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nil evcnl in this city, nnd lhe
j citizens were doing their verj besl
| lu innke il a greal  suci e:       11"
a spi la   a     WOllld   lie    \"el"\    lill'ge    11
there   would   he   more   sportini
Celebration Committee
{Mill nil ' Uilli   III  lie   i    . Ill ,   'HI    III'
pliv'l.Ilium I In |. WOllld       111
I  II a  laillal .    lllllll     iiiiii  I      phll <   .
Aii i \i ursii ..  would   i oim    Inun
The regular iiiecliug ol Iln  city [lcl,.s n,,,, e,.,,,  ||liin |.,,|    ,\| ,,l    M     icipal rnuncil mel on
council was held on Monda) nighl, t|„;   n.„„|,| i,.   , xtensivi   decol i
His  Wot .hip  Mayoi   Real)   pn ,\m,      \|,   |'||j|li|,p0   ,| „ ., !„ ,|
s"lim-    '1'liPrr were  besides  pie |t|, „, | ,|   ,|   n „.|.s  |,    |)C,
senl Alaleiiu, ii I',,I.. I,men. Irwin, „llMl.| ,,, „, „., ; ,   ,,.,,1   ilfl, ,  ,,
Jordan,   I i ii kma),   Sniilb    Oil)
(la   ll,    \\li    .   |S   V  US III   III   Ml    III   '    ('ll'   '
(l.   S.     WilsilU I       ll   llll     Sa  .   la
l in   oi  ihe   I  i   ul   > .hi,hli.ui
Munii-ipalitii    v  n tin .ma I v„, yM,,\ A |ucct| ,„,..
(i.iivt-iitii.ii which will  he  In hi  in v ||  |,R ,IMli,   |,j   ,1,,. ,1m,	
""   '»"' "l"'" "'  ''""   u  Ir.-in porlnlion line:     Several  line
'""' I'1"' \||lll»" »'i   Al1"11"1   i l'1' inds had also been    icun'.l.      lie
lU   'Ml1 M    il"""1   ""   "    ,il1"""1 ll.aseal   |,J   .1^.1,11   ll-klll!.'    ill.."     III.IV.U
'"  Canadian  niiiiiicipidities   «ill ,m,|,,, \\ |„ du what Ihey eon Id
l'"""'   "P    '"I     ilisctisaion.   Uu ,„   ,..,.,imn   ,|„,   ruinmittcc   Iai
motion ol    Mi'leiin.in   hum   ainl |1L|L.n, „ Kem:rous grant,
limerylliai llie cit- council nffiliat-      ,■  Ml K, ,,.„, ,„„, „, ,■,,. ,,„„.
anil co-operate with the union. miltce, said thai the reference ol
II. Davidson,  manager nl  llu
Mr    Pbillippo  lu  have   Second
[IaslhiKS  Sliingh    Mauul nnu .„,,,  fixed  up   was   lu   havi
Company, limited, wrote ami', „„,.., [,„• t|„. firemen's races, lie
transmitted bj Alex I'hilip, C. M. .,|su sbuw.-d lhe council plans ol
'■  requesting a  lease   Irom  the L,c m,0Wl\ ,:l,„„„|,; und maud
council ol a rig  way   loi  live sta,„] nl Allilt-ii< park.
V'""  l°i   " '' "'  l,mm'  llm' iU|llI    A. R,  Ste.ii",   said  In   did  nol
r',a,ls '"""s l"1" s56.  K '   1.1 want lo.hurry the council in the
New  Westiniiisler district.   The
in  nn nt with the council dati al
20l a a.I I'a I'm,in.   [cjol .   the  colli*
pan;   Ii ive  lhe  use ul  all  water
mailer ol making thc appropria
lion, but hoped that il would be
IrOII   -r'll up.
lis Worship said  lhat the t
nced.-d lor limning purposes Irom ,p,cst wo,,ld 1,0 considered in com-
K"' L|K''1'1' '"x  u'"s '"""  "l"" mittee,   and   the   decision   made
lU     "n:i1 Hon lhc reipiest was known 011 Tuesday |1101.ninR
Aldi rnian Irwin gave notice ol
l'"!l" ,;- Ji,ckson "'""   aski"g inolion that at the nexl regular
(oralhree-ipiarter-inch water pipe | nK,(;tin|,   |lr   wouk*   „„„.,.  |n|.  ,
(rontagi anal improvement by-law,
Alderman Dick also gave notice
put am his premises on  Fifteenth
sti' i.    Referred lo   wall i   coin
III it. e.
ol motion providing lor installation
H"' "' :"  """'' "PPlying ol sceptic tanks under civic super-
Im .i il "i tun yi .ii li i ic oi 30
lects |ii,iie nl land al loot ol I.ons
dale avenue,    Application refused,
Inhii Chi' ' ■ " rntc ap| ' li ;
positii n ol . ai. 1 al,' 1 ol parks in
ih. 1 ity,    Riled [11 icla ia 1111
Smith ,v Woodward,  barristers,
Alderman   |ordan   nave  notice
that be would move lor striking a
tax levy.
On motion ol Alderman Enn ry,
seconded by Alderman Irwin, lhe
city engineer was instructed to put
mi° I in a temporary dam at the water*
works inl.ike.
applying lor a shop license to sell
intoxicating liquors, Clerk to reply, giving information ns to procedure,
Mrs. Doctor Carroll wrote
acknowledging receipt ol h Iter of
condolence "I coum il re the demise nl Ex reeve Carroll.   Fib d.
\V. D, I'like on behail ol the
citizens' committee, having in
charge the proposed joint celebration ol the incorporation ol the
City ol Norlh Vancouver and Dominion day, wrote apph inn lor a
civic contribution to the hinds.
Rehired  to   committee   ol   the
Mi. \V, T. Sti in wroti applj ing
lot the position ol auditi r
Other communication! were re
I, hi .1 in coniniiltei oi il" whole
one In ing Im wad ' .ma' annlhei re
dealing ol I ind
I I Ilili I Inl ." 01 I.        Ull        Sl.
,1.1 nm   \v, le I.ml o\a i
The clerk was instructed to present to the water committee all
applications lor water connections
now mi file im ia 1, rencc.
A by-law to ri gulatc proa > d*
ings of the council was read nnd
The temporary loan by-law was
reconsidered nnd finally pa
The question of appointing a
citv solicitor was referred to lhe
finance committee lo resort.
It was decided to retain the
services ol J. J. Woods as city
tn usurer.
Tlu ine. ting then adjourned.
Church Notice
-I    .NIlllP.W'S I'UKSII- I ' KI !>  a 111)1(1 II
intu   him.
l's will  be 1 i'inl.1. led as
usual  on  Siinda)   bj   tin   pnstui
I   I "I I)        Iai    !|I       m       lia a  H Ma)
lliiil a I'hl 1,       Wl I'l       pi". '• 111     III'
rei ve ami ( oiincillurs Mi S nu lit,
I) Hold 1    "i    ami    Nye,
\1. .    I'hilip,  CM. C, dso
11 hi   1
\\ in   Mii im  ;i. 1 in 1 li ik. Van
 "aa   I, '. Lal. |"l ill- |'l      , C(|
a Olllbilll   I     ' a llll III.0      nnd     iini
! 1   ;        . 1        Iln  Sei olid  11 in..",',"'
I ill'll
\ "i." litown submilli d plans ul
nl' division i.i dislrii i lot I117.
known :is the l'i|iei- addition, nnd
a.skin;; tn have collier lllld Stl'ei t
slakes plai ed (hereon, ll was de*
.id. .1 ih,11 ihe distrii 1 had ii" ."ii
trol lu regulate the matter.
I lavid Cooke was present nnd
urged the council i" 1. build the
I,Min creek bridge, lie wns
list, ned 1.1 palienil). nnd was informed that ihe previous ninn. il
had di ruled nol to rebuild lhc
bridge In lhe same place, as lhe
location was not a good 0111.
Plan "I sub division ol pun "I
.lisinri lot 607, Keilh ami Capilano roads, was accepted.
Col, I racy, submitted plans ol
sub-division ol northwest part ol
district lot 871, and also nl v.a il
ball "I SS8,    Passed.
Councillor Mi Naught mgg. sli al
thai in future all sub-division plans
having nny bluffs or ravines then •
on that thei" be distinctly marked
On motion ol Councillors Mc-
Naught and Robinson, n grant ol
S1...1 wns made to the celebration
The   board  ol emk:.  1
progress, and the reevi   pointed
mit thai the work on Robson road
was most urgent.
It was decided that lhe win le
council make a tour "I inspi ction
ol the roads 011 Thursday,
The proposition ol Capt, Cates,
re leasing his place on the Esplanade for a municipal hall was accepted, the rent being S35.00 per
The clerk was instructed to interview the government re the
grant ol $5,000.
The   reipiest "I   John   Taylor.
owing    to  a   missiinil. islanding,
that he be given back hi;
in   district   lot   5s,,,  ,,,i 1 u|   the
S ir creek, en the Ki il
wns laid ovi 1 l" n hiinie  mci ling.
ITie res
1 ipal  I'llic rs   was  accepti     1    -
math 1 "I Innn.
Mr. Sh in was re appointed
audiioi . Dr. Cainpbi II, In illh
ofl  ■ 1     v. ■.   Philip .  "ii ipal
,., 1     .  11 m 1       m Siinda) school, •!" p in.
I'l,ms -ul nulled hi M,diain. Mc . '
1*   1    1 1■«, 1 1 Service al M'.'id". ,ill'    ■
I.ul.uial,'. Mahon hu approval ol
1 he 1 iii,. ns 11'lel'ialimi a mn
mittee mel in full Ion e on Wed-
ne '! I) nighl 111 lhe 1 il\ bull,
Chairman Phillippo presided,
I In i'ini ceilings wen ver) en
1! iia Ih. W01 hip Mayoi
Ki .! 1 lied thai lhe linn "I
Me;   1       Million,    Ma I'nl,ml    A
'll     llllll   ll   III III   lOlll'l      Ca     lllllllll  ll
11 il    " ,■ . tvhii Ii aniioiim 1
in- ul "...i a teceiva al .ulli applause.
1111 thanking iln Iwo 1 nun
cih, and   Mi    1     M 1l1c-.11, Ma I ,1
Million Im llu 11 1 onlrilui
:.        ere nniiiiimuiisl) 1  d,
I III      II pull "I   llu    (illillll 1     a . Ill
nulla a. although :■! um ing,   hov i
llinl  more 11 ey is needi d il lhe
Ini"' 11 elebriition programme is In
hia carried oul,
The committee on aquatii sports
submitted a lengthy list "I pro
posed events, and alter considei
able discussion, a lurther sum "I
S.!5..ic 1 was appropriated [01 llu
unlet sports,
I In .ports committee submitted
n partial lisi ol events, which were
approved. A lurther report will
ha- made al the nexl meeting.
Meeting adjourned till Monday
The ladies' aid, d Sl    |ohn's
1 Inui h. will  Imlil .1  Iiiiii I '
and "I lhe ' Imu h mi |uh ut     1 >ii'
I' III  Will  I .   I ll I li d    nil   lhe    lllllll
< liiini.il   I'l..uud ..    nnd    	
Illlld     'II. a  I \     I V.,  Ill'    III I
.11   11 tt ill Iii   pun ided
I'ln cit; 1 - la,  havi   .1
Hull. I) ul uu III, .111   im.   isioti        1
A.  I'llll, 1 will  put   (UK    in   .11   llu
Inui ..I  I..ms.lal.   .iv. nn.      I here
will he 0111   largi   inui      ;
and iwo uuiii.ii. rj     Elei li ii  Iai
gi I • i\ ill be used, and he I ■       a 1
a dozen brand new rilles.
The steami 1 Prim e Rupi rt has
heen sold by Iolin Davis to
Urease) A < tiiinii. She will ply
hetwi'i 11 Lasquito island and lliis
Wide Streets Necessary
Interviewed b) ilu press "I
Vam ouvi r, Mr, Hocki 11, editor ol
iln Orange Sentinel, Toronto, said
ill pad :
■■ The thing that impresses me
mosl is that your people seam to
be building on a broad foundation,
This strikes one [on ibly in your
good and wide thoroughfares, as 1
a an ' "iu eive of little thai is so im
portanl tu a city which is destined
in I" come populous.
•■ In Toronto the early authorities (aili ll to sec this, and a pto-
posal is now I" ing seriously con*
si!, red lor lhe widi ning "I n vi ral
ol the principal streets at a cosl
which will total many millions to
|. N, I  Drown, lhe well known
1 hampioii amali 111  oarsman, has
1. I111111 d hum lhe Capital City,
and will remain here (or sunn
liim.    lie is pist us entbiisastic
the middle nnd upper canyons ol
Lynn creek. Alter considerable
disi iission the entire matter was
"  la  Ila  ,]   |.a ,|  ( III lllll ittiL',     Wltll     lllll
powei lo act, consisting ol Coun*
1 illoi l  I-. Mi Naught, Chairman
I M   Duval. (,.  W.   Sugden,  V.
II Cross, I   M. I'Tniiie nnd A.  !''•
lhe Alexandra  hotel,   on  the
11 ■ 1 .I Watei and Carrall streets,
opi 11 |i-u business, and is a
a.ilu.il'l' in position to the hostlery
"I   \ .Ilia I.lll.  1.
Al n in ■ inu: In Id in lhe Lynn
\ all* i ' luml house, mi Monday
nighl, arrangements were dis-
' ed Isi holding an entertain-
nn ui lot iln- si luml 1 hildren on
the lu> aikiii'.: up ul the school lor
the summer vacation. All the
ni 1' isarj 1 ommitteea were ap.
pointed, consisting ol entertainment, refreshment and decorating'.
Councilloi McNaught acted as
chairnian, and Mr. McD. Milne
Idled tin position ol secretary.
Mi. Morrison nml family took
1 up llieir residence in Lynn  Valley
over the city and nquntii sporls us
c-el.    In :ill Ilk lib I he will  be
a conlestai 1 iu tin single si .ill
race mi the first "I |uly.
Nothing is In ing left undone by
the  boating  club  1    make  the
regatta on the lust oi |uly a 1 -al
breaker, Already the committee
mi aquatics hav.' arranged thc
programme, whii h is certainly a
vi n a 1. ditablc one
A verj successful danc. and
■ tippi 1 was given bj Mrs, Bis 111
at the pavilion on Friday ni: I,
There was a large number prci 1 t,
and the affair terminated shortly
It 1 midnight,
I. Ked,1, the proprii tor o( the
Palai. hoti I, has tli i idi d to build
an annex to hi- already large
Koht. Campbell, broth, r to the
the city.   Tl lain streets, Queen barber, has returned  from   Las-
and Younge, with Elizabeth,  arc quito island alter an absenci   ol
under consideration, and  if  the several   months.   Hi   likes   the
-!-' "I Toronto could have been North, bul tin cit) bottci
for:'' u all this a xpi in.  1.1 have
bi. 11 avoidi d as it lecms in have
hi 1 n done In re. I presume that
your other public utilities, such as
sewers and sanitary necessities
. ave bi a 11 111 magi 'I mi an equall)
1 principle.
A strawberry fi stival, under the
1 pai e  ■ I the Ladii s' Aid "I St.
Andrew's   Presbyterian   Church,
Sixth  street,   North  Vancouver,
will I" held mi Monda)  1 veiling,
|uni  ■:   .1 lo'i loi I.   "-- iwi' rrii 9
nnd  11'  1 ream will I"   erved   a
"Apparently    none    "I
,,, :,. ...     ,       i  ver;   intcn stinfi   pi igram   ol
■ i ■   i:,   md n   1 iii"ii"' will
In n ndi 1. d   ' i". lum h
E1 tern   cil;    corporati n    havi
ll in ' ption   "I   tlu
Iilil"       li alll. 5S    .unl    ii   ■
thai awail   1 111 1 li 111 1 itii s,  but
Vam ouvi 1  si cm ■  i"  ba .     been
uin. t" this (rom tin lit il and has|G iod D mpli 11 lornu d a I
|, rk, ami Miss Smith li 1 ml    I"'1 ••" ' "■■■■' '•" lien  on \\     icsj     night,    I'he
I ground
ITie   Inl d   I Itrdi 1    ol
on Wednesday. They keep coinin'.
Mi. J. A. l'yke, ul thc Home
Life Insurance Company, dropped
a cheering word in our office this
Wi' k.
I lure will he two moonlight excursions, i'ii steamer St. George,
under the auspices ol the Round
'•()" Club, on Monday, June 24th,
and Wednesday, June 26th. The
boat will leave the Carrall street
lerry landing at B o'clock, calling
at North Vancouver at N:3o p. in.,
thence up Burrard inlet. There
will be music, dancing and refreshments.   Tickets, 50 cents
Elsewhere in this issue will be
Been the advertisement 0! Inkster
Marriott & Ward, the new firm ol
financial and commercial brokers.
The ollice will be opened about
I nly 15, un Lonsdale avenue, be*
twei n Second and Third streets.
Mi. |. Loutet, brother to our city
1 ngineer, will he the local manager.
We bespeak lor the new venture a
sm ci -slul bnsiness.
Mi Bars. Tarn, Eniiiiersoii .V
(irant have heen awarded the contract to build the new addition to
the school, the price being
$4,457.53, The same lirm aro
building the grand stand at the
Athletic p.uk.
The festive cutworm is around,
md a large quantity ol Paris green
- bi ing usi d as an exterminator,
'■ rs ol pigeons beware, as
Paris gnu 11 docs not agree with
. " p 111
I'raj -1 11111 iini  on  11 In
s  Ii'l llli  I,
All are welcoiin
Paslui   Ret   !  I) 1 n    \i ',
■ I      II1IIN':    . Ill Ki II,     . "IM 1
I ll \ lli   l\|a   11111:11 I Mil
in 1 1
I'irsl, thud   and   hllh S In i
I hu i . ninii shin, S u'l luck,
i um ..I dislriel lol      ; .
and   ss".   hounded   h) Iwa Hih
and   I'illi 1 'ih   slreeis and   st
Andrew's uud Ridgev a\ iveinii s
An. pied
III' I'.ll.Ill'   a l|a   a   I
I1C!| Ill'll   Willi   ilia    a|| .'.'.lllll.:    ail     ll.l
old iiiiiiik ip ilil) and Iln loin..iiinn
"I the 1 iti wi 11   "'iil'ii iU' d  hi   lhe
auditoi    I.ind ni' i
I 1    I    Phillippo, 1 ll.illlli.il   nl llu
iii'in    iil< luation   cuniiiiiti 1.
w.e. pies. nl.  nnd staled   that   tin \ ,
1 j    Sen 11. '■' Vol 1 Siinda) in..inin
. omniilti <" .1. ui. .1 lum i" ask ilu
council Im n grant loi  the juint
celebration ail llu uu orporation nl
the City ul Ninth Vancouver and
Dominion duj in 11 lining ninnm 1.
I In distrii 1 ' uitm d had given llu
sum "I  Mn", and on lhe
Inn . the 1 ity was asked to give as
liberally as  possibh.   The  pro
posed ci h bration would be quite
I'ii.. 1. dings 1 hen ]i rmin.-ili .1.
no uu a nu nl 1   .■.    il1 \i
'.,,11        ;   M       |' nnii   II
"i.a     , 1    Mdcriiinii
... ih   u.l hri .lupin 1 I;  1
iln 1 in.ui. will ladii plai \\' 'I
Iai   l    ■
in    Sl       \ndli v,  .    1 luili li    In le
I llll . "inn il  ah. nld I ile up   Iln
'   11 "I wiih r streets, although
havi ■ '   "      I"   1  ■ ii. a 1
lo ha lound in am < ity.    Wi ll 11
thai   iln    I   i .
wiih in il and pul in Inn  «
\ am ouvei      -    p i"       a       11
' l,i,r'" Ha'        I'll     I       I	
known and vi n popular ivilli ll
I !      il .'    il    I .', Ii'l     ','. I" li     Ila     HI
Inui hli   ' . I pro pi rity.
lliul'  a   niiiila 1   ul  llu    hull.in-
li, iv  hn  here  loi   Ah 11   Ila'.  lo
Second    I   loiirth   Sundnys,  ,lUcm|   ,)„.    \,^    ,,,,11.11 h.    I'h.
I I:J".
II o'clock.
IC Vi imi"  icrvice, ,  I"
Ml'.llliil'l.-I   I llllll II,    IlK'SHI     IIM I,
I ON   I'M I    WKNI I
Sa nn .■ al 1 1 a in and 7:30
p. 111. b) Ki v, I ir, K"l "ii 1 Sun-
da) m hool and bible class, .r.30
p. in I'n ( scat- All arc cordially invited.
1 a li hi.ii will last, ii is expi 1 li d,
iv,aa ni th" a week
,,   ,      ,,,.,,,       ,1 'laphii il and pn ■   work III	
Ill-lhl llll     (  llllllla .    'll    lie     Sl '
hi,nu is hotel, sp. nl a   (1 w  hupp)
llUIII      III   llu   a ill   llll  'I IICSllllV.
Surveys an being made al  h 11   \\
raid, tin new lownsite pill uu  tin     .,,
market hi Mi   Mi Lean, just easl ,
.     ,        ,.   '   ., "iiii    \,    I'llllllll.    |,|,,i|||, ,|'i,  I    "11
"1 the Capilano,
11 ■ nice,  spelil .1 few 1
Subscribe lor Thi Express hours in tin cil)  on Wedn
Len   |()lmso     1 in di m,
Pel,  Lai ' loin
■   :  1   'la,niii   .11
tlu    ll i p|    || eld   ill
Ri tn aii 1   lllis
Miss May I II' inland,
Mi    Clayv rlli   Ki ll
1 1   \\ in
Mi     II      M      Ramsay,     Iati
■ i'i        "1    hn.    pan .
.Mi   i    I)    Hod
1   1 ■ rtdii to llu art pn . rvatin |>ai I N 11   Va
Uii la ml s I unl 1 ■ iln   man ip 1
uid |ubn P Mi Council il ■
ihal it is 11 '
t'  !   In   llu    1 >i 1   1
1    mil p hli ' . 1        Iiii Ii an
il   with   il ■    hm, la
'       11.1    li prim
n.ill,"I.    good    Im    all    llli
" •  II ml I Iii   |l II' 1 pn s.
clccled,   and   the   typo
Land Sales.
' . ' a,11 |'|i|
nighl at I ■    I     1
.   . ■   . 1 :       . 'i       :
1   1     : 11 ai dity,  to dis*
1   thi "pi ning "i n ii.nl through
0 I   I   nd fifty lots in
ni'i     hall   hours is  the
I    "I   '  ih ■     lll.ee     hv    K"l" ll
W      I    ! laa       Ltd   .     I  IU  '    '  '
\  [i tt da) • ago  this linn
a    .at    I lnt||a |    |.0|
N     ' a  Norlh \ .un ouvi r, k 10
I nn l| ii'    '   I lie       N. WS III
ih. pin hasi   ttt  noised aboui nud
bu; 11 1      awaili d tur an
annum :  il     date  when
ni ih    trai t  1 ould he
I     wllil h    appealed    III   the
■ 1  1 h '' 1       Early
I .'    lil) nun nur.:. In hue Ward &
lier ivns "I'm. people wi re
w uin:   int iiiii     I h> sab  I" gan
I      |0 .1   111 . and hi Ion   I" o'i Inch
1    than hall "I  tin   300 lots
i'      'II. ll '  pin' S paid  Hinging
hum  -   , •    file lots arc
1 ii' d 1. vi ry" hoii cand level.
; lirm dei Ian s that tin
. niii'  distrii t lol will he disposed
aal within ,1 lew ilav s T11K EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B.C.
THE EXPRESS, charge ol  funerals stiil "xisls in
North Vancouver, 11. C. i ibe West, lo a di gn i   nol  known,
.,,.,,,,              o i e i   i i    sav in  N.w  EuL'liind,  where   in
A Weekly Ncwspapci   Pubhslieil by
Subscription, $i a year.
ertain localities p. ople nre  not
Descriptive Booklet     ^mummmmmmiammmji ;mei\ts
:        , 11 U   I "if-- ,.       in,-:       i.      ,'i "l\ .1 > .1 ft     a ,
The Vancouver Tourist Assm i
man | irdilll said lliiil   " in
adopting hn "nr seal and emblem
considered   Ic
■    issued   n   new   booklet,   >
now being distrii uti d l>\   'J
hnth an orthodox doctor nnd mil     '
i      .,     , ISccretaiv l'Tumerlelt, who will hi     S    T H t~      HI I   8
lil a  |>'' .Ite. to        llll I I   I   l_   S.
ph      ail" (iirnisli enpu s mi
The ver) poor, and the outi asts
■ 'l • ly, m San Eran isco began
:    oi    npo i ilnm i" ' ige as tin'
I    ■ .    i .      i i|t,,n   j,,
' k,
ijROCLRft 5
n .it  his  office  mi  i iiaiuullc
street,     lli mil,nir, nun h vallli   h      *■*
, at
inl lio . " garding lhe a it)
sum di Ii*ii 11, ai -I  is pro
was called ii| il llu Haled with balllone cuts
the 1"    hive, anchoi   and  wheel.  .,l||Lll!  ,*■„  .... |.    , .    ,|„    Is,i,-■    m(] vji,w   , .,,., n m lh,, (.i(,     ,
A"'11    """■ "'  :'        '     I""1"   olllu   Wi "mi  shows  up  pill
u, hoped i" portraj iln ri in both
tin- line spun "I mo i in en
well as "iii geographical, cum
menial and industrial | I
The bee hive. In iwi i n the am hol
and wheel, represents industry,
i ,   ni, hm and  win el  repn  i it:
: ss      I he true signili	
ol ilu- end.I' in is not an in pii i
|   a||.   bill   au   ui tun!   I.ii t .   win, ll
must necessarily impress ever)
one who has'tbe good fortune lo
become one "I Ni ith Vancouvi i s
.: tens We aln ady have some
important indiisti es that utilize
ilu: mode "l tut iportation, "I
which the anchoi is the emblem
With the advent ol the joint
traffic bridge, wheel will meet
keel, and rail meet sail. I lu n
will out emblem be cotllpli ti
all Hn     hu   il an
posSl       '1   thai   Slipi lU'l    I) pe    "I
Horn       | intellectual fibre whii li
It |        ' i.m  in   excel
I, ui priesl   he i mild " minislei
lu iihnl- in II. and i    u idunhl' ■
ll    i.  : pholngiaph a vi i taken       . JJ
||ip| aa,'     llllll,Oil    llllel Olllll        .J"
aie those "I Hasting i stn-el      J
n i Irom in.undl" sin
Clean (ioods
Riqhi Price*
Prompt Attention
a\ .
lent Priesl    he could " lllillislel I im. ..imt Ironl (irnnvillc- sited    ' aa     r- rv      I • £    C A "•
■Mu. it wm ha, iN"'. :;;:,;:;',;;.,„ :,„. lllisi,   : free Delivery of Goods s
11,..«...,,.,, ,l...l ll III. ... .1 .1,,, I. .1 . , — A -
tl   i    parati 'I tin uliii ■ i "I dm lui
ami priesl  and m lualh   llie)   in
nnd  lnuiid hi a.in
In   Sacramenlo   nuv
>   j-j^JI;*^
Palate Hotel
llcsl luruislioil llnlcl uu llie Const
\|. Mllllll I      slleel .     VU WS     III     I
1 | ni,    l ngli ,|i ll:i\ bathing I" in li  """      '"'
-•in (' .slid   nu n haul    a   I' v.   I '   „„| i  i,i, filing mi   Uunanl
birth, and a man a.i   n il    r.ici    ■:    ,;,,     | ., i,  . hows a  niinibi r ol
spilll,       Wh"      llllS      |||i Sllpl lifll     Vi .||;|,    v ,,,.., ,1   lliel'.    I,|    the     Kaa",
spiritual piality which  makes his  Vancouvei Yacht  Club out  in  n
Sl  1". I'  a  S   ' gill     .iU1   I        llllll     HI     I' ,,,, ,|,   In,  |
spouse to demand he goes all ovei <m~-»—~-.
thi   tntc saying tin lasl words ovei Special Rates to Fnmilies anil Rcgulnr Bonrders
Ihi dust "I lIuiM  '.(Im in Iheii live:       I '■   "'  "  w "" ;
hail lost  faith  in  the  established I*""')     ■ '"'-       ""'    !M" h      '
..id",   ...   had  loo  much   lailh   in point"1 "   I"'1""   '"   (h11   1,inss '
i   , , llu  a ml ide.l   Im   lh
: ,       lo da) 'In  i dltoi wns
,,.,,,, ii,|* surprised with n pn
iiiiii.n h\   Mrs  I""...', "i  ii pi i
i,| the lim  i   iii v. tubers  grow i in
Ifijs provim e.  ii"l evi n exei pliug
\slu ".ii      lh-1   wi re grown  in
In.   anli  I "i.nli   it" i
mil si
1.1(11>. rD,-.i|
nml |i|i
Our nun I lnls nr,' here;
..in- Spriim Wi...liens urn
lien'. Our -liire and every
lliing li..'ri'in is new, lirlulii
ami clu'iTl'iil. Our prices
nro right,
Patrioniie Home Industry
I'iiiimi'si.n Hi,.is. ■ LONSIlAI.I'l  AVB,
I'm-   ..ur   size    ue    have
 I tin' tin,'st  nml hi'Ht
Htm I - in lirilisli I'liliuuliin.
We are laving  iu llll   l'.\-
l.'ll'IM"    -la.il,    ll|
lip-10 inn HI I OK *, I IONS
lur die ia ■ > a la hruliuii "II
liiniiluiun liny. Wc npi'ii
iiniii up iievi week. All
ciiiiie nnil inspect.
Mn-. II    \. Sum
Cor. 2nd nnd
lions-tale Ave.    -    N.VANCOUVER
Alt, I hi- lliiil) sixlli ji al lh no
In orge -lipp. al h; natural process
into ihis si nn n ligiou ■   ordei   a
I'lie   |  all. |   llu   n|,|, i   nl    Ml ii 111   i
d< ll      I ll H IS -pnl,.   in.in lul those
who had im    "i ial    landing,   ;i
. . im tin imi i 1. .    a Ii ii nd  lu
tin   Iriendli ss,   i:\vn   Ibusc   wlm
: wele nnt  Iriends in   iln linn Ivei
■ hmi ai limn   even In  v n i up on
Here   was  n   man   absolutelyU\,v inountain side where he saw ti
Coiitiniicil Irmn I..-I Weel
honest, with no bad habits, in
diistrious and economical, hut
i.u! ing in that peculiai lomeihing
that spells sm i esv The tip. is
not tare. One trouble was thai
om llenn George stuck i" no one
place long enough to make him
sdt ancccssit)    Men "I hall Ins
iliilitj made twice as mm li n :)
lhe days  went  hy  and   llenn
George wrote in Trump, " I am
advance agent loi the stork."
Now storks bring love and hope
and care, and anxious days and
sleepless nights. Henry George's
domcstii affairs had steadied Ins
barque, and while Ins relatives in
Sl-.I'UM    Sl
lliill Iiinn'  lorn   I'liiiiicclion   In  .'imi   from
Yllliei.llV.T.     I I'd   .Unl   llnlll    "Hli I'   ill   I'Vt'l'V
I'lllllll lll'tlll'll      I'llll       Ill'll IU       I'VI'I'Y       I'anilll
REDA iV \NDRUSS, Proprietors
SUH I II   V.\N('.()l)\ RK, IJ  (
u      I
11  i,   |licit has returned In
n |i to tin ()l. in igan country
A lodgi nl the indl ]
In organized in Orange hall,  ou
,i disianci ihal verj h « men could.
lie lell I iwn dignit) and knew  M mdaj evening at H o'clock
his worth,   The president ol ilu      |{u|lt    im,|    \,|;nn   st     |ul
University ol California n
his ability ns  ti   thiukei   and  a
spi .ihi i aski tl Imu I" :;'"' Ul"-1
..I in tines mi 11 iniiiinu s,
II   gn' e   this was all lhe)
California i olh gi - have had ..
lol ol trouble with ei inoniii i il
i a theme more fraught loi
them with danger than tin ■!.■.:
How Calilornians make tlnn
in.un j and how they spend ii is a
topil which  in  liandliiig  nipiii. s
diploma) y, othcrwisi twenty-lhrei
Ihi. is a passage Irom  lh nrj
- ' ■ lecture befon   thc I'm
Philadelphia thought he carried an -' ■''  "l"1't.v "' intellect, a line
■ v..  . nl Romish ballast, it was delicac) ol expression and inncl
all lor tin hen    lie read, studied,
thought, and  wanting  little his
mind did not list lo eithci port or
Henry  i ■>   had  graduated vei lit) "I California i
Inun the rase into the editorial      • i ,,i the study    "I   political
room,   lie worked on all the news* U my  you  need   no    pi
papers bj inin in San  Francisco knowledge, no exten na- library,
and Sacramento, and had n  li      costly laboratory.   Vou do not
lictegai ol the strongest . en need text books or teachers il
editorial  wrilcrs  on  tin   Coast. ,   t will but think (or yourselves,
The hiiiit."    office wa    hi yond ,\   tl .at you need i     ire in i
his provim a   md a   a ni \\ ipapci
w.is :i bu :m ■ I is run
neither lo ■ I u ale thc publii   noi
lip ■        phi nillllelin    In
iheii   a . || . in ir  iu  ,|| itin
the i   cntial Ii   n  llu   ai i idi Utah
brothers ul John St. John, ol ibis
city,  an   here   oii   a   visit   Inun
Ontario.    I'he lirsl m 1 is pro
pietui  ..I an hotel at  I'xbri'
A,I,uu is n-id' ni 'ii London, Ont.
H„.    visitor!     nre    well-known
,:, in Western Ontario,
and are more than agreeably sm       .
prised with British Columbia.    lt|    ;
has bei n more than iwi nly years
since they seen iheii brotlu i
Tin boating club have purchased
anotlu i loin oan d boat loi the
ia.. - Irom tin Vani ouver Rowing
KKtl iMHW    Worth ol No"th Vancouver
^jujuuu   Property fo, jlents,   .   .
()\\ in i . are reipn   ed lo a .11 al om oll'u e, oi
mail a lisi with lull di si riptii n ai I particulars
as in pin is and terms.
Wi  a .tu guai inti'  sal • il pin es aii"  light,
and wc are given sole   igcili v
Give ilns youi  ii nn liati   alb tit ion tl you
wish your propa iu Iransloi'iueii lu i ash,
Mil lllll (I
h ni|ia.r,iii inli..'   I   I'liiliiey's
I'nliil -i   !■ I   |'t in.i'le
N 1      \   INI  aal   ll   |   .     U       1
liiirirr-SiTuciiii Jipiios Vales
II   iniil nri       urNi rm. svitii
■ a if  i     "i a ei,'.   .\   BPECIAl IV
t lllll VI   ill-   AITI.V
Sixth Sn i IViiiler Slreol
S'nrtli \ ma i       \ nni' er. II C.
II   II,  I'n.v M'.-i.
Sixth streei,  SOUTH  \ Wi nl VII;
i u i> i ii i 'i i \ i iniul
I'lliiM   "Ml
 ■  II In uini ■ i'ii
All Klllal...I lli'l|i ■ ll'l'l '    ■
II    H.lllM.
:'ai Pmvcll SI,
V  Wl'a'l   Villi,   II.   ('.
Corner Lonsilnli1 \vc .mil I'iftli Sl. j
II mmi are going to BUILD
'"ll-llll  ll- llllll  ne lllll
live i".. MONKY.
Plans, Hi.,   prepared  Im  <in>
st-lc house. Estimates furnished
BUILDERS    6th St., West
Knur ii-incli W lyatl Iiibii mower,
in uood onler, 1H.00
A. I'. IlK'M-UV,        I
t'nr. hlii'i'iilli St. and h"ii-'l.'" Ave,
lor the  proprii i i     hi alth,   llu and in applyii    llu    nip
manager did nol lool upon llenrj i n lion with which you nn
''    ■ " li |    alien      I ,!,.   nol    I
hence I '        ' ■   plain   wh) lot   rani
i i
I., t i" ll "I     lu
:     way, tin  upiui        :   .1
At liiitl
| .'■ unl     con
I iii a pai
ill  this |
•■.■'.-. irning.'i  laniiol
Itale   11    111.1 I
e   him   i"   i dm il
•i'i'" 11        re you ii
lllie) '.■...      .   ful i
I ■    . .      "     , eli can um   tin in.    A   iiioiiki)
: ■ :• i' il  cu   i i microscope, a iiiiih p n liin-i
pul I.i' ire I'll   I inl'l' Ills   'I   I1 •
i    ' llll 1   ai.
i In lhc    a.,        i| thi   di ail
nl a 'i'il.i 11 trni
■.I     ...      llu i"li   tin
lui it   ■ il in ii ; icf)   nnd
ii it   but li ami I    Inula,
I will   i it hit I'
lllltll ' all! llll I
i\i" ,   ■ i npliblc,
'     I     ,      tha      II'    111    UlO    V. a,     III    II all
.    , bei .rn e ilu \' |i'. ,   willl
I iiiui',  im
pell  i
i ,,  i|   ,
I i   idled  -i   '.' tll
igh the cil , ,''■:,
■    ■ .lolling nol    ; nt llu  nu    .   ;. .a. a nu n.
it I,' mii Li hm i
I'ln   custom ol tl     iiiy ta |      a
Rolled Oats
llaij and Feed
All  OUIHiih
1)9 I IVI It I I)
—rw~ i i*t—*b ~.~w~ —m ■——*
Miliintj Co.
I illliteil.
Iiniii' i
Loll   lali   \
I     ' .      ' .. ; 11    into   illitl
I IWI 1     I   I    lal I,   '  Ill'll   llnlll
Siitloii' a .        ;, hand,
Sell Your R'al Estate—Renl Your
House-  Invest    Your    Money    in
Mortgages at Good Interest.   .   .   .
To  See,  il  You  Wish   to Buy   in
North Vancouver	
f n\i  •,
MHilll  \ \M hi \hi.
COXTIIACTOH ANIi Ill'll. 1 'I.i:
Solilll  vam "i Hi: ll. ('■
i >i|ie.-   Iltllng   and   -lair   hlllllllllg  n
s|.r. lillly-
mii.',   lain,:   l,..ii-.|.ile mul n.it.t*
trout.  Teh :'..
UIVIl,   ItNlllNltUU
I'l.lll-. Illlalllllll.-.   I ■ nl-
Sii|„'riiii,'ii'lenei' "i L'uimlrui'tiuli
I ..I iiiii -nu i i. ',.i:\i ia lalSKHAI i"  llr.
south vwild vi'.i;.
1 II
When you want
a job of Painting
or Paper Hanging
ur Kalsoinining
done.   See
Hardy & Stoney
Sixth Shu i i
60   YEARS'
III |i'|;   I   i"'"■    III llll   ul   Tll
• ll .,.:    I)    llli
I -.I.i,-    Ilil.   II
-iiniii' i- llnil'! Si'wwl
i i (8,60
iii, MASTING!  ,-lhhh'l W
TnAnr Marks
■ i.' I il,«nli,tii.i. nm,
i,ii nn, i "
Scientific American.
\ ■■ ,,,,|. ilrlllffltfl I if'Ht    1-in-pM -*ir-
I Ml- '"  I.    'IimivIUi
ti-if; I mr Until!Iif, tl. BOW uj(ill JIOWrfMlffflL
MUNN & Co.^"""^ New York
I'rmntiiifflin. fl) K RU WUhlDRlOfl, h. i • THF, EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B.C.
A very instructive and interest
iii}.; article on "Sportsman's
hnnd." written hv Frank I..
Clark, Victoria, who is an old-
time newspaper man, appeared in
a recent issue ol Recreation, ll is
herewith reprinted by request:
Three hundred nnd seventy
thousand square miles, and si arco
a mile nl  il llllll ilms not   support
many more heads ol game than
human inhabitants, (or in all that
vast area there ure barely 200,000
people, Think ol il u territory
three limes larger than all ol New
England, with New York and New
Jersey nnd Pennsylvania thrown
iu, uml [airly swarming with game
ol every description lound in
temperate un.l sub-arctic regions.
In lhe southern districts one may
shoot California quail, English
pheasants and Hungarian par
Irigcs, while in the norlh ptarmigan ninl an in luxes are everyday incidents ol the chase, Bear,
black, brown nnd grizzly ; 'leer ol
man) varieties, mountain sheep.
mountain goats, panthers, lynx,
wolves, tvolvi iiiii-*, calibou und
moose me in abundance' Im hunt
uis nl big game, un.l nl -■ small
deei " hares, nll.i. in,11I111. iniul,.
marmots and squirrels Ihere is no
end. Feathered game is also verj
plentiful nnil widely distributed.
I'hese aiie some ol tin attractions
which Hull.li Columbia oilers lo
the sportsun 11 ol the world, nol
mentioning lhe lish which, sea
and flesh water, she possesses in
great variety nnd exhaustless
plentituile hei commercial fisheries yielding Inun seven to ci**lit
million dollrrs nnnually. Hue nl
the great advantages which this
province oilers to the hunter ol
hi" game, equally with liis less
ambitious brother, is the ease and
comfort, with which he nun reach
nil", s. 1 si ni 111- 1 si'i.ons,
I'lie coast line being deeply indented by hays and inlets enables
one m penetrate many miles into
the interior on comfortable steamers, while the Canadian Pacific,
Great Northern and Northern
Pacific railways give access to
scores ol go id points from which
to " hit tlie trail." Should one
desire to cope with the mighty
grizzly he can find him at home iu
the Bridge River and Cliilcotin
districts, in the Hope mountains,
Okanagan, Kettle River and
Kootenay, aud int Ile Cascade
mountains In- will Iind liim in
abundance, Mountain goats are
found everywhere in the Cascade
mountains, They are (anions
climbers, making their homes in
the most inaccessible heights, so
thai hu who seeks them has a
chance of milking a mountain-
climbing record as well as securing
his game. They are thick-headed
beasts, and when one reaches their
haunts they are not bard to shoot,
as they do not seem to appreciate
the dangei oi a gun with a innn
behind it. Hie, horns (mountain
sheep) are much more difficult ol
approach, being exceedingly wary,
ami patient und persevering ellort
is necessary to get within range ol
ihi'in. The big Inun is li'iind m
many parts ol the provinci. lhe
besi known variety "this montana)
is iniind in ilu" R01 ky mountains,
Cliilcotin, French Bar Creek,
Bridge River, Cassiar and Similko
mi-en, while other varieties (Ovis
faiinini, stoned and dull) are more
or less plentiful in the Allin
WAPITI,   HU    K1N*<: ill   HI I I!.
is confined to the central portions
ol Vancouver Islnnd, where considerable herds roam the beautilul
valleys, whii h so lar, arc almost
unknown lo 111 in. To gel io ihem
the hiintei musl do some hard
work hy trail, hike and river,  lml
the magnifii cul head, once set I.
is a trophy worth much travail and
many inconveniences, 'Ilm i"in
mnn black heai is very plentiful
[and may be hm! in nearly every
} portion ol the province, Recently
[local naturalists and sportsmen
were much interested iu the discovery ol a new species ol hear,
cream colored, but in even" othor
respect closely resembling its
black cousin. Three ol these
"white" hears, a dam and Iwo
cubs, were killed comparatively
recently and brought to Victoria,
where Mr, Frank Kermodc, curator
of the provincial museum, declared
ihein a distinct speei«.   I lis nm-
tcntion  was disputed   ill   several
quarters with the argument that
the specimens were nlbinos, but
Mr. Kerniode's decision has been
confirmed by well known authori
ties, and lhe new hear named
Ursus kermodel in his honor,
Moose are abundant in the
northern districts ol Allin and
Cassiar, and lhe mountain caribou
is found throughout the province,
|:hu li tailed deer is lound everywhere ou tlu mainland west ol the
Cascades, and on all llie islands
long lhe west const, excepl llie
Queen Charlotte group Mule
deer abound in and east ol the
Cascades lo lhe boundaries ol
Ml., ila und North to Peace iiwr.
1 III WHITE I Ml 1 ll I'll 1
is aula |,nm,I lu (he -.until, 111 pails
ill the province, chii lh in 1 Ikan*
attain and Kootenay districts'
I'nntheis are mosl plentiful in \ an-
couvi 1 Island, bul thi'j are h\ no
iu. nn,1 rare 011 iln mainland.
Lynx and wild cal are lound only
mi lhe mainland, (iray wolves
uml pi.iiii, wolves are tils 1 coin
ninii all over lhe mainland. Foxes
are mu numerous, but are found
east ol the Cascades and in the far
nm tv While ihe sportsman maj
find ample occupation and excitement anywhere " oul ol town" in
llritisli Columbia, the district ol
Cassiar probably oilers the gn all st
variety ol sport, There he may
bag grizzley and black bear,
moose, caribou, mountain sheep,
mountain goal, lynx, wild cat,
panther, and several kinds of deer,
besides smaller game, such as
otter, hai., mini,, etc. I lease lake
is an ideal rendezvous lor hunters
ol bin game, It is in the northern
part ol Cassiar , district and is
reached by steamer from Vancou
ver nr Victoria to Fort Wrangel
Alaska, thence by river steamer up
the Stickeen river 15.1 miles to
Telegraph Creek, and supplies
can be houglit there and at I.ak
ton and Milhiuie Creek. Baron
von Plesscn, a Danish sportsman,
says ol a hunting trip in Cassiar I
•• During the lew weeks 1 was in
liritish Columbia 1 had the good
luck to bring down fourteen hears,
ten of which were black and lhe
remainder grizzlies. Besides this
we shot three mountain sheep, a
caribou, a number ol wolves and
nlli.r animals. Wc spent most ol
the lime in Cassiar district, whir.
we had line sport, game being very
plentiful there."
also abound throughout the
province. Blue grome is lound
everywhere, English pheasant
(imported several yens ago), is
now very plentiful on Vancouver
Is| md and tho southi rn mainland,
and quail, snipe and plover on the
islands nnd along the coast,
Geese and ducks, mallard, canvas*
iai k. teal, widgeon, and 1 veral
iitlui varieties, swarm along the
coasl and in the   inland   lakes,   so
ih it ilu hunters table can bo well
supplied at all times. Inr il Ik sh
should l.iil there is lowi, and lacking that, lish ia to be hud [01 the
catching. Hitherto the game laws
ni llritisli Columbia have been
rather lax, and in consequence
much wanlom slaughti 1 was done,
especially  in  lhc   more   thickly
Settled  llistriCtS.      Tile   ll'gi       I
howi ver, has a\,,ik' 111 d to llu I u 1
ihnt game musl be proti 1 ti il, and
in   i' a a ni   .   ■ mi)  impoi
lanl amendments to lhe game ai t
wi ii pa ■ a d. lu luture deei skins
are not exportable (or six yi ms.
hi ad "i horns ol di cr, mountain
! sheep and goals are not to be sold;
The number ol deer, etc, to one
gun is limited, and grouse, pheas
nuts and ptarmigan will no longer
be exported or snld. The
necessity for these restrictions may
he understood when ii is slated
that   for   years   deer   have   been
slaughtered by the thousand (or
their skins, and game birds, shot
in and out of season, have been
sold from cold storage, There has
also been a destructive irallic in
heads, horns and teeth of deer,
mountain sheep and goats, which
will now be effectually checked.
The law, as amended will make il
very dilliciilt lor pot hunters, resi
dent and  non-resident,  from  ply-
se. ni,ny was instructed to say
that as sunn as circumstances
would permit that the board of
trade would be pleased tii
considei lhe question ol adver
Ou motion F, W, Templer was
unanimously elected a member,
A letter was received from A. R,
S,cu 1 relative to the piling of the
wharf, that an inspection be made
prior to Dominion day celebration,
Referred to His Worship Mayor
Keah and council,
VV, IJ, Flumerlelt, secretary ol
the Vancouver  Tourist   Assoi i.i
tion, being present was requested
tn lavor the board with nn address,
width he delivered  in  a  ven   in*
Summer Time Table, iq>7     '.
ing   tluir   ignoble   trade,    and structivc and interesting manner
legitimate sportsmen will bi nefil
proportionately, The new regulations are all the more called Ior
limu lhe (act that two more trans
continantal railways lhe Can
adian Northern and the Grand
Trunk Pacific—will soon build
through tin' heart ol the Lie; game
I here was not a large attendant'"
at the meeting >>l the 1»..mini trade,
which was In id in the city hall on
Tuesday evening. Vice-pn sident
Phillippo presided, and Sei rclarj
Irwin was also in his plate.
Steele Brothers, ol Winnipeg,
mule re pamphlets relative to
Xuiili   Vancouver,   Referred   to
tourist and settlers' > oniuiitti <
The premier, the president ol with the board since its inception
lie said Ihal 110 iiiy in Canada has
made iln rapid advancement that
North Vancouver has made in sn
■Im11 a linn. It has secured a
In it i lass uutei system, electric
railroad, lighting, telephone, miles
ol graded sheets and sidewalks;
Ninth Vancouver is (ordinate in
having able nn 11 in the city
council and lhe hoard ol trade ns
well as ihe other publii institutions,
lie la la Ila ||   ill   11   |UUI tll   ll   ll.l)    III
lhe securing ol greatei  industrial
development, beiiulificalinn nl the
. ity, paving ol sin i is, > l<.    llr-
im nl. ni,dii remarked ih.it entei
tainmenls   and   attractions   that
WOllld llldlli i lisilUIS lu si e Ninth
Vancouver, and would bc llu
prai lii alobji 11 "I:,. i iiring si ith i-.
.e. ih.', would iln li '•>. loi lh. ui-
selves ns to the common ial ad*
vani iges    (Applnusi ),
( h..um,iu Phillippo thanked
Mi. Flumerlelt Im In- a im Mn
assistance and kindly co-operation
CITY; .,, ■
su IM EH
■II  (Mill!
ST. i.l'iiUi.l".
N,   (AM nl ilk.
"11.00 A. M,
•U.20 A, M.
'n.i:,   -
»7,20   " '
8.20   "
S.-IO   "
0.00   "
11,30   "
11.46 A.M.
0.45   "
111.15 A.M.
10.15   "
lu. I.-,   "
10.45   "
11.15    "
11,16   "
11.46  "
11.45   "
12.15 1'. M.
12,161', M,
1 16  "'
12.46 P.M.
1.15   "■
12.45 P. M.
1.45   "
1.15   "
2.15   "
2,16   "
2.45   "'
8,46   "
11.16   ""
8,16  "
11.45   "'
III In    "
4,16   "
1,16   "
1.45   "
1.15   "
6.15   '
6,16   "
5.45   "
u.l.i   "
11.15.  "
11,16   "
ii 16   "
0,46  "
7.15   "
1,26   "
7,15   "
s.l,-,   "
S.I5   "
11,16   "
Ul.-,   "
10.16   "
10.46  "
"11.,10   "
•11.45  "
lhe council, nml minister ul finance
respectively, wrote acknowledging
receipt nl the board ul trade
petition in relation to the proposed
railway, traffic ami vehicular traffic
bridge across ihe Second narrows,
with the promise that iln matter
would be brought up at an early
In replj to a letter   from   ihe
Commercial Wot, Minneapolis, llu
Mayor Ki nly spoke in relation
in ilm road to the Lynn Vallej
canyons, and suggested thai tin
SCI i' lun lake llie mallei  up  willi
the tourist and settlers' committee,
requesting them in ascertain what
is being done in relation thereto.
Adjourned lo mil ..I iln . hair-
Subscribe lor The Exi'Ki -
Subscribe for
$1 per Year
At the "V" Corned Eighth and Eleventh streets,
on Lonsdale Avenue-,
Open on July Ist
Groceries, Gents' Furnishings,
Boots nnd Shoos, Hardware.
I'lll ll'III I IOKS.
* Snt nn sun.lav.
liiiiuiiiifi lildri'ss:
III, Richards Sl.
'I'htiiii' 117.
sum ii v
>-.''., i
i mi
I aa-li
111 I
North I aim i.uirr I
WEEKLY LIST     *2*«S*
'I'hone 37.
(laa'k lading .Inn.' mill.
I', -a nl'luili
I llfl I       1 .'  llllll    ll''HI   a\ tl'a nriaiit
\ ilcilrnbl* ii.-i." Iilnt'k  ii l.nii'.liil,, Avi'inii'.
1    1 li' II I >lli SI , il ii, itia, liml l>,.iil,vHr,t,, J.nrt "tfj-fl _
I      (lllMllll  Kuril,.*.,-   |.laa|.a'llV, llll  .'l.'.lll'.l. ' 4      If
'1 d Inu, tliu n.Txi:.' rnnicr, rli'li loll. -        " •■ -•
- iin i house, in'ii. iiniii nn owner, close t.. whirl,
n,,.a... nn inn... in,'ini,,   Termi eM>- -. a
I 0 N S l> VI I    ISI.VII       -
nn. u-i ni im rii'.Ni" naoPKRTV at nasi pkicks
a.'" iiitliiiiit 'li'liiy tin-  iin-i.lil  pnrn'1-  ill   t,    ,,
insr, mu .•'a.-' ;;.'..,
I.-.nni- mil, in' ihluk, -irnvi .iln' wlidom nl ihiv (.(Ivi'ri',, .
limincial iind Commission Agents
Real Estate Brokers
II su. give us n cull or write. We open our' 'North
Vancouver offices .ibout July ,15th. We hnve tfie ex*
elusive sale nl many valuable properties., and shall he
uliul 1.1 advise you where tu invest
lleieri'iiie:—Canadian Bank of Commerce ,,
Lonsdale Ave.,l,l',r;tednssirtdsand N. Yancouyer
J. l.ot.'i'KT, Manager
70 X 240
Close 10 saw mill anil plank road ;
ten minutes from car; only $300.
Also ,1 lew 1 1 acres lur $200;
i' nn-.. m ' down, $10 per month.
Hon-.' lb lot, 6 rooms*. .'all convenient us: splendid view. Also
one Im sail . $500 cash and J20
pi 1 month.
I mi perfectly cleared loi-i on Lonsdale Avenue
$900 each
CAP] I.A \<
1) A ,M
ytliing inw ami mode
n, affording all  thc
ni ,1 metropolitan   Ims
il. iv.   Elevation 500
li-ri alio
-I   lul    Ideally
situated  for  people
1 1 shiliarating climati
beautilul mountain
a enerj and 1 linihin    and  ■-  1
Ashing nnd shooting,
A li w Innn', Irom lie' summit 1
1 Mount Crown and
the l.iini
• fy**
Iin tm els 1 nr (nii.ni.
inn  w'tt-li'ijilj jferry.
nl 1'" v, 11 1
.■ avenue, n turning l»
twin li nnd 7 p.m.,
1 ailing at
tin iwo . anyons nnd il
ie suspension limine.
lum  lor in '|'i. lum..
OS :   S_\.*v> to $
3.1 hi I 'er Day
'    1 "1    a    1   11
H,VriCH    |a.   |.,UII1.U'.S   AM.    lltti.l'I.AU
Rl .AUIll'-.KS
ILLS,  Prop.
1 1  1
1   I'llllNH   I'M-'.   V 111 1 1
1   \ ANCUI vim. LIST YOUR
Miih is for
Mill III \ Willi Mil.
lATIOSS  l"i:   is-l'i '    ni
.  ,    i| noil I'll- IS" MAI UINI l"'.
l'\t'IIN.U!"V- i a .. II
|'j      -]■...   l.il-  ..I   -la  .llll     U '    llll   1     'I   II
uud,   il,- -ii.aani  Hiillur:  ln-1' ' lli'll Ai'l   i ■
,, ,   lii.jal 1,1 Ul,. I'iii lUllll.Ill    li'lal.Illli'-     I
torn I'umini-iiruigtin Mtiinliiy, t ."iu., I'ml
A|i|a • iiliaaie -ii'l ui'tini' i nn-' mi I"' li"
aau „i |,;. Htieii In tlio llli. ler-iKlii'il '" win,in llu'
IliniUT   Mill.I   l.l'   I,'lllllll',I    mil, i'lll    lllll'll   IN.
not Inter nun limelTili   s, lo.llliiiiiiiltll
per tniiiiiii.
l.UI.S   I I a   I,
Clilei Inspector of ttnrltii.t n
Sen ir.-'iina ■, II e
Stumps and
Rocks Removed
Williout Damage
to Buildings
tMi .1    \
|,,M .    A. ".I I     IM'   I I11
MMi'l II   VAM Ol M l;
Q, F. ,l<MMil NM M
   Iillliiairi   .mil   a. !• I
Mi nn i       1-      in I'l.H'a      l',l\l "-
L>  nmi   . rn i u niii'l' a ii,. i in
iHui i,,.||..,,i iii tiie iimi. i iiiui i "in
I l:.,|- i','I Wni'li   I'm em
.     ,',       '   .      ,        \. A.  I lowsltm -.ell", .ml)  d'
ii" I i" il"' l -:l ; .,    ,'"1.   a ipiippud   mul   provi n
,; „ ,.,| unirki'il i'   II ".inin:; piupi'llies  nl   unipieslioil-
'      I    I'"' '''I"     |l|||.      \    a
I  ... , ;,.   In    i | ' now ni'l'tli
•      I       "lll'lll"!'    '-It   |'| I
a iii'iu'ii ua |iu|iii ..I      ; he in,Im,i    Ml i  .  in mel I
1   '        ""  m™    in;   iisst-llllileil, IC'Cilllh   I'.nletlln
r  ll. i in .    , ' In. I I"- Cupil um niial partj
-           aa|        a   !|,a   | |<|       ()|I|IW|1       lllllllll       Ul.
ddli nl Sepii mln i  uin i'   il")
dl llie a 1  li lli I in \    nil.I    I'n 	
IIUMINUSC.IMR I'  'HU'   na',„M„,.,,l,ii,„d',lla  'HiUI
an .1 nt 1 It l   ii ill'. I
Cl lliiil  HAVANA FU LED
K        |<aim   \    .   I    .a
. al     ill.'     Until
'    "   ' Vl'lll III".
il ., 'I Hn a ll", v. ;. ur, 1
eulllll'.IU'.lli . 1 la ll.e- li ■ 11 III IS
;■ .   II.i.ail' 1. .nul   |i a iiiiiiiii nils
EARN 10 SII001
I'l |,n •Ulli., nnd nld
,       .     a Im-Sl   '  ||  a  111,
I   II'   a   ,
I'M;,,,,'.,   Cdliu'i loot ot lil,,   \niluliiiiis t'ilv as nne til  lli
Sm* -'ii        IiIIHI *    iiilliMl.   lonsdnlo  Avenue
In   I   llnl   In     lliis   llllll   III       111.
II ■ lu i'ii"'*.
.     lUMl'lli        .     Ill    ' i.ll-ll 11.    "
""   '     '
-II  Ill      « '     '"'    '      "     «   '
lNSun»NiE    lu all us 8ranch.it,
Mining:   Placer and Hydraulic
Timber:   Hardwood. Cedar .-ind Fir.
Manager rop the Commercial LtillSlltth
Dl  ANTH Protective agency
BOA lil> "/■' I'll APE
MuS HemI'lnnia, Sn I'itltw Applei
Nn Cohlom Corn  .Insl uld rvUuliloi mr
ietk'8 at ri'iisenable privi's.   Ftirillimtm, I
Office :  First St . E of Lonsdale Ave
in ar enrm i'
f Fin-I street
lalillHhi-il nurwry mi lli niiilaiul nl
llritisli Ca.liunl'i.i.   I'.ii.il'.'.'ii'' l'i"'"1". 	
M     I    HENRY'S    1'"v'        " l'A''''K" 1 Clli ARS nnd TOBACCOS
Ml KM   DlXillUTUI ■
til MSI I -      le "a il li-      Sl'lNS
MHSIRIIS AM) St 11)1101 MS.
VASCOrVI-.lt, It. C.
1'. S.—II vuur li'i'iil merchants tin unl
hnmllt' nn Jt't'ils, -end iliri't't.   Wi- pre- 	
1'iiv liin  im,"Ui«. lu-w-rtitl vnru'ties nl
garden -"..Uin live ivni |..i|.er-   lested        LONSDALE    AVI'.MI
itock) t<> v. .nr nenrosl |nisto|]ici' lur (1 I
Ineiiiy I'lti-k.-ts i"r ''it .".'ill-.   Trial cul* Ql'l'. IJl'll Sl'Kl'I'.l.
The Greatest Demonstration
of the Year
Tor Particular*
G. J. Phillippo, Chairman
M. S. McDowell. Secretary
1   '■!  .a' -  'i nuiilnliiiii   1 1   In-
llml nnt |i lien  in Aim in n
Ml   und Mi-.   II   11   le iin.a ,   aal
Ni iv WcstniiiiHli 1. welt' In rr	
visil this wi' l(.
(.'lllll'll S  I l.llllll    i.  a-,    ill    llll     . Ill
ll.e.   V   a I;   m   , ,.iii]i,i!i\    willi    Ins
lirnlhi 1 111 law, Dr. Mtl'liillips, nl
\ -iinvi-i    Mi     Dnlau   is    an
an im limn New Vmi; nnil is play
III-;        ,111        1 ,l.',l".a llll 111        III llll'
Olplll'Ulll.     1 It"  ll.l •   travelled   1 \
teiisivclv n- most 111 tors iln, anil
■. ivs ihni North \ ancouvei is one
III llie IllllSl illl'ill --it'     fol    .1    i'l' III
, m he lui ■ ... n mi this . laiilineiil
Naa tlouhl when Mi. Dul,in n tin
Irom Un' prolession Ihal he has
lill '  || [Ol    Kl  HI,lilt    \'  HIS,    IU"   llliglll
In   induei ,1   1,1   liiiiid   a   1. -id. nil"
among th., magnificent so 111 n so
lavishlj displayed upon all shh ■
ol Norlh \ nni ouvi 1.
Mr. ami Mrs liicklioll,  "I Vi
toria, wi ie among  lhe visitors tn
llie   , in   iln-   wei k.   ul ii    Mil
A   |,,wluili   ;',,nne   heliveen   the
Vancom Vl I 1 lull learn ami
tin Ni v, \\'i itniinslei li aim will he
,nu.ia iion nl Norlh Vai unvei on
Dominion day Arrant incuts lor
the ({llnil' have heen ahout con-
clmli il, atul thc N> p. Wcstminstci
team will he the strongest they
la,,i, ' ni oul nl lhc Koyal City foi
sonn si ,1'ain ■ It will ii
le«   nl  iln   ohl  crack
v In-ni will   he  S.   Si hull/.
thi     ■        ;■■-.    Ml"   iph in
1 I Iii game ''".ill I"' ll     In 1
important one pi iyi al ni n     lhc
inlet ami 1I1011I1I draw a hi
It will I" Iln lorcrimni 1 ol .. large
nunilit 1 ' anil nn tlouhl
thu  Nni .1        h   will
1  vi: a   r.u l( li
in lhe field.
I the    North' '        rcillil I ' [ ■
I    llllllll     ll'   III    III
lllllll    ..1    1
' I
ll IVI* In-ill,III
a       a
, I      . ..
1,1    |n|    s. Ill
I Ilil
llll     lu ..'I    "I    llu     S01 ll ' '
1 nulla s. I.ld   siill'  ll
U hi uu li ul whii h h in
Mi  mul Mi    l; W   In
Iiniii 1 ei W.
ti nded nip i" H iiilu.   1
Iowa  llli . "    iln
1 a  I    a I    I.II a, a I Ili'I
1 ,.    11.    nui.   Mi     11 I   Mi ■.
Spi en       1 i■ '  ii" i-i
Mi   1 uwli 1 ">' ni f mn
a,a,   il.e   Vi imi    Ili'I,       Mi
und Mi    puwh 1 will
Viinin 1 ' t llu 1 !■ ■
I North Vancouver I
I lia'lli'Vr lliul Nni'lll V'lliriillviT llllllll iiiinii'iisr I'ulure, ninl lliul Ihere
will It- lllill'i' liinlli'V liiil'li" in Iiunl
lit'i'i' lliun in ii 11 \ nlher -ei'limi in
llriti h I'liliiinliin, I liiivc IOJh
li)il h\ll in nil inui- n( Uie
I'a.iiii-iin    h vmi hnve MISS 10
Si I lv '' ■ i" ii"'-   I  "ill iii"!
Villi       |lH|"a"|lll       l'|' l|t|il'|<|\
\h\ Cordova bin el. Vancouver ll. C.    y
S**V*%*^A*Vv** -^AAAAAAVV^
Bank ol British North America
a.ii 11  is   in
"tli llriiiiflii's in liiiiiiiiii iiiiillli!" I'nilnl Sliilcs,
\ ,. icrnl li ml.ui: hu .iness iransacii .1
HllllP) llnll'I'S IsSlll'll  payahli   iinywlii-n    in
I .ui i.l.i. I'uii' d Sl iti • 01 1 in nl lirilniii,
Drafts lioughl nnd sold.
I'ronipl attention given in cnlleclKins.
Killings llllllll |li|iiirlllli'lll     Dcposil iim..".
nml   ii|iw:irds   rei (ived    Inti t< sl   p lid
three months.
Office, Cor. I.onsdalc Ve. and Esplanade, Norlli Vancouver, ll. C.
II   Iv,  IIimim. M.111.1 [1 1
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Owing to changi  ol  Iln   (errj time schedule lollowing will
nlunin :
I'm 1 Srin 1 1
I     ,11    1:     I llll ■ 11   'lil        \\a  HU       || IU., (1:3
nnd live luinuti s to tlu  Innn until 11  ys p in,
Leav ing Iv ith  II ,id and  luirln . Avi nue al 6:1 0 a   in.,
■,   a,   111., 15  minutes  p.tsi  the   hum
until 1:..'5 p. iu
Lnxsii.M 1 Avi si i
Cars will run 1 vi ry no uiinul
'   All hoats are nn 1 hv lhe 1 irs
Motel North Vancouver.
I OUI sl
I'l' lo-ilatc
>.' nn pi 1
und up
" pii ;.i!
Kales for
Kl "hi ll
loin Service I ver) Half Hour lo and from lliis Hotel
loVdiicouver. P. Larson, Prop.
Rainier Beer^
I    1     (iiinn-  I, -v■ -1"-1 ■_■ ■ ■   i|iii'iu'liiii,!j uml
,iii-ii inij    lii'inciiilu'i' iln-ii*    nn nllii'i'
jusi .1  'jiia.il     mi 1 "ii "' 1111." llniiiiiT,
\ iiiK'diix er, 11, t^'.
\\ sn '. Uy ii   j mu       ul .
position  .1 lad         '     North
Vancouvei prelurred     Address,
II  I"   I "iini
l |\|"    1 \i;i,l".   |l Ii 1    UKUKIICS
Prlcca vitwnts Rlnhi
J. 4. McMILLAN, Orocer


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