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The Express 1912-01-12

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90999 VmOOm, B. fl, FRIDAY, JAOTABY l«,.M«r
1 ff"floffwr? "fi
Ring Out the Old;
Ring In the New
|#tiripf Diitrict Cwfltil Dilste on
Fwt Yiw'i WorMpi«ii»« by
District Candidate..
Hiving completed its ravages in
tbe eity, the election microbe wltiikml
-Into Lynn Valley last pight anil ipocu-
lali'il a largo gathering iu the district
hall for aomething ovor (our houn, The
mooting was convoned (or a double
purpoiei firstly, so that the municipal ftthera ui' 1011 might render an
i ,-iraiil uf their stewardship; anil, nee
•OAly, so tbat tho district candidate!
light iintlini' tho kind o( itowardship
thoy -hope to be in a position to render
ICCOUul 'o( next vmr.
Initially, the mooting psmiod a roaolu-
tion to tbo following effect: "That,
having heard that there ia an application to bo prcaciilcd to the federal parliament tbia month by the C. P. B.
Company for a railway .'barter through
tbo district from tho North Arm to
(he weat boundary of diatrict lot ii-'i-'i.
tbis meeting urgoa that a delay ol 30
daya from the Mth iust. be granted
for tbo purpoae of enabling them to
get full and dotaileil information from
ibe railway company aa to their pro-
poaala and guaranlcca with reforcnec
to their hridgo and railway program
and Ibat a copy of thia resolution lie
forwarilcsl to our member, Mr ll 11.
Stevens, ami to our parliamentary
agenla at Ottawa."
Tbe chairman, Mr. .1. Neat (and an
si,'iiKiinii ia due lo bim on bia t'ui
iii, in ni of a .ii ii„ nli QlBoo) called prim
iirilv on Ibo reove, who gavo a reaume
nf municipal activitieti during Ibe paal
year. Tbo reovo, however, reserved hia
onergies lor a apeerb of candidature
which wae appointd for a Into hour. Ho
touched upou the harbor poialbilitiet
at which Mr. Stum bad recently been
clearly "aaloniahed." "Tlioro ia nothing," laid tbo rcevo, "to prevent
North Vancouver being aa big a bar
bor aa Vancouver. The only thing wo
lack ia juat that bridge acroaa tbe
Narrows." He devoted a little time
to the f|uoetton of roads. "A man in
tho Statea," aaid be, "declares tbat
,the aalvatien of any country ia a good
wtgon road lo every man'a houae."
It had heeu the council'a ambition to
make (or tho altaiiimout „i thai end
as much aa poseiblc. Mr. McNaught,
doubtleaa, remembering the nature of
certain portions of the weekly corrci
pondence, added rather bitterly "but
ita a mighty bard undertaking le aat-
ia(y'every individual." The reeve continued in a prophotic vein. He thought
that neit yoar tbat tbcie u„,l.| be a
lidowaik lo every rcaidcut's door in Ibe
municipality. Thoy had, lie reminded
tbetp, got seventeen llgbls installed in
~p»rtr~ of" -Hir-tttstrictr
tbey had on Ibe previoua evening opei
cd a achool whicii was nol outrivallcd
hy auy rural ichool iu tbo province.
Coun. Bridgman ,wbo followed the
reeve, is chairman of Ibe finance com
millee, did not aee tbo necessity o( reciting Ibe entire cash account, which
wu act forth in printed form. He
explained certain sections, howovcr.
and demonstrated tbo advantage ol the
ward system aa a mrana o( cnauriug
i'i|iiilulili- distribution of funde. lie
waa willing to answer any quoatione,
but was allowed to resume bia aoat uu
1 s nt,, In■ ,-,i
Councillor Allan, aa chairman of the
Board o( Worki, waa in oxccllent hum
or. After christening Lynn Valley aa
tha "huh of tbe municipality," he
announced in a "what-do j*ou think of
limit'' lone of voice, that 'i'-i't, miles
of rotd bad boen opened up during
fft'o year, while a Ijtlle over 7 tnllca of
sidewalks bad been laid. Tbere had
been 110 water con'nectiona made, while
nearly IS miles of piping had been in
tarred in the twelve months.
Coun .I.awaon, chairman of Ibe water
committee, hoped tbat tbere were nu
ratepayers preeent from tbe ward be
represented, aa thero bad been a paucity
I Tf wator coueclioua mado in that sec
"lieu as compere! witb tbo etbed warda.
Nearly I) mile* of mains bad been laid
during  tho  past  year.    Incidentally
£oun. Lawaon urged the wlidora o( so
. curing school silos and retaining cap
able teacher* by orfering them adequate
At this point Ibe chairman anneunr-
ti-ebU intimation bad juat come to
hand lhat Mr. Findliy bad been re
turned ■»! mayor tf Vancouver. There
waa • loud burst of applauae and no
dissentient voice harsh enough to pens
inle same.
' Cattn./, E. Ward, who wm under-
atudicd by Coun. Bridgman, reported
aa chairman of tbt tf.e tad light com-
- mlttee ,tbat there were now 81 by
drtnta /or punlcipal use, tad thtt the
llttlt fott building wtt wring mm-
pietion.. jhtn Vti Vm opt tit m
King street uoi 1W tyWMtt H
been occasioned -
isOopn. Thompson btd uotbing of importance to rotate in connoction with
the police Bnd health department. The
yoar htd been tn entirely eatisfactory
one. |
Ooiiii. Loutet dwelt on tbo joys apd
bonollla o( being unattached to any
committee. He hid apparently found
quite t number o( undertaking! outside iin' m'.ipe of the s'liniiiiiitisi! in
Which to invest' bis energy. He hid.
alao taken a hind in queetioni which
btd betn bsquettbed by the previous
council tpd which required caroful ail
Ooun. Loutet evoked applauae by an
explanation of bia work in connection
witb Ibe hospital, tn institution which
under city and municipal control,
ibould be treated more squarely than
in tbo paat.
The chairman tbeit intimated tbtt
aapiriug candldatee ("perapiriug"
perhaps be a more apt term, acoing that
tbe coupcjl chamber waa now deplorably hot) would be given tn opportunity to tddroaa tbe eleclori.
Beovo McNaught wai lengthy and
emphatic. He Drat uf all tickled the
quoalion of "hot lir." Thoae who
know tbo lite of etch dty'a isauo of
tbe "World" aympttbized witb tbe
reeve wheu he rolttod bow be bid
searched tbtt journal for some clue to
tbe fitnoua Ottiwi telegram. He con
tended that at the time tbat telegram
was dispatched from Ottawa be wai
peraoually in Toronto.
Leaving "hot air" for tba moment,
be harked hack to tbo North Arm
Bridge and Bailway Company'• appli
cation and ita reception by Ihe citinent-
of North Vaneouver. The solicitors
who advocated that company were
tbe C. P. B. agenti in Victoria. "And
now," aaid tbe reeve, "the C. P. It.
cornea oul flat-looted Tbey apply for
tbo charter tbcmaolvca in their own
name. Tho C. P. B. are tn old fash
loned company. Generally Iboy have
outrid»ri theid who' prepare tbrm ta
to whit ia likoly te go wrong. It
thero any connection between thll
"knocking" of the Second Ntrrowi
bridge end thia tpplicttlon of Ibe fl.
P. B.f I hive heard it whiaporcd
tbit tboro ire people who ire having
dealings with the C. P. B. I won't
mention tny   ".mel.
"The 0. P. B wiihci to build tbat
rotd," continued tbe reove, "tbey
don't with the Second Ntrrowi to be
built. 1 don't wint lo aee Nortb Vtncouver bitten on the tbing. Are tbe
C, P. B. going to come over bere to
build station-yards, decka, otct Arc
they going to come in here and spend
half a million dollars to the detriment
of ill tho money tbey bive got sunk
in Vtncouver! If the people hero wish
to hive tdequite ic'commodilion (or
tail ways they must get. the Second
Ntrrowi bridge."
—Tho reovo ustircit tbo gttbcrlngtbtt
bid bo not been tbe rcevo be miglil
nevor have given tbo bridge t thought.
Hit intoreit In Ibo work wu not com
menial. It ni Nortb Vtncouver be
mu inleresteil In. Hie many visits
ind interviews hid bee n effected ii ■
reeve, nol ti l promoter.
Tbe reeve Ibeo uked lor ro election
lor toother year, or more probably (or
a (ow monthi, aa Wost Vtncouver is
likely to be rendered t septrtte muni
cipahiy in April or tberotbout and
another election will become uccee
sary. Tbe reeve pointed out in tbia
connection tbat proceeding! to tbii end
had been carried through witb Weet
Vincouver witbout a tingle hitch. Witb
a final enunciation of hii disinterest
od loyalty to Ibe municipality, the
reeve returned bit seal, amid consider
able applauae. /
"Mr. May," laid tbo chairman
Beove McNaught'i opponent com
menctd, like the forme r ipetker on
tho ilii'ine of "hot tir" (Coun Allu
incidenttlly rendered public aervlco by
opening one o( tbi btll wiadowi. Tbe
atmosphere bid become ilmoat palpitating) Mr. May uttered icatbing con
tradictloni to most o( the reevt's state
iiienti. He turned dramatically is Mr.
McNaught's direction tad uid witb
empbeais: "I challenge tbe reeve lo
prove (also any statement I hive
intde."    Appliuai.
Mr. Mty, tfter touching upon tbe
circuuutinree wbleb bad led to hii reentering public |ifi, tttended to tn
accusation which had been levelled
against him te tbe effect tbtt, if elected ,he would particularly favor Capilauo interests. "Bccordi will prove,"
ht itld, "that I have nevor favored
thtt ditlrict tny more tbtn tny other
in |be municiptlity." He tnuounced
bi»ae)f u prcptwd to emt tbtt Cornell chamber ta reeve and work in perfect harmony with toy body of men
the electors chose. Nothing wtt done
when differences of opinion tttended.
Jio deecribed tht Second Ntrrowi
brldg, u tbe pivot ef their tntot*
municipal life. He wtt willing to
irorl- in tho greatest htrinony with
Reeve McNtugbl for tho coiiaiimmatliin
pf tbtt work. Put the ratepayers, be
contended, required a distinct ropreeen-
tativo to look after tbe expenditure
of tbllr money, lir. May's spuuch
was loudly applauded.
Hpeco doos not permit justice to he
dene to tbe speeches which followed.
Ooun, Jlriilguian, wbo ia seeking  re
election, ptid t glowing tribute to tbo
clerical staff ind expressed himself in
favor of n readjustment of their sal
aries. Continuing Coun. Brii|ginin al
luded to t letter which wis being cir-
culaled signed by Mr. ii. A. Barrett,
enticing votei for the reeve 'f tbe fu
ther of tbe bridge," and Mr. Mi-Ken
til, Mr- Gibson tnd Mr. Allan, his
supporters. At the invitation of Couu.
Bridgman, both the reovo and Coun.
Allan emphatically denied having anything to do with tho circulation of tho
latter. Coun. Bridgman ,having outlined a program of hopes ami opinions
which were ovidently satis(actory to
the audience ,plcaden earnestly witb
bis friends and supporters not to allow
tbe rumor that it wai to bo tu "easy
tbing" for him to Aiako I hem callous
about registering thoir votes. He
needed ail the votea ho could got.
Coun. Allan made a convincing ami
Allanlstic ipeocb, alao denouncing any
aiBociatlon witb circulated letters.
Among otbor things, he favored lhe
workmen of tho tnunici|ia)ily boing
paisl at tbo same rate as all the ad
joining municipalities. He wus warm
ly applauded, 'particularly on account
of his prompt and characteristic uu
awcra to questions from Ihe auditor
Ilis opponent, Mr. Weslovcr, look n.
tho keynoto of hia speech, the "Craw-
f„id Allan combination" which Ito as
lurned, bad been formed, since a letter
eulogizing Mr. Allan in superlative
terms had emanated from the pen of
Mr. I P. Crawford. Mr. Weslovcr
read the letter tt length liul crilicl"
ed it in del tils . Subsequently, he ur
guod bo bid ia good i right lo repre
aonl wtrd four is Coun. Allan, ind, if
elected, promised to serve tbe foremost
interest! of the municipilily.
Coun. Loutet sought reelection in
t fow terse sentences. "Hard work,
little talk tnd get after il" had lieen.
tnd would continue to lie his motto. He
ll iccorded the loudest applause of lhe
eveuing. "
Mr. Aleunder Pbilip came before
Ihem with i thorough knowledge of
tbo municiptlity, willing to do ill Ihul
Ity In bii power lo tdvinco Iho bcsl
interest! ol tbe municiptlity.
Mr. Qeo. Wtgg' offered his business
experience for the benefit of the mu
nicipilily. He wte willing lu reply
to any questions submitted lo him.
Mr. Percy Wird ipoke t few words
in tcknowledgmenl of hia return by
Mr. J. Q. Firmer replied briefly on
l.i'hall of Ihe staff t.i I'.uiii |iii,l,'iiiin, '-
The following lette r wes received
by Ibo cnirmin from Mr. .1. 0, Keith
supporting tbe candidature ol Beeve
Uth   Junuury.    1(112.
Tbe Cbtirratn Bttepiyeri Association,
Lynn Valley:
Dear Sir,—I very much regret thai
I shall bo untblo to alien I your meet
log tbii evening, aa I would bave liked
to ipcik in (ivor of Mr. McNtugbl s
cliimi for re-election ou Saturday. I
am a director of tbe B. I. T. k Bridge
Co. and tan assure you Ibal Mr. Me
Naught hu worked hard (or tbe bridge
and hu ipenl much time and money
ia the (urlberancc of that undertaking.
He bu all tbe information as |o nego
tiatleni and details and it seems to me
suicidal to turn him down u be bas
been in excellent standing with both
tbe Dominion and provincial government!. I am told tbat Mr. May bus
aaierlcd tbat tbe municipality would
bave beon bankrupt if he bad not itop
pad in ind guaranteed tbe finances wilb
tbe bank. I may ity tbtt stilcmcnl
ii entirely mislead, Every council
•ince incorporation ot < municipality
hu ligued t note pcrioually uul have
attacber) tbe Bell of lbc Corporation
thereto limply to provide (undi during
course of collection o( lues. I mty
tlio ittto no one bu ever suffered as
tbo municipality wu nover iu such a
bad way u repreaented.
At no time did tbe'Sun l.ii,' Asiur-
anca Co. feel alarmed for payment of
intereat aud when debentures were
iuued fur the purpoie of consolidation pt the municipal debt,
the municipality htd to pay
t very high premium, tbii showing the
municiptlity wu in excellent credit. If
Mr'.May mtkei iuch t claim then I
uy eveiy reeve tnd councillor since
incorporation bu tbt ume claim u be
but I never beard anyone olio mike
iuch t cllim.
ftpn ftitbfiHIy,
/. 0. KEITH,
Civic Election Results
The put year'e coqnpl) Vt» evidently satisfied the ratepayers, since tbe
mayor has beon returns!) by acclamation apd all the iildeniieii ro
election bavo rotained thoir seats by
substantial  majorities.
The following were the results ol
yesterday's   voting:
For Aldermen
C. F. Foreman   ;. 8911
W. ,1. Irwin   ' 388
W. J.  Dick !.. .380
Q. W MeMa 320
B. 0. Bits  808
.1. D. Frtsor  :.,......8811
J. E. Ward  TW
Q. W- Vance  .7.,,888
B. MtcKonzio     '.....SIB
T. L. Kennedy  207
A. W. Sargent  ..' 180
W. Knowloa     178
0. J. Phillipo 139
Elected—Messrs. r. F, Foreman, W.
J. Irwin, W. J. Dick, U. W. Mcllue
B. C. Bise end .1. I). Frueer
ti.'i. e,l the expenditure in ward 3 and
stated ihai iu his opinion much money
had beon wasted and Coun. Loutet hud
spent all tho money around hia own
bouse. Tbo digging of a ditcb en St.
Oeorgu's to take care of the flood wit
ter wus condemned and ho staled that
Dig wuy the water bad ruu before was
Ibo natural way, though bo bad to ad
mit tbat it was doing damage by being u|lowcil to reach Lonsdale. The
i'ii! on St. .lanii". was for Mr. Loutet's
lienolit though bo did not aay thai
■^-te'Louie, hud any property on that
street,   lhe widening of Lonadale was
For Firry Directors
W- 0. Olsdwlu
0. H. I'ale,  ....
H.  C.  Wright  .
W. L. Boult ...
W. 3. WilBOii   258
T. C. Holt  ..'. 245
P. King  130
Elec|od—-Mesira. W. C. Gladwin, C.
H. Cuius,  11.  C Wright, and  W. L.
For School Trusteei—
M. 8.  McDowell    404
E. A. Mordon  288
.1. H. Pilling  ^83
If. B. Wation  .T18T
Elected—Meaara.   M.   S.    McDowell
and E. A. Mordon.
The voting on the money bylaws for
a total expenditure of 1374,11110 was as
Schools Extraordinary Expenditure
Loan Bylaw—For, 038; against 40; mo
jority for- 102.
The Waterworks Loan Bylaw— For.
557; against, 311; majority for, 2WI.
The Kieo Ijake Itcservoir Loans Hy
Inw—For, 4"2; against, 70,' Inujorily
for, 151.
The Slrcels Maintenance Loan Bylaw—For, 085; against, 26; majority
for, 210,   ■
The Ferry Subway, Loan Bylaw-For.
480; ugainst; Oil; majority for, 155.
The Fire Brigade Assistance liylnw-
For, 5211; against, 41; majority for.
The Uuca Loun Bylaw—For 484:
ugainst, 01; majority for, 157.
Thi' I'bcBtcrlil'lil Avenue Wliurf Hy
Itw—For, 500; against, 124; inujorily
lor, 82.
Tbe Cemclery Improvemenl .Bylaw
-For 472; ugainst, 64; majority for,
The Porks Loan llyluw- For 389;
against-) H<| mijority fur 82.
The North Vancouver Hor'licullur
ul Association.nmi Funners' Institute
Aid Bylaw—For, 280; against, 186;
majority for , 1.
The eleclors voted in favor of the
adoption of tho system in the
cily, 417 voting in favor of Ibe propo
lition Hid 221 against, giving the bylaw a majority of 34. The Drill Hall
Conveyance Bylaw lo provide (or tbe
disposal o( a part of Mahon Park for
an armory and drill hall sile curried
easily, Ibo result being: For, 506;
ugainst, 142; majority (or, 118.
Tli?reeounl conducted by returning
officer Shepherd witb respect to the
bylaw lo make a loan o( $12,000 lo
North Vancouver Horticultural So
,ciely and Farmora' Institute ba; re
aultcd iu a allowing aligbtly more In
vorable to tbe bylaw u (ollows: For
tbe bylaw 286, against tbe bylaw 182.
majority for the bylaw I.
Mra. Jobn Laird of Piclon /)«!., is
viiiling Mra. E. A. Morden, 8th street
Annual meeting of Uie North
Vancouver Horticultural Society
H IM Horticultural Hall ou
Wedntaday, Jan. 10th, tt eight
p.m.   Election of officera, etc.
Thf above meeting hu been
postponed , until Tueaday, tilt
Mtb Intt. on account of until
attendance due to city elections.
A full mtntMet of memben
,4 requested on -luetdty night.
Tbe dutilh occurred tt tho Norlli
Vincouver general hospital on Tuesday
night of Mr. Ponnis Donovnii, ono of
tbo old timers of tho city. Tho (uneriil
look place yesterday from 'Huron's
parlors, Bev. J. U. Hooper officiating.
Mr. Donovnii, who at the time of Ills
'lentli was 72* years old, was well-
known to rcaidouts of the eity by reason of his over genial bearing.
A meeting of the tbove association
was held on Wodnenluy night at tbo
school. Tlie. aposkcrs wore Mr. Wagg,
Mr. Loutot, Mr. May and Mr. Philip.
Tho flrat  speaker,  Mr.  Wagg,  cri-
also a real estate scheme uud slopped
al Iho street Mr. Louiul lived on. lit is, ais',i lhe widening nf the 1 Tnpilont)
road und said be could in line inonlh
got the necessary signatures for a lo
cal impruvemenl on thai road.        *~
Couu. Loutot in reply staled tint! lie
had a 24 fl. road like many others
and on that roud there were houses
tn tho value of (20,000. . Ho had no
sidewalk but hoped to get ono. The
ini, iin of the drainage question
showed a lack of knowledge on the
part of the previous speaker. He bad
no property on St. Jamea. The widening of Lonsdale was recommended by
Iho N. L. Aasociation months before
he bought his property. He dealt al
length on the work of the past year
ami tbo requirements of the futjtre
mid emphasized his knowledge of ward
.1 and the improvements required both
at Norlli Lonsdale and Cupiltqq. lie
urged Iho necessity of going ahead
with the financial arrangements for the
Mr. Philip promliod careful alien
lion to lhe needs of ward 3 and Ihen
went on to a lengthy defence of Mr.
McNaught. He urged the eleilors lo
support the present reeve. He contended thul the-linperial Car Co. guuruutce
of bonds would have been good (or
the district though be himself would
not lake slock iu lhe company is it
wes over ■ capitalized. He though!
that the fuel thul lhe shares mild (or
|6U und were now offering ul til bad
nothing to do wilh lbc gunruntec mat
ler. He gave full detailed information
in regurd lo lhe bridge and on beiug
questioned by Mr. Loutet suid that he
had received lhe information as a
friend of lhe reeve's uud supposed lhal
the reason he knew more (lion iDt
euaucil was because that the reove
im led bim.
Mr. May, in a brief speech, reiterated tbe fact that the reeve hud not
dealt wilb Ibe governmeut diplomatic
ally uud had latterly hindered the
bridge more than helped it. He would
work wilb bis couucil, uot against
them and try to j>ring harmony into
Ihe couucil end lhe staff and workmen
and push on the Second Narrows bridge
wilb lhe assistance of bis council.
He was ugainst tbo guarantee of
bonds of the ear company as pay man
with the inieresl of Ibe district at
hcurl  ought  to be.
He did not sec why tbo reeve could
not work for lhe interests of the bridge
as t director and let the district have
another director iu tbe person of bim
sel( ai reeve. Tbere wai much ap
Pluiise as he resumed bis sett.
I desire herewith to expreu my tin-
cere thanks and high appreciation o(
tbe generous support accorded me by
Ihe electorate on tbe llth inat. for tbs
office of ocbool trustee,
Your obedient tervanlff
FOCND-Ouolino   boat.      W.   C.
Thompion, Hollyburn I "S-2
WANTKO'-To   wavatortl   Kartb.
Apply Wallace Shipyard! Ltd.     t.f.
WANTKD-Daily governess, llouti
10 to, 5 for two children. Wolf-Morton, 367- -JOth itreot eut. 12 1
Wo bavo moooy for the purcbue of
Agreowenti of Hale.  Canadian t',PM'
cieri Ltd., Btnk of Hamilton Building.
Express Classified Ads.
FOB SALE-Tborougbbred   P.   B.
Booster.     Apply P. 0. Pn* 2008.
FOB BAl-E-Opon  Hoater,   ♦14.00,
8639 Lppidtle,.- JJ-J
FOB SALE-Tboronghbred Pelgnlm
Htro cheap.    Apply Box At t>ltttu
FOB SALE-Firat growth Aty wood
(or $4.76 por cord, 4 (t. 0. McDade,
Pboue 81,  Hen,-nil  teantlug,. t.f.
FOB SAL-fi-Fir wuod $4.60 per cord.
Apply John Campbell, 827—6th itreet
west, or phono 361. lii
FOB SALE-Lots 8, 9, 10, block J»,
D. L. 660. Prico $2860 or separate, 1-1
cash, 6 and 12 months. Apply Boi Alt
Express Office. 18-1
FOH SALE-Wood, Ulnch Hr,
$3.25, cedar blocks, $3.25, cord wood,
$4.50. Lcovo orders at barn, 7th and
Bidgeway orr.P. 0. Box 8014.    18-1
FOB SALE-Threo 60-foot lots on
Quoeu street, five minutes' walk from
Lonsdale avenue, $350 each, one-third
cash, 6, 18 tnd 18 monthi. Apply
K., "Expreai" Office'.
FOR SALE Light delivery bom,
weight. 1,000 Iba. Good til round
vanner. John Alexander k Co., Ill
Lonsdale Avenue, N. Vancouvtr.  ti.
■. LUMBER FOR 8. IE-Toe H. 0
Wright Lumbor Co. 9 Lojidale Avenue,
cun givo you prices on ill mttoritl
when you tre building. Sec tbem ti.
FOR 8ALE-50 shares in Iraporit)
Car and Drydock Corporation for $400
cash.   Projected lino of 0 P, B. rani,,
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* 116ESPUNADE EAST "      *****
Sthe fourth nigbt after ha rati tlia cut (((by from the Onleb,
lapidaries, PaternpBtro wan miirtlorutl
and tbe gem stolon (rom his apart-
mente In Rattfln 0m\tnp.
01 course, a stone ad colciiruiotl was
easy to Identify; nnt alum: py moans
af fbe paste replica and an accurate
Preserved description, but Us entra-
rdlnary and dlstliiKulatiliiK features—
to say nothing of Its value—wore mil
likely lo pa fprgotton by experts wbo
bid seen ppA handled It.
And so, wben H appeared In Paris a
few nifiuthi! litter, lYiiici'iHiiiirii'ii heirs
and successors In.the gem-importing
liiiiiini'iiis .vers promptly on hand to
niii I n i their 111.11H-I I?; an enterprise In
■•■liii-ii tbey succeeded after the de-
iarmlnatlon of some legal complications; and the Pa-eraostrqs started
wltb the ruby on the roturn to London.        ,
Incidentally, Ibo assassin and thief
—an Ofluntal of undetermined nationality—was alao apprcheutlod and, Ihe
red-tape ol extradition having  beon
}intvuly untangled, convoyed To Hng-
and and duly hanged.
Ill-luck, however, followed the ruby.
On the boat over from Calala to Hover a confidential employe of lhe gem
iii.'i'cliiiiiii. who had accompanied
tbem to Paris, wbb lost overboard
while the v-f.mtl ss un entering the homo
port. Although this man was known
in be an expert awlmmor—nolwllh-
standlng the attempts at rescue, tho
proximity ol lund and tho numerous
craft of all sorts lu the vicinity—a
strango fatality seems lo havo carried him straight lo the bottom. After
tbe man vanished beneath tho waves,
bo sign of him waa seen again.
In Iho following.year no loss lhan
four attempts were made to steal lhe
stone from the I'atoriiostros; but as
they had learned caution from their
unforiiiiiaie predecessor's death—to
the extent, at least, of keeping auch
treasure In bunk- -these attempts wero
Later soveral tentative overture! on
Uie part of- one ol Europe's richest
monarchs toward Ihe purchase of tho
Paternoster ruby camo to naughi; lhe
price set upon It by tho Paternostrtis
was prohibitive; aud gradually It
came to be forgotton by the public, un
Ul tbo year '84, when Interest con
earning It was again revived, Ibis time
to fever heal.
And now wo have Alfred b'luelle and
Felix Page Page arrayed ugainst each
other onco more. Everybody, of
oourso, still remembers Ibo sudden
rivalry between tbeso two American
oltlxens, which sprang up In June of
tbat year, lor the gom's possession.
tbe complexity of causes wbleh simultaneously inspired tbem with au In
ordinate desire for tho Paternoster
ruby—a desire which seomlngly could
ba appeaaod only .by possession, regardless of cost -waa much of a mys
ui). and afforded tba energetic cor-
raspoudenta a fruitful text for many
a day. Both, as Is well known, had
unlimited meass wltb which to Indulge
their sudden whim; wbero kings and
princes resigned themselves lo lhe
melancholy fad lhal the gem was nol
for tbem, these two men battled fur
It wilh an unlicensed tendering of fur
tunes lhal amaxed lha world; ami one
may easily Imagine the sleepless anxiety of the rat.-riioairoa, as Ural one
and then the olher of lha ni'lllniiiiln s
ran up bis bid with trua American
Only-and this lhe mystifying feature of the . plsodc -Felix Page could
never honi-stly be accused ul prodi
gallly in auy clreumalanees. He se
cured the ruby—at a (abuluus price;
ti: thi' operation he made al I uat
ono Idtiei, Implacablo enemy Allnd
Kin, ii, roltiriied lo Iho United Stales
•mailing with Iho slings of defeat,und
pledged lo a commercial warlare nn
tbe successful millionaire apccttlainr
It waged merrily thenceforward.
Wby did Falls Page want the Paler.
nosier ruby? It was Impossible even
tn surmise a tenable theory. His par
simony wu notorious; be wsb a bach
elacwJlbiut kith or kin, and had never
behirf been known lo evince the
slightest Inlerest In precious stones.
On the olher hand, Mr. Kluetle was
not only a collector of goms, but his
collodion wu and Bill' la ouo of the
mosl fatuous In Uto world. Perhaps
Page wu willing lo sacrifice a fortune
merely to lit wart a rival's ambition;
porhaps he waa only satisfying Somo
old grudge about which the world
knew nothing It was all speculation,
end speculation of a most unsatisfying
sort, too. He got tbe stone, at any
rate; and bore we bava anothor Instance of tbo man's peculiar disposition.
Whatever be did wltb tbo ruby nobody knew. Tbare wor* many con
nolsseurs aod Jewellers on tbis side
of tba water who wero naturally curl
um to see t gem of such renown; but
wltb characteristic selfishness tbo uow
owner refused ons and all, oot only a
gflmpse of bla costly prise, but would
not eveu Impart any Information about
IL His wu a dogin the inungi i altitude; Wltb no appieelalloti Whatever
of bis possession, be refused bluntly'
to allow anybody else to enjoy It. The
mby WU kepi bid away.
Sueb, briefly, ware tbe data I had
neatly puled In my acrapbook and
which men.ory bad been all tbe moru
Ing trying Id recall.
1 paused In my promenade to sur
ver Burke: wbat new adjuaim. ni mast
be made of ibe bare facta so gathered;
wbat now, In view of this new clement lo|cclcd lotfl tbe cue, wu tho
aliunde of tbis strange being toward
It—my regard shifted to Maillot- and
Juet at tbis Juncture my cogitations
were broken In upon by tbe door being unceremoniously thrown' open,
fllodger, much excited, darted In,
closing ibe door alter bim. He baud
ed ma ao envelope, accompanying It
wilh a lorir at .iwwaiaw) eagerness
wbicb suggested certain details per
Uneot to tne missive whioh were being resorved wilh difficulty—(or my
private bearing.
"Mote for Maillot," aooouoced be,
bla eyes (toed curiously upon Uu
f oung man.
Maillot, apparently dumfoundod,'
rom slowly to bla feat.
"A nota-for mel" be faltered.
Tben quietly: 'We tt to na, Swift/1
Oar glanoes m-tfn, stayed,   I
bad tba envelope before ma pinned te
the ui alii.! with tho outspread fingers
of tny right htnA. Mn'Hot was unmls-
iiiknlily In meat distress of mind, and
Ufa espi'iuiHlon wub lliul ol a inun des-
IiitiiI.s liiil iletiii-inlucil. Only tor a
moment I hefilttiled; then without
raising my band, 1 slid tbo envelope
across tbp tablo to bin).
-'It's u question of confidence, Mr.
Maillot,- Balf) I, calmly, endeavoring
to convey my ciii'iiosIuubs in the look
Which bad not for an Instant swayed
from his. "1 reserve fbe right, ahould
tbe sic union mini', tu read It; under
With a curt nod nf acquiescence, he
Biiiiiiilied It up frpm tbe table. A
glimpse of the handwriting brought a
flush to hln face and p glad aparkle
lu bla eyas; but tbe missive troubled
bim It was short, but as be slowly
returned It lo Iti envelope bla band
shook and his countenance grew more
and moro harrused and perplexed.
I glanced at Burke's pallid featurea
and found thorn as Impassive as any
Inilliin'ii. -It was Impoealble to determine whether be wu watching me or
Maillot.   -
Evidently nssumiug tba Incident to
bo closed, Stodger saw bis opportunity
to speak oguln.
"i.iiupi, out here that brought It,"
eald ho; "coachman, be looks Ilka;
waiting for an answer." Then ba
turned to t.ic, continuing;
"Four reporters out there, too; wbat
shall I do with 'em?"
Maillot suddenly startled us by smiting tho table violently with his fist.
Ho was while, trembling, and appre-
benslvo; but his determination wu by
no means broken.
Ti'. in." Bald he, In a bushed, strained voice, "hiep iiiiiii.) with me; let me
bave a word wltb you."
He sclzod my arm, and fairly dragged me off toward tbo curtained alcove.
"Swift," ho whispered, not releulng
his grip qo my arm, "I'm In a devil of
a position. For Heaven's sake, show
some sign of bumauilyl That note
waa from a young lady—*'
"I surmised as much."
"Hung It, man! Don't luughl I'm
moro dead In earnest than' I ever v.iw
before lu my life.   This means more
10 mo—lo in r ilmii you can by any
possibility conceive, astute officer of
lhe law though you may ho."
My expression mum have contlued
something ol surprise al bis vehemence for with an effort ho abruptly
chucked himself and at once went on
more calmly!
i "Swift. It's the young lady I expect
some day lo many; Bho's heard a rumor of the n.iii, ily. and Is worried
about mc. The uole was broubht by
bor coachman, and sbe's walling ou
tbo corner a block from hero for me
to , inn,- lo her.''
I tiled haul lo consider what wu
bed lu du. Enter a woman Into a case
like litis, and assured conduct hocqmes
uu Impossibility. ' Maillot was searching my fni-c eagerly; In a moment be
laid mure ul the mailer before me.
"Shea n sensitive, high-strung girl
whom the slightest breath of scandal
would fairly kill. I can'! let her namo
be dragged Into thla mess; I can't answer her note, and send Iho reply
away Hum under your very noso without a word lo yuu. And lhe roportersl
iti i.i,.ii, iii,.'' Swift, Stodger
.■..niii il to know what to do wltb 'em;
for pity's soke, tell him lo kill 'eml"
Agulu I Interrupted. 1 trust tbat I
may In all inudesty record Ibat I have
more than a spurk uf the feelings io
which lhe yuung fellow made such a
passionate appeal.
"i.uok here. Maillot, baa tbe young
lady a companion?"
"Yes usually; a young lady cousin
who lives with her."
"Very Well. If tbey liappan to bo
together now, wc can Bottlo Ihe matter
quite easily. Answer ber nolo; request the twu of them lo come here
lu a halt hum'. Wllhln lhat time we
can get rid ol Iho reporlera, and you
can well, you can colled youraelf.
H your present expression Is an Index
tu'i you uie likely to say, tbis will
he nn place for a young lady—for tbe
next thirty nilnulca, anyhow."
He eauglil and wrung my hand.
'•Swift, you're 8' good fellowl" he
said iissi'iih i.i i>. and hurried back io
bla aeal.
However, I did not forget tbat I
ha|J not heard (his yuung man's story;
nur did I fall lo consider Ibat he wu
a lawyer, and hence possessed of advantages for appreciating and Intelligently weighing all the chances for
aud against his sweetheart becoming
Aa Maillot dropped Into bla chair,
Btndgor could no lunger contain him
self. Drawing me into Ibe ball, though
the ii, ,n was left wide opon, bo eald
In a whlspe rlhat wu heavy with Importance:
"Vijud never guoss whose coachman
11 wu."
I mado no allcmpl to, and my atout
friend impressively announced:
"WhatI" Surprise Jerked tbe exclamation from me; but I kept my
volco subdped.
"Kail." Sludger nodded his round
bead Impressively,—"Alfred Fluotte."
Here, lodeed, wu the promise of a
pretty slate of affairs I
The Hidden 8afe
I left the four reporters to Stodger'a
Under mercies—bla Instructions did
not Include any sucb extreme measures u Maillot bad suggested- -confl-
dent tbat be wu tbo propw person to
relievo me of this unwelcome Intrusion. It bu always bean hsrd for me
io lalk to Ibese sharp-eyed, alert
young chaps of tbo proas, without say-
'. log something 1 bid no business to
aay.  Kvon If 1 dldo't aay It, some one
tot Hum would bo aura to iniM-n
fsrolty sbrowd guess, soptolmee caus-
ng hid do end of trouble. Stodger
knew nothing of my Intentions; therefore be could let ootblog slip tbat
a-lgbt In any way' ilfncA sly future
! Maillot's not« dispatched, I dlreoted
my aitention to ucortalnlng lust wbat
Alexander Burke meant by bla reference to tin ruby.
Hia explanation tn Itself wu simple
mpio. tig bad board ol tke rub/, of
Continued next Issue
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Maaday, tke Oik Say al Jaauarr. llll,
at lino o'aioea aaea
for ths pilrpoaa ol alautlna woraona tu
t-eiireaent tliuni In tha Uuiikliml Ouiiii-
ull aa Beevo und Oounol|)ora, and aleot-
Iiik three peraona lu retiteaent them
on the Board ul Helmet Truetaaa ,
Tha eandldatea ahall ha nominated
In wrllliiH, the wrltlita ahall he auli-
eiirllind hy twu vutera ol lliu Munlclnal-
Ity as tiropoaer and aeenndei-, and shall
be delivered to the HattirnlnK ■ ml.-.-i-
any time batwe     ''      - - -
Ice and two o'cl
ol tha in,mli,nil,in
Korth Vanooaver, B. tt.,,,..
January 111, 1818
"The Week" published in Victoria,
in forecasting the program of the pro
vlncial government, doclares that a redistribution'bill will be passed early in
the present session whicii enlivened
yesterday aud that before the year is
very far advanced, probably in March,
the government will appeal to the
In speaking nf the new distribution
bill the "Week" cautions against the
error of concluding that population will
be accepted aa the baals of ^presentation.'One reason for departing from
this basis is readily apparent, namely,
it is necessary lo provide ailei|ttat.i representation for the outlying sections
of the province whicii while of eitan
"iv.. territorial ares sre as yet hut
sparsely populated. The result is tliat
if it woro endeavored to arrive at a
unit of population to apply throughout
the entire province for purposes of re
presentation, the number of members
returned from the morn populous districts would lie increased lo many
times that which is either necessary
or desirable for Hie transaction of the
business of tho province. The house
as al present, constituted contains a
sufficiently large number of members
when the population of the province
as a whole is considered ami while it
is not lo be supposed that a redislri
button bill can be framed without increasing that number mure or less, yet
it will be generally recognized as dl-
sirahlo that the increase be conltned
lo the smallest practicable proportions.
Should the surmise of tho "Week"
as to a provincial election soon after
the termination of the present session
prove correct, it is safe In conclude
lhat the new railway policy of Ihu
I',ss, n,in,-ni Intimations concerning
which Premier Mcllride has thrown
out upon several occasions v. ill be the
basis of lhe government's appeal to
Hie electors.
i'i,,n, Ihe niiisii,' of lhe remarks
which tlte Premier has made upon different occasions, il would' appeur Unit
the railway policy which the govern
ment is about t/i Iuy before the house
will embody a comprehensive scheme
of railway conitructlon throughout the
province upon a scale commensurate
with Ilie needs of tlio province fur rendering readily accessible and for pro
uniting tin- speedy unli/uimu and development of thu magnificent nuliirul
resources which arc as yd untouched
for  lack   of  transportation   facilities
lu replying to the petition of lhe Peace
liner lluilwuy delegation Premier Me
llride suisl that if the province were
Isi be provided with that mileage of
railroads Unit   is actually needed     In
keep  plleo  with  the  ,, ,|',i I' I,       Vail
cuuver Island, iiutfead of having only
i'i miles of railway as was
the ease until very recently,
should have four or live hull
tired miles ami the equipment of the
mainland should lie made uu Iho satin:
scale, He further intimated thai when
the railway bill was made public il
would be seen that the government
had followed out this conception of tlte
situation iu framing the bill and fur
ther, that provision had been made
with respect to the project favored by
Hie delegation such as he thought
would be considered satisfactory
lu committing Itself to a project of
the proportions which would appear to
be designated by these statements, it
would mil lie surprising If ths government considered it wise to seek the
endorse! ion of the people, which, when
lecured, would give them a lull term
in which lo carry forward that policy
without interruption. Under preient
'/itidltions three sessions of tlie existing
term will have elapsed at tka close
of the present aeesion and it is Bcarce
ly to be expected that a railway policy
suck aa enuacleted would be undertaken
witk but a rsmnlnt of tke term to
work upon In view of the fact that au
appeal to tke people Is fully justifiable
under tbe circumstances aud thoroughly
coustlmtopei-M well.'
— i	
slock the waters of (lanada Is engaged
in op a large scale by tks Dominion
(JoverniMot In 1909, the bomlaion
Ask hatcheries planted no lower than
,{02,000 ttl '» varioui wale™
throughout tbs country. In 1800 ,ouly
lllMtMO try w«e planted bjr the
floverameat ash hatekeriai,  so  tail
tke plant of young lish kai Increased
by nearly 877 per cent, in tke past tan
yeara and tke number nf hatcheries
has, Increased from 18 to !I7, or 808 pm
cent. Of the 97 hatcheries new in op
oration, British Columbia and Quebec
have t each, Nova Scotia, Naw Brum
wick and Ontario, IS each) ami Muni
tuba and Prince Kdward Island have II
The amount voted liy the Dominion
government for llsh culture purposes In
1000 was $,188,500, and of tills $180,
.115, or approilmetely fit) per cent, was
eipended. The importance of carrying
oa thii work ran not be empliBsir.ed
too muck in a growing country like
Oanada, whore the Increasing popula
tion is making greater and greater de
mands on the llsh supply.
Canada's export trade of wood pulp
is increasing annually and during 1010
.,„„,ui,i,.i in value to Ave million
seven hundred thouiand dollars, accord
ing to Information furnished to the
lioiiiiiiinii Forestry branch by the de
|,sun,i,ml of trade and commerce. The
threo hundred and twenty nine thun
sand Ions of pulp exported was au in
rease nf forty eight thousand tons over
Iho nni,mui shipped in 111110. Wnnd pub
exportation! iu IIIIII aniountod to seventy Ave per cent of the total exporta
lions in Canada, whereus in III01I lhe
proportion was only siity three per
cent. Highly eight pu recti!, of the
export was mechanical pulp, ami tbe
remaining twelve per cent, was chant
i, nl pulp. During HHH, over Ihrae
luun,r.. of the pulp exported went lo
lhe United States, while shipments to
nearly all othor countries decreased
Che United Kingdom takes most of
Ihu remaining pnequarler ,allhuugh ci
porls lo these countries have fallen off
greatly. Particularly is this so wilh
iuu nl pulp, not "i"' seventh of Ihe
amount being ehippei! in 1010 as
l!'"!' The average value per tun uf
the pulp exported in luun was $11.47
for Ike mechanical and ♦.Iti.Tli'i fur lhe
hemlcsl pulp. This is a combined
average of $17..11 or It cents less per
ton than for the previous' year. The
prices paid lo Canadian exporter! by
lhe various importing countries were
per ton for mechanical pulpj United
rltales $IH.IIU or exactly Ihe same as in
i:'"'.' ami United Kingdom $16.78 oi
$.1,18 more. Por chemical pulp, the
amounts paid werei tluited States,
•v ii.: per ton and Uaited Kingdom
*il ii'i per ton.
lower Ooiiiiictions
1'IJIIIjIC NOTIOB Is Hereby given
lhat all owners of real property front
iug or shutting upou a street or lane
>n which or under wbiib a main or
'iniiiniin sewer ia laid il hereby re
ipiired lo connect any building er pre
inlses upou iuch property with iuch
iuum or common lower. s""se»»»
Permits msy be ontatnrd from tho
Plumbing Ihipeeto" at kis office al tks
Cily Hall between lhe boun of 8 a.
in, and 10 a.m. and I p.m. and 8 p.m.
Tbe following regulationi govern tke
.instructinn of kouss or building con
tierlioni witk saltan;
No kousa sewer pine saall kave a
leu fall than 1 to SO, unless ipeclal
iiirmiiilon Is granted in writing by
lie (j'ouniil. Held pipes between the
nun pipe, to the connection of tke
public sewer to be of tke best quality
standard salt-glased vltrlAed clay sewer pipe, and skall kava a diamater of
not less tkan 4 incites, AH pipes ihall
be sound and well burned throughout
their thickness, Impervious to mole
ture, with a clear ring, smooth and
well glased on interior and exterior
surfarei, free from daws, (racks, billion. Are cheeki er otksr imperfections
The pipee must be so laid In tbe
trench that after tke sewer is completed, the Interior surface thereof, shall
be to a true snd even grade.
In making tke joints, a gasket of
oakum or hemp, freakly dipped ia es
monl grout, must Ant be need aid
packed into place- The joints shell
afterwards be lightly packed fall lad
tierelled el wllk  *   J
-dak-iy->nt|Uli! ***** ''I?"* past by volume of iapm'i/l Part-
Dlntrlo* 6! North Vanoouver,
al any 'lime between thu date of tills
notice and two o'clock n in. an tbe day
And In  Ihe event
nucussiit')' auch poll
"f a poll being
will he opened un
Salurdai, Ike imu day el January,
lllll, between the hours ol nine o'clock
a.m. and seven o'clock p.m. ol Ihs ssid
dsy at the said Hull ut Hi*
corner of l.ynn Valley Bead and
I'Viiiiiinii Rami and at tha Church
Hull al tha corner ol Queen unci and
I.i,uss,Ll.- Avenue, and at Hie office of
Mr.  John Lawson st  Hollyburn, and
111   the   I'll),Hull,,   sell,,llllli,Use.   I'lllsllsiu,,
Road, all  In aald piatrlot ol which
every peraon la required to lake notice
and aovsrn hlnuelf accgrdlngly.
The qualifications for Reeve are hll
balai         t-WmWL   .     - ■
a a male British aubjacj, and hav-
Ileal!  fol  C      '         'L~ —'
Una the i
eutatered owl _	
try 'nil''" of land or real property all
an fol   „
isice.iliiH   lhe day of his
the ri'Hii'iei'e,! owner In the land reals
Ing lie.
the three motttha next
he day of h|s numlnalluii
sto within the Municipality ol the
ssseaeed value of the faet Assessment
li,,11 of Ave hundred dollars or more
over and above uny raalslererl;-
ment of ■ I,.,,,,, and being otherwise
duly i|iiu|Hle,l aa a volar.
Tbe iiiiiillil, ait,um for Councillor aro
llll   I', lm.
i,..nm   uaei)
mai. mu subjeel and
for lhe ii""'' months
next in ii • iilni; the day of bla nomination (he raalilared owner In the land
registry ufnee ol lund or real properly elluets within the Municipality,
ul tha aaaeaaed value on the laat Municipal Assessment llu|l of two Ii.mi.Ii , ,1
and Ally dollara or moru over and
abovi any registered Judgment or
charge, or being a homeiteader lasses
i,mil ihe ,i,i>iii or i-i, • iiii'iiu ub,, hus
resided within the munlclpallly for Hie
space of one year or more Immediately
preceding the nomination, and who li
assailed for Avo Iiundred dollars or
mors on the lasl Municipal Aseusa-
iiii'ui Rull "ii , mul abuve any registered Judgment or charge, and being
otherwise <j...,11 il.-.l aa a voter.
In every Municipal School Hlslrlct
any person being u householder In the
tjclpiol Dlalrlct. and being a Hrltlsh
subject ol the lull ago or twonty-one
yean and ullierwlae uuallfleil to vute
at an election of school trustees In
their district slmll be eligible lo lie
sleeted ua a school trustee In the Municipal School  District.
Olven under my hand al North Van-
vi,uver ,litis llth day of December
is, i,nun,,   Officer.
ouicrlv aropa couqhi. cuttie cotoe,
Naau ihs THaoar AM wNoa. se antra
Telephone 276
10,000 cords of dry Hi wood for quick
sale. Price per odd cordi, $4.50.
Special quotations for larger quantities. Cut Wood, 16 inches, $3.25,
12 inches, $3.50.  CO. D.
Olfne and Yard—Mth and Umdale
Phone 190.     P. 0. Uo» 2432.
land cement to one part Vy volume ef
approved sand, S,
All jolpts shall Tie made water tlgkt.
so that they will stand a head af 16
feet of water, when tested by the
Plumbing Inspector at tba owner's,
plumber's or contractor's expense,
by order of tka Uouacilt
jwuap sprang),
Batract from Provincial sud Oity
Health Bylawi.
"Whenover any householder knowa
that sny person within bis family or
household has smsllpox, dipblheris,
scarlet fevor, cholera, typhoid, whoop
ing cough, men.I.-,', mumps, plunders,
or auy other contagious or infectious
dlseaee, he shall (subject iu case of re
fusel or neglect to the ponaltles pro
vlded), within eighteen houn, piss'
notice in writing to the Medical Health
Officor aud uo member of any household
lhal) attend school until e certificate
lies been obtained from the kfedlral
Health Officer thst no infection any
longer exists in the houie, clothing
end other elfoctc bave lieen disinfected
lo his satisfaction, and until such certiorate shall bave been obtained It iball
be the duty of every member of the
household, end of Ihe Teacher, to use
all reasonable-, efforts to prevent tbe
association of members of tke said
kousebold witk other children,
1. Tke matron of a public or private
Hospital, Ibe keeper of eyery Hoard
lag of-Lodging Ilniis.., every Inn-keeper or Hotel Keeper, skill, within ill
katf\ iitfott In writing to tke Midi-
cal Health Officer, or any person lining
at oaa pt tke aforeaald bouses
or hotels and attacked witk or suspect-
ad of kayiug any contagious or infectious disease mentioned ia tke Bylaw)" ua'ler Ihe penaitiee provided
fpr by such bylaw.
tf,      Batretary Board pf Health,
$630 cash handleia new, strictly modem house in
North. Lonsdale, just hull a block (rom car,
Got particulars
• Phono 37, North Vancouvor, B, C,
MR The Elections
^Jj are over and
11 those elected
will now have to keep
their promises and saw
woody/We would advise mem to use our
Easy Cut Buck Saws
\   ; ,
See Our Window Display
90 Lonidale Avenue      Next to P.O.
Good cleared, graded, 50 It. lots Two Blocks Irom Lonsdale Avenue Carline, Splendid Views and Excellent
Soil. The best buying in the Cily to-day at $800.00 each
on teims of one-filth cash and the balance over two years.
For Further Particulars ol above and Business and Residential Properties see
Phone70. P.O. Box 1816
BUREAU is now open for the convenience of employers and employees. Employers are retjuestt'd lo take*
advantage of the office when requiring lielp.
W. B. HOOD, Secretary.
Phone 321.    <J4 Lonsdale Avenue, Nortli Vancouver.
C.P.R. Terminus D. L. 555
64 (eet WATERFRONTAGE by 225 feet
one quarter, 6,12
18 and 24 months
Palmer, Burmeiter & von Graevenitz, Ltd.
Head Office   411 Pender Street, Vancouver, B.C.
Branch  IW l4ii«UU kvtnua.   Phont 71. ,
Branch—2886 Lonadala Avsniu.  Pboiw 362.
First Class BungaW
Inlynn Vallpyfar Mp
, Five mollis, liaiiiiioweV furaiBliwI,
lariin lot, gratlail, Ifcawglily AtllOad,
l'ricii motlorata.
|    Bjljll   llSVU   11   f0W   tlllOillll   llllllilillg
lots ill Hloiili -':iil, I'lmap. Will a-raii-p
10   ''I''' I    liul"-.'   to   Sllit   Pit   I'liviifillilii
I Inn 1' i:ii auras on goail roads ami
ncur watsr front, suitalilti lor subdivision. '.
Alexander Philip
I.Vs.l I'utHlU llllli I li.ll.  Illiil.iif
Olub Block, North Vancouvsr, Phonu 10
NOTICM is lirnsliy given Ilinl an ati-
plication will I'ii inailu un.In   I'm 1   v,
iif lliii "Water Ant, Hill," to olilalh a
lit'iini'u iu llii)
Division nf District
(u)   Tliu^wrnlir! iiHJross mul occupation nf Uio ii|i|ilii'niitY"or|ii)ratiiiii o'v
tlio ''it/ "f Nurlli VuirtMjiivttr.       , M
(if fltr mining purposes) iv.uo Mini
ur's I'nrtilkiilo No ',.,,.
(I>)   Vlio name nf tlio lulto, stream
ur sonri'oN (if unnamed, Iho ili'scriplion
is)— fri'sli   lIuiviiiK mil  of iiico  14liu
kiiijiiijuj'iiiuiir rivor.
To) Tlio puinf nf ilivorsion—2,000
fuel ilowti stroutti in 11 iinrlliorly ilircc-
lion frum mil lei uf lino l.itko, sui.l
point lining in  II. I,, 857.
(ill Tins .Jim 11 L.ty uf water aiitiliiiil
for (in I'liliic fool per aut'oiid)—'Ihroo
I'liliii- foot per socniiil.
(e) Tim character of the propose!
wurks- Hinall .lum,
(fj Tlio premises un which tho waler is In lie used (describe saiuo(—Oily
uf North' Vuiicuuver.
(g) The purpuses for thick lhe water is In lie" used Municipal ami iin
most is- purposes'
llii If fur Irrigation ilumrllie tho
html intended lu lie Irrigated, giving
acreage.      ..     	
lii If the tvtiler is lu lie used for
power or Uliiiiug purposes <lescriliu Ilie
plitcii where lltu water is tu he relumed
iu miiiic nuliirul iliHiiuel, liul tlio dif '
fereneu iu allilttdo botween poiut of diversion uml point uf return*" |/   .
l|l A nu ul I'ruwu lumi iuloudesl
lo be occupied 1 ■  lliu prupiieed worki
(kl Tiiis uiilti-e wus pusteil 011 the
lliul duy of December, -Hill, uud ttppli
lutinii will lie made tu tlie ('iiiiiuiissiuii-
er uu the Uot la day of Junuury, .11)12.
il) (live Ihe name* ami addrusscs
of uny riparian proprietors nr licensees who ur whoke lands ure likely tn
Ise affected l>y lhe proposed wurks,
either above ur below the ... 11.1
(Hignaluro) THOMAH HllI'll'llKill),
■ (P. O. Address)
I'lty  Hall, Nurlh  Vauciiiivor.
cDUIiato yi
sic. I,uiilil,.i
Mis.s l.-uliil M. I Hi 1111, I1.CI1I111I0
the lluyal A.-ml.-i..} uf Music
Kngland, teacher uf pianoforte, viniis
Nurlli Vancouver every week Address
lOUII ileiicli Au'iins, Vancouver, l'hono
S70IB Beymoiir. 2D I
Paper the World
frum our slock ol new W11II I'apcti
10 il .-".in I''.very duy some novv
design arrives to Iill llto vucmioj
of thiise olusul nut.
Handsome Wall Paper*
um lun.- in . iisIIim variety, -lusl
leil our iiilcemuu lor wbut room
yuu want I he paper ami he will
•huw ysssi jitut tho pattern you In
looking Inr
Tn  eliooie Irom our aluck n a plea-
•ure, lo pay our prico ti eiiy,
W. H. ST0NEY & CO.'
117 l.onsilnlo Avenue
I' Wl
lOOfUlOOft, corner of King street (npw graded) and St. Andrew's Ave.   Thii
property if all cleared and it jn a most desirable residential location, and the price is
3 cash, 6 and I2mt>pths
n LONIDALE AVENUE    vx>,m*wx vimiit     NOMTH VANCOUVER 1836     THE BANK OF     1912
Tf V** IK Buelna.n.   * Capital and Rea.rve fttt *T,300,000.
In paved witli[thrift—saving regularly and systematically a
portion of one* ivoiiia, .m,I depositing it in the Savings Pa- ,>
hartment of tlia Bank of British Nortli America.   H»r« it will
OS alisolutitlv safe, will lie at your «H wlunii.vur yim need it, and
Will ba mounting up steadily with Interest added twice a year.
One Dollar is enough to start an account. '
Two Officei in North Vancouver, Corner of Lomdale Ave,
ind Eiplanade. Upper Lonidale Avenue, near Uth Street
iiimii, . i,, iiii, iii, n''. Popular Lunch Place
I',. 1.1., i ,- ,,, I,, ii, Lunch ia till a. High
Tub 5 till 7130.     Afternoon Teas.
.'IHlli I  illllil'.ltil BPKOIM.IjY A I I ITMsl'-.ll TO
North Vancouvar Club   Modi, Eeplanada Wail
North Yancouver Coal & Supply Co. Ltd.
Wbarf: Foot Bt. Otorgo'a Avium-.   Pltons 171.
Oflice; 66 Louidile Avenue, Phono Hi.
Western Plumbing Co.
Plumbing, Plumbing Buppltn,  Bswsr
Ooiinectloue,  Hot Water and  Steam
Heating,   Biuret   Metal   and Ilunsrs'
Furnace Work.   Estimate* furnished.
Warehouse and Oflice: Oor. Esplanade and 8t. Oaorgo, Phone 666.
J. U. QODDABD, Manager
Wf solicit lhe trade of all builders who appreciate
High Grade Goods at a moderate price, and the
prompt and careful filling of. orders, which our large
stock and long experience in business" makes possible.
Burrard Sash & Door Factory, Ltd.
I'OOT ()!•' ST. CliOUGIi ST.
(.0  TO  THK
4th Street Wesl. II.  DUMAS. Phone 347
Vancouver Buiineu Directory   Dried Brewers' Grain
SPROTTSHAW Busintis College
336 Hastings tit. W.
Canada* Graaleal Waetern School
U   J..»S|irott, B.A., - -Uunagu
633 Seymour St., Vancouver
Day .siln,1,1 open ull tlie yeui
round. Nielli school comment
ea September Mli
Mil llll    I'l IUU
l/oana,   invottmenle   and   liisuien-t
Itiiiim 307, li.ll lirnnvillo 81., Vnnc.iu
v,-i, 1). C, I'll,,!,,    Ml.   Land is. 1.
►try work a eiwoialty.
Ill   11    l-MII
Yorkshire Guarantee it Securities
Corporation, Limited
_■■      440 .Seymour Street
Q>   R. Kerr Houlgaic - - - Manager
All North Vancuuvar people eat al
Miliar Flack lllock or llasllnge St.,
opposite the nsw post offloa, laonerd
saiji hit toe by tin pound-
1'lean, l.riglit ami mIiiiIciduic, law in
waler ami carbohydrate, liul contain
mg nearly .i,,,i|<i, Die amuunt ol fat
uiul protein |niuml Iui pound, llian Ilie
ordinary i',„„l stuffs in local uie. It
MeeU all the Requirements of •
Profitable Dairy Feed
1111,1 rinn|,uri-,l in prico with what is
„al,,',I I01 ulher t„.,i ■ 1 ml -. ii triple
protein ■;.!..•■ fur your money, lie an
periorily lion in Ilie 1., 1 n.ui leeding
it increase! bulb the lulej iltgciilllile
mailer ami I lie* atnuunl 0' fat ami pio
1,111 in Ihe daily ration
and saves you 40 to 50 per cent,
on Feed
You ibould not lie without it.    Malt
nl     ii. li and awcet  froifletht'
l.ri'W keltic, dried In a continuoue vac
,1111111 prwcii by
THB  BOYAL  htoiik   FOOD  00M
Dryers of ami  Dealer* In Field  I'm
ducli, (4,-otia and Front Street,
Vancouver, II. C,
>vi Itlirif lhe kulaMj of hTuMuh
fttll.lm)ial ol Il.ll wild It. 11,t Hit .SWubll
il) „f Pitts* I.I..I JjuiIuim lnisuil.d
lyl'.ipMI*,   rirllal-illjra-itlcflr-r.   ChlllM
Pleaaant Field.
ofjiply Writ
Mit tor nr dally range
Amnn» the pleaaant fluids of ||ply Writ
1 mlaht Despair. —Tennyson,
lint Quarter. Leesou II. Luke , 1:67-
~3B. January 11, 1913.   The Birth of
John tba Baptlit-The Story.
A eliilill A soul Horn in old Igsl
Nat th* Ueiiieh, lint tbo nest bast
donor—Bis ?*)wrunper—last and groat-
eit of iho pni|ihi'tn. Circumstances
thoae to wako a Jubilate fleo in any
Hebrew homol Who can measure the
joy of Zacharlus and Kli/ubislhf No
wniiiliir tbeir friends and their biitainen
ttmt from far to congratulate them I
TTnf'aurprlsIng there waa liortt at the
aame time a psalm ao noble and uiiivor
sal tbat it has been aung ovor sinco.
We sre apt to think that thero ia something preternatural in tho mon ami wo
men wbo are woven into Iho | Ih nn of
Providence. Tbis sceno ig cure of Iball
It ia so domestic, human, natural I The
seven days of tbo mother*' eorumoti-
lai u n ulna ii n one aro pant, and instant
iiiii-iiiioit ii given to tho holy rito and
the Itntowlng of a covenant name to
Identify the child ae one of I ho covan
anted race, Here tbore ia a dopurluro
from uie and want. If not bia father's
name, at least it should ho that of
some kinsman. From Iho i, ,,lut.
mother custom makoa its appeal
to tbo mute father. Hut, behold you,
the parents aro in some collusion, Ihr
Zivharius writes "John!" First and
significant word written under the new
dispensation! John-"draco of Julio-
vali." That moment Zecharius' tongue
is loosened and ho lneukH out in tho
psalm be baa conned in hln long inflict
oil silence, goon all Iho country side
is tilled witb wonder ami Hie roinmoii
aaying ia, '.'Wbat manner of child tbis
Teacher's Lantern
The mum,-nl uf Zocharlus' obedience
to the vision he had once doubted—an
uls,',Ii,■in-,- shown in lhe naming nf Inn
son as the angel had directed- ho re
gained his forfeited senses. And hi.
lirsi word was not a complaint, liul a
d.iioltigj-l With bis priestly intuition
be divines Ihe beginning of a reeoncll
iittiui, of the world In Hod, ami wilb
patriotic feeling lie antici|ialos Ilu:
long delayed deliverance of his country
Tbo Spirit must open a man's lips or
ho remains spiritually dumb, lie may
seom to be talking much, liul he is
really mule, fur bo couiiiioni.-alus no
thing, dignity and worth ol religious
rnstotn aro here illustrated. It unities
Iho family and identifies il with Ibe
Kingdom of Oud. Worship In song
like tbat of Zecaariui' is noblest ami
mosl ennobling acts of a rational soul
Hut III ore must ho a basis of inlelli
gent thougbt or it is only a lucccaaiou
of pleasing sounds. Giving of » name
i,Hi,■»,■! of differentiation between the
individual and the whole human mass.
It reminda bim that in Iho finul anal
ysla be elands alone and in his own
person l> accountable lo Hod. II.
stands or falls as an individual.
Mosaic from Commentaries
"Blessed art thou" Arsl Hcalllude
of Iho Now Testament. Abruptness of
sentences enhances the beauty uf the
passage,   l'salm like   lone   heller   fell
thin described.   MagniiVat ami 11	
dlctua—noblest Dowers of Hebrew ly
rie poetry-iutroduco (,'bristiau hymn
ology aud conned the euebanstic pur
try of Ihe Old Testament with that of
tho Now. Uprightly devotion, ardent
love, hearty joy tempered wilh sub
miaaive reverence all bear native air
of originality. Mary's song is indi.i
■lualislic; Zeebarius' national iloth
are free from narrow Jewish prejudice.
Zecharius' song depicts Ibe form and
■■iiiii.i.' of his faith, ll utters Hie last
/prophecy uf Christ bofore llii- birth.
It ii nol an oracle of Helpbi, but o
paabn of David Tbe priest is patriot,
for be ,ins ignore tho political element.
Holiness li piety, considered in itself:
righteousness piety, with reference lu
Uud. Foundaliuu uf salvation is fur
givaneia—Ihe condition li knowledge
"Hay spring'' emblematic allusiou to
Ibe Messiah. Hud fur which light it
given ia |be guidance of feet. Thai
•ucb a long should be inconsistent wilh
dogmatic truth- Impossible; lhal il
should unfold it minutely imprubahlc.
Fnlbusiaim of faith attains ils highest
polnl juil before Ibe advent. II makes
aged l-:it-aboib young and Ibe youthful
bride of tbe carpenter a prophetess
Bolitude wu to be Ibe school of lbc
second Klijah. The processes in which
Hod prupoaea lo bless Ibe world arc
>|uict and sacral.
Analysis aad Kay
Birth of Ibe child; Joy and Hope.
Cbaraeteriillca and functions antiii
Domestic religious function and Ibe
ileligion In Ihr family. '~
Blgnlleaace of Jobn -"Jehovah's
Faith looaeuc tongue unbelief bad
Ttm MVUndi at Use Najr
Analysis of hymn: Qratltudc for Di-
viae visitatioV
Messiah a "Hern" (power) of Bal
v alios.
Advent prophesied of old.
Proraisa cenlnnad with an oath.   ,
• This «nt of eaniideratigrj qf human
porytee—(IMest of deliverance.
Afidreas tp tho.child; prophet of the
. Prpp»rjpg the weyi Boswlta-Ifjiow
lodge: Forgiveness.
hlgbi. (IpiAgpte.
The Voting Feople'a Devotional Bor
Tiee-gow to Win Young People to
Out-aitd-ilriod ipthoila ef saving
noiibi on block igngriiig muimiui cpndi-
tions or suffering aud tho like, are offensive and not phonqpionally successful. That was not JesuV way. He
unli' iilimli ,,,l — put llimsolf no*t in
genuine human sympathy. He righted
the wrong material condition lirst.
That gavu open sesame.
Don't miss the iuiiatratorl lecture
trip through lhe Und of ticntt uml
Hums witb tho Kov, J. W. Womlsiile
us "gtiiile" assistosl by ioeul ami Vim
cuuver talent in stings and readings,
Thursday, January 18, 8 p.m., Bt. An-
d-ew's Presbyterian church. Admission
it uml nu cents. HI I
At a meeting of Iho Y. P. 8. (!. E.
of Ht. Andrew's church on Tuesday laat
the following officers were elected for
1818: Pros., Mr, Hurry llulcblsion;
vice pres., Miss N. Hurdy; sec, Mr. l£
McMillan; cor.-ioc, Mr. Waller Kliler;
Irons., Miss Ada Marshall; convenors
ol committees—Topic, Mr. Houston;
Lookout, Mr. Thus. Fiiirgrcve; social,
Miss Norn Qlbson; Music, Mr. ii. Hut
cbision; rep. lo local union, Mr. i lurk.
Mr. Van Minister gnv0 it very utile
address on Iho topic of Hie evening.
The Ml. Pleasant ftaa. C. I-,. Society
havo • .len.le.i a cordial invitation to
visit tbem ou the evening'of Jap. 83.
Vemhere arc requested lo keep that
evening opon.
Tho poslpulieil entertainment ami
.Villus tree in connection witb the Melb
iiilisl Sun,lu, school look place nn Fri
day, Junuury ttb, and was nn utiquall
fled success. Tlio program was good
throughout and lite children acquitted
themselves in tt very creditable meaner
Bpeeial mention iniu^be made of lbc
dull mil by the primary class ami the
flag drill by Hie yuung Indies of the
achool. I nil Eddie Musselwhite uud
Miss Alice Wilson proved Iboinselvt's
elocutionists of uo moan Ardor. After
the program Mr. F. II. Cummer acted
in the capacity of Simla's rcprcseula
live and amused the children in his
own inimitable style. The lirst preset)
Stioni were lo Mr und Mrs. N, I,In liter
lhe Fpworlh League giving them sil
ver mounted umbrellas with tin- sen
son's greetinga,
Jan. Illb. I!H'.'
Editor Express: >
Having noticed several Idlers in
your valued paper regarding lhe work
done by and the necessity of re elect
ing Beeve Joins Y. MciN'nught for the
districl of Norlli Vancouver for ilie
year VJVlf in juslii s to myself I would
like lu pul forward lhe following per
linen! facts, and alao lo stale Ihul I
with others, wish lo give all due credit
to the Uoevo fur what be bus done:
Beevo McNaught, while laking und
being given crcitit for Ins work iti Hie
public interests, is the paid secretary
of the Hurrard Inlet Tunnel * llrnlge
i'u., with ollice rent and an assistant
help paid. Thai the funds for Ilium!
c>|iciihos aro paid by Iho city and dis
I rids who have subscribed stuck in
thiscoinpany which is municipally
owned and controlled;
Thai Kecve McNaught is^ne of lhe
original promoters of Ihe Company
with stock ,which makes him a director
of the company;
Thai under lhe Hy law passed by
Ibe district uf North Vancouver, the
reeve fur the lime being is a director
of the Company;
That Beeve M, .Nought, as long as ho
is i,, so, cannot work in lhe dual ia
pacily as reeve of the districl and a di
rector in his own right, thereby be Ins
es a valuable Vulu to the district by
hia dual position;
That alioubl tbe electorate do ate
the bouor of electing me as their reeve
of the district of Nurth Vancouver fur
1913, I will do. all in my power wilb
my long business esperiouce and 17
-iiars public tervico as councillpr, alderman, reeve and mayor on the North
t I.on-, lo aupporl lhe bridge project in
every businesslike way,, and at tbe
same time give all due consideration
of Ihe diatrict.
Energetic attention to the requirements
of Ward 3 and the District of North'
Vancouver.   Attached to no clique
and pledged to no single policy.
'    •       ■'
desires to thank the voteis
who supported him in the
recent election.
i'"im' iui" it Irip lliu,sii'li the lund nf
BdOtt and Hums by Hev. ,1. W. Wood-
side, enlivened by snpg and .lory Viiiiciiiiver and locul talent, til. Andrew's
i'.• I--. i. iinn cbureb, Thursday, January IS, S, p.m. I'rice 2!i uml fill cents.
ouickly arops couoHe. cuaie coma,
HSAll THE 1IIH0AT ANB LUNCja. ae ciNia
My thanks to everybody
and congratulations to
all who won.
Tito Norlli Vancouver Club's flrat
annual ball will bo held in tho Kniglils
of l'ylhius Hall ou -lib street west on
Friday, Jam lath, 11)12, at 0 o'clock
p.m. .M.nilis'is. desirous of being present can obtain tickets at a cost of $6
each from Iho Hon. Hccrotary-Trea-
surer, Mr. U. S. Uhopbord.
Ididioe and Gentlemen:
Wishing |a Ikaak ym-tmt~md fO
for, the kindly, way you turned out
under tha unfavorable conditions of
Ibe weather In giving your vote and
aupporl In placing Ine at (he head of
 i'(ii. I remain,
Vours truly, -
i\ 'I'm; at riii'ni. mi in ,,i   miu
lall     ,1)1.1     HUM
WILLIAM   l-'tll.l.HJI  ACKUNI) IIHllll,
iif  the  t'lly  ol Vuiicoiivei.  1)   r
ol ilie i'lty .of Vancouver   li  i:   '. o
l:i. I i     'si.i" ..i & Hull)
uKFiiiu;  THB   iii)Nui,'itAiii.|,:   sin
BmB, Tlturaduy Ilie ilm duy .,f
Iiecumlier. A.D.. I:,11
i:l'ON tiic appllcallon of tha riolntln
for leave to serve the Will of Suin-
iiiuiis   Iteioln   sulisiltiittonsillv   „u   the
I'. i, i,il.ini .uml ,.,.,,i, lieiiitiiii ,iii,l ilie
.illid.ivll,.  "I  Thomus Millies   Juied   III,
llllli duy ,,r December, All. 1911. mid
\ i III in .1 Kappele duleil lite .'1st iluy
uf lleceiulirr. 11 I), Ull, mv,l:ll uml nidi
lien-til uml the exhibit lliei, in icfnieil
i'riS oltliKHKIi Hint wrvlca upon
Ibe fiefeiidiitii,,r Ilcmlilc'i.iiit, uf
ils.- Will iif Summons uml Si.i'i'iiiciii
"I ''luliii lu Ibis nelion by pul,llnli-
Inu llils Urder tuRcther wilh the Nullee
I lie. ooit endutaed, In the Vancouver
Dully I'i,'vine,' uml lu lhe l.npicss, pub-
isl,ed In ibe i'lty uf Nonli Vupcuuvue
fm u iniliiil „f two weeks from ■ lir
dale of Ibe Ural isiiblkiilloii. be ileeui
■■I  nmid und  ,.,iill,l,iii  service of uul,I
•'■ iH    llllli    .'•lai, I." „l    Of   I   I.slis,
ilml  ibe H..I.1 Defendant do enter mi
u|,i',illume uml Pie Ids s.i.ii, I,,, in ul
ilefel,,,, I,, ||„, uuld Witt uf j. ii,,,. ,., ■
und :i..i. in, ni of , lain, us iifuiesuld
ou oc before ,,|i,ii,|us i|a. 2SIP duv ,1
.liiiiuaiv. lin;
tliul   Ibe   costs   uf   nmi   luclilcntul   I,,
ibis u|s|.llssiill,iii be l'jjbIh Iii Ibo'ciiilse
'Ilu I'l..nihil claim Is lur Ibe cun
..ii.ii,iu, uf u i-.-j tali, uareeincnl cn
I, i,d tin,, between the I'luliiilff mul
II." Difclislunl doled lbc 1st duy uf
Auj^nul, 11,01. mul ,,, i ;.,,. |u ip,,
l.lllld Hl-cUII'.' Illll.e III the I'll)- III Vun
couver, Ibe list duv  of July,  190g
The   I't.iliitiii    fuiiliei    , i.,i,„..     n,.,i
Ilie  I'.'  iif  Uie nib) linreellli'lil
In   Ibe   I.IIII.I   lleulsll)    Dln,.e   III   Vl.ll
eon vet, n. i'. be cancelled
(Bland) ADI.I'TV   MOIlltlHilN.
Vuniouvcr.   live    SO,   iSII
",v II V I; li
NDTICB Is "i.i.s i nm that an up
plleiillun will be in.ssb' lu Ihu l.ealsla
live Assembly uf the Pruvlnca of
Hiliii.ii Culuiulilii ul In no>t s.sslon
fur mi Acl to jiiiihui'lie Ibo l.leul'en
ulil'tluvei'mir In ITuuncll (wlthuul re
■ niii n.r. obsuiviiiiee of the provisions of
till.'    ,',',11 ll litpll llllell'    lllsill |iiil llllilll    ACl)
by li-lteis ia,i,in under lbc public
seul I,i divide the eurporatlun of Hi"
ri in.i uf Nurlli Vuncuuver by In-
,isi|,"iiillnii Into u Dlslrlcl Uunlclpal
Ily under llm mime uf the "Corporallon
of the i' uf Wcsl Vancuuver"
ull Unit poi'tlun uf the Cutporatlon uf
Use District uf North Vuncuuver. disss i ibed ns follows.
I'oiniii, mlnii ul Ihe point where the
eust "alms    Ilf   D.   I.   SIS   lllleisecl,
11,,- ii.iiih i.."iu„", of il," aald ''us
j',,1,,11,,11 .Us, nee west uIuiik laid norlli
I,"inni,is. is, ii ih. i In it,,we Bound
ou Hie llm of tbe suld norlh bounder..'
in oil ii, ,,t. summit MOO feel welt from
tb,- ensiiilj i.-i, of auld Howe Sound,
llui",, -asnili, ils ismellcl lo, and fol
lunii,,: Uie i,i,.,i,,l,'itiiu>i nf Iba said
ahure tu n puliii of Intersection with
Ibe line I 000 feel 'llslullt suulb fions
Ibe not 111 .ini, -I llurrurd Inin
ihence eaaterly liarellel lo, nnd lollow-
llip III,- ineiillilisllllKS of lhe suld Norl'l
Hhore of Huninil liull to a point nl
Intersection 1.000 feci dlstunl inul'i
frum Ibe soiilbwest coiner of II. I,
T's.i nmi Iii Hue wilh Ibe well boundury of suld i'i ui. i I.ol 2SI producer.
Ilirlii'--    noitb-eiisleily   uml   i,,,,il.,ii
..Tina the west boundary ul laid l>
I, t'i'.i to the ii, nl, ss, ni corner iin i.
of; III, li,, eiiutlnillllK n.nils, lis .
Ibe wesl buumliiry of D I. IIS lo thu
ninth w-esl cotner Ihereuf, laid
cm net   IicIiik  op   the jwiflb  boundary
„f |l I, ill. Il:el„, CMlll.
ub,in.  il,.- ....i.i liuundary D  I,  714 iu
the Solllll-Wesl   ,,.11*1   D. I.   711, II., I.   -
iiniib uioiiK the wcsl boundary of aald
D    I.   7CI   lo   Ihe   is,nib wesl   corner
thereof;    Ihence    ,■.„■), ily  alona    lhe
norll. i"„mi,is ■. D I. 711 to the louth-
eust   curlier 1)   Ij   7SI;   iii,i,.,   north
iili.iiK   the  eust   boundaries  of  D   I,
7S3. 7SI. im.: mul COS lu the norlh-easl
eoiner nf 1). Ij SOS: Ihence w.-al ilotu
lhe nurth lis.iiiiiluty of laid J)   I.  SOI
in the I.-,,sis i.. i corner of D I. lit;
ilu in, north .ibiiit Die call bnundar-.-
uf suld  D   I,   S7E  lu nolnl ol .on,
men,,-mi-ill. Iiii'IoiIIiik all rlahii   ard
mens ul h.iI.I Howe Hound and Rng-
li.-b Hus   ili'.iilnii or ,'lbi'i wise, now a
pint  of hii I.l corporation of Ihe Dl.
Iiln of Norlh Vancouver .and by reducing lbc limits nf lhe suld f'nrpors
Hun of Ibe Dlslrlcl of Nortn Vancouver mcoiilliiiil.'. each of suld (Torpors
Huns  l„    .si..sin subject   tu lbs d, I  •
mid n J..nil,,, uf lbc present (Torpors
llssii „f the Dlslrlcl nf Nurlh Vancouver, bu) ns between  the Corporation
lb,  min, in. ,li I,in uml llutillltlsa of lbs
present I'wporellon of Ibe Dlilrlcl .'I
Nurlli Vi.ii.ovrr In be divided and is
siniiiil ui'on an euullublo basil.
DA'IT'D Ihli Illli duy uf n,,,i„i-,,
AD. 1911
Sullclloi lur the Applloaail
We Study Printing
Wc make a feature of preparing printing Uiat is profitable to
our patrons.
Wc study type fares and effects
lo insure allrartivc arrangement,
and we believe you will appreciate
our dandling of your work.
From a card to a huge poster
or an illustrated catalogue wc will
give you a figure or our advice.
-        .
" a '     '"
Scotch and English pure wool blankets, ip all weights aw)
sizes, our own direct importation, also Canadian blankets from
the cheap union up to the fine all wool.
Canadian fine wool double blankets, Urge size, per pair $3.85
Canadian blankets, extra large, per pair........ $4.78
Scotch fine all wool blankets, small, medium and, large,
per pair .' ' $8,00, $7,00, $8.(M)
English soft pure wool blankets.small, medium and large,
perpair $5.00, $6.00, $7.50 and up
Flannelette blankets, soft, heavy quality, for short time
only, per pair $1.25
On the Marine Drive (Keith Road), 80
leet wide, close to the sea. Lots 67x130
feet; magnificent view.
PRICE $900
Terms, one-fifth cash, balance over two
yeais. f\ie$e lots will be selling foi $2000
each when the Marine Drive is opened
(or traffic next summer.
Palace Hotel
Second Street, Noilh Vancouver, B. C.
Rates:—$2.00 per day up.    Special
fata io families ami In regular hoarders.
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
Will take deed of good building let
as i puyment on a 10 room bouse;
new;  all modern. Easy   terms   on
north vawowviw om tt»
At Moailay night's mooting in Ur-
etui's Pavilion the following accounts
were submitted:
Wotting Account for tba period from
December 1st, 1010, to November
30th, JBl),
Transportation charges-
Total coit of operating
ferry steamers for the
period  '..     ♦70,4811.00
Transportation Earnings—
Passenger fares       $108,410.08
Vehicle fares        13,161.80
♦ 131,670.00
Loss estimated value of -
ticket* sold and not used
to Nov. 30th,  1011..,.        3,000.00
Freight reeeipte '.'         3,102.85
Advertising  revenue
from -linata   .'...        1,187.70
Paymenl mude liy Insurance Company fnr ro-
I'l'ii ■ lo tttl No. 1 after s  t         •.'.in.:'-.'
Ilalaiico uf transportation earnings over transportation charges        51,360.8
Profit and Loss Account for the Period
from December 1st, 1010, to November 30th, 1011.
Donations     800.00
Interest, current      1,(1:17.03
Interest on delienlures to
November DOtb,  lllll....     0,400.00
'il..un. i.i   to Sinking Fun.I     1,347.00
Transferred to Iho reserve
fund for replacement....   13,088.15
Union, o carried down, being nut  prolit   	
Balance  brought   forward
front working aceotlnl   ..    !!,l,l 10.61
t'redil    balance    brought
down              438.40
Credli balance al Novem-V.
ber   :illtb,   1010         3,1184.80
llalaiice, being profit   lo
dale         4,483.80
Traffic Beceipte for the Month ol December, 1011.
Single  or   return     ♦833.00
16 for 85c)     8087.50
[30  for SI)     700.00
(ill  for %2)     8380.00
Monthly   |»mi     181.00
Vehicle Ticket   787.60
freight collected    836.00
Freight prepaid      0.76  fares, rents, edvertla-
ing, etc  330.70
■    a. *
December,  1000- 14388.58.
December, 1010 -♦7105.10.
District of Nortb Vancouver,
i ,,iiii  ur HrtUluu el   I mm, ..uuui  Hull
NuTll'K  ia   hereby  alveti   Uiat    tin-
 si nl Uu- in-isi. i of Nurlh Vim
euuver tiuve U(i(iiiinl.-il Uutiii'luy ,llie
Jril Uny ..I February, lull, ul the hour
of I o'clock |i m ul the Muni. I|
Hull, corner ■ I i.s.s. Vulley Itouil uml
Friiiuiiic lliuiil In milil dlalrlcl aa Hi.;
time uiul iiIust f"i beiiilna ■,• .s.11.,11,s..
Uk-iiliisl tlir ANa.'iHtii.'liI fur (lie year
1SII. us made by Ilie Aeicasor
Any person ■ .. ii.'sn., the
Aasesanii'tit inoi.1 -rlv« notice In ivrlilii,
lu ilu- AHsomiir ol Hie gniiinil of tila
iiiitil'liiliil ut trait ten .I.. .;■ Intdri Ibe
dale of Ilus Oral lining ol tlie Ciiurt
of Itcvlalon
liulcd/kil Nurlli Vancouver. H. C,
Hits Wli/ duy  nl lis'..nilici    till
/    ioilN I)   KAllMi-TIt, fllf
THE    C. P. R.
li.'ia pretty nearly everything it goci after, and if it ia tbe ('. P.
it. that is n| |.l,ii<|, for power to bridge the Nortb Arm of Hurrard
Inlet Ihe bridge will be built and tbe present opposition will ensure hotter lerma from tbe Company—that Is all.   .
on Heilh lloed. D. Jj. 688 will, therefore, be in direct line between
Iho bridges and will be very valuable. ,
50 loot Lols—$400—on Easy Ttrms.
,  Min;   Nnt April a rajiid forry   s-rvlco wili be   established.
Come and iu K/indalo before buying elsewhere. •
—H&rMwLURG, 340 wmvim Sl W.	
Contrary to the usual practice the Assessment Notices (or
1912 have been sent to the registered owners of property
according to lhe Land Registry record?. i        ,,,
Up to the present, purchasers have been in the habit of
notifying the city authorities that the property had changed hands
io that notices of assessment and taxation should not go astray.
This foim of registration of owners has heretofore been deemed
sufficient for city purposes, but owing to a recent decision tf ie
city council is advised by its solicitors to recognise these owners
only who appear on the records of the Land Registry Office.
Unfortunately a great many never register their deeds or agreements.
The Norlh Vancouver Land and Improvement Company
has received numerous assessment notices for 1912 for property
which it has sold and whicii has since changed hands two or (hree
The Company, therefore, desires lo notify persons who have
purchased from it that they should lake steps to ensure notices
of assessment and taxation being sent to them so lhat they may be
come aware of the value at which ihey are being assessed and
pay taxes as they fall due.
The  North   Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company
Limited' Liability
Phone 6268
Why is our advertising patronage large ?
Because The Express reaches the people I
North Vancouver Business & Professional Cards
I'ercy   8   Howard
H    J    Perrln
rity   Auditor
AaSllara  mat   Aftoaalaata
ili   r. ml. i   Bt   W.      P.  O.  Boi  HIS
flu.lie 1117   ' I'bone III
Vancouver       Norlb Vancouver
l» fiih Street Eaat Norlb Vencoaver
thorn til
Pioneer lloreeekoer - ferriage ffoiia
Successor In Wallace it Broil, Third
Btreet.   General rtipair work.
A. Wallace's services have been retained.
boohs a*o atATioaBBV.
Bookssilore end St-ellonere
Cot. I...I1S.I.U aad let.        Phone 143
Poet-Oraduate OWca«e UalvsfWIjr
Mem « end 10, am tm Oftca Max*
Tba New Block on  Lonadale Avteuie
near tbo l-'.-i i y  Approach
w„i built by
General Contractors
1 "i.ii.i.     for   reinforced
construction.    Sewering  i
all   ils
branches;  house connections a spe
cially,     I  ins...I.     furnished
Office: 80 ijonsdale Ave.        l'bono 2115
Pressed Brick Mnnllcs a Special!--.
Phone 1,112
s. Craib W. Craib
Jn Concrele, Brick snd Wood.
I mi.   I.M.IM I IIN.
k.U.lK- k S.
Irrigation, rtralna-ra, levola, plaaa
and apecifications. Septic tanlta and
bmiae drainage a specially. P. 0.
Box 344, 161b atreei wett ol Bewicks
'    Iff ,-t-t
North Vancouver Buaineaa
College thi Copying Office
Bank of Hamilton Chambers, lonidale
Avenue ,North Vancouvar . Day and
evening classes. Open all the year
And gcnoral Commissioa Merchant, 13
Ijonsdale Ave., Nortb Vancouver.
Phone tki
r- ^r^^   mmw
Hii.IIM   111
Up to date Millinery
Moderlae Bates
Keith Block    93 Lonsdale Ave.
I'llllTlll.llAI-lll It
Studio   over   Bank   B. N. A.
Lonadale and F.sldanade
Pipe Killing and Connecting Promptly
uiul t.'orrci-tly Done.   Prices right.      i
North Vuncouver, B.C. und l.ynn Valley
Phone 184
SAW till ll*.
8»w Viler and Grinder. All kinds of
hand, cross   oul   aud   buck  saws see*
and  filed at shortest notice.  146 3rd
street clal, Norlb Vancouvor. »*J
High class Ladies' and Cent's Tailoring
Phono 207
Specialty: Children's Lossoni at ojrn
home.    Terms    etc., apply Goneral
Hy clothes   are  at tbo   Capilano
Laundry   where  yours   ought   to bs.
t work  for 36 cents  do*.  Bough
ity, 'le lb., wet wash, lc Ib.' Drop us
a card and we will call for (hem.
V. O. Bat mi JO THB W-BOTQBB OF THB fllfi-
Ladies awl flontleinoii:
For the'fourth time I como before
you seeking' eltii'linn SB reovo nt Ibis
dinlrid. 1 have tn acltiinwludge t||0
lieartinoss of the support accordoii mo
on former occasions. I have endeavored to live up to the responsibility yon
laid upon me, I bayo fcnpwn an. saptlqn.
or. paraonal liitawsti-but have striven
to give ilno iitlenlion In ovury interest
and s|iocjul|y to tlio actual settlor on
tba land.
. I had to lm In Ottawa-twice tbis
yoar in tlie interests of the Second Narrows iirislgo ami for fairly long periods Oil bulls iii'.-nniiiini .lint my dul inn
woru loyally discharged during my
absence by Oonnttllpr Allan as Afthig
IV tba.many matters Votaw m
during tba last two yuan is tho bridge
across the Sscoqtl Nirrows whi-h  is
of paramount |n)pq-tanefi. I l|opeil
for greater progress tbia year, but
conflict witb other interests and tho
general election caused snrloin delay.
The  best available  eugineeriuk  skill
Mahon, McFarland & Procter, Ltd.
■   '
■ ■ ■
CLEARED 80 ft. Lots in Blocks 226 and 227;
$900 and $1000      14 cash, 6,12,18 months.
80 ft. Lots in Blocks 230 and 232a; $680, $700
and $800 14 cash, 6, 12 and 18 months
Phone 6286  -   - 543 Pender Street, Vancouver
And ynii certainly do when you I ay furniture here, totality nmi vun
oty are lhe strong features of litis store. Nowhere el»o will you Ilml
u» extensive n Allowing of really good furniture ami carpets al such nominal prices oa we charge, Kink nitlclo is representative of lhe bent of it-
kind und our wonderful assorlmeul insures uur suiting every taste ami
every pursu.
This Month
You can save money in
making your pun liases now
Extension Tables, $8.50,
$9.50, $12, $15 up.
Dining .Si l.. ol 5 small and
I aim from $ 14.00 per
set up.
Bedstead, Spring and Mattress, complete (or $8.50 up
Dressers at cut prices, $8.50, $9.50, $12.00, $15.00
and up to $75.00.
In our Crockery Depl. we are jusl opening up a large shipment ol Flower Pols
and Crocks.       ==       All Siiei
128 Lonsdale Ave. North Vancouver
is at work nu tlm plans tat p very largo
and substantial structure to meet every
requirements for tunny yours tp come.
All aro agreed that bucJi a structure in
a necessity. Hut it involves raising
fl,Q0D,l)Qn moro of c'apijal than ft uull-
clpatod. .My ttlnrtt bavo for soinp
tints been directed, to obtain tho ultra
amount, partly from tlte two govern-
iiiiiiiIh and partly from municipalities
itiifiriiaitid, and I bave ovory reason
to boliove that wo will be successful.
It wus as ypur rcevo that I began and
have carried on tbis work and It will
give pie encouragement and authority
to carry, it on to completion if I still
have yonr confidence and support.
1 am sorry that tbe West Vancouver
district resolved to separate from us
as I have ilm fooling that fa still need
tbe strength of union, but 1 respect
thoir wishes. I bavo endeavored and
will etill endeavor to work with tlioin
iu the most frlondly manner for tho
cniisiiiiiiiiulion of thoir desires. Tbis
separation will rouder anothor eleclion
necessary for tlio district as reduced
in April or May neat.
Ah it inoiiiber of the lato Joint Civic in committee of tho North Shore,
I heartily joiuod in making known
tbo ppssibilltioa of Iho North Hhore
for harbor works, and us harbor inter
esls ure nuw reaching a climax of al
tontion, it is most desiralilo that the
North Hliure lie well kept iu evidence
as wo can have hern ut comparatively
miiiiII expense n harbor or grcnt capacity and usefulness which will tnciii
great development for the Shore.
Tito great need of railway coiiiinini
cation with tho vast Hinterland uf
Mini Is Columbia hh fur uorlb iih the
Pease ilivcr district must lie apparoul
In everyone, this railway shoiilsl have
ils terminus in North Vancouver, niul
lo that I'm! I am directing my cnorglos.
The opening up of tlm district
;:un,| trunk roads radiating in differ
cut 'im' ii"ii   lo eualilu intending set
! tiers lo reach their properties has al
j ways lieen my policy, ami will still con-
! litiuc to lie so.
I   Ily record of work  is  before you.
1 My desire in seokiiti; re election is io
nil  further serve  your  interests  by
I persistently working  for the consiini
i maiion  of   those large    undertakings
nmi lo thai end I ask fur your inllu
once and your volo ou election day.
1 um, ladies ami gentlemen,
Vours faithfully,
North Louadalo .
Bev. T. E. Bowo, Principal
liirls under 6 yearn old, in per month
liirls over h yra, old, $11 per mot 111
pipes iui terms when twu or inure ar>
sent from the tunic family.
Arrangements are being made lo
crcrt ii liuiliting by the spring tu lis'
commodate ilu or HI boarders besides
ilpy     i" t.f.
The Municipality of North Vancouver, to wit:
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given to the Electors of the Municipality aforesaid,
that a Poll has become necessary at the Election now pending for the same, and that I
have granted such Poll to be taken on Saturday, the 13th inst., between the hours of
9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.; and further, that the persons duly nominated as candidates at
the said election, and for whom only votes will be received: are
Surname       Other Names
Wbetber for Bsave or Councillor
McNAUOHT, John Young
of Lynn Valley
MA?, Wiiii.un Heury
of North Vancouver
NELSON, Charles
Councillor for Ward One
of Vancouvar
Retired            '
THOMPSON, WUllam Alfred
Councillor for Ward duo
of Nortb Vancouvar
Councillor for Ward Three
of North Vancouver
PHILIP, Alexander
Councillor for Ward Tbree
of Nortb Vaueouver
WAUii, Oeorge
Councillor for Ward Three
Councillor for Ward rout    '
of North Vancouvar
Bctlrad Merchant
ALLAN, Tbomai Alfred
af Lynn Valley
WE0TOVB&, Poter
Councillor for Ward Four
of Lynn Valley           ♦
PBIPQMAN, Edward Harry
Councillor for Ward Flva
of Nortb Vancouvar
Estate Manager
MacKENZIE, Charlea Donald
Councillor for Ward Five
of Vancouvar
Of which all persons are hereby required to tab notice and to govern themselves
. accordingly.
t       Given under my hand, at Norttr VlIKouvef.This'"Eigfth -Hay of January, m the year
Returning Officers
To tlm Klectors qf Wap} fbrofl:
l.iislina uud Qontlomou—I am a can-
didotu for election m eouueiiiur for
your ward and I res|ioctfnlly |jsk,yqnr
support at tho poll on Saturday, J3th
Knowing tbat Ifceve McNoUKbt litis
most Iqyally and insistently awpilgjlt
for tbo benefit of tbo viboio district, I
den ire to Iii! ii Ide tn mi (ipi-rnli! with
bim in the exceedingly iuuiortiiut work
be has ou linmi.
As your representative, if elected, I
w|ll earofnl|y attend to yonr iptorosts,
and keep in clpao touch with yonf re-
representative associations. Evory
part of tbo ward will have my cure.
I strongly favor tho employment of
local 1)1011 fqr public work where that
is poseiblo ,aiu| thoroby giving encouragement lo settle iu tho district.
I am, ladies and gentlemen,
Yours faithfully,
1,miii',, nmi llenlleilieni
Haying received it requisition signed
by two hundred rutcpayors ashing me
lu sliiiul us a candidate fur reeve for
11)12, it is wills great pleasure Unit I
consent to their wishes. I buve hud
lhe confidence ami support of tho puli
lie for 17 years us councillor uml reove
of the district and muyor of lhe city.
If ulccted I ss ill si , my inlliience lu
prosecute all necessary Improvements
in n spirit coinpnlulile with the western spirit of i'i",-!'' -I' i im . hucIi us
nutjs, streets and Iriink roads mul give
intending settlers uccess lo Iheir pro
I will endeavor lo'work in the best
of harmony with the cities and districts Interested in Ihe building of the
Second Narrows Bri.lj-c, fully realising that lhe coiiatmclion nf the same
is lbc pivot uf uur future success.
I will use my best endeavors tu work
in the moat friendly manner with all
who are Interested in the furtherance
uf -rnilwuy and olher Irunspurlnlinn
I'lii'ililic, in ami urniiii'l Kurrnnl Inlet
Tn. in.;- Unit tny luii|.' experience in
public matters muy justify my request
for your hearty support,
J am,
Yours i'u i ih lulls
Electors of North
Yancouver District!
Hie l.ynn Valley  Kale-
payers'  Association   unanimously endorse lhe following candidates:
Reeve, W. H. May
Councillor (Waid IV),
P. Weitover
School Tiustces, C. Munro,
R. P. I'm die
b. o, omm^
His honor the Lieutenant Governor
In council has been please^ to l»ako the
following appointments:
\Ja-nps Jlenry 9*pA)tw, M9- to M
polico magistrate fqr'fbp pity of #pv:
oistoko in tba plaoa nt Wra. tymh-qit-fi)
Pustor, HsigneiJ, _,     :.„-.■ :
To bo justices of tba Paace: Vrooir
K. Wishiirt ol Kitsiim Kullam and
Qeorge Hugh Pidcqck of (Juatbiaiki
Cqvo in tbe oongty nt Vancouver) Alp?-
iiiiiler N. Mcintosh of Aldorgrovo, to
lio a notary public; Thos, Smith of Vincouver, to be inspector pf licenned premiss's ami inspector of police from
January 1st, 1 it Jii in-the place at Oolia
8. Campbell, resigned.
Certificates of incorporation bavo
boon issued tq tbe following: Anglo-
British Columbian Securities Ltd.,
HrouiiflMcKen/.io Lumber Oo., i',iy
Uml (io. Lid., Haves and Ilrauey Ltd.,
Qoorgiu Mansions Ltd., Hralium Island
Hold Mines Ltd., Lokele- Valley Fruit
Lands Co. Ltd., lieiropuliiau Investors
and Conlractors Ltd:; Okanagan Mission Sports (dub; Bkyruclt luvcstmeut
lio. Ltd.; Starks Ltd.; Vaucouvor Art
lihiiiu lio. Ltd., ami Wostorn Dos and
Shingle Mills Co.
A little over u week agq Mr. Charles
Nelson was the recipient of a petition
signed by thirty-llvo names of representative signillcuiico usking him to
cuter the lists fur Ward I iu Ihe nni
iiicipiilily as a candidate for 'council
honors. Mr. Nelson's satisfactory re
ply wus us follows:
,1. Alexander and Others:
Hear Sir,—In reply to your roqucal
as per petition presented to mo a fow
days ago re standing us councillor for
Ward I. aud i.Howing my name to be
nominated, I Infurine'l you peri, nail;
ut lhat limo thul lhe vote of tbe
mooting of Iho ratepayers of West
Vuncouver would holp mo to decide
what coino to pursue Since thul
meeting wus' so lurgcly attended by tbe
ratepayers and a Inriio niepority supported your .'m.ii.'i,, I beg to Ibnuk yon
uml Ihem fur the nomination aud I
hereby en-opt the sonic.
Yours truly,
K.'tiri'.l Chemist, Vancouver.
A large city map of Nortli Vancouver has been prepared in tbe City Kit-
gineer's ollice-showing Ibe dimensions
of the lols.
Any person desiring a blue print
of Ihe Niine may obtain a copy at the
City liugimxr'» uflke by paying lbc
actual cost of blue printing.
Cily Engineer.
19 1
Rcspc'clliiHy requests your Vole and Influence
(or Councillor lor Waid 5, in the District of
North Vancouver, for lhe year 1912
3 years actually a resident ol llm ward.
2 yeart Chairman ol lhe Finance Commillee ol the Districl Council.
I it Vicc-Prcijdcnt Norlh Vancouvei Board ol Trade.
Having received a requisition from 56 residential
lolers of Ward 3, distr'id of the Municipality of
Vorth Vancouver lo contest the forthcoming election, I have decided to become a candidate for councillor for ward 3 for 1912
If elected I shall advocate the widening of thi
Capilano River Road from the e/id of the car lhe
lo the Second Canyon and I am prepared to devote
whatever time it neceuary to municipal matteri.
Yours obediently,
CEO.  W0Q:
. -
Late Grow)
' - *
•j I
News fromj^nn Valley
ipsslal meeting of the l.ynn Valley Batepayors' Assentation took place
an Friday availing (or the purpose of
baarlng tba' candidatei' for tbe coming
election Wltb p' o-nwdod ball, President
J, Neat ooupied tlie chair, Beeve Mo-
l Naught gave a .lengthy address, tbe
Second Narrows bridge being Ids priti-
Bipal topic,   Ho considered tlio credit
nt getting tbe bridge to its preient
advanced stage tt due to bis work and
influence, During his s|x years' seri
dence in tbe Valley much had boon
done towardi tho development of tho
diatriot wbleh covered an area of 164
iijuare miles. Speaking of his inter
view at Ottawa and Victoria and tlie
Bailway and Bridge llommluion, also
With Premier McBride Iteeve McNaught
considered no single pesron had done
■o much for the municipality as him
self, anil after some thirty live min
utei 'talk he askoil tin citizens (nr
their support. After answering sunn
sharp aud erltil'al questioning the reeve
lift tbe platform.
Mr. W. It. May, tlte endorsed can
iliiliile of the Halepayers' Asaociation,
was the neit speaker. A polilion'.-of
over "uu ni'me. had houn presented lu
li,. May ,for which he tliuuku.l tboss
prcsieiit, for thoy hud appreciated li
previous public work. Mr. May lias
been a resident of the Nurlli Hliure fur
24 yean, out of which lie liusl served
17 years for the city and diatrict. I'a
ing to memory Ihe struggles of lhe
early days, Mr. May gavu some very
striking details of great experiences!
Beferring lo the dry ,|... I, scheme which
ho considered nothing liul a gatnlil.
m with the municipality'a money ,he con
aiderail it a grave situation uud after
contradicting lomo of Beevo ,1. Y.
MrNBiight's statements, which resulted in ii sharp argument, a statement
was in...I.- that Reeve Me-
Naught, when questioned at a previous
meeting in North Vancouver re bridge
remarked that to make a show in
these days you have lo run a bluff
on lhe public. Mr. Muy asked who
liter these were the kind of men we
neod at the head of our council. In
closing liis addresa Mr. May added if
lie ehould bo elected his policy waa lo
do the best in Ilis power for Improving the municipality and act honestly
to the ratepayers.
Councillor Allan: I am bere by lhe
invitation from the Betepayen' Asso
ciation and ai a candidate for couu
rillor for ward IV. and after tliicuu
ing the marine drive contract in which
' he proceeded to give an eiplana
lion of the contract being awarded to
.  Mcl'hersoii k C'o, tin-re having beeu a
discrepancy of $15,000 belween Tlioui|
sun and Hluart's tender. During Hi
< pust year V/, miles of sidewalk Iiii.I
been laid in Lynn Valley, '.1% miles ul
water pipe and 5 miles uf new mails
had been built. Coun. Allun's speech
wae short uud asked for suppnrl iu the
coming election. He remarked he
would do his best if re-elected, say
ing many people wuuld do differently
if they had Iho same work lo do Ihe
neeonii lime.
Mr .Westover ,lhe fourth spekker,
also a .sn,.h.lm.' endorsed by Ihe as
lociation, advocated au 8-hour duy.
better roads, mure street lights, lire
protection, a playground and more side
walks, also a scheme for lo help tlie
settler lu clear und grade his pro
Mr.C, '.I.,ni,i.- was called upon as
a candidate for ichool trustee. Mr
Miioroe declined.
Mr. H. P. Purdie gave a short speech
i.n the class uf man required fur the
position. Although he liuil but little
experience in school work, he consider
cl he wus the right mun for the po
sitiou of school trustee.
Horn lo Mr. and Mis. Butler, a son.
.Miss Mury Brooks, whu lias been ill
for several weeks, is improving.
.Vbool reopened on Wednesday. A
good i. Mi 'in Inn''   is reported .
Mr. .1. W. linker has had his house
wired, lie is also making oilier improve
meiits to his house un Allan Hoad.
Hev. Dr. Hpencer will preach in the
Firsl Baptist church ueil Sunday morn
ing and evening. Tho pastor will be
prment and direct the service. Jack
Hpencer of New York, a soloist, will
•ing at both tervicei. Iler.-an class
sss..i« at ii p.m. subject, "Jesus' at
tlliide,towards evil doers." Leesou
taught  by  the pailor,
Loap year, haa begun iti matrimonial
ravages in selecting from tbo ranks of
the HI. Andrew's and. Caledonian Society two of the few single tnumbem
still remaining to Huk up In wedlock.
Mr. Archie Maelaggait, Ihe wall known
secretary of tbe eooiety) lately frp,n
Perth, Scotland, led to the altar Miss
Margaret Qilroy (a latfy member of
the soi'iniy) from Edinburgh, Seat-
land. Bev. J, D. Qillam mil,'imml. Af
ter the ceremony a reception was held
at the home of Mrs, W. T, Grahame,
Lonsdale Avenue. Tin. happy couple
intend making Nortb Vancouver their
borne for lint future.
lost nr iw tvuohu
Absolutely the most thrilling and
plieiniiueniil animal picture ever produe-
etl. In this pliouoineuel imimiil muster
piece we are told of an incident in tlte
lives of .Ian Krugu and his daughter
Mela, who livo ou an isolated farm in
the Transvaal. The nearest neighbor
Hir Jolin Morgan, lives twenty miles
away. Toddlei, a work elephant on
her father's farm, is Mela's only pet
and she constantly defends hint from a
cruel koeper. Her father tries to force
Mela to marry ileus, a neighbor Boer.
Hho rebel". Ilindiiil, Sir John's nephew,
conies for a visit and Hir John brings
him lo call on the Krugas. Mela's
heart is awakened at the sight uf the
handsome young I'lnglisliman atu) she
refuses lo marry Hans. For this sho
is driven away from home by her
heartless father and in attempting In
walk lo Hir John's house she get* laat,
in Ilia jungle. A ferocious leopard attack! her ami she defeuda herself wilh
a hunting knife. She kills tbe leopard
and badly lacerated crawls away. She
is found iu a dying condition by Toddles, hor pet ,who has stampeded, and
is carried back by him to tho farm.
This startling Aim novelty ia fllled
with ititense excitement. A subjeel
without a parallel in Ihu annals of pie
iuu .Luu It la Halting, do and see il
at the (len Theatre tonight and i..
morrow afternoon and night.
Mr. John Nesbill of litis eity mel
with a serious accident some days ag.i;
while employed on a contract fur Me-
liiiu...sil .1. I:■•;.-1■ ■■ -• -1 ■. iii lhe con
in..ium of on oil lank for the Ini
perial Oil Company at Fast Vancouver.
Mr. Ni'-biii was working on Ihe scaf
folding al lhe tup of the lank, when
liy some means the support gave wuy
ainl he was precipitated lo lhe grouud,
inside the lank, a dislatico of forty
feel. The injured man was conveyed
as speedily as possilde lo (he general
hospital, Vancouver, where a careful
eianiiiiBlinn showed lhal he bad escap
eil with the fracture of three ribs. He
is making .'..ii-iTii hus progress Inwards
A meeting called in Die interests of
W. A. Thompson was lull on Wednea
Jay nighl in the school room, Holly
burn, ami was attended jjy about In
ratepayers. Mr. Luii.e occupied Ihe
Mr. Thompson staled thai lie thought
Ilie government  woui.l stand  to their
verbal   promise   to   grant   js".    lu
wn-rds Iho cost of the rock" work on
lhe Marine Drive end Mr. Chas. Nelson said lie was one of the deputation
who waited on Mr. Mcllride and se
Hired the promise ,and could stale po
-ilively lhat the money would bo forth
coming whenever the otic condition lm
posed by lhe government was fullilb-.l.
That condition was that the work uf
tearing out the road had been cum
plated up In the point where Ihe ruck
work began, In reply to the question
Mr. Nelson slated lhal in all muni
ipul mutters, he would empluy only
white labor.
»nooj»»mj,Y OTBNBD Off
Tbe opening of the new four-roomed
school at I,ynn Valley took place on
Wednesday nigbt when a large and appreciative audience attended ,  Beevo
McNaught,   chairman   nf   Iho    ns'hool
board, took tba chair, lis apologia-
0.1 for tbs ablution of the Hon. Dr.
Young, tbo Bon, Thos. Taylor aud pr,
iiobiiiHuii, who bad promised in come
if time were at their disposal, after
which he reviewed ihu achool accommodation required now from what it
was four years ago when there was
only oue school with uu average at
tendance of twenty pupili in the whole
municipality. Now they had one new
four-roomed ichool and one one-room-
0|| ichool in Lyon Valley, a two-roomed ichool at North Lonsdale and a
one-roomed school both at Capilano ami
Hollyburn. The reave Ihou introduced
Mr. A, B. Steacy, chairman of
Nnrlh Vancouvor school hoard, who
was the principal speaker, and who has
lieen nearly all his life connected wilh
educational interests. In a very ap
propriate speech, Mr. Hleacy gave s
review of Ihe educational intereite of
the whole North Shore, pointing out
how, stop by step, they had risen from
the primitive little frame school until
now tbey were just lliiishiiig a largo
Are-proof achool costing over $10,000
to supply tbe needed room for school
purposes; he also complimented the dis
trict ichool board on the handsome fuur
roomed school which Ihey had honor
ed bim by asking lum lo dedicate, lo
the education of lite young. After
Mr, Steacy had declared the school lu
be open for public instruction, thu foi
lowing program was provided, assisted
by tho pupils from Iho Nurlh Star
Ifponing selection, Chan.■.■':• Un h. -ini,
chorus, "0 Canada", Hcliool Class; pi
is mi solo, Misa Label I's.uipi.ll. recitation, "The Forest Fire", Miss Kalh
leen Neal; tong, "Hcuse mc today,"
Miss Mildred Douglas; churns, "Away
tu School," Primary class; recitation,
"The Bargain Counter," Miss Violet
Fraser; sung, "l'apa's Little Sweetheart," Miss Madeline Magennis; song.
"At a railway station," Miss Laviua
[Hair; trial scene "Merchant of Ven
ice," pupils of North Star schuul;
closing s*ii|!   "Maple Leaf."
The children deserve great credit
fur Iho able manner in which each de
In ei. J Iheir different parts. Much praise
and unstinted applause were given lo
the Norlh Hlar Hchool Amateur actors
in the way Ihey presented the trial
scene from the "Merchant of Venice"
showing the grcot pains Iheir lea. her.
Mr. Hicks, musl bavo taken in train
ing Ihem. The concert wus brought
tu a rluse by the singing nt Ihe Maple
Loaf, the senior members enjoying
themselves fur an hniir after the close
of the concert liy tripping the lighl
fantastic in Ihe wide hall of the school
lo the strains of the orchestra under
lhe leadership uf Mr. Chance, when,
afler singing Hod Have the King tin
proceedings were brought lo a close.
The annual meeting of lhe cungrega
tion will i D.V.j take place licit Mon
day, January Ifilh, at 8 u'clock, iu the
church. In view of the rapid .level
opnicnl of Ibis church the meeting will
no doubt be one of great iioporUncc
for the determination of ita future
„.u .....y. HIAI.S THE t-l/HG*
•TOPI COVGM tticu. is csmti
DITTCDITDV um(w^wikmnH
111 IJDUIyI   In the Townsite of Coquitlaa
Only a lew lots now Wt.
Prite |300 cash; 6, 12, 16.and 24 months,
wm m v. o. iff «»
Agents lor Undon Assurance Co,
————HHIlii       i'i' ln, imii,,       i
W« fc«W » good selection ol House* (or S^e or Rent
Editor Express:
Dear Hir, The Eait Capilano Hale
payers' Association meeting convened
last night in the school house and lhe
last guns of the municipal campaign
were lircd in a manner which denotes
a determination on the purl of lhe
members lo make this election one lutig
lo be remembered bolh in Hits district
and surrounding country. The feeling
uf the meetng strongly advocated a
change, ami no doubt they will go uul I
after what tbey want. Ml- MOfjiV*
PHlSlPll speaker of the evening, do|i-
vend arj.addraas wbleh clearly revealed to tbs audience his ability lo Sit at
tho head of the table at the gut council of the district Uo very cleverly
defended himself against the shafts of
falsehood ami scandal which were repeatedly hurled at bin) and when he
had Unladed it was quits evident that
the old war bona was as At and eager
for ths battle as ever he was and tkat
is going some.
Mt, Wagg very clearly outlined his
platform for the coming year and
manifested a dusire to put his opponent Into clear with I volume of questions that would stagger a horse, but
Mr. Loutet teemed quite equal to tbe
occasion aqd etplained hlmielf clearly
on all questions asked. Personality
and tbo usual amount of election mud
flew fait and furiously at timet but
good Judgment on the part of the audience and chairman kept things quite
..- .p.'. table considering.
Tho last but not least speaker of
tbe evening, Mr. Alexander Philip, de
livered an addresa which for volume of
words and impression was not wanting
in any stage of the game. He very
clearly eipreised his desire to itreugth-
eu Ihu hand of Reeve McNaught whom
he seems lo imagine ia the only man in
the world who cnuld possibly get the
Hecuiid Narruwi bridge. A man whn
turns down our aaiuciation by his ah
sence on the last meeting before elections, sil,en we have never had the
pleasure of hearing him express his
views on any matter and Mr. McNaught
mosl remember lhal tujLiuJong ago
we had a school treat and I notice
lhat the chairman uf Iho school board
could not Aud lime to alien.I, but he
sends along a miserable type written
.'..'iee for his absence from our asso
ciation meeting iu order that he might
an.'i..l the opening uf lite school in
Lynn Valley. Now that is not considered a very good way to gain favor
md any consequencei arising out of
sueh a. nuns, such contemptuous treat
ment, cantiol bo anything liul disas
Iroui and gues lu shnw lhal his heart
is out iu Fast Capilano, one of the
best revenue producing wards in lhe
diitrict. Yuiirs truly,
Recommendation   fioni   City   Engineer
At a session of the cily council yesterday evening lhe cily engineer wrote
in reference to Ihe franchise granted
tu the 11. C, r Is Co. limiting the speed
nf the cars lo 10 miles an hour. On
Saturday, according lo Mr. llaues' lei
ler, III nis.osss.1 thai cart operating
on Keith road hill, whicii is a 1%
per rent, grade from Jones lo llewieke
avenue, are only provided with hand
brakes, "and on leveral Irips I have
taken on this line Ihe rara were run
ning al frum ll to 11 miles an hour
down hill, iuclading lhe high trestle
over Mission Creek." Mr. llaues re
commended lhal lbc company be' re
■I", -t.-d te adhere lo lhe speed limil
Axed in their franchise in order that
tbe Uvea of passengers may be pro
Tbia recommendation was formally
You can keep warm
and enjoy life if we
supply   the   heater.
We carry a full line of McClary's famous
and Airtight Heaters of various sizes,
Give us a call, we will be pleased
to show you their good qualities.
paine & McMillan
Wholesale and Retail Hardware
Roderick MacKenrie lakes this op
porlunily of thanking lhe ratepayers
who .1 so much confidence in him
yesterday at the poll and lo assure
Ihem under Ihe circumstances lie con
siders his defeat a great victory.
4.13 Set%ul Street, Nortli Vancouver,
IL'lh'January, I912.
Self Preservation is the
First Law of Nature
Then tee to it that your feet and especially the feet of your
children are protected against this wet and sloppy weather.
We have
for Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, also Goloshes,
Rubbers, Arctics, Felts, etc., etc,
.. Being practical shoe men we know the needt of Nortli
Vancouver. ,
Our Boots for your SONS and DAUGHTERS have been
specially selected to wtlisland the heavy wear and tear of our
best and-lherefore the cheapest.
——W< arc here-far mate tlie titutnnrf tint cjty our«udyr~
Phone 393.       Mount Crown Block. (Opposite City Hall)
The animal geuerul meeting uf the
HI. Andrew's, and Oaledeniau Ladies'
Society wus held iu Iheir club rooms
on y night. Despite the iuclo
money of the weather a lurge muster
of the members were present. The
rcpurls for lhe yeur were rend and adopted Iho i iu -sn, i T. report showing u
balance on Iho right sule. Previous
lo the election of officers (lie preal
dent (Mrs (Jruhuiiiei nia.le u statement
as tn the past year's work, thanking
the officers ami members for Iheir untiring cooperation by helping the de
serving casus which came under the
notice of the society, irrespective of
nationality. Complimenting the tecre-
i,ss.. Mi V.Hinipsmi,in the perform-
■sun of the duties connected tvjlh
her "ihi e. lhe president urged the mom
Iters lo still further strengthen the
society by membership, preparing lliciu
to tiieel lhe Increase uf those reipiiring
assistance and helping new arrivals
as the cily emended
The following officers were eluded
fur the ensuing year:
President, Mrs.  W. T. Uralianie.
Isl vice president, Miss H   McUrrn.
Und vice president, Mrs.  Brown
(Secretary, Mrs.  V. Simpson.
Treasurer, Mrs. II. Baldwin
Kneculive Miss B. Smith, Mrs. II.
Jack, Mrs. W. Gumming.
Afler preliminary arrangement! were
made in connection with Ihe Leap
Year dance lu be held on Iho I'M It
February, Ihe  meeting adjourned   .
W. 0, (llndwiii wishes lo convey his
thanks to lhe eleclors uf the city of
Nnrlh Viiiiciiiiver lor their generous
support yesterday vyhieh placed him at
Ihu bend of the pull iu the bullot for
the  Board  of   Ferry   Directors.
To thu (Tity  Bleclora:
I wish tu tender my sincere limits
lu ili".-. whu accorded uie thu support
and vote which elected me to l)io oflice
of alderman fnr tho onatiiiig year, and
beg lo assure the electorate that it will
bo my constant aim tu prove well
worthy of iheir continued esteem uud
Faithfully Yours,
North  Vain ouver, II. I'.,
January  unit, 11112.
Tenders will lie res civ ed up to J2
o'clock noon un Tliursduy, .Inuaory 26,
Inr erection uf church in Lynn Valley.
J'laus s-ati lie seen at Dawson and
I'eutocoil's ollice, llooui BIS, Hidden
block, Vancuuver, Martinson & Co., oflice I...a lei. Avenue, North Vancouver, or al post ollice, Lynn ('reck.
The lowest ur any lender ""' ucces
surily accepted.
0. W. SliODKN,
New Year Gifts
Especially Selected Stock oi Fine Brushes
Cigar* in Boxes
25 Marguerites $1.50
25 Club Special....$1,75
50 Henry Clay $5.50
10 Webster C. H.. $1.25
10 Perfection: $1.00
from 25c. to $7.50 per bottle
and $20.00
' to $7.50
Beat Quality Toilet Article* of AH Kind*
Hot Water Bottle*
from $1.75 to $3.00
Shaving Requisite*
best quality and price*
North Shore Drug Co., Esplanade West
P. S. Thomaa, Phm. B. Chemist


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