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 / -
Volume i'o
Nopp Vwquvpb, PfO-. Ppipav., January 27, 1911
Number 47
Tho Fork ql enlarging tlio c.ty hull
has Imi'ii iiiiii'inl in the liiunln of Arcing
-(*p( Jamjoeon nf thii cjty. Iiistiimj iil
remodelling tlm building in any grunt
extent ii» wan -first intended it it nnw
to be milm neil by the ni|ilitinii it two
"lories extending in width frum the
main ImililiiiK to the alleyway und
back the wlinli! length of the building.
This will nocosJitato the removal nl
tho present engineer's ipiartors. The
now part will lm ncctipied by the police department downstairs and by the
engineering department upstairs.
The Methodist church ol Norlh Vancouver celebrated its lim birthday on
Sunday last. n.-|i.u i.-i from tlio ' ur-
ious departments of thia church show
an encouraging growth, two new do-
partmcnls having been added during
the ysar, namely, a ni'iiiur and a jun
ior Epworth I.ooguo. ' The anniversary services on Sunday were ion-
'Imii'il by (lev. Dr. l'owell in iln-
morning and by llr. OHterlunit i'i tin
evening, special muiic being rend.ned
- by Hiss Hay McDun.ld, Hiss \!ic
Scott, Mr. Marshall anil Ur. Itobcrl-
son. On Hominy evening inldr.■-.-a.-a
wero givcji by Rev. C. W. Drown, Sew
Wuetminalor, und Uev. Mr. Haider-
stone, H.A. luniiumontnl music wus
riinili'i'i'il during tlie evening In tlie
Unburn orchestra. The chinch won
tastefully decorutod with evgrglveil I y
the senior Epworth League.
i ■       '
ami   roqiiostbd > payment ,-ijnni  tq 34
pnr runt, This was-authorised nn mn*
lion »l Directors Wi|li|im« awl KM-
A resolution was punned uutlinrizini!
the loan "I WHK) teinporarily from
ths company's bank. This wil) be
provided for when the oity negotiates the sale of tho 180,000 debentures. The I'linipuiiy hns now u credit
in Ihp savings bank and tho authorisation of tha temporary loin is done
mi un to empower the directors lo carry an the exigencies Ii'l the 180,000
comes to Iiuiul. Very lilth, if sny ol
the |2fi,ll00 will bo used at the present
time however.
Director l'aino thought the Hoard
nhiiiihl i a,I.r ia,■ mi' action in regard tu
providing u galo or balance bar on
the Vancouver wharf tu guard aguinnt
pernonn lulling over the udgo ol thc
nlip where llie Ut. GeorgO comet in on
dark nights. Thin was laid o.vr f"i
a week. The board then adjourned to
meet tho Vancouver police cummin
niouers in res|Hict to doing nomelliin,
wit'h thc expresa sturids on Alexander
street wjiicb are mont aggravating to
passengers Iruvelliug lo anil fronl
Nurlh Vaniouver,
The .iiiimi'l  nni of lhc Ht. Andrew's and Culixluninn l.ndien' suricl;
wna held thin week when the following
officers were elected for lhe ensuing
yeur: I'renidenl, Urn. Vi. T. (irohnm ;
Int vice-preniilent, Mm. A. I'hilip;
3inl vice-president, Mrn. Ilrowii; seen-
tiny, Mrn. 11. Simpsnn; treasurer,
Mrs. Gallagher; exeiiilive, Minn M.
I'hilip, Minn Smiili mul Minn Findluy.
Thu iiiiiiiiiii roport* weie road nnd ad-
Tlie committee from the boanl of for
ry directors headed by Muyur McNeinh
were given a salisfudory heating by
llie police I'liinuiilitr ul the Vancuuver city ruiiui.il yesterday. The Nurlh
Vancuuver representatives mnde un appeal lo lhe police cuiiimitti'C lu have
Ihu exprenn Hiuiiii nuw located on
Alexander itreet near (he entrance In
lhe Nurth Vuneouver ferry nlip reinuv-
ed. Ah the situation slaiuls now thott
in iuch a cuiigcnliuli of men unit iiun
juil ill tlie polftl where the 'Nurlli
Vancouver travellers go down In lh
ferry lliul il in ..lim found most dii"
ogiiviililr nud inconvenient especially
to the luilien. The persistence of the
exprenn men in bidding for business
hun Iiil'li iiiiiini very uffcnnivu ul limes.
Aller La.aim, the representatives ul
the lerry buurd lhe commillee appointed a nillii'ulliniilli'i' lu investi-
gale ilia nine und report bark Ip lhe
ruinii-i! ul un early dale,
Two Semite R»Dww Prwwto Outlined — Public Meeting
on Saturday Evening.
Al Tlmi ilm nlleriinuli's regular
ineeling nl the Nurlli Vuncuuver Ferry directors held iu the new offieen
of thc eninpuny there were preeenl
('apt. Duller of lhe MS. Sl. (ieurgo,
Male Kennedy mul Engineer Ityiier,
and Cupt. Sliii'cr uf tho SS. Win
Vancuuver, Myle lieiuli and Eiijiiun
i'i,iii' The invenligaliuii ul lhe re
aiul accident Iietween tlie twu bunls
in mill iiili-l in dense Ing was llir subject ul lhe inquiry. Each uf lhe fore-
iiii'iiliiinnl luiii hin Hlury nf the rollis-
niun whiih currenpunded identically
with lhe report published in llie Exprenn at lhe lime il occurred, ('npl.
Spinir naid thai when he llml nnw
the gunulino launch il win ubuul IV)
or 111 leel abend, lb' Immediately
rung down In nlnp the engine. The
boat could unl be bruughl lu n stop
lur muiii- spans of lime owing lo its
iiiuineiiluin. Al Iliin lime llie Nurlh
Vaneouver wan heurd tuu elnne to
iivui-' * collision.
m|.*Ii'uh1, the manager, eunlii-iiuil
I' 'tutemciiln of lhe (uplaiii Ibat
f believed everything wan dune llinl
rniihl lie und Mr. I,urniin wun of llie
' Hume upinion. ll wun uccurdingly
iihivhI by 1'. 1 .inH.an anil nrrnndod by
■I. Willininn Ihul Ihs eiipluiim, mutes
and I'ligiiu'i'in uf (he twu null be ef'
uiiituIiiI lium any blame in eunnec-
tii'ii with the iiniili'iil. The ninl imi
panned iiniiuiinnii-1>
The questiun of theae gusuline
liuiiln which are yeurly im Tensing-in
numbers aud Infenling Ibe wutcrs of
thc Inlet tu the danger ul life anil
commercial truffii- wun tuken un. ll
was generully thuughl lhat prnnpt
action should lie taken cither villi lhe
deparlmenl at Ottawu or ila rcpiene'i-
lative ip Vancouver. The intifr
course uf action won deemed nilvjniibtr
and a resolution wan mov.il i». coi d-
ingly by director Larson and ncondnl
by director Williams, lhat lhe ncerc
tary write to the harbor mauler ii
i|iiiiing when he could tneel ilie I .wry
board to go inlo the mailer. Director Kickham proponed lhat ull (lune
, gasoline boats nbould be innpe'H.I lo
ascertain if they carried tbe icguln-
tion lighU, lile Win, etc. He wns
of (lie opinion Iial all gasoline bonis
miming Inside of Point Alsiisoii
should bear the burden of keeping i Ml
ql Uie way of comntercfitl fronts, plying through tlioso waters,
A letter wai roqeivod Imn) tip Wel-
lam Shipyards advising Ihal ll.cy
had completed Uw Inalalloti m of llie
engines md hilen in tlie 0tr ferry
If lln repnrt uf lhe operuliunn iu
connection with the dragging ul Iliu
Iulet liile iini opposite I). I., iff, by
the laonndalo Entule owners prove un
it lm. iilir.nl; shown ihul llli' Hal
ure iuuipum.nl uf heuvy nnnd, il in al
together   piuhulilc   Ihul   llie wliule ill
the foreshore fronting nn that district
Iiii will-be rerluinieil liy the ownrc
mul transformed intu large docks lur
lhe niTuiiuiindiiliun uf oiiou gninj
venneln. The upinion in lllal lhe whole
iif the Nurlh Shore from the Eirnl lu
ihe .^iiiuiij Narrowi in composed uf
heuvy miiiiI iiiiiI if Iliin in the nine il
will greatly facilitate the lunnlniclinii
nl   wharves   iiluiig   ll nliie wuler-
Imnl. In llie ovenl uf tlm l.niindale
Estate owners going nheiiil with the
ri'i'liiinuliiin project il in pruhable
ilmi ihe material pinned out ul lhe
Eirnl Narrows whoa lho government!
imi (lie widening iipi-iiiiioii. will he
spread uver this area.
ST. ANIHIEW'S ciintcii
Au niljoiiiiia'il congregational meet
ing wan held in lhe church on Mini
doy evening presiiled over by Uev. ,1.
Vi. Wooilside lo consider slips nei'en-
nary lo be luken in All lhe vacant
puslurule. There wss a guuil nltenil
nmi' ul members und adherents. Aller
delibeiulinii lhe fulluWiiig small cum-
mitlce was appninted lo luok nut uml
make recumnieiiduliunn, vii. : Messrs
Melliiin and Hulilwin Irum the nesiinn
Mr. Euwlcr IroiD -^llie Board nl Mmi
agement, and Mr. .Muilwin frum lhe
I'ungrcgation. If was resolved lo 8)
lhe stipend ol the now pastor at II,
""I e year, meantime without n
Mm. S. Iluini Ineyn of King nticcl
will nut be at home until the (ittt
Wedni'Kiluy in February.
The engngeuicus nl Mr. .£d*4rd Mnl
vin uf Viiiu uiii/i to Miss JfcSM Beb
beck nf Nurjs Voncouvi/bas bef» announced.
The preaeheri for Sunday next In
Sl, AaUdrcw's Hrcabytqrian church are;
11 n.m,. Uev. Alex. Thompson, ol
Woilmlnnler Hall, and at 7.W p.m.,
$cv, ,1. S, llenderiou uf Now Wsst-
On Tueiiiliiy evening last tho promoters ol the (Iroiinc Moiinluin Scenic
and Incline  Huilwny and the Qrouao
Mollnliiiii  Scenic   Huilwny,   lepicni'iili'il
by Messrs. T. 0. Townley, solicitor lor
the.company, Engineer Muss and Mr,
Miiiu'.gun far the fu.mer and Mcsnn.
•lun. A. Macdonell, (1. S. (liownki and
C. H. Allan lor lho loiter. met tbu
city and district councils and tlio executive of tbo Board ol Trade in the
city hull and outlined their respective proposals, bills lor which uro now
bolore tho local leginlaturc. There wan
a full attendance of all parties concerned with Mayor McNeish in the
Mr.  T.  O.  Townley,  fur  tho  firut
eiimpuny, wun lirst culled upon.    He
lint exhibited preliminary mupe kIiuw-
ing thu mule prupuned to bo followed.
It in intended   lu euinmenee frum   lhc
end on the Cnpilunu nlreet cur   liii",
cruns the Cu|:iliiiiu river up lhe went
bunk   tu   a puint near the    canyon,
then crnnn lo the eunt nido   again by
inennn of u nleel bridge uud   up    Ihu
inniiiituin by the must leunible  rniile
lo D. I..   Hi'lti  which bus ulreudy been
iici|iiireii.    The Incntion wan nuid   ta
euinmiinil the widenl view ol lhe nur-
oiiiidiug counlry ol any other   pnrt
of (iroune Moiinluin.     At this  poinl
i.ilili- lund stretches back lor a con
siderable   dinlaiiee   lo   a lake    where
In- h   water in to be had.     A   large
holel and uther ehaletn will   be cun
itriiclel here for Ihe purpoie ol providing ueeiiminodiitiuiiH fur winter   nn
well  as' summer  spurts   uml   punt-
times.   The line will eunsinl   nf   three
divisions.  The lirsl or lower mile aiul
n hull from lhe lenirnus of Uie streei
car line will be dertrie, Irom Uw fool
of the incline over Ibe slivp portion
tu the top il in proponed lo   operate
inllie curn, Ihe distance being   nlmut
l; miles, alung the lup lu the   ler-
minim will I;, electric lur o distance ul
ubuul   H   of a mile.     While ihin in
slated an In   terminus nl the preneul
time il in proposed In make   lurther
cxUwinns laler on lo the nlhir peaks
buck und lu eilher nide.     Mr.   I'uwn-
ley n a.iin-al ihul nil linuii'inl arrange
inenln luul been mude.    11 was   pm-
pn-.inl   In rnpitiiliiic   lhe  cumpany   al
ClH.mi  und mure  lululs were avuilulile lo carry the prjjoct ibiuugh. He
-inii-.l Ihnt lhe line wuuld be   il) op-
eratiun ISmunlbs nfler nlnrtiug. The
muyur   uml Ai'l   Henderson   remarked
Ihul  lhe most vital poinl  uf inlerenl
In Ihe Nnrlh Shore peoplo was    the
dule  nl  completion.    Oilier   railway
projects luul Isi'li bruughl up un'l given   every   evidence   uf  being    carried
ihiuughbui an yel Ihey hud nol inn
leiiuli/nl.   If Mr. Townley could "Inlo
thin   Ihey   were   nutinfied    ihul     lhe
scheme would be inmb more fuvuriiWy
lookod ■') on un this side nl the lnhl.
Mr. Townley replied as. did Mr.   Mc-
lluigun Ihal under lhc charter, if (hoy
uiiiiiincd il, Ihey were caimpelUtj    tn
expend su much money towards    lhc
eunnlruiliiin uf lhe mad wilhin u certain   lime   bul Ihey were   unable   lu
iniiki' any dffinile slulemenl os lu Uie
dule uf . i.iui'l'-li'aii
Mr. Moss, uf Messrs. Wuddcll and
Hurringlnn, »hu bai made all lho
preliminary susvcyi lor the company,
snid lhe line wuuld npernie un ubuul
an > pn cenl. grade, similar lu Lonsdale Avenm', end il wuuhl lie porfuct-
I;   "I'
Mr. Mdiuigan naid he ond his nsiu-
I'jnien uwiiol 390 acres at Uie Inp if
Uruuse Muunlnin, An lu Ihe dale ol
completion ho could nul venture a delimit' dale bm her personally intimated it mighl be within 16 months Irom
Ihe lime ol securing thc charier! In
■ ■■linei nmi wild lhc lares to be charged, ilm had been fixed at fl return
from Vancouvar.'
Mr. C. H. Allan lor the olber railway spoke briefly on Iheir proposals.
He did nul think lhc government
wuuld grant Iwo charters and il tbey
did some rnmprumisc would have to
be mode because theie would lie no
money iii tbc proposiUon for two companies. His was the first In make applicalion lor a charter- Tbe routs
whiili they proposed to follow was
from a point on Ixinadale Ave. near
lhe city limits iliencs ap to Ike sum-
mil of limine Muunl.»ia by thro* alternative routes. Thl motive power
would be steam rarhet and thc grids
would vary from I'l lo 16 per cent.
They disclaimed ihe idea tkat Ihs
olher company had Uw only poinl oi
vantage on lhe mouiilninn. Their let
minus was lu be at Uie sdmmil which
w«a several hundred fast highci lhan
(lie loaalit* pidud upon by tlic 9crn
ic and Incline railway. Two uf their
routes did not touch D. 1„ Uilli uud
the other did. II they were compelled to go ihrniigh this proporty il.
was nn easy nmi ler to uxprupiiulc
und thc name with the lands in- the
municipality. Their linum ml urrungc-
ments, tentative pliiun has ulnu been
cnmph.'led and it was the iuleutiun lu
build a line hutel und nther buildiiign
iieci'i.i.un to coinplcto a summer and
winter resort. Mr. Uzownki said thnl
the line would bu about Ij mdon
in length und would eont Iriim $-111,0111)
to »<W,000 a milo to build. lie un
well un his ,i- aa. iiiie. ..iniiii definiti.'ly
thut if they were granted their churl
or the line wuuld be cumpleted by tbu
Dint October this year. It was proposed In capitalize lhe cumpany ul
*7<i0,ll0l'. As Messrs. Macdnncll and
lizuwiki hud had % yeurs' cxpcricnci-
iu lm i Mi nj inuiiiituin ruilwnyn ihey
felt cunfidelit thul they euulil inn;
out their ntutemcnln ns tu completion.
Itecvn MeNiiught ennniileicd lliul the
pinmulem believed tliat we un the
Nnrlh Shore did not Kiinw anything ;il... ii i railway cuii.ilriiclinii   nmi
tlie nn nni,i-nii ni   necessary tu   bring
such ii pruject tu a liuudr" He referred In lhe Hiiiinid lnhl Tunnel nml
llridge Huilwny l'u. whiih   wun   riiji
ported by llino ul the adjoining iiiiiiii-
cipiililioii. Ou the cumjileliun ui thi'
Second Narrows bridge il would eiitci
llie municipality uud in thin euiibcc-
tiun lie wished lo bava something lu
nny. Speaking ui (he reeve uf the
proposals uf lhe twn prunpeetive eiini-
puiiien tu mtablish iheir lincsaloug
ur nnun.-i llie bighwnys in llie .munici-
pnliiy lie wanted lu point mil Unit
including lu Ihe Unilwuyn Mudel An
iln' consent nl tin' municipality eflmi-
iil wuuld lirsl hnve' lu lie obtained tu
du Ihin. The locul represenlalivos cun-
iddcrod llml iliey -.hiuiiii eunsidcr the
projects outlined in committee buloic
arriving nt any definite uiiderslunding
ur action, The promotern were ne-
lurdiiigly Ihmikcd fur lhe informuliuii
preneiiti'd tu the mocting uud wore
l'i..uu nl lhe result nf the delilieru-
ii-.ii-   ul the committeemen ul the i'in
lient   |aaa , illla     llll,II,alll
A'l   the  cuiiiiuillcc  session   opinion
wun  alia uhal   ih  In   the  udvinubllil) uf
approving uf ii iliorl line uf railway
an Ihose suggested ur defer grlinn lill
Inter un fur some larger ■'lu-ini- uf
•conic railway coimlrm(iun. il wun
accordingly resolved lu call u public
inii'liiig in the pnvjliiu) fair Sntiirdny
nighl when tin' whnlr pru|Kinilinn will
be diseiisstil.
The regular uieeting uf lhe dislriel
uiiiiiiil was held Iiui evi ning.
Ita-cvc Ma Niniglil |in-nllii uml nil
lhe cuiiiuillui-n Well' presenl.
I'urrenpundence wns lend nn follows.
A petition wnn tend lm a sidewalk
nn,the iruil leading lu lvnn Valley
easl nf llie bridgi' nnd uf l.fiuidolr
Ave. n.'iih nid,' uf lhe It ul. il wu-
-1iil.il thul the slreel wnn in u luul
condition, IMi'iihI I., ih- Itmrd ul
Wurkn ('ulnmiltee.
Eiuiii T. H. Nye  ulFering   i Muck ul
land euinprining 1 acres ul lhc curini
ol I - a i and I.rn,wliile Avenue  lu   i)i
dislriel fur purk purpnws. The  prim
unked Wan IU.ISK).
The uilliin   wnn laid uiei    lur ili
ciinniuii   w'heii   a   Inrgei    mheme    for
parks tbiough the whole diniriil auinen
"I .
Frum ,|. I). Smedley, applying lorn
ruad tu his pruperly, lul 11, bluck I,
D. I.. W. In Ihis eunnediuii an "liu
wan rmeived liom Mr. Snellciilinrg lo
build a 111 fnul road In Mr. Hw»lf|W''s
properly at the rule of 10 nul i t Iin-
oil foot. if.h a., j iu the llumd ul
Frum Wm. I',. l.luyd, making a re
This wus incorporated in a general
,.limine 111 a,,, > 11.. i later by the Nurth
Lun. iluii- Hutepoycrs' Association.
A 1,aitiniitui. iiii.m win received Irom
lhe North Eoiiidule jlutepnyors' ' As-
Biiriiitiuii siibmitliug several resolutions punned al a recent meeting.
Suggestion Nq^ 1 wan fof' the installation uf a street light at the corner of King street apd St. fleorge's
Ave. Attention was culled to tho lact
that the light asked for at tho corner
uf Nye slreel and (llienlcrlield Aven.ug
had nut been installed yet.
The Annuciutiun petiliuned lhe laying uf sidewalks mi thu fiilluwing
nlreels in Ninth l.uiindule! I.uiindule
Ave, l.ynn IVeek ruud, Queen street,
King ntreel, Nye nlreel, Milium Ave.,
Essex street, St. -laa,,,,. street and
Sussex street. "        , '
The iiHHueintiun unkiil if Micro wan
lu be uny chiinge in the niie fur tlie
inunicipul hull uud in cune there wnn
tlint the matter he vulml mi nguin by
pulilie plebiscite.
A rPSOlH'iflll punned w'nn tu llieel-
fccl thut there win nu open spneen
fur pinks nnd public piirpouci in
Nurlli Lonsdale und iirgi.il thut the
council tnke steps lownrdn ncipih'ing
suine before Iniul lieinilli'S tun expensive. It wus further uslm! that nw-
ilig lu Ihe muddled llule uf tbe subdivisions in Nnilli LiiiimIiiIi' Ihul llie
council instruct ili engineer tu bring
in ii reporl of .   cOmprohj nslvp ni.iieme
uf opening tin: nircets tu a uniform
wiillh'uf fill leel. The streets included
iu lhin.rei|Uesl ure niliiulid. wilh 111.'
exception uf ii porting uf Sl. .lumen,
un the west side ul Luiisduic Avenue.
Ainu thut provision be innd; fur ilu
expropriation of lanes where possible
und u scheduled scale ol distances
froll lhe prupeily line lur light und
telephone pulen, wiili'i pl|iei mid shade
The iiiiiiiii' effecting streei lights
wns referred lo lhe lire nnd light committee. The sidewalks ncliemo nii< re
(owed lu tin- llumd uf Wurks.
The I"-!' nuid the munioipnl hull
lile li.iii Inui definite'; net lied.'
A gi ueiiil scheme is nnw under wny
us iigaiiln the, ncipiiring uf park areas
thriaiigli tin' n,uniai|iulily.
Willi renpei'l lu the iidjunliiig of the
street widtlis In Wm.I ll, ibe engineer
wus instructed to report un the condition uf lhe streets in Hint Incnlily.
The i.u ih uf each nf lhc several
streets i-IFeilul is abuul "00 feel.
■ Eriiin A. I,. Enrle applying fur a
Inidge aeniss Lynn Crock between D.
I, SKI-1 in enable liim In gel in
building umlerjul. Clerk Instructed In
reply llinl the scheme in nuw under
Mi. Crinifurd linked llml ihe boulevard In- cleared inlo bin prupeily h>l^
III II. bluck I. II. I.. Sli'l'A oi Hindi
lion In. under I uuk lu build lhe niiie
wnlk nt hin own expense,     ll was re-
Iniisl lu ll ngii r laa report.
The reeve annoipiccd llml in future
miy iiiipiirics frnro riili'piiye : muni
liml be pul In writing nml liiimliSI lu
Ihr clerk ul leunl n Imlf duy b<'fure
the uiivling.
The liilhiwiug pluti-i wei. pu-ised!
SE portion uf II. L. Wi3, ' it I, li'm-k
7. II. L. 'ltm. suiiili 1 I). L. |0», lot
El, bluck 'lit. II. I 'Hrlli, u pluu uf h.t
H. block I, I). I.. 'Mir,, and plan ol inli
In   ■-'.   II, I,   bluck S and   II was Inid
The principle business ql last even-
ing'ii ichiiol board meeting was the
bringing down 'of the ordinary estimates for 1011. Tbey were: Central
ichool HOIliii, East End sehool IINI,
Lonsdale school IfiHOl, miscellaneous
IIUHIi, total 117,773. They were pass-
I'd and will bo referred to tbs city
Correspondence was read ai follows;
Frum p. <J. Fagnn, provincial health
nliieer in ii'.apcct to the medical inspec-
liuii ol tho health of tbo schools, llo
eneluiied cards Ior tbo eunvenioncs of
tbo teachers.
From represeiitutivei of the Vanconver press unking to be notified of tin
bonrd'i mcetinga. This request was
Trustee Frnier reported that to bt-
ninl nn electric fau and dynamo in the
east ond school for 'boating purposes
wuuld cuit approximately •215. Aa
Ihii school is a'temporary nlruclure
it was agreed to operate the old system nlili.
Truilee Hay staled Ior lhe board's
inlui'inuliun that (bo installation of an
uil burner iu the North Luuidule
school would cunt 11,(100 exclusive ol
(he (iiiiiiiii'.
liequoits were mude lor increases in
nulury frum Principal Bennett and
Minn McAduiu.
It wun resolved lo incrcaao tho sal-
urien nil uruuiid.     'inod wages   must
be paid if guud teachers wero to be
necurud, was Trustee Perry's opinioi.
I'ini Bennett's nulury wai increased
Inun 1125 tu IHO, ond nn incrcaao
frum  |I25 In 1135 wai also granted
Mi. Kellur as high ichoul teacher,
llr.   Dyer   wan   appninted    medical
health inspector ul Ibe nefaooli   at   a
nulury uf 125 u munth..
The city clerk hun jusi been advised
by lhc aiilliuriticn at Victoria of tho
appointment uf Aid. lt. C. Bias snd
A. II Sl.eacy un the buard ol li'.-ei.se
commissioners and Aid. Hendorson
mid c. E. l.ul, .a,, on lhc board oi
police commissioners. The muyor is
i'.v ulliiiii u member ul each enmmittce.
I'uun. Wnnl moved llml bir-uflcr in
■I' I,,-, with I'inli- lhat lhe ie|i csni
inlin' ii. in ihe ward und Iwu ulbcr
ihiiiiiilluis eumpuse commillee lu dcul
with plus willi lhc owners and win.'
lliem belore lhe council in the lurui uf
ri'cuiniuendnliuns. The million passed
uiiunimoiinly nud „ (''nun. Ward and,
Luulel Were uppuinleil us iiirmlicrs ol
the I'Oiniipleec.
It wun resolved lu i unlribule tW an
Ihe nun mil a.uli uipiiiin lo lhe Auli-
Tubeiciiloiis locioly.
The reeve was appninted us governor lu represent Ihe diitricl.
The i nt"" i'i wan instructed lu ascertain Ihe iniiiili. i of slreet endi a:ong
lhc waterfront ilmi have not beeu se
cured by lease by the diitrict and
make a repnrt to the council   with a
jew   tu having the ncccisury applica
'im i lur lhe ■'pi'iiing up ol a ruad lu  Hum arranged
Inur 8  and », block 10, D. I,.  2087.     A   donation  of 1150  was given lo
Mr. Lloyd "Inled he inlondod soon lo  wards   tbo  oxpemes   ol  a  Boord ol
build.  Hdcired lo Ihe euginecr. Trade delegate lo Ollawa in connec
Ernm the Menhanls Trust end lion with lhc Second Narrowi bridge
Trading Co.. aikiug lor a sidewalk on suliaidy opplicotion on condlUon tbol
Eiuiiimn Irom the pipe line to Doren it was found a delegation was ncres-
road.  It wan re/erred to Ibe Buard ol   -my.
Works.   * Tbe lollowbig local improvement by-
Emm .1. ll. .lohnnon, ankinj for an laws woro introduced and passed Ibfce
arc lighl al tbo corm-i of Nil. street readings: Westover ruud, Queen slidt,
and Sutherland. Referred lu the light md Nye ood King streete. Tho in-
commillee. \ i ineer submitted  repoili on  several
from Thos. A. Bone asking for in- works now under way,
filrmolion  regarding she widening of  , 1—,—
<luoen street lo 66 feel).    He also ask      Thc usual Saturday practice  of the
Nor* Vancouver Jioekoy team has
I'ci'ii pustponod lo Sntvrdoy woek on
account of Uio enow.
ed that Boundary streei al lhe rem
of his land be opened for lire prolca •
tion purposes. ,    •
The annual meeting ql the" Nqrtb
Vuncuuver Uurtieullurnl Sqciely and
Eiirmers' Institute was held in the
Imll lusi week with the president, Mr.
W. L. Keene iu Ihe chair.
lu liis report ol the past year's
wnrk lhe president drew attention to
tlic progress "thut bad been made by
the society and especially tbe success
iu connection wilh thc first borse
show, ile mude uu appoal lor more locul inleiesl alld a larger momberifcip
roll. Outlining tbo proposals (or lbs
ensuing yeur he luid belore tbe meeting u proposition lor Uie laying out
ol the grounds. Lectures lhat will
lie given from lime lo Ume will be
ul great interest lo the peoplo on this
side ol the Iulet aud be strongly urged ilm.'e interested to attend.
The 11 en-in i-i'-. report showed a profit lur lho yeur of 1215.30. There waa
u luug list of improvements to boli
Ibo bull and grounds suggested and it
wus decided lo leave tbe laying out oi
lhe grounds ami Ibe lighting and heating uf lhc stage and drmiing rooms,
etc., lur Ibe new board ol directors
lu doul wiib und report os at lhe
next geiierul meeting ul Uw society.
Tbe new board of .directors sleeted
was: Pres., W. L. Keene; vlc«-pr»e.,
.luhn Lawson; directors, E. T. Pol-
la ak, P. T. Sslsbury, C, F. .Jackaon,
T. A. Mm Iin, H. Kite-bin. treasurer,
H. Kite-bin; secretary, H. Snow.
The now board have promised among
olber things a horse show and exhib-
iiion in lho (all, the datei ol whiob
will be announced in tlu near future,
Mr. Irwin moved a hearty voti of
thanks to ihe president, directors iwi
officers and congratulated Ibem on tba
great success of last year's horse
shuw and hoped lhat this year would
be even better. Mr. C. F. Jaakeon
spoke of the eiodlent financial support given by Uie city and district
councils, also private people nl V.
Vancouver and Vancuuver towards Mil
horse show and exhibition prim lists
and wished to express lbs syppcU-
liun and gratitude of Ihe dirietorsfor
their genworily. Kr. f. f. MM"
also spok*'0< tit* borniprttS tprtk
Vooconvefs hut advsfUsssust an4
(Wore ehvH h «WWW M
(jvoryone Interest^ in lie divrfofpoi
oi tie Jlurlb Shoia. '
/ r -trs-f . gymwir *TgMyiyf  .a|TTfr ,*?*■«»      t»mwyy TJHH)     Mt     V»
(Continued from Tiiesdny's lusun)
An Impoltant wattsi* w»b bronifht
up by Aid, Kittson whon ta'diwlaroil
that on two occasions ths air brnlte*
on ono of the main lino oars had (ail
wl to work properly, It was ayiewTti,
tlUt Uia. Heavily of thp matter
nhoyld be broiiifht to the attention o|
Uia managoniBnt of t)io fl. 0, fiiwirlo
Ity. (!q, at on'oe,
The following by-laws wore Had
and piissid tliri-ij readings '■ N.i. HH to
provide for the amjidring of the bal-
anw of lho lanes.in D. I-. W (is- a
work of lora| improvement, Nn. HU
to provido for the opening, up nl ISth
atreet from thu west side nl hi. An
drew'a Ave. tn tlio cant side of Mai cn
Avo. to a width nf llfi feet; No. IBO
,(o authorl/o tho grading and vein-
bi nni inn of wooden wnll..- aiml 'inli.a
op Bppond strpat ttm J.onsd»lo Ave.
to Forbes Avo., No. 151 tp authoriui
tha ponstruotion of a combined main
newer and oommon »ww on Forbps
Avp, and 18th street '»nd a pommon
sewer nn Esplanade, l'irst and Siieond
streeta; No.' 1119 to authorixa tha con-
iiiriii'iion of lirinii'li sewers on Esplanade, lat, tfml and ilnl strests es a
work ol local improvement; No, IW
to  iinthori/i' the grading to a per-
iiin ni'ii I Ip-ailii full width l.oiisdali! Avu.
from the south boundary of 13th
street to the north boundary ol WU)
Btroet and tlio const ruction of 8-foot
concrete walks and curbs on each side
and Iho paving of the roadway with
wood block paveinunt and the construction of a sanitary sewer nml sewer connections on said portion ol
laonsdalo Avo. as a work of local lm
provement; No. IM to authorise the
grading lo a permanent grade full
width Lonsdale Ave. from   tne nortii
boundary of JJppar Keith Road to the
south boundary of 18th street M>d
thn ponstruptlpifiof fl-foot conorets
walks and curbs on each aide and tlm
jmving ol thtinAway with wood
block piu'i'ini'iii mnl the construction
of a sanitary sewer and sewer ennnac-
linnn on Bald poi'lion of Lonsdale Ave,
as a work of local improvement.
In connection with tha nl\n amount
of work that would fall on the engineer and pity clerk pa n result of the
cxit'imivu program of work now proposed, Aid. Henderson suggested thut
Um council authorize.'these nm ofli
cials to engage whatever iiail«ti»n -c
was necessary. t
In connection with tbe enlarging ol
tho city hall authority was given the
board of works to draw up plans nnd
spocilirations subject to the approval
ol l|io council Iik an annex to I i.r
present buUding. \.
Aid. Smith, Henderson nii.l   M,:ilm-
I |»| ■! i' I | ■! ■|-|.|>|.|. | | .Ml. | a|. |,|-|.|..| alia^at.!.! al,,!.,!-!-! „t.,|,.|, |, | |.,|, | „|,| it.il.aH ,,|.,|,.|,| .|. | »-»wf.,|-|^.| i|,» 1.1 g |
Canadian Financiers. Ltd. i
i ,—:—, [
j   AUTHORIZED CAPITAL: $2,000,000
LARGE LOTS     50x193
Gentle slope, light clearing, sidewalk in
front of each lot. Three blocks from
Lynn Valley car line.
14 Lonsdale Avenue:      -      J. P. CRAWFORD, Local Mgr.
Telephone 215
| j    Branch Officei
Main Officei . .        . ,
End of Lynn Vallev Cariine
. ■       i . ■ .632 Granville St. Vancouver
Foreign Office:  Glasgow, Scotland.
I-i-H-pH^i"!"!''!^!"!-!^-! H^H "lMl"I,*W"i''H H "i"H"i •*!**! d"*"WHnnH^"IwWwl"IwlNlwWwl"l,,i,'l,,i","I"l,,l-,,ll","l"i
WITH COTTAGE for only $3200;   Caih 1200, balance reasonable.
|j        i( Q    ft 02 WNS DA hi'',   AVK MIE
Martinson & to. z™°™,
____\ _I_I_I_|-J m_\J_^J^__\_4_J__t_J__l__\_i_l_2_______________i
fWTW «^-t*J*J-J^^»J^»J -J^J-J-J-J aty*_aayayayniae-
Prices Reduced for Lots in
Capilano Gardens
Subdivision of Portion of Diitrict Lot* 601 and 607, North Vancouver
Municipality.    At Terminus of B. C. Electric Cariine.
Phone 6286. Corner Pender anil Seymour Streets, Vancouver,
LOT 18, BLOCK 35, D. L 550
Adjoining Boulevard, facing South, Cleared and Dry. Splendid view.
Price, $1126. Termi, $400 caih; balance 6 and 12 months. This is
below present market value and will bear strictest investigation.
Real Estate Agenti,      Financial Brokers ,.
Head Office: 405 Hastings St W., Vancouver, B. C.
JlrlUsli Columbia lirancli Offices:
4 lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver
UJ1 government St,, Victoria    ,
Branch Offices in Europe:
Berlin, Germany
London. England
Paris, Prance
were appiiinlwl lh. city's i'n|iiiii|.inia-
liviia pn Ilm ijqlnl P(yio A'lwlMlltf
nommittau. Mote mb\llfs hy Uliprii-
liriiitiiiii this yenr Aid. Millnn w\»bti
tl|»t' a lull utiiiiiiiiiiiit qf tlia lallnMn iif
dm (rammittai bo iiuliniitM i» Iw
ke in luriW impwumDntB   A14-
llciuliiimiii miiil lis iiiiiliir,i!'iai.l H.n lli-i-
trict wai i:iniliiiii|iliitiiu{. llin iviili'iiinu
mi l.iiiisiiiiln Ave. to 1110 lent Irnin ih
oity liinitH nprthw.rde. lie would
liko to m the nvenue In the iiity v nl-
nml to that wiillh right Ibrpiitfh to
the nnrlh hwttipff. Tin iM uai
naked tu write tn the distriit nml us-
nn Inin 11 pDMJIil* wlint limy wore pin-
posing in the matter. i
Mr. Wm. Horden has rented his Hns
ii'iiiili'iMi at the corner ol Brd street
and Lonsdale Avo. to llr. Thompson,
who is expecting members of his lamily out Irom the old country in a
short while. Mr. Morden and family
are chntemplating packing their furniture and leaving for a sit months'
trip lu Cnliliirniii and through to the
cast and Ontario. To make this trip
the more enjoyable and ailvaiitagenus
frnin a scenic aspect Mr. Mordcn will
ship his automnbilo south and do tho
rost of the journey in the car.
Lynn Valley Notei
(Express special correspondent)
Tho snow full ol tho lasl day or
two hus made travel very heavy. Six
inches were rci'iirilnil in places.
Mr. M. Ini jn anil family huve all
linen down with lu grippe, They nre
nlil.- In Iw around ume mure.
Mr. 1'i'ursiiii is again residing al his
linine on llovcicourt Hnud uftcr u
lengthy visit In his brothers iu Mnnse
Mr. 'Huns is laying board wulks
through his property, cor. trtiartik
and I'laiiiiiiaa ll.aaiil for the ninvcnicni'e
ul prospective buyers.
Mr. K-alii llrown's son ol the city
engineer department of llillyurd, Spu
kune, und wife, Mr. and Mis. llai vie,
und sun ure on a week's visit to the
Valley, Kilmer lluad.
Don't forgel tlmt noil Mniuluy is
the dute lined lur sluiliwi ul new
members uud officers lor Ihis year on
lhc board nl directors lot the Institute.
Thu sui-ilil nl Institute Hull Tuesday night wun ii great sumst, I mln
Mr. iI'laniliill'i. guidance the moving
-jiii'liiii'f proved a druwing a-uid und
I'lni'i'il the ninliemt'. Mr. KnbtitH
pinved un eiilerluining uuiliniiiei. All
Ihe Iiniii'/ I.u I., i were suld at high
|,ii..- Cnl. Worth's lia lllltinll was
well R'Ceived. itifresluii.nls rinsed u
very I'l.u nm evening.
Weit Yancouver Newi
Mr. Alexniuter Smiili has nnw inuved
inin liis residence in Diitrirl l.ul I".'■'
uml he is nnw elearing lhe remainder
nf his properly in this pint,
Mr. II. Crane hus columella «l wurk
un hi* mw Iinme in Ihis district lut
which is lu lie ul lhc bnngulnw type
and lhc Irainewurk is already com-
The mail whieh runs alung the
eastern buundary nf dislriel lnls 1071
and IHI.') nnd eonniils Hie Keilli lluad
wilh  the npeii gnveiiimenl  maul   lias
nUW     ll' '  11     a,|a,||.  a|        ,|       |,,|      III,1,1,1    „      |l|,j,
ler ol n mile and gnaler |irngn'ss nui
be imida- wilh lhe ia minium., portion
ns the cli<ariiig is mil ipiiln nu Imnl
The real tatate inarkel has liecu dc
. lalaall, bright ill this mirliuii during
lhc |'ii-l few wi«ks und linn is every
indication al sleudy udvauie uud
|ni*l" uiy lor thn 'uinnig munlbs.
I liaii' were u great ni"n> I" »|i' ramp-
iny oul here lasl summer und i li.-v
were so pleased wilh Uie locality dial
many ,1 tlnm have puriDinsi'd humc
files while appliuliunt have ulnuily
been riscivcd lur camping ground during (lie mining season.
Ad athletie dub hus now Imn lurm-
ed her* and Mr. Davis has arranged
U, lake the elusa un Monday evenings
and Saturday aflernnuin when he will
give inilruotiuB in drilling and gym-
Malice- Mr. Lawtun has kindly pru-
vidud a lirsl Haw hnrironljil bar lor
ihe iw ut lhc ineinlii'i * which is much
appreciated by all Uui younger mem
bers ul this community.
The annual meeting ul llic I'nidiy-
1,'iiiin lungiegnliiiii was held at Mr,
.lobn l.awaun's huuae ou Tuewlay,
■Innunry I7lh, there lieing a good
many numbers present. The iillmn nl
Ihe chiireb were fully discussed and il
was dticidod to raiac enough mousy
lor lbs "ia" Imn ul a lempviniy bmU
ing to In Uawf u a diunh and up lu
the prearal time Ihe demands are lie
ing met most liberally by many people in tha vicinity ol Vancouvar. It
ii proposed to areel thii structure in
O.'l,. HKl but thii jpcallon hat aol
been definitely deddaa upnn.
Cut Glass
in the home makes an imnreition on every guest
and visitor. It wields the Influence of quality
and refinement, it dignifies and distinguishes,
you will find a degree of quality which reaches
the standard set by experts and critics. Thus
we follow one of the great principles of the
house of " Birks," and stand firmly by our
commercial ambition—quality always.
Bought at BIRKS' is a high recommendation
for Cut Qlass.   .
"""•"Ciing.iirccur      Hasting. 6c Granville St,
_   When you deal at the Lonsdale Pharmacy you
get exactly what you ask for at the right price,
_   Special attention paid to prescriptions and family
■J   We carry a complete line ol Stationery and Drug
Sundries. , -      •      -      -   . -
Telephone L 29      A.,,, YS„N, Prop.      Cor. Lonsdale & 8tb
North Vancouver is Moving
We have just received some listings on
First St., close to Lonsdale ave., which
will yield quick and substantial profits
Phone 24 P. O. Box 50
Parkdale Finest Alberta Butter 30c. lb.
May Flower, Spring Brook or Ayrshire Rose 3 lbs. $1.00
5 lbs. ol good Tea       -        - *    •      -      -       1.50
5 lbs. of better Tea 1.75
5 lbs. of the best Tea    •       -'      ."'".-.        2.00
Corner First Slreet and St. George
120 Second Street Ea.t. Telephone 206
Convenience to North Vancouver Merchants
Buy io Your Own Town Your O   »r, SolldtW
The. Place Where Everybody Goes
Gem Theatre
first st. wear,
Good Pictures Good Singing
::; ::: Good Music ::: ::;
Programme changed Monday, Wedneiday and  Friday.
Adulti 10c ^V^-Z'^ Cluldroi 5c thr mmm, north
Why Pay WM.00 for rough uncleared Jiots whw wo pan idl yuu
the vary limit cluiired Loin without n iiloiiu on them, level as a table
and into grass. Been cultivated for ten yours, situated un Centre
Hoad, lieing the best Hoad op the North Shore Slid one block Irnin
the {Apt lame, School, Chinch and Store; bava city water, slscfris
light and telephone. \
. price 18(10 to WOO each. Term" 1100 cosh, balance 6, ID and W
montnii fb"» lots will bring at leust Ip our estimation KM par
cent, pronl on ihe amonnt Ipvostod within six months. Buy nufok,
they are going fait.
m\ and BURNS
Mi Ita 172 North \mmm
———      i      i      ji     i nn
Rolled Oats     • Whole Wheat Flour Rice Flour
Oatmeal Buckwheat Flour Pegrl Barley
Cracked Wheat Graham Flour Split Peas
■Spiled Wheat Rye I' Imir Canadian Wheat Flakes
Alk your Qrocor for B. it* K. Ilrmid. Tin SUndard of Quelily
Wholesale from
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
LONSDALE AVENUE.        At Ferry Landing.
Fineit Home Situ on Boulevard
We have Ihu esdusivo sule uf a number ol choice i.'i iimi luls in Hluck '1.10
D. L. 616 fronting un the drund lluulc-
vurd and unly uno bluck frum l.niii-
dule tramway tiirminus. Nu building
rostrictinns. 1'rices and terms are
right, Como ami see us regarding
Wc have alsu nn excellent dniilile
corner on thu (iraiul llnulevurd in II.
L. hht) at u barguin pricu. Cpotce'llti
iur large hnuse.
Wu liim une nl the finest luls in
Burrurd Tnwnsite neur Second' Nur-
ruws Bridge al 1800, will sunn bo
wurlh live times lhat. Ea-sy terms.
Nnw is tho time to purchase.
, Cameron & Co.
Financial and Insurance Agents,
A. Campbell Hope
C. Ai CAL.
358 lit Street Eait
Phone E11H
General Contracting
Escivsling,  Clearing Grading, etc.
EHim.li, Glar.n.
Ktitli Retat, •••! ol Sl. G.oii.'i Avmu., or
P. O. Bos 114
Rates:   M.oo  per  and  tip.   Special rates to families
and   to regular   boarders. ■	
Skcond Strut.   -   ■   •   -   NOKTH  VANCOUVER. Ji. C.
West Vancouver Motor Launch Service
Launcli "West Vancouver," Captain Findlay
Licensed lor 35 passengers
I      '      '"a
II,.11 a hail,  V, I,., I
9.iii) a.iii.
11.00 .1 rn
13.00 pin.
15.00 p.111.
17.00 p.m.
iy.00 p.m..
y.30 a.m..
17.00 p.m..
I Vi-| >    I/Ul|   I Vaa |||   luilllar
ll.oo s.m.
10.00 a.m.
la.oii a.m.
14.00 |, 111
r- ili 1 a p.m
, 18.00 pm
 laluriii)! Unl)  iiun p.m.
 Suiiili) Nin ilulc 1400 p.m.
  "  12.00 p.lll.
V minium
niii'  Whnrl
« Binili Far* 16c,   y Two TlckaU 26c.
Quickest route from  North Vnncouver to llio disliiel lieyond
' Capilano River.     Launch "Wesl Vancouver" makes cunncr
(ions, without fail, with the furry steiiiners from North Vancouver, as per above schedule.
Leave Va*.     Leave N. Van.
Leave N. Van.      Leave Van.
'b.ni a.m.
7.30   '
fo. 15
n.15 p.m.
1.1$  "
MS   "
•11.30  «
1 On Sundsls
•6.4s t.m.
7-60 V*
8.5"   '
m '
IMS  "
13.45 pm.
1.49 "
»-4S "
J'45 "  ■
4 45 "
9.45 '
10.45 »
'tfi,i ■«
*6.2u a.m.
•7.30 "
»8.30   "
9,ao   '
10.1}   '>
11.15  It
i,fj '•'
2.15 "
MS "
4.15 "
JtM '
T* ,
8,ij "
9.«5 "
|<?.15 "
111.15 "
13.00   "
•6.45 a.m.
•8.00 "
•8.50 "
9-4S "
10.45 "
»M5 "
12.45 P»i
>'4S      "    a
3.45      "    '
345  ".
4 45  "
945 '
1045 "
tii.30 "
13.15 "
' Not on Sunda s.   Tims Tafrle subjsct to <Aanp j»|tiout aoUm.
Nortb Vanponvsr bad not few dii-
ii|i|iuiiiluil in "|ii'us|iiii:ting" tlmt tboro
wonld h n dooidorf tnrn o| attoiHion
towarda t'ue Nortli S|iors after, Vancouver's publlu autliuriri|tiqi) iq sub-
Boi'ilio for stock jn tba bridge cumpany
and thereby registering its support ol
tba project. The «M «f U»» boost
to tlio bridge bas bum felt on tbis
side ol the Inlet principally w|tb tiie
icnli.v brokers who are tbe mediums
through which tba initial stop of prosperity usually takes place. Prom nl
nmal every office Ibo statement
is mado that the inquiries aro becoming iiiinc frci|iii'iil and in a number of
eases the satisfied expression on ths
rial estate man's face indlcataa that
ail tba inquiries ars not finished at
that point. Nu vory large sales arc
iccui'iled as yet but quits a number ol
small turn overs havo bocu made, ll
only nesds ths warm sunshine on this
sunny southern slops to ontice the
investor ovor and in anticipation ol
this tho real estate men are bringing
ihoir lists up to date and making all
tho listings it is possible for them
to moke. Every Individual owner is
ulive to the situation as well as the
mun with the map und nil are joining
in tbo prospect of making somo profitable salos in the noar spring.
The largo dredgo which is making the
test borings lor tlio owners of the
lonsdale Estate nn the nnrth sido ol
llic Inlet in front of I). 1„ 366 had u
lisrruw escape lium being swept onl
the First -Narrows last Wednesday
illuming us 11' raiult nl 11 heavy wind
ulii'ii sprung up iilnnil in nl ni,; lit un
Tuesday. In spite ul the 1 ii.n 1 - ol the
luur men ubnnrd uided witli a small
tug, the dredge drugged ils umhurs,
lhe lug mnl the whole uullil tielurc
Ihe wind lo lhc very mouth ul the
First Narruws belore the deadening uf
the gule brought reliel tu the cBorti
uf the men In stuy llie prugitL'se uf
ihe plunt. The lulluwing furciioLn the
dredge was bruught buck lu the scene
uf nperatiuns.
The plans prepared lor Ihe now
11311,000 huspital ot Kainloops, tbc
bylaw lor which carried by a targe
majority, provido lur 0 must modorn
and substantial ilrueluis lor erection
un Ihe prupused site at Nieula road
und Third Avenue, 'lhe building designed has a Iruntugo uf 'MD leel, and
is Ul feet in depth, being enmposod
uf whut might biisaid tu bu the main
building nnd twin wings. (In the
in innili lluni gonorll ulli' a--,, iiun-1 unin
kitchen aud diniifo rooms arc provided lur, in uddilinX lu twelve private
wurde. The first fliibiuilaii shows two
lurge ii.nala lur 16 bills each, bath-
iniiiiiii. etc., and two pjlilic words ul
16 beds cuch.
Wing, Court Huuse, Vancuuver.
SEALED TENUEltS, ifponoribad
"Tinder lur Wing, Uourl-bouie, Van-
■"ui' 1." will be roccived by lho Hon-
uuruble llio Minister ul Public Wurks,
up to and including 'Ihursduy, lhc
'Jnd duy ul February, IHII, for the
erection and completion u| an udJi-
iii'n lu tbe '"mi In." >' ul VuntoUVor,
lli mi ingh. Specification!, Contract,
aud Forms ul Tender may be seen al
the a.th. a- u( tho Provincial Timber Inspector, Vancouver, U. tl., und ul
lhc Department ul Public Wuraa, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, II. tl,
Intending toudcri'ri can, by applying lo lhe undersigned, ublain «ns
copy of ths druwings and ona "'iy
uf tbs spin ideations Inr the mui ul
twenty fivo (136) dullars.
Each lender must ba accuuip vilud by
an accepted bunk choqus or cerlU-fas
ol doposit on a chorions! bank ol
Canada, mads payabls lo tin Hun
Iho Minister ol Public Worki, lor a
sum oquil to five (6) per nul. of bis
lender, which shall bs lorlclud il ths
parly teudoring dnliijc to euUr inlo
contract when called upun to do ao.
Thc rliwauM or csrtificalca ol di(iuiit
ul unsuccessful tenderers will bs relumed to them upon the elocution ul
ths conlraet.
Ths successful tanderer shall furnish
a bond of a guarantee company sat-
islaclory to ths Minister ol Public
Works, e.|iuil to twenty (30) |ier cant.
of tho conlraet amnunl, fur lha due
fulfilment of the contract.
Tenders will nut bs considered union made out on ths forms supplied,
signed wilh the aoluaf signature of Uis
tenderer, and' enclosed in ths envelopes famished.
Tlia lowest or any tender not nee-
peearily aecaptad.
Public Works Engineer.
fiopirtaent of PnWfc Works,
Victoria, fl. 0., 6th Jenmrf, l»"'
W. J. Faris will be the -ipciluir iit
tho tamporuneo niectipg in lho Htm
theatre on Sunday afternoon ul 4
o'plpck. Tho rost ul t|p program wi|l
ba   in   ebargo nl  thu   freobyieriun
church I'h i'inl inn linden cur .-iu.iietj.
Pleasant Fields
of_Holy Writ
Save for my doily range
Among   the  pleusant   fields  uf Holy
Writ, '
1 might dospuir. -I'l'iinyum,
First  Onu 1 tec.    Lesson V: .lunuury
311, lU|l:3Chruniglosivih 1-18.
In thut dim past, when Homer wus
singing the Iliad in (ireek cities, Jo-
h.nlinj Imi stinted un oducutionul embassy iln,iiil'li thu kingdom of lutii.li.
This Aimmissinii of princes, priests
and 1 ■■ni--. is unique. Its methods wero uu advuncu upon those ol the
pool. It carried with it, nnd left lie
hind it, a written literature. "Tboy
hud Ihu Inn il. of the luw ul ihe Lord
with (hem, und weut ubuul through
out ull the cities ol <luduh und taught
Ihem." This is said lo huve been lhc
germ ol the synagogue, nn in»tiliiiiui
which playud so large u purt in later
Hebrew history. This first recorded
systematic measure uf public Inatruction pm ily iiecnuuts fur the prusper-
iiy ami .a.n.ui.'ili ol tlm 1,in,ail.am. Thii.
wns uui: uf lhe menus by which "lln
I "ial . i.ii.li I...I the liingiliiin." It
imih u peripulelic and,popular seminary. In ndililimi lu this pedagogic
iiieniiH, ih,■ king 1'I,aa .al bis iiiiini iy iu
tlm musl thorough Itato ol military
defence. He garrisomd the fortified
cities, created military posts, and
funned lhc lirsl standing nrmy of
wbicb there is recurd. A luml incus-
uie was lhe lliuiuiigh urgniiuuiiun of
public justice, llul in ull Ibis the personal character uf the ruler cun mil
be iginiiid. His wns un elevated spiril. "His lieiiil wus lilted up in the
ways uf the Lord." He wns unalfci t
ed by the current spiiit ul ninli-iii
"Ile suuglil the Lord, nnd walked in
His eumiuiindmeiits." He wielded tlie
exemplary puwer in his high position
lu lhe Uttermost, This wus lhc mun.
Ihese wire the menus, by which n gen
nine und nb 1,uiiml pruspcrily wns
biuiight to the l.inpli in ' ' ' Nu
wonder then ihul in Hebrew epic .lc
laa' Ii.ii'l,..r imini' 11 linked lu lien
l.i..li' . like Lincoln's In WnsiiingluuY
He is eminent uiuuiig tlnn-.. who bave
rilled iinir fclluws.
lien' is the dawn ul jurisprudence a
thuuxuiid yenrs belore <'luist. II in
the pnsMigc ol the administration ol
justice Irom llic heads of families, nr
ill lhc llaili,um ul today, tu officers
CMpeiiuly dcsigiintiil mid I'Xclu-ici'ly
cngugcil in the hearing ul cases. A
gradation uf courts is indicated. I'd
ly, superior nnd supreme. A ilia nun
iiialiun as lu eases is outlined, yi/.,
sneli us cuine under statutes, such m
are capable ul arbitration, ami iuch
as ure criminal. ' ' ' Jeboibnii-
hal's charge lu his judges might ,well
he written un Iho walls of modern
courtrooms a "Ve judge uul fm mun,
but lui the I ."i'l Fein and lukc heed.
Theie is no iniquity with the luul.
nur renpecl uf person, juu  tuking   ul
gills. ll  is un entirely   in
different mutter whether the Bible is
lilerully Introduced into ihe courtroom
ur nul.   Tl Id custom uf   having
wilaooMi kins lhe book und iweur by-
it m purely u matter uf form. The
fuel is lliul the Bible moro Ihnn an)
oilier lileruluie luys slr/ss upaaii jus
Ibe und judgment. 11 is lhe chiel
bullions uf the court, ll is (he vade
nicium of lhe judge ' ' '' >l I'"-
hiiplinl's iinme is brighl und RelielnI
iid 1 wiaiili) sun ul iiuiiii- sire. Ound
rulors uie uul <ihlc invuriubly lu give
pin^ii'iuiis limes. Bil il dues cuunl
lor much whin-c hnnd is un lhe helm
of siuli' When Ihe wicked reign On'
people mourn. ' ' ' "od gave du-
dub pros|erily. Nol, however, l-ymii-
odes, but through perlwlly nalurnl
means. '/*' The high ond pi acti-
cal - value ol tburuugh and universal
training iu ethics n/id religion is here
January 33, IVII :  Jonah ili: 1-iO.
A  Missionary  .luuruoy  Around   the
World (I) Missiuii- in the  I'niled
Slates (Nurlb and East)
■lunnli was one bf the first city min
•ionarios Hie world knows anything
about. Ho was a very unwilling onl
at atari. But Ihe desperate nsxi ol u
melrupulis finally burned ils way into
his soul. He fulJiJM his mission foi'l>
fully. Missiun 'work in modern cjliei
bas pi'ipli'.viii' and repulsive features.
But it nacds doing. If Ihe city is nut
righted it will crush the nn';.u. Citiei have Ijicronsqd sixty per centum
in the last <e» years. Education,
philanthropic, and spiritual .ejteni&ii
have nol kepi Mi s,
1 ii. j' _
At iKmcr Pricei,      Sole Agenti for North Vancouver.
Corner Lonsdale and Second.
Phone 259
Stock Reducing Sale
We are showing 36 inch Stripe Flannelettes sold everywhere 15c,
Our price this week only   -   -   12jiC
Hot Points
For the Man
|_J ii    a clunce to pleaie the
Qnkr ul encc a 1910 " HOT
T' 11 days trial, free for Blkiof|.
pii.uMin.' and comfort on ironing dny.
Qui. iron on market guirin-
lmil fur Iwo yean.
|iivxst now, il will pleaie lier.
N'.ii. clean and economic*),
fry one now and lie convinced.
B. C. Electric Railway Company, Ltd,
50 Lonidale Avenue.
The Gurney-Oxford Steel Top Rangfl
means a marked laving in
luel ami heller baking resulti.
J lie "CHANCELLOR" nol
only does its work BETTER
but AT l.liSS COST Ihu
oilier l>.ui|;ri..
We can demonstrate lo yon
iliu vvliole Superior Chin-
cellur principal of economy
and efficiency in len minutes.
Is it not worth thai much
of your lime righl now ?
The J. D. Fraser Hardware Co,
Phone 58. 133 Lonidailc Avenue
Wanted at Once
Listings of Boulevard lots in D. L.
550 direct'from owners.   Immed-
-   iate resdlts if rightly priced.   :::   Jtf
Pierce & Hall
' Next to PtitcM Hotel
I mm, HWdR*«»   v ah VUV YAK, I*.
North V*wpowvm, R c
Raw or SimMwiTiQw i
Onsyesr Ijoo !
SI* iiwiillis   ,        .   •    ,       .60
ThwiiiouHn   »       ,  —-"ft
Uiiilwi fltatss nnd ppr*|gn,ll,Wporye»r
50 Hunts par IllUl) «i»'li iiw'irtiiiii.
jl fcopfl»J(OTI0IHlRT|!.-»1-00PBrW|Pef
,1    WW.
A Und'ami 'I'lHumi Noticsb—SO iliiya, |S;
_ lenii. AiivmiTiuiNii -First ineurllon, }0
limits imr iiim; nuuli mibUMiimnt inaer-
lion, So, par line,
_  BuilllK!) MOTICIS IN  lailUAl,  Nkw» Ooi.
UMNa—111 cun Im pur linii.iiiuili inmirfliili
-a CoMTlucr AiivnirriuiiiiiiNTH— Ruins  ur-
ranged uncording to n|mro taken,
AH I'liuinii'Hiii nml mil iiilviirlimiiiii'iitB
. uium lm Im ilm liamlu of tlio printer by
I Wadneeday «vunl nn lii iiiiuii m pu lilli'iitioii
)  In (Ita next lamie.
North Vaniouver, Jan. 27,1911
ftl-ai* Diamond polenUlee in the tor-
iiiinui eity.
That Hi" enal supply of a "immunity nl Bve IhoiwawJ1 people utiould be
dependent npon sneli ohjnetifiable and
restrictive pondiUPM ae tboee .|e«i-
(,'iiiitwl by the statement ol onr local
dealers is a situation not to be lol-
iirulwl. In fact it bu been allowed to
obtain for too long a period as matters stand, fn tba public Interests it
would be we|l that this matter should
be taken up by the Board ol Trade,
or by the city and district council*,
or th»t a public meeting of citiiens
he called to discuss Ihe matter and
that any representations which may
be considered necessary, be made to
the provincial government tn imliii-
them tn lake such action as will remove this embargo Irom roal shipments to this city and will render any
lurther effrontery nl Ihis nature toward North Vancouver an impossibility.
ment Roll will meet In the District
Municipal Ofloe, North V#noo»vwon
Tuesday, tha Ulb day of February,
i»ll at a o'clock p.p. when a'l complaints and appeals against assessments will be considered,
Notice of complaints and appeals'
must be given to> the Asssssor at
least ten days, before the said date,
and such notice must set forth the
ground of complaint.
(liven under my hand this Sth
day of January, 1911,
Tha Royal Bank of Canada
Capital W/JHOJHKI.
Deserves, $7,300,000.
Total Assets tM,000.000.
The conililiiins which prevail rela
tive to procuring a supply ol coal for
the needs of residents in North Vancouver city and district are of a nature to niaiua-a- public indignation and
to call (nr prompt and forceful action
upon the part of the people for their
own protection. Tliu only reason that
cun be attributed »'liy such u protest
has nut Ik-cii lodgiil before Iliin with
the provincial government is that the
public ut lurge have uot hitherto
been niuile iiwul'e ol the facts.
The situation according to a statement prepared by locul dealers for Ihe
Iliiunl of Trade is as follows
"Our local dealers it the present
lime ure compelled to gel their supplies IliroUgli Vnncouver coal merchants, which is mil only Unfair to
them, lml also imposes a great hardship upon lhe residents of this 'ity."
"In the first pline, having to purchase through Vancouver dealers not
only melius Ihul our lucafCHeulers arc
compelled in pay a considerable advance on mine prices wbicb advance
piusl of necessity be imposed upon our
Industries und residents, bul also ul
the present season when u coal short
age exists in Vancouver our coal supply is completely cut off until such
lime us llie full requirements of Vancouver Have bum satistied. Thie we
consider not only an injustice, but uu
unwarranted imposition, us we leel
thut the iiiy of North Vancouvei has
now arrived ui a stage in ils history
as u cily ihni -...iiuiiii. (lie cutleries
ol II. (,'. in 1 'ei'ogni/iiig it us the centra ol the roal supply for this district, and therefore being prepared to
|.|.i<. our locul coal dealers on llie
.nm. busi,- us to supply uud price us
is granted to tlie mill dealers of Vuneouver city."
The  terms  employed  in the  above
Statement wilh reference to the situation are I'Mii'inely moderate und   do
not    bej/in  lo d'i the mutter justiae.
It is un exhibition of barefaced  pre;
lumptuousneas ol the most intolerable
order' that a lew middlumi'11 coul deal
ers  in the city ol Vuneouver   should
havu the temerity lo suy to the   entire community ol thousands   of citi-
sens   residing   on   lhc   North   Shore,
"you  shull  not  procure  a pound  ol
Vancouver isluml  coal   williout   in 1
obtaining our consent nnd even   then
nol without (laying us a royalty upon every pound thut wu |ieiniil you lo
burn."   iSo lur as is known tin sc men
wbo are ex| loitiug the public lor private gain in lliis offensive manner do
not  own  any portion of its  mines
from which llic coal is brought  and
bave no rapitul iuvostsJ (herein.   As
a   rule   they do not cveli bundle   the
coal that they so condescendingly allow Norlh Vancouver to procure.    Al-
r-iar   the   coal   leaves   the   mines il is
hn11dh.1l by lhe local dealers In  whom
• ft is consigned.  It is stutcd Unit lli<**
V,«flc.ouv.w dealers have  on exclusive
agcii'-y (rom the mining companies by
virtue of which tliey collect toll Irom
atonsunvrs iii Noilli Vancouver in the
form ol an unearned and a totally un-
warranted commission on overy pound
Of cOul that leaves the mini's, desi in
ad for (his side ol the Inlet and it fui-
ihn appears, from <h» eUlatnenl  of
local <m»»s lhat even then there is
always 'tim possibility thai the    oal
supply  may be unceremoniously   iul
The question is often asked: "Why
do annuitants live longer on the average than other people 1" Tbe great
Iactor in the question Ol course Is,
llml those people live the longest who
have the least worries. It is a truism
thut worry kills more people than
work   does.    Take   from   a man the
A general banking business
transacted. Savings accounts a
specialty. Accounts'of firms
and individuals solicited.
North Vancouver Branch.
Bank Office in N. V. Cluh Block
primul wprry ol existence, thjVwprry  D   {*     ftn A D If L" I'
about his breaj^aijd butter" andFW flff.iV*   l»l/*I\.IVEl *
1 er   iiiio „ *f**'/\
|yata,< bWlhind free for higher niii
more healthful activities. Burden a
mun with the fear of the puoriinuse ur
a destitute old age and you cripple
his righl arm. A mun who is ever
saving uguinsl Ihe evil days and Ihe
lean years, fearful that some storm
niay break at any time tu destroy his
hoarded grain, comes often to those
-nine lean yenrs with soine subslane
but with shattered neue.- as well.
For all men and women it Is well
that the gnvernmenl hue provided a
means whereby savings may be laid
aside lor the luture with p.il.a 1 run
lidenre that they shall be available
when old age comes. "I am fearful,"
snys one, "nol that I musl die, bul
thut I muy Ik a burden nn others in
my last duys."
A government nnnuily will not solve
ull ineli problems, but it will solve,
nnd is solving, mony of them.
Ask ymir postmaster or write 10 (he
•Superintendent it Annuities, Ottawa,
for inlormotion.
Canadian Verse
By Arthur I. Stringer.
rANTS you to
know that they'
tell the Finest
Quality Meats at itrjelly Vancouver Pricei.
Free Delivery to all
parte of the city, and
every article U gent out
in the best possible
style. We guarantee
to give you entire satis-
faction. A trial order
will convince you. *
229 Lonidale Avenue
Phone 16
Stringer,  tim   widely
known novelist, pofcl and sli
[Artbur J
^jiown novelist, pofcl ana-abort story
writer, was formerly a journalist and
luul.-, Irum near bunion. He is author
ol "Watchers ol Twilight," "Pauline,"
"Epigrams, "Tbe ('usual Ofleader,"
snd other volumes]
Sang one ol Kngland in his island
"ller veins are million, but bar
heart is one";
And looked Inun out bis ware-bound
homeland isle
To us who dwell beyond ita western
sun. \
And we among Ibe nortblaod plains
and lakes, .
We youthful dwellers on a younger
Turn eastward to tlm wide Atlantic
,Aini leel the clasp of England's outstretched hand.
For we are Ihey wbo wandered ior
from home
To swill tba glory of an ancient
Who journeyed seaward on an exile
When fortune's teiUfbt to our Is
Uud came.
But every keel tint cImms tbe midway waste
Binds with a silent thread our ua
dell strands.
Till oeeen dwindles and tbt sea-wesU-
And Englsnd mingles with a hun
died laii'il.
And weaving silently all lar-oB shores
A thousand singing wins stretch
round the earth,
Or sleep still voosl in their ocean
Tillall lands die to main out glor-
iiint birth.
80 wi remote compatriots reply,
And feel tba world-task only
135 Lousdale Avenue.
Uur Id ••.ol. Scones, Cakes and
Confections arc mailu uf llie
linest materials. Give us t trial
The largest assortment of Men's Working Shirts, in-
diuling oil the best wearing materials in all   / C
sizes, prices up to fl.25, now           U JC
Switch Knit All-wool I'lulfrHfar. Thit is» fine line
for the outdoor worker as it is heavy and   7C
warm, regular ll.oO value for 75o per suit   / JC
Men's Fall and Winter Suits, only a few left of those
splendid hargaii suits, t|iey were as high d» | Q
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A very line assortment of Men's Four-in-hand O C
Ties, reversible, regular £''0 values, now   LJC
I. O. ()   F.
North Vaiacouvar Lodgi, tin. 6k,
meets every Thursday evening, corner
l.i,n>.dale Avenue and Firit strut, at
S o'clock. Visiting brethren cordially
invited to atUad. Ira K. Peers, N.
0.; B. K. Donaldson, roc. sec., J. H.
Pilling, I'i;., Kin.aec.
I'iiaraj tfiniactfi
We aottdl ue aasinfel or
tuteaatttalmlbara who in llu Die ta
*j it teiim —At Tetrml bu.lnru In
lrlj|xiu. rnlialasnrantes(rtf, (lum,
a iixUnU. Omtmanmri ASW»«" nl upon a,
, -«et lailsriarG. TOfTwi., v«t iii.
W- Uooliral ■ em* WUhtnilum DC Uti
'We an tha girders ot tin ageing
When veins an million, but whon
heirt lions."
NOTICE is hinby giv« that tin
at altogether at the mandate  ol   the I Court of Beviaion of District Aaaeas-
__     Is.
Staple and Fwcy GroceHw
Fresh and Smoked Meafg
for One Week Only
n     •    C  'i   i» grei,t variety, from size 22 up to
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113-115 Lonsdale Ave.
North Vancouver
Queensbury Heights
Two or Hn" I ni ■■ lelt here rinse lo Keith lload from glftO nnti,
liniiiii.i' ovor IS months. This is the . h.-,i|ni-i buying in North Vancouver.
Thirteenth Street
1 lot lm iml' south, few yardi Imm I
I—l-ll lunii, biiiuiu'c 6 and I'i month
Western Avenue
A good Mi-fool lot lurinir south, lew yarda Imm UINSDAI.K AVENUE,   i'rii'o tlMi   I :i 1u1.l1, liiiiumc 6 and I'l months.
•Stone's throw Irom I..>n.-.lul. Avenue Car Terminus, 3fi I, by
leel,  prai'tii'iilly  >learcd.   Price, tt'/t)  IS cash, hslana« 6 and IQ
Phone 70- -P. O. Box 97
North Shore Locators
When buying in North Vancouver call
and inspect our list of moderate
priced properties.
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Mrs. F. S. Burmester, A.R.A.M.
TERMSt-|1.00 Per Umoo.
Warburnitz Piano House, Limited
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Street, near Lonsdale. Price
$3000.  Terms arrenge.
Highland Potatoes—equal
lo Ashcrofte, d»1, ^A
per sack ylsly
(looking Apples,
and Grimes
Golden, per box
» ■ \
Chivers Marmalade ill 1
lb. glass jars, eamh  -   15c,
Ayrshire Hose Creamery
Butter,  •   •  3 lbs. $100
Cheese—Finest Ontario,
-2 lbs. 35c
Lemons, per do/,.   -   ■   20c.
Oatmeal Hoop. 10 burs 25c
Home Made Pork iSmi-snge,
—per Hi, 15c
Pure Castile Soap,
p r bar    -
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llll Lonsdale Ave
ii».in. lug pm.
First-class Meals 35c.
ConiiiiiiUlion Tickets, %i niealb
*4 75
liniiiii-. lor Kent at iHuilemle rslm
N. V. Artistic Cabinet M.ikcr,
Upholsterer and Decorator
•II k llia|>   Of   Hliila,0   UiJ   *l|l|l(l|,.    I iiinllUK
"lana, nllia.  H.iik ud B.r I'liini,-   ii.|.,iii
Inf lu .11 11. lum liu
Pictum Kiimliiii.      Kuriiitiiii' Siorsfi>.
Mill  I1HIIMI- (li,i, 11,ami I .llrlallaaii
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
TELEPHONE 89 p. O, BOX 114
We Could
Paper the World
from our slock of new wall
pipers, so il seems. Every dsy
some new designs arrives, lo
fill llie vjcancy of Ihose cloud
Handsome Wall Papen
are here in endless variety. Juil
lell our salesman for what room
you wanl llie paper, and lie
will show you just the psttern
you are looking for,
To choose from our Mock is
1 plessure, to ply our price ii
ii7Looid4i Phone 149
f   '
_ >«
\  amah mmwmwii in
\   .     Ql/lillliC - ANAJIPHIST   HIWT
'   ca^ua's itow-m owp'm?
ij     (FrPD) AW «w»..carrDupon^onf)
Honptd,■■iijjw, 37yt—'lho doaftb al
•school- teiu'lliil's,. ever u Uvu top|o in
Ihp rural districts of thp country,
b|ds fair to become oven piip'e- acplo
in llm ninii' future nn account qf the
Iegj8|»tinp foreshadowed by Sir l-opier
qfldji) st tlio upeping iil tliu Quebec
lobulation concerning advancement on
I'lliiiiiiiiniiiil |ii'nji'i'ii. in the province nf
(juebiii. Sir Lomcr stiye thut anoP)4l
intju/Jnnents bio to bo offered lor thp
engagement qf male teachers by tliu
different school boards, and thut, in
thia way, he lidpt!* to ba'able to" una
education in the country parishes
equal that of t'ho dties, At present
as sqqn aa a aehool leucher procures
a diploma he or -she -invariably uinvea
ivi:Ii|w|ii'(l,  'fciir l.onicr.auyii nmv'Unit
h|i will liavp- wk fa tbcpj iti.ifii\w
Iiunii'. and Unit thu uxpun ling wust
must look elsewberp for ita supply.
The speech frppi lho tlirono also enn-
taiiit'd nnnt|ior flni|Oi(ncep(fin) at considerable mmeoiit■ to all ;oI Canada.
It iviu that the gqvornpient Imd pledged jlsolf (q t|io lurtliu'ra'nijp q|t|le
flnqd roi»i|i( inqi'eini'nl, iu.d tliat |afgp
»unn of njonay Fcjuld'4)d.Mke4 to
build up mi I iiiniiiiiiiii puiiiii' iiirji
ISxiiitement uml intprpst in |l|e
Iloilnflalitch battle between ppurcblafs
and London pqlico ipipo (inie ago received now! impotiia hie whpp 1^-
ciiiiie known flint qfdere had hPPfl^H-
ailed 'fnun Scotland Ya['d to' ull 1|)P
police and dpIePljvo 'duflprlfliopta.'|n
I'uini In to keep a eharp wa|fh mi nil
..ii;.|iiiimi. .-li.-.i-;.. i.i.-. in their districts
and' tq bo pi|(rtiei)larly cariiful to see
tp It 'In'i llir; were,under directapr-
i'l'illiiin.'i' for the few weeks prior to
the i 'a in inn I imi. al ii a I'i'.'iiil l qf. I Inn
the Domipiop Police, under Oolqnd
I'iiiy l-^liciiumil. I^avo been (float   lie-
 illlWWMPMMi    -J 1 ll
Hyp e,h p largp (ofce has been icpt
(|qwj) tq the foqpndltFy tq hfW-4 »!!(■)
inspoiit trains pqini'lg in fw> the
pecan pprtd pf \h \faied. States to
Canada. Thia work wus being dune
qiiiully a|)d iilfi'i.'lively, hilt this week
Inspector j^arHipaqp lipid lip » party
ul fppr ni I'oii'se'u l'oint, coming jnto
titiptret)l ham New yprk. There wore
two wqippp nnd two nien in tho
party. Thp Inspector tqld tbuin, iii
his usual i|uiet a manner,, t|mt l|iey
ivuulil nut lm able \a met fapuda,
Om' of thp I'-'umi'ii, becoming angry,
drew a long hat pip and tried to stab
ilm iini|ii'i'iui'. Tho i-aiNM'.pii'iii small
riqt in the sleeping car proused thp
iii!iii..iiy qf the pssicngers and the
ntiiiy leaked put, Later, the Inspector   aiiiiia.mu i al that   in" .'I   liefuri'   haul
thn authoritiea turned buck ao ninny
people, iiniler one circumstance or another, as in the past two weeks.
II there ia any faith to be put in
figures, Canada's parole system of
dealing with criminals has proved ili
value during the clcv.cn years it bus
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lieen ip oppfatipn, |)opiiniop I'mud.
Officer ^ri'flibald, 'in (he eoiineof nn
ipsppcljon trip ut St. Vincent do |»iii)l
ppnileptinry, said that, of llie thicp
thousand and acvpnty-two prisainrrs
who haVu been released from i|ic j.rni-
lfmt)orip.i mi parole during Ihnt ptrj-
fid, two thouaand have justified llipii
right to freedom by living iho \\vet
of aelf-rcapectjug and industrious citizens,  niim hundred  and, .niaoty-ninn
urn sllll reporting to the authorities
and oiily sirty-two hnvo Ipiind tl'iir
way buck to the courts through the
lures of their old habits nnd activities.
Three years ago, it will bo remembered, there Wna next dour lo p financial panic in the United States ami
although ('anada wus enjoying an un
!■■ iuii|ili'il era of prosperity lhc adverse
influences Irom abroad called a hull
and .(hero waa a,general readjustment
nl'valuta in consoijucuce ol tlie interference to'the wme of prosperity nt
home. As ('anada'growa bigger and
ati'uiigiir financially, lhc morn rhe lu>
comca independent of what liiiamiul
turmoil Uncle Sum nmy aeo fit to permit within hia bordcra.
The i niii'inoiiB infiow of capital (rom
different parts of the globe, but particularly from the bind ol Antin Hull,
shows no aign ol ccssution and with
the development of our own great resources keeping os apace it looks as
rhininii the preiiahiiii'iil ol the Hull lament ought not tu be Inr wrong,
even jf it does nppciir u lillle over-
iiiilni.'iiiiii' to the mixlcrutc man in
tho "Street." «a
Several thing* hnvo pepurred within
the pnst lew months to give addil:< <
ul alrengtb to ('nnadinh criadil
iiiiiiiiiii uud llothlng riiiild li,i.n lieu
filler in that respect than the ri'ivnl
demiiuslintion of the wonderful pari)
iug capacity ol the Canadian I'm I
Huilwny aa shown'by lhe decision iil
the ilii'eetors wilhin llie past le«
days to plme id,, stock on a 'HI \"s
aaiil. .Ir. niaill bimis.
AunlliiT iiiiH'i'iii bus been a greal
wiiinqr iu the stork ir.auli'l
uilliin llie pnst lap* ilnys. This is lln
l.uurenlide paper nf wliiili Sir Wil
Innn Van ll.'iii' is president nnd It.
Il Angus, C II. Uoamer and. Jjunen
Hnss are nmong the dircalnrs. Tin
."'l.i'aiiii.uiaii „f eiimmou iloek which on
ly u -hurl Iiini'.nun hud a market value ol less than IJ.HKI.iaSI, bus nppre
a i.ui al in value In lhe extent' ol belt.. n .vs ii i,i ii ii i, und us ihe sliii k Is rain-
I'l'iitrnted fur the mo.^l purl coiupnra
lively few hands Hie profit inn he a-
lilllllteil ul a fflonce, 'Hie iiimpiilll
lias been iiintini; pi en I profits and
some . li' im is now under I'oiisiilera
tiun for giving ilie ihnreholdcri n
larger proportion than liny uie nnu
rcreivfng Irum lhe ulreudy liaiid'onn
tl per ii'iil. dividend rale. II will llnl-
lm seen that the ('. I'. It. niillinnnira"
are very much in lhe swim nnd are
rapidly iiddinp lu Iheir already im
mciise lorliincs.
Ip this cqpneetjon wp aubipii lhat
on i'1'iier.il pi'inciplpa it jp iiiii'i.'iniiii
able ilmi a valuable mpnppply of idi';
kind should bo grained fpr Ihp purpose p, ii|diviiliiul gain. K u jicensii
is tn |ie griinled nl a|l,' it ahopld lie
granted solely for Hip jipnplit of the
community, nnd the element pf pi'ivatp
gain sh,ol|ld |>e ofllirply o'iminntcil.
As wu um prppura) to adyapco -tha
capital necessary without cliui'iting ip-
teroat for three yeurs, wo wollld op-
poal to all citizens to give ua thoir
support in. an midorluking which has
the double object of securing the proper regulation of the liiippr truflio .jnd
of assuring fo the public all ron-
tiilgenl proiilB.
Yourp, etc,
||. ii. M.UlNA()HTENr
h..J(|K',iii,ssi.:n. ■
North Vancouver,
.lunuuiy 3Tith, 11)11.
Canadian Verse
D. L. 555, Weit Vancouver.
There are still a few specially fine lots lor sulc in this sub-division, most of them
65x132 leet, sonic larger. The most westerly pari of lhc property recently put 00 llie
market includes 16 waUrdunt lots with a waUrlrontage 01 59 feet and aa average
depth of 310 feet. Thc lots have a pleasant slope to i gravelly beach, and there art
many fine old trees which add greatly lo (heir beauty. Wc have the verdict oT mauy
who bave bought there that nowhere on the whole I'acific Coast fa there a more beautiful spot than "IH'NDAKAVii" and most people who look over the property buy*
sonic of it. There are several summer houses already built on thc beach lots, and others will bc built iii the spring.
Call in and get a price list and make au appointment with ua to take you out and
show you the property.  You will enjoy a vfsi^ to "DUNDABAVIv".
Tins prices are from Mi5l»W2S per Jot, and thc terms arc «aay, onrfifth  caah,
and the balance over two years.   The waterfront lota are tt,Ult
121 Lonsdale Avenue
Kditail    KlplCaW :
tJir,-W'c desiie, with your peraiis-
■ion, In briefly explain uur position
and im i'n 1 ion in applying lui ioon n-
we cifii Moure Hie iieccssnry premises.)
lor 11 bottle lii.n-e in Iiiii nly.
As we Inui' already -lnt.il ii mir
first loiter to the liri'iii-inp I'mu
Inissioncrii, »e pni|Hise tn npornl"
1nn.i1 u Jiii'iise. if kit.tulii, willuiiii 'in;,
|irolil (diieil 01 Tndiical) in ijiial.,..
and i|» iiaiinl oiiai ull surplus proliln
Iniiii ili<> iniiinl working i\|ini-i-
bava biH'ii dealditnl; lo be devuled In
•■ii.ii pliilaniliinpie ubjeel* an may be
approved by duly appointid liuslei".
.ll is dearly of id utmoil import
nine Unit there should In' uo poiribil
ity ol ourselves ur our succction in
any way evading Iho itrii't letter ol
•ueb an undei Inking, and We arc,
therefore, prepuird to give lu.h n
guarantee us tbc IiuhIiis nmy deem
neu'usniy lor Ihis objifl.
It dn- been suggcslis) In us ihul llie
term "iur|ilus |inlil»" reipn'rei lur
ibei ejpliiiuiiiaaii. By "surplus pin
liik" we mean all pinfili accruing nl
ter (I) Iho payment ol the linnso ; (ll)
lhe payment of nni . (3) the paymrnl
of manager; ll) the payment of auditor 1 in; tho payment ol any ollic.
eiptnsei actually iiiajinil in ilarlip.'
or carrying on tbr busincis. Te sc
euro the absolute fulfilmtnl ol lhi.
vory importune point we ure pi.pmeil
na keep our bonks and a>cnutt'.i "i an
lor inspection at all itasonable timen.
Wc would alio undertake to supply, tl
market pricei, nothing but Ibo Insl
quality ol liquor.
Oui pioppjtl li by no mMW te>
hu Imn lUggftitcd in mine quarters;
a new or unlricd r*ji. liiiii-nl On Ibe
contrary (bc priniij It which wo ndvo
ctte bai Iron in operation 'or many
ytari in Norway and abun>iant icili-
oony lo lis luccai bit been furnished
Iron many quarters In Ihii connection w« may ospcrinlly awtitfai fkl
report of the ycoleb cnmniissionen
Iwhoic   dislinguishcd   cbaiimsn    wai
Frolwor 'lames .Selli -and whoso verdict wai one of unanimoui and   tm-
« phalic approvtl.
By Bliss Carman,
I nh. Curniuii is since the death ol
Archibald Laiiiiiinan, tlie most proini-
uont of the u.-uii 1' imni iioett. llu wan
born in Frodericton, N.B., on April
16. i.-i.i. He studied at tlio University
ol New Brunswick and at Harvard an.l
Edinburgh. Hc early evinced au in'
ii'iiiaiiaiua'ii spirit and has lived back
and forward across the boundary lor
many yenrs. Hc is tbo author ol
in;iii> volumes ul poonis and two or
tbrei; vnlumes of essays on various
Tbe sun goes down, and over all
These burroii rcuchos by thu tide
Such uneliisivc glories fall,
I almost ah, nm tbey yet will bido
Uniil the coming ol tlie tide.
And yet I knew that not for us.
By any ecstasy ol dream,
Ho lingers-'toi keep luminous
A lillle while Ibe grievous stream,
Wllicll   lla I     llll, ,,111 fa 11 leal  ot alla'lllll
A grievous droam, that to and (ro
Tin.uii'li the fields of Acadie
Goes wandering, us if to know
Why one beloved (ace should be
So long Irum homo and Acadie.
Was it a year or lives ago,
We took tbo grasses in our hands.
And caught tbo suiumo'r flying low
Over tlic waving meadow lauds,
And   held   il   there   between   our
The whllo thc river at our feet—
A drowsy inland meadow streuin-
At set of sun the after-heat
Made  running  gold,   aud  in   the
Wo (reed our birch upon tho stream.
Thare down along the elms at dusk,
We lifted dripping blade lo drift.
Through   twilight   scented   line   like
Where night and gloom awhile uplift.
Nor auuder soul and soul adrift
And tbat wo took into our bands
Spirit ol life or subtler thing
Breathed on us there, ami loosed tin-
01 death, and taught ua, whispering,
The secret ol some wonder-tbiug
Then all your laeo grow light, and
To bold Uiu shadow ol tlic sun;
The owning lultcrcd, and I deemed
Tlmt time wai ni". mel yeurs lm I
dono *
Their wheeling underneath Oic sun.
So ill desire and all regret, v#
And (car uud meinury. wero naught;
One to remember or forget
The keen delight our hands bad
Morrow and yesterday were naught
Tho night has (alien, and the tide
Now and again comes drilling home,
Across llnse aching barrens wide,
A sigh like driven wind or lotun:
In Uriel tlie flood ii bursting bomt.
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II pkgs. of iIIosh or Com Starch
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II Ib. tin ol Ceylou Tea
'1 Ib. fresh ruust Coffee
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3 lbs. White Star Butter
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ia. lie applied to bair on the head,
but now science haa diicovered a we-
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without injury to hair or ecalp. Thi
wavo will not pasl) out and damp
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will be i'liaally iiiii'ii I'j any ladieiwho
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723 I'ender Slreet.
Approximately 400 of Worth Vancouver's citizens joined in the celebration
of tbe third annual gathering jn memory of Robbie Burns nt the Horticultural hull under the nuspircu ol St.
Andrew'i end Caledonian Society luat
Wednesday evening. Natnrnlly tile
nssombly lor tba most part wore the
iartai) hadgtt affihlematjc ol |hejr pe-
Business Institute
3,V> Hastings St. W.
Ctnada'i Gr.et.it W.atarn School
R. J. Sprott, B.A., - -Manager
Bu»lne«« College
632 Seymour St., Vancouver
Day school open all   the  year
round.  Night school comniinc-
rs September Sih.
Canadian ^elective Bureau :—
•Ollices everywhere
Vancouver Office:     W Empire Block
<0t ilaitinga tt. weit. l'lione mt,
Groceries and Provisions
Wholesale and Retail
116 Hastings St. (downstairs)
Delivery Tuesdays and Fridays
rubbeh stamps
Sign and Price Markers
10 Fairfield Bid.      Fone R3J7J
Yorkshire Guaranty &
Semite Corpuratioii lid
440 Seymour Street
R. Kerr Houlgate Manage)
All Nortb Vancouvtr peoplt tat at
Either Flack Block or Hastings street, opposite the new
Post Office.    Leonard Mils  bis
General Superintendent tea by the pound,
BURRARD SASH & 000R FACTORY, foot of St. George
Wt solicit a trial bid on your Orders small or larg*
We operate the only padded furniture and piano
moving van in the t-jty. . ,
He V. Cartage Co.
r UmMi Ave,     .
>       -        HI
tionulity and denoting theni as niem-
liem of tha locul society. Among tlio™
present however were many who could
not claim bonnio Scotland aa their nn-
tivo heath, bnt who, nevertheless warp
heartily welcomed and joined in the
li'stivities with tbo leal of a genuine.
The ball w«l appropriately designed
to auit the occasion. Hums' laying!
were everywhere to bo Men and bis
portrait at the head ol the large auditorium facing bver the gaily array-
od tablet gave a silent and forceful
effect to tba proceedings. Ona could
pot help admire the lowly born whole
name now is a household saying in
almost evory part pl the globe. Say-
en large tables were laden with ull
manner ol good things mid alter all
were eoatcd there only remained tbo
bringing on of tbe haggis to denote a
completeness. The sound of the pipes
[rom the direction of the litchin
brought every eye to attention and a
murmur ol applause spread through
tbe building Mlbon the standnrd
bearer Mr. I). 0. Hick, appeared beading the small procession. Behind liim
Wat Maister Lister piping the lmgg.s
in with a fervor truly Scottish. Two
flag bearers followed and bringing up
tho roar waa Jock Swanson lurrying
the "grent chioltuin o' thc puddin'
race" tho haggis. Twice tho snail
procession cjrc|ed the tallies wham thoy
departed and Uev. Hooper said the
Selkirk grace. Aflor sup|ier the chairman, 1'residrnt .1. It •). Hurray, proposed "Our King" which was icspoml-
i'd to with the National Anthem. In
proposing thc next toast "Hums' lm
nun (nl Memory" Heeve McNaught do-
Innil that when Hums was on this
earth he was & vastly different person
Ihnn ho appeurs to tho present day
generation, At that time he may have
had his fimli ■. human Irailtiea to
which the world's races aro subjected,
but today Burns is looked on almost
in the light of a saint. With ail thc
failings attributed to the bard "wc
•Scotchmen love him still," emphatically remarked the roove. "Al a teacher and everything that ii grand in a
mun we have none to escual him," hc
suid. "II lluni. hud been othor thon
ho uus, lacking fuults, he would not
huve probably I n revered.     It   wa-i
the lii.'i ol his manly indciiendence
that drew his admirers to him. As n
lecturer he wai unsurpassed in his
pictures of the different shades and
sides ol lile and particularly wus this
naiii.a.nl,,. in his [wn picture of tha
"Cotters' Saturday Night" portraying the true nature which drew Ibis
lifelike picture. What has the world
got to equal his songs und to stir the
hearts ol his audiences us those ol
Burns, he asked. They may not havo
tickled Ihe our but they warmed the
heart. Tho toast was druuk standing
in silence.
Mr. .lolin Alciunder in thc absence
of Aid. Smith, proposed tbe toast
"Itohnic .Scotland Our Native Hcuth."
Ile considered this wat ia.-.i in im-
poituinc to the reeve's toast. In almost overy part ol tbc globe were in
Ihi found the sons and daughters ol
Scotland uud he believed thut if it was
possible to got an expression ol opinion Irom those tho world over it would
be (hut then wai no land to iurpu
"Our own Bonnie Scotlund." In this
country there was milling .10,(111
Snitch folk a small plant, but he
Imped that some duy n soil would lie
found where the Scottish heather
would thrive. Mi. A. I'hilip responded, llo said lie wus proudlo respond
to a ua li a toast. Ho uskod why il
wus that the Scotchman was so de-
vntasl to 'his native land. It may bc
her wildnoss and glens but asiurudly
hu thought it was the freedom that
Scotland hus won hor inde|wndence
uud her name.
They aay Siotihmon art canny, but
lhat (anninncsi has made them the
men they are, bai instilled in them
lhat stubbornoss und perseverance
that won her her independence.
Mr. T. A. Martin propoied tht tout
"Fair Canada Our Adopted Home."
Although « southerner, ht wai as
much a Scotchman at any, derfarad
Mr. Martin. We like to-ba adopted by
rich parents he wont on and it tale to
lay that Canada ii one of the richest
homos in the world today. To Mayor
McNeish who was lo respond he would
Hint to remind him that hs was not
only an adopted ion but wai newly
adopted by tit city ol North Vancouver.
Mayor McNtish 'tit honored at being
osked to respond to this toast, He
depreciated hit ability to deal with oll
the bounties that nature has Host bia
adopted home with. What wai ,thert
to equal Manitoba wheat and tlu product of tht other provinces, minerals,
fish, lumber and agricultural products.
Canada'a soni and daughters were also taking leading places jn different
parti of tht world aad htr atom wen
inking their placet on the bnttlo flelt).
tie hi been tq|d thut hfat ih buttle of Mafuking,' Sputh Afiw, Upp
general asked jl .lock MoNunght  wee
them. Mug tnmni in tho affirmative, ho suid "then lot lho butiln I v
gin." If Bobbie Burnt) had boon pros-
em, said Khe chairman, bo eortdlnly
woii'd have had oni more tP»«t on %
list which tba commlttou Innl nniitleil.
Thut w|is "The Lasses."   llu proponed
this, whieh vm responded to with
alii'i'iii. Dr, Thompson proposed lhi>
tuust "St. Andrew's und Caledonian
•Society." Scotchmen are said to he
cniiiiy, observed tba doctor. That
may ba for the mason that they cannot get other peoplo to understand
tham aa they -understand themselves.
Er-Ald. W. J. Irwin rotpondnd. Hp
said lha merits aud advantages of lho
St. Andrew's Society were not to be
gainsaid- They helped to hold tbo
lies wiiiili bound them to their mother country, it alio revived tho old
traditions and history that aided the
sons and daughters to carry thii
noble work nn In other and adopted
lands. Tho socioty also wos a means
nl extending the hand ol friendship tn
now arrivals from, the old land and
making them throw off the strnngeness
lhat naturally thoy would loot on entering new surroundings. Interepeis
ed in tbo, toast list were songs by
Miss Findlay and Mr. Kon Donaldson
und a recitation by Hr. 1). 0. Dick.
The next item on the program, previous tn 'the hall being cleared lor tho
tripping ol the light fantastic to
which all lho young as wMl as many
of the older folk were looking forward
wiili much pleasure, was thc Highland
Fling by the Hisses Hannah und .lane
i.'iiihaiu to tho music nl the pipes.
Hounds of applause woro accorded
Ihem al the conclusion nl thoir per
formanre. 'ITie dance was then on and
continued to an early h.iur wlnn
late curs conveyed the guests to
their homes. A message wus received
Irom Alex. Morrison, president ol the
Vancouver St. Audmw's and Caledonian Society expressing his regret nt
not living able to be present.
"11 you havo never seen llrcgon,
Washington or British Columbia in
summer, or Calilomin in winter, you
luck important qualification! for imagining what tho climate ol heaven
may bo like." Sn writes Dr. Woods
Hutchinson in his latest volume on
Truvel, which bus just been piililinhni
by Houghton, Uilliin ii Co. Being
nne ol the besl known physician liter
ninn a nl il.i country, this tribute lo
the Pacific coast in gcncrul and .the
Northwest in particular, is. hound to
attract a lot ol attention. Spe il.in:;
lurther, llr. Hutchinson suys: "It is
the a lunula al land ol thevAmuricun continent, where a temperate sun, a mild
climate und a lei tile soil givo mau
the stimulus ol the green aud ruin
swept north, with thu luxurious returns for moderutc effort of thc teeming tro|>ies. The most restful und
soothing climate in the world, the
lend where it is always alternoon, the
ideal home for tho blonde races upon
this American continent und not hull
appreciated yet at iU lull value,"
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THE MATTKK  ol tbt Water Aet
and Amonding Act and
TBE MATTEB ol Llctnii No. ii
granted lo tha Corporation al the
District  ol  North  Vancouvar lor
900  im lies  ol water  to be taken
(rom Lynn Crttk, dated tht  SOth
Auguit, mt.
NOTICE   il   hereby given tbat   tho
City  ol Nortb Vaucouver   lieing   the
owner   and licensee under   tht said li
cense by virtue ol tht North Vuncuuver City Incorporation Act, 11*06, will
apply to S. A. Fletcher, tm\,, Wutcr
Commissioner   for   Now   Wwlrainstvr,
B. C., ou Wednesday the first day  ol
March,   WH,  at tin hour ol   ilevm
o'clock  in  tht  forenoon or so  toon
thereafter ai counttl can bt board (or
an order ameudbig tht said lia ohm by
substituting   therein   at   liceoMe    the
namo oi thi City ol North Vancouvtr
in place ol thi Corporation of tht Diitrict  ol  North  Vancouver,   aad  lor
adding to tht wordi defining the point
ol  divirsion   Ult   words "and   at   a
point  on Lyon  Creak  tithei on  Lot
tm, Group 1, Niw Weatniaattr  Dii
trict or Lot 13G8, Group 1, Now Wut-
rainttear Diitrict at or naar tht boundary  between   tha wld Loti" or, in
tht alternative (or aa ordtr amend
ing tht licMut originally granted apportioning tlu water to bt Uhen Irom
Lynn Crttk under laid licenie No. I'l
between Hit point ol diveriion ai  ict
out in tht original liotott aad a pnin
ol diveriion ol Lynn Crttk lither  Of
IM »W, Group 1, New We»lwjn»tir
Diitrict or Lot 1349, Group I,   Ntw
Wwtoiniter Distriot, at or a»ar' Urr
boundary btlwetn laid Lota or toil
sue two or won llcanaet (or tht  wn-
to makt su* othar ordtr in th»pr
inim at may bt jutt aad aquluble.,
DATED thii Mth day ol Dacambtr,
B. L. BE1D,
Solicitor  for laid   City of  North
Vaacouvtr. 17-3
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Lots in Blocks 9, 9a, 15,15a, 16 and
16a; District Lot 550; now on sale;
Acreage in District Lots 544, 545,
546 and 550; subdivided into blocks
of from I to 22 acres.
The Grand Boulevard Extends
Through Thii Property.
for Pl^ Price Ult aijd Particulars; apply lo
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Improvement Co. w.uy.
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eai Cornet Grufillt ud Smythe
All new houses ihould be piped lor Ml io order to iave the
heavy lipoid j ture lot Uiii convenience at a later date.
PON a certain dreary April
afternoon la Ibe year of grace
1808 ibe apprehensions of
Philip Klrkwood, Uai)-, painter, were enllveucd. by the discovery
Umi be wu pcupylng ibat sliigul)irly
illmicasing liiirlnl position which may
be iiiiiniiii'il up aucclnctly In n phrase
through long usage grown pruvcrhlnl,
"alone In London." Inevitably un extremist because of bit youth (ho bud
lum turned twenty-five), be took uo
coum of mitigating mutters and would
holly bave resented Ibe suggestion
that hli case was anything but ulin
gether deplorable and forlorn.
That be was not actually at the end
| sfol hit resources went for nothing lie
held lhc distinction a gullible, mock
lunii iiiiiiiiiii'ilui, llko the store of
gulncus In bis pocket, too Inslgnlltcani
for mention when contrasted wilh liis
needs Aud his base of supplies, the
American city of his nativity, whence,
and not without a glow of pride In his
secret heurt, be wus wont to register
al foreign boslclrlea, had been orhl
trurll) cul off from blm by one ul
Ihon accidents surdonlcally clnssllled
liy lnsiiruiicr uud express corporations
us uds of Hod
j Now. to one who boa lived all bit
ilui:. serenely' In occord with the die
tales of his owu sweet wlll, taking no
thought for the morrow, such a situ
ation uuluriilly seems both appalling
and Intolerable, at tbc first blush It
must bc confessed Ibat, to begin with.
Klrkwood drew ii |ong and dlsconso
lule face over IiIb Hi.
I Then he resolutely shrugged It oil
and went In search of man's mosl
faithful dumb im ml in wit, his pipe,
'lbi wbicb, when found and lilled. he
|llghtcd wltb u spill twisted from Ibe
envelope of a CO llio message.
"It's about lime," he announced,
watchlpg the puper blacken and burn
In lhe grate Ore, "that I was doing
something to prove my title to a Ilv
Ing." kfid Ihls was all his valedictory
to a vanished competence. "Anyway.
I'm a sight beller off (ban those poor.
devils, over there. 1 really have a
great ileal to be thankful for uow thui
my attention's drawn to It."
Tor thc ensuing few minutes he
thought ll all over, soberly, but with a
sloul hearl, standing at a window nf
bis bedroom In lhe Hotel 1'lcss. bunds
deep In trousers pockets, pipe fuming
voluminously, his gazo wniidcrlng oul
over a blurred Infinitude of wet, shin
Ing roofs and souly cblmuey ikiIs.
There came a nipping al the door.
Klrkwood removed the ph ■■ from between bis teeth long enough to My
"Come Inl" pleusnnlly.
Tbc knob was turned, and tbc door
opened    Klrkwood, twinging on .oue
heel, beheld, hesitant upon tbe threshold, a diminutive ligure ln Uic livery
of the i'lesi pages.
"Mr. Klrkwood'/"
Klrkwood nodiled.
"Oculleniun to sco you, sir."
Klrkwood nodded again, smiling
"Dhow biui up, please," he sold, Iiul
before Ibe words wero fairly out of
bis moulh  s  mun  stepped  Inlo the
"Ur. Broutwlekl" Klrkwood ulujosi
ihoulrd. jumping forward to seize his
■.I'aiioi'   bund
My dear boyi" replied  lhc lallet.
"I'm delighted to wo you.   (lot your
note uot un hour ngo aud came ul once
you lee."
"Il was mighty good {if you    gil
jown. please.   Hero art cigars   Wli)
moment Vigo Hwus tbc mosi miser-
tble and lonely uiurlal ou the fool
•I cin fancy." Tlic elder mon looked
ap, smiling, al Klrkwood "The management knows uie," be offend ex
plililllun of Ills unceremonious appear
'anna, "ao I look the liberty of follow Ing
fou lhe heels of lhe bell bop. dear Imy
'And liow ure you! Why Ihl1 Bullous
undertone I delected In your note'/"
lle'eoiilliiued lo time curiously Into
Klrkwmd's face. At o glance Ibll
Mr Hri'iilwhk waa a man of lulllsh
lliufc uml mllier slender, willi a coun-
ni::iiia'i' ihin nml Hushed a sen Hive
•.. : / ul »f which bis eyes shone,
.i 'Ti. humorous and a inn e
' '  . I ii Ids glasses.   Ills years
were Indeterminate, wlih lhe aspect ui
ilft.i Ibe spirit and tbe nne .'f Iblrly
slsorted oddly llul Ills hands were
old. d.-lla nn- line und finglle. uud tbe
lips In in mii Hie drouplnc while mm
liulie ol timet I ren 11 iii'ii. slums! lm
perceptibly,  wlih Ibe generous scull
lIH'llls lhat i nine illlll UlclluW OgO.    111.'
held his buck straight uud his hend
wiib un ulr un air tbat was not a
swagger, but the sign token of mi
wnrd experience In lhe world. Thc
moat carping could bavo found ik
daw In tbc quiet lasts of bis attjre.
To turn up, Kbkwood't tery good
lileiul, uud bit only out Ihen In Imu
ion, Mr Hreuiwlck, looked and wu
iu Kugllsb genlleuiau
Louis Joseph Vance
Copyright, 1808, by the Bobbs-Merrlll Co.
ler,. will) my brethren in adversity."   : booked for Munich, to be "gone" a week.
The cloud lifted.   "That la tbe splr- | on business.  1 huve many affairs Dtad-
itl" ii'.'i'iarcii tho older min. "For tbe
moment I did you tbe Injustice to believe that you wero running away
Ilui in.iv 1 understand. Forgive nm.
I'urdon, too, the stupidity wbicb I
must l.-i>- at Ihe door of my advancing
rears. To me tbc thought of you as a
Parisian fixture hns Income such a
.'oiiimoupl'ace, I'hilip, that tbe news of
lie disaster hardly stirred me. Now
I remember thnt you are a Collfor
i'l wns imni in Ban Francisco," nf-
ilrmi'd liirl.wood, a bit siidly, "My
fill lier mid uini lier wero burled there."
"And ynur fortune?"
"I Inherited my I'atliei-'i; Interest In
the lirm of Klrkwood & Vunderllp.
When I came over to study pnlntlng I
icfl everything In Vaudcrllp's hands,
lhc Imsiness afforded mc a handsome
"Yam hnve heard from Mr. Yeuder-
"Fifteen minutes ago."' Klrkwood
ooi; ii cablegram, sllll dump, from his
[loiltel und handed It to Ills guest.
I.'nriildlng It tlie latter reads'
aVlrSVVIlilil.   I'll" a,   l.i'liililll.
llinl vitiate you ure. No good coming
iniil gverylblng suiio. No Insurance
Mtet fulluws. , VANUEHl.ll'.
'When I gol the news In 1'urls,"
Kli'liwood rolunloered, "I tried ihe
sinks They refused to honor my
Irafls I hud t lillle money in Iiuiul,
'tiiiilgh lo see me home, so I closed
ibe studio und came across. I'm
oupked on lhe Minneapolis, selling
.from illhury nt daybreak. Thc bnul
irulll leaves ul UM I hud hoped
rou mighl he able to dine wilh mc and
lee me off "
In silence ilrcntwlck returned Ihe
.•uble message Then, wilh a thoughtful mnk. "You ore sure this Is wise/"
on i/uerkd
"It's llie only thing 1 can sec."
"Uul your partner wyi"—
"Nnliirnlly lie thinks that by this
time I should hnve learned to pulul
well enough lo support myself lor a
fen in.ami uulil be can get thingi
running igiln. I'erbnps I might"
Ureniwlck supported iho presumption
wilh ii decided gesture,   "iiul Uuvj !
Ing nileutlon between now ind Um
iiim train from Victoria. If you will
lie my guest at Aspen VUlss"-
"Pleisel" begged Klrkwood, wfl I
little laugh of pleasure bectUM of UM
other's Insistence. "I only with )
could.   Another doy"-'
"Ob, yon wlll mak* your million b
a year and return tcanilaloBily |%
dependent. It's In yoar Amtrleai
blood." Frail white fingers tapped al
arm of the chair as tbelr owner tfartd
gravely luto tbe Are. «I confess I
eimy you," be observed.
"Ue opportunity to mike i mUttm
In a>or?" chuckled Klrkwood.
"No. I envy yon jroja romtoca
You have youtb, unconqueriblt yooth,
and tbe world befon yob. I mall ft).'
He rose sillily, u though luddMiy
mado conscious ot hli ifa Tba old
eyes peered mora than a Ml*
fully now inlo Klrkwood'e. "Yon ]
uol fall to cili oh me by csbls, t
boy, if yoa need-anythlngt
ai a favor. I'm glad yoa
sec mc before going oat ot my
line leurns to wine till frlendtblp id
youth, I'hilip. Ooodby, ud good lack
aitcnd you."
Alone once more, Klrkwood nta—at
to his window. The disappointment
he felt at being robbed ot bia antkl-
paled pleasure In Brentwlck'i eon-
puny at dinner colored bis mood a»
lileusniilly. His musings merged late
vacuity. Inlo s dull gray milt of |
lessneai comparable only to tbi i
skies ihen lowering over I/iudon town.
(To be continued)
Horseshoeing ud Blacksmithing
Kerr & Wallace
At Aln. Gibion*! Old Stead
lil Iiih Street East North Vancouver
1'h.uiL. 373
Phone    198
North Vancouver
Coal and Supply Co,
Dealers in Coal, Brick,
Sand,   Gravel,   Ume,
Cement   and   General
Builders' Suppliei.
All   Orders   Promptly
I'illcil and Satisfaction
iiii.ii.mia il.   Prices on
Office: Lonsdale, neu Gty Whaif
Warehouse:      Forman's Wharf
(general Contractor
J-and Clearing, Stump and Bock
■ %tm m* oeei '
sgtl mada good
Masting. IE* tra «}fa noar houses.
ant •!., W#.l ot l.onmtmla
» T t-Wa* >i
"Kvcryttilmj i/om   A'o Insurance."
I righl In leave Vanderllp, tc flglit It
ml aloiie/ I'or \siiileiilji hus o wife
ind kiddies tu support   1"-
"Vour gcplusl"
"My iblllly, such us It Is, and that
nl)- ll cun wait No: Ibbi meuus
limply Ihal I musl come down from
the clutiils. |.inei my feel ou solid
wu iii aiid fi lo work."
"The sentiment Is sound," uduilticd
Jrciilwlck. "Hie practice of lt folly,
line .mn slopped lo Ihink what part
i rising yium:: portrait  pointer cau
iiiitriliiiie toward tho rebuilding of a
levie luted cll)V"
"'i'i' palbtfng can wait," reiterated
Klrkwood "1 cu work like other
men." /■
"You cun ..do younclf and your ger
lus grave Injustice, md 1 feir me you
will, dear boy. It'l in keeping with
your heritage of Amcrlcau obstinacy.
Now, If ll were g question of uioiicy"-
"Mr. llrciitwU'k," Klrkwood protested vebcinciiily, "I've ample for my
present needs," he sdded.
"Uf course," conceded Urcutwlck,
with a siuh. "1 didn't really bopc you
would uuill yourself of our friendship.
Now. (here's my bom* Ip- Aspen Villas    Vou bave seen It?"
"In your obscure Ibis afternoon your
For Sale
Salntyn River Valley
Land, close to Fort
40 acre tracks, $11 per acre
$50 cash and $10 per month
Enquire or write
218 Second Street East
estimable builer, wltb commendable
discretion, kept mcfcltbout tbe doors,"
"Why'/" he persisted u the younger ' luuKbcd Ibe young man.
man bcsllated.  "1 am here to find out.      "U's o comfortable borne, you wonld
Tonight | lean fa* Uu continent  in   not consent to share It wllb me un
(ha iiiraiillme"-
"And at midnight I Hi) for tbe
Slates," added Klrkwood. "That ll
mainly wby 1 wished to in you-to
uy gupdby for Ibe time.''
"you're going bom*''- A ibidow
.'loudrd Hreutwlck's cleir iim.
"To Sgbt It oat, shoulder te in   '
"You aro more Uian good: but, honestly. I must sail tonight J wanted
miy ihis chance to see you befon 1
left,   you'll dine with ae, won't you?"
"If you would slay In London, i'hilip. we woultl dine together not onoe,
but nmy tlmm. H^khlaumfm
Tht A. Farro
126 2nd St We»t
When you deal at tiie A. Farro
Grocery you get exactly wfut
you yk fa at right price. : :
Special Attention!
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nishnl.   100 .Sa'coiid Sl. Kast.       Iill
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ade. 611
Ws will liny nr exchange your itovei,
range! ami hnuselinld go.sis (or spot
cash. Tumor's, 70 Lonsdale Avenue.
Phons lil.    P.O. Box 21.1.
Booms 10 and II, Pander Chamliatrs,
tM I'ender .Street W.        l'kon. Wil
Bssidwcs,  cor.  Lonsdale Ave   anil
Wnd street, Noi lli Vancouver.
us aow rsady to 111 sll orders
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tut. Ost your cosl before ths
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qaarUrs on corner of Esplsnsds
ud Bt. Osorgs, North Vsncouvsr.
Phone M Terms Cssh
"ii Id OP BBV1B10N
NOTICE is'iereby given thst tbe
Council nl the Cily ul Norlb Veacou-
vw li»v« appoiiil. d Theteiey tka Snd
tap ol February, liil, st ths hour ol
% o'eloek ja tha afternoon at ths ciiy
hall, North Vancouver, H, C, ss the
tirns sod pises for liear'og inniilaials
sgaiafst Um ssasassosnt lor ths yssr
IV|I ss made by the aeeeetot.
Any parson wiinplaining against the
immmnt asust give noliea in wrilhig
to ths sssassor of ths ground of lii«
aonplalat at lasst taa days before tht
d«U of ths tost sitting ol ihs Court
ot IsvWm.
Dated st North Vaneouver, B. C„
Vte.ttk, 1W0.
n mm ' tw^wmm
Cooking Applet; BO pounds for 11.00
(o clear,  P. E. Keaue, 15th  atraet.
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nine acres pkrtly oleared and plantad
to Iruit, good house, barn and chicken
hniises. B. J. Smyth, Langley, B. 0.
Will .SAI.E-I.nts 11 and 19, block
HKl-MO. Cnr. Sutherland and Eighth.
g.1,600-1 cash, 6, 19 and 18 months.
This is the best '.double corner in
North Vsncouver except the. one behind it which is Imlil at 14,600. Apply
Owner, room 4, at 4*1 Seymour ril.,
Vancouver, B, V,  No cqntmissinn.
TENDERS will be received by Ihe
undersigned up In i p.m, February
'Jnd fnr tho discm-dud final ing lerry
wharl ul present ani'hnrcd nil the Indian Mission.
Highest or any tender not necessarily aa'ceptcd.
FEItltlES, I.T11.
NOTICE is hereby given that the
partnership horetofure subsisting between us, the undersigned, as Turk
nnd llrewer, in the eity of North Van
a(iiner has been this day dissolved by
mutual a,unlit
All debts owing tn Ihe said partnership are In lie paid to Fred Tml at
the City nl Ninth Vancuuver afuresaiil
and all claims against the satll partnership nre lu ls> presented to the taid
Fred Tuck by wlinui the same will be
llniul al the City ol Nortb Vancouver lliis Illh day ul .lunuary, llll.
(Signed)'   iTIAIII.ES T. BBEWEB,
(Signed)   PBED TUCK-
IIITIallEHaS desirous ul tendering lur
lhi' erection and euinplelinn ul a dwi !•
ling house lor the rector ol St.
aiolin's, may obtain plans and tlwifi-
cations at any lime fnim (he undersigned.
Tenders em Insed in sealM . o\. In;,, a
lu lie delii ei ed tn tlie architect nul
Inter lliun 5 il'i'lnek un Ihe evening nf
lhe ,'llsl insl.
The lam.' i „r any tender will nnl
neaessnriiy Is.1 ... -< plod
llll :.ili Street Easl,
Nnrth Vancouver.
NOTICE is hereby given thai the
partnership lurclulore ciistisgQbetweeo
us, the undersignad, as Hickman A
Houd, in the City ul Nurtli Vaiuuuver
has Is'aii Ibis day dissolved by mutual
All ileliis owing tu ssid partnership
are lo be paid to W. B. flood at Ihe
Cily nf Norlh Vamouver aforesaid,
und all claims against the said part
ueribip are to be piwntad to tbe said
VI. It. Hood by whom (he same will be
Dated at tht City oi Norlh Vaneouver Ibis 98rd day of alanuary, IUII.
(Signed)     C. B. HICKMAN,
(Signed)    W. B. HOOD.
I ___
Editor Express;,
Dear Sir,—Fltsae grant me spsce in
your valuabls psper to correct a
staU'ment made in your issue of Tuesday, January itlti, regarding the election t,l officers of Sl. Andrew's rlnirrli
of thit eity at s recant meeliag.
I bag to *ayi that while Mr. A. ,1.
0. Bobertson snd myaslf were nominated for positions on the Board of
Managers Wa both declined to aet on
ths ground that it would be impossible for its conscientiously to worh
for ths rauas with the men who wore
already acting as msnageri.
Matey of tis hsvs ia iha lasl law
wotks withdraws nur ntsstt frogs tha
mamburshjp nil of ths church lor the
purpose ol showing utter disapproval
of iW unfair treatment accorded the
Ists pastor.
Thanking.you fa tbo opportunity
given me to correct the statement inferred to, I remain
Very truly yours,
A. M. fl. WU'KEHB.
Aocording to Engineer Dwnnl-I ('iim-
oron, who h»» Ptiargo ol the lest Inning operations at the Second Narrows
bridge site, today will Willi whethir
tha location of the north end ol the
proposed bridge will be shifted westwards to provide (or a batter fiiim-
dstion for the sbnttnunts. Vitter-
day baring nporatlonii wero down lai a
depth Iif 19ft leet and there wos still
tho graveley substance and creek Isd
composition. This will not do fur
tbe abutlmeuts tu rest on uii'i il solid Hiilisinniaa is nut struck shortly iliu
position uf ths bridga on the north
side will be moved. This will not
necessitate nny change on the souih
side where an excellent foundation
can lie had.
l'i ian to leaving nn an extended visit south Mrs. W. .1. Dick entertained
a number of her lady Iriends at a
charming whist party at her home ou
the Esplanade Thursday afternoon.
The cards occupied the attenlinn nl
the visitors Inr lhe greater part ol
the alleniamn after whieh supper was
served iu the dining room, 'llie most
interesting feature of the play was the
division of the prizes whidi were fuund
tu have been elusely enntcsted fnr
when the counl was made. Mrs. Purler came nul tlie winner and received
a beautiful hammered brass lein dish
lur llie honor. Mrs. W. C. Oreen secured the lionliy pii/e which wns an
Armeniun handworked handkerchief.
A number of lhe ludics upun the pressing imitation uf lhe husless, stayiil
lur lhe evening. As door attendant
Miss Margery Hick lullillcil (he duties
in a very gracious manner. Mrs. W.
al. Fugler assisted Mrs. Dick at leu.
Among those present were Mrs. A. E.
Kealy, Mrs. W. ■). Irwin, Mrs. A. S.
Hillings, Mrs. li. ,1. Phillippo, Mrs. I>.
S, Thomas, Mrs. McMillan, Mrs, .1. (1.
Wil isms, Mrs. I. A. McMillan, Mrs.
W. c. Qrasn, Mrs. W. I). McFsrlond,
Mrs. II. Dick, Mrs. .1. W. Fugler, Mrs.
Purler and Mrs. T. M. Heard.
I. O. 0. T.
An anniversary murk trial filled tlie
ac ml Imm at lasl week's meeting ul
Ambition Lodge No. 73. Uro. Stono
provod a witty prisoner and though
"not guilty" received his drastic sen
leine wilh dignity. ' This (Friilayl
night's meeting is the lust uf the
• iumi.i and all are urged lu Ik present at 1 p.m. in the Third streal hall,
candidates and members. A debate nn
aeroplanes vs- iiutnmnhilcs is on tho
program lur a future evening and
iniiali fiiii is anticipated. A combined
rally nf all the lodges in Vancouver
district is also listed Inr une evening
in February under thc auspices of Am
Ininni Lodge.
To tha Board oi School Trustwi ol
North Vancouver;
Oentlem»n,-Wo th» undersigned sp-
pointed to esuniiiii! and report upon
thl enimlriielinn of tha North   L«ns-
dulu school building beg to report i
"That.we visited and inspected lhe
building pn Thursday, the 19th in.it.,
and have since read over the contFiVt
and spnciiicutiniis. We Hnd that by
agreement a change was made in tie
construction of the basement wall,
rubble granite 94 inches in thickness
being substituted for ths 17 inch briik
wall faced with rod pressed brick as
designed by architect.
aludging by the appearance of tha
outside walls sufficient rare has um
been laken to protect them' during
construction In,in i,nn and (rust,
Itegardiiig interioi' construction, wo
would recommend tho doubling ol alternate studs un ground flour bearing partitions, also doubling at Imih
sides uf door aud ventilator openings
Irum lluni tn ceiling. A poat mi.ndal
lie put under north end nf twain over
east entrance hall at chimney, u in
une under Ileum nl nurth entrance hall
und stair landing. Ail corners ut
stair openings should be strengthened
hy the addition at two more studs,
and joists nn second stury oil stair
n|ienings should be doubled.
Tho joists in the building are ul ample si/e and good i|Ualily, bul in our
upinion a mistake was made in allowing ihem lo lie carried 8 inches inlo
lhe walls as we believe jt will lie nn
possible lo prevent, tho dampness getting to iiii'in on the east wall and
causing decay liy dry rot, We mom-
mend, that lhe ends nl the joists on
east wall Isi cut un inside ol brick
and carried on stuel wall hangers.
The rnol construction is nnt earried
nut in a oi 'ling In specifications and figures marked nn drawing, and wu recommend    tlial    il    Ifa'   a.llcJIjallllllial      11V
doubling all studs under puriines, putting horizontal braces to stiffen slruls
every four leet in height, sway brad's
nl 9*6 al 4ft degree anile Ihe entire
length of building both sitfes nl sup-
purling partitions, pulling '-Mi slruls
fruin joist.- to tup nf diagonal braces.
Iluililiiig imx hiiaiii in receive fast nf
these slruls. Alsu lie feel uf rafters
tn juista nud pul supports under roof
dormers where rsfters nf main ruol
huve ban ■ pin cal in-1.'.nl of being al-
lowisl lu continue the full distance.
Wilh these alterations we believe llie
building will prove snlisfaclury Inr
lhe purpnses intended.
Yours truly,
(Signed)       WALTER IIEI'UITtN,
lllllll WILSON.
Over Innr miles of -i"l have lieen,
laid on the Keltic Valley uul ul Merrill, and a big track laying machine
with a funv nf over fifty men is adding iilino-l uu aalali I ia mnl mile eveiy
day.- Ti'i/ipmaiy bridges have is'ii
thrown across the rivVr so as to facilitate the building nl tin- rnad. (loot these bridges is situated ulsmi
thi'ii, miles fi on Merrill and the other
is a lillle over a mile further, ll will
now lie possible to carry the track
right through and complete the first
ten mile suction before the -nd ol lan-
Scenic Railway
200 D00R
We have, just received the
above direct from the manufacturer, Thev come in
many different designs and
sizes, and we believe that
you will agree with us
when we say that a better
stock to choose from can
not be found—50c to $3
paine & McMillan
The Hardware Specialists
If aold this week we 01111 deliver a
lot on the gardens for (tOAAri
$700obb1i liaudleB Uuh »P-£UUU
North Yancouver Trust Co,, Ltd,
219 Lonsdale Ave.
i i iiii.     	
irt..l,i|ii|wta«li.liitijH..I_l_l_l..l..l_l_J_l_l_J_l_J_l_l_l_l.    I   I   .   *   I   I  I   I   ____.
t i I I "I ,PFrTTTJlJrJrTTn"innnn*TTTT •TTTT'I "ITT fBJNfpq I
McMillan's Tea
b Good
S lb». for $1.00
j. a. tt- >.. McMillan
' ^4^■■|^1■1■1■|^H^1■1■|^|■H^1-1^1^1^H^^^^-H^^^^1
The Scotch Bakery
135 Lonidale Avenue
Our Bread, Sconei, Cakei and Confections are made of the
finest materials.   Give ui a trial.    Specialty—Scotch Pies.
A Public Meeting of Ratepayers of
the City and District of North Vancouver is hereby convened by the Executive
of the Board of Trade, to be held in Larson's Pavilion on Saturday evening the
28th, inst., at 8 p. m,, to consider the
different proposals now put forward for
Scenic Railways in the District.
A large attendance is desired
On account of Ihe rejjrtment of one of llic oirtneri
in the above buiineii.tye -have bean jnitructedto offer
" hia hilt intereit lot tfe.
The itock conaitii of tjniw, hone and rig, and a
complete inventory of all dairying uiojsili     The buiineii ii in a flourishing condition, aqd \i very easily be
largely increased.     y
PRICE,   •    •   $1,000.00
tWn 71 Ul WNiDALB ,
1  1
Brewster Piano
Warburnitz Piano Home.


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