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«       —
Thanks to those who so liberall
voted for the Sioo.ooo by-laws!
"The North Vancouver Boan
of Trade" has the right ring, am
makes one realize that wc are ai
Ainhitioiis City. The gentlemen
who enrolled their names in tlm
organization last night have a grea
ami glorious work to do. Om
thing certain, il this is to bo a city,
ol which fact no one doubts, it
musl depend entirely on the united
work and energies and a little sel
sacrificing to upbuild the place.
Manager Sperling bus becomt
quite a Nortli Vancouver enthusiast, and it would not be surprising
to lieur of him making his honu
here, lie was as anxious as anyone to liave thc lights turned on
as soon as they were. "I do nol
suppose there's a city anywhere
tlie size ol Nortli Vancouver's
population that can boast of such
a growth.It certainly should be a
good place for anyone to live in. It
has all the modern advantages of a
place ten times its numbers.
certainly have never heatd of i
town with about 1,500 pcopli
having a waterworks system
electric lights, power and tele
phones and shortly a car service
\s they passed out the party saw
leneath a lighted lantern the sign:
"North Vancouver yesterday,"
At a late hour all returned to
the hotel where light refreshments
were served. Keeve Kealy, Manager Sperling, Councillor May, P,
Larson and others made excellent
and appreciative speeches.
A Modern Barber Shob.
Bert Campbell, the pioneer
barber, is nothing if not progressive. First he opened his
■diop on the Esplanade, thru he
removed to Lonsdale avenue,
because his business demanded it.
Now, he has leased the premises,
just vacated by P, Burns St Company. This place bas been lilted
up in first-class shape, and bath
rooms and a bootblack stand installed. "Bert" takes a pride in
his work and always tries to please
his customers. The new place
will be named thc Board of Trade,
An old tonsorialsaw says that
'With odorous tonic thy head and hair
are sleek;
And then thou kemb'st the toggles on
thy cheek:
Of thy barbers take a cosily euro,"
Church Notice.
ST.   John's    CHURCH,   CORNER    OK
Sunday, August 19th (tenth
Sunday niter Trinity)—Holy communion (plain), 8 a. 111.; morning
prayer and public baptism, 11
a. 111.; evening prayer and sermon,
7:30 p. in.
Monday, 201I1 Evening prayer
ill tent, near Lonsdale gardens,
8 p, m.
Wednesday, 22nd — Evening
prayer, followed by address 011 St.
Augustine, 8 p, 111.
Thursday, 33rd—Vigil,
Friday; 24th (St. Bartholomews
day)—Holy communion (plain),
7 a, 111.; evensong, 7:40 p, tn.;
practice, 8 p, m,
Next Sunday—Holy communion
(plain), 8 a. m.
Every Sunday—Sunday school,
10 a. m.
These are groat days for North
Vancouver. The splendid achive*
incuts of tlie Ambitious City cannol be equalled in nny other place
01 equal population 01, tlie conti-
1 en . As Reeve K aly said V e I-
tia slay night, aft. r ihe electric
ligi t ng s' stem had been opened,
"tb isi lights that glitter to-night
lo. the first time are a prophecy ol
gi :ater things that will make u
iii'.iu I Iran a second to the ci1)
ac oss the inlet," Ten years ago
N 'lib Vancouver was but a huge
wilderness of burned stumps and
limbless trees. In this year ol
our grace we have a complete
\v iter service, telephones, electric
lights, 1.11 .1 tram car sirvice
almost completed, ami a railroad
system to run northward in con-
temptation, as well as a projected
bridge ai toss the Second narti ws
to connect with Vancouver. With
tllette splendid inducements Nortli
Vancouver must ultimately become
a great city. It only remains
lot the people here to make it so.
A nport has jusi been published
which is of the greatest importance
to Churchmen, inasmuch as it
repvesentsthe unanimous judgment
of representative men on some of
tlie most burning questions of the
D   .       D      1 1 day.   Tin  Commission was   ap-
By-laws fasseo. poillU;d .,_ (ar l);u.k a8 Al,rili UJ04i
The two by-laws lor raising •' and has snt 118 times and examin-
money were voted upon and'ed 164. wumsses. it includes the
passed by large majorities. The j Archbishop of Canterbury, lhe
vote polled was a small one in
proportion to the number of names
on the list, some 230 being recorded out oi a total ol 1,369
The first by-law, to raise
$75,000, $50,000 of which is to !•
devoted lo improvements in the
townsite anil £25,000 (or the rural
inunicipalityi was carried by the
following vote:
Bishops oi Oxford and Gloucester,
ntiii,Hers of eminent lawyers and
statesmen, besides twosuch stalwart
"Low Church" leaders iis ihe
Principal of Kidlej Hall and Sir
John Kennaiv iy, lt is, therefore,
the more thankworthy that   the
they are almost inseparable from
loctrine peculiar to the "Roman"
portion of the Catholic Church.
Tbe commissioners proceed to
give a summary of what tliey have
gathered ol the history and meaning ol the various practices comprised under the second head,
such as vestments, incense, ive.
They also speak plainly of Private
Confession, and of Prayers lor thc
Departed. Hut these we must
leave to anothel week.
Majority for	
The second, a by-lav
$25,000 lor city waterworks
ptoveuienta,  was carried by
following vole:
Majority for	
report has "been unanimously
agreed 10, and without reservation
on lhe part ol a single com-
The "Alhanasian Creed,"- In tbe
••"  '53-forefront ol breaches of the law
""   '■' tliey place "the disregard in whole
""       J or in part of   the   rubric   with
reference to the recitation of tin
  '   Aihiiniii.iiin Creed."
lo raise I    Tie Prater-book disobned.—The
The Electric Light.
Wednesday was a red-letter day
iu North Vancouver. The long-
lo.iked-for electric lights were
turned on iu the evening just in
time for Clerk Alex. I'hilip to
count the ballots cast for and
against tlie by-laws (or $100,000.
Of course, they passed, and everything at North Vancouver at once
became hustle and excitement.
Word had heen passed around that
Lonsdale   gardens   were   lo   be
illuminated ami of course every.
boity went down to the popular
gardens. About 8 o'clock Geo.
Dicki" und his assistants turned
on the lights ami tlic baud struck
up 11 popular air io the iipplaiubts
ol a multitude. President Hunan-
ley and Dim tots RobettlOD and
HaiWoll ol the lorry company
were congratulated 00 all sides lor
their thoughlliilness tu celebrate
the occasion,
Tlie reeve and councillors and
party on adjournment of the
council went up to the substation,
where they met General Manager
Spelling, Snpt. J nines Milne, C.
Rumtnell, manager of the light and
power, \V. Woodroofe, superintendent ol stations, and John
Rogers, line foreman, and George
Dickie, who had the honor ol turning on the lights earlier in the
evening. Here greetings were
exchanged and a general in
1 1 Acu ol thc prcmiiei  made,
Im. commissioners classify breaches ol
■ 1„: a tlio letter ol the Prayer-book nndi r
ttwo heads^-a) those which are,
and b) those which am uot signifi-
... '57 cant ol   particular   doctrine,   a)
...   tn. The omission of the longer exhor.
, taiious ut Hoi) Communion, nuk-
;ing a collection during morning or
.... 03 j evening prayer, lhe omission ol
[daily service as a practice,   the
visiting omission of service on Ascension
I Day and Holy I 'ays, cVc.
■__ Of these lust   two   thc   com-
„.   „   Taschereau,   Torottto, mj88joners gay that jn such cases
Ont., was registered at the hotel| ,,the 8tandard oi worship and of
religious observance differs widely
from that which the Prayer-book
ii) These   are   again    divided
under three heads according to the
Miss Olga  Larson is
friends at Victoria.
G.   L.
this week.
Miss A. Bunyan, Truro, N. S,,
was visiting friends here this week.
Miss Hamboll .ill sell her
household furniture on Monday,
by auction, at Chas. Bates' rooms.
Mr. and Mrs. James Milne,
Misses Jessie and Jennie .Milne
and H. R. Milne, all of Toronto,
was registered at tlie Hotel North
Vancouver on Monday.
Mrs. Newman and children,
Kamloops, who have been guests
ui the Hotel Norlh Vancouver for
some time, leaves for home tomorrow.
Robert If. Bryce, who has been
confined to his rooms at Hotel
Nortli Vancouver for the past few
days, is around again.
E. Kingsford Smith, Brisbane,
Australia, was here this week.
The Land ol tlie Southern Cross,
he says, is on the eve of prosperous times, the price of wool
having almost doubled.
Mrs. Rine D. Meeke, a noted
traveler, will entertain the congregation of St. Andrew's and llieir
Iriends, on Friday evening,
August 24II1.    She is a well-known
elocutionist and ventriloquist ol
rare ability. Admission: Adults,
25 cents; children, 15 cents.
Miss R. Costello, of Mount
Vernon, is visiting her uncle, W.
A. Dawson, of Fourth street.
It must be tough to hate a man
everybody else likes.
When a Protestant i'nd a
Catholic (all in luve, the Protestant always gives in.
The people arc so capable these
days that thev not onlv attend to
their own business, but h ive spare
lime for touching up their neighbors.'
A North Vancouver woman hi
quit smiting, because she bus new
false teeth.
Mr. Hogcrs, Victoria, paid the
town a flying visit on Monday.    .,
The cool weather the past few  ...^	
nights has driven a number   of I doctrine signified, whether "it is 1)
campers homewards. ^^^mm~^—~~^—~*m~
Humphrey Williams will elect 11
residence 011 Fifteenth street, west
of Delbruck avenue, ll will cosl
about $1,500.
We have notict d that when 11
day is very dull, and we approach
a man with the question, "Anything new?" he replies, "Not B
il thing."
A Jap was digging 11 post-bole
on Second street yesterday, while
lour whites watched him.
H. G. Bissett, Vancouver, spent
a few happy hours in town yester
day. "Dick" presented the silver
cup for thc motor boat lace on
July 1 st.
A new daughter arrived on Sim-
day afternoon at the home of Mr.
ami Mrs. Black, corner of Chesterfield avenue and Fourteenth street,
Mother and child doing well,
The  two  anonymous   letters
"ripping up" out polici (orco bus
been consigned lo w, p, I).
George Gonzales, ol Vancouver,
appeared Indole Ills Worship
Keeve Kealy Tuesday morning on
a charge ol starting hn-h fires mt
district lot 851, Seymour Valley,
Several witnesses were called on
boll) sides. The evidence was
very conflicting, it being su difficult to lay any blame therefrom
that hit worship reserved judgment until he had personally
inspected the land.
H. D. Ells, North Vancouver's
pioneer blacksmith, has disposed
ol his business on P'irsl sttcl, to
Wallace Bros., of Calgary. Mr.
Ells will leave for Kansas, via
San Francisco, shortly, lie takes
with him to his new Held ol
Operations the best wishes ol   a
host of Iriends.
W. Shaw, Scotland, registered
al the Hotel North Vancouver on
'formally defined nnd adopted by
the Church id England," 2)"con-
U'.iry to or repugnant to" her
teaching, 3)contrary to her teaching.
How they should be dealt wilh,- -
1) The lust kind are of small importance, unless ihey oil. ml
against our Chun h's condemnation
of excess of 11 n tnbnial.
a) 1)1 the sec md kind, so far as
can be jjatlli red inun the " Times"
summary, ihey seem to sai that,
though technically illegal, they
should be legalized its soon as
pns-.il I': seeing that the letter ol
the law has nevei ben enforced
in other dirui lions where it would
work iiijuslici, and lurthci thai
the di    ions ol the Privy Council
hi 1 latin 1 lli 1 ■ (.oi whiih thc
intcrpn laiion ol the law di penda
at.     i' .'.nab d     BS     ib ''lliul.'     iif
authoritv b) "thousands ol 1 lergy
with strong la) support,"  I sri
thus pi,11 t.i ill) valueli ss,   Undei
llll. le .ul  I'
The use ..I a stole, thc disusi ..1
a 1 "|" in a atht drals, the use ..I the
lull Kiithaiitsiii Vestments, the
use iif 1111 ense, reservation ol the
BloSSI al Sai 1.nm nt loi lhe Communion "I the Sirk, tho use ol
waler bread, the use ol the sign ol
the Cro b, tin-* usnol lighted
candles al tho HolvCotumunion,
u/ltorgtini ".,s" practicei Ol thc
thud kind tin y have no good Word
to say. Sin h steps shoilldbe taken
as would Boom st tend to extirpate
them entirely  Inun   among   us'
Tiny include certain practice
which we liusi wi mav nevei  see
11 0111 I hun b 111 ic.   iiiiisiiniih as
There is a boy in North Vancouver who cau ar, ue with  tin
hool teacher and win ever)
time. ,
Yesterday Wc heard nf a man
who hat! Brigol's disease for 25
years. Today we heard of one
who bad it for ten years.
"Jack" Wilber must have a
1 ia, king good watch. He say^
thai it has not be-11 cleaned in
fourteen years, and that it still
keeps good time,
It is interesting when lather
teln tlie children of what u rake
In- used in be, but mother's past
isn't so interesting because she
doesn't dare to tell anything she
ever did thai '.. '.. "'. IS lhan
whispering in school.
Mr. Smith, foreman for Bayna'a
.V llin ri'*, will pul up ,1 Iiiii house
Bl ib' 1 iitner ill Fifteenth street
and lb wli ke avenue. Woik bus
been started,
A copy ol the initial number ol
the  Pythian sine/./,   the  official
organ ol thc Grand Homain ol
British Columbia, has arrived at
this office. It is a live-column
four-page weekly, published Saturdays at 115 Eighth avenue east,
Vancouver, Tho letter press is
all thut 1011I1I be desired and
typographically is a (lean sheet
ll aims to bi: the medium of  com-
munication between the various
lodges ol the Knights ol Pythias,
C. tv Sniiilu ringale is thc editOl
and publisher, and should receive
the loyal support ol * very member
Ol lie (iidel
At Ibe regular meeting of the
North Vancouver Council Wednesday evening, the general tax rate
for tbe municipality lor Ihe year
was struck at ten mills on the
dollar. This is lower than last
year, when the general rate was
thirteen mills. Tlie reduction is
attributed to the rapid influx ot
settlers and the consequent
expansion of revenue. It was also
decided to call lor lenders for a
tv clve-foot sidewalk on the east
side ol Lonsdale avenue from the
ferry wharl as far as Third Street.
Those present were Keeve
Kealy and Councillors May, Allan
and Cornish.
Communications were read and
dealt with as follows:
■ From tlie directors oi the Nortli
I Vancouver Ferry & Power Company, inviting the council to attend the opening of tbe lights at
Lonsdale gardens that night.
Accepted with thanks.
From J. W. Home et al., and a
number of ratepayers on Lonsdale
avenue, a petition was received ior
the construction ol a twelve-foot
sidewalk on lhe east side ol Lonsdale avenue from the ferry wharf
to Fifth street. The "petitioners
stated that some of them were
ready to build stores if a sidewalk
were laid.
The reeve said he thought the
east side as far as the municipal
iniil should have been built long
Councillor Cornish did not think
it necessary to build as lar as
Fifth street.
The matter was lelt with the
board oi works to call lor tenders
for a twelve-loot sidewalk as lar us
Third street. Tenders to be in by
August 29th.
From the B. C, Electric Railway
Company, asking thai two hydrants
lie placed near the sub-station and
cai bam in case ol fire. Referred
to tlie water committee with power
to act.
From \V B. Peacey, secretary
ol the school board, asking for
S25 lor incidental expenses oj the
boa id.   Granted.
From seven residents of blocks
•3 and 25. district lot 547 and 271,
asking lor the installation ol the
cilv waterworks system.   Referred.
From   the   North    Vancouver
Horticultural Association, asking
lor the laying of a water pipe so
that   the   exhibition   might    be
assured of a plenliliil supply of
.cater  on   the   show   day.   Referred to the water committee with
power to act.
From R. L. Doeherty, secretary
,1 the horticultural   association,
tsking lor a contribution ol J100
nt the annua! exhibition.    Grunted.
From thc North Vancouver
Lund & Improvement Company in
reference to the proposed Ottawa
gardens, The company sent a
blue print (if lhe proposed gardens
uud pointed out that they bad
already spent (673 in taking oul
stones, rough-grading, ploughing
and clearing the land. They had
also several hundred yards of
Stones extracted from the land
which they offered to sell to the
municipality at tlie rate ol 45 cents
per cubic yard. Referred to the
board ol works.
The North Vancouver Land &
Improvement company also wrote
iu reference to their schemi . -
lioiiiev.iriliiig Queensberry avenue,
and planning OUI district lot 550
Thev proposed to lay it oul wilh
tu, loot streets, with one \.\' li ol
boulevard Irom   Keith  road  to
Nineteenth sited, and a pink id
ten anil a hall mu's between
Thirteenth und Fifteenth street!.
They stated their willingness to
give these to the municipality conditional on the council guarantee-
ing H8,ooo ol their bonds and
securing electrical car service for
thc dis.rict lot mentioned,   This
was referred to the board ol works
with the other communication,
Clerk I'hilip then announced
lhat thc money by-laws bad been
voted on that day and passed
The by-laws were reconsidered
and approved by the cnunsil.
The council then took up the
question ol striking thc tax
rate lor tbc year. In view ol tin
expansion n|  the  revenue  il   was
I considered thai a lowei rate could
be struck than formerly. The
lollowing rates wre decided upon:
General rate, 10 mills; consoli-
lated loan rule, 3^ nulls; water
loan rate (townsite only), 2j£
mills; school rate, ft a mill;
making a total of iby, mills. A
rebate ol one-sixth will be taken
rom this amount on all taxes paid
before October 31st.
Tenders lor tlie Lynn Valley*
road were passed in committee
after the regular council meeting
and were relerred to the council
lo report.
It was decided to hold a
special meeting of the council at
8 o'clock 01 next Monday evening
ir the purpose of finally passing
the revenue by-law and considering other matters of importance.
The council then adjourned.
Board of Trade.
There was a large and representative meeting in tlie municipal hall last night for the purpose
of forming a local board of trade.
Reeve Kealy occupied tlie chair
md Geo. Bartley acted as secretary.
The report of the committee on
constitution and by-laws was taken
up and considered seriatim. It
provides that ten committees be
elected, namely : Reception and
entertainment, publicity and information, commerce and industries, membership and grievances, tourist and settlers, parks and
boulevards, legislation and administration, finance, transportation, agriculture and mining.
The regular meeting of members
bhall be held on thc third Tuesday of each month, and a meeting
oi the executive on the first Tuesday in each month. The annual
fee is to be iy
Since Ihe constitution provided
for an election of officers at an
annual general meeting to be held
on thc firsr Monday in October ol
each year, il was lound necessary
to make an exception for the
present year that officers might be
elected as soon as possible, and
the board got under way.
When the constitution bad been
adopted Geo. A. McBain moved a
vote ol thanks to the committee on
constitution and by-laws.
The motion was seconded by
Harry C Wright and carried
The roll was then produced aud
tbe lollowing signed their name*
as charter members of tlie Nottb
Vancouver Board of Trade: A,
I-:. Kealv, D. G, Dick, W. J.
Hick, J, B, Williams, Alex,
Philip A. St. G. Hamersley, W.
B. Campbell, J. R. J. Murray, B.
1. Cornish, H. R, Heffell, J. J,
Woods, A. Billings, A. F. Beaslev.
Geo. Lill, P. Larson, P. A. Allen,
S. I). Schllltl, Henry A. Shaw,
W. Nicholson-Lailey, Geo. A,
McBain, A. G. Smith, J. C,
Williams, Harry C. Wright, J,
Waldeu. W. J. Irwin, Alex,
Smith, IV II Whitlow, Geo,
Bartley,Geo. J. Phillippo, J. A,
Mi Mman
Aftet a lengthy discussion as to
the advisability ol electing officers
the following resolution, proposed
by Mr. Hamersley, seconded by
Mr. Scbultz, was carried
"Thai this meeting adjourn for
fourteen days lor election of
"That nominations lor officers
be sent in, proposed and seconded, In lhe secretary within let)
1 iyi Inun date lie to have a list
ol all nominees in Ins office for
insp. 1, 011 by ihe members,
"That nomination be open to
inin nl eici imu
"Ihai ihe present committee
1 ontinuo to a. 1 to the adjourned
meeting to obtain as man; cliaiier
members iis possible,"
The committee on constitution
and by-laws comprised ths lollowing: Messrs. W. j. Irwin (chair.
mam, G. J. Phillippo, S. 1).
Scbultz, A. St. G. Hamersley, D.
G. Dick, Alex. Philip, J. R. J.
Murray, Arthur G. Smith.
These are the gentlemen who
have worked so energetically on
the constitution  and  to  whom   is
now entrusted thc work of enlarging tho list of charter members ol
the inst board of trade in be
organized north of Hurrard inlet in
tlic Province 0! British Columbia,
Mrs. J. McDonald,
was here un Monday,
"IM'II VANCOUVi'lit   ■ II, A
Weeklv Newspaper.   ■    Pulilisheil b\
•. 'KKSS I'KIXTINli i'i.iii|ainii
:■■ia mi Due Dollar pc   i
lil.iilAi: IIAll'l l.l.l
\l H ,   ■.   I    ■ ■
,*»,t   «s   MUUH   WATER   A3  YOU
II I. Ejccllcnl Inr llie Illuc.tli.il. II
'. I lul I. i,a N.-ll laa-r UA-lrlo Juloa)
\,,c  l'e|,.lii Work  I'rii|ierl)   I nleil
. uruely   I.ii,11 .-.I   n III,   U nl.-r.
ll   .   uiucll « Ha1'' sliould " ■ dr 'ik
ailii Wll.'ll kIiUUIiI   tta' dhllk   il   III*' qtlCg-
9 so Bluiplo lll.lt 111 lirsl Blgllt llieir
■, Bi'Pins superfluous, nne
" i,l natural.** nuswer, "Drink all tin*
■c i as- \,,ii ■,. i, ivlieu v .a mv thirsty,"
authorities sny. "Drink more than
: '. .s!i ivhen you aire ii .1 thirsty,"
'or iii";.- ra commend that» gallon ur so
I,- drunk  laa'ittavii  meals,  which  is
■ ■" water lliau wo it I nnd thu cry
■ .ma' the system leasi demands I    I B-
it   v wa. experience lliirst during or
lireclly after outing,
Inasmuch as A per cent o( tbe whole
:   la n.iia'i', ttiiia'li is, uf course, bens 'i>a',i up every moment, there Is no
.■■'.ui thai v.' sh,,um tirlnk A litis
■ni caijiiaiusly. imi 't i- a serious
..-'."ii  whether  wo Bhould  refrain
■ ui water at meals the tlmo we particularly desire It.
'lieTe  Is  a  claiss .if  persons,  ever
mi; more numerous, tii.it believes
thai whatever is la wrong.   I'or tlm
natural nml Bimplc thoy would Bubstl-
■ tho nd compllcatpd. To
. :.l; waier while or directly after eat-
::._• is a natural Instinct, 'live a dog
,i a dinner, putting a howl .if water
near it, aud observe Unit lie will tirst
■eat all lie can ami then Immediately
■drink.   Wild animals look fair :i stream
tftor f ling,   Cage birds will stop
Ing ::t -'I'd t'i pock at wilier.  I'llil-
...:i have a perpetual thirst, nml I
.t.i'." Been babies thnt, unlike young
i.    ~. have refused tu eat more when
len cl water nfter every few mouth-
It i. especially importanl tiiat babies
>■■ given whal water tliey wish ami at
the lime tbey wi.-b il, which is usually
Ut  tlllal".
i '■" thinner food is Hie more easily
nr,.l thoroughly is it digested; In fact,
:r cannot be digested until ii lias been
made liquid by the gastric ami Intestinal 'macs. Indigestion Is caused often
■ i ''in h*. nol i n siiilli'ieiitly
■ itcned by ibe digestive sooroUons,
There ar" Bound physiological roa-
i-ir "ttr craving ivnter with meals,
'.' ter is th" s.iiveitt tlmt constitutes
.   | ,r a .nt "f tiie gastric Juice, Sow,
"i,a' ami ii hearty meal and does
• I'" ii. th" it in, ii in t of water in the
h Is ic! sitiiia iciit thoroughly to
■:, 'he :."•• it quantity "f food,
nnd ibis i'inl;- digestion difficult, On
ithcr hand, when enough water ii
■•■I with ihe food the latter Is
moistened and broken up, llie ill-
c.'.'.iaiaa particles being then readily
ll .in lay lhe gastric Juice I after-
'. "f'aa.i   Again, when lhe par-
.■   ■•"! f I iahynn'1 p:i^-"si Into
itesllues ii is mosl Importanl that (
(t i... very n.—*. particularly ns wntcr
le constantly absorbed from the chylo
In th" lurga Intestine.   Had cases of
ipntlon nre .-unseal by dry chyle
tilug i'i tl It -i -. "here it
(,'■' .    lip   llll    Illtl.l III III II1 ialtl   lllllt   saallle-
liues  proves  fatal,  dry  f. es,  of
course, rcslsl ng porlsi iltlc action, The
ci - ni of persons Buffering fr	
pallon i- always dry  I hard
ami i- a potent muse of appendicitis.
in.  hi" i  thul   water drinking  at
meals unduly dilutes the gastric Juice
Is nonsensical, water being nol so pal-
la Hint nne is npl to 'irinii m iro
than  I.i.   i gesl ■•• (unctions  r-inir-*. j
.\. ,i matter of fuel wider generally
Intoa ;•■ digestion "f nllnin . i   I
Hiiiist.itic.'.   in thn ''iiniici Hon Dr. A,
.J.ia',1,1 in lis work "ii "Infant Diet,"
i igs 07, - iis
"in experiments upon digestion of
.■ii n,in gastric lulco obto uetl
',   l|     llll ||S .1 'V l. no
lhat after  ilu' '|i" proo- '
'.ait   al.i I  !■ ili'Well
i 'mu .,f water   'Hm
'     I II"    S'ltlll  Ileal     Willi
,'. ' I •'  It  llllll 'I '". "I   I
i •.    i upon whal remained un-
i        i . , dlluled    In the living I
llllllllOII I- 'if even kT".ller
,. rtn   '   ' ii It pet    '   ol Iho Irani .,i the ..uia I
'  ■    ' , l   '      'i ■!■.
I' I   llie k'al-lric
■ '    Selllier lhe gnslrlc Jllli
'       I .      "   .■ [CStlVO    .'"  tialll
J i they !'•' largely ill! iled with wafer.
  v 'Iiniii snylng dial it la imt
a ■  led,  lain  that
'■'I   th tl 'In'- It I. nml
ii holds j I iv ih tt'.it.T, I
■ -iiy ti f i.   Sow,;
hen om lhe perfectly natural
'.   " it ug Ic mny lie
lint thirsl        entl liuni ■ afterward,
I ,,- •" force .
tt i it i mi!   Hut if:
Iho ii iter, having nn j
■   ■        "i j. will go through
,        (hi   '       ',       ' a,   a    1,1,
 f water lo the hunt iv be Inferred from
. ;., es   it   subserves,
nnd dissolve I
lal ■ .■ their in i I '*
i mi, ul, II
..iiii of    :  a.i ind tha
' ■ -  Ij   Hi rd,  t keeps
limit    .    'i  ■      i
i .   ',.• body; fourth. It
.....        i (Jn! body's * li'-iii-
tti*t make shnr*-0 WhWCT,
hnvo Thick Wind, or Cbokft-
dowtl, CUl lM) A". ■   ■ •■'■  with
w my niuirh or Swelling
ciia.ul t'r alriln 'ar Inllmu-
m.tlon. No lillst.T, no
hair Coua, «r.,l tlerae keial
di work. sl.rtli"'ri'"iUo, ifo.
Ilvflr-a. li^'l IC free.
AllrKlUllIM', .IU., for mmiklnil,  .
llv.Ti'al.    Cure,   l.nllr,', Tumor.,   Vlirlroao   Vi'lln
llVll.aa'i'all,  Vlirlraa.'.al,,.    llU"K IT", .    MllaloOlllj' llV
W.F.Young, P.D.F., 137 Monmouth St
Springfield, Mass.
Can. Ag'U: Lyman bona & Co., Monti- ;,
h'lii i'hniiL'.'s; fifth, it tniikea easy Hi"
ellinliiatlou ef wnsto miilei t
discharges aiiperiltioiis Ileal by Iran-
, ■, ongli the skin ." .1 b.v cnils-
faiaal,    ||||a,  . alia Is.    llllll.    SI'V-
ci.iii, ii Btipi lies .ii ii coiiv i.i form
I, '» to "■ h irnela lent from the
body, Some of these fiuielluiia are
11 - foi ' ■! ''.v water in it- liquid BtatO
uml "tl,ir-  :i a attttoof i:i|aiir.
Hnve you  liidlgestlon'i   Try wafer
r    "   | ol  drugs with yiuir fnod.-O.
F.I    a I    I'lllll     'a   Nell'   V'l.'l;   Wiit'1,1
Silver liiulittiiia.
At the czar's inilii u 1'snrskoo S 'lo
ihe nurseries iT.a-A.i'-d fm' lhe ci e A
children constsl ".' eleven rooms, Ouo
feature Is described by Miss Hear, the
children's governess, ns fellows; "In
tho bathroom Is a stationary bath of
solid silver, used for llie bigger children. There Is a small Bllvsr bath for
the uso of whatever baby reigns, Each
child's inline Is engraved upon It. no it
forms a historical record. II was apparently bought for Nicholas I. nud
bents lili name and those of Ids family. We also iind the names of Alex-
iimier II and of Marie, afterward
Duchess of Edinburgh. The last namo
added was tlmt of Alexis, the little
baby who was born in August, L'lO'."
Tlie llrliuin In leclnnil.
In Its inun h to the polo the drama
has reached Iceland, It Is a recent
graft tipon the Intellectual life of Uio
Island, according to llio London Globe,
'Ih" first theater was founded bo recently ns ISO", and there is only one In
Hie Island .at Relkjorlk-but It hns
t.ik.n linn root. The dramatic season
opens in October nud closes Ot the cud
of April, when the good folk go llsblng,
and the theater is open about three
evenings a week. Bjornson nml Ibsen
are mostly drawn upon, but during the
lust season one or two native poets
have recited tlieir own compositions,
which promise well. The municipality
and the diet inib subsidise the theater to the extent uf COO crowns.
One Jearrl Princess I'-fii, Did >'ol lie!
n. I. I'reaeiit.
In reading over the list of the young
line of Spain's handsome cifls of Jewels A his bride, I'rlneess linn of Bnt
tenberg, snld to exceed Si. ,000 In
value, ii win i.e noticed ihnt among
nil the precious stones—diamonds,
pearls, brilliants, saphli res. etc, no
iiieiitiiui is mail.• of an opnl. Th" opal
hns alivays I n considered au unlucky
Btone, and n,nny Inslillict'S have been
given of tbc ill luck nltendlng it.- ne-
ccptniico, Imt the noted Spanish opal
ims broughl bo in ii y terrible catastrophes m Ils wake ihnt it Is dreaded
by the Spun ni'ls above all symbols of
ill llla'k.
This opal wn. originally possessed
hy Alfonso .Ml. 'f Spain, an.I was
highly valued by tlic king, Accordingly,
on his wedding day he presented It,
among other gifts, to his bride, who
was Mercedes, i - daughter of tha
Duko of Moi 'i'i ' r. She died, however, shortly afterward, and the king,
not liking to see any of her Jewels lo
remind him of bis loss, gave It among
others to his Blst.r. Maria del Pilar, just
boforo ihe funeral of his wife. Tho
l ;,A HMfr died a few days nfler receiving (lie opal, nml the king then
gave ,t t" ins slster-ln law, the Princess
Christina, the youngest daughter of
•lie I mke of Montponsler, nnd, to tht
horror of ill, she 11 JO died before throe
months bad pass",:
Th" kin; uas ao horror Btrhken snd
gi • ivi ui these itrnngt occurrences
that he resolved not to give It to nny
mn slie, hot to wear ii himself.   Us
nlso di"d 1000 afterward. The queen
rogont, brok'ii hearted and nfrnid of
the fatal Bton* i a i.,| that no other
human bolog -he lei he Influenced hy
Ils III luck, and, Obtaining a solid gold
chain, sia" fastened ibe opal ring i" t
nud hung II Bround tlie neck of the
Virgin of a:ti i '-ii of Madrid. Since
that tim.. uont of the royalties can bs
pet sun,led to accept the opal, and
naturally tho pi ■■ ■■ always superstitious, have i i nfrnid sven to look at
ono   '"'.*• fork Times
rn.tnif-n lolled  llelil..
A detat collecting agency which Is
run ni a pint of the regular public
postal S) '": . ' the newest "Improvement" of the postofHcos of Austria,
Dosp 'o the novelty of Um sntorprlso,
th" plan in- woi ked admirably, so that
many thousnn I • nro collocted annual
ly by (ho postmen throughout tho A is
1 rum empire Tbo pystom Is very simple, Suppose n truilcman In Vienna
has nn account duo from a customer
ii,, ,ii. iiii-h a dlslnnl town as Budapest, which ho wishes ni collect. Dis-
■ ..-. nol matter In Iho least lio
merely sends the bill to tii" postofflcs
in the capital, "ii'ia"..' il Is at once
transmitted to Ibt po loflleo nt limbi-
l„-i Thero Ihe postman p i nts It
lo the debtor, coiloi Is lhe eitsb nml
it   io  ill"   Vienna  pi
when " it is delivered to the IradeS'
iiinn by postman   In Ihe ovent of pnj
inei.t being refused, which, of course,
' i, en
pi . .■;   '      I Of Hi" fact,      I ■
, (roquontly invod,-
' ii ago J" i
Old  Project  Revived Through  English
and French R.iprochement,
N'aiw that England and France are
getting together Um old project of a
tunnel under llie English channel from
Calais i.a Dover la la In i talked about.
1 hlrty years ago a Pren ,vi company began to bore at each end, but Englan I
g at I'm-' li mnl Btopped tlio work. (Shu
f .laai ih.ai the rn i ■ I '.'"'ii I Invite attack hy nn army ul Invasl n. This
! Ii I He I :■•■• on ol iiiiiii : m   '
'      ' I ' '   al.i       .11  '   llll - .1    r- Cl nl '•
Lord F.'aciinin Ice v. i on welcoming tii.-
inembi rs "f the Frcn h n i h my on
Ihelr visit te London, ii" ile ilan i humorously, mi i'ii ria '1 iii The Wes'.inlii-
■ ti :■ 'i.e tie;
"I have I." right to roveal A" secret
ttiimi of iii.. novern  i 'a' evi n if I knew
It, luii there Is oni      nl obsl ic e in the
the rt n ol that it ije ■'
Every nnil 'ii hns I . :r nn, niial England    It  n ml ■' '"    '      Formerly ll
-   :    red Ihnt n Fren h ai ny m i il
creep Into Ens  nd tin     li tl
.i tunm I; thi n .i was n Oertnan
nrmy th a' m. fe roil 111 n n Russl in
I3ul to-day ll i- Iha Chinese nrmy Wai
have been assured in Iho newspapers ■
and the newsp tpers ni •'- r lit I i " ■*
M'.nr'a.l army after cr isslng Asia. Iturn-
ini: Bt, Petersburg, d' -trnylng Berlin
nnd tho University .af Paris, would occupy -he pier '".a I .!' ''nils unl, entering ill" Ion ii '.. ■ m "■■' tt liaivr. But
th 'S" ivlir, hnve conjured up litis dreadful picture f.."n"i lhe French nrmy
which In the vast i'',i'ns between Tours
a :i.I Poitiers ii mill !■ feat ihls army
and il" i"' r in from n Tartar Invasiani"
Yet the military ilanner is t ik.-n seriously lay s nne, i nil Sir W, Holland,
M, P., who hopes 'hit Parliament will
sanction th" tunnel scheme, proposes
t" get rouml tit" objection hy innki:'.,-
the tube neutral i i.e tii" Sues aui
Panama canals, Hut thero mlirlit bs
foes of England Jusi across the channel who would ii"'. si"|i for a trifle HUe
neutrality if they wanted to make tho
lords ami iiii i.i' A- aif st. James kotow on ilu. Bp '. The lirsl Napoleon
would have n"ii" through the hoi" in
spite   of   all   Christendom   had   '.here
been one aboui the > - 1805,   And It
wouldn't test wiih the Monuials >»r even
the Turks to furnish some bold Chen-
pis Khan or .Marie lo raise th.' cr.
"(in lo London" if lie- sol.way lay
aa|aan. lt is nmtf lhan li 1 c»-1 \* tli" English of these times will si"- the continent overrun hy vast Socialist armies
who will cute nothing fair treaty 'ibliKa-
tlons, ami 'ley 11 have allies In Kni?-
lnnd to beckon them mi and help them
en if ihe taking of London seems worth
Sunlight Soap is better than other soaps,
but is best when used in the Sunlight way.
To appreciate the simplicity and ease of
washing with Sunlight Soap in the Sunlight
way you should follow directions.
After rubbing on thc soap, roll up each
piece, immerse in the water, and go away.
Sunlight Soap
will do its work in thirty to sixty minutes.
Your clothes will be cleaner and wluicr than if washed
in the old-fashioned way with boiler and hard rubbing.
Equally good with hard or soft water.
Levor  Drolhor. Llmlrcd,  Toronto
Mistress of tbe Alhambra.
Queen Victoria A Spain will he tha
ericiaaiis niisin ss .af n number of most
beautiful I a and palaces, says The
Westminster Onsette, Tho Royal Palace at Madrid is hy common consent
"ne of th.- must handsome ond 'ane nf
tha- largest tloynl domiciles In Europe,
lt ivns imji! by l'i;: \. v , who was anxious to Imitate A" innanlflccnoe 'f his
grandfather, 1. u XIV sumptuous
abode at v. ra t : - Ils nplcn Hal r i.,m«
nro crowded wi'n arl lit asun . aaf all
■ It rlpl "its. About thirty miles from
Iho capital tht re Is lhc lit -iin.il. known
ii, "The Qrldlron," an 'in r homo of fine
r s. and nihil with artistic objec'.s
■ f   Mill!.!.
The p.i .1"'- "f Aranjuesla a large bul
w tal uninteresting-looking b . : I-
Inc. Tie n (here is Ihe Mlramlr Palace
ni San Si I'., a-: an, n'. a ill Pardo. Bul
Ihe i in. palaces nf nest Inlt; tl iro
Iho beautiful old Moorish pal,tees if
the Alhambra ami Ihe Alcasar al Se
1 ii'"',   Both .ll''- llli'll' i   -   if nl'a III'.   Itlll ',
: 'I ■ io \ . ir is doscrlbed l'i* lb ise
■■'.!."  Il.ti i   It  n •  "II"   "f  Um  in isl
'. ively sijiius "f Spain. "It Is a marvellous iu.'/." of i" "in-, brill .ml with 'jc-
or, and f courtyards where tho 'I' A
cats Iracery np] i lira like luce." wrote
.i i      r to this   ■; ■ ii. building,
About Printer's Devils.
The ban Ma r's "devil," with whoa"
■:• .," Aiiaaiii,.y.i;.ii..i,ii ,,f Engl ind
as iha' guest of the North-eastern Clr-
c tit, made mi rry, g it it, presumably
frciu that other humble functionary,
"i" "prlnti i-s devil." Bul why n.i,
'Im printer's erraml boy lo-callod? According i" Moxcn, wrliltiK at Hi" end
"f ihe  Beventocnth  century,   becaus.-
"■a.   a. b iys an a Printing it out i.a
monly black ami Dnwb ihemselvesi
whence lhe Workmen do Jocosely "all
tie in Ii. vlls; nml Bometlmea Spirits,
ini'i a."n.limes Files." Ii is related,
i iwovor, " ai Ail" M.niiiizi'i, th.' greal
Venetian printer of ihe fifteenth century, had a blnck stave boy, who **ais
populai «.i, "i ■ an. from be-
: .i Aaa'.iiiinciy he published .. no-
licet—"I, Aiil" Mnnuilo, printer of the
lloge, have this day mado pubtlo "k
I""iire of the printer's devil, All who
think he Is not I .unl klouJ may
como und pinch him."
WliAt Some uf llie llinl. of (Ite I 1,11-
drei,  Coiilnl.teil.
I   The dour of the Settlement library
op" I nnd In rushed llie children, nil
ai;os and sizes, from ibe kindergarten
to t:n blghost grade of three of tho
largo public schools,
'I'he librarian examined the cards
which had been tilled uut at home wilh
the signature of the child und that of
"Alirella, you havo forgotten to put
down what your father does," said
Miss Jones ns she look tlio card from a
little colored girl.
"My namo is Miss Alfrctta," replied
the child, "aud my father is a traveling
"He's not, Miss Jones," Interrupted
Tom Brown, "lie's Just a common
porter on tho train,"
"Well," said Miss Alfrella, "doesn't
he travel, and If he travels Isn't ho a
traveling mnn, I'd llko to know':"
".lohii, you have not told what your
father does." Miss Joues turned to
the child next In lino,
"I don't Rant to tell, nnil be said t
wasn't lo tell, neither," replied John,
lookiug half scared.
"llul I must know what your father
does before you can lake any books."
"Well,"-poor Utile John caught his
breath—"! do so want lo lake books,
but If he knows I told he'll link ine.
I'll Just whisper It to you, and no one
else need hear." So ho went close lo
Miss Jones and, putting bis arm around
her neck, whispered, "lie's the bearded
lady ut the dime museum."
"Next"' Miss Jones wrote Bomotllltlg
hurriedly on the card.
"I want to explain ubout mine." A
little girl stoppod forward eagerly, ,"I
wrote my own namo myself, but my
father, being dead, was unable in write
his, so I wrote it f"r him, but my
mother wrote hers herself."
"Annie, yoil haven't told us what
your father does."
"Flense, lie works hard,   He says he
does." said Annie.
"Well, wlmt does he work hard nl?"
"He works at being un Invalid."
"My father is a miller," snld the next.
"My mother is a housekeeper."
"My father Is a carpenter."
"Mine is a peddler, for be peddles."
"I don't know what to do rsl•■ >»it my
card," Bald Julia Trusky, pushing ber
way townrd th" desk,   "Vmi see. It's
this way.  My mother bus divorced my
father, nn.l 1 don't know If I ought lo
semi the en t.i to him of wn it until next
week, for lb"ii I am to bave n new fa-
thcr."—Llpplncott's MugasUe,
I 1 ill   llllll off.
Mr. Coopau (passionately) — Miss
Smoot, when I um in yo hilarious vicinity 1 feels s,i influential anil delusive
liat 1 can't explain de altltudo .-( niub,
coboslveness! Miss Smoot— Gladys—I
Miss Sim.ot (coldly)-Pnt'S nil right,
Mlstnh Coopsh! 0' cou'so 1 likes n gen-
'Ionian hi be unvilinl nml all dat, but
don't jump up In ninii lap, sail; (less
plcuse don't Jump up in uiuh lap.-Woman's lb,me Companion.
Tht Momc law and Marrisge.
More Hun iw nturloi iiar.. ;i nr >r
i ?lng m i'utrii '.in  .dm mlshi i i'i- ■ "
lie, '" at [a a' "r'l'a a Ida Iii .i wife's
half broil":     ♦■ . In.it'n.l   of
y.a Idlng obedlem o '.a' fled m England
"in.an aixl Ihi r. in.ml "I her,
.        ng •" Tii" Dundee Adverl   ■     *
) ir-i unanimously found him guilty, ami
t 1ft    a'tal ■!    llllll    '   .   I'"    I"!,.   I   It I
'i ,;.   1   p   I". . Ih al "II  the al' I'll
"f a wife h.r Bister is no longer vvit!i-
In II degree forbidden i'i lhe M"3a. i
law, i. ar ii lu. broihor'a wife on Ihe
di ttl "f Unit brotln r In (act, to marry a lai'iither's Widow was an ".xpresj In-
j in 11 n of Unit law. and If tho sur-
'.,'.- ,: liraailer declined th" match th"
'. low ii,n entltli I by that el'',;,ml iimt
iA'niii"il sy.siei'i „i Jurisprudence to—
I  |     '.    In    Ll*    f"''
"Toil s-'.'in lo be in a particularly
happy frame of mind Una morning,
Mr. Wiulsw.irlb."
"I um. I'or several months past I
have had a suspicion tllSl my private
secretary und my stenographer were
in love with each other."
"And hive you I'oiuiil Unit you were
mistaken V"
"Yes   ||„ (uu,, lo ine lasl night aud
asked for my daughter," Judge,
To Be Silenced by III,' Use of \* ,,",!,-„
raven, eiu..
AVork has been completed nt Ihe lower end of Broadway for lhe removing
of the Armor Belgian block pavement
and llie substitution of llie new wood
block surface, which is laid from tlie
Battery to Vesoy Btreet.
The   increasing   popularity   of   this
pavement Is due largely to lhe fact
that It Is noiseless under traffic. In this
respect It outdoes asphalt, which has
boon considered for ninny years Ideal
for use around hospitals and schools
' and oilier places where a quiet pave-
, ment was essential, In the ease of the
' wood  block  pavement the  nnise  of
'horses' hoofs, which make considerable
clatter on asphalt, is almost done away
Willi and the soft, hollow thuds which
are nil Hint can be heard ou the wood
nre rulher pleasant to lhe ear than
| Iu making use of this pavement under conditions of heavy trnfllo such ns
eilst on Broadway New York is following in tlm footsteps of the European capitals, which bave resorted to
this expedient to a grout extent during
the lust twenty years. All the principal aveuues ami boulevards of Paris,
a without oxcoptlon, nro paved with
wood. The same In Irue, to a slightly
less extent. In London, nnd iu hundreds
of smaller cities wood pavement is
ulso n favorite,
i Not only Broadway, but practically
tbe entire lower end of Manhattan
Island, will eventually be paved wilh
I w.nd blocks.   The blocks are treated
throughout to the heart with u mixture
of ei sue nnd rosin.
The grain of the wood affords nn excellent foothold for horses under every
other condition, and it hns been found
by trucking companies lhat drivers of
heavy loads prefer the wood paved
streets to those paved With sione or asphalt, as furnishing easier traction.
Another advantage of the wood pavement which will be appreciated In the
windy canyons of the otllco building
district Is Ibe fact Unit, unlike asphalt,
this pavement does nut breed dust.
When the work nrnv under contemplation In lower New York Is completed ihis city will become one of the best
paved municipalities in ibo world.—
New York Mail.
Melancholy ns it truly Is, the real
origin of cancer is ns yet unknown,
.No parasite bus been discovered to explain Its Invasion, and no treatment
sliort of tbo earliest possible use of tlio
knife has given nny hope, Even with
the best surgical skill Iho growth Is
very npl to recur, nud ill the great majority of patients afflicted with the disease It proves fatal within llirec to
live years. Tlio one promising feature
for treatment is that ibe ailment Is ut
lirst always local and sliould thus bo
nineiialile to early nnd thorough eradication,—New York Herald.
'1 r.-iiMii ,-   1-1,1,1,1.
Treasure Island Is still a mystery.
The steam yaebt Hose Marine, which
left England In October, 1003, to search
1 for the treasure which, tradition snys,
pirates concealed on COC08 Island, In
the Pacific, has returned to Southampton, Captain Mathews, the skipper, Is
reticent as to the results of the voyngo
iiiiiI only says that his belief lu the
project lias been strengthened. Tho
work of searching the Island Is very
nr. ii .ni.
"Ho you believe n mnn can love more
lhan one','"
"1 know It. Why, between Friday
night und Monday morning I bavo
loieii a whole summer resort"—Now
York Life. 	
iin.ai tn Touch.
"When n ninn Is distant he's not
easily touched," remarked the observer
of events and tilings, "loiue to think
of ii, he's rn.) easily 'touched1 when he's
dose, either." Vunkcrs statesman,
N»i Quite Clear,
She-While lu Uie country Inst summer I learned to milk n cow, Just for
iniiisenieiit, you know,
Ile I'or lhe cow's iiiiiuseinent or for
your own'; Chicago News.
\ wise Hen.
Hewitt How did you come to marry
your typewriter?
Jewell Well, you see, I got n good
wlfo nnd got rid of u poor ati'tvngra-
An Embarrassing Joke.
When Lord Eldon wns appointed d«-
I ttj    rofe ror of law nl Oxford nni-
;.. u.iii in."!.' ih'. victim "f an
■a   Ing practical J"ko, aaf which
lie a     a the follnv nit account In his
: "inun'ill i " y nfior l was m ir-
rt. ai I wua appointed deputy prof   . u
'.   i i at a ixford, .iu l tho im* I" i"    '
■    ■     i lhe lirst lei im'", which I ho I
i.i im lintiu llnloly lo Iho   students
. n i        , i I..:: ut with 'lit knowing i
a I that ivns In It.   It WOI u|
if young men running
i      i mo ian*   fancy me reading
ul ISO boys ninl young men
■    • prol      rl"     Thi
( c lurio, lay
a' Lord Eldon had Jusi
I-;.... i ■, am .. j own ti ipumtnt,
The Juiion. Wife.
"I don't see ttby she hn't happr
wlih him, He's certainly very attentive lo her."
"Thai's Jusi It. She unities Hint he
couldn't bo sai nltcntlvo to her If he
hadn't had n lot of oxporlenco with
somo ono else," Cstliollc Blaudardand
Unexgeeted lienil,,
Mrs, Murphy 01 hear your son Lenny died vory suddenly, Mrs. ITynn,
Wns bis ilith unoxplctld?
Mrs. Elynn It was, Mrs. Murphy.
We oxplctld ii pardon from th' guv'nor
i.i in' very luslil uiluute, ■ New York
A Modes! Philanthropist,
Booker T. Washington tells nf a
Wall slreet philanthropist whose ben,'
factions nt" si, carefully hidden Unit
no om' outside of a very small circle
s,i-i Is him.   Tills Is saltl lo be the
Unknown who Bent $2fi,000 lo Mayor
McClnllnn of N"w York for tli.- Sia
Francisco relief fund, Mr. Washing
',in snys this man's wealth will bo a
great surprise when his death reveals
it, his possessions being vastly Inrgor
th.hi ll."i ars ce:i''i iillv Mini,,,..' -I to be.
A IMnynr I'or llie nnlile..
James Brondbent, mayor of Iind-
dersiieltl, England, is making the proper euro of Imbles n leading feature of
his administration. Ho issues Instructions ns to (heir food uml says a baby
should bo weighed every fortnight to
keep "tnb" on Its nutrition. A baby
weighing niiichine is kept at Uie mayoralty office for the purpose. I
There aro n number ol vnrb titles
of corns. Holloway'a ('urn cure will
remove uny ol Ihem.  Call on your
Iniiimsi ninl gel n bottle ut once,
nucule', [.tternry Hoimmeiil.
Bucklo devoted nearly twenty years
to the collection of materials for bis
'■History of Civilisation." lie wrote
only n portion of tho Introduction,
which remains n great monument to
his literary nud philosophical teachings.
If lhe work had I li linlslied on tho
suiiic  scale  ns  begun,   1UU  volumes
would imi have sulllccd.
Four J.cacti (lover.
In sonic pans of Ireland Ihe presentation of a four leaf clover by a young
mail in a young woman is considered
equivalent tu "poimlng the aucstlon"
Known to Thousands, Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills reguiate the net imt nf
Ue' seen lions, purify lhe id 1 nnd
keep ilm stomach uml bowels free
iiiiin deleterious matter, Taken according tn direction Ihey will over-
como aiys|a,apsi;i. i I'liiiicnic biliousness,
nml leave the digestive organs healthy
nml Btrong i>> perform their (unctions,
Their merits nro well known to ilmus-
ands who know liy experience how
iiciiciieiai thoy nre in giving tone to
lhe system.
'I'lllna,  i, OlielOa*,
I'he gi-iit gmclcr on Mont Blanc is
being used for other purposes lhan
furnishing nn occupation It. guides nud
iiii nihil, tlm, I,ir Iniirists. All he
trust bus  gone intu the business oll
iiii extensive scale nf quarrying the
clear, bald Ic ut an altitude of i.im
feet. The Ice is blown out In great
blocks by melius of dynamite, after |
which It Is sawed Into regular sizes
nnd sent down the iiiounlnlu sides on
n narrow gouge railway. Down lu thn
valley It Is loaded Inlo freight ours nnd
distributed through southern Prance.
A will-in winter has nu terrors for tbo
Mont  Blanc  Iceiiiuii; ho Invests no
money iu leel ses, nnd the supply Is
■1 I," ll,, an!,io,mill,
II Is snld lliiit lliiit wonderful fighting machine, llio British bnllloshlp
lil'ondliotlgllti will entry fuel, both COItl
nnd oil, sufficient In take her from Eng-
liml lo Quel and back without till- I
in;- blinkers or tanks,   Inasmuch ns
Ihere will be no water tight doors bo-
low the iirinoi'od deck, thoro will be nn :
liming cut of "lifts," by which offl- ]
•■is iiiiiI men may be coiiveyeil over
the impassable bulkheads. Tho ship Is
roughly described us consisting of five
circular furls sol In the hull, or, rather,
ivitii tiie hull built, around thom, each
fori bolng heavily armored to Ils bnso \
mul surmounted by n revolving turret
mounting Iwo twelve-Inch guns. I
MnlTio Is Indian corn. Crushed mnl7.e
Is known In Ireland ns "stirabout," In
Italy ns "polenta" nnd In America as
"hominy,"  it is less stimulating thnn
wheal. Corn flour Is n preparation of
innl/.e. Crashed malSO boiled wilh milk,
Bwoetenod with sugar mul (lushed with
cream is one uf the must fattening
The llllll.
The digit, ii Hebrew mensiire of
length, wns n little over iiliicleiiths uf
tin Inch. It was laken from the second
Joint of Ibe right furetlnger.
A  Stniiiil Munition   Mentis  a   ."Icnr
lli,ui Tb" high pressure ol a nervous in.' which business men ol tho
presenl day ate constrained to live
make draughts upon their vitality
highly detrimental to their health,  it
is only by the st careful trontment
thnl tlii'.v arc able to keep themselves
iiii'it nmi active in ihelr various callings, ninny nf them know the value
uf Parmelee's Vegetable l'ills In rug-
uintlng ihe Btomnch and consequently
keeping iho bead clour.
Our lies, Brleks,
The first bricks made on North
American soil were manufactured by
ih lonists of Virginia iu 1013, They
wor,. used In building ibe 'biircli nt
Jnmostown nml Uu.' residences of Ibo
governor uml the more Important citizens, a portion of Jamestown church
Is siill standing, nnd llie bricks of
which || was bllllt arc In good preservation uml appear to have been very
wi II made.
Spoons nre of Hourly llie siiine alzn
nil over Ibe civilized world, nml four
Inblespoontuls make what in medical
piirlmice Is domiininiilcd a wineglass-
fill .
Active Liver,
Good Digestion
And There is no More Prompt and Certain
Means of Keeping the Liver Right Than
In cnlling your attention to Dr.
Chase's Ktdney-Llver Pills il Is only
necessary to polnl to Ihelr success
iu ilie past, for the) are known lu
nearly every home.
By moans of ihelr dlrecl nnil specific
acllon ou Um liver—cousins a health-
lul lluw ui bile—ihey reguluto nnd enliven tho action of the bowels and ensure good digestion In the Intestines
ai the same time the; Btlmulnte the
kidneys In their work of filtering
poisons fr.«m i im blood,
'hits cleansing i> ess  Bel  In ac-
Mnn by Dr, Chase's Kidney-Liver
Ails menus n thorough cure for nil-
llousnoss, Intestinal Indigestion, torpid liver, kidney derangements and
It means ti restoration of health,
strength and comtorl where there ims
been pain, weakness nnd suffering.
It. means a removal ol lhe conditions
which lead to backache, rheumatism,
lumbago, Brlght'a Disease, appendicitis and dial"" ts,
Miss Julie Lunglras, Manor, Sask.,
write.:—'"For a long tlmo I .uttered
from liver complaint and biliousness
nu,I could llml nothing to help me until  I  used  llr.   Chase's  Kidney-Liver
Alls. I have recommended these pills
to many o( my friends und they liave
nil boon satisfied with the results,
Vou enn use this letter for the bono.
in uf women who uro suffering us 1
Mr, Win. Oook, Moosomtn, 8ask.,
writes:—"1 have been inking Dr,
Chase's Kidney Liver Pills and must
say ihey have done ine a lot ol good,
I have been a great suit tit from
diabetes and I can say to all who are
nilbcii'ii wlih Mils disease that Dr,
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills will do
them good, I cannot say that I am
entirely cured but 1 hnve been greatly
benefited by this medicine,"
Dr. Clinso's Ktdney-Llver Pills, one
pill a dose, i'i cents n bos, nt nil dealers, or Eilmanson, Bates & Co., Tur-
Vertex,, cln.
Tbe summer season in Venezuela
Insts from November to April. Tbo
winter season lasls from April to November. The climate of tlio temperate
part of the country Is (lie llnest in
South America, the most equable nnd
tho most salubrious outsldo of Peru,
The women of Vcncsuola nro of the
Spanish type nnd are celebrated for
ihelr beauty. Tbo language of the coun-
Irv is SliniiAi	
lflrsl Motfiil Emperor,
Kubliii Khan, Iho first mogul emperor of China, was called tho Murder-
or, from ilm tragedies in his uwu
fu in liy,
The Fly's Sloutll,
The fly's oatlug apparatus is really a
Bucket' of very large proportions when
compared wiih ihe slse of tho iinlniiil.
if the mouth of ii ninn woro of tho
same proportlounlo size as thnl of ibo
fly, bis In-ill would bave io be enlarged
about iwo tect on each snlo tu uccoin*
module his Ilns nmi i h
I really take It very kind,
Tills visit, Mrs. Skinner,
I have not seen you such an age—
(The wretch has come to dinner!)
Your daughters too.     What loves ol
girls I
What heads for painters' easels!
Como hers and klsi tho Infant, dears—
(And give it perhaps till measles I)
Tour charming boys I see are home
Prom Rev. Mr. Russell's.
'Twos vory kind to bring them both—
(What boots for my new Brussolll)
What!   Little Clara left at home?
Well, now, I call that ihabby!
I should have loved to kiss hor so—
(A flabby, dabby babby!)
And Mr. S., I hope he's well!
But, though he lives so handy,
He never once drops In to sup—
(Tho better for our brandy!)
Come; take a aoat.   I long to luar
About Matilda's marriage,
Tou'vo come, of coursa, to spind ths
(Thank he.iven. I hear tht carriage!)
What, must go?  Next time I hope
You'll give me longer measure—
Nay; I ahall seo yiu down thi stairs—
(With most uncommon plcasurel)
Qoodbyl Goodby! Iteniember, ell.
Next time you'll tako your dinners—
(Now, David, ni'nl   I'm not at home
In future to the Skinners.)
An Old Bible.
One of the oldest Bibles In Connecticut Is In possession of Thomas P. Aitkin of Manchester. It has been in the
Aitkin family for centurios nnd according to tlie title page It "wns Imprinted by tie deputle of Christopher
Barker, printer to tin* queues most excellent majestic, 1509. Kuglished by
L. Tomson."
Importance (tl II,,1,1,lea.
For tho well being and stable balance of every mind It is normally nee-
essary that every man Bhould bave
Bouie pursuit which shall bo unconnected with his business, which he
must pursue with absolute seriousness.
The hobby may be a game, It may be
a collection uf sums sort (oven stamps)
or it may ho some artistic achievement,
and whether a man scarcely attains
mediocrity even in it matters not nt
ull, provided he pursues It with the
fixed Idea that nothing else lu the
world nnuii'r.s.-i.uuduii Queen,
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
-ra* Crown nf t lin.ro...
The crown of Chosroes, tbe king of
Persia, was hidden In uu Arabian fortress and remained concealed for nearly 1,000 years.
i.nni.. i,I nice.
In Hie game of dice, ns plnyod by
the Creeks, names of their divinities
wero given to the various "throws,"
the most forluuute, that of the highest
number, being called Venus or Aiipro-
Neatly all Infants are more or less
subject tu diarrhoea and such complaints While t tllng and   ns   this
period uf Ihelr lives is llio must critical, mothers Bhould not be without
u bottle of Dr. J.D.Kellogg's Dysentery
Cordial. This medicine is a speclllc
for suei: complaints nnd is highly
spoken ol by those who have used It
The proprietors claim li will cure
any enso of cholera or summer complaint.
Badly Imlttea,
"I wish there were ten days In tie
week." sighed Gladys,
"Why!" asked Orace, ,
"Jack could call oltetier then."   **J]
Solitude Is ns needful lo the Imagination ns society Is wholesome fur Iha
character.- Lowell.
Minard's Liniment Cures   Garget   in
A gentleman visiting snme relatives in Scotland was persuaded to try
ii game ol golf, At lirst stroke he
aimed :i terrific blow at the ball, seat'
taring the turf to right and left, and
bulked .round for tho result.
"Whal Intv" I lilt." he inked.
Scotland,   sir."   gruffly   answered
the ciiildio.-Tltblis.
Is It Your
Do you pin your hit to your
own hair? Can'l do it?
Haven't enough hair? It must
be you do not know Ayer's
Hair Vigor! Here's an introduction I May the acquaintance result in a heavy growth
ofrich,thick,glossyhair! And
we know you'll never be gray.
" I Ihlnk llul »T'r'l Halt Vliror t. Ikl mml
». aa.1.arfil hllrgn**!! thai Ra, ITS! m.a'. [
h.r. na.al tl for anna. Ilm. .nit t a-"., 1*0.11".
full. ... Ihal I .m sr-.tlT r'*.***1 »l'l' It 1
rh-.rfaill, r<a-f>i<am.n<1 tt .a a atal-nHlat rr.pav
raiiaaaa -    Mm. V Intl.If, v. ,. ,. I, Mull.
H«d»bT.t.C 'JVOo , Lowella Ua»
AiaO ,.. ,'. .Ivl .r.ra nf
)     SllWAkllU.
The Water Lily,
Severn! ipoclmcus of water lilies
have tho vory curious peculiarity of
blooming all day nnd nt evening closing their blossoms, and by retracting
tlio item, drawing Un* flower entirely
under water. There Is no more singular fact In Hie history of Bower. Uuin
this oddity of Ihe wnier in.
1 bought n horse with a supposedly
Incurable ringbone tor 130. Cured
linn with Jl.no worth of MINARD'S
LINIMENT and sold him fur $86.00.
Profit on liniment, $54.00.
Hotel Keeper, St. Phillippo, Que.
Ranter—I thought this paper was
friendly to me.
Editor—So It is. What Is the matter now?
"1 made a speech at Ihe banquet
last night, and vou didn't print a Hue
Of It."
"Well? what further proof do you
wain o( nur friendship?"—Answers,
A (innil Medicine requires little advertising, Dr. Thomas' Eoleotrlo Oil
gained the good name u now enjoy.,
nm through elaborate advertising, but
on lis grent merits ns a remedy for
bodily pains uml ailment, uf the respiratory organs. It has carried Ils
fame wherever It has gune, und It Is
prised m the antipodes as well ns at
home,  Dose smaks effect sure,
Mrs. Wink.—This article In  the
Household   Mngntlno   on   keepliiU
house nn $:'.,r,oii a yenr Is Interesting,
but there Is iiue Importanl lack.
Mrs. Illuks   Whal  Is thiil'.'
Mrs. winks—Ii doesn't loll you how
iii gel iha $3,500 a year.—Somervllle
Made Strong and Steady by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
When your nerves aro mn rn' order
your whole health is un the verge of
u breakdown,  Sudden sounds, .startle
yuu;  your muscles twitch and    your
ban is tremble; yunr soil-control is
shattered;   your   will-power    gone.
Your head aches; your feel are often
cold njui   your   face   flushed.   Your
heart Jumps and thumps nt the least
excitement; yuu are restless at nigh
ami  tired   when   you  wake.     You
temper is irritable and yuu feel uttei
ly   down-hearted,   Ami   the   wln.l
trouble Is because yunr blood Is tu
thin and watery lo keep the nerve
strong.     There is only one way to
liave   strom:,   healthy   nerves—feed
thom with the rich   red   blood   that
only   Dr. Williams'   Pink   Pills can
make—and do mala'. Mr. Fred Forth
17 Sullivan street, Toronto, snys:—
. wus u complete wreck wilh lierv
ous prostration,  but   Dr. Williams
I'inl. l'ills have made ti new man uf
me. 1 had been nervous for yours;
the least noise would startle me, and
the least exertion would leave ine ut
terly prostrated, I lost in weight
and physically 1 was almost tl wreck,
I had not taken the pills lung when I
found they were helping me; my ap>
polite Improved, my nerves begun to
grow steady, und day by day I gained
until I was again a well man. My
weight increased twenty-live pounds
while I was using the pills. To any
who Buffer 'is 1 did, 1 ran sny that if
Dr. Williams' l'ink Pills nre given a
fair trial, a cure wilT bo sure io follow."
Dr, William.' Pink Pills restored
Mr. Forth, .Imply because they made
the rich, pure blood which properly
nourishes the nerves and keeps them
strong. They will cure nil the discuses due tn hmi blood ami shattered
nerves, such as anaemia, Indigestion,
headaches and backaches, rheumatism, lumbago, St. vims dance, paralysis, general weakness and the secret ailments of growing girls nnd
won,en. Hut ynu must always Insist
mi getting ilu' genuine pills wiih the
lull inline Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for
Pale People mi the wrapper around
ouch box. Snld liy medicine dealer!
or sent direct by tnall nt 60 cents a
box or three boxes for $2.50 by writing the Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Dim"Ville, Ontario.
He li Never Happy 1'iiIcm un * *lu-
rnuiltiiK Bine-UHon.
Tbo Moro is bravo lo fearlessness, a
born pirate and essoutlnlly a lirst class
lighting nmu. lio Is never happy unless on a marauding expedition nml
stealing from bis nolghbors, friends
nud foes alike. The chief who Is the
most successful thief is the most ro-
spatted uud thu most powerful among
The Moro trades with his nolghbors
on market days In tho various coins
of ihe realm ami forolgn moneys, At
other times he is a free oceaii rover,
extending bis trading voyages as far
north ns ilm islands of Negros uml
l'anay, suiilb to lhe I'.'lobes und Hor-
mo ami westerly io tlio Palawan, Ho
Is tho most sii ssfni of smugglors,
uml n little act of piracy whon chance
offers noes wlthoul mention, The Moro
is the most perfect of aquatic beings,
(be most skillful small bunt sailor or
; largo "prim" navigator OXtaut, lie can
no moi'6 dl'OWn thnn can a lish. Thorn
j Is no record of a drowned Moro.  Ho
I enn dive to the bottom of thu sea at
depths of from twenty live In a hundred feet for UlO valuable niollier-of-
poarl shell, und his life Is largely lived
lit sea from Infancy.   Along lhe ciiast
many of tho Moro villages are built
over  the  water,—Colonel  Owen  ,i.
Sweet, L'. S. A., ill Harper's Weekly.
is preferred by former Japan Tea drinkers
because of Its greater purity.
Lead    Packets   Only,   40c,   60c,    and   60c   per   Ib,     At   all   grocers.
Highest Award St. Louis 1904.
yvii.ii Mii.ci.
The witch hazel In nil parts of (irent
Britain Is considered us a magic plant
lu many local traditions lt Is alluded
to ns playing n p.in in charms and lu-
en ulal ions.
SpiUarn „,l.
The Virginia spidorwort Is apparently unable to onduro n high temperature, During tho day it Is wilted and
dejected. As tho evening conies on It
revives, all Ils leaves assume a lively
appearance, aud the plant appears to
flourish nnd enjoy Its life until the
morulng light again returns.
Sunlight Soap is better than other
soaps, liiit Is best when used In thu
Sunlight way.       Buy Sunlight Soap
nud follow directions,
Kn-fll.n (.'loth.
Tlie cloth of the old Egyptians wns
so good Hint, iiltboiigli It has been used
for Ihousnnds of yeurs ns wrappings ot
the mummies, the Arabs of todny can
wenr lt. It Is oil of linen, tho indent
Egyptians considering wool unclean.
tttOSM-t'S aVork.
Mozart lived thirty-seven years. Ills
first muss was composed when be wns
less lhan ten years of age, and tho
enormous quantity of liis compositions
wus tho work of the succeeding twenty-seven yenrs. Mozart wrote forty-one
Symphonies, fifteen musses, over thirty
operas and dramatic compositions, forty-one sonntns, together with nn Immense number of vocal and concerted
pieces In almost every line of art.
.Mr. ii. l. Stephenson, ot Peterborough says: "For over ten years I But-
f i constantly with Pile., first Itching, Mien Bleeding; pain almost unbearable; life a burden. Tried everything 111 vain lill 1 used Dr, Leiin-
hordt's lli-in-Rold.
"I had laken but a few doses when
l began lo notice  an  improvement,
.\r,v, i am completely cured."
A $1,000 guarantee with every box
ni Hi in itniii. gi. All dealers, or the
Wllson-Fyle Co., Limited, Niagara
Falls, um. IS
The first statutory mention of pins
Is to be found In an English law passed
In lhe year 1483, The lirsl patent pin
machine wns one of American make-
Wright', machine of 1824.
Ancient Grecian Aeon.lies,
The ancient Greeks, to secure resonance without the use of woodwork,
placed under tlic scnis of llieir theaters
earthen pots with tlio mouth turned toward the Binge, the vibrating muss uf
nir in these serving to re-enforce tbe
Minard's   Liniment  Cures  Colds, etc.
llrliil I,neu.I..
in nil (be cities of Arabia, even al the
present day, dried locusts, strung on
threads as dried apples used formerly
lo be treated In this country, nro exposed for snlo as an nrtlclo of food.
Tbe children cannot possibly have good health
unless the bowels are In proper condition. A
sluggish liver gives a coated tongue, bad breath,
constipated bowels. Correct all these by giving
small dotes of Ayer's Pills. Genuine liver pills,
llC\TpT\ Ready Unlive, ail rejjttBble, sugar-coated.
■    SalaaEi LaaaauTlaW
The Irish Bull in Journalism.
of U well-known reporter ol n past
generation many curioBltli s ol style
are still repeato I with zest by Dub
iin journalists,   li was this man who
explal I, describing a case ol drown'
inn off Dalkey:—"The body was
wuslie l ashore by a rocedlng wave."
Of n fugitive from justice be wrote;—
"The burglar wns surrounded on all
subs by the police. Escape was Impossible. Suddenly ho made his way
down a oul-de-sac and disappeared
through n side street." The niuv
popular story of Mils Impresslomsl
writer, however, relates lo Mr. Gladstone, On the Grand Old Man's one
and only visit to Dublin he was Interviewed by the eccentric press inun.
Mr. Qlndstone, at tho conclusion nf a
sumewhal amusing array ol rpu'stions,
very courteously expresse I his p'i usurp nt meeting the Interviewer, Tho
Inner. In n high state of tleli.'li', mid
with enthusiasm. "The pleasure is
mutual, Mr. Gladstone, Hut it is all
on my side."—London Trlbuue.
Neri,'. Crowns,
When Nero iiiu.le his artistic lour ns
a musician nnd actor through the cities
of Greece, moro lhan 'Wo crowns were
bestowed upon blm, and when he returned to Homo he decreed himself a
triumph nnd entered tho city with
these crowns borne iu solemn procot-
Do not delay In gi ttlng relief for
the little folks. Mother Uruvi ■' Worm
Exterminator is a plcasanl and .sure
cure. If yuu love your uhlld why .In
you b i ll -mi' i when it remedy is su
near at hand?
Horning llalniinn.,
A rainbow In tlie morning foretells
rulny weather during the day,
The Snow Klnff.
OustOVUI  Adolphtis  wns ths snow
king, from tbo fact thnt hia domluiou
were termed the Snow Kingdom.
The llr..Inn Kir.
The wheat liy feeds upon the (lower
of lhe wheat, while tho hessian (Iy
lays Its cms on tlie stem. The former
thus renders the fluwer abortive, while
lb. Injury done by Ibe lalter sffoctS
lhe whole plant.
OSilia.l alnniniirnt In (lie World,
Perhaps ono of the very oddest mon-
nm.mi Is tbe tablet In a llerkshlre
church In memory of n soldier who
hnd his loft leg takeo off "by Ull abort
ball," tbe nelunl cunuou bull being Inserted at the top,
Mrilcnn Polloo,
The Mexli'Uti police ullend closely to
their duties nnd are very polite. At
night ench policeman curries a Inn-
tern, nnd this lantern Is set out oa the
sidewalk opposlle wherever he may
be; so It Is possible lo look down a
street and see n whole row of these
twinkling lanterns,
I,rlnlitnn'. I'eernue.
Frederic Lelghton's | rage wns tho
ahortest lived in Hm history of England,
He died on UlO day following that upon
which the patent of nubility wns Issued, and us ho left no heir the lllle
died with him.
Crowns a-...i ht-iii...
In heraldry nine different varieties
of the crown nre recognised ns Insignia
of rank—tho oriental, the triumphal or
Imperial, tho diadem, lhe ohnldlonnl
crown, the civic, thu crown vallery, tlm
mural crown, thu uavul and tbe crown
Brill.*, StnmUrd Men.area,
The standard measures of Great
llrllaln ure preserved In llio archive!
of parliament.
II an   \nml  I mn ,,a.
'I'he Roman n.Vll crown was given
lo tiie admiral trlumph.nl nt sen.  it
was of gold, uml ils ilcin aliens were
tlie pruws of ships.
It i. Re.olent ol Mask, muni With
...il.l and Very Costly,
"This India Ink," said the clever Chinese art student, "lias no more right to
be called Indian lhan your American
redskins hnve lu that name, fur India
Ink nil comes from China, and India
never produced u stick of It,
"Anhiii, my own province. Is the one
where India Ink Is made, The best of
the Ink Is kept ut homo for tho use of
the royal scribes nnd the official llttcru-
tl. It Is only the lower grade that Is
exported. This lower grade sells at
wholesale In Anhiii fur atl.tJOO a ton.
"The very best grade of India Ink,
the kind rich with gold, Is worth $75,-
000 n ton.
"Thu constituents of India Ink are
colsa oil, pork fat, lampblack, glue,
musk, gold leaf nml the oil of a poisonous (roe, Ihe hong, which grows only In
the Vanutse valley.
"After the admixture of the oils the
lampblack, tho fat and tbe glue, the resultant paste is beaten for many hours
with steel hammers upon wooden anvils, and during Hint long beating certain quantities of musk nud of gold
lout arc lidded, the musk to give the
ink perfume, the gold to give It luster.
"Afterward tho Ink Is dried (or three
weeks In molds.  The slocks nre then
decorated, the most artistic scribes
gilding tliein with vory beautiful Chinese cliarncler.s.
"There Is no Ink worthy to lie mentioned In tiie same breath with ours,
nn Ink redolent of musk and bright
with gold."—Exchange,
Tr-» Sunk., of llunfenl
The flying frogs of the Malays appear lo be mythical, but tho tree snakes
nf Honieo nre credited With taking Hying leaps from the boughs of trees to
the ground. It Is found Hint scales on
the lower pnrt of the body mny be
drawn luward SO Hint tlio whole lower
surface becomes conc&ve. The resistance to the air Is thus greatly Increased ami experiments Indicate tlmt
the snakes dn not full In writhing colls,
but nre let down gently lu u direct line
by Hie yiiriichilto llko nctluu of their
peculiar bodies.
There is
-J] thc difference in
the world
eating biv
emits and
biscuit cat'
      big.   One
may eat & biscuit and not taste
it, but when you think of biscuit eating you think instantly of
Mooney's Perfection
Cream Sodas
Crisp, delicious and tasty.
Absolutely and distinctly
superior to any other male.
Say "Mooney's" to your grocer.
^^^^^^^      ACTUALLY KII.LKD
Said by ell Druggists end General Store.
and by iu.ii;.
"A dlillke," Bald the
opher, ".-Iiniii I nut lend us In nny nr
live demonstration.   We Bhould merely Bceh io avoid Its objeci "
"Maybe my buy Josh has more
sense than I gave liim credit for," re
plied Parmer Corntossel, "That's
uxnetly tin' wny he feels about work
..f all kinds."—Washington Star.
ever   llnco   Shnke<penre's
lit inl perhaps for ages before, hive
been symbolic of thoughts or remembrance. Two or three paints, 1<)*) yean
curlier than Sbnkospearo, mention the
llOWW us having this symbolism.
Minard's   Liniment  Cures  Distemper.
A Wisp'S Meat.
One kind of wasp found In nmrll
und iliilann makes Hs nest of s brilliant white piit-ioiioiird. suspending it
from tlm highest branches of tha ires
so as In escape the attention of the
monkeys, which in u regions hnve
a troublesome bnblt of Investigating
everything, even a hornet's ucsL
SIn.rleiiliiK Die VI.II.
"it Is ii great comfort to hnve a
child about the house," said the nmu
Of iloinestio Instes,
"Yes."     answered    llio     unfeeling
wretch, "when company eo s Hint
ymi don't euro for you can innke Hie
child roclto."
Tb. rr.nl.
The ernvit wns once the nnme of a
grent military tuition, lhe ('routs, or
I'rnrntos, of the Balkans, It wns their
fashion to wrap luge shawls or pieces
of cloth around their t ks nnd shoulders. About the middle of the reign of
Louis XIV. hu uniformed several regiments In the front fiishlun, wilh liuee
shawls IbOUt their necks. The fushion
took, ami lhe shawl diminished In size
to the slight strip uf clolh wo still have
with us.
As far back us the seventh century
the renerttblo Rede wrote "The women
now nro so luxurious Hint they do fnivai
chairs with wooden circles on the legs
uml which sway back und forth in such
sort thnl II uiiiketh one sick li belli 1
A Moit.lrr I'.mp.ror.
Miixlmin, the Roman emperor, was
over eight feet high and  lid  weif
I .. wife's brac'lel us a thumb ring.
Once, when serving ts n barbai in
soldier in Iho Roman array, he, on a
wager, kiiiisi tm ox wilh it * list md
nt io of the lain.l quarters for t
single meal,
Hrnr.nr Rvlilrnre.
"Son here, Jokely, I'm surprised to
flntl you writing such bitter, cynical
things about married life."
"Woll-ei*—Benedict, you see, the (get
"Oh, don't apologise. It Isn't Hint.
Wbnt surprises mo is bow, not being
married, you know ill these things."
"If n man Is friendless It Is bis own
"'Hint's right. Why, there nro flue
fellows standing an ovcry corner who
would gladly borrow money from blm."
by loosl applications, n. the* cauinoi
reoin the dii-*ai...i portion »f ibi str.
There l* only nn.- nny ',, cur,, iia.ifn....
iilnl taut Is by CUIIMtllUtliillill l.iii'l...
Ji'iitneffl In eauseal l,v nn Inflamed oft-
'lltlaan et tlie RIUOOUS llnlliK "f tt. Kaal-
lirlilitn Tut"',   When  lilts  lUtM  Is Irill.iriK'l
inilintimailcn cun be taken mn in I Ih'
liearlns. nn.l (ah,n It Is enlln i Bi a
Iioafncss I. the result, nn-l unless ids
intlummntl'in can be laker om snd tins
lube reetond t,a  u.   nortnoJ
lla'llflllS    Will    Ih-    aV.lr.lV,-!     f,-,l, I       'al'i.
ciu.es out nf ten an- OIUMK]  '■'■   i
whteh li nnllil'ii;  Imt  nn  liii'iim,.,)  .-un-
illtlain nf the iiiocani. .urfsi'.'s
We win k'lve "ii.- Hun ,.'■! Dollars r.ir
sny ciu»» *af iMriffi...  "i
Hist ennn-it be CUI-M b:   I' ll i Catarrh
CUIft.     Hi Ii'l    tn!    'I" all a        '     I
K.J CHENEY ■•■ CO   Tnledo, O.
Folil lav Iiiiii i,    :
Tnk« llnll's Family Pills '* 'nn.iiiwll.-a
Tlm Arensjrr.
Alfonso I. of ClStllo wns siirnnmisl
the Avonger. He was never known lo
forget or forgive an lujury.
ii"r Possessions,
"I hnve two lovely Utile puppies,"
saltl Mrs. Tnwkley.
"I have mot your husband," replied
lie  nian.    "Who  is thO oilier 'ine'l"-
".(.i'lnl llti'tlotinrj..
"Society"   Is   now  ll  collililllllllon  of
men and wnuiin who OVOrdreSS themselves nt the expense ..f their tradesmen Hint Hi"!' mny OVOront II isclvcs
at the' xpense of Ihelr friends,  Life.
Gain not base gains; base gains ore
the name as losses.  Il«slu4
it is wise to save thi
Oil" uiiikcs in busline
save tbo li.it.
lirst dollar thnt
.,   but   VISIT   tO
Ta     a!  .   ■ 1
liny     I tl
T. .,'!"■     Itlghl
ill" peoplo called '
Ilm    ll '    li
you all their li.mi'
hai Ic
in   i
W    N    U    No.    597 fill'',   EXPRESS, NORTH VAXUMTKK. B, C,
Reai Estate
Wo havo enquiries foi
BusIuosb   and   itesidiiutial
property.    List yours with
ns.     W" .lo  lb"  business.
OiriH.ilt n-  bcture  having.
Junction Block
North Vancouver.
To Pro|>erti| Owners
Irwin i^ Billings
Comer Lonstlalt and 5th St.,
North Vancouver
Roiled ©at*
Slay and Feed
Milling Co.
Harry Mitchell, local manager,
Lonsdale Avenue.
Fine, healthy Tomato and
Cauliflower Plants, grown from
SniAii'i: Seeds, always on hnnd.
Urge stork ol HO.MK-liROWN Frill*
Ild 1 irniitnenliil Trees now matured for
e i'liii trade.
Nn expense, Inns or deliiy ol  lunii*
Igation oritispi'ction.
I   llendi|iiaru-rs for Paclllc CoaBt-growt.
(birden, Field, anil Flower  Seeds  ii
Whale Oil Snap, lireenii.'iisc Plants
Cm Flowers, Hulb- fur Full planting.
We iln business on nur own grounds—
tm rent i" pay iiiularu prepared to meel
llll i'iilll|ietiliiill.
but mu price your list before plaoliiii
vniir nrilcr,
Culnloguu free.
3010\Vestiiiin8torltond| Vancouver, ll.C
"The Express," $1 a Year
Dp-lo-dnl- Ilielesrapliy,
Urge AisnrlDii'iit ol BoiitcuIi I'.nt-
C r. Blxlli 81.  mul  OheiterlleM Ave.
llli:-. M SIM VS.
Fifty dollars reward will be
paid by tbe undersigned for the
recovery of each or any of the
bodies of Mrs. R. H. Bryce, Percy
Chick or Roy Benwell, who were
lost in the wreck of SS. Chehalis.
A new baby bas arrived at tin
residenci ol Mr. Iverson.
Miss Clapp, teacher ni tin
second division, Nortli Vancouvei
school, miai hei mother have taken
up tlnn residence here.
Tlic new house on Sixth street.
li. longing to W. Welband, has
bi';: * ompleted,
Bruno Diorado, owner of lob-
on Fifteenth street, close to
Bewii ki avenue, will erect a house
Mrs. A. R, Steai v has returned
from .i trip to Eastern Canada
The weathi i was so hot that she
was delighted lo arrive back in
North Vancouver.
Reverend J. D. Gillam, M. A.,
and Mis. Gillam and Mrs. Gill
have gone to Kamloops, when
they will spend a few weeks with
The rt'i orter of The Exroi :s
has 1' ■ n i ifoi mi il by Mr. James
Mt Nail tb.it he contemplates
building a line residence on Sixth
strei: shortly. Alsu Mr. Irwin, ol
Irwin & Hillings, will build one
close by, providing the council
opens up the street.
J. |. Langstaff, nf this place,
hns assumed the managing editorship ul the Ashcrofi Journal.
Mi'i Km Kay. teacher "I tlie
Port  Hammond school,   was   a
j   guest "I Mrs. Steacy this week.
She returned home yesterday,
The schools will reopen nn
M lay, August 271I1.   Mr. Price
!'!! II.
Barrister, Solicitor, Salary, lite.
TllOSU* 'V  lllaai'll, NOKTIl V.lSi'ail'l'llll. It. tl.
CHo, K Ma   nessiS, M. A . I. L II.{ s. II.
BillUM". II. A.1 A  W.ll.u.i'illl. II. A,
iii'iiimn, sciii'uz & ilirpeh
Barristers, Solicitors,
Katarics, Etc.
ii'iifii  ll. X, A. Hiiilalliiu, Vancouver, nml
.Imti'liiin 11 01 k, Naarlli  Viitli'i'liver.
Real Estate and Insurance
Vim will fuel it uri'-i'ly la, vein italviilltBire la
.'.■ nm tai'turi- cloning 11.iy ■ Ichl.
s'uwf price*, and in some canes
cheaper limn city,
Elliott & Baglow
Our work is Brst-elnts and gives tlie
best "atl'factlon. Plates and lilnia do-
velii|ieil. nl.sai copying nml enlarging,
done, Special intention given to pur-
lies, residences, ele.
Tor Fi.ihih, Junction Block,
Corner Lonsdale Avenue and the
Esplanade, North Vancouver.
-ru.-.'-J*"- ."■ ■ '
"The fjuardian"
Vancouver's Monday Morning Paper
Bright uml newsy,  (living Foreign
und l.a'ciil news, etc., etc.
$1 per year.   Guardian Pub. f0.
Flack ltl"i k. Vancouver.
r—r.t—-V—, —■■—•a——
273 AT llii;UT PRICES
274: LOT 21, IJLOCK 152 FOR
The  Nortli  Vancouver Specialist
101 Cordova Street.
Rainier Beer^^
1? 11 glorious bovornge—quenching and
satisfying. Remember there's no other
''just iis good"—insist on getting Rainier.
Vancouver, I >. C. |
♦ ♦^-♦-t-*»--t-«--<-*--l--».^'»'+*'-|-^-+ ♦ ^■♦-l-O-l ♦-:r^-r-vV l-^-:-->-;-^^-r-^--rr--**-f--Oi*-*^
district of North
l,H'Ei\S., KOTICE.
The Annua! Exhibition
1 QUESTED to lake notice that lb1'
ninl"r-ii:i wl will |" tni"ti llio Lleoni ■
Couiiiiisaiiinurfi, iif the District n! Snrlli
Vinii'iiiver, ni llieir licit blttillj*, the
I'llll ilny ul Sepl inber. WOO, iur an
lintel license Inr tlie pale "f opiritnouH
liquor*, a 11 mv lareiiiiac. sitttiitu and being within t'ne -.iin il>iri'". ei North
Vancouver, known as tin. Eagle Hotel,
bul number 11, s,,mi, side "I the
William P. Ilouo.
North Vancouver, B, C, Aiicuut \
11 lli! If IY MM \
llllll III, mUwlfli, ouILmDLH J,
arge ust ot mzes
Intending  Exhibitors will be provided  with Prize
Lists mi application tu tliu Secretin'}**,
The street car syst 111 will be .*|. m d nl the same lime
will be ihe new  principal,   He J^Jof pert txf Nrti'i tl Ill,K^ w'" autv [uissengers up to tbe grounds, on Loiisdulo
, nud LrlMI llAUl I1UI III avenue, near i'wenty-lirst street, free ot*charge.
the m ba nl board mn*-: he   con
j gratulated in mailing thc appoint
Western Coi
.............av. '    Mrs. K. Burns, corner ol Lons-
—1 Jab avenue anal Seventh street,
who has been ill lor some time,
wc are now pleased to announce
her convalescent.
Having in operation a sawmill in North
Vnncmn ■ r tvi are pr 1 ■ deliver all kinda of
Vancouver City Prices. Call and sec for yourselves.
412 llaatlnqs Street West, Vancouver, B.C.
Electric Light
;              [or the ilistrilnil [Eh ctric
II          ■    I           '                ' It     UNI
1        id.   l'i        ' nre
:   '     "          1. |ui l. .1    i" iii'      Ihi 11
A:t'    I     ' '   1    '"'"i   ns
tin. const) il thi a
.   ■ ■' ."1   ii    hand •■
1. '. al eggs, in *v laid, are firm
at   .)<i   nuts   ,1    dozen.   Local
creamery   butter   advanced   five
'' ms mi  Wi aim sal.iv    morning,
ling at .15 cents .1 pound.
All is Carss, who taught si hool
.it Nl. . -illt b.r till past y.i.r.
has resigned her position lo go
intu the normal school .it Fair-
view Miss 1 .iIIiii li will assume
. hai ■ on lhc opening day.
A R Si' n i .ir - thai il tin-
individual who iti als ha) Irom tns
bain  every  night  will  h ive   his
11,nn.•,nul nddn    he (Sl ic*   will
ib in. 1 .1 hah .  it"   "I * halt;.',  at
his b",
111 mi ■. Nye's ci li bt.ileal souvenir |ms|  1 ir.b. run  now  ba   pur-
I   .,    a  ,|  ,|1  I  Iti),  I   Ml   Mill.|||.        t..,.   |\
hi MniuA 'lt\ g.ainl:. store
rpiIE COl'XCU. invites tenders' for
'■   the tnlli.niiig work;
I, To lay l:.'-i" t sidewalk, aloud ensl
Hide ol l.aaiiniiiie incline, Innil wLiirl I"
north side ol I'hlrd "treot,
j, Ta.cl.'iir lie- land and cut ditches
lor exten-ioni nl water work« illatrl-
button syuteni,
All COIlf Till I" "liei'ililillii'lis In In- lillil
at llie municipal bull.
Scaled lenders, suitably marked, with
.1,  |aa..i',-,   llall-t   I'l'    III    III    I III'    lllll llii'i pill
liiill, imt later than 7:80 |>, in. "ii th
SUtbdaj •: .ugost, WOtl
'LU. I'iiii.ii',
C ,M.C.
Everybody welcome,
K. I,. DOCHERTY, Secretary.
..A Lot For Sale..
- . .  .   r.   s       s •    rs     l •   n  »i r      i.i      Miss Tilley M. Larity, ol Hotel
British Columbia tlectnc Kailway lo.,Ltd. \ i. van  win i. v, tor
Kamloops tomorrow on a visit to
Mrs. Newman.
There is n woman in ibis town
aImi allows her habj lo a t its* it
!,, s|t t p tn the annoyani c "I her
tu ighbors.
I'll- lollowing arc ,i lew ul tlic
it |i nam. s i ampers know   tin-it
i,l I,     Condensed milk, "i aim
id cow"; sugar, "sand"; butter,
■a n ase";   pie,   "boili i    i late";
a in',   .'stand by"; i anned beet,
" funglr"  '-. "case'n'". hacon,
breakfasl food,    "mat
||   ,.   slllll : g"i    wab i.
acturer of rusl     t nvel
liquor,     "om • ni
friend" ioup, "lookonl [oi
on     Fourth    Street,     between
Cb.'sti'iin-lii .i-i.l Mahon A i
50 leel frontage; all cl. nn
ii in 1 !   a ""I '.'   ntiot    ;''
Apply, I.  VVILKI S,
h'oti I Nortli Vancouver
"Z. I
CAPl '..'.i.   '■      '"                    UKSKRVE, ^3,043 n ,
n ( an-': 1 M   innl
11 '-'.lei.'"  Genu                                    t. ol Branch 1
Bran .'a     a                                    '■ fi'- • nwoo I
K,. . •                     Ign |,   11 til 1 i ih liiam b,,  \ .un ouvi 1.
Vict -                 ..■     \ r.
S1                                                    Ifrom $1        irds
1     Odea, dr.LonSadato -ite. nnd tspliinade, Snnh v.umnivcr.B. C.
I '. I.jirsi hi, I 'rop.
HI AM  I'.V   I'.VIIIi
Ale aikI Stout
In  ll"ltla"a   1(, il- ,1,1.1 Jlir«.
lhc Rin|iii Brewing Co,, 1 Id.
ii 1: 1 in 1 v PARLOUS,
I ' a I   \ /   I / V
■ S, /."/'('
RKSTAt i-. I
Till   1 A7 I.V I/'/'
A  Ml   RFATT5F N()l"r> Public, Genera] Audinnee
_______  167   Cordova   Sreet,   Vnniouver,   li,   C
lit tells ul riKiinsnr |iriiiilc liniim* nr liliys "titrinbl nil
1 lus",i -1.1 1 oiisebol 1 (joodn nr biiiikru|il slot k> [01 rath,
lie I II- -1.llie "1 the liln "■!   bit-ill'-.  . |||   | r. •!.. rt V ill N.irtb
Vai kinii 11(1 proporty in
1 a   .   '. 1 trill make monoy, nt;
The World-renowned Biscuits m.idc by Crirr & Co.,
Carlisle, only 25'-' Pcr Pound,
J. X, fVlcMllJ.AN, the Esplanade


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