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-   ;. a    (,Arwi^J.-srirjP.iJi ,,.,.,   ,     ... ...
alume 1
North. Vancquyp, B.O., Tubbday, Fbrrua'bv 7, 1911
Nmfllw 46
Np Updone
HA IB o'clock yesterday morning
Hon b Vancouvor possessed tlio new
Mem nil system uf telephones snd tho
iiuiiii mt tho change was mude Irom tho
pld | :oneratl»g system tq the new 130,-
0110 plant the city wis proniulul into
a pi isitiun as pruminont ip telopbono
distinction'as any other city in the
liiiiiiiiniiiii of Canada, llio change has
boen I going on quietly lor ovur u week
"liilil the now plant wus being put into wlirking ordor at the now "Central" \on llth strcot. A forte ol phono
men went fmni office to oBico and
house (to house und arranged the BOB*
paction! so that tho now plumes could
bo installed' i) put in operation with
tbo least pm jlo delay. The cut over
was effei ted ..Jt ovening. A host coil
was slip led into each ennnectinn in the
main In mo in thc now building, toothpicks w< ire inserted into these cornice-
lions in the old building and at u signal a i ii iia' was ii"" ', thc tooth-
picks fijl I (Ntt and I 'calls began to
mler old tho big switchboard whiih
just reiinlly arrived Irom Montreal,
Thc lirst Vail recorded was Iroin 277
to 318.    \
Tlio syslilni ol calling "central" is
exactly (he name as in Vancouver. As
the subscribe! Iiih. down the receiver a
light flashes In a bulb bearing his
number on ihe switchboard and "central" answers. Thu number sought is
called, ..lln w iiali two lighl just in
Iront ol the | lug cords in use keep
Inu ii'iil- Io lell the operator that the
subscribers are Lliil engaged. She has
no lm (In'i need llo bother wilh Ihem
until she sees wile ol these lights out,
then the cords <iiV drawn.
A man by the uanlc ol Smith and
woman coropoHi'il lh<> Vliiii-uji in (lie prisoner's dock in the v\a court before
Magistrate Kenly on Monday morning.
The woman was lound Mini inliixicnl-
cd condition on th" l.-iM whirl Imv
inn just ,u i r.. il Irom VaBiuvcr when
guldens' in by the polj|F Shu vas
saio io bc an old ..inM, „. a. * lhi
Inlet bi', was in such iBtule that her
MM was remanded. 'Hit ian was iiii
I'd IA and f ilt*. \
i  ■
Thc next ihni"- ol tbe series cl lhc
•Sl. Andrew's and Caledonian Society
will bo given in the horticultural hell
nn Friday evening, February llllh,
Irom 8.30 to 13 o'clurk. The u md
splendid time is untii'ipati>d nml a
in nail nlliiiilnnie.
Alter   lhe   rcgiilnr   ini'i'iiiiL'   n'  the
Norlh     Vancouver    Oddfellow*    lest
Thuraday evening lhe  member,   were
given a pleasant surprise by „ numlier
ol ladies who took possession   ol the
ball and instituted  a whist  Irivc  in
ivhich lhc ii-" mill; gladly joined.   Al
llel Mrs.  |l)r.)  Morrison rcevived   lur
token ol merit lor winning tlic jurat.
sl    numlier   ol games  and   Mr.   Ira
1'isrs received u menienlo Inr bringing
up lhc rear in the number  o'  «m«.
1 iii'i-n wa. provided and the lignl Ion-
\u»tic was tripled for a short  vhilc.
AyUinly  spread   ol  rcfroshiiienl wi
thoVrowuing Iceluo of the   sun
given tine hxlgc member* nli'i   uhiih
the meeting adjourned.
An informal "at homo" will be given
J>y lhc Girls' W. A. ol Sl, Mn'.'
Jiinih in lho parish ball on Valoa-
line's nigbl, February Hth. The pro-
' gram will coAsisl of popular e, nj*
and munc. Ice boll will bs puily
decorated for the occasion and h"h>»'
randy booths w'l be opcmid for business during liu pt ten ol the enter
lainmenl. Bdreshm*. < will be texv-
ad. U-i
Rev. Dr. Spencer addressed a large
audience in Ihe Hem ll |tro Sunday
alternoon on Uie 'Moral |*suc* nf
British Columbia." Sixty per cent, ol
Uie people of this provinco do not attend divine service and he doderod it
waa thc parent*' duly to live au<h a
lill and Mt an example whieh would
dl.reol Uie lootsteps ol (hair children
aright. The character* of Uie ebil-
dren should be moulded by Uic .parent* and eaacnUally ao in early childhood and thia wa. just a. nceuary
as was Uw buildars' foundations.
The first great avil that menaced Ue
country was tha drink habit. Iff \h
majority Of fuses the frequenters ol
bnr-roo:iis were under tbe ago ol 'in
years. Tho suine was upparuiit in the
prisons tbat he had visited, lln assorted that nlmut a yeor ago a ii-
ri'U-i in VimcoUV/ hid been sold (or
a low hundred dollars and within llu:
ymt   it   was   resold   at   u   '..minus
price. This, ho said, showed tup mormons profits ol tho traffic Another
evil was immorality. Prink was .really nt the root of tliis sin and il the
latter was abolished there would be
less ol tho .former. North Vancouver
was a young and growing city. It
was in its province to grow.up in tho
right way but be ventured tbo warn-
iui: that it might grow up in tbu
wrong way as well. .
• Tho third evil to e/bieh he referred
was gambling. While not carried on
so openly as the other evils it was
closely associated with them and was
followed by men in rooms and women
in parlors. Ho hoped in concluding
that overy man would sou tbat his
ninii.' was put on tho voters' list so
that he could have a voice in effect-
ng u remedy of those ovils.
Lynn Valley Notes
(Express special correspondent)
Work'on the I.ypn Vullcy Road liom
tho now l'rcsbytcrinn church his been
Dompsey Road is being improve! by
lhe rock facing wilh which it is being
Mr. Tbcrpu ol Hoskin's Road has
snme fine young porkers which will
soon bo ready lor market.
Friends of Mrs. Brooks, Frederick
Roud are sorry to know ol her ti n :
illness in the hospital.
Mr. I'ell is ei ei im.: u small dwelluig
at the corner ol Westover and car
Ur. Tm nei bus le' ii 11.ulin-1! to Us
house with a very sore loot and is
just able to Ik around again.
Mr, Pearson reports bus^ess improving ami expects next month to see
a rush start.
Councillor Allan's younge.it • In il ii.n
been very ill but latest reports arc
that lhe little one is improving.
A very pleasant dance party ,took
place at the borne ol Mr. and Mrs.
Mclnnes in honor of their son's birthday.
Miss Bessie Curric, Vancouver, re-
imiiiil homo Saturday aller a luw
days' visit to Mrs. H. Douglas, Do-
ran Road.
Mr. (iurmyn of tbu Valley has a
large camp ol men nenr Cupilano culling iimii'i from iho surrounding property,
Fromme'g mill is closed lor miuio
minor repairs and also on account ol
Ihr difficulty in getting log* out of
the snow to the mill.
During this uild weather a number
ol eases ol la grippe are reported
in   lho Valley,    All   ure progressing
vorably towards recovery much lo
.an in. ih.n of llieir Iriends.
rybody is usking how long Iliey
I Insl- lllis snow will lust and n Ice
guess is in a and. al anyone wlm can tell
when tbe next Chinook will strike (ln<
'•"i'la Shore.   (Oh, you snow |)
'IJiere i« no one spot in the Vulley
ImililiiiK is not being commune-
A person • pussiiig u spot today
III week sec the spot all cleared
new house in Ihe course oi obstruction.
The annual meeting ol lhe l.ylin Valley ratepayers will be held. Ut everyone take this as u personal responsi-
Inlii) anj iiiiiini If we want Improvements we must get together and
i...mliill Bros, arc doing Uie inside
decorating of two bungalow* tbat
havo leienily been completed. Any
work ol such uaturo lull with them is
assured good and lasting work ol (hc
very latest elyt'*\ uml color,
Mr. Hem ii-ki mi al (he end ol the
ear line Is making an early htai t and
netting his lunch and ico cream stand
in better shape which will place him
in a position to bundle thc summer
crowds.    .
A business mooting ol lhc executive
ol lho Institute Hall met last Wednesday. S. Allman was elected librarian
for lllll. Any person wishing to re-
cure books can do so every Thursday
between the hours ol 8 and 3 p.m.
The moving picture entertainment
given last Friday night by Mr. F. S.
Goodall proved on enjoyable evening
to ihose wbo Were there Tho hall
was crowded snd everybody enjoyed
thc pictures very much. Through Uie
kindness ol Mr. P. Westover music was
provided by his t- aopbonc. Mr.
Goodall worked ul Jroil disadvantage due to the fLn»uJcw ot the ball
and having to make hia own light al
there waa no electric light.
City Council Hear Many
New Street Applications
While last evening's council business
wns despatched by. B.30 o'clock there
F|l, nevertheless, a large docket, the
principal time being taken up witb
correspondence which contained many
applications for new roads.
The Mayor re-introduced the advisability o| aiding tho Board ol Trade in
sending a delegate to Ottawa in connection with the Second Narrows
Bridge subsidy. Many other mutters
of importance wero dealt with.
Correspondence read was as follows:
From Wm. McQueen, city clerk ol
Vancouver, acknowledging receipt ol
letter re meeting ol delegates from tbe
adjoining municipalities. Filed.
From tt. J. Knight, asking (or i
grado on 8th street. Hc advised
he was going to build a store on lot
3, block 109, D. L. 848.
lt was resolved to give him a temporary grade.
Aid. Dick gave notice that at thu
next meeting hu would introduce a
bylaw to establish the grades up to
8th strcot.
From Kale Hepburn, applying lor a
roud and water connections to lots 17
and 18, block 14, D. L. 600. Tbu clerk
wns instructed to notify Uie writer
that p. Ji. 600 was not in thc eity.
From M. C. Wcignn* advising thut
it was his intention to build on property relerred to previously.
From A. A. McColl asking lor the
opening up ol 33rd street to lot '33,
block 211, 1). L. 644. Referred to thu
Board ol Works.
From l'icrcu k Hall, asking ou
behall  ol clients   for a sidewalk   on
were that the district should dig lho
trench and the city lower the pipes.
From the North Vancouver Trust
Company, ihjinls for.block 337, Tl, L.
646-6 stating that they b.,d culled for
tenders for the clearing und rijtlgh
grading nl Ihe land. A streei through
Ibe centre ol lhc property would cosl
(400 and they asked il the city would
bear half the uost of this. It was resolved to pay at the rato ol 1100 an
uere as was tho lormer pracUcu ol the
From H. Snow asking thut a deud
tree on thc road allowance in. front ol
lots 26-11-616 bc romoved. Referred
to tbc engineer.
•From tho engineer intimating a request Irom McDonald (Izowski it Co.
lor |inim.in to thu value ol 76 per
■ ■-•rii. ol thc vitrilicd pipo ulrcady on
Ihe ground here. The contract did uot
provide lor ihis. It wns referred to
(he Board ol Works.
Thc engineer submitted specifications
ol material required lor tho con In.c-
tion ol sidewalks which would he i.i e-
essary to be laid iliii.ii Iho coming
seuson. Relerred to Board of Works
commi I tee.
A communication was receive I irom
(I. T. Fox tendering his tesignuti in as
foreman of tbc wntcrworlu diporl-
menl. The resignation wa< a.rcptcd
on motion ol Aid. Hi. I.  and Kiliu.ii.
A|i|iin-.iiiain-a for thu puilion ol
building uud plumbing iuqiclir were
received Irom 1. V. Urnhim .nnl Ci.us.
T. Blower.   They were filed.
A pelitinn lor u street light nt. tin:
corner of 6th street und Mub ni Ave,
10lb struct Irom Kidgeway Avenue'to j'rom A. Kuurns and twelve olhus «...
Ibe boulevard. Referred to Board ol referred lo thc lire ond light commit
Works. sm.
From Hen. Hoylund, referring tin     A   petition   was   received   Irom
stream oi waler flowing from tin:
street lower Keilh on In his properly
lot 6-1111-371 where be intended so.m
liijiuild. It was pointed out tbat nothing could be done now aa il was a
natural water course.
From   (has. Tcmpler,   asking lor a
'id.'iii. on llth street lie'.vren Jll.
George and Ridgcway Ave. to lie ellect thul lhe city bud lailed ic ils
completion ol lhe work of locul improvement on ibut portion ol the
inal according to lhc contract nuidc
in I'JOS lor which debentures were snid.
few planks to cover a stream  on lho  The petitioners asked for a lull laves
slreet i„ fr„nl ol his place over which   ligation of Iho mailer,
it was nni'ii ■■iiih' to lukc in fuel, (I
Referred to the Board ol Works.
From Hressey, Peers und.Boult, unking lo bc allowed on behalf of clients
to address the council re connecting
streets from Harbor View lo Norih
I .me 11,ili Avenue. I'ermission wu*
granted on Thursday evening,
From Simpson und Whyte, making
application lor payment of MOD for
contract work on lhe west side ol
Victoria l'ark. Referred lo Alderman
Diss to reporl,
From •). C. Farmer, I'M.('., laying
that il was the intention to v.,din
Lonsdale Avenue to I'IO leel from thc
cily limits northward. Estimates und
Iclails to be prepared first. Anoibcc
letter Irom the district council ml'is-
ed that lhe district was agri'cab'c to
pay Imll the cosl ol »trcel lulu* on
Lonsdale   Avunue at  lhe   ally   limit*
nd lhe corner ol Sutherland Avenue
aud 8th, llllh and Illh streets. They1
v.i.luii to enter inlo an aare-'iii"»l
wberebj' the city paid the auouuts
und lhe district would puy it* po l'on
to the cily.
From lhc Seymour Lumber Company agreeing lo accept i),e sum nl
1440 as a grant towards tlic couslru. -
tion ol a I'lunk road in Uic cily. Filed.
From 1'. Arthur complain:!!/ ol excessive water rates on cabin*.
Aid. Dick said it seemed to him
that a revision of the rhidule nn*
necussury a* a row ol cibins wns required to pay thc HI lor every mn
m < iia.n and as these wuru in Uio <nii-
im ily ol cases occupied by ba hi • r>
ho thought it was hardly pi.t to
charge thom equal rates w'th residences. It was relerred lo thc mo in
works committee to bring in a now
schedule ol rates for cabins.
From tho North Vancouver Land It
Improvement complaining thai teamsters were driving over the improved
portions ol thc Queensbury Ave. boulevard.
Resolved ta n-ply that lhi* had
beon attended to and it was suggested (hat a i ad bc made alongside the
From H. M. Wli*, asking lor the
opening up ol u,oN'cb al tho rear of
his property it iti' corner ol 8th
street and Uie boulevnrd, also lor a
sidewalk tb bis bouse, i.'.-lcrrod to Hi.;
Board ol Works.
From I. tl. Farmer, C.)|.C., staling that It was the inicH Ion ol lh'
district council to go oheai' with thu
local improvement pl (he' '.yon Valloy road and requested ij.c city to
lower its water pipe undei arrange
! The mayor said it bud been baton
Ihu inuil'il u number of times and he
believed it should receive Immediate
attention, ile suggested that lhe
11.iiiimii. -■ meet lhe petitioners and il
pn.-ild.' effect un agreement He understood that the nortb side ol Ibu
slreel wn* gruded bul did nol know
about  the south side.
Aid. Diek wiiiiii.I li, know if it was
thu inl'nlinn to complete the work .
und charge the same to the owner* or
to i.i in nil funds. II wus finally ie
(erred lo the Board ol Works who will
have Ihu original spuciliiutioiis and
contract produced wiih u view lo
meeting the owners.
'lhe following recommendations made
at   'linn sdny evening', inccling   were .
(•'iiiiiini Committee—Thai all cily
printing be equally divided bctwron
thu North Shore Press Lid. and \
Shoemaker und M I .nn ; thut lhe ordinary estimates ol the school trustee*
Inr the year I'JII be passed as submitted in detuil; ih.it in connection
with tne cxtru-oidiuery estimates
committee recommend tbul same
le dealt wilh by council in loiumittro
ol Ihe whole; tbat a temporary loan
bylaw for 136,000 bc pasted ; and Ibat
all account* payable by llic city be '
paid on the I6lh day olcmh monlh.
lloiiid of Works—Ke request for per-
mission to allow nutlet ol septic lank
in cumulation wilh Klwood   block   to
empty iu box drain on the north side I
of Esplanade; that Mrs. Follis bc in-
formed lhat sewer will be laid on Ihis '
street in nlmul'ii munth and thnl pro .
per drainage connection* will I bin   l«
mado; ro request ol F. B. Crummcr to
have slumps at corner of 17th street
and  St,  George's   Avenue   removed,
that   Uie   work   bc   done.   re   request from Mrs. Jc**e Cant lhat 33nd
street bo opened up lo Ihe Wrsl side j
ol  block   304,   that   wagon trail  be
opened up suitable to allow budding
material lo bc hauled into  Uic  properly ;  re  request   of   Kd.   ,1.   Down
lor  sidewalk  on Jones Ave. between {
16th and I6ih slreots, ihul the work i
be done; re request of K. ,).  Fowler I
to bave 37th slreel opened up from
I'besieilield Ave. lo Mahon Ave.,   Ilm
clerk was inslruclud to inquire   what'
value ol building Mr. Fowler proposes !
to  erect and il there arc any   other
prospective  settlers; re request  (rom
•Iniui P. Yates for grade for building
to be erected on lots 6 and 6, block
Ut, p. I., 974, Uie engineer reported
(hat the council would first have  to
decide in what manner Keith road i.
ments formerly agreed upon.l    These to be pormanoally improved; re oler
Iropi J. F, Vatos to givo deed lor portion pf alley so as to gut same opened up, tho clock was instated to advise Mr. Votes that the council nra
taking proceedings lo acquire all lanes
in 374 alter which Ihey will in all Uko-
lilin.ul open up all ulhcrs whore necessary ; re ruport Irom Chiel ol Police
respecting pound thnt fences be replaced aud building made Bocurc alter
completion of suwer work; ro petition
from John Olivers and otliurs lor: ide
wulk on inli uhi a'l wesl.Irom Mnhnn
Avo. lo connect wilh Keith lloud, ulso
completion ol sidewulk nn lith street
to Forbes, committee to go over the
ground . re petition from Harold Snow
and otliurs for sidewalk on souih side
of 16th street eust Irom the boulevard
committee to go over thc ground ; re
peiiiimi Irom Albert lloubclt and olh
era lor 30th street to be opened up
Irom Sutherland Ave. eust to the city
boundary, committee to go over the
Wntcr Commitlee-The omniillce
considered the revised schedule ol «liter rate and utter certain al I .-i.it ions
ihercon recommend <l suine for council's approval; ie application of d.T.
Fox, wuterworlis foreman, for increaie
ol salary, Aid. Kittson moved thut
same be refused. Aid. Smith seconded
and thu committee deciili'd to recommend accordingly,; the ehuirmun reported result ol interview hud with
the dislriel luiiiii il re screening tank
ul dam situ, that distriet council huve
withdrawn ull personal objections to
tbc city mn inn ini:- tuuk jirovided
city undertake to proteel tka-' district
nguiiist uny ml inn whieh may be (uk-
ed by privute owni-rs Irom wliuin lund
was , i-i..in..1 for mud allowance.
Fire and Lighl The engineer submitted u plan ol the eity with the location ol all slreet lights thereon. The
committee decided to recommend thut
street lights be installed ul lhe follow-
ing polnl*: lilli slreet and l.'nnsdnlc
Avcnuo, 3nd street nml St. Andrew's
Ave., lith street nnd Forbc* Avenue,
nl point near southoasl corner ol
block li'J. D. I.. 371, ilh Itreel nnd
tjucensbury, 6lh street mid Queensbury, lib streei and Kidgeway, 6th
itreet nnd St. George's, 7th street
und Iiei, ■.'. ■'■ nnd that Hourd ol
Works blusl necessary stump*, the
eoiiiiiiillee i.'pin(ail having given tllc
clerk ii iiaia 11".' to accept liif tender
ol Geo, W. II uii inun lor hose wagon
The m'liull was iijlllillniil
The   clork reported  that   ji-rordlng
In instruction* received Irom lhc coun
iil he   nuliliiil    Anhiii<t  Hope    Ihn
Cniiliiu tor Hope wus nut  lo   proiit|l
lurther wilh work ol erecting new lij
hull  until bond was furnished.       I
lull..win,.' day he received fuiinofc^n
I rai I signed by Mr. <lnybul,no biiul
uicninpiinying il, und nn the same
be   received   a   notice   Irom     ''I-    I
Dickenson und Scott thai it wus th|ir
intention   lo   claim   n lien   to    Uie
uinum i ol fil'i'i ngainsl the contract.
Thc aiilnli" I was again until' d.   I In
committee directed the clerk in   inl,a.
up the matter with llu- city lolirilnr
mid ad under his inslruiliolis.
Lanes, Lie, Commillee The <>.iii-
uiitleo considered rommunirnlion rewind Iroin W. Knowles re ear serviee
aiid emergency gi'neraUng station and
de iiaii io recommend ihnt same  lie
motived »ilh thanks uml Iiiid.
I'.iil. . Kle., I'ninini I Ui- Tim nim
mil lev reported thul Ni. Nahon when
Interviewed by Aldermen Hiss
and Ncllne expressed great phii-ura'
ut huving thu new park named "Million"  purk; lhat Mr.   A. Grant   be
iiuiiii nl once lo work on the boulevard purk ul u '.Iini of 170 pel
month, the iiunu'e of Vl per iinuiih
made iiiit'ssaty by inuiaa-eil duties ;
that the inginiir be iiistmeled lo pic
pine specification* fnr the partial tearing ol Malum park.
Aid.     lla laila I   a.li.   i hull main     of     ill"
Bonn! ol Work* committic, noted the
lad thai all upp.icalinns for tuiproc-
mini work were being tabulated and
would be dealt with in turn.
Aid. Dick aiked tbat ipt-cnil alien
tion be broughl to tbe owner* ol vacant property through Ihe ncw*paper*
urging Ihem In have Uicir lots cleared
of all combustible material before tbe
dry season set in. It wa* pointed
out that under thc provisions ol the
Iiic bylaw ihls was made compulsory
and il the owner neglected lo comply
wilh lho council's request the work
could lie carried oul by the cily at Ihe
owner's expense. The following plans
were p,a .al : plan of lot I, block 8,
p. L. 616; block 306 and 306A D. L.
616 and block 303, D. I.. Ml.
A bylaw lor lhc rrgulaUop oT (he
procedure ol the counril and lhe remuneration of thc mayor and alder-
pica was introduced and given three
The clerk advised that Mr Bridge-
man now having lull power 'o elect
a ueiUoaenl ol Mr. peU'e subdivision
D. L. 663, was anxious to meet the
council and have this plan passed in
some fay to be mutually agreed upon. It was agreed that the council
meet Mr. Ilsidgeinun on tho ground
about 8.30 o'clock Wednesday morning.
Thu engineer was authorized to engage another waterworks foreman.
'I'he court ol revision ol tbe assessment roll will be bold in (lm eiiy hull
ou Thursday alternoon at 3 o'clock.
City Clerk ShophVd^Kos boon notified Ihal vmiiniiMtit will be made
compulsory"in ihin cay. Tbo llunril
ol Health will take jteps immediately
to carry thc order ifto effect.
Wilh the completion, ol the west
steel liridgo leading Irom tbo cement
wharl to thu largo float the new ferry
wharl at tho foot of Lonsdale Avoauo
will practically be finished and in appearance, stability and efficiency will
probably be one of tbe most ujHo-
datc wharves for a city ol
Norlh Vancouver's size of any in
Caniidu. The ruinlorccd concrete nro-
Icelud by wood block on tbe driveways makes il a structure whoso life
is thought lo be nnl. lonie.
To Aid Board of Trade
Mayor McNeish stated at laat evening's meeting of tbu cily council that
be hud been approached and impressed with the importance ol making tbe
delegation to Ottawa this session as
lurge us possible in connection with
the npplhnlinn for a Dominion grant
towurds the conslrucUon ol tbe Second Narrows bridge. A* thii might
be ili' Ia*t opportunity North Vancouver wuuld have in making a presentation ol its case it was uiged
that the eouifll should reconsider ike
uml tur ol aiding in the expense ol
sending u delegale Irom tbo Boird ol
'fmde us well us sending its own two
Aid. Henderson pointed out tint the
inly hud now uuthoriicd a niii-e-rip-
/lion ol 111X1,000 in tbc sto.i ul the
company and in view ol the iuiim-mu
importance ol Ibe project lo Uiie md.
of the Inlet be wns in lavor of ninkiug Ihu nn.iv.., delegation m pa lam
(ial us i ■,. ..iiih. On the completion ol
the I'auuma ('anal Vaocouver will
have lo stund out uud mnke a l''d
lol ihu l'acilic coast trade- and llic
significance ol Ihu bridge In tbe Ight
of a natural undertaking mighu be
thought, bu impressed on tho minister* at Ottawa. /
On Aid. Dick'* suggestion (he mat-
let was .i mn referred to the finance
committee to reconsider (by quoiUon.
Al u later hour they reported in favor ol making a grant ol |IA0 toward* the expenses of a Board ol
11.ule representative witb a strong
leeomniendnlion that Kx-AldurmJn Irwin be Ihu delegate uppoinlcd. Tbo
Hnuid nf Trade meets tonight in general eession. The district -ouncil bai
already made a grant ol I IWI lor Uie
Hoard ol Trade's delegale.
A meeting ol Iho members ol the
Nortii Vancouver ladici basketball
team will be held at Uio borne ol Mrs.
linen, Keilh Koad, on Wednesday
evening lo Iroiunct important bual-
Mr. and Mrs. McCraney, who have
resided at the Palace Hotel lor thl
past few months, left this week lor
Los Angeles and Southern California.
Dr. Thompson has moved into hia
newly loased house, Mr. Wm. MorJeo'i
nl Uio corner ol 3rd slreet and J .onsdale. Ho has opened his office but will
not take up housekeeping until his
sister arrives Irom Uie old countt/.
H. S. Jones wss charged belore Magistrate Kealy in the police court this
morning with obtaining money under
false pretences to wit issuing I cheque
for ten dollars on a bank in which
ho had no account. He pleaded lot
guilty to Ihe charge when raid' On
(ho request ol Ule ehiM ol police thl
case wu reminded till tOffOW? W
enable them lo produce some material
witnesses ip the /case. Accused .wa*
allowed bail li iwo sureties o* #1«0
¥ •
| - —
Our Half-yearly Clearance Sale
We will
« our two weeka' cleanup aale on TUESDAY, February 7th, when all odd line* of Winter Good* will be
thrown out at GREATLY REDUCED PRICES.  Note a few of the item* and value* offered.
Ladies' Mink Marmot Furs and
Muds. Oaly a few left. Ranging
from t\ 5010*15.00, all will go
oo sale at a dis-   llll „(t
count of     JJ   IO Oil
 I ;	
32-in Stripe Flannelettes in pink
and white, blue and white, and
grey.   Usual n\c values      ft
sale price    ,..    fn
Red Check Tea Toweling, good
value at the usual price of 10c
per yard 7    I   O
Saleprice I     I "£C -
Ladies' Coats
All that is left of these fine garments in plain and sliipe cravenett,
sizes 34, 36 and 38 only. Regular
price $7.75 and J8.50 4 A QA
Saleprice   «P*».7U
Bear Cloth
Best quality Bear Cloth, white
only. Extra good heavy pile. Reg.
price >a-75 per yard. 417^
Saleprice  \9}.f J
Boys' Grey Sweater Coals, assorted sizes'.   Price tint), $1.25, $1,511
Sale Discount   ^  Per ^Ilt.
Infants' and Girls' Coats
Including infant's colored Corduroy and white Bear Coals, also
Girls' heavy red serge and light
tweed coals 0 *» >» -meat
Sale discount..*-/ P™ s\X\\U
Kid Gloves
Ladies' grey, black and lan Kid
Gloves, all sizes, estra value, regular price 95c.         —_ LC
Sale price, per pair.  V*,»
<. ■
Boys' Pants '"imi heavy tweed
pants, a full range nl sizes, lined
throughout. ^(.r
Sale price, per pair JOC
Net Waists
Our complete stock of evening
wear cream and white mt waists,
ranging Iroin fi-su to $7.50, will be
placed on sale at IA ^ ml
a discount of .-*v   r
Hose and Underwear
Odd lines ol Cliililicn's Hose anil
Underwear will be sold *at much
below regular prices.
Sheeting -- 7?-il|. full bleached
sheeting, good heavy cotton, unusual value, sale price l^'r
W$0,i,,, ,,,-■• ^JL
Do not fail to secure a share of the exceptional value* offered during thu aale u we can only make iuch reduction*
to make room for new gooda already pouring in on us.
Keith Block
Lonidale Avenue
Lonsdale Block
Cor. 15th and Lonsdale
Phone 263
128 Lonsdale Ave.
Cash   Discounts
We have just recently added
a WW Inw ol
Madeira** Muslin* and
in Oriental .11.1 is
Some pretty curtain Muslim
llie latest oul (or
Window Drape* & Curtains
Bedding of All
You'll find it hard to beat our
price*, we cany a good assorted
stock, in all tones and patterns.
A Big Discount
Ofl Dinner Sets
This Month
Japanese Rug* and
They look well and wear
well and make a good serviceable   carpet   (or  office,
library or den.
Now is the lime to choose the
pattern (or kitchen, dining
room or bedroom.
We lay Linoleum Free.
New   -
to $50
An 11111 la'iiul. in;' lhat ii In inr 111.1..1
ed liy "in. of lhc Burnt influential
lin-ni. ■ na-11 of llif v ,,11. > is the colonizing nf the foothills surrounding
the I'liillin.i.k Vulli-y.
In Ihn foothills surrounding thc
I hilliwuck Valley there are, roughly
t-lM-ukiii..', Ii.in.an thirty and forty
thousand uito» of good tillable land
lying in valley! or U|M>n hem lm- at
an altitude ol four hundred to a Ihou-
sund feit tbovo tile neu level.       I lii
.lllllllll,     i»   lala ll    a laiail,.||    to   III   HH     llll
munii) from the troublesome fungus
growths on Iruit and other- trees so
In.i.ilani and wi unnoying to the
fruitgrowers on the val'cy lands,   and
Hi   ■■all  '.j'" n'.■     lint      III lilly     SO     llllll'll
attention lias to be given to Ihe
spraying and cultivation of llie or-
ihaids ol the foothills. The keening
qualities of thc foothill fruit is better, the flavor, il nol beller, is equally as good as the Iruil grown in the
tnl .ji.. in the growing of roots and
vegetables tbc same flavor is given the
foothills as are given in the growing
of fruits. Potatoes grown at the higher altitude are more menlly and thc
fuelling qualities are.better. The same
may be said of thc other roots and
vegetables. 'Ihese statements are not
based on supposition, but from know
ladga. ol the fails and from the experiment- ia fruit growing and general
fanning pursued by the settler* on
Promontory Flats, Chilliwack Bench
aad Ibe olher benches in the course of
•ell Iiiiiiii I.
Tba scheme lo enable these lands
to become settled and prolit Inui ing
ia to build a regular colonization
road, commencing at a point above
Bosedalc, or somewhere near I'opkum
uml continuing it around lhc foothills
to Promontory Flats. A grade not
more than six per cenl. could bc found
by (oilowing the best declivities and
inclines io and out, through and over
ih* foothill benches and valley*. Thi*
would be (uflkient (or all purpose*.
Tbc prewnt grade on soire ot the
1411s are a* much u tw „iy per cent.
1 h reduction from '.nis to six per
eaat. can be appreciated.  Thia   road,
Wblcfa    Waaillll    be    I,    lllnill    lallcly    for
oilier and branc'i roads, toiutrucled
in a pcrmamn'/ manner and made (0
stable automobiles to travel upon,
would 1 out about WD/HMI. The pl ms
by which it /ould be financed are mv.
eral. One Innili be: For Iiic municipal council u> uk* it in band, advance Iiie aioney a* a debenture loan
ei tended over * term of years, similar lo th.- pl" 'or lb) payment ni
tka   Big   Prairie  Dialings   Uckum.
Tho property owner*  direi iiy  bcjielit-
I led, would in llml way puy lor it.
-'     '     (~   ""	
The  innn. .   n/  ili iiiii'in l.r.l  1...liii-
men and gcntlemyn cmiiienl in *...'let-
iuianship,   art, 1J once, commerce
! industry, who/have already joined llic
I grand coun<v, clearly indicate ll>o in-
  I tlm mini support whirl) il is Kdijy.iiK,
It is   universally   agreed   that    on |onj \,„m „ Klmruntcc llml its patrio-
ovenl of smh profounal significance to; tic and imp. 1 ml objects will be lully
I the llrilisli Empire us lha Coronation realM.
' ol  Uis  Majesty  a.  the  King ol the I      CNI'UKCKDENTEIl DISPLAYS
111 iii'ii Kingdom ol tli cat lliituin mi I:   Tbe    Coronation   Kxhibilion    will
Ireland, ol   the llrilisli Domininnu. I*"   bring before ils visitors the grandeur
II ninl llie seu, und Kmperor nl India and i'isouiich of llie Iiiiiiiii Kmpire in
I should be marked by some great lm-: a manner   that .has never   bctn pre-
periul demonstration. Nothing could , viously ollcinplod. The splendid real-
ihc more'lilting than this should take ism embodied in the poetic represents-
j Ibe liieni Coronation Kxhibilion, tion ol tho Four treasons in Japan at
I which will be a presentment ol the re-1 the .lupnnHrilisb exhibition will be
1 source* of the mother country and thc. amplified and extended, and lhc pel-
] sister empires uud Dominions, or us il aces ol the exhibition will bc n miu..
; may lie termed a stock-taking ol lhe | eosm ol lhe llrilisli Kmpire. Visitors
'Kmpire at   the commencement ol lhe   will not only huve the opportunitysf-
nev, reign. lorded   them   of  Inspecting thu prod-
THK MUMI-: OF EXHIBITIONS | mis of a country, they will see rcpre-
1 No place in lhe whole Kmpire could sentelions if the counlry ilsell, ils in-
ilie Iniiii ndiipieil lor sinii a purpose hiibiliinls, ils busy towns, ils rural
j than tho (Inal White ('ity ut .Shcp- ,loveliness and leuding industries. The
I herd's Hush, with its magnificent (ire-. limited spun' ol this program does not
I in mil liiiim a' a and puvilions, with Its. |xirmit the enumeration ol even a
1 beautiful gardens, lake* and   lagoons,  small portion of the wonders ol   Nn
nnil its unrivulli-d lacilities ol aness^luro umi Art which will lie depicted,
I by railway, lube and tram. The great j
sm 1 •■ ,. qf (he Ki ,111, .1 l'.i ii 1 h  und   the
•lupnii lliiiish exhibitions, lho frequent
visits of lho present King und Queen,
j Queen Alexandra, and ull (hc oilier
i members of the Hoyul Family, and of
1 many millions  of persons   from  i.il
but various portions of tiie Kmpire
will Ik represented by their natural
features, by rheir prcut monument* ol
antiquity, and by thc result* ol modern science and invention.
The visitor to thc White City will
sac wilhin llie space ol one hundred
parts ol the world, have shown how J and filly acres Uie distinguishing lc*-
strongly public opinion upprovei tlie turcs of the vast empire, which extend*
(ireul While City as the best site for | ovor the whole globe, and upon wbicb
exhibitions of the first magnitude and
j excellence.
I The Coronation Kxhibilion, wbiih
I will be bcld in London from Miy 10,
] October, IUII, at tbe Orcat 'Abito
City, will not only be in iUelf a celebration of thc greal hi-.ioii.iil cere-
moniul to whlcb it owes ils i..ijaii.«ie,
but will contribute largely 1 awards a
pciiiiniiciii in.iiiiii iiii to our lil" Sovereign, King J'ldword Vll. A proportionate part of tbe receipti, guaranteed under no circumstance* to bo less
than ffi/XJO, but wbicb it 1* coo/idoot-
ly expected will greatly exceed I'nat
sum, will bo set a»id* (or Uu Mansion House fund, so that every person
who pay* for admiwion to tbe .won-
ution exhibition will make a direct
personal contribution to tbe memo.-ial
lo King Edward Ut* Seventh.
Tbe great interest whiti our U<«
sovereign aunil»st«d ia Uu Orcat
While Cily it* very inception makes
tbe participation ol Uu coronation ox-
bibitioh in Uu movement lor a memorial to King JCdwerd VIJ. singularly
thu sun never aet* ; ol England, Scot-
lam!, Ireland, Wales, Canada, Australia, Soulb Africa', Indij, lhc Weel Indie*, and tbe various crown colonist
und protectorates. I'he stately homos,
tb* smiling valley*, Uie busy town*,
Uie piutureaqiu mountains ol tbi mother country, the pathless (orett*, Uu
boundless plains, side by side with Uk*
hive* of industry of Ihe great k. If
governing Dominions; Uie grand historic bifildjngs ol lhc India af Uie
past, and the large cities ol lhc present wiUi Uieir niodcfn civilisation and
appliance*; Uie tropical beauties ol
tkl crown colonies, all will be
brought More Uic eyes af Uie plsple
ol tbe (nited Kingdom, who w II lor
the firit lime in iti history have
brought before litem Uu grandeur end
magnitude of tlu-ir glorioif* heritage.
Specie! rforli wjll be made, (or lbs
firit Ume in this country/ lo bring
together the iltertpl races by which
IU ouUyji% portion* are Inhebi.uJ,
and aeveral ol Uu palace* 0/ lm exhibition wjl| be tepaniqd by i|u Valium people* who owe allegiance to Uu
Brills crown, J.YNII.7AW.W WW4Y8RB AS-
The annual meeting anil elactjsn il
ojfcopi ol Uw |,ynt> Vftllqi fetepay-
er»' Awneiation will |w hid \n thii
!ji«tfti)to p»||, ],ynn Valley, on Than-
duy evening,' febrmty M, at n
Disciissiim vlll lake pl^cp pt tliii
meeting in regard Ib mstteri acting
property owneri in I-ynn Vol >iy/ajij
it |a hph that every rntepayer in
Ward 4 "will mh a sfiscla! effort (o
iilliuul   (hi» niculing mill  lul"'    somii
■ part in lh proceeding! wWil» nr» do-
«i»W.'d tp protect the interests   of tliu
ratepayen in this eetlion al Uw innni-
mmm snow
Without   one   nlinn   of llnl Imy   t|m
collection of moving pictures s)iqw.i ut
inm. nl. hi	
♦he Ippffi theatre, the Qm», 'un Friday
and S»turd»y evenings ivns well worth
parting with ten centa Is m Wi
only wm fiie hmnoFpm elowwiii t« i| e
fore pont:ni|oi|ily bnt WW nf ihe
pictures were instructive nnd "I'M el-
tiifwunls bo rehearsed, in the mind's
ejii wit|i appreciation,- Tno innijie]
nh best him W»« the nno •■ntitiod
■■The Vfoiep North." A Uu.i'iiiiglily
inikiml liiisliuiul diis'erta his ivi/n, u..>nds
hor a b"gu» letter that hc died m sen
ond iin,illy Iunds in tho noitli behind
» bar. Tho young wjfe thiiflting h i>
dead, innrrios again. J^f bui'mitd
gpoi nnrth and she ullerwurdH lul-
Ipwi.I'Iio scone where »he i» bcinfl
irninporlod nn lied With dog* ii very
}iicturesi|uu and fascinating. The wife
nlleriviiiili meets li r lirsi husband
who trios tp make her lo>ve "Tpo)"
her laaaiiml husband. Tho throat Is
ocelli,-mil nnd as ho is about in car-
mn mmm, mwm vauqqwu, ». .ft
n hw ttmwh the ioomr hUm-
Ifpnfmj with tbo yawning mhb "It
Cplti pd ii -cpnipfilM ta g»t oh
Xeanwhila the husband and party m
Inciting #ne ol tbFW ffliw* *h were
io»t in the snow, fwp ol wh«m*h»v«i»g
arrived nt the ebac|t in e, perished pop-
'ditjpn. The third is Imh and
fought in and husband and «i'e are
again united.
. North Vnncouver's request lor an investigation pf tho conditions by which
thli city is lorcnl to obtain i|s cpbI
supply was embodied in p resolution
,c<)lling lor aii investigation of the
' prices charged in thii prpyince, moved
by Dr. Huguire and which passed thu
House unanimously. II the federal authorities do not tako the matter np
ili. Premier intimated tbat a commie-
Lot 18, Block 35, D. L 590, $1125. Caah $425, balance 6 and 12 monthi
L \ 54 and 55, Block 166, D. L. 274, $13,000. Termi to arrange. Near Lonidale
the above lots are among tho best Injys in North Vancouver, and intending investor! will serve their own
interests by investigating. We havo the oxclusivo sale and also a large list ol other lots in the City. It is
in your own iptorest to call and imped our list belore deciding.
Real Estate Agenti.      Financial Broken
Head Office: 405 Hastings St. W., Vancouver, B, C.
British Columbia Hranch Offices:
4 Lonsdale Ave., Nortli Vancouver
llll Government St., Victoria
Branch Offices in Europe:
Berlin, Germany
London, England
. Paris, France
inanciers, Ltd.
LARGE LOTS     50x193
Gentle slope, light clearing, sidewalk in
front of each lbt. Three blocks from
Lynn Valley car line.
14 Lonidale Avenue:      -      J. P. CRAWFORD, Local Mgr.
Telephone 215
;;    Branch Office
i >    Main Office:
End of Lynn Valley Cariine
" i St. V«
632 Granville St. Vancouver
Foreign Office:   Glaagow, Scotland.
I. a..t..l..l..l..l..f..i..t..t..i..i   t   I JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJmIJJJJJJJJJJJJ.Js^
WITH COTTAGE for only $3200;   Caih 1200, balance reaionable.
= =1  mm =	
\t        _{• G    ft H'j LONSDALE  AVFMlli
Martinson & to. myfyRE
Price* Reduced for lot* in
Capilano gardens
Subditujon of Portion of Diatrict LoU 60) and 607, North Vancouver
Municipality.     At Terminua of B. C. Electric Cariine.
tm Hem. Irk,
:   Hn*tfi
0210. Corner Pender tpd, Seymour StreeU, Vancouver,
♦ ff fl?Wfl
ilnn wqbW bo appointed.  %H» Van-
cow's F0»fi!i)Hqn which was in  thu
torn 9l a M«pn> hm rh % WW-
cjl was tq the effect (tat- this city
could unly Philip' m\ t!>Fi)Hg!> tha
Vmwhw 4mIw» ap4 titt «apply vn»
miidoquatB pi that- Statistics were
proceed in «bo«f thnt cpa! cqidd h
mlnh ip Aleak* tor loss thon 13 f
toil and it was thought (hat the mineral should bo mined ip thi" wctiqn
lor »t most t3 a ton. Hpn. V. h.
('ttrtci'-dotton HU|:|iorli:d the North
Vanconver application.
Capita! and l.iuliiliiics
Sundry Urcfltori I  M3.30
Mortgagu Account        60011.00
Capital Acciiiiul
Amt. at Peo. 3)st
1900   ..llfillSl.ll
Add  increaw fn
vvIik q( prq-
party   BOOO.IK)
Surplus on year'"
as above ......      mi    20163.118
Beal Estate and Buildin|(s-
ll.'iil Estate     130000.00
Buidings    , 8071.13
Furniture Ac ' 354.011
I'iuno Ac i     601,00
Implement Ac ,        0.0(1
Insurance premiums unexpired    111.65
Sundry debtors        120.80
Bank ol B.N.A. balance of
current -account     316.30
A. E. Wniin ol Wut Mini k, tho well
known lumberman, has evolved u plan
whirh he hopos lo place beloro the
people ul i'lunula shortly, lor seeming
a Duininion royal commission lo in
vestigale Ihe high cost ol living, lm
i'il on'lhe assumption thai undue prolils ol lhc great corporations have
something lo do with tho csixtencc ol
this issue. Uu bas prcpurod a dralt ol
a petition to tbe premier of lhc Dominion, Sir Wilfrid laurier, asking lor
Ihe appointment of such a commission
This dralt ii hero published in full,
aud Mr. Walls desires llial uny persons having suggestions to make in
(he way of improving the language ul
tbo pelitinn, or enlarging lho scope ol
tho inquiry requested, will communicate with him at Waltsburg. When ho
hus all the material ol this kind in
hnnd, ho will revise lhe petition, if he
finds il requires revision and will then
sond it forth on ill mission lor signature by the pi'iiple of all parts ol
Canada. Tho first drall referred to
reads as lollows i
Your petitioners pray lhat you will
appoint a commission with lull powers
lo investigale the linancial condiliun
ol all great corporations in ('anada,
and especially Ihose who have receiv-
oh valuuble coD.cssioiis und subsidies
from tbc government ; thul the results
of the investigation in detail lie published, to enable Ihe iHlfple lo leam
whether the modem autocrats (who
make the una - believe (hut Ihe pow-
a i lul corporations rule Ihem instead ol
lhc government) earned Iheir enormous wealth and power honestly, or
by devious and illegal manipulations ;
that your commissioners shall fully
investigate Ibe causes of the great
difference between the cost ol production and Ihe priee Ihe people have to
pay for many neieslurics ol hi'. and
lo discover by whom the great mar-
giu is iibsoiIn il, lo wit:
Agricultural implement and machinery of all kinds.
Lumber products, cement and building materials.
Sugar, meat, butter, etc., wearing appare^
All igpriurls ol rubber uud leather.
liovrinjiii'iil creameries.
Insurance, 6rc and lite.
Profits of financial institutions.
Canneries ol all kinds. \
Combinations ol wholesale houses is
various lines ol busiticss, etc, ele.
Tno Delta Telephone Co. LU)., has
been incorporated under Uu Compan
iei' Act of British Columbia ai a corporation, and they expect to get the
ucewsory legal certificate tq carry on
business in ibis province.
The company hai itoeh to the value
ol 120,000 which ii divided into 200
shares of |10Q each. Nearly all the
farmers of Delta have taken sbaro*
ia the company and the system is is-
pidly cxteuding through Ihe wwinip-il-
ily. The Company believes it has a
bright future holme it, and is looking
forward to rapidly increasing th-i number of its telephones wben a " I reel
railway runs through the diitrnt nei
tha wataptroal tytwoen Fart Uui'.-boD
and Bnhhy la a aolW fjw o) inlet-
One Dollar deposited in tliu Bank of
lliimillon mighl nieull tbu first step
toward tho ueeuniululiun ol a fortune.
The unin whp scorns the sagacious
investment ol hi" suviugs has yet to
learn    the  true priueiple.',  ill Irugulilv
and ihiilt.
Deposit one dollar (o-duy-begin to
prm ide against old ago and llnuncial
C, q. HEAVEN, Agent,
Nunli Vancouver.
Head Offlco:
what caused
anil I'lluT iniiii:-
llllllt   (,'IUWtllS
Oslsbratia aiaoirto
Bales Ovsn triitiuiut
wlilcli cures tliu musl
Muliliiirn caste ot
Hli um,illi.ni.
ttt um
-   and  ilu'lr
ani batt,prtp:rt.i itiidu
put wpcivlsiou. Only la-
atllut: uslog Luinul therapy.
ladies. All commutilcatlMl
oon an am vi, ob it uvaau to do so, wires ron on sua-
Comer Seoul Avenue and Washington Slit.l Private Addieic 1. DUEXT
SUTTl.E, WASHINGTON        ,     12t Second Avtuue, Seattle, WubliiUa
Why pay I3A0.IHI (ur rough uncleared Lots when wo tan sell yoa
the vary Iiest, cleared Lots wlthoul u stono on them, level as a tabls
and into grass. Heen ciillivuled lor len yours) situated on Centra
Uoad, lu'iii;.' the Insl Kuud un Ihe Norlb bhuro snd one block Iraira
the Car line, School, ('Iiuiiii and Store; have city water, sltctrii
light and telephone.
I'riee UINI to tillll inch, Terms $100 canli, balance 6, IS and II
months. 11,. |ois will Inm. al leust in uur estimation 100 per
cent, profit on the uniount 11.- ■ i> >I within sis months. Buy t|uiok,
they arc ifoiiiK '"»'■
P. 0. Box 172 North Vancouver
Kaus:   fa.oo   per   and   up.* Special rates to families
and   lo regular   boarders.
Skcond St»«»t.   ■   •   •   -   NOKTH   VANCOUVEK. B. C.
West Vancouver Motor Launch Service
Launch "West Vancouver," Captain Findlay
Licensed lor 35 passengers
Ila.ll, 1..1111   tt I,,all
1 vn ) Uaij 1 v. 1 pl Sunday
Leafii Vsncouirsr
Clli feirfis' Whirl
8.00 a.m.
9.00 a.in.
10.00 a.m.
11,00 a.m.
1.' ni' a.m.
13.00 p.m.
15,00 p.m.
ii.00 p.m,
1000 p.m.
17.00 p.m.
ill. 00 p.m
.3].oo p.m.
,i 1 "i> p.m.
Single Fart 16c,      Two Tlckata 26c,
'Juu hi si route lroui 'North Vancouver lo lhc dislriel beyond
Capilano Kiver. Launch "Wesl Vancouver" makes connections, wilhoul laii, wilh Ihe lerry steamers Irom Nortl) Vancouver, as pei aliove* schedule.
Lun Van.     Lenve V. \tt.
Leave N. Van.      Leave Vm.
'b.iu a.m.
7.30 "
4.30 "   ,
9.15 "      '
10.15 "
11.15 "
12.15 p.m
1.15 "
3.15 " •
J-15 "
f»5 "
s.15 "
4.15 "-
IM "
'I.15 "
9-15 "
0.15 "
♦ll.jo  M
I On Sundayi
»Hot oa Soadayi.
•6.45 a.m.
7.50   "
|.p   "
9-45   "
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145 "
10.45 '/
'frnm  »mWig ^r'*War "<f flfr'f™  r*****Tf flW".' ,-,,t
tm stops, mwm vANCuuvslt, u. c
NqRTH Vancouvrr
fl. Ci
Published Tneadim and Fridays by
North Shore Pkbss, Limited
tint year, $i.ihi Sir moiitbi, 6Uc: .Three months, 26c.
' United Stales mul Foreign, (1.60 pur year
Advortising Hales will .be quoted un application.
T|)» B»pro»e is ilcvut.'il to the im crests of the north Shuru of Burrard Inlet
exclusively. 11 einiialiluies an iuK nrt n-ii.K medium of uiceiiti.inul value for
ruaubtng lu a thurougli und affinitive manner the population of North Vancuuver
City and Districi. Kvery effort Is niade lo give advertisers the most satisfactory
All changes In contract advertisements should lie in the printers' hands not
lator lhan 10 u.ni Monday and 6 p.m. Wednesday to ensure insertion in the
lollowing issue,
North Vancouver,   B.'C.
KwiKllAKY  7,    1911
Future numbers of tliu Tuesday E>-
press for some weeks will contain special features designed lo encourage and
to stimulate trading ut home umungst
residents of the North Shore, 'ilirough-
out this " Ineli .ii llaiuir" scries the
effort will be niudu to uvoid all overstatements and ulso to keep clear of
any estreuW slulenient of uny phase
of thu locul situation such us would
weaken thc inclinutiuii ol uny iudivi
duals or uny sea tiun uf thc public to
givo cordial and luir consideration to
the proposition thut they shuuld du
their trading with loeal merchants lo
the greatest possible degree. A very
largo proportion of the trading dune A heiug a very cuutious youth, puts
by residents of Nurth Vancoiiver at his mouey in a strong bon ut home,
present goes out ul tpwu, and (he fact JAI thc end of 40 yeais he has eu\ed
is cundidly racogniied thut   whatever WWO.
B i'l.aa..■   bis money
interest. Divide 60.3 by the rate per
cent, and add to this .311 years. Thus
ut 3 per cent, wu find the number of
yoars by dividing 60.3 by 3, which
yields llll.l to which we add .311 years
muking lhe time 33.-111 years.
At 3 per oent. simple interest it
lakes 3.1 1-3 years for money to double itself. And so you will find that
eumpuund interest has a very groat
advantage over simple interest in
doubling power, tbe ratio ol one lorce
tu . thu' oilier boing lor all ordinary
rules ul interest about as 10 to 7.
This power ol compound Interest
may be illustrated in anuther way.
Three young men save $50 ca>b a
yeur for 40 years.
Important uo'ion respecting the bo^Ib
ol.wages paid unskilled labor and also
union putters was reported on at a
recent meeting nf the Victoria Trades:
and J^lior 'Pfliipejl, In vitiw of tho
feet that the Pjty council had raised
the pay ul its employees Imni M.wi to
tjl.lu per dny, it was resolved to ask
the city council to have the clause
governing wages how llflMUfl In 111
contracts, so that all contractors who
took city contracts should pny laborers the same as the city paid, vis.,
I'l.lb per day of eight hours.
Tlit Royal Bank of Canada
Capital 16,300,000.
Unserves, {7,300,000.
Total Assets $05,000,000.
tbo arguments adduced and whatever
the inducements ollered locally u grent
deul ol it wil continue tu follow thut
course, Por uny une to undertake lo
. beup reprimand upon the custom ol
trading out ol town or tu impugn tlie
motives whiih prompt the suine wuuld
nut only he presumption upun tlie purt
of tlie source whence it emanated, hut
would simply serve tu increase inslcud
ul diminishing Ihe iiinuiuil ul custom
ihul wuuld puss lhe doors nl local
mcrrbunls tu lie transacted elsewhere.
In undertaking lliis "Tradeet-Homo"
series, (he sols puipuse will lie to endeavor to "I'Ha.i ,.i ihii in uud considerations tlmt will appeal to the
judgment ul tlic reading public and
whiah will |. a'i ie nli limn thai tungi-
I'l- benefits would accrue tu liolb
themselves uud ibe North •Shore il
they would reduce tlnir out-of-town
trading to u minimum mul lui thut
thnt uo i-Uiuus disadvantage need lie
assumed iiy ihem in so doing, lu mak-
ing un nppi ul ul this n.n ui,■ there uro
certuiii considerations uloiig general
lines whidi muy be'submitted. ta tbe
public and which may reasonably be
espce'ed to have considerable weight
uud the effort will Iw mude lo nininil
these oonsiderationl during the series,
but lor spccilii fuels uud iiiguinenls
tbe muvcinenl must depend implicitly
upun the mcnbuUls themselves, ll
is sale tu suy thul a very large pru-
' portion ul the trading Ihul now guts
oul ol town does su because lliuopin-
iou is held by buyers lhat they enn
procure lhe mine ;.,.,„l at OOflsldnr-
ably lower prices uud thus save money by this im.rn. lhe luml mei-
ebuuts ure the only persons who uui
adduee eoiiviniing proof ihal prices
aro practicully as low in Nurlh Vnn-
Haver us they uia elsewhere end thut
iu mini) cases ibey ure actually lower.
In order thut the llu Is ill this regurd
may be liiiiiislud llie publii-, uriuflj.)-
ments have been made whereby lhe respective iiu'iihiiiils advertising in lhc
Express will insert I tin I) in he mui;
one ball page udvei'liseineui in the
''Tradial-Honw" series. Il 'ia hop
ed that llio residents yl Nortli
Vaacouver will follow closely these
advertisements and thai they wjjl allow lha evidence submit tnd therein to
have duo influence m favur of trading
at boms. .
'lite first advertisement uf this ter-
Ul will be found in today's issue ol
the Kspress, from •'■ >/. McAleece,
whose announcement should command
general interest among local purchasers.
ilh a banker
who says bu will allow him simple interest ut 3 por nnl. At the end ol iho
10 years he llus ul his credit f.t.'-Aii
0 deposits his money in the post
ollice savings bunk at 3 per cent, com'
pound Interest and at the cud ul 10
yeurs ho hus W.Stfi) at his credit.
Hui ll hus diseuvered a siill nunc
excellent way.   lie puys his money lo
the Dominion government lur the pur
ihuse ol a i'uilililinn government annuity. He is now aged 311, and lhe
government suy lo iiim that il he dies
during ili' -10 yenrs ul saving his aetata will lie as well ulf as C's estate,
lor il will rei live buck ull thai helms
p.ml in wilh 3 per cent, i-ompoiind interest, and il he survives lo uge 60
he wial receive Irom the government un
income uf 1600 as long as bc lives.
Al 3 per cent. C's |3,H83 would, il
lie spent a portion ol his capital each
yeur, give him $5011 a year lor less
ilnui nine years and at 70 lie would
Iind Inm ' li without u penny and in
ilelii il he hud nu ulher means of support. This is worth thinking nli.mi
und you muy obtain lurther inform-
ution on the subject of your puslmns
tar ur by addressing lhc Superintendent nl Annuities, Ottawa.
Pare is a simple rule for finding the
flaueeber of years in which e *om nt
Bxnuy mill doom itaell at compow*
Eaginasn nnd those deuling witli
perplexing paving problems have
b"ii slow in rcuigni/ing concrete as a
paving material. The fact remains
ileal', in Ihis country at least, it was
nut until l>'J3 that a wearing surface,
u iiui< concrete povcmciit wus constructed.
The following method was used in
laying Ihis pnvemont. After lhc sub
grade hud luen mllnl il was covered
with crushed limestone which was
rolled to a thickness of four indies.
A len Ion steam roller wns usisl.
Nest a concrete base In e em lus thick
was | liu'il This was composed ol
one part cement to seven parts of gra
vel, und lhe surfiue wus left rough
Thill a om- im li wealing surfiue of one
pinl i• menl mid two parts sharp sand
was put un, Itin,,,A with a cork float,
and than trowelled. Aller it has been
trowellod it wu gone over with a
brush in order to roughen the surface.
In provide an expansion joint, I
inch by 6 inch boards beveled to ene
quarter inch on one edge, were placed
every forty feet. These boards ex
tended through the gutters, Aftsr
the top hod hem pul on this board
was pulled out and when the concrete
had set the joint was filled witb a lar
filler which deadened the noise un'l
kept the water from getting under the
This pavement was laid on tbe business stroet of the town, aod throe
weeks alter it was completed it woe in
uas. At ths end of the town tba experiment was tried til corrugating the
surface, bul it was found tbat this
was a miaftake as tbe atdgas chipped
fit some owl ao at tbe east and of tbs
street the surface was floated, taken
trowelled and brushed. This was
lound to bt lar more satisfactory
tiun tim corrugated jurfecc.-B. C.
Building News.
A genera) banking business
transuded. Savings accounts a
specially, Accounts of firms
and Individuals solicited.
North Vancouver Branch.
Bank Office in N. V. Club Block
WANTS you to
know that they
tell the Finest
Quality Meats at strictly Vancouver Pricei.
Free Delivery to all
parti of the city, and
every article it tent out
in the beat possible
style. We guarantee
to give you entire satisfaction. A trial order
will convince you. >t
229 Lonsdale Avenue
Phone 16
'2nd Street, near St. Georges, 50 ft. $5000
6th Street, near St. Andrews, 2 lots, each..$1700
llth Street, near Moody, snap  $1050
Mth Str«et, Block |7, Ue Corner $1350
Keith Road, near gt. Andrews $1600
Pierce & Hall
Next to Palace Hotel Phone 110
"' ■■■■»»».»»•
North Vancouver is Moving
We have just received some listings on
First St., close to Lonsdale ave., which
will yield quick and substantial profits
Phone 24 P. O. Box
I. O. O   K.
North Vincouver Lodge, No. K,
ineeli every Thursday evening, corner
I.hiimIiiIii Avenui and Fiul ilrcet, et
8 o'clock. Viaiting brethren cordially
invited to altcnd. Ira F„ Pecri, N.
0.; II. K. Donaldson, ree. lee.; .1. II.
filling, l'.i;., Fin.-stc.
Finest Home Sites on Boulevard
Wc Imve lhc e«rlunivo sale ol a num-
ber ol ihoiie ISO-lout Iota in Block 'illll
I).   I„  M.l ll "III III,'   on  tlie lllllllll  llllllll"
vurd und oiily one block Irom   I.onsdule tramway U'l'ininua.    No building
li'illia liaillB. I'li'a'aJ      ||||l|       U'llllH     IIIC
iiaalii.    Come  end  aee  ua  regarding
Wc bave alao an excellent double
corner on the tirand lioulovurd in II.
I„ MO at u bargain price. Choice alia
llir  llll) U  la')"' •-. ,
Wo bave one of lhc lim ■ i Mk in
Burrard Towimile near .Second Nur-
rowa llridge at $801), will soon be
worth five timca (but. Kuay terma.
Now ia tbc time to |iurcbuae.
Philip, Cameron & Co.
Financial and Ineurance Agonte,
For Sale
Salmon River Valley
Land, close to Fort
40 utt twin, $11 per »cre
$50 cash and $10 per month
Eacjuik or write
216 Second Street Easl
1 6th Street   Block and half Irom cariine, 40 ft.
all cleared.    Price $850.     $350 cash, balance 6
and 12 months.
Eleventh Street  Block and half from Lonsdale,
50 ft. facing south.   Price $1400.    $400 cash, balance 6, 12 and 16 monlbs.
Phone 7<i-
0. Ilox ij7
North Shore Locators
117E are now offering 40-ft. lots iit Bk. 20S,
"" on 21st street, one blook west of Lonsdale Avenue Car Line. Price $500 to $700.
Cash to suit purchaser, balance quarterly for
two years. Make your selection early.
No. 8 Lonsdale Ave.
Phone 123
We. have appointed MR. SIDNEY ALLMAN
as special representative for Lynn Valley and have
some exceptional bargains lo offer.
North Vancouver Trust Co., Ltd.
(Ule lolutex * Ward)
219 Lorudale Avenue.
W. B. H0DD
The Cash
Staple and Fancy GrpcoriM*
Freah and Smoked Meat*
for One Week Only
Highland PolntfiPP-fqH»)
tu Ashfirofts,
piT BHC.k 	
Clocking Applr!1, Swear's
and Grime's <t1 IC
Golden, per Imx yMw
Chi vers Marmalade in 1
Ib. gluss jars, eiudi   -   15c.
Ayrshire Rose Creamery   ,
Butter,  -   -  3 Ihs. $100
Cheese—Finest Ontario,
-2 lbs. 35c
Lemons, per doz.   -   •   20c.
Outineal Soap. 10 bars 2tc
Holue Made Pork Sausage,
—per lh, 15c
l'ure Castile Soap,
per bar    •        ■   i 26c
Phone 40
llll Lonsdale Ave
LOW SEA^Proprietor
tlt.in. tuB u in
First class Meals 35c.
Commutation Tickets, 11 meals
Hoonis lor Ka ni at moderate ratea
N. V. Artistic Cabinet Muter,
Upholsterer and Dei motor
tll kllltl. ol Million ilaal Autlque  Fumlluil
Sloru, Ollice. H.ial mil llir riilum.  llii'ili
lug In all lu braudici.
Picture (■'ruining.      Furniture Storage.
Mill. OKIIKK." llTID l>liill>M lll.iatli.il
Gmpbell Realty & Investment Co.
au-it. $300 Caah, baj«nc«<*>
msy Urnw.=~- ,-f    ■-—
f, 0' BOX ut
We Could
Paper Hh World
Irom our /tock of new wall
papers, toil turns. Everyday
tome new detigus arrive*, to
till the vacancy 0/ those cloaad
Handsome Wail Papen
»re licit in «>dj**t variety. Jutt
Ull our Suleiman for what room
you wanl in m", and ba
will tthow y/u just the pattern
you are looUftf ftf,    f
To choou /rom our stock ia
a pleasure, Jo pay our price is
117 Lonsd*
Phoat 149 thi mmm north vANeeuygn, », i
Specials for
Thia Waak nt
fiBQWjSBS   MA?"
That ike Viotorfu fruitgrowers' Exchange will open a retail institution
to soil Iruit tq Mm consumers st reduced prices }l t(io grocers pl tbe. oily
■in uot support thorn in, buying
all Iruit Irom the exehungo und not
Irom tbo formers, was tho unanimous
ondorsotion ol tho mpmbors at the annual mooting held recently. The association offered to immediately grant
01,0110 for  this purpose,  but il was
Tea, Braid's Ceylon  Mo Ib.
Coffee,   roasted   or   ground   to
order    96c lb.
Cheese, Canada Cream 17Jc Ib.
Corn, Ihaiii't and Cream por can    10c
Tomatoes and Peas, largo size
.   Cans     |iip
Gloss or Corn Starch, 1 lb. pck. ...lie
Hointi Pork and Beans, per can ...\'l\e
Pineapple in large tin    16c
Imported   and   local   Jams,
Jellies, per jar  16c
11. k C. Boiled Oats, a socle  36c
Boysl  Standard  Flour,   40-lb.
Sack  $1.76
Eggs (overy egg guaranteed)
per dozen  88c
Butter,   Star
Box    ....
Creamery,   14-lb.
Maple Syrup in 6-lb. Tins .
Lilly White Syrup, lull,, tia  66c
Baisins, choice seeded, 8 peks 36c
Sugar, B. C. best, per sack 11.00
Apples, cooking, per box  I1.S0
Bananas per dot .-,.,, 36c
Oranges, sweet Navels  10 lor 10c
Figs, Sal. Now dried  4 lbs 36c
Money in comb ., 30e
Cream Soda Biscuits por lb  10c
Cold IW Lard 10-lb. pail  11.60
Fresh ovsry dsy—
at    Waist
Milk,   Cream,
Cakes, Pics.
Vegetables as lettuce,
cabbage, carrot, turnip
standard prices.
Local now laid eggs, 46c jter dim.
Hing up Tel. 136 and wc will quote
prices on Swill's Hams and Bacon etc.
Coupons given Iree on overy I'lb)
order to get s chance on residential
lot In Port Angeles.
123 6th Street {last Norlb Vancouver
Phone 378
decided to tWm tbs ttam>
time to enter % proposition-
COAL   m
60  YEARS'
IN -
fi»sar,|i<wa»«pn>piui Sou by
w j ssiBtM**^ New York
I"ta r su. w.rtissSo! O.O.
1'nitil pl the existence ol a, groat
conl lield, the ox lent of which as yel
is indeterminable, under. Saturna nml
Tuinlio jslands and the contiguous
wni em ol ths Gul| ol Georgia, has just
been laci-ui nl by the diamond drill
which for many months past has been
in operation on the properties on Sat-
urno .controlled by Mt' A. E. Hepburn
ol Vancouver, a 6-loot seam at 1,780
leet depth. It showed the lollowing
Fixed carbon, 66 per cent.
Volatile combustible' mutter, 87 por
cont. ■
Coko 61.6. ,
Horseshoeing and Blacksmilliini
Kerr & Wallace
At Alex. Gibson's Old Stand
A literary Column
Somewliftt Abput Hooks
Md Writers
■s solicit the busincis of Manufacturers,
8nglu«rsaod others who realise the sdvlubll-
lly ef having their Patent business transacted
IrKxpcrts. Preliminary sdvk«lrrc. Charges
rnodeius, Ourlnveotor'sAiivlsii-acntiiiiaui"
c'lfit Marlon ft Mnrlon, ttei'd., N:w Vork Lite
l.l.'-   MmlrcaSl'Oual Wl.lalnglOD  llt.USl
The Commonwealth
First Complete Showing of New
Spring Goods.
W. DICK, Prop.
'"fh Waling Parson" is the pseudonym Pf th° Hev. k. N. Cooper,'vl-
cur ol Filey, Yorkshire, who takes his
recreation thus. One cau imagine
him bcipg i|iinli'il in Minii' quarters as
a modern instance of thc English taking thoir pleasures sadly.
i linii|.,ini' in this Kith i nni in \ ol motor cars and aeroplanes, u mun walk-
ini: 'through France, across tho Alps,
to Pompeii, not for a wagor or a
championship, record, but lor a holiday. Mr. Cooper, however, gets some
omjoyment out ol his walking ns llioso
who have read any nl bis books wi!
attest and has the gill of enthusing
bis audience by book or in the |i." ture
This stylo ol travel, out of Ihe heal-
on path of the tourist, gives onu an
insight into racial characterise is and
habits which is not to be attained by
taking a conducted trip by rail or motor cur. Beside which quaint, backdated characters arc to bc met witb
such us you.hove read ol iu llorrowa
books and didn't • expect Jo meet
Recreation and food aru ulike in lhc
respect that one ninn' lood may be
another man's poison and the hobby
or i'.i nnii' which acts as u bodily re-
crcutive to one inun is horan work to
another, lt ought to be of such a nature as will allow of the tired nerves
or imi'.all": regaining u full measureol
vitality. There arc some apparent
exceptions nnd I recollect u   story of
11   pi a   1111.111    V. laa a    |i;.al    ;,    !,.||,.    BCllt tCl'Cll
round ol ninny miles in u rural dislriel, A gculleiniin wus conversing
with hint one duy und linked how he
spent his .nmil.il vacation, when for u
fortnight he wus relieved of his duties
by unollicr postman, expecting ol
course, to hear of him having a complete change, but, suitl the postman,
"Ob, I goes round with lhc olher
A scheme once mooted several
years ago on this Bide of the Inlet wus
brought before the locul legislature by
Mr. Cow|(iy ol pbilliwnek when ho proposed tp bring in a resolution urging
tho Dominion government to build a
mumi connecting Pitt Meadows wiu
Burrard inlet. The cost ol such un
undertaking would be largo but Mr.
Cowley outlined such advantages as
bs thought would accrue and offset
the expenditures made in construction.
It would convert liurrard Inlet into t
semi-fresh water harbor, and Uiiib destroy tho leredoes, and tbe earth taken Irom tho canal could bo used to fill
in the Hats ut Port Moody and so reclaim many acres of land now lying
waste. Another advantage would bo
tba draining ol Pitt Meadows whore
thoro wero twenty-live thousand acres
that could nut bu reclaimed by uny
other means. In uddilion, thut tho
delloction ol so much water from Pitt
river would lessen thc Ircshols ou tbo
Fraser and make arable lurge tracts
in Chilliwack and Dowdney now subject to flooding and would also provide
nn easy means of access for produce of
Pitt Meadows and Fraser Vulley to thc
markets of Vancouver.
Provincial Legislature
Doinga ol the House for tbe
Past Week.
Illy Express speeinl  representative)
Norih Vuneouver wus Well represent-
<d when lhc Iwo bills lo ineorporulu
companies to build scenic railways up
lirouso Mountain cuine before the ruil
wuy committee oh Thursday lust, 'lhe
expected contest between rival mm-
panics, however, did not occur. .Mr.
II. A. Maclean, K.C, who uppiMii'd
lor the (Jrouso Mouutuin Bcoiilc mil-
wny company, whose aims mp'rei
lorth in priyuti. bill ft!), stated that
itis company was tot yet ready lo pie-
sent its disc and uski'il lor uu oil
joitrnmejii till February IN. The com
mil tee iiini.ia.I thp reqticsl, lint al lhe
'time time lold Ur. Mueletin Ihul his
company must ihungu its numc, as il
conflicted with tlint of tie f.ri.»{
Moiinluin Scenic Incline Huilwny I ompany, 'ilia. ' application v is in It I.
lhc result wits lhat lhe bill if t'i" tailor company was approve by lhe
ommillac, willi a tislu. ti'in nl 11 |.|a
ing powers lo f?f>,IHM n t iiie, mel it i.
iniw ready lot ils second ivuding in
ibo ■House. The acl is mnili'id i.i
private bill l>'l, uml is being '.'hoed
in lhc house by  Mr.   Y   !■'   kl Km.
Notices   huve   been   sent oul    Irom
lhc provincial heulth d. p.n t  mak-
ing il compulsory lor every resident ol
the proviucc to submit lo vaccination
or bc liuiile to u line ol f Mill or to imprisonment.   This is being ■ 1    on ac-
count   ol   lhe outbreak   of   smallpox
waliin   the  province  und extenuating
measures   aro    considered    advisable j.hiiiiuinn ol the private bills roniiiiil-
without delay.     The order ieu.1   :      | Itin   llr. II. II. Wats, n of Vjucouv.'i
"Kvery resident of This province has charge ol bill 80. ■
shull' forthwith bi' vaccinated or pro- The name ol North Vun> i'ivt h.-tir-
ilm•■ lo Ihe medical health officer nl .il largely in the debute in IV. Mc-
tho district or municipality where be'Cairo's resolution asking lor n minor she resides u certificate or proof of 'mission taa investigate aim price uf coal
successlul vaccination wilhin the pre- which tool, place on Thursday nfiir-
ceiling yeurs, or a certificate Ihal j noon. One of the most forceful argil-
smh person is ut the present in- j ments in lavgr ul the motion wu>
susceptible ol vaccination, or a iirli- I Itui uf Mr. F. L. Carter-Cotton, whin
licutc ol physical unfitness lor vaccina- he told of llic plight in which Ilm cil-
tion. Smh certificate snull be from o mn of Norlb Vancouver found liuin
ihily qualified medical practitioner."    'selves   in the nifiii   cold soop; 'botf\
The Grandview Amateur Operatic Society
AT 8:15 P.M.
■   "   '
Admission, 25c.
Vancouver Opera House
Orchestra in attendance.
Reserved, 35c.
thny wm liable to imn coal except
through "lealeri in the ty flj j ^eon-
vet by whom, thoy were charged a do):
lor or m.oro a top B»t» lor haulage,
and oven at that were unable to obtain an adequate supply. Pe sujj- .
gi'Blod that the very loast that deal:
era oould do would be to establish
depots for distribution in North Vancouver so that the citizens would receive eipnil iivuiiimiit. Pr- McGuiro
further fortified his position by reading telegrams front Vuneouver ood
North Vancouvor calling attention to
lhc urgoncy of the case. Messrs. Tis-
tiall and Watson ol Vancouver and
MtiHaoii ol Skeena spoke strongly in
lavor of (bo resolution. The only dis-
I'lirilniit voice iii tbe debate was that
of Mr. Hanson of Comox who spokl
aleai.leil.'y against it. Messrs. Haw-
iborntbwiiitc and Williams, ol course,
flfiS that no remedy could be effective
undor the present capitalistic system
ol government, but tbey did not oppose the resolution. Premier Mcllride
hold thut it wus a matter lor the Pt'
tuwa government to deal with and
suid tho resolution would be Iorwarded lo tbcm, but if tbey rcluscd to do
anything, thon tbo provincial government would seo what could be dons
by way of inquiry. Dr. McGuire, in
closing tho debate wutijod tbe Houss
that if nothing came of tho resolution
he would in some luture session again
divide the House on the subject. Ths
motion passed unanimously and there
will ccrtuinly be disappointment Jl a
commission docs not sit this year to
investigate ibis very vexed question.
It bus been on the whole a week ol
railways und resolutions. Ono ol ths
latter, in which llr. Iluwthnrnthwoilo
• 'Unlit lo put ibo House on record in
protest oguiust the action ol tho gov-
eminent ol .Inpnit in executing Socialists, was expected to evoke Irom tbe
nii'inlicr for Nunuimo a thunderous
outburst' 'iicnl.nl witb gore and
I here wus a touch of pathos about it
wham tbc Speaker quietly declared it
out ol order, llr. Howlbornthwaits
appealed to the House against tlm de-
cision but found only one solitary
supporter in llr. I'arker Williams, so
thai thc bristly-worded resolution Idl
aa\iilm.it,I without a splash..
Hr. llnywutd's resolution ol protest
against thc recent reciprocity arrangement between i Honda and tbo United
States is still laa iaai,a tbc House. ).<-»
sensational than tbo others, it yst
deals with a live theme, since the tariff puis a finger in almost every po-.-k-
it either to drop a dollar in or talis
one out. Thero is little doubt tbat
it will curry but whether it will hsvs
any prncticul effect is very questionable.
A distinct step forward in railway
legislation bus been taken by tho in-
 lan ia.ii ot bills providing lor a dc-
purlmeut ol rnilwuys ans also by the
• itt..tinj t_. li-i iil ':■   bill   to   loHioliunte
nil tuo railway ads ol tbc province,
The lul ter bill does away witb the ne-
ccssily lor every mil way company incorporating uudcr a separate charter
which must be singly ratified by the
legislature. 1 nder Ihe new Ait tbey
will Iw able lo incorporate, like any
other large corporation, vith a cert J-
in nir Irom tbe registrar ol joint stock
companies, but Ihey will be subject lo
the supervision ol lho minister of railways and will bavo to comply »'tb
Iho stringent provisions ol tlie Act.
Having pul up 111,000 as u guirenlce
ilny will run lho risk ol its lorleituts
if u main line, railway is not >omflrl-
id wiUiin live years aud u I ranch line
wilhin two yeurs.      While    llio   ict
■ mj .1 ■ in--, the process ol incorporation ■
il,makes more difficult nny noncompliance wilh the law, xin.'c it ji always easier to evade an iidlviiual
Act thu one which bas Ihe whole
lores of provincial authority behind
A passing relerence must be made to
a sensational sixmo with which Uu
week opened. This was Mr. Jatrdios's
detailed exposure on Monday last ol
lhe trouble ol the local Liberal party
•Iniiii^ tin' past year. It is true that
" speech ul thai kind is, fortunately
perhaps, sol heard very oiten iu a deliberate assembly, but it contained so
mnny absurd situations, was so startling a change Irom ordinary addresses
and was so suiussd with a aumoi
Ibat glossed over any scandal, that
it was listened to with dsspesl attention both by house aad galleries and
wasaaturslly punctuated by laughter
rather than applause.
The Premier bu before the Houso s
Ull that is intended to give bsU.tr
protection to cosl miners. Its details
are rather technical, and although
Messrs. Hawlhornlhweit* and Williams
isy that it does not exactly meet
their Utopian ideals, others who
should know s»y that ths Act is well
designed lor its purpose. H still
stands at Ihs second reading stage.
The Premier bas intimated ihal ike
budget may be brought down towards
ths end ol liis present week. In addition lo thie a MJI dealing with tht
regulation ol trust companiss and another dealing wilh lire Insurance companiss have boa promised. These wilh
unfinished messurat aad a large number o( privet* bills, promlss to kt*
Ihs Mouse busy lor * ftw *«ts long-
North Vancouver City
a— I ——^^—^W—^^.^^—"■   IIIMII.^M^—
"' '        '■' ■""-
Lots in Blocks 9, 9a, 15,15a, 16 and
16a; District Lot 550; now on sale;
Acreage in District Lots 544, 545,
546 and 550; subdivided into blocks
of from I to 22 acres.
Tbe Grand Boulevard Extendi
Through This Property.   ,
For Plans, Price List and Particulars, apply to
The North Vancouver Land and
Improvement Co. mi*.
Comer Pender and Seymour Streets.
Vancouver, B. C.
Phone 6286
* t..t..t„tM|_|_t-tt,|_ttjt,itj-fl
mleelmtmte*   '"*   *   * J   *    I    *   *
"""" nTlmTlT
FIRE!    FIRE!!    FIRE!!!
FOR ABSOLUTE PROTECTION write a Policy in the
Commercial Union Fire Assurance Co., Ltd.
ASSETS! $94,900,000
Sole Agent
Agreement, and Contract! drawn        _, . ,, (.ninal
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Cabal m ttt Back Pate
Ms Joseph Vance
Copyright, 1908, by tht Bohbs-Marrlll Co.
Insttogly clustered and discreetly
shaded, redoubled In bait a bmiilri'd
mirrors; tta aubdned shlmnier ot plata
and (lass, tta soberly festive sssein-
blage of circumspect men and women
splendidly gowned, Ita decorously
muled murmur ot voices penetrated
and interwoven by tba strains of a
bidden string orchestra, caressed bis
sense* aa always, yet wltb a difference. Tonight be saw It a roam populous wltb lovers, lovers Insensibly
paired, man unto woman attentive,
woman ot man regardful.
He hmi never understood tbla before.
Thia mucb be bad missed In Ufa.
It seemed bard to nails* tbat ona
must forego It all forever.
Presently bfl found himself acutely
self conscious. Tba sensation pussled
blm, and without appearing to do ao
be traced It from effect to causa and
found tbe cause tq a woman-a girl,
rather seated at a table tba third re-
moved from blm. near tba farther wall
of ihe ropm.
Too considerate and too embarrassed
te return bar scrutiny openly, look tM
look, be yet felt sure tbst, however
temporarily, be wu become tba ob-
tect of her Intent Interest
Idly employed witli bia cigar, hs
sliiped bis coffee. In ttm* aware tbat
aba' bad turned bar sttention elsewhere, be looked up,
At (rat be was conscious nf an ef.
feet ot dlMpfavHulUMttf. I'll' was to-
body Ili'I be luw, evm bj rcput*
Hon She was simply a young girl,
barely oul of ber teens-if as old an
Ibat phrase would signify. Ue wondered what she had found In blm to
make her think him wortb so long a
study and looked again, more keenly
Wltb this second glance appreciation
stirred ibe artistic side of his nature,
tbst waa already grown Impatient of
hln fretted mood. Tbe slender and girl
Ish ligure, itii.ifil witb sucb absolute
lack of Intrusion against a screen of
rose and gill, moved him to critical
admiration The Milled glow of shaded
caudles caught glistening on tbe spun
gold of ber fair hair euhuueed the line
pallor of ber young shoulders.
In ibe sheer youth.of her (hc rcsl-
l.'aili more than in aught else lay her
cblefest charm. She could lie lillle
more than a child. Indeed, if he were
to Judge ber by lhe purity of her shadowed eyes and ihe alisence of emotion
In ibe calm nud direct look which
presently she turned upon hint who
set wondering til the level, penciled
darkness of her hrows.
it lenglh. ownre that she had surprised his Interest, Klrkwood glanced
aside coolly deliberate lest she should
detect in his attitude anything more
lhan ■ ui j u-i. >>n:i I approval.
A slow color I.ui u.ii bis cheeks, lu
his temples Ihere rose a curious puis
After awhile she drew his gaze again
Imperiously, herself all.unaware of the
havoc she was wreaking on his lein
"Eighteen." he hazarded - "eighteen
or possibly nineteen dining at Ihe Pleas
III a ravishing dinner gown ond un
happy? Ob, hardly -not slid"
Yet the Impression haunted him, nnd
ere long he uus fain to seek cnnflrmn
Hon or denial uf il In lhc manner of
ber escort.
The luiii'i m ... hi, I,,,, |, to Kirk
Wood, culling a figure as negative as
bis snug evening clothes. One could
surmise llule from n fleshy thick neck
e round glazed hnld spot, a fringe nl
grizzled hair and Iwo bright red ears
' Ca|£iidarl
BoiiieHiw Ihe fellow did suggest
Klrkwood/ culler of Ihe afternoon
Tbe young mnb/^ould not have snld
precisely how. forte was unfamiliar
wilh lhe aspect of rhql gentleman's
back   None Hie leaa, tne suggestion
|i'l. i   la.l
liy now a few of tbe guesls, Ihcnlei
bound for Ihe most part, were leaving
Here and there a table stood vtiennl
tbat had lieen filled, cloth tarnished
i halts disarranged, ln another moment
to lie transformed lute Ita prlsllne hi II
Ham-* under the deft attentions of Hit
Down sn stale, past the table al
wiilih ihe girl was sitting, came Iwo.
making toward Ihe lobby, the man, a
slight and meager yoong personality
In Ihe lead Their party bad attracted
Kirk wood's notice aa tbey entered -
wby, be did Hot remember, bul It wat
In hie mind that then tbey had lieen
three InstMcllvply be looked at tbe
table tbey had left, one pieced at some
distance froni the girl and hidden from
ber by an angle In the wall. II up
peered that the third member bail
chosen to dolly a few moments ovei
hl» tobacco snd a liqueur brondy
Klrkwood could see blm plainly louag
Ipg In his chair snd fumbling tbe stem
of s glass, a heavy man ot somhei j
iiuhii. his hlock and sullen brows low
erlng snd thoughtful above a fact |
boldly handsome. |
The woman of ibe trio was worthy
of closer attention. Borne paces In tbr
wake of  ber lackluster esquire slit
waa making a leisurely progress, trail
Ing the skirts of a gown magnificent
beyond dispute, halt concealed though,
It wss by tbe opera cloak whoae soft
folds draped her shoulders.   Slowly.,
carrying lier heed high, abe approach I
ed. loaolent eye* reviewing tbe room
from beneath tbelr heavy lias, a metal
||i< sod mature type of dark bcuui)
supremely self confidant and self pos
lien turned Involuntarily to look aft
er her, not altogether In undiluted ad
miration,       _,
In tbe act of passing behind the pu
(atlve Calendar she paused momenta
riiy. bending aa If to gather up bet
train. Presumably tbe action disturb
ed her balance. She swayed a little
and In the effort to recover rested Hit
tips of ber gloved fingers* upon the
edge of tbe table. Slmultsneouslj
(Klrkwood could bave sworn) a sin
gle word left ber lips, a word evident
ly pitched for Ibe ear ot tha bypothet
leal Calendar alone. Then sbe swept
on, Imperturbable, assured.
To tbe perplexed observer It waa In
dnliitolily evident tbat some eoiuinu
iili-nilon bad passed from the woman
to tbe men. Klrkwood saw tbe fal
shoulders of tbe girl's companion stiff
en suddenly as tbe woman's band rested ut bis elbow. As sbs moved away
s lillle rippling shiver was plainly via
ihle In the muscles of bis back beneatb
bis coat, mule token of relating ten.
shin An Instant later one plump and
iniillled hand wus carelessly placcc
where ihe womau'a bad been and
wus al uini! removed wltb flngeri
closed. ,
To the girl, watching ber face covertly, Klrkwood turned for a clew tt
the Incident. Ue made no doubt tbat
she had observed the passage, i'rooi
ot that oue found In her sudden star
tllng pallor (of Indignation?) and In hei
eyes, briefly alight with some Inscrutable etnollon, (hough quickly veiled b)
lowered lushes Slowly enough she
regained color and composure, while
her vta-n-vls snt Vnoiloniess, bead Inclined, us If In thought   '
Abruptly ihe nmu turned In bit
chilli lo summon a waiter and exposed
It's prollle    Klrkwood was In ntiwlsi
(inir/nl to i :-:11.-.- Culcndnr-u had
ii frl lileneil Calendar now, however
ami iiaanUi 11 he Identified wilh the
s'ei it l'IMi fell'W whn hitd Interviewed
Kill.ia a i' In Mi,, orieriiontt ills flah
'.ii a Ii.tI.- ni'ii'ashen and tretni ling.
and upon lhc hack of his cbalr tbe fst
while bitten were drumming Incessantly tin Inaudible tattoo of shuttered
"Scared silly!" commetiigj Klrkwood    '••Why'!' .  ^
Having spoken to his waiter, Calendar for some seconds raked the room
with quick glances, as If seeking an
acquaintance I'resuinnbly disappointed, be swung buck to face tho girl,
bending forward lo reach her ears
with accents low pitched and confidential. She on her part fell at once
attentive, grave untl resjiouslve. Perhaps a dozen sentences passed between them At the outset her hrows
,■,nm.n ii'il. uud she shook ber bead In
gentle dissent, whereupon Calendar's
manner became more Imperative.
Gradually, unwillingly, she seemed to
yield consent. Once sbe caught her
breath sharply and, Infected by ber
companion's agitation, sat back, color
fading again In Ihe round young
Klrkwood's waiter put In an Inopportune appearance with the bill. The
youngajiiiaii fui Id It. When he looked
up again Calendar had swung squarely about in his chair. Uis eye encoun
tered Klrkwood's. He nodded pleasantly. Temporarily confused, Klrkwood returned thc nod.
In a twinkling he bad repented
Cafendar had left his chair and was
wending his way through the tables
toward Klrkwood's. Reaching It, he
paused, offering lhe hand of genial
fellowship. Klrkwood accepted lt half
lii'itrlcdly (what else was he to do?),
remarking at the same time tbat Calendar bad recovered, much of his composure. There was now a normal coloring In the heavily Jowlcd countenance, wltb less glint of fear In Ihe
quick, dark eyes, and Calendar'a hond,
oven If moist snd cold, no longer trembled. Furthermore, lt waa immediately demonstrated that bia Impudence
bad not deserted blm.
"Wby, Klrkwood, my„dear fellowl"
ba crowed, not ao loudly aS"?o-attract
attention, hut In a tone assumed to
divert suspicion, should he be over
heard. "This bt great luck, you know,
to Hud you here."
"Is it?" returned Klrkwood coolly.
Ue disengaged his fingers.
Tb* pink plump face was contorted
tu a furtive grimace of deprecation.
Wilbout waiting for permission Calendar dropped Into tbe vacant chair.
"liy dear air," be proceeded, unabashed, "I throw myself upon your
mercy." m.
"tlm devil you dor      "
"I must. I'm bi tbe douce of a bole,
and there's no one I know bare besides yourself.  I-l"—
Klrkwood saw lit to lead him vu,
partly because out of tbs corner «f Oil
eye hs wa* aware Of .the girl's unconcealed suspense. "Oo on^ptease, lit.
Calendar. Vou throw yourself on a
total stranger's mercy because you're
lo th* deuce of a bole, and"-
"It's this way. I'm called away on'
urgent business-imperative business.
I must go at once. My daughter la
wltb me-roy daugbterl Think of my
amharrajsmenL    1 cannot l—va hr
hen- alone, nor can I permit ber to go
home unprotected.''
Calendar paused In intipij.
■That's easily remedied then," sug-
gi'sied Klrkwood.
"Put her In a cab at tba door."
••No. Tbedc:ai I couldn't tbluM   ■
li. Vou won't understand. V-
"I do not understand," amended tb*
younger man politely.
Calendar compressed bia lips nervously It waa plain that tb* mau VM
quivering Wltb Impatience and bait
mud witb cicltemeut He tield quiet
only long enough to regain bia aalf
control and take couneel wltb bl* pru*
"It is Impossible, Mr. Klrkwood. I,
must ask you to ba generoua and tto-'
Iteve me.".
"Very well. For tba aake of tbe sr-
gumetit I do believe you, Ur. Calendar."
Swiftly, stammering ta bia huts:
"I can't let Dorothy accompany BM to
the door." declared Cslendsr. "She-
l-l throw myaelf upou your mercyI"
"What, again?' ■—■
"Tbe trutb-tbe truth is, If you will
have it. thai I am bl danger of arrest
lhe moment I lesve here. If my daughter Is with me sbs will bava to endure
the shame aud humlllatlon"-
"Theii why place ber lu audi a poslllon?" Klrkwood demanded sharply.
Calendar's eyes burned, Incandescent
wit(i resentment. Offended, ha offered
to rise ond go, but changed bb) mind
nnd sol light In hope.
"I heg of you, slr"-
"One moment, Ur, Calendar."
Abruptly Klrkwood's westhercock
humor shifted, amusement yielding te
Intrigued luteresl. After all, wby not
oblige Hie fellow? What did anything
mailer now? What harm could visit
hint If he yielded lo tbla corpulent adventurer's Insistence? Besides there
wns lite girl lo be considered.
Klrkwood considered bar forth wltb.
lu ihe process thereof bia eyea sought
ber, perturbed. Tbelr glances clashed.
She looked nway hastily, -rlrcson to
her temples.
Instuutly the conflict between curiosity and caution, incllnatl'o and distrust, wss st su end. Wlih suddsu
compliance ibe young msn rose.
"I shull he most bsppy to be of service lo your daughter, Ur. Cslendsr,"
he snld. placing the emphasis wltb be-
coming gravity. And then, tbe fat adventurer leading tbe way, Klrkwood
strode across tbe room, wondering
j mmewhut ut himself, If lbs r 'll
1 irulh Is to bc disclosed.
m 1,1. bul  purring  wltb sstlsfsc-
l\     (Ion nnd relief, Calendar bait-
\l\  Ci
1 i    w.     "iiorolby, my dear, permit
I ine to Introduce an old friend, Mr.
I Klrkwood, Kirkwood, tliis is my
' daughter."
"Miss Calendar," ocknowltilgi.il Kirk-
(To be continued)
IN THE MA'l'TEK «r the Water Act
and Amending Act and
IN THE MATTES of License No. t'i
griiulcd lo Hie Cqrporation al the
District ol Nortb Vancouver lor
800 inches ol water to be taken
from Lynn Creek, dated His 30th
August, 1W)4,
NOTICE i« hereby K|VOn that ths
Cily ol Norlh Vuneouver lieing ths
owner nud licensee under the said license by virtue ol the North Vancouver City Incorporation Act, 1D06, will
apply to S. A. fleUhet, Esq., Wutor
Commissioner for Now Westminster,
II. <\, on Wednesday tho first doy oi
Uardi, IUII, ut the hour ol eleven
o'clock in tlie forenoon or so soon
llicrculler ni counsel con be heard lor
nu onler oiui.ntliiig the said In cnu by
Substituting therein as licensee tlu
nunie ol the Cjty 0f North Vaacouver
in place of the Corporation ol ths Disliiel ol North Vancouvor, and lor
adding lo the words defining thc point
if diversion th* words "snd at a
point on Lynn Creek either on Lot
'M, Croup 1, Now Westminster Dis
trict or l.ot 1368, Group 1, New West-
minster District at or user thebottit
dary botweon Uis aaid Lots" or, is
lho ollornstive, lor aa order amend
ing tho license originally granted apportioning tie water to bs talon fro»
Lynn Creek under aald license No. t'i
botweon tho point of diversion ai set
out in the original license ud a poin,
ol diversion ol Lynn Creek rather os
Lot ttt, Group 1, Now WosUniust*
District or Lot 1363, Group 1, N»w
Westminster District, at or near the
boundary botweon said l/>li ot loll
suo two or more Ileuses for ths w*-
lo moke suth other ordsr ia the ppy
miscs as moy be just ah .equitable.
' DATED thi,' 84th day ol December,
», L, jUCID,
Solicitor lor said   Oily   of H.or$
Vancouver. $#
V mn-tw&mfflrfflm- nmmk, -fr a
iHrnmri. m WW on
4git#tW» Owt th^ TsriffrNoiieless
Business in Montre»l-Th« G»W
bling Trttst-Npw Cppsifte Bil)
tfftim our pWn corrospondont)
Montreal, Jan. 80-Although Can-
oda's loss by forest fires was far less
this past year than on any previous
year, nnd although her record through
many years has boon much better
than her neighbors in the United
States, concerted efforts aro now under way to minimize in a practical
manner tho many dangors which from
one sourco and another, besot ber timber wealth. At tho forestry convention which was presided pvorby Earl
Grey in Quebec, many opinions were
expressed by noted foresters from sll
parts of tho country on the part of
those who are vitally interested in and
partly responsible Ior timber destruction would do moro lor conservation
ol this kind than any law ever promulgated. Tborelore, it may bo solely
said that it will not be many mqnths
before tbo province ol Quebec will
havo a plan ol campaign diawn up in
which the railways, contractors, settlors, huntors and thc general public
who make use of the forest areas will
play their parts for safeguarding
against fires. Tho railways have been
asked to figure out thc cost of replacing steam by electricity, and Sir
Lorner Gouin has' hinted tbat bc would
bo in favor of granting no charters
for new roads in northern Quebec nn
loss they were equipped with electricity.
There have been intcrmitl.'nt campaigns against w|iistling ol mg boats
on tbo l.m him.' canal in (he midillo ol
tbc night, thero have beta siren.ious
objections to the railways sh mting
snd tooting Ireighl and pussiuger
cars in tho wee small hours al thc
morning, there have been rompi liuts
laid bcloro tho city council concerning
tho n liinnn uud his horrid disturbances in taking up tho garble at
down, but there has never been a t iim-
paign against noise in thc dovn town
district of the city in the offines where
mon work their brains for bread. But
Iho noiseless office is on thc way just
the same. In some of the l.ttfit ullices where fifteen nnd twenty typists
aro cmoloyed hammering away at
their machines from morning till
night, the noise is deafening. I mil
lately it was accepted as a icccisary
evil, but now, through tbo ingenuity
of man again times have changed.
Thc noiseless typewriter has mode ils
appearance und where once a bubel ol
clicks and clacks resounded" through
an office ull is us quiet und as Imn
imi as a church. It took a long time
for Samuel 1'. Kidder, an American,
to ucrfect a noiseless typewriter machine, und longer for thc invuitiou to
reach Canada. Now the demand for
them is so great that it is impossible
for thc factory at Middlclown, Connecticut, to supply half the required number. To one of a mechanical turn of mind tho noiseless mn
■ him' i of great interest for tbe tranquility it brings. Somo offices on
St. James slreel, and Ihey arc busy
offices too, arc as quiet as a village
As a result of a seizure of something like seventy live thousand gallons of tto iiui eggs here thc other
day, a rigid investigation us to bow
Montreul gels her lood supply hus been
started by the Bourd ol Control. Dr.
E. P. I.nchapclle, ono ol tho controllers und ulso a member ol the provincial board ol health, says he believes
that Montreal bus been mode thc
dumping ground for bad lood, refused
by other cities, for years. The eggs
were put up in tins for sale to thc
bakers and samples of them tested by
the city's innili i showed thut one
dose of tho mixture killed n guinea
pig in less than a day.
Tho cocaino clause lo the opium bill
which will be introduced in tho jlouse
ol Commons by tho Hon. U.ilium
I-j on Mackenzie King is >■ direct ro-
sult of tho investigations made by a
little boqd ol work'trs i.i Muilrcel
who havo found thai, lite coi'Sim
snuffing evil has leajhid large p-oprr
lions in the city and cnun'iy ..ad is
doing nni jhl damugo to Ihe boys mil)
girls of Canada. Mr. King will ask
for cast iron legislation scltug an
absolute ban on tho sale of cocaine in
thc Dominion of Canada •i.tcept lor
ini'ilniiinl purposes and piovid'ng
heavy punishment for violnlors of the
law. The present laws have pro'.cl
totally inadequate in coping w.ih
thc evil and Chiof Carpuntor ol tbc
detective bureau has mado Ihu slaiII-
ing announcement that fully four-
fifths of the young boys and girls«ho
fall into his balds have the habit in
a greater or lesser degree uml llml he
apd his men are almost poworloss to
check tho salo by unscrupuJiMs druggists.
Tho so-called gambling trust whlob
flourished hero for years unmolostcd
has been broken up, has retired into
seclusion. Brady was all powerful until one of his lieutenants equolod,
houses in all parts of the dty Acre
raided nnd today thoro is not s wheel
tuminff. i
"TttWO' - l
.' era Y wit ■,)
The Amethyst
. Tho February birth'tont symbolizes
llpcerjty eh dnp, pure love. Tho
amethyst is one ol the most popular
and fashiounblu stones ol the day. It
ran be worn with equal propriety by
young or old, and harmonixos readily
with many other populur goms.
When preparing our stock qf nine
i|iyst jewellery for this month wo were
careful to see that all settings and »
mountings were ol fashionable dosign
and imail} mude. In this line our
necklaces, brooches and collar piim aro
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May Flower, Spring Brook or Ayrshire Rose 3 lbs. $1.00
5 lbs. of good Tea       -#      -       -      -      - 1.50
5 lbs. of better Tea   -      -      -      -      ■*    ■ 1.75
5 lbs. of the best Tea    -      -      -      -      - 2.00
Comer First Street and St. George
120 Second Street East. .    Telephone 206
Convenience to Norlh Vancouver Merchants
Buy in Vour Own Town. Your O   ers Solicited
The Place Whe^e Everybody (*oe»
Gem Theatre
it r Good Pictures  Good Singing
flESFeee     • »•
•i*     eee
Good Music
eet     tee
eee     ee*
Programme  changed  Monday,  Wedneiday and  Friday.
Adult! JOc ^-SEt** Children 5c
Editor Express:
Pear SiryrTto pnWip press of tbii
province without distinction 9( p^y
ban always gjvpi) thie deportment
very - efficient assistance; indeed 1
have ulwuys lioltl tlmi witliiiiit llu:
pO-qpor»tipn ol tbe pro»» we conld
pever ba^B enttiifed pur Hprticu|tHr,»|
BeguUtiom wliii.li nre Frpving flf sucli
iiniiii'iiiii! nfjvantigo in the fruitgrowing industry nl Hritish Columbia.
I would, therefore, take tbe liberty o|
requesting you to grant me tiie use
pl your columns l» direi.'t thp attention ol ail importers nl nursery stqplj
tp section 4 of tbe Horticultural Regulations, wbicb provides tbat corti'
liml iuvoiivii ol all shipments of nursery iiiui'k, frees "»d plants, must be
furnished to the inspecfor pl fruit
pests at Vancouver, at the time when
such shipment!) are dojjvercd (or ■jn-
Tbo reason for this is tbat when a
case ol goods arrives wc know by the
invoice what it Bhould. contain, and
are prepared to chock tho pontcptl
over with tbo invoice. This greatly
expedites tho business of inspection
and enables us to doal promptly with
all importations.
It i> clearly in tbo interests of the
importers that we should be able to
ild nl any mini nke that may have
been made in shipping the goods. AU
this was carefully considered when tbo
Horticultural Hides wero adopted, but
unfortunately many ol the importers
neglect to comply with this regulation,
I would, theroforti, urge that a gen-
oral obsorvaneo ol this rule bc adopted.
'I'he importations ol nursery .stock
aro largely on fhc increase nnd I am
just completing additional lacilities
for inspection.
Our staff will bo doubled this year,
so that whatever delays muy have occurred in tho past may bc avoided in
luture, if thc importers comply with
Ihe regulation above relerred to.
Thanking you lor your assistance, I
am • Yours faithfully, ,
Inspector of Fruit I'ests
It is understood thul lhc council
will soon bc petitioned to focal improve Keith Koud Irom Vicloriu park
oast to St. David's Ave. This wus
nearly accomplished last yeur had it
not been for the petitions lacking a
lew : ii'iiaiiiin to make up tho uu.es-
sury 60 per cent in value ol tbe assessable property. It is suggested
that the work should bc curried west
of Victoria l'ark to Mnhon Ave. at
A. Campbell Hope
358 lit Street East
thm um
General Contracting
pxcavtiiDf.  ClenrjM OrUto,, ale,
im J^_ j^ML, ,
Phone    196
Nortii Vancouver
Coal and Supply Co.
Dealers in Coal, Brick,
Sand,   Gravel,   Lime.
Cement   and   General
Builders' Supplies,
All  Orders   Promptly
Filled and Satisfaction
Guaranted.    Prices on
Olfice: Lonsdale, m* City Wharl
VMwuse:      Fwwi'» Wharf
135 Lonsdale Ave
Our Bread, Scones,
Cakes and Confections are made of
the finest materials.
Scotch Piea
W Wrnrntt
At Vancouver Pricei.      Sole Agents for North VlWWW,
ESPLANADE, next to P. O.
Corner lonsdale and Second. Phone 255
Stock Reducing Sale
We are showing 36 inch Stripe Flannelr
ettes sold everywhere 15c.
Our price this week only   -   -   IZjC
Hot Points
For the Man
|_j i ■■.', a chance to please tht
Qrdcr at once a tyio "HOT
yen days trial, Iree lor asking.
pleasure and comfort on ironing day.
Qnly iron on market guaranteed lor two years.
|nvcst now, it will please bar.
Niat. dean and economical.
^~^^~^^ r      "fty one now and be convinced.
B. C. Electric Rai way Company, Ltd.
50 Lonidale Avenue.
The Gurney-Oxford Steel Top Range
means a marked saving in
luel and belter bakiug'results.
only docs its work BETTER
but AT LESS COST tbsn
other li.i ii utv.
We can demonstrate to you
thc whole Superior Chancellor principal of economy
and . iin n n. y in ten minutes.
Is it not worth lhat much
uf your lime right now ?
The J. D. Fraser Hardware Co,
Phone 56. 133 Lonsdale Avenue
The Kimball
Warburnitz Piano House, Limited
443 UmitU Kvmft Pfcwu 114 tHK EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVRR, ft, G,
AD. Columns
iJmtL 10p per Hsja
h_'lw per Hue per intertion
9th, no par lina por insertion
JI^Hpiiiukoopar fnr lni'Mor
al nlv iini|ii|ini'8.  Apply Hfii
UP—(Hrl  to  iniriio two  iilil
l|y,   Apply, Ker, 13lh  street
thdy Avenue, Ul-il
^EP-Kiioni uml lluanl ill |iti-
fftmilya   Stulo terms.   Mux  "II",
UfASSTKlHiistiutts Imm owners   ol
North Viiiii'iniver piii|iiilirs.     II   yon
'; have a Imrgtiili mul wnnl lo Bell, list
With USa   Wo have tlie buyers.
PUdll'liMt IIAI.I,.
Next to Palate  lintel.
' T-3
i,   WANTK.l)   TO    Itl'.NT   t'ottago   or
mite of rooms (varum ut- (uroisheil).
• lillply   witli   lull   (nu iia nines to   Ilox
808, North Viiiuiiuvaar.
Furnished housekeeping rooms, 318
Snd sinnt East. 6-2
HALI, FOIt UEST-Fur private
dances in alupanese Tea Hardens,
North Vancouver. Steum heated.
Apply, 'ieo. Phillips, llllh st. east.
■ ^a.
J, Loutet aud North l.oasdale
Elder Hurray Co. lire insurance.
Saw Filing ami Qenaral lirindinu,
The Bed Oaravan Workshop, Esplanade. S'i
We will buy or axeliange your stovct,
ranges and household goods lor spot
caih. Turner's, 711 l,ousdiile Avenue.
Phone 184.    P.O. Ilox 313.
Upbolstasrer nud lleeorslor
Furuituro ujihidsteinl, earriage trimming.   Ship work u epeaially.    Slato
rooms and rabbis upluilslend,
Phone I'alaie lloUtl
Booms 10 and 11, I'ender Chambers,
'   tm Pender Street W.       Phone 3461
Bisideuee,  cor.   l.uiisilale  Ave   tail
!Wiid street, Noi th Vancouvar.
are now ready to fill'all orders
for coal Tnay will
carry a full line of building tup
plies. Get the beat. They have it
A trial order will convinca you of
Mat. Oet your coal before tha
(aiiny tauon sett in. Head
quarters On corner of Esplanade
and Bt. Oeorge, North Vancouvtr,
Phont 259 Terms Cub
TENIH'.HS   will Im i inil by  lha
Hnderrignid until f> p.m. on Thursday, llth February, lull, lur Ibe
olaeriog uud ^nibliiiiu ul portion ol
Keitli     Koiid      Weel,     improvement
known ua the Marino Driveway,  His
trict I III, na'-i.   III III a ail llllll'e wilh  ihu
ipaeific«li>>n und plnn lo lie seen al
this office.
The luweat ot .mij lender nol ntM-
tarily n- ■ .|.i■ • i
.1. II. UltWUOVK,
111    III.  I     I   IHJIIl.a I
Diitrict Muniiipal Offiir,
Notllt Van<otiver, 11. I'.,
:ird .lunuury, IUII, 11 .'
NOTICE is hereby give* thtt tbe
Court ol Beviiiou ol District Aaaett
attBt Boll will meet in tht District
Municipal Office, North Vancouvtr, on
Tueiday, tin Mth day ..I February,
|911 at 3 o'cloii p.m. whto aU oon-
pUiule tnd tippi-ale agaiast mmm
DWita will Im 'onsidared.
Notice nl i omplaiata and appeals
ptltat be given lo lha. Aaataaor at
Leant ImJiaye baton tin aaii data,
tpll ench notice must tet loitb tiie
ground ol complaint,
(liven under my band tilt Hh
im ol ./tnuary, 1*11.
fimosuivi um- v.»u
\loer ol them ia lioch U, nub-
%**,.  tli* tilt only by <Ie<*
j k I'n. and Fwria alt Co., Nortb
Ave, Oiratr, I i 1
FOB tAlit
FOB HA|.E-Boy'a Plpyfcle. CM as
n«w. Hu»t, m»ko. Dunlnp tires. Opast-
ar hrotar Ohoap.—Ajiply-K»p»ee»-0|»
house with large garden and Iruit,
very cheap, pqseoeslon «t ones. Apply
ill) 6th slreot W. 7-3
FOB SAI-K-Four-loot wood, lirst
growth, 13th strait, first house watt
of l.iiiimluln. 0. MiTlnile, earn box
130. 84-3
FOB SAI.K-Fruit bushes on J,ona-
dale School Grounds,, good heathy
plants, 150 red currant, 330 black
currant and about 900 r«sp canes. In
bulk or any number. <Viip. Obtain
prices [rom or make offer to seorutary
to trustees.
Snd itreet East,     7-3
Wing,   Court Housy'Vancouver
NOTICE ii hereby given that the
time for roeuiving tendere lor "Wing,
Court-house, Vancouver," is extended
up to and including Tuesday, the 31st
day ol February, 1911.
' Publiu Works Engineer.
Department ol Public Works,
Victoria, II. CI., 31st .lantiary, 1911.
NOTICE is hereby given thnl thirty
dayi ulli'i lhe date hereol we (he un-
.1, a ii'i.aal Intend iu apply as co-part-
ners to the Hoard ol Linensu Cummin-
simiers lur the city ol Nortii Vancouver for a i'inli bottle license for pre
un a.- iiiiiiii' till a Inn Iiiiiiiii pull of
lot ihii tei li (13) block one hundred
nud lilly-set'cn (167) I). L. 371-374, in
Ihe eity nl Norlh Vincouver on (he
principle ul thu Norweigiun -'.-inn (ol
no prolit to the tellers).
(Signed)     It. E. MACNAl'GHTF.N.
(Sign.il)     P. ItllClll'SSGN.
'.iiii'l   is  hereby  givm  that thu
pill llai'la lai|l   lll'l.la.la.ll.   Cli|tillg   ll' UlCIl
us, llii undersigned, aa Hickman It
Hood, in the t'ily ol Nurth Vancouver
has luiii this day diMOlved hy mutual
All ilalaiH owing lo said parlnership
ure lo lie paid lo W. II. Hood nl the
I'ity ol North Vancouver aforesaid,
und all claims against the said part-
narshtp ore In lie presented to (he snid
W. II. Ilium by whom the same will be
Dated at the City nl North Vancouver this 33rd dny ol .tannery, 1911.
(Signed)     (!. B. HICKMAN,
(Signed)     W. B. HOOD.
APPLICATION    FOB   i.l'll Hit   II
NOTICE is hereby |riv«n tlmt ul iht
next sitting nf lhe II.,ml nl I mn liu
Couiniisriniiiri Inr llu- City ol Norlb
Vnii'oiivcr, I inta ml In apply lur a
liaati'l lin'tisi' fnr premise* situate <>n
lols 31, 33, 3.T and M, block Ho, I).
L. 371, Hi«'uml rlruel went, in the suid
• ity .at North Vnn..,m.i.
Iliit'tl nl Norlh Vamouver, Fi-brunry
Vila   1911, 8-3
The i.iaiiml meeting and election '.I
otfume ol the North Vancouver Ion
■arvillve Animation will be tiid al
l.ari.ia'ii| Pavilion litis Tuesday evening at 8 o'dmi. Bwofta of Uu
veai's work will bt raotivid Irom Uu
prMidant aad ncretaty, aad a rompre-
bsosivi wham submittad byiUu mi
•ouUvi lor tbt purpose ol inrriaiing
tbe t&dency ei iha AaaociaUon and to
ndd iniei. -t jn iu work in lbi city
and diitricl nl North Vancouvar,
It la alio proposed to bold a ban-
■pud ia Uie mar lulurt it which it ii
•xpectnd Uu Prtoiar, Hon. Itirhtrd
Mcllride, will be la atlradanrc.
Tht annual lit of one dollar
per mwnlur will hc due and payabli
at thii /Duttiaif and it ii bopad that
•very member will mika a aptdtl ri-
loti to bt prew.it and alto bring at
mapy CooiarvtUvi Inntit with them
at poMible. ill ConservaUvM will re-
osivs a hearty welcoaM l» Uie nttt-
lng wd lo Uu ataociitioa.
The provincial botui will reaulv.il-
idl iain s coaatitlai ol supply on
ffadaetday ol tkie week,
•      B, C. GAZETTE '
The lollowing notllt appear jn tba
current issue ol tho British Columbia
tilVli'.He ;
T'n bn .lusticoB nl thn Ponce Inr, thji
Bayelsloko Electoral District 33 mimes
appear I lor, the Cranbrook electoral
district 83 names appal'; lor the Pernio eluelnriil district 40 Humes np-
peiir; (or tha Vicloriu electoral tliu-
liii'l 18 names appar; lor tho Newcastle elea'tnrnl district 6 iiunies appar; lur tho Victoria uleclora, district 83 nomas uppar; lor Columbia
electoral district HI mimes appar;
lor Similkameen electoral district 33
names appnr.
Richmond Eleelorul Diutiiit—William
Dulhin, Dutbie P. 0.; F. .1: Peers,
Burnaby Lake; W. 8. Boso, P. .L
Brown, Allred McFeo, Thos.  B. Mor
rison, all ol Edmunds P. 0.;   Jessie' dooh Modicum, Donald McLean.
.ove and Chas. Allen, ol East Burnaby; and Fred. E. HarMor, (Vrnl
Risslnnd My Electoral District—P.
E. I aiinl.'i, I'Viiiil, I'm inin, Frank El-
lit, A. W. Braden, Martin S. Mon-
nell, John Nowman, H. S. Nicholson,
Vmir Electoral Distrii-t—Reginald A.
M. Power, Thrums; Thos. Whieldon
and John Bowman, ol Slocan Junction.
Skeena Electoral Dislrict-T. Howard Jamieson, M.l)., It. E. Mosher and
H. T. Wilby, all ol Ocean Fall*.,
Bichmond Electoral District—Herbert
T. Ilrewitt, North Vuniouvor.
Vancouver City Electoral District-
J..A. McKay, Vancouver, II. C.
Yniii Electoral District - Geo. W.
lloggarth and Howurd C. Davie, ol
Similkameen Electoral District —
('has. H. Whelltinis, Shingle Crook,
Comox Electoral District —A. G.
Howes, Stillwater P. 0.
To be members ol the Hoard ol Commissioners ol Police:
City ol Itcvelstoke-Aldermun .1. Guy
Burlier, E. Trimble.
City ol Kamloops-Alderman W. C.
':iiilunii. ,). A. Gill.
Cily ol Vernnii-Alderman W. il.
Smith, S. A. Shntlord.
City of falowna^-Alderman David
Leckie, F, M. Buckland'
City ol Enderby-AbWnfltn Bt R
Blsnehai'd, B- 8. Glbbt,
Cjty of Grand Porkt^-Aldorman Pi*
tlot'ick Dowpcy, Forbes Mt K»rby.
City ol |.'adysmith-A|derm»ii John
Miehio, Potor 11. Inkster.
To bo rproboM ol thp Board nl Li-
oensing Commissioners >
City ol Bavalitoka-Aldorman 0. W.
Abrahamsoni W. A, Sturdy.
Cjty ol Kamloops - Alderman M.
Crawlord, J. It. Michell.
City ol Vornnn-Aldermsn !•' i, Gum-
mitkiy, c. j. Christine.
C|ty ol Kelowne-Aldormnn   J.   W-
Jon','8, E. Troddall.
City ol Enderby-Ahlernian  Samuel
Tceet', Fred, JL Hume:!.
City of Grand Foiks-Aldermuii Frederick Downey, Forbes M. Kerby.
City of   Lndysmilh• Alderman Mm-
To be Nnriiries Public :
Henry llwight Bugglei, ol the City
of Vancouvor, barrister aud solicitor,
nnd Waller F. Edmonds, ol the city af
New Westminster.
To i bo members ol Hoard ol Directors pf the   \ i.n aiiivi'i  Gcuerul   Hos
lohn Martin and Edward Brett, all bMC^^u,   o   (la,uww)ll) ntmp
McSpadden and Samuel Kernighan.
The department ol works is calling
lor plans ol a highway bridge over I he
Columbia river at Trail and lenders
for a wing to tbo Vairniiver i ourt
Certificates ol inao.pun.'.in hove
beon grafted to the lollowing tiaraipiiii-
'.n : A. G. Browii:alumie.n n C i, enpi-
lol ol *7.'i,imii . Allwini District Electric Light and Power Co., capital of
■ii'i.iiilu : Canadian North'Pacific Cool
Co., capitui ol 11,000^)00; Ctiinese
Daily It,'fa,nn (iti/ette Sun Bo Ltd.,
capital of $6,11110; Coasl Shnle Brick
Co., capitui uf sliiii.niiii . Columbiu
Valley Orchards, cupitul ol 11,000,1100,
i'.'iia.iiiiiiiit.il Electric Beaton, flou,-
IHI0 ; I'iiinlti.ml, ii,inn'. Co,, i apilul nl
ii'1,11 " ; Easletn Sales Co., capitui
ol S6H,UIKI; Lillooet Power and Light
Co., M'lii.oiiu ; National (oul and Coke
Co., ol H. ('., capital ol t3,IMKI,IHI0 ;
Pacific Northwest fiilu'iics ltd, capital ol |50,0iaU, Santa Anna M.n.ng
Co., 1360,1100 ; Sundborg Printing and
Publishing Co., 110,11011.
The following   extra-proviniiul tonr
ieiief*     "       V              ij
'■               S  'in v;A
AhiL   m\,    Al   t             te
Ll      fB'^imW^m^-M
Wi operate the only padded furniture and piano
moving van in lhe city. . .
N. V. Cartage Co.
I lonidale Ave,
rntNt 141
A Business Man
is judged by
the stationery he
uses. Be careful to
use the best, Ask
our advice before
ordering next.
North Shore Press, Ltd.
119 First St. East.
.    Phone 80
ponies hava" baon, tmtt$- « '»lr
fl«ner,.| gnp(i|y C'o. ol Canada; Oar-
ladh-Barklow Cl- ol Canada; London
Printing »nc| Litliojrtjphing Co., Me|-
lea and Co,, Waitb» King Ltd., Wi|-
linni Hi nn t Sons end On.
Applieutions lor water licensos ba'.e
iiei'ii applied lor by the Golden Qatt
Dining Co. lor a l^Oill on Cascade
Crock; Tyou Cqpnpr Co. lor a racord
pn Bock creek. Messrs. Perguson und
Tronse, dyars tth pImw fi Pw,
brook haVe assigned as alto   kaw'
Swords Advertising Barvlua nl  Vim
tori», B. 0,
Application It Khi-by tb» Pnwall
Hiver Co, (or a tight-okf tv mm
,1 portion of lol -HB, riinga \i «>»«*
The annual list iil members wbo art
lUithorUed to practice at land surveyor! within the provinoe (or 1911 inra-
corded. '      '
200 "BBS
We have just received the
above direct from the manufacturer, They come in
many different designs and
sizes, and we believe that
you will agree with us
when we say that a better
stock to choose from can
not be found—50c to $3
faine & McMillan
The Hardware Specialists
The largBHt assortment of Men's Working Shirts, in-
eluding nil the best wearing inaterinlii in nil   L C
Hi/.es, j>ni.es Up Id |1.26, now      U JC
Scotch Knit All-wool Under*tar. 'Wit in u Hm line
for the outdoor worker as it is heavy and    "7 C
warm, regular H/)U value for 7n.c per tutit   / JC
Men's Fall ami Winter Suit!', oply a few left of thope
splendid bargain suits, tliey were as high & j Q
as $30, now          «PI 7
A very liiieas^orlii.entof Men's Kour-in-hiinil 0 C
Ties, reversible, regular fil c values, now     L JG
B»   C  '\.   In great variety, from siae 22 up to
Oy S OlUtS 34 ii, short punts d. O  CA
nnd .'i"2 up in long pnnls, prices from ^Lt J\J Up
.     To clear out llie few that are left
COfllS   they nre going at two-thirds their
original cost.
SUITS madf; to order.
113-115 Lonidale Ave.
North Vancouver
Dolled OaU WJiolcWheatMoiir     Hict Flour
Oatmeal Httt.kwheat Flour        Pearl Barley
Cracked Wheat Graham Flour Split Peat
Kolled Win ,ti Kv Klour Canadian Wheat Flakes
Ath your Qtoiei ht 5; £, H, Brand. 'h« bltniatioltinallly
Wholesale from
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ud.
LQNSPALE AVIiNU&.        At Ferry Landing.
Ml IM M > ^»HH»fH» +WHW iVtoHVHeMW**'
McMillan* Tea
Is Oood
S lb*, for $1.00
4. i, ^ m. McMillan


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