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means reaching the people   y
ia their homes.    The Express does that.
Phone 80
, .«.
®k SxprfHa
. •;.<••:••:••:••:•-:•*>•:•-:••:•.••.:••:»:••:••:••:••:••:••:.•>
that pleases, at The Express Office.    Good stock.    >.
&      Prices right. -
J Phone 80
>. *^-^->-x^•M"><*♦♦-^->«<<^^":•♦♦ 1
Regular Meeting Held Tuesday Evening.
; with  a  street end;   board   ol
works to report.
1   On motion, it was decided to
meet the representatives ol the A Proposed Agreement With pn-senlatives  ol   the  11. C. 1
The city council and  lhc  re-
B. C. El. Ky. Co., to conler on
outstanding matters, on Thursday evening, at eight o'clock.
Accounts as lollows were   ordered paid:    Finance committee
lhe District.
Ky. Co., nut in conference last
evening.    The aldermen present
were McRae, McNeish, Schult/.,
council ami   me .,,„■ I)K.k    Mayor M    prt.sj(ll,(1
lerry directors were  111  conler- Thc  ,,,.„,..„„* ' Was  tomotOtoi
The diitrict council and   the
general,   total,  Jlb4.bH;   polite, «« 1-lsl evening, Willi rcl-cn-ncc L Ak,ssrs   ft-*(),Iat   Ik,d ,ind A
6 '. .', ,       'ml        ...        1.,   ,1...   „,,,.„,aa ,1   ll.a.l    I I...   ,l,*.l,l.*l     a*      „ *,, r
The city council sat as a court
ol revision on the 3rd street improvements, previous to the reg- ^'s^'i'bJard'ol works,'^'tx.'.KS; lu ■*• PTOPOaal Uiai lhc district g Vm).     The co„[m.nce  v,,
ular session on Tuesday evening ,uCd[    improvt,mi.,lt|   j,w2K.(SH; Slu' Manual assistance  to  lhc oi a must u_u^m arraiigeineiit
waterworks, $1349.03; lire   and k'rr)'\     lia'   "'embers   ol   the- throughout.    It WU specifically
The engineer's estimate, showing the total cost $23,9"", Wty
per cent, of which will il>e payable out of the general revenue
of the city, was adopted and
Iorwarded to the council.
The aldermen were all present
and Mayor May presided at the
session oi thc council which followed.
Communications were read as
follows: From the secretary of
the N. V. Horticultural society,
inviting the mayor and aldermen to attend the opening ol
the annual uxhibition on Friday
next, at noon; accepted with
From A. G. Perry, local manager oi the B. C. El. Ry. Co.,
to the ellect that city workmen
had damaged the company's
property on 13th street, to the
extent of two,dollars, and requesting that the company be
re-imbursed; referred to board
of works.
From J. Loutet, protesting a-
gainst the reversal of thc council's decision, to remit the taxes
on the hospital property, quoting the municipal clauses ail in
supporl of his position, and suggesting that thc matter bc relerred lo the city solicitor; referred accordingly.
From the city engineer, to the
eflect that he had examined tlu-
profile ol the grade of the B. C.
El. Ry. Co., ior that portion ol
the Lynn Valley extension, running along 19th street, and lit
did not approve of it; laid over.
From the medical health olhcer, to the eflect that thc- ditches
on 1st and 2nd streets west,need
cleaning out; board of works lo
From Amy Bailey, requesting
a roadway to her property on
17th street between Chcslerlield
and Mahon avenues; referred to
Iiimi ii of works.
From A. Farrow, requesting
that the alleyway through block
140 be made passable; board ol
works to act.
From .1 auics Graliame & Co.,
requesting that a sidewalk or
lootpath bc constructed on tht
cast side ol Lonsdale ave. irom
12th to 13th street; board ol
works to report.
From C. W, Knight, asking
that Keith road, adj.uent to lol
15, block 65, D. L. 271, be unproved, so as to give access to
his property; relerred to board
ol works.
From Thos. Garrow, reqmst
ing a street crossing iu Ironl ol
lot b, block 104, D. L. 271; referred lo board ol works.
From J. E. Cameron, requesting that boulders, etc., Ih- blasted, and roadway made, adjacent
to lots 29 to 31, Mock 18, D. 1.
From W. E. Thompson, re a
drain on 2nd strret, west ol
Lonsdale avenue. Clerk to reply that matter will receive attention.
From T. W. Thoinasson, auditor, enclosing statement ol lerry
accounts to September 1st; relerred to finance comiiiitler.
A plan ol subdivision of lot h,
block 8, D. L. 616, was approved.
J. Alexander anil Win. Horden addressed the roiinti
Council were all present, Reeve agrml tllal ally .icliun which
UcNattght piisiuiiig, and lhe lmgiu result, should be without
lerry board was reprceeatid by prejudice to any interests of the
iliaior May aiid Lnreclors   Mi
,company.      A dralt agree u-n'.
Nair and Larson,    'ilie matter was arrived  at  wnich will   be
light, $289
The lire and light committee
was instructed to act in tin-
matter ol changing the location
oi the arc light at the junction
of 8th and 13th streets, and lo *m discussed exliaiisuvely 111 all submitted in detail at Monday-
report with reference lo ,1 new lts phases, lhe council wishing evening's session oi the council
light on 2nd street, west ol Mn- il° **rnvt <**A " conclusion as lo '___ likewise to the management
hon avenue. Ij"at  how  assistance   could  bc „j tk, company.     It is uudt-r-
A verbal application for a [reldeitd ia such a wajr, U to be stood that the representatives
trail to residences on Henry tf **• greatest possible assist- j0f the company undertook that
street, east of Sutherland ave', aaca in securing the best lerry certain steps to improve the lo-
was relerred to the board ol service for the public. The out- cal service would be proceeded
works to report. line- linally arrived at was that with, without waiting  for   the
Aid. McNeish moved and Aid. tha district might lend the ierry results from referring the dralt
Dick seconded, that  in  making 'company lhc beiiclu ol their en- agreement,
the Lynn Valley extension,   lhe dlli  lor •* stak(l amount   and
B. C. El. Ry. Co. be requested llenn, thy guaranteeing lerry  de-
to run tlieir line along  gucciis- btnturcs, and it was ligured out
bury avenue to 2oth street, and >t it woultl cost  the district     j^ .     m u    . d
then east to Sutherland avenue. f3«49 pal annum  to  guarantee an -^ hJ**d     fa £_ ^.
This plan would avoid expensive | ten year ierry debentures at lour U^   Man>, soughl j^^ M<1
, Irecreation   at   outside   points,
of the plank road.    The matter _  ** years, lo lhe amount  ol \_m t|l(, vuiom _ettk regoUs
was referred to the special com- »0,00O. H was intiinaieil thnt 'throughout thc district received
mittee already appointed, to the district council would takeUfoiJattaBtio*. The regalia
make the best arrangements -*" outline into consideration' a iavorjtc attraction lo
possible. ,,t their next meeting, with  the , Iluml)Crs       The  crowds
The report ol the court oi re-,lurthcr proviso, that  the  ferry l*rom outside points   werc   the
largest on record for a similar
occasion, when" no elaborate attractions were advertised. The
ferry tarried about 3500 passengers, which is somewhat in advance of the largest Sunday
trallic-. The lines of the B. C.
El. Ky. Co. carried in all af.wut
5000 passengers, which is much
in excess ol any previous record
under similar conditions. The
heaviest trallic was carried over
vision with relerence to the 3rd company would relieve the dls-
street improvements, was adop- trict ol the responsibility mvol-
ted. Ived in the above scheme, at the
Aid. Dick introduced the mat- 'earliest date which llieir linanc-
ter ol the conventions of B. C. es would pciuni, having 111 view
municipalities, whnh will meet lhe sustaining ol the best inter*
this city next month, and
suggested that a special meeting
bc held to appoint dt-legales, arrange for entertaining tin ...n
venlioli, and to give instructions
to local delegates, as well as lor
all kindred matters.
ests oi the public, which the lerry system serves,
A very helplul Iactor in
Special educational lacilitu-s, is provid-jthe Capilano line, although the
meet ing will be held 011 Monday ^ hy >;orl|, Vancouver girl's 1 Lynn Valley line wa.s well to
evening next. school and preparatory,   wnich the lore.   Both the ferry service
  is provided  by  .Misses  0.   AI   and thc train service gave every
Builer and V. G. Gradwell, at satislaction, ample transporta-
the corner ol Lonsdale ave. and tion facilities being available
17th street. The scope ol lite
work undertaken by the school
is comprehensive, and the work.
111 all departments is ellicient
and thorough. Miss Bullet is ,1
Cambridge   local   with
for handling the  crowds  safely
and expeditiously.
The following  despatch   from
Toronto will serve to emphasize
The annual barbecue oi the lo
cal stall oi the B. C. El. Ky.
was held at Moodyville on Sun
day last.    W. D. Jones, who in-
augurated this annual reunion senior
eight years ago, was in charge honors 111 French and German,
ol lhe event, and under his clli- and likewise L.L.A., at St. An- |the timeliness and the import
cient superintendence, the pro- drew's. For some time she 01- ance of the series of articles on
gram proceeded without a hitch, cupicd the position ol language "Town Planning and Designing"
The distinguishing feature ol the mistress oi the pupil teacher s at present running in The l-'.x-
barbecue 'is that the epicures centre, Kidderminster. Miss press. The subject is one that
who constitute the annual gath- (Jradwvll is a senior Oxford lo- is uppermost in the minds ol
ering, must feast on nothing 'caj with high qualilicaiiou.s aad thinkers along these lines, and is
less dainty than barbecued tint- h,,s liad extended practical IX- fraught wilh thc most extended
ken, and the sample put up on perieiiic. The work ol lhe possibilities as to beneficial re-
Sunday, by Chel Jones, w.is school consists ol three depart- suits. The despatch states:
universally conceded to be ol 'uiciits, namely, the kindergarten I W. L. Grant, MA, lecturer ip
the finest quality and done to a whose methods ol iiistiiiiii.ni colonial history at Balliol Col-
turn. Tha luncheon was served au* rctognued by educationists lege, Oxford, and sou of the late
on a long table, round which as ol the highest value lm Principal Grant, of Queen's uni-
thc merry crowd gathered, and yuung children; the pn-paialoit vcrsity, is back in Toronto lor
was partaken ol amid much jo- idepertmeSt in whiih the ru.ii* a short visit,after a three years'
viality. meaUTj mbjecti an lauglu.aiid afceaatt.     Mr. Grant has given
The usual list ol speeches foi- ihe   adtaiited    department   lm IWMM attention to lhe siibjeil ul
billed llu- least, P. Larson act- th,,M* -ffc-j cmiiunplaie a COWM paiiperisin  in  England, and  is
ing as chairman 111 lhc .il.s.im Ut liiglur ulutatimi      Amiga    anxious that the full-blown evils
of the president, C   VonBOp, mmU tali be made al lh.' Ktkool "I the Old Land should
In addition to Mr. Jones, two |,,r   du   s.ilt   u.udinl   ol    ,h:
i.ihns   were  present   who   had tmiiigiT thildren   lo  aiid  Irom
lieen in attendance at the  lirst i|„  sessions, when parents   di*
barbecue, namely J. McGlligan SH(  ifi,  same.     The inslilulliii
and A. Hlliott. ls   jfiliatad   wilh   Chest iiiii1
The list ol guests included the jickool, I.) nuaiis ol wh th ,lt ,.'■
lollowing     Manager A. 0. Per (|,|,. ,,diaiitages are   illcic!
rv, Alileiineii •' Neish and link, Mud«U,      COfkt ul  Uu i'tus*
A. lv Kealy, P. Larsun,   W. I) .„,lllls  (ll(| dtt.nlt(I 111lor1n.1l.•<■■
Jones, J. MiC.nig.iii, A. Blliott «i|i |„ cofdiall) sii;.|'licil 111 re-
J. 11. Brown, .1. I). Turnhull, W
\V. McWlddowson, F. Gladwin,
C MeKciuie, C. Allan, W. C.
Green, II. B. Campbell, II. B.
t Keul, F. Wright, T. Tokley, C,
,'"'   Chisholin, lv Kugds, ll.J.IIen-
, dersoli,  Malcolm  McMillan,   J
lerencc to the   proposed   extension
stated that he was advised
|II.I1M*   lu   lll(|llllt    l|)    hU    '    "I
the siliu.il, during sihool nour
it-rente 10 llie   propositi   cxlcli-   ,   ., ..   c   „ ..      .    ..
sion ol 3rd slreet Vongh   lhe f,   ftfe M' J "f0^1' ,V
Indian   reserte.     Aid.  MtNeish "' »"dK"»" ""' ''   '   I,tvl11'
the Mission that the Indians
have not ns yet all returned, but
that they will bc home again
within two weeks at latest,
when a meeting will immediately be arranged to discuss the
Aid. Dick reported that J. C.
Keith is willing to allow a portion of thc tideflats in front ol
his property, to bc used   as   11
The    formidable    Lions    wile
suitesslllllv staled on Labor dai
in a party wiUtlaa, a.i 1 mn
aid Ilulilswiirlh, l.algar Kiiuttl
is, Cavm Baxter, K   Baxter and
Will Slum, ttha, 1, M lhe illv on
Salurdav aftt-rnuun lasl, ainl n
turned Tuesdav evening     Tlu-v
A ineiliiig will be held in Sl
AndifW s .liui.h li.. 11. 1.n Thins
da\, 1 hlh nisi., (or the purpusc
aal       lullUlllg      ,1      tUUical      SailllU.
wilh the object ol pioduuiig,
diiriiig lhe wnii. 1. iln above
opera.    Mr. Keillt, uig.iinsi a,i
St  Aiiilnw's ihurih will piesnle
I Bight o'clock prompt
Kvaflgeliel   Fled   l< .| .■.
preai li lus final aerm 11  1
anticipated and thus avoided bv tiln
legislators ol Canada. "CaBl
da has the greatest chance in
tin- world, with the experience
ul Kngland and ul lhe United
States to draw Irom," said Mr
tu Grant. "Let there be a gen.ral
I.m laving down certain conditions ul town planning, such as
lhe selling aside ul sulli.iuit
,i park accommodation, precaution
u lor the propel widuning of the
streets, and lhe erection ol
houses hygenic in principle and
lar enough apart to give t.itli
inhabitant ol the citv the requisite number of cubic Ieet of air.
In addition, there should   be  a
The Kingston, Ontario, Sun
lard ol August 28th contains a
ive column report (rum the pen
..I Professor John Marsh-ill   of
will (Jiieen's   university,   upon   Van-
lh(  couver and vicinity, Irmn what
dumping ground, in conjunction feet.
season, at the B.iptisl all.Mill (II he had seen   alld   had   gathered
Sunda)   evening,  aa  ha  leava during  1   recent   visit   to   the
ticst    week   to   join   Evangelist mast      'flic article is cxhaUM lie
Smith lm  an evaagellatk  cam- and appreciative, and shuiild do
palgn   ill   the  Slates        Speilal linull lo llilorin Onlallalls with
iliinlied to an'altitude of 6jO0 llllisli  will be provided bl  M.s- relereliie    lo    Canada's     gieal
western port.
(latin 1 Force and Banton.
Local and Personal
Bom.—In this city, on Thursday, September -jth, to II. L.
and Mrs. McPherson, a son.
Typewriting. — Miss lv Sinclair, public stenographer, at
Thacker & Thornton's, 144 2nd
street east.
J. W. and Mrs. Hindi, ol D.m-
forth, Maine, arc visiting Mrs.
Hindi's sister, Mrs. J. L. Lyon-
so, on 6th street east,
The hockey practice scheduled
to take place tomorrow on the
boulevard park, has been postponed, owing to the lact that
there are no hockey sticks on
the market.
The government cruiser "Kestrel," which has been on the
ways at the Wallace shipyards
for some time, left on Tuesday,
having undergone extensive repairs.
H. L* Paynter has taken over
the managership of the local
branch oi the Bank of llamillon
vice Mr. Dewar, who has been
forced into temporary retirement because of ill health.
Lost. — Wednesdav afternoon,
a dog, (fox terrier) about three
months old, answers to name of
"Spot" Kindly return same to
E. C. Parry, plumber, Esplanade. Anyone detaining the dog
will be prosecuted. 2-3
The service which is being held
each Sunday alternoon .11 Lonsdale gardens by Rev. J. D. Gillam, is proving very popular.
The attendance is good antl the
services in the open air are enjoyed by all.
Wanted.—Boys and girls to
send for a free sample copy of
Western Life and act as agents
in country districts. Good commission allowed. Address, The
Citizen Printing and Publishing
Co,, 2122 Granville street, Vancouver, B. C.
Major llewke, ol Vancouver,
has leased a house on King
street and removed his family
lo this city, this week. Il is
his intention to erect a residence
on his property a little farther
north than the residence which
he now occupies.
In the absence of Rev. J. 1).
Gillam, the pulpit at St. Andrew's church on Sunday, will lie
occupied in the morning by Kev.
Gillieson, and in thc eiciiuig l.v
Rev. MacLeod, each of whom i:
a student at Westminster Hall,
Mr. and Mrs. DeWolI returned
yesterday from Port Essingloii,
where Mr. DeWolf had been in
charge of the Balmoral caliiitrv
(or the season. They are stopping at the home of Mrs. Dc-
Woll's parents, Alex, and Mrs.
Boy Wanted.- Thc Express ulli is an exceptional opportunity
for a bright boy, with a guml
education, who wishes to learn
the priming trade. Liberal
wages will be paid lo tllc right
boy, who is willing to learn and
who will stay with a good job.
Mr. Kobt MiPhcrson ol Sml
land, lather of II. L Mil lursmi
ul this city, arrived un Tucsil.u
G. Qardei ol Medicine Hal,
Alberta, is visiting his sistei,
Mrs. Fogg, at 1)1 4U1 slreet
west. Sir. Garden is on tllc
homeward trip Iroiii the Seattle
Mr, Doyle, one of the merchants of Revelstoke, where be is
engaged in the jewellery business, brought his lamily down
to this city this week, having
rented a house on 4th stn-et
west. Mr. Doyle will join his
lamily lure as soon as be has
disposed ol his business 111 Kev-
'flu- Elder, Murray Co, report
cuiislderalile atlivity ol late   in
iluse in properties in this iiu.
During the past few days they
have llirncd uver eleven luls on
Isl street, a lol on each ul Pink
street, 2nd streei alld the Esplanade, a house alld lot oll trd
slreet, as well as olher traiis.it-
Mr. and Mrs. A. Wheeler leiive
on Sunday lor a visit to lhe Seattle exposition.
The outfit ol ilislriiineuls lor
North Vancouver brass band, is
now on the way and will soon
Ik- in use,
Mr, Pierce and family, from
Seattle wesl, have removed to
this city and are residing at
No. 241 4U1 street west.
The local lodge ol the Sons ul
England purpose giving a box
social and dance, 111 the Haglcs'
hall on Thursday, the 30th inst.
Jas. W. Berry ul Vancuuver,
has rented a house on loth
street cast from B. Gladwin,
and is moving in today together
with his family.
J. I,. Gallagher and family,
who have been camping during
the summer 011 Lonsdale gardens, have taken up permanent
residence in the Keith block.
A. S. Bruce returned this ;i'll-
dayj morning, Irom a trip lo
Alberta. He wears a smile ol
sweet content, which clearly asserts that British Columbia is
the place for him.
Miss A. M. Slcedc, Capilano,
North Vancouver, whose advertisement appears in this issue, is
a musician oi good standing,
and parents will do well to remember her when choosing a
music teacher lor the children.
H. V. Baker, clerk at Hotel
Nortli Vancouver, in company
with Air. Shelton, lell 011 Weu-
nesday Ior a short holiday on
Vancouver Island. They weut
across lo Nanaimo, Irom which
point they will tramp down lo
A very enjoyable part] was
Md at Hotel North Vancouver
last evening, the occasion being
the anniversary ol Mrs.Larson's
birth. An excellent supper and
evening's entertainment was enjoyed by the guests tu the number ol about twenty, comprising
chiclly the guests ol the hotel.
The horlicultur.il exhibition
was opened at noon today, the
addiess being made by Hon. F.
L. Carler-Collon. Thc display
oi fruit, llowcrs, vegetables, etc.
is of a most credila/idc nature,
and citiuus generally should arrange to visit lhe exhibition.
Thc great improvements made
to the hall, add greatly lo the
atlracliveucss ot the show.
The lerry directors met Wednesday alternoon and dt-tided to
call lor lenders at oiue lor the
construe tion ol ninety uiiicrcle
piers al the loot ol l.misdalc
avenue. Sixty-lour ol these
will have lo do wilh the proposed new wharl, ami Iwnity-six
will replace the present wooden
purs under lhe lerry landing.
The piers will be built to a sulliuenl height to keep the woodwork clear ol the work ol thc
The lugs Pluglessive, Kdward
White, and Surprise, are at present un the ways al the Wallace
shipyards lur general it pan s
The stirnwIn.In being built on
the yards, is nuw practically 111
traffic, The steamship Tartar
will go 011 tin w.its i.,i upairs,
as sunn as tint an vacated by
the three ships whiih imw occupy them. Tin m.i ttt 1.1I lor
the new lank sit,unci, to lie
built at lhe yards, is expetlnl
lu mule lo hand slim ih, when
iiinstructiun wurk will Ih- begun
A change ol ownership has
taken place wiih reiereace to
The Kxpress,  lhe business having blM taken nut   bv 1 joiul
sink    compaaj    kiowa    as
"Nortk Shore Press, Limited."
I IvSliilthellllgale letllcs Irmn
the business and will re-enter
1 the job printing arena in the
cilv ul \',ui.iiuver. Geo. H.
Morden remains with The Kx
press  as  edilui    and    business
manager,   aad K   A.  Harden
will be in ih.itge ul the punting
department,   Eotk   as loi th*
newspaper and the Job printing.
The .muiiiils due   the   uld   firm
will in* collected .it 'flu- Bxpnaa
..Iliu* aiid ull clalttl will be paid
.at tlic same place. THI EXPRESS, NOKTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
Tlu board ol police commie*
lioneri lot the citj. met Wed-
iitsilav morning, at 9.4J o'clock.
Commissioner! C, t, Jackaon
and Alderman McNeish were
picseni, Mayoi Ma} presiding.
Cliui ui Police 0a\iis repoi 1
ed thai tlie citj council had paa
sed a l.tlaw, prohibiting the
opening ol barrooms on Sunday
lor ilu sal. ol liquors. II. had
visited the barroomi on Sunday
last ,iini had found that buiineii
was being carried on as usual.
It had l.eiii ilium,ilcd lO bun
thai iln Imlil proprietor! hail
decided to axax—1 teal caae,
Commissioner Jackaon was ol
opinion that tbe board had uo
alternative but lo proiecute.
Alderman McNeiih cited It ei
a (act that la Ike cit} oi Vancouver, lul' several teals, ,il
though a similar law had been
oil the books, U was lit l.l in a-
beyance, and thought that it
Wuuld In* w ise lu follow a similar toiirsc here, until Ike town
became sell supporting in this
Chui Davies pointed out ihe
fail that snd; .1 count would
complicate the iltuation   very
llltltii lul the police, who ii iiiiiii
be blamed foi Ike results, ami
itated that it was his intention,
as ihni, to enforce the law,
Commissioner .lacksmi moved
that  ilu   ihni  be upheld in his
intention io enforce Ike law ,and
that In In- instructed to proceed
Aid.   McNeiah   realixed   that
mite a matter becomes law,  it
should be carried out, but   his
posit loll ill llus matter all
through, was will known, and
he did not sue his way deal to
.sciullil the motion when lie Was
opposed to ihe movement,
Mayor May declared the motion t.lined.
Chiel Hat us reported that the
incisures adopted iur the collec-
tion ol tin dog tax weie being
proceeded with, and that it was
the intention to carry theni to
Only  ,. Ii*w  ol lhe cili-clls wlll
realize the strength ol Ike link
wiih ihe past ui this diatrict,
whuli was broken, through the
death oi Mr. Woodrow,      Vet
!"!' eight Mais hi Iiult- the lion's
sh,ir. 1.1 the Muiii oi iis municipal un.Hsts. in 1893 he first
accepted oflice as a councillor,
and  took a hand in launching
the   young   lllllllll Ipality.       lie
continued m oflice as councillor
till  1897 iiiiilu    Mr, Keith   and
Dr. t,iiii.ll lucceiaivel} as reeve
lu 1897 he was elected reeve <>i
the diitrict, and lhat ollu't-    In
held loi four yean, Theee tight
yean a/en not yean ui plenty,
they   win   11,.is ui  difficulty,
with   minii   ti.   .list..inage    lhe
stoutest heart, None had great
tr confidence in ihe luiure .,i
North Vancouver, however, than
Mr. Woodrow, and In and lus
colleagues iiulmliiig his tim
■hip, llayoi Ma) gave muck
tnm .iini deliberation lo lhe
work ol keeping tin* civic ship
111 good innn to catch a lavor*
mg breeze as won ai 11 should
Jt u.is ,1 greal jo)   lo   Mr,
aw in ih,k last yean lo
sn: ii.. progress iln diitrict hai
Iliad- .  aiul Ills   lulu    Was   evei
raiseil loi Ihal which madt (ol
iiiiilu 1 proj
li wai a ith greal mi roa lhat
tin a ■ here, who hnea Ml
Wi odn a   *• anted that In   had
pass. J ..v. .
Tin  .ll  ill. . iullli.il was 11 pn *
lentid at lhc funeral 1., ileevi
McN mght ..iul A. Philip, C M.
Ca, . I'l III. I Ilt lllllll. ll U.IS Ill'll * aa d bj ili nm Ma), his
old lolleagui, whn was om   ol
the J .ill liealtls.
A largi number ol Vani ouvi 1
111. un 11 wen present
at tin .nm 1.il. and ample evid-
■ 11 ' w a  given ol lhc ri apt 11 In
Mr, Woodrow   wai hi Id
by in*  multitude uf  beautiful
floWl ':• that  wen   pI'cMlllid    lm
The latest iiuvcltv Introduced
un the C.P.R. is tlic instalment
111 the railwai COachei of a supply ol aseptic "single service retainers." These container! are
in,nh* ui paper In the shape  ol
tumblers with a paralined siir-
laie, ,Uld will lie placed ill a Cabinet in the Waihroom on each
car 111 such a maimer as lo a-
void unnecessary handling, and
they can be thrown away by the
passengen after being used. The
company haa accented these
iniul.leis after sen ial tears' experiments, and the Holland Pa-
par Company is turning out the
new cunt,liners at a cost which
permit! ul their Iree use, The
receptacle can not only be used
In tin* railway!, but it haa been
approved by the provincial
board oi health as a milk jar,
D. C. SCOTT, l'mpri-lur
.1 /*// sad ciiiijilitt oath uf tlmi 1 .ic-.
Fruit    /in ,'■••• I'rniliiiln,   f'liuir null f-V-,1,
IV.;* thirl, l-'.lr . ttyl wi Iiunii.
Iii'l,\.tj ma,Ic lotll 1'iirt- of the rlli
Cir. kMli P....11I ami Hum Iti-iiiu
I'lii'iic Si,  Nor lit Vitnciiiiver
General Contractor
Luml Ctearief, Btaanp anal Rnck
I' -i-i iai*   Extra MM miar liouitm.
.Ill .lamflftf" madt- ped.
amA ac.  WMt at I  .,.,.,1,1.
I*   ()     lloX   II
Phone 126     St-ire 111 1st street west
Nllllil alflat.-ry  nf  al.i'.  Milk  .li.l i'r.*«in .
qnull; *.*'iH[Miai,-,*«i    N.i. laid ImoBhaadi
*.   Al*l***:-I"i*l *'r,1,1111 r.   null,*! , .Hal
Ic.' (r.-utii.
Hi,.11   ty.      I,*«ii„r,l,*r. .I.iort-,
Water Notice
NOTICK is hereby given that
an application will be made under Part V. oi the "Water Act,
1909," to obtain a licence in the
New Weetmiaatei Division ol
New \\cstiuinsler district.
(a) The name,address aud occupation ol the applicant. Caulleild's Water Works Company
(11 lor mining purposes) hue
Aimer's Ccrtilicatc No	
l_b; The name ol the lake,
stream or source vil uunaiucil,
lhe description is; Inuaiuctl
creek running ihiough Uisliui
Lot 1240, Oroup l, iSew Westminster district.
vc) The point of diversion.
The northerly boundary ol lhc
cast hall ol said District l.ul
(A) The quantity ol water
applied lor (m cubic leel per second] looili ol 011c cubic lool
per second.
^c) The character ol lhe
proposed works. Intake aud
ilisuibutiiig pipes.
(I) The premises on which
lhc water is lo be used (.describe
same; Dislriel Lols 1240 and
Sli, Group 1, New WesUuiustei
eg; The purposes ior which
lhc water is to Oe used. Municipal purposes.
lh; ll lor irrigation describe
lhc laud lulciidctl lo bc irrigated, giung acreage	
*,!; ll the water is lo be used
lor power 01 .inning purposes,
describe Uic place wlicit the Watei is lo bc a iiiinui to somi
natural cluuncl, aud lhe dillci-
cuce in allilude between ponu
ol diversion and point 01 leiuin.
Board of Trade
North Vancouver Board of
Trade meets the third Tuesday
of ench month, at 8 o'clock p
m., in the board room, City
Hall. Executive meeti the firit
Tuesday of each month. D. G.
Dick, President ; J. R. J. Murray, Secretary.
Ah x In I,aw has purchased
a pi. ti "i .u reafi oa Gabriola
and took .1 ...uw load ol
in::. ■ 1 a,'., 1 Tin-*day nifhl   lot
tin*   : ill poll    1,1   I i.K ting   a   lisi-
denci i.n ilu property.    It  is
undi nti od lhat other local par-
lerinf   pui. liases
in 1   * iliu 'l!u*   is
land  • „ CUpiei all  excellent   loci
tii.ii al the mouth ol Naiiaimu
CIVIL    I  -il.lM'KI'
yiiantiiT Bareefet an.l Arcliitc.-t
NofitH Vancouver
,   AI'llTKl. BY
Certificated Baifleal, M^.lioal and
M ,'. rnily Niirw*
Nkiis Suit Out on Application
Fur  l.rin.   ,i|*|.;.i   ..I   llu* BMpital
Cor, nil. Mreeii U. Aafina'i Ate
PR) Visions
Our .um ii I'l (ive iati ilai tion
III oui . UltO a I I
om .I. hv n i:u.'s iu ill parti al
Ihr 1 itv II mu Iinie in. tele-
ph.nn leave yunr nni and
um di liven will call.
Telephom 41
Cor. Slli hi. -nnl Lmisdad.
(j; Area ol crown laud intended lo be occupied by tbe
proposed works.    iNone.
ik) This uolice was posied
on uie 171I1 day ol August, lyoy
and application will be made lo
the commissioner ou the 20II1
day ol beptcmber, lyoy.
1,1; Give the naiiuc* and addresses ol any npanau proprietors or licensees who or whose
lauds ale likely lo bc alleiled
by lhc proposed works, cilliei
auuie 01 below the outlet.
Hail) li. Howell, lolo Georgia slieel, Wucouvei; Maurice
ijinuouigei ,i..i.i Georgia street
Vaucouver; (\m. bailey,Chestcr-
licld avenue, ^-orth \auioiiicr,
Uscar li. Allen, 140 tiianullc
street, Vancouvei, William C.
blcaiuiau, 2500 1st attuui west
Vancouver; F. \t,. Cauileild,\ ancouver club, Vancouver, li. C.
tm; The uame ol lhe I olil*
pauy in lull. Caulleild's Uaier
Work* Compauy, Limited.
i,n; The head olbce. Kuuius
80-67 Davis Chambers, 015 lias-
tings street west, \ aucouver, B.
lo;   The capital—how ditided
showing amount paid up.
Twciily-live thousand dollars
($25,000; diwded into itunly-
Uve thousand ,25,000; shales ol
Une dollar v»i; each, ol which
J15.00 has been paid up.
lIV Copy en such palls ol
the .Ueliioiaiiduni ol Assoilatlou
as althariaa lhe pioposed ap
pii,aiii.ii aud works:
"The objects lor whnh the
company  is established are:
(1) To supply the townsite
ol Caiillilids, being pail ul Utt,
trict Lots su and 1140 North
Vaiuouicr municipality, ami lhc
neighborhood ihere..I, i'llll water, aud lu tarry ou llu- buu-
ucss ol a water wuik., ...mpauy
iu all Us branches.
(2) To apply tor, slake, an i
lo sell and dispose ol Water.
tj; To make, build, construct, lay down aud maintain
reservoirs, water works, dams,
cisterns, culverts, Idler iieds,
main and olher pipes ami appliances and lo execute and do all
other works and things necessary or convenient loi uliiaining
stuiiug, selling, delivering and
measuring water or -iiieiwi.se
lor lhe purpose of the ioinp..iiy
'4; To acquile Watei Htortls
or licences and rcsciii.iis, -later works, main and other pipes
and other works allea.lt made
or conslructed wilh the object
ol supplying thc said mi'dilii.!-
hood with water.
l'er 1-ram is W    l .mlliild,
Managing Director,
(P, 0. Addresi)
Vancouver, Ii. C.
I or Boot and Shoe Repairing
and Custom Work   .   .   .
jo to THOS. 0. MILLS
Pioneer Boot Maker
Lonsdale Ave., opp. Ciiy Hall
I. O. (). F.
North Vancouver Lodge, No.
VS, meets every Thursday evening, corner Lonsdale avenue and
First street, at 8 o'clock. Visiting .brethren cordially invited to
attend. Ed\vin l't-ers, N, 0,;
Thos. S. Nye, Rec.-sec; J. H.
Pilling, Fin.-sec.
60  VEAR8'
W.  H. STtlNIT
W.   ('.    -MUIIIS,.*,
Sole ajjonti for Mureaco, the bust
material lor walla and ceiliii|*8
Phone R90
Signs of every deaoription
Wallpapera, Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Ac.
House  Painting   (..lazing,  Paper flanging,  kulsoiiiiiiing
Decorating, etc.
Safety Deposit lloxes to Rent. Safety Deposit Boxes to Rent, j
Trade Mami
Anmnd a.nfling a .ketrtl and rtmaninll*n mar
nul. ..I, uoa.rt.la . * r ,    ..I n fr ***, whaatlior ID
IUT..lllna I. |,raah.l !, ,  .Ualll.lilfl.   CoDimUlllCaV
(lain.«.rl<*»l;.**„illil**a.lliil. HANDBOOK on l'«taoU
jejit frtva. liUct ..onry fur .prurtuK i*^*.'..
1'al.M I. l..„.l tllMU.h M.atan all Co. taXMlrt
•faKkllmitiC., Wltl.nUt Cl.'-rvrt. IU ilia
Scientific Jfmericatt
A htnil^'iunj Uluatrntud weekly. F-AniMt otr-
nililloQ "( wj aclt'iit itlo Jt. hi inl, Terma for
i'ai.a'la, %A.1h 9 J99t, \*ialn*<J liri-jnUat Suld bf
all MWlMlM
frwoh OOm. 06 t' «. Wublutlin. DC.
Aotitii L.Bouior. TrutU*, Liquidator R«o*lv«ri and Aulgnt*
Court Bondi  I»u-*d
■ 0
Paid   on   ilcpoilti,  coiii|h.iiii.Iw1
lour timw yearly.
PtM Book! laauid
F. S KAKNARD, Chairman
HON. F. CiKTKK-CO'lTO.N.L'hiuriimn ol Eieeutiye
F. J. P. QUMON, Manager I. G. 11AINIVKIGUI', SnoreUry
llranyille Mai.iioua Block, corner  Kobaon anil Urautille
P. U. |M DU3 Phone n»tt
Safety Deposit Boiei to Rent. Safety Deposit Boiei to Reat.
3rd street, cir  Lonsdale ave
Tool Shaipming a specialty
Builders & Contractors
Lumber will never be cheaper.   Get in on the ground
Hoor.   Huild now
Specially—Our  own Kiln-
dried Flooring and Finloh
Milt:—l.ynn Omk.B.0.
III! tl, ill.
Cars leave Lonsdale Avenue,
Keith Road, and Queensbury
Avenue Terminals as follows:
"6.05 a.m.
*6.Jo   "
•7.00   "
8.05   "
8-35 "
9.00 "
9.25   "
9-45   "
10.25   "
io-55   "
After which cars leave ,.t Lie
minutes to the hour .ind Ihcii-
ty-five minutes after tie hour
unlil midnight.
Kor Grouse Mountain take the Lonsdale Avenue car. For
Lynn Valley take the Queensbury Avenue car. For Capilano
take thc Keith Road car.
Cars  leave  ferry  landing for
all points, as follows:
•6.15 a.m.
*6*45   "
•7.20   "
7*50 "
8.20 "
8.50 "
9.20 "
9-45   "
After ivhich cars leave at ten
minutes past the hour and twenty minutes  to thc Injur  until
• Not on Sunday.
We can handle as many more.     If you are thinking of  building
see us ind talk Ihe matter over
205 Lniiiilitle Ave.
aN'orth Vancouver
Cates' Wharf
Dockage lor Steamen
Warehouse Accommodation lor all purposes-
(ii.mls delivered if desired. Prompt seivice
Oi al  ROOM ll IOd  13,   Flack  Hlock,   Vancouver
Are limii-lit (or, l.ul out by *"
men, y. I tin- lan sex arc often
consulted ibout the purchase,
or tluy should be. Wedding
rinj;-. lannot be too good in
quality they an* not everyday
pur. liases. Wc have them in
heavy solid gold, guaranteed
lo last a Imi-- lilt-tiiii.. In
other stiles oi rings we rasilv
take the lead in variety, quality md low prices. Buy your
](neln hate and you will fet
the best value lot ynr money.
318 Cambie .Street
Wt <.'i..i 11,.  baa
nf M iii'if.atiir.r.,
!>,„ .„*■•<* n.i,,.'.. *
*    I . Hi' «., tr
I , I a|*tl«.   I'"    *.*,.,«■ v »<lv, ■ I*"    a     ...
m*.!, ..If. Oar fcaa»nl«'« Ad»lwr*nl .a- ., .-
tuit, Muatrtal 1 aa4 wwMn|.<*a Mb C4
Leave Van.
*6.2o a.m
7-30 "
H.30 "
9->5 "
10.15 "
11.15 "
12.15 p.m
1.15 "
2.15 "
3-15 "
4*15 "
.s.15 "
6.1J m
7-*>5 "
8.15 "
9.15 "
io.IJ "
•11.15 "
Leave N. Van.
•6.45 a.m.
7.50 "
8.50 "
9*45 "
10.45 "
11.45 "
12.45 P*m.
■•45   "
3-45   "
3-45   "
4*45   "
5-45   "
6*45   "
7-45   "
8.45   "
9-45 '
10.45   "
2*15   " 2-45
3*15   " 3-45
4-'5   " 4-45
5->5 545
6.15   " 6.45
7*25   " 7*45
8.15   " 8.45
9.15   " 9-45
10.15   " 10.45
"      I    11.15   " 12.00
Not on Sunday.
Time Table subject to change without notice.
Leave N. Van.      Leave Van.
*6.2o a.m.
•7.20   "
•8.2o   "
10.15 "
11.15 "
12.15 Pm-
1.15   "
"6.45 a.m.
•H.oo   "
•8.50   "
9-45   "
10.45   "
ii*45   "
12.45 P-iu*
1*45   " )/
An interesting and instructive
article on the Canadian system
of canned meal inspection has
been issued from Uie ollice of
the veterinary director general,
its chief features art- as lollows:
The meat inspection service ol
thc department ol agriculture at
Ottawa is carried ou under the
authority of the meat and canned loods acl, a measure which
received the royal assent at llu-
prorogation ol parliament in
June, 1907, and came into operation on September 3rd, ol thai
Present day sentiment in Europe and elsewhere, especially
since the recent revelations in
Chicago, is arrayed very strongly against thc use, as human
lood, ol any meats save those
duly inspected and certified by-
proper governmental authority.
It was in conformity with this
sentiment, and chiefly with the
object of preserving our valuable
export trade in bacon and similar products, that the moat and
canned foods act was passed.
With the view of clearing up
any misunderstanding which
may exist in the public mind as
to the exact nature of the legislation under which the present
meal inspection service is conducted, the following explanation is given:
Belore the meat and canned
foods act was introduced in the
house of commons by the Hon.
Sydney Fisher, the minister ol
justice was asked for an opinion
as to the powers ol the federal
government with reference to
meat inspection.
His reply was tlvat while these
puiiers undoubtedly warranted
lhe federal government in undertaking the inspection ol articles
exported from the dominion nr
Irom one province to another,
then- was very grave doubt as
to whether they would permit
ol a similar inspection ol articles, the trade 111 which was con-
lined within Uie boundaries of
any one province.
this limitation was especially
applicable to meat inspection, a
subject intimately associated
with public health, and ol the
matters which, since 1872, has
been dealt with altogether by
the provincial authorities.
Provision is made either by
the municipal act or by the
public health act ol each province, and in some cases by
both, for thc establishment and
carrying on ol municipal meat
And,under the provincial laws
thus provided, it is quite possible Ior municipalities to organize, at but little cost, a thoroughly cllcclive system ol local
meat inspection, thc machinery
being, in many cases, already
provided, and the additional expenditure, therefore, comparatively small.
Thc awakening of the publii
conscience on the meat inspection question might reasonably
be expected as a result ol the
adoption, by the federal government, of a policy ol inspection
ol meats for export and inter-
provincial trade, and the agitation now making itsell lell in
many oi the larger centres ol
population throilglioui llu COM
try is then-lore not surprising.
There is no doubt, that onie
the Canadian public has betoliie
seized ol the situation, they will
insist upon the adoption, by the
various municipal authorities
throughout the country, ol a
much more thorough system ol
dealing willl butchers and tinmen! trade generally than has
hitherto beea tolerated.
A fairly high standard Is being set, and all that is required,
is ior the municipal authorities
to adopt, under the legislation
now twisting, regulations, with
the view ol rendering unmarketable, diseased or otherwise unsound meats, which, under present conditions, cannot enter
establishments engaged in export or interprovincial trade.
The lirsl and most lluporUllt
stqp in this direction will, it is
needless to say, bc the providing
ol public municipal abattoir!,
to be conducted under inspection
method! similar to those 1 enquired by the meal and canned
loods act, especially as regards
the admission either ol live animals or their carcases.
The sooner the private slaughter house is abolished altogether, the heller Ior all concerned,
as most ol the objectionable
meats placed on the market,
emanate Irom these undesirable
and unsanitary places.
The trade in home-killed dressed carcases will also, lor similar reasons, gradually be wiped
out of existence, and although
the abolition ol this form of
meat disposal will probably
cause some temporary dissatisfaction among fanners, matters
will soon adjust themselves, and
the prolits to Uie producer will
ibe in no way lessened, although
tlie livers and other ollal, Hitherto utilized by the household,
will be no longer available.
The municipal aballoir is a
modem necessity and must
There arc many, not yet old,
who can well recollect when the
number ol hospitals in Can.id. 1
could almost bc coasted on the
lingers, and when a proposal to
erect an institution oi this kind
in a small town was looked upon as indicating a mild iorm 01
insanity, llow many of the
communities now possessing
modem and u|*-to-date hospitals
would In* s.itislicd lo do without
The same will be found true of
the abattoir, and il no othur argument could be advanced in
lavor ol the meat and canned
loods act than the lact that it
has aroused and is arousing public opinion on the great and important question of a sanitary
meat supply, this would fully
justify its being placed on the
statute books.
j There are at present employed
,68 veterinary inspectors, all of
whom have received a special
training in meat inspection, and
have passed a searching examination as to their qualifications.
There are also 11 lay Inspectors whose duties comprise tin-
supervision of thc marking and
shipment of goods.
The inspection conducted, is
as (ollows:
1 All animals l..r slaughter are
examined by a veterinary inspei-
tor on the premises belore they
are allowed to enter the killing
floor. All animals found to be
'diseased, or showing suspicious
'symptoms of any kind, arc tagged and held back until the end
of thc day's kill, when they are
slaughtered separately.
The inspector makes a thorough examination ol llu caicaaa
and of all organs of every animal as it is killed. If these arc-
found healthy, they arc stam|H(l
with the inspection legend, Uncrown, and the words "Ciii.id.i
Approved," as also tllc esl.ili-
lislmient number.
Anv meats found, in whole or
ill part, to be diseased, ,.r Irolll
other causes unlit (or lood, are
iiiinicdi.itclv in,nked with a
"condemned" tag.
Any carcass, in regard tn the
condition of which there is caOH
lor doubt, is marked "Held"
and set apart for further exam
ination, at the conclusion of
which the inspector decides as
to its disposition.
Condemned ciroscs and organs, as also any meats which
are at any time found to have
undergone such deterioration as
to unlit them for human food,
are tanked with the non-ed'ilile
products, under the personal supervision of an inspector,
A summary ol the reports of
condemnations made by the inspectors during the last fiscal
year, shows a total of 9,308
carcases, 280,541 portions, as
also 353,212 pounds of meat,
condemned as until for human
(ood. This should demonstrate
elleitually the necessity which
actually exists for a thorough
system of meat inspection.
When it is remembered that
these establishments under inspection handle only animals of
the best class procurable, the
conditions which exist in the ordinary private slaughter house,
conducted without inspection or
ollicial supervision of any kind,
may readily be imagined.
Boards of health and municipal authorities, have been too
long neglectful of the necessity
for intelligent action in the matter of meat inspection.
It is the duty of every man to
see that his family, as well as
himself, does not eat diseased or
unwholesome meat. In places
where establishments under federal inspection do not exist,
safety in this regard can be secured only by the establishment
of a municipal abattoir, conducted under the constant supervision ol a skilled professional
Thc ferrv directors are having
signs plated on the boats, warning people against jumping oil
the boats before the same are
securelv tied to the wharves.
Choicest Cut
in town at I.m eat prim
Give il' a t rial (or
W)7 Hasting** M., West
50c a
You can take an largo a load
an wii like for
Send vour 0WI1 tramp.
Iko.- Ml
17th .Street, North Vancouver
Water Notice
NOTICE is hereby given that
an application will be made under Part V. of the "Water Act,
1909," to obtain a licence in the
New Westminster division 61
New Westminster district.
(a) The name, address and
occupation ol the applicant.
Caulleild's Water Works Company, Limited.
(.11 Ior mining purposes] Free
Miner's certificate No	
(b) The name ol the lake,
stream or source (if unnamed,
the description is,). Cypress
creek in Lot 886, Group Une.
(c) The point ol diversion.
About loo feet above the High
Falls on Cypress creek in 1,01
88b, Group Une.
(ti; The quantity of water
applied for (in cubic feet per second). One-quarter ol one cubic
foot per second.
(e) The character of the proposed works. Intake at point
of diversion and pipe line about
2000 leet Irom point of diversion
to connect with existing water
(f) The premises on which
the water is to be used (describe
same). District Lots 1240 and
811, Group Une, New Westminster district.
(g) The purposes for which
the water is to be used. Municipal purposes.
(h) If ior irrigation describe
the land intended to be irrigated, giving acreage	
(i) II the water is to be used
for power or mining purposes,
describe the place where tne water is to be returned to some
natural channel, and the difference in altitude between point
of diversion and point ol mum.
$55 Cash
Balance in',6, 11, 18 and J4 months, buys* lull qutrter-itre on tins mad oier-looking
the river. The trimline question 11 to be belore the b. C. E R Directors in London
this month.
Huy now in this exclusive neighborhood.
213 Lonsdale Ave
Telephone L89
(j) Area of crown land intended to be occupied by the
proposed works.    None.
(li) This notice was posted
on the 17th day of August, iyoy
and application will be mane to
the commissioner on the 20th
day of September, 1909.
(1) Give the names and id-
dresses oi any riparian proprietors or licencees who or whose
lands are likely to be afiected
by the proposed works, either
above or below the outlet.
Harry B. Howell, 1010 Georgia street, Vancouver; Maurice
Gintzburger, 1001 Georgia St.,
Vancouver; Wm. Bailey, Chesterfield avenue, North Vancouver
Oscar B. Allen, 440 Granville
street, Vancouver; William C.
Stearman, 2500 1st avenue west
Vancouver; F. W. Caulfeild,Vancouver club, Vancouver, B.C.
(m) The name oi the company in full. Caulleild's Water
Works Company, Limited.
(n) The head oflice. Rooms
80-87 Davis Chambers, 615 Hastings street west, Vancouver,B.
(0) The capital—how divided
— showing amount paid up.
Twenty-five thousand dollars
(|25,ooo) divided into twenty-
five thousand (25,000) shares oi
One dollar ($1) each, of which
J5.00 has been paid up.
(P) Copy of such parts of the
Memorandum ol Association as
authorize the proposed application and works:
"The object! ior which the
company is established are:
(1) To supply the townsite
oi Caulieilds, being part ol District Lots 811 and 1240 North
Vancouver municipality and the
neighborhood thereof, with water, and to carry on the business
oi a water works company, in
all its blanches.
(2) To apply for, stoke and
to sell and dispose of water.
(3) To make, build, construct, lay down and maintain
reservoirs, water works, dams,
cisterns, culverts, filter beds,
main and other pipes and appliances and to execute and do all
other works and things necessary ar convenient for obtaining
storing, selling, delivering and
measuring water or otherwise
ior the purpose oi the company.
(4) To acquire water records
or licence! and reservoirs, water works, main and other pipes
and other works already made
or constructed with the object
of supplying the said neighborhood with water.
Per Francis W. Caulfeild,
Managing Director.
(P.O. Addreii)
Vancouver, B. C.
Canyon View Hotel
AUTOMOBILE STAGE meets every car at  end ol Keith
Road Line, North Vancouver.
Kates f J.50 per day anil upwards.
Lynn Valley Acreage
We have ievt-ral acre Mocks, oloN to new
oar extension. Fur future rabdivkiOM theie
oiinnot be equalled on north side of Inlet Prices
from $475 per acre and good terms.
Lonsdale Avenue, near Ferry
Phoncs-Oftice 24 House 22
i fiefs
The Sixth Annual Exhibition
will be held in Horticultural Hall
on Friday and Saturday, 10th
and I Ith of September, 1909
for   Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers, Slock, Gardens, Domestic Science, Lidies'  Work,  Children's Work, etc
Promenade Concert       Children'! Sports       Public Dance
Full detailed Frire List will be issued in a few diyi
a.mpb.11 A Unfit
Everything new end up-to-date.     All clmei of  laundry
work for hotels, houses, individuals, etc.
First class work ny latest and best methodi.     City  md
district delivery.    Moderate charges.
Hive your Launbry Word done locally,
lit Al) OniCE AND WORKS:
Mth Street, Eait
DOWN 10WN 0 Hid
37 I onsdalr Ave
A. J.   HOOD
,<i   Lonailf.l*   Avi,
Watches and   Clocks Clean*!   and
Repaired at moderate prices
All nnrl ftiirioteetf.	
For Fall Planting
Bulbs Irom tlie beet Euro-nan and
Japan growers.
Home grown Iruil and ornamental
Itaat, grown on np-land soil without irrigation, in the only part ol the American continent not infested will, the San
Joae scale.
Garden, Field an.l Flower Seed.-tcst-
ed stock Imm the lust growers in the
Wire Fencing and Gate
Spray I'nmpe, Fertilisers, Re* Supplies, Cut Flowers, Spraying Materials,
White Ubor only.   ,
New 167 page Catalogue Iree.
Graenln.ii.e. and See.lhouaes
:t010 Westminster Road, Vnueouver.H.C
Branch Nursery I South Vancouver
lis I iih
All new houses should be piped Ior gas in order to lave the
heavy expenditure lor thii convenience at a later date.
Lonsdale Ave.
North Vancouver
Tran»fer •"SISS1*
# ti 092**91 m
Cartage, Removals,
Parcel Delivery,
ON        H«A»aaN»HI.S       lHRUS
iihr  wiHiia mini iiii wit
Telephone 70.        Ni|hl talis 1 j THI EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
TIIK    EXPRESS        tK.ii^liip with, and its material
Noam Vascouvii, B C.       MwKm uI'0"' uU *■ intimls
  ..I the community in which it is
H*T«s ur ScnscKii-riijs : published,   the  local   newspaper
Out. vear afl.00    is expected to be. well abreast ol
SfTrthi' • ' ■ '   « \v<M~ ***** « "«**«
Uniltnl Stales :iiMI'uri.ii-ii,|l..Vli.i-ryi-arJin advance oi it, it is expected
that those in control ol the paper will produce a iicdu.ilile
shcel, such as will favorably impress   outsiders as to the 10111-
TiumiaxT   |iui-i.AY   a mm llllllll
.VI Cents JUT llllll Clli 'll ill-.Ttiull.
Lowis N..ticks, Etc.—♦1.00 |..*r inch pit
Lam> am Tihmi Nofieu 'M -lav., |ft
60 ilays, |7.AU.
LauAi. Auvih'iisimi—first umcrliuii, 1(1
Cents per Inu-; cinl. MlbaMqDWl inner
lion, (s, per line.
Blind Norm ii Local Nm Coi
rias—11) cnif |ai.rliin*,.'a.*li lotmtlotl,
CnrtKAtT  I III HI llllllll   IlltW arraign) icoordio| to .puce tiku,
All changi ■ ni contract idnrtiMntuti
mnst I*" in thl InunIp oi thl primer l.y
W«lii,.i..lavi.v.*iilia|* to UHN 1'iil.liralii.n
Inllie uol issue
Nokih Vam'oUvkk, Si l'i. lo, lijot)
The general aad steadily accelerating forward inovement ia
the development oi the North
Shore ..i Burrard Inlet, is dear-
It recognized by ihose who arc
dost- studtnis oi local condition!. This progress is itronj
It in evidence from Uowe Sound
on the west, to the North Arm
on ihe eail, and from lhc waterfront on the souih, io Un* i,:i i-
injj diitricti at thc head watcn
oi ihe creelu on ilie north,
Moreover, tin influence ol  thii
.i.n..Hit 1*, lelt all along lllc line
oi local intereili. li manileati
itsell in tin* building ui roudi.
and ni preparation! Utt greaiei
activity in ilns regard  in  tne
Iii.ii  luiiiii  mi systematic lm,...
in in. mbdividing oi acreagi
traits, in uider to render them
nadil) marketable; in tac coming ci additional induathal cou
cerni, to locale on ilns aide j-
thi hiiii, iu Mi.nit increan ui
button iijm.ii thc part ..i nnius-
trial concern! alreadj ratal
ed, and alsu upon thc pert ol
local merchant!; in thc large .,
in.iiuii ol building which is ...
preient under wai; in the Head
iniilU ul population ol a   Uiu ,1
dutiable and ui a permanent
character; in tli. eztenuoa and
eipaniion oi Uaniportalion  la
clllllcs. With a tlui   lo .ills-til*
iiijj prment requirement! and oi
meeting the greatlj increaic-o
demandi oi lhc near future, i..>...
UpOU lhe p.ill ul lllc Kill   illlt.
t'li'.ilc   olid   the 11.  t,  J-,1.  ki.
Co., and in main particular!
oi iii i than thon mentioned,
Tins entile movement ii one >.i
health} growth, ol all round development, .unl its lignilicance
1 loit lo tlluse it Uu stud)
tlic illll.it lull sullltlelill),   la,   in
,i i. ia. auuratel) Interpret Um
... llu  nines.
In a movement ol tins naimc,
in ..nt communit)-, it ii but Um
aetata!  ..Llu   ilui   Um   local
papei   slu.iil.i   participate.
I inui normal coaditioni, thi n
inititution ihai ii in iuch
i touch mth the ihought
oi tin communit} aa, or that ii
iiaa.u auKeplibli lo thou  coaditioni which, lot llit  nine obtain  iu  Ihal community,    lhan
Uu newspaper whkh lervca that
particulai coniUtuencjr,  At the
saint* tune then is lio medium,
111 wllltll ulltle, lo the HUM ditto*     .ami I of lull    all*
i icnticated  information, which
*    II    t'i  ., lllll, illll   Hll.l},'!   iln*
probable deli luplnellLs ol the lu-
ture, ai in ihe local newipaper,
Tin newipaper is Um, at uiice
a thermometer upon which is
rcgiitered the rceolteat iiiiliinue
pi eaiiting  condition! ia Um
. mitj ainl also a baii.lne-
1. 1 b) nn,ills ul uhlili llu.se ex-
1 ling   mil.Iilia.tl*.   luluasl     the
probabiliUa ol the future.
Ikiaiisc ul iln intinialc   ltl.i-
liiunil) liom whkh il emanates,
and thai lhe) will follow an eli-
terpriiing policy such as will
keep lhe paper ttell abreast ol
lile nines, in its tuiistilucni)'.
Since The Express came under
ilu control ul those who have
been in chargi oi the paper ior
Uie pasl one and uiie-hall years,
il has been the endeavor to keep
iliu principle! above enunciated,
constanth in new and lo acl
according!). The lact that this
polk) has been rcioguued and
appreciated, is evidenced by ihe
i aai uui intereit minlhit m thu
paper by the citizens, and in Uw
iu)al manner in ninth the iiu.w-
nal, liieiiaiitilc aiid olher business nilelesls ul the cullllllUllllv
halt, rallied round the shcel; lo
uhlili causes ll is lively admitted that tlic success thus iar attained, is maud) attributable.
The liiauajjeiiiiiil has lur sonic
tunc past been impressed with
lhe fact that, in order lo measure up tu what mighl reasonably be expected in lhc luture
Irom the local newspaper, a
broadei and stronger basis ol
i.ig.inualioii    uas    imperative.
Following out this convktfam,
lhc business has now been organized on a joint stock basis,
under lllc name and slyle ol
".Norlh Shore Tress Limited."
This name has been chosen because it is comprehensive and
ltMjjnaics accurately, iht mn*
iiitucac} which The Express us*
piics to occupy,uaiiicly, all that
iniUnit iihuh at present luin-
piiscs the illy and lhc dist rut
oi North Vancouver, httinri
as ihe interceta oi all mcUom oi
lhe .Noilh Shore as thus denoted mil be, in the broad sense,
identical,  ior iii.uii   yean   io
colnc, irrespective ol tile setiial
centre! ol population that nia)
In created here or there.
It mil be the collliuued an.l
nl Hit Kxpress lo creditably repl csdil this constituent)- which
ll has the honor tu unlip), alld
tu nndur efficient and valuable
service lo all Worthy interests
mil tallied therein.
In ihe coiiiniuii purpose it huh
a. III.lies   all   llllu   ale   aitlicl)
identified uuh the North Shore,
oi promoting bm Intenata .md
ui developing her magnificent resources,   The   Expicss  heartily
palllilpalcs ami hopes   lor    lllc
continued goodwill ami co-opef*-
illoll ol lllc cill/.tlls nl bulb tit)
iini diatrict, in uldci  lllal   lhe
|MjM    lil.il    atlalll   lllc   lalgcsl
ilstliiliuss in Us sphere.
We always carry in simk
ami thst our pries, cannot ha
Lonsdale Ave and htli it
Subdivision of Blocks 2 and 3,
D. L. 613
Keith Road $ Sleel llrldgs
Road Allowance
Price-I to 8, $430 each
—9 to 16,   400   "
TERMS- '4 cash, balance 6, II and 18 monthi.
We can strongly recommend this as a good and sale
The   Sherwin-Williams   Paintt   Cottr   tht   Earth
P. S. THOMAS, Phrn. B.
We carry in stock a lull line ol Rifles, Guns ami Ammunition at
the lun nst ninrkel prices
Conn in and see the new Canadian Ross Rific.
Paine  tU McMillan
The Pioneer Hardware
The   Sheroin-Williamt   Paintt   Cottr   tht   Earth
lt is a fortunate tilcliliislaiiic
that up to llu- presenl im accident has been incurred l.v anv
number ol the great clouds
tvbii h Iind it necessary In cross
the C.l'.R. railway Hacks, m
going to and from the lerry
landing on the Vnni.iat.-r si.l-
The narrow escape- '.« Ilu ll l.n
morning, ol an aged lady. I resident ol North Vancouver,li' u:
serious accident at this danger
point, calls attention to the urgent need ol some adequate provision lor public safety. The
i.ise is too palpable that public
pinion could not lie other than
unanimous with respect thereto.
It is probable thai no expedient
involving large expense tniltl lie
adopted at the present tune,bill
il the citv of Vancouver   ituiild
igrt-e to station a policeman at
this point, to take the supervision ol lhc pedestrian trallii.lhc
situation would be relieved
Km l M ""j	
all kinds ol Mission and Antique 1'urin-
tnr-a, -"tore, 09m, Hank and Har Futures.   Repairmi in all its branches.
ITS Tblrd II. Va. Bti. ChMWrB.11 and Lnniii.l.
..l I*, -it. BcDool
MAIL ORI-EKS given prompt attention
Home  Made
Oakes, Paslry, Confectionery
ll.'-'    Mall,  I    *   «
fl ami 1 ain
|N Lonsdale Avenue
The lollowiiiK just receired (rom thn east.     Nothing newer or .hea|ier
in Vancouver.
A choice line ul New Neck Kucliing (rum 10c,
flells, Latest Styles, Irom 2oclofl.UU.
Fancy Collars from 25c,
i yards Hair Ribbon, all colors, (or 25c.
(Inr new stock ol jewelry has arrived, heautilnl ilcnigns
very cheap.
It is not ■.-"in*; to rain, but st-e our fl.mi umhrellas.
You cannot match lliem.
■r mi 11/9*2 PI0NEER DRY GOODS,
^11 \ VV ^ Gent' Furnishing and Fancy
a,,r,n    ^   Store.  Cor. 2nd& Lonsdale
KBTABI.lHHKri lt)a.(t
New ClothinO
Tor Tall
Ha* Just Arrived
Buy early while [there Is a
larRe range to choose Irom.
Every suit is a bargain
dent's Clothing. I uini.lungs, Men's,   Ladies', and
Children's Hoots an.l Sli".*.
Direct From the East a Large
Shipment of Iron Bedsteads
To some the word I.-.I mean, nly a plice In .leep and rml.
Hut with the ideal housewife it MMM (ur a great ileal more.
I, .ulesfor (deep the bed must help tu make the room look
pleusnul and allriti'tively furnished
Nnl "I impurtance is a store when, miti-faction can he found
Having an .-lira Urge shipment ol blafljM (rum the Inclury,
.. hia-h ilii'lild, . mir -ire M design itOttt I no time ilmnld he lost
in coming tu in.|«H*t lium A Uti..r clu.ice cannot be had any.
where, nor lower prices.
$4.00 TO $30.00
mi urn \\m\m wm: mmm
34 and 3* Lonedal*
Two I,ote close to waterfront. All
cleared and close lo Second Narrows.
|2N)each.    fllSlcash balance 11, 12, IS.
AO-foot lot, cleared and close to Lonsdale rat. t ■" lii'i cash, lialar.ee 111)
per month, no intereat.
Capilano Acrenge, It) acres at |7n.0O
per acre, close lo new hotel. Terms
'j cash, balance H and 12.
Real i-.sfcii. Spcdalut 15 Lonsdale Ave.
White Cliff City
Twelve Miles from
English  Bay  Pier
White Clifl is K n.iiiit.l U-
eause ul tin* (act that unt of lhc
Waters which law- ils ihortl
rises a soiut-ivhai lun, rounded
rock blull, worn siuuulh liy thc
friction ol the ivatcis through
the ceiiliirits and ble.ulied while
ibv the combined tctioo ol the
salt water and the sun. The
property is situated at the
extremity ul 11..tic SuiukI on
the south-east, and comprises a
jut tin-* peninsula, mil iiij-h severed (loin the mainland liy the
eiiiio.uliin-- waters ul fkglc
li.irl.<ii mi iln suiuh, and Horseshoe bay on the lioilh.
The 13011 acres which comprise
its area, ale illtidcd inlo llirce
parallel talhis lit ranges ul lutt
lying hills, among whose rmiilil
ed lops nestle many lniiiiaiiii.
plale.ills,    providing    dt-lighl lul
nooks, inviting t,. net coolness
and quiet. These valleys art
platted intu spacious lots, untiring in all sonic 2110 attis ,.1
land. So deeply is the peninsula indented with bays, that   it
mg .unl mountain climbing give
varied opportunity ior exercise
lu the sitting.
White  Clin   was a favorite
camping ground ol ihe Indians,
.iiul su lulll ittie lhe) lo Lave
lis lii.uities llial llu* rocky isles
along Us shores were tin* burial
grounds ol their thicis. To the
early white settlers it was
Uiuitii  as  the  "Cit-ni  ol  Hone
On account ol its many natural harbors, this peninsuij  has
lung been one ol iln most popular ports oi tall with yachts-
nun.     Theie lhe   mosl   fragile
will provide every modern convenience, when completed.
A lake surrounded by evergreens, nestles in the hills immediately at the rear of the
properly; but in order lo make
every provision Ior an unlimited
supply ol pure water for domestic purposes, water rights have
been tiled on three mountain
streams running through, or adjacent lo the property. The installation ol a water servire system will receive early consideration. Two of these streams Iall
over high precipices, developing
excellent water power, and it is
planned lo Utilise this for electric light and power purposes.
The preliminary clearing for
roads and streets has already
mm men-red, ami the townsite
will be intersected by spacious
streets and shady avenues.
At present, White Cliff is
about one hour from Vancouver
by means of steamship service,
and a special ferry service from
English bay pier lo the property
and return twice daily is in contemplation. In addition to this
the Keith automobile and driving road from North Vancouver
lo White Clifl, the continuance
of tlie electric cariine from Vancouver to White Clill, and the
building of the V. W. & Y. Ry.
possesses a coasl line of nol less
than seven miles.
Nowhere in all this land of
beaut) has nature bun 1111.ru
prodigal ol all that lijuiiiulc
the mind alld builds up tile bod\
1 hall al Ull lie Cllll In lh.
Us hill ami dale, mountain
stream and mean U-atll, its
shady glade, alld lull-tup tuns,
ils spaikliug \t.iltis (rom lhe
siiow-iappeil 111aiimt.1111. Us set
bathing mi nuiiiiioiis I*.... In
ainl Iht lilt-giiing ,11 ul iln
greal   I'.n nit   permeating   all,
cralt an iiicitu.ilh sheltered
from wind and waw. At the
same lime, the deep waters   .•(
Borstshoe bt]  im ol i-isher-
man's GOVC. oiler must excellent
•null..1,ige lur lhe largest vessels
Deep  sea   tilhing    lor   tod,    sia
sole. s.iiiiiiiii troUt and sal
mun, ailuids a musl enjoyable
and  ivliil.ii.itmg  spun   111   the
I immediate twitim, while adjacent  mount,nu  streams   entice
llli .itili-lll angler to llieir tool
lt*. isms lul smaller spctlliniis ol
ilu linny tflbe.     Uuh miiuI.1i
through the property, with a reservation for a railway station
on the shore oi Horseshoe bay,
constitute potent factors in the
progress and up-building of
White Clill. The present run ol
one hour lo White Clill will lie
cul in half by lhe consummation
ol the planned transportation.
Not the least importanl plan
lor the ihwlopintiii ol white
Clill is an hotel of the most up-
to-date type, with spacious
grounds. Under the control of
lhe   Uialiagiiuiiit   ol   the   hotel
families who desire seclusion.
The hotel site has been decided
upon, and for convenience and
beauty stands unrivalled. Clill
Bay, where the hotel will be situated, oilers splendid opportunities for salt water bathing, and
on lhe Sound within a mile ol
the hotel site are the deep-sea
lishing grounds ol the early aborigines. Part of the original
hotel site is platted into lots,
and will be available for erecting permanent homes in a position that will enable the occupants to avail themselves of the
comforts and conveniences of a
lust class hotel.
A feature tributary to While
Clill which will appeal to thc
student and those who wrestle
with problems, social, economic
tine] religious, is the proposed
summer school. It is the intention lo conduct this school
along the lines ol the popular
Chautauqua'assemblies of the
United States. The curriculum
ol the school will include lectures by celebrated scholars from
Great Britian, Eastern Canada,
and the United States. A tract
ol 45 acres has already been set
aside for school purposes. The
letters ol enquiry and approbation already received from distant parts of Canada and the
United States, justify the most
sanguine views of this feature of
White Clill.
The working out of this broad
and comprehensive scheme is a
matter of only a comparatively
short time, and White Clill City
is without doubt destined to
stand in practically the same relation to the congested population upon Burrard Inlet,, in
which Atlantic City stands to
New York, or Brighton to London. The summer resorts of
the North Shore will contribute
an important factor to the facilities allorded for relaxation
and recreation, at a convenient
distance Irom the busy and
crowded commercial and industrial centres.
J. W. Balmain is in receipt of
a letter from South Africa, by
A. Wilkie MacKenzie, formerly
prominent in mining circles al
Saiitlon, and who went to the
veldt with the Strathcona Horse
Discussing conditions in South
Africa, Mr. MacKenzie wiites as
(ollows: "The Dutch or Boers
are quite settled down. Of course
you Iind a lot of bitter and disappointed ones amongst them
just the same as you will hear
today in the States between the
north and the south, they siill
hold to the old grudge. The
Dutch women are marrying a-
mongst the British, so there is
no doubt that through time, ilu
old sort- will be blotted out. Ol
course our present goveriiin.iii
are Dutch, but everything runs
smoothly, and now thai ihey
are forming a union of Cape
Colony, Natal, Orange River
Colony and Transvaal, il will
bring relations closer together."
government commission to control all towns springing up a-
long the railways. The rest
must be lelt to local patriotism
and local intelligence."
General Contractor
CLEABIW, i.n.tniNii,  KXC.tVAT-
ING, Kti'.
Preserving fruit*
For  sale   by  the   case.
Best   Emits   at   Lowest   l'rices.
Also full sluck of fresh
(1K0CEHIES and
J. elerssen, Pi o|>.
65 Lonidale Avenue.
Liquor License ^plication
TAKI NOTICE, that 10datallerdale
*■ I inland tu apply tu ilie Board of
Licenw, Cuiiiii.i.m.iiirri fur llit l'u** ol
Nurlli Vancuuver, for a -hop or bottle
liafii.t, under the pr. anions of tha
".Municipal Clauaea Act", 190*3, lor the
purpuae of «.*liin| liquor under tha pro-
w-iiaia. of Sub-se.-liun 3 of Section 175 of
•ai.l .let, in a two etury block, lob*
ereettd on Lol -lli, Hlock 156, Sub-divi-
•ion uf District Lot 271, in the lily of
North Vancuuver, which aaid lul it situated on lhe North Hide ol First itr.-et,
Kant ..I Lonidale Avenue.
D**Jed thin   3rd day of   Septembar,
A.a, tm,
Hair I'm 1,-ic
Shave 10c
18 Lonsdale Ave.
N.V. Fish Market
All ki.aal.aaf I-H, Ki.li d-.|j*--r*v daily
Smoked Fish a ipeciallv.
Poultry, Fa-ii- an.l VegaUblea
Our aim ia to please our cuitomera ia
to (tooda and pricei.
Cor. Lonsdale Ave. A 8th itreet
Phone 84
S. H. Walker,  •   Proprietor
No excuse now for not
Contracting for seven! hundred
pianos J375.00 to 1(450.00 grides
it a big cut from Minufai Inters'
Wholesale Prices, enables us to
ship in
and by the "new harness system," MVieU to us many dollars
in freights alone, we are now
Popular   Dependable   Pianos
$J75   fatjo    $300   »3i5
J.6.00 to 110.00 per month
When you deal withus you get the
best that Thf. Larcisi PiamoCom-
. krn in Wesntl Canai.a, backed
by jtTSAtl I'Kti. mar ixiKKUHtl I
and au abundance nl capital, can
Montelius Piano House, Ltd
-JM4I lUlllefa SlrtaM wwl
Vancouver,      •       •       B.C.
Pn sli Bread daily delivered
to nil pans of the cilv.
16 I.i,.ves for } 1
4 for 15 cents.
phoni 8       71 Lonsdilt Art
New enterprise on  Lonsdale  Avenue,   No.  443
Batw.-an Ith andMh Mreeta.
The North Vancouver Piano Co. &
school or MUSIC
Will Mil you my 'inltrumant wanttvl and t*arh yon how In play
iIhmii.   Oavt your piano tuning ordt-ri at this plice.
Call and »«e ut.   Kaay terma extended to you.
Look (or the above tndemirk,
the sign nf quslity. on your
cereal foods.
We manufacture the best
Rolled Oats
on the markit todty.
Leive your orderi with us lor
Prompt Delivery
Sitisficlion (iiianntee.l
in. Brackman-Ker
Milling Co.
Loildilt  Annua,
it Firry Liadmg
jts. Chipnun,   local minifir.
j lus strength .Hid  li.llc   Iii    llli
int,iiul,   wluli    Iti   roedl    .iiul
trails, Us lulling bo,itiin[,liunt*
iinproviiiiiiiis, nhnb Mn owneri mil bi tamerou mel] cottefn
ol this ideal Miiimiti reaideace dotted ettMf Um evergieea iir
property have is contemplation, trees and spreading maples,  ior
a  I
A Difficult Proposition
(To be done on an ordinary City Map)
Place one puint nf a coiii|inss at tin- font of Lonsdale avonu-- .nu), witli 1
radius nf 9.1, inches, deeoribe nn arc, cutting ll.l. rV.iH tt iboDt the middle of nur
Hall Acre Blocki—thtl if, nt Block 28—and Inning its points terminating at the
It is required to find within this reditu a half acre hlock with mU,mm))i
surrounding and view P*|U|1 to llmse in D.L BM, fnr $318 each.
Invi -torn are realizing it cannol be done imd are *nirchai,iiig them on very
Nn terms.
Martinson & Co.
Real   K»tnte   nmi
IniMirnMee  DfoktHI
♦♦♦♦eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-meeeeeeoeeeeeeeoMH THE EXPR1SS, NOHTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
The North Vancouver choral
society held a meeting on Wednesday evening in the diitrict
municipal ollice. About fifteen
members were present. A couiniittee was appointed to Interview last year's nu-inhi-rs and
gain their renewed support Ior
the coming season, also to obtain the support ol any new
miners who may be intc-it-stt.l
in choral music.
Tho uitiiiiiiltiT consists ol lllc
following: Mrs. Braim, Dr. Morrison, Messrs. .Tallies, Farmer,
and Hooley.
J, Alexander was elected conductor lor the season, and II. V.
Smith, secretary.
It was decided to hold Ilic
lirst practice- oil Wednesday, the
15th inst., at X p.m., in tin- Ks
plaliade cafe. Cowt-n's taiil.it.1.
"The Rose Maiden" will Ik- l.ikr
en up, and it is hoped to be ibll
to give a concert about Christmas. All last year's members
are requested to be present .iiiil
bring their music. Any new
comers desirous ol joining this
organization will be welcomed
and may obtain information,
with regard to copi«6 of music,
etc., from the secretary or any
member of the committee.
In the police court, Tuesday
morning, Geo, Eastman was lined live dollars or ten days, (or
drunkenness, and Christie .lohn
and Stephen Anthony, two Indians were fined twenty-lite
dollars and costs, or one month
in gaol.
C. N. Haney, ol Vancouver,
barrister, is to address a meeting in St. Andrew's ihurih on
Monday evening, at N p.m., under the allspices ol the V.l'.S.C.
B., his subject lieing "Liquor
Legislation." The public arc
u.nliallv invilcd to atlclid, .nnl
are assured of a capable handling of the subject, as Mr. Ham 1
has made it a special study.
[Editor Express:
' Sir—As captain ol the North
Vancouver boating club, I desire
to extend my sincere thanks to
tllie public at large for the
hearty support and attendance
accorded us at last Monday's
To the young ladles who took,
an active part in a goodly nuiii-
jbtt ol Ilic events (whkh addird
largely lo the success of our
ng,ilia 1, I extend my deepest
gratitude, and 1 firmly liu.it
that in luture aquatic spoils
thev will always take an active
1 had promised tthcii awarded
the sculling championship ol 11.
Ca, that 1 wollld row no more,
but, finding a lingering enthusiasm in the ranks of the Norlli
Vain outer ilub, 1 decided to resume the harness so as to induce
my fellow members to take ,111
interest in the welfare of the
' Climatic conditions havt- ruined my health, and, therefore, at
the close ul the season, I shall
regretfully retire from the iolds
of the roiling club,and whatever
my luture liiovciiiuits may be, 1
shall .iltvavs have the fondest
wishes for the prosperous welfare of the North Vancouver
hotting club.
To the lollowing business men
1 am thankfully indebted ior
prim and donations:
j J, A. McMillan, F. W, Robertson, Hon. Carter-Cotton, Wood
\k Son, W. J, Dick, A. W. Nve,
A. J. Hood, Dr. Caniplbcll, Ross
& Co. of Vancouver, silver np
by P. Larson, A. B. Diplock,
cup bv the Caiiaidian Fairbanks
Co., Paine .St McMillan, f. Clin
Con Jones ol Vancouver, a gold
medal, whkh will be contested
at some future regatta. Voiirs
September H, 1909.
The following is lhc programme for lhe promenade concert to
be held in tbe Horticultural Hall tonight at H o'clock,
/'iiiiiiiami Viclm "The Gitrdenol Dream,' ■	
Mm Cameron anil Mm Matcnn
Stwr Sclrcttil	
Mr. lloolex
SlOg "The Armorous Goldfish Sidney /onei
Attn Cameron
Comic Song  Selected.  	
Mr. S. llumphret.
Violin Duel     "Petit Marche" Hermann
The Mmet Archihald
StOf "The /on,,/Moiil" lMntl Mon,lion
Mr  Ailammn
Piano Solo Stlecttii	
Miss Marcon
•Wl' "The Deathlest Army" H. Tiotne
Mr. Farmer
1'iano Solo  I'Ellcnliin:''    Jenhnwn
Mm/.   Ar.hihulil
&•¥ "Ilafifi Song " Teresa del Mg*
Mrs. C I. Jackson
Smi Selected	
Mr. lli'olet
Violin Trio ' 'Moment Music ar' Scliuhtrt
The Misses Archibald
Smt "The Miller and thr Maid" Then. Marzials
Mrt. Simpson
Piano Solo Selected	
Mr  Alexander F Reilh
''.•'  I'lid "Strtet Bells al Eve"'.	
Mn Sun/.. on and Mm Cameron
Comt, Song Selected	
Ml. Humfhies.
Violin Duet   "Shine Lillle Glow IVorm"	
Misi Cameron and Mm Alaiion
S*M  "The Sailor i Grave" Arthur Sullivan
Mi   Farmer
*•*¥ "Down thr Vale" Fi.inf I, Mu
Aim Cameron
Piano Solo Selected	
Mr  Alexander F. Rei/h
■Wc   "The Pefoutn Love Son/;".'. Ciro Piniutt
Mr. Adamson
S<"*i  "My Am Folk" Laura Lemon
Mis. Snnpton
Vocal Duel -A Re.ru/ar Rotal Oueen" Arthur Sullivan
Mrs. Simpson and Miss Cameron
God Save the King,
Saturday, September llth, 1909, B.30,   Dance.   Tickets $1.00
Members of the Horticultural Society, half price.
You are muted to visit our Millinery Parlor. Tm
latest ideas in Milltniry, Halt, l-lou-ert, Ornaments
Tullei, Rihhons, Chiffons, Velvtts. The assortment tall
he found complete.
iir Lonidale Avenue
Nm th  Vancouver
b tbt opinion of Acting Mayor Prescott who was a member of the party vbksb attended the formal
opening (Jl Whiti* Cliff as a guest of Col. White. In his address Mr. Prescott said be "heartily congratulated the Company on the excellent idea upon which they were at work and expressed his appreciation of tlie opportunity of seeing for himself the lovely spot on which their choice had fallen, and
declared that he had always considered Horseshoe Hay the hest spot for such a purpose on Howe
Sound and was convinced of its success."
Nowhere else in Howe Sound is there a location lor a summer home which has as many natural advantage! and the same beautiful scenery as you will find at White Cliff.
The lots are 50 feet wide ; they face the Bay and command an uninterrupted view of the sound
and snow-capped mountains iu the distance.   It is an ideal view property.
The attractive features of the location, the natural beauty of the spot, the splendid supply of fresh
water from three mountain streams, the presence of deep salt water to the very shore line, the fact
that the natural foreshore of Horseshoe Hay and Fiiherman's Cove is reserved for public UBe, the excellent fishing in the immediate vicinity ; its convenience to Vancouver, from which it is no further
removed than an* the residences of the greater mass of business and professional men in sueh cities
as New York and Chicago from their places of business.
Such a resort as White Cliff is demanded by existing conditions at present, and we know of no
more desirable location for the purpose than White Cliff.
In order that you may fully appreciate the beauties of Howe sound it is really necessary that you
visit the property.
You will find White Cliff more beautiful than described.
If you are interested in a site for a summer home, before you decide on any particular location,
take time to carefully investigate the many points of merit in White Cliff.
Call at my office and viow the many photographs taken of the property.
The prices are low the terms easy. If you forward your name and address at once I will be pleased
to furnish you with a copy of the beautiful bonk now on the press of "Picturesque White Cliff"
ALBERT WHYTE, General Agent
23 Imperial Blook, Seymour street,  Vancouver, B.C,     Phone 3330 THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
f 11 f f 11111MMMItH t it | il 11 f t fl f 11M M M MI it TI ll I it I f ~~~»^^*~**^****~***^****~**^~~»*^*^^****«*»**«**«**«»**»***»»»^
< i
■ f'
' 3'
tr***************************** ***************99******99990**9****9*-***********************i
North Vancouver Properties
Cleared City Lots
for Sale at Mrs I Cost
The lew remaining lots in block 53, D. L. 550, on 14th, 15th
itreet and Ridgway avenue, being one block west ol Queensbury
Inside loti }joo to $525 each.    Corners J600 each.
Size ol inside loti 50 by 156 leet each. Corners 60 by 156
Ieet each.
Theie lot! are particularly well situated, 15th street being
already cleared and graded to its full width, and lots of similar ilze In that vicinity now selling for I700 to f<3oo each.
Thi lot! above mentioned are genuine snaps.
For Sale
Intending purchasers ol choice acreage west of ihe Capilano
or in any other part oi lhe Uisirict will profit gieatly In con-
nlting onr large and ix.lusivc list before negoluting Ior purchase eliewhere.
Thii being the Imu in year of our establishment in business
in North Vancouver we are thoroughly posted as to the various
propertiei that may be offered lor sale and their values.
We are the sales agents for a number of estates in North
Vancouver city and district and havi a very good list of pro
perties for sale at prices which were prevailing in 1907 and 1908
during the period oi financial dcpreision, and as we are now ip-
parently on the eve of a period of great prosperity we consider
thi present time very opportune for investor! to make a selection of North Vancouver property before the greater period of
activity sets in.
Capilano Acreage and City Lands Wanted
Will lituated city loti, blot ks and acreage, and well situated clou in acreage in the district, particularly west oi the Capilano, and within one mile ol the waterfront. We have a large
lilt oi clients, and ipecial facilities for negotiating sales where
tin pricei axe right. We advertise your property without cost
to you ii you give us lhe sole agency ior a reasonable period
of time. Our past records demonstrate onr successful methods
in negotiating sales, and we propoie greatly extended operation! and a large expenditure along strictly modern lines of ad-
vir tiling.
Wi have representatives in several advantageous parts in
Canada, United States and Great Britain.
It will pay you to lilt with us for quick sale if you have any
property to oiler.
Non-resident owners of property in North Vancouver who
are unable to give personal superviiion to the management ol
their estates are requested to correipond with us, being the oldest duly incorporated Company with its headquarters in North
Vancouver, and being financially responsible in every respect,
wt can give the (best assurances possible lhat business will be
conducted along linei as accurately and surely as any banking
establishment throughout the country.
Wi havi a good hat of cottagei and houses for reat in choice
localities in the city of North Vancouver, and shall be pleased
to ihow any of them to intending settlers.
Builders of houses in North Vancouver will do well to look
over our list of choice lot! and blocks suitable ior building pui -
Incorporated A.D. 1906, under the Companies' Act 1897 and Amending Acts, with chiel place ol business in North Vancouver, B.C.)
Cor. Lonsdale Avenue and 5th Street
North Vancouver, B.C.,
Telephone 15
Mayor Hall's resolution tli.it
incisures bc taken, with a viuu
to bringing water into the city
from Sookc lake, has been passed liv the city council. Then-
are two mulhods suggested ior
bringing in the water, one ol
which is estimated to cost >.',-
236,500 and the other Ji,663,000
Mrs. Richard Grirlith, wife ol
Captain Griffith, was found
dead within 60 yards of her
home, with a gunshot wound iu
her side, just below the heart,
She had been out hunting and
was returning home when the
fatality occurred. She was 20
years ol age.
A lumber deal of great magnitude was put through this neck,
when the Sidney Lumber Mills
; asset! into the ownership ol the
Canadian Northern I.uinl.. 1 Co.,
The command of the military
lories ol Hritish Columbia, has
In-i-n formally translcrrcd from
Col. J, C. Holmes, retired, to
Col. J. Teters, the new D.O.C.
The H. C. Tottery Co., Ltd.,
are ex|iending $30,000 In extensive improvements lo their
plant at Victoria west.
It is understood that the
choice lor thc location ol the
neu experimental farm will Iall
upon either the Skinner farm.
near K.squimalt, or the Kithel
farm, near Royal Oak. Both
locations are adjacent to this
About fifty inquiries a dai Ml
pourinj* into the olTice ol tlie information bureau of the provincial government, the large proportion of them from intending
settlers. Secretary Clarke finds
the work daily growing in volume and in intereit.
Hugh Bell, who has -been a
gate Keeper at the asylum, created ,1 mild sensation hy jump
ing from the Fraser river bridge
into the uatrrs below. He was
seen by Constable Haire, wlio
hailed a boatman, by whom Bell
who was disporting himsell  in
lhe water, uas rescued. He was
taken to the police station and
proved none the worse for his
The application by the Vancouver Power Company, for
lands around Coquitlam l.iU* lor
the purpose of constructing a
(lain, will be discussed by a public meeting of citizens. The
company's plans will be submitted for inspection.
On Wednesday ol last week,
the body ol a man was discovered at the side ol Harrison laU-,
at the twenty-two mile post.
Kxaininatioii brought to light
the fact thai the man's skull
had been smashed in by a club
or a similar weapon. An inquest was held and a verdict of
wilful murder against some person or persons unknown returned. The man's identity has not
been established, owing to (Intact that lhe face is charred lie-
vond recognition.
During August, the Fr.isir River Mills shipped between Ufl
and IJO larlo.nls of lumber, totalling over (.000,000 feel. This
is a record in monthly shipments by rail.
The first successlul attempt to
scale Albert peak, which attains
an altitude of 9,988 feet, was
made last week by Messrs. Cop-
el and Sii^fried.
The annual convention of B.C.
lire chiefs was held in this city
on Wednesday of last week.
In contemplation of the early
completion of the lines of the
11. C. El. Ry. Co. to this city,
coiiMiliT.il.lc activity is btUg
experienced in realty circles.
A bylaw to raise Slh,ooo lor
iiie purpose ol constructing concrete sidewalks, was retcnlli
passed unanimously bv lhe ratepayers, and on Scptiiiiibcr 15th
a vole will be taken on a bvl.m
lu raise 1)6,000 for Uie purpose
ul iii.iiailami/iiiji lhe principal
streets in the city.
The rural mail route between
this cilv and Siilnas, now consists ill H bow and unin will
lie ,uliled in the near luture. The
s\ sit-in is giving the best ol satisfaction.
Fact* are its Argument
IF you nn- in m-i-il ol any Lodge
Stationary, iuch ai By-Lawi
Letter Heads, Envelopee, etc., or
if ymi rejoin Billheads, State-
mi'iits, Programmes, InvitntioiiH,
Wedding Cabinets, Pamphlet!,
Booklets, EUoeipta, Posters,
Dodgers, Menus, or anything in
the printing line, send your order
in to this office. The work will
bc first-class and the prices will
be right.
A loin lh ol lim laid Inlet 11 as
developed liy the Canadian Taunt railway, with result ol large
customs revenue to Canada. The
national government now assists (manually development ul
the remaining greater part ol
lhe harbor.
The centre and nucleus ol
greater Hurrard is North Vancouver Ciiy.
Twenty miles watcrirontagc
available ior industries, shipping and railroad bases.
Ferry system just bought up
by city to hasten cllicunt and
increased service.
Two railroads to Norlli Vancouver authorised by Canadian
Canadian Parliament has voted J200,urn, also tt>,\"" per rule
Ior bridging thc Inlet and ton-
necting North Vancouver with
Railroad's bridge plans are
approved by dominion   govern
ment, and both roads have |nr ,ue of the whole  city   is   now
mission lo use same bridge. Iwciity tunes  what  ll  wai  a
bout twenty ycais ago. Vancouver's lirst-rate residence lols
now realize more than twenty
Canadian Tai ilic Railroad ll
now negotialing with city tat
leiiyage ol Us  cars   to   Norlh
Vancouver,   also   ior   shoreline  *«■ llulr __\   lweDly   >"**
base lor Uaiisler ol cars lo U.c|»«0' . ^«"»««»en»g tlaat locali-
tiaiks ol existing electric .'.-I-11"* tlun«e' U u doubUul whc-
wa„ j ther auy property is more sure
,.'   _        , ,    .,  ,   .      ,   ol full ralio  ol  increase   man
lhe   prospect Is   thai   .Nun 1  ,                       ,                    ,
,                    1 lirsi-ratc residente ground pro-
\ancouver will escape   the   -juti,,, ,   ,   .,    ,     ...    •        , r   ,
1   . ,  iniul   the lotallly ls pit.luii.I
1 a ill 1 i.ui slage ol existeuie, aald
against depictialion.
tlial early opening ol Us .-...oit-
luie lailway will ensure rapid1 The grand boulevard ol North
development ot industries aud , Vancouver is the third avenue ol
porl. Jusi as lhe Grand liuuk the world and the broadest ol
Tacilic railway means the doub- 'any city on this continent. Il
ling ol populated Canada, so is dedicated to residences and Is
the bridging ol limi.ud lnlcl piuteited for twenty years a-
ineans a second Vancouver ou gainst deprecialivc ilructures.
the north shore oi the harbor, liven here where the plethora oi
wilh repetition oi Vancouver's |opportunities is the quandary ol
history, perhaps more rapull) investors, the grand boulevard
lhan in the lirst instance, as the lis the very bull's eye ol nivcit-
province has now more popula- MM in Nurth Vancouver—the
tion lor new cities to draw Irom inurk at which investment aims,
Tlie history ol Vancouver's j having certainty ol quality and
real estate stimmaii/rd 111 a |seeming certainty of large 111-
scntcfiic is that the assessed vai- crease in value.
rians, price lists ind other ini urination cm lie hid from thi
North Vancouver and fr Improvement Co. Ltd. Lty.
Mahon, Mrf arland & Nation, Ltd., Official \qri»t>
Tin* regatta held b) the North
Vancouver boat club un Mondai
was conducted undei favorable
conditions, and proved an unqualified success,    The glorious
weather with which l„il In ■
was I,im.inl, great!} assisted in
making thi racei enjoyable to
ilic large crowd who gathered al
the w.itiiIronl iu «muss ilu*
m-w-i.i1 events, Tli,* main .aam .
it,is    lalil    nil    llulll     Lal
wii,ni, one liali mile i" tli. i . '
Tin* iiiii.i.ils iiii ilic .l.n win
.IS   InllnttS.        Sl,Hills,   l**
.lul. .1. A. LVlcJlillau aiul .1. I!
Hiuiiii, judges, I \i , Robertson
and J. A. Donaldson
The eventi, wilh the mul' 11
ceptiofl ui tin Gravilej iup raci
were i..iiiiiiiii in ilu member! ul
ihe ilula, ,iiiii iln enthusiasm
tlispl.it ul, logethu wiih ilu*
large number ol ium*,. In all
ni which the lisi ul competitors
was it dl iillnl, establishes ilu
(act that North Vancouvi i boat
club, is destined to become an
Important facto: In boating eii
ties on Burrard Inlet,
hunts one ami two oii the
publiihed program wen uhited,
on account oi an accident to the
1'syciic, and the non-appearam.
of the Wan.i, Iiiii  ihis ttas ilu
oaly departure [rom the official
Tilt   lollowing is the ittiili'   1
program, together with the respective w milei s:
Event   l  l-'or boati  ol   the
Clauicy  cup  class  |'; miles)—
I ist, Redskin, pair ol iniil giaia
es given by Hun* Carter-Cottoh;
2nd, Vampire; 3rd, Aloha; |ih,
Event 3  Single smli championship 11 mile)   No 1,in 1,
i   Event  1   Ladies' single sculls
>(\ mile)- ut, Uin i'age, silver
nnil,il giun in .1. N. ,1. Hiuiiii:
.-iul, \iis, \u, ci imu. 1 given b)
.1. N, J, Brown; 3rd, Miss Graj
pair oi slims given In Wood \
Event 3 ts 111 j^l. i.u.o. 1,1..
mile) isi, Wm. Elder, pair oi
bouti giuu In Wuud \ Son;
md, .in J, Brown, Jiooo ac*
iiilciii insurance polic}; 3rd, W.
Event   b     Double   outriggei
i.m*       mill *   ut,   .1.   Brown
an.l li. Suulh, two boxes cigars
given i'i J, A. McMillan and w
Glen; md, w, Gilmoui and   T.
Imi 111 , Hots' loin oared
race 1 .* mile) lit, F, Williams,
G, I'ott hi, S. Anderson, 11. An
ilelsoli, I,. Allilelsi.il, pocket
knitcs given by A. 1). Nve and
A .1. Hood; 2nd C, Bluett, I.
Williams, F. Soiiiciville, H.Sulcus, T. Sti 1 ins.
Event s Uixed race, one oal
each I . mile)- lit, Aliss Uung
and 1'. W . K.iluii uii, silver fern
p..t given l.v Dr, Campbell; 2nd,
dis. Nu .md ,1, N. J, Brown,
silk umbrella given by Koss
Xo., Vancouver,
Event i) Sack .iiul spade race
(20oyarda)—lit, U. Smiili and
.1. Brown, gold watch chains by
N. v. B, C; 2nd, W, Gilmour
and T. Kid.lell.
Event in- Double canoe race
1 .. iiiilej- ist, miss M, Laing
.unl .1. N. .1. Brown, cup by P,
Larson; 2nd, Mrs Nye and V,
Event 11—Four oared outriggers (i mile)--ist, J, Hrown
(itroke), \\. Elder, I. Riddell,
W. Gilinoiii, loin Masks given lit
A. B, Diplock; md, J. N. J,
Brown (itroke), R. Smith, t,
w. ii'oi.iitsoii, F. Wright,
Event 12 Motoi boat handicap Aim,1 112 nuns.1 slart 5.-
30.JJ, linisli 6.21,26, nine elapsed 31.04, Alkali isii,iub) slart
;, \t 11, finish 6.25.39, time el-
aps.il 43.26. Kathleen 1,1 mina.)
si.ni 3.39.10, imisli 6,25.54,time
elapsed 46.4 |,     Isl pil/e,   silver
Icup given by Canidlii l-'air-
baiiks Co., I,id. 2nd prixe,caae
|oi gatoline given by Paine \ Me
The limes made in the Grave-
ley 1 up class Were as lollows:
Kc.lsk.in, si.ni Il.30.i5, linish
1.1 j. in. Vampire, itart 11.30.-
30, linish 1.Jo.50. Aloha Itart
11.30.aa, lmish 1.26.36, Marguerite i Jo nuns.) start 11.Jo.17
linish 1.52.02.
The success ol the day is to a
large extent due to tllc indefatigable ellorts of J. N. J, Brown
ailil lhe chili desires lo express
its thanks also to those who so
kindly donated prizes.
Edited by Q&vd) Clmkuii Von HJ
in Nurtli Vaiifoiivi'i-to sell "THE
OUTLAW." Bend in youi' namei
Manager "Outlaw"
Room  ill, Crown Building
VANCOUVER,     -    -     B.I
a.* ^%aKis- "
issued every fine tlie Qhoi/I
•walks, tisuullii allirimli' Thursdays,
liii Itr "Outlaw" Fliblishinri Co.
Clean, Readable
Critical and
The   piper  thtt
lias beaten nil
Yuncu 11 ver rec-
iirds in Miles,
For Good Photos 1
Car butt
Su. 1 <-...»! lo I llinl & RdQloia
I aa,nrr I„I1S,I*,I,' .1 I **.|,l..* .llll'l i. I'S   IC.IMIal.llll,.
Results guaranteed j
4      j-    ' iJi2___&'y__i.
1  |        ■
_                   ■v*" "
.  -*-J
-.          .*
Builders and
P, [-ARSON li  prepered to
i imt', Brick,
Sand, Cement
-ind ill kiiials of BuildingI
Material in quantities to suit
iimi ni reatonable prioei.
Real Estate Brokers, Financial and Insurant Agents
wc ri4vc
$50,000 TO  LEND
1.1 Lonsdale Ave.
Till   imi r (»N  .III. AFTKRNOO.N nl LABOR DAI
mnpoM No. 2,
16 Loti fl one to train lime.    Price $115 t-mli.    Tluer lols in
a group f.u >,_,.- i,isli and balance at ,<m pei inonih.
New md modern, iiu 1*4x41 fret, 1 block Irotn tbe llunie-
vard,   Price It 1,600,   ffoocwh    Bal imi 16, it, 18 te
2,| IllulltllS
Keal Ksutt- and Financial Agents
North  Vancouver Horticultural Society and Farmers' institute
The 6th Annual Exhibition
will be held in tbe
Horticultural llall, Lonsdale Avenue
on  Fridaij   and  Saturday
September I Oth and 11 tb, '09
$750 Given in Prizes
l ll CIimm open to Vancouver md New Weetminetor Diitrioti
Royal Horticultural SocietijN .silver and bronze medaU and
several silver uifo.s
for Fruit,  Flowers, Vegetables, Florists'   Exhibit!* Stock, Hardens, Domestic
Science, Ladies' and Children's Work, etc.
Full Detailed Prize List on Abdication to the .Secretary, MR. SYDNEY TYLER,
t»*tlt*ify/**f+/iMi+++***+H ■*/t*A**v**\i-v*VVV*^*^/VV\i* <A*V> N-awWW***-***'*** THE EXPRESS, MOBTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
BY H. isn.aa IKUiO.
In his second chapter on types
ol ancient and modern towns,
speaking of causes which have
determined the origin and
growth ol cities, the author
cites M. Reclus' generalization,
"primitiive man looked out the
cite, civilized mail founded and
Ibuilt the city."
This is remarkably iuManced
in our own neighborhood of Hurrard Inlet, where have Ibeen
known the Indian villages on
the Inlet shores, at the mouths
ol False creek, Seymour, Capi-
l.uio and other streams, around
which in several cases city development has already taken
place, and towards which in
other instances city extension is
rapidly moving.
It is natural then to inquire
what wollld determine primitive
man in his selection ol sites. In
the case of the Indians of our
vicinity, abundance af fish and
clam beds doubtless proved the
principal attraction. Need ol
drinking water would incline
them to hug a stream's edge,
and, as traversing primeval lor-
est was arduous, easy canoe travel would determine location on
the Inlet shore.
Information is given in the
volume under examination, that
occasionally superstition operated to determine city locations,
as in places where a great sulh
lerranean river rose to the surface, or where volcanoes with
their awe-inspiring eruptions led
to lhe erection ol temples and
the centering of population near
lliem. Sometimes such advantages as an accessible "bed ol
llinl for weapons, a vein of
metal, a mine, or even a deposit of clay good for domestic pottery" would inlluence selection.
Still ofti-ner primitive man
would choose a spot on the natural highways of commerce—
river Ibank, lake or seashore,
where neighboring tribes would
meet lor councils, Ior religious
rites, or, most import jl all,
lor barter and tra^. The
silts of both London and Paris
were determined by the advantages ollered for fording the
Thames and Seine, a choice that
was later confirmed bv defensive
Most often perhaps of all, the
sites of ancient cities weie chosen because well situated for defence. "Great regions of Asia
and Africa still have every village fortified with 11 eastwork
and palisade," and it is only 'il
late times that fortifications n
bulwarks of large Kuropeaii
cities, such a*. Paris ..ml Vienna
have bet-i converted into public
boulevards Defensive unit trading advantages woultl largely
rule the .-election of city sites
during tin building up ol llu-
great empires of the pas:. Ab
a lirst move would come the
military tamp, and then the
trading post, the lirst generally
on the line of lhe ini'uury roas,
thu other on the common ira.k
of travel. Development ol military stations would generally beat distances from each other ol
a day's march, and trading
posts would be uisinbule 1 aloig
the lines of least resistance.
It is thus evident, that the
"majority ot cities have owed
their location to the accidents
of place and cotiiluiKl.tl requirements."
On the pisiiii-n ol a capital
city the aut.io.-- .Mates the lirst
and most ini] ort jilt requisite to
be location it ar as practicable
in the centre i' iht state,
Ancient Rome is instances as
"midway of the empire and
central with the Italian peninsula" Paris, P.erlin and London are all instanced as well
placed. To apply this practically to a licld of local ir' rest,
il may be remarked that on this
continent, extension of settlement with national grow' has
left Washington and OlliJ.ita ml
of central situation, and in Hritish Columbif be capitnl is a-
bout as far as possib'- fiom the
territorial centre.
II Mr. Trim be correct in hi.
judgment, that "t-iitral location
is the prime r.qtuuite of a capital, it is po.sible lhat with the
growth of population, the posi
tion Ottawa may )et prove unsatisfactory to Lai.a.la at large
and tha' of Victoria in.if yet be
found too inconvenient for British Columbia as a whole.
;;     TO ADVERTISERS      11
''      Changes  of advertise- [ |
• i   ments  must  be in   the ' j
hands   ol  the   printers ..
not  later  than \Vednes- "
''   day of each week to en- ,,
. i   sure publication.     Posi- ' >
■'   tively no variation Irom |,
],   ihis rule will be made, < >
St. John the Evangelist, 7U1
and 13th streets.—
Holy communion 8 a.in.;
morning prayer 11 a.m.; evening prayer 7 ' p.m. On the
lirst Sunday in the month there
will be a second celebration of
the holy communion at 11 a.m.
Rector: Rev. Hugh Hooper.
Services at St. Clement's hall
Lynn Valley: Morning prayer
ll a.m.; evening prayer 7 p.m.
Pries--in-chaige; Rev. H. H.
St. Andrew's Presbyterian
church, bth street:—
Services at 11 a.m. and 7.30
p.m. Sunday school 2.30 p.m.
Service at Moodyville school at
7.30 p.m. Prayer meeting on
Wednesday at 8 0 clock. Pastor:    Rev. J. D. Gillam, M.A.
Methodist ck.ui, corner 4th
and St. Geoigc's avenue:—
Services at 11 a.m. and 7.30
p.m. Sunday school 2.30 p.m.
Sunday school at Moodyville at
II a.m. Prayer meeting Wcd-
n-sday it 7.30 p.m. Pastor;
Rev. B. H. Balderston, B.A.
Lynn Valley Institute Hall:—
Servi.cs every Sunday niorn-
iin{ at 11, and evening at 7 p.m.
North Vancouver Catholic Indian Mission:—
The following appointments
are recorded ill I lie last issue of
the ollicial gjveiniiient organ:
Glen A. Passinore, ol Michel, to
be a justice of lhe peace; Joseph
F. Rudnicki, ol Fernie, to be a
notary public; t. G. Roiilh, ol
Cranbrook, lo be duel constable
lor Vernon police district. The
following to .be commissioners
for taking allidavits under lhe
elections act: John Blayney, ol
Cranbrook; John E. McCool, ol
Fernie; Rev. Dr. Daniel Spencer
and Con Jones, of Vancouver,
John .McCoskie,o( Gulden; T. R.
Haddon, ol McCurdo; Kobt. Mc-
Keemaii, of Beards creek; Spencer Kiibinson, ol Vancouver and
1-r.iiik lv Woodside, ol Hastings
The act constituting a court
ol appeal is declared to be in
force on September 1st.
The supreme court acl amendment act is dei l.n ed lo lie in
force 011 Septeiulit-r 1st.
The Sharp Brown Green Co.,
Ltd., is incorporated with a
capital ol fl5-000 as icil estate,
lin.niii.il agents, etc. The Salmon River Lumber Co., is incorporated with a capital ol
Ludwig Vou Brendel gives notice of application to lease laid
adjoining lot 6y3, Clayoqu it
The Canada Foundry Co.,Lid.
of Toronto, capital Sl,000,1100 is
licensed as an extra provincial
Thc .Smith Caniierv Machine
Co., is registured as au extra
provincial company.
The following have assigned
(or the benefit of tlieir creditors:
Phoenix Steam Laundry Coinpanv, Ltd.; John George Mac-
Kinder, printer, of Vancouver;
mnl Benjamin G. Duggan,dredge
contractor, of Vancouver.
The lollowing application! lur
water records are made: S. Armour, ol Kamloops applies I .r
nine cubic feet per second ou< of
Louis creek; the corporation  of
the city of Cranbrook make.; iji
plication to expropriate the water records ol James taker, 1.
T. Galbraith, ...un J(s.-[h Prairie creek; Ani',-e Goiiiln-au. ol
Louis creek, nukes application
for six cubic fi-"t pel second out
of that creek; The Nortli
Thompson Pile.trie Power Co.,
Ltd., applies lor rfty ,.'>.<* feet
per second .ut ol Louis creek;
H. \V. E. C.na■ 111, of Victoria,
applies for loir cubic feet per
second out 0.' Small creek, Esquimau distr..t.
The city beard of license commissioner* iiu-i on Wednesday
morning, at 1-1.15. Commissioner Steacy and Aid. Schult/.
were present. Mayor May presided.
Liciinsc Insp*. t*.r Chief Davies
repotted the p-.ssiiig ol lhe bylaw closing iu-'- barrooms on
Sund,ivs, and ilso that the law
was not being observed. Othu-
wise the hotel-, are well conducted.
There briag no further business, the boat1 adio"-ied.
The parade ' lhe Sons of
England, on Sunday evening
last, to divine service, at St.
John's church, was well attended and most su-ccsslul. Rev. H.
Hooper, rector, delivered a Sar-
mon appropriate to the occasion
A number 'f members ol the
order from '/ar-iouver, attended
willi the local tudgc.
Royal Standard
Flour is
It is a tried and tested flour
of lutOWl and delinitc value. It
is IM 1 a variable product—-one
sail "ood and another one no
good ii n'.solute uniformity
it is BMurpamd. If you bate
not tried it, u.tit-  1 satk today.
And remember, in every 44II1
sack is a coupon '.-nl it ling the
l.ol'li r .0 a chain'* ',1 win .1 ' —1
piece china dinner sei. Ten
minibus are drawn each month.
Kicp all the coupons you gel.
The more you have, the better
chance you stanO  ol winning
Always use Royal Standard
Hour and alway* .save the coupons.
i''I,'iui.i-.l',ired by
Phone 37
Ar*: ,ii.- Designs Sound tVnrkmanship
Moderate Prices
P.O. Box 26
We Can Design and We Can Guild
Sunday Services—Mass at 9
a.m. Sunday school at 2.30 p.m.
Benediction at 3 p.m. Pastor:
Rev. E. Pcytavin, O.M.I.V.G.
Baptist Church, cor. 5th and
St. George:—
Sabbati school at 2 p.m. Services at 3 p.m. and at 7.30 p.m.
dime! (rom the mmm
Place your orders now anil
seture your winter's Mipply.
Urge shipments ttill srrivt
in a lew days. Prires right
Urge supply of WOOD
always Oll hand     .   .   .   •
Hotel North Vancouvir
Telephone No. 2.
$2.00 per and up
Special rules to f h in -
dies and to regular
Fill ROOI 6« Oll H
Second Strut,   ....   NORTH   VANCOUVER, B. C.
319 Pender streei, Vancouver
North Vancouver
619 Hastings Street Wttt,
66 Hastings slreel west
it the oaly auctioneer who will
pay spot cash belore th* tai* 1*
Barrister, Solicitor, Notary
Public. Member ol the ban
oi British Columbia and Quebec. Room 9 Enipirt Building, 603 Hastings st. west.
Vancouver, B.C.    Phone 4166
Barristers, Solicitors, ttc.
Rooms 104-105 Crown Building,
615 Pender Street
Phone 996
S. D. Sehultx        C. S. Arnold
Kallethe's Bath
Cornsr Homer and Peader Sta.
The only up-to-dat* and reliable bath house in British Co-
Ws cure where others fail.
Saliafactios guartnteed or ao
pay. Plsin baths, electric biths,
shower baths, massag* lor body, scalp and lace; electro therapeutic baths a specialty.
Graduate M Berlin, Germany
Groceries and Provisions
Wholesale and Retail
111*. Hastings St. (downstairs)
Delivery Tuesdays and Fridays
Musical Director
Vancouver Opera House
Rooms 3 and 4 Elks' Hal'-, Cor.
Kobson aad Granville  Streets.
Anderson & Hilton, Proprietors
Dyeing, Cleaning, Pressing
Ladies' dresses, silks,   laces   a
All Instruments.      Phone 2530
Phone 463
M. W. WA1TT & CO., LTD.
558 Granville Street
Pianos — Talking Machines -
Music Goods
Agents, North Vancouver 'The oldest music house in B. C.
Fur Tan, ''unburn, Kvtigli -km anil
t'luiplee ure Uraugt- Flower Crrain. ll
is ..nl)* 25c. per buttle, Iiul la norlli lit
weight in gold, and it will always keep
y..ur skin iiuootb aud clt-ar.
Vour Hair may always In- kept look-
log ila natural culur by llit- uae of Mary
1.11....iiuai.'i* Hair Kt-aiori r. ll ctiniea
iu l.aiir alill.T.'iii colors.
For licking, Dry scalp, and Falling
Hair ua* Dr. irouville's i.a«iua ith*,
and il will relieve yuu al ouo*.
bcalp treatments given lu ladies and
Toupees uiade on Ihe ahurUisl notice.
.-ainiacii.aii guaranteed ou all work.
Marcel wave by 1* reuch arlial.   Facial
Mataage, Shampooing and Manicuriug.
WU l,ram iim Slreet
Graduata Optician
All work guaranteed
Consultation Iree
49 Hastings street west
Opp. Cameraphone theatrt
111 Hastings Streei West,
Tht but equipped studio on the
coast. Phone 3228
Formerly ol l/.n.lon, Kngland, will
..pen hia Music SUulio in U'Hrien'e llall
Hastings atret'l, 1,11 September let. He
will receiv.* pupil- l..r in.tructiuu ..11 the
Violin, 'Cell., an.l Hiring Baas.
S|iecial care given to children. Hours
10 to 4.
He holds the liiglieal references (rom
the lieal iiiiiMtal rirrles ol Lundon.
Anv ii.li.riiialia.il regarding terms, ttc,
may be obtained at tha Arlona Photo
Studio, O'lirieu's Hall, ur at WlHiran-
Till.- slreet.
Keep your eyt oa
For particulars apply lo
Phone 815     440 Homer Stmt
Yorkshire Guarantee &
Securities Corporation Ltd
440 Seymour Street
Business Institute
336 Hastings St. W.
Canada's Graattst  Waslsrn Scheoi
R. J. Sprott, B.A., - - Usasgir
Family Group Specialists
Cabinet size, ti per dozen
Cor. Carrall and Cordova sts.
A. SAVARD, Proprietor
Bua%inea» College
1S32 Seymour st., Vancouver
Day school open all llu- year
round. Night school commences September 8th.
We have thc largest slock ol
mouldings in ll.C.to select Irom
so when you want framing done
cheap and well gel our prices.
540 Granville and 138 Cordova
chiropwctic—l m ro oron IIK" 1
i'l.li,.pra, it- ia 11 mr mttltol al.l. i<> la
,.!,..Inl Naurs tilt aai... ,,(,|la.»a,. him-*
lit I.. |..h.i-.fl in..,.|.* .a . lm,.[...< 1
..nly » liin,|>r», l„. 11, 1. a.*r  ia In   OsOfffl
1 una. DOOM, I'I'. B'.'lii.K- "I I'.lii"'
Srbonf nl i'lilr..|.ra. 11. Dsttiport, laws 01
In., r,*..iii 10, ( oiinliiiuat blncb, Sll R.iI.m.1.
•Irssl., I'l....." Uin II....ra I toi 1 ..mulia*
ilm. .nl 1'iamiii.iioD Ilea.
A PK1U8AL Of THE ADVT. 1 Canadian Detective Uureau:-
lOI.niNS WILL PAY   H<» III OlTices evervwhere
SHOPPKM AND INTENDING  Vll|ll„uv,.r 0fflr„:    a Kl„.,ir„ M
ADVI-HTISI-'.KS       ADS .ARE Wltllllipil itH MwM
NOTHING, I General Superintendent
R. Kerr Houlgatt - • • Manager
All North Vancouver peoplt
cat at
Either Flack Block or Hastings street, opposite the new
Post Oflice. Leonard sells hia
tea by the pound.
Mechanical   Opera,   Vaudeville
and Drama
Program changed every Monday
Any seat in the house 10c.
j8 Hastings Street West,
English practical watchmaker;
Established 1889
Specialty,   repairing
FOX Sale.    JO,000   Ml.mini u   that   lie   lulin a moral reform
plants.    50c, per too,  Simpson council,       No  seconder  being
& Wight, 19th"itreet west
.1. W. H,iiiii, 1111 has designed
an office lor A. \\. Nye, ii bull
is nmi being erected on ilu- property ..I Mahon, \Ll'.iil.uul \
Mahon, jutt wett of the fen j
landing, Mi. Nye purposes establishing .1 ii.ii estate business,
LVNN   \ \l.I.!*:v
loltlutiiliillg.the chairman, alter
considerable delay, suggested
that a lady cottla second the
motion. Finally this was done
aiiil the promoters of the meeting relieved Irom their difficulty
The Ji,ui in,ni  iheii announced
llial he in.ulil lake up a colli*,
nun i.a pa} expenses, as there
uiie ai [east six licketi io pa)
iui.     Aii.  Caldwell promptly
[proflered 1.> pa) for live.   Aiui
l vote ol thanks lo llu* visit.u *
Liliior Express:
Su,  A   mast   meeting   was |thc meeting adjourned,
inM in Linn Vallej on Tuesday  ^^^
evening, iln Jth last., in iln intereit ol  i.il lib.nil, and   In
I-i.ilist again*.! the grain   ol   a
local liquor license which   li.nl
lhat smh ,01 effort is needed
in I.win \ allii must be quite
.u.l. ill liuin lllc lacl llial during ib. pui loin ainl one-hall
11.11    iiii re have onlv been two
not been applied for,     li   was ,asl.s n\\_g |or magisterial In-
ittended l.y .1 large and ciiilm   vcstigation,   ..ml   we  doubt   il
lillle has Imll ..lit  latt  Sttit
It musl l.c gratifying to iln
inhabitant! ol I,uin Vallcv to
l.c pul on a level with the mosl
\1IS8 ALhE )l. sTEEDi:,
I Man. „,.ai TEACH KB ok HUMC.I
c. nirlcate fr.,n, U-l-nlgConienritorioiii
* a  ..I pupil's r. .-i'li'llil'.
Tenai Ho-tmta.
I'lipalan.a,   Nurlli Vani-uiit-cr
siaistit audience ..1 twenty-nini
adults ainl seven «.Inl<litn    Oul
oi tin* above twentj nine, includ
ing the chairman, Ri 1. Balder-
sion, uas an Imported orchestra I corrupt citlesin the States,
1.1 three violins, a cornet, and a
lady organist, three iioii-icsi.leiit
clergy, and a moral reform "t.i
tor Irom Vancouver, Mr.Stevens
leaving nineteen adults attending ihe great mass meeting ont
ol a population ol lour Inniali, .1
drawing tlieir mail Irom the IV
0. 111 Linn Valley. Alhi pn
liinin.iii    remarks    train     the ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
ih,nun,ni, the ltev. Dr. Pidgeon   —	
gave a graphit account ..1 Un* V-ilTII »Nl'OI VFIi KIRI/S SI
chut ts made ia tin great citiet
ot tin L.S.A., iii ilif struggle
ngainsl tlu* grow graft and mi*
rupiion which prevail, which it
is admitted is much needed, At
lhc dose of his n marks be suggested the iieiessitv ol forming
a moral reform association in
Lum Valley, and urged that
sups in taken to form that association that night.
The chairman ilnn asked i.ai ..
resolution  to  be illtroilllci il.   li
commending   sech    (onqition.
whuh musl in* introduced bj ,1
local man, as niitsiiliis mighl
advise but had nn li-jlil to make
tin* motion. Thii, was no response. The 1 hail 111,ill Uged 11
lion as tll. I. ttiie bin a few
lllllllllfs hit   loi   tlu   tisitols to
catch the " \.s boat,    still si-
lcn.e.     The   tliairinaii   growing
Impatient, the Rev, Dans linally  introduced   thc  resolution,
New Veilings,
Belts and CoHars
A shipment ol Ladies' Veilings, Hells, and Collars,
hai just arrived in all the newest designs and colors for
fall.    Don't lail to see these, as the prices are the most
reasonable on the coast.
Ladies fancy collars, iu all the newest designs and
shades       35c.
I,.iilies fancy collars  50c.
Ladies laiuv lucked ehifion collars, silk, embroidered
chiffon trill    , 65c
Ilia.k telling, plain mesh and spot, per yard   30c.
Brown and navy veiling, plain mesh and spot, per
vard     30c. and Jjc
Very line mixed black and white veiling, pet yard 40c.
Brown, ttavy and black elastic belts, fancy buckle 65c,
,lel and tinsel belts all prices.
Cleared Lot*
Id Block 33A, D.L. 330
These lots are all on grarledstreets. Ia line neighborhood.
Close to park and grand boulevard. Water, telephone, electric light.
Prices $600 to $700
163 Cordova Street, Vancouver, fi. C.
v. o. nox sm.
ii    M SMlWMt V i. cr.ilttcll
l't*l..l«lll,'lll. HII I '*
'I **> |" r m<-nlli
I'l, |.,irt,T.*t v   | .a.' net month
* ||l     " I"*'   IIHilllll.
I| i. , Ul I' i.   ..,., II , „■
tu* ain*l ITIhKI.
'al« ...licit i trial bid on your Urdin .mall nr large
o.'./.ii.ik' mi I'hniiiiiniilr nf St Ainlrra't Church
Tucker of PUmo,  Voeol mnl ftory
If failed I'mil- pn-pirrtl Inr the
Ton.nl.. I'nitiTiiti KiHiiiiiiiilion.
q,   )•     M />n.v sitci. Ham IMM, VataataOt
OaOmOO, i^j /.„„,,!.,., A.e„„.f p-„,„ ,v,.rl/i I'naenuier
North Vancaiiter, Tut-uliiM' tx Fri.lava.   Kifrrcncc: ltev.Mr. (iillain
***9*9*9*9t I9*9*9*9****%*m*9*99*9*%*t*9*9*
I'iii - i ,r ila.* CUl   "I  Nnrlh Viiimmii-
I'l'l.   IND  I'AVUII L ill iiii
..ih,*.*. . in II.a .   i r.*iinii*,,( in par
* - i.i i red oa Mtwri] ijx* - II
lh* nilifiilli .lay of
Ir. n-iirer mul I'ollcolor
Nurlli V.n .v. r. Kept. I, 190a*.
Corner lonsdale Are and Second Slreet
/'hones 2d and A62
Loral and Foreign Fruits
Fresh and Case Bfp
Choice Creamery Butter always on band
Lamp Goods, Glassware
Cruckervware, Brushes,
Bro.ims,   etc , .-Ir    *
1 ■
• ■
• ■
■ •
• 1
■ ■
• 1
*******%*%**%*t*m*n »»♦»♦♦»»♦♦» »»♦»♦•»♦♦»♦♦
1 *■
it *•
* 1
w  w
* i
The GENUINE North Vancouver Specialists |
Second Street
Six Roomed House
Double Corner on car lint
Second Street
Well Finished,
Terms:—One third Cash
Terms—$700 Cash
Balance in 6 and 12 months.
Balance in 6 and 12 months
Call and -See Us
NOTE ADDRESS -67 and 69 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver,
Phone 6
i   *»»•.*.«»»•»»». »»«»»»»i%»»»»..   .««»»««»»»%»»»«, »»,,»«,%%%a,%», »»»»,»»»«»«
I    ».»«•>»«»»»»».%•*.%•*.»»•»%»•*.»»•.%•»»»»%»»»..»«»»»»»»»»%»»»»«»%»,
I t
' \
' t
I t


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