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Regular Session on Wednesday Evening — The
Business    Was
Tin- municipal council held its
regular .session (iii Wednesday
evening, Reeve A. E, Kealy in
the elinir, Councillors Cornish,
May and Morden were also present,
Councillor Allen being absent.
Afterroutint busim sstb follow
ing communii itions were read
and dealt with:
W. P. Peacy wrote asking lor a
culvert opposite lane on Chester
field nvenue, Ri ft rred to Board
of works with power to act.
Brassey & Quinn offering to clear
road allowance on east side of
Lonsdale avenue along entire
frontage of horticultural grounds
for A'"-.   Offi'   ■ ■  i"   I
li was decided I i call fi r ti nders
their nature nnd sanitary   irrang
incuts be submitted to the council
for approval.   Referri d to Health
The agreement re incorporati in
of the City of North Vani ouvei
and (uiisidc municipality was
I'i'li'i. 'I rn bo signed bj the 1* i ve
and clerk.
Resolved, that the counc' i oul
not see its way clear to gazette
the logging road, ns su jgest' d  by
Mr. McNair, west ol i ie Capilano.
The temporary loan by-lav.' was
read a third time and pas c I.
Councillor Cornish drew attention to press dispatch that lhe
application of North Vancouver
for water privileges on Seymoui
creek had been declared out ol
order. The reeve ss d that he
would inquire into the matter,
The council then adjourned,
Boom Fruit-growing.
The municipality of North Vancouver is particularly well ad ipl id
ii i small holdings on the   i
tain sides and in the valleys alonj
the numerous streams, the ai  i o
o.tering to cul   ndtaki  awaj  '«m-1which is over 30,000 acres.   Peo.
ber from Lynn valley road. |p)e w-t)l snla*< means can cull ,  I'
\\ esiern 1 1 lorati in is cin ; foi
permission lo cut and carry away
c • lar poles along Lynn valley
1 ia I.
Buhea & Son asking (1) permission 10 rcnio' e wood now cut
111 Lynn valley road j (a) alsooffcr-
ing to cut rem.iindi r of large a es
on said road. It was resolved to
■jra.it 11) peim.ssK ll.
C. J. .'■". 1 _;.t.:. -. it l.iiy Ami-
Tuberculosa Society, Victoria,
io,,: ,1 nn- i' ., oi tile o :iety will
be held th re on February a:.
Referred to re ivi .
say lui acres with profit, besides
build a home for themselves, and
raise fruit and poultry for an eve i-
ready market right at their doors.
Were seme sort of an organization
formed in our midst, such as a
chambi r of commerce for instance,
the opportunity of making the
resources and advantages'known
to Uu outside world would le.-u.t
in everlasting good il pros* iti d
with vigor and vim.
'i he Coloniter, devoted to fruil
growing  and  rubber-plantiti;, in
October  last published an inti r
Church Notices.
view  with ox-Premier 1 urni r on
W. V. s; „i ,v Company apply-1fruit-growing in this province.   As'
'"fi '"' P0*'1' '   »Ulli'<»s   '° L result the editor nov, says:
tin- municipality loi cuirent year,
" We have had evei iini   ■• cun
Laid over.
Geo. Hartley, secretary of the
school board, re truant officer.
Referred back.
From same asking (or $650 for
current year.   Laid over.
Crane & Company's letter re
water valves was referred to the
Water Committee.
Mrs. R, Marshall, wanting lo
lease the triangular portion of
Roger's avenue, Council having
no power iu the matter the letter
was filed.
Frank 13. Cudney, asking leave
to place a sign on post, corner 11
Lonsdale avenue and thu Esplan 1
ade.    Laid over.
Geo. D. Curtis, re fencing in the
alley dividing his lots at the corner
of Thirteenth street and Lonsdale
avenue.   Filed,
0. A. Kent, asking pcrini ision
to cut shingle bolts on Si ventcenth
Btreet and also Wtilffi hu a*
Allowed mi condition that he pay
25 cents a cord.
|). M, McLennan, et al, owners
of lois 58 1, i''i and aw easl side
oi Seymour street, asking that
bridges be 1.1 uill over the 1 1 li
Filed on acr.i    it ol        of fti
Harold Dyer, M. D., health
officer, wrote urging the ni cessity
of arranging lor the n movi 1 ol
sewage buck' is and other rcfusi
at regular intervals to some
appointed place where il cm be
destroyed. The council shou
provide a suitable site for the
isolation "I auj d li   a u.
otlu 1 v. 1
(lav. musl occur I     1     ich   en
can be removed  fron    . hati vi 1
j., ii "i the town win
discovi red.   Also    ihal     1" h 1
buildings ol any sort are elected
tinttous stream ot letters from
readers possessed of a certain
imount oi capital desirous 11 taking up the inteii sting pursuit of
rult-growing, either alone or in
combination of farm WOtk."
Evidently the subject of raising
fruit in llritisli Columbia is a wry
live one in the old country.
Free Access to the Water.
It is a notorious fact that the
best waterfront properties of tins
province are being pre-ompti d and
bought up at an iinprccendented
rate. Vancouver City, as well us
this municipality, and other places,
has had to pay thousands and
thousands of dollars to be able to
get right-of-way to the sea. Of
course the land grabbers cannot
be blamed lor this. It is the
people's fault lor allowing it to
exist without protest. Till Ex
press has always maintained that
Uu g tvernment at Vii tori 1 I I
bring down legislation am  iding
this evil.    In this legal 1 we are
pll .1 ,  d tO  note   that   th1:     .■'•'' "i
meiii has accepted Mr,  I
amendment to tin land act "n 1 r\
ing from all grants of crown       I
1 xtunding to the    a, on
tin 1 "i, ., ■ trip "i 1 tn i
: 1 width,   measured   'nun   high
watermark.   Thu land 01
or any portion thereof, 1
used lor a highway, or may  be
leased or granted upon such terms
as    the     lieutennnt-governoi in
council may deem   proper."   As
Mr, Garden  points out  this  will
give to the public  free ncci      to
the u.iii r„ and  maid
1 .' lion   rniblii   prop   ..   This
I'. ,1 sti ji forward, and :■   hop
see in tinn ihal it 1"
.... rivers,  1 pei .   .  ;
rivi 1*.
st, Andrew's preshyterian church
sixth street,
Si rvices as usual on   Sunday,
ig at 11 a.  111. and evening
ai 7:30 p, 111.
Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
Christian Endeavor on Wednesday at 8 p, m,
(in Frid i',' nl last week, us announced in the last issue of The
Express, the Rev. J. G. Reid, of
( edai Cove, addressed an interested audience in the church on "I
Am Noi Ashamed ol the Gospel of
Christ, for It Is the Power of God
unto Salvation to Every One That
Believeth." The wise and earnest
words spoken were welcome to the
ears ol the hi arcrs.
On Sunday morning the sacrament of the Lord's Supper was
celebrated in the church. The increase of membership was particularly marked al ihis service, announcement being made thai
elevi ii nanii s had been added to
the roll, m.living a total of 33. Il
' . to I"' uoti i llnil at our lirsl communion service, held in March,
I-, ;, less than a year ago, wc had
only nine uKinbejs.
In the evening thc pastor discussed the character of Gallic) who
"cared for nunc of these things,"
I u discussing the change from the
i religion of indifference (stoicism)
to 1 .. , ui' to religion (materialism), some interesting points ol
1 -enibl nice and diflercuce weic
discovered) and the same sad
lie [li .i'i llio.-'.' things, (or which
Paul livi : ind la orcd, afflicted
thi first and twentieth centuries,
Iu speaking   ot   indifference   to
i ■ ni ui il  wi    in lints.!.-!" '
i mil who could safel'
dele the accepted opinion of his
lay '"- the th irotighly good man.
Phose who live above society can
all . I to ignore it; those who live
beneath it, do ignore it. The
pastoi went on to say that he had
been surprised to sec from last
week's "EXPRESS" lhat there was a
class in North Vancouver who
1 ui I find pleasure in the terror 0
1 I . nceless and nervous female;
aad vigorously desired to see the
formation of a body of public
opinion that would make such
"Hooliganism" impossible in our
mid t; and lo make it manifest that
those who show such disregard lor
the feelings ol others, must Buffer
in their own.
On Wednesday evening the Rev.
J. Knox Wright, of Chalmer's
church, Fairvii w, visited and
.1 ! In icd the congregation, In
spite of the weather, there was g
good turnout, and hi* presi ntation
ol the need of reviv.il was listened
to with inti rest and hope.
ni I Friday "I
ti ry ul West-
minstei :*'   ivi m d in Vancouver,
ii that   touches  the   heatl
i •    iiu*ni ui this part ol
1 11   provini 1   t clues up (or   discussion,
I In   '1 I   'IS'!.IV   Of   lU'Xt   V.'e, k    n
cerl     on   with   the
Sunday 1 hool will be given in the
■ liuri li at - p. in. Admission .1,
'. ni* Foi ftirthi 1 particulars see
n hi rtisement elsewhere in tin*
Pastor: Rev. J. I). Gillam, M.A.
ti and 7:30 every Sunday.    Sunday school at 2:30.
Ash WEDNESDAY, February 28.
HOLY communion at 7:30 a. 111.
Evening prayer at 8 p. 111.
First Sunday in Lent, March 4.
Ilm.v Communion at 8 a. m.
This year the church seems to
ie anticipating nature by beginning
Lent while spring is yet in lhe
titurc; Foi Lent is but the old
English "Lcmkten" meaning
'spring," Already Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday are close
upon us with their historic names
and survivals ol venerable customs.
Un Shrove Tuesday the people
came to their Priests to be shriven
or absolved ol their sins in preparation for Lent. But though
this custom siill obtains among
many who value their church
privileges, in "Ash Wednesday"
the custom has disappeared irom
the Church ol England, and the
name aione remains.
In a most impressive ceremony,
before the Holy Communion
service, ashes were solemly blessed
and distributed among the coiigre-
tion, the 1'riest saying to each
person, "Remember, man, that
thoti ait ashes, and to ashes shall
return," Then "such pcrsuns as
were put to open penance" were
cast out oi the Church. A special
Collect was however offered for
these penitents at tlie daily Mass
until theii loniiul re-admission ou
Maundy lliurs'U).
owned by tbe North Vancouver
Land and Improvement Company,
and the work is being done under
the supervision ol W. A. Dawson,
formerly of Bellingham. About
50 men are employed. Mr. Daw-
sou has decided to make his future
home here and has taken up hi8
residence on Fourth street.
The furniture and   furnishings
Business in North Vancouver is|are being installed in St. John's
College, on Nineteenth street and
Queensbury avenue.
As Gathered Here and There
by the Staff of the North
Vancouver Express.
The School Board-
The school board met on Monday evening. A. K. Steacy i.i the
chair, Trustees VV, P. Peacy and
Geo. Bartley (secretary) were
pn lent.
Jas. W. Murray, Jr., presented
his resignation as janitor, which
was accepted, and Kichard Smith
was appointed in his place.
Geo. Eastman was appointed to
look after the Bcavengering work
in connection with the school
The board decided to communicate with the Superintendent ol
Education regarding the stains ol
thc board when the city ol North
Vancouver was incorporated.
A letter regarding the children
trespassing on Mr. Nye's property
was received, li was resolved
that Mr. Gamble, of the public
works department, al Victoria, be
requested to build a proper fence
to keep the scholars out, and also
that the teacher be notified on the
Thc statement of lhe financial
needs ol the board were ordered to
be senl to the munii ipal clerk.
The secretary was instructed   to
communicate with the council,
asking lor an appropriation ol (650,
The meeting then adjourned.
Dr. Langos, of Vancouver, was
in town on Monday.
C. Piers has two lots facing south
on Sixth street for sale.
Capt. Cates is a veritable tide-
table. He rises and falls with the
There are about 30 telephone
poles distributed along the
I'll keep boosting the town.
Till I'm hit with a brick,
So says D. G. Dick.
The people—of North Vancouver at any rati;—are feverish
for railroad legislation.
Some enterprising citizen should
remind the contractor ou First
street that "time Hies."
Birt Campbell, the pioneer
barber, has removed Irom the
Esplanade to Lonsdale avenue.
The steamer Robert Duiismuir
arrived on Wednesday with a load
of hay and Iced for Pete Larson.
On Tuesday the erection of the
poles for the trolley wires was
commenced on Lonsdale avenue,
near Twenty-first street,
The tram tails are laid at the
Western Corporation wharf where
all the supplies for construction
w oik will be lauded and distributed,
Already things are beginning to
stir in municipal political circles.
The ratepayers of Lynn Valley are
busy compiling a slate.
Harry Younge, engineer of the
B, C. Electric Railway Company,
lias leased and moved into the
residence, formerly occupied by
Fred. Turner at Moodyville.
Anyone who doubts the population of North Vancouver should
have been here Thursday morning,
and seen the crowd collect to
watch Murry's terrier dispatch a
rat, and they were not all real
estate agents either.
I lon't try to hurry the legislature,
lt is contrary to the unwritten part
of thc constitution. Besides it
will do no good. Many an old-
timer has passed away waiting (or
it to do something.
Invitations are out for a dance
to be held under the auspices of
lhe North Vancouver Dancing
School et the Pavilion, next
Tuesday evening. Dan Martin
will be master of ceremonies.
Ernest Henderson, of Second
street, has sold his residence to
Dr. llanna, for the sum of £3,500,
Mr. Henderson and family will
leave   lor   the   Okanagan    next
I month.
Pete Larson has one oi the  best
,     ,.      ,, , .      lirackman-Ker s local  manager
bowling alleys on  the coasl.   audi ,     ,    . , .    ,
..    ,   ,, ,    .,      , says thai he is much surprised at
North \ ancouventcs should  not |   ' '
forget it.
the trade they are doing,   since
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ they opened up.    They have not
Mr. Waldeu has gone on a trip; h.u|   a    moment>,   ,paro    time.
up the Fraser river with his brother, I others contemplating going into
joiin's i hi ri ii,   i oknkr   01
' ' ' ; '    1 'U.ll.. NTH
1 i'l
' I,    l'i I
COMMI '■."'.   Bl
Lives o( editors remind us
Honest toil Btands little chance
Tin   mole we   work   we   leave
behind us
1      'i |m;' lies in our pants.
(In "in iron 111 - om ■   0 stylish
Now an itripi   ol . irii 1 hui,
All In cause sub'., tilieis lurry
And don't paj ua what is due.
Then let us be up and doin '
Send    your    mile,    however
Or when the winds of winter hit
Wi ilia.ll h '.'■   no pants al all,
•|.n, ,   iwlu c.  Im ky; in'
kills two birds with one
i 11   ' 1 ■.   when   j ui
Moiniii. .1 id ' vening prayi 1 «
11 have ihe im 1
taking   a   week's   rest   Irom    a
strenous business life.
Robt. Harlow, of Alberta, is a
Kliest at the North Vancouver
Hotel, and is greatly interested in
the future of this place.
Mr. and Mrs. Sloan, Mr. and
Mrs. Gordon, Mr. and Mrs. Mercer, all of Spence's Bridge, were
guests at the Hotel North Vancouver this week.
Britain's brown alley is Bpn ading
himself. Sixty of liim is being
distributed over Canada, India and
Europe as newly established
As a scarcity ol (ceil exists at
Vancouver, the dealers there are
sending ordeis here lor addition il
supplies, which arc promptly met.
□First Mate James li.ibcock, of
thc [1 ny St. George, returni d on
Tuesday with bis wife and family
aftei spending a lew weeks hob
days on the Sound,
A Chinese servant at the Hotel
North Vancouver picked up a
pocketbook ill the  bowling   alley.
Owner can have same by proving
One might, without an n I
stretch ol imagination either,
imagine that thc B, C,  legislature
wash mute dirty linen than   1 ij
Chinese laundry in thc province.
On Wednesday the tow n
engineer was busy taking li vela on
the Esplanade. The wtk ol
ng and gradi whii h ia
badly m edi I, ..
immediaii ly,
Worl lias I" on itartcd
j, 1. whii h (on:.nn* abo il
1." 11 ro     1 In   prop rty    1
business here take notice.
Ex-Councillor A.  1).  Nye
started clearing a block ol about
ten acres at lhe comer of Queensbury avenue, Detwcen Nineteenth
and Twenty-first street. He will
build a fine residence thereon
P. G.—No,  Tim  EXPRESS   did
not send a present to Aline Roose*
veil. And we hadn't the nerve to
say that we were hard up on
account of delinquent subscribers.
It might knock the town.
Arrangements have l"un made
with the Federal government to
receive all Amerii an silver coinage
at par Irom all Canadian banks.
Shipments to lie made lo Hank of
Montreal, New York. This means
that all Amerii an silver will in
future be on the same basis as
Canadian money.
Rev, and Mrs. Marsden were
busy buying culinary utensils on
Wednesday lor St. John's college.
Tiny purchased them Irom Waldeu llios., the local hardware
I. alers. Articles ol this kind can
be purchased here as 1 hi ap as at
\ am ouvi ii licj will be
It livi red fn 1.
R, J. Harlow, Ol Medicine Hal,
is  here,  having  left  his thriving
town last Wi dm.day week.    The
weathei thi re has been extremely
line this winter, and business good.
Land till reabnuts 1 an be bought
11 • i* in acre "II I had a block
"I it ie,11 North Vain imvei I »     I
l id ■ .1
|.v  ."   I'       lid.   Medicin     Hat
ity sl  ih'   'n :   '   ion   "i ib'
A'i" ti.i legisl itut' THE EXPRESS I
S'OR'J II VANCOUVER     -  ■   li. C.
A VVci'kh N'owspapor.   i   Published liy
I'll'l'l KM'IA.SS PKlNTINd Company
Sllb.-criptiun One IIiiII.ii I'.i Vi'.'ir
■     01
I Ul'ltl! '
-:1cGUIGArJ &, Go.
til  Commission
. louver, Q. C
1  lta.1n.sd  i nr llt-r Ollvt-r.
II '  '
■    , Ull
Hoi'kei'   V.'*,  lull  lies  year  I'll  get
."..'ii.   I :n .." u« i" givo I
Blgucil , ii'* k. Judge,
I I,a   V, III!"      no   Iff   Ml    '
,    ■ , ■       Maten
-of til"
:    ■      , - ' '       lunsel
,        '  . ■ ini '
,f every il      tor "we
■ ind then
- Unit is
glten y„ ''.■.. ii   m uu 1
•    ■
11 . Kni-sr.
■ Ileal A'"
• nwd 'flu •" finger
.   '    i
. :   .'i   i.
■   I knew where
tie r     . 	
"NOW," s: :1 Illlt |'i ul"
In Ml t Elderberry, "ni* ■''" '
UoV       lllll "il   '   IVI- ll T
: *plj   SI  ibe  * ' - A"'1 UP.
A. lo M.-rttas.
So ninn wli t Is polite 11 Ills family
onl*; when in - ''in bop-
to b« i hero to lil ■ ' IgO lt''C-
RIW»*U  .ill
iri.000    ,
l Soi| ■
'   I tt)
* tnf
is a ["•' i Icanei and will
■    'lung.
Best for all hous hold purposes, Sun ■. .i iper-
, ms in
the washing of cl
Coinm n destroy
the  painted or  varnished
surfaces n! rk and
take lhe color oul of clothes,
i .-n tl ■ -l.'i.'. i linen
or lace, or thc most delicate
colors may be afely washed
with Sunlighl Soap in the
Sunlight way (follow directions).
i*ood with hard
Yi ur mow • '" •*
-I* Sosp if you
.a a i.i
I...r IrtUt'r. I lalWL Tons'.
The l.r-ict'ii'l  1'riiltl   Which  Wn. norn
,1,.* siury ,il Fault,
\ ij renowned man ol nn-
tiqulty in iln* mi dii' nt"* was believed
' , ilrllus fnmlllarls
aud ii"i ispected of liuins
in ii, v.' Uie devil. 1'i'ul'ii-
I of which tlie
l ■ UUOUS tliri'ii'l l>
iiiontloned in Uie
. ■
;  • . J !.,. WIS ,1 native
: n Snmnrln.   He
lo ibt, :i     n of grout Intellects,  ll" was the (utherof tin
It ia nlso rout ih.ii li" i"'ilil make him-
s,*if   in      le   :       he   could   pass
;li II lines unhurt I, could trans-
ild nml exorcise
fact, li" lui'l claim to nil
lived In tlie
■ the i ; le :i* ii sorl of deml
iturlcsu •
unlit) took
il ihi p ,: r Ore* do. Unusual acco i, | "■' erudition, wore attributed to the Riipcrnntu-
. ■ iti .■ md lhe general disposition to super-til i1' 'i iu
strengthened on the one hand by dog-
iu ui" uillniiiitliui "it Uu* pari "i the
church if tlie exlstem f a personal
i :-'!* household,
'..  . I. by I
ng the magic nrls nm ms tbe prni Ileal
if - ",  uud nl-
"li.'iuy oceupleil ii" me in part.
t l|orrr Animal I'hal l.lTM Iu Africa
an,l Sntillt   rn  l:i,rn|ir>.
e Is i hoard   ind hti
furtn la -'  lom for bo lives In
: ■ intrlcs of
lie I
thing ao un
canny tn hi* n Ihe peo
' ■■ livi ■ art
rather of
;* d.
i l
lie is M re, with a broad,
: "   nul a long
1 body, n la I, with odd
III  tlM
ill '»" clnwj,
b Un
which lie
'   '..II. .is
.: in the
■'.iili   Hidden
rushes, .it i ■ i.v no -c what*
II ... glvou blm
1,    ..■
. '     1
•        ond  rucks
, lilni'.c i Itlldrrn,
Iron Is i
,.   '
I thi llu dny he is
lo nolo ■
liim ery Imi
lay thi obi ( If ho
up unit lirsl iin. i t-
" dm to tin
Ing thi *    ii ii
aftoi ' -    a
A greil
■ I, tbe   lilld ring
. *"   '■.
"   is
whon hi receives ti    i   .    ■
Sttnlltc,   l |, t„ Hair.
"You it« - ,i,i
* ■
I'o rei iiilnk at your u* I I
*.   |0   I* '•.'"■
Killing on tl
' :'  -
I'.yer-And kill    I Llll e I
li u sign of i.
;   The   I ruth   About Oleomargarine.
Oleomargarine is u product which)
has long heen regarded with suspicion, Imt leod experts pronounce it i
"healthful and nutritious," and confine ihe statements Ignorantly made
thai it is impure and contulns Injurious Ingredients, A defense of ihis
much maligned article ol dlel is well
presented by Many llinnnni Abel in
he Delineator tor February, being
ihe sixth uf her papers on "Safe
Koods ami How to Gel Them," Mrs.
Ac quotes I'nii. Harrington iu
his work "ii Practical Hygiene, Ig
Oleoi   i  urine  litis  bt en mlarep-
toil i" ihe public iu ii   greater
hly, than any ntln r art-
il [(Kid     From ih" llnii   nl   its
■   -:'.  ■        ■ u i   n
■ llie   been
md rosier a p
llll  II,
I    ,     ■    ■
■   ::.il from u   vi in iy   nf
'I    to
Tl n uf :i
nf untruth cai
hul iv i - more
■       "..'..   |nl 'li ■■ ■ oo    Pn ii nre-
t this vain-
iihle fiiod i '■ "I'n"   bin I: i'i. cnml.ig
grtidunlly  less pronounced,
Edible  Si-t'in-iils.
About the year ll. C. 220 cilililo ser-
pouts were sold ni the rate of 20 to -10
.cuts lu ihe Egyptian markets, They
wciv shipped to Home, Italian vipers
wero cheaper twenty for 10 cents,
Socrates was suld io remember thi
faces and niiiues of all who attended
bis discourses,
The Gabardine,
The gabardine, so often mentioned,
by Shakespeare, was u clonk for rainy
weather, In several countries the Jewish, people wet' npellcd by law to
wear gabardines us n distinctive article of dress
Slnrlli.li  null Oyster.
The siui'ii-h kills ii ystor by on-
veloplng Ilu closely In his arms; then,
placing Ids nioulli lo lhe ct'ovlco of tin
sliell, in- Injects :i very acrid and von-
omous |uli • v, in . lie a mr oyster,
disgusted by ih" i"" un, opens his sliell
toadmli ivateru > rid himself ot It,
and thus (alls a pi'o- lo ihe destroyer,
Stentor, fr  whom wo have tbe
word "steutorluu," wns a Greek herald
in the Trojan war, famous for his tremendous voice. ll"iner says he was
"great hearted, brazen voiced nud
■" -'",iu iis I- i'l us fifty men."
He I. Hire llnnm-rniia Thnn lite On)
Wlto musters.
The bad mnn of genulno sort rarelj
looked thi part assigned to him In tin
popular Imagination, The long haired
blusterer, adorned with a dinlort thai
never was spoken, serves very well In
custom Action about the west, but thai
I* imt the real thins. The most danger
ous mui* was apt to be quiot anil
smooth spoken. When nn antagonist
blustered nud threatened, the nio*l
dangerous bad man only felt rising It
his own ti j nl. keen aud stern, thnl
strange exultation which ofteu eouiei
wilh combat for tbe man naturall*
brave. A western oftleer of llUbllsbed
reputation once said to mo while speak
Ing of a personal difficulty Into whiet
he hail been forced! "I hadn't been it
anything of thai sorl for yeirs, and 1
ivlibed l w.i. 'tin "i it. Then 1 said tl
myself. 'Is it true that you are gettiul
<thl and hnve lo*i your nerve':' llul'
all nt once ihe old feeling came ovci
me, ami 1 wns Ju*i like I used to be. '
fell '.ilm ind happy, and I laughed nfl
er that,   1 jerked my gun and shovei
it  into his ItOUM-'ll,    11'* pul   up  1 '
hands nnd I will
a liuntli"! dollars now,' lie
you will loll li •
gun.'   I suppose I was n I
for blm."
Iltitil Duns nr Not  York.
Thi ri me dogs n Now York (hr
nivir set fool "i ll - -'; ■ t 'iley i"'
long to the janitors In lhe downtowr
buildings, anil their runways consist
of ihe roofs of the buildingi In whii I
their owners lire and adjoining ronfi
on tt*o snme level. That l« n rare da)
wheu the office worker on lool Ing o il
of the ilxlienth story window doci
not see half a do en dogs romp n|
ihout upon the rout's boueath blm
There Is one advantage nt least in bo
Ing n roof tin; lhe ,log catcher has til
terrors for blm.
\ Sound Stomach Menni u Clonr
■  i     iii" high pre
fi  which business men A the
pn *eiii dny nro cousin Incd to live
.ui   Ihelr   vitality
highly  detrimental  lo their   health
nble   i"   i ""P
■   in their
Hi,,    value   "f  I'i'i"    ■
I'llls in i lomnch nnd
the ie .ui clear.
Hotly   li i.,ii    the
ed a i
"'i her, nnd wl ■
In hike llu   i
Liniment  Cures  C
nnd  .llnil
ll   ■    ll   III    i|"|e-
Bales Iii the pi
.Al.'li't     ' -      '
Ihln  ihe
r, mil  A  ■
.   ' '   ' li      nd II      '
■   li      ■ ■
.  i    .
fin I
i nlme t Cure. D ti
A   l'ei'fltstfn,   Vest  llnllller.
Ono of tho mosl energoUc uost builders Is this marsh wren, In fact, he bus
tho habit to such a dogreo that he cannot stop with one nest, but goes on
building four or livo in rapid lUCl "*•
slon, And thero is uotliing slovenly
about his work either. Look- among the
cattnlls in the nearest marsh, even
Within llie limits of a grent city, and
yon will And his littlo woven halls of
reed steins, with a tiny round hole In
one tide, Thero is a certain meiliod
even in his madness, for the nesl In
* wife is brooding her seven
or eight eggs is le** likely to bo found
when thero are so many empty ones
around. Then, tort, he uses the others
as roosting places far himself.—London
She Should Carefully Guard the
Health of Her Growing Daughter
— Her Future Happiness Depends
Upon the Change from Girlhood
to Womanhood.
Every mother should  wntch   with
wlih ihe  ;ri ai.'.-' cure ih" health ol
her ei.iv.li hi      sii" Is a girl
io-il     to-morrow a  woman,    The
i > iiih ol womanhood di pi nds
upon ihis vital change from girlhood,
mien nature  makes   new   demands
lipuil    III r    Mum!    supply,  yuu  musl
build up her blood with Dr. Williams'
:' !la:     IJ Iti 111   IS
in ihat strain ii  In r back   u
.-li,- Is pale or   thin,   dull-eyed   und
Hr   William*    l'ink    I'llls
re Imr new, rich red b
■ over Ihe crisis,     Dr. Wli-
I'nl, l'ills will make her tie
velopmonl perfect nnd regulni   Ihey
will ninl"' In r a Btrong, happy, grace,
fill «i.ni,m     Mis* Enorlnc vTlnndrc
Sl   '' iu ."ii   Qui .    . '• •:   "While   al
lending school  my health  began  lo
givo way.   I Buffered from hciidachea
und illiiincat*,  my nppcllte  lefl   in.
mnl l ui' iv pah  " - .' corn "   A* ibe
doi tors "i'l ii"i   help   me   any   iny
mil er :■ ' supply of Dr. Will-Ink Pills.   Before I hud used
,va   nn Imi n ■ al
mnl when I hnd inken hull
|  t ■ L'I 111,    I   he
ll, itlrls will im il
Dr,   Williams'
Thoiistni      nf
n ■   lienllh und
to   Di     tt :   in      P
I'lll*.   Thi
uilli' wlih ile   full  inline   "Dr   tt'll
Hums'  I'll     P        n   Pi ■
,,n ihe  ■ .'"1     each  box,
Th.'   Hr.
i   ickvlllc,
\ lllrunr.
\       r is fan I iu many kinds ol
: '.' during
. in In i. !"iia couple can ed
(nliiiluiis sunii In nursing Ihe woallby
and ihat their own moans ol ilcfi n e
idling the lower part of the
inc. wlih cloths dipped In sn g vinegar Somi one iay», "My grandmother  I a c uglo "f *alt nml pepper
with vinegar f ir all ns children, nud
she didn't hu* •■ 1.* go i" ii lanli
I" Iiinn II"   True,  loubt, a iluiely
though Ulterlj emplrli nl use ol thai
gurgle linn in< ml ninny lives si. Louli
Olobi Dei
THE success ofpastrv
depends upon the
flour,   Urcad and pastry
must be, more than merely appetising; they must
be wholesome, digestible,
The flour depends
upon the wheat and the
way it is milled.
is made from spring
wheat only. It is milled
by the newest and best
machinery. It is purified
by electricity,
Use It and you get
bread not only light, crisp
and appetising, but also
You will better your
baking by buying Ogil-!
vie's  Royal  Household
Flour from your grocer.
Orjllvle Floor Mills Co., Lid.
"OsIItIs'i Book for a Cook,"
Malum ISO pafe* of excellent
reoipu somi never publlilied !>-.
fort, Your grocer cau tall joa
The Best
Hair Tonic
Ualli \".. mi'i., Sicilian Haar IU-
uewer. It touea up, mngoritai,
at i m.|, '■.. ■.■.■.' the '.'.".' luilbs. The liiir
grows laiter, thicker; stops fjUlina;
out; dom uot split at in. ends.
Tested taxi tried for hall a century.
Fit, th.   whtika-a  at,d  mttuilar*,.  a.   max.
' ' ."• "It" * HY;'. II '"..:, .rtOb h,.a»
ar . ...» t,la,-lt It. I'  UA'.I.a etl, Naaltt,..*l,H
A l.tiil.t  nl I'titiiiicll.
On the skelettni "I n Imly who tl'efl
ut  Pompeii were  found two goUlce
'   i, nls ni' sliver, four golden nn
l.iei.. four enrrlngii, thirty tluger rings,
a golden collar, n goldeu bell nud u
golden hand on her I I, while by hci
lay a purse containing 10" silver coins.
The Canadian Northern railway
company will extend their branch
liiuii Swim River, mi which work
ivns begun lasl season, for some
inlli westward between the main
lint' mi.I the  Prince Albori section,
Itennudot, thc grent religious nml
doctrinal controversialist, Is said tt
have known seventeen languages tc
thc extent of being able to conduct nt
argument In any ono to almost nny
A Good llcutiinloff.
Smythe I Intend Hairy for Hie bar.
Would ymi advise his beginning m
such old works ns Coke and Black
stuiie'; Tompkins So. 1 would '"'■mi
by grounding blm even further bin k
Smythe Indeed! In whatl Tomp
kins   The T, a r maii'lnieiils.
Ill, lalm, of Truth..
Mtlgnnl   Vou l  .- inui' tentbi "f llu
ous!    Lawyer I
nl all the   kill nnd eloiiueiid
g for your eunsc
' 11 hCtl   llie   e.lll-e
Lawyer 0 ■ • ould do lhat!
A Hcllccl	
- Iti  Toniiny-
'     .1 n't mndi
, bole iu ilie mid
Jealousy,   f \   Ihe belittling ot
self, tho blues, and all Introspective
forms   of   depression, are the ehil-
dr' n ui worry,
All Doubts Settled.
N„ vague question need now
haunt the minds of up-to-date women
wheu home dyeing is necessary.
I) Y-OI. A 'i'"'s tlle Ihlng-an*
does lt  bitter,   Quick, easy econom-
The one package cun be used tor
every sorl ol cloth—wool, silk, cotton ami mixed,
Gives  beautiful, even, fast colon.
"Dyola la bctt«r than any othor
dye I cier used," says Mrs. 0, D,
Murray, Newcastle. N. II. Write te
her, and she'll toll you more.
Try   Dy-ola.   At  your  drugglstl
•July, per package, 10c.
The h rlor  Corporation,
Ont., v ll .reel nn
open lienrtl Innt nt n coal of
Tin wlie ■■ .    : bj •     in      ,,:      ,., r  ,,,,, ,1U;,
ordinary minds by expel e, Ihe stu   ,i ii,. |my(  joined In a mnas meeting
I .'I n.i no .'*■,:!i and liruies liy iiistm, i i  n crusadi   ignlnsl crime
' In Hun elty.
"land" aa   l,,|,llr,l ,0  l)ln,„(iinl..
Although the lerm "curat" is applied
lo diamond! us well as to suld. it 'lues
imt mesu the sain,' thing, l\"d With
regard to tho nicl-l it ciprlsIM QUlllly
or flneiiass, '.'I carat bruij pun gold
and 39 e.irat equal to coined gol' Bul
ipplli I to Ihl d aiii'iii'l eiral tneins n ■•
tu.il weight, inl by ttlll measure 11.114
carats are cqu ll to in onnM troj Thi
Value uf n diamond ll not merely so
much per carat. Irrespective of siie,
but lie lenses In an Inereaiing ratio
with tho weight of the stone.
-^a ,^6>*:ȴrf
I think tbeie la 11 greal deal of dif.
feici.'e I..in,.m ihat , ■ . "'
mony which esi*i. wiili aequn ntnnet
and lhat whleb should always, exllt
with the host nf friends the mi" pre-
venli the growlh of nffe
preserves in In youth nnd ago.-I.etlert
of Maria Rdgewonh,
11 Vo< Mould .<"(! 1 On ii
llll'l t*i mr. is! I ."a,
Pr*! Ihl Slor- Pt.rordcrl
Hut cl Mr Rr,ti Allll,
ol Jinli, (lol.
Mists 1,0 I Mn folly M
.-i,iinr'' lo llll sou of mr
riciimi)' ''Hi Pifchbii «|
"iu sic   . ..... nf IL   U.I
Whit s wonderful word to tho*. who. for <l»ys psrhspi.
Im' » 1,11, adrift on th. wtdt sea.
How "s.-rl r oviry innrlsi thoy h.vs scjinnod thi horlion
In the hopi of -oral frlindtr soil.
At hurt tha raornlnj dawns vthon thslr hopes »ro r«aj|.«rl
ne" l*J the gallanl ahlpl Ths; shout nnd svava, but
thou parched thnsti- enn scarce uttor a sound.
Plgg you'll generallf fimt that petv
pll hcllevo what tlu'V want to III      ' ".
j'ogg i"s 111 u prohnl ly ll il
for the  lieiief  111  ei.
mi'iit   for other 1 pie  of 1
ng *o popular.
'"Ill     H"»l I "II S|il * •■ I
worksnl worif. M.i until ,
lar work, hnd no «pr«UI", '
snd fill si it I hid lust ill I
I-,wit In li!"    I' "Tsrlad
s t'-rls. of Midi fl  'a 'haul
Were we eloquent ns nngels, yet we
ihOtlld I'liii*" S'Ulie people IU"I" I y III'
teiiuig Iiinn A talking   Aillon.
Vi/    N    U   No B7I
snd uirreus u,ro'rtati ovw- 1
isorkind worir.  Vrll utiui
;   1
Ini wlntir wiau,d. ana
irjilmllr lay hmgi bcrnmi
sirected. Itnr<l,"meilya*t<r
ilmidr, and s ii'iiiiber ol
derton rroscrll.sd fur ma
hut got no relist   I hifu
iitnl Pifohlno. After Iwa
iuoiiUii treilnif-i.t I rpffslni.
ray health sed »r.i ."*,. I
om sound al a tall to day,
sml lit. Par,'!,Im all Ihl
n«Tr» Au.*l*.
Jirtli. Ont.
Will aha alqhl Hi.u, 7   V.,. lool, I aha all.ra htt
rour.a si.t now In a law niomonta all tholr sunViD.0 srlli i,s
at an ond.
And to yotl also (omM tbo glad mora.
For 11' ■,':.' cron years ;•> ■ 'ni... jn-i haro heen firmly
held tn lhe orlp ol noma ill.......
How ea«orlr rou have anuohl rcltcl hot all tn s-aln nnd
now you art, anient In despair.
Yet for rou than ■. iii.it.
Tha light al knowledge hai ravaaltd I'SYI HIM.
a lura coin fur all Throal and Long troubles.
Pnfomnnlfl, 1 l. urlay, LaOrlppc, Bronrhltla, Con*
•iimiillon, i - *ii',,i.. Mph, am al- mil ull Wnallng
III.car.   n.n   ha   l.|*d-!ua!lr   cured   hy   this   v „!,,!. rlul
PSYCHINE iPrononneed Sl-keen)
Tha (.rrilfil ol all Ionic.
All n, uiiui.ia                 I '" Trial                 One Dollar
»t«k Snlrly In I'syrhlnt
Dr. T. A. ■■!... aim. I Imll.il, 179 King St. W^ lo, o. Canada THE EXPRESS
■r A Series of Articles Describ- a-
J> Ing their Lives, their Alms, -r
?') and their Influence.        ;!■
I __ 1
(h n. ivi. otji,
f.-liA-1-i' -i-l-i-l-i- HA 'l**«*VI-*tu-'V!vl-
nn Ibe Kincardine Review for two
years where hu bad ebnrgo of the
nieehiiiiieiil work of tho office. After
working a short, time In lllytlio, Out,
on the "Standard" bo returned to
Manitoba in 1808 working with tbe
resourcefulness of the young Can
adlnii on his father's farm when tho
printing trade was dull.
Mr. West began to work permanently for .Mr, W. T. Shipley on llie
paper which bo wna afterwards to
odlt, on January 1. 1902, Three years
afterwards in a dny l"' took control
of Hie paper whose Influence nnd
business he has extended even beyond whal was in im reasonably expected from the growth of the .country and the prosperity of ihe
Mr. Wist conduct* Hie Qncette on
Btrlctly Independent lines as to poll-
.tics.   How busy a man he necessarily musl lie can b ■ understood when
It Is 1 nnwn thai thc Onzette Is edited
' i      bllshod  and the Job printing
| lurnod nut by Mr, Wesl with only
'!' inu'" ot a Journeyman and
im   apprentice,    The thorough, all-
i round training which many or ihe
"'lie. - A Hi" country pn ss a Ontario
gives served Mr. VVJ st well and has
! given his offlce Hie reputation of lie-
in- i.ii" of the heal rural job printing
i ioi is lu ihe province.
Mr. West was married November
10th i" Miss Flora Watson uf lilyihe,
Ontario, al Winnipeg by Rev, F. M,
Wootton in Young Methodist church,
Editor Gazette, Glenboro, Manitoba.
In the early days of the Province
ot Manitoba the humorous enquiry
would often be addressed to the
newcomer, the tenderfoot of the seventies nnd early eighties of Inst century: "Are you from Huron. Bruce,
or the Province of Ontario?" And
he generally was. The Ontario counties of Huron and lirueo contributed
more than their share of the bone,
Rlneiv nnd brains Hint went tn the
making of the Province of Manitoba
during the lirst c,uurtor of a century
of Ils life. Btrong of arm nnd elenr
of bend were these sturdy pioneers
of the Canadian West drawn from
tbe 'arms, towns and villages nf the
old Saugeen district of the Province
nf Onlnrin to teach the world Hie pus-
nihilities of Manitoba ns un agricultural country and Us feasibility as
n field of settlement, Ami succeeding the broad-backed ploneeer year
hy year there came from Huron nnd
lirueo young men, the sons of n virile
race Which turned the forest wilderness nf nortbweslerii Ontario Inlo
farms nml orchards, to compete In the
battle "f life in creator Canada In
mercantile, professional and Industrial pursuits and who In the success
met with show that the spirit nnd
Intelligence of the incomer from
Huron nnd Bruce nre nol limited to
the farmer and rancher, Through-
oul the province of Manitoba and Hie
new provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan are scattered men of prominence and means whoso blrthpiaco
wns the old Saugeen illslrlrl nnd who
nre now factors In the life und growth
of the Canadian west.
Young In years many of them nre
but In their youth and vlnor. Tbey
nre lu harmony with ibe life of the
country and correspondingly Influential.
Among the young men from the
Ontario county of Bruce who have
not only readily adapted themselves
to western conditions, but through
progressive enterprise nnil a knowledge rn' the demands of a rural constituency 111 Manitoba entered upon
n successful business career Is It. il,
West, publisher and editor of the
Qlenboro Gazette, n paper Independent In lone nnd regarded us one of
the bright papers locally In Manitoba.
A competent printer himself, special
attention is given by Mr. West to Hie
typographical appearance of the
weekly which he edits, while the business of the well equipped Job depart.
meat Is largely patronised. To this,
the distinctly profitable part of the
country printing business, special anil
personal attention is given and orders
for Job work hnve eomp to him from
ninny outside points. Verily. Maul-
toba Hie horlson-bounded prairie land
Is not parochial In Us business methods.
Mr. West Is n young num. n very
young mnn according to Eastern Canadian standards, to control o business
In a rising town. He was horn (lei
25, 1S77 nl Wlllarton In lhe county of
Hnioc and educated ill the public
school of his native village and nt
lhe public ami high schools nt Kincardine where bis family removed
when be wns n youngster of leu. Mr.
West's entry Into business life wns
ns n Ind on the driving seal of a
grocery wagon In Kincardine. The
road travelled by a grocery wagon
did mil appear to lead to the highway
of fortune nnd nfler a yenr the future editor of the Qlenboro  Btuette
laid down lhe ribbons and listened Iii
Ibe call of the west and In 1802 came
to Manitoba to spend ii summer with
bis fnlber who four years before had
made Ills linme In Manitoba
It was then lhat Mr. West was
lured Into tbc newspaper nnd printing business.   Mr.   James   lloss.   at
thnt time publisher of the Qlenboro
Gazette Is responsible for It. The
delights of running the roller over
the type on the old Washington band
press on press (lays wero too much
for Hie young Ind from Ibe county of
Tlruee.     Printers    Ink got  Into lhe
blood of Hi" hoy which Is traditionally
Incurable nnd be became practically
" Ihe devil" or Hie flazetl".   In  1803
he relumed to Kincardine with the
unaccountable fascination nf the
printing oiiiee yet pervading ills being nnd became apprentice in tho of.
flee of the Kincardine Reporter on
iho "1st Mav 1803 nt that time edit'
ed by Walter M. Hook, M.l'.l'. for
Centre lirueo, with whom he remained for 0 year nnd a half, lie
then worked fur .innies Bryan on lhe
l.ueknow Sentinel for a veil', and afterwards fur  Major Clarke,  M P.P.,
Is Diseased Kidneys and the Cure
is Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Wonderful Cure of Mn, James Kin-
sella, Who Slept In a Chair for Two
Summers—What tht Sayt of II.
St. Mulac'ne. Que., Feb. ', (Speo-
!>1) — A oure of great Interest It
miiii',1 has attracted the ottenlloi
of those Interested  In  medical  mi-V
Iters   In   this   neighborhood.     Mrs.
[ James Klusella, wife of a well-kaoiri
I cltlien, bad suffered from a complication of troubles for about tire
years. She bad a pain lo the right
hip, In tht back and was obllgtd te
pass water every fifteen minutes ll
j a burning, Itching tort of way.
She could not till; at night an<
' had to sit up In a ohalr for two sua-
I men.
Dodd'i Kldnty Pills oured htr,
Mrs. Klnatlla speaking of ber curt
says: "After tht lint boi of Dodd'i
Kidnoy Pills I ftlt much better.
Then 1 got mort and they dene ml
a world of good. 1 havt ntvir tltpt
le tht ohalr tinea 1 uud Dodd'i Kit-
nty Plus.
Woman's health depends on htr
kidneys N'lne-tentht of the lo-caltttl
female complaint! art oausea by nr
Ic acid In tht blood. Cun your klA-
neyi with Dodd'i Kidney Pllli ul
you ran havt no uric sold la thi
Cash or Cure
The Duke of Abruzzl. a cousin of
King Victor Emmanuel, bus almost
completed arrangements for a voyage of exploration Into the heart of
Something thai should be Rubbed
in Whenever pain is fell In tbe
limbs or back, take Dr. Thomas Ro-
lectrlc mi: pour u little in the hand,
; ml applying II la the surface beneath which the pnln lies, rub briskly. If the flrsi application does not
afford relief, which Is nol usually the
case, hep nibbing. The Oil will
| gradually ponetrnte to tho affected
I'liii  and relief will come.
A despatch from  Mclllln, .Morocco.
announces thai Hi" Insurgent Moors
recently attacked tho Spanish cruiser Infanta Isabel near tho Mnrchlca
Help your children to grow strong
and   robust    hy    counteracting    any-
thing that causes Ill-health, Om
greal cause of disease in children is
worms, Remove them with Mother
Grave's Worm Exterminator, It
never fulls.
The Edwardsburg Starch rn., imperial Starch Co, of Prescotl and
ilrnnlford Slnrch Co, have heen syndicated into the "Canada stnroh Co."
with a capital slock of $2,r,pn,n00.
The publisher of tbe best Farmer's
paper In the Maritime provinces in
writing in us states:
"I would say Hint 1 do not know
of a medicine Hint hns stood the test
uf lime llh" MINAUD'S UNMMKVr.
It has been an unfailing remedy In
our household ever since 1 can re-
member, and ha* nutllveil dor.ons ol
would ii" competitors and Imitators."
Reports compiled from official
sources show Ihal during the New
Orleans yellow fever epidemic of
190", ihere were i-•.**<!I known cases,
of which 1,181 proved fatal,
II,-    \s  I   sal   there   alone.   Hilda
came along and offered me u penny
for my thoughts, She—The extravagant creature.
DODatfS7 /
If Shiloh'i Comumption Cure fiili to curt
your Cold or Cougn, you gel back ill you
paid for it.   You are tuie ol a Curt or
thi Gih.
Ii it wasn't a sure cure, lliii offet would
not he mode.
Can anything be fairer ?
II ymi hive a Cold, Cough, or nny diwait
of the Throat, Lungi or Air Pnugei. by
Tlie Code.
Punch, brothers, punch! punch with care.
Punch your adversary everywhere;
Bani him hard ami biff "for fair,"
Or you'll loao your honor If you don'l
take* care.
The Absolute Purity
r„ni,nilicn,,',   Evidence.
Blox-Does DoAuber paint for a living?
Knox-Jiidglng by Ills pictures, beev
ldeutly doesn't.
25r. pn bottle,
All (l-alm guaranl-n O,
sjiork Legends,
In nn old collection of matronly stories entitled "Thu Gospel of tho Distaff," printed nt Bruges In 1175, this
passage occurs: "When a stork builds
her iii'si over a chimney It Is a sign
lhat Ihe proprietor shall have wealth
und long life." Ancient beliefs admit-
led that the Btork protected buildings
against lightning, lt is a holy bird,
uud lu certain German towns tlic nr-
rlvnl of tho Btorks, heralds of spring,
was announced with joyous blasts by
the watchman on the lower. What is
certain is that which Mlcholct says of
lhe swallow may lie npplied to tlie
Stork, "Ho has taken not only our
bouse, but also our hearts,"
Legends go still further, They eon-
shier stork* ns the Incarnation of departed souls. In that metamorphosed
capacity tbey have for mission to
search Hie bottom of wells for the souls
of newborn iiifanls. In tbe whole of
northern and central Germany they
have their baby wells. Hamburg, too,
had her "klnilclbruiinon." This naive
faith lias its origin In ancient mythology, which represents the stork, jointly
with tbe peacock, as the favorite bird
of .luno, goddess of maternity,—French
of Maurice Engelhart
Wl,nl's In ii Nnmel
Thero was a tall Russian named Muskl-
Vou may say ills name twice
If you think It sounds nice,
Dut I bet It will make your voice husky.
Iii three words — "delicate  from
Is i xpreBsetl n world of anxieties   uu' ".I hi  mothers whoso bB'
linvi   bad n  hnd Btarl In life.
Por bnblea who nre ailing, i vlsh,
cross ami niiahle io ilii-.si their food
Baby's Own Tablets are Invaluable.
They ne   nlmosl   like   made,   and
clu  ci'osb,  i ilsh children Into
smiling happy bnbles, Mrs J. \v
Miiiiroe, Slntnlntn, X. W.T., Bays: -
"I have used Baby's Own Tablets for
two years nnd would n :l l.ke tn be
wlthoul them. They have chnnged
our weak, sickly 1 iby inlo a fal,
healthy Huh' girl. I can warmly re.
commend, the Tablets to other mothers," And mothers h ve a gunran-
iee thai the Tablets contain no poisonous "soothing si A, or harmful
drug. They ur" nh'oi'i' liy * fo nr I
always do good. Sold by medicine
dealers or hy mall al 1)5 cents ,1 box
in- writing the Dr. Williams Medicine
Co., Brockvllle, Out.
Ceylon Natural GREEN Tea is daily converting thorns-
anas of drinkers of the artificially colored teas of
Lead Paokets Only.      40c, 50c, and GOo per Ib.       At  all
Groom's.     Highest Award St. Louis,  1904.
-:   ... '   •    . —    ..a
Thoroughbred Seeds Z Great West
Perfect development.     Wa are many times over tbe largest
growers  of  Manitoba  grown Vegetable Seed.
seed grain—Wc distribute the b 1 throughout the West
for "The Orange Judd Parmer,"    In  The Great Million  Dollar    _ „
Contest.  W'u Know, we Have, we Do what wa say. Catalog tree
221  Market St.
rImperial   Maple Syrup
Always   Ssttisfaotory
IAsvk your denier foi- Imperial Maple Syrup.  Do not allow him to tubitltrja
an Inferior artlolo liooame it Is oheaper.
The Pennsylvania railroad will
conduci further experiments this
year with steel tles to determine
ihelr merits ns compared with wooden   lies.
Il.-rllr   Will,   11,1.1m   Got,.
One of tbe Instructors of u big university led the nay to a small box,
smiling with priilu as be did so. "I
want to show you a. rare species of beetle." said he.
Tbe beetle, which wns a burnished
blue, with a red head and red legs, lay
partly bidden under a stone. 'Hie In- !
structor advanced his Dnger slowly.
The beetle wailed, walehful nnd In-
Ircpld, The Dnger almost touched tbe
Insect, nnd then   pud', a cloud of bltio :
smoke -.hot nut. and uiiilei ver of
ihi- smote ihe beetle heat a rapid retreat,
■'Isn't lhat inarveluiis';" Jhe Instruct-
or said. "And tbe lillle rascal can
emit puff after puff can lire pin after
.inn nlncteeu or twenty to tho minute,
\o wonder be is called the bombardier, i'l It?
■ This bombardier beetle Is rare. He
Iini In Ids bully certain glnuds secretins u liquid which, on contact with the
air, has the curious property of turn-
Ing iiiln a Btnoky vapor. The vapor Is |
his defense ngnlnst bigger beetles,
Hidden under It, he seeks a new re
Minard's   Liniment  Cures   Garget   in
A Matrimonial Romance.
An advertisement In ilie Ottawa
press that Margery, eldest daughler ol
W. Wilfred Cninpbcll, had been married
to George Archibald Grey, was the nrsl
intimation to lhe public of an Interesting utile matrimonial romance, Miss
Campbell's father is the well-known pc-
ellcal writer. The groom's father is
cousin to Karl Grey, and until lately
was prufessor of English In Ottawa
University, llu moved to New York
sumo time ago, and was there joined
by Ids family. Mr. Grey. Jr., called
for Miss Campbell on Monday, 6ti,
Nov., and tliey .vent out for a strolL
This wound up with a call at the residence of Rev, M. Mci'nuley. who united
the happy couple. Afterwards Mr. Grey
parted from his bride, who returned to
the home of her parents.
Is ;i glorious beverage—quenching und satisfying,
Remember there's no other" jusl as good" insist ou getting Rainier,
.Pacific   Bottling Works
Vancouver, B. C.
distress alter rating, dizziness, thli
heavy feeling, wind and paini in
the stomach and furred tongue, take
Sunlight Soap is bettor than other
soaps, hut is best whon used in tho
Sunlight way. Buy Sunlight Soap,
and follow directions.
King Edward has Bent to Benjamin M. JonulngS, nf Casey county,
Kentucky, a very large diamond
stud which is said to have oeen the
property of Paul Kruger
Poor Joe Chamberlain.
A Birmingham supporter of Joseph
Chamberlain has taken tha trouble to
collect Home of the names that have
be*Mi applied to that person: "The artful dodger/1 "Imperialist knave," "political hamstrlnger," "great Panjandrum." "mugwump,'' "smug face," "Im-
portal bagman," "Imperial trickster,"
'lie fuctor," "crafty muddler," "lying
campaigner," "Utile loafer." "vulgar
ranter," "red herring trailer," "colossal
humburg," "red handed despot," "bankrupt Statesman," "slippery fellow," "republic imasher."
before you retire to reit. They
start the gastric juices, assist tht
stomach to dispose ol the food, encourage good appetite, sound digestion and make you feel life ii
worth living.
Sold Everywhere.    In boxes 25 cents.
Active men to take order, (or
custom-made clothe*, Beit commission ever offered. Telegraph
code for rush orders. Experltenet
not necessary.
Kiui'vn rn ThousnnclB.—Pnrntoloe's
Vegi Inble Pills regulara the notion
nf the *'I'li'tiiins, purify the blood,
uml keep lhe Btomnch nnd bowels
free from deleterious matter. Taken
according to direction they trill overcome dyspepsia, eradicate billouB.
in ss. and leave the digestive organs
healthy and strong to perform tlu'lr
functions, Their merits are well
known to thousands who know by
experience how beneficial they nro
In giving tone to the system. t
Ability, Not Age.
About three years ago a railroad
company in the central west announ-
ced that It had fin d the age limit for
new employes ut thlny-iive yea™.
Several other railroad companies
promptly adopted the idea. Now tie
original—shall we say offender?—hu
declared Uiat henceforth ablilty, not
age, will count in the case of those
who seek situations, and probably Uu
Imitative corporations will follow thli
precedent oven more willingly thai
they adopted the other.—Youlh's Companion.
Nearly |?on,  will be spent by
the Grand Tumi; railway in equipping the Sarnie tunnel with electric
power mi the third rail system.
if ymi ore n sufferer from colds gel
n iiotti" of itickle's Antl-Consumptlve
Syrup and test iis qu iikih, it will
lie found thnt no in -.- bestowl on
it is ton high, it In' g all Ihnl is
claimed for ii . nnd doas il thoiotigh.
ly, Hu not take any substitute for
Dickie's Syrup, because ll is the best,
having stood  the lest  nf years.   All
Hi,, beal dealers sell It
\ private company Is seeking a
franchise from the city of Calgary
tn operate a stroal railway system
Minard's  Liniment Cures  Diphtheria.
The Present and the Past
A story was recently told ot a mil.
Ilonalro's wife who was dlscover-ssi
quietly darning stockings In her mi*>
uillcent drawing-room. "I delight In It,
my dear," sho explained to her visitor.
"It reminds mo of the happy days
when we wero a struggling young
couple, and I used to sit darning
stockings and rocking the cradle, and
singing for pure llghilieartedness."
"But you ure happy now?" was tha
question. "Yes—when I'm darning
Stockings," was the quiet reply.
Employees of the department of
public works, Havana, have begun
the sprinkling ot oil over the slxtj
miles of road on which the 200 mile
International automobile race will
lie run on  l-'"h.  11,
To His
Pleased Customers
The wise grocer studies
his customer,—knows their
likes and dislikes—know,
that his best trade want
Mooney's Perfection
Cream Sodas
He lets them know that
he has their favorite biscuits
—and sees that ihey are not
asked to buy something "rust
as good," which is NOT
as good.
Cars-Mrs who warn 11 plaaj. iSa*
patron- .lwa> i lav. Moons/i f""
lW>a. Cm« Socks,   la da*
anient! p«dti,l«-^Ml*fc
•>T)4 r«Bur*-prorf.
Atl.M.inil Ion-"  Garment Is a
Guarnnttio   of
and Good Wear ng Qualities
When Buying OVERALLS,
Son that mi nh artlolo bnart a
1 alinl Him abnvo
Intltt on Galling
"King of the Road" Brand
And T.ilui no Othor
I tit-   I'a-alII(tl   lli-rlllirillil.
The l'estiiin I la-t Imt um was the day
mi which the li "Mi. in women carried
bundles uf herbs ami nun* to tbe ton.'
pics.   It ic.is iifli'iwnrd ui.iilc u rhris-
linn holiday.
I'lili'incn's   Until.
I'l'II B,Oll('*f tlln Hi"-uf Ncrnll-''''
i.i i  ii ill i ',' "i .''im asses
sii tii.it sii" i mi i imjoy tha luxury of
n hath In lissos' milk, which was sup
poaetl tu im"' Hi" property of making
the skin ti mi"!.
Keren rial,
The adjective men urlnl, like many
others, came Into ordinary speech from
Ihi' realm of astrology, III ostrologlcal
■ it mercurial man was nne
born iiinlcr Ihe lulliidn o of Mercury,
Winn Mercury n is In ihe nscoiulnnt,
uud therefore possi i setl of the mental
dualities *ii|i|i".''i i" distinguish the
heathen deity of Hint mime.
flume, llio in loi'lnn, was said i'i be
the ugliest mnu ol bis tl   Ills face
wa* fat, t*o   i     I vi far, with nc
sir.i. ng or [ilea i i (cniurq,
My Hair is
Extra Long
Feed your hair; nourish It;
give it something to live on.
Then It will slop falling, and
will grow long and heavy,
Ayer's Hair Vigor is the only
hair-food you can buy. Por
60 years it has been doing
just what we claim It will do.
It will not disappoint you.
" Mr h.lr naart ta h. s.rr short Bnt .ft*?
natin Aj.r'a ll.lr Vl.ut a ahort inn. ll l»s|«a
to .ro«,.nd i. ■ It 1. '■ "I..I] Ini-b.a lonf.
Tlila laama a apl.ndl* f.aiilt lom. .1 '• t*al.|
.Imnlt .■,'■■'■ 1 .. ■ Ii.tr."   M1" J a *"...
... 1..'. '■ 1:''.,., uelo.
ffiE .. 3. oTirar ro., Usr.ll, Maaa.
a ni."   '.*!....-. ir
UL I O   Ull.Ti  ,'lllnlAU
W    N  U
lo   871
V.iirj drink of liquor taken, foresis
th* haart hoynnd the uatural best,
It also causes kidney and liver
troubles. Narva, e-haustlo-j Is nns
of the ailments hrrainiit on by ovon
n.oderati drlnklnn. Stop at onra the
una of liquor. If It Inconvenience*
you to do this It la proof positlvi
that you havs the dlieasa ol Inehrl
ety snd need medical help. Then
setik for Ihe best aid Thi Kstlsy
Cure has restored halt a million
people hack to health, prosperity
and hapiilness Write today for avi
dene* and we Will prove our claims
AddreoH In conlldencs,
13S Osborn- St., Winnipeg.
'Ihere Is ffTurhiii* le^ind In regard to
Deadmnn's place, Somhwarli, I.oiulou.
An Ingenious old wrller says that the
unine originated ns follows: "In landman's place, at si Maryoverui, s man-
servant bring burled at seven of Iht
eloeke In the morning, nud the grsvs
stnndllig open for more dead l.'otnmodl-
ties, nt f'liire of the clocke In the enine
evening he was [ol up alive Dgalnl by
a  Strange miracle, which, to he true
uml certnlne, hundreds of people cm
tesillle that snwe him ncto liko a country Qhoste In his white pencilled
shecte." However, a more exact historian explained that the nnrao nt
merely   s   corruption   of   Desmond's
place. I'HE   l'.X   ' I
We have i! i  best
...   • perl
I'.   .
ai 11 nl   .-' - is 1'cl
'.j i
Banks and Mortgages.
nui" in time '■■.
pill]   'llv .   W  Mil.     'I
10 give   tllOIll   I
lor a moi
A ;A n   aid 1). M
tho Sove]          ■            ,   npun   H
in a I'ecetil .....     ,,.
i     I ■ ■       mil
jr.i"-   I'ir   : in, I ■      ir ti  li ■•
mayoi M Gui ;an, ol Vain ouvi >..
vu tu
'1 he Hunk ol B, N. America wili
I .      Saturda*
real cstal    in'
lo reci ive deposits   ain
' h     i    piei
...      |        J    Seven        id i"'1. ■   re to bi   ;. .
■ '    in
i '    •
"I!    ll" I
i:  \. E. 1 I Get!
Lots for Sale
50,60,66x132 FT
tm   SO I
2 Acr   ■".' ■
fronting Loi
$700 ■::....
■ i"'
: ■
t.ir a i
;   irrealestai   ■
Mai land ami Imil I    * n
ijnired foi I inl- premisus     I'lii   is
a .'. h ilesonn and perfectly propel
i      in, which   removes   from
i   the temptation
(in 'I luirsday, in th i li%\
u \ H toria, thu bill relating to tin
North Vancouvei  assessment ml
passed it! second reading.    It wai
linoppi sed,
1 ' '     '
Queens &Lc    ale
i       i'
i in  Mondaj   nun "   I
It        ine ol   the   Ja
|,acl      ;  Mi N :i ■   camp,   was
■  : ■ ti   . :       lb)    ire.   Il
llnil k ol
i     . noi
A      ll   A.
,,-•  Life and I
Ship Joii
and Scov
Intnrio fai     .   ■■. I     tl
; imi ol "Old Hal ■ who had iiis
i I efore  hi
died.    \\.    !. ipe that   it   is   a
comfortable lit.
Then' is n bad break in the flume,
clos I     i id -il''.  ueai  thi
Is itli road.    SI ingle bolts i online,
|l   V, .    '.:'      ll    "11      i !
I '.     '
li      :
IV (', I pany,
■  .
: ' ■ .  A       ,
-• ...  I .
S'ow tn ils now In, and we hav some
li miti, .   in .art il i'_v nre nil      i ll i
[nny dl .." i"lli*' in North Vancouver
-I ml ■ i;   .villi paper nr wtininti'S on
i. I drop ;' i.ml,  llllil  »e  Will
■ - i' vou, ui!, bring BtinipleSi
ii • deal ui ll    |i it.
TO I        i   a . ,  VANCOUVER
,"■      SQARCE
en instructed lo sell u few
pieces of '2 and !1 acres at prices which
tits by subdividing.   Tins, 'i/m  'i      ' niihin I7lh Sl,
The  Nor' h   Vimc. -.-rev Specialist
16) Cordova Street.
Batlslnctlon i iusrnnti i
I'li'jtnii :     .
Gssolino ' nun hi ■      , ■■
I"**! F*s - % In
.. n. *:■   ;
i    .   i". .
P      p       lo
'    '
H. B. W1LLS0N & GO..
■ isl North,      W .
C'*SW&tf'Sat'.     ...   . -
-     KI* AI    '
Mr. i  i. Williams is ha*      I i
r     ."
.ill      lip
W.r.i t'd. nl     foot sl        il .'iiiiiit.
\\ lie i    llie lawn i* ill bi
, , i     , on a levi i>i ally in
A correspondent wl
wr i'l'' I Hi i
A phili    phci pplies hit
t in i
.''.: I,    at   I.i A    I'l ti     I
■      ■        I
believe ii,  tv i   real
I    i t Ion
ol II
havo tli in bed I
II 'Ii ,vl
In ild   be
i -
'  '
Herb* it  '
liiends -i
i/i a;ms
*' ITS
■.   . :■ . i, \ mn \ im;
I    I'll     ,    IXIi
', VXCOI VI '.'. II. c.
Only   Ihe  In st    md   finest   lines  kept
a .   in, In Iin   STEEL BRIGGS',
D.   M.   FERRY'S, and   W.   KAN IK'S.
Your Choice at
McDowell's D;iug Store.
■■-ration, Ltd.
VcounlonlJ, Audit irs,     Pluit  In        flnsmllh-     tlay.Caltle andChlokcn
i.iii   .. Feed
i iiiii ..-er .ir..!  i     lal. Contractors and >«iuatori,
Wc have ,111 Immi nsi an out . o| Cordwood on hand.   Place your orders with
.., Ih  winter.
4S2 Hastings Street  West, Vancouver, B.C.
Just Arrivi
I   1   ' ■    oi' •   all and Winter Goods
1  and Overcoats.
CK-   - DUNN & CO.
.   ,'■*■,   l,    ■  -   rnef Aljlmlt
1 I
■! ■ '. -vNCOUVER
■    ■
Ml iinlcrs Delivered,
Rolled Oats,
iky'1      '
& ids.
Hum V.ili holt,
I Ol ul M'|r.
• :
i       ti, a I..,
re   today.   Hei
'    ■
1 1
V.*-i/   „i„:.u-**'
1 \ Lnrscm, Props
■u   ■  'i
indiisti ' 'i ' tin
; .. oi 11.1. nn, d   I i
th- 1111 - le 11
■    '
IN bUiLdiNg be bUre aNoNa-^ tHe
PLace Wired so as to be readY to
Iect oS oUr Wire Next spripJo
mm ..-iaasaau. a a. am
B.C. •. Co. lid.
Ll i  'Ki 'vi
A. M. 15L-4
;>r ATTtS" Notary Public, General Audience.
107 Cordova Sreet. Vancouver, B. C
Imtineur Imyi outright nil
.   ml ii 1,1 -tii'k.* forfiisli.
:    ,TATE
md nni rlronl proporty In North
, ol picking up proporty In
dii, ,.. ■      und roti »iil nmko n oy, :: ::
TNI   Null'
[IV. A
MRS. H. A. &M/.W
.    ■■ ,;     PIOXKKK DR)
■   thai   ;i i d ■'' f'< III
•    ■     ' i'   ' ■     1 '   ,-A i"' 1)1 lli'S,
!\  /     'IH    }_
iii it
II Bacon, por lb„        I4t
Hams, iicrll*.,
.le, Virtll


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