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*   ,.#
There was n lair attendance at
the. meeting held in Larson's
pavilion ou Wednesday night in
llie interests ol Chas. Kilhy, the
socialist candidate (or Richmond,
1''. linker was the chairman.
K, P. Pettipiece, socialist candidate at Vancouver, said that this
was the lirst time in the history ol
Richmond that n socialist was in
the contest.    The   work   of   the
socialists at Vancouver had now
spread  beyond  ils   hounds.    Socialists   had   no   brass  bands or
swag to enthuse their supporters,
lt was bul six years since organ-
ization work had begun.   Three-
and-a-linll  years  ago  candidates
lirst took pail iu   the elections.
Then ten candidates were nominated, and they polled 24 per cunt.
ul the total  provincial vote.    In
Vancouver the highest vote polled
was   1,338 votes, the  lowest 958.
A   great   amount   ol  educational
work had since   been   done,  till
flourishing locals existed iu every
hamlet and  town  iu  lliilisli Columbia.    In the present campaign
there were candidates running in
2± constituencies.    " We are now
a (actor," tha speaker said, "am.
we're going to be the whole thing
in a comparatively short time, so
il you workingmen want to be on
- the winning side, vote the socialisl
ticket."   (Ap| '.iii'-e )    Neither ol
the old parties can get a clear majority in lhe house, and  they will
be compelled to merge into one.
party. Then it will be capittalism
on tne one side and labor 011 the
other. A lug meeting would be
held here towards the end of tin
month.   [Applause 1
Mr, Kilby, the candidate for the
provincial house in this riding,
was well received. He explained
that ihe socialist movement was a
class stiuggle. One class owned
all the wealth, while the Other-
the piodtic, is - oiiiied opining,
not even tlieir jobs, lie had beet'
a socialist siuce its inception in
(his province, being a charter
member ol  the Nanaimo local
" llien ue Wele not considered al
all," he said, " but to-day the political parties wete compelled to
take ,1, into their calculations,
(Applause.)    lie had lived in this
ruling lor seveinl years, and knew
its needs I.m I, well, having fished
in  ih,- rivers, loaded lumber at
Mo idyville    and    other   plans,
wot kid 111 lhe logging tamps, eti .
uud had a prat li .,1 knowledge ol
the   needs ul the working class.
The development oi the resources
<il this province were wonderful,
and he was struck with the cosmopolitan class that was so rapidly increasing and gathering here.
People came here Inun the older
countries lo better themselves, but
loiiiiij that the)'  were  up againM
the lame old conditions.   The record nl linn. I aiter-Collou showed that   In:   had  opposed  every
measure introduced in thc house
by   Mi.   Ilawthututliivaite.     Mr.
Kilby said that he did not know
candidate Wean, but that he knew
the record „f his partner  Joseph
Maitin.   "Therefore,   you must
draw your own conclusions when
you see a lawyer Quitting Ins profession to go imu politics," a-aiil
the speaker amidst applause.   No.
man ivas any belter than the party
he represented, and ibp party ol
Mr. Wi an ,lnl noi represent the
Working    ciMS,    At    the    liberal
uie, Inn; lhe Digit! before lhe ipics-
tinti nl  labor and   workingmen
was hardly mentioned, but thoy
wn,   Inl.I all   abOIlt   this  glorioul
province and bow prosperoui thoy I
Wele. The I,'(old ol "Hilly" Mt '
lniies (bowed that he was not a
sale man. He went out of his
way to attack the socialists, but
before the campaign was over j
there will he some things thai will;
come out about him that will sur-1
prise everyone, liy the way .Miliums talked al that meeting one
would have imagined that workmen in this province were arrayed
. in broadcloth and silk and drank
wine. He (th speaker, worked
jusi as haul now as lie  BVOt  did,
and  his  position was relatively
worse, uml this same condition ap.
plied   to the   working  (lass   all
round,  The provini0 was bain
flooded by Hindoos, tha dumping
ol whom was a positive di igi a
The climate oi the country was no-
fitted for them.   The coming 0
the Hindoos was owing to the en
of the workingraen's opponents
who favored cheap labor and im
migration.    It   was   a   fact   tha
luring the past few years ther.
had   been   comparatively    gooi
times, but why should Mr. Cottei
enter into an alliance with Gen
Booth to   import  from   the  oh
country some thousands ol working men when the lassies ol  tl e
salvation   army  were  taking   1 p
collections of  money,   food   a, d
clothing   to   feed   idle   people i
The socialist parly when it got in
to power would give the workiii;
class every consideration, and ii
elected   he   would   follow   alont
these lines.    Legislation would In
enacted so as to allow workers d
produce for use and not for profit.
As  things were today,   if a man
wanted to succeed he could hardlj
lo so and be honest.    At the last
session   o( the house, when tin
eight-hour bill,  as well as othei
legislation to benefit the workiin
class came up,  Mr. Cotton consistently opposed everything.   Tin
policy of the  liberal  and liberal-
conservative parties were similai
so far as being of any use or benefit tu the producers of the country,
o-day the workingmen were being   plundered worse   than ever,
and they were getting tired ol this
sort of thing and weary looking
for a political Moses.    " If a lawyer is selected as your representative, workingmen, he will lead yoi,
into the shambles of the capitalist
class," he concluded.  (Applause. |
.,i,   Hawthornthwaite  made  a
very lengthy speech in support ol
the candidate and was loudly applauded, after which the meeting
Districtof North
' liatopnyen will he liuld in tliu
Municipal llnil, Nurtli Vancouver, nn
Friday, the Illlt Inst., at s o'clock p.m.,
to receive tin. Council's reports and
financial itatoinents.
Ily order ol the Council,
Ai.m. Philip.
0. M.C.
Courtesy of News-Adrertiier.
*-T____2£tt&&____V_l '
An Accident.
Firemen's Ball.
Though no stone had been lelt
unturned tu make the annual ball
ul the North Vancouver Kire brigade a success, there was not as
Urge a turnout as might have been
expected, owing no doubt io the
many counter attractions, principally among these being skating.
Tuesday evening broughl a large
crowd of dancers and Iriends ol
the fire-lighters Irom Vancouver,
and Larson's pavilion presented a
gay appearance, with its festoons |
of hunting and brilliant lights.
About midnight cake and colfee
were served, which proved a welcome relief to the dancing, llar-
pur's orchestra in its lull lorce instilled merriment into the occas-
sioil, and the complete progrtiinmu
ol selections (lid no little amount
lo make the affair a success.
Financially,   the   undertaking
was not a success, but all will he
pleased to learn that the hoys annul at all discouraged, and are to
be complimented on the efficiency
of the service allorilcd.    A   late
boat and also late cars ou this side
and  in   Vancouver,   carried   the
merry-makers to their respective
In,tin s at the close.    Among those
present were noticed  the lollowing :   Mr. and Mrs. Biiiibiiry, Mr.
ami Mrs. Gosse, Mr. and Mrs. P,
Lai son, Rev. ami Mrs. Marsden,
Mr.  nml  Mrs.   Patterson,  Mrs.
Bachelor, Mrs. Foster, Mnsdames.
ami Mrs. Russell, Mrs. Clark, Mr.
and Mrs. l.ipsett, Mis. I'aul, Mrs.
W, Hick, Mr.  and  Mrs.  Heard,
Mr.   and   Mrs.    Durston,    Miss
I(,amble,   Miss   McLairty,   Miss
Stevens, Misses Smith, Miss Larson. Miss McKay, Miss Bloom
held,      Misses       RuSSell,      Miss
Fuglcr, Miss Smith, Miss Hay-
croft, Reeve Kealy, Assistant
chiel Barker, ol Vancouver, T,
Moflatt, ll. Duncan, M. Martin,
M. Emerson, J. Paul, J. Butler,
ti. Williams, J. Allison, 11. J.
Robertson, 11. Net-lands, Mr.
Cootcs, A. Woods, T, Mathers, (i,
Phillips, W. I). Duke, VV. J.
Irwin, W, Page, M. S. McDowell,
Mr. Wallace, W. Smith, 11. A.
Mc.Calluni,S, Cole, Mr. Hickman,
11. Dick.
On Saturday afternoon last,
what easily might have been a
more serious accident occurred,
while a C. P. R. tlatcar, numbered
36,165, loaded with machinery,
was being hauled up Lonsdale
ivenne by the 13. C. Licctric Kail-
way Company, It was the inten-
tion to have unloaded the car at
Fifteenth street, where the machinery would be hauled by teams
io the new mill of the Western
Corporation, bnt owing to the
irosty state ol the weather, when
ibout Third street, the cars hauling the llatcar began slipping, and
belore adequate means of stopping
could be applied, the train ol three
cars commenced to slip down the
hill. The men in charge applied
every means within their power to
avert the pending trouble at the
foot ol the hill, and it was through
these efforts lhat a more serious
accident was not recorded, Owing to all brakes being tightly set,
ihe mum,,i: 11 m was not ureal, and
consequently, when the train
the em! oi the rails, ran
A party of North Vancouverites
spent an enjoyable time skating on
the pond, near Fromme's camp,
on Tuesday night.
An amateur champion boxing
tournament will be held by tin
Vancouvei' Athletic Club on Thursday evening, January 24, The
championship and medals will be
resented to the winners.
lt is
sii-iM'steil that manual
be  introduced   into   ibe
Districtof North
-1 Council for the following public
wot lis, vi/..:
1. l'ur Knliann Itontl and Nortli End
of Farmer Btreet,
L'. For six-foot sidewalk along North
side ef First slreet, Irom Lmimliilo to
Chesterfield avenue.
8, Alto (nr ten cords of Firewood for
Specifications can bo hnd at the Muni*
tipal llnil, where sealed tenders, with
-nilniii,■ iiuarantoo 'le|ionits must bo
lodged before 7:110 p. in. on the llltlt
Amu. I'nitii',
The Equity Brokerage have
taken over the well-known real
estate, mining and insurance business ol B. F, Dempsey & Company, 58 Hastings street west.
Those comprising the firm are 1
Capt. John liossc and Messrs. J.
Armstrong   and   L.    C.    Miles.
Mr. and Mrs.  T,   11.  Nye re-i
turned   home   to-day front  a ten
days' sojourn at Cumberland.
If a man doesn't acquire a little
sense with age, he cheats himself.
Many "outrages" when closely
investigated, do not look so black.
We don't see how a manufacturer of shaving snap can make
money. The writer of this has
used one cake ol shaving soap five
years, and has two-thirds ol it left,
That immediate steps should be
taken to place the interior ol the
North Vancouv, r school house in
Armstrong and L, C. nines, la more congenial atmosphere is
Special attention will be given to the common topic ol those having
real estate and ship brokerage, children attending. The delapi-
Capt. Gosse is one of the mosl dated stove now being used in one
favorably and best known mariners of the rooms, I osides being totally
of these waters. His partners are inadequate, endangers the whole
also old-time British Columbians, building. It is reported thnt the
and are recommended by all who sparks easily escape ti the man!
know them.    THE Exi'HKSS wishes  fissures in its sitl S.    Several rliil.
ihe new linn every success in its |dren are said to have caught
District of North
 ^^    colds
iu consequence ol lhe chilly rooms
and the attendant e has been reduced, Let the -1 hool board act
*■ givi'n to the Electors ol tho Mont*
clpallt' of Norih Vancouver, that I re-
(pure the presence ol the said Eleoton
nt the Municipal Hull, Nnrth Vancouver, in ihe said Municipality, on
MONDAY, JANUARY 14th, 1907
for the purpose ol electing |»'i-»oni to
represent them In the Municipal Council
ai Boevo and Councillors, and electing
two persons to represent theni on tho
liimril of Bel I Trustees,
The Candidates shall be nominated in
writing, the writing shnll tn' cilac-ibed
lay two voters nl the Mi,iii.-i-wl,iy ut
Proposer and Seconder, and chall I* deli," aa'ataa the ;:•-,uii.nm Olllcer .1 any
tuna' between tlie (Un, of tins maioeand
lim o'clock p. li. . on the 'lav of lhe
nomination. And In tits event ol a HI
beingnacessary,such HI will be opened
laving landed from
the tlatcar on the many large boulders   on   the  bench.    About   ,,3„.
 fix the C. I'. K. car, while the11'"'™
breakages on the H C E, K. cars
were nil, The traffic on the lines
was not in anyway impeded. Bv
Monday, with the assistance o
marine derrick, the whole train
was back on its accustomed run.
Ii may he treason to say it, but
reached   tlie  end 0.  ...
over lhe side of the ferry wharf,! The u c Electrie Railway Co
without doing more than »I,500 are ru8hing ,0completion tllal por.
damage to lhe a5o-horsepower mo*L.^ o{ t,)e romi on yut,,nsU,.,
owing to having landed (toniL^^ lyjng ,K,h,,,,,,-„„, K,j,j,      _ .,_	
\y" road arid Nineteenth street.   Tin" there is probablj a good deal o
• 3l'i „;,.,.,. 0( |jn, will In finished in' fiction connected witli the culinary
will nx tne y. r. »...»., ,;•-,—-—_j^ month's time    li:.      tion tVill stunts mother used to perform.
opeit'Up, besides a valuable ti cl   Vlmost anything tastes good to a
,   of tlie townsite, the fertile Lynn hungry boy,
'•   valley and adjacent fruit-glowing1    .   .      ,
" lands '     '",s °'  P.eoPU
j other towns just t
The temporary timetable (or the
street cars on the main line on
First street has been compiled and l
is now in operation. The first, ■,•,„, m,„,,,,. „( this ,)ri)vjnC(, an.
morning car leaves Queensbury entirt.|y indebted to Mr, Geo 11
avenue and Keith road at 610J, Cowan, K. C, Vancouver, and K
and  connects  with the ferry  at g. Qosnell, Victoria, for the intro-
b:-.,, thence east again to Queens   ,,.,, ,,„,, o( lk. M,u..n, | ■>Bettel
bury avenue. Leaving there at TljrmBu ;,„, ,,rovj.,ciB| 1„,|m,s
(1:35  11 inns to  Keith road and | ■*■■,„ iotmt< in Wi issued a-care
Church Notice.
buy  goods
I.a'. ontrary
Services  will  be held  in  tlie |
church on Sunday as usual at 11
a. 111. and 7:30 p in.
Sunday si hool, 1:30 p 1,1.
Service at Moodyville school on
Sunday at 1:30 p. in.
The mid-week service will be
held iu the church on Thursday at
• a o'clock until further noti, 1.
All an- welcome,
I'asiui: Rev. J, I). Gillam, M A
Forbes avenue, returning tin, is
the 7:20 and all boats during the
The new bridge being built ovei
the 1 reek on Keith toad is almost
(tamp!' ted, and in the course of to
days cars will be running to IV-
wiclte avenue. The budge is
about 300 feet in length, ami 50
bet high, ami will accommodate
the car line only.
.ully prepared lirici, and had the
same printed in pamphlet form.
pntith d " British >'. lain ia's I 'latin
for   littler   Terms,"   The   lattct
between ths hours ol nine o'clock a. m.
and raven o'clock p. tn. of the wud day,
at lie said Municipal Hull, of which
ei, ■, person is required to uke notice
and 1 ' 'it himself accordingly,
" The qualification! lot Beam shall Iw
his lieim; n male llritiidi «ibj»?t, and
having limn loi the three montlix next
precunei tlie day „l Ids nomination
the iiei-tirisl owner In thi Und Registry 1 Mice <>( land or real property, situate «iiliiii the Municipality, ot the
nggciist'd value „„ the lust Municipal As-
rcxni ni Roll oi iiie hundred dollars or
more out and above any reaistered
jiialciucnt'ir charge, ami lieing otherwise
duly qualified ana voter."
" Tiu'quidiiiiiitiiiii Ior Councillor (thall
laa ni'i t'l'inv.' a male llritisli subject, aud
I unit I n fur tli, three months next
prfcWlna the dny nf Ids Humiliation, the
ri'i*i"U-re,i iiwimt in the band Hejiistry
illlieeiii luml or renl property, situate
\wiiiiii ihe Municipality, ol the assessed
ral.ue on the Inst Municipal assess.
ment Hull ol two linndred ami
Iiii 1 a|a.|la,- or more ovor ami
ttlnvt sny registered judgment nr
cliurae ur being ,t homesteader, lessee
It in tin Crown,or nre-a*npU*r who h»«
resided uill,in the Municipality lor lint
s|it,,i,(ilone liar or more immediately
preceding the nomination, and win, is
The regular meeting of the Executive Council ol the Hoard ol
Trade was held on Tuesday night,
Vice-president l'hillipoo presiding.
The business was of a routine
The boys and girls this week
made Lonsdale avenue n veritable
toboggan slide, sledding down
Iiniii Sixth street lo the Lonsdale
avi nui wharl.
Suppoi e '.mi wen ,'t yi ars old,
and ut tv aui h.ul raised your
own children, now 1 1 ke    Several skating parties trampei
,1"',i'" ol » lot ol grandchildren? D„Uo Rice lake this week,   Goo,
skating is reported there,
"Well, sir?" said the great
lawyer. The visitor spoki tremulously. " 1 am a defaulter," In
said, "and I want you to defend
nu " l heother shook him bj thi
land, "Certainly, I will defend
vou, my friend," he niumiired
kindlv.   " Ami bow many hundrei
gentleman, who 1 ompili d the onl) aafosaed lor Ave hundred uoUara or mors
"year book" ever issued in Ihis ontholsitMnnlclpal Ai ment Roll,
province, when he, as librarian ol om.;«""l»1»v°any registerediodftnnt
, ■ Tan-rye. mid lieiiig'itlirraisi, qiialilleil
the legi ilatun , was prai lu 11) tin M,,,,.,, 1
real  lull 1   Prcmiei   Pribi "InoveryMuniclpalfchoolDlstrietani
letter (1903) to the (Jucbei   ooii 1        iilngal   noholderIn thoChool
ne theme.   Also, '•'""'"'''"""'» Brl11'1' "lbi"1 °?
A. Hillings, of Irwin & Hillings,
is confined to his room owing tu a
severe cold.
when Mr. G tor-in
1 bi, I ol ile Vii lori 1 Colt nisi, ho
, nd, avori 11 ' 1' ■ p I"
lore the eh * lorati thi * ital proh
leiii. It mav be ri mi mbored, too,
ihai the weekly Independent in 1904
contributed .1 Iai c ntimbi r ol able
North   Vancouver  hai  gained tin Hon  Mi  Mclliidi  taken-with
much  notoriety during the past him to Ottawa when hi   ittended
week through the columns of ilu, the recent conferenct ol premiers,
„.,._.. i,u,a.a. 1 great  dailies of  om    1 in   cit)   Mr. Cowan, '!       with  Mi Gos
thousand did you saw"   "Tlund- ("ns, ly following on the heels ol nell, he would have had the sup
red thousand?" thc client inter- tin  [' great street car wreck" cam< port ol the two ahlesi men in this
Oh, sir, don't think mo the announcement that a parti o\ p net ohll     n tl      troversva
lt is only lour:children bad been dumped   into The politit  ii    who  attempt   li
all,! the   inlet   while   sledding   down handle   "Beltci    Forms"   would
avenue.    The latter bil  |  tbi'll       1    •    el lllld  mon
(iiii       '   '  1   "i ".'nuill -rive a
rose brusquely.   His cyi ' '   -■'■•'— wi,iwi,lea „( "rcscu   mgni  i;unMini,a,.  „_.   if
I"1-" ■■'"	
Iii-iti, 1 and being a British subject nl
ll," lull aim   ol tui'iiti'-iiiio year-, nml
:... a . a., tia J lovt to at an Election
ntHclitNil 1,'i-t'," in ihelr District,shall
I,,' eligible io ia,' elected si s Bchooi
Trii-I,i'   in   nil It    Muni,',1*1    School
1.niii uiilcr mi' hand, ut Nnrth Van.
couver, tlm* :ir.i day ol January, iuu;
All!     I'IIII.II',
Returning Ufflem
cent I"'
back ovi rj  Lonsdal
ruptcd,   '
worse than 1 am,
Imndrcd and ninety dollars in 	
and 1 .M'oct. to pay ^^^r 1 ^VouunVror was totally without
Jle'i8 ,',. flashed (onttdation, and the idea of "rescu
  ;. i',.,,,,,,.'• Ine the drowning paitv
KiSt TZ .^^iSatcd in ihUan	
ol ion *
this dishonest rascal out,
irresponsible dul
straighrforwnrd, and would giv
hi      .11. •' -   nl  honesty,
tbey would giveci    1   Imp-credit
ri due.  ,md    • rce 1
their informal	
pmni, .M..1..1 oa so «r,1.,,T'vIl,','!"if
irrmi. rM.Tin n.'-.i ■■'•"-"<•
-«l   ■ '-I    " '        •   I    '      "  ''m'T.I
1  " ■ ■.".';""',',.":»».«.-
We kl;   Xewsp
tui: i \i'i;i -
.1  i
V. ll I.I.IMS,
iai;, i u.uni n
|„,| I'a,I,I..heal    lav
1 i      pnnv
md la,,,.
,t ^^^^^^^^^^
I   (if   I '
lying I i       '
ill    '   ,    |||l
| '    .     ".
'   '      '
er will , - ■ I
nu i lo I     ball   tn His
i   ■
, ,■ ei
■ ■
Miss Maria Goodyear, Wh' Lost and
R-gained  Her Sight hy Accident
After Twenty Years.
Mi -  Mnrin   Ooodyi'iir,   the   bei I,
i a,tn.in who recovered hei sighl hi ro
remnrkiible  i,  mi i   nttci   twei Ij
'..  H ■  ol   tut 111   blilll ' ' ll   III''  lllll
lory oi hei i no to i  I I dele rep
re dilutive llu    ' 11 liny,
"Onee I wn   l
I .'nu see   I jou plainly, nnd
I can :  ivhiil ynu an.   now holding
in your blind '. '■". bu'
I am enjoined ll<    ' ol
I  I d« licit \l
'    I aa inneti
a"il joke, whii I I ivns
'    11. Con*
a , a       |    \\
striv    II
nu* sit ling ilu
notion to tl en tin
ttell   ine,   I
•  •        la
I     III
vous ''irl   ii i .     ml
ibsein-e. While I          I ry i I
io resume in
■   ■
'j nd tell
ilit ngainsl llu    on •
ras fasti ■             '"at tie
Inble   liv... that 1 v n    it I
I    Mj   In ii,i .':'   n '   tut, hut  I
'  allll' 'I.
"1     h " ,ali,>     HU   , ||   , JO I-     Dll.'l    '"Ili'I
not hike food Im n 1'iiiisidernble time
Your Doctor
Con cure your Cough nr Cold,
no question about that, but -
why go to all the trnuhln and
inconvenience of lnoking him up,
and then of having hlaprescription
lillinl. when you can step Into any
drug store in Canada and obtain
a bottle ef SHILOH'S CURE
for a quarter.
Why pay two to five dollars
when a twenty-fIve cent
bottle of SHILOH will cure you
asquickly 7
Why not do as hundreds of
thousands »f Canadians havo
done fnr the pasi thirty-four
years: let.SHII.oil beyourdoctor whenever a Cough cr Cold
SIHI.OII will cure you, and nil
druggists back u| this statement
wiih a positive guarantee,
The nexl time you have a
Cough or Cold enroll with
Don'l let tli.- souk ko nut of your lit','.
Though li chance sometimes to (low
In a minor strain, It will blend again
With the major tone, you know,
What iliaiugh shadows rise lo obscure
life's skies,
And liltla- i'ir a tlmo Hm sun:
Thoy sooner will Iltl and roveal tlio rlfl
If you lot the inolody run,
Nervous Diseases Can Be Early Detected and Cure
Brought About by Using
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
Only 24 Hon . I    a.a,  | ,n . in to New
'   I'ii tiiiiy'tiv'el've iui,iitlis"V could nol
from   the  atr-liiivel   lerv.-r   Wilier 1 boar the"full light of day, and the eai
' ■       ' '    < '      '   " light was unbearable    The late Mr.
' lun "i the i tilled   Kincd o j,.   .„,   .,„.  notpj  .,.,.,.,,„  ,,;   p„,.|
is tlio.propliqcy. anya that its ful s.|iiar,.. nnd the Inlo Mr, Hallidav,
:   ' .       a   '       ' I .        '
surgeon, both nth tided me,    I very
a well desi/ied aerinl mi'lnr. All ' . :   ■ ..  B"n",j liiiiic'cotintiibij' lost   ni
lements for the r -tiiii-tion of Hie. eighl entirely,   ll dime ubout ns in
■ ■  "        iId b
... ■
ilie, i- n ,
i II
I  nnil"
I.   II
■ ■  -
1    'ith   the
the twinkling of an eye.
Mi   l"    I'M       iti   ■ i. iy skull
no   pressing on tin nptii  tu rve, nnd
■' \ both' Mr.  Jessnp nnd' Mr.  Hnlliday
'        ' llu ,  ,  i do nothing Ior ine.
i I 'in
;      |    .    . •
•  i    ■
tion ol
il lo i' ntnl
; ■;■!. I, Steer-
I, ■ . ,      ' iTtillR
llll'Its I     lllll! Iialalla'.'.
'    '
',   ■ ■ .'.' . a
•. ,: •     llritisli I " ■■    In-
ith V Saul"--
Uumont'..   a    .i" me is   I
£2  i   '      ■ •     '       I'.a ly
: ■'  nml uo   ' il
in llritisli
, mi , ■ obi
.   ' , , ■ . ||
,      . I'ligiu,
.    of   tho
mi     ind ran
■  . ■
Whaling In Scotland.
■ - alio h ' ■  i ' lhc '.". ■ Iwo
i Scollniid d     ibes in Tho
a iii that llritisli
■ '      ri ite     'I
wind.' ;« made ,i    ul '! lie blubbei is
■       . '     | •       ' a
und a
boil  i   Iried, and
the liquid
nn the offal boilei
ny.   I   llll-
lu Denmark
vcai      Phis , ,, , , , , ,.
a,       I
In I barrels. II ■   "        ,
^^■^^^^^^^^^^^^^^""ktiotv ti..
elve I
i      London Clnoni
'You may.' said Mr. Jessop, 'got your
sight bael I n..;. not ' I v.a-
taken, on i a,I to the oil
Armory nhout three months niter the
accident ni I there .'it operation ivns
performed.  Tbo skull ant pared    I
was for fully twelve lean.- quite I I,
nu invalid, bul able to walk nbottl
in my i a-' o, in Christopher
(reel, Bu  e;  Ri
"I «;i-, a :i ono' tension, going down
■ -. a .    '
. foi'     i ■ ■      ml 1 fell Irom the
■ I "'I, ||   ol 'la       op      -"
io Buy, my head .vns oul in nb ml 'a. ■
ideiilienl   pol d bob ■
into eontnel with the Iron wh ■, I llio il
ivns on mj I and   I i sol limod, 'Oh,
mother, I eon  " Ind, stir,
to ii ■. i"" il       1 could sei
"Win u, Mi   Ji   "" arrived, be. to
my grief, explained llinl nil ll nl I Iind
',     ■,.''•   nerve, and
ii" ndded thnl I should be bl I
II" mid  'li I could lot you n blow ■ n
and l   t ol course, I c  ild
a ,,'. di     I   miglll  ' OU  1
Oii lhe olhei hand, ns ho told
my parents, n fbock r ould   in II i
lb, through t'    .-      I
my sight, cause me lo I in;
He did not, "f course, sny thi   It
"I did ', at Iho tii ",
nd i     ii ■'"    -    Inol  :
:     lhe n \l aim   I ngnill
I became I I
eri  I nf loi
i'..'iti"      ■     iii     when ber    -11
., r       lured, M     0 dd: ' I
(,,|1 down il when
the -kiill Int'! been pared I ''
h ti      pain
lit. nnd i
' |y   |
: '
i cannot see ns nt others,    Mr
ll.1l, til .a '    '
iaii twelve     I'll'-
'a     Ilia  I   -lea I
, :. ted, mid i- being lii-
'"'I    OUI     -a      . l|llliy    till      -.llll|'!,'-
111t>nt 111 Ini      It iidin; indus •
It i- la.'i:. i'inl i ■ tin mnnnpet'f of tbc
I,-,aim. Mxliil ition syndicate thnt
there uill be provided a scheme
expi ning houses tuny con-
al ond nnd give a
eiiernl llllip to llieii overseas lratio
li   • pn pus, 'i ihal tli" -t"i * will
:o lirsl i" Montreal,   Tho tour will
ly ol the lending    ports
|.     li empire, China, Japan,
,  -    '    linerii n,   \t nia h porl tho
••xliiliitii.il will be opened by n prom-
uti I , lilt Inl:   ilm members   ol the
ul commerce,   the
nthors, will   be
invited t" visit the -■■
Don't let tho song gn out of your life,
Though your voice may havo lost Ils
Though tlie tremulous nolo should '11"
in the tlirunt,
Lol ii nui! .a your spirit still.
It is customary to consider paralysis, insanity anal othor disenses of lhe
nerves ns nlHictinna which enmo upon
a person without warning nnd which
are, therefnre, unavoidable.
A* n mutter nf [act such results are
l le i by iu 'iiiii-. if nol y..ai.-. of
Blli|il"iii- uliieh ,iaiinl to an e\haii-t-
Thcre Is never n pain thai hides i I condition of tbo nervous system.
i.aiiii' gain                                   I i "'•  (.vinptouis nro such, however,
Ami never a cup of rue                   " d niniij  puss them bj m  nnt bo-
Bo bitter tn sup bul what In tho oup       I   'ii-ii- concern and thinking
i.ani-1 a.  nensure of sweetness too,     llml tie1*  tull wear   awnj  nl thom-
I'on't let :     i g| ut ot your life      Sleeplessness,   nervous   headaches,
"In February, 1903, I was stricken
with pnriilysis, fell holplossly on the
floor nml had to I.e carried to bed,
The doctor pronounced it n bad oaso
,ii I hnd no power in my tonguo and
led leg, I remained in llinl condition for -tv months without obtaining bonelll from tho doctor's proscriptions or other medicines,
"My husband advised mo to try
llr. Chase's Nervo food nnd by tho
■ a   a,i this iiaMi ni all symptoms
aat iho disease disappeared, I can
talk plainly, in; leg is nil righl and
I cnu aha my housework,   Hon grnle-
If   with   ihoiiglii   mors  true  and   a li-l'i'lb*. Iwilching'of llio nerves,   in
,„,,,,    ,., „ ability to concentrate   the thoughts
,\> !,..'., .1  il this life bolow.
Oh, ivh)      tuld we in ian that life's
I'l-iii     m> has (lown
'tr sl^ai ...   iho fair summer time?
ol lei'iiiaaiy in.- among tho
inniiiii iiidicntiom  ol u run-
ilnll'll   in n ...      ' at .un.     Ii   is  sonic-
'..ii"    im  :i  (top Irom such symptom   lo prostration,   pnriilysis, loco-
Ah! li never wnuhl m     lo go        | Indigestion, bodily wonknoss, tainting |ful I nm tn bo cured by so wonder
lul n reined.
Mi    I'lnmui   Scott   Uhens,   Out.,
'.' '!'- "111     '   IIIISC'      Nl'ITC    I'aiaul llll-
dniic in-' ,'  world of '.' I,    I    wns
troubled wilh fniiiliiif spells, bodily
weakness nnd spenl restless, slceplcs
nights, I frequently hnd cramps iu
lhe itnnuieh nnd would al lime   hi
 Iind!   •	
nn ninii un- going "ti until others
lold t iflerwiii'ds.
"I  doctored willl    several doctors
\nd when you go hence It shall follow  stores the wasted nud depleted newel111!'! llle.v,to!'1 ",','' ' wns threatened
you thence 'cells K1    paralysis.   Ihey gave mo relief.
Ami sing on in another sphere. Xn'turiillv, gradually nml cerlninlv I1"" I'""1'1, ""' ',,IIV ","',  After Biiltor-
tlii- great'medicine instils into   the l'»R f"'',,lm'',! ;'.'"- ' '»?»" 'ho uso
a i  „„,i  ,i„, ,„„.,.,•,,,„    ^,..t,„„ ,i„, |ol Dr. ( Ititse s Nerve l'ouil. and it hits
Tho  autumn   hnth  days  filled  with i motor ntitxin  snnity
pact ns of praise, (   Stimuhints nnd   nnrculics,   I hough
And the winter hnth bells that chime,    niiietiines nffnidiug lempornrj reliel,
only hnstctl the exhaustion   of   tlu
linn't let the Bong gn oul of your life.
Let tt ring In lie   -'"ill while here,
neives.   llr. Chase's Nerve Food, on
;a  other hnnd, reconstructs uud re-
1,1,md  nnd ill" nervous   system the
Peas Pierc-d by Bristles Left on Beach   P  mi "   111'    nerve  ll,i'''   l"  "le '"'">
mul -a. cffcel la.-ttue benelll.
Mrs. \V. I!    Sulherland,   Si
Take Wild Ducks.
Ill      t'.ll'.'li -lllllllll       Cl	
tnivn," -unl John Corwin nf Chieagi
I '       .'     ,'      i; tin
t 15
• '   ■
In ,'.    ,
; not taken. It nl
8troni We'll- a . .i Nr* York Specialist
Iftor yen,   ul li linn .nml c„,„|,ni'ison
I lun.' im b< i'a.iia a in -iiviiiL- iiiui Dr.
leni'V - i'ini' lur the Heart Is tit" quick-
a ll,     ill' .1.   niltl   . .  la -I    l.llailltl   I"    Ilia   il. .it
li'iii'i     1   ii-i   it  in mv niiii practice.
II ■   a  .    tin. ni...t innt,i forms of Innil
ilea tit   'ii-iaii    i,|     'l.n ty   minutes    lliul
never fails." 35.
, ' the giirrisnn nl
'    ' II   (.'.,    lo   the   required
• , iii'tli Iin. resulted in nn nrdei In
rent; Hv,   non-c liuuisfinii.
nud men and I i*o lieuleii-
IJuebec an.:,Irl io nug-
; "'"ii    J the gnrri-
li  j i prise i" luniiy to
c* nre Hi different roli-
j,a,. |,iii(i   .    by the people ol l.d-
innnlon, nnd  ninny of Ihein  are id-
i    i   in Canada
a forini
!.   it'
i   ' r
, '     ,
■    i
I'", llll	
i       '   ' time !••,
nice     tll »
'   |  ii", In Wales
I ' '  '
• mil V. ll     | r :
ild thirl
a '
Oi German
' a 1 ,   I
I |   '        "   '
1 I'a
nipmciil on Sntiird
'..      '      '
' '
f |      a   |rtJ   11
• nd to mnke for Germany with   all
Oaaa   Fee,  in  lhc drove."   ll  ill"  III""--
.,,.|,i,    -',..  in"  in -" worthy
- i„,|, American Se, ■""' a.
,, I   • ,c nrl    ould i "I  ll tm I, Hr I  ri
lltllCtl      'I" '"   t      U'.al      -tltll'l'ill'-
ivunlil Iii  .pared.   II von linvr tin:   "a rvr
        Tor a i ,niit.' lone'
i     ! aimi, iiti,| t.-toiii,i'i,il- ia- prove i(
;,. In "I! .in!  -late",
' "a. mi '"•
■ i| ta, undertake
the Chilli (lis-
Tin   Wliiln, ut    iu \i>
I'diU'iiiinni I |mll
1 iti ll 11 tn h" puid
a n
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, etc.
n the pn
nl ai fill liy lool       .;
;,     ■ linrged v ith  ha e-
'     -  ' ' a    ' .  ,,,    llll   ,  V
L'nited King
      :    imp
1      il'll
H ii
Linimc.it   Cures  G.irgel   In
" a |l
I'nrt Qu'.'
lb    '
■ I'lliul a
tl 11
■       I     . II.      I"'.!
Il"t      I" ' III	
[      '
I 1|
; o' "il    ,"ii   tin.'ir
'■    tli   tl
a    ..ii-.   ,,    "     '•'"
Prom one of the beach sirctehe.- lo |,Irons. Man., writes
•he northensl   aaf  Qaspa   llnsln. Qu".,
comes .' stnry "f the taking of wild
ihu'lts by n  method exhibiting  more
Ingenuity than humanity.
OivIiik to ihe long warm season Ihe
ilui'k-. which as usual hnd gathered In
large numbers for the winter migration,   decided   to   rem.iin   ami   enjoy
thorns lives along lhe coast.     As the
birds were wary, some hungry hunters
determined   upon   adopting  the  clan
suggested   hy   one  of  their  number.
having been practiced at his   native
plaee In the Isle a,f Man.
Quantities  "f  pens  were scattered
a!  no' mure good limn all the medicines I ever used."
I   Dr, Chase's Nerve Pood, 50 cents
111-In box, at nil dealers or Kdnuiu.-on,
I Hate
& Ci
Breakng the New*,.
"Miininin, whal would   you do ii
tinned  ns n  story-toller, "and  sninc  Mint  big vnse in lhe parlor sliould
riend    ! nwed   lhc ph o*   ,,.; i,,;,,,,, >•> .;ll,| Toniliir.
'i '    ii "I should thrash whoever did   ;t."
said Mrs. Dranks, easing Bcronolj ul
•r little son.
Well, Ibnn, you'd better begin lu
.; ,|   up your  uiiisele," snid Tommy,
I nu much.   He wns rather bored nl
finally  in   i.-i'a'
i    v' taa.,I. |,ini   ha sec ai vaudeville __ _  , ,
..,',,     ;                                          : chilly, " 'cos tiitli"!'.- brnken it "
mi 'impiih'inei t, where n    n a'.    , |irrj|j   j	
i nu sl i iigninsl n hm rd    !l '   '
thickly day after day for a'vhoTe'week ! ''"»> "'If ^'f "' '""' ',,|l!"""" i   «n»1 Medicine.  To,,,,.  I the
In a cortaln place.   To this teasl the |l"'1' "" ,l"' "'
ducks camo In ever-lncreaslr
,   i   , iniouecrs oi  Preneh Cnnada, lost   n
..™, U ,„ ever-inerensin, ,.roves, !    "The    Knell'!KTv^e,/' ...   Il'1"" "    »' '!  W ,"   '
night being their favorite feeding time            ' ! "if" ,,'   .',',' , . ,„'.,. '""ilute    I!" was in the hnbl    o
Meanwhile the men were at work cut-  """'i,?1 •' ,' .'.'    Li! .I.a ^'nsing lit irs of refractory Indians
ling lhe bristles off one of lhe slllt |
In-    hosts
i •! m'I you like thnl act  '
'Deuced here. I call   it,1 replied
tli" Knglishninu   ' 'K's thrown ai her
llli    il    .laa.'a'l,   lllll.-   ,'lti.l    'lISll'l    'il    'ei
nee.'"   New York World
(;■   i.k   '   II   (All ra    ' "" W'tt'
4,1,i " ■    ' II l'-',t'
... mo, Iln a.'     -Malm ..' anS
.... t...   I  .  I
■  -a by All Druggl'l, or
Tho   WILSON-FVLe   CO.,   timilod
,,1-OAHA Ml In   ONT,        :.,i
Porili ol India.
pei ng Iii a   country
nliero wild ' '   nal i
■ a
,,ii India    l'i  ng tho year 11)0-1   n
24,0111 persons '
. "   bitej   ,'■ , mnl lis  loi   21
;  "(10,    ieo
III      i  llu r nni-
I'ho admli
il   upplicd ih"   highest  I
i  lilllliaT    III
lit, I     ng
■■ •   ni" •     ostrtici        i
,    lO.WKl
eporb 'i
I ! 'I   '.'lid tiir.ii
Is being paid to I
I £7,31.1.
1 .i   lulor nl   ti ■
'(•nil, tiiio nliniii llu    ,   lu
l pod, is ail i ta'
Sciatica  nut liim no Orutcho,.—,laiaes
i'.lalth.      llitl'\ I'lllll.        a.f      111 illl-tll'.      Olll.i
ivrltes: "Ml lout'- wore nlnn,-i useless
from sciatica and ilieHinntlsin, and, not-
"..tti-tiiialiiii.' tm a• -t***■ in for physicians, I
ia,a-l give tie a it.lit where it belongs. I
i'ln n eared mnn to-dny, and South Am-
ei 'inu i;''i tun ittc i'ini' iiiii-t have ell tlie
credit.   It's a marvel, ,4.
flu   b I'liiful ciil liplocl into lhc
library, where her lathei was remliiiii
ipni'titie page and nursing n gout)
I"   a'.
"Ila. he im- co  hither," ho tulle ,"!
"Who Im- iv.nu '■'    red the nhl
"Why, Claude."
' Wlmt'    Diiln'l  he i so nevei
la  cross my threshold uuniii '■"
"lla>   be didn't cross   your Hires-
... I,  pn.    lie  stepped   'I.i.inch   the
an i|,.. pnnl     Vou    ,"■   he
en ti"  in in- an hip."       Pillsbnin
■     a
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria,
iu     '•   '
Prn'.ion, For F.v.rybndy.
,'   ■  , ipn    ■ d   " •■   "i'ini n
i govorni '. i   .'ipi'C't
ins  ' its Una 60 year, old.
......   ...Mil
brooms useal aboard ships In rough
scrubbing decks. The short bristles
wore then passed completely through
carefully soaked i"'as. bo thnl the ends
protruded on either side for aboui an
eighth "i .ni i
Laborious as ihis tnsk musl hav.,
hern. It wn- persisted In nuill a good
bushel of peas had been so treated.
These were spread oul thickly al evening tlni" on the well baited ground.
Strange quacklnga were heard all night
by tbe listeners, who found a harvesl
of tine ducks covering the beach whon
morning brtke.
II aa; penred from an examination
that the unsuspecting birds gobbled up
ih" peas as on previous evenings. Tho
protruding brlatlea caused no trouble
until the peas reached the entrance to
ti;,' gizzard Bul thi re the peas itucli
fast, causing such distress as to make
tit" birds ii" ii'if" Hy still stretched
oul tapa'ti th" -anal. Evi ry movomenl
mean! pain, and with their heads
Stretch, '1 "ut n.n laa f re them ihey
permuted themselves to be taken by
More tliati 1,000 were laken In one
nL'iii. chiefly canvasbacks and rod-
heads Their Ill-gotten gains were not,
hoi, .. a, :.- the poachers ex
pected. Ice ■ !' alone; ill"-' iif
thc beaches, owing to the h'-at of lhe
summon nn 1 cold storage of this Im-
tpply of (inula, was an Impossibility, By wagons and by schooners
tho ducks wore hurried to the nearest
railway stations to bo carried lo Iho
cities, but, owing io Ignorance on Iho
part of the shippers, prices realized
■1 tll thai II Is doubtful if the
' itch of 1,060 Iiti" fit ducks ro
nl..  i    ire than $50.
What Cheap Electricity Will Do.
icap electric em rgy for light
and power will da. It Is yet dlfllcult
i , ite,    It  will not ai. -ii "ii.,,'
dlsplaco i msa  iteam  users
have  now   very   efficient   and   expen-
Blve p ."''-. and ll will I In api r for
p- my to go on ii oi" thi . pi.ne. until thoy I o  i,   "■'."  Inoflli lonl
: ...    in i.illlla*
.,'i ■ rap heap. But after that
itagi       t   pa led   the   introduction
•ll   . impll '".   aa a I   li       a'lH.'l
be   tollni, .1   io   a",muit   skies,   more
■ . and gi i" ral Im-
pi . .    ni io co ifori  ond c -n-
venlcn f i lllsens,  Those '\!i" have
lived In communities where sl o rl.
i-i!-. i im, ip l.n iw how 1" i h
convonlcnl ll Is lo ilu<l houses lighted
by ah ti ilty :h in by old fashioned
ca-. if we eoui'i os" eleotrlolly for
lighting ami gas f >r heating and ''""!i-
|ng what aii Inprovi ment it *•■ t dd
make In the city, it would dl   ■
"a to, banish tha •■ ial car.
ami tho ash wagon from the streets
ami thi dusty ashpan irom the cc ir,
Thai ihls follows ll shown by a paragraph in Th" Orilli.i Paokel tO Hie ef-
foci that both the town's staff and I to
staff of ibe private electrical company
n . busily engaged wiring houses I tr
Blectrlc lighting.  Electricity is cheap-
thin.   pi'"l..ilily.   In ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^—
.. in Ontario, anal as a result ,    ■ .. : Wn I   Clu   Inu       '""""
II . i a kol lays th  are few t'wns ,   Seeoud Waif   Wnt's I
lml Wnil-Tt's when, if >'<*r
wiih iln- iron hand, nud thoj hnvo
remnrked th.it it wns "greal medt
imi'" Hi' Thoinns' Klcctrio "il is
L'leiit uiedieinei il take- hold of pnin
wiih nn ihii hnnd nml knocks II oul
nf ihe system.
"Who i- your lavorite compose! ■"
inquired lhc nrtistie i	
"I "in'i ,aj.: -; ill this moment,"
niiswereil  M,   t'umrox,  with  an ap-
[a".lllll" lllllha' ||| ll|- llll,', "1,'il it's
-a h'aalt     llll       IllllsiC    I    ,'illl't      I'l'-
member nnd whose niinie I can't pro-
niuinee."—Wnshinctutt Slur.
\ liii-liand was beino iirraigiied iu
a t in a suit broughl by his nife
[ill    al'lielu
"I  llll'lel-t,illil, -il." .-aid llie judge,
:ia|.||',—tin.'  the lill-l I. "llllll  "lie "I
tl." indignities you hnve showered
t.i -ti youi wife i- Ihni you have nol
spoken iai her foi  three ycni        I -
"li  i.-. your honor," quickly nns
'tl llio hm iiiiiad
"Well, sir," thundered   the judge,
iiliv didti'l vou speak to her, may
:     i
"Simply,"   replied       hu hnnd,
mso I didli'l wunl i" interriipl
hei."   I'ittsburg I'ross.
" Dominion
Brand" Stock*
lugs are made
fur real boyt—
to save mothers
most of their
darning.    __u
"Dominion Braid"
ire knitted of the itrongest, tough*
"Ti», 7u Ti>t   est British Yarns—and
THir        sre strongest nnd
toughest where  the
wear is hardest.
We guarantee tlie
log this I •
no*: niii.
Hn...  IH
Wtv .......
Itr.b, Mnrsf-o, Prairie Scratches and
ivory form ol contagious Itch nn im-
man or animals cured In 30 minutes'
hy Wollord's Sanitary Lotion.
Iiishop 1.1'iii' S Walsh ol "   I
thinks thai Iv m   oil
nhn  L'dui'iilioii a levelnpim    n
I ■ lies   civilin ai.".    	
II .,  "rnpid •' ipm iltion
11 I nn Isi
I'rolessoi   l-'raulein, tell   mo whnl
u i know aai .nun' linportnnl t void
ot the lirsl luili   of ih.' eighteenth
Kini;i   Hoopod "Iiiii,- wore llio In ih
mt   .\h""."tula,it", Hlnottor.
ii m
Minard's Liniment for salsavsrywhors
in Onl ul > nhi ro there aro as inn
eloctrlo lights as In Orlllln. Thi
thnl if ai,I'li'iaiiy Is cheap 'ha' pi >;,;,■
will noi ii.' long in availing thi
or its ai'vantoges,
No Time to Lose.
Oi" of tlio many goo I   'aa' i       i
by thn late Mr. Ji Im Hoorgo Wilt, K
I '.. i Intel io Mr Jin tleo Cave, Hn
. , a    . tried 1
ton  him hnd calleil four   ivltncsses
vlthoul nilvnnclng the erne nl all. Tho
,... .   |  t,,,a ■    mid, ' 'PI ■ ■   in    bail
■.' bad Indeed! Hat i you got a
[oo i one?"
"it. yes, my lord," inld lhc cniinsol,
"Then call lilin at once," snld th"
lud;e, "If ynu keen him nny longer li"
nil' to bad like the rest *• -'lit iilta.
Si ""inl Wnii   Don'l ivo nil nun."   I
t   Wnii    Nnu.
Second Waif   Wh" '•
lii-i Wnii   We-   Why, wo   need
'('111!     Jllal"
" Ind "luili you carry oul youi phin
I'isillnn the blue grotto nl Cnpri
year, runt Lnnimor}"
'  tins!   nu.   l-'riiu  Spits   wo  nre  in
intimitis Ihl    'int r, bo no nro ■-•"-
im* to iii" Ulaek Fore.-i."  Figaro.
In the ('.  I',  ll   ■' 'i  tide for nexl i
'■a   is u -un, ol $30.01  Ih" ,1'.' i
lion of u brick Million   nl Wel    I
it ttt.
5 or 500
tliry ire J
Bach bhcuit
as light al if
nnd* hy laity
Baked to I
guides ruiict
So fit ik,
and crisp, and
tempting, that
lull opening the
box is (casing
thc appetite.
And  you
find a new
delight in every
one you eat.
Von get pcrfecdoti
wlicn you get
Sodas   -
A Series ol Articles Describing their Lives, their Alma
and their Influence.
Editor     nnd     Proprietor    of    The
Warnian  Leader.
Tlm subject nf the above engraving
i- one of the younger generation of
western newspaper men; one tvho
Im.- by sheer personal effort raised
himsell into his present position.
Coming to this country a lew years
ago witli in, capital, and nut even a
definite calling ho has won friends
and supportors, nnd qualified himself
lor the position be holds. The Wnr-
llinil Lender lias started nut ill a
modest way iu tin ambitious town,
. and will plow as lhe lown develops.
Mi. Vokins wus born in Ramsbury,
Wiltshire, Kiiglnud, in 1880, ol English pnrontags, nnd aflor becoming ol
BUfHcient nge, attended the Ramsbury
public schools until he wns lllteen
years ol ngo, when lie took ti situation in a law odlco.
lie camo lo Camilla, nml applied
himself t<> (arming till 1001. nt the
end oi ihat lime buying himself (i
lal in in the Turtle Mountains, which
he worked lor three years. His
newspaper instinct, or inclination,
imu began to assort itself, and ho
took n position   In   the   Deloralno
Tit  ofllce, getting n schooling   In
the typographic uud editorial art
witli Mr. Qoorgo Patterson. Alter u
slum time here be wont tu the Was-
kudu Expositor, where he remained
until lust June, when he removed to
Wm iiniii nml established the Leader.
Mr. Vokins U n steady young innn,
careful in liis utterances, nud well
balanced montnlly, which augurs well
fm Iii- future in ilie sen of Western
Cnnndlnn journalism.
State of Ohio. Citv ot Toledo.
I.ueas County,
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that h*
tl senior jinrlncr ot the tlnn of If, J.
Cheney ft Co.. Uolng business in tlie city
of Toledo. County ond Sliue aforesaid,
nnd that snld llrm will puy the sum of
ONE lll'NDIUJU IKH.LAltS lor each and
•verv ease iff Cntnrrh thnt cannot be
cured by the use of Hell's Citt'inti euro.
Sworn lo before nu, and suhsiTlbed In
mv nri'seucu this nth day of December.
A.' D. 18S6. A. IV. (II.EASON.
(Seal.) Notary Public.
llnll'a Cntnrrh Cure la taken Internally
■nd ncls directly on tho blood nnd nine-
oui surfnees of tho system. Send for
testimonials free.
F. J. CIll-NI'lV  & CO., Toledo. 0.
Snld by nil Druifjita*. ""•*
Take Hall's Family l'ills for constipation
Says They Cured Him of Pain After
Food, Belching,   Constipation   and
Weakness — He   Was   Gradually
Losing Weight but has    Now  Regained it.
j    One uf the must impressive cures
nf Indigestion   and allied   ailments
ever reported bus just been effected
| hy Bileans in Toronto,   Tito subject
i." .Mr. Arthur H. Hnnd, n prominent
teacher uf painting on china, leather,
! class, ele., residing al i Woodgroen
I Plnco, Toronto,
j   As a teacher of painting, Mr. Hand
I Iin.- t,ij,ila- for himself u wide repute-
j lion,   lull   his   work   was   intorforod
I with considerably   by acute ultuelis
aaf digestive disortl tr,   He Buys:
i   "I suffered agonies for months pre-
. viotis to Inking Bilenns, resorted to
ull kinds of I'otnodies, lml f und only
lompornry relief.     'I'lie   Indigestion
en n qulto suddenly,   soon alter
enting, nnd caiisou me terrible pnln,
There was n constant feeling oi un-
I'l.iiiii'iiahle fullnosa iii tli" stomach,
|a;iin- iii lli" eh,--I nml under the
shoulder blades nnd rifting and belch-
inn of '.'tt-.
I bad constipation so badly iimt nn
medicines sooincd in hnve any effect
on the bowels, I dieted n greal deal,
but llie slightest food brought Tho
.-nun' distress. Alter inking n few
llileans I experienced ease ntnl Comfort nl'ter meals, so l purchased a
-upply of iliis vegetable remedy nnd
left all oilier medicines alone, Hi-
It'iiti.- cured ine. Now my food digests very nicely and my bowels net
quite naturally.
"Boforo 1 took Diloans my food did
iiie nn good, and I was losing weight
rapidly, In n few months, through
tho use of this valuable remedy, my
weight increased Irom 12,", to Kin lbs.
This increase, loo. is not useless fat,
but sound, healthy flesh."
Nol nnly for Indigestion, lml fnr
constipation, piles, general debility,
tineiiiin. female ailments, rheumatism,
blood impurities, liver und kidney
complaint, headache, dizziness, wind,
etc., Bileans nre widely recommended. Tbey me purely herbal und do
not merely relieve these ailments—
Ihey cure them permanently, All
druggists sell llileans nl lillc n box,
or post free (nun the llilenn Co.. Toronto, on receipt of price. Six buxes
for $3.50.
An important internlionnl lish mul
game convontlon, in tbe shape of thc
seventh annual meotlng oi the North
American Fish nnd Game Protective
association, is tu be hold at Quebec
oii ihe titli iiiiiI "th uf February.
Fur Tlic Overworked—What nre the
muses .,f despondency mul melon-
choly: A disordered liver is one
cause nnd a prime one. A disordered
liver means u disordered Btomacli,
nnd n disordered stomach moans disturbance of the nervous system, This
1111111.'." lhe whole hody Into Btlb)6C-
lion and the victim is sick nil over.
Parmelee's Vegetable l'ills are n re-
cognized remedy in this Btate nnd relief will follow tlieir ii-e.
Fm' two or throe days the London
mnl Northwestern Railway company
searched in vain [or a judge uf tlie
high court who wns not u sharehold-
ei in the c mpany, nnd therefore wns
 ipetenl to try un action iu which
it   WnS   ill! -leal.
I'lie   total   III f   -txteell   persons
ii" have been buried ui Yarmouth
luring   the   last lortnlghl   t- 1.304
ian-, uu nvciacc of a itiile mora
linn eighty-one years.
Worms < .-.' levorishnoss, moaning
and restlessness during sleep. Mo-
ihor Graves' Worm Exterminator is
pleasant, sure nnd effectual. It your
druggist litis none in slock, tei him
'" procure it for you.
"Vou don't .-nyI" Qxcluimed the
"Yob; he led behind blm a tea'.' '■>
tho ■ ivcrnor aai the Btate bcginniiit:
'I hope you will pardon me for thc
liberty I'm Inking.'" Tin; Catholic
Standard and  l
1 wai- ,1 aaf Bhoumatlc ii".tt by
I wns cured ,,f Acute bronchitis by
Li-cm.  C  CREWE READ,
Sll        a'\
Iiiii" oured of  Acuta  Rheumatism
Markham, imt.   C. s. BILLING
Utile Johnnlo, having In In- i"- •
session u couple ol bantam hens
which Iind vory small oggs, suddenly
bit oii u iiinn. Going one morning to
ilu' fowl-run, .loliiini"'.- father wns
surprised to liml nn ostrich egg led
io one of iln, booms, iiiid above it a
card wiih the until-'
"Keep voiir eve on this and do (nu
best."  Tit-Hit.-.
Ii i.- now being charged tlmi   Mr.
Carneglo's gill   i- pauperising   slu-
(lint .uid tutors nnd changing for
ihe wm.!• iii" liiini.• nature uf Aberdeen university,
Clay suitable for pottery is what a
North llnlllefoiil man believes he Ims
•li lel'ed   Oll   tll"  tOWII   site.   He  has
taken Bnmples ol the clay to Fdinon-
ton to he burnt.
Hamilton W. Maine, in a,lli, -iiu'
tiie students of ihe university ol Chicago at the convocation, luiiied Gorman; nnd Japan as tlie nation.- of
destiny unless America draws on
Ihelr BolontiRc, commercial mel e lu-
i'ln 'ii.i! mnthods,
I   tl "ia' nnythlng   more ai ylng
11nui having jour ' t stepped U| '•
I- thero anything more delightful
•i "i getting ml "( it '■ Hollow-ay's
i'ln Cure will d" it. Try it nnd be
Whon you nre in lown examine
ihe larni products fait ade in the
stores,. Con-id,•!' whether "t not
much produce thut has I n brought
flout ii distance could nol have heen
I'l" In""'!  wltll  profit  mi  yunr faun
When the maple turns to crimson,
Anil the sassafras lo gold;
When the gentian's in th.. meadow
Ami the astor In th" wold;
When llie union Is lapped In vapor,
And Die night is frosty "nil
When the chestnut burrs are opaiied,
Ami ihe acorns drop like hall,
And '.lie drowsy air Is startled
Wltii the thumping like the flail—
With lhc drumming of iho partridge,
With ilie whlsilc of lhc quail,
Through the rustling woods I wander.
Through tit" Jewel* of the yenr,
From the yellow uplands calling,
Seeking let' who still Is dear;
She is nui' ni" in tli" autumn,
She. lhe beautiful, Is near.
Through th,' smoke a'f burning summar,
i    When tit,' weary winds aro still,
I ei"  ■ a' hor iii ih,. valley,
I "in iee her on th" Iiiii.
In Uie splendor   f th., w Hands,
In the ivhlsp i' ol Hi" iill.
Por the shores of earth nnil h" iven
Meet anal mingle hi tit" blue;
She ealll iv.iiiala.r ilmn the glory
To the places that sin' knew
Where ihe happy lovers wandered
In tit" days when 111'" was true,
i So 1 think when days nre swootes!
And th" world Is wholly fair.
She may sometimes steal upon tne
Through tin' dimness A Hie air,
With the er 'ss upon her bosom
And Hi" am.iinnili In her hair.
Once to meet her, nli, lo moot lier,
And to hold her gently fast.
Till 1 blrsssl her. till she blessed me--
Th.u were In;; hiess ai last;
Tii.it ivere bliss upnii out meetings
In Hi,- autumn aaf in ■ in".
- Bayard Taylo;,
Prince Albert Board of Trade Initiatel
Big Movement.
The Prince Albert Hoard uf Trade
has Initiated a movement to urge upon
the Provincial ami Federal Governments Immediate actio-, to prepare the
Hudson Hay rout" for navigation.
They will seek Uie co-oporntlon ol every Hoard ol Trade in Uie three prairie
provinces. The Prince Albert Advocate,
In discussing lhe subject points out thai
Prince Albert, being the tn as: northerly railroad point In SuskntcheW'Ull, anil
a very old Hudson Bny Co, post. !s
probably moro hi touch wiih tie' north
than any oilier city, anil Hudson Hay
captains who are frequently here always declare thai the bny is navigable
Irom midsummer until Hie end of December, und soineiiiiaes I" a month
longer. The dangerous month, ihey
state, Is luly, when llaiiiiini; lav from
tho Arcilc region* comes Bwlrllngj
through the straits, bul when ihls lin.V
disappeared there Is nothing to prevent
ocean steamers running from Port
Churchill ui Europe up I t ChruMmas.1
Tho Advocate adds thai the reeling ol
tho meeting was that eastern inenibors
ol Parliament would never willingly
consent io the Hudson Hay route bi Ing
opened, and for Ihls reason It was decided to begin o vlgoroui campaign t ■
demand thn rl| Iti, of tlio Weil, Tula
In,   perhaps, hardly   a   fair   view   lo
take.     Doubtless soma' \ i»','  would
seek to compel the West t., icnd oul
Its producis through Eastern Canada,
even tliouuli that sli .isl.l he Hi" more
expenslvo way, but the great majorityi
ol eastern people believe thai lo retard
the progress of tit" Wes by any luch
got as tii at would !"■ i" retard tho pro- j
press of tho whole of Canada. The reason Hint the Hudson Bay route li nl
more discussed In Ihe east is simply
because lhe people do not :•■ • b
Is a practical project,     When  It  Is
PrOVCd   111   l)a'   |aflla'lia'ill    all,I   III"   C|  I   ll
esl route lo Kii'.ipo li will b.- ■. ■
ed, nnd ii is Hi" duty nnd opportunH
ol ilie peoplo "t tin' Wesl t" ■
Is practical.
Trai/i rfant
In a variety ol ilyW
f.ilirin and prices, fo,
women, men and
children. Fotm-fillcd.
Dealen are aullloiii-il
to replace instantly and
it our coil any Pen-
Angle gaiment faulty
in material or making.
Pen-Angle Underwear is form-knit
no it can't help
fitting your figure,
—it's made of
long - fi'ircii wool
so it won't shrink
-and il'.' guaranteed besides. The
whole idea is to
make it so good
you can't alford
not to buy by the
trademark (in
red). ms
The  Kaiser Wars on Cits.
livery cat owner iu Berlin bus now
io pay a tax, whloh is equivalent to
a license, nnd each cat has to wear
n metal disc iniiiid its neck as evidence  Hint  the  lax    Ims  lieen  paid.
Any cut found on the Btreet wlthoul
lllis   metal    disc  is    taken    In    llie
l municipal lethal chamber hy Hie po-
| liee.   this method Im.- nlready con-
-idei'uhly   lessened lhe   number   of
cuts iii  Berlin,   Tl mporor   whs
has a hatted ol etil- almost nmount-
j int.' lo ii inaniii is snid to have in-
"1,.,','d the Berlin municipality to take
Father in Heaven, who lovosl nil,
tilt, help Thy children when thoy call;
That tiny n.nv build Irom ate to nge
An iindenicd nei'iluuo.
Teach tr- i" lii'iii ti." yoke in youth
With steadfastiiess mid cnrelul truth;
That in our time Thy Grace may yivo
The Truth whereby Ins Nations live.
Tench ns Delight iu simple Ihlngs,
.lml Mirth thn! has nol bitter springs)
Forgiveness Iroo ol evil dona.
And Love to till mon 'neath the sun!
[.nnd of our Birth, our   Faith,   ou,
For i.liose dear Bnko our fathers died;
O Motherland, w pledge lo thco
Head. Iii'ii'i, uud hand through   the
years lo h'l!
- Ftiilynrd Kipling.
Military Mouclnches.
Th' British War Offlce seems to bt
as keen nn the military moustache at
oii its red tape, and Irish officers have
been lectured Ior their weakness foi
being clean Bhaved, contrary to tho
King's regulations. This provision tuny
b ■ ri ca;." al as merely ;. Bcntimontnl
one, I ■ lhe lurthi r requirement thai
"the hail of the head is lo be kept
short iu ! v li1 ikers, il worn, to be ol
moderate length," suggests practical
consiilciniinns Shnggy lock* nnd pa-
11 in i ctnil i .      have proved highly
i i   things  I"  have on the
bull      lil      I - not history record
thnl llcvniidcr ordered the Macedoni-
i: in In shaved, lest their beards
• ould ie ai i nndle to their enemlesl
i tl tin ..it was nlso n friend (af
the barbel i, for he not only ordered
nil i.an ■- In I" -liaven. but caused of-
Hi     ' nl, 'tu tn out off the beards
nl  offend rs  ny  force."
Li.-ht Is LKe.
I1.-,    i xtrs irdinnry    resus Itating
' •' • recently received a cur
ii ai.- Illustration in the silver mines nt
[,n rlum   l upne hnd been abandon'-,!
v , ulu'ii some poppy i !
in,.- lound beneath '.he slag. The flag
I- ing removed, in ,, short time ths on-
' a        covered with the mosl
poppies, After then
I wenl icsl they hnd bloom-
ns if thoy had b en
•  • of yosterdii*.   l.on
Ion 1
Kidney Ov 1'nln In the linrk I. the
, '. "I tlir kiiliii'V. f'-r help To ncglsel
the rail ll to deliver the hody „*,, t" la
disease rriiel. ruthless, mul tltmlly Iiie :
rleitroylng, Booth American Kuiuev Cure I
Im. |,"„"r tilun *u mlmi'iil'iiiM In helping
tin- needy lurlm-vs oul „r the mire of disease.   Il relieves I,, su hours.  IS.
Big Exploring Expedition on Tspls.
Bronsod hy th" sun, Qeorge I
rtved In Montreal recently and told "ti ■■
moro Hi" horolo nu tglo madi
Idas Hubbard In his effort to c"t
through Hi" w.i,I" ■■' I'nc.iva in thn
Inun ah.it. no!, iia irhood "t ih, Labrs
dor coast.
Bil  'il    ll    I'll  !■ la
a now proposition In which somo ■■( Hi"
big explorers ol ll "iuiii"iit ate ;■•
t ike fl a . tint lust wlnt remains lo be
Th" youthful   guide   who   '.'
Hubbard 11101"', to tli" hour he died
from hunger an 1 1 sposuro, and ih -it
1,'Oli    111"   "MI'I"!'   ' ' '    '
of her husband's death, '111 n ■
returned front n mosl
With Mr. S I' M. T,ai,"r. of It
Md, one a.r Hi,, xplorer-hunl men "f
Apart altogether from th"    .  -
mam', end "i ths   lorj   11 ion comes
wlih nli!" 'hat i< wonderfully Interest*
Ing to lhe public.
They left Mlulnavl Station, wall "'t
tl.a- 11 'I"'" rn I tial.iry. ■ 11 Juii
i' a, '1 1 ii.a..-.. .a, July 11. They remained I". rs len '11.    anil then went
to Charlton 1 1 ind by the Hudson luy
Co  I. 11 "Ul '.', I'  to IVhnlo Itiv
er   mid ' 1        ei on tho dire. I
coiirs" h .tne '
\t  a, .[.   * were not  seen,  but
e.i in.10 ua. plentiful, and Ihers was a
,' ■' 1 ippl) "f 1 ar, 1 .ke and thai clan
of game Thoro aro any quantity of
brook mil ipooklod irouU
Five luili U'-* nre used liy New
Yorkers iu one mouth, And New York,
nfler all. is only one comer of Iho
country in splto of wlmt ihe people who
live Iii New York limy Hunk. If Now
Yoik uses 5,000,01    •       a i,.ry thirty
days some klon. mny 1 btakied of the
number that is consumed by ihe entire
world In litis period, Th-' chicken
business is tm Important Industry,
[|nw Important i- seldom realized imlil stalls!" s lii.e ihe nbove um tluown
at one. Brockton limes.
Taa discern and deal   Immediately
',',iih eitiises mul overcome thom, rn-
' thnn i" linjtlo with effects nfter
1" di ease l.n- secured a lodgement,
■iia- an,.1 inui .,] tin' medical mini,
md Dickie's Anti-Consumptive Syrup
tli" result of pnlietil stink along
i' Haul.11 Inae   Al Hi'1 iii -I ap-
• iiiii" 1 11 cold ih" Syrup will lie
"iia-t a llleioitl    remedy, nr-
'iiii-   development   nnd   speedily
enling tlie nffected porta, -a. that Hi"
iliuenl disnpi ■
King   \ 1 I Spain 1   -".'l i"
Hi" ..iii;  111111111:' ■   In  I" lopo, OX-
ld th" sultan, »li" 1- a lolsl   ah-
•miner.    Hi- inolhei  lauglil  him lo
di -'ii •  ,:a" laste "; ,1111," nml Bpiril
l.iu"" iiumbers of nrlisnns and la-
l ,;i I.- me reported lobo leaving New
Zealand fm' San Francisco, being nt-
im.'leal b) reports ol high wai
tdvices Irom Mexicu city say the
Moxicnn govorni'ienl bns ratified the
treaty with the United Slates referring to the greal irrigation dnin nl
\, 'J", sixty mile.- above KI l'u-"
li is reported in Glasgow thai
tlossrs. J. and I', feats, Limited, of
•lie Thread combine, have concluded
. capitalization Bchcme whereby ihe
alli'llolllel'S   llli'   I aeive   11   |ilo|iol-
liuii of slinre.- act ling to Hi" holdings.
ti'"it lliiiiiii) is extensively oxperi-
:ti' 1111111: wiili au machines for mili-
■a purposes, Investigation is being
made ol every machine of proved uti-
! ,. Including loreign machines, with
view to securing command ei lhe
at iii iln' next generation.
\a, matter law angry a mnn may
he  he  i.-   slue  tO l'li"l(e oll  the  bl'l'llll
..i ,-liui ily without lhe butter of kind-
tiOLi'ow.SHUTrural snbMi.f»aMt
..''''■. kvinnI pec
For Strains
—ol Back —of Shoulder
—of Stifle —of Hough
—of Whlrlebone —of Knee
-of h'etlock        —of Coffin Joint
—of Pastern
Two or three teasponn-
fuls in a lillle Ruin or Urnndy,
cures Sprains, Ilruises and
Lameness in 2t hours—takes
out iill the soreness—nnd puts
biases "un their feet again."
50c. a bottle.   If your druggist does not have it, send to
N-UmilPrag* .Tirmirilfo.
Liail-i, MHlrral.    17
Thc Struggle lor Culture.
Pragmatism in its all-aroundness
musl consider pluralism. MoniBin
um 1 1 -tiiblisli unity, otherwise it 1-
,' I ' 110. Pluralism may easily be
.-ati.-iied with a small numbei Prng-
mutism adjutes mohism, and nlsn .10-
solute pluralism, Since monism is
devoted t" one, then pragmatisni
must be classed with pluralism —
I-'ioiii report of a lecture in tho Boston
Saaiiii'tliinc Mot,' Than n Purgativo -
To purge is the only effect of many
pills now mt ihe market, Parmelee's
Vogetable I'ill- me more thnn a purgativo.    They strengthen the Btomacli
where oilier pills waken il. They
cleanse the blood by regulating the
liver and kidneys, nii'l Ihey stimulate where other I'lll compounds do-
piess. Nothing of 1111 Injurious nature, used im .'iiiii'iy purgative powers,
enters into their composition,
"What   is Hie name of his   new
a ly •"
"lie,'1 does he eoii-ulei' tnaltiinoiiy
n comedy i" - Houston Post.
Th" northwest provinces, including
Manitoba, hnvo 24,000 Indians.
It 1- 11 good thing to .-lick 1,1 wlmt
you .-ny. hut remember   thnt   wlmt
you   ir. t- very likely lo stick lo y
for a long lime
Money -.ueil  i,   in,any made.  Imt
you always have to niiii,a- it first.
85 <i
f I       That Cough        /
B which ordinary remedies have not reached, M
m  will quickly yield to m
Gray's Syrup of Red Spruce Gum
Rear Admiral Deniion.
Cnpt. .lohn Donlson, A. D. C reern'-
|J I ll'.ir-.t'linlral, with senior
ity Of Sept. is. Is a hr ,lher of l.linil.-
Co   '; trgs T l'"ni   a "1 'l'"ronto. Its
w 1; la.on u, T .'..".a j;, L8S3, aim >li
ciiaii m i'i t ■" ''n 1,11 Cotlegt   bah "
he l"lii".l Hn' It it niiii', Iralnli
ami In April, IHI, cult Itoyal
Mavy   in     lol    Ills 1
bi a n 1 i;a 1    II
rank In 1 ■■■ •
111    I', I, a      a   li '   '
in tnrter mi"    I'Tvi
w at hit captain's coinnil* don, and a is
| IPI '   I   111   a " it  -.     .[  II    M    S    I  C    ll
for    I'Mir    "   ' 1,1,1    ,
■r and
iu, was
. i ■ . il yacht
I t         •
i ■ ai li
er "l th" ' ■
i lu »'•
tailnlna tlm ran. ol nc   id ...iai.
Milter nnil  llei'lrlellf.
It. Henry C, Jones, professor of
' Johns Hopkins
university, lu i new i k mi iho alleged electrical nature of matter says
ihai Hie llii pnratltig matter irom
eleclrlclt) la on the polnl of disappear-
ng,   I h< ■ ■   '" says, is nothing
bul a di -fini, si ed electrical charge and
• um.tin-, nothing mnterlat,  Insto* i ol
speak ng of II pwcls we should
speak "i ti loon in,
Con-.tr,, tl'.e a Play,
i lal nob h" '. and s pi nell   an i
lial a lover play*
■ ■  Cnntahi Ila il Hood, II" de-
il,       H    It llS '        Ml"  I'aU'Hl
set, II It Is to be s    ir act |       I
: anything i Iso, I hi
, ■   had place i
nny i.tli.i sol la begun    Tlio   third
■'"li" • le vl   -this onlv li I'iii, I
and then th" second, whlls
i< left lo lhe 11 •  ■ ■■ Idi
- „,,,i , tlio | laj "-right i i
lul i'a       l then, Introdn
id 'I dogUI u« liS«dod London
A Point In Keeping fjuttir.
II     old I," remembered that, ns,.
die, lhe Infer tho pni
htiltcr the bsltOI  it will km
oil ill I led i "'i.a'hwii'o
with H"' '
me ol ths hiiti"i an ultabli
II) use
ia.. lentehi
The Beottl h i" plo wero II
the prehistoric Invaders ol I      I
They nt" supposed to have I n either
Hermans ,,r BlnVollloni,   Ireland WM
called Bcotla I      iho fonrlh 11 iii"
teiiih ,,'iiiury. in the reign "f llenrj
il, ir.i || i. imi lo bs called Ireland,
ih.. Bcoll also settled Beotlnml and
tl ■ i" rctalnod than uric ns
il ■•' 	
IllOrra-ul Klmla.
"MOll ICtOn tdmlra Sluikespenre."
"S'ltne il"." uii-.i 1 Mr. Storrnlng-
lon Barnes, "Others are too lintj
thinking of how Bhakospoars would
tdDln Ihem If li" COUld only IM Hi'ii
do Ills plsyi." Wiiblngtoo Star.
laltinf- Orders lor Men's
Hade-lo-order Clothes.
Work is ex.y and pleasant. Sales
quickly made. Your commission!
promptly paid. Complete and up-
to-date assortment ol MtnpleS.
Over one huudicd liindi ol
sailings lor your customers'
selection, (loods sent C. O. I),
suhject lo (xatiuiiatiuii. I'uion
ialiel on every garment
No pievious experience required.
SfltnJtJ opening for
One Good Man in every Town.
ll'tite ut now ind gel lull particulars of ihis etcellenl opportunity
t*lore we i.|i|sjiut .oniconc else In
your town. ,
A. E. Mumford tells how Psychint
cured him after the Doctors
gave him up
j " It ii twelve yean linre Piychlne cured
me   of   (jallopinj   coniumntion."   The
1 ipeiltar was Mr. A. E, Mumlord, til teel
Ull, and iookinj juit what he ii a fruity
iirallhy farmer. He wurks bit own farm
near Magnelawan, Ont.
111 caught my cold working ei a firemae
on the C.P.K." he continued. "I had
nlghl IWUtli chills and faver and frequently coughed up pieces of my lungs. I WM
sinking fast and the d.nton said there
was no hope for mc. Two months treatment of INychine put mefcght on my fert
ami I have had no return of lung trouble
If Mr. Mumford had started to lake
Psychine when he first caught cold be
would have saved himself a lot of anxiety
ami MifTering. Psychine cures all luof
troubles by killing the xtrmt - -the roote of
the disease.
thanj.-ajr.nj -Si kr*a)
50c. Per Bottle
i.k\r%*r eiiet tl and ki   all drugglef*
OR. T. A. SLOCUM, Limited, Toronto
TheFootwear Question
Answered —
Eastern Canada
Tirketi on 'a!„ ilnilj' Novetobst 'Jill'
until l""'-ml"'i .'Hit, 1908
lii-t,un limit tlitue inoiillii.
Pullsst  infaiinistion
from any
ctnaiiisn Nortbira
Railway ngent.
BLOCK   109
Four 50-foot lots, nnt
ol them n corner lot, Iai es
l'nrk and Inlet, with a
inagnificient uninterrupted
view.   ::    I!    ::    ::    ::    ■'
Price  ler   all,   £3,500
Apply to
r% I Ir 11
Rolled Oats
Hay and feed
Milling Co.
Hurry Mitchell, local manager,
Lonsdale Avenue,
Citizens of North Vancouver
Vole for
I It* is a resident in youi electoral
district—tlic present cabinet minis
ter is mu. Yon are nut obliged to
vote lor a Vancouver man, Mr.
Wcart lins pledged himsell tn do
ill in his power tn secure your
rights, and he will dn mote by fat
than the present cabinet minister
tins done during his term t>! office,
Tub Liberal Govrrnmeni is ckh
imn to he returned to offlce. Mr.
Carter-Cotton lias imt supported]
the entry of lhc V.. \V. & Y.
Railway into North Vancouver-
he is a C. I'. K. inun. Mr. Carter-
Cotton has never visited you ns
electors of the district, or given
vou any details cl his stewardship,
lie Lands nml Works department
needs cleaning, badly, and Mr.
Weart will attend tu tlmt matter.
He wise, look nfler your inta rests,
nnd vote for J so. Weart, the
LuiERAi, Candiiiate.
HI 111
List your Property with us
fm' quick sale, If prices nre
right wi' can dispose of it for
Real Estate Brokers
Thompson Block,  -   -   NORTH VANCOUVER,
Fine, healthy Tomato and
Cauliflower Plants, mown Irom
Sutton's Seeds, always on hand,
win ranitrai nmi-szsi,	
The 11. C. Electric Railway
Company have issued tin following
order lor work to be done here,
the snme as at Vancouver 1 "On
ail work inspected on and alter
|anuary 1, 1907, meter loops must
Im wired as [ollows: Uring both
main wires down t a right si.la s nl
meter location (win n lacing
meter) nnd then run twu wins
[torn left side ol meter tn distribution ClltOllts.     livi ry tin let  will
require lour wires fed to rigid as
above described."
lt is possible lu lie so trutlilul
a that with every addition tl gem you
get in your crown l'p  There, yon
1 use a Iriend on earth.
A hov who is properly raised is
! about as much shockt d ns anyone
who hears him, when he uses his
I lirst swear wind.
Hiram Hardapple The "oldest
inhabitant" says he remembers
I when  snow   was   lour feet  deep
Commencing Nov. 1, inod.
H1.00 A. M.
•li..1!) A. M.
•7.IHI      "
•T.20    "
8.16    "
H115    "
11.00   "
9.20   "
llliiU    "
1,1 '.'II   "
in IS   "
II.nr,   "
11. Ill  "
11.50   "
13.10 1'. M.
IMS 1'. M.
I.111   "
1 20   "
1 If,   "
2.05   "
3 .11   "
2 60   "
3 18   "
;:',:,   ••
4.1111   "
1.20   "
1 IA   "
5.05   "
5.30   "
A 'all     "
ILL.    "
.. ,16   "
J nil    "
7.20   "
- r.  "
- •■   "
it it  "
Ml.   "
tu IA   "
In 15   "
•ll.i.'i   "
'll.i.'i   "
That's nothing,
around  here over
I've seen snow
my head.
Iliiam  Hardapple   Come ofl I
When was tliat ?
SilasCrawfuut   When it was on
the rout, ll.i, ha !   Cliicauo Sews.
Carelessness is the great sin oi
most people.
1907   SNAPS   1907
Third Street—Two hundred leet from car line; two south
Ironl lots ; $650 for two.   Terms.
Fourth Stri el    Two 50-loot lots, 1 1-2 blocks Irom car line ;
h ; S50 cash ; balance in quarterly payments (or
WAii 4
/'.. l/i* i.lni.i.i ul S'ntlli I'oncoHier.'
Liim.- ash Ciivn 1 'ii s In n -; onu
to the urgent rwittestnol n large nninber
'.i riitcjiayeri, I liavi' conroiitcd to place
mymll bt'loro you n- 11 eniiilidate lor
Councillor ol Ward lour I) nl the
coming election, lobe held on Saturday,
January loth, 1007,
Having redded lor li 11 yeari '" ''"'
dimrlcl no* known .1- Ward I nur   1
, 1 being fully intern • il a« taa llie re-
inircmonti ol thli largo ami irnry iiu-
imrtant ward, and tlio mm      -
gonorally, I ahall l>« in n |> -ni' n '" in-
'      .,.,,,   a    ,1 I.   -' illtliri'Ht*!.
Tin re 1- bo inui h to Im done In promote llio ncllare ol tin wnr,i and tlm
    municipality,  llnl  ii   would   bu   ilu-
liblij hero to even outline the tvurl
that I hope to accompliih, bm y„ti niiiy
Filth Street   Very choice 50-loot lots at S400 each; terms,
one-fifth cash, balance in two years.
Sixth Street    Selected lots, S3S5 each; easy terms.
Lonsdale Avenue   Fifty-foot lots, J800 each; easy terms.
Choice lots on  Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Streets; size
50S.57 |,a 1; all chared ; $350 and $450 each'.easy terms
& BILLI\'G5 CO. Ltd.
Corner Lonsdale Ave. and Fifth St.
M. J. HENRY'S if'"
M KM HUN   *MI   Nil 1)1101 M.
l,,r,....i,.k„! ii"Mi,''i:t'Ws Fruit
*na| Ornamental Irun now iimtiiri I 1
tho tell trade,
N., ,i|„n-', I.a- ut delay "I innn
gnli r iii«|»','tnm.
l|,'ii,l,|inri,r- lor 1'n'ill'' 1 onitagroivu
tii-nli'ii, Field, nni Flower Seeds In
UKi,   -mill-.   Spray   Pumps,
tVliali' nil II 11   -"  I'lantM,
Cm Klutti'i    ;        r Full
IVeilo"''   ' '    '     ' 'i:''
n„ pa.ni •   in, .•  I .ar.' iiri'parcil," meet
4! U> till,'la
■ ol 11.v ability, "iia' c '■'
Inti n -1- I would, tlicri'lorc, 1 > ■ ,•;,•-1
y.aiir mii,pert ami lullueiicu at the
coming election,
Itcipoctliillj '
U'ti.i.tiM I itBivm I'lnsiii
Nurtli Vancouver, 11. C
January II,
imlil  MARKS   I'l IIOSS, I "l"a
III',111-  I I'
1   Anyimn .cnilnK 11 iknli'lt nnt
I*! me price your bet lielnrn placing mny r|iitckl*r tiarorlittii ><nr <a|.n    il
\ North Vancouver
I believe Unit North Vancouver has
an immense future, and that thero
will bo move mono} made in land
hen* tlian in any other section in
British Columbia, .1 have LOTS
FOR bMl in all parts oi the
Townsite, U you have LOIS TO
tJELL* come to me, 1 will find
you purchasers quickly,
161 Cordova Slreet, Vancouver, B. C.
CAPITAL, $4,866,666. RESERVE, 82,141,333
Head Office in Canada, Montreal.
11. SiiKi.Mix, General Manager; J. Elmsly,Supt. ofBranches
Branches in British Columbia—Ashcroft, Greenwood,
'lIc.lKv, Kaslo, Rossland, Trail (.Sub Branch), Vancouver,
Victoria, Duncans, and Dawson, V.T.
Savings Dopirtmrnt   Deposits received from $1,00 upwardi
Interest ol hiiilvs' current rates and compounded twice a yo»r
Office, t ur. Lonsdale -Wc. and Esplanade, North Vancouver, B. C.
Rainier Beer^o
Is a glorious beverage—quenching and
satisfying, Remember there's no other
"just as good"—insist on getting Rainier,
Vancouver, B. C.
We have pleasure in advising the residents oi North
Vancouver Unit we can deliuer, until further notice,
One Load Mill Wood, Stove Lengths, $1.75
Three     '       "        4.75
Cash dn Delivery.
British Columbia Gectric Railway Co^Ltd,
Cars Meet tlie Ferry—First Street
Eastwards to Queensberry Ave.
and Lonsdale Ave. to Jist Street.
DOCTOR'S SPECIAL (watbk uoof)
;  DUK • BAK (waterproof)
iind everything new in Fancy Slippers
Pyke's Shoe Store
516 Hasting.* St. W.
Real Estate cind Insurance QTftRF
Quarter-acre  lots,   St.so;   15
down, $10 n month ; nn interest. Cft.. in .lml 8ee w|lat yoll can
Cleared Luis, one block Irom ge, in ymir own towll    you
1 ar, S300, wl|| >„. surprised bow much
Comer s-und ami lonsd.ii.-, NORTti VAKctwtt, parcel-carrying you can save.
Hotel Norlh Vancouver.
—:—-,<■ .'■■»■ tij-y^-fr. aiy'K.'ti.'r'Mnri
''■'.' 1
New and
$2.00 per
1,11(1 up,
Rates (or
Ferry Service Every Hall Hour to and Irom this Hotel
to Vancouver. P. Larson, Prop.
your roller,
CaUll«|JU(! free
\| .1. IIRNEY,
3til(i\v,-.iia,iii-t,ri:".,'l. v.n iver, ll.C.
Ml! Ill U 0. SMITH
BiirrisliT, Sollfilor, Notary, Hie,
1 H.I.*.
.1.1   a'    ■
j, „|| iMI'llllOI   I. p..'.a,'".   |'i
11. mlmUniu   itrlrtl)    nonllil H* 'I'
llu.lK tin I'aili'lil* ai'iii Ir tlrol iit"iiay lol
... mini   lulenll.    I'utniti    tiak'ti    ll.l'alKH
Mllllll   at    I'',      rCCOlll     *!'"   "ll    ll"""'.    "Vltlltjllt
DtiRrg* in tti,'
" Scientific American"
■ A l,mnU"in-ly llluitnled wuoklf,  Uriti I
 Ion i'l »t,r Klciillflc. ii'iml   '""   1 "
,,«a    luUI lulllillia,)!    Hold ta)' nil II'"' ll ' '
11,1   ll,aa,,l,l«'.      ll ■     I'ill.
Wholesali  and Retail.
18 Powell St., Vancouver,
Ale and Stout
1,, 11 illleH, KeuH nnil l','«
Hi,   Koi|ill Hi, "in'i C(,,, I Id.
1 ll I     !'.!
We will fiirnisb beautilul
Calendars, illustrated with
local landscapes, just the
thing to Mini away lor a
Christmas or New Year's
card, Sizes 7'J x^'.j inches
and li'..,ui inches, On
view   .11    I in    Exi'Ri is.
For Good Groceries
J. Ke McMillan, North Vancouver
UlO   i     Ma     llaa.-,S. M, A.,1.   L, B. | 8,  D,
,-a lli'l.u. II. A.l A   W. Ill, I'llll, II. A.
NeCIOHM, srillir/, k IHIll'Filt
Barrister*) Solirilors, Nutaries, Etc*
tnini> It, N. A< QnUdlni, Vntioouvor, md
Juuollon Dim ^- Sorta Vaucouvor. SUPPLEMENT TO THE  EXPRESS
" :'-:   4,"
■   a*Tb
■      '
■ .
•■ ¥'•'
■"*.   '•"*
•       '1
i imSJ'-j
•'. --fi-A
. v..'/.'
Nominations on Monday Next
—Voting Jan. 19th.
Contest for tlic Reeveship by Reeve
Kealy and Coun. Morden.
Messrs. Duval and Emery Are Opponents in Ward
Four for Councillor.
Others Running Are Coun. May in Ward I; J. W. Irwin, Ward II;
Dr. Jordan, Ward III.—Dark Horses Expected.
REEVE   1.  E.   KEAI.Y.
Up lo within a couple of days
ago it \v:is thought iimt the municipal elections here would nil no
by acclamation. Hut some of the
electors thought different, a d so
there will be a contest fur the
(".niiii. Mordcn is now in the field
as the opponent to the present in-
tiiiulk'iii, Reeve A. Ii. Kealy, who
seeks re-election,
\V, F, Emery, who once was a
candidate for councillor, has deft-
nitlely announced his intention of
licin,' a candidate lor municipal
honors in ward iv. as against J. M.
So far as can be learned there is
no particular issue belore the ratepayers—only the personnel ol the
candidates, It was hinted ill some
t'uarte s that the lerry by-law
wi id I be resurrected a> a campaign
sl gin. Inu nothing definite in this
regard lias lieen announced.
Councillors Allen, Cornish and
Morden retire from the council.
lt is understood that Councillor
May will again seek re-election,
Also the announcement has heen
made that Thos. Nye will he a
can Inl ile in ward i. as councillor.
Ur. McKay Jordan is certain of
election inward iii., as also'JJ. M.
Irwin in ward ii.
In a I likelihood the two r tiring
members ol the school hoard will
he returned without opposition
Tlieir re ord has been satisfactory,
and why shouldn't they ? It must
he remembered that the trustees
arc verv much hampered in their
workhy the restrictions in the new
school act.
Nominations take place at the
municipal hall on Monday next.
The elections will be held ill the
same place on Saturday, January
the igth.
The financial statement lor the
closing fiscal year has been passed
by the council, and will be presented al the ratepayers meeting tonight.
If a man owns a pocket knife it
is hard lot him to pass a grindstone.
A little girl's interest in a baby,
is about equal io that manifested
by a boy in a do,;.
lie that hath nn ear to hear let
him hear my Bell-imposed anatlia-
ma: The politician is my shepherd, I shall not want lor any Hood
thing during the coming political
campaign; he leaded) me the
night before election into saloons
(or my vote's sake, he lill' lli my
pocket with cigars and my glass
of beer runneth over; he prepared! my ticket lor me in the
presence ol my better judgment, yea, tho 1 walk thru the
rain and mini lo vole for him, and
shout mysell hoarse when he is
elected, straightway he forgetteth
me; lo, when 1 meet him in his
office he knoweth me not; verily,
the wool hnth been pulled over
mine eyes all lhc days of my Iiie,
and I shall kick myself forever and
forever.   A.mkn,
The Yearly Budget.
The annual financial statement
of ihe municipality for the year
ending 31st December, enables one
to clearly see the progress that has
been made during the year just
closed, The council is very opt!
mistic, and predict many good
things in store lor North Vancouver.
Five thousand dollars has been
promised by the government as
compensation for taxes lost 011
lands (irec'osi (I by it.
The water revenue shows an ;i|>
preciablc increase over the previous year, Many new extensions
have been made and are still being
The statement mentions the
fact that tile water supply ol this
city has been secured on Seymour
creek and Rice lake, making a
total   now   ol   some 1,100 inches
controlled by the municipality,
The proposed fireball and jail
have   received   special    mention,
and in the near future North Vancouver will be adequately supplied with these two most important necessities.
No better testimonial of lhe rapid growth of the town for the past
twelve months can be given than
that of the voters' list, which bas
increased about 90 per cenl., having now over 1,900 names thereon,
For the first time the annual financial statement ol the munii ipali
tv was given to the ratepayers before nomination day.
A special meeting of the council
was held last evening, Those
present were Reeve Kealy,  and
Councillors Allen, May and Mordcn,
Communications were di iposc I
ol as follows :
The provim ial returning ofiii 11
wrote asking for the hall 10 be
usi 'I as a polling booth mi the in I
ui February, I ho t li rk was in
strut tui to inform the returning
niiii er llial the bail would imt be
The Monetary Times, wanting to
know how many copies the council
would require ol tlmir special
number, 1M cents each being the
charge, in lots ol 25 or more.
Laid over.
The residents of Fourteenth
street and district, petitioning lor
a loin-lout sidewalk on Fourteenth
stre-t, Irom Lonsdale avenue to
DelbrUCk avenue.
Prom residents near Jones
avenue, asking lor a four-fool sidewalk on Join s avenue, from Keith
load to Fifteenth street. These
petitions were referred to the board
of works.
The properly owners ol district
lot 374 petitioned lor a sidewalk,
from First street to the Keith road
on Sl. Andrew's avenue. Referred
in ihe board ol works.
Mr. Allen's plans ol district lot
491 were approved THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B.C.
Nortli Vancuver.
Freedom of Speech.
;    llu  I .:■•..!  1111   I a  in ks '
Sir,    In yi ni issue ol tin   28th
la 1     hi e pi i'.iil,   .is yel un-
iwn I '   '       iimli 1  iln
■ ■■ 1 itizi u," in a
iter atl nisi a I having 	
. -.press . ni in reliition
t 1 11,,:   I 11     In-law   which   was '" ""  ""''"'' "'"' '''""I"'!/''" «! >>-
■ iu th,   ("Ms. ■""" 'i"u'':"' v''h l'""'" "
■  majority, bul I.aiurs asiiObstibmkm,—Ui-i>|H,ii,lhiii
, . .   :   .   |„ cause '" tlmriiiiH'Bl! ol 1, Iniyc n 111,,t..-r.,f the
11 the operation ol lli,  municipal '•Iw-lnrf, I have mwihI in iiei-epluoi-il-
1 Illlt If >ll :i-11 camliiliitt: f..r I "iinrilli.r (ur
1,1  tVnnll for the c-iiiiiiiit term,
I'il)  ll" II elm-lwl,  llll!  la.-t   Hit,',, .tin III till-
ri-jln lu         tial    ,1  t' 11.   agn 1 ii,iuili-l|>iilit* anil Wanl II llwu in par-
I'halfol ih,-nmnicipalitv, tiiulitr. slmfl luiv.. my ourefiil niilcni
1       1      11 ni'i llie !• -t .'It .rl- in i-viTV 1.11I1I1.
:l" '   ""   ''"    a| ,,;„ „, ,,i,|, ml.U-h 1 muv'lMi -"if
a  '--Iliil   I.I    |l  '      '.   'I.   fJ    .1       I  .'  .Ull     '   K H.ala.l
piessed at last election. V,,ui  ii|i|«,irl and vute i» licri'ln te-
'nihil "Cii - ,,:|";' '• "i1";-'::'1 :" ,l"' »»»M\~
I,'t'll  N..rlll *ae I'lilivcr, "li  SaUitr-
; inn iple nl
'     ; ■"        a    I 1      "
•    1 '''i'i,.
:!..',     •    I        .;    it have con
I, red  I      ri'. irk ■   ivotll     1 I
\   pi: un..    altai k      1    tins
is   it   ap
pan-iii t- pi rson
■ nli r
and a,.;,... 1 1 .'.• Iii. nam,
a.  ■  : with   his
1 inin. ording ti
■ - .     '
a   '.',|. '      .     ■ j .1,1
, ■ in, val days ol
■l.n, January llllh, 11107,
l,t",|,i'|.||tlllv our-.
Wil.i.iam .1. Iiuvis,
North Vancouver.
I'o tin 1 1-rtnrn nl lhc Municipality ,,1
Snrlli V aui
'"• 11 11 ki'd by a lurac iiiiiulicr ,,l tin'
'  Itll '      Ill 111  "11    ll.l-l'li   laa     la,.     | |.
•< '     11 t'liliditliilc f"r Cniiiii'illur ul
theilltn.ll iiliiiii|iel,','ti,.|i,lliuv,.il,','i,l,.(l
I      1 I" III" |,|   Ilia- ||ii,,||,,„t„,„. IIIKl  ll   I'lCI'll'll
""   ""  '   In ihnt 11 ,,. i" In, li.r iii-
'      ' nl.   lii'Kl iM.r.'M-  ill  llie  liiliidi'lpnlll)'  iii
1      1 of placi        .vl uti . * brum 1. nl tin- pulilii' m-rvie>-
' , '■  '■ I'l' '
.a       I    Ih'lil'VI1   llllll
'    • '    ■'' ;' ...,:       |l„. |,-||  :,.,. |„v,,|
' tll       II  'lit    la
It      1    .■:.. il lhat tint- 1   .   .
era     ■   ■    .ei tin   p rl   nl   0111
■ in improved lerrj sei
II  a ,. an I it
tti-d that a ditli-n
■    :  .        :
■   ■        ■   : irimi ihal rn
•  I a  .     1  ,||     ,  Kpri
1 itizens  11 relnl      In tl eel
, :     ,'indictivi    il
liiding his
i.     :: de plume.
'lit'    . '   "
I,   I   Pun I
Electors of
Richmond Riding
11" hns curufuily guarded the general interests of the
He hns secured fur it appropriations three limes ns
large as had previously heen granted, §30,000.
Ho is n member of the Government and can do more
limn would ho possible for un outsider, much less an
opposition member.
He is pledged to do bis best to carry out for North
Vancouver two matters of great importance,
Due is in-jive tlic civil municipality, about to be incorporated the right to tax railways within its boundaries.
The other is lo assure the certainty of the municipality being able to collect tlie taxes on tlie lands snld by
tiie Government recently, but fnr which the title is still in
(l<,t!ll'-  lllitll< l"-l.alll'l  Milt  la,' lllllll,'III.a|     ,',..,
a 11  ii ,1. -1 ■ . a I,j ni ni 1 im ..a :  1 ue crow n.
I iiii.   I   iiiii   itillllin  In Intvi'
1       II,. |1M recently  obtained   for the municipality n
, McKay .i„ni-*.i,     grant nl ,?'"),0l)() ns a compensation for the taxes it had lost
through failure of purchasers lo completo their ngrci nn nt
with the governmt nt.
Wnnl 111.
N" -rt la   V.ll.a 11 IVI r,   11,  ('      III,.lam   ||
North Vancouver.
/'. 1I1 ; ttrii   nml /.'I'./.'i'/'.'- ■
I.Uill -  ISI, lilAlt ,111s,- III  r,.>|'"ll-e
■.. il,.. ri i'i"-i nl Irii'iid" nml aii|i|i„rl,<ri*
tlmi I -laml 11- a uiui'lliliit,' for I'mim-il-
N iti, '.        ivi 1.  II, C,   laiini   Inrlorimi", I lit-n-ivlili mlHt yitur vote*
I mnl iiiilu,in',' for mv ,'1,','linii.
Ili'li'i'ti'd I plcliti, iiiym.il l" 11 v
lllllin-l ,'Xi'r i"ti",:it llie "iirlii-t pniillili!
in.am,.nl  In -I". Ihlll  llii'  liri'li'i". nver
mr nil   l» 11 1 |-iiiiiiiiilS,'nn,,i,r,'r,','k», for which the
,     ,  Ill')1 lllll .iir..i.ii   laa"11 Voted, t-ltllll lie
'■'■ never grow -ii-foul t>, I'oiiiplctfoii,
JllllN   M. Ull'll.
llr has stood up for the rights of tho rural muni-
\A/ A DR ^1 cipalities against the exorbitant attempt of the City of
V V n ll \—i     T Vancouver lo get control of lhe water in Seymour ('reck.
and lias taken steps to preserve the watershed for North
peopli    ill ',11 tlu 11 hei Is
in niuddj ■.'•' .11 er, to save buying
1      ■ 1
North Vancouver, II, C , llcci'inlicrS
I (Hill,
,, ,     ii,., Ihin't forget tu ,'ilti'inl the
e a had start in thc moi ,■ .   ,
,, ,,. kind will rush Ratepayers Annual Meeting
,! 'tll-tli'.'llt.
The Government is sure to be re-elected, and it is to
your interests lo be represented by a Cabinet Minister,
lie is a ninii of deeds, not words.
Electors of Richmond, Study Your Own Interests and
And Continued Prosperity


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