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The Express 1909-12-31

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'9 Jf
Ik Ixprfaa
January I to 8—
Geo. H. Hanes appointed city engineer.
Annual convention U.B.C.M. secured lor 19119.
January 8 to 15—
City and district, elections.
Last meeting of out-going city council.
First meeting new district council.
January 15 to 22—
Bank of Hamilton open for business.
First meeting new eity council.
January 22.to 29—
First, ratepayers' meeting re ferry purchase.
Delegation to Victoria re Second Narrows
Wallace Shipyards marine railway in operation.
January 29 to February 5—
Board of trade votes  to  send  delegates' to
Ottawa re V.W. 4 Y. charter.
Judgment in N. V. Ferry  &  Power Co. vs.
Bunbury et al.
February 5 to 12—
District council orders road making plant.
City and district appoint members to committee re delegation to Ottawa, re V.W.
& Y. charter as proposed by hoard  ol
First conference between city ami t-asUirii ferry
owners, re purchase of ferry.
February 12 to 19—
Waterfront owners meet re V. W. 4 Y. charter, and appoint delegate to Ottawa.
City makes first oiler for purchase ol lerry.
Lelegation to Ottawa re V.W. & Y. completed
Ferry company elects new board of directors.
Ferry company offers to accept $70,000 for
February 19 to 26—
First meeting Lynn Valley ratepayers re tram
Ferry purchase by-law sent to people.
February 26 to March 5—
Delegation re V.W. & V charter and hoard ol
harbor commissioners goea to Ottawa.
March t, toi2—
Joint civic advertising committee holds  first
Delegation to Ottawa reports successful ncgo-
Ratepayers ratify ferry purchase by-law.
March 12 to 19—
Ferry debentures sold at par.
March 19 to 26—        ,
City takes over control ol lerry service.
March 2.s to April 2—
Lonsdale gardens changes hands at $75,000.
April 2 to 9—
District council agreqs to clear right-of-way
for tram extension.
Formation of joint stock company to operate
ferry, endorsed bv ratepayers.
City council endorses harbor commission for
Burrard Inlet, at instance ol board   ol
April 9 to 16—
District council endorses scheme lor lutbr.-r
commission. >
April :b to 23—
Government road gangs begin constru;'..n-i ol
new roads in district.
April }j to 30—
Articles of incorporation for ferry, adopted In
city council.
Ma} 7 to 14—
Tenders invited lor clearing right-of-wav for
Lynn Valley tramline.
May 14 to 21—
Contract awarded  lor  clearing  right-of-way
lor Lynn Valley tram.
Opening ol Canyon Vi«w hotel.
May 28 to June 4—
Articles of incorporation for lerrv adopted by
city council, for submission lo ratepayers.
June 4 to 11—
Nominations lor lerry directors.
Joint committee constituted on harbor board
June 11 to 18—
Ferry incorporation bylaw endorsed by ratepayers.
Nominees for directorate elected.
Opening of Seymour Creek bridge bv Premier
June 18 to 25—
City council initiates movement lor city sewerage system.
June 2,s to July 2—
White Clill City formally opened.
Great dominion day celebration.
July 2 to 9—
Gold excitement on Seymour.
Dralt harbor board bill laid belore board ol
Ferry placed in control oi joint stock company.
July 9 to 16—
Commencement ol Hollybnra wharl construction.
City brass baud proposed.
July 16 to 21—
Hon. Dr. I'ugsley and party visit tlie city and
August 6 to Aug 13—
Construction of Second Narrows bridge by cooperation of municipalities considered in
Lonsdale avenue street car ruus  away  and
plunges into Inlet).
August 13 to 20—
Newport appears on the map.
McDougall-Jenkins Engineers Ltd., locate in
this city.
August 27 to September 3—
N. V. Boating club rqgatla.
New ferry steamer and wharf proposed.
District tax sale.
September 3 to 10—
Incorporation of North Shore Press, Ltd.
Death ol Ex-Councillor John C. Woodrow.
Horticultural exhibition.
B. C. El. Employees' barbc-cue.
September 10 to 17—
Ocean liner Lonsdale lierlhs  at  North  Vancouver.
September 17 to 24—
Complimentary banquet to ollicers ol   S. S.
Seymour Lumber Company incorporated.
September 24 to Oct 1—
District council decides to form Capilano water district.
October 1 to 8—
Annual general meeting Iward ol trade.
B. C. El. Ry. Co. mils lor tenders lor construction of Lynn Valkv extension.
October 22 to 29—
Ferry Improvements Aid hy-law adopted   by
council and sent to ratepayers.
October 29 to November 5—
Candidates chosen Ior provincial elections.
Government aid promised for marine drive
from Horseshoe bay to Deep Cove.
V. <f. & Y. Ry. Co. advertises abandonment
of Howe Sound to St. George route.
Ferries aid by-law ratified by the electors.
City brass band begins practices.
November 5 to 12—
Proposed  harbor  boanl  lor   Burrard    Inlet
meets strenuous opposition.
New scheme launched to build  Sccbnd  Narrows bridge under charter of Burrard
Inlet Tunnel and Bridge Company,granted 18 years ago.
November 12 to 19—
Board of  trade  adopts resolution opposing
harbor board Ior Burrard Inlet.
Movement to lorm local corps of field engineers inaugurated.
Steamer service established between Vancouver and, Hollyburn wharl.
Jordan-Wells  railway  supply  company   propone establishing their works in the cilv
B. C. El. Ry. Co. inaugurates  white   ticket
system on local liim
November 19 to 26—
Rails arrive Ior Lynn Valley tram extension.
City council adopts plans Inr sewerage system
Hon. F. L. Cartcr-CAllon elected provincial
tnemlier for Rieliun-iid riding,
November ib to December 3—
City council and ratepayers conler re sewerage
City engineer recommends   inauguration   of
progressive plan ol improvement to the
waterworks system.
Heavy freshet causes damage in citv and district.
December ] to lo—
Contract   awarded   lor construction ol ti ,1,
forced ferry landing.
December 10 to 17—
Bank of Hamilton announces in'nilion ol
erecting modern bank building.
Annual Convention ol I'.D.C.M. meets in the
Dicci'.ber 17 to 24—
Complimentary banquet to di legates ol I .1!.
CM. annual convention.
City Council sends six Inlaws in r.itc|i,i-ers.
Bank ol Montreal buys site lor building.
District Council reaches ground ol agreement
with tin Imperial Car Shipbuilding and
Dry-Dock Corporation, to establish
their works on the north shoie.
Ferry Directors call lor tenders lor lonstruc-
tion ol new ferrv steamer
New   Year's   Greerings
Health,   Prosperity
and Progress
lot all
During the Year 1910
Jack Loutet and N. Lonsdile
Born.-To Mr. and Mrs. tt .S.
Compslou, Keith buildiu;, on
the 28th inst., a daughter.
Wanted—A girl to assist with
housework. Apply Mis. W.J.
Wilson, 6th streei, near St.
George's avenue.
The grand masquerade ball to
be held by the Merry Widow
club this evening, promises to
be one ot lhc most popular ol
the season.
H. II. Luxton, ol England,
was in the city over Christmas,
the guesl uf his cousin, George
Dqnnis, and lelt early litis week
lor Winnipeg.
Tbe public schools ol the cilv
will uot re-assemble lor the
spi ing session, until Wednesday
next, January 5th, on account
ol the meeting ol the Teachers'
Institute in Vancouver ou the
3rd and 4th.
l-'.ldi-r Murray Co. lire insurance
The nicht of all uichts-Hog-
manay nicht.
Firemen's annual ball, Horticultural hall, Friday, Jan. 7tli
The voturs1 list for the city,
just published, contains the
uames of over 2000 voters
The Methodist S. S. will hold
their holiday entertainment 111
thc new church on January 7U1
Two experienced men w aut
work cutting cord wood. Apply
P. 0. box 128, Nortli Vancouver
Contracting. — For all kind,
ol teaming and team work, land
clearing, etc. D. L. Mclniotin-
ney at 132 ist street east, or
P.O. box 84.
T. Pallister of Aberncthy,Saskatchewan, is in tne city, visit
j ing his brother-in-law R.C.Diss
K. J. Smythe and lamily are
this week taking possession of
tlieir new home, just completed
on Keith road.
Joseph Tctnall of Woolcslci.
Saskatchewan, a prairie visum
at ihe coast, was in the city on
Wednesday, the guesl oi R. C.
Born.—On   Friday,  December
;th, al Waukon   Villa,   Keith
road,   North    Vaniouver,    the
wife of C. W. Knight, a daughter.
The three candidates who I A Christinas tree and enter -
weut up to the high school cu- itainmeiit lor lhc adult Dopols
trance examinations Ironi Clws- tion ol  Lynn   Vallev,   will   l>,
lerlield avenue school, were   all
successlul  in  passing,  namely
Lily McNair,  Martha  .loluun-
sou and Tom Mills.
licld in the institute hall,   this
1 Friday) evening.
Found.—A watch on I.Misdate
ayenue,   between   ,sth  and  Mil
St. Andrew's and Caledonian latitat*    OwUcr mav secure the
Society   wili   celebrate   Hog- same by applwng lo Jam Wil-
111.111,11 night by an installation
ol ollicers, followed by a dance,
lhe lormer to begin at eight
o'clock and dancing at mile p.m
liams and paying expenses
The event will be held  in  the ad(. ,ast| ls nmv „.„,'. k
Eagles hall, Esplatiadc. cupamy, and   Uie  owners
The Young Peoples Noddy
of Christian lindcavor purpose
holding   a  social  011   Monday,
The   new    residence   ol   lerrv
manager, T. 31. Heard, lispl.m
ior oc-
taking possession today.
Thev are selling lasl.     Large
lots near proposed Second Nar-
January 3rd,  in St. Andrew s r„ws hT-,„K  (or j„, and $J00
church at 8 p.m.,     A pleasant         ,Ql     yuarter ^ U|li,
evening    is    antic-paled,    and t.a,,     See us at once.    C.S.
members  and Iriends  are cor- Vmu     hh i/0nsdale ave.
dially invited. 	
_     ,        *   ,     .    , The mayor and aldermen   of
Next Sunday will be lhe last Ur. ou.  W1„ 11Ut, (lu. jN.
Sunday that the Methodist con- „ i()r tbe (listusMon ()f ,ml)ll,
gregallon will spend in tl.e old maiu.rs  past  aml  pr()s))l,lu,,
church.     Mr. William   Savage •„ i.iirSons pavilion,   Thursday
ol Fairview will preach in   the   , ,„        6th| at g
morning,    in the evening,   Mi 	
Balderston  will  preach a \c,i
Year's sermon  on  thc   text:—
'Old things  arc  passed  away,
At a luceling.hcld Wediiesilai
evening, the old N. V. Aihlein
,       - ' association decided lo ainalga-
1-ehold   all  things  are  become      ,       ;,.   .,
mate with the new   compan)
now lieing incorporated, to take
over the Picton-Warlnw   mu-r-
Htl in the athletic grounds,   a
Don't lorget the firemen's ball
ia  the  Horticultural hall, Fri- ^tislact^y'agmmcut   having
been reached. Tin new company met and completed arrangements lor the incorporation ol the N.V.A.A.
A pri'tu  in-aiding took plan
on Christinas morning   at   the
day, January 7th next
The annual Chnsim.ts Ireland ciileriaiument ol St. And
rew's 1'resh) tcrian church Sunday school was held Wsdatsdt]
evening.      An  enjoyable  pro-
giani was rendered h\ the child j,0m'.."0f Hr. aad Mrs" Thomas
ren. There was a prolusion of c-^ Ktl,h r0ill, Nunh Van.
prcscnts, prettily arranged up- umvir „,,,„ \U ,,am ,anu,s
on a tree ol liberal proportions Nicoi wag uni.„i ln m,irr,aj;e
Geo. A. McBain occupied the wjlh j ,„„, s),,,,,, Haiiuolord.
chair. Ala. Philip appeared K(,v L ,, n^KUrston wa.s the
in the role of Santa Claus, sus- 0nlciating minister. The. lunlc
taining the pan with sml. skill ha, rcsl(1„, (lmiIIJ, llu. last Uu
• Mats with relatives in Sniniiier-
l.ind.    The groom is a 1 r-.nUnt.
nl Vancouver, in which citv tin
happy couple will establish the
new home.
children burst nut in mantlet,1
tions ol uniesti,lined delight.
The   I,inn   \ .ill. \   Christinas
entertainment  Inr tin* ihildieii,
was held 111 the Institute   hall. n,, peutioil.has been (orwar-
Tucsday evening      Ipward- ,,l ,,,,- l0 ()Uattll|   |nr  £,   iIK„r.
eighty children were given   pr.- por,ltj()n 0[ the  Burrard   Inlet
seiiK.   and   there was a   large ltridgc-& Tunnel Co., whnh has
number ol parents and  Iriends |,,,„ M1ecesslull\ floated b) lhc
in  attendance,     'lhe tree   pre- (1istrnt uniniil. under ihe'man-
-t-nlid a gay   appearance.
ageinint   nl    Peeve   Mi Naught.
sliort   program   was   rendered, A   ,1,1,,,,,,.   mi,|Crstaiidiiig    has
but   the  leading  ent, it.mini,m -.„,.„ ^tailed as aiming all In
f.atill,   nf the evening   was   the l;.j .-.(ercsls invnlved,  ami iipnn
pnseiice of a party of strolling thl Meral and prowiiua! gn\
clowns,  who   happened    along ,rl,mM,ts vnting nismi ,1,1c as-
vctv  opportunely.      Reeve Mc- sistatice, it is not stating nmie
Naught acted in tin eapacit) nl than the drcuautsacea warrant
Santa Claus in his usual hupp) to say that the bridge is assur-
The contest lor ilic mayoralty
of ilic city lor tin- year 1910 aas
set in motion, Tueiday evening,
at the meeting oi the 1 atepaj
ers' association, ninn the tno
candidates, Mayor \\ II Uay,
and Aid. \\. J, Dick, made their
initial speeches.
Vainoiivc-r docs not wish to
brook any such experiences. He
exhorted his hearers to show
their Canadian manhood in
marking tlu-ir ballots.
Aid. W. J, Dick nnatted that
reference! to himsell personally
had been used bv Mayor May.
As (or the cancellation of the
pl.ins of l.onsdale -jiirdcus, he
had been actuated in that mat*
Previous io lu,min; tin catidi .^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
dates 1 recommendation oi the u'r liv u Wn to promote the
executive m.is read by Preaident -*X interests ol the city, and
C, F, Jackaon, and ultimate.) lha ""l il1 llll.v ,illH' hlVl,r '">>'-
adopted, The recommendation llllllK mt what could legally be
read ai lollowi    "Ia trim   oi l|",u    TIh' <ml.v qwitlou In thi
the   even   illusion   o!    opinion,  ~tt-t had been as lo whether
with reference to the tndoraa   » plan would hold that wa w-
ul a mayoral candidate, at tfitttad bv a manager without
instructions Irom tin* board ol
directors. With regard to thc
lerry debentures he. had favored
the seven year plan.
He questioned the autiracv ol
the statiiiicnt ol Mayor Mav
regard to tlu live cent fare, as
that had been lhc- subject M ,1
motion in council. Hi was om
ol the prime movers in the ferrv
purchase,   having opened   Mgo-
Hon nl       ^^^^^^^^^^^
tin- last general meeting the ex-
cuitivc recommend thai no lurtlier .ution be taken by the association. "
Willi the aliove miilil'slaiialnij;
ol tlie situ.iiinn, the candidate!
were requeited   to   address   llic
un 111, iiion.
Mayor Ita] stated that it a .ts
the source ni great gratification
to him, 1l1.it alter having been
A. Campbell Hope, C.A., Cal.
1st strut, E. nf St, Animus
Strlli Vaiicnuvi'i'
Off.cc Jjci Hastitgt St.      Viinci'iirei
w n,-tun 1
W l' M1.rrla.1n
before the people in public c.p.i- tlatloni with ihe eastern sli.uc-
citv ior in lonsciiitivi uaia.i.e holders in Toronto,
was abli to lubmit hia record As lor lllc Smulay '>^seball
Ior iln.si  yean u,om of the qn^tion, he himsell was one of
best reasons  whv  thj u 'Mrs thl movers ol the resolution to
ihould return him u mayor ol **" *• P}>W'C Beating called to
the iiu lor  the uuuing  yenr
He lias deeply  giateiul  lor   the
exteliiled i.inlidcncc .illch lhe
electors had reposed in hiir. nud
hoped to lnc-iit hs coatinuauce,
Mai iii Ut) proceeded lo review sonic ol llic events nl the
past year, in the- proceeding! oi
thc ciiy council,    (In the lint
sale ol dcWinures Ior the pill
chase oi a sihool site,  l.c   had
sav.ii ss,,!, to ilic citj bj acting
promptly and energetically, In
the matin oi ihe leirv puvha-K
ior $70,000, the electon wen
unanimous as lo tin wisdom ol
that move.   Immediately upon
assuming Control In had directed thai i straight livi uiu lan
be m.i'li.      In  lloalllijf   the   .Ic*
beaturci he had been in lavor ol
50 year debclituies with a \..ti
lv lax rati ol one ami OM ipi.ir
ler mills, nisic-ad ol seven \c.ir
tlebillllilcs  Willi  ,1  I.Ue   ol   J.8
mills,   and  ll.nl  so e\|iressitl    it
irnin iiii ibair   ,u   tlic  council
l.....r,l, but iln aldermen did not
agree wiih Iiiiii in hi*, poslllon*
Stnulai  baaeball bad bad  ■
live issui l,.r awhile dttTUIg lllc
vi.11     ami   in   thai   mailer   he
ilisciiss the uialler, and when
Mayor May declined to preside,
lie took the liialtir in hand and
arranged lor the meeting to proceed.
As lur the extension ul one ol
the city streets through '.he Indian mission, such a street was
a necessity. He was in favor
ol ist street, but tailing this he-
would lavor any olher street,
provided it was made to con-
iieit  with a street  ci the  lull
Wlillll ol 66   leet   oil   llie   olllc-1
side ol lhe Mission. The street
should lurther be put through
on lhe basis of a icisuiiablc tr
greamatat with the Indians.
Aid. Dick stood Ior an aggrcs-
sne policy oi development at
North Vancouvei. He was iu
lavor ol the building ol streets,
loads, .sew ers, etc., on the- local
improvement plan Bl had
given the nly water si stem his
dose attention.   In the nutter
of Sundav 1 losing, he had taken
a sl.unl openh. Hi had never
said ihat he stood lor a wide
open town or for gambling. He
had investigated aad had concluded lliul lhe hotels lleiileil
tin    transient    trade   to   make
Sole agents for Mtiresco,
ihe In si material for
81G N S
of every description.
House Painting,     Glazing,
Papei Hinging, Kiliomining
Decorating, etc.
Buy at the
And Save Money
Teleplitme IM
Applet, ptr boi (nun $ 1.75 to |3.00
lllajhlaud I'ntuiuis    I.lll
iiniiiT. per 111        2V ami 80c
llinl Cri-miii-ry Iluiler,  Hi	
Cap*Cod ('niiiliirrii'n, lllb	
Quaker Oau, li utukigN	
liloMOr C irn Sl.iri'h   2 " 	
Iliiiiii'-ii'iiili'ali'llies. 1 -fltion	
R><nllght nrliniHi Soap, ii bin
Iii'ii S.e.leil Raltlui nr c'lirri-nlB
 I p*cklg<l
Brald'i Man rn iimi Java nr Nin-b
i'i.ff -f, 1 pnaad
Braul'i Kli-n.l Indian ami Ctjrloi
Tata, |H-r Hi	
\\',' nil Blua i.ihiii.n, Llptoa,
Nabob ind T.*tl.*i vi'.*:.*., '..ll.      Me
I'l,-nil nf Kri-.li I'.iai'iiit..
I 'rath Glnwr nipi, :>H>s       Mo
I'liMilv iai Innil iimi ln|*urt*d (tub
IllHtll- Cil niiii-..
All kimls nl  Num an.l Tul'li- Blfalni
ami Fitfs*l urt-all) rnliiii-.l prtoM
Froth K|*k«, il.iily, unaraiiti'i-il, ilm.  tk
Cooking Elflaldnna     "i'i'
Comb lliun 1, ..I,ly    Ue
tfenUill lines of  (re.li  liriK-erii-H hi
ri'iliu-cil prion,   Your imini'i back ii
iiiii ml 1.li-.I.
Sugar*-Iliu*.-. block, Qranalated ami
Ma'iili ami Fish, amoked 11ml in MM
Fn-li Milk ami Bread twice a ilny.
Local Ild Af-liernft   PotalOMlad  \'e(ie-
lalili'-. of all kimla.
riililnriiiii atul JipiaM Oniiigea.
Plenty  of iliv.-rs*-  brtodl   "f Cigars,
l'oliai'cis I'll-,ir.'lies,te,
llaliiert lo anv |. ,rt ol llie city.
Save your Piano by having
an Expert  do your Tuning
260  Second   St., Wost
Work liuaianli-ril.     Prop a Metal U
I'll call.
I lllll   K. HARDMAN
3 KlITH Hi oik
haalsltapialhlsionrs, .isiiiaio,   ^   ^    ^   .^ .j^^
according to what he believed opposi,d   ^   g^    .^^
to ot the beat iiiurests ol  tlic ^ as prum:dturi,; altll0 ,,,      	
Utv.    II. 1,11 that ip.ile an h„n- ,u, lu(1 (|,chia,| Uiat   it   «„„1,1   R,-vnslr    TUIT    d.am^
or had been ion,,,r„l up.... hu... lwvi. „, luMll. ,K-Iore l...iS.   Now   BUYING   THAT    PIANO
III that  11.  had been .he lirst  to Uul jt -u (, ,)c , -,
hci 11. permiauon Eton th. pro- WnllM haVi. to Mllajl| JT as u
uncial government to , inu was ,10l , uiatll.r lha, Ullll(1 ,K,
under ili.  1.....S Dai Ait.    lhe jm am,   mi(,()m,      ,K,   -^
^lUUoa niinii.liMiop.il about nol s    orl ,k. |(llil „, , U1(U.
the questional the Mindai ilns- tQwn       ^   sU)0(,   |or a
No exi use now lor not
business    administration,    and
would givi the mv suih to the
in-; oi bar rooms had led lo an
in II   division   ol   .lie   .il'lillll.n
.unl In    |,,„1   one,,   |,,s   iaslliiK   ,)lsl „,!„, ..Inluy, if elected
vou   in  lavor  ..I  the  doling ^^™
danac    Hi bad don tins arith*
out .mv ill leeling toward .mv
President Jackson announced
that lhe fallowing rati payers
had intimated their intuition ol
body, 0.11  had   ..nl-    ili.ui   lus ]n)H    liUf(1 ,n nomill,ltion   as
dim iiuli.aiit hai, lavor or ai- |Merme>      \V. .1. Irwin, Wm.
lection, ,„ ac,muni, vu.h Ins McNeUl| Isaac waldtii,   k. C.
"'"' "' "■8* Hiss, Alex. Smith, 0,  I.  Mc-
M.iva.i M.,v next ni,in.1 ta. p,,,^ i)   HacUnnaa, A*w Sar-
thc eiioit th.it had iiiiii made Kl.nt a. B. Crickmay, and T.
to liiiim. the lounul to cancel Kickhani.
the ii-jisteicd plan oi l.-uisdale ,\|ter extended dismssinn,   it
garden,    Coudl had debatad wu daeUW  lo postpdn   Um
Ihi   IM, and had linalli   Wl   uu-sul. ration rjj lhe ncatton as
lt mill linn*-*.It to .ni*     Hi  in   tO iilntli.r tin  .i-soiiation ahall
ipected the plan in tin tafiau) ndom aa  aMarmaah  ticket,
office ...id lound .hat iln   plan  „„,,1 .,|i,r the prospective can-'
didat.s have bun hear,I and
that 1 BMttiag In hihl Tinsdav,
laiiuaii   |lh, lor lhat purpose
was COUplctl Ul all I,-.puts.
J'.lloris vnn   111.11I1   lo |iitsii.ide
hm. io iigi ll.e cancellation ol
the pi.iii but Iii poaitiveh iiius
ul |a, do '•'!   lillliss I substitute
j.lm ni ,1 latiaiactor] ebatactai
wm I,isl di'liviiul to linn   ll.i !
he silnili iiii . .in. 1 U.ii lun. I.o.is
.i.il. gardna would ban itverl
eii io acraaga, aid Ite rity'i
itnet   all.,w aim    tliioii^b    lhe
-.'ai all lis would have U-cn    .oil
Marring to thr atttdat ol
« mv '.tmi throagk tin tedfai
rts,in*, he waa oi opinion that
1st stint would bc the limst ib
1, sirut to put through
but this was not Icasiblr and
it noiil.l In his polk) to make
llit 1-cM possible a'*ri'illll'llt Willi
tilt Imll.ins (Of llu iMilisioii ol
.ill'   street  that u.lil.l bt   IgTICd
npon, bocavai Um Intii-
the utv iltiiiantl that smh .1
stint be plov.ilul
Scveial times thioii^hoiii In
ail.lii'.s \ia\or Ma) touched np
011 ih. nut-, it-. ..I watching the
moral M wt II a-* tin* u. iiiiiii I. ill
ami tin   iii'liistn.il  inteii  '
ilu  *1H       lie coiisidtiul     thai
all tin., wm  mu s-.uri to build j
up n ptospt row a It)     A -in al
iv.r.i  of moral
Rg lb. I nu..I St,.ti -*  Tin
citv ..I  Victoril bad   il
.. i. gambling, ud to* ,
kcenli * !  it.       North I
Contracting i,.i leveril haadred
piiiios,$375.00 to 5450.00 grades
il ,1 Ion cut Iron) Manilla, tiirets'
Wholi sale Prices, uiabli s us to
ship lit
and bv the "in w birnm iyi
t. 111.'' laviag to us many dollais
in freights alone, M are DO*
s. lling
Popular   Dependable   P anos
$J75   ^9°   *3°° *j-5
56.00 to5lo.ooper month
When you deal Willi us you g-1 lhe
bm thai I hi* Laaoan PiAmCoK-
. IKS IN W'l-ll KN C-.NAI.A, ba. K. .1
by )a VI AKS   I'RM tll'AI. IXI'KRIINl I
.od in abuadaaci ol <ipital, tan
Miintcliiis I'liino House, ltd
. ei 111 n..nni|. tew Oeie
Vamouver,      •       •        B.t.
Sometimes saves the timepiece
il there is anything wrong with your
clock or watch. Bring it to us at
once. Our expert will make it
nght again if it can be done by
human skill.
All Jewellery carefully
Christmas Gifts
Just a lew suggestions (or the Christmas gift buyer.   I have a
great variety and everything is new and up-to-date.
Neckwear is one of lhc most appropriate and most appreciated articles lor jjcntlemen. They are to be lound
hen- In gnat variety in all the latest shapes, etc., in-
duding the Panel Scarl, which is a novelty oi the season. Two inches wide mid 4(1 inches lonjj, they are beauties    ...; 75c
Other deaigna and shapes in ties from 25c to Jl
Uraces, embroidered webs  in  the famous   President,
Ka.h, police, etc., Irolll 50c to @ Jl.50
Mulders in different shades      Ji
llandcrkercliicls in silk,with or without initial. Merit Ila in plain white or colored border. Linnen and
lawn, hemstitched or plain, glso handkerchiefs lor   men
or boys     10c to 75c each
Fancy arm bands, all colors 25c to 75c
Kid -,'loves, silk lined, wool lined, or unlined Jl.25 to
Kill buck horschidc for driving gloves Jl.75 to I3
Gold ami silver mounted umbrellas all prices up to $5
Kiiibroidercd socks in Cashmere, all prices up to 50c
And a multitude ol others too numerous to mention
lure.   CAI.I, AND SEE
dun's Clothing, Furnishings, Men's,   Ladies', and
Chiltlii-ii's Booti and Shoes.
2 Splendid Buys
;.• acie willi house in DL. 787 for 5600.00.
5«5 siciii.s this.
100 It I 1 ji fl. in Hlock 16, D.L. 7S7, lighl on the city
litiiin.bv, mth tin- nnis. eonmaadiag view on the
iiiulli shon- oi Hurrard Inlet. Only 5ljo down to
sicoie this.
l.'Uisdali' Avenue, near Ferrv
Phonen—Office 21      Houm 22      P.O. Box 50
Li|nn Valley Lumber Co.
Are prepared to deliver al shortest notice
;    ,    .    :    :   all kinds of    :    :    :    :    ,
Rough   and   I)reused
CitijOfficr, 5«l loiiMlak Avr.   PboneM
;u8 Cambie Street
SOME cmm i. PATTB1N9
In H' d. Grill .m.l Pawn
5-/ 50, 510.50 Ut 5i5 50
Morris Chairs
l'tom 51).00 to III * 11
Ml  IS IOR 101 H I Rill Kl HI ffAMI
54   tnd  its   I .on.dtli   Av*.
all point
•6.15 a.m.
•6.45   "
•730   "
7.50   "
8.20   "
8.50   "
9.io  "
^^^^^^^^^^^^^     9*45
  Altei which cars leave at len
minutes past thc hour and twen-
All new houses should be pip- ty minutes  to the hour  until
Cars leave  lerry  landing lor    Cars leave Lonsdale  Avenue,
Keith   Road,   and   (Jueenshury
Avenue Terminals ai lollowi:
,ts follows:
ed lor gas in order to save the ,nidnight'
heavy expenditure for this con* j t j^t on Sunday
venience at a later date.
Lonsdale Ave.
•6.05 a.m.
•6.30   "
•7.00   "
•7-35  "
8.05  "
8-35   "
9.00  •'
935   "
9 45  "
10.J5  "
1055  "
Alter which cars leave .*.( live
minutes to the hour and twenty-five minutei after lie hour
 until midnight.
For Grouse Mountain take the Lonsdale Avenue car. For
lvnn Valley take lhe (jueensbury Avenue car. For Capilano
take the Keith Road car.
fOR SALE 50ft. LOTS IN D.L. 2003
Near lhe Lynn Valley Car line
A 11,
tttiti brokti
bought liffat ol these lots at  ||W lach,   ' misidi rim;  theni cheiper  than
Vou t an baic mir or more, while the) last, al the same price
$13000.   Terms $25 cash and $10 monthly
Martinson & Co.
The January Sale of White
Commences at this Store on
Monday, January 3rd
'It will afford every woman in this vicinity an excellent opportunity to purchase superior garments and
household necessities at prices much Less Than
We would eipecially call your attention to our very
excellent display ot Women's, Children's and Hisses
Fin* Muslin Undergarments. A showing that far surpasses all previous attempts ever made by this house.
Wt ask that you come Mondiy or early In the week
to view our displays—to compare oar prices and to purchase if you will.
Gordon Drysdale, Limited
575 Granville Street Phone 3541
Rest buy for subdivision on the market. 22 acres,
fronting on Pipe Line road, ijjo foot frontage on Lynn
Creek. Contract let for street can to property. Price
54"o per acre. Terms J jooo cash, balance 1, 2 and |
Two lots, 1 1-3 blocki from boulevard, only $250
each. 1-3 cash, balance 6 and 12 months. This ii a
fine buy. 	
Real l-.stjte and Financial Agents
Leave Via.      Leave N. Van. Leave N. Van.      Leave Van.
•6.20 a.m.        "6.45 a.m. '6.20 a.m. "6.45 a.m.
7-3°  "            7.50   " *7*JO   " *8.oo   "
8.30  "            8.50  " *8.2o  " *8.5o  "
9-iS   "            9-45   " 9-*>                9-45   "
10.15  "          10.45  " I0-'5   " 1045  "
11.15  "          11.45  " ' "-'S  " "-45  "
12.15 P-tn-        13-45 p.m. 12.15 P"1- 12.45 P-m-
1.15  "            145  " '-'5  "            J-45  "
2.15  "           3.45   " -a.15   "           J-45  "
3»5   "           3-45  " 3-'5  "           3-45   "
4-15   "            4-45   " 4'5   "            4-45   "
5-'5   "            5-45   " 5*5                 5-45   "
fi.15   "            6.45   " 6.15   "            6.45   "
7-15   "            7-45   " 7-35   "            7-45   "
8.15   "            8.45   " 8.15   "            8.45   "
9.15   "            9-45   ' 9»5   " 9-45   '
10.15   "           10.45   " 10.15   " 10.45   "
•11.15   "         "11.45   " "-'5   " <300
* Not on Sunday.
 Time Table subject to chan ge withont notice.	
One of the pleasing icuturc-s ol
the closing exercises at the city
schools last week, was the presentation of a fountain pen to
Assistant Principal J. T. Crow-
der, accompanied by au address
which reads as lollows:
Mr. J. T. Crowder,
North Vancouver, B. C,
Dear Friend and Teacher,
We, your pupils, lake this opportunity ot expressing to you
I our appreciation of your untiring zeal and the energy which
you have displayed toward us,
during the term which i.s closing
today, We lully realuo the
very many cfilliculties that have
attended your paths ol duty,
yet you have always borne them
with the genial and allable man-,
iic-r which characterizes your disposition toward your work and
your pupils. In our various
games of football and baseball,
we have found in you a valuable
instructor, which tended to give
us increased interest and pleasure in our games.
On this occasion we ask you
to accept this small gift, not
for its intrinsic value, but as a
token of the love and esteem ol
your pupils.
Wishing   you  a  very   Merry
Christmas   and   a   prosperous
New Year, we are, Mr. Crowder
Yours most obediently,
(Pupils' Signatures)
Mr.Crowder acknowledged lhe
expression of esteem, iu a brief
aod appropriate reply.
Tin tenders for the purchase
of fi28,ooo ferry debentures
were dealt with at the last
meeting ol the board ol directors of N. V. City Ferries Ltd.
Seven tenders were received as
follows; Wood, Gundy & Co.,
94.55 and interest; C. H. Burgess & Co., 99.310 and interest;
R. C. Matthewi & Cof, 89.6679
and interest; Geo. A. Stimson
& Co., 100.0075 and interest,lor
S4o,ooo of debentures; Bank ol
B.N.A., 95.13 and interest; Dominion Securities Corporation,
98.57 and interest; AcmcJius
Jarvis 4 Co., 95.039 and interest. Geo. A. Stimson & Co.
afterward extended their lender
to include the entire floatation
of $128,000, ofiering therefor,
$128,350, and their tender was
accepted. Alex. Philip ailed
as the local representative ol
the successful tenderers.
Wl can handle as many more.     If you are thinking of building
see us and talk ihr matter over
205 Lomrlile Ave.
North Vanoouver
A Happy and Prosperous
New Year
To All
The Quality Store
Phone 40 llll Lonsdale
"Practical Poultry Raising in
British Columbia"' is the title
of a new pamphlet just ii-sued
by the provincial government,
from the pen of R. W. Hodson,
live stock commissioner.
The booklet constitutes a valuable contribution to the information relative to the possibilities of this industry. Practically every phase of the subject is
treated in a comprehensive manner. The natural advantages
which the province oilers, the
necessary equipment, the choice
of birds, incubation, care of the
chicks, feeding, marketing the
fowls, marketing poultry products, marketing dressed poultry, poultry houses, diseases ol
fowls and kindred topics, arc
treated in concise manner, the
letterpress being freely illustrat)-
ed. Everyone interested in the
subject would find the booklet
of permanent value. It may be
procured from the department
of agriculture. Victoria.
North Vancouver will gather
then "her beauty and her chivalry" at the firemen's ball, at
the horticultural hall, Jan. 7th.
Sam Kee Laundry has
removed to corner of
Mahon Avenue
and 2nd St.
NortH VaNc-'JVeh
roNDiicran bt
C-iiilii'iitril Surgical, Meilical and
Maternity Nunia
I*im Sent Out on knSuOen
Tor tarana apply at  Ilm Hoipilal
Cur. 15th Streat A 9t. Audraw'i Avo
phone aa
Tha diamond ia n amyliol of Mici-e-a. Thougli refardail hy
manyaia luxury, iln wondrrlnl permanent--1 uml aver-in-
rreaninii value, commend it t« MM thrift aa rn-ll an In tlu-ir
love ol beauty
In Sl'lfl'lillg  a|iai!na)|l*|„'   Ihl' lallllliTaaUS   grilllo III I'd Ill'll r III'
I'uiifii.iii)! to you. In llu* piiri'liamiii*' ol a I ii rk s" diamond ymi
haye tin1 amiiranri'ni m*,nriii*j mily lhe higheat Mandaril—
of aecuring pi-rli-dimi a. In rultiii-! and hrillianry uml fri-.<l"iu
from flaws and UhsUm of even kind.
Our expert kBOvM|l imitthi' wriiivnf Ihe novice, hi-
abliii|i a ai'lectioii aa w-lialartury na MM I"' nimle Of tin-
connoiaaeur. An evcr-iiii-n-aiinii iiatnuiage ordi-ra geuni from
uaby mail.
D. C. SCOTT, l'ropri-tor
.1 full aui ccmflelt ilnck of llroreriet
Frttilt, Onirij I'mdutti, Flour and Frtd
I'r'jrlalilii, Elf., kept on hand.
Iii-lii .ry made to all parti ol th. clly
Cur. keilh Ruad and Nation Avrnw
Phone!!},     Xorth Vancouver
l1. Iiie Mil iei |
all kinds ot Mlaaion and Antique Furniture, Store, Office, Rahk and Bar Fli-
Inrtw.   Re-»iring in all ila hranrhea.
I'l   H.M I I   HI'    ITIIHAr.I
ITS Third St. 0. Hal. 1 bni,.r**.l.l ind Loaadili
(i|,|*.*.ii, ■« I1....I
MAIL ORI'EHS given prompt attention
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
Gold and Silversmiths
'"'" '■: Wiy All cars stop at Birk's
Manai(iii|! Hin-ctor r
Chas. H. Cates
General Contracting
HEAD OFFICE-Roomi 12 and l.",  Flack Block
163 Hastings street, W     IVkphoM80W
Or Cates' Wharf,   North Vancouver.     I'lioni- 136
NOTICE is hereby ftaa fiat
the Court ol Revision 01 tin
District Assessment Roll will
meet in the District Municipal
Oflice, North Vanconvci, on
Monday, the 7U1 iai i.i l-'tbru-
ary, 1910, at three o'clock p.m.,
when all niniplaiiits and ,\\t
peals against asKsstticuts wil!
be considered.
Notice ol complain!-, an' ap
peals must be given the sob
scribcr as Assessor it leas', lm
days in inn- the said date, and
such notice must set lorlh the
ground ol complaint.
Given  under  my   hand    this
Vith dav of December, lyoy.
Look for the above trade mark,
the sign Of quality, on your
cereal loods.
We minultcture tin best
Rolled Oats
on the market today.
Leave your orders withjis lor
Prompt Delivery
Satiifaction (itiatinteed
tta Brackman-Ker
Milling Co.
Lonadale Avenue,
at Ferry Landing
Jai. Chapman,   local manefci-r
West Vancouver Motor Launch Service
Launch "West Vancouvrr," Captain Black
Licenied tor 35 passengers
larivll Will Vinco-iii'ir
Hollyburn Whirl
I., .i.a v.naoiiv.r
City rirrlla'  Whirl
7.35 a.m.
9.00 i.m.
11.00 i.m.
13.00 p.m.
15.00 p.m.
17.00 p.m.
19.00 p.m.
9.30 a.mi.
17.00 p.m.
[vary Dan la,ibl tan-lay
H.00 a.m.
10.00 a.m.
1*1.00 a.m.
14.00 p.m.
16.00 p.m.
18.00 p.m.
 fc-lunla*-, •nly  12.00 p.m.
 ftunday fc-hidulc * 1 "•' p.m.
  "  22.00 p.m.
Quickest route Irom North Vancouver to thr diitrict beyond
Capilano River. Launch "West Vanconver" makes connections, without lad, with the lerry steamers from North Vancouver, as per above schedule.
direct Irmn Ilia minea
Plaee yonr ordera now aad
aacara your ainlar'a anpply
la>i-|e alnunifnia will arriva
in a law il.i■ Priraa riabl
Urgo anpply nf WOOD
alway* ob kind	
Hotel North Vancouver
Telephone No 2.
(I; Oai per ani ii|i.
Special ratis tu lam
iliei and to regular
lines Root Garden on soon
SlcoND Sum 1,
•   -   NORTH   VANCOUVER, B. C.
n. e. nmoir
Expert on Fireplaces and all
classes ol Brickwork
All Work Guaranteed.
Corn.'i   Killii-ntli St. ami Mahnn Ave.
sts- ». imt lh« bni nr* nf Mnnufiiturt re, 1
Rifiii'*-1111.1 • '.'.ft 1 v '.ii mUfltllH idvinhll-
ity if Unif thf ir Nirit twun'M liinn< M 1
r-v f,i\sof\9.   rrfli^loatjrt-l Mtfnt.   dttfMi '
wmsittotm. 0-rl9-9Wm* AAoUm mm ap n ri
«U*t WtrtnttlU'kn. KpkM.N'»\ s,\ i.,|,
W Umtro9\ 1 •** Wukliftaft. DC U*-C
! 0. K. BAKERY \
I Fred. Bosquet,   Proj). \
111 Lo.is.lale Avi- I 0, Boi 13        l'lione 13   J
►♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
Norih Vancoivkk. B  C.
R-Tim or BlMCHmoj:
One vear 11.110
Sii months   -        •        •       ,M
Th ret innnllis     ■ • .if,
United Slat*!, un.l Fortltn.ll.lOpirjnii
SO centi par Inch .-acli lnwril**a,
Lonoa Niiticii, Etc.—|) AX) pnr inch par
I.»*iii imi I'imhkk NoTICM—M .lav., $8;
Nl 'Iny-, 17.50.
I.lutt. AiivuRTiius.i—lirsl  insertion, 10
nan dm iin,*. mcI nbMqant mm*
tiun. 5c. per line.
BHPtlH NOMM is Luc.i. S«w« Col*
cd-ta— in Mali parllMiMob Ihmvob.
C.HTk.n  Aiivkktiskmiist.—Rnttn ar-
r«n)(,..| ai*.'"ri|iiiu In H|.M.f taken,
*       *   l,.l,^'*-lll ' aallUHa  I  ll*!\l*rllB,'llll'lll|
ni'ist hi- in Hn- Iiunl. of lhe primar Iit
WaaliL-tuUv Iftnilafta H'ti. urepiihlirallon
in ilm ii.'iii Imm.
tures thereunder, will be distributed over that year. It is likc-
n ise notable that the works
provided lor in these bylaws are oi such a nature that
it is not probable that uny lur-
llic-r expenditures oi amount! of
largi proportions, such as
would be raised upon the genii.il credit ol the city, will be
demanded during thai period.
Even allowing the concession
that certain expenditures ol this
nature, not at present coiilein-
pl.ited, will arise, it still remains a lact that the apprccia-
tian ol property values during
the year lyio and the resullani
inn case in lhe assessment total will represent practically a
proportionate net gain to the
statutory borrowing powers ol
the city.
Thc lolal amount to be provided per annum undei ihese bylaws lor sinking lund and interest is $7,860.00. The tolul
income ol ihe city Irom taxes
lasl year was somewhat more
I'.lsewlnre m lhe columns ol l**"11 .83,000. Un an increased
this issue will be lound the text value lor lyio at 25 per cent.,
of six money by-laws, upon'tilic income oi the city lor iyu.
uhlili the cleilors ol lhe city Irolll this same source al the
will be asked lo vote at the same rale ol taxation as ly
elect ions Ok January 131I1. Al would be over **loo,ooo. The
though ihe Inlaws are some- siluutlou, iherelore, warrants
whal iiiiiucroiis, llie respective |the iiiiercnce that the pruvidiug
amounts called lor il several ol ol this sum lor sinking lund
theni are small, while 111 no iu- and interest would not ncccssi-
Specials for   THIS WEEK
Homesites Inside City Limits
Kafir term*, from (360.    The..' art 60-foot lots Ami ran bt- hail on imall caih
payment and $25 quarterly pajmnta.
West Capilano
Va-cre  hot   on  Keilh  Road,  facing bay.     Price  only ffi.W.
Noam Vamouver, OtC. 31, lyoy
stance is the sum wry large.
Comeqncntly Uu aggregate docs
Uol loiislitutc ,111 amount,viiuih
evei) Hung eoiisiilercd, ttt be
said lo lie al ull loriiuiiublc.
the   b\ -
tale any increase iu lhe rale ol
toAatiou lor Lhe ensuing year.
The recent sale oi district de-
benturcs al a rate somewhat
in * in   than  pur,  and  lhc sale
io eiiiiimraie ihein
laws arc .is lollows. .No. 7,2, 'last week ol lhe lerry deben-
l.ai the jniii.li.isc ol road making lures al a fraction abou- p.,
iiiailiiiiui, (10,000; No. 73, lor'gives encouraging promise ol
the purchase ol lire lighting ..,. ready sale lor this new tlota-
1 ..1.mis, >jooo; iNo. 74, lor tlif tion ol city debentures at a sat-
construclioii ol a main sewer, |islactory rate.
J>4o,ooo; .No. 75, lor lhe 1111-
pioM-lliellt ol city p.tlks, )
No* 's4, ior the purpose ol general UllpIovelllelUs to the wal
erwuiks .sj.slein, >iij,oim, a... ,
lor the purchase ol an addition*
al school sue, fl6,O0Oa The lolal amount involved is tliciuoic
f 139,000,
The lolal assessed value ul
the piopciiy within the cm
limits, ,11101 ding to the- lasl tensed assessment roll, w ,1-
oy-V'yi. The statutory borrowing puwu under this assejiiiinu
woiilil lie Jyly.-V, while lhe
lolal bonded tlcbi ul lhe city lu
dale, amounts lu N"\iy)
Adding lo this later sum, the
.iiii'iiint 1 ailed lur by lluse Inlaws, it is seen lhat the luial
boUilci! indebtedness ol the city,
should the by-laws all cany,
would be >j47,iy4, or about jy
p. 1 unt ul lhe presenl borrow -
The whole matter appears,
Ihcriiore, to resolve itsell into
the quession ot thc merits of
those undertakings which it it
proposed to carry out, under
the bylaws. 11 they commend
themselves to the ratepayers as
iiiicssary or desirable, it is a
sound and sale business proposition that all these by-laws
should meet with hearty approval at their hands.
The    Sherwin-Williami    Paintt    Cotter
Considering briellv, this phase
ol the subject, the two by-laws
calling Iur Uie largest amounts
will require no comment, inasmuch   as the   extension of   the
ily demonstrable that such a
plant would pay lor itself under
norinal conditions in actual sa-
ings to the city, within a short
period, while it will at once
place tbe city in command of
the situation as to road construction.
The only feature ol the
lire apparatus by-law that
seems open to question is the
amount ior which it provides,
t he purposi wkich it is design
ed to serve would undoubtedly
justify thi expenditure of a
much larger amount, although
very desirable improvement can
without doubt be made with the
sum named.
n't lolleit > trial hid on your Ordan mull or larp.
The   city    parks    are    certainly  in  sad  need  ol   attention.    These   public  breathing
waterworks system to keep pan ^ ^^^ % valual)U, u.
with the growth ol the clly and
ils establishment upon a permanent basis is an elementary
principle in the sane administration of civic atlairs, while Uie
installation ol a sewage system
mg power.     This would COttU* \s~* long and persistently
y  mudest proportion
lol the highest moment tu   lh
vie asset, not only for pleasure
and adornment, but likewise
from the standpoint ol the general health of the community
and of all the expenditures contemplated in the several bylaws,  no item would be betlut
oeNt*' NRNhHiNob
Our aim is to give satisfaction
to our customers.
Our delivery goes to all parts of
the city, ll you have no telephone leave your name and
our delivery will call.
;. ., very   modest  proportion demanded by the citizens and is'^ ^ that which wouW,,,
.,s .omparcd wiih  other   utiis j01 llle M0* "lu""-'»t «•   lllc devoted to the improvement  ol
health,   growth   and prosperity
ol the city.
ol Uie pi ounce, alld would still
lean llic liiiauual poslllon ul
the city m very advaiilagioiis
..IU, lml i lell so, thi Ml ll. ill,,ii
is gi tally improved when it is
lulisitltii.l lhat lhe abuve liguics
It    ...in   ip '.ii lhe assessment
Ulli   u|    l'l'"l,   Wllllld,   t|||    loll   I'H
tyi'i ii) neu nuw in proem ul
culnpleliuu, .aid will add Irolll
uin million to one and uiic-quar-
ter million dollars tu lhe MOW
.iluc ol uty property, or at
least 1)00,000 to the statutory
bun owing poweis to the illy,
iu whit h i,ist tin total bonded
indebtedness ol the lorporatiou,
the parks of the city.
Telephone 41
Cor. Bth St. md Lomdile
North Vancouver Specials
Qu.'oiisbury I|.*ikM» I.,,. Mixl.7, il.-trtil »n,l lacint. Inlet. The lot
in high ami rommanda nml ni thc tint-»t vlowa in North Vancouver.
fftOO.   Una-quarter cHh, balance 6, 12 ami IS.
Turner Lot, (9m I" Unadile, Millo, onlv $3110.
«, U'anillM.
1120 caah, balanc*
Filth Slreel, 9m tn I/iiindale Avenux, (nod SO-ft. lol, 11050.
t-aih, balance il anil l'i.   Thii ii a money maker,
C. E. Lawson
Real Estate Specialist        15 Lonidale Ave. Phone 70
Iln. purchase oi additional sites adequate lul sclluol
purposes, is one of tin
mosl urgent requirements ol (M
uly at lhe present tunc. There
is llu piobh 111 thai is 11101 e substantial than the educational
problem, neither is there .my
feature mure truly essential to
lhe attraction ol population ol
the must desirable order, than
the provision ol educational lie
dliUcs on an adequate si.ile
and ul a high urder.   The pru-
Wanted Irom owners—Acreage
lor subdivision and inside business property in North Vancouver. We have clients waiting.
General Securities Co., Ltd.,
441 Richirds street, Vancouver.
including    tin    (119,000  would Vrly   oll«rtd  is  Wtl1   locatiil,
nut equal lilly per unl. ul its
legal burrow-nig powers. lt
m.i jttltl) In i|ii'stioiiul 11 any
other uty 111 llritisli Columbia
i.m l.i'.isi ,1 im.iiiaiul i.iuilitiun,
su satislactory.
This   fartlM   lad      hi'illd   In*
given   due . oiisi.lciatioii, namely, that the various undertakings contemplated in these   by
laws, will In ,.iiiiiii out during uess  proposition   ol
lhc )raof I9IO and lhe expendi- ^commendable order
while the priu- has not lieen advanced beyond the figure at
whuh the same property was ol-
len.d last year.
In view oi the generally
acknowledged necessity lor
the inauguration of au
energetic policy in the matter
ol On 1 oust im Hon ol city-
streets, thc purchaie ol a model 11 mad-making plant is a busi-
thc most
It is cas-
District of New Westminster
TAKE NOTICI- that Ernest
Crockford, of Vancouver, occupation cruiser, intends to appiv
for permission to purchase the
following described land: About
400 acres. Commencing at a
post planted 20 chains cast ol
TENDERS are invited lor the southeast corner of Lot 568
grading a road about Jjoo feet thence west 60 chains, thence
in,length,Irom Doran road west Borth 40 chains, thence west 20
to the Lynn Creek road, con chains, thence south 80 chains,
form to specifications, copies ol thence east 80 chains, thence
which can be had at tho Muniii- north 40 chains more or less to
pal olhce. Sealed tenders with p0int of commencement,
deposits, must be in It the Dis- FRNKST CROCKFORD
trict Municipal oflice not later
than 7.30 p.m., on ftth January
October 4, 1909* M9
Orjani*tl mid 17ioirwit1lf"r nf tk Andrea'1 Church
Teacher of fiano.   Vocal  uml  Theory
II rteniretl Pupil* pr.*nar».l lor the
Toronl.i t'ltU'enity Kiaininationit
NO Hai), Slrrrl. I'lmt, RMU,  PaaMNMr
ttt Liinnln'r Aniiire. I'honr Snrlli IWi.mrr
Nnrlh Vaneonvar, Tiii'.dny. ,t Frl.laya.   Hi-fi-rt-nce: Hiv.Mr. Hillam
N. V. Horticultural Society
Engagements, season 1909-1910
Booty Tuesday—Class.    St. Andrew'i Society.
Dec. 17--Dance.    Merry Widow Club.
Dec. ll—Dance.    Merry Widow Club.
dan    7-Dancc.    N. V. Fire Brigade.
.lun. I2-Aiinual Meeting.    Horticultural Society.
.lan. 14—Dance.    Merry Widow Clnb.
dan. 28—Dance.    Merry Widow Club.
Feb. u-Daiice.    Merry Widow Club.
Or io ('. !•' JACKSON, i jth Street.
b. TYLER, ftecrettrii,
I   .,.,!..*■'
in town at lowtat price*.      Girt ui a trial lur
60? I1a»tinq» St., W.        Yancouver, B.C
Seymour Lumber Company,
Ltd., are installing an up-to-
date kiln and will lie in position
to accept orders for all kinds ol
kiln-dried lumber, lor delivery
about the middle ol January.
I Everybody is reserving the
'evening ol Friday January 7th
A delightful lunction, the fire- lor the popular firemen's ball.in
men's ball, January 7U1, in the the Horticultural hall
Horticultural hall.
R. C. Biss is a candidate lor
aldermanic honors at the ensu
ing elections, and is in the field
to stay. 	
The Vancouver Information &
Tourist Association has just
published an excellent pamphlet
entitled "The British Pacific
Gateway." The booklet contains 22 pages, i.s printed on
art paper and is copiously illustrated, Two pages ol comparative statistics and a handy
map ol Burrard Inlet and the
lower Fraser, add to the value
of a brochure, which reflects
credit upon the compiler, gnd
upon the enterprise ol the association.
Civic Elections
To the Electors:
I take this opportunity to announce my candidacy (or the A1-
dermanic Board ol the City of
North Vancouver, in the coming
civic elections, and solicit the support ol thc electors at the polls:
To the Electors of the
City ot North Vancouver
Having been requested by a
large number of friends and
ratepayers to preseut mysell as
a candidate Ior the board ol aldermen at the ensuing elections,
I beg to state that I have decided to allow my name to be
placed in nomination.
As an old time resident and a
practical man ol business,I feel
that 1 am acquainted with the
needs of the city and am in position to render good service on
the city council.
I beg therelore to respectfully
solicit your votes and influence
in mv behall.
Yours sincerely,
The new steam wagon purchased by the district couucil arrived on lhe ground last week,
and together with thc rock crusher and the road roller, which wire received some months ago,
places the district in possession ol a thoroughly complete and modern road making plant.
The steam wagon was manufactured by Sydney Stalker 4 Squire, Ltd., London, and was
procured through Bayfield & Archibald of Vancouver, lt is ol a type very much in use 111 Eng*
laid It has a compound enginr ol fo horse power, steam pressure 2im pounds, 400 revolutions
to the minute. The carrying capacity ol the wagon is live and one-hall cubic yards of rock, or
approximately eight tons, lt is also capable ol hauling a trailer with .111 additional capacity
of (our tons.' The speed on the low pat will be from four to five miles per hour, and on high
gear from eight to ten miles per hour. The luel consumption will k- about JOO pounds per tlay.
The box of the wagon is arranged to up upon an incline that can be accurately adjusted so that
thc wagon can bc made to distribute the rock as it passes along .the roadway. The wagon will
do the work of about ten Uains of horses. So far as is known, it is the first steam wagon to
operate in B. C.    Thc cost laid down was about Sj.yxi.
Every preparation is lieing made by the district council to make the Iiest use oi lhe new
road making plant during the coming season. A tramline witth cars, ele, has la-en ordered for
the quarry and will be in place in good time for the opening of the spring work. Centre road
will be macadami/cd first and a road is being made through to Lonsdale avenue north, to permit ol doing the work upon that street as soon ao Centre road has been attended to. The
possession of so excellent a plant places the district in a very advantageous position relutivc to
road construction.
District of North
To the Electors
of Ward Two:
In response to the request
of a large number of influential
electors of Ward Two, that I
allow my name to be placed
in nomination (or election as
Councillor, for the year 1910,
I take this opportunity of announcing that I have decided
to accede to their request and
to respectfully solicit your vote
and influence in my behalf.
Yours respectfully,
the Board ol City School Trus- registered owner in the Land
tees, and lour persons to aci as Registry Oflice, of land or real
Ferry Directors for lhe ensuing property iu the City, ol the as-
term. sessed value, on the last Mum-
The candidates shall lie num.- i'l1-1' Assessment Koll, ol Five
mated 111 writing , the writing Hundred U500) Dollars or more
shall be subscribed bv two vol'-, over and above any registered
ers ol the Muiiicipalily ol the judgment or charge, and win. is
City of North Vancouver ' as otherwise qualified as a Munici-
proposer and seconder uud shall P<" Voter,
be delivered to the Reluming .in every Municipal School
Olhcer at any time between lhc District any person,- lieing a
the dale ol this notice ami tWO i,oU.sc-holder 111 thc School Dis-
o'clock p.m. on the day ol lhe tritt, and being a British Sub-
iiomination ; and in the event jccl „f -|lt. [„n _gK „( tarcBtr*
of a poll being necessary,   sii.i  mu. vears, at,d otherwise tpi.ili
poll will be opened on
TIU'RSDAV, the t*th Da)
of January, 1910,
between lhe hours ol nine 0 -
clock a.m. and seven o'clock p.
111. ol the said day al lhc Cil)
Hall, North Vancouver, H. C,
111 the said Municipality ul the
City ol North Vancouver ol
which every person is hereby ic-
fied to vote at an election nl
School Tnisti-cs 111 their District
shall be eligible lo be elected as
a School Trustee in lhe Municipal School District."
The qualilicitiuns ior Ferry
Director shall be the same as
that for Alderman.
Given under my hand at
North Vancouver, this 2SU1 day
quired to take notice and  gov   ,,[ Ut-ctanber, 1909.
given to the Electors of the
Municipality ol the City of
North Vancouver, that i require the presence of the said
Electors at the City Hall,
North Vancouver, B. C. in Unsaid Municipality of the City ol
North Vancouver on
Monday, the 10th Day ol
January, 1910,
at 12 o'clock noon.
For the purpose ol electing jin
sons to represent them 111   tin
Municipal   Council    as  Mayor
and Aldermen, and eleiting lour
pessons to represent  them 011
ern himself accordingly
"The qualifications lor Ma,mi
shall be his being a male British subject ol the lull age ol '
twenty-one years, and having
been for the six months preceding the day ol nomination, Iks
registered owner in lhe Laml
Registry Ollice ol land or real
properly in the City, of the as
sissed value, on thc last Muni
cipal Koll, of One Thou.-.tml
i>i,.hkjj dollars or more, ov.r
and above any registered judgment nr charge, and who other-1
wise is qualified as a Municipal
"The qualifications lor Aldermen shall be his being a   111 lis
British subject ol the lull age i-I
twenty-one  years   and    having j
been, for the six months pieced
ing tlie day ol Humiliation, llic
Returning Oflicer
BY-LAW NO. 74.'
A BY-LAW tn provide for the eon-
strii.-tinii nf 11 Main St'iviT in the
(ila ..I N..rlli Vaii.'i.iiM'i' mid
In iiiiilu.ri/.' 'li.' im! "f delicti-
tur.".  .'I'  Hi.'  suid   City   tn  ttlP
inn..nni nl' Kuril Thousand Dnl*
inn, ($40,000   I'm Hn- purpoie
WHEREAS it is desirable to
construct a Main Sewer in the
City of North Vancouver, according to the plans therefor, prepared
by the City Engineer, and adopted
by the City Council, aud tn raise
the mini nl' Fnrty Thousand Dollars ($40,000) In In- applied for
the purpnse ol paying the City's
purl mn thereof.
AND   WHEREAS  .in   order
theri'lu it will be uecessary to issue debentures of the saul City
for the sum uf Forty Thousand
Dollm iflU.Ol'O) as hereinafter
provided (which is thc amouut of
tlic dt'lit to be created by this By-
Law 1, the proceeds of the said debentures to be applied to the pur
pose aforesaid and to no other
AND WHEREAS it is intended
that the Council ot the saiil City
shall puss a By-Law to assess,
levy aud collect by means of a special rate or tax upon the laud or
real property (rating or abutting
upon the said Mam Sewer, the
estimated average cost of a twelve-
ini-h lateral sewer.
AND WHEREAS a l'etitiou
signet! by the owners of more than
ouc-teulii U-lU; the value 01 real
property in the City has been presented io the City Council, re-
iliicsiiug them to introduce u By*
li«\v to authorize them to borrow
ihe sum of fcorty thousand Dollars ■ ni-W.tWOj by debeutures lu be
applied 111 paying tbc City's portion ot constructing a mam sewer
.11 the City ot Norm Vancouver.
AMI WHEltEAS it will be
ueccssury to raise annually by
-penal rule lhe sum ol tfi^Zbii.Uu
mr the term ot titty years iur the
repayment ol the said debentures
iiiiiii mu-, and interest tlierc-on as
uen-iiiailer mentioned.
AND hilLKEAS the value uf
ilie .mule rateable property 01 the
aaiil City, according to the lust reused usst.'.ssineiit roil, is Four Million Five liiiiiui'id und Ninety-six
iliousuud Iwo hundred aud .Nine-
iy-oue Dullars t*H,o!Mi,2»i).
AM) WHEREAS the said City
of .North Vuuc-ouver has at preseut
a debenture debt amounting to
THEREFORE the .Municipal
Council of the Corporation uf the
City of Nortli Vancouver (with
the assent of tlie electors ol the
said City duly obtained; ENACTS
as lollows:—
1. It shall bc lawful for the
Mayor ol the City of North Van-
 iver ami thc City Clerk, for the
purpose aforesaid, ta borrow or
raise by way of loan from any person or persons, body or bodies corporate, who may lit- willing to ad-
mine the same upon the credit of
tin- debentures hi'ri'iiiiitti'i' mentioned ot the corporation, .1 sum
nl money not exceeding in the
whole the sum uf $40,(100, nml to
MM tin- same In lit- placed in the
Bank of British North America at
North Vanoouver to the credit of
iln* (ity for the purpose above re-
■il..l. and si|.*li nimues shall be
used I'or thut purpose only.
' 2 Debentures nf the city lo tlu
■1 unit  of fit I.m HI in the whole
may I.e issued by the saul Maynr
uml City Clerk, in terms of the
Municipal Causes Act, 111 sums as
may be dt-siri-d, lml mil less than
* 1 .<mm 1 eueli. Each nl the said
bonds shall he signed by the said
Uayor mnl Ciiy Clerk, and the
City Clerk shall attach thereunto
tl.e Corporate Seal of the said City
of North Vancouver.
I, The debentures shall bear interest ut the rate nf live per cent.
|..r milium, payable hull' yt-nrh ..11
the 17th duy of July, ami the 17th
lay of January, m eaeh uini every
year during tin- enrreney nf the
kuhI debenture! ur uny nf them.
Then shall be attached to the de-
Iniil tires iipniis. signed by lhe
Mii.iur nidi, fnr eaeh uml every
payment nf interest that may be-
etiliie line, uml sliell slgliutlire 111 Jl \
in- either written, stumped, print*
cil or lithngraphi-il.
4. The saiil debi-nturt-H as to
principal uml interest may he
■adl payable at the Bank of British Nnrth America, at Nurth Van-
souver, Turuntn ur Montreal, Can*
uda, nr at the Bank uf British
N'orih America, London, England,
and the saul principal sum shall
In- madt payable In the City at a
dale ii"l Inlei' than lifiy years
from the .Inli upnn whieh this I'.v
Law takes effeel.
1. There shall he raised and
levied am...ally by 11 ipaeial rate
..it all rateable laud or improve
mints or real property 111 the snid
cut the Mini of fttAOQ fur the
purpose ..I' forming a sinking fund
for the payment of Nm said debenture!, ami the sum of .-(.2,000
for the payment of the interest at
lhe rale aforesaid, to bi-ennie dm-
..it sued debentures during the enrreney thereof, and that in addl
ing ll-e wlinle currency of the
debentures nr any of them.
6. This By-Law shall earns
effect on the 17th dav of •laiiuiiri,
A.D. 1910.
7. This By-Law may be sited
for all purposes us "The City ..l
North Vancouver Maiu Bower
Construction Loan By-Law, H10."
8. I'assed by the Council on the
day til' A.l).
Received the assent of lhe electors of the City of North Vancouver at uu suction held fur the
purpusc on the tlay of
January, A.D. 1910.
Reconsidered by the Council
aud finally adopted, signed by the
Mayor ami City Clerk, uud sealed
wilh the City Seal on the
tluy of January, A.D. Wld.
TAKE NOTICI- thai the
above is a true copy ol the proposed By-Law, upon which the
vote ol the Electors oi lhc Municipality ol the City ol Nortli
Vancouver will be taken within
the City Hall, North Vancouver, B. C, on Thursday, the
13th day ol January, A. D. 19m
between the hours ol 9 o'clock
a.m. and 7 o'clock p.m.
City Clerk and Returning Oflicer
given that the vote ol the
Electors ol the City ol North
Vancouver will be taken on
Thursday, the 13th day ol January, 1910, between the hours
ol 9 o'clock a.m. and 7 o'clock
p.m., on "The City ol Norlh
Vancouver Main Sewer Construction Loan By-Law, 1910,"
and that within the Cilv Hall,
North Vancouver, B. C., and
that Thomas Shepherd has been
appointed Returning Oflicer to
take the vote of such Electors
with the usual powers in that
By order of the Council.
City Clerk
said [said City duly obtained) ENACTS
III followi.—
in"1 1, li shall be lawful fur the
"0* .Mayor of the City ol Neu th
Vancouver, and tho Citj
Clerk, for the purpose aforesaid, to borrow or raise-
by way of loan from any per
sun ur persuiis, body or bodies corporate wlm may be willing to ad-
laiiiie the sunn' upon the credit of
the debentures hereinafter mentioned of the Corporation, a sum
of in..nee 11.1! exceeding In the
whole the sum nf Five Thousand
Dollars ($1,060), and In MUSS tin-
tame to be placed in the Bank of
British Nnrth America at Nnrth
Vaiii'.iiiver tn the credit  of  the
Cits for the purpose above recited.
ami smh liuuiH's shnll be used for
thut purpose only.
2. Debentures of ths <'ity to
llie imount of Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000) iu the iilmle mny be
issued by the saul Mayor and City
Clerk in terms of the Municipal
Clauses -Vft in sums as may be desired, but imi less than One Thousand Dullars ($1,000 en.'li. Each
of the uid baiiels shall be signed
by the saul Maynr and City Clerk,
nml the City Clerk shall attach
thereunto the Corporate Seal of
the City of Nurlh Vaiicuiiver.
3. The debentures shnll hear In-
iii-.sl al lhe rale of five per cent,
per annum, payable half yearly on
the 17th tlay of July, and the 17th
day ul' January, in ench nnd every
yaar during the currency of the
said debenture! or any of theni
There shall lie allna'liiil to the debenture.*;, coupons, signed by the
Mayor only, for eaeh and every
payment of interest that may be-
come tlm-. iiiitl su. h signature may
be either -iritten, stumped, printed or lithographed.
4. Tl..- snid debentures ns bs
principal   ami   interest   may   be
nmde payable al the Bank of British North America, at North Van-
 iver. Toronto ur Montreal, Canada, or iit the Bank of British
Nortli America, London, England,
ami lhe said principal sum shall
In- made payable by the City at a
ilnlc not later than tifty years
Irmn the dale upmi whieh this By-
Law takes effect.
B, There shall be raised ami
levied annually by 1 special rate
on all rateable laml or improve
incuts or real propertv in the said
City the sum of $0.7$ fof the purpnse of forming n Sinking Fund
BI the payment of the suid debentures, and the sum of fJ.iO for
tin- payment of lhc interest at the
rate aforesaid, to become due on .
such .l.li. niui'.'s during the currency thereof, and that in addition to all other rates to be levied
and collected m tin- said City during tin- whole currency of the said
debentures or any of them.
6. This By-Law shall come into
elTei't on the 17th day of Januiry,
A.D. 1910.
7. This By-Law may be cited
for all purposes as "The City of
North Vancouver I'urks Improvement Loan By-Law, 1910."
8. Bussed by the Council ou the
27th dai Sf January, A.D. 11)10.
Received the assent of the electors of the City of North Vuncuuver nt an election held for the
purpose on tin day of
January, A.D. P.tlo.
Kieiuisitlcrcl, utliiplctl uud linally passed by the Council, signed
by Iln- Mayor aud City Clerk, aud
sealed with thc Corporate Sell on
the day of January,
A.D. 1910.
TAKE NOTICE that the
above is a true copy "I the proposed By-Law, upon whkh  the
of mining tin- sum required to!tiun to all other rates to bs levied
pay the City's purtiou thereof, laud collected in the slid City dm-
BY-LAW NO. 75.
,V BY LAW Is authorize the issue
of debentures of ths Corporation of the City id' Nurth Vancouver tn the amount of $.'i,iKKi
for the purpose ol improving
and laving out the I'urks in thl
City. '
WHEREAS ii is desirable that
the Turks in the City of Nurlh
Vancuuver   sin.uld   bc   iniprnvcil
autl luiil out 111 such a manner ns
may be deemed most suitable by
the Council.
thereto it will be necessary to issue debentures nf the City of
Nnrth Vancouver for the sum of
$(,000 ns hereinafter provided
1 which is the amount of the deb!
intended to be ireatsd b) tins By-
Law), the proceeds of the said debentures to bs applied to the said
purpose and to no other.
AND WHKRKAS 1 Petition
signed by the owners of more thnn
iino-ti-nth (1-10) the vnluc of real
property in lhe Citj bus been pre-
noted to the City Council, re*
questing lliem to Introduce 1 By- vote ol the Electors ol the Mu-
Lnw to authorize them to borrow nicipality of the City ol   North
the sum of Five Thuiisiiiul Dnl- Vancouver will be taken within
Ims ($5,000) fur the purpusc of the City Hall,  North  Vancou-
iinproviiig   ami   lining   out   the ver,  B.  C,  on Thursday,  the
Parks in iln- City iu such n mnn- i^th day of January, A. D. 1910
ner as min be itemed musl enn* between the hours of 9 o'clock
veiiient mnl siiiiuhle fur the sn- a.m. aud 7 o'clock p.m.
jtiMiieiit   and   reereut,,,,,   „f  the        THOMAS SHEPHERD
public, and tn embellish the same „.     _.   ,      , _ .
witl. walks nnd shrubs ami nther- <-ity Clerk and Returning Olhcer
wise us mav set-in td tin- Council *—***
fitting and proper.
ANI)   WIIKKKAS  ,1   will   be
nr.. ssnrv   tu   raise   iinniiullv   liv
given that the vote ol tin-
Electors of the City  of N'orih
special rate the sum of II'H-Jj.t fur Vancouver will bc taken on
the I. rm uf lil'tv years for the re- Thursday, the nth Bay ol Jan-
Daymen) of the uid debenture! uary, 1910, between the hours
when due. iiiid interest thcrcim as of 9 o'clock a.m. and 7 o'clock
hereinafter mentioned. p,m,, 0n "The City ol  North
AND WHKRKAS the value of Vancouver   Parks improvement
the whole rateable property of tbe Loan By-Law, 19m," and that
sniil City, according to tho last revised Assessment Roll, is Fniir Mil-
inn Five Hundred and Ninety-iix
Tlnnisaiid Twn Hundred ind Nun*
tv  Dollan ($4,596,291).
AND WHKRKAS ibe uid Cit)
f North Vincouver has at pew-
cut 1 debenture debt imonnting to
THEREFORE the Municipal
Council of the Corporition ol the
City of Nnrth Vancouver with
the assent uf the electors of the
within the City Hall, North
Vancouver, B. C, and that
Thomas Shcphcnl lias been appointed Returning Officer to
take the vote ol inch Electors
with the usual powers 111 that
By order of the Council.
Aldermen Young, Dick, Braim
MiR.tc, McNeish and Schultz,
ware in attendance at the tm
sion ol the cilv council, Monday
evening,   Mamr May preiided,
A. Philip, clerk to the districi
council, and A, G, Perrj. local
malinger 11. C. I'll* R\* wrote,
with relerence to thc proposed
conference re alterationi to the
cilv watermain; filed,
Messrs.Burns I Walkiin niutc
cm losing  copy   nl   applii ition
lor Incorporation ol Hurrard In
bt Bridge \- Tunnel t ompan)
Reierred to Um finance commit-
Constable Geo, Prime wrote,
advising council ul daag.*roui
condition ol furnace Ln the cit)
ball; finance committee with
AM, young tn act.
The dtj assessor rccii.illiic.nl-
td thai the error in the aaieia*
ment nl the bits ul U. C. Kiscii-
iii.in be corrected bv isiesaiuij
three bits [or J1240, instead   nl
five lots lor J1650,
Citj Engineer Hums reported
the total expenditures ol the
board .-I worki for thi year .11
Si 1,671.10, ol whieh the principal n.ms were the laying oi
:,*,:,nut. leet ul siilcw .ilk at .1
enst ni 13,700; construction
work ut. roads, 12,706; maintenance work on mads fl,y)2.ek>,
The engineer ,ilst> reported oa
the    value   nl    lllc    kVataTTWoftl
system, idviiing that all  arort
iiimi* previoui to 1909 «as al .1
temporal) character, and wonld
have tu be done again on 1 per
iii.uieiit I ads, The work during 1909 iias done on 1 permanent basis    Tlic estimated vai
ue ol lhe- svslein is as follow *,
Wink done pii\ions to  10,09:
f>4,7no led   |in. 111,1111 Sihlj.s.tiii;
1 |oo   hit   1,in,   main   (4200.OO;
27,500 lul  loin,   main   $13,750;
50 livdi.nits S1250.
Woik done during 1400:  :ikk>
feel fain, main,  Lonsdale, IllOOJ
10,500 feet hin   main: Queena-
bury, (6500; 1 ' lit-l Sin.main
11800; son,, |l(*i im. main $4000
71m bouse 1 oiiiici lions f4aMO,
Total 1.dm Ss-,'.;-;.
Typewritten copies nl theai re-
ports n.v. ordered made lor the
Bngineer Hanes wrote, asking
ib.it  Ins recommendationa   <>i
last week re waterworks Ik- ■ .t
acted ipoa pending lurthei   n
commendations; adopted,
W P l'taice s.u.tan ol iln
board ol  sihool trustees, wrote
requesting council to submit a
by-lav lor the pvrchaac ol loti
I,   1,  B and u,   block  MO, I).   I,.
545, lor public and high ichool
purposes The lols contain lour
acres,   ami   the pme ls |l600O;
in -Lm to be prepared,
Account! .is lollows Were* ordered paid   Board ol imrks $74.-
i"; 11 iterworki {581.50,
On motion nl Aid.Young, the
clerk uas instructed to write to
the B C, Telephone Compan).
Inr the data whnh the) had a*
^-ri'i .1 to submit
AM Schulti called attention
to the [act that 1 lad) paaiea-
ger on the terry had nfiered a
Blight wound in the neck  ud  ,,
Total unnHn of over thirty million
ilnllnrH are enfruHtcd io the custody
of the Bank of Hamilton.
Your Saving.* Account Solicited.
H. L, PAYNTER, Agent
North Vancouver
seven* nervous shock last week,
through the .Uncharge nf an air
gun, ill the bands of a vomit;
lad; referred lo the directors lor
precautionary measures.
The lollowing bv-l,iws were
moved ,iluii); through the ncecs-
sari stages .nnl ordered advertised: l-'or roadmaking machinery, (or lire Bgfctiag apparatui,
lor 1 iriink sewer, lor parks improvements, lor general water
uoiks purposes, (or au addition- ■
al sihuol site.
Local Improvement loan by-
laws (or 3rd street and for Nth
street, were fives three readinps j
On motion il was decided that
the qualifications Ior the board
of Ierry directors shall be the
same as those lor aldermen.
(iu motion it was resolved
that a rale-pavers' meeting to
discual civic mailers in view ol
the pending elections, be held on
ibe evening ol Friday, January
Thc number nl holders of
monthly tickets en. the lerry,
has become so large that tne
collector! find it impossible toi
remember tbnsc wlm have them I
in iheir possession, lu order
to do awav willl the- l.eccssilv
ol stopping am individual paa-
senger and aaking thnt his or
her ticket be produced, ths directors have wisely decided to
make one rule which shall apply to all alike.     On anil aller
January ist, 1910, each holdqi
ol 1 monthly ticket will be expected In show it to the collector, eaeh lime tllc holder passes
through ihe gate, This will
imi in any  way inconvenience
the travelling public,  while   it
will arrange ihis matter ni detail in a businesslike manner,
and will cllcclivclv dispose of
any possibility ol unpleasantness or misnnderstam&ng Ior
cil her ptfty. The directors
hope lhat monthly ticket holders will lend tlieir assistance by
yielding cordial compliana
with the new arrangement.
a. t. mo*i\s
P.O. Box IHI la. Ill MM., I
F. K. Bennet,     6J Lonsdale
Tbe Bridge
Pender and Richards Sts.
La,te DipLocK-W^ioHT
W. J. B A L M AIN   I f or Boot flnd Shoe Repair|ng
Quantity Surveyor and Architect        Mii <UStOITl Work    .    .    .
NORTH   VANCOUVER. g0 to TH0S   0   y,,, s
Pioneer Boot Maker
Roijtil Standard
Tbe Highest Product
of tbe Milling loduslry
\n W'cstiiiiisti-i' land Hsli if I
District ol New Westminster.
TAKE NOlTCli that Elliot
A. llaswell, ol Vancouver, occupation broker, intend-, lo apply lor permission to purchase
lhe lollowing described lands:
About 320 acres, commencing at
a post planted on the norlheasl
corner ol I,ot 1239, thence south
80 chains, thence east 40 chains,
thence north 80 chains more or
less to shore ol Horseshoe lake,
thence 40 chains more or less in
a westerly direction along sh.jre
of lake to point ol commencement.
October 2, 1909 9-19
Wish to inform their cus-
tomerH thnt thev arc erecting
a dry-kiln and will be in a
position to supply
Kiln Dried
of all kinds within two weeks
I7th Strict, Nortli Vancouver
Lonsdali Are., opp. City Hall
District ol New Westminster
TAKI NOTICE llml I.AllfM AU x-
audt-t I'rowiloii,,,! Vaiin'titer II. 0 , oc-
* ni-atiiui, bmki-r, iinrinl. t<, iMjiy lor
|h rmiF->i,,i, in parahwi tin- loll,m iny <t.-
acrihvd laml :—
0nnini-iii-iiiii at a |'..-I |.ian.. ,1 ub.ni.
nnt- ain.l iiiii-IihII null*, weat uf ParpoiM
Bat, llifiiit'»fH (i.rlt I'haiii.. Tli.-ni*.*
south taenly chains, tlia-n,,- . u-l forty
cl.nan. ilii-ni-e north tw.-nti claim, it
poini   of t'oiiinii'iit'i-int'iii, natalaiai
tik-hty arrc. tnort- or leaa
Tw-l-tlt Vvemrwr. I9.M IM6
TENDERS are invited hy the
North Vancouver City Ferries
Ltd., for the construction ol n
double end steel ferry sieruner,
165 feet in length, with 29 foot
For further particulars apply
to the subscriber, with whom
tenders must be lodged before
12 o'clock noon of the 20th day
of January, 1910. The lowest
or any tender not necessarily
All envelopes shall be addressed to thc secretary of the company and marked, "Tender lor
Ferry Strainer."
Vancouver, B. C, Dec. 15, 1909
Bom.-In I,\1111 Vallcv, Tuesday, December 18th, tn Mr and
Mrs. I.atham, a daughter,
Mn 111111111111" *4imii-; Mttg has lictii coiiipasi'l
bj I) G, D.ek. 1111 Uu* local Si Andrew's and Caledonian Smiili
Hail thou sun nf ihe Siutiish Chiel!
II.r.l thnn sun nl the Mlplc I.r.il1
II,ul thnn sun nl the- land nl lhc Iree'
Il.nl so!i nf 1,.1-crtv
l Imrus
Chieftain cons nr Cliimnai ro,
l In, 11,1111 s swnrd nr Claiisiimn's bow
Ne'er again shall meet as I,,,,
In the here belnw
When were vnn wlu-n Scntland bled?
Smis their (Oft thev IrirK shed.
When  wen- vou when Wallace bled.
When wen* -on when Wallace led
Clansmen's honored dead?
I   lllalll*
Utit   vmi UlOSI whnst j;orv hands
Sniil tbdr Chid lor cold and lands'
Were- vol. one ol that hated hand
Whost disgrace still stands'
Wi li   Mill those who firmly Mood
Oil mountain lop, vale or wood
Fating enemy best tlm muid,
All ior Scotland 1 good?
Ui .in ol that noble clan,
And In our iritiids siill it and;
Noble dead their name nveft;
Vengeance call we lure
Made in British Columbia
Irom specially selected wheat,
at the besl mill 011 the l'acilic
coast, Royal Standard will Into you what it has been to
many—the delight of your kitchen, the pride of the cook.
And then, too, in every 44II1
sack is a coupon entitling the
holder to a chance to win a 109
piece china dinner set. From
the duplicates ol the numbers
in the sack, ten are drawn each
month. If you have been fortunate enough to secure one ol
these, a handsome dinner set
will be sent you Iree of charge.
Save your coupons, and insist
on having Royal Standard
. Flour.
Manufactured by
Have Vou Seen TIm'IH?
If not, you really niiidit
lo see
The "G" Brand
Grained Clogs
Tlnik Fel.-I.inad, Warm, Cosy
anil Dry.     Men'ior Women „
The "li" Hraml Clogs art
known in almost every hiimli-l
of lhe olil Country,
Thousands of Testimonials.
F.rm-r*. Ranrli, r., Kniituniw.ra,
M.itiirm.'n, hrlv-ra. Kerry men, Hm
dura, Bii.t-heri, Lu1nla.1111.11 mil ill
..utaialt .riirkeri ling lln-lr pralm.
'llial.  nli.l   wi'K.I   d*Ul|    "Ir-
ri'li'i',1 flog. a.f"ly. Tlii-i arc my
w.rm .ii'l rnmlortablc. SliugMtt't
Iik.* 1.1 ba (iiiinui tlm,a in wiatrr.
..av. worn llit-m now lor Iwi, -.par."
Yours,   M. I Wll.l,
(Ntoro. au|a|,iit'll 111 ilo/iti |>.lrl,il.)
■ HM,fM v.nia.niT
January 5th Lots in
ADVANCE $25.00
Is assured early in the new year. The Steel
Sleeping Car Plant, the Dry Dock and Shipbuilding Plant will be located near Stanley Heights
Addition. The> will employ Jooo skilled me*
BUY AT ONCE before the announcement of
the aforesaid industries, as prices will double immediately when the same is reported.
At in p,in, January 5th, 1910, tl.epr.ee will
advance lij per lot.
Size of lols, 50x159 to a i6-foot lane.
Price $175; $20 cash and $5 per month
No Interest;    No taxes
Good soil and good view of Hurrard Inlet.
Stanlcv Heif-hts Addition is located on the
b—ttllll snnr.v slope just off the Keith Road.
Our boat leaves every fair day for Stanley
Heights Addition. Join lhe party and »«e lor
I'linpinn Irom .he Daily World Dee. 24
Ran lor Dry-Dock and Shipbuilding Plant at North Vancouver
Advance* Step.
TIip liii|K-nal (Jar, Shiptniildingand I'n
hm-lis Cortmratinn mrt th-i diatrict
i*.>n 11,'il at ita regular meeting and ron-
ft-rrnl wilh Ihem regarding lhe ealah*
h.liini'iii nf • |,lant nn the north short.
I'ln- information given the couniil via.
ofaierv aatiilactory nature and it ii
lielirvftl lhat the t-ompany'i proposition
iiirei. mill favor »ith a larjji- nuniher
ol the ili.trirl rni,*|a.iv,*r. The matter
was laltl over to Im atttetl upon at a
s|*i'ial council moeting tn Ix- held next
Maiii'lav night.
Manson £> Calhoun
417 Hdslinq.s Street
Open Evenings Opposite C.P.R. and Postal Telegraph Office
Phone 5654
Open Evenings
************************************************************************ *****O*0*****OO*O0*****O*O^t-**'O** 9^M9*J}******9*999AtM99i9999*****999
A Few Snaps for Profitable Investment
Safety      Income      Profit
Call and see our Large and Exclusive List
Correspondence Solicited
North Vancouver
LAST CHANCE to purchase-at first cos'-The
remaining unsold lots in thc following tsU'.es:
bounded by Lonsdale Avenue, 23rd street,
24th street, and Chesterfield Avenue. Convenient to cariine. Prices $250 and up per
lot—easy terms.
LOTS IN D. L. 273. 6th street, 7th street and
Keith road. Convenient to cariine. Prices
$650 per lot and np-easy terms.
LOTS IN D. L. 544- "Harbor View" Tract.
(City) Pricea J175 per lot and up—easy
Large list ol best buys in City and District to
choose from—some of the properties at LAST
Owners desiring to sell any or all ol their North
Vancouver properties can get quick results by-
listing exclusively with us—if prices are right
Our record as to reliability, accuracy, and
prompt attention to the interests of our
clients has never been excelled and seldom
Acreage west of Capilano commands ready
sale at good prices, and owners can sell for
cash by listing with ns.
can have the benefit of our large and exclusive
list of best properties in city and district.
Estates managed — Rents collected — Insurance
(Incorporated A.D. 1906, under the Companies' Act 1897 and Amending Acts, with chief place of business in North Vancouver, B.C.)
Cor. Lonsdale Avenue and 3th Street North Vancouver, B.C., Telephone 15
A most distressing casualty
occurred Sunday afternoon last
on the property owned by P.
Larson, Jones avenue, between
19th and 21st streets, resulting
in the death of an old time resident of North Vancouver.
Carl John Mouson, who has
been in tbe employ ol Mr. Larson, in dillerent capacities tor
tbe past fifteen years, was engaged ia his duties among thc
cattle which Mr. Larson keeps
on this property. He had
thrown the Iced on thc ground
within the kraal and had been
followed in by tbe herd. Two
cowl had been tied in the shed.
when it is surmised that he probably attempted to drive the
bull away from the fodder. The
animal became enraged and attacked its victim, penetrating
his side wilh its horn and rendering him helpless, and probably causing his death, after which
the brute tossed and trampled
the body. W. C. Stone, who
happened to pass the place saw
what had taken place and rushed at the enraged animal witli
an axe, driving it away from
its vtictim, but was in turn forced to flee for his own salety,
barely escaping the rush ol the
enraged bull by means of the
Information of the occurrence
was speedily sent to Hotel
North Vancouver and a physician suramor , but life had already become extinct. H. V.
Baker, clerk at the hotel, despatched the animal with a rifle.
The funeral of deceased was
held Tuesday alternoon, to Seymour cemetery, Rev. B. H.Bal-
derston officiating.
I. O. O F.
North Vaacoatar Lodge, No.
SS, BiMU every Thursday em-
' ng, coraar Lonsdale aveaue ind
Pint itreet, at S o'clock. Visiting ibrethrea cordially invited to
attend. Edwin Peen, N. G.;
Tkoa. 6. Nye, Etc.-etc , J. H.
PUliaf, Pia.-aac.
Board of Trade
North Vaacoarar Board ol
Trade meets thi third Tuesday
ol each month, at 8 o'clock p.
m., ia thi board room, Citj
Hall. Executive meeti the firit
Tuesday ol each month. W. J.
Irwin, president; J. G. Farmer
IflMW a a. Hutiir Ud V (i. 1 ratUf 11
Daparlmfnta and term* u followi:
KlndfTftrUo tt.flfl per month
Preparatory. $.Vui)p«r month
•Himnv.I  |<iit> to 110 00 MI month
Forproflptctui.fir .tpplTtoP.O. b«ill6, tr
al llien liM.mr, LoKtlala   Avf an.) lTth Bt
For Fall Planting
Bulla Irom the Deit European ind
Ji-nn growiri.
Hume grown Iruit ind ornamental
tree,, grown on up-lind loll without ir-
rtgiii.-u, in the only part of the Amort-
nn continent not infeited with lhe Hin
IHHH llll IIIIII MM I llllllllllllllllllllll
ii Shaw's Pioneer Dry Goods ij
Gent's Furnishing and Fancy Store.
Cor. 2nd and Unidil- Ave. EiUkliihed 1906 Telephone Kl
Christmas Presents
Our holiday stock is now complete and on display. We
shall be glad to have all citiiens ol our beautilul city pay ui
1 visit belore crossing the Inlet.
We have the lollowing to select from:
Finer Collin and BIoum* in .ilk. eel, Ac.
CnihloaCoven, Ribboni, I'p-i Mit.-rul.
Hoeierr ol sll diecriplion, Fancy lUi.lk.rf lml.
Vmbrellu, Shirt*. Collin, Oreralli, Tin
LatdlM1 ind Kent's Underwear.
Jewellery, compiling Broochee, Chiin, Hit pini, Scitf
Pint, rufl I.inIn, Ac, ind Toyi.
All at Viiii'oiiviar pricM mil in rat raiei cheaper.
(inr huiiiififa luiii.irli  doubled itwlllinct lut year, 1 lid which
ipeiki (or itself.
ii DRESSMAKING on the premises.   !!
.. ■ ■
-4-I I-l 1111111111 l-l-l l-l-l-l-l-l'111111111111111111111
Girden, Field ami Flown Seed.—tell-
ed .tuck Irom Die but grower! in the
Wire Fincing ind Hat.-..
Spray I'liuii*, Fer.iliien, Ree Supplier, Cut Flowen, Spraying Miteriili,
White I-a hor only.
New 167 \*t» Citilogiif (ree.
Greenhouaet ind Sredhomei,
3010 Wm.minlter Roid, Vinrooter B.C
Branch Nun-jry I  South Vincouver
Builders and
P. LARSON ii  prepared to
Ime, Brick,
Sand, Cement
And ill kinds of Bailding
Material in quantities to suit
and at reasonable prices,
The Broadest City Avenue  in  America
This Boulevard is all cleared ind graded, and its 24 garden divisions have been planted with
trees and shrubs.
Inside Lots, 5a 11140 feet or 150 leet, each $1000
Double Corners, (2 lots together), 104x140 leet or 150 leet $1500
Cleared Lot* In Block* Adjoining Boulevard, size 50U5I
Inside Lots, according to position l7°o t0 »"oo
Double Corners $16501011750
Terms:—yi cash, yi in 9 months, yi in 18 months.   Interest on deferred instalments 6 per cent.
I n-ao[
found  it ont at
I'mli r New Mini|ement
The rliMpawl ind Imit ..lire in town
for ill kindi of fri-.li ind uinak.il flih,
poultry, if|i, vc-(i-Ul,|,-« ind fruit.
S. Ll OVD,
131 First Street, West
The position ol this property makes it OM Of IIK BtSI RESIDUUM SIIIAIIONS IN THI
WORLD. With its southern aspect, open space, elevation, magnificent view, and all modern
conveniences (electric railway cars running the whole length ol the Boulevard, 60 yards from
residence line, water and electric light).
Purchasers are not obliged to build, but all lots fronting on the Boulevard are sold on
condition that (or ao years nothing but residences, each ol minimum cost ol $4000 cm be built
thereon.   Thus the property is legally protected against depreciation.
Compare the above prices with those of other property.
North Vancouver real estate today offers unrivalled opportunities
to investors.
The City Ferry Co., will shortly build a new modern ferry boat
and make improvements in the landings.
The Second Narrows Bridge seems now to be assured.
Maps, price lut and printed information as to the City ol North Vancouver will be
supplied on application to
North Vancouver Und *5» Improvement Co., t"
Mahon, McTarland 6 Procter, Ltd., Official Aoeot*
»*'., ■ •-—
The lollowing are the named
a'l those wllaa slglleil  lhe petition
to the niiiiisiiT  ul   iiuiiii.i   lor
the organization ol this corpi,
Angus J. Cameron
William I'hilip
James Aluii.igli.iii
Charlei B, Lawson
.lohn I'.. Parmer
A. \\. Anderson
William C. Stone
I'd. !•;. Parry
P. G. Gladwin
1), Acheaon
Harry W. I-'ullar
.1 aines Chapman
Wm. J. l'.iiUi
Ivan ,i. Cameron
Matt. 11. Martinson
Thomas Uartinaon
Robert Phillipi
Win. Geiinvn
p, M, Barhcr
Koss Peers
Alex I). I'hilip
Tim Nelson
Win. Mitchell
Archie Crali,uu
T. 11. Diplock
P, li. Diplock
l'aul A. deW olil
Thomas Glelifell
A. .\l,ulagan
Alex Laa
ll.o-le K. Cameron
R. Hiileheson
A   I),  l-'lelllillg
Thomas A. Martin
G. H   Baxter
W. C, Gladwvn
s. a. nmi
S. C, Keys
George P. Dull
John if. McNatiglu
S. I',. Ross
Km! Relish.I--,
Win. Green
Wm. Hullinl
John H. Wallet
Henry V. Smith
C. S. Voting
George N   I.aRochcllc
E, A. Tecls
G. w. Carpenter
Donald Cameron
Captain Nominate]
The petition has ban loi -
warded to Col Patera, DOC ,
Victoria, who hai iln .nly promised to rapport the movement
at Ottawa, and it is confidently
expcitul thai at a very eallv
date lhe authorization will lie
The petition was accompanied
by resolutions ol concurrence
from the councils ol the district
and cilv and lhe board o! ir.i'l,.
The nineteenth annual convention oi lhe Coast Teachers' Institute, will be held in Pender
Hall, Vancouver, on Monday
and Tueiday, January 3rd and
41I1.   Monday morning will hi
occupied vith ratine Imsiness,
and the president's address.
The program ior Monday alternoon and evening is as lollows:
2:00 p.m.—1.   Nature Study,
"How  to deal with the new text
'Agriculture and Nature' " by
Miss M. M. Macheuie, Discussion, J, B, Bennett, R S. Sherman, Miss E, McClughan
:. Drawing, Methods in Teaching, J Kyle, Pointa Requiring
Emphasis. 1). Ulan Discussion
Inspector J. II. Gillies, D M.
Mo,,re, W   B   Weston
8 00 p.m., Address, Rev. J.
McKay, DD, prim ipal Weit-
miiisiii Hall, Vancouver, Reception. \\ oim n s Educational
Cluh oi Vancouver, This session to in- held iii O'Brien Hall,
Homer stiici
Tin itiins lot Tueada) morning will Ir* an address by W 1'
Argue,   superintendent   ol    ellv
schools, Vancouver, "Preient
D,i\ Tendenciei in Education."
Impmiioni oi ■ visit to Eait-
em si hool'. A paper oii "Writing    bj    A   lv  Hllttoli,   to   be
ditcuned  liv  j, d. Buchanan,
S.W Mati hews and R, Straight.
Election! oi ollicers is tlie lirst
Item on the program Tueiday
alternoon, after which will (of-
low a series ol papers on various phaaei ol iln-. topic "Literature    in    Publii     and    High
Si hooll" as lollows. The leaili-
ur's aim, by Miss A. S. Clark,
principal   girls'   sihool,   Sett
Wistllilllsler;    tin   public   Khool
loui'i, by Mi,:* EC, ('. McCoy;
the high sihool wiiir.si. by T, A.
Brough. Di s,iv-sion will follow !.■   Inipector  \   C, Stewart
Win burnt Mi"* A B ramie-
ion and II n King.
Tin* iin.il order ol buiineu ii
to in "Reiolutioi
the Twenty-Seventh day ol December, A. D., 1910.
Received tka assent of the
Elector! at an election held lor
the purpose on the il n
ol January, A. D., 1410.
Reconaidirad by the Council
and linallv adopted, signed by*
the Mayor and City Clerk, .,< i
Sealed with the City Seal oil
the day of January,
A. D., 1910.
TAKE NOTICE ihat the
above is a true copy ol the- pro-
WTIEREAS a petition ign- posed By-Law, upon which the
ed by the owners ol more than vote of lhe Electors ol the Mu-
011c tenUi of the value ol real nicipality ol the City of North
property in the Cilv of Norlh Vancouver will be taken within
Vancouver 1 as shown by the the City Hall, North Vancou-
last reused Assessment Roll I ver, B. C, on Thursday, the
has been presented to lhe Cin tub day of January, A. D. 1410
Council, requesting theni to in- lx-twccii the hours of o o'clock
tinduce a   Dylan  to   raise    li\   a.m. and 7 o'clock p.m.
way oi loan'iln sum oi Sixu        THOMAS SHEPHERD
hm   Thousand   (,$65,000)   Dol- City Clerk and Returning Officei
lars    lor    Genual   Waterworks 	
WHEREAS it will belieces*
A BY-LAW rn enable the Corporation ol the City ol North
Vancouver to ruise by wt) ol
Loan ihe sum ol Sixty Five
Tooiisaiid i>h,s,oSoi Dollars
lm geiieial waterworks purposes.
san lo raise
ciai rate llic
lor the leiin oi lilt\
annually by ipe-
suill ol )3,67S.8o
PUBLIC NOTICI' is hereby
given that the vote ol the
Electors ol the Cilv of North
Vancouver will lie laken on
Thursday, the i.Uh day of Jan-
thc repayment ol the said Loan uary, 1910, between the hours
and Interest thereon as herein- ol u o'clock a.m. and 7 o'clock
alter provided. p.m., on "The  City  of  North
WHEREAS the valve oi tha Vancouver Water Works Loan
whole real (ratuablej propert- Bv-Law, 1910, and that within
ol the said City, according to the Citv Hall, Norlh Vancouver
the last revised Assessment Roll B. C, and that Thomas Shup-
,miliums to Pour Million, Five herd has been appointed Return-
Hundred and Ninety Six Thou- Ing Oflicer to take the vote of
sand Two Hundred and Ninety such   Electors  with   tin*  usual
One ($4,596,29!) Doll.us.
ami Aldermen ol the City ol
North Vancouver in Couinil an*
selllb'ed (with lhc assent uf the-
Electon of lhc saul Cilv duly
obtained)  ENACI as lollows,
vii ;
1. ll shall lie- lawlul for the
Mayor ol the City and the Ciiy
Clerk, lor the purpose aloresaid,
to borrow or law b) way ol
I.o,in Irom any person or pel
sons, imdy or hoiiiis Corporate
who may be willing to advance
the same upon the credit of the
Debenture! hereinafter mention
id oi ihe Corporation, a sum ol
1110111 IJ not exceeding ill lllc
whole the sum ol Silt) Five
Thousand ({63,000) Dollars and
lo cause lhe same lo l,e pi,unl
in the Hank ol Hritish North
America al North Vancouver to
lhe credit oi the City ior thc
purpose above- recited.
I, Debenture Bondi of the
City lo the amount ol Sixty
Five Thousand ($63,000) Doi-
lais 111 the whole may lie issued
liv the said Mayor alld City
Clerk in terms ol the Municipal
Clauses Acl, in sums as may
lie ilesirc-d, but not less than
$1,000 caih. Each ol the s.ml
Bondl shall be signed b\ lhc
saul Mayor and Citv Clerk and
the Ciiy Clerk shall attach
thereunto tin- Corporate Seal 01
the said City Corporation.
t.   The   Debenture   Bonda
shall hear mlciesl al lhe rale ol
live per cent, per annum, payable   hall-ycaily  Oll the Scveli-
teenih day ol July and the Seventeenth dav ol January 111
each and every year during ihe
currency of the said debentures
or any of them, There shall In
attached lo lhe Debenture
Bondi, Coupons signed by the
Mayor only ior each and even
payment of interest that maj
become due, and such signal ure
may be either written, sl.iinpnl
printed or lithographed
I. The said Debenture
Bonds as lo principal aiid interest may be made payable al
the Hank oi Britiih North
Americi at North Vancouver,
Toronto or Montreal, Canada,
or at the Bank of Hritish Norih
America, London, England, and
tin saul principal sum shall lie
made payable liy the City at a
dale not later than lilly yean
Irom ihe data upon which the
Bv law takes ellect.
), There shall lie raised and
levied annually by special rate-
on all Ml 1 able properly In the
said City the sum of $423.80 (or
thl purpose of (omiag I sinking fund lor the payment of the
laid debenture! and the sum ol
$3,250 for the payment ol the
interest   at   the rale   aforesaid
to become due on the said debenture! during   the   currency
thereof, and that in addition to
all other rates to be levied nnd
1 ollei led in the said City during
lhe   whole   CUmncy of the said
debenture! or any ol them.
b. This Bylaw shall come
into ellect on the 17th dav   ol
January, A. D., 1910.
; This Bylaw may bc cited
lor all purposes as "the City
of North Vancouver Waterworks Loan Bylaw, 1910."
raised by the Council on
powers in that behalf.
By order of the Council,
City Clerk
BY-LAW NO. 73.
A BY-LAW in authorial th* mm
nl debenture! of the Corporation »t tin- t'ily nf North Van
i-iiliver tn the niiiniiut oi $3,000
lot tin- purpoae of purchiaing
improved   Fire   BxtinguMhing
WHEREAS it is di'iiiii'il expedient in the intern! of the City of
Nnrth Vancouver that the Fin
Brigade be furnished with improved lii'i'-iigh.ing equipment
AND WHKRKAS in order
thereto, it will be aaeemarj to is-
sm- debenture! of the Corpontion
of tin- City of North Vamouver
[or the Mini of Hum Thouaand
Dollan WaOOO as hereinafter
provided (whieh is the amount of
the ili'bi i" be mated by tins Ity-
l,;iw . the proeeedi ot' the md
debenture! to he applied to the
snid purpoie mnl tn nn other
AND WHEREAS ■ Petition
sinned b) the ownem of mon than
one-tenth   HO the nine of teal
property in the I'ity Ims been presented to the City Council, re-
queating then to Introduce i By-
Law t" niitlinri/1' thi'in tn borrow
the sum nl' Three Thouaand Dollnrs ($3,000) for the purpoae of
purchaiing additional Fire Bxl i
guwhing Equipment
l-'irr Bow, Boat Hci-I
Citj fnr tin- purpoae ibovi molted, nml iuch ninnies shall hr used
for thai purpoie only.
'1.    Debentures,if Iln* City In the
I iiii of Tin  Thousand Dollnrs ($3,000) in thl whole may be
issued by lhe said Mayor nud City
clerk, in lei-ins of the Municipal
Clnuses Aet iii sums us may be
ab'sired, but imt loss than One
Thouaand Dollars ($1,000) eueli.
Each nl' the snid bunds shall be
■igned by the uid .Maynr and City
clerk, ind the City Clerh shnll it-
inch thereunto the Corporate Baal
nl' the city of Nnrth Vancouver,
:!. The debenture! shall bear
intern! al tin- rate of IVI per cent.
per minimi, payabll hull'yearly on
the ITth d,i\ of July, ind the 17th
dny nf January, In each and every
year during the eiiiTency nf the
said debentures or any of them.
There shall be attached lo the debentures, eniipniis, signed by the
Mayor only  mr each  and every
paymeni ox Internal that mny become due, nnd such lignatun may
be either wrillen. stumped, printed ur lithographed.
4. The suid dclicntiiivs us to
principal and interest may be
made payable at the Bank of British North America, al North Van-
eniiver. Toronto ur Montreal, Canada, nr nl the Bnnk nf British
Nnrth America, London, England,
and the snid principal sum shall
be iiiude payable by the City at a
date not later than tit'ty yeurs
from the dale upmi whieh this By-
Law takes elTeil.
"t.    There shnll  be raised  and
levied annually by a special rule
iiii llll rateable laud or improve-
meiiis or real propert) in the said
city the sum of $19.65 for tha
purpoie ni forming i Sinning
Fund for the payment of the saul
debenture!, ind the sum of $150
for the payment of the interna! nt
the rate aforesaid to become dui-
on sneh debenture! during the eur-
i-riie- iherenf. iiii'l that ill addition to nil nther rales to be levied
mnl collected in tin- said City during tin- wlioh- currency of the said
debenture! nr uny of ihem.
ii. Tins By-Law shall some into
I'tTeet mi the 1 Tt li dav of .laiiunry,
A.l). 1910.
7. This By-Law may be eited
for all purpocec as "The C%y "'
North Vancouver Fin Equipment
I'lin-liase Liuin Ity Law. 1910."
x. Bussed by the Council on the
'.'Tib day nf December, A.D. 1909,
Received the nssenl of lhe i-lce-
tail's nf the City   nf   North    Vill-
couver nt nu Motion held for lhe
purpam on the day uf
January, A.D. 1910.
Uecnnsidi-reil. adopted and linally  passed   by  the fuuncll.  signed
by III" Maynr nnd City Clerk, and
senb'ii wnii the Corporate -Seal on
the day of January,
A.D. 1910.
TAKI- NOTICI-! that the
above is a true copy ol the propositi Bv-Law, upon which Unvote of the Electors ol tin- Municipality of the City of North
Vancouver will Ik- taken within
the City Hall, North Vancouver, B. Ca, on Thursday, lhe
[Jth day of January, A. D. lyio
between the hours of o o'clock
a.in  and ] o'clock p.m.
City Clerk and Returning Officer
PCBLIC   NOTICE is hereb)
including given   that   the   vote   of   the
und Fin Electors of the City  of  North
Vancouver   Will   be   taken   oil
AND WHKRKAS it will li
nocemry tn nine innuall) bj sp,
eiul mii' the sum of $189.65 fu
the term of llfty yean for the re
payment of the snid debenture!
when due. and Hit inst thereon U
hereinafter mentioned.
AND WIIKKKAS the value nf
the wliule rateable property of the
saul city, iccording to the lasi re.
vised Assessment Roll, is Kuill' Milium. Five Hiiiiilreil uml Ninety six
Thouaand Twu Hundred and Ninety-one Dollan ($4596.291),
AND WHKRKAS llu- snid Citj
nf Nnrth Vincouver has il pm
put ii debenture d'-bi imounting
to $408,194,
THEREFORE the Municipal
Council of the Contrition of the
City nf North Vancouver (with
tin- nssenl nf the electon of the
snid Ciiy duly obtained I ENACTS
as follows:
1. ll shall he lawful fm' the
Mayor of the City of North Vnn
couver and the City Clerk for the
purpoae iforeaaid to borrow or
raise by wny nf loan  from  my
|ll'l'Sll|l    ll|'   |ll'|'Sll|IS.    liml)     all'   llal.l   I'S
corporate who may be trilling to
advance tin* snme upon the cndil
nl' the debentures hereinifter
mentioned of the Oorporotion ■
sum of noney bo! exc ling In tbe
wliule the sum of Three Thouaand
Dollars f$3,000i, and to eatUM the
same to be plrn-ed iu the Hunk nf
Hritish North Aiiii-i-ii'a il North
Vancouver to the credit of the
1   Thursday, the i.U.i day of Jan-
• uary, 1910, between   lhe  hours
r ol o o'clock a.m. and 7 o'clock
p.m., on  "The  City  ol North
Vancouver    Fin    Equipment
Loan B-Law, 1010,'' and that
within the City Hall, North
Vancouver, B. C, and llial
Thomas Shepherd has been appointed Relurnin-; Officer, to
take the vote of such Electors
with the usual powers in lhat
Bv order ol the Council.
City Clerk
The Dislriel Council will meet
as a Court of Revision of the
Voters' List for 1910, at the
District Municipal olbce, North
Vancouver, on Mondav, January tnl, 1910, at three o'clock
p.m., wlieJi all claims (or enrolment and objections to names
enrolled will be consiib i ed.
Hi*;h diss music, choice program, «t the firemen's bill, on
Jinuiry 7th.
119 Firit Street, E.
Phone 80
The Express
$1.00 per year
Foreign $1.50
Fine Printing'
119 First Street, E
Phone 80
The current edition of the ollicial governmental organ records appointments as follows:
Nathaniel A. Morrison ol Lady-
smith, to be deputy registrar of
the county court of Nanaimo,
and Fredk. Mummery ol Trout
Lake, to be deputy registrar of
the county court of Kootenay;
Henry A. Wightiuan, John A.
Murray, Arthur W. Goodrich,
Wm. H. Maclnnes, Henry T.
Harries and Jason L. Walworth
ol Vancouver, and Jack Loutet
of North Vancouver, to be notaries public.
J. C. Harris gives notice of
application to lease certain foreshore rights in Esquimalt district.
The dominion governiuviit
gives notice ol an order in council authorizing the Burrard
Power Co., Ltd., to construct a
dam at thc outlet of Lower Lillooet lake, under ceTtain conditions, and also of the reservation from sale ol certain lands
surrounding Coquitlam lake.
Nootka Marble Quarries Ltd.,
give notice of application to
lease certain lands adjacent to
Indian reserve No. 7. Herman
0. Bowe gives notice of application to lease 1000 acres ol land
near Alkali lake. W. H. Moult
and Wm. Noble give notice of
application to lease 820 acres ol
land near Swamp Point, nort-
land canal.
The lollowing companies are
incorporated: B. C. Lumber
Manufacturers Agency, Ltd.,capital $50,000; J. Z. Hall A Co.,
Ltd., capital $25,000; East and
West Lumber Co., Ltd., capital
$50,000; Port Albesni Syndicate
Ltd., capita^ $10,000; Fraser
River Sand & Gravel Co., Ltd.,
capital $20,000; Decker Lake
Land Co., Ltd., capital $50,000;
Carmichael & Moorhead, Ltd.,
capital $10,000; Port Alberni
Contract Co., Ltd., capital $10,-
000 j Maple Lodge No. 15.
Knights ol Pythias, Benevolent
Societies' Act"; Thc Sidney Manufacturing Co., Ltd., capital
$10,000; Mushroom & Produce
Co., Ltd., capital |lo,ooo; Bit-
terCreek Mining Co., Ltd., capital $200,000; Graham Island
Land Improvement Co., Ltd.,
capital $50,000.
Licenses to extra-provincial
companies are issued as lollows:
Ogilvie Flour Mills Co., Ltd.,ol
Montreal, capital $4,500,000;
Dodwell & Co., Ltd., ol London
England, capital taoo.ooo; British Canadian Securities, Ltd.,ol
Vancouver, capital $1,000,000;
Henrv Disston & Sons, Ltd., ol
Toronto, capital $100,000.
J. Goodlellow, of Victoria
gins notice ol application lor a
record ol 5000 miner's inches
ont ol Campbell river and lake,
lor mining purposes.
Methodist church, corner 4th
and St. George'i avenue!.-
Services at 11 a.m. and 7.30
p.m. Sunday school 2.30 p.m.
Sunday school at Moodyville at
II a.m. Prayer meeting Wed-
leaday it 7.30 p.m. Pastor:
Rev. B. H. Balderiton, B.A.
Lynn Valley Institute Balk—
Servicei every Sunday morn-
lif at 11, and evening at 7 p.m.
St. John the Evangelist, 8th
and 13th streets:—
Holy communion, 8 a.m.;
morning prayer 11 a.m.; evening prayer, 7.30 p.m. On the
firit Sunday in the month there
will be a second celebration ol
the holy communion at 11 a.m.
Rector: Rev. Hugh Hooper.
Servicei at St. Clement's hall
Lynn Valley: Morning prayer
11 a.m.; evening prayer 7 p.m.
Prieit-in-charge: Rev. H. H
St. Andrew'i Presbyterian
church, 6th street:—
Servicei at 11 a.m. and 7.30
p.m. Sunday school 2.30 p.m.
Prayer meeting on Wednesday,
at 8 o'clock. Pastor: Rev. J.
D. Gillam, M.A.
North Vancouver Catholic Indian Mission:—
Sunday Services-Mass at 9
a.m. Sunday school at 2.30 p.m.
Benediction at 3 p.m. Pastor:
Rev. E. Peytavin, O.M.I.V.G.
Baptist Church, cor. 5th and
St George:—
Sabbath ichool at 2 p, 111. Ser-
vicii at 3 p.m. and at 7-3° P-°-
BY-LAW NO. 72.
A BY-LAW to enable the Corporation uf the City of North Van-
eouver to raise by way of Loan
the sum of |l6,000 foi' lhe purpose of piirchasinj* Knwl-Mak-
ing Machinery,
WHEREAS it is deemed necessary and expedient that the Coun*
oil of the snid ('iirporiitioii be
authorized to burrow the sum of
Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000)
to enable them to purelinsi- Road*
making Machinery, which machinery is to include u Rm-k Cracker,
Iiuiul Roller, Street Sprinkler, and
any othei- appliances which may
he lined in the milking and construction of Koadn.
AND WHKRKAS nn ipproti*
male estimate of the sums reipiir-
pd tn purchase thc various articles
nf machinery, etc, has heen made
by the City Engineer as follows,
viz. :—
Road Roller .' $3,800.00
Rock Crusher. Klcvntor
snd Screens    2,700.00
Motor    for    operating
Crusher       660.00
Rn-.-kHins       600.00
Sprinkler        100.00
Installation »f Plant and
other Appliances    1,760.00
AND WHKRKAS n Petition
signed by the owners of more thnn
iiie-tcntii thc value of real property in thc City hns been presented to the City Council, HQMBHai
them to introduce n By-Law to
authorize then I" borrow the sum
of 110,000.00 f"i' tin- purpose of
purchasing lloiul-ninking Machinery, including 11 Rock Crusher.
Rond Roller. Street Sprinkler, nnd
any other appliances used or
which mny require tu be used in
the mnking mid construction of
AND   WHKRKAS   it   will   be
lleeessnrv to raise lllllllllllly by  s|ie.
cinl rate the sum of |6iU0 for a
term of Uty yuan fur ihe repay.
ment iif tin- said lllhentam when
lue nnd interest thereon ■ hereinafter mentioned.
AND WHKRKAS the value of
the "in'i'- rateable propert] "f tin-
saul City, according to the Inst re*
liled Assessment Roll, IS ftuT Million. Five Hundred nud Nuu-ty-six
Thiiusniul Two Hiiiiilreil nnd Ninety*,,no  Dollnrs  nfl,"i!iii.:M"l
AND WHKRKAS the said City
a| North Vnncouver hns nl present
a debenture debt iini'Ultitiiig to
THEBEPOBB the Municipal
Council of the Corporition of the
City .if North Vancouver '(with
the assent  of the electors of the
snid City duly obtained) ENACTS
as follows:-—
1. lt shall Im- Inwful fur the
Mayor of the City nf North Van-
ouu'ver nnil the t'ily Clerk, for lhc
iiirpose aforcsnul. to borrow or
raise by wny ol' bmn from nny
person or persons, body or bodies
corporate, who may be willing to
advnnoe the same upon the credit
nf    the     debentures    lu-reinHftcr
mentioned of the ('iirporntion. a
sum of money not exceeding in
the whole the sum nf Ten Thou-
snnd   Dollnrs   (♦KX000),   nnd to
nuse the snme lo be placed in tin-
Bank of British Nurlh Aim-ru-a.
ni North Van war, tn the credit
f the t'ily for lhe purpoae ibove
recited, mul siu-h monies shnll be
used for thai pui|inst' mily.
2. Debentures nf tin- Cit)   I"
the allinillll "f Tell Tlliillsallil  Dnl
lars (IHO.IMIO) in the whole maybe issued by thc snid Mayor nml
i'iii Clerk in tonus nf tin- Muin-
oipnl Clauses Ael. m sums as may
be desired, lml ii"t leu lluni Une
Tliniismid Dollnrs ($1,000) each.
Km-h of the snid debeiilures shnll
bc signed hy the said Maynr and
City Clerk, and the City Clerk
.hnll ntlneh thereunto tho Cnri-nr*
ate Senl of the snid City ol Norlh
l.   The debenture! shall bear
interest nt tin- rate of live per colli
per milium payable halt yearly »*
the seventeenth day of July, mu'
Il,,a wenlrenth dny nf .IniiilHry. .11
■sell mul I'M-iy year during the
iirreiu'v nf the snid debentures
or nny of them. There shall be
ittached to tin- debenture!, eon
aoaa, signed hy the Mayor only,
fnr ciuii .'md mt) pay—1 ol
interest tlmt limy become due. and
such sigiiHturi' mny be o'llier writ
ten. stumped, printed "r litfao
4. Tin- sm,I debenture! as in
principal mul inteml ma) be
mnde pavable il ilu- Bank nf Brit>
ish Ni .rt ii America it North Van
oouver, Toronto 01 Montreil
Cnnniln. or nt Ihl Bank nl' British
North America, Luuduu, England,
lie made payable by the City at a
date nul later than fifty years
nnd the said principal sum shall
from the date upon which this
By-Lnw lakes effect
,'1. There shall be raised and
levied iiiiiiiinlly by a speeinl rntc
ments or real property in thc snid
City the sum nf |J5.50 for the pur-
011 all rnlenlile land or iniprnve-
pose of forming a sinking fund
inl' the payment of the said debentures, nnd the sum of $600 for
ibe payment of ihe intern) at the
rale ,'il'nre>aiil. tn become due oil
sneli debenture! during the currency thereof, ami that in addition to all uilier rales to be levied
and collected in the said City during ihe whole currency nf the said
debenture! or any of them.
6. This By-Law shall come into
effect on the 17th day of January,
A.l). one Thouaand Sim Hundred
and Ten.
7. This By-Law may be cited
for all purposes as "The City of
North Vancouver Road Machinery
I'uivhaso Loan By-Law, 1910."
8. Passed by thc Council iin thc
■27th dny of December. A.D. 1909,
Received the assent nf the elcc-
Inrs of thc City uf North Vancouver nt an election for the pur
pose on the day of
January. A.D. 1910.
Reconsidered hy the Council
and Anally adopted, signed by the
Maynr and City Clerk, and sealed
with the Cilv Seal on the
day of January, A.D. 1910.
TAKE NOTICE that the
above is a true copy of the proposed By-Law, upon which the
vote ol the Electors ol the Municipality oi the City ol Norlli
Vancouver will lie taken within
the City Hall, North Vancouver, B. C, on Thursday, the
13th day ol January, A. D. 1910
between the hours ol u o'clock
a.m. and 7 o'clock p.m.
City Clerk and Returning Olhcer
given that the vote oi the
Electors ol the City of North
Vancouver will be laken on
Thursday, the 13th day ol January, 1910. between the hours
of 4 o'clock a.m. and 7 o'clock
p.m. on "The City ol North
Vancouver Road Making Machinery Purchase Loan By-Law,
1910," and that within the Ciiy
Hall, Norih Vancouver, B. C,
and that Thomas Shepherd has
been appointed Returning Ollu
er to take the vote ol such Electors wilh the usual powers iu
that behall.
Bv order of the Council.
M.iv rn
Cilv Clerk
A   BY-LAW   to  enable lhe
Corporation ol the Cit\   "I
North   Vancouver  to raise
b\ wav of loan the stun   ol
Si 6,006,  Ior the purpose ol
acquiring     an     additional
School Site within the City.
\WIF.REAS   the Board  ot
School Trustees of the City of
Ninth Vancouver has requested
the Council ol the said City to
submit  ior  the   assent ol    the
Electors, a Bylaw to authorise
lhe City Council to borrow upon  thc credit  ol  thc  City at
large the sum ol Sixteen Thousand   ($|6|OQO) Dollars bv Debentures lor thc purpose ol pur-
1 basing the pcoperty known and
described as Lots two (J), time
'(3),  eight  (8) and nine (9), in
Block  Two   Hundred   and   Six
(206),  sulxlivision   of. District
Lot Five Hundred and   Forty-
Five, lor a School Site.
ANI) WHEREAS, the said
Debelitiiies shall bear interest al
the rate ol five per cent, per
annum, and such debentures
shall lie issued under lhe lor-
ni.ililiis contained in the "Municipal Clauses Act" (or a period not  iMiiding bltv yean
from their dale
ANI) WHB1EA8 11 will be
necessan   lo raise annually   by
■pedal rati tbc sum ol s--o, 'in
lor lhc term ol liil> years lor
the rcpavincut ol the said debentures win 11 due, .md Internal
thereon as licieinaliu incntion-
AND WHEREAS ibe value
of the whole ratunblc propert]
ot the said Citv, according to
the   last    revised   assessment
roll amounts to Four Million Five Hundred and Ninety
Six Thousand Two Hundred
and Ninety One (54,596,21) 1)
THEREFORE, the Municipal Council ol the City of
North Vancouver (with the as-.
sent of the Electors of thc said
City duly obtained] enacts as
1. It shall be lawful ior the
Mayor of the City and the Cilv
Clerk lor the purpose aloresaid
to borrow or raise by way ol
Loan Irom any person or persons, body or bodies corporate,
[Who may be willing to advance
1 the same upon the credit of the
debentures hereiuaf ler mentioned ol the Corporation, a
sum ol money not exceeding in
the whole the sum of Jib,000,
and to cause the same to be
placed in the Bank oi British
Nortli America at North Vancouver to the credit ol the City
lor the purpose above recited.
2. Debenture bonds ol the
City to the amount oi $16,000
111 the whole may be issued by
the said .Mayor and City Clerk,
in terms of the Municipal Clauses Act, in sums as may be desired, but not less than One
Thousand ($1,000) Dollars each.
Each of the said Bonds shall be
signed by the Mayor and City-
Clerk and the. City Clerk shall
attach thereunto tne Corporate-
Seal of the said Corporation.
3. The Debenture Bonds
shall bear interest at the rate ol
live per cent, per annum payable half yearly on the
day of JULY
and the day oi Jan
uary 111 each and every year
during the currency of the said
debentures or any of them.
There shall be attached to
the Debenture Bonds, Coupons
signed by the Mayor only, lor
each and every payment ol interest that may become due,
and such signature may tie either written, stamped, printed
or lithographed.
4. Thc said DebenUire
Bonds as to principal and interest may be made payable at the
Bank of British Nortli America
at Nortli Vancouver, Toronto
or Montreal, Canada, or at the
Bank oi British North America,
London, England, at holder's
option, and the said principal
sum shall be made payable by
the City Corporation at a date
not later than fifty years from
the date upon which this Bylaw takes eflect.
5. There shall be raised and
levied annually by a special ration all rateable property in the
said City the sum oi $ 104.90
for the purpose ol forming a
sinking fund lor thc payment ol
lhe said debentures and the sum
of $800.00 lor the payment of
the interest at the rate aforesaid to become due ou such debentures during the currency
thereof, in addition to all other
rates to be levied and collected
in the said Ciiy during the
whole currency of the said debentures or any ol them.
6. This Bylaw shall come
into eflect on the Seventeenth
day of January, A. D., 1910.
;. This Bylaw may be cited
lor all purposes as "The City
ol Nortli Vancouver School
Site Loan Bylaw, 1910."
Passed by the Council on
the 27th day oi December, 1909.
Received   the  assent of   the
Electors  of thc City of North
Vancouver  at an  election held
lor the purpose on the
dav ol January, 1910.
Reconsidered and linally adopted by the Council, signed by
the Mayor and Cilv Clerk and
sealed with the Citv Seal on
thc day of January,
TAKE NOTICK that the
above is a true copy ol the proposed By-Law, upon whuh the
vote oi the Electors oi the Municipality of the City of North
Vancouver will lie taken within
thc City Hall, North Vancouver, B. C, on Thursday, the
1 Uh day ol January, A. D. 1910
Iietween the hours ol 9 o'clock
a in  and 7 o'clock p.m.
City Clerk and Returning Oflicer
given   that
NOTICE is hereby
the vote ol the
Blecton of the City ol N'orih
Vancouver will be taken on
Thursday, the 13th day ol Jan-
u.irv, 1910, between the hour
of 9 o'clock a.m. and 7 o'clock
p.m., on "The City ol North
Vancouver  School   Site   Loan
By-Law, 1910," and that within
the City Hall, Nortli Vancouver
B. C, and that Thomas Shepherd has been appointed Returning Oflicer to take the vote of
such Electors, with the usual
powers in that behall.
By order of the Council.
City Clerk
Vancouver Business Directory
319 Pender street, Vancouver
North Vancouver
413 Granville street.
66 Hastings street west
is the only auctioneer who will
pay spot cash before tht sale is
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Roomi 104-105 Crown Building,
615 Pender Street
Phone 996
S. D. SchulU        C. S. Arnold
Griduate Optician
All work guaranteed
Consultation lice
49 Hastings street west
Opp. Cameraphoue theatre
Kallethe's Bath
Corner Homer and Pender Sti.
The only up-to-date and tellable bath house in Britiih Co-
Wi cure where olheri fail.
Satisfaction guaranteed or ao
pay. Plain baths, electric baths,
shower baths, massage (or body, scalp and lace; electro therapeutic baths a specialty.
Graduate of Berlin, Germany
Business Institute
336 Hastings St. W.
Cinila'i GrotMt Wt-iUrn School
R. J. Sprott, B.A., • • Manager
Buftineftt* College
632 Seymour st., Vancouver
Day school open all the year
round.    Night school commences September 8th.
Chli.iLr.i-il. li '".* "ii*- i.i'iii'-i .Mi-i'.lo
MleflM reninvr ilm MM nl illM-Ma- Mm.
Ity lop.Un nil mm .► - biri.pr.rllr Thr
aanljr  * hliopr.rlor ll   C». , imit.i*   ia   i.rnrf,
I.a.ii., I' 1     11, 1 ' I I lili,,|,r.,-u,'|, it*.nll.l.
.. ..I 1 l,ir<i|.r»,'l;<. Il.v.*U|mti. I„w.
ilfTi**,*.  ra  1 '   I QtrUoMt lil'.fc, Mi K'»l*<»li
.* 1 f.irr   Haa 11. 1 ii. '.   1 «.,i.i,lt.
Hon .111 .11111111.111111 ii. 1
l. tor en es and Provision
Wholesale and Retail
116 Hastings St. (downstairs)
Delivery Tuesdays and Fridays
Musical Director
Vancouver Opera House
Rooms 3 and 4 Elks' Ha.., Cor.
Robion aad Granville Streets.
All Iniuumenti.      Phone 2530
Phone 463
it. W. WAITT k CO., LTD.
538 Granville Street
Pianos - Talking Machiaia -
Muiic Goodi
The oldest music house in B. C.
Family Group Specialists
Cabinet iiie, >3 per down
Cor. Carrall and Cordova sti.
A. SAVARD, Proprietor
We have the largest stock oi
mouldings in B.C.to select irom
so when you want iraming done
cheap and well get our phcei.
540 Granville and 138 CordoYa
Sign and PnceMtrl.cn
10 FaUMnai) Bim.    Fom RJJ72
Keen your eye oa
For particular! apply to
Phone 81 j     440 Hoin-T Street
Canadian Detective Bureau:—
Offices everywhere
ViiiicmiT Office       -'.1 I.ni|,ir..  BI.K-k
M 11.1.1111H- .t. net.        i'i"'in' --Hi
General Superintendent
Anderson 4 Hilton, Proprietors
Dyeing, Cleaning, Pressing
Ladies' dresses, silks,   laces   a
Agents, North Vancouver
Securities Corporation Ltd
440 Seymour Street
R. Kerr Houlgate - - • Maaagif
30 per cent Diicount
OH all lines ol Hair Goods
during our ureal removal sale, in
ordei I" n diice nur large stm k be
fore taking possession d "iir in w
premises, as ill a v a i 1 a I ■ 1 <* spao
will lie requited lor lhe display il
lhe lan-e shipments ol new goods
now en route.
»s!i Orlnvilli Street
All North Vancourer people
eat at
hither Flack Hlock or Haitingi itreet, opposite the new
Poit Office. Leonard sails hit
tea by tbi pound.
English  practical  watchmaker;
Established 18*89
Specialty,   repaitinf
The new ollicers ol Bunaiil '» SpeeW session Monday
Lodge, No. ,s<>,A. t. ik A. M., evening, the ilistnct cemncil rewire installed on Monday, thc solved to submit the agreement
evening of the anniversary ol with the Imperial Car Shlp-
vSi. John the- evangelist. The buildtaf & Dry Dock Corpora
Installing officers were- (rom tion to the ratepayers loi rati-
Vancouver:    R.W, Bro. J. J. peat-ion,   The company controls
Miller.   D.D.G.M.,    V.W,   Uro* fe» acres  of propertv   with  a
Russell, \v. Bro. Wm. Uilier, waterfttmtage of loo wet,     It
ud W, Hm Lambert Hond. propoaes to invest 1300,000 in
Tin officer! installed were  as buildings ami plant and to vest
follows;      W.  I„  Boult,  W.M.; Its assets with trustees to cover
J, 11. pilling, S.W.; J.B.Bsn< company debentures lot $200,-
ncll, J.W.; W. .I. Irwin, Treas; 000.     It asks  the  district    to
A. s. Hillings, Secretary; J*A. exempt thirty ncres from taxa-
McMillan, 8.D.; J. W. Fugler, tioo, (or 10 years, and to guar-
J.D   in lv lVcrs, S.S.; G, C, antic the Interest on its deben*
Cooper, .i.S.;   I-'. Wlu'iler, LP, tuns (or fifty   vears.     Polling
M., l) G  Dick, Chap.,   K.   t, places for lhe district electioni
wiuailoii, Tyler,                  6 won find us follows;    Jack
Following the eeremonUe ol I.outct's ollice, N. Lonsdale-, ,1.
installalioii,    I   banquet     was I,an son's residence,   llollvburn,
held 111 the BagW liall, l'-sphi and Institute hall, Lynn Vallev
uade.   During ilic evening, Bro        	
t. Wheeler, ret inn-; W.M., was
111,iilc lllc recipient ol a   P.  II,
Jewel    The presentation  was
:il.ule   111  a hippy  spcith  In   1
1. Hoiilt, W.M., anil was tUting-
ly acknowledged by Bro.Wheeler
The Uethodiit church will be
•peoed on Sundav, .lantiary 4.
Kev. Dr, Sipprcll will preach in
the morning al eleven  and In
the evening at hall-paat-aeven ;,„,,,, ,,,at arc jj-jy, ,,
o'docki    lhe afternoon sen in
will be in charge <>( kev. l-'.. M
Stapiiionl, H.A., ol Fairview.
Some of iln- best talent   ol
The following is the wording
nl the resolution passed at llu-
last meeting of the board ol li-
eeuing commissioners lor the
ilistnct relative to the provisions of tin* licensing act:
Moved by A. H. Diplock, se-
eoiiilttl bv .las. C. Keith, and
resolved thnt this board finds
thai the municipal clauses act
is verv Indefinite regarding
petition, (or or Sgaittt, the granting of liquor Hccnaes and res-
piilb.llv   recomtiietitls that   the
Pianos &0rgans SEE OUR
Tuned and Repaired WINDOW
Satistactioii dualantced
"Pagwafl" 14th st., w Forbu ave.
P. C. will receive prompt atten
Ol nc-::—Burraril   SnimUriiini,  10101
Georgia at., Vancouver.
RaniMKfc I'HuMc iiiiml»»r 114 Nnrtl
Christina! Cir.diea, Ptockiuga, &t.
Chriitmaa Cakei, No. 1   85c a lb.
No t  28c   "
Christinai Pudding I!5c alb
To every lady pu.chaier on Saturday
next a free lample of our almond ice
Pioneer Bakery
S. H. Walker,  ■   Proprietor
.government amend the munici-
WuKiniver will assist with   the -j j.,,,^,, ac(   t0 provi(k, tlut
singing mi opening da) aad at ,„, ,,,,„„.,- „r sl.im.a„nual list
be prepared to enahle thc commissioner! to at once ascertain
the soiial gathering on the lol
lowing evening.
The dedicaUon ol iln church u|„.,iu.r th, rctptir.-d number of
will mark another mile itow in m,,,,,.,,,-*,.. -,,,-, i„,„ obtained or
ul.e iii,mii ill progreaslve wort
in this church, and  ol gent i a
advancement   in   tlu-   city  m
whuh the church building   ia
ln   s|i,ciul   session   ThUTsdai
evening, the citv cuuiiiil lilin
t,i reports irom Engineer Hann
with regard to the work ol ihu
|iast vear and wilh  regard  to
tin innin on the pipe lun road,
The engineer's salary  will   be
■•dc  WOO  per  month.      Dr.
Campbell, medical health officer
lubmitted  his   annual   reporl.
showing forty canes ol Infectious
list,,-.es, with (our deaths dur
lag the jreai    An a,nuts total!
lag >i :-i| 16 were passed
in,i .md that s copy ol this reao-
lul ion be Iorwarded to the   at-
lorney general nnd to the secretin ol the Union of B, C. Mu-
Some Staple Specials
l Ac   White Flannelette, speiial lor     [OC
15c   White Flannelette, for    i2'-,c
MX   Stripe Flannelettes, for,    15c
i.sc   Double Width Cretonnes, for      }oc
52.in.  Unbleached Table Linen, for    15c
Fancy   Art   Bateau,   u-in ,  Special lor Comforters, per yard     15c
IJC   Honeycomb Towels, extra large, 2 lor    25c
15. Circular Pillow Cotton, for      2ns
15c   Victoria Lawn, extra wide, Ior     I2',c
When vou want a New Sewing Machine, don't forget that we have a supply of Singer Machines
always on hand.
Cleared Lots
In Block 334, D.L. 530
These lots are all on graded itreeti. In fine neighborhood.
Close to park and grand boulevard. Water, telephone, electric light.
Price* $600 to $700
16-3 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B. C.
Come to us for the money ami repay it
to suit yourself
ui Lonsdale Avenue
TKMlKltS are latitat Of tin' City
Council I,,i iln- n-nstr-ictinii alt Oormi-
Hn II lh' lire suii.au oiAgili Slreet;
«n,| n F.111r liiii'ini-il C"tt»"e»t tin*
Whi, r Worki InUki-, l.-nn (reek
Pill**, :|.*. llic:ill**n- nnd ,lrn«iii|[«
■BIT '»■ nlilnii el nl lhe I Bel nl llu- nn-
aai l|in»il. .llli llmni lQlld.ll mum he
k>rt|od .'ii i*r a*-tfon I o'clock |-.m. nn
M ndli. Iral .liiniiure, Mil)
Uh mreH at» ij ta»dn r.nt aetm
-.1* ill*  :l|-|*>*|,l' al.
(ilv Clork
Expert Tuning
Kvi-rvtliiug vmi rc-uire in Sheet Music, Munaiil Inntrui-ieiit* «nd tll—|||| cm |
bl "liliiiiii'il al Dm
North Vancouver Piano Co. & School of Music
Which i« mm Ikmiik reopened uii.l.r cnlireljr new niainiirenient
Heintzman At Co., Starrk. Walworth and Martin Orme,
Karn Rerd Organs,   Vn tor Gramaphonrs and Record*
mMniiiMi-niiiini imwtti miitu m
Xmas fruits
Good Fruits will five your cake that peculiar
pood flavor and when cut will show that you used
the best.
We hav. the goods you need ud our prices
are right.
j. \. in pi. McMillan
Addre*s--443 Lonsdale Avenue
Phone 144 ***%***+** ■>»»■»»»♦>»■»» *9*9W'9*W*9*9*9*
•H-m I H HI H-H III 11 H -H-H-ll-H I HI 1111III ll U III 11 IH+H-fHIl lllll HW-H-I llllll II HI i H i-l I Hill 111 IHI H 111 M 11 UH 1111 HI HI llllll HH
There is not the slightest doubt that North Vancouver Realty is coming to its own.    The vast possibilities of this magnificent-
ly situated city are being recognised by the leading business men of the continent.    Now is the time to buy before the spring rush.
Here are a few good buys
Lot J, Hlock M, District Lot 271   IjJO
Lot 5, Block s District Lot it>5    1/fm
This lot is cleared ind graded.    Good terais ol the
1% acres in Lynn Valley, $1500.   Jjoo cash, Inline
in H and 12 monthi.    This is a great snip.
We have a lew lota in Lynn Valley within 100 feet
ol the cariine, 50 by 140.75.    52511 eich.   $50 cish,
halmce f to per month.
Also some 50 by 175 at the sime price and terms.
toot**— lell in Cain on View .*Uldition. S175 eaih
Jh cash, balance Se> per month, no interest.
ChflUffifU avenue and :i.st streei. l-'iiu- high lots
$2y* each. Terms S.so cash, balance in d and
12 months.
Don't forget these arc right in the dty and only one
block (rom the Lonsdale avenue cariine
Can you beat Uhese'
Mi.iiniliilc who carries wmr insurance.'
Sole Agents lor Commercial Union Assurance
Co., Ltd.      Assets 0K,ooO|Ogo,
Henry Eves £> Co.
(Henry T. C. Eves and Percy King)
67   and  69   LONSDALE  AVENUE
a.l IIIUI  .rj, ,
-I III-Ml l-l-l I-14 ■H44444-HW4|H4H444H -H


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