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** Qentlepion,
"I Inr. herewith to tender iny resin
nation as city clerk of the eity of
North Vancouver, to take affect at
once, or as ioou as possible.
«" Yours faithfully,
"(Hty Clork."
The above notice of resignation was
reud by the acting city clerk, Mr. 0.
T. Himliuii, at last night's meeting of
the eity council, when Mayor McNeish
presided ever u full complement nf
alderiu tin.
Alderman Foreman immediately rom
and movetf formally that the resignation should be accepted, ami that Mr.
Shepherd should lie asked tn continue
in the capacity of city clerk for u week
or two uml so help the council uut of
its  ililli. >,lt i
Alderman Irwin, iu seconding,
thought the middle of Juno might lie
a i.u.'i.i, time to include in the motion.
Alderman Foreman was willing to
make il June ISth.
Alderman Dick spoke in earnest op
position to the passage of Ihe motion
of acceptance. He reminded the couu
cil that when the former engineer ro-
llgned—and he had not served the
city us long us Mr. Shepherd—thc coun
ill had nit.n.l to provide him wilh u
liuli.liiy uml pay expenses, seeing thai
he was resigning through' overwork.
"Tbe I'm clerk," said Alderinau
Dick, "has worked Iwu yean without
a liuliilni. Hu yuu realiie, gentlemen,'1
he continued with emphasis, "Ihut we
Imu bail a good city clerk I—one Hint
it will be hard to duplicate! He has
worked since 1007 without a vucutiu
If we were to suspcud Mr. Sbephcrlff
for three months ami so force liini.Jn
take a vacation it would lie but
act of i in t."i in ii charily." Alderman
Dick dwelt upon Mr. Shepherd's value
tu Nurlh Vaueouver. It was a ucces
my to retain hii lerviccs if they could
In- retained. Tbii was uot a question
tu be lightly treated, but one to be
icriouily cuitiidcrcd. "It is not mini'
than six iinini lis ago," said Ihe elder-
man, "tbat tho mayor aud the city
lurk hud occasion to go down cast,
and his worship then told tho council
that this man's ability wai luvaluahlo
to tha city." Alderman Dick reltor-
iiifil that the best uml wisest step to
pursue was to give Mr. Shepherd a
well ili'scri nl holiday ami get hlm iulu
shape to uio the work.
Alderman Eraser thought it regret
table that thu city hail not been pro-
riding vacation! for its officials. He
and M.I,'iinini Hiss, however, believed
that as there was no excuse given in
the city clerk's letter the resignation,
ought to be accepted by tiic council,
Alderman Irwiu fully appreciated
the iiii'l Hint Mr. Shepherd hail nn
lend iniiliinl service to the city. The
council wus aware, however, that he
had been considering putting his rcsig
nation before the council fur loiiif
little time, lie thuiight that the rcsig-
nutiuu shuuld lie accepted with regret,
The matter was une which should lie
-I,alt  wilh in a businesslike way.
Alilomian McBae shurcd the huiii"
view. The muyur thereupon submitlcd
the inuii.in tn Ihe council, ami dct'lare.l
it curried with one dissentient voice.
Consideration wuh then given lu llic
matter uf advertising fur a fully t|uali
lied mun tu replace Mr. Shepherd. The
view was lirsl advanced by Alderman
Irwin Hint applicants shoulil be asked
tu slute Hie salary expected, but this
mel wilh disagreement from otber
aldermen. Alilcrinuii Mcltac was pur
tieulurly omphalic. He Ihuught that
such a courso might load the rounc'l
tu choose the wrong man by reason uf
tbe imiii,iii.ii salary he desired, uml
be alsu cooiiderctl that the council
shuuld know whul the posjtlon wai
worth. It wus Muii,I lhal the preient
eity clerk's Milan was ♦ 150 a month,
but ai,i,'iiiuiii Dick pointed out tbat
Mr. .'.In i'lu-i'i':, initial salary was only
■•tin a in,mill ut a time when ther'
were hardly any bylawi drafted. It
wai eventually agreed that the advt-r
liiemi'itt should tall for applications
frum fully t|uulillcd men to act is city
clerk at an Initial ulary of »l2.i per
month; all application! lo be iu by
Thursday, June Ulli A motion lo lint
ill, 11 wus seconded and carried. Alder
uuin Dick again recurdiug a negative
Celebration Meeting
Tonight in City Hall
Au adjourned meeting takes place ic
the city hall this evening for Hie pur
poic of making further arraiigcmeiili
for thc July In celebration! in this
lily. It ii desirable lliut as many citi
tens ami rulc|ieycn as poaiiblc shall
be present.
Field Engineers
No. 6 Field Cuinpany of Canadian
Engineers l.-m commenced drilling
wilh hcuili|uartcri in Nurlh Vancuuver.
Frum the number uf men formerly in
the Royal Knginccrs ami the larg.'
number uf recruit! who turned uul at
Ihe firsl drill, it should uut be lour
before tbe company will be up lo full
strength. Jjirsuus' 'laming pavilion in
Nmlli Vancouver is being fixed up as
temporary armuries until (he permanent armorial are built un the ground
granletl by the city. Drilling is to continue ou Tuesday ami Friday evenings
of each week at i p.m. at Larson '■■ Pa-
iiiiun and instruction in the engineering branch of the work ii to com
mem '■ ou Tueitiay evening, May the
fe. »'
1st July Celebration
Adjourned   Meeting   to  Take  Piece
Mayor McNeiih presided over a
meeting at the city hall oa Friday
night colled for tbe purpose of making
arrangement! for tbe July 1st cele-
l.ruiiin.'i in tbii city. Mr. T. 8. Brown,
who wai manager last year, was re
appointed in that rapacity, hii dutici
to commence according to the wujhci
0/ tbe committee. Jt ii expected tbet
arrangement* will be made for bis
tomporary headquarter! to bo at the
office of the city'i publicity rommii
lioner, Mr. I*wler.
Tbe Mayor wae aaked to approach
tbe proper authorities witb a view to
obtaining, it possible, for tbat day, tbe
pretence of H. M. ll. ti. Rainbow. Mr.
F. T. Salibury, wbo will be In Seattle
during tbii week, will alio endeavor to
make a similar arrangemciil with re
gard to a li. S. A. wurship.
It was ilcciildi that the celebrations
should be limited tu one day only. D
wai alio resolved tu approach th.'
city and district council! fur cu opera
tiuu ami tlnuuiiul assistance.
The meeting was adjuurncil until tu
night, iu Ihe cily- hall, when commit
tees will be appointed aud olher gen
eral arrangemciilii made fur the Juh
1st celebrations.
NOTICK is hereby given ihul all
iiiuiii''' due un lumber shipped by th
Seymour Lumber Cunipuny Limited
frum February Isl, Hill', musl be paid
to the underlined at our office, l-i
Application! will be received by III.
undersigned up Iill 6 o'clock p.m. ut
Thursday, the Sixth day of June, i'ii'.'
for thc poiition of City Clerk of tht
City of North Vancouver.
Applicants tu stale ijuulillcations and
Salary offered 1126 per raoutb.
City Clork.
Employer!' Liability Aaaurance
Premium  relet are invited  by tbo
Board  of Dirertori for lhe  insurant
of employee! for a period of twclv
montbi from noou oo the lith day of
June, i'H", lo noon on the J7lh day of
June, 1019.
Esliiiialt'il   compensation  fur period
of policy   litjm
Limit! of Liability.-
One Accident ♦10,00'l
One Employee     1,500
Policy alio to cover outside liability
Estimated traffic receipt! /or period
o/ policy   #100,000
One Accident  :ti;,<)'»i
One Perion     8,400
Rate! under sealed and marked rover
to be received by tho undersigned no'
later tban 111 0090 on Tburiday, Juno
6lb, 1018.     .
4 6   "      H. E. KEMP, Sec.Treae.
Ou Friday, tho :: 1 r 1. Muy lhe "Ambitious City's" equally iiniliitioiii yacht
club hobl their opening cruise, which
from every point of view, wus uu uu
qualified success. The \ealltcr, the
boats, tbo crew ami passengcra, lite
tides and the destination 1 mil.I nyi Iiuv
been bottcrud. A well mixed
crowd of sume IUU ull tuld sut
at eight bell:, (wbicb wus a trill«
er :' bells actuully) tu severely, rrninsli'
thu miti day meal with tju appetll
lhat only twu huurs on inward Inlet
wuters on 11 glorious duy cun produce.
The bunts got away from the <-lul*
house ut II u.m. ull well luutlcil.lN. II.
the llunl,',) ami set lu wurk In muke Hi"
best time they coulil lu Brighton Beach
whicii Mr. Aleiander Bmitji had kindly
j 'In ..-il ut the club's disposal lur the
tho day. The following launches made
up a splendid slimline, fur so yuung 11
VYiniiifrcd—Commodore .1. H. I'liine
Eleanor—J. .1. Woods.
Elf—It. MucKenzie.
()nward-.l. A. Mt-Millun.
Idler-H. V. Ihrffri-i.
Flying Dutchman- t/. Hurris,
Nezko-W. Braj
Fire Hug—H/F. Dyke.
Sil—J. jbVt'enner.
BwJJtfiro—P. Word,
i'liuorelti'- I'l.  i.lum'im nnd party,
llri'iiiiiure-  Ales   Smith.
Boeing Dinghy ■■   II, tl, J, Wuuils.
After u moil enjoyable afternoon Hi'
btiHt'i lined up, Commodore l'u me leud
lugVitb the " Wiiiiiifred", the remain
iug boots malting iust lu elicit other
bow unil stem iu Hue iurinulwik ninl
after a gruml run down lhe arm reach
ed the club house about 7.llll p.m,
The success of tlie oponing run prom
ises well fur lite support ui Ilie follow
iug events of tbo seasoii, the ncxl lie
iug Ilie lung distance nice for the
"Call's Cup'   'on June ilrd.
MAYOB   OOBBEOTS   IMPRESSIONS  ul  u purchase price ui ubuut  ♦Jt)
The resilience fines llle park uml tvniiM
uiiilie 11 line situation Inr civic purpuses.
Mr. T. S. Brown, secretary of the
celebrations I'linimiili-f, wrole regurd
ling the celebrations ul' Canada 's nu
liunul  holiday,  July   Isi, usking  the
'There is uu Impression abroad
said Abl. Biss duriug lusl night's sc
sion 0/ the City council, "lliul the Se
ond Narrow, bridge project is being \""">eil '" ''""',"l''r mk"'» » I"""1 '"
beltl up by the council through uur nut """'" ""' """' "' '"' ru"""1 lur ll"' I""
immediately lub.nilting another bylaw. \^ °[ *"">'"'» ""', ""' ''""'"""''"''"
For the information uf the people,
mini,I usk Ihe muyur tu make u state
ment of the present conditions as they
1 j object tu u successful issue. Tin- conn
ell's assistance wus ulsu sough! in tie
mutter uf forwarding un official intilit
liun lu II M 1 S li'iiinbuiv In b,
prescnl ul Int.-. year's celebration. Thii
unit lei mil be luken up after louighl'
adjourned meet ing
really exist."
"f have seen in the press." replied
His  Wurship, "Ihul  the captain and
the crew at the city hall  have been
nl,11,ni fur their 'criminal negligence'
iu   nol  putting forward  u  bylaw   inr
11110,11110.   I only wish lhal t27li,i>OH wus
ull thul is nuw necessary, us lins paper
tttutcs.   The cily council is jusl us ut:
xiuui to put forwunl a bylaw us nnt
uf  lhe people whu  write ur say tint
thing iiiuiii the aldermen. Suppose Ihu'.
a bylaw fur ♦100,000, ♦3)0,1)011 ur  even
$30l),OOU  were  put   through,  tlie   cou
structiou  of the  bridge  would  be   in  Turuiilu, regret lliul ihey  were tiuubb
exactly the position  Ihul  tl   is nl  Ilie  lu sec iln-tr want Irtcu,Is befure leaving
present time.   The umuuiil required ii fur lite Easl.
♦80,0011    The ilirectiirs ure jusl us un
nous as anyone else to nee the project      It bun been  I, In h derided i„ hold
go ahead,   ll is nut ililulurmcss ur any j regular   weekly   baml   eumerls,  euuse
lack  on Ihe pari  of Ibe city council  ijurnllv  tomorrow inghl lhe Hand will
tu pul furwunl a bylaw fur ♦Imi.iiiw   perform 111  Viciuriu I'url.. weuiher. ul
Wo would pul furward u byluw tomnr |course, permuting
row morning if lliut  would settle ilml
Local News Pars
A spneilll meeting [il tlte 1 ill ' I'lllii il
will lain- pliiie it, lin- uly null uu Ucl
lie-,,lui   eveuing.
Mr uu.I Mr- .lulni Stephen, lit
linm, ui Hrilish  Nm 11   Allien,11, Ue.:
Express Classified Ads.
WANTED—Uordwood or atovowood,
Wughornc, Ross Hoad, Lynn Valley.
HOY  WANTED- In  llurranl  tiigar
Fnctury, Lnnsilule Avenue. •       S.'l-SH
Voung mun wants room ami board
in privuti: family. Slate terms. Hoi
A71, Express Office. Ill ft
Two yuung ladles require bed mum
with oil wit hunt board, Apply llux
A73,  Express Ollice. il 1.1
WANTED -I have ♦11,500 fur caih
buy I). L, 1173 preferred, What lime
you gull Owners only, Dux 11171, Nurlli
Vancouver, t.l.
n niii
WAlNTED-Iloy, 17 ur Is, for gru
eery and hardware, Apply lluull llrus.,
mini street uud l.:u 1 lluini ut II p.m.
Voung iiiiiii wishes ulliee work. Hunk
iug experience. I,mill relereneen
fipcfks Herman Apply Hox A7L F,\
press Ollice. I tl
First  cluss gunlcucr vvuuts engage
inclils by duy. IJuriieits Inul uut, limits
grilled, ele.     Ilox A711, Express Office.
ill 0
FOH SALE Or exchunge for reul
astute, Is will furniihed ruums. Ap
ply HoX A75, Express Ollice. 26 •'
FOH BALE- Laying hens, young
cliiclu with hens. Wyandottes, gnu,I
breed. Phone 122. Ill .1
FOH SALE 4 ruum shingled 1 ul
luge, furniihed. Apply illlti Isl slreei
eusl. ill .'
FOH SALE UIO egg Incubator ami
brooder. ♦KOH fur both. First house
east of Lousdale un Fifth, ill •'
FOH SALE Iluuse, snup, ISth street
uml St. (leorge's Avcuue, 6 ruums, co
itieiit liiisemcnt, piped fur furnace, lul
ililxlilt) lu Inne. fenced in ami garden
Nuw rented 422.50 per inuulh. Price
♦2,0011, ♦HOD cash, balance ♦till month
nl.7 per eenl. Owner, Hux 1815, cily
FOR SALE Dili slreei E, lul 7
] bbiili 01), I), I,. Mil. I.uiely 5 roomed
liiingnliitv jusl being completed. Ilus
every modem rouvenieufc, splenditllv
lliiislieil uir. llutlt fur lite uwiier. ' lose
111 Hiiigewuy s, liuul I'llll' new ul' III
lei. Ilny uml Muunluiiii Price ♦l,0inl
♦ Lmii) cash, murlgugc ♦2.200. llnlunc ■
III, 12 uml is. Apply II II Millard, cur,
sil, uml Lunadnle Pbone 171. 21 1)
problem. Tbe charge made agaiusl il
city cuuucil is nul cerrert."
"Have  lhe  engineering  plans   Inn
approved!" asked Abl. Irwin.
"Nol 111 Iheir entirety " replied ll"
mayor.   "There is a difference ul npn
iuu between Ilie provincial guveriimt-nl
aud the directors cunceruiug the wnltit
uf  the spun."
".ljus lliere been 11 mil iur the .il"".
1)00 that -ml. ,vutr<J-n ''lupin ,4
ridiculous it is," lie declared, tin r
reiving u negative answer from tl
mayur, "fur people to sny lliul ive tn
holding buck lhe construction ui 11
bridge when wc have voted ♦Inil.ijun uu
are willing lu subscribe mure us sm
us tbey ask it
1 tiuu -wu..voteq-n cnui'iii a yiMll"""*""■ r-' »""  >
jf'l queried Aid. Dick    "Tln-a" lrW]feBlE .*»..;......
The number uf persons uno mude tis'
'of  Hie btreet   uir-  uf lins  illy   llll'l   'lis
IIriet on Empire Day tuts l4,7iM Aboul
0,0111) travelled einli uuy 011 the Nurlh
Vuncouver ferries
A   lecture ul   Horticultural   Hull
Monduy, ilrd  uf lune. ul  ti y   111 , nn
poultry    uiul    vegetables.    Admission
free.    W. II. Hubertson, ll   S   A , un
cgi'tablcs, umI VV. M   Si ull, ut, poiil
The bcnelil  euterluinnieiil  orgum/cl
uu behalf oi lite tvidow ami faintly  ul
Hie lule A. 11  llulliii|i Inul, pluii  in Hi
Lotisilulc Theatre lust night und wus .1
market] success    Many willing lielpei
provided u program of utlruclive iiur-l
FOH SALE Vegetable ami duwcrntg
plants, ull I111r.lv cuul grown plants,
icndy fur Iruiispliinting April 25th, c
huge, sutoys, curly greens, sprouls, 2
,|u/. 15 cents, tinililbiivi-r. celery, 2 du/
25 cents, loiiiulo plunls, early liuwer
iug chrysanthemums, rulceularias, etc.
elc. Open for business after 5,in even
nigs, Suturduy afler I p.m Sole ml
dress, Livingstone, uppusilc Nu. 2 Fir-'
Hall, I Dili itreet. 11>
'Have lbc directors formulaletl any j">« presence of the rily bund being 11
feuture of llic evening.
A quiet wedding was ridebruli'd lust
plan for raising Hie balance uf Hi"
money necessary!" inquired Abl Km
"They did formulate plans," rcplnd 'Saturday night in lhe Nnrlh LuiHal"
tbe muyor, "bul Vancouver cannot al; Preabyterinn church, when Mrs. Fru»l
the moment put furward a byluw for ami Mr.. It. F 11 i.u 1.., 1 were married
♦200,000 and'consequently the business by Hev. John 1). (iilluin, assisted b,
ii tied up again. If wc bad Ibe money|Mr. It Vun Muuster, pastor of llm
lyiug on the desk rlghl here, il would Icburchi Mr. and Mrs. Iluinslead will
not belp tbe matter along one bit."     [make their home  un  Osborne  street,,
"1 think, suid Aid. Dick. "Hint we  Norlh  Vancouver,
ought lo pass a vule uf Censure un n>
FOH SALE—Best view curner lut on
tlie <f ru ml lluulcvanl wilh new strictly
modern   ID-room  house,  ♦8.000.  ♦■'1.000
cusli, balance over li years. Terms 1.1
suit,   Huuse 117x11 uver ull. In moms
'also bath, pantry and trunk ruums, twu
'lire places, basement with liul air fui
nocc,   hoi    am]   colt]    wuter    in     lu'i
ruums,  three  verandahs.      V   0   Boa
2223, Nurlli  Vuncuuver. I'liune 1.125.
10 0
'Star" for publishing such slufT."
A considerable fraction of Ilie civi,
The  council  Jn 1   night   decided   IU
ileal preliminary with u greul urru.v of
mail has eacB,wcelt lo bo referreil lo tendon for work. These fur the cleni
the Board of Works. Last nigbl, wben ing of Malum Park were referred to
Mayor McNeish presided over lbe re the parki committee and cily engineer
gular meotiug of the council, Ihe fol for tabulation, Tenders fur street
lowiug letters were thus treated: grading were referred to the llounl of
From Mr.'Frank Boyd,'seeking Hie Works. W. Qrcouloc'i temler uf ♦!,
opening Up of IDth slreet to resilience1800 in respeel of Iho Chesterfield dock
on lot 2.1, block 0A, I). L. 540 and 050. was accepted.
From '"ucl. Culcs ami Mr. H. Mac' 1
beetle uking for a sidewalk on Fell     Just after leaving the Capilano Hulel
avenue" from Keith road to Iflth street jslublei un Eriduy ufloriiuon u. pujr oL
From thc secretary of the Norlh spirited horses attached lo u buggy
Lonidale Prosbyteriau church Board of j took fright ami bolted down the dap-
managers, requesting a siilewuik on iiano mud for ubout half u mile, when
ObeaterScld avenue from 20lh street \ they swerved off Ihe road, overturning
to 27tb stroot. tbe vehicle ami throwing Hie occupants
From  Mr ti. A.  Moore seeking :i pjnto lb? road.    Thc driver wus  Mr
Clothes cleaned ami pressed fres
rwejikly competition, first suit or cos
lume brought in every Monduy moru
ing will bo i'ii:'""! ami pn "I fm
qf charge, Vienna Dyeing end Tailor
Ing, 18 Lousdale. Phone No. Iti. 311
itreet   entrance- to-lots 10  and 17,
block tt, I). L. 273.
Mr. William Bailey wrote submitting
tot tbe council'1 consideration as a
city bell site bii reaidence on the corner
of Keitb road and Cbcaterlleld avenue,
Stockman, of Keith road and Sl
George's avenuo. He received a nasi;.'
scalp wiimiil and .several scratches ami
bruises, the other members of the
pafty fortunately escaping with only
ilight bruises and a shaking.
Hutchison, Cuinpslun A Co., the huus ■
agents. Houses to relit in'all purls uf
lhe rily. iMu'lcrn cabins with disup
pouring Litis its, Slure uml modern llats
on 3rd street ready ubout .June 1st,
ulso modern Hals uu 6th ami Chester
Held, Keep yuur eye ou our rent card.
On May 171b, to Mr, ami Mra Wool
ridge, Iv-pltniiiilc. a sou.
On May 2ilnl, to Mr. am) Mri. (.'bar
les Beasley, at Harbor View Sanitar
ium, u daughter,
1 On May Mb, to Mr. and Mrs. David Johnson, corner of Lyoo and Moody
a son.
Ou Mny 84th, lo Mr, and Mn. ti. A.
Swanson, Lynn Valley,, a daughter.
On May 25th, to Mr, and Mra. E. 0
Keeling, of 23rd street, u daughter,
BOBN-rTo Mr, and Mrs. Obarlei E.
Hcaslcy, Capilauo, May 24th, n daugb-J
On May 27th, to Mr, and Mrs. Edward Bolimon, of lib and St. Oeorge,
a daughter.
ROOMS FOR RIOT Housekeeping
and single.   218 2nd street eait.
FOK KENT—4-ruomed modern bouie,
5 minutes from ferry, Peera & Boult,
Phono 188. tf.
FOR BBNT—I roomed shack with
wuler 1iml couk slovo. Apply Mn.
Knighl, 71ii ami Ridgeway Avenue. 7-0
HOUSE FOH HEN'T-Furuiture for
sole, on 3rd slrect. Simp ♦,'iuo. Hox
A72,   Express  Ollice. 4-0
TO LET—New housekeeping rooms,
two uml three ruum suites, ♦! and ; Lull
per room. 308 Second Street west 106
FOII KENT Furniibed slore uud 4
rooms uml large stufc room. Fitted
with hot water. Would lease for one
year ut ♦lii. Apply The Lodge, corner
llltlt uml Keith road W. 24-5
TO HENT- Esplanade Eust, 200 feot
from Lunstlule Avenue, 2ud Blory, lloor
25x120 foot, suitable fur warehouse, gar-
ugc ur ilmi La in: entrance slreet level.
Apply C, P. Wood, 131 Water street.
FOR KENT Large store and four
room Ilul, complete wilb both room.
Fine position un curner uf (loutre Itoad
und ear line. Apply Mcrchuuls Trust
4; Trading Iiu., 1144 Peniler "tree! meat
ur   I,yun   Vulley   brunch   office,      t.f.
FOH SALE- beltings of Mammoth
Pekin llu,!,s   Prijo   unit'   Phone 104.
FOH SALE Settings of Eggi and
day old cnicki from prize bred 8. C.
White Leghorn, Partridge Wyandottes
inul Hull Orpingtons Mrs. J. E, Leo,
Lynn Vulley Poultry Yards, Dempsey
Houd, Lynn Vulley. Leave car at t.'en
Ire Ituad. i'uslul address, Uox 2114,
N,  Vuncouver. t.l
(jet it at lomdale I'lnuuincy Pbone it
Ice, Ice I'reuui, llullernnlk, Mill,,
Cream uml Duller, Purity Creamery, 169
Second stieet west.
If yuu huve any prupcrly to sell uml
wunl quick results, lisl it wilb Short,
Itubcrlsun ami Seymuur. t.f.
Lee Vii-k I. Cu., genirul merchandise.
171 he, uml blreel West, Nurlh Vancouver. II. 1     Employment Office.
If you huie uny prupcrly lo sell aul
wunl quick remits, hit u with Short,
Robertson ami beyuiour. t.f.
Supeimr buard urn! resilience in pn
vute family, neur ferry. Moderate
terms,    llux A77. Express Oflice.    t.f.
Ladies 'uml Children'» dressmaking
moderate ihurgcs. .Mrs   lounbcrl, Lut
suu Ituud ur llux Ibnll, Nurth Vuncou
ver. 21 ii
200 fid ull Lousdale Ave uu 20lh
street east, 5 ruum cultage, new. Will
suvnli. 1 ii.r Imll rush, nr terms. Apply
owner,  Itu}.; l.unsilule  Ave, 28 5
I, Haynes, 1230 Luusdale Aveuue,
Nurlh Vuncuuver, cabinet maker, car
punier, painter, glu/ier, etc, general re
pairs ami jobbing wurk a specialty.
I'i 1 ". ■" attention 31-5
NOTICE   Carpenters leaving suwi .it
12.14 Lonidale Avenue ul night .will be
ready fur use lhe following moroiug.
Duwie, practical tluw tiler and grinder.
Lot 4, block 103, Sub. 271, 1st Street
West, second block frum Lomdalo Ave,
south side. Will build lu suit tenant 011
long or sburt lease, Apply (,'. P. Wood,
13) Waler Stroet.
II. (,'. Livery and Board itablci■■-
Light rigs aud ladies' taddlo borici
for hire. Stabling for horioa. Oen
oral delivery and heavy teaming. H.
Dumas, 4tb street west, l'bono 347 t.f.
Und Clearing and Grading Loti,
Pete Andruss, Oenoral Contractor. 80
wor connections a ipecially, bosement
and other excavating work undertaken.
Estimate! free. 527 St. (loorgo'i Ave.,
Nortb Vancouvor, poit office box 2303.
Do you wont to icll your loti We
bavo client! waiting to buy if your
price is right. List wilh us and to us.
Qreon k Walsh, 104 Snd streot E. 17 (I
Why pa* rent iH North Vancouvor,
If yoo bavo $350 cash and can pay a35
a month I will buy you a Jot in any
part of the toya and build 0 bouie to
suit. you. Box 2018, North Vancouver.
We invite all those who intend building a new house
to cull and see our display of doors which
we have on hand. We have a large
assortment of the latest
patterns ahd solicit
a call from
    ■ ..   '     '   ■ ypjl '    ' i   ■'"'■
m********mmnmamnmmm^mmmammmmmwmm t .1' '
Dickinson & Son, Ltd.
P. 0. Box 1719.
Phone 222
We have a Large and Exclusive List
D.L 265 and D.L. 273
Phone 24. P.O. Boi 1820
Ferry Service A
"Hard Proposition"
At Present
"Mint Kuou Up tbe Service at Any
North Vancouver Business
and Professional Cards
Insiiruii.T tiiitiiiiiiii-r  Uuiiili-
An,lilm uml  Ai-ruuiilaiit
lnl Lutimiuk- At
Nurlli \tin.-ninI-,
in,,-. I'. 0. llux
I'liune 1:1;
li yun  iiiiiii  yuur ,".u.i i   tixt'il or
ItliVIItt   lliiil   llllt,  M'l.'
:.       W. BURRILL
I'rhT Itoad, Iivini Vtilli'y
ll>' will j.'ivt1 von a jinn-! juli u| u run*
I iinul'li! rull'.   N utli ing tuu lur^r ur loo
j Miuilli ' K.ttimatcs givon.
I't-icy   8    lluwuitj
Clly   Auditor
ll.dili.in     1111,1     Al-i-illlUllUll
in iviiiiir tn
i'huiic Sill
Vulu i.liver
I'    ll    ii.ix   Tl
I'liune   ISI
Hi Vulu ouvi-r
|    I'luii.i uit,I Kslimatci furiiliheil free,
HiTuiiriiig,   remodeling,  i.|».,  |ironi|itly
lllll'lllll'il tu
Lynn Valley, B. 0.
Allun Iinini near Wivtim-r. I'. 0  Hux
I m. l.v un t'rwk, IHfc,
C, A. Cal... B.C.8.A.
An lnl.-. I
17W> Glieaterrleld Avonue,
North   Vamouver
i.mu iit-
Plionc HI.'id
Ami general rouiniiaiion Mi-ri-lianl, i.'i
liuimiale Avi-., Nurlh Vaucouvor,
Phone 321
Underwood's Barber Shop
111 \ llllll s
III   tl It Mill IIM.
Uy i-lothei urg ut the i'u|iiluuu
I.miiiiliy whero youri ouglil lu lie
Klut wurk fur IIS eeiiti iio/. Hough
dry, ir Hi, wet waih, ie Ih. llro|i ii*
u niiril ami we will tall for I huni
I'. 0. Hoi HS22
Sui-fcimor  tu   Wullut-e  & Brut I, Thirl
Slreet.   Ueneral r: |iuir work.
A. W'ullui i- .- ecrwcci nine heen re
llllillll.   AMI  ,SI A IIH.Mllll
HniiU'-ll'i. and Stationer!
Cor. l.oDidale unil Ut l'lml •   HI
■in i I..i ui
Up to 'Inle Millinery
Mi"I. tli"'  li'iiln
Koltb Block    93 Lonadale Avi.
I'll III HI. II Al I'll I, II
.Studio   over   Dusk   11. N. A.
I ,,n ,l.iI,, unil i I'l.-u ,il.'
I IUI    UM.IM'.HHll.
A.M.I.E. i. 8.
Irrigation, drainage, lev'eli, plan,
and luecificulioni. ti.yi... limit uml
houie drainage a i|ieciulty. P. i).
Dol 244, llilli itreot weat of Itawicke
High <lut.i I :,.|i,     ami Monti' Tmloriitg
Ke|'u>iiiig   ami    Alteration!   Cleaning
ami Dyeing tu all ili b'ranchoi, All
Work giiaiunti.■ i
111 Pint Streot Weit l'hono £07
II    11   Ml   It-    ,111   Ml   ,
I IIMKK   Hill-
I'lawi Executed, li.lum,t,    (ii,,u
Centre aud Hill Boad
Lynn Valley, B, 0.
Tha New Block as Ijonidnle Aveaujj
near the Forry Approach
Waa built by
General Costraotori
A. Craib W. Craib
Is Concrete, Brick and Wood.
Office: ill FIBST BTBE8T gAOT
/ '
,     SAM. T. SUHON
Specialty: Children'!  Lenoiif at  own
■    home.     Termi, etc., apply Goneral
\    Delivery.
N.V. Tinning & Sheet Metal Worki
Firit Street Baat of Lonidale
1 Lowtrt  |,ii, r, and beat work guaran
ti-i'il ou tinning ami ihcet metal work.
On the car line, Boanliug, meali,
Oood acioinnioilalioii for working man,
Contractors' men boarded;Hy. PnelteU,
Proprietor, i
Eiril dan ilrtwmaking altcrationi,
ladici**own material* made up, fil guar
anleed. AdtlreiiVeWick, corner of ISth
P. 0. North Vancouver,
'the furry directora helil their usual
meeting at the i.'iiiiipiiny'» ulllci's on
'fliiiraday afterntitin, Mayor Mi-Neinh
|iirsiilitig over n full nlleiiiliiiice of the
A letter t'liiitiiiiti.ii fron) I'upt, Nli-h
nl .mi nu I, lmii nf tlte (Iriiiul Trunk,
stilling Inul lhe legalities in I'linnet'-
tiuu wilh lhe I'linstriirtiiiu uf li pipe
line for fuel nil tu the ferry cum
piiny's whurf WON) now' being ulli'tnl
uil lu. titpl. Nirliiilmiti also asked Hit'
btiiinl if il wuulil prohibit lhe lylm
tip oi lauiieliea uu the east utile nf the
Viini'niivi'r whurf, netting ihut surlt
lauiR'liul Were t'liiliingereil by'the proximity of II. T. I', bouts.
The riitiiiiiittt'i' nppiiiiileil lu Innk in
iu the munition uf ulilixiug lite lends
uiul feucei oi thu culupiny fur nilu't
lining purpoiei ropurteil tltttl thoy
(I'npt. Cati'it ninl  Mr,  II. II.  Wright I
llllll    I'IIIIII'    111    till'    llll,, IllMIIU    ijiui     ii
would nut be wise ul thr present time
lu grant nnv advertising on the leads.
They favored un experii'meut, however,
uml authorized the promoter ni tltr
icheiuc, Mr. Danioii, to go ulti'lul uml
pluee iiiuiii' advertisements mt the
fence adjoining tin- llrunil Trunk l'u
cilic ul Vaneouver.
Tin- malinger reported un lhe presenl
character uf tht- ferry service.
"Wc ure up against tt pretty hard
prupuiitiuu.as rugnrd* the bonis ut llic
present time," suid Mr Heard. "The
ubl boiler iu Number 2 is pruiliuillv
done. Wc ure running her tin- lies! we
nin un Iter ollii-r boiler, but it is ti
hard matter " The Number I had to
help Iter uul "win-it she fuiled tu miikr
llic trip on Iimt'.   The malinger -i.it--
llllll    till'    lll'W    bllillTS    Wlllllll    III'    lll'li'
ubuut -Iiiiii- -*>tli. It was evident fruni,
Mr. Heard'i slutementi tuul from lhe
boiird's I'ummi'iils ilut the ruinpuny
wits tilling its best fur the peuple in th"
iuu-   ui   illllirllll    rin-lllusllllli l-s
Mr. liludwiu wutiileri'il whether il
wniilil be ii'itsilib- tu run Number 1
iluring llic rush hours, say from six lid
leu iu the morning uud four till eight
in lliu evening. "We nui-l keep up
the Mi-rv i, i- nt uny ,usl," wus the ke)
mite of the board's discussion.
Mr. Ili'ttrd iff fui ure will sulunil In-
manager's report in writing, instead of
terbully u> lieretofure.
ll wus di'i bled to have nulici-s posl
nl in ihe alley ways of Ihe larger bunts
winning owners  uud  drivers oi uuin
mul,tic- agaiusl   I ping their engiiiis
running while the limit  is under way,
I i,l nn I inns were given Ihul tenders
should be called fur employer's liability iinuiraui'c dating fruni .lune 7tn,
liluu the prescnl pulley expires
The manager wus iiiithuri/cl lo grant
lm ilins' hob,luv It, those employees
whu hud been ni the company's ser
tne  sim e  .lune   Isl.   IUH
t uul - i'i lur the musl impurlaitl
product ui the Canadian mines, us lue
nt I uc ul ihe i early output of coals and
lignite* rem lm thfrly lhe per cent, nf
the total value uf jhe country's iiiim-riil
product ion.
i'uul   i.   iiliiiii,Iiiiii   uud   exteiisneli
worked uu I'Otll ll«' AI In ll 11.   lliul I'llll,   I'nti.-i.  inul   ils  ui-cuireiii.   greatly
in, iliiulr.   uur sen   trade   uml   local
trallic on bulb weans
titiiii'lu s pruiltictiuii nf ' unl in Iimt
leiiiiieil nearly ll.ii'lil.nil'i Inn-; win-re
us tu Kill it mis unly slightly over
'.',iii|tl,ili|i| Ions, This is u very signl
liiinil fuel, fur lu a greul extent, the
I'un-itiiipliou uud production uf ninl
furnishes u measure by winch to judg
of the development of a country. In
Ibii connection it musl I"' remembered
that faitatlu consumes ubuut as niU/li
inipurteil eual ai it dues uf tloiniitn
In Hrilish Columbia extensive cool
lb-Ids are found and worked on Van
iouver Island, also in the Interior of
the proviuee, un llu- Nicola valley, us
well us in the Crow'i -Nest region,
Kail Kootenai All these coall are of
high grade bituminous u,uulily. l'u
wurked deposits of high quality ar
known in thc (jueen charlotte U
lands; in Ihe Skccnn region;   and   i.
the'Similkunieeii  ilistricl.    Tne- Ill
slitulc  valuable reserves.
lu Albc.rlu lliuri.' iiii.'' also vast tie
poults of fnaall fuel', nf alf qualities,
from iintlirncjtii—which is extensively
worked near Hnnlf—tn lignites. High
grade liiUiiiiiiiuiis puu Im occur ulong thu
Hues nf the Cruw's Nest lliiilwuy;
alnng the iiiuiii line uf the Canadian
I'acille Bailway. tiood ligpitus are oi
very witlesprcail umirreiU'o; ami I here
are very extensive mens pf yot uu-
touched cuul Ileitis all along the eaiterii
alupu.oi the Rocky Muuntuiiub !_
In the stmtIteusleru purl uf Siisknl
iliewiin lhe deposits uf lignite ill tip-
Hoitris Hivur ri'giun ure being nctive
ly worketl.
In Ihe provinces uf Oulnriti und
Ijiichi1!- there lire ini kittivvit cuul beur
ing rnc|(n, uml lhe great er part nf the
cuul ...i. nin. .1 iu those provinces is
Imported from the Unitod Hlnli-s
I'iiuii the Nova Hcutiu liebl is pru
■ t n i-i-i I ;i lnnil three -lift lis of Canada's
lotiil coul proibii'lion. The main ecu
Ires uf production um in Capo Breton,
in I'tiiiiberbiuil, iu I'ictou uud in In
ternt'SK eiiuiilics, in nil uf which lire
very extensive eullcries.
In IIIUN, tn lhe lulni I'linii'liun prh
dud ion of 11,1)1111,11(111 tons Nuvu Mcolin
I'onlribiileil li.i'ilii.iiuii Ion.
Surely il in ust hen sitnitul from tin
days when women were admired for
being lackadaisical, delii-ati1 inul helpless, when we liml Ihem very pruud of
hitting very small appetites uud in
clilii'il tn plume thi'insi'hes un "uul
curing twupoiu-e whul Ihey enl." I'ii
Imps il is u lillle lillii ult fur I Inin ti,
forgot altogether that there was u liim,
nut sn very lung iigu, when men ex
pressed it dislike lu seeing women cal
l.-o iltsulbisiiiuiiig). We are free lu ml
util niirselves ihul iiiiylliiug nppruaeli
tug In greediness is ten Inncs worse
in a woman, Ihun in n nun1
All lhe -um,' u,mien would du well
lu    lake    lu    li.llrl    the   Ildi ice   ui   Sir
.iiiuie- tin Iiiiiii lin,ttne, an iiiu ninl
uulhnril) on liiiiilii uml reeding, whu
lulls us llllll ll is llle gli'lllest mistake
lo be III,llll,Trill   III  tlte lllllllii   ui 1 1.
h'ur imiii lliiil i- taken withiiiil enjuv
lueui due- not 'In nearly lhe -nine
iilnoiinl of guod us food which is culfn
with a relish. It is phv-iuloc.liull)
Irue lliiil food taken uguiiml lhe grun
iu- it   poor chance of being  properly
ligesti-d     Ami we t I   nul   ad   into
lhe   Iminl   ilf  skipping   lliiil Is   jii-i   be
llllse ttr don'l feel inclined fur them,
or  ht   of unduly hurrying  nut   I hem
-a  truly  feminine weukue,-
"II Mill iluu 'I ll.uil fund Kiln liud)
lues."    relllurktil   ii    Well I, nuw I,    spe
iTIlll.-l I
Thill   is   just   lhe   ptliltl.     Iinini   Win ,
cannot In- done by a starved brain inul
uu ill fed bud) ami une rcn.-nn wh,'
our women workers ure more linblc I i
i i,.,I down Ihun men workers is tin'
fact thut by habit ninl tin linulion
women are so much more • tireless uml
Indifferent in, these matters tlmu ih;
ayoragp man. Wu tlnii't ol'ton Hud
men satisfying their hunger with cakes,
tea ami sweets if there is the smallest
chance uf gutting .unylhiug better;
whereas wtiinen, if lefl to themselves,
will make iiiiylliing du. A glance into
any purely feminine household will
soon tjrotD this, fiypn tlm conks tuke
but a faint interest In cuukiiig fur their
owii, sex.
The sume thing permeates nil classes.
Luull ut well loilu liiiiiscliiibls. If tin'
husband is uwuy the wife will nl'len
forego lhe cusiiiiuury lute dinner, uiul
mako what she culls uu cnjoyuhle ineiil
nlf toil anil cakes, eliding lhe tiny wills
a scruppy supper jusl siinielhiiig nn
a tray. Olil this "sumt'tliing on u
tray" liiisinessl ll has inucli to an
swer I'or. The principle hccnines sen
tins when applied lo our prul'i'ssiuiuil
ami ulher working women, our girl
clerks, secreliiries, lypisls, mul nil III1'
Industrious slstorliuoil, imt over wcl'
paltl, whu eiirn inouoy by tlieir bruins
If wuiiien ure guing In busy them
selves with men's wurk, Ihey musl lukt
llle sume nu'ims In keep themselves lit
for it,
The llllllll ul ages has lllllglll Ihem lu
tuke delighl in providing u guuil fans
us possible for their men kind.    ^"v
Ihey musl leurn tu do llic sum1' g I
ollices fnr themselves I fur each ulli
er. It is one ui woinim's idiosyn
cnuips to'eiijuy any little laving in ll"'
commissariat  department.
This bus something lo do wilh lm'
poor meals Ihey often ene themselves.
They wouhl rat hei spend the ninni'v ill
a wuy which makes inure sliuw, un
siiinelliing preii) lu weur, pi-rhiip-. u
mt books ini'l llowers,
Ilul let I Inin lake t ninl v wariini; ;
our wurkers especially.
rhey must mil t-tiusidel a pause ul
fair dimensions in lhe day's wnrk an i
leisure lo enjoy a proper iiiiii I in any
way a waste of lune.   II u oi ' l'1'
safeguards uguinsl "nerves" ami h)'
Vancouver Business Directory
ll i,si miss (iii.ii :t:i:s.
Sl'KOIl SHAW Busineu College
■   336 Hastings St. W.
Canada'* Groatoat Waatarn School
tt. J. Sprott, B.A., - -Manauer
m;ii. BSTATPi
Yorkshire Guarantee & Securities
Corporation, Limited
440 Seymour Street
R, Kerr Iltiiilijute - - - Manager
iiujuuri) luiiil Hi. iii'i
TAKK NOTICK Uml Murray <:iliT. "f
VuiiLuiivi r,  Ii   ('., iKtuimllon, IuiiiIil-i
mun, Init'iitiJi lu iici'lj   fur |iuimlsHlun
lo   burcliujiu   llit-   fulluwIiiB   JtHcilU'il
Coin mt1 nel 11K nt a piiHt nlunti.'il -l Un
nurlh-tnui corner »jf Tlnibyr l.linlt Nu
i:in; lluini' wt'Ml 00 .ii.iiii. Iliciicu
mniii id . li.iliiM, ilithfi' tain tio uli 11 Ina
mure ur h-sH tu Bhoru lim.-, Uicfico «nu-
ilii'ily uIoiik almi'o Hut' lo ncinl uf
Liiiiiiin in. iiiiiii, con 1. lining . i-i ucrea
nunc or leaa
Mli  I'Vltruarv,  1!>n
OKliHUR VKIllilKJt, Anoiil
Mi.xw.nl  limit DUlrkl
TAKK NOTICK ilul Churli-a K (Jar-
iill,  nt Vuncuuver, ii   (-, occuitullon.
1 Um Im llnuii, ii,:. I..],- In U|)|)|> fur I'CI-
ihIhsIijIi io nutclniae llic JullnwltiK tie-
acrlU'O lumla:
I'onillKIRlltf   ill   11   j -'. I   I'luilti'll  Ul   II ■'
HulLlll   Wi-}.!    L'OIIUT   t)f   tlllll.i.l    lilllil   Nu
44311,   tin nt c  mn tli  f.u   cliutliB,   (Inner
w.hI  40 eliulna. moru m Kan tu ahure
lltic I hence HOiilli-eiiM'1 If iilunn alinie
IliK'   lu   |iulnl   ut  fuinnieiici'ineiit   and
conluJnlnu -00 uctva im>ie ur Ifwi
L'lMli   l-'i-liMi.uy.   I'-IL'
29-5 GKOIIOK VK.ItlilKH. A«enl
All North Vancouver pcoplv tat ai
KilltiT flack lllock or tl.: linga St.,
,|i|iii,Hili: lltu iti'w |nisl tiftico. Lcimuiil
lolli Itii Imi liy tilt) Iinlliiii
Hit &tiiiibtti"b,
THE  STANDARD  la  llic  National
Wiiitly   Ncwapalicr  of  tlm  Dominion
ni r,in.nl.i      It l.s national In nil Ita
.iniiili   ;i,n ii,,- nimi cxiicnalvo ui,;i.iv-
Iniia, i-i,,i m.i ii tin- |thotogra|ilia from
ml mil'  III,-  VMifl.l.
Its uuii l.s .in- i.tiifiilly .wlcclcd anil
iin    ,,In,.n.,I    imllcy    Li    lltoi-ouglily
ii,ili|i,inl. nt,
,\   mi!,.-,ii, it   tu   Tiic   Standard
1....11, $2.00 per year lo uny uddrcaa lu
Canada nr Urwil Itrltaln.
TRY IT FQR 1912!
Montreal Standard Publishing Co.,
Limited, Pobliihira,
L-=^ Im-im' Lynn View
Lots from $325 to $500 per lot.
Terms, $50.00 cash, $10.00 per month
9] These lots are one block Irnm car line in Lynn Valley anil
nice and level and high.    	
<J Lel us (|tiote you rates on I' ire, Lile and Accident
McMillan & reid
I'Iiiiiii' UN.
IU J.ONtilMI.I-; AVKiM i-:
\ c bidkil tlie uuvlnna uf HAuuraCfttfcn,
Ily 11 luviug llielr I'lituit buhiun« intnudcd
LyKxpertl,  i'liljiu'iiaiyodviu'lur.  C!!nrBC->
inUtll'lUtCi Uin |ii\, ,|,ti':  AiKi     . ■ II | Ml)) tt-
quest. M'i; ii* r.i "i .i, i- .-'.l . :■  " '.    ■ .
hill,  MtiiitrnI   «utl WiolilnvluD  UC   I, hi
Vi,.. .,: Milliucty Parlor liaa moved to
665 Lonadale i ,.,..■. n Otli and titb it.
Ill 5
10,(100 corda ol dry iii wood for  ■ '.-
sale. Price per odd corda, $1.76. Spo
clal tiuoutiona for i,u>;it Quautltlos.
Cut Wood. IV iucbea, fl.26. 12 incuci
WOO- C. O. D.
Olfitc and Yaid    I4lli and l.omdale
Plione 190.     P. 0. riox 2432.
Plumbingl     1'IiiuiIiIiik!     Plumbum
I'oiilrai'luri.. Owncrj gel llxnl up
with joint beforo _pve In material. <'nt
tguiei, .i.iiii.ttijr carefully atlcutleil lo
mit Street, '/; Block Weat of Louadali
kll/'iadi ol i
iiawi liled ami aet on tlie
•Itorlcat iinini'. laniii moweri, Itnivea,
lii'illd' iliean ami n'mntt iliarpcncl. All
Work guaranteed, moderate piietf.
1SS« Ixinadale Avenue Pboue 8fl
The Home Furnishers ~jg
This W^ek End SPECIALS
MATTING MATS 35c, valuci at 25c
Do. , -       -       50c, valuci at 40c
Beautiful  in  Dciign and  Colon
Big Value al $5; this Week, $4
Kegulai Value, 25c and I5ti; tin
Week, 20c and 10c per yard
Big Value al 45c; this Week, 20c
150 CUPS and SAUCERS to Clear at 5Feach; Regular, 12 1.2c.
■» Theia are Pretty Brown and Green Edge Border	
128 onsdale Ave.  »«•»»  North Vancouve r sum
iffly&EBgg^g]^ may m, mi.
The Canadian Bank
of Commerce
SIR EDMUND WALKER cv.o. lud. d.cl. MM
Alexanper Laird, John Aird,
Central Manager.       Assl. General Manager.
CAPITAL 116,000,000.
BEST 112,600,000.
Temporary quarters  of   lhe Norlh Vancouver Branph,
Esplanade West, near Lonsdale Avenue.
A General Banking Business Transacted
Interest paid on Savings Bank Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards.   Withdrawals may be made at any lime.
1. A. FOBBTEB    Manager.
West Vancouver
Choke Homesite Property, close lo the Government Road, and overlooking the sea.   Most suitable for subdivision.      D.L. 1082, N.W., 1-4
$1350 per Acre; 1-3 Cash
D.L. II00.S.W., 1-4
$800 per Acre; 14 Cash
And Corner Marine Drive and Marr Rd., I) und ara ve
Contractors, Builders, Storekeepers, and Employers
need onl; to phono 3111 to have all vaeaneiea filled. NO OHAKOE
ta EMPLOYEE or EMPLOYEE therefore there il aluuliilely no no
ccuity to utilize employment Agencies in Vaueouver, ui a coiuplolo
lilt   of all   elanei  of   worden il kept at tho
Phone 321.     14 Lonsdale Avenue.
W. B. HOOD, Socrotary.
North Shore Locators
Block 12a    D. L 550
Cleared Lots fronting on the carline
and Grand Boulevard, $900 up.
One-quarter cash, 6, 12, 18 mths.
Don't Take Chances!
Buaineu mm and buaineu houses
are uaualljr Judged by Uie printed matter they nnd out.
Can you afford to take chancel with
your printing when good work in thie
Une costs little, If any, more.
We Do Good Work
Flfit Btreet But, North Vancouver
Canada, The Land
Of Opportunity
A story Ib tuld of a visitor to a Blur
opean eity who waa shown bj a guiilo
through the Art Gallery in that eity.
In one of tlio corridors waa a uolln'-
tion of iipagos of certain mythological
deities. The visitor wan not greatly intonated uutil bo came to ouo whoso tape
was entirely covered with his long liuir,
it bail bean combed down in inch u
way as to conceal his features, lie
tur/ied to tho guide ami asked the reason for. this peculiarity. "Ob," was
tbe response, "that is tho gud of Opportunity; and Iiiu hair is combed down
io that it will be difficult for people to
recognize bim." I'ushiug usitlu the
hair it was seen that bis face wn,
beautiful to look upun, but for the rcn
son just given the majority would pan
him by.       ,
If that is a true story it la not illustrative of Oanada today. Here tlte
god of opportunity is to be seen in
every eity ami town ami village, lie
stands with open arms on the prairies,
on tbo great mountain slopes of Hrit
ish Columbia, away down by tiic A>
lactic seaboard, in Iho forests of Now
Ontario and ou the frown short's of
Hudson's Hay. It is only a l.iiml mini
who cauuot see him, anil liis smile is
so winsome, his appeal so inviting that
only an idle man fails to grasp him
by tin' hand.
"The Land of Opportunity", is ;,
favorite title for locturce on Cunuiln
in tbe United Kingdom, ami il is n
good title, but I am afraid it is Iv
•oining hackneyed. Men ure so used
to glowing pictures of waving wheal
fields, uud rolliug prairies uml flowiirj
rivers, ami glassy lakes, uml prosper
oui towns, that thy feel thul there
must be much exaggeration in llic tie
scriptious given. Sometimes there ij,
though it is t|uilc unnecessary. For no
man who has been through this fair
Dominion with his eyes open can tie
scribe its beauty, its uiaguillcence, il.
almost illimitable stretches of jYrlil'
soil, ami its golden oppurt uni lies for
tbe man who lias the power lo look
Oac of the conditions whieh makes'
life io monotonous to millions of toilets
n the Oltl Land, is that there is nt
outlook, tbey cun we no belter ilay
dawiiiug. Jt is humdrum und rold.
uml matter-of-fact. Tney do not real!/"
"lieyoiida the durk ami slorinj bourn!,
Which girdi iheir dull horizon rutin.I.
A lovelier landscape swells."
ami Ihey arc disinclined In believe
the stories of that lovelier landscape,
even though they arc aceonipauietl hv
pictures which appeal not only to the
eye but to the imagination 11 is a
soincwltut sordid argument lu put n,'
tu a man tbat he can make more moiicv
here lhaii at borne, and yel it is un
argument whieh tells with thousands
who regard 8 coinpeloiii-c us tin- be ull
uud eud'Ull of life. Lauada is ccrlanilv
a laud where opportunity abounds to
make mouey, but if that were all, il<
present grcalues* and its certain llu
periul destiny wuuld never be sung by
puet aud gloried in by the common
mail. 4ti principal attraction is Ibul
tl I'uiilains opportunity fur service uml
for work. One poet puts it thus:
"Here   i«   work for   men   to .lu, and
Sweat,  sweat   that   makes   them   lean
ami itrung;
And fur iuch wurk at night they gel
A sleep us deep as u river's s ong."
Tins poet must hove lived ou tli
prairica; for in the cilici ami towns
there is toil and weariness as ut home
and yet there is a difference, whether
it is the almospbrc or merely the ipir I
of thuse whu live in the country, I d.i
nol know. Jt is difficult to describe
what makes a man. afler a
comparatively short lime become hi'
owu landlord. A Scotchman who has
beeu here two years, said lo me u few
dayi ago that there wai not to much
variety iu a city like Toroulo a.- in
ou old country eily.- I asked him what
he meant, "Oh," he replied, tbere .s
uot much sport or recreation." I on
awered bim indirectly. ' Do you know I'
I uid "bow many wording men liter.'
are in Toronto aud otber Canadian
towm and ciliei who own the house
they live int Hai il ever occurred I >
you lhat half o'f Iheic mon become eur
pentcn wben tbey gel home in the
evening and build their own houses 1
Uo you dnow tbat a workiug mun
would have uo chance whatever in 1
city like (jlaigow to become bii own
landlord I And yet, bere, iniido of flvi
years many a roan with a {ejnily is the
proprietor of a house and freehold lu
thc houie having been built in lhe even
ii'U' with bis own bauds."
Ny friend aaid be had never looltel
at tho mattor in tbat light. No var
iety! Tbat evening work with wife
and kiddies looking on and helping
li bolter varioty than all Ihe music
lulls in Kngland or Scotland can give
There li a fairination in tbo idea of
becoming your own landlord, it !»
rt*lly interesl ing to lade a wn Ik around
what la known m ihack town, where
you see wooden bouses with juat one or
two roomi, ami gradually you sec shack
town evolve into a smiling (uburb^witb
lawns running down to tbe sidewalk,
and comout paths. Tbe final brick
bouse is just the shack added to ami
bricked over, lt is not all done at
once. Tho timber costs money;'evon
the nails aru not giveu away, and the
bricks when they ure ordered havu to
bo paid for, but a inau can dq the
work himself, ami wlien the house is
finished with its wide verundub in front
it' Ib his very own. That man dooB uot
want much more variety. A lurge employer ouce said to me that seventy
live per cent, of bis workmcu owned
their own bouses. I huve au idea thul
thu man wbn lives in his owu houso
■makes a better workman because "ne is
u bigger mun. Tbut is, perhaps, out'
reusuti why a mini growl'when becomes
to Oanndu.
There is a similar fascinatiuu in
watching the griiwth of a prairie town.
When yuu see it for, tlie lirst time, per
haps two yeurs after it bus been plunl
ed, il seems so dcsolute. Thc station
is just oh* the iituin sired, which is
suinctiines llic ouly streut, and thu
stores und the houses look su diminutive in eompurison with the widenoss ui
the street, und then uwuy to the east
and the west uud thc north uml the
south, litere is just prairie, Wonderful
wonderful prairie. But, there is it
business done iu thut town, Farmers
their busiucss here fur many
miles, ami they have a good lime, for
tho Western farmer is u line spender.
I have watched bim play pool ami
have played with bim. Yes, the wesl
cm fanner is a good fellow, and It"
knows things too, lio nul lei il be
thought tbat because lie lives uni
wurks awuy out, perhaps utiles from
uny neighbor, that he is entirely cut
off from the rest of the world. When
lie leaves town he takes limit Willi
him Ilis newspapers. He muy be u
week or perhaps two weeks behind, bul
two weeks' old news is jusl ns fresh
un the pruirie us une hour old news 's
iu the lily. It is the sume news. II"
ulsu sizes up the political situation. He
knows just why he voted for or against
reciprocity with the United States lasl
year, He has liis own opiiiiuu rogurd
iug Imperial defence, the making ol
roads, the school question, ami a thou
sand and out' ushers. 1'crlinps he is a
little bigoted. The mutt wlto is In mli
alone i-unnot help being so. bul lie lia.
caught lhe spirit uf lite laml, lite spirit
ul' optimism, the spirit lite Old llnul.
speaks about when it says, "Vour
yuung men shull see visions an,I yout
old men dreuin dreams.
Beauty and its Worth
On all sldea, in every land, the hand of Nature has beeu
lavish in putting before us beauty in its fairest garb. By
this beauty our minds are liftod to higher planes by pure,
ennobling thoughts. From it comes the inspiration of the artist, whose mind and band hut reflect that which he sees
iu Nature's loveliness.
"How beautifull" exclaimed a lady tbe other day as sbo
entered our OUT GLASS BOOM. It ia Uke a chapter from
fairy land." She was a woman wbo appreciated real beauty
and real worth, and ln a moment of Ume rocognlzed in our
display of Out Olaas the master hand of the workman tha
reflection of ton true artist's mind.
There hi a magic in our Out Olaas which attracts all, It
is tho magic of quality and good taste.
As a wedding present a pleco of our Out Glass stands as
a leader, being highly appreciated by tbo brldo whoso dream i.i
—A Homo Beautiful.
Do not fall to visit our Olass Boom. IU boauty will repay you for your trouble.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
George E. Irorey, Managing Director
Hastings and Granville Streets   -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
Hut 1 hour someone saying, surely
everyone wbo goes to Ounudu docs uoj
muke gootl, does not catch the spirit
lo whicii.you have been referring, us
we ofter hour Ihul the stories of sue
i ess in I'uiiiida are exaggerated or un
Irue. Thai is so. I am reminded oi
u story I hoard coiicmlng Lord Ilutli
.-.i-liilil. A yuung mun wus seul tu him
with u letter uf intruduetiun, which
Idler asked that he would use bis itt
ilueine iii gel llic young man a guod
position in ^lie city of London. Ills
Lordship merely suid, "I uin jusl going
uut, walk along with inc." They culled
al sntnil oi Ilie leading financial
houses, uud lhe voung mail was simply
tujrudui id. lull nothing was suiil us to
his requiring u position. When tbey
returned to St. Swillicn's Lune, Lord
Rothschild shook bunds with bis com
punion ami Lmii' him good morning
"Ilul," stammered the young fellow,
"I thought vou were guing lo help mc
In get u position." "Have I not belpol
yuu/" wus the reply, "Vou have
beeu seen with me, thut is enough.''
i'l- to thut moment the gotl of Opportunity hud been invisible lu thut yuuug
fellow, uml the suiitc is true ot somo
wbu conic to I'uuudu. Austin J'hclpe
says thut the material virtues which
must i-omiiiand success ure "vigilance
tn watching opportunity, lacl nnd daring iu seizing upon opportunity, force
ami persistence in trow,ling opportunity
tu its utmost of possible achievement."
Tbere arc sume men whu ciinnul be tig
Haul, who huve no luet or power, unl
who tio uot ,i,i,ii..:i the nieaiiiug of
persistence. These men fail when Ihey
tunic here, ll tuuiiol be otherwise I
do uut iiiiun lu Miv thai ;, man may
nut have nnsfurluiie. It muy como ouce
ur twice, Imt il will nut continue indefinitely. Hubert W, Service is one oi
our I'aniidiua puets, uml in- ha-- tit-alt
uut some good ildt ie, along these lines.
Continued on pago aU
Lot 7, re-subdivision of lots 1. 2, 3. Block
7, D.L. 549, between 20th and 21st Sts.,
size 33 x 145 feet, cleared.
Terms one-fourth cash, balance 6, 12. 18
Irwin & Billings Co., Ltd.
Corner 5th and Lonsdale Phone 15   North Vancouver, B.C. 4.
: i
Putilislind TtnAoyt and Prldaya liy North Hhore i'ress, Iiiitittml.
(TO. II. MOUIIRN, l-illlTOlt ANII MANAfll'lH.
Kates »f Buliscriiitinni-0i|8 year, IlilO.  Six niontlis, Gllc.  Throo months, fife
United Btatog ant! Fnrulgn, If'lM jior year.
Advertiiing Bates Will Be Quoted on Application.
Tba Bijireaa ia devoted in the interests of tbo North Hhore of llurranl I nlnt
n'n'lluii'. I'ly.      it   .'on:.Ilinl,'     Oil   .i'l' ''il I -111,".   1 lllllll   nf   r   ' ,'|,liiinnl      llllll)   for
reuniting in u thornugli ami offoutivo manner the jio|itilntiou of Nurth Vuni'ouvor
Oity and fllatriet. Evury offurt is nimlo tn givo mlvorliwi) tho most sntinfurtury
service,   .
All ithniigctt in contract ndvortisonioiila nlnuilil lm in tliu |iriutnrs' lioinls unl
liter than Hi a. in. Mniulny ninl li p. in. Wmlnoailny In ensure insertion in tho
'ollowing isuitii.
North Vanoouver, B. 0	
Wn 'Inly n|l|liili'iu!u Hit- iiiiini.li'iuliiin
Whioh hun I t'l'ii ii<i'ur,|i',l uur ri'onl mil
liiinil "I'nl'lir Hurt itu Cur|iura|lons uin|
thuHilit'n," hy Hit' Httnt'inl Miinngi-r of
'tint II. C. Kloitrit' Itailwuy l'niii|iitny
I,unil,',I in his It'lln villi irliri'ln,'
thoreto tvliirli in |iulili»hi<.| in niinllti-i
Whilo tlisi-lulinliig Itl.i vise ant nisii
lu t-roale u 111*\\>jmjn-r i-tiiilruwrny, we
vvinli to ]>ninl mil Hint lit'- nliitifiui'iil
niiliinillfil In lltu i'iiiit|iliiilli'i it- tuml
fl iu Hir Intl.'I' iltli's Iiiii III llll nil' I
lin- ussiTlitlll liilt'li- in itlir tlllnlt' iiii'l
whiili ii|'|'iiiriiiK rail..t I'url li Hn n-|il\
frum llii' lii-iii-ral Muniigrr. 'I In- «uhli
li,-,',I in Ihr ,',Iiiunni vti, it. I'lilluns.
" ll \ti,,ll,| ir,,1111,' tl Iill ul |„ r*llll>iilii
lu iniln. I- Hi,- nt I'l'aui' I'atiit'iitiii > tl i 't-i
In I,rln",i   Hint  Hn' -1 l  railuay  .■'-
I I'll!,  ,il' Tiilulilu.  Wlllltl|n-:.'  nl   Vm	
M'i  an' imt |tuyinu iiiti.'i'li tttlilt  iniiri:
iliun   -i\   ['ii   t'l'lit.   un   tut'  itlnuiltii   n''
iiiuiii'.   it, Itinlly  |tli|,l  in  lit   Hit   nhlirt
Itnlilrt.-.   irii'.-.|.,'i'li\t'   ul   |irtitiln   rr in
Vl'stl'il.1' Til.' li"llll-.. Ull.II I.V III.'
I'ultijillulli'l .III nul Ulw- nn: 'li'linili in
inl'lltlllluii tvilli ril.r, in , lu I In- -tm I
riiilnnt stsli-ln nf \ :m, n.,\ it. Tin'l
rt'lVr allii;.'illn'i' In tin .tinily im i-.lini'iil
ui Hu- li i'   i'lu. lm  I;,ul,.,iv t ,,in|'iii ,
III    llrill.-ll    I  "I..11.1'1.1     ,', lll.ll    Hi'    llluli'l
.Uunl im liul,'- tliu slru'l railwiii --
ll'llli iii Viuu utlti'i, \ ii lunil an,I \u a
Wenlihinnli-r, lin' iiilrruil'iiii lim l><
tvt't'ii Vnn,miwr ninl Nin W.-iumu
iter, Ihu I'uu.r Im.i nn tltr SHi I It
Arm, Hie wurl,.-. mitt nu.l.-i' nin.lrm
Iluu nl I'„.|illlInlu ami lliu-i nl. , al .lul
.lun llnt-r, u.. nill ti.. tin- M-tiral light
tin,I |iuvti t ill..lrilnillli|l m -li-m- „v, i,,- I
l,\ Hi,- I ,,iii|,,'tiiy li,ti..iiiii, li a. mi ti
furi-inc iilitili iut uu. inn,li- iu um ar
ln-li' lu llm ilm,lin,I |,i,„l,i, tug |..iii. i
ni tin-.i' i'ulliliiln'1 lllnlt-rlltlillign, if
fail lu ,Ii.m i'lu tin- , „in|,l,l, n-l'iilittui.
ni  ml, i. in .   uin, ii  tin-  Urn, ral   Mat-
nuir'n   ''i-i  all - |ui. in,-a  mai.'.
Vi nli  nl, ' lu   "ri' ii,  i  in I  I'M
In. " lliu nlal.-iui i,l ul  ll in, in 'I, i
.il I   Iiu  mil.ul.-Ii'i   .uml.   I   ,    lu    I'.,
r,ii.-,iii lhal aitl ::li Hn I i, i	
lll.ll     lllll.'   j'.'lllllllr.l   a    'llllililul    ul     I. .1
I Iiii i' 1111,1 lliu •' i,iialli'|. i'ii i unl,, i, l
tlm .\liilini, ul ili".. nul .Imu  iihiit ..nni.
II lllll    11' li    i|r l.i. I,,I   itulli   giu-.   J'!'
111.   I'ul   -I, | I,     III lull.   Mulling   lilliil   llll I
litinlri-'l   |"ii|'u.-i.   in   urn.ing   nt   III
..ll.ll,     ,'      ll  tilll   'I      "   till       |,', MM, I    |
lllll    I Jill-   Hll'    lig'JIl..   gill  II    I'.    III    -    I'llll I
 May 38, lllli
ruilwuy systems of our large citlosare
ii|iiTittiiiu, ill it giiinl margin ni [irulli ii
|iiiilnililv ilm. in iht- information whirl
ti|i|ii>iirn fruni Hum in limn villi ri's|iei-i
Ihorolo iu tliu |inlilli' i'ii'... Win n it
In iinutiitiiii'il inr insililiri', Ihul llu
i'ily nf Turuiitii rriiiii'il uiurr lluri
uni' in ill imi iliill.it.. ns its ..linn ui ihu
I'hilils nf Hint rutliiiiy nynli-in inr iuu'
yuur, llm iiatiirul i-iint'liininu in Ih-I
Hn- ii inuii ii l ui mi |iriillts ii'iiiitiiiiiif
villi Ihu t'iilli|ililiy ri'|iri'srnl,< it irn
niitinl'iii'lury ii-tiiiu ii|<nn lln-ir ml in
ti'nliiienl. Again, wht'ii Ihu jitililii mini
nn aniiiiiiiiiI'liirnt in Hn- ill1.1 lhat
Ihu Hlii'i'l railvay system nl Winui|ii"j
In. Inuii nulil im Ilml intlltuii. ui
ilulllirn, thr ulii iiiun iiiiii lllniuli in Ilia
Ihu |ii'ii|ilu iiiiii liui|i'h| Hiu nynlt'lll
um.I Ii.n, -nli-lir,I lluin.ul. Hint tl.
• lll'lilligl tin- ..lilin lunl In Jilll a nlltinfll '
Inn ilivlili-iiil upon lhal .-nin. l-'ruin u
lut.In Mlrh nr llii:- ll l'.'i,!lir>'. unly lha'
llm |.iii.ii < t'l'lit lim lllllIlllgl-Ult'lll "I Hi
.y.tum.. in uur ollit-r , itii-n tt ilh In nu.
nn a j.nl villi Ihul nl llu .tlm. r, lui
I.'.I lu, In unu lmii that III. Un I rail
util.-.  Ill  thu-u rll it'., tliu  III  a  rilllilll	
ni iimihignii.. primpi-ril i    II. it.   mli Hi
I.'i III   rill/I'll   lllll   rrtl'lill    I'' ilglll.'r   III
I'm I   thai   it    .  highly   ■ i..n'tTiTl,   frum
llm  -l:i,,,11   „i Hm  iiuliari' "I   tun
ill   tntlt   ..mli  .liuilil  In' tin   , n.i   nilh
I'.'fi'liiiii' lu llm '-lii'il  inilu.n .i.ltin
Thuru  in  pruliiilily   nu  form  ul   |-nl,li,
nrriirj' nliliti   uin. It  gni. a   -liun;-.,
SUII..I-   uf   gi'lirrill   |,nigli-...i\ une-r     mil
priinpurily iiputi Ihu pari ul niii til..
lhan ilurn tl lllulnllghll  iuu,lull   Hint i-lli
, u ll| .till I IllilVIIV ■ V-l l-IJI llll'l Ml, ll
yllanill ,.llllllll lu Ulllllltilllli-'l lllll'-.
llu i-iimpnnt ulii'li uni,, Ihu lililn.,i
liml-, in it un nmli ilaLnig ttlutli run
In u|n-riil< I ii|,un a -uuiul hu.iuu..
iif tho nation, Intt un strongly iiiilitui-
tivo uf a ilufet't in Clin form nf gnv-
.'iiiiiiuiii whirl) ii'inlrii, |tui...ililu nut-It
t'liiiilitiniin uiul fur «linli  tl|0 inlulli-
."I'tmu   Ilf   tilt)    'ill.! 11 :111   |u'ii|il,       liui,i I
provo itsulf ot|iinl tn lliuiiug somu elfor-
livit reniotly. Prom a easnal kuiiwleilgo
uf I'rositlunt Taft'a tihiirurluristii's, au
ul,..ui'in wiiiilil itit'liim to the lielief
Ihut iiu wuulil I'm..miiilii prefer not to
huvu ontiiruil into this unlioi-nming iiiiii-
lost, Imt nil hur In,huvu ipiiotly rut i r
ml frnm Ihu lintn in u iiiiinimr in lii'.r
ninny with Ihu dignity of lm litu.li uml
liiiiiuriililu pnniliuit uml Hum tn avoid
lii'i'iiiiiiug, vhiln pruniiliiut. Iho usptiti-
mil of uuu not'tioit in u   ,1  with11.
ihu ranks uf u political party, Thu fun
ihul ii party organisation aoonil   W
Inn I' priivrii niilllrit'itlly powerful In
hoar iluwn President Tufi'n nonnu nl
ili'i'uriiin uml lo practically form lilm
intu tint light, up|ioilts, In uu iiiiiii lmii
ml onluoker, un n iinwisu nlilrunion nl
piililitnl inJlni'itiun lljuill the mil ul
llm mil iuu'n Iminl.
II is easily |iossihlc Hun lltu wholo
prui'UL'diiig np|ii'iirs in un rutiri'ly in
11 ri it t llghl lu llm gri-iil muss uf I Hit
r.i Slnli's t-ili/i'im, vhii uro iii'i'Usluni
ml lu llm liirtllililn iu vogue in Ihu.
iuuiiili unil vhiln freely mlmitliiig
limn righi lu iiiinlii'l mutters un limit
unu wisdom mny tlii-lnlo, yel lltune w'hfi
Itu'  iimlur iunliluliiiiiH uf u nuuii'wluil
Ui^i'iunl ni'l'i nt I luil liml Iheir nl
trillion arrrnleil hy ruuilitiuns nut-It u-i
Hit- pri'M'tit iiintent prenruln, uml wniilt
are np ten I'ul lemuierl frum iinythiiiii
lit  nil  |ui.,il>|e  i,inli'i  iiinillii'l   Imiii  ni
Tlm nin.I,Iiiiii. i null.I l,\ Ih, lunl.,i
, uuii -I at |.|> -unl in I'l'igii'.. In I in in
I'l.'.nli nl TiilI, au.l , i I'i,'.nl nl Tlm,'
.lure Kn"., mil, l„i tl,, II.-|,iitilu an mint
iiiiiIiiiii tin nmInii,|, l,,r Hn l'u-ni, ii i
it lim I nil,.I Mul, ., iiiu mil mu h n
lu iin],ri .- an iiilulligi'iit i,Ii.i 11 et ii ilu
liny hii griai u.linirutiou lur the inr
lllinln in uiglte lul ,.e, tiling tin' ll|i
I'liiiilmrlit ul a naliuiiul Iminl under a
It, j,ul,luan I,uut ut gun iniiu i I Tin |.
i- .l.iiil.lli'.... a uli llirgn Imll uf • i'
l/rim   nl   llu    I'lllll'd   l-lal, -   Ihluugh	
llll    . I.l.--,.    I,I     Mil lull      111 .HIU       I
li Ll    llllllll'     llllll     Hi.      I'l'   .I'll Ul     Ul     In
',Ul"r"l' •"■  r',f,'"'"n'   ■'""       IOI,   .- Il.l   lilt. '"'-a,.   1"   I,
'"'"" "'"uli.ug. nl  lhe r,„„pi„,y. , |(|||(, ,,|f   ,,„,,. ld  |1„|ll„„| ,,,,„, (
III   tlm    nli..in,     nl    am    ..lati.ln Mm nig u ilh linghl aiul Iinini agani-l a
»lioh   i. lur   i\|'lniili   tu   lhe   .-ire.' iiiu.i ,|,,|,ii,,,i„.,| ,,|,|,„ii. ii  in M-. an-In-
iiiiliiui   ,.i.triu   ul   \iiii"in.. t.    i.mi' ..uli'iini,  I,)  ii  ]",Iiii. ill  piirly a-  lin i
does  nul  appear any  n-u.-un  lui  it  n , aiidnlali'to iin-t-vrd hiinm-lt un hetnl nl
ntljllntlnelil  uf the |,u..il tun lu Imii  i I Ihu   Illlllnil      Tu  mm  in i i|.|ulim,|   lu  lie
llllmlt'      ll   i-   Hi   unler  lu  nli.en.    t.i- ulher  lnl I   guiellil t   the  pnirl-ril
Jher,   Hint    Hm    tn|'i'..-iiiii   iilmh   ul' iiig |.r>M ill. il-ill  tint iiiiii tin ileiiilu'l
linn., in Hie 1'iililm muni Hnti tl,, Mr,, I)  Infra dig upon lite |>uil uf llu  nil."
Palace Hotel
Second Street, Nortli Vancouver, B. C.
RATES:    $2.00 pe, du\) up.    Special
rules In families mul In regulai hourders.
North Vancouver
Property Owners
If yun iiiu iinxiiill. lu nt'll iuu 1 it',
ur lll.ltl, I lull, ill ur I'l'luv. liiarl.el.
Hilt   iiiiiiii ilialuli   ami   re,
Hutchison, Compston & Co.
6'1  Ltuindulc   Avenue
Their   nulling   I'lllll    mil   ill..;,,,.,
imu priipt'Tly hy Ilutli .Inne, l!H '
Mill III   UM III Mill.
SI.     tuUit'll'N    1'n-nli.i li-rlmi    iliui.n.
li. III,   Iiu.nl    Sun.„      Mmnm,.   II UU
.-v. iiiiii. ; tu in ,n i mi. i'i.i " i: ,tti
sniiii.i,i Si ituui i it,    i run:   'i m»
lui at .' | in It' 'l Mii Iiln.'. Will
Inn-il..,     ut    n.  I      In       I'ltull     I'l.I   ll-'.
I'ii.I.ii   ul n ihu    II, v  It.ui..1.1 Mm. I'"
Mlulni. I
llrlbuillal t tin., a   i'.u in i „| mli nmi
SI tii urge, sji.,1 i. Hut linn. II llll a tu
nlnt ,' llll inn Siimlai S. lnml ..ml Hill
i'l.inn. 3 30 inn li.-liim l.u,iKt|u. Mun
In... It |iln rinin ntul I'luli, Hi-rvle,-,
U . .tinnul,n , > |i iu .luiil.it iriiigin,
lliilli.il.il ulli lliuuli til 11.10 liinliil.
Vi  c  S.lilllili.i
SI. Ii.ni. I lnml, — lum I 171 ll
ill,I    ilutli, lalil MuIlillii     ul    I I    a III
veiling iii  " 10 |i iii   Hull  , uiiiiuunUfii,
lit nt  Siiiiilui   It iiiii ui  n  ,l in .  flint
.ml llnul Sunn.,... .,l il a in . Suiiilni
"', I,.nl nl IIIUI , iii It, 1 I'l,,,I|,,,„ II
Hull,    VI. ni
SmIiuIIihi inn). I,<,i,.„l.i|, Av, ium
Slilttl.n   t, i iin ii   11 UO a in    II  |, in   ulnl
; iii i in Tn, -u.,, s i, iii . ri,111.-.I.,.
• t.m 'iiiliii.tin Smi,, yy.iltnMilu:..
i i in
llagllnl I UmiU—I n, IIU mul St
iuiilg. Suivlnn nl II a tu uml 1 110
I- tn Sun,I.ii s, lnml uml llll,lu iTnnn ul
il |, in I'ta , t rn,l in nisi n.i yl' i-
Vn 'In. »■ l.n ut k inn I'imli.r. It.I' A
I    I'     I .'Hi ami Ki   11, uin,-
SI. Jobn lb.- liuuiii-llMl. lull .nul 'Illi
llnl.1       1'ulliliillllluli.    I>    lllll l.l.un
I'i,i;.i i II a in I'.i, nnm I'i.i,i i i 110
I- tu i in tlm in.M Suiiilni In llm un,nth
Ih, in mil lm n ne, mul i .l.i.i nlluu „l
ilie Unit I'niiiiiuinluli at II a in Id ,.lur
II. V    liuilil   II „l
SI. llJniuiiiin. I ulUulli i I,,,,, I, Snll
iiiii M.iiii.ii Ai.inm Siiml.i) llluli
Mans mui m iiiuiii JO n in HutiiJu)
S, lnml. 'I3t |>ln ltun.ll) aiul II, lu
,11, Ilull 7 110 fill I'i iii.ii I mi nun.i t
,i in     I'.mlni    ll.v    I   A   Hi il.inl. HIM I
Iinlliiii I HlUiille I Inn, I, uf SI. I'uul'N.
M.i i ni a ur. Suinl.in: iTtnlui. in w
I-'   IVii.ivln. DM I
l Urlallau Srlrarr—"Klmllt tie)" I'lll'l-
i. ■ (I.l.) Ave ilu'linni lllli uml IMI.
nlli-.lsl      ;   ii"l , .    neivlein   ul    II    alt)
T.stimuli) ineeling Weiliiei'la), 7.10
MIHTll  l.llklUAI.K.
Nl.     lauiuai     *    a In     lll'l)    Stiml.iy
-mel,I disl suinl.,, Iii nu,mn 130 u in
llrsl Sun.I,.., In in,uitl II tint. Mullni.
I'lliiny und seiinuii. lecond ifTnl ruurih
Sill,lllll       liul)'  I'nllltlllllllull  um)  leimuii,
Ilul. iiiiiI llillil Siiii.Ih; h Vleur. ll' i
T   t   Rnwt
I'rrali)Irrlaa I burrk—Humiuys. 11 u
in and 7.30 ii in. Sunduy Schuul unl
Hliile linns 2 30 inn Ten. hern Training iTan, W.iln. n'lui 710 JTayi'i
lllt-eliliu. Weillienilii) I y III Hoya'
i'luli Tliiiriilay ",3ti y in «riinlr (irac-
tlee. Friday, I pin It Vuu Mtinat-1
UA. nail or
n» VAJ.i.str.
il.lliuillnl   I SurrS M, . iii .     held
.ui n.i, cvvltliitf III New lm,tiiui' Hull
ul teven u'clueli.
I'rmliilrrlau I SunU Wonlllu, Huh
'layn  II  tm   ami  7 00 pro      Bunday
:-Mm"I SIS pin I'.mini n.v A M.,,
■ I. I Iriurul'a, (AatjUCM)— iluly BOTH-
'"iiiiini, 1st Bunday in iiionlli. li am.;
evening  prayer, ovcry Bunday, 7 00 )•
in ;   choir   i ll' e.    Vi, .lm mini     I 00
pm    Rev   Arthur Fl. Bruce. Vicar.
30 feet in Block 29, District Lot 273, near Ridgway,
-   for only, $2,850, 1-3 Cash;  Balance, 6, 12, ana
18 months.
62 LONSDALE AVENUE     ta.notm  nm*m     NORTH VANCOUVER
Our Shipment of Prosser
■:- Racquets is Here -:-
90 Lonsdale Avenue      Next to P.O.
tn liirgur iiromisoi ou Iisulauada, so
Don't Forget
NO IICI'. is hereby given lhal any person posting
up any Advertisement or Sign, or printing anything
on or otherwise injuring any of the poles or posts of
the BRITISH COLUMBIA ELECTRIC RAILWAY CO., LTD., is liable lo a penally of $100
and costs, or one month's imprisonment, according
Itflhe Company's Acl of Incorporation, and will
he prosecuted accordingly.
B. C. Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
R. H. SPERLING, General Manager
thut wlion yun ilu |iii|it.'ring lltiu
year Ilinl wc tie Ht il I lioro wilb a
far liollor linn ul iihu-Ii liutlor prlcoi,
Ill Ksiilitnii'lu Wt'ttl. I'lione Hll
(mill lu 1'iiUoraoii, Utililiu & Clark)
|,ll,i,| i-|, an i    mil ilu null lu lit um'
,„,,, ,,,,;,,,   ,„.„   |irn.li,'lll  llllMillllt' .Inn
l„ ,   |i,  mu lm  r linm  iiii'l  *'nmll .i'llll
I'nn,liul, ill ill   Iiiu.ml. ilnap It	
,, mi,,.    A Imi   um-iuI   fur   I'lti'linjI, pil'i
.inuiiu,    ili      li'tiiMiiiiil.li-  I'li'i' unl
:\>   \ iil.iili   Slrri't,
I'Iuih-  Kiiiiiiiuiii  1. >Jl>.      Viniowwr.
Phone 335
Owners—Palmer, Burmester & von Graevenilz, Lid.
Week Commencing May 27
Tinnigan's Fortune'
Prices, 15c. and 25c. yjMfcttog
.   i i    -
Capital Pair Up »3,870,000
Reserve and Undivided Profits  3,500,000
Total Asseta  41,000,000
Til provide uguinst u |iutalb)u'"Ralny
liay" Is not the only reason for
regular suvliig.   A bank account
dives you Uio fueling of lnue|iondenco
and -niin thul keeps yuur mind free
from  worn—thut  mukes  you  bettor
lililn  to meet the world on an even.
I."'Hiu-. und to lulte ndvuntago of 0|A
linn million thul cume your wuy.
Illioli  your iiccuiinl ul lhe linllll of
iiniiiiiion.   where   >     ■ m, t--m
Iiiiiii,Ing service Is iii'uvldud fur iho deposit of small, as well as lurgu, tic-
I.rl us i-xiiiuiii niir Kafuly I', i',n.il llux
HyBli'iii. Iti-ntul moiluriite.
('. il, IIMAVIilN, Auent,
.Nniii,   Vaneouver
Il..d Olili.
AN Extension Telephone
once installed proves
its value. It earns its
way every day. With an
extension telephone upstairs
you do not have to go downstairs to answer when the
bell rings. If you are upstairs you do not have to go
downstairs to call someone.
The service costs only a
little over 3 cents a day,
with no charge for installation. Call COMMERCIAL
MANAGER, Phone 98.
British Columbia Telephone Co.,
begs In announce 1L.1i lie will
At Terminus o( Capilano Car Line
in di,Ht ly    I .cl ui nave yuur listing* uf Capilano properly,
Notary Public, Heal Estate, Insurance ami Conveyancing,
We Study Printing
Wc make a feature of preparing printing that ie profitable to
our palroni.
Wc study type laces and effects
lo insure attractive arrangement,
and we believe you will appreciate
our handling of your work.
From a card to a huge poster
or an illustrated catalogue wc will
give you a figure or our advice.
re BX E. Ry.
Vancouver, May Slut, 11112.
K.litor Express:
lloar Sir,—Wliilu I do not wish to
oilier into a eoufrpvorsy in your columns, 1 'eel It is lni|iussllilo to allow
tlio statements contained in tho editorial articlo ajiuoarlng in your iuue of
May 17th last, with reference to public
sorvico corporation! ami the cities thuy
serve, to |iasi withuut comment, and
have lecorilingly allied our t'timplroller,
Mr. George iiidd, charteretl accountant,
lo pruparu a short statement relative
to the Ilium' 'I side of this (loiiipauy 'n
Mr. Kiilil's slaleinuitl iH iih follows I
"The Hitti'ii i.'uiiiuiiiiu Eloctrle Bill
"wuy llompuiiy, Untiled, wua incur'
"pui'iiled in ISIl? with a capital ui
"^,;iiii,iiiiu, acquiring lhe Street Kail
"way lystonis in Victoria, Vancouver
"New Wostinliistar ami tlio Intorurbuu
"line cotilioeiing Vinii'iiuver uiul New
" Woitiniititor which were ul ihul lime
"uuiiili' In meet their liabilities und
"l>ri*iilc tin.' capital necessary inr th ■
"growth uf the populations they serv-
"t'tl, hi.in,, lhe 1 f> yours of ilu Issh
"lory the H, ('. Klectric Huilwuy Hutu
"I'liiiv liun Hpi'til iu urliiul t-tptlt in Ilie
"province uf Britlab Columbia £ti),iiiiii,
"nun. lu lhe yeur IMlll tlio Ilml divi
"ilonil uf I per cent. wu» pnitl, ninounl
"ina to (111,714, und, iluring the juihI
"Ili  years  unly  $4,1180,8(11   Iiiih    I it
"|taiil In diviiluiiili un itm Hliurt' capi
"lul uiul interest tin iin IiiiiiiIh.
"For llu.' yeur einled llllth .lune, lllll
"the nel reveuue of The British t.'ol
"iintliin lii i'.i ru llui I way lltiinpaiiy uu-l
* * iin itllirilliimli'rtul, ings, iih ,kIhiwii In
"ill pulilisheil iiii-iiiiiiIh, prepared h.'
'.'myielf nmi rrrlillinl by lhe tiuu
"puny'i uudilors tu Vuiuuuver uud
"l.undiiii, ciiiililetl llic Direi-liirs lu puy
"illleri'Hl   Ulld   liil illl'llllH   1111'IUU.illU.    i'i;
"per cent, un Hit' tulal capital iitveni
"cil in tin- pruvince.''
Tin1 point In which J wi.-li purine
hilly |u direct .your altentiuii in tin'
furi'gniiig Hlatt'iiii'iil ih lin- fact tiuu
this I'lilnjiuny lull iiivi-hIi'iI ill lllc pru
linn.' fui.iiiiii.iuitl tn in liul i.-inii. tin'l
Uml l ii i.i lit uie uf ».111,11111)1)1)11 iipmi
which intereil nnd iliiiilpmln are pai'l
illll-K   liol,   IIH   Villi   Hlgp-St,   lli.llllll    iiu:
pruUlM reali/i'd uud m:. inn iiln 1,1 in llu
linti I'uliiinlitii
'I'llih fact, iniiili in I'unjniii'lmn tut
llic hIuIciiii-u!   Ihul diirinu lin'"liul'' ui
lin-' I'liiiipuny'h hintorv. unly ♦ I .'.Oi.-ii I
Int.-. Iiiiii iliHlribuli-d  in  Uu- tliu|.f nl
lntereit uml dn idt'lld.'  ih tt c-ninjji-t.   i,'
I'titiiliuii uf lhe tnfi-ri in i-s  ttlii.li   tn !
naturally be druwu frum Hie rniuuiiiii
in yuur iiHtic uf tin- lilh iiiHluiil
\ mn- tinly,
II   II   M'l.lfl.lM.
II,until   M:in;i|."r
I  nmi it  ilream, n  dream    • •   I n\
t\ly licnrl ih huiiicHiil, lur lin- tlrcuiu
once mure,
Fur I wus playine   'round tin   liuiin
'tuul tloor
A  lililn child mill pluil uml liiiuinling
Tin'  uarilen   pul Iih   witli   flutvrm  were
litirdcri'd uny
Kuril Ir, i  in„| lAifl, ,1,,,,,   iii ii,,. M,ir
Haine place,
The Him ■■ Mt,mn, ,| with ull Iheir old
lune grace;
l.'l,c pi'urln Ilie houm were tdrunu ulon;.
lhe tluy
I nui lo meet my fullier ul tin- gate;
He swung mc un Iiih .-in. iM' i   i'luli I
uml ntrung,
Ami   swiftly   carried   nn    tin   palh
laughing lu see I lu- ini.il, i untie am!
My baity lister prattled iu her choir;
My brother came from m-ltool  wilb
eager talk,
Ami  dnred  me  lo  race oduwu   the
Tlte  evening  bree/es blowing  in  my
hair, '
And Unu the ijuicl  hour, Hie lu'dlidi;
The littlo couch iu cool ninl *ofl am1
Thc perfect failh aad truut, no fear
of night,—
O dream no blent, io honey sweet and
Tlte father'» strength wan vanquished
lung ago;
The  mother  loved  ami  uniled  and
paued away;
Bweel siller followed, brother went
astray; >■
But iu my drcuimi I meet and love Ihem
,0' .
—Kmiiib A. Jioule, in Farm Journal.
Incoming Oitliens Ar. Helped With
' Cheap Lodging, Food and Scad
for Farming
The i ium ilium government has .
viilod its iiumigratioii Into thr
clauses—British, foruign, bltiropoan uul
Ainerieuu. Tho governmeut bureau
dealing with the wurk makes no difference between tliu three clussna, unless they outer under tliU'ereut condition!).
In Western Cunu.lii ubout sjill),mni
Immesteiuls are uvuilublu. I'lacli
lioiui--ie:i,l is uf Hit) acrei anil in some
Hi.'i'lioiiH of thu country u man muv
|ire-einpt uu uilditiunul ltlll in-run by
p'nying lhe guvernment fl un aero for
it, with tho payments »prcud uver
ten yeurt, In return fur thin liiinn
iteutl ur lum i h.i,i uml |iru-tiinptlo'i
the settlor |>uy» $111 entry fee ami undertakes tn perform certain home
»it'li'l tliilit'H, notably.to reiide on the
Iiuiiii'hI etui nix ti,,,ii tli, every yeur fur
three years, ami cultivate the home.
stead to lite oxteni uf Ili acres overv
year fur Ihree years, uud build upun
tin- homestead a habitable house.
Finding Work.
in lite tune of ii man coming in whu
Ih Uni prepared In lake up lunil, tlte
immigration department liiuls liim
t'liipliiyini'iil ul ugrii-iilturul work in
iiIiuiihI nny purl uf Ilie country, Willi
ii une eenl ii iniln rule uml tt curd ui
itllroilltelion   lit-   in   Ht'ttl    lu   Hie   Ugeill
iii tin- government   in  Hie district   ir
i chilli lie prnpuHCH lu   wnrk,   ninl   liy
lhat agent  is taken tu the employer
or employment  In which In- litis lieen
I Hpeiilleiilly soul.
|    If upon  hia itiiiiiil  in Hie i-iiuulr.v
un iminigruiil iliiesii'l une lu lulte up
I his 111111111-rm  in u  hulel   und, il  goei
, wilhoul  saying   Ihere   arc   plenty  uf
l Ihem  whn tin mil    there lire  in   Wilt
• nipg uud   west 'of  Winnipeg  ubuut   I'l
| government     iminigriition    hiiiltliiign
Itt Ihi'Hi.' hulls he is u| liberty In make
Iiis homo iluring lhe period in  which
he Ih deciding ns lo iiis tlesliiiution ur
nrriinging fur eiiijiloviiu-ut.    Here ur
Iwu   weeks'   resilience   wilhoiil   h.-i,
uud if it is ftiunil Ihul m-tlli'iiii-iil  Iiiih
not been decided  upun nl  llti'v, end ut
lliiil lime, iiiiiI Ilinl Ilie delay ih in iiu
wuy title lo lhe settlor himself, a fui
liter and iitdelinile period nf resident-'
in lhe hull is permitted
Iu n,i::i' of Hi. hiu..
lu cunt- of nickiifhs und, nn Ihul in
iiiiini,   inability   on   Hit-   purl   of   Hi-
new   Hi'ttler   lo   perforin   Ilie   require I
| duties,  Iiih   linnii-lend    in   prnlccled
] Inul   in lo say, uu eslcnnioii period i-
gruiilid Intu l-y Hie deportment ui lbc
' interior, hu lliut, iiihieud uf perform
ing all  In.--  ilulirs  nt  three years, In
tuny l-e perutilli'd fuur nr lite, ns Hi,1
i-une iiiui  I"'     In nny event uu iidttin
luge ih luken nf Hie hnmeslead  upon
which lie hun |ilmii| his lul.nr uml per
ilBpn Iiih ellpillll.
In   cane   ol   Htekitenn   in   lii*   fulnili
Ulnl   i'UllM'i|Uenl   ileHllllllltlll,   due   eitlnl
tu iuntillii it nt capilal or to extra ex
pemiilure for medicines lunl ineilnul
help, lite new homeitcuiler hun Hi,
nghl to appeal to lhe imiiiigruliuii tit
purliiteni of the iuleriur. liit|Uiry ti
inuile inlu the situation, uml if il is
fuund Ilml Hit- settler lliruugli nu
fuull of his own in luiLing in food,
I'tlel it clolhillg, llllll in pinl tiled by
the department ami it lien luken upo-i
llic lioini'Hlt-ud for Hit- uinuunl ud
vautcd lu the homenteuder, with nn
per cent, inlcre.il Utldcd, lhe how"
nlcoder undernlandilig Ilml lie cuiiuot
l,ei nine possenneil ul' lm, linul title
until he has mel and li'quidalcd all the
advauces of the guicrnmeul
Helping Him Out.
There pre cases, lurk not being Willi
uny of uh ull the lime, whore Hi i
honfbstoader suffers Ihrouulj Inul, lire
or olher untoward cirruuittaoccs the
partial or total fuilure uf bli crop aud
where he is nlill up on the luud fur
' whicii he has not received his pateul
Whul huppc.us lu linul In he turned
down cold, no to speak, and tuld tu go
uu hii wuy-that tho government bun
dune all il could for him I   No, indeed.
Kntpjircrs cluss moots every Wednesday evening al S p.m. Elementary study
and hi.,  i       Yuu arc cordially invit
ed lo attend,   ltooui HI, Aberdeen liuild
ing.   'lin ii'"pliii nl free library.      4 8
Do you waul, to sell your loti     Wt
havo funds waiting for good buys. Give
us your best gross prico and terms
''.''imiii!',! Financiers, Bank of Hamilton
Building. I f.
Painter*, Papcrhangera and Decorators
Hardwood : Fuuihing : • : Specialty
,iou»e Addreaa:  2Wt AND ST. ANDREWS AVENUE
PoslO«ic«,G.n.rJDrf».ry Eating ChetttiMy tuul ei
Nothing liko that in Canada's immi
I    '!■    I1     -   .' •   "    l,    . ' 1      Ml"       . 'I"
grant code. Immediately the depart-
ment of tlio interior advances liim u
reasonable ijuautlty of soot! wheat ami
soetl oats and ho is enabled to got,
upon his feet again ahd proceed will,
his spring sowing. Tho amount of thii
grain, tho actual cost of thp grain itself plus truns|iurtatiuu only, Is matin
a charge upon the homesteader.
No charge is mado by the department of tbo interior for sorvic. of any
kind rendered to tho immigrant
Whero persona from another couutry
have become dotstituto through sickness or lack of ompluyniout in the
cities within a yeur after their arrival,
the department uf the iuterior either
ii 1111H   Hllfllcicllt   flnplni incnl,   or   ill   till)
cane of nicknesn, fouti uml niotlitiiil,
comforts for the destitute newcomer.
The niiino cunditiuiin prevail In tbo
cuuiitry districts, except that then
the perioti iluring which the' Immigrant in u charge upun lhe department
uf tbo Interior in three years, in
against une yeur iu the eily uud ur
Imu centres.
llecenl vinilurs lu A Hunt iu (lily will
recall u wrecked hhip Hint lien a nhon
distance noiilli of llic cily. ll canii
nil Hie wuy from Japan, laden witli
Oriental goods, In lie wrecked within
sight uf iin destination, itcccntly there
hun lieen placed un lite side oi Hi.'
greul lilurl, hulk ihul luoinn grimly uut
ul llle wuler the sign, "       '    Whisky
in til. Beit."
Hunt for "wbatl T4, fffPCU IBUlfl »'
that ship was wrecked! The position
Of-tk. sign-wggosts this intorjirotatiou.
Whisky is about tho best.thing in th'i
world to soud men upun lite rucltu und
red lice Huiii tO the ]'ili l'u I colldilioii 0f
that wrec'ketl ship. It disarranges and
destroys tho conipass aud rudder of life
aud sots it mii ill, Itcning and pilchini;
helplosily on tho wavos of destruction,
There is ouly one bulk lying in tho
surf of that city, but thero are liin'i-
mcrablo hulks of wrecked livos in ltl
strootB nmi salooui. The' man who
plncod that whisky sign on that wreck
doubtless thought he had achieved a
I'l'lemli'l i ml r of business outorpriso,
but ho wrought better than ho knew.
The unconscious suggestiveness of ilia ,
act is tremendous and terrible, and
i,li'uilil scare moru men uway from tho
best whisky in the lnnd thun a tbous-
iinil such signs can lure to their ruiu.
Whisky uud wreck ure closely coimect-
cil.—Presbyterian Bnnuer.
Nut ice iu heruby given thut ul tho
next meeting of the Board of License
t'l'iiiini:-! tuiiei.i fur lhe District uf Nurth
Vuncuuver, I will upjdy fur u license to'
sell intoxicating liipiurs iu premises sit-
ttulc iii lit iiii'i Lot l ', nt Hundred und
Fifty fuur (oTi'l) Diitrict of Nurth Vancuuver.
Siili Hastings 8t., Kant,
Muy  llth,   IIHL'. Ulli
from $20.00 to $180.00
Warburnitz Piano House, Ltd.
Coal & Supply Co. Lm.
Coal, Brick, Lime, Gravel, Sand, Plaster,
Cement, Lath, Sewer Pipes, and
General Builders' Supplies
Wliarf: Fool of St. George's Ave.    Phone 178.
Office: 56 Lonsdale Avenue.   Phone 198.
The undersigned Coil Merchants of North Vancouver
hereby beg to give notice lhat on and after June 1st, 1912,
all coal supplied will be sold for cash only, cither on or before
While wc do not wish our customers to think that we
doubt their credit, it has been found lhat the cost of collecting
so many small accounts is prohibitive.
,   Wc, therefore, ask all our customers to accept thit notice
in order to avoid inconvenience to themselves and to ui.
(Signed) \ h
F. M.. Breuey, President.      \
i *
H. Mitchell, Manager
All tbt printing we do la proof of our
ability. Wa specialiia in tba HtUa
things wbicb ara so Important, and
which add excellence to your work.
Our plant and stall, combined witb tba
study wa give to the trade, enables
ua to givo sat Isf action. We will givo
ostiiuatoB, make up dummies or advise
you ou auy work you want done.
II   9
Publishers      of      "The    Expreas."
Punters of Fine Job Work.
North Vancouver, B. 0.        Phone 80.
I   I
Statement of Present Position Submit,
ted by Oity Olerk
At a mooting of tlio council Imi,I al
tbo eity hail on Thursday evening, Mr,
Thomas tfhophord, oi|y clork, submitted tho inline iui- uin. ini statement nt
the city's financial position:
"(lentlumon:—By direction nf Ilis
Worship lliu Mayor, 1 liavn Ihu liuttur In
submit for your information a state
un ui of the |u, -,mt liiiunciiil position
af tho eity in regard to iissessiiient ninl
bonded intlelilinluuss.
"As yuu ure nu ilnitlil uwuro Ihi
Council has power uudur tlte Municipt.i
Act In puss bylawi fur cunlriictini!
debts fur uny purpnsu within its juris
diction, but lhe uggregule uf such
delils, except fur Wurk* ui local im
pruviinient und fur w'nool purpuses,
in,i.t mil exceed '111 per cent, ui Ih"
assessed vulue nf tint laml ami im,
provemciiti iu lhe municipality.
"According to the lusi revised as
sesimenl roll the tutul assessed vultr
nf lumI liml Improvements was 11.1,
l)t!y,7l»l, bul this total intitules lit:
sum of i l.n.,l,.isn, linlile fur school rale
unly, uIiiih I tluiii, iu reckoning Ilie
limit ui uur borrowing power, slmuid
be   deducted   frum   the   tulitl   it
value us |he greater part nf same
(Moodyville aaaosicd ul $81fi,llilil) ami
Ilistricl Lot HI assessed at $207,1100),
is nut in Ilie municipality, If this is
su tiuu lin- I til ul ussesseil value uf laml
ami improvements is ♦12,8011, su per
eenl. of which is ♦2,rii;i,8H6. Toe t.ita1
debenture delit uf the cily fur nil put
poses al lite present lime is $2,4711,01.1.
made up us follows:
(luneral  debentures    $1,2411,1111
School   lichen I it res          228,715
Locul improvement lieben
lures (including litis year's
Issue |           1108,28'!
Second Narrows bridge project con
summutod beforo any further local improvement work wus done. Tho opinion qf tho moetiiig referred to was
that the liridgo would bunefit tho whol
eity   i  Inlu    llm   | ,1 n| „!■.,',I    HI,I,ut in,,',     ot
i'u,i,ih streot woultl only boiielit ono
purlicuiiir i.i'.iiun After cuiisiilurablu
argiiitiDitl, Hie cntiiieil tlecidcd tti havu
Ltinsilnle Avenue paved us fur as First
(Continued from page throe)
1836      THE BANK OF      1912
British IU America
76 Years ia Business.  Cartel and Be serve Over 17,600.000.
The Advantages of Bank Money Orders
lor transmitting small sums of money are four,   They arc easy to procure—
• easy to caih—safe- inexpensive. We muc (Item at the following ratci:
It or under—lie 6 to 10 ~tc .      *   |
♦10 to ISO-lOc 30 to   W -He
Tlii-se Money Orders are payable a t par st any Branch of any ('bartered
Hunk in Cauada (Yukon Tor. eavepted), in the principal cities of the United
stall's and in Loudon, Eng. »
Two Office* in North Vancouver, Corner of Lonsdale Aye
and Esplanade. Upper Lonsdale Avenue, MM 14th Street
Total    ...♦2,47",Ol!l
"This unly leaves n margin uf sum,'
♦ 100,111111 before »c reach  llm limn  ul
uur borrowing puwer uml this murgi'i
Wuulil    lm   ulisurlicl    tl    llm   iluu.uuu
bridge   debentures   already   nullum,, n
were issued liul ti it is perinissnlili' lu
leiltiit ihe ileiii fur local improvements
unl  schuul  purpuses as   would  appear
from Ilie win.ling of the in I  Iluu  v.
have  u  margin ui »l,,'Uti,M'.',  lun
tins coiiucfliun I wuulil jusl like In sill
lhat bund dealers tuul buyers in . un
puling u municipality's lnnil ui burro*
ing power takes inlu roiisideruhiiu llu
tlebenlure dr-bt fur ull purposi-,. us   Iiu
the linuii.tul ugi'tits uiul pur. iitLsi-is ul
uur lioiujs lasl yeur.
"Ilf cutirse. il muy l,e iiigin-,1 ihut
tlte cily muy burrow without limit I'm
lunil improvement purposes pin, nin I
lhal the portion ui tlm In, it I iinpron
llli'llt ileitis Usslltnc'l by llm iiiuiii, tpul
Hy ul lurge ti.e . llm mui,n ipubn '
share ot lucul imprtneiiicni ,i,i„i,iui
debl j 'lues mil raise llm iiiuiii, ipitnl \ '•
dtibeitturc delil  beyond  il«  legul Inuii.
\l/.,  Twilil)   per  rent,   ut   ill,   Us.i'sleil
vulue of lini'l inul iiiiprincitmiils inul
Ihut si liuiil ilclii-itluri's shuuld in,I l,e in
i linled in sttili cumpntuliun; lliul tin
lutul should In- i iiinprtsc'l unit ul gen
ural debentures uiul such portiun ,,l lu
cal iinprovcineiil tlebenture .l.-l.t- ,,t tin
municipality as the iiiiini, ipitlili nr u
whule  becomes responsible fui
Then uguin it musl lm rum mini :
Ihul every lumi iinprovciiifiil debt
giiuranti't-d b) tin,- inunn ipul.t. in
lurge >inl thul tilliiuiigii bi.til iiii| iniiluiiil iissi-ssiiii'iils are unl) ,i,i.In,1.1 lu
u .-lnnil uri'B uf lite ill) lit lin present
time still, I venture lo ny ilul it -
only a matter of time uml Ihul Lt fun
the present twenty yeur lunil improve
incut debentures ure pun! off when
there will be u local iiuprovi'inenl us
Kcssinenl against each parcel uf pro|iei
ty un every sired in the city. Itcspeil
fully  submilli-'l.
I'lty I'lerk.
May  16th,  1012
According to Aid link, whuie opilt
ion wai supported i . Muym UiNctsli
the bondi authorized fur the Mc. ml
Narrows bridge would nol be iuue I
this year, and works uf improvi-in-nt
could at any rate lie ferried uut tu llu
extent of 110,000. II wus contended,
however, that nu definite assurance i'-ud
come from the Hurrard Inlet Tun,ml
ami Hridge Company lhal bondiwoull
not be sold ao thai if others were ii
sue,i the total bonded Indebtedness uf
tbo city would exceed thc legul 20 per
cent, of the assessment.
Tlm submission of Mr. Slniplicru s
statement followed a recommendation
from the cily engineer, Mr. Atgus
Smith, regarding lhe best kiud of gn-.f
ment to be used on l.i,muui, avenue,
and wai read ami digestud with a view
to finding out whether the cily could
at pn 'nt secure the money for paving
the itreet.
Aid. Dick int|uired of the rhuirmau
of tbo Hoard of Worki why too coonctl
ihould not carry out ils original pr"
gram of paving, to which Aid, Hiu replied that thc emphatic stand taken by
the Nortb Vancouvor Betepeycn' Ar
lociation at a recent meeting indicated
(bat the ratapayori wished to sec thaw
I foiiiincuil lhe following lo those whu
are up ii,iiiii ■ i il:
If yuu're up uguinsl   u   bruiser, uud
yuu're gelling knocked about—
If you're  feeling  pretly  groggy   uml
you're licked beyond u tloubl
Don't let hint ice you're fiinkiugj lei
liim knuvv with every clout,
Though yuur luce is haltered tn u pulp,
yuur blooming heart is stunt,
lust Minni upun yuur pins until tlie beg
gar kuiifks you out —
Ami grin.
This life's a bally battle, uml Ihr sume
utlvice holds Iniilil gnu.
If yuu're up against il bit,lit, limn it 'i
milv  uue itu   toil,
Ho grin.
If lite future's liliiil, iis Iiiiiii,Inr, dun'I
let the peuple see vuu're blue;
Jusl cultivate n eusl irun sinilo uf joy
lite wiiule duy through;
If  Ihey  cull   vuu  "Little  .Sunshine,''
wish lliul they M nu troubles tun
i'uu   muy    grin.
Kise up in the morning wilh llm vviil
thul, sinnoth ur rough -
Vou'II grin.
Sink lu sleep al midnight, uml although
you 're  feeling  lough, .
Vcl gnu.
There's   nutliing   gained   by   whining;
unil vuu Te mil Inul  ktmI uf sltilf,
Vuu re ti lighter Hum away buck, ami
vuu won't lake n rebuff;
Vour trouble is lliut  yon ,lmt't   know
when vuu huve iind etiiiligli
liun'I give in.
If Kule shuuld   luun vuu, jusl get  up
uml lake nuolhcr cuff;
Vuu nun  bunk un il  Ilml  lliere is nn
plnlusuphv like I,lull
Ami grin
I wunl lu finish where I begun, i'nn
inlu i.s u un. i uf opportunity tor the
man wlm .tin recognize opportunity.
There ure furtun
made, bul far belter uud inure i-mluj
ing Ihun fortune, lliere is sen me In
l,e iciulclrcl uml work tu be duue,
Marl (Janiner >uvs. lhal "Succesi
tomes frum work .lone u Ittlle better
Ihun seems nccessorv I'utiU'la wunls
Die men wliu will work like ilml Sim
hus Iter arms wide upcu lu receive liiein
uml is reaily lu pn,
Iheir children, uml I
Meidamos Fakeley and pywqrtli
wero visilnrs at (ha bpino qf Mrs. ll,
W. Sugdeu last wook.
A potition has boen sunt to tho post
iiilicit inspector for the removal of the
present post office to tl|o eorner of Allan ami Lynn Valloy lloatls.
Mr. 0. A. Littlo of Lothbridgo, Al
berto, has been visiting North Vancouver- ami Lynn Vulluy for tbo jiast
few days ami returns to his homo tomorrow.
On 1'riilay erovvtls of |ticnie pnrtiei
visited Lynn Park ami ;'„-,mum DrcekH
and on Iho whule un ideal ilay was
B|ien|, Thu purlies ut Seymuur creek
incltiileil lliu Kpwnrlli I.euguo of the
in-ill Avenuu Metltutlisl church, Van
couver, to tho number of sixty. Tht
Ladies' Aid of Knux church lunl a re
freshmeiit lent ou the curlier nf Duval
inul Wcstuvcr finnd ou Friday last tu
supply refreshment to the visitors travelling lu uml frnm the cunynns. ,'v
very successful day wns spent the pru
coeds being in uid uf the Ladies' Aid
The npi'iiiug uf the new Methodist
liun li was perftiruteil un Sun,luy ami
Monday uf tiiis week ami >was success
fill throughout. Services 'wero cott-
iliii-lcil ns follows: Dedicatory service
nmi scutum, Sunday morning ul II
o'clock by Hev. E. li. Builuy, the pre
lidonl uf Die B. 0. llonfereme. I'ublie
wurship in tlie evening at 7 o'clock con
dueled by Hev. Mr. BwiUer of Wesley
church, Vuncuuver. On Monday ovon
iug a sumptuous banquet wns provided
in the basoinont wlncll "judging by
Die latenesa of lite hour of Die slur:
nig nf lhe public ineeling-nil purii
cipanls were Itiulh to leave, after whicii
uu adjournment to the'church abovo
wus nut,In fur speeches ami sung. Tlie
whule was une success ninl the Met It-
udists of llle Vulley are to be i'or
gratulatcd ou erecting so handsome ninl
ao stnluble ti building fur Dm wurship
uf Almighty (Joil
.A meddlesome woman wqo was riding on a tram car bogan sneering st
a young mother's awkwardness willi
hor baby, and aaid:   I
'' I dpelnro, a woman ought never to
liavo a bay uutil sho knowa how to
hold it."
"Nor a tonguo, oithor," quietly rn-
spuniled tho young mother.
At this retort thi passengers laugh-.
Otl Imiuiilv, ijiueh to the tliseomfituro
of Iho olti lady, who got qui at tho
noxt stopjiing place.
A lady iu Valley Junction, Mm, m
uilly hired twu men lu assist tier in
iuse cleaning.   She asked them. "Iin,
yuu clean gilt picture frames!" "Why,
yes!" replied oue of litem, ami if yuu
au get us sume whiskey why its llm
finest Dung lu clean them with."
"Oh!" she said.    "If whiskey will
cun Ihem I  will semi down li buttl
I huve i,].,.,imi,.  mul you muy try it.'
The   men   washed   the   frumes   wit):
soup mid wuler, anil, uf course, drunk
here waiting lu be  the whiskey.    Ami when Ihe luu;, saw
Ilie Trillin'* su bright  uml sinning she
"0 how nice, uml nu whiskey clean
ml sn nicely f"
"Ves'iu,"   suiil    the     men,    "sure.
whiskey did tl."
" And just lu think," she replied, " I
came su near tbrownig'il uwuy sov
de lur llieii. uiul erul times; I bullied poor Fnlo in i*
gin  Mi, in u pu.-i    just before he died, yuu knuvv. "
District of North Vancouver.
Tuke Notice lhat iu future ull own
ers of Jiroperly fronting upon uu open
ruud wlm clear unil grado tliu buillo-
varifMiiljuiuing their properly lu tho
salisl'actiiiii of thu District I'ltiginuor,
will bu rC'imhiirscil to an niuounl. uf
five cents pur square yard in respect uf ,
Die boulevard su cleared ani graded.
Hy order uf Iho 1,'tiiincil, <
JOHN il. FAHMKH, ti.W.ti.
91-0  . fW
Mun   where   wurk   spell."
when'   serine   t'lllli-,   ill
curb    p.. II   Hcamiiii'll,
News of I anuria.
emliinng   i
in tim Hr111
(Iuu].mining rlKlita uf the Jhjmlnlon
In Munltuliu, ijaskulcliuwuii und Albui-'
Iu, thu Yukon Territory, tne North-Weit
Territories uml In u portion of the province uf Jltiii.'.li Columbia, in.iv ho It'll.',
i'ii fui- u (c ri ji uf twenty-one y^uro m
un aunuul rental uf fl un acre. Not
mure thun 2.CC0 aeret will he leuueil tu
um: .tpi'Iii .ml
.\|'j'lfi'.iil.-ii fur ji lease niiiHt he inude
hy ,tlle ,i|'j ii. ..;,[ In periOO tu the Auent
ur ::ui' A;,- ni uf Ihe dlstrlei In which
the .i, i.i   applied fur urn nitwit ml.
In surveyed territory the lumi muit
be deuerlhed by aeetluns. or lofcfil buIj-
,livi:.Ifi,. ui ; t i iji'ii: and In uhHUrvey-
ed territory the tract upplieil fur ahull
hf . i.-i...I uul hy the u|f|>lieuiil him
ISueh ajinlleatlun must he uctumpan-
led bv u fee uf |G which will he refunded if lhe ; i. i.i. applied for ate nut
available, but nut uthcrwlie. A royalty shall h«: i ,.i'l on the mel Lliutituhle
.niiliul uf (In.' nihil' ut ihe rate of live
uls per tun
Die person operating the mine shull
furnish Iho Agenl wit ji swum returns
accounting for the full u.uiunity uf
merchantable eual mined mul pay the
royalty thereun. If the cuul mining;
i i/.M. arc lift being operated, sueh returns   i    .l.i he i .;:,). -i ut least unce
The It: ise will Include the coul iiiIiiIdk
ii,.hi.- unly. hul (he I..... may be per-
ittled 11 , a. ■]..'. ' whatever uvullable
surface ilKhts may he considered nee-
i-usury fur tin: working uf llie mine ut
lhe rate  it |I0 nn acre
For fi. M Infuimutlun iinullcatlun
should be made lu the secretary uf tho
Department of the Intorior, Oliuwu, ur
lu uuy agenl ur Buh-Auent uf Iiumlnlun
I.un da.
w w. coin*.
Deputy Mini;.ii i .ir ihe Interior
N    I)   -tJnaulhorlied   jnihllcullun   uf
ihis   .nivt i il:.iii,i in   will   nul   bu   puld
fur. 22 S
06 ytr
Tradk Marks
copyriqhtb ac,
AnjroDi lending i iketcb uid deicrlptlon m%j
qtuckly ucorialrT our urn i--u free whether id
Intention ll probuil rni.qiii»i>)iy (^tininiunlc*-
M.iiiiiiiiciijci'iiDJcniiut. HANDBOOK i-rir»ioiitj
ii'i it freo. uldcit ik'i'tu'f /(iripmiriiijjtpuioiiii,
*"' ' —       *    ooiug>nom
"rfttont'i tikou ifiruuuri ilucn
iptclal tytitt, vlibout einrgt.
Scientific fliwicatt
luunlio mclj Uli
.lAiion of mi i
ii.it u. ■ Ai * yi
J   Vf'tTl'll >lt I I.
BruoD Ottos. I
A liwiiUoiiiciy illustiaiM w»Uy. Idujril dr
culftJlon of mi *i,"uiiPi' Jnuiiin. Tcrini for
('aiiftiii, gt TC t ytu, oosugo tireiisJd.   Sol4 by
Sit I'f'if I'll »1' ji.
" i V (tt.. WwliiLstuu"
Here's Your Paint!
Whatever your job of
painting whether you
do it yourself, or have a
painter do it bb sure of
a GOOD job, soonest
done, best looking, longest service, by getting
All ready for use. Simply choose the
right color from ths forty-seven shades in which
M-L paints are made—take off the cover, stir a
bit and start lo work. You'll find Ml, Pure Paints
spread easier, cover more surface, give a smoother,
glossier finish than any otber paint you could buy.
Uie M-L Paint and You Won't
Have to Paint to Often
Other paints soon fade, blister and flake off because other makers haven't yet found out, as we
have, how to mix a special ingredient with other
pure materials to make an elastic, durable paint
that stands extremes of wear and weather, and
keeps its lustre for the longest Ume.
Uecoriie Ibt walls ani caUiaf with M-L „ .   .    .,    . . , „
FLAT WALL COLORS.  Mora .codoo- Mld# to 47 c0,"« '"' •»•? P**"""*
icil, more arlialk.moriaajutaryaiaji wall- purpoaa by Imperial Varniah » Color
pipir,   Kiiiljr appliad md vary dorabli. Co., Ltaitad, Toronto
Waababla, Wo.   ll abales.   Tl~ 'L —
'aababla, too." 16 ahaias.   try ihem.
ML *
ML   ,
Bank of Montreal
Eil.blUI.ed 18)7
Capital (paid up)
Reierve    •
» f
Savings Bank Department
North Vancouver Branch:
Mt. Crown Bldg., Ut Street
We have a nicely furnished 6 Room
House, centrally located. Can be had
on a day's notice. Rent $45.00 per
110 Esplanade. Phone 227
re Bridge
Kilitur Impress.
Hir: Referring to your article in
Tuesday's issue regarding this inntto."
aa yuu know tliu publicity committee
ami tlieir commissioner would gluillv
unilorlako auy task that wouljl further tbia uiitcrpriHo untl many wuulil
glutlly coutributo- uu yuu suggest. But
lot ino briefly atnlu whore tliu real
11..l.i.i.- leenn to built in nut tbut tliu eiini|iauy ia serious-
ly Hliurl of flnuii—tills ia wbat thuy
have available evidently already!
Provincial  grunt ;
liiiniiniuii  grunt   	
District uf Nurth Vancouver 	
(lity of Norlli Vancouver
District nf Went Van-
I lity of Vuncouver	
In tint   uf   Humility —
llurrutt'ing     powora
Brltlge i'iiiii|itiiiy  ,
KINGS ROAD.   100 fl. by 122 ft.  Price
$850.00, on tcdins nf one-third cash, balance
6, 12 anil IH months.   Graded slreei, electric
light anil water.
BOUNDARY  ROAD.    44  fi.,  lacing
soulh, une block east of Lonsdale Avenue.
Price $H50.(X), on terms ol one-third cash,
balance 6 and 12 months.
For further particulars ol lhe above see
We represent lhe London & Lancashire Insurance Co.     A
sound liinii'l Company.   II you have anything lo insure we can
do it (or you.
Phone 70 15 Lonsdale Ave. P.O.Box 1816
.    760,1100
Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
Our Price* are right, and deliveriei prompt
Telephone 329.
P 0 Boi 'IIU
Nortb Shore Coal 6 feed
All Telephone Coal Orders Promptly Delivered
Wbarf; Mahon Ave, Baplanade W«t. HAUSY M1TOHBU,
Offlce: New Block, 8 doori from Lonsdale, Eaplauado W. Mauagor
Leave   Vancouver
AM        i.li) VM.
.'I 29
P.M.       8.00
12.16 AM.
♦iitt?«*f "Not oa »itrid«r.*'
notice. Company nol liable ror
arntoT luiOH ut, mt.	
Leave North Vancouver
•6.00  A.M. 2.80  VM..
•6.20 2 40
•6 40 »-W
•7.00 8*°
7.80 <•■<•
•7 40 4.00
8.00 -    *W
•8.80 '    *••<>
8.40 6.00
•      0.00 6.80
o %n 6.40
.,     ■  .     0.40 6.00
■IM* 6.20
10.80 «•«
10.40 Jf
11.00 M£
U.40 tm
18.00 »»o
12.20 PM       "-OO
U.40 0.80
M i.%
ito -       »••!»
1.40 llto
"^ .2.46 AM
Tl»e,UbU aubject to charge wHboul
ailayt, »rdtl«Bttl orotbrrlHee.
Qroii funds available.. .♦8,:i80,l)i)(l
Tin.- lulni i-oit uf a litis, uin briiliii1 i
limiiu-il al fi .Tm.imu. hence Ihete i
it inarjjin uf $180,000.   If llu- borrow
llg   pOWOr   linn   111   III'   ('XlTfiscil   lllll'   II
tl" governments wuulil tloulitlcia finui
iiiilin llu- IiiiiiiIh hi pel lliu money al
per unil Tliu I mill,In in nut Iiiiun, iiii,
iluTi'l'iiri', lifiii-t' llioro iH nu noutl fur
iihiiiultmiiig lliu design lu have tin' un
dcrlakiug strictly u iniiimipul one in
llu1 |itililii' ittii'ri'hl.
Hut, lir, why Inni' tin.' btidge plum'
mil Inin i'ii-.-,,I ul Ottawa I Wu nut,-
hero at Iruiit uni.' luliatautiul cause ui
ilrlity. Tin- |iliiiut have been I here fur
tniiiiy monthi, tin.I, frum what litis It-til,
I'll   Util   Ul    |illl'lli'    IllCCtlllgS,   ll    IS   ill
iluul ilmi ilu-ii- is aluioat a iluiilluil,
tInm Al Ottawa there ia insistent •■
ilmi Um o|tt'iiiii|i spun iinn.i ho -mi feot
wido. Tin- luiiipaii.t uiul their engin
i-i-r- nil- contending lur it 200 feot span
ll is ul.uul liun' lliul we lliiil Minn-
reason* given fur demanding nu wide
spun us J.'iti feel fur the opening of
railway bridge, ll involvci a very
urge ailililiuii lu tin' nisi ui lit-
iridge, Imt il involve* what is uf niut-i
greuter iinportanee, tin' safety ui tlm
bridge fur heavy railway Irnllii Thu
i|iit'tiliuu II,,,,,I,I lie luniully ilileUme.!
hy uur public lioanli uiul gel light up
tm it uml such at-tiuii us will bring u
>, 11 li in cut al a ri|ihl laws wttliutir im
Hii-r delay.
11 Itatt lieen suggested, sir, lhal ile
lm in taking place tu tin- tiili-n-sls ui
-uuu' rutlway i-uin|taiiy, uml lliut sume
wuli Ilie l.ii,I;.-1 t-oiiipuii) s charter uml
nil it* Mmtgtngit |.itss...l uver lu lliut
umpaiiy. 1 eanuot credit this nmi I
nli mt'ill ion tl lu clpn-ss Ilie liu|,i> in. .4
lielief lliul nil uur representatives are
alive lu lite fart lliul litis franchise
l-y lur tlie musl \uluul-li- inn' lliul uur
!iniiiii-i|iulilii's i an possess, anil if
rightly um-,1 tl litis eiullos in.-.iluli
lies uf Uiltaiilagc. A- si.uti tis the
uuiiili ij,nl iiiilttiii pluu a|e ilult ;i|,
proved uf uml Iiln.I tin- Nurlh Mm!"
iuu invite all Ilie tuilwuis tu mine in
mul operate n,<r lins niuiiii-i|'iil run.'
Ilinl   lllttl   llll   lerilis   llllll    until,I   ni, lilin
all  iti't'ii   fur  ulliii   railways  building
trucks uroutnl lite litirlmr
l.t-l us, llierefure, sustain the Iminl"
ul tin- l>riil|ii- i'uinpany lu pul lit.1
bridge plans pusst-il ami llm wnrk ni
,,in-Irtiilinn begun, ami lu pel llu rni'
|.Inns liliil lliiil ruilwuy vtnrl. may
I-. 11,.-ii in tn mluiil nf tliu railway ami
I'll,lai' lil'llljl upt'lieil sitntillniii'iiiisly
Alriu.lt tn- have 080,000 |.. r jnile mini
ul.le inr railway ninilrtii lion.
Wlm, llu' liriil|ir nmi lin raifnitt uin
littrly slurteil Ihe try will i|n'ci|ily g-j
iij> fur tin- tunnel ulsu, unl tin- otltei
wurk will mil lie inm|,ltt• I befure we
mil nil n-uli/i' Hie importance uf liml
-,, hun of the greal undertaking. Wc
<nn then | n'n'nl a slruti|i ta»c fur Ibe
support of the twu governments tu
make lite ureal municipal uinlt risking
.t,tti|,Iiln I > I,uil.|iti|l the luiiiii-l
I nm.
Vuurs faithfully,
present inactivity.   If thia ia the cam
lariny^tiiirro"ji'jpmo wTiyotit tt tt; w.
tlip company jiuj niu.-i. on tlio market
permit ouch ihiliyliluu|'rntopayor ol-Ht*
eity of Nortli Vancouvor, in the muui-
,'i|iality unil ip tho cify of Vancquver,
to pun-liune t.liii'l,. I.i'i thll city of
Nortli Vaueouver Kuarantoo 4 per cent.
inii'i-i'iii on all i-iin-i, purchaictl by tbo
ratpjiayora of that city. Lot tho other
ilu'iiii'in tio tho i'iiuii- ami I fool inirn
that tlio neceaaary amount can be
raiactl within throe moutlia to liuilil
tlio boat of lirioV'H. What' imliviilunl
with a liumoHitu near nl liiiml wuulil
liositiili) in iiivcstiui; miniti of liis sav
in|{8 lliin way inateatl of at .'I per rent,
in llio Hank. Trio Hunlm aiul Loan
(loni)iniiit'a wouhl not lone, for llio in
iireiiHu of i'ii|'iiliiiiun anil Iniluilrlpi
i-ri'iili-il by lui,l|-i- ami railroatl ruiiimr
liun woultl noon Iill their coffers nn
linmlretl folt|.
Nurlli Viiiiciiiiver city by gttinntei1
InU Ihu interest on 0200,000, lo Iiit
own ratepayer!, that in $8,111111 per nn
uuin can aocura for herself whut iho
muy not lit) nhlo to tocuro otborwlso,
I believe Unit the I'ltiicm lire public
spirileil enough lu purchase stock en
I'ciiiilly whon Ihey know tliuy are pet
liti),' u gunrnutooil interest I |tcr cent.
above Hunk ratea. Many of uh have
pm money in stuck thai wus iloclareil
lu lie pill eilpeil ami thut in tho last
we will likoly hear of it. All thai wo
see remaining is tlie liupim stuck petl
Inr. Many uf us huve invesloil inluts
Ihul wero lubtliviiieil unity uut in
the wiltl luinls, iiraeticnlly inacreiiililc.
We havo opr wiltl laml lols, uml Ih
Inn lire slilj utituup ns.   I think liml
Hint! by an Qltl Hunter.
grouptl bunting tx pt hatchet, a pocket
eiuBuaiia and a .UuuA.. ..ShUfl JLllSIIL
it is i.|. in the cily fathers lu give llm
ratepayer! an o|i|iprtunity to kill Ih,
nipper un the fence regarding hriilp"
mutters, uml lu individually lielp
lo create a greater uml belter town
tli:in we nuw lmii'.
I am,
Vuurs truly,
Vaiicouier, 11. (!., Muy 2,'lnl, WU
Klitnr Kxpress,
Nurlh Vuncuuver.
Ilcnr Bin
Vuur lugpestiou
lu l.uy sliurcs iu tit
suitiiil ami fcustlilc.
If   IHOU  limn  would   buy  one
null ul  say flOjfw. Ilml  wuulil
Don't group a gun by tho barrel and
drag it after you put of a boat, through
a fence, or anywhere olso; unlpaa ypu
want to teat tlio truth of tho saying
that a man haa more lives than a eat
—and then don't. One dischargo may
blow thorn all out.
Don't carry moro than a small i|uau,
tity of whisky with you on yopr liuut.
It's poor BtulT to shoot on, and tho
devil who engineers llio " deplorable
accidents" you read of frequently
while tho hunting season is on has tin
more potent ally tliuu the product of
the still.
Don't 'uuilcr uny circumstances allow your gun miu/.le tu point for ono
single instiiut at uuy living tiling yon
do not mean to kill.
Don't alluw yourself lo curry a
cocked puu in yuur IiiiiiiIh, nut even if
you are alone. A sudden tuml,In muy
lire It, uml yuu iiiii never It'll w'nure
Ilie contents muy pu.
Don't curry u loadctl pun inlu yuu:
camp ur slopping place. Ami bu absolutely sure thut every cartridge is
luken uul uf it bofore you gu near the
Don't shout ut u noise.
Dou't shout ul small game sucli us
rabbits, ijiiinl ur squirrels with Iiig ammunition.
Don't gu away frum your camp be
fure you liave familiarised yourself
wilh the luy uf the lumi uml lhe laml
marks williin ul least a radius uf half
a mile.
Dun'I gu uul without it puinl suppl}
uf matches, part uf litem iu a wuler
proof ease us un emergency su|i|ilyi u
pood, heavy, bunting knife,   u   will
such a thing us getting Inst among tlm
Don't ,|oso your hoad If you dp Inn-i
your hearings; that ia if ypu get lost
Sit down, take a smoke, gel. yuur miini
out of the liml panic iuto which the
fact that you don't Inow wbore ypn
aru in suro to throw it, and aa Boon as
lit is iu normal-wprking order don't
'fjjfdike a fool of your self iu trying to,
6ml your way back, Jf you could dp
(hut you would not havo got Iqst in
tho lirst place.
Dou't givo yourself up for lost,
howovor. Uot bosy. Gather a lioup
of wood in case you have to camp out
ull night. Mako a firo. Thou ait down
ami wait for the guido or your comrade to liml you. That's what thoy
aro suro to bo trying to tio, so don't
muke it harder for them by getting
uwuy from thorn us rapidly us |tanle
speetl can effect it. A good thing to
du is to keep on top of tho ridges.
Don't shunt at running game or any
Othor unless yuu cun clearly seo three
things—the game, lhe front sight of
yuur gun ami the rear ditto, ami all
Ihree in conjunction, mind.
Don't jerk the trigger when you do
see iIn.-.- things in conjunction; presi
it. Then you won't throw tlio gun
barrel up the least trifle when you lire;
the veriest trillc elevation at that mo
ment spuils the shut.
Ami lastly: Dou't forget a siugle
tine of Ihese don'Is.
Don't forget to observe tbcm so rigidly that their observance becomes a
second nature to you.
Don'l forget lo preach the like ob
serviince tu your follow sportsmen, and
you will liml thorn Ihe best pieces of
wood lore you ever learned.
pru|mrlt  owners
11.   I.   I'.  It.  I'O.  ir
Tu make a Blurt, put lie iluwlt iui
ium share ul 4I0U.00; 26 per cent cash,
balance 30, 60, Oil duys.
Vuurs very truly,
We aro authorized to oiler tho following splendid homo
sites ou Flftcouth Stir.et—the coming thoroughfare of Nortli
Coruor Fifteenth Stroet and Bt. Andrew's 167x120 with
stouc wall around and highly improvod—only $7,600 — MS
caab. balauce to arrango.
Coruor I'HtiTiitli Street and Bidgeway 157 ft by 120 ft.
Only  83,600—1/,   cash, nalauoc to arrange.
Ou Third Stroet oaat A boautiXol rcaldoucc lot 60 feot wide
only $2,100. Teims cany,
Also four 26 ft. loti in block 113. Cheap aud goud terms.
The Burrard Development Company Limited.
(Successors to Klder Murruy Company Limited)
brokers 17 I.onsdulo I'liune 37
Kililur Ktprcsii
At the preient lime lucre is n great
outcry aboul Ihe city'i indebtedness,
line lifts the Vancouver morning or
evening paper and ihudden ai lm
reads of Hit' (Iiiuiii iui standing uf uur
cily. 11u11■ |,.'i>i■ r.' A>..-t.n iiiiinii meat
nigs have been held, ami tltr financial
standing bai been laid bare by the so
mill,I Kalcpayrri' Aisurialion. It baa
l.i'innlc a question of "liOt'AI, I.M
ritiJVKMKNT versus SgOfjNJ) NAK-
HOWS BR1DHK" fiic one or Dm
other li to ice the rity at tbe end of
its tether. There are a lew litireni
iippunng I.inul Improvement!, but •
believe the woral kickers we have got
I wilh lo iee the 8cron4 Narrows Bridge
cojiV'n"''! and coinplclcd. We m■•
told by Ibe directors of tbe Bridge
Company that it ii only a matter of
moro fundi that standi between   Ih)
i.iisirni Hint of the briuga and    tiic
Residential Properties
Lols I and 2. Block 36 $3,200
Ut. 17 and 18, Block I4A  $1,300 each
Loi 19 and 20, Block I4A (double corner) ....... .$3,200
Lot. 9 and 10, Block 79 (double corner)  $2,500
Terms 1-3 cash, Balance 6, 12 and 18 mondis.
For prices and terms apply to
The North   Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company
Limited Liability
North Vancouver Agents lor
i , j    Limited
Phone Seymour 6286
*  M ,
Garden Took
sflf   OUR STOCK is cbmplete, and
H   'he'
he Quality is here.
H LAWN MOWERS in all sizes
tJj   Irom 12 to |8 inches.
Uj   We also have a stock ol the
Famous Summericale
the best mi the market ranging (rom
300 to 500 pounds and the prices are
paine & McMillan
Wholesale and Retail Hardware
V, 8. Aller Secure* Single
Sculling Cup at Indian River
Wt' solicit the trade of all builders who appreciate
I ligh Grade Goods at a moderate price, and the
prompt and careful filling of orders, which our large
stork and long experience in business makes possible.
Burrard Sash & Door Factory, Ltd.
We Have Two Lots
In Block I, D. L. 266, facing south, only 18,260, each. Tonnii
Sixty-Seven Foot Corner
One lilock from Lonadale $8,100. Terms SHOO caih, balance ti,
12 .md IB months.
Insurauce Conveyaiicuif
Bon'" 30. Hi Lonadalo Avonue. Nortli Vaueouver.
(above Font Offlce)
Telephone No. 152.
Post Offlco Box No. 231)7.
Nortli Vancouvsr Man Wins BestRwe
of tbs BegatU
lleacrlbliig Friilay'a rogstts st In-
'linn River ami ilwollintj particularly
ii|ion thu tingle Hculling, u cuiitomjiorar.,'
alutos that "Allen won the hint rare
of the oftornoQii' 'ami later oliaorvus
that hu "deserved the auucelii which litis
To'wartls tho llninh, when Nott wai
leading by s few lengths, Allen brought
his reserve forces iuto jdsy uml overtook hia opponent iu flue fsshlou. He
was thua eligible for tho llnsl for thn
J. J. Honeymsn cup. Hia contesUnc
thia time waa ll. Townley, another
aculling iiiiinii li, who hail wou bia beat
earlier in the afternoon smi wai there-
attoutleil iiiui, iih hr hus been out rowing ilml; nil through tin' winter uiul
is thus very lit."
The motleit laurel-matcher referred
to'is V. li. Allen, one of the clerical
staff in the city treasurer! ollice. His
ii|i|iiiniiiil uu Friday wua F Nott, u fur
iuulul,Ir- sculler with whom lie Iiu.l liul
u It Ji r. 1 struggle inr honors ut a pre
viuus rugutlii, Noll emerging triumphant nn.I Alien falling out of his lum I
near the finish, On Umpire Ilay, however, Allen rcfruincil from any sero
luun AiipUy of this kin,I. Ilis race with
Nott wns practically neck uul neck lite
Wholo of the niile unil u hulf course
fore fitter for the fray. Alios, however, is like a tall man at billiards
und doesn't always requjre a long real.
Ile beat hia oppuneut quite comfortably after u race which for half tb;
length of (Up course, wua exceptionally
close and exciting. Vlie lloneyninn clip
tlma fulls lo the credit of a North Van
toil ver ft-ullcr. 11 becomes the pro
perty of tho victor after being won
Ihree timea or twice ill succession. Tlio
city's thanks are due to V. B. Allen
for establishing its reputation iu still
unother ilcpurlmonut iipjpunjpuujpun
another department of sport.
$1 down, $1 per week
^g/ Malleable Steel Range
Nn I),.'rii.-\ |'.\Hiit'ijl jtl.iii oi' Oiiu I'.'liiii ijijwii uii'l Our hnn,ij |'i r
wi-i-li v, i ui*.' iifl.jiiij.' om iif ti" I if. t iMsilli.iililu tit uul Kuii^uh m tliu
Ciiiijiiljiiii jiijirlut,
iMikIi' ni hi M Hu M(i un HIul'iI hlt'ul cold rivet ted on muUoablu iteel frann
it  v ulj.-ululily iu'k'hlriK lililc   Iiiipuiuiblu lo vvurp or cnirk uml no
atove j'Htly in llio joints Io full out ul uuy lime.
tjiiji|ilin|   willi  ttulrrf/unl  ot  liigh elevated cupper reiervyir.
Patterson, Goldie & Clark
107 Esplanade West
iteiiiiuineiiil.iiiiiii., From East Capilauo
-More Honey for Local Im
The torrespoiiileiice which awaited
lhe ut mill nm of lhe ilistricl couneil on
Tliuraday night cousistod principally
uf missives from lhe Knst (lapilano
Ratejiayeri' Aisociatien. Pormerl'
bodies of this kind huve subunllod
their recommeiiilations eu uiiisse, which
iiits retxlereil lite tusk oi referring emit
suggestion leparately to ila ujipropri
ate committees difficult one    The Ku:tl
ll'apilaitoitea  complied   with  the cout
ill's  recent   rct'oinineudatioii  und  for
| warded eacii iiiggestion in the form ui
a separate letter. The lirst asked for
the   placing   of  ur.   lights   ul   Woods
i drive, Keith ruad, I'hillip avenue,
I.lin,I avenue, Bchool slreet, Keith rostl
bridge, und I'upllauo roatl. According
lo Councillor i.oulei these iigbls wire
already ordered.
The scioinl i-ouiuiiJiiiiiilioii requeitcij
lliul a police ofliicr iltoubi be kepi per
iiuitii-iillv tu Un- ilisiriel of Kasl lap:
luun, since the number of visitors waa
slcji.lily increasing, likewise lhe tu
flux of utitomidiilis I'ouncillor i.oulei
in ilus iiisliiiue pointed out thul there
were Iwu constables lu look ufler lhe
three   dialriils,   lhe   mailer   of   liter
1 duties being left in lin' hands of lit-
chief,    it was essential Ihut these of
j tiiers  should  become acquainted  with
tiic whole of lhe diitrict of Noflii Van
i ouver.
The third letter usked Ihul Ilie min,
ini should continue tin- roud liiiililing hi
jlilinl, 111, in order tu giu- Mr. Barber
and farm ly an ess lu property Ihereon
This huil ulreuily been autboriiod.
The fourth letter culled attention -io
the buildiug in progress ou the prop
I erly adjoining School street.   The as
isonulion thought it advisable that lllc
jrouil from bchool itreet onwarda ihould
be constructed, us il woultl enable the
trallic   lo  go  right   llirough   to   Keith
! road and  thus relieve the  congestion
wlneh at present exists.   This mstter
| was   referred   summarily   lo   the   en
.gineer, who al lbc neat meeting of the
[council   will   reporl   upon   the  cost   of
| llm propose.l work.
The mtli missive rcqucstcil the
council to have sigp posts placed al
ilungeroiis turners oi Capilauo roadi.
The council illated thai this work hail
already  been ordered.
The tilth letter announced that if
the council woultl instal a rock crusher
ninl a roa.l roller in l.i i Capilano lhe
roads would soon be iu excellent con
dilioii. Tlie clerk waa instructed on
lhe suggestion of Councillor l.oulel lo
inform the association that this work
was dune under the Imal improvement
A Idler from the prut ineiul govern
niiuil regarding lhe request of the coast
cil lu thc province tu forego its right te
one -quarter ui subdivided laud in lit'
valley, Mas read by the clerk uml liled.
Tke Idler itated that the guvernment
iuiiIiI iin nothing in Ilie matter till tin'
report of Mr. W. A. Maciluiiald. speciul
i uiiimissioncr, wus received.
Councillor Westover reported thai
Mr. Perry, local manager of the It C
K, It wus willing tu pluee arc lights in
lbe Cupiluno district uf thc municipal
ily, ullhuugh il wuulil mean that 211,
7ni) feel uf wire wuuld huve lu lie
strung uml uur    lun    posts   placed.
Special (or a Few Days
TEIPLB CORNER on llllh Btreet,  Bias  210  feet  by  157,     I'rice,
116$), Terms fttt tush, 6, VI and IS mouths.
We have only a tew lots now left in 784—a beautiful homeiitc within
two blocka of Lonsdale Avenue for t'116. Terms i'.m cash, fl,'-13
sud 111 iiiunihs. _
If you'have a house to'Kent, or for Sale kiu/lly give ui a listing.
Pbons 243   ' r. O. Box milt
'' »i
Selling Fast
Our aplendid uew styles ami shapes of BooU and Shoes for Men and
Women are tlie talk of the city, We bavs st last douionatratad tbst every
thing ln hue footwear cau be purchased bere at lowest prices.
Our splendid new store jivca us every facility for a comfortable At-
Sandals, Straps, Ozforda, Steel Tips, Etc,, Etc. Everything for ths youngster, uo foot too difficult to ht.   MOTHERS THINK OF THIS.
Repairing while you Walt by machinery.
■Paige Shoe Co.
Phone 393 Mount Crown Block, Opp. City Hail
Light! wsre ordered for lbs corner pf
Woodi drive snd tbi Ceplleuo road;
School drive st tbs corners of Keith
sud Phillip roadi. snd St Lloyd's avenue st ths eorner of Tweuty<seeond
svenue . Tho clork wus instructed to
cuuvoy thanks of tint council to the
B. 0. E. B.
The supervisor of tint wiinlens, Mr,
W. ti, Olsijwiii, wrote rolativo to the
forest fire which recently destroyed
the Seymour Lumbor Company 'a
shingle mill, lt was not, the lettei
stated, the Intention of fhe provincial
government to pay municipal moii who
assisted in fighting the Are, since sucli
work was donoly purely to protect
municipul property.
The iuu,-iluu.-ut has supplied a Are
warden to enforce tho forest act in the
district and alao to protect the timber
which lies further up the valley, aim
it could not be regarded us anything
but fair that municipal men who helped to extinguish the lire should be puitl
by Ihu municipality. The council wa.i
The council then look up tlie matter
uf ilistflct bylaws.
Twenty-live tliuusuud dollars for nn
rent expenses wua .added tn the tern
lu,inn loan hyluWi and several locul
Improvement bylaws, providing for
the expenditure of $dll,(ltll) on Lyn.t
Valley und North Lonadule roada, were
passed. The temporary loun byluw fer
Ullli, calling for $611,111111, passed by tin
eouueil before the accession of Wesl
Vancouver, will be rescinded automat
it-ally by the passing of tho bylaw
which was given its lirst three read
ings.   This bylaw calls for $70,00(1.
Thc local Improvement bylaws,
amounting to »II8,IIUU, will be added lu
lhe uiul..ii.t to be voted on by the rule
payers this spring, bringing thul
amount to a third of u million dullurs.
The byluw authorizes the clearing und
grading of lhe following ruuda uml
lliscsdsmiting oi . twenty four foot
niinl bed: Dovercourl ruud, frum ilu.
kins to Campbell, Ihu estimated cost oi
which is .ii..uin; i'ii,i. road, frum
l.yuu Valley ruad to. Duval , ruad
.:\.iuii, Csriibrooko ruud, frum Lena
dale avenue to the southeast corner oi
block III, I). L. Iiiiii, t'l.VM: the Lynn
Vulley road, from the bridge across
ti., .in., creek to the northwest boun
tiary of I). L. drill, the estimated cost
of which is $311,203, aud another see
tion uf the same ruad, to eusl $7,840.
•yht fiopnfl owner* ejected bi the
improvement nt these mi* will pay
most of the cost of tbe work. In addition to the work of these roadi s general bylaw will be put before tbe people to the umount af $li(i,0ll0.
      .).. .
by Deed dated tbe 16th dsy of Msy,
16)8, the Seymour Lumber Compsny
Limited, of tbe City of North Vsncouver, in the Province of British Columbia, mado sn ssslgnment under tho
above. montiobed Act for the benefit ,,
of ita creditors to tbe undersigned-
All persons having claims against
the aaid  Assignor aro roquested te
lend full psrticulara of same duly verified together witb particulars of incur
itics (if any) held by thorn to the UO'   "
dersigncd assigned on or beforo   tlio
lmii day of June, 1012, after   wblcii
dale tho saitl Assiguoos will proceed tu ,,
distribute tho assets among the creditors having regard ouly to such claims    t
ns they shull then havu had notice nf
A meeting of thu creditors of »■•'
suiil ,,Je\tiioiir Lumber Company I,miu
ed. Assignor, will bu held at tho offlce
of Messrs. Taylor, Hulme k Inncs, Wl
Pender Street West, Vancouvor, B. ft,
on Tuesday, the 28th day of May, A.D.. '
11)12, at three o'clock iu the aftomoon.
Iiuted at North  Vancouver, B.  ft,
this 20th day of May, A.D., 1012.
P. L. B. Diploek, Scc.-Trcaa.
I'liune I'uu ui,u,i 1210, Simpson Bros
building movers, lit Fifth Avo. West,
Vuncouver, 11. 0, Enquire Simpsou, 1st
houae eust of Lonsdale, Iiiih street. Estimates free. 21-U
Tenders will be received by tho un'1
dcraignod uutil noon uu Friday, the
lllst Muy, for the crcctiou of a co!-.
luge on the Horticultural Socioty'H
ground. Plans ami specifications can
be icon nt Mr. Keene's residence, loth
uud Ht. George. The lowest or any
tender not necessarily accepted.
President  of  thc  North   Vaueouver
Horticultural Society. 28-5
121 Becond itreet NORTH VANOOUVER Pbone 467
All New.       No Old Stock.
.A '  ."...„	
Fine assortment of Flower
and Garden Seeds in packages.
Sweet Peas by the oz.
These   come dn Hlack,   White,
Lavender, Pink and Red or mixed.
      L...    ..   -  .1 	
Special Lawn Grass,  -   50 cti. Ib.
Selected White Clover, - 65 cti. Ib.
North Shore Drug Co.   \
.    P. S. THOMAS, Phm. B.
Druggist, 116 Esplanade Weit
' i


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