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il e i,|'i Iai I.i monthly meeting
of ihe munii ipal council ivas held
on Monti  lit,   Acting Rei ve
May r        : .'iul there were pre*
seiti i a ■ ■ ■     i Jrv in, Iiiui
,l'r   I  '
Mi Si ei I appeared on behalf of
j. V Mahon, 1- P. Gilam and
Lambert Bond, with plans to sub
disnl, ,1 strict Im -!".|- This liact
(il'liui.l is situated on the water
front, between Lynn and Seymour
creeks, It is the intention of the
owners to apply tu the Ottawa
government lor the watcrfronl
privilcgi s of same, and asked that
the municipality apply lur the
siiei 11 [ lie i ime time ap
proving their application, On
motion it was decided that ns soon
as ii could I"1 shown lhat the
waterfront would 1"' used lor in
dustrial purposes the plans would
hi approvi d.
P.. in tm (i. Wood, et al,
petitioned to have Fourth street
opened up, below Forbes and
M.iln it avenues,   Laid over.
K Archibald n |uei ting thai
in ii. ic li| 111 lie place' on
i'.iii'iui fourth street, cornel ol
lion i.i: ■    Ri ti rred tocommittce,
Aski ■.* > Kennedy asked for an
ex-ten iion il time on the t uiiracl
il ih ■ I li nl . irei i bridgo, Nineteenth sll ■ a. an 1 .ia ' two plank
sidewalk. Thirty days was allowed,
A. li. Diplock, managing direc'
ton ul1 the Western Corporation,
,vi 'i . sl 'it" | lhat tin- sawmill
w.is iiiimit compli ted, aud asked
ti .a .ul in . eli.. bo i ii'.iit-.! away
In iu. uS " nl ■ nth aud Fifteenth
streets a. Sutherland avenue, in
nidi it ive lietti! Iin pi it iti a,
K I iii-1 in board ol works.
Mi -. Alii c Sn . . -i wrote calling
altt ntion '.'i tin' dangerous con*
(I 'hi.i nl 1. af .1 ile avenue, be-
„',' ''.::■' in.! ii nth street
Ul'.liili'I to '  .iiiiiii'.ue.
V.   i     '.;   ', '   ...;•     I   till
il letii ial '. rote i king
i iiiiiti 'I ii' i    a■ - p irti .;. nf yic
lllla.I     |).Ilk.      W' Rt     il      Lou     .. ■
.in nue [i it mi" shape (or recreation purposes -Aft. t discussion
ll li rk w ti instructed 11 reply
.('i' .: ,'a i.l'iit the agreement o:i
i.vii'h tm ground: wen taken
, in i tire.viiiiii ti 'Ma taking nny
.action in thc matter.
W. Sliider wrote regarding slash-
ling brush on both sides ol branch
■road, near die end of Keith road,
which w,i- approved by the
,aiigini er.   Filed.
lhe l.'niiiti ol Canadian Muni i
p.dities wrote ihai lhc annual convention Wa'iild lie held in the twin
,towns .'( iurt William anil Porl
Arthur, Om., in July or August.
K. II. Sperling, general manage)
ll. C Iiii ■ un Railway Company,
wrote aa (ollows: " I have the
pleasure to notify the Corporation
.ul the District of North Vancouvei thai thi 'He'i railway system
constructed, as agreed between
the cqrp tion and " t ompany,
in. ai i "t'i.
tram ■ a', b; law, itjoj is li tl ;
bein ited in tin   District ol
Nmi Laid 1 .'or.
R.H. S| .1
of the 1!.   C,   Ulectric   l\' a
( ompany, regarding moving tin-
polo Hal  till     'I'll   ■'- lal.   "I    tile     Iilil
jtn a t 111 Ige, that the sann   has
bt en 1 I ai tin expi nsi   il I 1
compan)     I
I a   Milnl,   cnera
deiii ' 1 the li 1   lilei irii Railwaj
( ompanj, enclos
in 1 ),ne. iion with ilia tvork of 1
paii :   •     ■.. ■ ' eitl
iini.   1   by   diverting   the
Bin ..'at i:"ti   the natural 11 1
tn alongside tin ii trai ka.   ' ih rk
was   instructed   to   inform   Mi
Milm thai tin   matter would lie
.    al 111
engineei ■ reporl on snini
1 . ii er |. W. Balmain sub
milled a li ,;aiir reporl on the
mattci nl bl isl ng itunips, etc.
'lii'i. rred i" lni.ii'l ol works,
o.  I'   I. a I,  ui uti   req
that -i road bo opi ncd up in lol
I ua', ].     '   livision di('.   Laid
ei ei
C. (' I 1 ihi t. ovei imt ui a [ont,
wnii ■ itating thai Vam ouver held
one record on 1 apilano river 111
I,,"' im lies iii j" rpetuity, and
tli.it the point ol the intake is
gjvon  '    " -'I -I p 'im above lhe
water works dam, about six and a
half miles Innn the mouth of llie
river."   Filed.
Jus. Mmray wrote calling attention to tlie state of the drains,
and that garbage, old tin cans,
etc., should I"' regal trly coi ■ I ■:
and ilesiiie.nl
Coum liim' Jordan thoughi ll a
lhe munii ipality could usi il It., ■
and collect such garbnge, charging
same up to the owners ol propi rtj
in husini ss section,
After a good deal of (list ussion
the matter was referred lo health
committi e,
Geo King, regarding n bates 011
prompt payment ol taxes, cic.
Cli rk to reply,
Ex-cohncillor Mai wanted a
light located at corner of Sixth
-tn ei and Ottawa gardons, Referred to committee.
Tenders fur the fireball were
laid ovi r till the 28th.
1 1 ms of sub dividing of lots 3
and 4, block 17, D. L. 549, owner
O. A. Kent. This tract lies be
tween Sevcnti enth and Nineteenth
strei t • in Wulfsohn avenue. Approved,
Applications for the position of
In dth flicer were read from Dr,
\V. C. I tumble. Long Beach, Cat.;
Dr. K, I . Lawson, Vancouvi r;
Ur, j. C. Ewart Campbell, Nbrth
Vancouver, Referred to health
committee to report next meeting.
W. Nicholson Lailey tpplii d
Ini |ne ition a't road lax 1 olb ctor,
which was accepti I.
iii" i- port i: the board ol works
and water committee want: rec :ived
and approved.
The 1 !ail; was instructed to request Engineer 11. C. Curry to
mnke preliminary reporl regarding
site [or the Seymour creek bridge,
li was ti solved tu apply to the
li. C. Electric Railway Company
to issue transfers to passengers.
It wai decidi il to put in a temporary sidewalk, iiti St, George's
avi mi', Irom Second to First
Council then adjourned,
Incorporation Comsiittee.
ihi committee on city incorporation met, last evening in the
municipal bad. Those present
were: Acting Reeve May (presiding), Phillippo, Councillor Dr.
Jordan, Councillor Emery, Coun-
11,'of; Irwin, Engineer Balmain,
D, G. Dick, ,(.:co. Bartley, C. E.
Hope, Treasurer J. Ji Woods and
Municipal Clerk Phillip.
The committee took the act of
,11 ■ 1 ii ration for the incorporation
ol the City of North Vancouver,
and discussed it at very great
The following resolution was
carried unanimously-:
In vii'ii iif lli ■ fae! that (lie present
Municipality of tlm District ei North
\ nne .nver litis tlie ri,:lit lo tux railway
|irn|n-rty, and thai the area,ofland
within tlio propoacd limits ol tha-City
ol Nortli Vancouver:, which uill
nriiiiili'lv I., tit-eil liy rail way companies,
;. l:i, |y to be extensive, and that to
provenl the now city from having the
rieiii to asset and tax mich lands will
. rv "lien- Inroad Inlo the city
revenues, 11 la tho opinion ol ilns in*
.,.i|   ' il       Illitl ■- . whloh  wit- ap*
1'  .1  public meeting "f the
whole "I the unuKinl Munlcipallt) ol
tin District of V'til- V.iiiiiiitvat 'Imt ll
a,,.!  Lllllllll
■    ranted to the new lit*
,'. Iln*™ for tho Incorporation
,i thu 1 ei ol  North  Vancouver ho
: 1,ni,1 -ini, right cau 11   ih-
On motion, Vii c j 1  ii'- nl I Iiii
1 .    '     I Vie   . -.
M   . u,  Hope ami B uie i
'in   rpi '.-in i'
.     I    aa idjOUl
Hirl Campbell has taken up his
summer resilience at Moodyville.
W. Hall, Ti niii street, has goni
into th ■ building contracting busi-
Wiil ur Pubcomb, San Fran*
fisi 11, was in lown yesterday,   He
-I'.-:- tan the smith 011 Sunday.
Mr, and Mrs. Godfyoy have re
turned and are uin sta ai at Hotel
North Vancouver.
J. iWatria liar, nearly completed
lii:: .'lew bouse on the situ of the
uin that was biirtiiil over a year
(j. Hughes has started building
a double bouse on Third street,
between Lonsdale, and St. George's
Contractor McLennan has completed his contract on First street.
lb: says thai the hard pan he encountered on this street beats any-
thing this side of Glengarry,
J. H. Mathews, Victoria, was
here yesterday. He returned to
'.lie capital this afternoon.
The:Richmond dairy, lias opened
tin Lonsdale avenue, between the
Esplanade ami First street.
Reabestate men from Vancouver
State that they have difliculty in
getting .North Vancouver property
to list.
On Monday a lady will give a
practical demonstration of cocoa
Scbuchard at McMillan's grocery
store, Every lady is invited to
partake of a cup of this fatuous
The steamer Forager arrived
yesterday with a cargo ol hav and
lei il, and lelt this morning at 4
" Y1011 need exercise," said the
doctor. "Why, I'm a carpenter,
ami I've biiii-busy everyday ims
winter." " Working by the day?"
"Yes, doctor." "Well, work by
the job for a while."
W. 0. Bell has sold bis residence, corner Lonsdale avenue
and Twelfth street.'
Mr. \V. II. Ker/manager'BHok.
man-Ker Milling Co., was Here
yesterday, looking after bis local
There are at present twenty-six
contracts lining carried out for the
municipality, which are for bridges,
sidewalks and roads. The council also authorized the preparation
of specifications for eighteen more
pieces of road and sidewalks.
Indian agents liave issued permits to the Indians on reserves allowing tliem to cut and cany away
all the timber tbey want to. Formerly Indians were limited to a
certain amount. On account of
forest fires causing such havoc to
the timber the government leel
that it would be better for the
ab trignei s to have the benefit of
the liml'''-
Ci in tid Cha , 1 ati a' pile driver
h.. goni to I alse creek. The
Ral Portage Liimbi r Company are
.. hugi punch on wall built
around thi bun. r, similai ti ihi
nne iii operation at the tiastitvg«
mill.    When lhe wall ol piles are
driven the A'hole structun will be
filled in bj sawdust, etc., Irom the
null, thus making the foundation
a- iln |. I-,11 Bale Irom the lori do
G, Monlcith, Victoria, is regis
teretl at 1 Intel North Vancouver.
Mr. and Mrs. F, 1'. Warren, Victoria, arc git-sts at Hotel Nortli
A scow load id luml 11  tor the
Hotel North Vancouver am.. \ at
rived on Tuesday,   This work will
be pushed as rapidly as possible.
Ezra Newcomb, of California,
was ben on Tuesday. Mr New-
comb, in all probability, will stop
Inn till next fall.
The many friends ami acquaintances of Reeve A. E. Kealy wiH
lie pleased to learn that lie has so
far recovered from bis recent illness as to allow his making a trip
to Spokane, Wash., to recuperate
liis health, lor which point he left
last Monday.
The Seattle exposition in 15-09
will name its midway "The Pay
Streak." Rather a pointed invitation to dig up.
The Express man asked a
townsman, yesterday fur news.
" 1 don't know a thing, he said,
"and what's the use ol telling
yarns when you don't know anything "
Our fellow townsman, Capt.
Chas. Cates, is a very busy man
these davs. lie has secured the
contract of driving piles for tlu
superstructure of a pr.opoted terpentine manufactory on False creek,
li you brag that, you are contented people sny you might as
well be a cow, ancj if you are dis
contented, people say you are a
grouch, and there you are.
Deri Anson, the expressman,
wishes- to inform the public that
on and, after this date no credit
will he given for drayage. All
outstanding accounts must be paid
Statistics show that the average
freight car is moved fifteen miles a
day in the wiuten And yel we
wonder how folks used lu gel along
with ox wagons.
ilie-worlit is fon-ver roiling at
money, and forever bowing down
tii it. Nothing can keep a man
down who has money honestly
imade, It need not be a great fortune. He will be respected in
'proportion to the amount he is
supposed to have. On the other
hand it is impossible to respect a
School Report.
Following is class report, Principal Pice's room, for January :
First Division |ohn Shafford,
a,i pi 1 cent, ■ Niii 1  Phillipo, ID ■
Mil""'    I'll..  '.   I''"  '   (lia  ■■   Mi   Vlil
87; Ruby Dawson, BO, Sidney
Gray, 81 : R. Snritl. ,' . M
An..a rson, 71 ; M. Ingler. 71 : M
Hall, 44.
Second Division   Annie Heard,
91 , hai Walki 1. 7.': M. I'.imluiry,
70; I. Mills, 51: It, Horigon 1.
S. McDowell, . .
Third Division-. Alva Walker,
01 : Ray Shafford, 91 ; Waller
El ler, 88; Wm. Parry, 86; Lucy
11 ii il lips, 86 ; Carnii n I.ill. 71 :
Esth. Russell, 70; I'.in. McColl,
bo;Jno. 11. Cates, to : i'. Webbi 1.
Fourth Division-Mabel Mills,
Si ; Clara Fogg, 81 ; Stephen
I Anderson, *o : Oswald Ripley 71 ;
Nellie Parry, 70; Robort N ' on,
70 ; (ijadys Peacey, 66 ; Edith
Mills, 56 ; W, I.a 1 onotiere, 50 ;
Malni Ingler, 41 ; George Tonkin,
. .   ; G. Miller, Jo.
Fifth Division. Newton Steacy,
aj| ; I.urns Reda, 80; ' lias, u .1.1,
-i; Hi smc Wheeler, do; Annie
Kirkpatrick, 5., . Estlu 1 Hill, 4.1;
Alma Martin ,.'b; lb iin ri Manin,
North Vancouver W* C. T. U.
In connection witli the newly-
formed branch uf thu Women's
Christian Temperance Unions a
very enthusiastic " parlor meeting"
was held at the residence ol Mrs.
Stonev. Sixtli street, 011 Wednesday. Mrs. Brown, ol the Vancouver branch, presided. Several
members from lhe city assisted at
the gathering.
Among other items ol business,
it was unanimously decided tii hold
a jubilee meeting at an early date.
t\ strong comni I • " is ' trnied to
draw up an tii ■ live prograi
All wlm are inten sted 11: tie 1 au: ■
ol temperance in this locality
should watch (or tin- date oi iln
public meeting, .' nl maki a point
ul being pn sent, win 11 iln 1 mii
mittee promises them an instructive ami prol: ible time
Mrs i' Wn	
rn-.-, (.nr and Scc'y,
\\ 1   i  r.
Church Notice.
sr. ANDREW'S PRUSII1 1'ERIAN 1 lit.in 11
Services will In: held iu the
church on Sunday as usual as follows:
Morning at 11 a. m.. tlie pastor
will preach.
Evening at 7130 p. m., Rev J.
Ka Wright, of Fairview, will con-
dud the service.
Sunday school, 2:30 p. in.
Service at Moodyville at 7:30
p. 111.
Prayi 1 meeting on
8 n'i lock.
All am welcome.
Pastor-: Rev. J li
linisd.il  at
Gillam, M'.A.
Illitl II     lnltMK     III
Whist Tournament.
(.•■ai I'  Parry, Ton  i  a
lured ai Hotel North Vam       1
ll maj seem a lull'       Oll  I    iu
1  ,   in ,1 imi where lhe ,
un- ai ihe starvation point all the
un. . and often on the fatal sidi nl
,,    1   - 1.   tin   ivearots  ol  the
,,, In ii raiment should be lound,,
I ui    ..!.     - i" bt   ti"
One nl the I tinea's'.':- an iln Burmese 'iniil. a vu""
yel .'n. is said tn In1 lie   I1
,,l tie costlic I nf'. in the world.
II 1. ,1 1 i.m 111,,11111' and worn
only tm rare a,., , ion It is
siuddi al with 1' wel n p it .1 to bc
worth in tlm i' gn ot less
ll        m   million   Ioui   hundred
it ■   a N
I '., whist min 11 mn til el tin
liim tic club, wl '. is playi d "it
Tuesdcy and Thursday evenings,
is     mn'.     a ,1      , idl 1.1M-
inii 1,.,1 in aiis" iln- wine ra will
receive a hand 01m trophy, i he
results will api 1 ai  ivi el.lv, until
l'u         is liiir.liinl.
, i, Anson.   ..   .
1 > v. K.-.'i-v.
2»tt. Wheeler
" i 1,'ex Dawson
,,      C     Mi'i* "U.l''-
■' 1 m  s. McDowell.
, 1 II. Campbell'.,, ,
J, Bournes.
. 1.1. Kennedy
'  !  . llr t-.ll.      .
,./T   I.'. Clark	
' 1 IV. Green, .
i'l     I'lilne
- 1   Uonslian
a 1 W, A. Dawson
'' 1.1.1 . Williams
., I .'a.  A.kelV
1 P Schuoli,
in ' .1. WaMinan	
1 11:. black	
. 1
RltniTH ami IH1RTEBNTH siiii.i.is.
Second Sunday in Lent (F(ast
ol St. r/attllias) - 1 Im v mi
MUNiiiN (plain : of the Sunday),
8:00 : M'.iv COMMUNION ti'horal: of
tlie Saint's day), 10:00; morning
prayer, 11 :oo ; Sunday school,
2:30 ; evening prayer, 7:30.
Tuesday, H p. 111. -Sliort service,
with Hildu-ss, by the Rev. C. C.
Owen, nf Christ Church, Vancouver, on " Personal  Holiness.''
Wednesday Evensong, at 4:15
p. m.
Friday Service of devotion and
intercession, 1 31, evensong and
1 hull  |'l an til e, 7:30
; plain), !*:'>«.
Oll Sundav. llie .'.4th. Rev. A. J
Sovereign, ol Clnist Church, and
the Rev. \\ tlliam Jovier are to lie
ordained in tin cathedral ill the
Holy Trinity. New Westminster,
tu the holy ollice oi the priesthood
Lasl Sund i] tl i bi iltop pi In i
:u St. I0I111 ' idmi 11 ti ii i il"
hol) gill ol - .. fu .  ;".'
(in Tui -in .'..-.. 1.1 ' 1 •
\ri hdi ri .:. '■: ' olumbia gave the
.  "tl " Sn
1    initial    1 tin- ( iiii-.ti.ui I.1I1
His  stihji 1 1   was   " I*' |" .
ami he emphasized the diffun m >
I  a   I,',  I'll  il  .rill     II-   ISI'-II   ' All
ulna di -.ue in und. ratand  more
lull, iln iei Intu.' "i the 1 him It
   importanl prai lit al mat'
1.1, an ■  ' - •     invited to ilu •
1,   . .ni: nil li 1   t.i   iln-
1 nurse it  is i tllows
.1 I . l.n: ni 26 "Pel
sund Holine ii bj tin Ri ' I
Man i Vi' 1 l'i'." I *   iln
R|       I     W, Wa  Siitn'i    1
the ltev. II. G. Ficniti
Clinton, oi si   i
March i Faith,' y the Rev
\   Shildrich,   "I   Ihi   cathedral,
V w Wi ti ii  tei
Marcl t 1 "I hn i '' trcl and
lhe Bible Oui I iu li
March 26 ITn 1 1 ol tin
M ,,- 1 1,1." - bj ih" Rev. II
!  1    uliill.
Tin name ol Ibe pn 11 In 1 (01
Mai ' ii  ai
It can now be truly said thai our
1 ity lias reai In d its growing time.
i'rom the many enquiries being
made iii recent months (or sites
im industrial i. rl s, it is evident
tlmi many business im 11 regard
tins as a 11 nun:: business centre
and a point where industries can
do well. We tan and do boast ol
out watir front and our .tinning
wati 1 privileges, and tlie value of
these, when railway connection ia
made, is very great, But we cannot be blind to the existence of
two serious dangers--there may
be more but not ot the. same
magnitude :
1. Our best industrial sites are-
now held at prices so high that
already several good industries
liave been compelled to Seek
locations elsewhere. A ma.i who
has 1*511,(iim o| capital cannot af
ford to put it all into real estate.
Ir will paw hiru well to submit to
main disadvantages on a site
which cost J10,000,. and leaves
him $.|ci,ooo for buildings, plant
and working expenses. Every
land owner who turns down a
reasonable oiler for an industrial
site, and thereby drives away a
goon industry, is an enemy to our
community and he cannot be told-
that too soon. Certainly tlie-cmin-
cil should see that no grant if
*ater frontage land is issued to
any such speculators, or to any
one who is not giving every encouragement to industrial enterprises.   But—
.;• Tin-, fact that Moodyville
on the ouo hand and tlie Indian
village on the ollu-r, causos broaks
in tbe continuity ol our town, is
lending tu narrow the ideas of
lomc men as to where our possibilities lie. The possibilities of.
the townsite as a residence aud
shopping centre arc unquestionable, but the railway will paacti-
cally cut off tlie only good industrial ground we have by
passing along the waterlront, and
at best lhat era is very limited.
If this place is to become a great
city it will be because the Hats
and our river sides arc studded
with industrial works of large
capacity and employing nuny
hands. These employee* will requite resiliences, and to Iind them
will spread themselves all over,
and their trade will sustain the
commercial centre.
To iillsut the dangers will call
lur a gnat measure of. optimism
iu improvement measures,.but also
.1 firm restraint on those whose
only ambition is to make money
111 enisi Ivi , and who an utterly
i' ..ii'lless nl tin nt, is ol their
greed in retarding oui ci mmunity.
I hi   rcpn .tiiiativi", ol the in-
1.mnn committi".' ompri ; |
1     I     Hope,  V..  NValion,
' 111.    Bartley,    Goo    I billippo,
illoi   |ordan and Munii ipal
(.'tl   1 liillip, n.i 1  I len .11   Mi •
It    .  Hon   I*   G   I allow   anal
lion. Mi   c.iitiain tins altcrnoon,
The (■ nl. 1. in '■ was with regani
t.i ini rn,. ration affairs,
■ • I   ,
As wc go to press a report!
n at lici us thai iln bloi I; ol ind
known u thi 1 n si i nt, situated
east   ol   Loi   It       irdens,   has
been snld  b) A   Sl   I il orgl   I l.n ■»
•   .  ii 11 iv. in be
■ ; site  We
v . 1 '   .      1:' 1111,llinl*
For Coldsand J^ linds il An
Eicellcol    km   Kcmcdi
ilditiE.  Kilem.  On.
-■  I'.-     ,'    a ,.,
I.    '  ||   ..'    I'  lllllll    l'|
!      .    Medicine ' '"
i * al uin 1.1    Ohio
Dear Sirs—I  have had occasion   to
use yuie   Rerun.I medicine In my lam-
||y lor     Ids, and it proved to be an
     remedy.   I h»ve not   had
..., mloi   'o UB( il Im  "ther ailments
"* Youi . very truly.   W   M. Lord.
li   mi     .■   ii"tin't  llml
III.    i:..i.ill.a;
,i-ii.ii  '.'
In     :ui.    IIIII    ll'.a'l     II
Pi ■ .an.,        other uiliiii ota
n„. ri '   ii I"' mi' i- Hint m'■-' "'I""
liiiuent* "I'm *na ■ 	
t .nil! l'i innil I'" ill) '" relic* '''-
iii- i.,mil'  in; nnil ul hei  ."I
i,. . ial illier I null     '   -i'
I'm-,,I        lu,    !. .  I      Kei'll  I'lliuiai  in
ih-   Ii     -
" . phini    i-itiiti   II    Mom. -•
*'..i, i.. mi   Ore., nn mln t   I'utruiii    t  llul
fi n.n - aui- proven ii ■' ii "i aui li un
: .   '.   llml tie ui- cl.nl to give
.Ine  i ■ ilie    We tine hud ii ui tin'
...,   i     more lliun eight veer"
i-   ,.    i.i hi it'll in -i li >' -I""''"'' I'--
tu ..iii.iii   ami tmckai tu -. in-
, , . .it.j„.n'i     miai   ii.I.ui.    !"-!
nerve I          It I. a roc 'le lui -"l-1- ;""'
Mr,  llu .ni   I   .-nli-   ". un   Mi
.   I   - ,   I       laa ■, ■■       I     r.    nil -.
I baa'.- laken - rcral i.a.nl".* •,! I'erune
.-        I     l'i-.,|l-        I       I.illllli: a
llllll.I I' III llll .ill" . I'  I'llll'l"l
.1-      , ..    t '■     lllll     .lllll      '     '   ,|||        *U|
einillil   dl'llillt)   H   I- W'lJi'lli   ■ ,   ■ III
Ask  Your  Druggist  loi   Free  P'" ma
Mmanai t"i 1907
XllllTII VAM "IVi l(
A I'uii!
till   I Xl'lll -  I'lll NiT Nil
■ Kull .!   B.UITLI l
Indian Till ol Epidemic end Supec-
llilloui Cun.
^ remarkable story of native super-
Btitiun i* iniil by llie Friend of Burma.
\-a    .1  il in, whore there Ib   a
large Ink", tlie village*!* have been
I'tfiiily aUiinc'l at an outbreak ol
:.-.. ■ One morning in August, u
-a.ma' a.! them were going l" lli«HT
ina-1 they saw the trail ol an unusually large snake Tbey followoil the
■mil iind eventually found themselves
triii ' "I a certain liou-'c. on lhe roof
.a'  .       ilie   eptilo lay wiled.
T  attacked the snake and broke
li . in ,, It mi- nu unusually large
«, i,- ts bod* being ai least a foot
:n cite ainli'ii'ii '**•
I he     l  -   sl I  something wonderful happened    I'lie calm waters   (I
■a.. ig  > hegai   « tit ul nt" appaient
te t- tbble up and turn green,
i. ..    ed and yi i'h" whole vll*
age *  - b Iliu       irrenca In fear
,i .1 ti moling
At length one nl the onlool ers bo
-'inn" "i li; n ip i'i1  and   hilil
■ ■,. ,   ige .'. it    -   ■ id beaten ami
a-...i.    (he sti a -   which *m Bent to
deslroi   he   t t ■ ■  the level
l' i. ■;  i" up " i ' promptly con
i      a "  ■  *as "i Biiperiiii
■,    i       gin   nnd thai by killing   it
tl ey had alienated Ihe < I will oltiie
ipifita. Tenderl) nnd lovingly tbey
took up lli" repl le and placed it   In
the jungle    livery I ie nertormed a
proprietary ceremony, and tbe euake
moved tnvay,
Then Hie agiatcal water! became
calm at.'] assumed tbeit usual color,
sick be.-atii» wei,, ami the outbreak
waa stayed Fever, il t- finally added,
has let visited the .ullage again.
Johnson's Liberties With Alphabet.
i.   .   ,vhn are rendicsl to condemn
iini innovations" an- " \morl*
eauisms" viniiaii- BiiggeBtions fm  an
alte • I ii iti  .-'.ipii* are npl lo lorgel
how arbit'B    tin greatest il English
diclionarv makers   occea ally   was
in hif ,.|„, .,. between variant spell*
[I wa* In   Johnson who adiM
ti - "k" taa " tick" miai "rbetorick"
and "physiok," which bolore hia day
were ui""' commonly spelled a- we
ipell them n ■ ' Labor" and "honor"
and "lavor" irritate man; readers,
w|., iij -- ihem \tii"i-"ini-'ti- Hut it
,. i. |i Johnson who introduced tbe
ni.:,.. ,a ary, tbougli, perhaps, rnth.'r
, a ..    i," and nh" wrol
'a     all,"     II   'I   "i'II'.IIII
ii "   iii" lu-i spelling
i   v   i    npi ai   iiii III 111
i Book ii lhe I lentietl
PAY $200,000 WITH $ JO, 000,
-   I 'in-
i.e nolii
' i
1 atul
Kiiglisl h i
• 'llllll a     al
'"I   thn
SAN  tne fc^ES BE BkUEVEDt
Experi-t eel    /Ih cu    Suc-i
Little We gee Anyway
Prof  r'i|aar" le   .; ■ it
iltj rei "ic - ill "i *    ii ■ "•  il -■ i
■■'.--.      a | .   - |B     IIDI el||
log the   otai        la    tutted ai   ia
Art " *   .  .nm. In 'ia- letllbu -
in I   ■   iq .< ■..     "li there a win-
iati 'u lug mi "-  " i boi!" is
ihe celling 'n the arge   anaph I
J> llu 01  'li- "'« "     '  it"l 10 oo
Forty-live ol thi Ml • fo a    bi identa
-'.• ared ihere ««•  io * udoa at i
eight -• on ml •■   . ihal   here   » •
•  I *"»    t. a'   .,   '  '  .   I
wor.*- . ' . itloi         ni i ■
er* tbi   ■ . *. '     and Hj owned
hat he ■     i-a •-.h.-*li.-r
■ ■  egi Ji
the ahapi >°.uiu
■   .  . i     -...  .
It; way i.f a oxperl
-    •
when irined certain
a     .   :
■    • ■
' '
bi tholr
ill I   . a i l.i.i
' .   ,
Dr.ith Has Removed a Distinguished
Physician and a Man oi Rare
In tli.- death "I hi   I
ll       'la"      l'"p"       .1      |a.   .        ||  |(*j        |||| -
h" II    I'-ll.     -I ' "lie   llllii
llll   lllllll    111    -leli   .1       a    diSti|lg'|i*.||Cl|
a a'     I.a.a    |   a I',.
It mi        ■ Ided •! nt Dr, Lappmii
nu .i inn' courage    He     I
■ that bugheai   known   as
■ . ietl    \\ 'found
■ .-       edicl .1
■ :r.   ki '." th" world
II ulleli  be   ia.   '
Di   \\ ilie .    Medic  i a.   •'   iim
• li brated I'inl. I'ill-
:' ■  CUl
II    ■     '   uud   certain
ll a 111   llu      .lll.""-'-
Ittlln -.iliu -ulti-i   '    m   ||
lli'lllill.  I" ,      111  .li  ..i'l- '     .,;, I  killlllVll
worth "litle republish
.h   i ipponi   li:-..   i
l        ly that I I ■'     '- -1   Di
i'ink I'ill
Hull-      I       llllll   lelt.-ull   I
lisle I    i
ll III
]l-   1,1..
l| tn I      I"     !
"   .
Yet Zam-Buk Has Completely Cured
So powerful ure the healing csaeti-
'ea in Zam-Buk thnt in ,-i.iue cases
.iliich have been pronoun I beyond
.•hei they lime worked complete
■ure '   Such iiii instance is jusi   re-!
niiiie'l iiniii im- ,ii. Snsk    Mrs .1
M   Mi'l'orniick ol thai place,    ut;
*■" il ■ van years ngo my fnei
broke nul in rough, red blnti'lic.*
uin. li burned and itched and innrl
ed in linn iiiilua-t beyond endurance
I a-..inin. iii'i-.I   i.i try every   known I
re it' I  ild pel (or (aec und skin
trouble     Some nl them gave it little
relief, -uini' iiuiie. lun n tin Inui
ti tn li   I   used  ihem.    ii-   -nun a.-    I
aeiil   "iii   tl ihIiIi-   Blurted   ai'l
■ Hei again I consulted doctors, nml
the; lold ui" il,.'i ■ ,ii nh "lutely iu
■un' Im mo, l.ut llml I -lii'ttl.I have
' ' u mil I outgrew  the ■ 11-.-.i.-.
"l-'illllll)   lia*    iill-linllal   -a-nl     [ill     II
siippl) i.i /.iiui-lliiL Wi- applied ;i
imple I" ,i -uiiill patch nl lhe
Tu "in deliglil lie I". Iiu
..ith /.iiin-ltul, M-ii quickly
Wi- then obtained ,i propel
pply. nnd began the Hum-link
treiitini'iil I mu now delighted In
tnte llml ulti i lun ni'.' used a n-ii
boxes, I inn Iree (nun the old trouble
uid completely cured. I will nevei
be without /..im-iiiil; ill the house ns
lOIIII   il-   I   I "'.  ninl  i.a  :ill   u| ,-
ttiaiilil tl  with   kill  diseases  in nil}
I would .-ui. waste   uu   time
in obtaining u supply   ni Ziiin-lluk, I
Unusual  Financial   Scheme   Adopted
By Agent ol Canadian Government
In Paying Debt to Indians.
Several years ago the Canadian
Government took Irom tbe tribal
of Indians nbutit Athabasca lake
and river a large tract of laud
and in payment lor the snme it givei
each year Ji, to caaii Indian nml i'ii
to the chiefs and llieir families, ihii
money is paid in $1 bills.
The reason lot llii.- is that the Indians dwelling ui the district do not
know tin- value ol money, nritei the
S-'aitle, Wash , correspondent ol i'he
Chicago Tribune A paper dollar looki
ta* liiiu aboui lhe -aint- us a blank
piei-e of paper to a baby. Should the
payment be mode iu silver lhe simple
innialed child ol lhe wilderness would
punch a hole in il and wear il about
liis neck, aui thus a great deal 11
iiuii''y would be lukeu Irom circulation, Should payment be made in one |   j,,;,,.,.,.. ,,( ||le n,,m..
i.a nil walks ul lite, mid tl
SyllllltOlll*    llie   slel ple-MII'--.
ll(i||(|||clll'S,    ha--   aai   01011101'}',
taa i'"ii.liitiiiti' ilie mind, ill
It is Wise to keep the Nervous System in
Full Health and Vigor by using
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
The lendins artist nl u SH'itt New
York iieu'spiipet committed suicide
recently because on hi- return homo
be luiuiil hi.- iipnt'tnients iu disorder,
ibe pointers nml decorators being in
This i- nn Illustration 'at overwrought iii'ive.- lending i sanity,
ninl, whiitevoi may be lhc Insl straw
tn iniliiil:  the mind, Ihere can ho
iim iluulit tlmi lixhiiustiuii "I ihe
nerves i* uin ny- a cause ni mental
-nuill ■
since proving n in mv
have obtained .1  suppl;
hull   uli"   liml  uti  iiii'i-i
irl;   "'in-    ii	
-iilhi'lent to close the ti
/.mii-l'ink enii'- cuts, hurii.-. I
M'iil'l*. mul nil -km injuries, 1
(V   II      l-ll-ai.       I
Iur a u uld
(in bet let!
boxes in'i'
ii 1
:i- -l.ai, diseases    Applied to eczema,
pimp •    |i..i 0111 al Hamuli-,
children's rashes, ulcers,   Imi      nl
-1-,-s-i'-. itch, -ore bock, fi It riiiE ami
c wounds, eti      I
it charm.    Its antiseptic ingredient
kill all Venn.- nnd proven! inllnminn
lillll   lllld   ie-teiltl':      Then   It-   lu'lllili.
power* come into operation nml build
Ip new, healthy tissue   Ml driiggisl
-ell Ziini-lhik  at  .Mia-  per  l'"\.  ''I   ol
taiuiiihl" [rom 'ale' Ziiin-I'iiik I'". Ti
[in pii,,.   gix la.--     lo   ?J
'■  a.
.tri nn ■ 1-'.' wind drove the
[ Kii   ■ n harbor, nnd nnvign-l "'K
to Cape   Vit'i'i.-iit. \ V ,   hns I "
lllll CUl ''  i
Min .ud's
Liniment  Cures Garnet
b II, th" Indian ir liable to lose 11
On -.eii year a representative ol
'lie Canadian li'iveriuiient makus a
ttip through ilu- country and pays the
Indians, 1111 this trip he lakes (30,
000 in tl bills, ami will probably pay
out mon' ihan SUOO.OUt), The 1 atur.il
'I'lesliuii Irom cl vii i/.al 1011 is, how dues
ha dn It?
Vi the Indian knows, nothing about
tha value uf money, Ins method ol li*
nancial trade 1- 011 lhc vnlue of skins,
and when nm- talks dollars lu him
lis face has lhe expression ol n blank
cartridge. I'ortunalcly lor the Government, the Hudson Hn; company bas
secured the entire confidence ol Ibe
Iidians during the century ol dealing
with them and lhe money paid to the
Indians liiuls ill way into tlie Hading
poiis ot tlie company,
Here is how tiie Government paymaster dues his phenomenal stunt ol
paying f'JiMi.iHH) or more with only $30,-
000 in his pocket He goes direct lo a
district inliiihitated by peiha|i« J.OOO
0- .1.00(1 Indians; here lie will pay
from (iii.oihi lo $30,000 in "treaty
money " Kach Indian and bis family
Is given the live $l bills in payment
Ior bis surrender ol the land anal each
chief his V-'.'
After making th:s payment lhe pay*
master takes a real loi n slioti time st
tlu> Ilu1l11-.il Bay port nearest the pay
station Within a lew dny.- the Indians
bave niiiile 11 hue tu the post and then:
purchased whatever looks good to
them, Tbey whack the money down
on ■ ihe trailing post counter, order
something wn 'a' perhaps 60 eculs and
leave   I li" i'"iii| 1 iigenl charges Ilia
red nian with what he has purchased
ami credits him  11 lit lhe balance . f
th" |5, bo thnl .■  Ibe litturo I an
t"nle 1.ut the remainder of the
Within 1 week Inun the date ol pay*
ih" treaty money every dollar ol
amount has been paid Into   ilia
trudinc. P"-t The paymaster fives ilie
post agenl n check lor llie amount and
sinr'.-. loi the m it Indian settlement.
Thus he  goe-  liaatii one    tribe   to
another, paying lhc Indiana, waiting
[> curlier
lircd,   languid   leelinps,
meill nnd (lospondency
ih Chnse's N'uve l-'ood cures diseases et the nerves in llio only natural way, by ncttiiilly'increasing the
:i unt rn' nervo lorcc in the body,
Hv ils regular and persistent use
lhe mosl seven' taunt" ol nervous exhaustion, such 11- purlin] paralysis,
prostrntion, nnd locomotor nta.xiii.rirc
tluirnughlv  I completely cured.
Mi, ,1 lint.'bet. 251 Shcibronkc
street,   ieiiulii'i". "ni .   nnd whose
husband is n mouldci ai the Haniil-
hm foundry, states:
"I hnd un attack ol Inflammatory
rbeumiitism, which led mo in a very
rundown state nf health, nnd in fan
my whole nervous system seemed exhausted und worn mil. I could nol
sleep, and nt times the pains in ntv
hond woro almost unbearable. As 1
H'.-iill of these symptoms I was Ull
able i" nttond to my house work.
nud lell miserable mosl ol lhe iini"
tin iho ndvlco "i a friend I began
using Ih Chnse'a Nerve Kniid, and
can -ny it Ims proved a very great
bi'iielit  In me.    I (tin nble lo Jn ni'
own work now, ntnl (eel Blronget
nnd henltllior than I have (ur years
I can truthfully .-into thai tins i- dl •
ta. the use ol li' tiiii-e's Nerve Food
which    I   considor   a great   honll'i
hllllilel  "
It yuu luiuld led strong and well
ninl iivniil nil tho ills and weakness
-11 common at thii. BeiiBon, enrich
youi hliai.il and revilali/.e your nerves
by the use ol Ur. ('hui-e'* Nerve
food, .Ml cenl-. a  box, li bnsiv    I'm
$3.50, ni nil donlerB or Edmonson,
Hates ,v; Co., Toronto
Before My Lady's Mirror.
The "Reflections" of a looking-glass
should make interesting rending
It's n wise (hopper who knows her
mill llli Ull.
"Imitation on tbo face of it"  the
niliei girl's complexion
a man
aro 'women who will die for ,l"' wron8
but Ihere are more who will  '"'"
Head First.
"I stopped down tho street," said
ilie 1111111 wlm prided himself nn be-
in.- blunt, "to get a polish on   my
-li ."
"Don'l yen think," asked bis sarcastic companion, "that you ocean a*.
nd '•" ■Baltimore   Anvr •
" \ plague on my benu's jealousy!"
cried tho pieiiy ahop*glrl. "Why
wasn't I born plain like the Society
Beauties' 1"
The average woman would rothor
..un to ii "iluiible life" than n "double chin." Walter Pulitzer in the
February Delineator.
•My He.ut wal Ttnutiiii'iK My Lit. out."
Ii tin- nni' (Irs. I:. II. Wilelit. ul Brock-
ulli-. unt. describes her BUtTcrtntts iH'tn
mnntlieriiia. Buttering uml palpitation.
After tri 111" many remedies wlthoul
In-lii-lit. ai\ liettle- ail Hr. Auiii.i- I'uii'
tor lie Iiinn n-Kiriil lur lo Dcrfecl
li.'iilili. ilie Tir-i ile-" gave olmosl in
-nnu relief, ami in n dan miiIuiiii;
1 en.ed nltom'ther. 51.
\ Iclegrom from Corunna states
lhat a heavy sea has driven the lis! -
ing bnnt Strona mi the rocks, but
thut the crew had been saved.
Minister Speaks
to Mothers 4
Tells Bis fflfi's tip.nem e for tk*
Sake of Other Sufferers.
The following Idler his been sent
\i a new conlrontation "I Dr. He* to Dr.'1. A. Slocum, Ltd., for put)-
lor the niiaii'y tn he lul tied inlo (lie
I     Sorlhcri   Navigation compam  n,.u, au,| , linuing on his rounds.
■  ■   ■'   l   ; it   -   \\ii":i th.- Hgenl relurns t" Kdmonton
ivii-e ..ii lhe uppi I
\ Chi,• nu    Fevei   a- i
I'.nuiel""'   Vegetable T'I!- me   t •
iimla-.l I -a- in uny climate and
tliey   will   I-'   l.'llllil   lo   pie ■      ■
I,.,,.,... in nn; latitude.   In level und
ii thi i net iijinii the -i'i. lioi   nnd
ueutraliie tie. puison which hu- luund
i       a '.-   Ill      h! I.     Till       ■
a  ia-!,--   which titi-l   cntraiico
system   through   drinking
: - I .'ii'l il used It     l pn
,.,,.      :.,  ra un   t folded
-    ird : l!l
hid had ' natural li    "(
:  per hour, haa bei
illv useless. Tl." flow wor ng
II   ■
1    '; ■ It       Hi        t"
' ill
I' a tk  to civ il   :i'  in' has about
nil tin- money he liad upon beginning
'he juniiii'v ami has paid nut mure
than 1200,000
II      i
I thai
a        '
'        I
Belter Withoui a Sia,.,a,,.i, lliall
I'llirlllU'la      '
I,-,, ihi   I... 'i-'' "'-' ■
    nf llli- iiiid
ni     'ir  ■
-ii    e-l
I     I
■ I      , '                                   ,-,a|
■ -                                                         Hi-
■ ,. .       ...v
V ('('.,1.111111
\i:n - l l\|\|l \l ii
I .i,    p        t l
To Compete Wilh Ontario.
Two furces are at *ioia\ which ought
ccntly In assist tn lhe movement lo
secure the packing of nothing bul good
fruit in Ontario, One is ibe determination of tlie merchant! and citiiani
generally nl tiie Prairie Province! to
enforce Uie Fruit Marks lot and the
olher i* tie- competition nf tlie British
Columbia Iruil grower, ihe Nor-Weal
Farmer record! u case whete a mer*
ohnnt at Carberry, Manitoba, flused
'l"li: ey ui ii carload ol Ontario apples, wired the Inui Inspector, who,
ivhen he arrived, branded tlie whole
ear iu falsely marked, ihe (mil was
-nil lor a much Inner figure than or*
ally arranged i"1 and this losi as
. ns tie- cost "f enforcing tb" law
.•I, ! a.1 I- l"a l.aiiii" |a\ tlic packet This
it i. mi" "( tin- lessons the Chiel ui tlie
1 l . ''■'.I'M \ McNeill, s
trying t.a teach   li t othei lesson that
"111"   Caa'lllllll'.'lll-    i|   "a |    V I-   '. i    l"   lillit
- emphasized by   Tbo
Vernon Sews, which represents   Iho
1 Hit full Vallei   This
blight, well-printed journal '!"■• nu'.
laiil Ontario grower* a lerniou lur
theii wickedness, but II contains wh it
i.  i u" dangerous, namely,   two   "t
tl t uliiinii- ul mt -ling   i' .i i nc
■ the development "i  small
fruit, | iiiltr) and truck iiiim* In the
Vail"*   These turn  appeal - lo be
noil, and whal with
a ready loi il  I vegel
eggs a' T.i ccnti |i". .In."-ii Um i- nol
surprising   All dI Ihem aie t anting
nul m.-ii.ii.I-. slid ulieii   th"- nne
llll        bl   ''    '  ;     tllO a-  :,'  tll   -"I       Wllich
iiniiin" growers >-'.i -nee      l   ol
\\ Inuipag * ill be kei nei
ill i.'k
ben with Madame Querin in London, lhe woman was effusively affectionate, and soncbt to embrace lhe
ih-1 tor.
\ licnelnctoi l" Ml. Thc soldii .
the Bailor, lhe llshenunn, lhe miner,
the lariiii'i.the mochnnic,and all who
live live- "i toil and -pi'ii'l Ihcii ex*
i-ieii.'" in tin' doll routii t tcdimifl
i:,-k nnd ui.a are exposed Ic In*
jnrioB and BilmcnU lhat those who
teil not .le nol know, will Iind in Dr,
Th it-.'  K.ieelrii'    (Ml  i Xcollonl
Irieni and bcnelnctoi in every nine
111 n< ><l
iiie proposod plans Im the morgan*
i.'iaii.in u( the Hamilton pnln''' force
ara beginnlnp to take definite form
lirw, and it i- expected that as -enn
bs tin' municipal machinery pets
diwn in business ncain thero will be
some radical changes in the present
!} stem.
Minard's  Liniment Cures Distemper.
Th- London and SonlhwoBli mil  I'
way ci'iniiaiiv. owners ei the South*
iinia'aaii  ihii-ks. nr-'   plnnnlllg  a   new
dock enpnbla   ni nccommi dating at
any -tm.' "| Ih" i'l. the loraeat liner.' afloat or planned
So p..|.nhn    i- Dickie's    * '  - nn*
-lllli|ill\''   S',lll|i  il-   tl   t ll' ill''   111  llie
treat! il "i coldi nml coughs oi nib
mollis "i ihe 'I,unit, dii" t" ex| nc
p. drniiglil    oi  sudden   changes   ol
i,.nil„-i,itiii,   thnl druggists ntnl
dealers tu patonl medicines keep -u|
ll,iilil   lu   meet   the   dell
I Dl.t A Slocum I.ltnlt*-t -Oe.rSt*i. Wtlhll
(bl lul tno yen. mi wtle iWhe ll al I ilrllilUa
| BonlUlutloal hu hid laro learr. lllll'll ol la
rrtppe both nt \. ht.'h hi.e bein ipe MU/ i-arrei'led
| [< thi na* "I I'm blue We hue 'urh llllb in th.
•Oi'llDiir nl your maa  '" Ihll H I finillr ai.
I ine noetbet, for imnns up i debtiltsM iritem,
bow*i*r n,u down, iwrtpcm t* he.lthl li-lloa
ibe hif.rt »nd anu.a ind a-1 ipfcltla' Im ill ....
I la, I'..-* yont r.t.'hln. and iliomulatoti ira
«,nap . p-i.i*.    Yonii .lai-etelj. Ke.. J. J tla...
111 Wllk.r iienue. Townlo.
is a scientific preparation, havini*
wonderful tonic propcitics aclinj
directly upon the Stomach, Blood
and weak organs ol the body,
quickly restoring them to strong
and healthy action. It is especially
adapted for people who ate run
down from any cause, especially
Coughs, Colds, Catarrh, I.atirippe,
Pneumonia, Consumption aud all
stomach or organic troubles. It
hai no substitute.
li i- pl'ii-iini ta. inl" "-"l llu
:■■•-   i Ion    i'    ■
and lung disc t t
ltalll.ll  Tall..
\\      I     III   I' III .'MU
1     111
il   Hie
I  The  Wi
1 -.
. i
WILION.mi  CO,   limited
IIC.SI1*  Ml'
A   Nl
fi, Wondi      ' a ii
lii. -i
Ilka tin
■ ■   ■   Oil
' ■
ii- •
'  -     \\    tain
' a;
i      i   ii'l
'        a
11 ''   '
■     ■.      led
nnd I
Brldgi     ll-
K Pi u.11 ij<oui Egg.
1 :." e lllllll   I   In
iiunl a pro      ■ ""■ ..'
: I '
mn .. .   •"       i
rt In i
i        . ■   .
., - equal  In six
' sua' oi
dug li ■ .   '.  . i«-o
i-          tl watt
," ""i i1 '  'm- t,,IA ,, ixi      i
■   ropreaeiilallve • tnlon nca   wai
held nt llallinn lo conaidot the eon*
irtioti* ii "i i"1 nubs ol railway Irom
gllgO la. MaV", the cntiBlruelii'ii "f •'
d,. p v..iim pier   al Black Bod I >
preliminary to running a lo I
t ' Canada,
Itch. MaiiRe, Prairie 8rrat*hei ani
every lorm ol COntaglOUl Itch on human or animals cured in 30 minutes by
Wollord's Sanitary Lotion.
v  -      ,    i smnll villa
Itendini     nine   men working in   n
Upon     enn
imu.an bo ■ " ""'':
• i,|    \- n lo'irjd tin
,' large *.a      i ■'■"'■
thnl ol tl," I I'll-            n ;,■        ■  Inind in
is for sale at all dealers, at 50c an I
$1.00 per bottle, or write direct to
Dr. T. A. Slocum, Limited, Wi
King St. \V, Toronto.
There is no other remedy "Just
as Good" as PSYCH INF.'
Dr. Root's).: hi*-* Pill' ire a ■ i" and
permanent core forlHienmaiiim, Bnght's
tlisease, Pain in the Hack ami all forme
ol Ktaln-y Trouble.   - -■ a •■ = bot, al all
|    Ulli    I'a.l-.a      ll      11   •'
,i.i llu    ollowliii
.      '.iii|.l"«     'lit" ull  '"'
pnl ui        \    ''
■   ..I i        i few w
II ' ;'  '
dermaii, ll   1
|,'i,.„,.|, and l.tndih. nlwaiyi with Uie
ill    I 'nil
ii," Bill    '
I en hint   uro i n
I Uu* i
■   hm
, '■'.;,            BlOU!
I           ||  ■ Si i Vorl    Iiiii"
I nc   * ii,   Indim
■ ■
.i ,     a    il pes    "
||   . I of flfl
•*     . Rid
You cannot possibly havo
a better Cocoa ih.su
A delicious drink and a 'iistalnin^
food. Fragrant, nutritions and
economical. This excellent Cncn.i
maintains llie system In robns:
health, and enables It to rest
"filer's extreme cold*
Sold by liroccrs nnd Storekeeper!
ii :-lb. .it.U-ll) I in*
W.   N.   IJ.  No. s:o ./
A Series ol Articles Describing their Lives, their Alms
and their Influence,
l m »
atra rm m mtmmim
Managing Editor   of lhc   "Gladstone
There i- an attraction about news-
paper life that draws many men,
who, though they hnvo never been actually connected with nny publication, have hnd the inclination Blnce
their early years to wield a pen in
u position where the wielding would
sec the liclii of dny, giving the writer
nn opportunity to advocate the principles of progress and enlightenment
which he ieel- within liim. lt cues
wlthoul saying that any man who
ims nu honest inclination lor the
newspaper life is n innn ol good principles! an haneal ninn fears no publicity, uie! i- willing i" stand up for
thnt which is good, therefore, we Bay,
B iiinn who ims n slaiiiline desire tn
.'liter the newspaper arena never does
so with tlie i'len ni lowering tliu
newspaper ideals, but with the idea
of adding hi- Individuality ie the fi-
fmls nl In- brethren of the fourth
estate, lo lhe end tlmt something mny
lie done for the general good ol mankind,
Many men hnve lived their allotted
-linn «ith ibis doBire always beckoning them, and yet lack lhe opportunity to gratify their ambition, while
others identify thetnsolvea with tin
profession nfter their vent- would in
liiitic approaching middle nne, ami
by their aptitude and onergy, make ii
it success iii'in tlie start. 01 tlii-i
number Is the subject ol mir sketch
Mr. (le" P. Mlnaker, editor nnd
manager ol tho Gladstone Age, wli
lias made a record in tlie business of
which In- may leel supremely sati
lied.   Since Inking the "Ago" ntliiv in
hand jm-i a yenr nun, be has almost
doubled the business, nud has also
conducted tho paper iu such n manner tlmi ii hns innile ii secure placi
tm itself in the regard ol it-- subscribers. 01 its future success thora Is
um a Bhadow of ilnnlil.
Mr. Mlnaker, was burn in Coboiir*-,
Ontario  Doecmbor 26, 1802,    He
«ns educated in the public schools
.if that thriving manufacturing town,
ninl completed bis school education
in the Collegiate Institute nt tho
-nine plaee. Al tho age of eighteen
be started in the mercantile business,
came west to Gladstone in 1898 and
wns in the employ ol the well known
flint  nf    linlleiiny   jjros,    lor  alioul
-even vein.-, leaving this lo occupy
tho editorial chair, II" lias associated wilh Iiiui him in this vent ure Mr.
Vuill. new  principal   ol lhe public
sol I- in S'eepnwa, n man whom wo
hopo tn see ilinun intu active new
paper work nl somo time.
Mr. Minnker was married in 188-1
t ■ Mt-- \ntiii T, l.n/.iei. of Belleville.
uml the happy union hns I n blessed with live children, ih>' oldest now
a young lady of twenty years,
He    |g    -ei'letlliy     Ol   lilt'      P.'.allil    nf
Trade al Gladstone, nnd iill- the position in tbe satisfaction ol bis bus*
inest associates, la n b'raemason md
a Methodist, nnil withal Is n man ol
nub iiiml.'-ti thai ii has ben difficult i" get hmi tn divulge lufjlciant
Information tn produce tin- sketch,
which we only fear duos not do him
full justice
Mr. Minaker'a efforts lor the public wenl are appreciated in hli man*
subscribers, mul wc hop-, ho may en*
"V health and long life to pursue bis
chosen occupi n
. LIMITED     __ _tk' *' t _n
«'! * «•'■* I* ■■■-!( a   »-Uns-ftm
• Ild ttutlttltll li.rl.i  "i t'.  I rr <-.■>»
■ J otli.tr   ■*!■ -     i-i ■ f. thttn
V'lekl; "■■' with«i'f t.i 1ai,*i wltll*
■til ' Tfr Int till tin tei,    RMftlikrlt)
. ■ .'    i      ■  "'       -it       i.
Co*i fit* in"'* milki pti'fritnik*
Utler b*ff- »«HU for free look l«l.
I. I  i.»l   "■-  MH, Qlllfll, Gil,
Nurses' and
Mothers' Treasure
- afest regulator for biby. I'mvento
i md '."!■: ling -gives healthlul rest
—cure* dlarrhot t iTithout tha harmful
effect, of medicinra containing opium
or other Injurious drugs, 41,
C llfpC        lV.-»tali.if-lln,.a.
*ulta   Halleiul Drag ft Chun-
You Must Agree in This:
Tlmt headache docs, not necessarily
mi'iin there is anything wrong with
your bend! Thnt Going so, you must
look to some other organ for tho
trouble, Is tlm nobe in the forehead,
ant! does it cease if you press it':
Thnt. is neuralgia headache, Is ii on
nni' side of the head only :• Thai is
iiiui' tho doctors call "iiii'Piiin."
Ilolli these forms arise from luck of
tone in tho system. Is your hendacho
general iiiiiI uccompatlied by sickness
oi (nul breath or constipation I Thnt
kind ot haadaeho is ilm,' to llvot and
-I'liiinch disorder, Nine headaches In
ton wise Irom these causes, Thero
me twu iiieiliniis ni ireatmout, Ono
i- in ttike headache powders, This is
like trying (" cscapo pain by taking
chloroform, i'lie other i- to correct
ilie organs which by their derange-
neiii nre causing ibe trouble Thnl
.- in' llilcnu way ' liileuns cure
lie.iil.iiiie liy their beneticinl operation
i iln- digestive system, the liver nud
the blooil. Correct these properly
mnl vmi will hnve no nunc headache,
Mrs. (I. II. Black, of ,'la lllevins
linee. Toronto, snys: "1 suffeied
acutely from headache. The attacks
wore mosl violent, and made nia' no
ill I could hardly do anything. The
headache was accompanied by digestive trouble, heartburn, and eonstipn-
lion, mid it seemed it- if I wero going from Imd tu worse. Until I Hied
Bileans I was unable to get nnythlng
which litivii me relief. Bileans, how-
ever, acted like mngic. Tbey not only
oured the lieailnohc, but also relieved
me ol tho indigestion, heartburn, ond
constipation. I have proved tlmt it
few (loses of Bileans will remov lhe
most violent headache, and as n cute
fm constipation tbey nre absolutely
unequalled. No family sliould bo
iviilumi ii box of   Bileans on   tho
Bileans are purely horbnl in llieir
composition and nre also Ireo from
alcohol, They aro n cure for all di*
gestive and liver disorders, constipation, piles, debility, anemia, blood
iiii|iiniiies. cold and chills, rheumatism, ii ind Bpnsms, female ailments
nml irregularities, Bidlow complexions
(due to bile in (le- blood), Jizsinesa,
etc. All druggists sell nt 50c n box.
io mny be obtained post free from
ilie llilcnu Co., Toronto, on receipt
oi price.   Six boxes fm $2.60,
Thomas Redshaw, a young miner
innn Newcastle, was shot and instantly killed by John Do Winter, a life-
lend friend, with whom be was Imnt-
ing on Lake Washington, near Seal-
lollC'i., I.imit-il.j
B.w.r.   tf    Olntiii.iita   ttr   Cat.nil    lhaat
Contiln M.rcury,
aa mercury -.ill uirely destroy th. ai'ttaii
ot nmrll ind completely dertnfe the
whole -.-'i-iii when entering il through
the tiiii'-iiiia lurfacel. Such .i'i- '• ■ "honlrl
nerer lie lined except ol pr< - - iptloni
tiulii ifMit.lilf iii.ani.il.. la 'lie -tun
■ee they will do ii ten told lo the foml
yon tin -ios-nbly derive from them.
Hall', lii'auii Cure. Binurtriiired hy t.
J. (.'henry A. Co., Toledo, (linn . contain,
no mercury, and ii taken internally.
■ ciioi* directly apon tht blood and man
on. -uifiii'i'. of the eyelem. In bnylni
llnil a Catarrh Cure be inr* yon rn thi
lenulne. Il ii taltea Internally .no
mute in Toledo. Ohio, hy T S. Obene)
A Co.    I-.rlmiaiii.li free.
Sold by in iiiilu.. I'm., i'ic par bot
I.ii.   Uill't  Fa-aily   I'llll far .-uii.llprt
Tli" Canadian emlgrntion oflice nt
l.ondmi is kept busy answering in*
ipiiiiei about Cnnnda. There wete
i!0 visitor! to the office one morning,
most ol whom received n package ol
emigration litoruluia.
Pleasant u- syrupi nothing equals
ii ns u worm medicino; tbe name is
Mother droves' Worm Kxtermiiintor,
The greatest worm dentroyoi ol the
Mr. Alli.,1 Motely.
Few Individuals hnve sp"ntasmuch
money lor the knilling together i.f
the various parts of the Empire ai
Mr. Alfred Mosely, who is now pro-
flosing to lake a prirty ol teachers
rom iliil continent to visit schools
In Kuropc, jnvs Hie Toronto News.
He has provided mnny trips ol thli
character to let the workmen, the
leading educationists, the rank and
file of the teachers of Britain, havo i
glimpse of what  is doing in other
fieri* of the world, ami particular!*-
n the United Slnles and Canada. "
Mr. Mosely wet" not imbued with
one dominant idea be would, out
would judge, be n rsllicr difllciilt man
to approach, bul he has so much lo
tell tho vorld, he believes so (irmly
in tho gospel he preuehes. lhat 111
welcomes the interviewer Ile is apparently on the sunny lids of fifty, t
largo imt nol corpulenl man, illgnll*
above middle height. Ile has a large
iliiiin- ihaoed bend with riilhcr wavy
brown hnlr. and bis lips, according to
lip accepted rules, Indicate "tic who
ought 'o ba able Iii roll iill words easily. But the Jhing which -irikcs Hie
interviewer is nol Mr. MoBc'y'l philanthropy ind Imperial spirit in
'pending large nuns ol money in
carrying out tlie-e plans, All ihere
seem mere Incidentals to Ibe onthus-
insm for and devotion lo Mr. Chamberlain nni Ills propaganda Mi
Mosely believes Mr Chamberlain
i- ia-ht, he believes Birmingham's lawn le "ii . '1 ■■ • nl rlgiit
man In ho Empire, nnd he i n Int
In- Health. In- lii'iun.-i nt* I nner.'t n
propngntii :• Mi Hi.ie 1" Mi I '
lerlnlism llnpn a t'i" to
in.- such a lietitciiutit.
Mi .iianliiiliy is neve coupled with
iie.ii -s.  The large lottl lhat era
braces ull mankind In love and lympa-
(hy, Hint Is loader, compoaslonale aud
■letierotis, is alio strong, resolute ami
'inn whenever principle, Justice und
■ niiii me eiineeiiiiii. There ii na ttruel'
■y like Hint of wenknoiai there Is no
■lower nml  courage und energy  iis
tii'ise of true magnanimity.
India  Stems  lo   Be  Th.ir Stamping
Ground Just  Now.
iiie Allahabad Pioneer reports tha
star*, from Karachi, for a walk round
the world, of it mnn named Thomas
The wager wn- one »! lii.OOfl rupees
made with livo bookmakers; the condition being that l.iuiiiier was to start
fiom Karachi williout money; that lie
was neither lo beg, borrow, nor steal
an' die journey, bui would earn his .iv-
itig by honest means, und return to
Karachi within lour year.".
I.oiime,' set out in lil condition
carrying only n waterproof sheet, a
couple ol small cooking utensils (I
aluminium, and a few other neees*
lie is iiiii new lo such adventure;
nnd he hopes lu get through his pre*-
-nt expedition by giving performances
cu route. Ile is a loclaty entertainer
a* well ns a good athlete.
His route uill be through India, Upper Bunnell, lo China; tliiougli Japan
tu tlie Philippines; to and across Alls-
India; then by sea to New Zealand.
nud tbonce to und aorosi Anterior-. Ho
will cross to the Btilish isles, and continue onward through France, Ger*
many, the Balkans, Turkey, I'nlealina,
on li ligypt, through Abyssinia and
Sam ililiind; nml return to Karachi by
Funiral Reform.
The ministers ol Port Arthur ire
eierlinp themselves in tlm direeticn
of funeral reform, features to which
objection are taken in present day
Iiinernls are: lixHavagnnt expenditures for Rowers, carriages, etc., when
llie family hnve nol money in hand to
pay (lie bills; exposure of the living lo
pay honor lu the (lead very often one
fiinertil bringing oii another; wlvtr*
Using the hour ol the funeral before
consulting tlie minister; selecting Sun*
day for the funeral because greater
parade and numbera can be gained;
too much crepe and heathen gloom;
exposure ol the remains; farewell ol
the relatives before a gaping crowd;
want of promptness, and unseemly
display of any kind. Funerals are not
fu bud in these respects as they were
some years ago. but there is -till much
room for Improvement .
Obstructive Old Age.
Eustace Miles, sneaking recently st
the Polytechnic, Regent stieet, London, said that all people more than
ml years old «1 uld be given sn anaas.
Hieiic ami "put away,' because they
prevented refeiu» by younger  poo*
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, Etc.
The condition of Kine Oscnr of
Sweden, shows continued improvement H» is new able tn sit up three
hours daily.
'■Regulnr Practitioner-No Re.ulti"-Mr*.
innlo 0 Chestnut, of Whitby, wus for
months a rhoumatta viiiim, but Bouth
lintTii'.in Khi'iinuiiisin Cure ohtaged lb1'
■inu* fruin "despair" to "joy." She says
' I suffered untold misery from rhcunin
ti-m   doctor*' iiii'ilietne dill me llu (*imhI
nm buttle, of South AnierUiiii Rheumatic Cure liircd uie relief two hours after
ih- t1r.-.t do«r."-M
What wns mily miraculously not a
iatnl accident occurred at the new
Northern bank building in Reglna,
when a workman, named Campbell,
lell the full depth of three storoys.
Tin* Boston board oi fire underwriter! voted to reduce tire inBHrnnre
rates in Boston 15 per cent, on fireproof nnd sprinkled buildings on P"-
lio'os written since Jan. 1. Shortlv
after the earthquake and conflagration iu San Francisco Hie rate was
advanced 16 per cent.
l'-ei,il in nil Tillies ■ Iii winter an
ill rtlllilllii   I'ailllelee's VeCelulili' Pills
will enpe with ami overcome any Irregularities ol the digestive organs
which change "f diet, change ul residence, ot variation "I temperature
may bring about, They ihould bo always kept at band, and   once thoh
hiiieiieini action In uies known, no
one will be wlthoul ihem,   There la
nothing nauseating In their trui lun
and the most delicate can use them
Queev Alexandra's Jewels.
Queen Alexandra has a safe full of
diamonds and pearl Sho owns lomo
wonderful colored gem., rublea, sap-
nhirei nml I'liii'tnM-. and the great
Kohlnoor, tho property ol the liiitish
crown, lia- I ii ia'-et lor her Bul tl,-'
jewel ihe valuai most of all is her m-
gagemenl ring iei with a beryl, an
emerald, n ruby, a lopai, a jacinth and
another enarald iim initial letter) ol
these rloiies ipell 1 lie iiaino by which
her husband la Intimately known aui
hj which sli! has always called him
Next tn this in her nflcetions cum,.,
tlie diamond eroil -,-iv.-n to her by tli"
woman ol Denmark on hat marriage
anil lhe erOWII nl brilliants, Ml in III
ver. which the women "f liigl.ni'l I'M-
scntcd to her u del silver uudiliug
Used Extensively by Chinese—Little
Goes to England; but Considerable Comes This Way.
Originally the only means of Bending a remittance in the torn, of aui
order payable on demand was through
the pnst office, but, owing to tho fact
Hint these orders eiinnot be cashed
nt nil dices, tlie use of the express
money jrder has become common.
At one time tlie express companies
were satisfied to carry the actual
cash fruin nne person to another; this
involved much risk, extra labor, and
consequently higher rules, Gradually, however, it dawned upon them
thnl ii i,milil la> Bluer, cheaper, and
moro convenient lor ovorybody eon-
corned, ii. in*..cud of requiring tho remittor I" pul Ins niii'ii'i Into : n-
volopo iiiiiI   eai it. the agent would;
lake lhe mi i...v uml give ll mi'.,
ter an order on thaexpreii agent at
destination, to pay the ni, nev t" the
payee out ol funds which Iind accumulated in llko manner al the destination office., The same objeel waa
attaintdi Iho money was transmitted i  the remitter to the payee,
hut under condition! which wero
much iiiiue satisfactory io the customer nnd iu the express c-mpnny,
Starting (bus in a small wny. the
convenience of tlie plan soon ro ilizi d,
nnd the business Increased, and, as
il increased, improvement- in the
methods ol handling it were made
[rom time to time, decreasing the
cosl nun Increasing the effectlveii?sa
till nm ih- "xpi'-- money or in
system ims become one of the great*t
est public conveniences ever devised, nnd 'odny there is uo othei system li. transmitting money thntl
gives more satisfactory sorvice m so
manj people, and at ~ik\i small cost. |
The express companies claim tlmt,
hv reason of their large number ofl
agencies throughout Canada, nud by
iluii connections with the   express i
companies of the United States, they
nre able t" give the public a service'
thu- im other institution, not even
tlie government itself, haa been able
lo give,   Tbe express companies ure
represented nl every rnllroad station
in Canada und the United Slntei  al
hundreds "i place- whore there arc
no banks, nor even post ofll  ond
llu" thu- servo thousands ol pe-plel
wlm otherwise would not be served.
ut nil, In lie' linger towns aud cities!
(he express companies have appointed <1111f *-■ i -.- and itorekeepera branch
ngeiii- iii convenient localities, hnth'
the business nnd residents! dis*
tiicls, ubeie Ihe public may be -er- j
-d nl all hours ol the day; where;
 my buy a money order or get
one ensued nl tunes when n would
he impossible lo get accommodation
anywhere else. The convenience to
Ihe public in purchasing aii-1 cashing
iniaiiii ..I.iei- i, m.t tl nl;. benefit
derived Irom tho express companies'
One feature that appeals t" those
wlm hnve nnil the experience la the
facility wiib which a rotund mny be
obtained when an express onler la
In-i application lor refund mny lie'
iirule through any express agent in
Canndn and Iho united state- The
applications arc dealt with promptly,
und lefnnil will be made to the remittal an ihe amount paid to tha
piiic". without extra charge, ut nny!
exp  ollice   Thus, if uu older is!
Issued in Tolonto, and la lust by the
remitter, nr goes astray in tha mails
uu lulls into tlie wrong persons'
bunds) the remitter may apply lor ii
refund nl Toronto, or. il he be In
-i-iii.- othei pan ol tie country, ho
mm apply i" nn oxpreai ngeul wher*
-hi lie i-, and ii will be arranged,
nnd,  if he i- traveling, the BlllOUIll
mny be paid taa him through an ex-
i  :.i;.• iat at still anothei pari "I
'i untry. or, n ho prelei    pa*
ment will be mode to the original
payee, wherever ho may be
L'urioualy enough, lhe (i i  are,
m a clns-. the greatest remitters ol
money by thia means   i lal  I
nu ■ made by n prom I mil ill
■I o Dominion F.xprew Conip -
I a. did nol believe there wai a -ingle
I'l e in th unity who did  liol
i. mil nt'ii  loss regularly through
ti,i- channel   "Wl orevei we have nn
igi • .md ii chink -"'(l'i in ■
lown inu Instructions aro u t ill   iti
him, lor ue know that, aoouer   oi
Intel.    |,e   Will    be   "-"ll'llli'.      Ill "..''.
-unl ho    "inun Canada alone lhc
Clllll  I.in:' ot lis I 1500,000   I
i. ,• -livi doilai * every month l<
i. ad! a.i mmK nil. -hi via Hong
Kou ■ . whal :n>- called 'People's
Igenta there,    iruci
ny letter us to whom payments aie
to be innde in tho various distrlcti
of China proper, Wo alsu .-end considerable amounts to Vokohnma In
fuel ,,s ymi will remember, we sonl
The star's Japanese Famine Fund
Polos, Rufslnns, anil Itulinns also
send vniiuus sums ol money to their
relatives In the (ild Land (lining December, li is very rare indeed Ior
uny foreigners in Canada lo receive
n'.v'iov. The stream is almost invariably m tlie other direction. On the
other hand thero is considerably more
money sent out in this form from
Kiighiii'l in Canada thnn vice vursu.
- Toronto Slur.
The llritisli battleship Dreadnaughl
is about io take n cruise serosa Iho
Atlantic, which will take lier to West
Indian wntora nt about tho time Roar*
Admiral Evans' squudroii wulil h- In
tbo suuie vicinity,
A baby that does nol eai well nnd
deep Hell, thai i- nol cheerful, and
playful in-i-il-. attention, oi llio result mny be serious, Stomach and
bowel iroublcB raako children cross
nnd sleepless, hut it dose ol Baby'a
Own Tablets booh cuius tho trouble,
the chilil deeps soundly and naturally nnd wake- up Inight rnd smiling.
Mrs. J. K. Hurley, Worthlilgton, Ont.,
-ays: "My little nne ha.- bad no ine-
dieiiie but Baby's Own Tablets aince
-lie   iiii- tun months   old and Ihey
have kept her tho picture "1   g 1
health." Ymi can gel Baby's Own
Tablets t tun nny druggist or by mail
ni i'i cents u bos Irom Iha Dr. Wi'
Hams' Medicine Co., Broekvlllc, Ont.
Dear Mother
Your little onu ire ■ coittint aft m
Fill md Wintrr wcilW. I h» witt
ctlch cs!d. Do you know about SfiiUK'i
Coniumptioa Cun, lhc Lvig Ponic, tod
whit it rui done for 10 may ? It it nu4
to be the onlv rtrluble tenedy for lit
diiuiei of the iir piiMg-M in chitdrn.
It u ibtolutely harmltu ind pluunt M
uke. It it guirintcfd Io cure or your mooiy
ii returned, The price it 25b per bottl^
•id ill dulei i ia medicine ull y4
TKu nmtiy duuld b. » .my kimrlinl*!.
A Business Man,
"The nose is a powerful lactor in
th" selection oi Rowan," said tha pre*
I'lu'tm of n Broad Streel flower stand,
riuotad in Ihe Philadelphia Record.
''I keep lhe doom nf this hIil-h ca.-e
o|ieii iu all kinds "f weather. 1 want
possible customers lo cnteh a whiff
ol the fragrance. Mosl peoplo buy
ilinv.'i. for ths snii'll Instead of tha
liml:- They will puss n shut-in flow*
ei Blond day after day and never
think aai Im-ini' anything, but jusi
let (hem got ths odor ol -cine favorite flower, nud ihey will fc'u home
corrvlng o bouquet as hie, nB your
To be  Expected.
"Hmi' nre the buckwheat cakes this
morning I" asked the landlady.
"Not any to» gocd." replied the
grouchy boarder.   "They taste flat."
"Taste flat!" snapped tho landlady.
"They arc flat. Un yuu expect
we're gnin? to make them look like
cream puffs}"  Cleveland Press
\l'Minder Hnrktiy ol New York,
who Ims been travelling iu Europe in
Hie interests ol Hebrew emigration
I" America, and who returns to
America at the ei d ot this week, has
h". n tho eui'st oi Israel Zangwill al
hi- country house at Raaelmers,
Some workmen employed nn an
excavation in Vancouver, untleitO"k
to thaw out some dynamite with dry
bent, wilh the usual result, a denl*
snlng explosion, but no damage resulted.
Th. Preildent n Slave to Catarrh.-P.
T. Sutiiiilc liii'Bidint ul Sample Instalment I'nniiiiiiiy, Washington, I'll, wrilesi
"For years I wits iitlliiiiil with Ohtotjifl
t'amrrli. Kemedii's anil troatmool hv
aperlaliltl only gave uu- tiiiiiiornry re-
lii( until I used llr. A**ncw'i I'liinrthtil
Powder. I' irnve almost in.tnni relief
in m-nis. 49
The Chinese trading quartern ol
lltmckok have been devastated by
lire. It i- estimated Hint tbe loss
will amount to about $,1,000,000.
Give Hiilluuay'- rem Cure n trial.
Ii removed ten corns Irom one pair
nl feel  without    au;   pain.    What it
has done once it will do again.
Soldlera t'-ok possession ol the police quartan at Tours, France, niter
the   formation   ol   a polico   union
n ntly.   Every policeman bus been
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
l.ieiit.-Culnncl II. K. Sb-wnrt, CM.
(;., a Scutch Canadian, lata kine's
messenger und a well known soldier,
la dead.
Largo amounts oi gold have been
withdrawn Irom lhe Bank nl Kiigland
lor shipment to South Africa.
Gray's Syrup
Red Spruce Gum
For Coug'hs and Colds.
Who Gets the Most
Out of Life?
Not the wealthiest, not the most learned, nor the idler—but the
man who hai good health ami work- loi Ins living, ihis truth IB
true, but it"' trivial.
I mv in.iii ihould Ritaril liis bralllt as his most valuable pnss-s-
llon.   ilu- mure 10 he ji e lirjllh il easier to retain than reeain.
Kcp your crip mt iic.iiih by regular exercise, icasonable care
in eatiiut and reiunsiie sleep, 'lake Beecham's l'ills occasionally,
to tune llie Itomach and keep the liver and bowell in good working
order.   And don't worry.
Observe thr.e simple niei and you will aercc that (he one who
gels the most liottl life II
The Man Who Uses
I'rtpartJ "'di l*) Ih* ITuprlrtor, 1 twinm lit -- him. 't   Milrni, l.mciibltf, bag,
'• -I I r ■ cr*. ■*■■■*' f In >•■!•!• ind I . S, A mee. I*   In I'-m h , -m*
Your Grandsons Will Be
Old Men Before This
"Oshawa" Roof Wears Out
Koepa your body
warm,  yet   lete
your skin breath':
knit, not
Send for
FREE book--
worth  your
re a
it liis,
, .Sluinkr.e
-   o
Roof your buildlnga with "Othawi" Qllrasliad Steel Shingles
thU y«»r. and that will l.n > GOOD rool In Wl. Ve will glv*
vu > written gutravntie, btcked by J2B0,00*i. that i'u-Ii > roof,
properly put on, will need uo rep-dri and no painting lor tt leant
twinty fivB yeart.
make roofa watcr'tlght, wind-proof, weatber-prool, rust-proot,
fire-proof for t century, our plum guarantee keeps it bo for
li years without a cent uf Cost to the min win. buys iU
J4J   "' -' i   ' -,
rrii'le-markedinrcd. In a1
.rietyoft :>!'"■. fabrli and .
■es,' fur woman, man and
ren,    und     guaranteed,
lint Die facta
you roof
a thin;.
Of Oiliawa
Made in ONE QUALITY ONLY, of 28-duuge.'
semi-hardened STEEL double-galvanized
They lock on all FOUR fides -tha ONLY METAL
ahingle that need NO CLEATS. Easy to put on a hammer and a snips (tinners' shears) are tools enruitrh. Cost
LESS and lust longer than any other roof. THI us ths
lurfaca area of any roof on your place and we will
tell you exactly what it will rust to roof it ri-*ht.
M.-'-.l Tir-u**. oilea»e      „!•"''•".
HI-1 (,1k| *v tt.   It Oikum. W   MHaWtll   "•Ku.-aluS
Wlnnlpaw VMK.iia^r
IS , .41. :*r, 5V      611 1'aml.r St jq
■with Is for
'     1'aainii'il liar lhe  ereelhui   nf ;l Fire
lliill ami (iiaal in North Vancouver.
linn- atul BpeellirnliniiB cull lie seen
;it th- Mnnieipiil Hull, where sealed
lenders, with giiiirauteo deposits, must
ha- ;. l|*i-d ii a later than s'oolock on
the L'ath inst,
,\ 11:\. I'IIII.II',
r. M,c.(
V, a  !   |S   III |t| IH 'al'. ! ''.  I'll
[,        .,   .      • i                              bt'tiri  a
'h     >V     J   ( I ii.-l tin iisn'ss*
I       '•        X \!>,
i..    ^i
Slay   .
-\tt_i ORDERS
MMOM - ■
Harry Mil I ■
I ■
Fine,   liealtl
-     .a    .. .  .'..   .       |
Sutton's Seed    a
[nr ' llier
i- tin
n llu
in,    l'i
ii   I an   lhe -.1.       ...  ' .
A I'lll    i
C    '.I. ('.
rpi '   '       ll  '":   i LEAH*
:   ' .....   :,     IC-
lie    l.'Ul-ilille
tn el.
■ a     UOt    IH'l'a'S-
.Villi Ollice,
lor (jiuc
I,isi your I'roppi'ty witli ue
uia-.   If  prices  utq
right we can dispose of it for
Real Estate' Brokers
Thompson Block,  -   -   NORTH VANCOUVER.
Mrt th-tm-_&mt,::vi^ii-_is*iL~
UAAIalVnT: aJWJr.V* '.V.fW***
1 believo llml Nortli Vnncouvcr hns
un iitiiiH'ii-a- fiiliiia', nnd thai thero
will lu- " mon ',■ mnde in hind
here than in uny othor section in
Uritisli d Im I  i,    I hn i  i'.'-l_
fOR     SALE     ill     nil     I a:,, a."    a.,     Lhe
Townsite, li you hu\ < IftUft 16
bill i come taa nip, \ .Vi|i find
ynu purchasers t|iiickly.
1 S.G.r" IR  I
IGI Cordova Street, Vancouver, B. C.    c
\ u| a     .-   " UKin "iVi'N THAT
'    (ill ■ ■ ! ,  :  a..: '     npl)
to llu I 'siuner nl
...   ;..|i,.| ....   [he
:  ii.iei nt   hind  Ior
i ni -.   '    in    'i   ;i
•      bore ui,
;.:    , tei     uiiiis l\ «■.'   I a
into n   hue.   heltveen
: . r and  :-.'i   1    nts,   ii nrki '    '.
■    :      them     ■    ' :.' Nortli IW
'i      .   V .■■      .   , ■     thence
: the slim
■i       .   i: conUiinin-; I"
'     ,    .    - :      mil ' .   ' "' .
',. N   ,.
66,666,                  RESERVE, >■
i ail Oflici ii: Canada, M ntreal.
11. SilKF.MAN, l
eneral Manager; |. Ki m -i v,Supt. ol 1
1:111.hi 1
Hedley, Kaslo,
Victoria, Duiici
n British Columbia -Ashcroft, Greenwood,
Rossland,   frail i.Sub Branch),  Vancouver,
ns, and 1 'av. -iin. V.'l.
i'-avingn Oop
Interest et hicj
Offlce, Cur. Lun:,
rtm-int  Del) sits received from $1.00 v
hurt current r.itei nnd compounded *.w,
Idle kw, and K-jl.ii-.ile, Norlh Viiuioii
3 u yenr
IT.U. C.
Rainier Beer^->
•    ills   Ii \ f " " 11 •: in '   :,nij
satisfying,   Heineiiibei' llu i '   no  olher
' jusi ns good"—iii: -; on gi ;,;i'j \\; niei
Vancouver, I!. C.
Ale and Stout
In BotllM   K«H« ",,,, .!»••'•*
lhe Kot*)«il hir.Hiii Co., Ild.
ki   d iu a
a '   nal
' I irnums .'     ettlet <   in I an 1   1
:        ubji   '     :   '     ■ ':     !      ,    ;   '1
llu* Duniin       louse tu |
'; 1 '. ■'.'    :i    '
.    ■      .1      ill-     ill.
■' .       . '   '      ' '       "
' ' ■ '    :
' ; a
; 1       tu.-,'
lilt      , ■ ::,.;    ii :,  tu ill
11 il
I . .■ iri ii    the I*! iiildinf; ol tl 1
S   :.   ir cr-,-1 i bridge, Entfiuei 1
.I.a. lia ■   lieen in-
I I ii   the new   site,
un]      In port in ti" 1 otini il
,11:111   forthwith,    Mi   '   •.•:  ivill
. .   1 lans,
■   A'.*. 1 i ..
\          ..I.i M    -     - ;
,    . nix,  .'i guests  at   the
!     ■ -,,'. oral ; ■ ol the country
RB A IUT-E ' 'I"h11
rLAIl B *J !,.,„] ,,1  -j I,, (jood ul
**i„   -,-,      ... i UK        S'l     l'i'    '   -   A|'|'i'"
NO C'Oll   "        '       .
imi." «t '  " I'Vrl
Ilea St :■
Malcrlnl, I'ut Fluivi-i
;       ' I'm
li, ti hi has followed 1 e upon wilti -s tcli -
. , and ti." world is I
.  iu v, n to a thoi
M. J. II EN ll 10
f ' ■ ■ Simplicity is boaul
.,.', ' ' ' a'   : '     '
us- '"i ! in lhc 1
.:. ■     r,j,   \  ,.
—  '■ .1 — "
,      .... ": -I    "
j er wa
. ; iiarriod cl
■    .   ■      Si 1 t'dcl
Ineakfasi      I In
nnt ou :
<• thu
;      1 roll : < i land
nn en
*  11\ f£  J      1»H 1"       "  '
ltd *-.' -.' li% ,J   '
.:',- ■-,, ■-    ''.-■'•      '  ' :li «■'■   ' """ him; sceiie.
'~y .. "      ;:    1    '     ' ..
!, now right in line (01 it sharp advance,   This yi ir is
nd t-i I" ilu hann ■ yeai in the iiisl 1. of our • uti  |
ui,l ra 1   '     . rutting 1 \i\.    m iiii - tnvi -it il in good 1 i
1  . .1 :     . ttgt: 1 .  lil .  ind  ;>.' . 1 1 a.  ns tllKil
.     «   I'
UK Sl'ltMli   llll. I'lil.l.(.WISH :
KBITII I'HAM   l'«" -"'ii 11 irmil l"l- iu lun. k nn. mi i',ir nne.   l'ru-e
,- '■-.   iiii'ii,   'li-riiii- mu -il ii'l i-iit-h : lillllllicc li nml l'i inuntln.
Kl.l \ KNi'll AM) ST, IlKllliliK STItKKi'S-lloiililu itorncr.    I'rlco
.^.')ti.   Turin-, iiiii'-lliin! i*n«l ; Imliinee ii mul li! luuutlis.
KBITII llOAIi—I  ...•-11. liim I, llu. inin" \ieiuri;i r.u-k.   l'rlia
-:",  i-i a e.u-li    i'eraia-'iiii-liiiril i':ii-!i: liiililnoi' (I Ull'l l'J tlinlitlu,
SKVBNTII STKKKl'* Luis I m linclusivc, lil SU( I) LSWicliiiwI,
l'iii-a- j;,iiiii.    I'er 11- uu--hird eii-li: liil.iiu-e tl ntnl l'J tn iiitlu..
K0UKT1I siilKI-i'-l.'.t-J:' iind 28, lilm-l I2l| idciired,   l'rlcc >.>■'■»
eiliii.   'lenii-if • .'ilii;i-li; .'illlineeli ninl IL'uu'lillu*.
slX'l 11 STHKBT—Lots 3, 1. ■'*. II, liluuk II-   I'rice l-VJ."ie.nii.   ii-rnis-
*|-.''a a-ii-'h: ii.il.iin'i- exleii-iitie 1 aver iv. 1 venrs.
SIXTH S'iTIBBT   l.a-1.- 11,12, blook 11; doubloi-onu-r.   I'rlco |1,800.
Ti-riu- llatti eau-ii, I nliliu'i ' Xldlilllie i.it-r twu yearn.
Corner Lonsdale A  i, und Fifth ft.
TEI   IB fviiKiil \ \M'iii'\'i:i;
We are now cutting Cordwood.   Ploce   your   ordera
x> i11 * us for *» 1 tri'*'.*iod.
WEST r.RM C 5RP03 >.TIC r', LTD.
Bfiiisli 1- ia jib!« Ek ;trii R ilwa Co.,ltdi
'"'.■'■..' ' '        " ilie   fti||
Pi -' -
l>'    l •     HI 1   111 . ; :»
.1 a,1 five lliliiuli . : a thi   :. uu  11  ■■ ,  m,
[Leaving  Ki ith  K ad   111'.  Porl -     • ■   .    it b:oo n. m.,
a.   in..   SU5,   -i;"'   '?   •'■ i1 '•'' 1   past   llll   lii'iir
until 1 i.ij p. 111.
l.a'N  l|    ■     I      A'.l   \fl.
C:irt will mu I'vviv .''i iiiiu'itis.
Its .in   lint 1 v  till
'        a       ' H C.
Jaiuarq Shoe &nk
ir««tr.upK««ni«r\nci»nu   —.•-', _ mmmts1~n.Tu.-7s '~EMwr—~.-**m
Pyke's Shoe Stwe.
Mcn't Hox Calf, lined I31i in hi rs,
li. .■ dai pric*   -.    . now 1.00
. - Velow Call iin1.1 loni
1 Hi 1;   ,,; ' . .   .-■ .-' 1, 11 .-. 1.50
M    ,        hool 11   '       I'
00       i                        la''.
•1 :  aIV	
ii. n gull 1     N"''-.   .
Hotel Ncrfdi Vancouver.
SI6 rii)«.lin(\'S St. W.
tit il 111!
i itirisi
-.ii i" 1
nml up
Kates fm
Ferry Service Every Ha rtoi        dfrom rtiis Hotel
to Vancouver, P. Larson! Prop.
: iHini iiii 1111 ,.,
Ttibs rn ii'llt. I.i 1
2S (Cuts per Pound
, North Vancouver
60   > I.
.    '
I'l''., ''il'
leal  iu
■  ■    1 tin      ii tililt s
lion ol
I ...     I .'li'.li        II ' ll      I'l'l'l
«'ft|   ■ .a  ■   -"  1  '-in   :   :
Sl 1 hm' Sun 11.    •
't: U.l*
■ vn l'i'
Sl'l    ll   l!\ii>   in
I nil; 1KB   1 III
lilii,l'i II I'.i.   I    I IIU
et da t, andui sh. Pi-(i|n ii lort
lli atod ihroiigliniil will
Tlic Imr In 1 nn-: It ra-I to
lie II- Iilil'   II      nn '   |0
i'iaii-1, it- -im la 1- replete
. i I -! 111.
SMOKE THE -.   -
Call in and   ec what you
gel in youi ' wn ti 1      Yon
will 1 -    urprised lio«      1 li
pan el-carrying
1.1.   KM :;:;-.!>
,.  1    .1  la. II...,,.1.. 11. A.
mm\l H!!!,;/ -V HARPER
Burrisl' r-„ Solicitors, Nulnries, Lit.
" 1. Hull : in'   ' "i '"t, ni'i
.   :...   ill
■   I lllll, i;rei'ii'
I i   do,   W ill hear this
*.' ,11    Appl) to
I liird Strei 1   Noam Va: m 1,, SUPPLEMENT TO THE EXP.
ij5 l**
* €*i
'it A,
(niitiil in ilu
The Board of Trade, at Its Regular Monthly Session, Takes
Up the Much-discussed Telephone Question With
a View ol Municipalization.—The Second
Narrows Bridge.—A Valuable Paper
on Municipal Enactments
Tin if was i fail .ui- ndani u it
the   rebuilt   tu 'iitlili un eli:i.:    ;
llu liu.ird ol trade   V -Pri -id   i
I'luili) po presided.
AU' i routine business the a nn
tiiii'.n reported lhat the li C
Telephone Company would nu
. iiisenl to redili i- the lolls.
i      '.tin  disi nssinii  then en
n >l "ii the  nselessness  ol  tin
pn - nt ims nisi .1 lory si rvii u  i
which the  consensu** "I opinion
•" ■ nn i   tu  lie in   lavor  ol   llu
h.mn ipalilj   putting  in j s; sti m
III      il-     alllH
Mr.  Philip proposed thai   tin ;
Cretan lie auihorizi d to write it
ilie |ii"iiin ial guverniuont in sup-'
port  "I   tin nt- il's reqm st  ti
have inv level road opened
through Moodyville and I' I..
•7.!, : 1 mini 11 with iln ei-1 ' in;
a 1 ni-   distrii 1 nl Yuili Vancou
M'| I lllS    IliOtiOll    UilS    lili'l    allll
I In    n.i' ti   nl   ilie   prdjiuii■'
In     ■■    - ii,'    " 1 ond   narrow*
u 1-, 1 in. 'I tu tin executive  a ni
lllllll  a  .   ''  Ull   |a IU,  I   I   ,    I, I
\h     \.. II    I in..,..   .1 il,   ' : 11
, 1.  '.'.,   ilnn    ,1 I III     il'll    I1
tiii-l   it   len '•'. nn mu iii ip'
1 ill '.. -
lire .;   fa,"   luili     Intern        1
I'Xpetl a   a I ,| .      |.   I,,    ,    I        I
,   I |1|||    . I     I'l   a   .l|     .     I    I,..I,      ||;|!.      i
     :  '     Ollli     Itll'ltt li 'If,'     'il    1!
'     I      ntjlll      Allll   'al     it'-     H'   .iia HI
whal 11 p 1*"   - ■ nn 1 wli.il il
In i!," . ii ti 111 its "I llu Citiiiidi
\ftini\i Wi /. in n.il I Ini 1 Mail
lull   n.-p HI   'il tin-   |'ia Cecil
the  recent   convention   iu   Kani
. tops,   mule]   the  lu |'ta   •. , ; ilia
r li •   M . .mil I 1   -     ill ii
wilh 1 ureal ileal of can
li rest     I  ".is  partii u u Ij   inti i
■ -teil 1.1 the )i ipi i   '     I liv Mayol
Murlej. 'it * it loriii, on "1'rupused
Municipal liSij'islSliuii '     1I11I  bj
1 n\ ii tli Ri si man,  -I  i    lei lion " L'niloini Mu iii ipal  * nil
mg," ntnl .1- li nli have In vii 11 tin
ii. -1 \\ tv to n .ia 1.   '. -a  111
government, I ivish  lo  have bolh
III view    ill  !'!>   I'l III 11 • - In te
I'i 111111  ..    1 tl     tint 1   i   uiirl
that   ' .imu-.   a .in   In
nud iy greal        ie in oui
1 Whal i
4   al|    t||(     111   ,|     a,I    |1,,   ||
, and ihal ti.' • i iiii isms
■ »;. ta;, nth olbthers
'   •    ml   practii d    Then
-l oul I  :-   ; ion   nl stit la 1 uivcn-
liou      Mm ; tlm • years ago, 01
tin till in ighhoring
niiinii ip ii ' 11 rk, luiir ol us 1 om*
■ ii. .ii I   wnii  all  ih.   districi
municipal i lerks I" asi i rtain il ;i
■ ei 'ii  niunicip    ■ Hi ial 1
could I'   If Id      We Ini. d I    ll   1
... i it 1 noiigh in attend, hui
-.mn ■ h ul obstacles iiiii .:
,vay by theii ml ive hail
to   ibaiiduii tin ini,' ■ 1 loi 1 1 nn
Ml      Iva.-.in.in ,    1   '   '    : '..II
lor m i I
, |eii .il highways alone, wi   havi
My experience leads mc to sug   ve   ,,„,, .   ...
■est that the best course would be;i|
I m the adoption bj thi go*     ,BX|  |llestions ca„ ,„ ,    fruitfu,
eutol a standard ol qualifi- llm] ,,,.,,,,,    ,„.,v   To       ,,
cations in  the  men who can b,   „„ ,,,,,,,„,,,„,.,,„,,, would ,,,.,
entrusted with the work of auditing   (||   ,,„, .,,,,,,,
municipal acco.inls, and tli" issu      .  . . „ ,
at.ee 61 licenses 0 those win. sir.-1,, ,,„„,,,,. „,.,,, ,,,., „, ,,,,,.
|'?nml '' he duly 'P;ah led, and , ,   ,        o| „ -   „   .
that responsibility hi  nil in these: I*,-.   ,,, ;; [v   UMe.,
auditors, almost equal to that .,1'    ,   -,,       .,„,,,„„ ,
,,:   treasurer.   Me vv d then ... -, iv, iurim|iction is defined I.   tin
sist on a sil.table system o book   ,. , ,    i;   |(|
keeping for his own protection   mM ,, Mnis
Hutcouncils must in then evens  , ,.„.,,, , .
■    fairly with those  responsible I  cons(
In the pas it has been no      ,   ,,.
I"!l."m" practice or councils to „„,„,;   . , . '     .
invite parties to tender lor mt.n.c. ',,,,..
pal offices. I am glad to think il ,ici, ..S( ,
is a pan not now so olten resorted lol)cJa|      .
lav        \\ li.lt    U illllu    lie    llllllk   1)1   » I"   • ■ ~~m
uisiness house thai inviti al tcndeis |
liable to one consti
'I'll:'      1  ■        it   | oillt
:,      .   i   .i prai ii- d   uluti I
ihi    ni  ition,  .i ■ ti i: mil  ' '     i
gel tin men I I nur i x
petiell        ' :     ■   t   i . Iiti  .
lin-   imt  i et ti   '" ii   ■ :.'    i    il
01 i nui-    -   - ■ lepetul    in
llli - i llll , 111    .ill'lllnl     ll1111 Si il
liis ivoul: nul uhvavB i'i
reasiiii Im lie- appoint
ineiil lb n i. ill i'taavi " ' ;
In ia nt   .... ;   .. .-ini.  in   he   might
i]      pru'        [actor  I st
Inti      in a (iiiimuni
li        i' i-i-riin.enl
\t cerl mi   ' '
irk im .1
. .    .
for the position ol cashier or book* ft'".!!  ?n
keeperintlieirofT.ee?   His Wor ™ rucl'on '
I.' ..       ., , ,  , ample i   i t i.m ;,,
-In ' M.ivnr M"ii. v I'ini -  In lun- , ,    ,
' ,       .   ,   , i , 'iini ii |" ii liy-Iaws       ri t
ai--   lie   w inli-  (,ilnn o   inunii-ipal I |
- , , i  , '     " piil'ln     i - ii.
it on,   mt   ■ -    n i ■  i" i                                 .     ,
,    ,       iim1 'i"";"   of   I     Lord
■ t.iii afresh and hind on a new ,      ,, , c
, .    i iimmuulv i all.'   S  n\
I Iti a   '  ■ |t|       llir'',     Willi ,.-,     ,    '        I ,   ,
ii ii        *> ''ai ' uilli   : tip e ui
i in iv i "a|    n   it        ha    is H'illll     , , '"i'.
i i   , ,    ,, .  il,im'' 'b'ln i*' ■
a bun   what we wanl     Dm presi nl   '   ,,
1       .    a,, ibis clatise, yi t i> is  ia    , .'■ r.
lion   h i .   so    tu   speak,
",   ,      I.,       i   . ' ni ss »s a  li
■ vo vi .1   mi'i-1   ii •   a' Iln  t ., .
, i, ■       ti, and ti Im- iln
taa        i i   i   ,
i i i        nl deal ol fncl
linkt i. tl .unl ■ i '       Innn year I
yen   i"  in' ■ i    ii   local   in f'
-a   individual   whim   oi   lane]
\niaii ni ,   1.1*'    In . I)   ..; ■ rati i
upon il,  ''ii    • iiu
. : ■ -       eried in "i.-
iii.   ,ii i ih 'i li i"  i vital I" .iinti'
lar I      veil lii.it.
tin ni     I'ii-   I.i    ten -i'i
■   ti
: ' '    '     '' I
I raps lui  iln   uu
i     !" In- In a ■ i
i      Mm it ipn      ■       ' it
ielu   ""i'l
: Iati IB,  .lllal   it   Will
: tee ol tl  itlile
■ : largi     I "j
■ ||l    Ull        . .. I 1       III
i tnlili tin . uv nud providi  loi nil
pal    i' ';uii' nn ni'       llii
ivi i ,1 ip   ;     bard  on  liv    li ttt
it iti rnity,   partii ularly  win n  hu
it they ri quin thai "out
■   n in   i 1" put into l'i:ii
Dm   nm licipabl iw
■    I ■ il   Ihal   n ut
purtani e, and llu • ■■ ■   •
an su vast thai ih
IidiiIiI  ia   givi:.  t
lor all
rth ill  il •   i
M uu   pi
I be tri
thi law dial
tin lim
a ai| jii-l   ||i Mt-alllll
ition rt '
rural , i.
Irungl) I       •        -
I"      ' ' Id  |)| !
phra ' oil i'. li -il a I.iw\i-i nul', i an  "■" ',
.. i.,     ,„,l il,.,<!...., il.inl* ,,;, i"'"" !)
lilli i'   '
I ul it," and lhat they think "ii
• ivuiiii il in nn im ns liltb
nothing as requited Im
legal purposes."   Tin Ironblc lias
In en iia.ii "in lawyers in the l< gi
lillllte ll IVI     In I   |"'■ I
ll.l   il      ia    '  ai     ■   jperil  II    a        I
good, i Ii .hi, practical legislation
Much is li h I" 1"   goveri
th itiion law, ami it i
,     li.'       |l       ||   ll    -I        lil,|     ||
ovei man} vats .    \
II a   in Ciinii'la     '
.    Citit      : ' a,, i   ,
aim s,
;  -
Uresis ii
i ,;
iiuiiii urporal
1-tS I
:■■ iiililun  ai
':   ti
,    a:      im-ai
lhat we must  have I
:      a  .    '   ■    •
:   ■ I  tin   nppli
uid tli.it
I    .  :     '    lilt   lul
tion   musl   "I
ll    IIIU-I    I'ln
-    III-       Hi
I    I      ■ |||l .    ■     I |     .'
' I
: '
■t     lllllll
■      I I
provisions   n
.     ■      : ■   md with
■   ■ inu the rati s.
li ms inighl v.' 11 be
■■ :   to   provision   n nardiiiij
"i iiti!. ii nt kinds,   ind  to
[ration til justii e, lint these
il"     IllUSi      '. ,U\      ULIt> ll.tliv
nil ipality.
■ i ■        : importanl  uih
.  th is ti.it nl
'I  I '      . nu *. ,unl
. ■ mil) are i It ar*
in tpiiri il Im   i ni.
i i' ad\   and  inexpensive
It        torn a mnpi it
■   ,1-1   -
.. :     . to i xpropriate
;   '        :...',.''     :,,.:!.w.i\-     'Hum
pUWi : ISt 111 •   IIS ttill   i HIISI
j- i    nilividiials :
iti-yun expensivi
: I
I have eli 1-1 tin
■ ti,. ' (tin
.  ■ Iiii It I lielievi ■■" i' . tin
i ■ "tv n de
lit     i  :   imi   in,iil<
lal       ■     • I pi
ry I lur  ttsi    in   ad-
■ rin    ii  i- .i   jiia--ti.il  that
■ n ■'  Irom
■ii   puinls  ul   view     When
a ' I   ||
i  a iiinpritheiisivi   way  it t
■ it
■   i-
ll .Mil.   '
1        '   ' ' '
I I |l|
.. ■       '
■   '   :       el
We're lllll 111
■ irity
i rarity,
''     lie iiltt-avi I".- tliit t« wi i.'
" " ii ,i
i'mil   il.
I riiinuiHl
I, nnil llinl I rail
-      ij
I' '    II ■'       ' ■"    .., ,
''■'■' '   ' ,,.,.,,
'  ' . .. I
■ -I II   '
' '    '
Iiu* Ml
When  Installed
Will   Fill   a   Lonfl
Felt   Want,  and
Place* lis  on  the
List of  l|> to date
Printing  Offices
From   a   Calling   Card
To   a   Dictionary
and   41   at   that


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