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•     means reaching the people X
i     in their homes.    The lix- j
press does that. *!•
Phone 80 *
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Good stock.
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Icity council!
Mayor W. H. May (presiding
and Aldermen McRae, McNeish,
Schulla.V'oung, Dick and Brain
were present at the regular session of the city council Monday
evening. In the opening session
the mayor congratulated Aid.
McNeish on his safe return from
Ottawa, and stated that the
committees of the council would
stand as constituted belore Aid.
McNeish went away.
Dr. Campbell, city medical
health officer, reported that he
had visited North Vancouver
hospital and found that the institution has suitable accommodation for any cases that might
arise, except perhaps a major
surgical operation of a serious
nature; received and filed.
On behalf of clients, Elder
Murray Co. made application
lor the opening up of William
street.from 17th to 15th streets,
to lot 16, block 8, D.L. 616;
board of works to act.
The city engineer wrote, that
he was preparer! to report on
the matter of proceeding with
3rd street improvements, uml
upon the rightful proportion ot
tthc cost of the same falling upon the city. The report also
contains an estimate of the relative cost of gravel and of
crushed rock for the roadbed.
Relerred to committee of the
whole and to a joint meeting of
thc council and 3rd street property owners, to ilie held on
Thursday evening. The it.gin*
ecr also submitted estimau-s oi
quantities of supplies re-jUind
for waterworks extension:* oB
"Qiieensliiiryavuuc. Rem re
Solved and the engineer InatrA 1
ed to procure prices and report
A. G. Perry, local HUMfer B,
C. El. Ry. Co., wrote, with reference to two matters, tiaiiiiT;,,
an unsettled account ior \st
due for damage done to •- win
lence on 19th street by a city
contractor clearing the street.
This incident occurred in .907,
and City Clerk Shepherd reported that f14 had been retained
out of thc contract price to
cover this liability; referred to
the finance committee. Also
with reference to expropriation
proceedings at corner of 1st
street and St. David's ave., yet
unsettled. Letter tabled,to give
city clerk time to write solicitor for written report as promised some time ago,
A letter from Mr. and Mrs.
C. Mahon, requesting the open-:
ing of Rufus road and the extension ol the water system to J
lot 8, block 8, D.L. 616, as they
wish to subdivide the lot nnd to
erect a residence upon a portion
oi the same. Clerk to write lor
more definite information and
board of works to act if same
is satisfactory.
Messrs. llaglow & Thorpe requested permission to plan- a
showcase for photographs on
the electric light pole in front ol
Junction block. Kngiiiccr to
act, same to bs removed at anv
time council so directs.
A largely signed petition w.is
presented, requesting llu council
to appoint a committee of rule-
payers to wait upon the creditors of the Motor lioat Transportation Coinpanv, and to secure from them as large a discount oll their claims .is possible, council then to settle same
at once. The individual aldermen all expressed themselves in
sympathy with the request of.
the petition,Imt compliance was I
impossible without the consent
of the ratepayers, and they had
recently defeated a bylaw Ior
that purpose, hence council
could not act. I
ln connection with the aliove,
the city clerk read 0 letter from
the Motor Boat Transportation
Coinpanv, Stating th.it Messrs
Davis, Marshall & McNeill ! id
advised thi-in of their intention
of issuing an execution Immediately, if their claim was not
settled, and expressing '.he hone
that thc city would arrange 1 n
matter.   Relcjrrc-d to committee
of the whole.
A. S. Bmmerson. chid oi tlu
lire departmi-nt, addressed the
council on the needs of hi., department, with special ulcici.n
to the installation ••>! ,1 iiri
alarm system, and aisu tilling
a vacancy in iliu corps in .est
deuce at the lirehall. Uierrt-u
to the lire aud light comiiiUlcc
Accounts   were   ordered   paic
as lollows: Finance committee,
>325.b8; 'board of worits, I id J
b\ ;      waterworks   committee,
Under reports of committees,
the following were received: lite
waterworks committee recommended that water be suppliei,
to residents in tlie district ai
tlie same rate as to those wi Uini the city, provided the district
council will reciprocate; adopt-
Aid. McRae reported  for the
joint   committee to advertiat
the city and the district, 1h.11
arrangements were proceeding
ior securing a section in tin
pamphlet to be issued by Uu
Vancouver  tourist  &  inloriii.i
tion bureau.    Engineer Hani
supplemented this by outlining
the work done by the stibium*
mittee appointed with relerence
lo issuing a pamphlet, detlinj
exclusively with North Vancouver city and district.
The mayor reported that.w ith
Aid. McRae, he had Interviewed
the matiager of the Hank ol li
N.A. at Vancouver, with reference to thc best method of disposing oi the ferrv purchase debentures. As against the plan
nf paving the lerry compan
>l5,ooo 111 cash and fcJ5,000   in
debentures, no oiler was to hand
for the J15,000 iu bonds, .un
delay might bc experienced in
disposing of them while expense would likewise be involved, In addition to this, if tin
lerry company were given >,s,v
000, they would need to be issued in debentures ol small denomination, and many of llie
holders woultl immediately pnt
them upon the market, with the
result that iitv debentures hearing six per lent would he Mattered broadcast, which woiilu
embarrass the situation when
live per cent debentures were
issued at any future nine.
For these reasons it was
thought advisable to dispose of the debentures to .1
single purchaser, and the oiler
received for the $70,000 debin-
tures al par had been accordingly accepted. Mayor May liad
signed the agreement on .Monday and had arranged to meet
lhc ferry directors to complete
the purchase on Thursday morning, at eleven o'clock.
The lire and light committee
recommended that the request
lor an arc light at the corner of
Keith road and Victoria park
east, be deferred until the nexl
lighting season.
The board ol works reported
favorably on a sidewalk along
Hth street, west of Lonsdale.
The work to be done as s 1 ,is
possible. Also upon improvements to 2nd street, east of St|.
Andrew's; work to be done.
Alderman McNeish gave .1 lull
and interesting verbal report oi
his trip to Ottawa, a report of
which will bo found in anothei
The matter of placing an order for 200,000 feet ol sidewalk
material wa.s discussed al
length, the council finally dividing three in favor and three a-
gainst. Tlie mayor gave lus
casting vote in favor and the
motion carried.
Alderman McNeish then moved that tenders bo called (or laying all sidewalks, built out of
this material, 'by the thousand
feet. After a lively discussion
of the 1 i-l.itivo merits of this
method or day labor, council
again divided three to three.and
the mayor voted in favor, Innn
iln motion prevailed.
Council went iuto committee.
In lhe absence of Mayor May,
Aid.McRae presided at the joint
meeting of the city council anil
the 3rd street property owners
lasti evening. City l.ugiucci
Hanes submitted plans and estimates lor the complcliuit 01
the work, as per lnsuuctioiis.
The detailed estimates were as
According lo instructions, 1
havu made new estimates ol 3tu
street local improvement,   ac-
eiiiililig to Hit- local improvement bylaw, showing the proportions Which shall BS paiu ny
llie city and the private Iront-
agc, according lo ailui'liid plan,
also the enure cost ol a macadam road instead ol gravel:
Insinuate ol work ancauy liu-
tslicd, ^7005; work yet to uo according lo contract, J44yo; ek-
tra work to complete 3m street
accorutug 10 lien proule am.
cross section: Mallou lo Uicsici-
lield, >bt>o; Uieslcrlicld to Lonsdale, $036.75;   Loiisuale lo Csi.
George's, $547; bt. beurge's to
6t. Andrew s, $1515; Sl. Pai-
rick's to St, David's, $4000,
curbing, $423. Total estimated cosl, J20.17b.75.
City's share: Kevins between
St. Patrick's and Sl. Andrew's,
Idling, cribbing and culvert, >2,-
ySo; extra lill over loui leel aim
cribbing, $2,550; cut over torn
feel, between Sl. Patrick's anu
St. David's, $2,140; ravine between Lonsdale and Clieslcrliclu
culvert, cribbing and Idling,
J>y5u; lowering wuler pipes, }!,-
boo. City's share as extraordinary improvements, >y,y-"*
Total cost, (30,176.75; extraordinary improvements, fn-,930.
Chargeable io hostage,  lio,-
Private frontage, 8640 leel;
city frontage, 1170 led. Total
.   ■". ;■', 9IU0 lc-t
City's share,n;o-ii.Sio oi >|o,-
•J5*>*75i $1223.20; cxtruoi'iiiu.iti
improvements, Jit),420. Total
city's share, $11,143.20
Cost to private frontage, >v
"33-55* Private frontage equals
8b4o feet, cost per fool manage.
*>I.o4. Assessment lo be spread
over twenty years.
Cost of new six foot walk,
$1750; city's share, >Jo\.'
cost to private frontage, >i,-
541.74. Cost per front loot,
17.8 cents, assessment lo In
spread over live yean,
The comparative mst ol .1
gravel or ni.u.ul.uii 1 twn]  is
as follows: A good gravel roadway will i"st )3843l a good macadam roadway will mst >;,-
755; the two roads living tin
saute iu width atul thickness. II
thc roadway is niai.ul.iiiu/* 1
the full 32 test in width, it will
cost the sum ol |l 1,630,
After disiussing the report,
during whiih the engineer  as
swered sevcr.il questions relative thereto, it was moved by
A. W. Sargeitl, sciondeil In   U
\V. Elder, and carried, that th
roadbed be  laid   with   1 rushed
lock to the full width ul llurt.-
two feet.
Ill other particulars, the work
I is to be completed In accordant!
I with decisions   .itrived   at,    it
the previous matting,
William Russell, one of lilt
employees .it lile Dipltn k-W I ight
saw mill met mth an 1111I01I1111
ale accident vcstcril.iv morning.
which has necessitated the sis
ptitatioit ol .1 portion of lus
right foot, H\ some means tin
foot got caught Iietween the 1,1
lile ainl the pnllci of the tloliliei
engine, with tin nsnlt tii.it 11
lias b.idlv t rushed. Mr. Russell was al once conveyed to
North Vancouver hospital and
medical attendance was quickly
at hand. Thc foot was in sin It
bad condition thai it was impossible Ui save il, alld all o|H-r-
iition was performed this 11-H
dav) morning, tbt front portion
iii tin- fool bring amputated ai
ross the instep The patient is
doing as well as a a,uld |,r .tiltit 1
Citv Engineei Renos Is '.ill
ing for tinders lm the BOMtflH
tion of sidewalks in the city.
The agreement between the
North Vancouver athletic association and A. J. Pictim-War-
low, lur the sub-lease to the latter of the athletic grounds, is
uow ready lur signature and a-
wails only thu acceptance of the
B. C. El. R.y. Co., Irom whom
the association hold their lease
ol the grouuds. The agreement
provides that either parly thereto is to have tlie right lo preempt any particular date, by
giving ihe other seven days' notice in writing. Mr. Warlow is
to erect upon the grounds a
grandstand to accommodate boo
people and bleachers to accommodate 1500 people, at a total
cost of nul less Uian >Tooo. All
buildings to be erected are to
be approved by the association
in writing. The association reserves lhe right to practice on
the grounds at all limes when
uo luture is occupytug tin
same. No intoxicating liquors
are to be sold or distributed on
the grounds. Mr. Warlow is
to maintain the grounds, letncs
1 min lings, etc., in good coudi-
iioii, and lo pay all light anu
water rates, etc. The association is lo receive three dollars
per day lor every buoth allowed
ou the grounds, or live dollars
per day il there should be only
one. The association is to re-
ccivu two per cent oi the gross
gale reieipts Irom all lixiures
arranged by Mr. Warlow, the
dr.in ings Ior gate receipts to lu
verified, lo Uie satisfaction ol
the duly appointed representative ol the association for the
ilv.MI'Ll'   OF   FAM1-:
The Temple of Fame, which
wi.s given 111 Pender hall, Vancouver, last eveniug, will   pro.
tiili in- riposted in this city,
ul-out Tuesdav, April iuh, under local auspices. There arc
over sixty characters in the
programme and the costumes
.ire unusually elaborate. Tin
entertainment proved id bl ol
a high order, even amongst tin
many excellent functions of thi
kind which Vancouver enjovs.
Negotiations .ire not quite com-
plete as yet, but it is practically 0 certainty that North Valiiouver residents will have an
opportunity to enjoy this high
Class entertainment, in the Horticultural hall, on the aliove
Wednesday,  .March  17th.   was
observed at Chesterfield avenue
school, as in former years,   as
Arbor day.    Open .ur sessions
of the sihool were held throilglioui the fbiv. In the morning
the pupils, under the superinten-
ihiite of Principal Bennett, assisted hv the stall ol tt.ulur*
siiiiciihil 111 planting a siiigh
row of maple trees aboui tin
entire school grounds, sei tiling
the trees themselves, Irom tin
Woods. Main ol tht -;iils in ii
employed in making li.uigiii
baskets, etc., lor lhe seiel.il
looms. In the alternoon tlu
pupils wire instituted in butls
ami blossoms and other hr.uiili
es of nature stililv
Ml,or W    II   Max  and   City
Clerk Thomas Shepherd  arsel
ovtt to Vancouver this (Fridaj
morning la order to finally if*
iul lhe transfer of tin Inti
from the North Vancouver Ferry & i'uwer Company to ths
iitv of Korth Vancouver,    As
the solicitors advised    that   the
documents wen all randy for
execution, it ia practical]] a, i
t.un thai the city's tenure will
dale Irom ihis afternoon.
Mavot Mav ainl Mrs M.n
in ro among the largo .iii'ln tm
pn sent at an entertainment
givaa by tin* children ol st
PaUl'S   Sl llaaail      'ill    till     I VOUiUg   "I
tin 17th.   The programme con
sts'i'd ol dramatic and niusti.i
numbscs .uui was well tendered
by the pupils,
R. J. Barton has guite lo Allin, where I111 will spend lhe
summer with a survey pain .
A man, giving ins same aa I),
Whelan, was lined >io and u'.sis
or ten days, by Msgliuaii
Kealy, early this week.
The  lirm ol A. Smnli & Co. j
report  a  sale  ol  couaMeraoie]
magnitude   made   luuay, comprising tweuty-ouc luis 111 u.l,.
Lost. — Twu laucy   pigl
wlute, with blue wings,   creel,
and   rull   un   breast.      1-iu.k,
imvise return lu \i, F. JaCBeuu,
15th slreet.
A letter was received Irom
Keeve iVlc.vaugnl luilav linn,
itinuipeg, staling ne woiuu ta
nome Sunday, laa writer stat
c-u lt was bitterly coin at em
prairie metropolis.
S. Cupid ana wne, oi hotunj-
11,1m, Ungianu, aimed uu 1.tiler part ol lasl west, ami la
visiting with Mr. anu Mlu. h.
Holland, Lynn creek, .ur. .um
Jlrs. Cupid will reside in llu
Card of thanks.—Mrs. Eltlei
aud l.iiiuly wish lo couve) lueii
thanks lor the many kind inquiries .uid expressions ol oym
jjalhy extendeu by initios aim
acquaintances during then recent bereavement.
On Tuesday evening the Uapk
Leal pedro club held lis rigui.ii
session. The pn/c-ii innci s loi
the month were; 1st, htlSS lnues
and M. McMillan; hoohy, MlSa
Russell and R. Fowler. Re-
ireshmeuts were served during
the evening.
1) li. Dlik is ou lus lloiueiiaii.
way Irom Ottawa. From inlor-
uiation contained in a Uitu .,
lew days ago, he hail derided Ul
stop over in Winnipeg a lm
days to get rid ol a cold, contracted while travelling, am.
expected to arrive home about
the aolh.
At the special general unci
ing ol the Horticultural Souitt
i Farmers' Institute, held last
Tuesday evening, the loiiiiiui-
tee appointed to devise means
whereby thc society may In ii
lievi-d of presenl lm,,110,11 disabilities, made au eucouragiug
report, wlinli, alter due disius-
sion, was relerred back to Un
committee  lo uny   their   ar-
rangellieuts lulo elicit.
Monday evening a milling  ol
those interested   ill   thc   loiliia
Hun here ol a temple uf the l'i
thlali Sisters was held   al    tin
residence ol Mr. and Mrs   V.U
Stouey.       There was   quite   a
cumpaiiy  present,   liilluiiing   .1
large delegation ol the   hislets
Irom Vauiouvir.     The  object!
and aims of the soiictv wen 01
plained, and SSVUsJ 1 li.u n r sig
natures obtained.   Rt It, atUM tut-
ui 11 afterwards stiinl
At thc Muiulai   iiiiunj.:
sion ol the tlui*.u.in l-.iuliaia.i
soui-ly   ol   St. Andim's   l'i,
'\i'nan   charth,   S    Mill
gave a very interesting adi
atul Mr. Coleman, who is |dct
tilled with the Chinese mission
work iu Vauiouvir, led an   la
leresting ainl insiiuitne (Hacus
sion ol tlu question oi mission
work amongst the Chinese    \\
Knowles,president, occupied tin
thair.       f,   Philip  will   ban
ihargt- ol  thc  topn j,,i alisiiu
sion at the session next .Moii'li
On Monday Mi   ami Mrs. W
Owen weie fainted with .1  visit
Irom old liietiil-t, Mr   and Mrs
F. W. Dow-ling, ol Atlin.     Mr
Dowling is superintendent "I do
minion   govcrimirnt   Utlcgraphi
in that Country, and is vlsitine,
this section for the lirst time in
ten  years.     He  is witnessing
iii.itviiinus changss around lim*
rard Inlet.   While lure Mr Don
ling had  ths pleasure   also    1 1
met ling  a  iiiiinlier  of old iiiiii
It lends, who knew Imu whet   >,
cupying  a  prominent    |Mi»itlos
with ihe c.p R  at Vancouvei
in thc early 'jo's.
Opcraiiuns will be started tomorrow, on tho building ol a
mu usiileine lor Ross Peers, at
the corner ol 15th street and
Junes ave.
A large scow which   has been
in 1 mu se ol construction at the
Wallace shipyards lor some
time past was launched success-
lully last evening.
Thc    Folager    was    in    po.".
several days ilns week with a
cargo oi let'dstulls ior Itrack-
niati-Kcr Co. While ueti- the
boat liad her machinery overhauled.
A court of revision umler the
local improvement bylaw, will
be held in the city hall, on Apr.
IJ, lOT the I'iii pose ol determining matiets rsiativs to me 3rd
sii ea improvements.
Wctliiis.i.ii evening ihe Veterans aaaocuuoa ol i.yuu vausy
nui .1 successlul lliiisi urns lu
uie institute null. A Uugc
..nml  Has  in  aiieiiii.illie aim a
aiil    liiiie   ll.l.S   SJJlUl.
.1 OWJ llliciesiiiig lielUle "U
South All lea, liliisu.tlcU copi-
uusi) U) ekicililll sieicopilcuU
ileus, via*, giicii ill tlic Mliuul
lioUse al 1.11,11 Valley,  UlUisuay
evening, under tno suspirm oi
Ule cuiiglegdUuU ul Ule Lhurch
ul England.
lue *\.niglils ol Pythias ball,
to be held in the Horticultural
Uall ou the jlsl, will lie a Dig
suness, ab tickets therelor have
inin silling i.ipnlli. Harpur's
orchestra lias l-een secured lor
the IVOnt, and late 1.irs and lerry will Ik- provided.
The members oi ths district
"JlUtla. .1      lOSlllll
Eugiiiiu Donald Cauwroa and
District Clerk Altkanucr Philip
aie taking a trip tin*. -Fruiayj
.iitetiiooii, to Stimuli! creeh lor
the ..limn! inspection ol the
mn su 11 bridge acroaa the Seymour, whnll is now completed.
iin .'ill llioilist ihuiih was
well filkd at the St. Patrick's
concert, un .Vadaesday evening,
aud an eiijoyahlt time waa
spun iiii   lull mmg   names
appeared ou uu programme:
.His. Ill aim, tUsSSS Pec-is, llall,
Pallia, Mildred Braun .uui Mmm
.iit.tuiiaii, and Masses. Lindsay,
lluole)  allll li. Walglluiuc.
lia  giucidl  OpUUOS  alliullgst
u.ll isiatc broken is to the elicit iiiai ths advertising campaign at picseni king cuutluct-
cil in   1 .milium, is material!)
1 newel ng the number ui visit*
urs tu USS cil), as well as llie
number ri unmans ior local
n.n estate, sad that tha prus-
pocta ol business resulting are
lu I'.iiuiiiuu oi Un whole on
Aioii'i.ii ifenmg, tha riti iuun-
iii appointed layai Mai 00
control iin\ matters In tin m
lllllll, lllllll lilt sistein i.ui \k
oig.uii/ttl oii a joint stmk basis,      lhe lum ul Sellkltl.  Wil
son Ai Bloom held was retained
as ut) soliutois loi tin cum
l'i< 1 i"ii ol tho iraiishr   ol   the
nil)  lo the uly.
Arrangements bavi bom ume
iiiilul nu holding a grand i»n-
bj iwccpatakc b) local parties,
wilh    W. D, Duke   as   iii.uiagtt
.unl II.  V.  Baher .is   sunt,iii
llu  i.ue will in lun on Ue,Ims
* and tin- iii.ui-
ing will take placi bj Uruan'a
pallium 011 'lm ■;,,*,,  Ma]
iin iii In ts .ui one iioii,ir each,
i-iiii p.um ni,us mav ii, obtain ■
applying to tin Muttary,
at Hotel North Van,outer.
The marine ways at ths Wat
Upyardi havo been ulle loo
some days past, m ordei   that
several toe might  bo
pal in th. uadli .. 1 ballast
lm plain will in* in operation
again inxi week, several vesoela
being in waiting lm the use  of
the w»] ■     The ciiy watei
bring put in the company'
i.il oilicc building this ,illni 1
I'I ida\ a and llu officei alt ln-
ing pn I llu  Ualisler ol
the stall to this un. THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, 11. C.
Nokiii VaHi Ol VSS, 11. C.
I'liii I'iiliriiiii-
l: Ilia   'I  si HM'KU'rill.V
Uiie lenr ■ |1.00
six mnntln  ■       -       •      -M
Tlir.■>- monthi    •        ■ .SS
Iinie.. s-.iie- .1 ti, 1 I air,.it'll,*!..'iii|ier teiir
Ti.ivn->i   Disi'i.u    ADVttTIUIUWTi—
IWet-nti per inch e«ct" Insertion,
I.ailli.K \aa; 'i I -    I'l*       fl "a' |nT llll'll |nT
Tll' all t ll.
I.imi iin I'uilalall Kdfll M    N 'Iall*   I'l;
I.II.Llll*.  17.80,
l.i.,.ii Aovmrutsti -1-ir.t InMrllon, in
eent- I** i   .1***     -u'li -'ihs. .jiii'iil iii.er-
tiun, K, |«-r line
lii.ii'is'. Kotii i - is I "'ii. Newt Cot.
iMs-— iii '-''ni* |a.Tiiiii'...iti-li Inn rtlon.
I aa-.nn.-r   Aiai i eriMUMTI - Kale,   *ir-
Muged treunlini to -1.:n»- laken.
Ul elm ii*.'' -in contract aa iviTtim-ineli ti*
nun in* in the bandi "i il"' prhiaer In
Weilii'-s'la, ■■ *.. .i i ii>* I.. .ii-ur.- Jul bil, utiu:.
ill llie lit-M i-lle.
N'IKIII   \'
111, HAS. iy. lyuy
may be followed, and at this
point authentic information
it-.ises. What route will lie followed is not known to even lhe
directors oi that company themselves, No effort is made hv
the Company to .suppress .he
lact that their engineers have
never yet been placed in the field
to survey the line south [rom
Fort George, and that ivhen ihe
work is undertaken, several preliminary lines will he run, ami
irom these preliminary surveys
the exact route will he chosen
after mature consideration,
While outside individuals, tvho
profcae to know,may discuss thc
relative merits ol possihle alternative routes, anv lunclu-
sioiis bated thereon are altogether gratuitous and may Ue
lar astray.
H is farther worth bearing u.
mind, that tin G.T.P. Ry. 'J i
has made ao agreement .".in
the government! tu ilu- ellect
clause I is as follows: "If the
construction of the brainh lines
authorized by chapter 176 ot
the statutes of lyon, is not commenced within three years, nnd
the said lines finished and put
in operation within five years
alter the passing of this act,the
powers ol construction granted
by the said act shall cease and
be null and void, as respects so
much of the said branch lines
as then remains uncompleted."
The clause Incorporated is
the bill through llie efforts ol
the North Vancouver delegation
reads as follows: "Notion,,
herein contained shall ba deemed tu extend the time now limited iur tlie construction and
completion ol the main Hue ol
railway authorized by 1 Edward VII, 87.
The  propertv  owners  ol  ,Ui
thai the city oi Prince Rupert isiTwi ari' lo h MV"**"1
shall 11.nsl.tute the iieslern ler-   UP011 tllclr "^pasSi '<> voUa;
The lacilit) with which the
aneragi ni w-spapei reporter, upon occasion arising, can silllpi
touili tin* keyi of lus typewriter
and thereby formulate policies
for gnat corporation, nit 1 11
tliem prodigious problems, stt-
tle lor tliein matters closed . I
letting most l.ir-reaclung o.tei
csis, is mat villous, to aa Mem
little .short ol that tilth iii,nn
tlie "arm ihair critic'1 'Uo.iih-
iilly gives lllslrutllo.ls to Ule
general in tin* field .is lo hou
he ought to COUdUCi lhe * 111-
P'Ugll The   llii'.i essiu-   aJSU]
sacs vi'iih which iufnsntiil
newspapers publish the proJuei
of such pro re 0000, under th*
guise 01 giung the public mlor-
in.iti'.u as to Iln- inteiutoiis ,,|
these great corporation is, perhaps, mu oi th,* elements which
contribute to success in newapa
l'< ui"iii today.
Publii internet la the areM ia
diractad more itroogi) toward
Uso c Tp Railway, thu to
ward .ui) other great corporo
ll"ll  at   thi   *iltselil   tiun*        He-
cause the final conduaioni m
this company carrj  ouch lm
imilse pottntlaltties |,,| *|„. |„..
Sefil  ol  those distrktl .'i   loial
itleo which may  be  fortunate
enough to i,,,,| iheinselcs n,,,,,,
the unite 1,1 tins grc.i traaacos
UnenUl railway, when complel*
'''a " ' 'hiit 1,ue to be espeel
"I thai um effort will bo made
'" tnticipate, li poaaible, the
toteutiona   "i   Ui.,t   compan*
Till txpillellu  met WU|, 1,,,   lht
inwsting   public,  „, allowing
themaelvea to be iafluenced   by
'his procoi oi anticipation, n
Islive Id limilai   corporatioua,
has  proves  sulhiieiith   inslrii,
"Vl '" unprei    ttt)  itrongl-
||W     '•">     'h.H    il   is   txluillell
basal-dona and muiii more likely
'" l""1' -erroneous loaa eel
,,M -11 Hu preaeal nm,    ,,
Peal deal ul attcntioa
•H l*ven lo I.., |.,,i,ai,i, .,„„,
"'    ""     ''   ■   V     k.uliiat     Who
'"" Ueorge 1., Burrard Inlet,
and a 11..1... ,1, leatun oi ihe di-
inaaioa hu been .1 persiateai n
l«rt to divert m, nmu  to ti.,
,'1-1'"' rivei   1,,11,1   w.tfa   n,,.
convenient concluaioa thai   the
lllsl 1 i* "i contact uuh iim
rard Inlet must  i„  upon   ,i„*
south ihon
ttlnn mere conjectures such .is
•ue advanced .md credence
IS    Sa.llglU       |o|        1||, I,,       I,,,,,,        (|(
pttblic, it la nnu to soinni ,,
SOU  01 i.iiiiiiiii .unl lo m.it  1,,
tin known (acts, such .is ilm
It has bun definite!) annuunc-
Un G.T.P, Ki  I..   ,i,„t
ilm iniiuii building .1 lun   ,.|
railwaj 1 1 Port Georgi   to
llllll.ml    Inlet It   |*.  Iikmi.e
knows thai there sn  altertu-
im routes, .un ..in oi   which
al the meeting in the cilv !i;,!l,
last evening, to have the roadway along the entile :,trci.-i laid
with crushed rack lor the full
width oi thirty-two it-cl. I'lie
rock will be laid nine niche:.
minus ol their main line ol rail-
Way, All specious arguments
to the contrary notwithatand-
nig, ihere is only one justifiable
conclusion tu be drawn from
this   fact,   which   is,   thai   all
tram-Pacific    traffic,  and  all ** aml rollcd ,1,nv" l() six
transcontinental irallic, as   lar  cks' makln8 a solld a,1,i   I"-
U   poss.ble,   either   ireighl    ,J ■»** roadbed,      When   cum
passsjlfsr, will be- handled v.a «*** umkr tlu' ',ri'wnl 9Bm'
Prince kupert, and that ln | »^nt, 3rd street will prcseui „
every essential that citv will. spU-ndid appearance, running on
COnsUtUtS the Pacific cuasi ter-  a Um,orl" alld scara'i>' !"J,la"
minus oi the truueontimnul ablc gradu from Maho" ,,N""'
on the west to St. David's ave.
on the east, a distance ui 41*01
The     remaining
fact     that
sliould be allowed   lull   signiie
canes is tins, namely,  the line
I feet, or only 400 feet abort   0
one mile,   ll will be a .redit a
liom Fort George  to   Burrard Illkl' l.° lhe l)roPert*y owncts an<1
Inlet will be 0 branch line,,  by jtllc cll>''     	
Uils i. ,„,,,„, that this branch | The dccislon U) maid(lalmA,
line will handle only such trai-  ^ ^ ^ br()Ughl ,„,.,■-,■,.
in *.s may bo received from the lo lhl, Mmum o( .ht lilv
main line for points south m toulldl| tlu: ^M^ty 0i lhc
Hni.sh Columbia, lhe Vnited purdlase o( , mfb(| roa,,.
btatSS,   or  elsewhere,    together ; ^^ ^ ^ ^ rftj       u.
1 such irallic as may develop ^^ {o ^ l,sllmaK,;.( - llv
along lhat branch line, Whatever arguments any individual
may have to advance   to   prove
"I hern ise, this is lhe only con-
i lusioll possible Irom the knoll 11
Then the G.T.P. terminus in
Hurrard Inlet will be merely the
leriiunus of one of their branch
lines It ma) lie the Ic-riiiiu is
ol then most niipoi'i.iul lu.iiiih
UM, it is true, but even U such
lt involves a very great niodili-
i*iiioii as compared with a
transcontinental lerminu, The
lacilitiea required arc much
Uloro icstrntul and lhe licuelils
accruing to the community ,.i
mIuiIi suih terminals are located .ue correspondingly reduced
Nevertheless,   ihem   terminals
would lolistiluu a very valtt-
al'li   assel   lot   any City.
Noah Vancouver wouid  luii
Engineer Hanes, the total h'M
of the ciushi-il rock fot,V,iI street
will be 4K00 yards, ati ft. Vs per
yard delivered, or >It,38o,while,
if the citv owned its own rock
crusher, the rock wuulr! cost only about one dollar p.-r \ •'<'
or a saving ol Ji.j.S per Id,
In order to lie well within the
probabilities, suppose thai lh*
road plant would elect a saving
..I one dollar per yard, ha'.
WOUM be $4Kuo on this one pi»M
oi mirk. A complete road making plant can be laid down in
the city lor an estimated cost ul
ftjOO, so lhat  the   saving    on
ud street alone would represenl
more than one-half the nilin
cost ol the plant. All import
ant tonsiileration is the fad
that the city has power I"   *x
(tend payment ol ouch j  plain
over a term ol lifteen yean, il
David Kenshaw, residing .1 the
corner of Mahon ave. ami 1; lh
street, had a knife plunged inlo
his side below the 11 lis, by .111
Italian ualiieil Joaepfa l'lliiltr.
Filiciir had been residing   in   a
cabin on the lot adjoining kin
maw's house atul,coming In ma
in 1 statu uf intoxication, evi
ihiitlv mistook tin- premises
and lound his way to the verandah of Kenshaw\s house. Disturbed by the noise, Da\ id Hen-
sh,ni went out to investigate,
ami ordered Filieur away,  and
as ths latter dill not appear disposed to comply, Renshaw took
huhl oi him, evidently handling
Filieur somewhat too roughl)
to sun the intoxicated man.
with the result  that  Renshaw
suddenly felt tllc cold steel pes
ttrating his side.
John   Kenshaw   assisted    his
brother  to  the  office  oi   Di
Campbell and thc police   were
summoned, when I'llnur was
taken inlm custody by Chiel Danes and Constable Stewart,
The case came up before Magistrate Kealv on Weilllestl.ii
morning, and the prisoner wu
remanded until Honda}, when
it is expected that Kenshaw will
be able to appear.
The cut is lortunately only a
llesll WOUld, but tame dangel-
ously near some oi the internal
organs, narrow!) evading seii-
ous consequences, lt appears
that Filieur came over on tin
Urn steamer Sl. George, .unl
was in a quarrelsome mood,
gelling in an altercation with
tho purser, nhn hit him, knock
mg him down. Filieur was also mixed up in a police court
difficulty in Vancouver some
months ago.
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wiih iii, greatest |r»libceUon,i^^   1)V wliuh ,„,,,„,  ..h,
the loiatiou ol ihai branch Utf- L,^ |MVI„,,„S ,,n. mad. vrn
minus on  the notll. sho.'-,\i here   ^ an(, ,,„, ,,,,„„ lus ,wl 1 „,,
iMiusii,  Hats,  contiguous   to ]lsrl| ,ilm,s   )U.r ,,,,„,
deep water, ofli I  md Idw!  i
illtllis,   and   theie Is   leasolialilc
ground to hopi that ilns dsnire
will In  realized in due course
ths last payment (alls dm-   fin
|iossessioii    ol    such    a     i'l Ml
would lurther eiisiifc  lhe MpH
liiiihlinj; "I lirst ilass i il
Failing this realisation, bowl iu.nna1unt th.ir.uu-i thr'iii-ih
over, then- yet rsmains ths lact\M tlu. uu T|u. ^.n,,,!, ,t\
ihat tin* prcpoudsrance ol l"'•! u,, slr,,t W()„i,i doubtlnM   it
I'.ilulm   points itrongl)    to lhe
i.nnlusioii that ihe 0 T.P, line
Iron   l-'oii  George   will   ins'
reachlurrard Inlet on the north lh(. n,sul, Ulat lns,,,l(i ,,| i,,v
shoir. thus placing Korth Van- ^ ( ^__ lMk.Affl. ,,, u.lhl„)r
uiitvi-t in direct connection.yitb ary a|1() ga^tUacton rou*
the   main   hue   ol   that   Pcat j wfth • irw iSOCtesi US grisVi
otinental systttn.tlse nd-
aiiiuived by other muxts,*-hiih
ue bring unproved i-.u'iir the loll Improvement bvlaw,   wiih
vantngeo ol which an pnte*t lo
all who give lhe mailer   i    I '
nu nt *. thought,
A printed copy of bill Sn -v\
entitled "An Aet Respecting llu
.Vancouver, \\ estsainstsc N Vn-
kon Railway/' recently; passed
at   OttnWn,    lit*    ''.en    IT".veil
locally.     Tlie exacl woiilniK "I
limp lllie crntral strip and milt!
at the sdgee, tin- iit\ would hnd
hltsell   III   possession    of    maul
miles ul permanent macadan
mads oi the lust character,
which conld not be Improved ip
<ni, exiept by building mphali
or Hock pavement
A' nsrions stabbing aflray '«
lurred on Tuesday svenlng.when
min amie
fur llit Kpriii Tnnir:
fated rtoek,      '-    i
I'lir.i.n, lavn, nr   ■
fr* 111   l.'.t   tt<..   I     I      Bi
lli.lliin.l,   I r. i a   .   I    i   .1   SUll -
ai.tl I'K'lil ifrin ' ' *
11'lMI       lallU.l' i   HI    ||        t\|l
ORNAMKN i   !   rill  .*
I ,*ruli/,*r-. Hm Sii|.|.ii. -. apraj
PaoiM, Sprsj M il, rm'-, Min*
Fl'lieill).-  ainl   G  ll *. t'llt   l'!"il' i-
i     r r .
Ullire.    lintt llllll -■ ■    n *i      .*..i
lion.,-. UIO » -■ ■ l:
Vani ouver, B.C.
NEW Wl I i INOTON i'"aii
ilireet     Ir Ira
I'l.iei* v.*nr *   -I '-ii* «   ai   I
youri * ■*
l..ir*.'i* ihlpmeiltl "ill aariiu*
iii .i laa alia., I'm,- riithl
Larop - i" "f whiih
alt- ii h "i - '
F»;r FiiniiliiiT.
lm liiriiisliiims .mii
.ii Ri uonabli   I'm es. i;o to
" lhi« Nnrlh Vancouver
Nona 1 in uishers
It   li\|                             loSslnl K  I   K.
' North Vancouver
Irrtnsifr *■*•"•**<■
N . ..il.. r - i iiu-i. i.m.i,   1,., le   ■' "'   I Hat***
...|.|   .... S.ltl-ll I!..*   il-    l.l'l.il.H     l 	
■event) nn- n , i.i.ui"ii n.i i-iialllj
nniur.' Cartage, Removaln>
I'm ice I Delivery,
UN      HI .ImiS.llll.K     TKUMH
Telephone 70.       Ktfht Calls ij.
When you intent] builcting
Il<>t11 North v im *
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If you ki '      in
I'iii*' tell a iiii • ial NOR i| X
is I'i ■   iiiii i    X i| .i* ;.,iii IH   ■
pspet pul liiht 'I in •
Fvell        I      11 -     a
rate. Si v  |. i
SPEI l tl    hi H K        i,,
next i"" a-nli-n nl" i - o
\' ii     Wn'*   ii*     *   un]    mi
will   gel   ii   « eI I    la ..
■ pi ion ii thi  .     i a
Sum pie i ipiea m a   i     .,• ■*,
iddn ii     to um
Wm. iod i\ . ■
eianiri>*, h isin
• ii che«|i
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I'lloM. li
The address of Donald Cameron, district engineer, before the
board of trade on Tuesday evening, was an able and convincing
presentation of the merits ol
Burrard Inlet, having special
relerence to the claims and advantages of the north shore.
Mr. Cameron explained that
his claim to speak upon harbor
matters rested altogether upon
the fact that for a term of years
he had been harbor engineer for
the city of Exeter, where the
harbor facilities were created
only after vast expenditures had
been made, when they succeeded
in getting vessels ol 2000 tons
over the outer bar, and vessels
ol from 450 to 500 tons into the
inner harbor. Burrard Inlet
presented no such formidable
The present is the day of large
vessels. The owner of one vessel oi 16,000 tons capacity had
an immense advantage over the
owner of sixteen vessels of 1000
tons capacity each, because oi
much greater economy in keeping his vessel in repair, in manning, and in operating the crait.
A lirst-class port of today must
provide accommodation for the
largest vessels.
Burrard Inlet has a superlu ial
water area of about six square
miles, and at its widest point
is somewhat over two miles
wide. The entrance to this harbor at its broadest is about
300 yards, while between Unlive fathom points it is 150
yards. Its average depth is
seven fathoms, while its shallowest depth at extreme low
tide is five and one-half fathoms
Once a ship is in the harbor she
is in deep water, the Inlet being
at places 200 feet or more in
dopth of water.
The difficulty presented by the
entrance, as il is found at present, lies in the fact that .1 vessel entering thc harbor linds herself lacing a tide running at the
rate of from six to eight knots
per hour. In order to keep
sufficient speed on the ship for
steerage purposes, it is necessary to run at considerable
speed, so that when the narrowness ol the entrance, the
strength ol the tide, and the
speed of t|ie ship ure taken into
consideration, it becomes a very
difficult matter to make way
for sailing craft, for tows, and
for other features of the rapidly developing traffic in and out
ol the harbor. Thc removing
ol the shoals and the widening
of the narrows is essential to
thc creation of a harfoor, destined to become one ol the most
important in thtt world. This
would have the effect (while obviating other difficulties] ol lessening the speed ol the current
from a maximum of eight tu a
maximum of about live and one-
half knots.
Adequate means for examination and repairs are essential to
the efficiency ol a modem harbor. For this purpose a grav
ing dock is the ideal provision,
but where conditions are not
favorable Ior this, large floating docks arc usually constructed, which answer the purpose
very well, but which are not at
all equal to the graving dock.
By means ol this item ol equipment the life oi the ship is pro-
loiigttl materially and the consumption oi coal is greatly reduced. There arc nine miles ol
excellent watcrlrontage on Burrard Inlet, and the north shore
presents ideal facilities lor the
construction of a graving dock
of large dimensions.
In order that a harbor may
make itself popular with skippers, it is desirable that the
port charges be kept as low as
possible. Nothing is more vexatious lo a ship's captain than
lo find himself confronted by a
statement of port charges, entailing an inidli-ss number ol
small items. The pilotage fees,
lown Ices, bouyagc, hospital
and other charges should lu
Carefully regulated and controlled.
Other items of harbor equipment arc, facilities, for the
speedy loading and unloading ol
vessels, such as electric cranes,
elevators, etc.
As a sample of quick work in
loading, Mr. Cameron cited one
instance which canit- under lus
personal observance, in which a
Harbor   Improvements
(Republished   by  Special   Request
The word harbor here tUtrt-ia
Hurrard Inlet, excluding the
puddle lying to llu- south and
athwart ol Vancouver city. The
impression on hrst SecUM llu
Inlet, is, "What a magnificent,
what an ideal, harbor!" and so
it is, wilh a few of the ideals
still lacking.
Land locked.' The gull ol
Georgia, to a blue water sailor,
is land locked and Durrani lu
let a windless and waveless harbor. An essential ol a good
port is a sale and asm entrance
To supply that want here is Inn
child's piay to the "I miles entrance to the Clyde, the hilt-en
of the Mersey, or the hundred
miles of the Thames. To remove l'arthia shoal and give
twice the present searoom at
the First Narrows will be the
biggest step in making llu- port
of Vancouver famous. Not tin-
first step, however. As the
French say, it's the lirst step
that costs; and in this ease it
would be the lirst step to count,
but it must lie laken soon, if il
is to be taken at all.
In thinking of litis lirsl step,
thoughts revert to harbors we
know, from the port in esse to
the ports in posse. First uuiies
Glasgow. There is an invisible
but potent power behind the
Clyde channel and lhe harbor ol
Glasgow, a power whose work
is met at every step, ami that
is thc Clyde trustees, a limit
connected with, but independent
of the city council. In Glasgow
above all places, ian be traced
the beneficent eflect of a govern
ing or controlling harbor authority.
It is an example of system.an
evolution, and a great work  at
thill; .1 suucsslul eflort lo keep I UOW to have, 111 has hail, a
porl requirements able,isl ol the I board of control, but uu age be-
traffic.    In a larger degree  iln!hind the two other ports nun
same may lie said of the 11 oik
of the Mersey docks and barboi
board.    The extent ol the dock
accommodation of Liverpool is
enormous, lis famous Mating
landing stage, over eight thou
and leet—one alld a hall miles
long,—where the glial Atlantic
liners land their passengers,and
from which numerous lerrv
steamers  ply   to   the  opposite
UI the European continental
pulls,   let   us   notice   those   til
France,     lu the matter ol    e*l
distances oui, mooring iuuld be
laid down, where wailing snips
could tie up, uislead ol Uavnig
quipment they  are almost    as! to rove sucU lengths ol cauie as
good as Glasgow, but the dock-, Ihey must do m uud ihunucl.
age appears lo be In e.uess   oil
tlie trade, probably owing    lul
government control.
side oi thc river.    The work o. ,
this board may be guaged, m 1-"1" "" * M50Uth *cslernJ',U
a way, by their office buildings, __ luslu11 l'"!»«*>""> '""i "•
which rival in s./e an.l appear- lro1 of Southampton port lh,
ance auy of thc parliament "'rriuK^ut. ll «* be admit-
buildings of the dominion,     lt
There is another port, the
history ol whiih may be ol interest lure, vi/., Southampton,
Kngland, Ihars we had a hesitating and divided town turn-.-! Reviewing the srorkiag ol the
nl. Two powcrlul railway | most successlul ports, it must
companies, the less powerltil be evident thai the greatest n-
thc lust 111 the held, 'lliis 10111-; qu'licliieUl ol a port is a pro-
pany wanted the hat-vor, starv- perly constituted harbor au-
cd the lown doiks, and now the thority, independent but repre-
sentalive, and 111 touch with llu
is sale to aasert  thnt  by  no
other way than by stnlt boards
could such colossal work be .11-
Iu sharp uiiilr.ist lo these
Iwo ports is thai ol London.
The port oi tin- greatest metropolis in the w orhl should be llu
best ami lust equipped; instead
of that it is lhe worst. Tlu re
it 1.in he sun whal lhe absence
led, has worked well, as tlu
Company has bosi able to develop the porl 111 a inalinc; suth
as a COUncll could Hot,and undet
thc present generous polni ol
the company, it is fast becoming an important harbor. The
port ol Bristol, Kngland, 1., another example ot the hes:i itittg
polky ol a city council. There
ati elements making COntpre-
hensive schemes difficult, lue lo*
pography ol the plan-, am.
ol a proper y ions Utile*    poll    .....         ,     , ,.
igrcat  range  01 tides, lt -.vas
s  I'liii    the   SStioUS loss ol tradi
lli.il   al   last   moved   thelll
build the required docks.
authority means.    The Thalii
toiiservators   never   had sulhu-
telll pOWen tu enable thelll    to
ileal with llu* mailer am!    the
result is chaotic,    The porl   oi     There arc olher port,-,   am.I
London,  like Tops*,   "has just  may be   consldeud   as   .iim.. 1
growed."     And llial is    whal  en;inly exporting, smli as   the
Vancouver port is doing  sow, bouth Wales aad ths north eait
and like L"!lihi|i, i Ul i  il.il s ii,
lay will make llu mailer molt
difficult  ul  adjustment,    Tin-
port ol London is so vast   that
in grappling with tin- probku
parliament has long besii
of its control, until compelled
by the threatened withdrawy]
of the best ol the tialhi      II is
of  England
Wales lie
these   ale
bv   rallw.iis
a.,il   ports.
commercial lile ol the port, ll
elected lor three years—ollc
third retiring annually-tluit
would be continuity ol policy,
and a proper control ul iln- development ol the port.
Given such an   authoriiv   in
Vancouver, the  hirst   Narrows
widened and ileal ed of olisttu.
lions, a modem graving   dock
built, and all llial is shewn   011
the plan herewith will certain!]
lollow in time. Winn tin
waterfront on lhe south si,I, *-j
the Inlet is occupied hi nbancs, ample room can be lound ou
the north shore, where then an
a thousand aires ol most suit-
alb.e tide Hats lot doiks and
At the Mtstitti end of Norlh
Vancouver  over  live  miles   ol
docks could be made alter widening  inside  tin   Nations,    i„
sjdes dry dinks.     'Ilnte the hm
most nourishing   oi wuttr line oi spring tideo is on
owned privately, "i ly'on an svorags om hundred
ami twenty Isst issids thc five
luihoin line, ami with practical
ly no lurrent to interfere with
the working ol th, doiks m thai
reach ol the Inlet. (In th,
north   shore   also,   at   suitable
which own   coal*
At litest    plan      11,,
1 toal is a spacialt]
At Ten.nth dochi steamers "i
two thousand tons tan bt  loaded in a tew hours.
Tin maximum i.n nines lor
despatch ami ., minimum ol expense to llie ship are louilittons
llial go to making a port a Ja-
voritc oue Willi skippers, it is
to l,e hoped thai \ uliiuuvel will
uot become a mere througu port
but will develop industries, u
should   he   llu   poll  ol  registry
aiid home ol a laige portion of
un r.i, 1111 mercantile Beet, ami
wliele all supplies could be
diawn. In snort, lhe ships'
husbands should reside in \ ancouvcr.
A railway ring round lhe Inlet, Iietween the Narrows, under the First Narrows anil over
the bctoud, would hi iug   every
i'.n 1 oi the port into direct eons.
iiiuniiatiou. lu this coniieition
an eflort -should 'in- mads to preset 1 e Not in VanCOUVST as a le-
Mtlcntai resort, i,*, locating all
1.nlu.11 hues batk Iruui lhe
initial part ol the water Iront,
to prevent thc   obstruction   oi
Un- railway, aa is iln- esse now
on lhe south  side.     Were   the
railways located bom son ist
anu md streets, they could  Ih-
1..un.1 ia cutting su as not to
interfere unh tin- etooo traihc
"I the ut;,, and ,,s there is ,sul-
Inlellt room east and wist ol
the illy tor railway pupoOSU.
Tin* iltitrii 1,us inuhl tlnn run
alongside tin inn steamers
.unl grentl) Mhana tht lorry
■lliiit, ami tlu operation   oi
plcusuie stcaiuti.s Ihal will
make North Vancouver a place
ol tall.
large  steamship  at a port   in ol entrance  ami  good   lighting Ins between Uio SSStiOM m lhe
Wales had her bunkers filled and (or  the  harbor.     The   speaker ll|\  "■  Vancouver        It is   al*
iwo thousand tuns ol eoal load- described   as   th,   best   he   hud ISndj spanned  by  five  bridges.
ed into her hold and was dear- si'cn,   the   lighting   svstem    m am', as tune goes „„, these will
ing the harbor within two hours vogue  1
from thc time  of  her  arrival
Seme, where electric Bashes an l|-1" tttSMl i" compute, but
.Such instances as these go far sent out periodicals into unto render a port a favorite with air, providing an efloctivo guid
ship owners and captains. Suit- unci- for ships eVSJ in loggi
able mooring facilities are also weather.
most desirable features of liar-     Mr.  Cameron dreu   sttention
bor equipment, espetlsll) where to tlu- extreme difficulties thai
the ships tall   Ilinor   both   Ion must  be  l.ueil  in  IM)   SUdttVni
and aft.   Skippcis willinglv put to make .1 harlmt  out
,1 small moorage he rather than
go to the neiessarv trouble    ol
letting out and hauling in iii.un ll wotild In
fathoms of anchor chain. prist*  were
im are sufficient to render  ui
practically impossible to bandli
.1111     itillsuler.ilile     amount    oll
large shipping 111 iln mik    An
other liufiirluii.iti lealure ol the
pit 'in agttatiofl  with ri
I"  False 1 titk lies in   the    l,n I
thai it may retard the develop-
creek difficult.)   w greal as lo nenl Mi Um cquipim-nt ol tin
render the scheuu impracticable main harbor.
iiuiiii mon appro
tin*    environs    ol.
A feast "I song snd chorus with Canada's iweotesl
w.lsh Singers
PARTY .it tin Horticultural Hall, on
Tuesday  Evening, March 30th, 1909
■  1 s  to tout ihe Slat)
us tin \\, i-l, t snsdisn Malt  \ oii e
in I I ,(,1.111*1
'.uu.   .   .   .
Comma.net   at   S.I5   P.N,
Chairman,   Hi.
I ., la. is   50c.  nnd    ii,
Worship  Maxor  Mar
Somi   peculiai   loohing   and
Paramount  above all  other False creek Wadi Into spaciousI speaking Irishmen  weci   epoftr
features, however, stand safety public park areas.    Tht  creek Uu iht given on tht 17th.
The regular session oi the
board oi trade u.is lu l.l in the
un ball 'ii Tiiesil.n evening,
i in rn indent W, J, Irwin presiding Tin- lollowing were
iluh elected members oi tin
■aa.,1 \ li. Chapman, manager
in,ui.igei bank oi Hamilton; I
i I ie.mi.in, 1.1 Thacker .\
: .ii.iii. real estate brokers ;
.1.   I.  Hi Alien-, dry goods met'
iii.mi. and C, K. Lawson, real
estate broker,
mi a.i iln- di) taking over
the (err) service, \\. J, inun
broughl forward the desirability
ai .ui , i;.*ii lieing made to  al
raitgt wiih the B. C. Kl, ky.
i.n ,i system ul transfers,
us (between the lerrj   and   the
iway. Messrs, mi, Irwin,
Smith and Win. Morden wen
appointed .i laaiiuuittee   lo   in-
gale and report,     A.   G,
l'i n i. local manager oi lhe B,
i. i-.i. laa., u,,s oi opinion that
u,;i grave ditliculties  In
the wa\ oi working out a sts
tem ul tl.uislels,.unl was iloliht
ml n tin- compan) could entertain it. Settlers tickets, similar lO those ill use iu the   "ill
lying districts about Vancouver
inighl, hiiHeu-r. In- introduced,
Willi ll  HOUld be ol assist,uiu* I"
being carried on in the Vancouver papers b) the citizens' publicity committee, and suggested
ili.it tju- board oi untie take
over tin scheme, Alter a
lengthened debate, a resolution
was adopted to the ellect that
the i ui/ens' publicity committee in requested to appoint two
representatives to the joint advertising committee, and that
the scheme oi advertising now
being carried on bj the pubHci-
t\ committee be recommended
to the joint committee lor their
.eh.pinm      A  resolution   was
likewise passed lo the elicit that
the committee on publicity and
information be authorised iu
endeavor to raise by public sub*
icription the sum oi at least
>y", and that ihis sum be do-
mini tu the purposes ul lhc
joint advertising committee,
.1. F. 0. C. Wood brought to
the attention oi the board the
method at present lieing followed by tin- Vancouver Province,
iaa induce local residents to subscribe, samel), the giving ul aa
order un a Vancouver grocer,
with ever) monthly subscription.   Tin board concurred in
Mr. Wood's opinion, that   such
a practise would tend to inter-
uu wiih ihe trade oi local gio*
u-is ami other merchants, and
write the Province to thc eflect
jeelioii.ilile. and lo express   the
that the plan is considered ob-
the sen ei,ui was instructed tu
McMillan's, Hickman's, Bruce ,Si
Podds' groceries, snd McDowell's drug store.
Church Notices
Holy Communion, 8 a. ni.
Morning prayer, ) i
Evening prayer, 7.30
On lhe lirst Sunday in the month
then- will be a second celebration
of the Holv Communion at 11 a. 111
Rector: Rev. Hugh Hooper.
sl\ ill ITSSST,
Services will be conducted as
usual on Sunday by the pastor.
Siinda)' school. 2:30 p. m.
Service at Moodwille school at
I'M p* in.
Prayer meeting on Wednesday
-* o'clock.
All are welcome.
Pastor: Rev. |. I). Gillam, M.A.
UITHOD1ST   CHUKl It,   N,   W.  CORSl.K
FOURTH ST. MOST, osoaos'i
Morning service, 11 a. m. ; Sunday schuol, 2:30 p. in- ; evening
service, 7:30 p.m.
Prsyar meeting on Wednesday
evening at 7:30 o'clock.
Preaching in Lynn valley on
lltOMRte Sunday afternoons.
Sunday school at Moodyville at
11 a. 111.
Rev. D. H. Balderston, II. A.
Dislriel of Korth ViBMUvei
TENDERS are Invited by the Council
' (a.r eleiirini! ami jrudlnj an extt'ii-
fion nf Nn* itreet. In I' L.8lf.sdlptsnt*e
nl 1680 leet. Bpeclficatlnni ran l«' luul
nl llit' l>inirirl .Miuiii'ipul Ollii-t', w In re
lentliTit iiiiim he lodged lieiure 7 iill |i 111
mi the uuh Inst,
S.iwn lile-l, ele.    Key Ittlng
l)|i|.. ruliiii* lintel     .    Set'i.iiil sire.l
J*   Ot,   TAVI.Illl
Wsllpspers,   Paints,   Vsroishes,
etc., etc., etc.
117 Lonsdsle Avenue
North Vancouver
eilSI'llTlili IIT
t'erliliiilleil Surgical, Mellii'lil mnl
Miiti-rnily Niiri.1'.
Nurses Sent Out on Application
Eur  term*.  a|i|ilv  at  lhe Hotpltt]
Cur. I,rilh Slreel ,V St. AihIivii '| An.
We stilu'ii the lm-mi.-si <if MiouiRCtumii,
Korineeri and others* on llie tin ntj liability of tuvtof their Httttti bmineu ti ,■
by i;.ijieris. Prellvlnryadvi -*n   ,   ,
notltrate, Our Inventor's Adviser   nl upon re-
i.neit. KanonA Man n, H-;:'*.., N nr Vi
Wfl'   \i,,i,n,.,i andWiehfniftoa DC u*#
1 fl
a'.      (
n   I j'.
■''       \
V \r
The Set
of Dishes
Wc are trying to make
this store ii credit tt) the
West End. Help Uf nut
by giving us a share of
your ti'iule.
Car. K. ilh nml ISth Bt. PhoBS '
1    H3^
*. ,
1. ..-.*.
Riven last   month  VU 11 "l
I'l  Mrs. !•:. Telford, 10th
street seat,   The ki lol
this month will lie to band
in ii few tlavs.
Use Royal Standard Plonr.
Save     tin*   umpons    antl
watch  il.c pi| cr? for  the
liuky niinii i-is
Your n> ,\t (un, en Onli 1 lull
I" satislsetorily hlletl il you
place it tilth ns     Large
tins iif Cream, 2 lor 15c;
Toasti at Cora Pishes, 101
pi 1 p.i 1 Itagt,
Isl minim (Jowls ill Iiiiii Priros
Lonsdale Ave ami Stli st
Masttf, Rev Charles L Bulla, MA.
i" im i'n iii. ii
ll.*. ir len   mnl   lllll   llal-   ra**
ei'ivi-'l "ii itnuli rste iiieln.-ivc
I'-'lli*.   I In* K-llOOl "iai r'**ii|n*ll
"II   M lill,   .1:111.   lllli,   ill'i'.l,
A I -1* "Ciioltrialllp will I i*
feted ni Battel fair rompetlllnD
lay Iii aiialer-
'!aa*aa-aa'..'..'..'*v.*, .'..*..*. »•••*.•'.,',.....,
60  YEARS'
Tram M inns
ATlT0l**.*.li1ttlg n .ItPtrb Wld i1**,*r1ptl**n ni..
tllrkl. uiurlilltl It'll* opinion '1.0 a,l,.*ilii*r .ii
iTpntloo I. pr.*h.l  ,* ,* an Inhlti.  I'..tiun.mir..
ItlTClllKan   |r
tlimi-ftrietlf (-.mil.!." " 1!. ..AND BOOK <"■ I'mi-uu
yntfrp*. UMi'si '■■■■■   *> for i«-ainiiiu-*U'iatiil
I'ntfiiiti taken tii' a:in Uuno A Co. rucalvi
ipri-taltiitk«lif<tb'j-itclii" •o.mtliiJ
Scientific ifiiiericai*.
ib»ntli-oiuol" Uluainilr.l wiikl-f.  I
NlUI.,0 nl hit lilwitl'ti* J.mrn.1.   lorn. I.ir
e»ii..iv |.s,;, • iati, poMwe iniun.i  Mil b-
ml : .-»   I. .. 1 .
MUNNJCo""""^-New York
Branch Ofiloa, 6ft K ft, Waahioatuti. D. C.
Builders and
I'. LAR80N ,- prepsred to
Moodyville as She Once Was—Shipping Timber to Foreign Shores
ilu* proposition ul the erec-
ul i.nilities iui tin landing
ight '.us iinin hurges, unl
putting  "ti  "f .i  transfer
ihi   i  1' is .   [oi    the
handling ol local iiiighl in cul
was reid red  to  the
a.-'l.llllitlll TIllS       , ll|||
iiiiilu    mil   report   mi   both
ii   i special general
ing   III I"   lul'l "li Tllesil.ii .
Uarch ; ih.
,\ I'. Aii'h is, i ii.nun.ui ni th,
pulilu iiiipriivi-iiii nis coinuiilli *
i. pui it il nn tin in.iiui referred
to   111-*  uilllllllttei .   Il.lllli l\      the
the loth insl , .il tin* lliittunl
itir.il hall, is ,iruiisiii|* the keenest interest tn tin* uii. This
mil 'in- the lirsl visit i" Nurth
Vancouver ul this magnificent
irganizalios and ii is sale to
assett ih.it ,i splenilul reception
 ".nl*    in'.ni.ms tin members,
mil district, su .,    i,      Designated bj  the citj  press
litaldi  i"i .uii"   .is "Canada's premier musical
a   ii.iiiii The  roads organization," il is no worider
iln ilistricl .ui iimi  ih.it   the iisit is ,i momentous
i and mil -.h.iiili a,n,      This unl tin  part}   is
1 londition.   Tin ,lmi filling an importanl engagement
lounil mth certain al thi Kinpress theatre, render
ni thin iln .ui ..'i|n.i.i   lug vocal selections during  Uu-
hoped tlmt tin si  siuiiiil   ,nnl   hist   ,ii t   ni   the
mil uii.ii.ii 1.1...11   "Holj City," ■onl each evening
■■il. tin  selections elicil  vocileroaa
regulai ordei ol huxiiii-ss encores Irom thc delighted .ui-
|iendeil In ordci lo givi tlienci    Usnagei Baoford In in-
1 eai an address   ell lieing one "I the mosl   ett-
li'ii.i'i'l Cameron  district! thusiastu admirers oi the party
*"i   nlativi io harbor im I   The programme Ior the recital
limits  ,i report "i iihnh ut the Horticultural hall will bc
mil in ii.iiiiil in .un.ilm column   both claseii and sacred, the par
Aitii iln . ordial voti  n being composed ol excellent
ii.uiks  n.i*.  accorded   \11 and iluiitists    There
Camerou,  and   an   interesting is  no  doubt   that .i veritable
ussion t"t'k pi.ne, iii iiliiili leasi ol song and chorus awaits
I. I   Keith  Rridgiuan   the citizens ol  the  Anii'iiipuiis
I'hilip, nml Perry pai   Citj   I ih.it  from Canada's
ited un leal \\, lidi singers    Mayor
ll   Horden, ihairiuan ol Mat h.is may kindly consented
iaiiuiiie mi publii it} and lo preside .it iln recital and o-
iiiliiriu.ition, submitted u reporl  thei prominenl ladies and gen-
with  n .nn" to iln   progress llcmen havi promised thcii pat-
ih.   joinl  advertising ronage.     Tickets  srt slread)
hopi that n will be discontinued pastor.
immediately. moots v-uicouvss wthomc
THE LKNTlvN RECITAL Sudsy Ssrvicas    Mas   at 9
  I, in., ^iiinlai school al 2:311 l'-nl"
The    visit    ul    the   rclluMncil lleiictlicliotl il 3 p in.
Vancouvei   Welsh   Hale   Voice Pntor:   Re»,  I-'. Peytavin, 0.
1'arty, ol ovei thirty-6ve voices, M. 1. V.G.
scheduled  loi Tuesdaj evening, lnms, , m.„, „_ ,„KN,K llrui AN„
si  ososos
Siinilav school at 2 o'clock p.m
Serine at 3 o'clock p.m.
I 'astor ;    Kev. Davnl Lane-
All .ir,* iii'linnii.
North Vancouver Mails
Mails doac Iiii I'l'spatth as |,,|-
hiiis I ,r \aniii;.i. r ami all
points B a. in., 11 :ij ii. 111.. 5:15
p. 111 ; lor Lynn creek, 11.15 s. n<.
Mails arrivs 1 Vsoowivei snd all
points, 9:10 a. in., 13:45 111 . 5:45
p.  111.Iron Lynn creek 2 p,   m.
Oiitxoinn mails lor Linn . u*. k
1 fla. r 11:15 a. in. slionhl In tie-
lien il .it tin- wicket.
The board ol school trustees
is considering the Eoasibllilt ul
instituting a in.um,il training
department, In connts tion with
Chesterfield avenue school.
North Vancouver Livery
B. ismis. POOP.
First-Class Liuht Rigs      TsUyhi
KsplSBtale, MSI ul I.iiIi.iIhIi'    I'luaiie HH
llul lit  Iii'ii k I.olisilnle
ol    tin    municipal selling last, 'initi .1 contingent
.ml the board ol trade it"iii Vancouver having decided liM   \siiu,i|( n,ls
Ha,   Introduced   tin to tunic over, whilst ovei her
;,au\ patrons ian becure tickets Irom'8 large Si. Charles' Cream...Jjc
Tor Boot and Shoe Ki'piiirinq
and 111 •.imu Work   .   .   .  •
go to TIKIS. 0. MILLS
Pioneer Boot M.tkii
Lmtsihile Am., opp. City 11 ill
Pianos • • .
at B..!'i|c).'!s
"S. 1111. at I * : 1 .il 1 .iln,.
\\ I  .in   talking  in.im g I
pianos in es1!: mge lor tbs
Bill    AlllONOU
thegresti st uw bsnii al play-1
mi earth
Sonic ol 1 in s, -is  I
are   as   gOOd   II llll   'l'i thei
hit tin isctiny.
To t"1"'' il ai,   1 ■
si let n 'I .t iiiiiniii 1 ni hargauis,
beautiful upright pisnos lor
$200   $225   $230
warrantad t" Im good si 01 a
$6, $7, $8 t>er month
Diplock Wright     U"*wdh
Sand, Cement
Lumber Co.
I7ih Street, North Vancouvpr
I'll..!.-    JO
Dimension Lumber
Finishing [.aiiiber
cte , etc,
Our prices sre right.   Lei ns
give you i figure on your
lumber Hill
Ami ill kinds ol building
M:iit-riiil in quantities to suil
i it ml nt reasonable prices.
spi 11 —
IliHI-l   \nlilll \ \M til \l.li
11    1    I 'I'lI'lM        Sa,       I
Compiiiiy, Ltd.
\Y, ■ .un 1 [nil rs a.' ol
1 \r.; im 111 iii
Sli )K I ING mi"
NORTH V\N('ni'\ I.K'
V11I.1 k'iKOTfcr lliinlwirc
rinii]i.iii). LN.
.1. U.l   I ,v-ll\
fooi 01 lottie mt
Mm i.*i r
l.l Ml I'l. 11
'.Mil Hastings Street
Saleii lK1n1-.1i Boxes t" Kent. Saletv Deposil Boxes lo Kent
1110 HM ISI iif IK
Actlll Enecutor, TrutUt, LlqulaHtor  Rtctivets jnd Aitignccs
Court Gordi Itluid
■ 0
I'.ll.I    Ie|iii.ll*.   ei,lli|*,iilli.|i'l
,,,,.*,    ,,  i
Pan Book*  litu'd
I    -    l'.lli\,\l;|l   1  la.lirillllll
MiiN   I . I AIM I I: 1 lll'lai*. I I111ir.111.il nl  Ks**r*llivi.
K.J IM.IIHiv IbasfSf I 0. « UNWIJlGin  *
lintiuilli* Mm,.1  lila.ik, turner Rota is MhI Orsnvlllr
l-.ti Bus OKI I'1  ''""
S.ilelv Depusil   Uu\es In Helil.   S, 1I1U   Deptisll   llnxes In Kent,
British Columbia Electric Railway Co.,ltd.
1 ,:i I, ,,u iin Pern Lauding loi' 'm 1 r.Dlmrj Avi inn , I sn nt* Hi 11
,in.i .m.l Lonsdsle, W'leli street snd KeitliRosdi lolloi S113
■ in,, 1, ,, ,,. in.. ■; 1-, .1. in , 7:45 •■ "' • S:l5 ' n'** 9 ■' '" ''I-1 IM ■
lo:io ■ in,   Alter lOiSjs m., csrs mil liavi   11 mhiirt  svenue,
I m nu 1,1st ntnl l.nn*-il,ilt iii 'nut*, nml \\ 'nn li Mi'. 1 ,u i Ki'itlt Kn.iil
,1 |U, I, mutes 1,1 ihe liom unl iw. 1111 liv. 11 iu 1 past iln* hour,
Can li sec Nloeli 1 nlli utrei t snd tjneet  lijirysvi nm . I wi nt| lusi
,H, , 1 mil I 1 m-. Ule , I veil in , Willi li Slteet Siill Iv llli lia 1,111 ,is lollowi
',,,   in , (  |J .1   111 .   71*1 I   in .   s ",    I     Bl ,  tH.     I   ni * 9:30   I, 111
,\li, ,,,:•*,.1 m. cars Inavathe Perry Lending sl len injwiii   psstthi
Imnr SM tin Bt] Blillllti I t" ll"' hOUt,
All boats are nn-t by ilie csrs. THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
The report of Alderman Win.
McNeish, upon the trip ol the
delegation to Ottawa, given at
the session of the city council
on Monday evening, was listened to with the keenest interests
by those who were lortunate
enough to be iu attendance,
The delegation arrived in Ottawa in the evening and began
their work the following morn
ing, iby an interview with Hon.
0, 1'. Graham, minister of railways, for which arrangements
had been made previous to tlieir
arrival by Geo. H. Cowan,Ml'.
This interview occupied one nntl
one-half hours, during which
time thc railway situation locally was thoroughly discussed
with thic result that the assurance that should expropriation
proceedings Ih- instituted, the
waterfront propertv owners
would receive a lair price toi
their land, on ' he basis of present values.
The next effort of the delegation was with the railway committee of the house. The description given by Aid. McNeish
of the metliols ol this coinini'.
tee were enlightening, antl at
times amusing. The oininit-
tee is composed o! about ioo
members frnn both s'tles of lhe
house. Regular :niclings are
held on Tuesday and Thursil.)
il a.in. to i p.m. Ralph Sini'li
who is in charge of the railw.it
bills that come before the committee, very kindly took in
charge the interests of the delegation, and on three distinct
occasions worked his way
around to the back of the chair
ol the chairman, urging him to
bring forward the bill presented
by the delegation, inasmuch as
they had come a long distance
to attend to it, and it would bc
unjust to detain thejn until the
following Tuesday. Finally
about seven minutes to one o'clock, the bill found its way before the couiniittee, was adopted, and promptly at one o'clock
the entire committee deserted
the place.
The delegation next had a conference with the representatives
of thc V. W. &, Y. Ry. Co.,from
whom it was learned that thc
company is ready at the present time to proceed with thc
erection of a bridge for railway
purposes only, but they are delaying the beginning of actual
operations for the reason that
public sentiment is in lavor of a
combined railway and traffic
bridge, (or which the company
is willing, il it can bc arranged.
Tho abutments shown on the
plan for the railway bridge are
sufficiently heavy to support a
traffic bridge as well. The application for charter extensions
had reference only to the branch
lines ol the company, which lie
Ior the most part on the north
era end of the line, so that Burrard Inlet was not interested
therein. An understanding was
reached, by m hich the V. W. &
Y. Ry. Co. consented to the insertion of a clause in the bill for
extension, to the eflect that the
granting of the extension of
time for the construction ol the
liranch lines would not give thc
railway company any right of
.inv nature to claim an extension of their charU-r with reference to the main line, upon the
expiration of thc same.
In the next instance,   it   uas
found necessary for tin- dalega
tion to divide their forces, as il
was found unavoidable that a
Itxture had been made with Sir
Willred Laurier and another
with relerence to the Second
Narrows bridge, The conference
with the premier wa.s that al
which the entire delegation from
Vancouver and North Vancouver took up with the government the matter of dredging the
Kirst Narrows and also that ul
other harbor improvements
Al the conference with reference lo the bridge, the govern-
inilit stilted that tlu-v had given
a subsidy ol fMO.OOO lor lhe
construction of a railwav
bfldge, and considered lhat they
Inwl dismissed the matter at
tlmt. II any further negotiations were required for building
a traffic bridge, it, would be advisable for the district, the city,
ami others interested, to confer
with the V. W. ,S* V. Ry Co.,
with a view to approaching the
provincial government,  to see
what assistance could be secured; and if none were forthcoming, then the railway would
proceed with the construction
of a railway bridge*. Willi u-
ference to the V. W. & \. charter privileges, re expropriation
of waterfront property,it woultl
be necessary for them to appl\
for an extension of their chattel
for the main line at the next
session of the dominion housi
and it would then be tune lui
Ujiose interested to act in the
On March ist, the A.-Y.-P.
exposition at Seattle, which
opens June 1st, was ninety-live
per cent complete, which gives
every assurance that it will be
opened on the day announced.
Thc amusement slreet at the
exposition will be known as Un
"Pay Streak." Although it
will be three-fourths of a mile
long, there have been live applications for every site on il,
which has given the directors
an excellent opportunity for selection.
The fair will ofler an endless
variety of attraction, in things
both great and small.
One hundred thousand tufted English Pansies will be
seen growing in one vest
bed; specimens of Luther Bur-
bank's wonderful vegetable creations will be shown, among
them being thc spineless, edible
cactus, which is being propagated to reclaim the vast southern
deserts.   Large Importations of
native Alaska gravel are being
made, so that visitors will have
the privilege ol panning gold
just as it is done in Taitana ami
the Klondike. The Pliilipinu
Constabulary band, one of the
world's most famous musical
aggregations, will assist in Unmusical programme. The A-
merican amateur athletic union
.championships will be contested
on the stadium at the exposi-
The Lonsdale
101 OBoUM, FK ill
Iin**.!lode l'liniuin
in tlie I'm
H. K0BIN.S0N ■■«<"*
I. mmm
ti  i     I..all*.Ill"      Alt'
Water Motor for Sale
Offers Bn wii iit I'll fur o
poweriul \\ aim Mu'tir miti n
certain ;i nmu tit of |>i|iiiig.
Same may be inspected nt
tll" oflice of—•
nil-: BXPEE8B
Full ran^e of Sot too'*
himoii.s Si'i'iU
Rolled Oats
!1(Uj and Feed
British Columlbia week at the
expusitioii has been desigtnu.
as June l.| tO fl, with tilt- 14th
as Vancouver tlay and the 17 tli
as Victoria day. This will he
a busy week at the lair, as it
lollows immediately alter Inland Empire week. The lirst
month ol the exposition will lie
well filled with date*, ul special
interest lu the Northwest, The
directors  are  guided   In   tins
course by the lact that ,il lc.i^l
one-half of the total attendance
al any exposition comes   Irom
ihe contiguous territory,
Bdwatd  l'aysun    Weston,   of
long distance walking faille, lell
New York city on lus seventieth
birthday, to walk tu the exposition. The distance is .!<'""
miles antl he expects to cover il
in 100 days, reaching Seattle
earlv in July.
W. C. Thompson sad family,
of Inglewood, Ontario, are now
on their way westward, with
the intention of making tlieir
future home in the city
North Vancouver, Mr. 'i liompson is bringing with lum six
high grade standard Inui li.usts
one ol which, a driving 111,11 e,
has captured thirty inst prizes
to date. Mr. Thompaon is a
brother-in-law ol .lunn l.awsuii,
of Holly-burn, Capilano, ami
according to the last word received, had reached Sudbury,
but Uie slock car is making hut
slow progress.
A lot on lhc south side ol 2nd
Stteet, between St. George's and
St. Andrew's SVSHSCS, is being
cleared, preparatory tu the erection of a building lor sieaui
laundry purposes, an institution
whiih is greatly seeded in the
Last Friday evening the Merry Widow club lulil a siiiit-sslul
Ra 11 - :
iu   pel   and    up.
1* cial ral*'S tu (ani-
. i'l   i"   r. unlar
SSCOKO Si-rest,   •   -.  -   -   NORTH   VANCOUVER, B. C.
A. FARRO        ;|| tf
General Contractor
Lend dssring, Stump uml l;<. k
IIUMtuil*. Kxtm oars in* ir In.iim*-.
All   'llllll.I*.*!***   llllllll'   yuml.
and SL. Wwl of Lmlailal.
P. Oa Hox 1,
ir   !Htiii„itieiiiier
an ..iihImii MaMlvn iiiei .inlii]iie Kurni-
11,ie. Naari*, niii,-,*, |;,u,k   *u„|   |j,,r  f_,
tui-.-.  Ilnnh mg iii aii it* branches.
IT:. Tlllril SI. OL Bet. I'll, -I, 1 lu*i,l .ml Umaalil.
0),|,*,tll,'   .-a'lal.ail
11 AIL ORDERS gives proBpl munition
VANCOUVER Business and Professional Pirectonj
tt. T. STKIN S* CO.
Ciiy Auditors
North Vancouvei
516 Pender street
Cluttered Accountants and
Vancouver, B. C.
Victoria, li. C.
Seattle, Wash,
l'lione 1923       P.O. Drawer ;f\s
619 Hastings Streei West,
163 Cordova street west
is the onlv auilimii-er who will
Oa]  sput cash before the sale is
minim led
32-34 Imperial Mock
l_or. Pender and Seymour Sts.
I'D. Drawer nih     l'lione 2444
Barrister, Solicitor,  Notary
Public Member ul the bars
ol British Culumbia and yue-
bec. Room 9 Empire Build-
lug, 603 Hastings sl. mst.
Vancouver, B.C.    l'lione 4166
kallethe's Bath
Cornel' Iloiuei  and rentier Sis.
V. GORUCH, (Graduate)
CHIROPODIST, Conis,bunions,
sore leet, etc   cured.       Many
years practice in London, Bag.
ROOU gaj Davis Chambers
M5 Hastings Street West
Hours: 9 to 1: a.m., 1 to 6 p.m.
Electric blue-printing, dralting,
tracing, city maps.
Crowe tk Wilson Chambers, 441
Seymour slreel Phone loho
Keep your OJtS on
DR. t, t. WRIGHT
Successor to Dr. Dalby
Phone 97S
53 Cordova Street,
Prescription Specialist
Phone 1053
The only place 111 B. C. where
work is done entirely to customer's satisfaction.
Proprietor. Phone 75b. Club
rates a specialty. 502 Seymour.
3 Water St. Plume 3059
Furnished to employers Iree   of
charge.      Phone ur wnii- rush
orders at our expense.
Musical Director
Vancouver Opera House
Rooms 3 and 4 Elks' Hall, Lor.
Robson and  Granville  Streets.
I'or particulars apply to
Phons bi;,      440 Homer Street
All Instruments.       Phone 2530
teacher ol Violin, Mandolin,
Banjo, Aulobarp, Zither, will
give twenty private ISSSMS
lor J7. Further iulorniation
at Cowan's up-to-tlate Music
Store, ho8 Westminstei ave.
Phone 463
M. W. W'AiTT tk CO., LTD.
558 Granville Street
Planus — Talking Machines
Music Gouils
The oldest music house in II  C,
lurkshire diiiiraiitit k
iVainlii'aS Coi'itoralioii Lid.
440 Seymour Slreet
R. Kerr llouigate Manager
Lunch or Dinner 25c.
Mn ut orders al all hours
57 Hastings Street West,
All North Vancouver   people
ial  at
Farm  and  Ornamental   Gates
Garden Arches, Flower Stands
ll.C. ANCHOR Fi'..\CE Co.Lui
; ;i Peiniei Street,
Gives positive relief tO Head
aches or Nervousness caused li)
eye-strain, anil treats all surls
of imperfect eyesight.
Dr   King is the   highest   au
thority ou eyesight iu Canada
All kinds of optical repairing
VA.VurV.KR, li. C
hitiicr l-l.uk biois or Hastings street, opposite  tats  new
Posl llllice.       Leonard sells Ills
tea by lhe pound.
SAFEb, at bargain prices,
l'lione 2447.
Ctiverhill's Barley Flakes tbc
latest breakfast food. I iv a
paa kagei 15c	
iheBrackman Ker
Milling Co.
Lonsdale  Avenue,
iii Kerrv Landtag
Harry Mitchell, local DMBSSSI
The only uptodale ami reliable bath liuiise in Hritish Co-
litliil > 1. t
We uin where nlhers (nil.
Satisfaction    guaranteed  ul   llu
pai  Plain hatha, iiuiiii batlss,
shutter   liaths,   massage  lor bu-
ilv, scalp and I.m , 1 In llu tint
npilllli   Ii.itlls a sptualli.
Graduate ul Berlin, Germain
Groceries ami Provisions ,21 Hastings Street West,
Wholesale and   Retail VANCOUVER.   B.   *- .
116 HasUngs St. ,duivns.,„.s) m u.st d sludw     fc
Delil-flrj    luesdats  and   I'lidays ^ ^^      ^
Business Institute
,1th Hastings Sl   W.
Cenade's Qreittit Wtitern School
R. .1. Sprotl, II.A., -    Manager
 I'ul  excellent  photographs   and
HARDMAN HAT WORKS     satisfaction go tu tlic
Cor. Carrall .unl I urilma .Sis
litis   tleantil    and    bbeked   at      ,,,,,„„      ,- —    %.
1      tmuiT^Tiirr                           Pictures „ Speual.i     '
'  ' "TkSe, -   C   ^'"-"   "___  "  ^-" ""
'Iln* Alexandra   jjfjtj Granville al " __* ""'  i'"^"sl  s,"lk   "'
Scalp treatment ior all kinds ol ,nmilllin^ '" BC to select Iron
disease   I liililien's hair Hitting. " •"■ >"" "•"" ,r'llmllK ■**»
l"..,l   Massage. Maillil.tltlg. ?*P al"'   *«U  H«   "ur   t*~*»
llaltiliissing 2.s*5
Khtmpooing ,so.      l'lmiii 10m
PITlil'S lil! IIU TIES
loan ilie Hiniiiv! I'mil To iii'iin
Pitman's Bnstaese I"iii-gi-,
(SJJ 634 hth Setinmii Street,
1 in Citj Loan Compan), Sterling block, 71 Hastings st   m ,
I!'"all,   I        Wl' Ii'iiil   1,11*111 'l    llll     'Ulll'll!*,
irrlsfce, itursse reeeiple, ssi
l"*r-aaiiitl |*r.,|.,rii. aur, ,'ini'iil. ..f MN
I.,Il|*|,|,   ||a,l,.. ,|   -a lain...    I.    mm—   |||.
VHIirwl .nltrieil |*e,i|ili  lipqi. .
Mo Granville and 1 i.s Cordova
WW Carrall Mitel
The It  C. Mills
Timi't 1 ami Trading Co.'s
Patented Sei tiun. 1! Buildings.
Oa-KIIHu Ma...nllia*.a
.U.UHIM-. l.AUlA.NGli
7y 1 Granville St.
Wholesale and retail dealers   IU
Silling ..l.Klnius alld Supplies.
Mailunes rented by the week or
uiouili. Phone 1487
int. Mint*
Uiiii.iiuiai   Unsra,   Vaatfsvllla
ami 1)1 .una
Program changed eterj Koadnj
Au\ seal in lhe house 100.
jl Hastings Btreet Went,
English practical ttatchimil.tr;
I'.stalilisheil l«Hy
spin,iiiy, repairing
113 Cat-aII Street
North \ nni.nm Bitimatee . .
ami delivery free	
I-'   W   BOUKS I CO.,
Maiiiil.iiiiu. 1   .,( winiliiw shades
;v> R11l1s.1t) st.
The lieu store   dimming!
I   I. Ma* \|.*i**i*
HM) I II.    Ilaala.ll-aill
w •    li.i itore—T, Hutchison
pi 1st     Vmi. Hilling Co
I'a mien wanted   Citj Engineer
T.'ii'l'-r-* Hunted—Badminton Hub
D*. vou ki   i int v rwi list   Sorden
Pit       a
Iiiiiii ,\ Billings Co., I,id ,n
|nui an improved demand loi
well un ited residential lots in
iln city, lt iii.u In* illicit i |
lu mention that oi some lun •:
tm* most recent purchasers,
uuiii i were residents ol \ aa
couver, twenty-lour oi North
\ ancouvei, and su Irom  othei
palls ol B.C., Canada, ainl   lhe
states. A considerable numbei
ol the Vancouver purchasers
contemplate erecting residential
buildings, \\ nli a view ol making tlmi homes in North . an
couver, and actual building op
orations have been commenced
by live ui tin- purchasers since
ths first ol tins month. Hn
oettleint-nt ol the (err) question,
whereb) a greatl) improved ler-
i) oervict is practicall) assured,
n.r. ia. it ii rmining iai I >r in
luaiii fi tin sales. iin- purchasers before ilosing the ileal*
in musl instances havi tu
thorough investigation as to
the locations and puns, and
nan benefited considerably b)
selecting properties that wen
iur sale at last year's prices
'iinie is also a demand (oi
ilnuie acreagi   in  the district,
innil   pa I Hi 111,11 h    ttisl    ul    tin
Capilano and hurl) 11
ttattl,lulll,   ttiiilt   tlnlt    is    as
yet a good .-*ileiti"ii ol tlioict
tiaits, varying Irom ,, acres
1.1 to acres.     A considerabli
UUIiiliil   ul   tin   .iiiiieis  liim all
most beavil) interested in tins
district, an son discussing tin
adiis.ii.ilui ol establishing u
iim iiu.i (rom soim point in
\ ancouvei tu a landing,
constructed al a point om   oi
tWO   iiiui,   ttisl    ul    llli
-N.lllUttS.        Ill   llll    t UIU   a   I
. g consummated, i   is
least,llalili lo c.\pei I the e-tai,
llsllliielil    aa|   |    un    tliUlli
iiinn.ii ii.ttiisiii in that I'.ii! '"
tha disiint.
During h liniar) aud iln nisi
in.i weeks ol tins month the
sali*. ui Irwin .v Billing! Co.,
l.ul , aggregated mi.-ms, composed lllllll)   .is lullutts.
Two  bouses  un  ,-iih  i
Uin- boo *t "ii ist street, \
l«ot un ist itreet,in blm I
Sa   *.,   . It       I *l>t
"i   Uuudali   avenue,   on   bth
Min t, >74oo.
One lul nil dtli 'lint,iii block
I,ut nn uill street,   in   block
1171 *s
in. h street, in uis
tint lut 273, ."I ,
I.ui mi 1 nh street, ui block
lim  lnls ull   I Jill  stleet,     111
Lu: :     in    lij,,, n
Tn ■ a . lh streei    in
Uin-In.l .i.n trip between
1 ,in
Lol ai.  avrnui
111. ill     |lll   .lllal   I
1 apilanu   ■ n ige in 1) I.. 1048
1 apilam loui trad ,
b'4 ail ■
Tn.1 nil
1   nil   iiii
llil-.NT A 1 SEYMOI li'
ttllhlli  .1   nn   inu,lilts u|   the
compli tion ol work on the sen
Seymour . tn 1. bridgi, tt*
da) .uii rn il lhc imrk
linn. n.um.I \l * '  with
itndrhal i-idcnt,
ila     a    truck 11  . lii.n\ piece
iil.tili iiink' one   nl
A nj; M.i   procured
.nni Mn nniiiitiiii.iii  man   con
lal ai
at 11 .1.111. Tin- arrangement ol
details developed an unexpected number oi minor difficulties,
Imt these have hivn Miceesslullv
adjusted and the matter will lulin,illv dosed out tomorrow
tt'. II. Parkin was confined to
the house for a few days tlm
week, with a slight attack of
CIVIL    KM ■ I M'- Kl*
a Surveyor snd Architect
lenders Wanted
CKAI.EDTeuden will bs receivedkj
'     u . undi rii-fned up to I o'clock in
lh.* uvfnini 1.1' \|"ii'l;u , Sliireli l^'nil. (air
ilia* i-onitruetion uf loodenwtlkl fnr the
a Itj ul Nurtli Vsncoovsr.
11 an- nuiv Ih* obtained at tlio
1 iginc-tr'i office,
I ll   lus .' 01 mu lemliT imt iit'i'i'imHr-
i   l   ,l"*a*|lll'l|.
iiu Enfinesi
Sorth Vallieonver, M.l rail I8U1.
l' Hi  irranged lli    thi
ilm imu iu-, -ii ihi Iran lei     ihi
,. mil I.,   dul)
A Big Store
Full of New Goods...
This store is now double its former size, during the past lew
months the space has been growing totally Inadequate to
handle our ever increasing business. This season we will Inin a better position to supply your wants, new goods save
been pouring in from the manufacturers almost every day for
llie past two weeks. Visit our store at your earliest opportunity, you will find it the most extensive ever attempted 111
this citv. ,
Prettily tucked with vai insertion, all sizes     BjC
Tucked Lawn willl insertion, all sizes      ■*   |
Embroidered Lawn, all sizes       1.003
Embroidered with Insertion, all sizes    1.15
All sizes in newest designs, ,nlig and short sleeves, al 85c, 95* '
li.uu, Si.15, It.15, $1.50, I1.85. $2.00
District Lot 204
We are now selling fast the
balance of the Lots in this
Section at
$150 per Lot
TERMS—One quarter cash; balance 6, 12, and 18
months, at fi per cent.
Getin on Ibe Ground Fluor and Buy Dii ect from
the Owners
163 Cordova Street, Vancouver, 6. C.
r o. box m
ro,   «nMI POOSft iliil I HIM,*. U'lMiMjs
aRArHtTS In i ilhliui iii ei. in a, iii Minis.
I InKhlfiQ line, Sine .mil Office IMurts
Vt k.'licit a trinl I i.l ot v..iir (irdsn
win mmm ritll ft power hi., mil, rra TM! Itti
fenders Wanted
KEITH   ROAD,   BLOCK   105,
D.   la.  550.
.Soil by  I l.'lt  luls.   lo   lie   de*
livered CLEARED AND GRADED. A hhll streei dn ides lhe
liluik instead ol an ,illc\. Each
lut extends Irom itrcel to itreet
Hoi  1  1 . together Sihoo
I to 11 cull     (175
1 j and 1 j together ... 15.su
I I and 15 together ...   IS511
iti to -'i each    Boo
Terms: fJoo cash per lot,
Balance '.- yearly lur 3 Mats
it ' pel tellt.
\lexander  6  TouoMetj
-TENDERS fr..in llio preient iiu-iiil'i r.
1 11! the nuilmintmiChili, nr llu-Nnrlh
Vanii'iii-'T Alliletie I'lnl., fnr llie ertv-
1 inn nl n irandtttnd saJ blwehfi on
the Athleti,- lirmiiuli. nml Inr ninvniii
preSMl irriiiiil.liinil hIkhii l.ln fr. t aorta
,.| it. t-ii.iini! |iii.itinii. mil In-reeeniil
ne in ii'K.ii on Fri'ln\, Much Mth.
LtMSl nr IB)  ItittliT ihiI MaMMril)
.1'I'l I'lnl
Hllll'lnd   tpaVaOMtkaM   I1UV Ih- M II
al llie—
Pioneer Bakery
S. H.; Walker,  ■   Proprietor
Fresh Hu sd daily deliver I
lo all parts uf the citv.
20loaves l.i .->'
v    jaer Inal
riiosK 8       71 Lonsdale Ave
1 lAVti
•rt.U) A.M.
•B.20A H,
•7 15 A.M
•7.N) A M.
•il -1ft   "
•T.'JO   "
•s.sti -
•8.40   "
H.IKI   "
NSW   "
•sun "
vai -
S.W   "
9.H0   "
9 50   "
10.20   "
MB  "
9,<ft   "
10.4*   "
11.16   "
litis "
10.41  "
nil 45 "
ttl2*15 P.M.
11.15   "
1146   "
rllUti P M.
tt 1.16  "
U 4.1 I'.M
1.45   "
2 15  "
1.18  "
I4S   "
S!.46   "
3.1ft  "
2.l.s "
2 45   "
3.46   "
4.15   "
111   "
3.45   "
4.46   "
5.16  "
1.1ft "
Ml   "
5.46   »
8.16   "
Mft   •'
5.45   "
H.45   "
7.16   "
fl.lft   "
Ml   "
Ml -
8.4*   "
9.4*   "
10-tf   "
1 M   "
tt U   "
H.I6    '
*       *  *
10.1ft   "
•11.45   "
•Nnt nn Sniidiiv Htin Siindiyinnly
IF vou an- in n- wl of anv Lodgt
Stationery, mofa u lk-l.aws,
l.t'ttt'r lleii'l*. Envalopet, etc , 01
if vmi require UUIhridl, Stste-
ments, Programmes, Invitatkma,
Wedding Cabineta, Pamphleta,
Bookleta, Rawipto, Poatafa,
Duilgt-rs. Menus, ur anything in
tba printing lina,aand yonr order
in to this ollict-. Tin- work will
In- lir-t-cl;i*- nml llu- prices will
I'ur Sal.— iTlie largeal list to ohooaa frim,
Lota and Bloaka in all parts of Um eity.
ami Diatrict, Ho-wee en itnall eaab pey«
iin-iit.   Aeretge in oity nml district.
Speotel opportanitiea for inveatmenl now. I,i«t
your bargains with us for quick snlc.
Hoti-i's, Flats ami  Btowe ■ tgood  selection at
reeaonabia rentals.
Wc have ipplioationa for leveral loans on the
hest lirst mortgage aeeurity in sums of $f>on
lo $10,000. Inii-rc.-t 7,Sife'(.) pc. per annum.
Irwin 4> Billings Co.,
fnr. Nun UL Ai. «nl .1. II
Koith V.nr.iiiT.r 11 r
T.lfphon. l.i
r\KI, Nuill l.lla.i' lli. I .mn. llnl the
of tin 1 in ,,1 Norti \*iii*
* Intern!, lo i-orntrocl   mini lm.
. Um it* t. a.r 1 oal
. am ni .,1 ..in in tin. Khsdnltu*
II Ih i* i\   .mil llili'll'la I*, al III.
rtl 11 Un r.*..f. iij.'ii iln'
:' I ill,Trlii Imntlnf
lliul i... r."ii   lad lit'l'l lislile (nr
I   ■.'. 'ia, ni .IiovIdi tin- lindi llsbk
l|     ill) .t I fnr
 nd i1111.1111. - nl
■0 Iai u Um *.t'i"
■1 .111 Un* I.i-t nii'.-il
*.ilii*rtti.i*. 1. n,m
1   tht   1-.*««iii.*hi
Inner mil i* ii|*r It luifHctloti
I a .     ., |„*.|*, .    Irl n    .In.It-   ll,*
'     ■ lh* 'li |T..i. l'u III   llinl llllll.HI   in   l«.  prnvklnl 'ml nl iln*
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*  :   11 ill, Nnrth VstWMVfr, B.C.na
Ittl     .   . l   April, im.tl llu-
'clock p 111 . t'T ii.,' parpoM
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I,,,.,,,,, •      'I•")   MLIMJO
|t, |t) ii.' .i.lt'ti.ill*
a. -1.la..iinll.iiiiiii
-   I.iullk     "lllll
Ird -rr..t. l«*
Mahon snd *'
II* *"     I  - M
Having Your Teeth Fixed
i.v.1-*, ,ii aaa imu', ■' sot) -ittiniul opantka,     With kmm
u la Mill puiiiiiil.    Nui iO| ituwi-vi-r, ai tin iiiisiuii ik-iu-
iMs      \\f h,tM'.ill tin lili-M   ii|iiiiitiiitil   kiniwii   lo   llu
iiiuiliiii <li-iitiM.     ll is more like
A Pleasure to havt Your litlh Nxed
in uur iitiuisis iiii.iuv they ,iri' .ill ix|iciiiiiii-ii nun    tit 1
main-aoduurgi lereaauialng your Msth aad wmM bei
pli.isitl to look Ilu-iii Din al any turn
Full Ml ul ll-ltll  .S'S|"'
Bridgi wink, -mi luoili    n-"" ■
Cold crowaa    5-""!1
Cold Uliagi     '•"" "I§
ri.ittti.i BUtagi     i-eo
The Boston Dentists, Ltd.,
Dr. A. R. Baktr, Consulllnq DtnlUt
p.; Bastlop sirn-t Vast, Vaaeoevsi
limn-, 'i .1 in tu t |..in. Ho*
With llu- sprin-; loints tlir iliiuaiid lor liglit*
1 i-r umli-rivi-.ir. Our tlispl.iy ia niuisii.'llv ,11-
tr.ictivi-. The variety is gnat, lacbding
tlu- vi-rv litiisl, nnd varyinj* 111 tvi-i-*ltl lo .1
uiu- iiinl'iiiii in a pure wool Casliiiu-rf. The
plicae I *u are the luwisl known:
Doiiiiii*  iii.,id Kreiiiii Balaciggaa   j*
llptli lllisll       "       63c
Very line Merino, plain and fancy stripe fi^i
And a Beat many others wlinli you will -m
111 mv display window, up to  1.35
Orders keep loinin-; in lor suits, kiiiiitiilier
it lakes I luiks lo get one ol these suits, N
vmi sliuiild Otte now and have it ready
when spring o|a-iis      Jlh to $2*)
iii'iitu' Purnishinp     Bootaami Shoes     Clothing


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