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• iiiAMs,^.
... ■-■'■■■     J
The municipal Council heltl its
regular bi-monthly meeting on
Wednesday night in the council's
chamber.   Reeve Kealy presided,
anil there were present Councillors
May, Cornish and Morden, Councillor Allen being absent,
koht. Morris et al, petitioned to
have a road opened up on Jones'
avenue, north Irom the Keith roail
to Fifteenth street, thence west on
Fifteenth street to Forbes avenue.
Laid over lill nest meeting,
A. D. Taylor, solicitor lor the
municipality, wrote enclosing the
resolution regarding water records
on Seymour creek, which tbe
council had prepared to be sent to
Commissioner Fisher. Tbe council approved siinie.
Constable Dick reported that
during May there were lour calls
on the fire brigade, 26 road tax
receipts issued, $52 collected for
same; three head of stock impounded, J 11.50 in fines collected
for same; $5.50 for feed and advertising   and   S 12.75    lor    outlay.
Clerk Philip reported that '•*
hai - - ' •■'•'- --
Pbillippo, Geo Bartley, A. St.  G.
Hamersley, Sleacy and Heffel.
Decoration—Messrs. W, J.
Irwin, Larson and J. J. Woods.
Field sports—Messrs. McKenzie, Dr. Dyer, Campbell, G.
11. Dick, Alex. Gibson, Chance,
G. E. Jorgenson and J. 'P. Roth-
Acquatic sports—Roy Wheeler,
Harry Wright, Durston, Dr. Dyer,
Captain Gosse and Dan Martin.
Reception -Keeve and council,
j. C. Keith, A. St. G. Hamersley
and Alex. Smith.
Printing—Messrs.   Bartley
Church Notices.
st. john's CHURCH, corner
Ember Saturday (live of Trinitj
Sunday)—Evensong and inter'
cession, 4:30 p. m.
Trinity Sundav (June
—Holy communion, (sung,
sermon) 11:30.
St. Barnabas' Day (Monday)—
Morning prayer and lloi.v communion   .    .    .    to he announced.
Wednesday: Evensong with
address on "St.  Album and  His
hymns were in use in both
churches. Mr. Gillam explained
thc nature of the meeting, read the
circular letter on unity, signed by
the leaders of the religious world
ol tbe old country, and sketched
in outline the position of Presbyterians to the union of the
Churches. Messrs. Duncanson,
McBain and Quinn took part in
tbe subsequent proceedings am
provided an interesting and
not unfruitful discussion of a most
important subject, No more hopeful sign of the Holy Spirit's power
and presence in the Church could
be given than the manliest healing
ol the schisms and sores of the past,
betokened in the expressed desire
lor closer corporate union.
The annual church parade of
the Independent Order of
Foresters will be held at Mount
Pleasant. Rev. A. E. Hethenng-
ton, B. A..B.D., will preach the
anniversary sermon. The Vancouver members expect all the
North Vancouver brethcrn to be
in attendance. The members
will assemble at the Oddfellows
ball, Mount Pleasant, on Sunday
evening, June 17th, and alter
ritualistic ceremonies will march
to the church.
dead.   |
t is hard
you   will   soon   be
to   keep   kin   Iro
The celebration committee will
meet to-night.
Why Joes everybody look to-
wan. '  ; ind p lying when thev
coulu near the fflB as well look-
W F  Myers, Spokane, arrived I ing the other way?   Because they
..'.   ,      ', can't.
u cl'K   rum 1   i»r» .   «.„..,
d assessed district lota 272 andTimes.
Britain's   First   Martyr,"
273, aud found the total value ol
said lands to be $393,100 and ol
the said improvements   515,150.
Messrs. Bain and McNaught
wrote asking thai council approve
a sub-division plan ol block 8, lot
The Western Corporation and
j. G. Nye hoih put in applications
for the sub division of acre blocks
into lots.   The plans  were   ap-
Mr. Phillippo, on behalf ol the
citizens' celebration committee,
a.-kcd lor  u  contribution  ol  ?JjO
towards First of July celebration,
lhe report ol tne financial committee, boatd of works and water
committee weruol a routine nature
und were adopted.
The reeve repelled lhat he  had '
communicated with the government re crown grant lur the
cemetery. Mr. Cotton stated that
In- did not think that lhe government could give the title asked fur,
1/ul that the municipality would
lie given lull control ol llie land so
long as it was used lor cemetery
li was decided to send the bill
ol costs in connection with the
lire in block 550 last Saturday
evening tu Mahon, McFarland &
and Mahon lol payment.
The question ol renaming some
of tlie short Street! in (he west end
was laid over.
The lining of the rate of taxation
of lands ami improvements was
decided on, and a by-law on same
was submitted by the clerk which
was read a third time and passed.
S ii. 111.
Practice, S p. m,
Next Sunday- Hoi.V COMMUNION,
(plain) 8 a. in.
Every Sunday—Mattins, 11;
evensong and sermon, 7:30 p. ))).;
Sunday school, 10 a. 111.
Services will be conducted
Wedding Bells.
A cab with a team   of   white
horses on Lonsdale avenue was a
sign ol an event ot no ordinary importance to those in it on Wednes-
, day afternoon.   The   party   was
^^^^ j driven to the home of the Rev. Mr.
, Gillam, on Twelfth   street,   and
ST. ANDREW'S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, p^  tQ  be    ^     w     .     w
Harrington with  Miss Janet   A.
conuuciuu on Scott close by his side, Assistance,
Sunday al 11 a. in. aud and 7:30 in case of need, was there in  the
p.m. persons of Mr. A.  N.  Harrington
In the morning the pastor will and Miss E M. Gamble, who per-
continue the  study ol  the  Early formed their duties satisfactorily,
Christian Church,    lu the evening ; A simple but effective service made
the subject will be   "A   Living 1 the happy couple into one, and the
I Letter." ; 5:^0 ferry bore them over the blue
Sunday school at 2:3.1 ]'• '»•       '■ waters oi the inlet amid a brilliant
Christian Endeavor meeting on sunshine which augured the good
~^  I I.a* tl,.. frir-i
on Wednesday.
A. E. Todd, Victoria, visited the
town this week.
Ross Piers, of Port Moody, was
in town this week.
On the 15th a half-hourly ferry
service will be inaugurated.
lt is said of every stingy man
that he has plenty oi money
Richard Harding is moving into
his new house at Port Moody.
Robt. W. Dick, of Mission City,
was in town this week on business.
Vacations are like marriage:
Anticipation often beats the realization.
Miss L. Pasel has left for Alert
bay where she will spend the
Several campers have pitched
their tents on this side of the inlet
for the summer.
A. A. Blain and H. L. Godsoe,
of Hamilton, paid the town a call
on Wednesday.
Mr. J. N, J. Brown was in Vancouver Saturday evening bidding
adieu to two lady friends ol his on
the eve of their departure for the
Considerable complaint is being
made as to the bad condition ol
lhe Capilano road to the dam. It
should be in the very best of trim
this time of the year.
The first four-oared crew of the
North Vancouver Boating Club
made their initial appearance last
Saturday, consisting of Dr. Dyer,
Stone, Wood and Biown.
Things are very lively at Moodyville these days. A new boarding
house will be started shortly for
the men working on the big boat,
also a camp will be started there.
wishes expressed by lhe Iriends ol
lhe bride and gro nn. Vancouvei
will be their home, which bul
proves it the more conclusively to
be the central city of the world,
for lhe one lirsl saw the light :"
Mulligan and the other
Zealand.    May    every
in Ne«
dnesd.iv at S o'clock. Subject,
"What Christ Expects ol lis."
Consecution and business meet-
Choir practice on Saturday at
8 o'clock.
Service in Moodyville school on
Sundays at 7:30. ,„..	
Strangers welcomed to all these' attend their way
Pastor: Rev. J. D. Gillam, M. A.
On Sunday morning the pulpit I    „.,    , „    . ,
ol St. Andrew's church was filled! lhc Rowing are the guests
by Mr. Robert Duncanson, ol rcB',ster':! ,at «,« hotel,',» week
Knox College, Toronto, who also        "" C"mMBn v««»vei
preached in the evening at Moodyville. Mr. Duncanson bus been
appointed a student missionary to
lhe logging camps on th       ""'"
Ho'.el North Vancouver.
If there is a man in the country
whose honesty has not been assailed, let him stand up,
Captain Archibald and wife, of
the Empress of Japan, were visitors to the town on Wednesday.
Mr. Miller, ol the inland
revenue den rtment, Vancouver,
was in NorthVancouver this week.
Miss. C, Kearsey, ol Vancouver,
spent several days wilh Mrs. J
Kirkpatrick, of Fourteenth street
Pete Larson, of the Hotel North
Vancouver, has :o horses, and noi
one ot them is alrai I ol au auto-
A promise to rain these days
amounts lo about as much as 0
promise made by a man to his
A cheap man is referred to as ;
Cheap |ohn. Why should not >
cheap woman be referred to as ;
Cheap Marie?
The Celebration.
Pursuant to a requisition Reeve
Kealy called the mass meeting lo
order ou Tuesday night iu the
111u11ic1p.il hall. A cilizen's com-
mittee was elected 10 arrange loi
the First ol July celclualion to be
held here on Monday, July 2nd.
There was a laine and enthusiastic turnout ol citizens.
Mr. J. G. Phillippo moved thai
the mi'i us ol Nuith Vain niivei
do celebrate the Fust ol July.
The motion wu carried unani
niiiii-.lv. ami thai ten men should bi
appointed as a general committee
to lake charge ol the wmk,  with
I hum 1  to add  to their numbers
l hr  following  committee   wa
Messrs, Cham a, George Bartley,
A. K. Steacy, C, McKenzie, J. G,
Phillippo, Bin Campbell, J. A
McMillan, Di. Dyer, II. R.
Hclfel (managerBankofB, N. A.)
and J. C. Williams.
The committee then nut and
elected lhc following officers!
J. G. Phillippo, chairman; Geo,
Bartley, secretary! "■ R* Heffel,
The following  sub-committee*
were struck:
Finance committee- Messrs. A
R. Steacy. A. Gibson, McMillan,
Music ami dancing Messrs
Campbell,   Chance   and    Dai
^^^^^ north
mde ol tbe inlet for the summer
months. He will take up his
abode at Frome's camp, which will
be his headquarters, and will
preach in the school there on Sun-
ay at 7:30 p. in. Mr. Duncanson
is delighted with the scenery
and climate and has set his heart
on doing good service lor the
Master tic-fore summer melts into
On Sunday evening the pastor,
the Rev, J. D, Gillam, preached
011 "The Lord's Day, au Opportunity or a Duty." Mr. Gillam
pleaded for the observance of the
Sundav by tbc individual as the
only antidote lor lhe materialism
tli.u threatens lhc lile ol each and
all today. Speaking ol the coin-,
niunity, be held il to be a gn-at op-, Brunswick
porlunily lor a city about  lo be _
born, like North Vancouver, 10
conserve iln- day ol nil and lloli-|
ness. Willi no past behind it lo
act as a drag or letter! and with a
splendid future before it, the
fundatlons ol the city ihould be
laid deep in   righteousness   and
sanctity,   lie resented and
ilden d it the duty ol all to resent
the idea ol an open town mi Sunday; and he called upon every
citizen to see to it that no open
bar and no such profanity as
balloon    ascensions   be   allowed
>,,,.». ...	
Mrs. Ella Simpson, Vancouver.
David Blair, "
E. V. Bolston,
Dr. Geoffrey and wife,      "
S. U. Robb'.
C. and W. T. C Rendau, "
A. R. Handscombe, "
J. C. Bishop. "
C. R. Pendry and wife,     "
Theodore Simpson, "
Theodore Hunter, "
L. McA.lain, "
J. Wbitly,
Miss Keys, "
Wm. Hewitt, "
C. L. Gordon, "
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Irwin, "
R. E. Goni,
W. D. Nickson, "
G. S. Turner, ".
Walter Chapman, "
Geo.   R.  llandbury,   Brandon
J. E. Hall, Winnipeg, Man.
R, Blown, New York.
Matilda   Jane    Palmer,     Nev
A Rescue.
I llu
The eleven year-old ion 01
Tom Kurd, duel engineer 0
lerry St. George, had a narrow
escape Irom drowning Monday
— I evening. While thc lerry was
cnn"j coming into (be slip at tins tide,
young lluid, m Ins endeavor to be
tbe lirst lo land, missed his footing
on thc wharl and fell into the
water between tbc boat and thc
wharf. Both Mr. Quinn and
Brassey, of the firm ol Brassey .v
On Wednesday uniipie services ^rious   ^y   -,,„    happened,
in connection with Church unit) 0win. t0-*,, dangeroui proximity
were held  in St,  John's and St. |   , .L °_—..,   „„«» rrnrlit is due
Andrew's churi lies.
Brassey & Quinn will bring down
eleven more long poles for the B.
C. Electric Railway Company's
W. Same, New York, registered
at the Hotel Nortli Vancouver on
Wednesday. Mr. Same is here on
bis vacation.
Abandoned.—A  camp   chair.
Owner may have same by proving
property and paying for this
H. S. Drown, of Kamloops,
paid bis brother. J. Brown, ol the
Keith road, a visit during the early
part of the week.
Thc   board   ol   license      ,111
missiimers will meet next Wednesday afternoon, at 4:30 o'clock, iu
ihe municipal ball.
Davis .V Kirkpatrick, the contractors, have completed llieir contract on the butcher shop lor the
B. C. Market Company.
Nv .V Brown, contractors, who
are building a cannery 011 Fain
creek, near English  bay,  saved  a
boy Irom drowning  his week.
J S. St. Clair, Lynn creek, his
180 hue promising white Leghorn
clucks.    His   poultry    vault    are
second to none iii the municipality.
Harold (1. Bedderson and L. M.
Lynd, Toronto, took in the 1 lerk'l
picnic on Wednesday. They were
loud in their praises ol lhe town.
There was about 3,010 pic
nickers here on Wednesday, Tin
grocers' clerks and then (riendl
took advantage ol the weekly half
Why does nearly everyone who
is telling you something, intersperse the story with, "you
know," half a dozen times when if
you knew there would be no use
telling it?
Arrangements have been made
with Brassey & Quinn to fill in the
holes on Lonsdale avenue, opposite
the Western Corporation and the
Brackman-Ker Milling Company's
"My husband is the best man in
the world," writes a townsman's
wife to this office, "but he won't
milk. The subterfuges he adopts
to get out of milking are amusing,
and always successful."
A standing advertisement: The
party who found our umbrella will
please return same to this office
immediately, and receive our
thanks, as the weather is threaten-
,ing and we refuse to get wet.
0, Johnson won two prizes in
the grocery clerks' picnic. First
prize iu pole vaulting, eight Icet
eight inches: second prize, running
long jump, fourteen feet. Our
local athletics cau always hold
their own.
Chas. M. Cordcr, jun., ol Mac-
Kay, Queensland, Australia, was
a guest at the Hotel North Vancouver this week. Mr. Cordcr has
been an extensive traveller, and
predicts great things for the
Ambitious City.
act on May 3rd. This case was
laid over till next Wednesday.
P. King was also charged with
again violating the act on June
1st. The evidence given in this
one was so conllicting that the
magistrate could not reach a decision, and will view lhe ground
(or himself next Monday.
Mr, and Mrs. Lawson, of Manitoba, who have been visiting in
North Vancouver, lelt Wednesday
lor their home. It is Mr. Law-
son's intention to remove to North
Vancouver as soon as he can dispose of his business in the prairie
Never perhaps in the history of
the world has there been a
parallel ol the happening which
occurred on the arrival ol the 5:30
boat at the ferry wharf, on Monday evening, when two business
partners dived simultaneously into
the water to rescue a boy from a
watery grave.
Let every citizen in North Vancouver assist energetically and
mthusiastically towards this young
city's monster c.lebration on July
3St. As this is the first of its kind
to be held on the north shore of
the inlet, it is imperative that the
affair will prove a axiom for
succeeding years,
Owing to the extra charges of
the livery men North Vancouver
has been virtually deprived ol the
tourist traffic this season. Mr.
Copeland, of the suspension
bridge, says that the number of
outside visitors, so lar this season,
has been very few, and the only
reason given lor this is rough
Jos, Anderson, inspector Bank
W. H. Kelly, president ot the
Vancouver Grocery Clerks'
Association, and his committee of
willing workers were congratulated
on all sides on the success of the
picnic on Wednesday. The clerks
ol Vancouver one and all are
highly pleased at the outcome of
their first outing, and say they will
come again.
A meeting of those interested in
the formation of a new lerry company was held last night, in lhe
Fairfield block, Vancouver. It is
proposed to put on two ferry
steamers to ply on Hurrard inlet
points, particularly between this
port and Vancouver. Enough
capital has been subscribed to ensure the success ol the undertaking.
An instrumental orchestra has
been organized of North Vancouver talent, and already a hall
and piano bave been secured.
C.  Mackenzie has been   elected
president, and Tom Clark secro-
n—.!..   „,;n    K,
. ,   ""  T'  I ia-v-treasurcr.   Practice  will   be
of'B.N. A., Montreal, was here W^"Xeid»yevening under
on Monday.   He ii on hii.annual | __*m___l£E_ n, k. chance
tour, and, ol course, is well satis
tied with the progress the local
branch is making. Manager
Ilellell showed him over lhe town.
the ableleadcrship ol R. Chance
Therearc about ten pieces already
in line.
Thc eflccts ol luxurious living
are so plainly evident that wc can
see it without half trying. The
influence that it has had on
marriage is   evident.    Now,   we
After the mass meeting re in-
orporation on Monday night a
wag   suggested   that   a   certain ,„„,,,„
speaker should he appointed by | ha"'-!—may" it please thc devil—
nciltoactan philosophic the bachelor maid.   The woman
cuntemplator "f civic conditions J whogloriei in the fact that she
has emancipated herself from thu
mid financial superintendent to report monthly.
The bigger lool and incipient
sap-head a man is, lhe lietler he
takes in the general run ol society
nowadays.   A   fellow   who    can
11.1'. ei>ii,i,.>|..,.v..
glories ol love snd the sweet responsibilities ol maternity. And
why has she done it- Because in
her independence she can have
A l.-llow who can'' "nif°r's a,K* luxuries which in
iscuss "dancing master steps wilt 1 marriaga she might have to do
I without.
.-very time receive more atlentio
1I1,in an individuil who din uiies
sensible subject
Big ball 111 I. 0. 0. F. hall,
Mount Pleasant, on Thursday
evening, June 14th, given bj
Companion Court, 1. t). F
Tickets, |l per COUpIo, to be
si 1 und Irom Mrs. lirns'., Chester
field avenm. A lite boat wiil hr
secured il sale ol tickets warranl
P, S. Nye has installed on his
pr* miles an up to-dite wind mill
Im supplying water to thu housi
■unl n.itden.   This is ''■•■ £—' *■'
its kind on this side
Ong  expected   has   hap-
_„    Chief   of   Police    Sam
North,  ol  Vancouver,  has   been
impended indefinitely lor "inefficiency in the force." The mayor
acied on his own initiative, or at
le.ist thai ol tbe aggregation controlling the Lords Day Alliance,
and operating undet the guise of
moral reform, It is our firm
opinion thai Chiel North has
always acted in a straightforward
and conscientious manner, his
impartiality to friend and for gam-
, ing for bun a respect that is dceplv
the first ol 1 rooted in the breasts o| all those.
the inlet I who had any dealings with him.
a 1,111
ohheicrew, great credil is aui
,!„. res. nets lor their nniely action.
in St Andrew's the pastor pre   Y is liurd ii uone the worie lo.
idedand conducted the Bervice. his adventure.
The   same    theme,     the    same,    ^ ^
'i'he gardner- report
I '•*. " —"
j The water is pumped into
the! 30 fi .1 above ground, affording
1   Vancouver lias made, a grave error.
la* , -   /     1 .„!,...,,     .
M .,,.   j   i,  ortions of Scriptui
■ an I the same
strawberry crop is now marketable
Next week   new   potatoes    and
carlv   turnips   will   be   on   the
Lost. -Pair of spectacles and
belt on First street, b twi 1 I.on.
dale sveniiu unl Moodyville    Uu
excellent pressure to  ail  parts
tile house.
I oh 11
Wednesday P.   King  and
A, Barber, ol district   lol
inSH, block  ii.  were summoned
1,. lore Magistrate Mexander, on 11
,, . ol vi .I imu, llu   bush hi'
and the new chiel, lor whom »
member of the "alliance" has been
in search ol in Eastern Canada,
will, we hope, prove pist as efficient
a1- the deposed chiel The chi. f
that is wanted is one that will allow
the dominating despotism of tho
promoters of tho Lord's Day
\lli.ini e iii pollute the force. THE   EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER. B.C.
NORTH va.W irvr.i; n. c.
A Weekly S'eivspnpor,   :   Published liy
Tilt] lOTUKSS I'ltlXTI.N'ii L'oinpan'i
Sl||) |,| aall     • Olil' I)l)|ll|I
UAH',I. llAII.I'.'i
-.- i.   toi
.1. lll'lll; IIIHHO.VH,
\ i  Ttisinir M
llir Wn, om- Place Wn« Completel*
' I,innil inn-linn slum vt In,imt.
Ire llroki-ii—(tellliig 11 Sufu I'linl
Mn- iiiaiini in die I loorlnv,
.-   ■      nl wlih tlm '   .
■        ■ I their
.   ■
i:." first sl .'.'.■',
'a Juwelrj
Xo pari
l ■ it tlio
I tlic
robbery,   lu this liistniu c the ninn up-
pearcil ii number of tin of
On it iini! soon    ler dark
there wus :i mi.M,'ii .ia-. nud n robber was actively etmnt ■ l .., (cooping
!n  jewels  Willi  ii   1.,a. iwi  stick
liiulli-i) in. Scheme,
Among tbo creditors of nn Insolvent
linn was ii New Yorker who bad n balance of ■-'-■-" mllig in blm,   This mnn
wanted lil- money,   ll" wus a K 1
fnlker nml persuaded tin' firm to pay
Imu ofl in case he could gel the other
creditors in grant nn extension of time,
Sn he culled n meeting A tlie ere I tors
lllial   tlllki'al   laa   tlll'lll   ul0l|l!l*l>tl,V    ObOUt
llio prospoets ol tbo firm Retting un ils
feet n.i,.ia  If il mily lllld  in.".    He
-'.'! I laa imvo won mil when n llttlo
niii man in llie linelt of Ibe n i
nnd in n Bijueuky voice ilecliired tlmt
hav fail' mn'. wnuleil Ills mom*!' nnil did
nut want in wnll fm' ii. "I1" 'I : ou
Mil,a i Belll-.li of you in Interfere tt'ilh HA pbin, in « "i tbo
hnvo imri i
ih" first num. "V onro - to "nit
for tbe I of our cln Every
one of us, I- Hi fei
Unit thi- i ■      I      i                    of
1 :, ",     II   ,,   •   i: ' .i
WUJ  '("        1 I'a.a',-    till'
I     '   ..'
a lalm?"
11,,-  I nml, Snltlei*,
[be ex-
a i .i « i,,nul crealui   •■    'a
: ,;■ ih ■ tvanl ni' a. belli   '       Is called
-1.   'll." i'i.: ■■ 'i
f this queer bensl nud
■ ils In tl,'1 fancy
of tl superstitious persi nnd those
whoso a urloslt- an- bus ness makes lt
i ssary for then to ex] re i Id niii. i. taiinias, catacombs, etc. According
i a Lite i opular nccouut, lhe I imb spl-
i :    of a | uro v.;..: lor, has wings
I.I,,' those uf n bat, n dozen Imrrid
lu   c le .1 logs and a body three cr four
thirty seconds lie « i and away, ' tltuca tho size of thai uf tb" lurj-est
Bystanders Btood as II petrilled until   tropical American tarantula,  Tbo no-
.   Then   niunts uf this qui       si el i ad his out
And Anyone Can Use Iron, As It Is Combined
With Other Ingredients In
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
Anucmlti aar hi Kessness i- indicated        uuleili       al  tin' lip-,  lhe Hums
■a" I tin '  ':. ,    .an,! i- i:    * Iretpiontl-
nnd young woman,
ii'''   .yiupl     -a.'.   •     i-ient np|,
, irritable ti
1"  '   1"' "'   |,       I
' .a-laV       llltigU(i(]
,     101 '1 'V.
i'  ■. Ill    i«    l.l   ,..' Ill     ll  "    |||,.    5H<
.       '   ,  ,  ,"    ,1' ',    ',1 ll  ,
idil.i  ui'.'.iii!-.
■'''',    U'.        (1  I'       ll-a
iron, ti ml •-l.y-.ii inn nil
lint ii nol  !..■ inl.mi in.
rakem In Dr. ( Imsi
Verve 1     I ii ined with ecr
tain lien      ■ i    i'i such n irn*.
ii    '     Im  '   -i.v   iiwiuulaled   inin   Iln
nu Hate ami
■  ■ , ih,' -i-i. in.
■ " is,   In.   Chase')
N'ervo I   id, through it- action mi iln
noi-vos, sharpens tbe iippi'lile mid aids
digestion, -,a thai help i- also nffordod
in deriving ihe lull nourishment From
iln' luml taken into ibe body,
Oi  necouul iai   iln ■"  uvai   ways  in
iilai.'b Dr. Chase'." Nerve b'ood enriches
•• I'l I nml builds up iii" system, ,i
• In*} I   iluiilal   ibe   mosl   ailiriiv"
treatment  I'or   anaeliiia   nml   siinilui
avnsting disensos thai   »;a-   ever   nun-
Note ..ami  increase in weight
■    , in': il
Mr, Allien Sniinier, Willow Hunch,
I    I'l'l'OJVI ,|   ll,.-   t-.fu     l„a\, -      , |       |>,
1   :,-,■'. Xeivc I'aaaaal  wliicli  I  ordered
'.   i and ■ avi  I i mil il In hi' nn
■   ■   ' medicine,    h   bus proven  n
splendid treatment   lor henilncho nml
. : in don i system, mnl I have recoiii-
a", la,I ii In many people,
I'l'.    I   I 'S    Nel'VU    falaaal,    "all   CCIltS   11
■   a   i,lN,„ „„■ jfo.jn, ilt :,|| dealers,
:  Eihiiaiison,  Iini"- ,v Co., T ito.
Ih" portrait nml signature 'ii Dr, A.
\V   Chase iln-   famous receipl bunk anil , are on ever} hex.
iln. ^lui'a' poop "   a', i the bystanders
realized what Im I and shout
ing "Thief!" sl irtc I   I     tho mnn.
The mnn .Ir-■;.f..-a 1 hi- bag.   The pur-
aiiiTH >i"i ped and lhc bag, 'I bey
returned to i - ■' ire     I   tbo bag in
of tlm wny I'lin'i's uf nhaiil" mv by no
means common, nnd uu thnt account
ih.' ul rn ni "ii a "i' ernlng him which
i'. ". be able lu givo is very meager.
Any Italian will tell ynu thnt such a
creature exists, however, nnil that he Is
ilgh gice, ■, : 'Mentally tlmt  occasionally met with lu old mines nnd
thero wus n. i i n, ,;, islng ihe tl.;,:'   ' ■•' »™ 'ls well ns In tombs nud sub-
because  ■    were tbe goods   Tho pro   '
prlotor of i  ■ -in" ,:n l nil the clerks
..,"1 folio    .   bul   .      $ further 11
d ' ih..:. lhe ' rowd, were '■■ blud un 1
I by Iho | pic «.:!< the bag.
I'roudl} ii/  bag was o| ened    It a. .
tained n brick,  The ihl : hn 1 droppi l
ll' :      pi)    .       i:       ling '
-:    "'b'I, ihe crowd, head-
id  by   ih,- salesmen  an I  ;; ;
Goldsmith's Sliotty ( Iodic.,
' ill wus ludicrously lAid of
■liaavy   I'aalhrs.       When   he   BOUgllt   tO
■   :■ rs iii Ira'lunal In- tried to daz-
zlo his bishop by n pair of sa-nrlet
hi lies.   While studying mi I   -.'■ In
l,      irgh be wore "rich sky  blue
Bill n" "iii." sky blue shalloon" and
. l ,i Inee,   Before .1"',:.-"'. Roy-
"'-• ' '" Gnrrlck be strutted about
■ ■'• l"  "   ' '    "■"' "f   bragging of his blooi lorcd coat,
b,"rii r-A '"'    '■ ■' °f «   nud when  I..-  reputation had  1 u
'     • made hy his two principal ■ icnis ho
A i'    '■ '::'' '   ' after   blnzedl i     npurpli tbes,
'"i ;        i of l    store   u Bcurlet grentconl nml n physician'!
"■':i : * -•    ' ' nentl)   wig,   ll" carried a gold beaded cane,
'-1" -' ■ 'a id a sword hung by his side, n weap-
ul ih" Ilnn, ga ,,uiv„
to two "iia..- men to iff oul   stature Unit a eoxi i      who passed
i In tho str   J i     I out to bis
■   " as a pre    companion to "look nl thnl liy with a
mutton ngnlnsl theft while tho n.i.    |0ng pin stuck through it.
dow '■ ■       .
itores    en   - *er slgmil
I, and tin- men are        . i   I
week.   IVben tbo d mger f  .
taki - I. . ;
A Woman in Morocco,
Al! lb" llfo ul n in.;:. a
' renlly i>n-a~i-,l behind Iho wnlls of its
■      liono rn - :. i word   ,,.-..,.
'•" ,! nothing, Is-vliol i
- : ■ :    "' | ranee, She has nu social life, no after-
noou"al !. inc." a writer savs: "Most
r stories told wen .     ,      , .,.  ,,, ,,„,. v.|8.
to the tricks und i    ...,- ,.,.., „-.<] v,.... ;..,:i!l;„ ,;,.., „ ,   ,;t
uie Jewelry I ten   BCl       over the low partltlou walls,
works ni nlghi ni- -        , . ,      . a I (      dragging a ladder up nnd down
oul a disk a.: .     ,   .  ■   .        . ,   ....    .... ,,„..,„ ,10
crossed, Tb" rensou i- tlmt il i,
o may i a   or. I lerraci .".■ n-
I   served for women folk, nml men are
1 ' inlck. .« , ii , i up except to do
coat,   repairs, when tho ni gli  u   g housci
■    ■ '   are duly warned,"
itch. Ofl es u simple
' ■    . .    .
in a I'l.ile
, •  ■ i of the pn
Strange l'l,-,u-.r..
i frequently
nsked t" Ink" si'
The other dny n llolh ru i i I
'foi of tlio pnl ne,  |i|  a,, , :      horse, which a.; f
,    ,                       pasting I his d itiglit.  il III II was re-
,           :   'i  ' pawnbroker onca
■ •     t.' Is used, I    ban       ends 11              dgo a medical chesl uf pot-
nigh i" i il
luffed with i        or "I    |i-,uon men. It * ' ever, n vnlun-
.   v.    , ■            :     .                   ' f the l        *
ry rare. A Iv
i we*1"
i                       ■                        '' r
made  ol rltlea,
ire mid en
llelorc inul  Wl".
inly when
I *
1 Ihe
■   i       i do . i
| It,   | Her i In
las II i
lhc old
.    ■
,  l
.1   ,1' '    '       ' u
,    ' 11
111'..' I
i    . . ' the bars
'    I ;
A : "
i .    • I In
largo wife, Imi '■:
: i
,  , ■ riu
uml nil.   Nut
i-hleli llu.' safe *'
! '
I through Iliu I
put Intu uu i  . .   ' '■ '
A   I riiiiiiin   nl   Im-.
ler  I"  In
|| ' a, |
'       '
|! I r i la.'
a.,    |M,    ,,,,',„
' ' ' '
■ ' l
\a,|    I,    l'l,illilillirii|ilal.
t   (ll
ili->   Hm,'ii'l  tlmiimal  An}- In the
I ai-i Tli'iiMiml  Iciiri,
There is one corner lu tbe world
where the fashiaii.s uf the people have
remained the sum" for tno last thousand years. The I.npp lady Is not concerned about the latest toque from
Paris nor is she subject to that soul
harrowing experience, the bargain
counter crush. However, she may
properly lay claim to having been Uie
original bloomer girl, for the nether
garment worn by her today is of the
same design as thut worn liy her ancestors of a thousand years ago.
Tbe summer garment of tlie Laplander Is usually of coarse woolen goods
and bus something the cut of a Blurt
wiib n high collar. Among the Ben
Lapps it is for the lin.st part nndyed.
Among ihe other Lapps usually blue.
sometimes green or brown and even
black smock frocks hnve been seen.
Round the waistbands, along the
Benin in the back nml on tlie edges this
smock is ornnmented with strips of
red nml yellow cloth, l'mler this garment Is a similar one. either plain or
figured, worn next tu the body, for the
Lapp never wears linen underclothing,
The trousers ere of white  woolen
k is, rutlier narrow and reaching to
the ankles, whore they are tied Inside
the shies with long slender shoestrings,
fiver these drawers nre usually worn
leggings of thin, tanned skins, reaching from the unities A the kmvs.
Stockings the Lapp never wears. He
fills the upper curving tip of his shoe.,
with a sort of grass, which Is gathered
In summer ami benten i" muke It soft
and pllnblc, The winter costume only
differs from tlmt worn in summer In
that every plcco is minlo of t. I dl •■:
-skin with tlie hnlr mi.
'Die dnss of the women differs very
sliL-blly from thnt worn by ila- men.
ri .■ bi iock is somewhat longer and is
made without th" big -tur,.ling collar,
Instead "f which n kerchief or cap la
worn about the neck, To the woven
ami often silver ornamented girdle
hang n knife, scissors, key. needle nnd
tliivnai. The I .nal covering is i,.■ r a nly
different in tin- two soles, but nlso
differs according to the locality,
'!',,,■ '        1 V       a
(lint t he
i ■ Uii
I-. ■    '. ii. Victor i iti  '.
inr. CLUtrisH hhiijauc..
Wh-,1 Happen. When the nine. *lakt
)t   . linrc,-   I |,„„   .*!, ,ala„.i...i.
"When menhaden or herring art
driven upon Ibe beach by Huffish, ai
Ihey often nre, so thnt tbey can bl
curried oir by the cart load," said a
Biherman, "there is very seldom found
::. mg i ei i "i - "I II elr pursuers, and
If om I It Is likely to lie a ll-h
that la dlst'ai.isl ur t'.i.u bus been hurt
in sa>me way 'li." bluellsb failinws t*
ila- very vice ol Un water, but there
n sl ;*. un 1 !( !s so powerful and
alert a swimmer Hint, close us It Is, It
Hill easily !.•■.;>. emur of tho land.
I ho menhaden ur bcrriug are no latu-n
i In y i ould coma as clou
.■:. I keep a.if the , , ,ra d ■ a ns.iy as the
I a. but nol Win ia II,e blueDsh
are after them i m n Ihey are like
men pursued lo tho edge of a pr»rl-
i lea      It   ll   illlllal.I    I .   l.i.n   -1, (tl)    !•
p, i ni tho i 1'. that or turn
ni.J lake the 11 I1IC0I of breaking
through ibe purs dug Hue,
"When tho I ■ may bt
3,1100 or 4,000 uf them logotllM sli'lit
u v hool ol menhaden, thej go for It
'. .• :i brlgado oi heavj i oyalry, cut-
i i and lliishlllg i.a, ; ig uml biting
; ght ii,'I left I'he mi aden uro slin-
plj ovcrh in." by lupi .     and
M    llllllg   I If   '' ""a   to   'io   but
llee    If tbey nre driven nm nrd tht
shore, Hie luinl i- lu I em what tht
ilce would he to I        in,  Tlmy
■ i ke ii or ihey mum turn     I try
lo llghl their way through.   Many do
I urn ami try r- swim iiudi i oi over
tin i'fisb, and
ne In this waj    inl rs
mie nro    aimed and
■  '  lore, uii.l iiini..'. '
crowding ti gether, uro   -        y press.
"■1  that  they ur.- practically  forced
times huh il,ni iro nol     I up
fnl    '1 l|     '!"'alll    in'"   11,"        Her
:,   A high  «uie n iy Bet smut
A li-h Ihus liberated may find
- . dnmugi il thnl II can't swim,
■ a nst up ngnln, Weakened by
exporli    '   ii.;. fall n prey
me of tbe I   icl ih yet bu^nlug
It uinr eicaDa."
Tbe coward shouts with shut eyes.
Small things talk loud to the Iudiau's
The pulefuee's nnu is longer than bis
When a fox walks lame old rabbit
.1 limps.
A sa|ii:iw's tongue runs faster tbun
ill'1 wind's legs.
There is nothlug so eloquent us a
rattlesnake's tall,
The liiiiinu stiilps bis enemy; the
paleface skins his friends.
Hofore the pnlefnco enme there was
no poison iu the Indian's corn,
There will be hungry palefaces so
long us there Is auy ln.linn luml to
When a inun prays one day aud
Meals six tho Great Spirit thunders and
the evil ouo laughs,
Thero ure three things it takes a
Btrong mnn A bold a young warrior,
u wild horse uml n handsome siiuuw.
Tbc Prime <>( Lift,
The larger part of the great fortunes
of this country hnvo been accumulated
ul'ter their ainussers have passed forty.
Iu fact, ibe lirst forty years of u man's
life are the preparatory years, the
years of training and discipline. A
largo part of this time ho Is laying tlio
foundation—Just getting ready to rear
the superstructure, Many of us stumble around many years before we got
luto tho right place, nud tbun for additional years we make many mistakes.
Most men do not got wlso uutil tbey
have passed forty. They may get
knowledge before this, but not much
wisdom. Wisdom is a ripening process. It takes time, Every inun makes
his own dead Hue. Some reach It at
thirty-live, some at forty, some ut fifty;
some do not reach it nt eighty; sumo
never roach It because tbey never ceaso
to grow.
Tlic ('liatiMf „r n Word.
A remarkable lustnnco of vorbal degradation Is the word "slave." Its original, the ItUBSlan "slnvu," meant glorious, bolng etyinologlcaliy akin to the
English word "glory," and was proudly taken us their name by tlio Slavonic
people. Hut when tho Germans reduced busts of Ihe Slavs to ser.'ilude
their name, from mallco or accident,
as Gibbon says, bocntno synonymous
With "servile." It retains no more suggestion of its racial origin now than
does "ogre," which Is really "Hungarian," from n coufuslon of tho Magyars with the Huns, and of both wilh
the terrible Tartars.
finli) I'.ni in Jewelry.
Franco bends (lie list ns lhe country
whii li uses up most gnbl in the making
of jewelry. Her jewelers work up
1111,000 pounds weight of gold every
year thai is, ubout ono-tblrtleth of the
whole amount produced. Great Britain
in, ..in.is for an almost equal quantity,
and ibe railed States tnkes 32,000
pounds weight for similar objects,
whllo German craftsmen for that conn-
try winked up 30,000 pounds of virgin
niibl in tha lusi yenr. Small as Swlt-
norland Is, she absorbed nearly 20,000
pouuds weight of line gold, while Italy
i. : llu i between them took a similar amount Wo u.m procure no accurate statistics from Turkey or India or
China, bin ; s each of these countries
us.'> a large quantity of gold for pur-
I "■- ul  ui'iini .1  wo shall not he
very lur wrong If we sny that Ihe
world's Jewelers use mure lhan hull' of
all il." gold produced.
A Scrim,. Threat,
Stutts (who Btommors)—Miss D-D-
Dimple—D-D-Dolllol I lul-lul-lul-I
lul-lul-love you! Wu-wu-will you b-ii-
WU-Wtll ynu h-be niuni-niuni-niuiu-wu-
will you h-be mum-mum-iny wu-wu-wu
—mttm-mum-my wife? Dolllo Dimple
(coyly)-Oh, Mr. sums: i-i hardly
know how to answer you! Stutts (desperately)— Ac-ac-ac-sus-sua—accept my
pup-pup-proposal ur I'll sus-sus—or I'll
sus-sus-say it all over aguggiigagain!
FiimII-' itemedl«>«l.
Punk Clerk -This check, madam, Isn't
lilla'al In, Madam -Isn't what? Hani;
Clerk —It lias your husband's mime
■Igiied to it, but dues not suite bow
much money yen want. Mndnm—Oh,
is that all? Well, I'll take all there Is.
c I Lack,
Mrs. MeCnll Is .Mrs, Cassaway at
home? The Servant—Faith, she is not,
ma'nm, he great luck, hut ye',I best
I'nvo ver innl nn' skedaddle uivay, fur
she's like |a> ho In anuy minute uow.—
Philadelphia Ledger,
Million n,isii,u ol Wli«l xvn.trd.
"During I'.iu.V writes George ll.
Metcalfe, M IA In tho Technical
Wor l Mngardne, "tho railroads aaf the
United States ordered new locomotives
P. ihe number ol 0.:i00, together with
3,300 passenger cars nnd 340,000
freight eurs. These Insl Dgurcs give a
good Idea of tlio n-lutlvo Importance of'
ei .er nnd freight trullle lo o huge
ra Irond. The rail mills started the
new year wilh orders for 2,000,000 tons
on thi Ir : Its,
"I i , of these grent orders ind ill
Bplto ui i'i' besl efforts of tho railroad
managers pile nfter pile ol thousand)
ot bushels -ai' corn has been heaped up
o i ih" givuiul in Inun, Kansas and
Nebraska for want of storage room ur
truusporlal on facilities, whllo In
North Dakota nlono over a million
I". hi Is of wheat have rotted on the
gr id for want of  frelglt curs to
Ult'Ve it."
Allrnlli.t,  MnvfR thc   aVurld.
"Knowledge," it Is snld, "hi
wonder." But wondor is the result of
;. uml by nlli'lil.a (i Ibe World
, i benoflccntly or madly, as In
tho blind and bloody turmoils of tlio
Hi ;■■ oplo, attentli nl lasl ti
Un .- wrongj and tlio poeslb
liberty, \\ III i lhe nth ntlou of Individual ami collective minds nothing
go s forward am nn 'th bo full if a b-
jeels nnd Ideal Ihnt Selection IIIUSl be
forced from tho outside or deliberately
exercised from tite iii>.ih' ba
thing guuil or bud enn be dono, It is
tho business of tlie good man to si nly
means of attracting attention lo good
causes, to necessary bctterinonta and
to all Unit Is fair uml lovely nud wholesome in ibis distracting, distracted und
multitudinous universe.—('outlay.
A  111.iilirl.iil.il. (lillil.
Dr. nml Mrs. Julian 1'. Thomas ol
New Yuri; nre tho parents uf a remark-
iil.Ii- child, Bged seven years. Some ol
tho playthings, provided nt bis own request, nre a skeleton, his favorite,
WhOSO every bOUO lie ItnOWS by  null,",
a physiological chart, which i ai en
nbled him to study tho muscular tissue, ibe imn mis and circulatory ays
terns; a fully equipped automobile
boy's slue, «h.' li bo operates ond re
pairs; a great globe, which bus caused
him to spurn nil geographies, II" Is n
talented musician and makes nn excep
Hon aaf his mil ia' nml drawing tench
ors In tho (weeping refiLsal to dea1
with Lugruclora.
Can Obtain New Health Through the
Use   of   Dr.   Williams'
Pink  Pills.
Ai inin itae.in- bhiaiilli --in --.      Hi
Williams'   l'ink   l'ills  actually   niaki
new,   rich,   red   bl I  and  ilm-  enn
anaeliiia,   When the blood i- | r tin
lervi    are starved and irritable. Tlnn
hysteria,     ■ iralgia     sleepless-
less uml other m rvt- disordi i-. Head-
ihe-. h nl,.obi - uml  sideaches  a eai
il uml depress the pool' pale \ u inn.
Dr. Williams'   l'ink   l'ills  soon   bring
'mlalt  health uml lively vigor,    Tint
u<>th ih,. juugleil imrves a-nil give new
li. ugih li. every a '.mm.   Mi-- \\ innil
llien,  Montreal,  says:     "I   hu-   so
ivi ak nml inn down that   my   friends
Ihal  I  ii.a-        uitai   inn-
■ pti "a. I ■,' as .i- pale ..- a corpse,
Lad nn appetite and did not sleep m 11
i      ■ . .ii iii"a[ in.- mil. and ii
I      Iked a blue!    I ivoilld !"• nl-
ta. -'   breathless,     Mv sister   advised
  la, ml,.'  Hi.   Williams   Pink   l'ills
using tliein im' i ie» ue. A
I ...  I health, mul
have u gnnil color. I think every weak
girl should nil,"   Dr.   W'liiiuin-'   l'ink
Hi.  Williams'  l'ink Pills uill   cure
.in. i . ■■ oi bl Ilcssuosn inst us sure-
the} imi,'.I Mi-. Allen.   The pale
.       ■ |      a  Oa A    aalllt     i.i',-      thli
blood    In   Wli',-       I',     l'ills make
ii,». rich bl I with every dose, Thai
i- aliy they cu,  .all , oi '   >i diseases
ii!.'  aa nij.i.   indigestion,   neuralgia,
pi hiitnti -'i nl the heart, In n Iai 111 and
St, Vim (lam pnrtinl
paralysis an I I lie *ei ret ' roubles ilm'
make the live ul tl nil n 1- "i women
n ..ciiiblc. In. Willi nn-' Pink Pill*
ine -aibl bv medicine dealers or I" ami
ii' oil rent- u laaav m -i\ 1)0X1 - lev r--2.nl)
liom lb" Dr, Williams' Medicine Co..
I ilie, nm.
is belter than other Soaps
but is best when used in
the Sunlight way. Follow
to be waitied in a lull nf
lukewarm water, flraw it
01.1 "ll .!«.,-.     .11.1 .lla.l tub
III. - up  liulilly ttct il.
lie ia.alU.lll.lt  II al   li  mlal
m.ij.iai; nil over, 'IIII.N
^n .t In n llghl roll, l.,y
in lb. tub und-r ilia wit.r,
.unl oa, a.,i ilie innil wny
until nil llil plucubnvn tha
..ml v.
Ihtui' no ntvny lor
ihitiy minutes 16  <mc
hour nni) U-l Hit- "Sunlit-tit" ■.■..ap al.a list.auk.
NtXT. -.Ilia,. Milling
the full tune tub tiled.alhcl
lightly oul onl wnihbonrd,
uml Una ilirl ttill timeout; inin the gatmenl in-
taaleaaait (o getat th. learnt,
bul ilon'l use uny more
soapi Uaan'l .-..ilal uf boil a
l.ngla |ii-.'\ and don't
M-aib through twoludi. If
llie ttitlet Kelt 100 ilifly,
pour a Utile uul Pill aalal
fruh. If o itreah is hard
tu u.itli, iub some more
soap on it, nnd throw
the plcte buck inlo the
sud.turd ivw minutes,
usriY corns the
RINSING, which ii lo b.
dune in lukev.atm watet,
{..king ipeii.l cute lo gel
all .lie ditty tuala ..ay,
then wring uut and bang
For Woulen-and Finn-
acls rt»'«<! nilollowi:-
Stiake .lie uiliailei Iter futn
.lust. Cut n talilel of
lhlvingl,poui ilal'. a gallnn
intu o lllhar. Mla-n ju.t
lukewarm, wa-tlc nrtialea in
tlie lathur without rubbing. S.jueeie oul ilitly
.ater without twisting
anal time tli at.iu--lily in l«u
telava uf lukettaon vvalrr,
Sajueer. out waiet without
(willing md bang iu ib<
ujaen air.
rarThc rno.t dclltnte
color, may be sultly
woihrd in Ibe Sun-
light" way.
ate AAA REWARD vrlllbapaU
•PJ|«UU io an- r.i-aan who
faror-a thnt Biinllgbl Soap ooo-
tilna any Injurious t-lirtnlcali
or auy form of........: uiiou.
Your Money Refunded by lhe
dealer from whom  you bay
Bunllght Soap If ynu Uud an/
caui.6 fur cuinululuu
*    ,    ador Itcid denies   thai    the
|,l.n - oi ih" Imt11 Ai|i   theadi ghl
t lolel I   iilil In   the llilliil
How    i ,    i lennso    tha    system
\ ,  [iitllhlo    l'i"-   i'l"    lb"
remill nl -en uiilie -inily "ill'   elfi
■ ,  ■   , •   ..i a, rtain "■"'
||a III    ||||l    a'      ,     livi     01     HI' 'I ll ■'
has il ii.iini in   mini,)   a
iimt  ilm'.    date the nd on  "I   the
,     .   , I a       '    a
and carry off n -1 ..• ■ am-
ail iiiaaii. iiiiiii ih.- -v-ii in. Tiny are
.■u-l i i take and ilnn nctiou a- mild
anil hei 'inl.
All  llaitlnrer*.  Strntllftetn.
Sir Unrry Johnston, Ibe famous ex-
plorcr, once escaped from a very tight
corner in Afrleu by a queer stratagem.
A scoro ur two uf murderous nntlves
bud Burrouuded bis tent, Into which,
boforo rushing it, they sent nn envoy.
The envoy wns told Uu- Binnllpos wus
lu iin' i in p. and u wretched Albino
wus nut ,,'n ui die awful example, In
live i ilnules ilm Beared tribesmen hnd
. As Sir Hurry will knew,
they feared lhe "whit" disease" i in
than n.i il, luvi ntloiis of Maxim,
III. Works,
"A lllllll Is llli iv u by Ills volts," ip..
dared ll e Irn presslblo reformer, wlm
wus ml li* --.:._• u hll'go and eiithiisius-
i,,' ntldli nee,
"Yours must be a tns works!" (bout-
,.; i rude, uncultured pers m who occupied a inui; scat
1 i his Bomewhnt grniping   habit,"
said Senator Burrows, in Hi • course
an ii reci u: nrgnment, 'reminds nn i
ii lady wrto dropped in tlio othor day
■ il ii i'"i'iuin bnnk.
"liiiiim oi in,, paying tellcr'a wia-
doiv, she "I micil Ini pocketbook, took
nu u mii'ok uml pushed it under the
brass grating.
" 'Cash ihis. pleaB..' Bhc i
"Ilm ib.- paying  '...'ller. after
alanee in  lhc cluck, pushed il
in uie woman ngnln.
'"I .'ain't rash ii, madam,' li
ll Isn't micd in.'
""I'huie is my liu-huml's slgun-.uia
un it; the vuiiiiiii s; i-i. exel    .
"Yi . I know,' admitted the teller,
bul un to is no amount.'
'"(ih, never mind tlmt.' said the
tvumnn Impatiently.   "Hive ine what
tl   1"   is.'"
Ask for Minard's and take no other
Forty-seven an ■- ol ncttlcr*  ■ :'■ I
arrived in ibe Melfort dislriel dining
Kiliiuiiitnu'c.ty council i- endeavoring
' e il   -ll.' lor    ll     inu     isolutil ll
Another en go nl 2 000 11■.'- ol steel
l.llls     la.I    'lie    H.T.I'.     »nS   Ullllanaicil   ,11'
l-'au'i William   IfnlTnlo.
Quebec Han tells how the Great Consumptive Preventative was
an all-round Benefit
" My wife took I-i Grippe when .the wai
inOliawA, "snys K. N. Piitnc ofNcrthfirld
harm, Oiif., in an Interview, " Sho got a
bottlo ni Pnychlna anil alter using it for a
few dayi she was quite well. I took a fold
and am Hiring it ami am MttlfM all right«
I think Hnvchine ii one of tlio best tonict
on thc markii to-day."
There you have the whole matter in a
nutshell. La Grippe am! colds arc among
tlie forerunners ci umttumption.
This man had one, hia wife had the other.
Psychine not only cured both but it built
them up so that their bodies are strong
enough to resist disease. All seeds of
eomsumpliun are killed by
(Pronoufke-J Si-kecn)
50c. Per Bottle
Larf or (Imi (I and Sl-all druKgltta
CR. T. A. SLOCUM, Limited, Tnronto,
W   N    U   No.   585
The Direct Cause of All His Trouble
was  a Strain  in lhe   Back  Which
Affected   His  Kidneys—Dodd's  Kidney Pills Cured Him.
ARDOCH, Out,, Mny 14—(Spcolal.)
Mr. Ami Jcanneret, of ibis plncegives
a very interesting account ul bis ox-
perieiioo with Dodd's Kidney l'ills. Ho
"I hurt my bnclt nnd strained my
kidnoyb nnd for 18 years I suffered on
uml off intenso ngony. I ivns subject
in attacks "I Rheumatism nnd Lumbago. My joints were stiff, my muscles
ci'n in pod, I losl my appetite, my flesh
bognn in lull nway, mj nerves were
Bhnkon, I could not rest nr sleep nl
night uml I wn- sinking inin n tleplor-
nli!,- condition n In n I wns ndviscd to
try Dodd's Kidney l'ills, I used -is
boxes nud I mn now ns strong and
hoiilthy ns ever I was, I um cortniu
1 owe my cure wholly to Dodd's Kid-
lll'V l'ills."
A widow in n Mnino town, accord-
In tho Hoston Herald, wns u strict
constructionist in her theology, nnd
would u liuii un lodger into hm' board
log house who had n leniiing toward
Universalis! views, Ouo tiny nn nld sun
onptain happened along tn nsk for
"Hut, what do ymi bolicvoP" asked
the widow.
"Oh, must anything," replied tlio
"Hu ymi believo thero is it hull?"
"Sun'," was ih" reply,
"Well," parried tin1 widow, "how
many dn ynu think will tin hero?"
The 1'niituin cautiously remarked
tlmt be thought 20,000 would be u fair
Tin. widow paused, then stated tlmt
ho could oiiitio in. "Twenty thousand,'
she suiil. "is better tbun none."
Nui n nauseating pill.—Tbo oxcipi-
out of ii pill is tbo substance which
enfolds the ingredients uml makes up
tho pill nni-. Thut nl I'liiiiithiA
Vogetnhlo l'ills is sn compounded ns to
preserve their moisture, nml thoy can
Im curried into uny latitude without
impairing their strength. Many pills,
in order to keep them from adhering
mo rolled in powders, which prove
iiauscnting in thc taste. I'armeloc's
Vegetable l'ills arc su prepared tlmt
thoy uro agrceaolo tu tlio most delicate,
An Irishman once mot un English.
inun who hud no artificial leg, Being in u sympathetic nature, I'm en-
quired tbo cause ol ilm loss nl the
liinli. wlioriipnn tbo Englishman said i
"A short tiuio ago 1  discovered thut
thoro It,is saiuin  |iAh  l,],,n<| j,,  ,uv bully
and that it had settled in tin- leg, bo
I had ii out "il " ""IA n pity ii didn't
sottlo iii your head, " cnnio the quick
retort.—Troy limes,
I cured n horse of Mange wiib MINARD'S I.INIMKNT.
I cured a horse, badly torn bv n
pitch mil;, wiib   .MIN.Utns   I,INI-
St. Peter's,    ('. B, Edw. UNI.I IT.
I cured n horse nl n bad swelling with
Ultima-it, NM.   lilti-  W. PAYNE
ICalgoorlie, Weil Austrolii, i- nneof
tlio newest nnd bust Lam! fields in tho
world. Tin' following advertisement
\tus prominently displayed iu n ■■
Issue ot 'In' Knlgoorlio Miner:—
"Watch the progress  ol   ilm   British
elections.   Balfour, ilm t rcionist.  is
defeatod, shaa-ibl In- mm,.. Chamber.
I,im. bo itl-n defeated, ull coiners can
indulge iu a little 'light n Freilnneiit'
i i' chargo im n peri "I oi -it hours
from I" u.ll.- in i imu.. ui l'uihly
Whalen'a Shamrock Hotel."
Keep Minard's Liniment In the bouse
China  has established n policy il
forbidding lurtlier foreigi piisition
ui land within lur borders,
Tlm Viiniui Imi,.I in  Keoto, Japan,
lias I ii biirii,ul nml mn American wo-
mon perished in the Haines,
Five liundrod thousand acre) in Alberta bub,-it" exempt  Inun   taxation
aro in™ taxed lor -ol 1 uml local iin-
Two Hionsand bal were enti i"! In
tlm Chicago baby -how   held  lur tbo
boncill ni Son I'l.iini-i" -'ill,rers.
We Trust
If you are Buffering from
impure blood, thin blood, debility, nervousness, exhaustion, you should begin ot once
with Ayer's Sarsaparilla, the
Sarsaparilla you have known
alt your life. Your doctor
knowsit.too. Askhimaboutit.
T'-i mnrt look will ftftir th* romllttnT. nf
»■ ■.■ llvr imi i ■ -..'. t'tilfii 'ti-f» li dill?
M' 'Ann of tli* b*V(l(, \ ill  n ■ « \-i•■•'•■■■ l| »■»
■ i-.   11" il.   i"  A' ' - "■■»' ' I. hi .th..*.., ti,
irt,ilTifAtitu, i■ . thai i"■ ■ ■'!' i tht Kir
iau.a-.rft.* fmm •l-ilmi ltl l-»it work. Aftt't
Hlli trt 1.»«r tllli, Art fttntlt, til ttf »t»J»it.
Tht dm - unl; ou |**U it IhnJtlmt.
M.aJ. '..10   ' .ar Co., Uv.ll, Mw.
Alan Rtai,uraaturara tt
W W / O COCUV I'l tint tl
bay End of World is Near.
London.—Terrible predictions con-
oernlng what uill happen to tno poor
old oot'th during the next twenty-
five yours were made tbo oiuer day
nt Exeter Hull. Tlio prophets of ills-
aster, n largo number of whom were
olei'gymen, woro iu attendance. Tl.
Prophetic ami Seventh Auventlst's
conference, which differed somewhat
in detail, nil agreed that the ond of
tlio world wns nt hand. They woro.
not sure whether iho final catastrophe will oDiiio mi liny 2, 1929, or un
April 9, llml, but thoy wore quite sure
nun ono rn' these dates would prove
iu bo tin- right ono. There can bo
nu doubt thut tbo world bus nearly
outlived Its usefulness, tbo prophets
declared. Tbo wars and earthquakes
which have afflicted it recently are
proof positive, nnd oll thai is required
io 1 iillil bis prophesies is the coming
rn tho iinii-i urist, who Is Bomewhnt
unkindly Identified with Napoleon,
Ho will make his lirsl political ap-
pi nrance us King of Syria, bul In
1922 he will iiiinoli and conquer
Annul': thou im will extend his rule
ovor   il ther   kingdoms,     There
will bo 10, ,  Christians In   the
world nt ibis tlmo, the prophets declare, bin evidently, thoy will nol be
equally deserving of favor, (or In mm
ur 1920, 114,000 of them will be translated in heaven, while lhe other
9,850,000 will be transported lo tho
dlstricl Hour Mount Siniii, where they
will hnvo to watt three und a half
Members of pnrlamenl nro evidently in be n Im of terrible sinners, for
only U very few will be found worthy
ut immediate translation. Tho Rev,
Mr, Baxter declares that the great
majority ol members of parllamenl
will be left behind,
A cough is ofton tlio forerunner nl
serious pulmonary ailiiotioiis, yet there
is a simple euro within tlm reach
nl nil in Dickie's Anti-Cniisnniptive
Syrup, an old-time remedy, which,
n resorted to nt tlm inception ni a
cold, will invnrinblv givo relief, nnd by
overcoming the troible, guard the
system From uny serious consequences,
L rice 25 omits al ull dealers,
Tho Portrait Painter (In despair)—
.Minium, 1 Hnd It Impossible to pro-
euro colors lhat will match your exquisite complexion.
'Iho Siller (without reserve)—Well
then, jusi draw tho outlines to-day,
and whon I on n nexl time I'll bring
some ui my ci I us mr you.—Llppln-
cutis Magazine,
There Is mere cuturrli In this lection
of tht- country than uli other dlneunta
I'Ut tugt-thur, and until the Last few years
tins Mi|a|ii)8,ad lo he Incurable. For •
Ki* at many years doctors pronounced It
u liical disease and jirescrltied local remedies, and by constantly tailing io cur«
with local treatinent ironouncetl tt Incurable. Science tins proven catarrh to b«
a constitutional *'..'■• and therefore requires conetltutlainal treatment. Hall's
L'aturrh Cute, manufactured by )-'. J.
Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio, li the only
constitutional cure on the market, It 1.
taken Intm-nully in doses from 10 drops
tn u teaspoonful. It acts directly on the
1'lnod and mna-ous surfaces of the syitem.
That- offer nne hundred dollars for any
lime It fulls to cure, bend tur circulars
.in<l ti 1'ilmntiisls.
Adrcss: F. J. CHENEY ft Co. Toledo, 0.
Hailal   lav   UrUf'tltS.    "*C.
Take Hall s Family Pills for comtlpi
Three plumbers robbed u mnn on
Kiin-n- Citv Btreel .nr. It i- not good
form tm' plumbers in rob (Hmph- mi a
street car.- Boulder Nows,
Sunlight Bonp is better than other
soaps, bin Is bosi whon used In the
Sunlight way. Buy Sunlight .soup uud
follow directions,
Wife—Your were talking in your
sleep ln-t night, dear, Why do ymi
persist iu doing it"
Husband Good I.mil. Marie, n man
aught to be allowed to talk somotimes
oughtn't hof —Tlio Bohemian
To know is to prevent. — II
lim minors who work   iu   oold   watei
i i ni iln' dm' would rub their feel
a.nl legs aiib Dr. Thomas' Ecloctrio
nil they would escape muscular rheumatism mul render their nether limbs
prool against tlm ill cfTccts ol exposuro
to the cold. Tbnso setting out for
mining regions woull do will in nro-
vuii' themselves with a supply before
A Mill i„ Three Words.
In the probata division "f the London
county court Sir Qorell Barnes was
nskod to admit to probate tho will of
Frederick Thorn of Amesbury avenue,
Btrcatham, who died leaving property
valued nt $1,000, A dny or s,i befort
be ilbil. counsel stated, Mr. Thorn bad
:i paralytic stri'lm.    He asked for a
piece of paper, uml tbey gave nn en.
velopo to blm. Ho Wrote on tbo biiok
of It, 111 the presenco of Ills wife iiiiiI
two of bii children, "All to mother, r.
T." This wus witnessed by Arthur
Thorn uud Percy Thorn, Tlio will was
banded up to his hardship, who remarked iimt it was probably the slmrli-st
mm on record, it wns duly executed
mnl witnessed und Im therefore pro-
i need fm' it.
The    Advantages   and    Beauties   of
Tuxedo Park Described by the Originator of the Enterprise.
Winnipeg.—As the work "f develop-
in!; Tuxedo Park Is being pushed for-
ward, n thoroughly modern suburb
will in' evolved, Combine the layout
rn' iho ciiy of Washington, D.C., with
tho pleasures, comforts uml conveniences nt iln' famous Tuxedo Park,
x.v., uml ymi have n luii' Idea of
whal Winnipeg's Tuxedo Park Is to
embrace und to bo.
.Mr. V. W. Iloubnob, of the Ilnn of
K. W. llmiliiieh, Ltd., nnd father of
ihe Tuxedo Purl; enterprise, was soon
nt bis offices lu iho Union bank building, und wus asked jusi what bis
plans were for the development of
mis new suburb,
"Thui would im u long shut, said
Mr. Heubach, "but perhaps I cun
give ymi a general Idea in a few
"As ynu  know, the proporty which
now comprises Tuxedo Park wns the
old   Wrighl   farm,   n high, dry mul
largely w led Irncl of 2 nld acres
situated upon the Asslnlbolne,
"As a homestto its situation Is
Ideal. It. will Im easily und quickly
reached by iho Portage Avenue trolley nmi extensions through Fun
Rouge, In addition io this we havi
every   nssurnnro   Unit   lis both the
Canadian Northern mil Canadian
Pacific Railways run directly through
the property u suburban station will
be erected and commuters' trains
run from both oily depots, 'in.s will
make Tuxedo tho most accessible of
nil Winnipeg suburbs.
"In planning Tuxedo Park our Idea
has been not only lo provide boauti-
lul suburban bomesltes, but lo also
afford residents all the comforts, conveniences uml amusements of metropolitan Hie. Tuxedans will bo sup-
piled wiib water through our own or
tho City mains and will also have
nas or electric light.
"For their leisure hours we have
laid   oui    a   spf. alwny,   Iho longest
straightaway couvso In the world,
golf Units, tennis courts, athletic
"The harmonious beauty nf Tuxedo
Park, nnd ilm Interests of Park
residents, win ho preserved by our
building restrictions which will pre-
vein tbo construction of nny unslght
iy ur undesirable buildings.
' "All commercialism; tlmt Is, nil
stores, groceries, butcher shops mid
um like will bo confined to a small
territory which we hnvo sel apart and
which we have designate 1 us tb
"Those features, the diagonal
streets, avenues and boulevards; tha
Bhade trees mul Aiping lawns, nil
combine to mnke Tuxedo one of the
mosl desirable residential districts
iu nm West,
"Hint uu Investment In those lots
Is bound io prove most profitable goes
without saying, Hero wo uro surrounding mi three sides the buildings
und gniiiii'ls of Uie Govemmenl Agrl
cultural College, uml on the wesl adjoining Un' new Ciiy Park. And (Ills
iiinn.' is ii guarantee of the continual
development mid Increasing values
oi Tuxedo property. Add to ibis tho
Improvements we nre making mid
you enn readily understand Hmi Tu*
e :i. rs un opportunity fur Investment which no thinking man can
afford to puss by."
.Mr. Heubach grow enthusiastic In
lolling uf Hi.- beauties a>i Tuxedo nml
in uio many advantages ol owning a
home thoro. Ho is sincere in his b
not thai Tuxedo Purl; is destined to
become tbe mosl popular us well ns
ui" musl desirable of all Winnipeg's
suburban districts,
".lust think." bo said, "a scale plan
that enables the man A Bmall Balary
tn stand shouder in Bhoulder with
men of wealth in the acquln meni of
this property, nnd thnl wlthoul pinching or undue economy; a proposition
hy which each purchaser nt' n lot Is
given a bond which can be made in
earn iur blm ns high ns one-third of
iho price ui iin' ini: nominal taxes,
nni   u   im i   ih''   Asslnlbolnol
isn't thnl uning to appeal in i iti rj
sensible ninn'.'
"Certainly it oughl in."
"A race track?"
"No, wo have thai nut nf our pro-
gram, us a splendid one Is'belng
inun by Mr- n. J. MacKenzio at Sturgeon Crook."
V.- scribe was laid up last week n ith
a cold und siill' neok.
Hilda Skoyen, of Oak Vallev, attend.
od tlie Sagos uml Nelson wedding Saturday.
Ve scribe lias boon souiiiL' for lluldu'
The miction sale nt Mike Finstid's
was well attended, mul tlm dance, too.
lint nobody got into n laud temper be-J
cause it wus crowdod when they dune
ed, ns I heard tbey did ut some other
auction dances.
t), made a smash—no mash at the
Finstnd dance,
Burglars broke into the Steig store
ni Pigeon Insl Wodnesday night, busted the sale, und got bold ol about
$30, !
Wonder ii tlmt buy who Im- s <!"L'
attended the wedding Snturda*. P
Vi- scribe sewed inr .nr-. I. Skoyen,
Sny. did yuu liml your wny hollief
Hilda Skoyen i- doctoring nt Dr. I
lliia'li'- link Valley Correspondence
Ossoo (Wis.) Recorder.
The Real Secret
No Adulteration, No Impurities, No Coloring Matter
Lead    Packets   Only,    40c,    50c,   and   60c   per   Ib.      At   all   grocers.
I'se the -ma,, pleasant  1 effectual
worm killer, Motiior Graves' Worm
IDxtormiiiator; nothing equals ii. Procure u buttle uml take u inline.
Ve do.   For over 60 years we b«v« it
11/ f\f\   j\/l /*/j//)0"t"' msking them—the besl liver pills I
fV H\J 1 YJi i/AtO"" m,de-  Tn£,y ,re use<1 'n every [
Liver Pills? i
civilized Iind on the fae- of the [lobe. I
All vegetable, sugar-coated, -jentlyl
Imtive.   Ayer's Pills.   Ayer's Pills. |
la.e .. K.t.i.1   'A, |illl,l      J.C.aynO..,
tit lwn.ll, .1 111 oil mia'UKi.      l.awa.l, Mat,
Minard's Liniment lumberman's friend
Drunkards in Turks]*,
Tlm Turks have u - n.'Ul.ir milliner
of regulating drunkenness, if a Turk
overtaken with wlno lulls down in iho
siroet uml Is arrested by ilm guard be
is scntoi I to ilm bastinado,   Tins
pui    bl 'mt Is repented ns fnr n« tlm
i. r 1 ":'"ii-.'. nfter which Im is regard*
a us Incorrigible and called "Imperial
drunkard" n "privileged drunkard."
If bo is than arrested ho bus only to
ii.  himself, mention his lodging,
my be Is a "privileged drunkard," lie
is released mnl scut to sleep upon ths
l.<>t ashes of the baths.
Tin- Carre,
Corporal  (in  s ildmri -Why  Is the
blade of ilm saber curved Instead of
Straight!   Private It Is curved In order to pvo i 'i' forco tu tlm blow,
Corporal- llumbtigl Tho saber Is curv-
id sn ns t.i lii ilm scabbard, If it was
straight liaaw would yon get It Inlo the
crooked  scahhird,   blockhoad?
i'),p important * hinie,
Teacher When wntcr boi null's lee.
what Important chnuga takes place?
1'upll-Tbt' cbauge ill price,
A cortain congressman from Virgin-
la bus long retained in lu- employ a
colored mnn by ilm tm  ol Ksekiel
iin.' morning tno master lefl the liouso
loaving behind bun ii  letter be liu.l
n  Homo nmi' in iln- ni'i ii n
Im   romembored   tho  communication,
nml u- 0 un- iii •  Importance nu
hastened back bun.,', milt in find thai
ilm letter nu- nowhere to In in
the librnrj II" I "I -■ di 'n.i' tecol-
lection llml 'in' letter had been bit
am a, table, Ile summon. I A bI
nml nkod bun it b" had icon lb" letter,
"Vettall,    *'l'    ll l'    I'    'all    \aa'    t||l,||,"
"Then "ba i" i- it iii
■ I mailed it, -,h
"Vou i -I ii' Why, Mi   i     ;
not out the lima. . dress on the
• nvolopcl"
".I"s'   -II  -llll' I   lllOllgtll   1'   u.a     	
dom nniioiiynioii* letters      American
BOI    ' ''   il
.Murk Twain, al a dinner in New
Vork, inbl u siuiy liom his native
town ni Hannibal, Missouri.
"riu'ii' nro in th" world," he Bald,
"ii good ninny men llko Jonathan
Scarborough of Hannibal,
. carborough wns mi" of those
lnon. wiili nothing evil absolutely
known against them, who are yet
looked nn, and no doubt justly, with
"it was thought of Scarborough
Hint, lor a poor num. ho nl" inn much
Chicken. And one dny tlm blow loll.
Ho wus arrested for chicken stealing,
"A wiln.'ss was culled to testify us
in Scarborough's character,
"l'id you over know ibis ninn to
steal poultry?" asked the lawyer for
tin' defence,
"'Xo, 1 never did,' said the witness,
'Hut this is whal 1 do know: if I was
n chicken, mul Jonathan Scarborough
was about, I'd roost high,'"
No mother would give her little one
poison it she knew it. and yet all the
so-called sootliiivz syrups mul many ol
the liquid medicines given children
contain poisonous opiates, uml nu
overdose will kill. When n mother
uses Baby's Own Tablets -bo bus the
guarantee of n government analyst
that this medicine does not contain
mn' particlo oi opinio or narcotia
t Imt it cannot possibly do harm, This
nssiirnuee is worth much to lhe mother who euros inr tin- safety ill her lit-
tk os.    Mrs. Charles McLaughlin,
Dellert Station, S'.S., say! "I hove
used Baby's Own Tablets inr colic,
stomach troubles und other ailments
oi childhood uud liml them so valuable
tlmt   I  WOllld not  be without  I lll'lll   in
the houso." Sold by medicine dealers
or by innil ni '-'■"' cents u box from Tli"
Dr. Williams' Medicine In.. Iliiatk-
villo, Dm.
Wliiie working under the st.eet level
oi tlio Arch ot Alfonso d'Arngona the
workmen oamo upon a sorl ol cellar,
which opoucd out im i o series ot small
chambers, oponing out mi t" galleries,
All wore Strongly bun!  ol -nui". nnd
in the dim Iiiiii '.I snlorers were inr
ii Imu 'imo ui ii loss now in explain
tb" mystery. It wus revealed ut last
by the unl ..1 candles, which exhibited
on the wnll- ind" drawing) mul do-
-|.aii!iti - invocatons tm' Divine uid—
evidently from men  iu  prison,  -nine
.Inui I in death uml others in Imp,..
less confinement. Cliauce haul brought
in light ilm-.' abodes ol horror und
misery, tho underground dungeons ..t
tb.- old kingdom ol  Naples,   I. Ion
Moil.-rn Anion Gnvr I |, 111. Fonakea
Wile lur fail nml It,pi Attn,.
During a lull lu ibe conversation that
five or six of us were holding In tbs
smoking car an oldish man leaned forward and Inquired of the man who was
talking nt the time:
"Didn't I hear you mention the town
of Bloomtngdale when 1 lirst came In
"\'es, sir," was the reply. "Yes, I
live nt Bloomlngdnle,"
"Glad to know It," continued the oth- |
er,   "I used to live there, too, but my ,
wife bit me u crack with Ibe poker one
day and I got up and walked off and
nm Just returning after an nbseuce of I
ten years. I'm playing the Enoch Ar-1
den business, you know, and ths old
woman will Jump a foot high when i.he
sees me."
"Who was your wife?' asked the
other In cureless tones.
"Ilanner Bliss, sir. Mebbi* you know
her —tall woman—squint eyes-long
chin-peaked nose—voice like a file."
"Great Scott," exclaimed the man,
"but you don't mean to tell me that tht
Wldder Bliss was your wife! Why, slu
thought you dead years ajto." i
"lias she married againT
"She has. Tbe paprrs said yon were
killed In Indiana, and. after wearing
mourning for a year, she married me."
"Waal," chuckled tlie first husband,
"here I am, alive nnd kicking and
party healthy for an Enoch Ardcn. So
Haulier married you, eh? Does she
break out lu sudden Ills like she used
tor' I
"Say, man, this Is awful!" said bus- j
band No. 2 as the sweat begau to ooze
out on bis forehead.
"Oil, I don't see anything to get ex-
| cited u'.-out. Enoch Anion didn't get n [
cent after skipping out and coming
back, but that's where I differ with
blm. If you and Ilanner arc taking
comfort nnd you have $n0 to spare,
I'll drop off ut the next station aud let
you ulono, uIUiuukIi I'd kinder like to
pet square With her for that crack on
the bead. I couldn't got a line comb
through my hair fur 'liven weeks after
I left home."
The mail from I'.lonnilngdale brightened up Immediately nnd counted out
the money, and us the oilier shoved it
Into bis pocket nnd started for ths
door bo remarked:
"Enoch Arden Is satisfied, stranfrer,
and be hopes ymi uro. linodby to you
—goodl.y lo all. nnd lot Ilanner eon'
better for
E you—.Tottv
ing  more
f      inviting
;'      t h i n i
/      meal  of
Cream Sodf.s
Mooney's Biscuits are an evenly
balanced, wholesome, notnsiiing
food, equally good for youty s.td
old. Made from Canada's .'n.3t
wheat (lour, rich cream and pure
butter. Baked by the Moonev
baker in the Mooney way.
Say ' Mooney's' to your grocer.
111 ITKKTO'.l
„     _ \    ,* SIOHOfTHlWH
'W W* Ml GNUMII «**» -.aTWfllUSA;
Minard's Liniment used by physicians   tlnue to Imagine that 1 fill nn unknown
pnve and feel sorry to think she can't
plant sunflowers ubove me.'
pbi.i Press.
ri..:., i.i-
Effurt. to Reduce Their %i,„itn
Heatrlcl lhe ■molting.
Peking, the capital of China, is fljbt-
Ing thu opium shop evil, Efforts nre
being made to reduce the number of
.ions nml to restrict Uio smoking of
tli" dm'; nud to curtail the loafing und
vice thnt a. mpany opium smoking by
compelling each simp t" tako out a ll-
cense aud to pay a tax according to
the number ef "limps" in each simp.
'll..' shops an divided Into four "hisses,
and lhe fees are graded accordingly
innil |1 » month to 20 cents foi each
lamp, payable ou the luh of over*/
month, The recent proclamation of
tlio Peking sanitary department reads
Us follows:
"Opium siinikiiic i" extremely tuinn-'
ful in ila health, nnd tbs shops where
opium Is smoked nro tlie retrests of
loafers. Such places should really l»'
altogether prohibited, so iit.it tbs people might enjoy more prosperity, and
U.iis of thi"*. ■ wnnld thus bs doOS
uuay wilh.   Hut i' lim I In
I mo such a buiiit it cannot bs gol
rid of entirely and at once Ths nil
.nuonly bo removed gradually,
■ lie i" ;.i" In ii. Hi i "ii* of PeltlDf
I'.'uy opium shops, und It i- "* dint
iimt the smokers are Inci t every
dny, which \^ \. bad I department bus taken Inl isldei H on tbs
matter, nml arrangotm ti bavo b""u
ii. i" for tb  ulna w n abandon tbt
habit In addition th" op <
opened lu the outer "liy of Peking
bare lift, divided Into foul i ei
in, I nre iii be t:i\"'i after certain regulations,   They aro t glstor them-
si Ives according to tlmir clai i i snd
tbo iiiimi-or of lamps fur tho payment
of tusi'S so Unit Inspection can easll*;
t» effected,
"Simp owners uro hereby informed
of ih- regulations ond that tliey arc to
.nu •■ lo ibis department fur registration benlniilng from the 80th dny 1st
moon in i year of Kuang Hsu. if any
"ii.. ikin i tn make a false declaration
I        laa   |l    .  a  |.| ..   a,|    "|.l   II'imAr l<  l.llllp.,
ops wli    .'i eti r refuses
payment of the tur, if discovered, the
building used for smoking opium will
b" confiscated and tho owners sire iiy
imi . . n warning to Uw private |
dealers In opium simps. All must respect this order ui.d not disobey."
After I'd'- hnve existed iur a time
"..,'..    naii
.,      la!,,,,,!.
Tin. ii alien Dr, l>eoiiliardl - Hom>
Roid, ll'   only   sbioliite   Pile  cure,
li,' '      -        I,        dtl     llllll      lll.S       I lia HS
11,'iiilliiul udl cure tb" mosl      ' -
hm ii   e iii i ■ i-*" an*   and s I
nitts ia. ihnt effect goes will    i It
-     All d.'.ibi-. ■•!   t'.   Wilson-
IM"   i ai.   Limited,   Niagara   r'ull-,
tim, l(i
wiir lhe Jurr Ai-nniiti-il P«t.
An Irishman wns arrested for stealing n piece of pork.   The evident'' win
nil against him. nml everybody present
expected Ihnt ho would bo convicted.
When the Jury came back the verdict
wns ind guilty,
The Judge wns nntrry.
"Yon scoundrel," be said, "Just ss
sure ns I'm sitting bore I know you are
guilty, but I nm't do othorwlse than
as the Jury says!"
Ills own lawyer, who had given up
the i use, said to blm. ■'"' Ml "''"rv Hnrhind Is    ll    t>*
"Tell me, Pit, bow you got off scot  bin MMlved I70.00U from o.      '   I.
treo when I know you nolo that porkr novels, t.ui his mumr of working
"Well, ye set*, sorr." said Pst, "each  UU'-d blm.
mnu In the Jury bid n payci o' Um
porruk."-Judgo's Magazine of Pun.
A   >r,r..»rf  I Irn.II.
"Joni's uud Ul wife .ii.- quarreling
ngnln." , |
"lib. vos'"
CirolUI liiirnn. Ibe famou- pirlrait
painter, n about to paint a portrait of
Popo Plus X, taking bis lusplintlon
fiaai., Tltjip'l portrait of Pope Paul II,
1   fessoi Simon Niwi omb, whon
"Ittmlulwencei  A  su  Astro
*■■ is i" sully published, bus bee i io i-
"I thought they burled thi bitebitf kred by Emperor William will  ne
"Well, so lb".* did, but the very nc-t <ir,|,r ,;01lr |, j,,,,,,, lol. Suuu,v ulU
time Mi, Jom       I to d Dp the kindling -die dug It u; "   I'm L.
\„t   lll.lulrr. .Ir.l.
"I IN thli tl" I'r.ii.b ei.ii.lder out
griiiid Jury system n gn-nt iblng."
•U' ter," urowled Dneli '
i. ii- i  lot i.    "H gets 'l 111 laalirUtS
i      rille l laiurnaL
Mr«. Crlmsonbeak Dinging Is too levenlcentb ccuti
good for * ui.o i
Mr. Crlmsonb ik fou're right   if
liny happen to IIItMchllonttM*f should  subject
'  III.' V. Walker, i i   a , o
sculptor, b.is i«'a'n iwn led I u    in
trie t  flit I   • 'il  mOI   "lll'lll
of Wlnflel II   ilt I li ."'ii. tb   '■. ira
i. gold
discoverer, which will i- ore. lid iu lh«
p .     p"...: '  lot ii i 8pi ..
ii   • . klcCarthj li it    *'.
nan ■■ set il Iho end   I Ihs
Ila' Mill It "The
I .   ii ll.i.n.'i "   lie Is ph| i ring
si tb" nmi lime a pliy on iho ssmi
Whon IhMI nf" Mi,'I '.I In*
lie culupelled to g"l UllfTlcdl
ntiiru   to   lhe   Ills   Of  i ii'b'iit
Oroeci Which he began some time noa
I sm convinced, both by faith snd
»i; "I'.i'iiee. tliat to innliitnl i oneself
Oll this en rlli Is not s hardship, but I
I III ■ », If we will live simply jsnd
Wl ■ v, ns the pursuits of the limplsj
nil il are still tin si>orts of the more
Didn't Dri»t Them Cnry.
"Knew why the |.ople revcri the
nnn." nl Itootl
"Dei .mas he was s great sctor, I sup- I
"No, because hs wasn't I telrphoni ,
booth." .
in.lii.1   ,n  *l„t«.
"What, you ire not i i ag to " ifi
igalnr sild Mr. Jones to his bi I er,
"Ithought]  i liked yourllttl
"gO W0 a! I 1.1 mi wo i   ived in   '''(
i v wlfo hi* t nod ten |
',." heed i   ro i  i
'    •  ,    the wry iir ol
mind, Uie •Ign of a large ind g
soul mnl thc peculiar •»■' In which nr-
*Ue OrOSDOrS.* lioodnrall.
W   N   U   No.   585 I 1   EXPRESS
Real Estate
We bave enquiries lor good
Business und Residential
property, list yours with
uv We do llie business.
Consult us beiure baying.
Have You Seen This Beauti-
^.Smithf-co'ij ful Land?
If Not, You Should and Buy.
Junction Block
North Vancouver.
Price of Lot*,
Rolled Oa I s
Hai) and Feed
lhcBrackmai) Ker
Milling Co.
Harry Mitchell, local manager,
Lonsdale Avenue.
Fine,   healthy  Tomato  anil
Cauliflower Plants, grown from
SllttOll'S Seeds, alwavs oll hand,
and Upwards.
Will he paid fir the detection and convic-
tmit ni parties who net drstroying my
advertising   signs   in   north    Vancouver.
The   North  Vancouver Specialist
161 Cordova Street.
Western Corporation, Ltd.
Having in operation it sawmill in North
Vancouver we are prepared to deliver all kinda of
Vancouver City Prices, Call ami see for yourselves.
412 Llastinqs Street West, Vancouver, B.C.
R. Kerr Houlgate, Manager
I Granville Street, Vancouver, B. C.
Sweet mul Delicious,   Try Them and Be Convinced.
McDowells Drugstore.
Ale and Stout
III llo'tlea.   Ken. mul Jura,
Hit* Boi-al Brewing Co., Ltd.
TEL, joi
rid of kill Vaiicouvcr
MOTE OF ril'llitto.
x* it li mv h.ti tin .ii iu apply lu the
llaa.iral a.! I.; .■:.- i omniiusioiier's 11 11.■ -
District ni \a,nli Vim ver, nt tlieh
meeting,   in   .Inui-    next,   fur  nn
hotel Hewitt! Im il;.' nren -. located
on l"t No 12, ,a -'ii division uf ilisirii'i
In! '17:;. ni ila" regi.tcred towniite uf
Capilano, I*n k>■>*! w. Kst.ua.
HATluN ACT, 1897."
To Pro|)€rtij Owners
Irwin £» Billings
Corner Lonsdale ami 5th St.,
North Vancouver
District of Nortli Vancouver
.,:■,      :  -     ri-l .   •      ■-■;.-
an hoti ihii'h I prupoM i-i
,.r. ■ rtv-i
,ih 1 ■   ■    ilin-i   ,.   h      ...  number
Om ' II l-'l Mid :' .ni-aii.'   1II    district
Iiii't     .' Iri    a   . ■  -M .
,,i, -•■ . il   "        Nurlli   Van
llr 11  '   1 iliinibla,   io  lhe  lloard   ul
; • Munich
pallia   I Nurtl •.■'.'
nnu inin 1 tl un 1
H'edin   laylnJin
Dai... llii.II May, A  1'   IIHH
■   '.iii.
I'or 11- ■ I.; a   .   . MfCruHiiii,
I'.'l    llll.alil   •     -'■. . ',
\ 11...,u- el   II ■
Tin Indian agent hns written to
l( S < 1.1I1I". "I iii- Capilano
shingle mill, informing him that in
luiute ilu- charges l"r using tin
road through the Inilian i' serve
mil hr nn rcased, probablj about
(j 1.1 ye.ii Constable Louie hai
i, 11 two t. .nr- hauling shingles
 I loading the scow,   He will
.a- deprivi il of the work, 1. ■
ihi- null people will now ship n.i
tin- ferry. 'I'he roads all through
ihis municipality Bhould I" tree to
the public.
CAI'll \l, fi-
11 Si i.i " IS, Gi
■ '•:
RESERVE, ^.'i43.'j')7
■ ,11 Canada, Montreal,
,:n. pi   J Li.m-i.i, Sup! nf lii.ini lies
I.i 1    lies   in  Urilis
pi 1, 1' in .nr-, ami
■   11 parlnn nl
'     . .Im, -Ash niii, tii-" iwoo 1.
1.   1 Mil (Suit Li.nn h , Ann  uvir,
lawson, V.!'.
:, 111 a iwil from Ji upwards
' V 1 unsilai
e Ive
anil Uph-nade, North Vnninuvnr,li. C.
1. This is t" certify that the Vancouver Power Company, Limited (hereinafter vailed llie "Putter Couipauv"),
I Bpcciullv incorporated piir.-iiiini I" i'.irt
IV. ui tlie "Water Clauses Cunsollilation
Act, is'1"," un tlio 26th ilny ui January,
lsn.s, lor the purpose ul exercising the
rights, powers, privileges ninl priorities
in ninl liy part IV. ul llie laid Ait
created, granted and conferred, has, in
uiliiitiiiii tn its undertaking, approved ni
l.v ih' l.ieutenniit-liovernor in Council,
A i ertiilcate ui Approval, dated tl e
Um day ni February, 1'"'.', submitted
it- 1'irilnT linderlukillg 1"  llu'   l.i-'ii-
la'l,..!.'■' aa.\a rillar III I'"111,1'.I fa af 11 pprOl ll I ,
und iimt iln' .-ni'i further undertaking,
,i- shown hy the documents and plan*
filed, lias been approved, nml that tin
-.in,!' i- n* lollovta:—
The construction, equipment, opera-
, limi und maintenance of an electric street
.railway it tramway within the City of
N- .rt I, Vancouver and the Dlstricl Muni-
Iclpalltj'oi Naarlli Vain-iiiiver,.unl District
huts 272 and -I'll, Now Westminster
District, for the conveyance of passengers
and freight; tho erection, construction,
'!„t,i".,iii nti'l maintenance within the
said City ol Nnrtli Van Ivor, Dlstricl
Municipality ol N"rih Vancouver nml
DlStril I     1,'al-    'a!    •  |cl * Til'     « a , t k >,     pIlKlT
houses, generating plant and such other
appliances nml   curtvculcnccs   as   lire
I,' a,  .-lirV     la.    Sllppl)'     Ul'      -.Hi      City     "I
'■ -ii. Vancouver, IHstriel Municipality
,if Nurlli Vam uve . and ! >:-ti. t Lots
.a'lia public ami private lighting mil
i '.im... .ihal i-antiT i'ir maniil icturlni
and Industrial purposes; .tn.l In con'
ii.'i'iiiiii iberewlili, Hi,- cohstri c ii of a
irntisniiesion line Ir..in tin Power Com-
pan* • present IraiiMiilssluli Inn' where
it i,,,,i er lloiiiidiiry lload in Hastings Townsite in iln' ni"-' feasible route
ti in. 1 tbruugli ilie n i'l i iif -.i North
Van miver Dislriel Munii Ipallty ol
Sortli Vancouver and District Lots,
Together ivlili nil such rights, powers
anil privileges as may It necessary i"
effectually carry mn lhc '■ nn- mnl eon.
■ oil reesi ■ .' ■ ii a i.i.- made
■ b Corporutli n "i A" District ■ i
Surth Viincuiiver with ths Vn ici uver
I'nwer i mi |.'int. I.in.in.,. wl
.mr' aiiai'iiis were ratified ninl eiiiilirmed
In tin' "Nortli   Vancotr "r  I ly   In-
corporation Act, 1 ."
Tin' waters al presenl recordeil bv tin'
Potior Colupanv from  Lake Cr-pli'tlam
lllld iriam l..il... Illliil-ell wi      "    '
Iniietierilte lli" power reql iwi 1" -.|,»-r-
ute ui.- -aid further uiidi Milking a,i the
I' -.ii 'uiii| y, I ii i- pr
Irain-niii -mii ]u,tt.-r through n (runs.
n.i--i.aii .ii... from 11   I'uwer Cntnputij
 '     llll' ''ii' I"    '    1     a
undnr'    liniul   in   lln-iiii.a-
'     '       .a: 'I     I' ■ I a .     I ;,     '
Hi   I,, ' ,1
i ■ nli Wm    iver, Dlstricl Muni-
. North Viineouverand Dislriel
.'   Wnl ilu- h further i rtily lluit
' ■ ('„iri or poriluii oi the   is .
iiinJertaMinanil works to be con-tructc,i
will he about live inihs of street railway
or tniniuay, commencing at the fuot nf
l.iins.hile avenue, in tlie said City nf
North Vancouver, and continuing along
sniil avenue till Twenty-flrst Street, with
such brunch lines therefrom ns shown
un plan filed hy the I'uwer Company:
Hie construction of tho sub-station nml
transmission line to ami through ilm
said City of Nurth Vancouver, District
Municipality ul North Vancouver ami
District Lots.
3. And this Is to lurther certify thnt
the I'uwer Company .-hall have duly
subscribed before ii commences the con*
struction ol the said further undertaking
nml wurks. or exercises any uf llie
puwers in thai behalf conferred hv the
"Winer  Clauses   Consolidation ' Act,
ISI)"," Pari IV.. mn' thousand   1.	
shares of one dollar ((1.00) each. The
further amount nf capital required i"
fully complete ihe first purl nl ihe said
further undertaking ana works Is A bo
Immediately provided by the loan ui one
hundred ami ninety-nine thousand
ilulhtrs ((1011,000.00), to he made hy lhe
British Columbia Electric Railway
Company, Limited, tu he secured hy
mortgage bonds ot the Power Company
iu sterling or decimal curroncv carrying
interest, or by such other form ol
Security as may he agreed upon between
the Companies.
I. Ami ihi-is further tu certify thnt
the time within which the said further
capital to l* subscribed, namely, one
thousand al'illnrs 1(1,000). In addition to
capital already subscribed, is tu he subscribed, Is fixed nt ono month fmin Ih"
.Iai" hereof, nml tho lime in which ihe
lirst pan ol the said further undertaking
und works, as set forth iu paragraph '.'
hen "I. i- t'a I'.' i'iiiii iced -hi", i„  lie.
lore tl," expiration of one month from
. the dale hereof at leasl; nml ;l" date nl
which it shall he in operation ll fixed nl
twelve month1 from the 'Ini" I" rei'i
nml the date at which the remainder "f
nny |>ortloii "i tin. said further under-
taking and wurks hereby approved may
he constructed nml he put iu operation
i« fixed nl the liii r ulna's, ,,r, within
the time or times liX">1 for the continuant f the three said several agree-
n.i'i i- ,i- therein set forth, which said
apn '"i a ni. were ratified mul confirmed
hv the "North Vancouver Ciiy In-
corporation Avi, 100(1."
Dated this 18th aim nf Mny. WOO.
.i.C.'.MI'lihT.I, REDDlli,
/'(iiii;/ A,, Am'"' Etteittiet I "ia in i|.
4 t
♦ Is a. doriotts liavi'ru'ji—t|ueiicliii)g nnd J
♦ sniisfviiiL'.   Ui'iiH niber tlifve's im  oilier 1
♦ "just us good'1—insist mi gutting Huinivr, £
♦ Vancouver, li. C. J
♦ ♦■■■♦••■♦■•■«-!-a*> + # + a*>+#-i ♦ •!«• 1 ♦■|-«-l'«)-|0-,|->-:">---*-i-«:-al>-!■♦•! a*>.|-.£
I'. Larson, Prop(
Wo will s.nm Im in n position i" sup] I)
Power limn '"ii A i ii. Linos in
North Vancouver,
le i no making arrangements lur any
other kind ol Powi t, consult our Light
and l'owi'i Department, li will lie to
youi interest as well ns ours.
Same prices, and in some cases
cheaper than city.
Nottirv Puhlic, Gcnor-il Auctionee
107   Corduvd   Sreel,   Vtincouter,   11.   C
He sells nt rounis or private house or liny* outright all
classes of household goods or hankrupl stneks for cash.
lie hn- -nine uf the lines! husiiie-s ami wati rirnni prupertv in Nurlli
Vancouver,  Son him nt once If yon think of picking up prnpertj-In
this Section.  Be wise, BUY KOW^and vou will make money, n ::
Real Estate and Insurance
■|„U Hill MI'I al ,'"• I' l«'""
.,.,; mi, belori oioiloi id) J.-.i
The World-renowned Biscuits made by Carr & Co,,
Carlisle, only 25c  per Pound.
J. A. McMSLLAN, the Esplanade


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