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Now 0|>en
W. r. Lake
ORIA, B. _.
Tbe Welcome Parlor
t! Lonidale Avenue
Candies, Tobaccot, Fancy Grocertei &• Delicateutn
abort Order. a-rv.d
11 All llaalll.
riciiir Lunches Our S|icfialt)
NORTin^rotnm^TB. c, friday, may i, \m,
The city council sat ai court of
revision, on Third St. improvements list evening. City Engineer
Loutet siiliniilted a report, giving
l detailed statemest n( rebate to be
allowed respective property lor
work already done. He further recommended in extra rate of 2'.
cents'per foot, to provide Ior this
rebate. He divided the contracts
into sidewalks for a life of five
years and roadways with life ol
ten years. Cost of sidewalks
$1,5611, and of roadways $10,440.
Ratepayers considered engineer's
estimite of value of work done
too low, ind 1I10 estimate the
city's total portion ($250) much
too low. Aid. Irwin moved that
25 per cent, beidded to engineer's
estimate in each instance. Aid.
Braim moved that the report be
referred to the boird of works
with the city engineer for adjust*
ment, their decision to be final.—
Carried. Chiirnun Steicey, on behalf of the school boird, called attention to the fact that school property is exempt from tixation under statute.    Point conceded.
At the council meeting all the
aldermen were present,with Mayor
Kealy presiding. Letters were
read as lollows: From J. Bressey,
requesting permission to cut poles
on certain street ends; boird ol
works to report. From W. P.
Peacey, on behalf ol H. Ward,
asking permission to camp on end
ol St. George ave; granted. From
Gordon Grant, secretary Asiatic
Exclusion League, protesting
igiinst any encoungement to the
Japanese tea gardens; filed.
City Solicitor Taylor ittended,
to advise council as to ferry matters. A letter was reid from the
solicitors of the Ferry Coiupiny,
stating lhat they are instructed to
adept writ for company. Moved
by Mil. Irwin and Smith, tint the
city solicitor be instructed to institute proceedings to collect 0M0O
liquidate**4 damages from the Ferry
Company and that the matter tie
carried to the courts, il necessary.
Carried, Aid. May ami II1.11111 contrary. Aid. Irwin read clause 2^7
nf the municipalities act, for the
regulation of ferries sub-leased by
municipalities, and under Ihis
clause, upon motion of Aid. Crickmay and May, the city solicitor
was instructed to take the necessary steps with a view to securing
cancelation ol the agreement with
lhe Ferry Company.
Mr. Jones addressed the council
on behalf of local merchants, isk-
ing that a bylaw be passed, preventing outside parties (rom pilch
ing booths on the street on holi
diyi tothe detriment of locil (ride.
Aid. Smith requested to prepare a
by-ltw before July tit.
Thc report of the committee re
the V. W. & Y. Ry. chirter extension submitted 1 report, which
on motion wn idopted.
Mayor Kealy wis ippointed lhe
rcpreientitive of the city council
it the convention of the union of
Cinadian municipalities, which
convenes at Medicine Hit in July,
with instructions to secure their co-
c*.*ution in furthering the purposes of the resolutions embodied
in the above report.
New Tug
The new tug that hn been under construction it Moodyville
during the put four months, (or
the Hiitings Mills, is now practically completed. No paint hive
been ipired to mike the bolt superior in every respect ind ihe 11
certainly a fine ipecimen of her
elm. Her meuurementi irt 118
feet over ill, 34.6 moulded beam,
13.6 (est depth of hold. The keelson! in 16x16 inchti md the keel
16x18 inchei, ill in one length in
eich instance The planking on
•ides ind deck is ill lour inches
thick ind it listened throughout
by Locust treenails ind galvmized
listenings. The bilge ceiling is
6.9 feet hy liven (eel; Ihe flit bottom ii 4x11 leet, and Ihe ceiling
ihove the bilge ii 4.6x1a (cct. All
ceilingi irt edgt laitened every
four feet.
Thc ihoe, the ileeve, the shilt,
ind Ihe teicocki ire bnss through
out. The weight of the shoe is
2800 pound i. Tht engines are
being import* I direct from Scot
laud and are now on their way by
the Blue Funnel line. Virions
names have been proposed for the
craft, hut none as yet have been
chosen. The launching will take
place on the first high tide in June,
probably early next week.
The vessel is the work of A. C.
Mu I iaiu.ihl,,i veteran ship builder,
who has brought all the experience
and knowledge of 68 years' mem
bership in the craft to bear upon
the project Mr. MacDonald, for
many years, built large merchant
men on the Atlantic seaboird, anil
built also at Chicago a vessel that,
in her day, was considered the
fastest boat on Lake Michigan
Removing to the Pacific coast he
built at Tacoma,Seattle, Portland,
Gny's Harbor, Victoria and Van
couver. This latest product of his
skill is built from his own designs,
and her lines are such as to delight
the heart of every "old salt" who
is fortunate enough to examine
her. The presence ol this fine
vessel will be a decided acquisition
to the Burrard Inlet flotilla.
Empire Day at Schodl
Empire Day exercises were held
at the public school on Friday lasl
and the occasion was one of pro-
nouqeed suctess throughout. The
children acquitted themselves well
and Principal Bennett, with his
assistants, Misses Clement and
MacKenzie, is to be congratulated
on the excellent programme. The
attendance of parents and others
was very gratifying, amongst those
present being noticed A.R.Steacy,
chairmin ol the school board, who
presided; Mayor A. E. Kealy, A
Philip, C.M.C; Rev. J. D. Gillam,
Trustee Jesse Williams, Mesdanies
M. Sloan, J. J. Miller, G. Baxter,
W. J.Patton, Smith, Braime, Cox,
Cates, Kirkpatrick, Eagle, Barker,
Stevens.lieo. II. Morden, Brewer,
Anders, Howell, Peacey,Denevan,
Spence, Macdonald, McMillan,
Staples, Ab, c 11 I iillu 1 k and C In 1
Lute J. Hall.
The programme was as follows-
Chiirman's address, A. K. Steacy;
song, Maple Leal Forever, by the
school; address, "Four Ci"—
Courage, Conscience, Correctness,
and Courtesy—A. Philip; song,
Red, White and Blue, the school;
recitation, Kipling's Recessional,
Bryan McRae; address, Trustee
Williams, song, Rule Britannia
(duet and chorus) Lizzie Johann
son ind Jessie Hunter, assisted by
the school; iddrcss, "The Duty of
Citizenship," Miyor Kealy; recitation, "The Union Jick," Doris
Anders; God Sive the King, by the
Principil Bennett reporti that
the number af names on the school
roll is rapidly increaiing and now
totals 135. The increase is due to
the (ict thit new families ire coming lo thc city, some Irom Vincouver, but for the most pirt from the
Northweit province!.
V. W. & Y. Ry. Charter
At the idjourued meeting ot the
waterfront property, held on Wed
neidiy evening, the committee appointed to go carefully into the
milter, submitted in excellent report, the text o( which is ipptnd-
ed. Thert wtrt also teveril reso-
utions idopted, which will appear
in next wetk'i issue.
The riport, 11 reid by J.BiKour
Ker, ii 11 followi:—The effort his
consistently been mide to report
on the situstion in a spirit ol fairness to the various interests involved.
Your committee deprecites obstruction of legitinute riilwiy enterprise, hereby records its favoring the substantial encouragement
ol railroads calculated to benefit
Dominion or province, and recommends that exceptional considera
tion be shown by both council and
citizens o( North Vancouver.to the
first railway actually connecting
North Vincouver with the nilroid
systems 10 the touth.
The now in (orce extension o(
the chirter ol the Vancouvtr, West*
mimttr St Yukon  Railway Com
pany, coupled with the fyling of
the company's route plans, ties up
the most important shoreline on
the nortli side of Burrard Inlet until 16th May, 1910. While now but
two years of charter life remain
unexpired, it is to be regretted
that the railway company would
teem to have heen unable to start
construction ol the bridge over the
Second Narrows, and ol the five
miles of road necessary to connect
the south side of Burrard Inlet
with the north.
While in some measure sensible
of the auburn, character of the
undertaking contemplated by the
V. W. & Y. Railway charter, and
bearing in mind the outlay which
the company lias incurred in surveys and other preliminaries, and
while of opinion that such an enterprise should receive the assistance of the Dominion and provincial governments, your committee
it confronted by Ihe fact that conditional sequestration of North
Vancouver shoreline, when prolonged by chai ter extension without railroad construclion,neceant'ily
prevents development of Burrard
Inlet, retirds the growth of commerce, postpone production of that
custom revenue which the north
side of the harbor should yield,and
likewise affects the genersl progress and revenue of the province.
Such sequestntion also especially
militates against the advancement
of the city of North Vancouver, in
that it virtually vetoes establishment of shoreline iridustries, operates against increase of population
and tends to keep down the legitimate tax revenue of the city.
Still further, 11 we are legally
idvised tint the values at which
the rulway would take over the
city lands expropriited for its uses
would be governed by the value of
the lands at the time the railway
plans were deposited in the land
registry oflice, the eflect of the expropriation provisions, under existing statute and charter extension, manifestly involves injustice
to the property owners ol North
Vancouver in legalizing expropriation during the present extension
at a fraction of present land values.
This eflect, this curtailment of
tbe wealth of the citizen, which in
its other aspect is curtailment of
the collective wealth of the city, is
of singular hardship, in that, al
though stimulated by the prospect
of the V. W. & Y. road,the present
land values are mainly due to the
energy which, during tlie last tliiee
years, has cleared large tracts of
lorest, built up the city,*and established water, electric light, and
electric railroad system—an run
g) which, fed bv firm faith in the
north side of Burrard Inlet as a
great future railway base, has resulted in quintupling since May,
1905, the population and assessment valuation of the city.
lt is to be reniembetcd that the
extent of expropriation is not limited to thc railroad right-of way, in
respect of which public spirit might
make concessions to any road for
the general good ol Canada or of
the province, but tint it also in
eludes large tricts of crown granted land and foreshore shown on
the fyled plans of the railroad is
for yirds and railroad grounds.
There is thus 1 large aggregate of
property within tlic city limits in
respect ol which, under ruling
conditions, "compensation" for
expropristion would fall far short
of present values.
As it is the prerogative of the
Dominion authorities to determine
how far charter extensions are
justified, so wherever public right
is prejudicially affected or threatened by such extensions or by the
associated sequestration power,
the public of inch district arc
bound by the common obligations
of Canadian citizenship, as well ai
in common fairness to themselves,
to place the ficts promptly md
clearly before the central government.
Should 1 still lurther extension
of the V. VV. & Y. Co.'s chirter be
runic! to that compiny, or to the
Grind Trunk Railway Co., or any
other company as assigns thereof,
belore construction of the five
mile! of railway which would connect both sides of Hurrard Inlet,
and should such charter extension
carry power to expropriate it value
current when the V. W. & Y, Ry.
Co. first fyled its plans, development of the city ol North Vancouver would bc further retarded, and
the loss experienced by property
owners would be of augmented severity. In this relation it is to be
borne in mind that the milway
company has, under the Ra-Uay
Act, subject to the assent of the
railway commission, a three hundred feet right of deviation, that
the railway commission may exempt the railway from fyling plans
of such deviation, and in such
event expropriation values within
these three hundred feet may be
governed under present statutory
conditions by the market values at
the dale when the original plans of
route were fyled. Therefore the
statute, as at present framed,bears
on a wide tract of ground 011 which
improvements are handicapped
and discouraged.
Alive to the fact that means of
communication are the sine qua
non of a modern city's development, all railroads should bc encouraged to enter the city. There
is, therefore, intended in this report no opposition to the Vancouver, Westminster & Yukon Railway Company. What is desired
and urged is amendment of existing stitutory conditions, which admit of a railway company's obtaining, by charter extensions, prolongation of powers to tie up shore
line and harborage against other
development—right to construct,
without construction, until a village has become a city, and then,
just belore expiry of powers, to
expropriate the city proporty at
the village values of many years
before. In sliort, the protest is
against statutory conditions, which
put a premium on non-construction, which make tt advantageous
to a railway company to delay construction as long as possible.
Messrs. Fell, Irwin, Ker and
Dick were appointed a standing
committee lo further the work of
the report.
Horticultural Association
The weekly session of the hoard
o( directors of the Horticultural
Association,held Tuesday evening,
was .ittended liy A. Smith, presi
dent; R. L. Docherty, secretary;
Messrs. Philip, Crowston, Nye,
Shallcross and Dutlon. L ti' 1
were read as follows:—From J.
K11kl.mil, making application for
the position ol caretaker of the new
building; laid over. From F. J.
Schofield, Vancouver, with reference to fireworks for the celebration; filed for reference, rrom
Architect W. Nicholson Lailey,
enclosing progress certificates on
the new pavilion.
The architect reports good progress lieing made on the building,
with every prospect ol tlie work
being completed well within lhc
time anticipated. Particulars as
to plumbing were laid over Ior lurther information. It was decided
to ask the city council to place a
hydrant at thc corner of Lonsdale
and Twenty-second itreet, and also
to make the water connection with
the grounds,
Insurance to the amount of $3000
wis authorized, the president ind
secretary to ict it once. The
prize lists for the exhibition in September were considered and left in
the hands ol the committee previously appointed. Upon motion
the time for receiving designs for
laying out the grounds was extended (or 14 I.i'.*
Police Circles
Charles Milne was fined J25.00
and costs ($12) on Thursday (or
cruelly mutilatingafineSt.Bernard
dog. The fine was paid Thc
dog will be sold at auction.
John Brown appeared in thc
police court on Tuesdiy in answer
to the charge "drunk and incapable." He was remanded to appear
on Thursday and meantime jumped
his bail.
On the 25th a mix-up occurred
between certain Italians, which
bade fair to develop into 1 serious
quarrel hid not the timely arrival
of the police caused a hasty dispersion o( thc combatants. One man
got a nasty cut on the head wilh a
stone, I'iii no further damage could
be discovered.
Tuesday evtning the local Pythian lodge held in interesting session, several visitors being prcs
ent. Three candidates received
the third rank.
Dances were held in Larson's
Pavilion on Monday ifternoonand
The government is preparing lo
erect new schools at Capilano and
Anyone interested in the lorma
tion ol a gun club will communicate with A. J. 1'icton Warlow.
Rev. E. Peytavin, 0. M. I. V.,
G., is at Kamloops this week, in
connection with his professional
Billy Lauder,the Calgary boxer,
defeated Kid Howell, ol Senile,
at Victoria, Monday night. The
bout lasted 20 rounds.
The tram and ferry services did
an immense business Mondiy, ill
the available equipment being
called into requisition.
The colony ol summer campers
along the waterfront is rapidly increasing, and there promises to be
many more than in former years.
D. G. and Mrs. Dick returned
to the city on Wednesday afternoon, after a very pleasant holiday spent at Soip Lake, Wash ;
Portland Ore., and other coast
■Driver" Miller, the Vancouver
I I       a .       _    , ■ '   a*a..aavaaa.c,   1UU.II,    BUCCI
boxer, was knocked out in Calgary* west;  Reginald Dunn, reiidence,
Tuesday night by Harry Lombard
ol  Chicago.     Miller   lasted   bul
three   rounds out  of
flh   itreet  west;  H. D. Green
Armitage,   dwelling,   32nd itreet
the fifteen west; A. C. Gladwin, dwelling, St.
George ave; C. Kittion, residence,
Fifth street; G. R.  Hughes, reii-
t* Jtnce, Second street cut; W. J.
medal   for  the single scull Winn- residence,   .^t. George ave.
The new residence ol Iu. Htv.
v.nce,   no  competitor  appearing on Fourth street, had a narrow ei
J. N. 1. Brown,o( the local rowing  club, has  been awarded the
one mile championship "f the pro*
against him
Several thousand people came
icroii Irom Vancouver Mondiy, in
order to celebnte Empire Diy by
picnics, fishing, mountiineering,
etc. Lynn creek esptciilly hid
many visitors.
Colonel Stimson ol Toronto, representing a firm ol influential
slock and debenture broken of
that rity.spent some rime in the city
on Wednesday, looking into thr
situation Irom a financial viewpoint.
Dr. A. Mac Kay Jordan has just
received patent certificate on a
new orthoptic, dciigncd to issist
marksmen to more clcajdy define
the sight. Dr. Jordan's device
overcomes what have hitherto been
troublesome defects in rifle practice,
Sundiy evening services, under
the auspices ol the Church of England, hive been inaugurated at
Lynn Valley, by Rev. J. Hooper,
of North Vincouver. The firit
icrvice wu held Sundiy evening.
It is intended to hold them every
Voting; on the $17,000 Loan
Bylaw and the Wallace Shipyards Aid Bylaw takes place
on June 3rd. Don't forget H*
los. Saulter, who locited ind
sold the Hank of Vancouver group
ol mining cliims, up Seymour
Creek, hli just disposed of two
other properties, one on Bowen
Island and thc other on Gimbier
Island Both the litter ire copper proposition!.
J. T. Begg, of Rrgint, madi 1
friendly call it Tm Kxrir.ss oflice
thii week. Mr. Begg, who ii 1
lirge holder of North Vancouver
iaiK<: uoiuar tn conn  Vancouver   ;    _r
reilty, arrived in the city a lew P'cla,|oni. J. Horrie
diyi igo. He purposri miking 1 char,?e " the d«v*l°P
tour throni-h the  Frat-.r ri«, ..I.  opening up ol  Ihe  Lii
tour through the Frutr river ti
ley in the near future
A. A
purchased a modern reiidence
with extensive groundi, 11 1437
Third avenue, weit, Vancouver,
and is removing his family thither
this week, Mr. Crowston will
still remain actively identified
with business interests in this city,
W. Jones, conductor on the B.
C. Electric, met with 1 serious ic-
cidenl on Friday evening last.
While splitting wood tin sxe slipped and cut into his foot.inflictini
a greit deal ol blood ere tht do*
was stopped.
An idea of the crowds visiting
here on Empire Day may be judged from the fact that the local tram
lines  handled   4670   passengers
The vast majority of these vv
carried on the Capilano branch
indication ol the popularity of t..
beautiful section of country and a
portend of future development.
Dr. A. MacKay Jordan returned
to the city on Wednesday, alter a
three weeks trip of impeding hit
mining claims near Jedwiy, Queen
Charlotte Islands. As an incident
of his sojourn in the North, Dr.
Jordan sicceeded in despatching a
grizzly bear with no weapon other
than a 32 calibre revolver. Eight
bullets were required to turn the
The committee appointed by the
city council to irrange (or tn independent audit met list evening.
J.R.J. Murray wis deputed to wait
on the council ind request thit the
audit extend back as (ar as Jin. I,
i9°5. The city council give 11-
sent, but final permission rests
witn the district council. The lud-
itor has not yet been selected by
the commit),r.
The  following   buildings hive
been   stirted  this   week;—C. 0.
inglind, residence, fourth street
cape Irom destruction Wedneidiy
night. It appears that a quantity
oi wnte, that had bceu uied for
rubbing down in putting on the
Flemish finish ind which wis ut-
uriled with turpentine, etc., became mixed up with shavings tad
the result was spontineous combui-
tion. The blaze was discovered in
its incipient stages, and the fire
company were on the ground in
about a minute after the alarm.
The fire wai easily extinguished,
the damage being but nominal.
The performance of "The Private Secretary," to be given in
Larson's Pavilion on Wedneidiy
evening next, give! every promiie
ol being in amateur effort of real
merit. The participants are many
ol them experienced handi at
amateur theatricals and one ind
II hive lieen itudying faithfully
and working hird to perfect their
juris.      The  scenery has  been
peciilly constructed for the oc*
cuion, tnd no puns hive been
spired to enhince the pleasure of
those who lee tht play. The proceeds ire in tid of St. John'i
Church, ind the Dnmttic Society
should be greeted by 1 crowded
  O.i *■
Will Start Development.
The B. C. Americin Mining md
Development Syndicile purpott
commencing ictive development
on their mining propcrliei it the
held ol Seymour Creek next week,
ind will puih work throughout the
ie iion. The property ii the Bink
ol Vincouver group ol copper-
gold cltimi tnd were bonded from
Jo!. Stulter. Thii week thecltimi
were experted by an engineer Irom
Ihe State! tnd more thin met ex*
will hive
ment. Tht
opening up ol the Lillooet trail,
which ii expected to commence
ihortly, will greatly benefit tht
Crowston   hu  recently Bink of Vincouver group.
■**stsai »
Interesting StaHitici
TmExi'itii ii indebted to tht
office ol the city engineer for the
following   interesting statistics:	
North Vincouver now hu 30,100
feet, or 5.7 milei, of itreet railway
trick; 27,720 feet, or 5.25. milei, of
witer miin; 59,800 feet, or It.)
milei, of water lub-miioi; 106,600
m feel,   or   20.18   miles, of  grided
in   ugly  guh.   Sevcnl   irleriei itreets; ind 56,150 leet, or 10.65
were severed ind the sufferer lost milei,   of sidewalks.    There irt
iw 1I10 43 hydnnti ind 40 ire light!
North Vami oi in. H C.
V.. Siimiiaiiiv ti i*. i I, II   V.uui'.'.v,
M ni jer,      I u i ' - 'I 'i
n lie* populal a .    lion I     ii ate hci    and maj [aii \
Tin* Expn ii ii ih livi i' il in N i tli
Vancouver within *i rai  ol i
blockl "I   ll     office     Ai!  OUlsith
llll*,   a. 11 — -    pi It ' il   111 ll'     |* a' i
I,    ,|a a,I     SllllXCriptil     al
Dm yeai -       -i " '
,^i\ iihiiiiIi,
llu nnlhl * 'i
| St.ll :     '     '      a M    50
pel   **i.
,\l! *.ul    riplii      ni 1 1 1"  pii 1 in
.I'll   a
Am   person  nol   rei * i\
pip, 1 it gularl' mil pi' '    1 it Ij
iln Hiiiii*.   N■• |"|*
less iinliln i a itin 1 1    ett, r tu curd
NilRIH  Vt\'
1 ,
Till Xf 11 BYI. ins
In essaying  1 *    p  ik  ii]>on ll
bylaws .ii, 1111  ; 1 .**  mibmitti I lo
ilie electoral! ol the 1 itj. il is the
duty of I in Exmii is tottibmil tin
wIii'ii*  1.1-''. hu miai ,1 (tinit, in
partially mil with mt note 0
Bent, in I tin- to min ih ■ ■ la*c-
torate as (.11 ,1- pouibli 1:1 irriving
at an intelligenl del irion
As (nr lie  (17,  I'llll   hi I.m,
the situ.iiinn is .1** follows I ia* n
an*   111:1 liom    ;   long
stainlini; whii li havt been liutni 1 d
through the banks ind which mint
b  m* 1.     I hen obligati ini total
in point "I 111 1 OVi 1 ti [, ■*' tdi
up as [ollowi Boird ol Worki
c *n* iiu* tiou (im hiding p ij
0 1 1 Ollll.lt la. ia I pit .1 II . I I III.01
p*'I.lllllll    ,      *  '   ,      .        67 1*11 '       lh
p.tltllla   lal aai   iill tll|***l
ition  ' ipi li ii
proposed la  pi    117iOoo "I   tin
ibovi sum- hi 1  • 1 II "I  .1
Illlt' It 1,1 ii unl 10 im < t   iln* I*
out of tin t itrrenl n vi nne ol the
'I Iiest*  obligation ■   liavi    Im i ii
rsgularlj ind pisii   uu m
ih . <iiii**i In* paid     I    I*
ncthodi "I pi\ ing tin 111, tin ini
being topi) then 1 u tl • yi .1 s
fevi nue, ,1111 thi 1*1 p.11
t leui   liy   ne int   ol   1 1I1 i>' nnu*
loan.    II tin i   na  to li   pn '
this yen's 1, i, n    , !.,
I'll* icsiili will ii .1 1.11
bordering ij mill 1 on tl
nhn h rati 1* oi   would find
antl whii h  would  i,.
the growth ol thei ity' p ipulition,
and nhn h, liom  imi, i,in
tion. it is motl di lii ilili t"
As to piying iln rn h     u "l I'.iu.
it is me,, 1   tll.lt   tie   II.ilnn   .
items is -.in h 1I1 il 1I1. ■    , ,  10I pri
peiK I" Ion   !•' hire *.|
my on' i' 11. lml in nl 1 p irmin
ent cli.ir.ii ter, Mil therefor
bt 'li*iiii' iti ■* :• rm *'i
\i 11 , thin 111,
p.m 1. opportunil.   lo  pij tin ii
l.'llt sli.il.       I I       i|j 11      *   ,*, mil
I e tin    rati    nf  I
will be I.iii in ill pn
A** lm thi   I a
II ll.l.II   I'll I
'    '
I'll ll lll'l I III'
I p    II I I* ■ ' ,   .
whii h i- evi
homes, lui) 1   *        np| Iiei, nnu
with 1". *'l in ititiit; ms, and
helpful citi ll '**    -I
It *■■ * illilll .'ll ll   |'l I
nia   .     1 ,;'      ...
1 a I! ol  \  i.l' 11 III i,l
. 1 11 a - Ill        :
\\ III
1 nnti a * ..   . *a .1
lulili 0 1 I
*  * ■ 1 n
* 1 1
* il
1 p
iterfront 1
1      : * I,
..1 'I
!  lill
lie pr.let .i.i
iin . *■). * ition   \\ inighl
nil*   .1   erimis i'a iir 1   .vire iln
*l I tl        ' la  1     III   i-l   i
Ual   tll a
In est 1
enterprin   1 * usist-
ind  will  b■ ■  ih* 11 1
upon the  1111 i!i it .n.i   .1 I** givi ii
in tin- i'  lim ■    Ileni •■ ilm ultimate i*  1, ' would i" ,1 vi 11 -' rious
.11  lit   ol  ii* 1  llu
its 1 a pi loam on th 111 ini i,il
n ul.11 \; in. 11 ii 111,1 al thai
tin in ■ iv   ; it in ij 1
1 .  lli.   .iiillnii .* ! ih In n
-in ii   : . to rtudi 1
■ 1-1    . il n .i 1* ti* n li ni ni.
ratty . ■ spi ciallj in lh laa
nl ih 1  n     ssily  tlui
lllll-l |i*- sll illlt   ■
-hi tri'L-ti
in I nl improve
lu H pi. ti
urgi 'I  in a whii'    iu I utriei mil
doulitl     ■ "11
I noi ii ile- liim ul 1 * •
llu*   nu,
I 1*   111 <lil i>l   llu 1 il. Would l»   111-
ippri':   It*, ,ni I is i.n il>. pn ci -
Mould    II, i'   -,11111   I 1
I      t1"     \\
-li p; u.l- in 11   In   hi hi i"
>iit.i 1 n tno reu 1 is:
induttriil 1
111 .'■ *   .iin ini mak
ing till   III "a I. ai  i ■■ * ill' ol
lie vi  * i      enterprise! llul 1111
'a .       befon *he arrival of
1 1 iilw '..1* 1   lli*    mils 111.11 \
I*     i , and will  tin 10, 1 ut 11
I 11   lhe ,uin ni nl 'In* rails, this is
'       i'lll*       lalllll     ll   IH   ililll'S-
i ial 1 '   1l1.1i   ii ;u lilible to
cotuiil     liom would
1 il   1   pi)   I 1 ,un Inline
ip lm  tim llu   aitiitini 1
«■' ' ui| lii ippi 1'.   In ihe innil' 1
I of tii   ' iii. ilns gun
la I ,|   I   ; ,1       ,11    '       '.1    it,
la 1   I, ll|,       I   "      |,   l|      ||j       tll
*   lii in   um le in
ll 11      I  ill ll 'Is,    ;.ii  III.II
I rial
Sn li is tin        tii  1 nl ilu* iilioli'
pll . a' I,        I
II III   I 1!. l'*l,i   I*.   Tl«]  ll.    |U    III
I   iin  1 uti  'in ■ in li in un 1 * la in *.
a    || .  ,; ,|  I \
.     : llr,     prtl| . Ill     o.Uli 1
1 ell ill ilut\
-a    tl    1,1.1:1.1    h s
1 in lul 1 di rati m .ni i tin u in
In  Inui  :    I ll     polls, In cast ll
II " ' it Iall  III*   lllll I
11     a   HI    ,   ||||Vi     ll
.».„ ■.!.!.•.I •iSiKliUMUliVlll!
"i   \. 11,ill l is...! 11 1:
'P\M. XOTIl li llial  liii.i- Wl
1     'in i 1  I, a.l lli * i'ii. .,I y.n n, r
iintnii, li.'iilleiuan, Inieinla
i" appli tnr ,* t- ■ 11 i—i ui ie Il.i-.* iln* lu
! *, r.l** .1 i.imi-:
C  llll *   I    a        llial
-lli mii;. I
Sen HV In 111-ltr district, lh nice .a,ml
"  .      ll .'-I     ll"lllalal    I     .,i     -,li.|      l.a.l     H
,lll"lll".   Ill-
' liaim, 1 1 ii"* nurlli M" n"-i  1,
In lie* 111.rlli* i.-t* rl)
.   .,,   :
ami    nnrlh. ;i- .
-I..a., .ai Bonn A 1
* . 1 a. ii.*. and '
. ' ■ i*. ■   i• 1. - iii.*r ■ uf It--
I'.iia.l ltd. il   i day *a| \|.|l . lm
1 i;Wii- wit MAM CADI llii:
uar Mlu? um in.iiQIclent  Juclhi Msck
ilniiilin*.'   liilliihtlll ere-  lorllVaniou cr
i'ii,,,,, 37
I'll   \ "II llltl'llil  llllllllltlj,
C Hl-llll
'. •i.iipiini:. u\m.
.'  l.'i\-IUl I     ti
.'■     I'l	
M   ""     1     1/./;. I      '       ;:.c.
If    '"    '
> ••. MjJ>
..in KIINMI NT "I i:i;iii*ii
1 "1 1 Ulil t
11 1 ii 1 .it r.i 11 i*i\i.».
Winn.i; 11H -1 PA HATH HRAI.I li
I-l I.i-  mil   I.' r.i'l.a-l   III  I'.e
community; il in
the 1 ei'i'mj   1-  iu th
nn n
I" ' on ipi  1011 lul in iti
here   01   1        •
I i  ie ire no
into th  pi", niti .1 iai cm po
Sll ai,    I    I   I
tht   ll. 'a: , a *
1 the 1 in in
p   iti
wults thli   •'.
to   lhc   ini'.al * 1
I l|   111   Ilia      1 ai;i||   IC| I
ol ilns inititul   n li ihi ' 'i   would
nn ,111 tbe 1 !• Hit 1
permioi ul payroll; it would n   in
an nu Rl *   'I   m ■ llimiti     i|
II .:   ih, I'l,iei 1 iiuiniltwit in r np '
■ t| .,1 In, iii ■ in 1 da)
II. al. '   *
, 1 aaala-il mu nal minimi it
ile I'm im  il'."i' ri ■
\ h ... 1 mil V *i \\. -Inun.
1   1     1    . num 1 iti it   I  '
1,, I.' it Imfi •! in  in
I ic
1   nc ||i
Pnivlm lal II lur I
III    H
W 1 Ii*
I .*■
1    •     *'
,ir III '.       * ,   ■ in lie* -il'n ul
■     'HI  l.l
Illitl'       . II
'  nl t. Ii niii be fori 1* .1 1
I.*, li r 11
. .ii uf Id
, ai Imnntl tn i' *
I   1   HAMULI
siovn & co.,
Houso <tn.i Chunh
wi: nn
hunt iti*  Decorating
I'aper I limiting,
Draining, Sign Writ*
K il- iinitiini    1
llttll     I"   III   I'll,,   ||   I,,   ,-(
Wall  I'.i  1.   I'.iii,1*.
\ ..Mil   li -   I'il-.til.a     .
'.■      ■   ''In :l|i III
, can -2' 1 am wliert*,
i 11. shim I m.
Vancouver, ll, ■'.
If aU
I"     III     a   I |||
allt'ii    ;li    tlltl   ilatle    nl    llll*      I In tilpor*
11 n ul Iin* I'ity iii Norlli Vancou-
i**r n 11 laaunml md il lm he *n
>|i me I i'\|*nlii'iit in the int.'resin,,(the
i'i'v nl Nurth Viiiii',.mer. ami tin* liati-
payeii 'Unl Inhabitant! thereol tlmt 1
.■uin ul iiinei In' burrowed t'i pai' nil
uutltan I 11      •' 11 i**i''linniy   lilullltlei
rei ted w aluiwilil,
\\n wilt 1; 1'. a s 1 1',*ii iii an ilgnid
i.v ilieOta-mr-i'i mora limn one-tenth
nl ihe inllie I'l ttell Property in the t'ily
.,( North Vancouver tai mown by lhe
l:i-i iieiis'il Aisi'ssnieiii Iii,ll) ims bten
presontisl tu lhel'ill l'ninii il requntiug
Iinin In Introduce 11 liv I. n iv lu misc by
say ut leu" Ihn ■ 11 1 N'vi'iiiccn Tiniii-
rnnil ifla'.nuu I'liilnrs Inr die pnrpore
11! 1*.uin*.' "fl cerium exlriiiiriliiinri* llll-
! ilnn -1 (ll lile.' nl llie .Inlet the Incur-
poriitlnil ul tho 1 iii ul Nnrlh Vnnctn -
Wh W'lll'ila'I'.AS il mil he iieccKnary
I,, mi Illllially In -peiia' rule lhe hiiiii
1 Sine lliiii'linl nml Kiily-oni Ikilliri
ml  II. ni Ine C ni- I$1111.84) (nr lhe
li 1111 el I Hit Vein. fnr lhe repm ineiil
-a' iln -.iiii limn mill Intern*! tberaooil
i .-r.iiall. r i.ri'iiilcil.
ISI) WIIKIII.AS lhe value ul the
win If Heal Rateable property In the
■ u.l iiu ni Nnrlh Van iver, li-eonlini
tu the Id   lluvliud   Anon nt  l!"fl
.niiniiiii- in Three Million Three Hun
ilrcl ninl Kighly-neven Thnnnnd Nine
llundreil ami Rlghly i|:i ::s?,"sii) Hot-
rilRKKKORK the Mlynr nml AI.I.t-
1111*11 ni Uie lily ni North Vanconver in
Ontinell A ss-a* in I .I.-. I (with the wenl "I
Iln* Klfflon nl the snhl t'ily duly nb-
laiiie.li eiiai'ls u tnllims:—
I. ll ahall lie hniliil (iirlheMav.ir.ii
ih,*t'iiv nl Nurlh Viiiii'uiiver ami tbt
City Clerk (or tht purpose ifornsid la
laaairtlll   aar mist    Ll*   lllll   'at la'llll  il'llll  lllll*
|ii*r-nii rn |i"rsniis, limlv nr bndlM c. i|ni-
rale iilm limy he ivillini; I . mlnuice lie*
-aim* Hi'i'ii tho credit ol tht Pebentmei
liervlnifter im nthwed "f tht Oorpora*
lum a -11 1 iiinnev nut exceeilini! iii
lhe iilm1!'ihe sum 01 Seventeen Tht.u*
-nil |17,000) I'atllar- un.l In liiuse the
-.inn' tn he placed iu the Hank u( llritisli
Nurlli Aiiniiiii nt  Nurlh vancnuver tu
ll re.lil  nl lie* f ily lur lhe |nir|,. Kl
above rectled-j
:'.   HelK'iiiur.' Roodl nf the Citv la
the   uninllnt    "I   Sevelllii'ii    lli.iil-ainl
(17,000) Dollar* In Die wlinle niii l»'
■—a i... ] In ih,* na i<l Miner aiel (ill Clerk
n lorma "l Ibe Municipal CImm Ael,
ill -um* as nun lie ile.ireil, I'ill imi le--
ilini Hue Tli'.aiiMii'l itl.HIKII liullnr.
..uii.    Il.uii ,.| the saial I-.ml- -hall be
-leiie.l In ihe siid Mni'.r mnl City Clerk
ii ij ihe iiii Clerk shall iiitii'li thereto
lhe C,ir|ia,riilc Seal nf the .aiil I'ity nf
Ninth Vlllii'a.lller.
:;i   I'he Debenture Bondi -hill hear
ii leresl al a nee unl t Xfccilui** live |ier
a a ni per annum, nsjfible hall reartj mi
th, — lay uf Nnrember am! the'—
lit i,| Ml) in a nh ami ,*i,*ri t,ar ilur*
. in*; llie currency uf lhe Mad DebtStSM
*ar nn a.i il..*n TImMS llllll !»' altiich-
. ,1 i.a ih,* |i I., mure Unmix Oospmu
sii!U,Hl In* the Mamr only, fnr . mil ami
every payment of Ink ml ihnt maybe-
\,-..nn'. tint*, ind mi.-Ii risnUUfl nuiv If
* ihei milieu, .tampon, printed nr lith-
I     Tin*  -a*l   llelielllllre   I! Is a-l In
liiii,i|.al ind I'il re-i shall In* luiiile
itayible t ilhcr al lie* Rank I liriliii
Nurth Aiinriiii ai Nnrlh Vincouver, I"
i.aiiiu a,i Mniiinal. i anaiila, nr al lhc
I'..ink of RritMl Nurlh Aineriiii, law-
dun, Knirland, ami lira sai'l Principal
-uin ahall l*e ii "''■ !' i.lltle I'f Ihe till
|| a .1 ile ti..1 leaa llnlll Iilil Vein Ir* In
iln ,lile upon "li a h llu- I'ail.aa Ink, -
.'.. Ihere -hill bt raise.l nml levitsl
mumillv by «|Himl iai" a.n ill rateable
nro|*orty In Ine rsUI ' It] lhe mm "I
line lluiitlrcl nml   Helen  Dullin   an**l
Thirll-lile Cenl-   lllll Ani int ill.* plir-
* litrinin.' a Miikini! Iiimi (nr llie
I'll In,ill nf lhe "aid .1, lielltnrcK ami ihe
- I Right Hnmlmlind inn [.WM)
Dollin fur llie lull ui. nl nf Ihe luterent
iit the rsts iilnrt .'nhl, i" lt"i I due im
-a. h  Debenture! durini lhe rnrrencj
llieri'i.i. un.l lliiil iii mliliiiuii It. all ul hor
ial.*. in In* leiii'l nml cnilisieil in tlie
sai'l Hislricl .luriiii! the wln.li* currency
nl llie Mli'l l'i liiillur.- nr am nf ihein.
., llii. I',v-I an shall inllie inin et-
feet nil III.■'.lllll ilny "■   Mm', "lie   Ihnll-
-aiiti niii'* hundred mnl tight.
!   7   This Ity-1.:ih nnil I.* cited fur llll
purpoM ii- "II"' Cilv n! Nnrlh Vhiiciiii-
1 u-r s|H*.*iai l/an By-Las, r.ms."
I'.i -a.l hi Iln* I' iii'.tlilhf lllh dill
.*! Mat. IM.
I;* n inal tin* as-cut iif ihi Dectof!
uf   the   Clli    "I    N a at t ll   VllllCnllVer ill llll
Kloetinn held fur lhe purpotl mi tht
—.till ul , A. 11. IW
llcc.usi.ler.'il hv lh" ('"innil, nml
lm.iln adnplod, -i.'ieal by llu* Mnvur
and i ii* Clerk,ami - mled wilh tbe Clli
-ell.,,1 lhe ill)  nf ,   1    I'    IRM
ill Imloa. il,
Phone 3492
l'i...,. t:» i,
rium      i      "in
■i ...si      |       1 "
IIIMI | "a
Heclahi list    Vt.k In.lii.ii June Sin
Curlier nn 1'irat M reel.   Finu liiiiliinim |iro.|n*ct*.  1'ii is. petca for
*i (ew tlnys on I y.
■ an* uere. (mrlly c e.ri'il. niiii -Iimi-Ii uii. Hi-venlet'lith slri'il.
mn frnllliiliiiiil IIUHWn (iaiilnu mi.I wltll Iln* view nl Inlei
lust milk it llie |irl,-t*.
Women's Gibson Ties
1 F-'sliiiiiialilc Siiiiiiiiit SIiiic
made on lit* newi'st lasts In I'a-
ti'iit Kill, i lmcoUU Kill, Tun
Itiissin ('alt. ami l'ali'iit Kill
with  Tun, <!n'V  ami Hull Kid
All thc S
s for the Coming Season
Hiir '.'ri.'i-: :'", llll, |3.80, |4.00. H|i to|500.
51 li Hastings Strt'et
mil k mm co., ltd.
Time Table, igoj
si. OKOtUa
•ll.llO A.M.
•li.lfi  "
•7.30   "
hui  "
8.20   "
H 111   "
9.00    "
Ml  "
Mi   "
imr. "
10.45   "
11.45   "
trig f. m.
12.45 f. M.
1 IS   "
1.45   "
1.11 "
2.45   "
its "
3.45   "
4.15   "
4.45   "
LU  "
6.45   "
I.U     "
H.45   "
7.2S   "
7.45   "
8.15   "
8.45   "
11.15   "
11.45  "
M.II "
10 45   "
•11.110   "
•11.45  "
X..I mi Siintliv.
70 \ 240
Close to saw mill antl plank roatl;
li n iiiiiiiil.s liom ear. only $100.
Also a tew t | aires Ior $200;
t.mis. io .lown, $io per month.
House tn lei, 6 rooms, all con
veiiienccs; s|i|entlitl view. Also
nne lor s.ilc ; $500 cash anil tlo
per inonlli.
| ■ | irlau ui
l        .//('. !:■  if*
BY LAW NO. :■•.*
i'il! of Virlli iiiiiruincr
'    ' * ■■   ifi'un nf
' ,'',.'!
llll I
Mill    ...i.   I * '■■ :   llu
, **i thi i ni  "I >'iili  Van-
Mi'i cl  NORTH VAN
tot \ I I;
I \Kt: NiiTK I, III AT llu* iil.ne h
,i irue Com ui il.,. I'roa-anl Bj l M
*,|. •!!  III  lell   III,'  'ule ui    llll*    I  le, la,I-   aa|
Iln* tilt ..I N"iil' Viiiiciaiiur uill Ira
inl. ii itulnii lie* i iit lliill, \iitili Van*
1***11,r,*'i, \\ ll>\ I ~|i \ V. II..- llllllll
DAY OF Jt'KR, A. ll   WM. t*rtw«-n
lira lauiir- "i '■' nVlock A. M, ltd 7
..',|a*.'k   I'     |i.
TII.'MA- HIKI'llkltli,
I: Ii.iiiiiil' uilieer.
I'lial.ir mi|Ii'ki>iii:i;m',vi;IvK.N
Iln.I Iln* iul.* ul lhe Kliriur. uf IL,* till
aaf    Na.rlll    \   llUaalller   lllll     lie    |.|kl*ll    Ull
"The  S|.,,*i.il   I,    I'.i-I.ain.  inns,"
nn wi:n\i. -: • \ V. 111 ■ ■ HII HI) HAY nl'
.11 \K. t |i IHOft, lui •iiull.o In lira i.l
n.i', Ink \, M. ami 7 ..'cl... k I' \l , ...nl
It ii allhlli ih" Iiu lllll, Nerlli Vim-
i'"ni r, iiii'l I'a'! '*l In*
laa'i'it   »|i|i il il 'I   UVInri   111   I'll. . r t'
l.lk' llil tele n| -II. ]a I IS I"!- llllll llll'
11-11,ll |a alter- ill Hull ha»l   I I
I'.i **rl.*r ,.f Hi.* M.ii'.i
IRHOLD i   Kl ,\i.v,
I ll"i i- *ilii'ill:i,|i,
City I'lcrk.
Iho |i.*ii.-t Hi ile.ireil lots on lonsdale Avenue
$900 each
I'aimkks am. PsnuuMom
Ml'K.M.   till IIK.MIIKS
Gkaini.ks    Gi i/ii'.ks     Skins
lonsdai.i:   .Wl'Nt'l'.,
On. tyiii Siki h.
ls*i him ra It. nil it. Itr.iii In-.
HI isis*. I'l.iei ..el lllilr.iili* .
.noa.M    ll.r.lv.H,*!, ■ ,"l i al.,1 Kir,
Msssjm '"■■ the Of imr III
t'rntective SiK'ielv.
OsVt*—'FOM Ufa, Ra or  I/ISMUM.
wuavM mi: 1.101 mi UUU
■ynril'l'l is liercio «ilt'ii Hull nl the
* ™ insl lll.elllli; "I III,' Itulinl III Lice (',,iiiiiii.-1..in r- dr ilie Municipal-
iti ..I Nurlh VinniiiiuT, I shall ippi]
loVI l.ulel liccn-c fur llie Mill.- ul .pint*
.lun., leriiniilaal ur ullier Inpiurs tor llie
"IXteell-ru-illl   [ralllie   inulill n*;.   Hilllllletl
ui S.i ir llua.l. it I ri -al rut  Lot IM,
Ill-asp I, Ne" Wc.luiin.tcr lii.trict.
llul.*'l nl Nurlh V.iiu  nver, III'., May
sill.  I'lllS.
For the Farm, Garden, Lawn
or Conservatory
Relliblt larielie- ill rciisuiuilili' prion.
\n I'.uier.-. Nu Scale, No Nnlfitlnii
1,, ilamaga -i,,, k.   No sladi issnti i.
iiuin.v i-t.ii. I'uiy ilirect mul «et Tree-
ninl Sceil. llml irrnw.
Kerlili/ert. lteeSu|iplie».Spriii rump",
Bpriylng Miterhl, Tui I'lmier-, ele.
I iltl,-I esinltlishcil nur-erv un llie
nialnlawl nl Brlllali Colnmlrlt.
CllllnfSl free.
.iiiiii WaSMtsmk HuMi.
liuiinliiiy Survctnr ami Archilect
Ntlltl'll  VANCOUVKK.
J. Ilavis A: Sun, Prti|ts.
deli vend dtily lo all parts
nf the City.
Orden li-ft it the Kxj>ri*ss oflice will lie prompt-
Iv ntttiiili'tl to.
Pioneer Bakery
lui it in 11 KipUasdsl First St.
S. W. Walker,  ■   Proprietor
Frt'sli  Hri'iiil daily, 16
loaves for $1; 4 for Sfa
Cake, l'astry, etc.
Dailv Delivery to All Parti of City
liiosi I        71 Lonsdale Ave
ki:m\ uitiiii: mcltiv tm
KijUS  I'lilt   IIATCIIINd
II lie-** In < r.'-lcl In |i"illlri*. thnt I have
III I II.,' ll   e-|  |.,|l> nf 11 hli** tti.inliillei id
Nerlli V.lieeiiter, hftilii. |inrrh..,*il . Ir..ll
.tr.ltl Iiiiiii KukliMHi, i'i*nl.«l I'.rk, he.ilril iif
. lilnl III.I li.. I.hen ■ I-l, llnl llul llnl lirlii*.
Sti liili'iiillini |-iir'*ti.*,*r* ttill ,lo wi'll tu I1.1I
11 1 i.l.*. I>, !,..,• I. .j inn 1 l-.wha r.*    V.w lull
l«.r .I'liliiael II
Kiue lui... mv s.ii.ii.1 I'm 1,1 ll j.iialullia,
Silver S|,.ll||l,*,l it.titl.n (.a. Olil., itr.It), lllll
l>< 1 ..11111*1 ill ll II.vr miiI .v.. Inr 11 treah
■tiall, an will '•*■ .I'll' tit Mil.* mi |..lra,n« wilh
iti.it* Mnl. in, 1 )*ia*r.
\\. lllll.liSWtlRTH,
I■iiurtecnth nlreet ami IMbrnrk avenur,
Hi K.ltli K..-.I Car,
Nurth Vancouver, j^pplflwtti ta §l)t htyxm
Empire Day at Lynn Valley
Empire Day was celebrated at
Ly.in Valley school on the 22nd
inst A flag presented by Alderman Irwin, was hoisted in the
[ue.cni" of the school children
and a good gathering of Lynn
Valley residents. Councillors T.
S. Nye and J. T. McNaught and
J.M. Duval spoke on the meaning-
significance of the celebration; and
a letter of thanks to Aid. Irwin,
signed by the schoolmaster, A.
Buckley, M.A., and the scholars
was read. Miss Nellie Prtbert
recited a piece entitled "The British Flag," and the children rend*
eied "The Maple Leaf for Ever,"
"Oh, Broad Land," and the National Anthem. The rest of the
day was devoted to school sports
such as skipping races, egg and
spoon rices, wheelbarrow races,
potato races and the like. The
following were among the prize
winners: Nellie Fro'.iert, Friti
Nara, Fred Nyman, Brit Buckley,
Trygve Anderson, Freda Anderson, Laura Graham, Donald Buckley, Reginal Probert, Harold Fro-
herl, Josephine Anderson, Henry
Anderson, Mary Probert,Madalene
Magennis, Katey Magennis and
Leslie Buckley. A fine flag pole
was procured by two of the trustees, Messrs. Nelson and Thompson, and the waving flag (when it
does wave) is quite a conspicuous
feature of thc valley.
Local Meetings
Kiiightii.f I'ythiai, Second anil fourth
I in -I, it s p.m.
Athletic ('lull, Kir-I Monday, N p.m.
I.llll V    Milai'allie, .,    .ee.iuil   llinl   fourth
Horticultural Meeting, Second Wtslnea-
day N p.m.
FllSMS'l Practice, every Friday, 7.30.
lily Council Meeting,  Monday, - p.m.
I'l-lnci Council Meeting,Hr»t and third
Friday-, at a p.m.
Il'iirdnf Trade, Third Tni-mlay, **|>.ni.
Iluiinl nf Trade  Kxecnlive,   I'ir.t Tuei*
day, s p.m.
s.IiihiI ltoard, First Friday, M p.m
W'.c.T t'. meet, third Wciliiewlay in
eueli iiiuiilli al Ml p in.,in StAiiilre*'.
rrc-lnlcriaii church.
Wallace camp, Snnii nl Scotland, meet.
sccniid Wciliiei'.lay and Fourth Tlnir--
day in K I', hall.
Nurtli Vancouver I, III. No. IMO.iiiMta
-...'uini and f- ti rt 11 Ir,aim. in month.
Property owners should care
fully consider, at this season of the
yeir, cliuse 140! the lire Inlaw,
which provides that Ior too feet in
a radius from every building, the
ground must be MM Ice from
lallen trees, logs, underbrush, ami
rubbish, anil empowers tht council
upon complaint to have all inns
sary work done at the expense ol
the property owner, should he fail
to do it of his own accord. Aside
from the risk involved in the existence of partially cleared lots, it
would greatly atld to the appearance of the city if property owners
would have tlieir lots nicely cleared.
PRIDAY, MAY 29th, 'Oft
at 7:30 P. ri.
Under instructions we are offering by
A Miscellaneous Lot of
Comprising Diaingroom Suite, Extension Table,
Dressers, Sideboards, Morris and Students' Chai i,
Rattan Lounge, Rattan and Sea-lirass Chairs,
Rockers, Deck ('hairs, Refrigerator, Reds,
All kinds of Mattresses, Kitchen Comforts and
Tables, Range, Lace Curtains, CoMtoptBtf,
Crockery ware,   Carpets,   Ktc,   Etc.
Kingsford Smith 6 Co.
Ni e.ls to keep in touch with what is going
tin  in  the  City        :        :       :       :       :
always gives the latest, the fullest ind the
lu-st inhumation from a Nm tli Yiininiiver
point ol inu. Vmi oii"ht to suli-i uin lm
The Kxpress Km Inst* om dollar in an
envelope with your address ami we will do
ihe rest. .SUBSCKIIil. TODAY.
St. John'i Choir Picnic
The in. lilin rs ol the choir ol St.
John's church, with their (riends,
took advintage of the holiday on
Monday to have their annual picnic, which was held at a picturesque spot or. McKiy creek. The
pirty, which numiiered 40, had a
most enjoyable time, and some exciting gamei of cricket, rounderi
ind foothill were played. The
weather wai ill thit could be desired, and from the vigorous way
in which all entend into the games
there was no dubiety as to the
truth ol the old ada.e, "mensrana
in corpoie sano," being at tlmi
o.ighly bilieved in lodiyaiin diyi
gone by. S< me of ihe older members ol the party were observed,on
the following day, wilking in an
unusually careful and gingerly
manner, amply suggestive of the
inevitable stiffness which want of
training makes one (eel after con*
lidenble musculir effort. Mr.
Nye, photographer, took sevenl
photos of the party.
THK attention .,(the I .mul.ami Work.
* Department hating Iwen directed
to the lact llial loan l..t- in a la.Hii-.iti-
nsui..I I'limc Kiii-art, being a mil.li-
11 Linn ill '/it i.i:'. Range 5, ( "a.l I li«*
tricl, situated on the mainland Ix-tween
the mouth of the Skeena Kiver and
Kai.ii 1'iver and Kaien I.land, are Iwing ..flored lor fale, il haa hern deemed
llec.-.trv lo mini the public tint the
uid |.,»n«iie ia not .Hunted at the ter-
iiuiiii. nf ihe tirand Trunk I'acinV Rail-
Hat, and I. '."I   ll.e  li'HIl.lle   uiml.   il
turned j .hilly hy the liuvrrnmant ol
llriti.h Cnluiuhia and Ihe tirand Trunk
Pacific Railway OmfOOf,
K.J. Kfl.TiiN,
t'ht I t'limininiiiner nf
I.mull ami Worki,
l.nniti nml Wurki /Vparliiaral,
IVl„n,i, «.('., Hay M, /«'«.
V ailli'l   |. ,.r„ I,, 1 1, 11  ll,.|.,,|r*l   I.D'ir.a
> •' »iiii» r.'.riit-ll'tllif Hmi llat 1 hiall'iim
tin 11.r .1 Hi. Uml. mil  Wotk.  Is*|*»n
I nrnt, Maori., up lo 1-1.".n en u,ainr«l.-r.
July l.l, Ita. i,„di .111 (.'""ri tahn m.y ilf.lr.
I" "1*1.an . *|*.il.l llml-rr llr.nar, und. lb.
|.rellai,,ii..,l S,*,ll,*li .'aT ellle I.ll'l A't I'ir
He* I'liri-owol rulllaf llintiaT Inun Ibr follow
ln|alraailt»d land. :
< aiui 1... orln-a al. p<*.t 1 l.nif.l .1 the mirth -
...| rornrr ,'l I'il'aa*. Saw W.almln.li'r I'la
in. 1 thru,": we*l at. mi rh.ilu let iit* -tiiilh-fiut
a*..rnrr.,l Lot 2,41*, Ihein t* north II . baltlf to
Ihi* rami III writ r.irt..>r "I l.ol 2,1711, IhtDct fill
MM rh.ln. to tli. norlh sr»l inrn-r el Ut
l..»i;ib.ii'«Kiuih.v,. inwiti l...t ISS;llnt-a
tarai 17 «.',, Mln. I" Ul ar; lie lie,* north II 10
i la.In. I,, |a..lnl "f cemniemi'm, nl
Th. romuriiior efffruia lhe hl|h...i r..h
l-oiuii mil l-t* nillM '" . *i,"«l ilmlm
lai.na. eevtrlnf lh.* Ilmli, rrnrwable .nniilly
lur . ii*rm ol nr.nl; -on.   ...a
lack t.*inlt-r n.i.a'i Ih* ..i.lri*aai-a to ih* Hen
ilia* i taitl coiniiil.aieii.r "I Untl. .nil Work..
I ia a,„!,, „.. a,,, i,  *,..],*,1 .iei iii.rki-il "T.inlfr
I * >T Tl lllla-a.1 I.II fll*. '' all  lllll-l 1." .t I'Olll 1*1.11 al
hi t.'a mtrk'-'l' tit<|iit>., em* , liptju. bflug lor
III  .taiiinnt ol II,r lir-t y.ir'. natal-
.tai tie* eltitr lor Ib. amounl ol l-onm trn,
■I, r<* I
Allrhi'*,'ia*- t' ,ulr. lo Im* i.ir.t.1. lo lh.or
<!„■ ChltlComalaSMMT ol UdiI.mil
M. rka «t | nr at Virion..
llll I.TON,
ild.11 a.mini..a "ii,*i .'I Uml. inn Worki,
I.Ilia till It.atla |t,-|,trlmf Dl.
J Victoria H< , Mb. May, is* iwt §upplmmt ta Wi\t Expraa
Empire Day at Lynn Valley
Empire Day was celebrated al
Ly.in Valley school on the 22nd'
111st    A flag presented  by Alder-j
man  Irwin,  was hoisted  in   the j
pie.enc  of the school  children)
and   a good gathering of  Lynn j
Vall.y  residents.    Councillors T. j
S. N\e and J. T.   McNaught   and j
J. M. Duval spoke on the meaning-1
significance ol the celebration; and
a letter of thanks   to Aid.   Irwin,;
-itlied   hy the   schoolmaster,  A.
Iluckley,  MA., and the scholars
was read.     Miss   Nellie l'rsbert
recitetl a piece entitled "The British Flat:." antl the thildren  nntl
eiel "The Maple Leal for Ever,'
"Oh, Broad Land," and  Ihe National Anthem.     The rest of the
■lay was devoted  to school sports
such as  skipping  races,  egg and
spoon   races, wh, eltiarrow races,
potato races ami   the like.     The J
lollowing were   among  the prize;
winners:     Nellie   I'ro.iert,   Fritz \
Nara, Fred Nynian, Kric Buckley,
Innve Anderson,   Freda  An.ler-
-*n). Laura Graham, Donald Buck-
It). Kcginal l'rolicrt, Harold Pro*
liert, Josephine Ai.ih 1-.011.   Henry
Anderson, Mary I'toln rt.Madalene
Magennis,   Katcy  Magennis   and
Leslie Buckley.     A fine  flag pole
was procured by two ol the trustees, Messrs  Nelson   ind Thompson, and the waving flag   (when it
loSI wai. 1 is quits ■ conspicuous
leitiire of the valley.
Local Meetings
Kiiiifhl.' ( I'Uhiiiii   hc-asd ind  I' nrll.
I...—1; 1 v. s |, m,
Whloli. 1 Inl,. I ir-l M l.n . s |, ,11.
I   ell     \|,i. a ,,!>,.,     a,,,ah,I    and    ("lirth
ll..rlitiillurii M.eling.  beosd U'.-lncs-
- f in
tiriiiieii. practice, overt* Iri'lat. " An
City Co im    M,. inn*.   Mondiy, I f in
a [11   Ml 'Iliu.* tlr.t in
I rid.,1". .11 s |. ui
I .,r.|a,rlrii,|e. Third  Tuea.l,,*    .,, „,
II ird "I  Trade   Kxe, nine     I II-'
• I.ii . s |, in.
-*■ hool llti.trd. I ir.l I ri'i.u. i |>.iu
W i   I I'. ineel. third WcIiicmI,,v hi
aula hi ; .ia. |a I,, ig -i tndris'i
I r.-i.tl.-naii church.
'Vadiite i-aui|i. Ptstu "I leotlsad, i * * ll
** * snd Uealia. -day and Kuiirlh llmr*-
tlav in K I', lml
North Vancouver LO.L  (to 1*1 ,1 MU
■e.a.llal  llllll   h  lirlll    KridlVI   ill   lllflltll
l'rop, rty   nwnei*.   slmulil i in
lully considi r. .it this mmod of ths
yetT, I llUM   14 of the   tire In Lm,
ulm h providi * tli.it for IOO del 111
,11,1 In- iiiiiii 1 \• iy buildiaf, the
1 must 11* K' pt In 1 (rom
undi rbruih, ami
rubbish, ami imp ouui il
Lip :i * iiinplai'il I
sarv work dlMM ll IN "f
. ropsrtt ouuir,  liould in* 1,ol
it oi Ins owi iccord    \sii|.
from tin risk involved in the exi?-
'if partial!        ' in I  lott,  it
would gn nli id l '   thi ippstr-
l| |h il    "liners
1 ' 11
PRIDAY, MAY 29th, 'Oft
at 7:30 P. ci.
Umler instructions we are offering l>y
A Miscellaneous  Lot of
ComprUing DiDiDgraon BMtt,   Exteniion Talilc,
Dri'.-sers, Sidtboudf, Morris uti Students' Chai s,
Rattan  I.otinp',       Hnttan ami Bet-GrtM f'hairs.
Riifk'rs, I'eck I'liairs, Hefrigerator, Beds,
All kinds uf Mattresses, Kitchen Comforts and
Tallies, Kati|:e, Lace Curtains, CoDDterptDH,
I'mckcrvware,   Carjuts,   Etc.,   Kte.
Kingsford Smith £* Co.
Nl I! 10 I.' ep in touch with what is going
on  in  the  City        :        :       :       :       :
ihrtjnfivsi tin latest, the fullest and the
l.si information Irom a North Vancouver
point of view. Vmi Dttghl to sul'si ribs for
Tin- lixprrss Km lose one ilollar in an
inn-lope wilh \otir iddrSM ami ise will do
the test. SUBSCRIBE   TODAY.
St. John's Choir Picnic
The members of the choir of St.
j John's church, with their Iriends,
I took advantage of the holiday on
| Monday to have their annual picnic, which was held at a picturesque spot or. McKay creek. The
' party, which numiiered 40, had a
Imost enjoyahle time, and someex-
' citing games of cricket, rounders
and football were played. The
' weather was all that could be de-
I sired, and Irom the vigorous way
; in which all entered into the games
there was no dubiety as to the
1 iiutli of llu olil .nia .*, "menssana
in cotpoie sano," being as thor*
10 ighly hi lieved in 101'ay as In days
gone by. Si me of the older members of the party were observed,on
the following day, wilkiug in an
unusually carelul and gingerly
manner, amply suggestive of the
inevitable stiffness which want ol
'training makes one feel alter considerable muscular effort. Mr,
INye, photographer, took several
photos of the party.
rptlK attention ul the I nnil-* ami Work.
' l'i partim nl having I'c'ii iliretietl
to tlie lact tliat ...iiii l'ii» in a tmin.itc
naineil Prince Rii|iert, being a mil.li*
a vision of I ..ii t'A'i, Itanite '1, I'oaat In.*
tricl, .ituateil nn the mainlainl bet wren
the niiiiith ol tin* Skeena Kiver ami
Kaien Kiver an.l Kaien Ialan.l. are taring nlfereil lor .ale, il lun. been ileemtsl
necenaary I" warn tlie public tlint the
aiiil t'lwn.ile ia not .iliiateal at the In-
iiuiiii. ol lhe lirinrl Trunk Pacific Hail*
way, ami in nnl the i.mn.He which ia
..wiie.1 j 'intlv hy the liovernnitmt nf
llriti-h Culuiuhia ami the lirainl Trunk
I'.I. llie  II llllllll   ('iilll|,illH
r, j. fi'ijiin,
I'M / (,.,'*l*-|l««i'.0**T ../
/..in./* anil Worki,
l.iiwli nml Wurli I'rparlment,
I'ictnrin, H.f.. Mail lit, IMS.
VOTIo la h.rt'l.y men thai to«lr.l tnileri
*■*" will l« reerlii'ii l.-f ll.r Hon tin* Chief Com
ml..l«l.er nl llu* l.nela .ml Work. Is*|.«rl
tn. til, Mrtorla, *i|* lo noon on lVc.lne.iIay
Jn'y lit, n.*, Ireni .ny MMM tah,. m.y df.lre
le "lit.In a *!■**'i.l Inui, r llreme, unit,   ll,.*
l***.ii-iaiiiaaai s 11 n elihe l..n,l Ail for
, tin* pnr|-o.e of 1 tilling um tur from the lollow-
Inf deai-iltae-d lamia:
t oninieDclnii .t . poat |.]antf>l althe norlh*
i«*l t*t Srit W-.imloater III.
I rift; Ihetiec Wf.iyit.lailt lilln.te ill,'-until t.a'
renter ,.| Lot i, 117; lht.ncrnfirlbrrbalnalo
llu* .nulh-wr.l turn. I el I el j'c.'.a lli.iia*. t-.il
'*.''- tlmiii. to tlir 11.ulli wf-t turner ol Ut
1 'li"n<'t'Hoi>ih.v>« haln.to l/ii l..S3i';lbetire
nr.' iti'..-,.ham. I.a Lol i»: ihi-nrr north 11 .m
ch.liia to i> *in! .af rainimem cm' 111
Tha com pet nor "ff.rUii Ihr hlf heat r.ih
Inainia uin Ik cnililril i" a ipoclal limner
lict-li.r ceterlni tin* limit, rrnrwable .ninillr
[or. term "I iw.iii; -OM   far.
Kmil telltli'l mil*! !,'• .ildrcaae-l lo thf llttn.
lilt'Chief  I iillllaill'l.titer el Until .Iltl Work..
VIcIoiIb. .,., tirtly .enle.l .11.1 ni.rkftl "T.ntlfi
ferTunlifr l.l.'fn.e," .n*l inu.t l.e accomi*ani'*'l
ial   Un II
III"i«i. the amount of Uu* flr-i y>ar'a rental-
t.t two m.rkr'l cbaquoa, *
allll'.llla a
bflni lo
..el 'he other lur llu* amount ol Ixinii. ten,
ile rcl
All t'lif'i'iea rt'iiiili** t** l»* pavalilf in tlif or
I*    * f tie* da     ' ■ r el Laaila .ml
IV. rka. «t |,aratVln,.rla.
lllll HIV
tlileli iitiiiail.al.nicriil Uii'laabtl Worki,
l.ul. .ml Work. l'.*i*»rt II,
la * .11.  H ■ .i.ii. M.y.lHI. 1141 TIIE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
Indians go to Ottawa to Inter
view the Government
Chief Joe Capilano, with his coadjutors from the nortli  shore of
Burrard Inlet, took tlieir departure
on Tuesday to join the csvilcide
of chiefs   which is  to proceed to
Ottawa, for the purpose o( conferring with jlie government with
respect to a considerable category
of subjects with which the welfare
of the li.   C.    Indian   tribes    is
closely connected.    A  pnm-ssion
headed by Chief Joe, oi:Cnpil,ino,
and Chief Joseph, ol tin* Million
was formed at tlie village of  tin
former and marched to  the terry
landing to a musical   iccompani
ment,   provided liy   two   Iggregl
lions, namely, the Si|uamish  and
Chilliwack   Indian   bands, when
ihey embarked to join mother con
tingent   at    Vaucouver.    In   all
there  will be twenty-seven chiefs
in the deputation that will, in tlm
course,   wait  upon   Sir   Wilfred
Laurier.    These chiefs hail from
Squamish, Port Haney, Musquiain,
Ashcroft, Kamloops and from Van
couver Island.
Among the matters the government will be asked to concede are
the lollowing: The prevention
of any further alienation of Indian
reserves from the present owners;
the privilege of fishing and hunt
ing at all seasons for purposes
of necessary food supply; more adequate provision for the care of the
indigent sick and aged upon thc
part of the government; exemption
from the regulations governing the
purchase ol licences to fish and to
log timber; protection of the reserves from being invaded by railways, logging roads, sawmills,etc.;
the final recognition ol the right
of the tribes to migrate from one
reserve to another as circumstances may require, for food
supplies, etc. Numerous other
matters ol minor moment will be
brought into the limelight in the
great pow-wow on the banks of
the Ottawa. Thc chicls departed
on the C. P. R. train on Tuesday
and will be joined by their fellow
chiefs en route.
The chiefs were all attir«l in
picturesque costumes ami present
ed a striking appearance, greatly
interesting the numerous spectators.
Death of Major Mulvey
The death of Major St< I ut
Mulvey, which occurred at tils
home, First street, Tuesday morn
ing, marks the passing of a figure
of more than ordinary influence in
the sphere in which his life was
lived. Major Mulvey was a native
of Sligo, in the west ol Ireland.
As a young man he emigtated to
Canada, taking up his residence in
Toronto, where for a number of
years he taught school. Later he
took a full military course, graduating Irom the Military College at
Kingston, Ont. He joined the expedition to the Kctl Hiver under
Sir Garnet Wolseli-y,with thc rank
of captain, antl, having Wnred
throughout thc campaign, decided
to remain in tliecoiiutry,accepting
a position in the customs department at Winnipeg. Ultimately lie
resigned thii position to accept the
Conservative nomination lor tlie
Dominion House, failing,lum. i* i,
to secure the seat. The appoint
ment o( superintendent ol education lor the city of Winnipeg wsi
offered him and accepted, and foi
17 years he acted In this capacity.
Iiiinng this time he s.it for one M
more terms as I member ol ihe
Manitoba legislature.
Throughout his life, dSMMsd
was an active an.l prominent member of the Orange society, having
been (or a long time gtind mister
of Manitoba; as also occupying a
high position in Dominion citch s
of the order. He was alio a Mason of long standing and ol high
The late Major Mulvey wai 78
years ol age, and left a wife and
lour ions, two daughters. He had
been a resident ol North Vancouver Ior only six months, but during
that time he hid mide for himself
a high place in the esteem of a
large circle of friends. Thc rc-
miins were escortctl to the Ierry by
the members of the hn.il Maionic
lodge, while it Vincouver they
were in charge ol thc Orange society. The funeral party hli on
lh« C.l'.K. Wulnesday for Winnipeg, where the interment will laki
Dominion Day Celebration
The attendance at tht meeting
held Fridiy night to irrangc 1 pro
gramme of athletic sports for Dominion diy wis not by any means
as large as it should have been.
The young in aii were out io force,
but then wn a conspicuous absence of those representative' citl*
MM who Int', i' taken an active
pait in these matters 011 former
occasions. During the course of
the proceedingi it developed that
the local athletes, who arc using
the Fire llall u a gymnasium,li,t\c
been prepsring to take part in,the
Dominion Day iporti,ind ihe Sre-
men have decided to offer a cup
Ior competition, probably for running.
The active co-operation of the
businessmen of the city was KCOg-
nissd as in.l. .peiisilile tn tin; sue
cess of tin* 111 ivi ment, and it was
ultimately 111 ved by Missis. T.iiii
and (.bailee thli a coinniiltill l»*
appointed to wait upon the businessmen and solicit their assistance, the lollowing being named:
Messrs, Phillipo, Mordcn, Martinson, Chance, Carpenter, MacKenzie, Emmerson, Stoney, Alexander, Siniib, Sabm, and J. N. |.
Brown. This committee will report to an idjoorned meeting, lo
be held this (Friday ) evening,win 11
it is hoped to have a large and enthusiastic galhering.
J. Phillipo pusided at the meeting in his usual able manner.
with us fob
Large Cabinet
Grand and
The Capilano road.from Coplen's I |)ri(jlit   PidllOS
to Kcll's, is to be widened out In
60 foet and made passable for automobiles. The work is under the
charge of the district council.
R. I). Fori es, Spokane, Wash.,!
has been the guest during the past1
week of City Clerk Shepherd.
Thk Kxi'kkss, ti a year.
rou .Mii
2"> or SO Pain uf Homer
Pigeons. Splendid strain.
6O0, a pair.    Apply—
<i. A. LEITH
Lynn Creek P.O. r3*4t
That wo aro selling
at the luw price of
ONLY $375.00
Warranted   for   five years.    Full
Metal  Plates,   Doitblt   Rtp .iimi:
Action, 1'iire, Sweet Tone,  Combined with Great l'owcr.
Tenth. $10 cash: h,tl. $10 a mouth
(late with Morgan, Vancouver)
Style, Fit ami Workmanship
First Street, one half block west of
Lonsdale  ait*.
i:.'..-lll Bitting Street
I'ii,.. ui.cr 1 l.aroetl Pian-. limn,
('ill■ Clerk's Ollice,
May IM, l|M
I'ollowiiiK i» a true copy of ccrtiii.il
Bt.it, 11.1 nl ri'cciii'tl liy City Council Ir. 111
Citv   Aiiilitn*-*, ■hosing cxtnn.r.liiiiirv
ea|«*iiililurcs In :il"l IIccc 111 her, HOT.
Hoard ul Work* OmOtOOim
(iiu lii.liin.'|i:ivtiieiil muiic.ui
contract. Id pnnrlOM loin*
jrationi      IIA.178.AT
I ire DspSTtl I   new hill
liiinri'iirnliiaii ,*\|*,*ii
It ia |,ni|niM'il |o nnil 11 portkm nf Iln*
idianc issisdltanI In Hit* 117,000 B|nc
ial 1.11:111 l'u-Late, ami In n tit for the
I11I11111 e finlii llii'ciirreul vcar'» revenue ;
fnililll! this tin* »I.,>li* -inn will Ilea
ilnirne ii|i'in ami payiihh* onl nf the
current yeai'** revenue, which SOOld
neee.-iiate a iniii'li  increased Ml rate.
li:' liml fil Mn Slreel
IIIIUDFR   k   1WSI.I.Y Tli.'fn.,i..u^llul."H I for
Rrfll Miilf iiiui libiiininre ■eB,|6.60.
///-/-.       Tht  Smi   L:li   .1 "in;nice
Comf.nit of t',ni,i,/a.
I-IRE    The I'h.rnn Anuria.    1
of London, England.
HCI HEX IS   AX/i   If.1/1/1/
TIES     Th.   Empire Acitdi-nl
and Suiilt Ca.
Mi'ii'- balbriggan Undcrweer
Ue up,
Everything for.'/'" oi Righl
Kitrnnnlinnry value, in
Parlor  Tables
llirch Miiht-itany Tahlt", very pretty. S3 tt, regular |>ric. f:| ;.*,.
Suiliihle fnr any |.arl..r. Wh.-n wanlini* IVimlow Shud'n,
laico Cnriaiii.,   Mm, lite.    he De,
No. l nml •-', norm Block, Lonedele tivt,
For Furniture and House Furnishings
$25.00 Reward
for the imll mnl conviction nf parly air
parties «!m are tctriiiK down my real
eitati' llgni.
.1   Ii. \VO|,FF.|{,
I!K.ti. bran
Foot ul l.misiliili', tuiir wharf.
Civil  InqiMrr ail  B. C. land Surt.tor
'moult sua
K.llmii., Rrldfaa, Water I'.nvirs. Kmlmnli-
luparlati idciu-a ol Conitraettoi, Mh|,-. Town
-lli**, Milium I'lniiii-,Sul,.liivlmaii.,,■!,*
.11 Uullnfi It, w„
kill Vancouvor llanhvan
Coiiiiiiiiiv, Lid.
U'tnli tt Tools
Lawn Mom rs
I'liullnj Stltiiuj
Iiniii ('It ii ni mj Requisites
Point* ami OiU
Builtlers' Hardware
Teteofione 5?
VOTICI-: is lierchv |*iven that ..'.licit
**-" tenders will Is' rccciviil hv the
Ilnn iln* Chill Ciiiiniii-siniicr, ul the
at the l.auiili** nml Wnrks |le|iarliiient,
Victoria, un till MSB mi Monday, .lime
1st, I9M, Irniii ant- MHOS who nuiv tie*
sire il' obtain special licence* iiinlcr Iln*
ptOfMosi nf -w-tioii ft" nl the "l-and
Ad,' (or tlie pur|nx*ie ot cuttini! ti in Imt
from Ihl (nllowin** ilcucrilieil lamia:—
No. I. Ciaiiiiiicn, mir It the soiilh-wrat
eamr nf Indlss Kewrve on Acton
Sound, ('nasi llntrict, Uiin**c I; (licucc
sn.ilh iil'iiur ihe .h.ire lo tli.* inirtli-eaat
nine r nf TiihIht Licence |:i,4lwi; llnncc
-.anil, in , I,anus I,, the north line ol
TiinlsT Licence 1.1,1'il. Ihcncc ca*t
at.ml IHI chain* In the west line of Tim*
In*r Lit i'ini' I.'i,IHI; thence north iil.uit
Nl chain-; thence wc-t nlmut su chain.
In iln* Naiiilleweat corner oITinilier Li-
i S  -*'i;!'l'l;   thence weal lo  point of
Nn. I. l'i*iiiiiii*ni'ini! at a pout phuitcil
mi the -hnrc ..I TH Ml ljiiri.ni, Ctaut
lliatri.i. Latii.t.. 1, ul the nnrlh in -I c.*r-
in r .( Tiinl.r I.i.erne 2I,S!I| to the
imrllceast c.irucr; thence .* nth :il«,nl
'.lichiiiii. in ll,.* n*.rth line nf iiiiil.'r I.i-
*.!..* ll.l.-',; thenee east nhout 10
rhlinn tn the line nl Titnlwr Licence 11,-
|U; these! imrili .'il.'iil iK) rhiinr;
Ihciict' went alsiiil I'.ll chain, lo lhc
• hi*ri*ot T.i-l'.iiH Ijurit'ii. Ihcncc muilli-
a.i-nrlt llosg -I."re I" |i<tiut ol com-
Micncciii. nl
The c,,iii|H*lil„r offwiss the hii(lic-t
i.i-li I.iiiii.- will I.* I'litill.sl toapeciil li*
..■i.rai cnvcriim lhc iniul., ri'iiewahle
anniiiill)' lor a term of twcnty-onc yeara.
Kath li*ii'l'*r ratal I. uihlrcaMrtl H the
ll"ii. the Chief t'i.iun.i««iiiiicr oIIjiiiiIii
uml Wnrka. secur, It Msled ami marki.t
"Teiiiler Inr Timl.T Licence.," and
iini-l l„> acciiiu|«nicil l.y two niirknl
' li"|iii -, nne cbsesi limit tor IHO, Iln*
ani'tiint nl llie lir-t nan's rental, ami
tthi r (.tr tin* amount nf l.uiu. t.inl. r.-l
All cheqSM r.ipnrc te ta* MfsMlM
ll.a* **r*h*r nf lhe Cl el Col i-a*ni,*r a*l
Un.li mil IVurk., at par, it Victoria.
r, j. vt t.Tii.N,
Iln*'' i'  nititniiiitier of
nnil Wufh,
l.nii.h narf ll't.rl. Iieunrtmrnl,
ficiv.r.,i, *.C„JfrUtnk,OM,
Rolled Oats
Hiiij and feed
healthy Tmnaln ami
Ciuliflowsf I'lsnti, Krown Irnm
Sutlmi's Sceils, alwiyi on hand
ihe Brackman-Ker
Milling Co.
deli   Ai< nue.
■I I;trry  Limlinn
Ilnn  Miti In II, local manager.
Worth Seeing'
First of all we ask ijou to
view correct styles. Fit-Reform sets the fashions. . .
What ab|>ears lo the Fit Re
form Wardrobe is accented
wllhoul question by Canada's well dressed men ...
Let us show you some of the many
new Suits and Overcoats for spring
Suits $15.00 and $20.00
worm not sir int mwniv
Priceless Asset
A Kixxl ael n| Teeth contribute (treitlj lo nne'a health ind
li.ppiii.ua.   Theyatlil much to the appearance ind more to
MM i" the only cauiic for the lorn ol Teeth.   Come to
in* lOW More it ia Um late.
tuo si e PBim     inn nivcr ciUNet   '
rull »ctof Teeth       |s.m
•rWfliworli, |»er Tooth         s.o.
eoMCrowni        |iM
Sold rilllngi  I.se o»
MstlM r UHmjs         im
IvtractlnJ j^
The Boston Dentists, Ltd
DR. A. R. BAKER, Coniultieg Dentin
407 Hastings St., w„ Vancouver
HOURS   9 a.m. to 6 p tn.
la prepirral to 'to all kind* of a.irk
clearing, (trul.hiiin. itsiBSJsg <>r r*>l
hlutinit. Work done h) lhe day or by
Kllrt care taken in hlaatini near
lion**.', and all damage MSt |MS.'
AddreM. Second altii-t W , near l/in.*
dale ivenue, or I'. U. Boi 11, Nnrlh
Vincouver . 5*8
SingSI ami Wheeler & Wilson
Afl iii v. North  Vanroiivir.
la  \| r   I'lllllel . I   a|,*|jl,   Ave,
Midline* Huhl ou ui.taliiicnt plan
* ■ ,'
M.ii Inn.• .npplle.
Hei' il. f*I i'"i. -enniK M.ichine aauti
toaiaa aeotin imi io.i.i.u.«
Woll. Enclun.l Cn. hinkrupl
stock is on ule it cost. We
hive i lew mattresses an.l pillows alsn il wholesale prices.
Our drcssntalfinK department
is now aide to handle ill or*
'It i in future, at prices which
will i umpire lavorahlv with
Vanuiuvi i etUblittuni ut*.
W. an ,, |lia| our stotk ol crockery ind itaeNMN ofl it a reduction
being lumpen il (or room.
Office—New Thom-non Block,
I/iii»'lale avenue.
It' .I'lential work i apecialty.
P. 0. Box SI
North Vancouver, B. C.
i. iw 1.1. n sii
4  I.ONSDAlt  AVI.
fine M sune Buner. 3 Pou'ds lor SLoO
Coffee, 25c. per pound
Fine Flivor
in He an or Ground
•Vanu/dcliirrr  of Mittion ani  Antique
furniture Store, tiffin ani Bar h\,twri
Repairing in All llrm. hen
lis Thirl ll. W. Nl CbMUtlild tod Loaadalt
UppoilK School
g^Mail order, m ven prompt attention
Accountinti,    Auditors   Generil
Commission Brokers
Reel titile A-Knt-
III Wl 10. lllld. II
New Advertisements
Mutter— I'l.iiui's irocarjr.
Dwontloni   Stoney A t o,
Audi' u   Kingsford Rmltb *v Co.
ItiiiiUniii itoek   Pioneer I'ry Unodr,
lee cream, etc.—Tlie I'upihino 'Lonngli
Shnll.   lilaaah-rallcll    «III*I.**I    lolajSTI  "II
toplci aai -_-.-ii.-r.il iinlilic interest will la"
pniili.-lit'il in Tm. Eiram.
I'lll:    I.Vl'lll*-*.  la* ill   llu   SS)   Ta "|aa|ll.-l|i|
lor the opisioni ol corrMpondenU, ainl
NMfTI *  tlia* ll'la! I" terminate 11 disi'llK-
liml III anal llina*.
The Fen y Service
To the K-liior a,f Tim Kvcbkh* :
Sir, Are the un/. .11 ol North
Viticouvsr % 'ing tu alius th- in
si .ia**. iai In liu|nsd *tt iii their i'l
lulls In si 1 llll* a fell i   si l\ u c „i|t
.|n,ite tn iln* 1 itv's in .ils, permit-
ling 1I1* 1 'i up un ni tut tilv ignore
t llflll   .lllal    [III  li     lllllll -Is,   CODIIlll
mn mill its nun interests .nnl con-
veiiniH ■*.   without   action nl sniiie
kind liiini; taken th.tt will eilhei
imliin ilu   1 onipiny  in coiiii taa
iinie in   mil  give us a chines tu
patrooi -.- snnii competing enti 1
prist ?
II we art* Riven ih'' opportunitj
toixpreu nn indignitioa at the
trsstmenl we are rscsirinn hy tra
velinn by a no thi r routs, thsrt i"
im ilmiiii tin* Fsrrj Compiny will
hob begin in sit up ami tnke not-
ice, iu*l will tii 1111.It- tn the Iai t
that we will not sul.mil In lieing
ignore.1 lorever,
lt is vi*n evident tli.it nur pro*
tests will ivsil iis nothing.   We
must eithei find -nun iitle 1 nii-aiis
ni traniportstion, ut humbly iub*
initio the present 1 iiinlili.ins, which
in. ms iii n iln- growth ind prns-
perity nf mn city will continue in
li.* lerioiiil) retirde I, thit the interests nl nur riti/.eiis ind Imsiness
i 11 st it nt 1. jus will continue to lullei,
atul th it we shall continue in ei
perience sm h incom tnieni e ainl
In.**- nl ti 11* in 1 railing ihe tniii
ami Murning that the proip 11 nl
a ttip in Vam ouvi 1 will ilwt* ■* ha
far (rom cheering.
An insdequ iti lerrj trrvii 1 11 is
Upon  our int. ri -I*- iln-   sun-* as ,1
rotten bridge would.   We 1 mi
expect tin* tnlc nl 11.illii nutl cum
lllerce to   liml    its    NS)    to us In
means nl exiiting [err) c litioni
tli.in iu* t tiu'il 1 itpet t it i" raw li ns
over a tumbll iluwu brMgs,
1 'a-.ipltr will 11 .I 1 nne Imrc tn
Inu in   Kic.it   muni*,i-   when the)
ll.l VI*   |U    .ll'll   I        al,   1,     ini  <llll.   IIICllll-
111 travelling, md In. il Inisiness
institutions 1 innol thrive in any
cjrc.it , ilenl, 'iii'l   in n  t nl't juis. s
will not Ln ,ii, ie re il tii have nol
lh. popul ition a.i ih.< proipci 1-, to
insult*   su, 1 a*    nr   in   e'\.*  tome
promise nl it.   U-cin* action
should In taken In nui * ili.eiis 111
lliis 111,illii at nine. It vitally affects the life ami prosperity nl nur
Cannot sunn* other means ol
transportation he lound? We
want a chmicc to place our patronage elsewhere and thereby express
our refusal to bt bottled up or
throttled my longer. Yours hope*
fully, Wkarvonk
Nortli Vancouver, May 20,
I.onsil.ile Hardens were crowded
Muii'1,1. wiili picnickers.
Going ?
Mr   I
in onlv
one plat'i' to
piircliMsi', if vmi arc a careful, eooDomloal ihopper.
Wc bare the largest stock
of House Furnishings in
tlm cilv, ami our prices are
unanimously acknowledged to he the most reasona-
lile to lie had.
We sell for cash
or easy payments
I). V SMI III & Co.
Cornet Graaville ani Dnns-
111 iti 1 sin its, Vancouver, B.C.
North Vancouver Hospital
...Mil. 11 11 rt
TI.IDIS     II7.VH.. |JUj,-r Nat,
W.ir.l I'.tlunh |l /,. r .Imi.
1 ..mn I'.ll.*. nlli Mi.i-tiiei tt  IB.,,lm      1:111
Lounge ~o*>
(Terminal of Keith
Road Car Line,    l
I llij-l.nu In malic Ihr t'urp rnimn "f
tin iiti, i.f Smili Vtinciiuiri- liiijniiil
niii in th. lt',i'/iii, Sli.niin.dt, l.imitiil.
Ini ii'inruiilriiiiij lirlu-ttlttrei uf thr mill
Campn .,* in ihe tritnla/100/HO.
WIII*.l:i..\S Die Wallace Shipyard**,
I.iiuilcii, Iimt* ri'|arcHt'iil,*tl In Hie Mu-
nici|.ul t'.iiiucil ..I the City uf Norlh
Viiin-i.iiver llial lhe ran) Coinpunv pro-
I**.*.,* tu ir,.*! marine nays un.l .hip-
nir'l-'iii Hi" premise* already ncdipicil
hv lhc iiiui I'.inipany ill tlie Ciiy of Nnrth
\'iiiii,tiivi*r lad In expend Ml the fatal
niari'ic .i,.i-ami aliipvaril. llie mini n|
il I.* 1-1 (34,11)0. Ami ul-<a tu t.piip
planl dii repairs In -led ship, ami I
i'l III I.mm "ii hu iiuiiii.'unit have en*
I  tfil u.l*. II.atafntSMSl lllllltliet'lllul
V..rlli Vim.,mer MOrMiaf nil.ni/ S few
hi lllll'll the v tc of the BltCtOM of the
iiti "I N.arili v'lini ver will ta' taken
iiillun lli" ciiy Hull, Xorlh tfllMMW,
,11 Wi;|i\l>HAV,tl„* 1H1IU) DAY III*'
ll'NK, A II. liMK.Iictiiuen the hours ul !•
'c't'i-k ,i ti nml 7 o'clock I' M.
Itftiirninir tllliccr.
I'l'lil.ll NOTUK IS HKKKltY I i I \ I* S
llinl llie vole nt llie Kleetnra of the fill
nl Nurlli \1111c111ner will In* lukcn mi
"tlie Wallace shipyards Ai.l By-Law,
1908." 011 IVRDKEHllAV, the IHIHH
HAY OF JINK. A.l). MM, llclll ecu th.
liiiiimiif II o'clock a.m.ninl To'cliH'k r.11.,
nn.I llml «it lii 11 tin- city Hull,Norlli yan-
"Oliver, Hml Hull Thomil MiepliiTil him
'.-en iippniiiieil Returning OUtoer  m
'like llie vote ol Nlli-h   Kleclnrfl willi thc
11-iuii povan iu iiiiii licluiii.
Ily onler of Ihl Council:
AUNtll.l) K. KKAI.Y,
TilalllA"  SlItl'IIKKII.
city clerk.
Ice Cream, Fl uii
Candy, Tobacco
Canned Goods
Etc., Etc., Etc.
Our T.a is import!I direct
liiini ibtTiimodl plantation
in Ceylon, ami is a Broken
Orange Pekoe ol high .jinliiy
Our Ice Cream is matin limn
Cream. Kvervthiu'* wc
sin. k is nf the Iiest.    .    ,   .
r 1    partial * item) d.r. order, .em
In mail "r Idl at Ihl l/m-lnl.' Are,
I '"iin."* sill  I.' priiiiipth   nn-1
I air. (lilly llttl'llilnl |n,
(Jet the Habit
iiu* a-..11-1 r.n 1 i.iii nf Mich manse sayi
.ml ihipyirili mul thtalUinitotissMr
"lllie  eailire  lallip  l.llil.llll*- l.ll-ines-ial
Hi.* -.ml r.iinpiiin lo tin* Clly of Norlli
Vancouver ami tlie employment ol a
lixcil nil 111 Iht ot iiiiplnveiK there.
wi> Will iti;as it i. naadlsst to
lirallit ai.l lo Iln* »;ll*l ('niiipniiy   an   re*
THEREFORE Iba Mayor nml Alrler-
lllell ol the t'itv ..I Nnrlh VaMOSTW III
t'oiincil aaaeiiil.liil iwith the laaast of
the electors ..f lhe snul t'ily ilulv ok,
I.m* <li eiiiitl iii lull.ma:—
I. ll -Imll Ih* lawlnl for tin* ('"innil
nl the Cit) i.l North Vancouver to enter
ihl" an UmSMSt wilh tlie Wallace
Shipyards, Limited, hy which tlie Kni'l
1'i.iiipiiiiv a.'ree in coiii>iileriili.i|i of the
City ifiiir.inleeini! pnymenl of Helsil
lure*' litti" iM.iie.1 hy the sai'l ('..iiipiuiv
for nu niiiniint imt lioeedinf IW,UU0 In
fnrtl.Wllll llilcr l|is|S.SIll of  -11,*l|   licl-eii-
turc* l'i lhc I'aiiiipaiin I'oiiKiriici an.)
ispiip iiuirine tiny- mil .lupyarilH in tlie
C1I1 "f Na.rtli \niic.,iu,*r "ii tin* pr.in*
i.e« prcm-ully i.tupii-il hy Hie .aiil
liiiiipiiny nml Itteipeml an amount of
nt leai-t ll-,iim in -a * lui li**; ami to
inal,main ami operate snial iiuirine wnyn
nni uliipynr.i. cuiitiiiua.iiwii. imploying
lliil lim lllllll lilly elliplnyecH.
t It "Imll Ih* Inn ful f..r Hie Minor
nl  lhe  City  lad   the Clly Clerk oil the
ex Iimi "I lie  ..iiii IfTeemeOl In llu*
-ail   Wallace  Shipyaril«,  Umltso,  to
1.II.llll. a il,,. p.nin, nl a.I Hie buSdl to
imui'l l.y  tin* «aii*l ('timpani- f.,r am
Htiuiiiiil   imi   eiceedinj   ♦■' i.m a >    .,u,|
ItUlirillila" |,i |b* *..|yell hy liny nl u nss.
r.iit* i"i"i aar tnarsnl * hy indorii-
int'Ut <iti tin* l.niilia no to Ih< i..tietl hy
tli.. mii i.l t'iiui,iniiv.   The Miiil l.inil or
•ndonamenl i" bi iseeatad hy tba Ma*
inr and Cilv Clerk nii'l the MrpOTIte
■tl "f Hie City In l»' nltiiclicl thereto.
Tliia lly-l.aw 'Imll come into cffccl mi
tbt Mb 'lay of May, IIM,
Thix l',y*l.aw to tic cileil for nil pur-
KM nn Hi" "Wallace Shipyards, Limited* Ai'l lly-l.aw, IW."
Pasts] In- tlit'C'iiincil on the 14th dav
id Mav, INI,
lifc.'iv.'.l lhe atwul ol the Elrrtora of
tbl City ill North ytSSOSTM at an elec-
tinn hclil fnr the purpose on the	
.lay of , A. H MM,
Reron.iiloriil hv the Cnlinril, a'tfitot\
In the Mnvor ami anil finally adopted
Cilv Clerk, nnd  seal.id   with the city
.■nl on the day ol , A.D.
till* A0KI1MIM made (in duplicate)
Hi. day ol May, 1!KW,
(hereinafter culled tht Companyi
uf the line I'nrl
(hcrcitintter cnlled the City)
ol Hie Other t'art'
W II Kli EAI    the   Compiiiiy   haa
lni'ii  Incorporated  under   tlie "Coni-
pnnicH let, IS'i7," lor the piir|Mi.i' nf
cnrriiiur on inlfr nf'ti the bSMM of
ibip bolldlng,
A N ll WW KUKAS nuliaeiiiienl tai
ii- Incorporation the company llll'l been
cnrriiiur on inch Im-mcss ill tin* i'ity nf
Villi.-.mver. liriiish Cnliiiuliia, and also
ill the Citv of North vain'ouver.
AN H WIIKKKAS Iht coiupniiy is
di'siroii. nl ntendinf iln business a.i
Norlh yitni'niivcr llm*eaaJd in the innn*
ner liereinaller ineiilioneil unit for tlull
purpose it is iici'"-snry (or IhtSMSBMI
In Unroll uioiiey
AN H W II Kit KAS Hie flonipnii
hns reipiest.'d th" Council of tht dl)
to graat nil to Hie wU otwixny '*■*
|OarantttlB| the payment ofdi'lientuii'-
aaf Hie c.iiiipanv fnr an nmnnnt mil U>
raedlnf I'lfiyTlioiisiuid (fsn.tiOO) Hollar,
for lhe piit|K,se of "inll'llliK the cumpaiiy to bones the sni.i inmost uud tin*
Council ol tbt City hinc aitree.1 to -111 .-
mil 11 Iltl jut to Hie riilepnyeraof lhe
iiti* lothorMng Hie |rantinf of such aid
liiihecnnipnny liy Ihr rllT piaiSlll	
oil' l.iyiueiil ol the snid debenture- upon the ."H'Cllli'ili liy the cniiipnny of the
present Aurceinelit.
A N D Wil KRK II lhc coiupniiy
hit approached the 1'..unci! ol tht Cits
uilh a prii|msiiii.u In hnve llie Cilv
■.'iiiirnntee payment ,.( Dsbastnret nl
the Company imt t.< neeed Iht sum ,.f
|A0,000, fnr lhc purpose id ntlHIni lhe
c.iiiipnnv to l-nrrow saial nii.tiey nnd lhe
Oonncll hart icrstd in pnrsasnctol iha
n.ts retted in ibesi hi siniute la
Itnnriintee pnvnieiit of snid |i.*lH*iitiirts
IpSBthtex.s'iilion ol this AgltSSMSt,
NKSSKTII Ihal in e.uisidern'ioii ol ll.e
lily uuaranteciiii* pilvuieiil nf snnl dch-
HtnrM in manner lierciiisftcr men-
tiiiiied the Company IM uilh tl.e City
iu iiiitiiiuT iaallantiiu.', Hint is lo sny :—
1.  The entire proceeds to he itsliMd
hy lhe Ci>iii|uiiiv frnin ll.e snlc of the
-.ml DelnoltM shnll Is* llsid in Iht
ciiiislriiclion nud ciiiii|.iii.*ial nl murine
11. it- nml luili bine shops nt Nnrth \aii*
.•.inter. Tbe -aid murine nnt- aire In
hnte a capncily of innn Ions desdwel|ht
nud arc to Is* ef siillicieiil draoghl tn
take tare of all tlie lotsl cou-liu*.' vessels, tin* csliutnletl cost of lhe snine ta1-
ln| itpprt.xiiiiiitclv tlie sum of ("I.MO.
I,   The ciiinpnny is also to construi I
n plant for rtptlrlni and bultdtni iiee
ics.els aiiil al-o 11 iniicbinc shop, thi
est in iiei co t whereof is ippruilnmtely
3, The eoinpiiny al-n nurees nfler lh.
I'liislriiclinii   ninl   iijiiipini'iil   nf   suii
.neks to provide nt bust Iht Mini id
i:i'a»aii jn ,*nsh for iiorkiiiii eapiml ii
die aamdag ot of lm in* *s 11 mid
I, The ciiiiipiiny nls*i iiLTccs 'o niinii
iln* Mayor or one of the memberi "f tin
1 ill council, clecled  by lhe C'lincil. lo
occupy a poslllon on its BotiI <>f l'i
5, The company (iirlhiT Igrew llml
thi works 10 be 1 strutted ii ibmntd
sluiil he iiiien ill nil respect- lhe preference over their work iu Vancouver, il
helng the Company's intention to cyent-
iially close oul Hs hu-ini'ss in Vancouver und continue to carry on exclusively
ils liusincas nt North vnncouver.
II. The Debentures lo Is* issued by
lhe I'liupnui* nre I., laa rcpiivnhlc in
Iiuiiii-livi' years, n yearly linking fund
of one thousand three hundred uml mt-
eiitvonc ilollnrs nml fnrty cenls (|1,-
371.401 Is'iui! provided In meet the sum.
on thtH maturity. Such sinkiui! fund
to lie placed to a special account in a
bunk ut Nortli Y'uncoiivcr. It brine nil-
deratood, lioticver, Hint Iht sinking
(liml, or nny purt tliereof, with the con*
sent nl the eity council of North fail'
collier inin Ih* invusled iu Mortgages or
some other approve! ot security.
7. The-Iliil I'lll'lll iins me lo IH' hi -
cured 011 nil Hi*, pr* p* rli nml assets ol
lhe company nt .North vmcuvcr, including its present site, lieing Intu seven
|7| In twelve I l'J) inclusive, in llb.-k om*
hundred tnd seventy-six lITli. in District Lot tarn hundred iiiiiI seventy-four
t'l't) ninl Ibe ivnter (ronl ntnl lor. shore
right! logellicr with lhc uI1..I1- of lhe
plant, machinery and olher property
and lhe iimlcrlnkiiig of theeoiupniiy.
S.   The atone**! to Is' renlhr.i'd from
ll.e *lll.'"i the-aid  llels'litlires shnll Is'
! deposited   tn  ll   special   illTnllllt   ill   tile
I'.'ink of liriiish Norlh America, or any
oilier bunk at North vani'imver, and
shnll be usisl ntnl npplicd only in ainl
Iminrds the coii-lriiclionnnil ispiipnienl
of Iheiiorksufore-ni'l, uml ill UeoBM
lli r. fur signed joinllt hy the Wnlhice
Ship nu,Is nnd llie representative tf tht
I, The 1 'inpnuy MM It '"'gin lhe
work of construction of lhc paid marine
tsylind nmi bine shops uilhiii Ihirly
alans ia(|,*r ihe  Dels'iilures hute   l.'cn
ili.|«.scd iif mnl Iii pns I ti ith Ibecon-
.iriiclit.n i'1'iiiiuii..ii-lv ami iiilhoiit .1."
III.   The company IglVa Hint uitbin
ihr.*,*  nt list al'lcr lhe .oiuplelioii ot
lhe tsillslriliiioll uud etpiipuielit of Hie
nitl inuriiie itnys nnd iiiuchini' -Imps
hey lilt employ ut leu-l ai men in nml
ihiiiit Ihe snid marks nml Hint seventy*
tiiel7,ril per ttttt, "I the men so employed shnll Is* residents at North \'an*
1 UT.
II. Thecoiipiinv nuns'I., put* nil lhc
c\|*ciiscs, legul and other"i-e. Inttrftd
In lhe tilt in coiineclioii wilh Ihis mailer, including the submission of the
neci'ssurt 1'iy-l.aw lo the Ratepayer! ol
lhe citv.
lies hereto hai'* hereunto set I heir hands
nnd seals, lhe ila) mul icar lirsl nl.ive
The Oorpnrata leal 1
of IheWnllaceShip. |
turds, Limited, waa
hereunto allixcl in
the presence of
.Ions Kkni.iii..
; {SKAI.|
(Slid I
\   WAI.I.ACI',
Managing Dircitor
:     \m)
1. 1
Tlie Cor|Hirute Seal |
ll the City of North
Vancou ver wns
hereunto iillixi'il ill |
tbt presence of
Aii everyday bargain
Ground While You   ait
j. x. £> M. McMillan
Corner BtpllOldt antl Lonsdale Avenue
Pioneer Hardware
I'liniii' IS I. WALDLN   l.nnsiliilpA'1'irst St.K
Sole Agents lor MtClary's Stoves. Ranges, Furnaces,
Shcrwin I  Williams' (anions l'aints.
Jul arrived—Our season's ilrlivcrv of Paints, Varnishes, etc., from $1 50 pai gallon Dp.
Ternn, "iic-d trlh mh : bthtnne. A, 12 aid 18 months
m irsr'i's.81
* 7~~
1       2
■      4
«    a
-      3
^   i°,*.'
161 Cordova street, Vancouver-* B. C.
r.ii. mix .'isi,.
1836      THE BAKK OF      1908
WA M America
One o! Can id i's Strongest Financial Institutions
loi.il Assets nver $30,000,000
This Hank has a (SCON btbiad it of nearly three quarters
ol a century ol succe**sfiil 113111(1111; in Canada, with
:ismi, incrtttjlg every year until they now txceetl
Mnney Advanrrd oa restOOlWt terms Putfts bon^tit and
sohl -Minicf Orders ami Lifters of Credit issued payable
in the le.i.lui; cities in the world.
Farmers' nnd   Iruil   Gro**en'   requirements   will   bt   (jiveh
special allenliiiil.
illl.i e:  Cor. lonidale Ave. and ls.il,ui,i.le, North Vancouver, B. C.
II.  K.  Hi   Manager.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co.,Ltd.
Cars have th. I'crrv Landing (orljii.ei'.sliury Avenue, Twenty-fust
■treat and I.hhmIiIc, Winch itrssl ami Keith Koad aa follows! 6:15
a 111,, 6:43 1. in.. 71.S a. 111 , 7:45 ta •» ■ S:15 !■ W.i ') la m. 9:40 1, m.,
nciiia 111, All' r 111:25 a. in , cars will have (Jin eiisluiry avenue,
I'm nil ln-l and l.tuit-'lal. avenue, and Winch sin. t and Keith Koad
il five 1111 iiitis lathe h un .md in. nly live minutes past Ihe lumr.
Can h ivi Niu'it' nth itm t ind tjueeniliury irenas, Tvsaty Inst
atreet and Lontd lie avenue, Wim h ^ni t and Keith Koad as (nlhuv*. i
1.1 111 . 11:55 ■« '" • 7'-'''a* in . 'S:"5 ■- in ■ s 15 a. 111., tj |n a. 111.
All.l .): v< a 111 rat* Ic.iv, ihe Perrj I.an.Iitii; at Ln niiiiutei. past lie
litini .tin) Iwi nil 11111111I1 I In the bout
ity   All lni.it-. are iw 1 bj lhe cara,
Hotel North  Vancouver.
t'p lo-dale
It].on pt r
and up
Kates for
Ferry Service I very Htilf Hour to and from This Hotel
to Vancouver. P. larson, Prop.
TAKE Mil'H'K THAT the alhave i.
a Inn* cii|,v nf the ProfCltd lly-l.tm up-
RIM 11 BNISnlD lllllll   on im COAIT
1     ■■. I  I I    I
Katm: ILM pkr
S|hti,iI Rales lo Families ami lii'iinliir HmmliTx
lliilf-liiiiir ferry ctiiineclitiii tn anil Irmn Viuiinuvcr. Hot anil robl
miter in every room. Ilctiirn cull liell. in every n.uii. l!nrlK*r
kIih|i in cuiineclinn.
Smt'Nii .iiKiF.i,   ....   NOKTIl   VANCOUVER, B. C,
and instructions to sell
Cleared Lota, 50x156, tn Block 52, on PoartHMtli
ami Fifteenth IHreeU, it $500 and $525i'iicli;cor-
ii.Ts. $600 iiicli.   KASY TKRMS.
Twi) oleared lots, 50x167 o.icli, ieatk front on
Ninth itreet, it $650 laeb.   Baiy terms.   *
Also a few choice hits mi Victoria Park West.
Lonadale Ave. lot, between Ind aad .''nl streets,
only $.121.0.   Terms.
Sixth street lots in Block 117, $650 each.  Termi.
A goml list of Lots in all jinrts of the City, at
prices from #200 each and U|>.
\Vnntl.I (nun OvStn Hat. nl |i»«l clii.c-in lailannd Acrcaite.   We neiiotiite .alci
if tbc price* are rlfbt,
Cor. lonidale Avenue and tilth St., North Vancouver, B.C.
TI.I KI'lhiNE 15


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