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nrfioiiltiVd /j-,,.
.<    MAY22190«
This week Tub Express had ;
very interesting r-hat with Mr,
Hamersley, president of the fern
company, aboui his recent tri]
around the world, lie left hen
in November nnd returned lasi
week, visiting Sim Francisco,
Honolulu, Manila, Japan, China.
Ceylon, ami India, going from
Calcutta in Lucknow, Delhi,
through the Kyber pass in Afghan
istan. He went to England via
the Suez caiinl. In all thesi
places to li ini there was no placi
like North Vancouver. "The Fat
East is making rapid strides," lu
said, "and ultimately a great trade
is bound to be built up with
Canada." He regretted to learn,
however, that British ships were
not increasing as rapidly as were
German craft, which had increased
in the past ten years 25 to 30 per
cent. Everywhere in the Orient
and India German goods were be
ine, pushed to the front.    While in
I'llK   I'llll.I.ll'IN'liS
he visited a jail, where there were
3,Sim prisoners, 70 of whom
wen: Europeans, Most of then
were serving time on the most
trival offences, which would go
unnoticed in llritisli Columbia,
Practically all the Americans
there were in the government
service, ami petty officialdom ruled
•vith a high hand. The Philli-
pines seemed to be a sort of dumping ground foi pib ic«1 appointees,
who knew ter, little about the
customs of the Phillipino, Cock-
fighting on Sunday was a universal
Mr. Hamersley has about 300
views lie bad taken during liis
irip through India. One, most
in tui ning, was that ol a native
pulii ma 1 exeri ising with ii 38
pound club. This . was the
sirongust ninn he had ever 1 cu.
Tin trip through the Kybi r pass
is iii.it! ■ unit' iwii 1 a Wi 1 It. 1.1
enravans are 1 scorted through Ia
soldiers mi as in 11. protected from
the blood-thirsty tribes inhabiting
the mountains.
After leaving Cairn his trip was
uneventful bul pleasant till he
reached London,   Here he   met
Hun.  J,   II. TURNER,
agent-general (or liritish Columbia.
Mr, Turner is very earnest and
energetic in his labors, but unfortunately is handicapped. His
annual allowance by the provincial
government is only /a.ooo, out ol
which he must pay X500 for office
rent, besides the salaries ol the
clerks. His headquarters are 011
llir second lloor ol a building, on
Finbury square, away altogether
Innil   the    places   ol    the   oilier
agents-general, which are on
Victoria street, Westminster,
Rents here are up in till
thousands. "1 believe il the
office of agent-general is worth
having," laid Mr, Hamersley, "it
is worth proper consideration."
Mr. Turner has not the opportunity or chance to do for British
Columbia what he would bo other
wise able to do. Canada, east
of the Rocky mountains, is being
boomed in the old country tre
mendiously, but hardly a word is
being said about British Columbia.
Apparently ihe only advertise
incut the province lias got is tb.it
of mining promoters ol the Whit-
taker Wright class. "Our resources are not made known
enough," said Mr. Hamersley,
"and this fiict should be attended
to more than ii is. by nol only the
goverment, but by the commercial
asked Tim Exr-ai bs,
"Wi 11. in conversation with nne
of the Grand-Trunk Pacific railway
officials, at London, I bin mil thai
the immediate policy of that road
would be traffic with the Orii nt;
not local traffic, The route of tin
G. T. P, will be one day's travel
shorter than any of the othci
seven transcontinental lines,
"North Vani ou\ r would
certainly prosper with the pro
posed line running north, bul l
hardly think il could bi opi roti i
ii, full blast iiii the G. T. I' 1
built thr iugli to Uriti ih I ilumbia'.
But for our people to sit down and
wait, like they did at Victoria, (or
n transcontinental road to reach
them, before they will do anything
to build up their town, is, to say
the least, a very short-sighted and
shiftless thing to do, We have
full and plenty of everything to
make a good town. What is required of the people is hustle aud
advertising, British Columbia is
known in thc Far East, or even in
the old country, just about as
much as we know about the Fiji
islands. Our resources can only
be made known by people travcll-
ing from here or by men sent out
by the government, We have the
resources, the location and the
brains, and why not use them?
Build up the town and the railroads will seek the business."
"I expected to see more buildings on my return than 1 did for
tbey nre certainly needed. A
great number of working people
own lots here	
"But they say they need added
ferry service," said The Express.
"As soon as the tram line is in
operation," said Mr. Hamersley,
it is our intention to have a half
hourly service, and less, if the
traffic warrants it. If it did now,
why we would be building; another
boat right away. Vou might
say," he added, "that it is my intention to build a place at the
Vancouver wharf, (or a permanent
■ xhibition ol the products of North
\ ancouver, not as a private advertising scheme, but to show the
public what can be raised in our
Church Notices.
The usual services will be conducted by the pastor 011 Sunday at
11 a. m, and 7:30 p, m.
Sunday school at 2:30 p. m,
Service at .Moodyville at 7 p, 111.
Chuir practice un Saturday I 8
p. 111.
Christian Endeavor on Wednesday at 8 p. 111.
All are heartily welcome.
Pastor: Rev. j. D. Gillam, M.A,
A "bee" has been called for
Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock,
to clear the church grounds,
It is hoped that every available
man interested in the congregation will be there.
The Schools.
Following is the report ol the
finance committee, on the estimates of school trustees for 190b:
January and
Fifth Sunday after Easter (Mav
20th)—Ilnl.v COMMUNION, 8 o'clock;
Mattins, n o'clock; evensong,
7:30; Sunday school, 10 a, ui.
Rogation Monday evensong and
intercession, 3 p, ill.
Rogation Tuesday, evensong and
intercession, 8 p. tn.
Rogation Wednesday (eve of the
ascension)—Litany, 4 p. m.; evensong and address, 4:30 p. in.
Ascension hav   (May   24th)—
Morning prayer 10 a, 111.; HOLY
communion (sung) with sermon,
10:30 a. 111.; evensong and sermon,
8 p, in.
An earlier celebration may be
announced on Sunday.
Next Sunday (May 27111) holy
COMMUNION, 8 a. 111.
The regular fortnightly session
nf tin municipal council was held
on Wednesday evening. Keeve
Kealv presided, and there were
present Councillors, May, Morden,
1  I   and  Allen.    Clerk  Alex.
ll    ,' t.,1. lace,
C. A, Lett wrote asking if some-
thing could be done io level up
the ground, in front of his office,
on First street, and also asked [or
a crossing to the other side of the
street. Referred to board ol
S. Shephard, C. M. C, Richmond municipality, wrote regarding the Seymour creek water
records, enclosing a resolution
approving of the arrangements
made,   Filed.
Tenders were opened for work
on Fifteenth street as follows:
resignation as a member of tin
committee, which was accepted.
Mr. Hamersley kindly consented
to become a member of the com
The question of taxation was
discussed, but nothing delinatt
decided on. The assessment roll
of the whole municipality ii
divided inlo rwo parts, rural and
city. It was the general opinion,
however, that the taxes
in each division shouh
pended 111 the same.
be   ex
No man is as dangerous
Geo. M.
Richmond is here from
Geo. J.  Shannon is here from
Portland, Ore.
The Bellingham Aerie of Eagles
are coming to town on Sunday.
Kobt. A. Elwick, Decorak, Iowa,
arrived in town on Wednesday.
J. E. Allen, of Hatnid, S. D.,
is a guest at the Hotel North Vancouver.
Mrs. J. Kaymes has recovered
from her recent severe attack ol
There has
fight this we
but one
00k   out
Wm. Snider   S295
Brassey & Quinn    174
Jacob J. Miller    ihi
Askew & Kennedy     147
D. McLennan     205
The contract was awarded to
Askew & Kennedy.
The clerk was authorized to
consult the solicitor before sending 11 bill ol (.57.60, for collection,
to Milium, McFarland & Mahon,
for expenses in connection with
lighting lire, started by Chinamen
clearing land on their property.
The clerk was authorized to
write the provincial government
on these lines.
Councillor Cornish wanted   to
know how   the   bush   lire   was
started on Fifteenth street?
t is indeed a cause of thank-      'he reeve stated tint  Inspector
fulness that the falliug of Ascension Murray   was   investigating    the
day this year on May 24th will 1 matter.
enable Church people to do honor     Aftur some discussion  it   was
to their Lord without the difficulties decided to hold 11 court of revision     (ii    ( „.
and misunderstandings so often on district lots 272 and 27.',. It ~. ' '., .
caused by the world's ignoring of wil' '"-' i"'"1 •" 4:3" !-• "". on J""'' vjs;ton Monday
this great festival and holy day.      -> I   , "■'
As a preparation for Ascension- "''' reports of the differeWfj The Inlet News agency is erect-
tide (like Lent to Easier, and couifnittees were ol a routmt j ing an office, near the wharf, on
Advent fo Christmas)   wi    ha\    :l;: '   •" I wore p-u-scd. Lonsdale avenue.
K igation tide, 1 ,. lime ol special      ';     •■ ■     epurl nl  lhat   unti"
institution   o.  'he   municipality   hud   a   burin
yet turned out at this boat-building establishment. The lines of
tbe craft are finely cut, being 31
feet b inches over all with a 6-foot
beam and a torpedo stem. The
engines are being supplied by Mr.
Martin, and will be of twelve or
fourteen horsepower, The hull is
finished with Iir planking, with a
handsomely natural wood stain
deck, lore and aft. The accomodations are all that can be uesired,
ami taking all in all, the boat will
relied credit to the Nortli Vancouver boatbiiilder
The British Columbia Electric
Railway Company are erecting a
large lool house, on the Esplanade,
to be used during the construction
of the train line.
A yachting party, consisting of
J. W. Sterling, C. D. Oument,
J. E. Sterling, Mrs. Sloan and
Miss Mabel Sterling, spent a
pleasant time here this week.
A. Voung, who was seriously
injured at the Capilano 1 amp on
Tuesday, was taken to the general
hospital in the evening. His leg
was broken and ankle spraii.ed.
John (i. Kendall,  of Adelaide,
B. C.| is registered at  the  Hotel
North Vancouver. He is
representative of lhe fApitol
Nursery Company, ti Salem.
Times are now so good v.e
will not take, wood foi subscriptions unless it is sawed.
Besides, the "devil" is too lui.'-y.
In his spare time he mus» dis*
Intending campers   should    be
very careful not to start anymore 1 tribute "pie."
forest fi res.
The hill   at   Moodyville   still
We rtcently entertained stylish remains.   Since 1864 furniture and
company nver 111
night shirt.
Leslie Paddock,
Hat, Alberta, was
'lit.    He wore
town   ou
Clayton,     of
town a llyiug
Balances due
Fi  riiarj
'. W, T implar  S       40
tii ■ Mniiai Clapp     211
Salaries for ten months of 1906— supplication.   The
F, W, Templar, princi- ll'e Rogation days dales from ha
pal  t 600,00 French   bishop,   in    the    hfjh
Miss    Clapp,    second century.   The   earlier     English
teacher     500.00 customs   include   a    procession
Miss    Whilciy,    Lynn round the boundaries of the parish
Less government griints-
F. W, Templar. S483.33
Miss Clapp	
Miss Whitely..
Miss Carss....
Balance It) provide. $   291.67
North Vancouver  $ 208.00
valley school      450.no (or the purpose ol special prayer
Miss Carss, Moodyville for God's blessing on each and all
(8 months)      400.00 j of the crops and industries there-
 in.   In the Prayer-book tbey are
olal for salaries.... J2,010.00 mentioned as one class of the
"Day of Fasting or Abstinence
to be observed in the Year."
The Sunday before is often
called Rogation Sunday, and it is
not unlikely that the custom of
making special prayers on these
days arose out of the Gospel foi
the day, which contains Our
Lord's teaching about asking in
His name, while the collect rests
on the fact that all good things
come Irom (iod.
Ascension day is a festival
which, St. Augustine tells us, is
supposed to have been instituted
by the Apostles themselves.
There can be no doubt of the regard paid to it by the compilers ol
the   Prayer-book,   for   with   iis
proper psalms and lessons and  ils
proper  preface   for   the   whol
This sum will involve a levy on j octave   it   ranks    exactly    wilh
the whole district of }' mill on the j Christmas,   Easter aud Whitsun-
Lynn valley	
Secretary's salary	
Site   for   Lynn    valley
Election expenses	
Total requirements, $ 846.42
ia uud ,1 t.a.1,1.1 ne difficult tu p.iss
a burial by-law,    Laid nver.
Iln- eh rk was instructed to sign
the plan of the sub-division of
nl ai ks 96 ninl 99, district lot 550,
as agreed to with Mahon, McFarland ,v Million.
The report ol the
vision was approvei
The board ol works were instructed to look after seeding
down rlli- park.
The profile of Second street,
In tm rn Lonsdale avenue llllll   St.
Andrew's road, regulating grades
on the nurlli side ol the street, as
submitted by the engineer, he
approved bj the council.
Owing to a misunderstanding
the ferry company's water bill of
$15:* was rtdiiced lo Si 14.80.
The meeting then adjourned.
E. A. Carew-Gibbons, of Victoria, was a guest at the Hotel
Nortli Vancouver this week.
Empire Day.
Hotel North Vancouver.
Can it be tlnii the world's failure
10 appreciate it 1 mi be due in a
lack "I insight into its unique iin-
iportance?   Let anyone, who desires to ,i|t|in ciate it, study   it--
The following were the guests psalms in the light ol its gospel,
registered at the hotel this week: taking  as   a   commentary   siidh
E,   A.   Carew-Gibbons,   J.    A, hyms as 144,148, 201 and others
iu "Am n ni and Modejn."
ib. si-rut '■ nl the day is, thi re
lore, placed ni im honi which, it
ia. Imped, will enable many to offer
Empire day is the 23rd of May.
This is a day set apart lor the
schools. The object is to have
rtcitatii    .    i' interested
.ii<  . a li oni.tl by the teachers and
children to be present at 2 p, m.
Incorporation Committee.
Sometimes they say it is a case
of mother-in-law when it is only a
plain case oi bad husband.
Major J. M. Taylor,  ol Rutter-
court of re-i ford, N. Y., was  here this week.
of by  the He is favorably impressed with the
Mr. Peacy's residence, al the
comer ol Chesterfield and Fourth
street, is about ready for the
Next Thursday is Victoria day,
and Nortli Vancouver hopes to
entertain a large number of its
D. (i. Dick has started to build
his collage, on First street, corner
of St. Andrew's road. It will cost
Manager Ileffel  of thc Hank  of
British Nurlli America, and family
have   taken   up    residence
Second street
household effects have been carried
up it by the owners of the still.
Forty-two years is not so long as
one would imagine.
This is the season for making
dandelion wine. Wine n...de of
dandelions serves a double purpose: It is good for those drinking it, and keeps the dandelions
from going to seed.
The boys around here are
practising donkey-back riding.
It lakes a veritable rough-rider to
successfully mount IVte Larson's
"archangel." Stay with it boys-
it's au opportunity of a life time.
The municipal tax sale has been
confirmed hy the supreme court.
Some of the original owners, however, are now coming lo time and
paying up the arrearages as well
as the uddit11111.il expense   incured.
The Glasgow hotel, at Vancouver, has (hanged hands. It
will be formerly opened in a few
days. A hearty welcome is extended to all Nortli Vancouver
patrons, Invitations will be
issued this week.
Mrs. Lazicuss is mad. She was
recently sick and hud to have a
hired girl. She noticed that her
husband carried thc water and
split the wood lor the girl, some-
thing he had never done for his
The executive of the North Van-
on ■ couver boating club, at lhe meeting
11 Mnalaiy night, decided to have
,                                ., the boats overhauled and  also in-
,    As soon as a man gels lhe notion ,     ,1.1     1
om'    lie .1   . l!         1             ia           , striicteil lhe house con mittee to
pn    in   1 .iii.iscs  union-,    l|'e I that his employer can I get alo
patriotic songs, I wj-hout him, ho is „
to lose his job.
The time it . rely ripe for tin
council to put on a good  still don
I tax, bs the number of curs hereabouts is legion,
I'aiiistniii,   Geo,
louston, Wm. J.
Raynur, R, P.
Murray, A. R.
C, Stinson, L. Sherriff,  II. W,
I, rguson, C. N.  Peterson,  Matt.
Nt'tt. Wm. F. Stein and wile, Mr.
and Mrs. R, Thompson, Jus. V,
Ford, A. Swanson, Geo, M.  Rich-
 ml, J. W, Sterling, Mis. Sloan,
Mabel Sterling, Major J. M. Taylor, Dr. Geo. VV. Clayton, C, R,
M istei. A Mi Kay Jordon, E,
VV. Cunningham, M. P. Ti ague,
|. I''.. All, ii, Geo, J. Shannon,
(n 0, Lin, \\. Iw [by, L. Hi ms
worth, VV, Harris  P, J. Conway, I no, G, Kendall, Li iiii
Paddock, Kobt- A, Elwick, Wil
.. 11 ' 1 Iriginal Uixii Jubilee Sing
1. aaA im ago, P. Y. Wyu
111 - VVesI fall r, \\ in |i a a, .,
E. Rodin v, (1. 0, Mingcr.
ih,inks iiiiiI praise and a receive
Him who calls upon   us  us   to
"Rejoice and Be Glad In the '. la-
which tin- Lord Hath Made."
Should tin re, however, 1 e an-
who  purpose  Btarting   earlier   it
would nive much happiness ,1 an
■ arhei sorvii 1 were aski tl (or,
Lost, Pail a yegla 1 - in en n.
between Lonsdale avenue am
Moodyville,   Return to Exprkss,
The nul thai a hangi 1 In 1
but not tl       tier,   1 hangi
' and i' il loi b 11 1
The citizens' incorporation com-
mittee nni lasl evening in thc
municipal hall, Those present
were Messrs, Mahon, Hdpc, I'n k.
Woods, Hartley, Pbillippo and
Councillors Allen, May and
Cornish, and Keeve Kealy, who
pn  ■ li 'I
It was di' ided, after a lengthy
tidk. that it was imt advisabh to
ask the government to issm letters
patent until the munii ipal 1 lausi <
ai 1 is amended sn as a unci the
requirements ol the place.
11 was also decided to request
the govt 1 iiini'iit imi to issue letters
patent to tin   order   ol   anyone
unh   -11 v.,1. ■ igni -I by the 1 hail
man nl the  nn orporation   com
iiniii'. It', evi  Ki ll
li was dei nl' d, "ii motion, to
1  nu film: "I  rati payers, on
1 *.1 ii,'   I',,    -, to receive the 1 p.*rt of thi
[or co
111 11 ill 11 li II   - nl  111 Ini
,illlll,|t.ii     till       nnil.^l.      l~l/ll' llll t ll-l.      IV
j" purchase the necessati   logs   lor
ilie  reailv    , ,        ,i    .
the proposed new lloat.
Win. Hogg has purchased the
I'urii restaurant, on the Esplanade,
Irom W, j   It rrington,  and took
1 barge nn Thursday.    Mr.   Hogg
is a pioneer North Vancouverite,
Jack O'Connell, now of Victoria, I Having been in business hen for
who is in town, says North Van   considerable time,   He is well and
cnuver-looks better to  him t-vci v ' Ttvoral-ly  known,  and starts out
time he comes bat k.
II you think ymi have no nne in
the world who is interested in you,
tie up one ol your fingers and
pour liniment over it
Charley Met's "1 rai k nine," ol
Moodyville, did up the Vancouvei
printers al .1 game ol baseball on
Lynn flats the OtllCI   day.    Ann .
11 to 6,
Our      down to date       shaving
parlors, on Lonsdale avenue, have
added anothei 1 hail in tin  equip
 nt    lint Campbell is nothing
il nofprogressive,
McQuarrii Brothers, ol Van-
' ouver, are having construi ti d, il
iii" lin.ii works an Dan Martin, .1
launch, whii h, win 11 1 uni| h li d,
will be. undoubtedly, tin   lineal
imbr Ine best ai.spurs. He can
accomodate all comers. Tur.
Exi'KXSs wishes Mine Host Hogg
a prosperous business.
William's Original Jubilee
singers held forth, in ti c Pavilion,
mi Wednesday svenini under the
nuspicerol the North Vancouver
volunteer fire brigade, 'ihe con-
1 i-ii was all thai could '. desired,
the numerous entores testifying lo
ihe appreciation of he large
audience thai had assembled in
anticipation nf something swell
ind to help lhe Alga le along.
I'lie receipts ol t1 e eve ig were
- onsiderably over the expenditure.
Greal rredil is due those having
lhe mutter in hand, and we feel
■nre that tins  venture  ensures
 is to succeeding ellt.rts uu
tin pari ol ilu- brigade,
The   Best    Protection   Against  Disease*
Obtained by Using
If ymi enquire  Into  tlic  i
sickni.--. iniln anil  luffcrli
llml imu lullt niiii ■
from ib (iiiui 'inenl . ul llie li'
[HI 1  luiltt'ls
mn ' ■   ■ -    ii
I   tn   llio tl
'   I'll
■      '
!.   Ill"   li'.
II        '
'     ■-       .!.   ' i l|
|, I'
.   'i ,-ur
in i     ■
entirely aii-..
working order, I
ilie blood is ensured and you aro pro-
lecteil ngainsl colds, fevers nud contusions und Infectious diseases,
: uully medicine lo promptly
tho  mosl   ' iiinn ills of life
leri i nu preparation Hint cun be
cnnipari-d with Dr. Chase's Kidnoy-
l.lver I'llls, In every neighborhood
there are people who have proven the
merii   "i   ilns gn in i lie     Ask
Mr  Wm. Cook,  Miii'Miiiini.  Bask.,
luivo   I ii   taking    Hr
: Klili     Liver Pllla and musl
i ive done mo n lol ul
I  Iliu.' i'lll     ,.:  i- :  iron
' '    l who ni''
nilllctt-il '■ thnl Hi
K ilmy l.lver    I'llls wI . di
i cannot snj  thai I am
entirely cured bul I havo been greutl)
lienehtieil hy this  Ilclno."
Ui   i Kltlney-I.iver P I    i in
1'iil   :i   dose,   2! ms :i la"-.. ;a' all
di nlers, in Edmanson, Bates & i'n..
Tiiriiiiiii. Pain cannot oxlsi where
'    ■ Backache Plaster is ap
villi lli VAN'
11, c
\    Wl        • N       ■' '.
! ill. KXPKIWS I'lllMA" V puny
i in ■ I >       per Vein
il    DKliK   lAla'IIA.Y
Minti  '..■ I'-i tor
it INS
llllll.  nf Old   In.linn.   I'rrvulliuK   In
il g,tr«e*ral-l."
One of ih- uiosi lulerestlug regions
':, ■' - ■ ,ii in'i.-'ili 11" is the io called
".-'; r.'i'tt aid," the forest of the Spree,
iltiiai ii; from ih.- German cap-
i        | ihe pro*  i '■ "! Brandenburg,
;    . .      i Is a I Uio \'.'i. very
house .i  .".a- Island    nil
a ia,  '. . I.-- Bill     nil-
raised ' ■  ■ ...'•' i '-■' undei
Uo ' ol ii"- houses, with their
.. .1 sti -. rest on i'  ■-. a  1
ti -",. .   gel -■'    ■ j strip of artificial
terra Drum either In front or al the
iiiiidlng.   By means ot
.1 Bti :-. uud of the lu .  is
I '
throughout ib« district, bul mo I I the
and iiii.ii.'ii.a'ia' ore carried
on Ihrutigh ILii- canals, whii li I
form tbe main lilgliwuys b il pel etrate
and a rosa an l reeross lhe wl    • re
glon,   It Is on in- '• lug' ous that all
trntlic li coudi I In lioal    i
lhe period from Bprlns when thc .. •(
a.'   :    -   ' i      ■ '   i       ,      '
the end o -,,-.■
•he letter cerrl ■■' sli >ot up mid down
frail ei. r. the - ill le lei   re ■
along ii." haul
,   . pea- 'i.i- i'i ii- lhe pro I ; Is
,,' the i toll i" the       ■ ' ' iwns; ohll-
i to and I
,   dressed -'   Sunday
re rowed lu . carrying
ir loo
■■„    -.. ..    ■ .- eyes In
itruugcr lo
lo be i.e.
import:iul ' tviili this
i..   .   .   i". .    ■ ,"
Story of John Oientoril, « Once K«-
unmi LondOD ( liuractrr,
John Oxenferd was for years the
leading theatrical critic of London,
Mr. Oxenford wua trouhlwl with u ncri-
ous bronchial offi-etlon, which occasionally disturbed the audience, for he
refused '.o give up Ills beloved theater,
although desperately 111. A certain ris-
ing young actor wus very anxious io
(btaln nx.'iiford's valuable opinion ou
Lis work, und the tender hearted old
gentleman literally left his bed aud
cams down to the theater on a bitter
cold night to do a good action to u
clever youngster. In the middle of one
of tlio actor'a finest scenes on came tho
cough from tha Oxenford box. It continued 10 long that It unnerved the
actor, and lie canio to » dead Btop. To
lhe surprint of everybody he advanced
to the front and laid, "Ladles and gen-
tlemen, I nni sorry lo any that unless
llie old gentleman with the Irrllutlng
cough retires temporarily from the
theater 1 really cannot go on. I forget
sverythlng It Is painful so to uddress
you, but I am powerless In th* matter
mid plik'0 myielf In your hands."
The dlituruutit'e at omo ceaaad, and
the box was empty. Whon the curtain fell a friend rushed urouud uud,
breatblMS, Bald to the dlBtresaed actor:
"I io you know what yon have done?
I in you know who It was that yuu turn-
nd out of tha box?" "1 neither know
nor care," was the reply. "Why. It
ni John Oxenford:" The actor wns
paralyied, but begot his good notice all
the -awe. The veteran critic went
home coughing to praise Ihe young
,ii tur who had turned liim out.
lit.  Event. Tin i   Mar  n<- Crowded
Into it ("a" s, miiiili,
The duration of a i so seldom
i        ■     :..- is tor) pub-
Ihe SI  Ai    Mi l   11 Iti    A
 'il with
ii | mn-      i bIiij In U i    ll *
■ '
f ,i-     I'hal il"i' ula 'in llii   Western
|, ci '     '   ' '
ed that he wa
i fact, hov     . .     nswer re-
•  i to tho facts of .i dn
had l" a saudv,   lied between tho two
I  ..  .   "
Ar. r hearing thu « irdl "Hon
tho aia. ■ -r hnd 'i'  'i off, dreui ie; lhat
after i mg an i  i    ns experiments he
Inui Invented .. v, inderfiil spp    ' n
ii',,    ig tclegi iph poles In n "i
ileal position, in i '        ted with the
postal company for Its   ile, bul n
..    ; illy, uml had llll    -   (.'•'." lo the
i  ■   iritles   nf   tha    il u     i mipnny,
Tl.-, ta the dream, told him tli
, ■; a  Oeriniiii Invention for
tho same purpose, and the dn    er
, ro led Iho oi cun la examine tha' i    il
device, returned  - d Iho differ'
t-j tho Inteinlli : purchnser and
was writing a rc| ly when ho •-■
tlmo to hear tho ond ol his i impanlon'a
Tho uvents of th" dream hnd apparently consumed moi ll yi I I wal
tlmo llml elupsod wn* merely th it required for uttering uboul (our short
Il.ir-,'-   1"   \ IMI n I.
In '--.-    iy Hie Iiii
1 ■.             '      i pels uf I
, I n nl lhe -
i lo follow I
rn. Role, nr Whlek Htr ninei-tnt
l-iilnl.   Ar.   Valued,
The svsrage man la greatly puzzled
,aa (Jog awarded « first price
and un ilher, which to blm appears to
he ipiltc us Que u apcclmon, awarded
no prise ot all. A man who knows the
relative ralues of tha different points
lu all brea'.is of dogs Is a veritable
walking cneyelopcd n
(Jenernlly speaking, tho best dog Is
h comes i   irosl tho standard
■omenta for its own particular
breed, nbout "", per cent of tl." po iltl
being mually awarded for line head
us, un equal number for lege
..inl feet, a Blmllar number for body
ami color uml iho rest for symmetry,
In ii •• Dalmatian, for Instance, thirty
points nre given for color und markings, while head, eyes nml ears have
only fifteen; tho build ig, on the oilier
hand, has forty flvo for head and ears,
while "int and a olor amount lo but live
points: tlie co. ■■ hai twenty live for
' oat,' olor being Immaterial, and twenty live fur bend ond *.
n r •• Bernard his forty for bead
and curs and IK" each (or cool ond
color. The I'oii eranlun hns hut fifteen
: ; ben l in l oars, forty live po I go
ii.,- for coat, color and tall, with tirt.-.-n
(ot n| i.i '.iini.- - it "mv he set down as
governing in all breedi of d"«s that
whatever li t - typical feature uf ihat
breed la the (ooturo upon which stress
la laid iu tin- ol i lini-iit of points,
Tilt  Atll'a  I „ta.
The aphis, oi f lbs most wlih Ij
distributed n- ilea of . acts known lo
Iho entomologists, la lometlmcs re-
tt-rri'il loos tlic "nni t' ow," llu' ophla
nctuully gives milk, although the crea
turn itself is so email that lt Ib estimated to weigh but the one ono thou
snndth of n groin Out ot tho hack of
Ihe aphis projeel two hollow tubes,
 meet with duels In the b
which iccr.'i.' ii 'itti'i't liquid, When
the tubei ore torn lied the ll'iuld cxudci
in small drops, Tho nuts know this,
uml they moke a regular business of
tickling ih" tubes ol the little aphis to
make her "give down her milk." The
ant i« verj • arlne food
in i ii ; "milk" « hundred aphides In
tha couria of un h nt.
ll,,,,,,-.in- l-'liinii.-i-.
Mrs, Kill ker I'nn ;  v
(rum your busbi " 111 ker Xo.
liy iho time 1 i ■  ■ -       for o
.it Aliii I'm Juit
Music Is the pi " I y of what llfo 'i
i. bo, Mi,' i ■ i ■ ■ if proi '■ tratul.il
ed oui of toeing Into bearing M; a I.
M. fluid.
Horn * Milliter Cm. to Bar It ul
Whr Ih Sold 11,
The Rev. Fraud! Winter wai a null ve of li-ni'in and a graduate of Harvard college. He weut to liuth curly lu
17(17 and, after preaching ou probation
for the orthodox church, was Invited
to settle, which luvltatiou he accepted.
He was ordained In tlie autumn of the
same y«ur, lie weut to Bath ou horseback In company with Lemuel Stan-
dish. Sir. Winter came from lloston,
where hu had assoclutctl wilh such eminent men as Adams, Otis nnd Warren,
himself becoming uu ardent patriot,
tuklng the lead In the licvolutiuuary
measures adopted in Bath during that
meiuoruhlo period.
Hr. Winter married Miss Abigail Al-
den Iii 1708, ami it is through her thut
tbe Winters of today truce their ancestry buck to thu "Puritan Maiden of
Three years after the marrlsge of the
Rev, Francis winter and Abigail Aldon
they started to visit o lister of Mrs.
Winter living In Connecticut uud Intended to ride all tho way ou horseback, but Mrs. Winter became so fatigued thnt Mr. Winter aold one of the
horses for a currluue ami harness. It
was the lirst carriage that our caino
Into Maine and was called a chaise.
Traveling was io dtnVult that two negroes were employed to accompany
theni with shovels und axes to clear
the road. Boveral times tho chaise had
to he taken apart hid lifted over fallen
trees. The minister's parishioners
thought thut lt wns putting on too
much style for their pastor to ride lu u
carriage, and In conaequencs Mr. Winter aold It. This was In 1771. It was a
two wheeled cl'ulse, the body resting
on leather braces, which were attached
to wooden springs.
I'ul.I For it"- ni'liilnri,
Shortly utter Chief Justice l'lirley of
tlie court of appeals of New Hampshire hnd retired from the boneh und
resumed the practlco of liis profession
n man culled on him to get his opinion
lu a certain matter. After stating his
ense clearly bo Bald, "Well, Judgo, what
do you think of my case?" The Judge
promptly replied, "I think yuu are a
Bcouudrol." "How much do I owe you
for that opinion'.'" Inquired tho client
"Ten dollars," demanded lhe judge,
The fee wus promptly paid.
Rhodesia's l.nrucNt Xuuif-t.
Weighing 21.02 ounces, u gold iiui;got
Which measures live uml li half inches
In length ami threo in* lies in widlh
was recently found near Uulawnyo, It
j is iieiieved to i"' the largest yel found
In llhodcala, aud la now In tlio British
South Africa company's museum at -
I.uiiduu Wull buildings, li. A-Loudon
iho Woman of it,
Mother liinpiitii'iulyi-Ymi have been
very naughty tuihiy, .luiiiilln. 1 shall
have to tell your father when he comes
home. Juiinliii (aged seven)—That's
tl.o woman of It! You never cau keep
anything to yourself:
Old Hi"- Illlinili.lUlim "III. I n„liTiia
aaai.l Inutile..
In these days oi electric Pubis, with
all their capabilities fur brilliant Illumination, It is iiinuslug lo read what
thc subjects of George II. considered
a daisllug effect. A Frenchman visiting In London nt the tlmo ot the coronation of that monarch lu 171*7 wrltei
enthusiastically In praise of tin lighting of the city us well as of a banquet display.
"Most of the Btreets," writes M,
Saussure, "are wonderfully well lighted. In front of each house hangs
a lantern, or large globe of glass, Ill-
side of which Is placed a lump which
burns llll night, Large houses have
two of these suspended outside the
doors by iron supports. Some even
have four."
How one arc light would have daz-
tied the Rood people of that day!
"When tiie coronation procession entered Westminster hull," the writer
continues, "the light of day wns beginning tai fade, Forty chandeliers, in
shape like u crown, hung from the ceiling, each hating thirty-six wax candles,
"On the king's appearance all suddenly lighted, and every ono lu the
room was filled with astonishment ut
the wonderful und unexpected illumination. Little cords of cotton wool,
Imperceptible to tho eye, saturated
wilh sulphur of saltpeter, spirits of
wine and other Ingredients, hud been
prepsred and nrrauged so as to carry
tho flams rapidly from one candle to
another, The arrangement hud been
so skillfully prepared that scarcely a
cuiidlo fulled lo take Are."
For Ddilng "'".-'(
A physician recommends roohelle
suits for amateur doctoring, He snys
Unit It la uu excellent thing, several
times ti dny, to take as much of the salts
us limy he put Oil u cent In il Utile water.   Thut will sweeten the stomuch
ml net us o very deslrablo spring
medicine, He also speaks highly of
sanm, having no patience with thoso
timid ] i,1a- who havo on Idea thut It
Is u dangerous dose, doing snme vague
harm to Ihe coating of the Intestines,
"Why, everything wo eat, almost, bus
siiiln In It." ho cried In disdain. "It Is
un admirable thing lu take half ro-
ciu lie suits and half blcarb-Jnate of
hiaalu. as directed, several limes a dny.
I know of few gentler and still mure
i i i general medicines,"
A Polaononi Frog,
People In general look upon nil ape-
i es  of the  frog   us  being perfectly
Sh'tiild yajil lie traveling iu
Sew Urannda (United states of Colom-
i i), however, you would do well to
I i n certain little tree crookcr severely alone,  Ue secretes a poison equally
. deadly us thnt of tho rattlesnake,
II exudes fr ins skin lu tha ihape of
o inll!,y liquid and is used hy tbo nu-
tlves ns a poison for their srrowe.
Write ii. I"" i 'fl.
If ynu would write to any purpose,
you must be pel Icily free from with-
In, Hue yourself the natural rein;
think on uo pattern, no patron, no paper, no press, iiii public! tlituk on nothing, liiit follow >our impulses. Give
yourself as you are—whal you nre and
how .nm see it. Li-cry man sees with
Ida own eyes or doea uot Bee nt ill.—
iii -,ei-sun.
Wouldn't Trn.l  11 Im.
"i if course," said the siiivnstie mnn,
"yam always do your wife's bidding"
"(Irnclousl   Nol" replied Mr.  Hen-
I li. "She Wouldn't let ine. When she
goes to iiii auction aalc she never tnkea
nm with her."
Tbe   11,'la-a iiiiillnl;   FaOtOra
Helen—Sometimes l like waltzing
aui sometimes I do not. Ethel—It depends on your mood? lleleu-It depends on  my   partner.
Of nil persecutions, that nf calumny
is the most Intolerable.-Uazlltt.
Their Complete Home Cure.
Post Free to Re?ders of This Paper
for Limited Period Only.
\   lim is in:"   Illustrated   treatise,
il scrlptlon nf Rheumatism
:r    pi rnlysls, with Instructions for n
iiinn.' cure, describing tho
nn si   successful   treatment   In   ihe
ivori    n roinmen led by the Ministry
nnd endorsed by medical men,   This
hie   ' Instructive book was written by
v,   li. Veno,   n   gentleman   who hns
made ia specli 1 Btu Ij of these diseases.
The prefneo is by a graduate of the
: : |vi rait*, of Wurtsburg.   Send postal
naiiit ami you will receive the book
tree by return.—Address, The Veno
Drug Company, 21 King Street West,
Wecnnnol help living in some degree
the lives ol her  who nre constantly
in our inin I-. Our characters nre ,-■> i
stiintly being inotlitietl, shaped, uml
ii' leea] liy the Bitg'-cstions which llie
thus held.
The mosl helpful life stories for the
nvernge youth  nro  nol   tin-  meteoric
ones, iln- unaccountable ones, tliens-
ones like those ol Nu| oleon,
Olivei Cromwell, nud Julius Cii'siir.
Tiie great  stars ol the ruei   iliu
mosl boys.   Tin", admire, bul they do
not  leel lh.it  they can imitate tfieni.
Tliey like to r I their lives, hut they
'In n.i gel ilie helpfulness and the encouragement innil them ihai the*, do
from reading the  liv i  those u lia
have not startled the world so much.
It is the triumph ol the ordinary
ability which i- nn'-' helpful ns an in-
spirntioii   iiiui   encouragement,     The
life "i Lincoln has I i  nn  infinite,-
-.lie.iier Inspiration ta the world tlnn
the life ol Niipnleoii or thnl of Julius
('.-ni. 0. S, Marsden in "Success
TMPRnVF.D machinery
1 will not, of itself, produce good Hour.
You mil)' be an excellent
cook, but you cannot produce light, wholesome
bilking unless the flour you
use be the kind that permits
such results.
So in the milling; machinery alone cannot produce
Royal Household Flour
out of the wrong kind of wheat any more than you
cun make the right kind of lucid or pastry out of
the wrong kind uf flour.
Ogilvie's Royal Household Flour is made from
haul spring wheat—a wheat that is rich in nutriment,
that grinds line and white, and produces bread and
pastry that are wholesome and nourishing as well as
light and crisp—it's a flour that begins to be good in
the wheat fields, not in the mills.
Your grocer prefers to
sell you Ogilvie's Royal
Household Flour because
he knows the value of a
pleased customer.
Oyilvie Hour Mills Co., I lil.
"Ogllvie'o Hunk for a Cook," contains ISO pages of eicellcnt recipes,
some never published before,   imir
groccrctwi lull yuu huw lojctlt FUSE,
An  liiiiiiiinllT.
"Won't ymi he hnudlcapped In Europe by your deficient kuowledga of
".Not nt all," answered Mr. Dust In
Slav. "It will prevent mo from being j
bothered lu  Paris by  nny  Inquiries
ubout where 1 got my money."—Wash-1
tinitiin Ktnj*
A Plant   llnr„,„,'lrr.
In tropical countries tho dried palmetto leaf Is considered an excellent
barometer, When it breaks with a
sharp crack or report the weather will
bo fair; when it bcuda without break-
lug rulu Is certain within a few hours.
Nnture Revolts Against High Living
nml n hns Bel iis seal to ii by adding
tn mini's nllineiils tho scourge of diabetes, Eminem medical men imlil
recently proclnlme 1 it a "no cure"
dlsense, bul South American Kidney
Cur.' hns knocked down their pel fnl-
lacy and hns proved Itself muster of
hniii-1 diseiiBo In all iis forms, Relief in six hows.—UO
Paul Pelliot, tlic French explorer,
who i- ni ih" hond ol nu expedition in
tin ipse Turkestan, lias pnssetl several
veins iii China uml cun speak Chino.su
.tniliine. looks more ugly thnn In
see a person whose hnnds are covered
over with warts, why hnve these
illsiigiirenicnis on your person when
j sun remover of ail wnrts, corns, etc.
enn ho found in Holluwny's Corn
The (i'-iiii.ni ambassador in London
Im- declined tlmt (ieniuiny ttill not
support Tiiil.v in ease ol trouble ttitli
(Inui linn t-or tho I'.gyptiniiboundary,
n Is an Elixir ni Mfe.—Since forgotten time, men hnve been seeking
for ih" Elixir ol Ufo, which tradition
a u. tm e existed. Dr. Thomas' Eclec.
trie Oil Is an Elixir, before which
pnln cnnnol live, li is made up ol six
essential "ils. carefully blended sn
Hint their curative properties nre concentrated in one, li hns nn equal in
uie ii'eiiinii'iii of lumbago, rheumatism
ami nil bodily pains,
The War <>' I'"- Law,
A man who goes to law may not be
In the poor suitor class when he starts,
but Is liable to be before he llnlshes.
Who rises every time he falls will
sometimes rise to stay.—Morris.
(.'antra alli-tni-a-.
"Ilns your son arrived nt years of
discretion 1"
"Oh, yes.  lie's niioiii to be married."
"How  yiu contradict  yoursolf!"
All pnln must be to teach sunn' good
in ilie eud.   Urowuiug.
Mil Hair is
Do you like It? Then why
be contented with it? Have
to be? Oh, nol Just put on
Ayer's Hair Vigor and have
long, thick hair; soft, even
hair; beautiful hair, without a
single cray line in it. Have a
little pride. Keep young just
as long as you can.
" I .ro flfl. ...aa t-.r. old, ana* lellil a.
o.titlf nt, halt wn t.ij .r... But In ft tttt.
wwka »r«r'i ll.li Vl.or ,-a(nuil th. n.tnr.l
color to "it li.ll in now Hi.I. la nol . i' -'
h.lr 10   I',   aaa.1, -       J    W.  lU.inaaB.   Iia"a. '    a
n.'l, UI.
*b»J,(l.lj-r('o, 1 ,->»..11,
AIM—   '   	
naajiufaolurara Of
>      lltNtPAIIIU.
A Sure and Certain Way to Cure this
Terrible Torture.
There is jusi ono sure, scientific
cure for sciatica, rheumatism, lumbago, neuralgia, headaches — you musl
drive the pain from your blood nnd
nerves with Dr. Williams' l'ink Pills.
Liniments never cure nerve anil lil I
tllsotises, Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
strike straight al the cnuso because
the- actually make new blood. Through
ilie blood they conquer the pnluful
poison, Booths the nerves, loosen the
muscles nnd banish every ache and
pnln. Mr. Tims. j. Etsell, Wnlkorlon,
iini., snys. "When I began using Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills 1 had hen nff
work im' three months. The cords
ni my rlghl leg were nil drawn up nnd
I oniilil only limp nlong with tin' nld
ol ii stick, The pnln I Buffered wns
li ii;ia ■ Only those who hnve heen
afflicted with sclntlcn cun understand
the misery I was in both dny ami
ni.alit. I look six boxes of Dr. Williams'
I'inl, I'llls lieinre they helped mo, bill
litter llml every day suit nn Improvement, anil by the time 1 hnd used He
loen boxes, every vestigo of lhe pnln
hail disappeared. I hnve no hesitation
In pronouncing Dr. Williams' Pink
l'ills lhe host medicine in the world
for sciatica."
livery dose of Hr. Williams' Pink
l'ills makes rich, pure, health-giving
blood. Thai it why ihey cure headaches nml backaches, Indigestion, kid-
int nnd ii' er troubles, nnncmlii, in mi
pnlpl ii.   nnd   the ills thai afflict
women only, lint he sure you gel tlio
i- nnil i'ir.., with the full name, "Dr,
Williams' I'inl. l'ills for Palo People,"
mi the wrapper around each imx. im-
iiiiiinus tire worthless—often dangerous.  All medicine denlers Boll these
pills ni' ynu can gel Ihein hy mail nl
;," cents n box or six Imxi's for 12.60
liy writing The Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Drockvllle, out,
N0Y11   Sl'llllll   laaallaaaia.
liulla'is are Mill very numerous In
Nova Scotia, Tliey are guides, hunters,
lisheriii.'ii, und Iha'.v lite on the outskirts of the Vlllttgos iis well us on n
reserve on Hear river ami make moccasins, baskets, rustic furniture und
Other mills ami emls.
Tnari is morp ntturrn in mis icction
af tin. country Hum all other iltst-uaus
..ut together, uml uiiill the lust few yuan
uus supposed rn !»• Incurable. Hu: «
great many years doctors iif.moiiiiced lt
i local disease and prescribed local rem-
. di.ra. mi'i hv constantly ruiuim to curs
with local treatment pn-nounccn It Inrur-
ible Bclcnce hns proven catarrh to he
i I'liiisiiiiiiiaanni aii.i-nsia uml therefore r*-
iuIi-i-s constitutional treatment. Halls
I'atiirrh Cure, ninnufni'luri'il hy K J.
Cheney & Co,, Toledo, Ohio, Is lhe only
ionstltutlonal '-tn-.- am tho market. It Is
ml;, ii liileinnllv in ilosos from 10 tlrotti
ia, n teasnoontul. It nets directly on the
nia.nal mnl !iiu<''it!s surfaces of the system.
Thev offer lain- hundred dollnrs for any
case ii (nils i" cure, Send (or circulars
and ti'stliiiiniliil".
Adress: V. J   CHENEY. A Co. Toledo, 0.
gold hv Druggists, 7IA
Tnlie Hull's I'uiiilly Pills for constipation.
In in. iitvu Line.
"It seems to mo you're u trllle familiar," Bald thc humorist wheu tho
highwaymen held him up.
"Well." replied one of theni, Binding
a handkerchief Into tho victim's mouth,
"here's BOtuolbltlg lliiil will bo more familiar lo you. It's uu old gng."-l'hll-
iidclphia Press.
Thf. Era of t'liii.tnntlno-tlt'.
The era of Constantinople, extensively adopted In the lireek empire, like
several others, began with the foundation of the world, which Is tiled at B.
0, fiHUS. This era wns generally followed by the adherents of tbe Oreck
church und prevailed In ltussia uulll
the rclgu of Peter the Great
Are You Haunted Day and Night?—
.Min I and li nly racked nnd tortured
by evil forebodings, gloomy mel dull,
robbed of thai "Divine restorer," sleep,
nppetlte gone, nerves shattered, generally debilitated? This is none too
ilmk n picture .nr srent South American Nervine to obliterate nnd se| up
in iis stent! the gluwlng tints of tho
.-.un nf perfect health.—10S
Tho littie weeklies oi tho towns of
Au-iiiili e lit.her iiiiiI moro abusive "i each other thnn the "Kickers"
uml "Inconoclusts" ni American frontier imt n-. The editors ol these rival
journals must possess a peciilinr
(junlificntioii tho ability to "sliinn''
il pposition paper uml ull connected with it. Township folks look to
the rival editors in dissipate llio local
(Inline-- and provide a weekly n-ust of
l unl Uillingsgate, and the proprietors nl the paper insist on lulling editors cnpnhlc ol satisfying popularex-
pectatious,   Son   York Tribune,
Ask for Minard's and lake no other
Arkansas a great many years ngo
wns nlcknnmcd the Hear State, from
the abundance of bears lu the mountainous districts, Por over forty years
Arkansas had uhunst u monopoly of
the bear stories of this country,
Ann-, i'-ini    hull,;".
Tlie first imligo grown In tills country
wus from seetls sent by Governor I.u-
ens of Antigua, who forwarded them to
his daughter iu South Carolina lu the
year 17-111.
JI E. Mumford tells how Psychine
cured him after the Doctors
gave him up
" It Is twelve yeara alnca Piych,nfl cured
mc iii galloping consumption." The
ipeaker was Mr. A. E, Mumford, six !«.t
(all-and looking jusi whal he \s a husky
healthy farmer* He woiks bin own farm
iir.tr Magnetawan, Ont.
" I caught my cold working as a fireman
on the C.I.R." he continued. "I had
night sweats, chilli ami fever and frequent*
ly coughed up pieces of my lungs. I wae
sinking fast and tlie doctors said there
was no hope for me, Two months treat*
ment of Psychine put mft right on my feet
and 1 have hud no return of lung trouble
If Mr. Mumford had started to take
Psychine when he firjt caught cold he
would have saved himself a lot of anxiety
and Bufferlngi Psychine cures all lunv
troubles hy killing the gcrmi—the roots ot
(he disease.
(Pronounced Si-keen)
50c. Per Bottle
I i.rajnr .I....  (1 and tl   all H 'Ugilata.
DR. T. A. SLOCUM, Limited, Toronto,
W    N    U    No.   584 THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
Free Gifts of Toilet Soaps
The Couponi are the same an cash because they can be exchanged for Toilet Soapi
for which you have to pay out money every week.
for nothing,
Read circular in every package, or write us for Premium List
A gift ii of little value if it consisti of something you have no use for.
In exchange for Sunlight Soap Coupons you can get something you neied and use
every day.
Lever Brother! Limited* Toronto, Caned*
They Made a New Woman of Her and
She Blesses the Day She First Heard
of Theni,
Newmarket, out.. May 7—(Special)
—Tin- case reported below is another
ot the many thousands nf Instances
of Dodd's Kidney Pills coming to the
rescue, ot weak, Buffering women, Mrs.
M. Donor, of this place, says:—
"Knr ninn' iiinn three years I suffered from weakness nnd female
trouble brought on though my kidneys
felling tu net properly. 1 was bothered with a imlil in the small of my
tiiicl;, headaches, dizzy Bpells, liearl
Hutterlngs, depression, hiss of Bleep,
poor appetite nnd n terrible dragging
Bensatlon us If a weight was fastened
round my loins. I tried doctors inu
took all kinds of medicines, bul notli
Ing seemed to do me any good, Then
ii neighbor told me ot Dodd's Kidney
Tills inui advised me to try them. 1
did sn ami after taking six boxes 1
iini entirely cured,
Two brothers, nl whom a writer in
'he Wnsington l-osl tells, gol nn in
t'ii well iiiili I'iicli other lur  reasons
v.Im a  will lie plain in nil.
"Here," sniil the mother to tl Id-
i r nl thom inu- dny, "here is a hn-
iiiiini, Divide it with your little brother, nud see that he nets the liotl'l
The younger child n lew minutes
Inter Rei up n gront bawling.
"Mamma," lie shrieked, "John has
nut given me nny banana I"
"What'sthisP" inquired the mothor
hurrying in.
"Why," explained  (lie  elder  hoy,
"linns ilnn't ent bananas,"
''Yes; I beliove I did sny ynu were
nlivnys lying about yourself.'
"I'll hnve yon  to understand, sir,
flint  I nm nol used to tin-   kind   nl
talk.   1 inn ii gentleman, sir,"
"There ynu go,   Can't  koon Hem '(
cun youP Milwaukee,Sentinel.
Dropsy and Heart Disease.—"For
ten years 1 Buffered greatly from Hearl
Disease. Fluttering of the Hearl nml
Smothering Spells made my life a torment. Dropsy Bel lu. My physician
told me m prepare for the worst, l
tried Hr. Agnew's Cure fnr the Heart
One dose, gave me relief, nne bottle
cured me completely."—Mrs, James
Adams, Byracuse, N.Y.—107.
Baby's Own Tablets 1s Hie very lies!
medicine In the world for curing the
minor ailments of babies ninl young
children, ii is the besl because ii is
(absolutely harmless, li is the best
because ii never fails in effect a cure,
A lew ilnses relieves llllll cures constipation, Indigestion, colic, diarrhoea
anil simple fevers, ii breaks up cnlds
— thus preventing croup — expels
worms mnl iirinss teething wlthoul
tears. Nut one particle of opiate or
poisonous soothing stuff Is In this
medicine.    Mrs.   Hugh   B.   Denton,
Seiilclitnwn. N.H.. says: "I have used
Baby's Own Tablets mul have always
found them a satisfactory medlclm
Ynu can get llie Tablets from a
medicine denier or A mall at nr. cents
a box from The Dr. Williams Medicine
Co., Brockvllle, Ont.
I've hoard it said, dootor," remarked Miss .leiiks, "thnt u j-iuhI big (Instill suit water will ofton cure ..ensick-
lless "
"Tlinl's possible,"  replied  Dr.  Wise
"Yes. it the quantity of suit water
is sufficient tn drown you,"—Philadelphia Lodger,
Minard's Liniment used by physicians
Archbishop Ireland has departed
Irinii the Vatican mid will visit Paris
bolero returning to America,
"Do von mean to tell me thnt ymi
hnve lived in this oiit-ol-the-iviiy place
(or ten years?"
''That's right, stranger, dust ten
"I'm surprised. I enn't see ivluit
ynu liml to keep you busy."
"1 can't liinl anything, That's the
reason 1 like it."—Milwaukee Sonti
The buxom maid bad been liintin
that she did not think much ol working out, mid this in conjunction with
the nightly appearance ot  a  rather
sheepish  young  mnn.  caused ller  mistress much apprehension.
"Martini, is it possible thai you are
thinking of getting married?"
"Yes'm."  admitted Martha blushing.
" Not that  young fellow wlm lias
been calling on ymi lately?"
"Yes'm. he'- the one."
"Hut ymi have known liim  only  a
few tlnys."
"Throe weeks come Thursday," corrected Martha..
Iin von think that is long enough
to know a mini befor
important sto|
Eczema Relieved in a Day.—Dr. Agnew's Ointment will cure this disgust-
ins skin disease without fail. It will
also cure Barber's Itch, Tetter, Suit
lllieum, ami iill skin eruptions, In
fi nm three to six iilithls It will cure
Blind, Bleeding and Itching Piles,
one application brings comfort to the
most ll'rltatlng cases,   ll.", cents.—Ill
Dickie's Anti-Consumptive Syrup Is
agreeable tn the taste, nnil is a certain
relief fur Irritation of the throat Hint
causes backing coughs. If used ac-
cordlng to directions It will break the
mosl persistent cold, and restore the
nir passages in ihelr normal healthy
condition, There is no need lo recommend it in those familiar with It,
Imt lo those who seek ii sure remedy
md are in doubt what to use, the
ulvlee Is—try Blckle's Syrup.
The Duke of Abriiszi has arrived at
Mombasa, British KasI Allien, mid will
start ml an expedition io climb Mount
Hun eii/.uri.
Itch. Mange, Prairie Scratches, Cuban Itch on Human or animals cured in
30 minutes by Wolford's Sanitary Lotion,   It never fails. At all druggists.
Poodles th« Easiest lo Teach, llm'h.-
■iua.il. (hn Moat lllllli'nll.
A poodle Is the easiest of all to train,
and the daebshuud Is iho most difficult,
tbe latter not because be Is too stupid,
but bocunse be Is too smart. A dachshund readily understands what you
want liim to do, and ho can do It, but
he thinks hs knows a hotter way, uud
he Invariably tries his way urat. As
a result, ha Is never trained In anything that Is really difficult. A daebshuud seems to be ulnuys poking fun
at one and getting no little amusement
out of it for himself. Collies are easily
trained, but tliey aro more or less unreliable, and they are such flatterers,
They make you think things arc nil
right and then tliey run nway at tho
very lirst opportunity. In preference
to other dogs, collies are trained almost exclusively lu tho inllitln of Vienna for carrying. In time of war, nies-
Bilges and medicine lo and from the
camp and the sick soldiers, but they
aro chosen more for llieir speed than
their faithfulness. Foi terriers are
natural acrobats. Within a few weeki
one can be trained to turn a somersault, A tow weeks more and he will
do a double turn. To teach him to do
this the trainer calls thc unltiiiil to blm,
ond as be conies jumping playfully
agnlii6t tho trainer he Is caught and
turned quickly In the air, much to bis
surprise. He thinks It Is piny, snd he
comes Jumping up again. After «neh
turn he Is given a small piece of meat.
In a f«w weeks he will run up and try
Independently to do tho turn over In
tilt air for the meat, and If he Is en-
couraged It will not be long before he
li an accomplished uerobut.
! Decide for Yourself
Whether It Is not better to use Pure Tea like
adulterated Japan.
Ltad    Packets   Only,    40c,    90c,   and   80o   per   Ib.      At   til   groeer*.
Hlu'ieit Award St. Louis 1904. _.
German socialists are strenuously objecting to tbe expulsion oi Russian re-
lugeos liom Gorman*/.
Sunlight snap is better thnn other
soaps, inn Is besl when used In the
Sunllghl way. Buy Sunlight Soap and
follow dirci'llons.
Officials nf ibe German and Russian
lieiilth ilepiirtiiieiits uill combine in a
lii-lit nuninst cholera.
Minard's Liniment lumberman's friend
' We
taking such mi
answered   Mm tl
spirit." 'ain't 's il  he mis some u
feller,    lie's well recommended,
perfectly lovely girl I knew wus (
gaged   to   liim  for a   long   tinii
—Everybody's Uagatinc.
Chicago reports an improvement in
the service of a summons by a constable. He ill. 1 not pry open the door
or hurst in the window. He hired n
"full dress suit," and donned it with
all the articles nl apparel   that   tlie
I ks im down ns correct to go with
that garment, Entering an autoino-
bile be drove up the I.nko Shorn
Drive, mnl ivlien he reached the number be limited "he alighted, swinging
his hiviiniler Spring overcoal mi liis
nun. stepped lightly up to the palace
lour, touched the electric hell, hand'
ed the attendant Ins curd, was admitted In the reception room, nils received by tin* ludy upon whom be
wanted to serve the summons, wns
bowed nni."   Tlie delights ni divorce
lliissimi Liberal* propose to take g
free band in solving Hi" agrarian prob'
A Small nil, imt Powerful.—-They
Hint Judge of Hie powers uf n pill by
its size, would consider Parmelee's
Vegetable l'ills tn be lacking. It Is a
luili. wonder among pills. What ii
lacks In size ii makes up In potency,
The remedies Which il curries nre pul
up in ihese small doses, becnuse they
are sn powerful thnl only small doses
are required, The full strength nf the
cxlriicis is secured in ibis form nml
do Ihelr work thoroughly.
toeoinollv,..   Thnt   Act   ■*   Though
Th«J-   Were   Ilea. Ilelieil.
You never see a Bhip launched on a
Friday, and similarly a new locomotive
hardly ever makes a trial trip on that
day or on the loth of the month. Even
though the superintendent may jeer ut
the superstition, yet he knows too well
to set It nt naught, for Just as sailors
consider that some ships aro unlucky
so do train bunds credit certain locomotives with u sort of demoniacal possession.
It Is certainly very strange the difference that may be observed between
two locomotives built from the same
plans, at the same time, of shullur material. One goes on her way quietly
aud Bmoothly, never breaks down, costs
little or nothing for repairs* The other
causes trouble from the very Drst, runs
off the Hue, kills the drivers, gets Into
accidents of all kinds and generally
acts as though possessed by some evil
There was a famous Instance some
yenrs ago on the South Florida railway. A locomotive killed so many poo-
plo that she got thc uiitue of "the
hearse," and no fewer than three engine drivers actually left tho employ
of tho company rather than continue
driving her. The odd thing was lhat
she never seemed to lujuro herself.
Eventually the owners were forced to
Iiccch.im's Pills are the "ounce nl
prevention" that saves many a dn|-
i.ir f. >r cure. Keep disease from
petting In, and it will never lay you
The safeguards against all life's
common ills are: A Sound Stomach,
Healthy Kidneys, Regular Bowels
(unl Pure Blood.
Hundreds of thousands—both
men and women—keep healthy by
a remedy that has stood the test
for hall a century and is now used
over all the civilized globe. They
purify thc blood, strengthen the
nerves, regulate the bowels, aid the
kidneys and cure stomach troubles,
Build up the nervous force and repair the ill effects nf overeating.
Liko  This
break her up, although she wus by no : '.be best safeguard against indigci-      —.
Attiiclinil to any Dormant Is ■
Ciini-iiiitiiii  ol
and Oood Wearing Qualities
When Buying OVERALLS,
Sou that iniiili urtloln bears ■
label like above
In.I.i on Dotting
"King of the Road" Brand
And Take no Other
nieuus worn out.
Of actual ghosts In trains or railway
cugines one very seldom bears.
enhanced il only the pnpen
served in such good form, -
York Trillium.
Thoy are Carefully Prepared.—Pills
which' dissipate themselves in tbe
stomach cnnnol be expected to hnve
much I'liici upon Hie Intestines, mul
in overcome costiveness the medicine
(uiiiiinisii'i'i'i must influence the action nf these canals. Pnrmelee'i
Vegetable l'ills nre so made, under
Ue supervision of experta, that tho
substance in them Intended in operate
nn the Inii'siltii's Is retarded In anion
until they pass through tin.' Btomacb
to the bowels.
He may ho a druntJlst who drugs,
Uul ht'l not u liUgfllt who hugs,
Anil no tinker evor lias tunk.
Though  you  can't  g<H u, craftsman  U
A Nipectablfl draftsman may d uv.
And a drinker may ofton be d -link.
We lay of the nwlmmor, "He pwim,"
Hut imt of tho trtmmor, "She tram,"
And wi- never rowere have rown.
Though a man Who has brought may not
Tho om.' who has nuiBlit Mill may catch,
And many a thrower has thrown.
Tis common for gallon to mii,
nm it lfn'1 tor tailors to tall,
Ami moro than one plan are not pl**n.
If tin* broker In not one who broltcf,
Still tho snii k' i' may be on" who .smokes,
Ami more than one man are culled men.
Ttiouph novor n ipotlder baa ftpoatli
The kind hearted lender may loan,
Ami many a dealer has dealt.
Wo may lay that thy man who weaves
But not that tho ono who Krl-'vn grove,
And no iquoaler ever has iquealt,
Weather kteebrdii
The   first   weather   record   kOpt   In
America was Hint by Rev, John Cum-
puniiis, at Wilmington, Dol.( in 1044.
Minard's Liniment Co., l.lmito-l.
Dear Sirs:—Your MINARD'S f.iN'l-
MKNT is our remedy for sore throat,
colds and all ordinary allmenta,
It never  rails in relieve ami cure
Port Mulgrave,
KnitiiH nn Orange.
The simplest of many wayi of eat
Id? an orange Is to cut u deep Bllce
from the top ami scoop out the   jice  with good hoarts, they greatly iweoteo
Tin- An or Flatter*
There aro those who hnve nn Inrtlnrt
which prompts them to offer verbal caresses to all with whom they come In
contact, and there is no doubt that, if
BUch people ure gifted ut the same time
tion, biliousness and dyspepsia.
Take Beecham's Pflli rttfularlr
and ynu will maintain good health
at small cost.
At Small Cost
Sold Everywhere.    In boiei 23 cenu.
wnen Hemming oy foil, use
Dominion Express Money Orders
and Foreign Cheques
The Best And Cheapest
System   of   Sending   Money   lo   any
Place in the World.
Absolutely Safe
mid |iull* with u spoon.
life.  They do nut know how to any,
much ions write, n dlaagreeable st-n-
toneo. They BOO wilh thi'ir lulnd'H eyo
tbe exact spot where a Battering word
would  product pleasure or «ulv»
1>. ol Alirnbnm.
The era of Abraham began Oet. 1,
a a '.'ini*
Mixlmi For Shopmen,
Thi, following   list   of   maxims
nho-imeti la being circulated by
i.aniaa   Tr-oiilf-r.,
f!rap» troadcrs lu Portugal, who
tread out the Juice with their bare
feet, get fill ceuts a day. a high rule,
at they claim the juice la apt to muke
'ha feet tore.
Manchester branch of Ihe National
Union of Shop Assistants:
Don't bother about the Empire on
which the sun never sets. Bother about
the wages that never rtsrn
Don't think eternally of how to get
on. Think occasl'jiiully ot how to got
Dont' fumo about Indentured labor In
South Africa, Punin about unfair
agreements In Manchester.
Don't strive fnr tariff reform with tho
colonists. Strive for national union
with your fallow shopmen, In order that
hotter conditions may bo created for
all ..,_-
A Benedict's Verdict.
Hewitt—Do you consider marriage t
civil contract?
Jn.i.i*   .. •; criminal,
Hire It « Wide llrrlh
"Yen," su I'l the ludy lu llio wayside
rottage, "l ina-l to bo annoyed by
tramps a grent deal, but now I have a
dog that scares theni away."
"A dog':'' laughed bor neighbor,
"Why, we have u horso that scares'
thorn nway."
"A horse? flrneloua! Are trumps
afraid of a horse?"
"Yea; a law horse,"-Detrolt Tribune.
1  II" iKlla'a-aall,.-     *, ai;.-l;,Ml a.
Persons should he cautious about trying DOW and Unknown vegetables.
Even many known are at times tin- luinrt, and tho temptation lo sny It Is
wholesome. Potatoes when not fully very great. The pleasure they produce
ripe nro deleterious, causing bowel delights them, and tliey simly to pro-
complaint and ilokDOii, <luco It again. No doubt they practice
on art, but not it very black ml, and It
la difficult uot to llko llie penally
If they are women. Heal llattery-tho
really fulso article-can hardly exist
u       ...      .,   , I with a warm heart. Plenty of fully and
l«p Minards Liniment in the house  ,0I) m,h tolr9 t0 b„ pop-,-,, BB, t0
with that, but nothing else.
ii„< of light,
The pretty girl was idling her chums
how Jack hnd dnrod to lAs her while
out iiiilomoliillng.
"And did you hide your face after-
ward?" they asked In breathless curl-
"No, but Jack hid his face."
"Yes; lomethlng broke under the machine, nud ln> bod to got down beneath
lt."-l)elrolt Tribune.
There is no satisfoetion keener
than beinj dry and comfortable
when out In the hardest storm.
\\vO.   jr you wiab
.  CNiAUi-rurwtiuf.
I0A0N 10. a Mllaa
wiun ii,. Wanted.
"Ah," said Iho fortune teller, nigh-
Ing deeply and gciting a myitlc at-
proailOU Into her eyes, "you wish to
learn what Ihe future will hold for
"Not exactly," replied tho patron,
passing over his dollar, "1 want lo
llml out what Uie fUtUM will let go of
for mo."—Judge.
Clturrh ll„ll, ol llailf'i.la- ..
The lirst place of worship lu Western
Australia was Unique In two rcs| ts-
the materials of which It was built and
also the neveral purposes to which It
wus derated, This remarkable building
was made ut Perth by Mldlon shortly
nfler their lirst arrival In IKS and
win composed almost entirely of bul-
j rushes,  in addition to Ila ueo oa sun-
dayi for divine worship. It occasionally served iih an amiiieur theater during the week and during Iliu whole
lime as n hurra,-ks.
ii.. Paieabroker'i sijvn.
Tiie pawnbroker1! sign came 'mm
lliealgn ii-eal by the Utubord banket*!,
who took It from the situ u-.-.l l>y Iho
Medici family..( Florence. The founder of Ihe house bad heen n medlcUl,
or physician. Ills descendants became
bunkers and broken, mid their tlgu
wns their anceitor'! golden puia.
When tbey became nohloi they nssum-
cl as arms six golden pill! or balls oa
a blue Held.
S,.yi Re.ulti ire "Truly Wonderful."
Mis    1    llunier. of
ill Raglan Road,King-
■ton, Ont, aaya:—
I have suff.-real   with
kldnei     and     Hear
trouble   and   ehranli
tion ini wme
tlm!       I      V*nS      SUhJeCt
tO       dl7.till"SS.      laillaallS
Mn. I, Hunter la. fl lad 0,
■   In tho had and si li,
and a tired, wear* feeling n
■ ■
i tried iiliimsi every medicine, was
treated by doctori and druggliti with
little or no benolli
I tried I" l- nl nr Its And Pill,
and uie roiulti hate i n truly wonderful, I aro si, much belli r, ami-
pui is n moil wondorful romedy."
All dealara, or tha vYItaon-Frla a*..
Limited, We-tara Palls, (int COJ
purchaser la given ii receipt and ll
'a, , Aequo Is L08T oi lU'.v
'imnkii, the ,'iitiniini will be promptly REFUNDED, So n ' lape, Por
nm information and ratea i .11 on
Local agonta.
Over a Quarter of a Century
ve hnvo successfully treated nervnua
. , caused by Drink and  Druge.
Uuu.ini" cures Is our record. W<
ipeak truly and sny that failure H
iliiiiln a euro by lhe Keeley Treat
■nent Is n failure Of the man aud not
,ur methodi   Bend for facta.
Address lu confidence
133 Osborne St., Winnipeg.
8„n,iT Pen-ilf.
The world delight! Ill sunny people.
The old are hungering for love n,a,re
Iiinn for bread   The nir of Joy Is very
cheap, ami if you mn help Ilia | r on
with n gnriiiant of pral»e It will be better for them than bliiiikeH.-lIeury
Tim Critical p. .1...1.
iMiffcr one Is bom every minute,
! you   know.    Puffer   Yes,  but they're
i not Hated tm they get old mough t«
ih in i they an set,    >«j
r,.'.na..i For "(inveroe..."
Albert vu, archduke of Au-trle,
married liabelli Clara Eugenie, Infanta of Bpaln, "ia > br eight lo him ni
dowry the sovereignly of the Low COUO-
trlai etc, When I'hilip IV, of Bpaln
atcended ihe thr ne in 1021 he took
: a aunt tbt Mvcrelfnty of the
i a mntrlea, but left ber tbe title of
gpverneaa, ller Ltuaband died loon after, whereon aba took Uie veil, (hough
**.iii retaining the relni of government
"he died al Rruaai li m 1033, agisi lis-
, ty-ilx, Ilm- ihere li pre edenl for the
( Use of the wor.l goverUCOl when a ludy
bold!   tho   putt.   1 .i.-luii   Notts   aud
I Oiiirlea.
A Maypole Soap
linse nt Home
5ure Results
I    i • I      a*, p., I'.t Mac*
Allalr.l.taa.t )' |, lO.SIMCT
H  * Ik, Mi.OllMa,
The Color Ol I'leme.,
You hr,- often i otleed ihe many
tinted ban and bandi Ihal rla lhe
thai i "forked tonguea of n. ia"
In,hi w 1 Inn ning in tlie grate,   It Is
ten to mie. however,  that you never
I .ue H    |gj|| In llgiir.  Hie i:n\M' of
Ibe   rarlcgalod  Ine.  pr led   by
Humes.   To brng the matter quickly
to tbo point, wo «iii lay thai ll
colore me (he reiuli o( c bual on
among tbo different elemcnta "f the
u i.  Tbe I .hi bine is from Iho by
drogen ami Ibe white I
ll i li from the manganeae, the
real from nii inagneeli and the yi
from l! «h. which arc COI
i'artauf the wood.
W   N   U   No.   iii '
Real Estate
We hnve enquiries for
Business und Hesiili
property.    List yours    A
US. U'e    a|„     i) ,■     I,,;.!. ,   .,
Consult  ii-  before  I
Junclicn Block
North \fliicouver.
\f n
!f Not. Yon Should and Buy,
8*1 Itfc 431   LOI 9*
Rolled &ais
Hay and feed
Milling Co.
I imili-il.
Harry Miti hell, '.   al ninn
1   ns  '.   Vvei   '
Fine, healthy Tomato a d
Cauliflower Plants, grown from
Sutton'? Si' i   al va.
**V      /     ." ' ''''V'"       \
■y\ yfo-, I a *   *        '        ■■'•'■ ■•«»
-■'''• .'   'ku,-1 V J*'
ji n ir.
U *3
H7'/7//.V 7'///-; OR IC I SAL
i Inn 'nslruct I '■> st II n few
.' ue.r   at prices which
Hs 'in subdivid-
■ • ' .      an all within 17lli St.
TIil-  North   Vancouver Specialist
llii Cordova Street,
Sural nu.I Delicious,   Try Them uml Bo Convinced,
McDowell's Drug Store,
R. K t   g '--: e9 Manager
We-sifera Corporation, Ltd,
$100 EA« ' M-L   HIS'DS
412 lliistlnqs Street West, Vancouvrr, B. C.
stam.iy  PA UK
Ale and &tttut
ll,  BottltHI,  KafKM    a,a      [a.a ..
ih» i'i.,.' Brewing Co., I Id.
THI     ,'.i
islriri of North V.
JlAfl     ' ARS. H.A.SHAW
■SHIJ   S ~    V      u jr.
(7l("'yii /' f    .
-f><-*-is>i ♦■;•♦ ioiv-:>-!-,-i<t-i-*-i-«-: <■■!•♦■!>■:•♦ -i-* -:-#-i->-;-'»-i-*-i? ♦
1       r*!BKV rit-j, a>
I Rain :r deer ^> I
•> [s a glni'ioii!*  lii'VPi'iign—qucncliitig film J
:    > c    |]  rr'.   im   otlu-r J
I!   .:...•!•. £
 ■        ♦
■*> ••   .: : - •■ v  -. a - <   ;.«•   .     !•♦ }.)'*ii>;4:-«v»t»+'4
a     ' '        A    \     '   '  I',       I     I.     C.
To Property Owners    Assessmmt for School Pur
poses  ol Lots  272  and
WMHN'i,   III  ^^^^mmmm-----------m
D i S I" LOTS,
ni.i'iKs m;  \> i   am
,\UI.    II \'i'i'lf!-. ISIII-:i:i:i',Yi;|Vi:\ THAT,    Yon will liml it ri
Real I state -ind Insurance
Ton ami r: of ririmo,
llonnl ol a . •    ■
Diitrlel   ;
i inn,     i   ,Imu i ■ North \
nn lol Nu  11,
|,.t 117.1,  i   ■ li.v-n.iii' i
Cojiilano I'iikhii'
DistricI of.\or(li 1'aiicouvi
inlam: muhi.
. —  *
ar,,, ,    ,
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I'liii       almost   as
I I'll lo I
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I couver, is -.li-l  iai havi   In
rPAKK MOTH I   ill A A Ml XI) iii
*. Disfnciolwth
one lllll '
Int tlVa. rlB _
III   ' '
1 I   II-   ll.Xt
I \
|,     • a
1'i-r Mnl, III
•un vu^^H
iii HI
II ■
I'.l.ll:   . 'e
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SBVIII) i ' lial
Offlce, Cofa lonitlalt* Ue, ind l4pli*n-*di*, Vorth V,iniouver, 11, (',
:l and Lai dscape
: !    llCI'.ll
Di i and
ie ! rint*
M. S. \Yii!i.i:ia
lie part)   in tpiesrioi
iol with,
Lvt it alimr.
lor tin
'■   wires,
i ■
:   alia     ll.
.a    I tl    ,
■      a    ■ ||.
I'. Larson, I Top.
it   U*j    tu
I with our
I    .ii    i Iric Power S'
nvel  should luok
into : iv, so ns to ii oid
rush when
: i   opi ration,
VAN       \    !   »0W£R COMPANY, Ltd.
corn! narrows.   Ship A    M    Rr^TTir ^0,i,rv
,1 masts will be'enable.] u, «• *>*• B)Lfi B " lL 1(^1^
\'i)t(irv Public, (Ji-noral Auclinnee
  A  u.'iiin   uf   railro.nl    laborei
a- party i
a    m lovva, lhe ' venl In in     ii
, dossil
1 ' ral     lilt!
■   i' •'■.:■■'■   •
(iriiiivti   Sect,    Viincouver,   11,    C
 r 1'iivH aantrielit nil
mil rupl Ha.a A lur cmh,
■ imi vviitcrfrnni propurt.v in North
: . ii y.ni iliinh "i |ili'kliiii up pnipcrty In
ill, ..iriinii 11 '.   SUM', iiiiiI vuii will inukii monuv. :': ::
A < gel Good Tea for a Small Price
Three Pounds for One Dollar
is a H :   [ leylon Tea, .md is sold in many
unl il''b : i . Tt.   ..„. ..      j
.ii L)Uc per p'l.ina
Inl was nexl r     '
,1. X. WcMELLAN, the Esplanade


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