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 ', ~^
,.„.-"-■-   ...
l£     y
y ciO*
WAR i     :i
I    i-rvii
®k Sxpreas
The regular meeting of the
municipal council was held on
Wednesday night. Reeve A. E.
Kealy presided and there were
present Councillors Allen, May,
Cornish and Morden.
The following business and
communications were dealt with:
Robert Blackburn re the payment lor lumber used on Lonsdale
avenue sidewalk contracts.
Finance committee.
From the Western Corporation,
Limited, complaining of the impassable condition of Lonsdale
avenue.   Board of Works.
P, A. Allen and P. A. Askew
petitioned to have St. George's
road opened up between First and
Second streets.   Board of Works.
A. R. Steacy and Wm. J. Irwin
petitioned to have sidewalk on
Lonsdale avenue, between Fifth
and Sixth streets, moved in ten
feet.   Board of Works.
\V. H. Wilson, auditor, certified
tb it tbc books, accounts and
vouchers of the municipality for
February were found to be correct.
Win. C. Stone, secretary of
t i-i North Vancouver Rifle
Brigado, staled that 30 boys indi-
1 at-1 their intention ol enrolling
themsulves as members, and asked
The Death of Guy Kimble
The body of Guy Kimble, of
Vancouver, was found in Lonsdale gardens on Sunday afternoon,
with the throat cut. Coroner A.
11. Diplock was notified and the
jury's verdict was that it was a
case ol suicide. The jury comprised P, A, Allen, foreman; Geo.
Bartley, W. Snider, Jas. Blake,
John Gibson, Chas. H. Purchase.
The witnesses examined were Win
11. Campbell, Win. J. Dick, David
H. Dick and Dr. Harold Dyer, the
latter saying death tookjjplace two
days before.
The deceased, who was a consumptive, had received a couple
of hundred dollars from his brother
at Bobcaygeon, and paid up all his
bills. He was at one time a proprietor of the Royal hotel on
Water street and twice was proprietor of the Regina Hotel, Vancouver. About a week before his
death he said to Alex. Gibson, the
local waterworks foreman: "lt you
find my body on the hill one of
these days lay it some place where
tlie rain will run uf! it."   Those
to make them repeat the ten commandments also.—Toronto Star,
Fifty-eight editors were arrested
in Russia last month. No wonder
the country stagnates with the
brains of the empire all in goal.
—■Toronto Star.
This world is but a fleeting show,
Where changing sorrows slowly
One-half the year you shovel snow,
The other half you cut the grass.
—Montreal Star.
Church Notices.
John's church, corner or
Second Sunday in Lent,  March
11, HOLY communion at 11:30 a. m.
Third Sunday in Lent,  March
|8,   HOLY COMMUNION at 8 O'clock.
lor ,sj : tn aid in buying tent, etc.
Laid over.
1'eter McDonald was appointed
to the position ol waterworks fur. -
iu i.
Robert Blackburn reporting on
bit work on S iconil street.    Filed.
J. W. Balmain, recommended
the payment ol $.31 lor "Xtra woik
d ,11 .-by Contractor Blackburn,
Robert Blackburn asking for
one month's extension of time tu
complete his contract on Thirteenth slreel. Grained.
D. H. Dick, constable, reporting
one arrest and conviction, road tax
collected, $24; outlay, $8.25.
W. A. Gibson resigning his
position as foi email of the water
works.    Accepted.
Brassey & Quinn, petitioning to
have Lonsdale avenue road, be
tween Nineteenth and Twenty-first
street, fixed up.    Hoard ol Works.
The Board of Works report
recommended the planking of
Wulffsohn avenue and the moving
of the punchen 011 Lonsdale
avenue.    Adopted.
Dan Amskold was appointed
special constable.
The usual temporary loan bylaw passed its third reading.
Reeve Kealy reported progress
on the charter for city incorporation.
lt was resolved to order 25 arc
lights lur th.' street, from the Van
couver Power Company lor the
The passing ol the act cancelling
the assessment roll was received,
when it was decided to appoint
Mr. Philip assessor to make a new
assessment roll. The lee for same
was placed at (100. The completed roll to be returnable on the
4th of April next. The court of
revision will be held on the 71I1 of
The applications lor the position
ol caretaker were laid inn.
The meeting then adjourned.
Clean Milk.
Morning prayer at 11: Evensong
at 7:30 every Sunday.
On Thursday next, March 15, a
who knew him best say that he congregational meeting is to be
was generous to a fault and were, held t0 disclls5 various j^estions
astounded upon hearing the news which ,)ave been made for altering
of his untimely death. the church    0wing t0 tllere being
no room suitable for the purpose
the meeting will have to be held in
the church. The committee hope
they will have the benefit of
criticism and suggestion, and of a
representative decision.
It is a pleasure, no less welcome
tor being long delayed, to see the
church connected by sidewalk with
all parts ol the town. It is said
that Chesterfield is an easier grade
than Lonsdale.
Service as usual un Sunday at
11 a. m.   The pastor will cunlinue
Mr. Keene, of the Cottage Dairy,
North Vancouver, has been notified
ut the results of samples ot milk
sent Dr. Underbill, and analyizeil
■iy 'Man E. H. Lowe, analyst,
Vancouver, who states as follows:
"1'hese are exceptionally good
milks and came liuin cows in the
tery besl ol health. The keeping
quality of the milks is splendid,
.iiowing lhat tbey are perfectly
clean and Iree from dirt aud bacteria of all kinds.
The milks were given a lull
analysis. The analyst said it was
a p,easuru to get milks like these
,u do. "They were simply
splendid," he said. The milks
sent over on Tuesday morning
were used on Thursday afternoon
by the doctor and the analyst, both
declaring it perfectly fresh then.
This fact was surprising seeing
lhat the teniperture of the laboratory varies 15 or 20 degrees during
the day. This is ample prool that
the milk and everything used in its
connection must be scrupulously
clean, as the slightest trace of
dirt would at once cause bacteria
to grow, with the consequence that
the milk would turn sour at the
end of 24 hours in the laboratory,
always due to rise in temperature.
Following are the figures:
Water, 86.83; total solids, 13.17;
lal, 4.00; solids not fat, 9.20; ash,
0.748; speafic gravity, 1,033.
tlie   discusaion
of   the   Passion
in Iii NT. A tivi.-iooini'd house,
First strict, close in; tent tin.
App ;• McDtnell'sdiug Mote.
Current Opinions—All Sorts.
Ill introducing thc preferential
tarifl, the dominion government
has done a great deal towards
uniting Canada and Great Britain.
It is my opinion that bclore the
United States make a serious proposal to Canada lor annexation,
she will be lound coming back
to the mother country, thus forming an Anglo-Saxon combination
irresistible in its commercial and
general influence.—John Oliver,
IK, P. P.
Plumbers in Vancouver, B. C,
before being licensed, 'have to
pass an examination before the
city engineer in technical knowl-
At 7:30 p. 111, the subject will be
"Baffled Love."
Service in Moodyville school at
7 p. m., conducted by Mr. Alex.
Sunday school at 2:30 p. m.
Christian Endeavor at 8 p. m.,
on Wednesday.
Strangers cordially welcome.
Pastor: Rev. |. D,Gillam, M.A.
On Friday, of last week, Moodyville enjoyed a social evening in
connection with the Presbyterian
service held there on Sunday
evening, The talent was entirely
local, including the following
artists: Misses Carey, Phillips,
Hartney, LaPenotiere, Clara Fogg,
Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Gillam;
Messrs. Quinn, Green, McDowell
and Master Kenneth McDowell.
Rev. J. D. Gillam presided in the
unavoidable absence of Mr. Alex.
Philip, over a pleased and pleasant
company. The school was tastefully decorated, and the ladic
successfully appealed to other
Roll of Honor.
Following are the names ol thc
pupils meriting thc roll ol honor
lor the month ol February, in
order of merit: Ruby Lill, Walter Elder, Carmen Lill, Kay
Walker, and Robert Smith. Ru..y
Lill making over 91%
LOST.—On January 20, a child's
white lamb-skin collar, ball length,
with curly wool, between Fourth
and Third slreels, ou Lonsdale
avenue. The finder will cunlcr a
great lavor by returning same lo
A jealous person must needs be
an unfaithful friend.
In 190O the C. P. R. handled
4,237 tons of B. C. fruit.
There was a large number of
visitors to the town on Wednesday.
The average mother says to her
sons when they leave home:
"Hurry back."
Jesse McElliott, of St. Paul,
was here on Thursday, wilh a view
to locating here.
There will he a raffle at Eves &
Hogg's office tomorrow for two
pomeranian pups.
It is estimated that Roo,ooo fruit
trees were planted in British
Columbia in 1905.
T, J. Johnson and wife, of New
Westminster, were in town ihis
week visiting friends.
The barber says the baby is
good all night. That is smart
enough for any baby to be.
About the third time some
people show you a kindness you
find they want to sell you something.
The man who is talking to his
wife should drop "dear" in,   as
often as a school teacher drops
in commas.
Over 200 acres ol strawberries
were planted in the province last
year, besides a large acreage ol
small fruits.
The net debt of the province is,
to be exact, $11,218,298. Thc
actual cash at our credit 111 the
1 bank is -,355,621.
II. A. Yoiulall, of Vancouver,
surveyor, is here with a surveying
party. They will be engaged lur
about two weeks.
Miss Tomlinson, of Portland,
Ore., sister to Herbert Tomlinson,
of Vancouver, paid thc town a flying visit on Thursday.
A scow load of 55-foot poles
arrived this morning for the B, C.
Electric Railway Company's
Lonsdale avenue line.
No one objects to being called
sensitive, but no one likes to have
his friends say they feel as though
they are stepping on eggs when
they are with him.
Persons desirous of good-fitting,
neat and natty clothes should
patronize Laviolettc & Logg,
tailors, 208 Abbott street, opposite
the Dominion hotel.
All the poles lor the telephone
line arc on the ground, which runs
on thc Esplanade from the Capilano road where it crosses the
First Narrows, to Lonsdale
A society ol anti-cud chewets
should be organised, lo he made
up of people who will resolve
against thinking up bitter and
mean things and eternally chewing
on them.
About '70,000 is 9aved annually
to lhe province under the amended
school act. But then the diffeient
municipalities have to meet this
amount. And British Columbia
is growing.
There was a girl seen on Lonsdale avenue this morning, she bad
a stately bearing and was tastefully dressed, ami she did not
come froni Vancouver eithct: Sin:
lives in town.
for reeve in the forthcoming
elections, shortly to be held on
account of a section of North Vancouver becoming incorporated as a
Contractor Snider is making the
work of improvement on First
street, and judging by the large-
crew on deck, will be but a sburt
time ere that thoroughfare has a
more dignified appearance.
According to the Hon, Mr.
Tatlow there are 12b saw mills in
operation in the province, with a
daily capacity of 4,260,000 feet ol
lumber. Last year's cut is estimated at half a billion feet.
The Esplanade roadway is being
repaired, after having been in a
bad state for some time past. In
front of the hotel the roadway is
being graded, which will plact
this thoroughfare in keeping wilh
the town.
Coroner A. B. Diplock took
down the evidence at the inquest
on Monday of the then unknown
suicide with a very fine gold pen
and holder. It was the identica,
one used by the late Coroner Dip
lock, his father, who was coronet
of London for 25 years.
edge,    lt might not hr j bad  idea this office is soon ss possible.
At the request ol a number ol
electors in the outside distri. t of
North Vancouver John Duval will,
Iln ell probability, be » candidate
A lady on the ferry ibis morning
asked for a pin, and instant."
every single man in bearing dis
tance found one on the lapel of his
coat. Strange, as it may seem, a
prominent married man Steppe
forward and produced a safety pin.
which was gracefully accepted In
the lady.
There is a movement on foot it
this town to form a stock compan*
for the purpose ol acquiring tern
tory ou Grouse mountain, jus:
north ol this place, where an io
skating rink can be made. This ii
the only place on the Coast when
a ualural rink can be located adj.i
cent to any city. It is about loui
hours walk and climb from lb.
Premier Mcllritle prides himsel.
on lhe lact that his govemmen
has no railway policy, and becaus,
ol that his party has been ver;
successful in having railways con
itnicted in this province. His is
a red-herring policy. II not, win
was 800,000 acres ol valuable lam:
given to the C. P. R. in the mettel
ol the Columbia and Western Ian.
grant; and not a thing done to help
build a railruad north from tin.
Society is not so slow in North
Vancouver. A family was aroused
at midnight the other night by th.
ringing ol thc door bill. The man
ol the house huriied down to tin
door while his wile stood shivering
at the head of thc stairs. Th
man threw thc door open, and
grabbed a note Irom a frightened
looking messenger boy, lore it
open and read an invitation lot
his wife lo an afternoon party tin
next day.
Thc policy ol real estate dealers,
as well as the provincial govern
ment, seems lo be lhe discourage
ment ol grain-growing in Blilisl
Columbia, ll is Inl.I, and BOI
without justification cither, to In
mure profitable to grow liuit,
raise hogs, poultry, etc., als.
dairying is encouraged. In 1905
products, valued al 11,838,5!^,
were imported Irom loreigi
countries, and Irom thc othei
provinces ol the dominion $4,1*11.
170, making a total expenditure 01
Tin' government without a railroad policy helped the C. P, R.-
a company that should be ashi me
000 acres. The C. P. R. never
done anything for North Vancouver and the district to the north,
neither has the provincial government for that matter. And why
should not the V., W. & Y. people,
who want to help open up this
place and the country to the north
of us, be dealt with as generously
as the C. P, R? The president of
the council represents this district
and at the same time is doing all
he can lor the C. P. It.
Large crowds ol Vancouverites
were to be seen here on Sunday
afternoon last, the ideal weather,
t'xbiliarating sea breezes, the
.beautiful suburban walks, proving
such an attraction as will leave on
the visitors an everlasting impression of the rare sumptuous
climate of this new city.
At the opening of the legislature
the government announced that no
more laud or money would be
given as bonuses to railroad
corporations. The lands must be
held lor the people, it was declared.
Evidently the C. P. R. is the
whole people, because the other
day the government made it a
present of over 800,000 acres.
Poor C. P. R., it needed some
assistance to buy axle grease to
run trains up and down lhe steep
hills ol British Columbia; now it
has got it.
Two individuals—we don't
know were they're Irom—paid this
thriving burg a visit on Wednes-
lay. One was of medium build,
wore mutton-leg bloomers, leather
leggings, checked coat with belt,
1 peak cap, eye glass and cane.
lhe taller gentleman was even
note conspicuous. It's super-
.luous to mention his attire, suffice
.1 to-say be much resembled Alley
Sloper's half-holiday hero. Later
-we learn that they hail Irom
leah 'owld l.iiniiun, and just
tuok a twip over heah tew Cana-
law tew see the wild and woolly
.vest, dun 111.i-i know.
At a meeting held on Tuesday
veiling at thc residence of Mr.
Alex. Philip, Second street, pre-
iininary steps were taken to form
1 boys' brigade. Thc meeting
using called to order, W. J. Elder
was elected chairman, and Wm. C.
.none, secretary. Mr. Philip, on
nt-iiig called upon, gave some
valuable information which he
bad secured re thc forming of
such an organization, and stated
thai his residence would be at the
disposal of the boys until such
times as suitable premises were
secured. A committee ol six was
then appointed to prepare data,
with power to call a meeting at
thnl earliest convenience. The
following is the committee:
Messrs. W. J. Elder, W. C. Stone,
R, Wheeler. After the meeting had
adjourned tea and cake was served,
allei which the gathering dispersed.
What might have been a fatal
accident happened Wednesday
morning. As Miss McDowell was
seated on the verandah of htr
mother's house on Second street,
a large root oi a stump crashed
thiough Ihe tool, close to where
sin was seated, landing on the
limn and smashing it to Iragmeuts.
Some lots were being cleared
adjoining Mrs. McDowell's
property, and it was thiougb an
overcharge ol blasting powder
that the root was thus thrown
su lar, il being Ally a hundred anil
lift) bet irum wheie the stump
,t,is situated, The men engagod
in dealing the lot Were notified,
who immediately set about to
make rei impense loi Ihi damage.
10 ask loi any further land granl   Thi   ii anoibcr instsnee o| the
after getting so many millions of reckless manner in  which  con-
acres from the people "I Canada tractors  discharge  the   powder
to the enormous extent ol ioo,   while blasting THE  EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B.C.
Vmi'i'ii vwviiiivi'H'    -     ii.a
\ W.rkl' N'"ii'.|,-|."r Published A
I'll t: EXPRESS PltlNTlNO Coiupnn*
On.' I > liar pet Vear
uionino hartley
Ul, "'i.in. M in i.: ir
Ass   Lqjor   W.is   Used   In   C.in.id.
L.sst Yenr.
returns Ji led al   .ti
Hi       us; tho qiinn ■•
■•    - 'i '    I  .1.	
> the
■ I-', in, ■ mpareil ■ ■ i •
.I II      ■:...     f.
In thp pre.   .1        .- m -i   i, ba
Ing .i   :■  ■  i      ii in  . .,
■i I   !'   - l.'A'i  vi
•I!       .      I   '.       '     ■ '.,
■ ' i . uli 'ii s| "...       n I
■III!       i      ■ . ■
P    ' i
■    '"'i .
■ .
.    ,    ■  . .
■   '  ;
I .. '.'■;
180   -I
b   '   in I      I--., in con
a quantlt   his advice led to that site being decld-
' 'li" r • im   ed upon to mike a. new place on th«
Port  Sudan,  Egypt's  New   Port, Ju.l
Built Up Out of Coral Rock
and Desert  Sand.
Tho unsatlsfaeti ry   port  of  Sunkln
will be superseded   Ihls   month,   .*ays
The Loud in Post, by a brand new rival on tli-- Ri I S  '.   ' ti   h i. .*   bi en
built up out of coral rock and desert
Ban I i" the Egyptian authorllli   within the shorl *i v ■■ of nine months. Porl
t add     n I     ie   H
■ Ire    ind  lo lined to be a
i i " of m ■ ■ ■ ... an : Imi irt nice, In
the days wh n col   n   hall have made
'  ■■ '•   '■ the East) was,
"iilil lasl I inu id Is now on nil
. h Barud,
n irli •■" It wa i little kh ir or harbor, !■.-. rts of that seaboard, but nevi r us< d
has I ng been eon ild red   a
P"r; . f danger m   u pr u h by navigators   A. long, l nnel leads to
It,        I awkward coral.  Bul I r    me
time past the Govi rnmenl i. ia   been
i ■: i .if- ivard ihi  i     trui tion   ol
■li- S id in-li' ri" rs Railway, which runs
down to Su.ini-,, an l thi coi tly
heavy Bhli menu to Ihe latter i irt, and
ensuing groundings, opi     I tli   ey ■  o(
rill■■:■ i. the i . : that whet
n wa   ii lual ..   i t. rrltory of
lal Importance Suakln would
be no place to deal with the pi i luce on
'  ■      b ard,   lib t- commodatlon was
in January lasl ll M. S, P.*nArk yaa
s"nt to survey the wl ile e I an I to
report on posslbli te with a view to
.t port which could replace and bettor
Su ikln In the i■ ■ • I th Sir William ■ i ,r   in visited Sheikh Barud, nnd
1 ■ "        t
.i ;  "
-   ' ■ ■ :i. .i . .
*    n it  .'    i ,-.
:■ • wee i   !. r.
:' li'uli |
. i    .  ■     ■   ■ i
'■ .;■ n
■ '■ . ■     ''■■>" i -. 39,26s cigars,
t   SI)    lllR,
ill hei    I - •" Mr. \        - ■    i
itg ii lot of |ioor llll
'!'... .." BO ' I"l"l
I il i ir i .: irli
N,, I ■" Wo,,', tun.
•■v hat       '..'i'i        i your   ia-
It you for ai
i     I't ku "i." dii     'i * ■ tor
liore'ii no use   I
• ivbnl l   nu b ' ng to - iy.
.  It, uuybow."—Waaii-
lt Is more ll in :     ly that rirt Sudan
t will n iw i   kni wn) will in* offl-
■■I by lhe KI ■ dive and Lord
Croi   •    ■....:.' vi   ber   It la about
■'   '          mtti -:' Sues, and is cap-
able of i. Idlng a dozen vessels of mod-
The entrai   > Is 600  feel
■ . . : .i
: depth.   The 1 I It   la
■'    il   la feel ■ '■ ire       :■    '   unite a
'    Icrabl ivai   n for tha  i al seaboard—and forming an ad I a.-
t ■ wh in"     M •  ... r. ii Is sure to
be in the very I                      tton or
.                         •     nsldi rable
In ;  rl ince i   I   i    ■   v gi     y ne. flat |                        none   be-
I"   "'.   Pi ".';.  in 1  Su. Z   :i   dl      i "■  of
i      ■ it beyond al
lages li ■    ■. ■.',,--
ipi ly al Sua il . Is not only
small L'i  b  I
substantial wai
l hospital, at of
;the   new
,   ■ i.'. trd, li ly bears
:' i. i Ivll y
.   II *   •■   : he Qov-
'.,    t till)       '     - Sou-
't      '     ■' ■    i ; '..-, ,|
ind the, plantat ed be
f ui 1 thc expet ild
i noted that I -* w. re
I for a power! to be con
structed at Port Slid . '1
■ a
i- ■' ■ '■ I: ■ '  ■ ihe port
by n I located
i   A .    ' •
:' pen deflected  to    Porl
litis of
■ -. ii
le a third of the
rt It will
■    . I
l's eyi
'    f th. . Iroi out ul
bj th« dtiier |
from whom {
tou buv Sun- |
liitht Swp if I
vou flnJ an*
cium for J
Sunlight Soap is better   $5,000
** ■ ■ reward   will
than other soaps, but is
best when used in the
Sunlight way.      '  ""'""
he paid to hit
pirson who
proTPi that
contains my
i n ] u r I o u i
chemiiftli or
any larm ol
Equally good with hard or soft water.
Lfirer Brothers Limited. Toronto
T.F ricGil ■ /*.>«& Go.
t iirance
i    General Commission
B:i ilness
li" clever, nn.l i
will torg v*
l/am au 'op, 8. c
ll ' ....    i.
i    I
IMI. hs    .. . ■ .
,i  iti.„l nn
i   ;   .1               -
In."A.'it         I
1   .....    '
.-.v.iv will
1 ■    '      'A
i  i   nn,I   Willi   I i.i,'ill.
Iiii .- I turns
i'        ■
.  .i       ■      .
tho relink milti
■.■'•■ - li
of tl ,'■■'-  "l
v.  Ihr-r,   Their
.  ■
i I "i
I the eo     i iwi
Its VI     '..
the Blood
The Ccst Protection  Against Disease-Ob-
taincd by Using
Rule   For   Rough   Approximation   ol
Weight of Hay—Measurement
of Stack Hay.
For computing tho contents of two
haystacks of given dimensions P. H.
King advises as follows lu Rural New
Rule.—Mean length, times mean
width, times mean In Ight to ihoulder;
plus letisth, times mean height of
ridge aiiove shoulder, times ono-lialf
the mean width at the shoulder equals
tte volume.
88i22ilHt-8,:»l cu. ft. below shoulder.
Kill iljaa 6,016 cu. ft. abucu tauuldcr.
•7x55 ilO - 14,830 cu ft below shoulder
tTxiL'.jiU.j= *,'.".) cu. ft, abovoshoulder
Where the stack has the Inverted V
ihaped top, with the shoulders well
deiincii, it will be Been that the volume above th" shoulders is given by
tho product of tho length into the
height "f ilie ridge above the shoulder
multiplied by one-half the width of the
stack at the shoulder, because, as illustrated In tho Bketch, if the stack:
The Ohio sonato Im* |ii-*ril u bill
abolishing capital punishment for
persons convicted ol murder in the
first degree, except  where conviction
....       1                  .,
1  1 n fe.    •
1 lllld
■ ,
. h     i
'    ■    !.
[Ir,  i                  ■
•  .
■  llu
i'   '              n
■  '                            i
■                 .'
ur»*nin\i«sT or ftick hit
were . it down        |      I Ige to the
lei and the hay b lilt ovi r on the
e would be I        ...
flat topped Btai . of half the width of
i.   ' ' as Indica
ted In the draw ng, II tho hi Ight   of
•:    ■     i of  the       ck   above   the
' the width of the
. al tho r and the top In
very rounding sn that the contour of
a cross rly a half
circle, ns In Hi al  l by the dotted semi-
ence In the di wing, the volume above th will he more
nearly  given   multiplying  the  vol-1
• omp ited the other way by I..
1416 or by 3 1-7 and then dividing the j
reault by two, As a matter of fact, the
true volume usually lies between that
given by A" two methods, but nearer
to tho Drat, and a-: the top of the
Btach is Ioobi Bt and ofti n mosl damaged ih" I ll t method Is usually the
best to adopt If 'his hay Is rulher
coarse alfalfa, arc! especially If It h?.s
Bi' ho I ll ng to ■ ".". iho mean volume of n '"'i i ■ llki ly "i i"' ni' ve
rather than bcl tv :• i0 cubic f. et, mid
bi in., li si rather than mora than
'... ■' ■ ten :m. I forty-six tons ro-
i . ttvi".-. ir ",, ; ay was stacked
rather greet II ro ild pack .loser
than If stacked dry and would weigh
uifre per unit volume.
Ill'llllllllt   I  <T   I'll,...
The merits of ilIITi rent bedding materials were tested quite thoroughly at
the Maryland stnl on last winter. II
was found that ihe cheapest material
win snwilu*t oi :'■ cents por load,
allowing ul.*', DO cents fur hauling,
Al t twelve |' "li :> - f sawdust per
' v were needed when the cows were
kept In tlie stable ill lhe time, The
best absorbing material was wood
shavings, which, however, cost $0 per
■ i, making the cosl per year ji si per
cow, Oood stovi r os I Id ogcost $3,00
I •■: cow, requiring four pounds n dny,
und uncut wheal itrnw required live
pounds mlny and c isi *i 13 per year nt
■ • ; er t ni    1 i on Is that
-  - ..     I ' I
,ii'.        .'.. ■    e It will bl
• ■ ■!.  ii ki i'' the  iwi
elrancr than nnytli ng else tu I     .1
.: " only objection
'   t It carried    i much tuuUturs
dim P'
*hall be for a   second offence
lltouso passed nn   aiiti-cigmotto
I tihich originated in that body.
Due to   Poor,  Weak Blood—Dr.
liams' Pink Pills will
Insure a Cure.
I Neuralgia i* the surest    sign
your who!" *t*'"iii is weak nud unstrung.   Those sharp, stubbing pains
arc canned hy your  i [led    nerves,
Hut your nerves would nol be
ii your blood tin* pure nud strong.
\ ou i.r.'; cure ni'ii akin ly liniments
. i dot applications, Thev mny t*'-
lieve for a uiomenl but thej enn't
possibly cure. Vou cun never cure
i until vmi "inirli your blood
■    ich *   starved nerves with
Dr, Williams' l'ink l'ills. They nctti-
al!) n. ho new bl »tl Tin y soothe
iln nerves ami str, ngtlii n the whole
system, They strike ri :hl nl the
cause "I agonising neuralgia, Mr.
John MiDi'i'iuiitt. Hum! Mead, Out,,
says: "As the resell ol ., wetting, I
was *,i,'.,'.l with jiiiiii- in nil parts ol
I c"ii*'ili"il ii doctor, who
'"i'l me the trouble was neuralgia.
II" treated mc foi son e tiim
ii"' In Ip me,   I hud "iiiii  1 "i Ih
William*' l'ink l'i!-. and decided to
nt them, By ti"' time I hud taken
three Ini*,"-. there h n n . oi '1 in -
remeiil in my ense, and nfter I
Imi tnken ten boxes, ovi ■ nclu
pnin hnd disnpjicnred,  I hud   | aim d
■ • and I- h I'"' r in every
ii.iy. I th.ill always have n good
ivonl i'i mi im Di Williams' l'ink
\\ hen the blood i* po ir, tlic nerves
..i" stnrvi'tl i il eu    comes    m
:. St. \ on*     -im". pnrnlysis
"'"i' ataxiu.    til
hies ni" cured by Ur. Willimns' l'ink
l'i      ■ ■   , .  i ■ ike tin
rich, red south,
the starved  iiravi
li I    ever;     .    t ol    tin
body,   That is why tin
I      tl'Ollllll
mini ! i-oi pelis,      inili-
.n. in*   oi
;i"'i "it; . llul    ymi
must    • ■ ■ tin
in..     I"    ;'. 1'ii     l'ills   lo
l'ul" 1'eopli
li in doubt, write llie Dl
tt Medii ii o   Co., B
II ' and the pills will be sent by
'"•nl al 5(1 cents |" r Imx. in' .*is
b ixes for ■*-:'.-A. h you nre ailing,
try 11,mn in-liny.
"What we want in ranaea to-oay
and In future, Is a nation of honest
true, temperate, God-fearing, united
and, I need hardly say, lust, but n il
least, loyal men and women, loving
their country, respecting each oth-r's
views, living In harmony and havlh.s
for their motto the words of tho wlsi
man: 'Righteousness exalteth a nation, but sin is a reproach to any pc,
Lots of people go bump because they
nre laboring under the delusion that a
bookmaker aud bis money ure soon
Sometimes when a man tries to tuke
tlmo by the forelock be gels butted
Into the uiiildlsi of uext week.
If we had a land In which weather
was made to order, ihere is no danger
but what we would tiud somethiug to j
kick about
If we could just make the hoy think
that cigarettes were medicine hs
couldn't be hireil to touch ouo of them,
So Tiii>r ll.*.
"Some men aro horn great." Ten, b t
gracious, how some of them do shrink!
-London Tit-lilts,
need but n brief introduction^
D Y"0*L A—1,1° d)*o that i„'our8
all materials—no rr.ntter how uiixei.
Colours are permanent, rich and lov.
1;..   Positively won't rub oil' oi fade.
Mr*. E. Creouier, Burlington, N". S,,
writes :—
DY-O-IiA Joes not  wash out like
other dyes," (
There're no acids or poisons in
HV 11 i.a to barm tha tiood. I'm with
common salt.
Card A home-dyed colours sent on receipt of '.''■. stamp. Address, the John-
ton Richardson Co., Limited, Montreal,
A*k your druggist for a package,
enough to dye one-and-ou-hall ;o three
pounds, 10c.
Big Guns On New Cruisers.
Tho armored cruisers   which   are
being built at Clydebank, Fall; • .1 an I
Elswlck for ti," British Govei im. nt
will bo tho most powerfully armed In
the world.
They will each carry four 12-lneh
an 11. a 9.2.1.- h;. u ll ma* '
eJ whether Buch a gun power eaa be
ici mmodated or a displace!
say, lii.OOi) tons, but the n. i nl di vi I-
opment of the battli ship goes to show
that It Is quite possible.
It Is a t" ■      lev. ment for   Sir
I'lilllp Watts ■ ' i Ive us un I
crul r with the Lord Nelson's armament on a i li nt of loss than
that of the battli I
Difficulties of English Tongue.
"It makes warm," said the French.
in in, wiping his 1'iow.
"Vou mean It Is warmed—not It
maki s warm," bo ; I English friend
laughing. "Vou remind mo of tho
Frenchman at the English Alpine Club.
"This Frenchman said enthusiastic-
ally to a red-faced, stout Englishman,
wlih calves as big as barrels:
"'Ah, you have climb zo Matter-
horn? It Is a foot to be proud of.'
"'Pardon me,' tho Englishman returned. 'You dou't luoau foot. You
mean feat.'
" 'Ah.' said the Frenchman, 'you
climb her more mn on:« 'i-la?'"
Tlie COW 'Ilm. I'"! s.
.. ... r ownei tl pet
: I     I     I lodging li i
lei and       i res est
. i■ ■■  ■ owl and many
* even iu'iP.' Profitable <t 0—1
Richness of Ontario's Hinterland Pic
li'red Before tho Empire Club.
The T r into En ; re Club al n reeenl
luncheon he   I   n excel enl addr. •* "r,
".mr Northern II. rliag. " by Mr. .; li(
Kirkpatrick,  Director of Burveyi (oi
Ontario, wl ose vs t  experlen ■
the north, rn regions of thi* provlnc*
gave        exceptional     trees of Infor-
in ill ci up n tlm subject,   Bi f to
Ing upon the -i eaker   I the day Pi f
I'lark, tlm i! t ", ii, n ad lo Ine     *
levi d( the C
poem from which .Mr. Chan        n -
Pently ipi ,(oi*, as noted  in  ll
■;   ;  ■ Prof. I    rk revealed thi
I. in a of i ." auth ir, Ri v, F. O, B iotl
of Quebi '■
Mr.   Kirkpatrick   went   b.T'lt    fail
"■I  igh to trace thi (the nt u
' Is, and il,.'"i quoted I
lutes and i reclamations whii h ' irmcd
the 1   .- i rli    (Ontario oxi   ■
atlons of 11  h id revealed
"ii I an unbro. n   irel h ol e i 4
farming land, comi rl I 1",0 lOf
seres,   - i ; iai In area lo the .       n
'   '    : .'■     I    I ll i  C   mi ■
of York, i reports of the surveyor!
"h wi .1 Ihal thi clli ito '■• not cs
cesslvely     I nor i to the rip
ening of crops,   1 li
000 feet of pine, and sufficient pulp-
wood to pi  luce an annual >-     i   I
Onlnr" i- : , ti '-" miles f foi I
resei t apart. Thero was also prob-
bly a : ■   ■
posits In proportion l ;  .
limn In ai i  ■    -   iuntry In tho world
■ '   ■  It wi ro an a ■ j
a   ;' ve ■■  :. .. d.' of I,
I ;    . :■    i *'
■   II
n one remei
..... i
t would be
-   . '' Ir. Klrki
:' '
'    '
..... | |
-I  ■    . I  ■■     ■
end," ho  Ihtsr.
La Grippe
Twelve times and out!
Doctors say that La Gkiitic
will come two or three years
more and disappear again
I'or 50 years. It lias a
periodical run of 12 years,
Each time it comes it is
worse than the time before.
This time La Grippe is
prophesied to have terrible
neuralgic and rheumatic
pains as a symptom and
afterclap. These pains are
the most excruciating—
worse than the rack and
torture, Avoid La GRIPPE,
prevent La Grippe, or cure
La Grippe, by taking the
specific, scientific remedy
Soli! hr sll Prtii-B-!.!., f.*r tl -*•> bORU,
AntiKSas. "Bunipl- Pop!. M "
Dr. T.  A. 6LOCUM,  Limited
1'i.i.a a'd LaSbonteriH
178 KlntfSt Wobt,      .       TOBONTO
WTicn the bread or calic or pastry
comes Irom thc oven light, crisp
I tad appetising, you arc wont to
lay you have hid good luck with
your baking.
r   The "good luck" idea is a relic
of the lime when housekeepers pitted
their competency against poor flour.
To-day good baking isn't a matter
'of good luck in any home where
Royal Household Flour
It Intelligently used.
In the hands of competent house.
'wives it never fails because it is the
whitest, lightest, purest and best
baking flour to be had.
If the goodness of your baking U
due to chance, your grocer is giving
you the wrong kind of flour. Mi
for Ogi'.vie's Royal Household.
Ogllvie Flour Mill, Co., Ltd.
"Onllvle's P.o„k for n Cnok," con.
Iniiis 130 inv's of excellent rei!"'*,
sumo never published before.  Your-
grocer cau tall you how to get it F1AK.J
la Your Leisure Time
If you could start at once in a business which wouM add h good round
sum to your preient earnings—WITHOUT INVESTING A DOLLAR—Wouldn't
you do it ?
Well, we are willing to start you in
a profitable buitneil and we don't ask
you lo put up any kind of a dollar.
Our proposition Is this: We will
ship you the Cha.ham Incubator and
Brooder, freight prepaid, and
You Pay No Cash Until
After 1906 Harvest.
r.iultry rnisioi- pays.
People who tell you that there is no
money in raising chicks may have Irietl
to make money In tho business by using
lettinj; hens ns hatchers, »ntl they
might ns well hate trieJ lo locale a
gold mine In the cabbage patch. The
bu.ine.s of a hen Is—to lay eggs. As
a hatcher and brooder sh*.' is outclassed. That's '.ho business of the
Chatham Incuhator and Ilrooder, and
they do it perfectly and successfully.
'1 he poultry buslnesr, properly conducted, pays far better thun any other
business for the amount of time and
money invested.
Thousands of poultry-raisers—men
and women all over Canada and the
United States—have proved to Iheir
satisfaction tint ll is profitable to rai.e
chicks with the
Ke. I- 10 E'(l
No. J—IM E||*
'....].:: :,'.;i
"Vonra lithe drat Incubator I hars
UM and 1 ttj-i, in .tat- l had SI
1 , ki "ii "f '.' "ret 'I'lil. was mr
tint I'll; truly nl'*, per cenl. hatch.
I am well i'li'it-i"t ttl'.li my Incubator
and brooder, Tuna. Mc.N'atauiuN,
ChuUwaok, n.c.'1
"My flr.t hatch came otf. Irl
lltl tine chicks Irom IKJ ,'iiirt. « bo
can boat thnt I".- the Brat trial, and
■a early In the s|.rlr,|(. 1 am well
pleasea "Uli Iniiibator, and II I
could nnt avt another ttioncy could
not buy ll [rum ms. Every fnrin.r
should have a Sn. 3 Chatham In.-u-
b.tcr.-t. W. ltiusav, tiuunrtUa,
"The Ineubatoryotl lurnlshed ma
wnrks eirsMdlnglr well, lt Is es.llr
oiieraic'l, and only neoil. about IU
minute, attentlnn every day.  IC
ill,   ri It, .\l   .,-aI JlW, al- ..."
The Chatham Incubator and Brooder
i. honestly constructed. There i. no
humbugatunitit. Kveryinchofmaterial
I. thoroughly tested, the machine is
built on right principles, Ihe in.ulation
is perfect, thermometer reliable, and
lhe workmanship Ihe beat.
The Chatham Incubator and Brooder
il simple a. well as scientific In construction—a woman or girl can operate
the machine in their leisure moment..
Vou pay us no cash uniil after 1906
Send u. your name and address on
a post card to-day.
We ran supply ymi Quickly rrnm nnr
ftlatrltiutlni wnri'hi.tiaM st Calgary. Hran.
,: in li.a-.na. WlnnlpeJ, Sew \\ ,..tmln.ter,
11 -.1 '.iieal.H.tllfas.Chatliam. Ailiirc
all tinte.l'Oi.'lol.io to Cbatlialu. Ill
n> Hanson Campbell Coa.uoiiied
Factories nl CuaTiim, OST., and Lithoit.
Let us quote you prices
on a ij'Miil liiiiiiiiiii Mill
or il'iiiil Farm Scale.
.... ting eclipse ol llio
•1. in I,- future mil i"' thai
.,1 i'i .I. ■ • 1  11   ll   1
ii, In. 1.1' ire I.'  tho Hi    II
ll   „.'   Im ndilctl    Inton
' ,    I.ii-.Ihi .1   il' III      ll 111 1 1 1
I   ■   .   , .      II     ' ild 10 11 total
bill   ii.'    1 l'i    '■
i ly about im 1 ■.    ■
he llritisli I     nib!*       rornmonl
libis i,,.l."l -.'•j','1'i im 1,
\2\r r*j u No B72 THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, 15. C.
Now He's Perfectly Healthy and Able
to Work—Gives all the Credit to
the Great Canadian Kidney Remedy.
Wanella, Assa., N.W.TA-V™')-
Ciircil of Kidney Disease that hail
laid him up lor over n year. Mr. Geo.
Bartleman, a well-known man hero,
1* loml iii his praises oi Dodd's Kidney l'ills, lor to them and to nothing
else bo claims ho owes i>.   euro.
"Yes, 1 bud Kidney trouble," Mr.
Barilt'iiiaii says. "I hail puins in my
back and in other parts of my body
nnd though tho doctor did whal he
could lor me, I grew worse until 1
wns unable to work.
"Then I started to Ink" Dodd's
Kidney l'ills, and 1 took them all
winter and summer while I was uniibli
to work. I took ill nil twelve boxes,
and now I am perfectly healthy, My
pains are all gone nnd 1 am able to
work, I heartily recommend Pmld's
Kidney l'ills to all sufferers Irom Kidney Disease."
Dodd's Kidney l'ills always cure the
Kidneys. Healthy Kidneys strain ull
impurities, all .-ceils ol disease, out of
the blood. That's why Dodd's Kidney l'ills euro such u wide range of
diseases including Brigllt'a Discaso,
Itlieiiuiutism and Urinary Troubles,
aiutl al Baptlama,
Gifts to infauts at their baptism are
of ancient origin. Formerly Uie spon-
aors generally offered gilt spoons to
the child, These spoons wero culled
apostle spoons because the llgures of
the twelve apostles wero curved nt tho
top of tbe bundles. Hlch sponsors
gave the complete sot of twelve, whllo
for those who were not so opulent four
wus considered the proper number,
and poor sponsors would content Ihem-
aelvea with offering one. In the hitter
ense the handle of the spoon generally
exhibited the figure of any saint in
honor of whom the child received Its
mime. It Is iu allusion to this custom
that when ('raniuer professed to be
unworthy of feeing spousor to the
young prl'lrtll Blmkeijeirt malt.«« the
klug reply.
Come, conr, my Ion,
You'd spare your spoon*.
Tlie mug or spoon end fork offr-rlns
of tbe present day appears as u very
debased survival of a really beuutiful
christening offering.
For 33 Years
Shiloh'. Cowuoptioo Cure, tha Luc,
Tonic, bu been belore Iho public, in.
llu,, tof-ther will, the im I ihal its uio
hue atradily incased you by yeu, it th,
best proof ol tbe mail ol
bi i cure for Cxughi, Colli, and tl
cW-ua of tlic lungt and nu puuget
Thow who hive u*w Shiloh would nol
be without it, Thoie who ha« nera
used it ihould bow thnt every bottle ii
twld with t [-"Uaivc guarantee >lut, if il
.doeu't cure*you, tlie dealet will rcfuac
what you paid for it   Shiloh
Has Cured
A Visitation.
Now come the Iall elections.
Borne Btatca havo 'em,
And .onie, moro favored by Providence,
Miss 'em.
It Is a good miss.
Onca In two years Is enough
To try to convince tho de*.- onei
And your mother-in-law *
That you are crazy.
State, that used to havo 'e:l
Once a year
As regularly as ngus
In a swamp country
Have cut '. in out
And survive the operaUoa
Very nicely.
This Idea ot saving the couatr-  .
Too olten
Is all wrong. '■
It would be all right
If the country appreciated bo'ig
Hut It iln.'.n'L
Tbe reward
Is totally Inadequate to tho labor.
About all a man gets out of lt
Is a cheap cigar
And a head next morning.
Don't worry about iho counts
ll cun save Itself.
Slia Wanted Ho.e.
"I would like to see soma hose," began the girl lu tho polo hat In a Twen-
ty-tblrd street store, and before she
could get In another word the floorwalker had elbowed her across the
aisle and given her In tharge of n fluffy
haired younr; man 'r. a sapphire shirt.
"Hose?" he repeated rapidly. "Yes,
miss. Will you have white, black, tan
•r dresden blue, ul11- embroidered
Uill, all silk, openwork, Clock.vork,
drop stltch"-
"Wlll you please lit rue speak!"
■napped tbe girl.
"Let you speak? ft*hy, certainly,
miss, but I tell you"—
"Don't tell me anything. I want gas
And she turned on her heel ind
walked away.-Ncw York ijlobe.
General llooth said at Kxeter Hall
tt.'it mie iii I.i**. eherished dreams was
the establishment oi u university ol
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria,
In lS"-i the number of cigarettes
smoked in Austria per head "i population in 1876 was two, and in 111115
u  ii.i* lid.
Xiiii'ty-oni' Cinnamon's bodies pack
ed in zinc cases wore shipped irom
Beattie for Hong-Kong.
A strike of 300,000 coal miners in
the United States looms inevitabl
ou April 1.
The St. Louis police ar,. on a eru>
fade against profanity and   indecent
1        ne.
Sunlight Snap is better than o.her
Roups, hut Is host when used In the
Sunlight way. liny Sunllpht Soap
and follow directions.
Japan uill make grants ol bonds
amounting to t.15,000,000 in recognition of servile.* rendered during tho
They are n powerful Nerviline.—
Dyspepsia causes derangement the
nervous syste i nml nervous '!■■ lility
unci' engendered i- dilhciilt to deal
with. There are many tcstimi ml*
us to the efficacy ut I'.n n eli e *
Vegotable Pills in treating this
disorder, showing   that   they   n.-er
fail to produce -a I n -ul'-.   Hy pit
im: proper tune to the digestive ir-
gans, they restore equilibrium to tbe
nerve centres,
MII.I) IN riEHl Al'TlOS.-l'ar-
niclee'i Vi golable Pills are very mild
in iii-ir action. 'Iney do not cause
griping in thc "torn uli or t--i.ii*-.. dis-
tiirliiiiici'i there a* so many pills do,
Tberctoi i' i most delicate can take
them * ..unlit leal of unpleasant results Thoy inn. too, be administered
'" ihildri i without imposing the pen-
u'm,* which follow the use of pills not
so carefully prepared,
llioili.tnil, ol lbs nod nhtfuule eats, ol
Coughs, Cold, ud Lung uoubl-a, Lol il
cure you.
"Ua wmlet I I'liiaA! fof lbs*, pmnlla ud
lAiahi 1 wa, Kin. bio Ccauunptioa. I look all
art., of nads-jn-s. lull MUun. oal nt. ur pod
uaiil I uaol SliaUi'a I iai,uri['l,.n Cure rwif
l.ailrt end ase. Ii.a winter 1 I.a I . >ef, bad
cold, wal ..S ft 1« at ai-al, mis- lunui Wfi. as,
oo tba* ode and tad. Sii bcstlc. d SuaJi madia, wall ajaiti. 1 liar, ip.-n il lo MTtfal POopl*
aad me om .1 lhan ha*. Uu cisraa.—D.
W. Si I Iratwha, Qt»" *>,
25c  wilh   gturulee   .1 oil dnsguti
Lost Opportunity.
"What wan ho duiug wheu his mother
licked him?"
"I suppose he Is crying with righteous Indignation."
"No, be is sore because be hadn't
been lu some tnoauneaa If be bad to get
the llckiu' anyway."
A white mink Im* beon capturod at
Itoberval, Que., by Mr. Henry Porter.
It is n line specimen, considerably
above tbe avorage size. Tho animal
is ii very rare one and is regarded
very valuable tur show purposes. Its
lur is much liner than that of its
brown brothe *, its claws are shorter,
and it* iiu*o iiniii' pointed. Also, us
in most albino*, tlie eyes me pink.
lit ei Lilly nr internally it is guml.—
When applied externally by brisk
rubbing. Dr. Thomas1 Ecleetrio Oil
opens, the pores ami penetrates tho
tissues a* few liniments do, touching
the seat ut the trouble and immediately affording relief, Administered
internally, it All -till the irritation :,i
the throat which induces coughing
uml mil cure affections ol tlie bron-
i-hiul tube* and respiratory organs,
Try it ami l,e convinced,
Boy. ami Hnllm.n.. ,
The French schoolboys bad recently
to puss a government examination at
the close of the primary course. The
Invention of balloons wns the subject
given. 'Balloons were Invented," wrote
one boy, "by the brothers Montgolflcr,
who were raper milkers. They took a
largo balloon and filled lt with paper.
They then set light to the paper, ond
tlic bnlloon went up," Another boy Included a treatise ou ballast In bis essay, with disastrous consequences,
"When the aerostats, such being the
name given to men who ride In balloons, wish to come down Ihey fetch
some saud and gravel nml put It In tha
bnlloon. The latter Is thus rendered
tienvler and more elongated," A pithy
statement made is, "The aeronaut
places himself within the balloon, the
basket being used for provisions."
A Rural Tragedy.
A farmer lost a cotv In a peculiar
manner last week, says The Smith
Fails N'etvs. The animal. In rummaging through a summer kitchen, lound
and dov aired an old umbrella and several cakes of yeast. The yeast, fermenting In the poor b-ast's stomach,
raised the umbrella, and the cotv died
.,i great agony.	
Much Easier.
"He made a killing ut tbt race tracli
"Ileal money?"
"Ob, no; Just mosquitoes."
ts the mother's need in caring
Ii,'.ilib ill ber little ones a* n<
The Canadian Northern interesis
it ill a*lt parliament next session foi
in bridge the Rainy Uiver near Foil
Princess Henry ol Battcnburg laone
ol the most iiccompllshed members of
the royal family, .She paint* well, i*
n good judge of nit. collects rare old
la.i' with all the acumen of a connoisseur, nud in addition is a clever
:ini-it'.il composer und ., ■,. m.- pian-
i -te.
Aii attempt i* being made 'o iap-
press the habit   ol eating   clay mil
bricks, which i- provalent anioi the
natives ol India.
Minard's   Liniment Cures  Garp,e:  ir,
If Is not necessary to tell ill r*
know, but It Is necessary to know al,
Vi tell.-Bohlller.
It* Tlmo to Sorl Her Mall,
"Tho ways of women are beyond the
comprehension of uiero man," said ber
companion as after purchasing lur
stamps at Uie general postofllce eh*
carried her mail to the nearoat pott
box. "Will you kludly explain why
you did that?"
"Simply because I hadn't time to sort
my mull Into 'Letters, Newspaper) and
Packages, Foreign, Ilotncatlo, New
York City' and n few dozen othe «ub-
divisions aud then walk trend that
monstrous building to Iind the propel
drops for the various nrllcles," i!*p K
piled, "It takes time, patience nr.i ingenuity to post anything In tlie general
postollice, and 1 don't possess ti..y ot
those things, (live me tbo plain, uncomplicated letter box for practical
And or course he remarked tli.it that
wus just like a  ttuuiuu.
Strength ,*nd
price lo not always i.> together
-for lush . .   .ou
' cigar.
The smid toy
thinks there .s
• ouie [omponia>
tion In living in
a desert, ns no
switches grow
lt takes a lot of nerve mil gull to
boost yourself and knock the other fellow nt the same lime, but uiauy men
pi. j iu; gnuie thai way,
A Practical Bolintllt
In a lecture before the Royal Institute In London, an English scientist
Showed a new exact way of timing the
bulling of ''Ci.**. Tii" egg *ta* su-prnd-
ed fem the beam "f a pair of scal-s
nnd dipped In a pnn of bailing water,
The sand from * trickled
into the scale which hung from the
other end of the beam until the egg
was cooked. Then the weight of ihi
sand lilted the egg "lit of 'he sauce-
DMt and rang an electric bell
tor the in-
other medicino In the world can. llie
Tablets cure constipation, indigestion, colic simple levers, diarrhoea,
teething troubles and expel worm),
Thoy break up cold* and prevent
croiip. They make children sleep naturally and' healthily,   becauso   they
remove tho cau t sleeplessness. And
they are tho only medicine that givi
the mother a solemn guarantee that
it contain* no   opiate or   poisonou
soothing stuff,    They are   good   lor
children from birth onward; they al
ways do   good—they cannot possibl*
ilii'hariii.   Mrs, ii"". Turner, Barry'i
Day, Out., says:"! have used Baby'i
Own Tablet* for the   troubles   that
cniiio to little om'* with perfect sat
Isfaction.    1  think there is no medicine can equal tb" Tahlots."   Ever
mother ouglil to keep a box "f thes
Tablets in the house a* a safeguard
for her little onca,   Sold by all druggists or sent by moil Bl 25   cents   a
fox   by   writing   The l»i   Williams'
Medicine Co.. Brockrille, Out.,
Mike—01 hear yea wor' folned f.uve
dollars fer aasaultlu' SlcDooley. I'at-
01 wor', an' it wor' a proud moinlnt
whin ui hurril th' sintince, b'gorryl
Mlke-I'fwhat's th' raysoii nv thot?
Pat—Faith, un' it shotv'il which uv us
bud Ul' best uv th' CODtlSt
The Kiii-cr. who   I* u well   grown
man.  i* overtopped by thc
, mproas,   I uitor   Emanuel "i    Italy
M.ii,i..ly riaches up to the shoulders
ol   1,1 ICI ll   lllll'll".   and   King   i ; arli ■
i,i Portugal i* overtopped by bis
queen, Inn makes up in rotundity
tt bat lie lack
Their Complete Home Cure.
Post Free to Readers ol This Paptr.
for Limited Period Only.
A handsome Illustrated treatise,
giving full description of Ithc'imailtm
.nil Paralysis, with Ins'ructlnn) for
'.i Inline cure, leicrlblng tht
most successful treatment In tht
world, recommended by the Ministry
and "ii'l'irsi-d by medical men. Thli
highly Instructive book was    written
by W. ll. Velio, a gentleman who hai
lal . ly of these dlioat-
is. The preface Is by a grnduato of
the L'nlverilty ol Wurtxburg. Send
postal to-day and ynu will ri'celve tht
book free by return.—Address. Tht
Veno Drue Compauy, 24 Klug Strut,
West Toronto.
nal.i*    up  in
- in height,
A bottle of Pickle's Anti-Consumptive .Ai'ip. taken according to direction., „iil subdue u cough iii ii short
nine, 'ihi* issortii ..I" ... verified
by iinni'tcdi who havi tried It and
me irinased to hear testimony to its;
n lit*, -ii that all may ill II, what a
splendid medicine it i*. li coiti you
ml.- 23 tents to join the rank ol tbe|
many 'iho have been benefited by itlj
Use. I
Don't SI ile a„,l Toil und Jump aad
Kiel,- „n In,nni.
What does tlie nervous mother ask
herself in momenta when nervei are
„ noil by pain or i ereicltemont of
a"'   ..ind'/   "licit!1  ibe chiefly d*
iii.ii. ll,    "Leave  Del    Let      hive
iulet, darkneii, freedom f om effort"
We accord thc nervous uaby exactly
opposite treattiieiit   We OUSWet us If
entreated: "Hock mol Toss mel Bbaki
rattles at mel sing to me, about, lump
m mel   Bhow me a light—i n thing
to keep me awake and excited I . IU
ilitloti takes n strong bold In '.hi "!.'•
ery. lt is voted cruel Indifference to
let a bt by cry," iaya Womon'a Life.
TI.e very mother who best rc'Cim'"*
the value of "n good cry" In enlmiiig
her own overwrought feelings can least
make up hi r mind to nlljw the same re-
,,t ■ ;i to the baby for whose nervotfi
con lltlon ihe probably is entirely to
blame, The tiny baby'i frctfu
as a rule, purely physical and cipi il
ly dependent on overexcited ni rvei.
Any mother who win allow her ba y
I . i row Ar at least si*, ini'iitlis of Its
life in a reitful atmosphere, abao
lub ly unitln ulated beyond III n itural
pace of development, will bare f I fof
thought i;. ; ring her result* will
those of lhe more common training.
As lo the Nina.
"She sings like a bird."
"Hub," said tlie KOtter, "a crow U I
A really good man Is ono who can
lay menu thlugl and wou'L
The fellow who don't have the headache lhe next morning dou't bavt to
lie ubout It
We are Inclined to think that moniy
Is time when we b "k al tbe wrinkled
aud decrepit old millionaire!,
Himmer blows, steadily to-
plied, break the hardest rock.
Coughing, day ifter day, jars
ind tears the throat and lungs
until the healthy tissues give
way. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
stops the coughing, and heals
thc torn membranes.
"I .ts-.-. Sea* Am', rVrrt fa-Sartl Is
tb. bo'l..    It .1.., |a>f!er, I.U.I wS.twaM
..., .1'.,..-•■ rl •'' i >'I -Ol). I ...
i..'- It I"' k f" al "ia.. ..art an. ¥i Snff*
, .' . ■ llaa SI..I ' itiia... ..I,.
H-aU.r'.O ,,.   ' •.!.. i.
Ala. —*   I..I-,,... af
>     •t.-.PilUIX
LIL I o u.iiiooi
"nigstar's manager baa promised to
give ii presentation of that comedy of
mine,"  said  lie  Liter,  "but  I doa't
know when it's to come off."
'■Probably tbe ui'.-ht after It't^ '
on,"    lueiested    brlttlcl*.
Vou lami'it b" happy   while   you
hare co-ns.   Then il" not delay   in
. ni   lliillii'.int'-   Corn
Cue    It removes all kinds ol corns
I iiii.   failure with it i* uu-
I'-.i  William H. Holmes   i
ogisl 11 the Smithsonian Institution,
I ,,i ii nny nl the col-
lei i Ainei'ic intiquities in the
ii • • .'i i1'' lion, "' i" in uie in ■
im . ., factor* in tin city ol
Mexico, They embraci pci imoai of
ancient Mexican pottery.
Couldn't Foresee lb
Rainier Beer
Is u glorious beverage—quenching ami satisfying, j
Remember ilicrc-'s no other " just as good "—insist on getting Rainier,
Pacific   Bottling  Works
Vancouver, B. C.
Thoroughbred Seeds Z Great West
Perfect development.     We aro many times over tlie largest
growers   of   Manitoba  grown Vegetable Seed.
''    SEED GRAIN—We   distribute the seed throughout the West
for "The Orange Jtidd Farmer,"    In The Great Million Dollar-,
Contest.   We Know, we Have,we Do what we say. Catalog free
221 Market St.
Imperial   Maple Syrup
Alsavaftyav   Ssttlatfasotory
Ask yeur dealer lor Imperial Maplt Syrup.  De not allow him to aubitltute
an Inf-rlor article because It la obiiaper.
"Have yon lunrtl the latest?"
"No.  1 illdu't kuow It was out yet"
aV'ilou.ni'.i. constipation retarrl t —
tvs .ei-. Curt Uioso with Aysv'a PUla.
The Nova Scotia    Lui ; ■ i   Kinn
"I   comider    MINARD'S    LINI-
tll.U the in 81 linii en! in um,
1 nut inv foot batll* jai	
ly    I bathed II Ml with MINARD'S
I.INIMKNT and it   tin* ai   wa-ll   a'
0VOI   lu At  il.it
\     - very truly,
I   i,   MAIi l.l.liN.
Tfpas  nl  Old   *V„rlit   ,u.,t,,..
ft li iahl that when artlita are seey.
Ing for ii. ■. for ln'U'ity and
symmetry nf fig i ■ i■ ■ 11 tl •■ I rla
of S|.:ilii, v.1 o the d illghters Of rural
Ireland are a to 11 a The pretty
facci and graceful throats me found
ntiiuiig Ei ■ em. A model foi
I perl   i nnu would be toil [bt for
i Indlea, while a lady of
the Turk I be
aa tl," i r of a 'l ■ ■/ ly i om>
mendnble ll    it i i re usui ily
Hood In i • o of I
i ■ i roportton.
is], ni" .'.        ■      ■ ■■  ■
ninny Italy, I'n -. . < i rule,
in nol ■        i and
i for i '.whllo iii-
id fi  i   ri
' ■ ■ ..-
LoUilou M .u i.ii'l.
The Manitoba (jam Adjusters
Collection and Claims
Collect accounts In all parts of Manitoba.
Undertake thu Collection of all Claims for bhort or damaged freight,
etc Investigate and Collect all claims for persunal injariei
atook killed, or Ctspa destroyed by fire.
If yeu have a claim of such a nature, write us for our
terms, Our Mirnger tvus for 5 years connected with tho Legal end
Special Servioo Department of tbe C. P. R, and will give all claims hi.
peisoaal attention.        ^_____^^___^_
Breast Bones ol Poultry.
The blea that roostlns on a pnla or
room cauies crooked breast bones In
young poultry ha* 1 in- an exploded theory. One experienced poultry-
raiser tells us that after a great deal
of invesiluotlon he has found that
crooked breast bom-n result from the
lack of proper bone building food ami
not from roosting mi a perch. Laat
year he conducted a little experiment
of his own.
nno p"n r,f pur» bred Plymouth
Rocks was f"l n rail n of bone and
meat ni"a! mixed with other feed once
i day iii d anothi r t" n was given no
bone-bu I ns- I i i v-c), pens had
roosts, while a third pen was without
roi-sts and was f"l n" tftec-bulldiug
food   The pen lhat received Ihe buna
lowed   ii"   Blgns   "f   crooked
bre lit bones, while tho majority of tb"
r ■      pen   we i  affi     d   il" ,"ii
cludei that li .   tone fo id and not the
of I     ts II.nt 1,' •;-- the breaat
bone straight.—Chicago Inter-Ocean,
Minard's  Liniment Cures Colds, etc.
Oh-Unitc cases of malaria that hs**-,
wlthsto d ocean voyagei, mountain
heights and quinine dosing are laid to
have i ■ "ii '"o.uu. rod by lyatematlo and
continued walking. VCU.a the malarial
patient wants most lo do Is to alt Indoor*, nurse hi* aohei and pains or io
lie .I tvn and doze. Advocates ef the
walking cure maintain that fresh air
I- an antld"te not only to the malaria
Itself, but of the blues, which usually
iny It. Their advice to the Buffer, r I* to dress up warmly If the
weather Is damp or rainy and go out
to wallC Wear llannel n.-xt to tht
skin, ft ut shoes and featherweight
rubbers, a rain coat and a flniplo hat
If It it warm, dress lightly, but carry
a ttrip to throw around tho shoulder**
against drafts and too rapid cooling
off. . . -i
Well si„, ur.l.
"They say the Widow l.onggreen can
think of nothing but money,"
"Well, she hai a remarkably well
■locked mind."
"lei, n iiillliun and a quarter In bank
stock at 980 above par."—Cleveland
Piuin Dealer
Minard's Liniment Cures  Distemper.
What ■>ur dtlllht
It I. to nit
AnJ t!r*..m at nlRht
You've m.'tilo a ML
Ton Hffl luccrmi f
Within your (trip       '
Anil rtthcr k ii hi
Hi.. ■ j ■ -a Hill trip.
t* p ehimfny leapt
Thi  ■ •    kl :k |]nm«|
Thf k fl h -it ■ i" pi
Inl i your frunti
■      ;   '
| iyi nuifmrntJi
Nor I
in di' v contont
A •■      vmir nltfht       t
a i   len •'!■ m
Of      in bright
;;.••■ >*i it i!" ira,
For you no i
Th« i        nf i    ■:
it n«i i
Tout Ml".mi of toll
v   i •■ • • im*
I'i .      ai writ
V- '  :' ,rn<y—
Oh, nit. nit, nit!
B i
. ■   , ■■ di "i brota
a ■!       one* i
(low up In 'nior.,\
STOO   it
Rvery drink of liquor taken, forcea
the heart beyond the natural beat.
It also causes kidney and liver
troubles- Nerve exhaustion Is one
of iho ailments brought on by even
n.odcrate drinking. Stop at once tbe
use of liquor. K It Inconveniences
you to du thla It Is proof positive
that you have the dlscum, ol Inebriety and need medical help. Tben
seek fur the best aid The Keeley
Cure has restored half a million
people buck to health, prosperity
and hapi'lii"KS Write today lor evl-
deuce and we will provo our clalmi
Address In confidence,
1)1 Osborne St., Winnipeg.
All lie Needed.
\A/   IN   U   No   B7-2J
"Ml g.ve you three wishes," said tha
kind fairy, suddenly appearing to the
"All right." laid the man. "My lirst
--III |„. f,- •• 000,000,000."
"It Is J I," iai I thi fairy, "Now
for Hi" Oil -r two"
"Ob, i.'"" : mind about them," said
the ninn " * k'ucdly. "I'll see to the
rest iuv-.i II I'HE  EXPRESS
We have the best list
of business anil residential properties,
cheap acreage anil all
kinds of houses for sale
anil rent. See us before
The Bank Block.
North Vancouver.
Lots for Sale
50,60,66*132 FT,
fiM WO la USO pr flta
2 Acre Block on Corner
fronting Lonsdale Ave.,
$700 Cash.
T. S. NYE.
Queens & Lonsdale
Hotel North Vancouver.
Rolled Oats
Hay and Feed
Milling Co.
Harry Mitchell, local manager,
Lonsdale Avenue.
E. Sail
M. S. William;
The following are the   guests
registeted at the hotel this week:
G. Robertson, Vancouver,
T. Lineliatn, "
John H. McLean,  "
C. J. Peterson,        "
Miss Livingstone, "
Amy Miller,
H. Hudson, "
S. K. Kohb,
Win. Biu.hl.eld.     "
ti. T. Robertson,   "
11. A. Youdall,
(',. A. Lues,
Win. Auilerson,      "
John 11. Rose,        "
j. K. Grauer,
Geo. Scliou, "
H. Fredrikson,      "
Fred Nash, New Westminster,
C, W: Kirk, Victoria,
Miss F, Earl, Vancouver.
Miss J. Cuflolo,      "
MissB. Blackburn. "
F. J.  Joliiisuii and wife,  New
Boys' Brigade.
Referring to the hoy's rifle
brigade elsewhere in this issue,
several citizens have expressed a
desire to assist the movement lor a
Boys Brigade.-The lirst requisite,
in view of the absolute want ol a
hall lur drill, is to provide some
suitable accomodation. A tent 50
feet.by 21 feet, complete and ready
to be put in place, has been offered
for the sum of S60. and Mr. Philip
offers a temporary location for it
on a vacant lot on Second street,
This tent would he a valuable
purchase for many purposes, particularly forthe autumn exhibition,
The other expenses of ihe company
equipment would be from $i 10
<!2.5o a member. The object is
considered by many worthy 11
hearty support, and the Bank of
British North America has kindly
consented to receive subscriptions
towards it, to be administered by
a committee ol the subscribers to
he hereafter nppointed, The
following subscriptions have
already been promised: A. B.
Diplock, $5; Alex. Philip, tSi J-
A. McMillan, $3.
We notice that First street has
a four-footed ark-angel. We
wonder il the people Ret up when
Gabriel blows Ins born.
Formal and Landscape
Gaadening, General
Draughting and
Blue Printing.
10 Pender Chambers,
Same prices, and in some cases
cheaper than city,
Real [state and Insurance
You will find it greatly to your
'advantage to see me before closing
1 any deal.
The busiest man in town is the
Fred Nash, 0! New Westminster,
was here this week.
C. W. Kirk, oi Victoria, is
Stopping at the Hotel North Vancouver.
Tims. Quann, ot Vancouver,
paid the town a living visit on
Mrs. D. Amscold left on Monday afternoon for Seattle, She
will be absent for several weeks.
Mrs. J. Davis and Miss Lena
Plant, |wiil a flying visit to New
Westminster the early part ol ihis
Has British Columbia any claim
Inr better terms? Too big a
question for the government to
What about the rowing club?
Its about time the members called
a meeting, to fix up a summer
Mr. H. Burns has left for his
native home, Pennsylvania, having
received news of the serious illness
ol his uncle,
Mr. J. P. Symes, who reci ntly
sold his property to D. Amskold,
is now erecting a dwelling on
Fourth street,
Three portable houses arrived
from the Royal City Mills yesterday. Already there are a number
of these cottages erected in the
lt is subterfuge to say that
British Columbia has a surplus of
$260,000, when it owes over Sn,-
000,000. Perhaps it is "high
On Wednesday, a saddle horse,
belonging to Pete Larson, gave a
wild-west exhibition of kicking its
heels high in the air; throwing
Henry Larson to the uroiitul, but
f irtttnately he sustained no injuries.
In all probability, ere The
Express appears again, the legislature will have prorognied. Tin
year 1906 will he noteworthy lor
two great events—the Kuien island
scandal and the Columbia and
Western ileal.
gressive person. It is true that
North Vancouver will be greatly
benefitted thereby, but then the
province as a whole will reap a
thousand fold more benefit.
The council sliould now put the
watering carls in order.
"Pick" McBride should now
till the dear people "what does
not constitute a railway policy'
before he goes home.
Mr. and Mis. Pete Larson, are
tins afternoon touring Stanlej
park, North Vancouver weather
is ideal, but Mr. Larson thinks
that a change will do no harm,
The old governm nit road at
Moodyville, about which we have
had so much lo say in the past,
is, we are pleased to announce,
being put in repair by the government.
Mr. Brooks, the poll tax collector, is busy these days scouring
the municipality for the annual
taxes. He paid Tun EXPRKSS a
visit today, and reports business
good.   He will come again.
The fishing schooner, Kil'.neny,
which has been on the ways lure
for the past two weeks, receiving
a thorough overhauling, was taken
away this morning, Extensive
repairs were also made, anew keel
being one of the large additions to
lhe boat.
Now that spring has made her
presence known—and lelt—the
grounds surrounding the hotel are
being renovated. Large pints of
flowers will be grown, the lawn
will be kept in an up-to-date
fashion, and altogether, the
appearance of the place will be
greatly added to.
The third number of the Daily
Newt, of New Westminster, is to
hand. It is a seven-column eight-
page paper. Its typographici 1
appearance is good and lhe liltt.i-
ptess tlown-to-date. Evidently
lb; Royal City is having a boom,
as evidenced by lhe large an ou it
of advertising the new journal
sun*, off with. Success to tlie
new venture.
I iid you ever see Kim; William
on a white burse? The residents
on Chesterfield  avenue   ilwunht
/ have been instructed to sell a few
pieces of 2 and 3 acres at prices which
will insure, good profits by subdividing.   These pints are all within Will St,
The  North  Vancouver Specialist
llii Cordova Street.
Onlv the best and finest lines kept
in stock, including STEEL BRIGGS',
1).  M.   FERRY'S, and  W.  RAMIE'S.
Your Choice at
McDowell's Drug Store.
Western Corporation, Ltd.
Il.it,('atlli a-ndCI-.cl.ea
Accountants, Auditors,    Plumbing and iinsmith
Uc.il tslale Atjint*.. Inj.
Lumber .mil all kinds o( Biillillncj Material. Contractors and Valuators.
Vic have an Immense amount of Cordwood on hand.   Place -/our orders with
us for thc winter.
412 Hastings Street West, Vancouver, B.C.
they did this morning, but close
Hon. Mr. Tatlow savs that the scrutiny revealed lhe likeness ol
Just Arrived^^
Large Stock of New Fall and Winter Goods
for Suits, I'tints and Overcoats.
I it) Ilns.t iqs St. A, I raw Abbott
CAPITAL, 14,866,666, RESERVE,
Hi-mi Office in Canada, Montreal,
H Stikeman, General Manager; J. Ei.mslv,Supt, ofBranche
Brant lies in llritisli Columbia—Aslicroft, Greenwood,
Medley, Kaslo, Rossland, Trail (Sub Uranch), Vancouver,
Victoria, and Dawson, Y.T.
Savings Depirtment—Deposits received from $1 upwards
Olfin-s, Cor.Lonsdale ».ve, nnd Fsplnnade, Wth Vancouver, 11, C,
Chinese restriction act has been
found to work a virtual exclusion
of the r- ■ from ' is province.
The province
11J05 amounted only to $1,000,
while in 1904 it was |ll58,000.
The agitation for anti-Chinese
legislation started in I SS.-, ami
was consummated in 1905, In other
words, it took 121 years lor the
people of the province to get from
the federal government the law
tiny wanted. Truly, reforms come
The poles for the tramline have
been laid ou Queensbury mail, li
may be mentioned that this driveway is 3jo liet wide, and runs between tlie Keith road and Twenty-
lirst Street, a distance of over a
mile, and lhe electric lim- will run
down the" litre "I it.   Tl uincil
has an offer (or ihi* extra strip nl
road at tin' very low purr ol
(it,000, practically the ,,,.,1 ol
clearing it. This, when pui in
shape, will make one "I the 1 nest
and best speedways on tin- Coast,
And it is now up tu tin pi op "1
lhe plaee In secure it. VailCi nvel
Citv has im speedway, which lact
many regret,
North Vain ei .  ■.  ■ 1     led
among the mi". A llritisli
Columbia, but it is tie onl) one
without a railroad. Ami a railroad
it must have. The plane 1 annol
forge ahead without railwaj con-
. ,nul no snpp 'it-1 if a
government nol willing a tin
s miethiiig towards building .1 railroad lo tie north ol tin. place
ncud ask im- support ol the 1 li tors
here. To buil I 11 line north .aril
liom Burrard inlet is not .1 mere
local proposition, but one that
■■.i'i nppe :l to ih" common sense
' f    .lilt     II:Al llllll'.lli'     llll']     |i|l)
lbrr Larson, seated like the historic warrior, on his way to his
ranch. Mr. Larson is spcndinc.
both time and money al this plaee,
.nul several months from now we
mav expect to hear of the greal
produce he has grown.
Price Ellison, M. P. P., it is
understood, has made an arrangement with the government .to ask
the coin ts at mice to decide
whether the work, rcipiirid In b
done under the Midway .nni
Vernon Railroad charter, was
commenced within the specified
lime. If the decision is in tin
affirmative the government will
keep alive the subsidy. Why was
this not done with the Columbia
and Western charter?
Men say tbey cannot stand paint,
powder make-up cosmetics ol any
kind rn anything 1h.1t many women
use lo make themselves look
fresher than they really me. yi t
they expect women to havi au
ever vnitliful complexion .nul
in ;i r in look lagged nr worn imi.
Tbey relegate In women all the
petty cares "I ilu- household ami
"In 11 li ave thc wife in the morning
in 1 mill the old worn nut: "Now,
coinplcti eh.ms ni domestic
afflictions don't worry."
P. Larson, Prop.
IN BUILDING be sure a.Nd HaVe tHe
place Wired so as to be readY to
connect ON oUr Wire Next spring
M    m  ___________________
B.C. Electric Railway Co. Ltd.
Notary Public.. General Atictiiinoc
Mi7   (.11rdo.11   Srei't,   Vancouver,  B.  C.
An author who desires fame,
An . ditor who doi a not yearn
(or the unknown genius,
A wile who has .i ' ent In her
Ail nlil maid who wants In lie
A lover who is nol going to be
ine inn • 1
Ih, Mia ni r mr private house or buys outrlglil all
1 [;,..... ol li, 11- 1 "1.1 '.'""ils or liiiiikrii|il Stocks lur cash.
ll,, in 10 ul tlm Ilni'sl liiinlmisa anil waterfront pro|n*rt)' In North
Vi um.  sir I'liii .11 r ii V..11 iiiinki.l picking up pro|Kir.ty In
this aectiuii. Dowlsu, BUY NOW, and vou will niaku munoy. 11 n
Picnic I tains, per lb 12 Centa
Roll Bacon, no Bone, per lb,    14    "
Special Tea, per lb,   4Q mul 50    "
j. a. McMillan


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