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Now 0|xn
W. r. Lake
^.,,roRi.n'°        m
Tbe Welcome
6S Lonsdale Avenue
Candies, Tobaccos, Fancy Groceriet if Delicatessen
Picnic Limrlii'N Our Specially
Short .irilirs Herstd
al all Hour..
Aldermen Irwin, May, Wheeler,
Crickmay, Braim and Smith were
in tlieir places at the opening of
the session nl the city council on
Monday evening. Mayor Kealy
presided. The cniincil chanilier
was well tilled wilh listeners, due
to the fact that the tenders (or
street improvements, etc., were to
be opened.
The following letters were read
by City Clerk Shepherd: From R.
L. Docherty, secretary of the Horticultural Society, inviting the
Mayor and council to attend the
opening ol the new Horticultural
building on July ist, at 8 p. BL;
accepted with thanks. From J.
R. J. Murray, secretary of the special, audit committee, stating that
the auditors report that in the
transfer of the assets Irom the district to the city, no account was
taken of the value of the road**
and streets that had been opened
up previous to incorporation, and
asking that they be provided with
a statement of the value of the
same; board ol works to report.
From the city engineer, recommending that the hydrants
throughout the city be flushed out
at once and that this be done regularly in future, and also that the
side channels throughout the
city be thoroughly flushed in conjunction with the flushing ol the
hydrants; chairmen of the lm and
the water committees to set. From
William Godfrey, manager Bank
ol B. N. A., Vancouver, requesting
that the local manager, H. R Heffell, be granted an extension of the
option for the sale of city debentures until July ist, snd ststing
thst s portion o( the same had recently been sold; extension granted.
From James P. Fell miring
that the plan previously submitted
lor the subdivision ol the east oue-
hall of I).I.. 552, be cancelled,
and submitted a new plan drawn
by G. H. Dawson, for the consideration of the council. The
new plan followed the contour of
the ground and overcame certain
serious difficulties which marked
the previous plan. Aid. Irwin,
chairman of the board ol woiks
,.|i|c. tui iiiilu* proposed new plan,
on the ground that it made no provision for the continuation of 21st
and 23rd streets, already located
to the hiitiiii. ry o( DL. 5$]. He
was in favor of the streets following the contour ol the ground, but
the owners of D. L. 544 were entitled to the continttstion of the
streets in question, snd in this instance it was quite feasible to continue the same. The Mayor was
of opinion that the streets in question were not open streets, snd
that the plan as submitted wss in
order. On motion of Aid. May,
the matter was relerred lothe city
engineer, in conference with Mr.
Dswson, for hn.il adjustment
Reports were resd ss follows:
Board of works, ordering payment
cf sccounts totalling f 179* 58;
waterwoiks committee f 107.15; reports sdopted.
Minutes of s meeting of the
board of works, recommending ss
follows: That Lonsdale Avenue
from ant to 13rdstreets, be graded, guttered, and laid with crushed
rock, and that a sidewslk be built,
sdopted. Aid. Wheeler, chairman
of the bosrd of heslth, repotted
the abatement o( the nuissnee referred to st Isst council meeting.
He also resd s letter from Dr.
Campbell, medical health officer,
calling attention to the necessity
of the drsining of thc stsgnant
water (rom lhc vacant lot at the
corner of Lonsdale and ist,and also
that attention be given the ditch
on ist between Lonsdsle snd St
George's; bosrd of works and
board of health lo act.
Tenders were then opened ss
follows: For clearing three and
en.* hlih acres st the cemetery,
James Chsrles, (1040; Arthur
Rhodes, J910; I. J Wslsh, J325
per acre; Frank King and Lawrence Murphy, f 1290; R. T. Brad-
burn, I400 per acrs. Aid. Irwin
observed thst this clesring is very
light snd the tenders sre sll too
high. He moved thst none ol
the tenders resd be accepted
For  nth street improvements:
J. Duvis, M McKeller and R.
Griffen, $2^15, D. J. Kennedy,
1*3352, W. S ider, $1900.
For 16th street improvements:
Samuel Baker, Jnoo; Robert Nelson, $1500; Askew & Kennedy,
J1593; W. Snider, II995; J. Davis,
McKeller and R. Griffen, J1585,
For 3rd street improvements:
Askew & Kennedy, $12,045; L. F.
Murphy and Frank King, {14,000;
Askew, Kennedy and McLennan,
W3511; Antonio Farro, ti 195.
These tenders were referred to
the board of works and the city
engineer for action.
Messrs. Steacey, Williams and
Peacy, representing the school
board, waited on the council,
with reference to school extension.
Chairman Steacey stated that the
congested condition from lack ol
sufficient school accommodation
demanded immediate action. The
board had procured the opinion of
competent architects and had decided to adopt the plan of raising
the roof of the older portion ol the
main budding and makingtwo new
class rooms on the lirst floor, with
a spacious entrance. These alterations would cost about $4000.
The trustees were requested to incorporate the entire amount ol
their additional requirements for
alterations, etc , in their estimates
and submit them to thc council belore thc rate el taxation is struck
for the current year. The mayor
was empowered to sign checks for
teachers' salaries previous to the
end ol this month.
Aid. May, in accordance with
bis last notice at last meeting,
moved a bylaw to repeal thc ferry
purchase byisw. He was not particular which method was followed
whether of immediate repeal bythe
the council or of reference to people for theiradjudication. He had
two forms of bylaw, one for either
process. He referred to section 50
of the Municipalities Clsuses Act,
and also to sub-section 11 ol that
section to establish the right of
the council to repeal. Under subsection 11, he celled sttention to
the fact the bylaw was probably
invalid, inasmuch as it made no
provision lor time limit in carrying
out the clauses ol the bylaw, as
required. He lurther stated that
there was a precedent for repeal
by the council, in thai upon a
previous occasion a bylaw relating
to ferry matters hsd been so dealt
The mayor dissented from ihis
Isst assertion, ststing that the bylaw had not been repealed; it had
been reconsidered and finally
passed. As for section 50, it did
not enumerate any project that
would bring the lerry purcha-e
within its scope. He hsd taken
the precsution to procure the opinion of the city solicitor as to thc
power of the council to repeal a
a money bylaw. The mayor then
read a letter (rom the solicitor, advising that the council has not the
power to repeal s bylsw to raise
money, which hss been passed
by thc people. The act especially
provides thst a money bylsw can
be repealed only with the consent
of the lieutenant governor-in*
council, and this consent could not
bc hsd without the ssscnt of the
I    Aid. May continued to Ihe effect
that thc chief considerstion in re
I pealing  this bylsw,  is the grest
. wiight resting on the city financially in ils authorised debenture
debt, making it impossible to put
1 through the sslc of the ferry debentures, and the presence of these
debentures on the market impeded
the ule of  other debentures,   the
sale of which was urgent.
The msyor sdvised thst s plebiscite  be   tsken snd,   if   favorable, appeal bc then made to the
1 lieutenant governor for the repeal
of the bylaw.   Aid. Braim moved
and Aid. May seconded Ihst the
I bylsw for submission to the electors be resd s first time.    It wss
I held that any necesssry alterations
could be msde alter this rcsding.
I It wss suggested thst s better method would be to instruct the sol
inter to prepare s Inlaw (or sub-
1 mission lo the people, to repesl
' the ferry   purchase   bylaw.   Aid.
Msy then moved to this eflect,
seconded   by Aid. Wheeler,   and
the motion carried with no dissent-,
ing vote.
The hoard of works was instruct
ed to notify owners to clear up
their lots under section 10 of the
fire bylaw, the city eugincer to
provide a list of lots requiring attention.
The sprinkling ol Lonsdale ave.
on Dominion Day was decided
upon, cither by means of a cart
borrowed from Vancouver or by
the use of the special nozzle
owned by the city Ior that purpose.
Fire department to test the nozzle
and Aid. Crickmay to report
Thursday evening.
At the special meeting of the
city council last evening, those
present being Aid. Irwin,May and
Crickmay, with Mayor Kealy in
the chair.
Manager Cjuinn and Wm. Morden, manager and director respectively of the Ferry Company, explained to the council the plan
proposed by the company for Ierry
approaches at this end on July ist.
The plan was endorsed and the
1 ui*'.uui inui of the barricades allowed, on condition that they be
removed by July 3rd.
In the absence of members ol
the board of works, the council proceeded to deal with the tenders (or
street improvements. The city
engineer recommended as follows:
That the tender ol W. Snider, for
the work on 16th street and on 1 ith
street, and the tender of Askew,
Kennedy & McLennan, for work
on 3rd street, be accepted; also
that new tenders be called for for
sidewalk on 3rd street, or that the
work be done by day labor. Oa)
motion of Aid. Irwin and Crickmay, the tender of Askew, Kennedy & McLennan was accepted. Oa
motion of Aldermen Irwin and
May, new tenders were directed to
be called (or for sidewalk on 3rd
street, tenders to be in by July 6.
The tender ol Stoney ft Co., for
painting the city hall Ior $113, waa
accepted. This dees not include
the painting of the roof.whicb was
laid over in order that the advisability of using green creosote in
stead of tar may be considered.
This will cost $80, but would be
more durable and oi much better
Board of Trade
The regular monthly meeting ol
the North Vancouver board of
trade was held on Tuesday evening, President G. J. Phillipo in
the chsir. The following letters
were read: From city clerk, Van
couver, acknowledging receipt o(
a fetter iu endorsation of the action of the city council as to thc
expropriation by Vancouver of a
certain piece of land at the entrance to the ferry slip, and staling the letter would be laid belore
the city council. From City Clerk
Shepherd, acknowledging with
thanks receipt of letter, to the effect that the above action had
been endorsed by the board of
trsde.   Both letters filed.
From F. W. Templer, resigning
his membership; accepted with regret. From the secretary of the
Capilano Land ft Improvement
Co., requesting the board of trade
to endorse their action in petition
ing the government for a wharf, to
cost not less than f 10,000, and
that the endorsation be forwarded
to R. G. Mcl'herson,M.P.; request
complied with. It was lurther
moved by Mayor Kealy, seconded
by Wm. Morden, snd resolved,
thst this bosrd of trade endorse
thc principles ss Isid down in the
petition presented by the Cspilsno
Property Owners' Association to
Hon. F. Carter Cotton, re roads
through government lands sold by
public suction.
The secrctsry reported thai tin-
circulating ol the Year Book was
proceeding very satisfactorily. The
total cost ol the book will be a
little over (600. snd for proper circulation say $100 will be required.
There are sufficient sums in hand
to meet the first item. It was resolved (hat thanks bc extended to
the committee for the commendable manner in which the Year
Book was gotten out, snd the ex
ccllent work done in regard there
Considcrsble discussion took
plsce with reference to sn improved mail service. Aid. Irwin advo-
csted the need o( either sn additional eveniag mail, or a later de
parture of the present evening
mail. On motion of Aid. Irwin
and A. B. Diplock, Postoffice Inspector Greenfield will be requested to arrange thc mails in accordance with the above suggestion.
The motion, ol which notice was
given at last meeting by Aid. Irwin, to amend the bylaws, by the
introduction of section 11, was then
put by the president and carried.
Henceforth absentee chairmen (or
three consecutive meetings may be
displaced at the discretion of the
The matter of better patronage
for local industries, etc., was in
troduced by Geo. H. Morden, having particular reference to the
lumber interests on the aorth side
of the Inlet. He stated that according to information given J. R.
J. Murray and himself from local
sources, from jo to 75 pe,r cent of
the lumber now being used in
North Vancouver comes from Vancouver mills, and that at least
$10,000 per month is thus lost to
local interests. This may be accounted for in part from the fact
that many who are building here
are non-residents and the contracts are let elsewhere, but the
fact remains that even resident
builders in very many instance: do
not accord the local mills even an
opportunity to figure on their lumber bills. The eflect s that local
mills are overstocked and are running intermittently, and are facing
the necessity of shutting down in
the near future. These mills are-
expending from (6000 to $8000 a
month in wages, so that cessation
of operations would be a grave
matter to the city. The local mills
have sufficient capacity to supply
the entire market. Their prices
are right. In fact, they succeed
in getting the order for nine out of
ten lumber bills on which they figure. It would be to the interest o(
the entire city could some means
be devised whereby the local mills
may at least have an opportunity
to figure on lumber bills for buildings about to be constructed.
A. B. Diplock ststed that the
Wright Diplock Lumber Co. had
paid out over $8000 in wages dur
ing the past two months. Their
payments to the B. C. Electric Co.
are sufficient to smount to 2# per
cent on the capita! investment of
the company on this side of the Inlet, and this goes a long way to
wards maintaining this large local
interest on a paying basis. If the
local mills were not in operation
the Vancouver mills would not
quote such low prices for the local
trade. The local lumber is better
than that ordinarily delivered bv
outside mills. He thought that
practically 95 per cent of the bills
on which they had figured, they
had secured. His company now
have their yards lull of lumber and
they would be compelled to shut
down pending its sale, should the
situation not be relieved in the
near future. One third of their
sales at present go to Vancouver,
which goes to show that prices are
Mayor Kealy, Alderman Irwin,
Wm. Morden, D. W. Elder, W
Jones and others spoke on the subject. Finally Geo. H. Morden,
Aid. Irwin and Secretary Murray
were appointed a committee to
draft a circular letter, to be forwarded to property owners; a
series of show cards for window
display, and to devise snd execute
other mesns to call attention to the
lact that local industries and other
interests require the stimulus of
public pstronage, and if possible
lo incite the citizens to loyally in
this regard.
W. Jones outlined a scheme (or
holding a grand band tournament
in North Vancouver, extending
over a week, comprising 15 bands,
snd also stringed instruments and
choral features. The matter was
relerred to a committee composed
ol the entertainment committee,
with Messrs. Chsnce and Jones.
On motion ol Mayor Kealy, seconded by A. B. Diplock, the next
rcgulsr meeting will be the annual meeting in October. Meetings during the interim may bc
called by thc chair.
Mrs. Dr. Verner will have the
pleasure of entertaining, for an extended visit, her mother, Mrs.
Proctor, snd also her sister, Mrs.
F. L. Chcsnut, both of Toronto,
who are expected to arrive in the
city tomorrow.
Wanted.—A boy to learn printing.    Apply at Thk Express.
There is a big sale of shoes on
at the corner ol 2nd street. Don't
miss it.
Born.—At the North Vancouver
hospital, on the 13th inst.,thc wife
of A. Hill, of a son.
Mrs. Dr. Verner will receive on
Wednesday next, the 24th inst.,
and not again until autumn.
Ice! Ice! Ice! by the pound or
hundredweight, at Albertson ft
Jones, foot of Lonsdale ave.
W. Owens, wife and family have
gone on a visit to Mission City.
They will be away two months.
For sandals, canvass boots, and
lacrosse shoes go to sale, at the
Reliable Shoe Store, corner o( 2nd
Fresh cream may be had in any
quantity at any time, from Albert-
son & Jones, foot of Lonsdale ave.
Prices always moderate.
Save money and buy your loot-
weat for yourself and family during the sale. The Reliable Shoe
Store, cor. 2nd street.
Alderman Frank Wheeler and
D.G.Dick are in Victoria this week
in attendance at the grand lodge
of the order ol Masons.
Messrs. Loutet and Bunkle
started work on the construction
of a six roomed bungalow, at the
corner of 16th street and St. Andrew's ave.
Mr. Leeson, o( the Leeson-
Phillips Co., Vancouver, has let
the contract for clearing eight acres
on blocks 14, 15 and 17, D.L. 601,
near the Capilano bridge.
Albertson ft Jones aie manufacturers of all kinds of pure ices, ice
creams and ice cream cones. Pat
ronize home industry; quslity unexcelled.   Foot of Lonsdale ave.
The Ladies' Aid Society ol the
Methodist church are arranging lor
a congregational gathering, to be
held in Lonsdale Gardens on Tues-
day next, afternoon and evening
Albertson & Jones serve all kinds
oi fruit creams in season. Stop
Saturday or Sunday and try some
of our strawberry and cream. Foot
of Lonsdale ave., North Vancouver
The steamer North Vancouver
was put into active service Sstur*
nay, giving, with the St. George, a
half hourly service. This schedule
is to be maintained for the summer.
Frank Pyman, an enterprising
business man of Endcrby, was in
the city Wednesdsy. So impressed
wss he with the city that he con
templates removing hither at an
early date.
An extra high tide Monday night
burst several booms in Cedar Cove
and scattered hundreds of logs sll
over the harbor. Numerous tugs
had a busy lime ol it thc next dsy
gathering up the strays.
The ferry St. George will be
mlli.lt.1 n Irom tlie run next Tuesday and Wednesday, on account of
"annual inspection." The Norlh
Vancouver will maintain an hourly
service during thedays mentioned.
A party of the Vancouver Moun
taineering Club tramped up to
Sisters creek Isst Sunday. Next
Sunday a larger parly will ascend
Grouse mountsin, while on Dominion day the whole club will attempt Crown mountain.
Rev. B. II. Balderston will
preach on Sunday on the following topics: Morning—"Sketches
in the Life ol Spurgeon." Evening—"The Naed of a St. Andrew's
Society." Mrs. Rich and Mrs.
Parker wil! each sing a solo at the
evening service.
Madame Rosias Kickhsm Burke
well known in the musical circles
of Vancouver, met with great sue
cess at a concert given recently at
San Francisco, in the Golden Gate
Command, iv hall. Her voice was
very much admired in a group ol
Braham's songs, snd also in sslec
tions (rom La Boheme.
The des! reported Isst week for
j the purchsse of the sawmill,known
as McRae's mi!!, met with difficul
ties in the latter stsges of negotiations and was not consummated.
Other parlies are now considering
the proposition snd the prospects
are fairly good that the mill will be
in operation again in the near future.
The rite of holy matrimony was
celebrated Wednesday, between
Rev. C. W. Whittaker and Miss
A. C. Shearer. The officiating
clergymen were Rev. W. H. Bar-
raclough, B.A., Rev. J. K. Sharp,
and Rev. B. Hedley Balderston, B.
A. The ceremouy was performed
at the residence of the bride's parents, 885 Richard street, Vancouver.
Postmaster McMillan hu again
proven his readiness to meet every
reasonable suggestion for the better accommodation of the public,
by the prompt manner in which he
has complied with the requeat of
the board of trade for an improved
afternoon mail service. The mail
hitherto departing at 4.15 p.m. will
in future leave at 5.45, thus allowing business m*n and others an
additional one and one-half hours
lor the preparation of outgoing
A. W. Sargent called at Tia
Express office this week and presented the firm with a large bouquet of handsome roses. These
flowers were Ihe product of his own
gsrdens, at his residence on 4th
street. His rose bed comprises
some 60 varieties and the wealth
and beauty of the flowers bespeak
the lact that he is a connoiseur in
Ihe art of cultivating roses. Such
thoughtful acts of friendliness are
highly appreciated by Thi Express.
One oi Um large piles of logs erected by Nickson ft Co.,in executing their contract for clearing on
the property of the North Vancouver Land ft Improvement Company, was fired yesterday (Thursday. ) The pile was well constructed and burned furiously, attracting
considerable sttention on both
sides of the Inlet. It is tha intention to reserve the other pile
until the first of July, if possible,
although weather conditions msy
render this course (inadvisable.
The Ladies' Aid Society of St.
Andrew's Presbyterian have made
every provision for the success of
the combined ice cream and
strawberry festivsl and ule of
work, to be held on the church
grounds, 6th street, on the after- .
noon and eveniug of Thursday
next, June 25. The fact that this
will be the first fixture of the season of this nature, combined with
the enviable reputationenjoyed by
this organization for carrying out
its cnlertainmenl in the most excellent manner, should result in a
very large attendance with gratifying results.
Captain John Gosse has been
appointed on the permanent staff
nl the North Vancouver Perry ft
Power Co., and is now in command
ol the steamer St. George. Capt.
Gosse was the first master of tha
vessel he now commsnds, having
taken her from the ways when she
was built and remained in charge
long enough to cross Burrsrd Inlet
a sufficient number ol times to
tiice circumnavigate the globe.
Alter some months' absence he is
sgain at the helm, and the public
will be pleased to know that the
St. George is in such cspable and
experienced hands.
To handle the crowds on July 1,
the ferry company proposes to
erect a double entrance across tha
wharf,where it joins Lonsdsle ave,
one gate being for ingress and thc
other for egress. The latter gate
will open on the east side of Lonsdsle, the crowds psssing through
direct to city. At the entrsnee to
the ferry an enclosure will be built,
running 35 feet up Lonsdale and
ending 27 leet short of thc street
railway terminus. On the west
side of this enclosure there will be
four gates and on the east three.
People going to the ferry msy enter sny of these seven gstes into
the enclosure, the gates being doted when s boatload assembles.
Arrivsts on the ferry will pass out
belore thc departures srt allowed
to go on the boat, TIIE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
Noam \ **>"" v| K* B* C-
, I*!. KumilRIRUALRi
l,. II   MORDSS,
ln-ii eai . I u r
Tllc Express is .him led in Nortli
Vancouver Millini a r.uini- nl 1-'
blockl el   the   office.     All  niilsi.lt*
this district is placed in tha poal
Kilt s a.i Subacriptioa
One yeai ■     li.oo
Six months *5°
'1 hrei months ■ *5
United Slat nd Fori ign, Si s>>
ini i' n
Ad *iili**i riptions
musl   le   p.ml
Am p. rann not receiving th i
pap, i regularl) will pleas notilt
the office No papal mopped un
leu notified i ithet bj lettei oi card
NORIH  \'am." Vita, )UMI 1 <J.   I.j.i
Mill .11  IX IE RESTS
The loyalt] ..I each individm.'
eili/"ii, t.i the local inlciesls ot his
rite, is the basis nl tin \ulfarc and
prosperity nl am coiiiiiiunilv. The
Siiiintlesl business principles arc
iinilciiiahl' embodied in the posi
tion advocated hy mam, namely,
that llie "made in Canada." ar icle
should lie given Iha preference
every time In every Canadian, The
same principle holds good with re-
(eieiice to the ciiy, All the industries and commercial enterprises
of am uti are inter-related, Al'
the several sections ol the imputation and all ef the inalnialu.il clli
reus ol an\ city are inter depend*
ent. Bi each one cuitrihiiling his
part here or there, the aggregate
spells "genual prosperity." Jiet
in proportinii as any number nl
members ol the t niiiiiiuinty conlei
tlieir patronage elsewhere, so is
the prosperity nt tbe home community impaired,
The truth nl tin se stall ments
I), xiinirs ippareal In r.i* unci* tii
th*' laets adduced al the m« ting nl
the Board ol 1 rade on I ie s.la*
last, wiili reference in Ihe i ondi
linn nl tin* lumbel   industry mi il .
llnrtll shnienl Itilliaiil Inn t    I ROM
who are in  position tn know,
dare that there is luffil ient lumber
in constant demand in North Van
couver t it) ,mil distrii i. in I,. • p
out local mills in lull operation all
the time        lhe ' nlillintnitl is   I*
nie.l the benefits thai would accrue
from this a. tivili. be. ause Iron *"i
tO 75 per i. Ill   nl llie llllllli.'l l'i illg
used lot building within ihe < ity,
is imported Irom ihe othei -ule nf
the inlet.     It is i .imputed thai,  at
the lowest i ah illation, (10,000 per
month is paid ll) North Van. mu. 1
proper!) owm rs in outside saw
mill  companii 1 lm lumber  used
I ii' 'ii, a 1 o| uu., , .I,, readil) be
Siiiliiiscl. (Jnr saw nulls Imd their
\ ai.ls nvel   Sim k. il ami ate   either
running very intermittently, or are
1,11 .    III 1,11 '*    llllll  tile     II, I essily   n|
shutting  ihni,1   altogether,   until
tin II     -I'l. '   ■      II*      I' 'Ihl a ,| I lirsa
nulls ai'  * in Dialing   (nun   •
tn fs,, „,  riry month  in tin lorn
01 wages        I In* 1 lilting nl' nl this
source ol general revi nu.* would he
a serious BMttet lm mu 1 oniiuer-
cial concerns. One ol mu mills
has paid oval .isaiun in i\jei*s during    lhe   pasl Iwn   iiimilh*.       The
sane imu p.e.s monthl) to ilu* It.
C. Kli'ii Rj in lor light,
power and   freight charges,  an
ainoiiiii sufficient lo pa) ij ■ pi 1
cent, mi the total • apu.i outlay ol
that company 111 this 1 it). thus ma
t'rially assisting in placing the
company's local interests on a
paying basis and giving an impetus
to an energetic policy ol tramway
e.tension. Similar fuels might b.
cited with   referein t lu MU li  such
c in' rn ami fi t. notwithstanding
th ir great importance to the welfare ol tin- community,   th.y are
c e.ls im,is their wai   intu local
< in nlation.
Why is tins ih. 1 as* } It is not
because local prices aie higher, for
in lh< great uiajont) nl cases those
win ,ite building do not even ascertain what the lm al prices ale ;
tle*\ .I* nul give the Inal linns an
opp.iiin aiii tu even llgtire nn lhe
I inu 1 sai luii-.    Whan ilns oppot
tuiiili is givi n BDOUl ninety per
c nt. ol all the bills remain at
home. ..\,„,, j 1,the ijuil iy ,| iuiiilur
turned mil in Nmlli \ aw ouver ii
e 1 1 ia in liettei lhan ih.it which
i-1 emg imported ever) day, ami
u 1 11 mi. limn 1 *i ihe practice is
tn in inun.I there, Neither in tba
mat ' 1 ill prompt -I'ii*. 11 ale local
11 in*- ta miss. In all the element * that ^o tu make lm sntihl.li
tm*, husini ", lhe ' 1 niltl ions nl -
I lining at home an' quite equal 10
those I.nunI elsewhere, lhe pro*
babilitv is ihat the causes leading
in ilns undesirable 1 usloni .ire nl a
casual ii.iiiiie.au,I douol represent
a Studied curse ul pun . dure upon the part*of those who are 111
need of luiiilief products.    Nevei*
thcless,  careleaanaa  in  ilns ii •
slant.*      l.i iliil'* In   c.nisi.ler       is
quite as harmful in its results as if
the ,i< I in le iiUi'titiiiual SllOUld
it appear, upon fair trial, that lhe
local mill* cannol compete with
ai itside concerns, then upon sound
business principles, the right ol
tiie pmcliaser to place liisonhr
where he can do so to best advantage cannot be denied. But, on
the olher hand, it must be conceded thai it is only just to expect that
when building operations are to be
undertaken in iha city ut district,
lhe local mills will be given an op
portunit) tn submit a ggurefortba
supply ol the lumbal raquind.
Ihese uliscivaliuns will apply
with equal force m all commodities,
The men haul who pays rent,taxes,
nag's. el. , locallv, who iniesis
cipit.il in ,1 stuck nl goods, who
identifies himsell with the com*
uiaiiiiti and its interests, ought ut
all reason to be able to assure him
sell that he will be given a lairop-
portunity to prove tn th.- parchaa-
ing piibln ins ability to cat. 1 to
their needs, in a manner equal to
IB] si un ■■ lhat can \v had Otttside
llu nty. A revival of 111.luminal
loyalty almig these lines would t X*
.11 a wonderfully beneficial eflecl
nu local commercial conditions.
i.'i palm
SALE!     SALE!      SALE!
We have decided to have a
of our large stock of
As we wanl \mi to know that we are onlv
stocking the ui'ist reliable goods 111 ule liv
the best manufacturers,
Noi is your opportuniw io le dm ono foini i onl«money
Snt A 1
Best ol le.ith. t and workmanship.      COR. I.misdate -V 2
Billable Mior Mute
la, Nl.nr, a/'.. Of ('i'i', Slnrr
subsciibing fo: stock in a wabi-
wotks cowpany;" "snbaidiliug
lines ol steamships;" "issuing debentures 10 such companies;"
"granting bonuses to railway,
train wax. bridge OT water powei
com pany."
ll will be seen that there is no
specific mention therein, ol a
ferry system, nor ii it easy to see
how any of the phrases used could
he held to make even an implied
reference to a ferry. This position
bee.lines the stronger upon refer
ence 10 sub section 15, in which
■ xpbcit provision is made lor the
piiiclias. nf a ferry by a municipal-
■ ly* Hut lor suli-section 12 ihere
is no .micspun,hue, clause as tn
time limit, such as appears in subsection 10, The inevitable conclusion Would, therefore, appear to
be that a lerry purehast bylaw is
valid without any time limit appealing in the text thereof.
'I'lll: ( ninn-il inv ilex leualiTh lur lli
I mark nl cIciiriiiKiintl grading lh'' i'l'
pmachesto the pmanard aee brial**>.
asraaeihe fcywow River, nntl Inr tl
Inui'Iini; "(the rinicri'le nliiiliiieiilH (e
the limine.
fpeellealioni ler the work can he had
al llie liistriet Municipal (Mice, Nurlh
Vancouver, » here h,*iiI,,I ten.ler- uilli
dtpnslta,ni0sl he lodged l.'ii,ri I a'cluck
p nt., nn the llllh last.
AI.KX. I'llll,!.', t'.M.l'
When you intend building
1 he question raised at the session ol the city council tin Monday
last, with reference to the validity
il tbe Ierry purchase bylaw, develops a new phase ol this interest-
tui'; issue The tlause of the
Municipal Clauses Act whu li. il is
a unsi.hmd imperils the validity uf
the bylaw, is sub section loot section  50, which reads   as follows
II try liylaw lur any ol the pur-
puses im uti mad 111 the preceding
sub seclinns.miist name reasonable
tun' iiimi, for the commencement
as will as Inr the completion,
upeialuui, rn carrying into effect,
as lh. .as.* may be, case nf the
manufactory, industry, enterprise
ni  VOrk  wlm h is tn   be ai.leil by
an) inch bylaw and shall be paaasd
upmi. ilu* iiprass condition that a
failure to observe nch tune limit
shall render the bylaw void. Any
bylaw whu h dues not comply with
this ■ ul. si 1 lum shall be ol no validity As it is an admitted lad
ihat the ferry purchase liylaw con-
talus no such time limit.il is mom
.-al that the bylaw is therefore invalid.
The inattei appears 111 a somewhat different light, however, upon
referring t» the purpose specifically enumerated in the "preceding
sub-sections," relerred to in lhc
sub section just 1 itcd. These
"purposes mentioned" are found
ui -.libs.*, tioiis two to nine, and ar.*
as billows: "aid to railways, dykes,
III hes and . anals," "smelter aid,
subscriber Ior stock ol a railway
tramway    nr  bridge   company,''
" Till:
Beg to announce that they
have purchased the Drug
Store at the Comer ol Cambie
anil Cordova Streets, Vancouver, B. C.
This store is conveniently
situated Ior passengers by the
N Vancouver lerry ami in
hope lor a share nl your busi
Have \niir doctor plume
your prescription to us and
ii.* iiill have II nady when
you go lu the lerry.
Have your parcels sent
lur. lur you, we will take rare
ol them till vou call.
One ol the proprietors always in the store.
j. i. mm, num
N I.ONsIl.U.K Ave.
Ki'.t rh tlllirt; Iim.iMr Air..Vilii. I'lmm
Sn H
\ llmd Iifnt llinl Mill, l.ifiaii (',, I, /(.('.
tm.tijn il al, k
WIS Ian, uu, i-i
I'konr  17
Ill luidu.. SI.
Itiom unl
smnii 1 IMtll UK
He. kill list-Week inilii.,1 June ::.u„
1   riienin Kirst atreet.  Fine luiilneai prospect.. Tliii price lor
■  ,*,. 'liiyKonly.
' in .cr.., imrtl'i* ciertreil, witli .hack mi, seventeenth street.
I. u irainllng am Ottawa llanletis ainl wltll tin*, view ul Inlet.
.Inal iimk ai tliu prim.
For a th.iriiiiplily |Ood, reliithle scho.il rftnf
inr nirl. an.l ml-ars in* are carrying a lull line
'i(|(i«'d suliil li'iilher ult.ien in Imx cull ami
'lonu'iiii niii iiiiiinii sanaatost and heel.
From S 1.1 111
" II tll I,
"     2 lo   6
$1 ?s
lif\ U ill Phase Yuu in Style nnd
Snlisfv You in Wear.
")l(i Hustings-' Street
70 x 240
ri.isi* in saw mill and plank road ;
Ifli minutes from car; only $300.
Also a few 14 acres for $200;
b rnis. 10 [ down, $10 per month.
House to Ict, 6 rooms, all conveniences ; splendid view. Also
one lor sale ; $$00 cash and tio
per month.
■The Obliging. Dntggitit
Cm, t'lirdnvn sad Cambie Kla.
Vanciiiiier.   II.C.
House and Church
l'aintin.', Dfoonting,
Piper lltDfing,
I! ruin iii','. Sign Writing.    Kllls.lllllllilier,     a
little better then most
Wall Paper, I'nints,
Varnishes, Oils, lilass,
Stain, Ac., as cheap as
you can get anywhere,
Sflnte m \m\ ia roe m.
Iho perfectly cleared lnls on Lonsdale Avenue
$900 each
w. 11. nm «co.
North Vanoouver, B. *'.
Esplanade,  North Vancouver
K ami N total Street
mm \\\\ siioks
The famous "Huh" Shoes for
1MB, 16.00a
Bummer Suits from $8.00.
Men's btlbfiggin Underwear
Ha up.
hampered, because residents olor "exempting any such compan)
|ha citv persist in placing their ,Iiom taxation, or guaranteeing the
business, where  none ol  the pro* I debentures of sny such company,
Everything for Men at Right
Large Cabinet
Grand and
Upright Pianos
That wc arc selling
at the low price of
ONLY $375.00
Warranted   lor   live years.    Full
Metal   Plates,   Double  Repeating
Action, Pure, Sweet Tone, Combined with Great Power.
Terms, $10 cash;  hai. $10 a month
This is only one sample.   We sell
sixteen makes ol Upright Pianos
For Furniture,
House Furnishing ami
At Reasonable l'i ices,  go to
The Norlh Vancouver
Home Furnishers
II   ItNK 111.01 K l'iNSI>-|.K AVK.
(Terminus of Keith
l.o.iil Car Line. . .)
IJiiKiilitii- Surveyor and Architect
huHTii stkki-t,'\>unrh Loaaa.ua Are
Olli.e-N'eiv ItnaiftM lllnek,
i.'ni-.iiiii' mm
Iteniileliliail m.rla .1 -|«', lull..
I'.ll. Ituxl'l
Nnrlh Viineiiiiier, It. C.
Will be gneii on
the Verandah on
Sunday ntxt. tht 21st lunc
Commencing at 5.J0
499441 Hasting Street
IWouirr 1 larittil l'i inu Home
March frnm Tannliiuser
Val.e        ''Aui Wit'dersehtt"       l.mlni
Selection  "Prince nl rilnen" 11. I.utlii
liiteriue/.7.ii      "Salome" l.nra'n
Selection    "llnhetiiiaii liirl" llnl
Value "Merry Widow"   /'. l,ehnr
Overture    " Yankee Consul".I.U.rlolyn
March "Dataul theCeiitiiry'r.T./W/
Valne henti Cli.ipiri
March ' I .a Surella"
4. 4. CROW»TON
asm NOTARY I'rill.lC
iN.l'R.iaci: In .11 II* iir.ni in.
MlM.i*. I'l.i.-i «n*l ll,,lr.uli,,
ll.l is     11 >el.   ... I     ,,| r all.I Iir
Manaiier Inr the t'lininierclal
I'mlccllte N.'ielv.
Meet—Kiriit St., k. or LaMMte,
VHl III UKNTB 11.111(1
.1. Iliivin I Sun, |'ro|is.
delivered daily to all parts
of the City.
Orders left at the Kx press of-,
fice will he promptly attended to.
Pioneer Bakery
between Ksplanade & First St.
S. W. Walker,  ■   Proprietor
Get the Habit
Kresh   Hreiid  daily, 16
loaves for $1; 4 for 2iic.
Cake, 1'nstry, etc.
Daily Delivery to All Parts of City
iii'iNi I       71 Lonsdale Ave
_ jfrupptanntf to ®lje Sxpras
A Home Industry
Among the many nurserymen
doing business on the Pacific coast
no one is better known to the fruit
men of B. C. than M. J. Henry,
3010 Westminster road, Vancouver. Mr. Henry has been in the
business lor the past 18 years.
His knowledge of B.C. conditions,
his wide experience as a grower ol
fruit and ornamental trees.the ample facilities at his command, and
a natural aptitude for this line of
work, have all helped in the upbuilding of a very extensive business.
Aside altogether from the patriotic aspect of 'he case—and, other
things being equal, the "grown in
B. C. brand" should appeal to all
—there are decided advantages in
securing stock from a local concern. The trees are not so long
in shipment, nor is fumigation necessary as in the case of imported
stock; and further, the local nurseryman relies upon your continued
support—self-interest dictates generous treatment of his patrons.
M. J. Henry employs no travelling salesmen. His catalogue-
one of the best nursery catalogues
in America—is sent Iree to all intending purchasers.
Tn Exprkss, Ii a year.
Ladies' Auxiliary
Eating ice cream cones snd discussing first of July arrangements
was discovered to be a very congenial occupation by the ladies who
were present at the Horticultural
Society meeting on Tuesday evening. The ladies decided to hold
another meeting on Tuesday next
and it is especially desired that
there he s large attendance. The
object is one that is worthy the
hearty co-operation of the ladies
of the city, and they are given
a pressing invitation to be present
at the meeting. United interest
upon the part of a large number of
ladies is absolutely necessity in order to make the day a success.
Wednesday, July 1st. '08
Field Sports
Aquatic Sports
g. j. phillipo,    m. s. Mcdowell,
Chairman Secretary
The Chiefs Return
The 33 Indian chiefs, headed by
Joe Capilano, who went to Ottawa
three weeks ago to interview the
government upon matters affecting
the welfare of their people in this
province, returned on Tuesday.
The party was met at the Vancouver station by a big bunch of Si-
washei and the Mission band. A
procession was formed and marched through the streets, the chiefs
being garbed in their picturesque
native finery. The whole party
came over here on Ihe noon ferry
and marched lo the-Mission, many
ol the chiels riding in a lour horse
carryall. The afternoon and evening was given over to genersl rejoicing. The chieli express themselves satisfied with the results of
their trip, Sir Wilfrid Laurier assuring them thsl their grievances
would be remedied snd their interests protected.
North Vancouver Mails
Msils close for despatch as follows : F jr Vancouver and all
; points 8 a. m., 11:15 »■ ~-> 5 45
jp. m ; (or Lynn creek, 11:15 a. m.
Mails arrive : Vancouver and all
1 points, 9:10 a.m., 11:45 m., 5:45
j p. m ; Irom Lynn creek 2 p. m.
Outgoing mails (or Lynn creek
alter 11:15 a. m. should be delivered at the wicket.
The Ladies' Aid oi the Presby
terian church held a successful
moonlight excursion on the str. St.
George last Fridsy night.
Nu»M■ 1 School, Vancouvik.
V!r.Al.EI» TKMiKRS, iu|-erscrih<-,l
" "Tender lur N..rmtl Seh.sul, Vancouver," »ill be received by the linn,
the Chiel Commiwioner up lo noon nl
Wwlnetday, the Itth July, I.*-**, lor the
erection an.l enmi'lrlion ol the Normal
School at V«n>.*u..r
Irra«in|f, •peritii-itii-j.t, and contract
lorm mat ba* teen <<n and alter the 'iind
"I June, IKUR, it the olhceol tbe I'iiIiIi.
ilnrk. Kn-tint-rr, the Un.l. and Works
l-epertmetit. Victoria, an.l at the om>«
1 HH nan I H«|«. Architects,
Vancouier. Hi'.
F.avh propuwl •lull he iff.inii-iiiieal
by an accepted lank chwpie or rerliBcile
ol deposit on • charter*! hank ol Ctna-
.la, made piyihle to the lion the Chiel
I onimiMn.nar ti Uml. suid Worki, in
the ium nl "in il,.'.i.tn.l (I.Win dollars,
which •hill IN l"r!eileal il the |.«rty tendering de, lint to enter into eontrarl
•hen called upon It dn 10. Tbe cheque*
or cerlirViti'. „l un.ucce-wlul tendtrrrt
iill be returned tn them upon the est*
cuilonol the'"iilravct.
Tha clu-.,nc nl Ihe lucceMltil tenderer
■ill he retiirn«<l unoa hii lurnithln-t a
bond Mti.licl.<rv kg the Hon. Ihe Chid
C',mmiia»lnnerln the ram nl lllteen thou-
MM' itl.S.um al-all.r., for tht due luiai*
ment ol the contra. I
Nn tender nlli he coii.idered unleit
mult nut on the 1,-tm iupi>li-*d, •igriaxl
uilh th» ictiiil .ignit'ire ol Ihe tenderer, »nd em -luted in the enrelope lur*
Tht loiett or uiy tender not ntcee*
tartly accepted.
Pthlit W.nkt Hagintt'
l/ltda nad Herb Ifmnrirarnt
IVi     1. BC, '•'!, '<.*,-. IM   1'Mt §uppl?ttmtt to ®lt? Sxpras
von:me vi.
A Home Industry
Among the many nurserymen
'."ini; business, on the Pacific coast
BO one is better known to the fruit
men of B. C. than M. J Henry,
3010 Westminster road, Vancouver. Mr. Huiry has been in thc
business for the past 18 war**.
His knowledge ol B.C. ronditions,
Ins wide experience as a grmi. r I I
Iruit and ornamental trees.the ample facilities at his command, and
a natural aptitude for this line of
,*."rk. hav.* all hiIpad in the upbuilding of a veil extensive busiiit*-.-..
Asid. altogether Irom the patri-
• stic aspect ol  he case- and, other
things being equal, the "grown in
B. C. brand" should appeal to all
—there are decided advantages in
securing stock from a local concern. The trees are not so long
in shipment, nor is fumigation necessary as In the case ol imported
stock; and further, the local nur-
scr\ man relies upon your continued
support—self-interest dictates generous treatment ol his patrons.
M. J. Henry employs no travelling salesmen. His catalogue-
one of the best nursery catalogues
in America—is sent Iree to all intending purchasers.
I'hi' Exi'Riss, $1 a tear.
Ladies' Auxiliary
Eating ice crtam cones and discussing first of July arrangements
I was discovered to be a very con-
| genial occupation by the ladies who
' were present at the Horticultural
I Society meeting on Tuesday evening. The ladies decided to hold
another meeting on Tuesday next
| and it is especially desired that
there be a large attendance. The
[object is one that is worthy the
1 hearty cooperation of the ladies
aof the city, and they are given
a pressing invitation to be present
at the meeting. United interest
upon the part of a large number of
ladies is absolutely necessary in order to make the dav a success.
V " a, « a I. 1, < a a «... a ■ ... a .... (
Wednesday. July 1st. '08
Field -Sports
Aquatic -Sports
g. j. phillipo,    m. s. Mcdowell,
Chairman Secretary
The Chiefs Return
The 23 Indian chiefs, headed by
Joe Capilano, who went to Ottawa
three weeks ago to interview the
government upon matters affecting
the welfare of their people in this
province, returned on Tuesday.
The party was met at the Vancouver station by a big bunch of Si-
washes and the Mission band. A
procession was formed and marched through the streets, the chiefs
being garbed in their picturesque
native finery. The whole party
came over here on the noon ferry
and marched to theMission, many
of the chiefs riding in a four-horse
carryall. The afternoon and evening was given over to general rejoicing. The chiefs express themselves satisfied with the results of
their trip, Sir Wilfrid Laurier assuring them that their grievances
would be remedied and tlieir interests protected.
North Vancouver Mails
Mails close for despatch as follows : 1' at Vancouver and all
points 8 a. m., 11:15 a. m., 5:45
p. m.; lor Lynn creek, 11:15 a. m.
Mails arrive : Vancouver and all
points, 9:10 a.m., 12:45 m., 5:45
p. m.; from Lynn creek 2 p. m.
Outgoing mails for Lynn creek
after 11:15 a. m. should be delivered at the wicket.
The Ladies' Aid of the Presbyterian church held a successful
moonlight excursion on the str. St.
George last Friday night.
Normal School, Vancouver.
BjBatLID TKNUKRS, fut-crierilie.l
™ "Tender Ior Normal School, Vancouver," will be received by the Hon.
the Chief Conimiiiioner up to noon ul
Wclii, ..lay, the 15th July, i.KW, for thr
erection and completion ol the Normal
a School at Vancouver.
linmiiiKS, .pecificAti'Uii, an.l contract
form nuiv he teen on ami alter the 22nd
of June, H«Jti, at the ollice of the Public
rtork. Kngineer, the l.an.li- ami Worki
I'epartnient, Victoria, and at the office
ol thmn, Pearce I Hope, Architect!,
Vancouver, B.C.
Kach , ",|„ ..i. iihall lie accompanied
by an accepted hank cheque or certificate
ol depmit on a chartered bank ol Cana-
. da, made payable to the Hon. the Chiel
Conimiiiioner ol bandi and Worki, in
tin* Mini of one th.iii-.anil (1,000) dollan,
which ahall be forfeited if the party ten*
deriiid decline to enter into contract
»l called upon to do io. The cheques
or certiflcatei ol iiniiiecenlul tenderers
will be returned lo them u|ion the execution of the contract.
The cheque ol the lucceilful tenderer
will lie returned upon hii furniihinii a
bond natiilactory to the Hon. the Chief
('.iinniiKiinnerin the mm of fifteen thousand (Ih'i.ilOO- dollan, for the due fulfilment ol the contract.
N.. tender will be considered unle.i
made out on the lorm -supplied, ligneil
with the actual lignature of the tenderer, and enclosed in the envelope Iur-
The loweit or any tender not necee-
isrily accepted.
Public Wurlti Engineer
Land* nnd Worki litpnrtmctu)
riW.iai'i, n i\, ami lum, i'ii*. i'.'-it THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
Old-Time Fire Brigade Feasl
at Hotel North Vancouver
A notable banquet took place al
the Hotel North Vancouver last
Friday night, being the annual affair of the Veteran Volunteer Firemen's Association ol Vancouver.
On June 13th, 1886, the city o(
Vancouver was wiped out by fire,
and the remnants of the gallant
fire brigade then in existence honor
that event each year by a banquet.
The brigade in 188b numbered 110,
but there remains now only 23,two
of their number having passed to
the great beyond dining the past
year. Oue of that iainous band ol
pioneers was Pete Larson,the genial proprietor of the Hotel North
Vancouver and it was at his earnest solicitation that the banquet
commemorating the 22nd anniversary ol the great fire was held at
his hestelry. And there, gathered
around the festive bosrd, the com
rades of years ago recounted their
experiences of the great fire and
recalled reminiscences of pioneer
davs in and around Vancouver and
other p anions of the province.
Those present at Ihe banquet
were: Mayor Bethune, Vancouver;
Mayor Kealy, North Vancouver;
Reeve May.of the district of North
Vancouver; Andy Linton, C. L.
Behnsen, E. J. McFeeley, and
Robert Clark, men in business at
the time of the fire; W. Rannie;
representatives of the News-Advertiser, World, Province.and The
Express; snd the following old fire
fighters: Hon. president, J. H.
Carlisle; president, G. L. Shetky;
vice president, J. McAllister; sec-
retsry, G. Thomas, jr.; |. G. Garvin, H. Csmpbell.R. Leatherdale,
J. Campbell, G. F. Upham, F.
Gladwin, S. H. Ramage.J. Moran,
Pete Larson, Wm. McGirr, A. M.
Tyson, John Taylor, E. C. Britton
H. Duhamel, C. W. Hawley.
Reynolds orchestra,the oldest in
the city, furnished an excellent
programme of music throughout
the evening.
The banquet was a swell affair
and was served in faultless style.
The menu embrsced the delicacies
of the season and made up a (east
fit for a king, as the following will
Iiei a iniir of
Our Fine
Patent Leathers
North Vancouver's Finest and Largest Men's Outfitting Store
Boots and Shoes, Overalls, Shirts, Socks, Ties
$'(.00 Men's
Fine Tan Oxfurds
We want the North Vancouver Trade. We are here to stay and are prepared to save our Customers
money on every dollar's v.ortb bought Irom us. We buy for Spot Cash and sell for Cash. Our
prices defy competition.      Come and see us SATURDAY; we purpose making it a special sale day
Hen's Working Bouts
Heavy uppers and soles worth
"(3.00 Saturday $2.50
$4.50 Boots. See this line, extra
special for Saturday $3.50
%i 50 Shoes, good and strong for
everyday use, Saturday $1.90
75c. Working Shirts 30c.
Canvas Shoos and Oxfords
In white and tan worth £2.25 in
any store, our price J 1.90
$1.50 grey Canvas Shoes, Saturday 90c. with good leather soles
and extra strong heels.
Boys' on sale 50c. a pair.
Fine Shoes
We carry a large Stock ol the
best makers goods.     See our
Saturday bargains.
$6.50 shoes
*5 0o
J7.50 shoes in patent leathers,
tans, etc., $5.50
ts and 5.50 lines, Saturday J4.50
50c. Suspenders 35c.
Caviar on Toaat
Kaali.li.*. Tomatoei Lettuce
I-nhater Salad Shrimp Salad
Cream ol Kaatcrn Oyater Soup
lloiled Salmon, Tartar Sauce
Oi T.uiKUe, ll.irae Kadiah
Chicken I'attien        l-amh, Mint Sauce
Turkey, with Dreaaing.Cranherry Sauce
Brown I'otaloee     Cream Potatoes
Cauliflower, Cream Sauce
lireen I'ina
Green Apple Pie I.cuimii Pie
Kiinh.li Plum I'lidding, Hard Sauce
Tea Coffee Milk
Aaaorted Nut* and Kaiiins
Canadian Cheeae       Swim Cheeae
Sherry        Claret       Deer       Cigara
Vice President McAllister acted
as chsirman for the programme
following the banquet, opening his
duties by stating that two ol the
old brigade had answered their
last call during the year, viz., C.T.
Giegure and Thomas Becket. A
letter was read Irom Rev. Mr.Clinton, one of their comrades, stating
that other duties prevented his attendance. A flashlight photograph
was then taken of the assembly.
Thc tosst ol "The King" was
honored in right, loyal style; and
the health of "Our Host," one ol
the old brigade, was proposed and
vociferously received. In a characteristic 111..111111 Mr. Larson said
the affair was one of Ihe bright
spots of his life. For years he had
desired the company of his old pals
and he esteemed thc honor o( entertaining them very highly. Only a lew remained of llieir original
number, but he trusted all present
would be long spared to keep up
these snniversary proceedings. He
then went on lo speak ol incidents
connected with the brigade of long
"The Municipality of North
Vancouver" gave Mayor Kealy the
opportunity to dilate on the advan-
tagea and growth of this city. He
complimented the old firemen up
on their evident health and prosperity. This city owed a great
deal to Van. ouver for help given
in times of need, and he desired to
publicly thank Chief Carlisle for
the losn of hose in fighting fires
here. Indeed, only in the Isst few
days this city hsd been spsred a
big conflagration. Like Vancouver, this young city is planning its
life on large lines snd is bound to
succeed. Vancouver,in being compelled to come to this side of the
Inlet for its water supply, was
85c. Working Shirts 60c.
50c. Cashmere Socks 3 pairs (or *i.oo      Jt.25 Fine Dress Shirts, Saturday 95c.
Union made Overalls and Shirts.
Don't forget the place and he sure you get the Ross Shoes, every pair guaranteed.
ThC Aa Na ROSS Co. 3rd door north of Second St., the Inkster* Ward bldg
expending much money here, so
h lping all classes. All the municipalities in this vicinity should
work together. We have the finest harbor on the coast, of which
his recent trip to California had
more than ever convinced him.
The natural advantages of the district were so numerous and important that he predicted still more
rapid growth of all the municipalities concerned.
Joe Reynolds favored tbe company with a violin solo.
The toast of the "Cilj of Vancouver" was responded to by Mayor Bethune. Seventeen years ago
he began hn career in municipal
politics, his introduction thereto
being due to the chairman, Mr.
McAllister. He had always done
what he could Ior the people; his
record was clean, and he highly
sppreciated his position. From
his viewpoint the interests ol Vancouver and North Vancouver were
identical. The strip of water between should not divide the cities.
Vancouver is rapidly filling up and
the overflow population must
spread here. The two places ought
to be incorporated as one, thereby
saving expense in government.
There already existed between the
two places a bridge, founded upon
good fellowship, which he knew
would always exist.
The chairman, Mr. McAllister,
contrasted the hand pumps and
muddy roads experienced by the
old brigade with the automobiles
and paved streets o( the Vancouver of today. In 1889 the brigade
had gone lo Tacoma and competed
with the best teams of the country.
Not only had they laken all the
prizes, but they had established a
world's record, which had never
been equalled.
In answering the toast ol "District ol North Vancouver," Reeve
May stated he had arrived in B.C.
in 1886; he had never been out ol
the province since, and never
wished to go. For 15 years he
had been on this side of the Inlet
snd had watched the country grow.
The district had turned out one
fine city and he hoped so see it
turn out others. Industries would
eventually come to this side and
the district grow (aster than ever.
The district was 16 miles long and
possessed unrivalled sites (or the
homes ol settlers. There was lots
"Irn.nn and thc finest views on the
continent. People must come here
for their outings, as witness Empire Day, when over 3000 persons
went up the Capilano. Fully 70
settlers were living on Lynn
creek, and a hotel was going up on
Seymour creek, all ol which showed enterprise. All the adjacent
municipalities should work together, having a common purpose in
Chief Carlisle traced the history
of the Vancouver fire brigade and
told "I its presenl equipment; Capt.
Moran anil J. Campbell told of the
early days, and C. E. Smith, nu
gale sang a song.
In answer to ths toar.l of "Old
Vancouver Fire Brigade," President Shetky, Capt. McGirr and H.
Campbell all gave reminiscent remarks.
Six men were doing business in
Vancouver now who were burned
out in 1886, and four of these—R.
Clark, E. J. McFeeley, C. L.Behn-
son and A. Linton—told ol their
experiences on that fateful Sunday.
"The Alert Hose Team of Van
couver of 22 years ago, the swiftest
sprinters on earth." was responded
to by John Garvin, Steve Ramage,
and Gabe Thomas, the "baby" of
the brigade. How and why the
famous victory at Tacoma was won
was graphically described. Gold
medals presented by the city of
Vancouver to the victors were
shown as evidence of the statements made.
"The Ladies" was responded to
by J. Taylor, and a toast to "The
Departed Comrades" was fittingly
honored. Then "The Press" received its deserts, its dignity being
upheld by the representatives in
attendance. "The Chairman" ended the toast list, and the proceedings were brought to a close by the
singing of Auld Lang Syne and
the National Anthem.
The gathering was about thc
best and most successful the Association has yet held, while the banquet reflected the greatest possible
credit upon the management of the
Hotel North Vancouver. The
company were conveyed home by
the launch of the Vancouver water
works department.
m\.«r k mmm
Real Male and Insnranre
Mie ik., JEMs: Horin voncoiner
LIFE—The Sun Life Assurance
Company *f Canada.
FIRE—The Phirnix Asturance Co.
of London, England.
TIES - The Empire Accident
and Surety Ca.
North Vancouver Hardware
Company, Ltd.
Gartlen Tools
Lttn Mowers
Poultry Netting
House Cleaning Requisites
Paints and Oils
Rudders' Hardware
fOOl 01 MM Iffi.
Telephone ss
rPAKE NOTICE that Framis William
1 Caulfeild, ol the City nl Vancouver,
Ilritiah I'liliiiniiiii, (ientleman, intenda
lo apply Inr permiathn to lease tho following described landa:—
Commencing at a poat planted at tin.
anutlii'>at*rly corner nl Lot 8ll,(iroup 1,
New Weatnnnkter Iliatrict, thence south
on the eaat boundary of aaid Lot 811
produced 27.00 chaina, thence weal 30.2(1
chaina, thence north 30° weal 17 12
chaina more or leaa to the nortlieaalerly
comer ol Diatrirt Lot 447, thence aouth-
easterlv, easterly and nortbeaaterlj*
iil'iin; tlie northerly ahoreol Burrard Inlet to the place of beginning, and containing -ixtv-tl.rtf acres more or leaa.
Hm. I tliia aiiteenth day ol May, 1H0K
V111 U'S ts hereby ilvdi ihal seal,,! Waders
x mill* received l,t Hi,* II.an Un* 1 In. I.'..in
mlssloner al tbe Laurie end Work. Depart
in-ill. victoria, up to noon on Wednesday,
in , let, law, Irom sny (*ra,,u who may ili-sn,*
lo obtain a special Umber licence, unde tbe
provision! of Sertlon *'.* ol ibe Un<1 Act. lor
Ibe purpoM ol rimiiiK timber from tbe follow
Ine *!<*** 1 ii-*! lands :
1 nm inrDi .ns .i. poet I'l.iitcl .1 llie northeast corner ol 1 **i Ma, New Wettnlaster I'i-
trlct; thence weal ■*-"*) .-bains to tbe south cut
corner ot Lol 2,41*; thence north 17 chaina lo
tbe soulh-weal corner ol I... a UTS: thence aaat
MM chains to Ibe north-west corner «>l lot
1..VW; lhi*n.*e south V. chains io Ul l.!0»; Ihetire
weel I'Uchalae lo Ul '«*<; Ihenee north ll *
chains lo p ,lnt ol i-nmmcnccmenl.
Tba compelitor offering Iha hlfbcet ca*b
bonus will ba en'ltled to a special limber
license covering tbe limit, renewable annuity
Iaar . ler in nl twr nl; „n.    ears
Each tender mu.t ha* .*l*lr<*a.r*l to the tlnn.
ihe i'Met Commluluncr nl Units and Works.
Victoria, securely sealed and marked "Tender
lor Timber License." and musl be accompanied
by two marked cheques, nne cheque being Inr
tliouo, tbe amount ol the Aral year's rental-
.ml the atber for Ibe amount of bono, ten,
All cheques require to be payable lo tha or*
de ot tha Chlrl Commissioner of Unds and
IV, rks. al par at Virions.
Chiel Commlolimerot Und. and Works,
Landa ami Works lleparlmenl.
Victoria. I.f, lath Mav. HOB. IMI
Worth Seeing'
first of all we ask ijou to
view correct styles. fit-Reform sets the fashions. . .
What ab|>ears io the fit Reform Wardrobe is accented
without question by Canada's well dressed men ...
Let us show you some of the many
new Suits and Overcoats for spring
Suits $15.00 and $20.00
wonn Douair mi h6niv
Fit- Reform
Rolled Oats
Haij and Feed
Vine, healthy Tomato and
Cauliflower Planta, grown from
Sutton's Seeds, always on hand
The Brackman-Ker
Milling Co.
Lonsdale Avenue,
at Ferry Landing
Harry Mitchell, local manager.
Priceless Asset
A good act nl Teeth contrihiitc greatly to onc'a health and
happim-ia. Thi')' add nitii'li to the appearance and more to
the digestion.
Neglect ia the only cause lur the loaruf Teeth. Come lo
ua NOW More it ia too late,
at ad ot b PBicirt      i no ni mi cimn«
ruliaetof Teeth       15.oo
arldflfHorta, prt tooth         S.oo
8old frown.         j.oo
•old rilllog*          i.m uh
Hal In. Filling-.         |.M
t vtracllnj * So
The Boston Dentists, Ltd
DR. A. R. BAKER, (onsultin-j Dentist
407 Masting* St., W., Vancouver
HOURS- 9 i.m. to 6 p m
W_ •olid, thf iMamr-M of Mainufarturtn,
Kiifinffraindothfri *h-i rrallrr thr a.t-rtiabH-
iljf nf haviaf thf Ir I*ilmt Inn-uir** tranttrlrtl
!■>■ l.ipfilt. Pr-r hrmnaiyldTiiT Irrf. Charfra
mnlrrttc. Our Inventor'! AMMf-Ml M rr-
aunt Marlon (k Mnri>n, Mt„\l, N- w Vuik 1,1ft
Mil*   Muni i fit' • t*l W ..In !,,',,■   UC.IIAJ
la prepared to do all kinda ol work
riming, itriibliing, atiiiiipiiiK or Nit
Masting. Work dime l'i the day nr liy
Kilrs rare taken in lilaalina; near
honaea and all damag a.le good.
Aililreaa, bread .tlift IV , near l,mi»*
dale avenue, or I'. I). Iliu 11, Norlli
Vancouver 5-H
Three Sewing Machines
One Singer for $12 . . .
One Domestic for $14 .
One Raymond for $10 .
liffiiea kith Mr. ('miner, l/>nadalc Ave.
IMI lt*w»r  «*  I   i   In
>HO!ll Mi
lUllwar*. Hrirlffi, Wairr Nfftft. Katlmalra
Kti|f rltitfii-1* m • "f rnnitriiriloii. Ma|<«, Tumi*
■Ilea, Mining • l»im-, *til- DiHai.nia.flr
Ill 11..lll'l* -a   W.,
VANl'llt'VRR. a l'
i*i«\|ib aat'Kin -mii Lo«iaiiu.«
For 1st July
Order Early.
NOTE —Our Dressmaking
Department is able
to handle all orders
in future.
Mmm/Omm  of  Minimi   nml   totft
I   rnilurt Slnrr, tlfne and Itttr Futurti
Rehiring in All llranrhea
IM Tnlnl Bl. tt   (el. Cbestefllelil ami Unsdale
OppaKlta Ki hci
.tBJTMail ordera ni ven prompt attention
For tht Farm, Garden, Lawn
or Conservatory
IMialile \arielif« at reaaonalile prlcei.
Nn llorer. No Scale. No liiniiKalion
tn damage .lurk. No a mill a**,*nt. to
annoy you. Ilny direct ami get Treea
I" llial urnw.
|.*rliliM'ra,l'.'i'Mi|i|alii'.,-*pray I'umpt,
Spraiing Material, Cut Klowera, ete.
Illdeat eataliliahed nuraery on the
mainland nl llriti.h ("lumliia.
Catalogue Iree.
3010  VV (ami Kara*  Road,
Now Advertisements
♦•!♦ *♦!••» i ♦:♦<♦■♦ i ♦ w o+o ►♦*♦* a+a+a-i-a^a+a-i-a+a-i-a f-a-i-a*Ha*a*iia*i-a-i ♦•(■♦■t-a-ia-t-'a*
Sill.)    WOO I al -* II
1* .    ' I*.ii    - **r * « I
Mn.ia*  IHaaKlliW.il   ll
Ten i**i- i"i aj*i in *,  rn.
Ten*!.*.* toi I data k   i'iij*
D*i*,Tltlli'lls    I a. >a  * I'll,I a .■
Boots aa Dime    W  I' Mi.ri*ii.
■eboolSinn's I'.ake'-.-ni*',* Hon
U*l.    *'   I.HII.Ila*-Slll(     S| ,'.',»,!.
Tl'I.la'ls     I Ta', ail   Mil l,,i,ur;tlll,'    I
lla.llal   I.  .   ll *      ,    I   llj.|a ,,,..   loUllKa'
lay Uirg.lin   i II. Roaai i o,
Celebration Ncfes
1 In* iaia rtnii; iii il,,* gem ml i	
lllllll I    .III   I'lllllH    I  ll 1,11 g   ',l-l   U.l*.
in li .nh ruled nml uui. li nni a.i: i i
Iiii -in* i v. ii tranaai led. i In iho
gramme ii uol a1* u i tli finiti Ij hi
>*il..- I** 'I' i.ul. Uu Mill I*,* apprux
 ll. \\  .is  lnilniv .:
Aquatia   iporti   V >ni uat lap-
slla  lli DUtriggl I. ll "Iilil,    M l|i| unt-
tiggi i .    n |le   iciill   oniriggcti
professional), tingle iciill outrig
gl   K   I   HU.Ila   III   I,      l.l.l.       ,111   I    ^I'llll,*
lii.iii iluulili* ii nils, lm* paddle In
dian ..inui', ilm. pad-die Indian
. 11 paddle luili.in cm.u,lm
paddle klaiaati lun.in canoe, too j ird
swimming i ice loi thn champion-
idipol lie.
I'll 111    *|IHll-        Iall   \,1|,1   iU-.ll,   |0
ml; ma) ..nal dasb, op«o; nne hall
mile, ll.it. three quartet mile,rela-.
pole vault, obiticle  nee, (teas)
pole, imi' A\ --j**'its, ... ihIi.iIh: nm,
Light wi ight wrestling malt li
fm th.* championship ol ihr Pacini
. la.iiii.uii weigh! wrestling
matrli [oi chsmpionthip nl ll ('.
Firemi n'i iports,contprisiog tug
of war. i ' i race, iod othei a vents.
The   s vir.il   committed   li.ivi
their work mil in hand .ni'i s.uis
factory reiitlti an: Lieing accon
plisbed. lh"tin.ma a*,ommitteeis
proceeding with an an rjetii i to
irasi .in.! ii in.*, tinu with • cordial
raaponsi Uio committi rs were
j|i|iaiii one 1 .inuunit- as follows:
I'.-. ■  ijadvMtiiingJiaj;
music,   1150;  field sports,
,i'|ii un sports, Ijoo
The price nl sdmisiion will lie
ii a' iis 1.1 iba grounds ,in,l tin
ml to the grand staod
1 in- Ni u Westminstei band has
lieiii eng 1 ■ I in 1 negotiations sn
in i'i * lot s -'■! .111*1 sggrega
'unit l.i'ailu r Valour I' ill :
P.l'icilcr ami I! iliinn,il Shi."*
Ily buying your Furnishing! and Shoos h. iv.
iin'    . mpie ,,i nur good vain, s 500TS irt Sl10f&
1,1 Vici Kill Shoes, Latasi
regular price $5 5 1
Our price £4.no
Rs (ul 11 J; 00 Shoes. Our price £3.50.      Regular 14,00 Shoi's,
(lui pi 11, Jinn.        Regular St.5.1 Shoes, Our price $1.00.
Boy*' lliois regular $2.75 l.n $2.0.1    regular $2,511 f*ir $1.75.
Iiinn in; Shoes at reiluce.l prices,      Bargain! in Ladies' and
Children's Shoos.    Men's snd Hoys' Furnishings.
II', ,v oil t'l'iir itsiatii and 11 quality tntiprkti cunt mart going
to ,i;el it.    We invite wn to conic and Uek,
Terms, niii-li inili i'inh; halanee, ii, 12aad 18 months
I'm-. Esplanade ami Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver
■*-*.♦ i ♦ .*♦ i*a 1 ■♦-!•♦ ,••♦ ►♦*»tt+tta*axa*a«»x»i»iaM»j>.»» ♦♦♦.) ♦ * ♦ < mi»»ci»i»i.»i.m
Sinn* h\ Templar ,\: llii Itman, ihe
well known ~.h ers.   li is expi .1
o.l thai ihe itore .11 pn snit tn, n
pied bj I' mplar \ liickmaa will
lie 11 1 11 pi .1 as a nn at market.
I In* company dirmed to 1 slab-
lish Japanese tea gardi ns here Ims
nn ivi .1 its incorporstion papers
I'.n. s 10 either Vii toria nt Se
attlo limn Vancouvei bj boat havo
been reduced to fl,
Loral strawberries are plentiful.
I   1 OMSDAI 1   Wi*
Fine Ceylon
i Ihs. lor $1.00
K\i"  I 'I'rnr.1 in ('•■iiifnri nMoim-nii lionie.
Hpcrttl Atl> n i-ii 1.1 rin ilr-'ii
tuy --i Urevlilti North Vimmt-m Monday
mit-1 rinir<*'lay.    itptU lof viigriKi'Mi'iitii.
idmm -M'l" ui>t." KXi*im ornct,
Sal,, r M,*al„li.t in I'lHiolnrle.
Ir.in* il 11 * ilnnnii ini.l Knout* as vo, nli-l.
iil'.*ii i r, Bfaietetflii,
V**.ii, i,*a I  r . iiin,ali,*r nl  [aiilaih nu  Tiii*.il,iy.
nnil Kri.l.is. Alan l**.ititiii>- **u vflvel ami -all i.
Address:   BOX "A"
KtNMO ttt-t,        Ni'kTii VsminvKii
Police Circles
Clnti M tgistrsti Ka ,iU had two
1.0-. s 1 * .1.,.] wiib in th.* police
court ilns wiek. lVtm ami Maria
Bsrbonsa.Philipinoa ** ere. Itsrg. 'i
iinili'r the vagram ] n t. .nol were
1 tiino in leave lown.   A 1 •
I ".Imuk aiiililia .1 a ibh    m,,s Inn*.I
$10 ami costs
Chiel "I I1' in    Davies is in 1
11 ipi n| a   Lil, 1  ol   .In.   10  tho
eflacl that sunn  unknown party
Ins been writing spurious I*.
1. itoi, |o wi nn      S* a Vorki rs,
from N.n 11. Vancouvei    0        :
ih. so letters 1- S.I In ised lo "Mn
Ellen S James, widow ..it' 1 tha
millionaire, Daniel William
Ni a   .nik "   11,a   writei 1      .1
piteous ial. ni li. mi; .1 widow with
a largi Liiini, .oi.I hi gn it need
ami . 'insula rati 1 itad 1 thai she
- in h. 1 is also writing i" Mi*, lius-
s, II Saga, i" s.. whii h is the l« 1
im mtnaa    Although iddn
from Nortli Vam   iver, thi I* Iti 1
w.is   posted .a  \ .nn ouver.    Tin
wnti t li 1   imi la:*! toadopl su, h
' ipedii ni   1  11 rJei it difli all to
la.1 ni   |,l 1
I'us ll is  \\|i   I'iii RHAKOKM
Mlkil   DaCOSATOtl
in llMiai    QUUHXSS    Skins
Ull'.   1(111   Sl i'lll.
Although ll"   m ii   slur, s In inu
in   t.'l    M   \\        Mm l.*:i,  ||   Iho
cormrol Lo u I sih,  will
not   ba read)  loi «i iipan \ im
■ ila rei, tht   in iii i. uti.lat
(late.     I li*   M ,|,    I,,,, ||\   ,,n   ii,,
< ..I ik r will in ,i*. ii pi, i || ,, dfsja
Itt*n    li     •■ nil'    |.*|.   |., Stinlh aV
Bvarn h-li al, aii i , md the largi
till 14 III Wli.
llALBDTI \IH.K* i,i..rk,.|"T,*ii.l..r,
u IMIi Sir,•■■! ilra,|iii*>" «jl| l.< rn-ini
in Km uii'Ii rslcned, up la Ro'cla i I'M.
"ii Monday, 11■«■ 8th ilsj "l July, law,
f.ir tin* Cioarinit. Qnhlinf, ind Utalnlna
"l 15th flrett, betsrsen *i. Indrew'tand
Iti'lireway Au'im. * therebi
I'raiwni.-. -| li* Itlnlll ami General
I'aall.Iiii,III. ',( C llltrila'l   III,11*   )„■ I 11 ll l| 111,    |
at llii'iiirni. *al tin' l'u.  I.iik'iiii. r.
Karli Ti'iilir nni<l be hi < > n, |.iii|,-,| by
n in .rk* A * In,|'i' nasi •'■ I |"*r i' nl  "I
iln* ani'iiint.,(tin* Tender, and ll
.v.-lul  Ti'li'lrr* r  liii|«l   provide hii ,i|i-
pfoved pan tea toi Ins mtiitsctnr)
lion "I thsCoatrael
I I *     hi  | I' • "I lllli'l" i*.-llll Irml'TlT.
mil i   n tnrned I" them speu Iheea-
•a   Mil   all   „l   III.a   I *■ .|S tT .. ■   |
i i leesst ..r .in> lender set n «•
s.ir.lv ,...*>*|*l"i|.
Citv (lark.
Citv llall. N'iriii Vancouver, W.i'
Juni' iMh, Ills, |*.,;i
SHAIKH IKMH'.l:- noirkeil "Ton.lir
:ir,l Sir,*, i -i*l**.. .Ik" ..ill he receive.
by iln* niuh-ralfnoil up in h o'cloek I' M
Hal     M   allll*.     till'   lllll   llll.   Ill   .llll..   I''   *
(nr liltlni nnil lining to fttd* IM pie*
-iii *i.i.-,..iik iiii iln- N* ,rt ii -nl.. ill :;r.i
Rlh). I. ..ii'l llio la.iuKiif ii I'.ll.ai.l.'..all
■ ii 'li   s..ii!li -i,I,. a,! iln* -aui **|r,.,.|  |h •
iii'iii il.li'iu ami St. I'a.nl- Avenues,
1700 leel ur thereby,
|ira.\i".'-, ipeelScaiioni ami leueral
i- litlolll ol t'liiilrml nia> be "lilaini"
,n I In* i.ilin* nl Iiii* t'ily KnuineiT.
I iai h lioai ii.ii Ti'ii.Iit n.nat beaeenin*
pealed by a uuirki-.l ehoqasequal to H
l»*r i-hiii..'I tin* iiui'iiiui nl the Tender,
uini lhesncrosalalteadsceratusl provklc
uu ii|i|irnvi*il *;iiiininli*i. Inr Dm Mtlalai I-
,,ri i*aiiii|,i, ii ui nf Un* Oontrsct.
The eheqere .>( tuaeeesssfnl Tomli r-
ora will bs ri'liirneil st) Ihem open the
saw iiii i llio t'liiitra.l.
Tho lowest nr nny Tvtdei imt norif-
-arily accepted.
l ityl'l.Tk.
(in llall, Niirl'i VanraiiiviT, Il.i .
.Imu' I'uii, IWW. IM
Going ?
for House Furnishing!.
Then in only OM plaw to
purchase, if you nro ;i care*
ful, economical ihoppar,
UV have tlm largest stock
of House Purnishingi in
tlm city, ami rarprieta srs
uiianiiiuiusly icknowledg*
nil tu he the most ri'iisnnn-
lilc tu lie had.
We sell for cash
or easy payments
■I    I    I a 1 .a -1 \-1111     .lll'l    iMlll
mairttteats, Vancouvor, li.C.
Oitv Clerk's Olliee,
llth, .Iiiiii*, IMS
'j HR I'lil'lii' ar.' Iiereliy roipiiroiltn lako
' iin'ii'.'nl lhe fiilliii* inn extract!* fr..in
iiioi iiv By-laftwa,
ll\*l...u Nn. SI, weli.in I, rea.l- an
fnllims: '• Kneli an,I overy person,
persons, nr lii.ly oorporato, who shall
enaage In, oreervy oa either ..( il
S'.eral Ini'les, prtul-adonSa nr OSlllBSS
h**1 forth In "Sihe.liile.\".il'tlil8r,y-Uivi
shaal Ink il I perloillc.il li.'.'iiae [to lie
known iss Trade l-leense) (»r neh
period as is un'iiiinui il in saiil selieilnle,
mnl shall inv Iherelnr sui'li sum as is
therein apeeifled, ahtchnin ahull, iu
ail rase., he paid in ihe Collector ol the
sniil CorporeUnn Inr the uae thereol."
SiTli'.n 4. riinl- lima: "Itahull onl
ho lawful fnr anv person, |H'rs.ma .,r
IhhIv eiiri'iiniti* lli-enaeil umler tin- By-
lain, tn onmiK.' in, iiiiicti.*.*, or carry on.
'inllie l-nrd'l Hay leninniniily called
SiiihIiivi either inr hire, ..r nain, direct.
Iv nr iii'iirei'ili, any aal ihe trades, .kvii*
nations, prtileaiioiisorcalHMlIn "Pehe-
.lule a" ,.( ihi. By-law diet ribed nr
Siiio'lulo A, r.f.Tre.l to in Ihi- l',v-
l.:m reads as billows:
I, two any persr-a keepln| a hIon
nr hnil'liii.' vi here a hillinnl, |>.il nr
bagatelle laMs is eaed (nr hire nr profit,
|l IHI fnr aaeh table |„*r inilliiln
I, l-'rntii anv |iers.in kee|iini; a bowling all.*, ei rule gallery, |l.90 per an*
:l.    Krnii, enry   |»*rsnn riirryine nn
lhe imsiness el a barber, fimi per an*
1.    From eier. peiBOn   ill xhih.ls
i* r hire nr pfoji a iin*rri--.".-roiiii-l
l-erris nhe I nr Hrlltg, the vum nf |."i.0n
pel aniiiini nr any portion Iln rei.f.
By-Lav N.i He, Haetkw 'J, remls as
' (ollows:
:'. Companies, BrntaSeaVpsrlnendilpa,
• .riMiratiniis, |hts.,h. mi'i iii'livi.lnals
lenring lo iu-ial »ir.*s sndntbef if-
aii.iln*. In!   Iheiisenf  ehrlrie eurrenl
lor any perpnsa wbat-so-ever nr deslrlnf
in alter or re|iair uny wins orspparettu
already in n-e, riiall belore com menclna
or 'lium.' sny neh work, make an apple
atlmi mi lhe farm provided inr thai
|Uir;«#e,   for a |>erinil -n t" 'I" tn the
Cilv t'lerk,   vvhi.'b appllealkmShall he
aii>inii<aiiie,l by a map nr plan uml
|i.iilie'iii.ins as ..ell a- u description nl
iln* material pmnesed to he assd, also
ihe-ireet Inoatlonand namherol proa
O'Tlv. il ilny. I'|iuii reeeipl hv the i ilv
clerk * l*in-h application the Wlrilil
InsiK.'inr shall cense aaeh sppllretl.ui
In he ilealt with within l.venly-li.ur
linttri Imlil the lime nf saiil rei'eilil und
-lm I eiilier issue a permit npon pay.
iii'iii "i the fees na s i li.ri li iu Seclinn
"i hereof01 refuse lu issue ihe num.'.
'I'ln* penaltlei fnr an liitrsctloe nl am*
ol Iheea ltv*l.iuvsis|ii)tiiKiainl Metier
i ilh-' hnpriannment.
THOMAS SHl'-.i'llKHn,
City Clerk
1 lm
I 2	
'       )	
'    s	
'     6
•      9
ft      10,so'
161 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B. C.
T. 0. BOX .1811.
\KI*', Nll'I'ICI'ilhal lhe Ciiiiueil nf tin
C„r|i ration nl Ihel'ilynf Nnrlh Van*
.'uli.er ilileliil**
liui'riiieiiieiil m
peering bebiw i
llaaal   in-l.i.r ll |i
l.i eoiislrii.t the l,.Hitl
I out in the Si'lli',lilli*;i|.-
ml iiiteiiil*. In lessen iln
irtkin lliereiif, ii|'"ii lhe
rem pnns»rt' benefited thereby irainliiiL'
or ablltllng Iln r.'ini mnl lull liable fnr
.ih-i —in. lit lli.relor.
A .tai onl riiowlllg lhe lam*!- liable
mil prupaa.*al t - he "p'oiaal!. aaeessed fnr
he aald Impriivenienl aud tin nanus ni
ho ,i\i hits llnreiif. m, Iai a-the saint
.in In* a-ieriaineil Ir.ain tbe lasl revised
i * s-nniil ml' ami   *>l hern ise, is now
lilnl ill   llie   nlli. f   lhe    A-a.1*.melil
' iillllliissiiilier;in,| i- ,|i,ii |..r in-| lii'll
illlring I'lln-e Imiirs.
The s, hetlule Ih'Iiii  -Inns Ihe esli-
I iiialiil i'n-1 nf lhe iin|>niveineiil  mnl lhe
I,r..|..,rll*>n   In   lie   |ir..viileil nut of the
geueial hiii'i* .a lhe oily.
1 lllllll 'if    Ka'vi-il<ll   will   I..* hel.l   on
Ihelillnlrtv ol July, IWS.SI llie hour of
.1 |i in., nl lhe'ilv hull, Nnrlh 1 iiue.ni*
ver, ll.l'., (nr ll'll* |ilal|».M'ii( I eiiriiin
complaints atniml lhe |,r..|*ns.'.l iis*»*ss-
in.*iils i*r lie* aee.ira, y ol Imulage
inea-lireinelils   nriniv nlhei* r**lli|il:illil
ivliieb lhe per oui Interested dsstre in
make lad which I- e.>Kiii/.ah!e hv Ibe
Till.MAS SIIKI'lll'.Kli,
A.-i-sniiiil C'liiinii-siini' r.
Norlh Vancouver, r. c ,
l:'lh.liine. IIXIS.
I'Mi'ii-ial l'.-:iinali'i|   RalloUlS
Improvemeal total net Satytopay
Qradlttgol IStb Btreel
helneenSI  AinlrewV
ami Rktfeway Aves, |IJH)    Jiooo
THE BANK OF      1908
ft M America
One of Canadi's Strongest Financial institutions
list.it Asiels over $10.000,OOJ
Savings Attounls given s|... ial aitonlion A deposit of tl
or upwards starts a S.ivmns Ai.ount, on which the
highest current rate oi Interest is paid or added to the
Principal every three nontka, I'epoaiti may ba with*
drawn at any line without aotica,
Joint Atrounls mav l« upon. .1 in the name ol two persnns,
so that either mav deposit >>r withdraw funds, making
a v.iy convenient brat nf account.
Blinking bv Midi, i'.nplo living at a distance may send
in deposits nr withdraw cash hy mail. Write for
pnrliciil.il s.
Office:  for. lonsdale Ave. .m.l Isplannde, North Vancouver, B. ('.
II. R, Ilnn ii. Manager.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co.,Ltd.
Cars l.avo the I'errv Landing brQueensbor) rVveaot, Twenty-first
street and I.nns.lale, Winch Street and Ki ilh Iv.i.iil as follows : 6:15
a.m., 6*45 la in.. 7:13 11.111., 7145 a. 111, Sals a in., 9 a. ni. 9:40 a. in.,
10:10a. in, After 10:25 a. in , .ars will leaee Queeoahnry aveine,
Twenty first ami Lonidale avenue, and Win.fi sunt and Keith ]{o»A
at lm minutes tn the how and twenty liv. minutes past the boor,
Cars leave Nim lo. nth Itret t and I 'iio.io.laiiri avonue, Twoiih l;t**(
slrool ami Lonsdsle avonue. Wim h Itw I ind Keith Uoad as fiillnw*.:
6a. 111., (1:55 a. 111., 7:11.1.111, 1*0] a. in, N:a)5 a.m.,9:30 ». 111.
Alter j:jo a. in. .ars leave the Pen) Landing it t.-n ■iaalea past the
hour an.I twenty niiiiul.s in ifio hour.
fj{5r'    All boats are nnt l>\ the rats.
1 I'vcrviliiv 1'iir^iiiti
Ground While You   Ait
j. a. 6 m. McMillan
Comer Esplanade and Looadale Avenue
Motel North Vancoover.
Pioneer Hardware
I'liiini' IS I. WAlDrN   Li.tisiliilcAKii'st St I
BU1LOER8' sil'lM.lKS
Sole AfSDtS (or Mr.Clary's Stoves, Rugea, I'lirn	
Sherwin  &  Williams' famous l'aints.
Just arrived—Our season's delivery of Paints, Varnishes, etc., from |1.50 per pllon up.
Jlj.oo per
an.l up
Kates for
Ferry Service I very Half Hour to and from Ihis Hotel
to Vancouver. P. Farson, Prop.
Uathi: tlttt) I'KR
Sjieri.il Rules In Fmiiilii's ami Kciiiiliir Itiiiirilirs
lliill-lioiir ferry .''inuei'tion to an.l from Vaninnver. Hot ami r.iM
water in every room. Hetiirn call Islls In every room. Itnrlsr
nhnp iu fonnecti.'ii.
S1..1M) jir-cet, .*.- NORTH VANCOUVER, li. C.
and instructions to sell
Clewed Loll, 60x156, in Blo«k 61 on Fourteenth
and fifteenth Btteets, it $500 and $525 encli; corners, $600 eaeli.   BABY TERMS.
Two cleared lots, 60x167 each, south front on
Ninth street, il $650 each.  Buy terms.
Also a few choice lots on Victoria Park West.
Lonsdale Ave. lot, hit ween 2nd and Iini streets,
only 132(10.   Terms.
Sixth street lots in Block 11", fWO ench.  Terms.
A Rood list of I,nts in nil imrts of the City, at
priest from |200 saoh and up.
Wtinleil from Hivinr. li.l. nl mil iln.e-in Lett nml Aerrsye    We iii'|*nti«t,' mIi-i
if Iho prists lire rinlil.
Cor. lonsdsle Avenue end hlih St., North Vam ouver, B.C.
TKI I I'llliNK U


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