges uf far grealor
physique there are uo canyons like
tbis. lis walls of vortical rock are
shuer enough lo make you ditxy, aud
», y„  s vji^aiyry I, miMJ^rt ■>
when yog ent«r It yoa.loavg sunlight
behind. Instead a sky doap with light
sends down a strange radiance, au un-
earthly illumination, ft is this kind
aLHjjlit tilt makes th* mm lock ||.
so old. It really Is, th»y ity, ono of
the oldest of tboi nooks and crannies
of tbe p)d earth.
It was late liftoriioiiu and growing
dark in tbe canyon and the obvious
dangers of tho wooden flume which
sticks t° the side of the gorge Ilka a
wisp of tbo mist to tba wing on an
equinox gave to exploration p slight
spice of adventure. A false*etep would
plunge an explorer diAvu to death pn
the broken rooks below. Tbe black and
dripping plumes of tbe Hrs hung in
tha way. Tbe planks were wet and
slippery witb rain and in some places
broken or missing.
Heavy shadows shaded the canyon's
greens and grews and browns into one
flat and noteless tone, though In tbe
world above it was atill full dsy. It
was then tbat tbe true winter character of tbe canyon, its austerity and
aloofness, began to make itself felt.
In tbe deeponing shadows the ilnme
and its narrow board footway Were a
grey glimmer. The narrow planks
held up by tbeir slender stilts and
brackets, seemed narrower. Tbe can
yon walls began to contract and the
dim sky strip overhead became a drab
tapo. Tbe great crevasse grew deeper
as the shadows tilled out. Thu huge
cliffs bulked enormous in tho shaded
light aud their dreadful eummits beetled above me. '
To say tbat it was profoundly impressive bas a trifling sound; it was
more than that. -Pollough Pogue, iu
Iho "Morning Hun."
Mr. /. P. Crawford is building au
addition to his residence on Crawford
Mr. S. Probert, Dovercourl Boad,
has turned a portion'"of bis store iuto
a real estate ollice.
Mr. James Pearson has returned from
Alberta and has joined Mr. J. Car-
miiliael in the real .estate husiiios.1.
Mr. and Mrs. .1. W. Williams, Mr.
Williams jr and the Misses Williams,
recently arrived from Winnipeg,
are residing in their new residence on
Allan Hoad.
Mr. and Mrs. Heurge Howker return
e>l yesterday to Lyun Valley alter
spending Ihe winter on Vaueouver Is
land   They will residu on Fromme ltd.
A band concert is advertised for
March 201b in the Institute Hall, ur
ranged by J. Kirkland for the trus
tees. Proceeds are for reducing debl
ou lluilding and nothing further need
be said te ensure a packed house.
The bridge ou the Bice lake road
over Lynn Canyon is now complete:
Sunday being ideal weather, hundreds
of persons took advaulage of viewing
oue of the most picturesque scenes in
Ihe district as viewed from the Lynn
Canyon bridge. The bridge was built
by the municipality. Mr Win. (Jcriuyn
was the contractor.
Mr. J. Madden of Squamlsh is here
on a short vieil wilh Mr. aud Mrs ('.
A. Mee of First slrect. Mr Madden
owns a fine ranch on the Squainish near
the line of lhe proposed Peace Biver
railway aud be says that a revolution
has taken place in farm lands in lhe
s.|.mini: h since lhe rialway policy was
announced Already, be says, a uuin
ber of land speculators have gone over
the snow into Ibe Pemberton Meadows
where sales are said lo liave taken
place at a one hundred per ccut. ad
vauce of six moliths ago prices
Look at Our Windows
for the very latest in
Seasonable Footwear.
Wood-Paige Shoe Co.
Mw.tCraw.BUk.   Not ltak,<MMtml Opp. City Hall
in this Territory for
i  i  u.   I"   i1 i       I, ,=sa=agsr=sgas
SMABT'S    (0)     HAMMBBS    AND
WBDOES      '
i. I . ii    I
Each of tbess Hues ara conceded to
ba tbe standard of tha country. Out
stock |a all bought from representative
Arms. . Some af tbaaa lines we are
compelled to ask a little more for because It costs money to manufacture a
bigb grade article.
paine & McMillan
Phone 12.
Wholesale and Retail Hardware
The annual mooting of St. John's
Women's Auxiliary will bu held on
Tliursduy, March 7. (,'ommunion ser
vice will be held al 11.IIU o'clock in the
morning. Lunch will be served iu the
parish hall after whicii tho business
meeting aud election of officers will be
The man who stands loo long ou his
dignity is apt to lose his footing.
lio-ociN a step in taking a wife;
ascend a step iu choosing a friend—
Jewish Proverb.
The 'J'.- iii(i 1'ao or Pekin Nows, is
the oldest newspaper in tho world, hav
ing been issued regularly for nearly
I.Hi'io years. Ils circulation is about Id,
ODD. Tho extreme care necesssry in
publishing this pupcr is shown by the
fact that until recent years tho punishment for un error iu prlntiuk was instant death. Another Chiucae newspaper, the Kin Pan, is a thousand years
•TAKE NOTIOB that Ihe Couucil of the Corporation of the City of North
Vancouver intends to construct the several works of local improvement on
the streets and uveuues set forth iu the schedule appearing below between
Ihe points thoroln sel oul uuder section 66 of lin- Municipul Act and iutcids
lo assess the linul post thereof upon the real properly fronting or shotting
thereon, and to be benefitted thereby, uud Ihul a statement showing lhe lands
liable lo pay the said assessment «uml ily names of Hie owners thereof, so
fur us can be ascertained from the lusl revised Assessment Hull is now on filo
in the ollice of Ihe clerk of the Municipality ami is open for inspection iluring
uiiis i hours.
n o
Forbes Avenue  Macadamising from Ksplauade lu 16lh
Street     .; Mill)      I 2(00
(111 Street    Macadamising from Muliou Avenue In
SI.  Andrew's  	
SI.   (leorge's   Ave.. Macadamising from Mli to llllh Streut
Kellh   Koiid    Macudanii/.iiig  froih   Lonsdale Avenue
lu Que'ensbury Avenue 	
llllh Street    Macadamizing from Keith houd lo SI.
Andrew's Avenue 	
loth Street    Uaeadamuiiig    from    Chesterfield    to
Quoonsbury Aveuue 	
(III Strecl    Grading lo poruinucn! grade from Mahon to St. Andrew's Aveuoe 	
Uth Si not    Grading   lo   permanent   grade   from
Keith road to SI. Andrew's Ave. ..
loili streei   Grading   lo   permanent   grade   from
Forbes Avenue lo (Juoenibury Ave. .
Si. George's Avenue Grading to pennaueiil grade from Htb
lo IDIh streot      H(00
Forbes  Avenue   —Grading from  permunenl   grade  from
■3rd to J6th street       («00
Keith Hoad  Grading   to   permanent   grade   from
Lonadale to (^uceusbury Avenue   ..    2(000
SI. David's Avouuo.Storm  sewer  from   Burrard   Inlel   to
Keith road   '.,    J7760
Lonsdale Ave Sanitary sower from wulcrfront to 1st
Street       moo
Norlh Vancouver, B. C, THOMAS SUKPHKKD,
March 6th, Wli. lit City Clerk.
i iiiui
i ■
Seven-roomed house, Ire-place, stone
basement, fuU size lot. All ia lawn and
garden, one block weet of Grand Boulevard on crest of the bill. Facing south
with splendid view of harbor. Price
$4,300—#1,000 cash, balance to suit pur-
cnaeer. Apply Box 12M, North Wan-


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