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 b.vv-wri^ft>iB| «-.-
There am*, several very peculiar
points about ttlie Lord's Day act,
passed by the parliament ol Canada last session, but to .come into
force only on the ist of March of
of litis year.
First ei all is tin- singular feature
that the parliament enacting this
measure would not take the responsibility ifotr .enforcing it, but
having made the grand stand play
to the applicants ior the act passed
it up to the attorney-general of
•eaCh province to take the onus of
sanctioning or refusing anv proposal of prosecution for violation
of its provisions. If, for instance.
a small hoy should be found sell
ing a newspaper on Sunday, and
some person should lay an information against him, there would
lie a solemn application to the
attorney-general to say whether or
not the boy should be prosecuted.
Let the attorney-general decree
that since the parliament of
Canada in its wisdom prescribed a
penalty for the sale of thc paper
liis assent should follow as a
matter of course, he would he at-
tacted immediately (or going to
extremes iu order to bring the law
into ridicule; let him refuse
sanction, and another class c(
politicians vvuiilil he swift to attack him fur condoning violation
of a law placed upon the statute
book by tlie authority whose right
and duty is to legit-Jute iu tlie
premises. The provincial authority will be saddled with the responsibility for a matter which is
none uf its concern, according lo
the highest judicial authority : and
by this cowardly device the fed', ral
n ".eminent uill Hand in both
with tliflse'who asked'lor the Sunday law and those to «Innn its
provisions are oliuoiiulis.
- Then it is remarkable that the
milkers of this law have exempted
specilically the services over which
they liave control, Irom its operation.
" It is a crime for a private employer lo require or permit his
liana's to work seven days a week,"
says the New Westminster .. O-
Junil'ian, but as fur tbe government
of Canada, it is specifically, permitted tu exact continuous service.:
This notwithstanding that the
government uot only should -ait
tlie example of Sabbath observance, but also is in the position
of financial independence enabling
it to provide whatever help is required lor the proper observance
of whatever working hours may be
determined upon as ideal. Thus,
for instance, while the employees
of private concerns in New West
minster are placed beyond the risk
ol ever being tailed upon to work
seven days iu any one week, there
was no exemption dom continuous
•duty to lie extended say to lhe
stall ol the penitentiary. We use
this institution only as nn example,
because of the large nufflben ul
men employed there,  atul  not  bv
way of intimating that than is am
spirit ol discontent tlnn*. Hut il
six days is the uin|i "i lite nutk lo
be exacted by a private' employer,
it should be Ihe limit ior the
government service also,- aud tin
enforcement ol this limit at govern*
ment institutions would call simply
fur a proportionate increase iu tlie
stall, vi that a scvenllt nf lhe
whole iiiuuilier should have one
clear day off in each week."
Tfle municipal corporations also
fill have ;,iiiik thing to think about
when ihis aci goes inlo i In tl1. lt
will not be lawlul lur. them to work
their constables -ittd policemen
se*'en days a week, and any constable laying au information for
violation of tlic Lords Day act
■observed on his rounds will lay
himsuli open to retaliation (or
. Halving himself plainly violated the
spirit and the 'Mi i bf ibe act of
North Vancouver is unique
among Canadian towns. Its
population is an incarnation of
indomitable activity, .uninterinit-
tently obsessed .witli development
schemes, not frenzied, yet possessed and inllanied by Uie spirit
of advancement, The towu seems
to grow daily under the eye of
observation. It is not a miracle,
lint it is a prodigy ol progress.
There is little quiet lor the
visitor's ear during daylight. In
the residence district is tbe crash
of timber falling to tlie axe, the
blasting of the adjacent forest, the
gasping breath of steam engines
riving, wrenching, tearing trunks,
Stumps and roots from thc grasp
of centuries, while in the business
part tlie ear is assailed with the
moan of lumber in the sawmill,
the grinding ol the stone crusher,
the stroke of the builder's mallet,
the sireit ol tl.e ferry, or die hum
of the electric car.
A restless, unpeacefid, tuicon-
genial spot fur a home ? Granted,
if the slumbrous lethargy Asiatic
disquetude be the ideal of comfort
Hut to the typical westerner North
Vancouver has a strong, conscious,
overbrimming life, effervescent
wilh the joy of contest." The
Nirvana of rest does not appeal
to youi Nortli Vancouvei ite. His
career is battle with the inertia of
matter. His battery is against
primeval forest. His war is with
the wilderness; his aim to overcome, carve, aud improve it from
the face of the earth. He thrills
to his task aud revels in the atmosphere oi effect. The air of surrounding activity is his tonic. He
breaths it, lives it, feels that he is
of it, and it of him. He cannot
rest, . his- .hopes are coutinually
hunting into friction. lie is
magnificently drunk with ihe spirit
of progress, and munificently
blessed witli success. Prior tu incorporation of his city, and while
yet without t. joo inhabitants, bis
miles of graded streets and sidewalks were supplied by a muni-
cipal water system, illuminated liy
the arc light, and traversed hy the
electric car; bis industries were
run hy electricity, and he confidently challenged a parallel show-
ng by any other town of like age
or population.
North Vancouver has characteristic genius. Its departures are
unexpected and effective, ft does
not burn up its timbered lands as
Vancouver did hers, but converts
them into fuel and building ma-
erial. lt does not employ the
Oriental to nny great extent. It
piles the useless debris of the
forest in hecatombs 150 feet wide
at the base and 70 feet high. A
dozen such pyres may be seen
within a quarter of  a   mile squate
iu Nortli Vancouver, awaiting the
dedicating breath' ol the chinook
wind, and  the  sight  is  probably
unduplicated on the continent.
The North Vancouver citi/.en is
ambitious, but  egotism  is uot bis
besetting sin.    His public policy
is  positively  altruistic.    Ile lays
mil   most  ol bis streets on a scale
like that ol the Parisian boulevards.
His  liiiiinl .il  works is at present
' i.c.iu'-'l,... clearing publii  parks,
ami planning reservoirs; his land
companies are expending thousands ol dollars on publii: gardens
with  biiiiitains and shelters, audi
his council is al  the  moment  ne-1
gotiating boulevards of larger proportions   than   any  city   In  thej
world   can   show.     Although not'
olisti usively self-assertive, only an j
earthquake could shake bis faith I
iin his city.
North Vancouver is facile pr in - *
ceps among towns o( us years,
mainly because .ts citizens 91 ize
opportunities ol publii advantage
as eagerlj aa those ol individual
profit, Im .ansa lia ■, an 1 pecialista
with romi"ntint' 'I - in rgit •. wranglers with thought am) tin 'iv, laxii'i!
themselves, staying with their
work till they drop, in set delet*
mination to give tlieir city advantages which will draw to it the
eyes of the continent.
The regular bi-monthly meeting
was held Monday night. His
Worship Reeve Kealy, a{ter an
absence of several Weeks on account of sickness, presided. 'There
were present Councillor May (who
acted as lleeve for some time), j.
VV. Irwin, E, F. Emery, Dr. McKay Jordan, being absent
Routine business being disposed
ol the communications were taken
up as follows :
Win. Watson Tatley wrote regarding the prompt way in which
tlie grading of the east portion of
tlie Esplanade has lieen carried
out, that further work should.be,
carried out without any further, in-,
terval of time. Laid over for ,the
committee tu consider. .   [1
Robt. Jas. Fowler, et ai, petitioned lhat the Esplanade east-bu
made passable for wheeled and
pedestrian traffic forthwith, in flu;
planking", graveling and macfcl-t
amieing, Referred to board of
works, 1},
Kennedy & Askew wrote askujg
for an extension of time for 30
days on the Hoskins and Wc'st-
<ver toads. Kef erred to the boafd
u.' works.       " \
koto. Gib-Soti wrote requesting
the consideration of the council iii
extending Lonsdale avenue, in
front as part of the north half of
block 11,: district lot 2026. The
Stumps 011 Nye street, and the
del,ns north ol the street should
be blasted for 2jo feet west ot.
Lonsdale avenue belore building
operations are commenced on the
propel ly as before mentioned.
Relurrud to the board of works,   i
Thos. S. Nye wroU: expecting,
the council to open up ami grade
Lopsdale avenue, from the present
terminus, northward to block iHr
:i dlSlailUB; ol inbuilt 17 chain*-:!
Keieired 10 (be board nt works
K. C. Doulierty, secretary uf the
Nurtli Vancouver Horticultural
Society iV Fanners' Institute, »role
thai the Twenty-first street park
lie cleared aud giaded, and ail
standing trees cut, in trout 01 ihe
iioiiii-uiiiii.il gardens. Referred
to the buard of works.
Geo. Lill wrute to build a culvert, three by five feet inside, and
tho full widtli of 80 leet on Fifth
and Sixth streets. Tenders to be
called for.
Mr. Nye spoke of a three-pound
stone going through the sky-light
ol his sindio. He was informed
that tlie matter wuttld be enquired
Mr. Reda spoke re grading ol
Second street, east of Lonsdale
avenue, to required width of street.
Referred to the hoard of works.
R, Archibald wrote asking that
a light be placed on Twenty-fourth
street, corner of Lonsdale avenue.
Referred to the light committee.
i'lie Ii. C. Heme Magatfite, per
II. Lewis, wrote re publishing new
magazine, and wanting data regarding North Vancouver. Referred to finance committee,
The usual committee reports
wero received and adopted,
The question of appointing the
health uiJii ■ 1 was lurther •!■ ferred,
The mattei of a two-inch water
pipe down Ninth street to Ridge*
way avenue was referred to the
lire ami watei committee to report.
There are lour dwellings con
Geo. Wagg was presenl and offered i" give .1 grant '-i land 100
feet wide to conned Twenty-fifth
■treet, between Lonsdah an
Innil avenues. This aiea will Open
up roads Inr I). L. 545 to D. L.
nub. Mahon, Chesterfield and
Lonsdale avenues will be opeded
up to Twenty-fifth Btreet, on the
northern boundary of the new proposed city limits. Alter a lengthy
hearing, the reeve suggested thai
the parties concerned consult one
another and agree upon a proposition and report al a I iter meeting
ol the committi e.
It v..1 <! idi ai ph all (ortendi rs
in-1 learur.. grubbing, grading and
ditching ol roadwaj in Third
stiei i 1,1 it, iioin M 1 ieorgi s to ai.
David'a avenues, in ai the li, f
Iv Iv. power station, in length
a,i8o leet, aiiil lor extension ol
four-loot sidewalk Irom tormina
lion ol present. Sl. Patrick's ave
nue, to east side of St. David's
avenue, 600 feet.
For clearing, grubbing, excavating and ditching roadway on
Filth street, east from Lonsdale
avenue to St. George's road, in
length 840 feet; and
Clearing, grubbing, excavating,
idling and ditching roadway on
Mahon avenue, from First to Fifth
streets, 1440 leet.
Councillor Emery brought up
the matter of disposing ol garbage
accumulated in the business
section. After considerable discussion, it was left tu the health
committee witli power to act
It was decided to advance the
salaries of Treasurer Woods to
iSioo; Constable Dick to $80, and
Foreman Amskold to lj$.
The' proceedings then terminated. ■"
North Vancouver municipality
uVlfwu-ot tax improvements on
property, but depends solely on
'lie revenue raised from land and
'. allies. The present rate is sixteen mills with a rebate on prompt
payment of taxes. When this fact
feticoiiies .more generally known
th^re will.result extensive building
operations and the establishment
of .permanent industries and manu-
G. tf. Jorgensen, C. E., lately
with the H.'C'' Electric Railway
Company, lias ppened offices at
■Si4.Hastings struct west. He Is a'
well known and popular civil■
engineer Iind II. C. land surveyor,
ami Jris many friends wish him
every success.
Chas.   II.   Sweet,   an   eastern
hardware man, was here on Wcd-
I'tii-sday.   looking  over the   town-
■site   witfl   a  view  uf   guing   into
business. '
1- Mr.''and Mrs. Alex. Johnson,
j Victoria, are siiippiug.'.with fl'ieuda
Jfiielc for a few days."
There was no quorum of the
executive council of the board of
Irade on Tuesday evening.
W. M. McLennan, stonecutter,
Yakima, Wn., was visiting friend!
Iiere un Wednesday.    He will return home on Monday.
C. Toiniinson, the popular barkeeper at the Hotel North Van
couver, is receiving the congratulations of his man', friends these
days on the arrival of a son and
Frank Smith and bride spent a
few hours iu Nnrth Vancouver on
Wednesday. They will return to
Seattle on Tuesday.
The death occurred last week at
Grand Forks ol Mr. Michael
Voting, aged 84 years. He was
the father nl Mr. H. W. Young,
corner of Twenty-first street and
Lonsdale avenue, who bas the
sincere sympathy of a host of
friends and acquaintances.
J. N. J. Hrown, our local oars
man, has gone tn Mosquito Hat.
hor, on the west coast uf Vancouver island. The Sutton Lumber it Trading lump,my, a New
York concern, are preparing lu
cul tin 11 ><*r on :i big si ale and will
ship direct to New York, thus
cutting out tin Im al market
II.  C,  Wright, of  the Western'
Corporation, is confined  to  his
In - »iih a ievore attack ol III
The Hastings Saw Mill Com-
Wanikii—To purchase a house
and lot, or cleared lot, on Fourth
01 Fifth street, Nortli Vancouver;
must face south and command
view of inlet. Quote cash and
terms, if any. Address P. 0. Box
14, North Vancouver.
Wanikh- Tenders for clearing
and removing stones from lot uj,
block 127, on Fourth slreet. Address (i. Hughes, Nortli Vancouver post ollice.
Wanikii—Waitress. Apply at
the Palace Hotel.
I. Steiiiburg, mirier, has purchased two lots on third street
west, and will build this spring.
He will return to the Kootenay
next week.
John J. Sutherland, millwright,
Spokane, was liere oa Tuesday.
He Is thinking about locating on
this side of tbc inlet.
J. A. Fuller, formerly of Dawson, was in town on Tuesday, He
will go into the Peaceriver country
in April.
Presbytery oi Westminster
met in New Westminster on
Tuesday and Wednesday. It was
arranged that the entire services
of a student missionary to be
chosen, and should bc gives to
Lynn Valley and Moodyville districts. The North Vancouver
congregation was heartily congratulated as to the progress they
had made during the past year,
and as to their undertaking to become a self-sustaining charge. A.
resolution wa.* unanimously adopted by the Presbytery protesting
against the action oi the government in refusing to consent lo
prosecutions under the Lord's Day
act, and also against the course-
adopted by prominent men in setting the law at defiance.
The members of Mount Peasant
Sabbath school and friendf will
give an entertainment in St.
Andrew's church here ton
There should be a big attends!
Admission, ;5 cents; children,
10 cents
The small boys and girls of the
town (fa-gathered in large numbers
at Morden's hall last Saturday (0
witness the magic lantern show
put on by Frank Morden, Newton
Steacy and Claude Bunbury.
Miss Alberta Steacy alio sang an
original song.
In 1S35 Canada had not a railway, lu 1836 it had one sixteen
miles iu length. In 184;, 54 miles
were operated. In 1850 il increased to 66 miles. Hy i8j6,
1414 miles oi ruad were built. In
1884 the io,ouo mark was reached,
and in 1906 there were 11,353
W. I). Duke, ol the Hotel North
Vancouver, is laid up with an
attack of la grippe.
Prizes for the Fair.
With a view of encouraging
horticulture, and at the same time
to demonstrate the advisability of
purchasing seeds and trees from
local seedsmen or nurserymen,
the directors of the North Vancouver Horticultural Society havt'
arranged for prizes for competition
at the next annual exhibition,
which will be held in September
Any person entering an exhibit
in classes for fruit, flowers or
vegetables may compete for the
prize without additional entry fee,
provided they enclose in an envelope marked "seedsmen prize,"
either the original teed packet,
invoice, or with fruit, a declaration
duly signed and witnessed.
For beat display of vegetables,
grown from seeds purchased from
M. J. Henry, is in aeeds.
For best display of fruit, grown
from trees purchased at M. J.
Henry's nurseries, ti in fruit trees.
For best collection of vegetables,
grown from seeds purchased from
Wm. Rt'iinic Company, first, Jj;
second, ti.
For best collection of vegetables
grown from Sutton seeds, purchased from Brackmau-Ktrr Milling Company, first one-half sack
of B. & K. rolled o«ts. Also for
best bouquet of dowers, case of
B. & K. flaked wheat.
New Health Officer.
The health committee have
agreed to recommend .that E. H.
Lawson, M. Ii., C. M., now holding the position of physician and
Surgeon on the steamer Tartar, be
appelated health officer on hia return, and upon obtaining the
necessary provincial license, dl.
Lawson has been very higblj
recommended. He propoMf M
make his hone in North Viatott-
ver. In the meantime Or. Psssr-
aon will continue to act as JMerini
health officer.
Athletic Club.
School Board.
The board mel nn Friday even
ink' in the municipal council
chambers. Chairman Steacy presided, and there were present
Trustees Peacey (secretary },
Smith and Davidson, Treasurer
Bunbury being absent.
After discussion it was decided
to call for plans and specifications
for the proposed new school bouse,
The usual monthly accounts
were passed.
John Hendry wrote stating that
he would send a representative to
meet tho chairman and attend lo
all necessary repairs to lhe Moodyville school bouse.
The regular meeting of the Executive Committee ol tbe Athletic
Association wis held on T-u-vUv
evening, March jth. There were
present Chairman McKenzie, Sec-
l retary birt Campbell, P. Clark,
I Ilex Dawson, M. S. McDowell.
The usual routine of business
was gone through.
Mr. Kothwell, uf the Vancouver
Athletic Club, was made an honorary member.
G. D. Bourns, of tha St. John's
school was appointed as a committee of one to draw up rules for
tbc neat event in the wh st tournament, which promises to he a
1 lively event, as a tis prize has
I been promised the winners.
Entry blanks have been received
Irom the Vancouver Athletic Club
for the wrestling tournament,
which cat. bc had Irom the secretary nf the association. The association will have two members
entered lor the event.
Subscribe for Tur Kxiimv
The capital invested in Canadian
rtllways has reached Ihe large .1.111
of  (1,332,498,704.     To this capi-
lalization  lhe lederil government
contributed (194,188,5541 piovin*
1 ial governments |4J,*l78a011, snd
the municipalities (117,115,164.
Dm* j pany have started building another I
large tug boat at Mooilytlle. It is
also reported thai a passenger
steamer, about the size 0f the
Cassiar, will be built there shortly.
North Vancouver theatre-goers
want a late Ierry during tlie playhouse season. Nu unselfish person
would object to this, providing the
company would announce the fact
John Penchtand, miner, Butte,
Mont., is here, II", with a party
ol three, will prospect on Ihe
mountains to thc north ol the
municipality loi copper,
!•'. A. Lampton and Jaby McMillan, M 1111I1111. \. I.'.., were here
on i nesday, ihey left for San
Francisco on the "owl" flyer on
Wednesday night.
Following is the standing of the respective teams in tbe whist
tournament of the North Vancouver Athlete AeSOl i.ilton, now in
progress nl Athletic ball. The games are played Tuesdays and
Thursday! ol each week.
t » 1
M   f>   10
I 1 It. Anmin	
i j-'. Keeley	
„ 1 II. Wheeler
") ilex liawaon	
,i <:. McKanale,
'M M H, McDowell
, I   II   ClllliplH'll
i J. Bournes.
. (.1. Kennedy	
''ill. Ill.l'l'lll
,. 1 T. II. Clark,
'i IV, lireiin
.. 11. Prime
' j ll. li.'inlilllt
„( IV, A. Iliiiienii
(.I.e. William..
„1 \. Askew
"jB.8oln.0k.   ,.,
., 1,1. tt'slilnian....
"ill. Illack    	
0 ...
... 1
1  0
1 .
NORTH VAXt'Ol'VI'ill    , ii
\\.,       S ■ I'ulil ■'""! !
Till'  I.M'lll-  I'lilNllXCCiil  ".,1,1
Snla-a liplitlll        "'        ' Vi'lll
,1   |!  Wli.1.1 IM M
tiKoltiii-: iiaiiti !••        ■" ivi''*"
"4i thi  si... ol  ', ,..' (.  ■ Tried Pt.ru
la ,.„     HUM*
Batllffl  lor,        lo   W   atii.   Ml     Pllon
fftl -I.    "--1   .-.'*■
.nl  I'ilon, 116 It ii.' NniK llainc,
■ ii    I'.g. ' ni. * . ■
I   VU itC   V-ill   n   |. \;    ,\..Ill-   III .
.■ .j  'ii    -.iii-i.. ■  ■'.   ■ ■ . in- il
was afflicted with catarrh ol tha tlu-o.it
ni    (i. ■    ..mi   luffered   much    1   waa
",   l| ;,'■.".i  fl    I |      -I     ■    '    I  l    'dn.I'll'
■ it! M-'f In mv rwmtli hi llie ni"'ii*
-  ■* 'i    lime with"|
"■■'..' ■•  ipi el       '   'i ■   ml.ire   "t
Friend*   I   I I   I'i'iiuii -it-id , Ihi'   c-iil!-
i'.im inin ii jhl   - iti tin loi ■   Ai thc snd
o' (om- months I w.is completely cured
S'pgl il i .itji ih |)i> lirotili   M ■
■   I* npi il  min   ilie  t lii-iiih'  -i,ii:»'.   :i
■ ■ nnd Mi'iii- *'i-r-i-i.-i.' Mi'iMniL'ikl will
, ■, | ■ ■.ii ■    .,",   i tho   r ib«* d
,.,,- I,. -, '.,•' -i M iiu .ii-.-i
       i ii
• Sn r ''.i.     il ii   ■  .    umii    "i ' lironti     li
mi  inr  h i-i- -. im  will  i.i i |i  I'vrtinii  ■»»
h hi l pud iilki    i  !*■■■   'i ■■     '■  lhc I    ■
., ' ■ I - ll. III.! 'i|        I
||| '■- J] ||      | I      | |||      ||       l<
|l|.. i|| [Tf   o|    W| ItltIB
■ ■    . I. ■'.    \  lionfi
nil     I i i —sit   upon
'   , I  : ■
Ask  Your  Druggist  loi   F ■     .'-
Aim an a ' fa     Ifl
'.. •        -'.
How Ihi   P.ai .my. Tr ni -I tn. Winner.
I II".       li  i|„    t'M      V-    I     Kll*
iJkl    I     ,   '.-   . II
.'"     •  ill
'■' .  : '
I- . i ,
'-' i uli *\\   ■:
Wil I    ■••.-■    ! : mnl       .
Ill;- '|H
Vl     a. 1|      ,-,   ,,        ■
*'        ' ' '   .
I        i      I
'      -
:''     '   ' • IllM
><l t|i km i"
■ ■    I i.
'      '      'v'lal
I I'..
\    '
Tlio   .'li-tlinil   ol   rruiliii-liiic   l'limcr.
llul ul Season.
Miles iif (lie vulli'j' iiiui many other
plants ni'i' ni v iiim'cil mt the markets ]
ef  llll!   Will-ill's (jrClll  I'ltie-i  lllillllllH lift-
ei' tliey uro out of Ncnsun,   This is uc-1
('lllll|l||sliei|      lal       "pllllll      t"t If'lilliilll," i
Imlil US    lllll'll    Iliu   ili'Vi.'li)| nt    hy •
menus nf cold nml darkness until what*!
ever i in" l» desired,   Then thoy aw \
lllla'a'       llllll'!'       Blllljl!    '" I       '-a       |   .    ,! Il|,|
IVill'llltll,        lllll'll        '.!".', I     M.    ...   ' |!|,I   '
I   llllieill      I''llllll'"    Of    .1       .'Ii'l     Et!
estnhl sluiicnl   Is   the  bu|W
So  h lu   *■ 'iiiii   Ilm'
; -t-i -.   I  ■■ i'     t'luler tlui
cu i ill" uuiaii■ Hi" visitor pusses tbo
I' ll'lllls    I il lie       ■       ■■;■
.rn ninl llghl nf it - iniuier'a
a; i '.•:■'..  . nt ii win*
. .'. th" darkness 'a:'  ivhk-h is
iiiii  feelily i'i'lii'ii"l hy tii" i;
lun.! lanterns, I'he lutorlnr ol Ilm
. hi up, la iliviiieii into rations ehntn-
hers, uml eiicli one ol llieso I  allotted
tn - particular klml ol pi mt. One
eliiiinlier Is full nf |||y of tlie vnlley
roots, ihe noil is packed «' lli hoiei
ng lllliini iniil'*, while ngnln a
compartment Is crammed w tli small
potted plains iif azalea mnl spiraea,
Emii nml all nf Ihese varieties nre tn
n dormant condition, sleeping ityiay
their litne entirely niieoiisolous ol tha
cliauglug seasons in the outsldo world.
The iviills nf the chiiinhers nro thickly
coated wltll n deposit of frost crystals,
nud millions ni' Ihese Hash like ilia-
annuls la response ti! th" rays ol light
from tlio lump.   The dogr f cold Is
usually obtained hy means nf a com-
pressed alt- apparatus, ami the trees-
lug current Is led Into the different
chambers thrdkgh wooden channels.
In course of time theso passages get
choked with hoarfrost, nnd it becomes
t essary for a man to enter Ihem nud
lieilli (lie iii'i'iuiiiiliiiiiin awnv. This Is
a cold i"ii. In pliiees tlio temperature
Is ns inn us jo degrees below tero.
'ih itiime nf ii workman engaged
in ihls clearing onl operation Is prae-
liaiillv nn arctic oul tll. livery part
nf iln- lindy wiib llio exception of
sinaill hnlcs for eye. and nioutli must
In- protected willi thick wool, Other-
ii ise serious frostbites would ensue,
Retarded plants limy be kept In
■ heck for eight ni'iniiis or nl rlmea, as
long as a year, nnd curiously eumigli
ihey do imi seem to be uny Hi" worse
r.ir the trentmonl   Indeed, thc eiperl
■n in- tn inui,i' ihem grow all Ibe
faster when Ihey nre nllowed to make
n start, Somo i-nrlelles grow nt a tremendous i.it" when Ihej at" broughl
Into benl
ll doesn't lake much to make a fool
ef iltl I   01 "
lie ng Ims* liis kept many a nun iiiit
'af   III.a.  llll'f.
Wham ii man >l""< another man a
. nehow ii seems to strengthen
h -  la "i 'J'.
i  .■   .'  many people -t-> nol  Inlk
■Cat-rial imi they furnish Hi-
nllii-li I- lust, ;i- Inui
Implied :n :i. little fool tui'.. a- possl
hie ■ I'eotil,' :n" '|ii"k in pi'k up your
fnnl -h sii.t ngs mi'i repeal ll t he-
: I you will Arid tlm
'   more people lo  nsi ne
iisyliims Hi.in any oilier thing.   It will
|.   iltl lit   111   ll"  '
' "II ell,   III"   lllllltlpl ' '
hi., ilnei.ii ■  clinnge:    It   .(  the   m
| III .a her kllOWS Hlilt  !* ''I"  -I lens eh.ni h|ic weiii i" * hool and which
-li-'  "in   -| ..ik   llf   H lllOll |     •
"  '"I
JffNt '
Ini.-, ...r.rt'l.ac.-   mnl   ' am el".
Utile is really fi
. ■ iimt ih- mer ■ '
■  iifiirnuillnti willi reg -  I
- 11
an ii,.' north I"' ."i coast, a
...-■■      - -: pie
! ''■
i.a.nisi',  to he
■       '
111 i
I <|   I iii i-ilnli,   (Milium »
.    .   ' !
iiii lliill Ilnn tn
i  ii
|/.||ig    -     "'a   •
I I'l
lu the clunk"
in,I  i hen lli* nm*
■    " "!
i  ■ ■■     I
i '   ■
Why Bileans Prove So Beneficial
\  ii. I'cal   specialist  states   tliat
fill llll      al!       (('I .   .'   ." Oi       lla'alalil.'lll-.
liW.il ll ll IliplCVinll,    llll'l    '..ll-   I
I liillla-lll-     pCCIll   II        ll       '.'   I|     "li     I'll
iiiid a     ■ ' ,.■       iir mi*
. a titln -I'."     tl ■
anil'    III       - ' IlllOllgsl
I     '' " a. ;,, | '
nil   "      Hileni       ii    -' n
lipali tlie li
Uile is tl
i il I.      Ili-
lal es i
Mrs. S       Ila        , ol :■- Sl   I', ul
Street, 'I l li r. ■ ■ ikcn
II md d zziness
a i ' iiiii : in-i ii liictni") results.
i 1:1 .i
lint  i Ilpnl
iniproi 'iiernl  henltli."
Mr. A, Mon ■ .  Berlin, re*
' I ' -..,- I'll'
. i ii -nnil -■   .' a      II ■  -ni ■     "For
•tipati n ami pile,    \ ll       I
lie con 11. i    im
nelicial to 11 cm ■      l ■ e;
lifl ueiit n !
ii mi) -lift ■  •       . ii -
in    .   . ■   ■.        be      I-" v ■ i
value 1 '    vi i"
nil ihe inl   inal       I can,"
■■  ■   A ol  exln ii live
I Bileai     a      great vegetable
remedy is nlso loi  -nllovt
a- iinplexions   ' lue    to   bile in   tlic I
id I>, pimple.*, frees}-, inllo
nutl blood iinpuril -- generally,   Hi*
I -ia- nls enii- indigestion, debilit)-,
t! ounintism n .. female ailments
mul .' i "jn ii "run-down feelings," live    ■       di .'.'   complaint.
wind spasms,
palpitation   el      Wl druggists   sell
ti Mi   i bo*    ■   "'" ■ nnble posl I	
from t1 a' II. - ai   i'..    'la. onto, upon
a .■ i|>" ol i Six boxes ft i *-•_' 50
'I'lie (i.!■:. nl    Nan- York
bave bonde I tl       :op|
Sookc,   lii -lam,   .mil  live
elniilis on I - i    i . .-i -'" ""
i. i   \ii.\-. ■ i ■    nl llu  S ' mnl
II ill a Mr. Ilnifour fori
a a- inncl '.il.   m the ".it.lt question.
II ' uu I iv    . baby or young cliil-
....... a.,, box
H "■      inblel    on   linnd,
II lil   the littli    '■■.- Is
-lek, fm -ian. ■• ■   , mi I a-l!'- delay
may    provi    ntnl       li      licin'e
-  .   ' :. ition,
diiiriiuen 'Vi i- and iniikeg
pninl If   c   i lien   are
ek II        "      inblcts iniiki them
well: mul betti      Ii'l nn i nni
dose will  ' ii'ell    Tl i  Tali*
il ,"■"■■
\l ■-   Jnsepll
Rn       lla.i- llnl     .ays:    "I
ll.l,"   II- >(|    Il i ' III   i'lll'lel-    nml
■   ' I
.livi'  well :       ts nre  snld
liv nil mi '    you can
i riling 1 i1    Wllliaii       Sled
"       "'        ' '       .".' a
llllll Illlt
!!.('..       pilllliC       --   :"      '
'     :   ' I
!'  ' '   flO     "a
|l| "| .    ,   ;■' '      -i I    the   I'-i*
'   i   i
li. ll   pri       ' a I*
Till'    Slaim.Vh   .   '  W'".'i     >r    W n-'" I   10
Ill-Ill   "I"
, henltli      nunti      ■ ■ -ii-    i"-'""
;.. rfm-l iligi •" nn menu*
,:   .       alriing
-. ■   iiii md '" iliu h lil :                      li         null  A rn*
 ii  Si  I       .      llu
' :. Ill
I \\     ,
' ' ' "I
Iltl ' I '
| Curious Wn/ in Which IVnler 1. Pro.
eiir-Ml I'nr \i-.,l,
Almost In tl enter  if iVrshi lies
i "fend, ii cit)- nf perhaps iO.OOO people,
on llie "real cni'iiviiu route, ll is a city
oi the desert, snys iin- nuthor of "Five
Vonrs in ;i I'er.'ilan Town," lml how
complete thai desert is nml how largo
It is liiii'il in realize,
la going  from  the Caspian sea  to
Yi'zd one sees a strip of gi iintry
thirty mile- wide nlong lhc sen ami
mother uiei.i.v miles in dlmuelci'
round I'ebernn   Aside from llnil lliero
| .   ' a.    :.'al     il   i   |C
 tt .11 I'l'i'sla, however, la of
many kinds.   There nro places where
■  ■   round   -   ' ' ■■ '•-'... bare except
1    .  . hi i- of salt llinl lie
like snowdrifts,   • ■-. ih : thu pin lit in
■ ott    I here nro also places
(quail) s iii uIn re ih,< proximity of ti
itiui of useless water pro
duces n 1 iru'i'i' ipiaiitlt) of plant life
tbun In ll I'dliiiiry desert.   For the
i" ' a'       ai i,i-i  waste nf sandy
patches and of gravelly soil, fertile
enough it lu-u wnler can lie brought to
It, * : toes llecked wilh dry, brownish shrubs sometimes unite hare
Two ii.--.-ti plants, never touch one
anothei". In the mosl favorable places
two ven tiny Bhruhs may lie found
within two yards of each other, but
with a silicic exception one does not
see nu the central Persian caravan
rotitii n place nway from the hills
wlilt enough natural growth lo modify
the color of thc distance,
I.vi'11 111 llie eases 110 seed ennit's lip
that Is noi purposely sown; no plunt
seems lo hnve any association with
the rest, due Uses llie eye oil each of
Ihem Individually as upon a single
unit, not ns ou a part of n Held or a
i'he water for these onses Is brought
by the most illillcult menus Imaginable, It Is found In abundance al Ibo
foot of the mountains, perhaps 800
feet underground, When a well has
been sunk and plenty nf wntcr found
a hunt Is mnde for tho nearest place
In the desert which is lower lhan water level In the well, Such a sp"t is
Ye7.1l. thirty miles from llio sources
which water It. In a line with llinl
place olher wells are sunk thirty or
forty yards apart, each shallower Hum
the one before, and then from Ibe selected site a tunnel Is nm in In lhc tlrst
pit, from Hint lo Ibe second, and bo on
back to the wells, even though Ihey he
forty utiles away. Through ihls un
dorgniuinl channel Bows the life giving
Domed s it happens Ihal a Hidden
hard mln lulls In this desert country.
It brings many disasters, (or Ibo sun
baked iniul rum's of Iho dwellings are
caved In, Ihci'r walls are washed away,
snd other damage is douo Ihem, But,
worsi of all, i.m much water washes
out and eaves In those "Qtinnat" channels, anal imlil Ihey are !ii.'iiin dug Olil
no waler comes to town,
It bus happened ni Vend thai a single
rainy day, tlio ivnter frnin which had
dried owiiy or sunk Into the ground before the licit sunrise, bus. by filling
the channels, caused a water famine
In the city Inr three months.
Most Painful  Ailments Follow—Prevention
and Cure Obtained by use of
Tin- sudden lowering..i the Icmper-
I nl uro enuses tin' pines ol tbo skin lo
eluse, ntnl tlui.- Ibiinvs mi in the
kidneys much work which ia ordin*
j atily performed by tin- skin.   Tl"-.
 Iiinbt   nceounts lot ihe greal pro-
(aili'in i Is 1.11ia*> disease during ibe
mil anil unit.-
There t- tm treatinonl which sn
ipiickl) nliiai'ls reliei in overworked
na.I deranged kidneys as lb. (.'huso's
Kiilney-liivei l'ills. becniise tlie* ncl
"it the liver, a- well a- tboy I, dneys,
mul iilieii in heiillliliil nclion tho
!i!"i  does much nl  Ibe  work ei HI-
i.'iiup tin- I'l I. which is otherwise
lefi i". ibe kidneys.
iaaia."!ai's   Disease, dropsy, uric ncid
! !'"i-iiiiin_. stone in tlm blnddi r, and
liieumalisiii uie mnoiig ibe mosl pnin*
inl im in- ni kidney disease, ninl
tin lilnteiii- can always bo pro-
vented by llie timely use nl Hi.
rbnse's Kidney-Liver   I'ill-.     They
'■an nl-" usually l«' ei I by   this
Irciitmenl. Inu if you nre so initiiii-
at" ns te I... yel ti I Ihese dreadful ailments, keep sn by usim: Dr.
I'bii-e's Isiilncy-l.iviT l'ills n, keep
ilea livi'i, kidneys and bowels in
lieiiltliiul working condition,
\li James .1. Jenson, Olds, Alia..
mites: "I bave 1 n Irnublod considerably   With   l.'lllli'   buck,   ubliil   I
'iippose ''iiiiii' [rom derangement* ni
lhe kidneys, nml I bave never been
nlilc in Tn11i a treatment Ihnt was sn
prompt anil olTcctive in curing this
."iluicnt ns Dr. Chase's Kidney-liver
lills.   Ai Iwo different times in my
KIliKn.lier.  n. \\ r-nlli.ri'iai'ltH.
There Is :i very qiuilni nld world
Itiporstltlon lu I'onnectlnii wilh the
kingfisher, which I fancy still obulns
here and there in re le parts of the
countryside. The superstition is ibis;
If a stuffed nr dried kingfisher b" sits
petnb'il by n thienil rn- siring from the
ba-iiin nr celling nf a room it- brensl
will always turn in lhe direction of the
pre ill ni "ind   How ibe notion lirst
nrnsa' mnl bow, in the llgbl "f t on	
sens" nml Inquiry, II has I n so lung
perpetuated it Is hard in say. bm it
has long cvi-teil  nml  -till exists.   I
have it clear r Iloctlon ns a young*
ller "f going int" a humble collage in
tin" shires 11:1.1  iir-' :i stuffed kin.'
Il-her thus suspended ns n wenllicr
M |l >.
ll     I
|| | I. 'a      | Hill
,lll|illlii*ai*   I liii*»-r   \n|il.lna.
Tll" .1 l|llllia--"   Iiiii.• a   |n. III!".-| I"   Im
proveineiil nn lluger howls, Al the
conclusion of 'ii" repnsl a Uny basket,
woven of eji|iilslle straw anal in iiriin-
menl il il"s'L'n. 's placed before ".i"li
nit"-" i h imskel contains n filmy.
sinlny. |nl| ■" nap , n printed « lib up
pi- bl '-'1111-, chrysanthemums, irises
or s'ai tln-i' attractive dps .     amai
twisted i .'lalli  In!" a llaana-i llko -nap'".
Before l ,; placed In tl"' baskei the
napkin   In-   l n  sllgblly  dnnil 1
with perfumed water, tin' sm- or-
rOipotllllng e Mi Ibe design, ninl Ihls
napkin the guesl uses .usi.'.nl of dip.
ping ibe lul mis in water.
iu lun r.t *\ in,   I
nl llilng the
. -Ml
Your Doctor
fin '-ure your ('nngh or Cold,
no qutatlon about that, bill
why go to all the trouble ami
Inconvenience of looking him up.
ami I hen nf having hisprescript nm
filled, ivlien ymi can step into anv
drug ilnre in CuiikiIh and obtain
a bottle "f SUM oils CURE
for a quarter.
Why pay Iwn to five dollars
when a iwi'iit v-f i ve cen t
bottle nf Silll.lHi uill cure ynu
Wh) mil do us hundreds nf
thousands of Canadians havo
dona fnr   the   past   tbirlv four
y-.iirs  i"i 3HII.0H beyourdoc*
inr wi'iii'ver ii l'aaii,:ii nr Cold
apl" i
SUM nil will cure yon, and i'il
'    ..'.        ■ '     .1   ' tall lliellt
Wltll .1 ,
il"*     '   >   "   ' 'l        'lil'.'ll       a
Cotigl ild cure it with
I lim le.  \. I.IUed llpclinnli-a.
Chnrte." v of Spain, llko I.mi - Ji
nf bin    na- particular!)  I i
timepieces nnd hud n decided tasle
meehanlci, When in (lerinnii) i e
routed a carriage for his own acci
iinnliiiluii. ami nfler bis abdication
Would amuse himself la iniikliiL- II
puppets suldlers performing their
civiscs, girls dancing wiih their b
I fines nml Utile wooden birds i
would Ily In nml out of tin* wlntimv.
I   Itriaatiimlili'  UiMiiir.t,
"I'ii. I'mil- .lames bus given me his
steamer trunk"
"Well, what of li":"
"'Vmi', pa, limit be | lish    Couldn't
you give me ii Irip In Kurnpe lo -t .if
round unt  Uncle .lames' pn
'li,.,  I.nl<*.
i.,\tiil you d dn ' propose I" Iter:''
'    - up tu II hn: suddenly
nice had a sorl ..f pre
! .'  '■  I'H   ' ■   ;'v"
t'lretlliisti '"s ni"" beyond tlm con
•  mn, but hi* conduct U In hli
on ti powur,- Ui UWIOttt,
life iiii- prepitrntlon has entirely
euieil ine "i this trouble, nutl u(
Inie .veins I Imvc found n unnecessary in use nny medicine whatever
I feel il my duly lu a.Id tin* Btatemenl lu lhc ninny others whloh I
-'■' in recommendation a.i tl ,. ..-..
celleni medicine,"
Mr ft', ForgtiBon, blncksmith, Tren-
lim. Unl.   .-ays:   "In my work I am
bonding ovor a greal deal, ami this.
i' '.'"iiii'i milt tin isl iiiit Btrain ou
nil pun nt the body, nnd the sud-
-I' n change "i temperature when going  In and ti   tb"  ii'iLa'. brought
mi kidney disenso atul backache, At,
nine- I tinnlil snfii'i saa that I would
hnve l" quit work in ease my bock,
lllld fell sn ini-eiiible tilai-! "i ■
tune I did li": etijiiy Iiie very much
"\s last I decided Ihal I v.""'
bave In get relief in some «ni. at: t
having board nf Dr. Clinso's Kidnev •
Liver Pills as a successful ''in" i n
linckncho ami kidney disease, I begnn using ihem. i'n my surprise and
pleasure they helped me at once, and
ii lew boxes entirely removed my
troubles. Thanks to Dr. Chase, I am
perfectly eiiicd nud hope that others
may take my advice and use Dr,
('base's Kidney-Liver Pills."
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, bv
llieir direel nnd combined action uu
kidney,  liver nml  bowels,  positively
cure biliousness, constipation and
diseases ni the kidneys. One pill t
dose, i'n' n box, al all dealers, ot
r.iliniiiisnn, Hales & C".. Toronto.
ilverslircivil lawyers   often   tiirnish'
limit adversaries wilh wonpons.
"Did  ynu  see  this  tree tlmt    bus
I u mentioned, by ibe rondsido."
ne advocate inquired.
"Yes, Bit-; I saw it vory plainly."
"It «;i- conspicuous, then  "
The witness seemed puzzled by the
netv   iinl'.l.    II peateil  bi-  loilllor
"What i- the difference," sneered
iln- lawyer, "between plain and conspicuous '"
llul he was hoist with bis own
I" ninl.   The witness innocently ans-
tl a I ed :
"I enn sec ymi plainly, sir. among*
llie "tbi'i- lawyers, though you are
in i a hit conspicuous."
Brllht'l Disease - Insidious: tlrci-nltvc!
rnlentluit Iin* rolled hundred" nl trials
in medical science tn stem iln- thli' "1
it- rtivinre- ntnl llnl until Smith Allien-
-i'ii Kiilni'V Cure limit-ii beyond a ilinilit
it* 'iQiver t" turn hack the tide, ivns
there n gleam "f nnythlng liui ile-pnir
fair lhc victim nf this dread form "f kid-
in y disease. 5(
It ivns lhc snme "lil story nf it nrin
liim refused lo lell bis wilo tbe out*
...nie "i a  business transaction in
ia hich tialiiiiillv .she look it ilm p interest.
■"N„," he sneered "I won't bil
■"ii li I did you'd repeal it. You
women can never keep a secret."
".Inllil." -aid ilie woman, quietly,
"bave   I   ever   l.ibi   the   -i-i-n-t   111 I
tin-  solitaire  eiigngeincnl    ring  yen
cave i >ighlccn years ngo   being
paste':"  Lutlies' Home Journal.
The ex-mayor ot Edmonton advi-
".lo.vitiii oi|| ,ioj ...lupis .laSjiq n sow
He considers tho pr nt annua! allowance of .fl.'jnn inadequate for the
continual sorvice lhc presiding oilier
gives i lie ciiy.
Bnliv Humori. — llr. Aglli'iv's I>inrnit-n*
sontlii--. iiuieis. mul cllii'ts qutck and effective cures in nil skin eruptions enn
iiinn In hnl'v during teething tune, tl
ii harmless m tlic hair m cases of Rcald
ileiiil. tuiil cures Ke-.eiiin, s^it Rheun mi
nil skiii Diseases "I older i*foiile ii
cents. i5
lliirlinaii Woligang Just, CIS.
C.M.G., hits been appointed i--1-' m
ui 'ler secretary oi stale for tin
Minnrd's Liniment Cures Colds,  Et;.
Twenty-three of ibe BOO i	
lell Calcutta on the steamer Indus
[or Trinidad, O.W.I, died during tb"
voyage nnd were buried nt sea. according lo a lepi'it brought to Now
York hi llio Imlu-. Mca-i's a:t I
piieii'iiniiia caused till the deaths.
II Reaches th* Spot.—There arc low
remedies before the public today ns
elliaoinns in removing pain and in
alloying nutl preventing nultnonary
disorders as llr. Thomas' Eelcctrio
Oil. It bas demonstrated iis powers
in thnusnntln "f Inatnnces nnd n largo
number nl testimonials ns ba lis great
'nine a* a medicine wiuld b- gnl
were thoie ncenslon lor it, It is fur
ale everywhere.
Next Thin; to It.
Viau wen t yesterday Ior a spin
ii   -.inu auto
"V>, nnt n spin,   Only a sknl "
(ii'velnnd I'	
\ trollei collided with a milk wag-
enii und -ent the milk sploshing aan
ilu piiveini'iil.   Soon a crowd gather.
i a Im  I,"   exclaimed    a   man,
"ninii an awfiil iiii-b'"'
\ very -toul lady iiirncd ami glnr*
< i   : liim
"Jusi  mn'I  i'i"    mill  bi
'Coiihl i I"   ibe landlord   In
"I he   |,nd) "i l,i"ii-' "   asked tin
III." ilL'el    n|   aa      .. ap    ;|,'till'
Well.  I  -bi.iil.l' think  I mighl    I
ll'   ll     lllllll' I    lllllll'     l.lll'lla.lal
I ' III'
When the
Hair Falls
Stop it! And why not? Falling hai,* is a disease, t regular
disease.; and Aver'sHair Vigor,
as made ,'rom our nsw improved formula, quickly and
completely destroys il.«t disease. The hair stops tiiliint;
out, grows more rapidly, and
all dandruff disappears.
Don nnt rliantte tht rfilor nf the hair.
formula *■ " "■ ■'' bottli
•       «.,-*■ il to jour
iak l. -" ttbontll.
i'i»n    '«ti"ii
The little book in cub package gives
the forniuls of our new Half Vigor, tells
why e«i:ti ingredient is used, snd c«-
plains many other intercstice thing!.
After reidingvou willknow why Ibis ne*
bsir ('■*-: «i i" -n docs ils work so well.
 aa-Ja a, 11. J, c, ij.F IK.. Uw.ll, Hu,—
4 Marvellous and Triumphant Record
«(Victory Over Disease.
So medicine bin ever effected u Un***.
I niiinl'i-i of wnmitrful and almost nmr-
' vellous cures as I'syrhiiit. It hns had ono
continuous record of victories over iIkm**-
-sa of the throat, elicit, In nr. and itmuseh.
WIk'i. diietora have prnnouiu-fd cases
incurable from roiutiniplion and other
wasting diseases Psychine steps in ami
rescues iniuiiieileEia people even from tlin
very vrree of the grave. L'oituhi, t/ohls.
Calarrh. Hronchitii, Chills, Night Sweat*,
] U Grippe, Pneumonlsj and other Ilk*
1 troubles, all ol which art forerunners nl
Coniumplion, yield quickly ." lhe curative powers ol I'lychine
Mrs. I'sinpliell, one "I tbe many cure'l,
makes tbc fuliowiug itatemeat:
I r.niii't refrain Irnm l.lt'li| .11 who eiffa-r
oi m| iilii.lliat.!. ,fi(i\.i, wl'ti I'aiahtllft In
April. '-"'  I rl" sill t ll*l"  (Old ullla'h ..-"  ■ I
oii ui-t'l'iaiainl f-raSnali, i-j io onnitnptlon
1 i-onlit uol llc.p. w.i siilj.Rt to iitjhl ,«..!.-.
Ol. 1 "lie "  -, >"1.'. aafl  in. doflOl i'iitl,i'l.l,<l
m. I ala:.    Sa,   Hr   Miiiiffa    fori   llntti
Pi.-,!a,|.rlaii i Ii irh, rrromitifiiit.il Dr IViim .
PiTi-titii. tu in. vTh.n I wa* iivina tn Ontario
Aft.r'Ulna I'IT< Iiti.'" for I ition tlm. I Ite .ml
lli-IM W.I'. Iln' miht a.i.u .mt .ii iall ."i-n-ail
M'lilin .C" I aieppail uklm l'a|i"llln» aal au
fifrl.illTr.ati'fi'i| In ha-«Uh Had lai'll, I ti-v.r
fit llSttlT In 101  111.       I'l.a-llllla'  ll«,   bfa-n    .   |l>]
Hint :.. in. llll   Asna.aa a ,hi-hk I
ini'i.ii«..«i. n w r
Ther* is no oll.tr medicine   "Justu
M   all .l.alaia.   *0c    and 11.(11  p.r  '..III.
ll not writ. I.
ir. 1.1.1: nr.uH. Mil, tn Mi si a, foitita
Dr. Root's Kidney Pills are a suro
anil perntinint ctiri lor Rheumatism
Bright'* Disease, Pain In the Sack nmi
all lames of Kidney Troubla. iSc net
bm, al all deals ra.        •	
can I ever do my work
whfomf mini-Ill ir* kll
ItifUuiBil mib J'lir" ■■ .• •"•!
Rubbed on Briskly
mil rumnTii \h* InflftfnniUofli litnbtf up thi
miuolu, Km) i'i»i"' ><"■«■ I »* new
."*•, Hire* tlin»» M mii-"ti Vk    All itotltrt.
I s juHNituN x at., Boiton, Mam.
W.   N.   U.   No. 621 /,
A Series of Articles Describ-     ••
Ing their Lives, their Ainu    •
and their Influence, J j
a famousdiamond.    \ { TORONTO MAN TRIES
Prince Albert Times.
One ol the best known of the riB-
ing j'ouiil men of western journaliaiii
is the subject ol ihis sketch. As a
journalist mul printer ot experience
lie Im.- n record thai few cun equal.
He liu.i bis own excellence aa printer
nml editor lo thank for bis present j
Mr. Laurie wns born at Bnrrie, Ontario, about thirty years ago. the son
ol Alexander Laurie, late of Hadding*!
ton, Scotland, nnd Frunces D. Unity, i
nf llnriic. Ont.  His Brat school veins.
were spent at Bnrrie, uml the balance
of bis.eiliieiiiinu was acquired in To-1
mntii.   Though he lelt school at the
age id fourteen and Bpent a couple:
nf years with the crockery lirm ol
Qowans, Kent h Co., he still applied
himsell i" night studies nnd pushed
lorward iu ihis way.   Being strongly
Inclined to journalism in n practical
uny. he wisely .-et himself the tnek
ut learning tlie arl of printing, tlmt
it might 11" "f benefit in him when
lie should reach the higher branohos
nf the business.
After serving his apprenticeship
with the well known printing firm ol
•liis. Mm mv Co., he catnc wesl tt- I'm
as Hat l'ortage in the mining boom
'lav-, ami obtained employment with
the Ncivs. under tho late ii. A. Chapman, ns reporter nnd business manager. Later he wus associated with
Mr. P. A. Demorost, then publishei
ol the Keewntiu Knterprise. Alter
this he mi- for three years editor
of the Fort Francis Tit  nud   ono
yenr iiitb the Virden Advance. Willi
all these Mr. Laurie was occupying n
salaried position, but in November,
Iiki.'i. tl p| iiiiunity nf getting Into
tie business lor himsell occurred,
and iu company with Mr. John W.
Young, late ol the Chatham Planet,
acquired lhe Prince Allien Times
(rum the estnte ol the late .1 D. Mn-
veety. ami they have mnde the pnpei
one uf the best iu the west.
lu July "i last year n very interesting event occurred nt Regina,
when Mr. Laurie mei the ludy "t his
choice mt her return Irom nn eastern trip, mul he mis married lo Miss
Minnie Bennest, ol Brandon.
Nothing except physical misfortune
could prevent Mr. Laurie from tiil.iug.i,
a foremost place ftliimg'the |oilrl"al-
Isls nt the iie.-t. for liis ability i- undoubted nnd he possesses llinl indomitable courage which has characterised so inhny "I llie journalists,
of the west, ami has played -mii fi
large pari in llie iinbtiilding ol tlti-
boundless country,
They Cleanse the System Thoroughly.- I'.'innel • '.* Vegetable Tills deaf'
the stomach nnd bowels of bilious
matter, cause the excretory vessels t"
throw off impurities from the blood
into the bowels aricT'expel llie Jelet-
crious mnn [rom the body, ihey do
this without pnlrt or inconvenience
to the piiticiit. who spt'eillly realizes
their conii office! us sunn ns they begin to lake effect. They have strong
reoommendotionj from all kinds   ol
Zam-Buk Healed Them Inside Two
Have yuu some eruption, or sore,
or ulcer, or wound, on uny part nf
your body which hns hitherto lefus-
eal tn close, im matter how treated ?
If so, tlmt Is ti case lor Ziim*Buk
the grent herbal balm, The herbal
sups ami csseiii'i's in ibis buhn lire
an powerful that they can heal tho
v*i'is-t cases nf chronic sores, ulcers,
Iilnnil piiisnii ami skin disenses. Here
    pi'OoIs   III  this:
Mis. W. II. Taylor, ol North Boy,
nnt.. says:   "I Imd a scaly spot us
Ine ns a te nl piece iiii my face.
I had ii I'm lour yours, und hardly
n night dining thai time wenl by
bul  ninii  I applied cold cream, or
-inui'    uint ui    or other,    bul    it
tiuiiltl always le there.    I  recently
applied   'I, -link,  and  iu  aliiuil    u
week's time tho spot liml disappeared completely,   I conn t thank you
' ncli Inr your remedy, and 1 tell
everyone I" be sine nml keep Zuin-
I)VIIt  in their houso."
Mrs. s. J,  Hidden, nf :m:i West
Hannah St., Hamilton, suys: "My
lillle girl hnd a running sore nn Iter
leg v, Iiiiii (leiieil nil treatment, 1 applied /, •link, and ill ab nil ,'i week's
time thn tumuli was closed. I have
("ninl Zulu-link just as good for other
skin troubles nnd injuries."
Mr. J. 11. Hamilton, of Jiiornbury,
snys: "The lirst Zam-Buk I obtained was ior a fiicnil who had nn obstinate sore mi her temple, li hnd
been treated oui i twice by n doctor, mul ivnuld heal up lor n short
lime, but would break out again,
Jam-link lieiiled il permanently, and
it shows no sign whatever "f returning."
Similar grateful testimony is to
hand Irom men and women in nil
parts ol Canada, Zam-Buk
:■ a sure cure tor iill skiii disonsea
nm! injuries, such as cuts, burns,
bruises, eczema, psoriasis, ulcers.
siulp sores, cold sores, chapped
hands, itch, rashes, tetter, (nee sores,
etc. It is also an unequalled embro-
cul ion, nnd rubbed well on lo parts
affected cures rheumatism, sciatica,
neuralgia, colds on chest, etc. All
druggists sell nl 60c n box. or may
be obtained post free (rom Zatn-Huk
Co., Toronto, upon receipt ot price.
Six boxes fur $2.60.
An old citizen ol the middle wesl
mis  cell kiiu-vn in hi- lownl'nlk for
In- peculiarity ol slowness, One morning while ul breakfast lie discovered
lhe ronl ol his house on lire, and
while the Haines wero making considerable headway he rose Irom tho
inble anil, pulling on his bill, went
ovei i" "lie nl hi- neighbors to hor* |
row a ladder,   The neighbor answer*'
ml lhe knock himsell,
"(iutnl inii-ii-iiiiiin','' said lie to tho
tiooil morning !"
"Pretty cnhi ibis innrnin', hey ■'"
"Yes. 'ti- rather Irosty. Won't
you lake ii chair !■"
"\\iiiii. I emit slop loin:.   1 inui
in -i.i* II vmi would loun me your |
ladder a little while,    My bouse is1
un lire nml I hain't coi no wny ol
gettili on I" the roof."
Curiam Incident in llie Malory of
tile   ll n'i "iiiiii
The Kohlnoor fell into Hie hands of
tbe ruler of Lahore uud on the conquest of Hie J'mijali becatno n possession of Queen Victoria hi the year
lSfii). The tlrst authentic mention ot
ihls matchless gem Is by nn eastern
monarch, wlm refers io u "Jewel valued
at Olie-llQlt lhe daily expenses of ihe
whole world." a century or two later
tbe Persian couqtioror of India, seeing
tlie diamond glitter lu the turban of
lhc unfortunate rajah, exclaimed, wlih
rough and somewhat cosily humor,
"Come, lot us chango our turbans in
pledge of friendship!'' Tin: exchange
was promptly olected, i'he stone fell
at hist Inlo lhe bands of tin* British,
ami ponding lis delivery to tho crown
Sir John Lawrence, afterward Lord
Lawrence, wus mnde iis guardian,
Ilia biographer, Bosworth Smith, relates a curious Incident of Its custody.
Unit unconsciously Sir John thrust it,
wrapped up lu numerous folds of cloth,
Into bis wnislcoiil pocket, lhe whole helng In nu luslgnlfjcnnt little box. Ho
continued lhe work upon which be wus
engaged nud Iboitgbl no moro of Ida
precious treasure, lie changed his
clothes for dinner and threw his waistcoat aside, Mli 11 forgettlug all about the
Utile box contained In it.
Sonic necks afterward a mossuge
cume from the viceroy Baying'that the
queen iiiiii ordered tbe jewel to he Immediately transmitted to her.
In a moment lhe fuel of his carelessness Unshed across Sir John, but he
slipped nway lo his private room
and wilh liis hcnrl iu li - mouth sent
for his old bearer, of whom be asked:
"Have you a small box Hint was In
my wiilslcoat pocket some time \vf.oT
"Yes, sahib," the man replied, "I
found It nud put it In your chest of
"Bflng it here," snld Sir John. "Open
II," he ordered when the little hoi had
been produced, 'and see what Is Inside."
He watched the mini with tense anxiety as fold after fold of the rags was
taken off.
"There Is nolhini* here, sahib," said
the old man at last, "but a bit of
Something   New   and   is   Delighted.
Feels Like a Boy.
Mr. M.N.Dafoa,
29 Colhonie St.,
Toronto, suys:
"I have heen j I
sufferer from dyspepsia for years. I
have been trented
by doctors and hnve
taken many medicines with only
emporary relief.
Since using Or.
Leonhat'dt's Antl-
PIll I enn ent anything the same as
M, N. Dafoe when a t:oy. I dad
they regulate both
stomach and bowoia, My old time
vigor lias returned, su thnt my splriia
are buoyant nnd tempei normal 1 alve
all oredb to -liis wonderful remedy—
in Leonhardt's Antl-PIll."
| All dealers or The WllsonFyle Co
Limited, Niagara Falle, Ont.        BOI
Time tries nil things, nml as
Uicklc's Anti-Consumptive Syrup 1ms
Blood the test of yenra it now ranks
ns a lending speclllc in the treatment'
i.f nil niltnetit- nf Hie throat nnd j
liuiL's. ll will soflen mid subdue the j
must stubborn conch by relieving the
irritation, and restore the affected nr-,
'.'mis |„ healthy conditions. Ps" will
sli,nt its value. Try it nnd he con-,
vineiil ni Ils efficacy.
The Skunk Industry.
The -kitnk harvest Is on in Mnine, I
■mil tit is expected Hint il will amount
iiiiriil.iHin nl the odoriferous little nni-
mills,, Mnine produces more thnn 'J,ri.-
IKK) gallons ol skunk oil every yenr. j
The skunk skin is a vnlnnb] mi-
nihility Mil,nly who thinks she
tieiir- n sealskin clonk would prob*
nhly In- eliiiciine'l In know Hint '-it
i- made chiefly "f skunk skins. Those1
-kins, Which ma' the foundation "f
many fins of different names, sell
for frnin "J.'i rents to %i \n average
skunk will yield n quiirl ol oil, -
Nashville Ai Icon
The   'I'rfiti.llloii    t'rnm    Hi.    Feellv*
Uuiiiil of Primitive Man.
iiie ilrsi dining table was probably
Just a block of stone or a log of wood,
but even primitive man must soon
have discovered ihal these devices did
not provide for f.ie comfortaido disposal of his legs nml have set about
toxin's* nil bis Ingenuity to Invent something else. II is probable Hint as the
result of his cogitations a rough hewn
piece of board supported' on two big
sfoncs came luto fashion among the
elite Iii ihese far prehistoric limes,
The early trestle liilili! which was
used in Iho beginning uf lhe fifteenth
century consisted "f n parallologram of
wood, fashioned Into a board, resting
upon two or more pedestul like supports. And we hnve a reminiscence of
this movable kind affable In the expression, "A sent at lhe board," today,
while that of "taking the chair" Is obviously a survival of the time when a
chair was tlie place of honor reserved
for lhe master of the house or given by
the grand seigneur to lhe guest whom
he wished to honor, tho olher diners
sitting upon rude benches placed ur
the side of the table.
One can Imagine lhe Inventor sealed
at the head of bis new dlniicr table,
clad In his best beitrsklu and surrounded by n select and admiring company
of bis Intimates, who ale roost flesh
literally off flic festive board and who
ilrnfik the lirst toast at this first primeval dinner party In bis honor In cool
water from a stream hard by. From
this singe to plunks resting on rude
trestles would he nn easy transition,
nnd civilisation had of course made
considerable progress before tho supports and the board were Joined ns one
ploce of furniture.
Wield'-. Lonfesl Railway.
The railway which crosses Sibeiin
i- by far the longest ill the world.
The iii'iueiiinns distances traveled
ami lhe re'tgious ohoi ictei ol the
people through which n runs de*
mauds carriages Ior Divine service,
■'iiesc aie fitted up inside like n
church, nnd Ihey serve nol only for
travellers by rail, but tor peri dieal
worship by lhc inhabitants 11 ■ iv te
villages on the great plains.
The Story of a Woman Made Well by
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
Had blood ii ns Inui 1 Ith. That
la why Dr. Williams'Pink Pills mean
'.'"ml health,    They actually   mnke
 i. rich blood which   Btrentlheno
eery nerve nml every organ in tbc
b id}*. Thnt is why people who use
Dr, Williams' Pink I'ill- feel bright,
active nnd Btrom;. Mrs, Arthur
liunningnn, Msrslivilli', Ont., Is a
iiilness to the truth of these statements. Mrs. Hiiniiincnii snys: "For
nearly three years 1 suffered from
anaemia (bloodlessnesa) and during
'hai time ("insulted ami took inedi-
":nc Irom several doctors, without i
beneficial results, My completion
mis of ii waxy appearance, my li-is'
nui cums seemed bloodless, I -ul-
Icred Irom liendches, diwiness and
palpitation i-i the heurt, My appetite im.- -" poor that I did nol care
whether I ate or ii"t and 1 grew so!
iicnk. ami was so much reduced in
flesh thin my friends thought I was
i ."ii-iiinpii "ii. As I have -ni'i I
doctored without benefit, until the1
Insl doctor «Inun I consulted advised tm- to tri Hr. Williams' l'ink l'ills.
I 'ollowed in- advice, and less thnn
n dozen boxes have made mc the
well woman I am today. All the
- inptoms ol my troubles hnve vanished and I enjoy the besl "f
I'l'intli. I know there are hundreds
ni women who are drifting Into the
uini litioii I was, and to all Mich
I u.'tilil strongly nice the Immediate
-I in   Williams1 Pink Pill
Dr. Williams' l'ink Pills do nol acl
upon Ihe bowels; they do nol linker
nub mere sympi imsi they gi ighl
:.. tbc root   "f the trouble   In the
lain il,   Thai i- why they cut tu-
iiniii nllt-ioiits lite rheumatism, neur*
•il'.in. kidney trouble, Iteadacln - and
backaches, St, Vitus dance, nnd Ihe
special ailments that allliel -• many
i\(allien nml crowing girls. Sold by
ill medicine dealers nr by mail al
'• .• ,-i box or six bexes [91 $9 50 : om
The Hr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
;: kville, Ont.
An  Opium Cure.
i cure lor tho opium hnbii Iin ■ nl
I11-1 bee ported Irom China t 11
llepaitiiieiit 0| IVinimi'ii'e nnd Labor,
II 1   fiiuii.I in a plain which grows
Mild ill Hie \n inilv nl  I.."iiinii. nml
Its use i- snid lo destroy all oppeUte
U.l    It!"    drilg    llltllill    II    Ha-ek The
leave   ol Iho plant 1 uposcd i"
the -un ii-i a day nfler being gathered, nml iiie then chopped 'line mul
tousled, alter which n lea is mado
I'roni ihem uml tlie specific i< icndy
for use. In I,ampin- .iiinn' lie up-
pllcnnta number 2,000 daily, mul il
is claimed thai   In the lew   Bhort
weeks -nice.the plalll na- dlsOOVercd
over    14,000 '  pi'i-wi-     have     been
cured ni tiie opium smoking habit,
Sn grcnl is the dimand fcr lhe plunt
Ihni lhe unlives are asking $10 n
picul (I,".'!',  pi.uii.ls.i.      Spiingflold
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches and
every lorm ol contagious Itch on human or animals cured in .10 minutes
by Wollord's Sanitary Lotion.
iiie boundary disptile between II"-
liviu and Paragtiy hn  1 n uibmitted
1.1 Hm president "i trgeutina for or-
Help your children to grow Irong
ami robust by counteracting anything
thn,! cause- illiiea'th One greal
cause "I disease In children Is ivorms
Remove Ihem wilh MnlhAr flrnves'
Worm Exterminator,   li never fails.
M J" m. give li if "I your apple in youi little -i-t"i Remember
llinl ;i pleiist bared 1- doubled
Jean Yes, mother,   lml nn npple
shared is halved    Nor LoIbIis,
Tlic Woril "Sluillo."
"Studio" Is 0110 of the many foreign
words ihat bavo acclimated themselves hi the English language. It Is
a recent Import from Italy, unknown
to Johnson's Dlclliiiiniy mid apparently not occurring before the nineteenth
century, but It has supplied a ivunl.
'"Sillily," which Is the nail English for
"studio." suggests n room for rending
and will lug, anil "workroom" lacks
distinctiveness, The [''reach get along
with "iiiciier." which literally means a
place Iii ivlil'h small planks are prepared in other words, t carpenter i
The uill ol Chas, i  Kan 1 glon .
 cliiinl ol Boston, gives $300,000 loi
i..'  nnd country trips and nthci
versions lor Boston s poor 1
Oewar. .1   Olntmanta lar Oatarrh   lhat
Oontaln Mercury,
aa -.,.! mi will urelr dealror tha .-na.
af smell and rotupletelr deranffa the
ulii.li. av.tom whan rntrrlns ll tiirnusb
tin- iiiui-niia aurfarei. S.i-h arttolia alnmld
never !>• tiit-d except nn preaoriptlune
Irom reputable phjrali'lina, aa the dam
..',- they mil d ia leu fold to Iha (nod
('in ran poaii'ilr derive troi. Ihem
I.ii! - e.i'iii th Cure, inanufat'turea iar **.
J Cheney & 0 .. folsdo, Ohm, i-ontatna
im mercury, aa'. 11 taken intr-nially
Sotlag ihrci'tlr upon tha hl<>ud .ul muo
uu. .urfacea uf tha system, lo imrltii
Hall's 1 .■'mn i'i.r. ba aure yuu fat th,
1,'i-niulie. It ta Irak a lutrrniUl ami
nm.I" in 'Inl'd 1. vli 1 a 1 I. Cheney
.1  i<    Tr.iiiiiiiulale free.
Sold by Unissiata.   I'm;., iie par tint
Take Uilli Family  1*111* for cnn.ilpa
A Question.
M lllll '
■ ml 11  I	
,,"      "Hun:.    1
1 '
,  I Pre .
The Wuy llii* gleek  Hnilr  Imlirea.rd
ail  I'lxi'llcil  l-'rciii-tiitiun-
Tlgers are Impressive creatures, especially when one meets them in the
forest. Qeorge Maxwell writes of
them: "Thore is lillle doubi lliul almost every one bus a peculiar seusa-
lion of Ihe almost godlike beauty, power, activity und strength of n tiger. A
tiger will overawe ami make conscious
of his Inferiority a inun who would be
unaffected by tlie bulk of an elephant,
I'lie feeling is, however, elusive of description, ami 1 cnu perhaps best explain it lu llie words of II mosl charm-
in;' French geutlemau Who was once
manager uf n groat iiu milling compiiiiy in 1'ei-itl,. We bad Jusi finished
lunch when he entered lu 0 stale of
tremeudous cxclleiuout. Walking al	
ami unarmed along nn unfrenuenied
bridle path through the forest, he had
walked almost 011 10 a tiger,
"lie gave us a most vivid narrative
of the oiicounter—how tbo tiger bad
been lying down concealed In some
long lalang grass beside ibe pnlhi how
ho was within ten yards of it before
he snw It; how then ll i-oso and looked
ut him: bow It ynwued at him; how it
then talked slowly across lhe path In
front of liim nml then slopped ami
looked nt him, ngnln yawning, ami bow
it ihen deliberately walked away Into
the forest, whose depths dually bid ll
from view.
"Some one asked the Frenchman
whether It wus n big tiger. He answered; 'Well, messieurs, I cannot say
If he Is a big tiger. My eyes see that
he Is hi;:, hut I cannot say how big I
see him to he, and If I sny how big It
Is perhaps Unit 1 lell you a Ile. Hut I
cau tell you, messieurs, how big I feel
him to lie, aud I can lell you lite truth,
Wheu he Is standing there In front nf
me I tell you Hint I feel he Is not less
than thlr-r-ty feci high.'"-Exchange.
Atfi*. 1 ■ "nl und  l>i„|trr«litri' Sf*r-ra Ir*
llf ft \o II- in luii  on Sl.r.
The Snlvclliius I'otitinnlls. which Is
currently hut luoccurately called brook
trout, was supposed for many yeata to
be a small lish. Agassi/, was largely
Instrumental in exploding this fallacy,
It Is not an uncommon thing for aa
angler wlih ordinary luck to get a six
or seven pound trout of this variety,
lt Is known Hint a trout may grow to
weigh eleven or twelve pounds. There
is, however, great difficulty in accounting fan- us variation in size.
Iu northeastern Canada there are
large streams and lakes iu which only
tlngerlings have ever been found.   In
Ibe Immediate vlclully of such water
three mul four pound trout arc ipiiie
Common, uud seven and eight poUOdorS
are mu phenomenal, lu nil ihese wa*
tcrs Crustacea do nol abouud; ihere are
QO Small fish of any kind excepl small
trout. All the tl-lt are pure ily feeders,
At some places, it is true, frogaabound,
hut, taken u* n whole, the difference In
food supply is unt un adequate expla*
nation for ihe difference In growth
There is no substantial differ e iu
tbo waters us to temperature, site, origin uml course,   Climatic condl) s
ure (he same The small trout token to
virgin lakes in which there aro no Bib
have sometimes growu to n great size,
have sometimes remulucd small and
sometimes bavo nol thriven, The an-
glers who baunl Ihese waters bave aol
yd I'uiiud n satisfactory explanation
of tins 1 liar condition of things, 11
U one nt tb" mysteries which lend
las.'bunion to Hie an. "You never can
tell what i. going to happen when you
go Ashing,"
I nnnlr?  I.ll.riarlr..
The usefulness nf urban libraries has
1 1 proved up in Ilm hill,  bul lhc
t|Ucsllon irises why similar advantages
cannol be supplied In rural districts,
i.ii: itter of fact, they are more
needed in Ihe country than In ih»
lowns, Th" dullness nf counlry lifo u
conslnutly bewailed, and it can bo
readily believed that a young agrleul*
1 nil laborer ot ■ young woman
up in iii" country would lie
very  "inl lo have the 11 e "f Ihe
. .I.-, be • ■■    '1 iii" r cous
•   1 ■ ..■ 1
Keeps   ll  Quiet.
"\\liat'- Bunton'.t business '■'
"He Im- none l" speak ol "
"V'hnl dn vmi mean :-"
"He distributes rebalc f"t  a railroad."   Cleveland Press.
/Indispensable in WinterX
Thm'i a ml In erwy heme for \
Grays Syrup of Red Spruce Gum
Tbe Middle I In., tn IfOTelS.
Is It Irtie that Iho modern English
novel render Insists upon hearing about
the rich or the great? I can hardly
think so when I remember Hie many
successful works of fiction dealing
with waters and Scottlah ministers,
Journalists and typists, actresses ami
novelists, The Disraeli type of novel
seems almost extinct, ami the great
built of works of Hi Hon tlcil-t wllb the
middle classes.   London l.ady.
Minard's   Liniment  Cure*. G.i'it.t   in
I   The lie-tot lul
(ierniii      .ia i    '
.    ||n        |t|    1
I .Virion    1 ill) bnik*
f|   .,- 1 c    ■
nillg  nil
/ On
A few doses, it thn Tint sign of a cold, will ell. r all throat
IrrlUtloa -lake awiy hoamenMs—check tha inflammation—
strengthen lhe lung!   wild ofl the cough,
all the healing, southing, curative properties of Canadian Snrnct
Onm—combined with aroiuatics,   I'leaiuut to take.   15 it., oottli
I.Nrltilt t'ur Him.
"There's a new young mnn calling on
Miss Maud ibis evenlug," snid lhe fm
terrier, "and be seems real nli 0,"
"Ves. 1 beard her say lie »'as nice
enough to imi," replied th" build ig on
Ihe lawn, Thai's what I'm *■. 1 1 ng
tViniillii".   I'nrl.
"ivii.it pari of speech is 'woman,'
"Woman Isn't n pan of speech, my
null     Sim's the Whole speech "
Before you get
garments  al
tlie ihr I nk
ii  tkken
He Is truly rich who dealrei nothing, nnd he It truly pi'ir who cored
sli-Solon. -t
\ Neat \11rL .lea,rl*-r.
'I her-- li.nl  n a difference of opln
•11 a, to whether the 1.111 bad 1 n
paid, it mulled in favor of Iha 1 is
lomor, nnd 11 .lie. tur from tha Jew
"lit"   ed ib;-liuii'tit   on   Fifth   aii'iiuti
called to       ighu    Perhaps you will
ig to pardon Iha rntsUke," be
sa'd.   ,t "iu knew lent mn 11 y nccounts
sre ini" >'i oui books There are 90,
ism uf Ihem, ami we ars 1 imetlmes
likely therefor* lo make a mistake."
l.n, lllg .. Iluulhlnl.
ii-ilrclii. uini name,pleaaet foreign vi-iior lierr HcbwarUelburgbbau-
iitii.a- Roy You'd hnve t.i call again,
iir   11 in " closes in Ire minutes,
ind 1 shan't have iimn to p s
vniir name liefoni Iha
Hon Viv.itit.
1 iiiiniii in.nm ilnn
"Perhaps,"  said  II lerk,  "you'd
like lo loo  nu \
■ ' il  -. 11
1 'cit 1 would
■ quality,"
|l a   vati'i-   ul labricl, itylri in I   mie*
in ill   11 sal  for   women,  mm iarj
•alJ.1.0.    loJ   -   a a   V.I  I,    flljl Ot>a   -l*.'.:
' • a
I II" lias I n
•". Ihal Ic
na lure and
t Ma '-•! wIP hs bis ejiitmi.-e,
Fellows' Lecming's
hut don't waiit until an Animal ll
Injured, GET IT NOW—and you
hue the remedy thut CURBS all
lameness in horses.
II veur denier duel not handle
it, stud iiOc. to
, National Drug S, Cl-.mlr.l Co., Llmit.d,
In Another Case.
"iiiuiiipen 1- pii-inn :i- ii composer
ol music."
" 1 line  vu lie ba-. He's n disturber "i it."—Clev.-liinil  Press.
Lillle but Soarchlm -llr. \*■ • 11 Stan's
l'ini"ii|i|ili" Tablets nre nol big nmi-oen-
doaes that contain injurious ilruirs <>i
narcotics Ihey nre tho pore vcgi'ialili-
pepsin tin- uicili'-iiuil 1'xti'iiit from thli
liisi-iiiiis fruit, nml the tnbbus nre pre-
pared iu ai pnlntnliU' form ns the fruit
it-elf. They ouro Indigestion, 60 in a
Imx, 35 cents. 56
Tlie sealing Bcliooners Ilitibiinu und
Vera have left Vancouver for 11 nine
months' cruise ns lar as Copper island ami Behrlng sen. One of the
women who came to see the hunters
ofl Ml Irom the wharf into the
itater below, She wus quickly rescued.
Minard's  Liniment  Cures  Distemper.
Vmi cannot be happy while you
have corn*. Then do not delay in
getting a bottle of Hollowuy's Corn
I'ln.*. ll removes nil kinds of corns
without pain. Failure with it is unknown.
I'aai lhe fn-i time iii twenty years
[ntnlities caused by skating hnvo or*
cured on the lower Praaet river, A
T Charlton, merchant, uml his son
iiiuniiis iicie drowned last week near
I .angle)
Minard's l.inimenl Co., Untiled
Sire. I have used MINARD'S
MNIMENT Im the past ",'1 years und
whilst I have occasionally used other
liniments, I cun safely sny that I
have nevei used any equal to your's,
li rubbed betwoi n tne hands and
inhaled frequently, if mil never tail
It; cure ci'ld in tic bead in twenty-
f'.ur hours,
It is nl -a.   lhe Deal  Ior   bruisi -
•prains, en-,'
Yours duly.
Dartmouth. J. U. ii.sili:.
\ iiiiuiliei el -iiiIiii- discharged lor
in ilia patlng 111 tlie leci-n: -Hike in
Odessa thri i .1 bomb upi 11 the li"--
-imi roinpaiii ■ Mlalitic line stoainei
Gregory Morch, Tho vessel waa
slightly damagi d
"Did >"ii -a*' how The Herald this
morning roasted old Milyuns, who
died ycslerdn* t"
"No.   Womici why    He wasn't In
I "i  in. in.in."i   bu iness."
"H  nn-  I au-a"  he  died   In  the
giving llie evening papers .1
scoop "ii    llf    lieu       Hindi uml
w   •-
.<;' aewtieiiEiiriciNer ci     I
'._      H'lmit  nun ||
W ' Ki niiln no rhinje in
Mooney'i  Peifection   Creim
M   1 *v   : • . it  wn   brmj
'   < ail points
I lhe   N'orthweit—It
order to 1   lie 1   - thai vo«
a--' •'-        b ind 1      tram
lhe ovftt. n
7'■'■/ t-.ii frm   it   C.intia
ef ruling Private Freltii Can.
W.    N     U.    No. 621 THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
With Is for
•I'l'MiKl;- till   IN\ ITI I) HY THE
l '  Council t'i' the wing Murks, vi*
I. Toi struct culverts over ravine In
Filth street nml in Sixth itrccl
■_'. To Clear aid  tirade Third street
eii-t.  ir   St. Uuoru        ' -  '" sl
I'.n',   • iieniie, and Ini -i-i' ":ill>.
8, To Clear and tifiulu I If lit slroel
eust, Irom I,(in dale avejiuu to St.
Gcorgn't* nvenuo
-i Tot learuiul flradi llalintiavenuo,
ir.ain I :i'.t i.irei'1 1.. Iilil    n.i I.
Spiai-iiii-iiiiiut- can ' - had lit lb" Muni
cip.,; llnil, whore ncaleil li wit rs must hi
lodged net Ian r lllllll N ii'clnck |i, u
mi the I8tb March ctitn ut,
\i i \  I'iiii.ii',
i   M.C
-'   the Court '■! Hcvlsinii, tn liearc	
plaints and it| penis agnii sl thu Huron*
nn nt nf lands and itupru u ti tl by the
assessor "i the dl 'trii I, m I for nther
purposes, as providi d by thu luttii -
uill bo held iii lli" Municipal Hail,
Nurtli Van'"in.i' "' \1 in'ii, the I8lb
Iditj-pl Miir.ii. A 11, 10117. at " o'clock
p.in. i'. a .1 s i ,1 i,.,i musl In given
me of all appeals befuru the said dine.
Ami.  1 'II11.11*.
C. M. c.
Rolled Oats
Hai) and Feed
Hilling Co.
Hurry Mitchell, local manager,
Lonsdale A.e.nuc.
Fine, healthy Tomato and
Cauliflower Plants, grown from
Sutton's Seeds, always on hand.
; a IJJ(i l.uts nne und two, re-sue*
division live, ii.inl 11), corner Lonsdale
avenue and Seventeenth street.
The Idlest ur any tender nut neccs*
sarilv accepted.
Address S, V., Exi'ltKSS Ollice.
List your Property with us
fur quick null!. If prices are
right we cun dispose of it for
Real Estate Brokers
Thompson Block,  -   *   NORTH VANCOUVER,
North Vancouver
I believe that North'Vancouver has
an immense future, and that there
will be more money made in land
here than in any other seetion in
British Columbia. I have LOTS
fOR SALE in all parts of the
Townsite. If you have LOTS TO
SLII, como to me. I will find
you purchasers quickly. '"
161 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B. C.
i I oi Ynki ti Hallway Ooni'iiiny hereby
glvou notice- tliat alter four weuas Irom I
this date it Intends to apply to tlie|
Board ol Railway CninmisslwiMs of
Canada nndor tlio |imvislons of Section
178 ol the Knllwa; Art ol IIKH of Can-
u';a, Iur iiiiiliuriiv in i struct a liruncli
lino within tliu Mtiiilci|iullty uf North
Vancoiiver from u |mini on iis iiuiiii liim
near tin- mniith of Sovimmr Crecli, "it
, tlic nurlli sltumnf llurriird Inli-t, in nil
easterly ami northerly illr-v-tlnti, to n
I point at or near |i.*i-*i Cov-.* oil tlw Kurtli
I Arm ul I'.itrrtiral |u|,-|, |1. i".  jn iici'-mvI*
I ance with a plan. profile nml I" ok "i
refurei cedi pn lied ll is day in it Nlccj
ol tin- Ilistricl HifKiriir In tin* City nf
1 Viiiiciiver. it| pnaiil"! under  (ile pru*:
| visions ul the Land Ri'tdsU-y Act.
I    Dated at V.ui'i. ivr, 11, i'., this 4th
davoi March, A. D. IM7.
CAPITAL, .<+,Kf-6,666. RESl'.RVE, $2,141,333
I lead Oflice in Canada; Montreal.
11. Stikf.man, General Manager; J. Ki.usi.y,Supt. of branches
Branches in llritisli Colunil>ia--Aslicroft, Greenwood,
Ik'illcy, Kuslo, Roaulnnd, Trail tSuh Branch), Vancouver,
Victoria. Duncans, and Dawson, Y.T.
Savings Dopirtmtnt Otposltt received from $1.00 upward!
Interest at highest current relet end compounded twice a year
Office, Cor. Lonsdale Ave. and Ispl-toade, Norlh Vancouver, B. C.
MTAM.i:Y I'Ai-k
Ale and Stout
tu BoUUm. ftvga Mini Jam,
Ifct tnijrtl C. . Hiiui (..., Ltd.
TttL. jttl.
L.    . -
Nu-..:■•« I'ltlllls,   So a
NoCuiilcsCorn -' isl  '■•■ r>- ,ihlo eni-l
leticsst rcaannablr |    ■•    I■ lllisira,
Use Sii-4'lii'i*   Spraj I'mil] -. S| I
Material, Cut Ffovara, i*t    Uldesi '-a*
(alilishti'l nursery   . nland of
British Coluul      '       . ■■ Imu,
VtM'ui V|;|i, 11 c
P. Ba- If vonr local 11 "r 'ta     ■
Iiunl!- ■' •    ill 1 il     Wi
pay (llty pn    '
jarden saws I I'" le.
alwk  ' ' 1 11
tn -ni. paaki ■
ll ■
0. E. ,502U? :NSEN
li.il tnglseer unit 11. C. land Surveyor
'i-iiiim: Kit
lleilivsva. Ilrshli-* Watei P "- K-llluit'"-.
Siii,i,rlii'H"l'iu'' "f l'i 11-truMlon,  M»p>   "I
r,a«ii.",. I'l 1 Mining ('hum*, Illimprlnts
ol -ii- . rliliiii.i,
:-, || ,1    . ,1 iv       .  VANCOUVKR, II c
'I'll 1110 3.
Nukih Vancouver, B, C,
11 n 111 >i 1 s 1 111 1 11 1
11 »i in..
V",M   .'t   VI I      .
— Is now rinlu In lim: lor .1 sharp advance. This year is
hound to It- tin- linnnci year in the history ol our enterprising
and rapidly growing city. Money invested in good clos.-iu
property will make larger profits and quicker return* than
., - win re.
IVIj M'l'aMIT TIIK I'lll.l.i'lUINti :
KKITK I'HAI'-Tno south uvul lots in lilni-kU5,unriir liim.   tricii
*.i.ti each.   I'crius fliic-llrird icuslt ; liidance ll and tllninotha.
KI.. \ KM'))  !.N,.' ST. (ilii.lliiK S'l'lljvlvT-i-H'iublo toruor,   Price
s-sjii.   Terms onvililril Cash; U'llnucc ii and l'J month".
KEITH lio.'li  ('luai'c inn* 111 itlucli no, (iiciiiii Victoria Park.  Price
ll.lXIUciicli,   Termsi.tii"lli:ril viii-li; balt-weli and IS months,
SEVENTH S'l Kia.'l"-J,.it-1 P. I inclusive, lilia-k.sti: D l„5W;cleared,
l'i ice (.'a.iHtij    I'ciuihuue-iliiril ciihIi: hiilniii-'c 11 and IS uuillths,
FOURTH >Tlil';KT-l."lr;s ami S8, blnek 124; cleared.   Price |8J0
cull.  Termsl-'i-iiicash| haUfliae<luud 12mmitlis.
SIXTH STREET— iMaS, 4. 1,'U, hluuk 14.   Price fjHSaitch,   Terms
flS5ca.ll; liiiluiiceciti'iiiliiiKover tno vi-srs.
SIXTH STREET—Lotd II, lS.'hloek II; donliltuoriicr,   Price $1,51S).
Turilis fl Ulli cash; lialumc exti'iiiliii->iiver llfo years.
Corner LoilBtlale Ave, and Fifth St.
TEI,. 15 lVOltTII VANt'iil'VEIt
Rainier Beer^>
Is--a gloripus bt;vora;j;H—quPticliing and
satisfying, Remember there's no other
"jiiut an good"—insist on getting Rainier.
Vancouver, B. C.
Wc ore now cutting Cordwood. Plnee your orders
with us for Cordwood.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Oavinj; tn change o( (tie* iurr)' lime pclicdule lollowing will
til it a i n : ,-     -,,,..
'' Fiaur S'I'KKK'l'
Lca'.iui; Qil'ce'tlsbliry AlVeuuo at::(i:30 a, m., (1:311 a. ni., ;:j5
'   -ami live uiiiiuia"* to tlu* hunt until 111:55 I1  '"
' ,' ■' v  ■        •
teaviilK Ki i:h  fto.nl ami rorliea' Avenue at 6ioo a.  111.,   .
/.on,  a.   in.,  8125,  and  aj  nmintea paat the hour
. Until 11,15 B. 111.
I.nNsi'iir Aitvitk
Cars will run every *i<i luiniKOaWa
9SF   All hoatii are met hy the cars,
60   YEARS'
'-*}   • , \ Designs
YVti "      Ccpvim;,!-." fi-c.
■   -.■
t| 'a"       at.
I I      I ' "-.-.-'■
-:,;. mwrnu
■I  ■   ,-;;.'.' "-.
- ,       Mt.    ■  ,■   1    . I -uv.
■. Ill J*
.,  ififtAntrktt.
I"''*-        : '■
. •■ -j. 1   in il,   'i ""1.- <. «
."  M-.",.,t.'.'il'V.
',1   ■ '■:  '   -•>• Nr.wYurk
-    ■   1,, J,;, , 1 ired in five
mQDthi     ah ml   one Uia .. n      i   line
uini (Jreal UoulovanJ I'ri nl .*'i5"
(lach.    l'(,
Car. Pender and Seymour Ms*,
Men's $4 Shoes
llox Cal Bluchers, leather lined,
double sole $4.00
Vcl\"iir   Call  Bluchers,   leather
lined, double sole  • ,$4.00
Vica   Kid  llluchcrs  and   Bals,
leather  or  canvass  lined;   a
daisy hoot $4.00
- 1 '.   . ' *
See Us for Your
Spring Shoei
51(1 Hastings Street W.
Hotel North Venco«vcr,
$2.00 per
and up.
Kates lor
terry .Service Lvery Half Hour to and from This Hotel
to Vancouver. P, Larson. Prop.
11.60 ran U»v
AND I'l'
SirciAi, IIatih 'ro
PiMiuai a sn
I'.l"1 I u" la -n.i.aa*
Bin* (, anptll'»», fre-irltlar*
llealatal throughout with
Bteum 11 "t nml cold
IVHter iu every ruoni   :
SECONIi Slldtl,    -
The Imr in considered to
lie an lino .1- any   u the
Ca    '-a', IU llaaa'l   I,. ri'|lll'U'
_ _ .——--^   « w 1 a ». Kxtra Vm 9m VS[m in
nl TTrD t>NAP    luJ,s or iolb'Lou
J. A. McMillan, North Vancouver
SMOKE THE-..     —a.
Call in and see what you can
get in your own town, You
will he surprised how much
parccl-cariying you can wve.
UK>. E Mc not-all, M.A.I.. I. ».|H. D.
Ifc-llll.ll. «. A.: A. «  llimi. B. A.
Barristers, Solicitors, Notaries, llr.
II,'"I, I"   II. K. A.   I'.-.a: llllK,   Villa .,aa" 'al.    aa,I
.Iilil' 'I-,11   BlnCk,   NaTtla    VllUl-UlK"!
Apple, pear, peach, plum, Rrsctia
gage trees Ior sale. Will hear this
year.   Apply to
Third Street, NoRlil VANCOUVER,


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