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The Express Nov 1, 1910

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Array U\_______xpvtBa
""'.ll'V   I       .
ltive fa   ■
fm'                 %\
1910   ' ,J
Volutin' 1
Nona Vancouvkk, li.c, Ti'ksiiav, Novimbu l, litio
Nu in ber S3
An iniitutii.n has luen r\tended In*
ll.e Hiuiiii ..( Traili' wiih the concur*
MOM nf tha' eity antl liistriet council*
t.i     till'     Alalia*    llllllll, 'ihollll    deil'glllrs
wlm nii'i't in convention iu Viiinoiivrr
this week tn visit North Vancouver oil
Wednesday atlernaii.n. ll is |it*ii|.i.s.''l
Iii lake them in, an antii tour through
tin*   eity  atul   liistriet    in  a, aler   thai
they  nighl   liai'e  an opportunity  "I
lieiiitiL' -aaaine a'f the many .ittraaiivn
feature- nf the Ninth Shore. The
mutter is in lhe hantls ni the entertainment committee of the Hoard of
A my pha-uiit time was sp,.Mt at
the St, Andrew's anil Caletlnnian So-
ei.'ty's ilan.e given in the lun liiiiltur*
nl hall I'titliiy eveniiiL'. The usual
popularity nt thr Scutch rntertaiiimi in
prevailed ii|i.iii  a  large  number   Drills
present llllll with Clltlnae's oral].*, l.l
[■milling saatlli' aaf iheir choicest m-
UcttoBI   ihr  ei,'..iiie  was   *i  ■tunui il
I'li'ty parli, uiai.
Tile current (MM aat lile Hritish (all
un.l.ill tia/etla- ,*,,ntains tha* aiiintllli-e-
■Ml ihal a juvriiile court will lie es-
tnlili-hed iii \ ut,,ria aiiil that its
iniiiili opening will take place Novaav
I.'i   I-i.     Qaorgi 'lay, pnliii' magi.
trate, has liea'ii appiiilita'il [maiding
Tl.,* lollowing appii.ntiiti.iiis an* ta
i*,n,l,*,l ;
Charles UaaU't Hill,Illla,I,. K.t'.. la,
I*'    I    a aal.I I     all    ll'li-ioU    ||||ll    .'l|l|H'|ll   lot
the \cl on uattamaal diitrict, In plan
"f It. S. I.eilllli*. la*v|L.|ni| ; I'll-a lull |)i>
Ni.a*   Walker,   of   lhe  all V   llf   \ ia tail'itl.  !,,
I«'   ,i rt'irisiiai   "1 tin* pulilie  nrvia
flaalll    tla loll,.,    'jll,     |!l|ll |     |, ;,    »   Ut |,-, .   , ,f
\elli,ill. In In' a ruths tnr nf rrirnllr
tu\ fan* the \ ei tiun ii'S'' siiient dis-
Iii'l ;  lhe i,"ii'iia:ii,n nf .lames t'a.uic
of   l''ii'l   lal'aargr    as    ll   justice      of     the
pea* **  I-  ie* a-pttsl.
Ten'lets   all'   invitnl  for   lha*  errclion
aaf ii ichool handing tl Koltilal, III'.,
ll.e   lollowing   ,,,|npa.lies   hull'    l.'a'll
itieotjionited :
I'l'.llil. I iiiiiI hi tHn,pany willi a I'll
I'll ill   of   f.ll.lHHI   ,„   ;,MI   shales ;    It.   I .
Market Company wilh n capital nl
M.QU- j,, aim share. ; II. II. Kirkham
,'   Co., I '.I , uuh a capital nf fjn.nn..
in Bjmtkam . St. iemn' Cut I.t.i*
with  a  capital   of fJiMi.iiiKi   ,„   pi
shares; (I. X. HllgMMIII. liinilaal uilh
a eapital of 180,000 |„ Hl.nnn Attn :
I'miti A nli' Hi-ally company wilh a
Capital "1 *M...««. In I.IHNI -h.n*,- ; III
leti.il l.g.lll- ill. ('.) lllllil'll, willl it
capital "t K.'iH.I«KI la ".IHI -I.iii,- ; \
tt.  C.  MotOf < anipuny, with  a eapital
of x-Jo.ihhi iii gn tikant ■. Victoria l.n*
boT   Ti'lllple   lllllll.sl.    wilh a eapital aaf
s|i«..ikki faBJtX shares; Kvaiu-Ciili"
man Wli.el * oinpany, with ai MpHal of
tln.illi in UNI shari's ; Little M.uiniuin
OddMlowi' Hull. Iniui.al. wiih a cap
iial ,,( f.Hl.ll'HI in ll.lHHI -hale- ; \,at
lliem Interior l.an.l I'l.inpany, limit
"<l, uilh a rapital „( Xlim.ni.i in  160,
nun -ii.n,* , lie-t,in Caaada Towmit*
liinil.il, with aeapiial nt xjll.mi in
Iihi i|am : S.m.iia- Orchard-, Ilm
insl, with a rapital "I IHHI.IHHI in  I.
IHNI    .hare- ;    I'llllll*      lll'aailll.llioil     Dis*
iiiiiui,.i-. iiiuniil   with  ii  eapital ..I
ItllHI.IMHI iu I.IHKI   -I'   ''        Ilia     Ii'l...   Ma-
I, I     laallip.,1'     .     llllll.!*a|.      ,1,    ''     |     llipi
till     "f     '"I"."."""     ill      I.MI.ntHl h.atas  ;
I'll-e,   IT".-   k    l'i....|.a.l.l .
)i, llotiiii'll iV t'tiillip, painters ami ile
aoiatoi-. SH liiuliiille -tnvt, Van-
enliver, huie n--igtu'd.
\p|iliaati"ii- lor water r,i i.nls Ml
iiiatle In It. II I 'inli (.it* a treoril am
Sheep Creek antl  by  ,1.  MaMnilin tan
II    la'iaalal    ai||    ||||'    saniC    allll.
I'lttil'tisi*. TO SPEND MMM
III   ihr   eiein   nf   S,,nth  Vnn. ,,uv, i
Ita'aOlllillL'     llllll'X'll      tl.     Villi,lHIVa'l       tile
laller iiiy has practically IgTwd I"
gt'atil tin* suburban luwusite llaa> -uiu
of aWKI.IHHI immetliatrly npnll nnilrlll'
tion. This am,..ml unhides 11311,000
tnr lill- sllltion antl sitrs. tl'AYlHHI fan
pinks uml frirati.tmil Inr roatl impr.ee
NDIAN i.wns i.i.iiisi.ation
The aiini.uii.eiiH'iil romes fmm Ot
lawa that lhe Hon V. Oliiet will in
Ii-ii.luii- bgillltloi .hnrlly In la.ilit.ite
.he tiun-fei ol Iniliiiu Unda to nni'l
aases where lu'lialis ean lie l|an-f"trisl
lo   other   l.lll'l     I'aptillll    a_. I   |,,|    them
when   the  Iniul-   ilui   i.a. upi   t II    l*a*
tn uh      ln'ttel ot    ll.V   tll"    i.l'il,
Oil aet...mt of tlir unfortunate lllurss
of   Mr.   C.   N.   Iloolry   whn   was    in
ohargi of the irriagMBoati, the con-
eert   enleilninmrnt   annoiii,*nl   lo lie
held   in  St.   .Inhn's   Parish   Hall on
Wa tliiesilaiy,    Nov.   liml,   has  luru tin
avoiilalili   eillierlletl.
One of   talon lllifni lunate o. eint'i'liers
that  are now antl   Igtll iinlail   look
pla.ae   aall   the   S.   S.   St.   < ll'OI'Ife Oll    till'
last trip of thr lioul from tTtDCOUVn
on 1'Tiilay evrniln; last. A ynun|{
man nomad Henry llooslman wan the
eenlial l'n{uie in ihr prisonrr's dork
in Magistrate Kealy's aa.utt mi Shuii
day mnrnini; as lhe result of a ilin-
110*11111111. ha- .tralril while a passenger
on lhat Irip. Mr. Ilnostman look oh-
ja'.lion In a Chinaman sitting ftloiin
siale of him in the ealiiii and wilh lit
llr ei'i'emony rjr. tril him. Matr Uriirii,
whaa was a wilnrss on thr ease tlii'ti
to iM-t'itatlr the a.-rusril thai the
Chinaman Intel paid his fare aid ne-
e.utlinelv hail eipial privilri;r« aa a '
passrllira't* on tlia' Imat. This let! I,,
h.n wanils anil the mate tleelaieil llutl
Hoo'tunni aalleil him a foul name and
slniek  him.   Several  witnesses   to the
ejavtili*..   pioi'css   ajavr  a>\ ialrnrr Illlt thi'V
iliti nnl en ihr blows stiiiek. as thin
hap|M'iieil ami on ihr ihsk. Ilooslniun
iliiim.sl that hr .lul not .all lite inatie
iiimi'- tta'ilher tliii hr strike him. Thr
Chi.'f for the pioseiiltioli ailasaui ,*,!
lhat there was eviilently an assault
nn llu* I'hinaman. A line nt tlti ami
at.sts nr "lie Itlaillth nl lllllll lallnr w..«
Then' win "Vrr 140,000 rvprnih tl in
111111111111.' I'luistnietii.n in Inr iitv durum thr natal "f o.-tidier acoording tn
thr most eonsrrvativr rstiinatr. This
was made up prin ipally nf irsiiliiiiial
eonstiin lion, there bring 10 blrnks nt
any si/.e sta.T.tl whieh is aeeiuintisl tor
In llu' wel weather haiitii.' et in. Al-
tloagl beh.w Ihe aninunt rei.uilril lot
Ihe month previous, it is, howelet ,
consitlrtrtl tai hi' a fair ITlragl COO
si,|eiini; the time ol year.
lie* la.a al eivie arena luu*1 aol .Irai*
rd hu* nation as yet and t*i dati it"
ilrlinitr siairinrnts (inm eilha'i* ispit*
anls (oi mayor or aldermen are to
luiiiii. His Worship Mayor May has
InspieniK tlraliiia'd nomination but
iiiiiiiii: lln- past tew wii'ks his   fi.i-nils
hnlr    l.i'en   pla'sslllij    hllll   to   ll'ii'llsnl.'i
hit, dri'ision. ln this he has not linal
Iv tie. liled hut it is plnlmhlr th.il il
enough pirsstur aan lh> l.n uiu hi in
bear thai he ntiuht ii.'.a-il.' to the wi-h
ra nl his fririi.ls.
Hi*. Moiiisnn llllll Ml'*-s,s I'. jut.I * i
I'riine ami A. Ilrant rr'.iiinril Iron a
Vrry sUara'Siftll hum at I'owell I ul.a
on Saturday. The panv wis mn.i
only  a  tlay nr  sn  mrr  n  KH-k    but
during il.ui i»ti. .1 sue.* d*il in li.i.*.*
im   .hnil   seven tlis-r, live gootl   nnl*
"lie veil* 1111 a' '| a'eitui'n of tl III,el,
l«*,'ll ulneh Irli a vietim tn 111*.
^I.urison's Uoarring aim. lhe (IBM
in thai loiilllty wa- f.utlld laa In*
I'llll* pi.Til ll'll and the ll.lll els llitl Mnl
IHMlliaH mui It dilltililty III liml nr
the ipiariy.
Every Obttacle Now Removed — Construction Operations
to Begin Immediately
Itas'Ve   M.AllllLlllt,    who   was   e\pe.|a*,l
to arrive (mm Ottawa a day or twn
ago, had nnt renehed Vaneouver at
lhe tint" aaf L'.'ing ti. press, Adviee
iiti'iYi'iI from lie- llai'va' whilt- en route
west wns tn the elTcet ihal he would
pmbably stop ovrr at Winni|»'g Inr a
dai or two, whiah Iir has nidt'ntly
Mr. K. W. MuiLean. iliruitnr ol lhe
llurraril Inlet Tunnel and lltnlge Com
piny, who attended al UKawa with
team KeNaught, has n.tiuu.d to Van
eouiia. an.l is very optim'stie with r»-
fa'r.'llee lo thr Irsilll of the nppliaa-
liaiits More ihr Railway CoaUOittM
and  lh.'   llailwav   CoDininaOn.       Mr.
Ma.l.i*:in dralnres lhat llir eompany
aeiompli-hed all that they iniild reus
nnably lun.* tlffWl I" ntl.i'ti. The
way lor the eonstrii.tion ot the bridge
and lis appri.u, lies is now |H'i*lrelly
eli'in* and mutters in this Mpsel .".ihl
nut Ih* in l.'tlr' -ha|H'. Mr. MtuLaan is
.Iningly in lavnr nt the nimpany pm*
crating with aiinsiriietitin „|»'iali,an-
at Mm and lurthw tohmn his impli
ait ninliileni'e thai when lhe lari.lge
nia»r» inmpletinn ..nd tlic tune ip
pmaahes lm* th.* . ,.ii-iiu. iimi a.| ihr
railway litii's iaa tin' north -h .rr, n
will la' (nunti tlm( tluw are nn real
"bslaa*l|'s in thr way ol Ihr woik pm
L'ta'-'ini; to its full i-onipl.-ilain.
Al   ii   iiaa'iil   tna'i'ling  ol   thr    II.   C.
I',,ulin   A--'" iaition il wn- ile, Hei   In
hold ihr lirst provincial poalW* «h»w
in \'ani-".iirr during ,lanuary, ll'l-.
\11.,1 li.'i' .pies.i.,n  whiih was mushier-
eai  at   tin* n ling related  to Ihr m-ll
iug nl "slrietly fra'sh" eggs. A IMM
mon  practice  ni  saitl   to li  that  "I
idling . a ai.l itorafi itodi in pin.*., ot
the rial arli.lr. A sugga'stion »'o»
niatlr that lhe guieininent mis'l.t he
askwl Iai mint Irgislaiur.' pmiul...*;
thai ,*ii*iy rgg dralrr sluiutil In' 10
ipiiieil I,, ni.uk on ni'h egg lis name
an.l the dale on whiah il was laid.
Wi'-tiTii Canada »ill no long*   l»'
tla .lumpiiii; l'1'..iiiiiI Lu ihr ..iivlus
oiitpni of Ami'iiaan sawmills Ily ill
trims   ail   iigiii'ineiit   r,*.*iiuly   etUtei
illlll   U'lHa'all   tla   lllllll   drillers   ill Mall
ii,,I.u. Siiskiitehewan and Alluvia ami
the Hritish Colttmliiii I niiili-e and
Shingle Assoiitiliiiti ii'p.a'saiiiing ilia'
a.ui-l mills, ami the Moiintain Innili.*.
Mills    A-—... iniiiili.    reprrsen'iag     the
. m    mill*    a.f    the   illtetl.if.    tl."   p.* Il.i"
rtuikwi  «ill im loogar laadli    aa]
IninU'r   iiriginal ng   in    ihr     1 aitad
II,.* irraagMMMl is nk.ly t..  prow
eaty rfcctiTi in nclnding tha'  Aine.i
aim piiHliiat, as the millineii 1" the
south, quoting low ptiaa'S Iaar tlieir
surplus slinks, wnul.l I.' unable to
stand the upMMI "f a-liihli-hiiiL' n le
l.'ii.lei.l yard'. "I th.ir »»" '" ""'
I mi,Iiiii |>i.hii• - ngiiiiis. Thi- tnl
mean thai tll nuiuiiiain nml eonia'.
mill  men  will  Is   iinitble  t.a -hiia     in
nnallv    III   la ll'l   111"    hund'eal   iniil	
a.ldit'aa i. il Ul et liinilier to thr nun
kel-  Matt   "f   lhe   lt.«kies.
Kngim-er Whitwi.rth ..f thr S.S.  Sl.
(ienrge    ma'l    with    a   W'l'iallls   aaaialrllt
ve-ieidiiv while on duly, lie was
-aid In hav.' I.ni telling slinni iotfl
the dviuitiii, la, vi ai in  it  up nnd was
llinv   llllill.*   (halt   |hr (llll  flirae "I 'la*.im
had Ims'ii Iiiiii ti nn by hi' n"i-iuiit
lh" i" ult was that when hr put lu-
haiul tin tl.e minh.ne in OptWaM it
lha- hand  wns  caught  and   the   thin)
jollil in IW" linger- aal Ills llll In I ».'..'
Iiinkrn ul.al arusliral MoTI hr inulii
snatch   it   away.     Meiti' ul    nid   was
-■   sa*, ,ia,-.I  anil  thr  wound ilii'sural.
This manning thr inju.nl n.cmbcr-
were badly swollen and painful bm
..theiwise in a nale slate Inr mnvery.
0011  I'UOM  STATI'.S TO ll. C.
Tlie li'ptalt nl lhe sii|»'iinteliih'iil "I
ihimiglalinn fan ll.e lent ending
tUtek tt,  IWO, »l.i*h i- emlnsliisl  Iii
the lilllilllll  repnrt  nl  the lli'plll llllllll "I
the internal -l.i.w. lhat Onlarii. aliil
livid- in the ntunln't "I iinmiL'i..nl- M
. aii aal, with Alberta a clow MMM
llaiitin-In piovinre. arc as follow.;
Onlnriit. Hi.l'J'.l ; Allnrtn, t_JM . t*t
li.h Columbia, llll.MW ; Snskata hrwan,
'.".i.Jh | ^,,,.1,,.,, Js,r,*jl | Muniiol.a, 'it.-
nl'.l ;  Miiiiltnii' pr,,iinei'..  H.,1',11
Anii'tican immigratiim llowasl nuiinli
la. Sn-kntehewan ntnl tlOttU Onlati"
aa aiu'd |ll..'IHI immigiants Inin. ihr
I tiit.il Stairs and QwblC ''.'"'", ''"'
same ntimla-r. Nrnilv two 'hnd- "f
liriiish Ciilumbia's iminig.nli"n i-
tri.m the I nilrd Statm.
lltllTHIlAY (Kl KIlltATIliS
Mrs. Hill nl l.'ll, sltwt irlrhralnl
h.'i* "Iiih b.ilhday ..n I'ralav. A mini
I.*, aal liirnd- anll.il and rvlrn.lrd
cnngriitilliiliiins. Mrs. (iill, although
laving paaaed tin* tlm ratOaad lan
-Inaw-  w.aiidrrful vivartty  aid  lh." a-
■iiti obaamd loald not laaUai   Hal
Mrs. Iiill had attuinsl that age.
HM H.'I 'if the srrirs nl dann'S tn
l»' hi'l'l by thr North Vtiiu..uiei II.il
li.llllural    Sneiely    will    l»'    hi'lal     tin
tetania) eienuig, K«m, Ird, in  the
ll.iitiiiliiit.il Hall. Tiekrls may !»•
hud Iioin any nii'inlsr ,,l th. ,.11111111
Iw nl  tl  tnr gentlemen   ami M Mil
fail    ladle-.
Tlaalagiving Daj Wag wn n.'.-i ail
'III'       '  III." 1-     Ml Ill|»*l|.ll     III     S|»lia|
Ila,* tin. ijaneili. Turkey waa king,
ami with lha i*i epin.a a.l tlm dan'"
in ihe a letting and Ihr I... al ihralr,,
there   wu.   pun tii tilly    itilluiig a,|  .,,,
a'tlleil   tl|    iil.Ule   ...   the   ■ ill
Mr. B, I'lsrs, whn with his family
resides am lh.' Capilano mad, has a
strong eiimplaint in make against
would l«, hiintris who onr day last
wwk hugged onr ot his fun* pullts
Ihis loss was a minor mailer i„ Ihe
rslimatinn ul Mr, 1'ivrs win, allrgr.
llial Ihr -In,1 was linsl ln,m the pat
ami iu thr ilirea'liain ,,| l,i. huu-.-,
Sliootuii; wiihin M yanl. aal any re
■ I " 'a. a public lu_.li«m WiOlll,
the mnlinrs nf ihe (||su„i mmit, ipal
.11 1- .oiilrary tai the bylaw. This
kind ol thini; ha- hern punished railan
seven-ly nn aimlhrr nuasion and i.
hehl by  thr distriit  1111 th.,1 a 1
mt - .- i.gi.t.     Mr. tam mi
further ''hut thr ,|n,krn was killed
within a lew feet nl him anil ihi- fn. 1
i- whal nin-t  up-H, (|„, ,„nip|„inml
I'"'  Vm l.'l   1« ill. ••  have Is* „  *,i|vis-
•sl ..I ihr .a-,, nnd a- it m „ ,„„\vr
-IuimI ihal thr mime ..( ih,. parly rr
-|s,n-ibl, I,,, ihe .h„, |„„ i^,, „|,.
Iiiiiiiii  an arre-t  i. Ilpartod   nl    ani
MIVKMI1I.H Nl Mill I,'
Thr srioinl number ol tin* perlodli nl
pulilishisl bv .lai'k tonlel and I ..in
lilaiiit'.in,  nulniil "Tha* I 01 dill S|«-
tillaal".     i-      laa    Initial    . i rial      "111 lill"    II
llitl.le   ill   i ill.-   ....'lit    bra    Ihe   pa-la
of Mi. A. #, lliii.le.-iii. upon the -'ib
' ir, t   "Civic  Ailniinis'iii!i"n".
(    \. II. M.W IIOI PR
t   .urvey  party  nl  lilteeo  i'n|
nml a—i-lanls ha. I»>rii aam|»'l ndju
a .nt I., the ti.wn a,l Lyllnn (1.1 II
pa«l mnnlh. The party Is en.n H
In -uiia*yiiig 1 rnute Inr thr Caamlm
Norlh'tn railway nn the north -..I" n
th.   l'in-i'i   tivci   M  .111  af"i.iii'iii'   1 *
the     lllllll'    plrliaiuslv    In ,1.1   I     I"    'I"
('aitudiiin    \a.1 tli.-,ii    .in  .......   vlirl'
is   on thr   -iinie -nli. of ih"   n    >    I
ihr Canadian IVifir.
The    latin    raiU.iy    lOtMMaf    If
|«'alh'i|   la,   lha>   laa,;o,|   nl   l.iilwi,       """
nii.sion..     n_.  i , tl,..   ( in.tl'iiit
\"iih"iti   railway   iiiiiinnir   '.      I"'"
immedinlrli   l.ahaw  Ih.n-  .ut  'I
side   hill-   ,,ii   ai ml   ,,f III
ehara* I I lie, a* I. II*       >'. ih	
mi-.inner,  dtddal  to  .nip'oi   un    ...
ih |.'ll.lenl   eiiL'ttlis'l   wh"   w i     to  male
"una*.-    nul   npoit   on    tin'   nierils all
the    lua,    mules.      Ml      I       I      I   "
wiighl, i on-iilting ne'itte't  ol \ a" nl
lal    Ull-    ..h'a lasl   111     ill.     IW"    lallllilll"
anal the .ihon' p.nty is in hi« ainpl'i
Mr. ('. A. Mi., ami -,,u Jail iviurn-
isl  Saluitlai   riening  Irum  Ihr  S,|„,
mi-It   emu   ihel   rlljolisl   al    Hi.,..li.l
hunting and lishing rjpe.liion. 11„.
Intliv whilr a.nly II irar. ol ngl   h.g
gist   nin-t   nl   Ihr   L'HI".'   Hull   li'll.        He
-imt hi. insi Ou dariag Um laal ird
lor whnh h.' i- duly adntasl. A Imm
'"•r uf | M  MM  -li,.1   and  a  i ,.„l
III'—    "I   li |«-klasl    llcillll ie-    nli.hsl
(mm ihr -w,al ag wutrrs ad ll    I
nmus.       Whii,-  ihn   wn     |
lllllll ng        glll.lv        U'.ir       -laa.l ,,  ,
hroiinhi down (ruin the hill-. \ ■•.
.helam   ami  hi.  wife,   lmil    wmmti
I".!...'!-.   «|'I a   hsakiug   Im  th<   la,
MMM Is,ii "f ihr iip|su Sapiiinii-h. ...i.l
in Iir a n.i.nstrr in iin and a. ItUi ■
a- an UUUfa. Thr Uar ll al.i*
"i.d.l.sl wilh Is.aring a •hunn.sl hi,,
lur  allh.aiigh  la,  ha.  Is.n  .hol  at   a
li.imlaT  III   limes,  Ua.laa' ol   thr     Imll,..
hue  taken  iflin t  lalally.     On     ih
I ll.e ulul ,„, ii-lain a r.l'llr in III,
thi'k   lalll.li   npl sl   Ihr  hiililn.   that
la, I, wa- -oinrthiii|f .lining in ihu
l.'ar bur. A mnmenl Inter a liu*..,
I.ruwii head rmrrg.-d (rom the ihn k.t
lhe L"'i'ilenian  linsl  imimsliately   but
th"  lirai   .am..  ,.n.        lhe  m.ih  |M*I
ground lor ihr moment anil haal   a .
..nlia.sl thai he was slanduiL'   "i.   lha'
"Ige ul a .mall pircipiee.     Ile hump
■•il  in."   hi-   wil..  i„  lhe  ,.
kicked her wen and  in  .od"..
hi.  baliine,.   aid  fullnwasl.       In    th.
meantime   lha*   .mall   d„g, il*
tiirmls.r ,,| ih,, paity laakhsl  n
and  ib,*w  hi-  attention  IWI)   ..II
linnllv     wtihilu'w.       Ihr    pntWl
mu. hisl  lhat   the henr Ml ..I
' i 'I -i/r .'ni'i .ipiH'iinsi ie.. Im
Ihr laalhawing morning I port]  I
id   '.. il.. | „, in,,, tied
Ind  no  11,».i* ,,| bruin.
ltev. I',uuk I'inli of llo-ton an I
Calgary will tartan f'.r llir Sorth
Vnn...uii'i Ethical Hot 'ti ll the hoi
111 llltllllll hall nil I'liilay elaliin.'. lie
.- ii thoughtful ind t nt .-ll... tiiai stud
cut nntl fullowrr aaf i-'.uin*.on ttll.l I.iln l tin's are lull "I int..'-1, particular
ly in the way ll tl al- wi It the build
ing  up of thr llil.lr.    The In  an    I.
Will   gill'   a,u   "Saillir   ropillill*   Mod. I'll
As|H'its iif I'\..In i..n" is lull ill lili'r
n.v   Is'iiuiy  ami  win h  so  llml   1 Ini.
shtlllh!   Ila'    |    lilt,.'!'   tlllcildllllaa'     aaf     I'lll
tura',1 |H'.i|ili-. Kt.llow iiig the le. ture a
di-.it—n.n i- iniaieal nft I whnh sua h
well known artists ns Mrs. I'helps.
Mdiit, \, nniiii,nt and M . Sprang!
will render vocal  o,.! liolin loloa.
Mrs. .1. ('. M.alll-..II. Call illll stlast
wa*-t, will Iiul lenilc taallliilli'll, \o
lell.ls'l   '.'llal.
S|."iiil 'Ihiinksiaiving Mrvian were
hehl in all thr cily eliun In- am Sun
day  and  in  many  -|as*ial  music    was
I'llll liled    Inr    llir    aaa a .*l-'a at),
Mrs.   II.   II.   Utiggles  aid  itirec    I
liiita*.  will Is* al  home Thiiisilay,  No
eawmn M, I-- iiih -tr,... rast,  aad
tin. third Thiiisilay of nul. mouth fnl
lowiOg   tllt<.lll..|l.llll    ill,'   -a'a-aiu.
Mr. L M* Millan is r.i.inding up n
pn'i   ta, g., ,,n a hiitiiitag ripadition
up  lh u-t.   Hr  Intend*   Inning   a
Isatii RoWOdMl lhe (.lh in his launch
the Winnilre.1.
Ml W.    II.    Sll.'lkl'»|hlll'    will    ic. ii,
nt hn* home on Ith -iind cast on
W.iliie-.lai ,  Voietnl.r ll.e Ulh, inti ilia
Wa a|,,e-ll.lt     a,f    ||.e  IIKalllll     tlieir-
The S. S. I'll.-lake, lhe lla'W lldall
lioll   la,   the   -ailing   Her!   aal   lha<    I  ami*
S. S. Co. ol Vain.uiicr » n« brought
.nn t.. tin* Wnllii.<• Slupviinl- i.-trr
aiul .n.i li.-d up nlol.g-i.le llir wm.
Mhm -he Will lie litlaal up with lll'l
I'limpleli'   .lp|ST   W.a.ks.
'I i\,, ,i ,ii,e. ,,i pi-'miiiciie,' an "ii 'he
a iiIi'H.Ijii l"i llii- wi.'k. T In-i are lhe
inuul h.iad hopi duttaa* Ofl W.dne-
al.n I'i'iiitig iu l.ai'ittt'- I'.ii ation and
the annual liorln ul.'u .1 nau'ti's llall
aan Ihu. .hn. The lullar i- u-ually a
■a. ..Ui   "    i-i.in   ami   a   -plciuliil   tun.*
is anticipated.
Tla* l.n.lia**.' Aii] s.siely of St. An-
ilrew'.  IVr-bvieriiiD . hun li  will     Imhl
then   lllllllll!   -ale  of   ll-. lul   nlld    ll,,' \
ani. Irs, home .making ami aiin.ly nn
Thursilal,    Noi,    ilnl.    all.*. ...mu i lbi
I'la'llillg.     Allelll,H,It   leal   Will   l»'        a' **l
In ll imini;  ll'.'.'' mil l»* ....  tnt
a'-ling program of .aaiig., n-itui.ous,
garni aiul  i' '-     ldnii-ii.il fan.
\        Will     I.*     -a*ll     III     .11.olil,'I     1*1,1,111111
Mi. A. C Il"|s', lhe anliitis I. ulin
i twelve month*, ha BM ■
maare MM '" irsuk' amungst it . pM
nine tnli In- mnny well wi-iVi. hopa.
Mt. Ila,|«' .- nn I ngli.hmnn ol Bontrh
• wlua ha» had lh.. tuliiiningi* ol
. iietidiil  -i na-l  in a nulitls*!  a.f   . ,,un
I.     lh*      pi   I*  tl*.      .,(     l.|.     |.II.I"..|.|||
oi  ta Lua' i     liili.te pa manratl)
-.'ll'..,' Ul IV I' Ila' |'|.| ti..s| m San
I ' oi  1" "    llnmislinlrli     allil     llu    Iin*
and   ih'-iL'ti'il   many   IniL'a'   buildin *
ili.'i■     In-  ei*
onl    11-    leluildn I    ,,,*   nit. i,   t
ing      Our  Itiintil  ,,(  Si hi.nl   I a
llllia'     a.„llll-tlsl     him     III   ll      *ln       tl   tt
)'   aaal     hmW    Ul     I  "ll-dail*
I'"*     ...»      I'i. -In  ,*,i ,,.
Moulin   wa   tip,aad i...*.■.li     I' ''
'.I'll     M.'kiu     ,,|    V, ||,,
.'.'I     tin*    ||.I|I,||||L.    aaa-t     *|l
Ml I H I   -llll'N \l(ll> SI I I III
llll, i n\ I lilt I
'I,,* Wallnae Shipianl- haia*    ired
"'. iCt     ll Il-lllll Hug        III.'
■ use.   ul   Ihr   I ni"n     Seam-hip
"i'-  ii'w     '      i la. lain*
lh.'   boat   airii.d   noljf   iwnotlj fi"..i
lt.dfa.1  ami wa. la'ien  in  low  bv lh"
■   al    -liipia il-    i    t.  d ,i    and      llu*
.lolly  Will   Is*    aal.nu   i       I     h allll .      | h •
I     "IIU"   all.a'l,III    |he    ||,,in    will.
"Ul     Illlt     lUkh all-a*        lllll   p|i    inl,s| t*n
«l,| appi i. il
Sarrowi    lh an , t ,,'  ,.i mu lion
.-   ||   lal I all   Ilka*    "In
' I'"
It is evpnlad ihal work will I'.rni
in  a dav  "t   nv"  am  the  installation
I   ilia*   hridgn   ilt   the   end   of   the   II'W
ferry landing on I oiisil.tla* lv. nu.*.
l-'out nf he poliliiolis .ur now drliic,
nl uml ihr tun irniaining air nam
plrleal and leaily  tn Ite Iiuiiii hrd. This
Ci'lllOli's   lha'   In-t   a.hstll'le   whiah     u.i
ouiing dilaj nml the work will boo
Ih' ptisheil tat completion. Plans an
now laing pii'i'iitvil ni the larrj oBU
lot lha* gain uhiih ure In span th.
lerry wlintl ai lha' northern end ol
ihr neu luildlnga, Thnr will U' tin.
gate- lm M'hiala. aaeh ab".it twenty
fis't in li'it'jlh uml niie hn* pu—en ei ^
**\il   uhnh   uill   tneu-itre  ul.aain   tuelitv
fart. The gatca u .11 Im- raind autll"*-
ei'isl  hy ini'inis  of an  hydraulic  l ix 1,1.
< ii In eai  iii  ii  pillar  uhmit   tlm   feet
I1,, angan going on .1" lirrj will
Is* nilinitied by the I * k,* lakn*
through | | ileum ten h*a*l uule ha
calnl ju-i al lit.* nt.rihnn an I of th*
new building, uiily a frw fei'l li*,ni the
wicket    III    uhi'll    t ll.-    li   ka't    -all.T     W'ill
U' Itationed,    Th*- .';...*u;ai uill ml
mil |.ll-"*tlgns ritllrl In lh' waiting
rOOM     or  direct   taa   lha*  t'al ll   hunts.
Some   mi-pla'cil    -,*ul-   autl   of   thr
■ity   parks,   a   lew   real   r
Iiiiiii d  nin*   and   a    nunils-i* of L'attr-
occupying a promiacal poiition   high
lip  on    th"   |a*|"pl|i,||"   p.,I"-   Ueic  .Villa ,1
.r-  iiii- iiiiii ning  thiil  lift  night  was
Hiiiliau.'Vn aad (...the. ih..i 'lie ii"i-
ue.,* plui mil' ill* plunk- ihal by lett-
t of lhe cotton It'll'' Iss'll participated in annually fnr general.mi.
pn-l. Only lun aiainplainl. MM
litrnisl inlo lln* piili'i a.lh,.*. line vas
from lha* corner of keilh road and
M.ilwn \u*. ulii'tc n 'Icliieii ng I el
l.'eii ni"i,-l liiatu  il-  ;i" li-tninisl re-t-
l|lL'   plain*   la,   ii   lo- tlll",i   ittikliiiUn.   Th-i
a a' ll.l    UUS    flulll    llppel    I "ll-i"lllc   MfeM
MMM l>a.\ s  wni-  saial  I,,  I.' ,\,*i
their mi-a hiei nail-in-- on ii t hiitamaii.
I. 0. 0. F.  DANCE
A nnist  -iiaaa--fu| alainr wa.s hrld in
thr haiitia iilnin,I  hall la-t airnitiL' un
■ lei the uU-pi.i'S aaf ilia. 1.0.O.K. "I ll.l-
, l.l        I I    UH-    'la.     Ii't'llllir   lilllilllll   I'll 11'
anil   lhi-  ynu   a- lipnd   all  pn*i ."it- •■!
(.Ut-.     Ihillna'      ulah.-llii    llll-    in     III
i. *ail ii.aa* iiiid -iin-li^l lha* mi.-t rriti-
.ill    llitll    lha II    plaiLTalll.        Thr   la'l   Ull'
"f  lhe ilaaiillL'  win  llii'  twUigll   unit/,
II IteW dip,tf Ule Oll llll- siala' tlf tl'.'
lllll'i. All ihr lights III the llllll Were
tiiinrd   ..It   wilh   ihr  I'Meptioti   ol   thr
(aaiailighis.    a graal pon a,I thr hall
was in -enii darkn*- ind " ph* i-uut
wm   tin*   participation thai  Iwo   rn-
      uin* * Liu , i,, l< .1   lii   iln*   dull . I-.
Mi—1-.   Walla    lllld lllllilel    dill   ll.e '1.
|ariag,  I ati coi    Min i""iid"l   aad
al MB ii.nt th.*-.* -tnrtnl am lhe run
to Ihr ihltan nt parta ul thr .ill.
A Sl HS( llllll.IIS OI'INION
Ldilnr  lisprctt:
Unit   Sn,   I te loted  liinl .hck    f.u
una' ahallar 1*1.1*1") as |S'i  vanir tatkn
ell   -lilti'llla-lit. 1   .Inlllll   bile       Is'"'
mute pii.ni|'l  In remit I iin;.    Wur   pa
ptf liniu-hrs  mr  with  in-t    hi   nru-
I  uiini.   Tan  me il  I- O.  K.
% ...ii
S. I'.. I i ui
(It    i,   una*  aaf   tin*  islit.ai's  lavnnli
'll..all",     itlllt     "111*     Illen-Ule   III   llS'lul*
il  In* ill  pup ■ .••« to
whii'h il  IWj .1 "'i   l"".i I
with   lull  iind   iniimrlinl   iiilaarinattun,
 liln; ilia.-•■ matins u|xin   whi.h
propert)   owoal *    houM  is*  tafaganA
Kindt),  wands ,,f iiimiin inIni can   -1.1
.1     lie*    ,Imn*   lettei    .inui
loi.*  in*,     ,*  ep'.ihle  and   highly   ap-
|ins ialnl— VA.)
I I.a*       Nial ill     \    i I.il      hoi ka*l     plai
*     -fill    pi Bl ' '   *
tll'*    Uoiih l JH|     I' 1*1.    .  till-    la-l* "I  L
alfti*in*i"li Ihen* uis il lltgr tulllaull
a*i pi.Iiei .1, pi'. I a II I. meiiei llf
III,*      We.illlel,        'Ilia*      lu*   al     )'"\
il..aaiL.hi t„ u* *ipu..I Uii'i h Cohua-
lliiins    lot     ilia*    t" li'll    Ihll    tlia'    I ai
turnout I-   nluni- to he   lint un u
ml  ii.at  on  rui" dm-.
I\     'llll'll     U.IS     lilHsl    *\'l       Haal        I.It.     IH
th.* police .. I,,i tins mo.nanL' I
'lnIL*inL'    In   a   .hunk    lit    - t'liid i'
ol   whi.h   luel   *    *
p i -**l "ll on Sum! u morning wiwi iV
.'I I in I,,  i "' lahk 'i ia
Ila* a i    ihl*   i" pm up I' '    '■
anu i   nf  (ll"  di* i   i ti
Ila        : n il.  I
hint   al".ut BM TWO
WE represent two ol the besl Fire
Insurance Companies   in  ll
lhe Yorkshire Insurance Co. and
The Scottish Union National,
Ki al L-I.ii*  ,ni.I I'lii.tni ml  \  a   :
\ DIG I'K'l*11 ' I
I'l,,!  hieial    laaalaUlllllllll      RUM     F«
thr Oitui frank Bond
M -tSSAGE A sIT.i I \l.h M'K'si.s SEN I i'l  I
Apply   6th  Street   West  (Behind Catholic Church)
i.i,oli..ii,   Uirmiiiiiliain Gen ral Hoipital, England
I'lltlM    I.    Hi
FIRE!    FIRE!!    FIRE!!!
FOR ABSOLUTE PROTECTION write i Policy uiil.r
Commercial Union Fire Assurance Co., Ltd.
ASSETS'. $94,900,000
AKirrniruta .an,l l "iili.n ta ili.'van .,, ... Grneral
o( every di-.aripliuii ' ' " Conv.yancing
ll." fteetett project which th  pta>
mii*iul govon mi lm- ui pteaml na
laaiiul. i,ii,[ om niii'l* will,  "-'"ii '.nn-
Ptatod,    laiki*   ll-   place   .,-   ittt   allis'/lll'l'l'-
inu  teal  milt  the [allium- tot/St of till'
Roman Empire, i- ll* ireneprtwtaUl
t.aail   Iiiiiii   llie    Ullen.t   linlilidal'y   line
ta, ih,, oo»ita Hi" word il >.f "11 '»■
let*-pnii incial nature, the Iwo povenc
tiieiit- nf Britiih Columbia and Allier-
ta working la oonjunrtloo towardi the
aull-lllletiiin     ail     11     llii.'h'il'ny     l.a'lwi'l'll
Calgary ttiiil Vancouver,   Thi    toad
■ Irom Celgarj to tha I ro»'i taH aad
iu,tu iiic Crow'i Na-i i" I'reiti.n, willi
the "Mi'ptiiiii uf a gap nf rii mil.'*. U
Ul.'ell    Kll'll.'lll'l     llltal    l.aa.lll'clllll    il     lllll*. utv completed.
Regarding ilii- graal   undertaking,
Mi. Tan lau Mid iiiiii ciituieni iui; fnun
tin ui-ieiii i'iiiI uf thi highway than
.- already in niitaaei a i"1"'  ham
y allliylllcl    laa    llai|aa',   ll   lli-'llllll' III OM
i liuii.lti'il mila-.    lln-. unit 'i bn ic
p hi . mil I.' in | I oooditioa   tm-
traffic, liuin lli'|H' in a p..im 'i'A
[ n.ila- tail a- am.'her rood whk I. was
' Imiii In tlie li,mil Engimen in thi
<\u K iiu'-. Thi* hai bean reported to
In* iu excellent oooditlon with ilt'i'v
a. pll..11   aai   -nine   ill   llll' IllillllfS    ll ll.lll
i I repair*.
l'lnm ll iiii ul llic old .'".ail which
i-  known  it- '.'ll-inili. point,  Mr. t'li'ic
land, P.L.8., ol Veatoaen, i* nowlo
| '*tllillL'   *'l   I'.ule   t'i   ""Hli'   pOial   nu    llll'
\l   aall   I'l IIIH'li.||       lllllll,      I'll.Ill     t'lill't'*
' I ,   I'.t-Hlile   III   ilia'   llaillllllaiy    ..1111
m   aiiil iii bayoad Valium   in   tha
' Ukaaagan dlatrlol
l''.iiL'in.'crs will In' placed in ih. Said
-Ii.n tli,  -aid Hr, Tallin, (nr tllc pin
p.a-a*     uf     lan 111 ill*.'    Jl   l'"llll   tl)     1'liIllli'Cl
with Trail Iron Coaoadi oa  Ike .»n"
ll lll'l   mil   in.Ill   \e II   utt   till'    ullla'i*
This Will gin llll iilleinatllc mute 1'.'
meeti I'liiui'tnu ulul Trail, |ti'l'nitl ill
llli'   liallelli'l   tai  |0 i'ithi'1   I lll',,Ui;ll till     -
i.lllla*     aa.allalll-    ,,(    tll,'    I 11, .1 Il.li; UU     Or     ]'
the mining oampi ot tha' Boundary,
\i Trail it i- ilif ini.ninm nf tic
ilepiirtniiiii 'a, Iiiiilu,' the Colombia
inei'. Preliminary work in mrr
in,ii wiih ilii< bridge la Boa heiofraf
rie.1 mn liy ilt*' b„i,iiiiii*-i- enginene.
It i*. inpeded, nid Mr. T ij hir,   mil
iiuiilil.'    tllc
Tn.in    tin*   Salmi.n  Itiver  tile  tnllli-t
will cron tha ruihlag waten "I tlu
miglt i  Columbia ut Trail mnl lhe	
go iai tin. slinii's ul tlic l'licilia   pu i
Illg   nil   his   tti iv   lite  fertile   a-allules    tlf
tin, oknnngnn Lakl aiul tlic green vai'
lei- ntnl laraoui minM nl the Shall-
The  cuinplclinn  nt  thia road   will
lllllkc  il   pollibll   til   leave   KiiiiiIu,i|n
mi a nu.i.u* and tit ve practically lo
sail wat* nil cillicr tlia' Atlantic   or
tha' Pacific eittist*
Tin. tTiilliwiiak PtofMM *nys:
"Since the tipciiini.' of the new tram
line lo tliia ciiy, trullic lias liccu very
It.'iivy, ami ii ia evpected lllis will in
.■reuse rather .tliun tleeicusi. Irum mm
on,    Trains  havi lieen  rnaalng late
more or less fl,*,*ii(*iiilv sili.e lhe   line
WM   aipellell,   partly   due    tu   the      I.,. I
tl'ati the Iin,. is nut yel ballaited pro,
parly at tliia nd a.f the Uw whii'li m-
*   itatM canto] running and  parilj
OWlng to tha lack nl poller III llie
\ ,.1.1,-1 M.iuiitaiiii -uli -tali.ui, which t-
not  ill Working antler yet,     The   lim*
weather <>f lus: week wabled ihe oon
Uaetora to rush thl w.,ik ami il is
c\p."*ti*a| in a slti.it time tlial cmuv
tiling will lie in working urder anal
that tlif trains will lie running un
schedule lime.
KOOTENAY AI'I'l.l'.S I'llll
j   Milliinn E, s.i.i t, deputy mlnUtar ol
agriculture -unci Ihal the  provincial
I government hai decided to iwndaiec'
 I carload "I Hritish Columbia apple- ia". ilic nial ".iiuiiii loi  ixhlbltion
j purpnses ill the liiu tail- in vuilou-
paril ul Ureal Ilui.tan aitul asking it
pall ul lllc  K.iuleiiaii   ellilllll  . until lie
obtained.     Thi Dnl nrlnatl ol  Iruit
ful* tlli- ptupusa* was sluppi'd enst smile
weeki au" by ikt govenuMal aad .-
'• now crossim.' ili" Atlantic, en route lor
fin* ditl cvieiisive damage to Cot-
teii'll'-   wiii*'*li"ii-e al  Vancouver   on
Slltlllatl .
Beautiful Hnmesite, live minutes walk (rom car line, 75 x 290 feet    Grand
View of the Inlet and Gulf*   Only $65U, cash $250.   Come with us and
see this Property.
Martinson & Co.
I'/ii'iic tr
P.O. A,'
\wk it mm
III.    I.all    l*\|li  II*  la, a*    ,Iall.i ||l|\     III
handling youi ..wn p.-t ion ,1 linan
|iu inn i li tli.it
nm li.i.I > |i iv ilollan tn tlia* hunk
tll I.lll I*.
|i. poail One* I n il" li.iil.
.I Hamilton lo ila;    i sin.nl anin,
lml ,.ii       a In Ileal inti I* it
•lit.I    It     Will     sp, . alllUll*
HI i|i ,   i*;|i . Olllllll n.. .1
i Sit:
.nut "lag
laa    Ml  *
(  G. HEAVEN, \.i.i.
S.aiil, Van
\m,'i -i
Bead Office:
,   iimiiiu winter,   lha    ul
' -Illla Illla*   Will   111'   plaaiiisli-ll   llllll      llltal
St. Johns Parish Hall
Wednesday, November 2nd
An i \. .|.iia.ii.i!l\ pod pregnane hu beea u
ran(i»-i| I.u' tlir ibow date   VoceL InilnnieKil md
S|m*.ul iiiiiiilin- m iinii-ii.-.l i.iiuiv.   .\iii"ii'.' thoae who
will takr part an' icvefil nfhoee uaei ue wei Iwown
in Vain hum i.	
i'l l.l  I-   Ml.
N. B. Thi. rntrrlnanmr.il .. pem «l ll"- una.iimou. i.qur.l nl
llio.r |iiricnl al ihr inrrlia|| ail ihr Ci>nnrr|>lion on
Ihr l.1lh mat ll ahnulH li" vvrll palrnnirrd Oh|r.l I"
lai.r la.li.ni.  .lair mi paaan,. punhatrd (nr ihr Pari.h ll.ll
20,000 Hull, '"t I ..ll I'l.uii-
Jno. A. Chales
inj;.    All tlif Ir.idinv'',.111H1. tt. „„l.
Imni Uli pet Aniiii ti|i
Call or phnnr Inr r»l«lutur,
Simpson & Wight
i '■ i I ini St, West
19th St. Wtsl      Nmth Vl uli *   ,,   ,
'liie.i  mull
.   B i"
I   fui  2'.
il .   U
ilmi' the .u|«'i.im. nu'' ii
pli'ti'il nt*\t yam,
I na   uie   tlie  I'lilumlni!   ul  'I raid  tlie
road «ill lolloe tW Coluadaa lo *aj
ii'iiL   lliun ilu-   Ihe  aaw   highwa}
Will   it till   In   |lia<   I'l'llil   lI'Ol. ill'   11
l.l    a-   ian   al-    llie   111.ill'll   nl    ' ll'   Sill
luiiu,     ll|l   I.ai.I     (lll'l,     lu   the    'lal   'la'.
nul ili-i I.,..ii Summit    'leek    aad
through   ilu   11,limine i mini it    In    aa   .,
I... 11.1   ii  fa'll   mil.'-    fl\-l  ul     Ku.a.eiiiil
I inding, when ■ bridge «ill ha ballt
i n I   milt   thl   iai.nl (unn llii'   *!•
(Wl   \e-t   lu  I'li.lnn.
II.'*     |u,,| I     Inalltinll      till'      tlli-
liiuli.    lllll   be   ulluilt   tile   Ulll.--.     Mil
**.   < |, -tun   ulul    ill..lit   llllll   tl mil''    I**
la,ll    ill,*   |ira-,*ltl   lelll    ,l*0--illL;. I ha*
in i tin- |aaiiiii i- iimi Iii'l wttli' i,nil
III.'      llll'l.lee      l|l'|llh      laat     \IIHllll* '.     I*
iiinliiie   I,, mundiagl mini.' In     uuv-
etlitllellt    elluilii*.*!*-.   Wn*-   Iti   fl-l-l.
I lulll   lle-lnll   tlie     lull,I   I-     liln*.I'll
 ipleted iu ilm A lln. i ai l.n.' erlU Lhc
i*\ae|,li,,ll   aal   u   pff   III   -iv    mile-      In
lllaall    K.'' In*. UU     liml    liiilltlfll. U.e
iniite    lailmii    i-  tliriniuli    I'liini..""!.
uul Kaiiiti' unit iln' Crow'i Real l'a.i.
I'iiiiii tin* |>ii>iin, iul luiini.lnrv line to I „,
.i tu.ul liu- already Ini'ii buih   *f
In ihe Alberta lovanMH.
\u Importanl brwM ..I tl.''   'nml,
road  i-  ilmi whidi »ill aa.nn.aI  tlf
in.iiii highwa]   «nli iliu tkup dm
[Mining  'aiin|.  iiu Siiivviiril, Kruiivali1
ll.e     aallil      Sllllll.i.       I'l,Ull    tllO       SllPi'|l
Vrmk ruiiil i- iiniitlit'r l.rniiili MOOMt
IllL'      »illl    lhe     blidgi   aaVaT     lhe   -UlUlll
inrk nl ih,* Balaua rlnf, -n   niil.-
il a .laa   tli"   Sii.-el, I'l.a'l,   maul.
Kiiiin    I ie 1,-u.i   tiun'   ii n   «an.'**ii
mud   • iiiiiiii liaan with  I'uit   Hill, ldn-
l,u.   UII'I    'lie   Alllell' .Hi     | -lelll nl l"iu!
i'ii• ..I iiii- in-d ii i i»*en laid* UU
proved uml it i* in -iilli until' n,nA
..inlin.an |m* iiiiii,niululi'  I tin el   ilui
IUL'   the   -llllllllel.
i <uu,e* iiul' milt llu* ..uul.   ruiiil  a"
I  1.tlililiiul,     I-     tile     iu.,,1   fiutn   I Iiiiiii II
ihrOUgh   'I.''   tl..|.l.'ltnele   lullel. At
a   point  "ii ii'i- .""I  '.".. Winder
tin I. .   aili'illii'l   In*     l«*. li   In* .itui   va Ilia li
will iri>*- tin* Ubafta im.* .uul   pn.'
ni.   ni niitiitiiiiliile highwa)   i» iWMa
■it. faiiiiii mil,i and linull aad Cal
I lae All.*.' | |, ,Ilea,| ,,( llu.
. I l.li III Jn ul* 1„, |a limit |,y (hr
Mlietl.t   a.'a.letlllll.til     Hal   tile   I  ,   I'.   It.
N,*l*ll||       "ill       In II'' 'all     11 11 h     lh'
Iraoaprovincial road In rm m  a,f thl
|'i ■   Wl     I   '    '"I     tn ill     *,,      I',,,,*,i [iL'tnil
mai .1 bridgi a* .*■    ihr t olumbia ri*
11*1.    II    I I    | "ll   I      I l"l. I    .
L'Ar.     thrOUgh     III' I'll a  a   I      \  ,|l|,.l        ,,|,|
up I'in*- Cloak m Hi iilnnil, ii    IhuIl'i'
ala      'In*  K  "*l*   I r *i   |,i all   wli-ue
lhi'   Ilaill'i     ll'**       * t|,..|i*i     '*,
t r.iil.
The euni|ileiii>n "I   'i*    .  ink   rimd
ailll     eli.ilile     the     |.a,|,|,       .(     Veiflt}
untl   Ml.tin lu.. i ''' ' iln*   nti'iv
mobile trt|.- ihiu'iL'h it,   .,ul ii
uini (roll i.'1'iiiitiL' flit
K,i.,t'*ii'ii,  ihroagh  tht   i*.'"   ■
ind A"i "c I    '   ' ■   ii..el'.
in* i in   '."'I  '" ' ■..  I   'u  ihe
11,in..liu*     ,ii"l     -I■"■      . '",
Acreage in District
Lots 546 and 550
North Vancouver
The remaining acreage in these District Lots
has been Subdivided into Blocks of from 1 to 7
Acres or more.      ::      ::      ::      ::      »
The Grand Boulevard
Extends Through this
Property. :  :  :  :  :
For Plans Price List and Particulars Apply to
Comer Pender and Seymour Streets
Official Agents
::   L
Canyon View Hotel
i  tannin Graaotfa. lligli-tlass mivh, ai moilcrati rtloi
l'liinilv Room .11 .-iiiti'willi sprtial ratrs.     I Ions. ( n. al\\ I'.nlnri;. d.
I  * |   trail to summit  ol    QtOMI   MnBtain,    allilntlt'  |OM  I" I
Scenic Delights      Fishing      Hunting     Mountain Climbing
Unequalled for Holiday, Long or Short
::   f, CANCELLOR,
Corner Lonsdale and Second.
Phone 253
UR FALL STOCK is now complete with
11 choice ;tt prices comparable witli the
large stores of Vancouver.
Two Specials that cannot be beaten in B.C.
! 25<
1. Ladies' Ribbed Caih mew Hose
all sizes 	
2. Men's   Black   Cashmere  Socks,    OC
verv heavy weight, seamless    L JC
SECOND Sikh i.
•   ■   NURTH   VANCOUVKK. H* C.
West Vancouver Motor Launch Service
Launch "Weal Vanconver," Captain Pintllay
l.itiiisi'il tm jj paaaengen
l.a*.Va*> Ll'MV.*!   iHllaaallll'l
lliill)than Whirl 111)   KrriV.'  Hli.il
I HI a   UUI)   I Vl a |.t   Sill llall
7.30 a.m. 8.00 a.m.
ij uu a.m. 10.00 a.m.
1 Lm. a.m. 12.00 a.m.
13.no pin. 14.00 p iii
15.011 p.in. 1O.00 p.m
17.1 0 pin. 1.S.00 p.m
19 00 p.m s.itimloi'i Only  22.00 p.m.
y. 30 a. in '.,1,1,1,, 1 .Schedule 14.00 p.m.
17.0 1 p.m         "  22.00 p.m.
Single Tare 15c.       Two Tickets 25c.
Quicki st route Irom Nurth Vancouvei to tha diatrict beyond
Capilano River. Lauocli "'Weat Vancouver" tnalcea connec-
lions, williout [ail, with lln- ferry steamers f 10111 Nonh Van-
couver, aa pn above achi duW.
RaTII i   $2.00   pel   and   tip.    Special rates to families
and   to regular   hoarders	
The Home Furnishers glonM*Avtnue
The Port
of Missing
Author of "The House o{ a
Thousand Cundlcs,"
(Continued from last issue)
Leave Van.
Leave N.
Leave N. Van.
Leave Van.
'f. .'ai a.m.
•6.45 a.m.
*b.2o a.m.
'6.45 a.m.
7.3o   "
•7.20   "
•8.00   "
8.30   "
«8.2o   "
'8.50   "
9*15   "
9-45   "
10.15   "
10.15   "
10.45   "
11.15   "
11.15   "
n.45   "
12.15 pi"
12.15 P'U1'
12.45 pm.
1.15   "
1.15   "
1.4,6 "
2.15   "
2.15   "
2.45 "
3-15   "
3-15   "
3-45   "
4-15   "
4-'5   "
4-45   "
515   "
5-45   "
6.15   "
6.15   "
6.45   "
7.25   "
7-25   "
148 "
8.15   "
8.15   "
8-45  "
<M5   "
9-15   "
945   '
10.15   "
10.15   "
10.45   "
•it.15   "
n.15   "
"•45   "
•  Nut   (HI   Slllll
iiyn.    Time
slllljet't   In ali.ili.i'  iii
llftllt   Until.'.
"1 thought-  there scciued reasons to
"Vm, anil yon believe It.   Oo on!"
Cbnuvenot'i eyea lilliikeil Tor a mo-
mi'i.t tin be considered tlie dlllli'iiltle* ot
bU    Hit UlltlOD
Tbe presence of
Hair.an von Mar
llaaf ha,|ii*ra*,l  blm
America might
not, after all, be
bo safe 1 place
from wblcb to
conduct an old
world consplra
cy, and thli lu-
cltlcut must, If
possible, be turn
ed to his own account He nil
dressed tbe bar
ob ln (Jerman;
Tlib man Is a
designing plotter.   He ls benl
upon    lllls.hlef
_ and treason   lie
Thtt tt (n/amouir .
hu contrived an
it I'inpt against the noble ruler of our
nation, llo lu ■ menace to the
"Wbo ii ber demanded Marhof lm*
patiently, aud bis eyes ind the eyes of
all fall upon Arinltaje.
"I tell you we found him lurking
about In Europe, waiting hli chance,
md we drove him »wiy- -drove him
bere to witch him. See these things
that twonJ-tboie ordersl Tbey belonged to tbe Archduke Karl. Look it
them and see that It ls trust I tell you,
we have rendered Austrli i high lerv-
Ice. One death, one death it Vienna,
and this ion of a madman would be
king! Ha U Frederick Augustus, tbe
son ot the Archduke Karl!"
Tbe room wu very still u ths tut
words rang out The old tmbusidoi'i
gate clang to Armltage. He stepped
nearer, tbe perspiration breaking ont
npon bit brow, ind hli lips trembled
u he faltered:
"He would be klngl Hs wonld bs
Then Armltage spoke iharply to Claiborne.
Thit wlll do. The gentlemin miy
retire now."
Al Claiborne thrust Chauvenet oat
of tbe room Armltnge turned to tbs Ut
tie company, smiling.
"I am not Frederick Augustus, the
son of the Archduke Karl," bs nld
quietly, "nor did I ever pretend thit I
was except to lesd those men on ln
their conspiracy. The cigarette cue
thst ctused so much trouble st Mr.
Claiborne's supper pirty tielongs to me.
Here lt la"
Tbe old imbuudormitched It from
him eagerly.
"This device, the filcon poised upon
a silver helmet! Too bive.much to ei-
pliln, monsieur."
"It Is the coit of inns of tbe bouse
of Schomburg. Tbe cue belonged to
Frederick Augustus, KirFs ion, ind
this iword wai his, ind theie orders
ind that cloak lying; yonder-ill were
his. They were glftl .from hli father
Anil, believe me, m;: friends, I came
by them honestly."
The baron bent over the table iod
spilled thc ordersrfrom their silver boi
•u<l scanned than eagerly.   Tbe col-
The rnlimd rllltom, Iiie tillltering jtwtlt
licld tht eyu ol nil
ureal ribbons, thc glittering Jewell, held
the iiiii or all. Many of theni were
the '.1:^11.1 of rare orders no longer
i.tria'iivil 'Riere were tbe crown ind
pa'citijitiTosvof Hie Invincible KnlghU
ot Z j*I'i: "i: Iho white falcon upon •
nl'.."- 'i"','jrrjiivung from • ribbon of
• I at'   . f 1:1*1,1   the famlllnr devl.e of
't ' Si'iomburi; lhe gold Mm
• a ,- >"> ,.• (be Chevaliers of the
I' ' " • in-ill: the crowed swordi
BPtO in iron crown ol tne Ancient
l.eglon of Saint .Michael nml AH An
1 gels, and the fiJI rigged sltlp pciidiint
from Irlpie uueimrs, llie tloiorallou ol
the rare Spanish order of tlie Star of
'he Seven Sens. Silence held the com
Inui}' as lhe aiubiismialt.r'i Una old
Iniiiils touched one after another lt
swilled to Shirley tbat Ihese baubles
ngnln bound the new world, the fa
iniil..r bills of borne, tbe Virginia
Kl.'.res, to tbo willowlng caravels ol
The ambassador closed the itiver boi
the bolter to^xnmlne tbo while falcon
upon Ils Ud. Then be iwung aboui
anil uinfiniiwd,Armltage.
"VHsen la.be, momleurT be liked
his voice mnk to a whisper, his eyel
sweeping the doors and windows.
"The Archduke Karl hi dead; tils soil
Frederick Augustui, whom these conspirators hive lmiflned me to be-he.
too, Is dead."
"You are quite sure-you nro quit.
mre, Mr. Armltage?"
"1 nm quite sure."
"Thnt ls not enoughl We have a
right to ask mora than your word!"
"No, It Is not enough," replied Arml
tage quietly. "Let me make my stnri
brief. 1 need not recite the pocullnrl
ties of the archduke—hia dislike of conventional Boclety, hli contempt foi
sliam and pretense. After living n her
mit life at one of tbe smallest ami
most obscure of the royal estates for
several years be vanished utterly
That was fifteen years sgo."
"Yes; he was mad, quite mail," blurt
etl the baron.
"That was the common Impression
Ile took his oldest son ind went Into
exile. Conjectures as to his where
abouls have filled the newspapers
sporadically ever since. He hns been
ra'|aa,rieil as appearing ln the south sea
Islands. In India, ba Australia, In varl
ous parts of this country. In truth,
he came directly to America ind estab
llshed himself u a firmer ln western
Canada. Ills son wu killed ln nn accident; tbe archduke died within tbe
Judge Claiborne bent forward In bis
cbalr is Armltage panned.
"What proof hive yon of this itory,
Mr. Armltage?"
"I am prepared for such a qnestlon.
gentlemen. His Identity I may establish by various documents which be
give me for the purpose. Foi greater
security 1 locked Ihem In a safety box
of tbe Bronx Loan ind Trust company
In New York. To guud igalnst accidents I named you Jointly with myself
as entitled to tbe contentuof thst box
Here ls tbe key."
As he placed tbe slim blt'.of steel on
the table ind itepped biclr to nil old
position on the hearth they law bow
white he wis ind Unit.his hand shook,
and Dick begged blm to sit down.
"Yes; will you not be sestzd. monsieur?" said tbe barm kindly.
"No; I shall have finished ln I moment Tbe arch-
duke give those
ih" u11u*nts to me
and wilh them a
paper that will
eiplaln much lu
Ihe life of thit
unhappy gentlemin. It contains
■ disclosure tlmt
might ln certain
emergencies be
of very great
value. I beg of
you believe that
be wai not a fool
■nd not a madman. He sought
exile for reasons
-for tbe reason,
tbat bis ion-..|
Francis, who baa
been plotting the
murder of the new empcror-klng, Is
not his son!"
"Whal!" roared'the baron.
"It U us 1 bive uld. Tbe faithlessness of bis wlfo sul not madness drove
blm Into elite. Hie Intrusted that paper lo me aud swore ms to curry il lo
Vienna if Francis ever got too uvnr
tbe throne, lt Is certtUed by half n
doxen ollicials authorised to administer
oatha In Canada, though Ihey, of
course, never knewthe content! of the
paper to which the"/ iwore blm. Ile
even carried It to/New York and iwore
to lt there before«the consul general of
Austria-Hungary, ln tbat city. Tbere
waa a certain (rim humor in hltn; be
said he wished to bivs tbe affidavit
bear tbe seal of his.own country, and
tbe consul general summed tbat lt was
I document of mere commercial slgnlil
The I'liron looked, at the key; he
touched tbe sliver ban; bis bind rested
for a moment ou tneisword.
"It ls i marvelous; story- lt ls wonderful I Cin It be true—cin It be
truer murmured Ibe-iml.assador.
"Tbe documents, will be the Iiest evidence. We can settle tbe matter lu
twenty-four houn," said Judge Claiborne.
"You wlll pintoDinwfor seeming In
credulous, ibr," -sslit ths baron, "but It
ls all so extraordinary. And ibese
men, these prisoner*'—
Tbey hive punned me under the
Impression tlsst I am Frederick Au
giistus. Oddly cttoi^h. I, too. im Frederick Augustus,'* and Armltnge smiled
"I wu uliiiln a few monthi of bis
ige, md 1 had i little brush with
chauvenet 'ind Durand In Genoa In
which they cultured my clgirettc cue
-It had beloisgnlito Frcilerick,nntl the
sr. hilnke.ga*. ititomie ami my troubles l#gm. vChc emieror-klug was old
and 111. The dtaxders In Hungary
were to'clonkithc assassination of tils
s.icccrkiit. Then tbt Archduke Francis,
Karl's 'rcpnUsl.sam.iws* to be Installed
upon the thsons."
"Dee; these hu Ibsen a- conspiracy
'"And OieaT'lhavelbeen.consplrators'
Two of thaml ire -ufely behind that
door, snd, ausncwhRt through my ef-
forte, tbelr* chief. JBnMrled. ihould
sow tic umler arnat In Vienna. 1
had reason* besides my pledge to
Archduke lO.rl. for tnl ing an active
part In time affairs. A yeir ngo I
gave K*rl% repudlttlon»of bis second
son to Oowt Ferdinand Ton Str.'.i-:
Hie prime minister. The sla1
wis stolen from htoi for the Wlnkelrled. connarstnraftyvtbesenjen wc no*
l.aw locked up.In thfa boass."
The amtamador'i eyei bliieil with
picktamratjaistbeM itatemeats fell ew
by one Irosn Armlta j^s .lips, but Ann1-
tase Mentmn:
"I trust*that- my -plan, for '••
these mentwtlll.nieet;wlth your a:.'"*'
• I.   Tbey bare cteirtered the
W. CamXi:fnittcnrrjlnK"" " *_
lot at Mornr,', whurt.ln mill'*"*' w
(ton tinned un p«i!'' *)
I It TASK   TO  AN    I'.VI'HA I'lllll l\
"l'iiin|.iinii's  .Vl.  I8M "
I'., >\ illaa-   ail   British   I aillllllllill !
No, i'.ll*
This is it, certify ilmi "HH' PUKE
LIMITED" is am ll.ll'i/eal llll.l ll all .1
lal  a-linv   llll   llllsilns-   lllllllll   ill.'   pin
** a..*.* nl liriiish Columbia, ud to < u
it   mil  ni* I'lli'cl  iill ot   noi   nf ill* nl.
jseta ,,f tin* Compan)  lo which tha Is
1,'isliitivc    llllthniilv   of   tl.e   li'i.'isliiluti'
aa!    Ulilisll   I'tlllllllllill   i\ti|,lls.
The Ii.miI aatlirc nl ilic Company is
■llusl* iii the Ciiy nl Tomato n ths
inm nii-e nl Ontario,
II.,'   tun .1  of the cnpitnl    nl   tlic
Company i* tine Hundrad nnl Hsvsn
iy Fiie Tliiiiisnnil Dollars, divided La
io  one tioaaaad s.*\,-n huadiad   aad
Ittf    slmres nl One  II I a tl    Dollnrs
The   liciiil   olliae nf tin-   Ciiiiipikiiy in
this priiviiia'e i. siiniitc nt Vancouvtr,
ntnl W. Salty Wilsiin. Men Inm.Ii-c
Broker whoss addrtN  is   VaBooavar
tit.uesniil, is lli,, ntloilli'l lot tha* I'liiii
IIIVI'A   iitnlii   my Iiuiul   uml
laal  of   01—t at   Vktorla,
(L.S.) I'riivill,.' ait llritisj Ciiliini
Iiiii, ills Thirtieth tiny of
•llltli',  nil*    llliillsaillil  nine Imn
llll'll   llllll   lell.
• I.  I'.   Mel.KOI),
Acting Ite^islrnr ol .Inim  Stuck Cum
Tin. objects f,,,* nir,it nr. Compan)
lm- bssa a'-inlili-liaii mui Ueaassd m
To  lllltnltftietllle.   liny,   sel!   iillil    t!-il
iii L'ri'.eiies, rallies, spins, baking
powdtis, Iliu,,iii - mr eitraets,  tomato-
a'iitsn|.s,     jelly    (loiul.i-.     nntstnrds,
blacusgs, Hips, waaklaa raapoundi
ntnl   L'liiaa'l's'    mil   drUtgUts'   silllillii-
iiinl lika* coninii'iliiies.
Judex Claiborne
Coatmaaka A.i, .Inly 1st, lum
Provinea of liriiish Columbia.
I   No. -<IA (UlO)
This is |„ fertile thnt "Till'.
Kll"   i*-   nlltlla.ri/a.l   tltltl   ll,e,K,',l I,a a ;at
ry   aall   llll.ills,   uilliin   lhe   I'lnvill*,* nf
British t'ltliiiiiliin, iiiiiI tii tatty oal •>.
.'If.** I illl Of illll <af lite nlljeets nf the
CompaO) In ullieli the legislntile un
tliinily    nl lh<    I eu'islnlill'e   ol llrili-ll
Columbia extends.
Tile lt.11,1 nlll.e nf 'll.- I 'lllll|ltl|iy is
ritUata   III   Tnrnnln,   llnllllin,   I'lllliitln.
The hell.I nlli,,' nf lhe fi,ni|luny ill
litis   I'rnl ill''!'   is  sitllllte   at   Vnnenlllet.
mnl M. ('. llien, Miinnfniin ets' Aglat
ulin-a1 ual'lla'.- if \ illla nltl et. ;ifaan-u|i|
is   tlie   ntliilliel    fnl    ill,'   ( ,,tll|i.'ltn .
The nninutil a,f lit,* .iipilnl nt the
('.ampuiiy   is tally   Thaiiisiiint llnllnrs
• llli.li'tl   into   Katlll*   Hiiiiilreil   slimes.
GIVEN nutlet mi linii'l mitt
Sa'iil ,,t Mai nt Victoria,
Province aaf Itiitish I a,Innil,in,
II..S.) this I'liini aim a,f AtiL'tisl.
Una* Tliiiiis;,n.| Nine lltintlreil
nnd Ten.
lienislr.'ir nl Joint S'.acli  Cimpnnias
The ..ina'i is fm whi ii ihis Company
has Ims'ii e-inlilisli,il and liiensi'il nre:
To buy. "ell nn.l (l.'lll in fnini *;aiaaals,
ally   ifaeaal-,  wiini!ri.'s   anal   iintinns.
Mort^a<{c Sale
I nil, l lliul  III   lilttle aaf   I In- I'nllils  nf
Bals roataian in i Csrtala linhaliiis
nf    MialiL'll|.'e.    lllli'll    uill    bl    |'.*i*i|il..il
ill   the  lillle nf  siile.   tli.'fi'  will lie n(-
fa'taa!   for   stile   III*   plllllia    lltlatinn   liy
,,[ \Willi VKII
nt the hai.it nf I n'i lock in the uftet'
On Friday, Nov. llth, 1910
ut the
in th.. Cily a,l \Hn, ..inei. II. ('.
The lull..niii*; propsrty, naamlji i
III. Wl) SIMII I.Ml tlmt .eiinin
puns.I nr Irmi a.f Imnl un'l pienn-es.
 i'a*.  liittL'   un'l  Ih'.i.l'   in   ll.e   Citv
a.f    S.it'll    \ Hn. ..Ill i'l.    Ill    the     pimill.e
nf British Columbia, mnl bsingknown
and   tle.i lilaasl   us   lolloWl      I a,I    "I."   Ill
 bdivislon nf lots tarslvaaad tltir
teell    I l'J   k     VA],    ill    lll'l' k    Sight)   Hit'*'*
is:ti. iii -iiliiliu-inn a.l Dislriel Lol live
Iminlieil iiini Mil (MO), group one III,
\ .iia'.niiii distri t, so. "..I n.. in n inup
nt    plull   nl   lhe    Maid   -'llnlll l-liall   . l.-| a..
Ilt-I   III   tlia*   I mill   liii'l   ".    Ulh"*   all   ill.*
lill    nf   lull...IHel,   nf   Hit|.
lliiil tltata* i*. shuats "n 'In' snnl I'm
part) u KUAMi: DWELLING H0U8E,
II HM-'   01   SAI.I'.- '.Il   h*. ,.*nt. .,!
llie   pniihils     lllnllay   In   In*   pllill ill en-ll
imu    ,,!   -ile,   unit  ill.'  lllllllll a* in
, riliitni* iiiiii condition tii l«' iii ill"
kin,till   III   tllne  nl   siile.
I'nr   lurlh'T   put i'liini-   un'l   aa.n.li
a.l Siile, upply  In
I   V l> \ S KIN.
B0l|l Il"r    (aal     Maa. a
Vai llntniill,'  Sl.,,*.
I nin miier, ll.  C.
I  nl   Vm iv. t, II. ('.,  ihis  llih
*,l Ootobsr, l. I). HMi'.
Bargains in
1000 yards of
Matting to be
sold at 10c yd.
Kcqoldr 25 cents
BUNDS MVIH  10 I'llllll!
70 Lonsdale Ave.
and 895 Granville St.,
Corner of Smythe,
North Vancouver
Coal and Supply Co.
Dealers in Coal, Brick,
Sand,   Gravel,   Lime,
Cement   and   General
Builders' Supplies.
All   Onlcrs   Promptly
Filled atul Satisfaction
Giiaraiitid.    l'ricts on
Office: Lonsdale, near City Wharf
Warehouse:       Forman's Wharf
THUT, nutria i ,,l N,» Wnitminstatr:
Tnke Mtiei thnt Itoliert Dull Kin
imam!   nl   Vnnrniiier,   ll.  ('., oecupn-
AU,   lllaaki'l,   illlalltln   In   il|'|'I.V   |oC |KT'
ntis-imi tn |niia li.i-aj ili,> IbHowiag tie*
■•aiilhil Iniul*.: Ali.aut '.'Ml tent eom-
m im.'  nt   n   poal   plaatsd ..n   the
sa,ulh,.ust i-i.itmr nf Int PJIW, thence
Mat .'ITT', iliainis  in (.|i-t l.i.tiiitlnrj* ol
I.nl    tttt     llll'l.'.'   sallllll    »ll   a lltlin*     to
nmili liniiinlitiv nl lot BB, theneo
enst il.'i iliuiiis laa nasi laniiiulnry ol
! I...! MM, tlieiiae n.utli SS.70 rhain.,
tlipn.-e enst III ckalu tn n.arthen.t
■ a,imr   nl   l.ut 2lil.1l, tasaoi nnrthsrly
llaig     slinli*   nf    Ila,Is,.-Inn'   I.ftkl     to
point nf itimmenaeinenl.
July 23rd,  1910 JD-lO
NOTICI is iiwi'iii :ii,n that ilii.iy
.Ims niter lhe Inl |iulili' iiniii nf "Ins
BOtlos, I iiita'iitl I., ii|.|.ly tii the Su-
psriatsadsol .at Provincial Polici d.r n
.alii'llill   nf   llie   Iinli     I BM   a*   fin      th.'
M Ill ill'*     BOISI     -it'l, II. ll    111     Mna.all'
lille,    ll.    ('..    .all     I .III     178,    .*'"l.|a    |,   M*
Uesiniin-i, r district, f,ai   lha  Isna "f
si\ Itlialltll- , ailtlllK'lli'ill^' Jal "it') I-l,
(8ft)       IUM BOOTH.
Iiiilul    III     Vl.lt ll    VillirnIIUI,
llel.  I till,  imn. w
MalitllHi'tnri'i ol
.Iiiilul. ni Ml.al,.n >n,i latlqM 1- ii iii it ur.s
-li.l' .lltlin*   II.Ilk .11*1  Ilat I   iiiiii*.     R,|i.lr-
IIIK 111  .11  It    lar.Ill III*.
Picton framlag,    rarultan Hontfa.
MAN. IIHIiEKM Kirrn i>r..ni| t .llaiitli.it
60  YEARS'
The  Dnminii.ii  |OVMMMBl    through
Mr. .1. H. Fia'a'tniin. ii. enn.ultiaij en-
..  lm-  tl."nl,"l   llml   the  Vndaa).i-
, tlmt laaini'iiiv ni'tv Iitnlii the
alum nl   ra,a|inil.iiia Ink.'. n„ly provi 1
ini-    thill    It    anlllaallll-    It.    a.'ltllill      lltull
Ion   I ani 'laaiin bj   Ifl t in ni*
Tnit.c M»aaa
CoavniaHTa 4c.
lll..aitlain I
I'klati.ilS U.fH  nir'nikia  .iui.ii {. i
Scientific slm'm,
A bur)*>'»n«lr UluPlrttfvl W..AI . T , *-t rlr-
-iilatii'ii nf »ny itioiiiivc Jourou Tirmi for
l'»n»'U, 1.1.75 » J99rt p-n-tmte pn (. MiL. n<I<1 itj
i,i Mwiuakm
MUNN|Co«e,B'M<"'' New York FOUR
NalKIII      VlS'   *a     t  ,
11. c.
Published 1 neadayi and Fridayi bj
Ni.kiii SiH'Ki Paxil, LmiTin
tine ysar, Iiini
K.viim i.k inascaimoa
Sll inialitlil,  .rille. 'I'liree Illttlltll'J,
United Stilt s auul Foreign, |1.SU per year
Advertising Ratm alll ba qnolid oa application.
lalirtvi ...t'i la mitAi
. iM
ttie ExprsM ll devoted to the Intertill nf Hie m.ril. Sli.an* ol linrriiril Inlet
.'ia in.iielv     ii .'iiiisiiin'i'- iiii idvertmli.ii mwllam ol saetptlooal value d.r
reiu'lniin in u thorough mnl ill* * Hi'* milliner tlie poplllati I N.arilt Vniieiiiiver
Cilv iiifl liistriet,   Ki.'-v eflufl is iiunii* in |tvi advertisers tba iii'ift nalisliiilnry
All changes In rontraet advertlnemenU 1111,11111 !„• in theprinten' lininls imt
lili-r tlnn in 11 in    M.aiiliiv mat .'1 p.m.  Wi'iliict-iluy In ensure iimertinit iu tin-
full,,11 In; IstUSa
Fuel nnil nil 	
Hire of buildingi, '
miniils, ele	
DaaiagH mnl lajurii
llnl li'ttni'iit
I Ml
.    I.U
Elder Murray Co. |Sgg v°nco"ver
1     Wooduard
Cheap full size 50-ft. loti
in the city, facing louth,
for $400.00.    Easy terms
I'lmni' ..:. N'.nli  V.,11 aatiiar l'l...ue MM. Vuniii'iv,'.
Oll'ni' Mollis ll 11.111. I" ■"'••In I""' Ope"   FvenitiL't by  .\|i|ininlini'iil
Ah,.i* officii liniir,, plume 1.112
We supply SIOVtWOOD any
length required.
16 inch length, $3.00 per load
Cordwood, $5.00 per cord
Caah on Delivery.
I'll,nn iliu P. 1). Uox 136
North Vancouvi*,   H C
Nt.VI M1HK    I,    1910
M lit III   \ W 111 \ I l:  ^1 VI
lli*   :. 1111..un.a-m.-Tit   tlmt   iiti   agree
I '.   I        Iall  llll      |la*a 11     HI*    illll       It       [OT
. nation 'it ths Songhee. Indian
1    Victoria,   1
'   Una*      III     llllllll       a  I'll .lllll     lUlll
1.     throughout    ih    provim*,
Illni    tll,'lll-,Kr       i|       I    -illll.
. v.iTi 1,_* ud in Indian a er
thai -.i-i," * 'i I*   "aa* provincial
a:    fnl*   -,1   lllllll*     ll     a.l 111'   Song
I'uii.111 reserve 1 1 Be  Imn
.ml lii'iicn :,i,, .    ret hing in n
it strip a.ui* one ni'i* ill  choice
a. f' ifl.,lit   ..11   \ l* l.n ia   laaitli"!   f I'a HII 11
point imi fur uilliin 1I11' in'i inre In
al.i' l.iilllni, taa it point -'.ti"' ili-tuB'*e
I" villi Pobl l.li 1* aa- |alia|L'' \aa* null
aim- lhi- lliiit nl lllllll illllilli' WU}
lllilu-llinl     siti's     fully   l*a|'l ,1       ',.      'Ill
bssl  ul pri'si'iit  iu n, a upatioa  in    tin*
a     ll, II   ais   ailll|i|,*   .1. ■ a.Illlia
fan   residential   -rr- ,,i   tin*
llllllll*,    btlt    it     i-    -'a in,.,(I     - 11., 1       I*
al'        ..||i'    i.f     ill.'    in"   I     llllj'
nf  the .ity    'min
tli,, Iiii-iix'-s portion imd   hai in   11n -
nial   in   .iiii'l   respects   nnlitiiia'l a-
a   tin*  '.ii.n aii   nnil    in* develop
nent nf lhe my.
I ' *    -l.'ll ill, .11   to  -e, till'   tlia*  liln* ■    il
i.l the reserve bsgaa us lu bach  tt"
h.       'a*    ll       |ss|        ,|   ,|      I    ;
iii'ii varying Isgret   ".' Li
ilmi tinta*.   I mil i.i  ii*.ni'ii.  hn*
tin liiili.in- inu, ansa looad in
'      I'll'      IIIUI    lllll -1*1.   ll'll        'a   II*   1-
.*<l   -.ai   |>,i,|ii..iin.ii ilm*   ii 1. been
■nlituitlail   :.,    laml. |*.*tsi-l. tr I
ttti In mine frnin tlf t ii''   "ii u"i
!• niiii.n.     lh"   reporl    .   bos
pllllll-lli'il     llllll     .1   llll-i-     aaf     il.'i.a lll.'lll
Iiii-  ii I11-1 ham reached :.."! ila it   ...
d.i 1-.' iln- property uill   i»   put
Up      I,,    pilbUc    1111,111111    1,1     tin*    I'laalill
iiul  government.    Then  ti"*  ia  till
f.al 1 \ -1,1,.* heads ill l.iiinl'i    iiiiii a I iim
an    inli |.   t    in   tile Mm    lllal   llaa' u
L'ri.'lllallt    laa   Which    llliv   Uli'   l*|*.*ll,l
I,,    I    ,' .        *|ll     I lln l| prOI I''1        tl
'at i     la.   1    I      In re'l'ivc   ilia        (l.l  ■
trn tln.ai unl ilnll.ii- 111 cash,   uii'i'
it|'"ii ili'i iiill relinquish all 'lu.... h
ill.     |* a     Hllll   "ill    talllaa*.*   Ila
II laa.atioB '*. !"■ agreed "l""' betwein
ll*an   lia bard It l'unlc nail 1 commit
|.»    nf   lila*   III' Illla. I     .if   lln'   1*    i. l.m   lal
miles nn lit.' 1 ii'-.
It     i-    fllllll. I     rSpill laal    tll il     till-     II'
L'l'.'lll.lll    I   ,      be. II      illllllil lasl   taa      lb
llninii Hii'iit mii
I'l-iiiiiuii   1 i.'lals iii Invnr 11! lit,* lli.111
lllliill  govt innirlil, tiller lilii'h tin' .I.*.''!
uill  In*  fiiiu,itil,*i|  imm  IH  nm
Tin' iilii'miiinn nf lhe Boagbm    rt-
•tia' 'ipiiti lln  basis proponed   -liniilil
greatly assist in ooaductisg -' --tnl
negotiation! fm- ilm purchi f   thi
right, nf the r,sid"nt Indiiins |g lbi
rmsrvi ig this ,hy. The local nil..'
Ims 11 i.n gnai advaatagt in baiag
in possest«ion nt u splaadid resam in
iln* Si|iianiii.|i valley consistingo(tome
'•iL'lii thousand acres, which bscauaaol
11-      nla'itl     laa,,I    |,|l      Iiuiilil     ;|l'i.i|l|        lllllll
1111 cvri'lli'iii i)te 11, niii,h !,, removs
IrOm    till'    laaa.ll      III*.       llli*    ||.*lll|*.     , .f
tin* Imnl 1.il.i* 1.--.ni'ii Mayor Mall ""t
many monthi uai that the  local   iu
'll  III;    llaalllll    I.*    Iiiiiiiii'    I"   'll'l I
iheir righti for 1 (ail consideration,
provided tlf neu) nr part nf Ihs
money wan paid in cash, which wouW
pi a*.* * laa in in |iiisi*i.iii I,, erect build'
.1.*.'- mul in maha mi.Ii bnprovementi
.1 might 1.' desired upon tin* reserve
1' SquanUah. •
Tin* local te-'iii' nin-t-'- at thirty-
i\  1 t* - nf laitnl iiul has uli..ui eight
.1 'In*.! fael nf waterfront. II tl"'
■ *s  reserve  is bavghl  i"r   VU
pri .■   11 ported,   name!]   ht^O.OCU  Inr
II". tens, than .,11 ih,. tame basis   ll.e
'    |l'f   ..I*    till'   llli III    la s, |||.   ll,,tl!,l    |,,,    ,1
bout  11*8,000,   The ptir.h.'is,* **t   Vii -
a     1 *    ,ni iiii*, bring 1 'a nt "I  I**'
ila* provini ml   government   nh*. h pm
I". ■    1 niinii *  it- .A*Inipier  fn.ni
Hi* it** *•! tii** propert) 11 public aw
tiun. uin 1 i lu- bm platted inin
l"i . It 'I." pt.nm*i.*il government
iiuiilil la. luiiiii.' tu extend ths -nni''
treatment in till cities whoss iia*lliii**
iiaiulil 1.' promotasd by ihe pvchaaeoi
iinil.il reserve . 1 ien satisfactory
*,,Iiiiiiiii 11.mill iln 1,11 be -'■* ui'"l ol n
problem wl.i.l. uill inevitably bsoomc
;i  -a.iita*,' ,,f  ,*\,*t  intreaaing dlnatla-
i 1. I mn     1    . ili -    ini te t-e    ihrntlL'lltnll
lln' province onlesj -imn* mn.hiucri i-
provided whsnby ■ nnilnim courM aaf
p. dun, available tXSU in till enm-
mun'ii'* . i   puniili'.l f.i tim purchaw
', I.a.Imn rsasms ns mny ultimately I"* f'tiiii.l locatad within aai* 1 on
tifUOaa.   In   lhe   Itounillll'ies   nf   .i'llll', s
nf   lii'l'illalliun.
I    aann ns thc bargabl ut Victoria
i-   * I'li-immilltetl. it llnlll.I   l."  ni-.'   p..l-
i. v Inr lli.. iitv nf North V.m ..alu-i to
,  ,    open negotiationi  m oacs   with   all
I   llir  fiillll il    I''.'"'-   i'T   'I'l'   I'llt'lln'f   nl   tlia'   Imnl
l.,,s'„l,.„t KII1..1  m Ulj waphasli
ml tin. pninl thai the  I'l'"'  "< *
uatrnttpml ralhraj I '"'»""'>'"
,ui,,ii,. 1 ibis "-"I" Un m&
    a      1,1,      illlal
Iimi-.   repti'- -    '■"    ■' 1
innila'.l pl.'it I'"    I'"'''1"" "l""'ll",
part „f tl." puWii to enfat lbs .nil
nntls  in ninn,' 1 1 iraaiporta**
(.,.,lm.*   .,1 !•*' oaabh rates.
I,   w  -nf,'   I..  ->i   ll""   I'"'   ",:"'-'"
„f pinlit  .iil"i.ll"'l  In   ll"" .I.u-."U"I
„„,„,,,. um 1...1 l.v ny -<.":<"» mn
,„,, i,,, ,„ ths popular oplaioa with n
ia.,*,.,,,*,, t„ ths pr-.iit- ".'"I" b}   wch
,„■ allow,  li ".ny W lhacassthal
|„. li.inal-aatne pro«ti which ii I     «
,,,Hy   Hltpilnsatl   BCCTUI    1"   'I'"'   ""'""'
,[ gnat iimi-1'..n..i.' n -.I*".*-*  aw
mninly dsrived i".n. il"' nit "f laadi
wned l.y tl.e oMBpaalii   and   hxw
,|,,,.   sainncs   lli-lilll'l    TT..Ill   ill      i"
,.|,„l ,i in th,* moaning ol id" Um
••gram in***m." ... tlie'ui.."" "-'"»■'"
i„u iihut.vef tl." cm. t to - way i"'
la ihal retard, Itmaj b antl Ipated
,,,„, ,|„, gMjral public ".ll itaidlm
maUmmfa i.. 'I"'"' I'""-' ma-wi be
ii(.f o.iit ven laraa pro»U m mm
„„ tbtorlfiaal itn-n""'" bj mmm
„,. ,,[ tin. character refcritd lo.
Ariiiujcni"..'-   ban  bssa   """I'   "
l„,l,| ,|„. r„-t unniiiil "."I''. I''"'lu'>
,|„,iv ,,n .Inntturv U aad II. IHI."
,!,„. ,ll(, nttspi.as ,,f lhe Usvel.tolu
Poultry ini'l I'"' Si...Is Km
Refuse Substitutes
.ind insist upon letting onr
painti.      Tlie cbeapet  paints
iievi i .In their Mlllk wall, .uu
will cause you a whole lot of
extra work and upenae.
Our Paints are Warranted
ami are made to itaod the ntnl
stviit wi.ttlia i without chipping
or bliltaring' T'hcy ar. the
paints that i;ood painters ra ly
upmi. ud Ihey have in ver I.i led
M yel to give entire satisfaction
Tluy deserve your trial
117 Lonidlle I'h"'" ' t'i
66 Lonidale Avenue Telephone 53
Convenience to North Vancouver Merchants
Buy :- v—"• ■*"■"•". Taaaja*. Your O   eri Solicited
., iall mil
Queensbury Heights
,       i: l
DOUBLE CORNER, 1011x147. occupying iplendid position
an TENTH ST. md eloee to car line. I'm. $.'.150; jii^o
caah, lml im 1 0 .inti ii montha.   All 1 li an d.
s I , all cleared and close to cu line. Price tnoo; Third
c.islt, balance 6, 11 ,<ti<l is nontha
Keith Road
One Lim k fioiii LontdaU Avei m , .1 lull Mied 50 loot lot, lacing
uuih, I... laooo.  THIS b A SNAP.
Nurtli Vil'ieinln-r Real I'.t.ll*   Sl" a laih.l.
,iii'l In.lirm*i'i Rrnken I'. Loniilala A"»."*Phoae78
A. Campbell Hope
819 Chesterfield Avenue
PhoneR 138
ilip, Cameron & Co.
li ive for tale
Large double cor. in North Lonsdale   close in (or
$450 cash, balance to arrange.
Choice double corner Queensbuty
Heights— near Keith Road.  Onlv
cash, balance 6 and 12 mo«.
.'il>|.i..!.il aai tin* Department ttf  Indinn
'11   l", 11 .'in**, il •	
I In    a, ,,   (.,1 lenmnation ol ll
lorts   a.l   Victoria   ia   thli   inatlM
I)   simplify   ili,   1
aalln I    * |'|.       H III- ||   llllll      In lh   *l* *
-innln. plight,    11   in   • "nl -1* li
■* Bi     ■   ' nlumbis  it iln pre
■••ni  in be proviso  devel
a'.n        unl    ai*
lllll   ii    "ill    Ih*   I    I
• iilt *ii.   .,i„.   itttstlon.
I Ila* * i'l    a,|    \.,ll||    \ ,|l       ,l| ., ,   1
uuh ii |iiiilili*tn «lii*li lhi  i ilepsycn
«..nhl li.. highl)    mi Bed i" i"    .I'l**
I,a       nil a      il       |     I- i  , l
nil pn ■•!*       \    ti.  in.id ti
I  llfl ii a i
11    .'lllll'll    III**       .IIU     ll'     Ha.I * I      Pill. Ill
ill     Ihl'    a  |t) .     It      lllll' ll     ll •* I
■   llll-'   II I*.Unl       I     r.    Ill
* ,,! » ,i   Int   tin   purpo .   nl   run
I 'a      In. I     'lirnlltlll   n
portion ,,l ti        in* mi- Iiiiiiiii in I.*
ii. i ■*■ n! pprplsMtit   v In' li
in nl  tin* a u(  , ■ .un, il io
' Inu niter Innc de
a   *    * * |.la   |ia   (all llll'l
,,t len '
)»• B ii   nunlliii"
111.'    an linn   nl   tin*   pun   li    il    ,***'.' II
Imli ti n*.ni* ii|.nn a ..iniil n bash
Tha'   gIMl     l.'.n-l'"l'a".'a|l    a I >lll| a.illla*
la ii.* nnt lieiii in the habit .'f '
 tail   publii   I'll   >l"-.'ly   im..
|       tn       111,' I
i .i itiliii*-'- nf tin' liiinn' inl .'illnir-
,ai   lli.       *     a * l( aa      .mil    uhen
  nl tliein dssnu it trim to depari
IrAni lite tiiiiliiiiiniil -a" ii tiviiii'*.. ill
lii . mfi, tliia publii iiill iinliirnlly
i'ini! nl real Inti <■ il lhi   limpsi  Ihu
iliin.Inl   nl   n   faw   nl   th(   -lllielll      N
F.i     H| II-     "I
thr i rorpoi
Mi Bos n l Hm' . i rt idenl ol tha
Northern I'n l!" railrn "I .anil «hn, n.
|,r.-ia|. iii aat il    Kttlonal Appli Slum.
uill pn bat leitival hi  tptr
liana, ta ,• nt nil, lm i* ii*, fleet
■Kit -uini* vet) in-11 . 'ie- re-
lative ia. *       nl i-\|i,*', ., profits nntl
t Oil    a.I', ,*Illlitl.. Ill I ■      Ii   Im'
Ion hi m ii'iii.i sinii* i i in* ideal
Elliott, ia. ii (ing iii-n|'.*i.r * . lent t
railroad employees
nn.l . lilmail ii fit, g»v« iln* lollowin ■
.ll"1'      nl  ti
*     alllll  '    ll'all    I    I    '*,    " | '''I U||,|l,|
117 Firit St. Eait
I.  O.  O    I''.
Nnrlh Vinn niiii'i Lodgt, NOi ■''■'■
niii'li even* 'llnit-ilu ,1,'ni'L', an.n'i
l.iin-ilitli' ln'iiiti' mnl Kit.t .tr.i't, it
I o'clock.  \ i itlng ini'iliirii cordl illj
illVl l.'ll        III     Illla   11   I. ll.l        I'.     1'a.l V
S.; It. K. Donaldson, ne, tn. \ A
PUIlng, P.O., tin i
■UN CO.. Ui
Loaadah  .\\. nne,
at fet— Landing
i.ttWKsT i'i;ni:s
IVe 111." ll.lll.He |l,e   lailla.ililli! in
U k KaChbhleod.
It. .V   K    llll.'kan   l'lia.|..
>iiiit-' l'.el iScrapa.
ttyat'l I'miltry S|.i.a
L.i'.' l.iiv Killer,
Wheal iii tto grad*
Snl'l III SIM llllll lllllla-.
Tlie linal —muni, t Spraj
nil Ilia' lll.ira,at
FOFjLaWN ANdca^dfS
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
FOR SALE~6-roomed All-modern
Home, close in. Price $2600
$800 caih, balance eaiy.
ll l I PHON1 P. O. UOX 114
Hot Points
For the: Man
LJ. re's a ih.imc to please llir
ii if-'
Qt It 1  il nm.* .1  iijin " HOT
"Ten davs trial, free lor asking.
.ism, .unl toinliirt on iron-
mi; thu
Qnh   imn M  market fuana-
laaal   1,11   Ilia. VMrS.
tnast 11.uv, it  mil please her.
|^a    ll,      I  ll.lll     llllll      *  I aa;
Tiv one now anil lie convinced.
—1 1 mm in
B. C. Electric Railway Company, Ltd.
50 Lonsdale Avenue.
H-H-H-H-H 11 III H-H-H-l-H-H l-H H-HH-H 1111 llll H H"H-t<-HH-H-H 1111 llf
Canadian Financiers, Ltd.
. i . " i,. ■
LOW SEA, Proprietor
First dill Ml il
Commutation 11-   i.   i maali
Uooms for Rant it i   a. rati t itt I
The well-known reputation of thii Company,
with iti three officei, affords ui unuiual fatilitiei
for diipniing of proper-
tin which are lilted with
ui at right pricei.
Purchaien will find in
our office a large lilt of
propertiet for wle in a'l
parti of the City and
Diitrict of North Vancouvtr.
::  14 Lonsdale Avenue:
J. P. CRAWFORD, Local Mgr. jj
Telephone 215
end of Lynn Valley Cariine . i
632 Granville St. Vancouver • •
a                        •                         • I  I
^^^^^^^^^^   Foreign Office:   Glasgow, Scotland.
Luiiiii       ■■"  *
Branch Office:
Reliable Watches   !
Following in llii- tli'|.tirtini'tit iln. rtgfal rule t»t iln* firm in
ri'L'intl la. high quality in nil linss, wi run unsure llie pslilia
i.f sataWyiag rssult. lollowing th.- pumhasi nf iach watch
which li'iivts "in* iton aoc panisd l.y our guamalas.
In   lhi-   igl   ulin.a-l   ini'ty   mnn   nntl   wniniin eni'ties   n
Wllla-ll.    ll   i- I—.'.llinl   In   ill.'  s.lari'-fltl   flllliltll.'llt   aaf  a*,-|.|iiliij
iiniii- iiiiiI i*t'-|iiiii-iliiliiii'-. which requires thnl tlif linlili i'ur-
rii*il I..' lint' nnil reliitltle.
Whn inii-iilt'iiiiL'   iln'  i>.ir.*lin*.i' nf n waten apoa  which
lam a-nii |ilnn' infinite rsllaaos, visit oai itors aad hava 01 1
nui' sipsrts .li>iniiii-*i.ni.' nntl ixplala iaa you ths working! ..f
th.. diluent movsmeots, also how to take oars ol ike dsllcsts
iiit'aliniii-iii. iiliiali i- witliniit  ii tl*.iiiii  lit.* mont cnnipliintiil.
iiiii'ia*nti' nml marvellous mm Waa eoaatjuctad.
Hmi* ii- idvlss i..11 iili.'ii buying ■ watch, li oosti y.,n
nothing in lmil. tin* Untl i.f our bowlsdfi which wa gladly
Insl nlli   -|„'i*inl Sul— Hindi' innvi.lllfnl-.
•» [svcllan and Silversmiths
_      Geo, K. Tmr.'v, ii*       .   n       'll   c.
-rn VUaapat Director Hastings & Oranville 3ts.
_    When you deal at the Lonsdale Pharmacy you
get exactly what you ask (or at the right price.
_    Special attention paid to prescriptions and lamily
_    We carry a complete line ol Stationery and Drug
Telephone L 29
A. J. TYSON, Piop.
Cor. Lonsdale & 8th
One acre close to City Boundary.
Price $1100. Terms $575 cash
Bal. $7 5 every 3 mos. at 6 per ct.
11  liomdtU Avonue
PhoiiM-Offloa 24      House 22      P.O. Box 60
Free Piano Lessons
For Six Months
given to EVERY PURCHASER of a piano during thr
month of November by the
Warburnitz Piano House, Limited
Phono 114
443 Lonsdale Ave.
CLAVERIE  &   ARCAND have just opened on First
.Street, East, an up-to-date
where the public will be sure to find a good and fresh assortment of Groceries and Provisions, F ruits and V egetables in
season. t_ Mr. Arcand was with F. Filion of Vancouver
for the last eight years.
Gem Theatre
The Choicest Selection of Animated Pictures
Dramatic Subjects    Comic Subjects     Travel Subjects
=====,incl lypical Subject?
Picture* changed Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
1 hour snd quarter
Continued Performance Starling
.1 7 in Sharp.
10c -5c     GOOD MUSIC AND SONGS     10i-5c
Vi'xtitiis    Write**,    in    lliimt.i mi*:   Vi
Ain'iii Bona Mi.il.'iii Pwpeiaiatiti
Tin. must Kliikini,' "nil mysii-iitiu.i
|ilii*n..iii.'iia.ti tit   iiiii'   mit' i« llii' fiisiiii-
lltia.M   all   A/I'    tin*   lllllllitl   tin   ltiutll"-s.
Al tlif pri'si'iil nn ulii'ii t IliriniiiL'liaiiii il
pluming itself mt linvinis beam* 9a
set-owl larfnt .iiy in ih.. tapin;
Llvarpool Ims tli.tiiniiiiitl tn lima*   n
milliliter il...k lii|tKcr than llii; lien ;
nml stifiiiiaiiis I'lti.fit. air Wag   mail
 a,la i   Waterloo  Stiilinii.  I.tintlon,
Imwr lliun Wavi'i'loy Station, E.lin
buifk, sn tlmi it mny uniting!)
"laiin tlmi il is tlif UggWl in th.'
This is iln- inillt'iiniiim »t blgnata-
l.ii* »iii|aii*i's, lii^a lialtl.'shipH, Iiig tulk,
big tiaii tliiit);. Aiiil what is llu* nb*
jt'it nl it all I I nnte luul n ai.i.vi-i■
siiiitin wiili an I'xhibitinn Fat   I.udy.
She   llfijjllill   A'l   itflMI,   Hllll   elltllll,*,!  taa
lit' lha' Wggtat ivtimnn nn a'lirtli. Ami
she   luiii nir >lte wus ulsai   tli,-   must
tllisa'i'llltlt'   lli.ntflll   till  I'llllll.
Thi' railway rnmpiinv nitty a Inn Ul
ut Baking IViitiila,,, Stnliiin tin* hin-
Steal in tin' ivinltl. lint whan I ka
liatltl infill iuli'tl pMMngaaf nnitlfriin!
aliiiut lliat wiltli'in.'ss tteeking lor their
I'laltl'a UIU   Iir   llil'll/il'llll    llllll IU 111 III.'     lai
find the porter who has rtmiipeareil
iiitli tha'ir luKL'aL'e I am very doubtful whether their happiness in prupor-
liaittail i,, th,. im i.f the sllll lull. And
tin the inhabitants ot Livwpool think
that whn thei l'i'I tlnir I.il' 'l...k
tiny will halve n belter time |
It may lie aru'insl that mil inns musl
• \|iiilnl. Illlt tltatt ilas-n't e\|'llltn the
expansion uf l.nla,*-' Inti-. Nor Jim's
it ev|ilain the ragi'mcM ol nW
saienti-ls, lown t'lillinilluis ntl ulhar
a*iiihii-iai-ts I,, tin.,, up nn; iiua.ns In
titaain- nf Hnlti ('a,ni|H.titi,nts. 1 retail
the mint* tl.iv ill a prize baby thnl
inu'li'il M lli. Whnl do »,• w,ini
-mh iiii.ti-teis uf iiirpiilrnaa* far)   V.\-
|.'t a'lla |  |*iain*s  tllilt   llie n,,l*',r    i":il
est men have Imn -mull nun-it. Nil-
-a.tts   mill   \,'l|l,,lf1U|..
iliunis are nearly alwms 9mtAew
weak in the In*** a.r i..*n h,',l in the
In iul. Ami hisiury shun- thit thev
iniiiiiultly fnil in whut ihey taiitler-
lake. There nals t.oliuih. lie »u a
bii( man nml a heavy mnn— though
-■■me aaaph may Up that lltiinl nu*
the heavier kKMM lie bM the I'kil-
i-i nn- by a .lone.
Hut  in lieii/ltt. nt any rite, I inbuilt
evaill.sl.    Anil  where llitl  he  le, I an* the
~t-a.il.- Inl Dniul .lung nt him? In
tha* mi.lilli' ul lii. toreheml. So had he
lieen a lii'iul |uf a fnul) *-h..rii*r il
Huttl.l piiabnblv Iinli* nm-nl him.
(In    lit)    pWPi    ti    l"l.'U     a,r    ai'lltllllll
■Ml ' un ihis Inl,' nf the large be jll.-
tili.il.    lh.* grini iViith has nnw dnwn-
eh ua us thnt   tlie nnlinn  thnt  Imlil
the  Iai — t    llreiiihiuiiglit   matte a ili.a.
'mu.  im-1 uk.        lml  tlmt  mil inn.   I
■rim In s.iy, wn. (llll I'mtlnnd. The
■t iall J "I n.Hal WpatM are   agreed
lhat   a   large flwl   ol .mall    \,-m-\-
biiilt tnr pm i« nf lar greater value
Inr aafT. ii. .■   tml Mmt thia a   .mall I
fleet ut unwieldy mmi.ters nt the ap
palling ''"st uf t»" in.Him.. cj.Ii. llul ]
ti,,« ue h.n.* -luiiasl lln- llreaalnnught- I
«.' . un'l slnp.   We are bound '
mi building.   Sa, ihe arn/e tor bign«»«
uill ,,,-t  ti- :i pnUy i«*niu   b
na'ia' ilulle with  it.
II ippini do. n'i depend un .i'e. It I
ia  lh.' Itt la' ihmg-  thnt iniinl     And
111     -nme     f-|aa"l    ait    ll'l|sl    we    MMI
thii. At one lime the latie.l and big
pOl sleap wite tWmkktai the tie«t ;
tint iniwa.liiys it a|.|.ai. lhat "the
hutisi'haalili'i wnnt- u -null |...ai ifcal
.an I*' consumed al one meal." Si.
no longer do head, ot (ami ie., arriv
ing limn.' tn dinn. i, emlaim with
pulied ii'siiilma'iit wlia'll lh,*
lainan.il, "What? t'o'd million a
gain !" The big hv haa lieen given
llie a.,1,1 .hniilder. And M
gauge viltui un PmUn .nipiuiaui'.ii
lhe   aluilili.an   ul   NU nullum   mu-i
hall,    ellr  tasl   III   the   tlggla'g-ile   ot   da,
me.til* lein Itj
It ia a .mall but grateful eunnnalnn
,,   9l  I -all.al'I'T,    III   a    lime    when
.,,•   tlimunding   Inggar prii
(a,,   ..latlllalllg.   >ai  I.'   laalll   llial   itif ap
gnml nnd that the fnul
going '.. lie .heap. But a. a dt.m.il
„.t aalT tai this it .eem« thnl ta vlll.
lime game up and our iluthe. will
eo.l til mure. So ten .hilling, or -•
••vtrii nn a -ui' uf .laaihe- will hat.l'i
l„ .,,iii|H*n-ntisl lair by the anving il a
p> nnv   i pniinil nn i.'il'  appl-
lllll    ll Ippllll-s-aal   mt   all      *l   !
little thing..
Subdivision o( Block 27, D.L. 599.   Large lots on high ground, two blocks (rom Capilano cariine
Extension.   Prices $450 and $500.   Easy terms.
13  Roomed Modern House   -   -   -   $8000.00
1 Roomed Modern House   ....   $7000.00
One block west ol Grand Boulevard.
Terms '-; cash, bal. 6 and 12 months.
Foi I'l.ai, PHc.
Li.l. & Particular.
Appl-r To
Phone 6286 Cor. Pender & Seymour Sts., Vancouver
m——Mlm\l I. ZU
Mr, William .Mackenzie in an interview with llie " I'r nince " oo 2tst inst. uid " A contract
for clearing and grading onr Townsite of I'ort Mhii will be l^t sliortlv". Tba contract fit lha
construction of a large wharf at the upper or eaitern porti in nf lhi loivnsiii* has Imm let lo tx
completed by the New Year.
We am selling 5 acre blocks in Section 13, 111,, k 5 North, Range 1 West, It I j JO pel uie.
JjOOcash, balance in ij, iS ami 2] montlis. Splendid view, practically level and light clearing,
These Ul the cheapest blocks io this locality and ate innlt-i prescaat market value. Only a lew
will be sold at this price.
Waterfront lots east uf the Towoaite, ion feet frontage on the RWet extending l.mk t.. the
Railway, combiuing waterfront with track ig,-. Theae k>t< are .Ir,. level and practically cleared,
Price Irom ttbtm per lot. (juaner cash, lialanie 6, It, iS unl 24 iniiiillis. Tlu* ebeapeat water-
Iront adjacent to I'ort Mann. These lots contain from 1 to Jans. We alao have OO OQI list
scural othtT blocks ranging in extfnt from from iu to 80 acres at prices from $200 to ^50 per
acre on gooJ terms.
4 Lonsdale       Phone 219
\,,|    lllllini'    Ivllla    a,        I],a      ,,.,
TW inir^.lnliiv nml fawn,
The inti'rli'1.n.p ntnl HM) *
Thn .nmil attritloM aeai
An.l I tun itmaaiir  ,| nn .mall .n'i'
li.m.   limit' wonting   thnn  tl
attail in iln« |iiiintiil iiim :
Thi' (li'ii. i.l I'eru halo IxK-nm.1    •
.inn..! 111.'  nml  iii"iilialal.' tlm'   .1    ■
*.  lor n i..i..ii|' <al i
...liv   In hnvr   i  Intu1'  ' * ■'
lh in lo n'tiii.i lhe Hi- I.
lO   ii,    I.tnl   llnil    lha*   itilii It.*   "       II  '
Inlm-- nl nuuikin'l hn. nl
100 Navy Blue and Black Clay Worsted Suits,
Guaranteed Fast Colors.   Special Price   -    -
200 West of England Worsted  Suits in all    (t»OA
the Latest Styles and Colors.    Special Price   yu U
Our Motto is:
"High Class but not High Price"
"The Clothing Man"
nn  nn inipmiiin. tlapvi.a-  *ti
gentle |».| I.unl, I,,,,,,,,,. ., ,,■ . ,                     H
». iirmimfninl.    AnH mir iltl dM i        \a,.|   ,, i„
m.litir wa| ,„„v nuw ben-,', a,,,1          ..    IT,..1 t„ |„.,  ■„.'**'
■jnireii   »nd   |ali|,r«   where   ilny      I
...i'I'ihI thtia '
htt n lillle Itin
Whnh m,t,|,   |„.r minm.*
And ei,*n»|„,,   fm  I ... «•"
Thit tlet wii .un tn en.
Inal  Ii.n.Ila*   11 .1
-"I      ,1  OUI     la*,     ■    ill
\,,l    ill.   ilnl    nl I   ll.l.
lliul,* M..ti wtnkiil i i I til. .i.'.
\' A    II, 1,1     -ll.l      ,     lllllll
I' I wbm llml (l.'ii l.nil hopped inm
Ilia*   llDlbUn'l    -liaallv    I',-
Slla*   lllllllltllllli   lal ,.,i||,
"NllW    I       llllll    pi    -a.UK   IH'llll','"
"Ruli Britannia," ita.
li   i     ""I   tin'   In.-   th m-—xiirh   n«
Imiii. t I dn h   'lit'   iiini-
lei.  Inn   lhe lillle tliiti'    in  l.'t'ia, n
*      tliak.lll   M.ta.'     t       ,   In*,    ,,|l|
(CoflUaoad rn Page 8.) SIX
■ **)—-■■'—
North Shore Press, Limited
Phone 80 Phone 80
1st.Wli  RAH » ^   801 H
Tl.e    illinium* aim nt    ll  iiiat'l*'     iMt
Donatruetlog "i lhe 1 am ouvar liliB I
.livi-iaali    ill    |lia<    I alli.i'liiill    \intlieill
l'naiiii* railway will hi ruahud lo i
l.l.'ii'.n uilli all iha|inteh,    the Man
M giii'ii ii at lollowi:
"Vielurin   i- thl ""tin T'I   le.I*''il'.l.
aa proraiwd lhi i pii "' that dty,
ili.* liu,. taking ai Coum fi"'"
tli.'ii' apparently around I'ortagi In
I." (iln* I.einl .,( th** tlorga) l'i waj ul
l''.-'|itimtili harbor 'mai * ro la I '■"■
I'.-qiiiiiinli aa; Xannlmn railwaj an tie*
■outh-aaatwn corner ol Lamlord I Jw,
tli.iii*,* tin* line rum dlM -"'l It '"
lhi hand >.f I'nl.l . Bay, making a,
'iiii.* ivesii'i'iy al ihal point, aad pro
mdlag vii, Mntiii,-aan lake lo Rook*
Illlel,      thl    llaal'lilalll ll,...'      aaf      |ll,|.|i
i- lollowtd la s,„,U river, wbbk I
rronid Mai lhi i lh.    Booki   .i
Vi'f   I-   llU'enil'll   uu     lhi   «'-l   llllllll   lu
iu origin in >....t-.' lakti lhi railwaj
-killing   ill.'  Inl. 1   ll.e  Ma-leili    ll'
ii- .'uiiiv length, lit'"      "
ll*      lal     thl     a'll-l      tlliil     lil-t      t. allall  111.'
Phnwnigan lake aii tla extian th
IM-.1 lailllel*. Sllam Ilia,',ill faU i- all-a
skil'll'll  illl   ill,'  lie-lain   -ll.at.    tittil  llll
laka baiag Wl behind, lha llaa   nn
:i|i|.ru\ini!i[eh ilui* north iiiiiI ir.-te.
tin* K.,k-ilnli river about righl an* nine
intle- (ium it- month,  Swinging   to
lite    natlilllli-t,    the    l.n.    te.l* III-      tile
Cuiiiihnn   river   la'iif   ".    live   ii"*''-
tll.ull'     llllll'.III,     llllll   al'lli'ie-     lu      lile
Cuiii,una. lor -iv niiii-. llien iroam
anal -kin- ihe n"nlt bank uniil it
raachei tin lab Mar Ike n.u.nli nl
Mi.nl iTeek. i mii,li.iii lakl i" lulluii
nl mi ii- northern ihon lha entin
leagth, the line ui the weatarii rt I ol
the Inke twinging -u.iilie.lv and then
abruptlj  n ,1'lteili  in tit- Kit in.ii   ri
let,   lllliall   i-   llien   Inllntlail   al..w 11     aall
tin* iii-ia'in bank lo within ihni in.l.
ol Silinnl lake, ttam Iti- polnl 'I.
lm 1.- northerlj  la lhe hand   ol
t'lilelllllll i 1.1'k. lite lit l.l aal lllliall i
folloWfd In it- aallllel ill Ulll'kll'l
Snllllll, lll.alla,* ill* llll' loIlOWl llaa
-illllia-ili I   llll'     All«a" nl    I ,111 ll     I"
l.'iietl lit    Vm an    al    lit'llaln   ll.'tnl
Meinli l    Ilia real- Bg   ' »nlJnil
I ll"   reporl    'al    ll.e   >U|.a llir.i'll'l''IH    ol
l*'.iii*-iiv loi 1909 ml.i'li luiiu- pinl ill
iiii. annual rapod ..I Ibe Dapartnanl
a,l ih,* Interior, i.i-t leaned) .* porta
imiii. i   ilrvelopawata   in th** wii "'
ll'll'   all-llllllllinn   lllllll    ill,'   fiile-l    It'll
-en ni Intliain Dead, -
I'.a,        .in,.   ),*:,|.    |||,.   iillllllt.r lit   ll'a*e-
si'llt   a,Ilt    it]   ill'   iprtng   traall)   the   BM
.'. \ la i remained pi . ii' allj -i.ii.tn
arj ut iil.aaui nu, nnil ■ lull million
I ha n * "ti tei lhi i Ihal iln* rape
■ in nl tin* nut i'ii  i- nm   almoal, il
linl qui e. re;,i lleil. .unl ii a *. ,i. |a
Im*   lli-tr.llir.il   ill   L't.ailat    liattlll *
ther   am  I'liliirirni'iii   ol lhe  t
nut . t,   **i   tl *   •   I   I'l   I "   'I'    nl    Hell
ntle-   Will   bl   ll --altl.
\< iif - uu. iinie ibe number nl ip
plirmnta ia.. im- I.ai greatlj l * a
nl.  i» IMN n.i- wan  «t le MU
applir mt- ; iu I'.'I" lli tl ...inil.'r hnil
Ineimaed   to  MR     aa lm tea a*   nl
a-aaii-iilet il.li    iiiuie   limit ."all |i*r   nat,
In I'."''- ilie average number ol  iw
-ent iii etnli appiieanl  n v  l.l"" I m
I'.ll"  nllK    -l«.   ,,.Ill.l   la.      |. il.-al   l.l ell, ll
In 1909 iln* iiitnil.'i nt .i.n ai|'|'lia i
liniia reoeived nn- 9,338; in It'l" th,*
iiunii.,..' had itt' I'M-eil in 3^899.
Tllalf    i*.    IIU    ,,'al-,in    lllll     I Ullla I I"
th.* in* •   *.|iiiulil nm  L'tani   ih.*ir   iiiiii
ln,*l|lle   .lllll   .*l-ll   11.v*.   llll'l   I.,   atlll   llll, a
contemplate  doing il"    It    ten '•
llrnni'li ivill I.' glad in .ii-l iiiiii...
ilil  :il-u  -eeil  ti- lur ;l-   lln*  Man    all
tliaii* ili-|iii-nl uill allow,
(In. |.uinl lliiil mu I la,* enretnlli
atlanded  t", huwavar,  '   thi     *'"*■
Iron  nlli* ll   ill*'  - I  ' "'ne       If  nl    nil
|aa.    ilil*       ..i|  li.iii   lt,i*i    utaanili.j      in
tlie  in   I, ii,  prol 'It*.*     -ll .111,1   *
111.   The I'm.* lu   l'.i in It Iaai    I aal    .
al.ll    a  Ip la. i:   a 0|    (llllllll'.    Hl'ile     i'l
pnrlinl, uiih ..'iinin suiiin " , '■
frnin itnl'iit'lad   aval,      tot e\ niii'i' ,  i
I'.KKi the amp ,,( Manitoba mafia ui
111 ill. I'mad *la |ai:nl|.* praalin *'- " *'l
It laQure, Seeal f,,| OWfog the inli,,*.*.
Ill;'      I'UII'    n.i      :'"I    11 - - T a I    ll.lkaalu     lll'l
■own in tin* nu. erj in th** -|ittn | 11
IWI aiaal i„ I'.hi- the tt,*,- Imni   thii
-.aetl   lien*   -enl    nul.       | hi-    pnl tii'lll.tl
lot nt niu|ilei Iiti- I*.*, ti reported   i >
hull' illlfi'tall veil lllll'll irum win"'I'
klllilli;.    ill    -"IU.'   '»<    ill"   a litila'    I ,*, ,*
top nnd rootli liiiiiiu.' I'm. kill.'.Iiiui
iaa the -a'li'ia* waather, in nth t Imm
only lhe topi having linn hilled back.
t'limlly the nii'ipY h.i bm laitintl
hardy in nlnin-t irary part ut ilv
Went, ninl the ha    nl ao mat     ,
lllllllll   till"   In   ll.e   fu   I    thill llaa' a,,I
ll'iilll   lllliall     they   "IIL'i" i'i'l     Waa "I.
lalilleil llailll ti'a'l.'li I il I II ..ulll. \
liinihll'  fllillire   I.allll la**l         li
with elm md Imported Iron  i
tle.ii-innnlly, luiivei' i, ii Ii.n iln lo
ral  supply nf seed (all., nothing   i I
,im In* ilnne Iiiii ill.Iiiiii   ml "I * win >
nn.l Inke lite rink.
Further   inteie-tin?   |m. li'ulur.    I*
iinlina lhi" wnrk aire irivrn in lln te
purl  referteil !"• "'I'.'- "' whkl   aim
lie ulilnini'tl ft t cbargl l.v i.'I'l"
inu 11.  II. t'nml'liell,  -uperi.. "inli nt ni
I'm" in. Ottawa, Dnl.
Close to Grand Boulevard and cariine; triple corner on
11 lh street, 160x 157; total street frontage 317 (eet. This is
a splendid building site situated on elevation.    For price and
terms sre
Pierce & Hall
126 Second Street E.
North Vancouver
See the
Canadian Home Builders, Limited
25 Hastings East
And Save Money
UV poaitivel) guarantee .ill ..ur grucrriea to be lot
highest ni ri iiiii .mil loweit in prio
Vim mn ,|i »!l eliewhere Imi yon will tlu better hy
buying a largei loal "I bettet bread from us-
Irt'sh ll.iili: Milk, (KIWI & IlllllKMIIh
|i. --I |. .v M Coflee, Ireah routi 1 ami gri .1. j Iba. I"t li.oo
■ ,t grade .it 2J t antl.
Indian and Ceylon '■ i, ill.-. It no aim all standard gradei
M.n Creamer] Battel 3Jc Ib.     Vancouvei Creamer] aoc 11.*
I in* i \|.|'l. - it.mi ft, 2-, to S1.75
l   1     i-sottnii nt nt Bngliah Candiei imported .m.l domeatic
Iron 15' tn 60c
Ni'iv Laid Bgge daily,'«" perdoten; caae eggi 40c
Preah I'.i-tmis, large iiaortment, 10c i" *'*,' pei II.*
I 'in im   i.'i. Pan  DlllVKkV
QPPPIAI      fRIPLB COR. Centre Street ud 151I1
Si. M mo, '. caah, Iial, <> H-i8 montba,
l.ol' hn OTTAWA GARDENS ladn| aonth   latoo, fgoo
caah. lulanci it 1.' montha.
I.til it.. BLK. 2}. IVI.. 2711111 I'll I li'D ST.   .<■-"'•". '' cash,
balance 6-ta-i8 monlha,   	
LOT i, BLK. B, Dl- -'73011 SEVENTH ST.   Iiooo, fioo
caih. balance 1. mnl 11 montha.
Rt tl Batata ami Iniuranca Hn.Ini-,,
120 Second Street List.
Buy at the
Welcome Parlor
The Gurney-Oxford Steel Top Range
nit*,ms h niaikeil savnif! 111
lm 1 and Ix itti hailing n suits.
lhe"CHANCBI.li0R" not
imli tl'.' - its nnil, BEI I BR
l.ut   Al   I.I.SS  COST  lhan
othei Range*).,
~rjr       \\',* 1 an tlcintinsti.ile tn   mi
t ilu* nluiii* Superior Chan-
1 illni i'mil ipal of economy
md . ii" iency in tin ninutei,
N it not Worth .that nuuli
ol yont lime rij;lit now ?
The J. D. Fraser Hardware Co.
PhotM 58, 133 Lonsdale Avenue THE EXPRESS. NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
The Economy
of Concrete
Saving in Time, Labor and Repairs
Accomplished by Using Concrete
around Your Home
tfJT   Have ymi us u Fanner, Mtj-'ohiuit, Contractor, Professional
a    Man, Housewife or Property owner of any description ever
stopped to consider liow touch the use of Concrete was saving you'.'
Have you ever considered how much more it might he mnde to
save vou ?
%   8   8
fj| 1 id you ever stop to cmiider how much you persoiinlly
jj iv,nhl he inconvenienced ii suddenly this "Comniiinscnsi*
adaptiihle material " were to he taken away. What would become
of th« fireproof buildingi! What material could so well replace
your sitl"\valks'.' How would you Farmers enjoy returning to the
us*1 of wood in your water troughs, tanks and sewrs? Wlat
would bo done about big railroad bridges and culverts ? How
would the housewife do wit limit her cement floors in her store
.—      One might go on for hours enumerating the different
[ilaees where the loss ol concrete woultl he a serious catastrophe.
I X 8
f[T Especially on a farm has concrete lieen found of great assis-
j ttnM. Here the wotk is of such a simple nature that in
many cases the farmer can do it himself, provided he exercises
care in tin,'select ion and mixing of his materials. Many a job of
concrete work can be done on a farm during the winter months
which will save time and money, and never mid farther expenditure for repairs as would he the ease with the same objects built of
wood or iron.
%   $   8
f[T Here are a few reasons why concrete is so adaptable. In the
jl first place it is fireproof. In the second it is an absolutely
smooth, hard, dense, sanitary surface, which once set will stay put
for years. In the third il is stronger than any other structural
material now in use an.l when combined with other building
materials makes an ideal reinforcement. In the fourth it growl
denser ami Itronger wi li age. In the fifth—but why go mi here'.'
Drop into our ollice and talk it over or send for specific information.
tf][   The one thing that we specialize in, ia our CONCRETE PIPE
ul which we make hy an absolutely new process. We are turning out a dense, maeliinc-tainped pipe Ahich hits a steel-glazed
interior surface like glass, is as strong as iron, has absolutely perfect sectional shape, is tougher than clay and more economical
than any of them. Our pipe is water-tight, practically indistruct-
able and proof against such llkalail or acids is aie found in ordinary use.
& X X
fj[ There are numberless places where our concrete pipe can be
Tll of use to you around your home. For drains, siphons, sewers,
smoke stacks, fence posts, celery shields and septic tanks, we
manufacture all sizes. The next time you liave occasion to coin-
plain of the wearing ipialities of the pipe you are using think of
Dominion Glazed Cement Pipe, The next time that ymi feel the
need of a water tight conduit for any purpose drop us a line for
fjj   Meanwhile we would be glad to have you drop out to the
j]   factory either in IVachland   ll.C,, or on False Creek, Vancouver and get some idea of how concrete pipe is made and what
can be done with it.
FACTORIES:  Falie Creek, Front Streei; Peachland, B.C.
OFFICE:   1207 Dominion Truit Building
The Port
of Missing
(t'tiniiiiiieil Ironi imu'.' •'!)
which tli,i i*\|h*ele(l tl. llllika* nit tttlt'l*
ili.'i I.h.I hUwd uilli nu'. At OM
lillle llli')  llltal saantc idea ul kidnapping
ine, ami It Isn't mi emit tbey fulled
at Unit game, llul I leave It to you.
gentletneu, tn ilenl witli them 1 will
suggest, however, thnl thc presence
Jusi m.iv In the Wesl Indies of the
cruiser Su|ihln Margaret, flying the ling
of Austria-Hungary, mny be sugges
lie smiled tit the quick glnncc thm
passed between the ambassador nn.l
Judge Clnlborne.
Then Huron von Marhof blurted out
the question that was uppermost In
Hie mln.Is of nil.
"Who nre you. John Armltage?"
And Armilage answered, quite sim
ply and In the quiet tone thnt he hnd
used throughout:
"I am Krederlck Augustns von Stroe
Iiei, the son of your sister and of the
Count I'erditianil von Stroebel. Thc
archduke's son nnd I were school fellows nnd playmates. You remember
as well ns I my father's place near the
royal lands The archduke talked much
of democracy and tho new world aud
used lo Joke about the divine right of
kings. lit mc make my story short
1 found out their plan of flight and
slipped nway with them, it was be
lleved that I had been carried away
by gypsies."
"Yes. tliat Is true; It ls all true! And
you never saw your father—you never
went to blm?"
"I wns only thirteen wben I ran
nway with Karl. Wben 1 appeared
before my father In Paris last year be
would have sent me away ln anger If
It had not been that I knew matters
of Importance lo Austria-Austria, always Austria I"
"Yes; tbat was qulto like him," said
the ambassador. "Ue served his country with a passionate deroUon. He
linliil America He distrusted the whole
democraUc idea. It was that which
pointed his anger against yoo-thst
you should have chosen to live here."
"Then when I saw htm it Geneva-
tliat last Interview he told uo that
Karl's statement had been stolen and
be had his spies abroad looking for the
thieves Ho was very hitter against
me. It was only a few houn before he
was killed u a pan ot «h. wuk-.i.
rted conspiracy, lie had given his life
for Austria. Ho told me never to sec
htm again, never to claim my own
name, nnUI I had done something for
Austria. And I went to Vienna and
knelt In tho crowd at the funeral, and
no one knew me, and lt hurt me, oh, lt
hurt mc. to know that be had grieved
for me; that hc bad wanted a son to
carry on his work, while I had grows
away from the whole Ides of such labor aa his. And now"—
Ue folterw!, his boane voice broke
with stress of feeling, snd bis pallor
It wu not my fault It was rally
not my fault I did the best 1 could,
and, by God. I've got them ln the room
there where tbey can't do any barm! J
And, Dick Claiborne, you sre Uic finest
fellow In (be world and the squares!
and bravest and I want to take your
hand before I go to sleep, for I'm sick
-yes, I'm sick-snd sleepy, and you'd
lietter haul down that flag over the
door. It's treason, I tell yout And If
you see Shirley, tell her I'm John Ar
mltage; tell her I'm John Armltago
John Artn"-
The room and Its figures rushed he
tore his eyes, and aa he tried to stand
erect bis knees crumpled umler him
nnd liefore they could reach lilin be
..ml, to the floor, wlttna moan. As they
crowded stout he stirred slightly
•lghc.1 deeply and lay perfectly still
tai. i sr 111 llttl.
I.AinnltNW called Oscsr
through tla soft dusk ..f
tha April evening. The
ptmlani of stars march
ed augostty across Uie
honv-ons. (liriborns lift
tt Ida face gratefully to the cool night
iraaie. for he waa worn with the
itrc»s and anilely of the day. and
lliere remained mirh to do The bun
•alow had heen speedily transformed
into a bosplBil. One nurse, borrowed
from a convsleseent pstlent at the
Springs, was to bs re*ntorred by an
.ilher summoned by wire Irom Wa«b
The ambassador's demand I" I-   ''
!,.ui'il In remove Annltago U> bis own
hnuse al lhc Bprtnirs bad bee" pi"1"!'1
li  tajectcd by the surgoon.    A IW
I.* 1 hold of J..I.u Armltage. Wt
ill enough without Uio wound In m
-It 'iildcr, and the surgeon WtW ■'
traps In the bungalow and took chnr
of tlic case.   Oscar had brought <
home's bag and sll wai'.now In ft
in'., fnr Ihe night
Oscar's rrcit tlgtire atwalutcn ■.
rci.octf.il voice liroofbt "'la:
,|.,nn from the stars.
Ifl a.m cat rid of.'Uisiprlsi'ic'
iitlai  year
"At midnight twn secret1 senl i
nlil be here tm 1\sailing'.
with them to Baltimore to their boot.
The baron and my father arranged
It over the telephone from the Springs.
The prisoners understand that tliey ure
In serious trouble und bave agreed to
go quietly. The government agents are
discreet men. You brought up the
buck hoard V
"But the men should bc banged, for
ihey shot our captain, nnd he may die."
The little man spoke with snd cadence. A paUios tn his erect sturdy
ligure, his lowered tone as he referred
to Armltnge, touched Claiborne.
"ne will get well, Oscar. Everything
will sis'in brighter tomorrow. You bail
lietter sleep until lt Is time to drive to
the train."
Oscur stepped nearer, and his voice
sank to u wblspcr.
"1 havo not forgotten the tall man
who died; It ls not iv for liln. to go
niilnirletl.    You are not a Cathollc-
"You ueed uot Wl iw he—-— anything about It But yon are Nfl ho ls
.pille dead?"
"He Is dead    He wn" a bfd man nnd
Ileal very terribly," said OMttj und he
took off his bnt and drew bis sle" '
MMI tils forehead.    "1  ,v!!l tell yi.,1
Just how It was.   When my horse took
the null nnd got tbelr bull,''" und turn
PB dnwu diittl,  the big inuu they
called Ztnul saw bow It uas, that we
were all coming over nfler them, nntl
ran.    lie kept  running througb  the
brambles and over the stones, und 1
thought lie would soon t'lrn mil we
might have a light, but bc did uot itoPi
and I could not let him get uwuy.   lt
was our cnptnln who suld, '.Ve meat
take them prisoners,' was U not so?"
"Yes; that wns Mr. Armltag-i's wish."
"Then I saw tliat we wire going toward the bridge, the one thc.v do net
use thero at the deep ravlue    1 had
crossed lt once and knew that lt m
wenk and shaky, nnd 1 slacked iq nnd
watched him    Ue kept ■   , and Just
before bc came to It when 1 wus verj
close to him. for he was a slow nicer
-yes?-belng so big nnd KtlTMy,  '.
turned and shot at me with bis' rev. iv
er, but hc was In a hurry am  tiihsed,
but he ran on.   Ills feet i.e Mt the
planks of the bridge wltb a g \v. jar
and creaking, but be kept riiii.u,.; utt
stumbled and fell once with a u'tid
clutter of the plunks,   lie wns I col
aril with a heart of water and viild
not slop wben 1 called and come back
for a little light   Tbe wires of tb"
bridge hummed, and the bridge swung
and creaked.    Wben  be was almost
midway of the bridge tho big wires
tliat held It began to shriek out of the
old posts Hint held them, though 1 had
not touched them, nnd lt seemed muni
years thai passetl while the whole of
lt dangled In the air like a bird nest
In a stitriu. and ibe en-en do1     below
laughed at that big coward.   1 still
heard bis hoofs thumping the plank
until the bridge dropped from linger
blm nnd left him for a Nan sco id
with bia arms ..ml legs flying n. Ibe
air.   les; li was very horrible to sie
then his great body w.n( dowi.
■"    n^. "  ~— a very drc.i.lf.i
way for a wicked man to .lie;
And Osenr brushed bis hat with bia
sleeve and looked away at tbe Utpte
anil gray ridges nnd tbelr burden of
"Yes; It must bave been tcrr.ule.'
•aid Claiborne.
"But now bc cannot bc left io lie
down there on the rocks, though hi
was so wicked and died llko a beaa. IS
t am a bad Catholic, but when 1 iras
a boy I used to sens mass, and il is
nnt well for a man to Ile u » wild
place where tbc bustards w '1 And
"But you cannot bring a urleal
(ireat harm would be done I.' ne. < of
this affair were to get abroad, lou
understand (tint what bns pas. -l here
must never be known by the ou. ade
world. My fntber nnd Ban., v.r Mar
hof have counseled that an. yi i may
lie sure there are reasons why tl.ese
things must bi kept quiet M the
would seek the Inw's aid at on I'
"Yea; 1 have bapen a soldier, pel ttt tl
Ibis little war I shall bury 1' •  J -ud
In an hour I shall bo back to Mn lm.
buckhoord to Lamar station.''
Claiborne looked at bis wat h.
"I wlll go wlUl yon," he said.
They started throofc.'i Ine wood t<
ward the I'ort of Missing Mei.. and
together they found rough nlciiea In
lhe side of tho gap, down whirl  'he;'
matte   their   way   toilsomely   'o   I'.u
t.i wider llncil stream thst tangled at ,1
tumbled fonmlly at tho bottom of t..c
leille.  When Ihelr work waa done Oa-
rar look off his bat and knelt d ten by
ihe side of tho atrange grata, and
t»wcd bis head In alienee for a moment    Then they climbed t'to stee;t
•Ide of Uie gap and turned to  :*rd tli *
bungalow.    Oscsr trudged ill n'ly at
Claiborne's  side,  and   nei.,,','  spoke. '
Itoth were worn to the point If "-'
lion hy tho events of ths lo,    day
The stubborn patience and lit   '..y of
ths little man touched a chor. in nn
l«,rm*    Almost unconsciously ,te threw
his arm across Oscar's should.is snd
walked thus besld* Hm aa '! «y trsv
rraed the battlefield of the n,. "ning.
"You knew Mr. Armltsgs I hen be
waa a boy?" aaked Claiborne.
"Yes: Id ths Austrian (oust v his
fsilter's place—the Count Kinl'iand
vnn stroebcl. The young cplain's
I ailed when be wss a chlul. H'a
Inllier wns the great aUtismf and
,|i.| much for tbc Schombnrgs sn.j •
irin. but It did not aid bis dlsposlt'  .-
mim;iii'i:s ikim: ivn.i. cni: i p
Tlia' uniniiiiii'iiiit'iit thnt Virion.i U
ait lasl luocesdsd In arrivaBg il a sit
lla'tnini iiiiii the Indians of tha* Bong'
lies tescne iillatelty tliey will be
lnvtl of I Iiiit iinilesiriilile locution in
ilia' aa nit,' .if llie aity is tit momentous
interest   to  Norih  tiuawen ns  the
position of ill's iiiy ill the present
lime i- till iln-,ans t,, llliil of the Clip
illll nntl tlie IUM difficulties have lieen
txpsrisftosd bsrs is there.    An  a|tss-
iiiciil Itn- lieen lattili.'il hetun'ii a ma-
j'.rin of ils* membsn .if tbs tribe and
Ilnn. liiiimtai Maiiriiia*. prtmitr >*( Iks
provinoe, whereby ipn Iba  payiaMt
,,f   110,000   to   etl'll   of   tl'"   fnrly lllll'i'
aels ,,f falllllia'-a a- a lintnis tliey •"
'.I.a' to re, i.il.* to iitlo'ller re etve.
Hi** Siiiii la es rt -.tv *'iii-i'.u of a
iiiiiii   III  MM    n   lh"   i.'iy   ha art    ot
\ ia'tailill   .'ill I   llll-   IMM   ll   llialla.   ill   ,on-
lent'on wltb   ti*    .i trying vainly for
a period ia. Iiiii- ili'in leiiniveii.
W'.en tin approval ol iln* Domiaioo
jovenuaant, tl"* wards ol tbi Indians,
1- learileal, ll].* propertV lllll lie olW-
asl   for   Bile   ill   oilier   to   filtlllill -a*   llll'
provisos lor iha' sxpenditun to Ihl
IN Till*' IN'I'KlllVI'S III*' I lil IT
A   iiiiiiiIht of  illoiniirait  'ruii    Innd
wntn  in nt  pi. a*i,i   n  ii..* east
aailiiii*.' up upsrtt it. 'am. eu'ure nnd
irnii growing, li . tba in'cn.ion ol
ilie I'tie y t.a bring men out fiom tlie
■u-i   iiim ars thoroughly  conversant
S .'li ii i iii -fnl i ii in* im ill fruit
n an endeavor to ftrilui developoni
'  tl." li'ie-i   fruit  orchards   in  the
a. , - i .
tiituiii siii\iii;a
Me'.lioilisl   iliiirth, corner t.lh street
mid St. Qeoraa'i Iiimi;   Ssrvissikt
II n.m. nmi ,..'." p in. Sundny school
tml Bible liuss 'J.'ltl p.m. Class meetini,' lo n.in. Sunday.  Prayer tmeut
> pin. lli'iliii-iliii. Moodyville Sun-
altiv  saliotil   11   n.m.
l.y," \ iliey Institute llaill   S. ivies
'" ■   -un.ini   in. ming nt  11 o'cloak,
nntl I'venini' at "t .!'!   i',l,„k.
Si. in in EvMfsUrl, .1th and
Kith sini'tst II.al\ a..niinii. ,on, d a.m.
me ning prayer, 11 a.m.; .v.ningprn-
i"t. 7.11ai p.m. tin lit,' lirst Sundny in
iH* 'aiiaiilli there uill Is. I WMM ee
'.".t'l'iii   <>f ll.e holy aomuiiinion   nt
■ ,'t.    Ilia lol.   Itel.   Illl^'h   Hooper.
St. Ann. s I imi. h, North N'un niii r, ISth str, , n, ,ir Boulevard, ltev.
U. II. Gillies, ■ I '„>    Bunday sa'iiies:
II  n.m., in...ni"" 	
I'lintg prayer and sermon ;
ay  Silt, o1 ;  Holy con-
id ilnl fanndays nt  1
i'Sll' p.in. S tnd.iy'Sele ,,';  ll"l>   """
lll.ltlillli,    Isl    'I
ipti-t I'liunh Can. r.tl. and St.
Oeorge.   ServliHi 11.t**• am. nnd 7(81
p.m.    I'tlie  -aioo|   at   l'J   noon.      Uev.
C. R. Illtuitlaii.
Sl.   Analieii's   1 1,-1,11 iiinn   ,litir,*h,
fit I. slr.s*i :   SaTiiava   nt   11   i.tt*.   and
'". nni.     Sunilny   s '-.    I   ".30 p.m.
I ll",    .■lea-tim.'   Oil   Wtsll,     allll*   lit   8 o'-
■Iik.   I'n-tor, l|T. J. 11. i.ill.iin. tX
' "*'!' 1 *. -a! il) l'i. -In 'i'liini church
a.arr r 'Jai. slnst  nnd  I ..nsdn'e Ave'.
^atljaes    I'VI-iy     S.lllltlth.    faalCtlOOll    ftt
II o'eloek,    <v. in, "   nt  TIKI o'clock.
-lllllllll     -all'.'al     alll|      |..'*l*>     ('Usl,       »t
'    I a     lit     'J IH    a,'a |llck.
Ipilinii Catholic Churli ol St,
Paul's. Mass. T.llii « mi. Sundays.
Pastor, Un. I'.. ii'ii niii, 0JU.V.O,
Sl. V.ilYiiunil'. Cnih.ilit ('hnrti,, *•»•
lean  \vi una-    Su.nlavs : Mass 11' ' a.
in .  Suiiilan    Sah,a,,l.  J.ihi p m. ;  lioe-
.iii and l*a'!i"'li'ii".i, ".!10 tm.
I ho secret service men hsd come by
|   .( the Springs and were vailing
ut the bungalow to report to Claiborne.
Itnnded him a sealed packet of
Instructions from tho secretary of war.
Hie deportation of Chanvenrt ard Durand was lo be effected at once under
i lailsirne's dlrecUon, nnd he sent Os nr
' the stsblcs for the buckbouri and
.it down on the veranda to discuss the
trip to Baltimore with tlio Iwo secret
sgents.   They wero to gather up tho
i-armiua) effects of the consplrators_at
(lo he continued)
The North
|   Company
HllVf Ilnn ;, good
stuck   nf
CEILING (V fr nt)
nt Bottom I'lie.-
Prompl Delivery,
Esplanade, East SIGHT
I'l.issnil'li \n. nil i HNS
loi ii   ths « ii      ind tlie i    rinj    "'
current loi al ndvei ti ing,
Sin [le   In-cii.   In.   per  hue
Hn,* Week, '      i*l .*a* |» i   it  ■ rlion
One M * I  i'.i insertion
Attracts Attention
l l.aaalia-J W-aaal Ad., kr. a>lw»|*a
a. .... ...      They    .a.-   reaaal   wall,
lmrr«.l    b.    ,„l, ll-.raa,    a„*,.pl,
who  .rai  on  lh*   I....K.....I   Inr
l.va.r.l.l.   lapportainilla-.   to  Sll
"la...      ar.,   a   a a a,,, ,»l. lllothrr
Tour bal.an... b« large er .rnaall
lh. Cl«..lll«d Wanl Column,
will help you.
mm* ■'i.i ii in
Within n km  weeks kavs eomr   tin
report, aaf tin* richness of am ashes!
a,       alepal* ll       a*ll     till'    A-III'-I a ll    L'l'OIlp    ill
Poplar nii'l  "!' lite opening up l.y   II
II lml. I    iaai     llllll      I        *   I  r>il       llf       till*
well   known   I'.etitii*.*  propertj  loc.it
.■.I Inin  Camborne   mnl   Ferguson,
Non i times ' In* news of n rii li -t i Ikt
a.i   ili.> silia*i Cup and thai tlf \.*t
tie I., nt Ferguson, "t f ilie  hlstor
ic mines of ibe camp and tl'1, oie in
uhi. h 11 11, I'**nl, mm manager of iln*
v et an Sheep iivrl, mini,' his lirst
Iiie  -lak,* in iln. p.m  nf llriti.h l'ol
III,ll,ill.     i-     Rga'n    lleillaj    (apl*l*atla*l|     |lil||   Jl
■ iii' of men nii.l mil probably
I, i*   a     ia Inter.
Ml SHROOMS i'*iliiiaata.lt Irish
  *'* 'I    .ippii.  ri.aiii
lull SALE I'ill and Winter Apples
nl-,. jell) apples. Ipply, C, I'.. Ko no,
ISih   lm i east,
I'lll!   BA1.I      I  laa   al*.        I.    a'  Ila.'   alnVn
(or i'liii* i   «,. **l **i .     .    ily n-eil.
IU v.'* i '' Ii     „ Noril   l.i* *i"*t   -'■
in R| \l -.a . and donbls I'd
p...in., fan nc .* ' * i'iii. ii tilt in .ii'l
out  breakfast,     133 Oil
.1. Lout, i  and \"tili I nn .1 ile
I'lal.l    Mailliu    I .a.    lala*     ill**'.
MOIS      I'Illl'llll.        Volll     I  UIS      'aa.'   III'
ll r li 01 .1   I   a! .  '  aal
or \..tili Vnn.*..if ■■! pi*    "lit *. rxperi
a*tl, c.l  '. .* ml. ti* i.
I.. II. thtburg ..f Torontu,   ,,, fu.t n|*
V       lolin,    l'*a,     a,ml I,lll'.'il,    I
pupil, .it  l.",l I n'i Third -m-si,
Nnrlh   y aill'olller.
M li,     \|      liall *.l a ,',*     aaf
llli ..a, I adie    t ■ !•■ a* i,  pre
p llnl      to    1,1 ■ i     Illni*    .!    a.   IHalarr        , ai
t' a|*  I       III    pt* tot le, 1    ill    <*l     11 I "'
L'J .l.li -ii.e*  easti Soi lh \ "
1**1*   moderate,
KORTH   V\\i ol VER "Ii'in STBA
-Ilpplia'll      fall       allll   a     ,      iOIU
irl .
a*'           1'
ii  Dm Ji.  Phona R140,
1   1	
iiaalini-t and leader,
rgartei      9M  t..   13   daily.
irkell  ll Ap* *
* i 1 Iih  in.l ii.**
ii month,
ll.* mil buy i        hangi ."'it it
i -.
,'in,l 1    1 nld  . ond    f"i'
,   To   1 a.ai il air    \l
I-l      I'n   Il.i 213.
l\|\lli,l;\lln\ DISTRIBI NUN
Mteam hip   n'i railwaj   re|      loi
ilu* twelve month endlnj tank list,
mill,   -ham    n   Iniul   .niiL'iai ion If	
K |» to Canada ol IM,  p.. uns,
aaf   ulll*   ll   nUmber   ".THU   aal   I'll'   pel* 'Clli.
ii. !• 'la  lined to il 1*1. i prnvineea ..(
Oniiiii... ij.i,'lie,  Neu   llrun.wiek   ntt I
Nlil 11        V'  a.l I   1. Tile        aal    al        I  111 I | * I I I 1 I " I I
I'loni  I' p*.  ilie 1 ni'. a I State.     :t"*l
" In t     use*  was J"N.I'.'I persons,
\-,..",.Nl ,,, lit per cenl. ,.f ll.'-'' vv.l.*
ala*. iia.*a| I,, ih.* en. t< in provinces! in
- hiding Hn nrio and ljuchec, the  lml*
Mil*   |iThin|    to   lite   ll.-l.ill   pii,l ilia*,'-.
I      tin   l«o in,milts of V|>r■ I nml Mm .
I'.U".  it,am ih,. lot.*,! ol ','!.:',"<i    per
iinin-    Iront   Kurope,   Jn.T.V.
were d itined  to Ontario,   nml 9,4711
III (Jlleliea . a.l .Ml pal alll. lO ll.a'Sa*
I't'ol il -   llloll '.
(Continued fi>>n. tag* 1)
The l..**aiiniil Suli' I,., while tlinnk
iin: ihi'ir in.mi pillions Inr the sup
poll extended to then in lha past,
li,'-   io  int.em   the  public  generall]
lh.it   on  aiml niter  N.n.   Is'   all   l.n-i
lie--   It ill   lie   Ilnn.an Icil   oil   a   itrictl)
ii Ii basis,
Sorth Vnna onu r,
it, u.i..i as, mm.
Thi' appointment ,,( 230 eensua """
lllissi *■   nJ|   I.,.   Iieellli   ant      llllllll
Ijil'Ii h n* 'ti"* and I ami ntny to bm by tha* joveri nt.    One will l*>*a*li..s-
sonie eet} l'i''"  remarka in th.'  pa   en fm* aaeh a*h ml district ..(    tha*
pen about   lhe  bad manners ol tall- country aad reiaimmenda    »*»ni*
um iraveilct*- people "ho stare, nli,. being lonstdenatl.    The rommUr i
inort, nin, lini'l on >"in' iocs,   ntnl «i!|   pi   „ |ump n_ f.>r pipnses In
sho Lama.' It.*.i" bai    nml parcels on proportion lo lhe si. I the ranstil
i *   Imt   wli'ti   ii  i" "..  il'1'   rack . llenn  nml ;, .Inled   nin |iei  head    aaf
people who wnlah ynu hungrily  when ths population,    It is esimated   thai
i.e. .tie iinin*   .m.l" ii li**s ; iiiiii   pul   il ,.t ,,f inking .m'l compiling ibe
thei Idj  led on 'I''' seat ; nnl v i nsUI "ill ;,i I   '., Sl.iiiiii.iiiui      \
ai-.ass iha*ii* legi '.nl ".|"' their l>""i    I |red ninl lifu extra t'lerlu mil I'
aall   yOUr   ill'--   aal'   VOUC    lt'OllS|Ts.       ,\|1,| ,,|., a,L„.,|   (,„•    ||„,    ,., lM,p, |,, | ,. all,
yel  nia'ii' i- .unwilling I" lia''siiii|   i ii
the ollui    ide,    I ha"* i- al  lea-l   	
pleaain,! iharaeterislh ..( railway Ira KVEXTH AI   ill.   NURD SATION
..■Ni'i- that demand   gratrful Mvogm \ |   A I'i'l I   SHOW   \l  HlllKANK   j
iion.   I linn* noticed ihal    passenger
tn to hm...   along tl"' pliiiiiiiin altiiaa. Imong ihr lentun   "ill l»' Ihe Iree
invariabl)  retrain Iron mbttag eon »p(iU paehiny  »•! I nindu lad    .,*n
pertinent    whet*   ilm   perceive  onli   lorei t al,,  lhe 'I.a* it f ,1, \1
.me   i *   ....11.1.   with   tlieir lied   l'i il ami \   I1  llntehan
hi i'  tngelher.    I   have    mn   theiu     I lay, Snvembei   II,   he  iijunin
ta.".I on inin i carriage rather than ilay, uill wim   - Ihe flint "l.lve Wir
I.a   |t, '    alilaiilliali"    in   lh.<     lh".    I
lliis,   ii iiolile atitl e-cncrou-t   -enn °"   H» opening  nigh    th)   (Jaren'i
meat, and Awn that out lotion ii ''•"""lli"" ■ H •»*• l':" '■    n'- *';l
aall,*,*-     an     HOI     SO    ll|,.|,       ||      lha**,        III '"'     "       '".'.'"il"."          -I*"*'   ''■''.      I'"*'''   "'
pn.i,le.l     Alter nil. most  |H'"|.'e  are  "nl'   ;,M I V   ■""i tmmem}  appro
really   very   deoenl   md I pap    lh l"Ml" '"' "'"" ■"• '""'•
young  couples   ap| tats   Ihelr  de'i' ' ■"li"-' ;""1 ""hiltWi Dl)  mil   hi
it -nl,■iiinni.     I'or  iny   y   1   I
would rather travel iii lhe liivi;aie
ian or ride on the buffer thnn burnt
in on iln, saered privacy ol lows nnd
h,iti.*i moonera,
Ami yet in ii'*" "I tlic niaiiiinotaiil
it*..nlile- that nre always rontrontln
ns, | don'l kn"" nl. tint* in* are
righl or nol In encouraging then In
i.. A London Magistrals says that It
i- terrible lo ihink ol the number ol
. ir.l.s. p,r-*iii* "lea gel married with
nnt means i.a provide homes or  sn|
I ill    ,| i\ ,    \.a. , IhIm'I     l.*
Hn \I..Iii,-.Iii>. Vm. 10th, in' will
lime nn apple p i' king co itsst amona
fiperli da.in all over the Sorthweel
"haa mil compete lor i ash prises,
I lull   alll .      SoV,    ITI ll.      "ill   l»'   '"Iall
in Iif, al 11.
Friday,   Nm.   18th,   will Ita* known
,,-   laalleee   lllll.
Demonstrations in apple cookery,
hand mncerts, vaudeville programx,
meeting id gn wel   and nlhet ronven
lialtl-   Will   ntltl   10   lite   pla'il-tlta     il.i   ,'
porl   [amlltee,    Aln-!   is   the   | i   .truclioii dut ng the week,
tells  tl-. evil   is  "fa,nelil   In   mini  ol	
th,,nelii   a-   «''ll ais wanl   of heart
Ami although a man imn  plead il"' Nl"  ' KsKm KWEt
tie "oi married absent mindedlj with
.  , , I ll.*   .ll-el    hllll    laal     tla,'    I'll     I I       I!
..ul   ihe thought  ..I p.oi Idmg a home
\l,"V I    ll" ■      I I   '' al
having occurred   to  liim.   sm h  gn
earelesensiw    is   highly   repwhensibls
pi I in   the   -l.ip\ ai.l-   ii   Palson
In.una.il,.   ,t   l amnio, li mil bs bn
, , '    ., . , llaillUa.il.-    ill      lili'lll
let   ii-  a* I ii  as p.*- iiih*. *'i ioi   *        ,     ,      ,
,. , , incliiiieli   taken apart  awl -lnp|».l
L'nin-I   tin-   lieaklie--,   ninl   in "til   gel
... I'a         I"     \   lKlla.ll    |..|     ta*   IIU    tlUa  l|.
tnii; married in u lit ..I al.-t.m lion. .
_   _. _, , __ —     , , ,      Ho lal    M-pll. II-    the     -H| inlllll..
<M ft       D»...~^J     C1fl   I' migh   prove di it read '       ,, ..
$10   Reward J10L, ,'  vkxatw.1* lr u—•"■"■;"'r
.'.,,,, "' nn an   la,i,,n i, unt I the In-t si.,p
Minilai  ( hroinale. Malt' hester. ... , „
Hill  be  given   Ui  anyone who pro* I
iid*- iiiliiiiiuiii.iii leading iaa the eon
.'.,,,, "' nn an   liaii,n n nnt I Ibe In-t si,,p
Minilai  ( hroinale. Mam hester. ... , „
ren   i*.  .'tin  "I"' l't" '  """' t" ntie ami will Inline il «■ >
« informal,™ leading lo the mn ' » '"I      n selmm ■■"<   t -   "l|l
ion ,,f the part) who out the l*t      \ largi Iruit rannety i- iaa he bin "end  a.   large     u     ol Men  wl h  ■
.   "I'  >"  | „   o|  ths ti'"     aait-   III    ill   lite  'itt "I  Keliallliti   mill,   of   M itpi.-a.i   .mil   lil,*ltil,*_   |1   *.i     i"ln'
..aliin on ths  upper dark  .af  th    hattan Beaeh     iaehineri   has    been lbs   hull I   the   laniehlng
,.  |  -    ...i.e. nrderad which will enable the c>mpnn) main engines, boilei   u
T, \|. REARD, promoting lh  mterpriae in turn nut eh'nerj ml! he carried oul !■'  ll    '
Maaager,    horn IJ*"..".*11 lo UO.MKl   nrt ■ tmu I' I; at Saka»p.
we carry such leaders as
iho a compete sue <>!
^   Air 1 ii»ht Heaters and
Box St
K vou are in need o( a stove don't
(ail to see our lines.     You will be
the gainer.
paine & McMillan
The Pioneer Hardware.
North Vancouver
ll„*  \|n|il lt\   I Mini;- I  Rl SO
\ llnl, rder Irom BB up.
.,,   ,,i. ;:   .. . ,n,*al   and
ti ,,,! l   ml press
sd, n.n,
are now ready to (ill all enters
tnr "iiii       They will
oarry a full line of Imiliting supplies Oet tin- hest Th<7 have it.
A trial order will conviiin> you of
that. Oet your coal before the
rainy aeasun acts in Head
(inarters on corner of Esplanade
and St. Oeorgc, Norlh Vaiuuuver.
Phone 2.19 Terms Cash
Anyone wanting anything in
the line of papei 'hanging, kalsotn
ining, inside decorating, HtainniK,
graining or hnth .lass relief wort
drop a card to A Clnsholin Nortii
Vancouver. H fill in'istuiailly at
his residence, K'lVllltirnVe, Kith
Road We .t High ' lass relief
work ,. '"I "tily liist
class work solid!"d.
\|.    I'h.I'n*     i     We.ting    a     rs t*
'.a,       *,,,'
Large Part of City Wiped Out
ll*     i,,*   -aala*   ,iL',*ltl-   here
Tile     ainly    niitnnl.i. tittet
Ihal   pi i  pw
antes .i they alu Ml mit
el|K** I    ll**'
Try n pair
Ami In* • nni .tied
I'a* il,,.!i i  Kaili" *.| Kin.'
_* . -iV    .i
I ... Ms Kt
li.m's Cliitliini;. 1'iiiiii-liiivjs, Man's,   Ladies', and
Childreu'i Booti md Shoes.
Largest Insurance Co. in the World
toldyke Baking Powder
Two 16 oz. Tins for 35c
.1.A. AIM.McMHUN   it
('"ini'l   l.niistl.il,'  ud   l;.s|il mailr ■
, 4. 4 . > . a • ♦ . ♦ . ♦ . ♦ . 4 j"f • 4 • ♦ • ♦ • ♦ • 4 • ♦ ;■♦ •■♦•• ♦ • -KH • ■♦
Elder Murray Co.
An Opportunity Lost is One Regretted
$112.50 Cash
Halimr (>. 12, IBaml 24 months.   .   .   Price $450.00
11 Block, Irom Car.    INSIDE THE CITY LIMITS.
K'a il Instate, Loans, Insurance
210 Lonsdale Avenue       •        North Vancouver
We o|>crate the only padded furniture and piano
moving van in thr city, . .
N. V. Cartaqe Co.
t I ,,iimI.,Ii   Kve.
I'llllM ■ - III


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